Hot Sauce

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Large brown eyes flickered back and forth across a computer, a pencil eraser absentmindedly pressed hard into a soft cheek, creating a soft, blue undulation with the glow from the screen. Lily had been at work for hours, hunched over her computer. She and Josh had been struggling financially, so she decided to go back to school to get her Bachelor’s of Nursing, an upgrade from working as a CNA. Long days at a care facility were followed by long nights of studying and taking online courses. But her studies gave her something to do while Josh worked irregular hours at the restaurant.

Lily felt her focus failing her. She decided to take a break and go grab a Jarritos soda from the fridge. It was still hot in the house despite the fact that the sun had set several hours ago. To save a little money, Lily had decided to spare the A/C and dress down in a loose tank top and pajama shorts. She was hoping that the addition of the soda might improve her focus and make this sacrifice more bearable. She pried off the top, took a big sip, sighed, and slumped down on the counter top. Her stomach grumbled. She had forgotten to eat dinner. She was hoping Josh would bring home some of the family dinner—the meal shared by the restaurant staff—for her. With another sigh, this time of resignation, she looked over the counter of the kitchen at the coffee table where the persistent light from her computer cut through the darkness of the living room. She walked back over to the still warm seat on the couch and got back to work.

‘Krebs cycle…what are the steps?’ Her exhausted brain was swirling. ‘Ketoglutarate…hehe, glutes.’ She mindlessly nestled the cold bottle between her breasts and rolled it back and forth, gently moving them from side to side, her nipples softly dragging along the fabric of her tank top. As her eyes once again glommed onto the circular organic process on the screen, her head bent down, and she lazily allowed the rim of the bottle to brush her lips as it swayed between her soft tits.

There she sat, trying to make sense of chemical processes, when a click broke her focus, stopping the rocking of the bottle. The front door opened to large, dark frame filling the door way. “We have got to get the front light fixed. You scared me,” Lily said as Josh walked in, looking tired.

“I’m not going to worry about it. I mean, who’s going to break into our place anyway?” Josh asked. He was carrying a white plastic bag in his hand which meant he had the food Lily had been hoping for.

“You never know,” Lily quipped, “Someone might think that duct taped chair is art. Someone’s coming for that crappy pleather Lazy Boy with the duct tape racing stripe. We can’t let anyone know we have it. That’s how we’re gonna retire.” Josh laughed as he stripped off his shirt. He always bathed as soon as he got home or Lily complained that he made the bed smell like the dinner table, and that was the wrong kind of hunger for a bedroom. As Josh walked down the hall, undressing, Lily refocused on her computer. Her studying was punctuated by the sound of his clothes hitting the laundry basket, the shower turning on, and then the water being muffled in its fall as it ran down around his body. Moments later, the smell of his body wash mingled with the citric smell Jarritos still under her nose. She breathed deep, shivered down the length of her back, and brought her thoughts back to the blue rectangle in the darkness.

Josh hadn’t been long in the shower. He toweled off, grabbed a pair of fresh boxers and a shirt, and went into the kitchen. The absolute last thing he wanted to do after a night of working in a restaurant was to be back in the kitchen, but the food he’d brought home was cold. He wanted to heat it up for Lily since he knew she often forgot to eat during stretches of studying. He reached for his favorite pan and hit it with a little oil, warming it up, and then adding the delicious remnants of the night to the heat. In the bag was also a container of sauce. Balthazar, one of the Mexican staff, had a running joke with Josh, mocking him, about how White spices were pussy flavors. Only a real man could handle serious Mexican peppers. So, Balthazar would sneak a container of sauce into Josh’s take-home bag, joking the next day that he’d added it to remind Lily that there are real men in the world, guffawing the whole time. It was regular joke, and all in good fun. With a chuckle, Josh slipped the lid off, and the invisible cloud of capsaicin assaulted his eyes. ‘That dick,’ Josh thought, chuckling as he dipped his fingers in offending sauce. He popped his finger tips into his mouth, illegal bahis and promptly stifled a cough. “You okay?” came Lily’s distracted question from the living room. Josh quietly sucked in his breath and composed himself.

“Yup, yup,” he managed to get out without sounding too pained. ‘That’s gotta be some straight fucking pureed Scotch Bonnets,’ thought Josh. Pulling himself together, he rinsed his hand quickly and got back to warming Lily’s food.

“Mmm, something smells good,” she grumbled happily. He looked at her there, her soft form glowing with the halo given off by the computer in front of her. The soft, half moon-shaped shadow cast along her breast was riveting. The smell of the food was breaking Lily’s focus, and she started to rock her head from shoulder to shoulder, snaking her spine as she stretched. Josh turned off the burner, spilled the food onto a plate, and leaned over her, placing it on the coffee table. As he did, he slipped his left hand inside her tank top, grabbed her breast, and gently raked his fingers along its curvature and nipple as he stood up. She made quick eye contact and smiled.

“Hey, that was a little more than I asked for, but thanks. This smells amazi…ow. What the heck is that? Something burns.” She grabbed at her breast to look at where he had scratched her. Josh realized what was going on.

“Oh man, I’m sorry! Bal put the stupid sauce in with the food, and I must have not washed my fingers well enough. Fuck! Are you okay?”

Lily laughed, “Are you guys still playing that stupid game? Tell him I say hi tomorrow.” She pulled down her tank top collar, revealing the reddening breast.

“Let’s get you into the shower,” Josh sighed, feeling sheepish about this stupidly failed foreplay.

Lily laughed again, “No, I’m fine. It’s not bad. Actually, I kind of like it.”

Josh stopped. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Lily replied. “I used to put waaay too much of that stupid lip plumping lip gloss on my nipples when I was a teenager because it felt good. This feels kind of like that.” She gently fondled her breast, feeling the acidity prickle along her skin.

Josh though for a moment, realizing not that much pepper could still be on his finger, but perhaps it was just enough.

“Let’s make them match,” he laughed, reaching over her again, taking her right breast in his hand. He let his finger nails dig in ever so slightly in the fold of her breast, and then he dragged them up, deliberately catching her nipple in the process. Lily gasped.

“Fuck, that’s good. Balthazar made that sauce, huh? Hmm, maybe there is something to his claims,” Lily laughed through deep breaths, rubbing her tingling breasts.

“The fuck does that mean?” Josh asked.

“Well, if that’s what a real man feels like…” she laughed, enjoying adding a layer to the joke.

“Haha,” said Josh. “I guess you want his sauce?” Lily smiled and locked eyes with him.

“I want to see what you can do with it.”

Josh had known that Lily was into pain play. They’d had fun with wax and spanking before, but this was different. Josh was turned on, but he had no intention of getting hurt himself. Something about making sure she was the only one on fire got him even harder. Suddenly, he realized he really wanted to hear her scream, and he knew she wanted it, too.

“Okay,” he growled, smiling. “Wait here.” He walked back to the bedroom and grabbed a condom, and then back out into the kitchen to get the evil little jar of hot sauce. He looked up as he reached for the jar to see her standing there, naked, lurid claw marks across her breasts, a challenging smirk on her face. He, too, stripped and slowly walked up to her, holding her gaze, and dipping just the tip of his finger in the sauce. He came so close, their noses touched, she raised her face, seeking a kiss, and instead he brushed her lips with the scorching liquid. Her tongue flicked out, and she bit her lip.

“Oooh, that’s good, but h-hot,” she exhaled hard.

“Too much for you?” Josh teased.

“Nope,” and Lily took the tip of his finger in her mouth, sucking, coughing, gagging, and smiling. She could feel his cock against her, and she began to stroke it as she choked on his finger. He slid his finger back out of her mouth, again dipped the tip in the sauce, and pinched her hard little nipple against the coated fingertip. At first, she moaned pleasantly under the pressure, but a little twist, a little friction upbraiding the skin, and she sharply inhaled, her eyes snapping shut and forcing out the tears that had already been forming there. He stopped the cruel rotation illegal bahis siteleri of her breast between his fingers, but her brown eyes opened and locked onto his, and he knew this was what she wanted. He anointed his finger again and this time savagely dug his nails into her left nipple. She moaned loudly and fell back onto the couch, releasing his cock, clutching her breasts, gingerly and rhythmically rubbing her nipples. As she sat down, he saw a blue flicker of light between her legs. He realized she was so wet that the computer’s light was reflecting off the eager fluids dampening her pussy. He reached for his condom, ready to fuck her, and she stopped him.

“Not yet,” Lily gasped. “I want you to make my pussy lips so swollen and red. I want it to hurt. Give it just a taste.” She lay on her back and gently started stroking herself, the sound of the soft friction and the smell of her filling the darkness.

Josh dipped his finger in the volcanic sauce and knelt beside the couch, the landscape of her legs, her pussy, open in front of him. He traced his finger along the edge of her lips, following the wetness. It was like his finger was made of embers. Her hands shot down between her legs and her knees clapped together. Her face was writhing with pain interspersed with tight smiles shooting across her lips. He firmly grabbed her knees and stopped her rocking, then forcefully pried her legs apart again. In the light, he thought he could see a light swelling of her pussy lips, glistening from the increasing secretions as her body coped with arousal and capsaicin. He leaned forward and tasted her, a gentle tingle biting along the edges of his tongue, hinting at the pain she was in.

He tongued her again, this time more forcefully, hearing her groan and her breath catch. He moved closer still and felt her grab the back of his head, forcing him in deeply. His stubble was delightfully excruciating. Lily felt conflicted as she wanted to grind his face into her pussy, but each acidic touch sent her into instinctive convulsions aimed at escape. Pleasure won, and Josh felt her hips rise to press is face his deeper still, his tongue filling her inside. He stayed there for a while, tasting her, her hand commandingly holding his head. Then he pulled back and dipped his finger again. This time, he used the laden digit to lift the lips of her pussy, to scald her hard clit. She shrieked, but it wasn’t loud enough. He wanted to really hear her agony. He dipped his finger again and christened the soft tissues at the opening of cavity. She cried out again.

He stood and said, “Pick up the condom. I left it on the table next to the sauce.” Lily was doubled over on the couch, visibly in pain, but she looked up at him and smiled, and then reached for the condom.

“Suck my cock first. I want it to roll on smooth.” Lily slid her now slightly swollen lips over the head of his cock, drooling from the throat fucking his burning finger had given her. He knew that this was merely a preview of what was to come, but the tight wetness of her lips and mouth were exquisite. He needed to keep things moving so he wouldn’t come too soon.

“Put it on,” he told her. She stopped sucking him off and pulled away, wincing and wiping her mouth as she did. She opened the condom and rolled it down his incredibly hard cock.

“Bend over,” Josh told her, and as she did, the wonder of her flagrant swollen slit were revealed, crowned by her tempting asshole. He dipped his finger once more, and just as his cock met the warm promise of her drenched pussy, he slipped the tip of his finger just inside her winking anus. She screamed. His thrust along tender flesh combined by a new offense floored her. She instinctively tried to get away, but his arm quickly snaked around her and held her close. He waited until she stopped struggling, merely moaning in obvious pain. He removed his finger and started slowly fucking her, watching for the soft tissues of her asshole to bloom. Her pussy was tight, and while she was pushing back against his cock, she would writhe and groan, flinching, making it crucial for him to keep a tight grip on her.

He slowed for a moment and let her breathe. Her moans quieted, and in her pain she didn’t notice his finger was returning from a refueling in the container on the table. He thrust in deep, grabbed her tight, and shoved the hot finger into her ass again, this time deeper. Her scream filled the room, and he started to fuck her harder, feeling her asshole tighten around his finger. The pain was making her ecstatic, and the muscles deep inside Lily started to canlı bahis siteleri tighten, gripping Josh’s cock in waves. Her screams, her shuddering told him she was close to climaxing, and that egged him on. He shoved a second finger inside the vivid redness of her ass, causing her to caterwaul and thrash on his cock. Josh held her fast and forcefully fucked her, causing her inflamed pussy to spill its juices every time he pulled out and then plunged in again. It was too good; his thrusting got faster and deeper.

The head of his cock was hitting her cervix, causing her to whimper between breathless howls of pleasure. Lily felt his rhythm pick up, his cock completely rigid inside her, filling her. She threw her head back, the waves of orgasm coming over her as her upper body collapsed from the agonizing pleasure. Josh felt himself coming and instinctively began to bear down with his finger in her ass as he thrust faster. The sight of her stretched wide open, scarlet and ready, was more than he could bear. His body went rigid as he came, listening to her pain as he bore down on her for the final time.

They collapsed in a heap on the couch, panting, exhausted. “Jesus,” Lily breathed out between gasps.

“Uh huh,” panted Josh. For a few minutes they just lay there, bathed in capsaicin and sweat.

Lily chuckled softly from her heaving chest, “Um, phew. I’m still, uh, raw and burning. That was…oh my god. But I am not sure how were going to fix this. Haha.”

Josh thought for a minute. “Go to the bathroom and get on all fours in the bath tub. I’ll get something.” She slowly rose, hunched over and clutching her still scarlet-striped breasts, and shuffled to the bathroom. Josh went to the kitchen. He grabbed a half full container of heavy cream from the fridge and sniffed it. Still good, he thought, and then laughed to himself because he knew she wouldn’t be eating it.

He walked into the bathroom to see her beautifully exposed, swollen, spent, and bent over, waiting. It almost got him hard again. “Here, I’ve got something that should help. Animal fats are supposed to help with peppers.” He knelt beside her and carefully drizzled the cream on her asshole, watching it drip down to her pussy. There he saw a pearl of his cum mix with the dripping cream. He softly stroked the cool fluid around her lips. It was almost too tempting.

‘If I didn’t have prep in the kitchen early tomorrow…’ Josh thought, slightly frustrated. Lily sat up and spilled more of the cool cream along her breasts, carefully rubbing it in, stroking it gently along her still irritated and pert nipples.

“I’ve got this,” she said. “I know you have work in just a few hours, and I’m off tomorrow. I’m going to run a cool bath and get cleaned up. But that was awesome. Holy shit. Get some sleep, baby.” Josh kissed her head, left the bathroom, and went to bed.

Lily drew a cool bath, watching the swirling cream resist blending with the water. She picked up handfuls of water and let it run it down over her shoulders, flowing down her breasts. She took a swig from the carton and let it dribble along her lips. She reached between her legs and found the sharp pleasure remained. She was intending to merely wash away the cum that was slowly coagulating in the water, but even the slightest motion shot through her electrically sensitive clit. Her hand flicked waves of water at her pussy, teasing herself. One orgasm hadn’t been enough. Slowly, her fingers got closer, gently circling the tender flesh. Then a single digit gently touched her clit, and her head fell forward, her other arm catching her on the floor of the tub. Her familiarity with her body made the heightened pleasure of the burned tissues a laser focused affair. Her hand frantically danced atop her clit like a fire walker, and it wasn’t long before the crescendo of her breaths revealed her second orgasm of the night. She hovered there, folded over the opaque water, panting tiny waves into it’s surface. Slowly, she reached forward, opened the drain to the tub, and got out. She gingerly dried herself off and decided to sleep in just a large cotton t-shirt to allow her pussy time to cool.

Josh woke up first, as usual. He looked at Lily, still sleeping, and gently kissed her forehead. He had no regrets about the night before, but he had lost precious sleep, and it showed on his face. He got dressed, grabbed an orange for a quick breakfast, and headed out the door. At work, he could hear prep already happening. He was a few minutes late and heard a familiar voice being the shit-talking.

“Out with your boyfriend last night, cabron?” came Balthazar’s familiar voice from deep within the kitchen. “You left poor Lily at home again, huh? Oye, did you give her my sauce?” Balthazar started belly laughing.

Josh just chuckled, “Actually, about that. Can you give me the recipe?”

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The Extremely Full Monty Ch. 03

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(Robbie Carswell, a mid-fifties consultant, has begun a relationship with a thirtyish woman. He has agreed to accompany her mother to a Free the Nipple demonstration in NYC. He finds the mother attractive. Accompanying him is a woman who is the Chairman of his hospital client’s Board and who is allowing him to stay in a carriage house apartment on her estate. To complete the mixture a friend and her twenty-three year old daughter are likely to join in the Free the Nipple event. Robbie, a widower, wonders how he finds himself in the middle of this mélange of beautiful women and if one of them might turn out to be the one to share his future.)

The rest of week dragged on as I anticipated the “Free The Nipple” demonstration on Saturday. Daphne and I were planning to meet Virginia and Carly at the train station, and ride in together. Arriving at ten in the morning, I spied Virginia standing on the platform with a large backpack at her feet. I hugged her and introduced her to Daphne.

“Where’s your friend, Carly?” I asked.

“One of her kids is sick, and she’s helping with the grandkids. She did ask that we take pictures, though.”

“Well, you must stay with us tonight,” said Daphne.

“Us?” said Virginia.

“Oh, not ‘us’ as in sleeping together,” said Daphne. “Although I think that would not be unpleasant. I’ve booked a suite at the Pierre. I’ll call and make sure one room has two beds.”

“That’s kind of you,” said Virginia. “I just want to be sure I’m not intruding.”

“Virginia, I think we’re about the same age, and, thus, too old to bullshit each other,” said Daphne. “Robbie and I are not in any way involved sexually. Though that is something that could be fun. He is a handsome man.”

“With a great ass,” added Virginia.

Daphne’s eyebrows peaked. “Oh, do tell, darling. You’ve seen his butt.”

Virginia smiled as we moved to board the train. “Indeed I have. I think a train ride is a perfect place for telling the whole story.”

The two women locked arms and boarded. I followed behind carrying my bag and Daphne’s. Virginia hoisted her backpack and was boarding ahead of us. Looking at the two butts ascending the stairs, I wondered just what I got myself into. Daphne wore tan slacks that flattered her full bottom. On top she had a light blue blouse with dark blue buttons. Her ample bosom clearly showed with the shirt tucked at her waist. Her dark hair was pulled back and fastened with a silver clip. She looked nowhere near her sixty plus years.

Virginia was wearing green cotton shorts that allowed her long and toned legs to be on display. She had a white tee shirt on top that made it obvious she was not wearing a bra underneath. Her breasts appeared small, but the dents from her nipples were more than enticing.

While we were travelling to the city, Virginia detailed her experience watching the Full Monty. She gave a detailed description of what she saw. She went on to relate how her daughter caught the dress rehearsal, and saw the cast running around with erections.

“I really must get involved in our local theater,” said Daphne, which made Virginia crack up.

“So, now your daughter appears to have gone a bit past watching erections,” said Daphne.

Virginia looked at me. I couldn’t read her expression.

“Yes, that lucky bitch,” she said. The two women began laughing, and patting each other’s legs.

“She was in bad need of a good romp,” said Virginia. “I had to threaten to take care of Robbie myself if the two of them didn’t get together.”

“From what Robbie said about you, I don’t think he’d have seen that as punishment,” put in Daphne.

‘Really!” said Virginia.

“And, now after meeting you, I can tell why he feels that way. You’re a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you, Daphne, and might I say that you are one of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen.”

“Hey, before the two of you start screwing on this train,” I said, “how about we change the subject.”

“I thought it was every man’s fantasy to watch two women having sex?” said Daphne.

I just shook my head, and asked Virginia, “So, how many demonstrators are you expecting?”

“Guess we’ll have to fuck later,” deadpanned Virginia as she looked at Daphne, and then winked.

Daphne smiled and nodded.

Virginia turned back to me and said, “Probably a couple hundred. It’s been going on for a few years, and has been steadily growing.”

“Robbie tells me there are possibly two more joining in today,” said Daphne.

I explained about Sarah and Katie. I hadn’t heard back from them, but they were thinking about it. At least we would all meet up for dinner.

Virginia and Daphne began discussing their lives and interests, and soon were engrossed in a back and forth that left me alone to my thoughts. I looked at these two women, and wondered how society could try to push them to the sideline because of age. I only saw two incredibly attractive, intelligent, witty and interesting women. In addition, both had a sex appeal that canlı bahis şirketleri transcended whatever date was on a driver’s license.

We arrived at Penn Station a little after eleven. Virginia and Daphne debated about having lunch around there or going down to Washington Square Park to eat. Daphne knew of a good Thai restaurant near the park, and we agreed on it. We decided to go uptown first to drop our bags at the Pierre. So we grabbed a cab and headed up. Our room was not ready, but we could leave our luggage. Another cab ride took us down to the restaurant.

While enjoying lunch, my cell rang. Sarah said she and Katie would be joining us. I told them to meet us by the dog run, since I imagined most people would be congregating by the fountain, and it would be easier to find us away from the crowd.

