Belinda and Terian – Lesbian

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Pretty face

After finishing those gummy bear pancakes that Terian made for dinner, it was now time for bed. Gummy bear pancakes for dinner? Well, Belinda never cared since Terian was as playful as ever.

At nine o’clock at night, the atmosphere of their bedroom was filled with laughter and naughty groans as Belinda was trying to embarrass Terian.

Terian dearly loved the feel of her girlfriend’s lips tugging gently on her clitoris, she laughed merrily as she covered her face with the pillow. Terian loved playing hiding games, especially since she never wanted her girlfriend to see her having an orgasm. She hated Belinda seeing her “orgasm face.”

“Terian, show me your pretty face,” Belinda pulled on the plump pillow.

Terian screamed in response and quickly rolled onto her stomach.

Knowing this was going to be playtime, Belinda had to just briefly remove her glasses and pop them on the nightstand situated beside the bed.

Laying on top of Terian’s back, Belinda lifted her leg and attempted to pinch the swollen walnut of her clitoris. This, of course, made the little fairy scream for her dear Belinda. Licking up a bead of sweat from the blonde girl’s cheek, Belinda purred as she rubbed Terian’s clitoris.

All of a sudden, Terian pushed Belinda canlı bahis şirketleri onto her back so that now she was the dominant queen of them all. The blonde girl reached down and grabbed Belinda’s breasts, just kneading into them. Her breasts were much bigger than Terian’s, thus Terian liked to take advantage of the big squishy feel.

Belinda, not taking kindly to the squishes, proceeded to tickle Terian under the armpits and the blonde fairy giggled so much. She laid down, no breath of space between their chests, as she nuzzled her face into Belinda’s shoulder whilst laughing.

“You’ll never conquer me, baby girl,” Belinda told Terian.

Without much of an answer, Belinda cuddled Terian until the two of them fell asleep.

Cheeky devil

Snapping her eyes open at eight o’clock in the morning was never an unusual time for Belinda, although she preferred the nights and waking up around noon. Terian had work in an hour, and that’s why Belinda was up so early.

“Morning, Terian, I’ll whip us up some breakfast,” Belinda beamed as she planted a kiss onto Terian’s cheek.

Terian just groaned in response, slowly waking up.

Cracking eggs into a frying pan, Belinda kept those eggs sizzling all whilst she popped two slices of bread into the canlı kaçak iddaa toaster.

Upon making her wife a cup of green tea, Belinda purposely rubbed the walnut of her clitoris and aimed those squirting juices into Terian’s tea. Will she notice the peculiar taste? Well, they were partners in crime for a reason…

“Here, eggs on toast and some tea,” Belinda set the breakfast tray beside the lamp on the nightstand.

As soon as the tray hit the nightstand, Terian shot up and immediately dived into her breakfast.

“I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me,” Belinda blew Terian a kiss before moving on into the other room.

She loved egg on toast; it was her favourite breakfast ever. It was so simple and yet the two ingredients work so well together. Belinda took her first bite, though she decided to add a bit of pepper afterwards.

About a few minutes into her grub, Belinda felt a naughty hand slip into the bra of her nightdress.

“Mmm, what did you put in my tea, babe?”

“Nothing, babe. Why?”

Oh, Terian loved it when Belinda’s nipples instantly hardened once she ran her thumb over them. Terian squeezed onto one of Belinda’s nipples — hard — and she knew Belinda was lying about her tea.

“Are you sure you never added a bit of flavour canlı kaçak bahis to it? Like, I don’t know, your pussy juice?”

“You’ve got work at nine, babe, you don’t want to be late.”

Oh, but Terian was never stupid!

When Belinda was sipping onto her own tea, Terian spread Belinda’s silky legs apart and hoisted her onto the counter. Terian bent down a bit and went on to lick Belinda’s anus and clitoris.

“Gosh, Terian,” Belinda spat her tea back into the mug.

The naughty blonde lifted Belinda’s nightdress to expose her butt and lower back.

Sucking onto Belinda’s clit, Belinda already felt an orgasm coming on over this cheeky devil. Belinda leaned over on the counter she was parked on, hand on the cooker with the other latched onto the edge of the counter beside the fridge.

Even on this chilly morning, Belinda felt herself beginning to sweat in only a thigh-high nightdress. She felt herself sweat underneath her arms and down her back.

Terian ran her tongue over the walnut of Belinda’s vulva, all whilst nudging only an index finger into the woman’s anus.

“Babe, I need to get down!”

It wasn’t long until she squirted over the counter, and there was now vaginal fluids dripping from the worktop. The minute Belinda got down, though, she gripped Terian’s hair and guided her towards the puddle on the counter’s surface.

“Lick it up!” Belinda ordered the naughty nymph.

Watching her girlfriend dip her tongue into the mess, the blonde girl lapped it all up in no time.

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A Ride Home

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Matt stopped the car in front of the house where over a dozen teenagers were waiting for someone to pick them up and take them home. He looked around, searching for his sister Kate and her friend Jen.

It was not really a difficult search. Kate and Jen were definitely two of the most beautiful girls in the crowd, at least according to Matt. Kate, his sister was about 5’5″ and had that healthy figure that you get if you exercise a lot, but you also like to eat pancakes occasionally. She had shoulder length brown hair that framed a face that was called sweet by her friends, with a pointy nose and bright green eyes. Jen was slightly taller and slimmer and had smaller tits, but otherwise the two girls could easily pass as sisters.

“I’m so sorry, bro,” Kate said, when they finally found each other.

“It’s OK sis,” Matt said with a tired smile. “It’s not your fault the party was cancelled.”

Matt was right, but Kate felt still sorry for him. Matt had worked hard all day on a construction site and now he was here, giving her and her friend Jen a lift after a failed party. The fact that the party got cancelled because there was an explosion on a nearby construction site and all electricity, gas and running water was cut in the neighborhood for safety reasons did little to ease Kate’s discomfort.

And part of this discomfort was that this was not exactly a party about which she would tell the truth to most of her friends. Or to her parents to be honest. It was a party organized by one of Jen’s college friends to bring together new girls with boys to dance, maybe drink and have some preferably carnal fun. When Jen got invited, she asked Kate to join her, as Jen was notorious for losing her control around guys and she needed Kate to prevent her from doing something too wild she might regret later. This also meant that she and Jen could have probably ended up having sex with one or two guys together.

What Jen (or Kate for that matter) didn’t know when she invited Kate to the party about a month ago was that the relationship between Kate and Matt would change radically a week later during a rather adventurous hiking trip into the Smoky Mountains, where the two teenagers got lost, soaked by rain and found shelter – and each other – in a cave. Kate was about to cancel, but Matt told her that it was important to keep their relationship in secret at this point. Also he was not exactly a jealous type, especially since they were still figuring out whether it was being siblings with benefits or something entirely different.

“Now ladies, please get into the car, so we can get going,” Matt said. “I still have to drive you home, and that’ll take about an hour even at so late in the evening.”

“Or maybe you could sit on the back seat with me and Kate could drive us home,” Jen remarked with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Matt asked with some surprise in his voice. He immediately suspected what the little nymph wanted, but he never expected her to actually suggest it, and it immediately rang the “what about Kate” bells in his ears. A few weeks ago such a suggestion would have been Matt’s dream, but now he was not so sure about that.

“Well, we came to this party to meet some good looking guys and have fun. And you are definitely a good looking guy…”

“Jen, stop it!” Kate interrupted. “I don’t like where this is going.”

“Why? He is tired and wants to relax, I’m horny and could use a nice cock. I’m pretty sure he would appreciate a little TLC on the back seat.”

“You really want to have sex with my brother canlı bahis şirketleri on the back seat while I’m driving?”

Actually this was a stupid question. Kate knew that Jen wanted to have sex with Matt ever since she had first met him, but Matt had a girlfriend at that time. Jen was not shy about such things and told Kate on more than one occasions what she would do to his brother. And although Kate would have never admitted it at that time, her pussy got wet and aching every time Jen did that.

“I know that you would like to participate, but someone has to drive,” Jen smiled wildly.

“Jen, he is my brother,” Kate protested.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me that you two haven’t fucked in that luxury bed of yours several times,” Jen said. “You are a gorgeous girl, Kate and he is a fine specimen too.”

Kate knew that Jen would never have any problem if she would found out that Kate and her brother were indeed lovers. As long as it was about great sex, Jen really couldn’t care less who the partner was. Still, the siblings were not really ready to give up their greatest secret yet.

Matt took a deep breath, but Kate answered quickly, without blinking, “well, if you have to know, he never did.”

Again this was actually true. Matt had fucked her several times with her recumbent on the kitchen table or bent over the washing machine in the basement, once even on the swing in the backyard, but never actually in her bed.

“Yeah, sure,” Jen mumbled. “Anyway, let Matt decide,” Jen said and she cast her sluttiest look on the teenage boy.

Matt looked at his sister. Although he considered Jen to be really hot, even four weeks ago he would have asked his sister first. Jen and Kate were BFFs and he was not sure whether her sister’s BFF was free game. Kate saw the question in her brother’s eyes and knew that she should react just as Matt had reacted when she told him about the party. She sighed.

“Well, it would be just evil to deny you two to have some fun,” she said finally, as she grabbed the keys from her brother. “After all, getting some was the plan. Now get into that car and let’s get going.”

Jen and Matt sat onto the back seat and Kate sat behind the wheel, ready to drive them home. But before she started the engine, she quickly adjusted the mirror to be able to see what was going on behind her.

“Someone is curious about what will happen to her little brother,” Jen snickered. “OK princess, you may watch.”

By the time the car got out of the street, Matt’s pants were at his knees and Jen’s tongue was hungrily running along the length of his rock hard cock, occasionally kissing its tip. Matt let out a content sigh and sank into the back seat. He put his hands on Jen’s head and gently dragged her closer to his cock. She took this as an encouragement and took it into her mouth. Matt searched for the rim of Jen’s panties and when he found it, he slipped his free hand inside and began massaging first her outer lips, then her clit, occasionally venturing a bit more inside to gather some of her fluids.

Kate occasionally cast a glance through the mirror at the erotic scene that got wilder by the moment behind her. She hoped that her friend would not suck Matt completely dry as she had some plans of her own, provided that Matt had any energy left. Her hands occasionally travelled to her own wet mound, but she did not dare to play with herself as she was afraid of losing control over the car.

On the backseat things were heating up. Jen had to stop sucking Matt’s shaft as she could only concentrate on canlı kaçak iddaa Matt’s professional play on her clit. But she did not want to cum from his fingers, she wanted to cum on his cock and feel as he pumped her pussy full with his cum.

So Jen raised herself over Matt’s lap and pulled her panties sideways as she did so. She positioned Matt’s cock to the entry of her wet pussy and was about to lower herself when Kate accidentally hit a pothole and Jen unceremoniously impaled herself over Matt’s rigid member. Both Matt and Jen let out a deep, peremptory growl.

“Oh, sorry you two,” Kate tried to apologize on her cutest voice, but neither Matt nor Jen listened.

Both of them have been teasing the other for several minutes by that time and this sudden, hard impact overwhelmed their senses and now reaching an orgasm became first priority for both of them. Matt grabbed Jen’s ass and started to pump her really hard. So hard that Jen had to put her hands against the headliner to seek support.

“Fuck Kate, he’s a real machine,” Jen panted. “With a supercharged piston.”

“I can certainly hear that,” Kate smiled and envied her friend as she also knew from firsthand experience how fantastic that piston feels.

“Oh Matt, I’m …” Jen started, but could not finish.

Her orgasm hit her hard and her whole body shook in pleasure. Her muscles clamped down on her partner’s cock, pushing him over the edge. Matt’s cock was literally stuck inside her pussy and all he could do was to let out a long growl and release his load deep inside Jen’s tight pussy.

It took both Jen and Matt a couple of minutes before they could speak again. Matt just savored Jen’s tight pussy and the sensation of emptiness in his balls after his release, and Jen relished the feeling of having her pussy filled with cum.

“You know Kate, your brother is truly fantastic,” Jen said finally. “He literally filled my little pussy to the rim.”

“Try to pull his cock out of that little pussy of yours carefully, or you will leak cum all over the car,” Kate answered laughing and dropped a box of tissues Matt normally kept in the glove box onto the back seat.

Both Jen and Matt sighed sadly when Jen raised herself and Matt’s cock slipped out of her and she quickly put some tissues under her pussy to prevent dripping cum over the seat. But she still had one more treat for Matt as she took his softening member into her mouth and made sure that it was completely clean before the car arrived to her home and she had to step out of the car.

“Thanks for the ride,” Jen said as she clumsily walked towards her front door. “For both.”

“Sleep tight,” Kate snickered.

“Trust me, I will,” Jen answered as Kate got back into the car.

As Kate started the engine, she groaned impatiently. “Fuck Matt, I’m so horny you can’t magine. That twenty minute ride home will be a torture.”

“I have an idea,” Matt said. “There is an abandoned waystation about a mile ahead. We could stop there and I’d be more than happy to relieve the pressure in your pussy.”

“I bet you would,” Kate replied wistfully. “But do you think it’s safe?”

“Trust me,” Matt winked. “And it has a fine, stable counter as well.”

“I have the feeling that you are talking from experience,” Kate said as she watched the wide smile on her brother’s face.

A few minutes later they reached the crumbling building. Kate stopped the car and literally dragged her brother out of the car by his cock. She and Matt got out of the car and entered the building from the broken garage door canlı kaçak bahis that was once the entrance of the car wash. Although Matt felt a bit exposed as he was naked from the waist down, he had no choice but to follow her giggling sister, as Kate held him tight by his cock.

Once they were in the part that used to be the diner of the old waystation, Kate quickly got rid of her top. Matt just admired the two orbs for a few seconds, then reached out and grabbed his sister’s orange sized tits and started to kiss and lick them. At the same time Kate busily pumped his cock and massaged his balls.

After a few minutes, Matt decided that he received enough teasing and instructed Kate to bend over the counter. For several moments he just enjoyed the sight of Kate’s perfect ass and her clean pussy, but then he went down on his knees and began to eat her pussy and gently fondle her clit with his tongue.

Soon Kate moaned in pleasure and after a few minutes she decided that it was time to have Matt’s cock inside her.

“Oh my god, Matt, enough of that,” she moaned. “Put your cock inside me baby!”

Matt stood up and quickly aligned his cock with the entrance of Kate’s hot, swollen pussy. Then pushed it inside her with a single, precise move. Kate pushed back and let out a loud, satisfied cry and her body shook slightly from satisfaction. She had boyfriends before, but her brother’s cock definitely had the right proportions to reach just the right spots.

Matt started to pump Kate’s hot pussy. He grabbed her ponytail with one hand and her hip with the other and fucked her with long, hard strokes at a leisurely pace. He was not in a hurry as he was with Jen. He came about fifteen minutes earlier and felt that he could go on like this for hours. He wanted to savor his sister’s pussy, but Kate was not so patient. She pushed back hard every time and finally took over dictating the pace.

“Come on Matt, fuck that pussy faster,” she moaned. “Harder!”

“Oh come on sis, your pussy feels so great,” Matt groaned. “Let me enjoy it!”

“You know what, when we get home, you can enjoy it in the bed as long as you want. But now make me cum bro, because I want it badly,” Kate panted.

Matt needed no further coaxing. He began moving his cock in and out of Kate’s pussy at a wild speed, slapping his balls against his sister’s sensitive pussy and pushing her hard onto the counter.

“Oh yeah, give it to me, bro,” Kate moaned raggedly as she fought for breath. “Fuck

me hard.”

It would have been difficult to decide who came first, although neither Matt nor Kate cared about it. Both teenagers groaned loudly as Matt’s cock swelled and released a prestigious load into his sister’s hungry pussy, seemingly unaffected by the fact that he filled up Jen’s cunt only fifteen minutes before. And at the same time Kate’s legs became weak as jelly and her body shook as her orgasm rolled through her and the only reason she did not fell to the ground was that her brother held her fast. She could not control her muscles and her pussy released a copious amount of fluid, drenching his brother’s cock and legs.

When he was completely spent, Matt leant over his sister and kissed her sweaty back and neck, trying to keep his cock inside his sister as long as he could. Kate gently whimpered under his weight, but she did not want him to stop or to pull out.

“That was wonderful,” Kate sighed when she was able to talk again. “Thank you, Matt.”

“You are absolutely welcome,” he smiled.

They remained in this position for a few more minutes, then cleaned up and left the decaying building the way they entered.

“Now let’s go home and into my bed,” Kate kissed Matt as he started the engine, “I promised you that you may have your time with my pussy and I can’t wait to fulfill my promise.”

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Yavaşça tekrar yanına sokuldum, “Ağlama canım, istersen seni…” dedim ve cümlenin gerisini getiremedim. O an yüzümün kızardığını hissediyordum. Baldız başını kaldırıp gözlerime bakarak, “Evet enişte, beni?” diyebildi. “İstersen eğer…” dedim, fakat takılmış kalmıştım ve cümleyi bir türlü tamamlayamıyordum. Ama baldız sikici bakışlarımdan ne demek istediğimi anlamıştı, “Nasıl istemem ki enişte? Tam üç ay oldu bacanağın elini sürmeyeli!” deyip birden dudaklarıma yapıştı. Başta ikimizde de korku ve çekingenlik vardı öpüşürken. Ama 4-5 dakika sonra baldızım deli gibi öpüyordu beni. Elimi baldızın memelerine attım, taş gibiydiler, karımın memelerinden daha dik, daha büyüktüler. “Off baldız of, nezamandır bunların hayaliyle avunuyordum!” deyip tişörtünü yukarı sıyırıp, memelerini sütyeninden çıkardım ve yalamaya, emmeye başladım. Baldızım da ellerini saçlarımın arasına geçirmiş, kafamı göğüslerine bastırırken, “Biliyormusun enişte, ben de bu anı düşünerek kaç kere kendimi elledim! Hayalimdin hep sen benim, hep seni arzulamıştım!” diye mırıldanarak inliyordu.

Baldızımı kucakladığım gibi yatakodasına götürdüm. Baldızı yatağa bıraktım ve bir çırpıda soyunup, baldızımı da soyundurdum. Ben çırılçıplatım, baldızımn üzerinde sadece siyah ve dar külotu kalmıştı. Yanına uzandım ve öpmeye başladım. Boynunu, boğazını, kulaklarını deli gibi yalıyordum. Baldız gözlerini kapamış, inleyerek kıvranıyordu yatakta. Baldızın omuzlarını öpüp yalayarak koltuk altına indim. Koltuk altı tertemizdi, yeni traşlı idi. Dilimi gezdiriyordum. Bu onu iyice delirtmişti, “Ohhhhhh!” sesleri yükselmeye başlamıştı. Baldızımın teni mis gibiydi, yeni duş aldığı belliydi. Koltuk altlarını dakikalarca yaladım kokladım, sonra yavaşça aşağı indim. Göbeğini de yalayıp külotunun kenarlarına indim. Etli baldırlarının içlerini iyice yalayarak, elimle de külotunu daraltıyordum. Külotunun kenarlarından amının da yeni traşlı olduğu belli oluyordu. Külotunu iyice daraltıp am dudaklarının arasına sıkıştırdım ve amdudaklarını yaladım. Sonra bir çırpıda çıkardım külotu. Baldızın amı karımın amına benziyordu, tertemizdi, kaymak gibi. Yumuldum hemen mis gibi amına. Tadı çok güzeldi, yaladıkça sulanıyor, sulandıkça baldızım deliriyordu. Dilimi amının içine sokunca baldızım titreyerek ve kasılarak ağzıma boşaldı. Yaladım yuttum tabi bütün am suyunu.

