Hot for Teacher Ch. 09-10

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Chapter 9

Michelle, Susan, and Kim dined on a wonderful meal of lasagna, salad, and bread as the three sipped their wine enjoying their conversation about the day’s activities. It had only been three days since Michelle had agreed to the terms Lisa and Kim had laid out to avoid the pictures of her, engaged in lesbian sex acts, from being revealed. She had been drugged, blackmailed, and forced to engage in non-consensual sex acts but now she was beginning to long for the sting of her mistress’s whip. The soft caress of a woman’s touch and the sweet smell of pussy.

The last three days had perhaps been the most exciting and fulfilling of her life and she wanted more. If she had been the unwilling victim before, she was now possessed and couldn’t get enough of lesbian sex.

“Michelle was surprised this morning when I told her you were a photographer. After dinner, you should show her some of your work,” Susan said to Kim as she brought the delightful red wine to her lips, her eyes sparkling in the soft dim of the candlelight.

“Really? I’d love to show you,” Kim replied looking at the young school teacher. As Susan cleared the table, the two girls went into the den. Michelle sat in a loveseat, the same couch that just hours earlier she had seduced the waitress from the wine bar. Michelle was transitioning from a naive and submissive heterosexual woman to a skilled lesbian seductress.

In a short period of time she had been introduced to pleasure spots on a woman that she had never known existed. She had learned first hand how pain could be pleasurable in the hands of a talented mistress. Most importantly she was learning things about herself – that she was not the same woman she had been on Friday. There was a new Michelle and she was fast closing the door on the previous version.

Kim brought over three leather photo albums, setting two on the table and opening the first. Michelle was transfixed as she gazed at the photos of women, some scantly dressed in negligees and lingerie. Most however, had nude women, lounging in bed sheets, on furniture, or outdoors.

The women were various ages, some seemed to be in their thirties or forties while others could not be much older than eighteen or nineteen years old. The second album had more photos of women together, in various sex acts, kissing, fondling each other. Michelle felt her nipples harden at the photos of women holding each other in their arms, captured in a lover’s embrace. They were erotic but loving, innocent yet captivating.

As Susan walked into the room, she sat down in a chair directly across, still sipping on her merlot. “Show her that album hon’. That’s the one she needs to see,” Susan smirked as her finger pointed in the direction of the last album. Just the mention sent Michelle’s eyes to the soft leather book sitting on the table.

Kim hoisted it up and laid the heavy album across her lap. As she opened the first page, Michelle saw already what Susan was alluding to as a petty brunette woman was held tightly by chains. She recognized Susan’s rec room downstairs immediately. It was a playroom that she had become very familiar with over the last couple of days. She didn’t know the bound woman but Susan herself was unmistakable, captured with a whip in her hand as she disciplined the woman.

The woman was naked and had a ball gag in her mouth. She had seen this device among the toys downstairs on the table. She had clips on her nipples with a chain that went across her chest. Even in a picture she could make out the dark crimson welts that betrayed her mistress’s whip on her thighs and across her ass.

Her own pussy tingled at the thought. Initially the sting of the flogger hurt as each strand of leather teased her flesh sending signals from the nerves to her brain. But in the hands of Mistress Lisa, the pain was replaced by a wicked intense pleasure that bombarded her little clit.

Susan had never wielded the whip with her, but here was photo after photo of her disciplining young girls and even older women.

The women were whipped or experiencing some other type of punishment to their nipples or vagina. There was everything from candle wax to strapons and the camera captured it all as submissive women were photographed in every imaginable position.

Perhaps the most stunning was a picture of a young blonde, kneeling in what appeared to be a bathtub with Susan and Lisa standing over her, her face tilted up. Michelle stared and couldn’t believe her eyes but the photo was very clear. The two women standing over the young blonde were peeing on her. A stream of Susan’s urine was bouncing off her chest and erect nipples as Lisa soaked the young girl’s hair which was just beginning to mat around her face.

“They’re not….” Michelle started before she was interrupted.

“Yes,” came Kim’s one word response. “That’s Katherine, she goes to school here in town.”

“Holy shit,” Michelle breathed as she was totally entranced. She had never bursa escort seen anything like it, never even thought about it. But here was a woman giving herself totally over to Susan and Lisa. She wondered silently if they would ever do something like that to her. How would she react?

“There’s another album. Show her the new one you were putting together,” Susan interrupted as Kim moved the album over to Michelle’s lap. Kim walked over to a bookcase filled with a few more bound books as Chel turned the page of the album she had on her lap.

There were more pictures of Katherine as she knelt on her knees licking Lisa and another with Lisa fucking her pussy with a strapon as she was pictured having oral sex with another woman. Katherine appeared to be nineteen or twenty at best and was very pretty with short blonde hair and an hourglass figure. Michelle noticed a tattoo on the girl’s lower back and was drawn to it. It appeared to be a black panther or some such animal with a silver studded collar.

She reflexively reached up to her own neck feeling the collar that Susan had placed there a couple of nights ago. When she cut and styled her hair, after the waxing of her pussy and ass, she had placed a silver studded collar around Michelle’s neck instructing her not to take it off. She had worn it ever since to the dinner, massages, removing it only by permission to shower and then putting it back on. She had even slept in it. Now here was a picture of a similar collar in the picture.

She wasn’t sure of the significance until Susan, seeing her fixated on the pictures of Katherine chimed in. “We call her Kat. She’s a delightful angel. Reminds me of you in a way. Maybe you two can meet,” she purred.

Kim returned with a smaller book and handed it over to Michelle taking the other from her trembling hands. The pictures had aroused her and she felt herself getting worked up. But she was unprepared for the sight inside as she opened the album to find pictures of herself. They had obviously been taken the night at the conference. There she was in various states of undress as she stood in Lisa’s arms.

The pictures were similar to the one’s she had seen on her computer, but these were different. There were photos of her kneeling at Lisa’s feet, removing her panties, licking her mound, and sucking on the older woman’s breasts. The very thought that these images captured her first moments as a lesbian, the first pictures of her kissing another woman, going down on her first pussy, made her cunt wet.

“You know you photograph well,” Kim smiled as Chel turned the pages of one graphic picture after another. “Like Lisa said, you can have all these back after Friday. But I loved taking them. You’re so sexy,” Kim said as her hand closed over Chel’s on the book.

