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Anal Gif

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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A Belated Birthday Present

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


For your birthday, I know you didn’t want any big fanfare, so I planned a quiet night away for us. Dinner out and a hotel for the night is all I’ve clued you in on. After checking in, we head out to the steakhouse and then stop off for a couple of drinks, before heading back to the hotel.

Once settled in, I tell you to go take a shower so I can get your massage stuff ready. Once I hear the shower running and check to see that you’re actually in it, I make a quick call. Within minutes, my friend Lisa is at the door. Handing her a glass of wine, she quickly hides as we hear the shower turn off.

I watch you from the bed, and give a heavy sigh as just the sight of you makes me quiver and throb. Your eyes narrow as you notice I’ve changed into a sheer black chemise with just the tiniest hint of a panty. Patting the bed, I tell you to lie down so I can start your massage.

With no objections, you lie face down on the bed. I straddle your hips and start to work my magic on your shoulders with the oil I’ve had warming at the bedside. Leaning down over you, kissing you softly where my hands have worked your knotted muscles loose. Reaching under the pillow, I pull out the blindfold and slip it over your eyes…”to help you feel the experience, ” I whisper in your ear.

Lisa appears quietly at the bedside…I climb off your hips and work my way down your spine, asking you if it feels good. Your groan of a response tells me you like this. I pull my hands away and get off the bed, and nod to Lisa to take over. Immediately, I see you tense, your hand moves toward the blindfold, I gently place my hand over yours and pull it away.

“Enjoy lover.” I whisper in your ear, and I feel and see you relax once again.

Confident now that we can continue as planned, Lisa and I both work our way down your back fingers kneading, lips pressing against your skin. Turning you onto your back, Lisa straddles your stomach, and leans over to kiss you. I watch your reaction to her with interest, watching you kiss another woman, watch your body respond to her. I reach over and take your already hard cock in my hand, and start to stroke it, lightly almost absently. With the other, I run my finger along her slit, gently pushing between, sliding my finger along her wetness. I feel her push and canlı bahis wriggle against my finger, her kiss to you deepening. I kneel between your legs, behind her and slide a finger deep inside her as I continue to rub her clit. Lisa lets out a moan and begins grinding against my hands. Your hips arch up, your cock rock hard and wanting some attention.

Removing my hands from her pussy, she climbs up to straddle your face. I watch with a jealous satisfaction as your hands come up to hold her ass cheeks, pulling her closer to you, hearing her moans as your tongue works it’s magic on her, just as you’ve done with me so many times.

I pull your cock back to me, lower my mouth, swirl my tongue around your head, along the slit- catching the drops of precum that have already accumulated. Licking you from the base to your head, with long hard licks; cupping and lifting your balls, kneading them, sucking them into my mouth, my fingers wrapped around your shaft, stroking you.

Hearing Lisa’s moans, I look up to see her shaking, your arms locked around her hips- holding her tight to your mouth. I watch as she bucks uncontrollably her head thrown back, her arms bracing herself on the wall. I reach down and stroke myself as you keep her orgasm flowing, until she finally pulls away from your mouth and collapses against the wall. Leaving your balls, I climb up next to her and softly caress her back and ass as she tries to come back to this plane. She looks over at me, and I nod again, no words said, as she slides down and positions herself over your cock, sliding you back and forth along her lips before sinking herself down on your shaft. I turn your face to mine and kiss you deep and hard, tasting her juices, cleaning them from your lips, chin and cheeks with my tongue.

One of your hands pulls my head in close for a hot passionate kiss, tongues wrestling, breaths coming in pants- your other hand on Lisa’s hip, pulling her down hard on your cock, your hips pressing up, slamming into her. Both of our hands roam over your chest. As your thrusting quickens she climbs off of you and lowers her lips to your glistening cock, leaving your lips, I join her in cleaning your shaft, both of our tongues licking her juices from you. Your hands wound behind each of our heads, your body stiff, your groans bahis siteleri and our sighs echo throughout the room. Lisa comes over to my side of the bed and parts my thighs, running her finger up and down my wet slit as my head bobs up and down on your cock.

I slide up along your body once again kissing your lips, knowing that you’re way beyond wanting and needing to cum. Lisa’s tongue dives into my pussy, causing me to arch my back and groan. Her finger plunges deep as her tongue swirls around my clit.

I know that you’ve always wanted to see another woman eating my pussy so I pull the blindfold away from your eyes, slowly. Your face –inches from mine as I whisper, “Let me introduce you to your surprise.”

My fingers grab at her hair, and I pull her tight to my pussy, not wanting this feeling to end. I feel your fingers tug at my nipples. I pull your head to mine and kiss you again tasting her juices on your tongue. Lisa’s long nails dig into my thighs as she sucks my clit harder bringing me even higher.

As my orgasm subsides, I am sandwiched between the two of you. I turn to Lisa and kiss her softly, lightly licking her lips catching my own juices. Slowly our kiss deepens and I can fully taste myself. We mirror each other’s movements, caressing and kissing lips, necks, breasts. We grind against one another, her nude body against my silky clad one. She draws my chemise up and soon we are two bodies working as one. I reach down to her cleft and slide a finger along her lips- still swollen from your mouth. I tingle when I realize that the both of us will have sampled this woman. I slide a finger into her moist tunnel as she does mine.

I can feel you pressed against my backside, your cock hard against my ass. I move over Lisa and kiss her body her mound, her thighs- my finger deep inside her. I slide to the end of the bed pulling her with me. As I lean over the bed and lower my head to her pussy, I watch you caress and pull at her nipples, with your fingers and teeth.

I smile as I watch you, my mouth now feasting as yours had done. Our eyes meet, and I blink very slowly hoping to show you how appreciative I am that you would do this for us. I spread Lisa’s legs wider as my tongue replaces my finger. I feel your weight lift from the bed, watching you move bahis şirketleri out of my range of sight.

Lisa begins to writhe beneath me, I ease back a bit, not wanting her to cum again too quickly. I inhale her musky scent and lick teasingly along her outer lips, her writhing continues, although now I’m sure there’s a bit of frustration mixed in there.

I feel your hands now on my back inching down, painstakingly slow. My hips writhe as well. You stand against me now, your cock settled along my crack. Your fingers dig into my flesh causing me to moan. I want you to take me and you are not doing it fast enough. You slide away and your cock slides lower and lower until I feel you pushing against my pussy. I push back against you, but you move away. Like a petulant child I stomp my foot in frustration. I hear you laugh.

Lisa’s frustration is mounting as my teasing continues, her hands pulling at my hair, I give in to her needs and push my mouth directly on her hardened clit, softly I suck and lap at it, as I begin to suck her, I feel you enter me- torturously slow. I make a mental note to remind you what torturously slow means. I feel Lisa’s body quiver her moans fill the room.

You are completely inside me now, rocking me with each stroke. You reach around me and rub my already excited clit. Soon my excitement builds along side Lisa’s. The room is now filled with the sounds of two women deeply entrenched with passion. Your finger now rubbing hard pushing me closer to the heavenly abyss, your easy stroking becomes as demanding now as your finger, my tongue becomes one with her pussy.

I can feel Lisa’s body shake – I continue harder fingering her pussy as my tongue continues it’s assault on her clit. She bucks against me spilling her juices over my face as you now pummel me from behind. I continue to suck her hard as she screams out in delight, her pelvis and back arch. My own body gives into the pleasure and I too scream out against her dripping pussy. I feel you spasm inside me as I convulse against your cock, the three of us climaxing together.

As our bodies come down from their high, Lisa drinks her wine, and manages to stand. She disappears into the bathroom as we hold each other close on the bed, your body providing me with the warmth I need. She returns minutes later to thank us for sharing in this experience, leans down to give you a kiss and a “happy birthday” and leaves.

Snuggled deep in your arms, I murmur sleepily, “Happy Birthday Baby… again”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

A New Beginning Ch. 01

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Deana had a good life, a great career, two beautiful teenagers, and an ideal marriage. At least she thought so, but unfortunately, life often throws us a curve ball. Her marriage began to disintegrate after they celebrated their 20th anniversary. She struggled for a couple more years

to repair the marriage, but finally realized it could not be salvaged. She just turned 45; her children were now in college. She knew if she left things the way they were, her life would soon be over.

She decided to go back to college and get her nursing degree, that way she could live on her own. During this time, she bought a computer for her schoolwork. Not only would it help her with college, but also she could use it to communicate with her children. Never in her wildest dreams did she think it would change her life.

Deana used the computer for her studies, and soon found other ways to utilize it. The internet was a virtual walking encyclopedia, with websites and chatrooms. She found the chatrooms unique,a place where people could communicate from anywhere on the globe. Most of the people she met were friendly. They gave her the understanding and emotional support she needed in her life.

One of her favorite areas of the chat was the romance rooms. It was in one of these rooms she met a man named Wes. They were almost the same age, had similar dislikes and desires and soon became close friends. After a while, their online relationship turned intimate. They also agreed that no matter what happened in their lives, they would not let it mess up their friendship.

Wes’s cheerful-loving characteristics drew her to him like a moth to a flame. One night, Wes asked her if they could exchange phone numbers. He wanted to make sure they had a way to communicate if they could not get online. She agreed giving him her home and cell phone numbers, and he gave her his.

Deana was studying when the phone rang. When checked the caller ID, she was overwhelmed to see Wes’s name. She had not expected him to call her so soon. She picked up the phone and said, “Hello Wes, how are you?”

Wes replied saying, “I’m fine, but I was beginning to worry about you. I have not seen you online for two days and called to see if you were OK.”

She assured him she was safe, but was so involved with midterm exams that she had forgotten to drop him an email. She was so unhappy in her marriage.

She tried showing her husband a good time by making love in the usual manner. In addition, she even tried a few things Wes had suggested, all to no avail. No matter how she tried to please her husband nothing seemed to satisfy him.

She felt the blunt of all his anger now, not just his verbal attacks and temper tantrums, but emotional–physical abuse. She knew she should leave him, but was too afraid of him right now.

Wes spoke with alarm in his voice, into the phone saying, “Oh my god, Deana, you should not have to endure abuse of any kind! Honey, you know I am just a phone call away, please do not hesitate to cal if you need me. I love you very much baby, and I do not want him to harm you.”

Wes paused for a moment then continued saying,

“Deana you need some time away from all that stress so you can relax and think clearly. May I suggest we spent a night together–no strings attached. It will do you a world of good honey.”

Deana hesitated for a moment then said, “Let me think about it for awhile. I do love you Wes, but this will be a big step for me. For now, I need to go focus on my upcoming exams. I wish you were holding me, but then again if you were–I would not be studying–good-bye.”

Wes uttered, “Good-bye love,” and made a kissing noise on the phone before he hung up.

Later on that week when they were chatting, Wes asked, “Deana, what would happen if we spent one night alone, just the two of us?”

Deana thought for a moment then said, “I am not sure, but I probably would not even meet you. Oh Wes, you know I love you, but that’s not a good idea I am still married.”

Around 10 pm one evening, Deana’s husband was again yelling at her and telling her she stupid and worthless she was. Then stepped forward and began to slap her across the face several times. Even though she was afraid of him, she knew she had to do something now.

Deana stepped back grabbed the phone, dialed 911. She yelled, “My address is 1445 W. Omaha drive, before she could finish he grabbed the phone and hung it up. Then drew back his fist and hit her so hard it knocked her off her feet.

Then her straddled her and continued beating her saying, “You god dam bitch, why in the hell did you do that? You think they will come and help you. I hate to tell you, but they won’t believe your words–Deana you’re so fucking stupid!”

Deana cringed, he drew his hand back and was about to hit her one more time when the doorbell rang. Oh God, let it be the police please! He hit illegal bahis her hard in her arm then quickly got off her saying, “Answer the door bitch and don’t say a fucking word, YOU-HEAR-ME, if you do, you’ll be sorry!”

She shook so bad she could barely open the door when she looked their stood a police officer.

“Hello, did someone here call for help,” he said.

Deana blinked and swallowed hard and with a quivering voice said, “Y-e-s, I called, come in.” Then she pointed at her husband then told the police officer, “He’s beating me up, a-a-and I’m tired of it,” then fainted.

When she came, too the officer asked her, “Are you alright mam? “

She sat up and looked at her husband; the cop’s partner was talking to her husband. She sat up shakily and said, “No, I’m not alright I want him arrested for beating me! I’m pressing charges,

p-l-e-a-s-e take him away!”

After some discussion, one officer put the handcuff on her husband and led him to the squad car. The other officer got her a cup of water and asks her if she had someone that could come over and stay with her.

Deana replied, “Yes, “then picked up the phone and called her friend Jeanne to come over and stay with her.

The officer waited until her friend showed up. Then told her to come to the station in the morning and file the proper papers.

Deana grabbed Jeanne’s hand and said, “Thanks for coming over will you stay with me tonight?

Jeanne pulled Deana close and said, “I’m happy to be here. I am glad you called I have been so worried about you dear. I am here for you to lean on, let it out, you’ll feel better.”

Deana held her hand and with a cry in her voice told Jeanne, I just couldn’t take it anymore, I’m tired of his jealousy-anger-threats-and brutality.

He did not respect me and our sex life was virtually nonexistent. I made up my mind today, things needed to change, and I no longer needed him in my life.”

Deana finally realized she was not the cause his problems. She felt Jeanne’s arms go around her and let all her bottled up tears flow–and let go of everything and felt like a 100-pound weight was lifted from her shoulders.

Before going to bed, she sat down at the computer for the first time in her life as a woman with a free will of her own,god it felt good. She emailed

Wes saying, “Meet me online tonight at 12 am. I have made a big decision in my life and I need to tell you about it. Oh darling, I may need you now more then ever–I love you!”

That night when she chatted when Wes, she told him about her decision saying, “I’ve had my husband arrested; I’m pressing charges for spousal abuse and filing for divorce. I have had enough of his dam bullshit! Oh love, I need to get out of the house, it is driving me crazy! Can we meet somewhere darling? I need you–I want to feel your warm embrace as your lips kiss mine. I want to feel your fingers caressing me. Ooh God Wes, I want to make love to you—all night long.”

Wes and she continued to chat and decided to meet in a large town half way between them. Deana made up her mind; she needed this time for herself to rebuild her shattered life. Deana wanted to spent the night in Wes’s arms–and feel like a real woman again–even if was for only one night. She also wanted to meet him face to face and thank him for all the things he had done for her. Her life was changing a completely new world was opening for her.

Their first rendezvous two weeks from that Friday at 7 pm, at a popular hotel they both knew about.

Wes paused for a moment then seductively asks her, “Darling do you want me to treat you like a lover or sexy toy?”

Deana replied, “I want you to treat me like a lady and your lover. I‘ll treat you like “my” sex toy! I’m going to make that night–something we’ll both never forget.” Deana signed off their chat typing–“Kandikiss loves you!”

A week before they were to meet Deana emailed Wes some pictures of things she would be bringing with her for their first date. She could see him downloading the photos and drooling from both heads.

