Galatea’s Lover

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Jemma was a little early. It was one of her rules. Dates weren’t easy to come by in her position and limited experience had taught her not to bring along a carer. Reminding people of her utter dependence on outside help usually didn’t leave a brilliant first impression.

She smiled at a tall man, who was stood in the doorframe, wearing a vest and a bow-tie. Successfully having made eye-contact with the host, Jemma mouthed the words:

‘Just waiting for someone.’

The man saw the manual wheelchair and appeared concerned for only a second. He looked around briefly, then nodded discreetly and turned to greet a group of guests.

Recently, Jemma had spent a lot of time sitting and waiting, listening and watching, taking in all that she could. A rigid plastic brace kept her head fixed and only moving her eyes provided at least some variety when it came to her line of sight. Often she would hear a conversation, yet be unable to turn to see the speakers’ faces; instead she would always imagine them and if she saw people so far away that she could not hear them, she would make up their conversations, sometimes whole life stories, sometimes wonder what they liked to eat, what they looked like naked or whether or not she’d be taller than them, were she only able to stand.

She looked down, her limp arms just about visible in the corners of her eyes. It wasn’t too bad, she thought. A little sweat glistened around the splints that secured her hands and fingers and she could feel a small collection of droplets on her forehead as well, tickling her brow as they trickled down across her face. Jemma had gotten very good at ignoring these things; there was nothing she could do about after all.

A pretty woman stepped out of a cab. She was different from the picture Jemma had seen online, but not in a bad way, not in a wholly unexpected way. The woman was quite short, and though slim, didn’t seem at all athletic. In fact, Jemma wondered not for the first time, if she hadn’t once been anorexic. The woman didn’t have to look around very long to identify Jemma, and she approached with a bright smile.

The long, dyed red hair from the photos was gone, replaced by shorter hair, a side cut and an equally bright, green hue. Where there had been a single, silver stud just above one eyebrow, there was now a metallic spike, just small enough not to seem frightening. It was joined by a septum in her nose and three silvery rings in one of the earlobes. Jemma raised her eyebrows, marveling at the little collection.

The woman noticed her look and laughed.

‘Too much?’ she asked as soon as she had reached Jemma’s chair. ‘Nice to meet you in person, Jemma.’

‘Nice to meet you too, Hope,’ Jemma said. ‘You look great.’

She wasn’t lying; Hope’s little black dress was only just saved from being unacceptably daring by her nigh-complete lack of curves, it was short and tight, and provided a stark contrast for her colourful hair.

‘So do you.’

She placed a hand on top of Jemma’s.


‘Starving,’ replied Jemma.

They paused.

‘Do you want me to…?’ began Hope and ineptly mimed pushing.

‘If you wouldn’t mind,’ Jemma had hoped to sound a little less embarrassed and heat rose in her cheeks.

Hope walked round the chair.

‘See the red pedal?’ Jemma asked.


‘That’s the break. Push it all the way down and it should snap back up.’

‘Got it.’

There was some fumbling and rocking, then came a clicking noise and movement. Jemma had rolled forwards a couple of centimeters before being stopping abruptly. Hope presumably had gotten ahold of the handles.

‘Oops,’ made Hope. ‘You all right?’


Jemma clenched her jaw. This sort of thing had happened hundreds of times already; nevertheless, her heart-rate had skyrocket for a few, panicky seconds. She calmed herself with a series of deep breaths.

Hope pushed the chair along, towards the entrance. Luckily, the line wasn’t too long. Though the host appeared unphased on the outside, his stare lingered on Hope just a little bit longer than necessary. Jemma was almost certain that he would have mentioned Hope’s eccentric appearance, were she not with a spastic. As it was, he dutifully checked their reservation, and indicated their table politely, even asking if they required any assistance. Jemma declined.

She knew she was imposing on Hope, but the young woman had agreed to the whole thing after all. The table was set for two. Jemma liked the effect of the single candle in the otherwise rather sparsely lit restaurant; it was quite romantic in a kitschy sort of way. She told Hope to remove one of the chairs, just to put it to the side. A waiter would come and get it, she knew from experience. Hope positioned the wheelchair opposite her own chair. Only when Hope was about to return to her seat, Jemma reminded her to apply the brake again. She knew that was silly, but Jemma preferred to talk about these things as little as possible. In the beginning, this usually tended to cause more confusion.

Flustered and red in the face, Hope finally hd porno sat down. The table was small enough for even her to reach across easily, which was quite important for an evening out with Jemma. For a few seconds they were in danger of descending into awkward silence, but a waiter interrupted their pause.

Waiters were very fast around Jemma. It was an interesting wheelchair perk, which had everything to do with recurring news stories about the poor, poor disabled, suffering immensely waiting for proper service.

First date anxiety ordered a bottle of the house red for the girls; the rest seemed trivial. Somewhere in the back of Jemma’s mind, a connection was made between Cabernet Sauvignon and beef or lamb, though admittedly, Hope gave off every impression of not caring about that sort of thing in the slightest.

Like with most, there were many disadvantages to Jemma’s disability; one of the less obvious ones was her distinct inability to reach an intoxicated state discreetly. Hope was the one who fed her and every bite, every sip was hers to provide. After asking before every single bite at first, they quickly, organically settled into a rhythm: one forkful for Hope, one for Jemma, followed by a drink, rinse and repeat.

Unsurprisingly, Jemma’s posture remained unchanged throughout the evening. She could, however, observe a small transformation unfolding before her eyes, saw Hope’s shoulders beginning to slump, her nose beginning to redden, and her smile slowly broadening. Her nervous energy turned into an oddly touchy warmth, to the point that she seemed incapable of speaking without placing at least one hand somewhere on Jemma’s body.

‘You can ask, you know. If you want to,’ Jemma said.

After some prompting, Hope had finished telling a story about joining a gymnastics team in her youth. Jemma liked asking people about sports on first dates. It gave her an opportunity to get the whole chair-conversation out of the way, at least it did if the other person dared to venture forth into the unknown. If not, Jemma could always help out a little.

Hope laughed, a good sign in Jemma’s eyes. She inhaled deeply and forced herself to look serious for a moment.

‘Ask you about sports?’ Hope said.

Jemma grinned.

‘If you like.’

‘Did you ever do any?’


‘So you weren’t, you know, born like this?’


‘Do you want to tell me what happened?’

There was a pause.

‘I’d really like you to tell me,’ Hope said before Jemma could answer.

‘O-okay,’ Jemma was surprised to hear her voice tremble, usually, this was her time to show confidence, to be less awkward than her date.

‘I wasn’t born like this, but my disease, it’s genetic, so I’ve always had it. It’s my muscles, and not all of them either, they’re sort of developing backwards, getting weaker. It started when I was four in my left foot, and sort of spread from there.’

Hope placed a hand over Jemma’s.

‘So you could walk?’ she said brightly.

‘Um, yeah, yeah I could, till I was like a teenager actually, though with crutches by then.’

Jemma was quite taken aback by Hope’s demeanor, it was quite different from most people’s.

‘I used a wheelchair afterwards, but I could still move my arms and most of my upper body all the way through uni, although by the end I was very weak, I couldn’t push my chair, but I could write and type and eat.’

She paused again.

With her other hand, Hope was stroking Jemma’s cheek now, tracing her jawline with a pale, delicate finger.

‘Your eyes are amazing,’ Hope said. ‘They’re so green, it’s ridiculous, like looking at the sun through a pair of emeralds.’

‘Two years ago, I couldn’t lift my arms anymore,’ Jemma continued. ‘After that, it was less than a week before I couldn’t move my fingers or even hold up my head by myself.’

Hope gently pressed Jemma’s hand beneath the splint. Tears glistened in Jemma’s eyes. Hope leaned forwards and kissed her cheek, her soft lips brushing Jemma’s skin lightly for a tiny, fleeting moment. Jemma swallowed.

‘It won’t get worse,’ she said in a small voice. ‘Not anytime soon, the doctors say.’

‘That’s good,’ Hope wiped away a single tear from Jemma’s face.

‘Sorry,’ said Jemma. ‘I’m not usually like this, I don’t know what’s going…’

She stopped when Hope held up a hand.

The buzzing of the background chatter suddenly filled Jemma’s consciousness along with the clinking of cutlery and muffled footsteps on carpeted floors.

Hope bit her lips, then blinked as though giving Jemma a coded signal, as though inviting her to join in with some secret plan, which only they knew.

The two of them changed the subject then and it didn’t come up again. Jemma breathed easier. Her lamb was excellent, though she would have preferred a much smaller portion. Unlike Hope, Jemma at least finished hers, though frankly, there was quite possibly not enough room in Hope’s flat belly for the entirety of her goulash.

She was easy to talk to and easier still to get talking and not until they had long sex izle since finished their meal, did another hurdle present itself. The bottle was nearly empty, a little more than half of its content having disappeared into Hope, who had to be about two percent aged, full-bodied vino by now. The hurdle Jemma saw wasn’t a chair-one as much as it was a girl-one. She had been on boy-girl dates as well as on girl-girl dates and if there was any protocol on who should pay, it hadn’t been shared with either Jemma or any of her dates.

Jemma had suggested the restaurant; good point to start, but it had been Hope who’d made the first move, both through digital communication and through physical contact just before. Of course, Jemma was somewhat excused in that department, indeed most people paid for her without thinking, even if the situation wouldn’t necessarily call for it.

‘Aww,’ said Hope with an impish smile. ‘I just thought of something.’

She tapped Jemma’s nose, who blinked in surprise.

‘Today I can treat a beautiful woman to dinner and there is nothing she can do about it, nothing at all.’

Though she kept smiling, there was worry behind her eyes.

‘Think so?’ said Jemma. ‘Maybe that was my plan all along, a clever ruse to get you to pay, you’d never know.’

Hope rose to her feet, a clutch bag under her arm, and she leaned in to give Jemma a wet, sloppy kiss on the forehead.

‘I wouldn’t care,’ she said and skipped off to find the waiter, literally preventing Jemma from interfering.

There was a rattling when Jemma’s wheels left the velvet floors and returned to the familiar world of concrete.

‘You’re doing it wrong, you know,’ Jemma said accusingly.

‘No, I think I got it,’ Hope said with a shrug. ‘Down means they’re engaged, right?’

‘I’m not talking about the brakes.’

The late summer’s night was clear and pleasant, but it had been a new moon very recently and it was only by the light of the street lamps that the women could look at one another.

‘I’m talking about your kissing.’

Hope looked puzzled.

‘You’re really supposed to kiss me on the lips,’ Jemma explained.

Hope crouched down next to her, careful not to topple over, due to her heels, and she grasped the rim of the wheelchair.

‘I seem to keep missing,’ she said. ‘Must try harder.’

Her hands resting on the wheels, Hope moved forwards, stopping a hair’s breadth short of touching Jemma, whose breathing was immediately shallow and excited. Hope’s nose crinkled.

‘You smell of wine,’ she said.

‘So do you,’ Jemma’s mouth was dry now, tiny hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

Their foreheads touched and they shared in each other’s warmth, felt each other’s skin, slippery with sweat, make-up beginning to smear.

Hope turned her head to the side, her lips traveling along the other woman’s cheek. Jemma whimpered. Hope gently nibbled at her ear, then touched it with her lips, a mere shadow of a kiss, before whispering:

‘Missed again.’

Jemma bit down to try and stop her lips from quivering.

‘What now?’ asked Hope.

‘You could call someone to… to order me a car…’

‘Is that what you want?’


Jemma cleared her throat. Never before had she lamented the inability to shake her head this much.

‘No!’ she blurted out.

Hope giggled at the overly energetic answer.

‘Let’s not do that then. What about a car together? I know this place… um… my flat.’

Now it was Jemma’s turn and she snorted with stifled laughter.

‘Did that sound smoother in your head?’

‘Seriously?’ Jemma was genuinely surprised.


Hope’s spindly arms trembled under Jemma’s weight. She had undone the numerous Velcro straps, which secured Jemma in her chair, and was now struggling, holding the slumped body via a sort of hug. She tumbled backwards and her calves hit the edge of the bed.


Hope fell back and hit the mattress with a muffled thump.

‘Nice job.’

Jemma lay on top of her, hands and feet sprawled as though she’d lost consciousness, her nose pressed against the sheets.

Hope presumably would have been utterly mortified if not for the alcohol. With an exerted grunt, she pushed Jemma away, so that she rolled off and onto her back.

‘Your dress,’ Hope said, grinning stupidly.

From her position, Jemma couldn’t see it.

‘What is it? Ooh!’

Jemma suddenly felt Hope’s hand on her, apparently bare, thigh.

‘Oh nothing, just slid up a bit,’ Hope said. ‘How…? How does it feel?’

‘I told you: I feel just like you do.’

‘Yeah, I know that. I meant… like it?’

‘I…’ something stirred within Jemma.

Hope pulled back her arm, suddenly afraid.

‘S-sorry, I…’

‘No!’ Jemma was a bit loud again. ‘I mean: no. Don’t stop.’

Hope’s expression was relief and mischief.

‘No?’ she asked.

‘No,’ said Jemma.

Hope clambered on top of Jemma, all the while keeping eye-contact. She was giggly and a touch uncoordinated, but altyazılı porn there was an unwavering determination in her movements. She bent down and her lips parted. Jemma urged on every pathetic, limp muscle in her body to try and reach up to those perfect lips, round and red and inviting, but nothing happened.

Hope came closer. Their lips met.

For a few seconds, they were still, enjoyed the touch, the sudden closeness. Jemma’s tongue entered Hope’s mouth, found another tongue, playfully nudged it, tickled it. The septum felt cool against her upper lip. It was Jemma, exploring, actively engaging in physical contact, a small miracle, an infinite pleasure.

The world around her melted away. All she wanted to focus on was Hope, and the tiny, little world they shared. After an eternity that was far, far too short, Hope pulled back.

Jemma was out of breath, but her expression was one of happy exhaustion.

‘The braces,’ she said. ‘Take them off, please.’

‘Will you be all right?’

‘I don’t have to wear them all the time.’

Hope shrugged. The sound of more Velcro straps being pulled apart followed. Hope carefully put the splints and the brace down on the floor next to the bed.

‘Great! Now come here. Kiss me again!’

