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The late spring sun came through the window, illuminating the dust motes drifting in the air currents. Cindy, my wife of three years, and I were recovering from a lazy afternoon lovemaking session. She tousled the thick hair on my chest, then lowered her lips to my nipple and suckled gently.

“Are you thirsty, honey?” I joked. She raised her face and grinned at me.

“I don’t suppose you are gonna start leaking milk for me, are you?” she joked back.

“Well, I’m going for a beer. Want anything?”

“I’ll get some ice water after I pee,” she said. She rose to her feet and I watched her butt waggle toward the bathroom. I padded out for a beer. Cindy was the second woman I’d fallen for who carried some extra weight and padding around her waist and butt. In my younger days, like most American men, I’d always gone for the slender girls and women. That got me a lot of bruised pubic bones, when I did get a willing date.

First, there was Nancy (we used to call her ‘Nasty Nan’, due to her lewd sense of humor). I’d come to realize that the personality of a woman — her core — was a kind of ‘one-size-fits-all’ sort of thing, but it’s internal — not in their physical attractiveness. Plus, sex with her had never left me sore above my dick from slamming into those close to the surface pubic bones thinner women have, and we had a lot of fun out of bed, too.

Nancy and I enjoyed a few months of coital fun before we split up, but we remained friends. Half a year later, I met Cindy. She was smart and pretty, didn’t have huge tits, but did have a sense of humor that matched my own.

All of which put her on the ‘plus’ side for me. I appreciate seeing

outrageous mammaries, but they don’t really turn me on. I prefer smaller tits with less fat under the nipples. From her waist, her lower limbs grew outward, looking very strong.

Cindy accepted my invitation to dinner and we had a great time. We began dating regularly. After a few months we were in an exclusive relationship. A year after we met, we were married. I was 45 then and she was 33. Neither of us wanted to have kids. Our life together was a wonderful thing. I’d been married before, to a woman who turned out to be a basic bitch. She watched me when we were out. Woe unto me if I looked toward (not necessarily ‘at’) another female or couple.

One of the first things she did was trash my collection of Playboy magazines, going back to the sixties — which I’d kept carefully preserved for possible future sale. Leaving no doubt in her head of how much potential profit she’d thrown away, I told her to keep her fucking hands off my stuff. She mustered up enough emotion (likely anger in her case) to produce a few tears, but I was so pissed off it didn’t work.

To keep peace, though, I stopped bringing them home; only looking at copies in the work lunchroom the other guys brought in after that. Anyway, it was that insecure, possessive attitude, plus a bunch of other stuff that led to our divorce.

But now that was all ancient history. Now there was Cindy, returning with her clinking glass of ice water. I smiled at her as she neared the bed again. She smiled back, recognizing the love my eyes betrayed. She snuggled against me before using her cold fingers to freeze the nipple she’d sucked earlier. She grinned at the little puckered nip and treated the other one to the same sweet torture.

My beer was nearly as icy as her water, though, so she groaned when I gave her the same treatment. I followed that with the warmth of my lips and tongue, plus little nibbles and she moaned.

“Want another round?” she asked huskily.

“That wasn’t my intention, honey, but if you want to…” I stopped there. At 48, I still recovered fairly quickly, but, as I told her, that was not my intention.

“Oh, not yet, babe. I just like lying around naked with you. Also, I have some email that needs replies.”

“Oh. Your boyfriends?” I joked, knowing she didn’t have any, just as I didn’t have other women.

“Nah. My sisters both sent messages about the reunion. I don’t really want to go, but they’d get all pissy if I didn’t.” Her family has a tradition of getting together on the weekend closest to the summer solstice. Her dad explained to me that doing that avoided all the 4th of July crowds and traffic. I’d gone with her to the last two.

“Well, Darlene is fine, but Billie treats you like crap. I wouldn’t ‘honor’ her with a separate reply. She couldn’t even be bothered to come to our wedding. She’d rather go sailing with her rich friends,” I said. I’d spent enough time with her by then that I knew what she was.

“Oh, she’s always been a bitch. When she was little, she would swear that Mom and Dad had kidnapped her from her ‘real’ family.”

“That’s what I mean. She thinks she’s hot stuff and nobody else measures up to her. Maybe that’s why she’s divorced two guys. Or, they divorced her. She reminds me of my first wife.”

“But she’s still my sister. We’re stuck with her for good. I think she’s also bursa escort having a problem finding her next victim…um… I mean boyfriend. At 40, the guys she wants don’t have any interest in her. Among her circle of friends, her reputation is well known. She’s getting frustrated.”

“Good. Maybe she’ll enjoy being treated as damaged goods, the way she treats everybody else.”

“Oh, Bob, don’t be nasty. She’s STILL my sister.”

“I know. Hey, why don’t you tell her about the young guys who can’t find girls their age and would jump at a fairly good looking ‘cougar’ to fuck?”

“Oh, so you admit you find her good looking?”

“I said, ‘fairly’, but Yeah, there is a family resemblance, in case you didn’t know. You’re attractive and so are your sisters — and your mom, for that matter. Billie’s face shows some wear and tear. On the other hand, Darlene can’t seem to get over her own shyness, or whatever it is.”

We rested another half hour before she went to answer her email and I went to my computer, too. I deleted a few spam messages and went to my saved pages. I have some sites I like that display nudes and nudists. Cindy doesn’t mind me looking at pictures of naked people, or even porn, because she trusts me.

In fact, she said once that she likes it that I read erotic stories and look at pictures of naked women and sometimes porn shots of people fucking. “It keeps you interested in sex. I know you’ll ‘come’ to me horny and hard, and you know I love sex!”

So, she sometimes peers over my shoulder to look at them with me. We talk about the pics and critique them. That afternoon, that’s what she did when she brought me a fresh beer.

After seeing a photoshoot of the same woman with several men, both singly, and sometimes two men at the same time. Cindy shook her head. “I don’t know how she can do that,” she said.

“What? Have more than one sex partner?”

“Yeah. I mean, before you, I dated other guys, and fucked a few of them. But I only was having sex with one guy at a time. We’d part ways and somebody else would come along that appealed to me.”

“Yeah, I’ve always been the same. But you realize that humans were never meant to be monogamous by nature, don’t you?”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Well, think about this: I love you and you love me. But, here I am, enjoying the sight of other naked women and lusting for them, just like you look at the naked men and your pussy drools.”

“Yeah, but we’re married. I don’t really want another guy. I have you.”

“Yes, and I don’t need anyone but you. But part of that is because that’s the way our society is constructed. But that originated with conservative Christianity. Primitive people usually were organized around a strong leader with a harem of women. Even the ancient Jews as well as modern Muslim men are permitted to have several wives. Their women don’t have the same rights, but that’s a different situation. Yet you and I both enjoy spying on nude people who allow their pictures to be taken. When we’re out, we both look at others who attract us.”

“Oh, here we go. You want other women.” She began to get stiff and pull away.

“Honey, you look at naked men, too. No, that wasn’t quite what I’m trying to say. Listen,” I said, pulling her back against me and hugging her. “I’m saying it is natural for us as ‘human animals’ to be interested in more than one person at a time. We’re genetically hardwired to do that.

“At some point in the development of our Western society, it was decided that mating with someone too close to us in blood sometimes produced damaged kids. So marriage and incest laws were mandated.”

“Now we’re talking about incest?”

“Not really. We’re talking about physical relationships between consenting people and how we’re hard wired in our makeup. I’ve noticed that — when you’ve spent some time watching other guys — you produce more vaginal lubrication soon afterward.” She shook her head, but I wasn’t going to let her shine this off.

“You’ve even talked about how hot other guys are, whether in movies or in person. Just like seeing sexy women turns me on. If we make love afterward, I work my heat off with you — and before you try to go there, I always am making love to YOU, not some other girl in my mind.”

That gave her something to think about and she was quiet a while. Then, “So you want me and another girl at the same time?”

“I used to think I’d like to have two women at the same time, like a lot of guys, but I’m wiser now.” I chuckled. “I mean, it still sounds like fun, but you don’t think that after you drain my well, I’d have enough steam to fuck somebody else, do you? Maybe when I was eighteen I could have, but not now, not by a long shot, at least for a half hour or so.

“But, logically a woman is better equipped by nature to service two guys at once, or even three. More holes, you know? I only have one cock. Sometimes it might be hotter for you if you had another stiff cock to turn to when I wear down.”

“So bursa escort bayan here we are, then, thinking about fucking other people.”

“Yeah. But sweetie, don’t be shocked by where I’m going with this. Also when I was younger, I was possessive of my girlfriends. I was almost as bad as the Bitch (my name for my first wife). As long as we were going together, we were the only ones for each other, as far as other people went. Somewhere along the way, I lost the curse of jealousy. The rigid attitude Sally created had something to do with that.” Sally was my first wife, the Bitch.

“There’s nothing to be shocked at in that,” she interrupted.

“I’m not finished. I don’t own you. We’ve decided to be together by mutual consent. That’s fine and I love it. I don’t want to lose that; I don’t want to lose you. But…and here’s what I cautioned you about…if you really wanted to have another guy too, I wouldn’t necessarily mind.”

She may not have been shocked, but she was definitely surprised. She looked at me without saying anything. “Please, honey, just think about everything I’ve said.

“Don’t say anything right now. I’m not saying I want to pass you along to some other guy. I want us to continue being us. But I understand your occasional desire to experience sex with other men — or more than I’m up to providing. It’s healthy and ‘normal’ for you as a sexually active woman. Just as my occasional desire to find out what a roll in the hay with another woman would be like is normal for me. It doesn’t touch what I feel for you, or my deeper desire to maintain our relationship and marriage.”

Cindy stood up, but she didn’t pull away from me. She squeezed my shoulder and promised she would think about all this. “This is a new idea for me, Bob. I…I will do as you asked and ponder it all. Do you want another beer?”

“Sure, sweetie. Thank you.”

“I need a glass of wine now, too. Burgers for dinner okay with you?”

“Yeah, that would be great, Cindy,” I replied. She nodded and left. When she brought my beer, she kissed me. It was a nice kiss and went on a long time. “Thanks, honey,” I said, fondling her bare breast. She left again. A few minutes later the aroma of cooking meat reached me.

That night we made love again before sleeping. Our sex was wonderful, and, for me anyway, more satisfying than our afternoon round. Monday morning, things went as they always do on work days. Coffee and a little talk about ‘stuff’ in general, then morning kisses, and off we went. The week passed with no mention of our talk on Sunday.

Friday rolled around. Both of us, as we do every day, stripped our clothes off when we got home. Weekends are even better. If we stay home, we’ll just stay naked until Monday morning.

We had started our own practice of putting clothes on to go out on Fridays, to a movie or dinner, sometimes both. If we went to a movie, though, the popcorn was likely to be our dinner, except for something light when we got home.

Cindy made us grilled cheese sandwiches after the movie. We sat and discussed what we’d seen. We like to try to imagine what happened after the film ended — or ended differently. That night the movie was about some tangled relationships and cheating spouses. As we were finishing the crumbs from our sandwiches, Cindy said something that floored me.

“If those people hadn’t been so possessive of each other, they would never have split up.”

“Well, I don’t know if ‘never’ is right, but being honest and open would have probably preserved their relationships.” Her comment told me she had been thinking about what I’d said the previous week. She went on.

“Okay, going back to our talk last week, you believe that, if they had consented to share their spouses with others, they wouldn’t have damaged their marriages?”

“No, I can’t say that, for sure. In situations like that, sometimes it breaks them up anyway. But it would probably be more often that they stayed together from then on. The deceitful way they did it in the movie caused a loss of trust between them that would not necessarily have happened if they had been honest about it — and less possessive. Of course, the fact that Jessica fell in love with Charles would have been a problem anyway. Paul had limited his cheating to a ‘sex only’ relationship with…what was her name?”

“Connie,” Cindy said.

“Yeah. But the beginning of the problems was when they snuck around and lied about where they were going. If they’d been honest, things would have gone better. That’s the way I see it.”

“But, falling in love with the ‘guest’ lover could always be a risk?”

“Yeah. Their original relationship was lacking something for Jessica that she wasn’t getting from Paul. Maybe there was something sexual that Paul wouldn’t or couldn’t do. Maybe he didn’t go down on her, or maybe he wouldn’t fuck her ass.

“Charles apparently filled that need for Jessica. But even then, if she could have just honestly told Paul what she needed, escort bursa it might have saved them if he could have done it.”

“And you’re saying you would trust me to take another guy to bed, risking our relationship?”

“If you came to me and said you really got turned on by some guy and wanted to fuck him (as long as I approved and he passed a health test), I could deal with it. As far as I’m concerned, it wouldn’t be a risk. You and I are so much in love — so devoted to each other — that the experience of you sharing your body with another guy once in a while (or me dipping my cock into another pussy) would stop at that ‘just sex’ point. I trust you and I trust our relationship enough to offer you the opportunity to ‘try out’ fucking another guy some time. You said you had only had sex with four guys before me. I’m older and I’ve had over twenty sexual partners. There isn’t much I haven’t experienced sexually, while your experience was limited. You and I have done some things you’d never experienced before.”