On Monday, she sent him a picture of a short seductive black dress with matching hose and heels that she planned to wear on Friday.

On Tuesday, Wes sent her the sweetest little gift package to her post office box. The box had a little basket that contained tubes of lubrication,

scented gels, bath oils and other fragrant personal sexy items along with a note. The note read, “Just a few sexy things we might need for our rendezvous.”

On Wednesday, Deana emailed him a picture of this eye-catching lavender negligee. Saying, “I might be wearing this hot number–that’s if I get a chance to. She never saw such a pretty thing to wear to bed–to hell with sleeping.

On Thursday, Wes sent her 11 roses with a note attached. The note read, “If you want the entire dozen, you’ll have to “CUM” illegal bahis siteleri and get it!” Everything is a go for 7:00 pm Friday night.

Deana woke up on that Friday morning feeling euphoric, and a little nervous, she had never done this before. She called her sister telling her she would be gone Friday and left a phone number where she could be reached. Jane teased her saying, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t–let your hair down and have some fun for a change!”

Deana started getting ready around 2 pm and took her time getting dressed. She had to travel for about an hour and wanted to looks dazzling when she arrived. As she got ready, she put everything she needed into the bag she would take with her.

While she was putting on her earrings the phone rang, it was Wes. He said, “Hi sexy, hope I caught you naked. I called to remind you not to forget the basket of goodies I sent you. I will call you around seven. Drive carefully–see you soon– I love you darling!”

Deana chuckled and replied, “I’m one step ahead of you sweety, and I already packed them. No, you did not catch me naked, you‘ll have to wait for that! Oh love, I can‘t wait–see you soon.”

Soon she was on the road, put some good music on and drove to meet Wes. In a matter of time, she was there with 15 minutes to spare before meeting him. She checked in, then found her room and stepped into the bathroom to check her hair and makeup. Then sat down on the bed and took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves. Deana looked in the mirror and with a Mae West voice said, “Hello gorgeous–you look delicious darling!”

Deana was startled when her cell phone rang, Wes told her he was a mile away and would be there soon. She told him what the room number was. She felt her nerves climb again while she waited for him to arrive. She jumped with the knock on the door. She opened it to find a well-dressed man with a rose in his hand. She felt her heart skipped a beat. She covered her mouth with her hand uttered, “Oooooh Wow–Wes–you’re so handsome.”

He handed her the rose–now she had a dozen. Wes took her in his arms and kissed her hello. After they kissed, he took her cheeks in his hands and said, “Soon Deana,I will make your sweet lips and the rest of your beautiful body happy.”

However, it would have to wait; he had planned a romantic dinner for two. He led her down to his car then drove to a quaint dinner club that had separate tables hidden by booths located on the edge of a beautiful lake. Soft candles along with the serenade of soft music illuminated each table.

Wes told her to order anything she wanted, and then ordered a steak well done along with some fine wine.

Deana sipped at her wine, but could not keep her eyes off him; she did not want to wait until we were in their room to turn Wes on. She took off her shoe then placed her foot in his lap, and began rubbing his cock. Soon his cock was hard–ooooh mmm just the way she liked it to be. In the darkened booth, Deana got up and sat on his lap, then gave him a passionate after dinner kiss.

Wes could not wait any longer, he paid the bill and they left for the hotel room. When his car got back to the hotel room, she slide across the seat, jumped out of the driver’s side, and put her arms around his neck. He took her in his arms and kissed her then walked hand in hand towards their room.

Wes opened the door, escorted Deana to the bed, and started to undress her. She stopped him for a moment telling him she needed to go to the bathroom and change into something more comfortable.

She opened her bag and handed him the little basket telling him to put it on the bedside table.

“We just might need something out of it before this night is over,” she said.

As she walked toward the bathroom Wes ogled her sexy ass then undressed himself and lay naked on the bed–god, his cock was already hard and seemed to be telling him–“I want her pussy too!”

Deana strolled toward the bed wearing they sexy nightie. Wes whistled and ran his fingers across the silky fabric and said, “Oh Wow honey you’re so beautiful–come here I want to make love to my baby.” He gently laid her gently on the bed and started kissing her face, neck, and ears, but when he found her lips, his kiss lit the fire of passion within her.

Deana thought to herself–oh my–wow–what a good kisser. Her mouth was watering as his tongue explored it. His fingers began foundling her breast and nipples through the sheer fabric they were the size of pencil erasers.

While Wes was giving her nipples attention, she reached down and took hold of his cock and balls. His cock was as hard as a rock–god–he must have taken VIAGRA that morning. Deana exclaimed, “Ooooh baby let me go I need to taste your cock–now! “

She stood up and he removed her negligee and cupped each breast in his hands, kissed them and said, “Hello, my pretties.” canlı bahis siteleri Then watched Deana dropped to her knees, staring at his cock, he muttered, “Oooooh–please–suck my cock! “

She started licking and kissing the head of his cock then sucked his cock in her mouth up to his balls. His pubic hair tickled her lips as she bobbed up and down on his shaft making him weak in the knees. Wes was under her power and could not help himself, he yelled, “Fuck–oh–I’m going to cum!”

Wes held her head and pumped a big load of cum in her mouth. Then breathlessly said, “Oh fuck, woman you sure know how to give head!” To his surprise, she swallowed every delicious drop.

Wes laid her on the bed and said, “The best is yet to come darling.” He spread her legs and began eating her vigorously lapping and nibbling every inch of her pussy.

Deana arched her back and rolled her head side to side then screamed, “Ooooh Wes–eat me–oooh yesss–do that again–oh my god–harder–aaaaaah–I‘m getting close!

He shoved two fingers inside her with hard fucking

motion then bit her clit gently. She felt the wave of climax overtake her as she filled his mouth with her sweet nectar. He moved up to her face and kissed her mixing a bit of each other’s cum in their mouths.

Wes’s cock was rock hard once more and he told Deana, “I’m going to fuck like you’ve never had been fucked before!”

She replied, “Come on big boy, make it happen! “ She wanted to feel his hands cock stretching her pussy to the limits.

Wes reached over and picked up a small tube out of the basket, the gel got warm when massaged into the skin. He rubbed it into her pussy, it only added to the fire already there. He rose up and slid his cock from her clit to her vagina making her hips buck wildly. She screamed, “Oh–god–hurry–lover–fuck me–or I’m going to cum before your cock is in me!”

Wes shoved his cock into her then rolled over until she was on top of him, and yelled, “Take control lover–ride–me–hard!” She rose up on her knees staring into his face, rocking back and forth on his cock, giving him one hell of a ride. Wes exclaimed, “Fuck—I’m going to cum again–honey–cum with me.” He felt her skin trembling, she too was about ready to climax and with a little effort, and they both came together.

Wes then said. “Deana I want to show you something

that you may not have done before. Remember one thing–I will go slowly and never make it hurt–I want it be a good experience for you. First sweetheart, you needed to relax. “He drew a tub of warm water adding some fragrant oil to the water then helped her get in.

Then handed her a glass of Captain Morgan and Coke and said, “Enjoy your drink.” By the time, Deana finished the drink, she was so relaxed, and she did not have a care in the world.

Wes helped her out of the tub and gently dried her off. Then he laid her on the bed and even though she was dry, the oil left a silky sheen on her skin. Deana rolled over on her side and Wes crawled into bed behind her snuggling like a set of spoons. He stroked and petted all over her body, each caress exciting her more and she said, “Oh darling, are you ready for round 3!”

He then spoke to her softly and said, “Deana, place all the pillows on the bed in one big pile near the center of the bed–then lay on your stomach and put your ass in the air.“

Deana did what he told her, but was just a little worried and asked him, “Will it hurt at all?”

He replied, “No darling–I will go slow and follow your lead and I have some numbing cream for your ass.” Then he reached into the basket for the balm put some on his finger and rubbed it on her asshole. Then teased her hole with his finger slowly until his finger was in her to the first knuckle and paused. She jumped when his finger slid into her asshole and he whispered, “Relax honey.”

Then started fucking her ass with one finger, she nodded yes then gradually added another one. God, he was stretching her asshole and it did not hurt, the cream did its job.

Deana smiled at Wes; she was starting pushing her ass onto his fingers. She glanced at him and said, “I like it honey! Keep going.”

Wes removed his fingers, added more cream to the entrance to her ass, and gently slid his cock head inside. At first, she did not think she could take it, but soon was moving in unison with him. It actually felt good and soon she was rocking back and forth with him in perfect timing.

Wes said, “Oh, god you are so fucking tight–it feels so dam good! I love to fuck a woman in the ass.”

She was really getting into having my ass fucked and shouted, “Fuck my ass–harder–ooooooh I am going to cum!” It did not take long for her too cum and he fills her bowels with his jism.

As Wes was cleaning, Deana told him, “You sure know how to fuck baby, but you’re wearing me out, I she needed some rest. “ They soon fell asleep in each other’s arms. For the first time, in a long while, she slept with out anything to worry about–but what they would do——-tomorrow.

Wes (hubby) said it was a masterpiece, but then again he thinks the all are…lol–bye!

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Bed, Board , Boots

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After I graduated from university I’d been pretty lucky, having walked into a very well paid job within a matter of months. However, the one thing that I wasn’t prepared for were the property prices in London, which made it impossible to get a mortgage on somewhere decent. Needing to find a place before I took up my new job, I was faced with a couple of options.

The first was to look through the paper and find a house share, but after three years of sharing a place with a bunch of other people in their early twenties (with the accompanying mess, noise and arguments), I was certainly not going down that route. Option two was to get a mortgage on my new salary which, impressive though it was, would only afford me a rabbit hutch in London.

I’d sat wasting another afternoon in a bar trawling the property to rent/buy section in the paper, and was lighting my umpteenth cigarette of the day when I spotted a small line advert at the foot of a column.

‘Lodger required. Comfortable house with all amenities, use of phone, bills included, close to bus route…’

I exhaled and took another gulp of my pint. Why hadn’t I thought of it before? Peace and quiet, a handy location and the money was well within my range – a lot lower than I thought I was going to have to shell out, so I’d be able to save too. Fair enough, the lady who owned the house – a Mrs. Jameson, according to the ad – might be some old battle axe, but what the hell. I pulled out my mobile…

The phone was answered and I explained that I was calling about the advert. Mrs Jameson certainly didn’t sound old (middle aged, yes) and certainly not like a battle-axe. She told me that I was the first caller, as the advert had only first appeared in the paper that day and that maybe I’d like to come around to look the place over, and see if we got on…

‘Okay, so we’ll say seven o’clock, then? You’ll need to knock, as the bells’ not working. Oh, and by the way…what’s your name, love?’


‘Okay Tom – see you at seven. I’m Pamela by the way…Pam, if you like. See you later.’

And that’s how it began. Pam was great, the best landlady anyone could wish for. Well, that any bloke could wish for, anyway. Although it wasn’t in the original agreement when I began lodging with her, Pam cooked a lot for me, and even did my laundry without me asking. The first time she did this I protested, telling her she didn’t have to do it, but she wouldn’t hear of it. After all, she said, she only worked part-time, and since splitting with her husband a couple of years prior, hadn’t had to run around after a man, so it was a novelty – and at least I appreciated it!

I was bowled over. I knew how lucky I’d been, and to show my appreciation, I nipped out to the shops and returned with flowers, a bottle of wine and a peck on the cheek to say thanks. Blushing, she rubbed my arm, returning my kiss on the cheek and told me that I shouldn’t have. But, as you know, we’re always that much more appreciative towards someone when we find them attractive. I’ll explain…

Pam was, well…you know how lads illegal bahis always fancied their mate’s mothers? Pam fell into that category. Early fifties, full curvy figure, shoulder length brown hair, full lips, nice big juicy-firm breasts and a lovely round bum that had just the right amount of wobble. The icing on the cake was her style of dress. Invariably, this consisted of two things: tight skirts ending just above the knee and a pair of high-heeled knee length leather boots.

We got on very well. I’d moved in during the Autumn, and as the nights drew darker, and as my friendship with Pam grew, I stayed in most evenings. We lounged around on the settee, watching tv, drinking wine and chatting, and as time went by, we seemed to get closer and closer together on that settee, sharing the occasional hug or goodnight peck-on-the-cheek.

One cold dark Friday, I had made the usual attempt to battle the rush hour traffic, but my bus got caught up in a traffic jam. Combined with the onset of it snowing, by the time I got home at 7.30, I was cold, wet and pissed-off. Hanging up my raincoat, and kicking of my shoes, I noticed that the house didn’t seem much warmer than outside.


‘In here, darling. The boiler’s packed up. I rang the engineer, but he won’t be here ’till tomorrow.’

Pam was sitting on the settee, watching tv, wrapped up in a blanket. ‘You’re soaking love. Sit down and I’ll get you a towel. Do you want a cuppa?’

‘You read my mind’ I answered.

With that, she shrugged off the blanket and stood up, as did a part of me when I saw what she was wearing. A tight red sweater which outlined the curve of her ample bosom, a tight red skirt, which ended mid way between her knees and thighs and my favourite pair of her boots. Long, stiletto heeled leather boots, the toes nice and pointed, the leather black, soft and shiny.

As she passed me to go to the kitchen, she rustled my hair. ‘Get out of those wet clothes and get under that blanket before you catch a cold.’

I watched her walk down the hall, her bum swaying in the tight fabric and her boot heels clicking on the floorboards. Jesus, she was so…I blanked my mind. I was 22, she was over 30 years older than me…probably looked upon me as a son…stop thinking what you’re thinking, I told myself.

I slipped off my wet trousers, unknotted my tie and covered myself in the blanket, thinking that as well as keeping me warm, it would hide anything embarrassing that may come up…

Pam returned a few minutes later with a towel, a bottle of brandy and two glasses. ‘I thought we deserved something a little stronger than tea. Now budge up and give me half of that blanket!’

‘Yes miss!’ I said, giving a mock salute, and pulling back the blanket so she could sit down next to me.

‘Less of that cheek my boy, or I’ll put you over my knee and give you a spank!’ she replied, sitting down and handing me the towel.

‘Yes please!’ I laughed, adding ‘As long as you keep your boots on while you do it.’

She smiled, arching an eyebrow and giggled. ‘You cheeky illegal bahis siteleri thing!’

Pam poured two large brandies, pulled her half of the blanket over her lap and passed me a glass, all the time smiling. She looked like she was going to say something, but then just began sipping her brandy while focusing on the tv.

We sat like that for a couple of hours, watching tv, chatting and knocking back the brandy. Eventually, we were two tired – pissed – people snuggled up. Her with her head leaning on my shoulder, her arm wrapped around mine, me with my hand gently caressing her right knee. The brandy had taken affect – we were drunk and warm. The blanket had slipped off of Pam, and her tight red skirt had ridden up around her thighs. My hand wandered, and soon I was slowly stroking her leg, touching the top of her shiny leather boot, moving over the knee, and gently touching her thigh.

