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A Toy Story

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Late at night, I’ve just finished a long, leisurely bath in scented water and bubbles. I’ve been thinking of you the whole time, waiting patiently for you to get home, yearning for your touch. Padding to the bedroom, toweling off, I notice the bed still unmade and the new quilt I bought still in it’s bag. Tossing the towel aside, I quickly put the bed to rights and toss the new quilt over top, admiring the double wedding band design. The far corner is flipped over and I crawl naked across the bed to fix it, tucking it in securely before turning to slide off. That’s when I see you in the doorway, watching me with that sexy grin.

I smile back, very happy to see you, and slide forward a little on the bed, glad I didn’t have time to put on my nightie. Letting my legs dangle, slightly open, I lean back on my elbows and smile again: “Welcome home, cowboy!”

You toss your hat to the chair, advancing to the bed quickly, leaning over me to kiss me hungrily, pressing me back down on the bed. I wrap my arms around you, pulling you down against me, running my tongue along your lips, probing in to taste you as my hands reach for your shirt buttons. You part your lips, sliding your tongue to meet mine, caressing it, your hands sliding from my waist up to my breasts, cupping them, your fingers pinching my now hard nipples lightly. I moan, dragging your shirt apart now, pushing it off your shoulders to slide to the floor.

I rake my nails down your chest lightly as you move your hands back to my breasts, rolling the nipples with your fingers now, our kisses growing deeper. Circling your nipples with my fingers, I lightly flick them both and I’m rewarded by a low moan from you. Breaking the kiss, I lean up to lightly nibble on one, rolling the other between my fingers, mimicking your movements. You move your lips to my ear, biting my lobe lightly, your breath harsh in my ear before moving down my neck, causing shivers up and down my spine with licks and nibbles.

I slide my lips to your other nipple, reaching for your jeans’ waistband, flipping open the button and zipper easily and sliding my hand inside to stroke your hardening cock. Your moans tell me I’m doing exactly what you want and I bite lightly down on your nipple as I slip my hand down your shaft, reaching between your legs to cup your balls, playing with them, squeezing them very lightly before slipping back up to the head and rubbing it, spreading your precum over it.

I am surprised when you pull my hands away, locking our fingers together and sliding my arms over my head. Looking up, I see that grin on your face before you move your mouth down, flicking your tongue over first one hard nipple, then the other, lightly, too lightly, when all I want is for you to take them in your mouth. I arch my back up, whispering for you to touch me, suck on them, but you keep this light teasing touch until I’m squirming all over, my legs pressing hard against your outer thighs to pull you closer.

When I think I can’t stand any more, your mouth closes over one hard nipple, sucking it hard into your mouth, your teeth raking it. Taking your hand off mine, you cup my other breast, massaging it as you roll the nipple with your fingers. I gasp, then whimper as I reach down to hold your head closer, but you firmly take my hand and put it back with the other, holding them there. Moving your mouth to my other breast, you repeat your actions, sucking it into your mouth hard, biting it lightly as your hand skims down my body.

My head is tossing, my eyes shut as I live the sensations your touch creates in my body, all magnified by being held and not allowed to touch back. My whole body jerks up as your fingers slide across my clean shaven pussy, slipping easily between the wet lips. I can’t stop crying out as you slide your fingers up to my clit, pressing it against tuzla escort the pubic bone, pressing firmly and wiggling against it. Shivers run across my skin as I bend my knees up and press against your hips, feet on the bed as I thrust up against your fingers.

Your mouth begins a slow descent down my body as you slide your fingers down my lips again, now pressing your thumb against my clit and rubbing as you slip two fingers inside me, twisting and spreading them as you enter. My body leaps again as an orgasm sweeps through me, waves of pleasure crashing on me, centering on your fingers inside my pussy and on my clit. You rub your thumb quickly, fingers plunging inside me as I cum, somehow keeping your hand there as my hips buck with each wave.

I am still shuddering as I look down to meet your eyes, smiling widely, and you lean up to kiss me again, tongues meshing, your fingers still moving, slowly now, your thumb rubbing gently, guiding my body onto the next. You gently push me back down as your mouth begins moving down my body again, licking, nibbling, stopping to suck on my skin, increasing my sensitivity and building me up again.

Finally, you move your thumb and your tongue flicks across my clit, bringing a groan from me at this renewed pleasure. Light flicks quickly across my clit with your tongue soon have me moaning again, my body squirming against you. Taking your hand off mine, knowing I will leave them there, you push my thigh open further, exposing all of my aroused pussy and opening me up. I drop the other thigh down to the bed, too, giving you my whole body.

Taking advantage, you slip a third finger inside me, sliding them deep and spreading them apart as you take my clit between your lips, sucking on it, rubbing your tongue against it. My fingers clutch the sheets above my head as my body moves, bucking wildly as the sensations course through me again. I am gasping between moans, rocking my pussy against your mouth and fingers, totally unprepared as a second orgasm hits me quickly. As I cry out, your fingers and tongue move quicker, helping me to ride through this storm of sensation and emotion.

I reach down to slide my fingers through your hair, whispering for you to come to me now, but you smile, kiss the palm of my hand and slide your tongue down flat against my clit again. You know my body like your own and you know that I can continue as long as you want to give me pleasure. I sigh and lean back as your tongue flicks lightly against my clit again, your fingers still deep inside me, but moving slowly in my slick pussy, building the sensations again.

I hear the bedside drawer slide open and open my eyes to see you pull out one of our toys, your tongue never stopping its teasing flicks. This vibrator is a firm rubberized toy, with a thicker, natural shaped head and smooth shaft. Two inches thick at the head, slightly less along the shaft, eight inches long with varying speeds, we had only recently added it to our collection. I smiled widely and settle back to enjoy whatever you are planning.

Turning the vibrator on low, you start to trace a path from my knee, laying flat against the bed, down my inner thigh, my muscles jumping from the light touch. I lift my pussy slightly, anticipating the touch there, but you continue, tracing a path over and around, rubbing gently up my other thigh to my knee. I let out a low moan of frustration and you grin up at me, taking long strokes along my pussy lips with your tongue, away from my clit now as I squirm, trying to push against your face. You slide your fingers out, tracing a wet trail from my entrance down to my ass and back, slicking the area with my juices and teasing me.

Tracing the vibrator down my leg again, this time you slide it down along the crease of my thigh, along my ass cheek and bring tuzla rus escort it to a stop on that sensitive patch of skin between my ass and pussy entrance. Turning up the speed slightly, you begin rubbing it lightly there and I gasp again, clutching the sheet as new sensations travel along my nerve endings, my ass tightening along with my pussy, trying to draw the pleasure to both entrances. I can’t resist and, slipping one leg over your shoulders, I use that leverage to bear down on the vibrator and increase the pleasure.

You run your hand along the sensitive area under my pussy, slicking my juices further down, your fingers teasing at my ass as you press kisses along my inner thigh, back down to my pussy. At the same time, you move the vibrator along my entrance, back and forth, wetting it, before sliding it up, spreading my lips wide with its width, up to my clit. I cry out as the vibrator touches my sensitive clit, first pressing my ass down into the bed and then thrusting it back up, pressing my clit hard against the vibrator, then down, letting the light and hard touches run through me and around me, surrounding me in pleasure.

I’m whimpering now, sure I can’t hold out against this, when you slide the vibrator off my clit and press it down through my lips again, this time pressing up against my very wet entrance. Even after cumming twice, my pussy is still very tight and you have to press the head in firmly to lodge it in before looking up at my wanting face. Our eyes lock together as you push the vibrator in, twisting the speed up as you do so and I gasp again, thrusting my hips up to meet your hand. But you stop with just the head and an inch in, twisting the speed down as you pull back slighting and speeding it up as you push in again, letting another few inches settle in.

As you’re doing this, the finger teasing at my ass presses in, the wet juices you’ve brought there helping you to slip it inside, twisting it slightly. I shudder as I feel your finger and the vibrator, trying to thrust against each, to feel each go deeper.

No longer content to hold onto the bed, I slide my fingers to my breasts and twist my nipples in time with each push and pull of the vibrator, my hips twisting and thrusting. Finally, with a last thrust, you push the vibrator in all the way, leaning over and flicking your tongue along my clit again before taking it into your mouth and sucking as you begin to rapidly thrust the vibrator in and out of my pussy.

Pulling your finger out of my ass slightly, you slide a second alongside it and push them both in, stretching my tight ass and wringing gasps from me. I feel you twist your fingers around as you move them in and out in time with the vibrator in my pussy and I know I can’t hold on for much longer. I’m moaning your name over and over, trying to meet your thrusts, but I’m overcome with the sensations you are creating.

I moan in protest as you pull the soaked vibrator slowly out of me, thrusting up to hang on, pushing my pussy into your face, feeling your teeth scrape across my clit. I draw in a breath at the sensation and jerk my hips down, feeling your fingers go deeper into my ass. As you slowly lick up and down between my wet lips, I sigh and move with your mouth, moaning as your tongue probes my entrance now slick with my juices. Moving slowly up and down, I feel your fingers slide in and out of my ass now, your tongue delving into my pussy, and I push my hips up higher to try to force your tongue deeper, moaning in protest as your fingers slip out.

I look down in frustration to see you grin at me and feel the vibrator, pressing against my entrance again. Grinning back, I try to push against it, but you hold it there lightly, teasing my entrance, the speed on low. Bending down again, pressing your tongue flat, you tuzla sarışın escort begin taking long licks along my pussy lips again, letting the vibrator slide away from my entrance, trailing down between my cheeks, stopping and pressing against my tight ring.

The sensation is different, the low speed making it almost tickle and I wiggle against it slightly, pressing down. The head presses tight against me, the vibrations going straight through my body, lighting nerve endings I never knew I had. I can feel you pressing the head against me with steady pressure and I bear down, curious and more than a little excited at the sensations.

You slide your tongue back up to my clit, flicking across it, setting me on fire, my body arching up and then down, feeling the tip of the vibrator, slowly pressing in. I gasp as you rake your teeth lightly across my clit, at the same time, pushing up firmly, letting the slick vibrator push up inside my ass. There is some pain, but not enough to warn me off. In fact, the pain only adds to the sensations, the hard thick tip inside me, stretching me, your teeth running alongside my clit. I moan and press down, feeling more slip inside me and I shudder and buck up and then down, trying to push down on it.

Slipping a hand beneath my thigh, you lift my leg over your other shoulder, my pussy raised high against your face, your tongue and teeth wreaking havoc with my clit. My moans turn to whimpers as I feel the sensations building and then, you move your mouth off my clit, up my stomach, licking and sucking my skin. I eagerly reach for you, sliding my hands along your body as your weight presses down and I feel the final inches of the vibrator slide up inside me. I moan as I reach for your cock, stroking its hard length and pulling it against my wet pussy.

You kiss me hungrily, your tongue plunging into my mouth as I press your cock head to my wet entrance, trying to push up. In this position, you have the control, and you continue kissing me as you move your hand over mine, thrusting half of your cock deep inside me, stopping for a moment before slamming down, your whole cock thrusting hard down inside me. I cry out and bite your shoulder, leaving marks, I know as the twin sensations overwhelm me; the vibrator in my ass, your cock inside me.

My nails rake across your shoulders as you hold my hip with one hand, the other twisting the vibrator in and out of my ass. I can only make incoherant sounds when you begin thrusting your cock in and out of my pussy, hard and fast. I know that you have been holding back for so long tonight and I lean up to bite your neck, your ear, whispering to you, now, now, I need you to cum in me.

Our lips meet again, your tongue plunging into my mouth, mimicing your cock and the vibrator and I moan as I suck on it, pulling it deeper. I slide my hands down your back, nails scraping in my excitement, grasping your ass and pulling you deeper, pushing with you. I can feel my whole body tensing and see the look in your eye, too. Your fingers trail across my hip, slipping easily into my pussy lips and brushing my clit. Placing your thumb there, you begin to move it quickly, making me moan louder.

You are slamming your cock into me now, drawing back nearly to the head and then down inside me and I tense my thighs around you as I feel myself starting to cum again. Crying out, I thrust my whole body up against your thumb and your cock, feeling the vibrator hard inside me now as my ass tightens, too. Thrusting harder and faster, I feel your body tense against mine and you groan loudly as you cum inside me, thrusting deep.

I’m shuddering, my whole body alive with sensation as you lean down to kiss me, slowly and hotly. You move my thighs off your shoulders, letting my legs fall on either side of your body as you press your whole body against me, pushing me farther into the bed. Your fingers glide gently against my pussy still, your cock deep inside me and I can feel you twisting the vibrator slightly.

I smile up at you, kissing your lips tenderly as we both relax. This was a helluva way to christen our new quilt!

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A Walk on the Wild Side

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Winston Bramblenook was your typical milquetoast. A seller of high quality, leather bound literary classics, his daily door to door grind rarely netted him any big sales. From month to month, his meager commission and almost as miniscule hourly wage were barely enough to pay his rent and the few small bills he accrued. His personal life was in even worse shape, and couldn’t have been more boring if he was in a coma. Standing at a slightly above average five-ten, the brittle man weighed in at a mere hundred and thirty-eight pounds, sopping wet. If he lifted anything heavier than a box of cereal, his biceps would recoil instantly and grumble vehemently in protest.

Winston was a prudent man, very reasonable and of much more than average intelligence. He had a very large storehouse of common sense in his brainy skull, and he knew the score. He knew that if a woman wanted him, there was probably some ulterior motive, more than likely some foul scheme afoot. It wasn’t that he was always a suspicious man, per se, but he was simply a realist. He was scrawny, of only average looks at best, and had nothing really to offer a woman…except his heart. And, sadly, very few women were willing to work their way past his ho-hum exterior to get to that beating gem. At least, that had been his experience.

