Let Me See You Taste Her

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You park your car and take one last look at your phone; ‘I’m headed home from the club now, so I’ll talk to you later’ was written from me about an hour ago. Despite it being late, you figured you’d surprise me. After spending all day being bored and horny, a surprising and forceful fuck session should make you feel much, much better. You walk into the house, up the stairs as quietly as possible. You know I have the house to myself yet you still find yourself looking around for any sign of other people when suddenly a sound stops you dead in your tracks. Whimpering, no, moaning even. And it sounds nothing like me. Much higher pitched, cute whimpering moaning with intermittent begging. You creep up the second flight of stairs and hear the soft music and now, louder moaning, coming from my bedroom. You peek in past the cracked open door and your jaw drops to the floor. Sprawled out on my bed is the most adorable girl you’ve ever seen – with me on top of her, teasing her perfect tits with my tongue. Your hand instinctively moves to your cock, which is suddenly harder than you’ve ever felt it. The girl’s dark hair is splayed out on my pillows as she tips her head back, licking her perfectly red lips, biting them and whimpering as I switch over to her other tit, sucking hard and ferociously.

You blink to make sure this is real, taking in the entire scene. The lights are low and we’re both in our underwear. My black lace bra and panty set is hugging every curve of my body, my ass in the air as I crawl up and down her body. Her tall, skinny frame lays on the bed, back arched to meet my demands. Her hands rake through my hair and everything smells like perfume and sweat. Our two bodies move as one as we grind against each other, moaning louder and kissing harder, passionately, tongues moving between or mouths, my hands pulling on her hair and her screams muffled by more kisses. You lick your lips, taking in the gorgeous scene. Now is your chance, your chance to get involved. You wait for the opportune moment, until we’re both so distracted by playing with each other before you push open the door. Suddenly, like a needle being pulled from a record, we stop moving and look up at you, eyes hazy with lust, alcohol and disbelief.

“Oh my god” I yelp, “What are you doing here?” Meanwhile the girl moves to cover up her chest with a pillow but in her tipsy state, barely covers much and her tits still hang out. You take a step in the room, already in your role.

“I was coming to surprise you but I see that you’re otherwise occupied”, you snarl. I recoil, whimpering slightly, looking illegal bahis up at you with smudged makeup and doe eyed lust. You shake your head and grip my chin in your hand.

“What are we gonna do about this?” you say, shaking your head and digging your nails into my cheek. I press my cheek harder into your hand and look down, and then at my companion.

“This, is, uhm, this is Ashlee” I mumble, gesturing towards the stunning girl half-laying on the bed next to me. She nods and smiles.

“Pleased to meet you”. You let go of my face and run a finger down her soft, hot cheek.

“Hello to you too,” you purr, looking her up and down like a piece of meat.

“She looks delicious,” you say to me, never taking your eyes off of her. “Let see you,” you say, gesturing for her to get up. She gets on her knees, looking warily back at me but I smile and nod. She lets the pillow fall to the floor and her entire body is on display. Her tight stomach, long straight hair, smokey dark eyes and tan skin with gorgeous, perky handful tits shines back at you. You smile in approval before immediately returning to your domineering attitude.

“What are we going to do about this?” you say to me, looking her up and down. Before I have a chance to offer up a response you say, “I think I’d like to watch more while I decide”. You settle yourself on the couch and gesture for us to resume. Your presence must be turning her on because as soon as you say this, she climbs on top of me and starts kissing my neck and shoulders. I whimper and moan, pressing my tits to hers while she unclasps my bra, letting them fall free so that they are skin to skin. You grip your hard cock through your pants and stare as we make out, suck on each others tits and grind our bodies together.

“You two are very bad girls,” you growl, standing up to let your pants fall to the ground, exposing your cock, standing at attention for us. Ashlee’s eyes widen as she looks back and forth from me to you, confused as to what to do next. You shake your head, girls never know how to do anything useful without being told.

“Take her panties off,” you command, pointing from me to Ashlee, “And then your own. I want to see you both naked. Now.” I do as I’m told, sliding her panties over her hips and then my own down my creamy legs, both pairs soaking wet and hit the floor in a pile of clothing. You grin like a hungry wolf, looking at the two of us in bed together, trembling, hazy, horny and naked.

“Now taste her.” You say to me, pointing to Ashlee’s soaked pussy. She backs up on the bed and opens her illegal bahis siteleri legs slowly, her perfectly shaved pussy on display for both of us. I take a deep breathe and come down onto my elbows, looking over at you with your hand on your cock before tentatively licking her clit. She starts moaning immediately, fingers running through my hair and pulling me closer.

“She wants more, don’t you see that? She deserves better than that. Be a good girl and give her what she wants or you’ll be punished.”

You growl from your seat, jerking your cock slowly. I start licking up and down her dripping pussy, shoving my tongue inside her and her back arches, moans slipping from her mouth, her hands turning to fists in my hair, grinding her hips against my face. I suck on her clit, teasing her pussy with my tongue repeatedly and she’s nearly screaming, playing with her own tits, digging her nails in, eyes shut tightly, head tipped back. You grab your phone and snap a quick shot of this ordeal before standing up. You can tell she’s about to cum and you yell at me.

“Make her cum now or I swear you’ll regret it.”

You reach around and spank my ass so hard that you can hear my muffled moaning against her pussy and suddenly, her moans turn to a tighter, high pitched whimpering, begging for it, muttering ‘yes’ under her breathe repeatedly as she gushes into my mouth. You see my own hand snaked under my body, teasing my clit while I pleasure her. Now’s your chance.

You creep up behind me while I’m still eating her out, now shoving two fingers in her tight cunt and you can hear them sliding in and out as her juicy pussy absorbs them. You get behind me on the bed and without any warning, shove every inch of your cock into my sopping wet, tight pussy. I pull away from her and scream, bucking my hips, shoving you deeper and deeper. Ashlee looks up at you and you tell her that she’s next and she looks nervous but so wildly turned on that it excites you and prompts you to fuck me harder like I’m just a middle ground toy getting you closer to this. She comes up and kisses me and starts sucking on my tits while you fuck me repeatedly. Soon enough, I’m grinding against your dick and cumming everywhere, dripping onto the bed. You pull out as soon as I’m breathing normally and push me out of your way. You want to taste her. While I’m getting myself back together, you lean over and drag your tongue up Ashlee’s glistening cunt and it amazes you that someone can come close to how delicious I taste. You shove your tongue in her like you watched me do and she writhes around, canlı bahis siteleri grinding up against your face until she’s bucking her cunt against your mouth. I lean over and start teasing and sucking her tits, which sends her over the edge and she cums directly into your mouth. You groan as she drags her nails over your shoulders and through your hair, pulling you tighter and tighter against her. Finally, she lets go, her breathing ragged and she and I start to kiss again, whimpering with post-orgasmic bliss. You stand up and put your hands on your hips, your cock standing straight out at us.

“Well, now it’s my turn ladies,” you say, tugging on your cock. We’re unsure of what to do and you get angry; “Get on your goddamned knees and start sucking. I’m going to cum on your faces and that’s that. So fuckin get busy or I will spank you until you’re begging to suck me off”.

Your voice is stern, cut with an insane sense of lust that makes the entire room feel heavy. I fall to my knees on he floor and start dragging my tongue from the bottom of your dick to the top, whimpering slightly as your hands hold my head, sliding my mouth up and down the way you like it. Ashlee comes off the bed then, watching with wide eyes and that same glazed over, turned on look. You smile, and invite her to play too. I pull away and whisper something in her ear and she lights up, nodding. You look at us both in confusion and I grin devilishly; “Ashlee can deep throat” I say, my grin getting larger as I scoot over. Your eyes get wide; you’ve never had that feeling before. She starts licking and teasing the head of your cock before sucking on it with amazing skill. You tip your head back, nothing has ever felt like this before. Suddenly, she grabs your hands and put them on the back of her head, encouraging you to push. You push gently and your cock slides effortlessly down her throat. Jesus fuckin Christ, that feeling. You’re overcome with a surge of lust and you start fucking her face relentlessly. You look down and I’m behind, eating her out while she’s on her knees, her moans and whimpers muffled by your dick shoved down her throat. Suddenly, you can feel yourself about to cum but you want it all over us.

“Get over here”, you yell at me and pull your cock out of Ashlee’s hot, wet mouth. I scoot up quickly and you’re jerking your cock vigorously, staring down at our adorable waiting faces, heaving tits and full lips. You close your eyes as your orgasm surges through your body, starting in your toes and suddenly spraying all over our waiting faces. You hear yourself groaning, mixed with our moans as we take in all the cum all over our faces and tits. When you’re finally spent, you look down at our gorgeous bodies covered in your cum and you smile.

“Good girls,” you breathe, petting us each on the head, “good, good girls”.

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Suprised by Sister

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I was ashamed of myself. For years I had this obsession with my sister. She was beautiful, sexy, and I dreamed constantly of having sex with her. I fought it for so long, and I knew it would never happen, nor was I completely sure I thought it should.

But I watched her eyes on the train into the city. I started to fall asleep as I watched the snow beginning to fall as the train pushed on to the city. The rhythmic motions of the train seemed to make me pass out. I looked at her one last time and saw into the oceans of those blue eyes. She looked at me strangely as I realized I was undressing her in my mind. I startled myself and began to look back down at the ground, and started to doze off again. In no time I was out cold.

I woke up with a raging hard on in my jeans. I couldn’t remember my dream but I knew it was about her, and I knew it was good. I suddenly realized I was on a train filled with people, my family, with a tent pitched. It was very obvious.

“Must have been a good one,” a soft voice whispered in my right ear. I could feel my face burning with embarrassment.

“Shit, fuck, I’m caught, shit, shit, shit.” I said to myself afraid to see who noticed it. I turned my head slowly, noticing she was no longer in her seat. I immediately noticed it was her when I saw her pants. I looked up at her face as I saw her smiling mischievously at me. I stopped breathing for a second. I was speechless.

“Don’t worry, nobody else saw it.”

“Oh.. okay, thanks, and um.. sorry”

“That must have been some hell of a dream.”

“Yeah… I can’t remember but I guess so, oh man this is embarrassing.” I was humiliated. The one person I didn’t want to see something like that, and she’s sitting next to me.

“Not as much as you think.”

I knew it was wrong. I can’t say I wasn’t turned on by my sister seeing my hard cock pressing against my jeans. The hard cock that she had brought about in a dream. But as exciting as it was, I was still mortified. She is handling it maturely, but she must be uncomfortable about it.

Suddenly the train entered a tunnel and we were suffocated in darkness. I felt a hand rubbing against my hard cock and realized it was not mine. I was in shock, frozen in confusion. The lights came back on she were already up and moving down the aisle. A paper rested on top of my tent.

Rm 311a….11:30. Please cum…

I thought I was going to orgasm right there on the train. No way could this just have happened. I continued to pinch myself trying to wake up. But I never woke up and the train began to slow down. Penn Station. Finally we were there, and I was approximately…forty-five minutes from 11:30.

The walk to the hotel was only of five minutes. My family was going to a wedding in the city the next morning, and figured it was easier to rent out some rooms in the hotel for the night. We would all be drunk for the next 48 hours anyway. bahis firmaları We got into the rooms and I put my things down on my bed. I sat on the edge, shaking in anticipation.

I walked out onto the balcony and breathed in the cold air. It was cold but the warmth of the city’s beauty seemed to keep me comfortable in my t-shirt and jeans. I went back inside and went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Grabbed my bathroom bag and started to get ready. I shaved my face and splashed my face with water. I kept thinking of her rubbing my crotch and saw my cock starting to push out on my boxers. I decided I should jerk off in order to last longer if something happened. Thinking of her body I stroked my cock harder and harder looking into the mirror watching my balls bouncing around with every pull of my cock. I came hard biting my lip and moaning my sister’s name softly without realizing it. I went into the shower and freshen up. Standing in the shower I can almost hear her moaning in my mind. I washed every inch of my body completely nervous of smelling. I walked out of the shower and looked at my phone. 11:23. Seven minutes. I didn’t want to look like an idiot and overdress, so I walked out the door in a t-shirt and lacrosse shorts.

I remember reaching out for the door handle with my hands shaking as it opened before me. Her curvy silhouette stood out in the shadows. I could make out the smile on her face and could feel her eyes on me. I was pulled by my hand to the middle of the hallway entrance, she stopped. It as still pitch black and I can feel her rubbing the bulge in my shorts. I felt the walls around me searching for a light switch or something to hold on to. She pulled down both shorts and boxers down quickly and my cock swung up and down until she grasped it. I can feel her fingers wrapping around it around my throbbing cock. She pull me into a threshold of a bathroom, turn on the light and I see her naked body moving closer to mine until I can feel she against me. We kiss hard.

“Wait, sis, should we be doing this? I mean, this is fucking crazy isn’t it?” I somehow tried to show some protest.

“I want you, bad. I’m going to suck your cock, and you’re going to like it. I’ve heard you jerking that cock off whispering my name in the shower for the last three years, and I know you look through my things for something to jerk off to.”

My cock pressed hardly into she hip. I felt her gasp and begin to lower down to her knees in front of my cock. She looked up at me and took hold of it. Start sucking the tip of it slowly grazing it with her teeth. My knees weaken as she took all of me into her mouth. She sucked up and down on my shaft. She pressed my cock against my stomach and began to lick and suck on my heavy balls. I lean back against the sink as I feel her tongue exploring my hard cock and hot balls. Her breath is hot against my cock dripping with her spit. She sucked on my cock kaçak iddaa for a long time, and I am closer and closer to coming. Her eyes begin to watch me as she can feel me coming. I begin to thrust my hips into her mouth and she sucked me deep until I can feel my balls against her chin. She pulled it out and start stroking it in rhythm. Her spit lubed it so well as her hand just slides up and down my slippery cock. She licked my tip of my cock and I come. I shoot laces of hot cum onto her tits as she continued to jerk it off. Each pump shoots even more cum out of my aching cock.

She stood up still rubbing my cock and I kiss her as she started to rub my sensitive cock head against her pussy. I can feel her pussy lips being parted by my cock. I turn on the showerhead as we walk into the shower glass doors. I wash the cum from her tits and suck them as I finger her hard. Two fingers curled up inside her soaking wet pussy rubbing her g-spot. I turn she around as I grab the showerhead. My semi-hard cock presses between her asses as I turn the shower head to her pussy lips. I taste her skin as she get goose bumps. I finger her and spray the showerhead as her hips start to gyrate. Her ass rubs against my cock making me hard again. Her moaning increases and I know she’s going to come soon.

“Are you going to come baby? Come for me baby, make that pussy come!”

“Oh god Mike, I’m going to- I’m coming!”

I can feel the wetness on my fingers as I slow my fingering. Her hips push back into me every time I penetrate her. My cock presses between her ass cheeks as I get hard as a rock. I push my cock into her. She gasps with the surprise, and I pull out quickly.

I fuck her doggie style in the shower as she pressed against the glass. I fuck her hard and I fuck her fast. Filling her wet pussy with my warm, hard cock. I spank her ass hard.

“Yeah you have been a bad girl!” I yell pumping in and out of her pussy.

