Asked to Flash (Cont-1)

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Asked to Flash (Cont-1)After Cindy had left the room my wife sat there rocking back and for on my cock. I think she had thought I had passed out because I sat up and reached around her and grabbed her tits and started pinching her nipples. When I did she jumped a bit and turned to look back at me and asked if I had been awake the whole time. When I said yeah she slide off me and turned around and sat down on the edge of the couch and asked if I was mad at her. I asked her why I would be mad and she said because I pulled your shorts off to let her see you. I said that is what you wanted wasn’t it, she leaned over and kissed me and said yes but I just didn’t want you to be mad if I should you off to her like this. I told her after knowing she was looking at me all day long I would have been ready to let her see me like this myself. My wife smiled and said then why didn’t you let her. I told her because I wasn’t sure what you meant about letting her see me and besides wearing the shorts all day letting her look was more fun in a way. The wife asked why and I told her wearing the shorts made it look more like an accident, but when we came back from the beach I was so excited after knowing she was looking all day I couldn’t help myself and wanted her to see me hard as a rock. I asked the wife if that bothered her and she said like I told you before when I saw you sticking out like that I wanted to jump you right then. She reached down and started rubbing my cock and then kissed me and said I love you so much, then said thank you for doing it for me.I sat up on the couch so she could sit too and told her she was welcome even though I didn’t know if I could do it at first, she asked why not and I said because your the only one that I should be letting see it. She was still playing with my cock and looked at me and said baby with a cock as nice as this you can show it off any time you like. I looked at her and said are you serious, she said if you knew how long I have been dreaming of you doing it you wouldn’t ask. She said it wouldn’t bother me a bit if you show it off but I want to see it as much as I can when you do but if im not there I want you to tell me all about it. I told her I didn’t think I would be showing off unless she was there and she said why not I don’t mind a bit. I couldn’t believe what she was saying and asked her what has come over her. She asked what I meant and I said because of you wanting me to show it off. She said you may not notice but I see enough girls checking it out when were out and knowing that they are just got me thinking of how they would react if they could see it, the more I thought about it the more it made me horny as hell thinking about it and wanted to see you do it. I said having someone see me gets you that excited, she said you don’t know how many times I have come home thinking about it and had to take care of myself. She said besides it will spice things up and add something different to our lives.I looked at her and said I could try and do it more if she wanted and she smiled and said oh yes. I looked and said what about you, she said what do you mean. I said what made you decide nurdağı escort to come out wearing that in front of her and pointed to her gown, then said and pulling your top off. She laughed and said I don’t know other than I was horny as hell and besides it is no big deal she saw me plenty of times, remember she was my maid of honor for the wedding and helped get dressed. I agree’d and said that’s right, then the wife said remember I told you I had something to tell you later. She said I don’t want you to be mad because I didn’t do it on purpose. She said remember last week when I stayed home for the phone guy to show up. I said yeah, and reached over and started playing with her pussy, she said I waited half the day for him to show up then decided to go take a shower. I was in the bathroom drying my hair when the doorbell rang. I just grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me and went to the door. She said I let him in and was showing him where we wanted them. When I showed him where we wanted the one in the bedroom I turned around to come back out and tripped over my robe on the floor. I didn’t fall but my boobs bounced enough my towel fell off. I was embarrassed as hell but then I saw his cock get hard and push out his pants and thought it was funny but it excited me too. She was wet anyway but it seemed she had gotten even wetter when she started telling me what happened. She said I grabbed the towel and covered back up real fast but the whole time he was here I just wore it. She said when he was working on the jack in the living room I stood over by him talking to him and noticed he kept looking back at me. She was really stroking my cock good and said I didn’t realize till after he was gone that the towel wasn’t long enough and my pussy was showing to him the whole time. I asked if she liked it and she said when the towel feel off I didn’t but then after seeing what it did to him yeah it was fun. She asked if I was mad and I told her you said it was an accident didn’t you and she said yeah. She asked if I would have done it on purpose would you be mad, I thought about it for a minute then said I guess not if all you do is show off. She kissed me and then started climbing on my cock and said good because I have done it before but only showed off, this body is all yours.I asked her what she did to show off and she said later right now I want to enjoy you and started riding me. We were going at it good when I noticed some movement in the hall. I didn’t say anything and just kept up the pace knowing cindy was standing there watching us. I know she didn’t have the best view since the hall was off to the side of where we were sitting a bit but it was still exciting knowing she was watching us getting it on and it didn’t take long and I started cumming. When my wife was ready to cum she lifted up off of me and knelt there over me rubbing her clit like crazy and started cumming but when she did she started squirting all over. When she was threw she fell forward on me with her ass up in the air and knelt there dripping all over me panting. I asked her when she started doing that şahinbey escort and she said I’ve never done that before. She said I don’t know if its because we haven’t done it for a bit or because im so damn horny from you showing off all day. I kept glancing over toward the hall and saw cindy standing there a bit longer then notice her turn around and go back to the guest room. When she was gone we sat there a minute longer and I told the wife we should get in the other room we don’t need cindy coming out and catching us like this. The wife just sighed and said yes so she got up and said let me get a towel so you can clean up. She came back with a towel and I got cleaned up and we went in our room and went to sleep.In the morning I woke up and looked over and my wife was laying there sound asleep and I wasn’t feeling the greatest and got up to go make some coffee. I wasn’t thinking and when I walked out I left to door wide open and just went out in the kitchen and started the coffee. While it was brewing I went back in the living room and sat on the couch waiting for it to get done. I had one hell of a hang over and for got all about cindy being there. I laid back and sat there relaxing and started thinking about what my wife told me about with the phone man and started getting a hard on. I hadn’t grabbed anything to put on and was sitting there naked and reached down and started stroking my cock. I had my eyes closed getting into it thinking of what he got to see on my wife when all of a sudden something didn’t feel right and I opened my eyes to see cindy standing there watching me. I jumped and tried covering myself and said im sorry I forgot all about you being here. She stood there looking at me then said you don’t have to stop on my account. I was a bit shocked and she said I know you saw me watching you guys last night then asked if I said anything. I told her no I kept it to myself, she said good, then said when mary ( my wife) moved the chair yesterday so we both could see you I knew something was up and then last night when she came out dressed like she was and pulled them off I knew that’s wanted she wanted for sure. She said at the beach I wasn’t sure if it was accidental or not but I did enjoy seeing you. I was still sitting there covering myself and she came over and sat down on the couch. I said I don’t know why but it was something she wanted me to do yesterday and said you wont let her know you figured it out will you. She smiled and said no if that is what turns her on its ok by me. She said seeing you all day and then both of you last night, I made a bit of a mess in the bed and the sheets will have to be washed. I told her that was ok they would be anyway. She was still sitting there and looked at me covering my cock and said so are you going to finish it for me. I said you wont say anything and she said not as long as you don’t say anything about me knowing.I moved my hand and started playing with my cock again. Cindy turned sideways so she could sit and watch while I got myself off. When she did I looked down and she had one leg pulled up under her and şehitkamil escort the other on the floor and the gown was pulled tight between then giving me a nice little view of her pussy. I don’t know if she knew or not or if it was just an accident but I kept looking over at her as I sat there playing. I was laying back enjoying it and really getting in to it when my wife walked in. When I saw her I jumped and covered up real fast and cindy turned and saw her and didn’t know what to do. I figured she was mad as hell, I said im sorry I forgot cindy was here when I came out. I told her I was going to go get dressed when she came out but she asked me to go ahead and do it for her since she had seen me all day yesterday in those shorts. What I didn’t know till later was that my wife had told cindy she was going to have me wear those shorts and for her to keep her eyes open. She had told me later to, that her and cindy had been talking about me one time and my wife told her she found the idea of her seeing me exciting and said she would let her see it sometime if she wanted. I was surprised as hell when the wife said what are you waiting for give us a good show. I slowly moved my hand and started playing again and my wife came over and moved me over on the couch between then so she could sit down and said don’t be shy let us see you play with that cock. I relaxed and started going at it again and after a few minutes cindy said your going to have me horny as hell again and im going to have to go home and clean my sheets. My wife looked at her and said why wait and pulled her robe open and started playing with herself.The wife and I sat there playing away and cindy just sat there watching us. Cindy didn’t know what to do and just sat there watching but had moved her hand into her crotch. My wife looked over at her and said don’t be shy it will stay between the three of us. It still took a couple minutes but cindy finally stood up and pulled off the gown and sat down and started playing with herself watching us. I was really surprised how nice a little body cindy had and I guess all the showing off to her we had done got to her and she started cumming almost immediately. It didn’t take long and I heard my wife start moaning and cumming. After hearing the two of them get off I was getting close and at the last minute got and idea and stood up and told my wife to hold her tits up. I stood there in front of her jerking my cock then leaned back and started cumming shooting all over my wifes tits and face. When I was threw my wife leaned forward and cleaned me off then sucked the rest from me. I went and grabbed a towel for her to clean up with and afterwards the three of us went into the kitchen and sat having coffee. The wife told cindy what had started the whole thing about her wanting to show me off and said I never expected it to go this far with us. She said since we have known each other since we were k**s and have shared just about everything this doesn’t bother me, only thing is having him go out and show off is fine but any sex is just between us. Cindy sat there looking at my wife a minute then said you want him to go out and show off for other people too. My wife said yeah and told cindy the thought of someone else seeing him gets me horny. Cindy asked if sometime she could come with and watch too. My wife said after yesterday and this just now you can join us anytime you like. This was a great start with many more stories to follow

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Football Saturdaywith Anna & Missy