This being the case, how he could’ve become entangled in the events I am about to relate, was well beyond his capacity to understand. How could he have allowed himself to become so enmeshed in such a fiasco? Had he been mad? Had his testicles suddenly become engorged with enough semen and hormones to cloud the brain he had always been so proud of? Sadly, he will never know the answers. Suffice it to say, Winston Bramblenook was just like any other man who hadn’t had sex in quite some time. Backed up hormones can make thinking a daunting task and level-headed decision making all but impossible, even for a man with Winston’s intellect. The poor fellow learned this the hard way.

Even before the unfortunate events took place, his choice of selling territory was not thoughtfully made. Even this decision was hormonally induced. True, it was a subconscious decision that Winston only partially realized was spurred on by recent, testosterone-laced memory, and he therefore couldn’t be totally faulted for its unfortunate outcome. Nonetheless, it was a case of creaky, rusting gonads compelling the brain to do unwise things, and poor Winston paid the price.

Thus goaded on by subconscious hormonal scheming, Winston found himself working the sector he himself had requested – to the shocked gasps of both his employer and coworkers – with his suitcase full of classic literature and unrealistic hopes of selling same. The scrawny man found himself wandering the darkened, dangerous, dockside streets of New York City. His boss and coworkers thought he’d either gone insane or had somehow recently acquired a death wish.

And just exactly why was he braving this questionable neighborhood, which callously chewed up men like Winston every night – as little more than a light evening snack – when the darkness crept in? It was because of a woman – and, of course, Winston’s clogged sexual plumbing. The object of his carnal affections was none other than the delicious and devious Veronica Van Meers, whom he’d only seen from afar one day as he oversaw the loading of a shipment of books onto a freighter bound for Europe.

The said delectable Ms Van Meers sat on the balcony of her third floor apartment, her long, shapely legs resting comfortably on the wrought iron railing surrounding it. For a woman living in a dockside flat, she was stunningly accoutered in a skin tight black dress – sinfully slitted halfway up her thigh on the right side – succulently clinging fishnet hose and black spike heels that had glistened in the midday sun. Her richly shining, midnight black hair had been up in an elegant bun, showing off her beautiful face. Her eyes were dark and mysterious, but totally inviting. Her lush lips seemed to beckon to Winston, even as her tongue licked them to keep a constant shine on them.

As she lounged back comfortably on her balcony with her legs up, Winston had caught a brief glimpse well up her thigh. He’d blushed, feeling that he’d somehow deflowered the woman. And he’d instantly gotten an erection… which Veronica noticed with a wicked laugh.

As he oversaw the loading of the books, he constantly stole glances of Veronica, all the while sweating nervously and trying to stand in such a way as to see both the dockside cranes and Veronica, while not letting anyone see the bulge in his pants. But the more Winston tried to hide his erection, the more Veronica noticed it, and the more she laughed – and wholeheartedly encouraged that sign of arousal. In fact, to add to his predicament, she purposely spread her legs atop the railing, slipping forward on her lounge chair, bending one leg at the knee, allowing the book salesman an unfettered view kurtköy escort up her dress. To Winston’s increased fidgeting nervousness – and utter delight – Veronica wore fishnet pantyhose, but no panties. Even from the distance he was from her, Winston could see Veronica’s most intimate treasure. Not only was she flaunting it at him, but even the sun seemed to be helping him to view its seductive details, for that fiery globe was at just the right angle to not only shine directly up her thighs, but also to reflect off the railing, as if purposely lighting up that treat for his delighted eyes.

As she watched Winston stare up her dress and self-consciously try to cover his telltale bulge, she chuckled openly and puffed seductively on a cigarette that was comfortably seated in a long, black holder. She seemed so regal, so high society, and yet she brazenly flashed him as he tried with increasing difficulty to concentrate on his job. A royal slut, that’s what his mind had somehow labeled her as. But, whether she was a whore or a debutante, she was still way out of his league. He had no doubt of that. So, at the time, he’d just enjoyed the view. What else was there to do? But, when his job was done, and it was time for him to head back to the office for more wares to sell, Veronica waved to him, spreading her legs a bit wider apart, bending BOTH legs at the knees, giving him his best view yet. She then kissed her fingertips, put them down between her legs and briefly tapped them against her exposed sex, and then blew that double kiss – from both pairs of shiny lips – at Winston. He was so aroused he could barely walk. Nonetheless, he tried to keep his composure. He even nodded and smiled up at her as he turned to leave. As he walked away – difficult as that was – he could hear her cruel laughter.

To be sure, this entire encounter never once CONSCIOUSLY entered his thoughts as he wandered down to the docks on the misty night of the most unfortunate incident. But, why else would any sane man brave those rough streets, selling books of all things, and wearing a suit no less?! And how is it poor Winston skipped over most of the flats in the area, making only half-hearted attempts at salesmanship at those apartments he did stop at, as if he were in a hurry and didn’t really want to make a sale at all? And why did he stop at every single apartment on the third floor on the dock side of that one particular building? Surely it was a map and a plan clandestinely doled out to his totally oblivious brain by the testosterone trapped in his genitals. His sexual psyche had its own agenda, and was merely putting Winston through his usual bookselling motions before leading him to the real purpose of this nocturnal escapade. And that was, of course, sex…hopefully with the aforementioned delectable Ms Van Meers.

Winston received two death threats, had six doors slammed in his face, was flashed by an eighty year old woman sucking on a stogie, and was propositioned by the ugliest transvestite he’d ever seen, before he came to the door that his sexual subconscious had been leading him to the entire time. All those other doors were just to ease his conscience, to give him the false sense that he truly was trying to sell books in this neighborhood. But now, his hormones had him where they wanted him. Win or lose, his nether region was gearing up for a night of hot, sweaty, nasty tum-bumping ecstasy!

With his heart pounding in his chest, Winston nervously adjusted his tie, took several deep breaths, and rapped lightly on the wooden door before him with trembling knuckles. In the back of his brain, several years worth of congealed testosterone prayed Veronica was home. Even if all she did was laugh in his face, just seeing her up close would provide fodder for many fantasy adventures with her for years to come. Besides which, he’d have proven something to himself. At least he’d TRIED. He could ask no more of himself.

Winston vaguely remembered seeing a light coming from her window, so his hopes were high of at least seeing the lovely Ms Van Meers again, regardless of the outcome. However, all of this might be moot anyway, for there was no answer to his knock. He rapped again, sweat beginning to pop from thousands of pores all over his body. When there was no response to the second knock, his groin started to go back into shutdown mode, and Winston sighed, preparing to leave.

Suddenly, the door flew open. There stood Veronica, in the tightest white blouse and shortest red skirt Winston had ever seen. The sheer, mocha hose she wore were so gossamer as to be almost nonexistent, and her red stiletto heels made her tower a good two inches over the breathless salesman. She puffed on her cigarette holder, smiling at Winston. She laughed a short, quick laugh, during which she exhaled the smoke that was in her lungs. Then she puffed on the holder again, bent down, and blew the smoke into Winston’s face. As he tried to keep from tuzla escort coughing, Veronica said calmly, “It’s about time you showed up. I thought you’d never get here. Come in, book man, let’s see what you have for me. When I see what you’ve got, I’ll show you a few things of my own.” Her grin alone gave him a rock-hard chubby.

Veronica’s hand shot out at Winston, her long, slim fingers wrapping themselves around his tie. With a tug much stronger than might be expected from such a picture of femininity, those fingers yanked the wide-eyed salesman through the doorway and into the sultry vixen’s apartment. As she whirled about with the astonished Winston in tow, one of her legs kicked out behind her – almost as if it had been a well-practiced move – and efficiently slammed the door shut. Winston heard a lock click, and was suddenly unsure if that was a good thing or not.

Veronica continued walking deeper into her flat, dragging Winston behind her like a helpless rag doll, his surprised feet stumbling along trying to catch up with his captive head.

“I knew you’d come back,” Veronica said, still dragging Winston through her apartment, “they always do.”

Winston stumbled and bumbled along behind her as she steered him briskly through her home. Rooms passed to his right and left at a rate of speed much too high for him to focus on what those rooms might actually contain. He caught glimpses of shelves, furniture, cabinetry and other recognizable items, but the velocity at which Veronica was dragging him did not lend itself to his identifying much more than that. Veronica was talking to him – between puffs on her slim cigarette holder – the entire time she was pulling him along, but the air rushing by his ears, the clomping of his own feet as he fought to keep his balance, and his concern about the uncomfortable tightness of his tie around his neck, all conspired to keep him from truly listening. Not to mention his choking and gasping as cigarette smoke attacked his nostrils and lungs. It all seemed a fascinating – if uncomfortable and possibly fatal – blur to him.

Without warning, Veronica disappeared, and it was only when he felt himself being flung around a corner that he realized she’d simply made a sharp, sudden turn into the very last room of the apartment. When he’d stumbled around the corner after her, his arms flailing for a shot at elusive balance, she reappeared, still yammering away about something. Winston couldn’t concentrate on the words, as he was too busy trying to keep his legs under him.

One of Veronica’s brightly manicured hands flipped a light switch as she entered the room, but that act did nothing to slow her Winston-dragging advance into the middle of the room. Once in the center of that room, she simply stopped short, let go of the poor man’s crumpled tie, and watched him stagger, stumble and fall past her, his momentum causing him to fly forward and down, crumpling into a gasping heap on the floor. When his understandably startled face crashed into the thick fibers of the carpet, his careening backside continued to sail forward, ultimately ending up at a higher elevation than his head…momentarily, anyway. It settled to the floor in its proper anatomical position, but not before the book man heard several vertebrae curse rather loudly.

Eventually, the disheveled Winston gathered himself up, shook the buzzing hornets out of his spinning noggin, and straightened his cockeyed suit jacket. After piecing himself back together – checking for missing or misaligned body parts – and forcing his brain to get its bearings, what he next saw made his loins quiver.

Sitting on the floor, dusting himself off, he was looking directly at Veronica’s Queen size bed, the wooden footboard of which was no more than three feet from his perspiring eyeballs. He got an instant boner at the thought of all the action that bed must’ve seen over the years, and immediately he started swallowing drool. Not only was he in her bedroom – which was erotic enough! – but his quivering pupils were actually given the honor of viewing Veronica’s very own love nest! Where she lay at night, silky underthings clinging to her shapely curves. Or perhaps where she lay naked…possibly touching herself…yearning for a man like…him? Suddenly, the crotch of his pants became even tighter than the knot of his tie around his neck. The hormone factory between his legs had called back all essential personnel to begin working overtime!

“So, little book man,” Veronica cooed, returning from the vanity at the far end of the room where she’d apparently just crushed out the remains of her cigarette, “you like looking up my dress, do you?” She walked in front of him – squeezing herself between his drooling eyes and the foot of her bed – and stood towering over him, her hands on her well-shaped hips. From his position on the floor, Winston could again see well up her thighs, and it was bringing back fond memories. tuzla escort He sighed wistfully before collecting himself enough to attempt speech.

“Uh…” he stammered, “forgive me…miss…uh….”

“Veronica,” she replied, smiling down at him, “Veronica Van Meers. And who might you be, my little pussy peeper?”

“Oh, sorry,” his speech again bumbled along, “I’m…I’m Winston Bramblenook, at your service.” He started to get up, but Veronica stopped him, pressing the palm of one hand down gently but firmly on the top of his head. Winston hadn’t expected the move, and the sudden stoppage of his attempted ascent forced a loud “Urk!” from his already choked throat.

“Stay,” Veronica said quietly, “don’t get up. Although,” she added with a wicked smile, “getting up seems to be something you’re quite good at, if I remember correctly…especially when you’re peeking up women’s dresses. In fact, you seem to be quite happy to see me even as we speak.” She chuckled softly as she looked at the bulge in his crumpled pants.

Winston blushed instantly. “Uh…forgive me…I do apologize…for that, and…well…and that day a while back, too. You see…I was…well…I wasn’t really…although I’m sure it APPEARED that….I was…well…” His hands rushed to loosen his choking tie. He needed air. He needed to swallow his nervousness, force it down into his stomach so he could breathe. But Veronica wouldn’t let him. Not only did she stop him from untying his tie, but she even grabbed it again and gave another solid tug on it, again tightening it around his neck.

“Oh, yes, Winston,” she continued, giving his tie short, quick jerks, “it most certainly did appear that you were looking up my dress. Furthermore, it appeared you were enjoying the view quite a bit. Please don’t do me the disservice of denying it. You had an erection the size of a crowbar. A rather nice erection, if I remember correctly. Now, are you going to LIE and say you WEREN’T peeking up my dress?” She held his tie tightly wrapped around her clenched fist and, bending over, pulled his face close to hers. Her eyes said, “Lie to me and I’ll stomp your balls under my red stiletto heels.”

Winston flushed a brighter crimson still. His mind tried to concoct all sorts of lies as to what he was looking at that day – the railing, the reflecting sun, her balcony. He even thought of saying he was a collector of cigarette holders, but that sounded even more lame than the other lies. He fidgeted a bit, wiped sweat from his brow and cleared his throat, stalling tactics until his brain could come up with the right fib. Brave lad. He was almost willing to sacrifice his testicles to preserve his pride.