Baldızım, “Hadi artık gir içime enişte!” diyerek omuzlarımdan tutmuş beni üzerine çekmeye çalışıyordu. Ne yapsın kadıncağız, amı üç aydır yarak görmüyordu. “Tamam aşkım girecem, şunu iyice bir ıslat bakalım!” diyerek yarağımı baldızın ağzına verdim. Baldız resmen kemirircesine yalıyordu yarağımı. Ben de, “Ohhh! Yala aşkım, yala canım! Seni doyuracağım birazdan, bunu amına sokacağım!” diyordum. Baldızımın ağzı dolu olduğu için sadece, “Hı hıı!” diyebiliyordu. Sikimi epeyce yaladıktan sonra, “Hadi ne olur gir içime artık, dayanamıyorum enişte, sik beni, doyur beni!” diyerek bıraktı sikimi. Aşağı kayarak usulca sikimi baldızın amına sokmaya başladım. Baldızın amı karımın amından çok daha dardı. Sikim amına girdikçe baldızım heyecandan ve zevkten dudaklarını ısırıyor, “Ohhhhhh!” diye inliyordu. Sonunda hepsi girmiş ve ufaktan git gel yapmaya başlamıştım. Baldızım, “Ohhhh işte buuu! Devamm enişte! Ne olur hızlı yap! Ölüyorumm, ohhhhh!” diye inliyordu…

Hızlı hızlı pompalayıp, delice, hoyratça sikmeye, daha sert ve seri sokmaya başlamıştım. Baldızım zevkten bağırmamak için yastığı ağzına bastırıyordu. Daha sonra baldızımı domalttım, belinden tuttum, arkadan amına geçirip daha sert sikmeye başladım. Bu arada başparmağımla da göt deliğini okşuyordum. Götünün deliği tertemizdi, bir tek kıl dahi yoktu ve rengi mos mordu. Baldızım durmadan kasılıyor boşalıyor, fakat doymak bilmiyordu. Yavaş yavaş artık benden de boşalma sinyalleri geldiğinden, daha da hızlandım, deli gibi sokup çıkarıyordum baldızın amına. Tam boşalacağım sırada sikimi çıkarttım ve hırlayarak baldızın beline boşaldım. Baldız, “Erkeğimmm benim, seni çok seviyorumm enişte!” diyordu. “Ben de seni çok seviyorum canım baldızım!” diyerek baldızın boynunu öptüm ve duşa girdim. Ben temizlenip çıktıktan sonra hemen baldız girdi duşa. Ben bornozla mutfakta çayımı ve sigaramı içerken baldız da duşunu alıp gelip yanıma oturdu, “Eniştemm benimm, bilsen nekadar mutluyum!” diye beni öptü. Ben de baldızı öperek, Ben de mutluyum canım benim! Umarım biraz iyi gelmişimdir sana?” dedim. Baldız, “İyi gelmek de ne enişte, evlendiğimden buyana hiç böyle mutlu olmamıştım!” diyerek bornozumun önünü açtı ve sikimle oynamaya başladı…

Tam o sırada cep telefonum çaldı. Arayan karımdı. Baldızıma sus işareti yaptım açtım telefonu. Karım, “Nasılsın kocacığım, napıyorsun? Kaldım köyde ama aklım sende, ne yeyip ne içiyorsun?” dedi. “Valla kalktığımda çay kahvaltı hazırdı, herhalde kardeşin hazırlamış gitmiş!” dedim. Karım, “Ooo görüyormusun sen, hadi yine iyisin baldızın sana kıyamamış, aferin kıza, düşünceli kardeşim benim!” diye sevincini ve memnuniyetini belli ediyordu. Bu arada ben baldızın ensesinden tutarak yüzünü sikime çektim, ağzına vermek istedim. Baldız önce telefondaki ablasından çekindi, ağzına almak istemedi, ama ben kafasını bastırınca aldı. Telefonu sesliye aldım, sikimi yalarken ablasını dinletiyordum. Sikim yine kalkmış, kazık gibi olmuştu. Karım, “Ne yapacaksın bugün? Bana bak, sakın karıya kıza gideyim deme, valla oyarım gelince!” dedi. Ben de, “Yok yaa nerden çıkarıyorsun, valla gitmem, sen gelene kadar evden adımımı atmam dışarıya!” dedim. Baldızım gülümsüyordu ben öyle deyince. Ben de baldıza göz kırparak karıma, “Hem ne işim var elin pis karılarında, evde sikilecek mis gibi am dururken!” dedim. Karım da, “Aynen öyle canım, sen uslu dur, ben gelince acısını çıkarırız!” dedi. Bilmiyordu ki, o an kardeşi kocasının sikini yalıyor 🙂 “Hadi canım, sonra ararım!” diyerek kapadı telefonu.

Telefonu elimden bırakır bırakmaz baldızın bornozunu çıkardım ve baldızı sikime oturttum. Baldız kucağımda kıvırarak sikimi içine alıyordu…

Herkese iyi sikişler arkadaşlar!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Gerdek Yardımı

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Gerdek Yardımı

Balayı süitinin geniş mi geniş yatağında sırt üstü yatıyordum gecenin bir yarısı… Gözlerim tavanda… İçim sıkılıyor… Bıkkın vaziyetteyim… Üç gün önce düğün öncesi büyük umutlarla her yerini temizlediğim, misler gibi pırıl pırıl yaptığım körpe genç kız bedenim çarşafın altında çırılçıplak uzanıyorum…

Yanımda Ekrem, benim iki günlük kocam da aynı durumda… Başımı çevirip baktım, onun da gözleri tavanda… Benim baktığımı hissetti, göz göze geldik.

Bir yıllık nişanlım, iki günlük kocam da olsa bir erkekle birlikte aynı yatakta çırılçıplak olduğum geldi aklıma yine… Hafif aşağıya kayan ve dimdik göğüslerimden birini açıkta bırakmış bembeyaz otel çarşafını boynuma kadar çekiştirdim refleks olarak, göğüslerimi onun gözlerinden sakladım. Yüzüm kızarmıştı utancımdan… Sevgiyle baktı bana, çarşafın üzerindeki elimi okşadı.

-“Ne yapıcaz Gül?” dedi suçlu suçlu, çarşafın altında dimdik duran göğüslerimden zorlukla yüzüme çevirdi bakışlarını…

İki gündür uğraşıyorduk bu otel odasında… Hala bakireydim. Her denememiz başarısız olmuştu. Çarşafın altında iki çıplak, birbirimize sarılıyor, öpüşüyorduk. Önündeki sertlik bacaklarımda, kalçalarımda dolaşıyor, istekle batıyordu bedenime…

Biraz tansiyonumuz yükselince denemeye girişiyor, bacaklarımı aralıyordum, kocam üstüme çıkıyordu. Araya girip sertliğini kukuma batırmaya çalışıyor, zorluyor, zorluyor, bir türlü olmuyordu. O sertlik içime girmiyordu. Canımı yakıyordu.

Ben canımın acısıyla “ayyy…” diye bağırıp bacaklarımı kapatmaya çalışıyordum kendimi koruma içgüdüsüyle… Ben bağırıp durdukça, bu kez onun sertliği yumuşuyor, kalakalıyordu. Hışımla cevap verdim sorusuna,

-“Bilmiyorum Ekrem…” dedim. “İlk defa evleniyorum. Sen bana dokunan ilk erkeksin. Senin bilmen gerek ne yapılacağını…” Ezilerek yanıtladı beni,

-“Dedim ya sana aşkım… Bir kere arkadaşlarla geneleve gittim, onda da ne olduğunu anlamadan kadınının içine boşalıverdim. Nasıl kaçacağımı bilemedim oradan… Bir daha da bir kadının elini bile tutmadım. Ta ki seninle nişanlanıncaya kadar… Hem o kadınla sen bir misin? Kıyamıyorum sana… Sen acıyla bağırınca canın yanıyor diye kalakalıyorum. Ne istek kalıyor, ne bir şey…”

-“Ama nişanlıyken öpüp duruyordun beni? Sıkıştırıyordun mutfakta, sinemada, her fırsatta okşuyordun ya… Babamlar yokken bizim evde seviştiğimiz günü hatırlasana… Ne kadar istekliydin…” Dönüp yüzüme baktı.

-“Evet, hatırlıyorum. Ama bir şey yapamamıştık. Sen, “şimdi olmaz, nikâhtan sonra” diye tutturmuştun o gün, bana engel olmuştun.”

-“Keşke engel olmasaydım o zaman, nişanlıyken yapsaydık bu işi… Bak şimdi, uğraşıp duruyoruz. O zaman yasaktı, şimdi imzayı basınca her şey serbest, bu kez biz yapamıyoruz Ekrem… Bıktım artık aşkım… Sen de bıktın biliyorum…” Sarılıp öptü beni,

-“Seni seviyorum aşkım. Bıkmak ne demek? Ama kendimi beceriksiz hissediyorum senin yanında, bu işi beceremiyorum diye…”

Beceriksizdi evet, kesinlikle beceriksizin tekiydi bu konuda… Ama söyleyemedim bunu yüzüne… Başka kadınlarla düşüp kalkmaması, benim gibi kendini evleneceği insana saklaması iyi bir şey mi, kötü bir şey mi bilemedim ki…

Ben ondan daha berbattım bu konuda… Bir kere komşunun oğlu sıkıştırmıştı bahçede, bir kere de okulda sınıf arkadaşım… Telaşla öpmeye çalışmışlar, biri eteğimin altına daldırmıştı elimi… Oğlan külodumun üstünden kukumu avuçlayınca neye uğradığımı şaşırmış, tecavüz edecek diye korkuyla bahçeden zor kaçmıştım.

Kız oğlan kızdım. Kocam kızlığımı alırken canım çok yanacak diye ödüm patlıyordu. Ne hikayeler duymuştum bununla ilgili olarak… Hastanelik olanlar, kanaması durmayanlar, dikiş atılanlar…

Ah o namus kumkuması annem… Oğlanlarla fingirdemeyeyim, adım kötüye çıkmasın diye diye beynimi işlemişti. Gözümü öyle korkutmuştu ki benim… Oysa filmlerde ne kadar rahattı insanlar… Öpüşüyorlardı, sevişiyorlardı, neler neler yapıyorlardı… Aklı eren kızların eline prezervatifi verip oğlanın yanına aileleri yolluyordu yabancı filmlerde… Evlendiğinde sıkıntı çekmesin kızımız diye…

-“Hadi uyuyalım aşkım… Yarın buluruz bir çaresini… Sabah olmak üzere, gözlerin kapanıyor senin de…” diyerek başucumuzdaki apliğin ışığını kapattı.

-“Keşke bize bir yol gösteren biri olsaydı… Esk**en yengeler filan olurmuş, anlatırlarmış ne yapılacağını…” diye fısıldadım karanlıkta…

Bir süre tavana yatarak baktım. Ekrem yanımda ağır ağır nefes alıyordu. Uyumuştu hemen… Benimse gözümde uyku yoktu hiç… Yabancı bir otel odasında, bir erkekle birlikte aynı yatakta yatıyordum. Hem de çıplak vaziyette…

Genç kızlık hayallerimdeki gibi… Kocamla yataktayız sonunda… Ama hala genç kızdım. Eve dönünce ne anlatacaktım, ne söyleyecektim? Ya olmadı diye beni bırakırsa kocam? Dönüp baktım karanlıkta… Sırtüstü yatmış, ağzı açık uyuyordu yorgun argın… Sanki bir şey becermiş gibi… Bırakır mı gerçekten? Ama suç bende değil ki… Erkek olan o…

Kasıklarımda bir yanma… Elimi uzatıp tüysüz kasıklarımı okşadım. Ürperdim bir anda… İçimde bir kıpırtı… Parmağımı bastırdım. Klitorisim sertleşmiş. İstiyor… Salak diye kızdım kendime… İstiyorsun işte… Kocan becersin diye ölüyorsun. Bırak girsin içine, iki dakika dişini sık, ne diye kasıyorsun kendini, bıçak batırmış gibi bağırıyorsun…

Uyuyakalmışım sonunda… Rüyamda alt alta üst üste sevişiyoruz kocamla… Sertliği gidip geliyor içimde… Erkekliğini acımasızca amıma batırıp çıkarıyor. Her yanım kan… Yatak kan… Siki kanlı bir hançer gibi batıyor amıma…

Sabah uyanınca kahvaltıya indik. Suratlarımız bir karış ikimizin de… Gülemiyoruz ki… Bir şey becerememişiz. Hiç de balayı çiftine benzemiyoruz. O gün öylesine geçti. Havuz başında eğlenen, gülen insanlar, denize gidenler, göğüsleri meydanda, üstsüz gezen yabancılar…

Otelin müdürüydü galiba, bize çok yakınlık gösteren Ali abi geldi yanımıza, masaya oturdu, halimizi hatırımızı sordu. Yakışıklı, uzun kabarık siyah saçlarını at kuyruğu yapmış, bizden beş altı yaş büyük bir adamdı.
İki günde aileden biri gibi olmuştu. Sürekli ikramlarda bulunuyor, garsonlar devamlı onun gönderdiği yiyecek, içecek bir şeyler taşıyordu. Otelin balayı çiftlerine özel uygulamasıymış dediğine göre…

Biz onu, o bizi çok sevmiştik. Hele Ekrem’le bayağı samimi olmuşlardı. Sık sık bir araya geliyor, sohbet ediyorlardı. Kafa adamdı. Bana bakarken yakalıyordum sık sık… Ama aldırmıyordum onun bakışlarına… Alışmıştım artık…

Erkeklerin yiyecek gibi bakmaları, laf atmaları alışkın olduğum şeylerdi hep, hoşuma bile gidiyordu… Şimdi de Ali abinin cin gibi gözleri üzerimizde, sirke satan suratlarımızda dolaşıyordu. Yolunda gitmeyen bir şeyler olduğunu hemen anlamıştı halimizden…

-“Ne oldu çocuklar? Yüzünüzden düşen bin parça… Otelimizden memnun değil misiniz yoksa?” diye ağzımızı aradı.

Kem küm ettik. Ekrem yüzüme baktı, ben gözlerimi kaçırdım. Ne diyeyim ki şimdi? Ekrem bana soran, izin isteyen gözlerle,

-“Yok Ali abi, otelden çok memnunuz, çok güzel de…” diye kekeledi. “Bizim bir sorunumuz var, nasıl anlatsam…”

Yüzüm kıpkırmızı oldu bir anda… Gözümü tabağıma diktim. Gerdek öncesi yol gösteren yenge derken, sorunumuzu Ali abiye mi anlatacaktı yoksa kocam? Aklıma gelen başıma geldi. Kocam kesin kararlı bir tavırla ayağa kalktı, Ali abiye,

-“Abi, iki dakikan var mı? Şu köşede baş başa konuşalım biraz…” dedi.

Kalktılar, restoranın köşesindeki en dip masaya geçtiler, baş başa konuşmaya başladılar. Gözümün ucuyla baktım. Bir yandan konuşuyorlar, bir yandan bana bakıyorlardı. Yanaklarım utançtan yanıyordu sanki… Hay şeytan… Aptal kocam, beni beceremediğini elin adamına anlatıyordu.

Ali abi de ona bir şeyler anlatıyordu gördüğüm kadarıyla, baş başa vermişler, fısır fısır konuşuyorlardı. Sonra kocam kalktı, yanıma geldi. Yüzüme bakamıyordu, onun da yüzü kızarmıştı. Neler konuştular, neler duyduysa artık… Elimden tutup kaldırdı,

-“Gel Gül, odamıza gidelim.” dedi.

Ses çıkarmadan, bir şey sormadan kalktım. Niçin gittiğimizi biliyordum ki… Kocam Ali abiden dersini almış, uygulamaya gidiyorduk. Asansörde ne anlattığını sordum. Uzun uzun anlatmış kocama, bana tekrarlamadı, kısa kesti. Odaya gidince görecekmişim.

Olmadı. Kocamın talimatlarıyla o beni soydu, ben onu soydum. Çırılçıplak duşa girdik. Birbirimizi köpüklerle yıkadık, her yerimizi okşadık. Kurulanıp yatağa gittik. Öpüştük, koklaştık.

Eğilip bacaklarımın arasına başını gömdü. Diliyle kukumu yalamaya çalıştı. Biraz utanıyor, biraz çekiniyor, korkuyordum çokça… Dilinin ucunu klitorisimde hissedince biraz aşka geldim sanki… İçimde bir şeyler kıpırdar gibi oldu.

Yine bacaklarımın arasına girdi. Erkekliği sertleşmişti. Baktıkça utanıyordum elinde tuttuğu şeye… Tutup mor renkli başını kukuma sürttürdü. Bende yine o korku, irkilme, çekinme duygusu yükseldi iyice… İstemsizce kasıldı tüm vücudum…

Uğraştı, uğraştı dakikalarca, bir türlü benim kasılmamı aşamadı. Sonunda bir iki saat geçti, beyhude çabaları sonuç vermedi. Yoruldu, serilip kaldı yanıma…

Biraz dinlendik. İki beceriksiz kalkıp giyindik. Sessizce öğle yemeği için restorana indik. Ali abi bizi görünce yanımıza geldi. Soran bakışları üstümüzdeydi. Ekrem’e,

-“Nasıl oldu çocuklar?” diye fısıldadı. Ekrem başını iki yana salladı utançla…

-“Olmadı Ali abi…” dedi sıkıla sıkıla… “Dediğin her şeyi yaptım ama… Ya, nasıl söylesem… Şeyy… Çok dar, Gül de kasılıyor, bir türlü girmiyor…”

-“Tamam koçum… Siz oturun, yemeğinizi yerken ben bir çare bulurum” dedi Ali abi, yanımızdan ayrıldı. Biraz sonra yanımıza geldi. Elinde bir kreme benzer tüp vardı. Kocama uzattı,

-“Bakın, bu yağlı, özel bir krem, kayganlaştırıcı… Bu tür cinsel sorunlar için özel yapılmış.” dedi. Benim yüzüm kıpkırmızı oldu yine… Elindeki krem kullanılmıştı, kim bilir hangi kadınla kullanmıştı elindeki şeyi… Benim kızardığımı görünce rahatlatmak için atıldı.

-“Sakın ha Gül, utanmana gerek yok. Herkesin başına gelebilir böyle şeyler… Ekrem, sen bunu penisine iyice sür, sonra yavaş yavaş eşinin içine girmeye çalış. Mutlaka faydası olur. Sen de biraz rahat ol Gül… Sıkma kendini… Kocana yardımcı ol biraz… Her kadın bunu yaşıyor, bu kadar korkmana, kendini kasmana gerek yok yavrum…”

Sonuç yine hüsran… Yemeği bitirmeden kalktık, odaya çıktık. Ekrem Ali abisinin verdiği kremi aletine sürdü iyice yedire yedire, ben çarşafın altında çırılçıplak yatakta yatarken… Sonra yanıma geldi. Beni öpmeye çalışırken kaygan, kremli erkekliği bacaklarıma sürtünüyordu.

Bir iki acemi öpüşten sonra heyecanla bacaklarımı araladı. Girmeye çalıştı. Ben yine aynı vaziyet… Uğraştı, etti, yine olmadı. Sinirle kalktı, duşa gitti. O giyinirken ben yağlanmış bacak aramı temizledim duşta, çıkıp ben de giyindim. Aşağıya indik. Elimi bile tutmuyordu kocam… Beni suçladığı öylesine belliydi ki… Bense sessizce, utançla yan yana yürüyorduk. Ali abi karşımıza çıktı bahçede… Ekrem,

-“Olmuyor abi, bir türlü olmuyor…” dedi. “Balayı bitti, yarın gidiyoruz. Babamlarla aynı evde oturucaz. Yatak odamız üst katta, onlar alt katta… Biz bu otel ortamında bu işi yapamazsak, evde ailelerimizin yanında hiç yapamayız. Gül şimdi yaptığı gibi her denememizde bas bas bağırırsa başımıza toplanırlar, karımı kesiyorum diye… Bizim için hiç iyi olmaz bu durum… Mutlaka burada halletmemiz lazım abi… Yoksa sonumuz kötü…”

Ağlayacak gibi olmuş, sürekli konuşuyordu. Gözleri dolmuştu. Benim de ondan farkım yoktu. Kendimi suçlu hissediyordum bir de… Ali abi halimize üzülmüştü. Başını iki yana salladı.

-“Hay Allah, ne yapsak bilmem ki… Şimdiye kadar çoktan bitmesi lazımdı ama… Neyi eksik yapıyorsun Ekremcim, bilemedim.” Kocam bir bana baktı, bir adama…

-“Abi, bir şey dicem ama…” Hala yüzüme bakıyordu. Sonra bakışlarını kaçırdı. “Sen artık yabancımız değilsin abi… Ne olur, bize yardım etsen… Bizimle odaya gelip bize yardımcı olabilir misin?”