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Football Saturdaywith Anna & MissyI met Missy when we were paired up to study my nursing class and we immediately became friends. On Fridays some of the class would meet up for happy hour and she brought along her room mate Anna. They are both beautiful, dark haired girls with perfect athletic bodies that I envied, as I am more on the thin side.We would always have fun as we got to know each but when my boyfriend and his friends would arrive they would leave soon after. I was telling Missy one afternoon that a couple of BF’s friends were interested in them when she told me her secret. They weren’t room mates, they were a lesbian couple. She swore me to secrecy because the school had a religious affiliation and they were afraid that there could be some trouble. I assured her that I wouldn’t say a thing and that I was okay with it since I came from a very liberal area in Columbus and had some gay friends back home.As time went on we discovered that we all liked college football. Although it was hard to get my favorite on TV, theirs was on weekly. Their team had a big game coming up and they invited me over.I arrived with a bottle of wine and we toasted the upcoming victory. The game was started and we finished the wine by the end of the first quarter. Anna opened another and the game progressed. I really enjoyed their excitement and how they interacted together. As we got tipsy I was becoming a little jealous how loving they were towards each other as opposed to what I had with my BF.The game was close to the end and their team pulled it out. We toasted the victory and Anna disappeared as Missy and I chatted.Anna came into the room wearing a towel around her waist and a bikini top, raised her glass, smiled, and said “hot tub time !” I tried to get out of it by saying that I didn’t have a suit but Missy took me by the hand and led me to their bedroom. She opened a drawer and tossed me a black string bikini. “One size fits all !” she giggled izmir escort as she started to undress. I turned my back, undressed and put it on and when I turned back, she was holding a towel that I put around my waist and we headed for the tub.We relaxed and chatted for while as we sipped at our wine. The warm water and sweet wine was so relaxing ! Missy and I started talking about class just as some of the guys from the complex arrived. Anna said she was going to get more wine headed in. The guys were nice enough but after a few minutes Missy whispered let’s go get the wine” and we headed in. On the way she explained that one of the guys was always hitting on her and Anna wanted to kill him.We entered their place and Anna had a huge grin on her face. “Massage time” was all she said as she took me by the hand and lead me into the living room. There was sheeting laid out on the floor and a padded arm chair at the top of it that was covered too. I was startled when she untied her top and her towel and was standing before me naked. ” Can’t ruin the suits with the warm oil” Missy said as she pulled my panties strings from behind me. I tried to protest but Missy insisted that I would love it since Anna was a trainer. The wine and the hot tub had me feeling so relaxed that I decided not to protest anymore. They laid me on my tummy and I was a bit startled with the first drops of oil. Anna started rubbing my shoulders as Missy did the same up and down my spine. Missy was right! These girls had magic fingers ! Anna asked if I was okay and all I could do was smile as I looked back and saw two beautiful naked girls rubbing me. They alternated from aggressive to soft up and down my back and sides. I looked to my side and Anna was pouring the oils all over herself. “You’ll like this” Missy cooed as Anna positioned her self on top of me. It was only seconds before I knew how right Missy was as Anna began a slow slide up and down my body with hers and escort izmir Missy began to massage my calves. Anna’s face was beside mine. She kept asking me if I liked what they were doing and all I could do was sigh. I was in a trance like state when she got up and turned me over.They poured oil all over me and Anna laid on top of me again. I didn’t realize that she had gotten between my legs and as she began to slide up and down her smooth mound was rubbing against mine. Suddenly it came to me that I was getting as excited as I was relaxed and wondered where this was heading. I didn’t care anymore as Anna slid up and sat on my stomach. She started massaging my arms and sides while Missy started lightly massaging and running her nails on my thighs. ” You’ve got beautiful ettes” Anna said as she cupped my breasts. A simple “oh my” was all that escaped my lips as she circled my aureolae and lightly pinched my extended nipples. She bent down and blew warm air across them as Missy began to massage my lower belly and my mound. My nipples are very sensitive and I swooned. Her face was inches from them as I felt Missy pinch my pussy lips between the fingers of one hand while running an oil slicked finger from the other up and down them slowly.”Can I taste one?” Anna asked. I looked down at her and sighed as she flicked my nipple. The sensations were indescribable and I reached behind her head and pulled her to me. “Suck me ! Please suck me” I moaned as she engulfed me. My hips shot up as Missy did the same to my mound with her mouth! My whole body was electrified. I pulled Anna to me with one hand and Missy to me with the other. Anna slid off of me but continued to lick my upper body as Missy licked and sucked me. My mind raced and I put both hands behind Missy’s and pulled her in. “Suck me! Oh God! Suck me!” I screamed as I ground into mouth and she sucked so deliciously. I exploded into her mouth and my body went limp. Missy slid up beside izmir escort bayan me and covered my mouth with hers as Anna disappeared again. I was in awe of what had happened and couldn’t stop kissing her and licking myself from her face. She broke the kiss, smiled at me and said “pussy tastes so much better than cock, doesn’t it?” I smiled back and pulled her mouth to mine’We were both startled when we heard Anna say gruffly, “who said you could kiss my sweetie?” but were pleasantly surprised to see her smiling down at us. She was wearing a strapon and pouring oil on it. Missy took me by the hand and raised me up, turned me around and put me on all fours. “You girls are crazy” I moaned as Anna placed the head of the penis shaped dildo at my entrance. She slowly worked it inside as Missy dribbled some oil on my exposed ass. Anna found a rhythm that had me swooning but when Missy slid the tip of her pinky into my ass and reached under me to rub my clit, I knew it wouldn’t be long. The sensations were so incredible. No guy fucking me for his pleasure, just a beautiful girl that sensed what I liked and did it masterfully. I was at the edge again and fell to my elbows, raising my ass higher. “Fuck me ” I screamed as Anna grabbed my hips.I had never had an orgasm from fucking but I exploded in ecstasy again and slumped to the floor.The girls got on each side of me and kissed me lovingly as I came back to my senses.”Didn’t I tell you Anna gave good massages?” Missy giggled. All I could do was smile.Anna got our wine glasses and we sipped some more. I surprised myself and the girls when I Asked ” can I taste a pussy?” Anna had Missy sit in the chair and placed each of her legs over an arm. She smiled down at me as she spread her pussy lips. baring a delicious looking pink, wet delight.”No time like the present” she smiled as she pulled my mouth to Missy.The rest of the night was an orgy of Sapphic delights. I sucked Missy, Anna rode my face, I rode Anna’s face as Missy fucked with a feeldoe. It was all we could do later to slump into the shower and clean up before we passed out in their bed. Needless to say, I looked forward to football Saturdays the rest of the season.

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College life spring semester 18

