On My Sister’s Head

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Author’s note: This story takes the slow approach to sibling romance. Anyone looking for a quick stroke will be disappointed. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated.

Also – Wanted: Prolific author seeks literate editor(s). If you would like to assist in proofreading/editing stories before submission, please send me an e-mail informing me of your e-mail address and any preferences. Full credit will be given and I pride myself on being easy to work with. Now … on to the story!

* * * * *

“Come on, little brother,” my gorgeous sister told me. She was lying on her stomach on my bed, looking all soft and sensuous. That’s how I knew how badly she wanted me to do it.

“Why should I?” I asked her playfully, sitting across from her in a chair. I knew my sister Devon. She was such a tease. As soon as I gave her what she wanted, she’d be singing her own tune and not mine.

“You’ll do it because you’re the best brother in the whole world,” she smiled seductively and leaned forward, giving me a good look down her deep cleavage. Devon used her hand and threaded her silky brunette hair behind that small, lovely ear of hers, then tossed it over her shoulder. It was a sexy move she usually did unconsciously. This time though, she did it because she knew it made her tits bounce.

“If I’m so great, why won’t you give me what I really want?” I asked earnestly.

Devon pursed out her full, sexy lips in a girlish pout. She looked thoughtfully up at the ceiling. Then, as though she didn’t even realize what she was doing, her right hand dropped and her fingertips lightly caressed the swell of her bosom. When I sighed loudly, she giggled, acknowledging what she had been consciously doing to me.

“You know why we can’t do what you want,” she whispered softly. Lately though, when our conversations came around to this subject – as they always did – Devon sounded more contemplative, more philosophical. I took that as a good sign. I was wearing her down, getting her to think about it.

“Tell me again, sis. Why is it we shouldn’t do what we both obviously want to do?” I asked her soberly.

Devon sat up then, suddenly more demure. Whenever our conversations turned serious, she couldn’t tease me. It just didn’t seem right.

“We can’t because it’s incest. You know that,” she said soothingly. “And, don’t project onto me. You obviously want it. I never said I did.”

At twenty, Devon was going to City College majoring in psychology. She tried to psychoanalyze everything now.

“I don’t care what you call it, Devon. I know it’s right for you and me. I’d never do anything to hurt you.”

“I know, Denni,” my big sister said sighing, frustrated herself.

That’s always the way these discussions ended up lately. With both of us frustrated.

Devon gave me a devilish smile, as if trying to head the frustration off at the pass.

“If you’re gonna try to talk your way into my pants all day, we might as well be hiking on the trail when you do it, little bud,” she grinned. “Come on! It’s spring! I gotta go hiking today! You know Mom would freak if I went by myself.”

A girl had been assaulted on the hiking trails last fall. The guy was caught and put in jail, but still, Mom was spooked and rightfully so. Devon was a beautiful girl, 5’7” and very curvy. Even though she was athletic, she still had a very feminine figure. I didn’t want her out alone either, even though I’m much more of a bookworm than a jock.

“I’ll give you one free wish while we’re out,” she said, bribing me to do her a favor.

It was a regular thing with us. How we got each other to do what we wanted. One free wish. Well, mine were free. Devon could ask or do anything she wanted. But there were always caveats to Devon’s ‘free wishes.’ She wouldn’t do anything overtly sexual or allow me to, but she would answer questions. Even sexual questions, if I framed them academically enough. I had found out she wasn’t a virgin that way. Indirectly, I also learned that she wasn’t pleased with the experience or any subsequent one.

“OK, but let me put it in the bank,” I haggled. Wishes put in the bank were the most valuable. Then I could double them up and use them in tandem.

“No way, bud. I learned my lesson about that,” she giggled. By saving up my wishes earlier this year I’d gotten Devon to first describe in academic terms her most frequent means of masturbation. Then combining a moment of her own personal weakness and my second wish, Devon admitted that she sometimes thought about me while she did it.

“All right, sis,” I conceded. I had wanted to go with her anyway. I was just waiting to get my wish. “But you know I’ll have to think of something particularly devious now.”

Devon rolled her eyes, but gave me a winning smile. She got what she wanted. We were getting out of the house on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I got what I wanted. I’d be with Devon.

“Change clothes,” she ordered brusquely and then bounded for the door. “See you downstairs in ten minutes.”

“You don’t have to go, sis,” I told her ankara escort retreating back in a familiar refrain. “Stick around and enjoy the show.”

“No thanks, bud,” she teased me from the door. “Already seen enough little pricks in my day!”

Then she laughed and bolted out the door.

As I changed into my hiking duds, I considered again whether or not to just flash her one day and stop the ‘tiny penis’ jokes. My seven inches wasn’t huge, but it was nothing to sneeze at either.

Downstairs, Devon and Mom were discussing our hike. She was telling our mother exactly where we would be and how long we would be gone. Mother was always the worrywart about her children’s safety.

“Drink plenty of fluids, Devon,” Mom was telling her. “You just came off the flu last week. You can’t afford to be dehydrated.”

Lots of fluids and out on the trail all afternoon. That had the makings of an interesting wish.

“I can’t carry any more, Mama!” Devon told her. Sure enough, mother had packed Devon’s light rucksack full of bottled water.

“I’ll carry more in mine,” I volunteered. “I can’t afford to get sick before the end of senior year.”

Devon gave me the eye, trying to figure out my angle. We both had an unspoken agreement. Neither of us would knowingly rat out the other to our parents or use parental pressure to get what we wanted. But that wasn’t what I was up to. I was still within our unspoken rules, so she let me slide.

“In fact, I think I need to have a drink before we go, sis,” I suggested for myself. “Looks a little warm out there today. I don’t want to sweat out.”

“See,” our mother said to Devon. “Your brother’s talking sense. You have a drink too, girl.”

As we drank a glass of water, Mom gave out all her typical last minute instructions. Neither one of us was really listening, though. I was still trying to figure out how to make my idea work. It had to be simply stated, but devious, too.

“I want you both to drink plenty of fluids, dears,” Mom was saying as she wound down. “And don’t go out of your brother’s sight, Devon. I mean it! I’m still not convinced it’s safe up there.”

I nudged Devon as though to tell her it was time to go.

“I’ll make sure she stays close by, Mom,” I said wryly. I love my mom. Sometimes she makes life so much fun!

When Devon started driving up into the hills, she turned briefly toward me and asked me what was up.

“Just my wish, sis. I know what I want it to be now,” I told her.

“OK, spill it,” she said, grinning in anticipation.

“Just that I want you to do what Mom said. Literally,” I said, trying to sound casual.

Devon considered, probably trying to remember exactly what Mom said. She should have known better. By now she knew what a schemer I could be. Or maybe she just didn’t see it.

Finally Devon shrugged and said, “OK. I don’t get it, but OK.”

When we got to the parking area by the trails, before we started walking, I reached into my own rucksack and drew out a bottle of water and handed it to my sister.

“Naw,” she said dismissively. “I’m not thirsty yet.”

“Part of the wish, sis,” I informed her. “Mom said to drink plenty of fluids.”

Devon looked at me questioningly then broke out in a grin. She glanced up in the hills and I knew just what she was thinking. No bathrooms up there.

“No problem, bud,” she chuckled mischievously. “But I think she said for us both to drink plenty.”

It seems Devon was listening closer than I had counted on. Still, that wouldn’t affect my plans too much.

“So she did, sis,” I said agreeably. “Guess I’ll have to match you swig for swig.”

That ended up being just what I needed to make it work. Devon’s competitive nature flared up in her eyes. She took the proffered water and chugged down half the bottle.

“Drink up, little brother,” she said, smiling impishly.

I figured that I ought to have the bigger bladder because I was a guy. Taking the bottle from her, I gave my pretty sister a wink and chugged it down. Then, leaving the bottle behind on the bumper, Devon and I set out.

It was a fantastic day and it was still early. There weren’t many people out, even for a Saturday. Best of all, my sister walked in front, setting the pace. Maybe she was still in tease mode, but for whatever reason, her hips were doing a very sexy sway as we walked up the hill.

“Nice view! Don’tcha think, little brother?” she asked over her shoulder.

“It’s just great from back here,” I replied and heard my sister giggle to confirm my thoughts.

“Do you like to tease guys at school too, Devon?” I taunted her happily.

“Just the nice ones,” she said laughing. “The ones I know are strong enough to take it.”

“Nice guys!” I retorted a bit sarcastically. “That’s another label for, ‘Just abuse me,’ isn’t it?”

“Not really,” she said thoughtfully. “Actually most women like to end up with the nice guy.”

“But they don’t want to date them or fool around with them,” I said, expressing a bit too much frustration. Too often escort ankara I’d been dismissed as the nice guy.

“What’s the matter, little brother,” Devon asked, even turning around and walking backward to gently mock me more. “You not getting any these days?”

“I guess none still qualifies as ‘not any’. So, the answer is, yes.”

“Well, you’re still a growin’ boy,” Devon laughed as she turned back around. It was another of her favorite lines. No matter how old I got, I think Devon would always call me a ‘growin’ boy.’ I thought once I turned eighteen that she’d stop it. But, no way!

“Besides,” she tossed back over her shoulder, “if you spent half as much time hustling girls your own age as you do me, you’d have a steady girl.”

“You’re probably right, sis. If I find a girl my own age half as cute as you, I’ll give it a try.”

She snorted derisively, but her bottom started swaying so outrageously it was a wonder she could walk. What do they say, ‘Nice guys walk around frustrated with a hard-on.’ Or something like that.

We walked along for a while in silence. Devon slowed down a little and when the trail widened, she even let me come up alongside her. She held my hand as we walked side by side. It wasn’t really her being suggestive. We had always been close. The only thing that kept us from being closer these days was the sexual tension.

“Let’s sit a bit,” I suggested after twenty minutes of walking uphill. Devon nodded, knowing I wasn’t as much of a jock as she was. As we sat, I pulled out another bottle and took several long pulls.

Devon just smiled slyly and drank her share without complaint and comment. It was a nice spot we had chosen; a beautifully wooded part of the trail made complete by the presence of a beautiful girl.

We sat quietly enjoying the moment and then Devon started to rise. She told me, “Don’t get up. I’m gonna step behind a bush – you rat – and get rid of some of this water.”

I stood anyway and told her, “Don’t go far, sis. Another part of the wish. ‘Don’t get out of my sight.’”

Devon looked at me blankly for a moment, trying to process what I had just told her. I took a sip of water and, giving my sister another playful wink, held out the water bottle to her.

“No way, bud,” she said, smiling but insistent. “I’ve told you before, ‘No gropes! No peeks!’”

“I know, sis,” I said agreeably. “I’m not trying to bend the rules. I won’t look. Not directly. But I want to be there, literally in sight. You did agree, remember?”

“I didn’t agree to this, you perv,” she said laughing. “No way, little brother. You wouldn’t do that. Why should I?”

“So if I do, you do?” I asked challengingly.

“You’ve tried that tact before. Remember, ‘I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.’ I thought we grew out of that when we were kids,” she snickered.

“Maybe you did,” I chuckled. “And it was you that initiated all that before. I was so young I don’t even remember it.”

“At least one of us got it out of our systems,” she giggled. “I saw enough back then, anyway. You haven’t grown another one, have you?”

“No,” I admitted. “But the one I have has grown a bit.”

“Yeah! I’ve heard that before!” she cackled.

“Are you game, sis?” I said, turning slightly askew and pulling down my zipper. “Or are you chicken?”

I clucked and flapped my arms like wings, looking up and down the trail to make sure no one was coming.

“OK, tough guy,” Devon said, putting on her game face. “Let’s see if you have the gonads.”

“Oh, so now you want to look,” I said, mocking like I was gonna turn around.

“Oh, please!” she laughed.

I stayed turned a bit away and gingerly pulled out my semi-erect penis. The near-sexual situation had left me stimulated most of the afternoon. Now, exposing myself out in the woods with my big sister standing right over my shoulder, I tried to relax and let my stream flow.

Only it didn’t want to work that way. I hadn’t really counted on this. Stage fright!

Devon giggled under her breath and then started to hum nonsensically.

“Be patient,” I said, almost cracking up with laughter at the irony. “We could always let you go first.”

“Maybe you should drink more water,” my sister said, chuckling and enjoying my embarrassment. Then, in an absurd voice, she asked, “Is that someone I hear coming this way?”

But the woods were quiet all around us, so I breathed deeply, trying to concentrate. Finally, a weak trickle started. As my tension eased somewhat, the flow became stronger and steadier.

“My! My! Such natural talent,” Devon chuckled softly. Still, I thought I could hear the tension in her voice.

I arched the flow of clear, warm urine more to the side of me where it would be more visible to her, then I waved it around with a flourish. She gasped, then giggled gently.

“Didn’t know you were such a showoff!” she whispered.

It was so quiet as my flow sputtered out that all we could hear was the splattering on the leaves and our own heavy breathing. I made a show ankara escort bayan of shaking off the last few drops and then zipping up my fly.

“Your turn now,” I smiled and said, feeling pretty relieved and, oddly, a little proud.

Devon frowned, then cracked a smile and said, “Sorry, I don’t have to go just yet.”

“No problem,” I said, taking out another bottle. “You will sooner or later.”

I took several healthy gulps, sighing with refreshment after each one. Then I handed the bottle to my big sister.

“OK, brother dear,” she said, starting to sip the water as she headed back down the trail in the direction we came.

“Woh, sis!” I said loudly to her. When I got her attention, I pointed up the trail in the other direction and said, “I’m going this way, I know you’ll want to stay in sight.”

Then I turned and started walking, smiling at myself when I heard Devon stomp her foot in a huff.

Soon I heard her scurrying to catch up. My sister was wily, but fair. I’m sure she’d come up with some other way to try to convince me to let her off the hook and still keep her word. She’d try. I’d try everything I could think of to stop her.

I was surprised when Devon pulled me up short so quickly.

“You’re not gonna let me out of this easy, are you?” she asked after she pulled me around to face her. Devon was squirming anxiously. Apparently she had to go more than she was letting on before.

“I can’t think of any reason I should,” I smiled widely at her, knowing when to apply the pressure while I had her over the barrel.

