A Pretty View

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Elinor Dashwood was unhappily aware that Edward Ferrars’ visit was almost at an end. Unable to postpone his departure any longer Edward bid farewell to Mrs Dashwood and asked whether Elinor might be allowed to walk with him to the gate which led out of the small orchard which adjoined their cottage.

The weather was remarkably fine, and she readily consented. ‘The view is quite magnificent,’ she said to him, ‘you’d never imagine how much there is to see.’

As soon as they were out of the house, his enquiries began.

‘Who is Colonel Brandon? Is he a man of fortune?’

‘Yes. He has very good property in Dorsetshire.’

‘But you do not mean to marry him? Think of it, Elinor. It would mean an end to all our games together. We could never play as we do now. Surely the prospect of a respectable establishment in life is insufficient to allay that loss.’

‘He loves me and will do whatever I say. And with the money I would have we could play whenever we chose.’

‘He certainly likes you. I observed him narrowly, and am convinced of it. What is the amount of his fortune?’

‘I believe about two thousand a year.’

‘I wish with all my heart it were twice as much, Elinor. For your sake.’

Elinor smiled at Edward’s continuing devotion to her well being. He really was the best playmate a woman could ever desire.

‘The plan was that I should be the one to marry,’ he continued, ‘and that is now arranged. It would be something droll, I admit, if we should both marry other people simply as a means of staying together.’

Elinor would not vouchsafe any answer. They had almost reached the gate in the dry stone wall which bounded kurtköy yeni escort their garden. The cottage was now hidden from view by the fruit trees and they both anticipated some precious moments alone before parting.

‘It is John,’ said Eleanor sharply, ‘John Dashwood. I see him approaching. He must not catch us together.’

Edward fell to the ground, and lay along the base of the stone wall. He lay still, flat on his back, completely concealed from John while Eleanor turned to address her brother, who stopped a few yards short of the wall.

‘Are you alone, Eleanor? Is Edward Ferrars no longer here? I had hoped to see him.’

‘Mr. Edward Ferrars,’ said Elinor, with resolution, ‘is going to be married. The lady is the Hon. Miss Morton, only daughter of the late Lord Morton, with thirty thousand pounds. A very desirable connection on both sides, and I have not a doubt of its taking place in time.’

As Fanny’s husband enlarged about his own plans and difficulties, Eleanor moved a few paces to her left so that the hem of her skirts brushed Edward’s face. She rocked a little, teasing him with the sight of her ankle as the hem fluttered over his face.

‘We have endured great and inevitable expenses on coming to Norland,’ began John gravely. ‘Another year or two may do much towards it, but there is still a great deal to be done.’

She could only smile and nod. John Dashwood’s absorption in his own financial affairs were a matter of general amusement for Elinor and her sisters.

‘There is not a stone laid of Fanny’s green-house,’ John continued, ‘and nothing but the plan of the flower-garden marked kurtköy sınırsız escort out.’

She moved her left foot beyond Edward’s shoulder, so that his head was completely covered by her skirts and his view of her young body was unimpeded.

‘Where is the green-house to be? Will there be a clear view?’ She opened her legs a little further, knowing how delightful an effect this would have on her beloved Edward, who could neither move nor speak, but who now had the clearest view of her stockings and her bare thighs and of the uncovered secret treasure which lay between them.

‘Upon the knoll behind the house,’ said John. ‘The old walnut trees are all come down to make room for it. It will be a very fine object from many parts of the park, and the flower-garden will slope down just before it, and be exceedingly pretty.’

‘How delightful,’ replied Eleanor, ‘nothing in the world is more agreeable than a pretty view.’

‘We have cleared away all the old thorns that grew in patches over the brow,’ said John, as Edward let out the smallest involuntary snort of laughter. Eleanor lifted her left foot and placed the small, sharp heel on his chest, exerting the tiniest pressure, and leaning her parasol on the wall to steady herself.

She knew by now that her lips would have begun to part, glistening with excitement, tracing a line of pleasure between the light brown hair of her sex. Edward would be scarcely able to breath. Nothing excited him more than one of their games secretly played out in public.

‘Mrs Ferrars seems a most valuable woman indeed,’ said John. ‘Her house, her style of living, all bespeak kurtköy sarısın escort an exceeding good income; and it is an acquaintance that has not only been of great use to you hitherto, but in the end may prove materially advantageous.’

Eleanor stole a quick glance at her lover, prostrate beneath her. It was as she had thought. His excitement was visible, it was stretching the fabric of his tight breeches, and almost calling to her.

‘Her inviting you to town is certainly a vast thing in your favour; and indeed, it speaks altogether so great a regard for you, that in all probability when she dies you will not be forgotten.’

At this, Eleanor made her final move. Moving a few inches more to her left, she extended her young legs still further and with the wall to support her weight, she lifted her left boot from Edward’s chest and placed it firmly on his rampant cock. She twisted the sole a few times and felt his whole body judder with pleasure. Her own release would have to wait, but she would take the memory of this dangerous game into her bed that night, where it would be replayed in her mind and consummated with her fingers.

Adjusting her weight so that she was well balanced once more, Elinor smiled at her brother’s continuing account of the new green-house. She squeezed her thighs together and felt the pulse of pleasure which her arousal had brought. For a few moments she heard nothing of her brother’s voice, and thought only of Edward.

‘But I shall have a charming account of our meeting to carry to Fanny,’ he said, as he turned to leave.

‘Indeed,’ replied Eleanor, ‘and you must carry our affections with you.’

As John retreated from earshot, she gazed down at her beloved Edward.

‘I hope you can remember everything that just happened,’ she smiled. ‘If we manage to arrange a walk tomorrow I shall expect a charming account of the view I just gave you of my own dear fanny and of what you would like me to let you do with her the next time we’re alone.’

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My Graduate School Romance – Katie

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My Graduate School Romance – Katie’s Perspective

Katie’s initial view of Sean’s graduate school experience.

This is a sidebar to the primary story My Graduate School Romance. You do not need to read that story to enjoy this one. Most of this story is set in the nineties and aughts (2000s). Remember things were slightly different then. Everyone is at least 18.

The characters in this story are flawed, just like you and me. Sometimes they make bad decisions as they struggle to live their lives. Sometimes they make life changing decisions. Again, all characters and situations are complete fiction, a product of my fertile imagination. Any similarity to actual people and situations is purely a coincidence. All constructive criticism is welcome.


I grew up in Florida in a military town, but I didn’t have much to do with the military. My childhood was average to boring. Everything changed when I hit puberty. Within a year I went from a flat-chested girl to a buxom teen. I suddenly became very popular with the guys. My Mom tried to prepare me as much as possible and she very clearly explained to me the ways of men.

Nevertheless, I had a bit of a rebellious streak. Mom wanted one-piece swimsuits, I demanded bikinis. Mom wanted modest bikinis, I demanded sexy-as-hell bikinis. Eventually we settled on something in between.

During the spring of my senior year I started dating a cute, geeky guy named Simon. He took me to the senior prom and afterwards we drove down to the Gulf to a secluded part of the beach. Neither one of us knew what we were doing, but we both lost our virginity that night.

After high school I attended our local junior college to save money. Simon went off to a top engineering college and we let the relationship fade away. At first I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I just wanted to get my general education requirements out of the way before I went off to Florida or Florida State. One requirement was to have an arts class. I wasn’t interested in drawing or painting. When my advisor told me that music was art and I could take guitar lessons, I signed up right away.

My guitar teacher told me I was a natural and I was soon playing all sorts of music. I sang along with myself, but I didn’t have a strong voice. I loved singing harmony when someone would join me. During the summer between my first and second year of junior college, my life started changing – a lot.

It was in late May. After my guitar lesson I was approached by this long-haired guy named Matt. He told me about his band. They had lost their bassist. I told Matt that I didn’t play bass and he explained that the bass was essentially just the top four strings on a regular guitar. He begged me to consider joining them. They had a bass guitar and amp for me and he’d drop it off at my house. I told him that I’d consider it after I tried out the bass.

Now this was the mid-nineties and the post-punk, post-grunge era. Matt said that the band played pretty simple stuff, but they were trying to get better. They had a regular Friday night gig at a bar down on the beach. They didn’t make great money, but they had hopes. I told Matt where I lived and that afternoon when I got home there was a guitar case and an amp waiting for me in our living room.

My Dad asked me what was up and I explained that these guys wanted me to join their band. I brought out the bass and I was shocked to find that it was nearly as big as I was. I’m a shade under five feet tall and the guitar was nearly four feet long. I put the strap over my shoulder and my Dad started laughing.

I plugged in the amp and found the cord. Then I started playing a simple walking bass line, then I started improvising.

That’s when Dad stopped laughing, “Damn Katie! You’re good at that.”

I felt so empowered playing that huge instrument. My Dad reminded me that Tina Weymouth, Juliana Hatfield, and Kim Gordon were famous female bassists. I found a picture of Tina on the internet and I realized I was just like her! The bass was huge compared to her.

I have since found out that the bass Matt lent me was a classic – a 1968 Fender Precision. I loved the color, a surf green. The sound was great, rich and warm. When I showed up for my first rehearsal in Matt’s garage, the two other guys in the band had the same reaction that my Dad had. It was great shutting them up when I started playing.

In addition to Matt playing guitar, Sammy was on drums, and Butch played lead. It took me a while to get used to the size of the instrument, but it was so much fun making music with them. We played mostly punk and grunge, plus some simple, old rock and roll songs like Wild Thing and Gloria. Matt had me sing some Joan Jett and Courtney Love songs. We practiced three times that week and by the time Friday came along, we were ready.

The place we played at was called The Sand Crab and was down on the beach. It attracted locals, tourists, and military. Since it was kurtköy olgun escort summer, the guys asked me to wear a bikini to the gig. I told them that as long as they were wearing beach gear too, I’d wear one. The guys showed up wearing baggy swim shorts hanging low on their hips, the kind that were popular then. Matt and Sammy went shirtless, while Butch wore a cut-off tank top. Sammy and Butch wore sneakers. Matt went barefoot and his shorts were so low, the top of his pubes curled over his waistband. We were definitely pushing the limits.

By this time in my life I had decided that my boobs were my best feature. I didn’t necessarily want to flaunt them, but I wasn’t going to hide them either. I picked out a bikini with a modest bottom. I didn’t want to be sporting a camel toe. The top on the other hand was unlined. If I got chilled, then I’d have some nice pokies as Simon called them. The way I slung the bass, it hid my crotch, but my boobs were out there for all the world to see. I decided I would wear shorts and a t-shirt back and forth to the bar, then strip down for the gig.

That first night, we were a big hit. Our music was good, but there were a lot of guys who stuck around to see the buxom bassist. Between sets I had guys all over me. I had to ask Matt and the boys to run interference for me. They enlisted the help of the bouncer so I could have some peace. Things started getting crude around eleven that night when the drunks got active. I liked to tap my foot, which I soon found out made my boobs jiggle a little.

I heard all sorts of comments: “Nice tits!” “Bounce them boobies!” “Lose the bikini!” “Love the nips!” “God, I want to fuck you!”

At one point a drunk guy started coming at me. Butch stepped up and punched him in the face right in the middle of a song.

Matt stopped the song, “If you fuckers can’t treat Katie with respect, we’re fucking leaving! She’s a fucking great musician and a really cool person! Be fucking nice!”

The man could drop an f-bomb! The place started cheering like crazy. The rowdies settled down. At the end of the night, Sammy and Butch made sure I got home safely.

