Bachelor Party Creampie

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Hi there, my name is Tina and I’m writing this episode down at the request of my husband, Rob. You see, I recently had an amazingly hot sexual episode (one of many, actually) and Rob got so turned on by it he wanted me to share the details with the world. So, for what it’s worth, here we go!

First, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m 32 years old, and I’ve been married to Rob for 8 years. We enjoy a very hot and active sex life, and we are into swinging with other couples. I’m 5’ 8” tall, 120 lbs, with brunette hair. Rob & I both workout, and I also teach an aerobics class. Rob is always telling me how hot my body is, and he gets turned on when my tight ass draws looks in public.

Anyway, this particular adventure started with Cindy, a young girl who is in my advanced aerobics class. She’s petite, 21 years old and blonde. She’s never missed a class, and I have to say that when I’m teaching I find my eyes drawn to her all the time. I think she started to pick up on this, when she sees me checking her out she started giving me shy smiles. I thought it was cute, and I started to think it might be fun to have a three way with her and Rob.

One day after class, about 2 weeks ago, she approached me as I was stretching to loosen up after the lesson. Everyone else had left the studio; it was just the two of us. I was seated on the floor working a hamstring muscle and she asked if she could stretch with me, as she was feeling a little tight.

“Sure,” I replied. She was wearing a pair of cotton shorts and a crop top, and her whole body was covered with a sheen of sweat. I couldn’t help wondering how it would taste if I ran my tongue all over her body. I could see that the crotch of her shorts were particularly sweaty, and I had to push the thought of burying my face in there out of my head, otherwise I’d be heading to the showers to rub myself off.

She lay down on the mat, and asked “Can you just stretch one leg at a time for me?” I took her leg by the ankle as she lay on her back, and gently pushed it up and back. Looking down I could see her pussy lips outlined through her thin shorts, this girl didn’t like wearing panties when she worked out, another plus!

I released her leg and took the other one, stretching it the same way. “Oh, that feels so good,” she said, “almost as good as sex. Too bad my boyfriend is out of town, he always likes to get some when I come home from aerobics,”

Hmm, I thought, This is definitely starting to look like an opportunity. I said, “You’re really tight, let me just massage your hamstring a little while it’s in the stretched position.” I held her ankle with one hand and kneaded down the back of her leg with the other, all the way to her ass. Then I “accidentally” brushed her pussy as I continued massaging.

She moaned and said “That feels so good, I think I pulled a muscle in my butt, can you please work on that?”

I didn’t need a second invitation, I let go of her leg and she rolled over. I started at her hips, and gave a vigorous massage, running my hands over the thin shorts and down between her legs. “Spread your legs a little so I can work on your upper thighs,” I suggested. She obliged, and as I touched her I could see that her crotch was looking a lot wetter than it did before.

I decided to just go for it, and I slipped my hand into her pants and immediately felt hot wet pussy. She groaned louder and raised her hips up off the mat, letting me have easier access to her. That was all I could take, I had to see this girl naked.

“Let me get these out of the way,” I said as I quickly yanked her shorts down, exposing her fine ass. Her pussy was displayed between her cheeks, and God was it wet. I was really horny at this point, and wasted no time as my tongue quickly delved into her delicious slit.

“Ahhhhh, that feels fucking wonderful,” she said. “You do that even better than my boyfriend, can you teach me to eat pussy like that?”

The girl was incorrigible! “I think I can manage that,” I said with a grin. I stood and quickly stripped off my own shorts and g-string, and I took off my top too. Cindy removed her own top, and sat demurely on the mat.

“Lie down on your back,” I said. “I think the easiest way for you to learn is to actually do it. I’m going to get in a sixty-nine position on top of you and start eating you. I want you to do everything I do as you feel me do it, feel free to ask any questions.”

With that I climbed on top of her and pressed my moist crotch close to her face. I looked down at the pussy in front of me and admired the fact that it was completely hairless. I could smell the aroma of the workout, which was now combined with free flowing sex juices. Mmmm, just the way I like it.

I leaned down and gently flicked her clit with my tongue, and her whole body shivered. Then I felt my own clit being licked. Excellent, she learns fast. I went back to work, and ran my tongue up and down her slit, savoring the delicious flavor that is Cindy. I expertly darted my tongue in and out of her antalya escort hole, then sucked on her clit. That was enough for her, she started to shake and moan, and suddenly she wrapped her arms over my hips and pulled my pussy into her face. I reciprocated and shoved my tongue up her cunt and started fucking it with my face as I felt my own orgasm envelope me. I replaced my tongue with 3 fingers and screamed, “That’s it! Lick me harder! Shove your tongue into me! Oh FUCK I’M CUMMING ON YOUR FACE!”

I came hard as I finger fucked her, her orgasming pussy clenching my fingers and leaking cum down her ass and thighs. I collapsed and rolled off of her, all I could do was smile and sigh. Wait until I tell Rob about this, I thought to myself.

Cindy turned around and climbed on top of me, our wet pussies pressing together. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, tasting my own cum juices on her lips.

“That was great, I’ve never been with a woman before.” She said. “I can’t believe I came like that and I didn’t even have a cock in me. Won’t your husband be mad though?”

“I’m going to tell him about this when I get home, he likes it when I have a sexy story for him. I think I’ll make him masturbate as I tell him about it, that always gets him off hard.”

“Wow, you sound like you have a great marriage! He really likes to have you watch while he jerks off? I wish my boyfriend would let me watch once in a while, he’s always been embarrassed about it though.”

She was still on top of me, and I was running my fingernails up and down her back and ass. “Try masturbating together, that’s how Rob and I started. It can be really erotic; sometimes we use vibrators that can be even more fun. One time I had Rob using one on his balls and I got him to fuck himself in the ass with it, my God did he cum! It was like a fountain, ever since that time he’s been more than willing to play with himself whenever I feel like watching.”

“Wow, maybe you guys could show me sometime? I mean, if you don’t mind or anything, it just sounds like you really know how to connect, I kind of like learning new sex tricks.”

“Well, we’ll see, I’d have to talk to Rob about it,” I said. What I was thinking was, We are going to lay you like there’s no fucking tomorrow you little slut!

“Ok, let me know what he says then, I’d better get showered now, I have to do a bachelor party tonight and I can’t be late.”

“A bachelor party?” I asked. “What do you mean? Are you a stripper?”

“Well, not really, I’ve never done it professionally before. I mean, I like to dance for my friends, and one of them asked me if I wanted to get paid for it. He’s got a friend who’s getting married, and they need a stripper, and I figured what the hell. I’m not fucking them, I just have to strip down to a g-string and do a lap dance on the groom to be, get him a little excited. Get this; he’s a virgin too! He’s saved himself for marriage, so this is going to be really embarrassing for him!”

“The guy sounds like a tool, he’s not going to know what to do on his honeymoon. He probably won’t get within five feet of his new wife without blowing his load. I feel bad for his fiancé, I hope she’s had some experience, otherwise she’ll end up thinking it’s supposed to be that way.”

“It’ll be ok, I knew her in high school. One time she gave the whole football team blowjobs after they won a big game, she’ll whip him into shape in no time.” She said with a smile.

We got up and took a hot shower together, soaping each other up and doing a bit of exploring. She really has a great body, and at that age her tits were still gravity defying. I had a great time rubbing them when they were all slippery, her nipples stood out like rocks and she squealed when I playfully pinched them, I couldn’t wait to bed her again.

We walked out to our cars, and I leaned in her door to give her a kiss, and I slid my tongue into her mouth. I told her I’d see her soon and turned to get into my car when I heard her say, “My car won’t start! I’m going to be late for the bachelor party!”

“Don’t worry Cindy, I’ll give you a ride. It will give us a chance to talk some more, I’ll just call Rob and tell him I’ll be a little late.”

“Thanks so much Tina, I really appreciate it. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here.”

I quickly called Rob and told him I was going to be out for a while. I told him what was going on, and that I might want to watch her strip and then bring her home afterwards because she wanted to see him masturbate, and he said he couldn’t wait. What the hell else was he going to say to a 21-year-old slut being delivered to his bedroom?

I drove over to her friend’s house where the party was being held. We pulled up on the street and she reached over and took hold of my hand.

“Would you mind just coming in with me? I’m a little nervous, I hope that doesn’t sound silly.”

“Not at all honey, I understand. I’d like to see what this virgin looks like anyway, let’s antalya escort bayan go!”

We got up to the door and knocked. It was opened immediately by all seven of them. My God, how un-cool! I’ll bet they had been fighting for the peephole in the door to watch us come up to the house. Probably more than one virgin in this crowd, I thought. Looking around I saw a lot of empty beer cans, and they had a porno movie running on the VCR. One of them saw me look and he quickly shut it off and blushed. The groom, I presumed.

Cindy introduced me and told them how I helped her out with a ride over after her car died. They thanked me and introduced themselves, each one shaking my hand. The oldest one couldn’t have been 25; together they looked like a bible study class. I couldn’t wait to see how they’d react to Cindy gyrating around in a g-string.

One of them asked me if I wanted something to drink, and I grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch to watch the festivities. They had the groom sit in a chair in the middle of the room, and then they let Cindy take over.

She put on some appropriate stripping music that she bought with her, and started a slow strip tease for him. The guys quickly got into it and were clapping and laughing at their soon to married friends discomfort. Cindy got down to her bra and panties, and I could see that the groom was now starting to get quite a hard-on through his pants.

She pulled off her bra and draped it over his head, and then sat down on his lap to a chorus of catcalls, one of them coming from me. She gently ground her pert little ass against his crotch, and he groaned and tried to push her off.

“What’s the matter, can’t take a little lap dance before your wedding?” I called out. He turned bright red and his friends cracked up. He was trying to push Cindy off and she kept trying to put his hands on her crotch, laughing and enjoying the whole thing.

Cindy giggled and said, “Tina, how about giving me a hand here, this one doesn’t seem to like girls.”

That really killed them; they were literally rolling on the floor with laughter. I leaped up and said, “Let’s show him what he’s been missing.”

I went to the center of the room and started my own strip tease. God, I was getting really turned on, I knew I was about to give them all a night they would never forget. I got down to my panties when I crooked my finger at Cindy, motioning her to join me.

We met with a deep wet kiss, and started dirty dancing together. I rubbed her tits and then felt her hands run down my back and grab my ass. She rubbed her crotch against my leg and I felt she was wet. The guys had all fallen silent, watching us with their mouths open.

I pulled Cindy to the floor, where we started to really get into it. We were making out and grabbing at each other like total nymphos. I was on top, and I sat up and spun around so I was sitting on her chest, her panty clad crotch in front of me. I spread her knees apart and looked at the groom.

“Would you like to see what Cindy looks like under her panties?” I asked. He was just staring and barely managed a nod. I could see that his zipper was under a great deal of strain.

“Ok, but your going to have to show us yours too,” I said. “Don’t be shy, anyone who wants to see Cindy is going to show some cock.”

The guys looked at each other nervously, trying to decide if they wanted their hard-ons out in the open. I know I sure wanted to see them.

“Anyone going to leave?” I asked. No one got up, and one adventurous party boy unzipped his pants with a shy smile.

“Show me Cindy first,” he said.

I smiled and reached down to her panties. Cindy raised her hips up off the floor a little, and I rolled them over her bottom and thighs, exposing her delicious looking slit. She giggled and let her legs part even more, displaying her shaved cunt for the room. It was practically dripping, and I reached down and spread her pussy lips wide, letting everyone have a good look.

I looked back to zipper boy and said “Your turn, let’s see what you’ve got.”

He took a deep breath and stood up. He walked over to me and undid the top button of his pants and slowly lowered them. He was wearing white briefs, and I could see the tip of his cock right through them because he’d already let out quite a bit of pre-cum. Good boy, I thought.

I rolled off of Cindy so that she could sit up, and we both kneeled in front of him, his back to his friends. “Come on,” I said, “too late to be shy, I can already tell your loving this.”

He blushed and Cindy decided to take things into her own hands. She reached up and hooked two fingers over his waistband, and then slowly pulled them over the top of his cock. He groaned as she unhurriedly dragged them down the length of his shaft, more pre-cum leaking from the tip as she did.

I reached out with one finger and slid it up and down, covering it with his wetness. He watched as I licked my lips and then slipped my finger escort antalya into my mouth, sucking it like it was a dick.

“It looks like he’s close to Cumming, just from that.” Said Cindy. “Wouldn’t take much to make him explode, not much at all.”

He groaned again, and I reached out and ran just one fingernail all along the seam of his scrotum. It turned out to be more than enough as his cock began to spasm and he clenched his eyes shut. I quickly popped the tip of his dick into my mouth, and gave his balls a nice squeeze. I was rewarded with a huge spray of cum; it felt like a fire-hose shooting it out, right in my mouth.

He pulled away, his face bright with shame. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mommy,” I said to him. His friends cracked up, lightening the mood dramatically. I stood and pulled off my own panties, which were now quite wet. I walked over to the groom and gently rubbed the crotch across his face. “You like how these smell? You do, don’t you? You’d like to eat me wouldn’t you?”

His friends were egging him on, telling him to taste the panties first. I laughed and danced back over to Cindy, enjoying my naked show. “Who’s next?” I asked. “Let’s see some more cocks! Cindy, let’s get their pants off!”

With that Cindy and I each grabbed a guy and started tearing off their clothes. Everyone quickly was completely naked, except for the groom, who looked like he wanted to get out.

“The groom is going to need another lap dance, but I guess he can just watch us for now.” I looked around at all the cocks and could hardly decide where to start, they all looked like they were aching to cum. I got down on all fours in front of the closest one, and spread myself wide. I wanted to get fucked, and I wanted it nasty.

“Help yourself,” I said. “Let’s see if you can hold out longer than your friend. Anyone have a cock for my mouth?”

One of them positioned himself in front of me, presenting a hard, wet cock for me to taste. I received a pleasant surprise from behind when rather than a cock; I felt a tongue on my twat. It seems the guy who was going to fuck me was already pretty close to Cumming and decided to calm down a little, but still keep himself busy. I groaned and pressed my cunt into his face, and gave the dick in front of me a long slippery lick.

Cindy had decided she wanted to fuck them one after another. She lay on her back, three guys in front of her. “Ok, you each get one minute to fuck me, then you go to the back of the line. First one to cum in me gets a spanking from me and Tina.”

With that the first guy knelt between her legs and quickly entered her sopping hairless slit. He started fucking her, his two friends timing him so that he didn’t intrude on their turns. I was licking the balls of the guy in front of me, when the pussy licker behind me decided he couldn’t wait any longer to fuck.

I felt the tip of his cock being wiped up and down my pussy, and he thoughtfully paused at my clit for a gentle rub. It felt really really hot, sending shockwaves through my clit up to my stomach. I sobbed as my first orgasm engulfed me, and I begged him to fuck me hard right now.

“God, shove your fucking cock up my cunt! Do it now, God it fucking feels so good! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!” I shouted as my pussy clenched his cock and milked his seed from his balls. The guy in front of me tried to back away as I came, but I grabbed him by the cock and pulled him to my mouth. He was doing everything he could not to cum; he really wanted to fuck me next, which was fine with me. I took it easy on him and just flicked the tip of his dick with my tongue as my orgasm started to subside. Man, I sure was happy with the way things were working out.

The guy behind me pulled his deflating manhood from my pussy, I could feel his cum starting to leak out. I turned around so his friend who just exited my mouth could try me from the back. I really love getting fucked on all fours; it allows the cock in deep and I cum very easily. He wasn’t shy about sloppy seconds, I felt his dick slip right in to the hilt and start banging away in the mess. That thought made me even hornier, I motioned the first guy I had blown over to me so I could get him nice and hard again, after all, why shouldn’t he get to fuck too?

I was vigorously licking his balls and shaft when I heard one of the guys fucking Cindy groan loudly and say, “God, I can’t hold it, I’m think I’m going to cum in you!”

“That’s it honey, fucking cum for me! Cum in my pussy, fill me up with your spunk! Yes, that’s it, cum hard for me so you can get your spanking!”

