A Day Off

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It was a morning like any other morning. Shannon got up a little earlier than I did. She always does. And just as she did every morning, she gave me a kiss and started her day. She walked into the bathroom and I heard the shower start. I got up and put some coffee on, then walked back to the bedroom and picked out what I’d be wearing for the day. The shower stopped, the bathroom door opened, and she walked over to the closet where I was still deciding between a blue and green blouse wear with my suit.

When she walked in, I turned to look at her and was instantly struck by her. In her silk robe with her brown skin still dewy from the steam of the shower, she was the sexiest woman I’d ever seen. I could look at her forever and never get tired of it.

Like I said, this was a typical morning. This was our routine. But this morning I couldn’t help but be awed by her. I couldn’t help but pull her to me, and couldn’t help but kiss her.

I could tell she was surprised by my sudden outburst of affection. When I left her lips and trailed kisses down her neck, I could hear giggles as I pressed her to the wall of our closet. When I finally paused to look at her, the smile on her face was gorgeous.

“What was that for?” she asked.

“For being the sexiest woman alive,” I said, and meant.

She blushed a bit at that, but it was true. She was breathtaking. I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me to the bed, kissing her the whole way over.

We reached the bed and I tried to push her onto it, but she wouldn’t let me.

“Baby,” She said between kisses, ” Baby, we’ve got to get to work. You’re gonna make us late.”

I moaned my disapproval. I wanted her then and there.

“Noooo, we can call in. Please baby, I’ve got to have you.” I said, pulling at the belt of her robe, trying to get at the skin underneath.

I managed to get the robe open and ran my nails down her sides uşak escort and my tongue over her collarbone. I was rewarded with a low moan from deep in her throat. As I fondled and stroked, she began to breathe a little more heavily, and her body sank into me.

I thought I’d almost convinced her to spend the day lounging with me, so I tried pushing her onto the bed again. But she raised another protest.

“I…c-can’t baby,” she said. But I grinned at her feeble refusal. When she stutters like that, I know she’s mine. I just needed to be a little more patient.

It was time to seal the deal. I ran my tongue over her earlobe, a definite hotspot for her, and whispered, “But baby, I want you so bad. I need you baby,” before taking the lobe into my mouth.

When I felt her shudder, I knew she’d be putty in my hands. I kissed her ear and felt her lean into me. She let out a small whimper then softened even more in my arms. I smiled as I slipped my hands under her robe and slid it off her shoulders and onto the floor. I tried again to push her onto the bed. This time, she lay back willingly. As I looked down at her lying beneath me, I asked myself how I’d gotten such a wonderful woman to call herself mine. She smiled up at me as I pushed her hair out of her face.

“You are so beautiful.” I said before bending to kiss her.

Just like watching her, I’ll never tire of kissing her. Her lips are like a drug to me. My thigh was between her legs, and she began to grind against it gently while her hands gripped my back. It was my turn to moan when she shifted her weight to press her thigh between my legs, sending a jolt of electricity through my groin and up my spine. Soon she was pulling at my pajamas and I was doing whatever I could to help her get them off of me. She got them off and I shivered at the cool air hitting my skin.

She flipped me onto my back uşak escort bayan and pressed into me, but I flipped her back over. “This is about you baby. Let me take care of you.” I whispered. I wanted nothing more than to make her feel good, and that’s what I intended to do.

I kissed her slowly, enjoying the taste of her as I let my hands roam. I licked a path down her neck and over her collarbone, and then I made my way to her beautiful breasts. I circled the areola with my tongue before I gently sucked the little chocolate nub into my mouth. I loved the way her breath caught in her throat as I ran my tongue ran over her nipple. She arched her back, pushing more of her breast into my mouth as I hungrily accepted it. Her fingers weaved into my hair as she pressed my head into her. My hand found her other breast and kneaded it, pinching and pulling at the nipple. I switched to the other breast, thinking it only fair to give each one ample attention, and I take it she thought it was fitting too because she was whimpering quietly under me.

She began to grind against my stomach and I marveled at how warm she felt. I broke away from her breast to trail my lips over her neck once more. I found my way back to her lips and kissed her softly as she held my bottom lip between her teeth, smiling at the moan it caused from me. We broke the kiss and looked in each other’s eyes.

“I can’t wait anymore baby.” she said as I felt her hand grab mine and slowly brought it between her legs, the look in her eyes telling me the need she felt.

I dragged a finger over the soft, slick skin, and she hissed through clenched teeth, her eyes glowing. When I slipped a finger inside of her, she closed her eyes and moaned my name. I love to hear my name on her lips, especially when it’s to tell me I make her feel good. I started slow, wanting to take my time. I bent down again to kiss her escort uşak neck, putting her lips right next to my ear. The sounds she made were driving me wild. She’d gasp or moan or whimper, call my name or tell me not to stop. Everything that spilled from her delicious lips was music to my ears.

“Faster, baby, faster,” she mewed breathily to me, and I happily obliged.

“Feel good, babe?” I asked, knowing that it did. She moaned in response.

I added second finger, then third to my first, and her grip on my hips tightened. I began to push in a litter harder and she brought her legs to rest on my back.

“Don’t stop baby, right there.”

I used my thumb to press into her clit and curled my fingers upward, searching for that special spot. I knew I’d hit it when she squeaked and hugged me tightly. I always love pleasing her, and this time was no exception. As she panted into my ear I reveled in the thought that she enjoyed the way I touched her. So when she began to scream, it made heart soar. She began thrusting into me hard, her hips coming off the bed. I quickened my pace yet again and she rewarded me with a near growl; it drove me mad.

Her muscles tensed, and I felt her clamp around my fingers. I knew she was close, so I decided to urge her on.

“Come for me baby, come hard for me.” I said, biting her ear lightly

“I’m gonna come…” she howled.

“Don’t hold back baby. I wanna see you come,” I hissed as her hips began to buck.

She nearly threw me off of her, but I shifted my weight to hold her steady while she rode the orgasm out. Her hands wrapped around me tightly and so did her legs. And she buried her face in the crook of neck, muffling the scream that flew from her throat.

She slowly came to herself and smiled lazily at me. She just gets more and more beautiful every time I lay my eyes on her.

“I love you so much,” I said as she grinned up at me.

“I love you too, baby.” she said as I pulled her into me.

I held her while she slept and thought about how unbelievably fortunate I was to have her. I looked at the clock; we were both terribly late for work. We’d just have to call in. Because we deserved a day off.

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A Girl Called Sami Ch. 15

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In the days following Katrina, as the horribleness of the situation came to be known to the world, the sadness was replaced by shock, and then outrage at the government’s inabilities to provide aid and help.

There was plenty of blame to go around; from the local city level, on up through the state officialdom, and onward to the clown college that the present administration had become in Washington, D.C., the politicos played the ‘blame game’ as it had not been played in recent memory.

Slowly, the stories of rapes and murder in the Super Dome came to light, along with the ‘ghost tales’ of Navy Seal teams infiltrating the city to take out the rogue gangs that had been firing on rescue ‘copters and the like.

Within a week of Katrina it was apparent that it would be a long time before New Orleans could sustain a population with basic services, never mind emergency medical or relief.

Bonnie and Sami were still at Sami’s place, trying to put a game plan together of some sort. They knew that the fall semester of 2005 at their school would be non-existent, and they could only hope that the spring semester would actually happen.

Bonnie’s home in Gulfport had sustained some damage, but nothing that couldn’t be repaired. The problem was that the entire Gulf Coast of Mississippi couldn’t provide any basics; water, electricity, telephone services were weeks away yet, so going home for Bonnie was not an option.

Uncle Joe contacted Bonnie and Sami, offering them their jobs back until there was some order restored to New Orleans and the girls knew when, or if, returning to school was going to be an option.

Sami and Bonnie talked about it between themselves, then with Sami’s parents, and of course, with Bonnie’s parents as well. The girls accepted the fact that they would lose the semester, and since that was a given, they decided that returning to Memphis was not a bad thing; at least, they had someplace to go, to live, and to work.

Not many of the residents of the Crescent City could say that.

Sami and Bonnie returned to Memphis around mid-September, returned to the apartment, but not with the excitement of early summer when they first came to Memphis. They weren’t bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, carefree college students when they returned to Memphis; no, Katrina had taken that from them and replaced it with sadness and depression hanging over their heads like the Sword of Damocles.

They accepted the lot that fate had thrown them, and they would survive this set-back in their young lives. What was hard for them to accept was the terrible fate that had befallen the City and its inhabitants; they hurt for months for all who had suffered, and they suffered because they felt guilty at having relatively good fortune dumped in their laps.

Both counted their blessings at having each other in this moment in their lives to lean on, to cry with, and to be strong for.

Thank God, they thought, that, at least, they did have each other.


“How’s it going with you and your girlfriend?” AJ asked, between bites of her salad as she and Sami ate lunch together, in the station’s break room.

“Girlfriend? What girlfriend?” Sami answered, and a bit too quickly maybe?

“Sami, please; who between the two of us, ‘knows’ things?”

Sami put her head down and bit her lip, chewing on it for a bit before she looked into AJ’s eyes.

“Is it that obvious?” Sami answered.

“Only to me, Sami, don’t be alarmed.”

Nodding her head a bit, Sami took a small bite from her sandwich, and looked at AJ again.

“It’s going fine, AJ, and before you ask, I still haven’t broken Rule Two, okay?”

“Why is that?”

“Because I respect your boundaries; I did tell her that I had a thing that weekend but never told her with whom,” Sami confessed.

“That’s a good girl, Sami,” AJ smilingly said, finishing her last bite of salad, afterwards, “and would she also respect my boundaries?”

Not sure where this was going, Sami hesitated a bit before answering, “I’m sure she would, AJ, but why is that important?”

“Because, if the two of you accept my invitation to my annual Halloween party, obeying Rule Two is an absolute requirement,” AJ said a bit smugly, “and, by the way, costuming is required, got it?”

“Got it,” Sami said in reply; she sure is a strange one, thought Sami, as she gathered her lunch trash for disposal, but strange or not, she’s a lot of fun, and a party might just be what she and Bonnie needed to get out of the doldrums that they had been in since Katrina.

“We’ll clean up the yalova escort bayan dishes later, sweetie, why don’t you pour us a shot and come and join me on the couch?” Sami said to Bonnie, punctuating her suggestion with a kiss to Bonnie’s lips.

Bonnie gladly accepted the kiss but wanted more, desperately wanted more from her Sami-girl.

Since the return to Memphis, both girls’ libidos had been off-kilter, their love-making less often than before the storm. Slowly, Bonnie had to admit, it was returning to them both and for Bonnie, it couldn’t come soon enough.

“Here ya’ go, baby,” Bonnie smilingly said as she handed Sami her shot of Black Jack.

Touching glasses, they toasted one another and throwing their heads back, shot the Jack, causing them both to shiver just a bit, ya know?

That was the other thing about them since the storm; they both drank a bit more and smoked a wee bit more often than before.

Coping, they told themselves, massaging their guilt a bit.

“We’ve been invited to a Halloween party, costumes and all; interested?” Sami asked.

“Oh, yeah, that sounds like fun, Sami; where, with who?”

Leaning her back against the arm of the couch, Sami pulled Bonnie with her, turning her around so that her back was against Sami’s chest; wrapping her arms around Bonnie, and hugging her a bit snugly, she told Bonnie the story of that weekend.

“And she really called me your girlfriend?” Bonnie asked after hearing it all from Sami. Bonnie’s hands were slowly rubbing Sami’s arms which were still embracing her.

“Yeah, but she swears we’re not that obvious and I believe her; AJ knows things that will scare the crap out of you, like I believe she’s a true psychic, ESP and all that.”

“Huh,” was all that Bonnie could offer.

“And she really called me your girlfriend?” Bonnie repeated, really liking how that sounded, and then added, “You know, we soooo seriously need to unwind, Sami; I mean we haven’t really done much of anything other than go to work and return home.”

“Yeah, I know, baby, and I also know that I haven’t exactly been any fun for you to be around; especially in bed, I know that I’ve been a bit off my game,” Sami honestly answered.

“We’ve both had a lot on our minds, baby, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I do miss our spontaneity in the sack,” Bonnie answered, and turning her head to look up towards Sami’s face.

Looking down to Bonnie, Sami felt as if a load had been lifted from her soul after telling her of that weekend. Sami’s eyes fixated on the full, luscious lips of Bonnie, feeling a stirring inside of her that she hadn’t felt for a while.

“How’s this for spontaneity?” Sami asked just before she lifted Bonnie’s mouth to hers, her hand slipping under Bonnie’s top to feel those full breasts that she loved so much.

Slowly squeezing and feeling Bonnie’s breasts, Sami explored Bonnie’s mouth with her tongue, causing Bonnie to softly moan her contentment and desire for more. And when Sami’s hand moved between Bonnie’s legs, Bonnie moved her legs apart after pulling off her panties, tossing them somewhere onto the floor of the living room.

Two fingers, Bonnie thought, two fingers filled her and she wanted more; reaching with her own hand to Sami’s hand, Bonnie squeezed three of Sami’s fingers tightly together and pushed it into her wet pussy, thrusting with her hips to meet Sami’s fucking movements.

Sami buried her fingers deep into Bonnie, loving the tightness of Bonnie’s pussy against her fingers, and when Bonnie’s breathing became labored, Sami fucked her harder and harder until she drew the orgasm forth from Bonnie’s body.

Not waiting for Bonnie’s spasms to stop, Sami moved to kneel on the floor, positioning Bonnie so that her legs were over Sami’s shoulders.

Reaching up and kissing Bonnie on the lips, softly and tenderly, Sami ended the kiss to those lips, and bowing her head between Bonnie’s legs, she brought her lips to those other lips, those other lips that were wet with juices and smelled of lustful arousal.

The dishes were left until the morning.


The next ten days were like the first ten days after they had crossed the line and had become completely intimate with each other. They fucked each other at the drop of a hat, at the sound of a raindrop, after an accidental brush against the other’s body; love reborn? Not sure, but reborn lust? Ah, yes, that had indeed been reborn.

Bonnie, especially, had become particularly aggressive in her lust yalova escort for Sami; there was not anything that Sami could ask of her that she was not prepared to do for her Sami.

More and more, Bonnie knew that she was so fucking far from the Bonnie Sue Madison that graduated Valedictorian of her High School class that she wasn’t sure she even knew who that other girl was; more to the truth of the matter was that she didn’t care to know that girl ever again.

Bonnie wanted them to costume as ‘butch bois’ but there was no way in hell, no matter how much they tried, that either of them could pass for a butch; a butch’s bitch, not a problem, but a butch? Wasn’t going to happen, Stan.

Bonnie to the rescue; borrowing a sewing machine from Uncle Joe’s wife, she bought material and made them both, ‘goddess’ outfits, toga-like, but more form-fitting. Sami insisted that Bonnie show off her boobs, and so, Bonnie did exactly that with a very low-cut, almost to the naval, bodice that showed her boobs nicely.

Sami’s was shorter, almost Athenian-like, and showed her long, lovely legs to her advantage, not to mention her tight, fine ass; a couple of inches shorter, her pubes would be showing.

They both looked so hot that when they costumed at home for each other, the resulting fuck-fest went long into the early morning hours.

“So, are there only lesbians at the party?” Bonnie asked Sami while Sami drove to AJ’s. Bonnie usually preferred Sami to drive, to be in control, so to speak; she didn’t know why, she just did.

“I really don’t know, sweetie, I only know a couple of the gals from the ride, remember?”

“I’ve never been to a lesbian party,” Bonnie cheerfully revealed, to no one’s surprise.

“Well, as good as you look, baby, expect to be hit on a lot tonight, I’m sure,” Sami laughingly warned.

“Want to take someone home with us? I mean, you know, if we can?” Bonnie asked of Sami.

Looking to Bonnie from the corner of her eyes, Sami replied, “You sure? I mean, sure, I guess we can if you’d like to.”

“It’d be a bit different, don’t you think, you know, a little kink for a change,” Bonnie offered.

“Well, we had that thing with Charlene and Debbie, and then there was the thing with Jena, and lest we forget, there was also that thing with Billie and Jules” Sami reminded her, chuckling afterwards.

“And they were fun, but if you don’t want to share me….” Bonnie teased, letting her voice trail away.

“Oh, I’ll share you alright, but only just as long as we wind up sleeping together,” Sami said, a bit surprised that it came out of her mouth.

“You mean that?” Bonnie asked, hopefully.

“Yeah, I do, Bonnie, I mean that,” Sami answered, honestly.

“Then let’s have some fun tonight and I promise that someone might get my pussy, but they won’t get my heart,” Bonnie said sincerely.

“Works for me, sweetie,” Sami replied.

Sami was right, they were hit on a lot, both of them; they teasingly played along with the flirts, sharing a few lustful kisses with the ‘hitters’, both really liking the attention, and both letting the flirtations keep their horny motors running.

