Sailing with Mom

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My name is Kyle and I’m 20 years old. I’ve recently taken up sailing. When I told my mother about it, she was very interested in my new hobby.

“I think we should go sailing, just the two of us. It’ll be great!” she told me over the phone.

“But, Mom, you’re nine months pregnant. Are you sure your stomach can handle the open waters?” I asked.

She hadn’t had a child since giving birth to my twin sister and me when she was only 16. After talking to my father, they agreed to have another child. I admit, it felt weird that I’d have a brother or sister who was twenty years younger than me, but if that’s what my parents wanted, I was all for it.

“Not a problem. I’ve never gotten seasick once in my life and pregnancy isn’t going to change that,” she said. I didn’t bother trying to argue, knowing how stubborn she was, so I figured why not?

“Alright, meet me at the Jefferson Pier, dock 13 tomorrow at 10 AM,” I told her. “And wear something light. It’s going to be hot tomorrow.”

She wore something light alright: a small yellow bikini that just barely covered everything. Even with her pregnancy I could see she was turning a few heads as she walked towards my boat. I couldn’t blame them for ogling her. At the age of 36, she was quite the looker. Even I noticed, and I’m her son. Of course, you wouldn’t know she’s my mom by looking at her. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties and had a fantastic body.

“I said something light, not something skimpy,” I joked as I grabbed her suitcase.

“This was all I could find. I swear it fit me perfectly last summer.”

“You weren’t pregnant last summer,” I said, patting her lightly on the belly.

She looked down at her chest. “Yeah, I may have gained a cup size or three since then,” she said, smiling. I had definitely noticed her growth in bust size, but it hadn’t been so apparent until now. Her bikini top only covered the very front of her breasts, leaving the sides, top, and even bottom of her E cup breasts exposed. I tried my best not to glance too much.

“Hey Kyle.” I turned and saw another boat owner by the name of Frank standing on the dock. “Is this your girlfriend?”

I looked at my mom who was smirking. “Oh, no, this isn’t-“

“I’m his wife,” my mother said, interrupting me.

“Well, you’ve got yourself quite the catch there,” Frank said, smiling. “Have yourselves a good boat trip and congratulations on the baby.”

“Thank you,” my mom said to the man as he continued on his way. She looked back at me as I playfully rolled my eyes at her. “Here, husband,” she said, handing me her suitcase, “take my luggage.” I smiled at her and took her suitcase into the cabin.

We soon set sail. The breeze was strong and we were moving quickly. It was a beautiful day: blue skies and clear water as far as the eye could see.

I looked at my mother. She was sitting down, watching the horizon. The wind was causing her dark brown, wavy hair to sway back and forth. She took her sunglasses off and met my glance with her beautiful blue eyes. She smiled, then looked back at the open water in front of her.

“Kyle, could you rub some lotion on my back?” she asked. “I don’t want to get sunburned.”

“No problem,” I said, grabbing the sun tan lotion and squeezing some into my palm. I moved my hands over her shoulders, partly massaging her as I rubbed the lotion into her skin.

“Mmm…that feels good,” she said. I finished with her shoulders, then moved down to her back.

“How’s that?” I asked, finishing up.

“Perfect,” bedava bahis she said, smiling. “Do you want to do my belly too? I can do it myself, but I really like when other people touch my belly.”

“I’d love to. Turn your chair and face me,” I said as I added more lotion to my palm. She swiveled her seat in my direction and I knelt down, sitting on the ground between her spread legs, and began rubbing her beach ball-sized belly. This gave me a great view of her breasts. The beautiful cleavage they made was breathtaking as they sat gently on top of her rounded abdomen, moving slightly with each breath she took.

I applied lotion to the sides and the front. She started giggling when I rubbed her belly button and told me it tickled. I noticed that her nipples were making very prominent indents in her tiny bikini top as they stiffened. I tried to focus elsewhere and rubbed the top of her belly, causing my hands to slide between her belly and the underside of her breasts. She didn’t say anything, so I continued. Her soft breasts were warm on the backsides of my hands.

“All done,” I told her. She took her sunglasses off and smiled at me. I love seeing her smile.

“Thanks, babe,” she said as I handed her the bottle of lotion. “I’ll take it from here.”

I got up and checked the sails, glancing back every once in a while to see my mother applying lotion to the sides and tops of her breasts. Once she was finished, she rubbed lotion on my back and we sat in silence for a while, admiring the view of endless water.

Eventually, the sun began to go down and we went into the cabin of the boat. My mom changed into a robe while I made some spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. We ate while talking about memories of my childhood and what it was like to raise my sister and me.

“Well, I’m starting to get tired,” she said, stretching her arms out. “I think I’m going to call it a night.”

“Alright,” I said, grabbing our plates and placing them in the sink. “The bed’s all yours.”

She looked at the queen-sized bed behind her. “Where are you going to sleep?”

“I’m just gonna to crash on the floor,” I said, pulling a sleeping bag from a small closet in the wall.

“I’m fine with sharing the bed if you’d like.”

I smiled at her. “Thanks, but I figured with your pregnancy, you’d like the extra space.”

She smiled back. “There’s plenty of room for both of us. Besides, I’d like the company.”

“Alright,” I said, putting the sleeping bag back. “Why not?”

I washed the dishes while she brushed her teeth in the bathroom. She came out and crawled into the bed.

“Do you mind if I sleep in my boxers?” I asked. “It can get a bit hot in here.”

“As long as you don’t mind me sleeping in the nude,” she said as she reached her hand out from under the covers and placed her robe onto the nightstand leaving her completely nude underneath the covers.

I smiled nervously and took off my shirt and pants, then climbed into bed, trying to keep at least a foot of distance from my naked mother. She turned to me and looked into my eyes for a moment.

“Thank you, Kyle,” she said as she smiled. Dimples formed at the corners of her mouth. “This was a great day.” She then held her arm out towards me and hugged me. I could feel her warm breasts pressing against my bare chest and her bulbous belly against my waist. I hugged her back as we held each other in a tight embrace. I could feel her nipples hardening against my skin and I felt blood rushing to my casino siteleri penis. Luckily my boxers kept my erection from pointing outwards. She released me and smiled again before turning the other way. I lifted the blanket slightly and got a glimpse of her beautiful naked backside. Smiling, I reached behind me and turned off the lamp. I quickly fell asleep.

When I awoke, it was still dark. The only light was from the bright moon shining through the window. The first thing I noticed was that I was behind my mother with my arm around her and my hand was holding one of her breasts. The second thing I noticed was that my erection was no longer confined in my boxers and had slipped through the hole in the front of them. My cock was also slightly moist and was pushing against my mother’s bare pussy.

‘Oh god,’ I thought to myself. ‘What do I do? I could try to move, but I don’t want to wake her. What if she’s already awake? Man, this is awkward.’

The boat shifted from the waves, causing me to push against my mother, and I accidentally slid my cock further up her pussy and against her clit.

“Mmm,” I heard her moan quietly as she came out of her slumber. “Honey?”

“Sorry mom, I just woke up this way,” I explained.

She opened the blanket slightly and looked down at my hand on her breast. Then she moved her hips a little and quietly gasped when she realized where my dick was.

“It’s okay, honey. Just try not to move much, okay?”

“Alright,” I said, “but it’s kind of hard with the waves moving the boat back and forth. Maybe I should just sleep on the floor.”

“No, don’t worry about it,” she said. “I like us being close like this. Just go back to sleep.”

That was easier said than done. I couldn’t stop thinking about my current situation, and thinking about it just made me hornier.

Over the next few minutes, the swaying of the boat continued to cause my penis to move back and forth up and down the length of my mother’s pussy. Every time the tip of my dick slid against her clit, I could hear her mewing quietly to herself.

Her breast was so soft and warm in my hand. I gently closed my thumb against my hand and felt her stiff nipple between it. I slowly began circling it with my thumb while cupping her breast.

“That feels good,” she whispered. “Could you massage the other one too?”

I slid my other arm underneath her and found her other breast. I began rubbing it gently as well. My dick quickly became moist with my mom’s pussy juices as it rubbed against her slit.

“You can squeeze a little harder if you want,” she told me, still keeping her voice quiet. “They’ve been aching a lot recently.”

I complied and squeezed firmly, trying to give attention to every inch of her large breasts. I could feel her pushing her hips against my erect penis slowly as I squeezed tighter and began kissing her on the neck.

I felt a warm moistness on my hands and realized I was causing my mother to lactate. I was milking her.

“Turn around,” I said. She pushed herself up and turned to face me. I pulled the blanket off of us to admire my mother’s naked body. Her beautiful breasts, moist with a thin sheen of milk, shone in the moonlight. Her large belly was perfectly round with her belly button poking out prominently at the top. Her pussy was moist with her juices and I could see her clit prominently displaying itself.

I looked back up at her face and she was looking seductively into my eyes. I kissed her on the lips, not like a son should bahis siteleri do to his mother, and lingered there for a moment before pulling my lips away. I began kissing her neck, slowly working my way downward toward her chest. Holding one breast in my hand, I gently kissed her nipple over and over again before letting my tongue part my lips. I licked the front of her breast, sliding my tongue around her areola and then around the nipple. I then took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it while my tongue pushed against the flesh directly under the it. I felt a few sprays of her warm breast milk enter my mouth. It tasted sweet and thick. I used the vacuum suction of my mouth to pull in even more breast flesh and suckled hard on my mother’s nipple. The milk sprayed with more intensity and I swallowed every drop I could.

She held my head against her chest and made soft moaning noises. “Oh Kyle,” she cooed. She reached behind her, between her legs and held my stiff member in her hand. She gently rubbed it in a petting motion as I suckled her.

I quickly drained her left breast and moved on to her right one. She continued teasing my manhood as she kissed the top of my head, still moaning quietly.

“Thank you,” she said softly as I pulled my head from her now-emptied breasts. She then grabbed my head and kissed me deeply. I felt her tongue wriggling into my mouth. I closed my lips over her outstretched tongue and sucked on it while I ran my own tongue against it. I pushed my hips into hers and felt myself entering her warm pussy. She wrapped one leg around my own and pushed her own hips against me, causing my cock to push deeper inside of her.

We didn’t say a word. We just continued kissing like lovers while gyrating back and forth in a rhythmic motion. I reached behind her and squeezed her ass tightly. She did the same to me and started moaning into my mouth. I took one hand off her ass and slipped it under her belly to rub her clit which caused her to moan louder. I pulled my cock almost all the way out of her tight pussy, then pushed it back in deep.

“Jesus Christ!” she moaned as we quickened our pace. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” Now there was nothing passionate about it. We were fucking like animals.

I never imagined that I’d be having sex with my own mother, but here we were in a tight embrace. There was a strong sexual tension between us throughout the day which built up to this point and I loved it.

She pulled her face from mine. “I’m so close! Mmm! Don’t stop! Mmm! Please don’t stop!” she yelled as she bucked her pelvis hard against me.

I was pretty close myself and fucked her as hard as I could. I felt my orgasm building rapidly and I gave three final thrusts before pushing myself deep inside her.

“GYAAAAAAAAH!!!” she screamed as torrents of her own son’s semen shot into her. Her pussy contracted around my cock as she experienced wave after wave of pleasure washing over her. She looked deep into my eyes, furrowing her eyebrows in the cutest way possible. Her mouth was wide open, but no sound was escaping her lips. I pushed my lips against her mouth and we kissed deeply as we both rode out our powerful orgasms. We fell asleep in that position, holding each other tight.

I woke up to a sunlit room, alone. I got up and found my mother in the kitchen area making pancakes over the small stove. She was still completely nude and looked just as beautiful as she did last night. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her as I kissed her neck.

“Thank you, Kyle,” she said as she rubbed her face against my head, “for everything.”

After that night, I could tell that we had a much closer bond as mother and son, but it was an unspoken bond. We never talked about what happened or repeated the experience again—at least, not until my sister found out…

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SA E04: Adventures in Production

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Foreword: This is the Fourth Part in the Sean and Alicia Story set. Before you ask all the characters are fictional. However if any feedback should be sent to their attention I may consider using it in a story. I will probably not respond in their names. But that may change. I will do almost anything if it increases my creativity.

I have rewritten chapter 1 and added many corrections to chapter 2, they are now available for reading, I strongly recommend reading the revised editions. Chapter 1 adds a new character which reappears at the end of this chapter, she is not plot essential, but she will be the focus of the next chapter. I also corrected a few major plot errors I found, and added a lot of character development that explains the actions of the characters much better, and makes their actions in this chapter a lot easier to follow and understand.

I have also corrected and mildly modified chapter two, it is not as important, but you may want to read the revised version, it has been corrected and there is now longer any story continuity errors. I am considering publishing a revised version of chapter three but do not see a need at this time, I will however be publishing a version of the first 5 chapters in a single document, it will be novel length and may be accompanied by an E-book version if I can get the guys at to put it up for sale or download.

Again feedback is always appreciated. I will reply to all feedback if you give me your email, or at least try. A thanks goes out to Mindfiend for his help in correcting chapter one and making me dig deeper into my bag of tricks, his comments motivated me to extend an explanation in chapter one and thus create the character of Eve, I really like her for her innocence and gentle nature, I hope she grows on all of you too.


Hi Guys, you may have guessed but I was told to say it, Annie has joined the production crew, Vicky asked that I only make her an official member of the crew at the end of this chapter, but let’s just say that by the end of this one you see she is now a permanent part, and she is not the only one. You’ll see why later, I promise.

But let’s keep going, so in the name of the gang “HI again”. This adventure continues where the last ended. We start on the day where I submitted chapter two. So of course it had been a week since Annie, Vicky, Alicia and I shared a bed, during the week Annie made herself comfy and finished moving in, Vicky and I spoke about the events and made a plan to see if we could extend her stay, Alicia worked most of the week, I spent my week at home helping Annie and plotting with Vicky, and had a remote controlled blind installed in the skylight over our bed. I had to; sleep deprivation was starting to get to me.

I just got word that my second story was approved and decided to start writing the third. I wrote the intro then was interrupted by Vicky, she told me that James was here to see me; I had told him to come. I also gave Arthur the week off, paid of course, he was due back tomorrow and I had to resolve the issues of the video tape. Alicia was still at work. I told Vicky: “Show him in please, I will talk to you later so we can organize our meeting with the elder’s counsel.” Vicky smiled and left to get James.

As Vicky left to get James I noticed that she looked exquisite today, it had been a long time since I had seen her in a dress. I was happy to see she was making herself comfortable around here. Vicky opened the door to my study again and showed James in; I said hi and motioned him to sit. Vicky left and closed the door behind her. I looked at James and said: “My friend we have to talk.”

I had a look of concern on my face, James’ face was serious now and he looked at me and said: “What’s wrong Sean?”

I looked him in the eyes and said: “Alicia is a little upset at what you have done. I was able to calm her down a little, but she still is upset that you got a copy of that video.”

He now had a scared look on his face and said: “How much trouble am I in Sean?”