The bar was owned by this guy named Louie and he said his bar sales when up four fold that first night. To curb the leering and cat-calls, I decided that I would wear a t-shirt and shorts over my bikini. When Louie saw what I was wearing he begged me to lose the t-shirt. I told him he’d need to talk to Matt. He was our leader.

Before we started playing, Matt called us together. “Louie wants Katie to wear her bikini again. I told him ‘no’. He said he’d pay extra and I told him she wasn’t a whore that could be paid.”

Butch nodded, “Good fucking move. Katie, you’ve got a great rack, but we’re not selling that.”

I looked at him with my bitch eyes, “I suppose I should take that as a compliment.”

Butch looked sheepish, “Oh sorry man. I didn’t mean it like that.”

I smiled at him, “I know you didn’t. I appreciate you guys looking out for me. I got an idea. Louie said sales went way up right?”

Sammy nodded, “Yeah.”

“How about if we ask for a cut? Then if I feel like I need to lose the t-shirt sometimes, then it will be my choice, not Louie’s.”

Matt looked at the others, “Whatta ya think?”

Sammy nodded, “That’s cool.”

Butch looked at me, “Katie you’re fucking good. You can wear a nun’s outfit as far as I’m concerned. You’d be a fucking hot nun though. There’s no fucking pressure okay?”

“Thanks Butch.”

Butch looked at Matt, “Go talk to Louie.”

Louie agreed to give us twenty percent of profits as long as we would start playing both Friday and Saturday. I could wear whatever I wanted, but maybe sometimes I would be too hot for a t-shirt and I could just go with a bikini top. He also agreed to hire another bouncer to be my security detail. After that I would usually lose my t-shirt for the last set.

Another big change happened the following Wednesday when my best friend Trish and I went downtown to a nickel beer night. The bar was this mash-up of all sorts of styles and furniture. It was a popular trend back then. We were standing in a repurposed pulpit when a tall redhead started talking to me.

I found out his name was Tom, but his friends called him ‘Red’. He had just arrived at the navy base and was going to be there for at least eighteen months.

Tom and I hit it off and by the end of the night I had given him my phone number. He said he’d call me.

When I came home from class the next day, my Mom handed me a note: Tom called. Please call him back. It gave his phone number. These were the days before cell phones and typically you either got someone or left a message on their answering machine.

I called and I got Tom on the second ring, “Hey Katie! I was wondering if you’d like to go do something on Friday?”

“I’m sorry. I’m working. But you can come see me work.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m tuzla escort in a band.”

I gave him the details and he promised to show up.

Friday night I wore a crop top with a more modest bikini underneath. At the first break, Tom called out to me. I waved him over. I told Rocco, my security guy, that Tom was cool.

Tom looked at Rocco, then at me, “What’s up with him?”

“He’s my security guy.” I explained what had happen the previous week.

Tom laughed, “I’ll make sure I stay on your good side.”

He was very nice and oh so polite. I learned he was at a military school and had just been commissioned. He had to explain all the navy stuff to me because I was clueless. Up until this point I had just ignored the military guys, but Tom had me interested.

I should also mention that my guitar instructor had fully embraced my switch to the bass. He taught be all kinds of cool things. Within weeks I felt like could play anything the band wanted to do. He also taught me a lot about playing gigs. Twice he came out and watched us play. Between sets I introduced him to my band mates and he had a lot of helpful things to tell us.


That year was one of the best of my life. We made some good money in the band and I became very good friends with Tom. One thing I never figured out was why he never tried anything with me, not even kissing and hugging.

Trish thought that he might be gay, but I didn’t think so. He loved looking at my boobs, albeit very discretely. Several times when we went to the beach together he took pictures of me in my bikini.

I just didn’t get it, he didn’t hug me, kiss me, nothing. I loved being with him, but I really wanted him to take our relationship to the next level. He never did and I was too bashful to bring it up.

The following fall, I went off to Gainesville and Tom was transferred to a base about twelve hours away. Four times he flew in to see me. He stayed in my apartment each time.

One evening when we came back from dinner he started giving me a back massage. He had me lay down on the floor on my stomach. He pulled my shirt up and undid my bra. I thought he was finally going to make a move on me. He must have massaged me for an hour. I was tempted to roll over, but I guess I was waiting for him to make the first move. Eventually he put my bra back on and pulled my shirt down. End of massage. Then he went to bed.

A short time later Tom moved to California and our relationship just faded away. About a year later I got a postcard that he sent from Japan.

Dear Katie,

Hope all is well. We should get together when I get back. Japan is amazing. I’d love to bring you here someday.

All my love,


All my love! Maybe he’s ready! I found out when he was due back in the United States and I got his phone number from information. I called his number and a woman answered. I found out that he had gotten married! To this day I kick myself for not encouraging him more. Maybe I should have made the first move. I was just so naïve. Losing Tom was one of the major disappointments of my life.


During my time in Gainesville I became very lonely. I didn’t have the excitement of the band. I didn’t have Tom. I really didn’t even have friends. I decided to pursue nursing and focused on my studies. I got my nursing degree and passed my RN exam. Part of me wanted to move back home, but I found out that the band had broken up and everyone had gone their separate ways. Instead, I decided I needed to get out of Florida. I got a job working at a hospital in the Midwest.

I settled in and the work was so rewarding. I loved nursing, although the hours were grueling. I started seeing a guy named Dave I met at a training course I was required to attend. It didn’t take long for us to become lovers. He was attentive and caring. I remember the first time I had an orgasm. Oh my god! How did I not know about them! Dave taught me a lot about my body and myself. I learned how to give a blow job. I learned how to use a man’s penis during intercourse to give myself an orgasm.

I had a year-long sexual awakening. For an additional three years I had a close, loving relationship with Dave. It seemed like any day he would ask me to marry him. Then one morning he told me that he was going to move on. I was shocked. I never saw it coming.


The way I dealt with our break up was to go back to school. I enrolled at the local university and earned a master’s degree in nursing. That’s when I discovered that I wanted to teach. One of my professors encouraged me to apply to the doctoral program there.

I did a lot of research and found out that if I attended classes full-time I could complete the program in three and a half to four years. Part-time might take seven years. I didn’t want any more student loans so I applied for several scholarships and eventually landed a full ride.

I started the program the following pendik escort January. The classes really pushed me, but they were so much fun. I started working at the university’s clinic on a part time basis to keep my nursing skills current.

In March I saw an ad in the student newspaper that a local band was looking for a bassist. I called the number and spoke to Elena. I told her about the beach band and she wanted me to audition. The problem was I didn’t have a guitar. Elena said they had some money stashed away for equipment and if I made the cut, they’d buy the guitar and amp.

I went down to a local pawn shop. They had a 1974 Precision Bass with a natural finish for $750. The guy threw in an amp for another hundred. I went back and practiced for an afternoon. That evening I showed up at Lindsey’s garage. Elena introduced me to the band: a young undergrad named Pete on drums, a scraggly guy named Keith on guitar. Lindsey was a tall redhead who played keyboard. Finally, the stunning Elena who sang and played a number of instruments.

They asked me to play something. I decided to go for broke and played John McVie’s famous bass line from ‘The Chain’. I nailed it. Pete and Keith joined in and the three of us sounded great. Elena said that she didn’t need to hear anymore and I was officially a member of Radio Renaissance.


I really enjoyed playing in the band. They weren’t punk or grunge like I was used to, but they worked hard and I really liked contributing to the harmonies.

This was also the first time I had been in a band with women. Elena was a little prudish, but Lindsey flaunted her sexuality. After one practice, she took Keith by the hand and pulled him into her house. He gave me a shit-eating grin as if to say ‘Guess what we’re going to do?’

During a break between sets at one gig, Lindsey pulled Pete in the back room. When they came out he had a look of euphoria that indicated he had most likely had an orgasm.

It was sometime in June that Elena instituted a ‘no romance in the band’ rule. When she told us, she was looking directly at Lindsey.

Afterwards Lindsey took me aside, “Just between you and me, I don’t give a shit about romance. I just like to fuck. Fucking without romance is my preferred poison.”

Elena’s rule raised the tension in the band. It was obvious to me that Lindsey was doing Keith and Pete as often as possible. They did a horrible job hiding it.

At every rehearsal, Elena would give the three of them hell. By August, Keith had had it and told Elena that he quit. Losing him hurt us a little, but not a lot. Comparing the band with and without Keith, there wasn’t a lot of difference. I later found out that he rarely practiced. In hindsight, he wasn’t contributing a lot.

Elena placed an ad in the school newspaper and over the next month or so we auditioned a couple of guitarists. No one really stood out and Elena seemed to be pretty discouraged.


It was the second week in October. My classes were going really well. I was pulling five day shifts a week at the university clinic. That money, plus my scholarship had me set financially.

As we were setting up for our Thursday gig, Elena mentioned that she got a call from a guitarist who seemed promising. Hopefully, he would show up tonight.

The last two we auditioned were pretty bad. I had decided to give Elena until Halloween to find someone and then I would quit too. Making music was fun, but things had become a hassle. The extra money just wasn’t worth it. We made a little over $50 a week. Four hours of rehearsal, plus four hours in the gig meant we were making about $7 an hour. I guess I was thinking back to those heady days on the beach. By the time I went to Gainesville, we’d each make $400 over a weekend for about eight hours work.

The band had just finished our first set. I saw a tall redhead walk over to Elena. Is that him? Please let him be good. I thought back to Tom. I had a soft spot in my heart for redheads.

Elena introduced us to him. His name was Sean. Lindsey, Pete, and I went over to the bar for some non-alcoholic refreshment. Lindsey took Pete’s arm and disappeared into the back room, undoubtedly for some kind of sex.

I went over and sat on chair at the side of the stage and watched Elena and Sean. Pete and Lindsey reappeared. Lindsey was wiping her face so I was thinking Pete got a blow job. Elena set Sean up with her Telecaster and he took a position at the back of the stage next to Pete. Elena had given him a binder with all the tabs in them in case he didn’t know the songs well enough.

Give him a chance Katie. Right off the bat I could tell Sean knew what he was doing. Even though it wasn’t his guitar, he had the tone set up so that his playing fit in with the rest of us. He had a solid rhythm, creative picking, and every once in a while he’d throw in an appropriate fill. I didn’t hear any mistakes.

We were about halfway through the set when Elena turned to Sean and asked him if he knew Tracy Chapman’s “Revolution.” I saw him nod and Elena handed him her acoustic. He looked over at me and he had a wide grin. Elena had given him a little challenge and he knew he was up to it. He started the opening riff and was playing beautifully.

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A Perfect Slutty Valentine

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Valentina was a single mother that was born on February 14, 1976. She was always picked on due to her name and birthdate, but she loved it and tended to be into all the romantic things in life. It made her a better person as she took the time to look for the love in people and the good no matter what the situation was. She lived in Michigan and her children were grown and off on their own. She worked hard on raising them the right way and scrimped and saved for a long time. She was going to reward herself this year, and she was going to celebrate her birthday in style and not alone. Every year she was forced to spend her birthday alone, and this year she was determined not to spend it that way this year. She had been talking with her friend, Jason, over the six months and they had grown close. Jason lived in Florida ironically right around the area that she spent half her life when she was younger. Last night inspiration struck and she gave Jason a call.

“Hey Jason how are you? Do you have any plans for the fourteenth? No? Well that is great! Hey listen do you mind if I came down and visited you for a couple days? Great I will see you then.” Valentina spoke into the phone as she sat on the edge of the couch. Suddenly excited for the first time in a long time she hung up the phone and jumped up and screamed out “Hell yes finally a good time is in store!” She took her time to pack just the right clothing that she knew that Jason would like. She packed the thongs and bikini sets, and the silky sheer nighty. Then she added the three dresses that she owned, and then her favorite jean skirt that barely covered her ass soon joined the clothing in the suitcase and she was done packing. There she was done now all she had to do was get in the car get gas, and she was on her way.