But then Winston decided that there was no real point in lying. She had him dead to rights, and she didn’t look like the type who’d listen to lies and excuses. Besides, he’d come to her apartment in the hopes of…what?… having sex with her? If that was the case, why bother lying at all? What was the point of searching for sex, only to deny you wanted it when you chanced upon it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to let her know how much he desired her? Shouldn’t he tell her how much she’d turned him on? Hadn’t she seen his erection anyway, and boldly flashed him until he couldn’t walk straight? Hell, she seemed to know everything he was thinking anyway, so, what was the point? Maybe she WANTED sex, and she was just testing or teasing him. She DID say, “It’s about time you got here,” and “I thought you’d never arrive,” and even said she had lots to show him. That sure sounded like SHE wanted sex, too! Unless Ms Van Meers was simply a cock tease, she was in the market for a hot night as much as he was.

By the time he’d ended his internal battle and decided upon a course of action, so had Veronica.

When Winston finally opened his mouth to speak again – even then not sure what words would come out – his eyes were already becoming privy to some erotically pertinent info. Veronica was no longer standing over him. His tie had been set free, though the knot still hugged his Adam’s apple tightly. But the teasing vixen hadn’t moved far. No, not at all. And she did indeed have much to show him.

Winston felt steam bubbling from around his eyeballs. His mouth dropped open and his tongue felt like sandpaper with talcum powder on it. He swallowed, true, but most of the moisture his mouth created was dribbling down his chin. The head of his penis was literally chewing at the back of his zipper. It wanted OUT!

Veronica sat before the poor, drooling idiot, grinning down at him even more wickedly than she had that glorious day on her balcony. And she was giving Winston the show of his life.

Leaning back on her elbows on the mattress, Veronica sat on the very edge of the bed with her body twisted to one side and one high-heeled foot balanced via the slim stiletto heel on the top of the footboard. The other leg she had somehow – in a way that would make a contortionist envious – splayed out a good distance in the opposite direction. If Winston had been wearing blinders, his eyes wouldn’t have been more directly lured to that oh, so familiar view between Veronica’s legs. And she was running true to form…pantyhose with no panties.

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A Weekend with the Wife Ch. 01

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My wife is a wonderful woman and a sexy little thing too. She’s also quite adventurous and got a killer body. Standing about five feet five, she’s got an ass to die for and she loves when I’m pounding into her from behind. She’s got skin that’s a lot darker brown than mine, but to me that just looks sexier when we’re both watching me slide into her.

I came home the other day and she caught me by surprise by meeting me at the door. When I walked in, she was waiting for me on the living room floor and she was only wearing her little beige corset that she’d bought years before when she’d been in high school.

“Wow” was all I could say as I locked the door behind me.

“You like this old thing?” she asked as she ran her fingers across the laces.

“Love it.” I said. “Makes me remember some of the things we used to do to each other.

“Me too.” She purred. “Why don’t you come over here and we’ll see if we can relive some of those old fantasies you have.”

I crossed the room, taking off my tie and unbuttoning my shirt as I went. I stopped in front of her as she untied her top and crawled up my leg, unbuckling my pants as she went. She didn’t even want to bother with taking off my pants yet as she started licking up and down my already hardening cock.

She loves to suck my cock, she’s a natural at it. In the middle of the evening, if she’s horny, she’ll have her lips and tongue on me until I’m ready to cum on her tits.

This was even better than usual. I was fucking her mouth like it was a pussy with a tongue and she was loving it.

“That’s it baby, fuck my mouth.” She moaned in between my thrusts. “I love the feel of your hot cock in my mouth and back of my throat.”

I fucked her mouth harder, watching her cheeks puff in and out as I moved faster.

“Cum for me.” She said. “I want you to cum on my face tonight baby. Is that ok?”

Is that ok?!? In all our time together she’d never let me cum on her face.

“Oh god yes.” I moaned. “I want to cum all over that pretty face beşiktaş escort bayan of yours tonight…”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I let out a loud moan as she jacked me off with her hand and licked the underside of my cock. I felt like I was cumming fire as my cum landed on her cheeks and chin. My entire body shivered as she took my cock and rubbed my cum across her wet lips a face.

“God that was hot.” She breathed heavily. “I never knew that could turn me on that much.”

I was still to breathless to speak a word.

She leaned back as the cum started running down her face and dripping on the skin of her dark tits. “You like this view? You like my face covered in your cum?” She said softly with a smile.

“Oh yeah.” I managed to finally say. “It’s hot.”

She reached over and pulled a small towel from under the coffee table. “Get undressed.” She said as she wiped herself off. “We’re not done yet.”

I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough.

I kneeled down in front of her as she grabbed me, pulling me down on top of her with our lips locked. Taking my hand, she put it where she wanted it most of all.

A small shock of surprise went through me as I realized that she’d shaved her pussy smooth. She was literally dripping wet.

“Another surprise for you.” She smiled. “Next time you can help.”

I had a giant smile on my face as I made my way down her body. I made a long trail with my tongue and lips, nibbling at her neck and then I found my way to her pert nipples. Taking one and then the other in my mouth, I gave them the same kind of attention she’d given my own cock earlier.

It wasn’t long and the she began pushing my further down. “Lick me.” She said softly. “Make me cum on your face now.”

A few moments more and I was inches from where I wanted to be. In one long lick, I started at the bottom of her pussy and ended at the top, flicking her clit as I went by.

Her body jumped as she groaned. “More…”

As much as my wife loves beşiktaş escort my cock, I love to eat her pussy. I can do it for hours. Some people have hobbies, mine is my wife.

Her legs parted mare as my tongue darted across her clit again and dipped into her a little more. Keeping my tongue there, I moved it around while at the same time I used my upper lip on her little button.

Grabbing her hips, I thrust my stiff tongue in as far as I could reach, sucking out as much of her juices as I could swallow. Finally, I concentrated on the little piece of flesh she wanted.

Sucking it in my lips, I licked her clit, trying to entice it to be harder than it already was as she ran her fingers in my hair.

“Oh god…I love it.” She said breathlessly. “You eat me so good. You’re going to make me cum.”

I tried harder, licking her clit and tongue fucking her pussy like it was going to be that last time.

She grabbed behind her knees and pulled them up, spreading farther open for me.

“Oh, fuck me…I’m cumming!” She yelled as she tightened on me and rode my face to her own oblivion.

As she came down I kept licking softly at her wetness. “That’s round two.” I said.

“Oh yeah..” She agreed with a smile.

Getting up, I told her I’d be back in a minute. I returned with her favorite little toy in hand.

“This is round three.” I said as I slid it into her.

I let her get use to it and then I turned it on as I moved it slowly in and out of her, watching the little rabbit head as it massaged her clit in a way I could only dream about. Pushing it in, the rabbit vibrated hard against her and she let out another soft moan.

I’d watched her use her toys on herself many times and I knew what she liked and how to tease her. Just as she was on the verge of another orgasm, I slid the toy almost all the way out enough to let my tongue dance again on her clit.

Again and again I teased her until her legs were high in the air and she was shaking. “Please…make me cum. I need it so bad.” She whimpered.

Giving in, I let the rabbit do its fantastic job and she went wild grabbing her legs and trying to force her toy a little farther in.

I looked at her as she was cumming and she was beautiful beyond anything I’d ever seen before.

It took a long time for her to come down from her high and her breathing to return to normal.

Laying there in silence, I knew this was the best that life had to offer.

“Ready for round four?” She asked me after a while.

“Thought you’d never ask.” I said as she kissed me and grabbed my hard cock.

I held her in my arms as we turned over and she climbed on top of me, her pussy hovering inches from my skin. Reaching behind her, she guided the tip of me into her and held it there, massaging me with her muscles.

Suddenly she dropped and took me all the way down to my balls, pulling up slowly, she tightened up and then dropped down again hard. Knocking some of the breath out of us and listening to our slapping skin, she rode me hard.

Stopping, she moved until she was up, using just her legs. My cock and her pussy were the only places we touched as she rode me again, fucking herself wild and using me as her own personal fuck toy.

Grabbing her hips, I pulled her down harder and harder as I grew close to cumming. Both of us were sweaty, but it made her look even sexier to me.

She worked her pussy on me as she knew I was getting closer to losing it.

“I’m going to cum.” I panted.

“Do it…cum in my pussy…fill me up.” She said in between her thrusts. “I want to feel you in me as you cum baby.”

I couldn’t hold back any more as she spoke and it pushed me over the edge. I pulled her down on my cock as my cum came roaring out and filling her up. She rode back and forth as her own orgasm took her and she threw her head back in a moan.

“Oh fuck!” She finally said as she laid on top of my chest. “That was great.”

“Ready to go to the bedroom?” I said jokingly with a grin.

“Later.” She said as she kissed me. “We have all weekend to try and make it to the bedroom.”

We eventually made it there, but not until Sunday. It’s a large house with a lot of rooms.

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A Rendezvous with Cathy

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Big Dicks

Cathy was a smoldering, dark-haired, trim, Italian beauty who was the receptionist at work. She was always well-dressed in a tight blouse, thin bra, short skirt, hose and heels. As we often had the air conditioning on at work, her nipples were always hard and pushed out against her blouse. I used to tease her that I could tell the temperature by just how far they extended. She blushed, but the next day I swore she didn’t wear a bra because her nipples appeared even more distinct.

One night, after a dinner party at home when it was time for her to leave, I followed her into the bedroom to help her with her coat. When she saw me looking down her dress at her tits, she asked: “Would you like to see them?”

I turned her to face the mirror and stood behind her as she undid the strap of the dress and pushed the top down to reveal her tits to me in the mirror. They weren’t large, maybe B or C-size, but perfectly shaped with no sag and erect nipples. I reached around and cupped her breasts, gently squeezing them and pinching the nipples which responded by becoming even longer and harder. She leaned back against me and moaned, grinding her ass against my erection. “Why don’t you come over this weekend, and I’ll whip up something hot for you” I whispered in her ear. We both knew what that meant. She agreed to meet at my place early Saturday morning. She quickly pulled up her top and tied it behind her neck, bayan tuzla escort and I helped her with her coat. I saw her to her car, and waved as she drove away – thinking about the weekend.

Early Saturday morning after a light breakfast, I slipped into my dark blue nylon briefs, made myself a drink, and laid out in my backyard for some sun. The sun warmed up my briefs, and my cock began to grow as I thought about Cathy coming over. “Something hot,” indeed, I thought to myself, thinking of her perky tits.

Soon, I heard the doorbell ring, and stepped inside to welcome my guest. As I opened the door, I was thrilled to see her wearing heels, shorts and a brief top with the buttons nearly undone. Standing inside, I looked down her blouse and saw she wasn’t wearing a bra, giving me a perfect view of her nearly bare breasts. She wasted no time in pleasantries, but reached out and gave my cock a squeeze through my briefs. I smiled and said “Come in” as I stepped aside and held the door open for her. I closed the door behind her, and sat down on the couch. “Turn around so I can see all of you,” I said, looking up at her. She raised her arms overhead, and turned slowly, giving me a nice view of her trim body and tight ass. “Awesome!” I remarked.

Standing up, I motioned for her to sit on the couch. “I’m going to take a quick shower to rinse off the suntan lotion,” I remarked. pendik escort “Why don’t you help me remove these briefs so I don’t get them wet?” She reached up, and slowly slide my briefs down, exposing my erection. She grasped me in her hand, and learning forward, took me into her mouth. Sliding her lips down my hard cock, she took me deep until her lips were brushing my hairs. She worked her mouth as she gently caressed my balls until I moaned. “Oh, GOD! No one has ever been able to take all of me like that!”

Slowly, she straightened up, letting me slip out of her mouth. She looked up and smiled at me. “Why don’t you take your shower now? But, save yourself for me. I want to taste your cream when you get out. I’ll be waiting for you.”

To say the shower was brief would be an understatement! I soaped and cleaned myself up quickly, wrapped a towel around my waist, and returned in anticipation to find Cathy standing in only her red panties waiting for me. I sat back down on the couch, and she knelt between my legs. Pulling the towel loose, she leaned over and began to suck my fresh cock again. It didn’t take me very long to get hard, when she said: “Fuck me! I want your big cock deep in my cunt. It’s so wet and ready for you.” She stood up, and bent over the arm of the couch. Her heels pushed her tight ass up, invitingly. I slipped her red panties down over her hips and tuzla kendi evi olan escort down so we could step out of them. Stepping behind her, I stroked her back down to her ass and then between her thighs.

She was dripping wet, and I knew I wouldn’t have any problem entering her. I held my cock in my hand, and rubbed it over her cunt lips until it was thoroughly lubricated, then pushed it up inside her until my head slipped inside. She sighed. “Deeper, please. Fill my cunt with your cock.” Holding her hips, I thrust upwards, driving my dock deep inside her steamy love pit. As I felt her walls contract around me, I rocked in and out in ever increasing force, driving my cock deep inside her. I slapped her quivering ass cheeks, turning them a nice pink as I fucked her forcefully. Finally, she let out a cry and stiffened, squeezing my cock deep inside her. That was all it took for me to release my pent-up cream deep inside her. I felt myself spurt once, twice, and and then a third time as I came with a groan.

The rest of the day we fucked every way possible until we were both sore and exhausted. Although I tried to finger and later penetrate her ass, she wouldn’t let me enter her there. But two out of three openings were more than well used that day.

Shortly afterwards, she left the company to move back with her parents in New York City. I sent her an erotic letter with an enclosed red lace panty. I got a very steamy letter back from her shortly afterwards – but that’s another story.

I lost contact with her over the years, although I did learn she married an old friend. I wonder if she still has that red panty I sent her and wears it from time to time, thinking of me? I like to think so.

