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[Author’s Note: This is a little one-off for the fans. I need to do one-offs, they’re a release from the stress of a series! Hope you enjoy; comments and critiques are welcome]

I followed them into the empty bedroom, stood with Oliver behind me blocking the door while the other man went for a bedside lamp. He flicked it on, illuminating the room a little more warmly than I might have feared. The activities in this house were such that you might expect only the dingiest kind of light, the barest sort of rooms.

But then, it’s not your middle middle-class types who throws Wednesday night sex parties with well over a dozen invites, is it?

I was still glad this room wasn’t palatial, though. After all, I was no queen here, no mistress of the manor. I came looking for a dirty fuck, though I came in the state of mind where, if anybody had asked me, I would have denied it.

I would still deny it now, if these guys bothered to ask. But they won’t.

They had watched, downstairs, when I arrived. The mistress of the house, Alice, had made a good show of ordering me to strip.

It’s not as if I arrived dressed like a housewife, either. The trench coat I wore against the drizzle concealed a tight black blouse, a confining little number of a black pencil skirt, NSFW really, unless you have some colorful fantasies about office life. Ditto the stockings, the sharp three-inch patent heels.

All the same, Alice has her own ideas about appropriate attire. They do not suit me, these ideas. I am not an intrepid girl. Yet Alice says that does not matter, she knows what is best. “If I say you are an intrepid girl,” she has said, with frightening assurance, “then that is what you are, Audrey dear. What you are and shall be.”

So now here I was, with a semi-stranger and one total stranger, wearing a black vinyl bra with my erect nipples poking through a pair of holes. Black vinyl hotpants with a zipper running front to back. A studded black collar around my throat. I got to keep the shoes.

Oliver is starting to fondle with that zipper in the back already.

“You want little Audrey here up on the bed?” Oliver growls. The other man signals with his fingers, a gesture almost dismissive except it’s telling me to move forward.

He’s unleashing his cock from his fly as I spring onto the bed. I’m not a mind reader, but I guess I know something to do with that thing. I position myself on top of the sheets on all fours and snake my head towards his meat. I guess he approves, he swivels to meet it.

It’s good and hard already, tawny looking in this light. His man musk is powerful, a bit rank and sweaty, I like it. The skin is velvet soft, I enjoy its dryness with a few gentle laps of the tongue around its sides. I feel the wiry hairs flick against my chin. He’s going commando tonight. Good boy.

I feel Oliver’s hands going to my thighs as I open up my mouth to really take the stranger in. I’m too horny to be wasting his time. My body feels so nice and tight in my slave wear. I lift a hand to tweak at an exposed nipple for a moment as I let my mouth sink over this tasty stranger’s shaft. I get my hand back down so I can support myself, working my lips back up the cockstem. I let the head pop out with a naughty slurp and look up into his eyes, smiling. I love attention. He looks pleased so I part my lips and tongue around his cockhead in smooth soft circles, then let it slide back in.

Oliver is massaging the back of my thighs, but I know he can’t almanbahis şikayet resist that zipper for long. He always has deep pockets, that Oliver. I know he’ll have a bottle of lube in there, as always.

“That’s a good girl,” he purrs encouragingly. “Baby gotta get her some cock tonight? Baby gotta show off tonight?” he says, his mind drifting with the tide of lustful emotion. He knows how hard I try to resist, how much I really want to stay good. To get away from all the people like him, to snatch my life back from the people who are too intent on showing me things, showing me off, showing my body how to get the better of my mind and my heart.

Oh Jamie I never wanted to be this way. I never–

But my tightly clad ass, writhing now back and forth in the shiny vinyl as I suck this stranger off so eagerly, will be irresistible to him. Just as I’m helpless to show it off, he’s helpless to fuck it. He starts to pry my thighs apart, the gusset nipping at my pussy. I know he’s about to peel my ass open like a fruit.

I let my mouth noisily pop and slurp on that cock when Oliver catches the beckoning zipper in his fingers. He unzips it slow. I like to add to the porno soundtrack ambience of it all. The fuck-sounds, like a degraded symphony. Poor degraded me in the middle, getting played.

He unzips it till my ass crack is completely bare. The tightness of the vinyl doesn’t let much of my butt spill out, I’m just like two slivers of ivory melon back there, a melon with a dry winking hole in its center, a hole that wants to be filled.

I try to still my ass to give him an easy target, while I tease the cock in front of me with tentative little flicks of my tongue. I don’t try to look behind me; the sense of touch, and my anguished memories of the times before, let me know too well what he’s going to do.

The slick finger touches home, right on the pucker of my anus. A cool viscous gel. It’s like E.T. with the healing touch. I keep my ass crack shaved bare, just like Alice instructs. “Fag ass,” she calls it. She likes to call me her boy when she takes me back there herself. A many-sided woman, Alice.

But I’m all woman to Oliver. My luck. The luck of servitude.

I try to keep still as he smoothes the gel around with very slow, tight little strokes. But I can’t help tipping my ass backwards, just a little bit, and then my anus welcomes in the tip of his finger. I hear him coo encouragingly, the silly thing. He thrusts in with the finger, not gently, but by now he doesn’t need to be. He strokes around inside. My cunt’s getting all plastered to the vinyl in front. I take my mouth away from the stranger and rest my head against the pillow, thrusting my ass around, feeling my nipples scratch against the bed sheets, my hand holding on to the base of the stranger’s cock as I start to wank it.

“Put it inside me, please baby?” I cry.

“Put what inside,” Oliver asks, completely rhetorically.

“Erm, your cock, please.”

“Where do you want that cock, pray tell?”

“Where your finger is,” I say, trying to think of a way to be coy. He likes it when I play a bit coy, for a while. But I’m so horny tonight, it’s hard to think coy thoughts, let alone say them. The stranger is laughing above me.

He pulls his finger out. “What finger?” he asks.

I moan. “Put your cock inside my ass, please,” I cry out. “I want you to fuck me in the ass, please please please.”

“Get yourself up and get to work on that cock. Here,” he says almanbahis canlı casino to the man, “get on the bed so she can get to work for real.” The stranger kicks off his loafers and mounts the bed beneath the headboard, his eyes shining like coals. I take his cock back in, deep. Oliver is putting two fingers in my ass now, freshly lubed, working it around. I relax my ass around him. The open zipper’s teeth bite deliciously into the tender slopes around my crack. I don’t have to wait long before I finally hear his own fly coming down.

His weight shifts on the mattress and I stick my ass out and up, my back arched, my open mouth stuffed full of cock. I feel Oliver’s prick now poking at the slickened mouth in my backside. He has a big cock, the kind you don’t forget to feel no matter how many times it gets inside you, or how long it stays there. I’ve never stopped feeling that wave of trepidation before it’s in; it washes over me now. Yet I’ve learned to look forward to it, the bliss of being full.

Oliver’s cockhead pushes firmly into the tiny winking mouth, straining it open around it. The little rush of alarm shoots off through me, the nerves crying out before they stop and realize how much they want this. It doesn’t take them long to figure out now. Oh god. It stays there a few moments and I just keep my backdoor passive, let it adjust and be entered. Let Oliver take possession how he pleases.

I let my little muffles of idiotic protest sink around the pole inside my throat, while Oliver’s hands take my hips firmly and he sinks himself, oh so sweet, inside, down to the hilt. It goes so smoothly, he’s lubed up his cock as well. I feel the wool of his trousers against the sliver of bared buttocks. Then he gives my hips a little push forward and lets his cock slide all the way out, my little anus gasping for air.

Please, I moan inside my head, don’t leave me hanging!

He doesn’t. He lets the head pop back in, nice and hard, and then slides all the way back inside. He holds my hips still this time, and slides himself out till just the tip is inside me, and then he thrusts it back in, nice and hard. He starts fucking me for real. He must be hungry tonight. I am too. I start to tighten my sphincter for him, sucking on his cock with the tiny pink mouth every time he slides out, loosening for him as he plunges back in.

I arch myself as severely as I can while still keeping the stranger’s dick inside my mouth. He seems to be enjoying the show, I’m sure he can see everything Oliver is doing to my ass and the thought pleases me. His dick is straining at a bit of an angle, and with Oliver’s hands supporting my hips I put a hand to work playing with his balls. They are nice and sweaty, I’d like to lick the sweat but it’s more important to play with his cock. I let my hand grip the base of his shaft. Most of my consciousness is absorbed by the hard fucking my ass is taking but strangely, it seems to free me up to be a better cocksucker. The warmth at both ends is so satisfying and, even with my snatch empty, I feel so full now, so completely taken.

Oliver fits the palm of his hand against my crotch through the vinyl and I feel the warm press of the metal zipper against my clit. It feels tight and rough, but good, so good now. It brings me close to the edge. I writhe my ass hard back against him. I should worry I might hurt him somehow but I’m past caring, past reason.

He responds by removing his hand. He takes me by the hips and holds me still. His almanbahis casino dick pops out. Oh Christ, the emptiness. I want to cry out. But he yanks on the zipper, peels me open all the way to the front, and puts a thumb inside my wet cunt, the pad pushing hard against my g-spot. His dick pushes roughly back inside my ass, splitting me, feeding my ass full of his hard cock. He fucks me roughly now, a finger grinding on my clit, the thumb pressing into my wall.

As my body writhes out of control the stranger pops his dick clear out of my mouth. I still hold it by the base, and now I jerk on it madly, with authority, while Oliver takes possession of my insides and rides me off a cliff, flying into the blackness. Orgasm rips through me, my holes grip and shudder as his cock spurts inside me, my ass so full and wet, so owned by him as his hand knowingly works my snatch. I cry out and moan, a broken chain of obscenities as my face beams beatifically, my hand still working the cock in front of me, and as my come shivers its warm waves through me I feel the first splash of the stranger’s release on my face.

My hand works his dick, eager to have it all. I feel beautiful, it’s so wrong but in the flush of orgasm, in the euphoria of being handled by these men, I feel better and truer than in all the days of my innocence. My poor tattered innocence. What has become of it? My inner walls squeeze down on Oliver’s cock, hugging it inside of my bottom, my consolation now for my moral ruin. It feeds me, heals me, but then slowly it is removed.

What has become of me, I ask myself, the voice of conscience distantly echoing, muffled, through the thickets of my mind as my tongue snakes out to sample a delicate splotch of jism just below my lip. A whore on all fours, tricked out in obscene scraps of tight patent clothing. A collared plaything. A cocksucking butt girl.

The men are still for a few moments. Finally the stranger starts to laugh. It’s not an ungenial laugh, though he has a hard face. His dick is soft now, but still shapely in its massiveness. He starts to put it away, for now.

Oliver speaks. “I’m sure you’re a pretty picture now, peach. Let’s not let herself get cleaned off. I think she needs to show herself off now, don’t you?” he says, to who I don’t know.

My stomach revolts at the idea. There are so many people downstairs. Their looks were not friendly when I was turned out in my slave outfit. I do not want to face them now, no. Have I not suffered enough?