A little after one, I saw Sarah and Katie approaching us. I stood to greet them, and then made the introductions to Daphne and Virginia. Sarah asked what the plan was. Virginia produced a copy of an email from her pocket and read the instructions.

“Looks like we take off our tops—or as much of our tops as we are comfortable with—and assemble at the fountain at two. There will be some speeches and them we march down to Bleeker and back up to the park. After that, it’s over.”

Katie slid her backpack off. “We can stow our stuff in here, and Mr. C can carry it. So, I guess we should get ready?” The women looked at each other, waiting to see who would make the first move.

“Fuck it,” said Virginia, “and whipped off her tee shirt.” Her small breasts bounced as the shirt cleared her head. I marveled at her small areolas and hard nipples. She caught my eye, and smiled.

By this time the others were undressing. Daphne handed me her shirt and reached behind to undo her bra. Her large breasts sagged as they were free from her underwear. I noticed she had no tan lines. Her areolas covered the entire front part of her breasts, and her nipples were dark and protruding. They were awesome breasts.

“Disappointed?” she asked me.

“I think the word is delighted,” I responded. She blushed.

“Here ya go, Mr. C.”

I turned to see Katie offering me her shirt and bra. I had to admit that her breasts certainly matured since she was eighteen. As only a young woman’s breasts can do, hers sat up on her chest with no sag. They looked firm and sexy as hell. She had almost no areola and her nipples were long and dark.

I was now seriously fighting an erection. This was a protest to demand equality for women, and I did not want to appear to be a guy who was only here to look at naked breasts. At the same time, I am a guy, and there are topless and beautiful women standing in front of me. I can only control so much before nature takes over.

I turned to Sarah. She had removed her shirt and stood in just her thin bra. She handed me the shirt, smiled shyly and reached behind to undo her bra. Slowly she let it slide down until her breasts came into view. My first reaction was they were perfect. Round and full with rosy areolas and nipples, her breasts were what I always imagined what a breast should be. My second reaction confirmed they were perfect.

“Almost makes us even now, Robbie,” she said as she gave me her bra. My fingers closed around the silky material, and I abandoned all hope of staving off my erection. I coyly held the backpack in front of the bulge in my jeans.

“Shit,” said Virginia, “I left the sunscreen in my bag at the hotel.”

“Oh,” said Katie, “I’ve got some in my pack. I’ll get it.”

While I held the bag, she unzipped the top, and began to root around for the sunscreen. Her hand pushed against the back of the bag, and her fingers traced my erection. Looking me straight in the eye, she grabbed my hard shaft and ran her fingers up and down.

“Here it is,” she said as she continued to stare at me. She squeezed me with two fingers, and felt for my balls. I did my best acting to keep on a straight face. She kept running her fingers up and down my shaft. “Nope, that’s not it.” She dug deeper and quickly pulled out a long tube of cream.

She squeezed a large dollop into her hands and tossed the tube to her mother. Katie rubbed the sunscreen into her boobs. I hope I was not moaning out loud. “Do my back, Mr. C,” she said.

“I can do your back, dear,” said Sarah. She gave me a look only a mother can make as her daughter is caught flirting. Sarah finished smoothing the cream over her breasts and squeezed some more into her palms, and began coating her daughter’s back.

Virginia was now administering to her breasts. She looked at Daphne and said, “Guess you won’t need too much. Spend a lot of time in the sun?” Daphne wiped a small amount on her large breasts. “We have a pool and it’s quite private. Don’t need to wear a suit.”

“Oh, has Robbie joined you?” asked Virginia.

“Not yet,” said Daphne, and smiled.

I had put all the tops in the backpack, and added the tube of sunscreen.

“Let’s go ladies,” canlı kaçak iddaa said Virginia and led them in the direction of the fountain. As we neared I saw more topless women along with hundreds of spectators, most with cameras or smart phones out taking pictures.

“That reminds me,” said Daphne, “I promised my husband a picture. You ladies don’t have to be in it.”

“I don’t mind,” said Virginia, “unless you want it to be a solo shot.”

“Hell, the more the merrier.”

Daphne handed me her phone from her back pocket, and as I turned on the camera function, Katie and Sarah stepped into the shot. I framed them and took a number of pictures.

“Let’s get Robbie in, too,” said Virginia. “I want to send one to Kathleen.”

Katie walked over to a young man who was standing with a topless woman his age. “Would you mind taking a pic of our group?” He agreed. With me in the middle, and four topless women all around, he took some pictures.

We then heard a voice over a megaphone trying to get the crowd quieted. She was partially successful, and we could hear her talk about the purpose of the demonstration and the right to equality. All the time, dozens of men crowded around to take pictures and videos of the partially nude women. No one appeared too annoyed, but it was obvious many of these guys were there to see boobs, and not to support any social cause.

The speech ended and the tall red head with large, pendulous boobs, who was speaking, stood down from the bench and started to cross the park in the direction of McDougal Street her mighty breasts bouncing and swaying with each step. Many of the women carried signs and almost all chanted things like, “What do we want? Equality. Where do we want it? On our nipples”

I tried to keep pace with my friends as they walked, chanted and waved to the bystanders. I admired them both for their bravery and ability to put modesty aside for something they believed in. I begrudgingly admitted I was also admiring their beautiful breasts. Although after a while, and as I looked at dozens of topless women, I was almost moving past the sexual nature of naked breasts. There were boobs of every size, shape and color. As I heard some idiots calling out sexually explicit things, I realized that women are too often categorized by their busts. I know I have at times been guilty of doing the same.

I thought about my wife. She would not only have been in this demonstration, she also would have been at the forefront. She was a feminist in the purest sense. Women and men are equal and pity the man that didn’t recognize it. When she’d get into a discussion about women’s rights, and some poor soul would ask her if she really thought that women were equal to women, she’d smile and say no. Then she’d add: “with a lot of work, maybe someday men can be equal to women.” Those thoughts of my wife brought a tear to my eye. As I was wiping it away, I noticed Sarah looking at me.

She came over and asked if I were all right. “Just thinking how much Connie would love this.” Sarah hugged me. As my arms slipped around her bare back, I wondered if Connie would approve of my inner thoughts at this moment.

“Thanks, Sarah, that helped,” I said as I broke free. “You better get back to the brigade of boobs before you’re missed.”

Sarah smiled, put her head up and kissed my lips. I couldn’t help myself, and looked down at her naked breasts. Her nipples were hard and extended and there was a pink blush covering the pale skin. Sarah followed my gaze. She then looked me in the eye, shrugged, smiled and jogged back to her daughter and new friends

The crowd turned left on Bleeker and then left again on Thompson heading back to the park. Before we knew it the throng was filtering back into the park. The red head again tried to speak, but there was far too much commotion. The most I could make out was this was the end of the demonstration and that they had to keep fighting.

My little group were all hugging each other. One by one each came to me for a hug. I enjoyed their enthusiasm and the eight nipples that pressed into my chest.

“God, I hate having to put my top back on,” said Virginia.

“Yeah, I could go around like this all day,” echoed Katie. “You wouldn’t mind would you, Mr. C?”

Sarah swatted Katie’s behind and told her to behave. “I’ll take my clothes now, Robbie,” she said. She turned her back to put on her clothes. Katie walked next to me to take her shirt and bra. She rubbed her breast against my arm, her hard nipple grazing my flesh. As she continued to tease me with her breast, she let her hand brush against my erection. She giggled and took her clothes and got dressed.

One by one the other women dressed. We spied a vendor with bottled water and each grabbed one. We sat on the edge of the fountain. Some women were still walking about topless, and some were being interviewed with cameras capturing their symbols of equality, but most had either covered up or left. The crowd was steadily thinning out.

“What canlı kaçak bahis now?” asked Katie.

“I wouldn’t mind a bit of a rest before dinner,” said Daphne. “I think I’ll go back to the hotel.”

“I might stop at the Guggenheim for a bit,” said Virginia. Turning to Sarah she asked, “What hotel are you in?”

“Uh, actually we’re at an Airbnb up in Harlem. It’s sorta nice and really cheap.”

“That simply will not do,” said Daphne. “I’ll call the Pierre and get you a room. You two don’t mind sharing?”

“We’re fine where we are,” said Sarah. “Besides our budget wouldn’t allow a place like the Pierre.”

“You won’t have to worry your budget, Sarah, you are my guest. Really, Harlem is too far up. You’ll stay at our hotel, and we can all have a lovely breakfast tomorrow.”

Sarah started to speak. “That’s really kind of you Daphne, but I don’t…”

“Mom, take the freaking room. That place we have has cockroaches bigger than our cat. I mean really, Mom.”

“Then it’s settled. You can get your stuff and by the time you get to the hotel, your room will be ready. I understand our dinner reservations are for eight, so let’s meet in our suite at six-thirty for cocktails. I’ll have a car take us to the restaurant. Now, on we go.”

I knew I just witnessed Daphne, the CEO, in full operational mode. I also knew that the cost involved was not even a small drop in her bucket. Sarah and Katie headed for the subway and the three of us flagged a cab. On the ride uptown, Daphne asked Virginia if there were anything special she wanted to see at the museum.

“Not really,” Virginia answered.

“Then, come keep me company at the hotel. I bet we both could stand to undo some tension,” offered Daphne.

“I believe you’re right,” said Virginia. “I do have some deep aches that need attention. The women exchanged a glance and smiled. We then fell into a discussion of the demonstration. I assured them that they were the most attractive women there, and they immediately called me a liar.

As we were checking in, the bellhops gathered our bags, and led us up to our suite. We entered into a large room with a marble fireplace and dominated by a wall of windows, two seating areas, and an over-sized dining table. On a coffee table between the couches in front of the fireplace was a bucket holding a bottle of champagne.

Daphne tipped the bellhops, and asked me to check the refrigerator to see what else was stocked for us. I returned to see the women with their heads close to each other, engaged in quiet conversation.

“What’s the report?” asked Daphne.

“White wine, more champagne, beer, a cheese and veggie platter and a shrimp and lobster tail plate.”

“Perfect for our cocktail hour,” said Daphne.

“Did you order all that?” asked Virginia.

“Had my assistant take care of the details. She’s quite efficient.”

“Do you want anything now, Robbie?” Daphne asked.

“Might grab a beer and then watch some TV for a bit,” I said.

“Good idea,” Daphne replied. “Robbie, would you mind terribly taking the room with the twin beds?”

I had assumed that the women would sleep in the twin beds and I would have the room with one bed. It took me a moment to understand what Daphne was asking.

“Ah, sure. Be happy to,” I said. I couldn’t help shooting a glance at Virginia. She simply smiled.

“You are such a dear,” said Daphne. She headed in the direction of the bedroom, while Virginia grabbed her backpack and followed. I did take a beer and a can of nuts I found in a cupboard and went to the other room.

I stripped to my boxers, plopped on the bed and turned on the television. As I scrolled through the channels looking for a baseball game, I thought about Daphne and Virginia. I’m not that naïve not to know that women have sex with each other. It was just a surprise that these two women appeared to be headed in that direction. Looking back on the day, I recalled how they hit it off from the start, stayed close to each other, and shared a link that now indicated a deeper connection than new acquaintances usually have.

My idle fantasy of Virginia and I connecting slowly vanished along with my beer. As I watched the Yankees and Rangers play a listless game, I found myself dozing off. I awoke with a start to see I had been napping for close to an hour. I realized that it was the doorbell of our suite. I hurried out and saw Sarah looking back through the peephole. Still wearing just my boxers, I opened the door. She came in and eyed me up and down.

“Not breaking up an AARP threesome, am I?”

‘Screw you, Sarah,” I kidded back.

“If only…” she said and smiled. “So, what gives with the, what are they, Patriots’ boxers?”

“Watching a game and fell asleep,” I said. “And, you’ve seen me in less. Why are you here?”

“Just letting you know Katie and I are ensconced in this fabulous room two floors down. I confirmed our dinner reservations and even managed to push it back to nine. I did mention Daphne’s name, and suddenly there was no problem. I thought we could use the extra time to avoid rushing.”

“Good idea. There is a refrigerator full of goodies, so we can have a proper happy hour. You should still plan to come up between six-thirty and seven.”

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Twist Ending Pt. 01

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Your eyes dart around the bar, knowing you won’t find me just yet, but this is uncharted territory and your nervous energy won’t allow for anything else.

Just two hours ago, you’d awoken from your nap to discover the hotel room empty save for a few carefully crafted notes.

The instructions had been followed to the letter, though one or two had taken significant leaps of faith. Anxiously, you run your hands across your stomach and hips. The dress I’d directed you to wear had been making you uncomfortable, but the heads on swivels everywhere indicate I’ve chosen wisely.

Your breath catches in your throat as you feel those familiar vibrations from your phone. You want so badly to rub your pussy to relieve just a little bit of pressure, but then you remember all those eyes on you…

You lick your lips and squint against the glow of the screen in the dim light of the room.

“Hey gorgeous,” says my text.

You lean against the wall and scan around 360 degrees one more time before responding. “No fair, I can’t see you.”

“Oh I can’t see you yet either, but something sensed you the second the cab stopped out front.”

Your heart pounds in your ears and you swallow hard as you feel a short, sharp buzz between your legs.

You stifle a yelp of surprise as my next text flashes on the screen, all evil grin emojis. The bar beckons. As you ease between bodies on the edge of the dance floor, it starts up again. The sensation is almost imperceptible at first, but that pussy of yours doesn’t miss a thing.

The low rumble reminds you of the vibe setting you use on your clit when I’m fucking you and you get butterflies. You’re struck by a panicked feeling that I might miss your first orgasm from our newest plaything.

I jack the intensity and you bite down hard on your bottom lip as your knees buckle, grabbing onto the closest arm to you. “Sorry, clumsy,” you call out to a confused young blonde, and shuffle quickly to the closest stool near the bar.

You’ve no more settled in to the leather seat as the intensity on the vibrations ebb, and your impending orgasm right along with it. For now, I seem intent on giving and taking away, and you’re able to catch your breath and gather yourself in the down time.

You rest your elbows against the apron in front of you and lean forward. The angle drives the vibe into your pussy and your head swims. As an added bonus, your cleavage instantly attracts the eye of a server. “A ssss…ssssss…caesar,” you manage, and settle back down into your chair.

Each tiny movement, shuffle, tightening and loosening of a muscle changes the sensation, the pressure, the intensity. Breathlessly, you’re stuggling to keep from writhing in public. You thought you’d been a LITTLE prepared for this, but you’d been sadly mistaken. The drink comes and you down a large first sip.

“I NEED to see you…NOW,” you type.

“Oh, why’s that?” You can just see the smirk on my face.

“I’m going to cum you filthy fucker, and I want to you watch.”

“Maybe I CAN see you,” I reply with a wink and crank back up the intensity.

You bite down on your lip hard again, and grab the bar with one hand as your eyes shut tight. Your body wants to go there, but it’s suddenly all too aware of it’s surroundings. Forcing your eyes back open, you’re looking into the eyes of a brunette with a smile on her face.

“You ok?”

Pausing an uncomfortably long time, you consider how the last few seconds would have looked to someone studying her intently. “Oh, um yeah,” you manage, hoping against hope I’ll have mercy on you. “Just feeling a little lightheaded. It’s cool out and super warm in here.”

One more long swig of your drink and it’s almost gone. Your new friend points at your glass. “How about another?” She smiles and you’re struck by her pretty face and long black hair in tight curls.

“Wouldn’t say no to that, but you don’t have to…” But she’s already turned to the bar and doubled down for the both of you.

“Put them on my tab,” she yells to the server and turns back to you. Handing you number 2, she steps away from the bar to make room and you can more easily check her out. She’s tanned with stylish jeans, ripped mid-thigh and a black, sleeveless halter, cropped ever so slightly above the waist, showing a tantalizingly brief touch of her torso.

You grab your phone and try not to stare. “PLEASE have mercy on me for a bit…”

There is no answer, but also no change between your thighs. That low rumble. Amazing, but you’ll be able to control yourself at least.

Her name is Florence and she’s meeting a couple of girlfriends running really late. For the next few minutes, you talk about your jobs, relationships (she’s single and looking), and you tell her I just got caught at work and will güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri be late as well. She’s obviously funny and smart to go along with the sexy. You stop yourself from just plowing through a third drink. You’re thinking thoughts…

“Baby, if you’re out there, are you seeing this?” you ask.

I answer at first with a couple of quick stabs from my remote control. You jump and lose your balance on the stool, grabbing Florence for stability. She smiles. “Getting tipsy are we?” She doesn’t flinch and your hand lingers. The phone buzzes. I’ve actually answered.

“She’s pretty, having fun?” You glance upward and nod, still unable to find me. “Good,” comes the response. “Keep going, I’ll find you in a bit. :)”

The conversation continues through drink three and you’re feeling warm. It’s difficult not to stare brazenly at her huge boobs. They’re barely contained in the halter and you could swear the nipples are rock hard.

“Ok,” you manage, “I need a drink break or you’ll peel me off the floor before anyone else arrives.” You’re more in need of a distraction from Florence than anything else. She’s been swaying alluringly to the music this whole time, staring into your eyes.

She slams an empty glass on the bar and smiles. “We’re dancing.”

“Oh nnnnnoooo, I’m not doing that.”

But she’s already grabbed your hand and made it halfway to the floor. She’s beautiful, you’re tipsy and it can’t be stopped. It’s crowded out there and a little warm but Florence isn’t shy. Nor should anyone be who moves like that.

You’re moving, but hesitantly. You’re too busy staring like everyone else.

She laughs and approaches you slowly. Her hands go to your hips and she presses against you, swaying her hips back and forth and encouraging you to move with her.

Shy has never been your issue. You instantly loosen up. It feels like you’re slow dancing with this gorgeous creature. Your eyes close and you breathe in deeply. She smells amazing as well.

Oh fuck, there it is. I’ve obviously played with the dials and you can feel that swelling of momentum deep inside you once again. Whether it’s the vibe between your legs, the beautiful girl you’ve met, the alcohol, or all of the above, you’re feeling more comfortable as you dance with, and for, Florence.

But for the moment she’s lost in the music, eyes closed, a perfect smile on her face, rhythmically moving her hips. I seem to be getting into the rhythm with the two of you as well. The strength of the sensation between your thighs moves and sways with the music, getting you closer and closer to cumming in front of a few hundred people.

The next song is a banger with a ton of bass. Florence is shutting the world out now and dancing WITH you. She’s staring at you in the same way everyone else in the place has been staring at HER. Her hands touch your hips and back and you instinctively thrust your hips, wanting so badly for her to grab your ass.

Instead, she turns her back to you and lightly rubs her beautiful round ass against your thighs. You’re more than a little amazed she can’t feel the vibrations through your dress.

The moment is coming fast now and won’t be stopped. I set the dial to what must be the max and your body starts to shake. Instinctively, you reach out for Florence and hold on for dear life, trying desperately to make spasms seem like dance steps. Your hands accidently slide across her bare midriff, but you couldn’t ask for a better reaction.

Florence is grinding back against you now, throwing her arms up over her head and pulling you to her. You whimper into her neck and shoulder as you cum, your legs shaking. If feels like a minute passes while you’re paralyzed, holding her tightly to you while the music pulses, her ass thrusts into you and her hands caress the back of your head and neck. It’s a miracle the entire floor below you isn’t a puddle.

The song ends and Florence turns. “Ahh, wow, that was…interesting.” She’s smiling. She’s a little shy, but you also know someone who’s turned on when you see it. Your heart skips a little and you’re staring at each other. A slower song comes on. You reach for her hand and start to turn for the privacy of the chairs and sofas in the corner.

But before you know it’s happening. Her lips meet yours. You whimper quietly and return, shyly rubbing the sides of your hips. It only lasts a few seconds but, from the flicks of the tongue, the heavy breathing and her hands finally going to your ass, it’s obvious what’s going on.

As you break and smile, HER phone buzzes.

“Oh dammit,” she frowns. “My friends, I ummm, have to go.”

“Shit is everything ok?” you ask.

“Yeah, they’re just stuck without rides and…it’s a whole thing.” She hesitates. “Give me your phone,” she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri demands with a smirk. You unlock it and hand it over. “There, my number.” She squeezes your hand. “Use it ok?” You can only nod as you watch her walk away.

“Well that fucking sucks,” you mutter to yourself. You take a deep breath and text me. “Get this pussy home, now.”


The cab ride home, the elevator ride up, the walk down the hall. It’s all one big effort to touch each other as much as possible without getting arrested. You’re going on and on about your new friend and the things you can’t wait to do to her and my swollen cock tells you I’m not jealous in the least.