Suddenly, I froze with panic as Pam placed her hand on mine, as it was inching towards her skirt hem. I’d overstepped the mark…


My mind spun. Shit. What had I done? I’d felt-up my landlady. Oh Christ…

‘Tom…you do know you’re like a son to me…’

‘I know, Pam, I don’t know what to say, it just…I’m ashamed, I…I…’

‘Shush…’ she whispered.

Squeezing my hand, she kissed me on the cheek. The shiny leather of her boots squeaked as she uncrossed her legs. Moving her thighs apart, she guided my hand and pushed it under the tight fabric of her skirt. My cock stiffened underneath the blanket, and I turned my face towards hers.

‘It’s okay, darling. It’s okay…touch me…please?’

I pushed my hand up between her thighs, expecting to come up against her panties, only to be surprised by the fact that she was not wearing any. Her pussy was sopping wet, and as I lightly touched her lips, she moaned quietly. I slid a finger inside her, whilst pressing on her clit and at this, she spread her legs wider, lifting her left leg up and resting her shiny booted foot on the coffee table.

I leant in to kiss her, her hand pulling my head in towards hers as our mouths met, her lips engulfing mine. We kissed, and as we did so, my fingers slid out away from her pussy and reached out towards her boot. My hand rested mid-calf, and I slid my fingers slowly down wiping her pussy juices on her shiny black leather, before feeling my way around the stiletto heel and the pointed toe, finally resting with a grip around her ankle.

We separated to breathe, and Pam nuzzling her face next to my ear whispered.

‘Do you want my pussy, darling?’

‘God yes!’ I panted.

We kissed again, deeply, as Pam undid my belt, unzipped my trousers and began to stoke my stiffened cock.

‘You really want to fuck this old lady’s pussy!?’ She smiled as she wanked me.

‘I’ve wanted my cock inside you since I moved in here, Pam. The fact that you’re the age that you are, and the way you dress…and the boots you wear…just made it…harder…so to speak.’

‘So if my hunky lodger here – who’s been like a son to me – were to canlı bahis siteleri have his way, he’d like to…fuck mummy in her leather boots…?’

I gasped. ‘Please…!’

‘And would you like mummy to dig her stiletto heels into your bum cheeks while you fuck me?’

She didn’t wait for an answer, but took my hand, stood up, and led me into the hall and up the stairs. I watched her round arse cheeks swaying in her tight red skirt which had ridden up around her thighs and gazed at her long black boots…the stiletto heels, the long shiny leather on her leg, and the boot tops where they met the back of her knees.

We walked into her bedroom. Pam stood with her hands on her hips, smiling while watching me strip. I then reclined on the bed, my legs spread out as I wanked myself. She peeled off her sweater, before reaching back and unhooking her bra, letting it fall to the floor. My mouth fell open, as I viewed her big beautiful tits, the long brown nipples hardened, awaiting my attention. Pam then unzipped her skirt and pulled it down. There she stood with only her boots on. I was in awe.

She strutted towards the bed, and crawling drunkenly across it, positioned herself astride me. Pulling her cunt lips wide she slowly, tantalizingly lowered herself onto my thick engorged cock, gasping as she took my full length inside her.

‘I’m too old, tired and pissed to ride you darling’ she laughed. ‘I think you’ll have to do the hard work, baby.’

‘Roll over’ I whispered.

We rolled over as one, before I parted her thighs, drove my hard swollen cock into her, and gripped her booted legs around the back of mine. I slowly stroked in and out of Pam, and knowing what I wanted, she took her cue and raised her knees, clamping her shiny black boots alongside my waist. The heels dug into my sides as the leather stuck to my sweating body.

‘Is that what you want love? Fuck me nice and hard…come on…fuck me…fuck me in my boots’

‘Oh fucking hell, yes…in your boots…your dirty leather boots…’

‘Fuck mummy in her boots…fuck me…oh God!…I’m a slut…I’m a dirty fucking slut…come on darling…I’m in my slutty high heeled boots for you…’

Pam moaned and whimpered as I fucked her harder and faster, and as her long nails dug into my back, I felt her leather boots clamp harder against my sides and the sharp stiletto heels dig further into my flesh.

‘Oh fuck…yes…!’ she gasped as she held me tighter and I felt her pussy juices wash around my cock as she came. She flung her arms back against the pillows and tried to catch her breath. At this point I was so, so close to cumming too.

I gripped her ankles and lifted her legs up, bringing the soles of her boots right against my face so I could smell the heady scent of polished leather and sweat as I fucked Pam’s sopping pussy harder and harder.

‘Cum inside me love…please…cum in me…’ she whispered breathlessly. At that moment, with my cock taken to the hilt inside her, hearing those words from her was all it took. I pumped my cum inside her, my body juddering with the sensation, and collapsing into her arms, my prick seemed to pulse, shedding every last drop of spunk.

We lay like that for what seemed like hours, her arms around me, and her hands stroking my hair as I nuzzled against her breasts, my cock limp inside her juicy spent wet pussy.

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A Dark , Stormy Night

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I was 21, and a senior in college. During the semester, I lived at school, but when classes weren’t in session, I still lived at home with my parents and sister. It was a nice neighborhood — your average suburban scene that you’d see in thousands of places across America. All the houses were in neat, 1/4 -to- 1/2 acre lots. The larger ones had in-ground pools, everyone kept their lawns nice and green in the summer, and their driveways and walkways clear of snow and ice in the winter.

It was mid-May. My parents and sister had gone to Ohio where a distant cousin of mine was getting married. I was able to beg out of the trip, because final exams started on Monday, and I needed to spend the weekend studying, not traveling half-way across the country to see a cousin I barely knew get married. I didn’t really plan on studying until Sunday at the earliest, but they didn’t need to know that, and I could use some ‘alone time’ after another crazy semester in the dorms.

Our next door neighbors were the Wilsons to the left, and the Masons to the right. The Wilsons were a nice enough couple, with two young kids I used to baby sit when I needed extra cash. The Masons were around my parent’s age, with a daughter, Emily, who turned 18 on Valentine’s Day. She was kind of shy if you didn’t know her well — a pretty face with long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a beautiful body that she usually kept well-concealed under her clothes. She usually kept her hair up, her clothes too loose-fitting, and wore large-ish glasses, so most guys didn’t give her a second glance. I doubt she’d been on more than a couple of dates, and probably didn’t even have a date for the Prom yet. But if the guys at school had seen her in her bathing suit – a modest one-piece, of course – they would have been all over her.

Her parents were one of the ‘pool houses’ and from my bedroom window, I could see into their backyard. Many times I saw Emily in her bathing suit, relaxing by the poolside with her nose in a book, working on a tan. She had developed into a beautiful young woman. Her breasts were full and firm, her waist slim, her hips just the right amount of curve, and she had a pair of legs that could squeeze your life away if she wrapped them around you. Why she kept all this hidden, I don’t know for sure, but I know her parents were over-protective of her, which may have attributed to her shyness.

Friday afternoon, when I got home from my last final, there was a message on my machine. It was Mrs. Mason. Her great Aunt had died and the funeral was on Sunday in Oregon. They were flying out late Friday afternoon, and they weren’t going to be back until Monday. They were leaving Emily home alone so she wouldn’t miss any school, she said, so could I just keep an eye on the place? I called Mrs. Mason back and told her I’d be happy to keep an eye on things while they were gone, not to worry, Emily would be fine. Although she was 18, her parents had never left her home alone for more than a few hours, and their imaginations were going wild. I reassured them she’d be fine, and they left for the funeral.

I called Emily at 5:00, and told her I was getting a pizza for dinner. “Do you want some,” I asked.

“I’d love it,” she said. “Saves me from cooking for myself.”

I told her I was ordering it at around 5:30, and would bring it over when it arrived.

The pizza came right before 6:00. I went over to Emily’s house and knocked on the door. Emily shouted down from her window. “C’mon in, Jake. I’ll be right down!”

I went inside and made myself at home. Emily came downstairs in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Her hair was wet. “I went swimming before and wanted to wash the chlorine off,” she said, reading my mind.

We ate the pizza and chatted. She told me about her school plans for next year; I talked about my experiences in college. Things got quiet for a few minutes. Then Emily asked me about the women at school. When I pressed her as to what she meant, she told me she was worried about the parties. She’d never drank before, and thought every night was wild drinking and crazy sex with total strangers.

I told her she’d been watching too many teen movies. “Yeah, there are a lot of parties, and a lot of sex, too.” She blushed three shades of crimson. “But people are there to study, so it’s not always one long party. But on the other hand, there’s enough for anyone to do anything they want.”

I knew Emily was shy, and was most likely a virgin, too, thanks to her overprotective parents. In fact, they expected her to go to a local college and live at home. All the more to smother her, I thought.

“Want to watch a movie,” she asked, breaking the silence.

“Sure,” I said. We headed to the living room to watch TV. Emily sat sideways on her father’s chair, her legs draped over the arm, while I sat on the couch. Half way through the movie, I heard some thunder in the background. In addition to being shy, Emily has a lot of phobias. Besides spiders, heights and closed spaces, she illegal bahis was also afraid of thunderstorms, and especially of the dark.

The thunder got closer, and was joined by flashes of lightning in the sky. With each crackle, Emily jumped. Soon, she joined me on the couch, holding my hand. Every time the sky flashed, she squeezed it tight. The skies opened up, and it started pouring. You could hear the rain slamming on the metal air conditioner in a steady rhythm as Emily squeezed close to me. I put my left arm around her, and held her other hand in my right.

I was holding her tight, my cock starting to get hard, as the storm got worse. I tried to lighten the mood by asking “Think we’ll have to build an ark?” Emily was not amused. I tried watching the movie, but was more interested in watching Emily as the storm battered against the windows.

The lights flickered…then came back. Just as Emily was saying “I hope we don’t lose power…” the lights flickered again…and went out. We were sitting there in complete darkness as the thunder and lighting made Emily even more scared.

“Do you have a flashlight, or any candles,” I asked.

“Yeah, the flashlight is in the kitchen, and there should be some candles there, too.”

She held my hand and we helped each other navigate the dark house until we found our way to the kitchen. Emily found a flashlight, and thankfully the batteries still worked. Armed with our new light, we found the candles, and some silver candlesticks, which we then carried with us back to the living room. The storm was still howling outside.

We sat down next to each other on the couch, Emily still holding my hand. The thunder cracked, shaking the house. We must have been right in the middle of the storm by now. Emily started to cry softly. I hugged her, and she stopped. Looking at me sweetly, she said “Jake. You’ve known me my whole life. You know how much I hate thunderstorms, and I still sleep with a night light because I’m afraid of the dark. Normally it wouldn’t be so bad because my parents would be home…”

“Emily,” I said, interrupting her. “Do you want me to stay here tonight? Would that make you feel better?”

“Do you mind? It really would make me feel a little better if you could stay.”

I wiped away a stray tear. “No problem, Em. Just help me find some blankets and a couple of pillows and I’m all set.”

“Well…I mean I actually…What I meant…” Emily was stuttering. “When I was a little girl, I would climb into my parent’s bed when we had a bad storm. Cuddling with them, things always felt OK. What I mean is…”

“What, Em?”

“I want you to sleep in my bed with me. I mean, not like that…”

I’d never seen Emily so flustered.

“You just don’t want to be alone tonight.”

Emily nodded.

“It’s OK. And I promise to behave myself.” I didn’t have any sleepwear, obviously, and I didn’t want to go home in this storm to get any. It was going to take all my self-control to behave myself, but I didn’t want Emily to think I was going to take advantage of her.

Emily kissed me softly on the cheek. “I know you will.”

It wasn’t late yet, but with the lights out, there was nothing to do. “Might as well get ready for bed,” Emily suggested.

I reminded her I didn’t have anything to wear, just my boxers.

“It’s OK. It not any worse than seeing you in your bathing suit, right?”

She had a point. But on the other hand, I was never lying inches away from her before, wearing only a bathing suit.

We made our way to her bedroom. I’d been in it before — it was a typical girl’s bedroom, with posters on the wall, a desk in the corner, dresser, night table, and a twin-sized bed. I put the candles down carefully on her desk, and blew them out. To Emily’s dismay, we were again in total darkness, but of course, it’s not safe to leave the candles burning all night.

I could barely see anything, and I wasn’t changing my clothes, so I just kicked off my shoes and socks, pulled off my pants and sat on the bed in my t-shirt and boxers. I turned around to give Em some privacy (more of a gesture than for any real need) as she took off her pants, shirt and bra, and put on a nightgown.

Emily climbed into bed and took the side closest to the wall. I laid down next to her, with barely enough room to keep from falling off the edge.

“You can come closer to me, so you don’t fall off,” she said.

I moved right next to her. Lying on my side, there wasn’t any place for me to put my arm, so I rested it on her hip. Emily put her hand on my side as we lay there looking at each other. We laid there for a little while, before Emily spoke. “Jake,” she said. “Do you find me attractive?”

“Of course, Em. I think you’re very pretty.”

She leaned in and kissed me softly on the cheek. My cock jumped.

“You know, Jake — I’ve had a crush on you since we were in elementary school.”

I blushed. The thunder rolled across the sky, but illegal bahis siteleri I’m sure it was drowned out by the sound of my heart beating in my chest.


She cut me off with another kiss, this time on my mouth. I instinctively put my arm around her waist and kissed her back.


“Shhhhh, Jake. I love you. I’ve loved you all my life, and I want you to be my first. We’ll never have another chance like tonight.”

I couldn’t believe what Emily was saying. I loved her too, but always thought she loved me more in a brotherly way than any other. My mind was racing when she kissed me again. I pushed my tongue against her lips. She opened them slightly as our tongues touched. Moaning into my mouth, we kissed harder as I rolled her onto her back.

“Em, of course, I love you, too.”

We kissed again and again, our tongues wrestling in each other’s mouth, holding each other close in the darkness. The storm that brought us together was still raging outside, but neither of us heard it anymore. My hands roamed up and down her body, settling on her firm breasts. I gently rubbed and squeezed them in my hands as we kissed, causing Emily to moan in my mouth as she arched her back towards me. I slipped my hand under her night shirt and cupped her bare breast. I rubbed her nipples between my fingers as I trailed kisses down her neck.

I whispered to Emily, “Take off your shirt.”

She smiled at me, bit her lower lip and pulled off her shirt, leaving her just in her panties. My Goddd I thought. She’s even more beautiful than I imagined. I took off my shirt too, leaving the both of us naked except for our underwear. I bent down and kissed her chest all over, teasing her before I moved my mouth to her nipples. I trailed my tongue in circles around them, before sucking them into my mouth one at a time. My hands explored the breast not in my mouth as I sucked her nipples in and out.