Or such, at least, are the words of that distant muffled voice of Conscience, if I had the presence of mind to translate them properly. But my asshole is gaping wide and full of come and lube. My cunt is hot and throbbing, sticky, and now Oliver is straightening me up and closing the zipper against those hot, fucked little orifices of mine.

He studies me carefully for a moment, looking me in the face. I flush furiously, the absurdity of my appearance, my condition, what we’ve just done hitting me like a slam of the door in my face. I don’t know why that still comes over me, I’m so far gone, but still–

But then Oliver smiles diffidently, looks down at my chest and tweaks one of my helpless, exposed nipples. He is not gentle about it. But the shot of pain is welcome, exciting.

Oh help me, I need more.

“Yes, let’s get you downstairs. You’re quite a sight. Quite a sight.” The man now behind me rubs at my vinyl-clad hips encouragingly. He cups my ass. Oliver holds my eyes meaningfully, he smiles and then says, “Alice must decide if you’re to be cleaned off, and if so, how. Let’s let her be the judge.”

This is not a good idea, it would never pass for justice. But I am a slave, and slaves do not have a say in the decisions of their masters.

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Let Me Look At You

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“Let me look at you.”

“You already are,” she said.

We’d just gotten out of the shower and were just dressed.

“Just stand there. I want to stare at your ass.”

“Don’t, it’s fat.”

Do all white women think their rear ends are fat?

“I like it. Let me look.”

“Thank you.” She paused. “You only say that because you love me.”

“I do love you. And I love your behind.”

She rolled it at me. “Thank you, again.” Another pause. “Are you through?” She turned to look at me. ? “Never. Just let me stare a little.” She was across the room facing her dresser. Hair damp, one of my white T’s tucked into a weekend pair of 80s style high waisted jeans. She looked nice.

“You know you’re not going to get to fuck me there.”

“Turn back around. Have I ever fucked your ass?”

“You know you want to.” True. “And you know I’m not going to let you.” Also true. “And when I let you just stare at my naked breasts I let you fuck them and then you spurt all over them.” Just once. “That felt kind of good, though.”

“I like staring at every part of you.” ? “OK, well documented,” she agreed, “but it always happens. And it’s not happening there. It hurts too much.”

“How would you know? You told me you’ve never done it.”?

“I know, that’s all. Don’t ask me how I know.”

That was all right with me. Anal sex is my reverie, has been forever. I’ve only done it a few tims, maybe three, and it wasn’t really that hot, truth be told. But, it always seems to me it’d be the best thing there ever was. And, like I said, I like staring at every part of a woman’s body, especially my woman’s body. And today was ass day.

“Put your hands on your hips. Move them around.”

“Aren’t we going to be late?”?

“Move them around,” I said sharply. “I want to see it.” She did, a little. “Some more.” She was jerking side to side.

“I feel like an idiot.”

“You sure don’t look like one. Make some music, they’ll move better.”

“No! How humiliating to do you want this to be?”

“Sing.” I started to hear a little humming reflecting off the wall as she smoothed out her moves. She was starting to get into it. So was I.

She interrupted her song. “Anything else I can do for you master?” The hip dance kept going.

“A little Jell-O wiggle?”

“Yeah almanbahis sure, in your dreams. How about this?” I heard the snap in the front, did I actually hear the zipper or just imagine it? No, she put her thumbs into the waistband. I wondered what kind of underwear she had on, I hadn’t noticed when she was dressing. Were they the high waisted, plain white? I liked those. Or one of the wacky patterned bikinis? Would I be able to see her dark line through them? She doesn’t usually wear thongs, but as I saw the top of her butt cleavage, she stopped.

“Wondering about my knickers, big boy?”

Hey, whose entertainment was this? “Stop talking, let me see.”

“Look bud, if you want a show, I’m the talent.” She pulled up her jeans. “I’ll work it at my own pace.” She had a point, but then again, so did I.

I clipped my voice, “I said, show me. I want to see your ass. Naked please.” Her hips were still rolling side to side to her song and she kind of rolled the jeans down a few inches and I saw the narrow band of some shear drawers.

She stopped halfway down and I could clearly see the outline of her round cheeks contrasting with the dark fabric. A great sight. “Can you see me? Does it look good?” I couldn’t tell if she was worried or whether she was teasing me. She took the palms of her hands and almost sat in them, bouncing a bit. “Because they feel really good to me right now.” I must have made a little sound or something because she bounced a little more and then stuck her hands down between here underpants and her skin. “Really good.”

Looking good too, let me tell you. I could actually feel how good she looked.

Though she still hadn’t turned toward me, like I’d asked, she must have sensed something too. “Are you hard yet? That’s a stupid question, you were hard the second you asked to look at my ass, right?” A beat, “Take it out if you want more from me. I promise I won’t look, but I want to feel it in my head while we play.” Her hips kept moving here and there while she pulled the jeans down some more, keeping her ass covered with her underpants’ sheer material.

I weakly undid my own jeans and freed myself while I was quietly asking, “Can you wiggle a little now?”

“I guess so, but not too much. Yet.” Sure thing, she was into it, as she pushed almanbahis yeni giriş the jeans to her knees and let her hips rip once and her butt really started to shake. “You like seeing my fat ass wiggle, don’t you? You like seeing my cheeks shake. Like Jell-O, right? Hmmmm. I like it too. It makes you harder.” And she did it again. A hot wiggle. “What now master?” She giggled.

I was silent, this was too good. Somehow this had become her game.

“Pussy got your tongue? Oh right, that’s later.” She stepped out of her jeans. “How this?” All of a sudden, the thin material of her panties pulled up. I could her lips bulge, and she let out a moan. “Nice?” Her waist stayed in place and her hips started rotating around.

“Give me your panties.”

“Why? You want to smell them? Smell my sex?”

I nodded.


“I want to smell you, smell how hot you are.”

Without a second’s delay I saw her ass shake and it was naked and I felt something flying backwards at me and her wet underpants, wet in one place anyway, hit me in the face and her perfume filled me up. Her body was rolling now and I saw her hands snake down her front, stop for a second, and after another moan came my way, her hands slipped between her, came up from underneath and started pulling herself open for me.

“That’s what you like, right? My hole exposed for you? Well, that’s it for now.” Jeez. “Lets’ try this.” She grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and started to shimmy her shoulder and take it off. She had on a wild, electric green bra. “Should I take my bra off, let then shake loose? No,” she sang, “I can leave my hat on.” She laughed.

What was she going to do now? I wanted her. “Can we fuck now?” I was holding myself tight and didn’t want to waste it.

“Are you ready to explode? Maybe we should just stop all this foolishness and out to where we’re going. No, just hold it in, I’m getting into it.” She bent over and put her hands on the dresser. She was doing a slow roll from the middle now, and her humming started again. “You sing too.” I did, anything to keep her waist dance going. When she went over I could catch the dark wisps between here legs. She wasn’t shaving crazy like everyone else seems to be, she liked her hairy bush. I did too, I was crazy for it, and I loved seeing it almanbahis giriş peeking down there.

“Maybe you could come over and hold onto my hips? That would feel good. No, not yet, stay where you are. I’ll tell you when to get up.”

Maybe when she let me come over I could out my hands on her waist, bend down and put my tongue in her ass, lick her hole a little? Rub my nose there?

“You want to spank me, don’t you?” She paused. “I don’t get that, I really don’t. But every time I tease it you get harder and come big. You want to hear that crack, and you want me to cry out that I’ve been a bad girl don’t you?” Her hips were really rocking now. “I should plead I need you to spank me. With your belt, with a paddle. Hard. You want to spank me with your hands over and over and hear me count the slaps out loud.”

Has she gone crazy?

“You just want to tell me what to do. You don’t care what it is. You want me to parade naked for you if you ask. Should I flash my tits in the car if you want?” A pause. “Well? What else? You want me to pee all over your dick when I’m on top? Should I crawl over to you to beg for it?”

“Please, you don’t have to do anything. Just please, let’s finish this, let’s come together.”

“I’m not so sure about that now.” What? “Any more than I’m letting your dick get in my bum.” Please. But she reached behind herself and spread. “You can see it now, can’t you? You can see my hole, my brown, wrinkled hole on my white skin. It’s winking at you, calling to you. My pussy’s pouring out juice, making it so fucking wet. Maybe your cock won’t slip in, but it’s so wet and open now maybe it will.”

Really, she’s lost he mind. “I’m going to spill all over over, please.”

“Come here.” She stayed open for me. “Put your tongue there. Open me.” A sound came out of the bottom of her throat. “Now rub your nose there, in my juices. Now, slowly. Put your finger in.” Yes. “Ahh, and two in my pussy. That’s right, in and out.” She grabbed both my hands, pulled them around her waist, shoved them up under her bra, over her breasts. Shoved her ass against my cock. “Hmmm, that’s fits, so good. Where else do you think it’ll fit?”

I wondered.

And then, without a warning, she stopped.

She laughed, groaned some, and stood up and pushed me back a bit with her can. Suddenly, the globes of her ass started wiggling. And wiggling. Rolling around, up and down, just like she said. Like Jell-O.

“Hold me baby. Come on and hold my wiggling ass, just like you like it. Come here baby. Come on home.”


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Love Thy Neighbor

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The yard wasn’t that big, but it had a nice privacy fence around it. It wasn’t much, but it was mine. I worked hard to get where I am and dammit, I deserved to be happy.

Took me most of the day to unpack; realizing just how insignificant my life really was by the number of boxes there was left. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and went to the back deck to enjoy the sun setting. 7 o’clock in the evening, middle of October and still 80*…I am loving this place.

Making plans in my head to landscape my quaint little yard when I noticed the neighbor guy raking leaves. Sweat soaking into his t-shirt, jeans tattered, ball cap and what looks like a light scruff on his chin. He’s probably in his mid-forties, maybe older. I, myself, have reached a stage in life where the men in the their 20s look good, but so do their dads.

I must have been staring a while because he gave a wave and nod “Hello!” I raised my beer to him as a hello back to him.

A couple weeks have come and gone, I never saw a wife or girlfriend with him. Trust me, I was watching for one, too.

I was sitting by the fire ring with a glass of wine watching the sun sink low into the horizon. He had stepped out his back door calling for his dog. He paused a second then came around the fence asking if I had seen his dog.

“Eh, no, I haven’t. I didn’t know you had a dog.”

“I don’t, I just used it as an excuse to come over and talk with you.” He said with a smile.

I was shocked. He was even better looking up close!

We sat around the fire several nights for hours almanbahis şikayet just talking. I was probably developing an unhealthy crush on this guy by now. I kept finding myself daydreaming about how he was in bed, after all, it’s been quite some time since I had anyone in bed, that even Buzz Lightyear was starting to look good to me.

Several evenings after that we spent talking over a bottle of wine or 2. We got closer each time we hung out. I was feeling something for him.

After starting our 3rd bottle of wine one night, he grabbed me and backed me up against the wall. His left hand on my hip, right hand up on the back of my neck; fingers tangled in my hair.

I wanted this since that first evening he asked if I had seen his dog!