Cindy thought about that a while. She rinsed our plates and put them in the dishwasher. We got ready for bed. We snuggled, but the fire for sex wasn’t there that night. We just lay loving each other. At least that was what I felt.

Just as I was falling asleep, Cindy quietly said, “That Paul was pretty hot. It made me want to be with him while Jessica was out fucking around with Charles. I’ll bet he’d be great in bed. The women he fucked seemed to think so. And if Jessica wanted something more than the things he did with those other women, it must have been pretty kinky. But that was acting — probably.” I feigned sleep, choosing not to respond then. I was lying behind her and I did smile at her comment.

Saturday was June 1st. I put on some shorts (the weatherman said the temperature would rise to over 70 degrees) and my old, dirty sneakers and mowed the lawn. When I had finished and stored the mower, I went in. Cindy was still naked, just the way she’d woken up. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my sweaty shorts in the laundry hamper on the way to shower. When I joined her in the kitchen I found a great roast beef and onion sandwich waiting for me.

Cindy popped the cap off a beer for me and one for herself. She sat and watched me devour the lunch she’d made for me.

“Getting back to the subject, how, saying we went down the road you suggest, do you see it happening?” I had to think for a second what she was talking about.

“What? Oh, you mean including others in our sex life. I didn’t suggest it, I just said we could work it out if it happened openly. Anyway, I kind of thought it might be interesting for you to bring a guy here for a drink or meal, then we could treat you to having two guys at the same time. It makes more sense to do it that way, rather than for me to try to satisfy two women at once.”

“OH! I thought…Well, that’s different than the way I was thinking. I don’t know if I could do that, honey. I mean, with you right there watching, or joining in…well, that’s really different.”

I reached and took her hand. “Cindy, ‘sharing’ is not the same as having affairs like the people in the movie. Doesn’t the idea of having two dicks at once to suck and fuck turn you on?” She hesitated, then blushed a little bit.

“Well, okay. That’s a lurid thought. But I thought you meant for us to go on dates with other people.”

“That’s one way we could do it, sure. However, that’s not ‘sharing’. That’s like me loaning you out, like a wrench, or a shovel.

“That’s not what I mean, or how I’d want to see it happen. I mean, there are no rules except those we want to make for this stuff. We’re just talking hypothetically here anyway, unless you already have somebody in mind.” I grinned at her. “I’d be sharing you with him and you’d be sharing yourself with both of us. That’s what I mean when I say sharing.

“I think it would be a turn on for me to watch you getting fucked by a different cock while you sucked mine. Or I could just watch and take my turn afterward.”

She laughed. “Honey, I think I’d seize up so tight I’d keep that strange dick from entering me if you were there.”

“What if I wasn’t there?”

“I guess, if I was naked with a man and his hard dick — with your permission — I could do it, if it was what I wanted.”

“All I’m saying is that I would enjoy watching you get as much pleasure as you could, especially if I’d already shot my wad and you needed more,” I said.

“You’d enjoy it?”

“Yeah. I enjoy my pleasure from sex, but the few times you didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t either. For me, giving my partner pleasure makes it pleasurable for me.”


I thought back and realized she had kind of given a start when I joked about her having somebody in mind. But I’d opened this can of beans and all I could do was shrug it off. If she did, she did. And I hoped she would admit it.

Cindy looked at me a second before rising to toss my empty paper plate in the trash. When she turned again to face me, she was blushing. I frowned at her, but my lips gave her a half smile. “Uh, honey? Remember, this is supposed to be an honest and open discussion. It seems like you’re having some private thoughts about all this. Wanta share them?”

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Fucked Up Family Pt. 01

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Every so often, I work on a story and think, ‘this is the most depraved thing I’ll ever write.’ Then, a few months later, I create something far, far worse. So here we are.

There’s some watersports going on in the upfront, but eventually it settles down to more wholesome pursuits.

Everyone here is over the age of 18.


As James Campbell looked over his shoulder to back the car out of the driveway, he glanced at his three children, sitting primly in the backseat. It made him sad. As serene as the siblings seemed in the moment, James knew the trio would be at each other’s throats before they even got to the highway.

His oldest daughter, Alexis — long dark hair hanging down to her chest and deep green eyes — was looking out the window like she was planning her escape route. Her younger brother, Austin, was on the other side. He had blond hair like his Mom, close-cropped, and blue eyes like his Dad. He stared out the other window, almost a mirror of his oldest sister. If the two of them knew they were matching each other, they’d probably move simply to spite each other, James thought.

Only his youngest — Molly, just turned 18 — smiled slightly at her Dad as he looked back. Molly’s eyes were blue like his, but so pale they were practically gray. Like Austin, she had her mother’s golden hair, but it fell in ringlets all the way down to the middle of her back.

James sighed and tried to concentrate on driving. They’d just bought the new SUV. It made way more sense for caravanning three older children, but maneuvering the thing was a bit of a production. He felt more like a school bus driver than a Dad.

James felt a hand on his leg and looked over. His wife, Christine, smiled at him warmly. Unlike most 39-year-old moms, she had actually slimmed down compared to when they’d first met. Christine proudly proclaimed she had less than 15% body fat and, boy, you could tell just by looking at her. Even her hair — blonde like Austin and Molly, but straight and jaw-length short — looked almost sharp. James smiled back at his wife. She might look tough, but he knew she was still the kind, caring woman he’d met in high school.

James had been a football jock and Christine was a science geek, but, somehow, they’d found each other. The couple was always careful, of course, but inexplicably Christine got pregnant anyway. The doctors said something about James having ‘unusually potent sperm.’

Christine was devastated. She was still in high school and her whole life was in front of her. But giving up the baby didn’t occur to either of them. Instead they quickly got married. Christine stayed in school and James went off to get a job.

They named the first baby Alexis. Austin and Molly soon followed. The third pregnancy was the final straw and Christine had her tubes tied. It was safer for everyone that way.

Despite the setback of having children young, both parents were extraordinarily successful. Christine was one of the leading ophthalmologists in the state and James was a high-level executive for a major pharmaceutical firm. The kids hadn’t suffered for their parents’ careers, either. Alexis, Austin, and Molly were all attractive, intelligent, successful children with bright futures ahead of them.

Yet for some reason James still felt oddly unfulfilled. He’d just turned 40 and, for the first time he could remember, his age was weighing on him. Maybe it was that the kids — now 21, 19, and 18 respectively — were moving out of the house. Although, the way they’d been acting lately, he was starting to wish they’d just go already. We need to get a dog, he thought.

“You seem distracted, hon,” Christine said, her hand still resting on her husband’s leg. Her fingers lightly teasing at his hair, “Everything OK? You want me to drive?”

They’d only gone a few feet down the road. The campsite was still hours in front of them. James already felt tired. But he smiled and shook his head. Something about giving up the wheel felt like surrendering. So he made himself sit up a little straighter, took a big gulp of his coffee, and focused on the road.

The car was actually quiet for a while and James began to relax. Maybe they would have that nice family trip after all. But as soon as he pulled onto the highway, just as he’d feared, the kids started arguing.

“Stop touching me, perv!” Alexis said, slapping at her brother.

“How can I be touching you if I’m all the way over here?” Austin said, slapping back.

“I don’t know, maybe you’re using your extra-long perv fingers or something,” Alexis said. She reached across the seat and gave her brother a good, hard pinch on the arm.

“Or maybe you’re just extra fucking crazy,” Austin said and tried to pinch his eldest sister back.

“Ow! That was me, you jerk!” Molly said, slapping her brother.

“Stop hurting your baby sister!” Alexis said, and hit him, too.

“Moooom Daaaad, the girls are picking on me,” Austin said.

“God…” Betturkey Christine said, turning around to glare at her children, “This is the last trip we’re going to have together for a long time. Can’t you all, like, get along for a little while?”

“How much further do we have to go, James?” Alexis asked.

James ground his teeth and gripped the wheel tightly. This was his eldest daughter’s newest thing: calling her parents by their first names. Her way, in her words, of being ‘adult.’

“Mommy and Daddy are baby words,” Alexis had said.

Christine told him it was only a phase and he should ignore it. But it made James nuts and Alexis seemed to know it, which only made her do it more. What was so wrong with calling him Dad, seriously?

“It’s another two hours, Alexis,” James said.

“Ugh, James I told you I want you to call me Lexi,” Alexis said.

“Maybe if that was your name he’d call you that, Sis,” Austin said.

“At least I’m not named for some stupid stoner town in fucking Texas, Bro,” Alexis said. And then the arguing in the backseat started all over again.

James rubbed his eyes like he was trying to grind them out of his head. He’d planned this lake trip for months. One last family trip together before they all abandoned him to old-man-hood. The trunk of the new car (And the seats. And the roof) was filled with new tents, camping equipment, fishing rods… At one point, James had joked that he felt like he was buying a brand-new life. Now he wondered if that was true.

And, worse, if he had failed.


Christine thought the fighting would get better once everyone settled in for the ride, but, if anything, the kids only bickered more. Worse, her husband seemed to be physically pained by every angry word. Christine swore she could hear his teeth crunching over the roar of the engine. She reached over and patted his leg again.

“You’re so tense, hon,” she said, “And you’ve got such low energy. Don’t worry, I think I have just the thing.”

The whole car groaned, James included. The family was well indoctrinated on the nature of Christine’s health program. It had started after her residency. After all those crazy hours (not to mention the three kids), she’d become addicted to caffeine and junk food and it showed. She’d found herself flabby in all sorts of places, started getting acne like she was 15 again, just hated herself. The person she saw in the mirror.

So, Christine started exercising a little. Then a lot. She changed her whole diet. It was constant work, but she was in better shape now than she’d been in her entire life. But Christine wasn’t content to keep her new lifestyle to herself. She felt so much better and she wanted her whole family to feel the same way.

She loved that her husband still had an athlete’s body, and with her help, he’d kept himself trim. The couple both worked out together and their competitive natures kept things fresh. Sure, James had some crinkles around his eyes and his hair was going silver at the sides, but otherwise he could easily have been mistaken for ten years younger.

Their children were all also in excellent shape, though Molly had put on a little baby fat through puberty and was still sloughing some of it off. Still, Christine thought, why feel good when you could feel even better?

So, the whole family had done crossfit together and went paleo for a while. Did all kinds of cleanses and took special supplements. Christine thought of herself as a kind of family chemist, experimenting with different combinations till she found the perfect one.

“You all complain about the pills now,” Christine said, “But when you have twice the energy and none of the mopes, you’ll be thanking me.”

“Or we’ll all be crapping our brains out,” Alexis said, “Remember the cranberry cleanse?”

“Oh God,” Austin said, “I still get nauseous whenever I see a bottle of Ocean Spray.”

Well, Christine thought, at least the kids were agreeing on something. Even if it meant they were all united against her.


It was only three hours of driving, but by the time they pulled up to the campsite, Austin was already done with the vacation. His big sister, Alexis, was up his ass the whole drive and the rest of the family seemed happy to fill in behind her. Even his Mom, usually his champion, had seemed perfectly happy to sit back and let his sisters have their way with him.

As soon as his father stopped the car, Austin leapt out like he thought the engine was about to explode. He stood off to the side and stretched. Soaked in the momentary freedom. Even through his anger, Austin found himself glorifying in the view. Not the lake — the lush valley, the rush of the distant waterfall, the clean smell of grass and pine. No, there was another, far more enchanting, scene that Austin was entranced with. One he couldn’t stop enjoying, no matter how wrong he knew it was.

Alexis got out Betturkey Giriş of the car first. Lexi, he corrected himself, though he didn’t know why she’d decided to take start calling herself that. Like it made her a different person or something. Austin thought it was so fake, which was why he insisted on calling her Alexis, no matter how many times she corrected him. Austin hated his sister, truly, in a way that only siblings could despise each other.

That’s what made his current obsession so much harder (and boy were those words appropriate). Because as he glared at Alexis with hatred, Austin also ogled her with lust. It wasn’t a conscious decision to feel this way (quite the opposite, in fact), but even now, watching his older sister get out of the car, Austin wondered how he ever could not appreciate his sister.

Alexis was tall, almost Austin’s height, and thin like their mother. Raven black hair and bright green eyes. She had almost no chest, but she still had a great body — her long legs, in particular. Austin imagined them wrapped around his waist many times while he was…

Well, there was no point in dwelling on it.

Molly got out of the car next. Austin’s baby sister was almost the opposite of Alexis. About a foot shorter than him with broad shoulders and flowing blonde curls, Molly was curvy as hell. She didn’t appeal as much to Austin, he liked his girls skinny, but he could still appreciate his little sister’s massive tits and plump, prominent ass. Molly didn’t feature as often in Austin’s fantasies — and when she did she was more of a side-feature (if you get the meaning) — but he still enjoyed watching her.

Finally, Austin saw his Mom coming around from the front of the car. She was about Molly’s height, but she had Alexis’ body, all the way. Better than Alexis’, being honest. His mother was a machine. Muscular and taut with these deep green eyes that seemed to burn right through you. Austin appreciated Molly and he wanted Alexis, but his Mom? Austin thought she was the most sexy, incredible woman he’d ever seen.