The second the door shuts behind us, I slam you against the wall and run my hands all over you, kissing your neck and shoulders, nibbling at your ears. “I’m running things tonight understand?” I say flatly. You nod. “Mmmhmmm. Get on that bed now and spread eagle for me.”

You push me back and smile that wicked smile. Tugging that dress over your head, you get to show off the sexy number you’ve chosen to go underneath. It’s new, and you watch with satisfaction as I shake my head and stroke my dick through my pants. Black, snug and sheer, it suits that banging fucking body of yours to a tee.

You’re 44 with a daughter back home with her dad, so you’re not flawless, but you’re a textbook MILF. Big blonde curls frame a pretty face with a perfect smile. You’ve had a breast reduction but they’re still 36 DD and have barely sagged even a bit from your glory days.

There are some stretch marks on that tummy but it’s still almost flat. You’ve always had naturally big hips and a big round ass, but it’s the classic hourglass and you’ve turned me on since the moment I first saw you.

As for me, I’ve managed to stay in pretty good shape myself. A college athlete, I’ve always had a muscular frame. I gained a lot of weight in my early 40’s but I credit you for fucking me back into shape the last couple of years. There’s still a little trace of a dad bod, but I look fucking good for my age.

Staring at me and licking your lips, you tug the shoulder straps down bit by bit like you’re doing a slow dance for ME now. When your tits finally spring free, I moan just a little and you smile wider at the effect you’re having. You lay back on the bed, tear away the snaps holding the number together between your thighs and spread your limbs wide.

I stare you in the eyes as I toss my shirt on a pile with my pants and stroke my cock through my boxers. I kneel down and pull out the restraints I’ve hidden under the mattress and it’s your turn to moan. “You planned this out you little devil,” you purr approvingly, letting me pull them just a LITTLE tighter than normal.

The last thing you see before the black of the blindfold settles in is me blowing you a kiss but then shushing you and smacking your thighs with the leather flogger you didn’t know was there. You know now I’m not fucking around tonight. The room is quiet. Your pussy throbs.

A few minutes go by. You can hear me moving around the room, making you wait, testing you. You’re squirming like mad, anticipating what’s to come. Finally, there are light kisses between your legs. For a couple of minutes, they tease your lips, your clit, but there’s never any real contact.

You whimper again, consider begging, but hold off. There’s another pause. The lips have started focusing on your breasts, but are carefully avoiding your nipples. This goes on for minute after agonizing minute until finally, a hand slips between your legs.

You let out a low moan as two fingers easily slip inside your soaking wet pussy. A pair of lips go back to your tits and this time, your nipples are lavished with attention. The fingers are flying in and out of your pussy now and you can’t take it.

“Sir, can I talk please sir?” It feels like forever until you lean into my ear and whisper.


“Oh baby it’s so good, don’t stop. You wonderfully evil man, you’re gonna get what you want.” You’re getting wetter and wetter and wetter and wetter and this time there’s no need to hold anything back.

You’re shocked I’ve allowed this to happen so quickly but you also don’t give a shit at the moment. You can barely get out the words now. “Can I please cum sir?” Your whole body is stiff and almost looks to be lifting off the bed.

Immediately two fingers are back inside you and, within seconds, lips are wrapped around your throbbing clit. You’re on the edge instantly and you’re sure as fuck going to take that as permission. “Oh my fucking gawwwwwwd,” you practically scream as it rips through you and you let go.

Instantly, you can hear your cum splashing against skin like a garden güvenilir bahis şirketleri hose against the pavement. It seems to go on forever before you take a breath and push again. You hear the second stream hit the wall across the room.

“Fuuuuuck girl,” you hear me say in the darkness. You love how much this turns you on and you can’t believe how much more you feel is there. Just when you think you’re about to come down, something slips inside you just a little. It’s rock hard and hits that spot you know will keep me cumming.

It feels like minutes pass and the sensation won’t subside. “Fuuuuuuuck, keep goooooing,” you moan, and it does, sliding in and out of you as you push constantly, not wanting to lose the feeling. After what feels like forever, the throbbing and the gushing stop.

Those fingers don’t move from inside of you for a very long time, a tongue laps at you for a few more minutes, cleaning you up oh so eagerly. “Sir, can I taste me,” you moan, still shaking.

You hear the “yes” coming from what sounds like across the room. And when the kiss starts, it takes a moment between the alcohol and excitement. But it’s clear this isn’t a normal one. Someone tugs at your blindfold and it takes your eyes a couple of seconds to focus.

I removed your blindfold, but it’s Florence’s smiling face you’re cleaning with your tongue. Your eyes go wide and you pause to take a breath. In the soft light of the room, you watch droplets of your cum dripping from the perfect nipples of her huge tits onto yours. It may be the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen.

“Explanations later?” She asks, holding one breast out for you.

You nod and moan, slowly bringing one nipple into your eager mouth. You have so many questions but as you look to the side and see me in my boxers, big cock straining against them, big wet spot of precum making them wet, you know they can wait.

On the table by the window are a bunch of our toys from the sex dungeon. It’s gonna be one of those “choose your own adventure” nights. Oh god how much you love those. You watch me slowly approach, rock hard cock not moving a centimetre in my boxers.

Wordlessly, I put one arm around Florence and grab your hair. I grab her breast still in need of cleaning and guide it into your mouth. There’s a spiderweb pattern tattoo on it and the nipple is still dripping. You moan in approval and watch

as Florence swallows hard and closes her eyes, licking her lips. She’s so turned on by you and it’s making your head spin.

You lose yourself in Florence and how sexy and open and vocal she is. “I couldn’t believe how lucky I was when I saw you walk in in that dress. I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you. Yeah, bite my nipple bitch, fucking bite it.” Her hands start to roam your body and you instinctively thrust your hips in the air.

She reaches for your pussy, but her hand gets a quick smack from me. She jumps, but grins at you. “Sorry sir,” she breathes. Her tits are ripped away from you suddenly and you whimper in disappointment. Until you see my cock in your face that is. You lick your lips and stare up at me.

“Please can I have it sir?” You ask in as pleading a manner as you can summon. I look at Florence. She drops down to her knees on the floor. “Please sir, let me take it out for her.” She bites her lip and your pussy gets wetter if possible. I grin with satisfaction and nod. She jerks my boxers down and my steely cock bounces free. Florence reaches for it but you smack her hand again.

“You get it when she says so only.” You wave your head toward the table. Florence smiles and almost runs over. You watch her ass sway as she re-ties her pony tail and you whistle at her. You put her in her late-30’s but her body is unbelievable.

More tattoos of all designs cover much of her back, sides and her left calf. She turns at the sound of your cat call, bites her lip and winks. Her tits barely move.

They may be fake. You couldn’t care less. Fuck, your man knows your type.

My cock is right there for you now. You stick out your tongue but can’t quiiiite… I smile down at you. “You want this cock girl?” You breathe deeply and nod slowly. “Then ask for it nicely.”

“Please sir, can I taste your big cock, I want to suck on it so bad. Pleeeeeease! You can cum down my throat and make me choke.”

“Can she share with me sir?” comes a meek call from across the room.

“Only if she wants,” I say calmly, nodding down at you.

You glance around me to Florence, smiling. “I love to share.” I follow your gaze.

“Hey, no, you have to earn that.” I say sharply. Florence pouts a little but then smiles, peeling off the strapon she’d been tightening. I turn back to you, grinning.

I grab the back of your head and pull it toward me. As my hard cock slides between your lips, the sweet taste of my precum hits your tongue and you whimper loudly.

The last thing you see before you close your eyes and let me fuck your face is Florence, staring between your legs and smiling. Toy for your ass in one hand. One for your pussy in the other.

End of part 1…

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Ringmaster Ch. 11: Getting a Tae-ste

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“I need to make a call!” I pushed Tae back and grabbed my phone. I rushed out the door and shut it quickly behind me, clutching my chest and phone tightly. I could feel my heart racing, and not in a good way.

“Breath! Breath Maria!” I took a couple deep breaths before opening up my phone. I found her in my contacts and held it up to my ear.

“I gotta take this call. It’s important!” I could hear Vanessa talking to other girls at her work. “Hey Maria. What’s up?” I couldn’t find my voice. All I could do was shakily breath into the phone, too nervous and anxious to really say anything. “Maria? Is everything alright? What’s wrong?”

“I…” I could barely find the words to speak, but I mustered up myself just enough to get it all out. “I almost made a big mistake.” My hands were shaking and everything felt weak.

“Mistake? Sweetie, what happened?”

My goddess, she was so kind and caring. My heart ached even more thinking about her and what I almost did. “I nearly cheated on you.”

“What? Maria, is everything alright? What happened?”

Slowly, I pulled myself together enough. “So, there’s this girl in my one film class, Tae. We were, um, doing some script writing and she was starting to come onto me.” I obviously couldn’t tell her about ALL the details. “And, then she was really coming onto me, but I just couldn’t cheat on you girls and then everything started to get really panicky and I ran out of the room and then I called you and then-“

“Deep breaths Maria!” Vanessa’s voice was soothing and caring as I took a few big swallows of air. “So, you nearly had sex with someone else? Another woman?”

“Yeah,” I said, the shame permeating my voice as I answered her. I wanted to run to her arms and apologize forever for even considering cheating on her. On them.

“When were you thinking of bringing her over?”

“…What?” Vanessa’s question caught me completely off guard.

“Yeah, when we were gonna meet her? Is she cute? Ooo, or is she hot?”

“Wait, Vanessa, what?” That was all I could manage to ask amidst my confusion.

“Maria, ?????? µ??, relax.” I took a deep breath and tried to steady my nerves. “I know you. I know how wonderful and caring you can be. If you’re that concerned, then just bring her into polycule.”

“Wait, you’re… fine with this?” A part of me was relieved and the other part of me was so confused.

“As I told you before with Danna and Summer, I’m fine if you bring other girls into the polycule. You know, spread the love and all that.” I heard her chuckle a little at her little pun. “Just make sure you share.”

“I… what?” I was still a bit too stunned at her response.

“Oh, hey, I gotta go. See you later, ?????? µ??.” With that, I heard her blow me a kiss and hang up.

Still reeling in surprise from her response, I put in another phone number and held it up to my ear.

“Mhmmmmm,” I heard her mumble something before clearing her throat. “S-Summer Fitzpatrick speaking. How may I aid you?”

“Summer? Oh, I guess I must have called you.” Apparently, I subconsciously ended up dialing Summer and holding the phone up to my ear, despite not knowing her phone number. I guess that was some of the ring’s magic or something.

“Oh, it’s you Mariaaaaaammmmmppphh.” I could hear her moaning on the other end. “I’m surprised you gooooot this number.”

“Oh, uh, yeah,” I said, chuckling a little, trying to deflect away from that question. “You sound busy.”

“Aahhhiiiaaaaa, d-don’t worry about iiiiiittttmmmmmm,” Summer said, moaning louder. “Dannaaaaaa’s just ahhhhh e-eating me out.” Goddess, how quickly I forgot how sex casual we became. “What did you neeeeeed?”

“Oh, um, so I was talking with Vanessa just a bit ago, and I wanted, I guess, you and Danna’s thoughts on a dilemma I’m in.” I heard Summer give a affirmative grunt to go ahead. I filled her in on the details like I did with Vanessa.

“So, thaaaaat’s the situatioooouuhhhhnnn,” Summer said through her moans. “Then bring her into the polycule.”

I was stunned that even Summer said the same thing! “Um, what does Danna think?”

I heard Summer a bit away from the phone talking to Danna before returning her attention to me. “Danna says when you bring her around, she wants first slice of her pie.” I was even more stunned, but hearing Summer’s moans through the phone put me a bit more at ease. It was oddly soothing in a way. “Oh, hang on. Regina says she wants to talk with you. Here you gooooooommmmmpppppphhhhh.”

“Ah, thanks,” I heard Regina said. I could hear her walk a bit, presumably to my room because I heard her flop onto a bed. “So, what’s going on, Ringmaster?” Once again, I filled Regina in to the details of the situation. “Well, that shouldn’t be a big deal, right?”

“Of course it’s a big deal! I can’t just cheat on them. I mean, I shouldn’t,” I said to Regina, once again being reminded about the nymphomaniac I was talking to.

“Maria, look, the ring wants to be used and spread around. You, and it, gain power based on sexual energy you illegal bahis do and create. Naturally, it’ll make it so that you can.” I bit my lip a little at the thought. I mean, sex is supposed to be a special thing between lovers, not something that should just be done around. I heard Regina sigh. “Look, I know you’re all romantic and stuff. Maria, you’re helping spread more love and care in this world. I mean, look at what you did already? You got Danna and Summer admitting their feelings for each other. You’re doing a good thing and spreading love and romance around, not just mindless sex slaves.”

Something about hearing her say that resonated deep within me. Yeah, I’m not just some jerk who makes any woman just a mindless sex slut. I am Maria, the latest Ringmaster, who will use its power to bring joy and romance to this world!

“Thanks Regina.”

“No problem gorgeous.” With that, she hung up.

I felt myself build back up my resolve. I can do this. I am Maria!

The first thing I was greeted to was Tae, sitting on her knees where I had left her, sensually rubbing her hands all over her body. The second thing was Carmen, bent over the table, her bra up and her breasts bouncing forward and backwards. The third was Gary behind Carmen, presumably fucking her.

“Ah, Maria, you’re back,” Tae said, excited and rushing over towards me. “I was so worried when you left, but then I watched your fine ass as you left and it made me feel so wonderful. Ah, but now you’re back!”

“Yes, I just needed to make some phone calls,” I said, shutting the door behind me and making sure to lock it. Try as I might, my eyes would just shift between Tae’s half naked body and Carmen’s naked body.

“Mhmm, yeah, talk to me like that,” Tae said, closing her eyes and pressing herself against me. “Your voice is amazing, Maria. I could listen to it all day.”

Maybe I went a bit TOO far on that one command that I gave Tae. I really should adjus- MPMMH!

Before I had a chance to think anymore, Tae pressed her lips up against mine, pulling me into a fierce and sultry face lock. Her lips felt incredibly soft and gentle against mine. She moaned into my mouth as she wrapped her hands around my face to pull me in tighter.

“Oh god, Maria. Were your lips always this amazing?” she asked as I managed to pry myself away from her to breath. “I want more! Please!” She dove back in towards my face, this time inviting her tongue to lick my lips.

Ah, come on Maria. You’re the one who did this to her. Be responsible about it. And by that, I mean I reached around and grabbed her ass. Her back arched as she gasped loudly in pleasure and surprise.

“Ah, that never felt that good whenever any of my boyfriends did that.” Her eyes were aflutter in bliss. I could only imagine what face she’d make when I’d make her cum. “Do it again, please.” Happily, I complied, giving her tight ass a much firmer squeeze. Her breath quivered as the rush of pleasure washed through her body. “Please Maria…”

I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps it was the ring. Maybe I was subconsciously channeling Regina. Or perhaps I had just read a few too many romance novels. Whatever the reason, hearing that was like a switch was flipped in me. Like as if I was playing a dating sim for the second time. It was like I knew just what to say and do.

I pressed her in closer by squeezing her ass. Gently, I nibbled on her ear, which made her already ecstatic feeling amplified. “You gotta say something more than please, Tae,” I whispered into her ear. I felt her whole body quiver in excitement as I said that. “Tell me more about what you desire.”

Tae moaned softly into my ear. “Ahhh, f…f…. Fuck me, Maria. Watching C-Carmen get fucked is so hot and you… you’re making me so turned on. I… I need…”

“What is that you need?” I asked in my most sultry voice I could muster. Softly, I ran my tongue against her earlobe. “I need to hear you ask for it. Beg for it.”

Ahhhhh, Maria! When the hell did you get so smooth? I can’t believe I’m managing to say this stuff! I’ve become a romance novel protagonist! No wait, I’m the suave one they fall in love with!

“I need you to touch me all over!” Tae’s legs were shaking with excitement and desire. “Fondle my tits! Squeeze my ass!” She bit her lip as she was trying to bring herself to say the last bits. It was very clear that this was her first time doing anything sexual with another woman.

“All you want is for me to fondle your tits and squeeze your ass?” I asked, pulling back a little to tease her more.

Her eyes widened as she saw me do so. “Please, fuck my pussy, Maria!” Her face looked so nervous as she said that, but then as she thought more about it, her lust and desire began to win out. “Yes! Fuck my pussy. Eat me out. Finger fuck me. Please, do whatever you want to me, Maria! I just want to feel you.”

Now that deeply resonated with something inside of me. Her desire and neediness for me, the passion and the excitement. How happy and blissful that I was making her. It illegal bahis siteleri was wonderful and warm.

Slowly, I slid my hand around to her stomach, feeling her body shake in anticipation. “If you ever want me to stop, Tae, just tell me.” She nodded her head and bit her lip, breath wavering, and I could feel her heart racing. Gently, with my other hand, I guided her hand to me. No reason she would be the only one getting off. I could see her go from excited to confused to nervous. “It’s okay, Tae. Just follow along and do what I do.” She nodded her head again and I brought her hand under my panties and down to my crotch. I hadn’t realized just how wet and excited I was.

“It… you feel… wonderful,” she said, panting with need as she took my hand and brought it under her panties. She was far wetter than I was. “Use me Maria. Do what you want. Just please don’t make me wait anymore.”

Oh, I just couldn’t tease her anymore. I ran my fingers along her slit, feeling her body quiver at just my touch. Then, I plunged my middle and ring finger inside of her. Her back bucked and panted at the sudden rush of pleasure. Focusing hard, she rubbed my pussy back in small circles before sticking her fingers inside of me as well.

I could sense that all my teasing had already brought her close to the edge and with how wet and excited I was, I knew that I wouldn’t be far behind. Her legs began to buckle and she pressed herself against me more, her tits mashing together against mine. Trying to not cum immediately from her erratic fingering, I turned my attention to Carmen and Gary.

Gary was pounding away in Carmen, and Carmen was just leaning over the table, tits hanging out and just scrolling on her phone. No matter how hard Gary fucked her, and he was fucking her hard, she just scrolled on her phone like she was bored in class. Now, I could tell Gary was enjoying himself, but I could also sense he wanted a bit more out of getting to fuck one of the hottest girls in class. As the pleasure of Tae’s fingers washed through me, I focused on the ring and Carmen.

If Tae, Gary, or I do anything sexual to Carmen, she will respond accordingly and pleasurably.

Immediately, Carmen’s phone fell out of her hands as she gripped the table. “Ahhhh! Fuuuuucckkkk~ Your cock feels so good, Gary~!”

“Oh man, and here I thought I wasn’t doing a good job because you weren’t saying anything,” Gary said as he continued to thrust inside of Carmen.

“Ah, don’t you.. stop … Oooohh, keep… fucking me~!” Carmen managed between pants.

Now that that was done, time to focus back on the matter at hand. Tae was on the utter verge of cumming. A few more strokes and she’d be sent over the edge. “Don’t you give out on me yet. I’m almost there,” I panted, grinding my hips into her arms. With one final thrust of my fingers, Tae’s snatch clenched onto my fingers. My own pussy followed in suit as orgasms ravaged through our bodies. Our legs gave out and the two of us collapsed onto the ground in ecstasy. We both panted hard as Tae reeled from her first lesbian experience, a wide grin of bliss on her face.

Still, there was a small thought in the back of my mind.

I mean, I was able to affect minds. Regina earlier brought me through to a sort of hologram back to the past. Danna even managed to use the ring on me while she wore the ring. I could make Tae feel like this with the ring with a few commands, not even changing her TOO much. So, I wonder…could I affect myself?

I stared down at the ring as a simple reminder came to my head. Vanessa and the others said to bring Tae into the polycule. I could just make Tae part of it, like I did initially with Vanessa, but I had a slightly different idea. After all, why work harder when you can work smarter.

Okay, I hope this works.

I focused on the ring. After all, this wasn’t just a mind controlling ring. This was the Reality Ring, and I could alter the reality of any woman. And I am a woman. So, I focused and made my change to reality.

Any woman I have or had sex with will be receptive to joining my polycule.

I felt the ring pulse vividly as the change coursed through me. I was still in an orgasmic bliss state, so I was able to manage through the pain much better than I normally would have otherwise. Then, the heat subsided. I turned over to Tae to see how she was faring, and how the ring would have changed her. She tilted her head over to me and gave me a huge smile.

“Maria, that was absolutely amazing,” she said to me, still panting heavily. “No one has ever made me feel like that before.”