Kissing me hard; tongue darting in and out of my mouth, up my neck and shoulders, across my chest. Gently biting, just hard enough to leave a small pink trail of where he’d been.

He buried his face between my breasts. I pulled him tight, about suffocating him with them.

The floor is cold on his knees, as he goes face first into my wetness.

My hands on his head, fingers weaved through his hair, grinding his face into me; rocking against his face, his fingers deep inside me.

My nipples were harder than I’ve ever known. bouncing with each movement of his face against my pussy. “ohhhh myyy goooddd”, I groaned… he instantly knew to go deeper, triggering my orgasm.

There it is… all over his face and in his mouth, dripping from his chin. He lapped it up fast to not miss a drop.

“It’s almanbahis canlı casino my turn! I want to taste you! I need to taste you”

He told me no… not yet… and slams his cock up in me making me gasp in pleasure.

His hands gripping my ass and hips, pounding me harder and deeper with each thrust

“Make my pussy hurt! I want to feel you as deep as you can go!”

He pulled his throbbing shaft from me… glistening with my cum

I spun around laying across the now, very hot marble, my ass in the air for him.

“Com’on! Fuck my ass! You know you want to!”

“nooo!” he groaned. “not yet… I’m not done pleasuring you.” He grinned.

He takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. My hair is wrecked, my panties torn off and laying on the kitchen floor next to his jeans.

Kissing me again; gentler now. Our hands caressing each other’s bodies and contours.

“I love your touch…”

I’m yearning for more,” I want to feel you inside me again so bad it hurts…”

He laid me down on the bed, kissing me all the way down my neck and chest, and back down to lick me some more.

“That, feels, amazing…” I grind closer to his tongue.

His fingers making their way back inside me, finding that trigger point once more.

I scream out in pleasure, drowning him again with my sweetness

“Enough! I need to ride you.” I gasped, out of breath.

Clumsily, we switch places. He feels the wet sheet against his back, my nipples bouncing back and forth against his chest…

“Let almanbahis casino me in you,” he whispered, out of breath.

I used the head of his cock to open my pussy lips wide; hot juices engulfed his ridged shaft when I slid down.

Slow ride. Front to back. Was almost too much for either one of us to handle.

“I love the way you feel…” he said with a low groan

“I can’t do this much longer. I’m ready to cum again…”

He rolled me off, pulling my ass up to him once again. The head of his cock toys with entering my ass hole, circling. He stopped suddenly, fumbling in the drawer beside my bed and pulled out my favorite vibrator. The hum of the fresh batteries makes both of us smile.

“I’ve been wanting this for a while now.” He grunted.

He played, teasing me for a minute. Then all at once, he let me have it.

My favorite vibrator danced inside my pussy, and him in my ass? “Yes, please!”

Using my own drippings as lube, he pushed his cock a little at first. It hurt of course, but I knew it’d feel good soon.

“Keep going.” I demanded.

He pushed deeper with each lean in; finally hitting that spot, that sweet… euphoric spot.

His hips pushing up to my ass cheeks; balls deep in my ass. There were no words to explain the feeling that came over me. Flooded with emotions and body trembling. He slipped out and back in just one more time before he blew.

“Are you ready for this?”


He erupted! I came so hard the vibrator slipped out, gushing yet again!

It was all over us both now; the bed was soaked. We collapsed into the wet mess; too exhausted to care.

“That was amazing, I’ve never felt anything close to what you’ve just done for me.” I curled up in his arms. We both drifted off within minutes.

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Kendra’s Ass

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Authors Note: This is my first try at a submission. Hope you like it.

My girlfriend Tina and I decided to move in together and were out apartment hopping. We narrowed down our choices based upon the apartments that had the amenities we wanted and we came across the Apartments on the Run. They had everything we needed wanted and seemed perfect. So we walked in and were greeted by Kendra. Clad with a huge diamond on her left ring finger, this brunette’s hair ran half way down her back. She was about25 years old, 5’7″ tall and weighed no more then 130 lbs. Her tits were perfect, my guess was around a 36 C and her ass was just the way I like it…not small and boney nor huge and the size of Texas. There was the perfect amount of cushion and as she walked in her skirt, you could see one ass cheek rub the other with each step.

Kendra took Tina and I on a tour of some available apartments and did her best to convince us why her property was the best in the area. Tina seemed impressed and we agreed we would rent apartment 300. Tina seemed to notice that I was overly flirty with Kendra and got a little steamed at me. Tina is a great girl, 5’1, 125 lbs 36 D chest. But as she has gotten older (since she graduated college) she has been growing much more conservative. Gone were the days of sex in public places, public displays of affection and a regular dose of oral sex & anal sex. I loved her and the sex was great, but hey I am only a man. I stand about 6’1, 220 lbs. Have a decent build and a rather well endowed cock. It’s about eight inches long and very thick.

Tina & I signed the papers and had to comeback in three days for a walk through/inspection so we could make sure the items we found wrong with the apartment were fixed before we moved in.

When I arrived without Tina for the inspection, Kendra was no longer polite and friendly, but now seemed like a total bitch. I guess since she had our money she felt we did warrant professional courtesy. On the walk through I pointed out that just about every item we asked to be repaired had yet to be done. She told me it would get done and she really did not have time to deal with such minor complaints. I was rather steamed and gave her a cold stare and said, “Listen little girl, I don’t know what kind of game you are playing, but have over $1500 of my money in escrow, pending almanbahis şikayet my approval of this inspection. As of now I do not approve and I want my money back.”

Kendra shot back that I better never call her a little girl again. Her fiancé lived on site and if I wanted the year to be pleasant I better mind my manners. My better judgment told me I needed to walk away from this place, but there was something about Kendra. I kept arguing with her and was ready to walk away from the deal, but she promised everything would be fixed by our move in date which was Saturday.

This was not good enough for me, so we went back to her office, it was 6 Pm by now and everyone else was gone. I told her I wanted my money back and she said she would not give it to me. The more she denied me, the more turned on I was getting by her and the bulge in my pants was fairly obvious. She noticed it and laughed at me saying I had no chance of getting in her underwear. I told her that was debatable. At this point I felt our contract had been violated as the apartment was not ready upon my inspection and I wanted my money back. Seeing I was serious she asked me what she could do to change my mind.

I stood up with my 8 inch cock practically ripping open my pants, walked up to her and kissed her. She slapped me across the face so I grabbed her by her arms pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply, my tongue totally exploring her mouth and my cock bulging pressing firmly against her crotch.

Her hands immediately found my cock and she could not get my pants off quick enough. As she pulled my boxers down my thick 8 inch cock just popped into her hands and just rubbed it. Telling me that her fiancé was half my size, she dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick as hard as she could. Her left hand cupped my balls as she had her right hand firmly around my base as she sucked me harder and harder. While Tina gives a great BJ, Kendra had no problem with me grabbing her head and pushing it as far down on my cock as possible. Kendra was able to deep throat me without any problem. Before I came, I had to teabag this girl so I pulled out of her mouth, pushed her lower to the ground and had her hold her head back as I dipped my balls right into her mouth and draped my cock over her face.

About two minutes later almanbahis canlı casino she put my cock back in her mouth sucked as tight as she could and just bobbed and bobbed until I could not wait longer and I blasted a hot load of cum down her throat. Ever since I could remember I came in very large quantities and this time was no different. I counted Kendra swallowing at least 10 times. Kendra thought her deal was safe, but I was not done with her just because of a blow job. So I pulled her up and ripped her blouse off of her and did the same to her bra and took her big chew nipples into my mouth.

I lifted Kendra onto her desk and turned her around so she was on her knees with her head down. I lifted her skirt up over her ass only to see she was not wearing any panties and only her black pantyhose were in my way from having both her holes. But rather then take the hose off, I wanted her to feel like a slut so I simply ripped the entire ass section of her hose out so I now had easy access to her pussy, her asshole and her ass cheeks but her hose were still around her waste and down her legs.

I spread her ass cheeks open and buried my face in her pussy and started to eat her shaved wet pussy like it was thanksgiving dinner. Her juices tasted so sweet and her clit was huge and throbbing. It didn’t take long before she came and she almost fell right off her desk.

I could not resist at this point and immediately stuck my tongue right in her asshole and she pulled away saying nothing goes in her ass. I slapped her ass check hard and told her if she wanted my business she should shut up and enjoy the rim job. Between my tongue rimming her sexy asshole, my thumb massage her clit it only was a few seconds before she came again and as soon as she did I stuck my lubed up middle finger right up her ass and she came again almost instantly. At this point I was rock hard again and stood up and plowed my cock into her hot wet pussy.

Holding her hips I adjusted her so her feet were on the ground and her tits and arms could rest on her desk and I could easily get my entire cock inside her. Her clit was so thick that the bottom vein of my dick was rubbing it on each stroke. Holding her hips I just pounded her pussy as hard as I could. I am surprised no called the police because Kendra was a screamer. “You’re almanbahis casino fucking my pussy so good.” “It’s so nice to have a cock fill me up for a change.” Feeling her pussy really tighten around my cock I felt as if she was going to cum again and immediately stuck two fingers in her ass as I fucked her pussy…That was it for her . She let go of everything and I could feel her pussy juice squirting out of her as she came a fourth time. Almost passing out she begged me to ease up as her pussy could not take anymore.

I did not have to be asked twice, so I pulled out of her pussy and pushed the head of my cock right up to her puckered little asshole. She asked what I thought I was doing so I just pushed harder and told her to shut up yet again. I felt her asshole expanding and I popped right in. Slowly working my way in, I kept moving slowly until her ass was fully surrounding my entire cock. For anal virgin she took the whole thing in there. She slowly started wiggling her ass back and fourth and seemed to be enjoying her anal invasion.

Her ass was so tight. I loved being in it. She really started moaning and begging for it harder and before long I was fucking her ass almost as hard as her pussy. I noticed a trace of blood on my cock from her ass. But I did not care. I fucked her even harder. She was reaching under herself playing with her clit and soon began to cum again. The second I felt her warm cum on me I pulled out of her ass, admired her gaping asshole for just a second pull her off the desk pushed her to her knees and shoved my cock in her mouth. We had not been using a condom so I could tell she did not quite enjoy the taste of her ass at first but she kept rubbing her clit and was cumming again with my cock in her mouth and seemed to forget it. With her left hand on my nuts I was ready to explode. I pulled out of her mouth and showered her with a massive load of cum. Her face and hair had cum all over it as the last amount dripped down her tits right on to her black skirt.

We got dressed and I quickly signed the papers. She stated that I should not expect this to happen on a regular basis. Out of my pants pockets I pulled out a small tape recorder which recorded the whole thing the inspection, the negotiations and the fucking. I told her it will be more regular then she realizes. If it wasn’t then Luke was going to find living in the complex unpleasant. I smiled and asked her how she was going to explain the ripped panty hose and she said she would just throw them out. I then smiled and pointed to the front of her skirt and asked, “How will you explain the cum stain?”