I looked up at James and said: “You remember that little setup you put together for her meeting with me?”

James smiled a little remembering the events, and said: “Yes, that was some of my best work, Alicia never even caught on,” he paused, he continued: “Did you tell her about the events?”

I looked up and said: “You and I have been friends for more than ten years; I would never tell a person something they may hold against you!” (This was true, I knew Alicia enough to know this was not going to make her mad) I looked up at James and said: “She used my resources and found out what you did, she is very upset,” I had to restrain myself from laughing at that comment, “she has sworn to get even, hearing about your request she confronted me with her findings, I don’t think I will be able to keep you safe from her.”

James was now visibly worried, I continued: “I was however able to make a deal with her, it seems fair to me but I have to see what you bonus veren siteler think.” James urged me on. I continued: “Alicia wants to get even still but has agreed to only punish you once. You two will be even after, a no harm, no foul type deal.” James was about to speak when I continued: “She has also agreed to go easy on you if you willingly show up to be punished.”

James looked at me and said: “What kind of punishment are we talking about here?”

I looked at him and said: “Just a little payback, she has promised to not hurt you too much.”

James was a little worried, but replied: “I am willing, when did she want to do this?”

I looked at him and said: “Sunday night, on your birthday my friend, she wants you here at noon.”

He looked at me and said: “I will have to break a few minor engagements, but I will be here Sunday.”

I looked at James and said: “Good to hear buddy,” I paused then said: “By the way Alicia says to dress casual for this Sunday.”

James looked at me and said: “You mean business casual?”

I replied: “No, I mean blue jeans and a white t-shirt.”

James looked at me intently and said: “I don’t have that kind of clothes anymore.”

I replied: “Go and buy some then.”

James replied: “OK, I will go to the mall later tonight.”

I looked at him and said: “Alicia said you could keep the tape, she feels that will remind you not to repeat what you did.”

James replied: “I am not sure whether to thank her or fear the gift.” I thanked James for coming and told him we would be awaiting his arrival on Sunday. He left quietly.

Vicky came back after showing him to the door. I looked at her and said: “I almost started to laugh.”

She replied: “You really scared him. I mean he wasn’t walking straight after you spoke to him.” We both started to laugh.

I then said: “God is he in for a surprise this weekend.”

Vicky concurred and added: “I am looking forward to it also.”

Alicia and I had convinced Vicky and Annie to help her to get even with James. Unfortunately Eve was not going to be able to make it; Alicia and I called her and told her about our little plan. Eve’s birthday was still a week away, two days after James’. I offered to go and get her, she told me that she still had a few things to do before she left and could not leave before they were completed.

I was however able to get her to agree to have Guido pick her up on the night of her birthday, she said she had a party to attend, so it would be late and she would sleep in the car on the way over. But she wanted to see everything we did to James, I told her that I was going to make a DVD of the events, and she would get a copy.

She agreed that James was going to remember this birthday for a long, long time. It should be an interesting birthday. James would love the gift he was to get after. Eve was looking forward to see what had happened. At that point I made my mind up to go and pick her up with Alicia on her birthday, Annie and Vicky also wanted to go. Alicia and I told them we would be happy if they joined us. Anyhow more about it later.

I looked at Vicky and said: “We have to hurry; we only have a few days to get his present ready!”

Vicky replied: “Don’t worry, Annie and I have already given Vince the floor plan and his crew is building it now.”

I looked up at her and said: “I take it Alicia already gave you the ok.”

Vicky replied: “She has, James will want to use this little setup at “The Medieval Village” (Yes that is now the official name of the resort).

I laughed and replied: “I will make certain that Vince make plans for it.”

Vicky looked at me and said: “I already told him to.”

I replied: “You girls are starting to learn,” she grinned, I continued: “I was planning to give Annie a position at the Company I work for, Now I am starting to think you may also want to join us.”

Vicky looked at me and said: “I already have a Job Sean.”

I looked at her and said: “Well you may change your mind after you hear what Alicia and I are planning to do with Alpha publications, (yes that is the name of the company I work for and own). We are also planning to change the name of the place.”

Vicky looked at me and said: “What could you possibly have to offer that would make me consider this change?”

I looked at her and said: “Well first of all the Elders counsel has already indicated that would be happy to see my plans become a reality.”

Vicky looked wide eyed at me and said: “When did you talk to them?”

I replied: “I started talking with them Wednesday, Alicia and I planned this during the days since you two met.” Vicky was stunned. I continued: “We had been considering a change of product since she became CEO. We had been publishing books for small authors, but we only had a few major clients, not a bad business, but not what I wanted to do forever, we decided to branch out. I had a flash of insight, bahis when I remembered about Annie’s birthday. I decided to start creating a plan. We then had that little soirée. I presented it to Alicia on Tuesday. We decided to go with it and showed it to the elder’s counsel on Wednesday. They approved, I decided to keep it a surprise for you, but I think now’s a good time to tell you”.

Vicky was completely floored. I asked: “Vicky, are you alright?”

She shook off her daze and said: “Huh, I think so, but you sure do have a way with surprises.”

I looked her straight in the eyes and said: “Admit it, you love that about me.”

She giggled and said: “You’re right Sean I always did love that about you.” I got up and hugged her. Vicky responded by kissing me deeply, we hugged for a few seconds. We then broke our embrace.

I continued: “Anyway, let me tell you what we have in mind.”

She looked at me and said: “Do I really what to hear this?”

I looked at her and said: “Maybe.”

She replied: “What do you mean maybe?”

I laughed and said: “It’s a double sided answer, mostly good though.”

She sighed and said: “Alright let’s hear it then.”

“Alicia and I were thinking of starting a newsletter for the people in rehab and recovering from addiction. When she suggested that we may want to just write a small magazine about the recovery process, I had a brain storm. I thought the Leonald’s might profit from an official newsletter. That when we talked to the elder’s counsel. They had a little addition to make, seems they needed a standardized newsletter and set of scripture for the order. Then they told us they would only agree if a trust worthy individual was to be the editor. When they asked me if I would be willing to do it for them, it hit me. I replied that I would not have the time, but maybe the great elder would be willing to be the editor in chief. They replied: ‘We cannot leave such a large job solely on her shoulders.’”

“I suggested that maybe the counsel could edit it from the monastery, and have you verify that it was published correctly. They agreed but said that you would have to meet with them once a week at least. I suggested that we could meet three times a week in a virtual environment. They asked me to explains, after I told them what that meant, they agreed if you wanted to.”

Vicky looked at me and said: “That sounds interesting, so this means I will be staying here, right?”

I replied: “That’s right. But that’s not even the best part, I have already made arrangement to expand the company and have already started construction of a new printing plant, we used to have to out source our printing, now we will do it in-house. I have also started construction on a second design studio. Now here is where it gets fun.” Vicky looked intently and urged me on. I continued: “The new building will be only 10 minutes from here and Annie, Alicia and you will work there, running all aspects of the company except payroll, I will still do that.”

Vicky smiled and said: “That’s so goddamned neat.” She then hugged me. After the hug she asked: “Who knows about this?”

I replied: “Everybody now. Alicia is announcing it today to our staff, she is also asking them to suggest applying for a job to all their friends.”

Vicky was a little less excited and said: “Why am I the last to know Sean?”

I softly caressed her face and raised her eyes to meet mine and said: “I am sorry to have kept you out of the loop, but I wanted to surprise you.”

Vicky hugged me and said: “I am happy for the surprise Sean, so I will forgive you this time.”

I hugged her and said: “Since we have now resolved how to keep you here, and Annie and Alicia are now going to be running the expansion, we only have the question of James left.”

Vicky looked up and said: “That will be a fun one. Sean how about we get Annie, wherever she is, and then pick Alicia up from work and start on James gift. Vince should be done soon.”

I agreed, I pulled my little ear bud and boom from my pocket and put them on. I activated the interlink and raised Vince on his portable. “Hey Vince, it’s Sean, how’s the work going?”

He replied: “Sets all built, adding final details, ETC is 45 minutes.”

I replied: “Thanks for the sit-rep, talk to you later.” I turned off the link and addressed Vicky, she looked a little perplexed, I asked: “Is something wrong Vicky?”

She replied: “That’s a neat gizmo Sean, how does it work.”

I looked at her and said: “This head piece, my shades and sub-dermal implant in my neck are linked to my mainframe, together they control my entire network of devices. It’s very practical, but it cost me a fortune to set it up.”

Vicky looked at me and in a soft pleading voice said: “I bet that even the shades and headpiece are pretty expensive.” She was now playing with my hand; it reminded me of how a twelve year old acts. I knew where this was going.

I replied: deneme bonusu “Yes they are a little costly. Why?”

She had slowly moved her hands up my arm and they now played with my shoulder, she said: “Can I get a pair?” She looked at me with her puppy dog eyes and waited for my answer. I had already expected this and had three spare sets of shades and headpieces made up for the girls.

I looked at her and faked thinking, she was pleading even harder now. I reached in my jacket and pulled an envelope from my pocket, and handed it to her and said: “Try these on Vicky.”

She opened the envelope and let out a girlish cry as she saw the red framed shades, it was a pair obviously made for a woman. She also pulled a headset that resembled a walkman set of over the ear headphone. They were red with no cord and a pivot mounted boom mic. She slipped them on and said: “Wow a perfect fit, they’re even my favourite colour. When did you get these?”

I replied: “I had Guido pick them up for me yesterday. I had them specially made for you girls.”

She looked at me and said: “Annie and Alicia also have a set?”

I replied: “They don’t have them yet, but I have a set for each of them also.”

Vicky looked at me and said: “Cool; now how do I use these.”

I helped her turn on the headpiece, then put mine back on, I looked at her and said: “These units are voice activated, so you have to teach it recognize your voice.” With that said I spoke into my unit: “Activate interface, force activate Vicky unit, move us to the training room.” Soon Vicky and I were in the virtual teaching environment. I said: “Ok this is a virtual learning room, only your eyes and ears are getting this environment piped to them so do not move too much. You will have to spend ten minutes or so teaching the system to understand you, I will leave you here, when you’re done the room will disappear and you loose the video feed.”

I left the room and went and picked up two chairs, I also got a table and a couple of bottles of juice, apple juice for me and grape for Vicky. By the time I had finished setting everything out I heard Vicky utter the final configuration command.

She said: “End training simulation.” Her shades turned back to normal and she looked over at me and said: “That was neat Sean.”

I replied: “You think the basic feed is cool, wait till you try a full VR unit, you will be amazed.”

She grinned and said: “I am pretty amazed right now.”

I looked her straight in the eyes and said: “The system is able to understand you, what do you want to do next.” Vicky was about to speak when I said: “The basic interface has twenty lessons. You can take the following 5: 1) Basic vocal commands 2) Basic module summoning 3) Basic VR activation 4) Basic Interface control 5) Basic Environment configuration. Each lesson is about 5 minutes long, or I could take you on tour of the local grid.”

Vicky looked at me and asked: “How long do we have before we need to go and get Annie and Alicia?”

I replied: “Alicia finishes work in 30 minutes and Annie is ten minute from her, we only need 20 minutes to get both.”

She replied: “Why don’t we go get them so they can also learn how to use their units?”

I replied: “Sounds good to me. I brought you a drink,” I gave her the grape juice and said: “Since we will be four for the later learning, lets bring two more chairs here before we go.” Vicky agreed and we setup the area for later.

Then we got our jackets and got ready to leave. We got into my roofless Hum-Vee and started on our way to get Annie, I told Vicky that she was at the airstrip with Guido.

On the way to Pickup Annie Vicky asked me how long it took me to learn to use the interface, I told her about it during the ride, I was only half way through my story when we reached the airfield. I put on the headset and paged Guido. I told him where I was and that I was here to get Annie, Guido replied: “We’re close by, wait where you are we will be there soon.”

Vicky and I continued talking about the interface; we were a little surprised when we heard a powered glider flying closer. We looked up and saw Guido and Annie on it, what was even more surprising was that Annie was the pilot. I knew Guido could fly just about anything with wings, but Annie as far as I knew had never flown before. We watched as Annie landed a few feet away. We then walked towards them.

Annie removed her helmet and unbuckled her harness, Vicky and I were still a few feet away when we heard her scream, “God that was so cool,” Guido was also now out of his harness.

He looked at me and said: “Hi Boss, Hope you don’t mind me teaching Annie how to fly some of the simpler crafts we have here.”

I looked at his and said: “You have my permission, just make sure you do not hurt her or yourself, and always wear a chute.” Guido nodded his agreement.

Annie looked at me and said: “Do I also need your permission Sean?”

I replied to her: “As your teacher I would appreciate if you told me, but as a person I love no you don’t, but still, I would like to know if you’re going to do something that could be dangerous.”

Annie looked at me and said: “Sorry Sean, I will try to take your feeling into consideration next time.”

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Ruining the Mother-in-Law

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Circumstance meant the together with my wife and step-daughter we had to move into her parents’ house for a couple of months. It was a tight squeeze and left many difficult moments in a small bungalow – her father being a miserable bastard who refused to speak to me. Her mother, Pam, was a good looking woman. She had got pregnant at the age of 16 and therefore was not that much older than us.

How she put up with her husband for 45 years escaped me. There had been the occasional rumour that she was playing around but she appeared to be content. She was one of the very friendly types – very touchy feely, always keen to kiss me and to sit fractions too close. She had kept her figure well and was prone to show it off whenever possible.

I returned home one day mid-morning. Walking down the side of the house I noticed that Pam was in the bathroom and appeared, through the frosted glass to be naked. I wandered into the house and noticed that the bathroom door was not shut fully. Feeling mischievous I wandered into the bathroom on the pretence of needing the toilet.

Pam did not scream and shout, just covered her amble breasts with one arm and her pussy with the other hand and moved towards the door in the hope of closing it before I was fully in the room. However, by now I was standing in front of her and closing the door behind me. She stood stock still and looked me in the face.

Slowly I moved her left arm away from her breasts and placed it at her side at which point she slowly moved her right hand away from her neatly trimmed pussy and stood before me in total nakedness.

Reaching forward I cupped her amble right breast in my hand and bending forward I gently took her nipple into my mouth. Pam let out a gently long sigh and relaxed her shoulders a little. I released her nipple and kissed her on the lips. First there was a little resistance but slowly her mouth opened and her tongue sort mine.

I broke from our increasingly passionate kiss and looked her in her eyes. She had a look of wanton abandonment.

“On your knees,” I spoke firmly and slowly.

Making a pillow out of the Bath Sheet next to her she assumed the commanded position as I unbuckled my jeans and slid them and my boxers down to reveal my firm cock. A few seconds passed and Pam reached out for my cock.

“No hands, just your mouth,” and she slowly dropped her arms, and gently kissed the tip of my cock. Slowly Pan rocked forward and engulfed my cock to midway in her mouth and then slowly withdrew.

Placing my hands on the head I guided myself back into her wanton mouth and started to fuck her lips with long even strokes.

