Handyman Boyfriend

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The sun was shining through the kitchen window. It was a warm, early fall day and the leaves were just starting to change. Kayleigh was standing in the big kitchen, basking in the glow of the beautiful day. She was just finishing up lunch for her and her fiancé, Michael. She moved to the sink to wash her hands and pulled the tap and suddenly the front of her shirt was soaked. There was water shooting every where and no matter what she did she could not get the water to turn off.

“Michael!! Help, the tap is messed up!” She yelled from the kitchen, trying to collect all the dish towels that she could to mop up the mess. She lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it in the pile of wet clothes. She heard Michael running from upstairs to see what all the commotion was about. When he arrived in their kitchen he started laughing at the image of his beautiful girl standing there soaked, in nothing but her old, nude bra which of course made her start laughing too. He walked over and planted a kiss on her smiling lips.

“Okay babe, hang on I’m gonna go grab my tools.” He patted her on the butt before trekking out to the garage to get his bag. Michael was super handy which was a big turn on to Kayleigh. She loved watching him work with his hands. He brought his bag up and opened the lower cupboards to start working on the pipes. Kayleigh took this as an opportunity to go put on some dry clothes. But knowing her sexy man was working downstairs on the sink was making her feel some type of way. Her hands drifted down to her crotch and felt that her panties were wet and not from the leak. She touched her soft pussy for a few minutes, teasing her own lips and brushing her fingers over her clit.

She slipped into her favourite jeans skirt and white tank top. She stepped into a light blue panties. Kayleigh walked back downstairs and saw Michael had taken his shirt off and was still laying under the sink. His shirt was balled on the counter, and it looked soaked. The water from the leak was dripping down his toned stomach and pooling on the floor beside him. He noticed that she had arrived back in the kitchen and asked her to pass him a different wrench. She had an idea and sexily walked over to her man. She stood to his left and reached over him to look through the tool box. She purposefully stood too far away that she would have to really stretch to reach the tool box. As she moved, her legs parted slightly revealing a wet spot on her panties to Michael, who was down below. He groaned quietly under his breath and felt his cock harden in his pants. He had to put his sexy thoughts aside to keep fixing the sink but she was making it hard, literally. Kayleigh handed him the wrench that he asked for and shot him a flirty wink. As she walked away, she made sure to sway her hips and show him the wet pussy spot muğla escort again.

He went back to focusing on the sink as best as he could with a hard dick and Kayleigh walked back upstairs, but another idea had popped into her head. She stood in the mirror and removed her jean skirt and tank top that she had just put on a few minutes before. She dug deep in her dresser drawer and pulled out a sheer, red teddy style lingerie. It hung down a little below her hip bone and she put on the matching red G-string. This was a little number that she had ordered online and was waiting for the perfect date night to slip it on for Michael but she figured she may as well use the element of surprise for her sexy, handy fiancé. She also dug out some thigh high, lace top panty hose. She checked herself out in the mirror and knew something was missing. Instantly, she thought of the black pumps waiting to be worn in the depths of her closet. She found them tucked deep in the blue box that they came in and slipped her panty-hose clad feet into them. She checked herself out in the bathroom one last time, twirling to assess herself from all angles. She smiled thinking how lame it was that watching her man do handy work turned her on so much. When she was finally satisfied with her sexy appearance, she felt a surge of confidence. She walked quietly down the stairs, tip toeing to not give away her surprise and so her heels wouldn’t clack on the floor.

Michael hadn’t even noticed she had entered the kitchen until she walked right up to where to the leaking sink and put a heel on each side of her fiancé’s face. She moved her hips in slow, circles- attracting his attention. He groaned deep in his throat and adjusted his ever hardening cock in his jeans, so it was pointing up in his waist band.

“Fuck baby, you are one sexy woman” He whispered, dropping his wrench with a loud clang. With the slow circles that she had been doing with her hips, her underwear had slipped even further between her pussy lips, exposing the entirety of her waxed lips, more of her mound and her large, round ass.

He reached up underneath her lingerie and wrapped his hands sensually around her butt cheeks, ultimately reaching for the small string of underwear floss on her hip bone. She growled as her underwear was being stripped from her and down her long legs. When he pulled them all the way down to her ankles, she lifted one leg at a time to step out of them being sure to put on a show of her cunt. He tossed the panties to the side, landing on the white tiles that covered the kitchen floor.

Both of them had now forgotten about the leak. His cock had swelled to its fullest, standing at attention in his jeans, the friction of the tight material along with looking up into his beautiful woman’s ordu escort tight pussy was making him moan. He sat up and unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped the zipper and let all 7 inches of himself free. He was rock hard.

Kayleigh was so horny and she needed Michael’s tongue inside of her. She grabbed the back of his head and directed him towards her crotch. She bent slightly at the knee so she could lower her warm pussy onto his face. Michael’s tongue parted her lower lips and licked Kayleigh from just before her asshole all the way up to her clit, which was swollen and pink. He had a hand on each ass cheek, bringing him even closer to his face, alternating between licking, sucking and lightly nipping at her exposed bud. He was lapping her up like he was a starved man being offered a drink. She moaned loudly and gripped the sink to steady her Jell-O legs. Her breathing quickened with every time his tongue moved around the opening of her vagina. Slowly, he began tongue fucking her- drinking every drip of her wetness. Kayleigh grinded herself further into his face so his tongue was hitting her so deep and so good. Michael’s fingers left her ass cheeks and one hand was stroking his huge penis to the rhythm of his licking. His other hand replaced his tongue as he continued sucking clit. His two fingers inside of her reached her g-spot and he stroked her, she felt so tight and soft around his fingers- he was thinking of how good she would feel wrapped around his cock.

His fingers stroking her like that rocked her to complete orgasm. Kayleigh threw her head back in pure wonder and her eyes rolled back. Her body was vibrating and bouncing on his face, coating his lips with moisture as she came. She felt completely overwhelmed with bliss and needed to fuck her man this instant.

She backed herself off of his face and walked backwards to the kitchen table a few feet away. She sat on the edge of the table with both of her feet up on the table. She was spread so wide that he could see the wetness of her last orgasm lingering on her smooth lips, one long line of cum dripping down her pussy to her puckered asshole. She moved her finger in a come here motion, not needing to say any words of what she needed. He couldn’t have gotten up off the floor any quicker and practically jogged the few steps over to where she was awaiting him with her hot, open cunt- which she was now spreading with her fingers.

He placed his hands at her throat, looked her in the eye and stepped out of his jeans- leaving them in a pile on the floor with his boxers. His cock was bouncing with excitement and a small, pearly bead of pre-cum appeared at the hole at the end of his blood-filled head. The veins of his shaft were visible and practically pulsing with need. He squeezed her throat with osmaniye escort his hand asserting his dominance over her, which they both loved. He quickly gave her expoed pussy a quick few slaps making her arch her back further.

His had his long, thick shaft in his hand and he guided it to her eager pussy. He stroked his cock through her wetness, up and down her slit. He slowly pushed into her and groaned as he felt her tightness surround his sensitive member. They could do fore-play forever but she would still squeeze him when they first started fucking until she got accustomed to his size. They both moaned as he stretched her out, so her cunt was now taking every inch of him right up to the hilt of his hanging balls. Everything felt so amazing for both of them. He rubbed her clit to stretch her out even more with heightened sensitivity. She became more and more wet which she didn’t know was really possible at this point. This must be the wettest she has ever been.

Their bodies had 100% contact, he was balls deep in her, they were chest to chest, and her arms wrapped around him grasping his back and head. Her fingernails dug into his bare back as he plunged deeper and deeper into her cunt, increasing roughness and deepness with every stroke. Sounds of her wetness squelched through the air of their house in between loud moans escaping both of their mouths involuntarily. He fucked her so hard, thrusting into her over and over again. His balls hit her ass cheeks and crack, bringing her even closer to orgasm again.

“Fuck I can’t last much longer baby, I am going to cum!” He groaned burying his head into the crook of her neck. Kayleigh reached between her legs and stroked his cock while he was still inside of her. This was a little trick she had picked up in a porn she had watched earlier in the week.

“Inside me please baby, I don’t give a fuck. I want your hot load. DEEP” she moaned back, into his muscular shoulders. He usually pulled out so he could cum on her face or tits, and when he did cum in her they would use a condom. Hearing her beg for it sent him over the edge before he could even had time to react and think about what was happening.

The jets of his cum hit the back of her vagina. The combination of his balls tightening and spurting cum along with the roughness of him, choking her hard as her came, sent her the edge for her second orgasm. She spasmed around him, milking every single drop out of his cock. All of the stimulation caused her to squirt, flooding him with extreme wetness. With her squirt, she shot out a mixture of both of their sticky cum. He left his still-hard cock in her until her pussy stopped squeezing and pulsating. He finally pulled out of her, bringing lots of their cum out onto the table into a small puddle. They both felt flooded with endorphins and laughed as they realized they now had two messes to clean up- the mess around the kitchen from their hot sex-capade and the leak that was still dripping below the cupboard. Perhaps she needed to have the sink break more often she thought to herself, still catching her breath from their steamy fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


“No,” but she meant yes. It could be heard in her voice, it could be felt in the way her body moved. They slammed into walls, her nails scraping against the paint.

“Yes, oh god, yes,” she breathed and he brought her to the floor. He watched her, he spread her arms above her head, he pushed her leg aside, and she let him.

She arched her back, he held her down and she screamed as he thrust deep inside her. She began collecting bruises along her thighs, her wrists, the places where he made marks. Her knees ached with his solidity, her fingers in his hair, his body forced to be stable as she moved her hips back and forth in a new position. He wrapped his arms around her body, one hand reaching up to grip the back of her neck and the other gripping her butt cheek.

“Tell me you love my dick,” he said against her forehead and she whimpered it into his ear, for it was the truth; it was swollen when he pushed her on her hands and knees, and the wooden floor cooled her skin, it was still hard when she eased it into her mouth, it twitched when she looked up at him. It filled her mouth and she gagged, spit and tried again to keep her throat calm.

He bilecik escort hit her body till she was red, till there were tears in her eyes from the intensity, and she loved it.

“Fuckk…,” he moaned and he began to slowly match her mouth’s rhythm, watching her full lips make his dick disappear. He pushed her head closer to his stomach and she shook, but kept still. There was saliva dripping from his dick and her mouth, and yet she continued.

He could feel her excitement, he inhaled sharply and turned her around. Her butt was beautiful, but was missing a few hand prints, missing a few welts from his belt. He bit it, again and again and again, all over, sending shakes through every one of her muscles.

He kissed her legs open and he slid underneath her.

“No,” she quickly said and tried to roll off, but he kept her positioned, holding her lower body tightly. Her moans were shy, her body was pink with embarrassment, her hands trying to push his off.

“Stop it,” he said angrily. He massaged her breast and pulled her nipple lightly, dragging out a high toned quick cry from her manisa escort mouth. Her sounds made him more aroused, the effect she had on him he would never fully explain; it was his secret, and it was his pleasure in knowing.

“Please, please,” she whimpered against the floor and he slipped a finger inside her

“Please!” She gasped as she felt another using its tip to gently massage her asshole. He smiled as he pushed it in, to pair the one in her wet pussy, he smiled as he felt both tighten and he continued to pleasure her with the quick movements of his tongue.