Christine looked over at her son and seemed to catch him staring. Austin quickly glanced around for a distraction. Reflexively, he pulled out his phone and flicked it on. Nothing. Not even the echo of a signal reached into the park. He was walking around with a big black brick in his pocket for the duration of the trip. Damn.

Austin’s father came over and looked down at the phone.

“No signal?” James asked, he sounded as excited as Austin was distraught, “Good. We’ve got better things to do than stare at screens all week.”

Together, the two men unpacked the car and set up the tents. There were three of them: one for the parents, one for the two girls, and a single for Austin, himself.

As they worked, Austin did his best to focus only on the natural spectacle surrounding them. They had a secluded spot about a ten minutes’ walk to the water. Bathrooms and showers were also about ten minutes away in the other direction. The campsite was surrounded by trees. There was a small picnic table, a charcoal grill, and — most importantly — no people. It really was beautiful. Frustratingly secluded and silent, but beautiful.

While the men set up the campsite, the women worked on putting lunch together. Austin’s stomach growled. His father gave him a knowing smile. Austin only hoped he looked as good as his Dad at 40. The man was fit, tan, and the little bit of silver in his dark hair only made him look distinguished rather than old. Austin knew that most of the guys at school lusted after his sisters. He also knew a good many that drooled over his Mom. But he’d yet to meet a girl who didn’t absolutely swoon when they saw his Dad. Austin couldn’t help but be jealous of that.

Austin looked over at his Mom. She was leaning slightly over the table, causing her perfect ass to poke out like she was getting ready to be taken from behind. Her little tits hung down in her light blue t-shirt. The muscles in her arm, strained. His Dad got to be with that woman whenever he wanted. Oh, Austin definitely couldn’t help but be jealous of that…

Austin felt a hand on his shoulder. His father. Austin’s heart seized like his Dad was squeezing it rather than his arm.

“Enjoying the view?” his father said. Shit fuck shit!

“Yes, it’s ummm, very nice?” Austin asked.

“I love this place. The lake. The trails. It’s so peaceful. Tough to find a place with no people these days, you know? For us to be together as a family with no one else around, I don’t think you understand what a rare treasure that is.”

Austin’s chest loosened. He stood a little straighter.

“Yes, Dad,” he said, “I always liked coming here when we were kids.”

“I know you’ve been having trouble lately. That whole mess with the party…”

“I told you, Dad, that was Finn. Not me.”

“And the car…”

Austin looked down at the ground. He didn’t have an Betturkey Güncel Giriş answer to that one.

“It’s perfectly natural after high school to wonder where your life is going. Especially if you aren’t getting a degree.”

“College isn’t for me. I know you don’t get it, but at least try to respect my decision, OK? Do you really want me wasting a hundred grand on something we both know I won’t succeed at? Besides, Chef Paul says I’ve got real talent.”

“No, I know,” James said, “I appreciate you being honest with us. With yourself. Which is kind of what I’m trying to get at. Your mother and I are both very proud of the man you’ve become,” Austin’s father took both his son’s shoulders in his hands now, looked him straight in the eye, “Despite everything else that’s been going on, we know that you’re becoming a respectable, responsible young man. You’re going to make some girl very happy someday.”

“Is this the grandkids speech, Dad?” Austin asked, “Just because you and Mom were already working on your second at my age…”

His father laughed. “No. It’s the ‘I’m honored to have you as a son’ speech. Grandkids? Eh, they can wait a few years yet.”

Austin’s father clapped him on the shoulder, and then the older man walked over to the picnic table. Austin smiled. Suddenly the valley seemed far brighter than when they’d arrived.


James sat down at the picnic table feeling good about himself. They’d made it to the lake in record time. The camp was all set up. Nothing to do now but relax and enjoy his family.

James had meant every word he’d said to his son. He really was proud of the boy, of the man he was growing into being. He didn’t want to admit it to himself, but he was a little jealous, as well. James remembered being young, but he didn’t recall ever being as studly as Austin with his broad, muscular chest and playful, boyish smile.

Every now and then, James thought he caught his wife appreciating their son, as well, but he quickly arrested his thinking. Maybe his suspicions came from the fact that James, himself, often found himself eyeing their female offspring. As his daughters joined him at the table, James had to concede that both had grown into young beauties. Alexis (he knew he was supposed to call her Lexi but he couldn’t) was almost as tall as him with long black hair and an athletic build like her mother’s, but with some of the younger curves still intact.

His youngest, though, Molly — his baby girl — she was something else. Her blonde hair, running in ringed rivulets that practically kissed the middle of her back. She was shorter and rounder than either her mother and her sister, and it gave her assets that overwhelmed the others by far. Christine talked like Molly was fat, which was ridiculous. The girl’s stomach was almost as flat as her mother’s. She was just curvy and… Damn. All James saw was a healthy young girl with a knockout body that any boy would beg to be with.

Christine put a tray of food down on the table, then sat down on the bench next to her husband. Austin reached for a sandwich, but Christine pushed his hand away.

“Prayers, really?” Austin asked. James chuckled. The family was religious, yes, but not devout. He believed strongly in God and His church. But you heard about some real crazies out there (This one story he’d been told about a woman from a nearby parish who’d essentially impregnated her daughters to stop her son from masturbating was particularly disturbing. It gave James the shivers just thinking about it). He was proud that the Campbells weren’t a part of stuff like that.

“No, honey, first I want you to take the supplement,” Christine said, “I think we all should.”

The kids all groaned in unison. Even James felt a little whine slipping out of his mouth.

“Come on guys,” Christine continued, “You’re all clearly worn down and the day hasn’t even started yet. Don’t you want to be energized?”

“Energized, yes. Constipated? No,” Austin said.

“Or worse, the other way around,” Alexis said, “I know the bathrooms are usually clean here, but I don’t want to spend all week in one.”

Molly didn’t say anything, but she looked off to the lake like she was thinking about making a run for it.

“It’s not that kind of cleanse,” Christine said, “Dean gave it to me down at the health shop. You’ll just pee a little more, that’s all.”

Christine was always trying new things from her favorite health nut, Dean. James was almost positive they weren’t fucking, but (like with their son) part of him had to wonder. Of course, James was being overprotective of his wife. Something about getting older was making him act oddly, he knew it. But that didn’t mean he knew how to stop.

Christine cleared her throat loudly, then glared at her husband. Oh yes. United front and all that.

“If your mother thinks it’s a good idea, we should try the supplements,” James said.

“OK, Daddy,” Molly said, “If you say so.” She smiled at him obsequiously and he couldn’t help but grin back. At least someone was still Daddy’s girl.

“OK, Christine,” Alexis said, “I’ll take one.”

“Heck I’ll take two,” Austin said. Christine smiled, but gave her son one pill like everyone else.

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Jenny Gets Fucked Ch. 03

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As he was pile driving her butt, he already knew that he wanted to fuck this girls Mother too. Her back was covered in the sweat coming from his body, and as he yanked her head up by her hair, he thought to himself that this might be the start of something good.


Jenny’s asshole had hurt like hell, after Flip had finished with her. It was almost a reprieve when a little while later he had put her legs up on his shoulders and had fucked her cunt, but it sure was a lot looser than her asshole had been.

As Jenny had laid there, with her knees being pushed back up into her breasts, and Flip’s face just inches from hers, it had felt good till he had grinned at her and reached down to insert his middle finger back into her rosebud. She had winched, but Flip kept fucking her with both his cock and the middle finger in her ass. The sweat drooling down from his forehead was falling into her eyes, and as he picked up the fucking speed, Jenny almost wished that he would cum so that he would stop assaulting her body.

Flip had used her a couple more times that afternoon, before he made Jenny get on her knees and he face fucked her. Flip knew he was treating her a lot rougher than he had ever treated Amy, but a plan was formulating in his mind.

He was not going to make the same mistakes as he had with Amy. Jenny was going to be nothing but a fucking slut that he was gonna break in good, and then let his friend have her. Shit he thought, she’s already been fucked by a few of his buddies, and she hadn’t protested, so maybe just maybe he might make some money off of this broad. He had always wondered how some of the pimps had taken their women and turned them into whores, who made them good money. Maybe it was his turn to get in on the act. He knew he would have to be careful what street corner he was going to put her, but he was sure not all the corners were spoken for.

But first there was the little matter of her Mom…….

“Jenn, what time does your Mom get home from work?”

She had looked up at him suspiciously and said “Why?”

“I wanted to find out who the black guy was that she has been messing around with.”

“For Christ’s sake Flip, you can’t ask her something like that!”

“Look sweetcheeks, I’m not asking for your permission. I’ll find a discreet way to ask her.”

As Flip followed Jenny into the house, her mother was just coming out of the Betturkey Kitchen. “Hello Mrs G. how you been doing……..”

“Where the fuck have you had my daughter all day!”

“Whoa whoa, geez she’s been with me.”

Her mother looked at Flip, and then gauged whether she could make it to the closet to get her ex’s gun, but she was smart enough the realize that this young buck nigger would break her neck before she could reach it, so her shoulders sagged and she resigned herself not to push this kid.

“Mom, I’ve been with Flip, and no one else.”

“You smell of sex Jenn! Get up stairs and take a bath or shower. Also, don’t forget to take a douche!”

As Jenny went up the steps, she noticed that Flip was not leaving to go home. She dared not stay in sight to them to listen, but when she got to the top of the stairs, she crouched in the shadows to listen.

“So Mrs G, Jenn spilled that you been messing around with some black dude.”

Her mothers cheeks turned two shades of red, as he said it. She was going to slap his face, but she knew this black kid could handle her easily enough if it came to a confrontation.

“Uhmmmmm…. Jenny says too much sometimes.”

“Hey, it’s no big deal Mrs G, a grown woman has needs too.”

As she started to measure her response, Flip took a step forward and put his hands on her shoulders.

“Mrs G, no one needs to know you been fucking around with a nigger. You evidently must have enjoyed it, or you wouldn’t have done it.”

The words stung, but she tried to keep her composure.

“Okay, so there is no secrets going on here, Mrs G. Jenny spent part of the morning and the afternoon at my place. We fucked around a little, and ….. no don’t start yelling! We didn’t do anything she didn’t want done. That daughter of yours is a lot like you. She has a fine young body, and she is just starting to awaken to that fact. Hell, it’s a wonder no white boy has tapped into that young pussy of hers.”

Jenny’s mother felt pressure on her shoulders, and she slowly sank down to her knees. Surely this nigger wasn’t going to make a move on her?

As she ended up on her knees, Flip’s package was quite evident, and she could smell the sexing that he must have been doing with her daughter.

She looked up into his face, and could see the smile spreading across it. “I don’t know how that other nigger took care of you Mrs G, but I can tell Betturkey Giriş you that my nine or ten inches, has never failed to satisfy!”

Did he say nine of ten inches? Oh my God!

As she was looking up at him, he stared down at her and told her quietly “Unzip me Mrs G.”

Jenny’s mother didn’t move at first.


That snapped her out of it, and with shaking fingers she grasped the zipper and started pulling it down. As it was going down, she could see the kid was not wearing any underpants, cause she could see his pubic hairs. As she continued pulling it down further, she caught the first glimpse of the top of Flip’s cock. “God, he was HUGE” she thought.

Flip slowly took his one hand and let his fingers run through the woman’s hair. Fuck he thought, she was as easy to manipulate as her daughter.

When she had pulled the zipper all the way down, it still didn’t show the end of his cock.

“Okay, never mind fucking with my belt, just pull my pants down!”

She did as she was told, and all of a sudden the end of his cock sprang out, and almost struck her in the nose.

“For starters Mrs G, why don’t you just take it in your mouth, and pay it the attention that it deserves. If…. and I’m saying IF, you do a good job, then we will see what else your good at.”

He didn’t even wait for her to move her head forward, as he roughly twisted his fingers in her hair and jammed her head forward into his cock.

“Okay, no open up and let’s see if your as good as Jenny was today.”

As the knob of his cock pushed past her lips and forced her teeth to let it enter her mouth, Jenny’s Mom had her first orgasm. It had been over two months since Ben had last fucked her, and here this buck nigger was going to face fuck her with a cock that was much bigger than Ben’s had been. Not only that, she always needed to suck Ben so that he would get hard, and this kid had what amounted to a diamond cutter, finding it’s way to the back of her mouth.

She retched one time, and then let him push part of his cock into her throat. Fuck, neither her husband nor Ben had ever done that before.

Meanwhile, at the top of the stairs, Jenny’s knees had buckled and she was now slumped down and watching her mother being face fucked. She didn’t know whether to feel revulsion, or what, but her fingers had found their way into her shorts, and she was now starting to Betturkey Güncel Giriş furiously masturbate her already cum filled pussy.

As Flip pushed a couple of inches into her throat, he knew he had to have this white bitch.

He yanked his cock out of her mouth, “Okay, enough. Where is the fucking bedroom?”