Hope laughed and took one of Jemma’s hands.

‘You’re so pretty,’ she said, massaging the unmoving palm with her thumb.

She placed Jemma’s hand onto her own chest. It was small, petite, but still, through the dress and the bra, Jemma could feel the outline of Hope’s tit.

‘Woah,’ she said.

She was overcome by an impossible urge to squeeze, to hold. Hope looked at Jemma’s face, then she gently closed Jemma’s hand onto the breast.

‘How is that?’

Jemma trembled and felt sudden excitement from between her legs. She didn’t answer, but stunned silence seemed to be enough for Hope.

‘Come on, I’ll help you get undressed.’

And then they were naked, in bed and Jemma lay calmly, her head to the side while inwardly, she screamed. This was a first date, a stranger, a stranger’s home no less.

‘This is crazy,’ she said.

Aside from her head, Jemma lay perfectly straight, her body looking like something out of a morgue. Hope was on her side, next to her, more like a live model. With one finger, she kept circling Jemma’s belly button, staring dreamily into her eyes.

‘I don’t think so,’ she said. ‘Not yet anyway.’

Her hand slowly wandered down.

‘Nice,’ she said, gleefully watching Jemma’s sex perking up.

Hope’s fingers traced the small strip of pubic hair, before looking down at her own. It looked much less kempt by comparison.

‘Have got someone that shaves your pussy?’ she asked.

‘Course I do. My nurse. She shaves me all over. Bathes me too.’

‘Huh,’ Hope let the idea sink in. ‘You’re going to make me jealous,’ she laughed.

‘She’s 57 though,’ Jemma said, watching Hope’s hand, eager for more intimate contact.

‘I’m not judging.’

‘Ah!’ Hope’s hand was just out of view now, but Jemma could feel a finger pressing lightly against her clit.

‘Look at that,’ Hope’s eyes gleamed.

She held up her finger and it was dripping with Jemma’s juices.

‘Tease,’ said Jemma.

‘Well, I don’t want you to have all the fun,’ Hope said.

‘What do you-?’

Hope got onto her knees.

‘We’ll need to secure your head though.’

She looked around and grabbed a pair of pillows. After some positioning and rearranging, Jemma’s head was propped up on a small mountain made of pillows and duvets. It was higher than the rest of her body now and granted her a much better view.

Hope and swung a leg over Jemma and then hovered right above her torso, facing away from the motionless woman beneath her.

‘Looking good,’ Jemma laughed.

Hope wriggled her extremely flat, extremely white bottom. She put down her hands to either side of Jemma’s hips and lowered herself down. Realisation dawned on Jemma. Hope looked back.

‘Can you… reach?’

The bum came closer. A single cheek touched Jemma’s nose.

‘Close,’ Jemma reported.

Hope scooted back a bit and the distinct smell of sweat and pussy grew stronger. Jemma could see the wet flaps now, the dark pubes glistening with droplets of Hope’s lady juices.

‘Stop there!’ she said. ‘Now lower. Lower. Mmph.’

Jemma deeply inhaled Hope’s smell. Her nose and tongue were buried in the dripping sex, and greedily she began to lap up the sour secretions.

Hope pulled apart the other woman’s limp legs and Jemma shuddered when she felt the warm tongue’s tip between her thighs, tenderly following the crevice of her womanhood. Hope plunged deeper, and both women let out muffled moans of pleasure, both trying to keep themselves from giving in already.

Hope had now stopped using her arms to support herself. Her upper body had slumped onto Jemma, and she had firmly grabbed onto her thighs.

Jemma’s world was taken up entirely by Hope, who had by now given up on restraint. Her sweaty form was writhing on top of Jemma, and she thrust her sex down on the red face, again and again. Jemma took it in eagerly, her tongue stretched to its limits, trying to reach as deep as she could, while simultaneously fighting the urge to succumb to ecstasy, to let go.

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Happy Birthday

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The text makes you blink a couple of times and whisper to yourself, “What?” You read it again, “Answer the phone when I call you.” You send back, “Why?”

“Just do it,” I send back.

Nervously, you wait for me to call and when the phone goes off, you click “answer” and breathe softly, “Hello?”

“Mmmm,” I breathe, “I want to kiss you hard. Bite your lip and then lick my way down to your neck, and bite you right where your pulse pounds at the base of your throat.”

“Baby, stop it.” Your voice goes to a pitch you didn’t know you had in you, “I’m sitting at my desk and g-“

“I know you are. I want to crawl under your desk and grab your knees, pull your chair as close as I can and kiss the insides of your fucking amazing thighs until you’re ready to cum before I even put my mouth on your pussy.”

“Jesus, Babe!” You hiss, running a hand through your hair and glancing around desperately as if everyone can hear what I’m saying.

“I want my tongue in your pussy,” I continue in a husky voice.

Your throat feels like sandpaper when you swallow hard, your face burning bright red as you stare at the top of your desk now, your breathing picking up as you begin to picture the scene I’m playing out with words. “You do, do you,” you manage to ask in a somewhat normal voice, just a bit rough around the edges.

I sigh now, knowing you don’t want me to stop, “Oh yeah, I do,” I answer with a sultry purr. “I want my tongue in your pussy. I want to suck your clit so hard…”

You tense, your stomach clenching at the words and the tone of my voice, and your mouth drops open as you notice how wet you are.

I can hear your heavy breathing and that just makes me wetter. Knowing I’m turning you on is more than I could ever have asked for, “What do you want me to do with my fingers?”

You close your eyes and shake your head sadly, “I can’t say,” you whisper and türkçe altyazılı porno bite your lip.

“Do you want them in your hair?”


“On your breasts, scratching lightly over your nipples?”


“Are they hard?”

Your breath hitches and you push past it, forcing the air out of your lungs, “What?” They are hard. Painfully hard. Trying to poke out through your three layers of clothing. “Yes,” you finally admit in a low voice.

“Baby…” I begin, my heart starting to race, “are you wet?”

You almost whimper, holding back at the last second. “I- yes.”

“Really wet?” I ask, breathing in and out heavily.

Squirming uncomfortably in your seat, opening your eyes to glance around, and then closing them again as you answer, “Yes.”

“How wet?” I press, sitting on the edge of my couch, back straight, straining to hear the answer.

You have to figure out how to answer without blatantly announcing what we’re talking about, “To an uncomfortable degree,” you finally reply.

“So it’d be easy to get my fingers inside you if I were under your desk, then?”

“God…” you groan quietly. “Yes, it would.”

“How many?”

“What?” you squeak.

“How many fingers could I fit inside without hurting you, if I were there right now with my hand in your pants?”

You’re starting to lose it. Your eyelashes flutter and you grip the phone until your knuckles turn white, “Three.”

“Then imagine I’ve got three fingers buried in you. Imagine how my fingers would feel, pushing in and out, painting and stroking inside your pussy. Can you feel them?”

“Yes,” you groan, dropping your head forward and clenching your thighs together tightly.

“Do you want them? Do you want them to fuck you?”

“Yes,” you gasp desperately, breathing raggedly, your pants wet through your xnxx underwear, clit throbbing and pulsing with need.

“Good. Now listen.” I begin my story, “I’d drag those shorts down over your hips, thighs, knees, and off. Mmmm, I bet I could tell how wet you are just by looking at you. I’d trail a fingertip lightly over the dampness and I bet you’d squirm a little, wouldn’t you, baby?”

It’s hard to speak, but you do it, “Yes.”

Smiling a satisfied smile, I continue, “I’d place a hand on the inside of each knee and spread those long, beautiful legs of yours. Then I’d drop my lips to one bare thigh and place a series of soft kisses along them. I’d switch to the other quivering thigh and put my hands to work getting rid of those little panties you’re wearing. Now that you’re naked from the waist down, I know I’d smell you and how hot you are.”

Behind your closed eyelids, the scene is playing perfectly in your head. Without trying too hard, you can imagine my hair across your knee and you can almost feel my lips kissing and teasing your thighs.

“I’d swirl my tongue in circles up one of your thighs and back down the other, until you whimper and buck towards me. And that would be the last straw for me, baby.” I sigh long, biting my lip, “Your wet, open pussy so close, waiting for my mouth… I’d be crazy if I didn’t take a taste.”

Imagining my pink tongue sliding out of my mouth and onto your pussy makes you grind your teeth hard, the noise echoing in the air around your ears, sounding magnified, pulsing electrically. You gasp, “Oh fuck.”

“Oh baby, I’d start slow. Licking with the softest, sweetest, most tender strokes, just the tip of that tongue teasing through your folds.” I groan loudly and you know I’m touching myself. There’s no way a sound like that happens without any action at all. And that just makes you 100 times hotter.

You imagine porno izle reaching down to grab fistfuls of my hair. You know it’d feel good… slow, sensual, lazy. “Please,” you find herself breathing on an exhale, the word coming out airy and light, but no less filled with need than if you’d screamed it.

The word slams against my senses as if it had been burned into my skin with a soldering iron, and I moan my own arousal, “You wouldn’t have to beg, baby. I’d push my tongue into your tight little pussy, feeling the muscles squeeze around it. God damn, I bet you’d taste so fucking good.”

You groan, long and low, throwing your head back. You see your own legs, spread wide and your hips rocking firmly forward, thighs clenching around my head as you feel my tongue move into you. Outside your mind, sitting in the office of your house, you’re so fucking wet it’s almost a shame. And you want to touch yourself so bad it almost hurts. You take a chance and slide your hand under the waistband of your shorts. “Shit,” you whisper, “baby, I’m so fucking hot.” You move slowly but impatiently, working your body up and praying you don’t scream when you cum.

I grunt, “Mmm. Good. God I’m wet, too.” I close my eyes and continue, “I’d reach up under your tank top, find a nipple and squeeze it. Roll it around in my fingers until it’s hard and aching. I bet that’d make you fuck my face even harder.” My body tightens and I groan, “I’m going to cum so hard. I am so fucking close.” I arch my back, feeling my muscles tighten and my thighs shiver, “I’m gonna cu-fuck, fuck. Oh baby.” I gasp and roll my hips, my toes curl and my eyes clamp closed. Breathing hard, I strain to hear you when you let out a desperate grunt.

Your vision begins to get hazy, “Fuck. Oh my god.” The pressure had been building and then your release claims you… tortuously slow and sweet, starting in your groin and spreading from there. Wave after wave of pleasure rolls through your body, peaking in the middle and then cresting downward. You breathe hard and bite your lip harder. When your body begins to relax, you sigh, “Shit.”

I smile, just a little shy now, and softly laugh, “Happy Birthday, Baby.”

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Gracie’s Grand Gala Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – Born Again Libido

Sometimes a girl just has to sit back and reflect upon what is going on in her life if for no other reason but to keep her feet flat on the ground. In just a very short time I have been seduced by none other than my beautiful teenage daughter. Did I stop there? Hell no. I no more than remember how to eat pussy when I found myself in between the legs of one of her schoolmates, Dianne.

I must have liked it. The next weekend I rented a suite at a hotel, and had all three girls over for a pussy licking festival. Now that was fun. Then it happened. I started remembering when I was a coed and attending classes at the same all girls’ school where my daughter is studying now. My main muffin was Emily. It was through her that I met her brother, Charles, who I eventually married when I got knocked up with Allison. He was the instigator of mine and Emily’s separation.

At the risk of invading the soap opera genre, I will continue. My marriage lasted long enough for me to realize that Charles had married my fortune and not my feminine charm. The attorney I found handled our divorce professionally, expertly, and much to his chagrin. He doesn’t even have visiting privileges with his ill-gotten daughter, Allison. The attorney’s name is Amanda Fox. You will hear much more about her in later chapters.

Now, let’s get back to my lost love, Emily. All of these memories being dragged out of my mental archive made me miss her terribly. My yearning left me with no choice other than to contact her after all of these years. That was no chore at all. She had continued her education through graduate school and was presently working as an assistant superintendent at the local public school district.

I talked to her briefly at her work yesterday, and upon obtaining her home number, we visited for hours last night by phone. Renewing our friendship was a warm and welcomed feeling for both of us, but we had much, much more to revive between us. It just so happens that today is Saturday and one of her days off. She was due here any minute now for a hands-on re-acquaintance. My biological signs of this anticipation were gradually but surely becoming apparent.

Finally, when her Corvette eased to a stop in front of my house, I knew Emily was back in my life. Like a high school teenager, I dashed out of the house and pounced upon her as she merged from the car.

“Oh God,” I cried gleefully, “it’s so good to see you again, Em.” I was squeezing her and showering her with kisses while she was making a great effort to remain upright. Had it not been for her athletic superiority we might have been sprawled on the driveway with me between her legs bringing back hundreds of fond old memories.

“Holy shit, Gracie,” she exclaimed, “it’s good to see you as well, but I think we should get inside before we start renewing our intimacy, don’t you think?” She chuckled as she pushed me away to get a better look. “You still love as lovely as ever, old girl, and I’ll bet you are better with your love making as well. Sex is like wine. Better with age.”

“Let’s go find out,” I said excitedly as I hooked my arm around hers and started for the front door. “I’ve had lunch catered, so we can do what we want, when we want, and with whom we want.” We both laughed at the last part of my babbling. “I’ve missed you so, Em,” I cooed as I squeezed her arm against my bosom.

When we got inside and closed the front door, Emily spoke. “I have a great idea, my sweet,” she said very sweetly. “Why don’t we be practical about this and start off mathematically?” She saw my puzzled look. “69,” was her explanation. “Simultaneous pussy eating; no waiting turns. Okay?”

“Sounds like a winner,” I said excitedly, “but I’m going to get acquainted porno indir with those boobs again before I go down under.” I had been wearing a lounging jump suit while Em was primly dressed in fashionable street clothes. I stood stark naked and watched her peel layer after layer off and drop each garment to the floor.

As Emily peeled off her last stocking, she gave me a sexy look and said, “Come here.”

I needed no further encouragement. I flew into her arms; our breasts melted together, and our lips locked. The kiss was long and passionate. When we broke loose, we were well on our way. I could ffel juices running down my legs, and I was certain some of them were hers.

We took turns kissing and caressing, and suckling each others breasts. I probed her wet pussy with two of my fingers, and she promptly returned the favor. Heaving like long distance runners on a hot summer day, we looked at each other and headed for the couch.