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A Royal Impregnation Ch. 02

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The Rajmata (Queen Mother) sat behind the thin veil of a curtain and watched as her daughter-in-law, the Maharani spread herself out under the looming figure of Samar Singh, the Chief of the Royal Guard.

Samar Singh, just twenty years old and a virgin had been drafted by the Rajmata (Queen Mother) to impregnate Maharani Samyukta. The lad was a battle-scarred veteran of many a battle, but a complete novice at what he was about to do. His forearms and chest had cuts and nicks but his back was free of marks of any woman having clawed him in the desperation of her orgasmic burst.

“This has to go well,” thought the 46 year old widowed Rajmata, grimly. “It has to be clinical, quick and she must become pregnant in just this one encounter.”

The King was impotent and this was the time tested fix for the problem; spiriting the Queen away to the Himalayan ashram of a sage. What was different was that instead of the sage being prevailed upon to beget the kingdom a successor, the Chief of Guards had been asked by the Rajmata to do the deed. Her logic was simple; the seed and graft with a warrior clan would produce a better heir than the product of an intellectual with soft hands. She wanted to stabilize the reign of her young son, whose own succession had been shaky.

The choice of Samar Singh over the sage was her very own, very private decision. The sages were preferred for they were ascetic, unattached and there was no scope for any complications. Complications could arise from the biological father resurfacing; emotional bonding between the Queen and the impregnator; political machinations and so on. For all these reasons, from time immemorial, Indian Kingdoms had preferred to have the problem solved by approaching sages and ascetics who were well disposed towards their particular kingdom. Royalty and the Spiritual gurus knew each other for generations. While the sages were not celibate, they followed a prescribed way of life which never crossed paths with the rest of the world. And thus the insurance against complications.

The Rajmata sighed. Samar Singh had grown up in front of her. He was the King’s playmate of childhood days. His father was the General of the Army; the head of their family had been so for generations. So would Samar Singh, after his father’s time, become the General.

It had not taken much time to convince the lad of his duty towards kingdom in impregnating the Maharani. The Rajmata expected no less from the loyal soldier; he came from a clan and family that had served the Royal Family well. But the quick acceptance of the proposal sowed the seed of doubt in her mind; would Samar Singh be as clinical as she had instructed him to be? Would he avoid caresses, touching and lingering kisses? Would he avoid the prolonging of pleasure? Finally, she had decided to be a silent spectator to the deed, ensuring that neither soldier nor the queen would be sidetracked by lust.

It was indeed corrupting and she reflected on the wisdom of the ages in entrusting this delicate task to the spiritually inclined ascetics. She found herself wondering whether she had erred; even her own son did not know she had different plans.

The ascetics were reputed to do the same deed differently. Her mind wandered back to the account rendered by one of the elderly maids in her own mother’s palace. That lady had been part of an entourage in another principality, where the queen had been dispatched to get an heir after that king had been discovered impotent. These things were done very quietly with just a handful in the know, for the impotence of a king was political dynamite. If a king was to be a strong ruler, how could he be impotent? The psychology of the masses of those who were ruled was such. And so, there was no direct knowledge; just the grapevine and the gossip circles.

The Rajmata had been a young princess at the time, being educated at her mother’s place in the art of statecraft. It was during one of those sessions that the salacious bit on the impregnation by a sage had been disclosed.

He sat in deep meditation, she was told. They married and had sex only for procreation, never for pleasure. They measured their spiritual powers by restraint and by capturing the vitality of their own living being through yoga and the forsaking of every thing material.

It was not that they repressed desire; they never allowed it to overcome them. They felt it come to them as their bodies are of flesh. But in their yogic state, they observe their own reaction and behavior as an outsider might observe them. As they watched themselves, they developed the power to control themselves. It was not about repression and avoidance. It was about acknowledgement and harnessing.

That power, sexuality being the most potent of the powers, when harnessed, led to spiritual awareness, growth and sublimation.

Some engaged in tantric sex as the path to sublimation. They drifted on the darker side of spirituality. At that fringe, there were those who used powers escort bayanlar to perform magic and use their power to manipulate, destroy and command.

But the yogis at the ashrams were not on The Dark Side. The kingdoms wouldn’t patronize such an ashram. The oldest ashrams had already conquered and therefore could not be attracted by material blandishments. They had age-old alliances with specific kingdoms. And for these yogis, sexuality was something they commanded; it did not command them. That is why sending a queen to a sage was acceptable. But it was fascinating to hear of how it was done.

And that old maid had told them.

“He sat cross-legged, deep in meditation. It was an appointed time so when we entered his space we were surprised to see him in meditation. On hindsight, it was silly to have expected a bed or something like that,” she recalled, with all the wisdom and nuance of a woman that had experienced the world.

“Our Queen was a fragile, delicate beauty. She was overwhelmed by his presence, but also by the complexity of the task at hand; she was expected to subject herself to him and be impregnated. She was quivering with tension and knew not how to progress.”

“The ladies of the ashram held her and led her up to where the yogi sat. The Queen had her hands folded in supplication to the spiritual master. The women gently slid the well-tucked cloth around her waist and the several yards of cloth wrapped around her unraveled. It didn’t quite fall to the ground, but we all dropped our eyes instinctively. We had seen her nude so often while bathing, massaging and soothing her. But that day, it didn’t seem right.”

“Her bodice remained where it was, her breasts held in the restraining confines of the band of cloth around her chest. The lady did not know what to expect. The yogi remained seated with eyes shut. They moved her forward so that she was now directly in front of him, up close. His head was at the level of her groin. The two women on either side of the queen continued to walk towards the yogi, crossing him, still gently holding the Queen in their grip.”

“The only way the queen could have continued to retain her balance was to spread her legs. She instinctively understood what was expected of her. Her hands continued to be folded in prayer and she now closed her eyes. Her ankles grazed his knees because he was sitting cross legged and his knees jutted out. She came to stand over him, feeling the stray whiskers of his long beard tickle the insides of her thighs. If they had walked further, her groin would have been at his forehead. But they didn’t walk.”

“She was now trembling. She did not know what was expected of her. She felt the cool breeze of those Himalayan climbs caress her most private parts. Her eyes were full of tears. Her face was red. She was ready to turn and flee. She might well have any moment then, when they gently pressed her shoulders down, willing her to sit.”

“She bent her knees to comply and come down to the level of where he was sitting. As far as she could make out he was still sitting unmoved. Scared as she was she quickly opened a narrow slit in her eyelids to see what he was doing. He was doing nothing.”

“We were all transfixed; no one had been asked to leave, no one had been told any rules of engagement. It was as if we were not there. My body was burning as with head bowed, but eyes straining upward I could see that she was straddling him and standing in front of him. The space was lit only with dim diya lamps (small oil lamps). The light and shade contrast in illumination was dramatic, even if dim. And I saw our Queen bend her legs and lower her body. We could see the legs spread dramatically. I am sure if he had opened his eyes, he would have seen her gaping yoni (cunt). But his eyes were shut.”

“What was to happen next? What use an open and waiting yoni in front of a meditating and austere ascetic? She continued to lower her body. The two women on either side supported her to help keep balance. One hand was on the small of her back and the other between her shoulder blades. Suddenly, the hand which was passively on the small of her back, gently pushed forward.”

“She gasped loudly as her pubic hair caressed the outline of a bobbing lingam (penis) and the gates of her yoni scraped the monster. Arising from between his legs was a lance of flesh, bobbing and bouncing at an upward pointing angle. Instinctively, she drew up her knees, and her bottom descended into the receptacle of his lap. Equally involuntary was her guttural groan when the lingam speared her. It was if she had fallen on a sword and it had pierced her being.”

“In one fluid movement, her ass had snugly fit into his lap. It was another matter that the snug fit had placed her at a point where her yoni was splayed open and his lingam had stabbed into her as far as her womb. There was no obstruction from his thighs, while he still sat cross-legged. Her legs were raised and crossed his waist. tuzla anal escort The hands which were folded in supplication were now clutching at his shoulders. They were no longer needed to be folded to indicate her reverence for him; she had subjected herself in the most primeval way.”

“She held on to the powerful shoulders waiting for a thrust which never came. Her wet lips were parted in expectation of a kiss that was never planted. Her breasts ached for the pressing of his chest which never happened. Her yoni walls, held open thus, spread apart by the impossibly large lingam, watered, the way an eye might water if it has not blinked. She felt herself pour out in an unexpected but inevitable sexual response. She felt herself running like a stream, down past their point of coitus, the fluid tickling her ass as it dripped off into a puddle below them.”

“The Queen told us everything. She recounted this experience over and over again. She never got over it. She had never been fucked by a man so virile. She had never felt so massively plowed upon. And she had never felt so much with no movement. And no man had ever controlled himself in this fashion. She confessed in her bedchamber afterwards to us to having conquered many, before and after marriage. But none had ever been like this. Indeed, she even confessed that this one experience had left her a hungering soul, searching for the experience once more. The yogi would’nt turn and look at her. And no man ever felt that way again. But that was not for the want of her trying.”

“She could not stop repeating what happened to those of us who were in her inner circle. And none of us could ever after be touched by a man without comparing and imagining what our queen had experienced with the yogi.”

“Even though he did nothing, it felt as if his lingam had swollen in proportions after it had entered her. She felt a hum, a vibration in the monster embedded in her. It was if that pillar of flesh was talking to the sheath that encapsulated it. She quivered, trembling on the brink of what she thought might be an orgasm! Impossible! He had not moved; it could not be an orgasm.”

“As the vibration built up inside her, she wiggled her hips. She wanted. Scraping. Riding. She wanted to be mauled. She didn’t want to melt away in orgasm. She wanted it to be torrential. Her sexual instincts told her to heave and fuck the cock in her; that was how torrential orgasms were experienced. Ride. Touch. Scrape. Grind. Pound. But no, move as she might, she could not get him to fuck back.”

“She was now desperate. She wriggled her legs free of the hands of the women who held her apart and propped her up. She locked her legs around his back. Her arms went around him and her hands wrapped around his neck. She hoisted herself up, giving up the depth of his penetration for control over his lingam. Her yoni was trained. She knew how to fuck. She did’nt want conversation between yoni and lingam; she wanted a duel. She wanted to fuck. She wanted to conquer him. “

“She ground down with her hips on the cock below. She bounced up and down in loud grunts and squeals. She was oblivious to the surroundings and to those of us who were there to lend gravitas to a serious matter of State. She only knew the lingam in her and the pleasure it promised her. She worked and twisted her yoni on it seeking pleasure and seeking the conquest of the unconquerable.”

“She was delighted when his hands gripped her bottom, fingers digging deep into the flesh of her ass. She felt conquest within reach. But her delight gave way to despair as he held her firm, rendering her unable to move. ‘Feel. Experience. Watch,” he commanded her, his eyes opening at last. The power in them was visible, obvious and she felt unable to disobey.”

“Her face went red as a beetroot with shame and embarrassment. The object of her veneration had become the object of her lust. When he opened his eyes he was talking to the lustful woman in her. She half expected to be reproached. But all he had said to her was to experience. It was as if he sanctioned her the pleasure, but by different menas. He closed his eyes again.”

“She whimpered as her impending orgasm dwindled. And then gasped as she felt the lingam grow; yet again. She smiled as she felt the fullness, she allowed herself a gratified laugh. She could not care less for either the yogi or the spectators. Her own desperate desire was the only thing that mattered. She could not take any more deprivation.”

“She was glad it was growing. The pressure on her inside made up for the lack of movement. She was also glad it was growing only after entering her. The thought of taking in something as large as it felt now was scary. She glued her pubis to his groin, ensuring that if she could not move, at least she could swallow him whole.”

“Once again the lingam started humming and vibrating in the fullness of its flesh. It was engorged like a balloon at its apex, there was no way it could take escort tuzla bayan in more; yet energy continued to pour into the cock. Every cell in the pillar of flesh was energized and it radiated outward from its base to the cockhead. To the queen, it felt like rippling movements in the cock. It was as if every cell at every point on the cock was caressing and talking to every cell on the wall of her cunt. She closed her eyes, mind focusing on the conversation between yoni and lingam.”

“She says she could feel him inside her womb. It was as if a million hands were beating upon a million drums on the walls of her yoni. The surface of the drums, skins stretched taut, were vibrating, and resonating to the hands that were beating on them. Those skins perhaps were akin to the throbbing tunnel of flesh which was firmly holding the lingam. Except that this drum was beating back on the hands that were thumping it. She smiled as she felt her yoni vibrate back in return.”

“It was if the two were vibrating to each other. The lingam’s vibrations responded to the yoni’s counter beat. The lingam resonated to that stimulus. The rhythms of cock and cunt danced with each other. There was no movement, but at the level of the cells there was complete rejoicing, jostling, caressing and grinding.”

“She laughed as she felt satisfaction from watching the performance. His energy radiated from his lingam into her. She was caught up in his momentum and responded from somewhere deep within. At some point, both bodies of flesh started to vibrate on the same frequency and the resonances merged.”

“Suddenly, it was no longer two drums beating against one another. The skins were moving together. When one curved outward, the other curved inward. And when one curved inward the other curved outward. The curves and sinuations of both drums were matched. They ceased to be two; there was only one.”

