The Trojan Lasagna Ch. 02 – Second Helping

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This is the second part of The Trojan Lasagna, picking up at the point where the original left off. It involves older women and a younger man. I suggest you read the first part to get an understanding of the characters.

Fun fact 1: As of this writing, French President Emmanuel Macron is married to Brigitte Macron, who happens to be 24 years older — and a former high school teacher of his. They met when he was 15 and she was 39.

Fun fact 2: English actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver in Age of Ultron) is 24 years younger than his wife Samantha, and they have two children. They met when he was 18 and she was 42.

Thanks as always to RiverMaya for being my Muse and the writing angel on my shoulder. Thanks also to AzureAsh for being my ‘editor with a thousand eyes’, and to MBR (Mystery Beta Reader) for his oversight and input. As I continually revise right up to publication, any errors are mine.

Full disclosure for all you drag racing historians: Yes, the US 30 Drag Strip closed in 1984; for the purposes of this story I’m invoking poetic license to keep it open two years later.

All sex between 18+ people.


So baby, don’t you worry about growin’ older

Those young girls ain’t got nothin’ on you

‘Cause it takes some livin’, to get good at givin’

And givin’ love is just where you could teach them a thing or two

– Ronnie McDowell


Fairburn, Indiana — July, 1986

Heading down the road to Terry’s apartment, I tuned in WLS on my car radio to hear an oldie playing from REO Speedwagon, Find My Fortune:

“A restless nature fed my crazy dreams, so I packed my bags in a big limousine

Laughed at the people who were laughin’ at me, laughed and said I’m gonna be what I be

And I’m gone, gone away to find my fortune…”

This was exactly what I was doing. I’d saved up my money and made my college plans. I was on my way.

When Terry heard I’d had a falling out with our parents, being the cool brother that he was, he invited me to stay with him in his one-bedroom apartment and sleep on his foldaway couch. He told me I could stay until I went away to college, or until things cooled off at home, whichever came first.

Since living at home would mean not only would I have to live under my parent’s roof, but also that I’d be seeing Rosalie and her husband coming and going, so no way did I want to stay home. Watching the woman I’d loved so much and the kids who adored me, but banned from being with them was like a knife in the heart. Packing up as much of my stuff as I could under my Dad’s disapproving glare, I loaded up the Galaxie’s massive trunk and moved to Terry’s to start my new life.

While walking away from both Rosalie and my parents had crushed me, the phone number Donna had written on the back of my hand gave me hope. The following Saturday night found me picking her up at her place to take her to a local favorite, The Roundup Steakhouse. Her house was beautiful, a two-story colonial style with big pillars in the front and a circular driveway that curled around a decorative fountain.

I rang the doorbell, and the door opened almost instantly, like she’d been waiting just on the other side. She looked very youthful, dressed in jeans, sneakers, a plain blue blouse and a jean jacket. After giving me a light hello kiss, she said, “Let’s take your car.”

I was shocked that a fancy West-sider like her would want to get in my old beater. I asked her, “Are you sure? My Ford is a hunk of junk compared to your Mercedes.”

As I held the passenger door open for her, she patted my arm. “It may not be as fancy, but it’s got a front bench seat, so I can slide over next to you.” Well, now. It had taken me preparing several meals and reading The Tawny Scrawny Lion a bunch of times to the kids to reach the point where Rosalie began to warm up to me. That was definitely not the case with Donna. She’d made it clear that I wouldn’t need Trojan lasagna to breach the walls of her heart – the gates were wide open! After having my soul crushed by Rosalie’s rejection, to say my spirits were lifted was putting it mildly.

After getting in the car, as I buckled up, she slid onto the center of the bench seat and buckled up next to me. As I shifted the transmission to ‘D’, my arm snaked around the seatback and onto her shoulders, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The warmth of her body pressed against mine, combined with the faint scent of her perfume, almost put me in a trance.

I asked Donna to turn on the radio and when she did, Bananarama’s Venus poured out of the car stereo speakers:

“The goddess on the mountain top was casino siteleri burning like a silver flame

The summit of beauty and love, and Venus was her name”

I quickly glanced at the goddess in the seat next to me, and lo and behold she was looking back! I felt her unbutton the top button of the chambray shirt I was wearing as I reverted my eyes forward, making sure the car stayed to the right of the double white line. As Donna ran her finger along my collarbone she whispered, “I hope I’m not distracting you.”

I swallowed hard and answered, “Let’s just say I’m glad this isn’t my driver’s test. If you were a Bureau of Motor Vehicles examiner, I’d never pass.”

She took her hand away from my chest and laid her head on my shoulder, “You have a wonderful knack for compliments, you know that?”

My brain was so overloaded, it was all I could do to concentrate on keeping 3500 pounds of Detroit metal on the road. I managed to squeak out, “Glad to hear it!”

Once we got inside the steakhouse, we ordered and then had an actual conversation.

Donna kicked things off. “So, seriously Josh, you’ve had a tough couple of weeks. How are you feeling?”

I shrugged. “Still kind of down, but better.” Then I put my hand on hers, and told her, “Actually, being here with you makes me feel a whole lot better.”

Hearing that, she smiled and asked, “Oh yeah? Why’s that?”

“Because you’ve always treated me with respect, like a real man and not a high-school kid. I mean, we’ve always had a positive relationship, and I really enjoy being with you.” Then, remembering more, I chuckled, “Oh, and I’ll be honest, your attention gave me quite a confidence boost that time you accidentally grabbed my butt putting money in my back pocket. Of course, when you snuck a kiss from me on prom night, that was an even nicer surprise.”

She reached up and ran her finger down my jaw line. “I have a confession. I hope I don’t offend you, but the time I grabbed your butt was no accident. I didn’t mean to objectify you, but I’ve always found you to be a delicious bit of man candy. If that wasn’t enough, I watched you cook for Rosalie and read stories to my grandchildren. Not a lot of men would do that. Let me tell you, Josh Lujack, you are one hot number.”

I felt my face flush. “Thanks, Donna. Honestly, I feel the same about you. You’re gorgeous and confident, and any sane man would want you as arm candy.” I didn’t add, ‘me included’ because I didn’t want to seem too forward, but it was the truth.

She patted my cheek, but with affection, not condescension. “You’re a sweetheart for saying so, but I’m afraid you’re wrong. Men my age might initially find me amusing, but they’re usually set in their ways, and decide I’m too independent and adventuresome for their tastes. Plus, my husband Nick’s passing left me independently wealthy. They don’t like that. They prefer women who need their money and will tolerate their patriarchal bullshit to get it. Once they realize I won’t put up with being bossed around, they lose interest and go for young sugar babies who’ll cater to their oversized egos.”

Having said that, she took both of my hands in hers and asked, “So, do you want to talk about Rosalie?”

The rational side of my mind didn’t want to hear anything, but the emotional side sure did, and I blurted out, “How could she take that asshole back after he cheated on her!”

“Only Rosalie can answer that,” she answered grimly. “Since Shithead is the father of her children, I expect that has a lot to do with it. He’s managed to convince her that he’s sincere. To earn back her trust, she’s given Shithead boundaries about where he can go and who he can be with, as well as making him agree to couples therapy twice a week. He’s agreed to everything, and done it practically begging on his knees.”

Experiencing a moment of self-pity, I asked, “So what about me? Am I nothing to her now?”

Donna gave me a straightforward-but-stinging answer: “You and Rosalie have some nice memories, I’m sure, but you have to accept she’s moved on with her life. Shithead may have cheated on her, but now that she’s decided to give him another chance, she’ll never cheat on him. If you’re thinking about getting her back, give it up because you honestly don’t have a prayer. You’re history to her Josh, a museum piece in her mind.”

I took a sip of water to help me swallow the big lump of pride that seemed to be stuck in my throat. Damn it, I thought I’d convinced myself I was done hurting about being dumped. Turns out I was full of shit.

It was only when Donna took my chin in her hand to get my attention that I realized I’d zoned out. “You in there, Josh?”

I shook my head to clear it. “I’m sorry, Donna, for a second there I was…”

“Yes, I know where you ‘was’,” she said softly. “I’m sorry if I was too blunt and hurt your feelings.”

I shook my head, “No, I’m fine, I needed a dose of reality, thanks. güvenilir casino Hanging on to memories of her doesn’t do me any good. It’s over and done, and I need to keep moving forward.”

“Now you’re sounding like a motivational speaker. Are you going to start charging me a hundred bucks to hear you speak?” I looked at her, and she was smirking. Despite myself, I started to laugh as well. She’d gotten me good, punching a hole in my maudlin mood by making fun of me.

Still laughing I told her, “You’re terrible,” then leaned over, pressed my lips to hers and kissed her. It felt good at first, then felt even better when her arm went around my neck, holding me to her as I felt her tongue slide back and forth on my lips. I could feel my passion building, until I heard another woman’s reprimanding voice.

“Excuse me, but if you guys keep doing that, your food will get cold.” We broke our kiss off as a scowling waitress put our plates in front of us. We avoided serious talk the rest of the meal, focusing instead on our steaks — done to perfection, I might add. Once we’d finished our main course, we ordered coffee and shared a slice of cheesecake. After I paid the bill, we were off.

With Donna once again seated next to me and my arm around her, it was a quiet ride on the way home. Both of us seemed to be savoring the moment, but each deep in our own thoughts.

The radio was playing the song from the film Rocky IV, Burning Heart by Survivor:

“In the burning heart, just about to burst, there’s a quest for answers, an unquenchable thirst

In the darkest night, rising like a spire, in the burning heart, the unmistakable fire…”

I was no boxer, but somehow this song about being on a quest for answers really got to me. No longer the lonely high school loser, I was now burning inside, thirsting for things I’d never had before. Maybe Donna – this woman who’d encouraged me, boosted my confidence, even made me laugh at myself — was just what I was looking for.

As we pulled into her driveway, after turning the motor off I turned towards her, and broke the silence. “I’ve really enjoyed this, it’s been a really nice night.”

She smirked. “You actually enjoyed getting scolded and judged by a waitress?”

“Actually, I did. I’ve been good all my damned life, and it’s gotten me exactly nowhere. I liked being the bad boy for once, taking advantage of a defenseless widow. If I could afford it, I’d go out and buy a black leather jacket.”

She teased, “Ooooh, yeah, you’d look good in one. And don’t forget the tattoo on your chest. That’ll complete the look!”

Unbuckling both of our seat belts, and took Donna in my arms. “I meant what I said. I liked being a bad boy, and I like being with you. I’d like to do it again if you’ll let me. Can we go out again soon?”

Instead of answering, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. I responded in kind, and before long we’d undone the buttons of each other’s shirts as we continued our impromptu make-out session. My dick was so hard by this point a cat couldn’t scratch it. The pictures in my Dad’s Penthouse magazines couldn’t hold a candle to the woman that was right here in my arms.

But when I reached around to undo her bra, she said, “Josh, please don’t.”

I understood that ‘no’ means ‘no’, so of course I stopped. That didn’t do much to ease the throbbing between my legs, but what can a man do? “Have I done something wrong?”

“Heavens no. You’ve made me feel like a damned schoolgirl, but I don’t feel comfortable with you seeing my body.”

Inwardly, I groaned. I felt like a 1500’s Spanish conquistador discovering El Dorado, only to be denied the chance to touch any of the gold! “But you’re beautiful!”

“Thank you, but I have the body of a middle-aged woman. I go to the gym three times a week, but it only makes me healthy, not younger. Every part of me is soft, wrinkled, or both.”

She took my hands and held them to her lips, kissing them. “Believe me, Josh, it’s not you, you’re as delicious as a fresh-baked pie. There’s nothing I’d like better than to run wild over that slim hard body of yours, but I’m ashamed. I absolutely adore you, but there’s no way you could be turned on by what I have to offer.”

“Isn’t that for me to decide?”

“No, I’m making the decision for you. I have to stop this now, before I make a damned fool of myself any further.” She slid towards the passenger side door, buttoning up her blouse. “I’m sorry, Josh, I really am. I only want what’s best for you.”

Saddened, I drove away with Donna’s words echoing in my ears. “I only want what’s best for you,” she’d said. But the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. This was bullshit. I wasn’t a kid living at home any more, I was a man, damn it! I was the one who decided what was best for me. Not my parents, not my high school counselor, and not Donna damned Landecker! From now on, the only person who decided canlı casino what was best for Joshua Alexander Lujack was Joshua Alexander Lujack, by god!

I turned the car around, and drove back to Donna’s place. I was a man on a mission, and I would not be denied. My heart pumping, I rang the doorbell. After 30 seconds there was no answer, so I rang it again and again, and again. Finally, the porch light went on, and the peephole darked for a moment as Donna looked out.

She opened the door, clad now in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. “Josh! What are you – ” She got no further. I pushed my way in, then pressed her against the wall with my body and I kissed her. When I stopped, as she caught her breath as reached back and I slammed the door shut.

“You may be older, but I’m still a man, Donna,” I growled, “I decide what’s best for me, not you or anyone else. Me. And like it or not, I’ve decided what’s best for me is being with you. I refuse to just walk away.” To reinforce my point, I kissed her again.

“Josh, this isn’t right, I’m too old for you,” she protested, but I noticed her arms were now encircling my neck. Emboldened, I put my hands on her hips, and pulled them into me as we continued kissing. Leaning down, I began kissing her neck.

“That’s not your decision to make, it’s mine,” I murmured, “and my mind’s already made up. The only decision you get to make is, where do we go from here.” My hands slipped down and caressed her ass. “Am I really so awful?”

Up until now, Donna’s voice had always brimmed with confidence; for the first time, I heard hesitancy. “You’re not awful at all, and you know that. Why won’t you accept the fact I’m too old for you?”

The knot on her bathrobe belt had come loose. I gave it one quick tug, and the robe slid open. She didn’t try to fasten it again. Taking that as an invitation, I moved my hands inside it and caressed the soft skin above her hip bones, and she involuntarily shivered. “Don’t talk to me about age,” I told her, “because what I’m feeling now is the body of a real woman, and I like it.”

I gazed down with wonder at the curve of her breasts revealed by her open robe, but now wasn’t the time to touch them. I didn’t just want sex, I wanted her heart, and based on our discussions I knew while getting the former might be easy, getting the latter would not.

I told her, “Donna, my brother got to where he is by pure luck and personal charm. Everything came easy for him. Everything I achieved — great grades, my academic scholarships, hell, even cooking lasagna — I got through hard work and determination. I set my goals, and achieved them. I busted my ass for Rosalie, but I realize now she showed me who she truly was and how little she actually cared. But since I’ve known you, I’ve seen not just your outward beauty, but your kindness and respect for me.”