“Oh so bad baby, punish me- punish me with that cock.” She moans out.

I start to fuck her slowly, watching all seven inches of my cock move inside her. I feel her tits as I press deep inside her. Then I start to increase my pace until I am thrusting in and out of her, fucking her senseless.

“Mmmm fuck that cock good baby!” She pleads. “Give me all of that cock, deep inside me, fill me.”

The sound of my balls slapping against her pussy lips sounds so sexy. Our wet bodies meshed together in sex. I bend her over even more so her pussy is high and I plunge my cock all the way inside her, and cum. I spew a massive load of warm cum inside her and she instantly start to orgasm feeling the cum dripping out of her. I take my cock out and slap it on her ass as she turned around and we kiss. The water rinsing the sweat and cum from out bodies, and I turn off the shower. We dry each other off and put on the hotel robes.

She stood in front of the sliding glass doors, with the kaçak bahis view of the glowing city behind her. She looked at me with those blue eyes and I’m already turned on. I want she again. I want to taste her and touch her and enter her again. The suite is very warm. Our bodies heat is still high from the hot shower session.

We decide to go outside and look at the view. After two steps onto the balcony I’ve already seen the view. She turned to me as we kiss, and rub our bodies down in the cool winter night. She parted my robe to find my cock already sprung.

“You make it easy baby, do you want to fuck me here? Right now, out here, do you want me to lay you down on this table and ride that cock?”

“Please baby, ride this cock baby.”

Without hesitation I am pushed back onto the bench and immediately warmed by her thighs on both sides of me. She sat on my cock and felt my balls press against her ass. She rocked her hips back and forth on my cock as I see her heavy breathing in the cold air. She began to bounce on my cock, and I hold on to her ass through the robe as she rode me into orgasm. I shoot up into she and she still ride me. I hold her body against mine and continue to fuck she deep. Giving her every inch of my cock I know she’s coming. She sat down on me as our cum leaked out onto me and she rubbed her tits. I kiss her again forever. My cock is dripping with cum as we walk back inside. She led me to the door and drop down to her knees again.

She sucked my cock up and down until I’m hard again.

“Get back up here, and give me that pussy.” I say as I raise her back up to me and lift her up against the wall and enter her. We kissed and licked and sucked each other’s necks as I fucked her into the wall. Her nails dig into me as her moaning gets so loud. Our bodies are slapping against one another. I last forever this time and give her a shot of cum and she started to come with me. Slow, deep penetrations and she came again.

We lay in the bed still damp with sweat and saliva and cum. Our bodies pressed as we kissed and thought of the amazing sessions we just had. Exhausted, I fall asleep with my cock still in her.

I wake up the next morning and spread her legs in her sleep and eat her out. Licking and rubbing her clit and plunging my tongue inside her pussy, she came hard in the early sunlight. I lay back down while she blew me and tit fucked me. Licking my cock up and down I come hard. She jerked the cum from my cock as it oozed out and shot out onto my body. She lay on top of me and kissed me as my cock flirted with her pussy.

“No, no, no. You can get more later on, but we have to get ready and you better get back to your room. I’m going to take a shower. I will see you downstairs with everyone at 9:00.”

She walked into the bathroom and shut the door, and I get dressed and sneak back into my room. I quickly rush in to the shower.

Down in the lobby at 9:00, I feel someone reach into my pocket. I turn to see she walking away. I reach into my pocket to find a note:

I can’t wait to have that big hard cock filling me tonight. You were amazing!

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Less Talk, More Action

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Huge Cock

Before they even admitted they wanted to do it with each other, they were talking easily, companionably, exhaustively about sex. For the two hours that they were assigned to the same graveyard shift patrolling the Carnival grounds, it was the topic of choice. They’d been acquaintances and friends for a while now, but hadn’t spent that much time solely in each other’s company. Now it was late on a balmy summer night, and the absolute stillness, the rides and booths with the Do Not Enter tape and cloth draped over them, all the lights off except that faintly coming from the square window of the guard’s office far in the distance… it all contributed to the feeling that they were the only two people in the world right then.

The alcohol helped loosen Sydney’s tongue. She might have been naturally a little reserved, but the flask that their friend had slipped them, somewhat illegally, full of a delicious mixture of vodka and pepsi, was making their conversation suddenly seem the most natural thing in the world. They passed it back and forth between them, taking swigs.


“Favorite position,” Matt asked. Before Sydney had even opened her mouth, though, he answered his own question. “No, wait, I can guess. Doggie style.”

“How the hell did you know?”

“You just seem like the type. And I bet after that it’s woman-on-top.”

Sydney stopped walking to stare at him, a little flustered at his almost too easy reading of her. Her cheeks might have been a little flustered in the darkness. She hastened to add, “Some variations of missionary are pretty interesting too though. I mean, like with my legs up over the guy’s shoulders.”

“That would require some flexibility.”

“I’m pretty flexible.”


Sydney was starting to feel a little damp below just from the mental images her brain was providing her to accompany the conversation. She told this to Matt. He jokingly suggested that they duck into one of the closed booths that they were just patrolling past. She looked at him oddly, trying to decide how serious he was. She could just see his profile in the dim combination of moonlight and starlight. He was a little taller than she, and just the sort of lean muscle she most appreciated – unusual in a guard, whose typical body type ran to bulky, with a beer gut overhanging the shiny belt that came with the uniform, on which most of the tools of the trade were suspended. He had dark, almost jet black hair that had just been cropped short. They were both wearing the ridiculously luminous green jackets that made them clearly visible across the grounds and the parking lots. She was sure the look wasn’t particularly attractive on her.


“Have you ever tried lubrication?” was one of Matt’s questions some time later. He was really enjoying himself, quizzing Sydney. He’d had some sort of gut sense that she was an extremely sexual person, and she’d called him on it once, mock-pouting that he had these ridiculous ideas about her. Not so ridiculous, after all. Add her dazzling openness to the gorgeous package she made, long and toned and devastatingly sexy even in the huge oversized and ugly jackets they were made to wear.

“You mean, for anal? No, and I won’t ever consider it. I have holes for things to come out of, and holes to put things in, and they’re separate,” Sydney said it firmly, but with a touch of humor.

“I don’t just mean for that. Even with regular vaginal intercourse, it can really make it better.”

“Hmm… I don’t see that I’d need it. I get pretty wet when I’m aroused.”

“Yes, but it’s just a whole other level. And you know how the initial penetration, there’s always a little bit of pain, or pressure…”

“It’s so worth it though, and sometimes you just want to slam home anyway,” she interjected

“Yes,” he said, “but it just makes it so smooth. Plus there’s the warming kind… You have to try it sometime.”


“So… what about fantasies?” She asked.

“Well… one of my favorite is to have the woman completely at my mercy, and to keep her mildly stimulated for hours, so she can’t cum, but desperately wants to. For hours. Tied up in my bed. illegal bahis And I’ll… you know, go out in the living room and watch a couple hours of TV…”


“No, hear me out, so when she finally does get release, it’ll be mind-blowing.”

“Hmm… Maybe, but I’m more for the instant gratification. You know, I want it now and I want it fast. Though I agree with you about the tying-up. That’s one of mine. Handcuffs.” Sydney licked her lips, almost unconsciously. “You know what I think would be an awesome surprise? To come in and find a woman in my bed, hands cuffed behind her back, wearing lots of see-through underwear, with a vibrator in her pussy.”

“Would this be an extremely talented woman?”

“Well, that’s what the underwear is for, to hold it in. Speaking of, how many do you have?”

“Of what? Vibrators?”

“Yeah, dildos, whatever.”

“I don’t actually have one. I’ve always meant to get one though. And two of my friends both promised to give them to me as birthday presents last year. Neither of them did though. Bitches.”

“That won’t do… I’ll take you to buy one.”

“That would be awesome.”

“Say, sometime next week?”

“Yeah, sure.”

*** A couple hours and several more thinly veiled jokes about having sex on the fair grounds later, it was finally time to clock out and see what the rest of the world was up to. Matt was heading to a party some friends of his were throwing at their house. Sydney’s cell phone had died and she couldn’t get a hold of the girlfriends she’s been planning to get together with.

“Do you wanna come along with me?” Matt asked. They were still being deceptively casual. They’d been talking about it for two hours, sure, but neither had said outright that they’d want to do it with each other. And there hadn’t been any physical contact at all.

“Sure, if you don’t mind.”

*** It was a pretty great party. Whoever Matt’s friends were – she couldn’t remember their names – they had a fully stocked bar, and Sydney and Matt were currently standing at it taking shots. She was also confiding that she never turned down a dare, at least not when she was drunk. Which easily described the state she was in now. Matt was instantly full of brilliant ideas to test on her.

“I’m serious. I don’t turn down a dare.”

“Okay. I want you to take off your panties and give them to me.”

“Hmm.” Sydney had changed into a stretchy white top that clung to her breasts, and a criminally short denim miniskirt that rested low on her hips, threatening to slip off, since she hadn’t worn a belt. She’d be pretty damn exposed without underwear on. But she really didn’t turn down a dare. Conveniently he hadn’t insisted she do it right there in front of anyone who might care to look. Slipping off to the bathroom, which thankfully didn’t have too long of a line, she pulled the blue thong off and stuffed it in her pocket. Sashaying back towards him with confidence that she had to convince herself she felt, she subtly passed the tiny scrap of material, already damp with her arousal, over to him. He instantly recognized it for what it was and raised one dark eyebrow at her. Then before she knew what was happening he’d reached over and stuck his hand down the back of her skirt, palming her bare butt in a second of more intimate contact than any they’d had so far. His hand felt big and warm and incredibly sexy. And they were still both standing at the open bar.

“Had to make sure,” was his brief explanation. She was tingling from his touch, and could feel warm wetness on her inner thighs. His eyes looked dark and intense and hot gazing at her as if he could see through the one layer that now separated her moist feminine core from him.

After that they didn’t stay long. She preceded him down the staircase, and could feel his hot stare fastened on the backs of her thighs all the way down. His place wasn’t too far away, he said, so they decided to walk back, though they were moving so quickly and anxiously it was almost a run. She had to stretch to keep up with his long determined stride.

The elevator ride to his apartment on the fifth floor was interminable, illegal bahis siteleri and the air was so thick and tense with unspoken promises and passion that Sydney didn’t think she could breathe. Afterwards she couldn’t quite remember what, if anything, they’d talked about in that enclosed space for that endless time. They were standing close, but not touching, and though it was really kind of inevitable, neither was sure where this was all going.

They stood just inside the door.

“Can I use your bathroom?” Sydney said, breaking the brief silence.

“Sure, it’s down the hall and to the left.”

When she came out, Matt was lounging, half-sitting, half-lying on his bed. He’d changed into pajama pants.

“All ready to go to bed, I see,” She said, inanely.

He might have responded with sometime intelligible. All she knew was that suddenly something about his scorching, heavy-lidded gaze was so compelling that she found her whole body swaying towards his on the bed. He sat up straighter. Standing close to the edge of the mattress, her body almost within his embrace, she leaned closer. Her lips were an inch away from his.

“Are you doing this because you’re drunk or because you really want to?” She asked.

“A bit of both.”

“Good enough for me,” Sydney said, and then her feet gave out and she moved in the rest of the way in a trance and his lips were on hers, warm and demanding, and his tongue swept out and caressed the seam of her lips, coaxing them open so he could slip in. She explored his mouth in return and he tasted faintly of cigarettes and mostly just scalding and hot and his lips on hers were making her so wet. And then his hands reached out and pulled her onto the bed completely and dragged off her shirt. He traced the line of the lacy black bra she was wearing underneath, and then undid the clasp with a practiced hand and tossed it somewhere behind them. She moaned then, when his hand touched her naked breast oh so gently gliding over the firm curves, cupping her in his large rough palm, fingers dancing over her nipple. It beaded under his teasing touch and seemed to beg for more attention. He lowered his head and pulled on it with lips and teeth and tongue, till Sydney was moaning and writhing. Then he pulled her skirt off, and she was completely naked. His head remained bent at her breasts, licking and sucking first one sensitive nipple, then the other. His hand was roughly caressing the underside of her breasts, but then it moved lower, over the smooth tan skin of her belly, making her shiver as she realized his ultimate target. He slid his fingers over the apex of her thighs, smoothly shaven, to the wetness between her legs, parting the folds and slipping a long finger in.

“Ohhhh… Matt.” The invasion of his finger felt delicious. It was sliding in and out in a hypnotizing rhythm, and heat was spiraling out from there, and from her distended nipples, wet from his mouth. “Mmmm.” He moved his head lower, pressing kisses to her stomach, to each of her inner legs. He blew gently on her vulva, then his tongue reached out and delicately licked her, just a brief touch. The contrasting sensations made her cry out. He started eating her in earnest then, alternately licking and thrusting with his tongue deep in her, and then moving up slightly to nibble at her clit and lick circles around it and suck it into his mouth. The feeling was incredible. Sydney’s hands clenched convulsively in his hair and pressed him to her, only vaguely hoping that he didn’t mind that. Her brain was overloaded with the sensations and she could feel herself building towards orgasm. The tightness built in her – and suddenly he stopped.

She found herself panting, begging, pleading. He was grinning at her, wickedly she thought, and then he gave in and his finger settled on the little bead that was the focus of her pleasure and moved in rapid circles, faster and faster as she cried out, “That’s the spot. Oh, oh, ohh…” and he knew she was coming, the look on her face was so absorbed it entranced him too and the tension built until it washed over her in a wave and then she collapsed back on his bed like all canlı bahis siteleri the bones in her body had dissolved away.

When she came back to herself he was sitting back looking thoroughly pleased with himself. And almost fully dressed.

“You’re wearing way too much,” she pouted, and then crawled over to him, looking like a big, feral, hungry cat. He found he liked the image. Her wide green eyes were still slightly glazed with passion, but lurking in them was something of the hunter too. She pulled on his PJ pants and tugged them off him. Underneath he was fully hard. Sydney licked her lips, but this time he thought she did it on purpose. She put her hand on his chest and pushed him down on his back. He looked up at her, tense with expectation, as she sat on her haunches and for a while just appeared to be admiring him. Then ever so slowly she leaned forward. Her tongue danced delicately down the underside of his dick, flicking its way from the frenulum down the shaft and back up again, daintily as a butterfly’s wing brushing against him.

“God..” he groaned gutturally. “So gentle.”

Her mouth was too busy to reply, and besides she didn’t really think he wanted her to respond. Not verbally anyway. She pressed kisses to his shaft, and then opening her mouth, took gentle bites out of the side of it. Just a delicate pressure and a touch of teeth. Matt was moaning above her, she loved the sounds he was making and she looked up to see he was concentrating on her face and when she made eye contact it seemed to turn him on even more. She dragged her teeth along his shaft, flicked her tongue against the sensitive spot where his shaft met the head, and then opened her mouth fully to take him in.