Eighteen hours later she pulled into the local Holiday Inn, and got settled into her room. She promptly fell asleep as she had drove straight through, and she knew that being around Jason she would need her all her energy. She knew that he was into all the things that she ever dreamed of in a sexual sense. They met on an adult literature website, and they flirted with each other on and off for a few days before they exchanged messenger ID’s. They had spent the last 6 months at least becoming friends and chatting with each other over the messenger service. She was confident that she would have one heck of a good time. He was into the same things that she dreamed of doing, but never had the guts to come out and do.

The next morning she woke up and took a shower sneaking a play with her wet pussy while thinking of Jason. She finished her shower and got out and dried off. She put on a matching strapless bra and thong set that was pink and lacy. Then she pulled on her favorite blue jean skirt and pink button down shirt that she left the three top buttons open showing off her ample cleavage. She put her long blonde hair into a ponytail and slipped on some shoes. Looking at herself in the mirror she found that she looked halfway decent. She got into the car she got Jason’s address out of her pocket and put the information in her GPS. Fortunately for her she was familiar with the area a little having spent her half of her life down here. It only took about ten minutes to get to Jason’s house from the motel. Checking her reflection out in the rear view mirror, and wiping her sweaty hands off on her skirt she drew in a sharp breathe and exhaled slowly.

Jason must have been watching for me, because as I walked up he opened up the door by the time I got up to the porch. “Hey, Valentina, you are finally here it is so nice to meet you in real life. How was the trip? Come on in you must be exhausted. Do you want a beer?” Jason said as he looked at me from head to toe and back kurtköy eve gelen escort up then smiled at me. He led the way into the house, and I followed him as I took in all the beauty of his house. I closed the door behind me and followed him into the kitchen.

“This is a nice place you have here. The trip was long but not too bad of a drive. Actually I left about an hour after I talked with you on the phone. Yes, I would like a beer.” I slightly blushed after admitting to Jason I had left immediately after talking with him. I took the beer from Jason’s offered hand opened it and took a gulp of it. I leaned against the table with my hip and studied him. He had brown hair in a buzz cut and brown eyes with a golden tan. He looked perfect in my eyes. “I am glad you said that I could come see you while I was in Florida anyways. I needed to get away and I most certainly did not want to be alone today of all days.” I stated wondering if he would remember that today is Valentine’s Day along with my birthday. Everyone always remembered the romantic day, but hardly anyone remembered my birthday. He did not disappoint me.

“That is right today is…” Jason paused and scratched his head, “your birthday today. Happy Birthday Valentina!” he teased me then walked over and took the beer and set it down on the table. Then he kissed me slow, passionate and full of determination. His tongue gently probed my lips open and explored my mouth, and soon our tongues danced together as my foot popped up off the ground. His hands moved around my thick waist and pulled me close to him, and my hands wrapped around his neck as we continued to kiss for a while. Almost reluctantly he broke the kiss and whispered, “I hope you will enjoy what I have planned for your birthday, Valentina. That is such a pretty name.”

What he said made my pulse race and made me feel special for once in my life. “Thank you.” I whispered back as I gazed into his eyes. After what seemed like forever I finally pulled myself out of Jason’s embrace. “I hate to break such a tender moment up, but I got to use your bathroom. Where is it?” I asked my face slightly pink in color.

Jason pulled himself together and showed me where the bathroom was. He waited until I was done and led me back into the kitchen. We laughed and joked around for a couple of hours while he was cooking dinner. He made the meal he always had bragged about in our chats that he would make me if I ever came to visit. We had catfish, cheese grits, hushpuppies and coleslaw. It was one of the best meals that I had in a long time. I helped you clear the table and together we did the dishes. “Okay Valentina, you are not alone today, and you did not have to spend your birthday being bored. You have had the romantic dinner for two, and I assume you enjoyed it. You did correct?” Jason asked me as he led the way into the living room.

“Yes, Jason, I did enjoy dinner. I am grateful for not being alone today with it being Valentine’s Day and my birthday.” I replied to you after I walked into the living room.

I only made it just inside the door when I was pushed back against the wall. Jason kissed me rough and thoroughly which made me weak at the knees. His hands took ahold of my breasts and squeezed them. He broke the kiss, took off my shirt and as I gasped he tasted my tits one at a time. Then he stopped and said, “Good I am glad you feel that way. Now show me just how grateful you are on your knees slut.”

I dropped to my knees topless with my tits exposed. I undid Jason jeans and slid his boxers down. I ran my tongue over his balls as licked them and kissed them which made them wet. I put them in my mouth one at a time and rolled them around with my tongue as I gently kurtköy genç escort sucked on them as my fingers were lightly teasing his cock. My fingers ran up and down his cock and rubbed lightly over the piss hole. I licked lower down to his asshole at first I licked it then I pressed my tongue in for a few times. I licked and kissed my way up to his cock my tongue danced around the tip of it as it teased his piss hole before finally took his cock into my mouth and went all the way to the base of his cock. I started to suck him fast as I never took my eyes off of Jason. I wondered what his reaction would be.

Jason watched me as I went to work on his cock. “God damn yes mmmm,” he moaned as he put his hands on my head and he curled his fingers in my hair.

After sucked Jason for a few minutes while his cock was all the way in my throat I eased my mouth off of his cock, and said, “I am glad you like that. I love sucking your cock,” then I spat on Jason’s cock which made it wet. I started to bob my head on his cock slowly at first then I increased my speed as I did long deep strokes soft at first then got harder and deeper with each stroke of my mouth.

With both hands on my head as he watched my mouth he said, “mmmmm, Fuck you are a great cocksucker.”

“Mmmhmmm,” I moaned as I continued to suck Jason’s cock faster, and I grabbed his ass to make him go deeper into my mouth and throat as my tongue rubbed on his cock inside my mouth.

Jason kept hands in my hair as he moaned and watched me. “God, I love how you suck my fat cock. You got a fucking talented mouth.”

What Jason said inspired me to go more fast and deeper as my hands gripped his ass and for a minute, my nails dig into his ass. Instantly, I remembered my place and immediately loosened my grip as I sucked his cock even faster and more hard.

Jason gripped my head at that point and started to work his cock in and out of my mouth. As he fucked my face hard and fast he moaned. I moaned around his cock to let him know I enjoyed the way he was handling me. My tongue danced around Jason’s cock then I parted my lips a little at the base of his cock to let my tongue come out and lick on his balls a little. Jason moaned, “mmmmmm yes.” I sucked him faster and harder as I brought one hand around to play gentle like with his balls. “Gonna cum,” Jason moaned as he increased the speed he fucked my face. I sucked him faster and harder as I tried to milk out his cum, because I wanted to taste him. “CUMMING!!!!” He yelled out as he exploded into my mouth which I started to swallow right away. As he had not expected me to swallow Jason exclaimed, “Mmmmmmmm fuck!” Jason took his cock from my mouth and walked over to the couch and said, “Fuck, mmmmmm, you suck cock so fucking good!”

Blushing I stood up and walked over then sat next to him on the couch. “You really think so?” I asked him. In answer to my question, Jason pushed me down on the couch. He leaned down and pushed up my skirt revealing my pink thong. He glanced at me and grinned his fingers traced my thong. He moved the thong off to the side then he spat on my clit and started to suck on it. Almost as soon as he started I moaned, “Mmmm ohhhh fuck, Jason, I hoped it would feel this way.” He looked at me as he slid his tongue deep in my wet pussy. He rubbed his nose on my clit as he started to tongue fuck me. I breathed harder as I moaned louder, “Ohhh Jason!” He continued eating my pussy with his tongue worked in and out and made me squirm. “Mmm you have such a talent,” I said as I started to shake my hands gripped the couch next to me. In response to that Jason looked up raised his head and slapped my clit which caused me to rock my hips forward. He dove back into eating kurtköy kendi evi olan escort my pussy more intensified which in turn made me whimper, “Oh!! Jason fuck you are going to make me cum,” as I shook and trembled against your tongue. Jason increased his speed and tongue play, “Mmmmmm baby! Mmmm fuck!” I cried out as my hips went wild shaking as my juices flowed. He moaned as he drank in my juices.

Jason took his mouth off my pussy and said, “On your knees slut,” as he ripped my thong off of my ass. He positioned me on my knees on the couch with my tits pressed against the back of the couch, and then got behind me and pressed his rock hard cock into my pussy. He drove his cock into my pussy pounding it in and out fast and hard, “Damn your pussy is so damn tight,” he moaned. He smacked my ass with one hand and pulled on my hip with the other.

“Ohhh fuck! You fill me up so much!” I cry out as I started to tremble while I started to push my hips back to meet his cock. Jason pounded my pussy harder as he smacked my ass and then reached in front of me to grab my tit with one hand. The other hand grabbed my hair and pulled me back against him. He pinched my nipples as he slammed into my pussy then he grinded against my body with each thrust. I tightened my pussy around your cock as I met you thrust for thrust. “Oh yes, fuck me, Jason, fuck me hard!” I moaned as he fucked me with more force and speed. He made me cum hard, and I soaked his cock with my juices. He pulled out of my pussy and slammed into my ass. He fucked my ass hard and rough as he pulled my hair. He groaned as he shot his hot cum deep into my ass.

“Damn girl, you got a tight pussy and tighter ass,” he growled into my ear as he collapsed against me. Once Jason grew soft he pulled out of my ass and sat next to me. I turned on the couch and smiled at him. “Well, how do you like your birthday so far?” Jason asked me.

“Oh yes, Jason I have loved every second of it! Thank you so much for letting me come and visit you,” I told him. We sat there for the next few hours as we talked in between having more sex. Finally I went to get dressed and asked him if I could use his phone to call the hotel to rent it another night. Jason told me just to stay there tonight so I did. “Well in that case, let’s go in your bedroom and get more comfortable. I want to show you just how much I appreciate you,” I stood up and offered my hand to Jason. He took my hand and stood kissed me then led the way to his bedroom. He lay down on the middle of the bed, and I crawled in bed with him and kissed Jason, then kissed his neck, chest and stomach as I settled myself between his legs my hands ran along his body. Once I reached Jason’s cock I kissed it softly on the head and ran my tongue over the tip which made it dance in and around his piss hole. I kept eye contact I licked his cock lower on the side of it as I slid lower my tongue barely touched his cock as it moves down to his balls. I licked and sucked on each of his balls and rolled them in my mouth as my hand lightly stroked his cock. I spent ample time as I licked and sucked on Jason’s balls. I licked lower over his asshole to tease it which made it wet before I pushed in with my tongue as I stroked his cock. I slowly pushed my tongue in and out of his asshole.

“Fuck yes, mmmm so good. Eat my ass slut,” Jason moaned as he watched and enjoyed my actions. I slightly increased my speed with my hand as I started to tongue fuck his ass. “God yes, mmmm it feels so good,” Jason moaned more loudly. Then I stopped fucking his ass with my tongue as rose up and attacked his cock with my mouth after I spat on it. I plunged his cock into my mouth deep and hard as I deep throated it the first time as my hands gripped his ass I started to suck his cock with wild abandon. “Hell fuck yes, suck that cock,” Jason said as he thrust his cock deep into my throat. I sucked his cock fast and hard going deeper with each thrust until he came again. I swallowed it very quick and popped his cock out of my mouth, and I crawled up and lay in his arms. With his arms around me we both drifted off to sleep.