Michelle looked up and leaned over and kissed her lover on the lips. It was a short but passionate kiss. “I’d like copies but you can keep these. It’s exciting to know I’m in your collection.”

When Michelle had turned the page on the last picture, Susan announced she was ready for bed and stated that Michelle would join her in the bath and then demonstrate what she had learned from Mickie the masseuse earlier that day.

Susan had a large Jacuzzi tub and the women relaxed as the jets sent warm water rushing over their skin. Then it was on to bed where Michelle gave her first solo massage. She capped it off with her tongue as she gave Susan a nice tongue bath. When Susan flipped over on her back, she playfully reached up with her foot and traced Michelle’s breasts and her nipples with her toes.

Skillfully she pinched Chel’s nipples between her toes and when she had secured it, she pulled gently drawing a moan from Chel. When she raised her foot to Michelle’s lips, the young teacher instinctively kissed her big toe. She drew it into her mouth and closed her lips on it as Susan purred her approval.

She had never thought about the foot as an erogenous spot before but now she found herself kissing, licking, sucking on Susan’s pedicured toes. Sucking on them as if they were little cocks. Susan moved the other foot to her lips until they too had been pampered by Chel’s hungry little mouth.

But Michelle had bigger things in mind as she moved up Susan’s legs and settled on the prize between her thighs. Susan’s pussy was delicious as she buried her face in her mistress’s wet box. Encouraged by Susan she licked and probed with her fingers and tongue.

“Eat me, lick my pussy. Suck on my clit you dirty little dyke,” Susan barked.

Michelle picked up the pace. The dirty language, being referred to as a lesbian, a dyke turned her on. Just a few days before she had never given any thought to sex with another woman. Now she couldn’t imagine sex without a woman. She loved the taste of pussy, the touch of a woman’s tongue on her clit.

A woman was so much softer, gentle. She reached out and interlocked her fingers with Susan’s as she pressed her face hard between the woman’s bursa escort bayan thighs, sucking madly on her clit.

It pleased her that Susan was enjoying so much pleasure as she reached between her own legs and rubbed her clit.

“That’s right. Play with yourself as you eat me. I want us to cum together,” Susan groaned seeing the young teacher rubbing her fingers in her bare box. “You like that pussy don’t you baby. You like the taste of another woman?”

“Oh yes, I love it. I love your pussy. I love eating your pussy,” Chel said back in between mad licks of her hot cunt.

“Yea, you’ve become a talented little lesbian. Lisa wasn’t sure at first you would accept what you are, but you are, aren’t you baby… you’re one of us. You love pussy, you crave pussy, you have to have it. There’s no going back for you now is it hon’, you’re a lesbian just like me, and Kim, and Lisa. You’ll always be one… that’s what you are now,” Susan chanted as Chel worked her clit with her tongue.

“Yes, I’m a lesbian. I’m a fucking lesbian. That’s what you’ve made me. All of you have made me…that’s what I am now,” Chel groaned as she smashed her face harder between Susan’s thighs, her own fingers now plunging into her dripping pussy.

Susan let go of her hand as she grabbed her by the hair, smashing her hard into her thighs as her legs closed over the girl’s face almost suffocating her. Susan came hard and released her grip only to pull the young girl up her chest until they faced each other. Susan kissed Michelle, the young girl’s mouth yielding to her tongue which explored her freely.

The older woman slid a leg between Michelle’s and allowed their pussies to rub together, sliding as if one as her right hand cupped Michelle’s ass cheek and pulled her in. Michelle could feel the heat of Susan’s cunt on hers as well as the juices which dripped down her bare thigh.

Michelle sucked on it as their lips rubbed together in a passionate embrace. Michelle felt so loved, so right as Susan’s arms held her tight. She had admitted to Susan she was a lesbian and she had no doubt herself. She loved Ryan. He meant the world to her but somehow she knew things could never be the same. She had experienced what it was like to be with a woman and she didn’t want to go back to a man. No man could ever make her feel like she had with Kim, Susan, and Lisa.

Susan reached over and flicked off the lamp on the nightstand as darkness filled the room. Michelle nestled her head between Susan’s soft breasts. She could feel the pointy nipple against her cheek as she moved slightly and positioned it to her lips. She sucked on it gently as a soft moan of approval slipped from Susan’s mouth.

She wondered if it could always be this way. She had never been happier. Even if it meant people at school finding out, perhaps losing her job, she would prefer that to life without the touch of a woman. She knew there was no turning back now and soon her boyfriend, her friends and her family would know about her lifestyle decision. She would tell them. She wasn’t afraid. In fact, she could not be happier as she closed her eyes and fell asleep in the arms of her mistress.

Chapter 10

Michelle woke to Kim’s voice, “Rise and shine sleepy head. Damn, don’t you look sexy…wait…” she said as she shuffled out of the room and returned seconds later with her camera.

“No, don’t I must look a mess,” Michelle sighed as she pulled the satin sheet over her head.

“Are you kidding, you look really good. Look at me,” Kim shot back.

Michelle removed the sheet and looked at Kim who began moving around the room with her camera. “Lower the sheets. Show me a little.”

Michelle laughed and then lowered the sheet just to the tips of her breasts and then teasingly dropped it as if to flash her. Kim’s camera clicked away as Michelle rolled over the sheet, sticking out her foot and leg.

“That’s it, tease me, give me just a little at the time,” Kim instructed.

Michelle who was playing at first begin to take it a little more seriously as she raised up exposing her breasts, then pulled the sheets tight between her legs, exposing more and more of herself until she was fully naked lying in the mass of white bedding.

She stared back at Kim as she cupped her large breasts in her hands, teasingly, slowly she brought a nipple to her mouth.

“Fuck, that’s it. That’s a girl. I love it. Seduce me, make me want to attack you,” Kim went on as Michelle sucked on her own nipple and then let a finger slip between the wet folds of her bare cunt. Kim in the meantime was moving all around the bed taking picture after picture as Michelle raised up on her hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder. Her fingers opening her vagina, exposing herself to Kim and her camera.

Michelle had a delicious ass and she dropped her back raising her cheeks high in the air before she rolled over opening her legs wide playing for the lens until Kim could stand it no escort bursa longer. She set the camera down on the vanity and slid on top of Michelle as they met in a long lingering kiss.

