In Step Ch. 08

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To be sure, it didn’t end there for either couple. In fact, both pairs enjoyed a robust evening of lovemaking. What would have probably been frightening to the two twosomes if each knew this about the other was that not only did their sex sessions begin similarly with masturbatory action, but they also ended almost exactly the same with the women wanting a simple, romantic finale. Both men determined this to be the classic missionary position, where the partners gazed deeply into each others eyes as they came.

To answer the question on most readers’ minds: no, the four did not climax simultaneously at the exact same moment in time.

To play it safe, before George and Donna returned to her house Sunday morning, Donna visited the bathroom at George’s home where she quickly and secretly called Kendall to warn the teens that the parents were on their way. Her daughter was grateful for the heads up and said that she would make certain they were not caught in a compromising situation when they arrived.

The four spent Sunday together to begin planning the wedding and start a search for a home. As they became lazy in the afternoon, Kendall wished they had a pool to lay out by. George agreed that it would be nice and said that they would include a pool in their house plans, if the price was right.

As the week went on, the four were together every evening, alternating nights between George’s and Donna’s homes. On Tuesday, they were back at Donna’s, and when Mark arrived, no one was home. He sat on the back patio for a few minutes until Donna drove up. She advised him that his dad had a late meeting, Kendall had a school function and George would pick her up on his way home. He expected them to be there by seven, which was two hours away.

Mark followed Donna inside, appreciating the seductive sway of her fine ass in her tight white skirt. “Should I go home and come back then?” he asked.

“Nonsense,” she answered, then turned to face him, provocatively adding, “Are you afraid to be alone with me?”

“No, no, of course not,” Mark stammered.

“Good. Make yourself at home, help yourself to anything. I’m going to change.”

“Okay.” Mark could only imagine what changing meant.

A few minutes later, he heard water running, but thought nothing of it. However, when Donna didn’t return after twenty minutes, he became worried. Cautiously, Mark walked down the hall to her bedroom. “Donna?” But she didn’t respond. The door wasn’t closed, so he walked in. She wasn’t in the bedroom. He walked on through to the bathroom, hesitantly peeking in.

To his surprise—the running water should have explained it—Donna was soaking in the tub covered in bubbles, her head tilted back against the wall. She obviously dozed off. The suds hid everything up to her neck. “Donna?” he called again.

She stirred, and then looked up, startled to find him there. However, that feeling lasted only seconds until she noticed the bulge in his pants. “Did I fall asleep?”

“Apparently. I was concerned when you didn’t return right away.”

“I’m sorry. It’s been a rough day,” she explained. “When I came in here, the thought of a soothing bath was too good to pass up.”

“Okay, well, I’ll let you get back to it.” Mark turned to leave.

“You don’t have to go,” Donna said. “Stay and we’ll chat.”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea? I mean, what with you being naked and all.”

“Are you serious, Mark?”

“Yeah, why?” he asked with a frown.

“After all we did Friday night and Saturday morning?”

He didn’t know what to say, so said nothing.

“Mark, if we’re going to be family, I hope we can get over this modesty. I’ve always been open with Kendall and I hope you and I can have the same kind of relationship.”

“Except that you and Kendall are both female.”


“That I shouldn’t be in here while you’re bathing.”

“And refresh my memory,” Donna said, “whose rule is that?”

Mark shrugged. “Society.”

“Ah, those clever people. Are you uncomfortable being in here with me?”

“Not as much as I probably should be.”

“Why should you be?” Donna made certain to keep her voice level with no accusatory or condescending tones.

“You’re going to marry my dad and become my stepmother.”

“And you think your dad would have a problem with this?”

“I don’t know,” Mark answered with a hint of exasperation. “He’s been unpredictable in the last year or so.”

“Since your mom passed?”

Mark nodded.

“I guess I should ask if you’re comfortable with us getting married.”

“Absolutely, Donna. I like you and Kendall. He couldn’t have found anyone better.” Mark chuckled. “It’s actually made his unpredictability more predictable.”

That elicited a snicker from her. “Okay, you’re going to have to explain that.”

“The things he’s been doing since dating you were unpredictable because I didn’t know about it and saw no reason for the way he was acting. But now illegal bahis I know he is just a man in love, so while I was not able to predict that the Sunday we met you at the lakefront was planned, or the reason for having Kendall and I spend the evening together, or him asking you to marry him, they would have been predictable had I known he was in love with you. Does that make any sense?”

“Well, I think I get what you mean. Were your parents open?”

“I think so. I mean, they didn’t invite me to watch them have sex, but they made no secret of the fact that they had it.”

“Did they discuss it openly?”

“Somewhat. But it would have been interesting to see if they would have been more open after I became 18.”

“You think they would have?”

“I do. I’m sure Kendall has told you about me and my mom.”

“Would it bother you if she did?” The bubbles were dissipating, but Donna made no effort to cover herself. She wanted him to become comfortable with her.

“No, I don’t think so.” He became ruminative, so she let him. “Actually,” he went on, “My mom became quite a bit more open toward the end. I really liked it.”

“What did you like about it?” She wanted to keep him talking.

“It was nice to be able to discuss things of a nature that kids and their parents didn’t usually discuss.”

“Sexual things?”


“Was your dad ever part of those discussions?”

“He was always at work when we had them. I don’t know if my mom ever told him what she and I talked about.”

“Do you think she would have taught you to kiss as she did behind his back?”

“I don’t think so. But he never acknowledged it, if she did tell him. Of course, it wasn’t long after that she rapidly went downhill and passed away. Both of us kind of retreated within ourselves after that and there wasn’t anything to be open about.”

“Mark, I can’t replace your mother, and I’m not going to try. I don’t want you to ever forget her, and I’ll try my best not to affect your memory of her. But if you’ll let me, I would like to pick up where she left off.”

“I think I’d like that. But I don’t want to do anything behind my dad’s back.”

“Nor do I. But until we can bring him around to our way of thinking, we’ll have to be discreet in our openness. Can you do that?”

“I can if you’re certain you can bring him around.”

“We’ll give it our best shot.” Donna looked up at him. She’d been glancing up off and on during their talk, but this time she made a show of it. “Thank you for having this discussion with me. I . . . oh, my.” She reached up and patted his hard on, but didn’t remove her hand. “Did this conversation do that?”

“Donna, I’m embarrassed to say that you and Kendall do this to me.” Subconsciously, Mark had noticed that the suds no longer covered Donna and that her nudity was clearly visible through the water. Obviously, that’s what had kept him hard, but he hadn’t really considered it because he was focused on their discussion.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed. I take it as a compliment.”

“For me, it’s discomfort.”

Rubbing it again, Donna said, “Well, I’m sorry Kendall’s not here to take care of it. I guess I’ll have to.” She reached up and tugged his zipper down.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking care of you; that’s part of the openness.”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” But he did nothing as she continued to undo his belt and pants.

“Well, you’ve been watching me, and I’ve been staring at this lump, and I think we need to do something about it or we’re both going to be miserable for the rest of the evening.” She pulled his pants and drawers down just far enough for his cock to spring free.

Somehow, Mark became powerless to stop her as she grabbed his tool with her wet hand. Kneeling in the tub, she wrapped her lips around the head of his dick to just under the rim. He felt her tongue swirling around the crown teasing his pee hole. She was incredible. Her mouth slid down around the circumcised foreskin where her tongue tickled his frenulum. She was so good; he thought he might pass out. Then she stopped.

“Let me get out so I can do this properly,” Donna explained. She didn’t bother to dry off, which was somewhat of a turn-on in itself, and simply pulled out her vanity stool. Sitting down put her mouth perfectly at height with his cock, and she wasted no further time before swallowing his rod all the way down to the root. The woman really knew how to make love to a dick as she held just the head and frenulum in her mouth, again swirling her tongue around them, then grabbed his balls and the base in her left hand while stroking the rest of the shaft with her right.

“You really should teach this to Kendall,” Mark heard himself say, having no idea what prompted the remark. He felt the vibration of her chuckle on his penis.

In a surprising move, Donna, her mouth still firmly affixed to his cock, reached around him latching on to his ass cheeks pulling illegal bahis siteleri him to her, then pushing him back, basically having him fuck her mouth. She kept this up until he got the idea. When he did, it was because this felt so good that he held her head on either side to continue pumping on his own. Able to multitask, she made sure her tongue was still working on the inside while she used her hands to pull his pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles, making it obvious that she had more planned.

Knowing that she wouldn’t let him stop until she considered them finished, and not certain he really wanted to stop, he assisted by halting his thrusting and stepping out of his shoes, pants and drawers. Grabbing the back of her head with his left hand to resume thrusting, he used his right to yank his shirt up and over his head.

Now that Mark was free of all clothes, Donna pulled his cock from her mouth and sucked on his balls, fitting his entire scrotum in her mouth. She then shook her head from side to side. It felt fantastic. Wow, this woman knew some tricks.

Following that, Donna pulled Mark down to his knees and lay back on her vanity stool with her legs spread. She tugged on his cock to direct him toward her waiting pussy. But he really didn’t need that hint.

The bench really was not long enough for Donna to lie on so she had to awkwardly use her arms to hold her upper body up. Uncomfortable as it was, the feel of his hard cock sliding in made it all tolerable. But only for a short while.

Even Mark could see that the position was not working. He tried to keep his thrusts gentle, but even then she was having a difficult time. Then an idea occurred to him, so he pulled her up, turned her around, and bent her over the stool on her stomach. The bench was pliable enough that she was essentially on her hands and knees with her mid-section resting on it. He then got behind her and did her doggy-style.

“Good thinking!” Donna commented.

Mark was now able to drill with firm, steady strokes. Donna’s moans were confirmation that it was working. Then it occurred to him instead of pumping back and forth, he pivoted his hips in a circular motion. He felt his glans rotating around her interior vaginal wall.

“Oh, yes,” Donna cried. “Keep that up!”

So, he did. And minutes later, he could hear her breathing quicken and her moans intensify.

Through clenched teeth, Mark heard Donna urge him: “Yeah, fuck me, Mark. Give it to me.”

Again, he did, pounding her hard.

“That’s it! I’m gonna come,” she huffed. “Come with me. Come in me.”

Mark wanted to—badly. But he had a concern. “What if you have sex with my dad later? You’ll have my semen in you.”

“Wouldn’t that be wicked?” Donna said, excitedly. And the thought of George fucking her with Mark’s cum in her pussy pushed her over the edge. She came and came hard. But she kept pushing against him wanting him to shoot in load in her. “Don’t worry. It would all be gone by then.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Now, come!”

It had been hard holding out anyway, so he let it go, blasting her vagina with a heavy load of white, creamy semen. He kept pumping until he was finished, but it forced what he was shooting into her out. It dripped down her legs and onto his balls. Finally, he stopped and pulled out.

Donna sat up, facing Mark. “You are good, boy!” She pressed her lips to his, kissing him passionately while she grabbed his dick and smeared the residual cum all over, even rubbing his tool against her abdomen. She then stood, grabbed a washcloth off the counter and handed it to him. “Here, clean yourself off.” She got back in the tub to do the same. “Go into the kitchen and take the pack of pork chops out of the frig. Get the big pot from under the stove, fill it with water and start it boiling for the potatoes. I’ll be out in a minute.”