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A Not So Typical Night at the Bar

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Big Dick

You clutch my arm as we walk across the cobblestone road to Shinae’s. I was finally able to convince you to let me buy you a drink. Once we’re inside I get us a table that sits just a few feet higher than the rest of the bar.

With the music playing, one drink turns into two, and two to three, and before you know it you could pass for someone having fun. I lean in to nibble on your ear, of course I bite off more than I can chew. The gnawing sensation lingering even after my teeth are gone.

My hand starts to slide up your stockings, dancing with the end of your mini skirt – do I go for it? I mean we are in public. You make the decision for me as you move my hand under your skirt.

I start to rub circles around your clit, through what feels like is your black lace thong. Your head tilts back ever so slightly catching the waitress’ attention. “no we’re fine” I tell her while still drawing circles around your clit. Your panties are starting to soak through. Lean in, brushing your hair aside, “go to the bathroom and take them off.” you look at me wide eyed, “Go.”

You come back from the bathroom, sliding in next to me in the booth. Discretely passing me your panties. Well what do you know, I was right, you were wearing a black lace thong. You direct my hand back under your skirt. My fingertips gently brush against your labia and clit. They’re wet, I whisper “was somebody playing with themselves in the bathroom.” you flash me a quick smile, “that’s my job you know” I tell her.

I slowly slide my finger inside you. God, it’s only been a few days since kurtköy bayan escortlar our last play session and I’d already forgotten how tight you are.

I start stroking your g-spot with my finger while my thumb draws circles around your clit. I’m watching you as your eyes roll back into your head and you let out a soft moan. The couple a few tables down looks our way. I flash them a smile to dismiss them. It’s really quite amazing how far in life a good smile can take you.

Your nails start to dig into my arm as you get closer climaxing, I take notice and slow down my stroking. Your head tilts back forward and you look at me with that “what the hell do you think you’re doing, did I say you could stop?” face that I know oh too well. I lean in close and tell you not to worry, we’re only getting started for the night.

This teasing continues, I bring you to the edge of climaxing at the last moment to stop and let you calm back down, until finally the other couple leaves. The bar is far from empty, but our section is deserted. I push my finger just a touch deeper letting you know that the foreplay is over.

I slide out from the booth and do a quick look around. This is doable I tell myself. I turn around and you’re standing right behind me in your fuck-me heels, fuck-me-harder stockings, and that pull-my-hair corset that I bought you last week. By the time my eyes make it all the way up your body I can tell you’re getting impatient.

I look around, “table, bar, wall, hmm where to fuck you” I say to myself. kurtköy escort Aha. I pull you over to the ledge; we’re maybe 8 feet above the main bar, more than enough privacy. I start to hike your skirt up from behind; you glance over your shoulder looking back at me, smile and grind your ass into my crotch.

I undo my fly and carefully pull out my now erect cock. You spread your legs just a little bit wider, knowing that I’ll be needing the extra room. All the while you’re smiling at everyone in the main bar, they have no idea that I’m going to fuck you senseless in a few minutes. And they get to be your audience.

I slide a finger inside of you to make sure you’re wet enough. Don’t know why I bothered, you’ve been wet since I made you take off your panties in the bathroom.

I tease you, rubbing the head of my cock between your lips. Your clit sends wave after wave of pleasure up through your torso. I pause, if only for a moment, to stop your knees from giving out.

You almost stumble in your heels, but I catch you. You reach back with your free hand, wrapping it around my cock. Giving it a few long slow strokes. You guide it back between your lips. Putting your own hand back onto your clit.

I look up and glance around the bar. Making sure no one has caught on. Our waitress is staring at me from across the bar. Without uttering a word she and I are able to have a conversation. She toasts her beer in my direction, what I’m assuming to be her giving us “permission” to continue, and goes back to her friends.

I start kurtköy escort bayanlar to feel your juices dripping down my cock. My, aren’t you making a mess. I slowly slide my cock inside you. The head brushes against your g-spot. Causing you to grip the railing for support. You start grinding little figure eights with your hips. Causing my cock to touch in all the right places. I can tell your getting close because the figure eights had stopped. A part of me wants to stop right there and make you wait until we get home. But another, kinkier part of me wants you to cum in front of all these people

I grab your right leg at the knee, lifting it just enough so I can slide my entire cock inside. Its a tight fit to say the least. I can feel you quivering around my cock. Quietly begging me to let you cum. I of course am happy to oblige. I start to pick up speed, fucking you harder and harder, I grab your hips for extra support as I go deeper and deeper inside you.

Your moans start to get louder, and as if I had planned it a song comes on that the entire bar knows. I whisper “be as loud as you want, no one will notice. “

You start moaning the closer you get to climax. Shortly at first, but each one louder than the last.

I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock; I know your close. The very next thrust I feel the orgasm go over you. Had my cock not been inside you you would most likely have fallen over.

I pull out, a mixture of cum and your juices covering the entire length of my shaft. I make a mental note to have you lick it off once we get back to my place. You come back from the bathroom with a little bounce in your step, who can imagine why. And together we exit the bar and head home. With the 60 some people inside none the wiser.

I have a part two that I can submit if people are interested. Your thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated.

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A Night at the Park

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Patrick was driving west. He had no destination in mind, he just needed to get away from the stresses of his life. As he navigated through the beautiful scenery, his thoughts drifted to Caroline.

They had met and shared incredible passion that rocked him to his core. During their visit, they made love on the beach, the pool, her car, in the park, and in her home. The sex was intense and their love, sublime.

Circumstances caused them to part and no matter where he was, or what he was doing, Patrick thought of Caroline.

He drove into the evening and grew weary. Ahead, he saw a sign for a campground and pulled his truck into a spot. Patrick traveled light and saw the campground was nearly deserted. He pitched his tint

He lit a fire and opened a bottle of gin and made his favorite drink; a Tom Collins. He was savoring his cocktail when he noticed two women riding horseback towards their camp. Patrick watched the ladies and noted their grace and ease upon their mounts.

As they passed by Patrick waved and then did a double take. He could of sworn one of the riders was his Caroline. Then escort kurtköy bayan he laughed to himself. It was madness to think they would cross paths here.

Then, she spoke and Patrick’s heart nearly exploded. It was Caroline! The impossible occurred.

Patrick called out to her and Caroline nearly froze. She looked down at him and all she could do was smile.

Caroline explained she was helping a friend transport horses out west for sale. They had been on the road for a week and were having a blast.

Patrick invited them to share drinks by the fire and they came, as soon as they cared for their horses.

They shared drinks, laughs, stories and smiles. Caroline’s friend said she needed to rest and excused herself. Minutes after she departed Patrick and Caroline embraced as if they had never separated. The kissed with ardor and hugged tightly.

Lust quickly overcame them and they were ravenous with need. Patrick undressed her quickly and with every bit of skin he exposed, his mouth blazed a trail upon the naked flesh.

He couldn’t wait escort kurtköy bayanlar to suck on her nipples and tongue her sweet pussy. Caroline gasped as he drew her breasts in his mouth, first one, then the other. She urged him closer by pulling his head into her chest.

He wanted to refresh his taste buds with the savory sweetness of her hot pussy. So, as he sucked and tugged on her nipples, he probed her core with one, then two, fingers. The sweet essence was sucked off his fingers by them both.

Patrick could wait no longer for that steaming wetness. He licked his way across her inner thighs and then her outer lips. Caroline’s clit was on fire; already rigid with need.

Patrick waited no longer.

He sucked on that sweet bud until Caroline was shaking. As he tugged it in his mouth, he probed her hot slit Caroline’s orgasm shook her very being. Her pussy quivered and her legs twitched as Patrick continued to lick and suck and probe.

Caroline experienced another orgasm like the waves crashing on the beach. As soon as she came, she was gebze escort rocked again by another climax. Patrick licked and sucked and devoured every bit of her pussy.

After the last orgasm washed over her, Caroline began to lick her way down Patrick’s torso. He remembered how skilled she was at sucking his hard cock. Caroline traced her tongue around the head of his member. She drew him into her lips and used mouth to apply suction.

She licked and sucked Patrick until he was on the verge of exploding, but he didn’t want to cum in her mouth,

He pulled her mouth away and laid back on the blanket. She knew what he wanted. Caroline mounted Patrick’s hard cock and rode him slowly. She leaned back so they could watch his thick pole slide in and stretch open her pussy lips.

She set a rapid pace.

Caroline rocked astride him like she was riding a stallion. She fucked his cock precisely how she needed. The angle of his rod hit her clit so nicely that Caroline knew she would soon explode.

This time they both reached their climax together. His cock erupted a flood of hot seed into her waiting cunt. Caroline squeezed out every drop as she reached the pinnacle with her lover.

She collapsed atop him.

The fire slowly burned down and as they drifted off to sleep. She draped him like a blanket. He whispered in her ear, words only meant for them. They were in each others arms, and it felt like home.

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A Night Out Ch. 02

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With the cold night air surrounding us, and the heat of our bodies we have steamed up the windows. You sit up and take a deep breath, your breast rising and falling with the rhythm of your labored breathing as you try to catch your breath. You reach for your purse and light a cigarette and lean back against my chest. You hair stuck to your face and your makeup just about gone.

I feel your fingers trace lines over my leg and watch intently as they do. Neither of us wanting to move, but are content to be close to one another. The lioness has her pride and has chosen her mate. I look down at you as your eyes come up to mine and a warm smile crosses your face. I don’t even know your name, yet I feel as if I have known you my entire life.

My hand lazily runs over your stomach to your breast, hardening your nipple once again under the delicate touch. A touch that has enflamed your soul and flesh. Your lips are so inviting. So full.

We begin to talk for the first time. No names. Just talk. We discover that we are both new to the area and have much to discover. I can not get you out of my mind. You have stirred something deep within my soul. A feeling that is so new and alien to me.

Soon, I ask you if you would like to come over to my place to sit in a hot Jacuzzi tub. The sparkle in your eyes betrays your answer before your lips do.

We dress and step from the car into the cold night air. Your nipples are so hard. I reach up to cup your breast in my hand and rub your nipples as our lips touch. I feel your legs weaken under my touch as our kiss grows. The short drive has taken on a new feel of its own. The feeling in the pit of my stomach and my heart has my mind reeling as never before. We park in the driveway and I walk to your car to help you out. Your hair is still stuck to your face and I can’t help but think how amazingly beautiful you are.

As we walk hand in hand to the door, I feel your arms kurtköy escort reach around me and pull me closer to you. With us safely inside, I turn to face you and your arms are already coming up to meet my neck. Your eyes flash as hunger crosses your face yet again. A slow soft kiss, fans the flames within us. I take your hand and lead you to the master suite. The large king size bed in the center soon to be the center of our passion.

We walk past to the master bath. You sit up on the bathroom counter and light a cigarette as I light some candles around the large sunken tub. I can see you in the mirror that surrounds the tub. The look of passion is one I have never seen before in a woman. So hungry, yet so delicate.

I start the water in the tub and get it to a warm temp for us. I turn to you and look into your eyes. I step closer to you and you turn on the counter so your legs are on both sides of me. I pull your dress up around your waist as I slide down your body. As I kneel before this goddess, I feel her hand on my shoulder. I spread your legs wider and slowly my tongue slides over your swollen lips. A soft moan escapes you as you lean your head back. My tongue probes deeper into your wet pussy as I lick the fruits of our passion from deep within you. Your clit is so hard. It stands before me waiting its turn to be pleasured. Slowly, I slide my tongue up and down your pussy in long strokes. I feel your hand on the back of my head as you pull me closer to you. Your moans become louder and fill the room with a sweet music that only lovers can understand. I reach up and feel your hard nipples through the fabric of your dress. They strain and beg for release from their confines. I stand and help to pull the dress over your head. I softly lick one nipple then the next. I feel you pull my head closer to you like a mother to her newborn child.