I stopped talking and kissed my white-haired fox again, because what I was about to say might make it the last time.

“I don’t want to hear any more bullshit about age difference. You’re the one I want to be with, and I’ll bust my ass to make it work. That’s the way I do things. But as you saw, I made a mistake with your daughter; I went all-in with my heart without her being committed, and she ended up crushing me. I refuse to get hurt like that again. Now that you know exactly how I feel about you, it’s your turn to decide how you feel about me.”

Reluctantly, I pulled her bathrobe closed, gently tying the knot to resecure the belt. Kissing her forehead, I whispered, “When you make up your mind, you know where to find me,” then opened the door and walked out of her house, and maybe her life.

As I fired up the Galaxie and backed out of her driveway, WLS was playing Asia’s Heat Of The Moment, and damned if hearing it wasn’t a sucker-punch to my emotions:

“…what were the things you wanted for yourself, teenage ambitions you remember well?

It was the heat of the moment, telling you what your heart meant; the heat of the moment showed in your eyes.”

I realized I’d lied when I told Donna that I refused to get hurt again. If she decided she didn’t want me, it would feel like being dumped all over again.


The next morning found my brother and I sitting at his kitchen table and eating breakfast as he gave me the third degree “So what’s the deal, man? Why are you mad at Mom and Dad? It’s not like they sabotaged your relationship with Rosalie.”

“No, but they were opposed to it from the start. They didn’t think Rosalie and I were right for each other. They accused me of being too serious and acting older than I am. I got the distinct impression they were secretly overjoyed when she dumped me.”

“Come on, man, I don’t think they were actually happy about it. That’s not who they are.”

“Come on yourself, Terry,” I snapped, “you don’t know shit, you weren’t there. I appreciate you taking me in, but let’s not kid ourselves. You’ve always been the golden child and had it easy, and you damned well know it. Whenever you fucked up the car, or your grades sucked, or you got in trouble with the Principal, they’d intervene, and you’d come out smelling like a damned rose. Yours is hardly an unbiased opinion.”

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Seduction of Mrs. Clarke Ch. 03

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Jane: Hey sis, how did it go.

Gosh you couldn’t wait, could you?

Jane: Of course not. It was all I could think about last weekend. The only reason I hadn’t called before now and I knew this would take some time and I wanted to wait until I was sure I had enough time.

Well, I want to thank you again for covering for me. I hope it wasn’t too much of an imposition.

Jane: You know I would do anything for you, and I know you would do the same. Now tell me what happened.

I arrived at the hotel at 7:45, I was told to be there at 8:00 and I wanted to be sure to not be late. It was a hotel in the next town over, and I was scared it might be some flea bag, but it was not. It was quite nice. It was out of the way and not very busy, so it looked like he must have spent some time planning this out. I searched for the room number and was shocked when I realized it was the hotel’s honeymoon suite. I wondered how does he have money for this but it was almost 8:00 so I knocked on the door. I could already feel myself starting to get wet in anticipation. Matt opened the door and looked me up and down and said,

“Wow my MILF looks extremely sexy tonight. Good girl for wearing something sexy like I told you.” He ushered me into the room.

I glanced around the room, it was nice I noticed something different about the bed, and some items laying on the floor but couldn’t make it what anything was, then Matt came in close, I was anticipating a passionate kiss, so I began to part my lips but instead he placed a finger over my lips, leaned in.

With a low and calm voice, he said, “do not speak, show me with your body what you want to say.”

“But I don’t understan….” he reached around and slapped my ass and asserted…

“I said do not speak. Start by stripping.” he said.

He then sat down in a chair and watched intently. I started taking my clothes off.

He said, “No, don’t just take off your clothes, strip for me.”

I realized what he meant so I began sexily stripping for him. I really hammed it up trying to do it like what I had seen strippers in movies do it. I wanted to excite him, to please him, but I couldn’t get a reaction from his look. Once I was completely nude I said “now what?”

He said “I told you, don’t say anything, just do what I tell you. Now turn around, no slowly.”

I did. Then he asked,

“Are you happy to see me?”

“Yes,” I said.

Then he said sternly this time. “I told you not to speak. Don’t tell me, show me” and slapped my ass again.

I stood there puzzled for a moment and then he said, “you could start by playing with your tits.”

So I began massaging my breast.

“Show me how glad you are to see me,” he said and I knew he meant to do it more sexily. “Your nipples, don’t forget your nipples.”

I began playing with my nipples. I noticed him begin to smile slightly and it sent a charge through me.

“What about your pussy? Is it glad to see me?” he said, now smiling more broadly.

Obediently, I began rubbing my pussy.

“I thought you were glad to see me.”

I tried to be sexier. I guess he could see I was struggling to do what he wanted so he said.

“Close your eyes Joanne and pretend those are my hands on you.”

Damn how did he know that would work so well. As I closed my eyes and pretended it was his hands I loosened up and I’m sure it was much sexier.

He assisted by saying, “Mrs. Clarke you are so sexy.”

I began to feel aroused. I was now pinching my nipples with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. I was starting to get really aroused now and felt my knees getting weak.

“Can I sit down?” I said fearing I was going to fall.

He chastised me more sternly this time and said “how many times do I have to tell you not to speak, continue” and slapped my ass hard…

I began again. I had lost some of my arousal and was struggling to get it back. Again, he must have sensed this and so he says…

“Show me how you do it when you are masturbating thinking of me.”

Well, that sent me back to full arousal, knowing I had been doing that and now him indicating he knew it as well. I became very aroused now standing there naked in front of him, acting out how I masturbated to thoughts of him. It became very erotic. I wanted him to see how excited he made me. It never ceases to amaze me how he can push the right buttons at that right time. I could feel his pleasure when he said…

“Good girl that’s it.”

This sent me into full orgasm. My knees felt like rubber and I didn’t know how I kept from falling. My legs were wobbling and my juices began to flow down my legs. As my body began to convulse, I could no longer keep my feet and as I began to fall, he caught me in his strong arms and held me tightly and passionately kissed me. I tried to devour him with my mouth. It felt so good that he caught me at my weakest point and showed me his passion and bonus veren siteler pleasure. When we stopped kissing, he said …

“You were a good girl; you can now speak.”

And then he carried me to the bed and set me on the side. He turned on the tv and a porn movie was playing but no sound.

“Now it’s time for you to strip me.” he said.

I hungrily began to undress him. I didn’t know if it was what he wanted but I did it sexily thinking the same rules would apply here. This seemed to please him as he stroked my hair as I did. When I removed his pants, he was at full attention. From this position I assumed what the next step must be, and the porn movie was women giving head, so I started to suck his dick. But he pushed me off and said…

“I didn’t tell you to do that. Do only what I tell you to do.”

Jane: “Oh Jo, I was afraid……”

“No, wait let me get through this part so you will understand.”

He then laid me across the bed with my head hanging over the side. And then he approached me and placed his dick on my lips. I was starting to figure out the rules of how he expected things so I didn’t part my lips or open my mouth. He rubbed his dick over my lips and across my face.

“Very good, that’s a very good girl, now open your mouth.” he said.

I did and he inserted his dick.

“Show me how glad you are to see me.”

I began sucking him the best I could. He was moaning slightly so I felt I must be doing pretty good which pleased me. From this position he was determining the speed and depth. He was hitting the back of my throat occasionally but I had learned for the last weekend to control my gag reflexes at least somewhat

“Very nice, now it’s time to try a little something more…stick out your tongue Joanne.”

With his dick still in my mouth I mumbled, “now?”

“Yes, now Joanne, do it.”

So, I did, and he slid his dick down into my throat. I gagged and threw up a little bit, and was amazed how easily it had gone in from this position. He pulled out completely and let me catch my breath. I glanced over at the porn movie and realized it was women doing deep throat. They seemed to be doing it with ease and enjoying it. I guess that is why he had that playing. And then he re-entered. He placed his hand on the back of my neck to support it at the right angle and slid back in my mouth

“Let’s try that again Joanne, stick out your tongue and try to relax.”

This time I tried desperately to relax and control my gag reflex and he entered my throat with some ease, and I was able to control my gag reflex for several seconds. And he let out the most delightful moan. I felt a sense of accomplishment.

He said, “that’s it, you’re such a good cocksucker Mrs. Clarke.” This jolted me a little, one side of me bristled at the term, but you helped me realize when he used the name Mrs. Clarke, it made me consider how naughty I was being and tempted me to be naughtier, but he had never called me a cocksucker before.

He stopped, removed his dick and said “suck my balls.” He leaned forward and I sucked his balls into my mouth. This was the first time I had ever done this, for him or anyone else. But apparently, I was doing ok because he was moaning.

He then confirmed this by saying, “my MILF is doing very good.”

This was the second time he had used the term “my MILF” and I could only decide this was his way of indicating to me that he owned me now. And maybe he wasn’t wrong.

He then was done with me sucking his balls and returned to fucking my mouth. I could tell he was getting close. I began working my tongue on the underside of his dick as it entered and retracted from my mouth.

This pleased him greatly, because he moaned, “oh Joanne.”

It filled me with such pleasure because I have never heard that this way before. I could feel his dick swelling. He grunted as he removed his dick and began to shoot his sperm all over my face and tits. It was such an amount, I thought he either was glad to see me or it had been some time since he relieved himself. This was the most powerful orgasm I had seen him have. It filled me with such delight, as he slumped over me breathing heavily, to know I had pleased him so.

He then regained his composure and said, “damn Mrs. Clarke, that was awesome.” I guess he had to put me back in my place. “You can go clean yourself if you like,” as he pointed toward the bathroom.

As I was cleaning up, he brought me a stiff drink. “Here drink this, finish it before you return.” he said.

It is the first time I realized that we had not consumed any alcohol in our sex filled weekend earlier. Which is so odd because I would have thought it would have taken a lot of alcohol to get me to do all we did. I looked around the bathroom as I sipped my drink. It had a jacuzzi tub big enough for two and was looking forward to using that and wondered what he may have in mind when we did. I quickly chugged the rest of my drink so bedava bahis as to not keep him waiting. He had pulled a chair to the foot of the bed and was still sipping his drink. I noticed the porn was now a woman pleasing herself with a vibrator.

“Did you bring your vibrator like I told you?” he asked.

I nodded yes.

“Get it.”

I went to my bag and pulled it out. I wondered if the other porn movie had just ended and this was the next one up or had he choreographed this.

“Now lie down on the bed on your back and spread your legs.”

Even though he had seen every part of me, it was a little uncomfortable with him sitting there staring straight into my exposed crotch. After what seemed like minutes, he said…

“Now you are not to speak again, and you must do everything I say immediately and without hesitation, do you understand?”

I responded by saying “yes.”

He jumped up, rolled me on my side and slapped my ass hard. “You do not understand. Do not speak, now do you understand?”

I hesitated for a moment trying to decipher why his slap, while somewhat painful, had a pleasing aspect as well. He slapped my ass again harder this time.

“I also said do everything I say immediately without hesitation. Do-you-understand?” he demanded.

I immediately nodded profusely.

Jane: Oh Joanne, I was afraid of this.

Jane, wait till I get through all of this. You will understand later. You said you wanted me to share everything and I’m trying to describe everything along my journey. It’s not as bad as it sounds now. I was a little worried at this point myself, but as I said you will understand later as I did.

Jane: Alright go ahead, I’ll try to keep quiet.

I was then directed to turn on my vibrator and begin running it over my breast.

“Do your nipples too.” I was told.

My nipples were hard as rocks due not only from what was happening but to being a little chilly from being naked for so long. When the vibrator touched them it sent more chills through my body. He must have sensed this.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?”

I started to say, but then realized and nodded. He leaned forward and slapped my inner thigh.

“Faster next time.”

I was beginning to realize not only did I want to please him but I also didn’t want to disappoint him.

“Now your pussy – do not put it in yet.” he said. And then, “focus on your clit.”

I immediately, as told, moved it to my clit and soon electricity was flowing through my body again.

“You’re doing good Mrs. Clarke, keep it up.”

As he said this, I became more excited, with the naughty Mrs. Clarke thing again. I began to rotate my hips and he rubbed my ankle.

“Good girl.”

His praise started to push me toward the edge.

“STOP” he almost shouted.

I stopped rotating my hips and moving the vibrator but did not remove it. SLAP on my inner thigh.

“Remove it from you.”

I immediately put it to the side. I won’t take up more time with details, but this repeated a few times, being brought to the edge of orgasm but being made to stop each time. Sometimes he would use the vibrator. The last time he brought me very close but stopped again.

He said, “lay there very still” and went and poured us two more stiff drinks.

My body would quiver ever so often apparently signaling it needed to orgasm and I agree with it. But I would try to control it because he said lay still. Which only intensified the frustration.

He returned and sat me up on the side bed, put his arm around me and cuddled me ever so tenderly.

“You were a good girl Joanne and you can now speak.”

I was understanding that things were different this time. Last time he came to my house almost uninvited although I’m sure he felt invited, but this time I was on his turf and came to him on his terms. I was not sure I was going to like this.

Jane: That’s what I thought. See I told you….

Wait, wait. We’re almost there just a little more.

So I said, “Matt why…,” but before I could finish he shushed me, took my face in his hand ever so gently, gave me such a loving kiss. My body was already so on fire I thought I might cum then.

“Joanne, I am not trying to be mean or hurt you. Do you trust me?”

“Well, I want to.”

“Have I ever forced you to do something you are unwilling to do?”


“And I never will.”

As with everything he says so confidently I take it as truth and immediately felt reassured.

“This weekend I want to explore all of your desires,” he says, “the ones you know and the ones you don’t know. The ones you don’t know we are going to have to discover, and we may have to use certain tactics to uncover them. It is quicker and more understandable to teach these tactics than to describe them. For instance, have you ever been hornier than you are right now?”

After being brought to the brink of orgasm so many times, he was right, if he just touched deneme bonus me in an erogenous zone right now, I was sure I would cum immediately. “No, your right, I want you so badly right now.”

“If you will trust me, I will show you more than you can imagine, but you will have to trust me completely.”

Emotions began flowing through me, how dedicated this man was to my desires, it was overwhelming. I thought at first tonight this was going to be all about his desires and now he turns the tables on me. He always keeps me off balance, and then he lays me down and makes tender love to me.

Jane, I tell you, I thought I had already had the most explosive and massive orgasms a woman could have, but after being brought close so many times and then to finally release it was unreal. I cam over and over again. It was like my body was catching up from before. I was in a state of euphoria.

We lay there in each other’s embrace. And then tenderly he says…

“Joanne, do you want to trust me completely and go on this journey?”

It was not lost on me that the way he phrased the question I had to respond with I do.

So, I said – “I do.” – and I was his.