She could barely keep her body up when she climaxed, and when he finally let go of her, she rolled on her side with heavy breaths. He dragged her on top of a side table, positioned right in front of a full length mirror, and he bent her over, his hand covering the middle of her back, the other he used to hold up her leg as he met her perfectly. He spit on the mirror and told her to lick it off. Before she obeyed him, she met his eyes.

“Good girl,” he said and he pulled her hair back in a simple ponytail so he could watch her face, so mersin escort he could watch her breasts dance in the air with his force. Her hand reached to massage his balls and he bit his lip with surprise. Harder and harder, he pushed deep inside her, he made her faces tantalizing and he loved every emotion that radiated from her body. He kissed all over her shoulder blades, and shoulders and neck. She pressed against his chest and his hand was set firmly against the wall right next to the mirror.

She kissed every part of his skin that she could get to, she crept her hand underneath his and they linked fingers tightly.

“Baby…,” her body began to glow and he could feel her heart beat growing fast, he could tell he was driving her crazy.

“Please, baby, cum for me,” she begged as she watched him. She would have to wait. He closed his eyes with the intimacy he felt and the pure physical pleasure.

“Your dick’s so big, I cant take it anymore!” she whimpered with tears flowing down her face, mixing with small beads of sweat. He was violent with his orgasm, clamping onto her neck and holding her hips in position to keep his pace. He kept going, he liked the feeling of cumming in her, and he knew she was going to climax again.

She screamed his name, “oh…., fuck, fuck!”

He kept hold of her, kept thrusting, and wouldn’t stop until she was red all over, until she was vulnerable and all he could see was love and paradise in her eyes.

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Gym Ratz, Round 03

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Bella Ink

This round is definitely for the romantics out there! If that’s not your cup of tea, better wait for Round 4!

Where the hell is she? That damn Ginny! Of course she’s a good friend, but for some reason I’ve been on edge ever since she and that French hunk she met left yesterday. Just thinking about what was going on. And how fucking easy it was for her! She’s really a nice girl and a good friend, helped me out once or twice. But I know that with men she can be a real slut. And I guess that’s just how she likes it! I don’t know if there’s a guy in the world that could actually tame her – or would want to try.

And it’s so fucking easy for her! Yesterday she chats up that French guy for five minutes and the next thing I know she tells me they have a lunch date. And I went by here at five o’clock last night and her car was still in the lot, so I know she went home with him! That’s ok if that’s what she wants, I’m happy for her.

But dammit it made me think. About what they were doing. And about me! Ohhhh god! I’m so fucking horny! No one’s touched me since I broke up with Ralph, about six months ago. I’ve always hated the idea of one night stands; decided I needed a real relationship. But I’m really finding out now, I have needs too. I’m not getting any younger and it seems like I want it more now, not less! And Ginny just goes out and gets laid whenever she wants to. Oh god, that sounds terrible. But right now, oh shit, it sounds good!

“Carliiiiiii!” Oh god, there’s that scream, and she’s waving! Well she doesn’t know it but I’m more anxious to see her than she is to see me! I just have to know what happened! I don’t really know why, if she tells me I’ll just be more worked up than I am now, but the thought is driving me nuts! So it’s off to the locker room!

When I see her I know already, something really good must have happened. That’s the shit-eating grin to end them all! “Hi sis, you look bubbly this morning!”

“That’s ‘cuz I feel really, really good! I went out with Jim and we had a really nice time! And I’m going to see him again tomorrow!”

Wow, that’s unusual, a second date! Oh god, now I REALLY want to know what happened. “I guess you guys must have gotten along pretty good.” She giggles. Oh my god!

“Better than I ever expected Carli! He’s a really nice guy and we had a great time.”

“Well come on Ginny, tell me. I know you’re not that excited over having lunch.” She giggles again. Oh come on damn it, tell me!

“Well,” she says, “it was the next meal that was the really great one!” And now she gives one of those shrieks of laughter. Oh god, I think I know what’s coming. Just don’t make it too gross!

“We went to lunch, and one thing led to another, and I went back to his place. It’s a cute little loft in a really nice house. And … well, we kind of had each other for supper!” Another giggle. And sort of a smirk. Damn you!

“God Ginny, sounds like you made it awful easy for him. Don’t you ever try to get more for yourself out of your “dates” than just a quick fuck?” Her face gets serious all of a sudden. I hope she’s not mad at me now.

Carli, I know you don’t get it, you feel differently about things than I do. And I don’t understand you any more than you understand me. I have needs and I know how to get them taken care of. I don’t need anything beyond that. Relationships are a real bummer. Maybe you’d like to meet my ex. He could prove that to you.”

Then she adds, “But … oh I don’t know! Jim seems a little different. Yes, we went and fucked each other’s brains out! But I wanted to play a little game and he went along with it. And he made it really great for me! I know you’d hate it! I teased him and we played rough, and I have the marks to prove it!” And she pulls down the top of her Capri pants and panties and I can see the blue and purple marks from five fingers on her hip! Oh my fucking god!

“GINNY! My god, he hurt you! How the hell can you be happy about that? You could call the cops!”

Honey, you really don’t get it,” she says. “He didn’t want to play until I got him all worked up and teased him into it. And then he did exactly what I wanted, better than anyone else ever has! You know I like a little rough sex, and sometimes pain really is pleasure to me.” At this point she sits down on the wooden bench, and jumps up suddenly. “Oops,” she giggles. “My ass is a little sore this morning!” and she sits again, slowly and gently.

“But the thing is Carli, when we were done he was all concerned and apologetic. He really didn’t want to hurt me and was afraid he might have. Usually guys just don’t give a shit and it boosts their ego to know they slapped me around a little bit. I don’t care because it’s what I wanted, but with Jim it was … different. I loved it and he did it to please me, even though, in the end, I know he liked it too.”

She’s never opened up to me this way before, and she’s actually being serious!

“Anyhow honey,” she continues, “I’m seeing him again not just because I want to get fucked again, bayburt escort although I can’t wait for that, but I really want to see him! I’m looking forward to being with him tomorrow. And it doesn’t matter that much what we do. And this is a really strange feeling for me!”

I’m listening and my legs are shaking. And I don’t really know why. This is a different Ginny. But it’s also a different story. And dammit, it’s hitting me right between the legs! I sit down next to her and put my arm around her, and then I notice the hickey on her neck! And I shudder. Oh damn! I’m jealous of it!

“Baby, I’m glad for you, and if that’s what you like it’s fine, but if you need to talk or anything I’m always here and you have my number. But just do me a favor and don’t give up on this guy too fast. Could be he really is different. Never know!” And I give her a little wink. And I just can’t resist reaching and touching the red mark under her jaw. And she giggles again! We head out to the gym and do the Ellipticals, and afterward she leaves without doing any of the machines and I wish her good luck tomorrow.

All night long I just can’t get Ginny and her Jim out of my head. What they did isn’t what I’d want, it would scare me to death. It was the way she felt afterwards that I find myself longing for. And that damn Hickey!

He was here before me this morning, and she came in earlier than usual. And no scream, either, just a casual wave to me as she headed right over to him. They stood and talked for a while, and I could see she wanted to kiss him! I know she did! But they didn’t and then she came over and got on the machine next to me with a little smile and just started pumping.

And when she gets off the machine and I wish her good luck again she just grins and says, “Thanks, honey!” And they head out the door early, just after 12, and I get another little wave.

This isn’t good. All afternoon I’ve been thinking. And I have to admit to myself I’m really jealous. I don’t even know why, I certainly don’t want what she likes, it’s just that … she has something! And I don’t. AND I AM SO HORNY!

In the bathroom I evaluate myself. Short, curly blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. And a round face with a nice smile and even pearly whites, courtesy of Dr. Doom. And although I probably am 20 pounds heavier than Ginny and a couple of inches shorter, there’s not an ounce of fat, it’s all curves! My breasts aren’t really that big, just a bit more than “perky”, but they stand at attention, high on my chest, and my nips get nice and long when they’re hard. Which is right now! Which is just like all day!

Before I know it a little moan escapes my lips, and dammit, I just can’t stop myself from running my hands up my sides and over my breasts. And I finally admit to myself, I’m wet! Just from thinking of that whore, Ginny! Damn her! Damn, damn, damn!

Oh god, that’s the phone. As I walk out to get it I realize, my panties are wet. Oh fuck!

“Hello?” Oh my god, it’s Ginny! “Honey, are you ok?” Clock says it’s five and I can’t believe things could go wrong this fast.

“What? Do I want a date? What the fuck are you talking about?” She’s not upset, but I can’t believe she’s serious! “Oh, his brother? When are you talking about? Now? Are you out of your fucking mind?”

She’s telling me how his brother just called from the airport, unannounced, to say that he’s in town and has to lay over for a couple of days. And wants to know if Jim can show him around and get him a place to stay! But neither Jim nor Ginny want to give up their evening just for that, so they figure, the best thing is to get a date for … who did she say? Francois, I think. Oh, Frank, that’s better.

In my state of mind I just want to growl at her and slam down the phone, but she’s serious and my friend and I can’t do that. And somehow, through my misery it suddenly occurs to me that my whole problem is, I never have a date!

But this sounds like a one night stand, especially if it’s with Ginny and Jim and I just don’t do that! But suddenly, the little devil on my left shoulder that I didn’t know was there yells in my ear, “WHY THE HELL NOT?”

“Meet you where? Oh, the gym. Yes, that’s a good place to park.” You should know girly. “When? At six? Ohmyfuckinggod, that’s an hour! Yes … yes, I can. Ok, see you soon!”

PANICCCCCCC!!! I jump in the shower; I have to because I can smell myself, and set a world’s record washing up without getting my hair wet. What the hell am I going to wear? Hmmmmmm, I have this new bra and panty set I got a few months ago and never wore. Never had anyone to wear it for. Hell, I can’t wear this on a first date! My nips will show through these sheer cups if he even breathes on me! And the panties are a barely-there bikini. Oh god. Perfect!

I have no idea what we’re going to do, so no idea how to dress. How about the old standby, little black dress? I have a nice one, sheer and silky. And only comes half-way to my knees. Easy on bartın escort and easy off too. Oh god, what am I thinking? CARLI, STOP IT! I rush around, almost tripping, find a pair of heels to match the dress, and go do what I can with my hair. Fortunately, short as it is it doesn’t take much, it’s meant to look a bit tousled. Lipstick, no time for eye shadow and I hate it anyhow.

And I’m done. At 20 to six. But I can’t resist a look in the mirror. And I smile. Really not bad! Dress shows a little bit of curve from my breasts, and the flimsy bra seems to be holding me in place pretty well, not that I need much. But I just can’t resist running my hands up over my breasts and giving them a squeeze, making sure everything is in place. And sure enough, when I take my hands away, there they are! Nipples! Pointing right at me! Little tents, but at least the black minimizes the effect. Ohhhhh god, what am I doing?

Fortunately I don’t have time to wonder, and I head for the car, taking only a little black purse with my license in it and a couple of bucks. I’m sure as hell not paying for this!

Dammit, where are they? 10 past six and no sign. Oops, there’s a car. It suddenly occurs to me that I have no idea what Jim drives, and Ginny’s car is still in the lot. It’s a Lexus, nice! And it heads for me. Yep it’s them! I hop in the back and we head for the airport. Plane is already in, but Frank has to clear customs. As we drive I find out that Jim is calling out tonight and tomorrow, and they plan to make a night of it, although no plans yet as to where.