Şaşırıp kaldım. Ali abi de hayretle bakıyordu, o da şaşırmıştı. Ben utançla yüzümü yere eğdim. Neler söylüyordu bu kocam olacak adam böyle… Ama bir yandan da hak veriyordum. Öyle çaresiz bir durumdaydık ki… Mantık falan hak getire… Bir şey düşünemiyordum artık…

-“Siz bilirsiniz çocuklar… Ben her türlü yardımcı olmaya hazırım da… Bu şekilde olunca… Bilemedim… Sen ne diyorsun Gül? Kocanla aynı fikirde misin?” Cevap veremedim bile… Kocam atıldı hemen, benim suskunluğumu evet olarak algılamıştı… Hem adama, hem bana bakıyordu anlatırken, onay istercesine…

-“O da bıktı artık abi… Sen hem bizim abimizsin, hem de bir yabancısın. Şu işi yardımınla bir halledelim, nasıl olsa seni bir daha görmeyeceğiz. Öyle değil mi Gül? Abi, ne olur yardım et bize…”

Ali abi bir müddet sesini çıkarmadan durdu, bize, özellikle bana baktı. Sanki bir kez daha düşünmemiz için zaman tanıyor gibiydi. Sonra da elindeki anahtarlıktan bir anahtar çıkartıp kocama uzattı.

-“Tamam koçum. Üzmeyin kendinizi… Bakın ne yapalım… Bu anahtarı al sen… Otelin yan tarafında benim kaldığım müstakil müdür lojmanı var, biliyorsun, anlatmıştım sana… Siz oraya gidin. Bütün ev emrinize amade… Personel temizleyip toparlamıştır bu saatte… Evin banyosu, barı, yatak odası, kendi eviniz farz edin, istediğiniz gibi kullanın. Ben işlerimi halledeyim, bir iki saate kadar yanınıza gelirim. Siz beni bekleyin.” dedi Ali abi, yanımızdan ayrıldı. Kocama,

-“Nasıl yaparsın Ekrem?” diyebildim. “Elin adamı odamızda… Bizim yanımızdayken… Nasıl sevişiriz? Kıskanmaz mısın? İlerde başıma vurmaz mısın? Bunu isteyen sensin, bak, sonra beni suçlama bunu yaptığımız için…” Elimi tuttu,

-“Aşkım, seni çok seviyorum. Ama halimizi de görüyorsun. Kıskanacak halimiz mi kaldı? Ali abiye durumumuzu anlatırken sen de duydun. Dediğim gibi, bu işi mutlaka bu otelde bitirmemiz lazım… Ali abi bizi seviyor, yardımcı olacak mutlaka… Bak, evin anahtarını bile verdi adam… İnsan sevmediğine verir mi evinin anahtarını? Sen yokken bana neler anlattı neler… Bu otelde ne kadınlar geçmiş elinden… Ne yerlisi kalmış, ne yabancısı… Bizim gibi acemi değil ki… Problemimizi çözerse o çözer… Hadi uzatma, gel gidelim, o gelene kadar hazırlanalım.”

İçimden gülmek geldi. Anlaşılan, benim kocam saftı biraz… Daha dün tanıştığımız Ali abisi bizi seviyormuş da, evinin anahtarını vermiş de… Sever tabi… Evinin anahtarını verir elbet… Geldiğimizden, tanıştığımızdan beri kedi ciğere bakar gibi bakıyor adam bana… Yirmi yaşında bakire l****ayım. Çarşıda pazarda laf atan abazaların dediğine göre, “Ufff… Taş gibi”yim.

Adım attıkça her yerim ayrı titriyor. Kalçalarımın diri yuvarlakları yürürken birbiriyle itişiyorlarmış, öyle diyorlar. Sütyen gerektirmeyen memelerim ayva gibi büyük, fakat dimdik, altında kalem durmuyor, bizim deli kızlarla yalnız kaldığımızda denemiş, yarışmıştık hatta hangimizin memeleri daha dik diye…

Yüzümün güzelliğini, tenimin duruluğunu, incecik belimi, bacaklarımın uzunluğunu da ekle bunların üstüne… Ali abi bunların hepsiyle yatağa girecek. Kocamla ikimiz bir şeyler yapmaya çalışırken, yanımızda durup bize tarif edecek… Canlı seks filmi… Elbette sever bizi, evinin anahtarını verir… Hay benim beceriksiz kocam hay… Hay benim saf kocam hay…

Ne diyeyim… Çaresiz kocamla beraber el ele otelin yan tarafındaki müstakil villa tipi lojmana gittik, anahtarla kapıyı açıp girdik. Her şey çok güzeldi, mobilyalar, lüks eşyalar… Kocam perdeleri kapatırken ben banyoya gittim, soyundum. Jakuzili lüks bir küvet vardı banyoda… Küvetin içinde güzel bir duş aldım. Kokulu parfümlü şampuanlarla yıkandım. Beni bekleyen geceye hazırlandım uzun uzun…

Banyoda işim bitince bornoza sarınıp çıktım. Ali abi gelmişti bile… Kocam adamı içeriye almış, heyecanla benim çıkmamı bekliyordu. Koltukta oturuyorlardı ikisi de, ellerinde viski bardakları… Ne yapacağımı bilemeden önlerinde dikilip kaldım. Kocam,

-“Abi, sen bizi bu dertten kurtar. Bize göster nasıl yapıldığını, öğret… Olmadı sen de bize katıl… Yeter ki bu iş bitsin artık…” dedi çaresizce… Ali abinin gözleri üzerimdeydi.

-“Tamam çocuklar… Hiç acele etmiyoruz. Vaktimiz bol. Yerimiz müsait. Yeter ki dediklerimi, gösterdiklerimi eksiksiz yapın siz… Bana güvenin, tecrübe konuşuyor burada… Siz hiç merak etmeyin… Otursana sen de Gül…” dedi karşısındaki koltuğu işaret ederek…

Ortadaki sehpanın üzerinde bir buz kovası, içinde boynu yaldızlı bir şişe, sanırım şampanya… Şişenin mantarını açıp ayaklı bir kadehi doldurup bana uzattı. Elimi uzatıp aldım, parmakları parmaklarımı okşadı kadehi verirken… Ürperdim. Ali abi elindeki kadehi havaya kaldırdı, bizim bardaklarımıza tokuşturarak,

-“Hadi bakalım, başlamadan birer kadeh parlatalım beraber, rahatlayalım biraz… Hadi şerefinize…” diyerek elindeki bir iki parmak buzlu viski dolu kadehi bir yudumda bitirdi. Biz de onu taklit ettik.

İlk kez içki içiyordum. Şampanyanın tadı hoşuma gitti. Kabarcıklar genzimi gıdıkladı. İki erkek ısrar kıyamet, kadehi bitirmem için teşvik ettiler. Gülerek sonuna kadar içtim. Birer kadeh daha doldurdu hepimize Ali abi… Birer kadeh daha yudumladık.

Başım dönmeye başlamıştı hafiften… Koltukta bacak bacak üstüne atmış, üstümde sadece kısacık bir bornozla oturuyordum önlerinde… Ali abinin gözleri üstümdeydi. İnce bornoz kumaşının sardığı biçimli vücudumda, kısa bornozun eteğinin açıkta bıraktığı, tertemiz, ışıl ışıl parlayan bacaklarımda dolanıyordu bakışları… Sonunda kadehli eliyle işaret etti,

-“Gül, ayağa kalkar mısın güzelim?” dedi. Elimde kadehle kalktım. “Şu bornozu indir bakalım önce, güzelliklerini görelim…” dedi. Kocama baktım, parlayan gözlerle bana bakıyordu. Utançla kıvranarak,

-“Yapamam abi… Kocamın yanında bile soyunmaya çekiniyorum. Hele sen varken…” diyebildim.

-“Bak güzelim… Bak bebeğim… İlk dersimiz bu zaten… Siz artık karı kocasınız. Birbirinizden utanmak, çekinmek olmaz. Çırılçıplak birbirinizi göreceksiniz, coşacaksınız, sevişmek isteyeceksiniz, canınız seks yapmayı çekecek… Soyunmadan nasıl sevişmeye çalışıyorsunuz siz bakalım?” Kocam şikayetçi bir sesle,

-“Hep çarşafın altında abi… Gece karanlıkta, ışık sönükken…”

-“Olmaazz… Eğer mutlu olmak istiyorsanız, kaç göçü, utanmayı, arlanmayı unutacaksınız. Ah Gül… Sen öyle güzelsin ki Gül… Her yerin harika, taş gibi… Ben olsam utanmayı bırak, bu güzellikleri etrafa göstermek için bahaneler yaratırdım. Kocanın yerinde ben olsam otelin havuzunda, deniz kenarında seni üstsüz gezdirirdim bu dipdiri, harika güzel göğüslerinle… İnsanlar güzel görsün diye… Hadi, bırak utanmayı da, soyun güzelim…” diye ısrar etti adam… Uzanıp elimdeki boş şampanya kadehini alıp sehpaya bıraktı.

Bu kadar iltifattan, pohpohlamadan sonra bana da bir cesaret geldi. Saçıma sardığım havluyu çıkardım. Uzun sarı saçlarımı sallayıp açılmasını sağladım önce… Bornozun kuşağını çözdüm. İki erkeğin gözleri üstümdeydi.

Açmadan önce bir an durup onlara baktım, hadi der gibi başını salladı Ali abi… Kocam da ondan farksız… Karısı elin adamının önünde çıplak kalsın diye merak ve heyecanla sikini kaldırmış bekliyor pezevenk kocam…

Yavaş hareketlerle, utanarak, bornozun yakasını açtım. El değmemiş memelerim meydana çıktı önce, ayva tüylü göbeğim, pırıl pırıl yaptığım üçgenim, uzun bacaklarım sırayla erkeklerin gözlerine serildi. Yüzüm kıpkırmızı, başım öne eğik, karşıya, beni izleyen erkeklere bakamadan omuzlarımdan aşağıya bıraktım bornozu… Kayıp yere yığıldı kumaş parçası… Çırılçıplak kalmıştım. Utanarak bir kolumla göğüslerimi, bir elimle önümü kapattım.

Ali abi hayran hayran bakıyordu bana… O elinden çok kadın geçmiş tecrübeli adam, ben körpe bakirenin çırılçıplak vücuduna bakarken ağzı sulanıyordu.

-“Ellerini de çek bebeğim… Kocan her yerini görmeli senin… Bütün güzelliklerini görsün. İştahı açılsın. Canı seni yemek istesin. Şu anda benim olduğu gibi…”

Ellerimi çektim, yana bıraktım. Şimdi tüm çıplaklığımla önlerinde dikiliyordum. İki erkeğin de elleri kabarmış önlerinde, ovalayıp duruyorlardı.

“Ohhh… Seni her gördüğümde seni yemek istiyorum. Bak şimdi, seni nasıl istiyorum, kendin gözlerinle gör yavrum…”

Ali abi ayağa kalktı. Üzerindeki gömleği ve kotu bir hamlede çıkardı. Bacaklarının arasındaki kalın erkeklik taş gibi havaya dikildi bir anda… Güneşin altında bronzlaşmış, kılsız kaslı bedeni çok güzel görünüyordu. Kocama işaret etti, o da aynısını yaptı, kocam da bir anda çıplak kaldı. Onun beyaz, kıllı vücudunu, bacaklarının arasındaki orta boy, ince sikini ezberlemiştim iki günde…

Benim ilgimse daha çok Ali abinin tek gözlü canavar gibi bana bakan erkeklik organındaydı. Kocamın incesinin yanında bu koca şey, çok haşmetli görünüyordu. “İyi ki kızlığımı kocam bozacak, kocam sikini sokacak bana… Yoksa bu kocaman şeyi nasıl alıyor kadınlar acaba” diye geçirdim içimden… Ali abi, aç gözlerini benden ayırmadan kocama seslendi,

-“Eh, istersen önce ben başlayayım bari Ekrem… Önce ben bir göstereyim, sonra sen devam edersin, benim yaptığım gibi aynı şeyleri yaparsın karına…” dedi.

-“Sen bilirsin abi… Başla, bildiğin gibi yap… Sana bağlıyız…” dedi kocam eliyle kalkmış sikini okşayarak… Nerdeyse ağzından salyaları akacaktı bana bakarken…

Ali abi yaklaştı, beni kollarının arasına aldı. Sımsıkı sarıldı. Önündeki erkeklik organı taş gibi önüme batıyordu. Heyecandan ölmek üzereydim. Kocama öğretmek için de olsa, çırılçıplak yabancı bir erkeğin çıplak vücuduma sarılması heyecanlandırmıştı beni… Yüreğim kuş gibi, göğsümün içinde çırpınıyordu sanki… Ben de kuş gibiydim ya onun yapılı gövdesinin yanında, beni saran kaslı kollarının arasında…

Eliyle çenemden tutup başımı yukarıya kaldırdı. Aralanan dudaklarımın üzerine dudaklarını bastırdı. Önce dudaklarımı okşadı dudaklarıyla, dili alt dudağımda, üst dudağımda dolandı, sonra emdi. Dilinin sıcaklığını dudaklarımda hissettim. Nefes alabilmek için aralanan dudaklarımdan dilini içeriye kaydırdı, benim dilimi okşadı diliyle… İçim gıcıklandı dilimi okşadığında… Nefesi bir hoş kokuyordu, başımı döndürüyordu.

Dizlerim titriyordu kollarının arasında… Düşmemek için, yılan gibi kaymamak için ben de ona sarılmak zorunda kaldım. Bedenim ateşler içinde kalmıştı. Göğüslerim onun göğsünde eziliyordu. Uçları kabarmıştı. Karnımda, kasıklarımda yangın başlamıştı sanki… Elleri her yanımda dolaşıyordu adamın… Okşandıkça kedi gibi mırıldanasım geliyordu, bayılıyordum okşamasına, zevk alıyordum. Hayranlık dolu bir sesle,

-“Oğlum, böyle fıstık gibi kızı nasıl sikemezsin sen, aklım almıyor bir türlü…” dedi kocama… Sikmek mi? Üfff… Terbiyesiz… Çok utandım. Ama aldığım zevk, utanma hissini bir anda bastırdı. Ellerim onun sırtında dolaşıyor, kaslarını okşuyordum tek tek… Kendimi kaptırmıştım iyice…

-“Çok güzelsin bebeğim… Memelerin taş gibi… Gerçekten hiç ellenmemişsin… Ohhh… Füze gibi… Memelerin, götün, göbeğin, bacakların… Her yerin harika…” diye diye okşuyordu beni… “Bak koçum… Dikkatle bak bana… Ne yapıyorum, nasıl yapıyorum dikkat et… Biraz sonra sen de aynını yapacaksın ha…”

Boynumu, gerdanımı öptü. Memelerimi, kabaran uçlarını dudaklarıyla, diliyle dolaştı. Ayva göbeğimi tavaf etti alçalarak… Önümde diz çöktü. Bacaklarımı okşuyor, dudaklarıyla içlerini öpüyordu. Daha rahat çalışsın diye araladım bacaklarımı… Başını önüme gömdü.

Birden ıslak ve sıcak dilini amımın yarığında hissettim. Sanki elektrik çarpmış gibi titredim bir anda… Düşmemek için omuzlarından destek almak zorunda kaldım. Yavru köpek gibi yalıyordu amımı… Şapırtı sesleri yükseliyordu. Gözlerim yarı kapandı zevkten… İçimden bir şeylerin aktığını hissettim.

-“Ohhh… Çok tatlısın bebeğim… Tazecik amcığın… Tam yalamalık, öpülmelik… Ooohhh… Can suyu gibi suyunun tadı… Bal gibi… Erkeğinin ömrüne ömür katarsın sen, canımm…” diye diye yaladı beni…

Dizlerim titriyordu. Omuzundan destek almak için tutunmaya çalışan parmaklarım şimdi etine gömülmüştü. Kendimi kaybetmek üzereydim. Düşeceğimi anlayınca kalktı bir anda, kollarının arasına alıp yatak odasına götürdü beni… Kocam da arkamızdan geliyordu meraklı kediler gibi…

Yavaşça odanın ortasındaki çok geniş yatağa bıraktı. Açık vaziyette çalışan klimanın serinliği vurmuş saten yatak çarşaflarını buz gibi sırtımda hissettim, ürperdim. Kocama seslendi,

-“Gel sen de karının diğer tarafına uzan koçum… İki taraflı çalışıcaz karının üzerinde… Bu güzel taşbebeği zevkten kıvrandırmamız lazım… Hadi bakayım, göreyim seni…”

İki yanımda iki erkek uzanmış yatıyordum. Üçümüz de çırılçıplak… Ali abi bir yanıma yaklaştı, kocam diğer yanıma… Sertlikleri iki yanımda hissettim. Erkeklikleri taş gibi, bacaklarıma, kalçalarıma batıyordu. İki yandan okşamaya başladılar. Ali abi ne yapıyorsa, kocam da kopya çeken öğrenciler gibi, aynısını yapıyordu diğer tarafımda…

İki tarafımdan birden dört tane el, iki tane dudak, dil her yerimde dolaştı uzun uzun… Gerçekten adamın dediği gibi zevkten kıvranmaya başlamıştım. Nefes alamıyordum. İlk kez orgazmı tattım o sırada… Şehvetle kasıldım, dakikalar boyu titredim.

Durulunca Ali abi omzumdan tutup yana yatırdı beni, kocamdan tarafa… Kocam önden memelerimi yalıyordu, adam arkamdan boynumu, omuzlarımı, sırtımı… İnleyerek kocamın saçlarına asıldım, kendime çektim kafasını… Memelerimle yeteri kadar uğraşan kocam memelerimi bırakıp amıma indi, Ali abinin dili de sırtımı okşaya okşaya popoma geldi…

Kocamın dili yarığımda, amımın dudaklarında, arasında dolanırken, arkamdaki dil de götümün deliğini yalamaya başladı. Ali abinin büzüğümde daireler çizen sıcak ve nemli dilinin ucu yalarken delirtecekti beni…
Artık zevkten inlemeye başlamıştım. Yine de kendimi sıkıyor, dudaklarımı ısırıyordum fazla ses çıkmasın diye… Hemen anladı kurt herif,

-“Sıkma kendini bebeğim… Nasıl istiyorsan öyle davran… Bağır, inle, çığlık at… Müstakil ev burası… Kimse duymaz seni burada… Rahat ol… İçinden geleni yap, hissettiklerini dışarıya vur. Kasma…”

Dediğini yaptım ben de… Kendimi koyverdim. Çığlık atıyordum artık… Öyle bir şehvet dalgası sarmıştı ki her yerimi… Kimse tutamazdı beni bu saatten sonra… Nasıl dayanayım? Önümde bir dil, arka deliğimde bir dil… İkisinin de elleri her yerimde… Memelerimde, kalçalarımda, bacaklarımda…

İkinci kez de o sırada boşaldım. Tesbih böceği gibi kıvrılıp kaldım, kocamın başını kasıklarımda kıstırmış kasılırken, Ali abi hala arkamda minik deliğimi yalıyor, beni delirtiyordu.

Daha ikinci boşalmam bitmeden, Ali abi kendine çekti beni… Önüne aldı, sırtüstü yatırdı. Ayaklarımdan tutup havaya kaldırdı, bacaklarımı omuzlarıma kadar bastırdı. Zevkten, yaşadığım orgazmlardan batak tarla gibi sulanan, dudakları şişen kukum havaya bakıyordu.

Üzerime eğildi. Amıma kocaman, ıslak bir öpücük kondurup hırsla am dudaklarımı emdi. Yine kıvrandım. Sonra da kalkıp o kalın, taş gibi sertliğiyle ıslak am dudaklarımı ezmeye, masaj yapmaya başladı.

Kendimi ölecek gibi hissediyordum. İki üç gündür, gece gündüz kocam her denediğinde acıdan, korkudan bağıran Gül gitmiş, onun yerine durmaksızın, ara vermeksizin zevkten bağıran, adeta azgın dişi köpek gibi uluyan bir Gül gelmişti. Kendime, yaptıklarıma, vücudumdaki değişikliklere inanamıyordum.

Kocam da aynı şeyi düşünüyor olmalıydı. Yanımızda uzanmış, karısının bacaklarını ayırarak koca sikini karısının amına sürtüp duran elin adamını izliyordu siki elinde… Dişlerinin arasından tısladı,

-“Orospuu… Neler çektirdin bana iki gündür… Şimdi zevkten bağırıyorsun. Ne farkı var benim yaptıklarımın…?”

Haklıydı bir yerde… Ne farkı vardı ki? O da erkekti, şu amıma sikini sürten koca yaraklı herif de… Kocam da denemişti bunu, hem de onlarca kez… Kuru kuru, tükürükleyerek, ıslatarak, krem sürerek, kayganlaştırıcı sürerek hatta… Ne olmuştu da ben bu hale gelmiştim? Benim yerime kocamın ortağı cevap verdi,

-“Kendinizi kastınız da ondan…” dedi Ali abi… “Bunu bir görev olarak gördünüz. Bir an önce kızlık zarından kurtulmak istediniz. Zevk almayı düşünemediniz heyecandan… Sen kendini kastın, Gül acıdan korktu. Doğru mu?”