The two fingers she had used to probe my pussy were now embedded in my asshole, and I was squeezing their delight as vigorously as I could. Of course, I was giving her the same treatment. Our audible commentary attested to the pleasure building second by second. We humped wildly against each other’s faces, and grappled with every body part we could find. This unbridled fervor led to the natural result. We almost simultaneously entered into a state of orgasmic heaven that we embraced and celebrated with enthusiasm.

Our experience was so rapturous that we collapsed against each other, and actually rolled off of the sofa onto the floor. We squealed and laughed like school girls.

“Gracie,” Em sighed in a dreamy voice, “that wonderful tongue of yours is still the longest I’ve ever felt. For old time sake, do my butt hole the way you used to do.”

“Are you asking me to French kiss your asshole, Em?”

“Please. Pretty please.”

“Assume the position,” I ordered sounding like a law officer. She immediately sprang to her feet, spread her legs, and grabbed her ankles. If the occasion ever arises when you need to get a good look at someone’s asshole, this is the way to do it. I rose to my knees, spread her ass cheeks, and burrowed my firmed-up tongue deep into her channel. Her reaction was nothing short of inspiring. I pressed harder, and probed deeper.

“Oh shit,” she gasped, “Gracie’s back, thank God.” She pushed back against my mouth wanting more. I obliged. After awhile I disengaged and sat back on my heels. Em gracefully turned around, sank to her knees, and gathered me up into an arousing passionate embrace. Our tongues flashed, entwined, searched and withdrew. Em read the expression on my face as she settled back on her heels.

“That’s the only way I will know exactly what you experience back there, right?” she said matter-of-factly.

“Not exactly,” I said in a pensive tone. “You don’t get the thrill of an over-active asshole grappling with your tongue like I just did.”

“Show me,” Em said excitedly even thought she had been there before, but that was years ago. “You assume the position, Gracie. I don’t have the tongue you do, but I’ll make up for it with heart.”

I was holding my ankles with high expectations when I felt Em’s tongue burrow into my asshole. I clinched spasmodically, and she pushed even harder. As I spread my legs wider to give her more room, I felt her fingers fondling my pussy. I was breathing so hard by now that I don’t know how I managed it, but I moaned gratefully. Then I felt her fingers inside of me, and I felt her tongue methodically pumping at my rear entrance. Then I felt the unexpected orgasm beginning to form. She realized what was happening, and without missing a stroke, she moved her hand from my pussy to rokettube my clit. My orgasm was state of the art gut-wrenching. I dropped to my knees, and then fell forward resting on my elbows.

When my orgasm finally subsided, I stretched out on the floor and rolled over on my back. Em crawled up my body, and drenching wet with sweat, we fell into another passionate embrace. There was a slight tang present, but all in all everything was great. Our kiss turned into several, and we took our time recovering from our sexual splendor.

Without bothering to dress, we had lunch from the catering cart. We also had wine; lots of wine. Understandably, rosy cheeks were part of the uniform of the day.

“We’ve been apart for so long, Gracie,” Em said, “that I know very little about how you have evolved over the years. That is, of course, other than becoming lovelier with maturity.” Her smile was a sight to behold. “Do you have a male lover on the side?”

“Nope,” I said promptly, “but Allison introduced me to her little buddy, Bad Boy.” I went on to explain about the strap-on she used at school. “Before you ask,” I said quickly, “I’ve ordered one on the Internet. I’m expecting it any day now, but I guess you know that device takes two.” I looked at her with a gleam in my eyes.

“I’m on call 24/7, Love.” I detected a little disappointment on her face.

“Wait a minute, Em,” I said getting to my feet. “That daughter of mine has a box in her room that she calls happiness hotel. Want to take a look?”

“Do you think she will mind?” Em asked.

“She doesn’t have to know unless we have to call her to find out how something works. Come on.”

Allison’s room was much neater than usual, but why not? She’s seldom home anymore with school and all. When she was a fulltime resident, her room was like any other teenage girls. It was a disaster area.

I found Hotel Happiness in one corner of her walk-in closet, and immediately flung the lid open. Em and I both put a hand to our chests and utter almost in unison, “Oh my.” But my smile was no broader than that of my sexy lover’s.

There was no less than half a dozen toys in the box. I didn’t identify with some of them, but I did spy one that took my interest. It was a firm rubber dildo with a pecker head on each end. I picked it up out of the box to get a better look.

“I want half,” Em squealed gleefully. “That thing must be a yard long,” she exclaimed.

“How would you like this thing up your ass instead of my tongue?” I asked with a wicked expression on my face.

“Not as a replacement, Sweetheart; perhaps as an alternate,” Em stated in a tone that led me to believe she was quite serious.

“What else?” I asked anxiously.

“One step at a time you old slut,” Em said teasingly. “Using this thing we can fuck each other at the same time, eh?”

With no openly discussed plan in mind, we ended up on the sun porch where the hot tub and the indoor pool were housed. I had been clever enough to bring along a bottle of lubricant that Allison kept with her toys when we left her room. We were still nude so preparations for our new level of debauchery were simple.

I have a terrible habit of naming every thing I become attached to, and I was reasonably sure that my attachment to this double-headed hose we found in Allison’s toy box would fall into that category so I named it The Codger. After all, any two headed dick had to be grouchy and it was undisputedly male, and its elongated shape made me think of the conger eel. So defines our newest sex toy.

Em and The Codger were at a table near the hot tub when I returned from the bar with more wine. She was almost lovingly bathing the tool with lubricant. When I neared the table, porno she held one end TC, its sudden nickname, toward me.

“See if it fits, Gracie,” she sad cheerfully.

I set the wine glasses down, spread my legs, and said, “You see if it fits, Smarty.”

“I meant for you to suck on it, asshole,” Em replied with a false air of disgust.

“Get me a real one, and I’ll suck it. Take that greased puppy and see how far it will go into my pussy.” I made another squatting movement indicating that I was ready to play. Em leaned forward and slipped one end of TC into my wet muffin and eased it deeper.

“Say when,” she said while concentrating on the probe underway.

“Ooooh, that’s nice, Baby. Join me.”

En stood in a fashion similar to mine, and handed me the unexposed end of TC. I aimed carefully, pressed the dick head against her pussy hole, and stepping closer, caused the toy to ease it way into my lover’s snatch. When we were both satisfied that TC was settled, Em leaned forward and took one of my nipples into her mouth. At about the same time we both had started slowly moving back and forth on this wicked dildo.

I couldn’t reach Em’s boobs because of her contact with mine, but I could reach down and find her swelling clit. She whimpered and pushed harder against our connector. Her next move was to grasp TC midway and hold it in position while we both pumped away up and down the slick barrel. When Em broke away from my breast, I wasted no time in latching on to one of hers. We’ve always worked well together.

TC gave us a good feeling; it was much better than a couple of fingers playing in the pee hole. But we both decided we just weren’t using that toy in the most arousing way. Then Em’s little light came on in her head.

“I’ve got an idea, Gracie,” she chirped. “Assume the 69 position.”

I had learned years ago that most of Em’s ideas were good ones and enjoyable to us both. I lay on my back on a beach towel spread on the deck by the pool. Em approached with TC still glistening with lubricant and juices from our prior engagement and assumed her position over me. I needed no coaching. I grabbed to big hands full of her firm ass cheeks and buried my face in her snatch.

In a few moments I felt one end of TC nudging it way into my ass hole. It was tight, but it was a good size for the job. Em sunk the probe about four inches deep. I could feel my ass grappling with the pleasant intruder, but then I realized Em was penetrating my pussy with the other end of TC. Wow! What a sensation! Doubled teamed with one tool, and that wasn’t the end of this joy. TC was now embedded in both of my holes with a mid-section of about eight inches shaped like a horseshoe. Em grasped this horseshoe at its center and started twisting her wrist one way and then the other.

With each move she caused one end of TC to probe, and at the same time, caused the other end to withdraw. This was a full-service, hand-operated fuck machine satisfying the from and the back door simultaneously. Unconsciously this new experience at my crotch caused me to attack Em’s pussy more vigorously. I was lapping harder, probing deeper, and traveling from ass hole to clit every trip.

My entire body was on fire. My ass was pounding the beach towel beneath me, and I could just imagine the ecstasy Em was feeling.

We were both women who did not hold back audibly or physically when it came to feeling our pleasures. A distant observer would have sworn we were trying to kill each other. Our bodies were humping, and bucking, and twisting, and turning, and our animal like commentary was filling the sun porch wall to wall. We settled down slowly and calmly, but only after each celebrating glorious orgasms one should not even attempt to describe.

There was nothing left to be said. We lay there breathing heavily, and gasping for air as we lazily ran our hands over each other’s sweat soaked bodies.

“Are we going to do this often?” Em asked.

“Every time I see you naked,” I sighed.

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Fun on South Beach Ch. 03

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Elizabeth was a makeup artist, one of the finest in Miami, if not in the country. She had been hired by World Elite Modeling to do the makeup for a new calendar that was in the works. Elizabeth always looked forward to working for World Elite and she was especially pleased to be on this job. Angel Enriquez was the star model for this calendar and Elizabeth had been having fantasies about Angel for quite awhile.

Every time Elizabeth was anywhere near Angel, it was as if she lost her composure. She became clumsy. She became nervous. She became anxious. After this had gone on for awhile, she found herself daydreaming about Angel. Although Elizabeth was well into her 50s with children older than Angel, she found herself infatuated with the Latin beauty. Elizabeth had never, ever had any kind of lesbian experience before. Now, that she was having these thoughts, she could not understand why or what to do about it. But, she did know that Angel was going to be there, sitting in her chair in less than 5 minutes.

Actually, it turned out to be less than that as Angel opened the door and came right in.

“Hi Liz,” she beamed, “good to see you as usual.”

“Hello sweetness,” Elizabeth replied. “Wow, is that you’re outfit for the next shoot?”

Angel had known that she was going to be getting some body makeup for the shoot, so she had worn the bare minimum to allow Elizabeth to work easily. It was a lingerie set that she had bought at shop in L.A. It consisted of a very tiny top, hardly more than a band of filmy cloth that hung loosely around her chest. Thin spaghetti straps held it from her shoulders. The band of cloth, hardly more than 4 inches from top to bottom, tried but failed to cover the beautiful girl’s breasts. It was wondrous to watch the girl simply breathe and see her breasts rise and fall under the thin material. The panties were no larger than a bikini panty, but were cut loosely from the same material as the top. The slightest breeze could blow them open and reveal Angel’s sex.

Elizabeth almost felt faint as she took in the sight of the girl’s breasts and pussy through the outfit. It was all she could do to be professional with the object of her fantasies standing right there before her.

“Why don’t you get into the chair and let’s get started,” Elizabeth told her. “I’ll start a CD for you.”

On a lark, Elizabeth put on a very mellow CD she had just bought. The music was very relaxing, but the best thing was that in the background, sounds of nature had been put in. Elizabeth found it to be very restful and she thought it would be good at the moment. She also lit a nice incense wand that she knew Angel liked.

Elizabeth turned around and had to stop for a moment. Sweet, lovely Angel had climbed into the chair and was already laying back. Her slender legs were up on the footrest and were slightly parted. Her arms were stretched out and her head was laying back on the headrest. Angel’s luxuriant honey blonde hair was pulled to one side and laid over her shoulder. She had already closed her eyes and was settling in for Elizabeth to work.

Elizabeth’s mind raced as she took in the sight of this incredible girl. She had first met Angel when Angel was only 16 and was breaking into modeling. She had always held a special spot for her because, even as a teenager, Angel simply exuded the kind of warmth and charm and beauty that are very rare commodities. The kind of commodities that guarantee success.

Now, she found herself standing before this girl with a crushing desire to touch her. Granted, she had touched Angel many times in the past. But that had always been in the course of doing her job. She simply had to in order to put the makeup on. But this was different. She wanted to touch Angel with her hands; to stroke her, to caress her. She wanted to put her mouth over Angel’s soft lips. To kiss her, to really kiss her. To run her lips over Angel’s smooth skin. She stared at Angel’s breasts, as they gently lifted and fell, and thought of how easily she could put her lips over each of the almost exposed nipples and suckle the girl.

Elizabeth jerked back to reality as Angel said, “Liz, are you okay?”

Angel was looking at her with curiosity. Elizabeth blushed momentarily as she realized she had been caught. She quickly grabbed up a makeup brush and got to work.

“Close your eyes Angel so I can do your face,” she said, trying to sound professional as best she could.

Elizabeth grabbed up her best powder brush and began to lightly brush Angel’s face. The fine brush danced lightly over the perfect complexion. Elizabeth almost laughed at how ridiculous her efforts were. This girl was so beautiful, it was almost ridiculous for Elizabeth to try and improve anything about her.

“I really like this CD Liz,” Angel said. “It really calms me down.”

“I knew you would like it sweetness. I bought it just for you.”

Angel opened her eyes and looked up. Her wonderful smile beamed at türkçe altyazılı porno the older woman.

“You’re really sweet to me. I always enjoy working with you.”

Angel closed her eyes and settled back as Elizabeth returned to work. She took one of her pencils and began to draw around the girl’s pink lips. Elizabeth leaned in close to steady herself and realized how physically close she was to Angel. Her own lips were mere inches away from the lips she so desperately wanted to kiss. The girl’s full and perfect breasts, only slightly hidden by the light lingerie top, were right there before her. All Elizabeth had to do was simply lower her hands and she could gather the girls breasts and guide them to her mouth.

Elizabeth caught herself. Her mind raced as she realized what had been going through her mind. She was lusting for this young girl, this beautiful girl. She felt almost out of control. She began to wonder if she could make it through this without giving in to her desire. She thought about how she was going to be putting makeup on Angel’s entire body. How in God’s name was she going to do it without making a fool of herself.

Angel had felt the electricity when she came in the room to be made up. In fact, she had felt that something was going on the last couple times she had been made up by Elizabeth. As Angel relaxed in the chair, she could almost feel the woman’s eyes on her. She wondered how long it would be before Elizabeth would give in to her desires.