I stand and pull you off the counter. kartal escort You turn and put out your cigarette in the ashtray on the counter as I turn off the lights. I walk you to the tub and help you in. I sit on the side and take a sponge and soap it up. The steam rising from the water cast a warm glow in the candle light. Slowly, I have you lean forward as I wash your back. I can feel you relax under my touch. The soap glides over your smooth skin as I guide the sponge to touch your body.

After a while, I stand and look down at you. I walk out of the bathroom and return a few minutes later as you relax in the warm water. The jets pulsing around you, relaxing your body. I step into the tub behind you and hand you a glass of champagne. You lean back against my chest and sip your champagne. Little is said. Their is no need. The comfort of the lioness in the pride is evident.

My arm rest over your shoulder as my hand slowly slides over your stomach to your waiting nipples. I feel them harden under my touch. You lean your head back as a low moan escapes you. I feel your body shift as you settle in closer to me. Your other hand under the water stroking my leg.

My hand wanders down to your shaved pussy. I feel the wetness building there and the heat rising from deep within. Slowly, I slide my finger up and down your lips. Careful to avoid your clit. You spread your legs wider to allow me deeper into you. Your breathing picks up and I feel your heart race under my arm. Slowly, ever so slowly I work closer to your clit. I feel your hips move as your body begs me to touch you there. I avoid it and slide back down between your lips. My finger slides deep inside and I feel your pussy grab my finger and pull me deeper with in. In and out, I slide my finger.

I feel your breathing increase yet again. I feel your body heating up. Your pussy begins to quiver under my touch. I slide my thumb up and kurtköy bayan escort rest it on your clit. I feel your hips buck to beet it and your back arch to get more inside you. Your orgasm is building, as you feel it deep within your stomach. The muscles in your legs begin to shake and tighten. Not yet….

I sit you on the edge of the tub and spread your legs wide. I remove the shower head and turn the water on and get the temp just right. I point it at your pussy and your head leans back as your body begins to shake. Your orgasm is building stronger and stronger. The flash of white lights in your mind signals the beginning of your release. Your moans have turned to screams of passion and fill the room around us. Your toes begin to curl and your legs stiffen and your breathing stops as the rush of the tidal waves sweep over your body. Your grip on the side of the tub has your arms shaking. Your chest heaves as you take a deep breath. Your mind reeling from the explosions within your brain.

I slowly remove the shower head so you can ride your waves of pleasure. Your body trembles and is weak as you race to catch your breath. Your heart pounding in your ears is like a symphony of drums as your passions subside.

I look at you and smile. I kneel between your legs and wrap my arms around you and kiss you softly as your arms wrap around me for support. You slide into the tub to rinse the sweat from your body. I step from the tub and grab you a towel. I watch as you sip your champagne with shaken hands.

Slowly, you reach for my hand and stand. I help you from the tub and wrap you in a towel to help you dry off. I hand you a cigarette and softly kiss your lips with the drag that I have just taken from it. You inhale it deeply as you kiss me back.

I turn and walk out of the bathroom to leave you alone for a few minutes and walk to the large bed in the center of the room. A few minutes later you emerge from the bathroom wrapped in the towel. You sit on the edge of the bed with a look of abandon. Your mind is there but not. You take a drag from your cigarette as I move closer to you. My hand reaches between your thighs for your pussy. It is open to me as your lips have parted like a blooming rose bud.

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A New Friend Becomes a Lover

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The message light was blinking on my answering machine when I returned mid-morning from the gym.

“Hey Larry, this is Nancy. I need a favor. A girlfriend and I have booked a cruise that leaves in four weeks and I have a situation that just came up and now I can’t go. She would like to do the cruise and I don’t want to have to cancel. I told Joyce about you, that we have taken trips before and she is agreeable to have you take my place. Call me and let me know one way or the other. See ya.”

I hit the redial and Nancy answered on the second ring. “Hi Nancy; I got your message and yes I can take your place on the cruise.”

“Great, Joyce will be thrilled. This will probably be a repeat trip for you but we have been to only one of the islands and it was with a different cruise line.”

“No problem, I’ll be happy to do my part and show her around.”

Nancy gave me the particulars and she was going to have Joyce and me over to meet and use her computer so we could book the air together.

I’ve known Nancy for many years. Our association is scuba diving and we have roomed many times when we do a trip with our dive club. She is a wonderful person but just not my type to get romantically involved. In addition to scuba diving, she competes competitively at tennis and golf. It was an invitation to a senior’s tennis tournament that caused the schedule conflict with the cruise.

I arrived at the appointed time and Joyce was already there helping with dinner. Nancy had told me that Joyce was petite and cute as a button. She was very accurate in her description, light brown hair that came to her shoulders and hazel eyes. I shook her hand and maybe it was my imagination but I felt a jolt of electricity that shot up my arm. She had me when she said, “Hello,” with a big smile that lit up her face. I did a quick scan up and down her body and I couldn’t help but notice her nipples pushing against her blouse. I could feel my heart race and as we walked down the hall. I had to make a quick adjustment to make room for my growing erection.

We enjoyed a nice chat over dinner where I learned more about Joyce. She and Nancy met by accident as spectators at a golf tournament. It seems both are avid golfers. However, unlike Nancy, Joyce doesn’t play tennis. Their friendship led to teaming up for various trips, especially places to play golf. They had been on a few cruises together, too. While Nancy never married, Joyce had been divorced for over ten years. Her two children were grown and married.

We discussed the cruise and what Joyce wanted to see and do. Nancy made the necessary changes with the cruise line and we completed the airline arrangements. In my heart I hoped everything would go well and that Joyce and I would do some traveling and more in the future. It was nice to be with an experienced traveler and from our conversation it appeared we shared the same travel style and expectations. I was attracted to her from the start and I hoped she felt the same.

Before I departed for home, Joyce and I agreed to meet the following week to discuss the cruise and the various island excursions we might do. We exchanged contact information and she invited me to dinner at her home. “What kind of wine do you enjoy?” I asked.

“Dry red, like a Merlot or Malbec.”

“What a coincidence; so do I.”

On my drive home I couldn’t believe my luck. On the surface everything appeared perfect. I just hoped it wasn’t too good to be true. Only time will tell. Maybe our next meeting without Nancy will tell me more about her. I certainly like what I saw and heard. Thinking about her gave me a hard-on. No doubt I’ll need to do something about that when I get home. A warm shower and a soaped up dick make a nice way to pump my aching friend.

The week passed slowly. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas. I replayed that evening with Joyce many times, the ease we felt, the sound of her voice when she talked, the way her eyes lit up when she laughed and what a contagious smile. The “accidental” touching was nice, too, and my dick enjoyed her frequent kurtköy escort display of erect nipples. I would wake up with a hard-on just thinking about her. I felt like a young kid falling in love for the first time. Nice way to start the day.

I arrived at Joyce’s place for dinner at the appointed time. She greeted me in shorts and tee shirt. I gave her a hug and breathed in the heady smell of her perfume. It was all I could do to keep from running my hands all over her. The top of her head came to my chin. She had a nice body and from the way she filled out the tee shirt, I guessed a 32 B/C. I wanted to kiss her right then and there but I kept telling myself to just be cool.

We chatted about ourselves over dinner. Joyce revealed more about her past than she had done at our first meeting. She had some previous relationships but not found “the one”. She talked about her children and their spouses, no grand children in the picture. We shared stories about places we had been and those on our “bucket list”. I was pleased that we had similar places yet to be visited. In my heart was the hope that I had found a travel partner and more.

Joyce and I adjourned to the couch with wine glasses in hand to look at cruise excursions on her laptop. I was particularly pleased that she sat so close. Touching was unavoidable but I kept myself under control because I didn’t want to rush anything. That’s not to say I didn’t flirt but I exercised a lot of restraint. We decided on several shore excursions and a plan for activities on the ship which included working out, the shows, and hopefully dancing.

When Joyce walked me to the door our good bye was a much longer hug and I kissed her gently on the lips. Our lips parted and our tongues danced together. I was pretty certain that, given how tightly she held me, there was no missing my erection pushing into her belly. My gut told me that what she did was intentional, at least I hoped so. If it was her desire to get me hot and bothered, she succeeded. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was as turned on as I was. I so wanted to rip her clothes off right then and there but I managed to stop and thanked her before walking out the door. No doubt I would need some shower time and serious stroking of my hard cock when I got home.

I picked Joyce up in the early morning for our flight to Florida. I was pleased that she knew how to pack and there wasn’t much luggage. She dressed in business casual clothes and looked terrific. “You like?” she asked as she did a slow 360.

“Very much,” I replied as I scanned her from head to toe. Did I mention she has great looking legs?

The flight was uneventful as far as flying goes and it allowed us to chat about more of the past and future. I really enjoyed our conversation and just being with her. She expressed a desire to travel and share the experiences with someone special. “Nancy is a dear friend and good traveling companion but I would like to have something and someone more than that.” The way she said that and the look I saw in her eyes made me feel that she is hoping our trip might lead to something more. I certainly hoped that too.

I smiled at her and said, “I have the same wish.”

Once we landed, we each purchased a bottle of wine for use in our cabin. We found our transfer station and soon were on our way to the ship. I had been on this ship and had even done the same cruise destinations a few years ago while Joyce had not. She had been on a sister ship so the layout was not much different. We took care of our luggage and then headed for a late lunch on the Lido deck.

That evening when we dressed for dinner, it was a bit awkward since we had never been together in that situation. While Joyce used the bathroom, I dressed and then we reversed the arrangement. After picking out a necklace, we headed to dinner. She wore a simple dark skirt, white blouse, and dark blazer and she looked beautiful. I’m not sure how it happened but as we walked into the dining room I took her hand and she didn’t let go. It just felt natural and comfortable.

We bayan kurtköy escort had two other couples at our assigned table. Fortunately, we both enjoy meeting new people. We laughed and chatted over past cruises, our work, and families. Joyce enjoyed talking about traveling and playing in various golf tournaments. I loved hearing her speak and listening to what was she saying. Such a sweet sounding voice.

That evening we sat out on our balcony and enjoyed the evening with wine. We chatted about the cruise, the day, and our table companions. I took a deep breath and confessed to Joyce that I really enjoyed being with her and that I hoped we would have more trips together.

“I hope so too, Larry. I really don’t need another travel companion or roommate.”

I stood in front of her, pulled her to her feet and kissed her tenderly. She smiled at me and before I could react, her mouth was on mine, harder and more insistent than our first kiss. Soon our tongues were dancing and the kiss quickly felt like “I want your clothes off right now”. I slid my hands up her side and cupped her breast. She moaned into my mouth and pulled me close and tight, my erection pressing hard against her. She squirmed against it and murmured her approval.

“Oh, Joyce. I’ve thought about this since the first night we met.”

“I had some pretty nice wet dreams myself.”

We made a bee line into the cabin and then it was a race to see who could undress the other the fastest. Joyce won. She stroked my cock and kissed it on the head. I laid her on the bed and kissed her gently. I kissed my way down her neck to her breast then licked and sucked on each nipple. I moved my hand slowly down her abdomen just to the edge of her underwear. I traced the lacy top of her panties then slid my hand down to the crease of her thigh. I could feel her wet pussy lips as I slowly ran my finger up her slit. When I slipped my hand under the elastic of her underwear, she pushed it down so my fingers could enter her eager love hole.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. “Please don’t make me wait.”