I smiled back at her. “Well, that’s because you’ve never been with anyone like me before.” Gently, I rolled over and traced along her shoulder with my finger, feeling her shiver in delight. Oh yeah, I should tone that down for her. Focusing on the ring, I reduced the effect of my enjoyment edit to Tae to about 60% of what it was. She still seemed like she was happy and smiling, so it was still affecting her, but at least now simple things weren’t canlı bahis siteleri making her ready to orgasm on the spot.

Tae then seemed to come down off her blissful high and look unsure of herself. “Um, Maria. Would we be able to do that again?”

“What?” I asked, surprised as the orgasmic tingles were beginning to wear off. “You want to have sex again?” Goddess, I couldn’t even believe that I was even saying such things to people.

“Yes, well, no, kinda. Not now, but, like.” Tae was struggling to find the right words. After a bit of struggling, she seemed to give in defeated. She gave a little huff before speaking. “Maria, are you seeing anyone right now?”

“Oh, um, yes, I am seeing people,” I said, my lips curling upwards as I thought about them.

Tae’s expression changed from confusion to disappointment, then awkward pride. “Oh, I see. Um, w-well I might have kissed you, but you were the one who started touching me. So you can’t blame me when you get in trouble for cheating.” She crossed her arms over her chest as though she had the moral high ground here.

Too bad I had a reality changing ring and very lovely girlfriends. “Well, Tae. I’m seeing multiple people actually.” I could see her confused even more by that statement, so I decided to clear it up for her. “I’m part of a polycule. It’s like a group of people all dating each other in some way or another.”

Tae bit her lower lip gently as I could see the gears in her head turning. I didn’t say anything more because as much as I knew that I made the change with the ring, she also still had to want it. After all, the change just made her receptive, but it wasn’t forcing her to join. Finally, she spoke. “Could I join?”

I smiled back at her and gave her a long kiss on the lips, softly licking them with my tongue. “Yes, you absolutely can.” She smiled back and the two of us embraced on the ground. I looked over to see Carmen panting and laying on the desk while Gary collapsed in her chair, dick limp and coated in juices. “It looks like they had fun as well.”

“Yeah,” Tae said in a dream-like state as she pulled me in to kiss again.

We enjoyed a lovely sensual kiss before I was interrupted by a notification from my phone. I reached over and picked it up to see that it was a group text that I had been added to. It was called “Girl Squad.”

I opened it up to be suddenly greeted to a photo of Danna eating out Summer. Summer’s face was in pure ecstasy with her top undone to reveal her tits over her bra. Danna’s hair was between Summer’s legs, which meant that she was hiding away Summer’s nice slit. As a consolation, Danna’s lovely pussy was on full frontal view. Below was a caption for the photo that said “Shame you girls have to work, huh?” It was sent from Summer’s phone.

Of course. Regina would absolutely send a picture like this to all of us.

I rolled my eyes, then saw a little text bubble appear. “Ugh, no fair!” This one was from Vanessa, and I smiled a little thinking wanting to be part of the lesbian experience happening on out couch. “Well, then how about this?”

Next came a selfie of Vanessa. She was in very slimming and very revealing sexy blue lingerie. Her curves were just perfect, accentuated even further by her clothes. The deep cleavage was just inviting us in to stick our faces in and take hold of her lovely mounds.

“Okay, I’m a little jealous,” said the reply from Summer’s phone, though I had no idea which of the three that it was.

Now, I wasn’t usually a competitive person. The only time I ever really was was in film competitions because that was my forte. And, I mean, technically, this was more photography than film, but the principles were still the same, right? I wasn’t about to just be shown up like that, so I held out my phone.

“Hey, mind taking a photo with me?” I asked Tae.

“Go right ahead, Maria,” she said.

I planted my lips on hers and squeezed her boob with my free hand, making her buck a little in pleasure. I snapped a photo and sent it to the group with a small caption. “Missing you girls. Also, meet the newest girl of our polycule!”

After sending that both Summer’s phone and Vanessa’s were typing.

“What? So jealous!” Vanessa said. “You better not keep her all to yourself.”

“Hope we get to meet her soon,” Summer’s phone said.

I chuckled a little in happiness and relief. I was so glad that they were receptive as well to having Tae as part of the polycule. As I looked at the messages, I noticed the time that it was. I gave Tae another firm kiss before finally getting off of her.

“We only have a few more minutes in here! We gotta get dressed!” I said, realizing that really only Carmen and Tae were undressed. I walked over to the other side of the table and handed Tae her clothes. I began to pack up, not wanting to get caught by anyone else.

“Um, so, I guess we should exchange phone numbers, right?” Tae said as she began to get dressed.

“Oh, right!” I said as I wrote down my phone number on a scrap piece of paper. Deciding to amp up my playfulness just a bit, I stuck the piece of paper under her bra, which she smiled at. I gave her a squeeze of the boobs and a kiss on the lips. Once everyone was decent, I began to head out when I felt my stomach growling.

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I Went Camping One Weekend

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Big Tits

On a camping weekend I found my true self.

I Went Camping One Weekend.

It changed my life for ever.

I was sitting with my friend Alan Wallace a professional competition chess player at Prague airport waiting on our delayed flight back to Edinburgh whereupon I would take up my new post near Inverness. To pass the time he asked me how I knew that this was what I wanted to do in my life. It all started one Friday night;

I was passenger in the back an old Bedford Army truck as it suddenly left the road tossing us all about as the driver kicked it noisily into four wheel drive. After a very uncomfortable drive from Elgin sitting on bare wooden slatted benches with only a canvas covering protecting us from the elements, which flapped about noisily preventing us from talking to each other. We all had just about enough being sent on an Outward Bound Course with the Army when the truck leaned over alarmingly with all of us hanging on, it then flipped over the other way as we all tumbled onto the hard truck floor bed it stopped abruptly.

The rear board banged down and a bellowing voice shouted, all right you lot get out and remember to pick up all your gear! Nobody challenged the authority in the voice just did it, this was our introduction to Lance Corporal (LCpl) Alexander (Eck) of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, REME, who was on his Junior Leaders Course assessment exercise. Our failure on the course was his failure as a Junior Leader and he knew it.

There is always one wanting to declare their rights and retain their home comforts, I kept my mouth shut. Sergeant Ronald MacLeaver (Ron or Mac), REME, appeared out of the darkness behind us, he was built like the preferable shit house door, in a quiet gruff voice said, anything wrong son. Silence descended as we stood there holding our kit. Didn’t think so. Lance Corporal show our recruits to their tents then bring them over for some scoff, Army for food.

I was assigned to tent three, four of us were to share with Eck our Lance Corporal mentor and trainer for the weekend. After we were assigned a camp bed each, mines was next to Eck’s, we headed over to the Mess tend, food was basic but ok. Finished eating the others headed over to join their work colleagues, I was left alone with Eck.

He asked me how come I was here as it was clear that I was not part of the Foresters group. I explained my father was the Reverent John Semple and had used his influence with the Forestry Commission to allow me to tag along as somebody had pulled out, to find myself in my father’s words. I am starting my Theological studies at the University of the Highlands and Islands, UHI, in the autumn.

Eck said he never had much use for religion too bigoted for his liking. I said I know what you mean my father has been trying to change it for the better and that is what I am going to do. As we walked back to our tent his words of wisdom were, good luck, let me know if you do as I use to like going to church when I was younger.

The following morning after breakfast we were all standing at the shore of Loch Rannoch being given our training assignments for the day. Mines was to crew on the black Ribbed Raider with Lance Corporal Alexander. Looking at it swinging at its mooring it looked the business, I was told later that it was a left over that the training team had cannibalised. My first task was to retrieve the Raider from its mooring.

Eck said follow me and we headed back to our tent. Get into your speedos and pull these on, black cloth shorts with a REME badge and a white tee shirt with REME across its back. We both stripped off naked pausing to looking at each other, I admired Eck’s muscular toned and tanned look and he seemed to be eying me up too. I felt a bit pleased about that nobody had done that before to me. After dressing and shown how to wear a life jacket we headed down to the shore.

Mac met us pointing at the Ribbed Raider said, go fetch. It was about 30 meters or so offshore, didn’t know how deep the water was so I followed Eck into the cold water. It was up to my waist by the time I grabbed it and stood there, Eck said, well done, get in, I legged up over the side, pulled, slipped and ended up back in the water with a resound splash. I stood up dripping, conciliation was Eck was too as he had reached out to help me as I landed on him taking him under. We both stood up to the booming voice of Mac, HAVING FUN BOYS, Eck replied for both of us, just checking it was all clear underneath Sargent. Well done was his supportive reply.

Tried again and in we both went flopping into the gunnels, Eck started doing his engine checks I was sent to check everything was secure on deck. All checks done engine started my job was now to haul in the mooring, it was a folding grapple type, quickly stowed, gave the thumb up to Eck and off we went like a bat out of hell. Talk about a thrill as we wave hopped it was ecstasy in speed, we did a 360 turn for the hell of it then headed up the loch to our canlı bahis şirketleri staging point. We were the rescue and command point, three teams of three plus a junior leader who were all on field assessment for their first or second stripe, each team was to hike around the loch. We would only be needed if something went wrong other than that we were free to relax in the sun.

Eck brought the Raider ashore at our designated hold point, my job was to get wet again jumping in from the bow before we grounded. In I went then straight down face first in the water, didn’t matter there is a point where you can’t get any wetter. I stood up with the mooring rope over my shoulder like in the movies and waded ashore, motors cut silence then a splash as Eck joined me hauling it up onto the beach near some foliage. Mooring grapple dug in and secure, next bit was fun we camouflaged the Raider, you couldn’t make it out unless you knew it was there.

Our next job was to set up our hide, that was fun too, and again you couldn’t see it unless you knew where to look. Eck explained that the teams would pass over the hill opposite us looking for us to ferry them back to the camp site tonight after they had completed stage one. Test was, no easy lift home they would have to hike round the end of the loch in one not two stages with an overnight rest period, demoralized, and it would take them all night to do, no food no hot drinks and no tent if it rained. A survival test which as Forrester’s could happen to them. We were to stay hidden just in case they freaked out or got injured, monitoring their radio traffic we would come to their rescue out of the dark if called upon.

We retired under the camouflaged hide, as we were soaking wet Eck said off with your kit and dry it out. I stripped down to my speedos and hung my clothes up to dry including my trainers. Eck standing there naked looking at me as he had done in the tent, said speedos too. We both clambered into the hide in our hands and knees bumping into and rubbing against each other, must admit I was starting to enjoy doing that, from the look in his face Eck did too. After we brewed up and had a hot bacon sannie we both lay on blankets in the sun which, was streaming through warming and drying us nicely.

As we lay on our backs naked talking, Eck asked me was he right in thinking was I gay too? Lost for words I said I don’t think so are you allowed to be gay in the Army? Yes, changed days, all-inclusive these days. I looked over at him he had a hard erection that looked so hot and fiery, that seemed to set me off, not hot and fiery but very hard. He leaned over and towards me, I could feel his fingers on my penis slowly caressing it. I was now on a high that I had never experienced before then he leaned over and kissed me on the lips, touching my tongue with his. I had never felt as excited as I felt his erection press on my side, I turned on my side facing him and he let me start caressing him. We were now equally committed to what we were doing to each other as the sun bore down seductively on us.

How long this went on for I don’t know, I unloaded first over both of us, not to be outdone I increased the intensity of how I was stroking him, I could feel him tense up then he unloaded over me. It was warm and comforting. We both lay back in a trance looking at the sun in silence. Eck said I though you said you were not gay, no I said I didn’t think I was gay. He looked at me and said you bloody well are now we both laughed at that. He asked what else do you do that you don’t think you do, I said nothing but can you show me, he looked seriously at me and said, yes I can.

He leaned over to his kit bag pulled something out and said I will ease you first, at that time I had no idea what he meant. He pushed a folded blanket under the small of my back then my knees up I instinctively opened my legs as you do, I felt him apply oil or cream with his fingers as he rubbed them around and up and down. I was starting to get an erotic high lying there, I felt my self start to drip as he pushed my legs further apart and leaned over me. Then I felt him prod at me with his hard erection then slowly filling me up as he entered until he touched me inside, I was on an all-time high at that point. I instinctively squeezed to hold him back as he withdrew, from the look in his green eyes I was doing what he wanted. We kept this up until we were both wheezing with excitement, just after his motion became erratic he unloaded and froze leaning over me, I could feel it fill up and then escape slowly. He slowly withdrew which was a tantalising feeling and flopped down alongside me saying are you sure you haven’t done this before.

I said no, his reply was well that’s what you do. Without saying anything he rolled onto his back raising his knees and said your turn at that point I was so excited it was hurting. I oiled the both of us then slowly started, first push we were engaged, the tight thrill of it going in was unbelievable until I was stopped. It was then that my excitement took over and I was athletically canlı kaçak iddaa lunging, no we were both athletically engaging with each other, I could see from Eck’s wide open eyes and mouth that I was satisfying his need’s and mine’s as he held me tightly. I was building to a climax as my pressure built within, with the heat from the sun on my back being intense sweat was running down my face as I unloaded, I could feel its pressure as it blew back on me the ecstasy was so intense that I couldn’t contain myself. I pulled back and lay alongside him satisfied and very wet.

As we lay in the sun recovering we must have both fallen asleep to be wakened by the radio calling us. Eck clambered up and over me to answer he was now kneeling over and astride me as he answered with his call sign. He was also dangling on me which was quite erotic each time it touched when I started to caress his penis which soon responded, the message was long and slow, I could hear from his voice that he was getting breathless and excited as he said, No Sergeant I had to run up from checking the Raider, all ok. As he looked at me said bugger as he unloaded all over me, deserves you right. I think that was our bonding moment.

All afternoon we lay there in our speedos, our Army issued shorts and tee shirt were still wet from the morning, in the hide together as the radio crackled away with positioning and status reports. About midafternoon everything went quite on the radio, it was then that Eck roller over to me and started sucking and nibbling at my nipples, I never knew it was so erotic to do that. I put my hand in his speedos and started to bring him on, the more I did that the harder he sucked and nibble my nipples chest and ears. I could feel his hand slip inside my speedos and start to bring me on. It developed into a competition of who would let go first, faster and faster we played the game until we both nosily celebrating the ecstasy came in unison. It was one of the most exciting games I had ever played. Alan my airport colleague said yes I know I have played that game with you a few times.

We returned to our vigil with the radio reporting position and status of the groups. We were back to lying together naked, our speedos hanging up to dry with our still wet shorts and tee shirts after we went down to the loch for a swim and clean up. He asked me how come I was so athletic, I confessed I did ballet dancing then asked him how did he know and come to terms with being gay?

I was always into Army things but started my apprenticeship as a motor mechanic in a local garage that is where I met my workmate Steve Callahan, we became best friends. There were always questions about his sexuality, it didn’t matter to me we were friends and went everywhere and done everything together, well maybe not everything. The garage folded some financial scandal with the owner and we were both made redundant, I joined REME he went to work for his father who owned a pub. In the Army, yes there were a few guy’s that were gay and the Army had started their all-inclusive policy, bit controversial but they did it. Somehow I always felt different, I was always comfortable in the company of guys in various stages of undress and I found myself looking at times and was beginning to ask myself was I gay.

One weekend home leave I met up with Steve in Glasgow after an Italian meal he took me to a night club he knew called the Groundhog Private Members Club, up a back ally and under a car park, inside it was very very plush with a mixed crowd. What I noticed was Club Security must have all been body builders their muscular bodies really turned me on, didn’t know why but it did. We took a table near the stage as the floor show started, it was a bodybuilders Iron Man show, all they wore was almost there white speedos as they strutted their stuff and as the lights strobed appeared intermittently naked. Steve really enjoyed it between him table banging and making lewd cat calls I started too as well, very vocally. I looked around the audience it was then I realised it must be a gay club, all guys some cross dressed or whatever. Steve noticed and said I thought you might like here.

We had a great night sank quite a few cocktails too then headed back to our hotel which Steve had booked us a double room in. It had a double king size bed in it as I looked at him he said I thought you would like this too. Ok I was shocked but he was right we had a hell of a night together, it was then I realised I always was gay just hiding it because I wanted to join the Army.

In the morning Steve’s phone received a message from a guy called Tim, the Groundhog Club official photographer, with a string of links in it and asked did if we wanted any prints to let him know. With a degree of lingering concern we opened the first link, Steve and I were there enjoying a drink with our shirts open to the waist, maybe they were a bit gayish. The second link we were their in our entire splendor, naked, they were clearly photoshopped and good not pornographic just good nothing full on. The third canlı kaçak bahis link was to a video although not banging each other or anything like that they were erotic as we pranced about together the bar backdrop looked a bit phony. It was then Steve confessed he had spiked my drink, I could have strangled him, if the Army found out I was in deep shit. When I returned to my unit I made it official with the Army that I was gay, security and all that.

That’s when I met Mac he was the LGBT Senior NCO representative for REME, gave me guidance on what and where I was allowed to be gay and introduced me to the Do and Don’t Army list, unofficially dubbed the, fuck a do do, list. It was then that Mac explained how and when he realised he was gay.

Mac was career Army since he was a cadet, joined REME and rose through the ranks. On a two year exchange posting with the Danish Army, based just outside Copenhagen, his opposite number and assigned friend in the Danish equivalent to REME, Sargent Jan DeViers invited him to a Midsummer party that one of his friend’s had organised. He had been out with Jan a few time’s enjoying the night life in Copenhagen and as this is was an important celebration in Denmark he accepted the invite. It was to be one of those pool type parties where everyone was dressed in swim shorts, some shorter than others, all very colorful and tight fitting. After a few beers, quite a few, at that time he drank too much a common problem with unmarried soldier’s whose off duty life revolved around the Sargent’s Mess.

He noticed it was mainly guys there but with the Army that was not unusual, during the course of the night he was introduced to one of the newly arrived exchange posting’s from the Royal Engineers, their sister Regiment, Sargent William (Wild Bill) Harrow. Like Mac he lived a Sargent’s Mess life style. One drink let to another and another the night merged into a haze. The following morning he woke up in a strange room and strange bed naked, with someone also lying naked beside him, Wild Bill. The previous nights memories totally lost forever.

Bill woke with Mac’s startled sudden movement as he sat up, Bill looking up at him said, you are a dark horse, Mac stammered lost for words (hard to believe) said what do you mean. That you are gay too. Defensively he said no I am not, you were last night and led the way, and they call me wild. Mac knew what Bill said was correct as he had had some gay assignations on overseas postings with ladyboy’s and again in Copenhagen last week after he and Jan had parted to go home, except he didn’t.

Bill put his hand on Mac’s leg and seductively rubbed it setting them both off repeating, as far as they can remember what they did the previous night. It was then that he accepted he was gay, came clean with the Army, changed days no issues just paperwork. Being a Senior NCO he was volunteered to be a LGBT mentor for the younger soldiers. Bill and Mac became, below the radar, partners, posting often keeping them apart.

They were both recently recruited by a Captain Gill Clarke of the Royal Military Police, Red Caps, and Army LGBT liaison Officer for the South West and her partner Shona MacBeth a boffin at Porten Down. Sweetener was that they both would receive a promotion to Staff Sergeant and a posting together to the Warminister vehicle maintenance and repair facility near Salisbury, with all is gay clubs and pubs, as instructors for both their Regiments and as LGBT mentors. They are to take up their posting’s next month, when I complete this evaluation and get my second stripe I will be joining them, Mac arranged it.

By now the sun was coming up, the night and our conversation only being interrupted by colorfully worded messages over the radio from the trainee Foresters enquiring where we were. But the hissing and rasping static across the radio, third button on the left, kept us from telling them that we were back on station and waiting for them. Our Army issue shorts were still wet when we put them on and fired up the Raider and headed back at what felt like Mach one as we sped through the water. We arrived as the Foresters arrived exhausted and very dirty after their 18 hour hike. We had a very quiet and peaceful day playing with the Raider as they slept off their night endurance and survival hike. Turned out Mac knew my father, Reverent John Semple from his LGBT liaison work.


By autumn Steve had joined the UHI Theology facility making a lot of new friends unexpectantly a lot of new friends and engaged in a full student life that they all wanted. The humdrum weekday studying was broken with a weekly chess club night, on an exchange University’s chess club visit he met Alan a prodigy of Sir Harold who was a chess Grand Master and Phillipe Dregmire, Sir Harold’s partner who both sponsoring him in chess tournaments. Alan introduced him to a whole new life style playing in the Pink Chess & Exhibition Tournament circuit with Sir Harold and Phillipe often accompanying them. As a result of their extra mural activities Sir Harold and Phillipe said they never felt fitter. Calum’s return to Inverness was to take up a post at a new LGBT friendly dioceses that was previously run by his father. Where he delivers, ever more stirring Sunday Sermons, which his father was very proud off.