Angel shifted in the chair a bit, but kept her eyes closed. She sank lower and let her legs part. She took a deep breath so that her breasts would swell right into Elizabeth’s face. She smiled inwardly as she heard a small gasp escape from Elizabeth’s lips.

“Angel, I need to push your top up so that I can powder your breasts.”

“Okay Liz,” Angel replied.

Elizabeth reached to each side of the top and gently lifted it up and over Angel’s breasts. She realized that it buttoned right in the center, so she went ahead and unfastened the buttons so she could push it off the girl. She picked up her powder brush and began to lightly trace the powder through Angel’s cleavage.

She watched in awe as she danced the brush between the girl’s breasts and then slowly up the rise of each one. She smiled as she admired Angel’s flawless skin. She watched as she guided the brush up the side of a ripe breast to Angel’s nipple. The brush circled ever so slowly and Elizabeth smiled as she watched the nipple slowly rise and harden.

Elizabeth dabbed the brush into the powder and leaned way over the girl. She leaned so far that she put one hand across to the other side of the chair and then sat on the edge so that Angel was now practically underneath her.

She went back to work with the brush, tracing it down Angel’s stomach to her waist. As she lightly brushed up and down Angel’s flat belly, she could see the girl’s skin tighten as the brush tickled over it. She began to move the brush in long strokes, from the girl’s waist, up and over her breasts, and stopped at her neck. Angel squirmed a bit as she felt the stimulation of the brush.

Once she finished Angel’s upper body, she moved to the foot of the chair. She yanked on a latch and then grabbed each side of the foot rest and pushed. The latch released the section of the chair cradling Angel’s leg and allowed it to split to each side. She slowly pushed each half apart and watched as Angel’s smooth, tanned legs separated.

Elizabeth stepped up between Angel’s legs now and tugged at the girl’s panties. She found the buttons she was looking for and opened them. In another moment, the panties were off and Angel was now nude before her. Once again, Elizabeth struggled to maintain her composure as she gathered up her brush and resumed work on the girl.

Angel stayed very still, she was actually enjoying herself. Other models complained about sitting through makeup, but Angel actually enjoyed the attention and the pampering. She loved the feel of the powder brush on her skin. It was the most delightfully soft caress she could imagine.

Elizabeth sat down on a small stool — she was so flustered she was having trouble standing. But now sitting down, she realized that she was at eye level to Angel’s pussy. In fact, as she worked her brush up Angel’s left leg, she kept turning her eyes to look.

Because Angel was constantly in demand for swimwear and lingerie shoots and since such clothing is skimpy by nature, she had decided some time ago to totally shave herself. In fact, she had found that a girl at her regular salon was very happy to do this for her 3 times a week. So Elizabeth had a totally unobstructed view of Angel’s soft pussy. She could see the delicate lips that were pink and almost looked swollen. Being only inches away, she also thought she could smell the sweet musk of the luscious girl.

She continued working with her brush and with xnxx each stroke, got closer and closer to Angel’s pussy. She scooted the stool closer as she had worked her way to the top of a thigh. She stroked the brush through the valley between Angel’s leg and her belly and then crossed lightly right over the top of the girl’s sex. She noticed that Angel let her legs part ever so slightly as she did.

Elizabeth was at the end of her rope. She was so totally overwhelmed by the beauty of this girl. Amazed that Angel was naked in front of her and totally relaxed. That the girl had such faith in her that she was allowing Elizabeth total access to her body. Elizabeth felt like she was living some sort of fantasy.

But then, the brush went lower and lightly kissed Angel’s pussy. Elizabeth’s heart almost stopped. She thought quickly to herself. Was it an honest slip of the hand or had she done it on purpose? She wasn’t sure herself and she started to think how she would apologize.

But before she could open her mouth, a slight moan came from Angel. Elizabeth was stunned. Her mind raced as she realized that Angel had actually enjoyed it. She realized quickly that she was in the midst of living out the fantasies she had been having for months about this girl. She rose from the stool, went to the door, and locked it tight. She quickly and quietly returned to the stool before Angel even knew what she had done.

Elizabeth resumed stroking the brush lightly just above Angel’s pussy. She watched Angel’s face as the girl reacted to this almost teasing attention. Angel’s hips moved slightly as she began to feel the heat the brush was causing. Seeing that Angel was enjoying this, Elizabeth began to stroke the brush straight up and down, directly over the top of the girl’s rapidly heating pussy.

Angel sucked a sharp breath as she felt this new and direct caress of her exposed lips. Another much stronger moan escaped from her. Elizabeth looked up at the girl’s face, but Angel still had her eyes closed and a definite smile was on her lips.

“Do you like that Angel? Does it feel good?” Elizabeth asked her.

“Yes, it feels incredible. It’s making me tingle all over,” Angel replied.

Elizabeth smiled with satisfaction because now she knew what she had to do. She was going to pleasure this girl, this incredible beauty. Here she was, an average 50ish woman, married, with kids, and lying before her was this wondrous naked girl. She had never, ever touched another woman before, but now she was going to love this girl.

Elizabeth put the brush down and stood up between Angel’s legs. She reached forward and pulled Angel up to a sitting position. She gently brushed the girl’s hair back from her face as she wrapped one arm around the girl’s back. With the other hand, she cradled the girl’s face and drew it to her. Her lips slowly and gently touched with Angel’s and as they did, Elizabeth felt a spark inside herself. She knew that she had just crossed a line.

Angel responded to the soft kisses by leaning her head back slightly and letting Elizabeth control her. The woman drew the girl tightly to her so that Angel’s luscious, naked body was pressed into the woman. Angel knew the woman was going to take her and she let herself relax.

Elizabeth stood and kissed the girl for quite some time before she pulled her mouth away.

“Angel, I’m so sorry. I’ve never done this before. But seeing you lying her in front of me, you are so beautiful, I just couldn’t help myself. I had to touch you.” Elizabeth told the girl.

“It’s okay,” Angel told her. “I’m feeling very good right about now. I love how you kiss me. You must have been wanting to for awhile. Why did you wait so long?”

Elizabeth smiled at the girl.

“I don’t know. All I know is that for the last couple of months, I’ve wanted you so bad. I just never let myself doing anything about it.”

“Well, why don’t you do something about it now,” Angel told her.

There eyes met for a moment and then Elizabeth lifted a hand to cup one of Angel’s breasts. She held it gently as she began to kiss Angel’s cheeks. Her kisses worked down Angel’s soft neck and over her shoulders. Finally, she kissed the fragrant skin between Angel’s breasts. She drew the girl forward as she let her lips glide up the soft curve to reach a nipple. She kissed it so softly and then pressed her lips to it and pulled it into her mouth.

Angel’s head leaned back as Elizabeth’s suckling of her breasts brought the electric goodness she loved. She had realized from an early age how sensitive her breasts were. And any of her lovers had quickly realized it too. Elizabeth did as well. She held the girl tightly as she continued to suck the lovely girl’s breast into her mouth.

Angel leaned back and placed her hands on each side of the chair behind her. This caused her chest to push forward so that Elizabeth could now easily move from one breast to the other. Angel sat as still porno izle as she could with her head leaning back and her breasts pushed outwards as the older woman moved from one breast to the other.

Elizabeth was now lost in her lust. She was kneeling on the stool so that her head was level with Angel’s jutting breasts. She had both arms around the girl’s waist to hold her firmly. She had begun to lick the girl’s breasts — starting at the sweet undercurve of each and finishing at the nipple. Angel would occasionally lift her head to watch the woman’s tongue glide over her skin.

“Elizabeth, that is so good. You’re really getting to me now,” Angel whispered to her.

“Oh Angel, I want to get to you. I’ve wanted to love you for a long time,” Elizabeth replied.

The woman was in no hurry and continued to lick and suckle the perfect breasts before her. She could tell that it was having a strong effect on the girl and that Angel was rapidly getting hotter and hotter. The beautiful girl was trying to stay still, but the sensations were to much and she could not help her squirming as the woman’s tongue caressed her.

As Elizabeth continued, the licking began to evolve into sucking and when it did, Angel could no longer hold herself in a sitting position. Elizabeth let her lie back but still kept her arms firmly wrapped around Angel’s slim waist. With the girl lying down, Elizabeth moved over her in order to keep up her sucking. The woman was now taking a mouthful of each breast at a time. She would suck so hard on the tender flesh that Angel’s entire nipple and a good part of her breast would disappear into the woman’s hungry mouth. As the woman would move from one breast to the other and renew her suckling, Angel would arch her back and moan slightly. The sweet young girl was rapidly being pushed to a wonderful place.

“Elizabeth, what are you doing to me? My breasts have never felt like this before.” Angel whispered.

“I want you to feel good Angel. For so long I have been so close to you as I put on your makeup, but I never could get up the nerve to touch you. Now that I have, I want every part of you.” Elizabeth told her.

“Is that why you stripped me? So that you can take my whole body?”

Elizabeth didn’t reply, she simply went back to the girl’s breasts. She unwrapped her arms from the girl’s waist and began to push herself lower on the girl’s body. As she slid downwards, her tongue continued to lick and kiss Angel’s fragrant skin. Lower and lower she slid until she was finally back to sitting on her stool.

She sat up and looked in awe at the young beauty before her. This incredible young girl was nude and stretched out before her and was lost in passion. The woman put her hands on Angel’s thighs and gently pushed them further apart. The girl did not protest in any way. The woman lightly trailed her fingernails up and down the girl’s inner thighs from the edge of her pussy down to her knees. Angel was practically writhing in the chair as she felt this new stimulus so close to her sex.

“Oh my god Elizabeth, you’re going to put your mouth on me aren’t you?” she breathed.

“I want to eat you Angel. I want to put my tongue inside you,” Elizabeth replied.

“Do it, do it, do it.”

With that, Elizabeth wrapped her arms under the girl’s smooth, tanned legs and lifted them. Her hands snaked up and over to rest on the girl’s flat stomach. She spread her fingers apart and began to massage down to the top of the girl’s pussy. Her head lowered slowly to within an inch of the girl’s hot, moist pussy. Very slowly, Elizabeth’s tongue snaked out of her mouth until just the very tip of it touched the soft lips of the girl’s sex.

“OOHHHHH,” Angel moaned as she felt the delicious sensation.

The woman smiled to herself as she knew the girl was now totally hers to enjoy. She used her tongue slowly and methodically to trace the edges of the girl’s lips. She could tell by the way the girl was writhing in the chair, that she was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Once again, as she had done on the girl’s breasts, she started to lick the girl. With her tongue out as far as it would go and as flat and rigid as she could make it, she would push against the girl’s pussy and go from top to bottom. The effect on Angel was incredible. Once second she would have her hands on the back of the woman’s head and the next she would be reaching upward, as if trying to grab something that only she could see. But as much as Angel squirmed, the woman held her tightly and continued to lick the girl’s pussy feverishly.

The woman could tell that the girl was so close to a breaking point. She moved her hands down slightly to grasp Angel’s legs. Then she plunged her rigid tongue deep into the girl. Angel bucked wildly in the chair as she felt her aching pussy being penetrated. A small scream escaped her lips as she grabbed onto the chair arms for dear life.

The woman kept her tongue deep into the girl as her lips spread to suck in the girl’s pussy. With her hands on the girl’s legs, she held her tightly so her mouth could consume the girl. She knew it would not be long now. She could feel it building. The girl was openly moaning as her pussy was eaten by the older woman.

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Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 26

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It was just before sunset two nights later when Kristin, who had been studying in ABD’s comfy living room, happened to look up and see something shiny glinting in the bushes outside. Immediately she dropped her book and went to get Sasha, ABD’s Sergeant-at-Arms, who was the only other person Miss White had told about the pictures.

After quickly conferring, they went outside through the rear kitchen door and out the back gate, then circled around to approximately where Kristin had been looking. The sun had just dipped below the horizon, throwing ABD’s front garden into deep shadow. Moving stealthily, Kristin and Sasha spread out about 10 yards, maintaining visual contact as they crept quietly through the grounds they knew so well.

And finally their efforts were rewarded. Beneath an apple tree they saw a woman with a camera, its long zoom lens pointed toward ABD House. She did not appear to see them, so they moved slowly closer, then in one unified motion, they leapt. Each seized one of the woman’s arms, and Sasha quickly produced handcuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back; Kristin just as quickly gagged her with a cloth. Together they maneuvered the struggling prisoner into ABD House through a side door that led directly to the basement. There, after they secured the prisoner’s hd porno handcuffs to a chain set into the wall, Sasha stood guard as Kristin went to fetch Miss White.

When Kristin returned with Alexis White, Sasha was staring down at the bound girl. She was about 21, with long brown hair tied back in a ponytail and thick black glasses covering big blue eyes. Sasha looked up at Miss White and said, “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Miss White nodded and she and Sasha moved out of earshot as Kristin kept an eye on the prisoner.

“I know this girl,” said Sasha. “She’s been in a few of my classes. Usually she’s a total, like, goody two shoes, teacher’s pet type.”

“Do you know her name?” asked Miss White.

Sasha thought for a second. “I wanna say, like, Joanie? Jamie? I’m not sure.”

“Well,” said Alexis White with a steely glint in her eyes, “she’ll talk, eventually.”

“So what should we do with her?”

“I have a few ideas. Just hang tight for now.” Taking the camera with her, Miss White returned to the main house.

* * *

Kristin stood looking down at the prisoner, trying to gauge her expression. The bound girl resolutely refused to meet her gaze, staring forward at nothing in particular.

Sasha soon returned carrying three plates. Kristin, sex izle who was famished, immediately tore into a piece of chicken, while Sasha held out a drumstick toward the prisoner. “Hungry?” she asked. There was no response, so Sasha shrugged and bit into the drumstick herself.

When she had finished eating, Kristin stood and excused herself to go talk to Miss White. As she walked down the hallway she felt her heart pounding in her chest. Something big was happening here, she could feel it.

Kristin found Miss White in her office with the camera in her lap, scrolling through pictures. When Kristin entered Miss White waved her over. “Come look at these.”

The camera contained hundreds of pictures of the girls of Alpha Beta Delta; most of them appeared to have been taken through windows with a telephoto lens. Some were perfectly innocent and others were quite graphic. They found themselves both disturbed and aroused as they flipped through photo after photo.

“Some of them are very good,” opined Miss White. “Artistic, even.”