“I want to taste you,” I murmured. I knelt between her legs and slowly removed her panties. I slid my hands up her legs, parting them more and savoring the lovely view of her pussy. Much to my delight she was completely bald. “I love your bare pussy. I think it’s sexy and hot.”

“I’m glad you like. I enjoy the way it feels, too.”

I put my mouth on those lovely lips, swirled my tongue around her clit, and then sucked gently. When I slipped two fingers inside her at the same time, she came with a scream. Her climax rolled through her like a continuous wave that went on and on.

“That was wonderful,” she said with a big smile. She pulled me up, kissed me, and then licked her cum from around my mouth.

I moved between her legs and kissed her deeply. She reached down and guided my hard dick to her eager and wet love hole. She arched her hips and I slid inside. Once I was fully in, I stopped my thrusting and she clenched her muscles around my dick. I just savored the incredible sensation. I gazed into her eyes and knew this was the woman I wanted to be with.

I started stroking slowly at first and then began to increase the tempo. Joyce matched my thrusting with her own and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again. Her breathing became quick and shallow and then she tensed for just that moment before climax. I drove in hard and deep, heard a long moan, and then her climax crashed over her. A few strokes later and I added my cum to hers.

I collapsed in her arms. She held me tight and locked her legs around me. I kissed her on her forehead, her nose, and then her mouth. “That was incredible,” I murmured between kisses.

“It was wonderful,” she said with a sigh. “Do you think we could turn over and still keep you inside?”

“I’ll do my best,” I said with a smile and wondered what she had in mind.

It wasn’t easy to do considering we had booked two separate beds but I was able to pick Joyce up and roll under while escort bayanlar she held on. Once I was in the position she desired, she put her hands on my shoulders and slowly moved so she was sitting on her knees. It felt wonderful just being inside her.

Joyce looked at me with a coy smile and slowly moved her pelvis forward until my dick slid out. She then moved back just enough that I could see the head of my cock protruding between her lips. She leaned down a little and began to move her hips forward and back, riding my dick using our cum as a lubricant. Her body was tilted just enough that she was rubbing her clit on my tool. It was erotic watching her rocking action with her pussy sliding on my cock. The best part was we both could watch and the look on her face as her orgasm was building was priceless. Is there a more perfect way for a woman to masturbate?

Joyce began to push down harder as she increased the tempo. Her climax came with a long moan. She was breathing hard yet sat very still, her hands gripping my shoulders. She gazed into my eyes with a look of contentment. After a few moments, she stretched out and lay on top of me. I held her close, pulled the sheet over us, and we drifted off to sleep.

It has been quite some time since I slept in a small bed with a woman in my arms. It was very nice then and it was the same this time. I remember waking a few times and just gazed with delight at the beautiful person next to me. I finally drifted off to a deep sleep and in my dream, I was watching her ride my cock with her pussy once again. Something was wrong with my dream, however because it seemed so real. I could feel her sliding back and forth on my dick. I opened my eyes and raised my head to see Joyce cleaning my cock with a warm face cloth.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” she said with a big smile. “Just relax and enjoy.”

The warm wet water felt nice and my dick was beginning to respond to her touch. I watched her take it into her mouth and run her tongue all over it. It didn’t take long for my cock to become hard. After taking it all in, she wrapped a hand around it and began to give me a sensual blowjob. I thought I must still be dreaming. This was so incredible. I knew it wasn’t a dream as I felt my climax nearing. I was breathing hard and my hips were thrusting into her mouth.

I filled her mouth with my load. She took it all and didn’t stop stroking until she had milked every drop. “I didn’t have a chance to do this last night and I thought it might be a nice way to start the day.”

I reached down and pulled her into my arms. I kissed her and said, “A perfect way to start any and every day.”

“Well, now that I’ve had some cum, I’m ready for coffee. Shall we go to breakfast?”

Reluctantly I got dressed. The thought of staying naked and calling room service crossed my mind. Then again, that might work well later in the week; particularly on a sea day.

When we walked out of the room Joyce looked for our cabin steward. They had a brief conversation and she handed him something.

We made our way through the breakfast buffet line and found a booth. We toasted each other with our coffee cups and Joyce said with a big grin, “Here’s to a wonderful start to our cruise.” Then as I was taking a sip, she added, “So what do you want to do today?” She caught me completely off guard and I started to choke. My eyes were watering, I was coughing and she was laughing and giggling.

“As if you didn’t know,” I managed to squeak out while still coughing.

“Something tells me we’ll be doing a lot of that,” she replied with a coy smile.

“Well my dear, I am at your command. What would you like to do today?”

She took a sip of coffee, I think just to tease me, and after a long pause said, “I’ve been to this island so why don’t we hit the gym, have fun in the shower, and let nature take its course. After lunch some pool and hot tub time, then a quickie before dinner. After dinner some dancing, then back to our cabin for some wine and more playing. What do you think?”

“I love it except I’ll add that if there is some karaoke somewhere, I’ll sing you a song.”

“Just think, we have a whole week of fun.”

When we got back to our room I instantly knew what the conversation Joyce had with our steward was about. Our two beds had become one. Just like our future.

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A Much Needed Visit

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Big Boobs

I’m staring at the matte finish wooden door of my new office. You promised me that you would be here precisely at 6:00 pm, closing time. It is now 6:07 pm. I hope you’ll show up soon. My eyes are locked on that door waiting for you to approach it. Each minute feels like an eternity. I’ve waited so long for this. Finally at 6:11, I see the doorknob turn. I watch it rotate clockwise, waiting to see your slender hands grasping the handle. The door opens silently, and the tips of your fingers reach over the edge of the doorway.

You enter gracefully, with one beautiful leg crossing in front of the other. I stand up. “Where have you been?” I ask it almost accusingly. You back away a little, your dark curtain of hair shifting as you move. “I’m sorry.” I am really sorry. I never want to upset you. “I’m really happy to see you.” I move closer to you. I can’t get over how gorgeous you are, but I have to fight myself from saying it. It’s not appropriate right now. You reach your hand out towards me. I press it against my face. It’s been so long since I’ve felt it. You have the smoothest, silkiest hands in the world. I love the way they feel. I slide my fingers through your hair, down your neck, and across your chest, feeling you shiver beneath my fingers. I pull you close to me. I feel ataşehir escort my slacks tightening. God, you are so warm and soft.

You lean in and press your lips to mine. I squeeze you against me, and began to move my lips lower, toward your neck, making my way down to your collarbone. The next step is your call. I can feel you shaking. I can’t describe how much it excites me. You proceed to unbutton your blouse, my lips following the motion of your hands. I help you slip of your top, and unhook the back of your bra. I slide my hands over your breasts. No one has tits like yours. I love to feel them, and press my mouth to them, and my face, listening closely to your heartbeat. You press my face into them, squeezing them around me. You always knew exactly what I like. I take off my shirt to keep my pace up with you. You wrap yourself in my arms, feeling my warmth. I want it so badly.

You press your lips against my chest. You always seem so timid, even though you are incredible. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I squeeze your shoulders as you make your way down and begin undoing my belt.

“No, it’s your turn.” I want to see you, every bit of you. You back away, sliding off your pants, looking almost embarrassed. How could you ever be ataşehir escort bayan embarrassed? I lift you up onto my desk, continue where I left of at your chest, moving towards you panties. I slide them off, tossing them to the side. You resist a little, but I manage to spread your legs in front of me. It is so beautiful, glistening. I can tell how excited you are, but it’s not enough. I tease you with my tongue on your thighs, starting outside and moving inward. I feel you writhe with excitement beneath me. Finally after sliding my tongue around I gently press it to your clit, just flicking it back and forth. Your quivering is incredible. I listen to your soft moans escalate. I continue different motions with my mouth, occasionally inserting a finger just to feel how wet you are. I press my tongue and suck hard on your clit. I see your chest raise up. There is nothing more arousing to watch than you right now. I can see your eyes so intent and focused. I know you want to cum so badly. I replace my tongue with my finger for just a moment.

“I want you to cum for me.” You begin to shake beneath me, lightly, then intensely, almost bucking me off. I love it. Your moans are so loud. I hope no one else stayed late. I’m too aroused and happy to care. “Please keep cumming. I want to hear you louder.” I’m going full force now with my hand. Your body is gyrating violently under me. You’re practically screaming at this point. I come up and press my lips to yours to silence them and feel you soften your force against me.

I slide off my bottoms, and press my cock against you, teasing you as I always do. “I want you to beg for it.” I listen to you plead desperately, and finally satisfy your desire and mine, forcing myself inside you. I’ve forgotten how it feels. It’s been too long. It’s so tight and perfect. I slowly pull myself out, almost all the way, then push myself in, hard. I continue this motion, a little faster and more forceful each time, loving the way you beg for more.

I feel myself getting close, but I’m not going to let it go so soon. I slow down to change positions. I sit on my desk and slide you down on top of me, using my hands to guide you up and down, eventually leaving you up, while I pound myself into you from beneath. I love watching your tits moving with my force. I squeeze them together, as I continue thrusting. You yell my name, begging for more of it and I love giving it to you. I continue full force until I feel I’m about to explode. “I’m cumming.” I look in your eyes as my body gets tense. I pull myself out, throw you down and press my cock against your tits to finish. You look so beautiful right now with that wild hair and crazed look, a mixture of desire and fulfillment. I can’t help but lean over and kiss you.

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‘Twas the Night of Hoeing

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When a lazy mall security guard catches two young, hot girls stealing he thinks of a devious plan to play out his ultimate sexual Christmas fantasy.

‘Twas the Night of Hoeing

It was just another boring Christmas Eve night in the city’s old downtown mall. Gary, the evening security guard lazily sat in the back office, occasionally glazing at the grainy footage on the security cameras. For the most part, the mall was dead. Despite it being so close to Christmas, this mall had seen a sharp decrease in foot traffic as people preferred the newer, more glamorous mall on the other side of the city. Because of a lack of customers, the whole security staff was reduced to two employees. A daytime security guard named Frank and Gary, who took care of security during the evenings. Since Gary often worked by himself, he pretty much could do whatever he wanted during his shift including replacing the sounds of the 1950s holiday tunes that flowed into the security office from the mall with sounds of his groans and moans as he rigorously tugged on his thick cock until that familiar, white juice shot out of his member and trickled to the floor. Gary loved that he could jerk off practically every shift without anyone noticing.

It was 8:30pm so it was time for Gary to do another walkaround of the building. Gary didn’t mind doing these walkarounds as they kind of got him in the Christmas spirit despite having to work such a mundane job and the mall’s administrative staff doing such a half ass job with decorating the place. The walkways of the mall were lined with different colored Christmas trees that looked run down and neglected. Hanging from the ceilings, were faded life sized cardboard portraits of various Christmas characters (Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, etc.). The only redeeming thing about this mall was Christy’s Bread Shop. This unassuming bakery always has the most delicious smells coming out of it and the owner always gives Gary a free bagel when he walks by.

As Gary finished chopping down on his bagel, he approached the entrance of Downtown Fashions Clothing Boutique. He noticed two teenaged looking girls stuffing shirts into bookbags. Gary was at enough of a distance to clearly see what they were doing so they would be unable to deny anything if he were to approach them. It did not look like the store’s staff was around which was suspicious to Gary. As Gary walked into the store, the blonde girl gasped as she realized her, and her friend were caught. Her eyes widen with fear. She dropped her bag to the ground but not before forgetting to zip it up. The shirts with their price tags still attached came tumbling from the bookbag to the ground right in front of Gary’s feet.