Matt thought that if he died right there he’d be happy. He was enclosed in the warm depths of her mouth and she was bobbing her head up and down his cock, her lips wrapped tight around him and creating a lovely suction all along his length. Her tongue was busy too and even as she sucked she was sliding it over the head and under and all around, so the myriad sensations almost put him over the edge. When her hand reached up and cupped his balls and massaged them he was sure he was close. He didn’t want to go over by himself though. He stretched his hand out, trying to reach between her legs, and she shrugged around so he could slide a finger in her, and then turned completely around so they were sixty-nining. He moved his hands over her tight, smooth ass and spread her legs over him as he licked her, tasting the delicious salty-sweetness of her again, loving it, thrusting his tongue as far into her as he could, pressing against her hot, clenching walls. She was moaning over his cock now, and losing some of the rhythm she’d so carefully maintained. It didn’t matter anymore, the feel of her and the taste of her was too much, and when she took him as deep as she could he took his mouth away from her long enough to gasp, I’m coming, and then she was sucking him dry and swallowing every last drop of him.

Sydney tumbled off him and just managed to turn around so they were face to face, and his eyes were closed and he murmured, “I think that’s enough for tonight…” and though she really wanted to feel him in her he was falling asleep and she’d come in a big way at least twice and she was pretty tired too and

The next thing she knew scraggly rays of morning light were making their way through his blinds, but what really awakened her must have been his clever fingers. Two of them were fully in her and pressing in all sorts of interesting spots, creating a deep intense throbbing she’d never really felt before. She was almost sure he was hitting her G-spot, and asked him, breathlessly, if that was what it was. Matt laughed at her and continued to stroke, in and out, fingers curving slightly upward to better reach that mysterious spot, till she exploded, clenching on his fingers and panting his name.


Some time later they sat, almost dressed, both glowing. Sydney had errands to run and had to go, though she’d have much preferred to stay in bed with Matt all day. The thought crossed her mind that, oddly enough, they hadn’t actually had regular sex. “Yet,” She added confidently to herself. She got up and gave him a hug, pressed a kiss to his temple. As she reached for the doorknob, he stopped her and said, “Don’t forget, we’re going shopping next week to buy you some new toys.”

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Sun, Son, and Sex

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Writers Note: All the characters featured in this story are over 18 years old. It involves consensual straight(ish) sex but, mostly, the sex is gay. If that’s not of interest, read something else. If you like this tale, I welcome your comments and constructive criticism. I will always respond to comment.


Shaun woke to the sound of his mother’s car, as she left for work. He could see the early morning sunlight streaming through the curtains. Lying on his back, he stretched out his naked legs and instinctively reached down to his morning-hard cock, wrapping his fingers around it with a gentle pressure, enjoying the aching sensation of arousal spreading through his body. He kicked off the covers and watched himself in the large mirror on the bedside wall.

He admired his own body. At 6 feet tall he was slim and toned, with olive skin, recently tanned during a spell of sunny weather that hit just as he finished Music College for the summer break. He watched himself as he held his cock, caressing it with slow, languid strokes. He took satisfaction in seeing the size of his manhood; eight inches of pulsing flesh. His arousal spread through his whole body, an exquisite aching of desire for release.

Alone in the house for the day, with his mother at work, Shaun decided to delay his orgasm and enjoy the solitude, for a longer session of self-pleasure.

Reluctantly releasing his cock, he traced a finger though the clear fluid that now coated his glans and hairless abdomen. Bringing his finger under his nose, he breathed in the sweet scent of his pre-cum and coated his lips with the sticky fluid, running his tongue slowly around, savoring the taste of his own juice.

Pushing himself from the bed, he stood facing the mirror and surveyed his body, his cock pointing angrily in front, pulsing and dripping. His pubis had little hair growth, but needed a shave, he observed. He lifted his arms and saw the regrowth of hair under his armpits. He’d never liked the body hair that had appeared late in his teenage years, and had taken to shaving himself smooth.

Leaving his room for a shower and shave, he stepped, naked, onto the landing and entered the bathroom. Under the warm, refreshing jets of water he ran his hands over his newly smooth pubic mound, and under his now hairless armpits, enjoying the smoothness of his young skin.

One hand strayed over his smooth, tight balls, pressing one finger against his perineum and then further, pressing gently at his tight hole. Leaning against the tiled wall he bent his knees a little so he could reach further, penetrating himself and massaging his prostate. His cock pulsed in response and began dripping fluid from its head, a groan of pleasure filled the silence of the house as his prostate-powered cum flowed continuously, washed away by the running water.

Shaun had become a master of his own body, like all young men, he was easily aroused and continuously on heat, but his interest in sensual explorations of himself was exceptional; perhaps because he was an introvert and had few close friends. The objects of his desire were seemingly out of reach, and almost certainly not interested in him, so instead, he retreated happily into his own private fantasies. The main focus for his desire was his uncle, his mother’s younger brother, Simon, a beautiful and fit twenty-five-year-old. Simon had doted on Shaun ever since he was a child; he had recently broken up with a guy and had been visiting more often since then, for the company of his older sister, Shaun’s mother, Abi.

Abi, driving to work along country lanes, lowered the window to enjoy the cooling breeze, relieving the heat from the sun. She was sorry to be going to the office on such a beautiful day, wishing instead she could spend the day with Shaun. Now he was home all day from college she wanted to be with him. She loved her son dearly, admiring his sensitivity and kindness. She did worry that he was a bit of a loner, but he seemed happy in his own company and had real talent in the creative arts. A fine musician, with a beautiful singing voice, he was also a keen artist, producing intricate pencil drawings of life figures.

Shaun only had one close girlfriend, Kate, who had latched onto him years ago, and never let go. Nothing romantic in their friendship; they were like brother and sister, in fact twin brother and sister as they shared the same birthday. Abi was relieved her solitary son had at least one friend his own age and that, as Kate was the polar opposite of Shaun, a tomboy, lean and strong, she ensured he got outside exercise, climbing trees and riding bikes. Abi had recently hosted their joint 18th birthday at their house, remembering with amusement her introducing them to Pimms and their attempts at tipsily singing Happy Birthday to each other. The only other guest was Simon.

Abi loved the way her young brother, Simon, looked out for Shaun. In the absence of a father, Simon provided a great role model of sensitive masculinity. illegal bahis As an introspective, artistic boy, Shaun was never going to be part of any gang of lads, so she felt grateful to both young Kate and Simon for providing the friendship and human contact that prevented him from disappearing into his own dream world. She often pondered if Shaun was gay, which was of no concern in itself but, like any mother, wanted him to be happy and safe.

Abi thought she ought to speak with him soon, since he was now 18; if only to reassure him that she was always there to offer support and advice. At the same time, she knew he was reserved about discussing anything sexual and, since puberty hit, he’d become more self-conscious about her seeing his body.

At home, Shaun, now clean and refreshed, came out of the bathroom, still naked, and entered his mother’s bedroom. He loved the scent of her that lingered in the air. He enjoyed the feeling of being naked in her unoccupied room, a mixed feeling of love for her and the sensation of being naked and aroused in her private space. Not that he desired her in that way, or any woman, for that matter.

Abi had left her white silk kimono on her unmade bed. Shaun lifted it and buried his face in the smooth fabric, drawing in her scent.

Looking into her wall mirror, he felt drawn to see himself wearing it. He looked at himself as he put it on, his large cock pulsing and swelling. Shaun surrounded his erection with the soft thin fabric and began to stroke himself gently through it. This felt so good, and he could sense the buildup of fluid at the base of his cock. Lowering himself onto his mother’s bed he continued to caress his cock through the silk with one hand, the other hand rubbing his nipples. Close to orgasm, he noticed a small clear stain of fluid on his mother’s kimono. Phew, just in time, he thought. That would soon dry out, but if he had ejaculated fully, that might be difficult to cover up. He drew his hand away and allowed his cock to spring free of the material. The rush to orgasm subsided a little, so he felt he might just enjoy a little more time on his mother’s bed, riding the edge of his arousal, intending to finish himself off in his own room, before going downstairs for breakfast.

Shaun fingered his tight asshole, carefully avoiding too much pressure on his prostate that would definitely cause him to shoot his load. He thought he should move soon, back to his own bed where he could use his prized eight inch silicone cock that he had spent many hours experimenting with. He had bought it online some months’ earlier and used it often for training and stretching his ass, learning the joy of being filled, while imagining it was his young uncle’s warm flesh filling his greedy hole. As well as ass fucking, Shaun had schooled himself to deep throat with his massive flexible friend and, in the absence of a real man, he had nevertheless become a talented cock sucker.

Still prone on his mother’s bed, Shaun used one index finger to collect the fluid leaking from his glans, spreading it just under the head of his cock, glorying in the intense sensations created by such small, light touches. . A sudden and explosive wave of orgasm gripped his whole body and, realising he was about to ejaculate, he gripped the base of his cock to try and stem the tide; too late. He came, groaning loudly, as jet after jet of thick white cream shot across his mother’s kimono, over the bed sheets and another large glob landed unseen on her pillow. Shit! Shaun looked at the mess he’d made and felt panic. At least he had some hours to clean up before his mother returned. He’d have to make sure there was no sign he’d ever been in her room, if only to avoid having to lie or give an excuse for being in there, never mind explaining his cum all over her bed.

He grabbed the kimono and put it into the bathroom sink, soaking it in cold water. Thank goodness It’s a sunny day, he thought, hoping it could be made dry and clean before returning it to where he’d found it. He took a wet flannel and wiped away the pools of cum on Abi’s sheets, opening the window to help everything dry before she returned from work. He didn’t notice the large globule of his seed, now soaking into his mother’s pillow.

Once everything was drying, he relaxed, relieved to have completed the clean-up of his uncontrolled ejaculation. The day was heating up. He put on a favorite pair of cock-hugging mini-briefs and went downstairs, first hanging the drying kimono on the washing line outside. After coffee and toast, he decided to sunbathe. The rear garden was beautiful, and entirely private. Their two-bedroomed cottage was on the edge of a remote village


Shaun spread a large beach towel on the lawn, removed his briefs, and stretched out naked under the sun. Lying on his front, his firm, tanned buttocks enjoyed the gentle cooling breeze. He closed his eyes and began daydreaming, imagining himself in bed with his young uncle. After an hour or so illegal bahis siteleri of fantasizing he remembered his mother’s kimono. He stood up, enjoying being naked and erect in the open air. He took the washed and dried silk kimono from the washing line, and returned it to his mother’s bed. Returning downstairs he made a tall Pimms and lemonade and took it out to the garden. The buzz of alcohol soon made him feel drowsy. He lay down on his back and pulled a sliver of the towel over his exposed, still-hard cock, to avoid sunburn, and was soon asleep.

At work, Abi looked out of her office window, the clear blue sky and bright sun looked so inviting. She made up her mind to take a half-day off, collected her things and took the short drive home, looking forward to joining her son for the rest of the day.

Shaun was unconscious, sprawled on his back, legs wide; his swollen cock barely covered by the towel protecting it from the sun; his arms stretched behind his head. Abi came through the deserted house and, guessing Shaun would be in the garden, she went outside and called his name. No reply. She then saw him, spread-eagled on the lawn and walked over to surprise him. She stopped as soon as she realised he was naked. She didn’t mind at all but wanted to avoid him being embarrassed in any way. She couldn’t help seeing his large erection, his glans poking out from under a small piece of a towel. Trying not to disturb him, she leaned gently forward and carefully lifted the towel to cover him up a bit more, to protect his modesty. As she did so, she couldn’t help admiring his cock. It was a long time since she had seen one, and never one of that size. She smiled and lingered, perhaps too long, surprised also to see his clean shaven pubis. She felt a little discomfort at her own inappropriate desire, so quickly replaced the towel to cover her son’s beautifully swollen member. Abi stood, still admiring her son’s body, and saw that his armpits were also shaved. That settles it, she thought; the boy must be gay.

Abi retreated to the house, to change out of her work clothes, intending to rejoin him in the garden. As she was undressing she noticed her kimono on the bed, where she left it earlier, looking unusually creased. She picked it up, noticing some very faint staining, so lifted it to her face, inhaling the unmistakable scent of cum. Noticing a wet mark on her pillow, she touched it to find it still sticky and, bringing her finger to her nose, she knew immediately what it was. Oh my god, she thought, smiling; Shaun’s been playing with himself in my bed. Not at all upset by him masturbating, her concern was that maybe he had a secret mummy fixation or, more likely, he’d been wearing her kimono. They really should talk. But no big deal, she mused. His happiness came first.

After a quick shower she returned to her room and looked at herself in the mirror. Looking good for forty, she decided; her slim body and small breasts gave her an androgynous look, topped off with short dark hair. She smiled as she looked at her waxed mons, realizing that she and her son had that in common too. Maybe Shaun was turned on by her boyishness, she wondered. Encouraged by Shaun’s nakedness, she slipped on the kimono, wearing nothing underneath, and returned to the garden. She felt a surge of arousal and moistening in her sex, at the thought of wearing the cloth that still had traces of her child’s cum within its fibers.

Abi approached him and said, “Wake up, sleepy head. Mummy’s home.”

Shaun woke with a start, pulling the towel around him to cover his nudity. “Sorry Mum; wasn’t expecting you yet. I’ll go and get some clothes on.”

“No need my love; it’s lovely to be naked in the sun. I’ll join you in a minute.”

Shaun couldn’t help notice his mother was naked under the kimono, feeling awkward as he recalled coming all over it earlier. He felt a mixture of shame and arousal, pulling his towel more firmly around himself to try and hide his erection.

“Let’s get the sun loungers out. I don’t fancy lying on the grass. I’ll fix us drinks and we can both top up our tans.”

“OK mum, sounds great!”

Shaun’s erection just wouldn’t go down. It softened a little as he opened the loungers, side by side, and Abi soon returned with glasses of Pimms, filled with clinking ice cubes and fresh mint leaves.

“Since you’ve come out ‘au-naturale’, mind if I join you?”

“It’s your house mum; I promise not to gawp!”

“Haha! I’m not worried Shaun; you’re hardly the lecherous type!”

Abi opened her kimono, removed it, and lay back on the lounger giving out a sigh of relief. Shaun finished his drink and did the same, keeping his towel firmly fixed around his waist.

“Hey, that’s not fair Shaun, why the towel?!”

“Crikey Mum, it’s you that’s the lech!”

Shaun turned his back to her, rolled onto his tummy and carefully removed the towel, keeping his erection hidden against his abdomen.

“OK, but no peeking Mum.”

Abi canlı bahis siteleri looked over at him in defiance.

“Nice buns, big boy!” she exclaimed, laughing.

Shaun laughed and blushed simultaneously.

“So Shaun, what are your plans for the summer?”

“I don’t have any, just relax here and try not to worry about my exam results, I guess.”

“What about seeing friends? Anyone special in your life? Tell Mummy all your secrets!”

“Ha! No Mum, no one special, and I don’t want that at the moment.”

“Surely a boy of your age wants somebody, even for the odd fling?!”

“The people at my college are just not my type. I’ll just have to wait until I get to University I guess.”

“And what is your type Shauny?”

“Oh I’m pretty picky Mum. I demand my lovers to be stunningly beautiful, witty and highly intelligent. If you know anyone like that, just send them my way!”

“Haha! I may keep those for myself!” joked Abi, who then changed the atmosphere by asking, “Boys or girls, or both?”

