Samurai and Shrine Maiden Ch. 02

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Few words before the story, what first began as simple kinda fanfic about Ei and Yae, evolve into more self contained story while still using the likeness of those two characters. I hope you like it! And of course, all characters are above legal age.

Through the half open door, the small bird jumped inside of the room, its orange head looking around curiously as it started to explore the dimly lit room. It jumped closer to the girl laying in the middle of the room on a futon, under a purple blanket. The bird jumped and gently landed on Ei’s head, waking her up with its sharp beak.

“Hey!” The girl snapped from the sleeping and sat down. The little bird flew around her before landing on her lap, watching her with its little black button eyes.

“Oh, it’s you. Ouch…”

The bird answered with a short cheerful whistle before raising to the air again, this time resting himself on Ei’s desk, curiously as ever, gazing into her family sword. Ei without a second thought stood up and tied up the futon, as neatly as she could. Then she walked to the wall where the built-in shelf was, opening it to get her clothes. Changing her pyjamas to more formal wear, she as always put on an all-black outfit, with matching wooden sandals. The tightly fitted shirt with more freely flowing pants enabled her free movement during the training.

The bird cheered as she sat down before the desk, taking out a small mirror from the hidden shelf. She carefully placed it on the desk, for the bird’s enjoyment as it quickly jumped closer and looked at himself in it. Ei smiled, before grabbing her hair brush and getting to work. Her long and straight purple hair was easy to maintain, but she always remembered to take care of it. She could imagine Yae smirking as she would make remarks over her untidy appearance, or even trying to “fix it” herself.

After she was done, the mirror was stored away again, with the brush to its side, and the bird happily jumped off the desk and flew around before leaving the room. As for Ei, she did the same, standing up and walking to her right, leaving her room onto the wooden patio, overlooking the gardens. A gentle breeze caressed her face with warm wind, reminding her of Yae’s soft warm breath.

Clearing her mind she raised her right hand and within seconds the little bird, with its orange head, landed on her pointed finger. The little pet of hers was the most curious bird she ever saw and even though she never wanted to have a pet, the bird became her companion of some sort the day it just flew into her room, with its broken wing. Ei alone took care of him and nursed the little creature, before it flew into the sky again, but never left. Always keeping her company after that, Ei also made sure to feed the bird if she could, accepting the little birds singing friendship.

The little bird flew off again and happily circled around the pond that was the main stage of the garden before her. It was an artificial pond, made mostly of brown shiny stone, just like the path the small stream connected to from the wild of the forest on her right. Like the image of the real sea, nothing in the garden was made in a straight line, it all was smoothly flowing with each other. Ei stepped down to the gravel path from the wooden patio to enjoy the warm and quiet weather. She took her step around the red as blood spider lilies, just growing before the much bigger green bushes that protectively grew around the stone made stream. Her wooden sandals gave a hollow sound as she stepped on a small bridge that connected two sides of the garden, just above the pond. No railings whatsoever as she was the one that repaired it.

She looked around. The first day she came here this little place was desolated, almost like it was forgotten by time. The small dojo opposite of her room was standing empty and dusty, the pond was muddy and full of weeds and the old bridge barely stood with its broken railing. Stones dry as dust had decorated the middle of the garden, like a dead snake just had laid down there with no purpose, with dead bushes around it almost like it had just shed its skin.

But now after weeks of work and care, and many little remarks from Yae about Ei’s gardening skill, it was glowing with life again. The pond was clear as the sky above. A clean stream lazily and quietly flowing on the stones made them shine in the sun, revitalising the green bushes around it, just like the deeply red flowers growing in between them and the wooden patios on both sides. Spider lilies, proudly standing up and like small guardians protecting the beauty of the garden from vermits.

Ei was proud, but she couldn’t win against nature itself. Across the garden, where walls should be, the tightly packed trees stood instead of it, just like across the buildings on the back. Only two little holes were visible in mostly impregnable walls. In the very middle, made of the same stone as the garden stream, was the source of it, the stone path into the forest london escort agency guiding the stream from the very hot spring hidden within the caves above the Gunma Shrine. The other opening was very close to her room, near the wooden patio on the very end, a small hidden path to those hot springs.