“You are wicked, you know that?” Kim whispered as she kissed the girl all over her face.

“Yea, well you made me that way,” Chel answered back.

“C’mon, get up. Susan sent me to get you. Lisa’s on her way over and Susan wanted you to get a bite before we get started,” Kim said before slapping the girl’s naked butt.

“Get started on what? What do you have in store for me today?” Michelle retorted.

“I’m sure those two have plenty,” Kim responded back.

Michelle started off down the hall behind Kim. She didn’t bother to slip on a t-shirt or robe as she would likely be naked later anyway. She poured herself a coffee and grabbed a strawberry yogurt out of the fridge joining Susan and Kim in the dining room. There was just a bit of small talk before all three heard Lisa’s car pull up in the drive and seconds later her mistress walked through the door.

The girls sat around having breakfast and catching up on the previous day until Lisa instructed Michelle to go downstairs and prepare for them. She understood this meant to put on her restraints as well as choose an appropriate plug for her ass.

Michelle was surprised when Susan and Lisa walked down the steps wearing what they had on for breakfast. She expected either the leather corsets or maybe even the strapon. Instead, Lisa appeared to be dressed for work but she still took time to fasten the chain to the wrist restraints and pulling her arms over her head.

Instead of the weighted nipple clamps, Susan chose a pair of clamps that had a vibrator in it and attached it instead to her erect little nubs. Susan then slipped off her top leaving her in a pair of thong panties exposing her breasts and her own nipples which were beginning to harden.

Michelle glanced over and saw Kim taking a position a few feet away. Her camera in hand, this time to take pictures of Michelle being disciplined. Chel’s pussy twitched at the thought of her torment captured on film. Her photos would join the others in Kim’s album. Other women would likely see her body teased and taunted by Mistress Lisa’s whip. Her nipples tormented and stretched by Susan.

Lisa retrieved her flogger, her preferred instrument of pain with Michelle. She swished the whip allowing it to crash against her pants leg, again and again as she walked around Michelle. “So Susan said you confessed something to her last night. You want to tell me about it,” Lisa asked.

Michelle’s gaze was fixed on Susan and she knew exactly what she was talking about. “I told Mistress Susan that I was a lesbian. I know now that’s what I am,” Michelle said back, her eyes never leaving Susan’s.

“Are you sure? Are you sure you’re not bi or something. Some girl who prefers women but still likes little dicks” Lisa shot back.

“No mistress, I’m sure,” Michelle answered.

Michelle heard just a warning swish before she felt the sting of the leather braids across her ass. “How do I know you’re not lying. Lying like you did last Friday. Just saying what you thought I wanted to hear,” Lisa demanded.

The piercing whack of Lisa’s whip was met by the clacks from Kim’s camera as frame after frame advanced.

“I am not lying but Mistress can beat me more if she likes. My body belongs to you. You may treat it as you wish,” Michelle said as faced the camera staring into the lens.

Lisa was standing behind the young teacher and was taken back by the response. She wasn’t quite prepared for Michelle to give in so completely, so quickly. “So you are sure you are a lesbian. Not some chicks who still gets their kicks on an occasional little prick,” Lisa questioned.

Michelle simply nodded. “And what about this boyfriend of yours. Is that over?,” Lisa asked directly.

“I love him but it’s a different kind of love now. Like you have for a brother or a friend. I know what I am and I can never be what he would want. I’m a lesbian now and always will be. There will always be a place in my heart for him but I’ll never be with him again,” Michelle added.

“That sounds definite. And what is it you want?” she asked walking around the girl to face her.

“I want to belong to you. I want to continue to be with you. With Mistress Susan and Kim. I’ve never been happier,” Michelle said, tears starting to drop from her eyes.

“You understand pet that Susan and I have lots of young girls like you. I would be happy to add you but there are many already. However, I would be happy to continue in our training. Is that what you would want?” Lisa said as she brushed the tassels of the flogger across Michelle’s nipples.

“Oh yes mistress. I would like that more than anything. I would do anything you asked,” Michelle said, the tears now streaming down her cheeks.

“Very well, but understand we have many conditions and our rules may seem harsh but they are the price one pays to be our little lesbian slut and that’s what you want to be, isn’t it?” Lisa purred.

“Oh yes mistress. I want that more than anything. I will do anything you ask,” Michelle shot back.

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A Breath of Perversion

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(A note that I am not promoting this kind of behavior; domination, adultery, blackmail, etc. These themes are used only to shock and maintain suspense, not to offend. None of the characters or events are real, obviously, and I look forward to exploring more extreme ideas in the future… maybe. This is my first effort in quite a while and is not connected with the Scared Stiff series or the “To Live Forever” novellas I have previously written).


It was four years ago today, the news came as a shock to everyone in my family. We had been friends with the Grays for many years, and it was hard to believe that both Daniel and his son Max were gone. Max had been my best friend since we were three, and we had done everything together worth remembering, it seemed.

Max left a mother and two sisters behind, and though I had seen them less and less over the years, I couldn’t help but dread seeing their sad faces at the funeral. I wished so much that the nightmare would just be over with, and I could go on trying to forget them. Despite my clouded mind, I ended up having to endure the funeral to its full extent on account of my mother being such a loyal friend to Mrs. Gray, or Anna, as we call her. It was one of the toughest things I ever had to do, watching these three women who I thought of as my other family cry uncontrollably at the feet of the fresh graves. It feels like so long ago now, a memory of a distant life.

My family and I remained good friends with the remaining three Grays, and we often went over on weekends to their house to keep them company. Over time, we all worked to get past the deaths of our loved ones.

Chapter One

It was a little over a year ago that something changed. It was during the move. Anna and her two daughters, Liz and Katrina, had decided collectively that it was time to leave their home full of memories and get a smaller place just outside of town. I was called upon to help them pack one night, and I would be doing most of the heavy lifting in the morning. I agreed, of course, not being able to deny these poor ladies in their time of need, and I arrived just after supper to start sorting through my rested friend’s items.

“Remember this?” Anna and I sat on the floor looking through a bunch of Max’s belongings in his old room. She held up a small picture of Max and I, it had been our first day of kindergarten. I gave a half smile, not wanting her to get too emotional and cry.

“Yeah, I have a few of those left.”