I slowly kissed my way back up to her lips, and as we passionately drove our tongues in and out I slid my hand down her stomach to her panties. I rubbed her pussy through the soft material, causing her to moan louder and thrust her hips towards me. Pushing her panties to the side, I rubbed her lips with my first two fingers. She was shaved bare, which surprised me, but turned me on even more. I slipped my fingers inside of her, making her gasp as I spread her juices all over her bare cunt. As I brought them up to her clit, she jumped slightly. I sucked her nipples back into my mouth as I fingered her, sliding my fingers inside of her while rubbing her clit with my thumb. It didn’t take long before all this stimulation got to Em, and she cried out.

“Ohhhhhh Gooooodddddddd Jake. Oh my Goooddddddd….” was all she could manage as she had her first orgasm. She pulled me to her and kissed me over and over. My cock was rock hard and needed attention. As she kissed me, I took her right hand and brought it down to my cock. She pulled away in surprise. I broke our kiss and put her hand back, this time rubbing my cock with her hand. Tentatively, she rubbed my cock.

“Like this,” she asked.

“Mmmmm….” was all I said.

I lifted my hips and pulled off my boxers. Emily stared at my cock, waving back and forth. She seemed unsure again. I told her to close her eyes. I squeezed my cock, some precum oozing out. I scooped it off onto my index finger, then pressed my middle finger — coated with her juices — against her lips. She opened her mouth and I slipped my finger in. As she sucked off her juices, I told her to open her eyes. She saw the liquid on my finger, as I pulled out my middle finger and inserted my index finger into her mouth. She sucked off my precum, mixed with her juices.

I pulled my fingers out, and took her hand and put it on my cock. Slowly she started rubbing me again. After a few minutes I pushed her hands to my balls, and told her to rub them too.

Emily was completely inexperienced, but a fast learner. She gently caressed my balls, then moved her hand back to my shaft. As she stroked me up and down, I guided her head lower. “Kiss it,” I said. She kissed the head of my cock, then explored up and down it’s length with small kisses. I moaned softly, trying to encourage her. “That feels to gooooddddd….”

She stuck her tongue out and gently licked up and down my cock, avoiding the head. It was so erotic I could barely stand it. “Please,” I said. She looked at me, a little worried.

“What if you, you know…?”

“If I cum?”

She nodded shyly.

“Just swallow it quickly. You already tasted it on my finger.”

“I know, but…”

“Please,” I said.

She smiled at me again. “I like the please.”

Emily leaned down and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I moaned again, encouraging her. She opened her mouth a little more, taking another inch inside of her.

“Ohhhh, yes, Emily….” I moaned.

I thrusted my hips at her, and she soon had more than half my cock canlı bahis siteleri in her mouth. She slowly moved her mouth up and down, and I put her hand back on my balls. I opened my eyes to watch my beautiful neighbor giving me one of the hottest blowjobs ever. Her inexperience made her a little tentative, which added to the experience. She swirled her tongue around my cock, as my orgasm built.

“Ohhhh Goodddddd, Emily….Ohhhh Goodddddddddd,” was all I could say over and over as I thrust my hips to her mouth. She held my cock at the base as I exploded, shooting a huge load of cum into her mouth. Emily kept sucking, swallowing my cum as fast as I gave it to her.

As I stopped cumming, I eased her mouth away. She looked up at me, and asked, “Was that OK?” I couldn’t believe her. I just came more than I ever had in my life. I pulled her towards me and kissed her hard. I could taste my cum on her mouth as we kissed. “Mmmm….I didn’t think you’d want to kiss me after that.”

“Why not? If you can swallow my cum, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t kiss you afterward.”

She kissed me again as I caressed her back, moving my hands down to her firm ass.

“I want you so much, Emily. But what about, you know, protection?”

I didn’t have any condoms on me, and doubted Emily kept any in her room.

Emily looked at me sweetly. “Don’t worry. My mom is so overprotective of me, she put me on the pill when I was 16 — just in case, as she said it, someone tries to take advantage of me.”

I relaxed, and kissed her again. Emily pulled off her panties and threw them to the floor. “Ohhhh Goodddddd Jake. I want you too. I need to feel you inside of me.”

I reached down and rubbed her wet pussy. I slipped my fingers back inside of her, making her arch her back to take them deeper. I bent down over her, my cock teasingly rubbing against her pussy. It took all my self control not to fuck her then and there, but I wanted her to experience everything her first time. I slowly kissed down her body and Emily tried to pull me back on top of her. I was too strong and moved down her stomach towards her virgin slit.

“Ohhhh Godddd Jake. Don’t. I want you inside of me.”

I didn’t listen to her. I wanted to taste her pussy before I fucked her. I gave her pussy a long lick from the bottom up to her clit.

“Ohhhhhhh Goooddddddddd…..” she said again. But instead of pushing me away, she put her hands behind my head. I started kissing and licking her sweet pussy as Emily thrust her hips at my face. I rubbed her clit with my thumb as I licked her up and down. She tasted so good. I started licking the alphabet on her pussy, and by the time I got to “G” she was getting ready to cum again. I pushed two fingers back inside of her and sucked her clit into my mouth. Emily clenched her legs around my head and came hard, coating my face with her sweet nectar as I sucked on her clit. She came at least twice before I released her clit and lapped up all her juices. She came again and pushed my head away.

I positioned myself over her body as we kissed again. I could kiss her like this forever, I thought. My cock pressed against her virgin hole as we kissed, the head trying to push its way inside. I broke our kiss and took my cock in my hand.

“Are you ready,” I asked.

Emily nodded slowly.

I eased my cock inside of her, watching as first the head, then the next couple inches eased inside. I let go of my cock as I held myself up over her and pushed slowly. As I hit her hymen, I stopped. We kissed again, my cock halfway inside her. As we broke our kiss, I looked deep into her eyes. “I love you, Emily,” I reassured her.

“I love you too, Jake.”

I pulled my cock out until just the head was inside, then thrust back inside of her. I felt her hymen break, as I slid all the way inside her tight pussy. Emily cried out in pain as I took her virginity. I wrapped my arms around her, and whispered, “It’s OK Emily.”

She kissed me lovingly, and I knew she was alright. Slowly I pulled out of her, before thrusting again. Each time I drove my cock inside of her she moaned, making me fuck her harder. I arched my back to take her breasts into my mouth as I thrust my cock in and out of her cunt. Again and again I slid my cock inside of her, bringing her closer to cumming again with each thrust. I was barely pulling out of her before thrusting back in, slamming my cock deep and hard inside of her. As I fucked her over and over, I could sense her orgasm building. I sucked harder on her nipples as I tried to drive my cock deeper inside of her, not even pulling out, just pushing deep and hard in her cunt. Emily screamed out, and came hard, coating my cock with her sweet juices. I held still while she came, her muscles squeezing me deep inside of her as she came. Her orgasm subsided, I started thrusting again but it was too late. I thrust deep into her pussy one last time, and exploded in my own orgasm.

I shot what seemed like a gallon of cum inside her, shooting over and over into her pussy. Exhausted, I slid my cock out of her well-fucked pussy and laid next to her. The scent of our juices filled the small room. Emily rolled next to me, wrapping her arms around me as she laid her head on my stomach.

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A Cougar’s Story Ch. 02

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After my indiscretion with Bob that Oktoberfest weekend, Jim and I’s sexual activity increased considerably, mostly if the truth be told, because of my initiating ‘fooling around’.

There was no doubt about it anymore, at least for me, that the night with Bob had reawakened a part of me that wouldn’t go back to sleep. One evening, after Jim and I had finished a very delightful 69 session, I lay with my head on his thigh, enjoying the cleaning I was doing of Jim’s cock after he had climaxed.

He had gotten me off, as well, to be sure; few men I’ve ever been with can eat pussy like Jim. I always told him that in a previous life, he had to have been a lesbian; we always laughed at that analogy. But, the truth was, that my body craved a bit more, craved a long and serious fucking and somehow, Jim knew that; Jim always knows.

So it was in that moment that Jim asked me if I’d like to go out of town the next weekend, to a larger city, a major Midwestern Iconic city, and perhaps, if I’d like, go trolling for a younger stud for an evening of fun and games. I said that as good as that sounds, it’d be a stretch to think I could walk into any bar or club and walk out with young studs sniffing at my heels.

He disagreed but understood my trepidation at the ‘trolling’ thing and offered up an alternative. He then suggested that, if I was in agreement, we’d do a bit of looking on a swinger’s site that we had used in the past, when we were active in the lifestyle. There’s always ads of singles looking to hook up with a couple and such. I thought about it for a bit as my tongue finished licking his cock, then holding his cock in my hand, I lifted my head, looked at him and said that I wouldn’t be opposed to ‘just looking’ at the site along with him.

As I was falling asleep that evening, in Jim’s arms, I remember thinking that if we found an ideal candidate for fun and games, that I hoped it would live up to my current fantasies that were running through my mind.

It did.


A quick note to all of you singles guys out there who advertise on swinger sites and the like; posting pictures of just your cock is not a turn-on, despite what you might think. People, women like me, want to see the face, the eyes, the smile, that’s what will normally attract attention, not an image of your hard-on.

Just my own opinion.

Jim and I were looking through the site one night after we had had that conversation, quickly discarding those without facial pics, and there were a lot of those. Narrowing it down to four or five that had good facial photos, we ended up sending off an email to only two of them, choosing those whose written ad indicated that they had a modicum of intelligence, if the written word can be used as a yardstick.

Both responded the next day, and I wrote back this time, since I was the one who was the ‘target’ for a playmate; and yes, the fact that they answered our response to their ad, knowing that I was fifty-something, turned me on, it turned me on, a lot.

Jim was out of town that evening and I was at the computer when I had received an IM message; it was from one of the guys that we had contacted.

We, Greg and I, began a live IM session with very normal, non-sexual, electronic conversation. Slowly, our messages became a bit more sexual in nature, though not pornographic, if you know what I mean.

Greg gave me a site to go to where we could have a live session, both of us able to use our web-cams to stream video of us both as we ‘chatted’. Asking him to give me a moment, I told him I’d join him on the illegal bahis site after I fixed myself a drink.

Now, for you doubters out there, I assure you had Jim been in town, I would have still had this interaction with Greg on the computer. I am, and always have been, able to separate lust and love; that’s of paramount importance if one chooses to participate in the swinging lifestyle. Those that can’t, usually wind up in horrible personal situations. Jim and I have been very fortunate that we’ve been able to avoid that.

I did fix myself a drink, but I also ‘freshened’ up a bit, combing the hair, checking the makeup, though I use hardly any cosmetics beyond lip gloss and a little blush, but still.

Logging into the site, Greg and I were connected in a few seconds, and when his live-video appeared, I was somewhat shocked that he looked as young as he did. His pics that accompanied his ad showed him to be a bit older-looking than what I was now seeing.

He, on the other hand, greeted me with a ‘Wow’, and he commented on my attractiveness; and yes, that pleased me greatly, though I tried hard to cover my little bit of thrill that he thought of me as so.

I had changed tops to one that allowed what little bit of cleavage I have from my B-cup breasts to show, to my advantage, obviously.

As we chatted, growing more comfortable with our interaction, the thought of meeting with him cemented itself with me. He acted very much in a gentlemanly, albeit, sensual, manner. Simply said, my crotch reacted very favorably to his image, and his words.

No, there was no total strip-down by either of us, no mutual masturbation, or anything like that. Both of us, as we chatted, did have one of our hands out of sight of the camera; I can’t speak for him, but mine was playing with Ms. Priss, under the computer desk. Agreeing to call him after Jim and I checked into our hotel in the downtown section of his city, we signed off.

The masturbation, for me, occurred after we had signed off and I had gone to bed, thinking about the possibilities.

When Jim came home, the next day, I was upfront with him about Greg and I’s webcam chat of last night. He was pleased that I seemed to be fully on-board with the upcoming weekend.

That night, Jim and I had a very memorable oral session, pleasing us both, immensely.


We called Greg, after checking in, setting up a time for him to meet us downstairs in the hotel’s lounge. As I prepared for the evening, I was a bit a-flutter with excitement, truth be told.

Greg was 31 and quite attractive, more so in person, than in pictures or on the webcam. He is single now, divorced with no children, and an IT manager for his firm. His conversational ability was exceptional and in person, just as on the computer, every bit a gentleman. He knew that Jim would be with us when ‘the deal would be sealed’, and was very comfortable with that, as well.

We settled into our drinks and conversation, letting the vibes settle down between us, falling into a comfortable zone very quickly with each other. He asked me to dance when the small Jazz combo began playing some very good, slow, Bluesy-type tunes, the kind that make you want to dance, you know?

He was a good dancer, easy to follow, nice to hold onto as we glided across the semi-crowded floor. His arousal, through his dress slacks, couldn’t be hidden or ignored, and I leaned against his hard-on purposefully, enjoying the feel of his hardness against my body.

I danced with both Jim and Greg for about an hour or so, and as my illegal bahis siteleri last dance with Greg ended, I dropped my hand between us, giving his erection a tender squeeze, the heat from his cock penetrating through the pant material. He looked at me, smiled, and moved his own hand between us as he held mine from dancing, letting his fingers brush across my braless breasts, my erect nipple, a bit of a speed bump.

We walked back to the table holding hands, neither saying anything, just enjoying the moment. Jim smiled at us, and suggested that perhaps the three of us should go back to our room, actually a ‘suite’ with the bedroom separate from the common area. We were all drinking Scotch and water and had a bottle and ice in the room.


The ride to our room in the elevator was a nice one, both Jim and Greg taking the opportunity to kiss me, both lustfully which I returned with equal passion. Jim volunteered to fix us all drinks while I changed into something a ‘little’ more comfortable.

Being on the thin side (5’8″ a pair of running shorts, snug and tight to my butt, and a ‘wife-beater’s’-type shirt, both soft to the touch.

Jim sat in an armchair, facing the couch, a coffee table between us, while Greg sat on the couch with me. We talked for a short while, letting the Scotch work its magic on us, letting the mood take on its own life. Jim made sure that both Greg and I understood that we were free, at any time, to forget that he was even in the room; that we should take it from there.

He also made sure that Greg would be comfortable with him joining us in the bedroom or not, Jim hadn’t made up his mind about that quite yet. Jim already knew that I was okay with him watching; been there, done that many times in our past.

With all of that out in the open, I started the ball rolling by leaning in to Greg and kissing him, my hand on the side of his face as our tongues found each other’s, his hand finding the route to my breasts, as we kissed with increasing passion. His hand slipped under my top, finding and caressing my breasts as my own hand moved to his erection which was pushing hard against his pants. As Greg and I continued to kiss, touch, and fondle each other, I unzipped his fly, reached in and pulled out his rather nice cock, running my hand up and down its hardness.

While I continued to stroke him, I bent down and took him into my mouth, deep-throating him very quickly; some women can’t deep-throat, but I’m not one of them, and I enjoy it very, very much.

It was just Greg and I in that room in that moment, my total focus concentrated on pleasuring him as his hands fondled me with great skill. I could sense that if I continued sucking him, he’d soon climax and I didn’t want him to, yet. As I lifted my head from his cock, he pulled me to him and kissed me, his tongue having its way inside of my mouth.