“OK, I’ll do it, you freako,” she said, giggling nervously. “But you have to turn your head for just a minute so I can get my shorts off. I don’t want to be trying to keep you from seeing and keep them from getting wet at the same time.”

“So if I turn around, you’ll pull you’re shorts off altogether?” I asked incredulous. “What’s the trick?”

“I’ll hold them in front as a screen,” she acknowledged blushing just a bit. It would probably work just like she planned, too. They were hiking shorts with big, wide legs.

“Fair enough, I guess,” I conceded. It was better to let her do that than to figure out something more complicated and less revealing.

We stepped off the trail a little farther until she nodded that we’d gone far enough. Devon turned me around, but I reminded her not to go too far. I’d stand right here as long as she didn’t go more than twenty feet or so.

“No trees or bushes either, you cheater,” I snickered. “In plain view, just like me.”

“But you got to stand up,” she snickered. “That’s not fair.”

“Don’t blame me for that. I didn’t design your plumbing,” I cackled. “Besides, some girls do it standing up. I saw a whole website devoted to it on the Internet once.”

“That figures, you perv,” she laughed softly. “You probably look up all kinds of things on the Internet.”

“Finished yet?” I asked her, glancing over my shoulder. “You’re taking long enough.”

“OK, turn around, I guess,” she said, sighing.

She had squatted down and was turned facing me, as though she wanted to keep an eye on what I did. Her shorts were situated across her knees to provide an effective screen though, just as she had planned.

“I mostly read stories,” I said lightly, trying to ease the tension. When she smiled and shook her head, I stated the obvious, “Mostly incest stories, of course.”

“You’ve got a one-track mind, little brother,” she guffawed.

“Interesting, I’ve never heard it called a track before. A slit and a crack, yes, but not a track,” I said smiling at my own wit.

“Now that’s just crude, little brother,” Devon stated flatly, not appreciating my humor.

“I suppose it was,” I conceded. “But I’m just a man. I need to be civilized by a good woman.”

“That’s a girlfriend’s job, not a sister’s,” she said, then sighed in frustration.

“Notice I’m not laughing at you and making snide remarks because you can’t go, don’t you?” I asked, trying to keep the hilarious grin I felt inside out of my voice. “That’s pretty civilized.”

It got quiet, accept for an occasional soft, muffled grunt from my straining sister. Eventually, I heard a tinkle on the leaves, then a more forceful rushing flow.

Devon rocked back on her haunches a bit and sighed, mildly enjoying the physical sensation of releasing her distended bladder. She was doing a fine job of hiding herself from me. I was looking right at her and couldn’t really see a thing. But, it was interesting to note that my normally bold sister wouldn’t look me in the eye.

Her urine flowed between her feet and began to pool up not quite a yard before her. She probably couldn’t see that, though I’m sure it would have embarrassed her even more than she was already.

Finally, after a long nervous while, Devon finished and did something underneath her shield to straighten herself up.

“OK, turn around so I can put my shorts back on,” she said, relieved to almost be done.

“Who said anything about that?” I asked innocently. “I just agreed to turn around so you could take them off.”

“Oh. You’re just being a snit, now. You might as well turn. I’m well covered by my panties. They’re almost as big as swimsuit trunks. You’ll see nothing you haven’t seen before.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Zeta grabbed hold of the head board and forced herself back down onto Lemmi’s sliding wet cock. She grunted and tossed her sweaty hair about, aching for a few seconds more of pleasure. She was at the point of sex that she loved the most, the part right before her orgasm at the peak of ecstasy.

Lemmi pulled down on Zeta’s hips as he thrust his cock up into her. He glanced up at her buttery smooth, bouncing tits and erect nipples. It was hard to believe that she wasn’t a famous model or actress of some sort. Every inch of her skin looked tasty sweet. The feel of her hot pussy made his cock even harder.

Sweat stung Lemmi’s eyes as he gave everything he had into every stroke. He was a really good catch, but he knew that Zeta was more than he deserved. He cried out as his passion could no longer be contained.

Zeta came down hard rolling hips and getting all she could from Lemmi’s erupting cock. The feel of his cum shooting up inside of her triggered her orgasm. She contracted her canal squeezing his cock as tight as she could until ataşehir escort it was too soft and slipped out.

“Hot fuck!”

“Mmmmmm.” Zeta leaned forward and kissed his lips. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and sucking his will away. “Thank you for a fabulous night. I enjoyed every time. It’s too bad I have to go to work.” She got up off his bed and picked her clothes from the floor. “Call me if you’d like to go out with me again.”

“You can count on it.” Lemmi rose on his elbows, too tired to lift his body more.

“I was really hoping that you would.” She held her clothes in from of her as she walked towards the door. Her evenly tanned bubble butt rose and fell with each step.

Lemmi fell back on his bed ecstatically happy with his luck.

“Well, hello there,” Mason said seeing the naked young woman coming from his son’s bedroom.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone else was here.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Mason soaked up the young woman’s beauty.

“I’m Zeta.” She kadıköy escort extended her hand.

“Mason, Lemmi’s father.” He noticed her firm hand sake and the flirty tone of her voice.

“I see where Lemmi gets his good looks.” She smiled brightly. “I hope I get the chance to get to meet his mother also.”

“I’m sure that Lemmi is not foolish enough to let you get away, before you get a chance to meet her.” He eyes roamed up and down her exposed flesh.

“I’d love that, too bad I have to rush off to work.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. The bathroom is the third door on the right.”

“It was nice meeting you Mason.” Zeta walked down the hall and paused looking back at the smiling older man before going inside. She was not bashful. She wasn’t exactly an exhibitionist, but she was comfort naked around people.

Mason’s eyes followed the movement of Zeta’s butt-cheeks all the way to the bathroom. He loved his son’s young friends being around. The young woman often flirted with him and occasionally he got one in the sack.


“No bostancı escort way!” Kale exclaimed.

Lemmi chuckled. “Yeah way. I waited for her to get off and we got something to eat down by the pier, and went for a walk down the beach to my place, and she fucked me all freakin’ night!”

“You guys are nothing but fucking dogs.” Tiffany, Kale’s sister, pushed him out of her way as she greeted two more of their friends Joanna and Brittany.

“You lucky dog! That girl was hot. Did she slob on the old knob?”

“Man, I never met a girl like her before. Every time I blew my load, she’d go down and bring me back up again. I’m hooking up with her again when she gets off work. I’m telling you. I can really go for a girl like her.” He moved his legs and the three girls joined them.

“So, who is this, another minimum wage charity case?” Joanna said hugging Lemmi briefly.

Lemmi and Kale looked at each other and laughed.

“She has a nicer ass than yours,” Kale said taking a hand full of Joanna’s soft butt-cheek.

“That’s nicer than you ever had,” Joanna replied not bothering to brush his hand away. “So, you seriously think you can replace this with a hood rat?” She pressed her large tits against his chest and barely touched his lips with hers.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Oliver’s Aunt

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Newly turned eighteen year old Oliver had been invited to his Uncle Jeff and his Aunt Barbara’s home on the South Coast of England for two weeks during the school holidays before he left for university in the Autumn.

His parents didn’t think he was old enough to go away with his friends just yet and so his dad had asked his older brother, Jeff, if it was okay for Oliver to go down to stay as Jeff was on leave from work.

Jeff worked two months on and one month off for an oil company in the Middle East. He was a touch over six feet tall, forty six years old and solidly built. His wife Barbara was forty two, a very attractive tall busty brunette and she worked as a legal secretary for a firm of local solicitors. Both kept fit by running and going to the local gym They owned a large five bedroom house in Bournemouth, close to the town centre and the beach and it also had its own pool in the back garden.

For the first week all three of them toured around the area, picnics in the New Forest and boat trips out from Poole harbour as well strolling through Bournemouth and down to the pier.

On Saturday night his uncle received a phone call telling him he was needed to fly out to Qatar the next day as they were having a problem at one of their sites. He had to take the train from Bournemouth to London in the morning then fly to Qatar from Heathrow Airport.

‘Sorry Olly,’ his uncle said, ‘I should be home by Wednesday and we’ll carry on the holiday then but for now your aunt will have to entertain you when she gets in from work.’ Oliver saw a smile on his aunt’s lips so he smiled back.

On Sunday it was a really warm day so they decided to hang around the house, use the pool then eat outside at lunchtime.

Oliver’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when his aunt appeared wearing a tiny two piece wet look bikini, her long dark hair in a pony tail. He had on a pair of swim shorts and he was concerned he was going to get an erection. He quickly dived into the pool to cool down but when his aunt dived in then pulled herself out her bikini clung to her body causing Oliver’s cock to get harder. He excused himself saying he had to use the toilet and ran indoors.

Barbara smiled to herself as she knew what he was up to. All day he kept making furtive glances at his middle aged aunt when he thought she wasn’t looking. Barbara was looking though behind her sunglasses and made sure her young nephew enjoyed the view.

At dinner she decided to tease him more by changing into her white silk pajamas saying it was too warm for anything else. Oliver was like a little puppy around her, helping her lay the table and clear up.

After dinner they sat together on the sofa with Barbara stretched out and her legs over his lap. She could feel his ataşehir escort cock beneath her lower thighs and deliberately shifted about saying she was just getting comfortable.

It got so embarrassing for Oliver that he had to say he was tired, ran upstairs and wanked himself silly before falling asleep. Barbara knew what he was doing and felt so horny herself that she had three orgasms on her favourite vibrator before she could sleep.

The next day Oliver decided he would have a wander around the town, do a bit of window shopping and look at the girls although he kept thinking about his aunt in her black bikini. Suddenly his phone rang in his pocket.


‘Hello darling,’ purred his aunt calling from work. ‘A woman I work with in the office, Samantha, well it’s her birthday today and we’ve decided to go for an early meal at that pizza restaurant you like, La Lupa. You will come with us won’t you?’

‘Oh yes please,’ replied Oliver.

‘Good. Can you make your way back home for about four o’clock, jump in the shower and get ready? I’ll be in after five then we can go,’ she said. ‘Is that okay? Oh, you’ll need to use the shower in our en-suite as I’ve put some bleach down the one in the main bathroom.’

‘Okay sure,’ said Oliver.

At four o’clock he walked into his aunt’s bedroom and was really tempted to look through her pantie drawer but decided against it. He had his shower and was drying himself when he saw a pair of shiny black silk panties half hanging out of the dirty washing basket. Being inquisitive he opened the lid and found his aunt’s dirty underwear.

There were tan coloured silk stockings and a cream suspender belt alongside a pair of red satin panties. His cock got hard instantly.

Oliver went into his uncle and aunt’s bedroom with the stockings and panties and saw that he had plenty of time before his aunt got home so he laid on the bed with the stockings wrapped round his balls and with the black pair of panties covering his face he masturbated himself with the red ones.

He was so engrossed that he didn’t hear his aunt come home early from work until he heard her clear her throat.

‘Just what do you think you’re doing? Wait don’t answer that, I can see what you are doing,’ his aunt asked angrily.

She was dressed in a dark grey business suit with a cream silk blouse beneath a tight fitting jacket and a tight pencil skirt. With her long dark hair in a bun she looked formidable.

‘I..I..er I..’ stuttered Oliver.

‘You little pervert. Wait until your parents find out about this. What will Jeff say?’ she said.

‘Oh no, please don’t tell Aunt Barbara, please!’ he begged.

‘I have to. I can’t have a deviant in my home using my underwear to gratify himself.’

‘Oh kadıköy escort please Aunt Barbara. I’ll not do it again. Please. I’ll do anything you want if you just don’t tell anyone,’ said a crestfallen young man.

‘Right! Give me those panties,’ She took them from him and threw them on the floor. ‘Now the stockings.’

Oliver was naked on the bed with his hands covering his still hard cock.

‘Take those hands away and put them behind your head,’ said his aunt as she tied his wrists together with one stocking then used the other to secure them to the headboard. He was tied so tight he couldn’t move them.

Oliver was astounded at what his aunt did next. She took off her jacket and hung it over the bedroom chair then slowly unbuttoned her cream silk blouse and laid that on the chair also.

Oliver’s eyes were drawn to her huge breasts encased in her half cup black silk bra that pushed her breasts up. Then she unzipped her pencil skirt and tugged it down her hips revealing a broad black silk suspender belt that held up smoky grey silk stockings. She peeled down her black silk panties that she’d warn all day and bundled them up before pushing them into his mouth to gag him. Oliver could see her wet shaved pussy glistening.

She picked up her phone and took a couple of photographs of him trussed up by her stockings with her panties in his mouth and his hard, throbbing cock sticking straight up. She sent the photos via her phone to her friend Samantha.

Barbara sat down on the bed facing her young nephew and sexily crossed her legs, the nylon rasping together. She took hold of Oliver’s cock and slowly masturbated him

Oliver groaned as his aunt teased his cock. He gawped at her in her extremely sexy underwear.

Every time he felt himself about to cum she would ease off and kept on edging his cock very slowly.

Just then her phone rang and she saw it was from Samantha.

‘Hello darling,’ she answered.

‘What was that you’ve just sent me?’ asked Samantha.

Barbara went on to explain how she’d found her nephew in her bedroom, naked and masturbating with her panties. She went to explain that she was punishing him by playing with his naughty cock.

While the women chatted Aunt Barbara wanked him a little harder until Oliver grunted. ‘Oh dear, he’s just cum all over my hand,’ Barbara told her friend. ‘Why don’t you come over and we can play with him before we go and eat?’

Samantha readily agreed and said she would be over in half an hour. Barbara told her to let herself in as she was going in the shower and needed to change.

Aunt Barbara went into the bathroom to get ready and twenty minutes later Oliver heard footsteps on the stairs. The bedroom door opened and in stepped bostancı escort a glamorous middle aged blonde lady in a figure hugging white dress.

‘Well,’ she said looking at the naked boy tied to the bed, ‘you must be Barbara’s naughty nephew.’ She too sat on the bed facing him and took hold of his cock. ‘Let’s see if we can get you nice and hard, shall we?’

She started to masturbate the groaning Oliver until his cock was hard and throbbing. ‘Mmmm, nice,’ she said as she lowered her mouth and took the head of his cock inside. Oliver nearly came then at what she was doing to him.