That was Cindy urging him on. God, this girl was definitely special. Just as the guy started to spurt into her, I felt the cock in my pussy release it’s own load, adding quite a bit of cum to what was already in me. I knew by the time I got home my cunt was going to be a completely cum sopped mess, just the way Rob likes me.

Cindy hopped into a chair, and had the guy who came lay across her lap. “Come on Tina, help me give this naughty boy his punishment!”

I joined her, cum running down the inside of my thighs, and we alternated slapping his ass and stroking and kneading his balls. He kept squirming, which only earned him extra smacks. His friends were laughing, but before we were done he was halfway to being stiff again.

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Deepest Darkest Secret Ch. 03

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Author’s note: Thank you to all those who have e-mailed me with their comments. Please, keep sending me your comments and ideas you’d like to see written about.

How many guys could be so lucky? To actually have your girlfriend beg you to fuck her ass and then for her to admit that she’d fucked herself in the ass with her hairbrush, for years! Needless to say, ever since my cock has always become hard whilst thinking of the night that I fucked Zoe’s ass for the first time..

The following day Zoe and I went shopping together and ended up in a huge department store. After looking around several of the floors we entered the lingerie department Zoe did more of the looking as I followed her, fantasising about seeing her in various items as I went. I don’t know whether Zoe could sense if I was getting turned on or not but every once in a while should would look back at me over her shoulder and give me the most gorgeous, seductive look, followed by a flash of her smile.

After a half hour of looking Zoe began to gather several items that she wanted to try on before heading to the dressing rooms.

“I’ll wait by the cash desk,” I said to her.

Before I could move Zoe turned around, grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me after her, “Oh no you don’t”. She kept hold of my hand and before I knew it we were inside a cubicle with the curtain firmly pulled across.

Zoe sat down on the chair in the corner of the cubicle, a full length mirror mounted on the wall behind her. “When I’m buying lingerie,” she began, “I can never tell what looks good on me. So you’ve just been made the subject of my second fantasy.”

I stood there looking at Zoe wondering exactly what she meant. I was hoping that she meant that she wanted to fuck in a public dressing room.

“This is one I’ve had for the past few weeks. I want you to be my panty model!”

I began to shake my head. As horny as I was becoming, there was no way I was going to model panties for Zoe, not here in public. “Not here,” I whispered to my girlfriend, conscious of how my voice would carry into the surrounding cubicles.

“Oh yes here,” she whispered back, standing up in front of me. Her hand wandered down my body and began to grope my swelling cock. “I’ll make it worth your while!”

My body couldn’t fight it any longer. I wanted desperately to see what Zoe had in mind. She stepped back and sat down again. “I thought that would seal things,” she smiled at me. “Now, undress. I’d like to see these first.”

Zoe held up a matching black lace bra and panty set. My cock swelled as I glanced over them and I found myself beginning to undress. Quickly, my jeans, shoes, socks, T-shirt and jumper were all piled on the cubicle floor. I stood there looking at Zoe as she began to raise her jumper over her head, my cock straining within my boxers as her gorgeous breasts were revealed. She’d come shopping without a bra. Zoe sank down to her knees on the floor, moving across towards me.

I felt her hands tug at the waistband of my boxers and pull them swiftly down my legs, where I stepped out of them. She tossed them aside and quickly lowered her mouth over my cock, engulfing it completely. Her warm breath felt fantastic and as I watched my cock slide in and out of her mouth I wanted to explode there and then.

Zoe had other ideas and after a minute or so she let my cock fall out of her mouth and backed away until she was again sitting on the stool. “Now, that’s better. Here you go,” whispered Zoe, first handing me the black bra.

I reached out and took the bra off Zoe, unclipping the back and then placing my arms through the straps. I pulled the düzce escort straps up onto my shoulders and began to feel the soft lace of the bra against my chest. I somehow managed to reach around my back and fasten the straps. Next came the lace panties, the part that I knew would make my cock grow even harder.

Zoe looked at me excitedly as she handed them to me. I took them off her and eagerly stepped into them. Memories of my ex-girlfriend came flooding back to me and how I used to love sliding her panties over my cock and then shooting my cum all over them. I pulled up the panties until they fit snugly in place, my straining cock making a noticeable bulge in the front lace panel. My mind was already envisaging the sight of my cum erupting and spreading over the material.

I looked over at Zoe and it seemed that she may well have been envisaging the same thing. She was staring at the image before her whilst at the same time her right hand was inside the waistband of her long grey skirt and was surely playing with her pussy, and her left hand was softly stroking one of her breasts, her fingers teasing the erect nipple.

“How do they feel?” she asked.

“Great,” I replied, “Really soft and sexy. How do they look?”

“Let’s say they certainly get my juices flowing!” She withdrew her hand from inside her skirt so that I could see her slick fingers. Zoe brought those magic fingers to her mouth and teasingly licked all her juices off them, in a manner that made me wish she were licking her juices off my cock.

“Now I’d like to see this please,” Zoe announced, although a little too loudly for my liking. She held up a black satin corset. “Leave the panties on, Honey.”

I could only do what the customer asked for. I again reached around my back and unfastened the bra and after a brief struggle I was soon handing the bra back to Zoe and taking the corset off her. I looked at it closer and saw that it had a lace up back and clip front fastening. As I unclipped the front of the corset I noticed that Zoe’s hand was once again inside her skirt and, judging by the movements of her hand, she was almost certainly plunging her fingers inside her tight pussy.

My cock was simply aching to touched and I couldn’t resist groping it through my lace panties.

“Oh no you don’t. Only I can play with myself. For now you’re just here to model!” She definitely said that too loudly but I didn’t care. Here I was getting off on the fact that my girlfriend was finger fucking herself over me dressed in lingerie!

I got back to my task of modelling and slipped the corset around my body. Holding it at the front I began to fasten the clips, beginning at the bottom. After a little fumbling I finally fastened the top clip and stood there in my new outfit.

“Mmmm,” moaned Zoe, either through her self pleasure or at the sight of me. “That is very sexy, although the look is a little incomplete. There’s something missing,” she whispered. “Ahh, yes, stockings! I’d like to see that with a pair of stockings, please.”

Things went silent for a few moments. “Well?” said Zoe, her hand still playing with her pussy.

“I…. I can’t, you didn’t pick up any stockings!” I replied.

“You mean to say that this store doesn’t provide it’s models with stockings to wear?”

I didn’t know how to reply.

“Mmmm, well I’ll have to speak with somebody about that later. For now I guess you’ll have to borrow mine.” As Zoe spoke a wide smile appeared across her face.

I watched as she withdrew her hand again and stood in front of me. She held my gaze and reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. düzce escort bayan She promptly smoothed it down her legs until it fell to the floor by its own accord. Zoe stepped backwards out of her skirt and as I looked downwards I actually felt my heart begin to skip beats.

It seemed that Zoe had also come shopping without any panties, which allowed me to see her next surprise – she’d shaven her pussy completely! Added to this was the fact that Zoe wore black, lace hold-up stockings and the sexiest pair of black, stiletto, knee-length boots I’d ever seen.

I think the look on my face said everything Zoe needed to know about what I was thinking that very moment.

“I thought this would get your attention,” Zoe said as she brought her hand up and over her shaven pussy. “Mmm, it feels really good, really sensitive. I knew you would like to see me dressed in stockings. And the boots? Well I’ve always thought how sexy they are, even found myself staring at other women wearing them.”

“Mmm, me too,” I interrupted. “I take it you like them?”

She already knew the answer. “Yes,” I replied, “they’re absolutely stunning!”

“They certainly are. Now where were we? Ah, yes, you wanted to model my stockings.” I stared in awe as Zoe sat back on the stool. She unzipped both of her boots before taking them off and teasingly began to smooth her stocking down her right leg. Her other stocking soon followed. “There we go, sweetie,” Zoe said, handing the stockings to me.

I leant against one of the cubicle walls and began to ease my leg into one of the stockings. The familiar erotic feeling of wearing stockings came over me and I ached to be able to stroke my cock. I struggled to put the thought out of my mind as I slipped the second stocking up my leg.

My look was complete and I stood up straight and looked over at Zoe. She remained seated on the stool but she was now leaning back against the wall with both of her feet on the stool near her pussy. It had the effect of completely opening her pussy to me and I couldn’t help but stare as she fingered herself.

Her cheeks were flushed red and I could tell that she was fighting against her body’s wish to moan out loud. Still, she was determined to remain the customer.

“I think I will buy everything that you’ve modelled for me, thank you.” She let her feet fall slowly to the ground, withdrew her fingers from her pussy and stood once again in front of me. Zoe inched closer towards me until I could feel her heavy breathing against my face, belying her aroused state.

Seductively, Zoe brought her slick fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. “Is it common for your customers to get so aroused?”

“No, ma’am,” I replied.

“Hmmm, what about models? Is it common for them to become so aroused from modelling lingerie?” Zoe asked, whilst at the same time running her hand across my panties and straining cock.

“No, ma’am.”

“Hmmm,” said Zoe. To my pain she released my cock and turned around. She grabbed the stool and placed it in the middle of the cubicle. Without warning she bent forward, grabbing hold of the stool.

“And tell me, is it common for models to fuck their customers?” asked Zoe, looking up at me through the full-length mirror.

Zoe was making this worth my while with an open invitation. I certainly didn’t need any encouragement. I quickly slid my panties to the side, freeing my cock and inched forward until my cock was at the entrance to Zoe’s pussy.

“Yes, ma’am, it certainly is!”

With those words I grabbed hold of Zoe’s waist and thrust my whole seven inches inside her waiting escort düzce hole. Zoe’s slick pussy greedily swallowed my whole length and at the same time made her gasp out loud. “Oh, fuck.”

I was sure that others outside the cubicle must have been able to hear but I didn’t care. I was frantically fucking my girlfriend’s pussy and that was the most central thing in my mind. A boyfriend, dressed in lingerie fucking his girlfriend in public, well kinda!

As I continued thrusting I glanced down to see my glistening cock repeatedly slamming back into Zoe.

“Yeah, keep doing that, honey, really fill my cunt,” Zoe said, struggling to keep her words down to a whisper.

“I’m going to, real soon,” I replied, knowing the frantic pace would have me cumming within minutes.

Zoe released one of her hands from the stool and brought it up to her clit, which I was sure must have been swollen hard. I was determined to make my orgasm explosive and carried on thrusting hard. Not ten strokes later though and Zoe was begging for me to cum with her as she orgasmed.

Her pussy began to grip tightly around my cock and I heard her whimper something just before a long, muffled moan of ecstasy rumbled from deep within her lungs. Her muscles were literally milking my cock and they succeeded. My balls contracted and fired numerous spurts of thick cum deep into Zoe’s pussy.

I saw Zoe’s hand fall down to the stool in front of her in the hope of balancing her unsteady frame and I myself withdrew from her slippery pussy.

“Yes, ma’am, the models here always aim to get customer satisfaction!”

“Oh, god,” said Zoe, breathlessly, “They certainly do.”

Five minutes later Zoe and I emerged fully clothed from the changing room and walked over to the cash desk. I could feel the stockings I was still wearing against my jeans as I walked and I was sure that Zoe was beginning to feel my cum dribble out of her naked pussy. I wondered if it would begin to leak over her knee-length boots by the time we finished shopping.

Zoe placed the matching lace bra and panties and the black satin corset on the counter. The young, blonde sales assistant, Emma, began to scan the items. She carefully wrapped the corset in tissue paper, followed by the matching bra and panties. Zoe and I both watched her intently as she folded the panties, hoping that she wouldn’t smell Zoe’s pussy juices that had soaked onto the lace.

Both little parcels were placed into a bag, which Zoe took and wandered away from the cash desk, leaving me to pay. The sales assistant scanned my credit card as I noticed how attractive she was. Her blonde hair was pinned up and she wore fine-rimmed glasses, which added to her sultry, sexy look.

“They sure are sexy, ha?” Emma asked, handing me the printout to sign.

“Definitely,” I replied as I signed. “We both think so.”

“Thank you for shopping here sir, and thank you for the show.”

Alarms bells began to ring in my mind. “I’m sorry?” I replied, trying to look as calm as possible.

“If you ever need an extra model, give me a call.” As she said this she slid a piece of paper across the counter towards me. As I looked down at the counter Emma raised her hand towards my face briefly, bringing it close enough for me to recognise the familiar smell of a woman’s pussy.

As I picked up the piece of paper I looked up at Emma.

“Your show caused me to cum,” she whispered at me, before smiling sweetly. Just then another customer approached the counter. I turned and walked away, seeing that Emma had indeed written her phone number on the piece of paper.

Needless to say, once I had told Zoe of my little chat with the sales assistant our shopping trip abruptly ended. We had to rush home and fuck each other again and talk about when to give Emma a call.

Let me know if you’d like to hear about more of Zoe’s fantasies! She’s got lots more to reveal!!!

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Desperate Future a Bull’s Story

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Hi everyone! I’m trying my hand at a Hucow story. I’ve seen that this is quite a popular fetish. Please bear with me, since I am just starting out, and still need to polish up my writing skills. All Characters are over the age of eighteen.


I can’t believe what has happened to me in the last year! If I had been told that I’d be where I am now, I’d have called them crazy. Now, I can’t believe my luck, not all of it good, but most of it has been a dream come true.

Let me introduce myself. My name is John, I’m just your average guy, mid twenties, nothing to make me out to be anything special. Just another face in a crowd, so to speak, and quite content at that. That is, until the incident, or at least that’s how I call it.

I was your struggling student at my local college, getting my degree in Computer Science and Network Administration when my world was completely turned around.

I remember as a kid, while still in Middle School; seeing the headlines of the day that the population was in crisis.





There was only one girl born out of every twenty pregnancies; and, with the rampant overpopulation of the planet, there were no open spaces for livestock to graze. This led to a crisis that the cattle, dairy, horse, goat and sheep industries were gone.

The few spaces that were left were quickly converted to high yield modern agriculture. Mainly for vegetable and grain production; using various techniques like aquaponics, and various other methods of low impact farming.

A few years after that, once I was in High School, I learned that the decline of the female population was due to a genetic mutation, one that only three in ten thousand men could produce an “X” chromosome that would conceive a girl. Needless to say that by the time I graduated; my graduating class consisted only hormone fueled teenage boys.

Once I got to college; the whole thing was ridiculous. There were only 5 girls in the whole campus, and they were sequestered to the point that they had very little to no interaction with any male members of the student population.

I had heard my parent’s version of their days at college, where there were more girls, and a lot of parties where couples could meet and hook up. Nowadays it was more like an all boys boarding school; where most parties were just sitting around drinking and playing bar games.

During my third year of college, we were subjected to a battery of medical tests as part of an initiative from the government to help identify those of us that could still produce the “X” chromosome and be able to father girls. To say these tests were embarrassing is an understatement; we were prodded, made to ejaculate into sterile containers, if I lost three pints of blood, I was lucky. All the results of these tests were kept hidden from all of us and it wasn’t until after I had graduated that I received a strange letter in the mail.

It came in a Government letterhead, Department of Health and Reproductive Administration (DHRA). I had heard of this agency back when the whole decline of the female population was beginning to be noticed, and I guess it carried over to when the different countries of the world; after long years of civil unrest and the panic of becoming an all male population; decided to unite into one single entity and we now have a centralized world government.

‘Dear Mr. Chase,

You have been selected to take part in a program within the HR&DRI and you an report to your local DHRA office to register and further processing.’

I kept reading the letter and my appointment was next week at the office across town.

Since I had just graduated, I didn’t have a job just yet, and was debating with either starting my own consulting firm, or if I should start working at some conglomerate and start what I had planned for my life. I was taking a month off, still living at home with the parents, so I decided to go ahead and keep the appointment.

“I don’t know what you’re going to do.” Said my mom, not hiding the worry on her face.

“It is a summon by the government,” my dad interjected. “I think it has to do with the mandatory tests you had in college.” Not hiding the surge of pride in his voice, but still laced with some worry.