It took about an hour or so into the party before Bonnie spied her target; she was an African-American woman of about 28 or so, taller than Bonnie but shorter than Sami, and her name was Jill, Bonnie had quickly found out from AJ.

“Good looking woman, isn’t she?” AJ remarked to Bonnie when she had asked the woman’s name.

“Yeah, she certainly is,” Bonnie answered; Sami was off getting the three of them some fresh beers right then.

“And yes, she does enjoy threesomes, a lot,” AJ said to Bonnie, though Bonnie had not asked the question.

“How the hell did you know what I was thinking?” Bonnie asked dumbfounded by AJ’s point-on comment.

“Didn’t your girlfriend tell you,” AJ answered, “I know things; scary, ain’t it?”

“Ya think?” Bonnie said, still shocked by the remark.

“What I think, Bonnie-baby, is that you should ask her to dance, while you can,” AJ smugly remarked and then walked away with a little wave over her shoulder to Bonnie.

And when Sami returned with the fresh beers, she had to look a bit to spot Bonnie on the dancing area of the living room, her arms holding a very attractive black woman to her body as they danced to the slow tune, slowly moving on the crowded, small dance area of AJ’s cleared living room.

When Bonnie returned to Sami, she brought Jill with her and introduced the two of them, handing Jill the third bottle of beer. Tapping escort yalova bottle-necks together, they took pulls at their beers, and made conversation.

When another slow tune came up in rotation of the party-mix CD, it was Sami that asked Jill to dance; Sami knew what Bonnie was hoping for with this woman, and now, Sami wanted it also.

As she danced with Jill, Sami nibbled at her ear, lightly brushing Jill’s cheek with butterfly kisses as she held Jill tight to her body. Jill responded very positively to the moves that both girls were putting on her as they took turns dancing with her, getting her beers, letting her know that they definitely found her alluring and attractive.

The deal clincher was when the three of them walked into the back yard for some fresher, cooler air. Finding a spot in the back yard, near the back of the property, Bonnie and Sami took turns kissing Jill and Jill liked the attention, she liked it a lot.

And when Bonnie suggested that the three of them go back to their apartment, Jill eagerly agreed, asking if she should leave her car and just ride with them.

“We’ll bring you back to your car,” Bonnie said as she nibbled on Jill’s full lips, “won’t we, Sami?”

“Yes, we will,” Sami responded, turned on by watching her Bonnie do her thing with Jill, enjoying the tableau before her.

Sami could feel the dampness in her panties as she drove them home, her eyes darting to the rearview mirror to catch quick glimpses of the make-out session in the back seat of Bonnie’s car.

Bonnie and Jill stayed in lip-lock for damned near the entire drive, their moans of lust filling the car which only served to make Sami even hornier; well, the sounds of lust and her hand rubbing her honey-pot under her gown as she drove.

Once home, the girls wasted little time in getting Jill into their bed with them, and Jill did nothing to dissuade them from their goal; no, Ms. Jill was hot to get between these two good looking gals, every bit as anxious as they were.

“My, oh my, what a lovely group we have here,” Jill said in a sultry voice while taking off her ‘Cat Woman’ costume and eyeing Sami and Bonnie as they disrobed. Costume on the floor at her feet, Jill walked to the girls and putting an arm around each, she began lustfully kissing them, each in turn, while the girls fondled her slender body and firm breasts.

Bonnie loved how Jill’s long tongue felt in her mouth, loved how it felt as it tried to slither into her throat. Sami kneeled between Jill and Bonnie, trading licks and kisses to each pussy while her hands played and squeezed with their asses.

“Let’s play, sweeties,” Jill said, walking from the girls and getting onto the king bed that the girls shared.

Bonnie went between Jill’s long, toned legs first, her sounds of contentment rising from her mouth as she performed cunnilingus on this attractive black woman’s naked pussy.

Jill pulled Sami until she had Sami kneeling over her head; pulling Sami’s pussy to her awaiting mouth with her hands on Sami’s ass, Jill closed her eyes and reached with her tongue to taste Sami’s sweet nectar.

Sami spread her legs a bit more as she felt Jill’s tongue slide deep into her love-box, closing her eyes in enjoyment while Jill fondled her breasts as she dined at Sami’s ‘Y’.

As Bonnie ate Jill, her own hand was busily masturbating herself, teasing herself for quite a while before climaxing; she held her climax until she heard and felt Jill get off and then she allowed her own orgasm to spring forth, her cries of joy mixing with Jill and Sami’s.

Sami orgasmed at nearly the same time as her playmates, and one that shook her body to its limits.

The night was filled with the sounds and smell of raw, sexual energy from the three playmates as each interchanged their roles willingly, and seamlessly. The daisy chain was what finally put them over the edge, draining what energy they had left after quite a few hours of fucking each other.

Jill spent the night and rewarded the girls with wake up sex and orgasms before they brought her back to her car. Exchanging phone numbers, Jill gave each a deep, passionate kiss before she left, telling them to call her ‘anytime’ they feel like a night of fun with her. They told her that it might not be that long before they made that call, all of them laughing afterwards.

“That’s fine, girls;” Jill said, “the sooner the better,” waving goodbye as she drove away.

“Well, how’s that for kinky, baby?” Sami casually asked Bonnie as they hunted for a place to grab breakfast.

“Not bad, for starters,” Bonnie mischievously replied, glancing sideways to her Sami-girl.

“So, how’s Roy? I haven’t heard you say much of about him lately,” Sami asked out of idle curiosity.

“Nothing to talk about, honey; Roy was then, and we are now,” Bonnie replied.

“Yes, yes we are,” Sami answered with a smile on her face.

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A Hot Time

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I live in a lakeside town on the coast of Michigan. It’s small and pretty, often filled with visitors passing through or vacationing–both winter and summer. One of the most interesting places to meet people is at Willhouse Inn, a bed-and-breakfast-like hotel with a great restaurant and large, active lounge.

Just this past summer I stopped there one evening after work. It was warm enough to get the urges flowing, but not so hot to be oppressive. After I’d sat down and my eyes had a chance to adjust to the light, I noticed an attractive, nicely dressed blonde sitting by herself near the window. She was very inviting as she stared dreamily at the lake and the gulls.

I got up and moved close enough to her that we could talk without seeming as if I was pushing myself on her. After the usual ice-breaking comments about the weather, the season and our surroundings, she gradually opened up to conversation. When we got around to introductions, she told me her name was Connie.

“Pleased to meet you, Connie, I’m Samantha,” I said with a smile while extending my hand.

As she reached out to me, I admired the outline of her braless breasts showing through her thin blouse. My boobs are pretty well developed, but she had the best set of tits I’ve ever seen! Their shape and the high, proud way they hung excited me. Her nipples were erect, but I couldn’t tell if she was chilled by the air conditioning or if she had something else going on to stimulate her. Our conversation perhaps? Me?

I mentally compared our builds and idly wondered how well her 5″1′ 105-pound frame might fit with my own. I’m almost 5’6″ and weight 110 pounds, but I sure didn’t see a problem! Her cobalt blue eyes danced with a certain fire when she talked. I responded by concentrating intently on her. Her glance repeatedly returned to my eyes and I could tell she was fascinated by the color, which, though normally grey, were purple this night thanks to my contact lenses.

As we sipped our drinks and talked, we talked about being relaxed and feeling kind of sexy. I probed a little and learned that she wasn’t into girl-girl stuff. Damn! She was so inviting, too! Instead, I suggested we find a couple of guys to fulfill our NEEDS. She liked that.

The only problem was there was only one single guy around. He was pretty good looking, too. I really wanted her, not him, but if that’s the way it was to be, I told her to go after him. Since she was afraid her husband would find out, I offered her the use of my place. She thought about that, looked at the guy and said, “Well, thanks. I’ll do it!” I drew her a map to my place on a napkin. She put it in her purse and winked at me.

She moved close to the guy, and soon they were talking. I struck up a side conversation with the bartender but kept an eye on Connie. She was blocking his view so he didn’t even see me.

In about a half-hour they got up to leave. I dashed out a side door, and took a short-cut to my place so it looked as if I’d been there for hours when they arrived. I said I was Connie’s roommate. I got Connie alone in the kitchen for a few minutes and told her where the bedroom was. I volunteered to stay in the kitchen until she and Steve (that was his name) dropped out of sight.

They had some preliminaries on the couch before finally going into the bedroom, and I stayed out of sight. I went back into the living room, acutely aware of what was happening on the other side of the door. I couldn’t be anything BUT aware because they couldn’t have disguised THOSE noises if they had tried: she was a screamer!

I finally drifted off to sleep on the couch, which is very comfortable and not punishment of any kind. I’ve slept on it many times and done lots of colorful things on it too!

Awakening around 3:30 in the morning after dreaming about Connie and Steve in the bedroom, I was horny and ready. I got up and fumbled around in my dildo collection, selected one and took it back to the couch with me. The dream had made me wet, and the dildo slid in up to the hilt with no trouble at all. I gave it to myself long and slow.

About 4 a.m., Steve slipped quietly out of the bedroom. It looked as if he was going to take off without even a good-bye. When he passed me, I reached out and grabbed his sleeve. He was startled and kind of jerked at my touch. By some accident the covers just happened to fall off me! There I was, his sleeve in one hand, and a dildo in the other. He gracefully picked up the blanket.

He wasn’t fully dressed and I pulled off his underwear. Then we re-did the scene in the bedroom, only I got to scream. He was nice, but not repeatable. He seemed more interested in hustling his buns out instead of moving them for me! He said he had to catch a plane so he dressed, kissed me lightly and left.

Still not satisfied despite the fucking I’d just had, I locked the door after Steve and debated about what to do next. I went back to my “toy” drawer, took out a strap-on dildo and put it on. (This one is special to me because I had fastened a small strip with tiny yozgat escort rubber fingers on it. Certain kinds of action with it can produce the most exquisite orgasms!) With my “equipment” in place, I walked into the bedroom.

Connie was awake, but the dim light just faintly exposed my lower body. All Connie could see was my “hard-on.” Suddenly she started to purr.

“Who is it?” she cooed.

Wordlessly, I slipped into bed and started feeling all over her body. I kept her at arm’s length so she couldn’t detect my curves. Certainly HER curves were turning me on! I knelt between her legs and slowly slid my tongue between her secret lips. (Below the panty line, I later discovered, she was a redhead!!)

My hot oral work on her soon had her panting. She loved it and moved her hips in rhythm with my tongue motions. She took my head in her hands to guide me where she wanted me. My hair is kind of short so in the dark she couldn’t tell that she was caressing a woman.

“Oh, I have to have more,” she whispered. “Slide your cock into me. Plunge it in deep!”

I got up on my knees, positioned myself at her opening, and mounted her. I guided my “cock” where my mouth had been seconds before. She moaned with delight and reached up to rub my chest. Then she felt my tits and screamed.

I was going crazy trying to calm her down. I kept the fake prick in her as I soothed her, but it seemed to be doing more harm than good. I finally pulled it out and took it off, talking quietly to her as I did. About 15 minutes later she had calmed down but was still pretty well freaked. She said she just wanted to go home, and I felt like shit.

That made me decide to lay low the following night, even though the experience with Connie left me longing for pussy. (I love guys and I need them, but I love women, too. Sometimes I need only what a woman has to offer.) I had just finished dinner and was watching TV when the doorbell rang.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the door and there stood Connie, fetchingly dressed in shorts and a halter top! She didn’t leave much to the imagination, and I know my eyes must have opened wide as I stared at her bare, well-shaped legs in full light.

She smiled sweetly but stammered when she spoke. “You’ve been on my mind lately, and I wanted to come back and apologize for running out the way I did last night.”

I was delighted and invited her in. She brushed close when she stepped inside, and desire laced through me. I opened a bottle of wine and we both sat down–chatting as we sipped. She told me that she and her husband had been having problems and that she hadn’t been fucked very well in a long time, even by Steve the night before.

“When I left here early this morning,” Connie said, “I had the most peculiar feeling. It wasn’t bad, in fact it was good, but it sure was strange. All day I thought about what happened with you, and I repeatedly got hot. When dusk arrived, the urge overpowered me and I had to come back to see you. I want to try it again, only this time I want to participate!”

My mind raced, and I could feel a delicious warmth erupt and gradually spread through me. I told her how beautiful she was and how much I wanted her. Our talk became hot and explicit. When I suggested we slowly undress each other, Connie immediately got up.

“How about coming over here so I can get at you,” she said.

I stood and walked to her. All I had on was a man’s dress shirt that hung to the middle of my thighs. She immediately began opening the shirt one button at a time. Slowly, almost hypnotically, she slid it off, exposing myself to her. I loved the hungry look this produced, and I seductively shifted my weight from one foot to the other. Still trance-like with her eyes half-closed, Connie caressed me, stopping to focus on my nipples. She still seemed shy and didn’t let her hands drift below my waist.

Shaking myself back to reality, I said, “Connie, your touch is exciting, and you’re really getting to me, but how about letting me return the favor?”

She smiled and slightly pushed out her inviting chest. I melted and kissed her lightly on the mouth. When she didn’t recoil from it, I kissed her again–only deeper, longer, invading her soul. I massaged her breasts as we hugged.

We both gasped when I finally broke loose and groped for her halter. I slyly tugged out the bottom edge. Holding it out from her body, my fingers slid underneath and danced across the nipples. Wanting more, I continued to move the halter upward.

“Raise your arms above your head for me, OK?” I coaxed.

She did and I popped the sliver of material over her head. Those gorgeous, now-liberated tits begged for attention, standing out with both nipples puckered and firm. I had to have them and immediately took one in my mouth to gently squeeze and suck. I centered my attention on the nipple. Connie held the breast in her hand, steering it to where she wanted it most–first over my tongue, then against the roof of my mouth, occasionally yozgat escort bayan raking it lightly against my teeth.

I reached down and felt her crotch. She was still wearing her shorts, and I slithered my hand up underneath. She had obviously prepared to visit me because she was wearing no underpants. I probed my fingers into her bush and found she was dripping hot liquid.

Pulling myself off her breast, I paused to open her shorts and lower them. She deftly stepped out of them and stood before me, naked, beautiful, and ready. Her eyes smouldered, and she held one breast up to her mouth and licked it all over. As she offered me this little show, she gradually spread her legs further and further apart. Her free hand disappeared into the wet down between her legs.

I wanted to be part of this so I gently replaced her hand with my own. She was drenched, and I wanted to suck her. And she wanted me to!

“Please lick me, Samantha,” she pleaded. “My cunt is ready for you. Is yours ready for me?”

“See for yourself,” I offered, standing and moving her hand to my own wet pussy.

Presenting myself to her searching hand, I maneuvered my fingers past her swollen doors and into her love tunnel. Fastened together that way, we approached each other and kissed again with growing passion. Our mouths opened wide while our hands feverishly massaged each other’s mounds. I sucked on her tongue as it glided far into the back of my mouth. Then we reversed and I “fucked” her mouth with my tongue.

Finally I stepped back, moved her to the couch, and had her sit down on the back with her feet on the cushions. She leaned against the wall and spread her legs. I knelt on the cushions and faced her gaping snatch. I was so hot I trembled at the sight.

I kissed her cunt in the same open-mouthed way I had just kissed her face. My lips created a seal around her pussy lips so that I could suck at the same time I tongued the sweetness overflowing from inside her. The sensation made her jerk. I liked having her twitch that way so I rolled her clit lewdly between my lips. She raised her hips to meet and then grind against me.

As I ate her, I took her nipples in my hands and pinched them. The nipples swelled even more. I rolled them so that they were covered by the other flesh of her breasts, and then I squeezed them inside the “pocket” that this created. She groaned in response.

Finally she retreated slightly and said, “Please, Samantha, I think I want to try it, too. Let’s go into the bedroom so we can really get to each other. But please be patient with me since I’m a little unsure of myself.”

We uncoupled and went into the other room. As she bent over to pull down the bedspread, I leaned down, spread her cheeks from behind and stabbed my tongue into her puckered anus. She loved it, but begged me to stop so she could get some too. When I did, she turned around, put her arms around me and pulled me down to the bed on top of her. Still holding on, she rolled over so she was on top.

She was completely engrossed now. She ran her fingers through my hair and held my head in place as she repeatedly sucked my mouth and gave me her tongue in return. Our pelvises rubbed together, and I could occasionally feel her clit against my own. We were locked in a deep, abandoned embrace.

Connie’s intensity was startling and incredibly arousing. I kept reaching higher plateaus of desire for her. She shifted slightly, and her left leg came to rest on my mound. Her own love spot pressed against my thigh. I desperately wanted friction and moved my clit against her. The fucking motion translated to her, and she humped my leg. Her arms surrounded my head and her eager fingers laced through my hair. Breathing heavily, her kiss was ablaze. It may have been a new experience, but the sexual longing overcame her and she surrendered completely. Our arms and legs became so intertwined that we were like one body. I had to have her. Now!