Suddenly she stood up and began to unfasten her dress. Underneath she was wearing a white silk bra with white silk suspender belt and stockings. After removing her white silk thong Samantha crawled up onto the bed and straddled the prone young boy, her large breasts swaying in front of his eyes. ‘Are you a virgin?’ Oliver nodded. ‘Well I’d better let your aunt do the honours when she’s ready for you.’

She edged further up his body placing a knee either side of his head until her pussy was inches from his face.

‘Have you ever eaten a woman before?’ she asked taking Barbara’s panties out of his mouth. Oliver shook his head, too scared to talk. ‘Oh well, you’ll have to learn,’ she said as she lowered herself over his face.

For the next twenty minutes she ordered him where, how and what to do with his mouth and tongue experiencing two orgasms as the young boy went about his task. She had just completed her third when the bathroom door opened and Oliver’s aunt walked in. He was speechless.

‘Wow, you look incredible, doesn’t she Naughty Nephew?’ exclaimed Samantha.

Aunt Barbara was wearing a shiny red PVC basque that pushed her large breasts up and almost out of the cups , complete with red fishnet stockings and red high heel shoes.

Oliver just nodded.

‘It arrived at the weekend and I was saving it for Jeff but this is an occasion too good to turn down,’ Barbara told her friend. ‘Is it my turn now?’ she asked.

‘Mmmm, enjoy yourself darling. He’s more than ready for you by the look of his throbbing cock,’ said Samantha.

Barbara looked at the terrified young boy and at his cock then walked over to him, bent down and kissed his deep on the lips.

‘You’re going to remember this forever,’ she said as she climbed on the bed and took hold of his cock before rubbing it between her pussy lips and sinking down on it. She had only moved up and down twice before Oliver grunted and came inside of her.

‘Don’t worry young man, we’ve all night if need be,’ she said as she rode his still hard cock to two orgasms before he shot inside her again.

‘Sam, why don’t you fuck him while I get changed. I’ll have him again when we get home. I’m ready for my pizza now!’ Barbara said walking towards the bathroom once more.

Looking back at Oliver she said, ‘you will be a good boy for auntie and do what you’re told, won’t you?’

Oliver groaned inwardly and nodded.

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Oh, Brother!

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My eyes crack open as Marla tears the curtains open. She’s a morning person.

“Wake up, Trev. We have to get ready for school!”

“I’m getting up, geez,” I groan, rolling over and crushing my head under a pillow to block the morning sun.

Marla and I share a room. We always have. She’s my older sister. Well, older by two hours. We’re twins. We have always been quite close, and we do nearly everything together.

Marla grabs my pillow and yanks it from its place over my head.

“You’re going to make us late. Get your lazy ass up and get a move on.”

I roll over and stare up at her face. She stares back at me with her soft blue eyes. She had her arms crossed and wore a stern, annoyed look on her face.

I crack a smile.

“Okay, I’m up,” I say as I toss the sheets off myself and rise to my feet. I tower above my sister. She’s five feet or so, and I’m close to six feet. I wrap and arm around her neck and give her a squeeze before heading towards the shower.

“Make it fast, we’re damn near almost late!”

Yeah, yeah, I mutter to myself, closing the bathroom door behind me.

We pile in her car together and head off to school.

I look over at Marla. She looks off. Angry? Sad?

She darts her eyes in my direction.


“What’s up with you this morning? You aren’t acting yourself.”

“Nothing you need to worry with,” She said with a shrug.

I shrug. “Fine, I didn’t really care to know anyway.” This always gets Marla to talk.

Marla released an annoyed sigh. “Why ask, then!” She pauses and the car is filled with a brief amount of silence before she says, “It’s Cody. He left me. It’s whatever though, I don’t even care.”

Cody was the first guy Marla had ever slept with. I knew from the beginning he was a jackass and no good for her but, hey, girls who think they’re in love don’t listen to people who try to tell them it isn’t love.

She shoots a teary-eyed look my way.

“Well? Aren’t you going to say ‘I told you so’?”

I shake my head. “Nah, I think you get the point.”

That comment seemed to hurt her. I offer a soft smile and place my hand on her thigh and give it a squeeze.

“Don’t worry, Mar. I’m here for you if you need me.”

I feel her leg tense up and she stares straight ahead.

“T-thank you Trevor.”

Soon enough, we arrived at our school. Before we both parted for out classes, I pulled my barely-older sister close and squeezed her tight in a bear hug that she loved so much.

She pulled away and looked up at me.

“You mean it, Trev? That you’ll be there for me?”

“Of course.”

“For anything? Anything at all?”

A quizzical expression erupts across my face. “Yeah, anything.”

Marla nearly looks embarrassed as she smiles at me and waves goodbye before disappearing to class.

Later that night, Marla seemed to be almost back to her normal self. I laid on my bed with my laptop on my lap, trying to focus on doing an assignment for a class. Marla was seated next to me, watching some show on the bedroom TV.

“Remember earlier when you said you would do anything for me?”

I glance up from my keyboard. “Yeah, what about it?”

She smirked. “Tell me, Trev. How many women have you had sex with?”

“Now what kind of question is that?” I stare at her. She wore a very serious expression as she met my stare and waited for my answer. I sigh. “Uh, I guess about three or four. Why do you ask?”

I watch her blue eyes widen, almost as if she was shocked. “Wow, really? What attracted you to those girls?”

I shrug lightly. “They were beautiful, I guess.”

“Did you love them?”

The honest answer to that was no. It was really just girlfriends who were in and out of my life fairly quick. I have never had sex with a woman I loved, no.

“Well, I guess you could say that. I wasn’t in love, though,” I reply.

Marla nods, seeming to take this answer in.

“Okay, what does your dream girl look like?”

I want to tell her that basically, it would be her. Or, at least the way she looks. I slowly look her up and down. Marla is slender, and her breasts look good in whatever she wears. And her lips are so soft and quite plump. Those baby blue eyes could make a man do anything. Her sandy brown hair stopped just above her rear, and it was soft. So soft. And… My eyes snap back up to her face. I definitely should not use her as an example of what a perfect woman to me would be. She’s my sister, of course.

“Well, I can’t really say. Brunette, skinny, perfect tits and a round ass?” I chuckle.

She nods. ” What about me/”

“Wh- no. Not you, what do you mean?” Perhaps she caught me checking her body.

“I mean do you think I’m pretty? Possibly pretty enough to be a dream girl to someone?”

“Oh, most definitely!” That seemed like a very fast response.

I watch as her lips break into a grin.

“Alrighty Trev. That works for me.” She stands up and stretches. “I’m going to take a shower quickly, is that fine?”

“Yeah, go ahead. I have to finish this paper real fast anyway.”

I ankara escort watch her leave the room and retreat down the hall. I close my laptop and set it off to the side, focusing my gaze towards the bedroom ceiling. I hear the squeak of the bathtub knobs and hear the rush of water as the shower blasts on. I look towards the clock on the wall. It’s 9 o’clock. I force myself off the bed and shuffle across the floor towards the kitchen.

As I pass the bathroom door, I notice its cracked. I have never seen Marla’s naked body. If it was that good looking with clothes on, what was it like bare naked? I stop next to the door.

Just one peek won’t hurt, I say to myself.

I stand there a moment but suddenly feel guilt take over. No, It’s wrong. So wrong. I roll my eyes at the thought of that stupid shit and continue to the kitchen. I rummage through the empty cabinets. Nothing interesting. It was nearly time to go grocery shopping. I open the fridge door and grab a cold slice of pizza and a soda. I lean against the counter and mindlessly chow down on the day old pizza. As I finish the cold slice and sip on my soda, I hear the rushing water stop. I freeze. The crack of the door opened up straight to my wet, naked sister. I would have the perfect view of her body.

Without a second thought or an ounce of moral give a damn, I quickly snuck towards the bathroom. I slowly walked backwards until the crack gave me enough view and I pressed myself against the wall in the dark hallway. I try to silence my breathing. The shower door opens and I feel my knees weaken. There she was. Her soft, wet skin glistened in the light. I watch as she quickly dries herself with her towel, going over every curve and inch of her body, She leaned over and wrapped her wet hair in the fuzzy blue towel. I feel my cock growing as her beautiful breasts dangled as she leaned. She walked closer to the bathroom mirror and I grab my nearly rock hard dick and watch as she grabs both her breasts in each hand. She gives them each a tender, squeeze. Marla turns around and glaces back at her round ass in the mirror.

“Hey, Trevor?” She yells.

I nearly fly from my skin as I tear my gaze away and quietly dart back to the bedroom and shakily sit back on my mattress.

Marla appears in the door way with her hair wrapped neatly in her towel and covered by her pajamas.


I look up at her face. My body is trembling with fear, Had she spotted me? Oh, God!

“Are you okay? You look pretty spooked?” She crossed the room and leaned over to hug me.

“I.. Yes. I-I’m okay.”

“Hm? You positive? You’re shaking something awful and you look pale…”

I meet her eyes and nod. She must not have noticed me. “Y-yeah, just feeling a bit sick all of a sudden. Don’t worry.”

She straightens back up. “Alrighty, Trev. I was going to ask if you were hungry and what you wanted for dinner.”

I lay back on my pillow and shimmy under the covers. “I think I’ll pass tonight. Not hungry. There’s still a few slices of pizza in the fridge.”

Marla leaned over and gave me a hug. Her breasts rested against my left arm. I swallow a lump in my throat.

“I’ll be quiet, just be sure you get some rest. Love you, brother.”

“I love you too, Marla.”

She exited the room and shut the light off behind her.

I stare up at the ceiling, breathing. That was a hell of a rush. I smirk and close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

The next few days were typical. Wake up, go to school, come home, repeat. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Finally, Saturday rolled around.

I woke up around lunch time. I sleepily shuffled towards the kitchen. Marla was laid out on the couch watching tv.

“Oh, surprised you’re awake so early. You usually don’t wake up until 2 or so.”

“Ha, not today. You need anything from the kitchen?”

Marla stands up. She is wearing a very low cut tank top and obviously has no bra on. She only has on a pair of panties.

“Dammit Marla, get dressed, would ya?” I can’t remove my gaze.

“If you ever woke up at a decent time on Saturdays, you’d know this is normal for me. I’m comfortable, so what? If you can walk around shirtless and in your pj pants, it’s okay for me!”

I look up at her face to see her staring at me. “Y-yeah that’s fine then.”

I walk towards the kitchen with Marla tagging close behind.

“Sit, I’ll make you something. What do you want?”

“Oh, just cereal is fine. You don’t have to,” I say.

She turned her back to me. “No, sit.”

I obey. I stare at her ass out the corner of my eye as she stands on her toes to reach a bowl. Each movement she makes, her ass jiggles pleasantly. I can feel another boner forming. These thin pants were NOT great when it came to hiding these things. I scooted closer to the table in hopes to hide it.

Marla dropped two bowls of dry cereal on the table, one for me and one for her. She leaned across and began pouring the milk over my breakfast. Her perky tits were at eye level for me. I tried hard to focus on my spoon and watch the milk rushing over my Cheerios.

She fell back into her escort ankara seat and filled her own bowl.

“So, anything planned for tonight?”

“Nah, just staying home,” I say through a mouthful of cereal. “You?”

“Mmm… nah. Maybe I’ll stay here with you.” She smiles cheerfully.

I shrug. “Want to order a pizza and just watch a movie?”

She nodded.

“You’d do anything for me, right?”

“This again? You already know the answer.” I roll my eyes and watch her.

Marla props her head up on her hand. “Okay, Trev. Can I ask a strange question?”

I nod,

“How big is an average cock?”

I nearly choke on my mouthful of Cheerios. “Oh? Why do you ask?”

“I want to know if Cody was… average? Or bigger?”

I think for a moment. “I guess average would be six inches?”

Marla giggles. “I don’t think he was that big.”

Poor guy.

“What about you? How big are you?” Marla asks, smiling softly.

I feel my cheeks reddening a tad. ” M-me?”

“Yeah, man. How big? I’ll answer a weird question if you answer mine.”

“Well, I’m eight inches.”

A grin split my sister’s lips. “Oh, wow. Over achiever, eh?” She giggled. “Now, ask me something.”

I shuffle through my mind trying to find an appropriate question to ask my sibling. “What did Cody do with you sexually?”

“Oh…” She seemed to be deep in thought. “I will admit, Cody and I only had sex that one time. S-so, just sex. That’s all. Nothing extra.”

“No oral? Nothing foreplay wise?” I found this odd. Most guys love going down on a woman and loved playing with her before the real show.

“No. I admit, I want to try those things, though. Really want to.”

I can feel my boner pressing against the bottom of the tabletop. Thoughts crept into my head and I pushed them out quick.

Marla stood up and grabbed both of out bowls, tossing them in the sink. She came over and gently rubbed my shoulder.

“Come on, we need to get dressed and start out day.”

“Go on ahead, Mar. I’m going to sit here a minute. I may eat something else.” False, I needed this erection to deflate before I stood up around her.

“Okay!” She turned and disappeared from the room.

What were all of these questions about? I guess she was simply curious about how things are supposed to be sexually… Cody must have really messed with her.

After a few minutes of sitting and letting my erection disappear, I retreated towards the bedroom to get dressed.

The rest of the day was pretty slow moving. Marla went out with a pal of hers and they hung out for a while. I worked on past-due homework assignments for the majority of the time, and napped.

Marla shook me awake from my nap.

“Come on, Trev. You said we’d hang out a while, remember?”

I look up at the clock. 8:30. I stretch and nod.

“You can come in the living room when you get ready. I picked up the pizza before I got home.”

I allowed myself to fully wake up and I met Marla in the living room. She was balled up on the couch with a blanket. She lifted it and patted the couch.

“Come on Trevor. I picked a horror movie, if that”s okay with you.”

“Hell yeah, that’s fine with me!” I drop down next to her and pull part of the blanket over myself.

Marla turned on The Conjuring.

“This one is supposed to be REALLY good!”

We both fell into the movie quickly. We ate pizza from the box on the coffee table and enjoyed the calmer part of the movie.