Shaun was stunned into silence. He’d never envisaged talking with his mother about his sexuality. They were both introverts, keeping to their own internal worlds; always loving and affectionate with each other, but never prying. He was sure his mother had had a couple of female lovers during his childhood; old friends who came to stay, sharing her room.

The alcohol and warm sun was loosening them up.

“Boys,” Shaun whispered, then, louder, “Boys, men. I’m gay.”

“Oh my love, thank you for sharing that. I’m sure you’ll have no difficulty meeting other gay guys once you get to Uni. You’re a great catch for anyone!”

“It scares me a bit though. I mean, meeting someone, like that. I’ve never so much as kissed anyone, except you and Kate, which hardly counts.”

“You kissed Kate?! How sweet! Tell me about that.”

“Just experimenting; we gave up on it pretty quickly and, anyway, she’s a lesbian, so…”

Abi interrupted, “I’m not surprised at all, and Kate is more of a boy than you!”

“Ha, thanks!”

“I’ll bet she has no trouble getting girlfriends, she’s pretty assertive,” Abi conjectured.

“No, she’s actually terrified of making a move on anyone. We both share that.”

“Yes, it’s harder if you’re gay or lesbian. Not so many fish; and it’s difficult to tell if they swim in the same direction!”

They fell into silence, disturbed by Abi’s mobile ringing.

Abi picked it up. “Simon, Hi! Yes, come as soon as you like. We’re in the garden.”

Abi put the phone down.

“That was Simon,” she explained.

“No shit, Sherlock, and let me guess, he’s coming over?”

They laughed and then Abi voiced a thought.

“Speak to Simon Shaun. Let him know you’re gay. He may have guessed but he’d be honored to hear it from you. He loves you like a brother and might be a great source of advice. Who knows, he’s not so much older than you, he might be able to fix you up with some nice boys!”

“I think I’ll need another drink if I’m going to speak with Simon about that stuff.”

“I’ll get some more then,” Abi offered. She got up and returned soon after with a large jug of Pimms and three fresh glasses.

“Mum, hadn’t we better put clothes on before Simon gets here?”

“No need, he won’t mind at all, unless you do. We’ve been on loads of naturist beaches over the years. He’ll love it!”

Shaun sat up to pour the drinks, his cock now relaxed, so he removed the towel.

They heard Simon’s car arriving. He let himself in and came directly to the garden.

“Hi there sweethearts!” called Simon, who stopped, stared and then said,

“Well, no one warned me there was a new dress code. I’d better join you both!”

As Simon began removing his clothes, Shaun quietly pulled the towel back across his own lap. He looked at Simon with lust as his T-shirt was being pulled off, exposing the muscled torso of the object of his many masturbatory fantasies. Then Simon removed his shorts, leaving just tiny briefs, filled with a package that had also been the subject of Shaun’s nocturnal speculation. Simon peeled them off slowly, revealing his large, flaccid but beautifully formed cock and scrotum. No pubic hair, Shaun noticed, hungrily licking his lips.

Abi poured drinks all round, and they chatted casually until Abi changed the tone.

“Hey Simon, Shaun has something to tell you.”

“Oh, do tell Shauny, what news do you have for me?”

“Christ Mum, thanks for that. Mum and I had a few drinks and it kind of came out between us that I was gay. God, this is so embarrassing!”

Simon sat down next to Shaun, placing an arm round his waist.

“Shaun, not embarrassing at all. Delighted you have confided, though I’d already guessed. Who’s the lucky boyfriend then?”

“No boyfriends I’m afraid. Just a lonely, queer virgin here!”

“Well, you won’t be lonely for long. Guys will be queuing up for a taste of you!”

Shaun felt the warmth of Simon’s skin against him, his waist gripped by his uncle’s strong hand.

“I’m not so sure Simon; I’d feel pretty scared even if they did. I don’t think I’m able to just jump into bed with someone I am not already really close to.”

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Lemon Drop Martini… with a Twist

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I was back again, staying at the Hyatt. It was the same place where I’d been a number of times before while on business. It was a beautiful place where the central part of the ground floor was an open atrium type of arrangement, complete with tall palm trees.

There was a restaurant and an intimate lounge area with a bar across the back wall and small tables with comfortable chairs. On one side, there was an enormous glass wall that extended upward for 10 or 12 floors, while the other side was covered with the windows of all the rooms, like my own, facing the atrium.

On more than one occasion, I’d sat there in the lounge sipping a drink, looking up at those windows hoping to catch a glimpse of some tawdry goings on. Maybe in a fit of passion, someone would forget to draw the drapes and treat me to a little show. As I scanned the windows, I was a little disappointed to see the rooms that had the drapes open were all dark, seemingly empty. Ah, well. Maybe one day.

I glanced down at one of the television monitors in the bar to see which teams were playing, and I noticed a woman enter the lounge area from the side and take a seat at the bar. She caught my attention because she was wearing an elegant, yet sexy black evening dress. It was a halter style, which dipped quite low in the back. From what I could see at my seat in the lounge area, she looked quite attractive. I also noticed that she seemed to be alone.

With growing interest, I watched the bartender bring her some orange concoction in an Old Fashioned glass. She turned in her seat, absent-mindedly surveying her surroundings while sipping her drink. The evening dress lady didn’t seem to be waiting for anyone; at least that’s what I surmised from her body language. Maybe she was someone alone in town looking to kill a little time. Maybe she was just like me.

Perhaps it was my drink, or perhaps I was just feeling a bit adventurous, but I had the sudden urge to get a better look at this woman. This wasn’t something that I’d ever done before; it was definitely not in my character to approach strange women in a bar, no matter how nice of a place it was. This night, however, something felt different.

Taking the last gulp from my glass of liquid courage, I approached the bar from the opposite side of where she was seated. There was a couple sitting between us, but they were much too enamored with one another’s company to notice anything else going on. As I took my seat, I casually glanced in her direction and saw that her drink was nearly empty.

Looking her over, I could see that she was indeed quite lovely. The evening dress lady looked to be around my own age, medium height, with blonde hair and a very pretty face. I also noticed that her dress accentuated some very nice cleavage and I watched her with increasing appreciation.

Suddenly, she looked up from her now empty glass and caught me looking right at her. At first I was a little embarrassed and considered looking away, pretending that I hadn’t been checking her out, but it was too late for that. I just smiled at her and nodded. She shyly smiled back with a look of genuine congeniality. I guess my attention had really been focused on her, because the bartender appeared seemingly out of nowhere and asked what he could get for me.

“Vodka martini”, I said. “Straight up… with two olives, please.”

“Any preference on the vodka?”

I looked up at the bar, scanning the rows of neatly arranged bottles of various colors and sizes lit from behind.

“Grey Goose would be fine.”

“Very good, sir”, he answered. “Will that be all?”

My adventurous side suddenly kicked in again.

“Um… one more thing” I added. “I’d like to buy a lemon-drop martini for that lady at the end of the bar.”

The bartender smiled wryly at me and said, illegal bahis “You got it!”

While he went about his work, I turned my attention back to the evening dress lady and began to feel like there was a butterfly convention in my stomach. I felt nervous, wondering how she would react to a getting drink from a complete stranger. My martini soon appeared and the bartender smiled at me and took the second one he’d made over to her.

I watched as he removed her empty glass and set the new on in front of her. The bartender leaned close to speak to her, and they both glanced in my direction. She smiled and raised her glass in a silent toast from across the bar. Well that seemed to go rather well. At least she didn’t call the police.

My new favorite bartender poured some more white wine for the honeymoon couple and then came back over to where I sat.

He leaned close, grinning like the Cheshire cat and softly said, “The lady told me that the least you could do is come over and allow her to thank you properly”.

I gathered my drink and moved over next to the lady. She was even more beautiful up close. Her silky hair framed a very pretty face and she smiled easily. She wore an elegant gold braided chain around her neck. I noticed she had a few freckles that started just below her necklace and continued on down into that lovely, deep cleavage. I took just a quick glance. Didn’t want to scare her off, after all.

“Thank you for the martini”, she said. “This is actually one of my favorite kinds, but for some reason I never like to drink them alone”.

“Well now you don’t have to”, I replied.

“I came from one of those office things”, she continued. “You know, the kind where all the managers congratulate themselves for being so wonderful and the rest of us are just there for the free dinner. I was supposed to meet my girlfriend for drinks afterward, but she bailed on me at the last minute”.

She sipped her drink, giving me an appraising glance. I remembered reading somewhere that the average woman makes up her mind whether or not to sleep with a man within the first 15 minutes after they meet. By my reckoning, I had about 14 minutes left.

“So tell me”, she said, “Do you always buy martinis for strange women in bars, or is this just my lucky night?”

“Never for strange women”, I smiled, “…and as far as whether this is a lucky night or not, that remains to be seen”.

She smiled warmly at that comment, shifting slightly in her seat toward me, crossing her legs to reveal a slit up the side of her dress that I hadn’t noticed before. Again, just a quick glance. I didn’t know whether it was the drinks or my witty charm (I suspect the former), but she seemed to become more relaxed and at ease.

“By the way”, I said, extending my hand, “My name is…” She immediately reached out and put her finger over my lips.

“Does it really matter?” she asked.

“Well it might be nice to know what to call you”, I explained.

“It might”, she answered smiling at me, “but then again, I’m sure you’ll figure something out”.

Her attitude surprised me a bit, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain. Something about this mysterious woman intrigued me, and it certainly didn’t hurt that she was quite gorgeous. The conversation flowed smoothly and we both smiled easily, but our second drinks were nearing the bottom of the glass. I took her hand in mine and looked into her pretty blue eyes.

“I have a room here” I began, gesturing upward toward the wall of windows facing the atrium. By this time, evening had fallen and the trees sparkled with hundreds of tiny white lights. “Would you like to come upstairs with me so I can show you the view?”

She grinned at me saying, “Well at least you didn’t ask me to come up to see your etchings!”

“I’m illegal bahis siteleri staying in a hotel, my dear, my etchings are all at home”.

The evening dress lady slid off her seat to the floor, extending her hand toward mine.

“Lead the way, my dear man”, she smiled, “before I come to my senses!”

I quickly paid our bill, including a healthy tip for my favorite bartender. He seemed genuinely pleased with himself as we waved and headed toward the elevators.


I watched the indicator above the elevator door as it blinked toward the lobby. My mystery date was watching me just as intently when the doors slid noiselessly open. Once inside, she forcefully pressed herself against me just as I touched the button for my floor. I pulled her body tightly to mine and she kissed me with a passion and urgency that was so very different from her controlled demeanor at the bar. Her tongue flickered against mine as I felt her thigh pushing against my growing erection. Her hand fumbled between our bodies, finally grasping my cock through the thin material of my slacks just as the elevator slid to a stop and the doors opened. She seemed just a bit exasperated by the short ride.

“You should have asked for a higher floor” she smiled, gesturing toward the lighted number “3” on the floor indicator.

“Or a slower elevator” I replied, reaching around in my jacket pocket for my key.

Once we finally made it inside the room, only the lights from the hotel atrium filtering through the floor to ceiling window lit the interior. We embraced and I kissed her again, pressing her into the wall just inside the door. My mystery date put her hands on my ass, pulling me tightly against her. Her breathing quickened as I kissed down the side of her neck. In the low light, I could see her nipples pressing against the fabric of her dress.

In the midst of touching and kissing, we moved further into the room, where she caught sight of herself in the large mirror behind the vanity.

“Oh, my… look at what you’ve done to my hair!” she exclaimed.

I moved in behind her, peeking around at our reflection in the mirror.

“I don’t know… you still look pretty good to me!”

Leaning closer, I lightly kissed the side of her neck, from just below her ear to the top of her shoulder. She moaned softly at my touch and leaned back into me, offering more of her neck. We watched one another intently in the mirror. I slid my hands up her sides and around her front, cupping her breasts and gently pinching her prominent nipples.

Her eyes never left mine as I kissed her bare shoulder and unfastened the small hook that kept her halter dress in place. She held the dress up against her breasts as the neck strap fell away. I reached behind her and slowly pulled the zipper on the back of her dress down to the middle of her ass.

“Let it go” I whispered quietly into her ear, “…I want to see.”

She sighed softly and allowed the black dress to slide down off her body. I watched in the mirror as her full breasts finally came into view. Her smooth, soft skin was uninterrupted by any hint of tan lines; her large dark areolas surrounded erect nipples. She was simply breathtaking.

My date steadied herself on the edge of the vanity as I trailed light kisses down the bare skin on her back, continuing lower as I dropped to my knees behind her. Tugging her dress the rest of the way down over her hips, she was left with tiny black thong panties, dark, thigh-high stockings that were held up by a lacy black garter belt, and her heels.

She leaned forward as I kissed her smooth bottom and slid my nose between her cheeks. I ran my hands slowly up her thighs until I hooked a finger into her thong, pulling it to the side; revealing smoothly shaven pussy lips, canlı bahis siteleri glistening with her womanly juices. Inhaling her intoxicating scent, I extended my tongue, lightly brushing over her labia. She jumped slightly at my touch, sighed heavily, and then pressed herself back more firmly against my face.

By this time, my nose was pressing against her anus while I ran my tongue and fingers inside her cunt. She was moaning louder now, hips undulating as I lightly touched her wet, swollen clitoris.

“Ohhh… FUCK!” she suddenly blurted out. “You’re making my pussy sooooo wet!”

Her body convulsed sharply two or three times, and I was rewarded with a sudden outflow of her sweet juices on my hand and face. As she caught her breath, I stood up again and took her in my arms, kissing her deeply. She moaned softly, tasting herself on my lips. I felt her hands tugging the shirt out of my slacks, forcefully pulling my tie loose, and ripping my shirt open as buttons flew off in every direction.

She took my hand and moved quickly toward the large window, sitting me down in an overstuffed chair that faced the glass. We both fumbled with my belt and zipper until my pants and boxers lay in a heap on the floor. My sexy date pushed me back into the chair and dropped to her knees in front me. My cock was now painfully erect as she attacked it with a voracity that took me by surprise. Using both hands, she stroked my shaft and balls and took my length deep into her mouth.

“Ohhh… God!” I managed to gasp, “That feels so damn good!”

I entwined my fingers in her hair, guiding her to a more even pace. She was visually stunning as I watched her head bobbing up and down on my wet, swollen cock, her beautiful tits moving with each stroke.

When I felt my balls getting that familiar heavy feeling, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last too much longer.

“I’m… I’m getting close! “I’m going to cum soon” I whispered hoarsely.

She immediately jumped up and threw her hands against the large window, bending at the waist, offering herself to me. I could clearly see the lounge area below, with people talking and sipping drinks. A couple sat up to take notice of the nude woman against the glass just above where they sat.

“I want you to fuck me!” she cried out, “I want you to give it to me hard! Right now!”

I scrambled to my feet, positioning myself behind her, too horny to care about who might be watching our little display. Taking my hard penis in one hand, I guided the head along her wet slit. As soon as her pussy parted, I entered her all the way in one hard thrust. A loud moan escaped her lips.