“The crescendo began when instead of beating as two, they merged as one. Vibrations, instead of canceling out, rose to a crescendo. Their energy fields merged. There was an explosion. She felt a deep stab of heat, shock and release as the waves of the explosion radiated beyond the amalgam of yoni and lingam. She always maintained that it was not two explosions. It hit her being. She flailed. Her nervous system was staggered by the electric release of charge let into her system. In the high voltage shock that ensued, all control was lost. Her nails dug in, drawing blood. Her head lolled about, thrown back. Saliva brimmed at her wet and open lips. Eyes rolled about in her head. Her hips jerked and convulsed, the wet masses of flesh sliding ineffectually.”

“He did not stir, nor talk, nor blink. She blabbered. She called out to god, to her mother and to him and pleaded to be fucked. She banged against him aimlessly. She sobbed, tears running down her cheeks. She screamed and hollered, her voice carrying to the bachelor quarters at the far end of the ashram and the mountains beyond. Her hips ground down on him and she moaned and babbled like an insane woman. She beat her body against his chest till her physical energy was drained. And when she could do no more she fell back.”

“Her bottom was in his lap and she lay on the floor in front of him. Her legs were splayed open, heels on the floor behind him, knees up. His cock, once jutting upward, was now pulled downward embedded as it continued to be in the body lying on the floor in front. The energy from his lingam continued to flow to her. She lay, drained, occasionally twitching or thrashing as waves continued to lash her. From the flood of semen in her, from the openness of her own womb to him, and from the stab of heat she just knew that the mission was accomplished. She had been impregnated.”

“Experiencing the yogic power of another was such; the woman lay in front of him drained from having released as much energy as he had for a brief moment. He could continue, she could not. That surge from her to match him came from drawing on resources she did not know existed. And now came the exhaustion. Even as she luxuriated in the tremors and aftershocks of the main orgasm, she passed out. The yogi sat there impassively. When the erection receded and slipped out of her, she slid to the floor. We silently gathered our satiated and consummated queen in our arms and withdrew, leaving the sage to his meditation,” the old maid had concluded.

The Rajmata had often wondered in her princess years if she would ever experience a similarly sublime form of sex. But her own husband had no problems impregnating her and the Kingdom had exploded in ten days of feasting and rejoicing in the news from the palace. And yet their son now had this problem and she had chosen for her own daughter-in-law a less exotic method. Such was the reality of palace politics.

The gasp that shook the Rajmata from her reverie was not from those distant memories. It was from her daughter-in-law, who had just discovered that the Chief of Royal Guards was a good deal thicker in his endowment than the Maharaja.

That gasp was the signal for the Rajmata to assert her authority over the deed that was being undertaken. No gasps, no exploration, no desires. It was her job to make sure that he just made her pregnant and walked away with no lingering feelings or plans.

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A Surprise Visit

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Anastasia Knight

Author’s Note: All participants in this story are over 18. This story was originally written for a friend and has been edited to resolve some plot issues. A, I hope you find the updated version to be a satisfying surprise.


I know you are home alone tonight so I put on my boots and coat, grab that pair of boy leg underwear you love and put them in my pocket. I button up my coat, grab my car keys and go downstairs. I make a slight detour via the grocery store to pick up some supplies and drive to your place. I knock on your door and wait for you to open it.

“Long time no see” I say when you finally opened the door. “I bought dessert, are you going to let me in?” I say. You step back and I walk into the house. “Help me with my coat?” I say. You come over to help me and quickly realise that all I am wearing underneath it are some tights and a strapless bra. The minimal clothing contrasts brilliantly with the rich red of my lip stain and you feel yourself start to get hard.

I leave you holding my coat and walk into the kitchen and you follow me just like I knew you would. I bend down to get a saucepan and you just stand there staring, unable to look away from my ass in the black tights. It’s at this point you realise that I’m not wearing anything under the tights and you stand there staring as I put a pot on the stove and start adding things to it. It seems like no time has passed when I tell you that dessert is ready and start walking towards the stairs. You follow me upstairs enjoying the view every step of the way.

“Where would you like dessert?” I ask you.

“Anywhere you think is best” you reply. “There’s nothing wrong with eating in bed right?” I ask, then walk tuzla bayan escort towards the bedroom and sit down on the bed. Your attention is momentarily caught by the saucepan I am holding. “Melted white chocolate” I say before patting the bed beside me. You come over and sit down next to me. “I do have some strawberries, or we could try something a little different…” I say with a sly grin.

“Your call” you reply obediently. “Let’s try something a little different” I say and then I put the pot down and take off your shirt. I pick up the spoon and drizzle the warm chocolate over your chest. I put the spoon down and begin to lick and suck the chocolate from your skin. “Your turn” I say and hand you the spoon.

After removing my bra you carefully drizzle the white chocolate around my nipples, making sure not to get the sensitive areas with the hot chocolate. You then use your lips and tongue to remove the chocolate only this time you’re not careful about avoiding my nipples. When you’re done you hand me back the spoon.

I feel like you’re overdressed so I tell you to take off your pants. I drip the chocolate down each of your thighs and as I lower my head to lick it off my cheek gently grazes your rock hard cock. When I’m satisfied your thighs are clean I hand you back the spoon.

You get me to stand up and then kneel behind me as you slowly peel off my tights, confirming I had indeed gone without underwear. You resist the temptation to just bury your face in my ass and get me to lie down on the bed face down. You drizzle white chocolate across my ass cheeks horizontally, letting some drip into the crack. Then you hungrily lick off every last drop. You tuzla olgun escort continue licking until I point out that all of the chocolate is long gone.

I leave the spoon in the pot, pick up the boy legs, and say “shower time”. You follow me into the bathroom and once the water is hot we both climb in. Of course I need someone to wash my back and you kindly volunteer. After soaping me up all over you wash me down, taking particular care to make sure my ass is clean. Your cock has been hard since the moment I took off my coat but soaping up my ass has made you rock hard.

You look down at your hard cock and my eyes follow yours to see your aching need for release. I can see your eyes practically pleading for it. I tell you that you’re still a little dirty from all the chocolate so I bend over and pick up the boylegs I brought with me. I stroke the silky fabric over your cock. I start off slow, teasing you, caressing your cock, then I wrap the fabric around you and begin to stroke your cock just the way you like it. You start to moan. I silence you with my lips then place the boylegs into your mouth. “We can’t have you disturbing the neighbours” I say. You stand there with your eyes fixed on me, wondering what else I have in store for you tonight.

“You’re still not clean” I tsk, even though every last drop of chocolate had long since been sucked or washed away. I sink to my knees and your eyes are immediately drawn to my red lips. I tease you with my hands, delaying the inevitable moment of sinking my lips down over your cock. I kiss up your thighs, barely avoiding your cock. Your hands tangle in my hair and you moan around the boy legs, holding me to the tuzla otele gelen escort spot I had been kissing. I move as if to continue my kisses but I take you by surprise and slide your cock into my mouth. You let out a muffled groan and tighten your hands in my hair as you watch my scarlet lips tighten on your cock.

I bring my hand up to stroke you balls in time with the movement of my mouth on your cock. Your eyes remain fixed on my lips, watching them slide down the length of your cock. Your moans are becoming more frequent now. I can tell you’re getting close. I slide my mouth off your cock and replace it with my hands.

“I want you to cum for me baby, cum on my ass” I say as I bend over in front of you. I watch you as you grab my ass with one hand and frantically rub the other over your cock. You’re so close. “Cum on my ass baby” I say. You groan and I feel the first spurts of cum begin to land on my ass.

I gently pull the boy legs out of your mouth as you catch your breath. “Well time to get dressed” I say. “Can you help me?” I ask and hand you the boy legs. You bend down and have me lift each of my legs, then you slowly slide the boy legs up my legs, kissing my inner thighs as you go. I look at my ass and admire your cum soaking through the fabric.

“Oh dear” I say, “There seems to be some marks on the fabric, could you see if you could rub them away?” You bend me over and begin gently stroking my ass. Your strokes become harder until you’re kneading and grabbing my ass. “Are the marks still there? Perhaps they’re dust, maybe you need to tap them out.” What starts off as gentle taps becomes a fully fledged spanking. I moan as you spank me.

“Are they gone?” I ask. “No baby” you reply. “Well then I guess you’ll just have to help me wash them off in the shower” I say. “Of course baby, I know just how to help you” you say as you take my hand and lead me back into the shower…


I hope you enjoyed the story, what happens next? Well that’s entirely up to you xo Tease23

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A Vacation Full of Surprises

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This story contains a character from a previous work, ‘Cassi Can’t Resist’. It isn’t necessary to read it to enjoy this one. I encourage you to vote and comment! As well as read my other stories, feedback is very helpful! ENJOY!!

We pulled into the driveway of an impressive 2 story desert style home. This Scottsdale neighborhood was both secluded and impressive. It was a Friday afternoon in late May, the weather out here was heating up, but hadn’t quite hit unbearable.

I had just finished my freshman year of college at the University of San Diego where we were from and turned 20 only the week before. My younger brother Jack, about to be a senior in high school, my Mom and I were in the area to look at Arizona State University. Jack was considering school there. It was just the three of us on the trip, my Dad missed out due to work.

We exited the car and my Mom quickly located the lock box. The house was owned by family friends, Jane and Perry, who recently moved from San Diego to the Phoenix area. We intended on staying out here for about a week and a half. The first few days our hosts were going to be out of town attending a company meeting in Dallas, they were both prominent lawyers in the organization.

Rather than make us reschedule, they had just given us the lock box code and run of the house until their return. We weren’t completely alone, supposedly their nephew was at the house as well. A beat-up car was in the driveway, I assumed it was his.

“Belle!” I heard my Mom call to me. I had been admiring the view the driveway offered. Just across the street was beautiful rocky terrain with what looked to be some impressive scenic overlooks. Our friends said they hiked almost every day and I couldn’t blame them.

I found my Mom and brother at the front door and we went inside. The interior of the house was just as nice as the exterior. The entryway led straight into a large living room area with a dining table and some couches. There was a large set of patio doors behind the table.

I set my bag down and walked to the patio doors, which opened to a backyard that was dominated by a pool. I could see someone in the water. I assumed it was our friend’s nephew.

My Mom had come up behind me and saw the same thing. “Oh good, that must be Pat. He will know where Jane and Perry want us to stay.”

I followed not far behind, as my Mom stepped outside and walked towards the water. The man swimming saw her and leisurely changed his direction to meet her at the pool’s edge. When he was closer my Mom spoke to him.

“Hi! You must be Patrick. I’m Jane and Perry’s friend Lucy Thompson.”

Patrick’s handsome, well-tanned face broke into a warm grin. He pushed his longer brown hair, wet from swimming, back from his brow and pulled himself out of the water and stood up next to her. My Mom is an inch or two shorter than my 5’5″ and Patrick stood almost a foot taller than her, the exposed parts of his skin matching the rich tan of his face.

“I’d offer a hug, but I don’t know think those are your swimming clothes.” He joked, his voice not as deep as I had anticipated but still pleasant to the ear. He extended a large hand for a greeting.

My Mom giggled and shook his hand. I’d have been happy to accept the hug from him, water or no water, and I’m sure Mom felt the same. Patrick’s physique was impressive.

He had large shoulders and arms; each muscle distinctly defined. His chest looked hard and powerful and his abs were all easily visible. His legs were built and well defined as well. He wore a pair of salmon swim trunks that came about halfway down his thigh and contrasted very nicely with his skin tone.

I couldn’t help but notice the impressive bulge in his crotch. His wet trunks clung to his muscular body and left only a little to the imagination. Based on what I could see he was packing a healthy sized penis down there!

He noticed me ogling him and stepped over, extending a hand. He winked one of his striking blue-green eyes at me and I blushed as his large right hand enveloped mine.

“I’m Patrick Christopher, nice to meet you.” He smiled at me through a face with just the right amount of stubble.

“I’m Belle Thompson,” I answered softly. I was embarrassed he had caught me, literally, sizing him up and struggled to meet his gaze. I looked past him to see my Mom drinking in what I assumed were his equally musclebound back and ass. At least I wasn’t the only one objectifying him.

He let go of my hand and waved us to follow him. He grabbed a towel from a pool chair as he passed, quickly drying himself. The muscles on his back flexing appealingly as he did. I felt a tingle in my stomach and had to shake myself to keep from staring.

“He’s cuuuute!” My Mom whispered in my ear causing me to roll the baby blue eyes I got from her.

She giggled at me and we followed Patrick inside. He led us to a wing of the house directly off of the living area we had initially entered. There were tuzla escort bayanlar two bedrooms back there, both with one bed.

My brother, Jack, had already made himself comfortable on one of the beds in the room at the end of the hallway and was scrolling on his phone.

“Jack! What are you doing? We don’t even know this is where you’re gonna stay yet” My Mom asked him with exasperation.

“I was just testing out the beds! I wanted to make sure they’d be comfortable!” My brother the goofball that he is, shared his reasoning.

Patrick chuckled, “You’re in luck, this room and then that one,” he pointed to the room the right of the one with Jack in it. “Those are the two bedrooms. Then, I’ll take the couch in here,” he gestured to the office, the room across from the other bedroom.

“Alright Belle, I guess this is us,” my Mom nodded to the open bedroom. “Let’s go get our bags. Thanks for the help Jack!” My Mom shouted sarcastically back at him.

“I love you Mom!” Jack shouted back at her impishly.

“Let me help you guys,” Patrick said as we got to our bags. He picked them both up with ease and again led the way. My Mom turned to me and made a fanning motion and winked. I couldn’t help but giggle and we followed Patrick to our room.

“I’m probably gonna shower and then I can cook us up some dinner if you guys would like? How do burgers sound? My Aunt and Uncle left us well stocked.”

“Sounds good to me!” My Mom said, answering for the both of us.