When I get out of the car I realize, I’m shaking like a leaf. But I feel better when Ginny says, “You go girl, you look great.” And when she introduces me to Jim I understand why the accent turns her on. And the deep voice, too! And that smile he gives me is to die for! While we walk to the terminal I check them out; Ginny’s obviously been home and has on a little white number. Nice contrast to mine. Jim just has a jacket over a sports shirt. Perfect!

We only have to wait 10 minutes or so and here he comes, Jim’s brother and my date! Frank is even taller than Jim, though not as solidly built, and I’m guessing, five years older. Great with me! Ginny likes ’em young, but a little maturity is fine with me. And the hint of gray on the temples is delicious!

Jim introduces Ginny as his girlfriend and me as a friend of hers. Frank leans over and gives Ginny a little hug and kiss on the cheek, then does the same with me, but he whispers in my ear, “I’m so glad you joined us this evening, Carli!” He’s very polite but the embrace lingers just a bit! OH MY GOD! The accent is twice as thick as Jim’s and is just dripping “French”!

I’m still shaking, but I relax a little, and I’m beginning to enjoy this already. But through my mind flashes, “I just hope he doesn’t think I’m some kind of a hooker!”

It was an overnight flight for him – they’re eight hours ahead – and he’s slept most of the way, but he’s ravenously hungry so the first order of business is food. Turns out Jim does know the local clubs pretty well, because he takes us to one with a great restaurant and we have formal meal, top shelf steaks, wine and all the trimmings. These Frenchmen know how to eat! Oops, dammit Carli, stop thinking like that!

Of course Frank is next to me and he’s not shy, and soon we are chatting a little. And I find out his English isn’t half as good as Jim’s and he doesn’t know all the words. But that accent is to die for and I actually know a little French, so before long we are making a little game of it, laughing and chattering away! And I catch Ginny looking at me with a big shit-eating grin on her face. But that might be because she and Jim are so close they’re practically touching, and knowing Ginny, something is going on under the table!

Before we’re done there’s music coming from the lounge, and Jim calls the waiter, hands him a 20 and in a moment he’s back, announcing our table is ready. As we walk to the other room I feel Frank’s hand on my back, lightly, and I immediately step closer to him, without even thinking. And suddenly I shiver. I have no idea where this is going, but so far, I like it. I like him!

Turns out our table is a booth with a circular seat, and the four of us all sit behind it, facing out. Of course that means we are pretty close, and I can feel Frank’s leg, but he’s not pushing and I almost wish he would. He smells nice and I like being close to him.

Suddenly I feel something touching my hair and I look up to see he’s running his hand over it! And with a big smile he says, “Pardon me Carli, but I love your hair, it’s pretty! And cute!”

OH MY GOD! It sounds like a line, but with those words and that accent it doesn’t matter. I feel my face flush as a bolt of electricity goes through me! All I can manage to get out is, “Thank you Frank, that’s very nice!”

But then he leans down, very close to my ear and says very softly, his voice a husky rumble, “Chere, call me Fran, ığdır escort s’il vous plait. My name is really Francois you know; at home that’s what they call me.”

God don’t do this to me! I have to squeeze my lips tight to keep a whimper from leaking out, and suddenly I’m on fire! Finally I force myself to smile and look up at him and whisper, “I’d love to Fran, that’s a very pretty name.” And before I can stop myself I raise my hand and touch his cheek with my fingertips! And one of us must have moved because suddenly I am leaning against his shoulder! Helppppp!!

This is an older crowd, so the music is lively, but nothing too wild. And I love to dance, but right now I’m just not up to it, so I’m relieved when Fran orders us another round of drinks, and we sit nursing them as we watch the few people on the floor. By now Ginny and Jim have kissed a time or two, and I’m feeling a little self-conscious. But when the band switches to a slower set Fran immediately asks me to dance. And I have the feeling, “This is it!”

I quickly find out, Fran is a much better dancer than I, light on his feet and smooth in his moves, never missing a step, and all I have to do is follow him. Which, of course, is much easier if my body is pressed against his, and that only takes a moment. I try to keep my breasts so they are just barely touching his chest, but when I look up I see him smiling back down at me. I don’t know if he’s looking at my face or my boobs but it doesn’t matter, either one is fine. But I pull back just a bit to give him a better look, just in case.

When the band stops, momentarily, before beginning the next song we stand face to face, just smiling. But he has both arms around me, and I can feel his hands moving slowly over my back. And when the music starts we just sway together for a minute before breaking our almost-embrace and dancing again. I catch sight of Ginny and Jim for a moment, all wrapped up in each other, of course. God that looks good!

After the third song the band breaks, but it takes us a moment to separate enough to move back to our table. I feel like I’m burning up and shaking, my mind churning, and the only thing I know for sure is, I’m wet! It’s a relief to sit down, and when he slides in next to me I turn to him, hoping. Knowing!

And he does! He boldly puts both arms around me, and we sit smiling at each other for a moment. But through the fog of need I realize we are both leaning towards each other, and it takes way too long for our lips to finally touch. Ooooouuuuuuuuu, god I’m almost frantic this feels so good, and I want to grind my lips, my body against him! But instead he presses his lips against mine softly, slowly, barely moving them.

And it finally happens! I moan, deep in my throat, a primal sound of need, and his arms tighten around me just a bit. But the kiss goes on, and on. Until he pulls back for a moment and just smiles at me. Oh god, I hope he feels a little of what I do. Oh god oh god oh god!

And when we kiss again our lips press harder, moving against each other’s until soon, I feel the tip of his tongue slowly and gently run the length of my lips. And when it comes back, of course my lips are parted just enough so that it can easily push its way between them. Which he does, slowly, gently, barely. And I can’t stop my tongue from saying hello, softly, the tip just brushing his. And oh my god, I hear it! From someplace deep inside him, it almost sounds like a whimper. Of need!

But he holds me, still for a moment, then slowly his arms loosen and he pulls back. And I hope he can’t hear me panting, gasping. He stares at me for a moment, then whispers, “Merci ma belle Carli, that was beautiful!” Oh my god, yes it was! Don’t let it be over!

But then our attention is turned to Jim and Ginny when she suddenly moans loudly. They’ve come back to the table and we didn’t even notice, but now they are squirming against each other and both have a hand under the table. Somehow, Ginny realizes we are no longer occupied with each other and she giggles when she sees us watching. And Jim, who had his face buried in the side of her neck, lifts his head and turns to look at us. And he says to Fran, “What do you think frère, time to go someplace more comfortable?”

But Fran looks at me and says, “Only if ma chere Carli is ready to go.”

Oh my god, am I ever! I can feel all my inhibitions tumbling down, and all I wonder is where “someplace more comfortable” might be. But Jim says, “I have a reservation for you for a suite at a hotel near me, perhaps we could go back there for a nightcap.”

Fran looks at me, as if to ask, “Ok?” and I nod my head and gasp out, “Uhhuh,” which almost comes out as a squeak.

We quickly head for the car, and of course Fran and I tumble into the back seat, and I’m in his arms before we’re out of the parking lot. He’s bolder now, his hands running over my body, but he carefully doesn’t touch anything “vital” and I am quickly learning the true meaning of the term “French kiss”.

I know what I want to touch, very badly, but I don’t, instead running my hands all around his chest. I still don’t know what Fran really thinks of me, but even though it’s obvious what he feels he’s really being a gentleman about it. His hands are gentle and never threatening, and his lips, ummmmmmmmmmmm, they are to die for!

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Granddaughter Gives Me a Hand

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When I was growing up, sex was something people got into gradually. Birth control was available but not like it is today. And, well, girls just didn’t fall over and spread out at the drop of a hat. I was nineteen when I had my first time.

Now, well, I have friends who tell me that it’s not unusual for girls to be given the pill as soon as they begin menstruating because sex is so prevalent. I just missed out on all that and I’m sure there are a lot of guys in my age group who feel the same way.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t like sex, of course I do. I’m only sixty-four, hardly that over the hill. That also doesn’t mean that I get a lot of sex since my wife died five years ago and, while I have dated some, and, yes, some of the women were also willing to have sex, my sex life is pretty irregular.

Except for what I provide myself.

Yes, by hand.

The time this all started was when my eighteen-year old granddaughter was visiting me during the summer, I had slept a little later than usual and woke with a nice hard-on which I thought I would enjoy before I got out of bed.

So, just like a thirteen-year old boy, I was doing the old familiar thing when I looked up and saw Allison standing in the doorway looking in.

“Oh, Grandpa, I’m sorry,” she gushed as I scrambled to pull the sheet up over me.

“I’ll leave you alone, sorry,” and she scooted down the hall leaving me rather embarrassed. I knew I couldn’t stay in bed forever and steeled myself to get up, put a robe on and go have my breakfast.

Of course, she was at the kitchen table as I busied myself with the coffeemaker and getting my cereal.

I decided to just not mention anything so when I sat down, I was surprised when she said, “Sorry about interrupting you this morning.”

“Oh, um, well, I had kind of forgotten you were visiting, honey, sorry.”

She was smiling, not seeming upset or anything.

“Did you finish?”

I just sat there for a minute as the question reverberated through my head.

“Um, well, no, well, that kind of took the fun out of it, you know,” I mumbled wanting to change the discussion to just about anything else.

“Well, I guess you get lonely without Grandma around.”

“Yeah, I do miss her in a lot of ways.”

“I’d be happy to do it for you, Grandpa.”

Like I said, I grew up in a different age.

“Honey, um, that’s kind of a personal thing, you know, kind of grown-up, private.”

“Oh, come on, it’s just part of life, Grandpa. People get horny. I do. You do, everybody does. It’s just natural.”

“Well, yes, it’s natural, but, well…”

“So, kütahya escort it’s just natural that I want to help out my nice grandpa and help him feel better.”

“But, you’re my granddaughter, honey, we’re related.”

Maybe I should tell you a bit about my granddaughter. She’s eighteen, five-six, willowy blond, long, tanned legs, pretty face and a figure that must get lots of looks. Even I’ve enjoyed looking at her when she uses my pool, her bikinis are almost non-existent. They’re thongs, even smaller than bikinis, you know.

“That’s exactly why I asked you. I love you Grandpa, I want you to be happy and I know I could make you happy. There’s just you and me here, nobody would ever know but us. It’s not like I’ve never done it to a guy before, you know. Your sweet, little granddaughter has done a few things, you know. So?”

“I just don’t think I could do it, Allison.”

“Well, here, then,” and she stood up, let her robe fall to the floor and pulled her nighty up over her head and dropped it on her robe.

Stunning. She was beautiful. I knew she would be, in her swimsuits, she was beautiful. Naked, she was glorious. Well, she still did have some little panties on, just really small ones, she was stunning.

She knelt down in front of me and pulled my robe apart, reached in my boxers and pulled my cock out. Just like that.

Then, she leaned forward and I watched my granddaughter’s mouth slide over my hardened cock and begin to suck.

I haven’t felt that sexually stimulated in years, well, maybe ever, really. Allison was certainly experienced in pleasing a man, this couldn’t have been her first time doing this, oh, not even close.

“Oh, Allison, I can’t believe we’re doing this, it just feels so good, baby, oh, you sure are making me feel good.”

She was looking up at me as she sucked me, knowing that she’s making me sublimely happy, she knew what she was doing, what pleasure she was giving me, oh, she knew for sure.

“Honey, I’m about to cum, if you want to stop, you know, in your mouth.”

She shook her head sideways as she sucked me on and suddenly my whole body tensed and the ecstasy of relief swept over me as I spurted my granddaughter’s mouth full as she sucked and sucked.