“I always loved this picture,” she stared at it sullenly, her expression wavered from sad to empty. I wondered if she had really gotten over it at all, or if she had even tried to move on with her life before her decision to move. It was then that I noticed her wedding ring still glinting in the light on her finger. Perhaps she still wasn’t ready to take such a big step. She was a slight and pale older woman, her hair still black as the day we’d all met. She always wore these ridiculously long and colorful skirts and baggy overshirts. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean, and I found it hard to believe they were real at times. I remember a time when she was always happy. Always had things to talk about, and whether you’d known her all your life or for only a moment, she’d keep your mind possessed with her captivating notions.

That time was over, I could see then and there.

“You still wear your ring.”

“Mmhmm,” she was distant, off in another world as she stared at the picture. Her trance lasted another moment, “I’ll never love again. There’s no reason to take it off.”

I could say nothing to that, for it was clear she was serious. I hadn’t meant that she should try to forget him, I merely supposed that a widow had certain needs to fulfill that would be difficult to achieve while wearing such a trinket. Now, Anna was not the type who embarrassed easily, and I could have said it in just those words without feeling awkward, but I couldn’t possibly interrupt her moment of reminiscence so intrusively.

“Did he ever have sex?” her question caught me offguard.

“Uh…” her eyes pierced through my own. “Yeah, there was one girl.”

“What was her name?”

“Julie,” I lied. The reason I was forced to do so was because the one girl he had managed to sleep with in his short life had been a girl Anna had hated for many years.

“Did they have something special?”

“I think so,” it was a fling.

“I wonder why he kept it from us…” she looked at the picture again for another few seconds and then tossed it aside. “You can have the picture if you’d like,” she offered.

“Mom!” the call of Katrina came from a distant room. “I’m sleeping at Reala’s tonight!”

“Thanks for your help, sweetie!” Anna shot back sarcastically. “Jeez,” a smile formed across her lips, and for a moment it felt like she was back to her old self. “So reliable, those girls.”

“They both leave?”

“Yep, Lizzy left an hour ago. Hasn’t even begun to pack yet, bursa escort the bugger.”

I laughed at this. You could never expect any more from that girl. Lizzy was twenty now, and Katrina was almost nineteen, which I found hard to believe then, knowing them since they were babies. Even harder to believe now that they’re a full year older than that!

“Thanks for your help, again, Caleb.”

“Don’t even mention it,” I stood to stretch.

“I’ll go make your bed up,” she rose from her kneeling position and headed off.

I poked around the familiar room a few minutes more, remembering all the time I had had at this old house. It was not long before I could hear her whimpering from the other room, desperately trying not to let me hear it. What could I have said to make it better, though? Nothing. All I could do at that moment was sit on the bed that hadn’t been used in three years and wait for her to come back.

When she did, I was instructed on what things to rummage through next and we were on our own for the next couple hours. The next time I saw her she announced her sleepiness and retired to her room for the night. I stayed in the guest room, something I had done many times in my life, and tried desperately to get some sleep.

Chapter Two

Three hours had passed by and I still couldn’t find sleep. I just wasn’t tired, and I just needed something to do to waste the hours away. I quickly and quietly headed out of the guest room towards the basement to watch television when I heard sounds of cupboards closing from the kitchen. Curiously, I crept up behind Anna and waited for her to feel my presence.

“Can’t sleep?” she asked without even looking at me. Somehow, she just knew I was there.

“Not tired,” I confessed.

“I was… then I got thinking about not being here ever again,” she was groggy and her hair was a mess, but she still could have passed for 35 years old in the dim kitchen light. She just never seemed to age in all these years, yet so much had happened.

“Maybe it’ll be better,” I suggested.

“For the girls’ sake, I hope so,” she continued to rummage through the cupboards, I wasn’t paying attention to what it was she was trying to do. All I could do was watch her movements, wondering suddenly what it would be like if those pale and soft hands were to be on me. I had certainly never looked at her in such a light before, of course, but it was something about the change of circumstances. She just seemed so vulnerable, nothing like the mother figure I had come to know through my years of childhood. There was no doubt in my mind that out of loyalty to our family she would have done anything for any of us if we needed it, at any time, yet I had never considered the possibility that she may need me someday.

“And what about you?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Strong words from someone who’ll never love again.”

She stopped moving around and looked at me, some sort of recognition that escaped me. Perhaps I had caught her off guard, and had made a strong case.

“I don’t need a man anymore.”

“I’m sure you could use one for some things,” I tried not to sound too obvious in my implications, but I had obviously failed.

“You mean sex,” she smiled in that cunning way she does.

“Erm… uh, amongst other things.”

“Not everyone needs sex, Caleb. Besides, I had my fill over the years.”

“You mean… you haven’t done it since he died?” I was too shocked to leave it alone now. She wasn’t the most gorgeous older woman in the world, but jeez!

“Haha,” she pretended to be embarrassed, but I have yet to see that woman blush in my life. “Well, who would I have done it with?”

“Any single man in existence?” My suggestion was strong, but probably true.

“Oh, no. I don’t get out at all anymore and I’d feel so wrong doing such a thing with a stranger.

“Well how about with me?” my heart jumped in my throat and I almost immediately regretted saying anything. I was just so lucky that of all the people I knew, I was dealing with her, the one person who could make light of any situation imaginable.

“Oh, stop,” she laughed. “Your mother would kill me and she would probably kill you too for having even suggested it.”

“I didn’t hear a no,” I smiled back, instantly feeling a bit more at ease by her reaction. “And she’d never know.”

“Haha!” her head swung back and she beamed a wider smile than I’d seen on her in a long while. “I could never do that and you know it! It seems like just yesterday when you were still a little baby,” she stepped forward and pinched my cheeks teasingly, probably still not convinced that I was serious.

“Doesn’t that make it all the hotter?” I took her hands from my face and held them in my own, staring straight into her eyes until she realized my true intentions.

“Caleb are you crazy?” her voice went high pitched in playfulness.

I will take a moment now to admit to you that yes, it did take me this bursa escort bayan long to realize she wouldn’t get the point until I made a move. I let go of her hands and slowly came in for a kiss, closing my eyes and pressing my body tighter and tighter to hers.

“Mm,” her short gasp sent a chill up my spine, now she understood. In truth, the 4 second kiss lasted longer than I’d expected, for this was bound to be difficult.