* * *

Kendall wished she had known this morning that George was going to pick her up after her Graduation meeting so she could have dressed a little more alluringly. There was nothing she could do about her jeans, but she unbuttoned a couple more buttons on her shirt to display a good amount of cleavage. She wasn’t certain what was prompting her to do this, except that she recalled the picnic a week and a half ago and still wanted to sample that big cock of his. She toyed with the idea of attempting to seduce him during the drive home, but when she got into his SUV, she realized there wasn’t time nor probably was this the place. However, she was certain that if it didn’t happen before, after he and her mother were married, at some point, the opportunity would present itself.

“Thanks for picking me,” Kendall offered by way of greeting. She noticed him eyeing her cleavage.

“Happy to do it,” he returned. “Besides, it will give us a chance to talk.”

“Oh? Was there something you wanted to discuss?” She asked curiously.

“Yes, I wanted to ask you myself how you really felt canlı bahis siteleri about your mom and I getting married.”

Kendall wanted to ask if it really mattered, but she knew that would have been rude. And since Mark had solved their dilemma, she was actually growing more comfortable with the idea, particularly if they found the right house. “I’m totally in favor of it, George. My mother deserves to be happy and she’s happier than I’ve ever seen her.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. I want you to know that I’m not just marrying your mother, I’m taking on a wife and a daughter. I never had a daughter and always wanted one. I’m going to try to be the father you never had and I hope you’ll be the daughter I never had.”

Kendall was actually touched by his words. She hadn’t expected such raw emotion. “Wow, George, I don’t know what to say, except that I agree.”

“And I’m glad you and Mark are getting along so well. That made the decision to marry your mother so much easier.”

“I know he’s only a couple of months older than me, but he’ll be the big brother I never had. I always wanted a big brother to look out for me, and he even started the job early.” I also always wanted a big brother to fuck, she wanted to say.

“Even though he has decided to go up north to college, I want you to know that whatever you want to do is fine with me. I mean, we’re not going to talk you into going away to college so we can be alone. If you want to stay here and go locally, that’s perfectly okay.”

“Thanks, George. I appreciate you saying that, but to tell you the truth, I’ve been thinking lately of going to school up north also.”

“Oh, really? Did Mark talk you into that?”

“Not at all,” she lied. “But he’s so smart I thought it would be helpful to have him around to maybe tutor me when I needed it. We even talked about getting and apartment together to help you and mom save some money.”

“Wow. I’m impressed. That’s sounds like a workable idea. I guess it also means you and Mark have gotten closer than I thought.”

His last statement frightened Kendall. Was he hinting at something, fishing, or just making a casual observation? She didn’t know how to respond or even if to say something. She tried one of her mother’s disarming techniques and reached her hand inside her shirt as though to scratch an itch, but really to call attention to her breasts, which he had been stealing glances at throughout the drive. It seemed to work, but still, she felt something verbal was called for. Shrugging for effect, she said, “As I said, he’s becoming the big brother I always wanted.”

George simply nodded, and fortunately, pulled into her driveway at the same time.

* * *

They found Mark and Donna in the kitchen preparing dinner. The two had brushed against one another a time or two in the small confines of the cooking area, and he could have seen it leading to other things if they hadn’t already satisfied each other, not that that would have stopped them if George and Kendall—or really just George—was not coming home.

George came into the kitchen and kissed Donna adoringly on the lips. Kendall wished she could have done the same thing with Mark, and hoped that such an opportunity would present itself later.

During dinner, George revealed that he had secured a reputable real estate agent to handle the sale of both houses as well as searching for an appropriate new dwelling for them. Donna reported that she had arranged for a reception hall and judge to perform the ceremony and gave the available dates. All decided that the earliest time was most desirable so she would book them for two and one-half weeks hence. The women decided they needed to go shopping Saturday for outfits while the men would begin prepping their home as a temporary residence for the family until a new abode could be found. They would also find a suitable storage facility for Donna’s and Kendall’s furniture. Once they were ready to move into a new home the four would decide whose things to keep.

Throughout the evening, as with last night, Kendall kept hoping for an opportunity for her and Mark to be alone. Last night it never happened. Fortunately, tonight the parents were taking inventory of furniture, so while they were in the bedrooms, she was able to plant a deliciously amorous kiss on his lips. He gave back what he received.

“So, what did you and mom do?” Kendall asked.

Mark couldn’t decide how she might react if he told the truth, and even though he felt bad not being honest, he tried to remain vague. “Oh, you know, we had an exchange.”

“About what?”

He shrugged. “Whatever popped up.”

“Nothing specific?”

“She wanted to know how I really felt about the marriage. I told her I was in favor of it. She wanted to be able to take over where my mom left off, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.” He gave Kendall a look. “Then she said you told her what my mom had taught me and we talked about that.”

“I figured after Friday night and Saturday morning there was nothing left to hide.”

“Mmmhmm. What about you and my dad?”

“Pretty much the same, except he told me that if I wanted to stay at home to go to college he had no problem with that.” She became hesitant.

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Jason’s Trip to Mexico Ch. 02

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Jason walked out of the dark deserted airport terminal exiting through the glass double doors into the bright sunshine. He shielded his eyes from the blinding sun and he looked to the right and saw an old VW beetle painted bright green with a Taxi sign on top. He walked over and the driver who appeared to be dozing suddenly woke up with a start and got out of the car.

“Hola Señor, taxi?” The driver asked.

Jason nodded and asked “Playa Azul hotel?’

“Si Señor… I will take you.” the driver replied.

The taxi driver was named Pedro and spoke English very well. He explained that the town of San Ignacio was mainly a fishing village with a fish cannery nearby where many of the villagers worked. He also commented that there was a Federal Prison nearby where some people had employment. He said they have just begun having tourists come to stay with the new resort that was built.

Soon they got close to the beach and saw a white stucco two story building with a sign that read Playa Azul Hotel. He got out and paid the driver and entered the lobby.

“Bienvenido Señor!” said the man behind the desk. He looked to be about 35 years old, jet black hair and eyes, dark skinned and clean shaven. He was very handsome with a straight nose and strong dimpled chin and very white straight teeth as he smiled at Jason.

“Hello my name is Jason Reed, I have a reservation.” He replied.

“Oh yes we have you booked for 7 nights here welcome to playa Azul, I hope your trip was good my name is Juan, I see you are pre-paid and I have your room ready. I will show you to your room number 15.” the handsome Mexican said.

Jason followed Juan and observed he was about the same height but very compact. Juan was wearing a white polo shirt and white pants that were very tight he could see the underwear briefs through the back of the pants that molded the muscular cheeks of Juan’s ass. Damn, now I’m checking out a dude’s ass! What is up with that? thought Jason.

The open courtyard of the hotel contained a large square pool with lounge chairs around the perimeter with two older couples sitting and reading the newspaper. As they walked past the pool area they came to a small one story building without windows. Juan explained that was the fitness, sauna and massage therapy room and as he said that the door opened and a very heavy set dark skinned man came out.

He was around 40 years old about 5’8 with a black hair and very dark skin and slanted eyes and a large nose. His arms were very muscular with a big barrel chest and large muscular pectorals. He had a large belly with no body hair and was wearing the white polo and pants that seemed to be the uniform of the hotel.

“This is Pepe,” said Juan. “He used to be ‘Demonio Azul’ de la lucha libre, how do you say? Wrestling?”

Pepe grinned at Jason flashing several gold capped teeth and held out his meaty hand and grasped Jason’s with a tight squeeze.

“Hola Señor, Can I offer you a strong relaxing massage?” the muscular wrestler asked.

“Thanks maybe later,” replied Jason. This guy looked just like the Mexican wrestlers he had seen on television Jason thought. And his tight white pants don’t leave much to the imagination as he saw the large bulge down the right leg of Pepe’s pants.

As they turned to head to Jason’s room, Pepe watched the muscular hunky gringo from behind and the big round ass globes bouncing as he walked. Pepe grunted and reached down to grope his thick fat uncut cock as he ogled the big beefy ass cheeks on the gringo.

Juan opened the door to number 15 which contained a kitchenette, a small sitting area and another back room with a large queen bed with an attached bathroom. Jason thanked Juan and tipped him as he left. Finally I can have a shower he thought to himself. He stripped off the tank top and shorts noticing dried cum all over the shorts that had leaked out of his ass.

He went to the commode and tried to expel as much as he could then noticed the shower had a hand held attachment that he could unscrew. I gotta get that cum outa my ass he thought as he used this to stream the cool water into his ass and hole then was able to expel this into the commode several times until things were clear. He took a hot soapy shower washing and scrubbing until he finally felt clean.

He bahis firmaları quickly donned his speedos and sprayed sun block all over then headed out with his beach towel to the back of the hotel where the beach was. The sand was white and the ocean appeared a clear turquoise with the palm trees and blue sky. There were only a few scattered people in the distance. He saw Pepe the ex-wrestler pick up a reclining chair and set it out for him.

“Here you are Señor, may will bring you something from the bar?” the stocky wrestler asked.

“A beer would be ok maybe corona?” Jason replied.

“Muy bien.” Pepe said as he sauntered off.

Jason put his towel on the chair and walked to the water. He stepped in and it felt warm and inviting. He swam out for a few minutes enjoying the water. he spread his legs in the ocean and reached below through his speedos and spread his cheeks letting the soothing water cool his hole. AHHHHH that feels nice he thought then he headed back to the chair. The beer was waiting for him and he took a deep swig of the ice cold brew.

Pepe said “Can I bring you one of our special Margaritas on the house? I highly recommend it!”

“That sounds great!” said Jason with a smile as he finished the beer.

Jason lay out in the bright hot sun then turned over on his stomach he felt his very white skin beginning to turn a bit pink. The Margarita arrived and he turned over not before Pepe saw the tight blue speedos molding the big round globes and his muscle butt. Pepe was thinking of those round ass globes wrapped around his big brown cock. He fantasized of pounding those ass cheeks which caused him to reach down and adjust the growing fat tube that was in his white pants.

Jason took the drink and took a sip it was very good but strong with a lot of Tequila.

“After this I can give you massage?” Pepe asked.

Jason continued to sip the cold Margarita then began to feel rather woozy. Pepe noticed the muscular hunk’s eyes were beginning to close.

“You are getting too pink from the sun; I think I will help you inside.” Said Pepe

“I don’t know why I’m so drowsy,” said Jason and he felt Pepe’s big hands around his shoulders helping him to stand. He felt the powerful muscles of the ex-wrestler grab him around the torso practically lifting him up and begin to walk him back to the hotel.

Pepe hauled Jason to the door of the private massage room and with one hand opened the locked door with the keys he had on his belt. He moved him inside, switched on the light and closed and bolted the door. Jason’s head was swimming and the room seemed to spin as he felt the muscular wrestler began to move his hands along chest cupping and massaging his big beefy pecs then flicking his nipples. Jason was confused he felt as if he were dreaming yet he felt the hot beefy muscular body grinding against him and the hot breath in his ear smelling of beer and cigarettes. He felt Pepe’s lips on his neck kissing him along his neck and nibbling on his ear lobe.

“Cabron que rico eres, you like Pepe I make you feel good.” the beefy wrestler murmured in Jason’s ear.