“It…. it’s up the stairs.” she stammered.

As he pulled her to her feet, he looked up the stairs and saw Jenny crouched down, with a hand in her shorts. Flip smiled up at her, and told her “Get in the fucking bedroom and get your clothes off Jenn!”

As Flip escorted her mother up the stairs, she could see that she was not fighting this at all. It struck her that her Mom must have been enjoying it when Flip was fucking her mouth.

That afternoon, Flip was glad that he had taken two Viagra pills before he had taken Jenny home. He became a fucking machine, first fucking her mothers loose and sloppy cunt, before sticking it in Jenny.

Jenny had noticed the combination of juices from Flips cock, and what her Mother had deposited on it. It repulsed her, but also helped to make her wet.

The fucking he had laid to Jenny had been particularly brutal. He wanted this Mother and Daughter to know that he was the boss. In fact after having finally cum in Jenny, he had made her mother clean his cock with her tongue, and he had told her mother to roll over.

Jenny’s Mom knew this type of nigger, and what he wanted. She had been fucked in her ass a few times, but never by a cock of this size, but it didn’t matter, cause he didn’t give her a chance to get scared. No sooner had her Mother rolled over, than Flip had snaked an arm around her stomach and was pulling her ass up to meet his cock.

There had been an exhale of breath, as his knob had passed her sphincter muscle, and then he was in. Pushing her head into the mattress, he gave a giant shove, and a good 6 inches of his cock was into her asshole.

“Oh yea, now that’s what I’m talking about!”

The anal intrusion had been particularly hard, but having had anal sex before, Jenny’s Mom was smart enough to know that the trick was to not tighten up.

As he lowered his head and bit into her Mothers neck, he asked her how it felt.

Jenny’s Mom just nodded in the affirmative. She knew better than to antagonize this nigger. Besides….., it REALLY DID feel good.

Jenny had laid there beside them and cried, but at the same time she had been frantically masturbating herself.


Not sure if there is anymore need to show how Jenny ended up on the streets, or how her Mom ended up cooking for Amos’s Dad, and being his fuck tress for both Father and Son.

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Cock of the Month Club – The Audition

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NOTE: This is a continuation of the story called “Cock Of The Month Club” by Magna12 written over twelve years ago which you probably need to read first. But when I read it I wished he would have continued it because I fanaticized so many more stories. So I asked him if I could continue it and he gave me his blessings, so…


When Julie told me about her special “club” and the story that led up to the forming of the club, I was enthralled. I mean, how many women, married women, ever have the opportunity to have a good looking guy, a hunk, strip naked for them and then actually masturbate to orgasm for them? I certainly never dreamed about anything like that. I mean, my husband has never masturbated for me, and I never even thought about asking him to. But now I’m at least thinking about it.

When I came home to my hubby, Oh my, was I horny. We had a great night of making love…well, some of it was just great fucking, with me thinking about a big naked cock and watching a naked man masturbating for me. I came three times, so hard!

The next morning, I began thinking about Julie and her invitation to her club. Of course I accepted the invitation, but then she told me I had to find the next “guest”. My goodness! How do you find an everyday man who will strip for a group of women?

So I called Julie and asked that question. She told me how some of the women had gone about it. Two asked their own husbands to come, not an option for me. Others asked a boyfriend to come. Yes, boyfriend, even though they were all married. Also not an option for me.

Others tried the secret letter approach to a hot guy they saw, to varying degrees of success. And then others tried an ad on Craigslist.

Craigslist? How did that work? Julie told me they would put an ad on Craigslist explaining what they wanted.

“Really?” I asked.

“Really, in the Personals section,” she replied. “Some of the ads on there are really graphic, so asking a guy to strip naked for a group of women is not so strange. And you wouldn’t believe how many responses they got. There were a lot of guys who want to try CFNM.”

“What’s CFNM?”

“Oh, that’s Clothed Female, Naked Male. Some men would love to show off their bodies to women, even without a chance to have sex with the women. Some of the guys who replied were NOT hunks,” she laughed. “But we got some nice cock pictures that way.”

I decided to try to find MY guest that way.

I spent a lot of time working on my ad. Then I opened an account on Craigslist. I realized that I could not receive responses on my personal email so I opened another email account. Then with fear and trembling, and excitement, I posted my ad.

“Cock Of The Month Club”

We are a group of classy women who get together once a month and invite a man to come and strip for us. We are not looking for strippers. We are looking for NORMAL guys who want to show off their bodies to clothed women.

You will NOT be allowed to touch us, but we will be allowed to touch you. A special finale will be expected.

We are TOTALLY discrete and expect the same from you. Respond with a picture of your body and your equipment.

Within ten minutes I had my first response. In all I had 42 emails, some vulgar, some respectful, all guys who wanted to get naked for me. And I had never seen so many cocks! Some were little, some were huge, short, fat, long, all kinds. Some bodies were kind of nice, some fat, some too skinny, some, well, why would they even contact me, except they were exhibitionists?

But one BEAUTIFUL cock. Oh my, and a really nice body. He said he was 24 and had never done anything like this before but would like to try.

I called Julie and asked her to come over. She laughed at some of the emails, but she agreed with my assessment of “my favorite”.

“He’s beautiful,” she gasped. “You HAVE to pick him!”

“OK, now what do I do?”

“Write him back. Get more information about him. TELL him he’s beautiful,” she laughed.

Well, I did and he responded right back. His name was Stone, probably not his real name, Julie told me, but it fit. He wanted to know more about our group. I shared with him a little about our group, with Julie’s help, because I had never been.

Then he asked what it would take for him to be chosen. Would there be an audition?

“An audition?” Julie gasped. “What a great idea!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you and I could meet with him and have him strip just for us.”

I liked that idea. Well, kinda. I mean, I’ve never had a strange man strip for me. I’d never seen a strange man naked before. In fact, and I’m almost ashamed to say this, but the only naked man I have ever been in the same room with was my husband. But Julie was old hat with this so I felt like I was in safe hands.

So I let her answer him and before long we had a “date” set up. Julie rented us a room in the Radisson (she’s rich) for Thursday afternoon.

She instructed me on how to prepare and what to expect. Wear something Betturkey semi-sexy, act sophisticated at all times, like we did this all the time, and follow her lead. She said her name would be Alexis and mine would be Suzy.

I can tell you I didn’t sleep much the night before. I kind of felt guilty, because I had never done anything like this before. But then, this wasn’t really cheating, was it?

I took a long shower, trimmed my pussy, put my best perfume, just a touch. Then I put on my lace panties; I don’t own a thong; and matching bra, my silk blouse and the shortest skirt I own, not that is was so short, but my husband liked it. He always said it showed off my ass well. Why did I care about my pussy and what kind of underwear I was wearing? But I did!

I met Julie at the hotel a little after 1:00. Stone was scheduled for 2:00. Julie texted Stone the room number and at exactly 2:00 there was a knock on the door. All of a sudden I was terrified, but Julie calmed me down quickly, had me sit on the couch as she went to the door.

When Stone walked it, I was mesmerized. He certainly was all that we hoped for. He was dressed in a button-up shirt, nice trousers, and loafers, without socks. Seems he had thought this through. It’s hard taking off socks gracefully.

He looked nervous and I’m sure I did too. But Julie took over. She introduced me as Suzy and herself as Alexis and asked if he wanted a drink. He did and so did I. We sat and talked for a bit. What do you talk about with a guy who’s about to strip naked for you in a minute?

He worked for an insurance agency, was between girlfriends, worked out a lot because he now had the time since he didn’t have to…entertain a girlfriend. Yes, that’s what he said. Entertain.

Once again Julie led the way. She explained the rules, we can touch but he can’t. He’s to get naked, show off his body, allow us to touch him wherever and however we wanted. We promised that there would be no pain. And he was to stroke his cock for us and eventually cum for us.

“Can you cum more than once?” Julie asked.

“After a short rest period, normally I can. The most I’ve cum with a woman is three times. But I can last a long time,” he bragged.

Julie and I looked at each other and smiled.

“OK, are you ready for your audition?” Julie asked.

Stone finished his drink in one gulp and stood up.

“Come here first,” Julie ordered.

As he was walking over I noticed he already had a nice sized bulge. Julie stuck out her hand and stroked his crotch.

“You’re quite hard already,” she noted.

“Yes, I am. I am looking at two very sexy ladies.” I blushed.

“Come feel how big he is, Suzy” Julie said.

“Oh, no.” Julie gave me a look that said ‘don’t argue. Act like you’ve done this before.’ Then she grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch.

It WAS huge. It was pointing up toward his belly. I closed my hand around it. “What do you think? Think he’ll do?” I nodded. Oh, it will do nicely.

“Ok, proceed,” Julie said like she was asking someone to recite a poem or something, instead of striping.

“Do I get any music?” he asked. Julie, always ready and smooth, pulled out her IPad and quickly brought up some soft jazz.

Stone walked to the middle of the room and began to dance. He was a good dancer. Very smooth. I was admiring his body when he started to unbutton his shirt.

‘This is going to happen’, I thought. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it out of his trousers as he did. He was looking directly at me. I blushed. He smiled.

He opened his shirt and for the first time we saw his chest. And his six-pack. ‘So that’s what a six-pack looks like,’ I thought. I must say I was impressed. He slipped off his shirt, folded it nicely and danced a bit more for us, slowly spinning and showing off his body.

Then he slipped off his loafers and reached for his belt. I thought I was going to faint. ‘He’s going to do it,’ I thought.

He pulled his belt out of his trousers with a flourish. Julie looked over at me and winked. Stone undid his trouser button and unzipped his pants. Now, I have seen my husband do this a million times, but watching Stone do it was different…exciting.

He danced a little with his trousers unzipped and then turned his back to us and began to lower them, looking over his shoulder at us. At me.

He wasn’t wearing a thong, just some very low-cut briefs. Silk. Red. He dropped his trousers to the floor and stepped out of them, kicking them off to the side.

He continued to dance with his back to us. I could tell he had a nice ass. ‘Turn around, turn around,” I thought.

When he did, slowly, his package came into view first. He was definitely hard already. The tip of his cock was barely covered. I could see a wet spot forming at the tip.

Wet, just like my panties. I SO wanted to rub my pussy, but I didn’t dare. I looked over at Julie and she had spread her legs and her skirt was creeping up. I bet he could Betturkey Giriş see her panties, if she was wearing any.

Julie motioned him over to us. He stood right in front of Julie, right between her spread legs. She leaned forward, reached out and lightly rubbed his bulge. Then she grabbed it. “He is definitely hard. And big.” She gave it a stroke. “And I believe we have a little pre-cum,” she noted. She cupped his balls and rolled them. Wow! Talk about erotic!

“OK, now show it to Suzy,” she said. I blushed again, but I leaned forward anyway. And spread my legs also. He walked between them and this time I didn’t need to be encouraged to reach for his cock. Oh my. It was SO hard, and so BIG. Nothing like my husband’s. I stroked it for him.

“Do you like that,” Julie asked him.

“Mmmmm,” was his reply.

I also cupped his balls and rolled them. Amazing. So big. He made his cock jump and I jumped. We all laughed.

“OK, time to get those things off. Suzy wants to see your cock.” And I did want to see his cock! And his ass. I wanted to see everything.

Stone walked back to the center of the room and slowly lowered his briefs. The head of his cock appeared. It was shiny. Wet. Then more. Then the whole magnificent thing. He lowered his briefs to the floor bending as he did.

“Turn around in that position,” Julie ordered. “We want to check out your ass.”

And he did. And what an ass. “Open your legs.” Julie ordered. He did and we could see his balls. Huge. And shaved. I was so intent at looking at his cock I didn’t notice that he has totally shaved.

“Come over here. We want to inspect you.”

He stood up and walked to us, his cock bouncing as he walked. His cock had a slight curve upwards. And the head of his cock was beautiful. It was so much better live than in a picture.

I reached out first and took his cock in my hand. He turned toward me and Julie reached out to rub his ass. I inspected every inch of his cock. I took his balls in my hand. I had never done that with my husband, but it seemed so right.

I felt the veins running up and down his shaft. They were so prominent and the skin on his cock was stretched out so much. The head was kind of like a mushroom and his little pee-hole had a drop of pre-cum on it. I gave it a couple of strokes. All of a sudden it jumped in my hand. I quickly let go. Was he cumming already?

I looked up at him. “I did that on purpose,” he said. “Watch me make it jump.” He demonstrated how much control he had of his cock. He swiveled his hips and his cock and it rocked back and forth. He seemed to be enjoying showing me his cock. I certainly was enjoying it.

“Bring that cock over here,” Julie ordered. She had been rubbing and squeezing his ass while I was inspecting his cock. Now we switched places.

My hand went to his ass. It was so powerful. Hard…yet soft. Kind of like his cock. I squeezed and rubbed while Julie inspected his cock. She started stroking his cock and then leaned forward and licked his pre-cum off the tip. “Mmmmmm,” she said.

Then she took his cock in her mouth and started sucking while still stroking it. I couldn’t help it. I stood up, got behind him and took both ass cheeks in my hand. He was stroking in and out of Julies mouth.