Ei was surprised that the smell of spring was gone, as well as how tightly those sakura trees hugged the Shrine itself. Magic perhaps? Nature itself wanting to protect this place? She didn’t have an answer and neither did Yae when she asked. But it wasn’t important. The important thing at the moment was her stomach growling for food. And unfortunately for her she knew that Yae would not bring her any breakfast today due to her work. The Shrine kitchen would be full and she didn’t want to create more work for them as they already had hands full of work, often preparing food for those in need as well as for themselves. Therefore her only choice would be the town.

The walls of the Shrine compound stood around it for a reason. Once small and lonely between the mountains of trees, the Shrine grew to the size that it is today due to the civil war many years ago. The shogunate at the time incorporated the area into its war plan as the mountains were not only the natural border of the conflict at the time, but also controlling them moved the tide of winning for the Shogun. After that the once small shrine became almost a monastery, but when the army moved away, shrine maidens left behind didn’t need such a big place for themselfs. Forest training areas were reclaimed by nature, the whole western wing of the new build compound was left to dust and only the main gardens and the main buildings were left to use, finding their usefulness in religious practices again.

Ei didn’t mind being alone in the western wing alone, she preferred that, to be honest. The lack of people that could interrupt her training or quiet moments, the lack of obstacles within her everyday life, She preferred that life over her old life in the castles. And yet one thing was lacking. Instant access to food.

After preparing herself for a longer walk, her family katana tied to her hip as well as the tanto, she left her little corner of solitude. Walking within the empty corridors of once military full buildings she left the shrine using the side entrance, avoiding appearing in the main gardens. She knew once she would appear, many young shrine maidens and people from the town would swarm her like a locust, due to her name.

The forest’s dusty road before her would lead her to a town not so far away. Just like the shrine it had grown over the civil war years, from a small village into a prosperous town, standing proudly over the river with its new found purpose. Enjoying the forest smell, hidden from wind, she started her walk down the road.

Leaving the forest Ei walked onto the wide clearing, around the town. In the sun the high white walls of the town shone like a mirror, unpleasantly for her eyes. The old watch towers still were standing on those walls, now without anyone to look from them, and yet Ei felt uncomfortable, feeling almost like those dark wooden constructs were staring at her and the grassy plane around her. Fully exposed on the field she would maybe feel relaxed if not for those watchful towers.

Trying to let the feeling wash away she looked down on the dirt road before her and kept walking forward, finally reaching the city gates after a few longer minutes. When she looked up she saw two guards wearing full plate armour, their faces hidden behind Oni masks as well as matching red, like their whole armour, helmets. They both held long spears in their left hands, standing like towers with their steel blades shining in the sun. They both looked at Ei and raised their right fist, holding them close to their heart.

They knew her and her clan, saluting her, something she hated but would appreciate. She entered the town with no problem and sped up her steps remembering the road she needed to take to reach her favourite restaurant.

Stone roads paved the city for all to travel, merchants from afar often visited this town, fishermen from the river selling their catch, families of all kinds living within the walls to get work and possibly get rich. It was always lively and loud but Ei didn’t mind such chaos. Ironically enough she felt more lonely between the sea of people than alone in her room. And even her name wasn’t much of a card for all those people that would stand before her for the first time, and even if, she could use the wall of people to quickly escape any curious person.

Ei swiftly moved around people, like a snake in the grass, avoiding stopping within the crowds. Some people even moved out of the way themselfs, seeing the weapons on her hip. She walked deeper into the city, specifically going to the fishing district. Wide and open roads were decorated with tall lamp posts, those connected with colourful strings escort london of material. on some of those strings the lanterns were hung, made of just as many different colours as the strings. The houses all around her, mostly made of wood, reminded Ei of her family city, the capital, but she did not feel any remorse or nostalgia for it.

The smell of fish reached Ei’s nose and she knew she was close, quickly finding the correct street she should walk down to reach the restaurant. And there it was indeed, in a corner of the main street near the river, the restaurant under the sign of “Golden Crab” was. She swiftly slid around the crowd and entered the building through a wide open door, decorated with fishnets and a few small lampions that fishermen would use on their boats in the night.