Jason began to squirm trying to get out of the iron grip the wrestler had him in but he felt weak and dizzy. He felt Pepe grind his groin into his ass cheeks and felt the rock hard tube of cock throb against him. Pepe’s hand roamed all over his body squeezing and pinching him and he felt Pepe’s hand slide down his hip and cup his ass globe squeezing and massaging his butt cheek.

Pepe could not believe his luck he loved to fuck big muscular white men but rarely got the chance. Here he had a big beefy white blond boy with huge white round ass cheeks and big pink tits. He was going to enjoy this fuck.

Pepe’s breathing became very ragged as Jason felt the big wrester’s sweaty hand slide under his speedos and the big fat finger slide between his round ass cheeks and touch his tender hole. It was like a jolt of electricity waking him up and Jason yelled “NO!” as he slammed his elbow into Pepe’s stomach.

Pepe grunted as he doubled over, Jason was released and he stumbled forward and falling over the massage table which was in front of him. He landed on his stomach on the table with his head hanging over the side as the room continued to spin. He could not summon the energy to get kaçak iddaa up and remained limp.

Pepe quickly stood up grabbing an extension cord that was on floor and quickly went around Jason grabbing his hands and tying them together then to the leg of the table. Jason groaned as his arms were stretched and he was pulled over the table with his ass sticking up and his legs dangling.

The wrestler growled “you don’t say no to Pepe…I will have to teach you a lesson!”

The wrestler moved around behind Jason and pealed the speedos down exposing the big ass globes as he slid them down his and off his legs. Pepe caressed and ran his big brown calloused hands over the mounds then Jason felt a stinging slap on his ass cheek causing him to cry out.

“you have been a bad boy!” Pepe growled. Slap… slap….. slap… slap… slap…, Pepe’s big hand smacked each big while ass globe causing the cheeks to jiggle and soon turn pink.

Jason cried out “Stop, it hurts please…” his ass was stinging as the big brown powerful hands slapped his cheeks.

Pepe stopped and asked “you will be my puto? You give me your ass?

NO! Cried Jason

Slap…slap…slap…slap…slap…slap… each smack alternated from one cheek to the other which became bright red. Jason groaned in pain, he had never been spanked like this even as a kid. His ass was sending shooting pains from the strong big hand as it smacked him.

Jason had tears in his eyes, his ass was on fire and he continued to cry out with each slap. Pepe then stopped and moved over to a cabinet on the wall. As Jason lifted his head to look he saw Pepe with what appeared to be a ping pong paddle in his hand. “I ask you again….you give me your ass?” Pepe barked.

“NO… Please let me go…!” Jason whimpered.

Splat! The paddle came down on his right cheek

“ARRRRGGGGGGHH!” cried Jason The paddle smacked each cheek back and forth which was beginning to feel like a white hot burning pain on Jason’s ass globes.


Pepe alternated each cheek grinning while watching the white gringo’s big ass globes jiggling and rippling with each smack. The cheeks were bright red and hot. Pepe’s big cock throbbed and oozed with each smack he applied.

“Please stop…I’ll do anything!” cried Jason. His ass was throbbing with a searing pain.

Pepe grinned and threw down the paddle then stripped off his shirt and pants. He had white briefs that were tented out with a huge pole of his erect cock. Jason looked up and saw Pepe peel his briefs down and the big fat uncut cock pop out. It was about 9 inches long and thick with a long foreskin that covered the fat head and precum starting to ooze out in a long string to drip on the floor. Oh god Jason thought with apprehension he’s gonna fuck me with that monster. Pepe reached down and untied Jason’s hands from the table leg leaving him on his belly and lifting Jason’s face up.

He brought his big ripe oozing uncut cock to Jason’s face and began to rub it all over Jason’s cheek and lips smearing precum all over his big pink lips.

“AHHHH lick my big prick puto!” the beefy wrestler whispered as he caressed Jason’s head. Pepe began rubbing the blond buzzed head as he smeared his big uncut prick over Jason’s face.

Jason could smell the think uncut cock and felt the fat head with drooping long foreskin ooze slime all over his face.

Jason clamped his mouth closed and Pepe reached back and smacked his ass cheek.

“You want more spanking?!” Pepe asked.

“NO MORE! PLEASE…. ok I’ll do it.” Jason answered with a whimper.

Pepe grinned and applied his cock to Jason’s mouth. As Jason opened his mouth, Pepe eased his big cock head in pulling back the long foreskin to expose the big purple oozing mushroom head. The thick cock stretched Jason’s mouth as it eased in to the back of his throat causing him to gag.

“MMMFHH!” Jason gurgled as he strained to take the fat cock deep in this throat. He panicked as he thought I can’t take this big thick cock. Pepe eased his fat cock in and out of Jason’s mouth groaning with lust. “Ay que rico suck good baby.” Pepe murmured. He looked down at the blond muscle stud with his pink lips stretched wide open swallowing his think brown kaçak bahis uncut cock. After sliding in and out a few times he pulled his cock out and lifted it exposing his big brown bull balls to Jason’s mouth.

“Suck my huevos baby.” Pepe whispered.

Fuck those balls are huge! Jason thought as he licked the big balls and opened his mouth and began sucking on one then the other ball. He smelled and tasted the sweaty and salty big balls that were full of cum. Pepe groaned as he gyrated his hips over Jason’s mouth..

“SI…SI..que rico!” Pepe said with his eyes rolled back in ecstasy.

He then backed way and moved behind Jason kicking apart his legs and grabbing an ass globe in each hand and spreading them apart. He squatted down and Jason felt his hot breath on his asshole. Pepe’s eyes widened as he saw the tight pink hole with a light dusting of blond hairs around the orifice. He saw Jason’s big pink balls and thick cock that looked half erect handing down between his legs.

Jason felt Pepe’s tongue lightly touch his hole and lick around the edge causing an electric tingle spreading to his balls causing the sack to tighten and his cock to expand.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhh!” exclaimed Jason as the tongue licked and teased open his hole. He had never felt anything like this before, his cock became rock hard and throbbed against his stomach as the tongue moved in and out of his hole. It felt so good to have the tongue spread open his hole. he moaned as the tongue fucking went on deep in his hole making it open and wet while Jason’s cock throbbed against his belly oozing precum.

Pepe then stood up and pressed his big leaking mushroom head against his hole.

“You ready for my big cock baby?” Pepe murmured.

“Please don’t hurt me, it’s so big!” Jason replied with a whimper.

Pepe walked over to the desk and rummaged around bringing a tube of lubricating jelly. He squirted a larger amount and spread it over his cock then squeezed half the tube up Jason’s hole.

He applied his big cock head to Jason’s hole and applied pressure easing the head in and stretching his hole until the head popped in.

“UGGGGHHHHH!” Jason cried out and moaned as the thick cock slid deep into his asshole until he felt the bull balls against his cheeks. “FUUUUCKKK!” Jason cried out again as he felt the huge rod begin to slide in and out of his tight hole. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh” Pepe moaned with pleasure. “Tight hole!” Pepe exclaimed as he ground his cock deep. Jason felt the big prick stretch his hole and press on his prostate causing precum to leak out of his throbbing cock. The gringo’s ass hole was tight and felt like hot butter as Pepe slid his big fat cock up Jason’s ass.

Pepe looked down at his big fat brown cock spearing the huge white ass globes spread in front of him. He watched as his fat cock slid in and out stretching the pink hole. He brought his cock all the way out and the mushroom head popped out of the pink ring leaving dilated pink hole wide open and twitching. He pressed the cock head against the hole and pushed it back in driving his cock deep until his balls slapped against the ass cheeks.

“ARHGGGG” Jason cried out. Jason groaned as he was impaled on the fat cock. His own cock throbbed and leaked as the cock slid in and out.

Pop…pop….pop….pop……pop…..Grind….pop…pop…pop…pop…grind…the two men were grunting and groaning as their sweaty bodies slapped against each other.

Pepe thrust his big prick in and out of the beefy gringo’s ass while Jason continued to moan. He leaned over and whispered in Jason’s ear… “You ready for my leche baby?” Pepe began to thrust in and out faster.


Jason cried out “OoooooohhhhhhhhH!!! I’m cumming!” as his cock began to shoot gobs of cum that spattered on the floor while the huge Mexican cock pounded his hole and prostate. Jason’s cock spewed more come as Pepe’s big cock rammed deep milking his gland.

Pepe thrust his cock deep bellowing like a bull. As Jason felt hot pulses of cum in his ass. Pepe grunted and collapsed on Jason’s back kissing his neck.

“Oh baby you gave Pepe a good fuck!” Pepe murmured in Jason’s ear. Pepe eased his cock out of Jason’s hole with a pop then stood up and went to the cabinet.

Jason groaned totally wiped out by the fuck.

Jason suddenly felt a cloth being applied to his mouth and nose with a strong chemical smell and then he blacked out!

(To be continued)

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Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 02

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Hank is back from Greece, awaiting the return of his mature lover, Ambrosia.

You asked for it, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it.


You know that saying about dog years? How one real year equals seven years of a dog’s life?

Dogs got it easy. I found that one week away from my luscious Ambrosia was an absolute eternity. I swear, time stood still. It was torture.

The torture was further compounded by the fact that the source of my pain had to remain secret. Hiding my emotional agony from Dad was easy; he wouldn’t notice if I had a screaming tantrum on the floor, but Mom and my sister were a bit tougher. They had typically attuned female emotional radar, and would pick up on things I thought were invisible.

The only saving grace was that it was only one week. Right, only seven days. Just one hundred sixty-eight hours, a little over ten thousand minutes, or six hundred thousand seconds, all of it in the presence of a clock that seemed determined not to move, and gave up those seconds grudgingly.

Like I said…. eternity. I could still taste that last kiss, the night before we left. No amount of time and stale airline peanuts could erase it.




Was this fate’s way of punishing me for getting involved with a woman who was old enough to be my mother? If so, then fate was cruel to have brought us together, and to have made a longer relationship even possible. No, I chose to believe it was merely a test of my patience. Good things are worth waiting for.

Only a little more than half a million seconds to go.



The app on my phone told me that Brosie’s flight would be landing within the hour. If only she was arriving alone, I would meet her at the airport, and show her how much I missed her. Alas, Marina was travelling with her mother, and she already didn’t like me. If she knew what we had done already, her attitude would most certainly not improve.

So, I would have to wait, as patiently as possible, at home in my room. At last, my phone buzzed. A text. Five words from heaven.

Just landed. Call you later, I read.

If the clock wasn’t moving slowly enough before, it now seemed to stop altogether. I was in agony.


At last, later arrived. My phone rang softly. The display said Callie.

“I am just about to go crazy here,” I said quietly.

“Hello to you, too,” she purred. “I know it’s been a long week, honey. I wish I could have been in your arms the whole time, but….”

“I know,” I replied. “I know. God, I missed you. You’re going to get the hug to end all hugs when I see you!”

“Ooooo! I like that!” she giggled. “Do I get more than a hug?”

“Well, let’s start with a hug,” I laughed. “Then we’ll see where the mood takes us.”

“Mmmmm, my mood will take us right here,” she growled.

“You’re in bed?” I asked

“Yes. Long flight. I’m pooped, but I wanted to talk to you,” she said softly. “Now that I’m alone though, I find myself in need of your touch. Would you tell me what you’d do to me if we were together? Please?”