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Jill Ch. 08

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Chapter 7 of Jill’s story was submitted with illustrations created with the program Poser Pro by the author. The illustrations were probably some of my most realistic renders to date. After being reviewed by the editors at least 38 times, Jill Ch. 07 remains in a “Pending Approval” status. What you would have learned from that chapter is that Andi, Jill’s 19 year-old daughter, is an innocent, coy, anal slut, but still technically a virgin elsewhere. She meets one of her more serious boyfriends at his place of work, and happily pleasures both her boyfriend, and after they are discovered, his boss. On with the story.

Jill Ch. 08

Jill spent Monday morning finishing up paperwork on a few clients, and looking at the previous week’s new listings. There were days when she really liked being a real estate agent. This was one of them. She really didn’t feel like spending the entire day in the office, so she took the afternoon off.

Brian was due back on Tuesday, so Jill decided to clean up the house. She managed to remain the dutiful wife and mother, but both jobs seemed to take a back seat to house-showing, lately. She used to know every boy or girl that Andi would talk about in high school, but now that Andi was attending college, she seemed unable to put a face with a name of any of Andi’s friends.

Jill was putting another load of clothes in the washer when she heard the front door open.

“Mom, are you decent? I brought company.” Andi called out.

Jill wasn’t expecting anyone, so she wore only baggy shorts, a half-shirt, and no bra or underwear. Her hair was in a ponytail, and she wore her glasses instead of contact lenses. Typical house cleaning clothes for Jill.

“Mom, this is my… friend, Mark.” Andi introduced. “Mark, this is my mom, Jill.”

Jill’s pussy became moist as quickly as her legs went weak. She shook Mark’s outstretched hand, but couldn’t conceal the redness of her face.

“Have we met, Ms. Jill?” Mark asked.

“I don’t think so.” Jill answered quickly. This was the same young man that had his way with almanbahis her on camera only a few nights ago. He was one of many men to defile her that night, in almost every way imaginable. He was also the same young man that compared fucking her ass to that of fucking the ass of her daughter. Her daughter, whom had promised her that she would remain a virgin until she was married.

“Nice to meet you, Mark.” Jill composed herself.

She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t thought about this sooner. That night seemed so long ago, and almost dreamlike. Whatever drug had been administered to her had a sedative/hypnotic and memory-impairing side effect. Now that she remembered, she felt the embarrassment being quickly replaced with anger.

“Andi, can I talk to you for a minute?” Jill wasn’t asking, and Andi knew it.

Andi hesitated, but knew best to not get into an argument with her mother about anything – especially in front of Mark. She showed Mark to the kitchen so he could find something to drink and then met Jill in the garage.

“What?” Andi asked in typical teenaged fashion.

“Are you sleeping with him?” Jill asked. “Are you having sex with him?”

“What makes you say that?” Andi asked, genuinely curious.

“Nevermind ‘why’ I’m asking. Just answer the question.” Jill firmly demanded.

“I’m still a virgin, if that’s what you want to know.” Andi said unconvincingly.

Jill paused for a moment, not sure how bad it was going to sound, but decided to say it anyway.

“Anal virgin?” Jill exhaled.

Andi’s face went white. How could she know? Did she find the enemas? Were there come stains in her panties? She hadn’t always told her mother everything, but she didn’t make a habit out of lying to her mother, either. This was big. She couldn’t hide this one.

“No.” Andi sighed. She explained that she had experimented with anal sex as a way to keep boys interested, when they would have gotten bored with her otherwise. She also admitted to giving blowjobs, which Jill accepted much more easily. “How did you know?”

“Mother’s almanbahis yeni giriş intuition, and then some,” Jill answered. “Just be careful, Andi. There are a lot of guys out there that may seem nice. But deep down, they’re not. I don’t want you to get hurt, okay?” Jill paused for a moment. “Do you enjoy it – anal sex?”

“Yeah, I mean, not at first.” Andi answered. “At first, it hurt really bad. But when you do it a lot, you get used to it, and eventually it starts to feel good.” Andi realized she said more than she wanted to. “I don’t know if you and dad ever tried it, but you should.”

Andi went back to check on Mark, leaving Jill standing motionless in the garage. Mark being in her house triggered more memories of that surreal night. This was literally hitting too close to home. Her daughter recommending that she experiment with anal sex momentarily left her in a catatonic state.

Andi found Mark in the bathroom, naked, washing his cock in the sink.

“Really? What if my mom walked by?” Andi half-joked.

“The more the merrier! Besides, your mom is pretty hot.” Mark laughed, stroking his cock to erection. “Wanna finish this?” He didn’t have to tell her twice.

Mark had no feelings for Andi, whatsoever. He held more than one part-time job this summer. When he wasn’t working at a hardware store, he was working with tools of a different trade. He was one of about a dozen guys recruited by Officer Friendly to star in low-budget porn videos, and occasionally, tasked with finding female “talent” for a variety of positions.

He had met Andi in high school. He had been a year ahead of her, so their paths rarely crossed. He thought she was pretty, but Andi was right; he was not the marrying type. He was going to be a businessman, and he liked to fuck. That about summed up Mark.

He knew Andi wouldn’t take a cock in her pussy willingly, but she loved to suck cock. There was work for girls like her. One of the porn “fluff” girls just quit so she could get married. If he worked on her long enough, Andi would be almanbahis giriş a perfect replacement. She’d get to suck a lot of cocks and get paid well for doing it, although she might be disappointed that she wouldn’t get to taste the results of her efforts. Her job would be to blow men back to erection so they could fuck on camera quickly following an orgasm. Andi seemed to get aroused by the mouthfuls of come she had swallowed over the last few months. He’d have to convince her that’s why they called it “work.”

Jill was startled out of a trance by the clothes dryer buzzer. The wrinkle-free cycle continued, waiting for Jill to stop the machine and empty it’s contents. When she pulled the door opened, the machine stopped. The house was quiet. She thought she would hear Andi talking with Mark, but there were no other sounds in the house.

She put the clean clothes in the basket to take to her bedroom for folding.

Jill almost dropped the basket of clothes as Andi and Mark quickly brushed past her.

“Going out for awhile, mom.” Andi called out. “Don’t wait up.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Jill,” Mark added with a smirk. He didn’t hide the fact that he was buttoning up his jeans as he walked out.

Jill could only imagine that her daughter was minutes away from getting fucked in the ass again. She began to remember more about that night when Mark and several others had their way with her. His cock was big, but he also knew how to use it. Jill’s pussy suddenly became wet, soaking her baggy jogging shorts. She peeled down the shorts and reached under the bed, searching through the recently acquired collection of dildos.

“That looks about right,” Jill said as she removed one of the larger toys from its box.

She pulled off her half-shirt, carefully placed her glasses on the nightstand, and lay on the bed. There was no need to lubricate the toy. Her pussy was already dripping wet. She raised her knees and guided the head of the toy to her glistening opening.

Jill could only get half the length inside her, but that was enough. As she thought about Mark’s big dick fucking her daughter’s ass, the walls of her vagina constricted around the toy. She gasped as the orgasm took her by surprise.

The tiny camera Mark had placed on her husband’s dresser captured every detail.

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He Knows Pt. 02

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This is part two of a fictional story and not intended to suggest anything about real-life BDSM play, consent, or relationships. I welcome your comments and suggestions for this story. Thank you.


When I awoke the next morning, Matthew had already left for work. He had left a note for me.

“At 2 pm, go to the bathroom and slide this plug into your ass. Do not disobey this order.”

The new stainless steel plug rested atop the note.


One day three of Matthew’s experiment, my ass was a little sore. The night before had been similar to the first night, though I had worn the plug for several hours first. It was oddly comfortable, and if it weren’t for the weight I think I might forget it’s there.

I was uncertain about more ass play, but a bit of a massage and gentle licks convinced me that I should go along with my husband’s plan.

Last night Matthew had honed in on the breast/clit connection, clamping my nipples tight after a long period of licking and sucking them, and adding sensuous small pumps of Leo in my ass to the mix. I had pressed hard against Leo when I came, which Matthew noticed and approved of.

“Not quite begging yet, though,” he said, as we went to sleep afterward.

Today Matthew had not left a plug for me to wear to work. It was Friday, the last day of the week, and I wondered what he had planned.

He called me at 3 o’clock. “I will be picking you up after work, so you don’t have to take the bus home. Be ready for some fun. I may be a few minutes late if that’s OK.”

At 5:10, my husband strolled into the office. He had a small paper bag in his hand, which made me look around nervously. Most of my coworkers had already left, though Gina waved at him through her open office door, and Brad was still typing away a few cubicles over from mine.

“Hey Jessica. Have a good day?” He leaned over and gave me a work-appropriate hug.

“Yes. You?” I fiddled with my purse, not meeting his eyes.

“I had a great day. Could you help me with something, though?” He leaned in. “In the bathroom for some privacy.”

Oh god.

“OK,” I stammered. “Good night Brad, Gina.” I waved and hastily walked out of the office area, down the hall, and to the bathroom. I looked around. No one was nearby. Most people were gone. I pulled Matthew into the unisex room and locked the door. “What?!” I whispered, blushing furiously. Once again, I wasn’t sure I really wanted whatever he had in that bag. But I also remembered how good he made me feel the day before.

He just smiled that lazy sweet smile of his. “Bend over.”

“Not here.” I was emphatic.

He just waited.

“Fine.” I flounced around, and leaned over the sink, resting my hands on the mirror.

He knelt behind me, pulled up my skirt, down my panties, and immediately began licking me. He rimmed my ass, licked my slit, sucked my clit, all within a few moments.

I clutched tighter at the mirror. “Matthew…” I hissed.

He massaged my ass in his hands, nuzzled his slightly scratchy cheek against me. “I missed you.” He pulled my feet further apart. “Now relax.”

I felt him open the bag, heard him rustle and squirt something. Once again, I felt a cold slick object being pressed against my ass. He pressed it inward and inward. It never slimmed—it was not a plug, but Leo.

Then I felt Matthew wrap a rubber belt around my waist, and pull a strap between my legs, holding Leo in place, and buckle it. He pulled my panties back up, dropped my skirt, and stood.

“Now we’re ready.”

“For what?” I was weak kneed and confused. The near-complete lack of foreplay should have made the insertion of the dildo uncomfortable, but I had been simmering since his phone call a couple of hours ago. Of course, he knew that.

“We’re going to a carnival!” He laughed at my expression.

The carnival was a small local affair, one we had never attended in the eight years we’d lived in this community. It was hard for me to pay attention to the local people waving at us, some of whom we knew from our bank, the library, a club Matthew belonged to, a craft group I attended, a local political group. A few of these people even came up and spoke to us as we strolled slowly around the carnival. I have no idea what was said. Nearly all my attention was focused on Leo, the pressing presence between my ass cheeks.

It didn’t hurt, but was so pronounced a sensation, I had little energy left over for anything else. We rode the Ferris wheel, and Matthew kissed me every time we reached the top peak. We rode the Spider and the sensation of dropping jammed the dildo into me each time. We rode the tilt-a-whirl, and the spinning caused me to feel dizzy, my mind and body each whirling to different sensations. After a snack of hotdogs and slushees, Matthew took me home.