“So what do you think?” asked Kristin. “Is this just, like, her hobby, or is there something more going on?”

“I’m suspicious. Very suspicious. I think I know how we can find out, though. Go get Jenny and meet me back down there.”

* altyazılı porn * *

When Kristin and Jenny walked into the basement the prisoner was leaning back against the wall with her eyes closed. Kristin asked Sasha “Did she say anything?” and Sasha shook her head no.

After a few minutes Alexis White appeared with the camera around her neck. Walking over to the prisoner, Miss White held the camera a few inches from her face and clicked the shutter repeatedly, triggering the flash over and over until the prisoner finally opened her eyes.

“You sure have a lot of pictures on here,” said Miss White. The prisoner shrugged. “It’s against the law to spy on people this way, you know.”

Finally the prisoner spoke. “False imprisonment is against the law too,” she said defiantly.

“What about trespassing?” shot back Miss White. Again, the prisoner shrugged. Sitting the camera down on the opposite side of the room, Alexis White sighed. “Look, getting the authorities involved wouldn’t do any of us any good. So… here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to keep you here for one hour.” She looked at her phone and said, “It’s 9:15 now. At 10:15 you’ll be free to go.” Then she added, somewhat mysteriously, “If you still want to.”

Turning toward the door, Miss White motioned for Kristin to follow her. A minute later Kristin reappeared with a funny expression on her face. She looked Jenny, looked at Sasha, looked at the prisoner. “Everybody stay cool,” she said finally. “I’ll be right back.”

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Girl Cum

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Emma was deep in studying when her phone dinged. She ignored it and kept focusing on the communications textbook in front of her. Finals were coming up this week and she had to be prepared or she’d lose her scholarship. Then her phone dinged again. And again. Annoyed, she rolled over and looked at her phone. She had three dating app notifications. This was what was so distracting?

She was going to ignore the messages but it was a Saturday and she hadn’t seen anyone in a long time. With low hopes, she unlocked her phone and opened the app. The first notification was that she had matched with someone; the second was a pair of messages from that woman for Emma.

The profile was for that of a 35-year-old woman. Her name was Kate and, judging by her profile pictures, she was drop-dead gorgeous. She was tall and her arms and chest were heavily tattooed with bright ink; her red hair reached just past her shoulder blades and in each photo, her breasts were struggling to bust out of her top. Kate’s bio described her as a lawyer who was extremely busy and had a hard time making connections in person. She was a fan of rock music, B-tier horror films and craft beer.

“Hey Emma, what are you up to tonight?” and a second message: “…if that isn’t too forward of me.”

Emma could feel herself getting warm with excitement already. It had been a long time since the young grad student had been on a date and never with a woman so much older.

“Hey Kate, I’m free tonight but I was probably going to watch a movie and get a bottle of wine. What are you up to?”
It didn’t take long for Kate to message Emma back, much to the grad student’s delight. Even better was what the message said.

“I’m always down for a night in! Do you want to come over around 7? That gives me enough time to straighten up and grab a bottle of something nice.”

“It’s a date!” Emma texted back before looking at the time on her phone. It was 4:30. It would take her about 20 minutes to drive to Kate’s, which meant she had about two hours to get ready. She happily closed her textbook and porno indir headed to the bathroom.

Emma was standing in her room naked, skin as smooth as the day she was born, at 5:45 when she got a text from Kate. It was a photo of a nice bottle of Chardonnay with the caption “Can’t wait to see you.”

After going through every piece of underwear in her room, Emma settled on a black dress, black panties and no bra. The dress was short, leaving little to the imagination; the grad student knew exactly why she was being asked to come to her date’s house for their first meeting.

As she finished her makeup, she surveyed herself in the mirror. Her messy brown hair reached a few inches past her shoulders, matching the color of her eyes. C-cup breasts pushed out of the top of the dress and she wore subtle makeup.

Thoughts of Kate danced through Emma’s mind as she drove over to her date’s house, which was in a significantly nicer part of the city than the one that Emma lived in. When she pulled up, she had to take a second to calm her surprise: Kate lived in one of the nicest and newest buildings in town!

She texted Kate that she was there and a woman stepped out of the lobby. Kate was stunning in person, standing at what Emma estimated to be just under six feet tall with long dirty blonde hair. She wore a loose-fitting black skirt and a Joy Division T-shirt.

“Oh my god,” she said. “Did you dress up just for me?”

Emma blushed. Kate’s voice was raspy, warm and playful and her pussy responded enthusiastically. She just stammered, her mind fixated on what Kate’s voice would sound like as a moan.

“Something got your tongue?” she asked. “Why don’t you come upstairs and we’ll get you loosened up.”
Emma nodded enthusiastically as Kate took her hand. It turned out that she had a first-floor apartment so there wasn’t much walking needed. Kate’s living room was small, with most of the space occupied by two sofas and a coffee table, both facing a TV.
“Why don’t you have a seat and I’ll get us some wine?”

Emma rokettube smiled. “That sounds great!”

She sat down on the sofa and Kate sat next to her just a moment later. She poured two glasses of wine and handed one to Emma. As she pressed play on the remote control, she turned to Emma.

“So, what are you getting your master’s in?”

“Public health,” Emma said. “I want to use it to work on the opioid crisis…” she began to say, but she realized immediately that Kate was already losing interest. Her long, thin fingers were already running up Emma’s thigh and her hand pushed Emma’s legs apart. She let out a soft moan and Kate was on her, kissing her and ripping the top of her dress down.

As Kate sucked on Emma’s nipples, the young woman reached between Kate’s legs and found her hand on a half-hard penis. Kate moaned loudly and Emma, much to her own surprise, felt a visceral reaction between her legs.

“Undress. Now,” Kate ordered.
Emma, still confused and now hornier than she knew was possible, didn’t need to be told twice. She peeled the black dress off her body and stood in front of Kate wearing nothing but sheer black panties.

Kate stood in front of Emma and pushed her onto the sofa, where the grad student landed with a soft “oof.” Looking at her prey on the sofa, Kate slipped her t-shirt over her head and unclipped the lacy black bra she wore, letting it fall to the ground. Her breasts were round and firm, each nipple hard enough to cut glass. She turned around and faced Emma, bending over and slowly working her skirt down her ass. Emma’s mouth hung open as the sculpted, round ass came into view.

“Oh my God,” she moaned.

“You like what you see?” Kate asked, turning to face Emma again.

“So much,” Emma said. “You’re so hot.”

Kate walked over to the sofa and stood over Emma, kissing her hard on the mouth and reaching between the young girl’s legs. She rubbed Emma’s mound through her panties, feeling the growing wetness soak through the material. Emma bucked her hips upward, her moans becoming porno increasingly more urgent.

“Please, Kate,” she whimpered. “Please.”

Kate smiled and moved her kisses from Emma’s lips to her neck and then to her nipples. As she sucked on them, giving both equal attention, she slipped her hand into Emma’s panties and began to rub her clit. Kate’s fingers glided over the younger woman’s skin and her moans became animalistic

“Good girl,” Kate cooed. “Good girl, cum for me.”

That was all it took. Emma began thrashing around and her moans became shrieks; her whole body shook as an orgasm raked through her. As Emma lay there panting, she watched Kate take off her panties and her heart began to race anxiously. The older woman’s cock was not small, at least to her inexperienced mind.

“K-K-Kate… I’m a lesbian. I don’t know how to do this,” she said nervously.

Kate laughed as she pulled Emma’s panties off and began to stroke her cock.

“Honey, you’re still a lesbian. This is going to be fun.”

Emma opened her mouth to speak again, but Kate pushed her fingers into her partner’s mouth, eliciting another moan from Emma.

“I’ll teach you more in the morning. Just enjoy this,” she said as she placed the tip of her hard cock at the entrance to Emma’s pussy.

She went slowly, giving Emma time to adjust to the new sensation. Her pussy gripped Kate’s penis with excitement and she moaned at the new sensation.

“Aw, good girl. You’re such a fast learner,” Kate praised the obedient bottom. “I can’t wait to fill you up with my girl cum.”

Kate sped up, wrapping a hand around Emma’s pale throat as she felt a familiar tingling in her balls. She didn’t offer Emma any warning, just continued to thrust harder as she approached the point of no return.

“Oh, you’re such a good fucking girl, Emma. I’m gonna—ugh.”

Kate lost her words as her body tensed up and Emma felt the older woman’s hot seed erupt inside of her. She kept bucking her hips against Kate’s cock even after it stopped spasming, relishing the new feeling.

Eventually Kate went soft and she fell backwards onto the sofa. Emma laid down on top of her, kissing the older woman on the lips.

“You have a lot of teaching to do,” she whispered in Kate’s ear as she lightly fondled her cock. “So much teaching.”

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Geisha Training Ch. 01

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I can tell you when my dream of becoming a geisha began.

It was James Clavell’s fault. If he had never written Shôgun and Richard Chamberlain had never brought Anjin-san to such vivid life, I’d have never made that vow to myself. The vow to one day go to Japan and learn how to become a geisha. Of course, I had to live the rest of my life, while keeping my dream alive. I graduated from high school, realized that I was gay and moved to San Francisco, deciding to attend college there. Four years later, I had a degree in Asian Studies and a minor in International Finance and I finally realized that my dream was within my grasp. It took another two years before I landed a job in Intel Corporation’s Tokyo office and I was off to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Life in Japan was much harder than I expected it to be. I found myself sticking with other co-workers, rather than mingle with countrymen that didn’t really like outsiders, especially Americans, and didn’t usually welcome them into their gilded circles. I made friends with one Japanese lady, though. A diminutive woman approaching forty, but looking twenty, named Tamiko Hotsubara, called Tamiko-san. Tamiko-san was the executive secretary to the CEO and we were always in close contact since I’d been assigned to work directly with her boss.

One day, she invited me to lunch and over bento boxes loaded with sushi and pickles, I took a leap of faith and told her of my dream. She gave me a traditional Japanese grunt and continued to eat, her chopsticks moving at the speed of light. I chewed, awaiting her response and when none came, I silently cursed myself for letting my resolve weaken. Finally, she set her chopsticks down and looked me squarely in the face.

“You really want to become geisha?”

“Yes, Tamiko-san. I have been dreaming about it for a long time.”

Tamiko-san pulled out a lidded bowl of chilled lychee fruit and a couple of sesame candies and we silently ate the sweet, pearl onion-sized fruit, following with the candies. “Are you busy on Saturday?”

“No.” I had planned on spending a few hours in the office to put the finishing touches on a report for her boss but I could tell that spending those hours with Tamiko-san was going to be a lot more interesting.

“I have a friend that owns an o-chaya. She might be willing to give you some training.”

“Oh, Tamiko-san, she could … domo!”

Tamiko-san just smiled, chewing her sesame candy and packing the bento box so that we could head back to work.

When Saturday came, I found myself awake at the break of dawn, meditating because I’d been unable to sleep. I dressed in khaki capris and a woven shirt and met Tamiko-san at the Tsukiji Fish Market. We had to pick up some friendly offerings to present to her friend, Hana-san. Stuffing our purchases into her shopping bag, we took a taxi to the Geisha District, also called hana-machi and found Hana-san’s o-chaya.

Hana-san met us at the door and gave Tamiko-san a hug. To me, she gave a small bow, calling me Nikki-san and escorting us into her private apartments. Her dark eyes met mine over cups of steaming green tea and I felt as if she were sizing me up and satisfying her curiosity about me.

“Tamiko-san tells me that you wish to become geisha.”

“Yes, Hana-san. That is my dearest wish.”

“Tamiko-san also tells me that you are a lesbian, that you prefer female company to male company.”

I felt heat creep into my cheeks and knew that my face had turned red, “Yes, Hana-san. That is also true.”

“The traditional geisha’s responsibility is to serve men. You would not wish to be of service to males?”

I glanced at Tamiko-san, who gave me a small nod of encouragement. “No, Hana-san. I do not wish to service males.”

“Is there such a thing as an o-chaya for females only?”

“Surprising that you would ask that, Tamiko-san.” Hana finished her tea and elegantly wiped her mouth. “One opened two years ago. Today, there are seven.”

“Seven?” Tamiko-san gasped. “Who knew that it would become so popular?”

“I did.” Hana-san gave her friend a guilty smile. “Three of them are mine.” She laughed at Tamiko-san’s expression. “I also own two that are for males only.”

“No wonder you’re doing so well!” Tamiko-san patted her friend’s hand, laughing. “Your father is truly blessed!”

“And so, we come back to Nikki-san’s request. I have a small okiya for the maiko that we train. The maiko live there but that is not a requirement. Would you like to go visit?”

“Oh, yes, Hana-san! I would love it!”

“All right. Let’s go.”

A short taxi ride later, we were at Hana-san’s first female only o-chaya. The coffeehouse türkçe altyazılı porno was set on a small parcel of land with an adjacent parking area and taxi stand. Suki, her okami, welcomed us warmly and proceeded to give us a discreet guided tour of the house. Tatami crunched under our feet as we were swept past a busy kitchen, a spa area where two women were receiving mud baths and a hallway of wooden-doored rooms where customers who requested or required privacy were entertained.

Somehow, she knew why I was there and beckoned to me, to the exclusion of Tamiko and Hana-san. She led me up a secret set of stairs to a dark room, illuminated only by the light that poured in from the room below. It took me a moment to realize that I was looking down into one of the private rooms. A black woman with large breasts was on her hands and knees, a small Japanese girl behind her, slamming a thick pink strap-on into her black cunt. My mouth watered.

“We service every woman’s request here.” Suki said quietly. I hadn’t noticed right away, but she had moved closer to me, her voice silky in my ear. Her arm came around my waist, her hand flattening on my belly, fingers applying pressure towards my already overheated pussy. “Even women that haven’t requested anything yet.”

I shivered in her embrace, her coral pink lips lazily rubbing against the side of my neck as she stood behind me. I felt something hard in the cleft of my ass. “Is this part of the tour?”

“Only if you want it to be.” Her wet tongue stroked my ear, slipping inside and tracing the hard shell. “Free of charge, of course.”

She wouldn’t let me turn so that I could do a more proper job of kissing her so I had to settle for tasting her yummy mouth from the side, shivering and moaning as her hands slid down my sides, joining at the front to unbutton my capris, then separating again to push them down my hips. Those same hands made short work of my thong and her long fingers were pushing into my wet slit, her thumb working my rising clit.