The other girl looked equally as scared as the blonde. Her round face, covered with freckles, began to turn a bright red. She nervously fidgeted with her loose, curly red hair.

“We’re sorry, sir” the blonde stammered, her eyes looking at the ground. “Please don’t call the cops on us, please.”

“We’ll do anything,” the red head quickly added.

Gary took a couple of sniffs and could smell a hint of marijuana coming from the back of the store near the loading dock. From what he could tell, the store’s sales associate was in the back having a smoke break and was not doing his job of keeping the store free of theft.

Suddenly, a devious idea came into Gary’s mind. If these girls were of age, Gary could have some real holiday fun with them. The storage room for the now defunct Christmas costume shop was just next door. Thinking about the red head’s “We’ll do anything,” statement made Gary’s dick twitch a little.

“How old are you girls?” Gary said

“19” they both replied in unison still looking at the ground in shame.

Gary could not help but let a soft groan escape his lips. The thought of him having his way with two, ripe pussies almost made him want to bust at that very moment.

“Let me see your IDs” he demanded, making sure he kept his tone demanding and intimidating. If he wanted to scare these young sluts out of their clothes, he would have to perpetrate a “bad cop” front. Gary really considered himself lucky as such tricks would not work on most older women.

Both girls reached in their respective bags, rumbling through their contents. Shortly afterwards, they both produced their IDs and handed them to Gary. To Gary’s delight, they were telling the truth. Both girls were 19.

Gary was ecstatic for a couple of reasons: 1). He knew he was going to fuck both of these human cum deposit boxes tonight. 2). He knew they could potentially be naïve enough to fall for all the lies he planned to use to get them out of their panties.

Gary cleared his throat and regained his composure. He stuffed both IDs in his pocket.

“Come with me” he instructed the girls. He knew he had to get them quickly out of the store before anyone else spotted them.

The girls slowly followed Gary to the storage room. Once all three of them were inside, Gary made sure to lock the door behind them and flipped on the light switch so he could get a better look at his concubines for the night.

“Ladies, I’ll cut to the chase and make this simple and quick subayevleri escort for you,” Gary started as he began to undo his belt buckle. He could not help but notice the blonde’s glaze follow his belt as he removed it from his waist and placed it on an old desk beside him. Gary could tell at least she was starting to get where this was leading to.

“Tonight, you’ll either let me have my way with your bodies for a little bit or I’m going to call the cops and have you arrested for theft. I have you on camera stealing on my bodycam.” Gary inwardly applauded himself for quickly coming up with an on the spot lie about the bodycam. Many of the city’s residents knew most of the store owners did not have their own security cameras which is why some felt so comfortable stealing.

“Wha- What do you mean have your way with our bodies?” the red head stammered.

Before Gary could answer the red head’s question, the blonde interrupted.

“He wants to fuck us,” she softly whispered to her friend. Much to Gary and the red head’s surprise the blonde began unbuttoning her jeans.

“What are you doing?” the red head hissed as the blonde continued to remove her clothing.

“I can’t afford for him to call the cops and neither can you. You know our parents will kill us and we’ll probably lose our scholarships.” Gary could not help but smirk at the single tear running down the blonde’s face as she realized her fate. Gary’s plan was coming along swimmingly. He knew he did not have a lot of time to do this since he was on the clock, so it was great that at least one of the girls got on board quickly.

Within seconds, the blonde stood in middle of the room in her hot pink cotton panties and bra.

“That is right, ladies. I not only want to fuck you, but I want to fuck you while playing Christmas characters. Of course, I am Santa. Who wants to be Mrs. Claus and who wants to be Mrs. Claus’ stepsister?”

This time, the blonde began sobbing uncontrollably. Her delectable, slightly tanned full B cup titties began to seductively shake with the trembling of her shoulders as she tried to wipe her face dry with the back of her hand. As if the emotions of the blonde gave her a boast of confidence, the red head defiantly crossed her arms and sternly looked at Gary. Her eyes were gleaming with disgust and anger.

“No, we don’t have to do this,” she announced with her voice quivering. Within seconds, the red head’s tough façade began to evaporate and now her face was also stained with tears.

“I’m a virgin…please, I have to wait until I’m married,” the red head said in between sobs.

Since Gary was all about compromising, he had an idea for the red head. He assumed the blonde was not a virgin since she failed to speak up.

“How about this,” Gary began as he continued to remove his clothing. He was now completely naked in front of these two girls. He could not help but notice both girls were now focusing on his fully erect penis. It was hard to tell, however, if their stares were looks of intrigue or looks of fear. Not that Gary gave a fuck either way.

“I’ll agree to only fuck your ass,” Gary stated as he stroked his penis at the thought of being balls deep in the red head’s tight, dirty hole.

“That way, your pussy will remain pure. I will warn you that it may hurt a little, tho.”

“She’ll do it,” the blonde said harshly as she directed an authoritative glare at her red head friend.

The red head let out a wail but began to follow her friend’s lead with trembling hands. Now the red head was down to her bra and panties as well. She had more of a fuller figured body than her blonde friend but would not be considered fat by any means. Her breasts were much larger than blondie’s. Gary’s mouth watered at the thought of those milky white mounds entering his awaiting, wet and hot mouth.

“Perfect!” Gary exclaimed. “We don’t have a lot of time to get this done so let us get started! Since Santa would never fuck Mrs. Claus in the ass, you’ll be Ms. Claus, blondie. And that means you’ll be Mrs. Claus’ stepsister,” Gary stated while pointing at the red head.

Gary just remembered that he had a small bottle of lube in his uniform’s pocket so he would not have to lubricate the red head’s asshole with his own salvia which was a bonus. He typically kept lube on him for his workplace hand jobs. This night was working out wonderfully!

“Now, both of you get completely naked. We will start with Mrs. Claus getting fucked by me while she eats her stepsister’s pussy. Then we will finish off with me fucking Mrs. Claus’ stepsister in the ass while she eats out Mrs. Claus. Santa has a long day tomorrow, delivering toys to all the girls and boys in the world. It’s important that you give him a good workout so he can maintain his stamina. He doesn’t want to disappoint anyone on Christmas Day.”

Gary began walking around the storage room where there were plenty of costumes to choose from. He wanted to find the perfect wardrobe for his fantasy.

“On second thought, I’ll let the two of you decide who Santa will fuck first,” He returned to the girls who both were now completely naked. The storage closet yenidoğan escort was on the colder side, so their naked bodies trembled a little as they innocently held hands, probably to comfort each other.

“I’ll go first,” the blonde timidly replied as she grabbed the gray, fluffy wig Gary handed her. That was the most realistic Mrs. Claus’ wig he could find. As the blonde roughly pulled the wig over her blonde hair, the red head took a couple of “big girl” gulps and grabbed a second gray, female wig from Gary and stuffed her voluminous, red locks underneath it. That wig would have to do for Mrs. Claus’ stepsister.

From what Gary could tell, the girls seemed to be more accepting of what was about to happen. While they did not look completely thrilled, they didn’t look fearful either.

Gary pulled on his jolly Santa hat and beard.

It was time.

“Red Hot, lay on the desk on your back and spread your legs wide. You’ll need to give Mrs. Claus enough room so she can eat the fuck out of that juicy pussy of yours,” Gary directed the red head.

The red head’s tears and sobbing resumed but she did as she was instructed. Gary could see her face turn bright red from the embarrassment as she covered her eyes with her hands. The wobbly desk creaked underneath her body weight causing her freckle dusted breasts to jingle ever so slightly which made Gary pratically drool with lust. It is almost as if she was too ashamed to see her friend invade her womanhood with her tongue.

When Red Hot spread her legs, the sweet scent of her pussy juices began to tingle Gary’s nose. As much as he wanted to dive in, he also wanted to stick to his fantasy. The blonde must also have picked up on her friend’s scent because she started to object as Gary pushed on her back to get her in position between Red Hot’s legs. Time was ticking and he needed this to happen sooner than later. Both girls would have to settle for him just pushing all his meat into them quickly. There was no time to worry about their pleasure. Luckily, the lube will help with all that.

“I-I’ve never done this before…,” the blonde stammered as her face was nearly touching the red head’s glistening cunt. Red Hot’s curly, frizzy pubic hair brushed against the blonde’s nose. “I’m not gay-“

With that, Gary forcefully pushed on the back of the blonde’s head so that she was now face deep in the red head’s snatch. Her objections were now muffled by her friend’s sloppy vagina.

“Start licking, now” Gary hissed at blondie as he lubed up his penis and positioned his tip near the blonde’s pussy entrance. He held her head in place until he saw the back of head make the motion that she was licking her friend’s center in a vertical, yet hesitant motion.

Between the blonde’s muffled cries from her being forced to take in more and more of her friend’s luscious, overflowing honeypot and the red head hyperventilating and crying at the same time, Gary was so fucking turned on. He knew these girls probably never did anything sexual with another female before. Gary smirked as he geared up to enter the blonde’s cunt with his throbbing pecker. He sternly held the blonde’s head in place, practically suffocating the blonde with the red head’s pussy.

As Gary expected, eventually the girls’ intial sexual apprehension had now turned to pleasure. Gary was delighted to see the red head had now stopped covering her face and was moaning between her now subsiding anxious pants. Gary could not help but marvel at how beautiful this girl truly was. The slight glow from the overhead light hit her porcelain, freckled covered body perfectly. She had the most adorable, come fuck me face. Her eyes were closed tight as she now grabbed one of her breast in each hand and began to squeeze them in unison…ever….so….slightly. Gary just knew she was squeezing those delectable, perky nipples of hers just for him as she squeezed her breast harder with each lick from her friend.

The blonde was really going to town on her friend’s cunt.

Slurp. Slurp. Slurp. The blonde wasn’t holding anything back. First, she used the tip of her rather long tongue to gently poke at the red head’s asshole. Each time she did this, the red head’s eyes shot open in surprise. He knew it always felt weird to feel something touch that hole for the first time.

After touching the red head’s back door with her tongue, she would make her way up to the rest of her pussy, occasionally dipping her tongue inside of her friend. The moans and pants that were coming out of Red Hot’s dirty mouth was almost enough to make Gary cum in that instant, but he could not let this pussy and his hard on go to waste. He reached down and touch the blonde’s pussy as she continued to eat out her friend. It was definitely wet enough for Gary to enter her without lube but he decided to moisten her up anyway just in case she was a virgin too but didn’t say anything earlier. Even Gary wasn’t a big enough of a dick to where he wanted to push himself in an unlubricated, untouched snatch.

He put a couple globs of lube on his index and middle finger and pushed them inside of the blonde’s pussy, without any warning.

“AAAHHH!” she loudly yenimahalle escort exclaimed as she tried to jerk her body upwards and wiggle away from the invasion of Gary’s fingers.

“Just relax,” he mumbled, pushing the blonde back into position. She wasn’t a virgin. Gary could tell she had at least a couple of cocks inside of her at some point previously. She probably let some small dicked, high school boys fuck her before because while she wasn’t a virgin, she was still pretty tight down there.

Grabbing her hips to steady himself, Gary pushed all eight inches of his throbbing, wanting cock right up in the blonde’s tight pussy until his balls rested against her backside. He stood in place for a moment as he pushed her head back down into the red head’s drenched cunt.

“Don’t stop eating her box, you hear me?” Gary said to the blonde through clenched teeth. “I want her to squirt her load down your throat. This is Santa’s Christmas gift to both of you. Tonight, you both will get the gift of knowing what it is like to taste each other. You’ve probably never thought you would love eating pussy but after tonight it’s all you’ll ever want. You’ll long to dive into your friend’s juicy, delectable pussy whenever you get a chance. Now, suck in all of her nectar. Swallow all of her juice.”