Breaking from the kiss, I stood and pulled him from the couch and towards the bedroom. Looking over to Jim, he was all smiles and had a very nice erection going on inside of his own pants, which brought a smile to my lips.

Greg and I helped each other out of our clothes, kissing, nuzzling, touching the whole time. Dropping to my knees, I took him into my mouth again, totally swallowing all of his cock which brought a contented sigh of pleasure from Greg. Standing, I kept my hand on his erection, leading him to the king-sized bed.

I totally surrendered my body to his skillful hands and mouth as he made love to me in a very skillful manner, bringing me to brink of orgasm several canlı bahis siteleri times but not quite letting me reach it. Was he teasing me? Of course, but I loved it!

Finally, he mounted me, sliding easily between my parted legs as I wrapped them around him; slowly, tenderly, he began fucking me, the feel of his hardness inside of me a thrill beyond imagination.

He was long-lasting, thankfully, allowing me to have multiple orgasms, the last one a real mind-blower which brought a small cry of joy from my lips. As his speed increased, as he concentrated on his own climax, I glanced over to the small settee in the bedroom and saw Jim sitting there, naked, stroking his rock-hard cock. Just as I smiled at Jim and his hard-on, Greg came. Greg came with a forceful thrust that brought me another, small orgasm as his diminished.

Looking over towards Jim and smiling, I told Greg to roll onto his back, that I wanted to suck him clean; he did and as I moved between his legs, I kneeled on my legs, positioning my ass and pussy for Jim. Leaning on an elbow, I guided Greg’s semi-flaccid cock into my mouth, licking and sucking on him, tasting the mixture of his cum and my juices.

I felt Jim’s weight on the bed as he kneeled behind me. I knew he knew what to do with my upturned pussy, and he did. His thick, hard dick slipping into me, his thrusts strong as I felt Greg’s cock getting hard again from my sucking and licking.

My favorite thing to do with two guys is to suck one while being fucked by the other. I loved it when we were ‘swinging’ and I loved it even more since it had been quite a few years since I’d had two men like this.

The thrill of Jim fucking me like he was twenty years younger and of Greg’s cock in my mouth sent me over the edge to another climax; my moans of contentment spurred both of my guys to their own orgasms, their voices crying their own joy of completion.

We collapsed onto the huge bed, smiles all around, except for me; I was smiling alright, but my smile was framed by Greg’s cum on my lips, lol.

We rested for a while, and then Greg did the bartender thing this time, returning with fresh drinks for all of us. We sat against the headboard, totally naked, and my comfortability with that surprising even me, after such a long time since my last threesome.

Jim excused himself, encouraging me to have another go-around with Greg, ‘one for the road’, so to speak.

We did, Greg and I, have another incredibly satisfying fucking session. Several more climaxes available to me, which I took, whole-heartedly. Resting afterwards, I thanked Greg for an incredible evening of sex, and of his gentlemanly behavior, which I found so endearing.

Jim and Greg shook hands, Jim having gotten dressed again, and thanking him as well, Jim walked Greg to the door. When he returned to me, still standing in the common room, we smiled at each other, embraced, and shared a wonderfully, erotic kiss. Turning out the lights, we went to the bedroom.

I showered, then he did, and we climbed into bed.

We talked about the evening’s events, of course we did; one of the most fun things we both liked about the swinging lifestyle is the sharing of flings with one’s partner, even if the fling was the same.

We both agreed that we were surprised at Jim’s sudden return to his ‘studly self’-his words, not mine-and how great it felt for the both of us when he was inside of me.

I remember his words that night, just before we fell into a well-earned sleep; I remember as if it were said to me today.

“You know, baby,” he said, “If a side benefit of you having a fucking from a younger guy results in a repeat of what happened with me tonight, I’d be pretty fucking happy about that.”

Yeah, I would be too; I was thinking exactly the same thing when he said it.

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Becoming Jack’s Milk Cow Pt. 05

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Chapter 9

Jack was catching an early flight out the next morning, so I spent the night at his apartment. We’d talked about buying the apartment next to his, if it came on the market. The commuting between my house and his was getting tiresome, and we were talking about making our relationship more permanent.

I suggested that I try to sleep in my pregnancy belly (called a ‘sympathy belly’), but before we turned in, Jack took some photos of me in all my gravid glory bursting out of the silk shirt and skirt I’d worn earlier that day. The skirt’s elastic waist allowed me to pull it above my big belly, but the shirt wouldn’t button, and I looked wonderfully slutty with my black lambskin bra displayed under the shirt and the full skirt emphasizing my belly’s new bulk. I could feel how wet I was getting just from our games, and I could also see Jack’s hard cock outlined in his jeans. I knew we wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight.

Jack downloaded the photos onto his computer, adding them to the file he’d made of me in various poses. We looked forward to tracking my progress becoming his milk cow this way, and we also loved seeing how I was outgrowing my clothing. I had a couple of business meetings coming up, and wondered what I’d find to wear that was suitably professional. Most days, when I worked at home, I wore outfits that Jack chose for me–they certainly wouldn’t work for seeing my old colleagues. Oh, well, I’d think about that tomorrow. I stood up, working to balance myself against the weight of my belly. Jack moved to steady me; standing close behind me, he wrapped his arms around my belly, and moved his hands up to my breasts. As he teased my nipples in that milking rhythm that I loved, I pressed my ass against his hard cock and wiggled. “We need to get you out of those tight jeans,” I suggested. “I owe you some attention after all the pleasure you’ve given me tonight.”

Jack headed to the bedroom unbuttoning his jeans as he went. Hanging on the closet door was a beautiful peach-colored silk nightgown. It looked voluminous enought to fit over my belly. Normally, we went to bed naked, but I knew the silky fabric would feel sexy as it slid over my hard tits and belly. Jack, illegal bahis having shed his clothes, helped me change from the clothing I’d worn for his photoshoot into the silken gown. Again, a perfect fit, with maybe a bit more room for me to grow. Immensely turned on by our foreplay, I tried to move to the bed but Jack held me still, stroking my curves, and sliding the spaghetti straps of my gown down to expose my tits. He bent over a bit, lifting one breast to his lips, and tantalizing my nipple with his tongue. His big cock was pressing into me, but Jack didn’t seem to be in any hurry for relief. I arched my back and nearly lost my balance, and Jack laughed quietly. “Maybe we should move to the bed, after all,” he said.

Positioning me on my hands and knees on the bed, Jack stood next to the bed, fondling my ass and raising my gown up to expose my round cheeks, and began to press a finger into my ass. I pushed against his hand, moaning, as two more fingers entered me, stretching my asshole further. “What a beautiful ass you have, my dear,” Jack commented, as he removed his fingers and began to slowly press his big cock into me. “I’m afraid I’ve neglected your ass in favor of your tits, but I promise I’ll make that up to you–would you like that?”

As I pressed against Jack’s hard cock, helping him enter me, I murmured “Oh yes, please.”


I spent the week that Jack was away waddling around the house, enjoying my big belly. Although it was a fake, I liked its weight and the way it made me move–slowly and langurously. I enjoyed the nipple vibrators, too, and used them often. As a result, my nipples stayed long and hard, just the way Jack and I liked them. I was looking forward to our next project–inducing lactation. Before he left, Jack had left me a case of pills, with 4 capsules for each day of the week. They were herbal supplements, designed to help the process. I began to take them the day after Jack left, and I wondered how long it would take to get results, once Jack returned and we began our milking routine. I knew a bit about what was in store for me–Jack had told me that in the beginning, he’d ‘milk’ me 4 times a day for 10 minutes on each breast, increasing illegal bahis siteleri to 6 times a day (including once during the night) for 15 to 20 minutes. He’d also ordered a top of the line milking machine to help things along. It was to be delivered any day, but I was under strict orders to not open it until we’d returned from Chicago.

Meanwhile, I was getting ready for my weekend in Chicago with Jack. The idea of waddling around Chicago, shopping for nursing bras and clothing, excited me. I also continued to ‘eat for two’, and liked the feeling of fullness I had–my breasts filled my D-cup bras now, and as I played with them, I savored their heft. Quickly aroused, I used one of my larger vibrators to bring myself to a luxurious orgasm, fantasizing about Jack’s hard cock pounding into me.

My work continued to be interesting and demanding but I found that it took me a bit longer to get projects done when I was in this perpetual state of arousal. I had not seen any of my old colleagues in a couple of months, and had a meeting set up for the week after Chicago. I wondered if they’d notice how I’d changed. Of course, I wouldn’t wear my false belly to our meeting, but my larger, heavier breasts and my newly rounding belly and ass were obvious when I dressed in my old work suits. I looked forward to seeing their reactions.

Finally, Friday morning arrived. I dressed carefully for the flight to Chicago. I decided to chance going to the airport dressed in my ‘pregnant’ regalia; I didn’t think I’d run into anyone I knew on the morning flight. The D-cup demi-bra barely contained my heavy tits–were they bigger since Jack had left? Strapping on the big belly, and slipping into the silk dress that showed off my girth and my breasts (empire waists are great!), I admired my profile in the big mirror. Jack would definitely be pleased, and my pussy became wet in anticipation of our meeting.

Once on the plane, I settled into my exit row seat. I’d asked for a seat belt extender, and buckled it low under my belly. The man in the aisle seat kept stealing glances my way as I stroked my belly, waiting for takeoff. I smiled at him–he looked to be around 30, an attractive well-dressed black canlı bahis siteleri man.

“How far along are you?” he inquired.

“Five months”, I replied, looking rueful. “I’m awfully big already and I still have four months to go!”

“My name’s Steve–I’m a doctor” my seatmate said, reaching to shake my hand and smiling at me. “I must say, you look like you’re enjoying being pregnant.”

“I am” I conceded. “I’m just growing so fast it’s a little disconcerting–it seems like just last week I had a flat tummy, and now look at me!” Giving Steve my best ‘helpless little girl’look, I smiled to myself at the truth of what I’d just said.

Steve looked and definitely appeared to like what he saw. I leaned back in my seat and arched my back. The weight of my new belly was a bit uncomfortable, in a sexy sort of way. This could be a fun, flirty flight. My nipples were hard just from watching Steve’s admiration of my gravid shape, and I could feel my arousal growing as I continued to stroke my belly.

“How long are you going to be in Chicago?” Steve inquired. “I’d be happy to show you around.”

“Actually, I’m meeting my boyfriend for the weekend, but thanks. It would be fun. Are you from Chicago?”

“I’m moving back to Chicago to join a medical practice–just in case you ever need some attention, let me know.” Steve smiled sexily and handed me his business card.

“Thanks” I said coyly. “You never know what might come up.”

We both had work to do, and once we were in the air, took out our laptops. The tray in my seat was a tight fit, and Steve watched as I tried to get it adjusted against my belly. “Looks like a close thing” he laughed.

“Good thing I wasn’t travelling next week–it wouldn’t have fit at all!” I agreed.

The flight was over before I know it. Steve and I said goodbye–he shook my hand, holding it a bit longer than was technically necessary. “I hope that boyfriend of yours is taking good care of you,” he said. “He better appreciate that nice belly you’re growing.”

“Oh, he does” I answered. “But thanks so much–I really enjoyed your company.”

At the baggage carousel, I saw Steve again, and he insisted on helping me with my bag and getting me into a taxi. His hand rested on the small of my back as I got into the cab and I felt the sexy warmth of his palm briefly slide down to cup my ass. I turned to look at him. “It was a pleasure,” I said, giving him my sexiest smile.

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Ava and/or Eva Pt. 02

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Big Dicks

Author’s Note – This story has 8 parts which I am releasing as I finish editing them. For the best experience, please read them in sequence or you may not be able to follow the story properly. Although this is a work of fiction, it is based on real characters and events. All names and locations are fictitious. Thank you.


A Night Of Discovery


Exiting my shower, my mind was still on Ava as I dried myself off and walked back into the bedroom. I felt full and totally relaxed from the meal, beers and shower. I had to think for a moment on the most likely place I might find my jammers. Since I usually slept in just my boxers, it had been a bit since our ‘jammers’ days. I dug through the bottom dresser drawers until I found them, slipped them on and headed back down to the family room…

Lounging on the sofa, Eva turned her head to look at me as I came into the room. I paused on the steps and imitated her twirl to show off my attire, my amateurish spin drawing a big smile and chuckle from her as she patted my spot on the sofa next to her.

“I got you a fresh beer,” she said, pointing to it on the coffee table. “I also changed the TV channel to some music…I hope you don’t mind.”

I nodded in agreement as the sounds of classic rock played. “At least you picked some good stuff!” I teased, as I walked across the room, grabbed my beer and slid into my corner. She leaned forward and poured herself some more wine from the bottle on the coffee table. ‘She must be feeling relaxed by now’, I thought to myself, noting the nearly empty bottle. Leaning back, she swiveled sideways on the couch to face me, tucking her legs up under her butt. I sensed she was finally ready to get serious and tell me what was going on.

She started off slowly, searching for the correct words as she went. Knowing that she usually gave me clues about her feelings and wishes from her facial expressions, I watched intently as she spoke.

Jeff and her had separated…it wasn’t because they didn’t love one another, but rather because she couldn’t have children. She described how they had started trying about a year after they had moved in together. She had gotten pregnant once, but had a miscarriage a few weeks later, then she had trouble getting pregnant again. They finally went to several doctors and confirmed Eva’s fears…she had the same problem that her mom had. Ava and I were very blessed to have had Eva. The doctors had said she was a miracle birth, so we had decided to forgo further attempts and just devoted our lives to Eva.

Jeff, however, didn’t deal well with the news and wanted a natural offspring…no adoption, no surrogate, no exceptions. It tore them apart in the end. As she told me of her heartbreak, her sadness deepened. After setting my drink down, I instinctively did what I always had done in the past and opened my arms to her.

“Come here, cuddlebug.” She placed her glass on the table and crawled into my arms just like she had done hundreds of times before. Cuddlebug was the nickname that Ava and I had given her because it was her favorite thing to do when we had our jammers on…Ava on her left, me on her right and our cuddlebug sandwiched in between us on the sofa. I could feel her softly crying as she burrowed into my side and finished telling me her story of their final breakup and her heartache. I held her in silence, gently stroking her hair while she cried her pain out.

Minutes later, she spoke again. “I don’t want to make any decisions right now, dad,” she whispered, her voice slightly breaking up. “I just want to be with the one person I know who truly loves me…I just need to feel that now.”

“You came to the right place, then!” I answered. She gave me an ardenthug in response.

Her head was tucked under my chin and her cheek was against my chest. When I moved my right hand up to her face and slowly stroked her hair and cheek, she raised her head up and kissed my neck. “Thanks for being here for me, daddy.” she murmured in my ear.

“Always!” I assured her.

She shifted in my arms and I relaxed my hold when she declared, “I need to pee! And I’m sure I look like a mess. Don’t go anywhere! I need to cuddle some more, okay?”