“If you don’t stop that I’m gonna cum in your mouth,” he said. Julie kissed his cock and stopped stroking him.

“Go sit over there for a bit,” she said. “We just want to look at you.”

He sat down across from us. He spread his legs and began slowly stroking his cock. “Is this what you want?”

“That’s fine. Just not too fast yet. We want this to last. Do you need some lube?” Julie asked.

“That would be nice.” Julie, always ready, pulled a tube of lube from her purse and threw it over to him.

I watched with fascination as he squirted a large blob into his hand and proceeded to lather up his cock and balls. I wished I was doing that for him. He continued to stroke his cock.

Julie asked, “How often do you masturbate?”

He laughed. “What a thing to ask a naked man who is stroking his cock for you.” He seemed to be getting more comfortable being naked for us. “I’m like any normal guy without a girlfriend. I probably masturbate at least once a day. How about you?”

“Well, I have a husband who is totally involved in his business, so I’m not particularly…serviced well. So, I probably do the same…unless I’m meeting someone.”

I looked at Julie, shocked. I never thought about her having affairs, but I guess she did. Well, she said that most of the women in the club fucked that first guy. Now I’m sure they have fucked others. I’ve never had anyone but my husband. Am I getting in over my head?

“What about you, Suzy,” he asked.


“How often do you masturbate?”

I turned bright red. The truth was I don’t masturbate much, except for this week, leading up to this moment. I’ve been extra horny. “Well, I’m very happily married and my husband and I have quite Betturkey Güncel Giriş a good sex life.” I answered. “But I’m new to this club and to be honest with you, you are only the second man I’ve seen naked.”

He looked surprised. “Really? What do you think, Suzy?” he asked.

I blushed again. “You are beautiful! And your cock puts my husband’s to shame.” Did I say that out loud? All this time I’m watching him stroke that magnificent cock. Is it getting even bigger?

He just smiled and kept stroking. We all got quiet and after a while his breathing started to get faster, deeper. So did mine. My panties were soaked. Without even thinking about it I opened my legs. I wanted to let him see my panties. He looked between my legs and started stroking faster.

“Slow down,” Julie whispered. I looked over at Julie and she was rubbing her panties in plain view of Stone.

I could tell that he was building up. How did I know? I just did. I’ve never watched a guy masturbate but it was obvious that SOMETHING was building. I leaned forward to watch.

“Play with your balls”. Julie again. He took his left hand and slowly rolled his balls.

“Rub the head.”

He took two fingers and rubbed all the pre-cum around the head.

“Keep an eye on his balls, Suzy. You will see them begin to pull up when he’s about to cum.” I couldn’t just concentrate on his balls. I was taking everything in.

He started stroking faster. “Slow down.” That was me, whispering. I loved watching him. I didn’t want this to end. But then, I also wanted to watch him cum.

“OK, go ahead. Do what you need to do.”

His hand started flying over his cock. His face had this strange intense look on it. He scooted forward in the chair and threw his head back. I could see his asshole under his balls. His balls were tightening up. He started raising his ass. He was breathing much deeper, faster.

“Cum for me, baby,” Julie whispered.

He arched his back, raised his ass even more. “I’m cumming,” he panted.

And he did. I hadn’t ever seen a man cum and was kind of surprised when a long white rope of cum came shooting out of his cock. I jumped as I watched his cum shoot a good two feet in the air and land on his chest. As it hit, a second rope came out of his cock and landed on his six-pack. In all he shot seven ropes of cum before it just oozed cum for a bit.

As he was cumming I marveled. Besides the ropes of cum, I watched his ass flex, and his asshole clenching. His balls seemed out of control as they pumped and pumped.

“That was amazing,” I told him. He was sweating, a thin sheet of moisture covered his naked body. He was beautiful. He smiled at me. “No offense, Alexis, but knowing she had never seen a guy cum before, I wanted to make it good for her.”

“You are a heavy cummer.” Julie said.

“Well, I haven’t masturbated since we made this…date. I was saving up,” he laughed.

“Well, I appreciate it,” I told him, turning red…again.

His cock was deflating but he was still slowly stroking it and rubbing his balls. It was awesome watching it deflate. I wanted to watch it get big! I hoped we weren’t through yet.

Julie got up and got some towels from the bathroom and handed him one so he could clean himself up. He cleaned his chest and belly and then worked on his cock and balls. I watched…in fascination.

He threw the towel down and just sat there as we talked, stroking his cock and playing with his balls.

“You seem comfortable,” I said. “I take it you’re over any apprehension of being naked with us.”

He laughed. “I just had probably the best orgasm of my life! I’m pretty relaxed now. You pretty ladies make it easy on me. I never thought it would be this…” He searched for a word. “comfortable being naked with two ladies I just met. Honestly, I’ve never masturbated for a woman. It was fun.”

“Fun for us, too,” I smiled. “Actually, it was awesome watching you masturbate and cumming so much. Do you think you can do it again?”

He smiled. “I think so. With, maybe, a little inspiration?” I quickly spread my legs and lifted my skirt a little. I looked over at Julie and she was unbuttoning her blouse. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. She didn’t show her boobs, but she slipped a hand inside her blouse and rubbed he boob.

“Would this help?” she asked.

“Most definitely.” I watched his cock as he stroked. It had deflated quite a bit, but I watched in fascination as it got hard again.

“That is so cool, watching it get hard again,” I told him. He turned toward me and looked me in the eye as he stroked and played with his cock. But I was really watching his cock…get hard.

My hand went between my legs and slowly rubbed the front of my panties. I couldn’t help it. I have never masturbated for anyone before, but it just seemed like the thing to do right now. I mean, he needed inspiration…and I needed to relieve a little pressure.

When he got fully hard, Julie said “This time I would like you to stand while you masturbate.”

Without any hesitation he stood and came closer to us, stoking all the way. It was an awesome sight. I watched with fascination as his hand stroked up and down his cock. The skin on his cock was pulling up and down with his hand. The head was purple, his pee-hole showing pre-cum.

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Jaya Nepal

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Sanjay. my love, mero maya, how can I ever forget that day when we first met? How excited I was to meet you and come back to Nepal, my favorite place on earth. I had visited your magical country twice before but both times I had traveled alone. I had written a few sexy stories set in Kathmandu which I had posted on the Net and you emailed me telling me you wanted to make them real. So for nine months we emailed each other and now I was finally going to meet my sexy mountain man.

I arrived at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan airport early in the afternoon. Since I had gotten a good sleep the night before in Bangkok, I was well-rested. All during the flight I had been fantasizing about you and what we would be doing together, all those things you said you would do to me when you got me behind closed doors…. I go through baggage claim and customs and come out the sliding doors to see you waiting for me. You had already arranged for a taxi to take us to a guest house on the outskirts of Thamel, the main tourist area. As we ride along the familiar road leading from the airport to Thamel, passing the Royal Palace, I can barely manage to keep from grabbing you right there, I am so excited, but want to save it for when we are alone. You look into my olive green eyes and I think you look so much better than your photo. I am turned on by your smooth brown skin, full lips and the hint of Tibet in your high cheekbones and slightly almond-shaped brown eyes. You had said your favorite color was blue so in your honor I was wearing a silky royal blue salwar kameez which set off my curvy body and my dark brown hair and fair skin. You kiss me softly and run your fingers over my nipples, already eager for you. Only Betturkey your mouth on mine keeps me from moaning… We do not make much small talk – our eyes say all that needs to be said at this point. We check in and go up to our room. It is a beautiful late spring day and I am so excited, intoxicated with being back in Kathmandu and being with my hot Nepali lover…From outside we hear voices in the street and temple bells, and there is the smell of sandalwood incense in the air, a smell which has always aroused my sensuality. As soon as we close the door you pull me close to you and kiss me, your cock already hard and insistent against my body…Before we go any further I want to freshen up from the flight and get comfortable.

“Sanjay, I just want to clean up a bit, could you please wait for me?” I say.

“No problem, baby. I need to get something from downstairs anyway. I’ll be right back, take your time, sundari(beautiful).”

I take a quick shower, brush my teeth and rub a little jasmine oil on my skin. I change into a tight red lace camisole with matching panties and tie a sarong around my small waist. I unfasten my braided hair so it hung loose and shining down my back. When I come out of the bathroom you are waiting for me.

‘Mmm, kasto ramri chhau(how beautiful you are)..’ you say as we kiss again. “I brought a surprise for you, something I know you will like. I came here before I met you at the airport and they were keeping it in the kitchen for us.” You had brought up a tray with a pot of honey and a bowl of dahi(yogurt) from the town of Bhaktapur. You smiled at me.

“Oh baby, you remembered!” I had emailed you and told Betturkey Giriş you how much I missed Bhaktapur dahi and wanted to eat it every day when I came back. I had never been with a man who remembered little things like that and I was already in love with your thoughtfulness.

“How can you forget this?” You dip your finger in the dahi and hold it to my mouth and I put my whole mouth around it as if I were sucking your cock, closing my eyes and sensuously savoring the sweetness of the yogurt, the best in the world.

I unbutton your shirt and stroke my hands over your smooth brown chest. I feel like I could come just from your scent, your tongue touching mine, your touch on my body, but I want to make this sweet moment last. Your hands cup my breasts, my hard pink nipples straining against your palms through the lacy top I am wearing. You pull it over my head and bend down, taking my right nipple in your mouth. I run my hands through your black hair and make soft kitten moans as your hands and tongue explore my body. The sun streams through the window onto the bed as you push me gently onto my back. I reach to unbuckle your belt and unzip your pants. You step out of them and I see your big, thick lado already hard and ready for me. You untie my sarong and run your dark brown hands along my soft, white legs and squeeze my full round ass, my soft fair skin contrasting with my red lace panties. My puti is already so hot and wet for you when you pull them down and kiss the soft tender skin of my inner thighs.

‘Oh baby you are so ready for me no?’ I moan yes as you smile and say, “You don’t mind if I eat a little bit first, do you?” I am aching Betturkey Güncel Giriş for you and confused. I beg you not to go away as you reach for the dahi and honey…with a mischievous smile on your lips you spoon them over my smooth, shaved puti. You kneel down at the edge of the bed and I feel like I am going to explode as you enjoy your sweet dahi, slowly licking, sucking, taking your time, bringing me to the brink of orgasm again and again as you stroke the outside lips of my puti with your tongue, up and down, teasing me, licking every last bit of the dahi as it mixes with my own nectar, then you part them with your fingers and gently start to tongue my ‘moti’ and I beg you not to stop- it has been so long …’Oh Sanjay, mero maya, na rokna…’ I cry as I come so hard I am shaking.

Now I am hungry for some mitho Nepali khana(yummy Nepali food) of my own… Your big, beautiful brown lado is fully erect and I take the remaining dahi and honey and spread it all along the length of it . Slowly, sensuously I lick up and down and around the tip with my tongue, then I take your whole cock in my mouth and suck until all of the dahi is gone and I am so excited I want you to fuck me. You push me back onto the bed and look down into my eyes and ask ‘timilai yo man parchha?'(Do you like this?) as you thrust your big, hard lado slowly into my tight, wet puti – I answer by grabbing your shoulders and arching my body so you can fuck me deeper, spreading my legs wide, moving up and down so my ‘moti’ is rubbing against you and I come again, screaming so hard, begin you to fuck me hard, ‘Oh Sanjay, mero maya, mero raja, malai chika, malai bessari chika!!’ My puti squeezes your cock as you come, fucking me harder and faster until you cry ‘Oh , mero maya, my love…” and then you rest in my arms as we hold each other. After we catch our breath we look at each other and smile. You kiss me and I say ‘Jaya Nepal’, laughing. ‘Welcome back, maya.’ you say, and we doze a little until it’s time for dinner.

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She Won’t See You Again

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As soon as he opened the door, he knew he was in trouble. Blond-haired Joseph stood just a few feet in front of a man that he clearly recognized as his lover’s husband. Thirty-three-year-old Damian was a towering African-American man with long dreadlocks and well-built arms. Upon close inspection, he seemed like the kind of guy that numerous women would be swooning over. But judging by his blank stare, which caused Joseph to freeze himself in newfound dread, he wasn’t in the mood for a friendly visit.

Damian’s baritone voice emitted an alluring presence in Joseph’s ears. “I know about you and my wife.”

Joseph, a twenty-year-old white man, didn’t know what to do. He breathed through his nose before asking, “How…how did you find out?”

Damian took one slow step forward. “I saw the two of you at Staples Center watching the Lakers game. I saw everything, including the way the two of you fondled each other all evening.”

“I can explain everything.”

Damian narrowed his eyes. “You don’t have to do that. Let me in.”

Joseph took deeper breaths. “I don’t think I should.”

“I won’t hurt you. Trust me.”

“Why should I?”

“I’ve already accepted that my wife has been cheating on me for weeks. She’s nothing to me now.”

“So what does that make me?”

“Let me in and we’ll talk. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Joseph shook his head. “I can’t do that.”