“If you guys wanted to check out the pool there are towels and what not out there,” he told us as he left the room.

“Dinner and a show!” My Mom said to me quietly, wiggling her eyebrows for effect.

“UGH! Mom you’re married,” I playfully reminded her.

“A little looking never hurt anybody!” she flipped her shoulder length straight brown hair, teasing me right back.

Laughing I closed to the door to get into my swimsuit. My Mom and I were pretty close and had no qualms being naked in front of each other. We changed into our bikinis and got ready to go out to the pool.

My Mom had just turned 45 and she still kept herself in really good shape. We had a gym membership back home and she was there almost every day, running, lifting or doing yoga and it showed. She had a very curvy, but toned figure with ample bosom and backside. I was proud of her, but could do without friends and classmates telling me my Mom was a ‘MILF’.

I would often, jokingly, ask her to give me a cup size from her boobs since mine were not near as big as hers. Her response was only if I would trade her my abs.

She kept her core in shape, but you could tell that age and good living was beginning to catch up a little bit. As I said, she was very fit, but there were ‘chub pockets’ as she liked to call them, that hadn’t always been there. She wasn’t immune to a few stretch marks, but she carried her weight very well. For a 45-year-old Mom of two, or even anyone, she was a stunner in a bikini.

She had chosen to bring a bright red bikini that was fairly modest all over. Her very large breasts, 34DD cup, were still impressive even with the red fabric covering them. Her large butt escaped the bottoms of her bikini tastefully.

I knew this was because she had been unable to find a bikini that offered full coverage in her waist size. Something that she complained about, but I’m sure no one who had seen her in the water shared her concerns.

I brought my black bikini. The bottoms were closer to the thong cut in style than my Mom’s, but they were still more modest than many you would see at the beach. I had curvy hips and a large backside, much like my mother. Mine was a little more muscular though, from lifting and playing volleyball. My youth didn’t hurt either.

My passion for sports in high school had extended to college where I had walked on to the volleyball team at San Diego. At 5’5″ I wasn’t the fearsome front-line hitter that much of our team was, but I hustled and had impressed enough at the tryout that they let me stick around as a back-line specialist.

The dedication to fitness required for me to hang with the top athletes who had been recruited, resulted in an impressively toned body. My ass was round and lifted from our weight room work and jumping every day. ‘You could bounce a quarter off it’, my Mom loved to joke.

My core was tight and toned with defined abs. My upper body was strong and somewhat defined, but not intimidatingly so, a fact that I didn’t hate.

I wore a matching black colored top, with one shoulder strap, to cover my 30B cup sized breasts. A perfectly average measurement that I wouldn’t have minded if I wasn’t reminded daily when I saw my Mother that I had missed out on the big boob gene.

I pulled my longer blonde hair into a bun on top of my head. I wanted my back and shoulders to get some sun as well. We applied sun screen to our already well tanned bodies and istanbul tuzla escort parked ourselves at the pool. We lounged around enjoying the sun and seclusion the backyard pool offered.

Patrick came out to start preparing burgers on the grill. I noticed with internal satisfaction that he would steal glances over at my Mother and me, impressed enough with what he saw to keep looking.

Before long Patrick finished up the cooking and we all sat at the patio table to eat. We took the opportunity to find out a little bit more about him. He recently turned 25 and is a professional baseball player in the minor leagues. He had hurt his arm earlier that spring and was going through the process of returning to health at his team’s spring training facility in the Phoenix area.

Our family friends, his aunt and uncle, had been kind enough to let him stay at their house to help him save money while he was out there. He said his rehab process was almost done and he should get to head back out to play soon.

He did his best to find out more about us too. Quizzing my Mom about her job, learning about what Jack was looking for in school and talking to me about school and sports. I could feel myself starting to develop quite the little crush on him as he listened intently to me talking about volleyball. He was a great listener and absolutely gorgeous!

We all hung around the table outside, cracking jokes and chatting until the sun had set and it was time to head our separate ways to bed. My Mom helped Patrick clean up the dishes and Jack and I headed off to our rooms.

I took the chance to shower, all four of us were going to be sharing one bathroom and I wanted to get the first crack at the hot water. I kept it short. I contemplated attending to the problem between my legs that Patrick had unknowingly created, but I didn’t want to be accused of hogging all the water.

I dressed myself in an oversized t shirt and pajama shorts and curled up in the bed reading. A fair while later, my Mom came into the room looking a little flushed.

“How was flirting with Patrick?” I smiled to let her know it was mostly a joke.

“Oh stop, I was doing no such thing.” She defended herself, blushing like crazy. It looked like I wasn’t the only one developing a little crush on Patrick!

She changed into her pajama set, a flattering pair of black shorts and a matching buttoned sleep shirt and joined me in the bed reading. I decided to turn in not much later and put my book down and rolled off to sleep.

I wasn’t sure how much later, but I opened my eyes groggily to darkness. I wondered what had woke me when I heard muffled moaning from beside me. I felt the gentle shift of the covers as if someone was moving underneath them.

“Was my Mom masturbating?” I wondered to myself. I tried to listen closely without alerting her that I was awake. As my eyes became accustomed to the darkness, I realized I could kind of see our reflection in the mirror at the end of the bed.

My Mom was leaning back against the headboard, one hand covering her mouth and the other obviously between her legs. It seemed she was nearing her climax because her motions were picking up speed and her hand wasn’t entirely successful from keeping sound from escaping.

I watched with warped curiosity as my Mom pushed herself over the edge and I felt the tremors of her shaking legs and saw her sink down in satisfaction. She let her hand fall now and an audible sigh escaped her lips. She moved to find a more comfortable sleeping position and I realized the show was over.

I chuckled inwardly, thinking I’d been very close to doing the same thing in the shower. I drifted off to sleep again imagining Patrick between my legs, likely the same image that had been responsible for my Mom’s orgasm.

I woke up and this time I could see the desert sun coming through our window. I sat up and saw my Mom fast asleep next to me. I smiled inwardly, looks like her orgasm had tuckered her out. I got up to use the bathroom and start my day.

I was halfway down the hall when I saw the bathroom door open. The hallway was well lit by ambient light and I was very grateful for that as Patrick stepped out.

He was an absolute dream in front of me, wearing just a pair of sage colored boxer briefs. His shirtless chest and abs were enough to make me drool. His legs looked like they were about to rip the poor underwear at the seams. His bulge though, that was the real eye catcher.

I couldn’t help but stare at what looked to be a gigantic sized cock trapped beneath the fabric. The outline of its shaft was prominent as it strained against the material, it hung low and wrapped under what looked to be a well above average sized pair of testicles. The shaft was so long that I couldn’t see the head of it, it must have been beneath his balls. It was so big it was a marvel he didn’t hurt himself by sitting on it!

“Good morning” Patrick’s voice kartal escort startled me and I realized he had caught me ogling him. I realized my mouth was literally hanging open.

“Uhhh…yeah…morning,” I managed to stumble over such a simple sentence. “IDIOT” I mentally admonished myself.

“You doing okay?” He took a step towards me, a bemused smile on his face. I think he knew what he was doing to me. The last thing I needed was this Adonis any closer to me, I don’t know that my body could handle it. I backed up into the wall.

“Yeah, I’m good. You?” I asked trying my best to seem normal.

He chuckled. “I’m good. I’ve gotta head up to the facility this morning to workout. Have your Mom text me if you guys want me to bring anything back while I’m out. Don’t burn the house down,” he quipped as he walked back to his room.

I stayed leaning against the wall admiring his chiseled ass and back as he walked away. When he got to his door, he looked back at me, catching me staring again. He smiled and winked before exiting my view.

I managed to get myself into the bathroom and lock the door. My pussy was absolutely on fire. Ripping my shirt and panties off, I sat on the toilet. I began vigorously frigging my desperate clit.

I leaned back and with my left hand I clutched my boob, pinching at my nipple to heighten my stimulation. My right hand worked tirelessly over my clitoris and I felt an orgasm readying to rip itself through me. I bit down on my lip, trying to keep from crying out with pleasure.

Images of Patrick’s hunky body and that gargantuan cock danced in my head. I didn’t imagine him fucking me, even in my dreams I didn’t think I could handle that thing. In my mind’s eye he was between my legs, his back muscles flexing as that tanned face replaced my hand.

I remembered the image from only moments before, his underwear hopelessly trying to contain him as I crashed through the barrier. My orgasm flooded through me and I cried out silently, and doubled over with pleasure. Wave after wave flooded through my body and I slumped down with satisfaction.

I basked in the afterglow for a few minutes before going about my business. As I exited the bathroom, I about bumped into Patrick walking in the hallway. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, this time he was clothed in workout attire, a backpack slung across his wide back.

“Hey, sorry, didn’t mean to startle you earlier,” he smiled apologetically.

My orgasm had helped to ease my nerves around him and I had already embarrassed myself completely so I felt comfortable telling him, “Don’t apologize, you are GOOD.” I emphasized the last word by motioning at his body with my hands.

He laughed and turned to walk to the door.

“Startle me anytime,” I called after him helplessly and he just shook his head laughing as he left the house.

I put my face into my palm, “Startle me anytime? What the fuck is that? Shit” I muttered to myself and returned back to the room.

Back in the room, my Mom had woken up and was digging in her bag for clothes to wear. Her impressive breasts were hanging free and only a thong was covering her lower half.

“Put that away before you cause a car wreck,” I complimented her and she just laughed. I collapsed onto the bed not trying to hide my exasperation.

She paused from her search and looked at me with concern. “Everything okay honey?” she asked.

“No,” I said with defeat. “I just completely embarrassed myself in front of Patrick.” It shouldn’t have been a big deal, it’s not like I had any shot with the guy. But, embarrassing myself in front of seriously hot men was not my idea of a good time.

“Oh Belle, relax baby. I’m sure you’re not the first, and most certainly won’t be the last, girl to embarrass themselves in front of that man.” She lay on the bed and wrapped me in a hug. Her words were nice, but it didn’t completely wash away the sting.

I let her hold me for a second, her large breasts mashing themselves into my back and her motherly embrace comforting. I broke free from her hug and said, “Put some clothes on Mom,” in a teasing voice. Smiling at her to let her know I appreciated her effort.

“Maybe, I’ll just walk around like this today.” She got back to her feet and jiggled her boobs with her hands, causing us both to laugh.

“Yeah, I’m sure Jack and Dad would loooove that.”

“Oh, your Dad would for sure, I guess Jack wouldn’t though.” She said with fake thoughtfulness. We shared another laugh and both set about getting dressed. She went for a pair of jean shorts and a t shirt that didn’t hide much cleavage.

I went straight back to my black swimsuit from yesterday. I intended to take full advantage of the pool in the back and add to my already well-developed tan. The rest of my morning was spent in blissful laziness by the pool. I had brought a book with me and I enjoyed the sun’s warmth, dipping into the pool for a minute whenever it became too much.

My Mom and brother joined me as the morning turned to an especially warm afternoon. Jack was in pretty good shape himself and was fairly athletic. He would contort himself through all sorts of tricks as he sprung off the diving board. His commotion only acceptable because his antics made my Mom and me laugh.

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A Tangled Web

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All people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


Razor sharp knife through sweet white onion. A crisp, snick of a sound, over and over until the pieces are swept into hot olive oil and an aromatic sizzle fills the warm humid air. Margo gives the pan a quick flick with her wrist to toss the pieces, and lets the gas flame do its thing. After the onion has softened a bit she sprinkles in smoked paprika, salt and a little flour, and tosses it again. Minced garlic, a spoon of grainy mustard, a splash of dry French Vermouth, a little water. She tucks in two thick pork chops that she browned a few minutes before and puts on the cover to finish them. Brown rice with coconut oil and steamed asparagus rounds out the dinner plates. A fruity Beaujolais fills the glasses.

“Delicious honey,” her husband Derek says. “You’re too good to me.”

Yes, Margo thought, I am too good to you. The least you could do is fuck me once in a while. The thought brought a sad little smile to her face. ‘Fuck’ wasn’t a word she used to use, under any circumstances, but lately it had crept into her vocabulary. She hadn’t said it out loud yet, but whenever she said it to herself it made her smile a little.

Fuck, pussy, cock, tits. Even a well used word like ass for goodness sake. They had never been uttered by Margo in all her forty years. She was a ‘good girl’, and now a ‘good wife’, but recently, in the last six months or so, she’d reached a tipping point.

In the mirror, day after day, her reflection looked back at her with an emotionless expression, showing the passage of time. First thing in the morning, when it all was most on display, she was grateful for blurry eyes. Anyone other than Margo — a man for instance — would see it very differently. Yoga and long walks had kept her fit, and her face was radiant with middle-age beauty, the type of beauty most young girls hope they’ll grow into but don’t achieve. Lovely eyes and a mischievous smile that curls up at the corners, soft strawberry blonde hair that looks just right with a bit of grey streaking through it, and smooth cleavage, on display, at least a little bit, every day.

Derek carved off a piece of pork and put it in his mouth, watching the news on a TV at the far end of the room as he chewed. Margo watched him as the little smile from the ‘why don’t you fuck me’ thought faded from her face. She’d grown tired of wondering why the spark had left their marriage. Tired of thinking about it. Just tired.

In bed that night, in her old t-shirt and loose-fitting cotton yoga pants, she lay awake with a pulpy romance novel as Derek drifted off to sleep. It had cooled enough to have the windows open, the nighttime silence giving her imagination free-reign with the words on the page. The chapter she was reading was just getting to the good stuff — the sex scene with the gardener she was hoping for. Then she heard it. Outside her window, across the darkness, the next-door neighbors where making love.