Jane: OMG Jo, where did this guy come from. And where can I get one. But I’m still not sure.

I know right. It blows me away how he comes up with this stuff. But wait you will see it is true.

Jane: Dang you are so lucky girl. I have to admit when you told me you were going to meet him, I was scared and thought you were making a mistake, but now I see why. Oh, and did you realize that you now called him a man not a boy any more.

How could you call him a boy, hell I think he is more mature than me.

Jane: Well, tell me the rest. I can’t wait to hear this.

There is so much to tell I doubt I will be able to cover it all tonight and I will try to abbreviate and hit just the highlights. Tell me if you want more detail on anything. As opposed to the other weekend there was a lot of drinking this weekend. I was pretty much in a state of slight drunkenness and high arousal all weekend. He even had us to do shots occasionally. I guess some of the things we were going to try were right on the edge so he wanted to dull my inhibitions. And there was a lot of porn. Sometimes it seemed orchestrated with what we were doing and other times not, it was on almost all of the time. I wondered if this was where he was getting all his ideas.

So, the first day he had us watch porn together I asked him,” why are we watching this?”

“Joanne some of the things we may do will be foreign to you but you will see on here that it is not abnormal, other people do it.”

I wondered how much time had he spent planning all of this. Anyway, he began explaining things and laying out some rules.

“If some of the things are too scary, we can role-play them first.” he said.

When he described role-playing, he said we will need a safe word. A safe word is used if things seem to be going too far, all I have to do is say the safe word and then things will stop right then and there. I can use the safe word anytime anywhere if I need to. Even if I wanted the weekend to stop all I had to do was say it two times back-to-back. This was very reassuring and thoughtful I felt. And get what he suggested the safe word to be.

Jane: I have no idea, what?

He said let’s use Tommy as the safe word. I know how much you love him, and you would not be using his name in any other circumstance this weekend. Omg how sweet and thoughtful. I was melting.

Jane: You’re right this boy, excuse me man is such a dichotomy. On one hand he is rough, forceful, confident and even demanding, but then there is this softer side.

Exactly that is what I love about him.

Then he says, “Let’s start with something simple, have you ever been bound?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Great, we will start there.”

He laid me on the bed and then bound my hands and feet with scarves that had already been tied to the bedposts.

“It is better if you don’t talk for this one either, but you can moan, scream and make any other noises you want.” he said.

I will abbreviate here but he tickled, prodded, and explored my body in various ways for quite some time. It was frustrating at times to be bound, but overall, it was very erotic. And sure enough, he found erogenous areas I didn’t know were there.

Jane: Like where?

Well, the craziest one to me is there is an area on the outside back of my arm when touched just the right way stimulates me. Who knew?

Anyway, he says “let’s practice role play.”

I forgot before I move on those things lying on the floor I noticed when I came in were various types of items to tie you in different positions and we tried them all I guess along with various toys and items used in these adventures. Again, I thought, where does he get the money for all of this? When we have more time, I will have to tell you about some of those interesting positions but let me try to hit all the highpoints right now.

I was saying, he says, “let’s practice role play so you can see what it’s like. We will start with an easy one, I will be your student and you will be my teacher. You will need to stay in character throughout.”

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Seducing the Neighbor Ch. 04

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The next day was Tuesday. It was the morning and I was at my desk in the office. Amelia, Bonnie and Krystal had already arrived and were milling around in reception. I walked in there with a huge smile on my face.

“You look happy,” remarked Amelia.

“Maybe I am,” I grinned. “Bonnie, can I talk to you for a moment?”

The tall, womanly-looking brunette smiled in her usual friendly way. “Sure.”

“Follow me in here.” I gestured towards a side room. Bonnie walked in through the door and I waved at a conference table and told her to grab a chair. She did so, and I sat opposite.

“What is it?” she asked, concerned perhaps that something was wrong.

“Ha, don’t worry, it’s not you — you’re not in trouble,” I replied.

Bonnie relaxed a little. “Oh, good.”

“Bonnie,” I began. “I’ve met a guy.”

Bonnie raised her eyebrows. “What?”

“The other day. Sunday. He’s just moved in next door.”


I looked at her. “It’s better than nice. Oh, wow, Bonnie — we had the most amazing sex last night.”

“WHAT!” cried Bonnie. “Already? That’s fast!”

I felt sheepish. “Yeah, I know — but — oh, Bonnie! I needed it!” Then I blurted out the whole story — how I had met Daniel on Sunday morning, how I’d worn no bra on our first meeting on Sunday night at his place, deliberately to sex him up, then returned last night for a hot workout before ending up in each arms on the floor. I gave her all the deets, not holding anything back.

After I was done, Bonnie leaned back in her chair. “So. Huh. You basically effed the guy within an inch of his life — and he was OK? What happened after that?”

“Well, we hugged in place for what seemed like ages, then got up. I told him — reassured him — that I wasn’t normally like that -“

“Oh, no, not at all -” smirked Bonnie.

“I’m not! I wouldn’t normally be so wild -“

“What about that party back when you were twenty-five, the one you told me about -“

“That was ages ago! I was young then!”

“You still are, honey. You’re only thirty-two.”

“Yeah, well — but Bonnie! I was so hungry!”

“All that meat and no potatoes, from the sound of his body,” grinned Bonnie.

“Will you stop? But seriously — I’ve never been so ravenous for a man, it’s not like me — I’m not into rough sex and that — but” I struggled to put it into words. “I just needed him so badly, I could just feel this incredible hole inside me that needed to be filled -“

“Tell me more about this incredible hole.”


“Hahaha! Sorry — I’m just kidding with you.”

A break in the conversation. I put my head in my hands. I looked up at Bonnie, suddenly feeling emotional. I could feel the sting in my eyes that told me I might cry. “Bonnie, I’ve done myself in.”

Bonnie looked concerned again. “How?”

“I don’t know. I’ve just — neglected myself.” I thought. “I mean — I didn’t intend to. I’ve got my job, this business, a nice house, some great women bonus veren siteler friends…” I gesticulated towards her. “I thought I was doing great. I’ve got enough money. I’m happy — or, at least, I thought I was.”

I suddenly felt adamant. “It’s just, away from the office, my life’s so boring. Every weekend I watch you girls go out and do your fun stuff and I just go home and faff around, pottering about, wasting time the whole two days of the weekend. There’s been absolutely nothing going on. For five years. Now — last night — Daniel just made me feel — like a woman again. You know?”

“Hmmm.” Bonnie frowned. There was a long pause. At last, she spoke. “You know what? It’s this job.”

I felt a frisson of annoyance. “What?”

“It’s this job. Too many women all in one place, an all-female workplace. All this estrogen, and not enough testosterone to go around.”

I looked at her, exasperated. “Bonnie, be serious! I -“

“I am,” she replied, calmly. “Face it. Put fifty young women all in the same building and stuff is bound to happen.”

“Like what?”

“We’re all as horny as a cat on heat. We’re all twenty-something, with all those hormones and no one to spend them on. We’re climbing the walls most of the time.”

“That’s not the fault of the company. I set this thing up to get you girls out of what everyone else has to put up with in this industry. You’ve heard the horror stories — abusive fashion designers yelling at us backstage, model agency owners demanding sex just to work for them, sexual abuse, rape, being treated like a prostitute, creepy guys pawing all over us at New York Fashion Week. There’s a #MeToo reckoning going on as we speak — don’t you get it?”


“I set this firm up to get women like you and the others out of that! I know the work isn’t as big or exciting but -“

“I know, Cathy.”

“I’m sorry the women don’t get much action, but if those creeps could just get a life and treat women right — and fairly -” I was starting to rant now, the feminist in me rising to the surface.

“OK, OK,” said Bonnie, waving her hand. ” I get it. That’s not what I’m getting at. What I mean is — now you’ve met Daniel, you’ve realized that there are half-decent guys out there and this ‘hunger’ is just your body’s way of letting you know you’re missing something, like there’s more to life out there.”

I felt heard. “Yeah,” I said, abruptly. Then I thought. “Why don’t any of the girls have boyfriends? You know, anyone serious?”

“The same reason. Too many creepy guys -“

“Well, then — why have I just met Daniel?”

“He just moved in next door -“

“No, I mean — if I can just drop in to the house next door and meet a guy, why can’t we all do that? Why hasn’t it happened yet?”

“Well, we live in rented accommodation — most of us are housemates of each other -“

“Yeah, but isn’t there a guy living next door? If I can find one and I’m older than all of you…”

“We’re bedava bahis busy with work. You know how it is — sometimes you give us morning shoots, afternoons, evenings — we’re all on call.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed. “Have I screwed up? I mean — do you think I’m demanding too much of the girls? It’s just that the money is smaller, so I want to max out your hours so you don’t leave me.”

“LEAVE YOU?” Bonnie cried. “Cathy, you’re starting to annoy me. What makes you think any of us are gonna leave you?”

“But there’s bigger, better-paid work elsewhere. You should work on your career. You could be on catwalks in New York, Milan -“

“Cathy, stop it. What about what you just said — the assault, the abuse, not getting raped? Don’t you think that’s important? Why do you think we’re always with you? We’re not leaving!”

“But -“

“But what? We’re happy here!”

“Don’t you want a life, though? I mean -“

“Listen, hun. OK, so you met this great guy at the weekend who’s hot stuff and he lives right next door and the sex is great and you work out together and you’ve been together for all of forty-eight hours and he’s just made you realize that not every guy out there is the same kind of creep most of us have to put up with, and that’s because we’re still doing what you used to do but you’re not doing it any more because now you’re our boss. Fantastic. Enjoy his big cock while it’s available and pound the guy all night if you want. Welcome to normal life, where grown women date and flirt and make out and have sex with guys who act normal. Awesome. Go to restaurants, visit the theater — you know? It’s called LIFE. Normal stuff. I’m happy for you; but you don’t even know what this thing is — what do you want? Love? Sex? A relationship? A steady boyfriend? A ring on your finger? Marriage with 2.4 kids? For goodness’ sake, hun, it’s been all of two days. Get a grip! The fact is, he doesn’t even know what hit him. Some woman he’s never met before who lives next door and has nothing to do with his life just shows up on his doorstep, pounds him like a piece of meat and screws his brains out just because he’s got a big dick and a six-pack and he’s only twenty? He probably thinks he’s hit the jackpot! Take advantage of that while you can while he’s still dazed and confused and use the sex to decide what you want and where he fits in with your life. But don’t worry about us! We’re happy working here and we appreciate all you do for us, but we don’t need you to feel sorry for us because we haven’t got a hunky guy next door to pound our pussies whenever we want. OK?”

Bonnie stood up and put her hand on the door handle. Turning back to me, she smiled. “Don’t sweat it, honey. We all love you, and we’re not going anywhere. Don’t worry about us — we’ll manage. Now I’ve got to get back to the girls.” With that, she went out.

That evening, I went home, deep in thought. Bonnie was a great friend. She was right — more right than I wanted deneme bonus to admit.

As I got changed into my gym clothes to meet Daniel for tonight’s workout, I stopped. Well, huh. ‘Use the sex to decide what you want’, Bonnie had said. ‘He’s still dazed and confused’, she had said. I smirked. Yeah, maybe. Was this the right way to go about things? The one thing I didn’t want was to lose him. I guess the sex would stop that.

I showed up on his doorstep and, after he let me in, we got on with the workout. He kept grinning and smiling, and was super into me and was very attentive. He seemed excited and enthusiastically showed me how to do other exercises that he knew. He occasionally put his hand on my waist to steady me as I was working out, and did very little working out of his own; and as the session wore on, I felt a trifle irritated. “Listen. Daniel,” I began.

“Yes?” he smiled. Again.

I turned to him. “You’re a great guy, and I really appreciate you letting me come over here to use your equipment. Really, it’s great. But I haven’t seen you do much of your own workout. I can manage this by myself.”

“Er, yeah, sure,” he said, looking slightly worried. “I’ll get on.” He went away to the barbell area, looking a little crestfallen.

I continued my workout. Hmmm. Was I too harsh? I decided to let him sweat over it for a bit.

We pushed and shoved away in silence for a few minutes on opposite sides of the gym area. I turned to look at him. He was doing barbell curls and occasional military presses overhead, and his back was turned to me, so I couldn’t see his biceps.

I watched, fascinated, as the muscles in his back moved and worked, his tanned physique slick, the sheen of sweat shining in the electric light. Man, was this guy a specimen of manhood. I could watch this all day. I felt a familiar rising desire within me as I gazed upon him.

Yeah, perhaps I was a little harsh. With a smile, I stood up and walked over to him. I put my arms around him. “Daniel,” I said.

Surprised, he turned his head to look at me.

“Listen. What happened last night — it was great. Like I said, I don’t usually behave like that. You understand, right?”

He put down his barbell, turned and held me by the waist. “Sure, Cathy.” He looked into my eyes, earnest yet inquiring. His handsome face — my goodness, I could kiss it off. I looked into his eyes and he seemed so young, almost innocent, although he couldn’t be, since he at least knew a few things, judging by the way we had finished up last night. Yet he had that boyish way about him. I guess it went with the territory.

“I mean, what we’ve got here — it’s a lot of fun. I want it to stay fun.”

Daniel was in agreement. “Yeah, sure.”

“But, like — it’s only fun, yeah? I mean, I don’t want anything serious right now. I could use a friend, and I figured we could have fun together, since all your friends in class are in dorms far away.”

Daniel smiled broadly. “It sure beats watching TV.”

“Yeah, same here. Let’s keep it this way, yeah? Fun.”

“Sure.” He hugged me tight in his arms. Letting go presently, he looked down at my face. “So. When does the fun start?”

“How about now?” I said. I leaned forward and kissed him.

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Crofter’s Woman in Distress

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I live in a town in the south of Sweden. It’s basically a rural area with large woods and small farms although the town itself is prosperous with modern industry. Most of the farms are nowadays far too small to give a living. The woods are valuable though. Almost everyone seems to have a connection to a farm. It’s very common to live on the farm and work in town. I do as well.

I am a journalist at the local paper. I like the way such a paper has to be run with a lot of local news. I have no ambition to make the big scoop. What I really like to write about is the oddities in our society. My work takes me to many places and I meet a lot of interesting people with a deep knowledge in areas beside the mainstream. Many are lovely women.

I am very content with my life. I married a local girl and we were married for about ten years before she left me. She said she couldn’t stand my odd hours and that I always seemed to be out somewhere. She also wasn’t pleased with my lack of career ambition. Maybe she had hoped that we would move to a bigger town, perhaps even our capital, Stockholm. She is now married and live on a small farm with two kids. We never got any. Her husband works regular hours and comes home at four-thirty sharp every day.