I had a feeling he knew a bit more than he was letting on, but I decided to let it go, and made my plans to kill time for the next week, hanging out with friends, or getting into some online gaming with my college buddies.

I managed to put everything out of my mind for the next week, until the day before my appointment. I received a text message from the DHRA reminding me of the appointment, and giving me the last minute instructions on the documentation I had to have with me.

As I was getting everything ready to go, my mom was at the door to my room just watching me gather my paperwork, ID’s, edirne escort and other miscellaneous things I would need.

“I’m still worried about this,” she said.

“Mom, this is just an interview, I really don’t think you should be all worked up about this. I’m sure I’ll be back before lunch.” I told her, in a calm reassuring way.

“Babe, let the boy be, he’s a grown man and I think he’ll be just fine. Like he said, he’ll probably be home by lunch, and you can ask him all about it then.” My father said, backing me up.

“Thanks dad, I’ll tell you guys all about it tomorrow at lunch,” I said, “good night.”

I couldn’t really sleep that night, my mom’s worried look, my dad’s trepidation, and my own curiosity getting the better of me. I decided to do a little net surfing, finding some videos to watch and release some of my tension.

I found some porn videos that had my ideal type of girl in them. That being a natural redhead, with a soft curvy body; large breasts with pink nipples, a round ample ass and hips, and a shaved pussy; tight lipped with the perfect pink clit. I found a video of this dream girl masturbating, which is one of my favorite fetishes, and proceeded to jerk myself off to her. Remembering the instructions that I was to abstain from ejaculating twenty four hours before my scheduled appointment, I decided to just edge myself and try to get some sleep.

The next morning, my alarm woke me up early in the morning, and I went to get ready for the day. My mom was in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone and the smell of the eggs, and sausages was wafting through the house as I made my way to the bathroom for a quick shower and shave. I was having this feeling of excitement and dread at what lay ahead of me this morning.

“Hi sweetie!” My mom greeted me as she placed a plate and a glass of juice in front of my spot at the table.

“Morning mom, morning dad.” I replied, sitting down to start eating.

“I guess this is the big day, I hope that you’ve made your commute plans, you don’t want to be late for your appointment.” My dad said, in his best lecturing tone.

“Yeah dad, I actually went during the week to check out the times for the bus schedule and see if there was the option of taking the AirTrans, but the times just don’t work. So, I guess I’ll be taking the bus and have a little stroll through downtown.” I replied.

“I hope it’s going to be something quick, maybe they’re offering you an internship in their IT department.” Mom said, with a hopeful tone.

“I don’t know mom, they were pretty vague in what they wanted to see me about.” I said.

After finishing my plate, I kissed mom on the cheek thanking her for breakfast, patted dad’s shoulder, saying good bye and wishing them a good day. I walked out and grabbed the bus to the center of town.

I got off the bus and started walking the four blocks to the DHRA building. After a few minutes, I was standing in front of a tall high rise that had an unassuming brass plaque in front with the address number and Department of Health and Reproductive Administration identifying sigils.

Stepping into the lobby, I went to the information desk to ask for the office I was supposed to go to. The receptionist looked at my letter, verified my information in his computer and instructed me to go to the lower level and suite 0269.

Walking through the halls, I noticed a lot of what I assumed was medical personnel, a lot of men, and a few women in lab coats. While that was nothing strange in the male to female ratios, what was interesting to see was that all the women were older; maybe in their late fifties to early sixties. All of them went around in what would have been described as a catwalk gait, you know the one where they cross their legs on every step. Also, all of them had a figure that would make a porn star jealous; wide hips swinging side to side, big breasts jiggling with every step. The one common trait on all of them, was that their impossibly large breasts would stay high on their chests, the jiggling of them spoke to a lack of a bra, but they maintained the shape and fullness of being constricted into one.

Finding the door to the suite, I announced myself to the receptionist, which took my letter, ID, and handed me a clipboard with a small questionnaire. It was the same one that I had filled out in college for the original study.

“Okay, this is not an interview for an I.T. job.” I said to myself as I filled out the form.

“Mr. Chase?” A middle aged gentleman in a lab coat called out.

“Yes, sir.” I answered as I stood to greet him.

Handing him the clip board, he motioned for me to follow him. We stepped into a small examination room, similar to my doctor’s. I was told to strip from the waist down and make myself comfortable, and that someone would be coming in to complete my registration into the program.

After a few minutes, a knock brought me out of my thoughts and another gentleman in lab edirne escort bayan coat entered. He introduced himself as Dr. Singh with a slight accent.

“Thank you for coming Mr. Chase, we were hoping that you would be interested in our program and would agree to join it.” He said, in a calming tone.

“I was curious about the letter, since it is a bit vague in what the program is and what would be expected of me. At first, I thought it was to joint the I.T. Department for the DHRA; but, now I’m not so sure.” I replied.

He smiled in a knowing way, shaking his head. “I hate it that the letters have to be so vague. The truth is, you have been selected for this program because of your body’s ability to be able to produce the ‘X’ chromosome. Something that has been in very short supply for the last few decades.”

It took me about three minutes to get an idea of what he was talking about; chromosomes, vague explanations, cryptic letters, etc? Then it hit me, “This is like a breeding program? That my sperm would be used to create female embryos?” I asked, my voice getting a little louder and higher pitched in my disbelief.

“In a way,” he said with the knowing smile and a slight laugh. “You see, for some reason we have had very low female birth rates, to the point that it has come to an emergency situation and to ensure our survival, we have had to take some extreme measures.”

I was still processing the information that he was giving me when he went into some other details.

“Also, since the whole dairy industry has gone belly up, so to say, we have done some other research in trying to bring it back to suit the needs of the population.” He continued. “The Human Reproduction and Dairy Research Institute has been experimenting with various techniques but we have found one that has the most success.”

Swallowing hard, my mind filling in the details, “Are you saying that I would be donating sperm, and only the X chromosome would be used?” I asked.

Smiling once again, he continued. “In a way, you are correct; but, we have found that in vitro fertilization has not yielded the results we were looking for so the program managers have decided to use the old-fashioned method for conception.”

I looked at him with a blank stare, until it finally hit me. “You mean I will be having sex with some woman to get her pregnant?” I asked, if not a little loudly.

“Yes, but it will be with more than one; once conception is done, you will still have other duties to attend to, since it is also part of the dairy program, you will be assisting in milk production.” He continued.

My head was spinning at this moment, I was going to have sex with multiple women, get them pregnant and then assist in milk production, what ever that was about. On top of all that, I was going to be compensated, with room, board, and a generous salary. I kept thinking to myself that there was a catch, and sure enough there was one.

“There is just a few things that you would need to understand; the contract would be for ten years, during that time, you will be given medications that would inhibit the production of ‘Y” chromosomes in your sperm,” he continued. “Also, to keep up with demand, there are other supplements that will be used to enhance sperm production and stamina; which might have some physical as well as behavioral side effects.”

That got my attention. “What kind of side effects are we talking about Doc?” I asked. “Am I going to sprout a third leg, an extra ear?” I joked, but still hearing the stress in my own voice.

“Nothing as radical as that,” he replied. “You will just find that physically you will be larger, stronger and both your penis and scrotum would increase in size. Also, your libido would increase quite dramatically, and it will take some time to learn to control it.”

Okay, that didn’t sound too bad. My mind was still trying to catch up to the implications that Dr. Singh was giving me.

“If you sign the contract, it would be for a minimum of ten years. For the first year you would be sequestered to our training facility in the South Pacific, where you would undergo the medical aspects of the transformation and the psychological observation and assessment for the program. You will also begin your training for both physical stamina and mental fortitude to contain your libido as the different drugs and supplements accumulate in your system.” He announced dryly.

“You mean a year in a tropical paradise where I’d be training?” I asked incredulously.

“It may look like a paradise, but it is far from it. The training is rigorous, and our candidate screening is quite selective.” He added, “we can only accept the top candidates, due to the nature of the work. For the first six months of the training you will be allowed certain liberties in the facility, but after that time period, your real training would begin.”

The last few words called up a yellow flag in my mind, it sounded alike an ominous escort edirne warning not to be taken lightly. “It all sounds too good to be true Doctor, what are the cons if I sign the contract?” I asked.

“There are certain rules that must be followed withing the program, and you have to forego any claim on any offspring you sire. You will not have any say on who your breeding partner would be, and there are other responsibilities you will have within the program.” He said in a nonchalant way, as if he was giving me a weather report. “Oh, and also, while training, you will have very limited contact with friends and family.” He added as if it were an inconsequential thing.

“How limited?” I asked, “because I know that my parents would definitely be concerned if I suddenly fall off the face of the Earth, and I do have a few friends from college that would be concerned as well.”

“Limited to letters at first, which would also be monitored.” He replied. “As you can see, the very nature of the program is quite sensitive, and we wouldn’t want the public to be misinformed of the service it provides for the whole of the world, not to mention the continuation of the human race.”

“I don’t know Doctor, it doesn’t seem like everything is above board on this, if you know what I mean.” I said, with a bit of hesitation. “It all seems well and good on one part, I know it is kind of like my duty due to the coin toss of genetics; but it seems like there’s something not so black and white in the whole sales pitch you’re giving me.”

He looked at me in a way that made me feel a bit more at ease, since my stress levels were rising due to the information he was giving me. Reaching into the drawer at the desk, he pulled out what I assumed was the induction packet for the program.

“Here is some more information, and the contract you need to sign to get the full disclosure. After signing the contract, you will have five days to get everything in order and report back to this office for transportation to the training facility, and the beginning of your medical treatments.” He said in a more professional manner than the previous conversation. “Take your time to look it over, and I’ll be back once you’ve made up your mind.”

With that, he left the room and left me to inspect the contract and the rest of the information. It all seemed pretty straight forward on the contract, and I was trying to read between the lines or the fine print. There was still this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that some things could be interpreted differently, and that there was some language that could be misconstrued, but nothing really jumped out at me as a red flag.

I looked over the information of the training facility and, what the different medical and psychological tests and/or treatments would be administered there. There were a few photos of the area close to the facility, nothing to specify the location, but enough to see that it was run as a camp, or lower level government retreat.

I read the contract once again, signed my name on the line and then I waited for the doctor to return. I hadn’t been waiting more than ten minutes when the door opened again and he stepped in. I handed over the signed contract and saw a relieved smile on his face, apparently he was under instructions to get me to sign no matter what. He called the reception desk, and informed them that I would be returning in five days time for transport to the training facility.

As he was saying good bye to me, another person walked in. She was one of the statuesque older women that had passed me in the hallway as I was walking in. She had on the same white lab coat, but unlike the Doctor or any of the techs, it was open, revealing a tight red silk blouse and a black mid thigh skirt. I couldn’t help but appreciate her womanly curves and the grace in which she carried herself as she entered the room. What struck me the most was her eyes, they had a naughty gleam in them, while not predatory, it still made me feel like I was the special of the day at the buffet line.

She smiled as she walked over to me, her eyes looking me over. The closer she got, the bigger the smile on her lips. I was mesmerized by the way she moved, her hips moving side to side with every step; the click clack of her heels on the tile floor, and the truly hypnotizing way her breasts would wobble in time with her steps.

Once she got close enough, I could smell her perfume, a mixture of lavender and honey mixed in with her natural pheromones. I could feel cock begin to stir under the gown as she came closer, the mixture of her perfume, pheromones, and the slightly tangy scent of her arousal hitting me all at once.

I swallowed hard as she ran her hands over my arms, gently squeezing my muscles. Giving me appreciative glances as her eyes followed the path of her hands. I involuntarily shivered as my own arousal grew feeling her delicate touch and the soft scratch of her nails as she continued her exploration down my chest.

Licking her lips in anticipation, her hands continued down until she reached my rock hard erection. Wrapping her fingers around it, she looked in my eyes letting a small sigh escape her lips. I could tell that there was excitement, and a little disappointment in her eyes as she let go.

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Black Babies Matter

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(Magdelyn K. Bordeaux)


“Welcome. Welcome. If everyone will just settle down and find a seat. Find a seat. Thank you. For those who don’t know me, I am Anita Seamen, President of SFLRC. I’d like to thank everyone who make it out tonight. It’s a very large turn out. The Society for Female Led Relationships and Cuckoldry is celebrating five years as a community benefit organization. Girl, what a year it’s been. To celebrate, we’ll be throwing our annual gala two weeks from now, Friday. I expect to see you all there, and see a lot more of you, if you know what I mean. Cocktails at six, followed by a sitdown dinner and dancing. Skinny dipping is again mandatory if you’re going into the pool. And again, intimacy is allowed in the pool and all common areas. The afterparty, of course, should be a fabulous. We have more people this year than ever for the Cuck and Bull Gang Bang. Remember, all FLR gentlemen are expected to report for both pre-event preparation and post-party cleanup. Ladies, ensure your charge arrives on time. We’re thrilled that Candy Cumming was able to host this month’s meeting. As you know, Candy, with her husband Jack Khannov, are big benefactors of the SFLRC, and so many other charitable events in the community. Stand up Candy. Let everybody see you.”

“Thank you,” said Candy as she and Jack stood up to a round of applause, “Thank you so much. It’s a privilege to be part of this wonderful community.”

“As head of household,” President Seamen continued, “Candy is a socialite and spends her time with charity work and grant making. Jack is our society intellectual and SFLRC historian, having taken a B.A., magna cum laude, from Hebrew Union College, where he studied Critical Race Theory, with a minor in Contemporary Jewish Thought. He holds a Ph.D. from Brandeis University. His doctoral thesis was entitled, Critical Theory of White Male Privilege Through a Feminist Intersectional Paradigm. Jack is also our event custodian, in charge of keeping the ladies toilets pristine at all events. Candy and Jack, of course are FLR, but also practitioners of matriarchy, with elements of domestic discipline, corporal punishment, chastity and cuckoldry. A big round of applause, please. Thank you. With that, let’s go around and have the officers introduce yourselves.”

“Hi. I guess I’ll start. I’m Amanda Lay, Vice President. I’m here with my lover and owner, Dick Black, or as I call him, Big Daddy. Unfortunately my husband, Seth, couldn’t be here tonight because he’s again working double shifts. My husband and I are a practicing FLR couple, but also a black owned couple. I’m so happy that Big Daddy Black could be here today. He’s so busy with his harem of couples that this is really a treat. I do have an announcement. Well, I have a couple of announcements. First, I’d like to announce that Seth and I are expecting. Yes. Yes. I am pregnant with Big Daddy’s child. Second, I’m very sad to announce that Big Daddy Black has put us up for sale. He is in contract with new owners, and financing to be approved any day. So, I’m sorry to say that I will not have the privilege of serving Big Daddy for much longer. Correct me if I’m wrong Big Daddy, but the new owners are a minority owned limited liability partnership of five partners, so we will continue to be black owned. Big Daddy, did you want to say anything?”

“I suppose. Again, I’m Dick Black, known as Big Daddy to chattel. I’m an investor in the white couple slave markets, which means I buy, train, improve and flip white couples. I know there are several of you here today who are registered for the market and available for purchase. In fact, I have just closed on a new investment. So, I guess I’ll make it public and announce that I’ve recently purchased your president, Anita Seamen. As part of the flipping process, I’ve decided to get rid of the toxic assets of the deal, so I ended Anita’s relationship with her companion, Ephraim. I also ended her employment. I will be getting her a new mate, registering them for marriage, and selling them off as a couple. So, President Seamen, you are to call me Big Daddy from now on.”

“Thank you, Big Daddy,” said Anita, “I didn’t want to make any announcements until I was sure it was alright with you, Big Daddy. The closing took place this morning, with the consummation immediately following. I’ll be entering into an intensive obedience school, followed by a sex slavery training program and physical fitness regimen, so Vice President Lay will be helping me with society administration. She’ll be the main point of contact for the next three months or so. Layla, did you want to go next?”