By this point my ass was aching. I felt hot and sweaty, but also exhilarated. I could not believe I had been wearing this thing in public, while talking to people I knew, while riding carnival rides with my lecherous husband.

As soon as almanbahis we entered the kitchen, Matthew dropped and pulled off my shoes. He rose to pour me a glass of Prosecco, then bade me sit down on the sofa. Before I did, he pulled my panties off, and unbuckled the strap between my legs.

He gazed down at me as I sipped the sparkling cool wine. “I am dying for you,” he said. “I thought I would come in my pants on the Tilt-a-whirl.”

He pushed me back so I reclined on the sofa, then carefully, slowly, eased Leo out of my ass. Once again, I felt empty and bereft when it was gone. But Matthew leaned over and kissed my pussy for a few minutes, which helped me get over it. He had no intention of making me have an orgasm this way. Instead he suggested that I might enjoy a shower, then to lay down for a nap. I liked this plan, and swiftly dropped into a doze.

I awoke an hour later feeling cool and refreshed. I sat up and began to gather myself to stand and go downstairs, perhaps for some salad, when Matthew entered the room. He carried a tray set with the Prosecco and chocolate-covered strawberries.

“Yum,” I said, and reached for them.

“Nuh uh,” he chuckled. He pulled the tray away from my grasp. “I’m going to feed you.” He set the tray on the dresser, and picked up the leather cuffs. I let him fasten the cuffs on each of my limbs, then attach me to various hooks. I was sitting up, reclining against the padded headboard, with pillows behind me. My arms were raised over my head, cuffed together, suspended from a hook over the window. My legs were spread and fastened to straps that ran under the bed.

He raised the glass of wine to my lips and I sipped. Then he held a strawberry for me to eat. It was fragrant and cold. He must have been chilling them for hours. The chocolate shell was thin and crispy, and flaked away and melted on my tongue as the tart berry flavor followed it. I chewed the delicious treat, and swallowed it. He held the wine for me again.

He fed me another two strawberries, and the entire glass of wine this way. Occasionally he would drift his hand over one of my curves: the softness of my underarm, the heavy weight of my breast, the curve of my belly. Then he set the tray aside. He held one strawberry in his hand and gently, slowly, ran it over my nipples, down my abdomen, and tucked it against my pussy. I gasped. The chocolate left faint smears across my skin, which he licked off. Then he bowed his head and ate the strawberry out from between my pussy lips. “Best strawberry ever,” he said.

He helped me scoot down the bed so I reclined fully. Then he propped my hips up with a small wedge pillow. He took another strawberry, twisted off its green top, and slowly shoved the cold fruit into my cunt. These berries were large—a couple of inches across. It filled me up and the coldness of it felt exciting and refreshing at the same time.

Matthew licked the melted chocolate off of me, then used his fingers to press the strawberry inside of me. He scooped it out, and ate it. “Even better.”

That had been the last berry. But there was still wine. Matthew poured a tiny stream of wine into my navel, and lapped it up. Then he trickled a bit over my labia, and lapped that up as well. I felt the bubbles pop against my skin when he poured it over me a third time, then he slurped it up. “These flavors work perfectly with your flavor,” he murmured. “Wine, strawberry, chocolate, and you.”

He licked me more intensely for a moment, then drew back. “But you’re empty, and I don’t want that. Do you want that?”

“No,” I whispered. “Fill me up.”

He rummaged in a bag next to the bed, then pulled out a toy I did not recognize. It was a brown, smooth-looking cock.

Matthew looked at my face as he smoothed lube all over it, smiling. Then he looked at my ass and pussy as he smeared lube all over them. He carefully pushed some of the lube up into my tender ass with a finger, and I shuddered.

“Does it hurt?” He asked.

“No. Well, a little.”

“Good. A little is good.” He placed the new toy against my entrance. It felt very smooth and cool. I felt it pressing into me, but it seemed too big to fit. He pressed harder, and suddenly the tip was inside me, stretching me wide. Inexorably, the rest of the dildo followed. That initial sensation of being filled was indescribable, like nothing else in the world. Painful in a way, but also somehow satisfying.

“This is Steven. He is a little longer than Leo, 7 inches, and is wider—a little over an inch and a half across. He is almost exactly the width of my cock. Steven has a handle, so I can fuck you easily with him. He is also made with cyberskin, so he feels pretty lifelike.”

I didn’t know what to think. This dildo felt immeasurably larger than Leo. It did hurt, more than just a little. I kind of wanted it out of my ass. I was tired of forcing myself to relax into new and uncomfortable sensations. I must have frowned, because Matthew immediately asked, “Do you need a break?”

I sighed. Gave myself a quick silent pep talk, then said, almanbahis yeni giriş “No.” Because I really wanted to both please him, and more importantly, figure out these strange sensations for myself. “Go ahead.”

With that, Matthew pulled the dildo almost completely out of me, then pressed it slowly back in. I groaned at the sensation of emptying, filling.

He licked my pussy. Then he pressed himself slowly into me. Suddenly I was so full with Matthew and an almost-Matthew cock. A double penetration of smooth silky deliciousness. He thrust into me carefully a few times, holding Steven in place, then wiggling the dildo a bit.

Suddenly there was a vibration deep in my ass. I yelped at the unexpected sensation.

He laughed. “This dildo is also a vibrator. Remote controlled.” He grinned.

From then on, Matthew alternated, tonguing me and pressing fingers into me, thrusting his cock into me, sometimes with the vibrations on, sometimes off. When he came into me when they were on, he groaned loudly. The sensation was strong for him as well. He had to pull out swiftly.

After several minutes of this teasing, he got down to business. He held our Hitachi wand vibrator on my clit, as he touched me lightly—under my arms, over my nipples, on the sensitive skin behind my knees. He was driving me crazy, and the vibrations were not quite focused enough. But then he turned the vibrations on in my ass. He started nibbling on my breasts, little nips all over, especially on the tips.

The vibrations in my ass, on my clit, and the small stinging bites on my nipples aligned into a huge pulsing wave of an orgasm that lifted my hips high off the bed. I keened loudly, and felt a second orgasm rip through me almost immediately atop the first.

Matthew swiftly crouched between my legs and thrust his fingers in me, rocking them up into the g-spot, so I came again, then again. He never turned off the dildo’s vibration, which was overwhelming me. Then he pressed his hand hard into me until his whole fist was inside me.

This pulled the skin and flesh of my ass so tightly, it was if the dildo suddenly inflated to twice its size. I came hard, feeling my ass clenching rhythmically around the dildo as my cunt tried to clench around the enormous fist inside me.

At this point I was crying out and thrusting up, and near delirious with pleasure, and some pain. Matthew carefully eased his fist out of me, then plunged his cock into my wide-stretched pussy. He was only able to thrust six or seven times before the sensations and vibrations overwhelmed him too, and he came.


I awoke to a sleepy husband cuddled against me. I was surprisingly not too sore.

It was a lazy Saturday, and we worked around the house. Periodically, Matthew would drop to his knees and lick my clit and ass. He also forced me to wear the steel plug for a few hours later in the day, as we prepared dinner.

I think he could tell that I felt somewhat ambivalent about continuing his game. The plug felt perfectly comfortable now, and even walking around with it, bending over to get the chicken out of the over, and going up and down the stairs had been fine. But when he told me to remove the plug, wash up, and go to bed and wait for him as he cleaned up the dishes, I was wondering if we could just have “regular” sex. Maybe the plug was enough. After all, how much did he think my ass could take?

When he arrived in the bedroom, he carried the massage oil. He asked me to rise from the bed, then laid out a beach towel to catch the drips of warm oil. He rolled me onto my stomach. He then proceeded to give me a long hot massage, stroking firmly all over my body. He went over my back and ass and legs, flipped me over and rubbed my breasts and belly and arms. He rolled me back again, then began to concentrate on my ass.

I was in a languorous pool of relaxation by this point. All of my muscles were loose and I did not tense when I felt him pour the warm oil down the crack of my ass. He pulled apart the cheeks then rubbed all over them. He pressed his thumbs against my anus and rubbed, firmly, opening me to his touch.

I could feel his gaze on me in the barely lit room. I could hear his breath quickening. I knew he wanted to fuck up against my slippery hot body. He wanted to fuck my slick ass, and feel my hips pushing back against him. I arched up from the bed a bit. He pressed me back down.

He continued to rub and massage all over my bottom for several minutes until I was aching for his next move. Would he plunge into me? Would he press one of the dildos or plugs into me? What did I want him to do? Perhaps I didn’t want him to do this at all.

Just then, his fingers pressed inside my anus, I felt I wanted all of those things. I felt his fingers, first one, than two, glide into me. They spread me open, stretched me, retreated. I began to thrust up slightly against the luscious but almost-frightening sensation. I didn’t want to want him this way, but he knew that I did.

He pressed his fingers in as far as they would go, almanbahis giriş pulled out, and added a third finger. I felt I was stretched so wide, but all the oil made the stretching feel not tight or burning, but voluptuous and sexy. I felt crammed full of fingers. Matthew continued to press and stretch me, spreading the three fingers apart slightly, to open me further. I began to moan as the overwhelming sensations. I wondered if I could come this way—from no clitoral stimulation at all. I began to think I could.

He eased his fingers from me, only to replace them with a soft slippery object. It felt more yielding than the dildos had. Matthew had the press his two fingers into me and hold me open a bit so that he could press the soft thing into me. For a moment I had both his fingers and the object all invading me at once and had to force myself to stillness—to not buck away.

Then his fingers left me and I felt the press of this object in and in.

“This is another dildo. Let’s call him Dirk because he seems pretty big and brutal.”

I was confused. Once Matthew’s fingers had left, the dildo didn’t feel that big. No bigger than the last one anyway.

But my husband continued to explain, “Dirk has a special trick. Right now he’s one and three-quarters of an inch across, and six inches long.”

I felt the dildo up inside, pressing me open. Matthew stopped pressing and continued to massage my ass, running his fingers, freshly coated in oil or lube, slicking around my stretched asshole. Then I felt one hand pull away, mess with something on the bed, heard a whoosh of air, and felt the dildo inside me expand. Another whoosh of air, and it expanded again.

“Dirk can get very big indeed. Up to 4 inches across and 7 inches long, though of course we won’t inflate him that much today.” He inflated the dildo a bit more.

Now my ass was stretched more than it have ever been before. I felt molten. The sensation of the large dildo was overwhelming. I began to moan, to whine actually, because I had no way to make sense of all that sensation. Matthew inflated the dildo a tiny bit more.

I felt like I had two cocks stuffed into my ass, it was so big. I was trembling, shudders running down my body in waves. It did not hurt, only made me feel so open. So dangerously spread wide.

Matthew gently rolled me over, keeping Dirk buried inside me. As I moved I felt grounded, centered by the object impaling me. I spread my legs wide and laid on my back, panting, moaning, trying not to writhe.

Matthew bent over my clit and began tonguing it gently. He did not move the dildo in my ass, and I could not decide if I wanted him to leave it alone, or remove it, or to slide it in and out of me, maybe even pound me hard with it. Actually I wanted all those things simultaneously, and I began to whimper again. He kept licking and licking until I was suddenly seized by an orgasm.