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College life spring semester 18*******************Garrett and I entered my room with the greasy bags of food from a localcollege place near our dorms. The six of us, me, Corey, Kris, Colt, Brysonand Garrett sat around eating everything in sight. We cleaned up our messto resume our intense game of Texas Hold `em Poker. The break did what wewanted and had cooled Garrett’s hot hand off. Kris was making a smallcomeback until Corey defeated him one-on-one for a nice little winnings. Anice winning in our game was maybe two bucks but none of us were richenough to make it big stakes.”Corey, when you paying off your bet?” Kris asked.”At the end like I said.””Who’s it going to be?” Colt asked.”Ummm… I don’t know yet. Everyone is a candidate for me,” Coreyanswered.”I don’t think so,” Colt stated.”Dude, we basically agreed. What’s a fucking minute going to hurt? Wemight find out whether guys suck better than girls,” Kris stated and stillcovering his ass.”Yeah, I want to give a minute of fun to someone,” Corey joked. “A minutewon’t make you gay. You might like it and want more.””Like Matt would ever let that happen unless you pick him. If you pickhim, my ass is leaving. I know what follows dick sucking,” Colt said andpacked his can for a dip.Kris grabbed his can with Bryson holding out his hand for one as well.Colt offered me another one but one try was plenty for me.”Every night on our break, I can just see us all doing this shit,” Coltsaid dealing out the cards.”Not if I’m getting laid,” Kris said.”I know that’s right. It’ll suck ass if we come up dry,” Bryson said.”Seriously, I’d be surprised if each one of you doesn’t find a girl or twoor three,” I stated. “Add a little tan to what you have and girls will bebegging you for sex.””Won’t they be disappointed to find out Corey is gay,” Colt stated. “I’veseen it before.””Don’t you think if we weren’t gay… I’m talking Matt and me… we’d haveall kinds of girls?” Corey asked.”I’m not answering that loaded question,” Bryson stated.”I will. I’m glad they are gay, less competition for us,” Kris said andspit.”Dude’s right but we all know there’s goin be so many fucking people outlooking for the same thang,” Colt stated.”All I’m saying is there better be plenty of girls willing to give thatshit up,” Bryson said. “I’m bringing a dozen condoms and better use eachone.””Bryson, you really have high expectations,” Kris said.”Well, a girl for four nights… three good fucks per night,” Brysonlaughed.”Like I said, high expectations for really short girls to be swarming thebeach,” Kris joked.”Fuck you, okay,” Bryson said with his middle finger in the air.We continued to play until late in the night. Kris was first to run ofcoins. With Kris out, we quit a few hands later.”Thanks guys, it was fun,” Bryson said, gathering his coins.”So Corey, who is the lucky recipient of a blow job? You better not sayMatt,” Kris asked.”Well…” Corey said with hesitation in his voice. “Who won the most?””I guess I did,” Colt replied, “But barely.””Colt gets a blow job!” Kris screamed.”I don’t think a minute makes a blow job,” Colt said.”Before we do this, let’s move the table and chairs,” I said. With thetable and chairs gone, we sat around. Corey found me and laid a hot kisson my lips.”Drop em, Colt,” Kris said.Colt dropped his athletic shorts and pushed down his boxers. His cut cockpopped out with his pubic hair grown back but it wasn’t like we hadn’t seenit many times before. “I don’t know bout this,” he commented whilescanning the room.Kris patted him on the shoulder, “Just relax and tell us how it feels tohave a guy suck your dick.”I knew Kris would blow our secret but so far he hadn’t. Corey got on hisknees and smiled at Colt. He extended his tongue and licked Colt’s head.”Time me,” Corey stated.”You’re on the clock,” Bryson stated.Corey opened his mouth wide and took Colt’s cock in his mouth. Theexpression on Colt’s face was one of confusion. I think he wanted to enjoyit but couldn’t do so for his macho persona. The part that couldn’t liewas getting hard while Corey sucked it.”Damn, feels pretty good,” Colt said with his arms by his side.Bryson laughed, “It must. You’re fucking hard.”It must have not been that bad since no one could take their eyes off ofthe scene. Colt reached down and grabbed Corey’s head while seeminglyenjoying this.”That’s a minute,” Bryson said.”Fuck!” Colt screamed. “It was really starting to feel really good.””Corey, you’re finished,” I said and tapped him on the shoulder. He didn’tmove and continued.”Matt, let him finish what he started,” Colt said, laughing.”We’ll be here all night then,” Kris joked.Corey stopped, stood and wiped his mouth.”How was it?” Bryson asked.”Not bad… not bad at all,” Colt said after pulling up his shorts.”Bryson, are you ready to head out?” Garrett asked.”I guess so since the fucking gay show is now over and done with,” Brysonsaid. “See ya later.” The two left and headed out.Once the door shut, Colt dropped his shorts. “Come on Corey finish whatyou started,” he said holding his cock.”If I did, I’d be less one boyfriend,” Corey stated.”No, you wouldn’t. It was rather hot seeing it and how much Colt likedit,” I said.”Yeah, these two bitches can really suck a dick,” Kris stated.”How would you know?” Colt asked.”Oh fuck!” Kris shouted. karşıyaka escort “I opened my big mouth!””Yes, you did,” I stated staring at him.”So are you sucking me or do I need to just jerk off?” Colt asked.”Matt?” Corey asked turning to me.”I guess you could,” I said.Corey dropped down to his knees with Colt sticking his cock back in Corey’smouth. I glanced over to see Kris rubbing his crotch before sticking hishand down his shorts. It was easy to hear the slurping of Corey going downon Colt. The sight was beginning to turn me on as well.Corey stopped, wiped his mouth and stood, “I can’t do it any longer.”I moved over and kissed Corey’s lips with a hint of Colt’s cock on hisbreath. I reached down and groped Corey.”Dudes, I need to really bust a fucking nut now,” Colt stated.”What would us jerking off hurt?” Kris asked. “I need to bust one aswell. I got a fucking boner watch Corey suck Colt.””Okay,” I said. Corey, Kris and I lost our shorts. It was odd watching usjack off. It wasn’t long before I leaned over and took Corey’s drippingcock in my mouth.”Damn you two,” Colt said.”It’s cool, Colt,” Kris said, stroking his cock not too far from us.Before I knew it, Corey pushed me off and went down on me with Colt andKris slowly stroking their meat. I heard Kris moan and watched him leanback to fire his load all over his taut body. Seeing Kris cum did thetrick for me. I moved Corey off and shot my load over my body with astrong shot. Corey followed next and deposited his load in with mine.”OOOO fuck,” Colt groaned and came after an intense pounding of his cock.We cleaned up our sticky mess with Kris’s towels that were under his bed.”Wow, what a night!” Kris stated.”Fuck yeah it was,” Colt said. “That was very unreal yet smoking hot!””I’ll say,” Corey said.”I’ll be straight up with you. I’ve had my dick sucked by one other guy inhigh school. It was one of those drunk ass nights with friends, you knowwhere you get so fucked up,” Colt said.”It happens to the best of us,” Kris smiled.Colt and Corey headed off to their rooms. Kris smiled at me before wecalled it a night.”What a shock about Colt huh?” I asked.”Yeah it was. Testing the limits has been fun though.””I just hope we haven’t started something here.””I seriously doubt that. Look who you’re talking about here.””I agree but I know what I witnessed.””Not one minute or one night makes any of us gay. The way I see it is wewere horny as fuck and acted out on it. See ya in the morning!””What a night!” I said and rolled over.The next day, Sunday, Kris did follow through on his bet with me and washedall my things but left me to fold and hang them. The others beganreturning to campus after going home to retrieve their things for the trip.Word filtered out about our previous night. As the day grew longer, so didour stories about our poker game and Corey sucking Colt but not what ensuedafterwards. We knew poker playing would be on the agenda if time allowedit on our trip.Hayden returned and announced he had tried to talk his parents into lettinghim go but he was told no in a strong way. We knew it was a long shot thathe could go to begin with. By the end of the night, our plans were set.We’d caravan to Colt’s house to leave our cars and then head down to Noah’sbeach house. Corey, Scott and I would be in one car after Colt’s house.We gave them grief about how they enjoyed putting the gay guys together.Truth was we wanted it that way. We estimated our time of arrival to bearound one in the morning if things didn’t slow us down.That Sunday night, Kris and I crawled into our beds.”It looks like tonight was totally different,” Kris stated.”I’ll say since we didn’t go down on each other. Did Colt have much to sayabout it to you?””Not really other than he absolutely loved it. I swear what the fuck ishappening around here?””I know, Kris. It’s really odd but I’d say my friends are just horny,” Ireplied.”Very horny.”I”So what does Kris have to say now?””It was fun,” Kris replied. “And yes we all need a girlfriend other thanusing our guy friends. Matt, did Corey say anything?””The same as Colt. Weird but I thought it was just the hottest thingever.””Matt, I’ll just say this. Yes I enjoyed it very much but let’s not make ahabit of it.””You don’t need to worry about that,” I said. We finished talking androlled over to go to sleep.With the days flying by, Tuesday night was upon us and time for the guy’sfirst game in the intramural playoffs. They were pumped with Kris beingvery nervous. About six, I headed over to the Rec Center with Corey towatch the game. Taking the court, Corey and Hayden sized up the opponentsand said we’d be lucky to win. The three of us commented how every gamewould be a dog fight since each team would be good.As the game progressed, it was easy to see we weren’t overmatched otherthan the opponents were taller. Entering the last quarter, we were down bythree. Kris was pacing the sidelines and being a cheerleader to the guys.With a minute left in the game, Bryson stole the ball and made an easybasket to tie the game up. The next trip down, the opponents passed theball inside. The tall guy took a shot but Garrett blocked it or so wethought. The referee called a foul on Garrett, his fifth and final foul.Kris was karşıyaka escort bayan livid but got control of his temper by calling a time out. Afterthe time out, the guy missed both free throws. Bryson raced the ball downthe court and started passing it around. With two seconds left, Tashaunfired up a shot. It hit hard off the back board and went through the net.Our guys went crazy and started jumping around on each other. They weren’tthe only ones who lost it as Corey, Hayden and I were jumping up and down.We raced onto the court to high-five all our friends.”Tashaun, they are saying it didn’t count. You didn’t call board,” Brysonsaid.”I just threw it up there,” Tashaun said laughing and enjoying the moment.”No doubt,” Scott stated.The celebration was continued in our hall and most of the night. Thecelebration was short lived; the next night the guys took on the chin andlost by fifteen. It seemed they were never in the game and wereovermatched by a very good frat team. The loss didn’t hurt them that muchwith most of the guys commenting how fun it was and would look forward tosoftball season around the corner.Friday, I caught a ride home with Kris as he repayment of our earlier trip.Mom was happy to see me but wasn’t happy that I planned to stay just onenight. Saturday was frantic with Mom and me shopping for things for mytrip as well as spring & summer clothes. It seemed my shorts were fittinga little tighter than the previous summer. Saturday night, Kris was backto pick me up with my things crammed in a suitcase for the trip.Back at campus, the rush to get back was for naught. There wasn’t muchhappening other than the usual gathering minus the alcohol. With all of usgathered, the talk about the trip was beginning to excite me on one handyet worry me on the other. I wanted us to have a great fun trip but fearedsomeone would get in deep trouble by all the talk about how drunk theywould be each night.The school was hectic and stressful the week leading up to Spring Break. Ihad one big test along with having two papers due. It did get my mind awayfrom the trip and helped me concentrate on what really mattered at college.I wasn’t alone as everyone was busy studying and/or doing papers, Krisincluded. So far, he was living up to his deal and saw the time spentstudying could pay big dividends.Thursday night, all of us going were busy packing. I had a list of thingsI wanted to bring and spend the time to make sure each item was in mysuitcase or travel bag. There was one slight problem. My suitcasewouldn’t come close to closing after I had packed.”Matt, are you taking everything you own?” Kris commented.”I don’t wanna leave something and regret it later.””Just think about it for one second. We’ll be at the beach every day sothat means two swimsuits… Matt, please tell you are not wearing a fuckingspeedo…””Well… I do have one packed, just in case,” I laughed. “I’m gonna checkthings out and see what the vibe is.””Don’t expect me to keep you from getting your ass beat.””Kris, I’m not stupid. Give me a little credit here. Tell me when have Iever done something here to throw it in your face that I’m gay… tell me.”Kris rubbed his hairy chin that he was letting grow for our trip and lookedat the ceiling in thought. “Okay then, you’re right there. Now… we’llprobably be in tees and shorts at night plus a pair of jeans and a niceshirt.”I looked at my suitcase and saw all my jeans combined with all my shorts.”Now I think you may be right there.” I pulled out three pairs of jeansand two shirts.”As far as shoes goes, I’m wearing flip-flops the entire time but am bringa pair of tennis shoes,” Kris stated.After taking out two pairs of shoes, I looked to see my suitcase looked asif it would close now.”Matt, don’t be afraid to wear a shirt twice too,” Kris laughed.I laughed. “You do it all the time.””Hell yeah, it saves on laundry.””Kris, I’m going to check on Corey and see how he’s doing plus I have alittle surprise for him,” I said and grabbed a bag from my suitcase.”What’s the surprise?””The hottest suit you’ve ever seen,” I said and pulled out a hot bluebikini I had bought for Corey.”Matt, I don’t see Corey sportin that on the beach.””We’ll see. Honestly, I don’t either,” I said and headed out the door. Isaid hello to our neighbor before proceeding down to Corey’s room. Hisdoor was ajar so I knocked while entering.”Just about finished packing here,” Corey said after he saw me.”I bought you something for the trip,” I said with the bag behind me.”Awesome! What is it?”I handed him the bag. He opened it and looked inside. He pulled out theblue bikini. “Ummm… Matt, I don’t know about this,” he said holding inthe air.”Corey, please just try it on. I know you’ll look so hot in it,” I said.”Okay for you I will. Lock the door first.”I did lock the door. He stepped out of his short and into the blue bikini.He was looking down before moving to a mirror.”Damn!” I said since he looked so incredible.”Matt, you really expect me to wear this?””Not all the time but one day, would you? For me? Corey, you look sofucking hot it’s unreal.””I will one day since I love you so much. I can just hear the laughter nowfrom all the guys.””Corey, who cares if they laugh? They’ll be so envious escort karşıyaka of you.””It does really show my body, huh? Now I need a deep dark tan.”I moved over and kissed him. “With or without a tan, you are the hottestthing on this earth.”We kissed for a little while until Michael came in the room.”Corey…” he started laughing.”What’s so funny?” Corey asked.”I know you’re gay but you don’t have to announce it to everyone. Surely,you don’t plan on wearing that thing on your trip,” Michael said stilllaughing.”Since Matt bought it for me, I’ll wear it one day. Is it that bad?””Seriously, you look very gay in it,” Michael answered.”Well… I am, Michael. I might wear as my announcement that I’m gay asfuck and proud of it. Let’s see someone try to start shit with me.””Now, I don’t see that happening,” Michael said.I hung around a little while with Corey and Michael before heading back tothe room. Once everyone was packed, the eleven of us meet in our room andwent over all the plans or now big dreams. The biggest bone of contentionwas who would be rooming with Corey, Scott and I in the hotel.”Before we leave here tonight, we really need to settle this room thang,”Colt said. “For one, we can’t alternate and be dragging our shit back andforth.””We’d have this solved if Bryson hadn’t opened his mouth earlier,” Jesscommented.”So Garrett, what’s it gonna take for you to sacrifice for the good of theteam here?” Kris asked him.”Let’s draw straws, numbers or whatever and just see who gets the honor?”Scott said.The six contenders all looked at each other. “Just tell how much its gonnatake, Garrett? We can split the money,” Kris asked.”Oh by the way, it’s just one fifty not two hundred like I said. My auntgot me a deal,” Brennan stated.”How about twenty bucks, Garrett?” Jess asked.”It’s not worth the hassle for twenty lousy bucks,” Garrett replied.”Why don’t we all split the cost nine ways instead of ten? By mycalculations, it’s about one seventy instead of two hundred the way I seeit,” I said trying to reach a compromise.”That’s not fair,” Alex said. “Hell, I’ll do for a hundred fifty bucks tokeep me from cheating on Elise.””Fifty dollars and I’m good,” Garrett stated. “I’m good as long as someonekeeps their mouth closed.” He looked at his roommate. Bryson smiled andgestured he was locking his lips closed.”Sounds good to me,” Kris said. “Bryson, you say a fucking word and I’llserious beat your ass.”Bryson smiled. “It’s all good with me.””Hey Scott, if I do find a woman, can I have the room?” Garrett asked.”As long as I get the same treatment,” Scott said.”Dude, please tell us right now you aren’t going to be a fucking gay sluton the trip,” Colt said.”I don’t plan on it but you never know. Hayden’s given me a free pass forthe week. I may find some hot bitch that wants to go at it…””Get in line with the rest of us,” Kris laughed. “Alex, what does Elise sayabout this?””What she don’t know want kill her. Y’all hear me,” Alex said.”Like the commercial says, what happens on Spring Break stays on SpringBreak,” Jess said.”Let’s hope we make it back in one piece,” Kendall said. “Seriously dudes,we can’t fucking destroy Noah’s place…””Hey we didn’t your place,” Colt said.”True but we all may wanna meet there this summer for a week or something,”Noah stated.”That’s my boy right there,” Kris said. “It’s nice to know a few richmotherfuckers.” We laughed yet had to agree.About one, we broke up the party. Kris and I talked about the trip with mestressing the point he needed to be under control and continue to be aleader that he was.”Seriously Matt, you think everyone follows what I do?” Kris asked.”Kris, get real for a minute over there. You say jump and you’ll have therest of us asking how far and how high,” I replied. “You’re the glue thatholds all the pieces together and you know it.””They could survive without me, Matt.””Survive maybe, but no where near the fun. I bet you said something likeyou couldn’t go because a death… I’m just saying. Then I bet almosteveryone would find an excuse not to go.””Would you?””It’d be hard, Kris but I’d go for Corey’s sake. He told me a few weeks hehad never been to the beach and was so excited about this trip.Truthfully, I’ve been like twice and haven’t been in at least six years.””Matt, sometimes I don’t realize how lucky I was growing up. I took somuch for granted but I have a feeling you and Corey aren’t alone. I don’tthink Jess’s folks are that well off by the way he tells. I really thinkhe lives in a trailer. Colt’s family, I think, is like mine and doesalright but we don’t have fucking ski resorts or beach houses…”I laughed. “You were right about having rich friends. We need to be reallycareful and not abuse them.””I don’t think we have. You know not a one of us goes around and thinksthey are better off than the other, Kendall and Noah included. Sure theywear more expensive clothes than I know I do but they never mention it orthrow it in our face like some people did in high school. Remember whenthat fucking Alex Martinez came to school in that new fancy ass truck ofhis…””Yeah, he didn’t hold back on telling us how much it was either.””Tell me about it. Not a one of our friends are like that here…””We’re lucky.”Kris smiled, “No, we won’t put up with it. They wouldn’t be welcome in ourgroup.””For one, you’d tell em about it.””Damn right I would,” Kris said.”See you’re the leader and everyone else would go right along with you,” Istated.”I guess you’re right. See ya in the morning. It’s gonna be one hell of atrip, huh?””Let’s hope,” I laughed. “It will.”TO BE CONTINUED…