Suddenly, it began getting intense and Marla scooted her body closer to mine. A jump scare made her throw herself against me. I glanced down at her. She had her arms wrapped around me.

“S-sorry! I get scared easily, you know that!”

“No.. it’s cool. Go ahead.” I put my right arm around her body. This is pretty much how we carried out the rest of the movie.

Once it ended, Marla took a deep breath.

“Well, that was intense, yeah?”

I laugh, “Yeah. You were terrified the whole time, you baby!”

Marla giggles and looks up at me. “I loved having you here to hold me. It made me feel much better…”

“Oh, no problem. What are brother’s for?”

She smirked at me. “They do anything for their sisters.”

I nod. “Of course.”

“Trevor, I don’t believe I was in love with Cody.”

“Oh? I figured you were, you seemed so torn up about the breakup.”

“No, I don’t think I was. The sex wasn’t wonderful that night. You said you weren’t in love with those girls. Was that sex great?”

I thought about this for a moment. “No, I don’t suppose it was.”

Marla smiles. “Do you think I’m beautiful, Trev?”

“W-well. of course. You’re my sister.” I feel that erection coming back, and feel a nervous knot forming in my stomach.

“Did you think my body was beautiful after my shower a few nights ago?”

My eyes widen. She… she did see me? This damn erection was coming on strong at the thought of her body.

“It’s okay Trevor. I know you saw me. You think me leaving that door cracked was an accident?” She smirks and giggles. “Of course not.”

My breathing ankara escort bayan is shallow and I’m shaking again.

“Do you love me, Trevor?”

I nod. “Of course,” I say softly, not knowing what to do.

“Good. I love you too, Trev.”

I jump to my feet. “Listen, Marla. I’m beat. I think I’m going to hit the hay okay?”

I walk down the hall and slink under my blanket. I definitely was not tired, but I would force myself back to sleep before I said something stupid.

i laid in bed for a few hours, drifting in and out of sleep. I know it was late. I tense up as I hear the door creak open.

“Trevor?” I hear Marla whisper quietly.

I don’t dare respond.

I listen closely as I hear some quiet shuffling as Marla opens a drawer and rummages quietly about. I can hear her footsteps as she pads across the room and crawls into her own bed. I hear a very soft, whimper. I listen for a few seconds as my twin sister made very quiet sighs. Still pretending to be asleep, I roll my body over to face her bed. She falls dead silent and I can tell she is frozen. I fake a slight snore sound to convince her I was still asleep. The dim light produced by a nightlight on her side of the room illuminated her body slightly. I couldn’t see much through my barely cracked eyes.

Marla was seated upright on her bed, her long slender legs spread wide. Her hand was situated between her thighs. Oh fuck, my sister was masturbating right in front of me. My dick was throbbing in my boxers.

I could not see any detail of her. Only her movements. I listened to her soft, nearly inaudible sighs. I couldn’t take in. With the slowest of movements, I sneaked my hand down towards my cock. I watched as Marla lifted a phallic shape from her bed and moved that between her legs. It made a very satisfying squishing sound as she forced the dildo into her body. I barely stroked my cock. Marla moaned a tad louder and attempted to silence herself. My stroking was making a brushing noise against my sheets and I didn’t notice Marla quickly look in my direction. I spotted her gaze and stopped my gentle movements and locked my eyes shut. Shit.

I heard Marla scoot off her mattress and listened as she padded across the floor. She stopped in front of my bed. I could smell her perfume and I froze entirely, stopping all movement from my breathing or anything else.

I hear the click of the lamp next to my bed.

Marla fell to her knees and brushed her hand across my cheek.

“I saw you, Trevor.”

I stay silent. Fuck.

“Trevor?” She whispered into my ear.

I slowly open my eyes.

“S-sorry, I’m sorry.”

Marla giggled. “Trevor?”


Marla crawled onto my bed. ” Would you do anything in the world for me?”

I nod. “Y-yes Marla.”

“I love you, Trevor.”

“I… I love you too, Marla.”

Her lips are pressed against mine in a matter of seconds. It feels as if electricity is rocketing through every nerve in my entire body. My dick is so hard, its painful.

I focus on her lips. Her soft, plum lips, I allow my fingers to mesh themselves deep in her log, brown hair. Marla’s hands sneak under the tail of my t-shirt and her fingers crawl up my torso and to my chest. I tear away from her lips and move my mouth to her slender neck. My lips danced up and down her neck, kissing and suckling her. She shivered against me, releasing a slight moan.

“Trevor, that’s wonderful..”

She places her still-covered pussy against my boxers and begins grinding against my dick. She moans pitifully.

I begin tugging her tank top off her her body, Her perfect breasts were exposed fully and I could take them in fully now. I take them into each hand and use my thumbs to play with her perfect pink nipples. Marla grinds against me harder, pushing herself into my body.

“What was it that you said you really wanted to experience, Marla?” I ask, taking a breast into my mouth and sucking gently on her hard nipple.

Marla’s voice trembled as she responded. “Oral and foreplay, please.”

I roll over, placing Marla on her back. I kiss her lips deeply and kiss and trail down her body. I stop once I reach the hem of her pink lace panties. I linger here, kissing just above them hem. Her body trembled with anticipation. I grab her tiny panties and shimmy them off of her. I groan with happiness upon the sight of her perfectly shaven cunt.

“Are you wet for me, sister?”

“Oh, yes, Trevor!”

I place my face directly by her ear.

“Call me brother for now.”

Marla grabbed me by the back of my head and tugged my lips back down to hers. She kissed my lips.

“Please, brother.”

My fingers found her pussy. She was so incredibly wet. I used my thumb play around with her clit. Marla gasped and squealed with pleasure.

I slowly insert one finger in her body, Her cunt was wonderfully soft.

“Are you okay, Marla?”

She nods and I insert a second finger. I begin at a slow pace, pushing my fingers deep inside of her, and pulling back slowing. I watched her face as I picked up the pace. Her moans were becoming more audible now, It was such a sweet sound. My pace went even faster and I pumped my fingers into her pussy at a rapid pace. Marla was squeaking with pleasure. I remove my fingers and quickly suck her juice from my middle and pointer finger.

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Old Soldiers…

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This story is a sequel to “Soldier On”.

Needless to say Mom and I didn’t make it to the lake that day. We spent three hours in bed, fucking, sucking, and licking. In the days that followed we were carnally influenced often, the particular instances of which varied in form and duration. Always satisfying, though. I am sure my mother was not dissatisfied. She seemed to revel in the suggestions I made. Less than a week after their first time together, we did make our lake trip. While Mom was preparing dinner after we returned from the lake, I was in the kitchen playfully interfering with her progress.

“Keith.” She said firmly, “Leave me alone so I can finish.”

“OK” I replied, “One question first. Why didn’t you wanna swim with me today?”

“Because you kept trying to take my suit off.” She answered.

“But, I wanted to see your body.”

“That’s no reason to strip me in public, Keith.”

“Maybe you’re right.” I tried to sound serious. “I’m selfish. I don’t want everyone to see!” I laughed and dodged as Mom flailed out at me.

“You’re terrible, Keith.” She laughed softly.

“Because I wanna see a beautiful woman’s body?”

She looked down.

I leaned over and kissed her neck, whispering, “You are beautiful.”

Mom moaned and leaned into my kiss. “How do you do that?” she asked.

“Do what?”

“Make me wet in less than three seconds.” She hissed as I cupped her ass in my hand.

“Show me.” I said.

Mom turned to me, loosened her shorts and pushed them past her hips over her smooth tan legs. Spreading her legs a bit revealed her pouting labia. Their shiny glimmer signaling an advanced state of arousal. My cock stiffened at the sight of Mom’s half naked form brazenly displayed in the afternoon sunshine streaming through the window. “You naughty woman.” I accused. She bit her bottom lip as I continued. “You are making me horny. Your gonna have to show me more.”

I patted the counter top, “Up here.” I directed Mom.

I helped her onto the counter with my hands around her waist. Mom looked at me, her eyes wide with anticipation. I slid my hands over her full hips and down her thighs. Gently pressing against the soft skin of Mom’s inner thigh I pushed her knees apart. Taking her hand in mine I placed it between her legs. “Feel.” I instructed.

I felt her fingers press against her slit and her eyes closed slowly as she inhaled. “Is it wet?” I ask.

She nodded.

“Say it.” I said as I snaked my hand under her T-shirt to squeeze her nipple.

“Yes! It’s wet!” she exclaimed as she moved two fingers in and out of her glistening hole.

“You wanna cum, Mommy?” I slowly twisted her nipple.

“Oh, my God, yes!” she answered. Her voice was ragged and her breathing desperate.

“Lay back.” I told her.

As she leaned back I saw a small cucumber lying on the counter. When Mom was on her back I put her feet on the counter’s edge so that her pussy was more accessible. I pulled her hand away from her pussy and pressed the cucumber against her slick opening. The vegetable was the size of a large pickle and easily slid past Mom’s pink lips as I gently applied pressure. She squealed sharply and pivoted her hips wantonly as the cucumber filled her. I fucked her steadily with the cucumber so that it became coated with her juice. Mom was moaning softly and pushing up with her feet to fuck the cucumber. Suddenly she grunted loudly and slapped my hand away making the cucumber fly into the sink. Mom pushed me away from the counter and lowered herself to a kneeling position. Pulling me close, Mom rested ankara escort her cheek against my crotch. Nodding her head caused her cheek to rub my rock hard cock through my shorts. “See what you turn me into?” she asked in a high-pitched voice. In response I unfastened my shorts and pulled my swollen penis free. Grasping her hair with one hand I massaged her lips with the purple head. Mom’s saliva and my pre-cum coated the flared helmet, making it shine wickedly. I fed my stiff cock into her mouth slowly, steadily. Mom shivered as I held the back of her head, forcing more hard meat past her straining lips. I was full-fucking her mouth now. Mom grunted as I unleashed my passion in a fury of thrusting hips and invading cock. About every third stroke I paused with her nose against my stomach, the bulbous head of my penis down her throat. She would squeeze my leg and I would relent. Letting her breathe as I withdrew. Mom looked up at me through a lust filled haze, a single tear welling from her eye and rolling over her cheek.

I pulled my erection from her mouth and brought Mom to her feet. She was breathing heavily but managed to vocalize. “What?”

Not answering I turned he away from me and carefully bent her at the waist so that her torso lay on the kitchen table. Again she spoke weakly. “Keith?”

I spread her thighs roughly and got between her legs. I penetrated her sopping pussy lips in one smooth thrust, watching her back arch in reaction. “KEITH!” she exclaimed. Hearing her ecstasy made me insane for the pleasure. My hips moved faster and harder, I pounded her slit so forcefully that the table would move on every down thrust. I reached over to the counter and retrieved a bottle of cooking oil, pouring a few ounces in my hand. I passed my hand down the crack of Mom’s ass, between the round white globes. She squirmed, feeling the slick substance on her skin. “You nasty, dirty boy—“ she stopped in mid-sentence with a grunt. I had slid my middle finger completely into her rectum. I held my finger in her ass still fucking her pussy with my dick.

“Did Dad ever do this?” I asked. Mom looked over her shoulder, her eyes wide. “WELL?” I insisted, moving my finger in and out of her ass a few times.

“NO!” she surrendered.

“Why not? I can see you like it.” I twisted my finger slightly

Mom screamed.

“Tell me why not, Mommy”

“I was…too afraid….to ask.” She replied as she wriggled her butt against my finger.

“But you do like it. Right?” I asked, quickening the pace.

She nodded her head.

“Say it.” I growled, punctuating my question by moving my cock faster.

“I LOVE IT!! I WANT MORE!!” she yelled.

I withdrew my throbbing rod from her clinging slit and placed the head against her anus. Holding her steady by the shoulder I pushed my cock into her, watching the sphincter gape to accommodate the heavily veined phallus. Mom’s ass cheeks clinched reacting to my injection, but I forced my cock deeper. She was sobbing loudly, short gasping sobs. Between gasps I could make out an occasional word.


“My ass!”


I was suddenly obsessed with her firm ass. Her flesh quivered with every stroke, the muscles of her thighs and butt contracting with the invasion. Moving my hips I fucked her ass like I had fucked her pussy and her mouth. Completely fucked, no restraint. After only a few minutes Mom’s climax began. Her body stiffened and she pushed back against me, screaming. My balls tightened reflexively and semen shot into her asshole. I strained against Mom’s full, round butt and felt the molten liquid escort ankara filling her.

One month later Dad was wounded and was returned home after a brief hospital stay in Germany. He had a bit of convalescence to go, but it was minor and he spent about two weeks in bed at home. Of course, during this time Mom was busy taking care of him. I did not want to bother her with what was going on between us, so I left her alone mostly. I could tell she was overwhelmed so I also tried to do more around the house. Soon Dad was rousing himself from bed, but he was still lethargic. He didn’t seem to be himself. Dad had been home six weeks and had made no effort to go back to work. He would sleep till noon and then watch TV all day. That’s where I would find him when I got home from school. I would try to involve him in things but he would rarely even respond. Eventually Dad added sitting outside on the patio smoking to his routine. Mom never liked him smoking in the house so he started smoking outside. After he had gone to bed one night I asked Mom, “Is Dad ok? He is acting very strange.”

“Your Dad has been through a lot. He just needs time” she replied.

I let it drop. As it turned out Dad would never get better. He wasn’t physically ill, but he just never “came around”. Whatever he went through overcame him and he was never “himself”.

One Saturday I was mowing the back yard while mom was taking weeds from a flowerbed. I saw Dad come out to his chair on the patio and light a cigarette. Every pass I made towards the flowerbed was a chance to observe Mom on her knees leaning over her task. From my position I could see down her blouse where her white breasts, moist with perspiration, swung heavily. I had not pestered her about our relationship white Dad was away, but I had not forgotten. That passion seemed out of place as I watched her tend to Dad’s infirmity. Now, however, I was getting aroused to the point I needed relief. I finished the lawn and put the mower away. In the utility shed I got an idea. Looking out the door I yelled, “Mom! Can you come here?”

She looked up. “Sure.”

I retreated back into the shed and took my shorts off. Mom entered brushing stray strands of hair from her face. “Yes, Keith?”