I slumped in my chair, spent, drained, and, oh, so happy. She was marvelous. I really think it was the best orgasm I’d ever had.

She stood up, a drop of my semen on her chin, as she said, “Well, better now?”

“Oh, honey, that was spectacular. You know we shouldn’t have done this but it was magnificent.”

“Well, malatya escort I wanted to and it was fun making you happy, Grandpa, you’ve made me happy lots of times. It was fun. You really taste good. And, now, I’m going to go take a nice shower and would like my grandpa to come shower with me. We’re gonna have some fun, Grandpa, come on,” and she pulled me up out of my chair and led me down the hall to her bathroom, pulled off her panties, turned to me, slid my robe off my shoulders, knelt down, pulled my boxers down and kissed my semi-erect cock right on the tip.

She stood up, reached in to turn the water on, then a minute later stepped in and pulled me in by the cock with one hand, giving me the soap with the other.

“I want you to get my boobs really good and clean, Grandpa, just take your time,” she said with a wide grin as I lathered my hands and began soaping her beautiful breasts.

It had been many years since I had showered with a woman, and the lush, slippery feel of Allison’s generous breasts sliding under my hands was sensational. Her nipples were all puffy-looking and the tips were hard and erect. I twirled my fingers around them as she gazed up at me.

“That feels nice, here,” she said as her soapy fingers wrapped around my cock and began pulling back and forth.

“Mmm, that feels nice, too, Allison. We’re gonna run out of hot water pretty soon,” I cautioned and she pushed in the faucet control as we rubbed each other on and on.

“Well, we better finish, Grandpa, this is giving me some more ideas that I want to try with my nice grandpa, okay?”

“I’m putty in your hands, Allison,” I said as we both looked down at her hands stroking me back and forth.

“Feels better than putty to me, Grandpa,” she teased as we rinsed and turned the water off.

We dried off and she led me to her room and had me get in bed with her.

“Let’s just stay here the rest of the day. I know I can think of some things to entertain ourselves with, Grandpa, see, I get horny, too, you’ll just have to be my boyfriend” as she grips my cock and kisses me like a steady boyfriend.

She was halfway over on top of me, rubbing her pussy on my hip as I felt her solid, firm breasts.

Allison sat up, then leaned over dropping a pink nipple to my lips as she pulled the sheet off me and started stroking my cock.

I sucked the soft nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue around the hard, risen center as she gazed lovingly into my eyes.

“This is so nice, Grandpa, just you and me, our own secret.”

I lay there sucking her breast, my cock batman escort back hard again as she ran her hand up and down, wondering just how this all happened. But, I had given in, I wanted sex with Allison, I wanted her body, I wanted to be inside her body. That hadn’t happened yet, except for her mouth, which was thrilling enough, I just wanted to fuck her so bad. I was sure it would come to that, I just let her continue to lead the way.

“Like this, Grandpa? I’ll keep those bad, old horny feelings away, for sure. Just let little Allison take care of you,” and she rubbed her thumb in the precum seeping up out of my cock around and around.

She raised up and got on her knees, bent over and, again, slid her warm, wet mouth over my cock and began pulling me right up to heaven. She sucked me a couple of bliss-filled minutes, then raised up, swung a leg up over me and, gripping my hard cock, squatted down over me, rubbing the tip end of my happy cock back and forth along her slit, then pushed down.

Tight, smooth, silken, Allison was all those things up inside her. Oh, this was the best feeling of my life. As she began rocking up and down over me, smiling down at me as I rubbed her perfect breasts, she asked, “I hope this is making you feel better, Grandpa? It’s making me feel awfully good, I can tell you that.”

“Oh, honey, this is just indescribable. You are so pretty, so beautiful, I just can’t believe this is happening.”

“Well, it is, and now that it’s happening, I’m going to sleep with you in your bed the rest of the time I’m here. And, I don’t plan on wearing any clothes the rest of my visit. It’s just too much fun being naked with my hot grandpa.”

“Oh, honey, I better go get that prescription filled that I had my doctor give me when I was dating a woman a while back. Turned out I never needed it but I think with you being naked all the time, I want to be ready for whenever you get the urge.”

“I get the urge all the time, Grandpa, all the time. Mmm, this feels good.”

I had never been so sexually excited in my life. Allison was eighteen, just perfect-looking, her skin flawless, breasts firm and upright, pink nipples aching to be sucked, oh, she was spectacular and she was fucking me so wonderfully.

So, the only times I’d gotten dressed was to go get the prescription filled and to do some grocery shopping. The rest of the time, Allison and I enjoyed our nakedness together, she just wouldn’t leave me alone and she said it was because my cock was hard all the time and that when she saw it that way, she wanted it. I started making plans to get a prescription refill right then.

I had the best sex of my life that week, she was just insatiable, hungering for sex just like you might suppose a eighteen-year old woman might want. Well, she sure did.

And, since then…oh, she visits me often and has found many ways to make her grandpa a very, very happy man. Yes, indeed she has.

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Good Things Cum 2 Those Who Wait

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Rebekah had waited for this for six years. She had fantasized about it, dreamt about it all this time and now that the moment was here, she just could not believe it. This man whom she had wanted was finally hers and the feel of his hands touching her skin burned into her senses like fire burning through hot coals, reducing them to ashes so very slowly.

Michael had been a co-worker and friend for four years, until the day the kiss happened. There had always been a hint of tease in his eyes; she knew there was an attraction there. Her heart would stop whenever he would enter the room and she had never experienced the sensation of getting wet just from hearing a man’s voice, but that’s exactly what would happen anytime he spoke to her. But, there was always a complication; He lived with a woman, and Rebekah was married. Neither relationship was happy or even healthy for that matter, as they would find out about each other over the course of many conversations. However, neither of them would reach out to the other, realizing instinctively that to do so would only complicate matters, and create heartache where there need not be. That didn’t stop them from longing for each other, so that kiss was bound to happen when those circumstances were just right.

“Hey, how are you today?” Michael inquired, noticing the melancholy look on Rebekah’s face.

“I’m doing ok, I guess. You know all the stuff I have been going through with Dominic? I saw a lawyer yesterday and I decided to file for divorce. I just don’t see any way to fix this, and goodness knows I’ve tried.” She let her head rest on her hands as she sat at her desk. Michael came around and put his hand on her shoulder and rubbed it lightly, (She loved when he would do that!) and let a sigh escape his lips.

“Wow Rebekah, I’m so sorry. I know how hard you’ve fought to keep things alive, but sometimes you just have to know when to quit flogging a dead horse, ya know?” She let him continue kneading the knot in her shoulder for a little while and then remembered that he had told her earlier that there was something he would come by to tell her.

“Oh well, enough about me and my situation. You came here to tell me something. What’s up? You seemed excited about it when we spoke earlier.”

“Well,” he began, “I will be moving at the end of next month.” Suddenly he seemed nervous to be telling her this important news. “Mary isn’t coming with me. I finally sat her down last night and explained to her how I felt and for once she actually understood how wrong things have been. She cried, I cried, but we both know it isn’t going to work.” Rebekah’s heart pounded in her chest and she stood up immediately. Turning to face him, the smile on her face betrayed her feelings.

“You broke up with Mary?” She blurted, “And you’re getting your own place?” The possibilities this alluded to made Rebekah’s head swim.

“Yes,” he said, “I broke up with her, but it’s where I’m moving to that may be a bit unexpected. You see,” He shifted uncomfortably, “I spoke with my dad last night and he wants me to come home and help him get his house ready to sell. He just doesn’t see the point in living there alone since mom passed away and he can’t do some things on his own anymore. Not to mention he wants me to help him get his shop opened up again so he can keep busy.” With that said Rebekah’s heart sank. He was moving to New Mexico, leaving her in Georgia to face her divorce alone and her desire for him unfulfilled. She decided that she just wasn’t going to let it go without doing something. Facing him, looking into his eyes, she reached up and put her hands on each side of his face, and with the power of the desire that had built up in her she melted into him, their lips meeting for the first time. At first neither one of them could believe what they were doing, but then the hunger they had for each other kicked in, the kiss became a torrent of passion. It was a kiss like no other; they were so in tune to each other, each of them instinctively knew just how the other wanted, needed to be kissed as their tongues explored each other in the desperate need to release the tension that had built up over the years. Pulling away from each other finally, they stood trembling.

“Wow, I, uh. I don’t know what to say. Ummm.” Michael’s breath came in ragged gasps.

“Just tell me one thing Michael,” Rebekah whispered, “Tell me that you will not leave before we have at least one night together. Promise me that? I have been holding back from this for so long, if you leave and I never have at least that, I will just die.”

“I promise.” It was all he had to say. He walked out of the room then and she was glad for it, because she felt like her heart would explode any moment if he continued to stand there.

That was almost two years ago and the night that kırşehir escort she had begged for that day did not happen, much to her regret. She had felt a disappointment that burned down to her soul, almost rejection, but she understood there were things in the way of them ever having that time alone. He left his job at the end of that month and that would be the last time she saw him. The two of them kept in touch by e-mail, and admitted all the feelings they had harbored for one another during the time they worked together. Since Michael had left, Rebekah had changed jobs and things were so different for them both now. She dated now and then, but didn’t find anyone that would match her attraction to him. Michael on the other hand was driven in his work with his father, didn’t date and indeed tried to take some time to himself to figure out what had gone so wrong in his life that led him to be where he was. Michael’s circumstances would change however, as the partnership he was expecting to have with his father never materialized and he became dissatisfied with how things had gone. He knew he couldn’t continue things as they were, and once he made sure his dad was living comfortably, he made a decision.

The e-mail said “I’m coming back to Georgia soon. I’ll keep in touch.” Rebekah’s heart leaped up into her throat, and stayed there.

The next e-mail said “I’m here.” To which she responded, “Call me, come see me…do something!” Michael’s dry sense of humor kicked in at this point. “So which is it, call you or come see you?” Rebekah couldn’t contain her frustration, “Both. Or better yet, get your ass over here!”

He pulled into the parking lot at exactly five and picked her up from work. His hair was longer, with a little tinge of grey on the sides that she thought made him look sexier than ever. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen as he stared into her sultry brown eyes, wanting nothing more than to engulf her full lips in his own and finally have her as he had fantasized about for so long.

“So, where to now?” he asked as she climbed into the passenger seat of his car.

“I don’t care Michael, anywhere. Let’s just get out of here.”

“How about we get a bite to eat, and then we will see what we want to do next, ok?” Even though he knew very well where this was going to end up, he was not going to let the opportunity of enjoying every single moment of it pass him by.

They sat in a little out of the way corner of the restaurant making idle chit chat, staring into each other’s eyes. At every opportunity he would put his hand on her knee, since he had taken the seat next to her rather than sit across the table from her. Rebekah would run her hands through his hair, enjoying how it felt in her hands. They kissed, held hands, and touched every chance they got. The check couldn’t arrive quickly enough, even though they put up a very good front of enjoying a leisurely meal together.

Michael’s hand, warm and soft, caressed her leg as she sat in his car on the way to her apartment. The feel of it sent shivers up her spine and even though she wanted to grab his hand and plant it firmly between her thighs, she only managed to move her leg over just enough for him to get better access to the sensitive skin on her inner thigh. He smiled like a kid in a candy store when he noticed it and he allowed his hand to explore a little further up under the hem of her skirt. She sighed and closed her eyes, waiting for the car to stop in front of her place.