He was about to slam the door on Damian’s face when the visitor pushed away the swinging door and led himself in the apartment without permission. He slammed the door shut right away.

Joseph didn’t know what to do. He was trapped in his own home. He leaned against the couch while keeping his steady gaze at Damian, who looked around as if observing to adapt to a new environment.

“I can only assume that this is where you like to fuck her.”

Joseph started to shiver. He just had to tell the truth. “It happened twice…maybe three times.”

Damian’s blank stare didn’t change. “She liked it, didn’t she?”

“Yes, she did.”

Damian took a few more steps forward before being just a few inches away from Joseph, who was a few inches shorter than him. “Like I said, she’s nothing to me now. But you still have something to do with this, and that’s a problem.”

Joseph could smell the masculine tendencies which instigated off of Damian’s body and clothes. “To tell you the truth, I’m nervous right now. I don’t know what from me.”

“I just want payback.”

“What are you gonna do?”

Damian eyed him from top to bottom. “You do look handsome. No wonder my wife has already taken a liking to you.”


Damian stepped back. “Take off your shirt.”

Mild confusion interfered with Joseph’s critical thinking skills. He hesitated when asking, “Why should I do that?”

“Because I say so. Now do it. And do it slowly.”

To avoid any missteps regarding life endangerment, Betturkey Joseph took off his t-shirt in an unhurried manner. He threw it on the couch and murmured, “Well, I did it. Now what?”

Damian had his eyes on the young man’s hairless abs, but a change in expression didn’t take effect just yet. “Now take off your jeans.”

“You’re going somewhere with this, aren’t you?”

“Just shut up and do it.”

Joseph grabbed his blue jeans and slid it down his legs. Once it reached his ankles, he kicked it aside before doing the same with his boxer shorts. He was not completely naked in front of his visitor.

Damian didn’t utter a single word when he eyed him in all directions, a look of sheer determination arising for just a few seconds. He walked around the blond man to get a good look at his entire bare body. Joseph didn’t move a muscle, even as Damian, coming from behind, lowered his head and kissed him on the shoulder. Joseph gasped, but he stood still. He didn’t know what to do. Fear, bewilderment, and a dash of excitement overwhelmed his five senses.

Damian whispered in his ear, “Tonight, I’m making you mine.”

By now, Joseph knew what was going to happen. Damian sought official retribution against his cheating wife, and his sexual urge was his weapon of choice.

Joseph murmured, “But what about your wife?”

“She’s not important. This is now between you and me, and I’m in charge. Turn around.”

Joseph did a 180-degree turn without complaints. Damian had already taken off his own shirt.

“How do I look?”

Joseph examined his muscular physique. The arms and abs appeared authentic, almost to the point that it produced an uncharted allure towards Joseph’s philosophical foundation.

“You look like a hunk.”

“Say it like you mean it.”

Joseph repeated his statement but with more charisma.

Damian kept his blank stare as he took off his pants and boxer shorts and hurled them in the corner. Joseph looked down to see the massive black cock that stood erect. Damian, as a matter of fact, had a body that demonstrated true strength and buoyancy. It represented an image of a well-built stallion.

Now, the two of them stood naked as complete opposites: dark and light skin, black and blond hair, authority and obedience.

Damian pointed at his cock. “Suck it right now.”

Joseph was almost speechless. “I don’t think I can do it.”

Damian’s eyes narrowed again. “Don’t think, just feel. You will taste it, and you will like it.”

After taking a deep breath, Joseph got down on his knees and began a long journey to a new world. He kissed Damian’s precious black cock before licking it from all sides.

Damian’s baritone voice became a reliable administrator for his new boy toy. “Tastes good, doesn’t it?”

Joseph whispered, “Whatever you say.”

“Suck it hard. Don’t say anything. Just do it.”

It Betturkey Giriş didn’t take long for Joseph to stuff the entire cock deep inside his mouth. He couldn’t fathom the entire situation just yet. He didn’t question why he now had a big dick in his mouth. It just happened.

Damian asked, “You like that, don’t ya?”

Joseph didn’t answer. He just kept sucking it. Damian’s dick was so big that Joseph almost choked on it. He nevertheless swung his head forward and backward to receive the full flavor of a long hard cock.

“Come on, now. Do it faster. FASTER.”

Joseph picked up speed with his head movements. This time, Damian grabbed his head with his hands and moved it any way he wanted. Joseph didn’t struggle as he let him satisfy his own needs. The black cock did wonders to the blond man’s psyche. He had never done this sort of thing before. It felt strange, but at the same time, it was also a moderately unique experience.

Damian’s anticipated ejaculation came true as Joseph could feel the unwelcome slime flooding his mouth.

“Don’t spit it out.”

By obeying his command, the blond man swallowed the creamy substance with one gulp. More warm cream squirted from out of the shaft, and Joseph took the time swallowing everything given to him. Once Damian pulled his cock out from his mouth, Joseph had to take deep breaths from almost suffocating with such an enormous piece of Damian’s manhood in his mouth. He looked up to see a slight change to Damian’s neutral expression. A little half-smile formed on his face.

“How does it taste?”

Joseph licked off the remaining residue off of his lips. “It’s warm and thick.”

“Good. Now lie down on the floor.”

Without protesting, Joseph did what he was told. He lay on his stomach and waited for the impending human experiment about to unfold in the living room.

Damian was now on top of him. “I’m going to do the same thing you’ve done with my wife.”

Joseph felt a certain serpent touching his buttock. “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Don’t ignore it. Feel it.”

Joseph could feel the warm intruder touching the walls of his little passageway. He clenched his teeth as such a mammoth entity wedged itself through. Once it hit the right spot from deep inside, Joseph closed his eyes and let out a long whimper.

Damian whispered, “Don’t try to fight it.”

He started thrusting in and out of his wife’s boyfriend, someone who was now no longer her cherished secret. Joseph moaned with every other thrust. It didn’t take long for him to embrace the truth. Damian kept smacking his ass with his hips while striking his inner tube with his prized possession.

“How does it feel?”

Joseph groaned. “It feels good!”

“That’s right. Take it!”

Damian grabbed him by the arms as his forward propulsion took effect with no sign of cooling down whatsoever.

Joseph cried Betturkey Güncel Giriş out, “Oh, don’t stop! Please!”

“Tell me that you’re mine!”

“You own me!”

“Fuck, yeah!”

Damian didn’t stop pounding him right on the carpet. It was a continuous loop, fueling a growing quantity of high spirits without giving the hint of it ever discontinuing. The nonstop shoving grew faster and harder. The burning sensation from down below became a part of an untried practice for Joseph. He, however, didn’t move as he lay on his stomach, the soft and fragile threads of the carpet tickling his skin. Another man had complete control over his actions, and he followed the new set of rules that Damian had bestowed upon him.

“Oh, fuck!”

Joseph could no longer comprehend the intricacies of following the correct time. The dictatorial retribution in the shape of Damian’s primal instincts must have lasted longer than fifteen, maybe twenty minutes. But Joseph didn’t yearn for a fitting conclusion just yet. He still let his visitor break through his narrow hole for as long as he desired. The feeling of someone lying right on his back didn’t disturb Joseph at all. His panting grew quicker, his moaning grew louder, and his willingness to expose himself to Damian’s method of payback was near completion.

Damian thrust his cock deeper than ever before completing his long-awaited climax. Joseph’s final squeal was the loudest. He didn’t feel it just yet, but he imagined the thick creamy discharge filling up his vessel right about now.

Exhausted, Damian rested his head on Joseph’s shoulder and calmed his muscles. Both of them lay still on the carpet. Loud noises no longer became a nuisance in the living room as everything grew silent. The profound weight on Joseph’s back did little to lighten the blond man’s heavy breathing. The warm moisture in the room was enough for a few drops of sweat to slide down Joseph’s own skin. He could feel Damian’s perspiring chest and legs as they were pressed down behind him. It didn’t concern his senses in a negative manner because such an unfamiliar feeling did wonders to his current state of mind. He couldn’t fathom how it reworked itself, but the continuous animation he felt when Damian kept inserting his solid shaft in and out of him encompassed a more encouraging outcome for his heart and soul.

Damian kissed Joseph’s shoulder once again. After such a vigorous exercise in genuine retribution, a sweeter and simpler act proved to be such a relief to the younger man. Intimacy for someone of the same sex didn’t become a novelty for Joseph until now.

“I can’t believe it. This is my first time with another guy.”

Damian replied, “It won’t be the last.”

The visitor kept his black cock deep inside his new lover’s lower hole, but he relocated his mouth right above Joseph’s ear. His baritone whisper made the blond man’s entire body shiver. “My wife has betrayed me. And because of that, she won’t see you again. Instead, you will be seeing me. I’m keeping you as my own little secret. Understand that.”

Despite exhaustion, Joseph murmured, “Don’t worry. I do.”

“Give her a call and tell her that you’re through with her.”

“I will.”

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Initiation of Diamond Ch. 01

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Coming through the door as instructed by the email that she’d received earlier in the day, diamond had no idea of what to expect. It was her first time coming through the front door in submissive mode, and her mind was racing. she made sure to memorize the instructions that her Master and Mistress, Lord Sage and Lady Isis, had left for her.

“On your knees as soon as you enter.” she repeated in her head. “Strip naked, except for your heels, pile your clothes neatly by the front door, and crawl to the couch.”

As she began to undress, diamond couldn’t help but overhear voices other than that of Sage and Isis coming from the living room area. her heart began racing even faster than her mind, as a tempered excitement ran through her body. diamond had anticipated this for about a week, ever since her first meeting and inspection with Them.

she quietly reminisced about Sage, standing over her, even as were sitting at dinner that evening. At 5’10” tall, she had a natural attraction to Sage, who stood at an intimidating 6’5″. The images that went through her mind were too much to bear at times, and the worst part was the knowing that both Sage and Isis could feel her Betturkey sexual energy. diamond wished that she weren’t so easy to read, especially when it came to her sexual urges. When she wanted someone, they knew it immediately.

diamond snapped out of her trance and began to crawl into the living room, where she made sure to quickly locate Isis, who was the closest One to her. she immediately took her place at Isis’ feet at the end of the sectional couch, assumed her kneeling position that she was taught, and kept her eyes cast downward until Isis acknowledged her presence.

“Good girl, and on her first night. Your Master and I are pleased.” she heard Isis say. diamond then began to hear the other comments from the other Dominants that were in the room.

“Very nice. she learns very quickly.”

“she will make an excellent pet, Sir.”

“you say she is brand new to the community, Ma’am?”

diamond couldn’t help but blush and grin to herself at the impression that she made; above all else, she wanted to make her Master and Mistress proud of her, and she managed to accomplish that in front of a captive audience.

“Yes, she Betturkey Giriş is, and We are very pleased and proud of how much she has absorbed in the short time that she has been with Us.” diamond finally heard Sage’s voice, and she could barely contain herself.

she felt His hand across her shoulder. And it was all she could do to keep from shaking; His presence had a way of commanding attention, and not just because of His height. He commanded respect and attention without saying a word. That drew her to Them more than anything.

her relationship with Isis is just as intense, but in a different way; while Sage had the blessed ability to control her mind, Isis had the ability to take her body to new levels of ecstasy. In her mind, it was the perfect combination, and she felt herself lucky to have found Them.

“you may look up now, diamond, so that We may introduce E/everyone to you.” Sage said to her as He took her finger to raise her face towards His.

diamond finally had her first opportunity to see who was in the room with Them. she was surprised to see about three Doms and two FemDoms, along with about six submissives, both men Betturkey Güncel Giriş and women, at their places of ownership at their Dom/mes’ feet. It was quite a sight for her as it was the first time that diamond had seen male submissives before. The way she understood it from Isis, male subs just don’t come out a lot.

diamond noticed one of the male submissives staring at her lustfully, and it was at that point that she finally remembered that she was still naked. While it turned her on to know that she was attracting attention, it was the way his eyes fixated on her that made her uncomfortable in her stance.

Isis spoke sternly to him, “Did I give you permission to fix your eyes upon My property, slave?”

“no, Ma’am. Please forgive me, she is just so beautiful, Ma’am.”

“That’s no excuse, slave, and you know better than to disrespect your Mistress.”

his Mistress, Lady K, overheard her submissive being berated for his transgression and immediately took Her hand and raked it across the back of his head, dropping his head down and forcing his eyes shut. “Just for that, slave, you go back into your chastity belt.”

“Yes, Ma’am, as you command.” he replied sheepishly as she settled back into his kneeling position.

“Okay, now that that’s finished, I believe it is time to break Our little one in properly.” diamond heard Isis say.

she knew what that meant: her limits were about to be tested. It was play time.

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In Praise of Black Men

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Group Sex

I’ve always been attracted to men who aren’t really dangerous men yet still project that kind of image. I guess it’s about the allure, after all. The masculine edge thing. The really manly men always seem a little bit dangerous. I like that. Maybe that’s why I’ve got a thing for Black men. They’re so hot, strong and manly. Doesn’t matter if they’re five-foot-tall or seven-feet-tall, they carry themselves like warriors and kings. I simply love that about Black men. White men don’t interest me. Never have, never will. I just don’t find the white males attractive. And I don’t hide it. White female friends of mine don’t like for my preferences in male companionship and I flip them the bird. I can’t stand bigots of any gender. I’m against racism of all types, and I’m very much a supporter of interracial relationships.