Her mouth opened as her eyes adjusted to the light and she saw my semi-erect cock pulsing between my legs.

“KEITH!” she whispered loudly.

I approached her slowly.

“Don’t, Keith.” She warned, but stood still.

Reaching her I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. Feeling her body melt into mine I knew that her resistance would be token. Breaking the kiss I stepped back a bit and told her to unbutton her blouse.

“I will not!” she exclaimed.

“You will or I will rip it off you.” I countered.

I started to raise my hands so she quickly complied, undoing the buttons revealing a white sports bra restraining her soft breasts. I rested my hands on Mom’s shoulders and made it clear I wanted her to kneel.

She stared at me in disbelief as she knelt. “What are you doing? Your father is on the patio!”

I reached down and pulled her bra straps down, pulling the arms through. Now I could slide the bra down allowing her jiggling titties to be exposed. Their whiteness a stark contrast to her tanned body.

“KEITH!” she exclaimed.

With a hand on each breast I pushed them together and slid my now hard cock between them.

“Don’t.” she commanded, but there was no strength in her voice.

I moved my hips so that my penis stroked Mom’s tits, the head coming out the top about three inches on the ankara escort bayan up thrust. I made her use her hands to hold her breasts together and used my hand to push her head down. This forced my cockhead into her mouth and she sucked noisily on the hot meat. I was so aroused my sperm immediately erupted into her mouth. She wasn’t expecting me to cum and cried out. This allowed some of my semen to run down her chin and over her tits. I saw the thick ropes of cum stream out over her face and breasts. As I milked the last of the juice from my cock I said, “Better clean that off. Don’t want the old man to see. Do ya?”

She looked at me her mouth open, thick goo dripping from her chin.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair, “DO YA?!”

“No.” she whimpered.

I fastened my shorts and exited the shed. I didn’t even look at my father as I passed him on the way into the house. He didn’t exist for me anymore.

My father went to bed around nine that night and Mom and I stayed up watching TV. After about an hour she said, “Keith, I need to talk to you about what happened today.”

“So talk.” I said without looking up.

“You can’t treat my like that, Keith. Especially with your Dad here. Things have got to get back to the way they were.”

I looked at her in the dim light of the TV.

“Come here.” I instructed.

“Keith, I—“

“If I have to repeat myself, you won’t like it” I interrupted.

Mom sighed, from her chair and walked to the couch where I sat. “Sit down.” I patted the cushion beside me. She sat down careful not to let our bodies touch. I reached out and rubbed her nipple through her tank top with my index finger. Mom closed her eyes.

“You want things the way they were?” I asked.

She nodded.

I squeezed the stiffening nipple gently. Mom whimpered softly.

“I want things the way they ARE”. I said.

“No.” her voice weak.

I leaned against her body, forcing her to recline backwards. I kiss her mouth, one hand on her breast the other sliding down her belly into her shorts. Mom begins to struggle against me but I outweigh her by more than sixty pounds. My tongue is pushing past her lips as my fingers pinch her clit, twisting slightly. Mom responds by sucking on my tongue, moaning into my mouth. I undo her shorts and take them off revealing her shapely legs and full hips. Moving between her legs I force them to spread, feeling the warm skin of her thighs against mine. Mom scoots forward trying to get her pussy close to my dick.

“You wanna get fucked, Mommy?” I tease.

She nods her head in desperation.

My erect penis glides past her dripping labia with my motion forward. Mom inhales deeply in reaction to the penetration of my meat filling her.

“Fuck me.” She hoarsely instructs.

I accommodate her by increasing the speed of my thrusts.

“More?” I ask.

“More.” She pleads.

I push harder…faster. She moans trying to keep from crying out.

“You wanna scream, Mommy?” I ask, fucking her harder, pounding her cunt.

“Yeah.” She whispers.

“Scream for me.” I say.

She shakes her head.

“Do it!” I tell her, twisting her nipples my cock moving in and out of her slit noisily.

“He’ll hear.” She gasps.

“You need to cum, Mommy. Go ahead. Scream. Scream for me when you come” I can barely get the words out.

She squeals as her orgasm hits. “OHHH!!”

I pull my penis out of her and jack it furiously as she contorts beneath me. When she yells out again I can’t hold back. My semen spews over her as I climax. Mom screams as the hot liquid splashes on her breasts and belly. Viscous and white it clings to her skin.

“Don’t tell me how things are gonna be, Mom. I’ll let you know how things are gonna be. Don’t worry.” I left her spent on the couch and went to bed.

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Gina and Jack

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This is the story of Gina and Jack, from the POV of Jack

“Right. So, well, we met on this website, so obviously it was just the silly on-cam stuff. She was very prudish, when I first met her, actually. She’d only ever kissed one boy before, and she really regretted that. So, I got her to cam for me, and it was this astoundingly exciting thing, because she liked the thought of me masturbating over her, but she didn’t want to do anything, so I told her she didn’t have to, I wouldn’t expect her to, but I’d ask her to, continually, ahaha, like, begging. Part of what gets me off, you know… And, anyway, we never did anything really, I was always trying to convince her to take her top off for me but she never did. But it’d all become a sort of ongoing… I dunno, not quite a joke.

Anyway, by the time she came up here, by the first night we were cuddled up with each other, had kissed a bunch, everything – just affectionately, you know, nothing romantic, necessarily. We’d known each other two weeks, like. She loved it, every bit of it, she didn’t have anything like that back home. And she rested her head on my lap, and I, sneering, put my hand up her shirt, to touch her tummy. She looked at me and laughed – knowing I have a thing about tummies – and she allowed me, but she folded her arms. I snickered and said “Is that to stop me from going any higher?”

And she said “What? Oh, no” and unfolded them, and I was like, shocked, aha.

And I said “So… You’re alright if I do go higher…?”

And she said “Umm… Yes. Okay.”

And I spent about five minutes asking her if she was really really sure, ahaha, and she was, so I put my hand up, under her bra, and caressed her breasts. And they were so soft… And I tried to lift her top up so I could see them, but she stopped me, and I pleaded with her, but she wouldn’t let me. So, I unbuttoned my jeans and asked her if that was alright, and she thought about it and said yes.

She always considers those things on the spot, like, it’s the cutest thing, ahaha. So, I got myself out, and she laughed. She laughed a lot, the whole way through, I dunno why. Her nipples are extremely ticklish, ahaha, every time I touch her there she laughs. But the whole thing just was a surprise to her, I think, and she laughed a lot.

So, I began jacking off, and then I let my hand creep down to her jeans and I tried to unbutton them… The whole process was sort of her stopping me and then me pleading with her and then her letting me. She just wasn’t sure, for a lot of it… I got my hand into ankara escort her panties and I went to town on her lady parts, ahaha, and she couldn’t *control* herself, she was screaming!

I managed to get her off I think twice, and then I was going to get myself off, when my mum came back with food, ahaha. We continued this stuff over the whole night, and I didn’t get to cum once, because we kept being interrupted, ahaha. Hoursss and houurrsss of nearly having an orgasm and then something happened, and every time, I managed to get her off first, ahaha. I was going nuts by the end of the night. It eventually happened though, ahaha.

I taught her how to give hand jobs, and oh my god. She’s not very good at them, I don’t know why, she’s really bad at it. She does these tiny, soft little tugs I can barely feel, and it takes me houuurrssss to cum, but I wouldn’t have it any other way from her, I love that, I love her little tugs. It’s strange, sort of… When I’m really trying my hardest to get something out of it, and I can barely feel anything at all, and I wish there was so much more than there was, I’m so reminded of how much I love her. I feel this huge amount of affection for her, when she gives me a really bad hand job, ahaha.

The next day we went to the VIP Suite of The Oddessy in Belfast, a proper fucking high-class type place, all the big clubs are there, and this reaaaalllyyyy high-end cinema theatre. And we were sitting in the VIP, enjoying free drinks, by my arrangement, ahaha, and there was no one there accept the friendly coffee girl, and I managed to slip my hand under Regina’s jeans and make her cum like hell. I had to cover her mouth, ahahaha.

Then we moved onto the kinkier stuff, that night, ahaha…

Right, so, later that night, I got out some makeshift equipment I like to use. Two silk scarves, ahaha, one leopard print, ahaha. And we talked a little about what we could do with them, and we both got very excited. So, she tied my hands behind my head so I couldn’t move them, and she started jacking me off, and I was getting really into it, and then she stopped, and started tickling me. I was squirming and twisting and I couldn’t break free and she was tickling me *everywhere*. The she’d go back, while I was breathless, to jacking me off. It was sooo good, aungh… We’d carry on like that for a while, until eventually I broke free during one of the tickling sessions and pushed her down and held her hands down, ahaha, saying I’d had enouuuugh.

So, she told me I couldn’t see her naked that night, and she escort ankara blindfolded me, and then undressed, so she was totally naked and I couldn’t see one inch of her. And then let me masturbate, while holding my other hand to stop me touching her, and occasionally guiding it across her skin, on her legs or tummy, which would drive me nutsss. And then she let me touch her boobs, and I moaaaaned. I came not long after, a *lot* of cum.

The next day, I tied her down, both hands and feet, and tickled her lots – and she’s reallly ticklish, like I told you, even her nipples are ticklish. And she was shaking everywhere, until eventually she lost it, like some people do. So I just lay with her, her uncontrollably horny and craving my fingers, and me running them all over her body, teasing the hell out of her. Eventually I rubbed her downstairs, starting on her outer lips – and she can’t feel much out there – and then working up and down, just inside her lips, and then onto her clit, and by the time I slipped my fingers inside she was screaaaming.

Then, I untied her feet and lifted her legs over my shoulders and pushed her thighs against the size of my dick and started thrusting. And her thighs are really soft…

The next time she came up, we did a lot of different stuff. I found out she has a crippling fetish for school uniforms, so I dug out my old school uniform and wore it up to the station when she arrived, ahaha. She was so shocked, a little bit mad at me and completely turned on, ahaha. So, we went back to mine quick as we could and I began to act out this fantasy of hers, that she told me about, ahaha… Where I sort of force her down and kiss her, lots, and then start taking off her clothes, until she’s totally naked apart from her bra. I start stripping off my uniform until I’m naked, and then kiss down her body until I get to her boobs, and try and take off her bra. She stops me – which she did – I look at her pleadingly, and then she lets go and I can do it. I chew on her nipples for a bit – she likes it if I bite them – and then I disappear downstairs to lick her out, to which she loses herself to uncontrollable moans.

Then, we went upstairs, for my turn, ahaha. I had been saving myself up, I hadn’t masturbated for like 4 days, and I get incredibly sensitive and horny by that time. And I wanted to cum in her hand, I really wanted that. Usually I have to masturbate for most of the time because it takes so long and she gets tired, and then by the time I get close if I stop I’ll just blast everywhere and won’t feel it. So, ankara escort bayan I got it, hehe, a nice full hand job, and I came with her hand on my dick and I was in heaaavennnn.

The next day we acted out a fantasy of mine, (although her fantasy was about me specifically, mine was just a fantasy I’ve had for years), where she sits on top of me, and I masturbate. And while I masturbate, she tries to stop me from cumming, ahaha. Like, she’d try and pry my fingers off my dick, which is the hottest thing I’ve ever felt in the world, I swear, and then try and pin my hand down – and then I’d try and resist and pull my hand back so I could jack off, but I’m so weak, look at me, I had no chance, and she had me pinned down, so I use my other hand as quickly as I can, and she pries it off too, and forces it down. And I moaaaan soooo much, desperate to keep going but totally unable, and she laughs at me, ahaha. And I started humping the air, trying to find something to rub it off, while begging her to let me go again. She did, and just when the cum started shooting out of me she pulled my hands away, and I couldn’t feel my orgasm at alllll, it was totally ruined. Aughh… We did that a few times over her stay.

And later that day, we discovered something by pure chance, ahaha. We were both lying in bed – I had insomnia so was up early and she was tired from events that transpired that day, I won’t get into that, but I had dropped a valium to calm myself down and we were both lying in bed, holding each other, talking sparsely, and we’d both fall asleep and have little naps at different periods of time. And, once, whatever way I was lying, just by pure coincidence, I was breathing on her ear. I was sleeping, I didn’t know what was going on, but she woke me up, sweating pouring off her, shaking, and she could hardly talk. She woke me up and managed to say ‘Jack’, I thought she was having a stroke or something!

I said, “Whats wrong?”

She grabbed my hand and said “Unh”

I couldn’t understand, ahaha. We spent a long time her desperately trying to communicate to me that she wanted me to finger her, ahaha. She eventually held my hand up and said “I… crave. those.” And I knew, ahaha, so I got her off, and she just *poured* backwards, in absolute ecstasy.

And after a while, I asked her what happened, and we worked out it was cause I was breathing on her ear. It drove her absolutely craaazzzyyy. So, we combined my breathing there and sometimes whispering things and fingering her at the same time, and she was able to have 10 orgasms in one sitting, ahaha. And, not even an hour before that, she’d already had 7 orgasms from it. It drove her soooo crazy.

That comprises the remainder of our sexual adventures, ahaha. And I don’t know what to expect today…”


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Getting the Grade

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‘Thwack, thwack, thwack.’

The sound of his balls clattering against Tisha’s pretty little ass made its muffled way across his office. He pushed deeper into her dripping, shaven pussy to the squeals and moans of the third year student laid amongst the papers on his desk. She wrapped her dark, toned legs around him and pulled him deeper still into the hidden recesses of her most intimate parts as he pulsed rapidly finally firing a shot of hot creamy liquid deep into her pussy. She came as the seminal fluid coated her insides, squeezing his meaty cock inside her. Her body shook sending papers and documents fluttering to the floor. Her pert little tits shook as her back arched and Dan reached out to grasp at the mounds of flesh before him, pulling at her nipples and drawing the sprawling areolae to a peak atop bulges of womanly charm.

He pulled his cock from the warm wet channel she had provided for him and in doing so released a combination of fluids which pooled on the desk in a burgeoning dip, itself the result of many wipes to remove the evidence of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ within the confines of this secluded office he had secured for himself.