-“Evet abi…”

-“Ama bu gece öyle mi? İkiniz de rahatladınız. Şampanyalar, viskiler içtiniz. Çakırkeyif oldunuz, gevşediniz. Sonra şu da var. Benim, bir yabancı erkeğin sizin yanınızda olması da etkiledi sizi bence… Çıplaklığımızdan tahrik oldunuz. Doğru mu Gül? Ne diyorsun…?”

Konuşurken hala kalın sikinin damarlı gövdesini amıma sürtünüyordu boylu boyunca… Am dudaklarımın arasında gidip geliyor, sikinin ıslak başı kabarmış klitorisimi okşuyor, beni kıvrandırıyordu sürekli…
Nefes nefeseydim… Kocam da elini uzatmış, taş gibi olmuş memelerimi okşuyor, avuçluyor, uçlarını emiyor, zevkime zevk katıyordu bir yandan…

-“Evet… Evett…” diyebildim. “Bu gece… Değişik… Bambaşka… Ben… Çok zevk alıyorum Ali abi… Ekrem… Kocacımm… Ohhh… Bitiyorum… Ölüyorum zevkten…”

-“Bir de içine girmeye çalışmıyorum ya… Onun için rahatsın bu kadar, kendini zevke kaptırıyorsun. Ne dersin? Gireyim mi içine? Yoksa biraz daha sevelim, okşayalım mı seni? Biraz daha uzun sürsün ister misin?” Deli gibi kıvrandım altında…

-“Ohhh… Ali abiii… Ne istersen yap bana… Gir içime… Sik beni… Çok güzel yapıyorsun… Bitiyorumm… Ohhhh…” diye inledim. Bu kez kocama döndü,

-“Karın sikilmek istiyor. Beni istiyor koçum… Sen ne diyorsun? Gireyim mi? Sikeyim mi karını? Kızlığını ben alayım mı? Yoksa sana mı bırakayım? Kendine güveniyor musun, yapabilecek misin?”

Baktım kocamın siki de sertleşmiş, önünde taş gibi görünüyordu. Ama tereddüt ediyordu, o kendimden geçmiş halimle farkına varabiliyordum durumunun… Tekrar deneyip başaramamaktan, Ali abisinin önünde rezil olmaktan korkuyordu, emindim bundan… Gözümün içine bakıyordu sorarcasına… Dik dik baktım ben de kocama,

-“Hadi, ne yapacaksanız yapın artık… Hadi Ali abi, madem sen başladın, sen bitir. Üçümüz bu vaziyetteyken, kızlığımı kim bozmuş, beni kim sikmiş, bir önemi kalmadı ki… Hadi, bitir beni… Kurtar beni… İçime gir…” diye yalvardım adeta…

Az önce sevişmeye başlarken adamın kalın sikine korkarak bakarken, şimdi şehvetten o koca şeyi içime sokması için yalvarır hale gelmiştim. Kocam da onayladı,

-“Tamam abi… Gül’ün dediği gibi… Hazır üstündeyken bitir bari işi… Benim için de sakıncası yok.” dedi. Sırıttı sonra, “Bu da öğretmenimize teşekkür hediyemiz olsun.”

Terbiyesiz sapık… Benim bekaretimi bir hediye olarak görüyordu. Hediye olarak sunuyordu elin adamına…

-“Peki canım, peki prensesim… Aç bacaklarını öyleyse… Hediyemi alayım senden… Seni kadın yapmanın zamanı geldi artık…” dedi Ali abi…

Bacaklarımı omzumdan indirip ikiye ayırdı iyice, sikinin başını amıma dayadı. Öyle ıslanmıştım ki… Öyle zevk alıyordum ki…

Korku değildi hissettiğim… Zevkti, heyecandı, şehvetti… Bekliyordum.

Beni sikmesini, bekaretimi bozmasını heyecanla bekliyordum.

Fazla bekletmedi. Zevk sularımda ıslattığı sikinin başını birkaç kez daha sürtüp kapıma dayadı. Islak başı benim ıslak am dudaklarımın arasından kolaylıkla iç dudaklara ulaştı, zorlamaya başladı. Canım yanmasa da zorluyordu deliğimi..

-“Ayy” diye bağırdım ama aldırmadı bile… Kocam olsa hemen bırakmıştı o anda… Canım yanacak diye ödü patlıyordu. Bu adamsa aldırmıyordu bağırmama… Kısa kısa hamleler yapa yapa, alıştıra alıştıra, milim milim bastırdı sikini… Kalınlığı amımı yardı bir hamlede, kocaman başı tamamen kayboldu.

-“Ahhh…” diyerek çığlık attım, omzunu ısırdım adamın… Yine aldırmadı. Biraz bekledi. Kaslı bedeni üzerimde, kollarından destek alarak ağırlığını vermeden, şınav çeker gibi duruyordu.
Sonra kalçalarını oynatmaya başladı içimdeki kalın sik kıpırdanıp duruyordu. Minik minik hamlelerle zorlayarak alıştırdı iyice… Ben kendimi kaybetmek üzereydim artık… Öyle zevk alıyordum ki… Bacaklarımın arası dolmuştu tamamen…

Sonunda… Bir anda kalçasını indiriverdi, o koca siki bir anda köküne kadar amıma girdi. Bir kısa, şimşek gibi sancıyla sarsıldım. Adamın altında gerilirken başımı arkaya attım,

-“Yandım anam…” diye bağırdım acıyla… Yırtmıştı beni… Bakire değildim artık… İlk erkeğim yakışıklı bir yabancı olmuştu. Hem de sapına kadar erkek… Hem de kocamın önünde…

-“Şşşttt… Tamam güzelim… Bitti… Bu kadar… Sakin ol… Geçmiş olsun…” diyerek dudaklarımı öpücüklere boğdu.

Gerçekten dediği gibi o çok korktuğum, kocamı üç gündür uğraştırdığım olay bu kadardı. Bitmişti. Ardından zevk dalgası yine geri gelmeye, acının üzerini örtmeye başladı. Üzerime abandı, ağırlığını verdi.

Altında eziliyordum, nefes alamıyordum ağırlığından… Memelerim onun kaslı göğsünün altında yassılmıştı adeta… Fakat şikayetçi değildim bundan… Aksine zevk veriyordu beni ezmesi…

Ardından kalçalarını oynatmaya başladı bacaklarımın arasında… İçimdeki kalınlık da oynuyor, sıcak ve sert et parçası vajina duvarlarımı sağa sola itiyordu. Başını ta diplerimde hissediyordum. Yumurtalıklarıma değiyordu herhalde… Kıpırdanırken oralarımı bile okşuyordu sikinin başıyla…

Acı yoktu artık… Zevk… Zevk… Zevk…

Bacaklarımı beline sarıp iyice açtım. Kasıkları amıma baskı yapıyordu. Böylece daha çok açılmıştım, daha çok içime alabiliyordum ilk erkeğimi… Kalçalarını indirip kaldırmaya başladı minik minik… Offf…

Sonra yavaşça, uzun uzun inip kalkmaya başladı. İçine ilk erkeğini almış vajinam, tüm darlığına, sıkılığına rağmen engel olamıyordu içinde gidip gelen vahşi hayvana…

Ali abi bacaklarımın arasında doğruldu bir an… Siki hala içimdeydi. Gözleri gözlerimde, ellerini saçına götürüp at kuyruğu yaptığı saçını serbest bıraktı. Uzun, parlak siyah saçları omuzlarına döküldü. Yanık teni, kaslı gövdesiyle bacaklarımın arasında bir Kızılderili tanrısı vardı sanki…

Elini uzatıp aramıza soktu, am dudaklarımın arasında şişip sertleşmiş klitorisimi okşadı. Islak parmaklarının arasında ezdi, beni zevkten bağırttı. İçimdeki kalın sikini kasıp bırakıyor, minik minik oynatıyordu bunu yaparken…
Gerçekten delirmek üzereydim. Nefes alamıyordum adeta… Bir de kocam yanımızdan başını uzatıp memelerimi emmez mi?

Üstümdeki kızılderili seks tanrısı, klitorisimle oynamayı bırakıp üstüme kapandı bir anda… Hızla gidip gelmeye başladı amımda… Sürekli… Piston gibi yarıyordu amımı koca yarak… Artık gözlerim kaymaya, üçüncü orgazmıma yaklaşmaya başlamıştım. Başımı iki yana sallıyor, çığlıklar atıyordum.

-“Ohhh… Ali abii… Çok güzel… Ahhh… Bitiyorumm… Ölüyorum ben… Çok güzel Ekremm… Kocamm… Çok zevk veriyor Ali abi… Ooohhh…”
Çırpınıyor, ellerimi boynunda, omuzlarında, sırtında dolaştırıyor, uzun siyah saçlarını çekiştiriyordum. Zevkten ne yaptığımı bilemeyecek hale gelmiştim. Tırnaklarımı sırtına batırıyordum çılgınca… Ali abi iyice hızlandı, hızlandı…

-“Offf… Sen de harikasın bebeğim… Dayanamıyorum… Amcığın daracık… Sımsıkı… Kendimi tutamıyorum artık… Ohhhh…”

Son anda kalın yarak içimden çıkıverdi. Ben hayal kırıklığıyla, ne oldu diye başımı kaldırıp bakınırken elinde tuttuğu kanlı sikinin ucundan beyaz sıvılar yüzüme doğru fışkırmaya başladı. Boşalıyordu. Son damlalar yavaşladı, inip kalkan göğsüme, karnıma geldi, sonunda bitti. Kocam da yüzüne gelen bir iki damlayı elinin tersiyle sildi. Bacaklarımın arasından kalkarken,

-“Hadi Ekrem… Sıra sende… Karın sikilmeye hazır… Gelmek üzere… Sen devam et şimdi… Aynı benden gördüğün gibi yapacaksın… Hadi koçum, güzelce sik karını… Yüzümü kara çıkarma…”

Dirseklerime dayanıp baktım. Kızlık kanımdan amımın dudakları pembeleşmiş, altımdaki saten çarşafa sızmıştı. Biraz yana kaydım. Kocam hemen yerini aldı. Zaten kalkmış durumdaki sikini amıma geçirdi. Az önce içimi yaran kalınlıktan sonra siki pek kolay girdi içime… Gidip gelmeye başladı.

Bu kez kocam sikiyordu beni… Daha inceydi ama yine de zevk veriyordu. Kasıkları klitorisime çarpıyor, sikinin başı içimde kendini hissettiriyor, taşakları arka deliğime çarpıp duruyordu pompalarken… Çok sürmedi. Günlerin beklentisi, stresiyle dolan kocam boşalmaya başladı hırlayarak… Onun inlemeleri, içimde gidip gelmesi beni de etkiledi, ben de boynuna sarılıp orgazm olmaya başladım.

-“Sonunda…” diyebildim, başımı arkaya atarak serilip kaldım.

-“Sonunda…” dedi kocam da… Yanımda körük gibi nefes alıp veriyordu sırt üstü yatmış…

Dinlenip kendimize geldik. Bu arada Ali abi belinde havluyla duştan çıkıp geldi. Yanımıza yatağa uzandı. Benden taraftaydı. Eğilip dudaklarımı öptü.

-“Hadi güzelim… Siz de gidip duşunuzu alın. Şu kanları, spermleri temizle vücudundan… Ben de çarşafı değiştireyim. Giderken çarşafı almayı unutmayın, eve götürürsünüz gerdek gecenizin hatırası olarak…”

Kalktık, banyoya gittik kocamla… Bir güzel temizlendik. Bacaklarımı açıp örselenmiş kadınlığıma ılık suyu tuttum, bir güzel temizlendim. Kocamı yıkadım. O da beni yıkadı. Kaygan duş şampuanıyla, köpükle kaplı vücutlarımız birbirini okşadı kaygan kaygan… Benimkinin siki kalktı yine… Tutup okşadım. Görevini yapmıştı yardım almak zorunda kalsa da… Bundan sonrası kolaydı artık…
Kurulanıp çırılçıplak, el ele içeriye gittiğimizde Ali abi de çarşafını değiştirdiği yatakta sırtüstü uzanmış, o da çıplak vaziyette, bizi bekliyordu. Beni görünce gözleri parladı adamın… Siki yine bacaklarının arasında dimdik tavana bakıyordu. Uzun siyah saçları beyaz yastığın üzerinde, geniş göğsünde yayılmıştı. Beyaz satenlerin üzerinde esmer, güneş yanığı vücudu harika görünüyordu. İştah açıcı… Davet edercesine bana elini uzattı,

-“Sizi bilmem ama, ben doymadım.” dedi.

Yanına gittim o vaziyette… Çıplaklığımdan utanmıyordum artık, rahat hareket edebiliyordum. Artı, kocama sorma, izin alma gereğini de duymuyordum bu saatten sonra, bunca yaşanmışlıktan sonra… Baştan izin vermişti yapacaklarıma pezevenk kocam…

Yan dönüp bana uzandı. Elimi tuttu. Saygıyla, değer verdiğini göstererek… Kendimi saraylı bir kadınmışım gibi hissettiriyordu bu adam… Uzandığı yerden elimi kaldırdı havaya… Gözleri beğeniyle çıplak vücudumda dolaştı bir süre…

İlk erkeğimin bakışları altında, mutlulukla kıvandım. Göğüs uçlarım dikleşti bir anda… Tüylerim ürperdi. Ali abi kendini geriye, yatağa atıp taş gibi olmuş sikini gösterdi boştaki eliyle,

-“Güzel Gülüm… Hadi gel, şunun üstüne çık istersen… Bir de böyle tadına bakayım senin… Sen de dene bunu… Kocana da uygularsın. İkinizin de hoşuna gidecek, emin ol bebeğim…”

Yaklaştım, yatağın üzerine çıktım dizlerimle… Sonra da bir bacağımı aşırıp belinin iki yanında dizlerimin üzerinde dikildim. Sikini bir eliyle tutup, diğer eliyle kalçalarımı yönlendirdi, sikinin hizasına gelmemi sağladı. Başı amımın dudaklarına değiyordu şimdi… Eliyle hareket ettirip sikinin başını sürttürdü. Şimdiden ıslanmıştım bile… Başımı eğip baktım. Pembecik içimden sular süzülüyor, beni sikmek üzere hazırlanan yarağın başını ıslatıyordu. Öyle güzel bir manzaraydı ki…

Kapıma dayanmıştı harika siki… Eliyle tutmayı bırakıp iki eliyle belime sarıldı. Yavaşça, dikkatle aşağıya çekmeye başladı beni… Siki zorladı, amımın dudaklarını yararak hafif hafif içime gömülmeye başladı. Eğilmiş, dudaklarımı ısırarak bakıyordum içime giren şeye… İlk kez olduğu gibi zorlanmıyordum pek…

Islak ve kaygan tünelimi ikiye yararak santim santim kaymaya başladı koca yarak… Bacaklarımın arası, kasıklarım gerildi. İçimdeki dolgunluk hissi inanılmazdı. Elimi uzatıp amımın dudaklarını ikiye ayırdım, sikinin girişini biraz daha kolaylaştırdım. İndim, indim, indim… Sonunda kasıklarımız öpüştü. O koca aleti içime alabilmiştim sonunda… Dudaklarımı ısırmaktan kan oturmuştu. Bittiğini anlayınca bir oh çektim.

-“Ohhh… Çok güzel…” diyebildim. Bir süre o vaziyette bekledik. Organlarımız birbirine kaynaştı, alıştı. Kocam yanımıza, yatağın kenarına oturmuş, dikkatle bize bakıyordu. Ali abinin koca sikinin içime nasıl girdiğini izlemişti baştan sona… Gülümseyerek elini uzattı, göğsümü okşadı, parmaklarıyla ucunu ovaladı. Şimşek çaktı sanki… Yine kıvrandım.
Offf… Amımdaki yabancı erkeğin koca sikinin sertliği, klitorisime baskı yapan kasıkları, meme ucumda kocamın parmakları… Şehvet dalgası yine sarıverdi bir anda her yanımı… Bulutlara yükselmeye başladım.

Ellerimle altımdaki erkeğin göğsünden destek aldım, kalçalarımı oynatmaya başladım. Hem zevk almak, hem de erkeğime zevk vermek istiyordum bütün içtenliğimle… İçimdeki kadını meydana çıkarmıştı bu adam… Ona ne yapsam, ne kadar zevk versem azdı.

Sonra, koptuk artık… Alttan kalçalarını indirip kaldırarak amımı dövüyordu Ali abi, ben sağa sola kalçalarımı oynatıyordum. Kocam ayağa kalkmış, sertleşmiş sikini ağzıma sokmuştu. Yalıyor, emiyor, hatta dişliyordum.
Saçlarımdan tutup başımı kasıklarına bastıran kocam sürekli inliyordu. Ali abi zevkten hırlıyordu altımda… Bense fırsat bulduğum her an kocamın sikini nefes alabilmek için ağzımdan çıkarıyor, zevkten deli gibi çığlıklar atıyordum.

Dakikalarca sürdü bu savaş, bu hengame… Sonunda Ali abi hışımla altımdan kalktı. Sikini içimden çıkarmamıştı bile… Kırkpınar pehlivanı gibi döndürüp yatağa gömdü beni… Şiddetle pompalamaya devam etti.

Dayanamıyordum. Öleceğimi hissediyordum. Üstümden doğruldu, bacaklarımı göğsüne çekip o şekilde sokup çıkarmaya başladı. Kocam da dizlerinin üstünde yaklaştı yanımıza, sikini ağzıma verip emmemi istedi.

İstediğini yaptım ben de… Çığlık atmaktan fırsat bulduğum her an sikini yalayıp emdim biteviye… Kocam siki emilirken elini uzatmış memelerimi mıncıklayıp duruyor, beni daha da delirtmeye çalışıyordu.

Önce kocam geldi. Gerilen, damarları çıkan sikinin ucundan döllerini fışkırttı ağzımın derinliklerine… Yapacak bir şeyim yoktu, kaçamazdım, yutkunup mideme gönderdim gelenleri… Çıkardığında son damlaları yüzüme gözüme attırdı. Gözlerim kaymıştı zevkten, hala amımı yara yara sikiyordu üstümdeki erkek… Hızlandı, hızlandı…

Ben bittim artık… Feryat figan, kasılmaya başladım. Zaten daracık olan amım kasıla kasıla, içindeki erkeklik organınını derisini yüzecek gibi sağdı orgazm olurken…

Benim orgazmım bitmek üzereyken Ali abi dayanamadı daha fazla… Yine boşalmadan çıktı içimden, başımı tutup kasıklarına çekti. Daha siki dilime değer değmez, o da taşaklarındaki bütün dölü ağzıma fışkırttı. Tüm yüzüm bembeyaz sıvanmıştı spermlerle… Kocamınkiyle onun spermleri birbirine karıştı.

Yatağın üzerine serilip kaldık üçümüz de… Fırtına bitti. Nefes nefeseydik… Dilimi çıkarıp dudaklarımın kenarındaki, artık hangisinin olduğunu bilemediğim dölleri yaladım. Hayatımın ilk döl tadını tattım o gece…

Biri gidip şampanya şişesini getirdi. Şişeyi ağzıma dayayıp içtim. Ağzımda kalan dölleri şampanyayla yıkadım, mideme gönderdim. Onlar viskilerini yudumlarken ben duş alıp geldim. Islak ıslak, çırılçıplak yatakta uzanırken şampanya şişesini bitirdim tek başıma…

Tabi hemen bitmedi gece… Ali abi tüm deneyimiyle gücü tükenmez bir aygır gibiydi. Biz karı koca da çölde aç susuz kalmış iki bedevi gibiydik. Sekse susamış… Dura dinlene seviştik. Zevkin zirvelerine çıktık. Kah kocam sikti beni, kah Ali abi…
Biri sikerken diğeri yardım ediyor, iki erkeğin arasında zevkten deliye dönüyordum. Biraz mola veriyor, bir iki yudum içki içiyor, kendimize gelince tekrar kıpırdanmaya, sevişmeye başlıyorduk. Genelde fitili ateşleyen ben oluyordum. İki erkeğin arasında seks manyağı gibi bir şey olmuştum.

Ali abi hayatımda tatmadığım zevklerle tanıştırdı beni… Götümden sikilmenin zevkine erdim. Onun açtığı, genişlettiği arka kapımdan yine fırsatçı, bedavacı kocam fazla uğraşmasına gerek kalmadan girdi.