The air inside was warm and moist, the sound of people ringing in Ei’s ears but she didn’t mind as she was often visiting the place and the usual clientele knew her and knew not to bother. She walked up to the left of the place to the wooden bar and sat down on a padded stool. Fortunately for her, the only person at the bar was far away on the other side.

“There she is, my little treasure!” The lady behind the bar said the moment she recognized Ei. A tall and fairly muscular lady with a strong jaw and long brown hair, in a red exotic outfit took a step towards Ei, resting her sizable breasts on the bar before her.

“Mimiko. Good to see you.” Ei said, trying to not look directly at Mimiko’s overflowing chest. The woman had been a pirate in the past but after the war she opened this restaurant and ended up being quite the establishment with all the people using the river as their main road. The only thing from her pirate days that was still here was her sense of fashion and strong character.

“Well my lovely purple bird, the usual for you?”

“Yes please. Thanks Mimiko.” Ei smiled looking directly into Mimiko’s golden eye, her left eye covered by a red eyepatch.

“As you wish. Give me a sec and I’m with you.” The woman said as she turned away to the tatami mats that were separating the main room from the kitchen, she opened them and disappeared behind.

Ei did not mind the smell or the sound of the lively restaurant. Wooden black walls were nice for her eyes after long sunny walks, the smell of food never failed to make her very hungry. After a few minutes of waiting, Mimiko was back with a wide tray. She put the plate with freshly cut fish before Ei, the red shiny pieces of the fish mixed well with cut ginger on the side, a small bowl of soy sauce and a bowl or rice.

“Well sweetie, have a nice meal.” The woman smiled and reached for Ei’s head.

The girl didn’t even notice while looking at her food that Mimiko was gently patting her head, but she did realise quite fast how red her cheeks became. Seeing it Mimiko laughed.

“Oh please sweetheart. You look gorgeous as always. Now, enjoy your food.” And then she left, leaving Ei red faced. Ei should have known. That woman loved to play around and after becoming friends with Ei, and by proxy with Yae, her character from old times when she sailed as a pirate sometimes came back, teasing them both. They were not the only ones getting that treatment, seeing as many fishermen or normal clients got pieces of that cake, but teases from Mimiko could wait as Ei picked up her chopsticks and started to taste the food.

“There she is. How was it?” Mimiko came back after Ei finished her dishes clean, smiling widely with her strong hands on her wide hips.

“Tasty as always, Miss. Thank you. As for the payment I ha-” Ei couldn’t finish when the woman leaned down before her, Mimiko’s breasts almost fell out of her shirt as she rested them on the bar.

“That is so good to hear sweetheart! Now, would you like some dango and milk? Maybe something special for my favourite samurai?” Mimiko’s hands caressed her soft chest as she confidently looked deeply into Ei’s purple eyes. Or at least, try as Eis gaze was now on Mimiko’s tanned and sweaty breasts. Her face slowly reddened. Luckily for her, a familiar voice rang behind her.

“Ei! Mimiko!” Yae shouted as she joined them, sitting down next to Ei, who was now confused and looking at her fox friend.

“Oh my, Miss Mimiko. You do look as pretty as always” Yae said, looking into Mimiko’s eyes, licking her lips as the restaurant owner laughed again, standing straight up.

“Well, my love birds. I will leave you alone for a moment.” She walked away again, disappearing behind the tatami mat.

“Good lord… Yae, thank you.” Ei sighed as she turned to Yae, only to see her smug face.

“Did I interrupt you two?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Ei snapped back, but Yae just giggled, moving a little closer.

“Between both of us, you would be the one who would end up in bed with Mimiko first, you know?” Yae used her two fingers to “walk” them up Ei’s leg, just to rest on her upper thigh.

“I would never. Please london escorts stop this.” Trying to regain her composure, Ei turned away from Yae, who was now giggling in her seat.

“Oh please my dear. Imagine the scenario. You and Mimiko, one room late at night, my cute Ei laying down fully naked~” She whispered those words, leaning closer to Ei. “The Pirate Queen herself joined you, naked as well, her strong muscular frame shining in the candle’s fire glow, sweaty after all the work in the kitchen.”