I repeated her earlier movement and rolled over so that she was now beneath me. Disentangling our arms, I ran my hands up and down the insides of her thighs, pressing outward as I did so her legs would be wide apart when I arrived at her “V.” Connie needed little convincing. She kept spreading her legs farther and farther until they formed a straight line broken only by the dip into her bush. She was lithe and supple, her body well conditioned and rippling slightly with muscle.

Moving down and kneeling before her, I teased, “Tell me what you want, Connie. Tell me and I’ll do it.” My breath was close enough to her most sensitive spots that she trembled when it struck her.

“Please suck me like you did last night. Let me feel your soft, warm mouth on me. And while you do it, let me worship you. Give me your wetness. I can’t wait any longer.”

I swung around and positioned my legs on either side of her head. I wanted first to overcome any lingering reservations she might have. I rested my elbows on the bed below her legs, gently rolled back escort yozgat the hood of her clit and exposed its erect head, red, hard and glistening with moisture.

I shaped my mouth into an erotic oval, darted my tongue several times against her clit, and then ringed it with a moist suction. She writhed and wrapped her arms around my legs, pulling slightly at my own clit-hood so I would be as exposed to her as she was to me. I lowered my wet down close to her face.

Connie sucked on either side of my bush, mouthing my groin muscles. I liked it a lot. She repeatedly worked back and forth, occasionally grazing my lips with her tongue. My action was having a delirious effect, and her hips developed a circular, rolling movement. In that moment, her mouth came to rest against my opening. She licked tentatively, not entirely sure how to proceed.

I demonstrated on her, rhythmically tonguing her button. Taking the cue, she slipped her tongue between my pussy lips. Her hip movements stopped abruptly and she moved her hands in place around my opening, spreading my lips far apart. I loved the feeling of having the INSIDE of my cunt exposed to her.

She extended her tongue farther and farther, then stopped and held like that for a long moment, savoring the sensation. Her tongue started moving in and out of me, and I moved my hips in a classic fucking motion. A cat-like growl came from Connie as she unexpectedly found my clit and focused on it. In that instant she lost her “virginity” to a woman, sucking me off and being sucked in return.

Our act was complete. Our drenched mouths and wet cunts were the perfect complement. We fused together in this mouth-to-cunt/ cunt-to-mouth embrace, rolling together on the bed. As we exchanged positions that way, our mouths never lost their fusion. First Connie was on top, fucking and eating me at the same time. Then I replaced her in the top position to bury my face in her snatch while receiving her.

I gave her face a fast, hard fucking and fastened on her clit. It was bulging and erect, almost like a two-inch penis. I didn’t know a clit could be this long and I rapidly moved my head up and down, sucking her the way I’d blown guys.

I paused for an instant and whispered, “Now, Connie, let’s cum NOWWW!!”

Connie cried out and madly humped my face. I held her down with my hands and fucked her as hard as she fucked me. My insides rolled and a shot of the most delicious heat tore through me.

Connie’s cunt suddenly opened wide on its own. I sank my lips and tongue, even my nose, inside her gushing gash. I was rewarded by a series of strong contractions, and Connie bucked out of control. She jerked over and over. The repeated tightening of her sexual muscles catapulted me into orbit. I let my orgasm go, sitting slightly on Connie’s face so she could thrust her tongue inside me.

“Oh, fuck me, Connie, fuck me with your tongue,” I exclaimed into her cumming cunt. I drank deeply as she spun off into repeated orgasms.

When the intensity of our climaxes subsided a little, I started playing with her ass. It startled her and she said, “Oh, Samantha, not there. Oh, please not there. Ohhhh, please, oh, oh, unhhhh!!”

It seemed that the words didn’t match the emotion behind them. She didn’t really want me to stop at all; in this case “stop” meant “go a little faster”! I ignored her pleas and continued working on her ass. I rubbed and massaged it, which was easy to do with all the moisture that had leaked out.

It apparently intrigued her enough that she pulled my lower body down on her in such a way that she could reach my anus. Her hot breath made me contract slightly, and I jerked when her tongue struck my sphincter. She spread my ass checks and slowly worked her tongue into me. There we lay, our tongues implanted, paying anal homage to each other.

I had an idea, a way to make Connie’s “deflowering” nearly complete. I slowly separated from her and said, “Roll over on your stomach and crouch down with your ass in the air. Then spread your legs.”

She obediently did as I asked, displaying her lovely legs and well-shaped ass. I savored the view of her anus and the downy patch that began there and stretched down to her mound. I put my hands on her cheeks and, with my thumbs, spread them to expose the small pucker that I was about to assault. I blew my breath against it and enjoyed seeing her quiver in response.

Bracing my elbows on her thighs, I leaned down and slowly licked her anus. Her sounds were gibberish, but I knew what pleasure she was taking. I reached between her legs, felt around to relocate her clit, and snapped it back in forth.

I needed more, and stopped briefly to move her right foot slightly. I settled on it so that my own clit could rub against her heel and began humping. I resumed my wanton tongue-rape of her ass. I soon found a rhythm and synchronized my tongue and my hand with the rubbing I was getting from her foot. She wiggled it, adding to my gratification.

I couldn’t stand the intensity and lost myself to the building orgasm. I jerked her clit with one hand while tweaking and rubbing one of her nipples with the other. She groaned, long and deep. I sucked her ass with my open mouth, occasionally shooting my tongue in. Connie unexpectedly shoved her ass even farther into me and I realized I was about to lose it.

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1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 02

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My scheduled class with Dr.Willie was on Tuesdays and Fridays. It had been a few days since I had gone to her home for my private session with her and I was a bit curious as to how she and I would interact as I walked into the Liberal Arts complex for my Tuesday morning class.

Taking my usual seat on the front row (yeah, I was a suck-up), I opened my textbook, reviewing the notes I had made for the test that was scheduled that morning.

“Good morning class,” Dr.Willie said as she walked into the class and to her desk that was but a few feet from the first row, my row.

“Close the books, we’ll start the test when I say ‘begin’; Angela, Tess, would you mind handing out the test papers to your classmates, please,” handing Angela and I the papers.

“Begin,” Dr.Willie announced when all of the class had the test in hand.

The test was True/False and three pages long, containing fifty questions. I didn’t expect to have any difficulty with the test since I had studied for it the night before.

As we worked on our respective papers, Dr.Willie sat and appeared to be reading, then grading other papers from her other classes. She was dressed ‘business-casual’ with a simple A-line skirt and conservative blouse, her hair in an up-do coif. Not an unattractive look on her, I thought, when I raised my eyes from the test to quickly look at her while she worked at her tasks.

Her eyes caught mine when I had done so and I would have sworn that she flashed me a small smile of recognition but, I could be mistaken.

I had worn a skirt as well, not usual for me, preferring pants or shorts when the weather permitted. A loose-fitting, V-neck blouse completed my outfit; that, along with my bikini briefs that hugged my crotch, my ‘other’ lips showing against the snug, cotton, material.

Periodically, Dr.Willie would raise her eyes to check on the students, to check for any signs of cheating and the like. On one such scan of the class, as her eyes swept the front row last, I opened my legs just enough to give her a flash of my crotch, sure in my head that she would see the outline of my pussy when I did so.

She smiled ever-so-slightly when her eyes scanned my seat and put her head down again to read the papers on her desk, and I returned to the last ten questions of my test.

“Time!” She announced and asked that the papers be passed to the front of the respective rows for her to gather.

“Okay, class, you’re dismissed early today but be prepared on Friday to discuss chapter thirty-five and it’s importance to the NATO treaty after World War Two,” her announcement followed by the sound of students gathering their books and notes as they left the class.

“Tess?” She called to me, “Do you have another class next hour?”

“No, Dr.Willie, I have a free period,” I answered as I moved to stand before her desk.

“Would you care to join me in my office so that we can discuss those essays that I promised to re-evaluate?”

“Yes, of course,” I replied.

Walking along side of her, we made small talk as we snaked our way though the throng of students heading to their classes, arriving at her office a few moments later.

Unlocking her door, she flipped a sign that said ‘Out’ to display another message that read, ‘In Conference-Do Not Disturb’. Opening the door, she held it open for me to walk though, following me close behind, the snap of the lock sounding after she had closed the door.

Nodding towards a small divan that sat in front of a crammed bookcase, she checked her phone for messages, pressing a button to send all calls to a voice mailbox.

“There, we shouldn’t be disturbed now,” She said as she turned to face me as I sat on the couch.

“Okay, your essay work,” She said while taking a seat on the divan next to me.

“I re-read your essays, Tess. Upon reflection, I think I graded you a bit harshly the first time around. That being said, it appears that you’ll carry an A into the finals in two weeks. Do well on that, and you should end up with at least an A in my course and, possibly, an A+.”

“I can’t tell you how happy that makes me, Dr.Willie,” I gushed in reply, “You’ve made my day.” Pausing for a moment, I continued, “But, I thought we were going to discuss this on Wednesday night? I was going to come over to discuss this, remember?”

“Oh, I still want you to come over, sweetie, but now, we won’t waste any time with classroom matters,” saying this as she displayed a sly smile.

“That really works for me, Dr.Willie,” I replied with a sly smile of my own.

“I thought it might, Tess, I thought it might,” She answered as she, once again, fucked me with her eyes.

She wants me, I quickly thought, there could be no mistake about that ‘look’, she wants me, here and now.

“I’d really like to thank you for the good news, Dr.Willie,” moving ever so slightly towards her on the divan.

“Didn’t you already do that?” She replied, leaning back agains the back of the divan and folding one leg under the other as she settled trabzon escort into her new position.

“No, I mean, I want to really thank you,” I said again, placing my hand on her knee, under the edge of her skirt and moving my fingers slowly across her skin.

“Here? Now?” She replied but without making any attempt to stop my hand which had now slipped further up her skirt to the inside of her thigh.

I didn’t answer her right away, letting my look to her face speak for me, letting my fingers which had now started to rub her pussy through her silk panties say all that had to be said.

I leaned in and kissed her, her mouth opening and my tongue entering at the same time. She pulled me closer to her as she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Slipping a finger under her panties, I started rubbing and teasing her clit, her dampness already beginning to wet her trimmed pubic hair.

Pulling my mouth from hers, I dropped to the floor while raising her skirt to her hips at the same time. Pulling her silk bikinis to the side, my mouth found her pussy and clit quickly, her hands now on my head holding me in place as she started to move her pussy against my mouth and tongue.

“Ohhhh sweetie, you do have a knack for this,” She softly whispered between gasps of breath, “I can’t believe I’m letting you do this here but don’t you dare stop, Tess, don’t stop.”

I reached above my head as it bobbed up and down and back and forth between her legs, taking both of her breasts in my hands to fondle through her blouse, softly, caressing softly as her nipples sprang to life against my palms.

“I love how you taste; I just want to taste you forever,” I cooed after I brought her to climax twice.

“Would that you could, sweetie,” She said as I resumed my seat on the divan after pulling her panties back into place and her skirt down from her hips.

She leaned towards me, kissing me, tasting her juices on my lips and tongue while softly caressing one of my breasts with her hand.

“Tess, you’d better go before I tear your clothes off,” Willie said with a heavy breath, the desire and lust in her eyes, evident, at least, to me it was so.

Standing, I stood next to her as she remained seated and taking one of her hands in mine, I pulled it under my skirt, and placed it on my damp pussy, under the edge of my damp panties.

Well, yeah, of course it was damp!

She slipped a finger into my slit as I parted my legs slightly, letting her do so until her finger was buried to the last knuckle. Holding her hand and finger in place, I moved up and down, fucking her finger for a few moments before pulling it out of me. Guiding her hand with my own, I led her finger to her lips, sliding it into her mouth so that she could now taste me, taste my wetness.

“My, my, but don’t you taste just as sweet as I remembered,” Willie said with eyes closed, her mouth sucking softly on her finger.

“See you Wednesday?” I said, breaking the moment and the mood, “Anything you want me to bring?”

“Just bring yourself,” She replied with a lustful look in her eye, “and I’ll have a surprise for you.”


“See you Wednesday. Six would be fine, Tess,” Opening the door for me to exit her office.

Walking back to the dorm I hurt my head trying to ‘divine’ what ‘surprise’ Willie had planned for me. By the time I reached my (our) room, I had decided that I wouldn’t waste any more energy on this and would just be, well, ‘surprised’. The other thing I decided was that if Jean was back from classes, I’d get me some pussy…

“Hey, good-looking,” I said to her when I found her sitting at her desk upon entering our room, “What’s going on in Jean’s world?”, walking over to her and leaning down to give her a kiss.

“Nothing much, really,” She smilingly replied, her eyes clearly showing happiness at seeing me, “How about you?”

“Well, I just found out that Dr.Willie is going to revise my grade and that if I do well on the finals, I might just be able to pull off an A+ for the semester.”

“Wow! That’s great, Tess, who’d you have to kill to get her to change her mind?” She teasingly quipped.

“Nobody; I just let her eat me,” I answered truthfully, “And, of course, I returned the favor.”

Jean stared at me with open mouth, her eyes the size of saucers, it seemed. “Seriously?” She finally managed to sputter out.

“Seriously,” I calmly replied, then added, “Want to hear about it? Lock the door, then come join me in bed,” turning my back on her as I undid my skirt to drop to the floor. As I pulled my blouse over my head, I heard the snap sound as the door lock was engaged.

Flopping onto my bed with just my panties on, I lay watching as Jean pulled off her shorts and tee, the sight of her breasts sending fire to my crotch, and, she, joining me in bed after she stripped to her panties.

I told her the story of the other night in pornographic detail, leaving nothing out. The whole while, of course, I knew that hearing of it trabzon escort bayan was getting Jean excited and horny.

Of course, my hands fondling her gorgeous tits probably helped a bit, as well.

I had found out quickly after I first seduced Jean that she got turned on just talking about sex, which made her think about sex, about sex with me, which I knew she loved.

“So that’s why you were so crazy-horny when you got home the other night,” Jean said with a bit of excitement in her voice, “That was the reason we made love for so long that night.”

“That…plus the fact that I really like fucking you,” I said before dropping my mouth to feast on her tits as my hand slipped under her panties’ top to play with her pussy.

“I like it when you make love to me, Tess, I really do,” Jean cooed as my tongue snaked it’s way down her belly while I moved my body to lay between her legs.

“I want to do you first, baby, okay? Then you’re going to do me, okay?” I said softly as I pulled her panties down her legs and off of her feet.

“Whatever you want, I’ll do whatever you want me to do,” Jean moaned as my tongue found her clit.

“Be careful what you say, baby, I might just take you up on that,” lifting my mouth from her clit to say that to her. That was the moment the thought of a threesome with Jean and, Willie? Someone else? entered my head. I pushed the thought around my brain as I returned my mouth to Jean’s very tasty snatch.

I like threesomes, though I’ve only a few. Good ol’ step-sis invited her BFF/lover over to spend the weekend when our parents had gone away to visit friends. Step-sis and her BFF had me naked and taking turns between their legs almost before the parents’ car was out of the driveway. That was the weekend that I found out what a ‘daisy-chain’ was.

Have to say, it was a lot of fun. I’ve had a couple of more with classmates, and one with one of the moms that I was fucking. She and her ‘friend’ from work, I seem to remember.

At any rate, I pushed the thought to the back of my mind so that I could concentrate on what I was doing to Jean. She tasted wonderful and deserved my full attention…

“You’re getting really good at this, baby,” I said to Jean as I sat on her face, rubbing my pussy against her mouth and tongue, “really, really good,” stifling a cry of joy when I orgasmed.

Rubbing faster, I stole another one before I rolled off of Jean to flop next to her on my bed..

“I like pleasing you, Tess, I can’t seem to get enough of you; you’ve cast a spell on me,” Jean said as she fondled my breasts, sucking on my nipples as she said it.

“Well, you do please me, sweetie; I can’t believe, though, that you haven’t tried anyone else.” dropping a seed of thought for me to use later.

“I’m not as out-going as you; approaching someone just to say hello is hard for me to do, much less approaching someone to have sex with,” Jean answered as she continued to fondle my tits.

“It’s a big old world out there, Jeannie m’girl; you might be surprised at what treats are there for the taking,” I replied as I returned her fondling of me by taking her breast in my hand.

“Yeah, I suppose…” Jean said, leaving the thought unspoken.

“I’m hungry. How ’bout we get dressed and go grab a burger at The Library?” I asked, rolling out of my bed to gather my clothes from the floor.

“Give me two minutes,” Jean replied with a smile.

Yeah, she’s clingy, I thought, but under it all, she’s really a sweet chick.

“Come in, sweetie,” Willie said in way of greeting when she opened the door to me that Wednesday night.

She was wearing a flowing robe, kimono-like, but not that, know what I mean? It was belted at the waist but loose enough to showcase her tanned, long legs, one of her best assets. Her hair was loose and like me, she had very little makeup on.