It was my first experience with phone sex. It sounded like fun, and I must have been reasonably good at it, because as I described what my hands and lips would do all over her body, I could hear the quiver of excitement in her breathing.

“Take your cock out,” she directed.

“Already did,” I told her. “You’re masturbating too, aren’t you?”

“Mmmmm hmmm,” she moaned. “Three fingers. God, I’m so wet. I want your cock so bad. Stroke it for me, baby. Tell me how hard it is, and how much you want to fuck me.”

“Oh, it’s hard alright. It’s like stone. I’d give anything to be with you right now,” I growled. “I want you. I need you. I can’t live without your body, in my arms.”

I caught myself before I added ‘I love you’ to the list. I might be jumping the gun, and I didn’t want to scare her. Besides, I wasn’t really sure if it was love, or just a terminal case of lust.

“Hank, I’m cumming,” she moaned. I heard her shudder, gasping for air as it hit her. There was silence on her end. I stroked myself slowly, but I was planning to save it for her anyway.

“Brosie?” I asked.

“Mmmmm?” she moaned.

“You okay?” I whispered.

“Yes,” she sniffed. “I just miss you. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, Marina will be catching up with her friends after the trip, and she’ll be with her boyfriend. Tomorrow, we can be together. I’ll message you when she leaves. Okay?”

“I’ll be waiting,” I smiled.

“Goodnight,” she said softly, and hung up.


The next day, I killed some time doing chores around the house. I figured it would grease the wheels with my parents, and get me the car for the day. It didn’t matter if I had to take three buses and hitchhike, I wasn’t missing this chance.

As it turns out, my sister had no plans, so the second family car was mine for illegal bahis the taking. I decided to take preemptive action, and got out of the house before they could change their minds. I headed toward Brosie’s address, planning on waiting nearby.

The traffic seemed to be saying it wanted us to be together, as there was almost none, and I made it to her neighbourhood in record time. I pulled into a conveniently placed convenience store, and bought a drink, then sat in the car to wait as patiently as possible.

Patient is a relative term, of course. I may have been consciously patient, but my imagination and memory were not being cooperative. They kept flashing back to Greece. Brosie sucking my cock. Brosie on her back, huge breasts wobbling while I fucked her hard. Her ass absorbing the impact of my furious strokes as I pounded her from behind. The buzzing of my phone interrupted the slideshow.

I grabbed the device, and saw ‘Callie’ on the screen.

“Hi baby,” I smiled.

“She’s gone. The house is ours for the whole afternoon at least,” Brosie said, her voice resonating with desire.

“I’ll be there in five,” I replied, starting the car.

It actually took me six minutes, by the time I parked a few houses away and walked to her door. I rang the bell. I heard her footsteps from inside, and the door opened wide. Almost as wide as her smile when she saw me.

“Shit! You weren’t kidding!” she gasped, and grabbed my hand. “Get in here!”

As soon as I was in and the door closed, she leapt on me, giggling like a schoolgirl. Her arms went around my neck, and her legs around my waist, as she smothered me with kisses. I grabbed her ass with both hands, and steered us into a corner for stability, returning her kisses with equal ardour.

“I missed you so much!” she gasped, as she tipped her head back and I nibbled on her neck. Her hair smelled wonderful, and she felt like an angel in my arms. Her legs released their hold, and I lowered her onto her feet. “Let me show you around.”

As she led away, I noticed her attire for the first time. I’d only seen her in bathing suits, or vacation wear, but she was home now, and relaxed, in her safe environment.

I liked the safe, relaxed Ambrosia Callidora Castellanos. She was wearing cut-off jeans, not quite in the Daisy Duke range of shortness, but the frayed edges would retreat with every wash, so eventually they would get there. They gripped her shapely ass quite nicely, and made her already long and elegant legs look even longer. Up top, her breasts were unencumbered under a cropped, wrap-style top, heather grey in colour. It bared her trim midsection, and also formed a deep V to display her cleavage.

I followed her around the house, taking the tour of the lower level, that ended in the kitchen. She stopped, and turned to face me, catching me drinking in her beauty with my eyes.

“Can I offer you anything?” she asked, with a wide smile. “A drink? A snack? Are you hungry?”

“Famished,” I growled. “What about a tour of your bedroom?”

“Oh god, I’m so glad you said that!” she giggled. “I didn’t want to assume anything.”

“Well, you’re a good hostess,” I laughed. “The ‘anything’ you can offer me is you.”

She sauntered the few steps over to me, and tiptoed up, as though to kiss me.

“Race you!” she gasped, and darted away, amid more giggles.

“No fair!” I smiled, chasing her. She had several steps on me, and knew where she was going, so by the time I reached the foot of the stairs, she was nearly at the top. I gained a little by taking the stairs in twos, but her long, dark hair disappeared around the corner into what I assumed was her bedroom.

I arrived in the room, and found…. No one! Where the hell did she go?

Two soft hands covered my eyes from behind.

“Guess who?” the feminine voice asked, with a sultry purr.

“Well, can you give me a hint?” I joked.

“Hmmm,” she giggled, giving it some thought. “How about this?” Two soft, round points of contact pressed against my back. “Does that help?”

“Brosie!” I laughed. “I wondered where you went.” I turned, and wrapped her in a tight embrace. “Gotcha!”

Her lips were moist when they met mine, and I gently guided us in the direction of her huge bed. We sat, and laid on our sides, facing each other and kissing passionately. My hand rested on her waist, and I noticed the bow that tied her top in place, under my fingers. I plucked it, and the soft fabric unwrapped, baring her chest.

“Oops,” she sighed, rolling back to fully display her breasts. “Whatever will I do, half naked in my bedroom, with a big, strong, young man taking advantage of me?” She smiled, and closed her eyes, waiting for me to ravish her.

I scooted closer, and caressed her breasts. They were so full, soft and round, just as I remembered them, and she moaned softly in response. My lips were drawn to the tightly puckered, excited nipples, and I sucked each of them gently illegal bahis siteleri in turn. I rested my hand on her smooth, flat belly while I nursed her breasts. It was Brosie’s hand that pushed mine lower, sliding my fingers under her jeans after she had unsnapped them. There were no panties covering her bare pussy, and my fingers hooked into her moist opening.

“Mmmmm hmmm, your fingers feel so good, Hank,” she groaned. “Mine don’t have the same effect.” She was running her fingers through my hair, and holding me in place, not that I had any intention of leaving. Her nipples were responding to my mouth, growing tall and stiff as I sucked them.

I don’t know how long we were here like this. Several minutes at least. Her pussy was growing wetter every second, and she finally grabbed my hair and pulled my lips away from her breast.

“I love what you’re doing, baby,” she purred, “but I’ve had enough preliminaries. I need your big cock, right now.” She lifted her hips, and slid the frayed denim off, down her legs. She spread wide, and used two fingers to gape her pussy lips open. “Please? Fill me with your hard shaft? I need it so bad!”

While I was wearing more than she was, it didn’t take me long to catch up. Within seconds, I was kneeling between her long legs, while she guided my cock into the warm embrace of her pussy.

“Oh god, Brosie,” I sighed, returning to heaven at last, “I missed this. You know you’ve got me hooked now, don’t you?”

“So, we’re both addicted now,” she smiled, as I pressed in all the way. “You’re the only man I need in my life, or my bed. You satisfy needs I’d forgotten I even had.” She pulled my lips to hers, and I could feel the emotions pouring out of her.

You might have expected us to be in a frenzy of need, after a week apart, but that wasn’t the case. The need was certainly there, but in a different, deeper way. Frenzy was replaced by a gentler emotion, one that I was unfamiliar with.


Yeah. How could we be in love? We’d only known each other a couple of weeks, and our sum total of commonalities amounted to a desire to have sex with each other. She was my mother’s age. It couldn’t be love, could it?

As I said, I’d never felt this way before, but I had also never had a woman before…. any woman, let alone one of Brosie’s remarkable attributes. My limited experience before her had been with girls my age, and they paled in comparison, both physically and emotionally. She may have been more like my mother on the outside, but inside, no pun intended, she was perfect for me. Playful. Caring. Adventurous. Loyal.

I only hoped she felt the same way about me.

Anyway, what could have been a purely physical act, fucking for the sake of fucking alone, had become making love.

I stroked into her smoothly, watching the light of desire flicker in her beautiful eyes as I did. Our kisses were full of emotion, making up for lost time. I rolled us over, pulling her up on top, hoping she would dangle her magnificent breasts in my face. Instead, she remained cuddled on my chest, and looked deep into my eyes.

“Honey, I’ve had a lot of time to think in the past week,” she smiled.

So had I. Although most of my thoughts had been about her luscious body, and all the fun we had together, there had been others. Maybe I was growing up, but I had spent a lot of time contemplating a long-term relationship. Would we get along, outside the bedroom? Were we truly compatible? How would we deal with being public knowledge, especially with my parents?

“I hope you know how wonderful you make me feel physically,” she smiled. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy, but it did make me examine my feelings. I had to question my motivation. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes, I do,” I said softly.

“Well, I’m not sure I do,” she giggled. “I tried so hard to figure it out, but I guess I was just missing you too much. We’re very good together, and I found my thoughts getting hung up on that fact. So, I came up with a plan.”

Uh oh, I thought. A former girlfriend had done this to me, and her plan had involved the old cliché about ‘letting it go, and if it comes back, it’s yours’. Since we weren’t together, I guess we never were, so it seemed to be the right course, but at the time, it felt like a cop out.

“I’ve decided not to decide,” she smiled, giving my still ensconced cock a squeeze with her snug pussy. “We don’t have to sort this out right now. Maybe what we have is only physical, and maybe it’s something much, much more. The point I’m trying to make is that there’s no time limit for us. I want us to have fun, and let this tangle of emotions figure itself out. Okay?”

“Okay,” I smiled. She was right. I had been trying to be very adult about it, but I didn’t have the experience to go with that adulthood.

“Good,” she giggled, kissing me softly. She sat up now, and pressed her soft breasts in my face. Her hips lifted, and she began to fuck herself canlı bahis siteleri on my stiff shaft. I grabbed her breasts, and directed one hard nipple into my mouth. “Mmmmm, that’s it. Feels like fun to me.”

Until the emotions untangled, we would probably be spending nearly every moment together in bed, having fun like this. Going out in public would be problematic, as we didn’t need the attention, which would increase the risk of Marina or my family finding out. Oh well. Such is life.

Brosie gasped and shook in my grasp. It was a nice gentle orgasm, but I wanted to hear her scream. I rolled on top of her again, and started giving it to her with more energy.

“UHNNN! Yes, baby! Fuck me harder!” she groaned.

“You want it, honey? You want to cum again?” I grunted, slamming my hips forward briskly. “Tell me what you want. Tell me how it feels.”

I really wasn’t asking for any ulterior motives. Yes, I knew how to fuck, and I’d seen enough porn to know what worked for me, but I genuinely wanted to know what turned her crank. Being a better lover for her had no downside, even if we didn’t stay together. She could teach me more about women than any girl my age, by virtue of her own experiences.

What I got was a bonus. What man doesn’t love to hear his lady begging for it, in language that would make a sailor blush? Coming from a woman old enough to be my mother made it even hotter. Her eyes spoke volumes of her pleasure, but she voiced it anyway.