She unlocked her door and pushed it open. He walked in right behind her, shutting the door behind him, he grabbed her hand and spun her around to face him. Lifting her chin gently, he brushed his lips against hers reveling in the feel of their softness, feeling them tremble under his.

“I want you.” He said so softly it was barely a whisper. Rebekah gasped at the goosebumps his words brought to her flesh, flesh that was now burning for his touch. He pressed his body against hers, wrapping his right arm tightly around her waist, his kiss became more insistent. She opened herself to him and began to run her tongue across his lips lightly. He sucked her tongue into his mouth, savoring the taste of her and caressing it with his own. Her hands began to explore his body, running the length of his back, scratching her manicured fingernails down his sides eliciting a moan that rumbled from deep in his throat.

“If you want me, come take me. I’ve waited far too long for you to hesitate now!” She said, pulling away from him long enough to take his hand and lead him to her bedroom.

The sun was just setting and the remaining rays came through the slats in the vertical blinds at an angle, giving the room a soft glow. She walked in backwards, holding onto kocaeli escort his hands tightly, making sure to not let go for a moment. She was not going to allow him to escape. He followed her like an eager puppy, almost panting, his hard cock straining against his jeans trying to reach for what it had desired for years. Reaching the end of the bed, her knees buckled suddenly putting her in a seated position in front of him, his manhood directly in front of her. She looked up at him with a devilish grin.

“My, my! What have we here?” She asked lustily. Reaching up, she unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his jeans in very short order, pulling them down to his ankles. He wasted no time stepping out of them, his cock now thumping in unison with the rhythm in his temple. She pressed her right hand up against his fully extended erection and through the fabric of his boxers, rubbed him gently. He was so hard he could have hammered a nail through concrete and her attentions were almost unbearable. He groaned a bit, looking down at her with anticipation on his face. Rebekah slid her hands on each side of his hips, tucked her fingers into the waist band of the boxers and slid them down until they joined the jeans that were piled on the floor near his feet. There he stood now, in naked glory. His body glistened in a light sheen of sweat. He was tan, broad shouldered, his torso tapered down to his waist. His engorged erection stood out, magnificent, hard and hot, a small drop of precum forming at its tip. She eyed it hungrily, and reached out with a finger to collect it. Bringing the tip of her finger to her mouth, she tasted him for the first time, licking his essence from her finger. He was sweet and salty at the same time, and it made her hunger much more intense. Grabbing his cock at the base, she guided him closer to her mouth. She ran her hand up and down his shaft in long slow strokes, bringing more precum to the tip which she then lightly licked off with her tongue. The contact of her tongue on the head of his prick was like an electric shock and he grunted each time she touched him. Finally she took him into her mouth, as much of his big, thick dick as she could. His legs began to shake with the pleasure of what he had fantasized about for years, and now the reality of it was so much better. Rebekah started to work Michael’s cock with her mouth, sucking the head, running her tongue up and down its length until he could barely contain himself.

“Stop!” he cried. “I don’t want to cum that way. I have waited too long for this too, and you are not going to be the only one that gets to have her way!”

He pulled himself from her grip and pulled her up from the bed. She stood in front of him now, but fully dressed. He pulled her to him then, embracing her in a passionate kiss, his hands slid to the zipper on the back of her skirt and lowered it. He then ran his hands up her body, eventually putting them on each side of her face. He buried his fingers in her thick, curly hair as he kissed, licked and sucked her lips and tongue with his own, feeling her body tremble and hearing the small moans escape her throat.

He teased her this way for a short while, rubbing his prick against her pelvis hard enough to remind her that it was there. She continued to grind herself against him wantonly; practically begging for him to undress her. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse, brushing his thumbs lightly against her nipples that were standing painfully erect against the material of her confining bra. He slid the blouse down her arms and dropped it to the floor and reached up her back to unhook the offensive piece of clothing that trapped her luscious breasts from him. Rebekah’s breasts bounced free when Michael unhooked the clasp, and he immediately cupped one in each hand, reveling in the feel and weight of the tender mounds of flesh. He lowered his head to spread little kisses and licks all over them, stopping at each tender nipple. He licked one, and then would blow on it so he could watch it get harder, more erect and stand out so prettily against the round, white mound of her breast. Between thumb and forefinger, he rolled and tweaked them as he kissed her throat, her ears, and her mouth until she was writhing against him, almost in agony.

Her skirt dropped to the floor and he gently pushed himself forward until her knees once again buckled against the end of the bed. This time he continued to push forward, until she scooted up on the bed, lying underneath him with her legs, bent at the knee, dangling off the end of the bed. Michael began to trace kisses, licks, nibbles and gentle sucking motions down her body until he found himself on his knees on the floor. He reached up and pulled her hips down to him, then hooked his hands under her knees shoving her legs up in konya escort the air, exposing her wet pussy to him so suddenly she gasped. He pushed her knees apart until they were touching either side of the bed. He placed his hands on either side of her sex, and using his thumbs, spread her lips out even further until she had no secrets to keep from him at all. She was perfectly shaved, her pussy bare and swollen with desire. The pink flesh almost flushed red and she dripped from her excitement and desire for him. She moaned in anticipation and frustration, wanting to feel more than his hot breath on her, Michael lowered his head and extended his tongue to taste her wetness for the first time. He savored her sweet nectar and the smell of her engulfed him. She was the most sexy, most beautiful woman he had ever known and he felt it an honor that she was sharing herself with him.

Unable to contain himself, he ran his tongue the length of her pulsing sex, feeling her flinch and writhe on the bed before him. He circled his tongue around her engorged and sensitive clit, sucking it into his mouth and feverishly pumping his fingers into her. Her moans became louder and she began to roll her hips against his face.

“If you keep that up,” she gasped “I’m going to cum in your face!” He stepped up his pace, clamping his lips to her clit and torturing it with his tongue. Her movements became frantic and he could feel the muscles in her pussy begin to contract, squeezing the sensation out of his fingers as he continued to push them into her. She reached down and grabbed his head and mashed his face into her cunt, grinding herself into him as the orgasm swept over her. She screamed out his name and he lapped up all the juices that flowed from her as she came. As her legs trembled, he steadied her with his hands and kept on licking her pussy, slowly and lightly until her breath became more even.

“Oh my God! Wow, Michael. That was so much better than I thought it would be!” She breathed in his ear when he crawled up the bed to lie beside her.

“But, we are not done, are we?” smiling that devilish smile again, Rebekah rolled over onto him and kissed him. He was still very hard and had not yet been sated, and she was going to make sure he got as good as he gave. She straddled him then and reaching down between her legs. She grabbed his cock and pushed it up until it was poised at the entrance of her waiting, hot and wet pussy. She looked in his eyes, lowered her head and enveloped his lips with hers and slowly impaled herself on him, driving his cock deep into her until he was buried all the way. He groaned with pleasure, feeling her tightness, her heat envelope him and it sent waves of pleasure through him. He grabbed her hips and held her still and began to work himself in and out of her. She felt every inch of him sliding in and out, felt him glide with her juices until their hips would meet and thump against each other, sending little shock waves through her clit.

The rhythm was slow, but gained momentum with each thrust. They kept their lips locked together, tongues exploring as he pumped himself into her with all his strength. He let go of her hips so he could fill his hands with her breasts and she was able then to roll her hips around for maximum contact to her clit. His cock stiffened even more, the bulbous head rubbed the walls of her pussy in the most delicious way. With each thrust, Rebekah’s movements became more forceful. Soon she was shoving herself down on his shaft, her moans getting louder, her nails digging into his shoulders. As her pussy started to clamp down on his cock, he felt the tightness at the bottom of his belly start and the pressure in his balls increase. Michael started to pound her from the bottom, holding her tits firmly in his hands, they broke the kiss and let the wave of orgasm hit them.

She pushed up and hovered above him, eyes clamped shut in ecstasy as she came on his cock. He let go of her breasts at that moment, grabbed her hips and shoved his cock into her as he unloaded six years of lust and desire into her womb. Jet after jet of his hot cum, filling her, overflowing from her to slide down his shaft, covering his balls along with her own juices. The orgasm seemed to last an eternity yet was over too quickly. Exhausted and sweaty, she collapsed on top of him completely spent, both of them breathing raggedly.

“This was more than I had thought it ever could be, my love.” He said. Reaching over, he brushed the hair from her face to see her smiling her sweet smile at him.

“It can be like this from now on, between us Michael. Is that something you think you would want?” She asked her eyes round and dark.

“I can’t imagine ever being anywhere else, my love. I don’t want anything else. I never had any doubts about you and I want you to know I came back here just for you.”

This man, this beautiful, sexy man, the man she had desired for so long, daydreamed about, dreamt about nightly for six years was now her man. She sighed contentedly, curled up to him and as he wrapped his arms around her and planted small kisses on her forehead, she fell asleep.

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Good Girl Pt. 02

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As always! Thank you for clicking.

Description: Dan is fucking Jeffrey’s daughter and he may just get a chance at the mans wife.

tags: MF, cheat


“Dan… It’s—This is Lauren—I know it’s been a while. Pick up. I need to speak with you.”

The call had come through the night before. Dan listened to the message once, twice… What difference does the tenth time make?

He picked up the phone and placed it back down just as many times.

The empty space that was left was only filled by a knowledge… A knowing that something he had wanted had been fulfilled.

While Lauren called and left her message… Dan had done something unthinkable. A thing he knew he did, but wanted to deny.

The night previous he had given himself only one rule to play by: You Cannot Fuck Her.

And yet it was filled with contrary motion. The movement and alignment of planetary bodies.

The motion of each other had become a lifetime of pleasure… But there was a single moment… One that hid inside others. That became nearly imperceptible by sheer fact that Dan did not want to perceive it.

It occurred near the point where all sexual excursions must end. Dan had been thrusting—he pushed his cock harshly into Allanah. Pushed deep into her young, fresh body.

In that moment Dan suffered the fate that many men follow. The fate of self deception. The belief that one can avoid consequence if they just ignore a reality.

From the moment the night began one thing was obvious: Allanah wanted to fuck Dan. She wanted him inside of her. No matter the cost.

Dan, if he was honest, could recall the moment. The perfect moment. The one where Allanah was completely naked and rubbing her wet pussy on his cock.

She lifted herself and with the perfect angle… He just barely caught her. He pushed inside and in his horny haze… He fucked her. Pushing inside with absolute resolution, with the animal magnetism that was required of a sexual situation.

Moments later he came onto her pubic mound.

Watched her milk his cock for all it was worth. Get on her knees and suck him off.

She had a naughty look about her. In that moment she had gotten her way.

Dan, in a post fuck haze… Wasn’t sure what to think.

He knew what reality was, but it was easy enough to ignore that reality. It became convenient, even. Through the night he repeated a mantra: The truth is what you believe.

If he could just change the truth… He would not have to ever truly face it. By that virtue he would be free of guilt.

This world is not the one that exists.

The guilt of his actions, of the night before, only hit him so long as he stared at her naked form. She laid in bed with him… Her curly hair covering her face as they kissed.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her into him. His cock landed on her thighs. He wanted to spread her legs, but there would be time enough for that.

“Want to shower?” He asked her.

She nodded and they were off. He watched her butt bounce with each little step. He turned on the water and waited until it was warm, stepping delicately inside. The water wetted her hair and it gained that odd sheen that water imbues on objects.

Dan watched as she let the water drench her body. Ran her fingers through her hair. He smiled.