I have a number of relatives in the area. Not long ago I visited my old aunt. She lives in the countryside still alone in a cottage although she is near eighty. Her mind is sharp and she keeps track of what goes on in her very small village. She has given me quite a few ideas to good stories about the local life so I like to go and see her.

This time she told me about a couple living very isolated and primitive on a very small farm or rather a crofter’s building. There was no real road to the place only a path. They had to walk or ride the bicycle a couple of kilometers to reach the nearest road. There was no electricity and no phone. They seemed to live on vegetables, home-grown and of course ecological. She told me that they had a very good reputation as gardeners and people often came to their place on Sundays to admire their garden and buy vegetables and flowers. They also were pottery artists and painters and sold their work to visitors and on market fares.

It seemed to be an interesting living so very different from modern life. No electricity and no regular income. It could be a good article of the kind I and the paper like. I made some notes about it and also got the name and address from my aunt.

I put the notes in my file of possible articles. I picked it up again in the summer when everything slows down and decided to pay them a visit. I wanted to do it as soon as possible now when I had some spare time. When I looked at my notes I realized that I couldn’t contact them in advance. I could of course write them a letter but that could take a week or two before I got an answer. Who knows how often they collected their mail from the nearest village? And then they had to go back again to mail it. No, I had to pay them a surprise visit. It was rather common anyway in the countryside that you just popped in. My aunt had given me enough information to find the place on the map and the path was clearly marked.

I set off. I brought a cake which also is a common thing to do if you come unexpected but also coffee. I had no idea about their habits and if they could afford to buy coffee. There was a small lay-by where the path started and there also was a home-made sign giving the name of the farm and that it was open every Sunday between noon and three o’clock. It became my first mental note that they were enough business-minded to make it easy for people to find their place.

It was a twenty minutes walk through the wood to the place. A pleasant walk although the weather was hot. The sun was filtered through the trees.

I came out on the clearing about fifty meters from the cottage. I saw a woman moving beyond it and stopped dead in my tracks. She was naked as the day she was born and from this distance looked very nice to say the least. She saw me and waved. Without haste she went to a cloth line and took a shirt from it and then slowly disappeared behind the house. Moments later she came forward on the other side now dressed in the shirt, waved again and stood waiting for me to come forward.

I introduced myself and explained that I had come to do research for a possible article in the paper. She lit up and said that she would be most happy to show me around and tell about their life. Her name was Amanda which I knew of course.

“It’s a pity though. My man is in hospital, he broke his leg badly four or five days ago. But of course I can show his works as well.”

She had a clear business mind. She quickly negotiated the right to read the article in advance and make the corrections she wanted and also to have a say about the photos that no doubt should be taken and put in the paper together with the article. I guess I was a bad negotiator but I had no intention to write something bad about them. But the bonus veren siteler main reason was that I had difficulties to keep my eyes on her face. The shirt she had put on was a man’s shirt. Although it was too big for her it reached only to her upper thighs and only a few buttons were done. She showed a lot of the slopes of her ample breasts and there was a deep cleavage. I also wondered if she had put any panties on. She hadn’t taken any from the cloth line, I was quite sure about that.

“I brought coffee and a cake,” I said when the negotiation was done and opened my rucksack. “Maybe we can have it while you tell me about your life?”

Her face lit up again. She had a very interesting face; square, with high cheek bones, broad jaws, a straight nose and a very generous mouth. Her eyes were blue and bright. She wasn’t pretty in the ordinary sense but her face had much character.

“What an excellent idea. How nice of you to bring it. We seldom drink coffee and never buy a cake. We can’t afford it. But perhaps you also want a glass of my home made fruit-syrup?”

She went into the house to get cups and the syrup. I got a good look at her and my first impression seemed to be accurate. She was of middle height with a curvy body with a full round ass and narrow waist. That she had an ample bosom on top of that I had already seen. She seemed to be unaffected of her light clothing and moved very naturally although her ass rolled nicely.

We had a nice time drinking coffee while she told me about herself and her man.

“We are not married so I don’t call him my husband but my man.”

She told that he was older than herself which I already knew. I had made some research before I left. He was well over fifty and she was thirty-three but she looked younger. I would have guessed late twenties. The life they lived seemed to be good for her. They had no children.

“Like myself then,” I said.

“Well, I can’t have any it seems. But we try hard every day.”

After an hour or so she stretched on her chair.

“I want to take a bathe. I always do in the middle of the day when it’s warm. In fact, I was on my way when you arrived. Come along, you need to cool off too. We can talk there.”

She rose and walked away. She hadn’t really asked, just assumed that I would follow. She knew that I hadn’t brought any trunks, she had helped me to unpack my rucksack.

I followed her; there was nothing else to do. I really wanted to write this article.

I had seen a small stream in the wood and now wondered if one really could bathe in it. Maybe she only meant that the she lowered herself in the water to get clean. But when I got closer I was astonished to find that much clever work had been done to dam up the stream in a natural hollow to create a pond. At the far end was a small waterfall. The water was crystal clear and I understood that the water was kept fresh from the stream going through it. The pond was placed were nicely not far from the cottage.

I had been slow to follow Amanda and when I caught up with her there was only a narrow path so I just walked behind her. I admired her ass that rolled nicely but yet very natural. It didn’t seem that she was affected by my presence and that I might look at her ass.

While she walked she unbuttoned the shirt and when we came to the pond she let it slide down her arms. She walked straight into the water but stopped and turned around after a few steps.

“Come on in. It’s lovely.”

Yes, lovely was just the right word I thought but meant Amanda. She stood erect for a while facing me looking like Aphrodite in knee deep water. Her lush body amazed me with its soft curves formed by broad hips, narrow waist and ample firm breasts. And there was a large thick bush of dark hair covering her mound.

“Come on in. Don’t be shy. We always bathe in the nude,” Amanda called again and smiled sweetly at me before she let herself fall backwards into the water.

Well, a little skinny dipping is not the end of the world I thought. I was forty-four but kept myself in shape and was a little proud of my body. I quickly undressed and ran into the water.

She was right. The water was lovely and it was very nice to bathe this hot day. The pond was deeper and larger than I had thought and allowed some swimming which Amanda used to its maximum. After a while she swam to the far end of the pond and slid over the edge down the waterfall. I swam over to see where she was going. I watched her soaping up her body and laughed amazed when she used the waterfall as a shower. A very clever construction indeed.

She looked up at me and smiled before she hauled herself back up into the pond. She swam around for a little while before she went ashore. She stood in the sun to dry laughing happily. She looked gorgeous and much younger than her thirty-eight years. Must be the healthy life I thought.

Amanda just stood there, waiting or to show off, I wasn’t sure. But she had been bedava bahis so calm and natural all the time so I decided that she just was waiting for me to join her. I went up from the water and stood beside her in the sun.

“Let’s get back to the house. I want to tell you more and show you around. Oh, by the way, we always walk around in the nude when weather permits so you don’t have to dress. I won’t. In this weather it’s really nice to be spared the clothing.”

Well, there was no need to tell that she frequently was in the nude outdoors. The even, all over tan told it. The tan added to her gorgeous look I thought when I looked at her lovely backside. She had picked up the shirt and started to walk back in the same moment she stopped talking. I hesitated for a moment before I picked up my own clothes and went after her. Walking behind her was very exciting seeing her ass roll so naturally.

She went to the table where we had had the coffee. She took the glasses and went inside but was soon back with a refill of her fruit-juice. It was arousing to see her walking on her home ground. We both enjoyed a deep swallow.

I started to put questions about their life and their work. She answered willingly, very anxious to make me understand both the enjoyment of their lifestyle but also the hardships. In the beginning I had severe problems to concentrate. The gorgeous woman in front of me was very distracting although she did nothing to tease me. But gradually I got used to her lovely nakedness. After about half an hour I ran out of questions and she suddenly looked tired. The eagerness had faded and she got quiet. She sat back looking down for a while.

“I wonder, will you do me a favor,” she suddenly asked looking up at me.

“Yes of course, if I can,” I answered. “What do you want me to do?”

“I am not feeling well. I have got abstinence syndromes. And believe me, I know about those. I haven’t got my daily amount of . . . of animal protein for a few days.”

“Oh, but how could I help with that? Couldn’t you just eat some meat? Or do you want me to get some for you. I can come back with it tomorrow,” I said very puzzled.

“Oh you don’t understand. No, I don’t want you to get me some meat. As I told you before I am a vegetarian. It’s not that I dislike meat; it’s just that I can’t stand the thought that we kill animals to eat them. We have no meat in this place, we never eat it.”

“So what do you want me to do then?” I asked again.

“Oh, you still don’t understand? Well, I should have said male protein instead of animal protein but that sounded so strange I thought. As if I were a man eater.”

“But I still don’t understand. What is male protein?” I asked very puzzled.

“Oh, but you know about male protein, you must do,” she said and giggled heavily. “You must know how a man produces deliverable male protein. And you must know how a vegetarian girl can get a daily dose of protein without eating meat,” she said mockingly. I just shook my head. I still couldn’t understand what she was referring to.

“Oh . . . you see . . . I . . . my man. . . I mean us. . Well I have to tell you straight on, don’t I? I told you before that my man takes me every day to get me pregnant, that’s how I get my daily amount of male protein. Do you get it now?” She looked inquiringly at me and saw my still blank face.

“Oh for heavens sake. Don’t you understand? My man comes in me and his sperm, that’s what I call male protein, stays in my body. It absorbs somehow I guess. Nothing comes out anyway. My body has got used to it and now when he is away I get these abstinence syndromes. I have felt it before when he has been away for a couple of days. You get it now?” She looked at me and I just nodded, too flabbergasted to speak.

“So will you do me that favor? Will you give me a dose of your male protein, your sperm? Please,” she said, suddenly very softly. “Please, I really don’t feel well.”

“Well, yes, yes of course,” I stammered. “But how?”

“Oh yes, that’s a problem of course,” she said smilingly, being very relieved. “A proper way is that you jack off. Maybe the sight of me could help.” She wriggled her breasts teasingly. My cock twitched under the table which made her smile of delight.

“But that will give us a new problem,” she said concerned. “If you jack off into something I can of course drink your male protein and swallow it. But what if that doesn’t have the right effect? My body isn’t accustomed to get the protein through the stomach. Well, it happens of course now and then but the regular intake is through the other entrance so to speak.” She got quiet looking as if she was considering the options.

“Oh well, if you jack off I guess that I could put the protein in through the lower entrance. It’s only that I don’t know how to do it. It must be put deep inside I think. That’s where my man always delivers it and where my body is accustomed to take care of it. I should need a syringe or something to put deneme bonus it there and I haven’t got such a thing. . . No having you jack off is too risky.” She fell in thoughts again. After a while she looked up.

“No, I can’t find any other solution then that you use that tanker truck of yours to put the protein in the right place. It will also guarantee that the protein is fresh, real fresh from the pot so to speak. That’s what my body is used to get. It might react badly on protein which has been out in the open. . . . What about that, would it be to ask you too big a favor?” She looked seriously at me.

While she was thinking aloud about how to do it I got the time needed to recover from the shock I got from understanding what favor she was asking of me.

“Oh no, of course not, not too big a favor at all. I will be very happy to be of service and deliver my male protein where you want it if that’s what you need to get rid of your illness.” I answered her in the same serious way as she had used when evaluating the options.

“Oh thank you very much. Yes, this abstinence syndrome nearly kills me. Excellent, I already feel a surge in my body for a dose of medicine.” She sounded relieved and full of energy again. “For a while I was afraid that you should back out.”

“Oh no, not at all. Where and when do you want the delivery? I am sure we have it in stock,” I said trying to sound like I was taking an order. My cock twitched in anticipation. This could be real nice.

“Oh, as soon as possible of course. I badly need the medicine. And there is no better place than right here, is it? My man often makes his delivery here so my body is used to that too. Do you want my help to load the truck?” She said still seriously but her face had brightened. She looked expectantly at me.

“Yes, thank you. It would be nice to get your help. And maybe I should explore the terrain to find a smooth way for my delivery truck?” I tried to follow her lead not wanting to make a false move.

“Oh what a great idea. Of course you have to work out the route to avoid taking wrong turns and put the delivery at risk. Shall we start loading then? It might take some time, I need a big load. Better alert the factory as well.”

She moved over and grabbed my balls. She fondled them nicely for a while then leaned down and sucked my cock into her mouth without using a hand. I wasn’t fully erect and she easily took most of it in. She sucked and licked my cock expertly and very fast got me hard. Too fast I thought. Her doings felt so good that I wanted it to go on.

She pulled away from my cock and looked up at me with bright eyes. “Time to alert the factory,” she said and leaned down again carefully taking my balls into her generous mouth. She sucked them, rolled them in her mouth playing with them with her tongue. Very nice I must say.

After too short a time working on my balls she let them out of her mouth and sat back on her heels.

“The truck is fully loaded I think and the factory is working overtime. Maybe we should top it up before you leave the depot. I need the full load, that’s for sure. Nice truck, by the way. Not new of course but seems to be kept in very good shape. It will no doubt make a safe delivery. Do you want to work out the route for it now?” She stretched out graciously in the soft grass lying on her back, arms at her sides and legs slightly spread.

Oh no, I thought, she has seen my gray hairs down there. I used to locate and remove them but remembered that it was some time since I last did it. I rose and stood at her side admiring a body that no doubt should be mine in a short while. My cock twitched, hard and erect. Its shadow fell over her face.

“That’s right. You have to memorize a map, get an overview before exploring the details. When you think you are ready I suggest you start above these hills. It’s the best place to start the delivery journey into the unknown. I can be your guide if you want. I think I know the terrain quite well.”

She was calm and relaxed but yet excited. That she was going to take the lead became clear to me.

I knelt at her side and she put my hands on the upper slope of her breasts that were firm enough not to fell at the sides. I caressed them cupping them from all sides and played with them.

“The first challenge on the route is to get past these hills with the rocks on top. You must explore the way thoroughly.”

There was a clear advice. She wanted her breasts thoroughly fondled and especially the nipples. I caressed her breasts lengthily, cupped them, squeezed them and made her nipples to get prolonged. When they were hard I pinched them which made her sigh heavily. I leaned down and took the nipples one by one in my mouth and sucked them. When I rolled one of them between my lips there was a cry and a spasm shook her body.

“When you leave the hills you will come out on the plain. It’s smooth terrain with soft round slopes. But beware; in the middle there is a depression with a deep crater. You mustn’t get stuck in there.”

The message was not to spend too much time on her midsection and the belly button was no erogenous zone. But I didn’t follow her to the point but fondled her belly that was smooth, soft and nicely rounded.