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Kendra , Sam Set Boundaries Pt. 06

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(Note to Readers: This nine-part story follows a young, straight, American couple from dating to marriage and parenthood, and from exclusive sex to separate side action, swinging, and group sex. All characters involved in sex acts are at least 18 years old. Some of the sex is interracial and lesbian. To make sense of the story, you should read Parts 1 through 5 first. Click on my author name above, or the stories link, to find them.)

* * * * *

March 2014:

The day after her test showed that she was pregnant, Kendra spent more office time than she liked on fielding phone calls about that, and on reading texts in response to the form message she had broadcast. At lunch she asked Sam, also at work, to take over some of the thank-yous for the deluge of best wishes. She also told him that, as planned, she’d visit her parents that evening.

“I want to be there with you,” he said, despite sounding as harassed as she was. “And we need to find time to do the same with my folks.”

“Right,” she said. Then, hoping for a shred of privacy in her travel agency’s open-bay office, she murmured, “We need a boundary review.”

“Agreed,” said Sam, in a workplace even noisier than hers. Business was good, for someone who provided expertise on electronics and computerization in motor vehicles. “Remind me of that before I undress you tonight.”

She kept a straight face, feeling some nether warmth. “Or during.”

In fact, they were still dressed and sitting together on the living room sofa when she said, “The ob-gyn said that if our sex is never more strenuous than what I described to her, we can continue right up to month nine.” She pulled the band from her center-parted black hair and shook it from a ponytail to a cascade spanning her shoulders.

“Or until you get uncomfortable.” His arm was already around her back. He sifted the hair lightly with his fingers.

“If that ever happens, I’ll let you know.” She looked his way. The rich blue of his eyes was clear in the limited light. The feel of his lean muscles, even through clothes, made her both calm and alert, a duality she always enjoyed.

She smacked her lips. “I can provide alternatives.”

He exhaled, and fought off a yawn. Her parents had been thrilled, and Sam had done everything he could to stay patient for three hours of maternal advice. “I don’t want us the way you lamented once, that sex seemed like a game with all the rules written by men.”

She nestled into him. Her cat, Nuggins, hunkered more firmly on her lap. “I’m impressed that you remember that. And you’ve taken my mind off it, by helping us write our own rules, and agree on our boundaries. And keeping up with my sex appetite as it grew.”

“But now we’re in unknown territory,” he said, scratching her back almost absently. “Your thoughts?”

“I want to keep the boundary I always feel best about. We never overnight with anyone else.”

“Agreed. At the trade show next week, I won’t even flirt. I’ll be alone in bed all night.”

“And I’ll put on my best phone sex voice,” she said, doing so. “While you do the same, for your forlorn, pregnant, wife.”

He smiled. “Guess I better get used to hearing that word with that emphasis.”

“Play it back in your mind while you clean a certain gray cat’s litter box, and save your pregnant wife from toxoplasmosis.”

“Hey, that might be a sex rule that wasn’t written by men.”

Kendra yawned. “It’s late, let’s focus. Your turn.”

“I propose to exclude us from any new grouping or swinging. We have Joan and Stu, and Greater Neptune, all together or in foursomes.”

“I think we’d decided that before you knocked me up, but I’ll agree now formally.”

“Also, no side sex at all when either of us is out of town.”

She frowned. “For the traveler, or both of us?”

He gave that some thought, then said, “Just the traveler. In a hotel bar meetup, one isn’t likely to get STI test results.” His eyes met hers. “I’m fine with you hosting Stu and Joan.” Then he added, “Or just Stu.”

She said quietly, “And if a resort gives me a junket, I’m okay with you, Joan, and Stu. Or you and Joan.” Then, after a pause for emphasis, “Or you and Robin.”

His eyes rolled. She quickly added, “But my first choice is for the resort to pay your way too. If they don’t, I’d probably hand it off to another agent.”

“Are we done?” he asked, then regretted his whiny tone. He didn’t like to be reminded of the stripper at the bachelor party who had gotten to him emotionally.

“With talking, yes.” She leaned to embrace him, which prompted Nuggins to hop to the floor in disdain.

The previous night, their lovemaking soared on the joy of their parenthood. This night, they watched porn to get stoked enough for a quick bang.

Kendra was still light-hearted. “You were very efficient, Spermzilla,” she said, looking over her shoulder as they thumped their trunks together in doggystyle. “No waiting, month after month. Now I should warn every woman about bahis firmaları your spooj.”

“It takes two to fertilize,” he said, rubbing her clit vigorously. The sight of her big brown eyes and wide smile added a little oomph to his shlong. “Your orgasms always suction my gunk. Maybe you’re Eggzilla.”

The shower was also quick, with both noting that this might be how most weeknights would go. Especially once they’d try to steal moments during a baby’s nap.

* * * * *

Sam made the most of the trade show, contacting startups in the cybernetic servicing of electric and hybrid vehicles, giving a talk on helping mechanics expand their skills to include diagnosing and debugging auto software, and picking up prospects for expanding his business to other cities. At night, however, he retreated to his sleeping room rather than try to chat people up in a lobby bar. He was fine and focused during the day, even upbeat as he explored topics that continued to interest him intellectually as well as financially. Later, though, he became more aware that Kendra was far away.

He and Kendra did more than talk on the phone. Each played the video of the other’s bachelor party.

At one point she chuckled and said, “Can you hear the scratching? I have the bedroom door closed, and Nuggins isn’t happy.”

“Interesting,” said Sam. “When we’re in the bedroom together, he just goes off somewhere to sulk.”

“He was the man in my life before you were,” she said, voice getting throaty. “Neutering didn’t affect that. Wow, Terry really got close when Rampage rode you.”

They had seen their videos so many times that they now found themselves commenting on details, including who was shooting when. “I’ve seen that Joan explored a lot of angles,” Sam chipped in, “and even moved a lamp to get better lighting.”

“Should we get a Skype account?” she asked.

“From what I’ve seen, that isn’t practical for the setup we’re using.” He started panting. “And I hope I don’t take any more trips this year.”

“I’d like that even if I weren’t—” With a smile, she remembered to add the emphasis. “—pregnant.”

He chuckled. “There’s an outfit here with a booth on keyless entry security, and maybe I’m not the only helpless horny guy here, because from people hanging around there I’ve heard about the development of remote controlled vibrators. That, combined with Skype, might be really interesting.”

Her middle finger pushed past her labia, finding moisture. “You’ll just have to imagine,” she said, “What I’m doing now.”

He keyed the laptop and said, “I’m switching to the honeymoon video.”

Her breath caught. “That might be too much for me.”


“I can watch you without me. I can watch me without you. But, us together? Not while you’re not here.”

“Okay…so I won’t.”

“It’s getting hard to keep my eyes open anyway,” she said, panting, “so the video matters less than your voice. Tell me what you want to do to me.”

He paused, then said, “First, I’d get through the door that annoys the cat.”

“Okay,” she chuckled.

“Then I’d walk over to the bed, with my dowsing rod leading me to you. I’d stand you up.”

Another finger slid below her clit. Extra fluid met it. “Yeah.”

Sam tried to keep consent in his wording, even as his voice roughened. “How’s about I back you against the wall?”

“You could do that,” she said with a tremor.

“I press up against you. I hold your wrists against the wall.” He paused again.

“Only you may do that!”

“The underside of my cock slides along your pubes. My balls shove past your clit hood.”

“I lick your neck!” she said quickly. “I put a leg around you!”

“I let go your hand!”

“You grab your dick! My fingers spread my, my—”

She started ululating. He may have said more, but not for long.

In one state, contractions squeezed her fingers. In a different state, semen launched onto his belly.

“Whoooaaa,” she said eventually. “We’ve never done a wallbanger in real life.”

“That may be why it hit us so hard,” he said, using the tissues he had pre-placed. “Do you understand that I would never be aggressive with you?”

“Uh huh. But meta-me had no problem with that from meta-you.” She smirked. “Because you asked nicely.”

“Thank you for indulging a lonely man,” he said, setting up the punch line, “who isn’t pregnant.”

She giggled. “My pleasure. Quite a lot of it. Now I have to go mend fences with my jilted feline.”

* * * * *

May 2014:

Kendra’s belly showed a slight rondure as she and Sam welcomed Morry and Nadine for a Saturday dinner and foursome.

Sam showed off the renovations. What had been three modest-sized bedrooms and one functional bath on the second floor, was now a large master bedroom, a bigger bath with separate shower and a tub with jets, and one modest-sized bedroom. The other modest-sized bedroom had been sacrificed to the expansions.

Chat during the meal was about wider world stuff, especially kaçak iddaa Russia’s claimed annexation of Crimea. They agreed that it was very bad, and that the U.S. didn’t seem able to do anything about it. They also admitted that it didn’t affect them personally.

Once they were on the floor cushions, Morry said, “It’s good of you to set this up. Kendra, you’re a really good cook. But is this really just dinner and sex?”

“We haven’t had much time together lately,” said Kendra, undoing buttons on his gray shirt and reaching in to his dark brown chest, “and before long I’m going to be a blimp. I think we’re all going to enjoy the sex. But, yes, we have some things we’d like to talk about later.”

Sam chuckled as he and Nadine started shedding clothes. “We haven’t seen you two fully dressed before. It’s a different turn-on.” They lay side by side. He got his hands behind her back, and spent more time than necessary on her bra, as they kissed and tickled. “There’s a whole lot of hooks,” Sam reported.

“There’s a whole lot they have to hold up,” said Morry, leaning their way while also working to bare Kendra’s breasts.

“Okay, I’m going to need to see that,” said Kendra. As Morry was about to toss her bra away, Kendra snatched it back and held out the tag. “I’m in a D-cup again, and maybe on the way past it. But Nadine’s still bigger.”

Sam held up Nadine’s bra while burying his head between her breasts. He said a muffled “Check for yourself.”

Kendra did, sitting cross-legged. “Double E. Damn.”

“I’m a freak of nature with a lifelong need to build up back muscles,” said Nadine, breath already shortening from Sam’s breast love and his fingering inside her pants.

After their paired disrobing they connected fully, easing into an oral square. This morphed into Kendra and Nadine licking Morry, switching off on cock and balls. Sam continued licking and fingering Nadine’s twat, with both hosts at that time giving without receiving. They still grew in arousal, though not as steeply as the guests.

“Nadine,” said Kendra, “let me know when I start cheating.” She stroked Morry’s prick slowly.

“Routine stuff,” said Nadine, suppressing a smile. Her obsession with cheating was a running joke, and she didn’t mind the kidding, since even phony cheating turned her on.

Kendra slowly tongued the underside.

“That’s a report to the Human Resources Department.” Nadine, in fact, headed an HR office.

Kendra closed her lips around Morry’s glans.

“He likes it a lot, so you’re right at the edge of cheating.”

Changing it up, Kendra wrapped her breasts around the shaft and gave it a quick pump.

“Nah. Happens all the time in subway cars.”

“Then I guess it has to be a home run.” Kendra hiked herself up, reset her legs, held the prick, and lowered her quim onto it.

“Yeah,” said Nadine, sounding bored, “that’s cheating all right. Sam, I want revenge.”

This settled into Sam doggying Nadine right next to Kendra cowgirling Morry. Among many other things, Sam enjoyed the expanses of womanflesh side by side, Kendra’s muscle tone about the same as Nadine’s. He found both women exotic, to varying degrees, with Nadine’s skin slightly pinker than Kendra’s. A more direct sensation was Nadine’s butt against his belly, a slight jiggle cushioning her toned muscles.

As Kendra hoped, Morry received pleasure as well as gave it. His loving was generous and exuberant, and she found it as comforting as it was thrilling. She was on a day-to-day watch on whether her libido would shut down, and as rushes led to spasms, she knew it hadn’t happened yet. Her spasms quickened as she felt Morry let go and cum.

Sam leaned down and got as much of his hands and arms on Nadine’s bosom as possible. Her breasts apparently weren’t orgasmic, but if he was both gentle and quick, they could boost her pleasure. She was also willing to experience everything Sam did to her, unlike in their first foursome, more than a year earlier. It gratified him that she felt safe enough with him to drop her pose. It also drove him wild that she squeezed on his dick so powerfully, and that his returning stretch of her walls amped her heat and wetness.

Her head snapped around, and she tried to nip his ear, but only caught a few hairs. “You want my tits that much?”

“They always get my atten—” The last syllable was lost to a howl.

There followed several seconds of four-part dissonance. Then a few minutes of wheezes and chuckles from a spent fuckpile.

Water bottles and washcloths allowed them to be comfortable staying nude on the cushions.

“Morry, I know you don’t want anyone else to know this,” said Sam, “but you consider us friends, don’t you?”

“Sure we do,” he said.

Kendra saw Morry’s smooth expression harden a bit.

“Do you get that we don’t like that you pimped us to Forever Blossoms?” Sam went on.

Nadine wasn’t where he could see her, but Sam heard her sudden indraw of breath.

Morry smiled in a way that seemed kaçak bahis ready for a fight. “You do understand,” he said, “the effect of somebody white using that verb on somebody black.”

“I do,” said Sam, not giving way. “but this wasn’t whiteness talking. I invite you to explain, and show me I’m wrong.”

Morry lowered his eyes, then shook his head with a different smile. “I can honestly say,” he said, “that I believed this would be great for everybody. Yes, bringing in fresh blood upholds my standing in Forever Blossoms. But I also thought you two would groove on it. It looked like Greater Neptune was too small a pond for you.”

“The sex at the retreat was dynamite,” said Kendra, and with a glance saw Sam nod. “But once we figured out the social hierarchy of F.B., we realized that this group isn’t for us. That’s without taking into account my personal experience. But that showed me another aspect of Forever Blossoms that, frankly, creeps me out.”

She turned to face Nadine. “Has Doug, or any other man at the alpha level, either orgasmed or shown extreme pleasure and joy, while fucking your pussy?”

Nadine’s eyes widened. “You remember, I didn’t go with you to the F.B. tents. I went off to cheat.”

“Not then,” said Kendra, losing patience, “But other times. When they get you to cum, what do they do next?”

Nadine glanced at Morry, then said, “They pull out. I don’t care, I got mine. It’s what I want from them.”

Sam said nothing, knowing this part had to stay woman-to-woman. Kendra asked, “Does the guy cum at all?”

Nadine’s tongue parted her lips, way too tellingly. “Then it’s my turn. I blow him, usually. That’s when I show I can control his pleasure.”

Kendra was about to jump on the notion of controlling pleasure, but Morry said, “Not always.”

Nadine looked besieged, as if it were now three against one. “Depends on the guy, the mood he’s in,” she said, now struggling to sound casual. “Sometimes it’s ass. Sometimes he just yanks, while I kneel, and he paints my face.”

Sam asked Morry, “Is this standard male behavior in Forever Blossoms?”

“It ain’t sexist!” Morry snapped. “We eat pussy. We want the ladies to like what we do. If they didn’t, they’d ditch us.”

“I like what you do,” Kendra said to him, “a whole lot. But it was weird that first time. I’d never encountered that. A guy who held back his orgasm, not out of consideration for me, but to score points in his own head.”

Sam looked at Nadine, and also referred to their first foursome, in the Couple Doubler at Greater Neptune. “And you were doing the same. What I wanted, though, was to find what would please you the most. And if you were okay with me cumming inside you, I knew I’d love it.”

“So, you two,” said Kendra. “Is your whole act about never showing weakness?”

They were silent. Finally, Nadine said, “You could say that’s the culture at the high level of swinging. In F.B. and other clubs.”

“Is it fun?” asked Sam. “Or do you always have that stress in the back of your mind?”

“It’s not stress,” said Morry, with a dismissive laugh. “I’m competitive. It’s part of the thrill.” In normal conversation, Morry had shown that he was on top of things as an institutional investor.

“But with us,” said Kendra, “you don’t compete.”

“Because it didn’t work,” said Nadine with a smile. “We met our match. Our excuse is that you’re younger.”

Sam stroked Nadine’s arm and said, “We’re okay with being your decompression sex. We have a great time physically, and when you let your guard down, we’re getting to like you as people. But now that there’s a loaf in the oven, we may be less available, and less adventurous.”

Kendra looked at Morry. “I’m glad you opened up about this. Even the men in Forever Blossoms I didn’t fuck seemed to have the behavior I saw in Doug, and you.”

“Are you still messed up about Doug?” asked Morry, with a look of genuine concern.

Kendra nodded. “At some level. Partly because it was all so strange. And, yeah, physically this seems like unfinished business. I’ve had mind-body conflicts now and then in my life. But the one from that moment, with Doug and me eye-fucking each other, and him telling me to dump Sam and never have kids, was the most extreme ever. And the scariest. It took months for me to get to a place where I knew I wanted to start a family for the right reasons, and not out of revenge.”

“Damn, Woman,” said Nadine, “you are so strong.”

“So, you’re the one who decided to get out of Polly’s,” Morry said to Kendra. “I thought that was it, but some people in F.B. believe Sam got jealous and made you leave.”

Something about that seemed odd to Kendra, but she couldn’t pin it down. She looked at Nadine. “How personal can I get?”

“Whatever. I should take a step towards being a friend.”

Kendra smiled, but said, “Can you tell me more about you and Doug?”

Kendra and Sam heard, from a cushion, Morry’s shift in position.

“He’s the only one who’s never cum in my pussy, not even once. Sometimes I fight him to draw, not cumming, or not enough for him to pick up on it. Then I jerk him into my mouth and face while I rub out.”

“Isn’t that a waste of your time?” Sam asked.

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Boss Nanny Ch. 20

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“The guy’s here to pick up the couch,” Kase yelled across the apartment as he shifted Aidan from one hip to the other. He wasn’t really into the whole packing Matt’s apartment thing but he was nailing the keeping Aidan occupied and out of Matt’s way. Each had their own value.

Hilary rushed to the door and met the guy who’d responded first to the ad. Matt was just going to donate everything but Hilary told him in no uncertain terms that he would do no such thing. She then proceeded to take pictures and post everything on various neighborhood apps. She brought the guy in and showed him the sofa, collected the money, and helped him and his friends navigate it out of the apartment. Once they were gone, she waved the money in the air. “That makes twelve-hundred. I can’t believe you were going to give all this stuff away.”

Like the sofa that he’d just gotten three-hundo for, Matt had gotten most of his stuff for free, so re-gifting it wouldn’t have been a loss, but twelve-hundred was a nice profit.

Kase swayed Aidan back and forth. “I have to take Laura to work. Want me to take him with me?”

The apartment still had a long way to go before it was finished. Hilary was the type of person you wanted on your packing team. She had the whole place organized and had organized time slots for people to show up and take the rest of Matt’s stuff. Aidan and Kase on the other hand were in the way more than anything.

“Sure, could you grab a pizza on the way back?”

Hilary gave Aidan sixty dollars and made him promise to get something good. Matt tossed Kase the car keys and watched as Aidan waved the money gleefully as they left.

When the door closed, Hilary was strategically tossing empty boxes around the apartment. “Finally, now we can actually get some work done.”

They spent the next ninety minutes going through Matt’s bedroom, boxing stuff up, setting other things to the side to sell, and letting strangers in so they could pick stuff up. By the time Kase and Aidan got back with pizza, they were up another five-hundred and most of the apartment was emptied or boxed up.

“What are you going to do if Seamus doesn’t want you to move in?” Kase asked as they stood at the counter and ate over the pizza boxes. Hilary punched his arm, making the athlete grimace. “I was just joking. Obviously he wants Matt to move in. Geez.”

Matt took a bite of pizza and watched his friends with much affection. Kase was still holding his little buddy and Hilary was…well, Hilary was…

“What?” she said as she swallowed her food whole. “I worked hard today.” Kase and Matt looked at each other and laughed. Hilary wiped pizza from her face and pointed at her friends. “You know you both owe me. Don’t forget I’m moving to Atlanta in August. Be prepared.

And they were. They already planned to take time off to help her move. Matt was looking forward to the road trip. A last college hurrah with his friends. They knew Hilary was far more nervous than she let on and they planned to make the transition as smooth as possible.

When the pizza was gone, they got back to work. Hilary and Matt finished stacking boxes in the living room and deep cleaning the empty spaces while Kase entertained Aidan. The two brunettes had really bonded in the last year. Kase was always the one who scooped Aidan up anytime they swung by the café.