She turned to him, “What?”

“I… Just like the way you look.”

“I like the way you look.”

“Do you?” He said, taking a step forward. “What about me?”

She looked down and noted that his cock was growing.

“Want to know what I like about you?” He continued, stepping behind her and gripped her tits. “They’re beautiful.”

The two of them swayed together under the heat of the shower. Condensation accumulated on the bathroom mirror. They felt the heat rising around them. Not just in the room, but inside of themselves.

Allanah felt chills as Dan’s hands ran down her body. Everywhere he would touch, she would feel a new affection bloom. He seemed to know how to touch her and it made her want him all the more.

In her affection she reached her hand back and felt for his cock, grabbing it and steering it towards her pussy.

Dan pushed his hands firmly onto her ass. An attempt to keep from fucking her. A final sign of resistance.

“We shouldn’t.” He said simply.

“We already did.”

Dan sighed.

She grabbed his cock and pushed herself back onto it. He entered her tight hole from behind and felt free. For the first time he was fucking her of his own volition. Not of the volition of the animal that hid inside.

He was finally able to shed the pseudo chivalry of pretending he did not want to fuck her to the point of unconsciousness.

Allanah moved herself back and forth along his cock. She soon felt Dan’s pushes as he copied her but in reverse.

Allanah’s moans became louder and more pronounced.

“Fuck me please!”

Dan pumped harder with each shout. Hoping she would scream his name.

She wanted to be fucked—begged in fact—but she had yet to say his name. That artvin escort to him felt like a trophy. Being named in the moments following her orgasm.

He pushed into her and hoped he would be able to give her what she wanted from the moment. Because it was obvious to him that them being together was a part of a sexual fantasy.

For Allanah, it was the case that she was sleeping with a much older man that loved her for everything she was.

For Dan, the fantasy was in her young body. In the taboo of fucking the girl next door. The neighbor girl. The girl of his two best friends.

This moment—fucking in the shower—was just a benefit to being who they were in that situation.

He loved watching her ass bounce after thrusting inside of her. He pulled her in close to him. She would yelp in surprise.

“You’re fucking me so hard!”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it.”

Dan took a moment. He left his cock inside of her and enjoyed the ambiance. The sound of the shower water gently hitting their skin. The floating fog. The minutiae of the moment.

He thrust inside of Allanah. Felt her soft tits. Enjoyed her pale body, and when he could no longer wait… He pounded her for all she was worth.

He wanted her to scream his name. She had to.

“Feels so fucking good!” Close, but not quite.

Dan’s only response was a throaty rasp. He was out of breathe from fucking her. The animal side of him had come out. There was only his dick inside of her pussy.

He pushed and pushed.

“Dan! Fuck my pussy!”

She’d said it.

He pulled his cock out and came onto her back.

The hot shower water continued to rain down and wash away his sins. What remained was the two of them.

They kissed. It felt like a declaration. Asserting the fact that the last few months meant something more than just the sex.

It felt beautiful to the two of them. Though they did fear what the outside world would think.

The two got dressed and descended to Dan’s garage. Allanah entered his car and laid down in the backseat.

Dan reversed his car out of his garage. He looked to his right and waved at Jeffrey who was sweeping leaves from out of his front yard.

Dan hoped that Jeffrey wouldn’t walk over for a conversation. He hoped they would merely nod in each other’s direction and move on about their day.

Dan didn’t brake at all. He rolled backwards continuously. Jeffrey took note and returned to his yard work.

Nancy was waiting for Allanah at the mall food court. She was drinking bubble tea. She saw Allanah in the distance with the man from the night before.

In the light she could see that he was taller and older. He wore a grey t-shirt that put his biceps on full display. He was strong. Looked capable, appeared to be what Nancy imagined a man to be.

She could feel a growing sense of… What was it? Nancy didn’t have a name for it. Or she knew all along and did not want to admit to herself that she was… Horny.

She wanted what Allanah had.

Nancy didn’t have the history Allanah had with Dan. She didn’t have anything other than this moment and what Allanah had told her.

Nancy had a need… Like any person. Allanah had been fucked and Nancy felt that it might be time for her to get fucked too.

Allanah kissed Dan goodbye.

Nancy waned that.

To be held in a man’s arm like Allanah was held by Dan… If only for a moment.

“How did it go?” Nancy asked.

In a whisper Allanah said, “We fucked.” Nancy tried to hide her jealousy. “Twice.”


“I know.”

“How big was his—?”

“I don’t know… big?”

“You didn’t ask?”

“Didn’t have a tape measure with me, no.”

“How did it feel.”



“Like… Being full. A warmth inside of me. A good warmth.”

“Did he…?”

“No. Not yet.”

“Not yet?”


They left the mall and Allanah returned home around dinnertime. Sam admonished her for being out all night and day with Nancy. But she was glad they both had a good time.

Nancy didn’t know where to start. Didn’t know what it was she missed. Lacked. An ever present emptiness that was the inside of her vagina. She had gone twenty three years without having had sex once. She’d gotten close, sure.

But no cigar.

The temptation of men had stayed with her. The present Catholic guilt followed her from relationship to relationship, and their end. It followed her such that she was starting to wonder if her abstinence was a curse rather than a gift.

She’d heard women be shamed for sleeping around and she had done her fair share of shaming… but the reality seemed to be that the lack of sex didn’t improve her life. It held little benefit outside of a sense of superiority.

The next few weeks it became obvious that Allanah was in a mood that she had never been in before. There was a near constant smile that inhabited her face. A new willingness to do almost anything. A lack of resistance.

Jeffrey aydın escort and Sam had noticed too. Asked what came over her. Had she found a boyfriend?

Allanah denied it, of course, but Nancy knew the truth. It wasn’t a boyfriend. It was a man. A man that was taking care of Allanah’s needs night after night.

When Nancy was alone in bed she replayed the little she knew about Dan. His strong arms, the biceps. The slight smile he made whenever he touched Allanah. These were all things she had picked up in the short few interactions they had together.

It never once occurred to Nancy that she had seen all this because she was horny, and not, as she thought, observant.

The mind becomes ever perceptive to body language as the desperation for sex increases. Nancy had continuously denied this to herself.

Except when alone in bed.

When alone in bed she played those thoughts in her head. She saw Dan and imagined him removing his shirt.

She saw his body. She began to feel his hands running on her skin. All the way down to her panties. He would gently pull at them. To ask for permission… To remove them from her body. She would resist at first. It was the Catholic thing to do.

He would pull them down and merely kiss her stomach. Kiss her face. Her naked body.

Her fingers circled on her clit. She moaned. It sometimes helped to further excite her. Even if everything was only in her imagination.

She pulled her panties down to her legs. She moved them back and forth, until her panties hung from her feet. She pretended to kick them towards Dan.

Had he been there… He would have caught them and smelled her panties. Taken a long whiff of them and told her how good they smelled. How he couldn’t wait to taste the real thing.

He would tell her to continue touching herself as he pulled his cock out.

He would stroke himself. They would both just watch.

She imagined him crawling towards her. Pressing his cock against her stomach. Slowly pushing down against her. His desperation to fuck her growing.

He would kiss her… One last time…

Start to thrust…?

And then?

What did that feel like?

Allanah had said it felt like being full… What the fuck did that even mean?

To be full. Nancy felt full after eating pizza. She felt full when she drank too much water. Was being bloated the same as feeling ‘full’?

She wanted to ask Allanah again but she knew that the only way to get the answer would be to experience it.


Dan was already taken. Was there another man in her life? Some boy?

She knew it couldn’t just be anyone. That was never the issue. To be ‘full’ Nancy reckoned she would need to do it with somebody she was carnally attracted to.

One that she couldn’t deny.

It was at a BBQ when she found her man.

In the backyard, waiting for burgers, Allanah spilled her drink onto Jeffrey. He smiled and removed his shirt.

He had grey hair lining his head, but it contrasted well with the rest of his body. He was in decent shape. Jeffrey worked as a project manager at a construction company. He liked to keep himself close to the grunt work.

He didn’t believe that a manager could properly do his job if he didn’t understand the intricacies that motivated specific behaviors.

It was the stress of his work that left him to drink, but Nancy didn’t know about that.

Allanah never talked about it outside of her home. Why should she? It was painful to describe how he lost control and yelled at her and her Mother.

None of this information was relevant to Nancy but it made Jeffrey into the man he was.

She was attracted to him at face value. The truth is that relationships are made in this face value assessment. It is human nature to trust our intuition when reality can be so different from it.

All Nancy saw, in her horny haze, was a kind older man that could teach her the ropes.

She could have what Allanah had and in droves. It in part bothered her that to have Jeffrey she would have to screw over Allanah’s mom… but horniness has a habit of erasing moral predilection.

Jeffrey had continued cooking without his shirt.

Sam hung around, she kept her hand on Jeffries chest. Nancy knew it shouldn’t, but it made her jealous. To know that Sam had someone she wanted.

Nancy kept close. The moments that Sam was gone she found a reason to touch Jeffrey, casually. She didn’t want to alert him to her efforts.

Though the seduction of man was often easy, it could be an art.

Nancy was not the most experienced but she felt that if she adhered to conservative standards she could break a man. Any man.

After all, women were shamed for sleeping around but every man wanted a slut. They wanted a conservative slut. A girl who would be dirty only with them.

This was an important virtue and she was well aware of it.

A man saw value in innocence, youth, and beauty. Nancy saw it as well.

What Sam made up for in graceful aging, Nancy superseded balıkesir escort with her younger years.

Of course, Sam’s tits were on the larger side, about the same as Nancy’s. She wondered if Jeffrey preferred tits or ass.

Either way, Nancy had both.

The BBQ continued and Nancy laughed at Jeffrey’s jokes, but became scarce as the night continued. She didn’t need her Father to know her affections.

As the weeks went on Nancy found new reasons to hang around Allanah’s house.

The allegation of boredom. The need for girl talk. She became closer to Allanah and Sam. Coming up with new reasons to exist.

Using each opportunity to get just a little closer to Jeffrey.

It came to the point that they always hugged upon seeing each other.

Jeffrey was glad to see her. A young, pretty, girl that was happy to see him? What man wouldn’t want that? It was of the same nature of a dog. Always excited and ready to do whatever you suggested.

Jeffrey’s intentions and Nancy’s were on separate ends. Jeffrey saw her as her daughters friend, and Nancy saw him as somebody to fuck.

Crossing that divide was the task at hand for Nancy. How to convinced a married man that he wanted to fuck her young pussy?

The most obvious way would be to just offer it. Wait for him and present her pussy, but that had potential to backfire.

He could just walk away. She had to trap him in the room. Had to ensure that he would have no chance to walk away. No chance to use his brain before her lips were around his rock hard cock.

Creating that situation could prove to be a challenge.

But Nancy, as history proved, was patient. She had waited twenty three years, what would one more matter?

She continued visiting. Each time making time for Jeffrey. Making a sexual little joke. A look of the eyes. She wanted it to be known that she wanted Jeffrey. Even if he didn’t necessarily want her—yet anyway.

It is a common meme that men think of only one thing: Sex.

The truth is they think of two: Sex & how they’ll get it next time.

Jeffrey had worked in construction since he was a young man. He had worked his way up the company in an eventful manner. He had a personality that few people could deny. A man for the people. Vulgar, when appropriate (when isn’t it on a construction site?), and polite when he needed to be.

He left an impression of a man in control, and he was.