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Curious 1st Timer

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Curious 1st TimerI didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I stared at my laptop for a few minutes, contemplating whether I was actually going to be doing this. The email on my screen read:“Ok sexy, see you when you get here.”I’d been emailing “BlackStallion281” since 7pm. I’d always been curious about what it would be like to be with a man. Since high school, I’ve read and seen erotic material about gay sex on the internet. It always gave me a hard on. But this was it, I’m 21 and a man and I can do whatever I want. We’d been emailing each other after I found him on Craigslist. He seemed like a nice guy. Much older, which was ok with me. He was willing to “show me the ropes.” There had been a few times when I got this far with a prospect for my first time. But I always chickened out or “flaked.” But I read that in this kind of situation you have to go before you change your mind.So I got up and jumped in the shower. I shampooed and washed up like usual but this time, I brought in some baby oil with me. I squeezed a good amount on the tips of my finger and ran them between my ass cheeks. The feeling of my fingers running over my rosebud gave me quite a hard on. I slid a finger in and massaged around to make sure it was nice and clean for my Black Stallion. I thought, “I’m going to go through with this!” and got down on my knee while I played with my ass. Sliding my finger in and out of it, visualizing my stallion slowly fucking me from behind, my raging hard on was begging to be touched. But I thought better of it. In the past, I’d jerk off after the emails and then lost the nerve. But not this time, this time I was going to do it. I would go over to his place and let him have his way with me. Show me the ropes and how awesome sex with another man would be.I finished up and got dressed. I grabbed a couple condoms and a small bottle of lube before heading out.20 minutes later, I was at his house. It was nice. Two story in a picture perfect suburban neighborhood. Taking deep breathes I told myself, “You can do this. You’ve always wanted to and now’s your chance.” I got out and walked to the front door. Before I got there it opened up and I saw him. He was tall, 6’2” with a bit of a belly. Well dressed with slacks and a polo shirt. He smiled and welcomed bornova escort me in. We sat in the living room making small talk and then he got up to make some drinks. He explained that his wife passed away 10 years ago and could never think to be with another woman. So I guess men were up for grabs. He sat back down next to me and handed me the drink. Since I was so nervous, I pretty much downed it before he even took his second sip.See how nervous I was, he said, “Relax…I’m not going to hurt you. We’re just going to sit back and have some fun. If at any point you want to leave, you can.” I nodded and asked if I could have another drink. He said, “Sure, why don’t you help yourself. It’s right over there.” I got up to make myself another rum and coke. As I poured the rum into my glass of ice, I felt him come up behind me. He put both of his hands on my shoulders and gave them a little squeeze. And then ran his hands down my shoulder blades, down my back, and over my hips.“You are the finest piece of white ass I’ve ever seen, boy.” He whispered in my ear as he pulled me into his body. Embracing me from behind, I could feel his cock on my lower back. I’m only 5’9” and felt tiny compared to him. His hands ran under my shirt and up my torso. He quietly moaned and the kissed me on my neck. Then he whispered, “Let’s go to my room cutie.” He led me upstairs and into his massive bedroom. The furniture was Victorian and the lamps were dimmed low, making the room inviting. I was facing the bed and he was once again behind me. His hands slowly moving up and down my body as if they were studying every inch of it, he was enjoying the sensation he felt through his fingers. He took off my shirt and shorts. I hadn’t been wearing underwear and it made him smile. He stepped back and was admiring me as he undressed. A minute later I felt him against me again. His 7” cock was rubbing against the split of my ass. Moving it up and down, teasing me, I turned around and took it in my hands. Gently stroking it, I thought, “the first real cock I’ve touch that wasn’t my own.” Looking into his eyes, he had a faraway look with a slight smile.I got to my knees and licked the length of his manhood, feeling the velvety texture again my tongue. I bornova escort bayan did it a couple more times before putting the tip of his cock in my mouth. I gave it a little suck as I pulled back. I got a reaction out of him so I did it again. Every time I did it I took more and more of his cock in my mouth. I made sure to push up with my tongue a little bit as I pulled back from it. I couldn’t believe I was sucking a cock. After a minute precum was seeping out and I just kept sucking and swallowing it as it come out. My right hand held his cock as my left massaged his balls. He was enjoying it.“Yea…that’s it. Suck it baby. Feels so good. You’re a natural…Oooooo…” He cooed as he put a hand on my head and was gentle pushing me to do more. His hips were starting to move with the pace of me blowing him. Finally he stopped me and said that was enough. He stood me up and embraced me. Our cocks touching each other felt so erotic too me. I started to kiss his chest while he was feeling up and down my back. He grabbed my ass a couple time and even gave it a swat.“Go stand over there and bend over baby.” He said while point to the foot of the bed. I complied and “assumed the position.” I walked over to a dresser and got out some lube. He came back over to me and I watched him admire me like a wolf after a sheep. He put some on his cock and then dripped some at the top of my ass. With his left hand he put on my shoulder while with his right he started to work it between my ass. I moaned softly as I felt his strong hands ran over my asshole. Squirming with anticipation, I bent over a little more. He slid in his middle finger and I thought I was explode right then. But he worked it in and out, slowly going deeper with he stride. Then he insert a second finger, expanding my anus a little more. I was now moaning a little louder. The words, “Yea…that feels good.” Escaped my mouth.“Oh it’s about to feel even better.” He said and then I felt the tip of his manhood at the entrance of my hole. The head slid in and I felt the fire. I gripped the footboard and gritted my teeth. There was no way I’d back out now. He must have noticed me because he stopped for a second and the tried again. This time I really tried to relax and the tip escort bornova was now in me.“I’m getting fucked…” I thought to myself. And I felt his cock slowly push deeper into me. “Oooooooooo” came through my mouth as his hands were on my hips as it to keep me steady.“That’s right baby, just relax…” He said softly. I pushed back towards him and let him know I could handle it. The feeling of a cock in me was better than I thought. The sensation that was in me felt as if it was in my stomach. I felt my black stallion’s body flush with mine. He was all the way in me. He slowly pulled out a couple inches and then glided back in. I couldn’t help but let out a “Mmmmmmmm.” His hands were now running up and down my back. Then he whispers:Him: Tell me to fuck you baby.Me: Mmmmm…fuck me.Him: How do you want me to fuck you?Me: Fuck my ass real good.Him: Does my cock feel good in your ass?Me: Mmmm Yes…Him: Say “Fuck me please.”Me: Fuck me please.Him: Now say, “Fuck me nigger.”Me: Fuck me…Him: …nigger. Say it.Me: Fuck me…nigger.Him: Again…Me: Fuck me…nigger.Him: Again.Me: Fuck me niggerHim: Again!Me: Fuck me nigger!Him: AGAIN!Me: FUCK ME NIGGER! FUCK ME NIGGER! FUCK! ME! NIGGER!With every thrust came the words. At first I was a bit in shock at what he wanted me to say but the hell with it. He was really starting to fuck me and I didn’t care as long as he didn’t stop. He pounded my ass. The sounds of me screaming, “FUCK MY FUCKING ASS NIGGER!” and his body slapping against my ass filled the room. He then yelled, “You like my black cock in you! Take it white boy!” All I could do was scream yes in return. I felt like I was losing it. He was ramming his cock into me relentlessly with iron grips on my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore. I barely touched my own cock and I came. Shooting out my jizz like a hydrant, I felt him tense up and then he filled up my anus with his cum. He leaned against me for support as he emptied his cock inside me. I felt the twitches and cum run down my legs. He pulled his limp cock out of my ass and went into the master bath. He came out with a couple towels and handed me one. We cleaned off and I wiped my semen off of his foot board. We tossed the towels to the side and hugged each other. He didn’t try to kiss me or anything and I was fine with that. He held me tight and then gave my mass a squeeze. He told me I did a great job and that he’d like it if we could do it on a regular basis. I didn’t hesitate. We schedule our next meeting a couple days out as I got dressed. As I was leaving, I knew that I would never go back to women.