Keeping a good pressure she relaxed and let me do all the work and till I felt my seed start to build up and, pushing my cock deep into her mouth, I pumped my seed deep into her mouth.

Pam sat back with her mouth firmly closed and looked at me with big soulful eyes.

“Swallow!” I demanded and with one gulp it was gone.

I hauled up my trousers and left the bathroom. I paused just outside the door but all I heard was the shower switching on. Pam finally appeared after about 20 minutes and all she gave me was a weak smile and not a word was said.

About a week later I had cause to give Pam a lift in my car. The journey there was undertaken in complete silence but on the way back she finally spoke of our encounter.

“We should not have done it,” she spoke in a quiet voice.

“It was wrong,” she followed with quickly.

I pulled off the road into a dark car park and looked at her. I bent across and gently kissed her on the lips while my hand sort out her breast and my thumb her nipple.

Pam leant over towards me and we started to kiss, slowly and passionately. She rested a hand over my rapidly hardening cock and started to massage me through my clothes.

I firmly pushed her back into the passenger seat and undid my trousers and pushed them, together with my boxers, down to my knees.

“You know what to do,” was all that I said.

Pam leaned forward and took my cock deep into her mouth and started to bob her head up and down as see sucked for all she was worth.

Slowly my cock began to swell and soon my hot seed was again pumping into her mouth and down her throat. I wiped the last of my cum and her saliva from my cock and dressed myself again.

Leaning illegal bahis over to kiss her I unlocked our lips and whispered gently to her.

“Next time your pussy is mine,” Pam gave a sharp intake of breathe, I started the car and drove her home – again not a word was said for many days.

I volunteered to walk the dog on a warm summers evening. As soon as I was out of the drive Pam came hurriedly out after me and offered to keep me company. Her husband was already asleep in a chair and my wife was watching television. We walked and chatted about nothing of any substance until we had gone along the riverbank a good way. I stopped to admire the view, the dog sat waiting and Pam stood next to me with her summers’ dress gently swirling in the breeze.

I tied the dog to a nearly post and slipped my arms around Pam’s waist and rested my hands on her ass.

“Do you want me to suck you?” she whispered.

“I told you last time, this time I fuck you,” was a response she did not want to hear.

“Please no not that,” she pleaded softly.

“You gave up the option of choice the first time you sucked me,” came a stern reply.

“Now take off your panties!” I ordered.

“I will take you by force if I must,” her eyes cast downwards

Continuing to look down she simply whispered “Oh God” and reached under her skirt and pushed her white cotton panties to the ground.

“Lay on the grass,” I commanded.

She hesitated.

“Now!” I barked and with this she slowly sat down on the warm grass

I pulled her panties from her ankles and threw them to one side.

Pushing her onto her back I thrust her dress up to her waist and admired the sight before me. Her neatly trimmed pussy was just asking to be brutalised. I forced her legs apart and ran a finger over her slit. A warm wet pussy opened up to accept my finger and a little cry merged from her lips.

I moved forward so that our lips we nearly touching and whilst still playing with her increasingly wet pussy, “I suggest that you make every effort to enjoy this and it will make it much easier for you.”

I separated her legs further so her wet cunt was wide open and available.

With this I pushed my trousers down took aim with my very hard cock and drove deep into her most private of places.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” she cried and I buried myself deep into her. Then, wrapping her arms around my neck, she begged me to fuck hard and make her cum.

“Please, please take me!” she cried.

“Fuck me hard!” she wailed.

The harder I fucked her, the tighter her arms became around my neck.

“Oh please, oh please, oh please,” she repeated like a chant.

I broke her grip around my neck and lifted her ankles so that they were over my shoulders and she was bent double.

I slowly withdrew my cock until just the tip was in contact with her ravaged pussy and looked her deep in the eyes.

“Oh god,” she cried as I drove the full length home into her sopping cunt

I withdrew again and positioned myself carefully. I knew I would cum soon. By now Pam had her arms spread wide, head bent back, her eyes closed and a slow moan came from her red lips.

I drove in for a third time. This time, keeping my cock deep inside her, my seed flowing in one long stream deep into her. She threw her arms around my neck.

“I’m cumming, I’m cummingggggg,” she wailed as I withdrew my cock, released her legs and rolled off onto my back.

I lay there looking up at a cloudless blue sky and heard her gently start to sob.

Without looking I reached out and gently stroked her hair before grapping a handful and dragging her head down to my cock.

“Lick me clean you whore!” With this she started to lick and suck me.

After giving her time to complete her chores I climbed to my feet and pulled up my boxers and trousers. I offered her a hand and hauled Pam to her feet.

She reached out for her panties.

“Leave them where they are,” I spoke firmly.

I reached for the dog, which by now was firmly asleep and set of for home with Pam hurrying behind me.

The weeks went by and our carnal activity had become regular. Pam has stopped wearing trousers so that her pussy was always easily available.

Her cock sucking skills had developed into a fine art – from casino siteleri a long slow lingering tease to a fast and furious drain she sucked on command and never failed to swallow.

Even when we moved out to our own home and left Pam and her man to their own devices she made herself available to me at any time and in any way I desired.

My wife never questioned why her mother was waiting for her in the kitchen as she returned from work. Fondly believing she had just got there. She certainly had just got to the kitchen. For the last hour she had been face down on the bed while I ploughed into her and filled her with my cum. But then I had known for some time that my wife was fucking a guy from work and that she much preferred to have no sexual contact with me.

Things progressed one afternoon. I had been eating her pussy for some while and Pam had risen and fallen to three orgasms. Each one louder that the last. Working on the fourth I slipped a finger deep into her anus. She came in an instant and from then on anal play was very much a part of our lovemaking. The finest way to cum is with your cock head in a woman’s mouth, her hand stroking your shaft and a finger deep in your anus gently milking your prostrate.

It took about four sessions of fingers and dildos before her ass was ready for my cock. I remember the scream as I forced my way into her and the tightness of passage as my cock slid in and out. As I finally came I remember her starting to plead.

“Don’t make me suck you,” but it was too late.

I grabbed her head and forced down to my cock and she gave up the fight and sucked me clean as usual.

By now fucking with me had become an obsession with Pam. Any opportunity she would do her utmost to get me inside her. She started to dress to please as well. High heels, stockings, lacy underwear – anything to please me. Even my wife ha commented on her mother’s new look.

The wife went away again for another “Conference” and I instructed Pam to be at the house at 7pm dressed in her best underwear.

Promptly she knocked on the door and I lead her straight into the kitchen where I slipped on an eye mask to completely blindfold her.

“Strip,” I whispered in her ear.

Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse and held it out for me.

“Just drop it,” I commanded.

Then she slowly unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her hips and on to the floor in a neat circle around her high heeled shoes.

“Now your bra,” and soon it was on the floor with her rest of her clothes.

“And lastly your panties,” She stood now in her shoes and stockings and slowly allowed me to guide her into the living room.

I stood behind her and cupped her large breasts whilst rolling my thumbs over her nipples. She rested her head, still blindfolded onto my shoulder and started to moan.

Pam pushed her ass back into my crotch and slowly ground her hips against me as I slid a hand down to her wet pussy and started to finger her clit.

I could feel her tensing up towards the first of many orgasms when I withdrew my and ordered her to her knees.

She dropped like a stone in expectation and was little surprised when I ripped the blindfold from her.

Sitting on the sofa in front of her was the naked, erect figure of Greg – “Cousin” Greg – her mother’s sister’s, daughter’s toy boy husband. Aged 32, 6 foot 3 inches tall, thin as a rake with a 7 in cock that was straining at the leash.

Greg and I had been lovers for about two years after I found his advert on an internet site. The first few meetings had been awkward but soon we were sucking each other’s cocks on a regular basis. It was in Greg’s ass that I had first honed the skills that Pam has come to love and I got a great deal of pleasure feeling him fill me up and shoot his load deep in me.

Pam was starting to struggle to her feet but I held her shoulders firmly.

“You will pleasure Greg in any way that I tell you too,” I spoke firmly

“Please no, please,” she pleaded

“Suck his cock,”


“Do it!” and I pushed her forward so her head fell into his lap

I stepped forward so that I was astride her and grabbed her hair, looking Greg in the eyes I barked

“Suck him,” and watched as Greg eyes opened slightly as she took his cock in her mouth.

I poker siteleri leant forward and kissed Greg fully on the mouth and found his tongue willing searching for mine. Feeling his hand encompass her cock I let out a gently moan as a signal for him to start stroking me.

Pam had stopped sucking and was staring in disbelief at us kissing. I stepped back and slammed my hand across the right cheek of her ass as a warming of things to come if she stopped again.

I moved forward once again this time pulling Greg forward until he had my cock between his lips and he proceeded to fellate me with all his vast ability.

Desperately trying to stop myself from cumming I pulled away and sat next to Greg, who still had Pam’s mouth attached to his cock. I dragged her from her duties and ordered her to suck me.

Greg watched the scene whilst gently stroking himself.

“Fuck her,” was all that was needed for him to get to his knees and position himself behind her.

While Pam gave out a long wail he drove his cock into her wet cunt with all his might, withdrew and plundered her a second time.

Slowly Greg built up a steady rhythm. I knew from my own plundered ass he could keep it up for some time.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” was all Pam could managed.

Each Ohhhhh timed to match each thrust. Seeing Greg’s cock sliding home was making me harder and harder.

“Give the girl a break,” I spoke firmly and Greg withdrew his long cock.

I positioned Pam on the sofa. Her feet high up on the back and her head hanging over the front edge.

Kneeling in front of her I slowly slid my cock deep into her mouth. This was a position we had used many times and so she was able the take most of me into her mouth. Greg, ever the one for an opportunity, positioned himself behind me and started to rub his cock head up and down my ass.

“Enter me,” was what he wanted to hear and he slowly introduced the head of his cock into my anus. I was in heaven. My cock deep in a warm throat and a cock in my rectum. Greg, his hands gripping my chest, slowly fucked me while I fucked Pam’s mouth with steady thrusts. Greg was being careful with him actions so I did not thrust too deep and make Pam choke.

“I’m going to cum soon,” whispered Greg in my ear.

“No wait! I had a better idea,” was my reply and with this Greg withdrew from my tight back passage.

“Lay on the floor.”

I kissed Pam, almost tenderly.

“Sit in Greg’s cock.”

Pam climbed up from her position on the sofa and slowly lowered herself on top the big hard member rising from the floor. Once he was firmly inside her she leant forward and braced herself for the double penetration of her cunt and ass.

I positioned myself behind and looked at the hard cock in her cunt and her awaiting ass. Pam was ready and waiting to feel the burning sensation of being buggered but I had a different plan. I slipped my cock down a bit so that it was parallel to Greg’s and forced my way into her wet pussy. Oh she would have double penetration tonight but it would be two cocks in her gapping pussy.

The sensation of a tight pussy and a throbbing cock rubbing against your own hard member is the finest there is. Slowly the two cock’s found a parallel rhythm and together we fucked the brains out of her.

I felt Greg’s cock start to twitch and I began the final spasms. Pam was silent but every time we rammed in she let would a gasp of air.

I knew I was in the final stages so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

A long cry of release followed as the two cocks simultaneously pumped the hot seed deep into her tired and sore cunt.

I withdrew and sat back on my haunches. Pam rolled onto her back, and Greg just lay there.

I looked at Pam, “Get dressed and go home,” was all I said.

She got up and looked at me – the look of a ruined woman and left the room.

Greg moved round and started to suck me clean as he always did after we had fucked. Once he was sure I was clean he too got up and walked out of the room. A little while later I heard the front door open and two people walk from the house.

I sat on the sofa for a moment and then reached up to the top of the bookcases that lined one wall of the room and lifted down the Video Camera that had been silently recording the whole event.

My marriage finally came to an end a few weeks later and I packed my belongings. I didn’t take much – just my clothes. I often wonder when my wife watched that romantic DVD that was her favourite and how long it took before she recognised the people in the new movie that was playing on her TV.

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Hot Summer Afternoon Ch. 2

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About a week after I gave my virginity to my best friend’s older brother Jason, I sat in my living room thinking over our relationship. After we fucked in Jason’s backyard he convinced me to call my Mom and tell her that I was going to spend the night with Gail. Since Gail and her mother weren’t due back until late Jason and I could spend the night together in his bedroom in the basement of their house and no one would catch us. That night the two of us talked about our ‘relationship’. Jason had a girlfriend, and even if he didn’t we both knew that it would damage my friendship with his sister, Gail, if I started dating him. We decided to just have sex with each other whenever we had the opportunity.

The problem was the opportunity wasn’t coming enough for me. Jason had a job and it seemed that whenever he wasn’t working Gail was home at his house or my parents were home. We had sex a couple of times in his car but I didn’t like the small uncomfortable space. I was completely frustrated. My body seemed to be constantly demanding sex. I tried masturbating but I was new at it and not very good. I always just ended up making myself more frustrated that ever. I knew that if I took the time and practiced I would get better…but it was driving me crazy in the meantime.

As I sat in my living room contemplating whether or not I would make another attempt at masturbation the doorbell rang. I jumped up and ran to the door, hoping that it would be Jason. Instead I found a guy named Andy Bailey at the door. He was a grade ahead of me in school. I knew him, but not well enough for him to be paying me an unexpected visit. In fact he had never been to my house before and I was a little shocked to find him there. He asked me if he could come in and talk to me and I led him into the living room. He sat down on the couch and I sat in a chair.

“How’s your summer going?” he asked.

“Not bad,” I answered.

“From what I understand it seems to be going pretty well,” he said, giving me a knowing look.

I was confused, I knew that Jason wouldn’t be gossiping about the two of us… “What do you mean?”

He reached into his backpack, pulled out a picture and handed it to me without a word. I took the picture and looked at it. It was a picture of Jason and I in his pool on the afternoon that we had sex. I was standing in the shallow end of the pool and I still had my bikini on… But if he had this he probably had more pictures. “Where did you get this?!” I demanded.

“I took it, photography’s a hobby of mine. And I developed it myself too, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing them,” Andy explained, still looking at me intently.

Suddenly I remember that Andy lived directly behind Jason and Gail. I looked back down at the picture, it was obviously taken with a zoom lens, it looked very close-up. “You have more…”

“Of course I do.” Andy started taking pictures out of his bag and spreading them canlı bahis out on the coffee table. There were so many of them! Pictures of Jason and I playing in the pool nude, pictures of me lying on the beachtowel in the grass…Jason fingering my pussy, Jason’s head between my legs, Jason fucking me, Jason’s penis shooting cum all over my stomach and breasts. I looked at the pictures in awe. I was angry and a little scared but seeing myself in the pictures was also turning me on.

“So what do you want?” I asked, trying to gain control of my emotions.

“I think you know what I want,” Andy said. “And if you give me any trouble I can always send these to your parents.”