“Ooooh, yes!” she screamed, “Give it to me good, baby! Fuck me with that thick cock!”

We fell into a frenzied rhythm, my hands grasping her hips, pumping fast and hard. I could see a reflection in the window of her big tits bouncing with my every thrust. In another few minutes, she moaned loudly and I felt her juices flowing once again.

This time, there was no stopping for me. At the last possible moment, I pulled my cock out and took it in my hand. Groaning loudly, I stroked myself to a knee-buckling climax, shooting thick streams of hot cum all over her sexy, bare ass.

She reached back and grabbed my cock, using it to spread my cum over her ass. My mystery date turned and kissed me deeply, her mouth tasted of alcohol and sex. I held her close and felt her melting into my arms.


The next morning, I awoke to bright sunshine streaming in through the large glass wall of the atrium. Moving my hand across the bed, I discovered a note on the pillow. Rubbing my eyes into focus, I read:

Good morning, baby… I didn’t want to wake you, but I had completely forgotten that the kids are supposed to come over for lunch today. I went on home to start getting things ready. Give me a call on your way home in case I need you to pick up something at the market. I love you!!! Xoxoxoxo

P. S. Next time I get to pick you up!!

I smiled and headed off to the shower.

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Summer with Carly

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The summer after I turned 18 may never be topped. Now in my last year of college, I still find myself daydreaming of that small brown-haired girl who could always make me smile. Before that summer, I felt a little like a battery-operated toy that had yet to be flipped to the “ON’ position. Every girl I’ll ever be with has Carly to thank for how they are treated and loved by me.

Throughout high school, I’d had a few girlfriends but none that went very far. I was a decent looking guy and always attracted attention, but my anxiety issues always prevented me from taking things to the next level. The constant thoughts of not being good enough or wondering why a girl was with me made most of my relationships pretty short. I spent a lot of hours in darkened rooms playing PC games or writing web code for my friends.

Probably because of that, my Dad sent me off to stay with his brother on his farm in Iowa. He seemed to think a little sun and outdoor physical labor would be good for my health… and my skin tone. Uncle John was a good enough fella, but he didn’t have much to say. When he ‘interviewed’ me before taking me on as a hired hand, he only asked “You going to listen?” I said yes, and he replied “We’ll see.”

Two weeks after high school graduation, I was picked up at the airport by Aunt Karen and my cousin Carly. I saw Carly every year or two at family reunion-type events. Based on our similar ages (she was about 6 months younger), we always ended up talking to each other. I found it fascinating how many words she could get out of her mouth without taking a breath. Even so, I liked being around her and nodding when I was supposed to. I didn’t have much to say, but that was all right with Carly.

I couldn’t help smiling when I saw Carly standing next to my aunt. Her normal ear to ear grin was just the way I remembered. Her face had slimmed a bit since the last time I had seen her, but there was still a hint of the cute round shape that made her look so friendly. Her curly brown hair was a little longer, as it now brushed against her shoulders. The biggest change had come to her body though.

She still had to round up to be considered 5’2″, but the rest of her body had grown considerably. The white University of Iowa T-shirt she wore stretched across her chest was tight enough to make the O and W almost comically larger than the I and A. She was wearing impossibly short jean shorts and tiny little white tennis shoes with just a hint of sock poking out beneath her ankles.

I tried not to stare at her as I moved towards them, but she was making it difficult. She was already showing her usual excitement at just about anything in the world, bouncing on her heels as I reached them. Everything was bouncing. Even the few words I usually had to say were nowhere to be found.

Aunt Karen saved me with a huge hug. “Welcome to Hawkeye country Jacob!”

I responded with a weak “Glad to be here!” due to the strength of her grip.

As Aunt Karen released me, Carly put her arm around me and gave a tight squeeze. It was a friendly, innocuous gesture but it caused one of my arms to push deeply into one of her soft breasts.

“Welcome to a lot of corn and a whole lot o’ nuttin else, Jake!” Carly nearly shouted.

I have no idea how she always generated so much energy. It made me tired just watching her sometimes. I gave her my best, toothless smile and forced out a “Can’t wait to see all that nuttin’ Carly.”


We all walked to the parking lot with Carly leading the way. I’m pretty sure I learned the details of every single minute she had lived in the past month in that 15 minute walk. I couldn’t stop smiling as I walked with her. She was genuinely funny and the sheer volume of words and enormous amount of energy made me look forward to spending all summer here with her. It didn’t hurt that her jean shorts continually rode up her thigh requiring her to pull them back down.

Carly had played soccer for most of her life and it showed. Her thighs were thick with muscle which supported an incredibly firm ass. I fought off a strong urge to cup one of those perfectly shaped cheeks. Not only would it have been inappropriate, but more importantly I’m not sure I would have been able to let go.

Carly and I had seen each other several times since we passed puberty, but I don’t remember having any hormonal thoughts on those occasions. It was just nice to be around her for a couple of hours here and there. We were cousins and the unwritten rules applied without us even thinking about them.

Now, her openness and energy were a little too much temptation for me. I had never been anxious around Carly before. But Carly’s energy caused the tight ball of loneliness that had been in my chest for months to loosen as we walked. I couldn’t help staring at her; her brown curly hair, her deep brown eyes, how her bright red lips stood out against her perfect pale soft skin…

“Ugh!” I was so lost in my thoughts that I tripped over a curb and nearly fell on my face. I caught myself with illegal bahis the bumper of a large SUV, but not in time to save my knees from a good scrape.

Aunt Karen put her hand on my shoulder in concern, but Carly was laughing so hard no sound was coming out. I looked at her pathetically, praying she hadn’t noticed how distracted she had made me. I think I lost a good 2 minutes “noticing” her on the walk.

As always, Carly knew how to make me feel better. She reached under my arm to help me up and chirped “Let’s get walkin’ you lush. They shouldn’t serve under aged light weights on planes”.

I again felt the softness of her breasts pressed against my arm. She seemed to linger a few extra beats allowing me to feel her taught midsection press against my hip and her cheek against my shoulder. I shifted my stance to ensure the growing bulge in my jeans wasn’t noticed.

I turned red from the fall and Carly’s jab at my clumsiness, but was able to laugh at myself. Aunt Karen gave Carly a sharp look, but it softened quickly. There was no being mad at Carly. She comically held on to my arm for balance the entire rest of the way to their car. I could feel how warm and soft she was pressed against me. She was so close I could breathe in subtle traces of her apple-scented shampoo.

As we drove from the airport, talk turned to my plans to attend Indiana University in the fall and her plans to start at the University of Iowa where she’d be playing soccer. She hadn’t earned a scholarship, but the coach was excited for her to join the team as a walk on.

She was extremely confident she would earn some sort of scholarship once she got her chance to play. She told me she thought if she were 5 inches taller they would already have offered her the scholarship, but no one thought her short legs could get her down the field fast enough. I almost voiced the opinion that I found her short legs fine, but turned red at the thought.


After getting home we had dinner with the entire family. Uncle John was quiet as ever, but he did seem excited to have me around for chores. He let me know he would be generous and let me sleep in on my first day tomorrow. Generous meaning 6:30 AM.

By the time I unpacked my meager belongings the sun was almost extinguished, leaving a dark purple streak low in the sky and a million stars up high. I washed my face and headed to bed. I usually did a pushup/sit-up routine before going to bed, but I was pretty sure I would get plenty of opportunities to work out in the morning.

I pulled the comforter off the bed and slid underneath the sheet. It was still a bit warm from the summer day, but the sheet helped fend off a cool breeze coming in through the window. I settled in with my IPad to continue reading a Vonnegut novel I had started on the plane.

In turn Uncle John, Aunt Karen, and Carly passed by my room to say goodnight. As they retired and turned out lights, the house became darker and darker. The light in my room ended up being the only outlier. I shut off my light and returned to bed to continue reading.

I heard Carly shuffle around for a few minutes in the bedroom adjacent to mine, but then everything was quiet. I dove into my reading again and was lost for 15 minutes or so when I heard a creak of a window pane. I figured Carly was opening her window a little wider to pull in more of that cool breeze.

The sound pulled me from my book and caused me to think of Carly. Her smile never left her face throughout dinner. At one point in her chewing, she caught me looking at her intently and promptly opened her mouth wide while she continued chowing down. My look of disgust made her giggle.

I tried to avoid staring by looking down at my food as often as possible. Unfortunately, that meant Carly’s bare feet were right in my line of sight. Her feet were tiny, pale and completely unblemished. Her little toes ended in deep red polish which matched the natural color of her lips. I kept up with the conversation pretty well, but my gaze continued to go through a mechanical pattern of her eyes, her chest, her feet, her eyes, her chest, her feet…

I wonder if this is how fetishes start I thought to myself. I started to harden under the sheet thinking of how smooth her legs looked, how soft her small feet would feel… As I started to reach down beneath the sheet I heard a low sigh come from outside the window. I looked up guiltily, but no one was there.

I sat as still as possible, one hand on my ever hardening member, listening for another sound. A long, slow exhale was the next sound to break the silence. The first sigh I thought I might have imagined, but there was no doubting this. I quietly slipped out of bed and inched my way towards the window. Crawling on all fours seems laughable now, but at the time I thought it was the most ninja-like method of transit.

I leaned my elbows on the window bench seat which ran about a foot under the window ledge. The matching windows for both bedrooms were the kind which jutted out from the second illegal bahis siteleri floor, breaking up the smooth descent of the roof. The kind of windows which look like eyes when they light up at night. There was probably about 12 feet between our two windows.

I looked out the window and could see the driveway, leading out a couple of hundred yards to an empty county road that passed by the house. A large moon made everything in the yard easy to make out, though with a bluish hue. The driveway was encroached upon by the knee high corn which had been planted for miles around the farm house. I could see their produce stand next to the road as a large dark shape. Past the road was another field of corn which ended a mile or so out in a line of trees.

I heard two more sounds outside the window which sounded very much like a short, deep inhale followed by a long, slow exhale. I slowly inched forward to see more on my left side and spotted a small white foot planted on a blanket out on the roof. The toes on that foot ended in a dark polish. I knew in the light of day that polish would perfectly match the color of Carly’s naturally red lips.

I stared at that foot, my heart in my throat, wondering if I should say something. Then I noticed Carly’s sleep shorts with little Iowa Hawkeye emblems slide down to the ankle which sprouted from that amazingly beautiful foot. The sound of inhale and exhale occurred again followed by a barely audible grunt.


I heard a wet, sticky sound after another grunt. Her knee became visible as her legs spread. Now her beautiful foot which led to the gorgeous pajama-shorts-ringed ankle was connected to an ungodly sensuous bent knee. Her legs must have been spread very wide to be sitting at this angle comfortably.

She’s masturbating!!! I thought to myself, then quickly follow up with a thought of No shit, you idiot!

My cock was rock hard and trying to press its way out of the elastic top of my athletic shorts. I obliged and took it in my hand while leaning forward a bit to get a better view. I placed a knee on the window seat and began leaning forward. I could now see the muscular thigh of her right leg. I wasn’t sure if I could lean forward any farther without being seen.

If you’re worried about being caught, you shouldn’t be looking you pervert, my mind chastised. Just then I heard a loud metallic smack followed by a panicked Carly shout-whispering

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit”

Her phone was sliding down the roof beneath her feet. I froze in place and saw the phone slide to a stop at a point where the roof transitioned to a section with less pitch. It was still a few feet from the gutter but well out of either of our reaches.

I held my breath trying to figure out what to do. The two best options seemed to be kneeling down below the window sill or having a stroke. Before I could decide, I heard Carly shift on her blanket. Her head came into view as she crawled on all fours down the roof.

Oh my god was all that my brain could communicate to the rest of my body. My lungs weren’t doing their job, my heart had stopped altogether, and my legs seemed ready to simply quit on the spot. Over and over Oh my god repeated as if it were a prayer my brain was saying to jump start the rest of my body.

Her curly hair was pulled up into a bun with a few loose strands hanging down by her face. She was wearing the pajama baby doll top I had seen earlier, but it was pulled up over hear enormous breasts. Seeing those large globes defy physics as they refused to hang down will probably be the last thought I have on this earth before I die. Based on my heart’s inability to pump, I figured that last thought may not be too far away.

Then her ass came in to view. Her shorts were still wrapped around that gorgeous ankle which connected to that beautiful foot. Her smooth, tight ass took on the bluish hue of everything else in the moonlight, but I could make out the darker shade of her tiny ass hole. My already-stopped heart basically told me it was done for the night as soon as I glimpsed her gorgeous ass swishing side to side down the roof.

She stretched out for the phone and was able to slide it towards her with a couple of fingers. She picked up the slim device and checked it for damage. I could barely make out the screen image, but it certainly looked like a woman with a cock in her mouth.

This is your brain…Stroke option selected; it was a good life, with any luck the Hindus are right and you’ll get another chance I thought. This beautiful, sweet creature was LOOKING AT PORN!!!

Unfortunately, the near total shut down of my nervous system at this point left me at a disadvantage. She was now going to return back to her spot with phone in hand. PORN phone in hand my brain corrected me. If she turned to the left, she would avoid looking in my direction. If she turned right, she would be staring right at a bluish-hued version of me holding my hardened cock.

She turned left. I finally took a breath. I’m pretty sure permanent damage was done by the canlı bahis siteleri lack of oxygen to my brain over those several minutes. She quietly crawled back to her spot. I soon saw her leg open up again and the sleep shorts take up their position on that glorious ankle.

With her going back to business and my cock leaking pre cum everywhere, I had to give myself some sort of relief. I had lotion (for my dry elbows, I told my mom when packing) in my bag, but I didn’t want to make any noise with the bag or the eventual stroking with the lotion. I looked quickly around and grabbed the cotton boxer briefs I had worn that day. I wrapped them around my cock and gently stroked to make sure it would work without giving me an uncomfortable Indian burn. Success!

I slowly dropped my shorts, and quietly put both knees on the window seat. I was farther forward now and could actually see Carly’s hand disappear between her legs. I slowly stroked my cock with the boxers hoping this would last forever. I could hear the wet sounds of her fingers plunging into herself and pulling out to spread the wetness on her clit.

She was starting a rhythm of pushing in quickly and pulling out slowly. Once she pulled out she made several circles with her fingers and then pushed back in. I could hear her breath come in sharply and go out slowly. On one stroke, she pulled back out enough for me to see her middle two fingers glisten in the moonlight.

I could hear her muffled grunts as she must have been squeezing her lips very tightly together. Her knees rocked upwards, pulling her feet off the blanket. The taught muscles of her belly lifted her hips in rhythm as she plunged her fingers deeper.

I was trying not to make any sounds, but my breath was very rapid at this point. My leaking precum made the boxers I was holding a mess. I dropped them and went to work with my bare hand. I stared at her rocking legs and strained to hear the sound of her breath.

I was nearly bent over double kneeling on the bench sheet, my cock staring straight at me as I tried to match Carly’s rhythm. The wet sounds of her fingers burying deep within her wet pussy made it difficult for me to hold off my orgasm. I leaned forward trying to see more of her, but those large tits were hidden by the angle.