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Blowjobs by the Dozen

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Blowjobs by the DozenA lazy Saturday afternoon, trying to suck off a dozen unknown men, because my girlfriend was out of town, and I can’t find my friends, so I needed something to pass the afternoon. I often went to the local ABS to trade blowjobs on a Saturday afternoon. Besides loving to suck and to be sucked, I think it makes me a better fuck with my girlfriend on Saturday night. Well, this afternoon, I had nothing else to do, and didn’t need to save anything for Saturday night. I decided this trip to the ABS would be one to rememberI loaded my backpack with my Polaroid camera, film, a small battery powered lamp to light the booth, and a small towel to keep my knees off the cum-covered floor. I also had two rolls ($20 worth) of quarters. I drove the 20 miles to my favorite Glory Holes with the mission to suck and be sucked until I was all sucked out!The guys behind the counter know what’s in my backpack, and have no problem with me bring in my “supplies”. I’ve traded blow jobs with them, right behind the counter, when there were no other customers around. I got an additional $5 of “tokens” and headed downstairs.This shop had 2 pair of glory hole booths; I took the one furthest in back. I spread out my towel, turned on the lamp, and got the camera ready. By the time I put a token in the slot, there was already a cock poking through to my booth!This one was short, barely 4 inches, I’d guess, but it was WIDE, buca escort with a huge purple head! I licked it up one side and down the other. I swirled my tongue around the head, under it, and tried to french the slit in the end. The moans on the other side of the wall told me he wouldn’t last long.I have two rules for Glory Hole Cocks. The first, if it stinks I want NOTHING to do with it. The second, I only suck guys who suck me. They don’t have to make me cum, or swallow, nothing like that. But if they won’t take my cock into their mouth, why should I suck them?So, I pulled my lips off this short, fat cock, and waited until he pulled back. When he pulled back, my cock followed his cock into his booth. I didn’t have to wait long to feel those HOT lips on my cock. I didn’t need to cum right away; I expected to be here for quite a while. When I tried to pull back, he just held on to my cock and kept sucking. I blew a BIG load and heard him swallow it all down! I pulled back, and his cock followed mine into my booth.I was back on my knees, but I could barely get my lips around this huge cock-head! I was afraid of dragging my teeth across his cock, so I just licked it like a lolly-pop. When I felt he was about to cum, I puckered my lips around the slit end and sucked his cum like I was sucking a milkshake through a straw. Hot, thick, and salty, a GREAT load. I have pix of the big purple buca escort bayan head sticking through the wall and of my big puckered kiss as I slurped his cum.A moment or two after he left, another hand signaled through the glory hole for my cock. I gladly accepted a very aggressive BJ, but pulled back without cumming. I signaled for his cock, and a small, very small Hawaiian/Asian cock came into view. I snapped a picture of the whole cock. I love small cocks; they get SO HARD! I took it into my mouth, this was more like french kissing than a blow job. Mostly tongue action. In a minute or less, big strands of cum coated my throat. Then, he was gone.The next cock was very long, very thin, and very black! If I had brought lube, this one would have gone up my ass! I took several pictures of this one, just to document how long it was, as well as how much I could take down my throat. There had to be 9 or 10 inches sticking through the hole! I’ll admit, I got carried away enough that I forgot rule number two. I had his cock lodged in my throat as he dumped his load. I never checked to see if he would suck me?! I kept sucking as he softened. He pulled out, zipped up and was gone.When the next guy entered the booth, I noticed that he didn’t close the door. There were three or four guys standing around, presumably waiting for their turn. I thought if he wanted them to watch, they could escort buca watch him suck ME off first! I stuck my cock through the hole, and he started to stroke it. I heard him get encouragement from the guys watching, and felt him take my cock DEEP into his mouth. This was my second orgasm, and I held out for about three minutes. He swallowed, and sucked me soft. I pulled my limp dick back into my booth and dropped to my knees.His cock was “average”, about 6 inches, pink and circumcised. I got a picture as soon as it came into view, pointing almost straight up! I wrapped my lips around the head, and decide to just polish the Hell out of his knob! Suck hard, keep the teeth away, and give the short, fast strokes around the head. When he started to cum, I thought it would never end! Gush after gush, after gush! When he left, the next in line came in, and again left the door open, and again, I thought they should watch him suck me first.This went on for a little over 90 minutes. I had set a goal of sucking off a dozen guys. My total was f******n! Four were black guys; the long skinny cock, two big, uncut cocks, and one hard, cut, jet black cock. Three were Hawaiian/Asian, little index-finger sized, rock hard cocks full of cum. The remaining seven were generic white cocks, four cut, three uncut.I was sucked by 13 guys, and came in four different mouths! That made it a really great afternoon, IMO!I shot three packs of film, which was barely 2 pix per cock. I only shot one picture of a few of the cocks, because I shot 3 or 4 of the couple “trophy” cocks.This was in the summer of 1977, long before we had heard of herpes or AIDS. I have my pictures to help me remember this GREAT afternoon.

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Otobüs de Başladı

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Otobüs de Başladı

Yine ben =)
İş hayatım boyunca otobüslerde bir sürü macera yaşadım onlardan bi kaçını aklıma geldiği kadar yalansız anlatmaya karar verdim
Okul bitti sınavlarıda kazanamadım . Dersaneye yazıldım ve bunun parasını kendim karşılamak için bi arkadaş bi alışveriş merkezinde part time iş buldu bana.
Gittim görüştüm neyse başladım işe bi iki hafta oldu .
Sabah istanbulun otobüs trafiği malum =)
Bindiğim otobüslerde her zaman birine sürtme fırsatım oluyodu ama hep korkardım rezil olmakdan ya arkasını dönüp terslerse diye.
Bi sabah erkenden kalktım sporumu yaptım daha işe çok zaman vardı ama dedim gidiyim erkenden alışveriş merkezinin içinde gezer hatunları felan keserim hesabı.
Durakta bekliyorum bi iki otobüs transit geçti bi tanesi durdu ön kapıya doğru yöneldim baktım şöför arka kapıyı açtı döndüm arka kapıya doğru yürüdüm bi baktım kapının önünde mükemmel bi hatun arkası dönük hemen ite kaka yerleştim arkasına ama kıpırdamak ne mümkün bi bütün olmuşuz adeta hatunla =)
Şimdi ne kadar aklıma başka şeyler getirip sikimi kaldırmak istemesemde hatunun o sımsıcak götüne yaslandıkça kalkmaya başladı biraz sertleşince hatun bi tedirgin oldu dedim eyvay şimdi yedik yarraaa =))
sağa sola bakarak salağa yatıyorum ama aşşada sikim öle demiyo önümdeki hatuna fazla abanmamak için kendimi geri doğru çekiyorum ama ne mümkün otobüte iğne atsan yere düşmez o derece.
Neyse ben otobüsün durduğu ilk durakta inip başka bi otobüse binmenin hayalini kuruyorum kadın kızıcakda rezil olucam diye .
Kadın döndü önünü bana dedim şimdi yarra yedin olum =))
sikim aşşağı doğru dimdik duruyo.
Hatun ilk başlarda dışarıya bakar gibi yaptı sonra aşşağı doğru baktı 5-6 saniye dondu kaldı sikime bakarken ben ona bakmıyorum ama nereye baktığını bariz görüyorum burnumun dibinde hatun =)
Sonra çevirdi suratını gözlerime bakmaya başladı ama direk bakmıyo ara ara bakıyo ba sağa bakıyo bi sola bakıyo bi kaç saniye sonra gözlerime bakıyodu.
En sonunda göz göze geldik hafif bi tebessümle baktı bakışlarıda poposu gibi sımsıcakdı =)
Dedim kısmete bak hatunun o bakışlarını görmeseydim yemin ederim inicekdim otobüsten çünkü çok korkarım böle sert bi hatuna denk gelip rezil olmakdan =)
sık sık göz göze geliyoruz hatunla sikimide yatırmışım hatunun sol baldırının üstüne çaresizlikten bu şekilde duruyomuş tripleri yapıyorum =)
Hatun sikimi yanındaki yaşlı kadın görmesin diye sol kolundaki çantayla kamufle ettikden sonra film koptu bende zaten çantanın ucundan da eliyle tutuyo biz otobüste ileri geri yaptıkça parmak uçlarıyla sikime dokunuyo ve bu beni kudurtmaya başlamıştı aldım cep telefonumu elime yalandan mesajları okuyomuş gibi yapıyorum bu arada da hatunun memelerine ara ara temas ediyorum
İkimizinde maksadı artık bariz ortadaydı
Durağın birinde durdu otobüs sadece arka kapı açıldı hemen toparlandık ben yukarı doğru bakıyorum inicek biri varsa yol veriyim diye bi baktım binmeye çalışan iki kız arkamda tabi önümdeki hatunda fırsattan istifade bi basamak daha çıkıyım diye döndü götünü bana bi basamak daha çıktı bende onun olduğu basamağa çıktım yine bi bütünüz .
Poposuna ellemeye kararlıydım bu sefer.
Önce kemerimi tek elimle düzeltir gibi yaparak parmak uçlarımla poposuna dokunmaya başladım bu arada saçları muhteşem kokuyodu.
Bende nerdeyse boşaldım boşalıcam pantolon gri çok belli olur diye kendimi sıkıyorum boşalmamak için.
Otobüs kadiköy son durağa gelmişdi.
Hemen indim sağa sola bakıyormuş gibi yapıyorum hesapda adres arıyomuş gibi hatunda bende sonra indi inerken gözlerimin içine baktı hiç bişiy demeden yürümeye başladı sahile doğru bende peşinden tabi kaçarmı daha o hatun bu yarrağı sonuna kadar hak etmişdi artık =))
arkasından gidiyorum usul usul geldiğiminde farkında bakıp bakıp gülüyo
Neyse sahile karşı banklardan birine oturdu hemen gittim yanın a oturdum ama hiç ona bakmıyorum yüzümde sinsi bi gülümseme var benimde =))
Elini çantasına attı bi sigara çıkarttı gülerek ateşin varmı dedi.
Çıkardım çakmağı yaktım sigarası bi sigarada bana ikram etti.
Kendi sigaramıda yaktım ona bakıyorum ne diycek diye.
İlk sözü kalbim yerinden fırlıycak sandım oldu =))
Bende boşalmamak için kendimi zor tuttum dedim =))
Gülüştük espriler iltifatlar filan yaptık birbirimize.
Sohbet sohbeti açarken evlimisin bekarmısın nerde yaşıyosun filan gibi sorular sormaya başladık
Evliydi hatun bi bankada veznedarmış kocasının pipisinin ufaklığından ilgisizliğinden filan bahsetti senelik izne çıkıcakmış bu gün ama bi açıkmı vermiş bişiy olmuş tekrar çağırmışlar işyerine ondan otobüsle gelmiş normalde kocası arabasıyla bırakıyomuş.
Baktım bütün hayatını anlatıcak dedim ben çok geç kaldım telefonlarımızı verelim birbirimize sen müsait olduğun zaman beni ara ben herzaman müsait olurum senin için felan gibi bişiyler söyledim hemen telefonunu verdi benimkinide kız ismiyle kaydetti
Kocam dedi bi medical şirketinin satış müdürü ayda bi kaç kez şehirler arası yolculuk yapar gittiği zaman ben seni ararım ama bizim evde birlikte olamayız dedi bulundukları apartman hep akrabaymış =)
Dedim benim evim filan müsait sen sadece uygun olduğun bi zaman beni ara yeter.
Öptük birbirimizin yanaklarından ve ayrıldık.
Bir hafta sonra aradı .
Bi kaç gün müsait olduğunu kocasının yurt dışına çıktığını filan anlatıyo dedim bende kaç gündür senden haber bekliyorum hep seni düşünüyorum falan çok sevindirik oldu =))
Bana gelebilirmisin dedim hemen dedi =))
Binmiş bi taksiye gelmiş eliyle koymuş gibi buldu benim evi .
Bende duş aldım tam kurulanıyodum zil çaldı bi baktım hatun hiç giyinmedim üstümü havluuyu sadece belime doladım .
açtım kapıyı beni o şekilde görünce şok olmuşdu.
İçeri girerken tedirginliği fark ediliyodu.
Önce hiç samimi davranmadı geçti oturdu beni izliyo bende içicek birşeyler ayarlıyorum dolaptan.
birer kadeh şarap içtik .
Niye giyinik değilsin dedi.
Güldüm duştaydım sen kapıyı çaldığında dedim.
Epey bi hazırlamışsın kendini dedi oda güldü.
Biraz sonra saatlerce sex yapıcakdık ama onun çekingen tavrı sıkmıştı beni .
Üzerinde ceketi vardı çıkardı parıl parıl parıldayan bi gömlek altınada incecik bi kumas pantolon giymişdi ceketini arkasındaki bilgisayar koltuğuna asarken domaldı hesapta beni kudurtmak istiyodu ama ben zaten doğuşdan kudurmuşum =))
poposunu elledim usulca o gün otobüste çok canımı yakmıştı bu dedim =))
Gülümsedi sende nerdeyse delicekdin beni dedi.
Elini yavaşça bacağımdan sikime doğru attı yaa bu hiç inmiyomu dedi =)
Usulca havluyu çıkardı belimden eliyle sikimi okşuyo şaka gibi yaa dedi =))
Eğildi önümde.
Başladı her yerini boylu boyunca yalamaya.
Gömleğinin düğmlerini çözdüm altında sütyen yoktu küçük ama ampul gibi memeleri vardı dipdiriydi uclarını elimle okşamaya başladım .
Memelerinin arasından ağzına almaya başladı
Artık hiç bi korkusu kalmamışdı.
gömleiğini üstünden çıkardım ayağa kaldırdım önümde pantolonunuda çıkardım .
kilodunun üzerinden amıyla oynamaya başladım beni izliyodu çok hoşuna gitmişdi bu durum.
külotunuda indirdim hala önümde ayakta duruyordu amını usul usul öpmeye başladım ara ara titrediği bana iyice fark ettirdi.
Yatırdım onu koltuğa amını yalıycam gıdıklandığını söyleyip bacaklarını kapatıyodu bu tavrı bana bakire kızlarla yaşadığım sevişmeleri hatırlattı ve çok hoşuma gitmişti.
Koltuktan aşşağı indirdim dizleri yerde gövdesi koltuğun üzerinde domalmış bi vaziye getirdim onu .
Artık içine saplamanın vakti gelmişti =)
sikimi yavaşça amına doğru iteklerken bi eliyle poposunu çekiyordu bi eliylede beni itekliyordu.
Bu durum çok başıma geldiği için nazik davranıyordum .
Amı iiyice sulanmaya kasıklarından dizlerine doğru suyu akmaya başladı.
Gelip giderken hızlanmaya başladım ve çıkardığı ses çok tuhaftı bana kendimi kaybettirirken kendinide kaybetmişdi.
kalktı altımdan ve yere yatmam için elleriyle beni itikledi.
çıktı üstüme işer gibi oturdu hafif hafif alıyo ve alırken kasıklarını sıkıyordu. Adeta benim hayalimle ömrünü geçirmiş şimdi fırsat bulmuşken tadını çıkarmak istiyo gibiydi..
sikimi içinde sıktırması bana aklımı kaçırtıcakdı birden boşaldım.
Boşaldığımı görünce üzülür gibi oldu suratı üstümden kalktı koluma yattı hemen çıktım üstüne şaşırdı suratı yine neşeyle doldu bacaklarını omzuma aldım üzerinde bütün gücümle yaylanıyodum .
Ben dibine kadar sokmaya çalıştıkça iniltileri yükselmişdi adeta haykırıyordu.
Bi an kendimi bi ejderhayı sikerek öldürmeye çalışıyorum gibi hissettim =)
Pozisyonda onu çok acıtmış olucakki yüz üstü sik beni dedi bacaklarını kurtardı boynumdan yüz üstü uzandı hafif bi çıkıntı yaptı kalçasını bende diz çöktüm kalçasının üstüne amına yerleştirdim ama aklım götdeydi o pozisyonda bayağ kaldık çok hoşuna gidiyodu çünkü canı daha az yanıyodu.
Sikimi çıkarıp götünün deliğine sürtmeye başladım tepkisini ölçüyordum.
Elleriyle götünü ayırınca deliğin içi gözüktü.Belliydi daha önce çok arkadan yaptığı.
Başladım arkadan sokmaya ne vazelin ne bişiy lüp diye girdi içine yarısına kadar.
Kendi acı çekiyodu ama benide sözlerle tahrik etmeyi bırakmıyodu.
Nihayet gelmişdim yine çıkarım içinden ve sırtına boşalıp yatım üstüne boylu boyunca.
Kafassını yere koyup derin derin nefes alıyordu.
altımda döndü koca koca öpüyodu beni öyle bi öpmesi vardıki adeta teşekkür eder gibiydi.
Sevinç acı hepsi suratında görülebiliyodu.
Çok yormuştum kendimi .
Ampul gibi göğüslerine koydum kafamı dinlenmeye çalışıyodum bende .
saçlarımı ve omuzlarımı okşuyordu.
10 dakkadan fazla o pozisyonda takıldık kaldık tekrar yapmak istiyorum diyince banyo yapalım önce dedim.
Geçtik banyoya bi yarım saat kadarda küvette köpüklerle çocuk gibi oynadıkdan sonra ayağa kalktı ve amını yıkadı .
Sonrada getirdi tam önüme yala der gibi.
Yalamaya başladım tabi oda inlemeye önceleri yalandan inledi sonra gerçek yaratığı çıkarmıştı içinden baktım birazdan boşalıcak bari boşa gitmesin diye kalktım ayağa çevirdim bunu arkadan sapladım kamayı =))
banyodaki seximiz diğerlerinden kısa sürdü ama bu ikimizede yetmişdi artık.
Aldım yatağa götürdüm kucağımda öpüşe öpüşe uyduk 1 saat kadar uyumuşum ben
o benden önce kalkmış yiycek bişiyler hazırlamış getirdi yatağa elleriyle besledi saolsun =)
Bi an içimden geçti ( Bekar olsaydı kesin evlenirdim bu kadınla diye fiziği muhteşemdi sex te kendini gerçekten kaybediyo bayağ bi doğal ve isterikti. Hizmet ve şükran doluydu )
4 ay içerisinde 3 defa daha birlikte olduk sonra bana aşık olduğunu söyledi kocamdan ayrılıcam dedi baktım yuvasını yıkıcam ilgisiz davranmaya o aradağı zaman kapatmaya başladım telefonumu. Ne kadarda kocasını aldatsada gururlu kadındı aramadı bidaha ve öylece anı olarak kaldı hafızamda.