Though this control seemed to come at the cost of his home life. When at home, perhaps as a defense mechanism, he found himself out of control. He had the dream. A beautiful wife with big tits and a nice ass. She had been aging gracefully and Jeffrey knew that boys looked at her wherever they went.

Jeffrey was never mad, because he couldn’t help looking at her either. But despite this near perfection he felt it necessary to drink. It had begun innocently enough. A stressful day that he didn’t want to think about. He drank until he blacked out.

Then there was another stressful day, and another. It seemed that when he started drinking the stressful days never seemed to end. Perhaps he had mistaken the cause for the cure.

Drunkenness was fine on most days but it would often grow into passive aggressive movements. Slamming doors. Berating his wife.

During the day he would enjoy seeing other men covet his wife… But at night those feelings disappeared.

“You’re such a fucking whore.” To sam.

“You dress like a tramp.” To Allanah.

Things of this nature came out of his mouth. Criticism for everybody but himself.

None of this ever became obvious to the outside world. Jeffrey was kind. He often treated others fairly and kindly. The façade continued as long as strangers to the family existed.

Jeffrey knew how to manage his image. He would lose credibility and that was something that he could not do.

A beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter, he certainly lived the dream.

Why then was it that he had started to see Nancy as something else? She had been a kind girl and in recent months she had visited more than he thought necessary. Necessity hardly ever pertains to the realities of life.

But as she came around he noticed how she would touch him. A light touch on his arm. Her hand would land on his chest.

One particular night they all sat watching TV. Sam had excused herself to read a book upstairs.

Nancy had laid her head on his shoulder. He didn’t stop her. Why should he? It was innocent enough.

When you aren’t thinking about sex, everything is innocent. It is often the perversion of society at large that corrupts the view of behavior.

What is deemed deviant or sexual is decided by the world at large, when it comes to consequence.

Jeffrey saw Nancy as just another girl so he thought nothing of it.

Then she began to ask Jeffrey for advice with boys. He would say what he could.

“Men are easy. Just tell them they’re smart and funny.”

“What if I say they have a big cock?”

“Nancy, what?” He said.

“It’s just a question.”

“You could say that.”

“Should I say that?”

“I’m not sure when that would come up.”

“How about now?”

“Now what?”

“What if I said you have a big cock?”

“You don’t know that.”

Jeffrey started stepping away. He wanted to leave the conversation but he wasn’t sure how.

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Going to New Lengths

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Harriet began rubbing Charlie’s dick in earnest now, and as it grew, thickening and hardening, so did her sense of satisfaction. Her eyes found Charlie’s as he opened them momentarily, as if not quite able to believe such pleasure could be real. He was lying back, breathing heavy, ragged gasps, and she could smell the musky scent of his body as she fervently pumped his cock. It swelled further, parting her fingers as with a life of its own. The veins bulged and bunched beneath her digits, but she wasn’t satisfied yet – she wanted bigger than this.

And to think it had looked so ordinary to start with! When they had got back to her apartment, scarcely able to reach the door through the assault of kissing and hands running over each other, she had certainly been turned on. Her hand had felt his cock stiffen in his trousers, and after practically shredding most of his suit removing it, she had seen her prize. To her appraising eye it definitely seemed an adequate dick, even a little thicker than average, but now as she felt him thrust out yet another delicious inch into her mouth, she could scarcely control her passion, let alone her quivering hips slumped before him.

Seeing his penis she had reached for it, but not before his big hands were each holding a handful of her breasts. Even now he would give the occasional tug on her thick, darkening nipples and she would gasp more. Wherever he had touched had set her skin aflame, and every hair on her head stood up with the electric feeling coursing through her. Now… her loins were moistened beyond all reasoning, and all other sensory input had faded, all incorporated into her body’s singular goal of getting well and truly fucked… But she wanted to hold out for a little longer for now because she knew it would be all the better once she began. The anticipation wracked her. He had caressed, bit, nipped, and kissed, absolutely insatiable, it was as if he was all over her at once, making her completely his.

Yet now he could scarcely move, overcome as he was with the pleasure she was exerting unto him. The sense of power she felt, mastering this wild beast, kırklareli escort or rather both wild beasts at this point she considered as the iron pole between her fingers galvanised itself with titanium. This thing would snap her in two… and she could hardly wait any longer. While he had been pleasuring her, she had moaned so loudly that she had to grab a pillow and bite down for fear of her neighbours hearing, but that soon fell away as her vocal cords, much like the rest of her, ceased working except as to function as a pleasure machine, and her breath came in loud, untamed, raw gasps, solely it seemed for the purpose of turning him on further. Yet at some point, as he had been lowering himself to start eating her out, she felt something within her lash out; a primal spirit, and she shoved him on to his back and seized his cock.

It had actually begun as being somewhat slow and comparatively gentle, yet now she’d have been liable to throttle any man not so buried in infatuation. She had rubbed and stroked, increasing in speed and hardness, and he had begun to fall back, no longer able to hold himself up, his hands idly grasping at nothing but for the moments where instinct drove him to find a nipple, yanking as if to drive her on, his masterful and willing love slave. She wanted him, wanted it, and she wanted to make sure it was ready for some serious pounding. Her ministrations had continued, harder and harder, and to her surprise she noticed he showed little sign of slowing in his growth. She could hardly fathom where this sheer amount of cock was coming from, but she didn’t ultimately care as long as there was more of it. Her arm, then arms as she grasped with both hands, tired, and she knew what to do for the final move, to make his monster as wet as her throbbing pussy. Parting her lips wide, she shoved as much as would go in, and sucked and sucked for all she was worth. She saw his hips began to buck slightly, though he tried to hold them back, and she laboured on as more and more of his manhood expanded into her mouth. Her efforts proved fruitful, and his moans afyon escort could only confirm what she felt and tasted… It was time.

As she released him from her lips, it was like he had known already, for she found that almost immediately there he was on top of her, his arms forcing her lovely, thick thighs apart and plunging his enormous, thick dick into her cleft.

Then… a small part of the world exploded. She was ripped from her senses in a hurricane of absolute ecstasy. He was so big! So fucking big! He thrust and pushed into her, again and again, piledriving, ramming, forcing himself into her inside! She moaned again as he ravished her, she couldn’t help it, and she no longer had the capacity to care. His palms gripped her round ass and pulled her towards him, and she felt more shaft driving into her cunt. It was like a volcanic eruption but backwards! He did not speak. His lips slightly apart over his teeth, he grunted and worked, his goal now homogenous with hers. He fucked her, harder and harder, faster and faster, and she urged him on, calling his name and begging him to just continue and not stop. He was pushing and pushing, forcing more of himself into her, unable to comprehend nor care whether she was physically capable of taking any more… but rest assured she was. She felt her pussy, every nerve of it, being spread by this behemoth, despite how tightly her kegal muscles clung to it, drawing him in further and further – taking. And then she felt it, his pelvis hit hers, and realised that somehow she had done it, she had taken this leviathan into her in its entirety, and it only stimulated and inflamed her ecstasy further.

The sex had reached a new level of intensity. She was gasping and moaning, counterthrusting against the massive lance that continued to penetrate her again and again. A pleasure, a pressure, was building inside her, and she found herself gripping the bed instead of him now, for there was little she could do to make this adamantine hammering any harder. All there was was her and he, his eyes looking straight into hers, and somewhere amasya escort in the background and all around, them fucking. Time was all fast and slow at the same time, dense and featherlike as her hips bucked once again in rhythm to his plunging core. His efforts only grew more fervent and feral, and she felt a further swelling from within him. He was embedded into her, and she into him, and suddenly a sense of knowing gripped her. She pulled him, harder and further than before, towards her, towards her drooling, hungry twat, and kissed him deeply, her tongue working his mouth as she finally came, hard, fast, unending, divine, as she was pulverised and made anew by wave after wave of indescribable rapture and release.

Yet this was then toppled by a second, more intense feeling as he exploded inside her, filling her up with his hot seed, and she was overpowered – possessed, by a torrent of heightening orgasm. She felt as if she couldn’t take it, could not stand for it to continue, or even worse for it to end. Her every thought, her very existence, was obliterated and all that was left was the union between their bodies. Only one intelligible phrase could escape her lips: “Oh Charlie!”. And still he came on, his still-rigid cock filling her up, on and on, until she felt it leak out and stain her thighs. The orgasm had not yet petered out, and once again spontaneity overtook her.

Removing herself from the gargantuan mast, she quickly sat astride him and placed it firmly between her tits, examining at his gobsmacked expression as she, with a sultry grin, began to pump and rub his shaft with her pillowy breasts, and suck on his rod with her mouth. This must have been too much for him, because before a minute had elapsed he had cum again, fully into her mouth. She would have said she was startled by the sheer amount from the second barrage of jets if she were not so keenly conscious of the Brobdingnagian scale of this pecker, so it came as little surprise that her deep swallows could not keep up. This bout was shorter, and after making sure she milked the very last drop she stood and turned, licking off the last of his semen that had spurted on to her face, and began to make her way back to the bed, ready snuggle up beside him.

However, the hard, eager expression, and the harder, more eager thing that were there to meet her had other plans. She felt herself involuntarily grow wet again, and her nipples puckered…

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Glory Hole

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Its 2:30am, I’m on my way home from a night at the bar. There were about 4 guys to every woman at the bar tonight, even the less desirable women had guys circling around buying them drinks in hope of getting in their pants. I was really hoping to get laid tonight but with the odds against me all night, I failed to find someone to take care of my needs.

All of a sudden I noticed the porn shop in town was still open, I figured I may as well stop by and get a good porno to bring home, if the only action I am going to get tonight is going to come from my hand, I may as well get something nice to look at while I enjoy myself.

As I looked through the selection of DVDs, I noticed the only ones that were any good were $30 and up. A lot of money considering all the money I spent at the bar buying drinks for my potential sexual partners!

I noticed the booths in the back of the store and figured it may be smarter to just ardahan escort rent a movie and take care of my business in the booth. I locked myself in the booth and picked out a movie. I sat back and unzipped and started stroking myself to the movie.

I was only jacking off just fast enough to keep my dick hard until the movie got to a really good part. Once the movie got to a good scene I was going to increase the speed to finish myself off during the scene. To my disappointment, the movie ended with nothing hot enough to send me to orgasm. “Oh well,” I thought to myself, “I guess I’ll just jack off in the shower when I get home.” I got up and started to pull my pants up when I noticed a hole in the wall in the side of the booth. I’ve heard of glory holes before, but I have never used one. I’ve never really had an urge to use one, but with all the failures I had had tonight, I may as well adıyaman escort give it a try.

I stuck my still hard cock through the hole and waited to see if anything happened. All of a sudden, I felt a hand wrap around my dick and start stroking it. Now this felt nice, it definitely feels a lot better to have a hand that belongs to someone other than me milking my cock. I closed my eyes and started enjoying the hand job that the stranger on the other side of the booth was providing me with. I felt myself getting closer and closer to the orgasm that I had been waiting all night for. I was only seconds away from blowing my load when the hand let go of me. I kept my cock in the hole hoping that the hand that was working on my cock would come back and finish the job.