This orgasm was like no other I’d ever felt. It began in my ass, not my clit. It was a tsunami of hot honey pouring outward slowly and inexorably over me. I felt my pussy and ass muscles seize for a long hard moment, then clamp viciously down, my pussy against the fingers that were suddenly inside me, pressing against my gspot, my ass against the huge intruder that would not allow me to close in the pulsing rhythm of orgasm. The fact that I could not pulse in the way I normally did when I came this hard muddled the orgasm up even more, until the pulsing felt like it was beating out from every part of my body, as if my entire being were coming.

I wailed without any restraint or self-awareness. I only became aware that I was making noise when I took a gasping breath and heard the echoing silence left behind. Matthew was now savagely pressing his fingers into my pussy, and I could feel myself spurting, ejaculating.

He kept pumping into me with his hand, but fumbled with his other hand and I felt the dildo in my ass deflate suddenly, feel almost small. And then he was jamming his hand in and out of me, with no real resistance offered from my wide stretched pussy. I was coming and coming, screaming now, and almost hysterically trying to catch my breath.

Matthew yanked his hand from between my legs and jammed his erection into me, throwing himself into me for several hard strokes, then shuddering his own orgasm into my hot wetness.

After long trembling moments with him crushing me, I wanted to be free to breathe and to have Dirk the dildo out of me. I tried to speak, but as always, he knew. He pulled himself out, then the dildo, then swiftly took me in his arms. With one hand, he rubbed down my sweat and oil slicked back, over my ass cheeks, and rubbed very gently but firmly against my soreness there. He massaged my aching flesh and kissed all over my forehead and face.

I felt shaky and dizzy, but also so loved. After a few minutes, he brought a hot wash cloth and wiped me clean. The heat felt delicious. He knew that too, and decided to run a hot bath for me. He wrapped me up in a soft robe and led me to the bath. I still had not spoken, but was returning to earth. I soaked in the bath for several minutes, until I felt drowsy from post-adrenaline exhaustion and satiety. Was about to sit up when Matthew appeared, warm towel in hands. He gently dried me and tucked me into his arms in bed.

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Honeymoon Suite for Four

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Honeymoon Suite for Four (KOI 17)

December, 1974

Our Winter Solstice wedding went off without any embarrassing hitch. Becca’s cousin goosed me in the church lobby when nobody was looking, but it would still be some weeks before LuAnn would learn where to go from there.

The honeymoon was delayed for some days, until Danny and Candi could get back to Missouri from his internship. Then they would be stuck over for a few days until their basement apartment south of Columbia would come open, and Danny was eager to avoid staying with Candi’s family during the interim. Becca and I helped them out and in so doing, upgraded any honeymoon we might otherwise have been able to afford. We shared a suite with Dannycandi at Crown Center in KC.

After lunch the first afternoon, we piled into Danny’s ancient car to do the post-holiday sales in some of the couple’s old shopping haunts. Once inside the privacy of the auto, though, conversation turned intimate. We drove right out of Kansas City and halfway to Lawrence on frosty two-lane blacktop, and then we turned around and drove back downtown.

“California seems to have kind of opened you guys up,” I ventured, partway through the ride. We’d occasionally alluded to our separate adventures in our very occasional letters, but no one had been big on detail.

“Oh, yeah,” said now short-haired Candi, snuggling me in the back seat.

“But you know what started the change?” she stage-whispered, wide-eyed, at frontseat Becca and me. “BECCA’S WEASLE-RING!”


The bed in Dannycandi’s room, bigger than king-sized, seemed designed for more than two people. And yes, Danny had opened up in the past couple of months. Candi, too. In fact, it was time for them to teach us something.

Teach Becca, anyway.

“Remember this?” said naked Candi, stretching her all California-brown body over me to rummage in the bag beside the bed. “Remember this?”

“Ohmigod,” exclaimed Becca from the other side of Dan. “Is that the vibrator I gave you in College Town?”

“You bet,” said Candi, her brown eyes focusing fondly on the simple device as she turned the switch “low.”

Danny switched off the teevee we’d been watching and settled back. Becca began scratching Dan’s balls, abstractedly.

“That guy and I had some good times together, before I gave him to you.”

“We’ve treated him okay.” Candi lay the hummer next to my own twitching twig, a bedsheet between the two phalli. There, the electric device seemed to automatically call up a response in me. Candi pulled the sheet down carefully, keeping the vibrator pressed to my groin, and curled down to slurp my dick into her juicy monkeymouth almanbahis şikayet and begin to chug. I was barely able to notice Danny and my bride reaching over to embrace.


“You ass-fuck all the time, now?” I whispered to Candi a half-night later. The city light was dim through the window. Danny was snoring. I didn’t want to wake Becca, who’d wound up pressed sweaty beside me. “I thought you’d said something, in the car.” (And I thought I had felt something, more looseness in the velvet around my ring finger, earlier that evening.)

“Yeah,” whispered Candi. “Danny, though, he has this thing about it.”

“But you like it?” I asked.

“Yeah,” said Candi, her voice rising above the whisper. “Who wouldn’t?”

Becky stirred in her sleep.

“I mean,” pouted the monkey girl in lower voice, “it’s not the same as real screwing, but I like it… like, really deep.” She shivered.

“You want to…?” Candi gave me that subnormal-eyed, sly smile of hers.

In deference to the sleepers, we’d moved to the farthest reaches of the bed. We’d spent some nice time applying the jelly deep into Candi, and then we’d rubbed me fully erect with some of the remaining lubricant. “Which way, huh?”

There were plenty of pillows. We went for heels-over-head.

“Oh, the ‘brator, the ‘brator,” whined Candi, before anything really began.

“Wha’?… Oh. Ohkay.”

I had the vibrator on but Candi snatched it as I kneeled between her spread legs. Almost greedily, she stuffed it into her sticky twat. After awhile it seemed to help further limber the greybrown sphincter puckering just below her girlslit.

“There, there,” puffed Candi as she jigged herself. I glanced to the other side of the big bed at newly awakened Becca. Still three-quarters asleep, Becca looked at me, like, “kids will be kids.”

A little giggle of the night’s earlier orgasms escaped Candi’s throat, and with a goofy smile she dropped the dildo over towards Becca. With luxurious clumsiness Candi slapped palms to round brown buttocks and spread her cheeks for me. I went over her slank body like a slow-mo matador, pressing with some effort into Candi’s narrow chute.

“Keewww!” cried Candi, signalling a little pain. Her channel seemed to curve, oddly. The girl was not too adept, and I was too fast. Without removing myself, I shifted, fitting myself to her body’s angle, since she didn’t seem to know quite how to work me.

Danny had started awake, but lay facing the other way. Becca had caught on to what we were up to, and was watching us without much expression.

“There,” I informed Candi. We’d worked to a smooth fit, but I wasn’t certain of almanbahis canlı casino the girl’s ability to realize where she was.

“Okay, now,” and I began to pull back, Candi’s slank calves stroking my upper arms.

“Heyh,” puffed Candi through a tight smile, “heyeh, I’ve got it.”

“You got it, babe,” I assured her. Then I almost popped out by accident.


“Hold on, Rich.”

“Now. Now. Now! SQUEEEZE!”

Hoppity skip my heartbeat.

Eventually, the nice rectal mucus scent would brown the air. It was something I’d always liked to smell from sticky Candi, but I’d formerly just dipped my digit to raise the musk.

There was a sound of a mosquito buzzing.

Sleepy Becca was still watching us, sleepily moving her old vibrator, wet with Candi, in and out of herself.


Next afternoon.

“Okay, Becca, it’s easier this way, to start. When you’re on top, there’s nothing can hurt you.”

Candi was clearly enjoying the role of teacher/attendant. I lay greased, shoulders leaning on the headboard, with a smooth kitchen-white sheath of Danny’s girdling my tired schlong. My cute, compact, athletic wife was on her knees on the hard bed, a serious look on her face.

“Lollypop did this sometimes and said she liked it,” Becca informed us. Lollypop was Becca’s old pet name for cousin Sherrie.

“Okay, now,” said Candi, sounding like a grammar school teacher. “Do you feel loose’n’greasy enough? Okay.”

Becca shimmied up my legs to position herself above my K-Y’d plastic shaft. She kicked her legs stiff to either side of my body, and she was leaning back on straightened arms. Her breasts jiggled on her brown torso.

“Mioux,” Becca smiled as Candi’s hand gingerly manipulated my dong, rubbing it just briefly into Becca’s lean slit majorum.

Then I could feel Becca’s slick warm cheeks around my knob. Candi’s monkey fingers pressed dully through the plastic of my sheath.

“Okay,” said Becky seriously. “I’m coming… down… now.”

Candi giggled.

Becca’s ass was not wholly unprepared for this event. Two-fingered butt-jigging in combination with regular fucking had been an almost nightly variation since the night of Dusky Rose. She enjoyed that hugely, and had let herself be more roughly used on a couple of drunken occasions. But now Becca was putting her whole, uh, heart to the technique, and she was feeling a little, uh, tight.

Becca’s virtually-virgin ass descended over my tube-reinforced erection, and Candi removed her hands from the assemblage, pressing her nudity against Becca’s body for support and encouragement.

Becca’s anus enveloped me, slowly almanbahis casino and almost naturally.

“Hey!” said Becca in surprise. “Not bad this way… WOAH!”

There was a tight spot that must have missed the greasing. The bare tip of my erection was pressed a little over the rolled edge of the plastic support, and the friction of this new passage amplified the discomfort. Both Becca and I sucked air.


Hot heaven! Dick pushed entirely into Becca’s bootie, and my skinned root squeezed up from the supporting sheath, trying to fill Becca’s bowels.

Flushed and breathing hard, Becca asked for Candi’s support, and got it. Candi was hot, rubbing Becca and lightly kissing flushed neck, back, belly; lightly manipulating Becca’s breasts; lightly, for Candi hadn’t yet admitted to herself she could go over to girlsex…

It had grown too much for Danny, who’d been half-dressed and disinterested at the start of this experiment. Dan was naked, now, his nine pale inches ringless but fully distended.

Not without care, he peeled his excited wife from mine and, dogstyle, stuck it into Candi. Candi just took it on all fours and shook.

Becca’d moved to settle back on her haunches, arms poised to provide support as needed. I’d returned from heaven and was somehow daydreaming of being Danny inside of Candi, right next to us.

“Now, just rock,” I told Becca as the two others grunted. “Just get loose.”

“Weird. Like sexual shitting,” observed Becca coolly. She lifted herself a little up, then down my shaft, real tentatively. Candi was watching us and making with her soft orangutan bark at each of Danny’s humps. Becca shivered.

“There!” eventually growled Danny, coming violently into his tan, ginchy wife. He removed himself immediately, but Candi just jumped him onto the far side of the bed, wrestling wetly.

“Come over on top, I can take it.” Becca’s voice.