Yine bir ilk… Ali abi sikinin üstüne alıp zıplatırken kocama işaret edip arkama sokturdu. Zar zor alabildim iki erkeği birden… İkisi aynı anda sokup çıkardı içime… Biri amıma girdi, öbürü götüme… İki deliğim de iki ayrı sikin tadını aldı değiştire değiştire… İki erkeğin arasında tost oldum, şehvetten delirdim… Bitirdiler beni…

Sabahın ilk ışıkları perdeleri aydınlatırken biz bittik artık… Üç çıplak beden birbirimize dolanıp uykuya daldık. Öğleden sonra uyanıp kalktık, toparlandık. Ali abiyle son bir kez yatakta vedalaştık. Son bir kez amımla, götümle teşekkür ettim öğretmenimize…

Kocamla giyinip odamıza gittik, eşyalarımızı aldık. Resepsiyonda hesabı keserken yanımızda bekledi Ali abi… Dışarıya, arabaya kadar uğurladı. Son bir kez, arabaya binmeden önce sımsıkı sarıldı bana… Derin bir öpücük… Dili dilimi okşarken kendimden geçtim yine… Boynuna sarıldım.

Tüm gece sikişmemize rağmen içim kıpır kıpırdı, onun yine sertleşen siki mini eteğimin üstünden kasıklarımı zorluyordu. Etrafımızda gülerek bize bakanları, arabada beni bekleyen kocamı umursamıyorduk bile, birbirimize dalmıştık. Elleri kalçalarımı pençelemiş, sikinin üstüne bedenimi yapıştırmıştı.

Zorlukla Ali abinin elinden kurtuldum. Kocam kornaya basmasa ayakta sevişmeye devam edecekti benimle… Ben de bırakamıyordum ki… Arabamız hareket ederken işaret edip son anda camdan elini uzattı. Hediye paketi vardı elinde, bana verdi.

-“Bunu unuttunuz çocuklar…” dedi. Merakla yüzüne baktım, göz kırptı. “Gerdek gecemizin hatırası… Kanlı çarşafınız… Senin bekaret kanın…”

Başını camdan içeriye uzatıp yine dudaklarımı öptü son kez… Arkamızdan el salladı.

-“Off… Kocacım, kusura bakma…” diyebildim kocama. “Ali abinin elinden kurtulamadım. Eteğimin altından daldı öperken… Gece amım çok hırpalandı diye külot giymemiştim altıma… Herkes bize baktı öpüşürken, oramı buramı gördüler… Ali abi de ellemedik ne önüm kaldı, ne arkam, hiç bir yerimi bırakmadı. Utanmasa ayakta becerecekti beni…”

Kocam gülümsedi gözünü yoldan ayırmadan, elini uzatıp mini etekli uzun bacaklarımı, içlerini okşadı kasıklarıma kadar…

-“Boş ver karıcığım, Ali abiye helal olsun. Hem bakarlarsa baksınlar…” dedi. “Demek altına külot giymedin ha? Amını götünü gördüler mi yani?”

-”Evet kocacım… Her yerimi gördüler…” dedim az önce Ali abinin kemirdiği dudaklarımı büzerek, şımarık kız sesimle…

-”Boş ver aşkım… Gören bir kere gördü. Bir daha zor görürler bu güzelliği… Hem sevaptır, görsünler…”

Kocamdan duyduklarım hoşuma gitmişti. Gülümsedim. Hoşnutlukla mırıldanıp kendimi koltuğun arkasına bıraktım. Sol eliyle direksiyonu kullanan kocamın, boştaki sağ eliyle mini eteğimi sıyırıp bacaklarımın içlerini okşayan eline bıraktım kendimi… Gecenin yorgun ve örselenmiş savaşçısı kadınlığımın dudaklarında dolaşan parmaklarının verdiği hazza bıraktım. Zevk sularım arabanın koltuğuna süzülüyordu.

Yanından geçtiğimiz kamyonların şoförlerine, hayret dolu bakışlarına aldırış etmeden ben de elimi uzattım kocamın kucağına, pantolonun önünü, sertliğini avuçladım, okşadım… Kocamın dediği gibi, “gören bir kere görecek” anasını satayım.

-“Ohh…” diye inledi kocam… “Tam bir kadın oldun artık Gül… Hem de azgın bir kadın oldun sen…”

-“Evet aşkım… Ben artık kadın oldum.” dedim. Sonra da gülerek ilave ettim. “Annene götürecek kanlı bir çarşafımız bile var artık…”

-“Doğru… Kanlı çarşafımız var. Gerçi o kanı ben akıtmadım ama bence önemli değil. Ali abi sayesinde…” Elimin altındaki sertleşmiş sikini parmaklarımla sıktım, inledi kocam, direksiyona kapandı.

-“Bence de önemli değil kocacığım… Önemli olan çarşafımız olması… Dediğin gibi, o kanı Ali abi akıttı ama onun sayesinde gerdeğe girebildik. Seviştik, seks yapabildik.”

Evet… Ali abi yolu açtı, seks yapmayı öğretti bize… Paylaşmayı… Değişik zevkler tatmanın heyecanını…

Her şey güzel olacak bundan sonra… Eminim bundan

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A Slight Bulge Ch. 02

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(Readers may wish to read, ‘Connecting With Mother’ after reading this chapter.)


We came down slowly from our highs with Denise lying back in my chest with her bra still on but her nipples just protruding. I was casually caressing her breast with my hand dipping into her filled bra.

“Ian our time is nearly up. He will be home soon.”

“Would you like to get together again Denise?”

“I think that we are going to definitely Ian, don’t you?”


“I am next free on Wednesday next.”

“Same place, same time?”

“You’re on.” We were very warm with each other but said little by way of reflection, on our afternoon.

I left her flat about nine in the evening and went home realising that we had not had the food she had promised. I arrived home famished, relieved that Mum was out for the evening. Putting together some leftovers I ate in the kitchen, and then went to bed to watch TV. I heard her come in about 11.30 as I had just put out the light. She must have been surprised I wasn’t in her bed waiting. I wanted to be alone to savour the evening with Denise. She came into my room in just her nightie and sat quietly on my bed slowly pulling back the sheet. I let her know I was awake but conveyed the impression of being tired. She slowly began to stroke my prick, despite my mild protestations.

“Don’t worry Ian I shan’t require you to exert yourself, just relax and take.” Freed of obligation I gave in completely to her fondling. Once hard, she moved her face down to me and kissed my lips. I had not washed. She said nothing. She moved down my body to my groin and entrapped me in her mouth. I wasn’t clean there either but only had a few remnants of dried cum left from an overflow. As she increased her pace she moved one hand to her crotch and started wanking herself taking moisture from her cunt to her clit and rubbing vigorously as she got in rhythm with her sucking. She knew I was relishing this indulgence. As I was taking some time, she moved up on the bed beside me and asked me to turn toward her so that she could wank and suck me and masturbate herself more easily. She suddenly went into spasm as she orgasmed and stiffened. I held her tight as she came. She slowly resumed her suck, now with both hands, having sat up to get more purchase. She must have realised I was harder work than usual. Suddenly I spasmed and came in her mouth. I loved what she had done to me. For the first time she started to kiss and tongue me. She must have thought it a punishment for she started to transfer my spunk from her mouth to mine, having previously swallowed. I accepted it rather than remonstrating and I swallowed, something I had never done in my life.

“You’ve dropped your load earlier this evening, I think Ian.”

I did not reply. She just hugged me and kissed me goodnight. I fell asleep immediately.

Next morning I wondered how Mum would feel about Denise and if she would cope. I decided not to go there unless she asked me about my earlier load.

Next Wednesday, I left work at the same early time to get to the pub by 4pm. I scanned the pub and saw Denise in the same seat as I had found her previously. It had rained and I wore a raincoat. It was also slightly colder than the previous week. Denise had on an off the shoulder black woollen top that showed off her white shoulders and nice cleavage. Wearing the same skirt and heels she sat in the same high chair and table. She hadn’t seen me. I saw she had a near full glass and went to get myself pint of beer. It was early so there was plenty of space. I went to the couch and gave her my attention and a ready smile. She saw me, looking briefly crestfallen in case I was ignoring her, then smiled in response. I beckoned her to the couch. With my eyes on her she turned in the chair with her wine and coat to join me.

As she did so she opened her thighs to step off the chair. She looked intently at me as she moved. My eyes went to her open thighs. Beautiful. I was treated to her cunt enveloped in her pubic hair. I knew then that we were following on from our previous vein of heightened desire for each other.

Sitting next to me I did a double take as I regarded her chest. Gone was the blouse buttoned to the neck in favour of the black top open to a black bra that tipped her cleavage in my face. The fullness was enticing.

“Is that meant for me?

“Well I like it too, but I did have you in mind when I decided to wear it. You seem to like it though.”

“I could kiss and lick you there now.”

“No one’s looking.” So I did and leant forward and licked her breasts directly at the cleavage. She placed her hand behind my head and canlı bahis şirketleri pressed me against her. Apparently it attracted attention so I leaned back without looking to the source of attention.

We sat very close, our thighs up against each other, in total harmony. Our conversation continued intimately, her regaling me with how much she loved our sojourn last week. I replied that there was no reason we couldn’t carry on in that manner. A question followed that did halt me in my tracks making me think extremely quickly.

“Did you tell your Mother about us Ian?” I hesitated. She noted that.

“No I didn’t tell her.”

“May I ask why not?

I countered, “Did you tell your partner?”

“No, though I am married to him, but that doesn’t answer my question.”

It was the first time I felt less than open to her and unable to be honest.

“It’s complicated.”


“She’s always been jealous of other women in my life.” I thought I was off the hook.

“Sexually jealous?” God, she had got closer than any of the women in my life. I was again on the hook. She just looked at me but in a very warm manner and took my hand in hers, holding me very affectionately.


“I think I understand Ian.”

“Do you?”

“I do.”

Without going there I realised she did and hadn’t reacted in a negative way. I hugged her close, giving recognition to her as well in sheer gratitude. I felt my eyes watering. I had told no one but realised I had pent up feelings about the sheer secrecy of the whole thing. I hadn’t even told my wife even though she had opened up to me about her brother.

“Denise, I feel a bit vulnerable now.”

“Don’t Ian, I have made myself very vulnerable with you so we both have a mutual interest in our taking care of each other’s intimacies.

“Ian, I think I would like to meet this woman, your Mother, she sounds quite a woman.” I was very surprised by her suggestion, but it brought an immediate lightness in me as I realised she was not daunted by the recognition of my relationship to my Mother.

“Perhaps, sometime, when we know each other better.”

“I think we already know each other better Ian.”

“Hey let me get another drink. I need a stiff one, it’s a brandy for me. Ian, what about you?”

“A double whisky!”

I sank back in the couch watching her go to the bar and feeling much taken by her challenging me and providing me with the opportunity to disclose without loss of face. What a woman.

Denise returned and we took our draughts’ with relish, remaining quiet yet close.

I took a slight risk.

“Denise you weren’t explicit about your vulnerability.”

“Oh God Ian. I have never been like I’ve been with you with a man in my life.” I waited.

“It was a revelation to me when it happened. Letting myself do what you demanded of me like that. Taking instructions and responding like that.”


“And it was fantastic. Absolutely wonderful.”

She then told me of her previous relationships which were always dependent upon her, either determining how things would go or reciprocal.

“So you’re happy for us to explore that side of you and me?”

“Try me Ian.”

I took another risk.

“I noticed you have a little garden on your balcony.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

I challenged her to guess.

“Make me strip on the balcony?”


“You’ll make me fuck on the balcony?”

“That’s a really good idea but not what I was thinking of.”

“The plants. The tubs. The pots. Wait a minute.” She blushed and laughed at the same time.

“You bastard Ian. The bloody canes are out there. Christ. You are a dirty bastard aren’t you?”


“I can’t think that far. You’re far ahead of me. Let’s get out of here Ian.”

We gathered our stuff together not bothering to put on our coats, which enabled pub regulars to scan her as we left and I hailed a taxi to her place.

In the cab I asked her if she had noticed the young guy sitting in the opposite couch. No she hadn’t. A pity because he was enjoying you. Really? I pointed out that he had moved from the bar to sit there. So? He enjoyed looking at you. She hadn’t noticed anything. I pointed out that she was an object of his lust as he gaped at her cleavage and thighs. I noticed how she had opened her thighs at one stage and he enjoyed the view. What view? Not sure but I was certain he was able to see above her stockings at least to her flesh. She just beamed at the thought.

Arriving at her home, we cuddled in the lift. Denise went to get drinks canlı kaçak iddaa as I contemplated the balcony. I decided the length and thickness of the cane would be just right.

Opening the plugged bottle Denise poured some red wine for both of us. We resumed our respective seating opposite each other but close. I took in her body exuding warmth and quiet sexuality. She had undone her blouse a button or two so I was the beneficiary of much more delightful cleavage.

“So Ian has it been a lifetime’s sexual interest in your Mother?”

“Fuck Denise you don’t beat about do you?”

“No. Did it start in adolescence?”

“Depends what you mean by start. My sexual interest occurred then but it wasn’t explicit. I just used to dream about her in bed.”

“Masturbating Ian?”


“When then?”

Well her jealousy of girls diverted me and I went underground as far as women were concerned until my marriage. She just about tolerated my wife. I suppose the turn came when I came back to London to stay with her because of work. Before I regaled her with the details I checked her out.

“Denise I haven’t ever been this open about this. I’m not sure I can go further.”

“Ian I do understand. Let me tell you I had a love affair with my uncle when I was 15 so I know the need for secrecy. I trust you Ian and I am willing to tell you all you may wish to know about him and me. No one else knows about that. I am just very curious about how it happened with your Mother. So trust me.”

I must have visibly relaxed at that moment. I took another swig of wine and told the story of how once I had settled in at her flat (and my original home) I had suspected she was looking at me in bed whilst I read porn stories, how I began to listen and then watch her in bed. Then how it became tacitly accepted that we watched each other masturbating. I conveyed how exciting it became, how my Aunt had intervened and we had dealt with that and how it was still unfolding.

She had, of her own volition, begun to open her thighs and slipped her fingers across her cunt, sweeping juices between her vagina and her clit. I was hard.

“Lift your nipples out of your bra. Suck them.”

Without any hesitation she did just that. She had got easily into obedient mode. My story really got her going, particularly when I described how my Aunt had seduced me whilst I knew Mum was in the darkness watching and masturbating herself. As I told about my cuming with Aunt Ellen, Denise had her first self induced orgasm, stretching out stiff on her couch and screaming obscenities in her high. She slowly came down as I paused from the story. I briefly described how Mother found out about my local porn club, what happened there, how much she wanted to go there and the effect it had on her sexually with me. I also told Denise we still had not actually fucked each other as we agreed we were in no hurry.

“You’re a lucky man Ian. I would still like to meet her.”

“I haven’t forgotten what you said in the pub.”

Denise was worming her fingers again between her nipples and her wet cunt and getting in a state.

“Ian please take off those denims for me.” I resisted her request. Instead I gave her a new instruction.

“Denise take off your skirt and top.”

She hesitated.


Standing she took them off leaving her in heels, stockings and suspender belt and bra. Looking at me with a damn you look.

“Take the bra off.”

She undid the strap and lowered it from her body. Her breasts sagged beautifully in front of her, slightly pear shaped but still very alluring with her nipples very stiff and hard.

“Get on the floor on your front with your arms stretched out in front of you.”

Denise obeyed my instructions and waited without a word.

I went to the balcony. She knew I had gone there. Whilst looking the other way, she will have felt the draught from the opening door. There were a few unused canes standing in the corner. I selected one about third of an inch thick and say three feet long and nice and whippy.

Returning, I closed the curtains so that the room was darker and proceeded to take off my clothes. She still looked ahead but must have had an inclination of my actions.

Silently I caressed her arse with my bare foot, feeling the soft firmness as she involuntarily clenched her cheeks. We were still wordless, but the tension was palpable.

I contemplated the first stroke. I wanted to have an impact but not invite a negative recoil. And I didn’t want to be vanilla on that first stroke.

Her full buttocks were cased by her suspender belt and the garters canlı kaçak bahis holding up her stockings. It was probably one of my favourite erotic sights.

I raised my arm and brought the cane down firmly on her white clenched cheeks. She yelped, tensed and moaned slightly, then her cheeks relaxed. I was now very hard and stroked it with my free hand.

I gave her three more strokes but each harder than the other. She still remained silent.

Suddenly she moved her hands, one down to her crotch the other to one of her nipples under her stretched body. She started to wank herself. I reached to my coat and creamed my stiff with lubricant. I started wanking myself. I came down with another blow which momentarily fazed her but she continued on fingering her cunt and nipple. I could just see her stiff nipple protruding at the side of her chest. She was really rubbing her thumb and forefinger, pinching it tight. Her white arse was now red with sharp stripes across her buttocks from her belt right down to meeting with her thighs. I paused and ran my hands over her redness. Her flesh was hot with the punishment. I gave her a friendly slap across each cheek smoothing her cheeks at the same time.

I stood and repeated the blow of the cane increasing the tempo and stronger with it.

“Oh God Ian it hurts it fucking hurts.”

I didn’t respond but came down even stronger with the cane. More yelping but not saying stop.

I saw her hand movements accelerate keeping up the beating at a rhythmic hard pace.

Just then she stiffened completely and went over the top screaming and shouting and interspersed with, “Ian you fucking bastard I love it, love it, love it” as she slowly ebbed from her orgasm and came to rest.

I relented with the cane. She moved her hands out to rest beside her, smiling with closed eyes at the journey she had taken.

I knelt down encouraging her to turn toward me. We hugged hard. I was still very high and stiff. Denise stroked me then took my erection to her mouth surrounding her tongue with the sweet lubricant. Undeterred she proceeded to suck me hard. But I didn’t want to cum that way. Pulling out I turned her to lean over the couch as I knelt between her open stockinged legs. She knew what was going to happen. Smiling at me, “Yes Ian fuck me. Yes please fuck me.”

I slipped my prick to her wet lips, realising the significance of our first fuck, and slowly pressed myself into her up to the hilt.

“Oh you darling fucker, I’ve wanted this since I first saw you.”

I viewed her reddened arse as I got into our rhythm.

Rubbing both my hands over the welts, without really thinking I raised a hand and brought it down hard on her. She screamed at me, not thinking it was going to happen. I gave her one more hard slap, then continued ramming her. Denise started playing with her clit again and moving with me to get my hardon deep in her. I was pushing her cervix. I was getting close but wanted to cum with her.

Stalling a little I could feel her getting there. At that moment she started to scream again as I let myself go over holding her hips tight against me. We went together feeling very close to each other as we slowly descended from our highs.

We fell together to the carpet lost in our reverie and slowly stilled.

“Ian I never knew I could go there.”


“You know, being totally submissive like that and enjoying it so much.”

“I could have been even rougher Denise but I held back.”

Ian I love it because we are both going there and want it. I couldn’t do it otherwise.

“I have an idea. Supposing we had a safe word that really means NO? So that when you say: no, I don’t stop but if you use the safe word, I do.

“That sounds a good idea Ian. You suggest one.”

“How about ‘nettles’?”

That a neat one. Any connotation in the word?”

“Well I once used some.”

“Christ I’m not sure about that, I think I would need the safe word then.”

So we’re agreed, its nettles then?


“How’s my bum Ian?” She turned to show me. Red welt marks were strewn all over her buttocks, deep scarlet swollen marks that would yield bruises in the next few hours. The odd spot of blood just emerging in one or two places. I leaned over and gently kissed her welts, held her cheeks open and dipped my tongue into her dark brown crevice, pushing it with pressure. She squirmed in delight at this new venture. I withdrew and tongued her, in part, to test her.

“I could get a taste for that too.”

“You will Denise, you will.”

“Damn Ian its pumpkin time you had better go. We must find a better way to have more time.”

Denise gave me her mobile number, a wonderful naked hug as I stroked her buttocks and helped me get my clothes on and out of the door. As I went down the lift I wondered how she would present or hide her welts from her husband.