“Well, that’s that.” Hilary wiped the sweat from her forehead as she took in the room.

The friends stood in the living room of a mostly empty apartment. This was it. They all knew this was the first domino to drop in the long line to come. Things were changing. Such was life. Next was graduation, Hilary moving, Kase moving, etc.

Kase put his arm around his friends and sighed. “I guess we better get used to this feeling.”


“Okay, I got my gift for Moose. Now it’s your turn. What do you think he’d like?” Matt lifted Aidan out of the cart and set him on the ground.

The first surprise after picking Seamus’s up from the airport was going to be a little birthday celebration. Matt wanted to make Seamus feel special so he took Aidan shopping. Why he thought Aidan would be any good at it when he couldn’t even behave at a cemetery, Matt would never know.

But he followed the toddler around the store and watched with great fondness as he ping ponged between one fascinating thing and another before excitedly handing the newest and best thing to Matt before ponging off again.

“This isn’t a shopping spree. You actually have to think ‘what would Moose want?’ And then you get that thing.”

Aidan stopped, grabbed a container of peanuts with both hands. It was heavy but he held it like he found the most perfect gift in the whole wide world. He proudly handed it over to Matt then pinged off again. With Aidan good and occupied, Matt returned the peanuts to the self like he’d done with all the other items.

Aidan finally found something that kept his attention for more than two second.

Maybe he had internet casino noticed Matt taking things out of the cart after all because he wouldn’t let Matt near the thing he finally picked out for Seamus. Two things, actually.

When they got home, Matt started wrapping the gifts. Aidan wasn’t very excited about that.

“This is how birthday’s work. You have to wrap the presents so the birthday boy can unwrap them. It’s more fun this way,” he explained as Aidan stood on his tippy toes and reached for the gifts on the kitchen table. When Aidan’s fingers got a little too close, Matt scooted them away and continued wrapping. “And you can’t open it for him. This is Moose’s gift.”

Aidan grunted and went to the other side of the table and tried again to reach the gifts.


Matt absolutely wanted to take Aidan to the airport so they could all have a perfect little reunion. But in a more real sense, he absolutely didn’t want to take Aidan to the airport. He wanted Seamus all to himself. No distraction. So, mum was the word. As long as Aidan didn’t know where Matt was going, he was happy to run into his grandpa’s arms.

Matt was about to vibrate out of his skin when he finally saw Seamus among the horde of people. Seamus tossed his bag down and hugged Matt with four weeks of pent-up emotion. Matt hugged back with equal fervor.

“I’m so happy to see you,” Seamus murmured into Matt’s neck as he breathed him in. Once he was satisfied with his scent, Seamus grabbed Matt’s face and kissed him over and over. “I’m so sorry.”

Matt pulled back and shook his head. “We agreed not to go there.”

“You agreed not to go there. I needed to say it to your face, so I did. Don’t censor me.”

Matt chuckled and lightly kissed Seamus’s lips. “Okay, you said it, now it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.” Matt grabbed Seamus’s bag and tossed it over his shoulder. “Let’s go.”

They held hands as they walked. Matt took a moment to appreciate his boyfriend. He looked good, so good. His skin was perfectly sun-kissed and healthy looking. He wore a new Seahawks sweatshirt and his hat backwards. But the best thing he had on, the thing that made him so fucking sexy Matt could die, was the ear to ear smile he wore for Matt.

“Thirty looks damn good on you.”

Seamus leaned over and kissed Matt as they exited the building. “Thirty feels good.”


They ate calzones and cupcakes before opening presents. Brad gave Seamus this gorgeous whiskey decanter that came with four glasses. Seamus was shocked. It was beautiful. A generational gift. The type of gift that had obviously been handed down.

Brad grinned, pleased with Seamus’s reaction. “It was my father’s. There used to be eight glasses but you know, the years aren’t always kind.”

Seamus looked at Matt, half expecting him to be upset that his father had given him such a sentimental gift. Wasn’t that something that belonged to Matt?

He leaned over and kissed Seamus. Matt didn’t care. It was a gift that Seamus would appreciate it more than Matt ever could.

Matt got Seamus a canvas print set for the loft. Huge black and white pictures of Aidan and Seamus at various points over the last eighteen months. One was of Seamus sitting at a table in the cafe working with pre-walking Aidan balancing against his leg, another of Aidan in a bumbo chair on the counter while Seamus did the dishes, and one of Seamus and Aidan holding hands as they walked down the street. They weren’t super great pictures, just ones Matt had taken with his phone in secret, but they told a story of a man who loved a boy. And of a boy who loved a man.

Seamus stared at them, then at Matt. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t thank Matt or gush over the photos. He simply leaned them against the chair and moved on.

But Matt was no fool. He saw Seamus barely hold back the emotion. If Seamus said even one word–

Seamus cleared his throat and reached for the next gift. It was big but not too heavy. He shook it. “Who’s this from? Is this mine?”

Aidan shook his head and pointed at his own chest. “Me!”

Seamus frowned. “But it’s my birthday.”

Again, Aidan shook his head, quite aggressively. “No, me!”

Matt laughed and pulled Aidan to his lap. “You picked it for Moose? Remember?”

Seamus ripped the paper off and gasped. “This is the best present ever!” He held up the big plastic dump truck with Bob the Builder and his friends. Brad started laughing and Aidan quickly slid off Matt’s lap and reached for the gift he’d so thoughtfully bought for Seamus.

It was almost too big for the little guy to carry but he managed to get it from Seamus. He even made it a few feet before he dropped it and then tripped over it.

“He picked it out all by himself.”

Seamus watched Aidan with so much love. “I bet he did.”

“Along with half the store.”

Everyone at the table smiled as they watched Aidan. Then Seamus grabbed the other gift. It was smaller canlı poker oyna and wrapped poorly. Seamus glanced at Matt and smiled.

“You know he can’t help himself. It’s a problem.”

Seamus quickly shed the stuffed moose of its paper wrapping and smiled. Aidan was obsessed. Every time they went somewhere and there was a toy moose, Aidan wanted it. He always gave it to Seamus. His Moose. After Seamus had a few minutes to enjoy the gesture, Aidan was back with his little grabby hands. Every time.

Aidan looked up and saw what Seamus was holding. He scrambled off the floor and ran to Seamus. He pointed to the stuffed animal. “Moose,” he said. Everyone nodded. Then he pointed at Seamus, “Moose.” Then Aidan hugged the stuffed animal. “My moose.” Then he hugged Seamus’ legs.

Before anyone could ahhh, Aidan took the moose and ran off, officially taking all the gifts with him.

Seamus fidgeted with the whiskey decanter and looked at Matt and Brad. “Thank you so much. This was by far the best birthday I’ve ever had.”

Father and son shared a knowing and conspiring look. Brad nodded for Matt to go, so Matt got up and held out his hand. “I have another gift for you but you have to come with me.”

Seamus watched with suspicion. He hadn’t expected anything and had already received so much. But he silently followed Matt’s lead while Brad distracted Aidan. Not that he didn’t want Aidan to come but…yeah, he didn’t want Aidan to come.

“Where are we going?” Seamus asked as he slid into the passenger seat of the suburban.

“Oh,” Matt laughed as he started the SUV. “We’re not going anywhere special, just to my apartment.”

Seamus seemed fine with that. Not at all disappointed or suspicious. It wasn’t until Matt paused outside the apartment door with his hand on the knob that Seamus looked at him funny.

Matt twisted the door and slowly opened it, revealing an apartment completely void of life except a stack of boxes in the middle of the living room. Seamus entered slowly, almost skeptically, and looked around. When he finally looked at Matt, it was hard to tell how Seamus felt. Was he upset?

“You’re moving?”


Seamus shoved his hands in his pocket. “Don’t tell me you’re moving back to your dads.”

“2511 Ellingston St NE


Seamus rushed him, wrapping him in his arms. “You’re moving in with me?”


“You and Aidan?”

“We are a packaged deal.”

Seamus ran his fingers through Matt’s hair and pulled him in until they were kissing. This was exactly how Matt hoped he’d react and he smiled despite Seamus kissing the life out of him. Seamus ran his hands over every inch of Matt. He was frenzied, like he hadn’t seen or touched Matt in a month.

Like Matt was finally moving in with him.

Matt opened Seamus’s fly with one hand and fisted his shirt with the other. Seamus moaned and returned the favor. There wouldn’t be full blown sex, there was literally nothing in the apartment, but it had been a month and they were desperate. Matt dropped to his knees first, beating Seamus by mere seconds. He ripped Seamus’s pants down, damaging the zipper in the process but freeing Seamus’s cock at the same time.

He kind of wanted to take his time and drive Seamus crazy but he had more plans for Seamus. Anyway, judging by hands messing his hair up, Seamus was already half crazy. What the hell, he thought. No reason to hold back. He went full porn star, taking Seamus all the way down and doing crazy things with his tongue.

Matt was surprising himself. Can you have a double jointed tongue? Was that a thing? Probably not but Matt was pretty sure he was discovering new ways to blow a dick. He didn’t get a chance to discover all that much before Seamus came so hard his knees buckled and he fell backwards on the boxes. Everything crashed down, including Seamus. He laid awkwardly on a box, panting, his legs spread; one leg bent and his pants around his thighs. Seamus was fucking wrecked.

Matt loved it.

Seamus stared at Matt with wild eyes. “Holy fucking shit.” Then he grabbed him and returned the favor. He pulled Matt forward so hard he almost toppled over the pile, as it was, he barely had himself propped up on a box as Seamus swallowed him. His pants were barely below his hips so he had no leverage with his legs as he leaned over his boyfriend. He was so keyed up he was close to edge within minutes. His arms shook as Seamus sucked an orgasm out of his damn toes. Once he’d given him everything he had, he joined the heap that was his boyfriend and his belongings.

Seamus grabbed Matt’s chin and brought him in for a kiss. “You’re finally moving in with me?”


“This is the best birthday ever.”

“What if I told you it wasn’t over? I still have a trick up my sleeve.”

The redhead gazed at Matt like there was no way in hell. Nothing could be better than a blowjob in the soon to be former apartment of the boyfriend who is poker oyna finally moving in with you. “I’d say you can’t top this so you should probably save whatever else you have planned for next year.”

“Or–” Matt stood up, pulled up his pants, and pulled Seamus to his feet. He then straightened Seamus up and kissed him, long and slow. “I will give you the gift tonight. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it back and give it to you next year. No harm, no foul.”

Seamus chuckled, confident that nothing could out do what he’d just been given. But sure, Matt, go ahead and try.


It wasn’t even eight when they got back to the loft but Aidan was passed out on the floor next to his–Seamus’s–new dump truck. Brad shrugged, kind of laughing at how cute his grandson was.

“What do you guys have there?” Brad knew why they were each holding a box but asked anyway if only to humor Seamus.

“Matt and Aidan are moving in, officially,” Seamus beamed. Oh yeah, he was happy alright.

Brad got up and gave Seamus a hug and whispered something in his ear that Matt couldn’t hear. Whatever it was, it meant a lot to Seamus.

They set the boxes off to the side and helped Brad clean up. Then Brad excused himself and left the two to put Aidan away. At first, Seamus stood to the side, not wanting to overstep, but Matt motioned for him to go ahead.

Instead of picking him up, Seamus kneeled down and hovered over the sleeping child, kind of cradling his large body around Aidan. Seamus softly kissed his cheek, grazed Aidan’s face with his knuckles, and brushed the hair behind his ear all while speaking softly to the sleeping potato. It was…private. An intimate moment between a father and son.

While Seamus was busy with Aidan, Brad hugged Matt. “In my wildest dreams, I never could’ve created wanted more than you have right now. Seamus is, well, he’s a gift. A precious gift. The same way that you’re a gift and Aidan’s a gift. You’ve made me a rich man beyond my wildest dreams. I love you. I love all three of you.”

Emotion bloomed in Matt’s chest and his eyes swelled. “I love you, too, Dad. I couldn’t have done this without you.”

“You could’ve, but I’m glad I got to be a part of it. And for you and Aidan alone, I’m glad I loved your mom. Without her, I’d have none of this.” Brad kissed Matt’s cheek and left the room.

Seamus carefully got his arms under Aidan and hefted him up, draping him over his chest and shoulder. Aidan was getting so big. The chubby baby was gone and in his place was a slender and lanky toddler. Sassy and independent. Utterly frustrating at times but adorably precious.

He followed the pair and watched as Seamus gently set him in the crib, carefully stripped him of his clothes, and changed his diaper, all without waking him.

Matt had a kind of elaborate plan for the final gift. It was a big deal gift and he wanted to give it to him in a big deal kind of way. But then Seamus had to go and be…he had to go and prove exactly why Matt had made the right decision. At that moment, it didn’t matter what Matt had planned, it wasn’t about the presentation. He slipped out of the room and grabbed the manilla envelope then slipped back in.

Seamus covered Aidan with a blanket and watched him. He looked at Matt and smiled. His cheeks flushed. He went to Matt. “I missed him,” he explained.

Matt pressed the envelope to Seamus’s chest and held it there until Seamus took it. He was confused. “What’s this?”

“Originally? It was your final birthday gift. But honestly, it’s not a birthday gift. It’s just–it’s the way it should be.”

Seamus pulled out two sheets of paper. “Samaritan West Providence Hospital…” he read aloud, then scanned through the rest of the document. Then the second sheet. Then the first. His eyes darted back and forth then shot to Matt.

“I want to do something more permanent but it’s a complicated process and a week wasn’t really enough time to get it laid out. I figured once things settle, we can work on guardianship through a lawyer, together. Until then, I never want you stuck in the lobby of that godforsaken hospital, not where Aidan or I are concerned.”

“You and Aidan?”

Matt plucked the papers from Seamus and held one in each hand. He wiggled the left then the right. “This one’s mine, this one’s Aidan’s. Should anything happen, you’ll have, I don’t what it’s called, power of attorney or whatever. It’s only good at Samaritan West Providence but it’s a start.”

Seamus put his hands behind his head and turned away so Matt couldn’t see him crying. When he dropped to his knees and hunched over, Matt was next to him, rubbing his back. This wasn’t just big. To Seamus, it was everything.

Seamus steadied his breathing. One breath, two breaths. He took the third breath in deep, gathering himself. He sat up and looked at Matt with wet eyes. “Is this real? Are you sure? Because if you take this away–“

Matt gripped the back of his boyfriend’s head and brought him in for a soft kiss. “It’s real. I’m sure. And I won’t ever take this away from you.”

That was all Seamus needed to hear. In the next breath, Seamus had Matt by the hand and was dragging him across the apartment and into their room.

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Friend Zoned

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It was Friday night; my best friend Tina had come over for some drinks. We had plans to go to the beach party nearby in a few hours. Tina had been my friend since the 7th grade, we quickly became inseparable throughout high school, she was really spontaneous, funny, generous and fiercely passionate. I had always been a bit of an outcast in high school, but she helped me come out of my shell and gain confidence in myself. Deep down, I had a massive crush on her but I never made a move, afraid that if I did, I would be jeopardizing our friendship. I tended to bottle up those feelings and just continue to be a good friend. It was always hard for me to see her flirt with other guys, and enter relationships as I was always a bit jealous. However, Tina was never in any long-term relationship, she had a few boyfriends throughout high school, but it never lasted. She was the kind of girl that hated being tied down to a situation and lived in the moment, I really loved that about her, there was never a dull moment with her. We both were going to the same university now, but in different programs, so we mostly saw each-other in the evenings or the weekends when we weren’t too busy with school and part-time jobs. The semester had finished this week and summer vacation was starting. We both had two weeks before we started our summer jobs so we had plans to see each other often during this time off.

Tina and I both had rough semesters, so tonight was the first time we could let of steam and just chill. We shared stories of our semester and talked about our exams as we were drinking some cocktails. As the night progressed, I was getting rather tipsy. Everything seemed to slow down as I was staring at Tina while she was passionately reenacting a story about her realizing she went to the wrong classroom for her exam this week. I couldn’t help to be reminded, in that moment, how gorgeous she was. She had a perfect face; it was warm and cheerful. She always had a smile on her face, even when she was describing a stressful and negative experience. She had long light brown hair that ran down about to the middle of her back, and piercing hazel-colored eyes. She was about 5’4, and was rocking an athletic body, she worked out almost every day. She didn’t have huge breasts, but what she was lacking in bust was compensated in her ass. She had a really big bubbly butt, it really stood out. It has hard for me not to stare at it when she wasn’t looking, I always tried to resist as her friend but sometimes I couldn’t help it. She had really nice thighs, results of her discipline at the gym. Whenever we went to the beach together and she’d wear her bikini it was really hard for me to not get turned on. I was usually able to be disciplined, but drinking really made it difficult to not think about her, sexually.

I always thought of Tina out of my league, which was another reason why I never made a move. I was 5’8, pretty scrawny, I had a really hard time gaining weight and muscle. I wasn’t really into working out, I was a bit of your stereotypical geek but I never thought as myself as a loser. I had friends, I was never bullied, I got along with most people. I rode the wave most of my life, I didn’t stand out in a bad way or in a good way, I was very neutral. I guess that was sad in a way, but I didn’t mind not having the spotlight on me, I could do my own thing without judgement. Despite all of this, I was so close to Tina, and I sometimes thought it was crazy that she would hang out with someone like me.

“Oh Tyler, we should get going, the party is probably starting now” Tina said, breaking my trance.

As Tina finished her sentence, a rumbling resonated from outside. I looked outside of the window; huge showers of rain came pouring down joined by loud thunder and lightning.

“Uh oh, Tina, I think our plans just fell through.” I said, disappointed.

“Oh, Crap. No worries, we can just keep it low-key tonight and hang out here” Tina said followed by her glowing smile.

As I agreed, the apartment of the door swung open, it was my roommate, Chad. He was soaked from head to toe and was still wearing his muddy rugby uniform. He was on the university rugby team, he had practice almost every night and games on week-ends.

“Man, shit weather out there! I thought you guys were going to be out tonight. I guess the rain ruined your plans?” Chad asked without waiting for an answer as he rushed in.

“Yeah! We were supposed to go to the beach. Oh well, we are going to just hang out here tonight, feel free to join us if you want!” Tina said, being her usual friendly self.

Chad and I were polar opposites, he was your typical muscular, macho jock. He could be an asshole a lot of the times, but he had a good side to him, we actually got along. We had an odd relationship; we had met in first year when I noticed bahis firmaları he was struggling with school work. He asked for help, and I have been helping him getting through university ever since. Last year we were both looking for our own places and decided to get a place together to save some money. It was a pretty cheap apartment but it had two separate small bedrooms. We didn’t really hang out together outside of our living arrangement, we were rarely both home at the same time and when we were, we made small talk or worked on school assignments together. Chad was quite the ladies’ man, I often heard him bring home girls at night and they would spend the night, I noticed them leave in the morning, usually a different girl. He was single and just did his thing, I didn’t really inquire into it but part of me was jealous. Chad was here having all these girls and I was a 21-year-old virgin.

Tina didn’t really know Chad; they had bumped into each other a few times whenever we hung out together but nothing more. I tried to avoid inviting Tina over when Chad was around, just because Chad was very dominant and usually took over conversations, and I was the one wanting to spend time with her. I guess part of me was also scared that Tina would like Chad and I didn’t really want them to flirt, he was my roommate and it would be awkward.

“I wouldn’t say no to a drink or two, but I definitely need a shower first.” He said and disappeared into his room.

I gave Tina a look, she knew what I was thinking; why would she ask him to join us?

She giggled. “Sorry Ty, it just felt wrong to not invite him to hang out with us. Honestly, I didn’t think he’d actually accept, but it might be fun!”

I took our empty glasses to the kitchen to make more drinks. As I was mixing the drinks, Chad walked out of his room. He was basically naked, with just a towel wrapped around his waist heading to the bathroom for his shower. Chad had absolutely no shame, didn’t he realize we had company? Part of me thought he was doing this on purpose to get Tina’s attention.

I looked up to Tina, she was checking her phone, but I noticed she couldn’t help to shift her focus to Chad. It looked like she was trying to not make it obvious, catching him at the corner of her eye but she was definitely looking. Chad was really muscular and had a six pack, I could admit that he looked pretty manly in this moment, his arms seemed huge and he had mud smeared over the side of his body from rugby. I knew that most women found Chad attractive but I always thought Tina wasn’t your regular girl.

Chad went to the bathroom and closed the door behind him and I heard the shower start. I came back with our prepared drinks on the couch.