Sıkılmadan saygı gösterip okuyan tüm arkadaşlara teşekkür ederim.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Ablamla Tatil

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Ablamla Tatil

Evin iki çocu?uyuz ablamla aram?zda pek ya? fark? yoktu.Üniversiteyi bitirdikten sonra yüksek lisans için ABD ye gittim bu iki y?l içinde ablam evlenmi?ti ben derslerimden dolay? gelemedim dü?üne,e?itimim bitikten sonra Türkiyeye döndüm Egenin güzel bi ?ehrinde oturuyoruz oldukçada maddi durumumuz iyi eve geldiimde ablam?n k?sa sürede bo?and???n? ö?rendim ?iddetli geçimsizlik.Ablamla . aram?z çok iyiydi karde? de?il sanki arkada?t?k her türlü konuyu rahat konu?urduk.Ablam?n moral bozuklu?u,benimde deniz özlemimden dolay? annem ablan? al tatile ç?k?n dedi onada snada iyi gelir dedi.Temmuz ortas?yd? antalya beldibinde bi tattil köyüne gittik.Ak?am üzeri vard?k otele birer du? al?p giyinip yeme?e geçtik ilk önce onun evlili?inden bagsettik hatalar?n? anlatt? bi süre üzüldü ama iyik**e bo?anm???m dedi,sonra konu benim ABD e?itimime geldi uzun uzun anlatt?m bu s?rada iki karde?te rak?lar? yuvarl?yorduk bana oran?n k?zlar?n? sordu isteristemez erkek oldu?umu bayanlarla beraber oldu?umu ama ençok zencilerden ho?land???m? söyledim bi anda bana i?ete erkek olman?n avantajlar? bunlar dedi biz yapsak laf olur erkek yapsa çapk?n olur dedibicevap vermedim güldüm geçtim.Saat ilerledikten sonra diskoya geçtik slow bi parça çal?yordu kalk dans edelim dedi kalktk ellerini boynuma att? bende beline gözleri gözlerimdeydi sordum niye bu bak??böyle diye ke?ke karded? olmasayd?k dedi neden dedim çok tatl?s?n her bayan senle olmak isterdedi ?a??rd?m bende ?akadan espiri yapt?m bu gece istersen karde? oldu?umuzu unutal?m yeni evli bir çift gibi davranal?m dedim ama ablam bu sadece bir yre kadar dedi ileri gitmek yok dedi saatlarce birbirimize kenetlenip dans ettik a?kdolu sözler söyledik ama tabi sonuçta karde?tik sonra odam?za geçtik bir tekli bir çift ki?ilik yata vard? ben tek ki?ili?e yatay?m dedim sen büyük te yat dedimablamsa hani evliydik dedi oyunu bozuyoruz mu dedi beraber yatacaz dedi sadece iç çama??rlar?m?zla yatt?k ablam gülmeye ba?lad? ne gülüyorsun dedim sadece sevi?elim ama kesinlikle il?ikiye girmeyelim dedi a??r? derecede ?uh bi kad?nd? titreyerek dudaklar?na yap??t?m dedil gibi öpü?üyorduk bende baks?r onda sadece kilot ve sütyen vard? sütyenini ç?karmak istedi?imi söyledim ç?kar dedi çkard?m enfes gös?üsleri vard? öpmeye yalamaya ba?lad?m ablam kendinden geçiyordu ben ise bu i?in sonunu dü?ünüyordum elimi kad?nl???na att?m yapma ltf dedi sadece sevi?iyoruz a?k?m dedim orn?da öpmek yalamak istiyorum en az?ndan böyle bo?alal?m dedim ikna oldu ç?kartt?m külodunu benim baks?r?da ç?kard?m kad?nl???n? yalamaya ba?lad?m iyice delirmeye ba?lad? benim kini yalamak istermisin dedim döndü yalamaya ba?lad? acemi oldu?u belliydi sonra 69 pozisyonuna getirdim o benimkini ben onun kini ablam bo?ald? titreye titreye ama devam ediyorduk sonra çevirdim s?rt üstü yat?rd?m yava? yava? üzerine do?ru ç?kt?m dudaklar?nda öpüyordum yaln?z . ayakl?r? düzdü bana o pozisyonu vermemeye çal???yordu kula??na f?s?ldad?m abla olan oldu bundan sonras?nada devam edlim dedim ses vermedi ellerimle dizlerini kald?rd?m penisimi o muhte?em kanl???na denk geitrdim yava? yava? sokmaya ba?lad?m bira biraz derken hepsi içindeydi art?k deliler gibi ?iki?iyorduk denemedi?imiz pozisyon kalmad?.Sonra yatt?k sabah kalkt???m?zda ilk dedi?i kelime kad?n olu?umu hissettirdin t?kr ederim a?k?m oldu on be? gün tatilde kar? koca hayat? ya?ad?k tatil bitti ben büyük bi ?ehirde üst düzey bi bankac? olarak i?e ba?lad?m ablam ne zaman beni istese uça?a atlay?p geliyor y?llad?rda bu ili?kimiz devam ediyor birbirimizi mutlu ediyoruz.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Küçük Kasabanın Kahpesi (6)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Küçük Kasabanın Kahpesi (6)

Bir gecede iki erkekle sevişmenin yorgunluğuyla saatlerce uyumuşum. Gözlerimi açtığımda vakit öğleni geçmişti. Cep telefonu ısrarla çalıp durmasa belki daha da uyuyacaktım. Uyku mahmurluğuyla elimi uzatıp telefonu aldım, ekrana baktım, kocam arıyordu.