I took a deep breath, sat back in the chair and covered my face with my hands. I wasn’t really that upset, I just didn’t want Andy to be able to see my face while I thought about the situation. First of all, I wasn’t an idiot. I knew that all I had to do was tell Jason and he’d make Andy stay away from me. And if that failed, I could always tell my parents. They’d be furious that I had had sex but they would still protect me. But was that what I wanted? Andy was goodlooking, the quiet, shy type (although he didn’t seem very shy presenting those pictures to me!) and I wanted to have sex! Jason just didn’t have enough time to spare for me. I decided that I would give Andy a try and if things didn’t go well I could always put an end to this blackmail thing easily.

I took a deep breath and uncovered my face. I tried to act upset and scared, I didn’t want Andy to know that I wanted him as much as he wanted me. I wanted to see where this ‘blackmail’ thing would go. “Do you have the negatives?”

“Yeah,” he pulled an envelope out of his backpack and handed it to me. I looked inside and saw the negatives.

“Well, I…well, we could…we could do it now and you could give me the negatives. That way I know you won’t keep making copies of the pictures. And then…we can work out how I can get the other pictures later,” I knew that he probably had more copies of the pictures at home anyway.

He agreed and packed the pictures back up and put them away. I stood up really feeling a little nervous since I didn’t know quite what to expect and led him upstairs to my bedroom. He went and sat down at my desk and I looked at him. He really was nice looking, with light brown hair and green eyes. He was very tall and on the thin side. His body certainly wasn’t as nice as Jason’s…I was curious to know what he would be like in bed. He looked back at me for a few minutes and then told me to take my clothes off.

My heart started to pound. Whenever I had sex with Jason it was like being hit by a tornado, I never had time to think about what we were doing, I just responded. But this…it seemed so businesslike. I slowly reached up and removed my t-shirt. I didn’t have a bra on and my breasts fell free of my shirt, my nipples half-hard kaçak iddaa from my nervous excitement. I looked at Andy but he was just sitting there watching me quietly. I unfastened my shorts and took them off, then removed my panties. I stood there for a few minutes and then Andy told me to lay down on the bed.

I lay down and he walked over to the bed. His hand cupped each of my breasts as if gauging their weight and his thumb brushed each of my nipples to test their response. His hand moved down and his fingers slid through my pussy hair. “Where’s the bathroom?” he asked.

I was taken aback by the question, “It’s down…down the hall to your left.”

“Come on then.” He gestured for me to follow him and we walked to the bathroom. Did he want to have sex in the shower? We entered the bathroom and he told me to sit on the edge of the bathtub. I sat down, feeling the coolness of the tub against my naked ass. I watched as Andy rummaged through our medecine cabinet and took out scissors, shaving cream and a couple of new razors.

I started to ask what he was doing but he wasn’t paying any attention. He ran some water in the bathtub and then knelt down in front of me and spread my legs. I realized that he was going to shave my pussy and a shiver ran through me. I was really shocked and afraid, what if he cut me? He began to clip my bush and watched him breathlessly. I was afraid to tell him no. He put down the scissors and began to spread shaving cream all over my pussy. It felt nice, cool and soft and my pussy started to respond. He drew the razor slowly and gently over my skin, pushing my pussy lips this way and that to reach new angles. I was doing my best to hide the fact that he was turning me on, but my toes kept digging into the carpet, I hoped that he thought it was from nervousness. Finally, he was finished. He threw the razors away, stood me up in the shower and using the detachable showerhead he rinsed off my pussy. His fingers brushed over my pussy and then delved inside my lips. His fingers struck gooey wetness and he looked at me with a little knowing smile. “No sense trying to hide the fact that I want him now,” I thought as he dried me off and led me back to my bedroom.

I lay back down on the bed and he went to my dresser and brought back a small mirror. “Why don’t you take a look at your pussy now,” he said and stood back to watch me. I placed the mirror between my legs and saw that my pussy was shaven bare except for a triangle of hair above the lips. I looked closely and decided that it looked nice. I heard Andy say, “Touch it.” and my fingers traced over my pussy. Oh, it felt so nice and soft! I continued to stroke my pussy, watching my fingers in the mirror until Andy took it away from me. I looked up at him and he sat down next to me on the bed and took off his shirt. His hand went to my pussy and began to play with my lips. “Doesn’t that feel much better now?” he asked.

“Yes,” kaçak bahis I answered breathlessly, watching him intently. His fingers were touching my pussy so lightly, it wasn’t giving me any kind of satisfaction. I wondered what he would do next.

“How long have you and Jason been having sex?” he asked.

“That…that was the first time, at the pool…” I answered.

“And how many times have you fucked since then?”

“I don’t know…maybe 8 or 9…” It was taking all of my control not to push my pussy against his fingers.

“Have you tried many positions?”

“I…no…I…we did it doggie style once…and…and I tried to sit on his lap once in his car…but…but it didn’t work…” I knew that I was going to lose control any moment and beg him to fuck me. His fingers suddenly left my pussy and I gasped in shock. I almost cried out ‘no’ but I saw his hand going to his shorts. I watched him undo his shorts and then stand up and take them off. His cock stood up tall and proud and huge! It was so big! I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, it had to be 9 inches long. I no longer cared what he thought, I wanted that huge cock in my cunt. “Oh please…hurry….please fuck me…”

He was climbing onto the bed and I grabbed him and pulled him down on top of me. My legs were spread as wide as possible and my pussy was bucking upwards, searching for his cock. He moved into position and I felt the head of his cock pushing into my pussy. It was so big! I felt it stretching the walls of my pussy as it forced its way deep inside of me. I wrapped my legs around Andy, I wanted to keep him inside of me forever. He began to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy and it felt amazing. I couldn’t control myself, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, bucking my hips upwards to meet every stroke of his thick cock as it filled me completely. And he lasted forever! I had three orgasms and then he pulled his cock out of me, removed the condom and pushed his cock into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of his cock as I could. Licking and sucking my own cum off of it. He put his hands in my hair and moved my head back and forth on his cock. I felt it start to twitch and then he was filling my mouth with hot cum. I tried to swallow it but most of it dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. He released me and we both lay back on the bed, breathing heavily.

After awhile we got up and took a shower together. We washed each other and Andy ate my pussy like a pro. (I later found out that he had been a virgin, he must have been a natural!) Then he had me face the outside of the tub, spread my legs wide and prop myself up on the side of the tub with my hands. He entered me from behind, one arm around my waist and a hand on my clit. He fucked me hard and it felt so good and my orgasm was so intense, it was all that I could do to keep myself propped up on the edge of the tub.

We got out of the shower and dried off. Andy got dressed and gave me the envelope that contained the negatives of the pictures. He told me that he had 47 pictures and that I was going to have to try a new position or scenario to earn each of them.

I told him that I was looking forward to it.

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Hot Neighbour Crystal

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Crystal always had me fascinated from a young age. The eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Clifton nextdoor, she was older than me by about 5-10 years. She was more mature than the rest of us kids growing up, but still cooler to hang out with than the grown ups when our parents would get together for one of the many neighbourly BBQs on their back deck.

We had a close relationship with the Cliftons. I was about 4 or 5 when both our families had moved into the street about the same time.

The summer nights were the best. While our parents would sit around talking over a few drinks after dinner, my younger brother and I, along with Crystal and her younger brother and sister would play games in their pool for hours on end.

As a 13 year old hormonal boy, I guess I was secretly fascinated by Crystal. She was fully developed as a woman, and I’d watch her get in and out of the pool, a nice round ass in her one piece swimsuit. She was by no means skinny, but at the same time she wasn’t overweight. Just a decent figure, with her light brown-blondish hair down just past her shoulders, perfect brown eyes, and breasts that were so impressive it was hard not to stare!

Sometimes, after our younger siblings had gone to bed, I’d be allowed to keep playing games in the pool with Crystal if she was around and I remember cursing to myself when Mum or Dad would interrupt and tell me it was now my bedtime too and I had to go home. To me, she had a way of being playful, perhaps almost a bit flirty, but still spoke to me in a way that reaffirmed she was older, more grown up than me, and probably wouldn’t be feeling the same way about us that I did. I definitely had a crush on this older girl!

Eventually we saw less of her though. She’d met Damien, fell in love, and it wasn’t long before she moved in across town with him. They got married, and then came the announcement they were expecting a child. By this time, I was approaching my late teens and the thought of her making a baby was driving me wild at night and fueling a lot of my fantasies as I lay awake. What position did they have sex in? What did Crystal look like nude? Did she shave down below or have a bush? I’ll bet that round ass looks good when she’s naked. Lucky Damien! My virgin mind would go crazy with erotic thoughts about Crystal…

Over the next few years, Crystal and Damien had a second child. We’d see the 4 of them a couple of times a month when they’d visit her parents nextdoor. bahis siteleri Crystal and Damien with their 2 little boys. It really was a happy little family.

I went on to date a few girls and after a while I had moved out of home too. As a result, I saw even less of Crystal but it seemed to be each time I saw her, I’d still think about those naughty fantasies! Picturing her walking around the pool deck in her swimwear when we were younger, imagining her naked, making love to Damien… years had passed but Crystal still looked just as amazing in her 30s!

It shocked everyone when Damien left Crystal. We learned that he’d had an affair, but with a great lawyer he’d ended up with the house and 50% custody of their kids after the divorce. Crystal temporarily moved back in with her parents, and seemingly she had a lot of time on her hands.

6 months later, it was summer, and I started helping my parents build a pergola in their backyard during a quiet period at work. A couple of times, I’d do some stuff on my own out there while my parents were away, and one day while I was high up on the ladder painting the roof, I could hear someone in the pool nextdoor. I glanced over the fence, only to see Crystal!

It seemed she spotted me at the same time. “You need to take a break sooner or later!” she said with a smile, her body immersed in the water up to her neck. “I’ve got the house and pool to myself. Bit lonely over here. Come for a dip!”

I hadn’t swam in the pool with Crystal since I was a teenager, and I wondered what it would be like now as an adult. I didn’t have my swimwear with me at my parents’ house but I thought I’d just go over and say hi anyway. It had been a while since I caught up with Crystal and besides, how could I say no to a total milf like her, especially when she was in her swimwear!?! Alright I’ll be around in a sec…” I replied, trying not to sound too keen.

“Kids are at school and Mum and Dad are out”, Crystal said, starting the conversation. She was up against the side of the pool, arms up on the deck as she looked up at me. I could only see her head and top of her shoulders, which didn’t seem to have any straps from swimwear. “Are you gonna come in or not?” She asked again. “Nah, got nothing to wear”, I replied, probably sounding disappointed after realising Crystal may have been topless in the pool and I couldn’t get in there with her. “That’s ok, neither have I” she said, canlı bahis siteleri as she swam out from the edge, her shapely round exposed bottom on full display! I couldn’t believe it… Crystal was totally naked in her parents’ pool in front of me!

I immediately felt a twitching in my pants. “Are you s-s-sure?” I asked, in utter shock. “We’re 2 adults, just having a swim, and it’s not like either of us have a partner right now! C’mon!” she insisted. That was all I needed. She watched as I took off the last of my clothes and hurriedly entered the water naked.

Crystal pointed to the old, faded beach ball in the corner of the backyard. “Remember that?”

I nodded, still in shock, unable to speak. We’d spent many hours throwing that ball around in our younger years. “Let’s play ‘Chase Crystal’ again like old times!” she suggested playfully. The game had been a favourite many years earlier. “Alright, go get it then”, I said cheekily, knowing she’d have to get out of the water and I’d get a better glimpse of her naked body.

With that, she hoisted herself out of the pool with both hands and all I could do was stare at what an amazing ass she had. It was even better than I’d imagined! Before I knew it, Crystal had the ball and was walking back towards the pool, giving me my first full frontal view of her naked body – something I’d spent many of my adolescent years fantasizing about!

Despite rearing 2 kids, Crystal’s breasts were large, but not droopy, and as my eyes moved downwards, checking out the body of this 30-something woman, I also noticed she had a dark brown full bush of pubic hair between her legs that was dripping with pool water. It seemed her hair down below was a few shades darker than she had on her head. I could feel my penis beginning to grow, an erection was on its way. But was this appropriate?

“Would a photo last longer?” she asked, interrupting my thoughts. I realised I’d been staring at her, but for how long I didn’t know. She was everything my fantasies imagined! “What’s the matter? Haven’t you seen a naked woman before?” she quizzed me. “Let’s just go inside.”

My erection was full and raging hard as we made our way into the house. Crystal walked ahead to get us some towels. I didn’t even care that we were dripping water through Mr and Mrs Clifton’s house.

“I need you to reach something for me”, Crystal yelled from one of the bedrooms. Obligingly, güvenilir bahis I made my way down the hall to find her. Crystal was on all fours, on the floor facing away from the door, but glanced over her shoulder to me when I entered the room.

“With your tongue, can you get down underneath me and reach it up into my pussy?” I didn’t need to be asked twice. My hard penis, twitching and now dripping with pre-cum felt like it was going to explode! I resisted the urge to touch myself, and willingly made my way down to Crystal’s level. Her butthole was tight a few little strands of hair around it, and I gave it a little tickle as I moved my mouth up to her hairy vagina area and opened it up with my fingers to lick inside. The room we were in was warm and we were almost dry from the pool, but inside Crystal’s vagina it was just getting wetter!

“Mmmm…” she moaned. “Keep going, you’ll make me cum!” she said, almost a whisper. I had no intention of stopping, but I knew my own private bits would need attention soon! It wasn’t long before she began to shudder and, her voice quivering, she screamed out ‘Oh God! Cumming!’ and collapsed on top of my face.

She rested only a short while, before she stood up over me, gave her brown hair-covered pussy mound a tap with her hand, and said “I can’t wait any longer. It’s been nearly 8 months. Fuck me!” I could have cum right then and there!

With that, she positioned herself on the bed behind us, spreading her legs open wide and pulling her vagina open with both hands. Crystal’s pubes were all matted from her wet excitement and the pink hole inside was glistening and slightly pulsing. “Stick it into me! Quick!” I’d never felt so aroused in all my life! My own genitals were pulsing too and drooling pre-cum down the full length of my shaft. I eased myself into her tight love hole and it felt amazing…

In, out, in, out… on top of her I pounded up and down for longer than I possibly thought I could last. Crystal seemed to be lost in a wave of her own orgasms, one after the other, and I soon felt mine starting. “Whoa! Oh yeah! Ugghhhhhh!!!” I’d lost control of myself, and felt the hot cum start rushing out of my penis and into Crystal’s hungry vagina. Throbbing pleasure like no other, and into a girl I’d had fantasies about for more years than I could remember!

We lay down next to each other on the bed for a bit. Crystal was smiling, obviously pleased she’d had her way with me, and slept with someone for the first time since her ex-husband.

“Ok, pool time again! What about that game of ‘Chase Crystal’ now?” she asked suddenly, breaking the silence of our resting bodies.