“Hungry? I could whip up something quick, if you’d like,” Willie asked while reaching for a bottle of wine.

“Actually, no; My roomie and I grabbed a late lunch and it was pretty filling,” I replied truthfully as I fetched a couple of stemmed glasses for us to use from her winerack.

“To us, Tess,” Willie toasted with a clink of her glass against mine, “To fun and adventure between two like-minded gals.”

Smiling, I took a large sip while we stared at each other. Taking my free hand in hers, she led us to her den/media room and the large overstuffed couch where she first made love to me last weekend.

“Like porn?” She asked from out of the blue.

It kinda’ caught me off-guard but recovering quickly, I replied that I’ve not seen a lot of it but what I have seen wasn’t distasteful to me in the least.

“I like Lesbian porn but that comes at no surprise to you, does it? Anyway, I like well-made Lesbian porn, especially when it involves an older woman with a younger girl…again, no surprise to you, I’m sure,” laughing after she said it.

“Would you like to watch some with me?” She asked when escort trabzon we settled in on the couch with our wine.”

“Sure, I’ll watch it with you.”

Hell, really wasn’t a big deal to me in all honesty. Then I wondered if that was the ‘surprise’ that she alluded to the other day.

She clicked on her media center and leaned back against the couch-back, putting her arm around me, pulling me tight against her body. Smiling at me, she gave me a sweet kiss just as the DVD started playing.

Two glasses of wine and a half-hour later, I was naked, my legs spread wide, and Willie on her knees eating me deliciously. I scooted my ass forward a bit more so that she could have easy access to my pussy. She-of-the-longest-tongue-in-the-world, tongue-fucked me to three mind-blowing orgasms while her fingers stroked my clit.

“Can we go to your bed, Willie, please?” I genuinely begged. I was hot. I wanted more. I wanted to eat her. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

“I was just going to suggest that, baby,” She cooed, “I was just thinking about your surprise,” She said as she stood, pulling me to my feet, afterwards.

“Lay down, Tess, lay on your back for me,” Willie asked as she led me to her bed. Doing as she asked, she walked to the foot of her bed and, grabbing my ankles, she spread my legs apart. I stared at her, stared at the smile of her lips, getting more turned on but not knowing why.

Rubbing one of my feet with her hands, she bent over and placed a kiss to one of my toes.

“Just relax, sweetie, you’re going to like this,” She said to me as I felt the soft silk material being wrapped around my ankle, then being tied. Lifting my upper body upright, leaning on my elbows, I saw that she had tied a scarf of some kind to my ankle was doing the same thing to the other leg/ankle.

“What…?” I stammered, nothing else able to come out of my mouth.

“Shhhh, sweetie, trust me; you do trust me don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.” I did, though I’m not sure why.

Pulling one of my arms over my head, then the other, she did the same thing, securing my arms above my head to the bedposts. Smiling down on me when she tied the last knot, she turned, saying as she walked way, “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

“Funny, Willie. Real funny,” I called to the back of her head as she walked into a huge closet off to the side of her bedroom, laughing after I did it.

Well, this is interesting, I thought, wondering what was next on the agenda tonight.

I soon found out.

Willie reappeared from her walk-in closet, totally naked except for the strap-on harness around her hips/waist. Jutting out in front of the harness was a moderately thick dildo about eight inches in length.

“Just so you know, when I’m done fucking you with this, I’ll expect you to do the same to me, okay?”

She crawled onto the bed from the foot, between my legs. Leaning over me, she lowered her mouth to my breasts to suck and lick them as her fingers fucked my pussy.

“Feel good, baby?” She asked when she was moving her mouth from my right tit to start on my left tit.

“It does, it really does,” I answered truthfully as she fingered me with passion.

“Then, you’re going to love this,” She said as she guided the head of the dildo into my soaking-wet pussy.

No, I have never fucked a real cock. Yes, I’ve used toys, on myself and on others, so the feeling was not unknown to me and, truthfully?, it felt pretty fucking good!

She fucked me expertly, burying the dildo deep in my pussy, rubbing against my clit as she did so. The fact that I couldn’t wrap my legs around her or move very much was so frustrating that it added to the pleasure.

Weird. Yeah, I know.

I lost count of my orgasms after three. All I know is that it was probably the most I had ever had with a woman. And the night wasn’t over.

We took a break. We both needed to take a break. She untied me and we caught our breath while drinking another glass of wine. I was turned on, wet with sex-sweat, and anxious to get back to the bedroom so that I could fuck her. I so wanted to fuck her.

Finished with our wine and our break, Willie took me by the hand, leading me back to her bedroom. Once there, she quickly slipped the harness onto my body, all the while sucking on my tits as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“Climb onto the bed and get behind me,” she coaxed as she lay in the middle on the bed, on her stomach. With her head turned to the side and on a pillow, she raised her ass into the air by kneeling.

“Fuck me, Tess…Fuck me hard,” She ordered.

Guiding the head of the dildo to the lips of her pussy, I pushed, gently, sliding the dildo inside of her until it was all the way in her. Holding on to her hips with my hands, I closed my eyes and started moving back and forth, pulling until the strap-on’s cock was almost out of her before pushing it deeply into her, again. Getting into a rhythm, low growls and moans of pleasure seem to come from deep inside of her as she moved her ass and pussy in time with me.

Faster and faster, fucking her harder and harder, her moans were now loud, and getting louder. Reaching around to massage her clit with my fingers, she emitted a scream of unbridled pleasure when she exploded with her climax, whimpers of pleasure coming from her as it ebbed.

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A Fight In with the Girls

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Hi I’m Karen, and this is the story of one of the wildest nights of my life.

I was having a night in with a couple of friends, Lauren and Kelli; we had had a couple of glasses of wine and were having a girly chat.

Kelli was telling us that her brother had left a DVD in the machine at the flat they shared, she had played it and it was a film of two women wrestling. We giggled, as Kelli expanded that when one wrestler had clearly won she then proceeded to use the other woman as a sex toy, sitting on her face and riding her beaten opponent into complete submission.

“Now that’s my kind of wrestling!” I said; my two best friends knew that I was a lesbian but were still a little surprised to hear me say that.

“So have you ever wrestled then?” Lauren asked inquisitively.

“No but I’ve always liked the idea.” I said, to my two amazed friends.

“Really? And when you say that’s your kind of wrestling is that sitting or being sat on?” Kelli enquired.

“Either really but I think I would rather win, it would hurt less and would have other fringe benefits.” I said winking.

“Would you like to try wrestling with me?” Lauren asked.

This proposal stunned me slightly; I looked into her eyes to see if she meant it and she certainly seemed on the level.

“You really want to?” I asked.

“Why not, it sounds like fun.” Lauren responded.

“Does that include the forfeit at the end?” Kelli asked of Lauren, giggling as she said it.

“Let’s see when we get there.” Lauren smiled back.

Lauren stood, kicked off her shoes and looked at me beckoning me with her eyes. There was this beautiful woman in front of me, waiting to roll around on the floor with me and who was I to argue.

Lauren has short blond hair, light blue eyes, soft skin and features, all in all, very pretty. She is about 5’3″ tall and around 115 pounds. She was wearing a short black skirt, white t-shirt and black pantyhose. I just love her legs in pantyhose — my pantyhose fetish was one of my biggest weaknesses and she has the most gorgeous legs. In fact, it had been all I could to keep my hands van escort off her tonight anyway but now I was going to get the chance to paw her legitimately.

I have a size advantage over Lauren, being 5’6″ and 130 pounds. I am feminine, with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes and whilst I am not pretty in the way that Lauren is, although I have been described on many occasions as sexy. I too was wearing a skirt, a short denim one, with a black jumper and of course black pantyhose — as always.

I rose, as soon as I did Lauren lunged at me, we struggled and fell to the floor in a heap. We tussled on the floor for a couple of minutes I had an obvious advantage but she resisted and I found it difficult to get control. Finally I managed to pin her on her back; I sat astride her pinning her to the rug with all of my weight. I motioned as if to move forward to sit on her face, stopping before I got there.

“Do you submit?” I asked mockingly. Before she could answer and again to my huge surprise, Kelli leaned forward and said to Lauren.

“Tag me!”

My two friends touched hands and before I could react, Kelli had jumped on my back, knocking me off Lauren and wrapping her legs around me in a scissor hold, grabbing two hands full of my hair pulling my head back at the same time. I winced in pain, as Kelli caught me off guard. She had a tight grip on my hair and squeezed as hard as she could with her legs. I was in a fair amount of pain and it was clear that Kelli was taking this quite seriously.

Kelli is again smaller than me; a similar size to Lauren, the most obvious difference in their stature is that whilst Lauren has small pert breasts, Kelli is much better endowed. She has long black hair, dark brown eyes and tanned skin. If Lauren is described as pretty and I as sexy, then Kelli would be described as stunning, she really does have stand out good looks. She was wearing, a tight fitting dark grey vest top, a short grey plaid skirt and black pantyhose.

I struggled to get out of the hold that I was in but after a short time my strength advantage told escort van and I managed to get on top of Kelli, my relief was short lived because as soon as I got the upper hand they girls tagged again. With Lauren pouncing on me and I was again the captive of fresh, energetic and keen adversary. This cycle went on for about 20 minutes, as the girls tag-teamed me, with it becoming harder to fight my way free each time. Eventually they gave up any pretence that this was still a contest and started tagging in and out whilst they had control. The wrestling was sane and we were not out to hurt one another but in over 30 minutes of wrestling all I had succeeding in doing was pinning the girls to the mat for a few seconds at a time, whilst I had been on the receiving end of masses of headlocks, I had my arms and legs pulled every which way and legs wrapped round my head or body squeezing the life out of me. I was sitting on the carpet, exhausted with Lauren’s legs scissored around my waist, constricting the remaining energy out of me, with he arm pushed up behind my back, it was uncomfortable to say the least. Lauren reached out and tagged Kelli again. If I thought I was in trouble now then things would get worse, as Kelli had been the more brutal of the two throughout and I was past the point of resistance.

Before Kelli could get to me I yelled my submission, imploring my two friends that I couldn’t go on.

“OK, but you know what happens to losers in this game.” Kelli said.

I though for a moment she was joking, in a matter of seconds I realised she wasn’t. As Lauren released me Kelli grabbed my hair forced me to the floor and dropped on top of me, quickly scooting up to come to rest seated on my face. If I thought she had been rough whilst we wrestled that’s nothing compared to her assault when it came to getting herself laid.

None of us wore panties when wearing pantyhose, so the only thing between her pussy and me was the covering of sheer nylon. I did what came naturally to me at this point and started to lick. Between me licking her clit through the rough material of her pantyhose van escort bayan and her movement back and forth as she rode my face she was starting to get hot. It took only a couple of minutes for her to reach a juddering climax although as she did so I though she was going to break my nose or jaw, such was her voracity.

Kelli rolled off and as I had expected and become only too familiar with during the wrestling I immediately had Lauren on top of me; the victim of a tag-team to the end. Lauren was a lot more delicate in her approach but no less demanding, there was no bucking but instead her thighs gripped tightly around my head keeping me face pressed hard into her pussy, as she orgasmed she grabbed my hair tightly, which hurt like hell but I wasn’t about to stop at this point, she came and once more rolled away. I was beat but at least it had come to a conclusion.


Once again Kelli grabbed me, she rolled me over, so I was face down and pulled my head into her crotch. Wrapping her thighs tightly around my head, I was once more in pain as she scissored my skull and the judging by the way she was gyrating her hips she was clearly up for it again, so I once again started to lick her pussy.

This time took a little longer and Lauren was obvious horny and feeling left out, she dived on my back, took my arms, folding them behind my back and sat down on my hands, I took the hint and awkward as it was I began to stroke her.

I couldn’t believe this, my two straight friends, neither of whom had never had sex with another woman had me pinned to the floor using me as a sex object. I could think of better ways of being double teamed but I wasn’t complaining.

Kelli climaxed first, releasing me as she collapsed into a quivering heap; as soon as she did Lauren took her place and within 60 seconds she had finished also.

I lay there for a few seconds not knowing what to expect but it seemed that my two friends had run out of energy. I raised my head to see Lauren flop down on the sofa next to Kelli.

“So do I get a happy ending to all of this?” I asked.

“Sorry sweetie, that’s for winners!” Kelli said.

“You’ll just have to try harder next time.” Lauren added.

Next time??? I was exhausted, fatigued, in pain and most of all utterly aroused and unfulfilled but the thought of winning and having both of them at my will…. I needed a plan!

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A Conspiracy of Circumstances Ch. 10

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When Melanie and Jimmy got into the car, he put the key in the ignition but didn’t start it. They sat there for a full minute before either of them spoke. Jimmy broke the silence, “I think we’ve created a monster!”

Mel looked at him and giggled, “Yeah, you stud!”

That cracked Jimmy up good, “AND I think it’s YOUR fault!”

“Actually, I think you’re right! I don’t mind taking the blame for this one.”

“Shit,” he said chuckling, “a month ago all I thought about was having sex with you! Now, I don’t know what to think!”

“Are you sorry?”

“No, but it is kinda scary!”

“How so?”

“Where will we be in another month?”

Mel giggled, “That’s a very good question! We’ll just have to see what happens; in the meantime, do you think you could kiss me?” Jimmy smiled and pulled her close over the center console. She was horny as hell, but she could tell he was spent. A minute later the kiss broke and she said, “Okay STUD! Let’s get me home and I’ll see you in school tomorrow!”

Walking through the front door, Joyce was sitting on the sofa with a magazine; she looked up with a mischievous smile, “So! How did it go?”

Mel flopped into the La-z-Boy and said coyly, “One thing I know, Phil and Jill will NEVER be the same; and maybe Jimmy too!”

Joyce laughed, “I wish I could have seen it! Got some highlights for me?”

“Lots…you would have loved to see Phil moving all around trying to get an angle to see things. It was funny, and very erotic!”

“Nice! What else?”

“Uh, well, I have to say it really turns me on to watch my boyfriend do a sexy MILF like Jill. You’ve seen it; what do you think?”

“Honey, it’s all fun! But even though you and I are so open about things; there are still SOME things I just can’t reveal yet.”

Melanie looked at her mother inquisitively, “What does that mean?” Joyce didn’t answer; she just returned her daughter’s look with a sly smile. It took her a moment to process what her mother meant, and then it hit her, “Oh my GOD!” When Joyce burst out laughing, Mel said, “You want him too?”

“Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind!”

“This is getting crazier by the minute!”

Joyce smiled, “It’s just fantasy, I don’t plan to make it reality!”

Mel giggled, “Good, I have my limits, you know!”

“Yes, sometimes I even surprise myself! But, tell me; were there any other highlights? I need to call Annie and fill her in; that’ll be fun!”

“I don’t know if it’s a ‘highlight,’ but with all the fun things happening, I didn’t even have an orgasm… and I’m so horny I could explode.”

Joyce got up and went over to the accent cabinet in the foyer; she returned with a small Amazon box in her hand. Tossing it onto the teen’s lap she said, “Here, I’ll let you try this out for me…but don’t open it yet; tell me the rest of the story first.”

As Mel replayed the morning for her, Joyce got more and more fidgety. Mel could see her squirming around and (just to tease her) she deliberately added as many explicit details as she could! When she got to the part about the doggie sex and her masturbating Phil, Joyce held up her hand, “You better stop now, or I’m going to take the package back!”

Melanie laughed, “Right, I told you it was amazing!” She got up and announced, “I have to pee…and open the box!”

“Okay, I have to call Annie, then I might call Max!”

Mel disappeared down the hall and into her room; sitting on the commode she tore the package open. There was a glass dildo inside and when she examined the box it made her giggle; nowhere in the description did it use the word dildo; it was called a “Medical Grade Crystal Glass Stick for Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy.” When she opened the box, her first thought was, “Oh my God, this thing is long! I see why they said, ‘Deep Tissue!'” and that thought made her giggle even more! The dildo itself was about ten inches long and it had a handle on it which added another five. The shaft was medium thick with a head like a circumcised cock, and it had spiral ribs running the length. The glass, handle, and ribs were different colors; it really was quite beautiful! Her second thought was, “Wow, I’m gonna love trying this out!”

Mel gave the toy a good wash in the sink; and while walking toward her bed, she pulled off her top. Stacking three pillows up against the headboard, she settled back into them and slowly sucked the dildo into her mouth. That move felt so arousing the chill bumps erupted all over her! She could feel her nipples hardening in the cups of her bra and she let her free hand trail down her chest and tummy until it covered her pussy. Even though she had her pants on, she squeezed and rubbed herself and sucked the dildo harder and deeper.

Her thoughts flashed back to those erotic images of Jimmy’s dick driving deeply into Jill’s wet cunt from behind, her big tits swinging wildly with each thrust, and Phil’s hand trying to grab one but unable to. The visual was just too much and Melanie groaned out loud. It was then she realized that some vibrators had been right there on the urfa escort nightstands, but lay there forgotten. “Oh my God; I wish I had a do-over!” In her thoughts she knew she would have fucked herself silly with one, if only she had remembered they were there!