“God, yes! I love it! I need it! Your cock stretches me so perfectly, all the way deep into my hot, horny cunt! Fuck me, darling. Fuck me with that big, perfect staff. Make me cum, like the bad girl I am. Take my body, for your pleasure. I give it to you freely. Fuck my pussy, with your hard cock, and make me scream in ecstasy!”

Her eyes were locked on mine, while I pounded into her vagina furiously. I could see the pleasure building in her expression, until her lips drew into a snarl of lust, and she tossed her head back, unleashing a stream of descriptives.

“Fuck! I’m cumming! Don’t stop, baby! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Oh god, it feels so good! Gimme more of that big cock! Deeper! Harder! Fuck me, baby, and shoot your hot cum inside me! Do it! Do it! Ahnnn! YES!”

Brosie’s pussy clutched my cock tight, and she shuddered through her orgasm while I filled her with my own blissful discharge. She pulled me closer and wrapped her body around mine, moaning happily as we came together. It was everything I remembered and more.

Before I left, later in the afternoon, I fucked her to another two climaxes, and she finished me off with her mouth, urging me on while I basted her tonsils. We talked about different ways we could continue to meet like this, and how much we wanted to do so.

We were together again, albeit still in secret, and with the added complications of schedules and prying eyes. We would find a way to make it work.


When I arrived at home, I had to remind myself to play it cool, and scrape the giddy smile off my face. I had washed my face well, so hopefully Brosie’s pussy scent wasn’t going to give us away.

“Just relax. You were only spending time with friends, and telling them all about the trip,” I said to myself. “It’s easy. Just leave out the part where you were fucking a gorgeous woman for hours. Piece of cake.”

Walking through the front door, the first person I saw was Dad, who merely grunted and waved at me, before going back to his college football game. From Dad this constituted high acknowledgement, but I wasn’t expecting much more from him.

My sister, Sharon, was next, and while I was concerned a little bit that she, as a woman, might sense something, I had the advantage of knowing that I was way down the list of things she found worthy of her interest. She barely even looked in my direction, but I gave her my best poker face anyway. It was good practice for the main event.


She was in the kitchen, prepping for our dinner tonight. Happy to see I was home safely, she greeted me with a hug.

“Hi honey!” she smiled, holding me a little longer than usual. “How’d it go? Get all reconnected with your friends?”

Reconnected? Hmmm. Yes, I guess that’s one way to put it.

“Yeah. We’re all good,” I replied, suppressing the urge to grin. “I told them all about the trip…. the sights, that sort of stuff.”

“Lots of people there? Girls?” she asked.

“A couple,” I admitted. Only one that mattered.

“That must be the perfume I smell,” she giggled, turning away at last. “Someone new?”

How the hell?…. I thought, sniffing my sleeves. She always did have the family’s most sensitive nose, but I thought I’d dealt with that issue.

“Yeah, I guess it must be,” I laughed back, trying to mask my nervousness. If she smelled the same perfume on me in Greece, she might put two and two together, and come up with a question I desperately wanted to avoid. “I think you’ve met all my friends, though.”

It was a desperate attempt to confuse her, but also true. She had met all my friends, including the one I’d just spent the afternoon having incredibly satisfying sex with, although she didn’t know that aspect of things.

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Once a Whore, Always a Whore Ch. 02

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My womb was crying out for another baby long before I recovered from giving birth for the first time, and I couldn’t wait to experience all the wonderful sensations of pregnancy once again. I had popped out my darling boys a few short months before my 19th birthday, and my fascination with being pregnant had not let up for a heartbeat.

My sex drive had not flagged either, leaving me constantly hungry for stimulation. Fortunately, Daddy was very attentive to my needs, keeping my hungry pussy full of his hard cock. He fucked me nonstop right though my pregnancy, and then I gave the baby factory a few months off to recover.

Taking care of my darling sons was a joy, and after becoming a mother at the ripe young age of 18, I knew that I had found my niche. I loved every aspect of motherhood. I treasured catering to the needs of my newborns and I loved suckling them at my generous breasts. As soon as I had fallen pregnant, I knew I wouldn’t be able to experience the wonders of being with child only once.

Sure, the morning sickness wasn’t great and the cramps were annoying, but those problems didn’t hold a candle to how good I felt. Since I was pregnant with more than one baby, my symptoms were more severe but my arousal was equally strong. I constantly longed to feel Daddy’s skilled hands caressing my body, and his hard cock stretching my eager pussy.

All throughout pregnancy, I was putty in his hands. I loved submitting to his every desire, and the fact that I was in a constant state of high arousal certainly helped me to enjoy every bit of sexual attention he blessed me with. There was never a dull moment, as he kept me constantly stimulated.

My stepfather was a stern authority figure, and submitting to his will fulfilled a burning need that had existed in me for a long time. Instead of rebelling against him, I obeyed his commands and gave myself to him without hesitation.

For nine long months, I got to walk around feeling like Daddy was always inside me. In a way, he was. It was amazing. I started to feel glad he had watched me so closely, as being deprived of sex for all those years made my experience heavenly and my pussy constantly wet.

As a mother, I found a whole new level of purpose. I had no real ambition before, and Daddy was always trying to steer me in the right certain direction. Although many of his previous attempts had failed, this one had clearly succeeded.

Aside from bringing out the mother in me, he had uncovered my submissive side as well. Surrendering to him completely allowed me to blossom into a whole new woman and enjoy a new era of sexual freedom. Thinking about how I was his and only his ensured that my pussy was constantly wet. He could access my body whenever he wanted, however he wanted, and the thought of this kept me constantly aroused. After turning a new leaf and becoming my Daddy’s daughter-slut, I experienced sensations and orgasms stronger than anything else before.

I knew it was my stepfather’s will to decide when my belly would swell up once again, so I merely hinted at wanting more kids. This went on for months as I healed from having my twin boys. Fortunately for me, I recovered quickly.

A few months after I gave birth, Daddy asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I looked him dead in the eye and simply said “a baby.”

He smiled as he replied “that can be arranged.” I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to be pregnant again. I had been unable to have sex for months after giving birth, and I was boiling over with unfulfilled desire.

Daddy informed me that he had something special in mind for me, and that I would never forget this gift. My birthday was just a few short weeks away, illegal bahis and he told me he wanted to give me something unforgettable.

As the days counted down to my 19th birthday, Daddy worked constantly to keep me at the highest level of arousal possible. Since I was his plaything, I let him do whatever he wanted to me and didn’t complain. Whenever we spent time together, he would deliberately provoke my lust, doing his best to build my anticipation for my birthday. His hands were constantly tracing the contours of my sensitive body whenever we were alone, and he knew how to “rub” me in just the right way to keep dripping with desire.

As the big day grew closer, I felt like I was about ready to burst. I wanted to jump my Daddy every time we were alone together.

When my birthday finally came, he took me out shopping in the morning and had me try on various lingerie outfits.

I loved going looking for bras with my new post-pregnancy breasts. I was always considered a hot number before, but gaining a few cup sizes seemed to make me even more alluring. All the salespeople I met thought I was Daddy’s girlfriend, and congratulated him on having such a pretty women by his side.

I was constantly falling under the gaze of many men that we encountered in public. It made me hot to think that they all wanted to stretch my hungry pussy, which had only recently recovered.

Daddy had me try on several skimpy outfits, and strutting around half naked only added to my arousal. I couldn’t wait to get home. The anticipation was killing me. Finally, Daddy declared that we were heading back to our house and I sighed with relief. He whisked me to the car and we departed.

On our way back, he used his free hand to stimulate my ample breasts through the tank top I was wearing. I moaned loudly as amazing sensations flowed throughout my body. He made sure to gently trace his hands across my nipples and areolae, as he knew how sensitive they were.

He worked his magic for the whole car ride home, and I felt my starving pussy become even more eager to be filled with his manhood. By the time we returned to our house, I was dying to feel a hard cock inside me. Daddy asked me if I was ready for my birthday present, and I eagerly moaned “yes.”

As soon as we got in the door, he took my hands and moved them behind my back. Holding them together, he produced a set of handcuffs and quickly snapped them into place on my wrists. I heard them click and grinned in satisfaction. I couldn’t wait for what was next.

My submissive needs were already being satisfied, and we had just started. He started to kiss my neck, and gently bit my skin with his teeth. Feeling him touch my sensitive flesh sent shivers down my spine. He slowly rolled my shirt up over my breasts, which were swollen with arousal and dying for his attention.

Daddy gently grazed his teeth across my rock-hard nipples before sucking them into his mouth and massaging them with his tongue. While catering to my hungry breasts, he slowly unbuttoned my pants and started to move them down my toned legs. He briefly removed his mouth from my sensitive nipples and continued to lower my pants until they reached my ankles. I slowly stepped out of them, and he tossed them to the other side of the room.

I was now practically naked, handcuffed and horny as hell. I was starting to grow impatient. My hungry pussy was dying for some cock. Daddy asked me if I was ready for a surprise gift. I said “sure, Daddy” and out of nowhere, my first lover entered the room. My jaw dropped. What was going on?

Mark said “surprise!” before coming up to me and kissing me deeply. I eagerly responded, and his hands illegal bahis siteleri began to trace the contours of my receptive skin. I felt my breathing quicken, and the level of arousal he brought me to quickly reminded me of why he had been my first lover. I grinned, thinking of how good it had felt the first time his cock stretched my tight, virgin pussy. Even if he had to wear a condom, it still felt great.

Daddy came up beside us and said “he can be all yours, and all you have to say is “‘yes, Daddy.'”

I closed my eyes before saying “yes, Daddy” in a low, sultry voice.

As soon as the words left my mouth, Mark started using his mouth and hands to stimulate my eager breasts. Whereas daddy had sucked my jugs practically every day during the past year, my first lover had only enjoyed my lovely assets once. I was determined to give him more. Not just that, I thought to myself, but so much more.

Handcuffed and unable to move, I found myself sandwiched between Daddy and Mark. They both used their skilled hands to stimulate every inch of my exposed flesh. Mark continued to kiss my breasts, and Daddy used his mouth to take my earlobe between his lips.

I was overwhelmed with sensation. I knew how much pleasure these handsome, skilled men could bring me individually. Feeling them both expertly ravage my petite form was too much to handle. My famished pussy was absolutely soaked in anticipation of feeling its first hard cock in months.

“Fuck me,” I managed to get out between moans.

Mark responded to this request by dropping his pants and revealing the hard cock that had made me a woman. He pulled my body to his, and soon his thick member was rubbing across my labia and clit. I moaned in ecstasy as he stimulated me slowly but surely. He kept placing the head of his penis at my entrance and then pushing past it, teasing me deliciously. Soon enough, I couldn’t take it anymore and implored him to “please fuck me.”

He grinned before placing his member to the entrance of my soaked pussy and pushing forward slowly. I moaned at finally feeling the flesh that I had been denied for months. It was like finding water in the desert of abstinence! I moaned in deep satisfaction when his balls finally rested on my ass and I knew he was fully inside me.

He thrust in and out of me in a slow, gentle way and I swooned as I was not used to experiencing that sort of treatment. I had been fucked plenty of times, but this was the first time I had ever made love.