To my surprise, I felt a warm wet feeling on the tip of my cock. At first I thought the stranger on the other side karabük escort of the wall was going to lube me up, but after feeling it some more, I realized that it was someone’s tongue that was swirling around the head of my cock. All of a sudden the warm wetness slowly worked its way down my shaft. I was already close to climaxing as a result of the hand job I had received. As much as I was enjoying my cock being in a stranger’s mouth, I didn’t want to risk missing the chance to drain my balls. I pushed my body harder against the wall so I could get an extra half inch or so of cock through the hole. The mouth on the other side of the wall was still able to accommodate the extra cock that I was feeding it without having a gag reflex. I felt my body start to go numb as I braced for the orgasm that I had been waiting all night for. I let out a loud moan that could easily be heard throughout the store as I shot a load of semen into the mouth that had been bobbing on my cock.

Soon after I got done unloading my balls, I felt the mouth lick my dick clean. As soon as it was done, I pulled my cock out, pulled up my pants, zipped up and left the store with a smile on my face. I was happy to know that I had now had a place to go when I left the bar alone.

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Girls Night Out

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Here’s my story about my night out last week. I’ve always been a bit of a tart, and to be honest I love male attention.

I usually go out with a few girlfriends, just to the local bars near to where I live. I decided to dress to kill that night, first I put on my new white bra and knickers set.

I admired myself in the mirror, I still had a great all over tan from my holiday in Turkey (where I’d spent a fortnight fucking all of the cocktail waiters)and my white undies looked great on me, lacy bra, lacy boy shorts (I don’t like those thongs much).

I pulled on a tight red strappy top which showed off my thirty six D tits perfectly, and a very short tight black skirt that showed off my curvy arse to perfection. I put on my strappy gold sandals, then straightened my shoulder length blonde hair and put on my make up.

I looked in the mirror again, admiring the fact that at thirty five years old I still looked stunning, even though I say it myself.

Half an hour later the girls and me hit the pubs in Manchester. We were dressed in similar attire, and getting wolf whistles from groups of blokes as we passed.

The first pub we went into was called the Dog and Gun, where the main room was darkened with flashing lights with throbbing dance music. The girls and I pushed through to the crowded bar, where we ordered large vodka and Red Bulls.

Two guys got up from their barstools and headed out of the door, so my friend Julie and I went and headed for the now vacant seats. adana escort As I climbed onto the high stool, my skirt rode up a little more.

There were some lads sat opposite, and from the look on their faces I just knew that they could see the white triangle of my panties underneath my tight black skirt.

I winked at one of the lads, a good looking thirty something bloke with short dark hair and a gorgeous smile. He nodded politely, then got up and came over to talk.

“Can I buy you ladies a drink” he said.

“Yeah, vodka and Red Bull please” I said, downing what was left of my first one.

“I’m Adam by the way, what do you like to be called?”

“I’m Jenny and this is Lucy” I replied.

Adam went off to the bar and returned with our drinks.

We thanked Adam for the drinks, and stood chatting for a while. Within a couple of minutes, one of Adam’s mates who introduced himself as Steve had joined us, and was soon chatting and flirting with Lucy, leaving Adam and I on our own. We asked Lucy and Steve to keep an eye on the drinks, and headed for the dance floor.

As we danced, Adam pulled me close to him as we gyrated to the music, and I could soon feel that his cock was starting to get hard in the front of his jeans. I pressed my self against him, and we began to kiss, his tongue exploring my mouth, and I did the same back.

I could feel my nipples stiffen, and in the darkness of the room he started to move his ankara escort hands lower; cupping my bum cheeks, which soon started to make me feel extremely horny.We carried on groping and snogging for about ten minutes, and then Adam suggested we go outside for some air.

Outside it was dark, but the night was pleasantly warm. Adam took me by the hand and led me down an alley at the back of the pub, where we stood and continued to grope each other.

I put my hand on the bulge in font of his jeans, and he pulled my top from the waistband of my skirt, then pushed his hands up over my belly and then started groping my tits. Our breathing became urgent; I was so horny I wanted him there and then. Adam reached under my skirt, and rubbed my shaven fanny over my knickers.

“Bloody hell, you’re soaking” he said.

I bit my lip playfully, turned away from Adam, putting my hands on the alleyway wall, and wiggled my arse invitingly. Adam took the hint, and came up behind me. He reached under my short skirt and slowly started to pull my panties down over my arse.

I opened my legs as far as my knickers would allow, and felt him push two, then three fingers into my soaking hole. Bloody hell I was gagging for it. Adam sensed this and withdrew his fingers.

There is nothing that gets me hornier than the sound of a belt buckle being undone followed by a zip coming down, especially when I’m adout to be taken from behind.

Adam rubbed his antalya escort cock against my wet labia, then I felt him slip his cock inside me. Fuck, this felt good. Adam was no disappointment size wise, and I pushed my arse back onto him. He began to thrust into me, slowly at first, then speeding up. I was so turned on I think I came after about a minute, stifling my cries of ecstasy by sucking on my arm so that no one else could hear.

Adam slowed down a little after I’d finished coming, and then to my surprise pulled his cock out of me. I felt a little disappointed, but not for long, as he was soon back again, but this time rubbing his slippery helmet against my bum hole.

Without any warning, with a grunt and a thrust he pushed about three inches of cock into my bum. I’d had anal sex before, and I do like it, but this sort of took me by surprise. He continued to thrust deeper and deeper into my arse, lubricated only by my own juices.

Within a couple of minutes of Adam fucking me up the backside, I felt his cock stiffen, and could feel his cock spasm as his hot sperm pumped deep into my bowels.

He was grunting and thrusting into me, and I was frantically trying to catch up by rubbing my clit, still supporting myself against the wall with one hand. I did manage to get off again, just as he had finished ejaculating.

We stood there for a minute of so, until Adam’s cock went limp and he slowly withdrew it from my bum. I giggled, and turned and kissed him, pulling my knickers back up and straightening my skirt.

Adam put his cock back into his boxers, then zipped up his jeans and did his belt buckle back up. We went hand in hand back into the bar, only to pass Lucy with Adam’s mate going out into the alleyway. Lucy and I gave each other a knowing wink as we passed……

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Getting The Call

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I had just gotten home that evening when I got The Call.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Max, it’s Holly!” she said, and my heart skipped a beat like it always does when I hear her voice. “Is Alice there? I need to talk to her.”

Holly knows that every Tuesday, Alice has dinner with her mother and then takes her to the grocery store. She never gets home before 10 p.m.

“No, she’s not,” I said. “Can I help?”

“Well, you can help a whole lot by coming over here and fucking me silly!” she growls into the phone. Holly for dinner, and for desert. Nice. “Bud’s in Houston, I just talked to him on the telephone.”

“OK, I have something for you,” I said. “I think you’ll like it. I’ll be there as soon as I can. SMOOOOOCH!”

“SMMOOOCH to you, I can’t wait!”

I drove into the open garage from the alley, like I always do when I get The Call. That way nobody will see me go alone into the home of my wife’s best friend when her husband is out of town. It IS a small town, and hey, people might talk, you know.

Holly was waiting by the door when I came into the house, wearing the sexiest outfit in the world: a tight t-shirt and white panties. That is sexier than any lace thongs or delicate bra ever made. At least to me it is.

We didn’t say a word as we wrapped each other in our arms and kissed. Hungry kisses that said we hadn’t fucked in more than a month, and that was too much.

She tasted so good. I held her close as we smooch. She started pulling my shirt off, and I helped, throwing my clothes on the floor. She pulled off my underwear so that my cock flops out, semi-stiff. Kneeling in front kastamonu escort of me, she takes my cock into her mouth. It filled her mouth as she sucked it deeper, squeezing it with her lips.

That’s enough. I want to fuck her, and look into her starry eyes as she cums.

I sit in a big comfortable chair, and pull her into my lap. My cock rubbed against her panties as she wiggled her beautiful butt. I pulled off her t-shirt, and she crammed her left tit into my mouth almost as fast as I could open it. I tickled the nipple with my tongue, sucking it into my mouth, nipping it with my teeth. Now, I move quickly to the right tit.

I kissed her over and over again, progressively harder as I gently caressed her back as I feel her hard nipples pressed against my chest.

“Sit on the couch and spread your legs,” I murmur into her ear.

“Say please,” as she rubbed her pantied crotch on my cock.

“Please Holly baby, pretty please”

She rose and placed a soft, brushing kiss on my mouth before retreating to the couch. She struck a provocative pose, her pussy clearly visible through her now-soaked panties.

Her body called to me, so I moved over to where she was spread. I put my mouth against the wet crotch of her panties, savoring her pussy through the silk. Not satisfied with having cloth between me and her, I hooked my fingers into the elastic band around her waist and slowly peeled the panties off until she was totally naked.

I kissed her thighs so that my beard tickled against her pussy lips. I kissed closer and closer to that beautiful pink wet kayseri escort spot between her legs, delighting in the wriggles and groans that my slow pace was causing.

Eating pussy is one of my greatest pleasures in the world.

I finally reached my goal at the pentacle of her thigh and was staring at a nice juicy pussy, surrounded by a halo of pubic hair. ‘What a fine meal,’ I thought as I dove into her. I swear I am enjoying myself just as much as it seems she is judging by the heave of her pelvis against my face and the muffled cries tearing from her throat. I tongue her smooth grove, licking up and down, paying close attention to her quivering clit. I nibble at the insistent nubbin, and I feel her legs clamp closer against my face.

‘That’s close enough,’ I think as I am so stiff I couldn’t wait until she came in my face the way I usually love. I stood up and slid my cock into her smooth wetness, as sudden and fast and deep as I could with a single stroke. The breath left her, and for a moment, I was worried that I had perhaps hurt her until I felt her wrap her legs around my waist. I lowered my mouth to hers, my balls slapping against her ass and her tits bouncing as I jackhammer into her. She doesn’t even try to keep up with my thrusts, merely hanging on and succumbing to the ride. I nibbled her tits while she ran her long fingernails down my back as we fucked noisily on the couch.

She squeezed my cock with her strong pussy muscles as I almost pull out, and then with only the big fat head still inside, I crammed my cock back inside to fill up her hungry pussy. kıbrıs escort Faster, faster, slow, then slower, then hard, deep into her as we gripped each other tight.

I began thinking about how beautiful she is when she’s getting fucked. She has this beautifully concentrated smile on her face and she began to pull me into her own rhythm. She was in charge at that point, and I was just along for the ride.

Suddenly, she squeezed me between her thighs, grabbed my shoulders and pulled my face into hers in a deep, wet, hot kiss. She held my face to hers and I felt her brow furrow, her breathing became shallow and a low, growling moan began deep in her soul. I crammed as deep into her as possible and held there, pressing against her most sensitive area until I felt her pussy spasm around my cock. That pushed me over the edge and I came with a big “OOOOOOMMMPPPPPP!!” I felt her body tremble in my arms as I eased us to the floor, my cock slowly slipped from her smooth confines.

We lay on the carpet in her living room, naked in each other’s arms. I caressed her beautiful ass as she whispered in my ear about how much she loved how my dick felt inside of her. We headed for the shower, but first she made me lie back on the floor as she sucked my cock until I came again. She turned so that I could watch her ass as she sucked me, knowing the effect those magnificent globes have on me. I caressed her soft skin as I felt her mouth drain me of another load.

Realizing the time, we had to make a mad dash for the shower. As I left, I hugged her, making a mental note to figure out a way to savor her sweet body more often.

I was watching a baseball game when Alice, my sweet Alice, came home. I love her and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, and neither would Holly. Our secret is ours, and nobody else’s.

“Well, I can tell you had an exciting evening with your game,” she says with a smile.

“No, very boring,” I said. “How about you?”

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