Melanie let go of her now over-heated twat and slipped the bra straps off her shoulders. Inverting the cups, she exposed her tits. With the dildo still in her mouth, she took just the tip of her middle finger and circled the aureola of her left boob very slowly, very seductively. The teat was begging to be touched, but she refused. After teasing herself for a full minute, she switched hands and did the same thing to the other breast. The sexual adrenaline was now rippling through her every ten seconds and her pussy was gushing wet!

A minute later she gave in. She put down the glass and let her hands play with her tits. She gripped them from underneath and pushed them high on her chest letting her forefingers pluck at the hard points. It felt so awesome her ass lifted off the mattress and she said out loud, “Ohhh FUUCCKK!” Picking up the dildo she balanced it between her boobs and then closed them on it…tit-fucking it! She pinched at her nipples and tried to simulate the dick thrusting between her tits by lifting them up and down against it!

Everything she did to herself felt so good it was unbelievable! She couldn’t remember ever being this turned on while masturbating! It was only about a minute later the realization that she might cum without even touching her pussy hit her! “No, that won’t do; I am NOT rushing this!” she said. She pushed her pants down and kicked them off, then grabbed the dildo in the middle with her right hand and began running the head up and down her slit, very slowly and gently. Her left hand continued to play with a tit, and with each pass over her wet tunnel, she pushed the “Deep Tissue Muscle Massager” a little harder and a little deeper inside herself!

Finally she let the head pop into her cunt; and when that happened, she angled the shaft so that the ribs would catch her clit when the thrusting began. “Oh GODDD that feels good in there! Mmm…so good!” Moving her hand to the handle, she began a slow thrusting. Slow was good! Her ass moved in time with the fucking, and (just as she hoped) the ribs were teasing her clit perfectly!

“Oh yeah…Mmm…Goddd yesss! Uhhh…Ungghhhh…Oh God, Oh my Goddd…Mmm…Fuck! Oh GOdd…Yes…fuck me…Unghhh…FUCK ME…Oh, OHHHH…” The orgasm tore through the teenager with a shuddering intensity; so powerful she couldn’t see for a moment. Mel came so hard that she clawed at her tit without realizing it…and left some bruises!

She showered slowly and washed her hair, and then laid down for a nap. Just as she did, Joyce knocked and opened the door, “Wow…are you okay?”

Mel smiled, “Can I keep that thing?”


Annie, Chris, and Cassie were sitting at the kitchen table having a light lunch when the phone rang. Derek had already left for Trevor’s so she put it on speaker. “Hi Joyce!”

“Annie! Melanie got back a while ago and I thought you might like to hear how their morning went!”

“I definitely would; Chris and Cassie are here, you’re on speaker.”

“Okay, Hi Chris, Hi Cass! I bet Mel would like to tell you herself, Cass. What do you think?”

“I bet she will,” Cassie replied, “but I wouldn’t mind hearing it from you too!”

Chris spoke up and said, “I want to hear this, cuz Phil isn’t much for details. But I have to leave in ten minutes; can you talk fast?”

Joyce did the best she could and the three of them sat there grinning at each other. Finally Cassie said, “I find it hard to believe that Melanie didn’t join in very much.”

“I can understand it,” Joyce said, “this was their show, a first for them. It wouldn’t have been appropriate for Mel to get too involved.”

“Is she busy tonight?” Cassie continued, “Maybe I could come over later and hear her side!”

“When she wakes up, I’ll have her call you.”

Chris got up from the table, “Good stuff! But I have to go.” He gave Annie a kiss on the cheek and said with a wink, “I’ll see YOU later!”

His implication was clear and Cassie reacted, “Daddy…PLEASE!”

Chris laughed and headed for the door, “What did I say?”

“I have some things to do too; Max is picking me up and I have to get ready. What are you girls going to do this afternoon?

“Cassie has some classmates coming over to discuss a school project,” said Annie, “I’m going to serve the milk and cookies!”

Her daughter rolled her eyes and said, “Ms Joyce, just tell Mel to text me the time to come over, please.”

Joyce audibly giggled, “I’ll tell her; okay, gotta run!”

When the phone disconnected Annie said to Cass, “By the way, what kind of milk would you like, white or chocolate?”

Cassie just laughed, “I’m going to my room now!”

Half an hour later urfa escort bayan on the dot of 1:00, the doorbell rang. When Annie opened it two girls were standing there holding hands. Robbi was taller and quite cute; she was pretty much as Cass described her: short dark hair, pierced eyebrow, baggy clothes. Her eyes flashed dark also and they had a mysterious quality to them. Carla was thinner but attractive with strawberry blond hair cut for a tomboy. She wore pink-rimmed glasses which set off her pale-blue eyes. Her clothes were more fashionable like from Abercrombie but her smile was genuine. “Well hi there!” Annie greeted them, “One of you must be Roberta…I don’t think Cassie was expecting two people.”

“Hello Ms Hughes, I’m Roberta, but you can call me Robbi; this is my girlfriend Carla.”

“Hi Carla! Come on in both of you, Cassie’s upstairs; she’ll be right down.” With a big grin Annie said, “Can I get you some milk and cookies?”

Robbi and Carla exchanged amused glances and then Carla replied, “Um, no thank you; we just came from lunch.”

Robbi spoke up, “I wouldn’t mind a bottle of water though.”

“Have a seat girls; I’ll get the water.”

Cassie came bounding down the stairs just as Annie went through the kitchen door. She had thought there was water in the fridge, but there wasn’t. So she went to the the garage and fetched three bottles of water from the extra refrigerator; and when she returned, her daughter was in the La-z-Boy and her visitors were on either end of the sofa. She handed each of them a bottle of water and started to say, “Okay, I’ll be in the kitchen if you girls need…”

“Mom,” Cass interrupted, “I wouldn’t mind if you joined this conversation; would you like to?”

“Sure, if you want me to.”

She sat down in one of the wingback chairs; and when she did, Robbi said, “I was just telling Cassie how important this project was for our semester grade, Ms Hughes.”

“Yes, Robbi, that’s what Cass was saying yesterday. She also said you both were very good in social studies. It’s really nice you want to include her.”

Robbi and Carla looked at each other and Carla said, “I’m not going to be in this project, I have another partner already. Our teacher won’t allow threesomes.”

Smiling at Carla’s choice of words Annie continued, “Oh, I see, so if Robbi and Cassie are partners, who are you going to partner with?”


Annie’s mouth dropped open. THIS was a surprise! She turned to Cassie, “Did you know that?”

“Umm…no, they just told me; Melanie hadn’t said anything to me. It’s the first I heard of it, and it’s kinda why I asked you to sit in on this.”

Looking back at their guests Annie said, “Let’s see, from what I know World History is Cassie’s weakest subject, and Melanie is even worse.”

“That’s what I was saying when you walked in, Mom.”

Annie studied Robbi’s face. Her eyes had changed from mysterious to mischievous, and she had a very slight smile playing at the corners of her mouth. She looked at Carla; she was sitting with one leg under her on the sofa biting a fingernail. But she was looking back at her with a sly look of her own; one eyebrow raised higher than the other. “These two have an agenda,” thought Annie. At the precise moment she was thinking that, Robbi and Carla looked at each other and smiled. “Ahh, YES!” she thought, “I see it now!”

“So Carla,” Annie began, “Melanie has already agreed to be your partner?”

“Yes, like we asked her first the other day.”

“And did Melanie agree to your terms?”

Carla seemed caught by surprise, “My…terms?”

Annie smiled warmly, “Yes…terms.”

“I’m not sure what you mean, Ms Hughes?”

Annie covered her mouth to stifle a giggle, “Sure you do; you want to have sex with her in exchange for being your partner.”

Carla’s mouth dropped open, and she flicked a glance in Robbi’s direction. “I…I never asked her for that.”

“Oh sure you did!” Annie looked at Cassie, “Would your best friend have agreed to this partnership, without telling you? You didn’t want come in between Robbi and Carla without a discussion about it. Melanie would have thought the same thing.” She turned to Robbi, “So when you made this little deal with Melanie, what did she say?”

Robbi was a very smart girl and she could see that Annie was having fun with this. She was grinning when she replied, “Melanie said it sounded like fun, but she would have to like discuss it with Cassie first.”

“And you girls didn’t want to wait for that to happen?”

“Well,” Robbie offered, “the problem is that Carla and I were going to be partners, but we decided on this little ‘adventure’ at the last minute.”

It was here that Cassie spoke, “I don’t understand why you think we would want to do that?”

“I, uh…” Robbie hesitated, “The thing is, we think you and Mel are so incredibly cute! So we thought we would take a chance. And our part of the deal will be that we give you both some pointers on how to write a better essay for history.”

Robbie escort urfa had that impish look on her face again; so Annie said, “So you two proposition all the ‘cute’ girls at school?”

“I can answer that one,” said Cass, “Since they started dating each other, I haven’t heard one thing about any ‘propositions’ like that.”

“Okay girls, listen,” said Annie, “Stop being coy let’s just tell the truth.”

Carla said to Robbi, “Hey, they don’t seem to be mad; soooo?” She turned to Cassie, “If I tell you the truth, don’t be mad okay?”

“I’m not mad now; like why would I be mad about the whole truth?”

“Just promise you won’t be mad when we tell you.”

“All right, I promise.”

“Here’s the thing,” said Robbi, “Carla and I had been discussing some fun we wanted to try. We’ve wanted to try it for over a month now.”

“What fun is that?” asked Cassie.

“We wanted to find another girl and invite her to do a threesome with us.”

Cassie’s eyes went wide-wide open! “Oh my God!”

She looked so funny…Annie spoke up, “I get that, so why did you decide on Melanie and Cassie?”

“I already told you, we think they are really beautiful…and like we think we can help them get a good grade in the bargain.”

“No,” Annie continued, “there’s a little bit more. These girls have boyfriends.”

“That’s the ‘don’t be mad’ part;” said Carla. “We were in school the other day and we overheard a little of a conversation…between Steve and Jimmy!”

Cassie’s eyes narrowed, “What did you hear?”

Carla was cautious, but she continued, “We heard something about what happened in the van after the Katy Perry concert.”

“OH MY GOD!” Cassie yelped.

“Cassie, please!” Robbi interjected, “It’s not their fault; they didn’t see us…and we definitely aren’t going to tell anyone about what we heard.”

Cassie had her hands over her eyes, so Annie said, “It’s okay; if you’re promising not to tell, that’s the best we can do.” She laid her hand on Cassie’s knee, “Cass?” When her daughter dropped her hands, she grinned, “These two are pretty naughty, aren’t they?”

Cassie looked sideways at them, “Yeah, worse than naughty!”

Annie laughed, “Tell them Honey, tell them how naughty YOU are!” When three mouths dropped open, she continued by looking at Robbi, “You’re surprised? If she and Melanie did the deed in front of their boyfriends, that’s pretty naughty; don’t you think?”

The ever intelligent Robbi said, “I think it’s hot as hell!” They all laughed…even though Cassie’s face was beet red, she laughed as well!

“So from the sound of this, Melanie wouldn’t mind your bribery scheme?” Annie asked.

Robbi was still giggling a little, “Like I wouldn’t put it that way!”

Annie looked over at Carla and back at Robbi, “Two horny girls bribing two other horny girls. Is there some other way to put it?”

Carla was laughing again, “Let’s face it Rob, we’re not gonna pull anything over on her; she’s one of THOSE mothers!”

This situation was escalating way past the point of interesting and Annie decided to just go for it and see what would happen, “Yes, I am! But the thing here is, you two simply have no idea how naughty I can be myself!” Both girls blinked hard in surprise; Annie turned to Cassie, “They couldn’t possibly know that, right Cass?”

Cassie was a bit surprised herself, but she went along, “No way, that’s for sure!”

“For sure, that’s right!” Annie declared. “So if Melanie is in agreement, do you want to go along with this scheme?”

“Maybe I will, but what do you have in mind, Mom?”

“Since I’m in this conversation, and these two horny things want to play sex with my daughter, then they are going to need my approval! Will you girls agree to my terms?”

Robbi and Carla were taken aback; for a few seconds their eyes moved back and forth among the four of them. Robbi said, “Um, I’m not sure what you mean?”

Annie grinned at her, “I said I was naughty, a lot naughtier than you could imagine. Will you girls agree to my terms? If you want your little adventure to work, you’ll have to say yes.” She looked over at Cassie and winked. They both knew these two were dying to find out what this meant.

So Robbi said, “Okay, what do you have in mind?”

“Fantastic!” Annie enthused. She turned to Cassie, “Let’s start with Carla, what do you think she should do to win my approval?”

The light had come on and Cassie now saw where this was going; and it was going to be HOT! So she said, “Maybe she could start by taking her clothes off?”

“Beautiful!” said Annie, “Great Idea! Okay Carla, let’s see that pretty body of yours!”

Carla just sat there looking stunned, “What?”

“Take your clothes off please!”

Naughty Carla turned to her girlfriend for support, but Robbi had caught on as well…and she liked it! She just nodded to Carla and said one word, “Adventure!”

Carla’s face said it all! “Ohhhh…I see!” She turned to Annie and nodded; then she got up and peeled off her top.

Annie heard Cassie’s sharp intake of breath, but she just said to Carla, “That’s a beautiful bra; do the panties match?” Carla was blushing but she immediately unsnapped her jeans and pushed them to the floor. “Mmm, they do match!” Turning to Robbi Annie said, “Do you like pretty lingerie also?”

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A Benign Something

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Gabbie Carter

Author’s Note: As always, if you’re looking for a “quickie” story or something along the lines of “Dear Penthouse”, this isn’t the story for you. It is as realistic and believable as I could create it. Hence, it moves at a more realistic pace.

I was sitting on the couch waiting for my daughter, Rachel, to finish getting ready. We were going to a gay and lesbian festival in the park – a fundraiser and luncheon – at the request of Rachel’s new girlfriend Kate. So, as a show of support for my daughter, I said I’d come along.

Almost two years prior to this, when Rachel was a freshman in college, she came home one day from school and, over dinner, broke the news that she was a lesbian. Or so she said. The only reason I had my lingering doubts was because of the way she acted about it, as if it wasn’t a big deal. Granted, it shouldn’t be, but she seemed to be taking it in rather casual stride, considering it was a bit more than simply changing your hairstyle or college major. Only a few weeks before, she had been talking about seeing a young man in one of her classes, even going so far as to have lunch with him twice. But now she was a lesbian and, although I had my doubts, and even though we did talk about it to some length, I accepted her decision and left it at that. If it were a phase, she’d likely get over it at some point. Even she admitted it could be such, which only fueled my doubts.

Rachel had been dating Kate for a little over three months. She was a nice enough girl, but a bit rough around the edges. Aside from several tattoos, she also sported a number of piercings, which seemed to do more to attract attention to her, than act as an outward expression of her personality. And, although I never saw her doing so, I assumed she smoked, due to the residual smoke I could smell on her from time to time. But, over all, she was a decent, kind person. Rachel seemed to enjoy her company a great deal, and, as long as she was happy, that’s what mattered.

Whereas Kate was an Art History major, Rachel was studying Anthropology. My understanding is that they met in an art class. And, while Kate was adorned with numerous body modifications, Rachel had none. Well, that is, until her new girlfriend talked her into getting her tongue pierced.

At first, it was a little unsettling to see them holding hands. I think any parent would feel that way. You know someone all their life, and then one day something shifts dramatically about them, and it takes some getting use to. When I saw them kiss for the first time – not that I was gawking, mind you; I simply walked into the living room at the wrong time – I didn’t cringe because my daughter had her tongue in another girl’s mouth. I did so because it was so utterly foreign to me. And, to be frank, I did so because I was seeing a relatively intimate moment between my daughter and her girlfriend, something I’d normally assume to be inherently personal.

It wasn’t a bad thing. I wasn’t mad or upset. It was strange, because it was all so new to me. But now, after a few months to acclimatize myself to their relationship, it wasn’t so unnerving.

Rachel at last came tromping down the steps.

“Ready?” she huffed, throwing her arms into her jacket.

A short time later, after picking up Kate at her apartment, we arrived at the park.

Just like with so many other things in her life, Rachel typically threw herself into whatever it was currently holding her interest, be it classes, music, clothes, friends, and the like. Now that she was a lesbian, she and Kate joined the student Les-Bi-Gay-Trans organization on campus. I never really gave them a second thought, to be honest. To me, they were just regular people. Maybe a bit strange, though only, as I said, in light of the fact that it was all so new to me. After all, it’s not every day you see a large bearded man strolling down the street in a dress, let alone your own daughter holding hands with another young woman.

After I parked the car, the three of us walked to the park, about a block away and smack in the middle of town. There were four streets on four sides of the park, so there was no way you’d miss seeing the event, should you drive through town. There were balloons, booths offering different sorts of foods and beverages, as well as various types of books and literature. And, of course, it wouldn’t quite be a party without games, clowns, and assorted one-person acts in the form of jugglers, musicians, and magicians.