Dan grabbed a tissue and wiped himself down then, without a care tucked in, zipped up and busied himself with collecting the papers Tisha had knocked to the floor. He had to be more careful, it’d be a pain if papers from different assignments got mixed up. He didn’t have the time for that kind of pain. Or the tolerance.

“So, how’s that grade coming on” managed Tisha as she removed some of the more evident residue of her ‘best efforts’ on the Laws of Thermodynamics assignment. Dan looked up to assure her with a blank and emotionless smile that he was happy she’d put in the effort required and stretched herself enough to achieve a good pass. He thought of himself as a king of innuendo and was particularly proud of that. After all, she wasn’t exactly gaping and he had had to force ‘the issue’.


Tisha left looking a little dishevelled but, all things considered pretty good. Afros didn’t really ‘mess up’ despite the amount of opportunities this one had had in the last 20 minutes. She quietly closed the door before confidently walking down the stairs back into the world of normality where screwing çatalca escort your tutor for a better grade stays in the realm of fiction on the net!

Dan thought to himself about the girl’s body, her deep brown skin, those pretty little tits and her slim but not bony physique. She wouldn’t be his first choice, and he’d had a lot to choose from over the years. He’d decided he preferred the older students, in their early 20’s, third years, and, whilst he might not admit it to the other chauvinistic professors he preferred the fuller figure. Much fuller. Like Verity.

Funny enough Verity sat next to Tisha most of the time and they worked together on assignments. He imagined the two of them naked together, working each other’s body to orgasm and him watching on, ready to join in, to slide his cock deep into…

‘Knock, knock’

He jumped up, adrenaline pulsing through him as it dawned on him that he had a meeting with the bursar about now to secure funding for next year. Probably a formality but he’d better make sure he was presentable and not sporting a semi.


The meeting seemed to take forever and when he left his head was still full of the young girl he’d been screwing not three hours ago. He’d decided he’d be happy to take her again. She was interesting and he had to admit she’d made him explode pretty quickly, and it felt good.

As he plodded back to his office he noticed footsteps pacing to catch him up. Dan turned to find Verity almost out of breath. Bollocks, had her friend told her all about it and now she was here to screw him over, tell the board about what he’d been getting away with?

He noticed her little dolly shoes, short skirt and top that hung seductively between her enormous breasts, flowing down onto her cute, rounded belly. He managed to make eye contact in time, drawing his gaze away from her bouncing cleavage. She was still wearing her glasses and her hair was down around her shoulders as if she hadn’t had time to do anything with it.

“Can I talk to you about this assignment, only I’ve been able to do everything else and, oh Dan, it’s just terrible, I’m lost, I don’t get it and there’s no time left. I don’t know what I’m going to do”

They reached the door esenyurt escort to his office and he opened it to allow her through. He carefully entered with his back to her closing the door carefully behind him. He caught it just in the right way for the dodgy old lock to set enough and stop any unwanted intrusions. Years of practise.

She sat down in one of the big seats in front of his desk and he sat against the table in front of her. It was a perfect view down her top from his vantage point and difficult to keep eye contact, but if he played this right he wouldn’t need to sneak a dirty peek.

“Is there anything I can do to help my grade” she quietly ushered as she shifted in her chair making her skirt ride up her pale white legs just a little. At the same time her hands straightened her top bringing the line of the low-slung garment lower still.

“What were you thinking?” he offered catching and holding eye contact with her vibrant blue iris’s.

She stood, bringing her ample body towards him. Spreading her legs around his she pushed her crotch against his feeling his already hardening rod. Her breasts rested lightly against his chest for a moment before she forced her soft, supple mass towards him for his delectation. He failed to resist and grasped at her top removing it in one brief movement. Before him this blonde bespectacled 250 lb bombshell heaved her heavy bosom in anticipation. She reached to the front of her satin bra and released the ribbon straining to hold the cups together. They sprang away letting the beautiful orbs of flesh sag just slightly onto her belly. They rested against his chest and he couldn’t resists removing his own shirt to feel the soft mass of tit-flesh against his bare chest.

Frenzy took over him as he ripped her skirt down to reveal her cotton panties. She kicked her dolly shoes away and dropped to her knees fumbling with his zipper to release the only thing that might just get her the grade she needed.

She pulled his shorts from his waist and gasped at the size of the monster ready and willing in front of her face but he brought her to her feet and laid her down on the desk amongst the papers. Her hair spread across the desk but her pert belly softened only slightly as she grasped etiler escort those massive, heaving tits in preparation for the onslaught of the hungry male about to ravage them.

He stood, cock poised at the entrance to her moist pussy, its tip wetted slightly by her flowing juices as he took in the image of her huge breasts topped with dark, sprawling areolae. He pushed slightly, the head of his cock parting her pussy lips. She let out a faint moan and grasped at her tits again. He slid in further as the soft walls of flesh closed in around him. He felt her body almost draw him upwards to fill every part of her most intimate parts, squeezing and massaging his pulsating cock. He grasped at her body pulling it towards his. She pushed herself up onto her hands and as they came together in passionate lust he rammed his cock deep into her pussy. She moaned deeply as he rhythmically worked her body, bringing her quickly to orgasm. She exploded in a mix of sweat and flowing juices and he felt the trickle of cum slide relentlessly across his pulsing balls.

She offered him her huge tits to suck and drawing her protruding nipple deep into his mouth he bit. A wave of pleasure ran through her body, combining with his and he burst deep inside her pussy. Harder and faster he pumped into her wet, loose pussy, pulling out and ramming back in further, thrusting his pulsating cock, penetrating deeper and deeper into this young girls wanting body. Her body stiffened and slumped time and time again as she came to an undignified climax, exploding with a scream, tightening around him and forcing a final explosion of juice from his rock hard member.

Gasping he slumped against her soft, quivering body before sliding from within the folds of her sex and slumping onto the waiting chair. She dropped off the table and to her knees and with little thought for the oozing juices emanating from her she set to work hoovering every last drop of seamen from his shaft, licking hilt to head and drinking down all that she could not wanting to waste a drop of the salty, white liquid.


Verity fell back against the table, legs aching and glasses slightly off-kilter. She heaved sigh after sigh and Dan watched her massive chest rise and fall. Speechless he looked at the plump body of this twenty year old beauty and wished she’d been less of a model student, that she’d had more below par assignments. He delicately helped her to dress and once she had slipped back through his door set about tidying the room, hoping that Verity wouldn’t need the excuse of some essay to visit again.

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Oh Mrs Scott

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Another shorty, very loosely based on a couple of unrelated stories I heard recently.

Comments welcome but please no ‘get an editor’ unless you are offering.


“I hate you.” I screamed at my mother. “I hate you, I hate you.” ran off to my room and jumped on the bed face down, “Hate you, hate you, hate you.”

The bed was the only item in the room, the same was true of mum and dads room and my sisters. In fact the house was empty apart from the three beds, one suitcase and a few things in the kitchen which was just, but only just enough, for tomorrows breakfast.

At the age of six I got home from school on the last day of term and was told we were moving the following day. I’d had such big plans with all my friends for the long summer holiday.

Dad hadn’t been around for a couple of years and things had been tough for mum, she tried not to show it but it got so bad the house was repossessed and we had to move.

Our home for that summer was a tiny run down house over a hundred miles away and we did a lot of fruit picking to earn some money. As It turned out we stayed in that house longer than expected as mum found a proper job through one of the farmers.

Home was not brilliant but it was OK and I soon made friends with four year old Tom, the only boy in the street, and our mums shared the school run. Even at the age of six I recognised how pretty Toms mum was and for some reason I dreamt about her quite often.

Mrs Scott was fairly short and slim but she had this natural bright red-orange hair which was right down to her waist and really curly. My ‘typically girly’ dreams of her were about princesses and angels which I’m sure were influenced by my younger sister as she was my only other playmate and had no interest in cowboys or cars.

Time moved on and we all ended up at the same senior school so the school runs continued to be shared and as puberty hit my dreams of Mrs Scott changed from princesses to fantasies which created regular comforting erections in my pants.

I finished school at sixteen and got an apprenticeship at an electrical contractor, two days a week Mrs Scott dropped Tom at school then me at college and it didn’t take too long for my colleagues to eye her up and rib me about her good looks. Yeah I was hooked and enjoyed the thoughts of my long term fantasy along with all the others.

I grew up fast and we enjoyed some good laughs, especially with our excellent neighbours, who we shared a good few barbies with and before I knew it I was eighteen. It coincided with a long public holiday and the surprise party effectively lasted four days. Friday we got to Euro Disney around mid morning and left late afternoon on Sunday, fortunately the weather was dry and warm for the whole weekend and we had a fantastic time.

The drive home was eventful as mum had twisted her ankle so I had to drive, it seemed to take forever and to make matters worse there was a problem with the ferry. It took twice as long to get home as it did to get there and 03:00am on my birthday I fell into bed elated and quickly felt the blackness wash over me.

09:00 I was woken with a kiss, on the lips, with the sides of my head being held firmly. My first reaction was to fight off the intruder as this was most definitely not an occurrence I’d experienced before, it felt like I was being restrained and smothered and at the same time my eyes were trying to resist opening or focussing against the bright light and lack of sleep.

The attack on my face ceased and “Happy birthday Terry.” Rang forth.

My eyes nearly opened and nearly focussed. “Mrs Scott? Y’ right, erm. Now I’m nearly awake, how about we start this over?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well istanbul rus escort it was a bit of a surprise, how about I close my eyes and you start again?”


I dropped my head back to my pillow and closed my eyes.

“You mean you want me to kiss you again?”

“Errr. Yesss, just like before.”


I waited with closed eyes, mentally counting off the seconds, twelve, thirteen, fourteen…

“Keep ’em closed Terry.”

‘This aint gonna happen’ wandered across my thoughts, then in one quick move my quilt was ripped off my naked body I felt something heavy on my stomach and sides of my hips, then hands gripped my face and my mouth was again smothered.

This time I didn’t fight. Oh no, this time I knew what was coming and put my arms around Mrs Scott, oh yes I pulled her in tight for a proper kiss. All my thoughts and fantasies over the last twelve years suddenly seemed to be coming together, oh yes, this was nice and my morning wood was certainly agreeing with my head as I could feel it getting much harder.

On this second attempt I hadn’t expected Mrs Scott to pull the covers off and to kneel astride me, I hadn’t expected Mrs Scott to remove her clothes from the waist down and I certainly hadn’t expected Mrs Scott to impale herself on my erection.

Now I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve always found that it takes a long time to cum when I’ve had a wank on morning wood and I soon found it had the same effect on love making too. I pulled my feet up the bed, raising my knees, and pushed against the mattress. Oh yes, I bottomed out, oh yes, I could never have described the feeling of penetration, of being totally and utterly embedded deep inside a soft hot vagina, it was so different to using my hands. Any way I humped up into Mrs Scott, hard and high and judging by the noises she was making she enjoyed it as much as me.

As I humped upwards Mrs Scott was being forced towards my head, forcing the kisses to be unbelievably rough. Lips and tongues were being bitten, chewed, rammed and generally abused and all through this I still had my eyes closed, I was so hoping this wasn’t a dream and didn’t want to spoil it by opening them. I continued humping hard and the noises coming from Mrs Scotts throat continued getting louder and frantic and suddenly, almost violently, she started grinding hard against me.

Somehow I got the message to stop humping and dropped my arse to the bed, the grinding continued and the pressure against my groin area increased in power when Mrs Scott sat up with her hands pushing firmly down on my nipples it got to the point it she was hurting me, her groans increased in pitch and volume… then she seemed to hold her breath and I laid there motionless while Mrs Scott knelt astride me gently massaging my erection by tiny movements deep inside her. Then this long gentle sound, a cross between a squeak and shrill wail but so gentle, almost silent.

Almost like something happened there was some movement and she placed something soft over my face “I know how you always like me in this top. Don’t move, enjoy the fantasy.” then she lifted my head to wrap the fabric completely around my head. It was weirdly snug fitting but not overbearingly tight, I couldn’t resist the temptation and opened my eyes. I knew instantly it was a shiny dark green Lycra top that she often wore, usually without a bra and often under a lighter green velvet jacket. This was indeed one of my favourite items of her clothing and the fantasy just got better.

Oh the disappointment, Mrs Scott stood up and with a lot of movement she left my bed. I was about to remove the green Lycra.

“Oh no you don’t.” a hand kadıköy escort obscured the green light and the hints of shapes I could see through it. “And you can leave this alone too.” She briefly touched my still solid erection then I heard her walk away.

It must have been five minutes later I heard footfall returning. “Oh you are such a sexy boy.” There was movement and the mattress dipped as she climbed back on me, as she sat back down I felt the fantastic thrill of being enveloped for a second time by a soft hot vagina as she instantly started grinding on me. The feeling of her breasts brushing over my chest told me she was in place for another big hug but this time when I tried to put my arms around and lift my arse to hump she pushed my arms away. “No just lay there and enjoy.”

There was a re-run of the previous action, lots of hard, almost violent grinding on me, lots of guttural groans and moans and the wail at the end when she sat up, accompanied by the little movements from deep within. A final “Mmmpfffff,” and again she climbed off.

Again I put my hand to my head, intending to remove the green fabric but stopped abruptly at “Leave that alone.”

The wait was much shorter I heard the footfall, felt the mattress move and her weight on me as she again climbed over and impaled herself on my still very ready hard penis, this time it somehow felt different as she laid down on me and squashed her petite breasts between our chests. The gentler grinding commenced and the groaning noises started, it seemed right to hug her to me, bring my feet up, lift my arse off the bed and hump.

“Ooo yes that’s right.” I continued humping upwards as hard as I could and felt my balls slapping her arse on the up strokes. She was holding hard onto the sides of my face and kissing all over through the green Lycra as she went rigid and came for a third time, I was by now beginning to feel my orgasm rising and continued humping without any consideration of whether Mrs Scott wanted that or not.

“Oh yes, oh yes… yes that’s right, don’t you dare stop.” I continued and my pace quickened as I approached my climax, Mrs Scotts legs clamped behind my thighs and she went very tense about three thrusts before I released my first spurt of cum inside a woman. “Yeeeeesssssss.” Assaulted my ears as I pushed up hard against Mrs Scott and continued pumping my stored up seeds.