Her inhales and exhales were sharp and quick. She groaned through clenched teeth and her legs froze in mid rhythm as she pushed as deep as she could. I heard the moan catch in the back of her throat as her beautiful right foot twitched in the air. Her whole body tensed as she came.

I stiffened, leaning forward to balance myself with my left hand as I grabbed my cock hard for the final few pumps. My cock finally burst, sending my first shot of cum out on to the window sill. I pulled back trying not to make a mess and the second and third shots splashed against my chest. A final shot hit low my stomach and dripped down to the base of my cock.

I tried to catch my breath as quietly as I could. I stood up from the window seat, cock still oozing cum onto my hand. My legs were wobbly as I reached for the tissues on the night stand. I stood there for a moment using a tissue to make sure my cock didn’t drip on the floor. I still felt the pleasure of the orgasm and aftermath as I stood there with my hand gently squeezing and then loosening my cock.

I heard a happy, satisfied sigh come from outside the window. I could swear I heard a giggle as well as she shifted and moved back into her window.

As soon as I had cleaned myself up, I slid back under the sheet and almost immediately fell asleep. Almost, I say, as my mind tried to remind me of that last giggle. I forced it to be quiet and drifted off.


I awoke the next morning with Uncle John standing at my door asking me if I was going to sleep all day. The clock on the night stand read 6:29 AM. I quickly dressed and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Aunt Karen placed scrambled eggs and a few sausage links in front of me. I could get used to this.

“Where’s Carly?” I asked

Uncle John choked on the coffee he was drinking as he started to laugh. “The princess doesn’t wake up till 8” he said with flair.

“Oh, leave her alone” Aunt Karen said. “No one hits the stand until 9 anyways.” The stand was the produce stand I mentioned earlier. In addition to the corn, they had several other small plots of berries and vegetables they sold down by the road. The stand was about the size of a double wide trailer and did a decent business at various points in the year. Several other farmers and women who made crafts sold their stuff there. Apparently, running the stand was Carly’s job in the summer.

After a quick breakfast, Uncle John walked me around the farm showing me how to use the equipment to water and fertilize the fields. He showed me the various garden plots and told me my duties in each one of them; to weed or harvest or whatever else they needed. I also got the rundown on the chickens and my jobs with them. There weren’t a lot of chickens by farm standards, but the several dozen eggs they produced each week were sold to a fancy grocery store in town. Finally, he showed me the barn where I’d handle cleaning equipment, prepping the produce for sale, and unloading supplies that came in on occasion.

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How Had I Ended Up Here Ch. 07

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John gave Clare a kiss on the lips and headed out the door.

He had his meeting with Ciara this morning and practically raced to work.

He arrived early into the office and dug out his ’emergency bag’. It contained a razor, shaving cream, aftershave, and a spare change of clothes. He applied a generous measure of aftershave to himself and threw the bag back in the drawer.

He set himself to work, but got nothing productive done, his eyes and ears trained on his office door.

John finally heard a knock on his door and he took a moment to compose himself.

“Yes?” John asked.

The door opened and Ciara, John’s assistant entered.

Her appearance had changed in the last 24 hours. The black trousers were replaced by a black skirt that displayed her slender legs. Her sweater was gone, showing the blouse to be well-fitted and partially unbuttoned. She still wore her glasses, though her long brown hair was down, falling across her shoulders.

“Good morning, Ciara. Are you ready for your review?” John asked innocently, though he could feel his heart beat faster at her change in appearance. “Good morning sir. Oh, I feel I’m ready for whatever you have in mind,” Ciara flirtatiously replied.

“You mentioned an unconventional opportunity?” Ciara asked and stood at the far side of the desk.

“Yes, it’s an opportunity that I wouldn’t offer anyone else,” John said and stood.

Ciara cocked an eyebrow at that.

“Well sir, I’m privileged that you are considering me for it. What would it involve?” Ciara asked.

John walked around to where Ciara stood and faced her.

They could both feel the charge in the room.

“Well, there’d be longer hours,” John began, caressing Ciara’s cheek. She leaned into his hand, relishing the feel of his wedding ring on her skin.

“There’d be late nights,” John continued, slipping his right ankara escort arm around her waist. Ciara gently ground her crotch into his.

“Is there a lot of extra work?” Ciara asked sweetly, placing her hand on his chest.

“No, it wouldn’t be extra work. It’d be…more one on one exercises,” John murmured suggestively as he passed his hand across her skirt.

“Ah, so the benefit would be more job ‘satisfaction’,” Ciara guessed, as her hands drifted down his chest to his waist.

“Exactly,” John said as his fingers grazed the smooth skin of her right thigh.

Ciara shivered with anticipation at this.

“Sir, I’d be thrilled to take this opportunity. I could appreciate how your wife mightn’t understand this and I guarantee my utmost discretion,” Ciara promised.

“Ciara, I’m very happy to hear that. And she wouldn’t, but I feel that my drive to see you satisfied in work is a good reason to keep this to ourselves,” John whispered, as his hand passed under Ciara’s skirt and between her thighs.

John’s fingers found Ciara’s smooth lips and could almost swear he could feel the heat.

“You were right, you are ready,” John chuckled and pushed his fingers inside her.

Ciara gasped as John, her married boss pushed his middle and ring fingers inside her already wet pussy.

“I didn’t want there to be any delay or barrier to beginning this ‘opportunity’,” Ciara remarked as she leaned in and kissed John’s neck.

John pleasured her with his fingers while she kissed his neck and undid his belt. She opened his trousers and reached inside.

She gasped as John pushed his fingers further inside her, opening her further. John gasped as Ciara pulled down his underwear and wrapped her smooth manicured hands around his thick cock.

She started working his cock and kissing up towards his lips.

John pushed his fingers further into escort ankara her practically dripping wetness. “Oh my God,” Ciara cried. “I can feel your wedding ring inside me,” Ciara commented lustfully. The smooth metal felt exquisite against the walls of her pussy. She got a wicked idea.

“Well, I won’t take it off for these sorts of exercises,” John explained, he began to withdraw his hand as he realised she was ready.

Ciara felt this and clenched her pussy as he withdrew his hand.

John withdrew his slick hand to find his wedding ring was missing. Ciara looked at him with a mischievous smirk.

“You have no idea how good this feels,” Ciara confessed.

“Well how about I replace it with something larger?” John asked.

Ciara reached down and took the ring out of her pussy. It was coated with her cum.

“Ready when you are sir,” Ciara purred.

John grabbed her and lay her back on his desk. He lined his cock up with her pussy and thrust.

Ciara felt the first four inches of John’s cock bury itself in her wet snatch. She was taken aback by the size of him. Her mind was distracted from the fact his cock was bare as he opened her tightness deliciously.

Before a rational part of her brain could tell her of the risks she heard a darker, more passionate part of her brain whisper.

‘You’ve got him inside you. He may be married, but you could have more of a claim to him than his wife,’ Ciara heard her inner voice say.

‘You shouldn’t do this, he’s married,’ her conscience thought.

‘He’s married, and he decided I’m the woman he wants to fuck more than his wife. So I better make sure he comes back for more,’ Ciara thought wickedly.

She silenced her conscience and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Sir, I don’t have a boyfriend. So you can do what you want,” Ciara said in a sultry tone.

John looked at her ankara escort bayan for a moment, registering her comment. He leaned down and kissed her neck, finishing with a soft bite.

“Mmmm. Sir, I know your wife is calling by in an hour, but I’d certainly like to be filled with satisfaction when I greet her,” Ciara moaned.

John increased his pace, claiming every inch of her tight pussy with each thrust.

“Ciara, I think you’ve got a surprising thought process for this opportunity,” John confessed, startled by the young woman underneath him.

“Well sir, I feel as your assistant I should service your every need. And I’d like to feel pride at having performed my duties when I meet your wife,” Ciara admitted breathlessly.

‘Also, the idea of making conversation with a woman as her husband’s cum is filling me sounds wickedly enjoyable,’ Ciara thought to herself.

‘God this girl is naughtier than I imagined,’ John thought to himself.

“And as my assistant you will be perfectly polite to my wife,” John affirmed.

“Of course, anything to keep her in the dark and to keep you fucking me,” Ciara moaned.

John felt himself close. He realised Ciara was the fourth woman he was pleasing. A redhead, a blonde, a raven haired and a brunette. ‘Got the whole set,” John grinned to himself.

“Ciara, I’m about to cum,” John groaned.

Ciara bit her lip with pleasure and to suppress her hesitation. She felt him explode deep in her cunt. His thick seed flooded her womb.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” John admitted. Ciara silently agreed, she was revelling in the feeling of a man’s seed inside her.

John practically slumped over her. Their lips instinctively finding each other and pressing together.

The lovers kissed hungrily for a steamy, before John stood up and helped Ciara to her feet.

“Well sir, I feel I am definitely up for this new opportunity,” Ciara grinned.

“You most certainly are,” John agreed breathlessly.

“You clean yourself up, your wife is due in forty minutes. I’ll be sure to greet her, sir,” Ciara added slyly and slipped out the door.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Mother Jackalyn felt an intense sexual ache in her stomach, which was a hot, almost uncontrollable desire, and this time there was no guilt about it. Of course the wine did the job and she was more than eager because tonight . . . will be the night of a very taboo scene. She pretended to clean the dishes over the sink as her two identical twin sons sat at the kitchen table, finishing their dinner and chatting about what eighteen-year-old boys usually talk about: fastidious cars, sports, prom, and sex . . .

However Kaniel and George are going to have themselves a nice surprise about how far sex can go tonight, Jackalyn thought with a little smile.

It can be fun to fantasize fucking their brains out without having them knowing. Wondering what George’s cock would taste like while asking him what kind of soda he would like. Daydreaming how far can Kaniel cork her in the ass as she kisses him good-night. It can be fun but addicting. They were both well-built studs. Broad-shouldered, handsome, rock-hard chest, brunette with Apollo faces. Kaniel and George seemed to have almost identical lives together. Both of them were popular in school, same grades, same hair color, and yet she just learned some nights ago that the both of them dated the same girl.

But there are also certain personality traits that differ between them.

Kaniel was a little different with a bad-boy-kind of attitude. Love to curse loud, get in trouble a couple of times in school, drink a lot of his father’s beers, but he had always been known to be an aggressive sort. George was a gentle one but he was still a charmer. He has a good sense of humor, loves to laugh a lot, and was terrific at flirting, even to his own mother. One time, whether he meant it or not, George complimented her body in a way that was . . . forbidden but sweet at the same time. “That’s a fine set of legs you got there, Mom.”

It was no surprise to hear this.

All the men throughout the small, cohesive suburb wanted her. Wanted her in many ways. She was aware of her cool ravishing smile which can break a heart like glass, aware of her DD-sized breasts, aware of her copious dark hair, aware of her robust ass, aware of her long, smooth legs, and her saccharine eyes. Of course, she was happily at ease with a successful husband and a family of two grown teenagers. But to hear a compliment from her own son did something to her . . . it had given her an idea to play. An idea that had became an obsession. An obsession that had became a plan. And a plan that will soon become a reality.

Oh, and guess what? Their father is currently out of state on a business trip just as Jackalyn expected and waited for. How perfect is that? She had never cheated on him, never even dream of cheating him, and why would she? Bobby was just as handsome as his two sons but their sex life had decreased dramatically in the past ten years and it came to a time where all her suppressed sexual longing exploded in one night. Oh, their Dad traveled a lot and that was going to become something of a great advantage for her AND them.

Something else had happened also. Last night, when she was showering in a hot, steaming downpour, she heard a noise and realized that one of the boys was watching through the knob, watching his own mother smearing her body with gurgling soap. Must have been Kaniel. Such a naughty boy he was. That was when she knew they were into her sextually. And that was when she decided to fuck their good sense out for sure.

“Mom, are you gonna eat?” George asked, looking over his shoulder. “You haven’t even bothered making yourself a plate yet. “

“Yeah, what’s up with that?” Kaniel said, joining him.

“I’ll eat soon enough,” she said, smiling to herself. “How was your food?”

“Great, Mom, thanks,” George said, pushing the plate forward. “I’m pretty much done eating.”

Kaniel nodded and pushed the plate aside. “Me, too.”

She tossed her hair over and looked at them in the eyes dangerously with motherly concern. “Are you boys in the mood for dessert?”

“Hell, yeah!” Kaniel yelled, giving his brother a friendly punch in the shoulder. “What kind of dessert you gonna give us? Cheery pie?”

“No, it ought to be something else,” George said with a disgusted face. “I’m getting sick of the same crap.”

“It IS going to be something else,” Mother Jackalyn confessed with a furtive smile. “A dessert you two puppies never had in your life. ”

“All right, all right, Mom, stop teasing us,” George said, chuckling uneasily. “So tell us what’s the special dessert? “

It was almost time for the taboo to begin.

She could feel their eyes on her without having to look, feeling them drawing down on her full-sized carafes to her well-shaved thighs. How thrilling to be stared at from two cute studs. She felt her nipples hardened under her satin velvet robe, felt her long hair drooping down her back, and felt prepared to launch a full surprise attack tonight.

She stopped with the dishes ankara escort and strolled toward them, lingering her eyes on them like a predator approaching its preys, and halted at the right distance. Not too far, not too close . . . yet.

She reached out took a fresh red apple out of a fruit basket, flashed them a come-hither smile, and untied her robe with one free hand, dropping it to the floor and revealing her entire half-naked statuesque figure to her little audience. Chair cranking back, George uttered a breathless gasp and curled his fists. Kaniel’s wide eyes confirmed intense curiosity of a boy wanting to see more. Exposed to their eyes was a divine pair of melon-shaped jugs chock-full in a black nylon bra, her slender waist and her flat stomach bare under the brilliant kitchen light, but what was the most exposed was her private black panties. Smiling, she took the apple to her mouth and crunched a bite full, a great measure of produce juice leaking from her chin to the rift between her luscious breasts.

“I’m your dessert,” she answered, swallowing her fruit. She realized she might be doing a lot more swallowing tonight.

“What the fuck,” Kaniel breathed, mouth drooping opened.

“Come on, baby-poo, I think it’s time you’d come out of the closet. I saw you that night when you were spying on me. My, darling, watching your own mother taking a shower while tugging your pee-pee.”

George shot him a surprise look. “Dude, you were watching Mom shower?”

Mother Jackalyn turned to George, face coiled in a lustful anticipation. “Don’t be such a hypocrite, tiger, I know you wanted me since you got your first pubic hair. ” She stepped closer, feeling so confident this would work, and leaned toward him with a withering stare. Her large breasts hung down before his face, barely covered in the small bra. “Don’t you want to see them?”

“Fuck, yeah,” Kaniel said wolfishly.

“I know YOU do,” she snapped, turning her yearning eyes on George. “But I was asking you, tiger. Well, do you want to see your mother in her birthday suit?”

George chuckled, hand grazing across his hair. “Uh, this got to be some kind of trick question–”

“Watch me, baby.” Jackalyn freed her bra as she leaned close enough to smell his breath. Her withering stare never left his eyes. And his eyes was ogling on the ample erected nipples that poked out before him, just a pair of grapefruits waiting to be suck on. With only her panties left on her, she placed her hand around his neck as she sat on him, feeling a growing stir in his pant, hardening against her panties like a disturbed snake. She grinded a little harder, exhaling a breath as she relaxed her pose, and looked at Kaniel, who still sat and stared from behind. “Admit it, honey, how bad did you wanted to fuck me?”