They were an average-looking young couple, in their late twenties, trying to have a baby. Margo had heard the sounds a few times before, usually at night but once during the day. She’d wondered if she should tell them — that they could be heard when their window was open — but it seemed too awkward a conversation to have, so she let it be. The sounds always stirred mixed feelings in Margo. Disappointment, sadness, excitement and desire, all mixed together in a strange way. She wasn’t sure if Derek had ever heard them. Ten years Margo’s senior, she wondered if the sounds would stir anything in him, or if his sex-drive was simply gone, washed away with the years.

On that particular night Marybeth and Billy — that’s the young couple next-door — were having a particularly good time with their baby-making. Moaning exclamations drifted on the summer night air, so lovely and pure. Young love in all its carnal glory. Margo closed her eyes and listened deeply, imagining Billy’s cock deep in her own pussy, moving slow and deep, the way she’d seen young porn men fuck older women in flickering images on her computer screen. Her hand slipped inside her old yoga pants, her middle finger touching her clit ever so gently. A warm heat overtook her, but she knew she had to stop. Stop touching herself and stop listening. No good would come of either, not there, not in bed with her sleeping husband. Read the book Margo, she told herself. It’s all you get these days.


“I probably shouldn’t be blabbing about this, but Christie’s having an affair.”

Margo was having coffee and half a pastry with her friend Joan at a cafe down the road from the yoga studio. “You’re not gonna believe who the guy is,” Joan added.

“Joanie! Oh my God, you shouldn’t be telling me this!”

“I know, but it’s so juicy, isn’t it?” Joan said, her eyes wide and smiling. “It’s Matt, the cute guy that works at the Quick-Fill at Ander’s Corners.”

“You’re joking!” Margo said. “She’s old enough to be his mother!”

“I know!” Joan exclaimed. “Can you imagine?”

Margo could imagine, and she wasn’t tuzla bayan escortlar alone. Most of the women who went in that Quick-Fill could imagine.

“How do you know? Does everybody know?” Margo said.

“Just you and me, and anybody else Christie blabs to. I was surprised she told me, but I could tell she’s proud of it and wanted someone to know.”

“Wow!” Margo said quietly.

“She said things have been dried up at home,” Joan said. “I can sympathize.”

“You and Jim? Really?” Margo said.

“Well, not really dry, but…I guess I’m not as attractive as I used to be,” Joan said sadly.

“Wow, what’s going on with us all?” Margo asked. “Is this just how it is when you hit forty? I never imagined it like this.”

“So, you and Derek?”

“Not good,” Margo said, looking down at the crumbs on the plate.

Margo thought about telling Joan how listening to her neighbors made her feel, but didn’t want to get deep into the personal. Joan was a good friend, but sexual conversations had been few and far between with her.

“I wish you hadn’t told me, about Christie I mean,” Margo said. “Now I’ve gotta pretend I don’t know when I see her at church.”

“Are you kidding? You’ve got the best poker face I’ve ever seen. You could bang half the town and keep it a secret probably.”

“Joanie! That’s…”

“Exciting to think about?” Joan said. “You don’t have to tell me honey. We’d all love a little somethin’ on the side. The kids these days got it made with their friends with benefits thing. That’s what we need, friends with benefits. Just don’t tell anybody. Well, nobody like me anyway,” Joan laughed.


Sunday morning was warm and humid. All the windows in the church were open. Reverend Blake’s sermon was about open windows, letting the world into our lives, sharing in our neighbor’s trials, tribulations, joys and triumphs. Margo mind went right were it shouldn’t when you’re at church, to Marybeth’s moaning and muffled screams of ecstasy, and the dull thump of her bed hitting the wall as Billy pounded her young pussy with his young cock. They were sitting right there, just three pews in front of Margo. She wondered if Billy gathered up Marybeth’s long hair and held it tight while he fucked her from behind, the way the porn men sometimes do.

“Lovely sermon Reverend,” Margo said when she and Derek shook his hand on the steps on the way out.

Her mind was still in a bit of a fog when she saw Christie and her husband heading their way.

“Hi you two!” Christie said with a big smile.

“You look happy,” Margo said with a smirk. “Did you win the lottery or something?”

“I think she did and she’s keeping the money for herself,” Christie’s husband Rob said.

“Ooo! A secret life! I like the sounds of that!” Christie smiled, and she winked at Margo.

A wink? Does she know I know, Margo wondered?

In the parking lot Margo and Derek said hello to Winnie and Bob Stein. They had been at the house for one of Margo’s holiday parties a while back, a quiet brother and sister who didn’t mingle much that night. They lived together, Rob moving into Winnie’s house two years ago after returning from a failed business venture out West. There had been some tongue waging at first about the cohabitation, but as everyone got to know Rob that had died down.

On the way home Derek pulled the car into the Quick-Fill for some gas. Margo offered to go in and pay, saying she needed a quart of milk. Matt was working. Margo moved slow, lingering at the refrigerator where the milk was, gazing at Matt as he dealt with customers, his smile effortless and natural. She walked slowly to the counter.

“How’s it goin’?” Matt said. The fact that he recognized her made Margo’s heart race. “Just the milk today?”

“Yeah,” Margo said, fumbling in her wallet. “Oh! No! Gas…I need fifty on pump three. Sorry.”

“Hey, that’s cool. My mind goes other places too sometimes,” Matt said, glancing at the way Margo’s ample tits filled out her church dress. Margo caught him looking and lost her barely-there composure.

“How, um…much is the…milk?”

“Fifty-two ninety-five all together,” Matt smiled.

“Oh…yeah…gas,” she said, fumbling in her wallet some more.

“Thank you. I hope you come again soon,” Matt said, his eyes twinkling.

I shouldn’t have gone in there, Margo thought to herself as she walked out. He knows I know. Come again soon? Was he really making a sexual reference? Oh my God, I think he was…

The ride home was silent. Margo’s mind spun out of control — Billy pulling her hair from behind as her tits swung under her; Christie getting fucked hard by a boy less than half her age; Bob Stein’s cock, big and swollen in her hand; Matt making her ‘come again’, and again, and again.

“You need to get this air-conditioning fixed,” she said as she pulled on the front of her church dress, pumping fresh air into it. She unbuttoned it a nearly obscene amount and pulled up the hem. Derek didn’t even notice.


“Joanie escort tuzla bayanlar told me she told you,” Christie said quietly.

She had snuck up behind Margo at the supermarket, and looked like she was about to explode with pent-up excitement.

“You don’t want to talk about it here do you?” Margo said. “There’s lots of ears in this place.”

“Oh. Yeah,” Christie said, looking around at the other customers. “Meet me at the schoolyard after you put your groceries away. I’m dying to talk about it.”

Margo pulled up beside the school a half-hour later. Christie was swaying gently on a swing with the sounds of playing children in the distance. It seemed like an odd place to talk about an affair, but the young man in question wasn’t much more than a boy, so maybe it was appropriate.

“I hope you don’t mind me knowing about this,” Margo said as she walked up. “I didn’t pry or anything like that.”

“No, it’s fine,” Christie said as Margo sat on the swing next to her. “I know I’ve totally lost my mind and all, but oh my God, it’s so worth it. I feel like I’ve been born again. It’s better than any Christian shit, I’ll tell you that,” she laughed.

“So how did it start? It seems unbelievable. He’s so young.”

“I sorta went out of control with the flirting. It built up slow, but when it got to a certain point I was doing things I wouldn’t ever have dreamed I’d do. I went in there one day in tight pants with a little lingerie top on under a nice blazer. It’s totally x-rated. A bedroom only kinda thing. I browsed around waiting for the other customer to leave. Matt was smiling a little, he knew I wanted to flirt some more. I took the blazer off, hooked it over my shoulder on my thumb and walked over to him. This little lingerie thing, it’s like sheer to the max, like a little wisp of chiffon. My titties were bouncing as I walked, my nips were pointing right at him. My hormones were just screaming, and I said, “Would you like to fuck me Matt, ’cause I’d like to fuck you.” It was like another person inside of me talking.”

“Christie! Oh my God, what if somebody’d walked in?”

“I know! I was totally out of control. But let me tell you, the sex…oh my God! I’ve never…I mean I can’t even…”

“Wow,” Margo said quietly. “That good huh?”

“Oh my God!” Christie said, rolling her eyes.

“What about your marriage Christie? What happens when Rob finds out?”

“You know what, we’ve been together a long time, but I’ve learned sex is important to me. You only live once, and I don’t want to blow the majority of my life with a lousy sex life. Rob’s just not interested in me in that way any more. Hasn’t been for a long time.”

“I know honey. You’re not alone. Me and Joanie, well, at least me, I’m in the same boat. Joanie says she is too. I guess I have to believe her, but seeing her and Jim together, I never would have guessed it. What is it with our men? Is it us? Are we doing something wrong?”

“Sometimes it’s just time for a change I think,” Christie said. “This whole monogamy thing, it’s so over-rated. Unless you’re content with boredom. I mean, unless you’re trying to make a baby, sex is a recreational activity. Why should it be any different than playing golf?”

“What about love Christie? What if you fall in love with a guy that’s half your age?”

“I don’t fall in love with my golf partners. I could just as easily though. It’s no different with casual sex. The way that boy fucks me though, oh my God, there’s nothing casual about that!” Christie laughed. “I bet he’d be into a three-way. You want to try him out?”

“Christie! Oh my God! You’ve gone off the deep end!”

“Deep is right,” Christie said, her body shaking in a big, theatrical tremble.

“Oh my God,” Margo said. She smiled and shook her head. Her friend had well and truly lost it.


“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”

“Oh, hi Bob,” Margo said. “I’m trying to find windshield wipers to fit my car. Guess they don’t pay much attention to women in these stores.”

“Well I certainly would if I worked here,” Bob winked. “How may I be of service Ma’am?”

“First of all, never call a woman my age ma’am,” Margo said with a smirk.

“Oh, sorry. I should know things like that after living with Winnie.”

“How are things going? You getting used to being back in town?”

“Yeah, I guess so. It’s definitely quieter here. Or maybe it’s just my sister’s lifestyle. I’ll get back on my feet eventually.”

“Yeah, Winnie’s not exactly a party-girl, is she. A lot of us seem to be be going that route.”

“You mean Trentburg doesn’t have a wild, dark side? Or we just haven’t found it yet maybe. So…how big a one are you looking for?” Bob asked, his eyes twinkling.

Margo could feel the blood drain from her face, and just as quickly it flushed red. “Oh…I’m not sure.”

“We can go outside and measure it,” Bob said. His face was straight, but there was definitely something in his eyes. Margo hadn’t seen a man with that twinkle gebze escort in quite a while.

“Yeah, I’m…right out front.”

They walked out and Bob removed her blades and brought them in. The clerk saw them and went over to help.

“I’m gonna grab some antifreeze,” Bob said. “If you’d like I can help you install those after we check out.”

“Thanks Bob,” Margo said.

Driving home Margo couldn’t get her mind off Bob. He was three years younger, if she remembered right, so she really didn’t know him back in their school days. Winnie was a year younger than her. Margo knew her back then from a spelling bee competition they both traveled to. Some of the other girls on the trip were getting into trouble, meeting up with boys, but she and Winnie were ‘good girls’ and spent some time together. There was one time after that, at a pool party in Winnie’s parent’s back yard, that she remembered seeing Bob. He was a boy of about fourteen at that time, shirtless, shooting baskets in the driveway in gym shorts that had shrunk up way too much. Margo remembered giggling with the other girls because they knew Bob was checking them out, trying to make himself known to the newly blossomed young women.

Margo pulled into the Quick-fill. Suddenly she didn’t mind so much that her big SUV was a gas-guzzler.

“Hi Matt, how’s it going today?” she said, breaking new ground with a casual conversation.

“Not too bad Mrs…”



“Just Margo,” she smiled. “Forty on pump three today.”

“You got it,” Matt smiled. “Have a great day.”

“You too Matt,” Margo said.


A week of quiet nights with Derek drifted by. Margo had made it a point to look good in the evenings, forgoing her loose ‘comfort’ clothes for some tighter yoga outfits that showed off the nice body she worked so hard on. Even with an extra glass of wine at dinner, and a kiss with some heat in it before bed, there was no response from Derek. “I’m tired dear. Big day tomorrow,” was one of his most used lines.

One of those frustrating nights coincided with Marybeth and Billy’s baby-making adventures. It was another wonderful summer night, perfect for open window sleeping. Derek was snoring quietly when Margo heard a tell-tale moan. She put her book down and got out of bed, the quietly ecstatic sounds pulling her like a magnet. She walked through the house in the dark, into the living room and out onto the back porch. The young lovers were only thirty feet away. A dim light was on in their bedroom. Margo could make out some movement through the lacy curtains, but not enough to really see what was going on. Margo settled herself on an upholstered lounge chair and her hand slipped into her yoga pants. She let herself go, eyes closed, her mind drifting away on the beautiful sounds, Marybeth and Billy both moaning, flesh slapping into flesh. Margo came in a wave of intense heat. The cool of the summer night lowered her back to earth.


“Hey good looking. How’s life treating you?”

The words, honey-soaked with a soft Latin accent, reached Margo’s ears as two strong arms encircled her from behind. A soft kiss on her neck finished things off with an exclamation point.

“Hector!” Margo cooed. “You could get me in big trouble!”

“Wouldn’t that be fun,” Hector breathed into Margo’s ear. “Derek wouldn’t mind, would he?”