Becca removed me and rolled into a brown ball, open asshole gaping high above the bed. I got rid of the damn sheath, hawked and spat onto the sweaty length of my rod below my greasy bulb, pushed some of the pillows under Becca’s gleaming backside and popped into the tight, earthy chute once more.

“Haw!” gasplaughed Becca.

“It’s better this way! Oh, wow, it’s better! Don’t worry! Pump me!”

I pressed slowly through Becca’s loosening tube, then began to withdraw.

“Oh – ah!” Becca complained. Her chute suddenly contracted.

“Just squeeze,” I grunted. “On fucking, fucking, fucking purpose!” And Becca did, delivering a tight even pressure in a ring around my sex. I began to assume a s-l-o-w steady roll, back and forth through her ring, and Becca took up the wave with regular constrictions.

“Good butt,” I whispered at her.

“Please come, I love it,” whispered Becca.

So I did.

I’m not sure what Danny and Candi were trying to do over on the other side of the continent of bed.

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I Fucked My Ex-Wife Up Her Ass…

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I Fucked My Ex-Wife Up Her Ass On Our Wedding Night!

This is about the first time I fucked a woman in her ass. I did it to my ex-wife on our wedding night!! Before we got married, we were screwing on a regular basis. Whether I fuck her doggy style or she is in top of me grinding my cock, I would always grab her ass and spread it wide apart until it would spread no further and finger it real deep. But we never had anal sex!! She never objected to me inserting my finger deep inside her ass while I french kiss her or fuck her. In fact she seemed to love it and encourage it in a very subtle sort of way.

We never really talked about anal sex or planned to do it. But on our wedding night I completely enslaved her by intensely eating and fingering her pussy for about an hour or so. We both were fully naked on bed and soon were making love doggy style. I was splitting her ass and enjoying the sight of her gapping anus while screwing her pussy almanbahis very hard and fast. I then made her lay flat on her stomach with a big pillow underneath her belly and torso to raise her butt. I massaged her anus with my thumb while continuing to penetrate her pussy from behind.

Using a water based lubricant, I was massaging and rubbing her anus and around it vigourously and pushing a finger or thumb deep up her ass. I pushed deeper until she groaned to me. I removed my finger from her anus and quickly grabbed her butt’s cheeks with my hands, splitting them wide apart until they could part no further. Now her asshole was really gapping and I again inserted either a finger or thumb as deep as she could take up her butt without pain. I kept fingering her ass until I parted and loosened her anus and made it to open up a gap wide enough for my penis to penetrate her ass without too much pain. I removed my fully hard up and erect penis from almanbahis yeni giriş her pussy and start to penetrate slowly her widely parted gapping anus. She was mumbling about how it was wrong and maybe we shouldn’t but I shoved in deep and filled up her rectum anyway.

She protested about that. So now I pulled out my penis slightly only to push it back and gradually work my way fully up her rectum again … she murmured something but I kept pushing my cock in as far as I could and I just let it sit there to let her ass stretch out. Again she uttered some half-hearted faint protest. But I pressed hard up against her butt hole … pushing my cock deep inside her ass right to the hilt and I could feel her moist pussy rubbing against my balls. She now resigned to the fact that I was going to do it and to my delight and amazement she stopped objecting, instead, she reached back and took both hands to open her ass even more and she was almanbahis giriş making a lovely noise … like a dog when one steps on its tail!! Now with me all over her ass, I began thrusting in and out gently at first and then settled into a nice pumping rhythm and started rubbing her clit and fingering her vagina while shafting her rectum. I pounded her ass for about 25 minutes. I felt sorry for her but I was determined to fill her rectum with my sperm!

Eventually, I shot my load deep inside her anus filling her rectum with a massive glut of thick cum. I stayed inside her ass for a while laying on top of her back to make sure my sperm stays deep inside her rectum and settles their. I then pulled out my cock from her ass and spread it to expose her still gapping anus … pushing back any sperm tries to escape deep inside her puffed asshole with my thumb and fingers … she loved it.

After our wedding night, me and my ex-wife enjoyed very sensual sustained love making and immensely intense sex for hours on end almost every day for 3 years … and we seldom skipped the anal sex! … We are now divorced for reasons nothing to do with our sex life … and I really miss her body very much!

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I had been staying at the Y in on Lee circle far about two weeks, and was preparing to go back to work offshore in the oilfields. It was not too bad, just a little pricey. Usually I stayed at a fleabag hotel up St Charles Ave, but there were no vacancies this time when I came in from being out in the Gulf. This close to Mardi Gras was also when it got real difficult to find a room on this side of the river anyway, so as a last resort, I got the room at the Y. The other thing I did not care for that much was having to take a shower down the hall in the community bathroom. This was not so bad because I normally had the place to myself.

One day I went to take a shower in the middle of the afternoon, and the place was packed. I went into the shower room, and there were two guys in there, and one of them was leaving as I was coming in. As I started soaping up, this guy comes in and just stood there watching me shower. The other guy in there was not paying any attention (I guess), and I ignored my audience and continued washing. The new guy was trying to get my attention, and started talking to me but he was speaking some foreign language. It sounded like French maybe. Then he started playing with his dick which was pretty large, probably around ten inches long. He looked to be about in his late twenties, early thirties, kind of regular looking guy for the seventies. I noticed he had a hard-on and was holding it out like he wanted me to do something with it.

I continued ignoring him, and rinsed off, toweled myself dry and left the shower room. I went to the sinks, and started brushing my teeth when I saw old Pierre come out of the shower. Looking in the mirror I could see his dick had gone soft, and he was standing the drying himself staring at me. When he saw me glance in his direction, he started playing with his cock again and it went hard right almanbahis away. There were about six other guys in that bathroom, and I was getting embarrassed by this jerk waving his cock at me and saying something in French that I am sure was about him wanting me to do something with his pecker. I thought about walking over to the guy, and throat punching him, but figured I would wind up in trouble so I just walked out of the bathroom to my room on the other side of the floor.

When I got back to my room, I thought about Mr. wierdo beardo and his big dick, and what the fuck was he saying when I heard knocking on my door. Francois must have followed me out, and saw which room I went to and invited himself over. When he was standing a foot away from me, I could see I was about two inches taller than him, and my eighteen year old, 175 pound body was built for power after having worked in the oilfield for over a year I was retard strong. I looked up and down the hall, and stepped back to let him and his big hardon in. After he closed the door behind him, I dropped my shorts showing off my seven inch throbber. I stepped in close to him and bounced my dick off his like a sword fight. He had several inches on me, but my sausage was wider, bigger round (by a half inch almost) and uncircumcised.

He started getting all handsy, and tried pushing my head down to his crotch. I do not like people pushing me around, or trying to force me to do things so I pushed him back onto the bed. It was obvious he wanted me to suck his dick. Although I much rather prefer women, I have had a few encounters with men in my short time alive, but I have never had a penis in my mouth. Other than my own, and almost one time but none of that counts right now. I got on my knees in front of him, and grabbed his stiff member pulling the foreskin back all the way. If it works anything almanbahis yeni giriş like mine, I know how to do this. The head felt real slick on my tongue, and I could smell some funk, but it was not that bad. As soon as about four inches went in my mouth, he put his hands on the back of my head trying to force me down, and I gagged. I pushed his hands off my head, and started bobbing up and down, but after a couple minutes I was getting bored and raised my head for a breather. He stood up, and I let him put his cock back in my mouth, and he stood there humping my face until I could feel his dick start to swell a bit and his humping got faster, and I was letting his stroke go a little deeper. My cock was about ready to explode when I could feel his shaft start to pulse, then his goo start pumping into my mouth. I held it in my mouth, and when he finished humping I drew a little vacuum on the head of his dick to get the last drop out.

When I stood up, and pointed to my raging boner, he acted offended, and said no while trying to push me away. The instant his hand came into contact with me while he was trying to push me away, I slapped him so hard he fell back across the bed and hit his head on the wall on the other side of the twin bed. As he fell, he spun half way around and the look on his face told me he was my bitch now. I grabbed his left leg, and flipped him the rest of the way over onto his stomach. The mouthful of cum got smeared on his ass, and I massaged some up into his little brown eye. He started to raise a fuss, but I have no clue what he was saying, and I was already climbing on top of him with my stiff zeppelin laying on the crack of his ass. I swirled the head of my dick around in the load from my mouth and I grabbed his hand to place it on my cock to guide it in. He held it with two fingers, and he was having trouble finding almanbahis giriş the hole when I just started pushing into his crack until I felt something give. He started to groan and complain, but I kept pushing until I heard (felt) the head pop through.

I believe he was crying now, so I started humping in short strokes until I could fell some kind of lubing up, and then I pushed about three inches in, and I heard him say,”arfff”. When I started drawing back out from that stroke, he clinched up and I could tell it hurt so I pushed back in to hear him arf again going deeper. I fucked him deeper on each stroke until I was in balls deep. The whole time, I am trying to be soothing and telling him to relax, and that there will not be any turds coming out. When my cock was all the way in, I could feel something around the head that must have been his colon or some kind of organ. It was kind of weird fucking this guy and enjoying it as much as I was. I lay on top of him with my dick deep in his ass for a little while, and I cold feel him relax a little, so I started slowly humping. He loosened up a little, and I picked up my stroke and speed while reaching around to find his dick hard as a rock. It did not take long for my cock to start twitching and swelling up and shoot a load of baby batter deep into his bowels.

After emptying my balls, we lay there for a few minutes while my cock softened up, and I pulled it out. He gave a little yelp as the head popped out. I stood in front of him with my dick covered in turd specks, cum and some blood while he put his hand on his ass like he was trying to hold his guts in. I walked over to the sink to wash my dick while he watched me. I asked him if this was the way he thought his adventure would turn out. I do not think he understood me, but he said something, which means he called me “a fucking animal”. I asked somebody I knew who spoke French. As he was heading for the door, I asked him if he wanted to come back later, and I might let him fuck me. I showed him my ass. He just wrapped his towel around his waist, and left. I went back to work the next day.

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Getting Over My Ex

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“What in the hell am I doing Abby?” I said, as I settled back on the couch and put my hand over my eyes. “It has not even been six months since the prick left. I’m not ready to date yet. I never should have listened to you!”

I could hear her sigh on the other line of the phone. “Grace! You need to get over him. Besides,” she giggled, “what better way then to get a little booty?”

“You are no help. I need to go get ready. I will call you when, and if, I get back”

I shook my head as I hung up with my best friend, walking in to my bedroom and to get dressed. Five months, and twenty-seven days ago my husband of eight years walked out of my life. I had known he frequented strip clubs, but it had never entered my mind that he would leave me for a dancer who worked there. I came home one day to find all of his things gone and a message on the answering machine telling me he was sorry, but she gave him what he needed.

I spent the first three months in my bed, never really leaving the house. One Friday night, Abby decided that I had mourned enough. She made me go to clubs, bars, and singles mixers with her. I have to admit, I loved being hit on, looked at, and asked for dates, but not one had ever grabbed my attention. I would come home and throw the numbers I had gotten that night right in the trash.