“Oh my fucking god, where did you learn to fuck like that?” I was pretty sure it was just a line but it felt good at the end of my virgin busting fuck.

We both gently relaxed with Mrs Scott still lying atop me then she lifted the Lycra off my sweating face and we kissed a little. After about ten minutes Mrs Scott sat up. This was the first time I’d seen her in such a state of undress, I’d seen her in a swim suit when we’d been swimming or at the beach but never topless before. She has the most gorgeous milky white skin and pale pink, but clearly brighter, nipples. Her enormous mass of orange-red hair was everywhere and in such a crazy mess, I’m sure she must have hated the look of it at that time but I thought it looked amazing being all tussled and random.

“How was that for you Terry?”

“Mrs Scott…”

“I think you’ve earned the right to call me Jan now, don’t you?”

“Y’, Mrs… Jan.” Oh how weird that felt after twelve years of Mrs Scott. “Er, I truly don’t have the words to tell you how good that was, and thanks.”

“Thanks? Thanks?”

“Yes, er thank you, it was so unexpected, and amazing but my heads in the wrong place for words.”

“Was I better than your first time?

“You are my first, and I’ve dreamt about you since forever, and I never expected to, kartal escort you know.”

“Dream on Terry, I know for certain I did not take your virginity…”

“Yes you did.”

Jan got off my now softened penis, off the bed, grabbed her green top and walked away with my cum running down her leg.

“I know you are a liar Terry.”

“But Mrs Scott I… Mrs Scott…”

I heard the front door close.

I laid there wondering what the fuck just happened and tried to piece it back together in my head, even trying to put numbers to it, the list started at four numbers but each time I went through it more got added.

1. I was asleep.

2. Mrs Scott kissed me on the lips while I was asleep.

3. I asked Mrs Scott to start over.

4. Mrs Scott pulled the cover off.

5. Mrs Scott got on top and fucked me.

6. Mrs Scott came and got off.

7. Mrs Scott got on top and fucked me.

8. Mrs Scott came and got off.

9. Mrs Scott got on top and fucked me.

10. Mrs Scott came

11. Mrs Scott came

12. I came.

13. We hugged for a while.

14. Mrs Scott accused me of being a liar.

I came to two conclusions and the more I thought, the more certain I became that I was right. I debated which order they belonged in and decided this is correct.

1.I said something to upset Mrs Scott.

2.I was totally busting for a piss.

Number two became the urgent factor so I stood and discovered my left leg didn’t work properly, holding on to furniture and walls I hobbled to the bathroom, sat and thunder peed. While sitting there I went over my numbered list again and added

15. Mrs Scott left.

Was I dreaming? It certainly wouldn’t have been the first time but I’d never felt so ‘there’ before and I didn’t recall waking up after she left.

I had a shower, returned to my room, dressed and went to the kitchen, put the kettle on then saw the gift wrapped box lying on the table, the plain red tag simply read:

happy Birthday.

enjoy Mum


The red bow pulled open easily and the paper sprang apart to reveal the MacBook air box.

“YES. Thanks Mum.” I bellowed and quickly extracted the white plastic machine from its packaging, opened the screen and turned it on. When I returned to the table with my coffee I had the shock of my life, the screen saver was a photograph of me with green Lycra over my face and a Mrs Scott on top of me looking directly at the camera with the biggest Cheshire cat grin possible.

Well that’s that mystery solved, my deflowering wasn’t dream. I sat staring at the picture for the whole of the time it took for my coffee to cool sufficiently and to drink it. Eventually I opened ‘Introductory Video’ and waited for the silly American voice to tell me how great it is that I have become the proud owner…

Oh no, the video instead was shot in my bedroom, I was asleep and Mrs Scott walked in dressed in a green Lycra top and mid thigh length black skirt, she knelt on the floor beside me, held my face and kissed me. I woke and asked her to start again, she left the room.

Some fifteen second later my very naked mother walked into the room, pulled the duvet off, climbed on the bed and impaled herself on my erection. An equally naked Mrs Scott was kneeling on the floor doing all the talking then took over fucking me when Mum left my bed for the second time.

I sat transfixed for the thirty seven minutes of the video, to the end where Mrs Scott said ‘Oh my fucking god, where did you learn to fuck like that?’.

The timing was absolutely perfect to the second, the phone rang as the video turned to black.

“Hello, Terry speaking.”


“Oh, Mrs Scott…”

“Jan, call me Jan.”

“Jan, I didn’t have a clue.”

“You OK with it?”

“Yeah, just a bit shaky.”

“Why shaky?”

“Whole thing is a bit of a shock if I’m honest.”

“Come round for a coffee.”

“Is that a euphemism?”

“We’re both here waiting.”

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Of Dreams and Reality Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

I boarded the bus, quite and reflective, resigned to my fate and boot camp. I watched my parents and Darlene, fade out of sight, as the bus carried me away to military life.

Miles down the road, my body still shook and spasm with each thought of Darlene’s fierce, if not desperate, last fucking. My cock tingled and throbbed and made me uncomfortable, trying to enlarge with the passing thoughts and I forced my eyes closed.

“Sleep – just sleep.” I thought to myself, as the drone of the bus engine lulled me, finally, into a mind saving slumber, or so I thought, as the dreams came.

We stood side by side, on a cold and grey day, watching my father being lowered into his final resting place. Darlene and mother crying and holding one another, while I stood stoically, in my Army uniform, determined not to shed a tear.

The funeral finally over, we turned and silently walked to the waiting car, arm in arm, with Darlene on one side and mother on the other. It was a bad day and I could feel the heaviness pour out of the women in my life and I knew it was for me to bear and me alone.

Sucking in a large breath and sleep spittle, I began to choke and woke up from the nightmare, a cold sweat running down my forehead and chest. Clearing my throat, I realized it had been dream and the bus was still rolling on down the road. I sank back down into the seat, my eyes slowly closing again, as the drone, once again, took over and I found the dream had moved on…


I waited outside Darlene’s bedroom window, carefully peering in, watching for her. It was summer and I, some how braver, stood tight against the house wall, naked, barely breathing, with my fingers wrapped around my penis…Waiting.

In she walked, slow and with great deliberation, taking a long look at the window, where I stood and smiled warmly. My hand was already in motion, as she began to undress. After dropping her blouse, she walked to the window and opened it slightly, allowing the night breeze to enter and turned away, reaching to drop her bra straps.

I watched, stroking my cock to hardness, as Darlene dropped her bra cups and slid her bra around to unfasten the clasp.

“God, that feels so good.” She sighed, and reached to massage her tits.

Feeling my cock head slick with pre-cum, I moved to get a better view, when a branch, from the hedge, scrapped past my leg and released up the inside of my thigh, causing me to scream out in surprise!

Horrified, I jerked back, as I saw Darlene turning…But it wasn’t Darlene! It was Irene, my mother!

The dream faded and contorted, as I tossed and turned, in a fitful, restless, sleep.


I woke from sleep, hearing my bedroom door creak open and watched the, dark, silhouette entering, quietly, almost gliding across the room towards my bed.

“I’ve been waiting for you Michael. It’s been so long and I need you inside me.” The silhouette said, in a husky, urgent voice.

I smiled deeply, as I raised the covers, welcoming Darlene back into my bed. I too needed and wanted her and could only hope she had been very quiet in coming to my room.

Not content with simply pulling back the covers, Darlene ripped them from my bed and climbed on, spreading my legs, hungrily seeking my manhood. She pushed my legs higher, as her mouth found my cock and sucked me in.

Working my cock feverously, she brought me to the hardness she knew all too well and wanted. Satisfied, she held my cock down and sucked in my balls, one after the other and rolled them in her mouth, moaning out,

“I’m going to fuck you so good Mike. You’ll never leave me again.”

Darlene released my balls and slid her tongue up my shaft to capture my cock head, leaving rivulets of spit as she went and engulfed me, forcing my cock, to its near full extent, down her throat.

“Ease up sis! Come up her and let me eat you!” I cried out, as her attention started a familiar throb in my cock.

“Ummmmmmmmmm. I guess, but I just love that big fucking cock of yours.” She moaned out, releasing and began a slow slid up my body, rubbing her tits on my cock and belly, as she came up to face me.

I opened my eyes and started to scream, as I recognized the wonton, lustful eyes staring back at me were my mother’s, Irene!

“Mike! Mike, Jesus what’s wrong!” I heard a voice call out, as I jerked awake, drenched in sweat and breathing hard, a wild eyed expression on my face.

“Nothing!… A bad dream Ed, that’s all.” I said, as I rolled my eyes back, a long rush of breath escaping my lungs.

Awake, “fully awake now”, after that final nightmare, I sat watching the road go by, hoping the trip would end soon.


Two days later, I sat stunned on the bench outside the Federal Building, rejected.

“Rejected? What the fuck was that?” I thought, as my mind racing over what I was going to do now.

My final physical had come up with an injury, received during my last football year. The government would not deal with bostancı escort it, no deferment, no waiver, they simply didn’t want me. I was relieved at not having to enter the military, but the shame seemed large in me, a feeling of failure somehow.

I walked slowly to a hotel café and sat down to order, feeling I should call the folks, or certainly Darlene. A combination of fear, apprehension and guilt invaded my thoughts so I just sat there, waiting.

The food came, but not a thought concerning my plight. The gifts, the people wishing me well, the party…Everything that occurred, a few scant days before, flashed through my head and made me feel sick. I managed to eat a little and finish my coffee, but it wasn’t satisfying. I paid the waitress, gave her a half hearted, futile, grin and slowly left the café.

An hour later I was at the bus station, waiting again. It would be several hours before another bus left for Austin and I had only time on my hands…To think. Thoughts of Darlene raced through my head, as I settled down and closed my eyes to catch a few winks.


“Dar? Dar…Oh God it’s good to hear your voice!” I stammered into the phone.

“Am I where? Boot camp? No, Dar…A bus station.”

“What? Rejected. They rejected me!”

After a long pause….”I don’t know Sis…I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“Come home? Jeeesssss, facing all those people…And Dad! I feel like a failure Dar! God forbid he should ever find out about you and me!”

“What? What the hell did you say?”

“Mom knows! Oh Christ Dar, tell me you didn…” and she cut me off.

“She what…She was in the bathroom…Oh my God Darlene she must have just shit a brick!”

“Stop laughing! It isn’t funny Darlene!”

“Surprised? Oh ya, I bet she was…And just what did she say Dar?”

“Known?…For how long? She was surprised we kept it a secret that long…Oh Christ Dar I’m just gonna blow a gasket! Anything else you want to tell me?”

“I love you too…”

“Look…I’ll call you back…In a few days, okay?”


The dream ended with the click of the phone and my eyes opened, sweat pouring from my body, once again. I sat up quickly, looking around in stark terror, like everyone in the depot had just watched my dream. I checked my watch…An hour had passed and I felt exhausted. Rising, I walked across the street to a book store and began looking for something to keep me occupied.

Walking the isles, I scanned the paperbacks and found nothing inviting. Moving on I brushed against the arm of a tall blonde, excused myself, and moved around the corner, but not before looking back at her face. Her eyes immediately met mine and a smile blossomed on her lips, as I nodded and moved on.

She had a queer affect on me and I felt un-nerved, as my eyes caught the magazine section and started to scan for anything to read! I steadied myself on the rack with my hand and slowly went down the isle looking. I paused mid-way, catching site of the Playboy issue, my hand still resting on the rack, when she walked around the corner.

Still un-nerved, I stood stock still, as she approached and stood within scant feet of me. From the corner of my eye I saw her pick up one magazine after another and scan them quickly, but always taking a quick look in my direction, after each selection.

I moved down a little, but kept my hand on the rack. My eyes focused on a magazine promising me “The Best Sex Life Ever”, as I slid my hand down and started to drum my fingers on the rack, in a nervous expression.

The anxiety, in me, heightened when I saw her step behind me, narrowing the gap between us. Almost afraid to breath, I started to move when I heard her voice, “You’re very good looking. I bet your sister just loves you.”

“What? Excuse me, what the hel…” I started to say, when she turned and stopped me.

“I see your fingers drumming on that “Incest” magazine and figured you’re too shy to pick it up with me here.”

Looking quickly to the rack I found she was right. For some reason, when I stopped, my hand landed on “Incest Monthly” and remained there touching the front page. Turning slowly, with a sheepish look, I tried to explain it was just a coincidence when she stopped me with the most sensual look I had ever seen.

“Baby, it’s okay…I’ve made love to my brother so many times I’ve lost track…He’s the best and I keep going back…Spoiled, you know.”

My sheepish look turned into a grin and I nodded. Just as slowly, I turned back to the rack and a picked up the incest magazine. I was just starting the index of stories, “My Daddy Was the Best”, being the first article, when I felt her ass touch mine. I tried holding my composure, as I turned to look.

Her long legs were slightly bent, riding her already, too, short skirt up exposing that “smilely” face where the ass cheeks drop and curve inward. Stunned, I stood with mouth open as she turned and looked up at me and smiled wider.

Like a büyükçekmece escort ratchet, my head turned back around and, some how, my eyes refocused on the magazine. Her ass remained in contact and rose slightly as she shifted position, causing my cock to stir…”Stir! It was rising rapidly!” I thought, as I tried to figure a way to exit.

My hands remained firmly fixed to “Incest monthly”, when I turned and broke contact and immediately regretted it. I walked quickly to the check out stand and paid little attention to the raised eyebrow, of the female cashier. I looked around and, not finding the luscious blonde, paid for the magazine and left the book store.

Amazingly, or not, I was lost in the magazines articles. I never knew! I had forgotten about the blonde, lost in a world of absolute perversion. My cock grew hard and I had visions of Darlene, as I read on. Lost in words and thought, I never saw her, as she walked up and sat directly behind me. My first conscience thought of her came when she bent her head back, touching mine.

“So, enjoying the mag I see. Love the bulge and I bet your sister really loves it too” She said, low and huskily.

My cock stiffened even more at her voice. I tried to respond, thinking hard and rapid trying to pick out a few words that wouldn’t make me sound, too, stupid.

In a low voice I replied, “So, what do you want? Why is it again that you think I’m fucking my sister?”