“Thanks Ty, your roommate isn’t shy at all is he?” she asked with a snicker.

“No, definitely not, he’s a bit full of himself” I said, taking a jab at him.

“Oh yeah, your stereotypical rugby player” she added. I knew Tina was a different, she didn’t really like macho men, and usually called them out.

We laughed. After a few minutes Chad came out of the shower, still in his towel but all cleaned up and headed towards his room. Even after what Tina said, she couldn’t stop herself. She stopped speaking mid-sentence and locked her gaze onto him.

“Uh, you were saying?” I asked Tina, trying to get her to snap out of it.

“Sorry, I got distracted” she giggled. She was innocently brushing it off, but obviously she liked looking at Chad. I didin’t blame her, and I wasn’t her boyfriend so she could do whatever she wanted to, obviously. I was just a little drunk so I was a feeling attached and attracted to Tina more than usual and therefore slightly jealous of the attention Chad was getting.

Chad walked out of his room, wearing only tight boxer briefs. I noticed him immediately.

“Dude, seriously? No one wants to see that!” I said, trying to scold him.

“Sorry, sorry!” He laughed. I knew he wasn’t actually sorry. “I forgot my basket of clean clothes in the laundry room, cover your eyes if you want!” he said confidently as he went to get his clothes.

This was the first time I had seen Chad in his underwear and they were tight. There was no way to not notice his huge bulge. I looked at Tina, and she had definitely noticed too. Her mouth was slightly opened as she stared at it. He seemed to have a massive dick, I felt so embarrassed in that moment that Chad was doing all of this in front of her.

“We have an exhibitionist in the house!” yelled out Tina, snapping herself out of it and laughing at the situation.

“I am not hearing any complaints from you!” he fired back from the laundry room.

“Not seeing anything special here” she answered. Tina was always a firecracker and she was having fun with this.

“Oh, if you say so.” Chad said as kaçak iddaa he showed up in the living room, still in his boxers but carrying his clothes in his hands.

I couldn’t believe the difference between his body and mine. Chad was probably like 6’2 and had massive pecs, chiseled abs, and huge legs. We were both sitting on the couch and it looked like he was towering over us with his big stature, his junk basically at eye level. I looked away, still embarrassed.

“Dude, go get changed!” it almost sounded like I was begging.

“Alright dude, we saw you, are you proud now? Go get changed and come for a drink, silly” Tina said.

Chad chuckled. “Fine, fine!” I knew at that moment Chad like Tina. I wasn’t surprised, who wouldn’t? Everyone likes Tina.

Chad finally got dressed and joined us in the living room with a beer in hand. As the night went on, I could tell that Chad was definitely interested in Tina, and was really flirting with her.

At this point. Tina was getting pretty drunk. The more she drank the more she flirted back with Chad. I was starting to feel a bit like a third wheel to this party now that Chad was here. I excused myself for a moment as I had to go to the bathroom.

On my way back, I noticed Chad and Tina were now sitting side by side. I decided to give them a bit of space and see what they were going to do from a distance. I could see Chad’s hand rubbing Tina’s thigh and slowly bringing it towards her crotch. I was stunned. I had no expected Tina to actually be into him. Part of me really wished I was Chad in this moment, and I grew horny thinking about touching Tina the way Chad was. I was feeling a little jealous but not resentful. I had only myself to blame. I was only friends with her and never wanted to make a move.

After a minute of what seemed to be fondling, they still hadn’t noticed I was looking from the hallway. I couldn’t see exactly what was going on but I didn’t want to interrupt yet, I was curious to what they were going to do, I couldn’t help myself. It looked like Chad was fingering Tina and she was really into it. I was actually getting even more turned on watching them.

After a few minutes, I decided I was gone long enough, I cleared my throat to let them to know I was on my way back.

“Hey Ty! Oh my god, look at the time! I think I should get going!” she said seeming a little shy realizing that I probably caught them in the act. “We can hang out again this weekend, hopefully it will be nice out!” she added as she got up and was ready to leave.

“It was fun, take care Tina” Chad simply added with a wink.

After Tina left, I found it a little awkward with Chad. I knew he was into Tina and I didn’t really want to be in the middle of it so I simply ignored it. Thankfully Chad didn’t seem to want to talk about it either.

“Alright dude, off to bed for me too.” He said as we both separated and went to our respective room.

While I was getting ready for bed, I receive a text. It was from Tina.

“Hey Ty! That was fun tonight! Thanks for having me over. Your roommate seems like a pretty cool guy, I forgot to ask him, but could you give me his number? I wanted to send him a link to this band we were talking about.”

My heart sank. But who was I to refuse her request? She was clearly into him, but knowing her, it wouldn’t last. She would talk to him a bit and realize he was just your stereotypical douche and become uninterested. I promised myself when this little episode was over, I’d make my move. I sent her his number and probed her feelings.

“Here you go. You have a crush on him don’t you. ;)” I replied, seeking clarity on the situation.

“Hah! No way, a dude like that? I will admit he was pretty fun though, nothing wrong with making new friends, right?” she texted.

“Right. Alright Tina, I am heading to bed! Good night!” I sent my last text before getting into bed. I wanted to believe her, but part of me thought she wasn’t being honest.

I reflected on this night. I realized that if I ever wanted something to happen between Tina and I, I had to make a move, and be honest with her. Seeing her flirt with Chad made me feel jealous and envious of Chad, so clearly, I wanted it to be me the one flirting. “I need to tell her how I feel during my vacation” I whispered to myself as I dozed off.

I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at my phone; 3 A.M. There was some kind of noise coming from the rest of the apartment. I stopped moving and focused on the sound. It sounded like moaning. Oh god, did Chad call one of his booty calls tonight? The walls between Chad’s room and mine were pretty thin, it was really easy to hear what was going on, on the other side, and the girl’s moans were getting louder. She was obviously enjoying herself. I remembered Chad’s massive bulge. I tried kaçak bahis to visualize what his dick would look like hard, it was probably huge, hence why this girl was loving it. I felt jealous again, but a little turned on by the noises, and just the thought of imagining a big dick going in and out of this girl’s pussy. It was like there was a porn scene happening right next door, but I could imagine it all. I decided to start stroking my dick to the sounds, imagining I was Chad, fucking this mystery girl.

The sex seemed like it was going on forever. I was stroking my dick, which was now very wet, a bit shamefully, but I couldn’t neglect how good it felt. At that moment, I heard Chad speak up amongst his moans of pleasure: “Oh Tina… your pussy is SO tight! You’re so fucking hot!” I stopped stroking for a second and froze. What the fuck? Had Tina come back to have sex with Chad in the middle of the night? I realized I was even harder than before. I just instinctively continued stroking while trying to make sense of it all. Maybe it was another Tina? I tried convincing myself but at the same time, I wanted to believe that those sexy sounds were coming from my Tina.

“Oh, fuck Chad, that dick is so big!! You are stretching my pussy out… I love it so much!” Tina yelled out in ecstasy. That confirmed it. That was definitely Tina’s voice.

A multitude of emotions came pouring down. I was incredibly turned on but jealous at the same time. Tina wasn’t my girlfriend or anything, it’s not like she was cheating. I also knew that she had sex with men whenever she wanted to, how was this different? Knowing now that it was Tina, my point-of-view shifted, and I was trying to convince myself this was no big deal and just focus on my pleasure. I couldn’t think clearly, I was just too horny. I stroked my dick to the sound of Tina’s pleasure, simulating that I was the one fucking her. But in reality, she was getting fucked my roommate while I was stuck in bed, stroking my virgin dick. The whole scene was incredibly humiliating for me, considering Tina was my crush and I was “forced” to listen to her be pleasured by another man. At the same time, it was extremely naughty and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so turned on in my life. I was close to cumming.

Only a few seconds later, I could hear Tina and Chad reaching climax together and I couldn’t resist either. I started blowing my load into a tissue while Chad was probably cumming inside Tina. My orgasm was incredibly intense, I had never seen so much cum in my life, and I felt spent and fell asleep a few minutes later, ignoring the feelings.

When I woke up, a feeling of shame dawned over me. I had gotten off to the sounds of my crush getting fucked by my roommate. I tried to suppress those feelings and just get on with my day. As I got out of my room, I realized Chad’s door was opening at the same time. I was prepared to face an awkward situation. To make it even more awkward, it wasn’t Chad that walked out, it was Tina and she looked like a wreck, like she got fucked all night (which she obviously did).

“Hey Ty…” she said putting her hands over her eyes and started giggling nervously. “This is a bit awkward… Chad and I ended up texting and I decided to come back and see him. How did you sleep?” She said, trying to deflect the attention on her.

“Well let’s just say I heard everything” I scoffed.

“Oh my god! That’s so embarrassing!! I am SO sorry!!” she said without being able to contain her smile. I think part of her thought it was funny. She obviously had no idea; I had a huge crush on her.

“I wouldn’t have thought of you to be the person to just do a booty call” I said, my jealousy showing, and realized I sounded like a pretentious asshole.

Tina looked at me, analyzing me. She brushed off my comment and laughed. Well, Ty-ty! You are my best friend, you always get to see my good side, you’re lucky! Sometimes I have to let out my bad side…” she looked away from me as she said that.

Sure. I was the “lucky one”. She definitely had a naughty side I wasn’t aware of. But I was extremely turned on at this moment. She was so hot, and her telling me she has a bad side, really excited me.

“Anyways, this was probably just a one-time thing, so don’t worry about me getting attached to your roommate. Want to hang out this afternoon? We could go for a walk?

“Sounds good Tina, I’ll talk to you later.”

Tina left the apartment and I was left feeling slightly empty. I wanted her so bad. I needed to tell her how I felt before this got out of hand.

As I was getting breakfast ready, my mind kept wandering and imagining the scene of Tina getting fucked by Chad all night. I couldn’t stop visualizing it: Chad’s big dick, stretching Tina’s pussy as it glides in and out. Their sweaty bodies rubbing each other, the smell of sex in that room, their moaning… I couldn’t help it, I left my breakfast there on the counter and went back to my room, locked the door and started jacking off to the thought of it all. I came within seconds.

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Candy Pt. 06

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“Hey guys! Thanks for coming over. Come on in,” I said. Two of my old friends, Dave and Steve came into the apartment, and I showed them into the living room.

After the last couple group episodes with Candy, I’d gotten a little uneasy about how commanding she was (and how obedient I was, to be honest). I reminded her of her intention to test her limits, and got her to agree to this party. Steve and Dave thought they were coming over to watch the game with me, but we planned to convince them to add gangbanging Candy into the agenda. Randy was there to help pump up the action, and give Candy some familiarity.

I introduced Dave and Steve to Randy, then told them that for reasons they didn’t need to know, Candy had agreed to wait on us during the game. She’d bring us our beers and snacks. Then I knocked on the big bedroom door. “Candy, the guys are here!”

She came out to the living room in butthugging short shorts, with a cameltoe leaving little to the imagination, and a cutoff team sweatshirt cropped so high you could see underboob with no effort.

The guys gasped. I gasped. I introduced Dave and Steve. She gave them each a hug, pressing her braless breasts firmly into their chests.

She brought everybody a beer, and headed back to the kitchen saying, “I’ll get you guys some snacks.”

Watching her walk away, Steve said, “I see a snack I’d like.”

“That’s no snack, that’s a full-course meal,” Dave replied.

“Guys!” I said. “C’mon…”

We talked over the beginning of the game. Catching up. Steve and Dave and I had all known each other a long time. We’d actually met through our wives, and now all of us were divorced. Steve had been divorced the longest. He seemed to kind of float through the marriage and divorce and all of life in general. It didn’t make much impact on him, and he didn’t make much impact on it. Dave was the most recently divorced, and he was bitter about it. We tried to support him and cheer him up, but he’d lost everything. Not even his job had survived the process. He hadn’t been fun to be around for the past year, but we kept trying.

The guys asked Randy some basic stuff, but he kept his answers short, and just watched the game.

Candy brought another round of beers. The guys couldn’t keep their eyes off her: a fit, tanned 5’10” blonde with a bubble butt, D cups, long legs, shining blue eyes, and a happy smile. Conversation stopped and no one watched the game when she walked into the room. Randy slipped his hand up under the sweatshirt and fondled one of her breasts when she brought him his beer. Dave spotted it and asked, “Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“No” Candy answered, “we’re just fuckbuddies.”

That popped the old guys’ eyes open.

Dave pressed, “How many fuckbuddies do you have?”

Steve added, “How do I get on the list?”

“I’m trying to find out how many,” she said. Then, looking at Steve, “maybe you can get a tryout.” She put her finger in her mouth and gave him an innocent look, then walked over right in front of him, and flipped the sweatshirt up and down. Then she turned, looked over her shoulder at his face, then his tenting lap, and then walked away.

She came back in the room with more snacks, but no top on. “That sweatshirt was just too hot!” She said. “You guys like these snacks?”

Steve just stared. Dave said, “I could eat them all afternoon.”

“Well,” she said, “Randy copped a feel before. I thought, to be fair, you should all get a chance to touch my boobs if you want to.” She was standing in front of Steve, leaning forward to set the snacks down on the table beside him. Her breasts swung invitingly. HIs hands came up to cup them. She slid onto his lap, facing him. He caressed, massaged, and mashed her breasts, rubbing his fingers across the nipples until they were firmly erect. “You want to kiss them don’t you?” She whispered to Steve.

He nodded.

“Go on. Do it. Kiss them, lick them, suck them.”

He did, and soon was taking one fully into his mouth while he massaged the other. She threw her head back, pushing her chest more into his face.

And then she was up and moving.

Steve’s mouth hung open and he stared in disappointment.

Candy dropped onto Dave’s lap. “Go on” she said. He clutched at her, squeezed her breasts so they stood up and out. He rolled canlı bahis şirketleri her nipples between his fingers, pinched them, pulled on them. Her nipples stretched. He tugged one to his mouth, squishing the breast to aim it. Then he bit it. Pretty vigorously. Her face set into a pained grimace. His hand clutched aggressively at her other breast, holding her firmly. She grabbed at his wrist and pushed herself off him. The finger and teeth marks were clear on her pale breasts.

As she turned from him, he gave her ass a good strong slap.

She came over to me, sliding onto my lap and pulling my head to her breasts. Bending down she whispered, “that guy’s an asshole.” I tongued her breasts, soothing the red marks, then I pushed my face between them. She raised her arms to use the forearms to press her breasts in against my face. I went for the ol’ motorboat, with loud, exaggerated blubbering sounds. By the time I raised my head up she was laughing.

She got off me and headed out of the room.

Randy called, “What about me?”

“Oh, right.” She walked over to him. “Here.” She hefted one of her breasts like she was gauging the weight, and pressed it toward his face. He flicked his tongue at it. Then they repeated with the other. And she left the room.

“Hey Dave,” I said. “Be nice. This is really good for all of us, but you’re going to screw it up.”

“That bitch wants it, and she wants it hard,” he said. “She’ll take it the way I give it.”

“Seriously, man.”

“Yeah,” Randy said. “She’ll get nasty if you treat her nice.”

“C’mon Dave, I want to get laid,” Steve said.

“Fuck, whatever.”

He drank his beer and we half-watched the game. Actually, he guzzled the beer. Then he lurched to his feet. “Gotta piss.”

A couple minutes later we heard Candy’s voice, “I’ll bring you that.”

And him, “Good, bring it.”

He came plodding back into the room. She was right behind him with a beer.

And no pants.

The shorts had left little to the imagination, but now all she had on was a lacy bright red thong. She put Dave’s beer down on the side table, and slid away from his reaching hand to stand in the middle of the room.

“Guys, in case you didn’t notice, I’m bored and horny. So here’s the deal: I’m going back into the big bedroom in a minute, and you’re all invited. One at a time, or all at once. No holes barred.” She spun to face each of us in turn. As she did, the gleam of the jeweled buttplug shone under the g-string thong. “There’s just two rules,” she went on, “We don’t know each other that well, so condoms are a must. Fortunately, I have a supply. The other rule is I’m like a postage stamp: you gotta lick it before you stick it! Where you want to put put your dick, you gotta put your mouth there first. So if anyone wants to titty fuck, you’re all set already. Give me a kiss right now, and the way is clear for blowjobs too.”

She walked around the room, kissing us each in turn. Then, ass wiggling, and the butt plug in it winking, she walked out of the room.

We all stared.

Randy spoke first, “This game’s not that good. I’m going in. Just for your information, I like to fuck pussy more than anything. So I’m gonna lick her clit a little. I don’t care if you wait out here, or come on in, but I wanna go solo. At least with condoms the seconds won’t be too sloppy, right?

Then he got up and walked after her, unbuttoning his shirt as he went.

Steve said, “What the fuck? Why’s he first?”

“It’s a good idea,” I said. “He’s her fuckbuddy already. He’ll warm her up good and she’ll be ready for whatever. Listen, I’ll go last. You two do what you want. Take turns or both together. Spitroast her, DP her if you want. Or take her to yourself.”

“I can’t stop thinking about her titties,” Steve said. “I never had a woman invite me to fuck her tits before. But a blow job…. Did she invite us to fuck her ass, too?”

“Remember,” I said, “lick it before you stick it. I’ve dicked her ass, and I’ve licked her ass. I promise you it’ll be clean enough to eat”

We watched the game, waiting, drinking beer. Steve was groping himself through his pants. I’d never paid attention before, but his semi-erect cock was slender and longer than average, it seemed. After a bit, he got up. “I gotta piss.” He walked out of the room.

Dave canlı kaçak iddaa kept sucking on his beer. We watched the game. Steve called from the kitchen, “You guys want another beer?”


He came in with three. “Dave, you wanna go next with Candy? You wanna flip a coin or somethin’?”

“You go ahead, Steve. I’m gonna ruin her for whoever comes after me.”

“Whattaya mean, Dave?”

“You guys have seen my hog, right?”

That’s right! Dave has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Longer than anyone else’s I know, and way thicker too. I had no concerns about Candy being able to take it, but he might be right that she’d be stretched, gaped, and pounded by the time he was finished.

Steve said, “That’s right! Well thanks, Dave. Shit! I haven’t even been laid in months. I hope I can hold out long enough to have a little fun with her.”

We were silent again, watching the game again. Randy’d been in with her for a good half-hour when we heard the door close and he came down the hall.

“She’s pretty well warmed up, men, but I wouldn’t keep her waiting,” he said.

Steve jumped up and brushed past him.

“She’s good?” I asked Randy.

“You know her, she’s hot as fuck, wet and open when I put it in, and she came real easy a few times. She’s raring to go.”

“That’s great!”

“I’m gonna take off, I’ll see you around.” He went out the door.

Dave shook his empty beer can. “You want another?” He said.

“I’ll get ’em,” I answered. But when I opened the refrigerator there weren’t any. What the fuck! I’d bought a whole thirty-pack of the shit beer these guys like.

I went back the living room and told Dave. “You want a whiskey or something?” I asked him, but I knew he only drank that shit beer.

“Naw, forget it.” He sat staring at the game.

It bugged me. “I’m gonna go buy some more. It’ll only take fifteen minutes. We can hang out, drink a couple more, maybe go for seconds with Candy. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. This party’s just getting started.”

I shot right down to the nearest store. It was more like twenty minutes than fifteen.

When I came back through the door, both Dave and Steve were right there, standing up and all dressed.

“We gotta go, man,” Dave said.

“Yeah, um,” Steve was looking at the ground. “Sorry.”

And they pushed by me and out the door.

I dropped the thirty box on the counter and sped down the hall to the big room. The next day I would find the remnants of the box I’d bought before hidden in the nearby closet. No doubt by Dave.

Candy was curled up under the covers on the big bed, crying.

“What happened?” I asked. “Are you all right?” I climbed onto the bed and put my arms around her.

“That fuckin’ asshole raped me!” She cried.

Oh Jesus! My heart sank. I looked at her, inspected her for damage in a way, for all I could see from my angle. I started kissing her face, her forehead, her nose, her cheeks, her chin. “That’s awful! Are you hurt? I mean, are you physically damaged? Do we need to get to a doctor?”

“Fuck! He fucking raped me! I’m pissed off! Where were you?”

Shit! One of my friends assaulted her while I was getting beer. “I ran out to the beer store. What happened? What did he do?”

She cuffed me in the head. “You went to get beer, while your friend assaulted me! You fucking fuck!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know what an asshole he is. He always seemed like an okay guy. I’ll fix it. Well, I’ll make it up to you. It’ll be all right. I promise.” I kissed her again, and then some more. I kissed her whole face, then her neck on the side below her ear, and in the hollow at the base of it. Her body grew less tense. Her hands were on the back of my neck. I kissed the tops of her breasts. I nuzzled into her cleavage. I kissed her nipples, one then the other, then back to the first and I sucked it a little. She held me there a while, then directed my head gently with her hands to suck at the other nipple.