“She would come closer, standing above you, her thighs like two thick poles of the Torii Gate. Then she would kneel down, trapping you below her just to-!”

“Yae!” Ei shouted, quickly turning away with her face a bright red like a tomato. Yae laughed as she leaned back and let Ei breathe, her tail swinging around happily.

Mimiko returned with four dango’s, two on two plates. Ei immediately forgot about everything and her eyes sparkled with hunger as she saw her favourite snacks. She quickly took one of them and bit into it, while Yae and Mimiko exchanged happy looks.

“Like a kid, my dear Ei.”, The Shrine maiden said almost to herself while biting into her own snack. Mimiko proudly smiled and leaned before them once again, enjoying the show.

“I will say, I did quite a good job with those. Those dango’s sell quite well.”

“They are delicious!” Ei happily cheered as she finished her plate. Yae could only smile seeing the samurai’s cold posture break under the sweet dango, showing her softer, carefree side. If not for the restaurant full of people, Yae would have jumped at her lover just right there. Maybe in the heat of the moment, the pirate queen could join, what Yae could really enjoy. But lewd thoughts needed to wait as the Yae plan did not come to an end in just a dinner with her beloved Ei.

“As for payment.” Mimiko said as she took their empty glasses and plates. “This one is on me, cuties. After all, I still owe you for the last time”

“Miss Mimiko, please. I think you have repaid me enough already.” Ei answered, reaching into her right pocket, but Mimiko just exploded with laughter.

“You little rascal, just accept it. You two help me often enough. Ghosts or monsters, the least I can do is to offer you some free food from time to time.” She walked away as she said this, but before leaving to the kitchen, she added: “Plus I love having you two here! See you!”

Both girls walked together from the restaurant to the place Yae insisted on visiting. Ei accepted wanting to not argue about it. Yae with her quick and swift style of walking, avoiding people around, like a sly fox she was with Ei next to her, they quickly reached the clothes shop. Yae entered and Ei just waited outside. After a few longer moments, Yae left the shop with a bag of what Ei assumed were clothes that Yae talked about the day ago. Together they walked the same road Ei took to reach the restaurant, swiftly reaching the gates of the city.

With Yaa holding her right arm they both walked the sunny grassy fields before reaching comfortable forest shadows. This Ei felt comfortable, even in the open. She even caught herself smiling widely a few times as they both enjoyed the quiet moment between them. Finally she broke the silence as they travelled between the trees.

“I’m still a little confused why are you here, Yae.” She said while fixing her cloth belt around her waist, making sure her sword wouldn’t fall out.

“You do know that our Head Shrine Maiden is always so demanding. She wanted me to make a few charms for Mister Ichikawa from the city. His son saw a kappa, or at least he said so.” Yae answered while playing with her pink hair. “Of course we need to keep the people happy and safe. So I did. And I knew that, my dear samurai can’t survive without me and my food, so she would go to see her favourite pirate captain”

“Restaurant. I wanted to get food.” She said, trying not to sound too angry. Truth to be told, she did like Mimiko. But not in a way Yae wanted to insinuate.

“Of course, I meant restaurant. Sorry.” Even without looking, Ei could feel a smug smile coming from Yae.

“You could just say that you wanted to see me.”

“Well, I was about to say that Ei. And now that I did, my plan is complete.” A pink haired fox girl leaned on Ei’s shoulder and gently pressed her thin lips against Ei’ cheek. They both kept walking the dusty forest road, Yae holding Ei’s arm the whole way as they reached the shrine.

Walking together within the empty corridors they finally reached Ei’s garden, only then Yae took a step away from Ei to walk freely. She took a step down and to the bridge, looking around. She always loved the flowers that Ei took care of, even though she gave her little bite about it. Mighty samurai, and her mighty flowers. When Ei opened the doors to her room, Yae joined her, finally showing what she had in her bags.

“See Ei, I know you would never actually buy these, so I bought them for you”

“Hmm?” Ei looked at her friend pulling a small paper package from her bag, before handing it to her. So she opened it and her face burned with embarrassment as she found inside purple underwear, a bikini to be exact.

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