“One more thing,” interjected Dick Black, “I see some fellow black brothers here. Any of you not in FLR relationships, and interested in the black owned, white couple industry, please see me. The initial capital investment is high. But, the return on investment is significant, with good returns on exploitation. All slave earnings above living expenses go the owner. Because overtime laws do not apply to slaves, çorum escort they can make extra income for the investor by having them work double shifts. Slaves can also be pimped as a revenue generation mechanism, and there are substantial profits on resale. With changes to federal bankruptcy law that place debtor couples onto the slave registry, I see huge industry growth. See me after the meeting if interested.”

“Greetings all. I’m Layla Cox, Secretary for SFLRC. I’m here with my husband, the former Eaton Beaver, now known as, Eaton Cox. I’m accompanied with one of my lovers, Major Johnson. Of course we are FLR. A little about our relationship, I wear the pants in the family, and have final say on all familial decisions. I am the breadwinner, and Eaton is a homemaker. We met our first year of college and married young during our freshman year. I needed a helpmate and homemaker to take care of the home front, so I could focus on school and career. I made Eaton drop out of school after he got his ‘MR degree.’ Our relationship has elements of chastity and cuckoldry. I’ve recently enrolled Eaton in ‘faggot conversion therapy,’ after I found out he’d been going to porn theaters and openly masturbating. So, any of the gay gentlemen in the room, or even those involuntary celibate beta males like Eaton whose only release is masturbation or cruising for gay sex, may see him loitering in gay sex venues and sucking cock with his therapist. He spends eight hours a day in the Tea Bag Theater in the industrial district, with balls bouncing off his chin, sucking cock and swallowing semen. If you see him there, please help in his therapy and sick your cock in his mouth. It’s a really exciting to see the changes therapy has had on his personality. He had been addicted to straight porn, which I view as degrading to women. I guess it was my fault. He so rarely had the opportunity to engage in intimacy. Through therapy, his straight porn addiction is gone. Now gay porn get’s him hard, with straight porn having little to no effect. I’m really looking forward to being his fag hag. Mr. Johnson, did you want so say anything.”

“Thank you. I have a couple of words. I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but I am African-American. You know, that group of people y’all call niggers behind closed doors. I am here with Layla and what’s-his-name, but am also here as a liaison and representative of the Militant Reparations Guerrilla Faction. We’re an organization of militant activists promoting reparations owed to those marginalized communities that have been victimized by systematic and historic discrimination. Our organization is active in the promotion of the black-in-white and black-bred lifestyles, wherein white females take black lovers and have black babies to repay their debt for the injustices visited upon our good and noble people. We are also active in the movement to decriminalize interracial mating by striking rape and sexual assault statutes from the penal code as they pertain to black men who engage in sexual relations with white women. I am passing around a notepad. If the white ladies in the room, whether attached or not, could put their name, address, telephone number and email down, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.”

“With that,” Anita Seamen said, “and with your permission Big Daddy, I invite everyone to help themselves to a cocktail or three, before we break into discussion groups. You’ll see servers bringing around hors d’oeuvres. Discussion can revolve around anything, but our theme tonight is, ‘Changing societal expectations and responsibilities in a time of racial, sexual, and LGBT dynamism.’ Of course, don’t feel obligated to limit your discussion to the theme.”

The participants slowly separated into several discussion groups. Candy Cumming and her husband, joined a group of other members and prospective members, who had pulled their chairs into a circle. The group included Major Johnson, Mona Lott, Peter Puller, Ayema Hoare, Michael Hunt, Shaniqua Hiscock, and Fonda Peters. As President Seamen was about to sit down to join their group, Big Daddy took hold of her and forced her to the floor right in the middle of the circle. He reached up her dress and pulled her panties off, and spread her knees wide. She pulled up the hem of her dress above her waist. On his knees between her legs, he unbuckled his belt, opened his pants, and pulled down the band of his underwear and tucked them underneath his big balls. His large, engorged, uncircumcised erect penis protruded upwards.

“Oh, my God,” said Candy, “It’s huge.” Jack gave her a quick side-glance, and tried to hide his jealousy. Jack’s cock began to get hard in its cage, and his balls began to ache. The reactions of those who could see Big Daddy’s cock convinced the other members of the discussion group to get up from their chairs and position themselves to see. Big Daddy took his cock into his hand and rubbed it slowly, up and down. He positioned its mushroom head so it touched Anita between the lips of her vulva. He lifted the tip up and çorum escort bayan down, wetting her lips with the sticky precum dripping out of the end. Pushing into her slightly, he moved back and forth, entering her a little at a time, further and deeper. It took a couple of minutes of this delicate rhythm before her pussy was ready to fully sear his cock. “Big Daddy,” said Anita, “I’m not on birth control.” He thrust it hard deep down inside her, pushing it all the way until his balls bounced against her.

“It hurts, Daddy,” she said.

“You want I should shove it up your ass?” replied Big Daddy.

Anita let out a squeal of pain. By this time the entire room gathered around. He lay his body onto hers, reached under her and grabbed ahold of each lobe of her ass with his big hands. He pulled his cock back and gave her another hard thrust, and began pumping her over-stretched cunt. Anita Seamen breathed deeply, letting out repeated cries, building up into operatic moans of her impending orgasm. Big Daddy groaned like a rutting bull. He let out a savage grunt and exploded into her.

The room cheered and began clap. Big Daddy lay on top of Anita Seamen, breathing heavily and perspiring. The room quieted down. “I can see why they call him Big Daddy,” said Candy.

“Was that really necessary?” lamented Jack.

“Was what really necessary?” shot back Candy.

“The whole thing. This whole display,” he replied angrily.

“You just earned yourself a paddling, little man,” said Candy, “Get your ass into the bedroom. Have the paddle ready when I get there.”

“I’m sorry,” whined Jack, “Not in front of the membership. Can you beat after the meeting, please?”

“Now you’ve lost your clothing privileges, mister,” she replied, “Get in there and strip down, and get the paddle ready.”

Jack got up and made his way to the bedroom in an agitated state. “It’s not fair,” he said as he crossed the room, “I’m always get blamed.”

“I’m so sorry Big Daddy,” said Candy, “You’ll have to excuse me everybody. Obviously, I haven’t been doing my job. Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me for just a few moments. Please enjoy the discussion. I’ll be back.”

Candy got up and briskly walked across the room toward her bedroom. She strode with purpose upon her spiked heels, entering the bedroom.

From the adjoining bedroom the guests were audience to a thud, followed by a moan. “Ow,” cried Jack. “I’m sorry,” he shrieked. Nine hard strokes followed with an unsparingly brutality to his bare backside by a broad hardwood paddle perforated with holes drilled into it. When the paddling had ceased, he was sobbing heavily. “I’m Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.” He began whimpered.

“You can come out when you stop crying,” said Candy.

Candy exited the bedroom, while her guests were chatting and sipping cocktails. “I’m so sorry, everyone,” she said.

“Well,” said Dixon Kuntz, a member of Candy’s discussion group, “You certainly handled that rather well.”

“Bravo,” Ayema Hoare, “Immediate consequences is really the best practice.”

The room quieted into a murmur, punctuated by laughter. Hor d’oeuvres were circulating the room, wine glasses refilled and cocktails replaced. A while had passed before Jack came to the bedroom door, undressed, but for his chastity device. His eyes were red.

“Are you done crying?” said Candy, “Come on out if you think you can behave yourself? Over here. Corner time. Go to your special place. On you knees. Face the corner. Keep quiet. The adults are talking.”

Jack made his way across the room. As Jack passed the group, Mona Lott, looked at Jack’s caged cock and balls. Jack kneeled into a corner near where Candy and the others were discussing ideas for new legislation to mandate the presumption of female led marriage. They discussed activism methods to get codification of a bill of rights for dominant women, and a bill of responsibilities for husbands that would continue even in the event of divorce.

“His balls are so big and blue,” Mona said to Candy, “Is that healthy?”

“It’s perfectly healthy,” replied Candy, “Sometimes it’s very uncomfortable for him. Though, he doesn’t take it well when I kick him in the balls. But, that’s part of the benefit of his being blue balled. It’s a really good disciplinary measure. I allow him to masturbate on his birthday, and he can earn a monthly ejaculation, if he has more good behavior credits than demerits. He just earned himself a month without masturbation with his little outburst. In it’s place, I maintain him with ruined orgasms for health reasons. He gets a release up to thirteen times – twice in his birth month.”

“It’s more than men deserve,” interjected Shaniqua.

“I know. But, It’s been a hard year for Jack,” Candy said turning to see him in the corner, with his red, bruised and blistered ass on display; a sign of female authority to the women in the room, and a warning to the FLR men. The intimacy I allowed early in our marriage has ceased, and escort çorum I’ve reduced his masturbation, so he often get’s excited but doesn’t get relief. Of course, I’ve taken lovers, men and women. He finds it difficult to share his bed with another man making love to me. I’m very expressive when laid. It’s been really challenging for him. My addiction to porn is hard on him as well. I lull myself to sleep masturbating to interracial porn. I have eclectic tastes in erotica. BBC is my go to, though. By the way, Mr. Johnson, I’ve put my information on your sheet, and look forward to doing my part. If you have time tonight, I can start making reparations, if you don’t mind sharing the bed with me and my husband.”

“I am new to all this, said Shaniqua, “But, I’m looking to have a female led relationship with a white husband. I’m really interested in several aspects of FLR; cuckoldry and chastity. But the dynamic I’m pursuing is plantation slavery. I want a husband that I can beat. I also want a man who I can put into the fields to do hard labor. I’ve created a hard labor course in the backyard of my house, involving the continuous lifting and moving of heavy rocks. I’m waiting for the day I can have my husband singing old negro spirituals as he spends his day doing back-breaking labor. I don’t want to have to purchase a husband from the slave market. My only concern with permanent chastity is about my needs being met when I don’t have a lover around.”

“Jack spends a great deal of time with his face between my thighs,” said Candy, “When I’m really horny and no real man is around, I’ve kept him down there for hours. I’ve recently started really enjoying his face in my ass. Personal hygiene is very important to me, and I like have him keep my intimate areas pristinely clean.”

“How did you decide to settle down with Jack?” asked Mona.

“I always knew I wanted to start a family. Security and shared-parenting are really important to me. I’m very family oriented,” replied Candy, “I want to have a baby. Not Jack’s, of course. Jack will be a good father. But realistically, I married Jack for his money.”

“I thought I saw him working at McDonald’s,” said Shaniqua, “Isn’t he a cashier? Every time I go in there, no matter what time of day or night, I see him working at McDonald’s.”

“Yes. His McDonald’s career has spanned over three years, now. I think it is a really good fit. I see him eventually retiring from McDonald’s as an entry level cashier. He has a great deal inherited money, you know. Pursuant to our prenuptial agreement, I manage his wealth, most of which will pass to me upon his death or in the unlikely event he were to attempt divorce. I made him take the job because I needed alone time, and wanted control of his whereabouts. Also, the franchise where he works has a lot of available overtime, and I can determine how much he works. He works upwards of 70 to 80 hours a week flipping burgers and asking, “Would you like fries with that?” I go in every so often for a Coca Cola, small french fries, and to socialize with the owner, Ivanna Gitov. I was able to get him the job because I am good friends with Ivanna. I know her through the gynarchy mentoring group I attend. She’s a fellow female supremacist, and keeps on eye on him for me.”

“I heard that he used to be a professor at Berkeley,” said Ayema.

“He was. That’s how we met. I was a student in his class, ‘Ovular on Comparative Applied Dialectics From the Socratic Method to Marxian Dialectical Materialism in the Context Patriarchal Suppression of Menstrual Liberation: Is Castration the Only Solution?’ I assume he taught the class so he could perv and creep on the co-eds. He’s a creepy pervert when not under a woman’s control. I was a freshwoman in the Gender and Women’s Studies Department. I used to subscribe to a sex positive school of radical feminism, and would come to class inappropriately underdressed. Most people thought I was a lipstick lesbian, when in reality I just hate men. He gave me an “A” in the class, as I sailed toward a degree, even though I can’t spell dialectic to this day, didn’t study, rarely attended class, and failed to show up for the final. Unfortunately, I didn’t graduate because one of the required courses was a lecture taught by a tenured professor who was neither male, nor a lesbian. I just couldn’t get passed that class.”

“So you and Jack starting dating?” asked Fonda Peters, “One of those professor, co-ed relationships?”

“Oh, goodness gracious, no. Right after his course ended he invited me to office hours, and proceeded to ask me out for coffee. Of course, right-away I filed a Title IX sexual harassment claim, accusing him of rape. He had been stare-raping me all semester. The university suspended him, quickly finding my allegation of rape was true. He was almost immediately terminated. I almost felt a pang of guilt when I realized he was just three weeks away from making tenure. But, I had to think of the threat he posed to my fellow sisters. College is supposed to be safe space; a place to confirm and reinforce appropriate progressive speech, conduct, and parameters of acceptable thought and discourse. I think this is especially true for men, who need to be detoxified and allowed expressions of masculinities based on models other than manhood or maleness.”

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David’s Tall Girls’ School Ch. 02

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(It was late autumn of 1960 and I was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been captured by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being a Peeping Tom in the grounds of ‘Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old’.

I had decided not to get the police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the ‘traditional’ punishment rules of the school. This involved being stripped naked, spread-eagled on the headmistress’ study carpet and fettered to the floor with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in the floorboards. I was then required to orally pleasure the whole school. This is part two of my tale.)


Muriel Browne was a timid looking teacher. I gather she taught classics. Amelia W-N had ordered her to lower her knickers and straddle my face. The headmistress sat on a low leather chair behind me so she could witness the punishment take place more clearly.

Anyone squatting on my face with knees apart would present a clear open view of their underwear and my face to her.

Miss Amelia Wiff-Naseford took it upon herself to decide when to end each session and to keep records of each member of staff or pupil who took part. She read the rules again. The English was a little archaic.

“1, The Peeping Tom shall remain shackled to the floor until every female member of the school and staff is completely sated to climax and are spent emotionally and physically within their genitalia……

2, Climax shall be enforced by fierce rubbing of the exposed outer vaginal labia upon the upturned face of the ‘Tom’……

3. The ‘Tom’ is required to explore the inner labia and clitoral area vigorously with his tongue. Failure to do so will result in all the sessions being repeated from the beginning…..

4. Each session will last a minimum of three minutes of the clock…..

5.Female staff will include mistresses, and other learned staff but shall also include all chambermaids, ladies maids, parlour maids, cooks, scullery maids and laundry maids.

Geraldine Maxine Bliss-Frampton, Headmistress 1889.”

“Well Muriel what are you waiting for? Get on with it woman” said Amelia in an exasperated, annoyed tone.

Miss Browne stood above me, legs apart so I could see clearly up her tweed pleated skirt. She reached under and nervously slid her knickers down which landed across my face tightly stretched between her ankles. She tried to extract her shoe from a knicker leg but it was too tight and she struggled above me on one leg, her knee raised.

The head teacher’s eyes on her did not help the awkward situation.

She muttered, “Sorry,” to me for almost treading on my neck and shoulder. Eventually she managed to extricate her feet from her shoes and her knickers from her legs. She spread her legs above me and lowered her bottom firmly onto my face. Above me was her ‘petticoat world’ of ivory coloured nylon and delicate nylon lace which drooped over me.

Her thick tweed skirt obscured any light from her beyond her buttocks or to either side. My torso and outstretched arms felt the tweedy roughness of her clothes as she began rubbing herself over my face.

“Well Muriel It’s not so bad is it?”

“No Amelia, it’s quite pleasant actually,” she said diyarbakır escort flinching as I exposed her clitoris.

Her vaginal secretions began to flow and glisten above me. Her stocking welts rubbed against my face as she built up her rhythm. My penis throbbed almost painfully as I was denied from relieving myself. With all this tactile, visual and aural stimulation above me and my wrists firmly fettered I could not work out how I was going to last the rest of the day.

Suddenly Miss Browne’s vaginal muscles spasmed and I felt an orgasm grip her from deep inside. My neck and hair were running with fluid as she screamed out unexpected violent expletives and collapsed on top of me her legs spread out leaning back on my torso whimpering.