“Caleb, you can’t be serious!” she was a little more serious looking now, but her smile had failed to completely vanish. I’m sure she thought it was cute in a way. At that point I felt her hands trying to push me away.

“Why not?”

“Because it’s wrong! I could never betray your mother like that.”

“That’s why she’ll never know.”

“Caleb…” the smile died.

I grabbed her hands from my chest and brought them back to my face, kissing the palms in unison and then pressing our hungry mouths together again. It may sound to you like an unconvincing scene, or a very failing attempt, but I knew exactly how to deal with her. She was unlike anyone else, and at that moment, I had to have her.

Her hands rested on my face now, her resistance delayed another short while. This time it was I who broke the kiss to say what I needed to:

“I want to have sex with you, Anna,” I breathed into her face.

“We can’t…” her words were a whisper now.

“This is how I’m going to pay you back for all those years you took care of me,” I softly bit at her lower lip.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she said to herself in shock, almost repulsion. “How long have you wanted this?”

“My entire life,” I lied, but I felt no shame about it at all. I wanted her now, and I wanted it to be wrong. She loved the idea that I had a crush on her, but taking it anywhere was something she was very unsure of.

“You liar,” she tried to smile again.

I inched her closer to the counter, kissing her mouth on our war across the floor. She barely did anything, not able to decide what to do. When her ass hit the wall of the counter, my right hand slid down and underneath her housecoat. I found her panties and delved inside with my fingers. She was leaking a warm liquid, and she gasped when she realized what I was doing to her.

“Caleb!” there was nowhere for her to go now. I clogged her mouth with mine, not wanting to hear her protests, only her soft moans.

“Hmm!” her hand reached for the back of my head, and I knew now that I had succeeded in seducing her. With my other hand I pulled down my pants with a bit of difficulty and guided her left hand to it. I couldn’t believe how soft that first contact felt, it was almost inhuman. I was already so turned on that the pre-cum was already free flowing from the tip of my head. She didn’t grab and yank at the foreskin like so many other women do, no… she just let the shaft brush softly against her tender palm, using her fingers to spread the sticky substance around it.

“Fuck!” I gasped, too far gone to be embarrassed by my short timing. Her breathing was short and loud, and her eyes were shut as tight as could be. “I’m gonna cum!” I warned, she could only breathe her response. Now her grip tightened slightly and her jacking speed increased severely. I came in her hand so vulnerably I thought I could never let go, her own orgasm sweeping over her at the same time. She rubbed the tip lovingly for another few seconds, and then regained her composure.

“Oh my god,” she was nearly in tears by the sounds of it.

“Anna,” she was off to her room in a panic before I could do or say anything more. It seemed my plan had not been so perfect after all.

Chapter 3

Of course I wasn’t about to let it go, not now. I had been sitting upon the counter for a good while reflecting on the events just passed, thinking about what I would do next, but time seemed to creep by at a quickening pace and I had yet to move from my perch.

I hoped that my next move could take place while she slept, but I wouldn’t know until I tried, and the longer I waited, the better my chances were. I wish I could say something interesting happened in that time, like perhaps some other possible ideas that went through my head on how to finish seducing her. I can’t. I had nothing.

It was probably about an hour later when the next phase took place. I turned all the lights off in the rest of the house and went to Anna’s room. Slowly, quietly, I reached for the doorknob and opened it. I could hear her controlled breathing, and knew right away that so far, she was asleep. When I was in the dark room, I closed the door silently so that my eyes could better adjust to the darkness.

I couldn’t see her at all. She was completely covered by the blanket. That ruled out crawling in beside her.

Carefully, I pulled the bottom of the blanket upward to allow myself under. I won’t recount how hard it was not to wake her up at this stage, all I will say is that it escort bursa took more patience than you can imagine. It was just my luck that her legs happened to be parted widely enough for me to squeeze between them.

Oddly enough, it was at this point that I began to rethink the entire plan, just when there was no way of going back. Here was the woman who in many ways helped raise me, and probably remembered me most fondly from my early years. It was no wonder she may find the whole affair so disturbing, and now… I was risking the entire relationship just to get some. But was this more than just a stupid attempt to get laid? No, it had to be more. She meant more than that, surely. My mind strayed to thoughts of penetrating her, something I had hoped wouldn’t happen so prematurely. It wasn’t right, not when there was so much more to accomplish here first.

Taking a few last deep breaths, I pressed my hands to her panties, feeling my way up to the straps, and softly hoisted them down her legs.

“Mmm,” a soft moan escaped her and her entire body shifted to lay on her left side. I was barely able to get out of the way, and I was sure she would wake any second. But after a moment of waiting, she stirred no longer. And my plan was fucked. I had no way to access her pussy, and thus, I couldn’t have her wake up while halfway to orgasm. And to turn back now, there was still the risk she could wake up as I left her bed.

Fuck it, was all I could think.

I slid my way up the bed to face her silently sleeping body, moved in close to her, and softly began sucking at her lip. My hand reached around her body, massaging her back as my mouth tried to softly wake her. She let another soft moan escape her as she suddenly began to wake. Before she could fully awaken, her mouth had begun to kiss me back, and my tongue thrust its way inside to meet with hers once again.

“Caleb,” she whispered, not able to resist her body’s temptation.

“I’m going to have you,” I whispered back, taking her face in my palms and forcing her onto the flat of her back. She still did not resist.

“Why are you doing this?” her whispers were barely audible.

I could think of a million reasons at that moment, but perhaps they all led back to one: I was young and horny, and she was the object of my desire at this moment.

I kissed my way around her face, her skin was so smooth and soft it made me nuzzle against it. I moved down her neck, my hand reaching down to her cunt as I quickly found the little entrance to her being. She was only wearing her bra and panties, it was just that easy. I undid her bra and started sucking at her left nipple, her hands guiding my head now as I began to finger fuck her.

I couldn’t take it any longer, her breasts were not enough to fill my animal lust. I moved down further and pulled off her panties, revealing her sweet, beautiful vagina. My tongue lunged for her clit and my fingers moved in and out, her juices were already flowing into my suckling mouth. I needed more.