On command, the blonde continued her assault on the red head who never stopped moaning from the pleasure she was receiving from her friend’s tongue.

Gary began moving, roughly pushing his cock into the blonde’s pussy. She reciprocated his movement by pushing her pussy back on his dick as he pushed forward.

The room was filled with the sounds of Santa, his wife, and her stepsister moaning and groaning as they enjoyed the pleasure being inflicted on them on this Christmas Eve night. The sounds of Santa’s skin slapping the backside of the Mrs. Claus ass as he fucked her from behind was intermingled with the sound of her stepsister shaking the table underneath her body while she began convulsing from the orgasm that was flowing through her body. Judging by the puddle that was now near her soaking wet box, Gary (or Santa as he was calling himself tonight) could tell the red head had squirted and at least some of it got in her friend’s mouth because he could hear the blonde ask her friend in a whispering voice if the red head had just peed in her mouth.

“Silly girl,” Gary thought to himself as he continued to pump his dick in and out the blonde. The dumb blonde didn’t realize that wasn’t pee in her mouth but her friend’s cum.

He was almost there.

“Get back down there,” he barked at Mrs. Claus once again as he pushed her head back down into the red head’s lady parts. He understood that both girls were exhausted. He just knew they never experienced anything like this before. But he did not want them taking a break until he busted his nut deep inside the blonde’s pussy tunnel.

The blonde did like she was told. Just like before, she took care in coating her tongue with her stepsister’s love juices as she licked the red head’s center like her life depended on it. Blondie was going to be on Santa’s nice list, that’s for sure. As for the red head, it had yet to be determined which list she would end up on. It really depended on if her asshole was pleasing enough to Gary’s aka Santa’s dick as Mrs. Claus’ stepsister.

“Ho…Ho…,” Gary stammered. He was so close to releasing every drop of spunk he had in his balls right into Mrs. Claus/Blondie’s vag. He grunted as he continued to pump and pump.

“Ho!” he exclaimed as he felt his load come rushing out of his tip and right into the blonde’s awaiting pussy. Her inner walls tightened so hard around his cock that he thought she may break it off. It was as if she was trying to make sure she did not let any of his baby making juice go to waste.

Typically, Gary would have took some time to savor the moment. But he knew he had limited time and he really wanted to experience the red head’s ass. He was already starting to get hard again at the thought of him lathering up his cock and gently poking at her backdoor until the slightly wrinkled skin back there gave in just enough for him to push the rest of himself inside. He would have to make sure he lubed up a whole lot. He really had to get his dick in this bitch’s asshole quickly, but he did not want to tear her a new one either.

“Hurry up and switch positions, ladies,” Gary instructed, as he adjusted his Santa beard.

The sweat from his face caused the hair from the gray, curly wig to stick to his skin almost as if it were a second skin. As he got his costume back into place, he took a couple deep breaths so he could inhale the aroma of sex that had filled the room. All three people clearly looked as if they had just done some crazy fucking. Their flesh was drained of color and all them were breathing irregularly as they all followed Gary’s instructions. Gary knew this Christmas Eve was about to get crazier as he was finally going to get the Christmas gift he really wanted. For a few years now, Gary longed to know what his dick would feel like in someone’s asshole. He rarely, however, could muster up enough courage to ask whatever woman he was dating at the time if he could have a go at her butthole for some good, old fashion ass fucking. The few times he was brave enough to ask he was quickly shunned by his female companions and he never heard from them again. It was almost as if this type of situation was the only way he was ever going to experience anal.

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The Older Man Named Noel Pt. 01

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Big Nipple

I met Noel at an art exhibit, he and I had the same tastes in a local artist who was having a showing of his work at the city’s art museum. He and I fixated on one of the his paintings that had caught both our eye. The man a great eye for color, his brush strokes perfectly mastered, the detail in all that he painted was amazing.

I stood there I was hypnotized by this painting, Noel came up, standing beside me he too saw the same thing I saw in this painting, it truly was eye catching. Noel and I sneaked looks at each other, he and I standing there our eyes on each other. Noel gave me a smile, the man’s smile was contagious, he was a very handsome man for sure.

Noel was an older man he was fifty nine years old he looked to be about forty five, his greying hair cut short, actually quite stylish. His face with grey side burns, with a slim mustache above his upper lip, with a goatee. His teeth perfect in every way, his eyes a blueish green, even his nose fit his face perfectly.

He was tall and slim, his designer clothing was so perfectly fit to his body the man had excellent fashion sense, he and I stood there our eyes on this one painting. I knew if I had the money I would have bought it outright, but being in university I could not justify a purchase of a painting when I had so many other necessities I needed to buy.

I was twenty one, I was in my third and final year of studies till graduation, it felt like an eternity till I would be able to get my career off and started. I was six foot tall, slim, felt I was dressed to kill. With my long brown shaggy hair and a wisp of a moustache I had the world by the tail at the time, or so I thought.

Noel and I stood side by side, he and I still focused on the painting in front of us both. Had I really looked around I would have found that I was the only man of my age in the entire building, all the other men in the building were of Noel’ s age and older. He and I traded looks more than once, I was never one to be shy or nervous to start conversation with anyone.

“Hello my name is Tom, I see you and I have the same tastes in art it seems.”

“Yes it seems we do, I’m Noel very nice to meet you Tom.”

Noel and I shook hands, this man’s hand held my own in his, I was captivated by his look, he really was a very handsome man. I myself always attracted to an older gent, I never dated men my own age I always found I had nothing in common with them. I was not one to do hookups, not one that was into casual sex. I liked to be asked out on a date, the man should pick polatlı escort me up at my door, treat me like a lady so to speak.

Noel and I started a conversation, he told me what he liked about what the artist showed in his paintings, we traded criticisms, but it was hard to fault the man he was a very good artist who paid such close attention to every detail.

Noel and I got a drink and walked the exhibit, we discussed what we liked in each and every painting he had on display. He and I talked music, we had similar tastes in music as well I was not into todays music, Noel it seems had the same taste when it came to music as well. Noel planned to attend the ballet this coming weekend, it was one I wanted to see but I was not able to easily afford.

Noel was also into opera, I always wanted to attend but that too was not something I could easily afford. Noel and I talked the night away, from Broadway plays to the symphony, he and I seemed to have similar interests in all we talked about. The gallery was about to close we had gotten lost in conversation, time had slipped away from us. Noel suggested we go for a drink as we were about to get our coats. I was all for us continuing our conversation, he and I exited the gallery, Noel had his car waiting his driver ready to take us wherever we needed to go.

Noel took me to this lavish Hotel downtown, I felt very underdressed for this place. He and I enjoyed a cocktail, slowly sipping our drinks it was nice to sit and talk with him. The man told stories of his life, how he had gotten started in his career, how his career had taken control of his life.

Noel had no social life, his life consisted of work and more work, he was very well off but he was very much alone and lonely. He never married, he rarely dated, if he did date they soon lost interest as Noel was never around, his career took priority in every part of his life. Now that he was fifty nine he was alone, well off, he owned his own company, but he had no one to enjoy his life with at this point.

I told him I was always one to be goal orientated, school my priority, then it would be work, I had no time for dating, not that anyone ever asked me on an actual date. I was never one to be interested in dating anyone my own age, I preferred older gentlemen, who treated a man the way a date should be treated. Noel grinned at me as I said the last of that.

“So Tom would you go on a date with me? Or am I much too old for a young man like yourself?”

“Noel you are not too pursaklar escort old, you are a wonderful man, I would love to go out on a date with you Sir.”

“Tom would you join me this Friday night at the ballet we talked about earlier, I have seats and I always book two in hopes of a date?”

“Oh my yes I would love to attend the ballet with you.”

“Then it will have to be dinner then the ballet, then drinks afterwards.”

“Sounds wonderful Noel, I really cannot wait, thank you so much.”

We traded information so he could contact me and know where to pick me up on Friday night, he and I could text each other as the week went along. Noel and I sat and enjoyed our drinks, he and I so comfortable with each other like we knew each other for years.

Noel and I talked for hours, the hostess came up to let us know it was last call, I had not realized it was so late I had to get home I had classes the next day. Noel offered to drive me home this way the driver would know where to pick me up. Noel dropped me off at the dorm where I stayed, he even walked me to my door, he and I kissed, we held the kiss for a few minutes.

I have to say it was incredible to kiss this man, he and I connected not only personally but physically as well, I could feel his and my own getting harder. Noel reluctantly went to his car he and I gave each other one last wave goodbye as his car drove off. I texted Noel the next day at lunch time, telling him how much I enjoyed our conversation, and how happy I was to meet him.

He quickly replied saying he really enjoyed our conversation as well and looked forward to Friday night, I agreed as well. I knew I would have to purchase or rent a tux for this date it was not going to the movies kind of date, I was sure Noel would bring me to a very upper class restaurant, then the ballet would be black tie as well, I am sure he would have balcony seats.

I found a men’s store that had just what I needed, I could easily rent the suit I needed, I had the shirt the shoes all of it. Noel showed up at my dorm, he and I a dinner reservation, then we would be whisked off to the ballet.

The food was incredible, the wine divine, Noel a total gentleman, he and I enjoyed conversation, it seems he and I had no problem talking about anything. The ballet was everything I knew it would be, I could not keep my eyes off the dancers, we had some of the best seats in the entire place.

Noel and I enjoyed a glass of wine during intermission, the entire evening was sincan escort magical, I got to meet some of Noel’s friends, they were all surprised to see Noel with a date. None of them surprised it was with a man, or that I was also so much younger than Noel was. We had some really good conversation with his friends, we all looked forward to the rest of the ballet.

The entire ballet was incredible, as we stood to give them a standing ovation, I leaned in and kissed Noel in front of everyone. He of course turned every shade of red, he was not used to someone so forward, or someone who showed affection like I did. We said our goodbyes to his friends, they all hoped to see me at the next ballet or possibly the upcoming opera.

Once we were in the car Noel and I decided not to end our evening just yet we would go for a drink at the same Hotel we had gone to the first night he and I met. We sat enjoyed our drinks talked of the ballet, Noel brought up the fact that I had kissed him at the end of the ballet.

“Noel I am one to show affection, I love to kiss, I would kiss you right now if you and I were seated closer to each other.”

Noel of course turned every shade of red, he was not used to someone being so straight forward, so affectionate.

“Tom you embarrass me, I am not used to someone kissing me in public, I have never been with a man who openly showed affection to me like you did at the ballet.”

“Should I be nervous or embarrassed to kiss you, to show you affection, to touch you, to hold your hand in public because someone may find it offensive?”

Noel did not respond, I could see he was processing the whole idea of two men kissing in public, holding hands, showing affection to each other.

“Tom I was raised in a very homophobic environment where affection was not to be shown, only behind closed doors. Affection between two men never shown in public, you did all of that hidden away.”

“That was then this is now Noel, it’s okay to show the man you are with or like how you feel, I am one to touch, hold and kiss the man I am with, I especially love to kiss.”

Noel and I talked of the ballet, the man knew his stuff, he saw the flaws in the performance I did not see, the man’s eye for detail was amazing. We talked for hours, had a few drinks, Noel asked if there would be another date.

“That Sir depends on you, if you ask I can tell you I would say yes for sure.”

“Tom there is a show at the museum I wanted to take in but I did not want to attend on my own, would you be my date to the museum?”

“I would love to be your date to the museum Noel, when is it and how does one dress to go to a museum exhibit?”

“Well Tom it is not dressed like we are tonight but one had to always look their best, I will take you out to dinner before we attend the show at the museum.”

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