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Bear Seduction, Practice

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All during the week something is there to remind me of Kevins cock. I see a banana and I think Kevin’s cock, a zucchini, cock, a brautwurst, Kevin’s cock. I get home from work knowing Kevin gave me a fleshy dildo to practice on but I get too nervous to pull it out. Finally I have the house to myself so I go to my work space in the basement and pull it out. Sitting the suction suck holds it upright. It looks about the same size as Kevin’s penis when it’s hard. I put my hand around the shaft, seem to be the same thickness. I’m pretty sure he picked it out on purpose for my practice session. I have to do it. I pull out my tape measure and it’s eight inches long. My cock is a pinch over six inches. I put my mouth over it and go down as far as I can. My lips wrap around it and I pull it though my lips. My saliva shows I get about half the dildo, half of Kevin’s cock into my mouth before I gag. I watch some video’s on my computer of women sucking cock, not all women, most in fact don’t deep throat, unless it’s on a deep throating page. I finally find an instructional video on deep throating. One of the lessons is to let the dildo rest against the back of the throat, get use to it. I try it and immediately I gag. After 30 minutes I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I hit the power button on the monitor, jam the dildo into my bottom drawer and turn around. Christina opens the door. I feel like a junior high boy who just stashed his Playboy magazine.

“What do you want for supper babe?” She asks.

“Ladies choice?” Flustered I’m thinking she can read my mind.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just going over some issues at work.”

She grins as she leaves. Did she see me sucking on the dildo Kevin gave me? I look around and don’t see how. My mind is fucking with me. I have three days of practice canlı bahis şirketleri before the next game.

Kevin’s basement. The guys have left and it’s just us two. He sits on the couch with his legs open for me. I get up from the recliner and go to him. I’m about to knee and he stops me.

“Take it off, I want to see you.”

I strip my clothes off and stand before Kevin. My cock is hard and precum is forming on the tip. Kevin reaches forward and strokes my cock a couple times.

“Nice” He says and undoes his pants.

Finally. I get between Kevin’s knees and stroke his beautiful cock. It’s semi hard and I move down with my tongue out. I lick his shaft and look into his eyes. His hand finds the back of my head and he plays with my hair a bit. I lick him some more from his balls up to his head a couple more times, then guild his head between my lips. I love the slight give his head has as my lips and tongue take him in. Loving how his cock feels in my mouth. Looking at his cock as I suck it, seeing his head wet with my saliva, he gets harder and harder. I go down on him taking him nearly to the back of my throat. My heart is racing because I want to try deep throating him, but scared I’ll gag and accidently bite him. I just work on taking as much of his shaft as I can. I take him into my mouth gently and cup his balls. I get into a nice rhythm going up and down on his cock. sliding between my lips, no teeth, just lips and tongue. Up and down. Some times stroking him, sometimes just holding onto the base of his rock hard cock. Breathing through my nose, my mouth filled with this man. I run my hand over his stomach and hairy chest. Savoring his hard body, and his hard cock.

“You like being my cock bitch don’t you?” Kevin asked me.

I slid his cock from my canlı kaçak iddaa lips and slowly stroked him as I looked up at him.

“I love pleasing your cock.”

“You’re a good bitch, you like to swallow.”

I looked at his cock as I stroked it, then back into his eyes. “I love when you cum in my mouth.” I dived back onto his cock working it in and out. My mouth making noise on his cock like in the video’s, his words increasing my horny lust for him.

This was it, I took my mouth off him, stroked him and took some slow deep breaths. I was going to show him the work I’ve been putting in. I opened my mouth and went down on him. I pushed the head of his cock past my gag reflex and he slipped down my throat. I pulled up just before the gag reflex kicked in. My eyes started to water and I took his cock for a few half strokes. Then during the down stroke with my mouth I took him deep for second time. My face buried against his pubes.

I heard him sigh in ecstasy.

I pulled his cock from my mouth and started stroking it. My eyes watering and my saliva glands giving him extra slickness. I love seeing his hard cock in my hand. Every time I work his cock I feel something new. Something is enhanced. Like the way his hand fondles the back of my head and neck. The way his hips move as my mouth works on his cock. Now how his cock shines in my hand as I stroke him. I love how he trembles as he cums in my mouth. His cock, his pleasure is my pleasure. I belong here for him.

Kevin moves as I stroke him and he lays on the couch. He reaches down and strokes my cock. I go down on him from a new angle. I watch he balls as my mouth takes his cock in. My cock is quickly slick with my own pre cum.

“You have a nice ass.” He said and his hand went from my cock to my ass checks. Squeezing my canlı kaçak bahis checks, giving it a light slap. He grabbed my cock again and started working his shaft with my mouth and tongue increasing my bobbing. His balls were retracting, my mouth working him up and down, then he let go of me and his hips started to buck as he tensed up and started shooting his hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed the first shots. The next spirts I tried keeping in my mouth and his hand caressed my head.

“Oh fuck, you’re a quick study. Sit down.”

I took my mouth off his cock and started to sit down on the couch next to him but Kevin sat up and had me sit on his lap. The taste of his cum filled my taste buds and he began stroking my cock. His lips were close to my ear and he whispered.

“You’re suck a good little cock bitch. You like how that feels?”

I loved how he stroked me.


“You deserve a reward for you efforts.”

He kissed my ear and neck and continued stroking me. I could tell I would be cumming soon.

“Have you ever thought of sitting on it?”

I hadn’t thought of that but in my sexual frenzy the thought of sitting on his cock was quite appealing. I wanted his cock where ever he wanted it.

He whispered into my ear. “We can take it slow, but I know how good your tight little hole is going to feel with my cock in it.”

“I’m going to cum.”

“Here, lay down.”

I took the same spot Kevin had when he came and he stroked me. It came fast and before I knew it the first shot of cum squirted half way up my chest. The next shot hit me in the face and the third shot got my cheek and eye.

“Somebody likes this even more than I do I think.” Kevin got up and retrieved a towel wiped up my cum from my face.

As I settled down I started to worry about Kevin’s large cock in my tight hole. I was definitely an anal virgin.

“Hey, what I said about sitting on it, don’t worry about. When you’re ready you’ll let me know.”

I nodded, and I wanted it, but when?

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A Sister’s Love

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I am always fascinated by women whenever I am near them, as an observer, a friend, or a lover and companion. I do wish I could change one aspect of their style. Just one. I do wish that women would constantly have, live by, and act upon, a large sexual appetite entirely open to new people and new experiences. The social sparring necessary to become a woman’s lover is sometimes fun for me, but often is a process whose progress is measured in inches. How wonderful it would be to simply make eye contact with an attractive woman, smile, and approach her. And shortly thereafter, to take her to bed and enjoy our mutual pleasure together.

I sometimes fantasize about disseminating a specially formulated mist which has that desired effect. Then an attractive woman, having breathed just a little of the mist, would wake up the next morning with a raging and insistent desire for sexual pleasure. She first tries to seduce her sister, who visits in the morning.

She greets her sister Mae at the door, kisses her cheek, lingering there a little too long and with a barely perceptible lick with the tip of her tongue, and embraces her, letting her hand stray to touch Mae’s breast, then stands back to drink in all of Mae’s curves. Mae is 5’4″, an athletic 123 pounds, firm, toned arms and legs. And freckles, an uncountable number of tiny decorations on her skin. Erin saw patterns in their randomness and was fascinated by them. She wanted to count them, kiss them and taste them. She hoped they covered all of Mae’s body.

Mae typically wears red lipstick, chosen from the entire possible span of red, from deep explosive red, like a fresh coal in the fire, to a shade of teen virgin pink, signifying a maiden who has never had a man, and has to pleasure herself with her fingers, which she wears today. And it all works, with her smile, her eyes, her long hair, congenitally curly, framing her face in billows of light brown. Short, tight, shorts. Tight, but perfectly clinging to her ass and her thighs, like a second skin made of the vaporous denim. Erin touches Mae’s thigh, and through her clothes, she is as warm to Erin’s touch as if Mae were naked there. Body-painted, not dressed.

The sight of Mae makes Erin’s breath catch. Blushing, momentarily confused, Erin gestures to the living room, where there is a long and wide couch, big enough for two.

Mae plays the role of an inexperienced virgin, blushing at Erin’s touch, with her eyes cast down, and at the desire shining from her sister’s eyes, and moves submissively toward the couch as directed.

Erin feels herself changing by the heat of her insistent desire. Her nipples swell and become firm. She walks more rhythmically, with more energy. Her breasts stroke her blouse, and she undoes the last two buttons and pushs the separated sides apart to give her breasts more freedom, and more for Mae to see.

Mae looks at Erin as she unbuttons her blouse and reveals more of herself. Mae’s mouth is open in a little O of curiosity, excitement, and incipient desire for what Erin will require of her.

Still standing, Erin turns to Mae, puts her hands on Mae’s arms, and slowly, insistently, pulls her closer. She encircles Mae with her arms, feeling Mae’s body melt into her, and feels Mae’s arms come around her completing their now mutual embrace. Their faces are so close they breathe and exchange the same sweet air. Erin begins to lose consciousness of herself as a singularity. Now she and Mae, like streams of hot wax from two candles poured canlı bahis şirketleri together, bubble and mix until they have created a new potion.

Erin lightly brushes back the hair from Mae’s face. She uses her fingers as a comb, drawing the strands back. This delight her mom used to give her when she was little, lying in bed next to her as she cooed and soothed her to sleep.

Erin looks into Mae’s eyes, and sees a kiss of infinite tenderness and pleasure coming.

How long do you spend looking in your lover’s eyes? How much can you see in them? Can you see joy? Can you sometimes see bitter anger? Do you see love? If it exists, it is there.

Erin holds herself back from that kiss. She can see the same struggle of will in Mae’s eyes. She looks at Mae’s mouth, but quickly looks back up at her eyes. The quickest way for Erin to destroy her temporary control over her desire for Mae’s kiss was for Erin to see Mae’s lips, and imagine breaking Mae’s virgin’s oral hymen just there, in her mouth, with Erin’s tongue. She even wishes to draw a drop of Mae’s blood at the deflowering of her mouth.

Mae opened her lips, and the pink tip of her tongue emerged, sliding over both lips, making them glisten with her saliva. A single drop of which fell onto Erin’s breast.

Erin gave in so completely that, for an instant, her knees buckled. But she clung to Mae and did not fall. Her mouth opened as she stood again in Mae’s embrace, and found Mae’s. They kissed as couples who love one another kiss. As if all the cool sweet water in the world were there in your lover’s mouth, and you both were dying of thirst. The stream of sweet water flowed from Mae’s mouth into hers. Erin held it there, palping it with her tongue. It was impossible for Erin to describe the taste of Mae’s mouth in mere words. It was not like candy, overpoweringly sweetened. Spices, yes. Something more. A trace of the essence of her. Erin swallowed the sweet liquor. Their tongues played together. Their hands touched and caressed and explored.

Kiss. That word, which matters, encompasses an infinity of pleasures. Soft or firm. Lingering, or following the shapes of your lover’s curves, Or following the changes in the colors of her body, light, pink, red and brown. Or the textures of her skin, as silken as the flesh of her cunt, as firm and decorated with very small brown cobblestones as her brown nipples.

Open, sharing each other’s wine.

I love how women can express their urgent desires slowly and lovingly. This style does have its opposite in terms of its pace, lovingly quick. D. H. Lawrence explains in Lady Chatterlee’s Lover:

“She was nearly at the wide riding when he came up and flung his naked arm round her soft, naked-wet middle. She gave a shriek and straightened herself and the heap of her soft, chill flesh came up against his body. He pressed it all up against him, madly, the heap of soft, chilled female flesh that became quickly warm as flame, in contact. The rain streamed on them till they smoked. He gathered her lovely, heavy posteriors one in each hand and pressed them in towards him in a frenzy, quivering motionless in the rain. Then suddenly he tipped her up and fell with her on the path, in the roaring silence of the rain, and short and sharp he took her, short and sharp and finished, like an animal.”

This does have its place in a sophisticated pantheon of pleasures.

Many women know how to love, in all its senses. It takes men a while to learn. For canlı kaçak iddaa some of us, a long while.

Women evolved to preserve their loved ones. To give to them. If you have ever had a woman, you know this. I was married to three women. The third I am still so in love with that I don’t sometimes remember who I am.

I understand completely how a woman can desire another woman. Almost all women are gardens of sexual pleasure, erotic playgrounds. Men, not so much. Women invite leisurely exploration. Men, not so much. I believe a woman’s sexuality is vast, perhaps even unlimited, even if she doesn’t recognize it herself. It just needs to be awakened. Whereas a man’s sexuality is often concentrated and, in the moment of abandon, discharged, and has to be recharged.

I have explored my mental reaction to the idea of sucking a man’s cock. I’d like to experience it at least once. Being sucked is familiar territory for me, owning a cock I’m very fond of. Groucho: My brain is my second favorite organ.

I think I’d be good at sucking an attractive cock.

I love the way a cock responds to the first signals of pleasure. Often these signals are only mental, a creative sexual fantasy, nothing physical. The cock swells and straightens, asking for more. I bend close to the swollen cock in front of me in my imagination, closer, until I can lick the head. There is a drop of pre-cum there. I absorb it with the tip of my tongue. Waste not. Want not. I put my hand around this beautiful cock, feeling the girth of it, rubbing the head with my thumb, circling the head.

I open my mouth, not straining or uncomfortable, just relaxed and wanting to suck this beautiful cock. I am determined to swallow it all, down to the curly hairs at its base, and hold it there in my throat. I lick the head, repeatedly spreading my saliva over it. I explore the very tip, the tiny slit through which a powerful stream of cum will enter my mouth. I take the tip into my mouth, and begin to lick all the surface, using all my tongue.

When the shining cock is slippery and wet, I swallow more, deeper, slowly, letting the tapered head expand the passage. The sensation of being mouth-fucked is exquisite. I feel the head sliding over my tongue, and deeper into my throat.

Again, swallowing, pressing down to the root, holding there with the cock filling all my throat, side to side, top to bottom. The cock pulses, and swells. I hold the balls and squeeze. I know the deluge is coming. I can feel it coming. The floodgates begin to open. Now there is another teasing tiny spurt of pre-cum, another pulse along the entire member, and then, and then the beginning of the flood spurts down deep in my throat. It fills my throat, pauses and begins another spasm which lasts longer than the first, continuously squirting cum in my mouth. I swallow. Again and again. Still sucking the head as the flow slows and tapers off, utterly spent.

I keep the head in my mouth, finding a resting place where I can enjoy the calm, mellow feeling which comes over me.

Some of the cum is still in my mouth, where I roll it over and around my tongue, savoring both its texture and its taste, mixing it with my saliva. And finally, swallowing the brew sip by sip.

Erin seems to have read my thoughts, as she is breathing fast, almost panting, as she pulls Mae to the sofa. Before they are there, Erin strips Mae of her top. Mae wears no bra. Erin pulls the clip to loosen Mae’s hair and it cascades over her shoulders canlı kaçak bahis and down.

Erin caresses Mae’s breasts, circling the nipples, tracing a ticklish path down to the snap on her shorts. It takes only a few seconds to undo, unzip, and remove Mae’s shorts. Erin kneels to remove Mae’s sandals and guide her shorts over the little feet.

It is too tempting. Erin seats Mae, bringing her foot to her mouth. It feels so good against her cheek. Erin kisses from the toes to the heel, then takes each toe into her mouth, one at a time, sucking and washing each toe with her mouth and tongue, probing to the ticklish valleys between each toe with the tip of her tongue.

Mae watches this display of desire being satisfied, leaning back, opening her legs. Hoping Erin’s mouth will soon suck her cunt. Mae’s fingers find her moist cunt, massaging the flesh there, teasing her clit and the opening to her vagina.

Erin strips everything of hers off and kneels between Mae’s legs, Erin looks down at her sister’s moist cunt. It is small and pale, just as a virgin’s should be. Erin slowly lowers her mouth.

Erin and Mae play their game. Which one of them can tempt the other to lose control first?

Mae licks her fingers, and Erin knows what is coming.

Mae slowly teases her cunt with her wet fingers, massaging the length of her cunt and down to her anus. Probing there with the tip of her finger, entering. Stroking in and out.

Erin tries to resist, but unavoidably breathes the perfumed scent of the virgin’s cunt.

Erin opens her mouth and anoints her lips.

Mae slowly removes her finger from her ass, brings it to her mouth, and sucks it deeply, tasting the smoky nuances of her anus. Now she inserts her finger into her cunt, then brings it out, holding the dripping finger a centimeter away from Erin’s mouth.

Erin laughs and curses. And Mae, triumphant, cannot stop smiling at her.

Then Erin takes Mae’s finger and licks it.

Erin pulls Mae to the edge of the couch, pushes her legs back, and opens her dripping cunt. Now, now the desire overwhelms Erin. She attaches her mouth to her sister’s cunt and feels Mae’s sweet syrup gather on her tongue and fill her mouth. She swallows a little, and the taste makes her moan a moan of pure satisfaction. She closes her eyes and adjusts her position so that she can comfortably stay here all day.

Erin begins to bathe Mae’s cunt, and all the tender flesh around it, with her tongue, sliding to the opening, finding it, dipping down inside as far as she can, gathering the liquor there, yielding her mind and body to this pure animal pleasure.

Mae responds with her own purring, tweaking her nipples with her thumbs and fingers. Moving her cunt in time with Erin’s sucking.

Pleasure on pleasure.

Erin ascends Mae’s cunt with her mouth, following the center of it, searching for the bud of her clit. Mae’s clit is fully erect, and even mimics the appearance of a cock, smaller, but noticeably the same.

Erin gently massages Mae’s penis/clit with her tongue. The way Mae responds teaches Erin: this is the place. This is the touch.

They lost track of time. More than once Mae came, a body-clenching seizure of a lightning bolt of pleasure. Each time, Erin paused, but kept the sweet clit in her mouth, cradling it with her tongue.

Three times, four times? At last they rested.

Erin pulled adjusted Mae’s position. Now there was enough room for Erin to suspend her pussy over Mae’s face, and demand that she suck her to a climax.

Erin did not need to demand. Mae pulled her down and positioned Erin over her mouth. The junction was consummated. Cunt and mouth were merged, caressing each other to pleasure upon pleasure.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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I love summer, sun, the beach, skimpy swimsuits and cock.

I’d just received my latest swimsuit order: a shiny sky-blue lycra g-string with a micro pouch that barely contained my cock and balls and lifted them straight up and out. The back tapered from a tanga-style thong to a thin little strap designed to show off most of my brown pucker when I lay face-down with my legs spread. I tried it on and felt so hot in it that I ballooned out the pouch while admiring my reflection. I had to show it off so I planned a trip to my favorite beach the next day.

I got up early, thoroughly douched, shaved my cock, balls and ass and generally made sure I was stubble-free everywhere except for a well-manicured treasure trail. After a hot shower I lotioned up from head to toe and squirted a generous portion of lube up my ass. I followed that with a buttplug that was a bit of a challenge but filled my ass nicely, then struggled into a heavy cock ring.

I put my new swimsuit on, loving the way it made my bulge so obvious. A tight white t-shirt, a pair of red nylon short-shorts and black flipflops were an attempt at modesty until I got to the beach. In the kitchen I filled a large thermos with a lot of vodka and a little orange juice; packed that, a couple of waters, suntan oil, condoms, more lube, poppers and a beach towel in a backpack and grabbed my car keys.

My favorite beach is a two-hour drive away. It’s on the south-western side of Lake Michigan, with a very artsy gay town nearby. The beach is secluded with a long hilly hike through a pine forest that marches right to the tops of the white dunes. The seclusion and the gay population make for great man-watching and cruising. Guys in thong bikinis aren’t uncommon, but I knew my suit would still attract attention. I couldn’t wait to get there.

The drive was wonderfully frustrating as every bump in the road bumped my buttplug against my joy spot. By the time I got to the parking area I was way horny, way hard and seriously tenting my shorts. I slung my backpack over one shoulder, locked my car and followed my barely-confined hard-on down the path.

The buttplug beat a steady rhythm in my rectum with each step, plus it was already a warm day so my thin t-shirt was drenched with perspiration by the time I crested the last dune. I found a spot with a good close view of the guys already there, spread my towel, kicked off my flipflops and shorts, peeled off my wet t-shirt and walked into the water just deep enough to wet my suit. The lake was warm and calm, and I bent over to splash my face and let my ass attract some attention. I wondered if anyone spotted my buttplug under the thin strap of my g-string.

I walked back to my towel and sat down to enjoy the scenery. I broke out my thermos and started my buzz with the strong quart of screwdrivers I had mixed. The beach was very studly today. There were a few guys in trunks, but enough guys in speedos and thongs to keep my attention. I gazed at the full baskets and pert buns as I applied my tanning oil to a high shine. My cock grew hard and my cock ring kept it that way.