I looked down and saw the inner parts of her thighs were gleaming wet and had seeped into her dishevelled petticoat. A suspender clip had come loose and a stocking was sagging.

“Well ‘Tom’ you certainly know what to do.” Said Amelia, clearly enjoying the spectacle before her.

” We’ve got Class 1A waiting outside and as soon as Muriel’s cleaned herself up we’ll bring them in. Come on Muriel get those knickers back on,” she barked at her Classics mistress.

Celia, the school secretary put her face round the door as Muriel, red faced and shaking, resumed her seat on the sofa.

“1A are here now, shall I show them in?”

“Yes do,” the head teacher retorted, fearful of the amount of time required for me to pleasure all her girls.

“Matron, clean him up a bit can’t you,” she said as Matron squatted down in front of me and wiped my face with a face flannel she had the foresight to have with her.

My eyes wandered to her magnificent lace covered crotch. She had a wide gap between her thighs and I secretly looked forward to thrusting my tongue into her later on.

I heard a shuffling and clatter of high heeled shoes as about twenty young eighteen year olds walked in. They appeared to fill the lower end of Amelia Wiff-Nasefords large Victorian office. The girls were whispering to each other nervously and one giggled and was immediately shushed.

“Girls, as you are aware we have caught a Peeping Tom in our grounds this morning and following our ‘1889 School Rules on Punishment’ the school is obliged to administer a somewhat archaic but effective mode of dealing with such perverted intruders….”

She explained what they had to do and arranged for them to line up in alphabetical order. “Which one of you is menstruating at present?” A few girls said that they were.

“Thank goodness,” I thought, “that’s a few less to have to ‘service'”.

“Well if you are menstruating, or are just about to have a period, you may keep your knickers on!” she explained to my horror. I did not want bloodied knickers rubbed over me or squelchy sanitary towels.

“Mary Appleby, step forward please.” A tall blonde girl walked purposefully towards me and stood between my open legs staring rather embarrassedly at my erection.

“Take off your knickers please Mary,” her hands disappeared under the back of her navy-blue tartan pleated skirt and removed her white nylon panties. The atmosphere was electric. I struggled against my tethers pulling hard against the leather straps diyarbakır escort bayan and rope. Mary looked rather fearful.

“Is it safe Miss Wiff-Naseford? “she asked in a soft sexy Scottish accent staring down at my face. I reassured her that I would not bite, but she still appeared nervous and apprehensive.

“It will be fine Mary now place your feet on either side of the ‘Toms’ head, bend your knees and squat on his face.”

Above me her pleated skirt descended and I entered another ‘petticoat cave’. She wore a pink petticoat trimmed with white lace which draped all around me except for the opened leg view towards Miss Wiff-Naseford. Her black seamed stockings slid over my ears and hair.

“Rub yourself over the ‘Tom’s’ nose and mouth as if you were scratching an itch down there,” the headmistress told her.

Mary started off slowly and clearly picked up the rhythm instinctively and naturally. I responded to her young thighs and vagina by slurping my tongue blade around her outer lips and penetrating her inner lips with my merciless tonguings and nosings.

I felt Mary relax above me as we both pushed on towards her climax. Five minutes of persistent fierce stimulation eventually paid off. She tensed up above me her buttocks clenched tight as she spasmed and screamed out lots of little screams in her delightful Scottish accent above me.

I was in awe of the powerful force she had unleashed and she was clearly surprised at her emotions. Gasping she lifted her heavy body off my face and grinned to her headmistress who winked at her smiling. Matron gave me another view of her large lacy knickers as she wiped down my face.

“Jennifer Bentley, please step forward please,”

A second eighteen year old tall slim girl stood in front of me between my legs. Her hair was cut in a long bob and she had very deep brown eyes.

“You know what to do so knickers off Jennifer if you please”

Miss Wiff-Naseford was in her element. Clearly this was far more interesting than her main hobby of horseracing. She summoned Celia and asked for some tea to be brought in for her, for Matron and the other staff. Muriel Browne appeared to be in need of a stiffer drink I thought.

Jennifer Bentley lifted up her pleats at the back and slid her knickers off. They were very lacy and pale blue in colour. She dropped these on the floor next to my knee. She walked up to me and looked down.

“No biting please,” she said in a Yorkshire accent staring down.

She looked the height of the ceiling from my low vantage point as she towered above me. Matron made a swift adjustment to my pillow which had slipped slightly. I peered up her pleats to where her pale blue slip was hidden; her black stockings appeared to ascend for ever until gripped by four suspender clips. Her lacy suspenders were pale blue also.

She placed her three inch heels firmly against my neck as her naked buttocks and vagina descended onto my waiting face. Her body odour was intense, almost overpowering.

She smelt of sweat and urine. I moved my nose away gasping for fresh air but she took this to be part of my stimulation. She reached down and gripped my head and held it firmly against her writhing pubic hair.

I tongued her for escort diyarbakır the benefit of her head teacher who was clearly intent that her girls should receive similar attention. Jennifer came to an orgasm in twenty juddering thrusts which I thought could have damaged my neck. My penis was dripping with precum and was almost stuck to my belly. Mercifully Matron cleaned me up and was treated to another view of her huge thighs and stocking tops.

“Delia Chapman, please step forward.”

A third eighteen year old stood between my legs. She was clearly intrigued at my penis which was almost reaching up to shake her hands. This girl was stunning. Her face was angelic with pouting lips and very bright sparkling eyes. Her hair was pulled back behind an Alice band and appeared very long behind her back.

She shook her head in order to keep her hair out of her face; she clearly couldn’t take her eyes off my penis and kept glancing down at its exposed purple head and testicles which appeared to have a life of their own. My ginger pubic hair contrasted with my other body hair and I often wondered why.

“Knickers off please Delia.” Said the headmistress sitting behind me.

Delia told Miss Wiff-Naseford that she had started her period and that should she keep them on.

Miss Wiff-Naseford asked Matron to have a look under her skirt but apart for a bit of staining she should be alright. I was not too pleased at the situation but had little choice.

Delia walked up to my chest and placed one foot next to my ear. She swung her foot over me and placed her other foot next to my other ear. She gripped me with her three inch patent leather heels.

I stared up her wide flared pleated skirt above me and examined the underside of her white flower-laced petticoat which hung down around her stockinged thighs.

Her stockinged legs appeared like slim black columns supporting a petticoat ceiling. She bent her knees and opened them widely as her knicker clad vagina landed on my mouth.

I noticed in the half light underneath her tartan uniform that her knickers did have brown bloodstains on them and other stains. I was also aware that she was wearing a sanitary towel attached to a little narrow belt above her suspender belt.

The towel felt damp and clammy and I wondered whether it was at all possible to tongue her. I felt that Delia should take the initiative. I prodded her with my nose and moved it up and down. She took the hint and having said something to the headmistress continued bucking her buttocks over my face.

After several minutes I noticed vaginal discharge soak into her knickers and she mewed slightly, but clearly I had not taken her to orgasm.

I felt disappointed for her and heard her headmistress say something about another go without her knickers later on. She stepped off, lifted her shoes, swirled her pleats above me exposing her suspenders and stockings and returned to her classmates near the door.

The tea arrived and Miss Wiff-Naseford dismissed the first three eighteen year olds and they left with Miss. Browne.

Matron gave me neck massage and scratched various parts of my body which had become uncomfortably itchy. She wiped my face down with a flannel and sprayed me with Eau de Cologne to keep me fresh smelling. A she stood up her huge bottom beckoned me as my penis probed the air desperate for attention.

“Gillian Goulding-Ashby please step forward,” said the headmistress sipping her tea. I looked down the room to see another long legged eighteen year old striding towards me.

(Continued in part three)

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Darina Has Me

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I thank diamond_fire for help given in the editing of this story.


She was there, I just watched her I did not have to anyway, since her energy transpired all over me, such a powerful Lady to many but to me specially even though we had not been introduced yet. She looked radiant, with a beautiful body on the slender side, you could appreciate she has some exercise routine maybe once a week at least, her legs showed it. Although in her own business, something tells me that nothing seems to escape of whatever goes on around her. I just kept watching across my table and it must have become so obvious that at a given moment, she just looked up at me and grinned, I was caught so of guard that I just blushed and dropped my sight into the coffee cup, my thoughts saying, you idiot, please swallow me earth, but in order to try and save face at least a little, I looked up and we both smiled at each other and since she still kept looking at me I felt compelled to go up to her and introduce myself to her.

“Hi, I’m Jack”.

“Pleased to me meet you Jack, I’m Darina”.

“Please excuse me Darina, I had no intention to distract you from your matters.” I said, looking into her eyes.

“Maybe you did or maybe not, but here you are, so tell me what caught your eye in me to come to this.” Darina, asked.

I went blank for a moment, which must have been long enough to get another remark from her.

“Well Jack, you cannot run out of words now, can you?” She, said, noticeably making me uncomfortable and again putting me off guard, already enjoying my embarrassment.

“I seem to stumble a little today.”

“Do you always stumble or did I make you do that?” Darina added in an amusing way.

“Maybe it could be both, but quite not know which one, does it matter?” I said trying to avoid further.

“Not for the moment, but could be, if there’s a later on – Look Jack, I have to leave now, but you certainly seem a good man and would like to know you better, here’s my number, give me a call tonight since it’s Friday” Darina, said making it obvious that I’m expected to call.

A silent moment passed.

“Sorry, Jack I have to leave, see you later?” Darina added to get the reply she wanted answered.

“Yes.” that is all I said. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.

So Friday evening came about, I phoned and as suspected by me, I was invited or lured in, either way I was attracted and would not let go, even if something seemed like I was not before someone who is easy going or better said, who does not know what she wants.

Darina denizli escort opened the door and invited me in with a beautiful smile, she still had her working clothes on.

Looking at me intensely Darina said, “So obviously you are interested in me, so what is it that made you stare at me the most?”

“It was all of you and then I started looking into detail, your clothing how well fitted, the boots you had on added my attention and when I was going deeper you caught me and I could not turn into my own stuff by that time and here we are.” I said in a pleasant way.

“If you could describe yourself in a few words, would you say you tend to be a hunter or prey, dominant or submissive.” Darina asked, already knowing the answer, but wanted to certify.

“The second choice in both cases would be more within my character.” I said.

A wicked smile from Darina only acknowledged who was who here, I just kept still as the prey that knows it is about to be taken and in a way I welcomed it, at least in my mind.

“As you have intelligently gathered Jack, I ´m on the other side of the choices, so this means that we have started off with the right foot and your submissiveness is welcome.” Darina said.

I just blushed and added, “Is this going where I think it´s going?”

“By “this” you mean a possible dominant submissive relationship, yes it is. If you’re ready to go with it, I will take you in a kind way into total submission with hard and soft limits, which we will find on the way. Something tells me that we match our likes for the most.” Darina, affirmed giving it no second thought.

I could not utter a word, just looked at her.

“You can speak to me, I have not ordered you to be silent…yet.” Darina said.

“Sorry I ´m thunderstruck, just that I did not think I would ever come across a woman like you. Anyway, how did you know that I was a candidate for you?” I asked.

“Your staring at me and not being able to answer me in time or even muster some ego, told me that you were not the cocky type. If I ´m going to have a relationship with a male I want somebody like you.”

“Aha, yes maybe” I, said trying to conceal the little ego I had left.

“You are cheeky, in time you will know your place. From now on, you are to call me Mistress when we are together, is that understood?” Darina, said.

“Yes Mistress.” I replied.

“Good j, that is what I will call you for the time being and from now on you are my submissive and we will see how far we go. We will discuss limits as we go along and you denizli escort bayan will end up belonging to me, it is only a matter of time j.” Darina said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said, the ego left evaporated.

“You see j it is how it is with us from now on. Now wait for me here until I shower and get ready for us:” Darina said, and left for her bedroom and bathroom.

Darina came back, dressed in black with over the knee leather boots, black stockings with garter belt leather panty, bra and leather kid over the elbow gloves, her hair tied back in a ponytail, she looked so hot, I just dropped to my knees.

“Yes j your instinctive reaction is so good, yes my sub, this will work, my choice of you was the correct one.” Darina said with confidence.

“Thank you Mistress.” I said.

“Now j get undressed for me and just stand there until I tell otherwise.” Darina instructed.

I did as told in silence which added to the situation, once naked I saw her take a look at me all around and after was told to put on knee pads, which I did.

“On your knees j.” Darina commanded.

Once on my knees Darina came over slowly with her still covered crotch and told me to kiss her leather panty, which I did delighted as instructed.

“Yes kiss me softly j and I’ll let you kiss my pussy and teach you to appreciate it as a fundamental part of me Your Mistress, subbie.” Darina said.

“Yes Mistress I know it is.” I said and obliged.

Then Darina unhooked one side the panty which had a metal ring holding it in place and one fold loosened then the other and her mound came to life, which had been shaved and was smooth.

“j, eat me slowly and let me judge if you are a learnt submissive in treating a pussy as you should.” Darina ordered.

I lowered myself a little to start kissing the front of Darina ´s thighs and then at a very slow pace went for both inner sides as Darina opened up a little, her aroma was so nice, it was like honey to the bee for me, with the tip of my tongue I touched one of her lips and then another, very very slowly as tasting a onetime glass of wine. I heard her sigh lightly, I carried on for a time until I went to her clit but only touched it with my tip once and went back to the lips. Darina is wonderful, she did wait until I decided to go back to her clit without saying a word. “What a Mistress I thought to myself.” My tongue tried to go to every side of her clit and another sigh came from Darina. I moisturize my tongue with my saliva to make it wetter hoping to slow the orgasm which was on its escort denizli way. My tongue worked now going from back to front and vice versa. Darina was getting very wet and I loved it and her hardly noticeable sighs were driving me wild. Her body started to move and I could not work well so my hands went to her side and even in the brink of having an orgasm, she ordered “Your hands, down.” and then a shudder but hardly noticeable, I carried on and soon after another and another, but this time Darina did move and was louder in her expression. It was so sensual and sexy as she orgasmed, her hands held my head with some pressure against her. A while passed in silence as she enjoyed the moment.

“Stand j.” she said. I did and she kissed me deeply and then let me go and went a step backwards.

“j, I want you to masturbate until I tell you to stop, understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I masturbated and was really getting into it, when I heard “Stop.”

“What?” I said to myself and nevertheless I stopped in disdain.

Darina looked at me, I looked back at her. “Ok j, get back to it.”

I did not need encouragement and carried on, I only needed a small number of strokes to get there and again “Stop.”

“Please I need to cum.” I said desperate and frustrated.

“You will but when I say so, now get on with it.” Darina, ruled.

This went on a couple of times and in the last one, Darina knowing that there was no return, still had something else in mind for me.


It was too late and my load landed on all over her boots.

“j this time I will give you a choice since you did perform well and it was your first time. You can clean my boots with a cloth or you can lick it clean.” Darina offered.

“I choose to clean it with a cloth Mistress.”

“Then a cloth it is, next time if you do not hold until I tell you to, licking it up it is, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

As I cleaned the boots my face was near her pussy.

“Kiss my pussy which is your treasure and from now on, and your cock and balls belong to me, for good.”

“Yes Mistress.” I answered, as she looked straight into my eyes, making me know without doubt who is in charge, always.

Her mood changed to a more friendly way.

“Jack I think that was very nice, would you be up to another scene and ready to start going deeper?” Darina, asked with interest in her.

“Yes Darina, as long as we can stop if it gets to scary or complicated for me.”

“Do not worry Jack, you will see that if we get along as we did today you will want to be more than a submissive with me. This is only the tip of the iceberg my sweet submissive, who knows you might want to end up being my slave at some point, and maybe that is not too far off.” Darina said as if she knew what is ahead.

“It could work, we can try it.” I said.

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Bi Cuckold Humiliated and Fucked Ch. 02

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Part 2. If you haven’t read the first one you should do that and learn how the cuckolding began. This part doesn’t have any hardcore sex but lots of humiliation and cum play. Part 3 will focus more on actual sex again when Abe returns for a second night.