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Coming Of Age Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Catherine flipped her hair to the side as she raised the telephone to her ear, “Hello.”

“Hi…Uh hum…Catherine.”

Catherine’s mind churned as it searched to put a face to the voice on the other end.

“Catherine? Are you still there?”


Evan giggled, “Yeah it’s me.”

Catherine’s lips curled into a smile and her eyes darkened slightly, “Hello Evan. How are you?”

“I’m pretty good…” A still static filled Catherine’s ear as Evan fought for words.

“Evan, is there something you want to say? Something on your mind?” Catherine smiled more devilishly to herself as she teased Evan. She was sure he’d been thinking about her offer and equally sure why he was calling.

“Well, I was just thinking. You know about what you said the other day? And I was wondering if…Well if you wouldn’t mind if I came over?” Evan’s nervousness came through with each shaky word.

“Mmm…Of course you can come over Evan. Can you give me an hour?”

“An hour? Yeah of course! I’ll be there in one hour!” Nervousness overshadowed by pure excitement.

Catherine hurried to the shower. “He called Catherine. And you were starting to wonder if he would. Silly girl. Of course he called!” It had been two weeks since her and Evan’s encounter in the kitchen. That wonderful moment when she helped Evan take his first real step into manhood but left him still very much a boyish virgin. Catherine stepped into the hot spray. Her soapy hands ran over and around her breasts. Her nipples tightened in response. Already her body had begun to yearn. Catherine could have easily let her hands linger inside her legs as she washed and touched herself. But she resisted.

Catherine moved to her bedroom. Passing her full-length mirror she paused and turned to it. She glanced over her body. She’d at last come to a point in life that she was pleased with her body. It took her 47 years to finally be truly comfortable with herself. She always considered herself desirable, even at her larger size, but had often wished for changes. But now, in the autumn of her days she liked what she saw before her. Her heavy large breasts, full curved hips, fleshy thighs. Every wrinkle, every stretch mark, every scar, her body bared she wore as badges of honor. Each imperfection carried their own stories, their own special memories.

The house smelled of fall. The crisp air and sweet scent of changing leaves uniquely comforting. The inviting smell of fresh brewed coffee mixing with the warming aroma of the vanilla potpourri she burned in the kitchen.

She heard the bell ring and glanced at the clock, “8:59. My isn’t he the punctual one?”

Evan smiled warmly as Catherine opened the door. Was it the cool morning air that caused her nipples to stretch? Or was it Evan and the thoughts of what wonderful things she had in store for him?

“Hello Evan.”

“Hi Catherine. You look beautiful.” Catherine had donned a pair of tight blue jeans and a white cotton blouse. Her shiny red toenails and the creamy white flesh of her feet caught Evan’s eyes as he took in the full sight of her.

As Evan stepped into the house, Catherine noticed Mrs. Whitman standing in her yard across the street. Her face scowling and disapproving as she watched Evan’s back disappear through the door. Catherine smiled sarcastically and waved. “Look all you want you old busybody. What’s on your menu today?”

As they entered the kitchen Catherine noticed Evan’s eyes riveted to the very spot on the floor where two weeks earlier she had brought him such pleasure. Saw his tongue unconsciously lick over his lips. She noticed but she didn’t comment to spare him embarrassment. She gathered a tray and led them to the living room.

Catherine poured the coffee from the ceramic carafe and eased back against the sofa. She was very relaxed, very much in control. Evan on the other hand sat at the edge of the cushion and talked rapidly. Catherine observed him carefully but listened half-heartedly. It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested in what Evan was saying it was just that she knew this all just a dance. An odd prelude to the wonderful events about to unfold. She could’ve stopped him any time but preferred not to. Letting him talk and feel his way through his nervousness. Smiling in her own mind that she evoked such a reaction in this boy.

Catherine sat up and set her cup down on the table. Just as Evan was saying something about enrolling in the spring quarter of the local community college, she interrupted him. “Evan. Kiss me.”

“What?” Evan gulped.

“Kiss me Evan. You want to, so kiss me.” Catherine watched as Evan eased forward. Watched his eyes stay open and glued to her lips until just the point his own touched them. His kiss was deeper and more experienced than before. A kiss that revealed new confidence, yet was still unsure. Catherine pushed back against his mouth with her own and took control of the kiss. She kissed him deep and full, her tongue dancing and rubbing inside Evan’s mouth as his body relaxed and he surrendered to her. Pausing bonus veren siteler for quick breaths she would again devour his mouth. Lick his cheeks and bite his lips. She could feel Evan melting in her hands.

At long last she eased back, Evan’s lips pouty and full from the heated exchange. His mind a whirl as he struggled to gain control of his thoughts.

“That’s how to kiss a woman Evan. Don’t worry you’ll learn. I’ll teach you.” With that, Catherine rose, taking Evan by the hand. He followed diligently. She led him to her sun-filled bedroom. Positioning Evan’ back to the bed, she stood before him. Again kissing him. Deep wet kisses that swirled into bites and licks. Catherine’s aggressive explorations of his neck, ears, and mouth causing them both to writhe in excited pleasure.

She stood back and giggled as Evan nearly fell over trying to follow her mouth. Catherine took a deep breath to regain control of her burgeoning need. Ever so slowly, Catherine undressed Evan just as she had two weeks before. Slowly and deliberately peeling away his clothes until at long last Evan stood bare and exposed to her.

His cock was swollen and already wet at the tip. Catherine maintained a small gap between them as her hand reached out and took him in her grip. Evan groaned at her firm but careful touch. His body shivered as Catherine’s long shiny nails lightly scratched the tight skin just behind his balls. Evan’s balls had already drawn up tight to his body, a fact Catherine was keenly aware of. Evan grunted and groaned as he sank into Catherine’s pleasures. She alternated between light strokes and hard squeezing grips but she knew he was too close to be teased much more. She ran her index finger full and long up the underside of his swollen purple head. Brought it up until it parted the tiny opening, his whole cock dragging upward and then bouncing up and down as her finger finally slid away.

She brought her finger up to her eyes and gazed at the thick heavy drop of his shiny pre-cum beginning to slip down her finger. She was almost ready to swallow it on her tongue when she changed her mind. Evan was watching her intently. Her finger turned toward him and Catherine rubbed his own warm juices over Evan’s pinkish inner lower lip. Then she eased her finger into his mouth, the cum-covered pad pushing over his tongue. Before he even realized what he was doing, Evan instinctively closed his mouth and began to suck. Catherine smiled wickedly as she watched her finger slide in and out of Evan’s mouth.

“That’s a good boy Evan. Good boys always clean up their messes. And good boys get good rewards.” Pulling her finger from his mouth Catherine told Evan she needed to be naked now. Her hands fell to her sides as she waited for Evan to gather his thoughts and understand he was to undress her. His trembling fingers reached for the strained buttons of her blouse. He fumbled with each and every one but by the last he seemed to be regaining at least a little more composure. Catherine thrilled in the effect she was having on this boy. The law deemed him a man, but Evan was still very much a boy. And Catherine’s mind devoured the idea of her guiding him through these awkward times. Her body craved his curious pure explorations. Her soul ached for his humble desire to please.

Evan slid Catherine’s blouse off her shoulders and she gently shook it over her hands. Evan’s eyes flashed to her large bra-clad breasts that bulged at every opening in desperate bids to escape their fabric cage. The fleshy mounds surely protested the tight imprisonment of the white lacy restraint. Catherine turned her soft back to Evan and swept her long hair to the side.

Evan stared at her bra clasp in puzzled wonder. “Have you ever taken off a girl’s bra Evan?”

“Hum…no.” Beyond her gaze Evan’s cheeks reddened from embarrassment and frustration at being uncertain how the task was accomplished.

“It’s not hard Evan. Just look at how the hooks work and you’ll figure it out.” Catherine added, “I guess you’ll have to figure it out if you want to touch them again.” She smiled to herself.

Evan certainly didn’t need any added pressure but his resolve solidified at the thought of those gorgeous breasts again being bare to him. In his mind it seemed to take a lifetime of pulling and tweaking and stretching before he finally had the last clasp unhooked. But he’d done it and smiled at his accomplishment as he pushed the straps forward and down Catherine’s arms.

She again turned to face him. Evan took in the sight of her heavy breasts hanging full and round before him. The broad dark areolas highlighted her swollen thick nipples. He’d seen them before but was in such a state of want and lust that he hadn’t really taken a good look at them. He couldn’t imagine a more beautiful sight in the world. He’d seen lots of tits on the computer and even on the porn movies he and his friends would sneak from their parent’s “hidden” stash. But none of them looked quite like these. These weren’t big round thrusting boobs like he’d seen on bedava bahis the screens. These were full and soft and…real.

His hands rose and reached for Catherine’s flesh. Her eyes flashed to Evan’s groin where his cock still twitched and dripped. She intercepted his advancing touch and her fingers firmly wrapped about his wrists. Evan looked into her eyes with disappointment.

“I’m not naked yet Evan.” With that Catherine urged Evan’s hands down and onto the button of her jeans. Just as his fingers began to work them, something came over Catherine and her hands landed atop his shoulders. She pressed downward on them until Evan understood and eased onto his knees. His fingers again working the button as his mind concentrated on fulfilling her wish. Catherine stared down at him. She liked the idea of this youthful naïve lover kneeling before her. Enjoyed his following her directions and his willingness to attend to her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew this was something she would have to pursue further at another time.

Evan opened her fly and took a long steadying breath as he caught the first glimpse of her curly hairs. He tried to gently coerce the tight jeans over Catherine’s ample hips but they held strong to their covering. Desperate and flustered, Evan wrapped his fingers into both sides of her waistband and yanked the denim down. Catherine’s body jerked and swayed at the anxious momentum. She chuckled aloud as Evan pulled one leg at a time away from her.

His eyes filled with the sight of this voluptuous mature women standing fully naked before him. Catherine extended a single index finger and placed it under Evan’s chin. She pulled upward and his gaze followed. Still she pressed the underside of his chin and he understood she wanted him to stand. Evan rose to his feet and stood somewhat awkwardly before Catherine.

Her own wanton lust was getting the best of her. She could feel the blood rushing to her groin. Her lips filled and grew full and fleshy as her need broiled into a storm. She sensed her clit swell and escape it’s dark cloak. Her nipples so hard they ached. Her mind becoming a blur as it began to surrender to her body. She wondered who needed to cum more, her or Evan. Hell, she wondered who would actually last longer!

Catherine had sacrificed her physical release in their first encounter and there was no way she was going to forfeit one second of it this time. No, today was as much, if not more about her as it was Evan. Her hands, palms flat, pressed against his chest. Yet another unspoken but definite command. Evan took a couple unsure steps backward as their eyes remained locked on one another’s. He felt the side of the bed against the backs of his knees and still she pushed. Evan set his naked ass onto the cool fabric of the soft comforter.

The corner of Catherine’s lips snaked into a devilish smile. She pulled her hands from his near-bald chest and with a flick of her wrist motioned for Evan to swing his feet up onto the bed and lie down. Evan stretched out on the center of the bed and remained very still. His cocked throbbed and twitched and he so desperately wanted to come. He couldn’t believe he was just about to be inside his first girl, or woman as his luck had it!

“Evan. You’re very, very hard. Your cock is twitching up and down, your balls are all tight, and you’ve got a long stream of cum from your head to your belly. Do you know what that means Evan?” Catherine’s knees eased onto the bed and she worked closer to him.

Before Evan was able to get any words out Catherine again spoke, lusty and full, “It means you’re gonna’ cum Evan. If I put your hard cock inside my warm pussy right now you won’t last but just a couple strokes. And neither of us wants that Evan.” Catherine began to raise her right knee and Evan was sure she was about to sit in his lap. His whole body tensed for this new and much needed sensation.

“See I need you to be inside me for a long time and you don’t want to waste your very first time on just a couple strokes do you Evan?” Catherine settled her knee on the inside of Evan’s leg, straddling it. He didn’t quite understand why she was kneeling on his leg instead of his lap but somehow didn’t care. He just knew he needed to cum and needed it badly.

“So I’m going to help you Evan.” Catherine’s hand slipped around and past her ass and found the back of Evan’s knee. She pulled it up tight against her, bending it slightly. Evan watched as her palms gripped her fleshy cheeks and pulled them apart. His leg warmed with the feel of her as Catherine spread herself completely open and pushed down hard onto Evan’s leg. Catherine’s hips instinctively began to grind against him.

“This way you’ll last much longer Evan and we’ll both be able to really enjoy your first fuck okay?” Catherine wasn’t really talking to him any more as her body screamed out for release. Catherine knew she had to cum. She knew she couldn’t resist her urge to thrust atop him any longer and needed to get relief before she did. His wet rock hard deneme bonus cock danced so close to her. She pushed his arms up and guided his fingers onto two of the spindles that comprised her headboard. Evan’s knuckles turned white from his grip as hips began to roll and buck.

Catherine again held the back of his knee, pressing him hard and firm into her wet heat. Her other hand slipped between her and Evan’s thigh and easily found her engorged nub. Swollen and begging to be pleased. She grunted at her own touch. Her dark nether hole flexed rhythmically against the bone of Evan’s knee. Her pussy ground against the softer flesh of his leg. Her hips rolling and pushing downward as her fingers flashed over her clit.

Evan wasn’t sure what to do. He was so excited. His cock throbbed as his pre-cum oozed out of him. He wanted to touch himself so bad as his eyes struggled to watch what Catherine was doing.

Catherine’s words came forced and gusty as her fingers and bucking hips brought her ever closer, “You like to touch yourself don’t you Evan?” Her eyes squeezed shut as she focused on her body and her ears awaited his response. Her fingers stroked hard and fast over her engorged clit. Her juices flowed freely from her. She was so incredibly wet and so agonizingly close to cumming.


Catherine growled deep and lusty at the thought of his confession. “Like to get that sweet cock all soapy and slick in the shower and stroke it don’t you?” Catherine was so very close now, her body began to tense as her tight puckered asshole slipped into excited spasms. She worked her clit so hard that Evan could hear the wet sounds. He was about to explode without even touching himself. Catherine began to thrust on his leg. “Don’t…you?” Her voice demanding and firm.


“Uhn…Oh gawd, yes Evan! Stroke yourself right now! Unhhhh…”

Evan’s hand was a blur as it flew from the rail and gripped his cock. He could feel her warmth spilling over his leg as Catherine slammed back and forth over it. Her eyes flashed open as her fingers still worked feverishly. With only just a few strokes Evan’s legs tensed tightly and the first thick stream of white cum exploded from his purple head.