One guy near me lay on his stomach facing me and I had a feeling he was watching me behind his sunglasses. He wore an extra skimpy yellow speedo that contrasted nicely with his smooth dark tan, and the oil he had on really brought out his musculature. He didn’t look like a gym rat, just well built, and I guessed taller than I. His shoulders were broad, his waist thin and his thighs looked powerful. He had a full bubble butt and his swimsuit clung to his ass crack enough for me to imagine running my tongue there. I lay back, propped on my elbows with my knees bent and legs spread a little. He lifted his head and I knew he was looking. I raised my sunglasses and smiled. He smiled back and laid his head back down. My asshole started to tingle and grasp at my buttplug. I lay all the way down, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

I was enjoying the sun’s heat and the cooling breeze and my buzz and daydreaming about how big his cock must be when a shadow fell across my face. I opened my eyes to see yellow speedo stud standing above me. He smiled, but didn’t say anything for a few seconds more. I didn’t care; I was distracted by the outline of his large plum-shaped cock head in his unlined swimsuit.

“I think this is yours” and he held up my t-shirt. “It was blowing down the beach”.

I said thanks and I sat up to take the t-shirt from him. He squatted down on his heels to hand me the t-shirt and without thinking I just kept staring at his crotch, now just a couple feet from my face. I think he knew how much I wanted his cock in my mouth.

“My name’s Chris.” He waited until I introduced myself, then “This is my first time here. Is there a restroom on the beach?”

“No, the nearest is all the way back at the parking lot. Most guys pee in the woods.” I tried to sound nonchalant when I added “I’ve got to pee too; I’ll go with you”. Chris motioned for me güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to lead the way. As I walked ahead of him I let my hips swivel just enough to seem slutty. I hoped he didn’t think it was too femme, just very bottom.

We were a few steps inside the tree line and sort of hidden from view when he pulled the front of his suit down and let his package fall free. His cock was soft, but thick and heavy-looking, and the head of his cock was a big knob. His crotch was clean-shaven, and big smooth balls hung low under his cock. He kept his hands on his hips while he arced a full stream of piss a few feet in front of himself.

I realized I had been staring and he knew it and just let me keep staring. I pulled my cock out and took a quick pee as if to disguise my lust but I needn’t have bothered; he’d finished hosing down the sand and just stood there with his manhood hanging out. He had no tan lines. He turned to face me, silent. He didn’t have to say anything. I walked to him, knelt and took his cockhead in my mouth.

I closed my lips behind the ridge and worked my tongue around his cockhead and into his piss-slit, polishing his knob while it swelled in my mouth. He tasted of coconut tanning oil and sweat and man-musk, and I became hard, my own cock painful in the pouch. As he grew harder I began to slide my mouth slowly up and down his cock, taking a little more each time until he was fully erect, but his length and girth were more than I could swallow whole. I could taste his pre-cum, not particularly salty or sweet, but manly and thick and I sucked his cock harder to get more.

He said “I knew you’d get on your knees for me – keep swallowing” and placing one hand in my hair and the other behind my neck, began slowly face-fucking me. He slid more cock into my mouth with each thrust and I kept swallowing because it was clear all of his fuck-tool would be in my mouth before he was satisfied. I was learning how to deep-throat on the spot.

I quit the pretense of trying to do anything with my tongue and just let him use my throat. I kept swallowing and it became easier to take more of his cock, and I put my hands on his firm and oily ass-cheeks and pulled him all the way into my throat, until his balls were against my chin. He stayed there, filling my throat completely as I kept swallowing to keep from gagging, then he pulled out so I could catch my breath. Now that I could see his cock fully erect for the first time, I was amazed I had taken it all. His erection jutted straight out from his crotch with a slight curve up, the helmet rigid and perfect for ravaging my ass.

“You’re a fast learner.” He put his cockhead back to my lips and I licked the pre-cum off, and took him in my mouth and sucked hard. He started fucking my face again, not as deep this time, but faster, and I looked forward to his orgasm, flicking my tongue under his big dick as he thrust in and out. He was in control and used me to bring himself off quickly. I felt his cock stiffen and swell just that little bit more and he groaned a little and started splashing my mouth with his creamy spunk, at least seven thick shots and then a long stream of thinner man-juice, almost as if he was pissing.

I put my hand around his cock, and greedily milked the last drops of his seed onto my tongue. As he softened a little I gently licked his cock clean. He tucked himself back into his speedo and then rubbed his crotch against my face. I could smell that wonderful man-fuck smell of cum and sweat and musk. My own erection still pressed firmly against the small pouch of my suit, the cock-ring keeping me hard. My suit was wet with sweat and slightly transparent. He pulled me up by my arms and kissed me forcefully, his tongue owning my mouth like his cock just did.

“Let’s relax a little.” And that was it. I followed him back to the beach because he had me and he expected it. I think I heard a little buzz of commentary about our return from the other sunbathers but I didn’t care. I enjoyed the after-taste of his cum in my mouth.

He lay back down on his towel as I brought my towel and things next to him. “Lay on your stomach.” I did so, my own erection forcing my ass up in the air a little. He draped his hand across my ass and began to press against the base of my butt plug. So he had noticed when I was splashing in the water! His fingers pushed against the plug and then relaxed, pushed and relaxed, fucking my ass with my toy in little frustrating pokes, grinding my hard, restrained cock against the sand below my towel. I couldn’t help but moan a little and started adding my own pre-cum to my sticky, wet suit.

“This suit’s going to give me tan lines. I have a privacy fence around my pool. Let’s go.” We got up and packed our things in our bags and I put on my t-shirt and started to pull on my shorts but he took them from me. “Go like that”. He put on his sandals but nothing else. I slipped on my flipflops, grabbed my bag and started back güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri towards the path. “Nice.” And that was all he said until we got back to our cars, except for an occasional chuckle as we passed other men headed towards the beach, my ass on display for him and my swollen cock barely covered by my cum-stained suit.

We got in our cars and I followed him for about five miles, not really wondering what I was doing, just obeying. He turned into the driveway of a nice house on a couple of acres of lawn and I could see a stockade fence at the back of the house.

He got out, walked to the front door and entered, leaving the door open. I followed and closed the door behind me, the air-conditioning forcing my nipples into tight nubs. His sandals and speedo lay in a corner on the floor. I set my backpack near them and stood in the foyer until he called me into the kitchen. “Thirsty?” He handed me a glass of Chardonnay and I nervously gulped it. “I guess you were.” He took the glass from me and pinching my nipples, pulled me to him for another kiss. His hands moved to my ass and he pulled my hips to his, grinding his stiffening cock into my crotch. He released my mouth as his fingers toyed with my buttplug again.

“Drop your suit, go out to the pool and cool off. I’m going to call a friend over to join us.” and he pointed to the pool through the French doors at the other end of the kitchen. He stood in front of me waiting, so I stepped out of my suit and handed it to him. He threw it into the foyer, grasped my balls briefly as if to weigh them, then went to the phone. I walked to the French doors and stepped outside, dressed only in my cock ring and buttplug, feeling vulnerable and horny but oddly relaxed.

The stockade fence enclosed a large patio with a small pool about four feet deep. I stepped into the warmish water and immersed myself briefly, then left the pool to recline on a chaise. I heard the door open and Chris appeared with two big plastic tumblers of Chardonnay in his hands and that wonderfully heavy cock swinging between his legs. He held a tumbler to my mouth and let me take several swallows, then set the glasses down and straddled the chaise, his cock brushing my lips. I opened my mouth and received him, loving the feel and taste of his manhood on my tongue. I nursed on his cockhead until it stiffened to its full size then he pulled out of my face and reversed position, bending over so I could service his ass.

I ran my tongue up and down his crack from his smooth, large balls, across his tight pucker, to his tailbone and back again. He sighed and leaned back further, so I placed my hands on his hips and pulled him to me, spearing his ass with my tongue. His glutes relaxed and allowed me in deeper so I sucked on his rosebud while tongue-fucking him. His ass tasted of the same as his cock did, coconut tanning oil, salty perspiration and enough man-musk to make me desperately horny. Resting his ass on my face, he pulled my knees up and started playing with my buttplug, pulling it out just so my hole stretched around the widest part of the plug, then letting my ass suck it back in. I regretted the size of the plug as it slackened my ass, but knew the ass-stretching would be necessary to accommodate the fucking Chris’ big tool promised.

He pumped my ass with the plug roughly a few more times then pulled it out and stepped back, his body sweaty and shiny in the sun, his cock hard and leaking a long string of pre-cum. He threw my buttplug in the pool. I reached to take his cock in my mouth but he knocked my hand down. “Do you want more lube?” I told him I had some in my bag. He laughed a little. “Did I pick you up or did you pick me up?” He went into the house and returned, rummaging through my bag. “Poppers too? OK, you’re going to get an ass-stretching. Lube up.” He tossed the bottle of lube between my legs.

I squirted some onto my fingers and spread it around and in my now-loose man-pussy. He took the bottle of lube from me and held the poppers to my nose, pressing one nostril closed while I took a deep huff, then alternating with the other nostril. Poppers, the Chardonnay, the hot sun, his gorgeous naked slick body against mine; I was overwhelmed as he pushed my knees up to my chest and slowly sank his cock into my ass. My head flooded with hot sparks when he popped his big cock head past my sphincter and my ass was electric as his over-sized manhood tunneled into me. His thighs flexed as he long-dicked me and I rotated my hips up to take all of his cock. My eyes closed and my mouth dropped open as I rode the waves of sensation, moaning like a slut, my ass becoming his cunt as he pleasured himself in me.

I opened my eyes and held my knees up as he fucked me and I watched in wonder that I could take all of him. His strokes slowed, his dick punching in and out of my ass, my hole gapping when he pulled out, my cock leaking when he pushed back in. I pulled my knees up to my chest güvenilir bahis şirketleri to invite him to give me all of his wonderful erection, and he sank his entire length into me, his cock rearranging my guts to make my hole his own, me whimpering like a girl with each deep thrust. I felt him swell inside me and he pinched both my nipples hard as he came, pushing himself deeper into my ass with each volley of cum, banging me senseless until he sat down on the chaise, letting my thighs rest on top of his, both of us trying to catch our breath.

I felt his dick soften a little, allowing his cum to leak out of what used to be my ass but was now just his man-pussy. My balls were slick with the cum he had fucked out of me. He palmed my sloppy crotch and asshole, massaging our combined juices into my groin.

“Anybody home?” Chris’ friend walked onto the patio, respecting the naked-only protocol, a Prince Albert piercing his only dress. Chris walked over to his friend and embraced him fully, kissing him deeply and cupping his ass. They broke off the kiss and Chris introduced his friend as Tom. Like Chris, Tom was completely smooth. His balls were low-slung, pillowing his ample cockhead.

Tom walked over to the chaise were I still lay and leaned down, putting one hand in my hair and kissing me fully while his other hand cupped my sticky crotch. He stood up and licked his fingers. “Oh my god, I believe you two have been fucking!” He laughed and sat straddling the chaise, my hips over his, his package stiffening against my taint. He put his hands on my shoulders and began to knead them, relaxing me while I felt his cock swell against my balls, his PA teasing my anus.

I reached down and pulled his fuck-stick out from between my legs so I could feel its full length. It grew as I stroked it until both my hands grasped his shaft, not counting his plum-sized cockhead. I found the lube where I’d dropped it and slicked Tom’s cock, then poured more on my ragged asslips. I put Tom’s cockhead against my hole and slid forward to urge the big cockhead through my sphincter. Tom slid forward too, just enough to hold my hole open with his fat plum, and the sensation of being so wonderfully stretched took away all control from me. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me onto him, impaling me fully with his huge tool until I felt a delicious pop deep inside me and knew he had opened that sphincter way up my ass. He held me there until I relaxed around him, then pulled me back on the chaise with him so I straddled him, my weight forcing all of his cock into me.

He moved me around on his cock, breaking me in for his use. My biggest dildo had never filled my ass so fully or deeply. I could feel his big cock piercing rubbing my walls and loved it.

“Ride me boy” and with my feet on the patio and my hands on his pecs I pushed up as far as I could, half his cock still buried in my ass. I sunk down on him and felt him open me up deep inside again. The deep penetration was so addicting, and I rode him that way as long as my legs would last. I sat speared on his fuck-stick. Cum leaked from my cock and pooled on his stomach. He scooped it up and brought it to my mouth, and I sucked my cum from his fingers.

Tom laid me back, holding my knees around my head and started rocking into me again, his big mushroom banging back and forth across my pleasure spot, sending waves of pleasure through me. I was getting so thoroughly fucked by his glorious meat, my asshole spasming around his thick shaft while his length turned my insides into his man-cunt.

A glow began to build inside my ass as his cockhead sawed across my prostrate. I moaned and gasped with each stroke. I couldn’t believe how good his cock felt. My ass was his playground, and I wondered if my hole would ever return to normal size. My orgasm was close as he fucked me, and I begged him to fuck me harder.

“Oh, I will boy. I’m going to fuck the cum out of you” and he started banging me hard, with long strokes that slammed into my hole, pounding my prostate with each thrust until my ass tightened around his shaft and I sprayed cum all over the both of us. He kept ravaging my ass, prolonging my orgasm painfully as my rectum clamped down on his pole, making me delirious while I convulsed around his big cock. He slowed down and fucked into me deeply and groaned and I could feel his cum boiling over in my ass.

I was absolutely spent and nearly fucked to death but he was scarcely winded. “You’ve got a great pussy, boy” and Tom smiled at me.

“He’s good at sucking cock and rimming too”. Chris had been stroking his erection while he watched us and came over so I could suck on his cock head some more. I polished his cockhead with my tongue and was rewarded with another taste of his precum.

He sighed with my cock-worship. “Let’s cool off for a sec and then get his pussy inside for round three.”

Round three? I was exhausted and thoroughly fucked out. Tom gently pulled out of my loosened ass and could feel his cum dribbling out between my ass-lips. I gingerly touched my hole and it did feel like a pussy, my lips swollen and puffy, my hole gooey and open.

“Yes, let’s, I’d like to really stretch him out. We’ll have to work him up to it though.” Tom looked to Chris for an answer.

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Bathhouse Travels Return

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So far, the summer’s weather has been disappointing, a likely explanation of why my regular bathhouse was so nicely filled on this Thursday afternoon.

Being comfortably familiar is part of its current central attraction, and just seeing the number and variety of men pretty much assured my getting off with other men, something I had been wanting to do for weeks.

Going to the lower level, the number of towels against the wall showed that the steamroom wasn’t empty, as willing sweaty bodies found each other in the dim dampness. Hearing the energetic bubbling of the jacuzzi, I quickly checked if anyone was in it. It was empty, making me walk back, towel off, cock swinging. Here, being naked is customary, as is sex in the sauna. Reaching the wall, I took off my glasses, grabbed a couple of condoms, then turned to open the fogged glass door.

After shutting the door, I stood for a moment, adjusting to the steambath’s conditions. A couple of bodies could be recognized near the entrance, and further back, while sounds of pleasure, likely erotic, were becoming clearer as my hand began to feel my cock. Taking a couple of steps, several more figures were revealed.

The shower started, quite loud, something of a surprise, as it tends to be used rarely. Stopping, I let my adapting eyes roam, seeing one man on the bench near the middle, another at the corner, and what seemed to be a pair near the curving shower entranceway. A man stepped out, walking past me to leave the space, the door closing tightly marking his exit.

The light from the briefly opened door had brightened things a bit, making it easier to see the kissing pair at the other end of the shower wall, along with the man stroking his cock as he watched. The facing wall was free, a comfortable place to get hard. Leaning my back against it, I began to play with my cock, unconcerned about being seen as my legs spread. The sounds of the pair’s kissing and cock to cock rubbing was delightful as my cock grew hard, the same effect apparent with the man on the bench to my right.

He had one foot on the bench, raised leg resting against the wall. He was slumped in the corner, his cock rigid and exposed. As was mine. Becoming bolder, it pulled my attention back to the men in front of me, watching as be bent, making the other man moan in pleasure as he began to suck him. Standing straighter, my hand reached out to lightly touch the ass of the man being sucked, sliding along his nicely hairy thighs as his hand quickly found my cock.

When the door opened, the play of light and shadow provided another level of appreciation, making it simple to place my left hand on his nipple, causing him to moan in turn as I watched how his cock was treated in another man’s mouth. Undoubtedly, everyone around me knew what it was like to suck and get sucked, and it was quite possible that over the last couple of years, we had all done just that with each other. The baths are a place where cock rules, something we all understood intimately.

The exquisite touch of a turned on stranger’s hand around my horny cock brought me close to cumming. The third man was on his knees, hand canlı bahis şirketleri pumping his own rod as his lips moved up and down. Fingers began to rub over my nipple as another man arrived at the wall. Rolling my head, I saw how he was starting to play with himself, getting turned on watching strangers having sex.

The man stroking me bent, his breath enticing on my cockhead, as the fact that a stranger was about to give me head slowly penetrated the sexy fog my mind was drifting in. The very first reaction was ‘why not?,’ a powerful wave of arousal following it, his hand bringing my cockhead to his lips. And yet, turned on as I was at watching him getting sucked and knowing how good it would be, caution arose.

I moved a bit, opened a condom, and put it on my jutting shaft. He bent down again, his lips sliding me into paradise, part of a foursome, the two of us in the middle, enjoying having our cocks openly sucked in this Turkish bath. A hand began to play with my sack, so I reached out to touch the kneeling man, whose cock sucking skills were making the man cocksucking me quite sloppy and distracted – one of the best possible styles of head imaginable.

However, he shook me off as soon as my fingertips touched his shoulder. The blow job had gotten more intense, making the man getting sucked straighten up, moaning. I shifted position a bit, noticing at least three men nearby stroking their hard cocks. The one hand played with a stranger’s obviously available nipple, while my other roamed over his ass cheeks, then between them, sliding down along his inner thigh.

His hips were moving, his moaning full of words like ‘fuck,’ ‘cock,’ and ‘suck’ – the k ending distinct between variations. Being so slutty is part of what makes the baths so attractive. This is a place filled with sluts, after all, and those who enjoy playing with them. I pushed my finger against his hole, my fingers having journeyed along his crack, the sweat making his skin wonderfully slippery.

The kneeling man stood, his hard cock soon pressing against his partner’s, their lips touching and teasing before their tongues began to play. They were becoming a twosome again, making this a good time to step out of the heat, and deal with the no longer necessary condom.

Condoms have their disadvantages, including the foil wrapper. The feeling from the younger man on his knees was understandable, but in some fashion, it seemed as if he disdained condoms altogether. An understandable position in terms of immediate pleasure, but not really a good idea longer term.

There is a somewhat noticeable divide in terms of condom use here between those older than 50 and those younger than 30 or so, with a very mixed group in the middle. It remains a bit surprising, and the temptation to not use a condom is ever present – nobody else but me seems to care. It is just that the over 50 group is generally skilled in their use, and consider it a common style of enjoying stranger sex.

The under 30 group is clearly in it for sex, just like the under 30 crowd always has been. A condom tends to be an interruption, not to mention dulling. Afterwards, canlı kaçak iddaa dealing with it is something to accommodate. Knowing where trash cans are placed before using a condom is part of how condoms become an interruption, before and after.

Having thrown the condom away, I went to the showers, soaping my hands, feet, and groin – then starting to play with my cock a bit, getting ready to return to the steambath.

Entering, I went fairly directly to the back, following the enticing sounds of cock sucking. A pair was near the corner, and a couple of other men were spread through the space. Stopping, I let my hand stroke my cock harder, getting a feel for the temperature. The corner area between dimness and blackness was perfectly suited to my desire to have more sex quickly and easily among other horny men.

Sitting near the shadow line, able to see and hear a fair bit, the blackness to my left seemed empty. Cock erect, I began to cautiously move through the darkness, encountering nothing. At the boundary, it was possible to see other men, a couple hard, one who seemed to peering my way as his hand rubbed and covered his crotch.

A very sexy sight, his glimpsed expression revealing desire, causing my own to rise. I stepped closer to the bench, more in the light, coyly pressing my dick downwards against my thigh, not moving my fingers too much along its turned on length.

Spreading my legs, deliciously stroking, I turned my head to look at the other man, my not exactly discrete interest on display. He moved towards me, sitting down fairly close, making it simple to move my foot a bit, touching the top of his. That was enough for his hand to begin sliding along my inner thigh, causing a gasp when his fingers brushed my erect shaft.