“Sure thing, sweetie. I’ll be right here.” As she stood up to leave, I added, “Good thing it’s Friday, cuz, I drank a little more than normal.” I closed my eyes and laid back as the Eagles ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ began to play. It was one of my favorites and I sang along for a bit…

“And I found out a long time ago…what a woman can do to your soul…Oh, but she can’t take you anyway…you don’t already know how to go…And I got a peaceful, easy feeling…and I know you won’t let me down… ’cause I’m already standing…on the ground.”

The song was just ending when I felt her snuggle up next to me again. “I’m sure I know what you’re gonna say…but I have to ask anyway…will it be alright if I stay here with you for a bit until casino siteleri I get my act together?… I’m pretty sure I know what I want to do… but I want your input first,” she asked. She rested her chin on my shoulder and stared up into my eyes. I could smell the wine as she breathed on my cheek.

“Of course you can, darlin’…that goes without saying!” She promptly planted a big, wet kiss on my cheek, then turned and picked up her wine glass from the table. After taking a big swig from it, she set it back down, then settled back into her normal cuddle position against me.

“I have a confession to make about you and mom,” she said in a small, shy voice.

“What’s that, sweetie? You know you can tell me anything, don’t you?” I had to admit that she had my curiosity peaked.

“While I was in the bathroom, I had a very fond memory pop into my head of when I was younger.” She paused and then the next part came in a flood as if she had to get it all out in a hurry, or die. ” I’ll bet you never knew that you both gave me my very first, real, sexual experience.” There was a short pause and she sounded extremely nervous when she continued, “I mean… I played doctor and such… with Billy, Tammi and some of the kids from down the block when we were young… But…this was way different for me… I want to tell you about it…I’m not really sure why…maybe it’s because… I’m a little tipsy… I, ummm…I don’t know, exactly… but… I want to tell you anyway.” She sounded as if she was out of breath as she finished. As she was looking up at my face, seeking my approval, I could feel her trembling lightly against my chest.

“Okay, sweetheart. You know I’m here for you.” I tried to sound encouraging, not quite knowing where she was headed with this obviously very personal topic.

She took another sip from her wine, prolonging the suspense. It felt as if she was screwing up her courage to continue. Reaching out, she covered my left hand resting on my left knee with her left hand, interlacing our fingers together. Lifting them to her face, she kissed my palm. She appeared to be thinking of what she was going to say as she lowered our hands back down to my leg.

“I woke up late one night…I had to pee, real bad. As I was walking down the hall to the bathroom, I heard noises coming from your room,” she said, with her little girl voice taking over. “Curiosity took over, so I walked to your bedroom and saw that the door wasn’t closed. At first I thought someone was sick or in pain, but the more I listened, I realized it was something very different.” She was gesturing as she spoke and lifted my left hand up as she did, while I felt something brush my left thigh and glanced down to see her right hand come to rest gently on the inside of my bare leg. At the same time, she lowered our coupled hands down, guiding my palm to rest on her right thigh.

As if nothing had transpired, she continued her story, “I had to see what was going on. I pushed your door open and crept down the hallway until I was at the corner where I could peek around at your bed…What I saw changed my life forever.” For the first time since she had started, she turned and looked directly into my eyes, then continued, “Now, don’t laugh, daddy… it was all magical and amazing to me.”

Almost speechless, I managed to mumble in reply “I won’t.” I felt all the blood leave my face as it dawned on me where this was heading.

As she continued, I became very aware of her right hand creeping higher up my thigh while her other hand guided mine up hers. It was all happening in slow motion, as if I was having an out-of-body experience with absolutely no control over what was going on.

She looked down again as she spoke. Each sentence was describing a separate image with a distinct pause between them for emphasis. “The lamp was on by your bed…You were both naked…I could see you laying on your back…Mom was straddling your lap with her legs tucked up under her…She was slowly rocking her hips forward then back…Your hands were playing with her breasts, and pulling her nipples…Her head was tilted back as she was moaning…I could hear your heavy breathing, too,” she seemed to finish but quickly resumed, “Of course, I know what it all is now…but, back then, it all seemed like…some…wondrous and special secret that I was watching.”

I was acutely aware of Eva’s right hand as it began to lightly knead my thigh, inching closer to my hardening cock. She continued to slide my left my hand closer to her crotch until I realised that I could feel the heat radiating from inside her. Looking down, I was shocked to see that she no longer had her jammer bottoms on, apparently removing them when she went to the bathroom. Her legs were spread so that I could clearly see her bare pussy, the outer lips swollen while her inner labia were pushing outward and starting to flower. I also noticed a film of moisture covering them as a small trail of her juices was leaking slot oyna from inside.

Weakly attempting to move my hand back, she was insistent and held it firmly in place. I was discovering that…just like with Ava… I had no will to resist Eva, either. My cock twitched involuntarily and was now fully rigid. Shifting my hips, I tried to ease my discomfort. When I moved, she turned her head to gaze at my crotch where the bulge of my arousal was unmistakable.

Continuing her erotic narrative, her voice grew low and oozed the same sexiness as her mom, “As I watched you, I felt a tingling between my legs…I slipped my hand down inside my panties and began to finger my cunt…I watched as mom leaned down on top of you…I could see your cock moving in and out…your hands playing with her ass and spreading her cheeks as you fucked her… It made me so hot that I could barely stand…my legs grew weak and shaky.”

Sensing no further resistance from me, her right hand moved to press against the base of my swollen cock and balls. Aggressively, she pushed my left hand into her wetness, her fingers urging me to slip between her inner lips while my palm became soaked with her desire. My eyes were locked on the beauty of her silky, glistening pussy, the trail of her fluids had become a small trickle. I noted absurdly that her flow seemed more plentiful that Ava’s.

Done with the foreplay, she now moved directly into full seduction mode. Turning her head until our faces were cheek to cheek, her words came out as little puffs of heated air against the side of my face as she went on, “I felt the warmth of an orgasm come over me…I could feel my hard nipples rubbing against my nightgown…My fingers were wet and sticky, but I couldn’t stop…I watched you and mom as I frigged myself…pushing my fingers in my pussy like you were fucking mom with your cock… my body was trembling all over…mom let out a loud moan…her back arched as she ground hard against you…I heard you groan at almost the same time. I knew I had to sneak back out before I got caught. Back in my room, I crawled in my bed and masturbated until I came again.”

She pulled her head back and looked directly into my eyes as she spoke this last part, a sexy little smile on her face, the back of her right hand slowly rubbing my cock from balls to tip. Eva reminded me so much of her mother at this moment…her seduction was complete…I was putty in her hands.

Continuing to look into the back of my eyes, she was trying to gauge the depth of the affect she was having on me. When she knew exactly where she had me, she turned up the heat. “I used to try and stay awake at night to see if I could catch you and mom again, so I could watch and learn. I quickly came to recognize the tell tale signs of when you both felt horny…which was really pretty often. She would rub her hip against your cock,” Eva’s hand was firmly pressed against my shaft and rubbing me for emphasis, “You would grab her ass and squeeze it, or brush against her tits when you thought I wasn’t watching. I managed to catch you so many times that I lost count.”

She spread her legs wider as her left hand released mine and moved to press my fingers harder against her pussy. “God, I’m wet!…Feel me, daddy…Put your fingers inside and see how hot just thinking about that has gotten me.” Her right hand left it’s stroking duties and moved over to slip inside her partially unbuttoned top. I could see it cupping her left breast and teasing her bullet nipple. Her tongue slipped out and moistened her lips as her mouth was moving towards mine like a homing missile. I parted my lips, preparing to willingly accept her tongue inside.

My will was no longer my own. I pushed my fingers inside her as she urged me on. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a moister pussy in my life. I felt her body shudder and her eyes rolled back in their sockets while a little gasp came from inside her. She enjoyed the feeling of my manipulations for a few moments before she spoke again.

Finally, she pulled back her head for a second. “I have another confession to make,” she revealed. I tried to say something but only managed a sort of ‘grunting’ sound.

“Do you remember all the times I used to climb onto your lap asking you to hug and comfort me?” I somehow managed a nod. “Well, that wasn’t my only reason. I used to wiggle around as we played tickle games and such, but what I really wanted was to cop a feel of your cock.” I jumped a bit when I felt her hand grasp my hardon through the jammers. She was still staring into my eyes as she began to explore it. “A few times I managed to get my bottom where I could feel this between my cheeks,” she added, squeezing my cock firmly to emphasize her statement.

“I would wiggle around and could feel you getting bigger…but just when I thought I would succeed in my mission, you would move me,” she pouted with a complaint in her voice as she finished.

She rolled onto her right knee then swung canlı casino siteleri her left leg over me, sitting back on my knees…my fingers slipping from inside her. I looked down at her sticky juices covering them, instinctively putting my fingers inside my mouth to taste her. After all these years, I could still tell that although it was very similar to Ava, the taste was still not exactly the same. My fingers lingered under my nose as I inhaled deeply and reveled in her intoxicating scent. There is still nothing sexier to me than the taste and smell of a woman I care about.

Unbuttoning her top, she watched me clean my fingers with a devilish grin on her face, then leaned back on my legs giving me a full view of her beautiful body. She removed her hand from my cock and and arched her back. Placing her arms behind her, she shrugged her shoulders slightly, her pajama top sliding smoothly down her body, off her arms and dropping to the floor behind her. She remained in this pose with her chest thrust forward proudly showing me her firm tits. My eyes feasted on them as they seemed to glisten from a layer of perspiration covering them. They were almost identical to Ava’s in size and shape. Her soft-pink, eraser-sized nipples were swollen hard, rising proudly from the quarter-sized, light-brown areolae below. My cock jerked again…I was primed and ready to explode.

“Put your fingers back inside me,” she directed, her hands moving forward as she leaned towards me again. She unbuttoned my top, then moved her hands to pull down my shorts. “Raise your butt.” I complied helplessly. As she slipped my shorts under my ass and down my thighs as far as they would go, my cock convulsed again and rose higher in anticipation of what was coming. Her hands attacked it, one grabbing the shaft and the other cupping my balls. Staring intently at it, she stroked, massaged and manipulated me.

I watched her face as her tongue slipped from inside her mouth and wet her lips. She seemed as if she was almost in a trance as she studied her hands working on me. When she spoke again, it was as if she was talking to it and not to me.”This is what I’ve wanted for so long… I could not get the images out of my head of mom stroking and playing with you in bed.”

She lifted my balls and seemed to be weighing them in her fingers before she continued. “I can see why mom loved it so much.” If it hadn’t been said with such a sensuous and loving tone, I would have sworn I was in a doctor’s office getting a medical exam. My mind shot back in time to when Ava had first inspected me. For some reason, the similarities were uncanny.

My mind didn’t instantly register her comment. But, after a moment, a quick thought popped into my head. ‘How does she know what Ava thought…?’ It passed quickly as I felt her other hand squeezing my shaft hard and stroking me firmly upward. She pulled the skin up over the head of my dick, forcing some pre-cum out of my slit. Then she loosened her grip, letting my skin fall back down while she extended a finger to the tip, slowly spreading the fluid around the head and up under the ridge. I jerked my hips from the sensitivity, a sharp jolt of pleasure coursing down my shaft and into my balls.

She looked up into my eyes as if looking for approval. Her voice, however, was firm as her true objective was announced. “I want to taste you…just like she did. I loved watching her take you into her mouth and sucking on you until you got hard. Will that be okay with you?” There was a teasing smile on her face as she said it.

“I’m already hard, my love. But…whatever you want…I’m all yours.” It was the first intelligent thing I had said in a while.

She removed her hands from my cock and threw her arms around my neck, my fingers slipping from inside her as she crawled forward until her pussy lips were pressed against my shaft. She slowly slid up and down against it, coating it with her juices. My balls were soon covered with the copious moisture flowing down. Leaning her head forward, she pressed her cheek against mine where I could feel her hot breath panting in my ear. She was breathing heavy and fast as her hips continued to grind on me. My cock felt like it was wrapped between her labia. I couldn’t believe how hot she was, her nipples like fire pokers against my chest as she bear hugged me tightly to her.

In a lust-filled, breathless whisper she declared, “I want this, daddy! No regrets, okay?” She moved her head back until she was staring into my eyes again. I nodded. “Now…I want you to fuck me…just like you fucked mom when I spied on you.”

Leaning in, she kissed me like I hadn’t been kissed in a long, long time. As her tongue slid inside my mouth, I almost lost all control. We french kissed for the first and longest time. I swore I could feel her pussy lips squeezing my cock as they were wrapped around it. She finally broke our kiss and pulled back, looking deeply into my eyes again. When her hips stopped moving, it felt like the tip of my cock could slip inside her any second with no effort.

“I love you, daddy…Please, take me to your bed… I want to do this where I used to watch you and mom, okay?” she asked.

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Avalon Ch. 03

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All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old.


September 13, 1992 Santa Catalina and Los Angeles, CA


When the Peri and Trish woke up, within moments of each other, they heard Carter whistling a nondescript tune somewhere in the bungalow. Tumbling out of the big four-poster, they wandered, as they were, out of the bedroom following the sound.

In the kitchen, Carter had bacon frying and coffee brewing. Randomly interrupting his own whistling, he sang, slightly off-key:

Pat, pat here

Pat, pat there

And a couple of brand new straws

That’s how we keep you young and fair

In the merry old land of Oz

Whistling, then singing again,

Rub, rub here

Rub, rub there

Whether you’re tin or bronze

That’s how we keep you in repair

In the merry old land of Oz

The co-eds silently slipped onto the bar stools and watched Carter, his back to them, as he moved around the stove and cupboards. He was wearing a black silk kimono with glittering copper dragon stitchery, identical to the crimson-and-gold kimono he had given Peri.

The whistling resumed and then Carter again paused and sang,

Uhn! Uhn! here

Uhn! Uhn! there

And a couple of O My Gods!

That’s how I fuck them as a pair

In the merry old land of Oz

Peri and Trish startled Carter by clapping and cheering when he trilled this modified lyric. He whipped around, robe flying open, exposing his salt-and-pepper hair trailing down his overhanging belly and disappearing into his boxers. His large circumsized bell was partially visible through the open vent and his hanging scrotum and heavy balls displayed their shape against the thin, loose cotton.

“Oh, good morning, girls!” he said, beaming happily at their pulchritude. “I’ll have something for you to eat soon.”

“Yay!” exclaimed Trish, staring at his bobbing cock.

“My head hurts,” Peri complained, “Is the coffee ready yet?”

“I’m not surprised, Sweetie, you drank that big old Mai Tai pretty quick.” He put a mug of black coffee on the counter in front of Peri and said, “Here you go.”

“So how about Trish? She doesn’t seem to be very bad off…” Peri pursued, “And you’re chipper! didn’t we all eat and drink the same thing?”