That night was the longest I’ve ever had. I don’t know what was worse, the constant pain from my ravaged ass, the fact my wife was having countless orgasms with another man throughout the night or laying there knowing I was full of another man’s potent cum. Throughout the night I dozed in and out of sleep, never quite falling into a deep sleep before one of those three things ripped me back from it. It was now around 7 AM, I was now desperate for a shower, my mouth and face stank of cum, sweat and Abe’s balls. Not wanting to wake my wife up and incur her wrath I waited until now when I heard her bedroom door open.

Sitting up I was instantly reminded of my ass again, it stung so bad I didn’t dare touch it but I feared that it must be in quite a state. Gingerly getting to my feet, I quickly threw on my work attire and headed for her door which was now ajar and to my pleasure saw that it was just my wife laying in bed; her boss must have been the one who opened the door and went to the bathroom.

As I stepped in she opened her eyes and for the second day in a row instantly beamed a smile at me.

“What a great night that was!” she exclaimed.

I knew that if I upset her my life would only get harder so using all my strength I managed a smile,”Yes dear, it sure sounded like you had a great time.”

She gave a knowing look as she replied, “No, no, no dear, not me. I mean yes of course my boss is amazing, he made me orgasm all through the night! But no I meant you! I could hear you begging for his cum by the end of it!”

At this I couldn’t stop myself blushing and I felt my face redden and my throat go dry. I will never ever be able to live last night down I thought to myself. Will she ever see me as a man again after that? Trying to cover myself I tried to justify it, “No, he wanted me to say it, I was just …”

She interrupted me with a grin that seemed to cover her whole face, “No need to explain, as I said I can vouch for how good Abe’s cock is. Don’t be embarrassed, I too have had him dump a couple of loads in me over the last few weeks. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about baby.”

I didn’t know how to respond, she’d never believe I just wanted him to stop. And hearing that Abe had cum in her before was like a punch to the gut, I’d had my anal virginity taken by the same cock that had already çankırı escort bayan been in my wife’s pussy. My wife’s pussy that I had barely glimpsed in our 2 year relationship, he had already felt its tight walls massaging his cock.

I wanted to leave now, I didn’t think I could look at her the same way again.

“Er, yes dear. Anyway, just wanted to know if I could take a shower?”

“Yes of course dear” she said, making me suspicious is was too easy.

As I turned to leave she answered my fears, “Wait, aren’t you forgetting something?”

I didn’t know what she wanted but it couldn’t be good, I just wanted to take a shower, Abe’s ball’s musk seemed to be following me around. I stood there dumbfounded until she threw the covers of the bed back and sat up on it.

“You idiot,” she scorned, “You spilled cum on my carpet last night and its still there!”

Then it came back to me, looking down I quickly located the blob of white cum, sitting hardened on the cream carpet. “Don’t worry dear, I’ll go and fetch a towel,” I said in my nicest voice.

An evil grin took over her face now, “No no babe, why would I want Abe’s cum all over one of my nice clean towels. You made him cum, you’ll have to deal with it. Lick it up.”

My brain couldn’t process what she had just said. Lick it up? I was revolted. Cum, from a man’s cock, that had been in my ass? I couldn’t keep from grimacing as I replied, “Dear, please no I can’t do that, a piece of tissue will get it right up.”

Her face dropped as she replied, “Okay then dear, if that’s how you want to play it,” and with that she reached for her phone and began to write a text.

For a moment I had been relived but although I couldn’t see what she was writing I knew that it couldn’t be good. Worriedly, I enquired, “Dear, er, what are you writing.”

“Nothing you need to worry about. Oh by the way since Abe told me you failed last night, he wanted to bring one of his mates over to help him train you tonight. I said no because I thought you had learnt your place but apparently you have not. I’m sure they will whip you into shape pretty quickly together. Maybe they can even stay over, share that little bed with you.”

Pretending to think she continued. “Well there’s only enough room for one person to lay down on that bed and those bull’s won’t want to touch each other. Guess you’ll have to be the cuckold filling in a bull sandwich all night!” she said smiling at the end.

Dread filled me, I had forgotten about Abe. The thought of another night with him terrified me, çankırı escort but bringing a friend with him, and having to sleep on them made me want to cry.

In panic and with tears forming in my eyes I yelled towards my wife, “No, no, please not his friend!. I’ll do it, please don’t let him bring another guy!” Tears began to roll down my cheeks as my wife considered my offer. Eventually she lowered her phone and nodded towards the floor.

Feeling sick at what I had just begged for, I got down on all fours and reached for the crusty cum blob.

“Oi!” my wife screamed, “Don’t you dare pick it up with your hands. Lick it up you imbecile!”

Terrified of her wrath I brought my face right down next to the blob, everything in my body wanted me to pull away from it but one last look at my wife persuaded me otherwise. Sticking out my tongue I picked it up and into my mouth. I’m not sure if it had mixed with something in my ass or on the floor but it was still gooey below a thin outer crust. As I tried to force it down my throat, the taste of Abe which I had had to taste all night, was momentarily replaced with mixture of ass sweat and creamy salt.

Finally getting it down, I tried to make a dash for the door, knowing I needed to wash my mouth out from this disgusting taste but once again she called.

“Hey! We’re not done yet, now strip and stay faced that way.”

She couldn’t be serious, hadn’t I suffered enough today. “That bitch!” I thought to myself. For a moment the thought of rebellion strayed across my mind but my submissive tendencies quickly brought me back to compliance.

“You disobeyed and now you’ll have to pay for it. It’s for your own good baby.”

“Please dear, I’ll be good, I won’t say no again,” I said full of regret.

“Drop those shorts!” she shouted finally losing her temper. “Spread your cheeks! And don’t you dare look or speak to me. I’ve already seen and heard enough of you for today!”

Dropping my boxer shorts I could feel the tacky cum stuck between them and my throbbing ass hole. Gently holding my ass cheeks apart, the pain was excruciating. Moreover, I was terrified at the feeling of air travelling up my ass, my god would it ever be tight again? Will I ever recover from that first night with Abe?

For a few moments all was quiet as I grimaced in pain silently. This was broken only by her giggles.

“Oh shit baby, your tight little hole has been totally destroyed,” she said in mock concern. “There’s a lake of cum stuck up there too!” she said unable to contain her laughter.

Leaning forward, escort çankırı I could feel her touch my ass which wasn’t unpleasant until all of a sudden she rammed a finger straight up there. Her dry finger felt like a sharp cactus in my ravaged ass and I whimpered loudly, unable to control it.

“Babe, its only a finger,” she scolded lightly before continuing happily, “You are a bitch for cock now remember!”

As she said this she began to slowly move her finger in and out of my ass like a saw through wood. The pain was agony and I had no idea why she was doing it but I tried to believe that she was trying to be gentle for me, besides I certainly didn’t want to say anything that would make her do this faster. Soon I discovered her reason for doing this, the slow massaging movement of her finger slowly dislodged the puddle of cum up my ass and soon every plunge of her index returned a few blobs of Abe’s cum with it.

It actually felt good not to be bloated full of cum for the first time in hours. This good feeling continued when I turned to see that all this cum wasn’t falling on the floor for me to lick up either, my wife was dutifully collecting it in a cup she had had by the bedside. After 10 minutes I couldn’t stop whimpering at the pain and was weak at knees.

“That’ll do baby. Now that’s done, it’s time for breakfast. You’ve been such a good boy that you’ll love it!” she said almost sounding proud of me.

Relieved it was all over and feeling ecstatic at her praise, I looked back in the glass. I couldn’t believe how much was in there. A mixture of dry and liquid cum had filled the glass by almost half. “Oh my god,” I thought to myself, “I had that inside me all night!? At least I didn’t have to drink it, I’d drown!

Heading down to the table I realised how hungry I was, all I had eaten since yesterday was cum. Eventually my wife appeared and plopped down a bowl. It was cereal in a watery milk. Not quite the amazing breakfast I had wanted but she was looking at me so expectantly that I didn’t want to disappoint her. Taking a big spoonful, my wife looked delighted when I swallowed it all down. The milk had a very strange texture and taste to it, almost salty but certainly not inedible.

“Baby, look at the time.” my wife said interrupting me and pointing at the clock.

Looking up I saw that I was now late for my day of work.

“Eat up quickly baby and go!” my wife said happily.

Not wanting to disappoint her, I quickly wolfed down the whole breakfast, thanked her for it and rushed out of the door. My face covered in old sweat, my ass clenched in pain and my breath smelling of cum.

My wife cleared away the breakfast bowl and now empty cum glass as she spoke to her boss standing next to her, “He’s going to learn to love that salty taste.”


Part 3 will be up soon, please leave me a comment if you enjoyed it!

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Barista Brews Up Some Kinky Fun

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My bicycle shop in Seattle was doing fantastic business, I’d just bought my first house, and life was generally going great. The only thing I was missing was a girlfriend. I knew I wanted to get married and start a family some day, but I was so busy with work that my social life had taken a real backseat.

I’m 33 years old, in good shape, and fairly attractive, but when it comes to the ladies, I’m pretty shy and introverted. I’ve had a few steady girlfriends, but we always seem to drift apart after a few years and revert from lovers back to friends. I knew the perfect gal was out there, but so far, I hadn’t found her.

I wasn’t ready to give up. Across the street from my shop is a coffee house where I get my morning brew each day. Several months ago, a new barista started the early morning shift and was so breathtakingly sexy, besides getting my morning caffeine fix, I left the coffee house with a raging boner each day.

She was way out of my league, probably mid-twenties, with a totally alternative vibe; small diamond stud in her nose, a pierced tongue that made her talk with a slight but very sexy lisp, and shortish hair that seemed to turn color with her mood (jet black one day, streaked with blue the next and blazing red the following week). Her eyes were sparkling green and highlighted by the longest lashes you can imagine. Her smile was radiant and I never looked at her pouty little lips without imagining them wrapped around my boner. She usually wore a tight half t-shirt under an unbuttoned flannel shirt and the thin cotton of her undershirt always struggled to hold in her firm, full breasts. It was obvious she had a pierced nipple as her jewelry choice of the day literally screamed “look at me” from insider her t-shirt. Even more obvious was the silver stud she wore in her exposed navel.

She typically wore skin-tight low riding jeans that accentuated her bubble butt beautifully. Above the waist of her jeans, I had spotted an intricate tramp stamp that clearly announced, “I’m hot, I know it, and if you are man enough, I’m a tiger in the sack.” On the rare occasion she wore a mini-skirt to work, I had studied her legs intently and decided they were quite possibly the finest I had every seen; long and flawless, with well sculpted calves, a tiny tattoo on her ankle, and the most perfect thighs that just begged you to run your tongue up the inside of her legs to find her honey pot.

Her name was Scarlett, and frankly I did give a damn. She was probably 5’4″, maybe 105 pounds soaking wet. She had a flat tummy and a firm, toned arms that clearly saw the inside of a gym several times a week. To put it mildly, I was smitten. I lost count of the number of times I jerked off thinking of fucking that hot little barista, filling her cup with my cream.

The first few times she took my order, I could barely get the words out without stumbling all over myself.

“I’ll t-t-t-take a l-l-l-latte,” I’d stutter, trying not to make it obvious I was gawking at her incredible chest. “P-p-p-please.”

“Sure thing,” she purred, her little lisp barely audible as she swirled her words around her tongue stud. “You want that extra hot?”

You are fucking “extra hot” I thought to myself as I nodded my answer, unable to make my mouth form a complete word let alone a sentence.

Scarlett was very outgoing, and I noticed she flirted with several customers, each of which was more than happy to fill the tip jar with their lunch money just to hear her gratitude.

“Thanks cutie,” she’d reply, her million-dollar smile making customers weak in the knees.

Over a period of weeks, I’d visit the store several times each morning, going broke on coffee but cashing in on my ever growing fantasy of Scarlett. I became a “regular” and Scarlett indoctrinated me into her flirtatious circle.

“Hey Timmy,” she’d announce as I entered the store. “Want the regular?”

I want you naked, on your knees, I’d think as I replied more subtly, “Yes, please.”

I usually hit the gym early in the morning before heading to the coffee shop, and I was usually dressed in my gym gear, a fresh sweat still clinging to my back.

“You sure work out a lot,” Scarlett said as she brewed my drink. “I like a guy that thinks a six pack is something other than cold Budweiser.”

I’d blush embarrassingly, and mutter a, “Gotta stay in shape” or some other lame reply, trying my best to hide the tent forming in my gym shorts.

I learned that Scarlett was in graduate school, studying philosophy and hoping to be a professor one day. She lived in an apartment with several other students and often complained about the lack of privacy.

“I just can’t let my hair down around those girls,” she announced. “And trust me, I really enjoy letting my hair down, metaphorically speaking. Studying and working makes for a dull girl, if you catch my drift. A girl needs some excitement in her life.”

The only excitement I needed from this girl was a nice bottle of wine, a warm bed, and a case of condoms. çanakkale escort If only I had the courage to make a move.

After getting my coffee each morning, I’d retire to the bike shop, head back to the privacy of my office, and jerk out a load wishing I was blowing my jizz all over her cute face and sexy tits. I wondered how many of her other “regulars” had similar nasty dreams about drilling that hot little piece of ass.

One Friday morning, Scarlett wasn’t her usual perky self.

“What’s got you down this morning?” I asked, as always a master of small talk.

“I finally saved enough money to move into my own apartment,” Scarlett replied. “A couple of my friends were supposed to help me move tonight, but that turd Jeff called me this morning and bailed. I can’t stand another night with the roomies but I don’t have anybody to help me move the heavy stuff.”

Finally seeing an opportunity, I piped up, “I’d be glad to help.”

“Really?” she said. “That would be awesome Timmy. With you and Snake, we should be able to get all the big stuff moved out before those bitches get back from school.”

Snake, huh, I wondered to myself? Well, I wouldn’t have Scarlett all to myself, but at least I’d get some quality time with her away from the coffee shop and I’d get a chance to see where she lived.

“So is Snake your boyfriend?” I enquired.

“Not exactly,” Scarlett giggled. “It takes more than one guy to keep me satisfied,” she said as she gave me a wink, “Although Snake does a pretty damn good job on occasion, if you know what I mean.”

Interesting I thought. This girl is a sexual dynamo. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know what she was talking about. She might not be the marrying type, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t still worked up to take her smoking body for spin.

“I can’t afford to pay you any money to help me move,” she said. “But maybe we can work out something else,” she teased as she licked her upper lip, and clicked her tongue piercing against her bottom teeth, quite possibly the sexiest thing I had ever seen in a coffee shop.

“No p-p-p-problem,” I stuttered, moving my gym bag to hide the bulge growing in my shorts. “I’ll grab a bottle of wine and we can toast your new apartment when we get everything moved.”

“Sounds fucking awesome, Timmy,” Scarlett whispered, giving me a wink as she handed me my latte. “And I think Snake will really like you too.”

I had no clue what that comment meant, but I was on cloud nine and couldn’t wait for evening. I worked all day in the shop, struggling to hide my perpetual erection as I counted down the hours till I was to meet Scarlett at her old apartment. I closed down the shop at 5pm, grabbed a bottle of wine from the corner store, and rang Scarlett’s doorbell at 5:30pm sharp.

I heard a scuffling sound from the apartment as Scarlett yelled, “I’ll be right there.”

She opened the door and my jaw nearly hit the floor. She was wearing a pair of super short daisy-dukes, flip-flops, and a ripped and torn belly shirt that barely concealed her still heaving breasts.

“Sorry,” she panted, clearly out of breath, as she used a sexy finger to wipe a suspicious looking blob of white cream from her cheek, eagerly licking it clean. Her hair was a mess and her eyes had a crazed look.

“Come on in,” she ushered. “This is Snake.”

Snake was standing in the middle of the room, quickly zipping up his jeans and fastening his belt, a gigantic bulge still evident in his crotch. Snake was a hulking figure, 6’5″ easy with a full beard and a Hell’s Angels leather jacket.

“Snake is such a prick,” she laughed. “He insisted on a pre-payment for helping me move and we were just wrapping up the transaction when you knocked.”