“Sure!” I replied with a smile, although for me, I felt the chase was already over…


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Road Trip

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Group Sex

The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Several years ago, the wife and I had a visit from our daughter Ann and grand-daughter Holly. Ann had hooked up with a real son of a bitch and lo and behold, gave birth to her only daughter. We tried to help out as much as we could but being 1500 miles away, we didn’t visit very often. So we decided to fly them out to California once Ann finally dumped that rascal. It was also a present for Holly when she graduated high school. She was now 19 and certainly not the sweet little granddaughter I once knew.

My heart skipped a few beats when I saw Holly as we picked up the girls at the airport. My grand-daughter was always a cute and sweet girl. But now there was no question that she was a grown woman.

She was wearing a very short black frilly skirt (kind of like what Madonna used to wear), with her big boobs spilling out her top. If that didn’t shock me enough, my sweet little grand-daughter had purple and blue hair! She didn’t just “fill out”, Holly was really chunky. Just a slight breeze and her short skirt would raise up, revealing her ample creamy-white ass!

“Hi Papa!” she squealed as she jumped into my arms.

As I gave Ann a hug and a kiss, she rolled her eyes a bit in reference to her daughter’s lewd behavior.

“Please don’t start, dad. She’s at that age.” Ann whispered to me.

I kept my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself. Little did anyone know, I couldn’t help myself from thinking about sliding my cock up that little vixen’s tight pussy!

We loaded up the car and headed home. Oh boy, this was not going to be easy for a horny old man like me!

The next day I did something I hadn’t done in years. I masturbated three times! That little tart Holly really had me going! In the morning, she jumped on my lap and damned near spilled my coffee. Wearing only a tee-shirt and panties, Holly snuggled and kissed me. My God, that tee-shirt left nothing to the imagination. Her ample young breasts strained the material and barely covered her fat little ass. Her firm little nipples poled through the fabric. It didn’t take long at all for me to retire to the bathroom, yank out my old prick, and release a big load of cum into the toilet. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but think how disgusted my wife would be if she knew what I was thinking.

Later that afternoon, Holly put on the skimpiest bathing suit to play in our pool. Round two, and I was jacking off like crazy watching her from our bedroom window. When Janet and Ann were making türkçe bahis chicken, ribs, and all the fixings, I entertained Holly at several games of table tennis. Just watching her wiggle and jiggle with her cute little top and cut-off jeans were enough to send me back to the bathroom. Round three and I was jerking my meat, thinking of all the incestuously nasty things I dreamed of doing with Holly.

Janet and I spent some time planning a good visit for the girls. We decided a on a road trip to Disneyland, about a four hour drive. To avoid most traffic, we thought that it would be best to drive at night. My vision isn’t the best these days, so I handed the keys of my Crown Vic to Ann. My wife hates sitting in back, so that left Holly and me in the rear. Jeez, four hours in the backseat with a hot little vixen like Holly…if ever my heart was going to give it would be now.

It didn’t surprise me at all that little Holly would snuggle up to her “Papa”. She always called me Papa instead of Grandpa. What did surprise me is what she started saying and doing. She started off by whispering how she loves being with so and so, the boys of her age. Her mother was right, she was at that age and definitely “boy crazy”. Then she started in with “Do you think I’m too fat?” and “Are my boobs too big?” remarks. With her ample young breasts pressing up against me, I couldn’t help but feel my cock grow.

It took everything I had to resist her and berate her for her lewd comments and behavior.

“Papa, do you and Grandma still have sex? Do you fuck her good and hard?” she whispered. That was it. I couldn’t help but tell her she was a little vixen and we shouldn’t talk about that. Lord help me, that little tart started rubbing the crotch of my trousers and kept egging me on.

“I bet Grandma doesn’t fuck at all, and you need to jack it off,” she teased. “Do you watch porn Papa and jack off your cock? I bet you do. I bet you jerk off your dick because Grandma doesn’t like to fuck anymore.”

“Mom, I need to pee. Can we stop soon?” Holly suddenly said.

We stopped at a rest area and I grabbed a blanket from the trunk. Not long after Holly snuggled back up to me under the blanket.

“I took off my panties Papa,” Holly purred, “I don’t like wearing them much but mom makes me.”

Thank God Ann had the radio turned on. I couldn’t believe how brazen my grand-daughter was acting! Holly wasted no time at all fishing for my cock! She took my hand and thrust it between her chubby thighs.

“Feel how wet I am, Papa,” she whispered iddaa siteleri in my ear.

Hot damn! I had a raging hard-on feeling my grand-daughter’s sweet little pussy! All the while I could see my daughter’s eyes in the rear view mirror and my wife sitting right in front of me!

Holly took a firm grip on my cock, damned if that girl wasn’t giving me a handjob under the blanket!

“Boys like it when I do this Papa,” she cooed.

I told her she was a little vixen and if she kept it up, she was going to make her old Grandpa come. Son-uv-a-bitch, if that tart didn’t wrap her lips around my prick! I admit I didn’t last long at all and spurted my spunk right into her mouth!I hadn’t had a blowjob in years! And from my own grand-daughter!

“Gramma, can I have a drink of your water?” And with that, Holly swished her mouth around, swallowing my jizz!

Finally settling into the hotel, I was exhausted mentally and physically after the drive. What the hell was with this young gal? We planned to get up early, go to the Denny’s for breakfast then ride the mono-rail into the park when Disneyland opened.

My heart skipped another beat when we greeted Ann and Holly the next morning. I was surprised that Ann was wearing a rather revealing outfit. She’s a good looking woman and obviously hoping to find a “good man”. She gave me a big hug, as any daughter would.

“Thank you so much for doing this for us Dad,” she whispered to me giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Never in my life had I looked at my daughter in a purely sexual way. But I couldn’t help but doing so now! Ann prided herself with beautiful long red locks, her hair has been gorgeous since she was a child. Approaching 40, she still had some looks on her too! She was “cursed” with her fair skin and a plethora of freckles. Framed with rather small boobs and a very curvy butt, she’s a rather attractive woman. After what her daughter did to me last night, I couldn’t help but thinking nasty thoughts of Ann as well!

Holly’s outfit was simply outrageous! She was dressed as a sultry version of Minnie Mouse! Her skirt was very short, red with white polka dots…her chubby legs encased in black nylons. She was wearing a very tight white t-shirt, that barely contained her fat tits and belly, boasting “Daddy’s Girl” script on a pink heart logo. And in her hair was a matching red bow with white dots.

Damn! How brazen could this girl get? Any normal man looking at her would simply see “fuck me” written all over her! I guess Ann noticed my reaction to Holly’s deneme bonusu veren siteler attire.

“It’s okay Dad, we’re here to have fun and she’s just doing that to shock people,” Ann whispered. “It’s kind of a cosplay thing.”

I didn’t know exactly what “cosplay” was but I liked it! My wife simply scoffed at Holly’s outfit and that was that. She’s truly ignorant of the thoughts and desires of men and immediately took control of what we would do first…what rides and attractions Disneyland had to offer.

“Shit, Mom! I forgot my phone and HAVE to send pics to Jenn and Bethany!” Holly blurted as soon as we got into the park.

“It’s okay, Papa will take me back on the mono-rail and then we can meet up here while you and Gramma do some shopping!”

Moments later, we were riding the near empty mono-rail back to the hotel. Damn! This gal simply loved to wiggle and jiggle her fat little ass! For ANYONE to see! And boy, many men were looking from the train to hotel! Once inside the hotel room, I couldn’t help but grab Holly and tell her what a little slut she was!

“You little tart! You dare fuck around with a man like me?” I yelled.

Within moments, I had ripped open her black nylon bodysuit exposing her fat creamy-white ass and sweet little pussy.

I dropped my slacks, revealing my very hard prick. Despite any regret, I slammed Holly’s head into mattress and grabbed her ample ass.

“You like that? You little slut! You’re gonna take Papa’s cock right now!” I yelled, forcing my cock up her tight puss!

Damn! I was fucking her relentlessly, slapping her chubby cheeks until her ass was bright red! I stuck my thumb up her exposed asshole, giving her the ride of her life! I couldn’t last long and felt her twitching while I fed my spunk up her tight little hole! Damn, would the girl get pregnant? She later assured me she was on the pill, the little slut she was I didn’t doubt her.

Any chance we got, I fucked that girl to no end! When my wife and Ann went for a “spa treatment”, I prodded my cock right up Holly’s tight little asshole! She told me about never having anal sex but that wouldn’t stop me! That pink little hole, framed by her fat asscheeks, was begging to be licked and fucked! Even when Holly begged me to stop, I couldn’t help myself and pushed my cock-head right up her bung.

“Oh fuck, it’s too big, Papa!” she exclaimed.

At that point, I really didn’t care.

“Take that fucking prick up your ass!” I yelled at my grand-daughter.

“You little slut… you need this, don’t you?” I pulled her locks and spewed my jizz right up her fat little ass.

It didn’t end there. Whenever I got I chance, I fucked Holly senseless. But it only took about another year before she followed in her mother’s footsteps. She was knocked up, now 20 years old, and her “man” had left her.

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Rich’s Mum

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Big Dick


This was an odd one to write. It started off as an idea for a simple stroke story about two friends and a weird incestuous mother and then, as they so often do, the characters became a little more two- and then three-dimensional, until they started quietly insisting that readers should be given a fuller picture of what was going on and be allowed to make their own minds up about the situation for themselves. So, here it is. The second part will almost certainly be a bit shorter and feature some ‘proper’ sex instead of all this slow-burn stuff.

NB: Rich and Mark are in their first year at university and are both 18. Priscilla is in her early 40s.

Shouldering his backpack, Mark Dennett made his way through Cossington station’s crowded concourse, narrowly avoiding tripping over a particularly doddery OAP’s shopping trolley and murmuring a shy apology as he inadvertently bumped into a well-dressed middle-aged woman who had, for some reason known only to herself, stopped suddenly in front of him.

Returning the woman’s embarrassed smile with one of his own, he pushed on, eventually breaking free of the crowd and reaching the relative calm of the side entrance to Marks’. He loved Christmas but it was a bloody nightmare if you were reliant on public transport.

“Mark!” he heard a familiar voice call. “Over here, mate!”

He looked up and grinned. There was Richard, waving manically at him like a right tosser. Shifting the weight of his backpack from one shoulder to the other, he made his way over. His friend hadn’t changed much. A little bit thinner in the face maybe, but still the same gangly, gormless teenager he’d last seen the night before they’d both left for their respective unis.

“Good to see you, Rich,” he said. And it was. Richard Macauley was a good friend and a good laugh and, with everything going in his life at the moment, he was in sore need of both.

His brown eyes flashing with amusement, Richard clapped him on the shoulder. “Still gay as ever, then.”

Mark waved the jest away. “Yeah, yeah. I’ve been having my fair share of cock at uni, mate, I can tell you.”

Richard barked his strange, staccato laugh and turned to head off towards the main road. Mark fell into step beside his friend and smiled. The bedraggled shop fronts they passed glittered with tinsel and fairy lights, transparent attempts to entice shoppers looking with a promise of Christmas spirit that was as hollow as it was gaudy. Well-worn Christmas songs blared tinnily from doorways, from which tired-looking shop assistants stared vacantly. Cossington was still a bit of a shithole, but it was home and Rich made things better.

“How’s Angie?”

Well, apart from his knack of asking exactly the wrong question at exactly the wrong time.

Mark blew out a breath. He’d been expecting this question and he still didn’t know how to answer it. He decided on brutal honesty.

“We split up, Rich.”

“Oh, fuck!”

“Yeah. ‘Oh fuck’ indeed.”

Angie Sanders — blonde, blue-eyed and with a body that would make your average Babestation babe green with envy — had been a more or less permanent fixture by Mark’s side for the last couple of years. Until, suddenly, she wasn’t. Mark had his suspicions about exactly what had happened and he thought it probably involved the post-grad lecturer in American History who had been Angie’s seminar leader for the Civil War module. Suddenly, the decision to go to the same university didn’t look so clever. At least he wasn’t taking the same course as her, but even so…

“I’m sorry, mate.”

“It’s alright.” They’d arrived at the bus stop. It was raining — the kind of cold, fine drizzle which soaked you without you realising it — and the queue was already quite long. “Back to yours, eh?”

Rich glanced away. “Let’s shoot some pool first. There’s a pub down the road that’s just got a new table.”


“Yeah. The Ship.”

“The Ship? That dump?”

Rich shrugged but looked a little defensive. “Yeah, well, it beats standing in the rain waiting for a fucking bus, doesn’t it?”

Mark was about to point out that the rain didn’t look like easing off anytime soon and that they’d have to wait for a fucking bus eventually, but something in his friend’s eyes strangled the words in his throat. Instead, he shrugged and followed Rich down the road, weaving in and out of clumps of slow-moving shoppers laden down with shopping and looking about as miserable as he felt.

As he trudged through the rain and splashed through the puddles, though, he remembered the phone conversation he’d had with Rich just a couple of days ago. And began to wonder…


“… and it’ll be good to see you, mate.”


“Look, with everything going on at home, do you mind if I stayed with you for a couple of nights?”

“Erm, yeah… sure… I suppose…”

“I suppose? What’s the problem? I’ve stayed at yours before, haven’t I?”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just…”

“And your mum’s always pretty sound, isn’t she?”


“Look, bedava bahis it’s alright. I can stay at my sister’s if the worst comes to the worst. It’s just…”

“No, no, it’ll be fine. She’ll be fine…”


The black ball span into the top corner pocket and Mark grinned. Rich still had three balls on the table. He was shit at pool and he knew it.

“Fucking hell!”

“This was your idea,” Mark pointed out.

“Yeah,” Rich said, gloomily.

Mark glanced at the clock that hung on the wall, just below the big section of peeling wallpaper. “It’s getting on,” he said.

“Yeah,” Rich said. And this time, Mark got the feeling that his unhappiness wasn’t feigned.

“Come on, Rich,” he said, feeling just a little irritated at his friend’s reluctance to get home and let him put his feet up. “What’s the worst that could happen?” He paused. “Your mum could make her lasagne, I suppose…”

Rich laid his cue down on the table and smiled weakly. “I’ll suggest we get a take away.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Together they left the pub and headed back to the bus stop.


“Mark! How lovely to see you!”

Wrists dripping jewellery and flashing him her most dazzling smile, Mrs Priscilla Macauley enfolded her son’s friend in an embrace that lasted perhaps a second or two too long to be strictly comfortable. She pulled back for a moment and gazed at his face, her wide blue eyes scrutinising him.

“What a handsome young man, don’t you think, Richie?”

“Yeah,” muttered Richard as he dumped Mark’s backpack into the hallway. “He’s gorgeous.”

Mrs Macauley leaned closer in to Mark, close enough that he could smell the alcohol on her breath. “He’s just jealous,” she whispered. More loudly, she declared, “I’ll put the kettle on.” She sashayed away towards the kitchen. Mark couldn’t help watch her rear, still pert and shapely underneath her thin cotton dress.