“Well, yes and no, Peri,” Carter explained, “Alcohol effects different people in different ways. Some of it has to do with body weight. You are a little bit lighter than either Trish or me. Some of it has to do with speed of consumption and I DID advise ‘nursing’ the drinks but you pretty much sucked yours right down on an empty stomach. That made a difference I am sure.” Carter turned back to the stove and pulled the bacon out of the pan, draining it on paper towels, and then stepped around the counter. Standing behind the teenagers he put his left hand on Trish’s far shoulder and slipped his right hand inside the back waistband of Peri’s briefs. Tapping lightly, with his hands in place, he ad-libbed his first verse:

Pat, pat here

Pat, pat there

And a finger inside your drawers

That’s how we keep you young and fair

In the merry old land of Oz

He turned and kissed both girls on their cheeks and said, “There’s packages on the dining table. Why don’t you open them and see what’s in them?”

The teens squealed with glee in unison and spun around on the stools. Surveying the table they saw two shirtbox-sized packages in pink foil with dark rose ribbon bows. “How the heck did I not see THOSE?” Peri asked, amazed.

“Yeah, like, me neither!” Trish joined, “I guess I was still half-asleep!”

Trish pulled the ribbon on the package with her name on its tag and tore the paper off. Carter, while she was distracted, shot a look at Peri and held up a finger in a warning sign which Peri recognized but did not fully comprehend. As the box lid popped, Trish pulled out a flowing electric-blue silk kimono, like Carter’s, with silver dragons and stitching. She held it up against her body and gasped, “OOO!” Now Peri understood and she quickly opened her own box, pulling her old kimono out and holding it up for show.

“Thank you, Uncle Bill!” Peri said, sincerely, as if she had never seen the robe before.

“Wow!” Trish bubbled, “They are just like… like… “

“…uniforms?” Peri suggested.

“Yes, like uniforms… like… we’re a TEAM! but each of us has our own color!” She stepped into her robe and belted it around her waist, although the flimsy silk was an inadequate fence for her large breasts. When she turned suddenly and stepped over to Carter, her left boob pushed itself through the overlap. “Thank you, Dr. C.!” she said, giving him a big smooch.

Peri put her robe on and came over to Carter, sliding her left arm around his waist inside his black kimono. “You are the sweetest man,” she said softly, pushing her hand up the loose leg of his shorts. Smiling, she sang back to him,

Rub, rub here

Rub, rub there

We’ll fuck you just because

That’s how you keep us casino siteleri young and fair

In the merry old land of Oz

Then they all burst out laughing. Carter grabbed them in a group hug and slid his hands over their silky, nubile, round, features.

“OK, Dears,” he said, panting slightly in his excitement, “Don’t derail me, I have omlettes to make.” He walked back to the kitchen and began whisking the egg mixture he had sitting in a bowl near the stove. “We have a lazy Sunday morning and a noon appointment to go para-sailing. IF, that is, you aren’t afraid of heights!”

“We went down in Twin Harbors, didn’t we?” Trish giggled.

“Yes,” chirped Peri, “Why not touch the sky?” She winked at Trish, “Will you keep it up for us?” Without waiting for an answer she said, “Come on, Trish, I want a shower before breakfast.”

“Oh, me TOO!” Trish agreed quickly and rushed out of the dining room after Peri.


Carter set a table on the deck and the three lovers enjoyed a relaxed, sunny, breakfast in the privacy of the walled, postage-stamp, yard behind the cottage. The quiet, colorful, fragrant ambience was, indeed, perfect for a ‘lazy Sunday’ and they made the most of it until youth overcame indolence.

Peri broke their silent reverie, “I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t feel so ‘young and fair’… Can we do something about that?” She asked with a sly snicker, tickling Carter’s arm in the sleeve of his robe.

Trish immediately offered her support. “Yeah, Dr. C.” she giggled, “All song and no dance? What have you got for us in your pants?” She poked his ribs and said, “You are, like, our muse… You already turned ME into a POET!”

Carter groaned slightly but did not shrink from their touches. “Funny you should mention that,” he said, “I was just sitting here, looking at the flower beds and thinking: Wheelbarrow.”

“Huh? Peri asked, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Yeah, I don’t get it, either,” Trish admitted.

Carter rose and picked up his plate. “Well, help me clear the dishes and then I’ll show you what I was thinking about,” he replied cryptically as he walked into the house.

The girls tidied the kitchen and noticed Carter was nowhere to be seen. Calling his name, they heard him answer, “Front room!” As they walked through the dining room they saw him on the love seat with his arms spread on the back and a grin spread on his face. Their kimonos rustled as they swished across the main room. “Come on, kids! Squeeze in, let’s be cozy while we talk,” he said, enjoying their undulating forms under the colorful silk.

Dubious, yet determined, Peri and Trish assumed their favored left and right orientations. They sat, half on Carter’s legs, squished against the enveloping arms of the small sofa, with their arms draped around his neck and their own shoulders. Carter’s hands naturally cupped their outer breasts, distractedly rubbing their sensitive nipples under the soft, smooth robes, as he pulled the teens’ inner breasts firmly against his own silk-clad chest.

“There, now!” Carter declared, satisfied with the arrangement. He kissed Peri first, and then Trish, and began. “Perhaps you recall, Friday afternoon, after a play period…”

“You mean when you fucked us both and broke my cherry…” Trish interrupted, rubbing her left index fingertip lightly across Carter’s lips.

“…yes, that’s right,” Carter continued, “Anyway, Trish, you said something about ‘fucking whenever,’ and Peri,” he turned to his right, looked into her hazel eyes and kissed her gently, “Peri, suggested we all could live together and thus, empower ourselves to ‘really fuck whenever’ we wanted to.” He looked back to Trish and sucked the tip of her finger which was still in the neighborhood, tracing his chin, cheeks and nose as he spoke. “Or words to that effect, anyway. Of course,” he went on, still casually twiddling the teens’ nipples, “I already was thinking along those lines myself, which is why I got a pretty blue kimono…” he lifted the edge of the loose front of Trish’s robe and slid his hand across her left boob to seize the newly exposed white flesh of her right one. Palping this mound in his hand, he went on, “…To match my own black one, and the crimson robe I gave to Peri, here.” He dropped his right hand to Peri’s lap and burrowed into the kimono’s folds until his long middle digit found her moistened slit below the three light-brown curly circles on her mons.

Humming the tune of the day, he improvised a variation on the lyrics:

Tweak, tweak here

Tweak, tweak there

And soon they’re seeping sauce

That’s how I like them: Young and Fair

In the merry old land of Oz

Peri and Trish were both squirming and making small noises as Carter’s touches jolted their juice-making message centers into action. “So, Trish, the weekend is coming…” he paused and let the word hang, “…to a close and I wonder.” Carter tugged on Trish’s puffed areola and twisted her thick, square nipple. “Have you considered Peri’s kind invitation?” Releasing her slot oyna tit, he lowered his left hand and probed Trish’s deep navel with his index finger. “I would LOVE to have your company and would certainly try to fuck you ‘whenever’ if you were to move in.”

“Uhhnn, uhmmm, ooo,” Peri whimpered, as Carter pushed his middle and ring fingers in and out of her slick pussy while softly pinching her clit between his thumb and index fingertip.

Peri’s orgasm began as Trish, tormented by Carter’s titillation, stuttered her reply, “ohh…y-yesss, Doc-tor C… uhn, y-y-yess I… WANT…want to COME… uhn, can I… come live with you?” She finished in a rush of words and gasps as she sympathetically climaxed with Peri on Carter’s lap.

Carter, very pleased with the results of his fiddling, kissed each teen in turn and continued talking as their bodies’ tremulations peaked and ebbed. “You spoke yesterday of how you liked to share, and indeed, we have shared some very fun and intimate moments. What I was thinking, earlier in the garden, over coffee,” Carter lifted his right hand from Peri’s slick cunt and sucked her stickiness from his fingers, “and… juice,” he popped them from his lips and returned his hand to her kimono and her covered right breast, “was, could I fuck you both at the same time?” He patted Trish’s plump tummy. “I don’t mean serially, but actually fuck you both, together. How could I DO that?” He pushed his left hand down across Trish’s curly mons and into her sopping twat. Retrieving her thick lubricants on his fingers, he licked them and resumed massaging her breast. “And then I saw the little wheelbarrow in the flower bed…”

Abruptly, Carter pushed the girls off his lap and stood with them in front of the love seat. His mighty cock, rigidly reactive to the stimulations he had successfully delivered to the teens, peered attentively out from his robe. The plum knob’s slit glistened with pre-cum. “Let’s go to the bedroom. I want to see if my idea is workable. Would you like me to fuck you both, together, at the same time? Share and share alike, and all that?” He asked, smiling and winking.

“Oh, please! Yes!” Trish answered, excitedly as Peri pulled on Carter’s kimono and started for the bedroom, nodding her vigorous assent.

On the unmade bed the teens saw Carter had placed, a large, triangular, wedge-shaped cushion, sloping down and away to the king-size mattress’ center. The pillow’s perpendicular, short side was even with the edge of the mattress, in the middle between the headboard and footboard of the four-poster’s frame.

Carter untied Trish’s belt and took her silk robe away, hanging it carefully in the closet. He returned, removed Peri’s kimono and hung it similarly. Appreciatively studying their nude, tantalizing, teen-age bodies, he gave them their directions. “Trish, please lay on your back on the bed with your bottom on the wedge pillow.” Trish arranged herself, legs dangling over the pillow and arms out flat. “Now scoot up on the pillow as far as you can. I want to see your pussy lined up with the pillow seams.” As Trish complied, Carter stepped up to the bed and pushed her legs apart. “Keep your knees wide and your feet on the floor. It may help if you balance on the balls, or even your toes.” Trish extended her legs and arched her feet, her toes on the floor and her heels high in the air. “Perfect!” Carter complimented her. “You have lovely calves, don’t you know? Now, HOLD it THERE.”

Turning to Peri he said, “OK, Sweetie, get up on the bed and straddle Trish. Lay down on her. Nipple to nipple, navel to navel, Mouse to Fox. Got it?” He stepped back and watched as Peri climbed up and lay, as directed, in full body contact upon her naked friend. As soon as their pussies touched, Peri and Trish both felt renewed wetness in them. They could not help themselves and kissed ardently as each rolled her pelvis against the other’s. Peri braced herself with her forearms flat along Trish’s ribs against the mattress. Trish lifted her arms to hold Peri, pulling their tits tight against each other.

Carter shed his kimono and stepped in between the bouquet of white and cream legs. Trish’s conch was quivering and Peri’s sweet slice winked at him from above her.

Carter, lining up his rampant dick with the targets, put his right hand on Peri’s rocking hips and steered his cock with his left hand. Raising and lowering it, he slid his slick knob up and down the two cunts from Peri’s os to her clit to Trish’s clit to her os and back, slipping deeper between their combined lips with each pass. He chanted softly to himself, “Eenie Meenie Minie Moe, Catch A Teenie By Her Toe…Pick A Hole And In I Go… I Will Choose This Very One!” He lunged, blindly, not knowing, or caring, which pussy he punctured first.

“UHN!” cried Trish, revealing the answer. Carter pulled back, out, and thrust again, raising his angle and nailing Peri. “OOHHHH!” she yelped, surprised by the entry. Out. Down. IN. UHN! Out. Up. IN. OOHH! With each repetition the exercise was easier. The girls’ channels expected him. Muscle memory canlı casino siteleri replaced conscious thought. Carter pulled his left hand away and gripped Peri’s left hip, holding her gyrating bottom in place against him and pushing her down tighter onto Trish. Out. Down. IN. UHN! Out. Up. IN. OOHH! Carter increased the pace without missing a beat.

Trish’s legs bounced up and down uncontrollably and Peri’s legs, scissored around Carter’s waist, as the handles of the wheelbarrow, exerted vise-like pressure while he pounded away at their cunts. He grinned as he stared down at Peri’s bottom. Her toned, concave ass cheeks twitched as she ground her pussy against Trish in time with his thrusts. Carter’s balls tensed. He grunted, “AARGHH!” and shot into someone.


“OhMyGosh! OhMYGOSH!” Peri shouted in Trish’s face, “Uuncle Bill!”

“AAAHHHH!” Screeched Trish back at her, “I’m COMMING TOO!”

Carter did not stop punching and pulling, even after his dick quit squirting its load. Out. Down. IN. Out. Up. IN. He pushed and pressed and pounded until the girls were climaxing together a second time on top of their first orgasms in an agonized crescendo.

“OH! Stop! No! Don’t Stop! OH! OH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH MY GOD! OH UNNNNCLE!” The teens’ chorus rang in Carter’s ears and still he was relentless. Out. Down. IN. Out. Up. IN.

At last, worn and wasted, the trio folded in on themselves and collapsed in a jumble on the rumpled covers. The girls’ hair was lank and matted. They all were drenched in sweat. Carter’s flaccid dick shone with spent seed and juices. The teens’ cunts leaked and their topiaries were drizzled with jism which had missed as Carter thrust while his dick pulsed wildly.

“Nice… wheel… barrow, Uncle… Bill,” Peri panted, slowly recovering her speech. She grinned, laughed and patted his stomach. “You are SO AMAZING!”

Trish lolled her head to the right and smiled at Peri. “You can say that again. Oh my god! I am SO glad Dr. Llewellyn referred me for counseling!

Carter looked at his Bulova and noted it was 11:15. He raised up on his left shoulder and forearm. The sprawled, cum-filled, co-eds glowed. “If we’re going para-sailing, we should probably get up and get dressed. Who wants to shower first?” he asked.

Trish said, “Go ahead, Dr. C. I just want to lay still for a while, yet.”

“Yes, Uncle Bill,” Peri agreed, “You go. We’ll be ready, I promise,” then she rolled to her left and hugged and kissed Trish warmly. Carter left them cuddling and stepped into the bathroom.


Carter rinsed his razor under the shower stream and scraped the last bit of lathered whiskers from his chin. Rinsing the blade once more he made a final turn under the needle spray and stepped out of the stall.

Peri and Trish stood waiting for him, towels in their hands and sparkles in their eyes. “Look who’s ready to go and who’s the slowpoke!” Peri chuckled. Her teeth flashed and her cheeks dimpled as she grinned at Carter. The teens were in their new khaki shorts, crew socks, Reeboks and white scuba trophy T-shirts.

“I like a slow poke!” Trish giggled mischievously, bumping her hip against Peri and stepping forward. She squatted in front of Carter and began drying his ankles and calves.

“Well, yeah!” agreed Peri, moving in with her towel and rubbing Carter’s chest, “Who doesn’t?” She slid the terry cloth briskly over Carter’s arms and kissed him. “We laid out your clothes on the bed.”

“We decided, since we already had a shower this morning before breakfast,” Trish said, moving her towel past his knees and his thighs, “we didn’t need another one. We like keeping your fresh cream in us,” she explained with a wicked grin. Rubbing the towel corner under Carter’s eggs, she pulled lightly on his cock. “Peri says sometimes you hold back a reserve,” she added, huskily and kissed the fat head.