I suppose it’s fair to say, although I was glad to see everyone smiling and happy and out in the open about their sexuality, in the back of my mind, I did have to question whether this sort of thing had a bit too much of a carnival atmosphere to it, seeing as how kids going by might form a different impression, wondering what the hubbub was all about. After all, there was a slight sexual undertone, and sometimes more than simply slight. Some of the prizes at the game booths were condoms and the like, and one of the jugglers did toss about a few adult toys.

Suffice tunceli escort it to say, though, I was pleased to be there with my daughter, as a show of parental support, but I did feel a tad squeamish, too.

Our trio walked around the park, checking out one booth after the next, Rachel and Kate occasionally stopping to chat with a friend. At one point, as they engaged in a lively conversation with another young woman adorned in tattoos and body piercings, I kept myself occupied by thumbing through a book of poetry at a nearby booth.

“You interested in that?”

I looked up and saw a short, portly woman with a broad smile standing on the other side of the table from me. She had long, straight black hair and large glasses that made her eyes seem unusually large; large, but friendly.

I glanced at the book in my hand.

“Oh, uh… Yeah… I guess. It’s interesting.”

I hadn’t even had a chance to read anything in it.

She smiled again.

“I wrote that,” she said, gesturing to the small book in my hand.

“Oh, I see.”

She leaned down under the table and pulled out a small plastic bag, and then reached for the book.

“Here ya go,” she said, taking it from me and placing it in the bag.

I took a deep breath, saying it was ok, too embarrassed to tell her I didn’t actually want to purchase it. But she seemed to sense this and dropped the small book into the bag and handed it to me.

“Yours to keep,” she said with the same friendly grin.

With my face turning red, I chuckled.

“Oh, really… No, that’s ok. I can’t.”

“S’ok,” she replied. “I gotta whole box of ’em down here and haven’t sold one all morning. You’re nice, you’re pretty… what the heck,” she exclaimed happily. “You’re the only person who’s opened one up.”

My apprehensions faded, though I was slightly embarrassed by her remark about being pretty. I took the bag, albeit reluctantly, and thanked her. She only shrugged, still standing there and smiling, looking at me with those big eyes. I stood there fidgeting for a moment, and then mumbled that I should probably get going, but not before thanking her once more.

“Sure,” she said, giving me a small wave.

I stepped back over to Rachel and her friends, standing with my back to the table, trying to hide my embarrassment.

After a tortuously long wait, the conversation between Rachel and Kate and their friend ended, and we continued on our way.

A short time later, the three of us found a bench to sit on. While Rachel and Kate went to get us a bite to eat, I sat on the bench alone, watching them stroll off into the distance, walking from one food vender to the next. I sighed and smiled and crossed one leg over the other and waited.

I guess I’m a people-watcher by nature. As I sat there, I looked out at the milling crowd. Maybe a few hundred people were there. Men holding hands, women holding hands, and a sprinkling of couples of mixed gender, obviously heterosexual. It was actually quite pleasant to see everyone, regardless of what sort of person they were on the inside, laughing and chatting and enjoying a beautiful afternoon in the park. I turned my gaze toward where Rachel and Kate stood in a long line. Rachel had her arm draped over her girlfriend’s shoulder, while the later had her hand in the back pocket of Rachel’s shorts. I smiled and just then saw Kate’s hand come out and grip Rachel’s butt. She jumped, as if startled, and playfully poked Kate in the ribs. I chuckled and turned away and down at the plastic bag sitting along side me.

Just as I picked up the bag and pulled out the little book of poetry, a large man, bald and chubby, with a small dog on a leash, came and stopped in front of the bench.

“You mind if I sit and rest a moment?” he asked in, dare I say, a rather effeminate voice.

I smiled and said sure, but glanced down at the girls to see if they were heading back any time soon. They were still waiting in line, though making progress toward the front.

“God, thanks,” he huffed, as he plopped down next to me.

The little dog yipped up at his master, and the man, fanning himself with some sort of leaflet, sighed.

“No, no, sweetie. Daddy’s gotta rest a minute, ok?”

Then he turned to me, saying, “Lord, it’s brutal out today, don’t ya think?”

I closed the book, trying not to chuckle, and looked up at the sky. We were sitting in the shade, and I was wearing sunglasses and my straw garden hat.

“Yeah, a little,” I replied, giving him a smile.

He rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Yeah,” he said. “Just a little.”

After a few minutes, he finally hefted his heavy body off the bench.

“Ok, stinker,” he said to the little dog. “Let’s keep moving.” Then he looked down at me.

“Thank you so much, dear,” he said with a big grin.

I smiled in reply and watched them slowly trot away.

No sooner had I gone back to my book, than yet someone else tunceli escort bayan asked to sit on the bench. This time it was a woman’s voice. I placed my hand in the book and put on another smile and looked up. A woman, probably in her mid-thirties, stood before me. She was tall and slender and tan, with long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, and a blue cap atop her head. She was smiling down at me from behind her sunglasses, holding a Styrofoam cup in one hand and a plastic bag with what appeared to be books in the other.

I sighed and smiled, repeating my previous performance with the man and his little dog.

“Sure,” I said, placing my bag on the other side of me, so as to give her more room.

“Thanks,” she replied with a toothy smile.

As she sat down next to me, I turned back to my book. From the corner of my eye, I could see her do as myself, crossing one long tanned leg over the other. A runner, I thought. She had to be a runner or, at the very least, athletic. I could see the toned muscles of her legs bulge slightly, not to mention the running shoes. Then she set her bag down on the bench between us, and I quickly darted my eyes back to the book in my hands.

A minute or so later, I heard a slurping sound and looked up. The woman was holding the straw of her cup to her lips, and then pulled it away, giving it a dissatisfied expression. She must have sensed I was watching and turned to me.

“Empty,” she said, giving the cup a shake.

I smiled, and then she turned and dropped the cup into a trashcan behind the bench. Just as I went back to my book, she softly exclaimed, “Oh, I have that.” I looked up and smiled, raising my eyebrows.


She grinned and gestured to my book.

“I got that, too,” she said.

I looked down and held it up.


She grinned and chuckled and opened her plastic bag, pulling out the same book of poetry. Then she glanced over her shoulder, back in the direction of the stand from which we both found it, saying, “You got it from Darla, right?”

“Oh, um… Well, I guess. Don’t know her name.”

I looked over at the booth and saw the woman in question talking to someone in front of her table. They were laughing, and then she leaned down and pulled out a plastic bag from under the table, while at the same time reaching for the book in the other person’s hand.

“Uh, yeah. That’s who I got it from,” I replied. Then I turned back to the woman sitting next to me. She smiled, and, in an instant, something struck me as odd about it. But before I could put any more thought into her smile, she held out her hand.

“I’m Gayle,” she said.

I took her hand in mine, and she gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Jess,” I replied.

As she released me from her soft hand, I heard Rachel’s voice.

“Ok, hope you like what we got, because we’re not gonna go back and stand in line.”

I turned and looked up, as Rachel and Kate stopped in front of me.

“Oh, hey, Gayle,” said Kate.

Apparently, the two were acquainted.

Rachel glanced up from the brown paper bag full of food, splotched with round grease stains, upon hearing Kate, and said hello to Gayle, as well. Rachel then looked at me, and then to Gayle.

“Oh, uh, mom, this is Gayle. Gayle this is…”

But Gayle and I smiled, glancing at each other.

“We’ve met,” I said.

Gayle nodded and smiled at my daughter, and then to me.

Rachel blinked and stared at us for a moment, finally replying, “Oh, uh… Ok, then.”

Then came the awkward moment I’d almost forgotten about. Rachel and Kate stood before us silent, holding the bag of food, and then my daughter gestured to the bench.

“So, uh… how’s this gonna work?” she asked with a bit of a chuckle.

The four of us exchanged puzzled expressions, and then Gayle quickly gathered up her things.

“Oh, here,” she said hurriedly. “Sit. You guys sit. Sorry, didn’t mean to intrude.”

I looked up, as she stood, and smiled at her.

“No intrusion,” I replied with a friendly shrug.

Gayle paused for but a brief second and smiled. And then I noticed it again, something about that smile, something strange about it, almost mysterious.

Still grinning, I swallowed, trying to hide my embarrassment.

When she had everything in her hands, Gayle bid Rachel and Kate farewell, and then turned to me.

“Nice to meet you,” she said, wiggling her fingers, as she walked away.

“You, too.”

For the remainder of the afternoon, we browsed and shopped, sampling various types of food and beverages, and finally sat in the grass near where the talent show would be taking place. And, as had been typical for most of the day, Rachel and Kate found another friend to go over and chat with.

As I sat on a blanket, I pulled out my book, and, no sooner had I opened it, than I heard a familiar voice. I turned and saw Gayle sitting not far away. She was talking to escort tunceli someone, another woman, and they seemed to be having a rather lively and friendly conversation. Smiling, I returned to my book, but found it difficult to concentrate, as every now and then, I’d hear Gayle laugh, a light, airy giggle. And every time she did, I found myself smiling in reply.

Most of the poetry in the book was only so-so. Not all that interesting or unique, to be honest. But it was something to do, while waiting for the show to begin. But soon I noticed something had changed. Over the din of laughter and voices all around me, I didn’t hear Gayle’s voice any longer. Curious, I turned to where she had been sitting, to see if she had left, but, no, there she was, sitting like myself, with her legs crossed and hunched forward reading her book.

She had taken her cap off, her hair still in a long brown ponytail. Gayle was slender, but not skinny; small in the bosom, but not without a figure. Her face was narrow, tipped off with a thin nose and high cheekbones, and her arms seemed long, but maybe that was because of the shirt she was wearing. It was white and sleeveless with a low-cut neck. As for her shorts, they were fairly routine: khaki with snapping pockets on the thighs. Below all of this, she wore small white tennis shoes and no socks.

In a word, Gayle was a handsome woman, with sharp features you’d expect to see of a model adorning the cover of a magazine. I could almost imagine that, if she were dressed more formally, she would strike quite a charming image. She did seem, as best I could tell by our very brief conversation, to be somewhat of a strong woman, strong in character that is; an independent spirit of sorts. She seemed to be the type of person who would sit in an office somewhere high up in a skyscraper making great financial decisions; a woman of business prowess, clever and deft and intelligent.

As I sat staring at her, I began to wonder who she was, what she did for a living, the things she liked and disliked. And then she stretched her long arms over her head, pushing her chest out, and smiled over at me, when our eyes met. I smiled back and she grinned more broadly in reply. That’s when it suddenly dawned on me that I had been staring at her, probably longer than was considered polite. Embarrassed, I quickly glanced down at the ground, trying to think of something to say.

“You, uh… by yourself?” I asked.

Gayle smiled and leaned closer, holding a hand to her ear.

I fidgeted and turned more toward her.

“You alone?” I called a bit louder.

She sat up straight and looked about with a forlorn expression, holding her hands out, her book clasped in her fingers. Then an exaggerated frown crossed her lips and she nodded very unhappily. I laughed, then Gayle laughed, and I asked if she’d like to come over and sit with me, gesturing to my blanket. Apparently confused by my offer and unable to hear me clearly, she, in turn, gestured to me, then to her, and then, bewildered, held up her hands. We both laughed, and I cupped my hands around my mouth, calling out loudly, “Would you like to sit with me?” A few conversations that had been taking place around me suddenly came to a halt, as all eyes turned in my direction.

“Sorry,” I mumbled with a blush to the couple sitting closest.

A moment later, Gayle was slowly striding over to me. As she sat down, she looked at the couple to which I had apologized.

“Sorry ’bout that,” she said with a big grin. “She’s a bit hard of hearing.”

They only smiled half-heartedly and nodded, and then resumed their conversation.

Gayle plopped down next to me, crossing her legs and smiled.

“Thanks,” she said.

I shrugged. I wanted to apologize for staring, but thought better than to bring it up. Maybe she hadn’t noticed.

She unscrewed the cap off a bottle of water and, while taking a gulp, gestured to the book in my hand.

“Oh,” I replied, holding it up slightly. “Yeah, still sorta… you know, pluggin’ away at it. Trying to, anyway.”

Gayle nodded and brought the bottle down and replaced the cap.

“Where’s Rach and Kate?” she asked, looking around the crowd.

I gazed about, as well, until I saw them sitting not far off.

“Over there,” I replied, pointing in their direction.

Gayle slowly nodded, playing with the bottle in her hands. Now came the moment of awkward silence.

“So,” I asked, planting my hands on my lap. “What is it you do? For a living, I mean.”

Gayle smiled and uncrossed her legs, pulling her knees up and wrapping her arms around them.

“Um, physical therapist,” she replied.

My hands twitched, as I quickly shot back, saying, “Oh, I shoulda guessed.”

“Why’s that?” she asked with a grin.

And there it was once more – that suspicious smile of hers. There was just something about it, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

I could feel my face turning red, as I tried to think of a way to word my reply. No matter what I said, it was going to be painfully obvious that I’d been staring at her, specifically her body.

“Well, you know,” I mumbled.

“No, I don’t,” she said, shaking her head and still wearing that smile.

I thought about it for a moment, and then decided to simply give in.

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Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 06

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The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is the sixth chapter of a story that has grown well beyond its intended length and subject matter. I am no longer writing it – it is writing itself. My fingers are slaves to my imagination.

Harvey and his daughter Annie joined Harry Cocksworth and his twin daughters at an overnight private party. Arcuda Zenellis, chairman of an international conglomerate, is celebrating his company’s new invention, an adhesive named FasTack, and his daughter Saroya’s 22nd birthday. Zenellis has offered $50,000 to each father who suggests a use for FasTack, plus an additional $50,000 if the father fucks someone else’s daughter, under the guise of “mentoring.”

Mr. Marcus gets stood up by his mentee and goes to bed, only to be woken by a knock on the door.

* * * * * * * * *

Saroya stood in the doorway, wrapped in the ribbon of brown material like a sculpted mummy. I’d been a daughter-fucker and a mother-fucker. Was I about to become a mummy-fucker? She cradled two books under one arm, and held a hounds-tooth clutch bag in the other. She glanced down the hall in both directions, then stepped inside and pushed the door closed behind her. She was breathing deeply, her chest straining against the fabric.

People don’t think about consequences nearly enough. Certainly I don’t, or I would have used protection when I was fucking Annie’s friends. Although, in some of those situations, there was barely time to get in and out, if you get my meaning, let alone prepare. The hounds-tooth pattern on Saroya’s bag reminded me of her father. He was wealthy and powerful, and a force to be reckoned with. So, what would be the consequences if I screwed his daughter? My penis drooped at the thought of getting severed from my torso.

Saroya’s voice brought me back. “You know who I am? “

I nodded, my throat dry. “Of course. Saroya, the birthday girl,” I rasped. Weren’t they always?

“I am here to learn from you. “

“Uh, what subjects? ‘ Best to be precise in these matters.

She held the books out to me with both hands. Her forearms pushed her breasts together. Even under all of that wrapping, they were considerable. The books were labeled Calculus and Physics.

God, did I remember any of that stuff from college? “Okay. Have a seat. “

Saroya chose to sit on the edge of the bed. “This is my first time. I’ve never had a mentor at the other parties. “

It was inconceivable that a beautiful young woman like Saroya hadn’t shacked up with somebody before. “I’m honored that you were assigned to me. ” Maybe she was just being coy.

“Father hides me away from these opportunities. ” She opened one of the books in her lap and looked up at me with large brown eyes. “I chose you as my mentor. You are the only guest who ever spoke directly to me. No one else ever wished me a happy birthday.”

Everybody else was as scared of Zenellis as I was. “You weren’t assigned? “

“No. I bribed my guard to allow me to escape. ” She touched her right ear. A diamond stud in her left ear told me what she’d traded.

Guard? “You get locked up? ” Zenellis must be irrationally protective of his daughter. All the more reason to keep my distance. Cut off my dick? Probably my head!

“Father must think me untrainable, or unpresentable. Why else would he lock me up at these events? “

To keep her from letches like me. “How many have there been? “

“Every year since I turned eighteen. ”

So Zenellis had been running this scam for five years, gathering ideas for his products for peanuts, and promoting sex of adult males with daughters of co-workers and friends. I can see how the ideas are profitable, but why does he pay for the sex? How does he benefit? I mean, he himself only gets one girl a year. That can’t sustain him!

A knock interrupted my intelligence gathering.

“Father! ” whispered Saroya. “He cannot find me here. ”

Damn stright!

Saroya threw her books under the desk. One bounced off a leg. She kicked it out of sight, and then ran towards the closet.