The scene below partially mirrored our loving. I thrilled to the sight of the huge dildo drilling the black woman’s pussy and coming out glistening with her juices. Suki leaned forward and touched a button on a small console to the right and the sounds of lust filled the tiny alcove.

“Hear her cries?” I closed my eyes. Suki’s husky voice echoed in my ear, melding with the sounds of the couple fucking below. The Japanese woman was slapping the black woman’s ass as she pounded her snatch and the woman was clearly enjoying it. “Now, add yours to it.”

The hardness at my backside had been a strap-on which now skillfully made its way up inside me, stretching resting muscle and making me groan in pleasure. Her hands pushed me forward until I was holding onto the wooden ledge, looking down onto the scene with Suki pounding me ferociously, paralleling their actions. The black woman threw her head back, her mouth open in a perfect rictus of pain-etched pleasure and the Japanese woman shoved a thin dildo into the woman’s ass.

I felt Suki’s finger penetrating my anal passage and I came instantly, nearly shouting my climax as my pussy clenched around the dildo and my asshole around her finger. She whispered soft endearments to me as I came down, holding me against her body and only pulling out when I could stand again. She gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. “You were very tasty, Nikki-san. Please feel free to come again.”

We rejoined Tamiko and Hana-san, who threw me a knowing glance. I tried to ignore them and said, “When can I start?”


I didn’t have to go through the usual protocol that a usual woman who pursues geisha training would go through. There were no parental interviews and no living requirements. Suki was to be my trainer and as manager of Hana-san’s top rated o-chaya, I knew I was going to be in good hands. The rest of the tour, Suki-san took every opportunity to touch me; a fleeting touch on my breast, a gentle squeeze of my buttocks or fingers on my cheek let me know that she was thinking about me.

Hana-san told me that a year would be sufficient for me to learn everything I needed to know to be able to competently service women. The first six months would be educational studies about everything a Japanese geisha should know. I would be expected to learn a few songs on the shamisen, learn sadoh, the tea ceremony, and learn some calligraphy. Other skills, such as ikebana (flower arranging) and conversation weren’t necessary in my case. And of course, everything hinged on the proper wearing of a kimono, which I would have to purchase myself.

Tamiko-san offered xnxx to take me to a katsura shop so that I could purchase some supplies and I was to report to the o-chaya first thing next Saturday morning. I could not be late or I would be penalized. Suki-san would call me with the requirements in a few days. My pussy still pleasurably throbbing, I bowed low to Suki-san and Hana-san and left, hoping that the next week would pass quickly.

Tamiko-san and I continued our lunch ritual, but instead of talking ledgers and invoices, we spoke about the history of geishas. She was a fountain of information and I soaked up every word, hungry sponge that I was. She stressed to me that geisha were not prostitutes of any sort, but provided cultural entertainment. She also told me that I could make my own choice as to what kind of geisha I wanted to be: traditional or sexual. She knew that I would choose sexual.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Yes, but only for select customers.”

“Select customers?”

“Ones that I feel comfortable with. That I want to provide service to. I don’t want this to be a ‘forced’ kind of situation, Tamiko-san. I want to maintain my cleanliness and I want to protect my heart.”

“You’re thinking to meet your lifelong partner out of this?”

“I don’t know, Tamiko-san. I will take what comes my way.”

She shrugged her tiny shoulders and smiled. “We will visit the shop after work on Friday. And make sure you’re not late on Saturday.”

Saturday morning, I arrived five minutes early, my first kimono in a bag over my arm and a makeup case in my hand. Suki-san allowed me in, giving me a long kiss of welcome, brushing my tingling nipples which hardened immediately.

“Am I being too forward?”

“Not at all.”

“Good.” Her Occidental features widened into a genuine smile. “Because I like being forward.”

“Me, too.” I whispered, moving a little closer. “I’d love to repay your favor.”

“You may get your chance, tasty one.” Suki-san gave me another kiss. “But first, I must set your feet on the path to enlightenment. I’ve prepared a room for your use whenever you’re here. You can stow your kimonos and personal items there.”


“Good. Well, stick your stuff in there and let’s get started.”

I didn’t know how important things were in the geisha world were but over the next six months, Suki and Hana-san put me through my paces. I bought ten other kimonos, each more elaborate than the other and kept them squirreled away in my little room. I practiced putting on the white foundation and painting perfect ruby lips. I plucked the shamisen for weeks on end, making Suki-san laugh when I played an AC/DC song on it. Hana-san sat stone-faced through my rendition of Hell’s Bells but applauded my traditional piece.

Six months and one week after my first visit, I was allowed to attend my first ‘sex’ class. I hadn’t known that there was such a thing but Hana-san had covered all the bases. Eight maiko and I sat in a half-circle around Suki-san as we prepared to take our first steps in the journey of how to please a woman.

“How many of you know how to pleasure a woman?” One hand shot up, a young woman named Shibumi. Everyone else giggled behind their hands and looked stunned. “What is the first test?” Shibumi sat speechless. “Do not raise your hand again until you have completed this course.” Suki-san’s keen eyes fell on each one of us, no love or friendship conveyed. “This is not a school for prostitutes, ladies. This is where you learn geisha-craft. If you cannot adhere to the seriousness of the teachings, then you may leave.”

A grave measure of silence passed before Shibumi politely spoke up. “Please forgive my impudence, Suki-san.”

Suki-san seemed pleased at her apology but she didn’t show it. “The first test is the finger test.” She glanced at each of us. “You can test by kiss and by sight as to the woman’s hygiene, but the body cannot lie. This is also known as fingering. What you want to look for is whether she cares for her pubic hair, if she’s wet and if she has an odor. The odor is first. If there is an unpleasant odor, it would be wise not to ingest any of the woman’s juices until she’s been checked. In a situation like that, rely on other ways to get her off, then let your okami know. The second is wetness. If you’re turning her on, she’ll be wetter than rain. If not, you’ll need to work harder. Ask her sexy questions about what she might like. The last is her pubic situation. Some people don’t like to trim or shave. An icebreaker might be to provide shaving or trimming service for the lady.”

I hadn’t thought of all that. I porno izle shaved because I liked being clean, especially during the monthlies. I never had any odor or lack of wetness problems so I had never imagined anyone else having a problem. I had only thought about the physical aspects of becoming a geisha. When no one offered any questions, Suki-san continued.

“I will assume that everyone knows about the female genitalia … “

Another woman’s hand shot up, her face reddening in embarrassment. “Suki-san, I – I do not know.”

“How can you not, Naoko? You possess female genitalia, do you not?”

The woman’s face darkened again. “No, ma’am.” A loud gasp went up and even I found myself staring at the young woman in astonishment. “I was born with male genitalia.”

Suki-san’s eyes widened. “And breasts?”

“Yes, Suki-san.”

“Interesting. Now I can see why Hana-san is so successful. I would not have thought to place you in a female only o-chaya. You will be a very rich woman when you finish your tutelage here.”

Naoko’s face turned red again. “Thank you, Suki-san.”

“All right. May I have a volunteer?” When no one else raised their hands, I stood up. A flurry of Japanese words arose behind me and instantly silenced under Suki-san’s eyes. “Do not think to disparage Nikki-san because she is an American. She has proved that she is committed to the further education of all geisha by this selfless act. The rest of you, except Naoko, should look to her shining example.” Again, more silence. “Nikki-san, will you remove your shorts and undies and sit at the edge of the chair?”

I did as she asked, the girls all beginning to crowd around to see my shaved snatch. Suki-san pushed them all back, allowing Naoko to kneel front and center between my legs. Her large brown eyes widened as she leaned closer. I felt myself getting turned on by her innocent appraisal and I gave her a gentle smile to help ease her nervousness.

“I am not going to go into great detail. I’ll just show you the sexual parts. These are the labia major and underneath, the labia minor.” Suki-san’s long fingernails scraped the inner edges of my outer lips, making me hiss in pleasure. “This large area, which can be covered by pubic hair is called the mons pubis and if you pull it back … “ Cool air assaulted my clit and she gave it a little flick. Naoko’s eyes widened even more as my clit arose in reaction. “That is the clit. Now down here, “ She pulled both lips back, exposing my weeping hole. “Is the vaginal opening.”

“That is where my penis goes?”

“Yes, Naoko. It is also where you will create babies if you’re not careful.”

“There can be no babies, Suki-san. My parents made me have a vasectomy. I have semen, but no sperm.”

Suki-san shook her head. “That was smart. You will be able to live a life of peaceful sex now.”

“Yes, Suki-san.”

“Well, since Nikki-san was such a willing volunteer, who would like to service her for the further education of all geisha?”

Again, a long measure of silence, then a shy voice, “I would like to try, Suki-san.”

I smiled down at Naoko and gave her a tiny nod. She crawled forward a few inches and gave my clit a long lick. I shuddered, feeling the rough texture of her tongue and enjoying every inch of it. Again and again, she licked until my swollen clit was the size of the tip of her pinky and my juices were leaking all over the chair.

“That’s very good, Naoko. Now slide a finger into her opening while you continue to lick her clit.”

I gritted my teeth in an effort not to cum yet. I wanted her to feel what a woman’s cunt felt like when she reached orgasm. Her lips curled around my clit and she started sucking it like a tiny dick. I started shaking like an earthquake awaiting eruption. Naoko’s eyes met mine and she slid another finger in and lengthened her strokes, pushing farther up into me. My skin tingled and my nipples hardened to painful nubs. I felt my orgasm creeping up my spine like a large, warm hand, its warmth streaking up my legs and boiling in my overheating pussy.

I gasped loudly as I came. I couldn’t scream like I wanted to; I couldn’t draw enough breath, the sensations were so fierce. Naoko released my clit with a soft kiss and slowed her hand’s movements until she could pull them out.

“Wow.” Naoko breathed, raising her fingers to her face and inhaling deeply. “She smells beautiful.”

While I recovered, the other girls crowded around Naoko, sniffing her fingers and even taking tentative licks. Suki-san used a washcloth to gently cleanse me and helped me back into my garments, allowing me to rejoin the circle. Naoko arose, her penis tenting the front of her robe and gazed into my eyes, licking her fingers with a delicate pink tongue. Just the sight brought another mini-orgasm streaking through me.

“I think that’s enough of lessons for today.”

I agreed. I went back to my room and fell into a deep sleep.

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Fringe Benefits

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“I’ve made my ruling. Mr. Warner. Mrs. Warner. Counsel?”

Five people in the courtroom stood. My lawyer, Adam Brillstein and his assistant, Lauryn Tourney, myself, my soon-to-be-ex-husband, Bryant and his dim-watt bulb lawyer, Arthur Acrisos. Lauryn gave my shoulders a quick, gentle squeeze and Adam shot her a stern look. She had evidently forgotten his admonition about showing emotion in the courtroom but I appreciated her gesture. After all, she had been my closest confidante during this entire proceeding.

“Mrs. Warner, you will receive the house in Miami Beach, the ranch in Jackson Hole and the cottage on Martha’s Vineyard.” With each word, my excitement and anticipation grew while I saw Bryant’s face bleed red with anger. “You will also receive the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II, the Bentley Corniche and the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. I believe you have the keys, Mr. Warner?”

Bryant looked apoplectic but Acrisos turned to his client and sticking his hand out. My soon-to-be-ex-husband shoved his hand into the front pocket of his Roberto Cavalli suit and dropped the keys into his attorney’s hand. “Yes. We have the keys, Your Honor.”

“Good. Please give them to the bailiff. Janet, please hand the keys over to Mrs. Warner.” The judge paused in his reading, watching sternly as his personal bailiff completed her orders. “All right. Mrs. Warner, you also will receive a lump sum payment of $50 million dollars and an annual payment of $10 million a year for the rest of your natural life. Mr. Warner will retain the Manhattan penthouse, the plantation in Georgia and the cattle ranch in Texas as well as the various other cars, some of which were purchased before the marriage.” The judge set the papers down and cast his discerning eye upon both myself and Bryant, as well as our lawyers. “Any objections?”

I looked over at Bryant and saw him struggling to keep his mouth shut. His lawyer glanced at him and gave an uneasy smile with a nod which my lawyer copied. And with a bang of his gavel, my marriage was over. Lauryn was the first to congratulate me, giving me a long, hard squeeze that briefly robbed me of breath. Brillstein gave me a curt nod and handshake and I sank down in a chair, watching Bryant stalk out, fuming while our lawyers civilly shook hands.

“Well, what do you want to do first?”

I laughed at Lauryn’s question, forcing the image of her naked body from my mind. “How about a drink? I need one!”

“Sounds good. How about you, Mr. Brillstein?”

“Have to get back to the office.” The hd porno lawyer clicked his briefcase shut. “But you may go, Lauryn. In fact, take the rest of the day off.” Brillstein gave us a rare smile. “Mrs. Warner … “

I cleared my throat and said, “Miss Williamson.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Williamson, would not have all this coming to her if you hadn’t done the research that uncovered Mr. Warner’s hidden assets.” Lauryn beamed at the praise from her employer. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Lauryn. Miss Williamson, make sure to call for an appointment so we can get the papers signed and wrap things up.”

“Yes, Mr. Brillstein, and thanks again.”

My lawyer walked through the short double doors, traversed the aisle and disappeared into the outer hallway. I looked up at Lauryn who was wearing a huge smile, holding my purse out to me.

“Shall we?”

Since I had the keys to the Aston Martin, I offered to drive and we giddily took the beautiful machine out on the road, laughing like mischievous school girls as we wound through traffic and headed up into the hills. Once on those serpentine roads, I ratcheted the speed down and we coasted, enjoying the bright sunshine and each other’s company. After drinks and a satisfying lunch, we headed back down toward town.

“So what are your plans?”

I shrugged. “Don’t really have any.” I swung the car into the parking garage where Lauryn’s car was, pulled into a parking space next to it and let the Vanquish growl into silence. “Just work next week … “

“Well, I have some plans.”


Lauryn reached over and put her hand on my leg, swinging her big hazel eyes up to me. “I’ve had some plans for some time now.” Her hand left the material of my skirt and the heat of her palm seemed to blaze its imprint in my skin. “I’ve wanted you ever since you walked into Mr. Brillstein’s office.”