“Oh yes! Catherine shuddered and shook violently atop Evan’s leg as each heavy bolt of cum shot out from his cock. Evan was sure she was coming but her forceful thrashing almost frightened him as his orgasm was at last released. He came very hard. His heavy thick cum splashed high up onto his chest and shoulders. Pulse after pulse flowed from him until his downy pubic hairs were covered in his sticky white juice. Evan gasped for breath.

Catherine’s hands now flat on Evan’s chest as her hips slowly rolled against Evan’s thigh. Her body twitched and jerked. The warm rumbling waves of her subsiding orgasm splashed over her body. She hadn’t anticipated how hungry she would become. How much this want would grow into an animalistic need. The last of the intense pleasures rippled over her flesh and she smiled knowing they’d both be better off now. Knowing they’d both be better prepared for what was to come.

Her hand tenderly stroked Evan’s soft boyish cheek as she allowed his leg to settle to the bed. “Better now?” Catherine’s tone warm and almost motherly.

Evan only nodded then glanced down at his cum-covered body. The raging hard on he’d had only moments before had shrank into fleshy semi-erectness that still twitched and bucked. Catherine could see the look in his eye. “Don’t be disappointed. You’re going to get what you want. Only now you’ll be able to really enjoy it.” She smiled warmly as her finger twirled his pearly cum around his nipple. She watched it swell in response and knew this youthful lover wouldn’t need long to recover.

She reached down, grabbed Evan’s T-shirt from the floor, and offered it to him. Her eyes glanced from the shirt to his wet chest. “Go ahead now, clean yourself off.” Evan reached for the shirt a bit apprehensively and Catherine giggled. “It’s okay Evan, I’ll wash it. Besides, that’s what you use at home right? Or should I get you a sock?”

Evan’s cheeks blazed a crimson red. He took the shirt and wiped his cooling seed from his chest and belly.

“That’s a good boy.” Catherine took the wet shirt from him. She wasn’t sure just how long it would take before she had him hard again but very much wanted to speed the process along. She knew she had to keep him interested. “Do you want to look at it? Maybe even touch it?”

Evan so hoped she meant her pussy. He struggled to keep from blurting out an answer, wanting to sound as if he was in control of himself, even if he wasn’t. “Ye…uh hum…yeah that would be cool.” His voice was barely more than croak, as he thought that didn’t go anywhere near like he imagined.

Catherine sat down on the bed so that her fleshy ass pressed against Evan’s. Easing back on her hands she bent her knees up high and flung one fully over Evan’s waist. Evan sat up slightly to take in the sight of her now glistening and swollen pussy. The look in his lustful curious eyes sent a deep pull into Catherine’s stomach. Earlier, in the shower she’d contemplated shaving herself down to a tidy stripe but thought better of it. Evan’s virgin-erasing first time fuck would be with a real woman and in all her natural wonder.

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Copping a Feel

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Let me makes something very clear, I am old enough to know better. Me, Wendy, the well endowed unlucky too many times woman who only gets noticed for my boobs, not my brains. It is not like I am a 20 year old kid, some stupid innocent. A whole lot closer to 50 than 40, to be honest. This girl has been around the block no matter how you define that block. Around as many times as it takes to know that night I was about to be felt up.

It was not dinner at a five star, it was not an evening out clubbing, it was just two people in a living room watching an old movie on the cable that set the stage. Watching, laughing, talking and, slowly but surely, moving closer and closer together. Physically closer, we already had the emotional bond it took to get me out on a date. Several dates, even though nothing had as of yet happened between us. We are not virgins, either one of us, that was not the issue. More like timing and on this night, the time was right.

I felt good, warm, soft and so secure, I know that. I know I tilted my head over as the movie played, resting on a nearby shoulder. An arm slipped around me, there was a nuzzle to my ear. I felt good, it felt right, we kissed. Soft, slow, tender, two sets of lips met. A simple peck, we linger and then I giggled. Again soft, slow, tender. Oh, Sweet Jesus, so tender.

A mouth covers mine, my arms envelop another. A hand strokes my hair as our lips search for something only romantics can find. A tongue slips in, I return the favor. Soft, slow, lips so sweet in a kiss that could last forever. A kiss on my lips, my cheek. A gentle hand caresses my hair, my face. China blue eyes before me twinkle. So soft, so sweet, lips cover mine. I am old enough to know better. I have been around the block. I know what is happening and I am loving every second.

A hand slides to my shoulder, gently caressing. A giggle and then a finger traces the pattern of my bra strap down my chest. I do not resist, I will not resist, not if I might have these tender, sweet kisses. More, give me more, even as a hand caresses my breast, softly at first, tenderly massaging my badge of womanhood. The sweet kisses continue, the hand rises slowly. I have been around the block, I know. Yes, I know.

I can still remember the first time I was felt up, a month before I married for the first time. Only a month, I had protected my honor, my virtue, my flower as if it was Fort Knox’s gold. Soon I would realize how foolish I had been, my wedding night, my virginity gone and I laying in a bed wondering if it would ever get better. It did, but casino siteleri not from my first husband, gone and forgotten.

The kisses on my lips draw me back to the reality of the moment, so tender and yet so demanding as well. Demanding I respond in kind, letting my heart slip from my soul into the mouth of another. Now I stroke a cheek, skin so wonderfully alive. I am a woman, I could kiss for hours and still need more. More of this sweetness, more of this excitement that only two bodies entwining can bring. Excitement that once sent me over the edge.

Not with my first husband, certainly not on my wedding night, nor with the second husband did I come to cliff’s edge and tumble. It was another, a most beautiful man, a most incredible man I met when I was married to Number Two. A man I became friends with, a man I fell in love with while married. A man who came to visit me, in the privacy of my house. A man who seduced me even as I seduced him. God, he was perfect.

I raced back into the reality of the moment, my lips still searching for even more as my tongue darted in and out. As gentle hands caressed my face and hungry lips sought mine. Beautiful tender kisses and my mind raced backwards in time. God, so perfect. It wasn’t supposed to happen and it had. It was just to be a kiss and perhaps a walk, not Wendy stripped nude and him pleasing us both as only lovers can. He was a perfect man, making love, never screwing, every time he came to me. Every time I came to him. A beautiful man who got away.

Reality. Kisses are on my throat, driving me wild. A gentle caress brushes my cheek. I kiss the top of a head, a forehead, drawing this delicious mouth up to mine again. Wallowing in kisses, my body electrified by my heart. My heart pounding, my joy immeasurable. A laugh. A laugh but it is not mine. I stop, are my kisses that amusing? Am I unworthy?

Another laugh as blue eyes twinkle. I am puzzled, I am not a clown. A laugh and then a finger points. Points downward. My God, I have given it all away. My nipples stand erect, through my bra, through my shirt. Yes, my dear, I am hot. Yes, my darling, I am electrified. Yes, I am totally, completely turned on. Yes, dearest, you may undress me. Now.

No husband ever undressed me, a God’s true. Both my lovers did. My lovers before. Four men I have laid with, am I a whore? Is that what I am, my dear, am I a tramp? A head shakes, blue eyes turn tender. I was, I am, a woman. I was not a whore. I am not a slut. No husband ever, it was always me. I fought the urge for tears to güvenilir casino flow. No husband. Hands were at my top button.

I look downwards, watching fingers opening my top closure and slowly beginning to peal back the lapels of my blouse. Four more buttons and I will be open. My girlish thoughts take over, I should have worn a pretty bra. I didn’t expect to be bared. Felt, yes, but as a teenager would, fully clothed and groping for momentary pleasure. My woman near 50 thoughts prevail. I am who I am and another button opens by foreign hands. Slowly, tenderly. I close my eyes and tilt my head back.

No need to watch, I can feel. No need to think, I am going to be felt. Indeed, I know, I have been through the drill. My blouse will be opened enough and a bare hand will explore first my chest and then each breast inside my bra. A gentle hand, massaging me until I ask for mercy. Not consent, not on this evening, simply another step in the paths of lovers. No need to watch, I feel another button open and hands peeling back lapels. Hands stopping as blue eyes admire.

Yes, I am a big woman. Yes, my darling blue eyes, I know you have described me as huge to your friends, that I know. These are 40 DD’s, now swollen by my own lust for your kisses. For your touch. I feel a gentle hand slip under my bra strap and begin its descent to pleasure. The pleasure of a bare breast. Yes, blue eyes, I do enjoy the attention, but only in the intimate moments between a couple such as us. I am not to be ogled or the subject of crude remarks. I am to be worshipped. Worshipped as that perfect man did once upon a time.

God, that first night in his arms remains branded by the fire iron he carried between his legs. Not once, not twice, not three, not four but five times he came after me as a man should have a woman. Five times he took his pleasure, giving more in return. Treating me as a woman, as a lover, as the goddess I deserved to be and I lost him. I pressed too hard, I wanted too much, I demanded what would and could not be mine. Once upon a time I was a foolish woman. I felt realty slowly withdrawing a hand as a memory rushed away.

I stare, blue eyes now sparkling as my buttons all open. As my lapels are pulled back, my blouse slipping off my shoulders. Hands slip behind my back. Oh God, why didn’t I wear something pretty? I am unhooked, sweet Jesus I am being made bare. Jesus, I am so silly. God, I am embarrassed. I am turning so red, even with all the love I have for you, darling blue eyes. I am still so backwards, not the harlot of literature canlı casino or film. A deep blush and I know I am being stripped to the waist. My blouse gone, my bra tossed away, I close my eyes, shyly cover my breasts with my hands and fall more in love.

Gentle hands take my wrists, drawing my hands away. I opened my eyes and felt my heart pound. Yes, I am bare to you. You, sweet blue eyes, letting my hands go as you gently caress my shoulder. My chest. Slowly, surely, caressing each breast. Yes, I am bare to you. Yes, I know my nipples stand to salute your tenderness. They are hard, darling, hard to your touch. Take, darling, take.

I reach down, drawing my left breast up. Take, sweet blue eyes, drink as if I am the goblet of life. Of love. Take to your heart’s content. I watch, the smile growing from my heart to my lips as a head lowers, kissing my chest. My breasts. A hungry mouth that finds my nipples. That drives me wild.

Only one man ever drove me to orgasm this way, even with 40 DD’s. That may change quickly. A hungry mouth yet so gentle, suckling as my womanhood comes alive. I cradle a loving head close, knowing my woman scent is escaping. Knowing gentle hands are unsnapping my slacks. I am so bare, so electrified, so in love. Feed, my darling, feed and drive to a woman’s pleasure. Even as in love I feel you slipping my slacks down. Slipping my panties down slightly. Oh God, driving me to where I so needed to be and the first gush of lust exploded inside my body.

For six months I was married before the first climax escaped my soul. Now, first time bare and willing to my blue eyes I have come again. My panties are soaked and I am not even bare. That gentle mouth keeps feeding, my body explodes again and my love sweeps from my soul. Oh, sweet Jesus, I come again but I must not be selfish. I was just going to be felt, to bare my breasts and let this one, the one I truly love, touch me as only lovers should. It was not supposed to go this far. It must not.

Never have I given my body in anything but total love the first time. No man has ever taken advantage of my lust, he must always earn my love. I have never loved like this, loved first and then the lust has come. Still, for all the beating of my heart, for all the pleasures that have escaped, it cannot be, not now. Not on a couch, not from the heat of the moment. Only when I have thought, thought long and hard. Not now, not now.

With all my strength I press a loving head away from my breasts, sitting up slowly. I am bare to the waist, how beautiful it would feel to have my darling blue eyes bare against me. Not now though, in this moment of passion, a glimmer of reason. My God, I hope my beloved, my darling who looks at me with such tenderness will understand as I say the only words I can think of.

“No, Jane, we can’t.”

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Dangerous Attraction Ch. 03

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**Once again, thanks to DJ for editing this, and for your conversation – K**

I re-buttoned my dress, my hands shaking from the aftermath of my orgasm. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Robert Wolfe had kissed me. Robert Wolfe had broken down every barrier and plundered me like a ripe fruit. Robert Wolfe had stripped me almost bare and made me come like no one else. Totally confused by the complete surprise of the situation, I started gathering my scattered notes. Oh god, the presentation, I thought, panic rising. I whirled around to face him.

“What about the presentation?” I asked him, but he just laughed, a deep throaty chuckle that was warm and reassuring, so different from his usual bark.

“It’s finished, it’s great,” he said. “You will be brilliant. Now the security guard will be doing his rounds in a minute and I’m not done with you this evening.” This statement sent more shivers across my body and I smiled tentatively as I looked up into his electric blue eyes.

I thought about my empty house. “Well, I could do with a drink,” I murmured.

“My hotel it is then,” he chuckled. “Come on, girl.”

On the drive over I wondered how this would work. Would we sit chastely in the hotel bar? What if there was someone else from Smithson’s staying? It was a possibility, as it was the closest hotel to the head office. All these thoughts whirled round my head, but once I’d parked my car next to his in the car park and walked into reception, he was already standing by the lift, a bottle and two glasses in his hand. He motioned me towards the lift and as the doors closed behind me, he leaned down for another kiss. This one was softer, the urgency held back but no less ardent than before.

When we reached his room, I opened the door and held it for him. Once inside, I stared around the room in amazement. My eye was drawn to an enormous ancient stone fireplace, the focal point of the room. Above it hung a large oil painting. There was a deep-seated sofa opposite, scattered with heavy brocade cushions. In front of it was a beautiful Persian rug with an antique coffee table at its centre. Set in one wall were French doors which opened onto a tiny balcony and next to it was a small dining table complete with four chairs. I caught a glimpse of a more modern-looking bathroom through a door at the far end of the room. There were table lamps set in corners which, as Robert turned them on, added a beautiful softness to the room. All the soft furnishings were opulent and elegant. Robert was opening the champagne while watching me as I stumbled round the room, half smiling at my wonder. I turned my head and gaped at the magnificent four-poster bed complete with curtains embroidered in exquisite detail. It was a bedroom fit for a king and I felt somewhat out of place. I backed away from the giant bed and bumped into a large ornate desk and all the modern gadgets required for work, looking strangely out of place. The sound of the cork popping startled me out of my reverie and I watched as Robert poured us both a glass.

“To a surprising evening,” he said, as he handed me a glass of champagne and I flushed as his fingers lingered over mine. “I do like the way you do that. I first noticed it in when casino siteleri you presented to the board.”

My flush deepened as I remembered the confusion his gaze had aroused in me but I smiled at him. We chinked glasses and I took a sip, the tiny bubbles fizzing gently around my mouth.

“Although I much preferred your more feisty reaction at our first meeting,” he said, and I almost choked on my champagne.

“You – you were horrible to me,” I spluttered.