“No problem,” I replied, quickly piecing together the obvious as Snake walked over, gave Scarlett a firm spank on the bottom and extended his enormous hand to me.

“Good to meet you, man,” Snake said. “Scar tells me you are one of her regulars. Damn nice of you to offer to help her move. She’s fucking hard to say no to, huh?”

“I’m glad to help,” I replied as I shook Snake’s hand, the same hand that minutes before was probably palming Scarlett’s head as he had worked his cock in and out of her pretty little mouth. Fuck, this wasn’t starting out like I had hoped.

But my mood changed quickly when Scarlett gave me a hug and then planted a big wet kiss on me, her tongue darting into my mouth, the metallic taste of her tongue stud driving me insane. Her tongue had a strange salty taste, probably the remnants of Snake’s load she had just swallowed.

“You are a savior,” she exhaled, breaking the kiss and releasing me from her bear hug. “With two big strong studs hard at work, we’ll have my stuff cleared out of here in no time.”

We got to work and quickly loaded all the furniture into Snake’s van.

“Snake and I are going to run over to the new apartment and get the keys before the office closes,” Scarlett informed. çanakkale escort bayan “Timmy, would you mind taking these boxes and packing up my closet?”

“Will do,” I replied, somewhat dejected.

“Cool. We’ll be back in thirty,” she said as she jumped on Snake’s back and road him out to the van, clearly ecstatic to be moving out of her roommates’ lives.

I opened her closet and began stuffing clothes and shoes into boxes. Scarlett had some incredibly sexy clothes, lingerie, and fuck-me heels that I assumed she wore out on the town, as she never dressed this sexy at the coffee shop. I could only imagine how hot she must look all dressed up for a night out. Under a pile of clothes, I found a large shoebox that was heavy with something other than sneakers.

Knowing I shouldn’t, I was too curious to pass up the chance to explore the mysterious box. She’d left me here to do the dirty work, so I might as well enjoy myself in the process and maybe get some insight into her private life at the same time.

Opening the box, I was shocked to find it included an assortment of sex toys, dvds, and other perverted paraphernalia. There were several dildos in an assortment of sizes and colors, the most shocking a 10 inch black rubber monster that was attached to a strap-on belt. Her dvds ranged from sedate straight porn, to gay, bisexual, bdsm, and other wild perverted selections. She even had a set of handcuffs, a choker collar, and leash in the box. This was one wild fucking chick.

My cock was straining against my Levi’s as I heard Scarlett coming in the front door. I quickly closed the box and put it under a pile of packed clothes, taping the last box shut and announcing from the bedroom, “All packed up in here.”

We loaded the last few items into the van and headed back to Scarlett’s new apartment. Snake blasted heavy metal music as we made our way through traffic and Scarlett road shotgun, gyrating to the heavy beats as she dry-humped the front seat, obviously elated to be moving on to her own pad. I was happy to find her new place was walking distance to the coffee shop and just around the corner from my bike store.

“I feel fucking great,” she exclaimed as we pulled up to the new place. “Free, free at last,” she screamed as she jumped from the van and ran up to her new front door, her bra-free breasts bouncing wildly.

“That is one hot little number, huh, Tommy,” Snake snarled.

“Timmy,” I replied. “But yea, you are absolutely right.”

“Tommy, Timmy, whatever the fuck,” Snake laughed. “But she is a freaky little girl. Watch yourself around her, she is a shark. She’ll use that hot little body to get what she wants and sometimes you’ll wake up the next morning wondering, what the fuck did I get myself into.”

“I think I can handle myself,” I replied.

“We’ll see,” he chuckled as we began to unload the van. “Just don’t say I didn’t warn you, bro. Sometimes Scar takes alternative to a whole new level.”

I don’t know why Snake was telling me all this. Hell, I knew he’s already gotten a blowjob from Scarlett tonight, and who knows what they did while I was snooping around in her closet earlier. He was probably fucking her on a regular basis; maybe he was just trying to protect his turf.

After we moved all the stuff into the place, I popped open a bottle of wine and offered glasses all around.

“No thanks man,” Snake replied, “I’m gonna head over to the liquor store and grab some beers.”

Scarlett took her glass and replied, “Thank’s Timmy. I’m gonna go grab a shower. Would you mind setting up my TV?”

I put the TV up on the entertainment center and set up the dvd player, but she didn’t have cable yet so I couldn’t get a picture. The only picture playing in my mind was Scarlett in the room next door, naked, warm sudsy water washing over her incredible body. Fuck I was horny and I’d do anything to close the deal tonight.

I was yanked out of my fantasy by Scarlett’s voice from the bedroom door.

“Hey cutie, thanks for doing that.” Scarlett was dripping wet, her body barely hidden underneath a tiny robe.

“You don’t have cable yet,” I replied, my heart pounding in my chest, “So I can’t set up your surround sound speakers.”

“Hang on a second,” she said as she ducked back into her room. “Here, you can use this dvd. I’m going to dry my hair.”

She tossed me a dvd without a label on it. Shrugging, I put it into the player and was shocked to see it was one of her bisexual pornos. On the screen, a big burley guy was positioned behind another guy, pounding his ass while the bottom dude eagerly ate out a hot blonde coed. Holy fuck, I thought, what was Scarlett trying to tell me? Or was it just an honest mistake?

Oh well, I decided, might as well let this play out. I finished hooking up the speakers, grabbed my wine and a chair, and sat down to watch the movie.

“Hey baby,” Scarlett whispered as she snuck up behind me, massaging my shoulders. “You like that movie?”

“Uh, escort çanakkale yea, it’s interesting,” I replied.

“I think it’s so hot to watch a studly guy getting his ass fucked like a bitch in heat,” Scarlett moaned.

“I never really thought about it,” I replied, shocked and more than a little nervous.

Scarlett moved in front of me, still wearing her tiny robe. “The only thing I find hotter, is when I’m fucking a guy in the ass with this.”

She pulled open her robe and I found myself staring at the big, black 10″ strapon dildo I’d seen earlier in her secret box. Only now, Scarlett wore the beast strapped onto her otherwise nude body, the huge phallus protruding wickedly from her crotch as she wrapped her hand around the tool and gave it a few slow strokes.

“Do you like my big dick, Timmy?” she grinned.

“Uh, Scarlett, I think you are amazing, but I’m not sure about that d-d-dildo,” I stuttered. Her body was amazing. Her breasts were big and full, her nipples fully erect and just begging to be sucked. Her pussy was nicely trimmed and had that big rubber cock not been blocking my path, I’d have dived in and tasted that hot twat without further hesitation.

“Oh Timmy,” Scarlet started. “If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not your average girl. I think you are cute. I think we can have some fun. But you will have to trust me. My moods change constantly, and now that I have my own pad, I’m in the mood to be dominant, to take charge, to get freaky!”

“Freaky?” I asked.

“Fuck yea, freaky as shit. I’ve been admiring your tight little ass for a while now. You come into the coffee shop shaking that butt in those sweaty gym shorts each morning and it’s been driving me crazy. Based on the morning wood you’re usually sporting, I can tell you like what I have to offer too. I know that guys would give their left nut to fuck me, and sometimes I’m in the mood for a good old traditional fuck. But sometimes I want to be the fucker. Will you be my fuckee, Timmy?”

“I-I-I’ve never done anything like that before,” I replied honestly. “Besides, there is no way that big dildo would fit in my virgin ass.”

“You’d be surprised, Timmy,” she replied coyly, as she continued to jerk the rubber dick. “Snake had some trouble at first, but he loves it now when I fuck his hairy ass.”

“You’ve fucked Snake with that thing?” I said, finding it hard to believe that Snake would let Scarlett dominate him.

“Oh yea. Snake’s a mean old piece of shit, but he whimpers like a baby when I strap Killer on and pound his tight hole. You should hear him beg for my dick when I screw him ball-deep. I want to make you beg for it too, Timmy. Will you beg me to fuck you, stud?”

Holy shit. What was I getting myself into? I had this incredible girl naked, standing in front of me, and ready to party, but I was not gay and I had no interest in being on the receiving end of a night of anal torture.

“Scarlett, you are amazing,” I replied. “But I don’t know.”

“Fuck,” she exhaled, clearly perturbed, as she closed her robe, putting that insane body out of view. “I should’ve known you couldn’t handle me. It takes a pretty special guy to keep up with me.”

My chance was quickly disintegrating. I hadn’t had sex in nearly a year and I was beyond horny. I couldn’t let this opportunity get away. I’d been fantasizing about Scarlett for months and if she wanted freaky, I needed to get my act together, take and deep breath, and suck it up.

“Hold on,” I began. “I-I-I’m a special guy. Will you be patient and show me the ropes?”

“Hmmm,” Scarlett said as she let the robe fall open again. “So you like ropes huh?”

“No, I just meant…”

“I know what you meant, dummy, I’m just giving you shit. But to let you know what I mean, I think a little bondage might make this whole scene even sexier.”

She retired to her bedroom and reappeared with the handcuffs, the choker collar, and the leash.

“OK Timmy, this is your big chance. Don’t fuck it up. If you want this to happened, stand up and strip for me.”

I hesitated for a second but when Scarlett started to massage her big, firm breasts and tweak her hard nipples, I made my decision. When she grabbed her nipple ring and gave it a hard yank, I nearly creamed myself.

I removed my shirt, shoes, sox and jeans, leaving me standing in my boxers, my rock hard cock straining to be released, a wet spot of precum clearly visible on the polka dot cotton.

“Nice body stud,” Scarlett started. “Now let me see that horny cock you’ve been dreaming of fucking me with.”

I pulled my boxers off and stood completely naked in front of this fantastic goddess, my 7″ cock as hard as I could remember it, the mushroom head a bright purple and the vein along the top of my shaft throbbing with anticipation.

“I like your cock Timmy, it’s cute,” she chided. “Now tell me, how do you like my penis?”

“It’s h-h-huge,” I stammered as I stared transfixed at her scary strapon.

“Bigger than yours,” she laughed. “And trust me, once you’ve had a big one, you’ll be a size queen for life.”

Her eyes were clouded with lust and I could tell she was a size queen. I’ve never had any complaints about my equipment, but my guess was 7″ wasn’t going to be enough to keep this sultry sexpot satisfied.

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Auditor Tales Ch. 02

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After she finished peeing I closed the door and moved over to my side. She was about to put on her panties but I stopped her. I want to feel you, I said. I want to feel your piss wet pussy. She let me flick my tongue over her wet lips tasting the pee drops she left there. The taste was good and I regretted that I was too late to taste all of her pee. She became quite exited and asked if I liked women’s pee. Yes I do. As a matter of fact I love it. Next time, she said, I want you to take it all.

So there will be a next time I thought. I was already looking forward to it. We got dressed and after kissing a little while during which I felt her huge breasts pressing against me, she left the car and went into the house. I drove away into the dark night. Goodbye Francis, I said to myself, this was a lovely night.

About a week later I saw Francis again. Our conversation was as normal as it could be. Have you slept well? How was the weekend? And all the other ordinary stuff. I told her my next assignment would be an audit in Barcelona. This would take about 3 to 4 weeks. I call you. Yes, that would be lovely, she said to me.

I didn’t call. I met this Spanish cute girl. Petite, long curly hair, lovely face and above all excellent tits. How in the world could this happen to me. All of a sudden, in a couple of weeks, I was making love to more than one woman.

Mercedes was a very nice and warm young woman. We made love in the hotel room I was staying as she (like Francis) was still living with her parents. She could not stay over for the night but our lovemaking was so passionate. This was not sex. This was love.

The audit was concluded in 4 weeks and I left, leaving Mercedes behind, and telling myself I would not have another girl than she. How wrong I was. Seeing Francis in her office again, her huge breasts ankara escort pointing towards me, I felt myself so week. We made another appointment. This time she would arrange a hotel room where we could stay. At dinner Francis mentioned that it was so obvious I liked her tits that it made me blush. Don’t all men love your tits, I asked? Yes, but you’re the only one who does not make comments. I like that about you and that’s why I love you to touch my tits and make love to me.

We drove to the hotel after I bought a bottle of coke and cognac. These were Francis’ favourite drinks. As soon as we entered the room she started to undress me. Hey, wait a second I’ll fix you and myself a drink. You made me a promise, remember. I do, she said, but that does not mean I don’t want to kiss you and suck your dick, lick your balls and stick my finger in your ass. You have to suck my nipples and caress my breasts. I love to feel your hands over my tits. That is making my pussy soaking wet.

We fell on to the bed and I was almost tearing off her clothes. As fast as I could I unbuttoned her bra and these two enormous breasts were coming out. Oh, how much did I love those two. Touching, feeling, squeezing, licking, sucking her nipples. She loved it. She was moaning and telling me to go on for ever. Her body was moving from excitement. My hand moved down over her belly and removed her panties. Slowly I move my hand over her legs up to her pussy, nearly touching but back again over her thighs. These were big as well. Everything was big about her and I really loved it. Both hands moving over her thighs and than to her fat ass. I wanted to touch her body all over. Where should I go? I am short of hands, I thought.

She ran her hands over my body the same time but her favourite part was my cock and ankara escort bayan balls. She took my cock into her mouth sucking like a madwoman. It was hard as steel and her tongue flipped over the top. I felt her body coming on me pressing me against the sheets. My hands touching her back down to her ass. I slid my finger through her ass cheeks, looking for her anus. When I found it, she shivered. You want me to put a finger in, I asked. Yes, please she said. Rather two than one. I wetted my finger and shoved it in. She lifted her body as if she wanted more. I moved my finger up and down in her ass, while my other hand was on her breast. What a magnificent woman. Move your finger, she screamed, in my ass. I want to feel it deep inside me. My cock grew even more by hearing her saying that. But there was more to do. I wanted to lick her wet pussy and her anus. Move your body over my face I said. I need to taste your juices.

As soon I saw her pussy I moved my tongue inside her pink lips. The taste of her wetness was fabulous. Flicking my tongue up to her anus, she parted her cheeks to help to get inside. We both felt like being in heaven. The feeling was so intense that she came instantly. Her body was shaking, her breasts swinging from left to right and back. She moved her soaken pussy over my face, searching for my tongue. Deep inside I tried to push. Rotating movements in her cunt made her move even more. She came again no doubt. It looked like she passed out, but instantly she took my cock and put it back in her mouth. Her lips over my top created such a feeling that I could not hold back. My sperm flew into her mouth. Suck me I screamed, take my cum. We both collapsed on to the bed and lay there for a while. She kept my cock in her hand and her breasts were right into my face. Looking escort ankara at those two huge tits, her hardened nipples, I felt my cock rising again.

Let’s go, she said, I need to pee and I want you watching. I just followed her into the tiny bathroom. Lay down on the floor she said, I sit on top of you and you look at my pussy. It makes me hot knowing you’re looking at it. So it was done like that She move her fat ass into my face and I could hardly breathe. I kissed her wet pussy and I tasted something different. She let her pee coming out very slowly so I could take it all. That was the promise. My cock grew to enormous heights (so it seemed) and it even felt painful. More pee came out and I swallowed some, rub some over my face and hair. This was very exciting. She moved down to my hard cock and pissed over my balls.

Was there more to come? She took my cock into her mouth and placed her hands over my balls. Her tits were touching my body and getting wet with her own piss. She started to suck and her tongue moved over my cock. Let me see yours, she told me. Wet my tits with your pee. I released some piss she licked off with her tongue. More I want from you she almost screamed. Placing her big tits close to my cock I started to piss. It was flowing over her huge breasts and getting wet completely. Again she came. Fiercely rubbing her own hand over her pussy and erect clit. More, she shouted, I want to be soaking wet with your pee as you are with mine. We kissed, sharing each other piss. We lay there on the bathroom floor in our piss. We both loved it. After a while it was getting a bit cold so we took a hot shower and went to bed.

In bed I could not resist to lay my hands on her enormous breasts. I like that, she said. I love to fall asleep knowing your hands are on my tits. We woke up almost together. My hands still on her tits and I felt her hand slowly moving down to my morning erection. Does it ever go down, she asked. Not being with you, I said. We had to go. We showered together, admiring each other. She was gorgeous. What would we do if we were really together all the time?