Mark kissed me tenderly and Daddy worked my receptive breasts as I moaned in ecstasy. Daddy whispered to me that if I wanted, I could be Mark’s to do with as he pleased. If I agreed, I would move in with him, and grant his every wish. My uterus began to quiver and I experienced an orgasm just from the thought.

He told me that all I needed to do was say “yes, Daddy” and I found myself eagerly repeating his words.

As soon as I had assented to being this handsome man’s playtoy, I pulled him to my eager lips and kissed him dearly. I was now his. I had found my new mate, and I could not be happier with the arrangement. By being my first lover, Mark had made quite the impression on me. I grinned and told him that we had lots of lost time to make up for. He smiled back and replied that he couldn’t wait.

After letting him do all the work in the beginning, I decided to “take the bull by the horns” and get on top. I eagerly climbed atop my lover, and placed the head of his cock to the entrance to my tight pussy. I slowly descended on his shaft until he was buried to the hilt. I paused briefly as I felt my labia resting on his balls.

After a few seconds, I rose up on canlı bahis siteleri his thick member. I could feel my flesh clinging to his this shaft as I pulled off him inch by inch. I continued to rise until just the head of his hard cock was inside me and then slowly sat back down, enjoying the tight grip that my horny pussy had created on his shaft. I gazed into his eyes and kissed him as I lovingly worked the first shaft that had ever entered my body.

As I sat there getting lost in this man’s eyes, I started to feeling emotions I had never felt while having sex with Daddy. I was thrilled that I would be moving in with Mark. Something about him really got to me and I found myself feeling incredibly excited that I would be spending so much time with him.

I continued to massage my lover’s penis with my pussy walls until my skilled ministrations pushed him over the edge. I sat down on him hard and buried my head in his chest as he fired off spurt after spurt of his thick load into my fertile womb.

I couldn’t wait to be pregnant again, and eagerly welcomed his life-giving deposit. We rested like that briefly and then he pulled me into a spoon position. It wasn’t long before I could feel his hard cock growing against my backside. I reached down and pushed it between my eager pussy lips. He pushed home and I got to feel my new lover stretch my pussy one more time.

We kept this up for hours and he surprised me once more by producing a diaphragm right before midnight. He told me to insert it. He said that if I got pregnant, we would know that it happened on my birthday. I eagerly complied, and thought about how excited I was to carry life inside me once again.

After spending hours being seeded by my new lover and accepting several of his loads inside my body, Daddy told me that I was all his for the time being. I was to live with Mark until further notice, and submit to his every desire. I was to make myself available to him at all times, and take his seed without question.

I was thrilled!

After spending all night with the man who had taken my virginity, I wanted nothing more than to be at his beck and call 24 hours a day.

As the next several days passed by, I reached heights of pleasure I never knew existed by granting Mark’s every desire. I ended up missing my period two weeks after we started having sex, and I knew that Mark had given me the best birthday present a girl could get.

As soon as he found out that I was with child, Mark supervised my high calorie diet and insisted that I wear revealing clothing that accentuated my growing belly and lactating breasts. He wanted me hugely pregnant as I carried his little girl, and I offered no pretense of resistance.

Nine months to the day after reuniting with the man who made me into a woman, I gave birth to a darling baby girl who looks just like me. We were ecstatic as we gazed at the product of our love. We both agreed that we couldn’t wait to have more. My breasts produced a lot of milk, and I spent many hours feeding both my twins, my newborn and her father.

After spending a few months healing from my latest pregnancy, I decided that the baby factory was ready for more. I felt recovered enough to have sex again during my safe time and as Mark gently fucked me, he whispered in my ear that he couldn’t wait to make my belly swell up one more time. I wrapped myself around him and cooed “me either.”

He paused briefly, before asking me “how do you feel about twins?” I instantly thought of my darling boys and my heart skipped a beat. My pussy gushed at the thought and I squeezed him tighter with my petite hands.

He told me that he wanted me to take fertility drugs for a brief time, and that we would hopefully get another set of twin boys out of it. My pussy moistened and my heart started beating faster at the thought of having another set of twins to love.

I smiled at him and asked “when do we start?”

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I Jizzed in My Pants Ch. 01

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I couldn’t remember how it started but the earliest memory I had was me standing in our college ground along with my other male classmates. We were told to form a line by a strange woman who wore a robe that had a weird symbol embroidered into it. I distinctly remember her shouting, “My name is Alia Stone and I am here to ensure that the latest law, the law number 1404 is being enforced properly throughout the country and I decided to start from this college. Those unaware of the law, let me enlighten them, the law states, ‘All males with manhood less than 7 inches when aroused are to be treated as nothing but slaves by everyone else including men and women. Anyone treating such men with equal dignity as men who are larger than 7 inches when aroused is going to be enslaved as well.'” The law was ridiculous but somehow I didn’t think of it as ridiculous when I heard it, as strange as it may sound. I looked around to see how others were reacting to it but to my surprise they all looked calm as if they already knew. I could hear a few nervous gasps though, probably from boys who knew they were going to be enslaved. I saw William Becker, a classmate of my, make a run for it before Miss Alia ran him down and kicked him heavily in his crotch. It was enough to tell shit just got real and no one else tried to run away.

The line moved on fast enough for the procedure was real quick. Miss Alia was ordering one boy after another to lower his pants along with his underwear and stroke himself till he reaches the edge of orgasm so that she could take a look at his junk when completely aroused, people with cocks bigger than 7 inches were allowed to go free while the others were instructed to stand behind her. Funny thing even when put in a forced humiliating cfnm scenario like that, not a single boy took more than a minute to reach his edge. Soon my turn came and I remember I was trembling. I was scared for I knew I would become enslaved and I didn’t want to, obviously, who would want to become a slave, other than a masochist and I knew I wasn’t one. When she realized I was hesitating she slapped me hard on both cheeks, she was strong enough to make me cry just from only two slaps. Helplessly I lowered my pants allowing her to look at my naked crotch. She smirked as I was stroking and she had seen enough she gestured me to join those already lining up behind her. For the rest of the time the procedure continued I could barely think of anything, I was just too nervous to gather my thoughts. I had no idea what would happen to me. Finally the procedure ended with a total of 5 boys standing behind her, William, Jack, Simon, Stuart and lastly me. I swear I heard all 5 of us swallow when she dismissed everyone else and turned to face us.

After a brief inspection, she instructed those accompanying her, yeah she had few people escorting her, to take Jack and Simon away as the rest of us waited. She ordered us to follow her to the principal’s office and despite our immediate obedience she still smacked our asses with a belt that appeared on her hands out of nowhere it seemed. In the office she said to Professor Caroline, our principal, “Hello I believe you are the principal of this prestigious college. I am sure you’re well acquainted with the new law, law number 1404, now as per the law there were total of 5 students in your college who fall under the slave category, I have sent 2 of them away for manual labour at the mines for they looked hardy enough for that but these 3 are not fit for such work so I think you can think of appropriate jobs for them. If you are kind to them then I suppose you know you are going to be enslaved too, is there any doubts?” To the question the overwhelmed principal shook her head and Miss Alia left us after official formalities.

After the ‘law enforcer’ left, Professor Caroline sighed. We were all nervous to see how she would react and to our misfortune she didn’t have the courage to break the law and to make it worse not one of us managed to kill our erections even after pulling our pants up after Miss Alia inspected us all. She said, “Well boys, I am really sorry but I have no choice either. I certainly don’t want to jeopardize my career as well as my life for the sake of 3 boys illegal bahis who are going to end up as slaves anyways irrespective of my actions towards them but I will assist you 3 to the best of my ability. But I honestly have no idea what to turn you three into… I mean what sort of jobs I should give to you guys? Wait first of all, why don’t you 3 get naked? I am sure boys like you, slaves, are not allowed to wear clothes in this society.” Knowing we had no choice we all started to strip. Soon the 3 of us ended up naked before Professor Caroline trying our best to keep our privates hidden behind our hands. Professor Caroline bit her lips, I could tell she wasn’t enjoying this, to humiliate three young boys, around 20 years of age like this but her hands were tied too.

Professor Caroline looked at us, 3 boys in quite a pitiful state, and said with a sympathetic smile on her lips, “Please boys if you cannot bare yourselves before me, a woman older than your mother, how would you 3 be able to obey when your classmates or worse your juniors order you to show them your penises?” We had no answers. We were slaves, no one expects slaves to be smart and she didn’t expect an answer from us either anyways. We stood there, heads lowered, hoping the ground would swallow us all inside never to throw us back into the world again. After a few minutes of awkward silence she came up with a solution. She suggested us to clean and organize her office for an hour or so, before her and another professor almost as old in the hopes of getting us habituated with being naked before making us work outside before everyone else, everyone including those we know and strangers alike. We agreed to it and she dialled up the professor to join in. When the other professor came in we let our hands rest at our sides exposing our penises to Professor Caroline for the first time. William and Stuart were 6 inches and 5 inches respectively while I was in the most embarrassing situation, I was only 3, even when completely hard! I could barely look up to meet Professor Caroline or Professor Haley in the eyes. I could look up again only after Professor Caroline embraced my naked body warmly and whispered into my ears that everything was going to be okay.

Professor Haley too pitied us like our principal, though it didn’t make things any better. She said, “I am sorry boys but I will be harsh towards you all. But don’t be ashamed in front of me for even if I laugh it will be only to prepare the 3 of you better. I am not a sicko to enjoy activities like this. I am extremely sorry and I wish I don’t have to do this but I know how mean can people get towards someone weaker than them and this is purely to help you three. Okay? Now…” Hearing her words gave us little courage, though only a little but still it mattered a lot at that moment. We were grateful and were about to say her so when she handed over to us three razors, one shaving cream tube, and a shaving brush and ordered us to shave everything below our eyebrows before the two of them. She said it was better for us only to shave right then before the two sympathetic women, much older than us, than to shave before a crowd of rowdy students who just got power in their hands.

Helpless and crying if not sobbing, we smeared the shaving cream and brushed it well over our entire body below eyebrows, including armpits, crotches and even our asses. The two of them noticed we were taking too long brushing so Professor Haley ordered in a stern voice, “Boys delaying will only worsen it. Start shaving quickly.” We swallowed, she saw right through us! We were hoping against all hopes that we could avoid shaving ourselves by delaying the process. Slowly we started shaving with trembling hands, it was only by pure luck that we didn’t cut ourselves. Hands, legs, torso didn’t take much courage to shave even armpits but when we were left with only crotches and asses to shave we could barely move our hands. All three of us begged and begged the two professors to be excused but they were adamant to see us smooth as babies. Eventually we gave up all hopes to escape so we slowly started to shave our crotches by lifting our cocks up and then our asses by spreading our ass-cheeks with one hand and illegal bahis siteleri running the razor with other. Finally when we were all done the two women started to laugh. And even though Professor Haley told even if they laugh it would only be to habituate us with being laughed at and not to make fun of us, still hearing them laughing like that made us instantly cover ourselves with our hands and we were all hard and throbbing despite the extreme humiliation, not one of us had any ideas prior to this incident that we possibly could be masochists. However to shame us even more they forcefully removed our hands from our cocks putting us at their mercy yet again.