“Your other friend…”


“Yeah, Steve. Steve was in here, mauling my boobs and jacking himself off with them,”


“Yeah. He was turned on by the titfuck comment” She smiled a little. I was happy she seemed to be recovering herself. I kept licking, sucking, nuzzling. canlı kaçak bahis I moved from one nipple to the other, dipped my head into her cleavage some more. I could smell the coconut oil, sweat, and funk.

“So Steve was pumping my boobs, pushing them together with his hands, pinching my nipples. I told him I wanted to suck his dick, I wanted his dick all the way down my throat. I said I loved how long and slim his dick was and I wanted it in my mouth. I was getting a condom…”

“Wait a minute!” I stopped licking the inner sides of her breasts. “He didn’t have a condom on?”

“No! It was just titfucking, like foreplay.”

“Uh huh.” I edged away from her breast area, kissing a line down to her navel and beyond.

“Oh, that’s good.” she said. “Just go ahead and get on my clit.” She pushed my head a little lower. “So I’m getting the condom, and he pushes my boobs hard together. I mean, it hurt. He rams a half-a-dozen times, says ‘don’t bother’ then ‘shit!’ Then he groans and sprays cum all over my face, my neck, and my boobs.”

All the places I’d just been kissing and licking and sucking at. I put it out of my mind.

Her body was responding to my licking and sucking at her clit. Her hips pressed upward rhythmically. Her pussy was wet and open. I extended my tongue and pressed it in. She was thick with creamy grool, and I lapped it up. Her legs trembled and fell open. She pressed the back of my head and bucked up into me. I pursed my lips around her clit and slapped my tongue across it. When the rhythmic movement of her hips deteriorated into uncontrolled shaking, I opened my mouth wide to cover her entire vaginal opening, and licked and sucked for all I was worth. A gush of fluid, bitter and tangy, flowed into my mouth.

As her orgasm subsided she laughed a little.

I asked. “Are you okay?”

“I’m feeling better. You’re helping a lot. Don’t stop.” She swung her legs upward, using her hands to pull her knees toward her chest. “Lick my asshole too,” she said. She didn’t need to say it twice. Her asshole looked red, swollen, and loose. I plunged my tongue into it.

I could hardly hear her as she continued to talk about what had happened.

“Funny, after all our concern and attention to being safe, none of those guys used a condom.”


“Well, we know Randy’s safe, so he and I decided we’d just go for it. He fucked me hard and came deep inside me.

I felt a little queasy. “But what happened with Dave.”

“Hang on,” she said. She rolled over and got onto her knees, then rested her head in her arms. Between her legs, her puffy, well-fucked, and now well-sucked, pussy lips shone dark, oily, and slick. Above it her asshole, wet with saliva, sat slack and winking.

I plunged my face in and licked away.

“So Steve sprays cum all over, and he says, ‘damn, I wanted to fuck your face.’ I said, ‘I wanted it too, but we’ll have another chance.’ Just then Dave comes barging into the room. His pants are open and unzipped, and he’s sliding them down and tugging them off as he comes. ‘Out of the way Steve,’ he says.

“Goddam you’re making my asshole feel so good.” Her asshole actually flapped loosely. A slimy discharge oozed from it into my mouth. I knew then what had happened.

“Steve scrambled off the bed. Dave’s looming over me with his giant dick in his hand — you didn’t tell me he’s hung like a horse. He says, ‘Roll over bitch.’ I say, ‘What the fuck!’ and he says, ‘shut up, cunt. Stick your face in the pillow and your ass in the air.’ I’m spluttering at him about condoms and manners and he’s an asshole, and he pulls my ass up, and then just rawdog reams it.”

“Oh, no honey. I am so sorry.”

“You’re doing a lot to make me feel better. Keep licking my ass.” Her asshole fluttered again, and more of Dave’s cum flowed into my mouth.

“It must have hurt him almost as much as it hurt me. He didn’t put any lube on. Just rammed that big dick right up my asshole. He buried it so deep, I thought I felt it in my throat. But he wasn’t much more than a two pump chump. He dumped a load of cum in there, called me a cum dumpster, and left.”

She pulled away from me.

“Lie down on your back, loser.”

I could see her rage and frustration. I scrambled to do as she said.

“I am going to sit on your fucking face and shit every bit of his jizz down your throat while you lick my burning asshole and make it feel better. How’s that sound?”

“Like a good start, but not enough,” I said before her ass blotted out the light and I put my tongue to a more useful purpose.

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Dreams of Maternity Pt. 10

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As far as real life goes, my girlfriend and I have started fooling around with a pair of silicone pregnant bellies. So, yeah, that’s going more and more awesomely. Anyway, enough with reality…

Oh, also, I don’t think putting dates on these dreams is doing anyone any favors. Just going with titles from here on out!

Maternity Ward Hero

Sufficiently practiced in lucid dreaming at this point, for the time being I’ll be attempting to realize some of the wildest, most over-the-top fantasies I can think up. Really going all-out and/or all-in (whichever phrase you please, I suppose). These are going to get fantastically ridiculous, and I am pumped, especially given last night’s early success in this particular endeavor.

I opened the door to a hospital’s maternity ward and the doctor ran over to me at once. She was out of breath, sweating, and generally desperate-looking. “Thank God you’re here,” she began, gripping my upper arm. “All of our beds are filled with women in labor who just will not dilate. We need your giant cock, Stephen, and we need it now. These women need to be spread wide open so we can get these babies out and get turn over the beds. We might need you for a while, Chief. Now get to work.”

I love being called “Chief”! Also, I do know, on a more conscious level, that “dilation” in the context of labor is actually about the cervix, not the vaginal opening. Nonetheless, this dream required a misunderstanding of the term in order for me to think my huge dick could help these mid-labor ladies reach their deliveries. I didn’t mind one bit feeling a bit foolish in this regard, especially in the face of all the fucking I was about to do.

All the ladies requiring my assistance were already in the delivery position, legs elevated with feet planted firmly in their beds’ stirrups. And all completely nude, in a not particularly realistic but (for me) particularly awesome detail. Each and every one primed for the fucking, in other words. Considering the roughly circular positioning of the ward’s delivery rooms, I started the fucking around the 7 o’clock position and worked my way clockwise. 6 o’clock being the door through which I’d entered, there were 11 rooms (7-5 o’clock) to work my way through.

My cock was, as the doctor had mentioned, quite giant. Twice as big around as in reality, and sporting a solid 4 extra inches of length. Fantastic, and more than up to the pussy-spreading challenge before me. Lots of work to be done, I got started with the occupant of room
(they were helpfully labelled to correspond to the analogous clock positions). The first preggo in line has contractions every minute or so, providing amazing bump tightness for my gripping hands and pussy tightness for my ensconced monster-dick. This was the story with all of my conquests in the ward, and it was a fantastic, refractory period-free orgy of moan-filled (both pain and pleasure!) sex. One after the other, I made childbirth possible for expectant mother after expectant mother. The phenomenal fucking was more than thanks enough for my service.

After the 11th, I thought I was finished. The doctor ran up to me again, even sweatier this time. She smiled in gratitude, but let me know that my work was far from over: “Well, the first one you stretched out for us has given birth, but now there’s another woman in that bed that needs to be serviced herself. We may need you to take another spin ’round the ward!”

The 12th dream orgasm resulted in a waking orgasm, unfortunately. I wish I could’ve fucked my way around that clock for many more hours…

The Bachelor Party

I was to be married in a week, so I was being thrown a modest bachelor party. It’d just be myself and my three closest friends, I’d been led to believe. When I entered my old college roommate Mark’s apartment, it was indeed just the four of us and a few cases of beer. After downing a few, Mark sat me down for some straight talk:

“All right, Stephen, we’ve never wanted to broach this topic before, but…we know about what you’re into. Like, considering what might be tonight’s bachelor party-style entertainment…Pregnancy. There, I said it, it’s out in the open. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I kinda checked out your browser history when we lived together sophomore year. So, yeah, I saw all the pregnant porn on there. Aaaaannndddd I watched a bunch of it. And I loved it. Then I told a few folks [he nodded towards our other two friends in the room] when I was particularly drunk one night, and they checked it out, too. We all love it, Stephen. We’re indebted to you for the introduction, however indirect and shady we may have been in acquiring it.”

My emotions were a damned rollercoaster, racing from abject humiliation to red-faced embarrassment to genuine confusion to skeptical hopefulness to, eventually, giddy acceptance bets10 of the situation. Holy shit. My secret was out, as I’d feared might happen for so many years. But it was okay! More than okay, really: it seemed it was bringing my close friends even closer to me, sharing something so private with each other. To be honest, the overwhelming sense of understanding and community with my buddies had me damn near crying. Things only got better when Mark went and opened the front door, letting in four hot, heavily pregnant women in lingerie. An impressive sight, and an even more impressive feat to have gathered such a pregnant crew. Blessedly, it was expectant stripper time.

In short order, all four of us preggo lovers had a preggo hottie grinding on our laps. One girl liked to keep her back arched at all times, 6 months’ bump impressively appearing about 11 months along as she pushed it out. One was just BBW and far along enough to have her bump wholly obscure her unclothed crotch in a sultrily magnetic display. One had a tiny pair of tits, undoubtedly untouched by her pregnancy, a mammoth belly protruding at least 18 inches further than the tips of her darkened nipples.

The one I chose for myself had substantial breasts that sagged with milk, huge dark brown saucers for nipples that slowly but steadily dripped translucent milk. I mostly chose her for her divine bump, though: alabaster with nary a blemish and perfectly symmetrical, smooth curves. Once we retired to Mark’s bedroom, it was positively gorgeous as I viewed the bump past my cock as she jerked me off onto the her perfect belly, obligingly rubbing my cum into her skin at this guest-of-honor’s request.

I slept through my wet dream, actual cum already half dry between my own belly and boxers when I awoke. A fantasy that was certainly never to be, but a man can at the very least dream for such community and sexy excess, right?

The Farm

It was the 1930s or ’40s, I’d guess. Based on my observations, I was running a carrot farm; or, my uneducated conception of what a carrot farm might be like. You know when they’d send (or, probably still send…) unmarried young pregnant women away for the durations of their gestations, so as not to stain their families’ honor with their shameful expanding abdomens? This was the type of place at which they ended up spending their pregnancies. I was gloriously surrounded by preggos doing light agricultural work.

I roamed the grounds of the farm, taking in the sights. A woman in overalls (snugly buttoned over her substantial bump) took a break from hoeing to stand up straight, arching her back and rubbing her protruding belly. Kneeling and bent over to pick carrots from the soil, one woman’s loose linen top rested on the ground and provided an ample view of the bottom of her bump, which weightily rested on the ground through the shirt. A pregnant lady in a tractor had her seat positioned as far back as it could go to allow room for her belly behind the steering wheel. As she scooped out feed to livestock, a woman’s belly was gently nuzzled by a cutely curious horse.

Inside the farmhouse, a massively pregnant lady in a tight gingham apron stirred a huge pot of stew (a scene of domesticity basically cut-and-pasted from my fantasies). On the couch nearby an exhausted lady rested on her back with her legs elevated over a pillow and a cold compress draped on her forehead. Her bare belly was taking in the cool open air, popped navel visible to any interested party (i.e. yours truly).

So many wonders to behold. Not an ideal historical time to be a pregnant woman in such a situation, but possibly one of the best historical jobs I possibly could’ve had. Only in dreams…

The Coma

“Oh my God, you’re awake! I…I can’t believe it…They weren’t sure you’d ever even wake up! You’ve been in a coma for months, Stephen…as you may be able to tell from looking at me…”

She rubbed her conspicuously huge midsection. We’d been trying to conceive for over a year, last time I was aware of anything. I tried to express my amazement at her condition, but found my voice wouldn’t cooperate. I couldn’t move my arms or legs, either…or anything else I tried to move, for that matter. I could vaguely remember starting to get sick, but I certainly didn’t remember getting coma-level sick. Apparently, I’d impregnated my wife just before falling into the coma, which, by the look of her, was about 8 months ago.

“Oh, you can’t talk, you poor thing! Yes, we got pregnant; I can see the excitement in your eyes, honey! It’s so sweet. I’m so, so happy you’re up before the baby is born. Just a few weeks left now, and I’ve been waiting for you…desperately. I hate that this came to mind so quickly, but I’ve been absolutely dying for something only you can give me…”

She approached my bed, hand going directly bahis siteleri to my crotch. I felt myself go rock-hard immediately, the first bodily movement I’d been able to detect in myself beyond my eye movements. Before she even went to get a nurse or doctor to let them know I was awake, my wife had my bedsheets down, hospital gown up, cock exposed and sticking straight up. She truly was desperate for it, and ready for business: she pulled her maternity maxi dress off in one smooth motion, revealing a complete lack of underwear underneath.

She mounted me, already-dropped bump resting heavily (and oh-so-hotly) on the lower half of my abdomen. Her milk-swollen, dark-nippled breasts rested on her huge belly, bouncing up and down dramatically more than her impressively firm and stable bump as she started riding me. It felt ridiculously good, even better than I’d always fantasized fucking my pregnant wife would be. She only rode me for about 90 seconds before I shot right into her, cum leaking out of her and back down my glistening shaft. None of this slowed her for a moment, though, and didn’t lessen the hardness of my cock a bit (dreams rule!). We kept going, both of us getting off three times before we finally stopped with my awakening.

I don’t actually want to be in a coma or anything, but what a fucking scenario! Best way I could possible conceive to learn of your wife’s pregnancy and resultant horniness.

The Babysitter

The new babysitter knocked on the door, and I opened up right away. She was heavily pregnant. I (myself, of my usual male gender) was heavily pregnant. My wife was heavily pregnant. We barely had to exchange a word between the three of us before we came to the conclusion that our dinner-date plans could wait, and that the kids upstairs were heavy enough sleepers to snooze right through a preggo threesome. It was go time before I could even process what kind of glorious mess was to come.

All three of us were naked in the master bedroom and the sexual geometries of our three gravid bodies were clearly going to present some difficulties. We managed to figure a few things out, though. The babysitter knelt in front of me to begin a killer blowjob (while massaging my hairy bump, delightfully) and my wife positioned herself under the babysitter to eat her out while rubbing her own clit. Orgasms and oral acts abounded, every conceivable combination for 69ing getting its time to shine. Our bumps made it difficult to reach each other’s genitals as they smooshed into each other, but we loved the pressure and bump play, getting all the wetter and harder for it.

Both of the ladies lay on the bed with their legs spread-eagle dangling off the side. All I had to do was lift my own bump while they lifted theirs, and the few extra dream-inches on my dick made penetration no problem at all. I moved between the two pussies vigorously, thrusting to my heart’s content, apparently able in this particular dream to withhold orgasm until I was good and ready to cum on my own terms. Finally, after a good 15 minutes of fucking them (which followed the 30 or so of oral), I was ready to shoot my load. I positioned myself over the babysitter’s bump and began cumming, quickly coating her belly with as much of my load as it would take. I re-aimed, over my wife this time, and did the same to her. I seemed to have as much semen to shoot as I wanted in this dream, much to my delight.

Once I’d finished with the wife, I laid myself down next to them and continued to shoot with my cock pointed up towards my own sizable bump, coating myself fully before I finally stopped cumming. All three of us laid next to each other, rubbing my cum into our bellies until we shared an opalescent white sheen covering every inch of every bump in the room.

I awoke with cum in my shorts and happiness on my face.

The Club

I arrived at a meeting of a rather mysterious “club” a friend of mine had invited me to. She was about 8 months pregnant, as were the other three of our mutual friends that made up their little secret society. I’d known they were all pregnant (and roughly on the same gestational timeline), but the existence of these weekly meet-ups of theirs had been a secret to me, the rest of our friends…and their four husbands. My friend who’d invited me sat me down when I arrived to explain what was going on:

“All right, Stephen. We all talked it over, and you’re the most trustworthy and safest guy we could come up with for a job we need done. This club exists because none of our husbands have any sexual interest in us while we’re pregnant, but, as hormonal pregnant ladies we have…needs. So, we help each other out. A few weeks from having all these babies, though, we’re too damn cumbersome with these gigantic bumps getting in the way of pretty much all types of genital access we güvenilir bahis siteleri can come up with. What we need from you is,

, discretion, and

, to hold our bellies out of the way while we do things to each other. You can ask of us what you will in return, but we kind of figured it would be fun for you to witness all this lesbian action, even if we’re a bunch of huge preggos at the moment. What do you think, Stephen?”

They had no clue I was an avid pregnancy fetishist, of course, otherwise there’s no way in hell they’d have chosen me for this tantalizing offer. This would be an honor, a thrill, and far more than enough payment just to be allowed to witness the goings on I’d help facilitate. I could not believe my luck, and struggled to keep my excitement and arousal to myself as I agreed to the deal.

Once we knew what we were all getting into, my friends all disrobed completely in front of me. At one time or another, I’d imagined all of these women naked, pregnant or not. All massively pregnant at the moment, the sight of all of them was incredibly exciting, overwhelming even. I asked if they minded if I went to the bathroom before the festivities began, quickly jerked off when out of their sight, and returned with what I hoped would be an increased ability to avoid erection. That ability only lasted me three or four minutes, but it was at least time to begin the dalliance in earnest.

I’d sit or stand relatively out of the way in order to hold up one pregnant belly while another pregnant friend went to town on the exposed pussy with her hands and/or mouth. As I’d been invited to watch the proceedings, I eagerly took it all in visually, not bothering to hide my staring. My tight jeans, luckily, mostly obscured my persistent raging hard-on. I held up each belly in turn, then each in turn for another round. Fingerings and cunnilingus abounded.

I managed to only excuse myself to the bathroom once during all this, obviously jerking off while I had the opportunity. Even within the dream, I went home and jerked off twice more. Coming out of the dream, my fist was already stroking my cock furiously. This went on pretty much continuously (or, as frequently as biology allowed) for hours. And continues still. And probably for a while longer. Goddamn, was that an incredible favor to be able to perform for my lovely friends. If they only knew the favor they’d done me…


Short and to the point last night.

She had one hell of a torpedo belly: full-term twins, minimum, and every bit of the bump protruding straight forward. The taut, shiny skin was miraculously devoid of stretch marks.

The star of the show, though, was the outie at the apex of the bump. It stuck out 6 inches, comparable to my dick, and it’s girth was comparable to my dick’s, too. As I lubed it up with coconut oil, I knew exactly where this was headed.

I bent over, and she fucked me with her belly button, tight bump bouncing against my ass cheeks as the outie penetrated me repeatedly. My dick was painfully hard from the start, and I jerked myself in rhythm to the pounding I was taking. I came in the dream and reality simultaneously.


It’s Real

I was wearing a maternity midi bodycon dress in a bright floral pattern, silicone breasts and bump (under bra and belly bands, of course) completing my crossdressed look. Walking around my apartment like this, hands rarely leaving my fake belly, gave me a real thrill, as it had so many times in waking life.

As I was sitting on my couch appreciating my pregnancy costume, I suddenly felt an odd stirring within my belly. Gripping the outside of my bump, I noticed the hard-to-duplicate combination of soft exterior flesh and firm insides unique to the genuine pregnant belly. In disbelief, I hiked my dress up to just below my breasts; it was my hirsute, male belly that protruded in a maternal manner, no longer the silicone reproduction I’d put on an hour ago. Holy shit: my pregnancy was real!

I was quickly in front of my bedroom’s full-length mirror, enamored of my own beautiful new form. My breasts had turned real and engorged, too, and I loved squirting my milk all over the room. I’d never imagined I’d be able to enjoy these bodily pleasures in real life, and wanted to enjoy and take them all in as much as was possible, knowing they could easily be taken away from me as suddenly as they’d appeared. Most excitingly, I had a contraction at one point, my belly hardening to a rock-hard state, painful but arousing: my dick hardened substantially, too. I reclined on my bed, jerking off with my cock pointed right up at my new bump, quickly shooting onto myself. I rubbed my cum into my hairy, taut gut thoroughly, squirting some breastmilk into the mix for good measure.

Glistening with maternal fluids and more content than I can remember being in my entire life, I awoke in bliss. I had a wonderful day, filled-to-brimming with masturbation. These things may only be possible in dreams, but goddamn are those dreams incredible. And no one can rob me of the wonderful memories I record here.

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