Carter groaned into Peri’s mouth as her lips covered his and her tongue tripped along his teeth. His dick stiffened in Trish’s hand and he leaned back against the shower door as her hot tongue flicked and dipped into his slot.

“Mmmm, pwt!” Trish hummed, popping his bulb out of her mouth, “Peri, I think you’re right. I think Dr. C. has more to give!” She dropped her towel and squeezed Carter’s sack at the base of his erect root, tickling him with her nails, like Peri had described what she had seen Ruth do in Idyllwild. Carter moaned as he felt his nuts compress.

Peri broke her kiss and looked down at Trish. “Go for it! Hurry! See how fast you can get it!” she urged her friend and then resumed her passionate attack on Carter’s mouth, scratching her fingernails into his chest hairs and pinching his small nipples.

Trish hardly needed encouragement. She was a demon for Carter’s seed. She shoved his thick spearhead back into her mouth and briskly, lightly, stroked his staff with her left fist while her right hand manipulated his ballsack and teased his base.

She felt him tense up and involuntarily thrust his hips forward. “NNNNggghh!” Carter groaned, stifled by Peri’s active kissing. SPLOOT! Sploot! Sploot. Trish sucked the remaining, weakly spurting, spew from his stalk, swallowing the warm gobs with delight.

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Going Away Present

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A year had passed since I started my crummy little retail job. I had already self-published two sets of stories. They were selling great! Good enough that I could actually support myself. I had already talked to my manager about leaving and was asked to stay on through the holiday shopping season. Now that too had passed. It was time for me to pay one last visit to the manager’s office. I knocked on the door and was granted access. Inside the manager sat at the desk. Her name was Holly.

Holly was tall. Really tall. She stood at just over six foot. Her shoulders were broad and she had a set of muscles on her that I was not sure a woman should have. She had long, shoulder length blonde hair that had a volume that would make 80s hair bands jealous. Though she was tall and large framed, she still had a great figure. I am always complimented on my hourglass shape. Holly, almost put mine to shame! Her breasts were large but looked great on her frame. If she was closer to my size she would have been considered “top heavy” but, she carried them well. She was almost the picture perfect Amazon goddess!

Holly’s size was sometimes intimidating to those around her. Personally I found it kind of sexy. I knew she was a lesbian and didn’t mind when she would flirt with me a little before apologizing. She was always concerned about her employees and wanted to make sure she didn’t make them uncomfortable in any way. It was like a mothering instinct in her.

I had clocked out and had my name badge in my hand. Holly looked at me with a somewhat saddened expression. She had been a great boss. And an even better friend. Holly was one of the few people I trusted enough to tell what exactly I was writing about. Most of my friends and coworkers only knew I was published, not what the content was. Holly stood up and looked down at me. “I guess this is it.” She said.

“Yes.” I replied. “Thanks for giving me this opportunity.” I reached out my hand to shake hers.

Holly caught me off guard by giving me a hug. “Since you don’t work here anymore, I can’t get in trouble for this.” She said. I hugged her back. The exchange kind of made me teary eyed. Holly, wiped my eyes and told me “Pretty girls shouldn’t cry.” We exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. I thanked her again then headed home.

A few days later I got a call from Holly. She had a couple days off and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. I agreed and asked where she wanted to go. We decided to meet a restaurant near her place. Before I knew it we had made plans to meet in only an hour. I rushed to get ready. I wasn’t sure why but, I ran through my usual date night kind of rituals. Something had come over me I couldn’t explain. I shrugged it off and headed out.

I pulled up to the restaurant and got out of my car. I loved the place. The food was fantastic, the staff was friendly, and the drinks could bring you to your knees. I walked inside and saw Holly sitting over at a booth near the corner. She stood up as I walked towards her. I quickly noticed she appeared as if she had the same thoughts come over her. She looked gorgeous. Her jaw hit the floor when she took a look at me. “Robin! You look fantastic!” she exclaimed.

I blushed and thanked her before commenting on her appearance. She blushed a little herself. We ordered some drinks and food then sat and talked. I asked her how work was and she asked me about my writing. We talked and laughed while we waited for our meals. My hands were on the table and Holly suddenly reached for them. Her expression turned more serious. “Robin, can I confess something to you?” she asked. I nodded. “You can tell me anything, Holly.”

“I called you here because I wanted to see you. I wasn’t sure if you were going to come. I have to admit that I was hoping it wouldn’t freak you out but I didn’t know how else to ask you on a date. You clearly are not a lesbian.” She confessed.

I didn’t know what to say. She was right, I wasn’t a lesbian but, I had been attracted to her. I squeezed her hands and smiled. Trying to break the tension I joked. “Well, you could have asked for a date. Also calling me sexy has been known to get a person a date or two.” Holly smiled. The whole atmosphere of the meeting changed. It was no longer casino oyna two gal pals having dinner. It was a full on date.

We finished our meals and Holly paid the bill. I tried to pay for my share but then she reminded me it was a date. We walked to my car. Holly lived close enough that she could walk to the establishment. I offered to drive her home. After we got in the car, she asked if I wanted to do anything else before going home. I told her I would rather just find a place to relax. Holly nodded and began giving me directions to her house.

It didn’t take us long to get to her home. It was a small two bedroom house. It was very cozy looking. I pulled into the drive way and parked. I then killed the engine and that made Holly a little surprised. She invited me in and we walked to her door. We got inside and I noticed the place was just as cozy inside as it was outside. She offered me a drink but I was not thirsty. Instead I gave in to an urge to hug her. Her back had been turned to me and I latched my arms around her midsection. When I let go, she spun around and passionately kissed me on my lips. After a minute she broke the kiss with a look of shock.

“I am so sorry! I should not have done that!” she exclaimed. To help her mind calm down, I went in for a kiss this time. Once again the passion returned. We sat on the couch making out like a couple of horny teenagers. I had never been with a woman and the whole encounter was exciting me more and more. After what seemed like eternity, Holly broke our embrace. She looked me in the eyes. “Are you sure you are up for this?” she asked. I responded with a yes.

She stood up and took my hand. I started to stand up and walk when suddenly I got to see just how strong she really was. Her right arm cradled my back and I suddenly felt her left arm lifting my legs. There she stood holding me. She quickly kissed my lips and started to carry me to her bedroom. I kind of giggled a little. Here was this beautiful Glamazon carrying me into her bed as if were our wedding night. The whole thing turned me on more.

We got inside the room and she laid me gently down on the bed moving to lay beside me. Once again our lips met. The passion filled my mind with lust. I had not been with another woman before and wasn’t sure what to do. Holly understood and took charge. I felt her tongue part my lips and enter my mouth. We swirled our tongues together as passion built between us even more.

Her hand began to roam my body. I could feel her fingertips caressing my back and neck. She traced the outline of my ears which sent a shiver through my body. The way she touched me was different than my previous lovers. Holly was delicate and caring. She touched me like only a woman could. Knowing what made me feel good. This was more than just a need for sex. It was a need for passion.

She began to tug at my shirt. We broke the kiss and she pulled my shirt over my head. In one quick movement she tossed it to the floor. When she turned her attention back to me, she was pleasantly surprised to see I had removed my bra and tossed it away as well. Holly followed by removing her own shirt and bra. Her enormous tit sprang free. They were bigger than mine and looked more muscular too. I reached out to touch them. Their weight surprised me. Holly moaned as I explored her bust.

“Are you sure you have never been with a woman?” she asked.

I giggled and continued my exploration. Her left hand made its way to my breast as her right planted itself in my hair, petting my head. I loved having my hair played with. I lost my concentration on what I was doing. Her lips touched my neck and I nearly fainted. I have had lovers do this before but not with the passion and tenderness Holly had. I began moaning and breathing heavily. I didn’t want this to stop.

Holly’s hand pulled away from my tit and snaked down to my pants. She expertly unbuttoned them and pulled them down taking my panties with them. I raised my hips to help her slide them off. Again Holly followed by removing her pants and panties as well. There we laid naked and exploring each other’s bodies.

Her mouth went right back to my neck. Her tongue darted out from time to time as she once again massaged my breasts. I reached slot oyna out and massaged hers as we both started moaning. Louder and louder it grew. Her lips began to move down my neck and on to my breasts. She took each one into her mouth and gently sucked them. The feeling almost pushed me over the edge. I gasped and moaned and ran my hands through her hair. I felt like I would cum just from this sensation alone. Holly, however, did not stop there. She moved down further kissing my stomach as she lingered around my naval. It made me even hotter.

Holly kissed the patch of skin that was shaved just above my vagina. Then she spread my legs kissing each one up to the knee as she moved it. Her mouth moved back down and hovered about my pussy. I was so wet already and her breath on me made it even more so. Her tongue darted out and hit my clit. I jumped from the sudden sensation. That was all the encouragement Holly needed. She planted her mouth on my aching sex. She lapped and sucked like a hungry animal. I soon found myself squirming on the bed. It did not take me long to hit my orgasm. Out of instinct, I grabbed Holly’s head and held it as I came bucking and screaming. It was amazing.

As my climax subsided, I let Holly go. I couldn’t believe I had done that. She moved back up to me and kissed me with my juices on her lips and tongue. This was another first for me and I loved it! Holly, held me and caressed me again. “Did you like that?” she asked with a smile. Out of breath I could only nod.

A few moments went by I regained my composure. I smiled at Holly and she smiled back. I placed my hand on her face and kissed her. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. “Can I try that on you?” I asked like an inquisitive beginner. Holly, nodded and laid on her back. I moved on top and started by kissing her breasts as she did mine.

Holly squealed when I took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked it like a greedy child as I massaged her other breast. Then I switched. After several moments, I moved down her body. I tried to mimic her movements from earlier and was rewarded by her spreading her legs for me. I tried to kiss her legs like she had mine but suddenly her hand landed on my head and guided me strait to her pussy. The scent of her arousal made my mind go blank. Instinct took over again and I dove into her sex.

I lapped just as hungrily as she had. The taste of her juices made my own flow again. I probed her lips and found her clit. I licked it back and forth wildly. Holly began bucking and screaming. “Oh God! Robin! Yes!”

I continued my actions as she gasped and moaned more and more. Her climax was soon upon her. She too thrashed against the bed as it hit. Her moans turned into partial sentences then into fragments as she tried to convey what she was feeling. I felt her cum on my face as if she had ejaculated like a man. Another first for me but a welcome one. I halted my assault as her climax subsided and moved back up to her just as she had done earlier. Out of breath, she smiled and kissed me.

We laid there for several minutes when Holly sat up and asked if I was willing to try something else. I inquired what she had in mind. With a bashful look, she asked, “Can I fuck you?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant and replied that I thought we were already doing that. She smiled and said “No. That was foreplay. I mean I want to really fuck you!”

Again I didn’t know what this meant but agreed. I had heard of women sometimes rubbing their pussies together and figured that was what she had in mind. I, however, was wrong. Holly jumped off the bed and went to her closet. This confused me. I could hear her fumbling around with something but had no idea what she was hiding in there. Lucky for me, I soon found out!

Holly returned to the room and I noticed she had a harness with a large purple dildo attached to it. Now things were clear. She wanted to fuck me with a strap on. I had no experience with this kind of thing. I was at first intimidated by its size. I was also unsure how Holly would get pleasure from this so I asked. She put her leg on the bed to give me a view of her pussy. I could see a second purple dildo buried deep inside her. She smiled at me as she noticed the light bulb go off in my head.

“Are canlı casino siteleri you ready?” she asked. I simply nodded.

I let her guide me as she was clearly the experienced and dominant one in this exchange. She started by pushing me on to my back and pulling me to the edge of the bed. With one hand on my hips and the other on the artificial dong, she placed the end against my vagina. I was super wet and the toy slid in almost effortlessly. As inch after inch entered me, I felt something happen that never happened before. As she pushed the toy three quarters of the way in, I came! Once the whole thing was in she waited for me to get comfortable. The sensation was odd to me. I had used toys before on myself. Even had a lover use one on me as foreplay but never had one use like this.

I shuddered as I regained my composure. The artificial cock was huge and felt like it filled every nook and cranny of my insides. I was stretched to the limit. I loved every bit of it! Holly began to move the toy in and out with the movement of her hips. Slowly at first, as to let me get use to the sensation of the object inside me. I could hear her moan as she thrust the toy into me. Soon Holly began to build up speed. I too started moaning.

My hands grabbed the bed as I looked down to see my legs resting on Holly’s shoulders as she stood there pounding the strap on in to me like a teenager in heat. My body bounced back and forth on the bed as she went to work on my aching pussy. One of her hands reached out and grabbed one of my bouncing tits. She began to massage it gently as if to contrast with the fucking she was giving me.

Over and over she moaned. I found myself constantly calling out. “Oh fuck!” I screamed over and over. Our sounds filled the room and drove our passion to new heights. I could feel an orgasm building but was soon aware that I was sitting on the edge. My body was happy but it wanted more. Holly too seemed aroused and slightly frustrated. Almost like our love making was good but needed something else.

I soon asked her to stop and change position. She pulled the toy from me leaving me with an empty feeling. I quickly moved up on the bed and got on my hands and knees, swinging my ass at her. This had an effect on Holly. She jumped on to the bed and grabbed my hips. Like a wild animal, she started to thrust at my open slit. I reached beneath me and grabbed the rubber cock. With Holly still bucking, I placed it at the entrance of my wet pussy. Her thrust suddenly sent the whole length of the toy right inside. I face planted on the bed at the sensation.

Holly, kept going like she was in heat. Fucking me hard and deep. I could only scream into the sheets and pillows on the bed at the sensation. I was cumming again and again as her animal side took hold. Again the obscenities flew from my mouth. Holly’s moans had turn to cries. She was close and it was going to be huge!

“Come on baby! Fuck me! Fuck me like the animal you are!” I cried out hoping to encourage her.

That was all it took! She slammed in to me and screamed. I could feel her body shaking from the orgasm. I climaxed once again as I felt the toy seem to vibrate from her orgasm. Suddenly my legs gave out and I crashed on the bed, flat on my stomach. The toy popped from my quivering vagina and Holly’s arms let go of my hips.

Holly suddenly collapsed and fell right on top of me. Her weight crashed in to me, almost crushing me. She quickly came to and started to panic thinking she had hurt me. I told her I was fine and she cuddled me in her arms. She slipped a hand down and removed the strap on, tossing it to the side. Holly pulled me close. “Is that my going away present?” I asked coyly.

Holly nodded. “Image the present if you stayed.” She responded.

I sat up and looked into her eyes. I could not explain the attraction to her. I decided that it didn’t matter. I kissed her softly then said, “I would like to find out.”

Holly’s eyes lit up. “Are you saying you’re a lesbian now?” she asked.

“No.” I responded. “But I want to try more than just sex with you.”

Once again we kissed and she pulled me back down on the bed. We fell asleep as we snuggled. This was the beginning of a brief romance and a long friendship. Of course, even after the relationship dissolved, I made sure to keep Holly on my friends with benefit list. And even to this day, she doesn’t complain about our hook ups but, I will save those for later.

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