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Asking Forgiveness

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


This is a story with veiling fetish. Many people have this fetish, though it’s not that popular. In case you wish to know more or read more stories related to veiling fetish, do for tales of the veils on google. It’s an educational site and also contains stories related to the veiling fetish.

I would like to thank Nye North from TOTV for proofreading my story.

1. Questions

It was late afternoon. I had finished my lunch and was on the way to my afternoon nap. DING DONG! It was unusual for someone to come at this time, so I went to check out who was at the door. When I opened it, in front of me stood a person shrouded from head to toe in black.

Before I go any further, my name is Janice Foster from Boston and I live in a beautiful two story house in the slightly better part of the town not yet converted to a concrete jungle. This part is famous for the bungalows and villas, all of which are at quite a distance from each other which is pretty good for my privacy. I am about five feet five inch at height with a fair complexion and blond hair. I have a slim but well toned figure mostly due to my upbringing. I am a widow, my husband George died five years ago and I have a son who is in Philadelphia studying as a fresher. I am forty years old and live alone in the house. My husband was a good businessman and before he died in a car crash he had opened an insurance policy for himself. After his death I received enough money from the insurance policy that made sure I did not need to work again.

Anyway back to my story. I was not shocked, just surprised. I have seen many women wearing such dresses or ‘veils’ around and am not biased either. But to see someone wearing such on my doorstep made me uneasy.

I said “Hello, how may I help you?”

No reply.

“Did you come to see me?”

Nod. Well now this was getting weird.

“Okay. So why are you waiting outside? Come on in.”

I opened the door completely and the woman, I knew it was a woman for only they dress as such, glided into the hallway then the living room and stood by the sofa. After a moment’s pause, I closed the door and asked her,

“Would you like something to drink or eat?”

Shake of head. It was weird and confusing. I didn’t have much time to think as from under her coat she produced a letter in a gloved hand. It was brownish and hard compared to normal letters we use and I thought it was from somewhere else. Carefully I opened the letter. It read as,

‘Hello I am Fouziya, head maid at the House of Damani in Russia. I am here to offer a position of personal maid to Mistress Fatima Damani. Complete training and lessons will be provided along with clothes and bedding. We recruit women from all corners of the world and some of them are recruited by Mistress herself. We are always ready to recruit single women and widows as it often helps solve many problems for them. The job helps them fight loneliness and gives them something constructive to do. I hope you will accept the offer. If you accept the offer come to the Hotel Falcon room no. 110. Any questions will be answered only if you accept the offer. I will be there for a week so you must let me know before then.

Thank You.’

This was incredulous; first this lady arrives on my doorstep and then gives me an invitation about some Damani house in Russia! I was angry at letting her get to me.

So I said, “Well, I do not know you and I don’t think I will let you take advantage of me so easily. You can leave now and I will forget this ever happened.”

I was scared and I was not letting her fool me so easily. However it seemed she had thought about this as well as she produced another letter and an envelope this time. I took it from her gloved hand. It read,

‘I thought you might not trust me so I bought you something that might help your decision. Enclosed in the envelope is a photo of my Mistress Fatima Damani. You take a look at it and decide.’

I carefully opened the envelope and from inside it took out a photo. The woman in the picture was a normal woman with black hair, black eyes and high cheekbones. She was in traditional clothing I guessed. After close inspection though, I found that she was my childhood friend Maria. That could not be right? How come she was in traditional clothing? And Fouziya, that’s what my visitor called herself, said the photo was of Fatima Damani, Mistress of Damani Household? My head was spinning now; unconsciously I lowered myself onto the couch. The woman stood there silent and motionless. After some time I looked up to her and stammered.

“But th . . . this is Ma . . Maria?”

She gave a nod and produced another sheet of paper.

‘I will take my leave now. Keep the letters and photo. I will wait for you in room 110.’

With that she glided towards the door. Moments later I shook myself and followed her. She just stood at the door waiting for me. Embarrassed I opened the door for her and she glided out and within minutes was out of sight. I closed the door and went back bolu escort to the letters and photo. Was that really Maria or was this some trick? I wondered.

The day went by in a blur. Since I have no close relatives or friends almost the entire day was spent thinking about my childhood friend Maria. We grew up together in Boston, went to school together and even first few years of college. During college I met George and I fell in love. She supported me but at the same time she also revealed herself to be Gay. Many people were shocked. She was a lesbian and she said she realized men did not turn her on the way women did.

This did bring some complications. George, even though good, was narrow minded in nature. He did not understand her and they had a big argument. He told her to stay away from me. I tried to pacify them but George asked me to choose between Maria and him. I was torn and all I could do was stick with George. That day I could see the hurt in her eyes and I felt I had somehow betrayed her. For whom, I don’t know. I did not see her after that. I asked her parents and they said she went to France to study. That was the last day I saw her and probably the last I could ever have seen. But now this Fouziya had tugged at my curiosity and I wanted to know. Later that night, while I was in bed trying to sleep, I decided to go and ask her questions. Ask questions and then if this all was some trick I would opt out, right? With that thought I fell asleep.

2. Revelations

The next morning after getting ready I went straight to the Hotel Falcon. At the receptionist’s desk was sitting a 20 year old with blond hair. I said to her,

“Hello, I am Janice Foster and I am here to see Ms. Fouziya.”

She replied “Oh Ms. Fouziya is waiting for you, kindly head to the third floor and then second room to the right.”

“Thank You.” I said.

On the way to the third floor my head was full of questions and excitement for the unknown. I stilled my thoughts and knocked on the door. It was opened after a few moments by the same black shroud. I entered and she closed the door and beckoned me to sit on the sofa facing a straight backed chair which she took for herself. For the first time she spoke. Her accent was British or so I thought. Her voice had a sing song quality.

“Hello Janice. So what is your decision?”

I said “Before I accept I would like to clear some things up about the job.”

She said in a firm voice. “The only way I would answer your questions would be after you accept the offer. I fear if you are not sure then you take some more time or reject it outright.”

I bit my lip. This was not what I expected.

“Okay. So if I accept the offer then you will answer my questions?”

“Yes, I will.”

But I thought I heard a ‘maybe’ somewhere in that reply. I went on.

“I accept. Will you now answer the questions?”


“Why? I accepted your request.”

“Your words are not written in stone Janice. If you want to accept, it will be according to my terms or you can leave.” She said in a firm voice.

I felt trapped. I said, “Okay go ahead then. What would you have me do?”

She gave a nod. “First of all go to the inner room and strip.”

“What? What has that got to do with this?”

“Do not question me before you have accepted Janice.” She told me in a scolding tone.

I acquiesced. In the inner room was a four post bed, a dresser and a walk-in closet. I quickly stripped completely. About five minutes later Fouziya glided in. She said,

“Now I want your word that you will not interrupt me. This is a test. Whatever I do if you accept it you will remain quiet or you say one word and you are out of here and will never hear from me again. Do I make myself clear?”

“What does this mean?” I asked.

“What I do here are requirements of your acceptance. If you endure it I will know you have seriously thought of accepting the offer. Otherwise I will know you are not the right person for the job.”

I kept quiet. I wanted to know about Maria. If this could lead me to some information I would do it.

First of all she produced a shiny black suit. I immediately knew it was latex. It was a catsuit. She handed me a talcum pack and told me to spray the powder all over my body. This was weird I thought but I went on with it. I put on the suit and zipped it up the back. The zipper’s end came up to my neck. Then she produced a hood also in latex. It had holes for eyes and mouth but no holes for the nose.

I asked “How will I breathe in this?”

“You will know. Now be quiet,” she replied.

I pulled my hair into a ponytail and fed it through the hole at the back of the hood. Once the hood was on and zipped up to my neck I found it was tight and I had to breathe through my mouth. She then produced a shiny silver object. It was a collar. I tried to shy away, but before I could do so she had snapped it on my neck. I tried to remove it but found it was seamless. She said in an amused tone.

“It bolu escort bayan cannot be unlocked.”

I said between my breaths. “But … No … remove it …”

“Sorry but this is one of the guarantees that will make sure you do not change your mind.” she replied.

“Remove … it … now,” I shouted. I was getting breathless due to the effort of speaking.

In a calm tone she said “Well I cannot remove it for that matter. Only my Mistress has the code to unlock it. You are stuck for now.”

I was furious but what else could I do. I could not go outside in a shiny catsuit. Could I? I told her firmly, “Get on with it then. I cannot go outside like this anyway. Finish off your work then.”

In an admiring tone she said. “You learn quickly. You will make a good maid.”

I just glared at her.

She produced a pair of black latex gloves which I put on dejectedly. Well I was not getting out of the collar so I might as well do what she says. Then she passed me some leather cuffs with rings on them. I just looked at her.

“Come on, don’t waste time.” She said.

I put the cuffs on my wrists and on my legs just above the ankles. She then systematically padlocked each cuff. Now I was effectively trapped.

“Now I think you will not go anywhere. We will finish the dressing after I answer your questions. Remember I can do this the easy or the hard way. The collar you wear is called a discipline collar. I can give you mild to strong shocks. I control them. Do not disobey me. Follow me.”

I swallowed and followed her. She took my clothes in one hand and then put them in a black plastic bag and placed it in a trash can. I was just going to ask her what she meant by that, I was shocked near my neck. Its frequency sent me to my knees in an instant. I groaned.

She said. “This will tell you not to disobey me. This was just a mild shock. You will not speak unless spoken to. Understood?”

“Ye-” I groaned again as another shock came up.


I hated her already. I just nodded.

“Good.” she said and patted my head as if I was a child who had made a mistake.

“Remember you are a maid. Only the Mistress can do things freely. You are to wait for her permission always. Since she is not here, I will be your temporary Mistress. Kneel there. Yes right. You will either stand in my presence or kneel in front of me. If I tell you to sit you will, otherwise you kneel or stand.”

With that said she went to sit on the sofa and I grudgingly and fearfully knelt by her legs.

“So ask your questions maid.” she ordered.

She did not use my name at all. This was ridiculous. But I knew I was trapped.

I started. “Who was the lady in the photo?”

SHOCK! I was writhing this time. This one was higher in intensity.

“You speak with respect to one at a higher post than you and certainly to your Mistress.”

“I am so… sorry Mi … Mi … Mistress” I said. For the first time I saw a small black thing in her hand. It was at my eye level and pointed towards me. I knew that was the device used to shock me.

“Was the lady in the photo really Maria Mistress?” I asked respectfully. I did not want any more shocks.

“Yes. I guess it is time to tell you why you are here in this position. Don’t you think so?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress. Please Mistress.” I said. I hated myself for doing that but what choice did I have?

Not knowing the thoughts in my mind, she continued

“Before she married Mr. Ahmed Damani, a good Iranian businessman, she was Maria Bishop. She studied in some university in England and became a successful reporter. It was during one of these interviews that she met Mr. Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed, even after knowing that she was a lesbian, he proposed to her. Out of respect and peer pressure she married him and came to Iran. It became known later that it was a business agreement. Mr. Ahmed had two wives before her. One died during childbirth and second was barren. So in return to giving him children she would get money and a comfortable life. She lived a veiled life for five years in which she gave him three children. She gave him two boys and one girl but after that Mistress decided to end the contract. Mr. Ahmed allowed her to go but on the condition that she does not meet any person from her past or anyone who can connect her to Mr. Ahmed. This was the price she had to pay for her lesbianism. So she shifted to Russia under the House of Damani. Her sons visit her sometimes but that is all. She has not met her daughter from the time of her birth.”

I was shell shocked. All this had happened and I did not know anything. I had sympathy for her. It was not easy for her and I wanted to comfort her but I let that thought hang as Fouziya continued.

“But that is not the reason why you came into the picture. One day in anger she told us about you. She was angry about something and she started yelling at the maids. We were terrified. She told us about a woman from her past that escort bolu she loved and that woman broke her heart. She feared that the women living in the mansion would one day betray her. That was the day she introduced veiling, making us veil in the strictest form. It has been eight years since she saw our faces or heard our voices…”

Her voice trailed off. If earlier I had not been shocked this would have been more shocking. I couldn’t believe it. Maria loved me? That could not be possible. But then I thought, we were so close together she could have misunderstood me. Oh what a mess this was. I was pulled from my thoughts when Fouziya spoke.

“It took me two years before I could find out who this woman was. It was you. All of us maids hated you. We all love our Mistress immensely. Many have shared her bed but all that changed because of you. Mistress has now become cold Janice. She has forgotten love. She has replaced it with hatred.”

“I am sorry Mistress.” I said meekly.

“Well that is one reason you are in this predicament.” she said.

I looked at her veiled face and asked, “How?”

I remembered later that I missed ‘Mistress’ but she ignored it and said,

“We want our loving Mistress back. The only way I could think of was to remove this hatred from her and to do that you needed to be there. So some sisters made a plan and I came here to find you and take you with me. We feared you may bolt at the first sign of trouble so I kept the acceptance condition and trapped you in the suit and collar. I know it might have hurt you but I could not have let you go.”

“Oh” That was all I said. I understood the reason for Fouziya’s visit.

But she went on. “So we want you to become her personal maid. We want you to win her back for us by devoting yourself to her. You should devote yourself completely. And show her and teach her to love again. That is what we want.”

I was dumbstruck. Serve her. Devote myself? I never thought I would have done anything like that but I was now determined. I had to get the old Maria back somehow.

“And the second reason is that you have to be punished.”

Punished? I did not like the sound of that but I kept silent.

“You should be punished by Mistress for hurting her. You should be punished by us for driving our Mistress to coldness. And you will be punished that I promise. So now I have said all I had to and will say no more.”

I knew from the tone that no more answers would be forthcoming. “Thank you Mistress.” I said.

“Another thing, this hotel is quite expensive so I will be moving into your house. Let’s get you dressed up and we will leave.” she said and got up and started gliding towards the inner room again.

Move into my house? What will people think? I did not have much time to muse as I quickly scrambled behind her.

3. Preparations

This time she took me to the bathroom in the inner room. There was a horizontal rod for curtains near the bath tub and I noticed it had cuffs on it as well. She had me put my hands above my head and linked my cuffs to the cuffs on the rod. I was helpless now. Fouziya went out of the bathroom and returned a minute later carrying a corset. Now I am slim but I have never worn a corset. She put it around my waist and started pulling the laces and kept on pulling and I found it difficult to breathe through my mouth. After an eternity, in reality minutes, she laced it off. I was gasping for breath.

“I … can … not speak … while breathing …” I said with difficulty.

“I have a solution.” With that she went out of the bathroom and came back. She had a ball in her hand and it had straps on either side.

“Open wide now.” Fouziya ordered.

When I opened my mouth the ball slid behind my teeth keeping my mouth wide open and she buckled it behind my head. I heard a click.

She came and stood in front of me and said “There it goes. The gag has a hole which will allow you to breathe. With this in you will not need to waste your breathe on speaking. Also this will keep you from complaining. I have locked it as well. Only I have the key. Now, let’s complete your dressing.”

With that she removed the cuffs. My jaws were already aching but when I tried to speak only muffled sounds came. She was thorough. I followed her out into the inner room. On the bed lay a similar shroud to the one Fouziya wore. Along with that there were shoes also in black. She had me put on the shoes then she gave me a coat which when I had it on covered me from my neck to ankles. Then she had me wear a hijab, which is a headscarf that is wound around the head leaving the face open. Over that she had me wear a three layer niqab which came down to my waist. The only thing I could make out through the niqab was her outline.

With a nod she said, “This will be your attire throughout our stay here.”

She pointed to two suitcases and said “The suitcase on the left is mine. The one on the right is yours. Yes, those are the only clothes you will wear now on. Now get hold of these suitcases and follow me maid.”

She emphasized the word ‘maid’. I meekly took hold of both suitcases and followed her. At the door to the entire room, she said “Remember now, you are my maid and I am your Mistress so you will follow two paces behind me.”

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