A silence.

“Don’t be shy, too, Kaniel, just tell me and maybe your dream might come true.”

“Pretty fucking bad,” Kaniel blurted out. “I wanted you for a long, long time.”

She rolled her eyes back to George, amused than ever, pressing down on her crotch a little harder. “And you, sweetheart?”

“I . . . I was always jealous of Dad,” George admitted, failing to make eye-contact. It was as if he was ashamed. “I always wanted to be the one to marry you. Just look at how beautiful you are. How amazing and perfect you were made. And, most of all, I know this is bad, but I always wanted to have . . . sexual intercourse with you.”

Sexual intercourse? Such a naive term to what really was going to happen tonight. Mother Jackalyn was surprised and even more turned on to hear this. Too turned on because a profound ache was growing inside her, making her berserk with lust, and she decided this was the moment where the line will be crossed. This is the moment where the universe will no longer make sense anymore and everything that was normal will no longer matter. This is the moment when their innocence will be tainted and a road to Hell will be paved for them.

Fuck it, she thought, and slammed her lips against George, shooting her tongue in his mouth, feeling that warmth exchange. He responded with a flicker of his tongue. Then she felt Kaniel coming from behind, kissing down at the nape of her neck. An ecstatic shudder escaped her as she responded to him, arms rising in the air, killer cleavage stretching in the open. George saw this chance, leaned over, and mouth on one of her nipples.

He gave her huge mound a sweeping lick – sucking on the right tit, then the left.

“Suck it harder!” Jackalyn cried, throwing her head back. Kaniel blinded her with a hardcore French kiss that was both rough and good at the same time. She let out a groaning moan and returned a full, hardcore tonsil evaluation. She was also blinded with more desire as George sucked the air out of her nipples, like an overgrown baby hungry for a breast-feed, sucking and trying to swallow a load of fresh mother’s milk.

“Mmfph, yeah, tiger, suck it like you did when you were just a baby.” She whispered, escort ankara feeling Kaniel’s kiss grazing down to her shoulder. She could actually feel the creamy gland being drawn out of her round tit. “Christ, that feels so wonderful! Suck it harder! You, too, Kanny! Suck my other nipple, baby! Hurry, before I burst!”

Kaniel crawled around her, went on his knees, and mouthed on her other erected nipple. Now two of her own sons were sucking and licking at her mammoth tits, feeling the force draining out of it. She drew a long, rasping breath. “Mmm, yeah, Mommy loves it when her babies need milk. Mm, yes, Mommy loves it a lot.”

“Mom, it tastes so sweet,” George mumbled as a spiral his tongue around her nipple. She tensed and let out a stiff cry. A trail of white fluid was oozing down her breast to her naval, giving her whole chest a glistening pornographic appearance. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you ever since I learned to jerk off. “

“Do you think about me when you’re jacking off?” she moaned. “Tell me, honey, do you think about giving your mother a good fuck?”

“Every fucking night,” he whispered, kissing her breast and looking up at her. Kaniel was still working at her other tit. “I even dreamt of fucking you, Mom.”

“In the ass?” she purred.

“No.” George hesitated a little, then confessed. “I wanted to fuck your cunt. I don’t know why but I always wanted to fuck you without any protection, so I can feel my cock grinding in your pussy.”

“Yeah, me, too,” Kaniel mumbled, and gave a hard suck at her nipple. Jackalyn let out a whimper and felt a short, deep tingling sensation drawing from her breasts to her vulva area. “I want to come inside you with everything I’ve got.”

“Maybe your dreams just might come true tonight,” she said with a demurred smile, spreading her legs apart as she grinded closer to George. Just thinking about their cocks trying to penetrate inside her was beyond exhilaration. Just thinking about them cumming inside her was unthinkable . . . but possible.

Deciding to cross the line even further, she pushed Kaniel’s head aside, stood from George’s lap, and took a step back, both hands cropping her wild hair. Her “Get on the table,” she ordered. “Both of you.”

“What? ” George stammered.

“Do it or else I’ll put on there myself!” She felt hornier than ever, ready to kill them with pleasure if she had to.

Kaniel climbed on the table and sat there, watching her in return with sober, lust-filled eyes. George did the same, climbing right next to his brother. There, watching the identical appearances between them, made Jackalyn even hotter.

“Now take off your clothes, boys. “

They both stripped off their T-shirt and jeans. She could see only their underwear and the large bulge in there.

” Now, which one of you want to have your cock sucked?”

Kaniel was the first to respond, raising his hand in the air like a nervous schoolboy. She let out a Britney Spears giggle and climbed on the table as well. “Than may your wish be granted,” she cooed, going down on his crotch. She stripped off his underwear, tugging it down to his legs, and his rock-hard cock sprung out like a jack-in-the-box.

“Jesus Christ!” Jackalyn gasped. She had no idea it would be this big and no idea at all of the consequences for her need of a ramrod dick. George had his underwear taken off and his dick was just as wonderful, full-fledged in the air with a purplish hard-headed erection.

“Oh, fuck me,” she whispered, rubbing at her clit. Both of their cocks stood ten inches high and it girth seemed to be as thick as a large beer can. Veins struck out like a monstrous muddle of drowning worms. And the head was the perfect resemblance of a mushroom made for sheer penetration.

“You like it, Mom?” Kaniel asked, grinning like an arrogant bastard.

She answered by dropping a hot slavering mouth at the side of his cock, licking down to his balls and then lashing up at the head. All the grinning arrogance on Kaniel’s face died to a sudden look of shock and unbearable pleasure. Then she looked at him in the eyes, made an appealing smile, and impaled his entire shaft in her mouth, infusing it all in her throat.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she sighed.

Kaniel screamed. “Oh, GOD!”

The head of his cock was drowned in the depth of her throat. She pulled back and released his cock with a gagging smack and smiled at him, pre-cum already dripping at her mouth like overused balm. “How was that, teddy bear? “

“That was fucking awesome,” Kaniel gasped in a breathless whimper.

“I’m not even close to done yet. Both of you,” Jackalyn demanded, wiping the fluid from her chin, “get on your knees.” She could taste some of his juice and she wanted more than just a sample. She wanted the whole pail to herself.

They both obeyed immediately, standing on their knees side by side with their dicks arching toward her. It was their raging snakes that caught her eyes again, making her sick with lust all over again. ankara escort bayan So this is what a sex addict feels like, she thought. This is what I’m going to become . . . an incestuous, adulterous, nymphomaniac whore of a mother fucking her own twin sons behind their father’s back. Somehow this little revelation comforted her instead of distressing her with guilt. Committing an unlawful act of sex boosted her with enough sexual fuel to fuck an entire nation. She crawled toward her two men, like a female tiger in the need of a good fuck, grasped both of their Johnson, and began simultaneously jacking them off with her wet hands.

“You like that, boys?” she asked hotly, giving them a playful coochie-coo look. “Ooh, yeah, you like Mommy touching your private parts? “

George was breathing hard and loud, mouth hanging opened and chest heaving like a heart attack was in the work. She granted him a short, reassuring kiss on the cheek and tugged at his cock even harder. He let out a pleasure cry, and she realized that in his point of view that it must be difficult to hold in this long. It must be hard, she thought, watching a curvaceous mother like me jacking the shit out of her own twin sons while staring at them in the face. Must be real hard for them.

Mother Jackalyn decided to focus more on George, since he was a little weaker at this, and make things a little more interesting. Pausing for a moment, she spat a large amount of saliva on George’s monster cock, lubricating it down to his thick balls, and then flicked her tongue at his head, giving him a little cock-tease.

Sudden pre-cum oozed on her tongue.

She did it again right under the head, licking nice and hard but quick. The veins in his cock pulsed and the entire penis was starting to turn to a purplish red, with the head swelling to a fist-sized ball, and that was when Mother Jackalyn did her magic.

She released Kaniel’s cock and gripped George’s with both of her hands, firmly squeezing it at the base until the head budged to a deeper purple. George threw his head back and moaned, grabbing at his mother’s hair and clenching a fistful of them. “Oh, Mom, don’t . . . don’t—I’m not ready yet.”

Ignoring his warning, Jackalyn hit the spot right when she gave his cock one sloppy lick, clenched his head with her teeth, and the released the pressure with her hands. A hardcore explosion whipped across the kitchen, like a shooting spree. She gasped as a hot blast of semen splattered across her neck and chest in a whisking burst.

Pulling her hair even tighter, George made a savaged grunt and shot second a white jet of cum. This one landed across her forehead. The true smell of raw sex was starting to fill the house. All of the muscles in his body flexed as a longer stream blast out of his cock, squirting over her chin.

She rubbed all of his warm seeds over her massive cantaloupes down to her hard-boiled stomach and stopped at her crotch. Touching it with her finger, she didn’t realized until now how wet her pussy was. She looked at George in the eyes as a forth ejaculating explosion spouted on her right knee, right near her untouched slit. “Ooh, yeah, give it to me. Come on, big guy, gun me down with your hot stuff.”

“I’m gonna shoot one more!” George groaned, crouching over. “Arg, here it come!”

And before that last blast could come out, Mother Jackalyn engulfed his entire cock in her mouth and squeezed it out for him. Throwing his head back for the second time, George let out a screaming climax as the last explosion ripped inside her throat, his ass contracting hard. That particular explosion emptied half of his nuts, therefore surprising his mother with a bang. Caught with the moment, she was able to swallow most of his load with strings of semen spilling to her neck. Slet out a satisfying moan, placing a finger in her mouth and sucking what’s left of his stuff with one audible GULP!

Still holding his cock with both hands, George collapsed on the table and sprawled there in the pool of his own cum. “Mom, that was wonderful. Oh, shit, I never came so much in my fucking life.”

Unfulfilled and hungry for more, Mother Jackalyn turned her attention to the remaining target and hinted a furtive smile. Kaniel was still standing on his bare feet, his erection long and hard.

“Are you ready to fuck me?” she asked, reaching under her cum-splattered cleavage and pushing them toward her son. He stooped down on his knees, leaned forward, and sucked on her tit with his brother’s semen on it. She felt a growing horniness gripping her composure.

Then Kaniel surprised her as he pushed her down on her back and ripped – literally RIPPED off her panties. Her wet slit was exposed, pubic hair glistening under the crude light like some final pornographic Taboo scene, and Jackalyn spread her legs wide apart. Kaniel leaned over her, aiming his budging python at the pit, and looked at his mother dead in the eyes.

“Go easy, please,” she whispered seriously. “I haven’t done it in a long time.”

“You’re fucking kidding me? You mean, Dad haven’t been giving you good-night fuck every once in the while?”

“Not even a good-night kiss. And you two boys are going to make it all up to me for him.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


My best friend from school, Eric, was orphaned while I was in the service and had inherited a fair amount of money. By the time I got out he had purchased property and had a “pole barn” built on it to live in while he built his house. He asked me to stay with him and help him build it.

It sounded like fun and I had little else going so I decided to join him.

The pole building was set up pretty well with work and storage room below and small living quarters in an open loft above. There were two beds, a small kitchen arangement, and a toilet and shower behind a curtain. With no dividing walls I knew we were going to have to get used to changing, showering, and pooping in front of each other.

Things went along well and we made good progress on the house until one day we were lifting a beam into place that was actually way too big for just the two of us. We had been working with it for a while and almost had it home when it slipped. Instead of letting it fall Eric tried to catch it and it fell across both his forearms and hands thoroghly smashing them.

I got it off and we drove the thirty some miles to the closest hospital where the doctors worked on him for hours before deciding he would probably recover fully after a long time of healing.

We left the hospital with his arms trussed up in a combination brace/cast that left him totally without their use.

I was thinking to myself that he was going to be completely dependent on me. He had no one else. I’d never thought about being a caregiver and was deciding that, yeah, I’d be able to buck up and take care of him when he broke the silence saying,”I’m a mess. I won’t be able to do anything. What am I going to do?”

I heard myself reply,”It’ll be all right. I can take care of you. It’ll be a little gross at first but we’ll get used to it.”

It started the minute we got back. He had to pee. It was awkward undoing his belt and fly. After doing so I turned him in the direction of the toilet pendik escort and pulled his pants down from the back so he could pee. He tried to aim using just his body but pee went everywhere with no one holding his dick. Luckily, before I did he was through.

“This is going to get complicated” I thought to myself. I fixed some food, fed him, and put him to bed.

He awoke the next morning, still in quite a bit of pain, and wearing a hospital gown tried to go pee himself. His morning erection, however, prevented that. He finally called to me and when I looked over, there he was sitting there on the toilet with a huge boner sticking up from between his legs. Not knowing what else to do I went over and kind of pushed down on it with one finger as he moved his butt back to allow it to pass the toilet seat. I’d never touched another man’s penis and it felt strange. I continued to hold it down as he was finally able to go. It kind of softened as he went.

I noticed him look at me with sad, pleading eyes as I heard his turds drop into the toilet. He was embarrassed and apologized for getting us into this. Not seeing any other choice, I helped him stand up, kind of bent him over, held my breath and wiped his ass. Whew!

We kind of got into a routine and things went along for couple of days and he finally said he didn’t think he could go much longer without a shower. I’d been kind of dreading this but saw no reason to put it off.

To make things easier he’d been wearing a t-shirt, socks and the hospital gown and they did need changing.

The first shower I tried to wash him with me on the outside, dressed, trying to stay dry. It didn’t work. I did, however, notice he was in very good shape with very strong shoulders, back, buttocks (I washed between them avoiding his crotch), and legs.

After a few more days I knew shower time was coming again but this time I got him ready, showered myself and had him join me in the shower. There he was, young and strong, escort pendik standing with his back to me and his arms stretched above his head. It was hard not to notice this could be considered sexy. I tried to remain clinical as I shampooed his hair, soaped up his torso, washed his back, under his arms, his chest, (I kind of reached aroung from the side because I was half hard and did not want him to see), and his legs. I again pretty much avoided his genitals.

I was feeling ashamed as we went through the motions for the next several days and my mind was awash with visions of him. I felt so transparent. I could not stop thinking about his beautiful body and did not know how much longer this could go on. I could not even masturbate because we were in the same room. I eas dreading the next shower day.

If I put it off any longer it would arouse suspicion but that wasn’t all that could be aroused. I was trying desperately to deny what I was feeling, but it was no good.

Again I got him ready, showered, and called him in. There he was again, young and strong, arms upstretched, glorious. I washed his hair, applied soap, ran my hands over his back and buttocks more luxuriously than I’d intended. I washed down the back of his legs wondering what I was going to do because I was fully hard. My thoughts again were swimming. I’d quit denying to myself that this was the hottest situation I’d ever been in.

Just then he said, “Hey, don’t think I’m weird, or anything, because I’ve got a boner. It’s just been so long since I had any”.

I tried to reply casually by saying,”Don’t worry about it, it’s been just as long for me. Ha,Ha.” How weak.