“Hasan?” dedim.

“PTT havalesi gönderdim, gidip al. Çocuklar seni bekliyor, ufaklık her gün anne diye ağlıyor…” dedi. Kısa… Soğuk… Küskün… Kırgın… Kapattı telefonu… Öylece baktım, kaldım.

Ne yapmalıydım? Gitsem mi? Başka seçeneğim yok ki… Gitmem şart… Ekonomik durumum felaket… Böyle giderse yaşayabilmek adına, zevk için değil, para karşılığı seks yapan profesyonel orospu olacağım buralarda…

Diğer yandan çocukların özlemi bitiriyor beni, içimi kemiriyor… Peki gidince ne olacak? Neler yaşayacağım? Başıma neler gelecek? Kocama güvenebilir miyim? Beni nasıl karşılayacak? Her şeyi sineye çekecek mi? Yoksa…?

Sorular… Sorular… Cevapsız sorular… Sonunda kararımı verdim. En azından çocuklarım için her şeyi göze aldım. Kalkıp hazırlandım. İki parça çamaşırımı küçük çantaya koyup kapıyı kapatırken son bir kez baktım. Evime… Bir puştun kapatması olarak kaç ay geçirdiğim iki göz eve… Kırık dökük toplama eşyalarla dolu, harap görünümlü evime…

Yine de çok mutlu anlarım da olmuştu bu evde… İlk zamanlar benimle ilgilenen, sevişen gerçek bir erkekle geçirilen geceler, gündüzler hatta… Bağıra bağıra sevişmelerimiz, köy yerinde dağda bayırda orman aralarında yaptığımız kaçamaklar, kendimizi kapıp koyverdiğimiz… O zamana kadar hiç tatmadığım değişik zevkler, bilmediğim seks oyunları, yeni beceriler…

Gözlerim yaşardı, kapıyı kapatıp çıktım. Ağlaya ağlaya postaneye gittim. Gidene kadar sakinleşmiştim. Kocamın gönderdiği havaleyi çekip garajın yolunu tuttum. İlk otobüse atlayıp İzmir’e, evime gitmek üzere yola çıktım.

Tüm yol boyunca endişeler, düşünceler beynimi kemirip durdu. Beni bekliyorlar mıydı? Ailem, komşular, çocuklarım, kocamın ailesi… Olanlardan sonra beni nasıl karşılayacaklardı acaba? Yüzlerine nasıl bakacağım? Ne diyeceğim onlara, ne anlatacağım?

Akşam saati kasabanın garajında mola veren otobüsten indiğimde kocam karşı kaldırımda dikilmiş, bana bakıyordu. Elimdeki çantayla kalakaldım. Aramızda geniş cadde, karşılıklı bakıştık.

Ne kadar sürdü bakışmamız, bilmiyorum. Sonra yavaş yavaş yolu geçip yanıma geldi Hasan… İfadesiz bir yüzle bana bakıyordu. Kıpırdamadan, donuk yüzüyle… Elini uzattı, hoş geldin diyecek zannettim, tokalaşacak diye düşündüm. O telefondaki soğuk, uzak sesiyle,

“Çantanı alayım, çocuklar evde, seni bekliyorlar…” dedi.

O beklemiyormuş, kocam değil çocuklar bekliyormuş beni… Çantayı verdim, yan yana, iki yabancı gibi yürüdük eve giden yolda… Gözümde güneş gözlükleri, başım yere eğik, yarım adım gerisinde, takip ettim kocamı… Konuşmadık hiç… Eve geldik.

Çocuklarımla hasret giderdim ağlaya ağlaya… Öyle özlemişim ki onları… Öpüştük, koklaştık… Uyku saatleri geldi, gidip yatırdım onları, öpe öpe, koklaya koklaya…

Salona döndüm sonra… Hasan koltukta oturmuş, öylece bakıyordu bana… Hiç sesini çıkarmıyordu. Bana da karşısındaki koltuğa oturmak düştü, sessizce gidip oturdum.

Dakikalarca oturduk. Bir kelime söylemeden… Yere bakarak…

“Konuşsana Hasan…” dedim sonunda…

“Ne konuşayım Güllü?”

“Konuş işte… Bir şeyler söyle… Bağır, çağır… Küfür et, orospu de, fahişe de… Konuş… İçindekini dök bana, ben de bileyim.”

“Yapamam, sana öylece orospu diyemem ben…” Sesi üzgün çıkıyordu. “Çok üzdün beni, kahrettin, mahvettin. Ama yine de kem söz diyemem sana… Dilim varmaz. Çocuklar var, çocuklarımız…”

“Keşke çocukları daha önce düşünseydin be Hasan… Şimdi dilin varmıyor ama… Ben gittikten sonra herkese anlatmışsın neler yaptığımı, en incesine kadar… Herkes öğrenmiş benim orospu olduğumu… Bilmeyen kalmamış…”

“Ne bileyim Güllü… Anlattım evet… Yaram sıcaktı daha, ne yaptığımı bilemedim. Affet beni… Boşanma dilekçesi yazdırdım, elim varıp dava açamadım. Hep bi ümidim vardı dönersin diye… Döndün işte sonunda…”

“Sen de beni affet Hasan… Çocuklar için değil, kendin için affet… Sana yaptığım her şey için, seni üzdüğüm için affet…” Elini salladı,

“Biraz zaman ver bana Güllü… Zaman her şeyin ilacıymış, biraz zaman ver. Yaram biraz soğusun. Acım azalsın.”

Beni yatak odasına gönderdi sonra, tek başıma… Kendisi salonda yattı. Gecenin sessizliğinde birbirimizi dinledik. Uykuya daldığını soluk alışverişlerinden anlayabiliyordum.

Bir kaç saat uyku tutmadı. Sıkıntı bir yandan, sıcak bir yandan… Çıkarıp attım üstümde ne varsa, çırılçıplak döndüm durdum yatağın içinde… Aklımda binbir düşünce… Ben ne kadar istemesem de Cafer’le sevişmelerimiz geliyor gözümün önüne… Ev sahibi sonra… Asker arkadaşı… Aldığım zevkler… Neden sonra uyuyup kalmışım.

Evden çıkmadım bir zaman… Hasan işine gitti geldi, çocuklar okula… Ben evde pinekleyip durdum. Benimkiler geldi bir hafta sonra, geldiğimi öğrenmişler… Anam, kızkardeşim… Bağrış, çığrış, sarıldık, ağlaştık. İki hafta oldu geleli, aynı monoton hapis yaşamı devam etti. Bir akşam üzeri,

“Hadi hazırlan, dışarı çıkalım Güllü…” dedi kocam. “Hava al biraz… Hep evde, hep evde… Zindana girmiş gibisin. Hasta olacaksın.”

“Olur mu Hasan? Etraf… Çıkmak istemiyorum, böyle iyiyim ben…”

“Olur olur… Kocanım ben, kime ne? Hadi, çıkalım…”

Giyinip hazırlandım, dışarıya çıktık. Kolunu uzattı, koluna girdim. Salına salına dolaştık kasabanın içinde, çarşıyı gezdik. Bizi tanıyanların meraklı bakışları tek tük, ayıplarcasına… Utandım bir parça, çekindim. Kocamın koluna daha bir yapıştım, sımsıkı… Başını çevirip baktı, anlamıştı. Elimi okşadı.

“Aldırma… Pabuç bırakma onlara… Dik tut başını…” dedi sadece…

Dönerken Hasan rakı aldı bakkaldan, eve gelince meze hazırladım. Oturup içti bir kaç kadeh… Eskisi gibi sakilik yaptım, karşısında oturdum.

Son kadehten sonra gözünü bana dikti. Geldiğim günden beri, bunca zamandır eli elime değmemişti, ayrı yatıyorduk. Kalkıp masaya, yanına gittim, boşalan kadehine tekrar rakı, su koydum. Yanı başımda oturuyordu kadehini ayarlarken, çok yakındık birbirimize, bir karış yoktu mesafe…

Ürperdim. Belime sarılsın, kucağına oturtsun istedim içten içe… Sevsin, okşasın… Yapmadı. Sadece yan dönmüş, bana bakıyordu suskun suskun… Yanındaki sandalyeyi çekip oturmamı işaret etti, oturdum. Eteğim kısaydı her zamanki gibi, çekiştirdim ama, bacaklarım açıkta yine…

“Neden Güllü?” dedi en sonunda… Beklediğim soruyu sordu.

Cevabı iki kelime değildi ki bu sorunun… Anlatmaya başlasam roman olur. Sevgisizlikten, ilgisizlikten başlasam, seks hayatımızdan çıksam ne fayda… Başım eğikti hala,

“Ne bileyim Hasan? Oldu işte… Nasıl anlatayım sana… Sanki damlaya damlaya birikti, patladı bir yerde her şey… Bent taştı, sel oldu, yıktı gitti…”

“Anama anlatmışsın bir şeyler, telefonda…” Ah… Şu kaynanama ayar verdiğim telefon konuşmamız… Elbet, hesabını vermeliydim söylediklerimin…

“Evet, konuştuk işte karşılıklı, öfkeyle, kırdık birbirimizi…” Kadehinden koca bir yudum çekti, kadehi bana uzattı. İçmemi istiyordu. Eskisi gibi reddetmedim. Uzattığı kadehi elime aldım, ağzıma götürüp bir koca yudum rakı da ben içtim. Boğazımı yakarak inen rakının acısıyla yüzümü buruşturdum. Elini uzattı, saçımı okşadı,

“Telefonda anama Bamya demişsin benim için… Ufacıkmış. Caf…” Sustu, adını söylemekten bile kaçınıyordu Cafer’in…

“Beraber gittiğin adamın siki… Kol gibiymiş? Kadınlığını yaşamışsın onun yanında…? Amcığın bayram yapmış…”

“Hasan, açma artık bunları… Oldu bitti, geçti gitti…” diyebildim. İç geçirdi,

“Hiç aklımdan çıkmıyor ki Güllü…” dedi ağlamaklı bir sesle…

“Kara kara düşünüp duruyorum. Hani, bamya diyorsun ya… Keşke elimde olan bir şey olsa… Tutup uzatamam ki ben bu laneti… Bu, bu kadar işte… Benim suçum ne Güllü?”

Birer yudum rakı daha içtik. Saçımı okşayan elini tuttum.

“Hasanım… Bırak artık…. Şu anda yanımda sen varsın. Düştüğüm yerden elimi tutup sen kaldırdın. Öbürü, insan zannettiğim, erkek adam zannettiğim, çukurun dibine bıraktı beni yapayalnız, tekmeledi.” dedim. “Sen olmasan…”

“Nasıl kıyar sana Güllü?” dedi titreyen sesiyle… “Bu güzelliği nasıl bırakır gider insan?”

Saçımı okşayan eli boynumdaydı şimdi… Tüy gibi okşuyordu. Gerdanıma indi, parmaklarının tersiyle dolaştı bluzumun dekoltesinde… Askılı bluz vardı üstümde, omuzlarımı, sırtımı okşuyordu bebek okşar gibi, incitmekten korkarak… Kadehi kaldırıp dipledim. Başım dönüyordu.