Hector and Derek worked together. Accounting and payroll at a plastics manufacturer in town. Hector, a tall, dark Puerto Rican, had been to a few cocktail parties at Margo’s house, the last one a few years back, before her life had become so painfully boring.

“Let me look at you,” Margo said, loosing herself from Hector’s arms as she spun around. “Mmm!” she said. “Who’s the lucky girl who snapped you up.”

“Ha! I’m beginning to think you’re the only one who thinks they’d be lucky with me. No, nothing much happening on that front I’m afraid, since Nina.”

“Well the women in this town are crazy, I’ll tell you that,” Margo said. “What are you doing, playing hooky from work?”

“No, had an appointment earlier and thought I’d stop in to look for a birthday present to send home to my mother. I could use a woman’s eye to help me pick something, if you have the time.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Oh, something a stylish seventy-year-old would wear. She loves clothes from America.”

Margo picked the perfect outfit, working slowly, enjoying Hector’s company and the delicious cologne he was wearing.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a man wear a suit as well as you do,” Margo said, emboldened by Hector’s easy-going ways.

“Why thank you my dear. I could compliment many things about you right now, but I’m afraid all of them would be dirty,” Hector winked.

Margo floated home, feeling like a real woman for a change.


All the sex talk with her girlfriends and the flirting with Bob and Matt and Hector had left Margo horny and frustrated, so she decided to make a romantic dinner for Derek Friday evening. White bean and black olive crostini; grilled scallops with tequila butter; wild rice with shallots and fresh herbs, and a lemon soufflé with champagne. Candlelight and two different wines added to the warmth in the cozy dinning room. Margo dressed casual but sexy, her lovely cleavage and hourglass figure on full display in her little cotton dress.

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A Villain’s World

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My name is Jack Henderson. I’m a big and tall, ( six-foot-six by 250 pounds ) dark-skinned and ruggedly handsome black man living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Sometimes in life, you’ve got to embrace the changes that come your way. The greatest villain can sometimes turn out to be the greatest hero. That’s my motto and it has never failed me. I am currently the Athletic Director of Saint Lucy College, a small private Catholic school located in the heart of Boston. These days, life simply couldn’t be better. At a time when everybody was experiencing a financial recession, I managed to have the best fundraiser ever for my school and boost the once-struggling Department of Athletics beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. And the school has been better for it.

When I took over as Athletic Director in 2004, I didn’t inspire much confidence in the students or the administration. The college president, Father James Hayworth was once my teacher when I attended Saint Lucy College, back in 1996. He is the man who introduced me to my fiancée, assistant district attorney Shamika Letterman. She was a law student when we met back in 1997. I graduated in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in business and stuck around to get my MBA by 2000. I worked as a manager for the New England Patrolmen Professional Football team from 2001 to 2004.

To be honest, I was a little too good at the job. Other men and women at the company didn’t like having me around. I made them all look bad. The suits upstairs weren’t paying me enough for my services. And I felt unappreciated. I’ve always believed that the end justifies the means. So I helped myself a little bit financially. The cold-hearted bastards and bitches who owned the team gave me the choice of quitting or be fired and prosecuted me for embezzlement. They didn’t want to prosecute me unless they had to because it would embarrass the company. And it would be a waste of their finances since suing a broke man never made anybody rich. So I did the smart thing and quit. I didn’t tell my woman that I lost my job. She wouldn’t like hearing that. I was broke, basically blacklisted everywhere and seriously down on my luck for ages. I was ready to give up when the fates smiled upon me. That’s when my good friend Father James Hayworth approached me with an offer I couldn’t refuse. To become the athletic director of my alma tuzla eve gelen escort mater. And I was barely out of my twenties. How about that?

People always dismiss you as inexperienced when you’re young and energetic. I had a plan to revolutionize sports at Saint Lucy College and I put it in motion. I led the entire school in a massive fundraiser from 2004 to 2006. We raised eleven million dollars, thirty percent of which went to athletics. The school was seriously imbalanced in my views. When I attended Saint Lucy College in the late 1990s, men made up forty nine percent of the student body. Which wasn’t bad at all. In 2003, men made up only thirty six percent of the school’s nineteen-thousand-person student body. This was totally unacceptable. So I decided to boost male enrollment. How did I do that? Simple, by adding varsity football.

In 2005, for the first time in its 112-year-history, Saint Lucy College began fielding men’s varsity football at the Division Two level of the NCAA. The fact that we lost to Stonehill College in our first home game did little to discourage us. The changes brought to the school by the new football program were immediate, and mind-boggling. Enrollment at the school basically skyrocketed. Of the eight thousand new freshmen we got in September 2005, fifty two percent were male. How about that? Over the next couple of years, male enrollment was on the rise. By September 2008, men made up fifty percent of the overall student body for the first time since the mid-1980s. You’ve got no idea how happy that makes me. I have always believed in expansion of intercollegiate athletics for both men and women rather than the limitation of it. With a sizeable chunk of the new money the school got from the explosion in enrollment, I could do what I’ve always dreamed of.

Originally, the Saint Lucy College Department of Athletics sponsored varsity teams in men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s swimming, men’s and women’s fencing, men’s ice hockey and women’s field hockey, men’s rifle and women’s equestrian, along with men’s football and women’s lacrosse. I added new varsity teams in men’s and women’s wrestling along with men’s and women’s golf. We started a coed tennis team, along with a coed archery team. tuzla yeni escort I thought of starting men’s and women’s teams in gymnastics but we didn’t get enough participants of either sex. I combined the men’s and women’s gymnastics teams into one coed team. We will begin fielding men’s lacrosse and women’s ice hockey in September of 2009.

And just like that, I turned Saint Lucy College from a struggling institution into an athletic powerhouse in just a few short years. Yeah, I was doing really well academically but I’m not married to my job. I don’t want to be one of those people who have a successful career and nothing else. So, I began spending more quality time with my fiancée Shamika. This wasn’t easy since we were both busy professionals. She was busy prosecuting bad people for the Boston city prosecutor’s office and I was handling the reins of power at Saint Lucy College.

One time, Shamika treated me to a night of fun on the town. We went to the museum, and also dined at Copley Mall before returning to our apartment located near the Saint Lucy College campus. That night, we made passionate love like never before. Shamika completely gave herself to me. At six-foot-three and two hundred and seventy pounds, Shamika is a heavyset black woman who’s always been self-conscious about her extremely dark skin, her large breasts, wide hips and huge round bottom. The fact that I constantly told her I found her pretty did little to reassure her. However, that night, she completely gave herself like never before.

I lay on the bed, watching Shamika as she knelt before me and began sucking on my cock. My dick is eight inches long, somewhat thick and also uncut. Lots of females I’ve been with weren’t too cool with that but Shamika was an enlightened woman. She didn’t believe in elective surgeries of any kind, or fixing what wasn’t broken. Is she cool or what? I’m one lucky man! Shamika worked her magic on me, licking and stroking me just the way she knew I liked it. We’ve been together for a decade so she knew my body as well as she knew her own. I was in good hands. There is something so sexy about watching a big beautiful black woman giving head, folks. When I came, Shamika surprised the living daylights out of me by drinking all of my seed. Afterwards, I gently spread her thighs and returned the favor. tuzla genç escort I love going down on my woman. Breathing the scent of her womanhood thrilled me before I started licking away. Shamika gently grabbed my neck and urged me to continue. Licking her while gently probing her with my fingers, I brought her orgasm after orgasm. She screamed in pleasure and squirted hot girly cum all over me. That was my reward.

Yeah, I enjoyed making love to her. And she told me it wasn’t over. When I asked her what she had in mind, she decided to show rather than tell. Shamika got on all fours, spread her plump ass cheeks wide open and simply stared at me adoringly before handing me something. I looked at the small bottle of hand lotion. Hot damn. Was she asking me what I thought she was asking me? Apparently so. I couldn’t believe my luck. This was new territory for me. I proceeded with caution. I made good use of the lube, applying both on myself and her bum, then positioned myself behind Shamika. Gently, I eased my manhood into her backdoor. She told me to be careful, and you had better believe I was. Slowly but surely, I worked most of my penis into her ass. Man, I can’t tell you how great it felt. It’s one of those things you’ve got to experience yourself. My woman was giving up the booty by trying anal sex for the first time and she wanted me to do the honors. How about that? We sucked and fucked the night away and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

That experience brought Shamika and I much closer together. We were becoming more passionate than ever. Just as I thought, spending more quality time together did wonders for us as a couple. We became that annoying couple you see making out all over the place. Except we weren’t in the early stages of dating or even newlyweds. We were a longtime couple who rekindled the fire in their relationship. A couple of months later, I got the surprise of a lifetime when Shamika told me that she was pregnant. With twins. Two dudes! How about that? Folks, I am one happy man. I guess good things can happen in this life. Between Shamika and I, we’re going to have some big and tall sons! I’ve already got their names picked out. Jack Henderson Jr. and Michael Henderson. The first one will play college football, the other will play college basketball. Shamika wants to name them Achilles and Hector. She’d rather use Jack and Michael as middle names instead. What the fuck kind of names are Achilles and Hector for black males? That woman is tripping! Like she’s gonna name my sons after some long-dead white guys! We’ll see about that! I’ve got nine months to convince her. Say, do you know a good hypnotist? I’ll pay cash, I swear!

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A Much Needed Visit

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Big Boobs

I’m staring at the matte finish wooden door of my new office. You promised me that you would be here precisely at 6:00 pm, closing time. It is now 6:07 pm. I hope you’ll show up soon. My eyes are locked on that door waiting for you to approach it. Each minute feels like an eternity. I’ve waited so long for this. Finally at 6:11, I see the doorknob turn. I watch it rotate clockwise, waiting to see your slender hands grasping the handle. The door opens silently, and the tips of your fingers reach over the edge of the doorway.

You enter gracefully, with one beautiful leg crossing in front of the other. I stand up. “Where have you been?” I ask it almost accusingly. You back away a little, your dark curtain of hair shifting as you move. “I’m sorry.” I am really sorry. I never want to upset you. “I’m really happy to see you.” I move closer to you. I can’t get over how gorgeous you are, but I have to fight myself from saying it. It’s not appropriate right now. You reach your hand out towards me. I press it against my face. It’s been so long since I’ve felt it. You have the smoothest, silkiest hands in the world. I love the way they feel. I slide my fingers through your hair, down your neck, and across your chest, feeling you shiver beneath my fingers. I pull you close to me. I feel ataşehir escort my slacks tightening. God, you are so warm and soft.

You lean in and press your lips to mine. I squeeze you against me, and began to move my lips lower, toward your neck, making my way down to your collarbone. The next step is your call. I can feel you shaking. I can’t describe how much it excites me. You proceed to unbutton your blouse, my lips following the motion of your hands. I help you slip of your top, and unhook the back of your bra. I slide my hands over your breasts. No one has tits like yours. I love to feel them, and press my mouth to them, and my face, listening closely to your heartbeat. You press my face into them, squeezing them around me. You always knew exactly what I like. I take off my shirt to keep my pace up with you. You wrap yourself in my arms, feeling my warmth. I want it so badly.

You press your lips against my chest. You always seem so timid, even though you are incredible. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I squeeze your shoulders as you make your way down and begin undoing my belt.

“No, it’s your turn.” I want to see you, every bit of you. You back away, sliding off your pants, looking almost embarrassed. How could you ever be ataşehir escort bayan embarrassed? I lift you up onto my desk, continue where I left of at your chest, moving towards you panties. I slide them off, tossing them to the side. You resist a little, but I manage to spread your legs in front of me. It is so beautiful, glistening. I can tell how excited you are, but it’s not enough. I tease you with my tongue on your thighs, starting outside and moving inward. I feel you writhe with excitement beneath me. Finally after sliding my tongue around I gently press it to your clit, just flicking it back and forth. Your quivering is incredible. I listen to your soft moans escalate. I continue different motions with my mouth, occasionally inserting a finger just to feel how wet you are. I press my tongue and suck hard on your clit. I see your chest raise up. There is nothing more arousing to watch than you right now. I can see your eyes so intent and focused. I know you want to cum so badly. I replace my tongue with my finger for just a moment.

“I want you to cum for me.” You begin to shake beneath me, lightly, then intensely, almost bucking me off. I love it. Your moans are so loud. I hope no one else stayed late. I’m too aroused and happy to care. “Please keep cumming. I want to hear you louder.” I’m going full force now with my hand. Your body is gyrating violently under me. You’re practically screaming at this point. I come up and press my lips to yours to silence them and feel you soften your force against me.

I slide off my bottoms, and press my cock against you, teasing you as I always do. “I want you to beg for it.” I listen to you plead desperately, and finally satisfy your desire and mine, forcing myself inside you. I’ve forgotten how it feels. It’s been too long. It’s so tight and perfect. I slowly pull myself out, almost all the way, then push myself in, hard. I continue this motion, a little faster and more forceful each time, loving the way you beg for more.

I feel myself getting close, but I’m not going to let it go so soon. I slow down to change positions. I sit on my desk and slide you down on top of me, using my hands to guide you up and down, eventually leaving you up, while I pound myself into you from beneath. I love watching your tits moving with my force. I squeeze them together, as I continue thrusting. You yell my name, begging for more of it and I love giving it to you. I continue full force until I feel I’m about to explode. “I’m cumming.” I look in your eyes as my body gets tense. I pull myself out, throw you down and press my cock against your tits to finish. You look so beautiful right now with that wild hair and crazed look, a mixture of desire and fulfillment. I can’t help but lean over and kiss you.

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