With that I moved around in front of him, kind of bending at the waist to avoid hitting his with mine. I’d have been showng pre-cum if it wasn’t for the water. I began to wash his muscular chest with both hands and I can’t believe he did not notice how lost I got in it, how long I washed it.

Finally I moved down to his pendik escort bayan feet, and began moving back up to his calves, and finally the front of his thighs. I could hardly keep going, my mind was lost, swimming, I’m not sure I knew where I was. On my knees, His big glorious cock and balls were right in front of my face. His long uncleaned crotch was going to be cleansed at last. I was actually trembling as I ran the bar of soap under his ballsack. He had to widen his stance slightly and I was in heaven. I ran the soap few times and then laid it on the floor, returning with my bare hands. I apparently had forgotten I was trying to hide my lust because I washed his balls long and luxuriosly, ran my hand up and down his shaft not really aware he was standing there. I knew I was going to suck his cock. His beautiful hard cock. It wasn’t even voluntary. Nothing could have stopped it. It was so natual.

It was wonderful. One hand under his balls, the other on his hip, and his cock deep in my mouth. The hand on his hip began pulling him in and out like it had it’s own mind. So smooth. So smooth. So Smooth and long and hard. It was like a starving man getting a meal at last. A man dying of thirst finally getting a drink!

I pulled him deeper, in and out. He began to move with me, letting me set the pace must’ve been difficult. Long and slow. Savoring every wonderful inch, in and out, in and out, deeper. I had most of his beautiful long prick in my head.

He began to move more quickly. He’d braced himself with his arms against the sides of the shower and was really going with it! Faster and faster and better yet deeper. I could not get enough. He was really fucking my face. I had to grab both hips and pull and push to help him stay balanced. I was pulling and pushing very hard and fast and he was fucking me! Over and over and suddenly he pushed in all the way and held himself there pumping into me. He pulled out a little and rammed himself home again, holding and pumping until he was through.

I realized it’d been awhile since I’d taken a breath but I’d have suffocated before not having him come in me. This was the best sex I’d ever had and I had not even cum.

I think I’m Home.

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House Hunting

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


“Isn’t this beautiful?” asked Tom. “The winding driveway gives you the privacy you are looking for. The house sits on the north edge of a 25-acre lot, 20 acres of which is heavily wooded. There’s a full sized in ground pool and Jacuzzi in the back and a lap pool and sauna the basement. There is also a trail winding its way through the woods. It begins over there and ends over here, and it’s about a mile long so it’s a nice hike. So, where would you like to go first?” he asked his client.

“Let’s start with the house. Then if I like what I see, we’ll tour the rest of the grounds.” Tina said as she started to get out of the car.

“Oh, here. Let me get your door for you.” Tom offered as he walked around the car. As he opened the door, Tina’s purse slipped from her hand and fell to the ground.

“Oh shit.” she said as she bent to pick it up. When she bent over, her blouse fell open slightly and Tom couldn’t help noticing she wasn’t wearing a bra. As she stood up and smoothed her skirt, Tom could see her nipples through the fabric of her blouse.

“Well, shall we?” he asked as he motioned toward the house. As he unlocked the front door he said, “The house has three bedrooms, each with its own bath, as well as a common bath on each floor. Straight ahead from the entryway is the kitchen. To the right of the entryway we have the family/entertainment room with bar. The door at the back of the family room leads to the laundry room complete with industrial sized washer and dryer. To the left of the entryway is the den.”

Tina had been behind him most of the time and when he turned around to lead her from the entryway into the kitchen, he caught her in the act of unbuttoning the third button of her blouse and billowing it. He blushed.

“Is it hot in here or is it just me?” Tina asked.

“Uh…let me check the thermostat. It’s right over here at the bottom of the stairs. Well it’s set at 70 degrees. I’ll turn it down to 65 for you. The central air in this place is both strong and efficient.”

“Thank you.” she said, continuing to puff her blouse out again and again. Soon her fully erect nipples were holding the fabric off her breasts. Tom’s cock began to stir.

“You’re welcome. Now straight through here we have the kitchen, complete with dishwasher, restaurant sized refrigerator, two microwaves, top-of-the-line oven, breakfast nook over there, an island in the middle for food preparation, and loads of cabinet space.” he listed the features as they entered the kitchen. Tina went to the oven and bent over to look inside. Once again her blouse was opened by the weight of her breasts. Tom’s cock was now straining the fabric of his trousers. Tina noticed this as she stood up from the oven. Tom quickly continued, “The door to the left of the kitchen leads to the bathroom. The sliding doors lead out to the patio. The pool is down the steps to the left, the Jacuzzi is right next to the pool. That little building to the right is a smokehouse. OK, I think that’s it for the ground floor. Shall we go up or down next?” he asked. Tina walked over to him.

“Personally I prefer to go down, ” she said, looking him in the eye as she squeezed his raging hard cock through his trousers, “but I want to see the bedrooms.” she finished as she turned and strode away. “They’re up these stairs, right?” she asked.

“Uh…oh yeah!” Tom stammered as he hurried to join her at the stairs.

She started up the stairs ahead of him and he stared at her slowly swiveling hips and ass all the way up. She waited patiently at the top of the stairs, smirking.

“To the right are the guestrooms. The master suite is down there to the left. Off the master suite is a deck that over looks the pool and backyard, complete with a private Jacuzzi.” he said as he led her to the master bedroom suite.

“Show me.” she said, with a sensually devious look on her pendik escort face.

“It’s just through these doors. ” he said as he led her to the French doors across the room. He opened them and they walked out onto the deck. “Isn’t it a beautiful view?” Tom asked.

Tina looked out over the yard. “Yes it is. Can anyone see you up here from the pool or patio? Because I sunbathe quite a bit , in the nude, and I’d hate to be giving someone a free show. At least not without knowing I was.” she said as she winked at him.

“I believe you’d be safe from view from below if you were to lie on a towel or blanket on the deck itself. However if you were to lie on the bench then yes, you’d visible from the pool.” Tom answered, thoughtfully looking out over the pool.

Tina walked over to the Jacuzzi and turned on the jets. “Oh how nice! It even has underwater lighting for those romantic evening encounters in the open air.” she said as she began opening the rest of the buttons on her blouse, her back to him. Then as she pulled the blouse out of her skirt, she turned to face him. “Wanna try it out?” she asked sensually. She paused to let him look her over. The blouse hung open in the front, revealing an athletic abdomen while continuing to hide her ample breasts from his eyes. She strode over to him.

“I…I…I really don’t think we should do…this.” he managed to stammer as she began to untie his tie and opened his shirt. “I have an appointment across town in an hour.” he finished more sternly, firmly taking her hands in his.

Tina leaned against him, pressing her breasts against his hands and chest. “Oh come now, Tom. I’ve noticed the way you’ve been watching me all day long at every house you’ve shown me. This is the last house I’m looking at today.” she turned away from him and strode over to the Jacuzzi. “It’s also the last chance you’ll ever have to get your hands on these.” she said as she shrugged the blouse off her shoulders. She cupped her breasts in her hands as the blouse fell to the deck. “So what’s it going to be, Tom? Are you going to just stand there and look at these wonderful tits of mine, or are you going to make the sale?” she asked, rubbing her nipples so they stood up, closing her eyes and sighing in response to the sensations.

“Oh I’m going to make the sale, alright!” Tom said. He took off his shirt and tie, then stepped over to her and pulled her to him, kissing her deeply as his hands found the zipper on her skirt and unzipped it. Her hands went to work on his belt and trousers, trying to free his cock. She knelt in front of him as it sprang free. She tugged his trousers to his ankles then stroked his cock a few times before taking it all into her mouth. She sucked it all the way in again and again, playing with his balls with one hand as she did. Tom groaned as he wound his fingers through her hair.

“Mmm, damn did anyone ever tell you that your cock tastes as good as it looks?” Tina asked, licking her lips as she looked up at him.

Tom laughed before replying, “Yeah, my wife told me once or twice.” he said, as he pulled her face up to his and their lips met passionately. He pushed his fingers into the waistband of her skirt and pushed it down past her hips, to the deck. he put his hands on her hips to pull her closer to him and discovered she had no panties on. “Do you always go freestyle or is this a special occasion?” he asked, smiling at the gorgeous woman standing nude in front of him with her hands on his cock. She led him by the cock to the Jacuzzi.

“Free is the way to be baby. There’s nothing like a cool breeze up my skirt and across my gleaming wet pussy to give me a thrill.” she said, laughing. She sat up on the edge of the Jacuzzi, facing Tom. He kissed her gently on the lips and slowly worked his way down her body, pausing at her breasts.

“Did anyone ever tell you your breasts taste as escort pendik good as they look?” he asked between licks. He went back to sucking and occasionally nibbling on her nipples.

She chuckled, “Yeah, my husband has told me that once or twice.” She took his head in her hands and guided him lower. “Keep going, lover. It gets better.” she said as he kissed his way back and forth across her belly. When he reached her pussy, he was shocked into pausing by the fact that it was smooth shaven.

“Oh I like this.” he said as he licked at her pussy lips. “Mmmm, smooth as a baby’s butt, just as soft too.” he licked the light triangle of skin where her pubes once were. She sighed as his tongue traveled across he clit, which was poking out from below her lips.

She abruptly stepped away from him. Taking his hand in hers, she moved to the other side of the Jacuzzi. “I want some serious tongue. Come here, ya stud.” she purred as she pulled him with her. She sat up on the edge of the tub and leaned back against the house, spreading her legs wide and opening her pussy for the world to see.

Tom settled into the water in front of her, his face level with her now glistening pussy. He grasped each of her pussy lips and pulled them wide, opening her vagina. He could see her juices pooling in the folds of her pussy, running over the edge and down across her ass. He stuck a finger in her pussy and worked it around, gently stroking her g-spot.

“Mmm, oh god you are so good at that. I want some tongue.” she moaned, guiding his face to her pussy and clit.

“Be patient, Tina. Your clits time is coming. I promise it will be worth the wait.” Tom said as he continued to work his finger back and forth across her g spot. He then leaned back and started to lick and nibble on the back of her knee, slowly working his way down her leg until he was an inch from her clit, which was standing tall and hard, poking out of its confines as if reaching for his tongue. Then he switched to her other leg.

Tina moaned in frustration. She began to play with her tits, squeezing them and pinching her own nipples until they, too, stood tall and hard. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter the longer Tom worked his finger around. Then he inserted a second finger and proceeded to probe deeper and deeper into Tina’s hot, wet pussy. The sound of her pussy squeezing his fingers being made audible by the abundance of juice in her pussy.

Tom returned his attention to her pussy. He licked down one lip then up the other and back down again. Moving his tongue in circles around her pussy, avoiding her clit. Soon Tina’s face grew flushed and her breathing quickened. He took this as a sign that she was going to cum. He latched onto her clit with his teeth and flicked at it relentlessly with his tongue. Tina’s quick breathing turned to quick moaning, her hips began to buck against his fingers. He could feel her pussy clenching his fingers. As her moans increased in volume, he used his secret weapon. He took her clit back into his mouth and hummed lightly, like a vibrator.

Tina screamed and her legs clamped around Tom’s head like a vise. She thrust her pussy at his face again and again, thrusting his fingers as deep as they’d go. The orgasm went on like that for minutes. Eventually Tina came back to Earth and slumped limply back against the house. Tom just smiled and sat back into a seat, enjoying a jet against his back. Soon, Tina’s breathing returned to normal and she sat up from the house and settled down into the seat next to Tom.

“That was incredible. Easily the best orgasm I’ve had in a long time, and trust me, my husband knows how to get his woman off good. You two need to get together so you can teach him to do whatever you just did to me.” Tina said a she snuggled up to Tom.

Tom put one arm around her as she snuggled. Playing with her breast, he said, “I pendik escort bayan don’t think your husband would like the idea of his incredibly sexual wife knowing another guy can teach him something. ” they both chuckled at the comment. Then Tina turned toward him and began nibbling and sucking on Tom’s ear and neck. Tom sighed as she reached down and began stroking his cock. It didn’t take long before Tom was rock hard and standing tall again under Tina’s talented touch. Her strokes gained in tempo.

“Now, let’s see what I can do for you.” she said as she settled onto her knees in front of him, watching her hand on his cock under the water. She stroked him hard a few times as she took a deep breath, then disappeared under the water. Tom gasped as her mouth replaced her hand and she slid her hands under his ass and squeezed it hard, sinking her nails into his cheeks.

Tom raised his ass out of the water and sat back on the edge of the Jacuzzi. Tina let his cock out of her mouth long enough to take a breath and her hair out of her way. She played with his balls with one hand and squeezed his ass again with the other as she sucked his cock down her throat again and again. Occasionally she’d stop at the top and nibble on the head while she pumped his cock vigorously in her hand, then abruptly take him all the way into her throat again, humming on every down stroke. It didn’t take much of this to make Tom explode into her mouth. She stopped Tombing up and down and proceeded to suck the cum out of his cock like a straw as she milked it with her hand. Only after she’d sucked him soft did she relinquish her grip on his cock and settle back into the water, relaxing in a seat against a water jet. Tom moved to join her.

“Hold on there, lover boy. You said you had an appointment across town to go to. You’d better get cleaned up and go.” she said as she rose up off her seat and leaned against the same side of the tub Tom was sitting on.

Tom pouted as he climbed out of the tub and gathered up his clothes. He went into the house and came back out with two towels. As he turned the corner on the deck, her watched Tina moving in the Jacuzzi. She had one hand on the edge and one hand in front of her pussy. He knew by the look on her face what she was doing but he asked anyway.

“What are you doing? Are you alright?” he asked as he dried himself off and got dressed.

“Oh…I’m…just…ah!…fine. I found a new…oh yeah…toy in here.” Tina said.

Now fully dressed, Tom strode over to the Jacuzzi to see what she was talking about. He just chuckled as he watched Tina ride the turbulence from one of the jets. He reached over and tweaked her nipples, hard.

“Oh…my…god!” Tina screamed for the second time in half an hour. He let go of her nipples, leaving red pinch marks behind, as she slumped back into the seat across from the jet she’d just fucked herself with. When she regained her senses, she said, “You’d better go! You’re going to be late.” She stood up, not without great effort, and took the towel he offered her as she stepped out of the Jacuzzi.

“What about you? Don’t you want a ride to your car?” he asked.

“No. After a session like that, it’ll be a while before I’m ready to go anywhere. I’ll just have a friend give me a ride. What time do you plan on getting off work tonight?” she asked.

“My last appointment is at 6:30 so I should be done by 7:00. Why?” he asked, noticing the gleam in her eye.

“I will be waiting for you in your office at 7:00, to finish what we started here. So don’t be late.” she said, grabbing his cock as she walked past him into the master suite.

“Just like that, huh? To hell with your husband?” he said.

Tina stepped out of the bathroom and he could hear the shower running. She stood before him, playing with her pussy, and said, “Oh no, not hell. I intend to take him to heaven. I intend to fuck him like he’s never been fucked before.” Then she turned and firmly shut the door in Tom’s face.

He just grinned.

“Damn! I have to come home for lunch more often!”

The End…..(for now)

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