“Yes,” he said, stepping toward me. “I’m not going to apologise for it, but it produced the desired result in your work. Your approach was too fluffy before. It’s nigh on impossible to engage those involved in distribution to reduce carbon emissions and you came up with a punchy, engaging and above all innovative campaign. And look at the results – we are actually reducing our carbon footprint.”

I stared at him, torn between whether to be pleased by his praise or outraged at his admission of manipulation. Frowning, I looked down at the tiny bubbles in my glass.

“You know champagne has quite a high carbon footprint because of the weight of the bottle,” I babbled, “But they’ve begun to redesign it to make it lighter which will…”

“Oh shut up, girl,” he growled softly as he leaned down to kiss me gently on the lips, then across my jaw line and down my neck. His hands slipped around my waist, slowly drawing me towards him.

“I can see you’re angry with me,” he murmured, his breath hot in my ear. “You are free to go at any time.” Part of me wanted to laugh at this. If he had any idea how much I wanted this to happen, or for how long, he would understand it was impossible for me to leave him. I was utterly and irrevocably under his control, had been since the first time he had stared at me across the boardroom. I cursed myself silently as he left a trail of hot little kisses down my neck into the hollow of my collar bone and back up to just behind my ear.

“But if you leave me now,” he whispered, his teeth gently nipping my ear lobe, “I don’t think I could stand it. I wanted you from the moment you walked out on me in that first meeting. I was furious. No one’s ever done that to me before.” One hand gently kneaded a buttock while the other trailed up from my hip to undo the buttons of my dress once more. As he removed my dress he walked us back towards the sofa. Sitting down, he pulled me on top of him. I could feel his erection through his trousers and was certain he could feel the heat of my arousal too.

“When you’d gone, all I could think about was how much I’d wanted to kiss you.” He slipped a strap off my shoulder and pressed my exposed nipple into his mouth while the other hand expertly removed my bra, freeing my other breast. His tongue maddeningly circled my nipple until it was taut with arousal. I entwined my arms around his neck and began to rock gently back on forth upon him, eliciting a moan from him. His teeth nipped my nipple and I yelped. He raised his head and I looked down into his smiling eyes, his gaze no longer fierce but no less penetrating.

“After that I tried to avoid you,” he said, moving his hips against mine. I undid the buttons on his shirt and began to trace the contours of his güvenilir casino muscles as he continued to talk. “When I left you in the kitchen earlier, I had no intention of returning to my office till you’d gone, but I underestimated your dedication to your job.” My hands traced the line of hair that disappeared into his trousers and I began to undo his belt and fly, but he caught me up in his arms and laid me back against the deep cushions of the sofa. He sat back to admire me and I blushed self-consciously at his frank perusal of my body.

“I was standing at the door for ten minutes watching you work, focussed and intense. After that, I couldn’t help myself,” he murmured, as he slid my knickers off and bent down to inhale my scent. I shivered in anticipation. He eased himself off the sofa so he was level with my hips. “I realise I was taking a huge risk tonight,” he murmured again, parting my legs and kissing the inside of my thigh, one hand caressing my hip bone sending shivers all up one side of my body. “But you surprised me with your kisses in return. I’ve never in my life been kissed like that. You took my breath away, girl.” His kisses had reached my groin and he ran his tongue up, stopping to suck gently on my clitoris. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped from me and my hips moved involuntarily against his face. I felt him laugh gently and the vibrations sent shivers of anticipation all over my body.

“So do not leave me now, girl, because I don’t think I could take it.” And with that he suddenly plunged his hot tongue inside me and his thumb moved to my clit. I practically screamed. I felt a release of moisture as his tongue penetrated me over and over again. My thighs began to shake as his fingers replaced his tongue and he moved his mouth further up to play with my clit once more, alternating between nibbling and sucking. I had never felt anything as heavenly as this before and I couldn’t keep still under his ministrations, my legs trembled around his face. I felt my orgasm approaching and my hands grabbed at the cushions as I began to tense my muscles. Robert must have too, for his pace increased and he pulled my clit into his mouth and tickled it with his tongue. It was too much for me and my orgasm peaked and burst with a ferocity even more intense than last time. I couldn’t help but scream as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through my body, leaving me floating in a haze of joy. When I finally opened my eyes, he was looking down at me with amusement.

“What’s so funny?” I demanded.

“You,” he said, “You are utterly, beautifully bewitching” – I stopped his mouth with a lingering kiss to let him know he’d done enough talking for now. Still kissing him, I began to sit up so I could slide his shirt off his shoulders. Across his chest was a delicious mat of dark hair over sculpted muscles. I ran my hands over his torso, drawing from him shivers of pleasure. His hands wandered to my nipples but I swatted them away and pushed him back down against the cushions. He broke the kiss with a grin and put his hands behind his head.

I slipped to the floor, pulling his trousers with me and knelt in front of him. Throwing his trousers over the back of the sofa, I freed his cock. It was long canlı casino and thick and very hard. I wrapped my hands around it, my fingers only just touching, and began to rub up and down its length. It was straining in my hands like it would spring free of its own accord any second. I looked up at him, a smile in my eyes, as I placed the head of his cock to my lips. He smiled back at me, his blue eyes as intense as ever as I took him slowly into my mouth, my tongue firmly pressed against the underside. Then I began to move my head back and forth upon him, my hands mimicking my actions along his shaft. He groaned with pleasure and with his head rolled back against the cushions, his hands began to stroke my hair. I concentrated intently on the rhythmic movement of my hands and mouth, then pulled away to let my tongue swirl around the head, returning to bobbing my head firmly on his growing cock. I repeated this till I felt his hands begin to pull my hair, trying to quicken my movements. I stopped moving, but only for a second as slowly, ever so slowly, I took his full length into my mouth, letting him slide down my throat. He released my hair and held himself completely still as I pulled back only to take him again, as slowly as before. After a minute of this, I began to wonder how close he was.

“Stop it, girl,” he groaned, “The devil’s in that mouth of yours.” Pretty close then. I released him from my mouth as his hands reached to pull me to him. As our naked bodies met I kissed him fervently, pressing my hot sex against his tumescent erection. His hands moved to my hips and, lifting me as if I weighed nothing, he pulled me down onto him, filling me utterly. We both groaned in unison.

He let me stay there for a minute to accommodate his considerable size, then lifted me again and drove himself up into me, causing me to cry out in pleasure. He continued to raise my hips off him then pull me firmly onto him and I felt my internal muscles beginning to flutter, my arousal inflamed once more, so I began to ride him quickly, adding a twist every time I descended on his now throbbing cock. His hands moved to my breasts and he pulled at my nipples, each time adding a shock of pleasure to the building climax and I began to gasp with every movement. I placed one hand on his shoulder and, looking into his eyes, I reached for my clit, rubbing it in time with our movements. I had always thought his eyes were icy but when he raised them to mine they were so full of passion and desire that it sent me over the edge and I came harder than I ever had before. Waves of pleasure ripped through me and as I continued to ride him, I began to climb higher as another orgasm tore through me, overtaking the previous one. My muscles clenched and released around him repeatedly and I felt him tugging at my hips in a frantic effort to join me. Still locked in his gaze, I watched as his face contorted into a grimace of pleasure as his release pulsed inside me. With that I collapsed against him, unable to speak or think. All I could do was pant into his hair as he clasped me to him.

After an eternity, he lifted me from him.

“Let’s move to somewhere more comfortable,” he said, holding me close to him as we stumbled to the bed on shaking legs. We got into bed and he wrapped himself around me, pulling me close to him, kissing my hair. I had never felt so safe and protected, strange really, as only twelve hours before I had been afraid of him. How strange that feeling was now, I thought, as I began to drift off.

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Dirty Deeds

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She was so looking forward in seeing him again. The aroma of her perfume swept through the room. Her pussy felt warm and ached for his attention. With butterflies in her stomach, she slips on a dress. Nothing underneath. She noticed how sensuous her skin felt against the material. The cool air sent goosebumps over her body.

She was running on time.. she didn’t like to leave him waiting. She arrived at their usual corner with a few minutes to spare. Sitting on the bench seat, with her legs slightly apart.. she waited.

There in the distance, she could see him walking towards her. Her heart beat faster and a smile came upon her face.

When he approached her, he greeted her with a hello and a kiss on her lips. She looked forward in seeing a movie at the cinema, it had been quite sometime since she had seen one. Little did she know that this movie would be one that she would never forget. Hand in hand they walked to the cinema. As they walked up the stairs he laid his hand on the cheek of her arse. His hand searching for the elastic in her knickers. “Mmmm, Good girl, no knickers”. Before long she was sitting on a seat in the foyer. He stood some distance away in front of her, admiring the view. He instructed her to let him view her pussy. As she did so, she undone the last button on the front of her dress, allowing him to see her freshly shaven pussy. A smile of satisfaction came upon his face.

She licked her lips, and brushes her pussy casino siteleri lips with her fingers. Then sensuously she licks her sweet juices from her fingers. She wanted to satisfy his needs in any way she could. She was excited at the thought.

They find a seat at the back of the cinema. Aahh good, just as she was hoping for, only a handful of people. A young gentleman sat two rows down from them, but that never bothered her. In actual fact, it excited her even more. As she snuggled into him, she realised how hot and wet her pussy was. “You look nice” he says as he places his hand on her inner thigh. “Very sexy”, he adds. His hand slowly moves up and down her thigh. Their lips close but not touching, “Kiss me!” he tells her. With pleasure, she thinks as their lips slowly meet, and their tongues entwined. His kiss turned her on every time.

His hand barely touching her inner thigh he kisses her passionately.

He takes a finger and barely touches the moist lips of her pussy. He gasps at how wet she is and this made his cock react in a very nice way. Gently he separates her pussy lips and slowly wipes her juices over and around her clit. Then he tastes her juices from his fingers and shares them with her as he kisses her. The movie starts, but she is lost in his touch. He continues to work on her clit while watching the movie. She tries to concentrate on the movie but was taken away with his magic touch. She longed for his hard güvenilir casino cock penetrating deep inside her. Suddenly he enters a finger in her moist pussy and she gasps with pleasure.

As she approaches her climax, she manages not to moan too loudly to attract any attention. Her pussy muscles clenching deep inside. She thought about how hard his cock was, how much she enjoyed the pleasure of it, and without his permission she slowly and gently places her hand in his lap. She takes his hard, throbbing cock in her hand and squeezes it through the material. She wanted so much to suck that throbbing piece of meat, but she waits for her moment of pleasure. And what a pleasure indeed! He kisses her as she climaxes, tasting her juices from their lips.

They walk to her car which was in a busy undercover car park. He instructs her to get in as he gets into the passenger side. She was keen to wrap her lips around his hard cock. After some caressing and kissing, he gives her permission to take out his cock. She undoes the fly to his jeans and pulls out his cock. She holds it in her hands while she kisses his mouth. She goes down and takes his right ball into her mouth first. Savoring the taste of him. She licked his balls thoroughly wetting it. Hmmm, his cock is so hard. It is so big. She runs her tongue up the shaft, feeling the bursting veins against her stiff, wet tongue. She ensured her tongue was very wet. She stops and rubs her tongue canlı casino hard against the underside of his head. She was so wet. His cock was so delicious. She moves away for a second so that she can take in the beautiful sight. Suddenly he pushes her head down and whispers, “there’s someone coming”.

She didn’t mind at all, all she wanted was this lovely piece of meat. She could just manage to get her lips over the tip. She moves down his cock in one firm, smooth move, until his head bumped against the back of her throat. She also constricted her throat muscles, so she was clamping down onto his penis. She moves slowly up, making sure that her mouth is wet and warm. She moves it down again, but this time, she relaxes the back of her throat, and then swallows him, she has his whole cock inside of her. There, she twirled her tongue around the base and pushed it against the shaft. She continues to do that for a few strokes. With her fingers, she slowly and gently massages his balls. She wanted to lick at his balls again, so she moves downwards, but not before her fingers took over her mouth, and began to stroke his pulsating cock. She concentrated on rubbing just the tip of his head. Once again she rolls her tongue back up to the tip and takes his whole cock once again, deep. She holds it there for a few seconds. And then she hears that all familiar sound. She knew he was about to come . She moves his cock out of her wet mouth and once again deep and holds it there, whilst using her tongue to lick and suck hard on just the tip of the head. Finally, she was rewarded, he came in her mouth. He came hard, and she swallowed it all, every drop.

Today, when she thinks back to this seems almost like a dream.

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Defrosting Mrs Winter Ch. 02

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I was still in a bit of a daze the morning after fucking my married colleague, Sandi Winter the previous evening in the office of the furniture shop we worked in; so when she stepped out of the kitchen door into the smoking area where I was sitting, I was unsure how to react as she nervously walked towards me.

“Hi.” I greeted her as she gingerly approached me. “Do you want a smoke?” She nodded and took one from the packet that I proffered her. I stood in front of her to light it, as usual, and whispered, “Is everything ok?”

She sucked in a lungful of smoke and appeared to be thinking very deeply before answering my question; then nodded as she exhaled the blue plume.

“Yes,” she stopped herself continuing and took another nervous draw on the cigarette.

“Can I……Oh God,” She sighed, “about…last night;” She now looked away before whispering, “You haven’t told anyone, have you?”

“A gentleman never tells.” I laughed as I slid my arm around her waist, “Look; it was fucking amazing….but; if it was a one off, I understand. You’re married; we work together….it could get messy.”

“That’s the problem,” she gave a thin smile as she stubbed out the cigarette on the ground, “I don’t think I want it to be a ‘one off’…I loved it….I can’t stop thinking about what I did; what you did…..but I can’t stop thinking about how you made me feel……and…….I want to…… it again; is that…wrong?”

“Tonight then? After the kid goes to College?” I asked.

“Oh God….Yes…but…..please Pete….it must stay a secret.” She told me as she playfully grabbed my jacket lapel.

I chuckled as I checked to see if anyone was watching; and satisfied they weren’t I kissed her full on the lips and slid my hand inside her coat to get a good handful of her tit.

“You randy bugger.” She giggled as she pulled away.

The afternoon flew by; as I packaged some pieces ready for the collection van the following day and even managed a sale; fondling Sandi’s tits when I went into the office. It was difficult taking my eyes off her when she walked across the shop floor; as her nipples were virtually exploding out of her thin shirt. By the time it came for Justin to leave at 4 I’d worked up quite a head of steam and my blood was already pumping into my dick.

Just as Justin left the shop a customer came in and bought two beds and some other bits and pieces. When I took the order to Sandi in the office I had another quick fumble of her tits as she placed the order on the computer much to her amusement; as the old lady was standing two feet away, with her back to the office window.

When I saw her to the door I checked the street outside and it was virtually empty so I dropped the grills on the windows and locked the plate glass door.

When I walked into the office Sandi was sitting sexily, cross legged in her swivel chair with her arms outstretched along the desk.