Moving my right hand to his groin, I found his cock, which was not very hard, something I proceeded to change. His hand was jacking me in turn as he stiffened, his skill showing long practice at getting strangers hard. We settled into a very satisfying rhythm, until he began to lose his skill as my own jacking talents led him into surrendering his cock to a stranger. He was now amazingly hard, a fact that was making me horny in a very focused way.

When the fingers of my left hand began to play with his nipple, his shaft jerked powerfully against my hand, making my think he had just started to cum. Instead, it was just the first indication of what a fantastically sexy cock he had, a rigid tool of rare strength. One that took my stroking in stride, even as I tightened my grip, its hardness turning me on, demanding my devotion.

Now the one getting lost in a stranger’s desire, wanting to ride the hot cock in my grasp until it came. The thrusting was purely from his cock, and after the fourth or fifth time, I knew that this was one of the most extraordinary cocks I had ever encountered. Particularly as my own cock stiffened in pleasure each time his did, feeling his hand squeeze me.

At some point, his pre-cum made moving my hand along his entire length irresistible, wanting to worship such a pure source of pleasure, knowing I could make it cum in front of the canlı kaçak bahis other turned on men surrounding us in the humid dimness. Just on the edge of cumming myself, the strongest pulses began to challenge my ability to keep him in my grasp.

His cock was moving through at least a 90° angle, a glorious motion, his moaning now filling the space as his first jet of semen flew, followed by several more, his hand no longer moving, its weight settled against my sweaty pubes. It felt wonderfully dirty sitting here, pumping a naked stranger’s shaft, making him cum so openly, my own male desires revealed among a group that shared them intimately.

He rose, swaying a bit, still drunk on orgasm, then stumbled towards the door, a sight I found surprisingly arousing to see in another. It’s a feeling I’ve become very familiar with over years of male only sex, one of perfectly fulfilled lust.

Standing myself, it was just a small step to enter the darkness again, invisible. The presence of someone nearby registered, drawing my hand back to my growing cock. Moving back a bit, now straddling the boundary between dimly lit and deeply black, deciding to play with whoever came close, letting my own sluttiness take control of my actions.

Knowing that in a room full of naked sluts, it wouldn’t take long to enjoy more male sex. One couple was cocksucking on the other side, a couple of men were playing with each other’s hard cocks, and several single men moved through the space, half of them playing with their own hard cocks. I watched the sex going on around me, the scene being lit periodically by the opening of the door as more men entered.

From the darkness, the touch of a hand sliding along my thigh made me gasp, reaching out in response, quickly finding a hard cock to enjoy. We each turned a bit, making it easier to stroke each other’s cocks, our other hands running across bare skin, along sweaty backs, down willing asses, between open legs, over nipples. We were alternating approaching orgasm, first him doing me, then me returning the favor, tempting each other as the game continued over several cycles.

I could feel my control crumbling along with his, the desire to cum overwhelming my desire to keep playing in the steamy darkness. His cock began to swell, showing he was in the same state. He began panting after I leaned in, kissing his neck, my tongue swirling along his salty skin, knowing just how vulnerable he would be to the sensation. A small part of my mind still imagined being able to just skate past cumming, even as his pumping fist drove me willingly to the very edge of orgasm.

His hot cum erupted, the feel of its hot wetness against my skin overriding my general reluctance to just let myself go, without any barrier. His hand on my cock understood my true desires, extending its motion, my balls contracting as he continued to jack me off, positioning himself in front of me. In the sweaty heat, orgasm beginning its irresistible rise along my shaft, lost in another’s touch, knowing that my cum would be hitting the man getting me off made temptation became reality.

My moans filled the space, and I heard him coaxing me on, ‘cum so good, cum hard, cum slut,’ ‘cum’ becoming the central thought as my semen began flying free, knowing that he wanted to feel my orgasm just like I had wanted to feel his, unable to do anything but let orgasm flood through me.

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BBC Summer Surprise

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

BBC Summer Surprise

Summary: Straight guy discovers his male kin are all BBC submissives and…

Note 1: This is a summer 2019 Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, goamz86 and Robert for editing this story.


“I still can’t believe I had to wait until I was eighteen to come along on the weekend fishing trip,” my son Jerry bitched as we loaded camping gear, fishing gear and other items into the truck.

“That’s just the way it’s always been,” I replied, wishing I could tell him more, but that would not only ruin the surprise, but he might run a mile before we had a chance to lay out the full picture for him. Once we were all in the boat and started talking, he’d be a captive audience. At least he’d be unless he decided to jump ship and try swimming the two miles back to land. Which wouldn’t be beyond his capabilities. Like I had been, Jerry was a top athlete, his school’s star quarterback (although back in the day I’d been a star linebacker). And even if he attempted that, there’d be enough muscle in the boat to wrestle him back onboard and sit on him if necessary until we’d made our case.

In the end of course, he’d be the one deciding what he wanted to do and we would honour his decision, but only after he heard us out and witnessed what we were doing firsthand. Frankly I wasn’t all that worried in the long run. Twenty years ago in the summer of 1999, soon after I’d turned eighteen and had finally been allowed to come along on these annual fishing trips, I’d put up even more of a ruckus than Jerry was pitching today.

Perhaps I should explain. For four generations it had been a family tradition that every summer all the adult males in the Martin family would go camping near our favourite Minnesota lake. It was for some male bonding, while we went fishing and did… other things. The other things were the surprise we’d be springing on him (and on you) when the time was right.

Come to think of it, instead of my telling you Jerry’s story, which turned out to be eerily similar to my own coming-of-age story, why don’t I just tell you my own? That way you can get the entire picture… thoughts, angst and all… from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. I’m very close to my son, but I’m not a mind reader.

So like I mentioned, I was ranting and raving to my Dad back in 1999 when I’d just turned eighteen, and I was throwing just as bad a tantrum as Jerry did in 2019 to his father… me… after he’d turned eighteen. And there I was, mid-rant. Looking back, it’s really embarrassing how I behaved. Anyway, welcome to the inside of my head.


“I still can’t believe I had to wait until I was eighteen to come on the guy’s weekend fishing trip,” I said, as I loaded items into the truck.

“It’s the way it’s always been,” Dad said.

“It’s just so stupid,” I was delivering the same rant I’d been delivering fruitlessly every summer since I was twelve. I loved fishing. I loved camping. I fished with my Dad and Grandpa lots. They both admitted I knew my way around a rod and reel. Yet this was a grown men’s only trip. Which, in retrospect, I could understand their not wanting a twelve-year-old along with a bunch of adults, but by sixteen I looked like a man and acted like one (Well, mostly. I was a teenager after all).

“What does it matter now?” my Dad asked rhetorically. “You’re coming along this year.” It was a fair point, and if I’d been in a reasonable mood I’d have given in. But I did relent enough to stop mouthing off, and to de-escalate my tirade down to a resentful simmer.

“Yeah, quitcherbellyachin,” my older brother by two years added. “Good news! You get to be bottom bitch all weekend.”

“We all know who the bottom bitch is,” I countered. My elder brother was half my size and a nerd, while I was a big menacing linebacker marching off to college this fall on a football scholarship (while Simon landed the more boring academic scholarships).

“We’ll see,” he said in a surprisingly cocky way… something I hadn’t ever seen much of from him until he returned from college a couple weeks ago.

“You’re both bottom bitches,” my Father added, in the way only he could. That ended the battle of so-called wits between brothers.

Four hours later, we arrived at the lake.

Grandpa was already there and had a fire going. “So, we finally get to baptize the last Martin.”

“Saved the best for last,” I joked as I hugged Grandpa, my hero.

“We shall see,” he replied ominously before adding, “your brother turned out to be a real natural.”

“I can’t imagine that,” I sneered, Simon hating fishing and the outdoors. I was shocked when he agreed to go along with them once he turned eighteen, and even more surprised when he went again last year.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” Simon strutted, while looking at me with a look so smug I was ready canlı bahis şirketleri to smack it off his face.

“Yeah? Isn’t there a tree for you to go sit under and read a book?” I quipped.

“I brought you an Archie,” he shot back, then added since he knew I hated reading, “an Archie colouring book.”

Grandpa slapped both of us on the back of the head. “Enough, you two. This weekend is about male bonding, so no more girly chatty bullshit.”

“Sorry, Grandpa,” we both said in unison; our Grandpa, like our Father, not being someone you messed with.

Grandpa Bill was a Korean War veteran, and not one to waste time on bullshit.

Twenty or so years later my Father had served in the Vietnam War, and he was also not someone you fucked with.

Interestingly, although our family goes back six generations of military men, my Father had never pushed us in that direction. Neither Simon nor I were headed down the military route, although it was a backup plan for me if pro football after college didn’t pan out.

“Now, bottom bitches, go get us some hot dogs so we can have some lunch before we head onto the lake,” Grandpa ordered.

“Yes, Grandpa,” we again said in unison, this being just about the only thing on which we agreed: Don’t fuck with Dad or Grandpa. Actually, there was one more thing on which we were both ironclad: we both revered our Mother, and we would never disrespect her. That wasn’t a rule that would ever need enforcing, we just wouldn’t, and we both knew that about each other.

“Good boys,” he said, his firm tone gone and his soft-spoken one returning… he really was a man I respected. A war vet. A man of few words, but words that you should always listen to. A man who liked all the same things I did: fishing, football and women (he had crazy stories of his younger days before meeting Grandma, including orgies during R&R furloughs in Japan… then later more of them in South Korea, where he remained stationed for a couple years after the armistice. He was once a real cock hound, and I considered myself quite the cocksmith myself).

We roasted hotdogs over the fire. We chatted. We’d just finished eating when one of my Father’s old war buddies, Jamal, showed up accompanied by his son Devon, whom I’d only met once before. I should probably mention that Jamal and his son were black, not that it put any kind of damper on the camaraderie between them and our family.

“Hey, Cam is finally gonna be one of us,” Jamal greeted me with big smile, giving me a firm handshake and a shoulder bump.

“Finally,” I agreed, looking up at someone who was actually bigger than me, at 6’8″ and solid as a rock.

“We’ve been looking forward to having you up here for a while,” Jamal said.

“I’ve been looking forward to this week since I was twelve,” I replied.

“I just bet you have,” he said, in a tone oddly ominous like the one Simon had been using… as if everyone here knew something I didn’t. After a pause, Jamal said, “Well, I guess we should make up for lost time.”

So, although everyone was acting weird around me, we all headed to the boat.

As we reached the boat, I was surprised to see two more black men already aboard. I didn’t say anything, even though I was quite surprised. I’d known the fishing trip wasn’t just family, but I never envisioned it to be with all black friends. Not that I’m racist, many of my teammates are black, I just, for whatever reason, never imagined black men fishing… which, I guess in retrospect, actually is a little racist. Oops.

I noticed Simon didn’t have a fishing rod with him, the dumb fuck. I asked, shaking my head, “Where’s your fishing rod?”

“I don’t need one,” he answered.

“Figures,” I said, shaking my head. Only my nerd brother would come out on a weekend fishing trip and not fish.

“You won’t need one either,” my Dad said from behind me.


Jamal explained, “You’ll be using my rod.”

“What? Why?” I asked, it being against my religion ever to use anyone else’s rod. Kind of like you never used someone else’s cue stick for billiards.

“They only allow four rods in a boat,” Jamal explained.

“Really?” I asked, this sounding like a strange rule.

“They don’t want anyone overfishing the lake,” Dad explained.

“Plus, you’ll really love my rod,” Jamal said, his tone again odd.

I’d been using the same rod for four years, so I couldn’t fathom my preferring Jamal’s, but I was the newbie on this trip, and I wasn’t going to disrespect my elders. “Alright. I’ll use your rod.”

Simon chuckled behind me, mumbling something like, ‘Oh yeah, you will,’ but that made no sense, so I assumed I’d misheard him.

I saw my Dad and Grandpa get on the boat without their rods as well, and I was even more shocked. It was weird I couldn’t bring mine, very weird, but it was unfathomable that neither of them would bring theirs. I mean Grandpa had been using the same rod since before I canlı kaçak iddaa was born; it was his most prized possession. Yet I didn’t ask, as I didn’t want to make an issue out of his rod after already making an issue about mine… but I couldn’t help but sense something was very odd about everything today.

We got onboard the boat, and I was introduced to the other two black men. The large hulking man was introduced to me as Bubba, which somehow just suited him, and the slender one was Brooks. Both seemed to be a few years younger than my Father, and both were handsomely bald (I couldn’t figure out why black men could pull off being bald so easily, while white guys couldn’t).

I couldn’t help but be amused as we took our places in the boat. My Dad was at the stern starting the boat, and Jamal was at the bow, then the other three black men were sitting on the starboard side (that means the right side for you landlubbers), and the other three members of my white family on the port side… meaning that by complete coincidence we had segregated ourselves. Whatever, we were all friends here.

We’d proceeded out onto the water for only a few minutes before Dad stopped the boat. Yet instead of anyone instantly starting to fish, which is what should always happen, Jamal asked me, “Did you know your Father was in command of all three of us back in the day?”

“I did know you served under him,” I replied.

“Trust me, I was never under him,” he denied, which made everyone but me laugh. I had no idea why that would be funny… must have been an inside joke.

“Did you also know your father has been using my rod ever since that time?” he continued.

That seemed weird. I mean I knew there wasn’t any fishing in the military, or at least I assumed there wasn’t. Either way, I didn’t think they’d begun their fishing trips until I was twelve. (I was wrong, I learned later that Grandpa had been going on them with Jamal’s father since before Dad was born.) “I did not,” I answered his question, not knowing what else to say.

“He’s also been using Bubba’s and Brooks’ rods since our military heyday,” he informed me before adding, “although he just started using Devon’s very recently.”

“Cool,” I said awkwardly, finding this conversation very strange and a bit uncomfortable, but trying to pretend I was okay with it, even though I still sensed something strange going on beneath the surface,

“He prefers using our rods over his own, don’t you Dave?” Jamal continued, as if they were having some strange conversation where everyone was in on the joke but me.

Dad’s face was beet red as he answered, oddly not looking up, which wasn’t like him at all, “Yeah.”

“Yeah, what?” Jamal asked as this just kept getting weirder and weirder.

“Yes, I like using your rod over mine,” Dad looked up.

“I do too,” Simon joined in. I gave him a ‘what the fuck’ look.

“Fuck all this dilly-dallying,” Bubba grunted impatiently, “who wants to use my rod?”

Good, someone finally wanted to do what we came here to do: fish.

“I do,” Simon said, quickly clambering from aft of me to kneel on the deck of the boat in front of Bubba.

“What the fuck?” I asked the universe, confused first by Simon of all people being so excited to start fishing, then by where he went, and then by what happened next.

Grandpa spoke for the first time since we’d boarded the boat, “Simon, you know I get first choice of rod.”

“Sorry, Grandpa,” Simon said, retreating back to where he’d been seated aft of me, as I watched the man I admire most in the world get down off his seat in front of me and glance at me briefly, before he crawled, yes crawled, over to Bubba, and began undoing Bubba’s pants. Bubba was sitting on the other side of the same bench I was on, so I had a great view, not that I wanted one.

I was speechless.

This had to be some wicked prank.

My Grandpa was a man’s man.

My Grandpa was a cocksmith.

I was completely dazed and confused.

Jamal explained, as I stared at my Grandpa pulling Bubba’s pants down and extracting a huge dick into his wrinkled hand, “Cam, your grand-daddy has been using our black rods for decades. Even before I was born, he used my Daddy’s.”

“Grandpa, what are you doing?” I finally asked incredulously, still hoping this was some sick joke, as I glanced back to my Dad, who sat stoically in the stern, head down.

“Grandson, it’s time you learned the truth about the Martin family,” he replied, as he stroked the black cock, which was hardening and becoming unbelievably big. He never called me grandson… it was always Cameron.

“What truth is that?” I asked, trying to process what I was witnessing, while also in awe of the sheer size of Bubba’s dick. I mean I’d seen lots of cocks of all races in the shower or change room, but never for longer than in passing, and I’d never put any thought into them… I was straight… I always had a hot girl who was willing canlı kaçak bahis to suck my cock whenever I wanted a blow job, or for her to take it in her pussy… and occasionally in her ass (although that tended to be more of the MILFs I occasionally banged, including twice a girlfriend’s mother, once a grandmother, and twice a friend’s mom… yes, I’m a bit of a male slut).

Well anyway like I said, Grandpa was a cocksmith.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Simon asked.

“What the fuck do you know about this?” I asked, pissed if he knew about whatever this was and had never told me.

“Let your father explain,” Jamal said calmly, as Grandpa stroked Bubba’s big cock, which was very hard by now.

“Yeah, and now that your grand-daddy has his chosen rod, you can come over here and get the treat you’ve been craving all day,” Brooks said, looking at my brother.

“Thank you, Sir,” Simon said very excitedly, before quickly crawling over to the other side of his bench and going for his cock like many of my sluts did to me. I had a decent sized six-plus-inch cock, and until today I’d considered myself well endowed.

“Son, it’s a long story,” Dad began, looking at me as I glanced over to see that my Grandpa now had Bubba’s cock in his… his fucking mouth!

“Grandpa!” I gasped, as this was obviously no sick joke, it was something worse. My hero was sucking a cock, a black cock, and doing it right in front of me. Everything I thought I knew was being shattered before my eyes.

“Sorry if you find this upsetting, Cam,” Grandpa said before adding, only making this surreal, fucked up situation even more confounding, “But in the Martin family we throw you in the deep end when you’re old enough. What I’m doing with Bubba here is our family’s purpose. Sink or swim.”

“Our purpose?” I asked, those two words being as ridiculous as this entire situation

“Son, we’re a family of cock suckers,” Dad told me bluntly.

“But only for black cock,” Simon added, before he started bobbing on a cock I couldn’t see with his head in the way. Now Simon coming out as a faggot didn’t surprise me. That actually explained a lot… but Grandpa? Dad? Unfathomable.

“Yes, for black cock,” Dad confirmed.

“This is ridiculous,” I said as I looked around. Grandpa and Simon were both bobbing on black cocks, which made our family’s alleged purpose less ridiculous as a theory, but still extremely ridiculous in terms of how I’d always viewed Grandpa, Dad and myself (but not Simon).

“It’s just the natural hierarchy of life,” Jamal said, piling on even more ridiculousness.

“What?” I asked, still bewildered by everything I was seeing and hearing.

“Beg, cock sucker,” Bubba ordered, as he pushed my Grandpa’s head away from his cock, making me turn to see what my fierce Grandpa would do about that! I couldn’t fathom anyone calling my Grandpa a cock sucker… but of course I couldn’t fathom any of the rest of this either.

The surprises kept piling on as my Grandpa begged, “Please, Sir, allow me to suck your big, black, fat cock in front of my son and my grandsons. Please help me demonstrate to Cameron the truth about me and my family.”

“And just what are you and your family?” Bubba asked him, looking at me with a slight smirk on his face.

“I’m a cock sucker for BBC,” Grandpa declared with no shame in his tone, then added, my jaw feeling like it had dropped open a couple of feet like a cartoon characters, “all Martin men are cock suckers for BBC.”

“Tell your grandson that,” Bubba ordered.

Grandpa turned to me to say, with no look of shame (I had never seen shame on him and didn’t even see it now… he was a proud man of few words), “Cameron, I’m a cock sucker for big black cock. And so are your father and your brother. And so were my Father and his Father.”

“But why?” I asked, that question uppermost in my mind. Truth be told, twice I’d been sucked off by guys, and they were the best two blow jobs of my pretty experienced life, but I sure as fuck didn’t reciprocate. I didn’t think it was gay to get my cock sucked by another guy… a mouth is a mouth, and guys who wanted to do it seemed to be better at it than girls… but sucking cock yourself?… that was undoubtedly gay.

“It’s our natural purpose in the hierarchy of life,” he answered, referencing an earlier statement, doing so just as the sun came out from behind the clouds… and the hot day… just got hotter.

“What does that even mean?” I asked, still unable to process all I was witnessing, all I was hearing.

“It’s pretty simple,” Jamal repeated, as Bubba snapped his fingers and my very manly Grandpa turned around and resumed sucking his very big cock. “It’s natural.”

“Everyone keeps saying it’s fucking natural,” I exploded, getting more than a little exasperated at both what was happening and the lack of an explicable reason. “That makes no sense at all!”

“Hungry, cock sucker?” Jamal’s son Devon asked, looking at my Dad.

“Starving,” my Dad responded eagerly, as he clambered forward past me to the guy my age, and pulled out his cock. Like my Grandpa, he wasn’t at all fazed by the insulting name calling, or that I was right here witnessing him doing this.

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