‘C…Caleb!” she moaned as I sucked furiously at her twat, each small gush of water urged me to lap her faster, and more forcefully. She moaned freely now, quietly but at a quickening pace. I wanted her to cum, needed her to cum at the will of my tongue. Eventually her body went rigid, and strained as she shook uncontrollably. I never knew women to cum in such gushes before, but a salty mixture came in waves into my mouth, warmly streaming its way down my swallowing throat.

When her orgasm subside I lunged my mouth towards hers, hoping to sustain the passion that had taken place long enough for me to get mine. The lust had completely taken over now, and we groped at one another like wild animals, our loud breathing pushing us on and on and on!

Upon the realization that I had her at my whims, I pulled down my pants and revealed my long, quivering cock to her face.

“Take it, Anna,” I whispered hoarsely. “Suck me,”

She complied right away, taking my firm member her both her loving hands and wrapping her lips around the leaking head. I moaned as her mouth spread my thick pre-cum down the shaft.

“Oh, fuck!” I let out my frustration, knowing that once again I was too excited to last long. “I can’t!”

But she knew! Somehow… she knew exactly what had agitated my nerves, and removed her mouth from me.

“Shhhhh,” she cooed.

“Anna,” I felt my building orgasm subside, slightly, knowing that to return to her gentle mouth meant its instant regain.

“It’s okay, baby,” she assured me. “Just relax and let it flow.”

She cupped my sack with her one hand then, and with the other curled her soft finger around my lubricated shaft. Placing her mouth around the head once more, she moved her hand softly up and down while simultaneously massaging my balls. I felt my orgasm begin to overtake me, and it was then that her tongue began to lap carefully at the very tip.

I shot the biggest load of cum in my life down her throat, or at least, it felt like it. Her soft moans hummed through the air as she milked me completely dry. She never let go until she was sure she had squeezed every drop from me, and when she had, I collapsed on top of her.

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BDSM Bandits Story 01

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Adorable Teen

BDSM Bandits: Victims

Trevor Winslow felt like he was swimming in quicksand. At least his brain felt that way. He was trying to fight his way through the black void of unconsciousness, and back into the light of day.

But it was night wasn’t it? He thought it was night. Yes it was night when he lost consciousness. It was nighttime and the last thing he remembered was..? Was..? He couldn’t remember what he had been doing. The veil of darkness was too thick, and though his brain was awake he could not yet connect to the world.

Focus on remembering, he kept telling himself. He knew that he needed to wake up, and felt that he needed to do so urgently, but the reason was not there yet. Almost like trying to put a name you can’t remember together with a face that you can’t even see. It was maddening. Focus, he chided himself again. What is the last thing you remember?

Friday, it was Friday and I had gone to pick up Mother at her lingerie store because her car was being serviced…

“Hi, Mom, are you almost ready?” Trevor said as he walked into the store.

“You’re early, Trevor, its only 8:30. We don’t even close for another thirty minutes.”

Trevor looked around the store as he walked toward the back register. Along with his mother, Gail, were Sherri and Emma, two college girls who worked part time in his mother’s lingerie store. He also noticed two customers in the store, probably a couple based on the way that the man was standing up front looking very uncomfortable, while the woman was busy holding up teddies, camisoles, and lacy peignoirs in front of a mirror.

Trevor knew that he was early, but he enjoyed watching his mother and the girls as they worked around the shop. His mother was tall (5′ 10″), thin, and beautifully elegant. She reminded him of Lauren Bacall in Key Largo only with Blonde hair. She wore a black and white pencil dress, with paisley accents, that fit her like a second skin and ended just above her knee. It had a slit up the back that flashed the occasional bit of thigh, and if you looked closely, as Trevor did, you could make out the clasps of her garter belt where they attached to the stockings she wore. With no visible panty or bra lines, Trevor’s cock stiffened slightly at the thought that his mother might be naked beneath the dress. He quickly chastised himself and moved further into the store.

Walking to the counter at the rear of the showroom, he took a seat on the small stool beside it, and reflected at just how strong a woman his mother was. Gail Winslow had opened the Lingerie store, with her husband, when Trevor was only 4 years old, and had been running it for fifteen years. When Trevor was thirteen, his father had run off with most of the company’s money, and one of the cashiers. In true British fashion, his mother had put on a brave face and stiff upper lip, but he had listened to her cry herself to sleep for months afterward. Once the crying stopped, she had devoted herself to Trevor and the business, and never looked back.

“Oh hell, where have they hit now?” Sherri asked, breaking him from his reverie.

“Where have who, hit now?”

Trevor contemplated the coed, with her bobbed brunette hair, and petite frame. He told her once that she looked like Audrey Hepburn and her only response had been, “Who?” Unfortunately Trevor knew that Sherri was an unabashed lesbian, so no matter what praise he may offer about her exquisitely tight body, it wouldn’t get him any closer to seeing that body in all of its glory. He might as well be pining for the moon.

“The bandits” she replied indicating the news report just coming over the radio, “Don’t you watch the news?”

Trevor just looked at her blankly, so she picked up a nearby newspaper and began to read aloud from it.

“Late Tuesday night, the Bondage Bandits struck again. This time venturing outside of Georgia for the second time during their 4 month long crime spree, and striking a small hardware store near Piedmont, Alabama. This is the tenth robbery so far that can be attributed to the bandits and authorities seem to have no leads in the case. Other than the bound state in which the victims are left, there seems to be no real pattern to the crimes. The robberies usually take place around closing time for each establishment and the businesses are left looking as if all is normal once the bandits have fled. The one thing that ties all of the crimes together is the way the victims are treated. In every case they have been found stripped naked and tied up, often in sexual positions. The robbers take cash and incidentals, but leave the store looking as if it has merely closed for the night. In several cases, the bandits have even turned on the security alarms before locking up the stores.”

“Tied up in sexual positions? What exactly does that mean?”

“Well, I know in one of the robberies there were two men and two women at the store, and they tied them up like they were in the sixty-nine position.”

“That could bursa escort be interesting!”

“They were tied together by gender, and one of them said, ‘It doesn’t matter whether you are straight or not, but spend 8 hours like that and something is bound to happen.”

“What you mean the two guys…?” Emma questioned.

“That is what it sounded like.”