Truth be told, he’d always had a thing for Rich’s mum. Nothing serious, of course, but Priscilla Macauley had once been a stage actress (“I’ve acted with Ian McKellen, don’t you know? Before he got his knighthood.”) and she still possessed a certain poise and faded glamour that somehow managed to get to him.

He shrugged out of his damp coat and hung it up on the coatrack by the front door alongside Rich’s. He glanced at his friend who seemed less out of sorts now that he was home. “You got the latest FIFA?” he asked.

Rich grinned. Unlike pool, FIFA was a game he excelled at. “Oh, yes.”

“Great, we’ll…”

“I have put the kettle on,” announced Mrs Macauley grandly. She was leaning against the frame of the kitchen door in a stance that at first glance seemed to be casual, but on a second look was clearly studied. Her right arm rested against the painted wood, her head held upright, blue eyes narrowing slightly, while her straw-blonde hair, shoulder-length and loosely curled, framed her pretty face. Her dress fit her body perfectly and her legs were shapely, although the effect of well-toned elegance was slightly ruined by the pink fluffy house slippers she was wearing. Her breasts were full, though — fuller than he remembered, maybe — and the top button of her dress was undone, revealing lightly-tanned skin and a tantalising glimpse of cleavage.

“Erm, good, Mum,” said Rich. “Do you mind bringing the tea up to my room when it’s brewed? We’re going to play FIFA for a bit.”

Rich’s mother allowed a thin, wistful smile to pass across her lips. “Of course, darling. Whatever you say.”

She moved her gaze to Mark for a moment and then returned to the kitchen.

Mark followed Rich up the stairs, feeling a strange sense of anticipation fluttering in his gut.


“And that makes it three-nil.”

Mark scowled. He didn’t mind being beaten by Rich on FIFA, but his friend’s apparent need to comment on every significant moment in the match tended to grate after a while. He watched the replay of his friend’s goal morosely, relaxing his grip on the controller for a while. It was a pretty well-worked goal, to be fair, he thought.

The door to Rich’s bedroom opened and his mum walked in, carrying two cups of tea. She set them down next to the two of them at the foot of Rich’s bed. This was a manoeuvre that necessitated some bending over and, for a split second, Mark found himself looking straight down the front of her dress at two gloriously firm half-globes of flesh nestled together in a lacy contraption that looked barely able to contain them.

Had she had work done? Mark wouldn’t put it past her.

She straightened up in front of the TV screen. Rich had paused the game when she’d entered so it didn’t matter so much that she was blocking Mark’s view. Except that it did. She was in fantastic shape and Mark had to admit that her toned legs and shapely figure were having an effect on him.

“Is he beating you, Mark?” She turned to favour Mark with a heavily-lidded gaze that he could only describe as ‘sultry’. casino siteleri He felt his cock beginning to stir in his jeans. “He’s good at that.” She turned her attention to Rich, ruffling his hair affectionately. “Aren’t you, darling?” Her hand fell to his cheek, stroking it gently in a manner that instantly made Mark feel very uncomfortable. Her voice had fallen to a breathy whisper. “You like a good beating, don’t you?”

Mark glanced across at Rich whose face was a mask of conflicting emotions: embarrassment and resentment, yes, but also a longing that seemed almost obscene under the circumstances. He licked his dry lips uncertainly, wondering exactly what was going on here.

“Don’t, Mum,” he heard his friend murmur quietly. “Please…”

She appeared not to have heard him. Winking at Mark, she made her way to the door, turning briefly to announce, “Food’ll be ready in about fifteen minutes. It’s stew.” With a rather attractive air of self-knowledge she smiled at them. “No lasagne today, I’m afraid.”

When she’d gone, Rich sighed and picked up his controller. “Mad cow,” he muttered.

Not able to bring himself to agree with that assessment, Mark returned his focus to the game. “Time for a historic come-back, then,” he said, but his jollity was forced and the erection that he had somehow developed at some point during the last few minutes was only now beginning to subside.


Tea was pleasant enough. They sat around the small dining table on scratched but solid chairs, and ate and talked. At times, Rich’s mum seemed to be lost in a world all of her own, her pretty blue eyes unfocused and lips pursed as if in deep contemplation. At others, she was almost garrulous, talking animatedly in between mouthfuls of food, waving her fork or jabbing it to punctuate whatever point she was making. And then, occasionally, she simply gazed at her son with a look of something approaching adoration on her face.

Mark was finding it difficult to tear his eyes away from her. She was a world away from the pre-packaged glamour of Angie and her friends, whose fake tans, fake eyebrows and fake smiles seemed to come cookie-cutter from the same style handbook. He had thought he had loved Angie but it seemed her feelings for him were as false as her eyelashes. By comparison, Mrs Macauley’s beauty, somewhat faded and worn over time admittedly, was the real thing. Her features were not quite as delicate or obviously pretty as Angie’s, but her cheekbones were high, her lips full and her eyes captivatingly beautiful. She was, in short, a woman — not a girl. It was perhaps a cliché to think it, but her attractiveness was as much to do with her character as her physical features.

Not that anything would happen, of course. Rich was his best mate and had been since primary school, when they’d bonded over their shared love of some short-lived cartoon series about super-powered vegetables. He wasn’t stupid enough to do anything to jeopardise that even in the unlikely event that Mrs Macauley was interested in him. He enjoyed her company, though. There was something very comfortably sexy about her.

And her stew wasn’t bad either.

Watching her take the mostly cleaned plates into the kitchen, Mark turned to Rich. “That was pretty good!”

“Yeah.” Rich seemed to shake himself and return to something approaching the slightly awkward but fun-loving lad Mark had known for most of his life. He smiled. “Look, I’m sorry about being so… uptight. Things have been a bit weird round here lately, but…” He took a deep breath. “Well, maybe you being around will be a good thing.”

“I like to think I have a positive impact on all I come across,” Mark said, smiling. But he didn’t really have much of a clue what his friend was talking about. He didn’t have an opportunity to find out either, as Mrs Macauley re-entered the dining room with a chocolate gateau-laden plate in one hand and a jug of cream in the other.

“Dessert,” she said, placing both items carefully on the table. “I’ve got cream. Rich likes cream, don’t you, Rich?” Rich’s face had once again transformed into a mask of embarrassment and yearning. His mother was smiling at him — a little sadly, Mark thought. “And so do I.”

With a theatrical flourish, she dipped her finger into the jug of cream and brought it to her mouth, sucking its tip suggestively, all the while staring at her son, who appeared utterly transfixed by her gaze, squirming under it in that curious mixture of pain and pleasure.

Mark stared in astonishment. It was the most overtly sexual display he’d ever witnessed from her and it had made him instantly hard. It also challenged his earlier thinking about the woman. Far from being comfortably sexy — a distant fantasy figure to toy with in idle moments — she had suddenly become dangerously sexy, a woman whose playfulness had just gone beyond mild flirtation into something altogether more purposeful.

And Rich knew it, too. The look in his eyes was an intense pleading — part desire and part desperation.

Time bahis siteleri seemed to stretch to breaking point, the three of them held in a set of connections that Mark could not fully comprehend but knew without a doubt was there. In this moment, Rich’s mother, all experienced sensuality and almost heart-breaking vulnerability, was the most beautiful — and desirable – thing he’d ever seen.

“Mum,” Rich whispered, hoarsely.

His mother blinked. And became a flurry of movement. “Oh, dear. Whatever am I doing keeping you waiting for your gateau?” She picked up the cake slice and, in no time at all, had divided the gateau up into eight more or less equal slices and began dishing them out onto their waiting plates.

That done, she paused dramatically and gave Mark a dazzling smile.

“Let’s get stuck in, eh?”


“So come on, then. What happened?”

The two friends had gone back to Rich’s room to drink cans of lager, play on Rich’s Xbox for a bit, and finally settle down for the night. Rich’s mum had come in at one point and, in a very business-like way, put up the air-bed for Mark. Whatever had prompted the flirtatious display at the dinner table had, it seemed to Mark, been determinedly subdued. Perhaps she realised she had embarrassed her son earlier.

Although Rich was clearly relieved by this, Mark couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Still, he reasoned, it wasn’t as if anything could happen anyway.

He looked up at Rich and shrugged.

“What do you mean?”

Rich was in his bed, which was a little bit higher than the air-bed next to it. He looked down at Mark, rolling his eyes in exasperation.

“What do you mean what do I mean? Angie. What happened with Angie?”

Mark sighed. He supposed it was inevitable they’d end up talking about his ex. At least, they weren’t talking about his mother and her stupid boyfriend.

“What’s to tell? I thought I loved her. I thought she loved me. Turns out I was wrong. We just… drifted apart once we got to uni. It’s just one of those things…”

Rich paused.

“Did you… you know?”

Mark stared at him. “What?”

Rich shifted a little under his covers. “You know. How far did you get with her?”

“What kind of a question is that?”

“I don’t know.” Rich shrugged. “She was pretty hot. I just… never mind.”

Mark leaned back on the airbed. He couldn’t be certain, but he thought the sheets he was under smelled a little of Mrs Macauley’s perfume.

“We fucked a couple of times,” he said after a while, his voice quiet. “She was a bit weird about it. She…” He paused. “She treated sex like it was… I don’t know… like a treat you give to your dog after it’s performed a trick. I mean, it was good… she got into it… but… I don’t know… It was a bit weird.”

He glanced up to see Rich staring at him intently. “Yeah,” his friend said, quietly. “I understand.”

Did he? Somehow, Mark doubted it.

“She gave decent head,” he volunteered, shortly after Rich turned off the bedside lamp, plunging the room into a companionable darkness. “But she never let me go down on her. Said it was too sensitive.” He laid back, resting his head on his upstretched arms. “I don’t know. Thinking back on it, I wonder if breaking up wasn’t inevitable.” He glanced across at his friend. He couldn’t see him clearly; he was just a humped outline under the blanket. “What about you? Have you got anyone?”

“No,” came a flat reply. “Not really.”

“Not anyone you’ve got your eye on?”

“No. There’s a couple of nice girls at uni, but they’re just friends.”

“You never know.”

Rich sighed. A touch forlornly, Mark thought. “Yeah. That’s true.”

The conversation was fading away, and Mark found himself missing those times when, as younger teenagers, they’d sat up all night playing on the Xbox and talking incessantly about girls or City’s chances in the league or the latest episode of whatever TV series had caught their imagination at the time. There had been no awkward silences then, no vague answers to painful questions.

Sometimes being an adult wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

The bedroom door opened.

Rich’s mum was framed in the doorway by the light flooding in from the landing. Her hair fell in loose waves around her face and shoulders. She was wearing a long, elegant nightie of some sort; it was thin enough to be rendered almost transparent by the light behind her and her outline was breathtakingly feminine.

“Hello, boys,” she said, slowly. “I was just passing and heard you talking…”

“Mum,” said Rich. He had sat up when the door had opened and now blinked at his mother. Mark thought he looked… worried.

“I just thought I’d say goodnight,” his mother said, as she took one and then another step into the room. “Properly.”

“That’s nice, Mum,” said Rich quickly, “but there’s no…”

Mark watched silently as Rich’s mum walked over to her son’s bed and sat on it, about halfway down. From his vantage point on the air-bed, he could see her clearly. The ‘nightie’ was, in fact, a negligee, thin-strapped and made of pink satin and black lace. Although it covered her legs, it left her arms bare and Mark watched, dry-mouthed, as she leaned forward and reached out to touch her son’s cheek tenderly.

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Horsing Around at the Fair

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It was county fair time again, and I was approaching the event with definite mixed feelings. Maybe it’s true, maybe I am getting to be an old fogey, but for the most part I didn’t like the changes I had seen in county fairs over the years.

It seemed to me that when I was a kid, the county fair was about seeing who made the best pickles, who grew the biggest squash and getting to actually see all those farm animals, and letting the kids pet and ride them. Nowadays, the fair is a bunch of carnival rides and over-priced food booths with has-been rock acts and “up and coming” country acts each night to draw in the crowd. I don’t know which is worse, hearing some washed up, in name only rock group sleepwalk through some old hits or seeing some pretty boy in a cowboy hat.

I think the country singers tick me off the most. They play watered down bar band rock and roll, but because they are all white, have short hair and hats, they are a “country” band. Every time I see one of them pretty boys, I wish Johnny Cash would come back to life and shoot Mr. Bighat down, “just to watch him die.” Sigh, I really am getting old.

On the other hand, this new fangled county fair does have it’s advantages. Because most folks are basically coming for a concert, they dress like it. Which means lots of pretty young women in short skirts or tight jeans, depending on whether it is a “has-been” night or a “hat-act” night. Either way, there is lots of big hair, low cut shirts and other appealing sights all around the fair grounds.

So I was prowling around on the opening night of the fair, taking all the sights. And actually it was going pretty well. It seemed that lately I had been getting many more smiles from younger women. Maybe they are just patronizing a doddering old man, or maybe they figure I might be a potential sugar daddy. Either way, getting second and even third looks from women who have less years on them than my shoes is good for the old ego.

I had been around the midway once or twice and was feeling rather “pumped up” as a sporting person might say, when I decided to partake of the more nostalgic side of the fair. I wandered into the exhibit halls about 45 minutes before the has-beens were to take the stage. I didn’t even know there were any Beach Boys still alive. The few people who had been looking at the decorated cakes and jars of pickles were heading now in the opposite direction, toward the grandstand. I took in the sights of a time that was slowly fading, as the sun headed down. In no great hurry I wandered through the exhibit hall, exiting the back door into the gloaming.

I went into the first animal barn, which housed pigs and sheep mostly. It was just me and the animals. And their smell, of course. Going into the next barn I found the horses. A little more interesting at least. And then I noticed someone grooming a horse at the far end of the barn. The last light of day gave wonderful red highlights to her short curly hair. The curls bounced up and down, almost in slow motion with each brush stroke she made on the horse’s side. It was actually quite a picture and I stood for a moment just admiring.

As I walked down the center aisle of the barn and got closer, I caught the eye of the young lady and smiled. She smiled back. I looked again and she did too. More smiles. Ego boosted. Then I realized that I knew her.

Cindy is one of those women that you just seem to see everywhere. She is a school teacher, youth leader and serves on boards and committees all over town. If you go to concerts, community events, school events or almost anything else, you’ll see Cindy there. Not only is she there, she always has the biggest, brightest most wonderful smile on her face all the time. She gets so much done with that smile, it is irresistible to both men and women. And as I got closer I was seeing more and more of that smile, she had recognized me as well. Maybe there was some old time neighborliness to be had at the fair after all!

As I drew near, she rested the brush on the horse’s shoulder, bonus veren siteler showing a profile that is extremely attractive. Her breasts are on the small side, but stand out beautifully. She will sometimes say that she thinks her butt is too big, but in those lace trimmed jean shorts, it looked perfect to me.

“Hey Cindy, I thought that was you!” Somehow she smiled even bigger and brighter than before, if she had asked me at that point, I would have licked the horse clean.