My heart was pounding so hard; I wondered if she could hear it through my chest. Little did Lauryn know, I wanted her as much as she wanted me. I had been married for close to fifteen years and never in those nearly fifteen years had I enjoyed sex with my husband. At first, I thought it was just Bryant so I seduced our mechanic, Alex, and fucked him as a test. As handsome and as sexually experienced as he was, I felt nothing. It wasn’t until a few weeks later, when I went out with a few girls from work, that I discovered my hidden love: women.

My friend, Susie, from work took me to my first gay bar and I was overwhelmed. No less than fifteen women hit sex izle on me within five minutes of entering the place. I guess my long blonde hair and blue eyes, C cups and shapely legs made me the apple of many a girl’s eye. I deflected all of the passes but I learned a lot that night. I learned that I’m a lipstick lesbian, that I like women who are plump and curvy like me and boy, did Lauryn fit that bill!

I grabbed her by the nape of her neck and pulled her pink mouth to mine. The contact was electric and she pushed her tongue back against mine with as much passion as I was giving her. Her hand slid right up my leg and her fingers met the top of my mound, then gently slid downward, rubbing my slit. I moaned into her mouth and widened my legs, shuddering at the feel of her fingertips gently inching their way into the crotch of my panties and gasping when they stroked the length of my quivering lips. She pressed in farther and my hips responded with a will of their own, pushing upward and forcing her fingers deeper into my rapidly dampening pussy.

I reached across for her and took one of her beautiful breasts in my hand, finding the nipples through the soft material and rubbing them into greater hardness. It was Lauryn’s turn to moan and I squeezed again, still moving my hips and grinding my way toward an orgasm. I wanted to do the same for her but she kept her knees clamped tightly together while she finger-fucked me to an orgasm so hard that my teeth clicked together.

Lauryn removed her hand and licked her fingers, gazing at me with a sly smile as I laid in the driver’s seat, panting and fighting to recover my senses. “Why don’t you follow me to my house and we’ll continue this?”

She got out before I had a chance to reply and I watched her slim hips twitch as she walked over to her car. My pussy was still clenching and my skin felt like I was being shocked with each aftershock. I sat up, still a tiny bit lightheaded, started the car and followed her out of the parking garage. It turned out that her apartment wasn’t too far from the court house and after a short twenty minute drive, I pulled into a set of expensive condominiums, parking a few spaces away from her.

We took the cobbled walk to a back staircase and she escorted me into a nice apartment, vibrant with colorful watercolors and oils and pulled me into her arms as soon as we stepped inside. I remembered the hug we shared in court and I pulled her tighter, relishing the feel of our breasts crushed together, our tongues dancing. She locked altyazılı porn the door and led me up the stairs, pushing me onto her queen-size bed with a smirk on her face.

“Something funny?” I asked, slipping my shoes and jacket off.

“No.” She crawled over me, pulling her shirt open and releasing those beautiful size Ds. One nipple swung over my mouth and I stuck my tongue out, tasting it and drawing a gasp from Lauryn. “I was just thinking about something one of the lawyers said once, about fringe benefits.”

“Fringe benefits?”

“Yeah. He had presided over a divorce that netted him his new wife and he said that she was a fringe benefit.” Lauryn laid her body entirely on top of me, her eyes meeting mine. “He said he’d met the love of his life on that case.” Her voice was soft, as soft as the lips that brushed over mine. “I was hoping that I’d met mine.”

My heart started pounding again as she kissed me again and I pulled her shirt off, letting my hands drift across her bare back. She whimpered and slid off me, unbuttoning my shirt and freeing my breasts. Without a break, she moved down to my nipples, licking and sucking until my back ached with trying to push it farther into her mouth. Her hands encircled my waist, dragging my skirt and pantyhose down and I did the same for her, removing clothing until we were absolutely naked.

“Wow.” I whispered. Every inch of Lauryn’s body was breathtaking. From the swan-like arch of her neck to her rose-tipped breasts to the creamy mound that rose between her silky thighs, she was an absolute knockout. “How did I get so lucky?”

“You’re not the only lucky one.” She remarked, gazing at my fit body and gently pulling my nipple ring. I nearly bit a hole through my lip at the sharp sensation. “Your ex must be gay.” She giggled, mouthing my pierced nipple and licking and tugging at the same time. “His loss, my gain.”

“Oh, yeah.” I trembled as my pussy rippled and fresh juice leaked out, wetting her sheets. Her tongue attacked my other nipple, sucking and biting it into hardness and making me juice again. She moved over me, spreading my legs and pushing our pussies together. I moaned, grinding my clit against hers and accepting her kiss as we bucked against each other, desperately searching for an orgasm. We didn’t have to wait long. I exploded first, taking her with me and I shuddered at the feeling of her cream dripping into my pulsing cunt.

I ended up spending the night with Lauryn, learning every inch of her body with my tongue and hands and achieving more orgasms than I ever had in my entire life. We parted in the morning with plans on meeting later. You see, I had an appointment with Brillstein and I was going to have to see her.

Fringe benefits work both ways…

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Free at Last!

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It is a warm sunny day. There is a light breeze that kisses your skin. I took you on this outing on pretense of a picnic. Oh, we did picnic. French bread, brie, fresh fruit and a heady bottle of Astir tWe sit across from each other.

Today, unlike my usual self, I feel bold. I feel in control, only because I know your secret. You didn’t think I would do it. For that matter, neither did I, but here you are. And here I am. I have plans. My heart beats faster and a thin sweat breaks out on my skin in anticipation.

I hand you a sleep mask. You bite your lower lip and the corners of your mouth turn up. I stand up and hold my hand out to you. It is your choice to take it or not. It is that moment of decision. It was the moment of choosing whether or not to leap off of a cliff. Your eyes glisten as your hand reaches out to mine and I gently tug you up. You follow behind me. We walk further down a path. As we round a bend, you see another blanket. On the blanket is a small bag. When we reach it, I pick up the bag and retrieve from it an ample length of rope. At the sight of it, the redness rises in your face.

“Put on the mask on when you are ready.” There is no hesitation.

“Trust me?” My voice is quiet.

You nod.

“The safe word is Trust because you will trust me to do only what you want.”

I walk you a few paces to a smooth white birch. It was very carefully chosen. I didn’t want the bark to be too rough, nor did I want the trunk to be too large. I stand you in front of it. My hands gather the hem of your dress and begin to gather it up and over your head. You lift your arms to make the task easier. You can not see me smile, but I do. My heart is beating faster. My palms are damp. You stand before me in matching bra and panties. I step you back so your back is against the tree. I see a slight tremble in your skin. I raise my hand to your face and lightly caress your face. I trace a gentle stroke down your arms. I step closer until my body is almost touching yours. My hands go to the outside of your thighs. I press into your skin and draw my fingers up and down leaving a trail of red streaks. I kneel before you and kiss your inner thighs. porno indir Again there is a tremble. I lick and kiss with touches that begin at your knees and slowly inch up. I stand up again and you next feel the palm of my hand cupping your sex. There is a dampness there that thrills me and heightens every sense. I lay my palm flat. You push forward just slightly.


I can’t help but marvel at your body before me. I have dreamed of this moment. I have fantasized about your feel. Now you are before me. I want nothing more than to please you.

“Put your arms around like your going to hug it.”

When you do, I tie the ropes around your wrists and join them in the back. No being able to see, there is the excitement of anticipation and the thrill of the unknown. I begin to knead your firm panty clad ass. I rub each globe. I push the material into your crack and run my finger up and down. My hand goes between your legs and my fingers beginning to teach your clit through the thin material. My hand goes from front, through your legs, and then draws teasing circles around your backside. I continue to do this until I can feel a growing wetness and you draw your breath in deeper. Using my teeth, I pull our panties over your ass and drag them down your legs. You feel the warm air against your backside. I step back and walk away.


“Just a few steps away, sweetie.”

You hear the rustle of a bag. You wonder what I am doing. Suddenly you feel something running down the spine of your back. Then you recognize the feeling as the thin tendrils of leather play with your shoulders and then back. They touch you so lightly you wonder if you really feel it.

“Is this what you want?” You nod, but that isn’t enough for me. I want to be sure.

“Is this what you want?” For the first time I lift the small whip back and let the leathers sting your bare ass. “Tell me.”


Another sting hits. This time the aim is at the opposite cheek. I am shocked at the bright red trips that quickly appear. They fascinate me.

“More?” I question already knowing the answer.

“Yes.” I rokettube step back and this time use a little more force. I hear you moan. It startles me. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” The next stroke is firm and a bit biting. You gasp, but push your ass back to meet the strokes. I rear back and rain several more strokes. I feel a tingling between my legs that takes me by surprise. I am turned on by your helpless ness. I am wet and my nipples are tight. I feel drawn to rub the angry red stripes. There is a heat coming from them. I squeeze them tightly. I want to feel contact. I smack one cheek and then the other. You gasp again and your breaths come in snatches. I would be tempted to stop if you weren’t pushing out toward me.

“Ohhhh…” You sigh. At the feel of your skin quivering beneath my hand I feel as though I am out of myself. I alternately smack and rub your cheeks until it is bright red all over. I see tears at the corner of your eyes. My heart swells and I want all of you. I drop to my knees and smother your backside with licks to sooth the fire. I spread your cheeks and lick up and down your crack. Suddenly I get up and move to the back of the tree. I release your hands and pull you over to a ready blanket. You start to remove your mask, but I stop you.

“Not yet. Lay on your stomach.” You stretch out. You can not see what I am doing as I quickly strip. I crawl to you until I am on all fours above you. I begin to nibble your neck and down your spine. You are still red and warm. I spread your legs and then pull your cheeks apart. Again you feel my tongue wiggling back and forth. This time I seek out your tight bud and begin to push the tip of my tongue in and out. Your moans, gasps, and groans are music to my ears.

“Ahhhh.” You move to my rhythm. In and out…up and down your crack…in and out…up and down your crack.

“On all fours, sweet cheeks.” I tug at your middle and you rise on all fours. This gives me better access. I move my hand through your legs and feel the flood that I have created. I sink two fingers into your wetness.

“Yesss. That’s so good, Sandy.” I push my fingers in and out slowly…ever so porno slowly. I feel your movements trying to pick up the pace and I go even slower. You are surprised to feel 2 quick smacks on your bottom. “Uhhh…” There is a sudden flow from you. I continue to use my fingers and alternately smack each crimson orb. It becomes a dance. In out…smack…in out…smack.

“Cum for me, Jadin. I want to feel your wetness and taste your juices.” My slow dance and become a frantic jitterbug. Without warning, you feel me push on your back. You collapse. “Turn over,” I am panting now.

Once you roll over, I dive between your legs. For so long I have longed to taste you and now you are before me. I want to feast. You clit is hard and swollen. I lick around it on either side every so slowly. I feel your hand behind my head guiding me to your secret places and I follow your lead. Your juices become a river. I slid my fingers in again and crook my fingers up to hit your g-spot.


“Cum for me” I demand between licks. I feel you tug me tighter to you.

“Oh! Sandyyyyy! I’m cummmminggg! Ohhhhh….ohhhhh!” Your back suddenly arches and you sound as if all the wind has been knocked out of you. There is a sudden rush of wetness and I want to drown in you as I feel it gush out. “Ahhhhhh!” Your stiffened body trembles and shakes. I swallow every drop and search for more. There is a final gasp before your whole body goes limp. Part of me wants to let you cuddle beside me, but I am hot and aching for release.

I move up between your legs until my pussy meets yours. Your wetness excites me. I maneuver our bodies until our clits join. It is my turn to moan. You hold me tight to you and our middles grind together. It is your turn to feel a rush of slickness released from me.

“Jadin…Jadin…” I can’t find words. I think I begin to babble and I begin to ride your wave. I am reduced to panting and grinding as I girl-fuck you. With one final push forward I feel the crest and I ride the wave like a pro.

Now, I slide beside you and put my arm around your middle. There is no need for words. I quiver and shake as I come down. Finally, the coolness of the air forces us to dress and gather our things. Despite a mind-blowing orgasm, I feel the familiar pulse between my legs.

As you follow behind me, we giggle like teenagers. Arm in arm we make our way to the car. This is only the beginning of the evening.

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For My 40th Birthday

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My name is Jennifer. I’m a thirty-nine year old divorcee and mother of two precious little boys. Of course, they aren’t so little anymore for Seth just turned twelve last month and Cody will be ten next month; but they are still my babies. And like any mother, they are my whole life; my whole world and my very reason for living. I spoil them rotten and dote on them constantly. Their father and I have been divorced for nearly five years now and according to the divorce decree, he has visitation with them one night a week, every other weekend and two months over the summer. And as much as I love my little boys, I do so look forward to the weekends when they are with their father; for that is my time; my time to go hunting.

The boys and I live in a small town just to the northwest of Houston, Texas. I work as a dental hygienist, own a quaint little one story house and am an active member of both the Homeowners Association and the PTA. I drive the boys to and from school every day, help them with their homework, tuck them in every night, let them sleep in my bed during a thunderstorm, never miss a football, soccer or baseball game and allow them to have backyard camp outs with their friends all the time. To quote Reba McEntire: “I’m a single mom who works too hard, who loves her kids and never stops; with gentle hands and the heart of a provider; I’m a survivor.”

But when my boys are away; that’s when the “Cougar” comes out to play.

It was just before my thirty-fifth birthday when Alex and I divorced; and though he remarried within six months, I didn’t even date for almost a full year and a half. Then one night while the boys were spending the weekend with their Dad, I went out with a couple of the girls at the office to a bar, had a few too many apple martinis and ended up in bed with a much younger man.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember too much about what all happened that night, but I fell madly in love with the idea that a man nearly fifteen years younger than me had found me so attractive. I went out with him a few more times and the sex was phenomenal! But that is all it was; great sex! Then just like that, he was done with me! I was half tempted to get pissed off when it suddenly dawned on me that I was free now to experiment with other young gentlemen. So I began to take “hunting” trips every weekend that the boys were with Alex; and I soon became a very avid and skilled hunter. I had several little flings with some very hot and sexy young men and began to really feel alive again. Then one evening, I was picked up by a young man and his wife. It was kind of awkward at first, but I ultimately had the time of my life, and also made the discovery of my life: making love to women! Yes, I far more enjoyed making love to the guy’s wife than to him; I actually at one point forgot he was even there. The touch and taste of another woman forever captured me that night and I have not been with another man since; nor do I ever wish to be again. Nothing personal, fellas!