“Hasan…” diyerek yutkundum. Sandalyede oturduğu yerde bana doğru döndü yönünü…

“Güllü…” dedi kısık sesle… Elleri göğüslerimde dolandı. Sıkar gibi yaptı. “Ohhh…” İnledim. Belime indi, kalçalarıma… Eteğimin üstünden okşaya okşaya dizlerime kadar geldi. Sonra tekrar yukarıya çıkmaya başladı on parmağıyla iki bacağımda… Yavaş yavaş… Eteğimin altına girdi parmakları… Bacaklarımın içlerini okşadı. Tekrar,

“Hasan…” diye fısıldadım. O da aynı tonda,

“Gülüm…” dedi.

Küloduma ulaştı parmakları… Sandalyeden kalkıp önümde diz çöktü aniden… Yüzünü bacaklarımın arasına gömdü. Sıcak nefesi bacaklarımdaydı. Küçük Güllü her zamanki gibi ıslanmaya başladı. Kucağımda duran başını okşadım. Parmaklarımı saçlarının arasından geçirip çekiştirdim.

“Gülüm… Ben sensiz yapamam… Asla… Burası senin evin… Gitme bir daha, beni bırakma… Ne istersen yaparım. Sen ne istersen yapabilirsin.” Gözünden akan yaşlar bacaklarımı ıslattı. Koca adam ağlıyordu.

“Yapma Hasan…” dedim saçını okşarken…

“Öyle Güllü… Ne istersen… Valla… Köpeğin olurum senin… Bırakma beni… Söv, döv, bir hatam olursa… Hatta… Ben… Ben az geliyorsam… Sana yetmiyorsam…” Sustu, başını kaldırıp yüzüme baktı. Merakla bekliyordum. Nereye gidiyordu bu konuşma böyle? Gözünün yaşını kuruladı, devam etti.

“Ne istiyorsan diyorum Güllü… Anla işte…”

“Nasıl yani? Ne demek istiyorsun Hasan?”

“Offf… Söylemesi düşünmesi kadar kolay değilmiş. Hani bamya diyorsun ya benimki için…”


“Doymazsan… Canın büyüğünü, daha büyüğünü isterse… Hani, kol gibi dediğinden… Serbestsin. İstediğin gibi… Ama gitme bunun için… Beni bırakma… Sakın…”

Şaşırıp kalmıştım. Ağzım açık bakıyordum kocama… Ne diyeceğimi bilemiyordum. Sonunda anladım ne demek istediğini, jeton düşmüştü. Beni başka erkeklerle paylaşmaya razıydı adam… Her istediğimi yapmama izin verecekti şaşkın kocam…

“Ne? Ne diyorsun Hasan? Delisin sen…” dedim gülerek… Eğilip saçlarını öptüm. Okşadım. O da saçımı okşayan elimi okşadı. Avucumu çevirip içlerini öpücüklere boğdu.

“Oh benim güzel karım… Deliyim. Senin için deliyim ben…”

“Aptal şey… Dediğini yaparsam kıskanmayacak mısın beni? Benim başkasına gitmeme izin mi vereceksin yani?” Hala ellerimi öpüyordu sürekli…

“Çok düşündüm Güllü. Bilmiyorum. Belki ilk başta burulurum, kıskanırım belki de… Ama… Seviyorum seni be kadın… Anlasana beni… Senden ayrılamam, ölürüm diyorum sana… Yeter ki sen mutlu ol…”

Sustu. Yüzüme bakıyordu. Ne söyleyeceğini, nasıl söyleyeceğini tartar gibiydi. Ben de susup konuşmasını bekledim.

“Başkasına gitme meselesine gelince… Öyle değil de… Senin gitmeni istemiyorum. Bin türlü tehlike var dışarıda… Bir şeyler düşünelim. Sen gitme. Başkası sana gelsin, buraya, evimize…”

Nerdeyse gözlerim yaşaracaktı benim de… Bunca yıllık kocam bana olan sevgisini ilk defa bu kadar belli ediyordu. İlk defa beni sevdiğini söylüyordu açık açık… Hem de ne sevgi… Beni, sevgili karısını bir başka erkekle paylaşmaya razı olmuş vaziyette… O derece…

Hala önümde diz çökmüş, başını kucağıma koymuş vaziyette duruyordu. Bacaklarımı araladım. Kirli sakalları batıyordu bacaklarımın arasına…

Cafer olsa çoktan külodumu çıkarıp diliyle amımı yalamaya, emmeye başlamıştı. İki haftadır özlemiştim o tadı, o zevki… Alışmıştım fena halde… Yaşamalıydım. Şimdi de tatmalıydım. Saçlarından tutup biraz yukarıya kaldırdım başını… Uysal bir kedi gibi uydu bana…

Sandalyede doğrulup kalçamı kaldırdım, külodun yanlarını tutup aşağıya sıyırdım. Eteğimi yukarıya çekip yerime otururken külot dizlerimden ayak bileklerime kaymıştı bile…

Sandalyenin iyice ucuna kayarak ayaklarımı iki yana açtım. Önümde diz çökmüş, parlayan gözlerle bana bakan kocamın başını tekrar kucağıma çektim. Yüzü, ayrık bacaklarım sayesinde kadınlığımla karşı karşıya kalmıştı.

“Hasan…” dedim. “Öp beni…”

“Peki…” dedi sadece… “Sen ne istersen…”

Hiç yapmamıştık bunu kocamla… Amımı yalamamıştı hiç… İlk kez yapıyordu. Dudaklarıyla öptü dışından, kenarlarından… Sol elimi araya sokup am dudaklarımı ikiye ayırdım, sağ elimle saçlarını tutup kendime çektim. Ağzını kendime yapıştırdım iyice… Sıcak dudaklarının teması bitirmişti beni…

Artık kocamın benim için ne düşüneceğini, ne diyeceğini umursayacak halim kalmamıştı. Azgınlığım tavan yapmıştı iyice… İstediği kadar

“Orospu karım, neler öğrenmiş iki ayda…” diye düşünsün. Zaten kendisi başka erkekle sevişmeme izin vermedi mi?

“Ohhh… Hasan… Öp… Benimle öpüşür gibi yap… Öpüş, dudak dudağa öpüş onunla Hasan… Ooohhh… Yala… Amımı dille… Yala kocacım….”

Yüzüme baktı şöyle bir… Gözlerimle yalvardım adeta… Nasıl istediğimi gördü. Başını eğip dudaklarını amıma yapıştırdı sonra da… Emdi, emdi, yaladı, yaladı… Ben boşalana kadar durmadı hiç… Dili, dudakları çalıştı sürekli… Kasılmaya başladığımda bile bırakmadı yaptığı işi…

“Aahhh… Geliyorum… Bitirdin beni Hasan… Ooohhh… Dilin bitirdi beni kocam… Ooohhhh…” diye diye, inleye inleye, saçlarını çekiştire çekiştire orgazm oldum. Dakikalarca…

Başını kaldırıp beni izlediğinde bile hala kasılmalarım ara ara devam ediyordu. Zevkten bitmiştim.

Eğilip başını kendime çektim. Zevk suyumdan ıslanmış dudaklarına sıkı bir öpücük kondurdum. Az önce am dudaklarımla öpüştüğü gibi öpüştük kocamla… Dilimin ucunu dudaklarında gezdirdiğimde bu kez inleme sırası kocamdaydı.

“Gel…” dedim ayağa kalkıp elinden tuttum. Kocamı da ayağa kaldırdım, sarıldım, tekrar ayakta öpüştük. Elimi gömleğinin düğmelerinin arasından göğsüne götürmüş okşuyordum bir yandan… Öpüşmeye doyunca,

“Hadi aşkım…” dedim dudaklarımı ayırıp, “Yatağımıza gidelim.”

Aslında öyle azmıştım ki, oracıkta, ayakta sarılıp sevişmek istiyordum sabırsızca… Bir an önce içime girsin, içimde gidip gelsin istiyordum.

Fakat, biliyordum ki, kocamın ölçüleriyle bunu yapabilmek imkansız gibi bir şeydi. Onun yerine yatak odasına doğru çekiştirdim. Yatağa kendimizi attığımızda üstümüzde ne varsa sıyırıp atmıştık.

Üstüme çıkmaya yeltendi, durdurdum. İlk günden beri yapmaya alıştığı şeyi yapmasını istemiyordum. Bacaklarımın arasına girip işini bitirmesini, benim amımda kendini tatmin etmesini bekleyemezdim artık…

Göğsünden itip sırt üstü yatırdım. Dudaklarından öptüm. Öpüştük. Sonra öpe öpe aşağılara indim, karnına, kasıklarına… Dudaklarımla, dilimle dolaştım her yerinde… Az sonra bamyası ve torbaları da aynı ilgiden nasiplendiler. Dilimi kocaman uzatıp ıslak ıslak yaladım sikini, her yerini…

Başını koyduğu yastıktan hafif kaldırmış, şaşkınlıkla, inleyerek beni izliyordu. Köyden aldığı karısının neler yaptığına bakıyordu.

“Bırak Güllü…” diye inledi sonunda… “Gelmek üzereyim. Bırak…”

Bırakmadım, devam ettim. Boşalmaya başladı. Ağzımın içine attırmaya başladı menilerini… Bitene kadar emdim, yaladım, tertemiz yaptım sikini… Boşalınca daha bir küçülen, kabuğuna çekilen aleti bacaklarının arasında kayboldu iyice…

Bıraktım, başımı kocamın göğsüne koyup kollarının arasında yattım öylece… Hasan sırtımı, saçlarımı, her bir yerimi okşadı. Kedi gibi gerine gerine uykuya daldım.

Sabah erkenden uyandım. Kocam çıplak, yan dönmüş, uyuyordu hala… Sessizce kalkıp çocukların kahvaltısını hazırladım. Ses çıkarmadan yedirip okullarına gönderdim. Sonra soyunup tekrar yatağa daldım, kocamın yanına… Çıplak vücuduna sarılıp uyudum.

Kızarmış ekmek kokusuna uyandım bir zaman sonra… Yatağın yanına küçük balkon masasını getirmiş, kahvaltılıklarla donatmıştı kocam… Reçeller, bal, süt, çay, peynirler, kızarmış ekmek dilimleri, yumurta, salam, sosis, pastırma…

Mutlulukla, gerinerek doğrulup, yatağın kenarına kaydım, masanın başına oturdum. Üstüme hiç bir şey giymeden, Havva ana kılığında obur gibi saldırdım kahvaltı masasına… Hasan da karşıma oturmuş, yemekten çok beni izler gibiydi. Güle oynaya kahvaltımızı yaptık yatak odasında…

Kahvaltı bitince banyoya gidip dişlerimi fırçaladım, duş alıp geldim. Masa toplanmış, kocam yatağa girmiş, beni bekliyordu. Elini uzattı,

“Gel canım…” dedi. “Şu ayrı geçen ayların acısını çıkart bana…”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

dolmuşta 22 yaşında kapalı ve 2 çocuklu
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Travestinin Karıma ve Bana Yaptıkları (alıntı)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Travestinin Karıma ve Bana Yaptıkları (alıntı)

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