“Hey, Bill! What are you doing back here in ag-land?” In addition to being a school teacher, Cindy is also a real farm girl and occasionally likes to remind us town folk of that.

“Oh, just getting away from the plastic people in the grandstands. Seeing how the salt of the earth folks are getting along.”

“We are getting along fine,” she answered with her high pitched laugh.

“And you look great doing it.” I couldn’t help but add. Unfortunately she shied away from the compliment and went back to brushing. “I didn’t know you had horses, Cindy,” I continued to keep the conversation alive.

“Oh no, I don’t. This belongs to a friend of mine. She wanted to see the show with her daughters, so I said I would do this for her.”

“Awfully nice of you.”

“Aww, it’s no big deal, I have some of my cows and sheep here to show anyway. You know, I can’t believe that I have been showing at the fair for 25 years now.” Frankly, I couldn’t believe this little tidbit of information either.

“Did you do your first fair when you were two years old or something?” I blurted out. Now, I wish I had been clever or laying on a compliment, but I wasn’t. Cindy could easily pass for 25, her skin is perfectly smooth and has a wonderful youthful glow. Somehow, even the little “granny” glasses she favors make her look younger. If Ivory soap still does those commercials, Cindy could be a star.

“Goodness, Bill, I thought everyone in town knew I turned 40 last month.” I didn’t, and hearing it now, I was actually surprised.

“You do not look 40, at all,” I said emphatically, “If you were just moving to town everyone would think you were student teaching.” She looked at me and tried to size up whether I was buttering her up or telling the truth. It was definitely the latter and she smiled in appreciation.

“Well, doesn’t that just warm the cockles of my heart!” she said, and slowly walked toward me. As a dancer might, she moved beside me and offered herself. Taking the invitation, I slipped my arm around her narrow waist, and gave it a squeeze. She was soft and yielding as we stood side by side and arm in arm. I didn’t dare tell her what she was doing to my cockles at the moment.

It was clear that her intention was certainly to get a hug from me, but only in passing. But as she started to turn to walk back to the horse, rather than letting go, I slip my arm up a bit higher, and pulled ever so slightly. Cindy could have easily slipped through my grasp and no one would be hurt and nothing lost. But she paused. I curled my arm just a bit more. She stopped. I reached out with my other arm and put it on her shoulder. We were now facing each other. I pulled her slightly, more in invitation than anything else.

Her lustrous curls were now just under my nose and her cheek resting on my chest and shoulder. Her arms reached around my back. I held her close and felt a surge of electricity flow from my chest down to my feet. How many times had I looked at this woman across a meeting table and dreamed of doing just this? More than I could count. I didn’t want the dream to end, so I didn’t squeeze her too tightly, she could still break off this hug if she wanted.

I looked down at her and she looked up at me. Those eyes and that smile, both a bit subdued at the moment were drawing me closer. “Cindy, you are so beautiful…” I said barely audibly. She smiled at the compliment. I leaned closer and closer to her until our lips met.

The first kiss was chaste and sweet. I almost didn’t want to bahis break the spell by kissing more passionately, but slowly the passion did build. She seemed unsure and hesitant at first, but soon our tongues were entwined, searching, playing, exploring. My hands roamed freely, feeling her softness.

It was almost like being in high school again, making out with a pretty, soft and sweet girl for the first time. Learning what she liked, what I could and could not do, what limits were in place — or whether there would be no limits at all.

Breaking from a kiss, I noticed a bench just behind me and holding Cindy’s hand, I went to sit down. To my surprise and delight, rather than sitting next to me, she took up residence on my lap, facing me squarely and straddling my legs. I cupped her face with my hands, just to feel her skin. I admired those deep blue eyes for some time and then gently drew her lips to mine. She was less hesitant and more assertive with her kissing now and it was getting difficult for the two of us to sit still.

I had noticed early on that the only thing between me and her lovely breasts was the t-shirt she was wearing. I reached for the hem of the shirt and began to lift it, but she stayed my hand. However, she did not break off our now very deep kiss. Thinking it was fear of being caught that lead her to resist me, I ran my hand up under her shirt and began to massage her breast gently. She then broke the kiss, smiled and sighed. As we resumed kissing, my fingers paid more attention to both of her nipples.

She was now fairly well bucking around on my lap. It was not really rhythmic, but rather each time a kiss or touch would please or excite her, she would slide forward or back or side to side. It was having a definite effect on me. It was clear now that I was not just kissing an angel, as I had started out feeling, but was making love to beautiful, sensuous woman.

Taking my hand from under her shirt, I placed it in the middle of her jean shorts. immediately she focused the movement of her hips on my hand and her breath and pace quickened. My hand was cupped to receive her pelvis and rubbed it intensely. Each movement produced a low moan or a drawn out, but quiet “oh yes.” It seemed she was restraining herself just a bit to keep from being discovered, though the barn still seemed empty as the sound of “Good Vibrations” filled the summer air.

I desperately wanted to consummate our little affair, but was not entirely sure if she was ready or willing to do that. I pulled the snap on the front of her shorts open. She leaned back a bit and looked concerned, but said nothing. I pulled one side so the zipper slid down. She smiled, but did not stand so they could be removed. With one hand I cupped her back for support and reached my other hand down into her now open shorts. Cindy leaned close to me ear and whispered “Yes, oh I want that so much.”

My fingers encountered moist cotton panties and a surprising amount of pubic hair. Her hair was soft and downy, much as I imagined it might be. I rubbed her labia and mons through her panties and she moaned softly as she leaned on my shoulder. After a few minutes, I pushed her panties to one side and pushed two fingers down along her pussy lips. She stifled a moan and said “Oh, god yes” through gritted teeth.

It took a few minutes, but finally we found a position where she could stay in my lap and my fingers could enter her easily. My fingers were curved slightly back toward myself and she could push her hips down until they were fully engulfed. I opened my thumb so that it ran between her labia and up to her clit with each movement. As she looked at me with anticipation, we heard the voices.

Someone had come into the barn! For some reason Cindy’s response was to push her hips down so that my fingers were buried completely inside her. I had to admit, it probably did look like we were just hugging, from most angles anyway. First the voices seemed to be heading our way. And then suddenly it was quiet. Cindy had deneme bonusu the better view.

“It was (mmmm) a couple of (aaahhh) kids,” she squeaked out between low moans, “I think they (yes) want to do the (uh mmmhmm) same thing.” Never had such a simple sentence taken so long to say. She grinned and added “I love it in there so deep…wiggle your fingers for me.” Which I did. She flopped her head on my shoulder and said “Oh god, yes. That’s perfect.”

I alternated between wiggling fingers and gentle hand thrusts. My hand was getting tired, but it was nice having her just a bit further away than if we were having intercourse. It was easier to see her face and watch the waves of pleasure in her eyes.

Of course she didn’t have any massive orgasms, but judging from her comments she certainly enjoyed her little hand ride. I finally had to say that my arm was going to fall off if we didn’t stop and she asked for one more deep long finger wiggle, which seemed to satisfy her nicely.

Slowly, I removed my hand and put it back behind her hips. That Cindy smile was back and she said through clenched smiling teeth “Oh god, that was nice. Thank you, mmmmm” and she leaned forward and kissed me and as she did her body shook with pleasure.

After our kiss, she looked at me and said “Now, I suppose you’ll want…”

“Well, if you don’t mind, otherwise…”

“Oh, I don’t mind one bit…” and there was that smile again.

After a quick look around, she efficiently opened my belt and fly and pulled my engorged cock through the opening in my boxers. She looked down briefly and then put her palm over the head with her fingers running down the shaft. We looked each other in the eyes as she at first gently and then more quickly pushed and pulled my hard cock.

She increased her pace as my breathing quickened and occasionally kissed me lightly on the lips. Her gentle, experienced hands expertly quickly brought me to the peak of pleasure which was heightened by being able to see her smile the whole time. When I couldn’t take any more I started to say “Oh Cindy, god, I’m there, I’m gonna…” she clamped her lips on mine and give me the deepest, most passionate kiss of the night. Waves of excitement flowed from my pelvis up and down my body. Several quick contractions sent my semen into the palm of her hand. The whole while, I held her close and returned the passion of her kiss. After my orgasm subsided, she put her head on my shoulder once again and we rested like that for a while.

After I recovering for a bit, she laughed a little. “I used to do my boyfriend like that in high school, so he wouldn’t make too much of a mess. I guess it still works.”

“Yeah, I guess it does,” I said a bit breathlessly. I now realized that in the humid summer air we had worked up quite a sweat. Cindy’s dark nipples were clearly visible through her white t-shirt. I stared at her breasts and imagined what intercourse would be like with her. Wonderful, I was sure. She looked down to where I was staring. “Good thing I always bring a change of clothes to work in the barn,” she winked.

“Maybe we can meet again sometime?” I was pretty sure I knew the answer.

“Oh, you betcha. But right now I got a horse to finish, and some chores before bed.”

“Ok, you beautiful farm girl. You’re the best. Maybe some day I can get on that chore list of yours,” I said kissing her on the cheek.

She giggled “Well this was no chore, that’s for sure. But we certainly don’t have to wait for fair time, ya know.”

“Not a problem,” I said as I finished fixing my pants. “Cindy, you are the most beautiful woman in town and given half a chance, we could do this and more every night.”

She just smiled. I stood up and held out my arms, she pressed against my chest and I squeezed her with immense affection. I dabbed one last kiss on her cheek and hitched up my pants one more time and headed for the back door of the barn. As I headed out of the barn, the night air was blessedly still. Thankfully the Beach Boys had finished their lame set and probably had been returned to their cryogenic storage unit. I thought I could hear a young woman giggling and sighing somewhere off in the distance. Perhaps the couple we saw before. Maybe someone else was finding love on a warm summer’s night.

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Homecoming: From a Soldier Ch. 02

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Chapter Two — The Truth Comes Out (Between Jen and Brad)

Sunday morning came fast and all too early for Brad. Things hadn’t gone as he had planned. Rolling over and having Jen bedside me was the greatest reminder of how much I fucked up last night.

Brad took his hand and ran it up her spine, causing Jen to moan and roll over. “Morning sleepy head.” I said as I bent to kiss Jen. “Morning handsome, did you want something?” Jen said looking into my eyes with the sexiest grin on her face.

“We have to get ready for the big homecoming day with the family, Jen. Get up.” “I’m not ready to get out of bed yet.” She moaned reaching for my dick.

“One time Jen , then we have to get ready. Promise me you will get ready.” “I prom.” Jen didn’t get time to finish as Brad ran his warm tongue across her lips. As she tried to rise up into his kiss he pushed her back to the mattress. “No baby, slow. My way.”

I took both of her hands and pulled them above her head and secured them both with my hand as I ran my tongue from her lips to her ears down her neck to her collarbone.

Jen wiggled and raised her ass off the bed. “Not yet. If I let your hands go will you illegal bahis promise to keep them to yourself while I enjoy you?” This one last time rang loud in the back of my mind.

“I promise.”

Letting her wrist go, she left them above her head and I continued using my tongue, teeth, and lips to move down her body. Stopping at her nipple that was sticking out, begging to have its share of my attention and I obliged. Licking the tip of her nipple only made it stand even more at attention and made Jen moan.

“Please Brad.” Jen said in a soft moan. “Please what Jen? Are you not enjoying yourself this morning?” I felt Jen put her hands on the back of my head urging me to take her tight little nub in my mouth. As I pulled away, “No, No you promised to keep your hands to yourself.”

“Shit” was all she said as she laid her hands to her sides.

Taking the taught little nipple in my mouth I bit her gently, loving to hear her groan at the little sting of pain I had caused her, but she was soon soothed as a wrapped my lips around her and rolled my tongue around her nipple then licked and sucked until she was again squirming. Not to miss any part casino siteleri of her I did the same thing to the other tit. By this time Jen is about to explode.

Running my tongue down her stomach to just above her clit I changed course and started nipping at her inner thighs. I laughed as Jen let out an aggravated sigh.

Jen began moaning and raising her hips off the bed and when I looked up she was rubbing her clit with her fingers. “Jen you are not playing by the rules.” I said grinning as I watched her fingers go from her clit to move into her tight little pussy. I could see the juices from Jen shinning on her fingers.

I was dying to taste her. “I am to, you told me to keep my hands to myself, and I am.” Laughing, she had me there, but there was no way in hell I was going to let her get herself off.

After licking her fingers I replaced them with my tongue, and My God did she taste good. Jen was now grabbing the sheets at her side as my tongue lapped at her clit. Not wanting her to come without me I raised my head licked my lips and moved my way back up her lush body and kissed her until she was panting.

My dick is hard poker siteleri and throbbing but I am still not ready to give into Jen. Using my finger I rub her clit in a circle, now her nails are digging into my arms and I shove two fingers into her hot cunt as she loudly moans my name and I have to kiss her to keep her from waking the entire house.

As I keep my mouth over hers I move my fingers in and out faster and harder using my palm to rub her clit, she is doing everything she can to keep from screaming. I finally give in and put her ankles on my shoulders and push my cock into her wet pussy.

Jen loves this position she says it makes her come instantly and she does. I feel her cunt squeezing my dick like a vice and damn does it feel great. A pump harder a few more times until I shoot my cum into her, but I never pull out fast, it is such a great feeling to have her pussy continue to clench around my cock as she finishes her own orgasm. When I can no longer feel her muscles milking me then and only then do I pull out.

“Good morning soldier.” Jen says as she rubs her nails on my back while I am lying across her. “Jen you ready to get up? We have a long day.” “Yeah I am ready. I’ll take a shower in my room so I can get dressed, and we don’t do anything else to make us late for church.” Kissing her on the forehead I agree and head for the shower.

What in the hell have I done. I have royally fucked up, was all I could think.

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Retreat of Love and Openness

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She was wearing a white gown and reading the wedding vows with my son in front of a priest.

While he was looking handsome in a black tuxedo, my daughter-in-law was simply exquisite in that shoulderless dress.

If only his dad was alive to see him today, I thought to myself.

I was supposed to arrive early, but since the flight got delayed had to rush straight from the airport and then back again to the airport directly after the ceremony as had an important work the next day.

Although it was a brief visit, but returned with the impression that my son had found a wife who was not only beautiful, but also cheerful, got along with her family well and was easy going.

All in all, I was happy with her as my daughter-in-law.

Today, after more than nine months, I was again going to see them. She has just given birth to a boy, James, and couldn’t wait to see my grandson.

I arrived at their house late in the evening and after being greeted by my son, Darren, went straight to bed as was tired after the journey.

In the morning, saw my son’s father-in-law, Steven, having breakfast, so made a cup of coffee and sat down with him at the table.

He told me that Darren had left for work and Julie, my daughter-in-law, and Tim, her brother, were still sleeping.

We were discussing local politics when Tim came out wearing only shorts and kissing me on the cheek, made coffee and sat down next to me.