Professor Caroline said, “Boys however unfortunate this might be still you are now slaves and boys as ‘small’ as you three have hardly anything to hide so I warn you three never to hide yourselves again or else severe punishment will follow, understood?” To this we all nodded like sheep before the two dominant women. We gasped and yelped when we felt Professor Haley reaching behind us and running her finger along our butt-cracks even under your balls to see if we had done a good job or not. When Professor Haley was done with inspecting our asses she smirked, slapping each of our asses a few times before joining Professor Caroline facing us, smirking down at our erections openly and as our cocks throbbed beyond our control we only wondered if being naked before two women older than our mothers was capable to shame us this much just how much worse it would be to be naked before other students, our classmates and our crushes.

As time went by it was getting harder and harder to determine whether Professor Caroline and Professor Haley were really doing that to make us habituated with being humiliated or were they doing that because they loved the idea of breaking in three boys in the disguise of helping them. I mean Professor Haley already had inspected our butt cracks and cocks yet Professor Caroline ordered, “Boys move your little hard-ons a little and let us see the base of your cocks, then lift your ball sacks and let us see under them and then finally turn around and spread your ass cheeks wide to expose the puckered buttholes to us. After all we don’t want any hair to remain down there so a thorough inspection is needed. Don’t we?” And Professor Haley didn’t stop her by saying there was no need for she had already checked. We first lifted our ball sacks and waited for their approval. When they did we move our cocks around a little to expose each and every centimetre of our shafts, even the bases before the two women who were amused despite their claims that they weren’t, I suspect. Finally each one of us turned around, bent over a little and placed our hands on our ass-cheeks, spreading them wide. We were desperate to get their approval so that we could move on but they were taking their sweet time. After what felt like an eternity I heard William and Stuart gasp, I had no idea why.

The mystery got soon solved when I heard Stuart squealing, “Ma’am please don’t finger my asshole. Please, it is too much.” I realized Professor Caroline and Haley must be fingering their assholes. I cursed them in my mind. There was no way they were doing this just to help us! They were doing this because they were loving this! How much of a fool I was to believe in their sweet words earlier! Stuart kept on begging before a strong slap on his ass silenced him for the time being. I was still a little bent over, my hands keeping my asshole exposed to those two evil bitches when I heard the two boys were instructed to masturbate while their asses were being fingered and from the sound of it, it was obvious that they were not being fingered gently. After a while I heard them groan, followed by the two women giggling, as they high-fived each other. I assumed it was a gesture to indicate ‘Mission accomplished, the boys came.’ I heard their footsteps closing in towards me, my turn, I assumed. Swallowing, I tried my best to ready my mind. But nothing could have prepared me for what came next.

They stood before me, each of them extending one of their hands towards my face. It was then I realized what happened and what they were expecting canlı bahis siteleri me to do and to my horror it was worse than my biggest nightmare. They had caught William and Stuart’s cum in their hands and they wanted me to lick it up! I almost retched up even from the idea of me eating two of my friends’ semen. I shook my head and tried to beg with my eyes but they were merciless. One of them kicked me on my crotch hard enough to make me scream and they both used that opportunity to pour the fluid that they had in their hands into my open mouth before pinching my nose shut, and forcefully make me close my mouth. I, like a stupid boy, hoped that if I stayed like that long enough maybe they would let me go before I end up swallowing the mixture of two boys’ semen. But alas, neither of them were that kind. Professor Caroline pinched my nose shut with the same hand in which she had captured cum of one of the boys, so even though my nose was shut I could still smell it. And since I had not swallowed, the taste of semen got spread throughout my mouth before I finally accepted defeat and swallowed like they were expecting me to. The only reward I received for fighting back was longer period of giggles, taunts and a few slaps across my face.

They hissed, “Beg us to finger your asshole.”

I could barely speak, “Please, finger my asshole Professor Caroline and Professor Haley.”

They laughed, “Come on bitch boy, you can do better than that. Put some real beg into it.” And they kicked my balls again.

I groaned, “Please Caroline and Haley Ma’am, please finger my asshole.” The pain was too much, not to mention the shame of being exposed into worse treatment than what Stuart and William had to endure.

They still weren’t convinced, “You’re almost there. Come on, do it just a little bit better.”

I let go of the last bit of dignity that I had left and begged, “Please Mistress Caroline and Mistress Haley, please finger my asshole. I don’t even need lubes or anything, just please shove your fingers up my asshole, I cannot live without it.”

This made them giggle hard and I could hear Stuart and William exchanging comments regarding just how shameful it was to be forced into begging. And then the two mean women shoved a finger each inside my dry asshole and started to finger it mercilessly. I reached to stroke my tiny cock which I thought of to be my next task set by them like the other two boys but they pulled away my hand the moment I reached for my pecker and slapped my ass hard. Helplessly I gasped, letting my hands fall at my sides, while they kept on roughing up my asshole. I could feel both of their middle fingers pushing in and out of my dry virgin asshole at the same time and it kept on happening for a long time, longer than I dreaded, without tiniest break. Eventually I ended up losing my erection completely and pissing myself like a toddler with no control over my bladder. Even that didn’t make them stop from abusing my sore asshole, it only encouraged them for they started to finger it with more gusto than before.

Finally when they stopped I was sobbing like a little boy despite being 20 years old. They let go of me, and I fall down on the floor totally ignoring the fact that I just sat on my own pool of urine. They smirked, and made me lie on the floor on my back. Each of them grabbed a foot of mine and raised them, making me arch inwards, so that my dick could point at my face. I started to sob even harder when I realized what was happening but I had no choice. When they ordered me to cum in my mouth I started to stroke myself, hoping the sooner I cum, the sooner I would be free. But ever since I pissed I couldn’t get myself hard. They took advantage of the situation and figured out a way to humiliate me even more, “Hey while you are at it, why don’t you hum ‘I am a loser, with a tiny ass pecker’ with a tune?” As I was in no position to fight or refuse I did what they asked of me while stroking myself as fast as I could. And finally I started to shoot inside my own mouth. I could smell as well as taste my own semen! It was the most disgusting thing possible I thought.

And I kept on shooting and shooting inside my mouth till I woke up in my bed, my pant soaking wet, realizing it was nothing but a wet dream. I wiped my forehead off the sweat before reaching inside my pants to scoop up a little of my semen. I licked my fingers clean before going back to sleep, only this time tasting my semen didn’t seem that bad.

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On A Couch, Upstairs

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Big Tits

Allie and I had been dating for a few months. Before that we were friends for about a year and a half, growing closer and closer until things finally erupted in a kiss and everything clicked into place. When our lips parted and I saw the look in her eyes, I was flooded with warmth. All the pent up emotion I didn’t realize I was suppressing, every sense on fire from my core to the tips of my fingers that had somehow ended up interlaced with hers. I saw that she felt it too, and suddenly the world made sense. I was lighter than air for the rest of the day, and I don’t know how she made it home without wrapping her car around a tree.

Now class had just let out for winter break in our senior year of high school, and we spent every evening we could together. More often than not that meant playing video games or watching movies on the couch in her game room upstairs. Mostly I remember the bookends of those nights, maybe just from idyllic repetition. Of course Allie looked incredible when she dressed up, but there was something even more exciting, in a way, about seeing her open the door to greet me in sweatpants and a loose t-shirt. With her chestnut hair falling over one shoulder, bent into lazy waves from the ponytail she had worn all day, she had an incandescent glow.

The nights usually ended with us cuddled up on her couch, talking. When we were lucky and her family was away or fast asleep, we would mess around under a blanket, wrapped in a cocoon of warmth. But even more vivid and special to me were the goodbyes. Walking out to my car and spending our last minutes together in shadow from the yellow streetlights became our ritual. It never really got properly cold in the Southwest, but most nights were frigid enough that I would hold Allie close, her hands slipping underneath my shirt and hoodie to find the warmth of my skin.

I think what I enjoyed most was the feeling that she was trying to keep me there for as long as possible, that she didn’t want to let go. It was mutual, and our parting kisses always lingered on my tongue and on my mind as I drove home on empty suburban streets, feeling wistful and invigorated and alive.

On one of these nights early in the break we were playing one of the Halo campaigns, the most recent in our string of co-op narratives to tackle together. I am unashamed to admit that Allie is way better than me at just about any given video game, but we worked pretty well as a team. Her dad had gone downstairs to watch TV about half an hour before, and our conversation fell back into the ease that comes with not having a parent in earshot.

As we cleared another room of enemies, Allie got on the subject of being a girl gamer. “It sucks, because you have to use a headset to coordinate well online, but as soon as they hear my voice they become morons.”

I laughed. “Well, you’re the most female interaction they get. What do you expect? They revert to a primal state.”

“Of idiocy? I don’t know how the human race got to this point if that’s what we had to deal with in the past.”

I scored a headshot and reveled in the explosion of goo from the alien’s skull. “I’m not convinced getting to this point is that much of an accomplishment.”

Allie exhaled a snort of agreement as she tossed a grenade over a wall. “I just wish they’d shut up and play. I mean, the other day my whole team asked me if I’d rather give up cheese or blowjobs. Who asks that? And why would I care about giving up a bunch of work for somebody else’s enjoyment?”

“Well that is a stupid question. But it’s not supposed to be work,” I replied. “I’d love to try eating out. It sounds like a lot of fun.”

She looked sideways at me and I met her gaze, her eyebrow raised a hair. After a long second the moment was broken by a transport ship spilling out hordes of gun-toting aliens in the field in front of us.

“Shit!” she cried. “Cover left!” We went to work at population control with laser rifles and rocket launchers.

* * * * *

An hour and a half later our exchange had slipped from my mind. After finishing a couple more Halo levels, we put down the controllers and fell to talking. Earlier her mom and dad had each come upstairs separately for a few minutes on thin pretenses, but by now the TV was off, the house had been quiet for at least twenty minutes, and Allie and I were curled up together on the couch between two blankets.

One of my arms was wrapped around her back, and my other hand traced idly up and down the smooth thigh she had draped over my own leg. Allie had a fantastic ass, and even though it was hidden under the blanket at the moment I was grateful that the day had been warm enough for her to decide on the thin cotton shorts that hugged her so tightly.

In a conversational lull she lifted her head from my shoulder to look at me, and I bent down to kiss her. She returned the kiss more hesitantly than I expected, and I pulled away after a few seconds. Before I could figure out what to say, she illegal bahis seemed to make up her mind, and she kissed me back with the usual passion.

Our tongues danced and intertwined, and I moved my hand up her clean-shaved thigh to cup her ass. She slipped a hand under my shirt to stroke my abs and side, and we explored each other as our kisses grew more heated.

We rolled a quarter turn and Allie straddled me, the upper blanket discarded in a heap. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, relishing her pert form as we kissed. Allie had a weird reservation about taking her shirt off, but I could hardly complain with the feel of her soft warmth filling my palms.

Allie had settled with one leg between mine and another on the outside, and she began to gyrate her pelvis against my leg. What started as unconscious movement turned into deliberate pumping, and before long the length of her supple body was mashed against mine, writhing under my roaming hands.

We were no longer really kissing, but her face hung an inch above mine, our hot breath mingling as I grasped her ass with both hands and helped her grind her crotch into my leg. Neither of us had ever brought the other to orgasm, but I was beginning to think that we might change that.