The way I see it, people love who they love. Color shouldn’t matter. Black women date white men. Black men date white women. Asian men date Black women. Asian women date Black men. Hell, some Black men date white men. It’s all good. Whatever floats your boat. The President of America is the son of a Black man and a white woman. The Governor of Massachusetts is a Black man. The Governor of New York is a Black man. The leader of the Republican Party is a Black man. The Attorney General is a Black man. See what I mean? People with outdated attitudes toward racial relations need to get with the program. Or quit bugging the rest of us progressive people. Especially if they’re racially biased cops or crooked politicians with too much power in their greedy hands. Someone should vote these clowns out of office. Let people live their lives how they want to do it. Love is love. It’s about who the person is, not the color of his or her skin.

My name is Amy Rosenthal. A five-foot-ten, busty and kind of plump, big-bottomed and blonde-haired Jewish chick living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. A 250-pound mama who can’t get enough of life’s twisted experiences. Just an average chubby gal living in America. My life isn’t easy. Never has been. I lost eighty five percent of the vision in my left eye due to an accident when I was in trade school. Some dumb Irish cop was stopping a fight between two drunken cheerleaders and some jock. Yeah, that’s when he whirled his baton toward my face. Talk about painful. That’s the last thing I saw clearly with my left eye. It’s not a visible flaw, though. It’s an internal thing. The doctors say it’s an optic thing. Whatever that means. Most folks don’t find out about this condition of mine unless I tell them. I never tell them. Not because I’m ashamed but because I don’t think it’s anybody’s damn business.

I’m a community college student working at the local fast food joint. Down in Brockton’s East Side. Not far from where the old Blockbuster video store used to be. I live in an apartment building owned by Miss Brown, a well-to-do Black lady and her family. I have lots of African-American, Cape Betturkey Verdean and Mexican friends. And I’m also the mother of a mixed-race son named Jason Wayne. My family turned their backs on me because I loved a Black man named Jeffrey and I turned my back on the rest of my family for being racists. Don’t need nothing from them. I’m raising my son alone, according to my rules. He’s not cut and I’m glad to do away with these ancient rules. Jeffrey Wayne, my son’s biological father is married to an Asian gal named Miko. Jeffrey’s a good man and he takes good care of his son. We’re still in good terms even though he’s with someone else. That’s okay. I accept it now. Some relationships just weren’t meant to last.

The town of Brockton is actually that rare New England city where someone like me can feel comfortable. The town has about one hundred thousand people. Fifty two percent of them are of African-American, Hispanic or Asian descent. Yeah, minorities are the majority in the city of Brockton. I’m forty right now. Before I’m sixty, minorities will be the majority in America. I call this progress. Out with alabaster and in with the rainbow. Two years ago, we nearly elected a Black gay man as our Mayor. I supported this unique candidate, but conservatives of all stripes rejected him. That’s too bad because he was a smart guy with good ideas. I don’t know why Brockton rejected him. He would have been a great mayor. At least he’d clean up the spot. Brockton is a messed up town in more ways than one, but I don’t want to live anywhere else.

Recently, I met a sexy young Black man who made my blood simply boil. A tall and kind of chubby but still good-looking young Black man named Steve. He recently returned home from the Iraq War and now works as manager of a nice family restaurant. He also attends some private college in Boston. I ran into him at Westgate Mall. I guess you could say we hit it off. I really wanted a piece of Steve. I haven’t gotten laid in a while. He was a real gentleman and took me out for a meal. Took me to the movies, too. We saw that science fiction flick where aliens land in South Africa. I liked Steve. I wanted to jump his bones right then and there but he insisted on doing it at his place.

Steve lived in a nice apartment in Brockton’s quietly affluent West Side. Lots of well-to-do African-American, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian families live in that area. I can’t afford to live there because I make four hundred bucks a week and use half of my monthly wages for rent and the rest for basic living. I felt mighty uncomfortable walking through Brockton’s west side with Steve. Lots of rich white folks live in Brockton’s west side. Contrarily to what you might think, they don’t like the likes of me. They consider me white trash. Steve was definitely a member of the growing upper middle class. His father George is a big-shot lawyer and his mother Martha is a professor at some private school in Milton. His brother Betturkey Giriş Larry is a policeman. His sister is some corporate executive. When he told me that, I was a bit surprised. Not because he is a Black man who came from a solid background but because folks with money usually aren’t all that nice. They treat folks like me like dirt. To me, a rich person is a bad seed. The kind of person who usually don’t bother looking at me. They consider poor chicks like me to be inferior. I’ve met stuck-up rich folks of all colors. And I didn’t like any of them. Steve was okay by me, though. I ended up falling in love all over again.

Now, don’t think I’m looking for a sugar daddy. I’m not. I stand on my own two feet. I do what I got to do in order to live. And I take care of my son Jason. It’s just that Steve is the first nice guy I’ve met in a long time. Most guys don’t like to date broke single mothers like me. Steve thought I was okay, and he treated me nicely. I can’t tell you how great that made me feel. Steve is a gentleman. He’s a good man. Lots of women of all color are looking for a good man. And it looks like one found me. We’re just good friends for now, though I’m dying to give him some ass. He’s so wonderful. I love Black men. They’re so handsome, so strong and so smart. Definitely the rightful kings of the world.

Yeah, I liked Steve and wanted a piece of him. I finally got my wish when he came to visit me one Sunday night. I was horny as well and for once we were on the same page. Steve sat on my couch with his pants around his ankles. I knelt before him and sucked his dick. His eight-inch, uncircumcised Black rod of power. I love that Steve is uncircumcised. Yeah, I’m a Jewish chick who loves uncircumcised men. Can’t get enough of them. They’re so exotic to me. I like these natural men. They’re the way all men should be. I wanted to make Steve happy. I eagerly sucked his cock and licked his balls. When it comes to cock sucking, I’m one of the best out there. If there were international cock sucking championships, I’d be the undisputed champion. Word up, as they say in Brockton.

I sucked Steve’s cock until I got him nice and hard, then the fun began. Steve put me on all fours, face down and fat white ass up. He pressed his cock against my cunt and shoved it deep inside. I groaned in pleasure as he entered me. It’s been so long since I had a big dick inside of me. How I missed it. Steve gripped my wide hips and thrust his cock deep into my pussy. I squealed in delight and begged him to fuck me harder. He really did, slamming his dick deeper inside my cunt. I absolutely loved it. It feels really good to have a Black dick in my pussy again.

After having Steve fuck my pussy for a while, I wanted to try something else. I like having a big Black dick in my pussy. But I absolutely love the feel of a big Black dick in my ass. I spread my plump white ass cheeks wide open and begged Steve to fuck me in the Betturkey Güncel Giriş ass. The Black stud laughed, and nodded. I took a bottle of lubricant off my nightstand and handed it to him. Steve lubricated my ass, then pressed his dick against my backdoor. With a swift thrust, he went inside. I gasped as Steve’s cock entered my asshole. Hot damn, that’s what I’m talking about. Do my sexual proclivities surprise you? The fact that I’m a plump and big-bottomed Jewish matron who loves anal sex with young Black men? It shouldn’t. It’s just the way I get down.

Steve grabbed a handful of my frizzy blonde hair and yanked my head back while slamming his dick deep inside my asshole. Oh, man. I love rough anal sex. It’s the best kind of sexual experience. Steve gave my chubby ass a good pounding, driving his dick so far up my asshole, I felt like he was branding me. I screamed in delight as he fucked me hard. This is what I love. To completely surrender to a sexy young Black man and get the kind of hot fucking that only a strong Black male can deliver. No other man can do the job. None whatsoever. Trust me, I’ve looked. It’s about more than a pretty face, athletic body or penis size. Black men are simply manlier than other men. It’s a psychological rather than a physiological thing. They’ve got this edge to them, and this kind of primal masculine presence that women of all colors can sense a mile away. Whether they like it or not. They take notice. The modern Black man is very much a man, pure and simple. Other men are merely male. Women can definitely tell the difference.

The feel of Steve’s awesome cock up my ass made me feel good. Hell, it’s like he transported me to a magical state of mind. Surrendering to him gives me pleasure because only a strong man can make a woman really feel like a woman. Steve’s cock demanded my immediate and non-negotiable surrender as a woman as he plowed his dick into the forbidden depths of my asshole. Deep down in places no man has ever been. I cried. I screamed. I howled. I groaned. I moaned. I begged. I pleaded. And I absolutely loved it. His dick stretched my asshole as he drilled into me like a Western miner prospecting for gold. And when he was done, just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he blessed me with his masculine essence. How? He came, blasting his load deep into my asshole. I howled in sheer pleasure. It was simply amazing!

When all was said and done, I was stunned. As well I should be. Steve was all that and then some. I fell asleep in his arms. We’re going to the movies tomorrow, and we’re going to start spending a lot more time together now that my son Jason is off to college way out of state. He’s met Steve recently and thinks he’s cool. Jason is glad I’m seeing someone. I’m glad my son feels that way. This means a lot to Steve and I. Now we can have a real relationship. Steve is cool and he makes me feel young again. And I’m going to enjoy everything life has to offer. I’m a forty-year-old plump Jewish mother of a college-age biracial son. A chick who literally worships uncircumcised Black men ( they’re unique and exotic to me ) and can’t get enough of life and love in the racially diverse city of Brockton, Massachusetts. And how was your day?

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From Dork to Dapper

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I never imagined I’d ever even think this, but damn, my little brother is hot.

It’s not that I never noticed it before. It’s because… well, because he used to not be. He’d always been a short, chubby nerd, but in the two years that I was abroad, he’d slimmed down and shot up. Liam was still a nerd—no doubt about that—but I was positive that a new wardrobe and contact lenses instead of his thick beer-bottle-bottom glasses could easily make him the hottest kid in his school.

* * * *

It was weird coming back home after two full years. It felt like so much stayed the same, but so much changed. And not just my brother.

Actually, maybe things had stayed mostly the same. Maybe it was just me who changed. I guess traveling alone to a foreign country to spend two years as a transfer student changes you. How could it not, right?

I didn’t really feel different though. Older, maybe. And smarter too—or at least possessing a brain crammed with more information, both relevant and irrelevant. But I know something definitely changed, because I used to love the smallness and coziness of my sleepy hometown, but when I came back, it just felt claustrophobic. Coming from a country that’s known for its brashness, the people back home seemed too sweet, and definitely too nosy.

If things had remained the same, I would have spent another year abroad and finished my bachelor’s degree there. But my mom had just been diagnosed with cancer, and they wanted me to come home, to be close. I wanted to come home too. I would have never forgiven myself if I’d decided to stay away while my mother suffered. But I couldn’t help miss my apartment and friends across the ocean.

My semester ended, and I rushed to pack up two years’ worth of stuff so I could come home. And then I was back home, feeling guilty that my heart was torn.

I arrived home on my brother’s 18th birthday. We’d actually planned it that way so I could surprise him—he thought I was coming home the next week. He’d never let on when we’d spoken or emailed, but my parents said he really missed me. He did seem pretty excited to see me when I showed up, a week early. And I tried to hide my surprise, but I couldn’t help but feel tingles up and down my body when I hugged him, this newly smoking hot brother of mine.

* * * *

We’re only three years apart, so when I was a senior in high school, he was a freshman. When he was in elementary school, he had a strict bedtime, but once he became a high schooler, my parents relaxed the rules a bit. Most nights, the two of us ended up going to sleep after they did, but usually around the same time, so we developed a bedtime routine so we wouldn’t get in each other’s way.

Which is why that night, when my parents were sleeping and my brother was in the shower, I walked into the bathroom, pajama clad, to brush my teeth, just like I always used to.

I never peeked at Liam in the shower when we were in high school—not to be mean, but there wasn’t really much to look at—but I couldn’t help myself this time. As I brushed my teeth, I positioned myself so I could see the shower door in the mirror. But the door was fogged up, so I couldn’t see anything.

Disappointed, I continued brushing my teeth. But as I bent down to spit my used toothpaste into the sink, my brother’s ass brushed against the glass door, wiping away some of the fog.

And then he turned around. And I saw his cock.

Not to be cliché or anything, but my brother is hung like a horse. I mean, damn. I’m not a slut, but I have seen my fair share of guys’ cocks. And none of them measure up to Liam’s. Literally.

I was so surprised I actually dropped my toothbrush into the sink, and the noise made my brother jump. I realized then that he hadn’t even known that I was in the bathroom. As I stood there, ogling my brother’s cock in the mirror, he whisper-yelled at me to get out. But I barely processed it. It took a second whisper-yell, a little louder this time, to jolt me out of my state of shock.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I stage whispered back. “I’m going!” I gathered my stuff and walked out of the bathroom and into my room. I did actually feel bad for startling him, and I guess for ogling, but honestly, with a cock like that, my brother seriously had nothing to be ashamed of.