Being extremely inexperienced; more to the point, totally new to the whole lesbian scene, I found that hunting for women when you are a woman yourself is more than a little complicated. Again, as long as the boys were away would be the only time I would go out to play. I started off by going to a few lesbian bars and nightclubs that one of my patients had told me about. Over the course of a year, I met some very hot and sexy women. That was my only requirement; she had to be a real lady. I had no interest in dykes or butch women. Any woman I hooked up with had to be a very feminine, attractive and sexy lady; I wasn’t particular about height, intelligence or even personality. After all, this was all about hot and wild sex.

I am a rather imposing woman myself as I stand an even five-eleven. Not to toot my own horn; wait! What the hell am I saying? This is a story about hot sex. Of course to toot my own horn! My body is a lean, powerful, finely tuned athletic instrument with irresistible sexual allure. Possessing exquisite feminine muscle definition, pristine hour glass curves; all wrapped up with sultry alabaster skin and delicate feminine softness, I definitely turn heads. Combining the forward attributes with my platinum blond hair that flows fully and mystically down to my shoulder blades, my piercing sapphire blue eyes, pearly white and sparkling smile, luscious and ruby lips, firm and glamorously round 38 C-cup breasts; my friends tell me I’m a dead ringer for country singer Faith Hill.

Needless to say, I had some unbelievably hot sexual encounters with several women and learned so much about the fine art of loving and pleasing women. Even though I’d been a woman all my life, I had no idea of all the hidden springs, hot spots and wondrous ways that one woman could love and pleasure another; things men didn’t have the slightest clue about. I soon started going to regular bars and nightclubs so as to put my hunting skills to the test and was finding it easier and easier now to seduce women; often türkçe altyazılı porno many straight women who were just “curious.” Sometimes, it was absolutely breathtaking to watch their faces as I pleasured them in bed; to see this inexplicable light of fulfillment blaze into their eyes as a whole new world opened up to them.

One of the most marvelous things I discovered about seducing and having sex with women is that it never gets old! It never gets boring or becomes routine; for although every woman has the same general anatomy; we are all, at the same time, very different individuals! Though we may all look the same between our legs; how we like to be touched, how we like to be held, how we like to be pleasured and most of all, how we liked to be loved varies considerably from woman to woman. Men on the other hand, are universally all one and the same when it comes to sex; they just have different names.

No offense, guys!

As time went on, I began to hunger for the touch and taste of young flesh again. Only now it was for young female flesh! Though every woman I’d been with up to that point was beautiful, sexy, passionate and sensuous; they were all my age or older. Only a couple had been younger, but not by more than a few years. For some reason, very few really young women seemed to frequent the clubs and bars I did; even those that were of legal age to do so. Call me a dirty old broad or pervert if you want, but I was craving buxom young female flesh like a vampire craves blood.

On the tenth of July 2010, I celebrated my fortieth birthday. Now while so many women dread the big four-oh; I completely embraced it, for I don’t believe that a woman is truly considered a “cougar” until she is at least forty. I decided that I would really treat myself; and I think you know what I mean. It was summer and the boys were away for the next month and a half with their father. Summer also means bright sunshine and stifling heat; and with bright sunshine and stifling heat come short pants with taut, bubbled asses and long tan legs, tank tops with bulging cleavage as well as tan sexy shoulders and arms. And of course, the bikinis! And with bikinis came all of the above; and a lot more!

I spent the afternoon preparing my bedroom for my birthday night feast; setting out lots of scented candles and incense as well as spreading rose petals all over the floor and made up the bed with silk sheets. I talked to the boys on the phone around six and then jumped in the shower. I decided to dress casually for I was planning an entirely new approach down a totally uncharted path. Up to now, the youngest woman I’d been with was twenty-eight; but tonight, I was going younger. Much, much younger! I wanted a girl that was young enough to be my daughter; twenty at the minimum, with eighteen being ideal. I know that sounds terrible; almost incestuous, but I didn’t care. Just the thought of it got me hotter than a volcano.

I slipped on a pair of white khaki shorts without panties, a tight red tank top without a bra and a pair of flip-flops. I primed and pruned my face, let my platinum blond hair hang free over my shoulders, snapped up my purse and headed out the door. Wanting to be discreet for the sake of my sons and of my standing in our small community, I drove to the next town which was about twenty miles away. My plan was based on a very simple principle: to hunt on what most potential prey would consider safe grounds. Just as you are not likely to be attacked by a lion in Time Square or to be eaten by a Great White Shark in the Colorado Rockies, a predator is far more likely to make a successful kill if she stalks her prey where she is not ordinarily known or expected to hunt.

I arrived at a CiCi’s Pizza at around quarter to eight. My boys absolutely love eating at the one in our town for it’s all you can eat pizza with a full game room. I’ve also noticed that it is a very popular place for teenagers to eat and hangout for it is relatively inexpensive; and many of those teenagers are beautiful girls trying desperately to look much older by dressing like slutty little vixens and outright whores. So delicious!

Along with the pizza buffet, there is also a salad bar, so I made myself a small salad and filled a glass with some iced tea. I took a seat at a table along the glass front of the building so as to have a full view of the restaurant as well as an unobstructed view of the parking lot. The entrance was directly behind me and the exit was right in front of me. The place wasn’t very crowded this evening; just a few young couples with small children and elderly couples with grandchildren. There was a table of five teenage boys in the far corner and I could feel their eyes on me from the moment I walked in. I was definitely a mother they’d all like to fuck! I munched casually on my salad as I flipped through a magazine I’d brought along. I went back for a refill of iced tea and continued looking through my magazine and paid xnxx the boys no mind. At last they tired of gawking at me and left. I was actually relieved, for I wanted nothing to offer distraction to my prey, if and when she ever arrived. I went back for a little more salad and as I returned to my table, I spotted a late model SUV pulling up into a parking space right next to my car along the sidewalk and three teenage girls got out.

The driver was a very tall and lanky girl; not quite as tall as me, but fairly close. She had disheveled long brown hair, miniscule breasts, rail thin arms, bony hips and bowed skinny legs. As she came closer, I saw that her face, sad to say, could make a speeding train stop, back up and take a dirt road. The poor baby was covered with heavy acne and her skin was sickly pale. The girl who exited the backseat on the passenger side was barely half the height of the driver and extremely dumpy looking. While she had a cute face, she was very chubby with stubby little legs, frazzled red hair, plump arms and I had a difficult time distinguishing where her breasts ended and her belly began. She wore clothes that were at least two sizes too small for her; definitely a girl who did not understand that spandex is a privilege and not a right.

Turning my gaze to the girl that exited the front passenger seat, I nearly choked on the sip of iced tea I’d just taken. Shorter than the driver but taller than the backseat girl, this beauty nearly stopped my heart; not to mention completely redefined the term “exotic”. First there was all her gorgeous coal black, long and glossy hair that draped immaculately down to her shoulder blades. She had flawless skin that was beautifully tanned; exquisitely shaped and sculpted legs, lean and willowy arms, toned and alluring shoulders, slim and sexy hands, a long and sleek neck and a statuesque, curvaceous figure that the deepest and darkest sexual fantasies were made of. Her ass was so picturesque it should have been against the law for her to have to sit on it, and her breasts were so impeccably proportionate to her body; flawless in shape and so youthfully firm and glamorous. Her face was a divinely inspired combination of angelic sweetness and goddess beauty.

Her eyes were plastered with heavy mascara and her cheeks where speckled lightly with glitter. Her full and pouting lips were covered in dark crimson gloss and her manicured fingernails and toenails where all painted an almost metallic shade of royal blue; and likewise, sprinkled with glitter while both her wrists were adorned with countless metal, rubber and fabric bracelets; there was a ring on every finger.

Dressed in skin tight denim shorts, a stylish short sleeve button down white top that was tied off in a knot just below her stunning rack, which was covered by a black sports bra, I had a clear view of her perfectly flat, toned and trim tummy with its pierced button and dangling ring as she strode sexily down the sidewalk toward me. She took the lead while the other girls fell into step behind her, yet crowded up close to her. It was abundantly clear that she was the ringleader of the trio and that the other two girls hung on her every word and move.

Though my heart was fluttering and my stomach was quivering with anticipation, I remained calm, eyeing her casually as the three of them approached the exit door right in front of me. While the other two girls continued on down the sidewalk to the entrance door, my birthday gift, as I was already calling her, opened the exit door and walked almost defiantly into the restaurant. She shot a brief and near scornful glance down at me, almost as if to say, “I dare you to tell me this is for exit only.” But I merely returned her icy glance with one of my own. Our eyes met for only an instant and she was already striding around my table and up toward the buffet line to meet her friends.

So we’re an arrogant and cocky little bitch, aren’t we? I thought to myself as she passed by me. Perfect! By the time this old cougar finishes with you, you’re gonna be one feeble little kitten. Meow!

I caught a strong whiff of her perfume as she passed by my table and it made my mind momentarily spin with carnal and intoxicating lust. I didn’t even know her, yet I knew that fragrance mixed perfectly with her body chemistry and hence fit her like a glove: “I’m gorgeous! You know it and I know it! I can have anyone or anything I want so I can be as big of a bitch as I want! And if you don’t like it, fuck off! I do what I want, whenever I want and however I want.”

This was going to be even more fun than I thought. Her stoic arrogance and cocksureness was going to play her right into my hand; not to mention the idea of pulling my prey out of the herd, taking her home and devouring her while her friends watched helplessly; oh so delicious! As I glanced casually over my shoulder and observed her and her friends starting down the buffet line with their trays, I couldn’t help but to grin deviously.

“That’s porno izle right, honey. Eat hearty because you’re definitely going to need your strength.” I whispered to myself.

I watched her work her way down the buffet line, scowling with disapproval at her friends choices and rolling her eyes at the male staff members behind the counter who tried to talk to her; essentially brushing them off. I suddenly remembered something that my brother used to say when he saw an attractive but snobbish little bitch like my birthday gift. He said he’d love to buy her for what she’s actually worth and sell her for what she thinks she’s worth. But in this case, what she was actually worth and what she thought she was worth, at least in terms of physical beauty, were probably exactly the same. I then witnessed the short and chubby girl head for the dessert section of the buffet and load her plate with sweets as my birthday gift rolled her eyes and snapped at her.

Oh, that’s it! I thought to myself. You just keep right on being the bitchy little tramp you are. You may think you’re the hottest thing under the sun now and that your shit doesn’t stink, but in a few hours I’m gonna have you eating out of my hand; and out of my soaking wet snatch. You’re gonna be my own personal little pussy whore! And you’re gonna love every lick of it and be begging for more.

The three of them filled their plates and glasses then migrated to a booth along the wall that was less than ten feet away from me and in a straight line of sight. My gift slid into the side of the booth that was facing toward me while her two friends stuffed themselves into the other side.

Wow! Could this possibly get easier? For now all I had to do was to lock my gaze on her with calm but hungry eyes and let her ego do the rest. Clearly she loved to have all eyes on her at all times; to be the center of attention and the object of everyone’s desire. But Lord bless her, she was just arrogant enough to think that she could pick and choose who could look at her and who couldn’t. And I was willing to bet that the eyes of a strange and older woman were off limits.

Sure enough, her eyes were soon darting constantly in my direction with a stern scowl on her face and she was squirming like she had ants in her pants as she obviously felt my gaze on her. Not long after, she was leaning over the table and bickering to her friends as she motioned toward me with her eyes and the slight tilt of her head. The other two girls briefly glanced in my direction; I merely smiled and they both seemed to almost cower. Then just as I’d figured, my little tramp was on her feet and making a bee-line for my table. I took a sip of my tea, flipped a page of my magazine and pretended to be engrossed in the article as I ordered myself to remain cool and let her fall directly into my trap.

“Hey!” She hissed in a belligerent tone. “You got some kind of problem, lady?”

I lifted my eyes slowly and met her icy stare; her eyes were a gorgeous shade of dark brown; almost black, and she had a sultry, sexy voice.

“I beg your pardon?” I replied casually; her delectable fragrance now flooding my nostrils like a tidal wave.

“I said do you have some kind of fucking problem?” She repeated.

“Well, like most people, I have my share of them. But if you’re inquiring as to whether I have a problem with you, then I’d have to say no.” I answered coolly.

“Then why are you staring at me?!” She demanded harshly.

“Because you’re a very beautiful girl.” I answered.


“I said that you’re a very beautiful and sexy young lady and that’s why I was looking at you!”

“So? What? You saying you wanna fuck me or something?” She hissed.

“I certainly wouldn’t mind.”

“What are you? Some kind of pervert?

I studied her very reflectively for a long moment and thought carefully about her choice of words there.

“Interesting.” I finally said.

“What’s interesting?” She snarled.

“The fact that you called me a pervert and not a homo or lesbo.”

“Yeah, well that’s a given. I mean, I can see you’re a girl!”

“Ahh, honey; take a closer look at me! What, if anything about me, says that I’m a GIRL?” I hissed.

“Okay, a woman!” She hissed back. “They can be perverts too.”

“Yes, but they very rarely call each other that.” I said calmly. “No, that term is almost exclusively reserved for men who are looking at you with lusty eyes and making sexually explicit remarks; and most of the time, you secretly like it. But if a woman is doing all that to you, you wouldn’t call her a pervert; no, you’d call her a dyke or a lesbo or homo, wouldn’t you? But you called me a pervert. Very interesting.”

“Fuck you!”

“Your place or mine?”

“Shut up! And quit fucking staring at me!”

“Oh come now; you don’t really want that, do you?” I asked coolly.

“What?” She growled.

“You love being stared at! Being worshipped! Desired; the center of all attention. You thrive on it; you crave it. You know you’re built for it and you couldn’t do without it. That’s why you dress the way you do. But you’re just enough of an arrogant little bitch to think that you can pick and choose who can, and who cannot look at you.” I expounded.

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