One night when I had drank one too many shots (I’m such a light weight when it comes to drinks), Abby convinced me to put a profile up on the same dating site where she had met her current boyfriend. I did it as a joke, not thinking anyone would write back, but I ended up getting a e-mail the next night from Bill. His first e-mail was very sexy, and sweet. Thinking about it makes me smile from ear to ear, and makes my body tingle.

We e-mailed back and forth for a month or two and even chatted online a bit. I was scared as shit when he brought up meeting. He must have sensed how scared I was, as he said we should meet at a busy restaurant, with a lot of people around. I was floored when he told me he was taking me to the most expensive restaurant in town. I dragged Abby out shopping with me, and told her it was all her fault so she had to help me. I must have tried on a hundred dresses. I had such a hard time finding one that was fancy, but not to sluttish, or showy.

Finally dressed, I step in front of my full-length mirror and smiled at my choice. The halter-top deep blue dress is a little too clingy, but shows off my 46 DDD breasts well. It is shorter then I am used to, Mid-thigh, but maybe I need to dress a little risky. I’m chunkier then I was 8 years ago, I used to have a strippers body, but I let myself go quite a bit. I tan weekly and wear nothing when I do, so I have no tan lines. I run my hands along my breasts, feeling how firm they are. My hands run down my sides, to my hips.

“Ah shit,” I think, “my thong shows!” I turn my head to the right, and the left, twisting my body so I can see my round ass.

“I wonder if I should go commando? It might be better then everyone seeing my thong.” I pull off the deep blue thong that I had gotten just for this dress and throw it on the bed. As I run my hands along my now smooth hips, I think “Ah, that looks much better.” I love the way my shaved pussy feels when I don’t have any panties on. I run my hand threw my curly brown hair, making sure it has not tangled up in the back, as it is known to do. Out of the corner of my eye I see my bedside clock reads 7:50. “Shit!” I think, “I have ten minuets to get to a restaurant that’s twenty minutes away. Just what I need tonight.”

Fifteen minutes later I arrive, almanbahis şikayet with slightly disheveled hair and a pounding heart. As I climb out of my car and look around for a valet, I lock eyes with Bill. He gives me a smile and everything else seems to melt away.

He walks up and chuckles, telling me, “Maybe you should let go of your keys so we can go eat.” He says it in such a deep sexy voice that my pussy started dripping on the spot. I smile and drop the keys in the valet’s hands. I wring my fingers as I wait for my claim ticket, wracking my brain as to what to say. Finally something pops in to my head.

“I’m so sorry I was late. I did not leave when I should have.”

Bill gives me a smile that makes me blush, “It’s fine,” he says, “you look so beautiful.”

I blush, yet again, but luckily I am saved from having to reply as the valet gives me my claim ticket. Bill offers his arm, and we walk in to the restaurant. I start fiddling with my purse, as it looks like we are going to have to wait for a long while, but I have barely put my claim ticket in my wallet before he puts his hand under my elbow and says, “Our table is ready my lady.”

I raise my eyebrows in surprise and just get a wink in reply. From the look of all the other couples, we have cut in line. But I hardly care.

He pulls my chair out for me, just like a perfect gentleman. They have so many things to choose from, I am having a very hard time deciding, and tell him so. Ok, so maybe I was also trying to stall when I would have to start talking about myself or him. He reaches across and places his hand on mine.

“I can tell you are nervous. Why don’t you let me pick what we have to eat? I come here often, so I know what’s good.”

I nod and smile at him and get another grin and wink in reply. I take the time when he is ordering to study him. He had sent me a picture of him, but it didn’t do him justice. His brown hair is in a short crew cut and his eyes are a wonderful shade of deep green. He is well shaved, except for a small goatee that is short and well groomed. He is well built, wearing a light blue shirt, with a dark blue tie. I did not dare to peek under the table to see what his slacks looked like — who knows what he would think of me then.

We lock eyes again as the waiter walks away, and I give him a timid smile.

“Relax dear,” he said with a smile, “I don’t bite.” He leans forward and says in a whisper, “Unless you ask, of course.”

I bite my lip as he winks at me. He rubs my hands and arms as we talk about his job as a police officer, and my job as a waitress. The waiter brings back a bottle of sweet red wine a few minutes after he had finished ordering.

“You know, wine gets me a little tipsy,” I said as I took a glass.

“How many glasses does it take to do that?” he asks.

I consider him for a few seconds before answering him “two or three.” I reply.

“Well, well…” he said in a deep, low voice “what would five or six make you do?”

My breath catches in my throat as he runs a finger down the side of my breast. I lick my lips and say, “I think that would get me down right drunk.”

By the time two hours have rolled around, I have had five glasses of wine, I’m on my sixth, and my head is spinning. We had long since finished our food, and I am just about sitting on his lap.

“How long has it been darling?” he asks, with his mouth right close to my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine.

“What do you mean?” I asked, batting my eyelashes at him.

“How long has it been since you almanbahis canlı casino have had a thick, throbbing cock in your pussy?” He licked my ear, running his teeth along it.

“Mmmmm, about six months.” I reply.

He chuckles in my ear, making me shiver again. “And how longs has it been since you had a hard cock in your ass?”

I gasp, shaking my head, “I have never done that.” I explain, “My husband was not in to anything kinky like that.”

He raises his eyebrows, taking my hands in to his. “Have you ever thought about it?”

I blush and hang my head. Whispering softly, I say, “I think about it. I have even fingered my own ass, but I have never had anything else up there.”

He tips my chin up with his finger and kisses me for the first time — softly, sending shocks down my spine. “Would you like to come home with me?” he asks.

I can not speak, and my face is flushed. I nod my head slowly and he kisses me again, This time a little deeper. “Finish your wine; I will get the check.” he says. I take a deep breath and down my wine as he pays the bill.

As we climb in to his car the valet brought back, I remember that I drove here also.

“Wait Bill!” I cry, “What about my car, I can’t just leave it here over night can I?”

He leans over and gives me a soft kiss on the lips, “Don’t worry, it will be here in the morning. Plus I think you’re too intoxicated to drive, baby.”

I nod and settle back in to the comfortable seat. “How far away is your apartment?” I ask, running my right hand up and down his arm, holding his hand with my left.

He smirks, putting his hand on my upper thigh. “Looking forward to this a bit?”

I moan and nod as he runs a finger up my thigh, just under my dress. I scoot down in the seat to allow him better access just as he pulls up in to his apartment driveway. I growl under my breath, my clit pulsing from just his breath on my ear and a hand on my thigh.

He pulls farther back into the apartments, and parks in one of the few parking spaces available. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “I can not believe I am doing this.”

He opens the car door for me and extends his hand. He leads me up to the third floor, to apartment


“Wow!” I say. “Your apartment is amazing! And very clean – hmmm, I don’t see you much as a cleaning type of person.” I tease him.

“I’m not,” he says, leading me in to the living room “But my maid is.”

I smile at him, taking a few steps until I am pressed against his body. “Will you please take me in my ass?” I ask, with my lips barely touching his. “I am so turned on just thinking about it.”

He picks me up and starts walking with me in to his bedroom. “I thought you would never ask.” He breaths in to my ear as he lays me on the bed. He un-straps the top of my dress with one hand, and runs his other up my leg to my shaved mound.

“Oh baby — I love how your shaved, that is such a turn on. You should have told me you didn’t wear any panties on the way home.”

I kiss him hard, and moan against his mouth as he uncovers my breasts.

He runs his index finger down my slit, just rubbing on my lips, teasing me. I moan and arch my back to try to get him to enter my lips, begging under my breath for pleasure He dips his head, taking my nipple in his mouth, just as he pressed his finger on to my how swollen clit.

“Oh yes!” I cry, “more, please more.”

He teases my nipple with his tongue and teeth, turning me on even more, if that were possible.

“Ohhhhhh, god you’re wet.” he said against my swollen nipple. almanbahis casino He pulls down my dress with both hands, spreading my legs to give him full access to my dripping pussy. He slowly kisses down my chin, to my neck, down between my breasts, down my tummy, to my shaved mound. He slowly flicks my clit with his tongue, circling it, teasing it.

I moan and wrap my legs around his neck, pushing his head against my wet pussy. He runs his tongue down my slit, fucking me with his tongue. He keeps on going, flicking my clit, then going back down and fucking me with his tongue. He kisses back up my body, kissing me deep, letting me taste my juices on his tongue.

“Do you want me in your ass?” he asks up against my ear.

I nod and roll on to my tummy, putting my ass in the air. I hear him opening a drawer and rummaging around.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

He puts his hand on my right hip and lowers his mouth against my left ear.

“Don’t worry; I was just getting some lubricant. It will be cold, but it will hurt a lot less for you.” he kisses my ear as I nod ok.

He takes his right hand off my hip and spreads my right ass cheek. I feel a small, cold drop on my hole. I gasp and clench up as I feel his finger enter me, all the way down to the next knuckle.

“Relax.” he tells me. “I won’t do anything you’re not ready for.”

I nod, relax a bit, and bite down on the pillow as he runs his finger in and out of my ass. After I have gotten used to his one finger and it’s sliding in and out easily, I feel four more small, cold drops of lubricant, and he enters a second finger in to my ass. As my asshole gets used to his fingers my pussy starts dripping, my juices running down my legs.

I reach down and rub my clit just as he asks, “Are you ready for three?”

I moan, and he takes it as a yes. I cry out as his third finger enters my ass, stretching it out.

“How many fingers have you used in your ass before?” he asks.

“Just two.” I say, wincing in pain.

He waits to move until I have relaxed and starts rubbing my clit again. He slowly fingers my hole, being as gentle as he can.

I start moaning, and shaking, feeling close to Cumming. “Oh please stop.” I cry out “I need you in my virgin ass, please Bill — fuck me now!”

He withdraws his fingers, and I feel more lubricant squeezed in to my ass. He presses the tip of his hard cock to my asshole.

“Get ready, relax, push back on me, and just let me get in all the way. I will stop once I am inside.”

I moan and nod against the pillow. I brace myself, but still end up screaming out loud as his 7 inch cock spears into me.

He leans down to my ear when he has gone all the way to the hilt and whispers, “I’m sorry if it hurts; you will get used to it in just a few seconds.”

I nod and slowly press back to him. My ass slowly stretches to fit him, and I moan “It feels so good to be filled up with your cock. Please start fucking me.” I beg him.

He grunts and starts thrusting into me with long, hard strokes. I start moaning louder, still rubbing my clit. My pussy juice is running down my legs and his. His balls slap against my pussy, teasing me even more. I start screaming in to the pillow, rubbing my clit harder.

“I’m not going to last much longer.” he growls behind me.

“I’m about to come!” I scream. “Please, come with me!”

He slams into me harder and harder, until I feel him empty himself into my ass. I start shaking and scream out loud as I clench my ass around his cock. I flatten out, drained by my orgasm, feeling my sore hole close up.

He lays out next to me, kissing all over my face. “Will you spend the night?” he asks, “I make some mean pancakes.” he says, winking.

I nod, laugh, and cuddle up to his chest, falling asleep easer then I have for a long time.

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