“I want you…I mean I wasn’t sure earlier, but I am now!” She came back, wiggling her head against mine.

“Shit!” I thought, holding my tongue.

“What’s her name?” She asked.


“You love her?”


“You’re definitely my kind of man!” She came back and added, “Ummmmmmmmm.”

I turned quickly, as I no longer felt her head, and saw her walking off. Her short skirt swaying, exposing her tight firm ass cheeks with each swirl of her skirt. Nearing the restroom hallway, she turned and looked back, sliding her hands down her top and pulling it away enough to expose a hard nipple and smiled at me.

“What the fuck?” I thought, as I rose to track her down. She was disappearing fast, when I started to sprint after her. I was half way down the restroom corridor when I heard her voice…She was behind me!

“I knew it…You are fucking your sister and you want me too!”

“No!…I mean, Yes….Christ lady what’s your name?” I stammered.

“Julianne, honey…What’s yours?”

“Michael” I said, turning to walk back towards her.

“Umm, Michael…”He, who is like God”, nice, very nice and it fits you darling.” She responded, coming from the shadows.

“So, I gotta ask…Are you a hooker?”

“No! I’m not. Just a girl that loves her brother…A little too well some times and I guess I have the ability to see incest in others.”

“Jeeze, but….” I started to say.

“Stop Michael and just accept it. Why you….Why not? I love my brother and he does me every way he can but I still need more and he doesn’t mind, its how our relationship survives. It may not be natural, but it damn sure is holy and wonderful and our mutual freedom makes it survive. Have you given your sister that option, or are you still clinging tight to her?”

“Shit Julianne, I never thought of it that way…Tight I guess.” I responded, finally closing the distance.

“Give her wings baby, she’ll be back over and over…She loves you more than any other, but she needs to experience others if she wants.” Julianne came back, slipping her hands under her top and raising it, slowly, for me.

“You like my breasts, Michael?” She asked, as her hands slid across her breasts and caressed her nipples, making them hard.

“Would you like to suck them?”

I slowly nodded and without a word, my hands came up and cupped both breasts. I bent my head, as Julianne placed her hands on the back of my head and pressed me in. Tenderly, I sucked in a nipple and began to suckle it.

“Oh baby, you love that so much, don’t you?” She asked, as I suckled away.

Julianne pulled my lips from one breast and placed them on the other, as she reached down and found my hardened cock. Gently she slid her hand inside my jeans and began to rub, with a slow deliberate motion.

“Oh baby, your mother is gonna love you…You’ve never forgotten!” She gasped, as her head reared back, as she tried to press her breast into my mouth, with renewed vigor.

I pulled away, with a shocked looked and said, “Julianne, I’ve never fucked my mom!”

“You will baby….You will! Darlene will understand and you’ll enjoy it beyond anything thing you’ve understood!” was her reply.

I was rock hard when Julianne went down on me. I was suckling happily one minute and the next it was air, but Julianne’s hand’s were sliding my pants down.

“Oh Michael, Julianne wants your cock so bad…You’ve grown sooooooo big honey!” She said, with her husky voice and wrapped her lips around my cock head.

Suddenly, with the talk of my mother çapa escort and Julianne using the “momma” word, she had become my mother, in my sorted fantasy world.

“No mom…No! You can’t….You shouldn’t! Oh momma please……”

“Momma will take of care of you honey….My, my…Damn, sweety, you’re dripping for momma!” Julianne said, having her way with me.

Julianne had me to the brink when she slid her lips down my cock for the last time and smiled at me.

“Baby, momma needs all that jism…I’m stopping so you can put that big cock in momma and cum…I’m ready baby, are you?”

“Yes momma…I’m ready.” I said, cock throbbing and willing to do anything Julianne said.

“Michael! – Michael….Pay attention! Momma needs your help. You lift my skirt, when Momma bends over. You’ll see a tight brown hole and I want you to put that big hard cock in that hole…Okay?”

I snapped out of the fantasy and nodded, as Julianne turned and I raised her skirt. With dulled eyes, I spotted that hole. It was brown and tight. I reached out with a hand that I didn’t know and wiggled a finger into the hole.

Julianne screamed, “Oh yes baby….That’s the hole, baby…That’s the hole! Put your big cock in there and cum with momma!”

I watched Julianne’s hand come from between her legs and moisten her rectum, just as I aimed my hard cock for penetration. With a scream of delight, Julianne raised up as I slid my cock home, “Oh God Michael! That’s the biggest cock momma has ever had!”

“Michael…You and my brother are the best! I’m not your momma but I bet she’d wish it was her ass you were putting that big cock in…Don’t be afraid…Ask her!” Julianne said, between grunts and gasps.

“Oh My God Michael, I’m cumming…Grab my clit and rub like hell!” Julianne screamed out, her legs beginning to shake.

I reached down and found her clit and rubbed as she asked and received the best climax I’d ever had. I humped and humped and humped and humped until I thought I’d faint.

When I finally pulled from Julianne’s ass, cum ran out in a slow stream and Julianne laughed with delight. My cock shrunk with relief, as Julianne turned and looked at me,

“Michael, you can have me any time you want…I’m telling my brother he has serious competition! You tell Darlene we’ve had sex and give her the opportunity to go out and have sex too…She’ll love you for it!”

“Oh my God Julianne, you’re going to tell your brother!” I gasped, trying to recover.

“Yes! He loves me and he’s always up for a challenge!”


“Yes Juli.”

“Your mother knows…Doesn’t she?”

“Yes, at least I had a dream she did.”

“She’s going to want to fuck you…You know that don’t you?”

“Ya…Dreams Juli…They told me.”

“Did you fuc…” I started to ask.

“Ya baby, I did. I had a hard time at first, his cock was so big…”

“Wow! Big?”

“Ya…Bigger than I’d ever had…But gentle and thorough, a very nice fucking that we both enjoyed!”

“What about my mom?” I asked.

“Start with her breasts and then go on…She’ll let you know, Hun.”

“And Darlene?”

“Have Darlene get you ready….You know…Hard cock…Stiff and dripping.”

“God Julianne, you want Darlene to get me ready!” I responded, wide eyed, not believing the conversation I was having.

“Yes…Dammit!…And make sure she’s there, have her guide your cock in and keep you going in case you falter!”

“Was your brother there?” I asked.

“No Hun and I regretted it. Dad was gentle, but it would have been so much more special if John had had been there. Don’t make the mistake!”

“When’s the last time you made love to your brother?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“About 8 hours ago.” came the reply.

“And you?”

“Ages ago…Show me a picture of your brother.”

“You wanna see him hard and ready?” She replied and giggled.

“Yes…Please.” I replied back.

Julianne produced a marvelous picture of John, his cock standing up-right and hard, ready to penetrate anything. I looked at the picture a long time before she broke my concentration.

“Jeees Michael, you love cock too?”

“No babe, just wondering if Darlene would like it?”

“If I can be testimonial….Yes, she would!”

“Do you think you can get hard again?’ She asked, with barely a pause.


“Good, because I want you in my pussy…Deep!”


Julianne left me that afternoon, drained and happy. She kissed me deeply and pressed two photos in my hand, along with personal information on how to contact her. Sliding from my grasp she said nothing more and disappeared from the room.

I returned to the waiting bench, my eyes glazed over and my mind a swirling mass of thoughts and visions. After the all the “nightmares” I couldn’t believe that what had happened wasn’t just another one, but the dull throbbing I felt in my crotch told me it had been real – very real. I missed the first bus that afternoon. Some thirty minutes later, Darlene picked up the phone, “Hello.”

“Dar – Its Mike…Can you talk?”

“Oh My God…Yes! How are you? – Where are you?”

“Dar, I mean are you alone?”

“Yes…What’s going on Michael?”

“I’ve been rejected Dar and I’m heading home. I want to meet you at the Holiday Inn first.”

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Getting Naughty on the Phone

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It was a hot and humid night in the balmy island of Singapore. Bored, horny and alone, Sasha began to wonder how to fill up her remaining time with something more exciting. Absolutely nothing to do, she mused to herself as she flipped through magazines after magazines, through pages of the current fashion and quirky sex and relationship stories.

“How to make your man crave for more action? Same old tricks, these magazines are never creative…” she said to herself as she thought of her boyfriend, Kian, who was away for a business trip. He had been away for two weeks and only coming back next week, which meant no sex, no hanky panky for Sasha for three whole weeks. That was enough to drive her pretty mad with horny thoughts and loneliness whenever she thought of him.

Knowing that she could not wait that long for pleasure, she pushed her magazines aside and changed into her slinky red silk dress. If she was not going to get lucky with him, she would just get kinky with herself! What else could do it better than those practiced hands and fingers of hers?

Sasha wished Kian could watch her now, slipping her left hand underneath her dress. The smooth material was enough to send pleasure rippling down her spine. Her fingers fiddled with her wet slit, carefully massaging the sensitive area making it all wet and smooth. Her other hand was busy messing around with her well-endowed breasts, pinching gently at her nipples hungry for some attention and tongue.

“How I wish Kian could be here… he has no idea how much I want his fucking cock right now, ramming into my wet pussy…” she thought loudly, having dirty images of them fucking hard and wet. She fantasized about how Kian would kiss her so deeply with his experienced tongue, his hands grabbing her ass hard and smacking them at the point of ecstasy… how hungry she would be for him, kneeling down to lick and savor his ataşehir escort hard cock just like her favorite lollipop…

Her fingers continued to push in and out of her very wet pussy, letting gasps and moans escape her mouth. She breathed in and out so hard, letting waves after waves of pleasure run through her hot body like she was really fucking. Her pussy juice started staining her silk dress, making her even hotter inside, burning this desire for her to just scream.

Unable to control her need for attention, she grabbed her phone and dialed up the usual numbers. She knew it could either be great or awkward, but she wanted to take the chance.

“Hello… is this Kian…” Sasha enquired, stopping herself from panting and breathing too obviously, in case it was someone else who picked it up.

“Oh Sasha.. Yeah.. It’s me. What are you doing?” Kian’s deep voice came through her like a huge relief. Her love, the man of her desire, was right there listening to her, wanting him.

She began breathing in deeply again, before saying, “I… I am touching myself… oh god, Kian… I am sorry to disturb you from your work, but… I cannot help it… I want you to know… oh…”

From the sound of it, Sasha knew her boyfriend moved to somewhere more private, which made her so excited. She slowly stripped down to her naked self, throwing her dress to the floor. One hand holding the phone so closely to her ears, and the other, expertly teasing her clit like it was born to do it. She let out a few gasps along the way, unable to control the crazy, sexed up feeling kept inside of her.

“You naughty little girl… you always find ways to just… make me want to fuck you so hard.” Kian finally said, a little self-consciously, aware that his hard-on was becoming more evident and the dangerous environment he was in.

If any of avcılar escort his colleagues caught him in this situation, it would be both funny and awkward. Yet, the element of being caught by others, and hearing his horny girlfriend moaning and gasping were exciting to him. He began to touch his growing cock through the rough material of his pants… intensively listening to Sasha, moaning even more loudly into his ears.

“I want your fucking cock… inside of me… give it to me… now…”

It was as though she was just right there in the quiet office with him, naked, ready to be fucked by his cock. That thought made him even hotter. God, she seemed to have such a great, sexy time by herself… He knew how she looked like when she got horny. Her long black hair would be so messy, covering her face… briefly he thought of her wanting eyes as she went down on his cock… giving him blowjobs after blowjobs… she would stare at him with those dark eyes of hers, as though she wanted him to look straight into her soul. Yes, she wanted him… she wanted him bad.

His cock was becoming harder… he could not resist unbuttoning his pants just to stroke himself. In between his deep breaths and sighs, he said, “Oh Sasha… what are you thinking of right now… tell me… tell me…”

“Oh Kian.. I.. I WANT YOU… BEHIND ME… FUCKING ME.. HARD.. OH… HARDER.. HARDER..!” she moaned, in between pure uncontrollable pleasure and ecstasy. I knew she was fingering herself harder… she was getting close… wetter… more hotter, so eager to get fucked by his cock. If only…

“Sasha… you’re turning me on… I am touching myself now, baby… You know I want to give it to you… so hard, so fast, make you cum all over my cock… all over the bed like you used to… Oh baby… yeah…” “Kian… I am getting closer now… AHH… GOD, GRAB MY ASS avrupa yakası escort AND FUCK ME… PULL MY HAIR HARD… TELL ME YOU WANNA FUCK ME NOW… OH GODDDDD YESSS KIANNNN.”

Sasha moaned so loudly, she could have easily woken up her family anytime soon. But she didn’t care. All she wanted was to just let off her steam and listen to Kian’s voice… and imagining how hot it would be if he could see her now… naked, on the bed… by herself, touching herself while thinking about his huge, rock-hard dick.

“Sasha… fuck yourself with those fingers… I am there with you… fucking you from behind… god, I love you when you’re pleasuring yourself… it’s so sexy… god, I wish I could just come all over your body now… just come all over my cock baby…” Kian fantasized loudly, making Sasha fuck herself even harder, pushing herself to this intense ecstasy.

She gasped as she came loudly into the phone. Wet juice began to drench her fingers, causing her to shiver feverously. She grabbed the side of her bed, just trying to compose herself from this shaking, erotic sensation. From the phone, she could hear that Kian just came too. She could her him gasping so clearly even though her head was trying hard not to fall weakly into the soft pillows, feeling so crazy and relieved from the sexual release.

“Damn Kian… that was a great time… I was so… fucking… hot, just thinking of you.. Of us… I hope you don’t get into trouble for this…” Sasha finally spoke on the phone after moaning lightly for a while. She could feel herself blushing… did she just open herself up to him… in such a vulnerable way?

Kian smiled to himself. Trouble? She didn’t know what trouble is waiting for her soon when he sees her next week. As for him, he quickly cleaned up after himself, and cheekily said,

“Sasha, don’t worry about me getting into trouble… You WILL BE in trouble next week, and you know it.”


She said her goodbyes and quickly get dressed to sleep. In between her romantic thoughts and lonely space in her bed, she wished that time would go by faster so she could finally put her fantasies away and start making them true with the man of her desires.

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