Instead, she abruptly halted and started to catch her breath. Rather than draw out the moment, I flipped us around so that she lay underneath me and slid my hands up her sides. This seemed to break her trance, and she reached up to kiss me as I returned my attention to her erect nipples.

But after only a few seconds she moved her hand to the center of my chest and pressed her palm against me, and I pulled away in concern. I searched her face for a sign of what was wrong, but to my surprise found her looking more timid than anything. Her eyes darted about nervously, making eye contact only for fleeting moments as she spoke haltingly.

“So, what you said earlier. About, you know…” Allie glanced downwards and then back to me. Her fingers were curled against my skin underneath my shirt. “Were you being serious?”

It took me a second, but my face slowly cracked into a smile as hers fell in expectation of ridicule. She started to say something else but I silenced her with a kiss and then moved down, sliding backwards on the couch so that I could brush my lips across her stomach where her shirt had ridden up. I put my hands on her shorts and felt her core tense up as I slipped a finger beneath the cotton at each of her hips.

I raised my eyes to meet hers as I continued kissing her stomach. Her muscles eased into relaxation when I withdrew my fingers and began lightly massaging her legs.

Allie’s breathing grew deeper as I kneaded circular patterns in her thighs, searching for her tension and slowly pulling it out of her. My lips wandered across her stomach and waist at the same time.

In time our eyes met and I realized her own fingers were under her shorts now. She pushed the fabric down and together we slipped off her shorts and panties, Allie wriggling out of them to settle back on the disheveled blanket.

Her knees parted at my touch and I took in the sight before me. Her small pink lips already glistened with arousal. The tight slit they traced out pouted open at the bottom as if in anticipation. Closely trimmed dark hair set off the tenderness of the flesh it framed. Most of the girls I had seen in porn were shaved, but open in front of me Allie’s pussy was more enticing than any I had seen on a computer screen. I could smell her now, a dense and complex scent that I didn’t understand but couldn’t get enough of. When I finally tore my eyes away I saw that her expression was once again one of apprehension.

“You’re gorgeous,” I said, and I meant it.

I lowered my head and softly kissed her pussy lips. She shivered at my touch, but let her thighs spread an inch or two wider. I breathed in deeply while gently nuzzling her skin, trying to fill myself with her aroma.

My hands went back to work on her legs, but now my attention was focused squarely between them. I started with small licks, letting her taste linger on the tip of my tongue. In between I would grasp her skin between my lips and pull gently at her.

I started tracing longer strokes up and down her slit, teasing her lips apart. When I glanced up I saw that her eyes were closed and one of her hands had crept under her shirt, where she was caressing her nipple. I rested my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and then planted, thrusting my tongue inside her and licking strongly upwards. Her eyes stayed closed, but she let out a low moan and bucked her hips into me.

I returned the pressure, burying my face between her legs and kissing her pussy deeply. When she settled back into the couch cushion I went to work, licking and sucking her sweet skin with greater fervor. I did my best to mix things up, alternating licks up the length of her lips with deeper penetration. But I coaxed the best illegal bahis siteleri reactions out of her when I pressed my mouth against her pussy, let my tongue wander inside her, and hummed into her flesh.

Allie was doing her best to keep quiet, but small moans and whimpers still managed to escape. As she began to shift and squirm against my mouth, I moved my hand to her pussy and coated my fingers in her juices. Still teasing her with my tongue, I started rubbing light circles around her clit with my fingertips.

I carefully watched her face, and when I zeroed in on her clit I saw her eyes pop open and heard a small “oh.” As her gaze met mine her surprise gave way to pleasure, and soon her eyes closed again, her head rolling back to rest on the arm of the couch. Her breaths grew deeper as I rubbed tighter and faster circles around her clit, at the same time sucking her delicate lips into my mouth.

As one of her hands grew frenzied under her bra, the other dug into the couch at our side. I licked a long, slurping path up her slit and took her clit into my mouth, flicking my tongue across it. My hand dropped lower between her legs, where her dripping lips warmly accepted two of my fingers. Her breathing was getting frantic now, and I sensed she was close.

Too afraid to change anything and risk losing Allie’s rapture, I kept my pace steady. With her taste filling my mouth and my fingers thrusting in and out of her, I watched her back arch up off the couch and her body begin to ripple with small convulsions. Her eyes were clamped shut, her fingers madly kneading her breast, her mouth opening and closing in silence. Her moans were replaced with the urgent sound of shallow panting, and I felt her thighs squeeze the sides of my head. I sucked hard on her clit and rode out the bucks of her orgasm, relishing the sight and taste and smell of her.

Eventually she reached down and pushed at my head, and I released her flushed skin from my mouth and sat up. Her eyes still shut, she let her legs close and fall together to the side. I rested my hand on the curve of her ass where her skin, damp with sweat, radiated heat. As I leaned against the backrest and watched her chest rise and fall, I couldn’t quite tear the stupid grin from my face.

When she finally opened her eyes, her expression seemed almost disbelieving. She saw my smile and tried to roll her eyes at me, but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it.

“See, I told you it would be fun,” I said. “And if you think that was a chore, you couldn’t be more wrong.”

This time she really did roll her eyes, but then reached out to grasp my arm. “Just come here,” she said in mock exasperation. She shifted to let me lay down in between her and the back of the couch, and I slid my arms around her. We shared a long, slow kiss, and when our lips parted I found her staring into my eyes, searching my face. I kissed the tip of her nose and pulled the blanket back over us, making sure to hide Allie’s shorts and panties under it. With Allie naked from the waist down, her bra undone under her shirt, and her juices still coating my fingers and lips, we drifted off to sleep, looking for all the world like innocent cuddlers.

* * * * *

Allie and I both had family obligations, so it was a few days before we saw each other again. My head hadn’t stopped racing with memories of that night since we said goodbye. That was about all we had said; after we napped for half an hour Allie was quiet as she dressed and walked me outside. Her body melted into mine on the still street next to my car, her head buried in the crook of my neck and her chest pressing softly into mine with each breath.

Our kiss goodbye was tender, with only the lightest touch of tongue between her soft lips. Her hand lingered on my neck, her thumb resting gently on my jawline. I drove home with the windows down and no music on, letting the sound of the road wash over me. I saw no one else. At home I paused on the street in front of my house, the only sound in the sleepy neighborhood the scratching of my shoes on concrete. I breathed in the night air and went inside.

In the intervening days we texted like normal, without a mention of our last night together. Visions of Allie’s dripping pussy floated through my head as I knocked on her door, but they were dispelled when she answered. The real image that replaced them was almost as enticing. Allie stood inside in sweatpants and a salmon-colored tank top that both hugged her body closely, emphasizing the curves of her ass and breasts.

She greeted me with an energetic hug and we walked into the kitchen where I made small talk with her parents for a few minutes. We talked about my upcoming family vacation and they revealed that they would be spending the evening with Allie’s older sister Bree at a friend’s wedding.

“Thank god I’m not invited,” Allie said.

“Don’t worry,” her dad replied. “I’m gonna send you in my place so your boyfriend and I can canlı bahis siteleri play video games.”

I laughed. “Sounds like fun, but I don’t think you can hold a candle to Allie’s skills.”

“You guys just wait. I’ve been holding out on you, saving the good stuff for later.”

Allie snickered at him. “Do you mean on the one game you can even figure out how to play?” He waved her off and we headed upstairs to turn on the console.

We only made it through a level and a half before Allie’s dad poked his head up from the stairs and bade us goodbye. “Be good, kids. Sorry you don’t get to sit through an exhilarating ceremony with a bunch of strangers.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Allie intoned as she burst from cover and unloaded on a group of advancing enemies. “Get out of here with your adult stuff.”

A minute later the garage door started closing, and to my surprise Allie paused the game the instant we heard it halt. She tossed her controller aside and swung a leg over me to sit in my lap. Looking up to her face, I relished the way her shirt cut in under her breasts and accentuated their perkiness.

She leaned down and I accepted her kiss, her hair falling from her shoulder to brush the side of my face. Her mouth was warm and the kiss wet and sloppy. Her tongue darted around my mouth with a level of eagerness that I had rarely seen before, and her hands were already under my shirt on my stomach. I squeezed her sides and thought back to when she confessed how much she enjoyed seeing me shirtless, and how amazed and lucky I felt that someone as gorgeous as her could be attracted to me.

I felt equally lucky today with Allie’s tongue in my mouth and her hands all over me. As I reached under her top to caress her back, she broke off our kiss momentarily.

“Wow,” I said. “You’re certainly fiery today.” I grinned at the passion flashing in her eyes.

“Well,” she said as she kissed me again, “I realized I never really said thank you for the other night.”

“The other night was incredible. I should be thanking you. I told you giving would be its own fun.”

“Hmm, that you did,” she agreed before giving me another hungry kiss. As I reached up to unclasp her bra she pulled away again, her eyes gleaming.

“But,” she interrupted, “I still haven’t really thanked you. And I intend to fix that before you leave me to visit stupid Kentucky.” My hands paused at her back and hers fell to my lap, where she unfastened my belt and went to work at my jeans. She unzipped my fly and tugged my pants down underneath her, holding eye contact with me the whole time. After giving me another wet kiss, she slid off the couch to kneel at my feet.

Allie’s earlier advances had already given me an erection, and without her on my lap my cock strained at the fabric of my boxers. Her attention shifted to focus on this phenomenon while she freed my feet from my jeans, and when she put her hand on my penis it throbbed under only a thin layer of cotton.

She had all the eagerness of before, but her touch was still a bit timid. Even so, her gaze never left my lap as she found my fly and let my cock spring to attention in front of her. After a second she wrapped two fingers and her thumb lightly around the base where it jutted from my boxers. If I was hard before, her touch and the look in her eyes had me made out of granite now.

“So, this is what’s been poking me all those times we made out.”

“You can’t blame me, with someone as hot as you around.”

She shifted her hand to grip me fully and met my eyes for the first time since leaving my lap. Slowly she leaned forward and let the tip of her tongue dart out to lick the underside of my head before she spoke again.

“Well, officially, thank you.”

She took the tip of my cock in her mouth and I groaned in pleasure, leaning back into the couch. Her mouth engulfed me in heat, and when she flicked her tongue over the head of my penis she set my entire length tingling.

I gaped stupidly at the sight before me as Allie took me deeper into her mouth and started pumping the base of my cock with her hand. No video I had ever seen had even come close to this. Allie exuded passion, and I wanted the image of my cock filling her mouth fixed in my mind for eternity.

Her velvet lips slid up to the tip of my penis and released me, and she began licking my shaft as she pumped my full length. When her eyes met mine I was once more overcome with love and lust, and she sent shudders down my spine when she surrounded me again with her wet warmth. She was getting more confident now, bobbing her head up and down with a pause every now and then to swirl her tongue over the head of my cock.

With every second her motions grew more sure and I grew closer to bursting. As she gave me a hard pump and flicked her tongue over my most sensitive spot, the underside of my glans, I let out a moan.

“Ohh Allie I’m gonna come.”

She fixed her eyes on mine and planted her lips firmly around the tip of my cock, pressing her tongue against its underside. Her fist rose and fell steadily as cum pumped out of me, my dick pulsing in her hand. She actually sucked my cock, pulling the cum from my spasming shaft into her waiting mouth.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Üniversitedeki Hocam

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Kütüphanede Kimse Yokken

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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