“First place he’ll look. And forget the bathroom. “

Saroya bent over to glance under the platform bed. God, what a terrific ass! “This side is open.” samsun escort Saroya threw herself on the floor and scooted under the bed. I smoothed my shirt, but my pants had a lump. I opened the door. Annie stuck her head in. “Anybody else here? Did your student show up? “

I pulled the door wide so she could see I hadn’t been disturbed in the middle of coitus.

She was back awfully quick. “How was it with Mr. Zenellis? ” I noticed that the sleeves and pants legs of Annie’s outfit were cockeyed. In fact, every seam was crooked or had gaps.

“I wasn’t very polite. I laughed when I wasn’t -‘ Annie whipped her head at the shuffling sound.

Saroya had wiggled out from under the bed and stood up. Her brown wrap had shifted but was intact. “It is dangerous to laugh at my father, ” said Saroya, brushing dust bunnies from her body.

“Wow! Lucky Dad got the birthday girl. Far out! I’m Annie.” She extended her hand, but Saroya declined.

“What happened?” I asked.

“He was nice enough, at first. His room was really warm. He offerd me a drink, of that same punch we had at the party. It tasted different, more bitter maybe. Anyway, we started talking about school and classes. He asked if I had a steady boyfriend, which I don’t.” Annie sneered. Was her lack of social life suddenly my fault?

Annie continued, “He asked if I did sports, and I told him soccer. He asked me to show him how I’d warm up for a game. So I did stretches and bends and stuff. That’s when my clothes started coming apart.”

That explained the uneven seams and gaps.

“The sleeves fell off and the legs, Pretty soon I was grabbing at what was still left, to keep my privates covered.”

Saroya approached my daughter and ran her fingertips over the seams at Annie’s shoulder. “The outfits must have been put together with a specific formulation of FasTack, one that is heat sensitive. Oh my! Father wanted your clothes to fall off? But why? What would be gained?”

Man, was Saroya naive or what? Costumes for all the dads and daughters, held together by Zenellis’s miracle adhesive that fails under high temperature. Fall-away sleepwear! I never would have thought of something like that. Too bad.

“He dropped his robe before I could say anything. That’s when I giggled. Your dad has a dinky dick.”

Saroya’s hand went to her mouth.

Annie sat on the bed, Indian style. “Well, not as thin as a pencil. Only three or four inches and thin as a Magic Marker. Oh yeah, and not as permanent. He demanded I lay down on the bed. My head was spinning. I must have done it, The next thing I knew, he was on top of me, sticking it in.”

“No! Father would never have intercourse with some strange girl. I won’t believe your lies!”

“Who are you calling strange, mummy girl?” asked Annie. “Believe it or not. I was still juicy from you, Dad. He said I was a sloppy fuck and told me to get out.”

“You and your father had sex?” Saroya must have been suffering from an overdose of information. She plopped down.

“Better than what what your dad gave me! He didn’t last sixty seconds.”

“You’re lying. Father would never do such a thing. He is a role model to me.”

“Next time you see him, show him a little skin and see how he reacts. You’ll be on your back, legs up faster than you can get out of that dorky wrap!”

Saroya put her face in her hands. She was breathing erratically and muttering something in a foreign laangyage.

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.” Annie winked and moved towards the door.

Nothing like dumping the truth on someone and walking away. “We’re not going to do anything except maybe calculus. You can stay.”

“Why? Mr. Cocksworth is across the hall. He’ll be happy to see me, I bet.”

No wager. “Are you still interested?”

“Sure am! I’m practically dripping. Her father left me plenty horny.”

“Doesn’t his size worry you? I know how much you can take but, hell, he’s -“

“No sweat.” Annie paused in mid step. “Say, can I borrow your tool bag?”

“Sure, but what’s that got to do with – oh, never mind.” There was no stopping Annie when she’d made up her mind.

“Trust me!” Annie left, closing the door behind her.

Saroya lifted her head, face stained with tears. “I’m so ashamed. Father told me that these mentoring sessions were educational, that my private tutors were sufficient and I did not need to participate.”

How old would Saroya have to be before he’d let her have sex? Never, probably. There was another knock, this one bolder.

Before I could check through the security peep hole, Saroya dove to the floor and hid under the bed. One of the twins stood outside, naked! I couldn’t see if she had a birthmark on her pussy from this angle. I opened the door and she stepped in, smelling like a tavern. “What happened to you?” I asked.

She bounced onto the bed. “You know that fat guy, the cigar smoker? He stuck his stoagie in my pussy and told me to smoke it. Son of a gun, I did it!” She had a look escort samsun of satisfaction for a perverted job well done. “Then he had me blow him. After that, he ignored me. When he ordered up room service, I split.”

Sometime during the twin’s monologue, Saroya crawled out.

The twin was startled. “Hey, aren’t you the –

“Yes, I am Saroya Zenellis. Who are you?” “Name’s Randi. What were you two doing?”

“Talking,” I said.

“Yeah, sure, and that’s your microphone?” Randi was pointing to the front of my pants.

My dick made a tent. Saroy’s jaw dropped at the sight. “Oh my heavens! You’re swollen!”

I tried to ignore my physical reaction to Saroya’s curves and Randi’s nakedness. “When you went to your tutor’s room, he didn’t ask you to, you know -“

“The only thing I tooted was his cigar down here,” she pointed to her exposed pussy, “and his dick in my mouth.”

Saroya’s jaw was open. Under other circumstances, I might have placed my bare cock in front of her, to see what might develop. But not her, and certainly not with a witness.

Another knock interrupted us.

“Could you please check? Its dusty and nasty under there,” pleaded Saroya.

I nodded and peered through the hole. It was Brandi, the other twin. I opened the door. Brandi comes in with a cup of punch in her hand. The twins hugged.

“What is this, a fucking convention?” I asked.

Randi plastered herself to my side and rubbed my chest. “It could be.”

I moved her away gently. “What’s your story?” I asked Brandi.

“I’d rather not say.”

Brandi probably hid in a closet somewhere until sufficient time had passed. Too bad I couldn’t follow up on her mother’s instructions and take her to bed.

“You all can’t stay here. Saroya, you have to go back before you’re missed.”

The twins moved towards the door. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“We need to go back to our room,” said Randi. She was grinning from ear to ear. “Daddy is waiting for us.”

“He might still have company.” Like Annie. What would they do to my daughter if they found her fucking their father?

“Gee, you’re right,” said Brandi.

Randi added, “And we want him all to ourselves.”

“Hold on! Remember what I said about behaving? You won’t go across the hall and fuck your father. I forbid it!” Maybe if I was adamant enough, they’d obey and save my success fuck with their mom.

“Oh dear!” Saroya’s face returned to her cupped hands.

“Brandi, would you like to have sex tonight?”

“Oh, I kinda sorta did.” She glared at my tented trousers. “You mean with you?”

I decided not to ask the details. Not that I would throw Brandi out of bed, but she’d been so hesitant in the past, I decided she should start with a more diminutive organ. “No. Mr. Zenellis is reported to be lightly equipped. Perhaps he’d be a good first choice. That is, if you’re interested.” That would keep one of them away from Harry.

Saroya’s head came up. Her eyes were daggers. “You’re sending her to have intercourse with Father? What kind of man are you?”

“A considerate one. Maybe he’ll appreciate the gesture and not kill me for spending time alone with you tonight. Annie told me he isn’t too large. Might be a good first, uh, second experience. Not to mention distract him from learning his daughter escaped.”

“You think so?”

Perhaps Saroya was beginning to understand the complexities of the situation. And, she didn’t know anything about Joy’s promise. I nodded.

The twins buzzed in each other’s ears.

“Can we use the potty first?” asked Randi.

“Sure, go ahead.”

Brandi, blue ribbon, and Randi, red ribbon, ran for the bathroom, giggling and jiggling, leaving me with Saroya.

“Are you really sending one of those girls to have intercourse with Father?”

“Why not? He fucked Annie, and not particularly well. As the host, shouldn’t he have a good time?” Made sense to me. I mean, who set up this distorted reality in the first place?

“You treat intercourse so casually. Should there not be something more, something romantic, something emotional?” Saroya was wise but impractical. Sequestering had done its damage.

“That’s the best kind, under the best of circumstances, for sure. But see what your father has created here? Musical chairs sex.”

“What is this musical furniture? I have never heard of such a thing.”

“I mean, matching up fathers with other people’s daughters, almost at random. Besides, haven’t you ever had an itch between your legs, that you really, really need scratched?” As soon as I said it, I knew I’d been too blunt.

She blushed, turning a darker brown. “I will admit, I have pleasured myself on those occasions.”

I knew the answer before I asked. “No boyfriend?”

“Oh no! Father does not permit it. He tells me that I must wait for the right young man, someone worthy of me.”

Every father feels that way. We all want our best for our children.

Randi with a red ribbon samsun escort bayan bounced out of the room, buck naked. Brandi strolled out dressed, blue ribbon in her hair, hands behind her back, breasts thrust forward.

“So you didn’t know your father arranged these sessions for guests like us to get fucked?” asked Randi.

“Such language! I never did! Honestly! I have always been prohibited from participating, as I explained.”

“Well, I’m not buying it. I’ll send your daddy your regards.” Brandi chuckled. “I know, I know, keep my mouth shut.” She opened the door and stepped into the hall, then stuck her head back in. “Awful hard to give a blow job that way.” The door shut behind her.

Randi was hanging on my arm. “Wait until you get a lesson from Mr. M.. He’s great!” My left sleeve came off.

“Oh, goodie!” She switched to the other side. The right sleeve detached with little effort. Damn, the room was getting warm, and the FasTack adhesive was failing.

“She was here ahead of me,” said Randi. “Are you going to make love to her? Or can I go first? Or come first?” She giggled at her joke.

“I am not going to have sexual intercourse with you.” Saroya’s hand stung against my cheek.

All of my memories with Randi were great ones. Another opportunity between her thighs wasn’t something to be avoided. Besides, she was already undressed. “All right, then you won’t mind if Randi and I get comfy? I filled my hand with Randi’s ass cheek. She jumped.

“In fact, I insist you do. This can still be a learning experience for me.”

“How’s that?” Randi’s hands were on my ass, slipping lower with each passing second.

“I am well-versed in the details of the Kama Sutra, the bible of love making. I practically memorized all of the positions, but I have only seen them as illustrations. You can pose for me, so I can see them -“

“In the flesh?” I asked. Why not? This might add some variety to the two positions I’d practiced: front to front, and front to back.

“First, you must remove the remainder of your -“

Randi grabbed my pants from behind and pulled. They broke away. My erection pointed at Saroya.

Her jaw dropped. Oh my! You certainly are well-endowed. Your lingam is bigger than the ones in the illustrations.”

“My what?”

“Lingam is the term for that – your penis. And that -” she pointed between Randi’s thighs, “- is called a yoni. Have you had augmentation surgery?”

“Nope. One hundred percent real.” I stepped forward. As long as I wasn’t going to fuck her, I could at least contribute to her education. “You can touch it if you’d like.”

She shuffled back. “That’s all right.”

“Your loss.” Randi’s hand took my erection in hand.

Saroya showed glimmers of her dad’s power. “To get your bodies prepared, you must perform acts of foreplay.”

Randi and I faced each other. The telltale beauty mark between her breasts gave me assurance. I placed my arms around her, holding her naked body against mine. On tippytoes, She parted her legs, and my erection slid through. She giggled as our genitals came into contact. We kissed. Her lips were sweeter than I remembered. Randi was assertive, rubbing her body against mine.

“Why don’t you lay back on the bed?” Saroya was obviously enjoying giving us orders.

I assumed a flat position, leaning up on my elbows.

“You – Randi? – squat above him, facing me.”

Randi hovered over my groin, in a catcher’s stance.

“Good. Now, place his -“

“My name is Harvey.” I hate getting referred to in third person, especially when I’m in the fucking room.

“Oh yes, of course. Place Harvey’s lingam –

Randi had alreay taken my dick in hand and was rubbing it along her slit. She was moist, anxious for penetration.

“Good, you’ve positioned it at your yoni. Now lower yourself slowly.”

I expected Randi to come down hard. Instead, she followed Saroya’s direction. I was a couple of inches in, and loving it. Randi’s cunt was a tight fit, despite our previous encounter and her exploits earlier that evening.

Saroya walked around the bed, studying us. “Put the flat of your feet on his thighs.” Randi did as Saroya asked. “Perfect! This is a gentle position, for mild penetration.”

“So when do we start fucking?” Randi asked.

Someone knocked at the door.

Saroya checked the peephole. She turned and silently mouthed “Father!” She grabbed her purse and threw it under the desk. It popped open, scattering its contents. There was no time to clean up. She fell to the floor and shuffled under the bed.

“What’s going on? Aren’t we going to -“

I shooshed Randi. “Who is it?” I hollered.

No answer.

“I’m a litle busy right now. Come back -“

The door blew open. It was Zenellis and two others. One was as big as a wrestler. The other, smaller with one of those ear-mounted phones and a PDA.

“Good evening, Mr. Marcus. You are a busy man, aren’t you?” The small guy whispered in Zenellis’s ear. “This is not the young woman you’re supposed to be mentoring.” He moved to the edge of the bed while his gorilla stomped through the room, into the bathroom, came out and pushed the closet door aside. This was a room-to-room search for his daughter. Brandi was supposed to keep him occupied, but had obviously failed. So, where was she?

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Driving Mom’s Friend

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It was spring vacation. I had decided to celebrate my 40th birthday by taking three weeks off and head to Florida to see my widowed mother. I was checking into air fares and got ticket shock at the prices the airlines charge at that time of year. I decided that even with the price of gas and lodging, I would drive the 1300 miles south.

I called my mother to let her know that I would be arriving by car and at the same time, it gave me a chance to whine about the cost of airfare. Mom informed me that her best friend wanted to come down to Florida, but it was too far for her to drive alone. I didn’t think much of that comment until 2 days later.

Muriel, my mother’s friend called and asked if I would want to drive her to Florida. She said she would pay for all the gas, hotel room and a return flight. I would have to pay for my food. What a deal. I figured that it would take me two days to drive down there, so she would only have to cover one night at a hotel.

When I told her that, she said she did not travel over 4 hours a day and I’d better not speed. I did the quick math in my head and told her that it would take four days minimum to get to Naples. She said I was wrong. I would take five. I confirmed that she was willing to pay for a room for me for 4 or 5 nights and she said she was prepared to do that.

We lived about 40 miles apart, so she drove to my place on Monday morning. She had mapped out the 4 hour trip and made reservations at a 4 star hotel. I told her that we should stay at some economy hotels, but she said she wanted a pool, a good restaurant and a classy bar. So off we went.

Muriel and her late husband were my parent’s best friends. My father and her husband died the same year. Muriel was in her early sixties and still looked good for an old broad. She maintained her figure and her breasts were quite full. As she dozed in the passenger seat, I could get a decent look at her cleavage through the opening in the blouse. She awoke wanting to know where we were and if I were maintaining the speed limit. I assured her I was. We made small talk until our exit.

I pulled into the hotel and was impressed. Nice place! And out of my price range. I waited in siirt escort the car and she came back with two keys. Being the gentleman, I carried her luggage to her room. Again, the accommodations were something. She told me I had the adjoining room and I should get my luggage unpacked so we could go to the pool and relax after that “long” drive.

I went to the next room and unpacked. I got the bathing suite on and knocked on the adjoining room door. She opened the door to let me in. She had on her bathing suit and her cover robe was in her hand. She smiled and asked how she looked. I was actually surprised how good she looked in her bathing suit and I told her that. She filled it out real nice.

We got to the pool and set up our lounging area. She wanted a glass of wine, so I went to the poolside bar and got us both a drink. We had a nice time chatting and having a few drinks. Muriel had a habit of lifting the front of her bathing suit to adjust it and wasn’t aware that I got a pretty good view of her pussy. I was starting to have perverted thoughts, but I didn’t want to get a hard on in the pool area so I suppressed those thoughts.

It was time to head back to the rooms and get ready for dinner. I pulled off the wet suit and had just put a towel around me when there was a knock on the adjoining door. I opened it with just the towel on. Muriel still had her suit on and had ordered a bottle of wine from room service. She invited me in, but I said I needed to put something on first. I thought I heard her mumble “that’s too bad”. I chose to ignore that. I came back into her room with a pair of shorts on and she had put a robe on. I asked what the dinner plans were and she said that we had reservations at the hotel restaurant in an hour. She poured us a glass of wine and sat down. Again, we talked and soon it was time to get ready for dinner. As she stood up, her robe opened at the waist and I got a perfect look at her bald pussy. She wasn’t aware of her showing and I went to my room to get ready.

Dinner was great. We decided to rent a first run movie and watch it in her room after dinner. We went back to our rooms and I put on shorts and a tee shirt. siirt escort bayan I knocked on her door and she opened it. She had ordered another bottle of wine and had her robe on. She laid back on one bed and I was on the other bed. She drank most of the wine and soon fell asleep. As she turned in her sleep, her robe fell open showing me a tit and her pussy. When she rolled on to her back again, the robe was wide open. I finished watching the movie, enjoying both the movie and looking at her naked body. I went back to my room, pulling her door shut so that it locked. I kept my door closed, but did not lock it. I then went into the bathroom as jacked off. I felt like a pervert getting horny looking at a mature woman.