“Well.” She smiled.

“Well, indeed.” I replied; as I began unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it from the waistband of her skirt; revealing a very sexy bra that emphasised her ample tits.

“Do you know what I fancy tonight?” I chuckled as she unbuttoned the cuffs and took her shirt off; neatly placing it behind her.

“What’s that, then?” She asked, sweetly dropping her chin to one side and looking coquettishly at me.

“A titty fuck!” I laughed as I jiggled her massive mammories.

“What?” She squinted her eyes and curled her lip; bonus veren siteler genuinely not understanding my request.

“Take your bra off; and I’ll show you.” I laughed as I pulled my polo shirt over my head and unbuckled my belt. Sandi was still looking quizzically at me; but was unhooking her bra anyway.

“Fucking hell!” I whistled as she sexily dropped the bra on the floor and pushed her chest out; “your tits are fucking fabulous. Are they real?”

“Sort of,” She smiled; “I had them pumped up a little bit two years ago; a Christmas present from hubby.”

By now I was pulling my trousers down to my ankles and my cock was straining to get out of my tight cotton pants. When Sandi saw the bulge she raised her eyebrows and grinned; more so when I pulled my pants down and it actually sprang upright.

Without a word I stepped forward and placed my dick between her mammories then squashed them against it before moving my hips up and down; which mad her laugh.

“Oh my, that looks so naughty!” She giggled as my knob end popped out of both its sleeve and her tits on the upward strokes.

“Stick your tongue out.” I told her as I held the back of her head and pulled it forward. She did as she was told; and my cock touched it on the next upward stroke.

“Aaaggghh!” She squealed and recoiled, laughing; but still keeping my dick between her luscious tits.

“Come on;” I urged, “stick it out again.” With a grin the size of Kansas Sandi poked her tongue out again and dipped her head forward without any help from me and giggled every time my dick touched it.

“Don’t you suck cock?” I asked as we continued our game. Sandi shook her head; “There are a lot of things I’ve never done.” Then raised her eyes and winked.

Not one to miss an opportunity I released my cock from its soft cage and rubbed it along her lips; “Do you want to try now?”

My married colleague nodded and kissed the tip; before licking it like a lollipop; first the velvet knobhead then long slurping strokes along the shaft.

“Don’t worry….I will be the teacher; now open wide.” I chuckled as I held my cock in one hand and the back of her head with the other. Sandi’s big brown eyes were twinkling as she parted her bright red lips.

I slowly slid my cock along her tongue and back out again; then repeated the exercise. “See,” I panted, as I watched my long dick fill her married mouth, “It didn’t hurt, did it?” Sandi gently shook her head. “Now; suck it and lick it while I play with your jugs.”

She playfully smacked my arse; but began eagerly sucking my dick.

“Fucking Hell!” I gasped at one stage as I tweaked her rubbery nipples, “That’s fucking amazing! Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Sandi was now in a Zen like state, automatically breathing through her nose as she gobbled my stiff rod and shaking my ball bag.

She slid it out but never let go as she kept kissing the shaft; “Tony has never asked…….he’s a bit shy like that. But I’ve wanted to do this ever since I was at school.” Then she went back to sucking it; accidentally deep throating me at one stage.

“You’d better stop.” I joked, “Or else I’m going to cum in your mouth.” The look on her face said that wouldn’t have been a problem; but that was for another day.

“Get your drawers off.” I told her as I sat on the spare chair. This had no arm rests; but still had castors; much easy for her to ride me.

While she was definitely a bedava bahis ‘bossy boots’ in the office; I was quickly realising she liked being Mastered during sex.

I sat tugging on my cock, as Sandi unzipped her skirt and folded it next to her shirt; then she had to bend over; letting her titties swing free as she started pulling down her tights and knickers. Now naked she looked at me for her next instruction.

“It’s all yours sweetpea; get on board the Love Train.” I sniggered as I waved my dick at her.

Sandi giggled with joy and raised her shoulders before stepping towards me and as she straddled my thighs; her pussy juices were hanging out like a spider’s web.

“Get a hold and guide it in.” I firmly told my married colleague. Sandi looked between her legs and took a grip on my dick before lowering herself onto my pink spike.

“Oh my God!” She gasped and closed her eyes as she sank all the way down until her fanny squelched.

“Now ride it; up and down.” I told her as I dug my fingers into the flesh of her augmented tits; which made her wince. Sandi slowly raised herself up but dropped back down quickly; letting out a big gasp when it bottomed out.

She didn’t need any more guidance so I buried my face in her tits; sucking on her nipples whenever she slowed down.

After a few minutes of furious fucking me she began to tire.

“Lift your legs up.”

She looked quizzically at me.

“Lift your legs up; this will be a laugh.”

When Sandi raised her legs I slid my hands under her knees. When I was sure I had a firm grip, I walked my chair forward, which made her giggle again; but when I got to the big metal cupboard at the side I curled my leg and raised a foot before propelling us backwards across the office.

Sandi squealed with delight; so I repeated it from the other side as she held her hands behind my neck. “Aaaagghhh….this is great!” She shouted on the fifth or sixth journey.

By now my balls were swollen beyond belief; so I told her to get off and bend over the desk.

Again she giggled and raised her eyebrows and shoulders like a little schoolgirl.

“Fucking hell; Sandi you’ve got a fucking sexy arse!” I complimented her as she ‘assumed the position’; legs wide apart, pussy dripping and tits pressed against the Formica.

“Uuughhhh,” she grunted as I slid my cock deep into her cunt with no finesse at all. I then held her hip with one hand and shook her arse cheek with the other as I battered her cunt with my pork dagger.

“Oh God….Oh God!” She kept gasping as I pulverised her insides until I felt a tingle in my toes and I knew my eruption was imminent. With my body pumping adrenalin; I nearly forgot to breathe as my fucking got even faster and harder; making her squeal…..”Yes…yes…yes!”

Then I shot what felt like a gallon of jizz deep into her womb; followed by another two or three squirts. As usual; the adrenalin disappeared in seconds leaving me gulping air into my lungs as I held my hand out and sat back on the chair as my legs had gone too weak to stand.

Shaking with excitement and nipples sticking out like diamonds as my spunk oozed out of her freshly fucked cunt, Sandi was shaking her head and grinning from ear to ear when she turned to face me.

“Bloody Hell!” She gasped and pointed at my sticky cock; “I can’t believe it; it’s still hard.” I shrugged my shoulders and looked down between my legs. It was still nicely stiff; but far deneme bonus from hard.

Her eyes were out on stalks as she sighed; “Tony’s normally disappears straight back into its shell after sex.”

I gave it a little shake and some specks of spunk and pussy juice fell off.

“Can I………suck it again?” She asked as she looked longingly at my dick.

“Be my guest.”

Sandi dropped to her knees and carefully held my cock between her fingers as she slowly licked all of our excess goo off it; even sucking some from my ball sack before filling her mouth with dick again. For someone who claimed never to have sucked a cock she was a quick learner; wrapping her tiny fingers around the shaft and wanking it as she greedily sucked my knob like a ten pound whore.

The blood soon filled my long cock; and although it was a bit sore; my married lover appeared keen to keep the session going.

Her fingers were soon stroking my shaft like a thousand butterflies as she nibbled on my ball sack; but it was her big brown eyes that intrigued me. She had them locked on mine as she lived out her fantasies; sucking and wanking my cock; minutes after it had filled her hot cunt full of spunk.

“What about you?” I asked as she wrapped her tits around my cock and sucked my knob again.

“Me?” She asked as she shook her tits.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Oh God; yes.” She giggled.

“Do you play with yourself?” I asked as I patted her face with my dick.

For the first time she looked away and nodded.

“What was that?” I laughed as I slapped her face with my dick; “What did you say?”

“Yes….yes…I do.” Sandi pouted.

“How often? I asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and maintained the sexy pout; before breaking into a mouth-watering grin; “”Not often….not as often as when I was a teenager.”

Still on her knees and stroking my cock she gave me her coquettish looked at me for guidance again.

“Lie down and show me how you bring yourself off with your fingers then.” I laughed as I stroked my cock.

My married colleague blew me a kiss as she rolled onto her back on the tattered rug that covered the office floor; before raising her knees and parting her legs; exposing a bright red gash still oozing spunk.

Without a word she began circling her quim with her fingers as she stroked a nipple. Her eyes were fixed on mine as I told her to push a finger into her sticky cunt. Her eyes rolled backwards as the finger slid up her quim.

“Faster!” I raised my voice as Mrs Frosty Knickers frantically fingered herself as her palm touched her engorged clitoris; making her let out a little gasp.

“Another finger.” I called out and she instantly complied; followed by a third when I demanded that too. Soon she was rocking side to side as her palm ground against her button with three well-manicured fingers deep in her cunt.

Now my cock was rock hard again, I had to give myself a proper wank. When she changed hands I made her sexily lick the goo off her hand as the other was a blur between her legs making her tits wobble like jellies.

Without thinking I was soon standing with my feet either side of hers and when she had an orgasm that looked like a convulsion; splashing something onto the rug, my second orgasm of the last half hour splashed down onto her tits.

As I gathered my thoughts I checked my watch to see it was past the official closing time. I helped Sandi to her feet and after a short giggling conversation we gathered our clothes and strolled naked through the shop to the toilets where we cleaned up and she gave me one last blow job; but I seriously struggled to get stiff; but she didn’t mind; she just wanted another mouthful of cock.

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Farm Helper, Part One: Turning Her Life Around

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Lara sighed heavily as she closed the door, leaning her back against it. She let her purse fall on the floor as she slowly pulled her coat off. Yet another day in the job she hated, working with people who drove her up the wall and for a boss who should’ve never been promoted to the position where he now was.She walked to her bedroom, unbuttoning her shirt and letting it fall on the floor. She looked around the room. It looked so empty now that she lived there alone. It felt weird, but she didn’t regret breaking up with her now ex-boyfriend, the relationship had never been truly good and she was better off on her own than with him. Lara pulled on a t-shirt and loose pants before walking to the kitchen, pulling a cold beer from the fridge, and crashing onto the couch.She sipped on her beer slowly, thinking about how badly she needed things to change. She hated her job, she couldn’t stand the idea of another day there. She wasn’t a huge fan of the city, either. Even though she had grown up in the suburbs not far from the city she didn’t feel at home there. Lara picked up her laptop and searched for open jobs.Office work, office work, telemarketing, office work… She kept scrolling through the ads lazily until one made her stop. Help needed at a farm. She opened the ad to read more about it. The job would include feeding the animals, cleaning, cooking and other miscellaneous tasks, no previous experience in farm work needed, and if needed, the person chosen for the job could live in a guest house that was located on the farm’s property.Lara had never even been to a farm, but for bahis şirketleri some reason, the ad got her excited. There was a phone number at the end of the ad with a note that people could call during the evenings. Lara rushed to get her phone, typed the number, and hit “call”.“Sunny Farm, this is Robert,” a deep voice answered.“Hello, my name is Lara, and I’m calling because I found your help needed ad online, is the position still open?” she asked, biting her lip as she waited for the man to answer.“Oh, yes it is. We haven’t gotten any calls about it. Are you interested in it?” Robert asked.Lara and Robert talked for a good half an hour. Robert assured her that she didn’t need any experience in farm work, she’d just do the smaller daily tasks that he and the other guys working there didn’t have time for. Lara asked about the guest house, and Robert explained that living there would be one of her work benefits, no rent would be collected from her.They hit it off well on the phone, and by the end of the call, Robert told her that they are excited to have her work with them.The first thing the next morning Lara walked into her boss’ office and handed in her two weeks notice.In the next two weeks, she sold almost all of her furniture, a lot of her clothes, and other possessions, and soon she was ready to head out to her new life at a farm. She packed her car full and with a wide smile on her lips she drove out of the city.It was 9 PM when she arrived at Sunny Farms. As she stopped at the end of the driveway she saw two men coming out of the big house. She stepped out of her bahis firmaları car.“Lara, I assume,” the older man smiled.“Yes, and you must be Robert,” Lara nodded.“It’s so nice to have you join our small group, we’ve been so excited ever since you first called,” Robert said as he shook her hand. He seemed to be a bit over fifty years old, he had a graying beard and he seemed very fit.“The feeling is mutual, I’m so happy to start a new life here in the countryside,” Lara smiled happily.“This is my son David, he lives with me and works here,” Robert gestured towards the younger man. Lara shook his hand, too. David looked a lot like his father, even though he didn’t have a beard and he was at least twenty years younger. He was very handsome, Lara couldn’t help but notice.“Nice to finally meet you,” David said with a small smile on his lips.“You must be starving after such a long drive,” Robert said.“I stopped for dinner at a roadside diner not too long ago, I’m still full, but I am really tired,” Lara told him.“Oh, well let us show you to your new home, David has cleaned that place from floor to ceiling, he’s made it look nice for you. The bed has been made for you, there are more clean sheets and towels in the cabinets, it should be all set for you to move in,” Robert explained as all three of them started to walk towards a smaller house on the other side of the wide yard.The guest house was adorable. It had a small kitchen and living room area, a bathroom with a shower and a bathtub, and a cozy bedroom. It had that farmhouse feel to it.“This is so beautiful, thank you so kaçak bahis siteleri much,” Lara gasped as he turned to look at Robert. “No problem, I’m happy to hear that you like it,” he nodded.“We can carry your belongings inside while you take a better look at your new home,” David said.“Oh, I can help you!” Lara said but David waved her off.“It’s no problem at all, you just relax, okay?” He smiled. Lara’s shoulders relaxed.“Okay,” she smiled.It took the men a couple of trips to carry every box and bag inside. As David placed the last bag on the couch he quickly looked Lara up and down before wishing her a good night. Both men headed to the bigger house while Lara started to get ready for bed.That night she slept better than she had in months.The next few days went by quickly as Lara learned all about her new job. David and Robert were by her side at all times, teaching her everything she needed to know. She also met Peter, who worked for Robert and lived nearby. All three men were so nice to her, they had a lot of fun together, it was nothing like any job she had ever had before.Lara had been working at Sunny Farms for a week when she was helping Peter clean up the buckets they used to feed the goats. They were rinsing them with a hose, scrubbing them clean, and setting them to the side to dry. Robert and David had left to buy some new parts for a tractor that needed to be fixed and they wouldn’t be back in a while.Peter was about thirty years old, Lara guessed he was about the same age as David, well built, and pretty handsome. They were talking about anything and everything as they worked. As Peter was hosing a bucket down it slipped out of his hand, and as he was trying to catch it he accidentally sprayed water all over Lara. She gasped as the cold water soaked her shirt, making it stick to her skin.

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