Although just eighteen he was tall, had a hairy chest and broad shoulders, just like his father.

After around ten minutes, Julie came out in a black thigh-length night dress with James crying in her arms.

I got up and brought her coffee.

She told us that James’s crying had kept her awake all night and now she was very tired. Her father took him from her arms and tried to calm him down, but to no avail.

I suggested that maybe he was hungry.

Julie took him from her father and without even blinking her eyes parted the top of her night dress. As soon as she opened the gown, it was apparent that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

With her left breast completely out of the dress, she placed her hand underneath it and brought James’s mouth to her pink nipple.

He immediately stopped crying and began enjoying the milk.

This was the first time I was seeing someone breastfeed in front of her own dad and brother, and I certainly hadn’t expected my own daughter-in-law to sit there in front of us with her milk-filled tit fully exposed.

The act caught me by surprise and apart from looking at the floor had no idea what to do.

What was more surprising was that while I was trying my best not to glance at her naked boob, her own father and brother were not only very natural about it, but were even talking to her as if nothing was happening.

I sat there for five or six minutes, with my eyes looking everywhere except Julie’s chest, then hurried back to the safety of my room.

After an hour or so, I came out and saw them sunbathing in the backyard.

Her brother was still in shorts, her dad in just jeans, while she was lying on her back on the grass wearing only a green bra and matching panties.

I wanted to go back, but saw James sleeping comfortably next to his semi-naked mom, so held him in my arms and sat down near them.

We stayed there for around fifteen or twenty minutes and during that time Julie tossed and turned her body, sat up and lay down again, which meant her near-naked body, especially her milk-filled breasts, was on display from all angles to us.

Finally she got up to take a shower and I thought she would come back in decent clothes, but she returned wearing white shorts, a blue cropped T-shirt and no bra, which meant the shape and size of her big tits and nipples were clearly visible.

She stayed that way the whole day, giving her dad, brother and me a good look at her breasts.

When in the evening Darren returned from the office, I asked him in a hush tone whether Julie always dressed like that.

“Yes,” he replied, looking at his wife and her boobs bouncing with every step.

“Was she this casual even before marriage?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Don’t you ask her to cover herself?”

“No. She’s what she’s and I’m fine with it.”

I knew arguing with him was useless, so went and sat down in the porch.

After dinner all of us were in the living room when Julie lifted her T-shirt and again started feeding James right in front of us.

In the morning, Julie’s father and brother left for their house and Darren went to work.

It was afternoon and was in my room reading a book when heard voices coming from the living room, so came out and Julie introduced me to her friend Amber.

Taking James from Julie, began talking to them.

Julie told me that Amber was her college friend, lived in other part of the town and regularly visited her.

She also said that Amber had come to live with us for a week or so.

I stayed with them for about twenty minutes, then went back to my room and when I returned after couple of hours canlı bahis they were busy preparing dinner.

Amber had apparently just taken a shower because her black hair were still wet and were falling perfectly on her bare shoulders and the blue spaghetti top and tight black jeans were accentuating her slim, tall figure.

Julie, on the other hand, was wearing a man’s shirt, with top three buttons open, no bra and a yellow skirt that barely reached her thighs.

I wanted to ask Julie whether she hated bras, but kept my mouth shut and started helping with dinner.

Little later, Darren came back from office and on seeing Amber he went up to her, gave her a tight hug and kissed her lips.

I instantly looked at Julie, thinking she obviously won’t be pleased with him kissing her best friend, but she stood there with a big smile on her face, probably treating the kiss as a normal occurrence.

After we had finished dinner, Julie went to her room and bringing James with her began breastfeeding him.

“They’ve become massive. He must be happy,” said Amber as Darren went to sleep.

“He’s not the only one who’s happy to see them grow bigger,” added Julie watching James suckle her tits.

Her comment left me confused and the confusion increased when Amber blushed.

I sat there thinking about the whole thing, but wasn’t able to comprehend either the comment or Amber’s blushing, so finished my drink and went to my room.

In the morning, Darren informed me that he was going out of town and won’t be back until next week and left the house after breakfast.

Since Julie and Amber were still sleeping, I took a shower and lay down on a chair in the backyard.

I was enjoying the Sun when Amber came wearing a short brown nightgown and Julie followed her in a long purple one.

They sat down next to me with their cups of coffee and as their gowns weren’t properly tied, I could see that both of them weren’t wearing bras.

When they had finished their coffee, they got up and casually opening their gowns lay down on the grass in just their panties.

Watching them lying there semi-naked was bit of a shock, so tried to escape but Julie requested me to bring James as he was alone in the room.

As I turned to leave after bringing James, Julie asked me to join them, but made an excuse and was walking toward my room when she got up and asked me whether the nudity was making me awkward.

I looked at her dark blue eyes, her silky long blonde hair and lied: “No, it isn’t.”

She took my hand in hers and walking me back said:

“Only we’re here. Come on, enjoy the Sun.”

Then began to take off my cream T-shirt and when I protested, she simply ignored me and flicked open my wine colored bra.

Placing my hands over my bare breasts, I lay down next to them, but they still weren’t satisfied, so Amber asked me to take off the long white skirt and get comfortable.

I replied that I was fine.

“Take off your skirt. We won’t bite, at least not so soon,” said Amber, who was lying with her legs wide apart.

When Julie heard that, she laughed and pinched Amber’s bare shoulder.

Although I was hesitant, but since they were so persistent, got up and took off my skirt and lay down only in wine colored panties.

“You’re beautiful. You’ve got a voluptuous body. I’m jealous,” drooled Amber, lifting herself on her elbows and scanning me from head to toe.

“I know you’re only praising me to make me feel better.”

“No, you’ve got a lovely body. Now I understand why Darren is so much into full-figured women,” added Julie.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he’s always admiring women who have big chest.”

“You’re big, too,” I said looking at her breasts.

“Yea, that’s why he was attracted to me. He said that was the first thing he had noticed.”

“Don’t they all notice that first?”

“True. All men notice that, but Darren is really into big ones. Julie already had big ones, but when she got pregnant he was more happy about her growing size than pregnancy. He kept talking about it,” volunteered Amber.

“He kept saying I should buy more deep-neck dresses and tight tops because he wanted everyone to see my assets,” confessed Julie.

“Well, you didn’t disappoint him,” added Amber.

“No, not only him. Even dad wasn’t disappointed.”

They both laughed and continued to soak in the Sun.

That last comment again set my mind racing, but was unable to decipher the cryptic meaning.

For first five or ten minutes, I was conscious about my near-nudity, but then got comfortable and stopped worrying that my breasts were naked or that I was wearing only panties, nothing else.

Turning toward Julie, I asked her what she was reading.

She told me it was about a spiritual movement, so probed her further. She looked at Amber, who signaled with her head that she could talk about it, so raising herself on her elbow and facing me, her big milky boobs and pink nipples pointing at me, informed me that it was about a group that focuses on kaçak iddaa channeling positive energies.

Amber, who was lying on her back and listening to us, moved closer and pressing her tits against Julie’s back, put her arm across her bare stomach and draping her smooth thigh over Julie’s fleshy leg explained the movement’s work and asked me whether I would like to meet the High Priestess.

The sight of Amber crushing her near-naked body against Julie was so mesmerizing that instead of answering her, I kept staring at the two women lying so close to each other without any shame or guilt.

“Would you like to meet her,” again asked Amber, resting her face on Julie’s cheek and raising her brown eyes toward me.

“Yes,” I stammered.

“OK, let’s go,” she said getting up.

All of us, including James, drove to an elegant and modern looking apartment where we were welcomed and offered juices by a man wearing an ankle-length black robe.

After waiting for few minutes, he first ushered Julie and Amber into a room and then me a little later.

Upon entering, I saw a woman wearing a white robe sitting on a raised platform with Amber and Julie in front of her.

In stark contrast to the posh lounge, this room was lit by candles only and smell of scented oils was enveloping the whole air. It had no furniture, paintings or even curtains.

Coming closer to the woman, I could see she had shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes made darker by the kohl, sharp features, good height and no make-up or jewelry.

She signaled me with her hand to sit down in front of her between Amber and Julie.

The woman began telling me how the group helps fulfill potential, achieve inner peace and serenity. Then she talked about my life and what I was looking for.

After nearly forty minutes of discussion, she asked me,

“What’s the most precious material thing you have?”

“Jewelry,” I replied after thinking hard.

“Give all of it to someone for safekeeping and promise yourself that you won’t wear it for a year. Second, sleep on the floor, not bed, for the next six months. Third, no drinking or smoking until I say so. Go home, think about it and we’ll talk tomorrow. Joining this group means sacrificing and letting yourself go without any inhibition at all, so think hard.”

With that, she signaled that the session was over and we headed out after handing over a check to the man.

The evening at home was pretty uneventful because all we did was watch TV and eat.

I was reading about the group the next afternoon when Julie barged into the room and excitedly told me that the High Priestess was herself coming to see me.

When I heard that, I asked her whether I should change into something, but she replied there wasn’t any need plus she would be here any moment.

Just then the doorbell rang and both Amber and Julie rushed to greet the woman.

She was wearing a white robe just like yesterday and was accompanied by the same man in a black robe.

The High Priestess apparently had been to the house before because she went straight to Darren’s room and after telling me to follow her closed the door.

Sitting down in the middle of the bed, she inquired whether I had decided to join the movement.


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am.”

“What’ve you done with your jewelry? Did you sleep on the floor last night?”

“I’ve given it to Julie and won’t wear it. I did sleep on the floor.”

“Are you ready to let yourself go?”


“Will you let me down?”

“No,” I replied even before she could finish the question.

“We will see. Take off your clothes”

As soon as she said that, I felt blood rushing through my face, my eyes became bigger and stared at her and the man standing near her.

“See, letting yourself go isn’t that easy, is it? As long as you’re conscious and possessive about your body, you’ll remain tied to all worldly notions.”

Turning toward the man, she asked him to bring the girls. When I heard the door open, I turned my face and saw Julie and Amber walk in completely naked.

I watched as they came and stood beside me, with hands on their sides and no attempt to hide their breasts or vaginas.

Glancing down, I could see that while Julie had trimmed brown pubic hair, Amber was clean shaven.

Then looked up to see if the man was trying to get a peek at the two naked women, but he just stood there with hands folded behind him and eyes straight.

“Are you ready now?” the woman asked me.

I eyed Julie, who returned my gaze and nodded her head, so I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and handed it to Amber before taking off jeans.

With both jeans and shirt off, I was now in beige color bra and matching panties.

“Continue,” ordered the High Priestess.

Bowing my head in shame, I unhooked the bra and tried to keep my breasts hidden under it, but Julie took it from me.

Now only the panties remained. After gathering all the strength I could, took it off and stood there exposing everything kaçak bahis to them, including the thick bush.

Julie took the panties and kept them on the chair along with the bra.

“Lie down here,” said the High Priestess patting the bed.

I went and lay down on my back next to her.

“Keep hands on your sides and spread your legs.”

I did as instructed.

“Now open your lips.”

So, I opened my mouth.

“Not these lips, the other ones.”

Although my eyes were glued at her, my hands were already opening my vagina.

“Can you see inside her lips?” she asked Julie.

“Yes, I can.”

“And you, Amber?”


“Go get rid of her shame,” she said to the man.

He came and standing right in front of me peered inside my pussy.

“Now go and make coffee for us without your clothes,” she ordered getting up from the bed.

I made coffee for them while they watched each and every inch of my nude body and feasted their eyes when

I went to serve them.

“Bring your mother-in-law to the retreat for the weekend, OK?” she instructed Julie, who was sitting naked with Amber on the couch in the living room.

“Stand up. He will dress you,” she said.

So I got up and rested my hands on the man’s shoulders while he helped me put on panties and wrapping a dark blue sarong around me, tied the knot just over my bare thigh.

“Nothing else?” I asked looking at my bare tits.

“No. You’ll wear it all the time, including in front of guests. This is part of a process to make you less self-conscious and more comfortable with yourself.”

With that done, she handed me two sarongs and said goodbye.

“Come on, don’t be so tense. In few minutes, you’ll even forget that you aren’t wearing a bra,” comforted Julie as she put her arms across my bare back and hugged me tightly, pressing her boobs against mine.

Keeping her arms on my hips, she looked into my eyes and kissing me softly on the cheek promised, “We’ll have lots of fun. You won’t regret it.”

I could feel her pink nipples touching the skin of my breasts, so stepped back a little and replied, “Thanks.”

Amber, who was putting on clothes, began telling me that the retreat was a place to meet, drink and have fun, adding that families go there to relax and unwind.

“Is your family a member, too?”

“Yes. My parents and even my younger sister go there. Julie’s folks are also members.”

“And Darren?” I asked Julie.

“It was his idea to make you a part of the group,” she said putting on a black bra.

“The only rule is to leave all your inhibitions and go with the flow. You’re free to do whatever you want and whenever you want,” added Amber.

“What do you mean?” I quizzed.

“Well, if you want to hug somebody, you are free to do that. If you want to kiss somebody, go ahead and do it. If you want to make love to somebody – men or women — nobody will stop you, provided it’s all consensual.”

“So anybody can do anything with anybody?”

“Yes. No boundaries, no shame, no guilt,” explained Amber as her brown eyes wandered over Julie’s body.

Rest of the day was spent talking about the group, watching TV and cooking food.

I was in shower the next morning when Julie knocked on the door and told me that her’s and Amber’s parents have come to meet me.

Getting out of bathroom, I quickly put on a blue bra under a white T-shirt and blue panties over red sarong and was just about to meet them when I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to wear bra or T-shirt, so took them off.

However, the thought of going topless in front of them was too much, so again wore them and repeated the process thrice before finally deciding to do what the High Priestess had ordered.

When I opened the bedroom door and stepped into the living room, all heads turned toward me and could feel their eyes watching me as I walked with my big breasts and pink nipples completely naked and generous hips and fleshy thighs exposed under the sarong.

Julie, who was sitting on the couch, came near me and holding my arm introduced me to Amber’s parents and her younger sister and then to her folks.

Steven, Julie’s father, took my hand and giving a broad smile announced, “Welcome to the club.”

Nodding my head in thank you, looked down and suddenly felt ashamed for showing my tits so openly to all of them.

Amber’s mother, Pat, a tall, full figured woman with sharp-features, put her hand around my waist and sitting me down on the couch next to her said, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all family.”

To make me comfortable, they stopped focusing on my semi-nudity and began sharing jokes and anecdotes.

After about ten minutes or so, I stopped worrying so much about my bare boobs and joined in the conversation.

Amber’s younger sister, Sofia, dragged me from the couch to the bedroom and began telling me all about her school.

Since I was more interested in knowing about the retreat, I shifted the conversation toward that and she told me that she has been going there for more than a year.

“How old are you?”

“Nineteen,” she replied lying back on the bed in a pink skirt that left much of her smooth and young thighs exposed and a tight orange shirt that was revealing the shape of her round and firm breasts.

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