I awoke with a start. Muriel came busting through the door to announce it was time for breakfast. Seeing that I was sleeping naked and the covers were off, she got a great look at my cock. She smiled and said to get dressed.

We started our second day on the road. We again talked about my parents. She told me about the vacation where they went to the lake and went skinny dipping. TOO MUCH INFO!!!!! Soon it was time to stop and we repeated the process from the day before. We had adjoining rooms, lounged at the pool, drank a lot of wine and had dinner, in that order. This hotel’s bar had a small band playing. It was also lady’s night, so Muriel wanted to go. I figured she wanted to find some guy to get lucky with.

When we arrived at the bar, I found out it was lady’s night and most of the babes were my age. Needless to say, I got asked to dance many times. Muriel didn’t see anyone to her liking. I figured I would do the honorable thing and asked her to dance. It was a nice slow song and we danced. She pulled herself close enough to me that I could feel her tits against my chest and her pussy was definitely against my cock.

After the dance, we went back to our rooms. Muriel invited me back to her room for a night cap. I said I would be back after I get my shorts on. I didn’t bother with a tee shirt this time. I walked through the adjoining door and there was Muriel stark naked, holding her robe. She gasped and told be told turn my escort siirt back, which I did. When she put her robe on, I turned and smiled. I told her that she was quite the looker. She smiled and thanked me for the compliment.

She made us drinks and she sat on a chair at the table. I was on the bed and decided to turn a music station on the TV. A song came on that was a favorite of hers, so I asked her to dance. She agreed and we started to slow dance. Again, I could feel her body against mine. She pressed her pussy against my cock and put her head on my neck. I rubbed her back and pulled her closer to me. She started to breathe harder and I could feel her lips on my neck. My cock was now hard. I looked at her and gave her a small kiss on the check. She returned the kiss to my cheek. The song ended and I thanked her for the dance and gave her a kiss on the lips. Another song came on and we just starting dancing again. Muriel now had her hand on my ass and she slid my shorts down. I kissed her, stepped back and removed her robe. She slid my shorts down and I stepped out of them. We started dancing again, my hard cock against her stomach.

As we moved towards the bed, I lowered her on to her back. I laid next to her, kissing her hard on her mouth. My hands we rubbing her shoulder and I worked them to her breasts. They felt wonderful. I slowly kissed her, working my way from her mouth to her nipples. I nibbled on them causing her to moan. I continued kissing down the front of her. My hands had found her pussy and she opened her legs wide. My fingers rubbed her clit. Again she moaned as she pushed against my hand. I slid two fingers into her wet pussy. She started to grunt and came hard. I now found her clit with my mouth. As I sucked on her clit, she came again. Her juices tasted wonderful.

She smiled, sat up and told me to lie down. She took my cock and sat over it. She lowered herself on to my cock and slowly moved up and down. She was the best lover I had ever had. She was slow and deliberate. I started to feel my orgasm cumming. She sensed it, pulled my cock out of her pussy and took all of it into her mouth. She sucked and licked my cock at the same time. I couldn’t wait anymore and I shot my load of cum in her mouth. We fell asleep in each others arms.

When morning arrived, we decided that two rooms is one to many for the rest of the trip. And Muriel said that we should only drive 3 hours a day. It might take an extra day, but she was sure that it would be time well spent.

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Marina and Russell Pt. 21

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“The day off full of lust”

(All characters are over 18 years old)

Me and Russell spend the second day at the hotel. I woke up, and soon he woke up too. I smiled at him and said:

“Good morning, Russell”

He answered me with a smile:

“Good morning. You’re so beautiful…”

And he strokes my face with his fingers and kisses me. He said:

“Let’s go somewhere…”

I answered:


We sat down, I began to stretch, and Russell noticed my naked chest rising while I was stretching, and it very sexually aroused him. Although the lower part of his body is covered with a blanket, I see his erection. Oh, how it embarrasses me, it’s still morning, and this morning becomes so erotic…

“You’re so beautiful… and very seductive…”

He said and started to feel my breasts. I get sexually aroused and moan quietly. He threw me down on the bed and started kissing me passionately. I hugged him and I stroke his black hair. He kisses my ears, licks and sucks my earlobes… licking sounds are so close, it’s so sweet and sexually arousing… He sat on me and started caressing both my nipples at the same time…

“Ah! aah! aaaah!!”

Sensual feelings become even more pleasant… he opens the bedside table box and takes out something from there… is this a vibrator?

“I bought this vibrator yesterday along with the lubricant, this is one more surprise.”

Russell said. He caressed my clitoris with his fingers, tongue and lips… then he took the vibrator, turned it on and leaned it to my clitoris…


That feels so pleasant!! What sweet feelings…

“Oh, that feels pleasant… aaaah…”

Russell enjoyed watching me feel pleasure… then he inserted a vibrator into my vagina…

“ah… aaaaaaah!!”

Oh… I feel these vibrations in me… and I involuntarily began to move my hips… I enjoyed this moment for a long time, and he took the vibrator out of me. Then I started caressing him… I caressed his breast and made a fellation to him… and then he said:

“Lie on your back…”

I lay down. Russell knelt, lifted the bottom of my body, holds my thighs keeping my body close to his body, he put his penis into me, I rest my legs on both of his shoulder, and he begins to make frictions… I feel his penis penetrating so deeply…


I experience strong, sweet, hot orgasm again… and I feel a more strong lust… And while Russell is making frictions, I started rubbing my clitoris and my nipples… And later Russell ejaculated into me. He lay down on the bed next to me and said:

“I think I’m hungry… let’s go to the restaurant in the hotel”

I answered:

“Let’s go!”

How unusual… I am used to making breakfast in the morning, and today I may not do this…

We came to the restaurant. Russell ordered an omelette with bacon, pancakes, croissants and coffee for us.

“Russell, didn’t you order too much? I can’t eat all this at once”

I said, and he answered:

“That’s all right, we’ll take the croissants with us”

I almost finished to eat an omelette and a pancake, Russell eats the rest of my food with my permission. Wow, he’s got a great appetite! And he thought: I’ll be sorry to throw out it, especially since it’s so tasty!

And at this time I drink coffee with milk and sugar. I say:

“Here are so many pleasant smells… I want to taste many dishes…”

He answers:

“I understand, Personally, I always went to restaurants before the day we started living together. We’ll sure to try all the dishes in this restaurant. By the way, what’s your favorite smell?”

I answered:

“The smell of coffee is my favorite”

Actually, my favorite smell is the smell of Russell… he smells like an old man, but it is Russell’s smell, native, sweet, sensual smell, and his smell turns me on…

“And what’s your favorite smell?”

I asked, and he answered:

“I don’t know… but I especially like the smells of sweets…”

He stood up, came up to me and sivas escort whispered in my ear:

“…but even more I love your smell.”

I got very sexually aroused when Russell whispered these words to me, and I got embarrassed… he held my waist and told me with a whisper:

“Come on, I’ll eat you somewhere, my delicious…”

Oh, Russell has the talent to sexually arouse and embarrass me… he said:

“I remembered that I promised you that we would go to the beach today, so let’s get our bathing clothes and towels, and go ahead!”

I answered:


We came to our room and took clothes for swimming, and then went to the beach by the sea. Last time we went to the beach twice and I’ve already seen the sea, but this beach is especially beautiful, and there are even palm trees here! And also I am very impressed that I first visit the hotel, it’s very good to change scenery sometimes. I’m in a red bikini and Russell is in blue swimming trunks. We’re walking and… what Mina?? She’s running to us!!


Mina happily said with a smile, and we said hello to her too. She’s in a very skimpy blue bikini. Russell noticed how Mina dressed, he smiled and said:

“Wow, what a seductive bikini on you, Mina…”

She giggles coquettishly, moved her hips a little and she says:

“I put it on, hoping that I would pick up some old man here, but here is only youth, and you know that I hesitate to meet someone, because I don’t want to be rejected, after all, most old men are married and impotent… but I’m glad I met you today, Russell…”

Mina took a more seductive pose, slightly bowed her head to the side and smiled, looking at him with a coquettish look. It’s a disgrace, Mina is flirting up a storm with my Russell!! And this is my friend?? I was unhappy with this and secretly filled sand into Russell’s swimming trunks.

“Ah! What’s going on? Marina, why did you do that?”

I answered:

“That’s what you get for being nice to this tramp!!”

Mina said:

“Oh… I didn’t notice how I…”

And I, without letting Mina finish speaking, stepped heel on her foot.


She moaned quietly in pain, and I told her:

“If you will flirt with Russell again, you won’t be my friend anymore!!”

And we went the other way. Mina felt guilty. She understood that she was frivolous, easily tempted, and at the same time, she understood that she’d done something wrong for her only friend.

Me and Russell have come to the sea, and he says:

“Honey, you don’t understand, I don’t feel anything about Mina!”

I asked:

“What made your look so excited, if not because of her sexy bikini?”

He answered:

“Honey, nobody can compare to you!”

I shouted to him:

“You didn’t answer my question!!”

He said:

“I just said she looked beautiful. After all, I’m a man!”

I said spiteful:

“Man… I don’t need such a man!”

And I began to go the other way, and Russell caught up with me and shouted:

“Wait! Don’t leave me because of such a trifle!!”

I stopped and then he stopped and said:

“Forgive me. Forgive me for this. You know how much I love you.”

I calmed down a little and answered:

“Well… all right.”

And we came to the sea. We half went into the sea, the lower part of my and his body were covered by the sea. Russell took off his swimming trunks and removed sand from them and on his body. I said:

“I’m sorry I filled sand into your swimming trunks…”

He answered:

“You don’t have to apologize, I deserve it.”

And he put on swimming trunks. He hugged me and started kissing me. He strokes my neck with his fingertips, and then he unties the top of my bikini.

“Ah! What are you doing?!!”

And I quickly covered my naked breast with my hands. He said quietly:

“Press up against me… I want you to rub up againist me like the time we were on the bus… it was wonderful…”

Russell… what a shameless man he is! But I sivas escort bayan love this shameless man… and I pressed myself against him and started rubbing against his body… I hope no one will see what we are doing here… he took the bottom of my bikini off me and he takes off his swimming trunks… he hugged me and started kissing me… I feel the movements of his penis, it stands up and presses against me… he said:

“Let’s continue in the beach cabin…”

And we put on our bathing clothes and went out of the sea. While we walked to the beach cabin, Mina stood in an inconspicuous place, she saw us, and she thought: when should I apologize to Marina? I somehow hesitate to do this yet… I am such a coward!

We went into the beach cabin. Russell undressed me and undressed himself. We began to hug and kiss, while hugging, he passionately stroked my back and my buttocks… I lick his lips, I caress his neck with my lips, lick it with sucking movements, I feel his old skin… he felt my breasts and sucked my nipples… and then I pressed myself against the wall, spread my legs wide, and he started making me cunnilingus… he caressed my clitoris with his tongue, now he has inserted his tongue into my vagina and moves it, and at this time he strokes my clitoris with his fingertips…

“aah… aaaaah…”

He thinks: mmm, how she got wet “there”…

Russell feels how flows a lot from “there”, and he swallows my vaginal lubrication… now I caress his breast with my hands, and now I sit on the floor, he stands facing towards a wall and holds hands on that, I sit against that wall, my legs are bend in knees. I kissed his crotch area and his pubes, and I started making to him a fellation. While my hand is on his leg, I caress his penis with my mouth, tongue and lips, with my other hand I massage his testicles, and he, having great pleasure, begins to make frictions… now I stood up and he pressed me against the wall, hugged me and inserted his penis into me. He began to kiss me and at that time make frictions… I’m starting to experience orgasm, I keep kissing him in my moans…

“m… mmm…”

I understand that someone can hear me, but I can’t restrain my moans…

“aaaah!! aaah! ah… aaaaaaaah!!”

And at this time, Mina went into the next beach cabin and most likely guessed what me and Russell are doing now. And at that moment she heard my moans, and she thought: Marina, I envy you so much… you have a beloved old man, especially since he is so charming…

Mina started imagining her having sex with Russell and thought: Russell… I want you so much… but you’re not mine!

And then she sat down on the floor and began masturbating, remembering his face and imagining how she spends hours of passion with him… she’s very turned on by the fact that Russell is in a nearby beach cabin, and it makes the minutes of her sensual pleasure sweeter… when she stopped masturbating, she immediately began to cry because she has behaved badly, seducing Russell and because of the fact that she will not get him… and she thought: I’m the third wheel for them…

Then Russell ejaculated into me, and after I stopped moaning, we heard some sound… like someone is crying quietly… we left the beach cabin, and then Mina came out… So Mina just cried? Why is she crying? We approached her, and she shuddered when she saw me and began to speak in an uncertain voice:

“Marina, please forgive me… forgive me… you can hate me, but… I really regret it…”

She knelt and cried again… I understand that she’s to blame, but I don’t know what to do… for some reason, it seems to me that she sincerely regrets this… she asked:

“Tell me, please, how can I wash away guilt?”

I sat close to her and said:

“Just… don’t take away Russell from me… that’s all I ask you to do…”

Mina answered:

“I promise…”

Russell said:

“It’s good that you reconciled. Let’s have fun together!”

Me and Mina said joyfully:

“Let’s escort sivas go!!”

Me, Russell and Mina walked down the street and ate ice cream, and later we went to the hotel, to Mina’s room.

Mina lives alone in this room, and her laptop is on the table. She was watching something on her laptop, and I asked:

“Mina, what are you watching on your laptop?”

She answered:

“I’m looking for something on the porn site…”

Russell thought: yes, Mina is very liberated and even shameless… she’s not like my Marina at all… and at the same time they have been friends since childhood…

Mina stretched and said:

“Tired of the fact that in porn films girls have sex with some suckers! When will they do this with any handsome old men?”

Russell liked what she said because he himself is old, and he smiled. Mina turned to us and saw his smile, and she smiled awkwardly and even got embarrassed a little… she said shyly:

“I just like old men…”

And she realized that she had already twice admitted to Russell that she has an interest in older men, but before that, only I knew about it, but from the rest she wanted to hide that she is… a gerontophile. She believes that gerontophilia is something very shameful and wrong, so this is her secret. I asked:

“Where’s the toilet?”

Mina answered by pointing her finger to the side:


And I went to the toilet, and at that time Mina, nervous, asked Russell:

“Russell… h… how do you feel about gerontophiles?”

Mina raised her voice at the end of the question. And he answered:

“So… you’re a gerontophile?”

She nodded, and he smiled and continued to speak:

“Here’s what I can say, Mina, if there were more gerontophile girls in the world, we, old men, would be much happier…”

And then Mina smiled and said:

“Thank you for your kind words, Russell…”

She began to feel more self-confident. And soon I went back to her room. Mina said:

“Look, I wanted to go to the ice rink, but since I met you here, let’s go there together! Do you want to?”

Russell thinks:


I answered:

“Well… all right. And Russell has not decided yet…”

He said:

“Okay, I agree too!”

And then we went to the ice rink. We were warmly dressed, we put on figured skates. Mina said:

“I’ve never been to an ice rink before. I decided to try to skate, because my stepdad sometimes skated in his youth. By the way, he is elderly, he is 65 years old.”

Mina drooled over, talking about the age of her stepfather and stood up, and Russell said:

“But we also haven’t skated on ice yet…”

Now we are on the ice and, afraid to fall, tried to skate forward. I feel like I’m already falling, starting screaming, and Russell is not letting me fall. He took me in his arms and tried to skate forth. He seems to be a little able to skate. Mina said:

“Wow! Well done, Russell!!”

In the meantime, Mina, making tries several times, falls again and again, Russell skates further, holding me in his arms, and I said:

“Can I try it, too? Seeing that the first time you were able to skate well, I decided to try again!”

And I stood up on the ice. Russell continued to skate, and I slowly skate after him, I decided to accelerate the pace and I couldn’t stop, I screamed:

“Russell, help!!”

I felt like I just about to fall, my mini skirt lifted up because of the wind, probably someone unfortunately has already seen my panties, and I screamed with a higher voice:

“Save me, Russell!!”

And I began to fall on him and accidentally threw him down on the ice, and we fell. I was lying on him, and my skirt lifted up again, and my panties were seen. Mina asked:

“Are you okay?”

And she looked at us with lustful eyes with a stupid smile and a wide open mouth. And I answered:

“We’re fine, and you’re not!”

She asked with a stupid and surprised look:


I answered:

“You know!”

And then I and Russell stood up.

We went back to the hotel. Mina said:

“Thank you for walking around with me. It was a lot of fun!”

Me and Russell said kind words in reply and we went to our room, and a few days later we returned home.

This is how I spent this wonderful day full of lust with Russell.

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