Sherri laughed as the bleach blonde Emma wrinkled her nose in disgust at the thought. Emma was a typical Midwestern cheerleader type. High maintenance and built like a frat boy’s wet dream: 38D tits, 24 in waist, ass like Fergie, and long, long legs. Sherri and Emma were truly polar opposites, although Sherri’s 32C breasts looked just as huge as Emma’s, on her petite frame. Although Sherri’s bob cut gave her a slightly butch look, she was anything but, Sherri loved women not because she hated men, but because she loved women; their soft flesh, tender touch, their look, their taste, their feel, she loved it all! Emma on the other hand clung to the appearance of a good little religious girl, but she loved the feel of a man between her legs. That being said Emma was no slut, and any man lucky enough to share her bed did so only after proving that he could provide for her properly.

“Ms. Sherri, Ms. Emma, we still have a lot of work to finish tonight, chop, chop.” Gail chimed in attempting to restore order.

As the girls scampered back to work, Trevor forced himself to look away since he didn’t want to embarrass himself by walking around in front of his mother with a full-fledged hard on rather than just a chubby. His mother had never been prudish about sex, making sure that he was well educated on safety precautions, and how to treat a woman as a lady, but sex was not an everyday topic of conversation with her either. Picking up the paper, he began to read the article to himself from where Sherri had left off.

The FBI has been brought in, now that the Bandits had crossed a second state line. Beginning in Georgia they have also struck just across the border into South Carolina. Police suspect that they live in the Atlanta area and have set up a hotline for anyone with information. Witnesses have described them as being a Caucasian man and woman in their mid to late twenties. Although they are described as polite, they have been violent on several occasions, and they use firearms in the commission of their crimes. They seem to strike small and medium sized businesses where the cash take is not very high, but the number of employees is easy to track.

What does any of this have to do with anything? This doesn’t explain why I can’t wake up. Focus… How did you end up this way?

Time passed quickly as the three ladies went about preparing to close the store for the evening.

“I’m sorry folks but we are about to lock up, so if you could bring your selections to the counter, it would be greatly appreciated.” Gail informed the customers.

When Sherri and Emma had finished straightening out the store and running the vacuum they joined Gail at the register, as the young couple made their way to the back of the store.

“So why do you think they do it? What are they getting out of it?” questioned Sherri.

“What do you mean? Who?” responded Emma?

“You know, the “Bondage Bandits”” making air quotes around her head as she did so, “Why tie people up that way?”

Everyone was now standing around the register as the young lady placed her selections on the counter.

The young man reached into his pocket as he leaned toward Emma.

“We do it because we get off on it of course, and we prefer BDSM Bandits.” He said quietly.

Emma looked up quickly as the customer’s each produced a handgun and the man told everyone to remain calm and quiet. Gail quickly stepped between the gunmen and her cashiers to protect them. As the man lifted his gun and leveled it at Trevor’s mother, he decided to act. Leaping from the stool he dove toward the gunman. With a quick sidestep the gunman was able to avoid Trevor’s grab, and brought the pistol down hard on the back of his head.

…well that explains being unconscious, so why can’t I wake up?

He felt like he was slowly beginning to crawl out of the black. He still couldn’t move, speak, or open his eyes, but he became acutely aware of a sense of warmth along his chest and on the front of his legs, but it was hottest on his semi-hard penis. Suddenly consciousness washed over him, like breaking the water’s surface after diving to the bottom of the pool, and he bolted awake.

“Oh Trevor, thank God you are alright.” His mother cried out.

Still disoriented, everything was a blur, but his mother’s voice seemed to be right in his ear. “Yeah just a bit out of it, are you okay?”

“Yes, baby. Other than an extreme loss of dignity, we are all fine. It was you I was worried about. I thought you might have been dead until…”

“Until what?”

Trevor still could not focus enough to bursa escort bayan grasp the situation. Where was his mother, anyway? He thought to himself. It sounded like she was below him somewhere.

Picking a spot below him, he stared at it and shook his head until his eyes finally regained their focus. He could see his mother’s long blonde hair, and the smooth skin of her back beneath him.

“Oh my god, mother, why are you naked?”

Suddenly Trevor was fully awake and aware of his mother beneath him. He could feel her warm skin pressing against his abdomen and the front of his thighs, meaning that the warmth against his penis was her vagina. His immediate instinct was to rise up and pull away from her, but as he tried he felt a rope tightening around his neck, restraining him. Slumping back forward, while trying not to touch his mother, he tried to take in their situation.

“Mother, what is going on, and where are Sherri and Emma?”

“Over here”, a voice cried out from off to his right.

Looking to his right he could see both of the girls. Sherri was lying on her back on the floor, resting on what looked like a pile of soft fabric, and Emma was tied above her. He could see that Emma’s knees were tied tightly underneath of Sherri’s head, but also tied tightly to Sherri’s arms. Following her arms up, Trevor could see that her hands were tied by a rope that ran around Emma’s waist, giving it the look that Sherri was hugging the other girl tightly. He had to assume that Emma was tied similarly on the other end, but what really caught his eye was Emma’s perfect ass and shaved pussy hovering just inches from Sherri’s face. Trevor looked a little too long, and felt his cock begin to rise until it contacted with the smooth cleft of his mother’s vagina, only then did he fully comprehend his own situation.

Gail had been tied below him on all fours. They were perched atop an old table in the storage room in the back of his mother’s shop. Her hands and knees were tied directly to the table’s legs in a crisscrossing pattern that rendered them completely immobile. A small wooden bench, from one of the changing rooms, had been placed beneath her so that she was unable to move down toward the table and could only pivot back a forth slightly. Trevor’s hands hand been tied together with a rope that ran below the table. Though it gave him more room to move, he quickly discovered that he could not reach any of the other ropes with either hand. His legs had been tied together with his mother’s , her knees resting just outside of his own, and he had a rope tied around his neck that tightened if he tried to raise up too far or move back too far. The rope ran below the table and then connected to his feet on the other end. The result being, that if he struggled too much against it, it would put pressure on the arteries in his neck. Rather than cutting off his breathing, it would restrict the flow of blood to his brain and cause him to pass out again.

“Trevor,” his mother spoke, “I realize that you are young and that hormonal reactions are hard to control, but let’s do try and be aware of the precarious nature of our situation, and do our best to control those urges.”

The prim and proper way that his mother spoke, combined with her accent, made it sound like he was small child being scolded for stealing a cookie, rather than because if his cock was to reach full mast, he would be precariously close to impaling his own mother with it.