I get it though. I’m his big sister. And the last time I saw him completely naked was when he was two and I was five, the last time my mom bathed us together.

I didn’t know how he wanted me to react after what happened, or if he wanted me to pretend it hadn’t actually happened, so I decided I’d follow his lead. Which that night, seemed like we were going for the latter.

I can’t promise I didn’t think of him as I drifted off to sleep, though.

* * * *

When I woke up the next morning, I was still thinking of my brother’s gigantic cock. And I was quite horny, to say the least. I may have spent a little extra time in the shower… And yes, I did think about him while I got myself off. I’m not ashamed to Betturkey say it. I probably should be. But I’m not. I’m not sure what that makes me, though.

I didn’t really know how I should act during breakfast, but my brother saved me that decision by disappearing to school before I even came downstairs. I sensed that he was avoiding me—and I totally understood why—but I knew it couldn’t continue like this forever. It was just a matter of time…

I spent the morning with my mom; I took her to a chemo appointment and met her doctors. They seemed great, and my mom was trying to be upbeat, but I knew she was in pain and it was all really uncomfortable for her.

When her treatment was over, she was beat, so we went straight home. I figured we’d spend the rest of the day chilling in her bed together, sleeping on and off—her because of the chemo, and me because of the jetlag.

We actually did both doze off soon after our heads hit the pillow, and we slept for a couple of hours. It was the sound of banging cabinets downstairs that woke me up. Thankfully, my mom was still sleeping, so I quietly slipped out of the room.

Inwardly, I was panicking slightly, thinking an intruder was in the house. It only took me a minute to remember that my brother was in middle of finals and must have come home after finishing his test.

I crept downstairs, so as not to wake up my mother, and tiptoed to the kitchen.

My brother was standing at the kitchen counter, cutting up vegetables for a salad. I stood in the doorway for a couple of minutes, watching him work. His baggy clothes hid most of his muscles, but I could still see some of them as he moved around, preparing his lunch. And I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

When my brother was finished preparing his salad, he turned around, carrying his bowl, presumably to go sit at the table. It was then that he noticed me, and nearly dropped his salad bowl in surprise. He probably would have had upside down salad, if not for his fast reflexes.

“Hey Liam,” I said, grinning with one side of my mouth.

He stared at me for a moment, then said accusingly, “You scared me.”

“I’m sorry. I promise I didn’t mean to.”

“How long were you—?”

“Just a couple of minutes.”

“Why though??” he asked, confusion spelled out all across his face.

Dammit, caught. Think fast! “Maybe I just missed my little brother,” I said jokingly.

“Well you sure have really creepy ways of showing it,” he said, and not in a joking voice.

He was still holding his salad bowl, looking confused and lost, so I gently took the bowl from his hand and placed it on the table. Then I walked around him, pulled out a chair, and put my hand on his shoulder to guide him to sit down.

I walked back around the chair and sat down opposite him, across the table.

“Liam, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for last night and I’m sorry for just now. I should have asked you before I came in to the bathroom, or not come in at all. Just being back in this house is sending me back into my old routines. It wasn’t right of me to walk in on you like that. I should have respected your privacy.”

Liam stared at me again, for so long that it started to make me uncomfortable.

“Say something? Please?” I asked quietly, trying not to sound desperate, scared that I’d alienated him just a few hours after coming home.

After a few more excruciating moments, he sighed, then lifted his fork and speared some of his salad.

“It’s okay. I’m just not used to having other people around. Mom’s always resting and Dad’s always busy, so it gets really quiet and lonely. Plus, you scared the shit out of me. Figuratively.” He took a bite of his salad and chewed slowly, staring again at me.

“I’m sorry, I really am s—”

“It’s fine,” he said, waving his fork in the air like a king pardoning his subject.

I drew back in the chair, still feeling guilty for scaring him and for being a Peeping Pam.

Liam was three-quarters of the way through his salad before he realized that I was staring down at my lap and not talking.

“Did I break you?” he asked, half joking. I shrugged, still looking down at my lap. Liam reached across the table and lifted my chin with the back of his fork.

“Ugh,” I said, wiping off my chin.

“I used the back!”

“Still,” I said, then looked back down at my lap.

“Em, please, can you talk to me?” Liam asked. I ignored him.

Liam then displayed a surprising show of empathy, something that I’d never see from him before. “I’m sensing that you’re feeling guilty right now.” I looked up, shock etched across my face.

Liam laughed and said “Psych 101, great class. Really though, you don’t have to feel guilty. It was a mistake. If you kept doing it, then we might have a problem. But I’m really not upset. Please don’t beat yourself up about it.”

Turns out, my brother is great at this Psych stuff, because what he said made me feel better. Well enough to get another fork from the drawer Betturkey Giriş across the room, then scurry back and sneak some of his salad.

“Hey!” Liam said, swatting at me with the back of his hand. “This. Is. My. Food. Go make your own if you’re hungry.”

I employed the best of my puppy eyes, the ones that notoriously get me everything, but he saw right through them. “Lazy ass. I’m not giving you any of my food.”

I cackled. “You already have!” I got up before he could swat at me again, and went to the fridge to look for something else to eat.

Liam was done eating his salad by the time I had finished scrounging around for ingredients and making my food, but he stayed at the table, flipping through the newspaper my father had left there after he ate his breakfast.

“So,” I said, “what’s your schedule for the rest of the week?”

Liam looked at me quizzically. “Why do you care?”

“Um because you’re my brother and I haven’t seen you in two years and things are super awkward between us right now because I was a Peeping Pam and I’m just trying to make things a little less awkward.”

Liam stared at me for a few seconds, then burst out laughing. “Peeping Pam! That’s a good one!” He slapped his palm on his thigh a few times.

It was my turn to stare then. And I stared at him the entire time he was laughing, not sure how to react.

After a minute of straight laughing, Liam calmed down and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. “Em, chill. You’re so tense right now.”

I breathed in and out deeply, and realized that my shoulders and back muscles actually were tight. As I tried to relax, Liam started to answer my question, forgetting—or pretending—that he hadn’t just laughed maniacally for 60 seconds.

“I have two more finals this week, and then I’m done. Graduation is next week Friday.” He looked at me questioningly. “You coming?”

I took another deep breath and tried to still my nerves, which were all over the place from the wacky conversation we were having. “Honest, I totally forgot about it.”

Liam’s face sunk. I hadn’t realized that he really wanted me to come. “But yeah, of course I’ll come! How can I miss the chance to see my baby brother walk down the aisle in front of scores of people, while wearing a dress-that-people-pretend-is-not-a-dress.”

Liam snorted, but then smiled. “Thanks Em. I actually bought a ticket for you already. I mean, Mom and Dad paid, but I had you in mind when I counted my guests. Not that anyone else is coming for me besides for you three.”

He quieted, and I could see the confidence leave his body like air from a popped balloon.

I lowered the grilled cheese sandwich that I was about to take a bite from, slightly concerned. “You didn’t invite any neighbors or friends? Grandpa??”

Liam shook his head, and I asked “Why?”

He shrugged, but when I crossed my arms against my chest, he said, “Money. I didn’t want Mom and Dad to spend so much money on tickets, they need everything for Mom’s treatment. And they’ve already spent so much money on me this year, between Senior trip, yearbook, college applications…”

Poor kid. He shouldn’t have to worry about these kinds of things. I knew he was technically an adult, but newly minted high school graduates should be worry-free. At least as worry free as I was when I graduated, if you don’t count the typical worries about starting at a new college, moving out, etc.

“If money wasn’t an option, is there anyone else you’d invite?”

Liam muttered, “Whatever, it’s fine.”

I gave him The Eye, the one that I’d only recently discovered that I inherited from my mother, the one that acted like a truth serum each and every time, no matter how old we were when she did it.

Liam said in an uncharacteristically squeaky voice, “There really isn’t anyone else.”

I looked at him with pity in my eyes, which Liam picked up on right away. “I don’t need your pity. I’m fine on my own.”

I tried to relax my eyes a little. “Do you really not have any friends?” It didn’t surprise me much, considering how awkward and lonely he was as a kid. But I thought that by now he’d have a couple friends.

He shrugged. “I’m friendly with some of the guys from the swim team. I sit with them at lunch and stuff, but we don’t hang out—or even text—out of school.”

Liam saw my saddened face, and he rushed to say, “I’m not a total loner. I have some people I’m friends with online from games and stuff. And before you say it, they are real friends. Just not ones that I’ve ever met in public or would ever expect to meet.”

I nodded. “Would you though? Want to meet them? If you had the opportunity?”

He shrugged again. “Maybe. I don’t know.”

He seemed reluctant to talk about it, so I backed off. We sat there in silence for a couple more minutes, my chewing the only audible sound.

“I have to go study now,” Liam said, almost to himself, after a couple minutes of sitting and doing nothing.

I was chewing my Betturkey Güncel Giriş last (large) bite of grilled cheese, so I waved. He got up, put his dishes in the sink to soak, and left the room.

As soon as he left, I sunk down in my chair, utterly spent. Who knew such a random, weird conversation with my brother would leave me so exhausted?

* * * *

The next few days began to take on somewhat of a routine. I mostly looked after my mother and chilled. I unpacked everything I’d amassed over two years, and then cleaned out my old stuff when I realized there was no place for everything in my room.

Liam was a fleeting presence, he was either in school or in his room studying. Aside for random spottings during the day, I mostly only saw him during suppertime, where we kept chatting to a minimum.

And I made sure to wait until he was done with the shower before brushing my teeth at night. I can’t say I would have liked a few more glances of his incredible body, but I was trying to respect his privacy.

It was difficult though. And I found myself thinking about him every night as I drifted off to sleep. And some mornings too, when my hand found its way into my panties.

Liam’s last final was on Friday, and my mom asked me to pick him up from school when he was done, so we could go food shopping together. My father is totally useless in a grocery store, so my mom used to do all the shopping, but it’s been difficult for her ever since she started treatment.

I think most weeks my dad and brother went to the store together, and between them they were able to figure it out for the most part, but there were definitely things missing in the kitchen. I think in general that unless guys are the primary cooks in the house, they don’t think about replenishing ingredients unless they’re specifically told to. And they don’t think in terms of meals and recipes unless they have a list. So my mom asked me to go with my brother this time.

Liam told me an approximate time to pick him up, and as I rolled into the school parking lot, tons of memories flooded my mind. I can’t say I loved high school, but I had a great group of friends and I was a good student, so it was okay. Most of the memories that came to me were positive, so I guess that’s a good sign.

I was deep in reverie when a knock startled me. Liam was standing at the passenger door, waiting to be let in. I had to lean over to unlock the door because my mom’s car is as old as the sun and the power lock doesn’t work anymore.

“Don’t even say you’re sorry Em, it’s fine,” Liam said, as he pushed the passenger seat all the way back, then folded his long body into the still-too-small space.

I blushed, but didn’t say anything. After I asked him how his last final went (he said it was “fine,” not that I expected any other answer), we sat in silence as I navigated the parking lot and the streets surrounding the school.

We actually didn’t speak any more until we reached the supermarket parking lot.

“So, how do you want to do this?” Liam asked as I pulled into a spot and shut the ignition.

“Play it by ear? I don’t know yet what system will work.”

“Okay by me,” Liam said as he shrugged, his huge, broad shoulders rising and falling. I noticed that he did that a lot and wondered why. Maybe he was still not used to how broad he was. It had only been a couple years since he joined the swim team and his physique changed.

The shopping trip went surprisingly smoothly. Liam was a great “fetcher,” especially when things were too high for me to reach. And I pretended not to look when he bent down to get things from the lower shelves, but truthfully, I couldn’t get enough sneak peeks at his ass. His perfectly round, toned ass.

We were done shopping in record time, and we loaded the car and drove home in companionable silence, proud of our accomplishment.

Liam brought most of the groceries into the house in one trip, the muscles in his shoulders, arms, and back tensing as he carried the heavy bags. We unpacked the groceries together, Liam reprising his role of reaching for high and low shelves. When we were finished, we both collapsed into chairs at the kitchen table.

“So, all done, huh?” I said, after a while. “You looking forward to graduation?”

“Not really. I don’t like when the spotlight’s on me.”

“Huh. But what about at swim meets? The spotlight is definitely on you when you win a medal.”

Liam thought about that for a moment. “I think I’m still so pumped with swimmer’s high that I tolerate it then. Otherwise, I’d rather be invisible.”

It was those words that made me realize that my brother definitely didn’t realize how hot he was—what a catch he was. I didn’t know why his classmates didn’t either think he was. Maybe they just remembered the short, fat Liam, or maybe Liam put up an invisible fence in school that kept all the kids out.

It’s wasn’t fair really. He was really a great kid. He should have had a girlfriend, a group of friends. Not be as lonely as he was.

“Em? Where’d you go?”

I shook my head to clear my thoughts. “Nowhere. I’m here. So tell me, what are you wearing to graduation, under your not-a-dress-dress?” I smirked, and Liam stuck his tongue out at me, which made my smirk only intensify.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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