“Uh, oh,” Sherri teased.

“Trevor’s getting a hard on, Trevor’s getting a hard on.” She continued in the sing-song tempo of a playground child.

“That will be quite, enough Sherri.” Gail responded, “This is certainly no laughing matter.”

Everyone became quiet for a few minutes, after that. Trevor leaned himself down against his mother’s back, which allowed him to move his hips back and break the sexual contact between them. Although, the feeling of his mother’s nylons, against his skin, combined with the thought of her being naked beneath him, was making it difficult for him to reign in his cock.

“How long was I out?”

“You’ve been unconscious for a little over an hour.” His mother responded, “They left me my watch, and it’s about 10:30 now.”

“10:30 No wonder I am so tired of holding my head up.” Emma complained. “Sorry Sherri, but I have got to rest my neck a bit.”

“That’s fine you’re not the first woman to have her face down there.”

Trevor took a break from scanning the storeroom for a way out of their predicament, and put his head down as well, resting it lightly on his mother’s back. He wondered what she was thinking as he inhaled the fragrance of her skin. If he had been able to hear inside of her mind at that moment, he would have been surprised to hear her chastising herself and struggling to keep her own urges under control.

Gail had not been touched, sexually by man or woman since her husband had left six years ago. And now the feeling of a strong man’s escort bursa body pressed against hers, and the thought of a hard cock near her pussy was causing her to become very wet. She could feel her juices beginning to run down the inside of her thigh. She had chided her son about control, but now she was afraid that she would be the one to lose it.

“I’m sorry, Emma, but your pussy just looks and smells too good, I have to have a taste.” Sherri said suddenly.

“Have to wha… Oh God!”

Trevor looked over as Sherri buried her face into the young blonde’s pussy. Trevor couldn’t help but watch as she devoured it, her tongue lapping along the labial lips, before driving it deeply into Emma’s shaved slit. Sherri then closed her lips and sucked hard on Emma’s clit, sending her hormones into overdrive. Emma’s moans, and the sight of Sherri licking her sweet pussy, were having a dramatic effect on Trevor’s cock. Even pulled back as far as the ropes would allow, he could feel the tip press against the entrance to his mother’s vagina.

“Oh Emma, you taste so delicious. I always knew that you would.”

“Don’t stop, Sherri. Please! I never thought a woman could make me feel this good.”

Trevor was mesmerized by the sight of Sherri’s head and neck craning up as her tongue attacked the sweet peach above her. To his amazement he saw Emma dipping her head toward Sherri’s pussy. Though he could not see, he imagined Emma tentatively tonguing the tasty twat tied below her.

“That’s right Emma, taste my lips, lick my cunt, suck my fucking clit with those beautiful dick sucking lips of yours.”

Hearing the dirty words of encouragement, Emma began to increase her ministrations as her head thrashed slowly between Sherri’s thighs. As Trevor watched, his cock throbbed uncontrollably, pulsing up and down against his mother’s vagina. He noticed for the first time just how incredibly wet his mother’s pussy had become. Looking down he was shocked to see that her eyes were locked on her two employees intently. He could see her panting and watched as she swallowed hard and licked her lips. Trevor forced himself to look away and pulled backwards quickly until the rope around his neck tightened and he began to feel light-headed. Straining against the bonds for as long as he could bear, he nearly passed out again before finally leaning forward, gasping for air, and allowing the head of his cock to part the lips of his mother’s soaked labia for the first time.

A soft illicit moan escaped his mother’s lips, and their eyes met as she looked at him over her shoulder. He knew his mother well and could read all of the emotions in her eyes; fear, excitement, concern, and compassion, but the one he had never seen before was lust. He could read the desire in her eyes, as he felt her hunching her hips lightly against his cock. Both of them were fighting against the primal instincts welling up inside of them. Instincts that didn’t care about words like incest or the derogatory stigma of being a real life mother fucker. Instincts that only knew pleasure, instincts honed for the continuation of the species. As this war waged within Trevor and his mother, the moans from Sherri and Emma faded into the background. His heart beat miles a minute as he stared into his mother’s eyes.

“Trevor, my beautiful son, it’s been so long, and I know that it is terribly wrong, but I want you. I need you, so badly.” She trembled as she spoke.

“Mom, I love you, you know I do, and I have dreamed about this moment more than once, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, but do you really want me to?”

“Yes honey, I do. I love you and that will never change, but right now I need you! I need to feel you inside of me.”

She humped against him again, more strongly this time.

“Trevor, my love, I want you to fuck me. Shove that fat cock into my cunt and shag me like there is no tomorrow! ”

Hearing this exchange, Sherri and Emma both tilted their heads to watch, as Trevor lined his cock up with his mother’s pussy. Working without the use of his hands, he had to slowly run the tip of his cock up and down between her lips. Feeling the entrance to his mother’s womb, he paused slightly before easing the head of his cock inside. Gail groaned with relief as her pussy began to stretch and welcome her son. Now certain that they were properly aligned, Trevor grabbed his mother’s shoulders, and slammed his cock in her pussy to the hilt. Bending his head forward, Trevor planted a tender kiss on his mother’s shoulder while allowing the sensation of their coupling to wash over them both.

“That is so hot.” Sherri whispered from beneath Emma, before returning her attentions to the glistening pussy before her.

Emma rode Sherri like a pro, bucking her hips to run her slit across Sherri’s face while keeping her head turned in order to watch Trevor with his mother.

“Oh my god, I’m going to Cum, Trevor you dirty motherfucker, pound that mommy pussy and make me cum all over Sherri’s face.”

When the ordeal was over they would all share a laugh at this sudden outburst from the normally upright and uptight Emma, but right now they were all focused on the sexual heat filling the room.

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A Bedtime Story: The Bath

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Dearest, here’s a wee bedtime story for those long night when you cannot sleep. The story involves people over the age of 18.


Even though it’s been years, I still picture your full, luscious lips. They were so kissable and I remember how much I loved to nibble on them. Twenty years is a long time and I was so very naïve and green back then in the ways of pleasing you. So, it’s now 2014 and we’ve both gotten older and some of us a wee bit plumper, grayer and with a few more laugh lines. But 20 years also equals years of practice and experimentation. Gone is the naïve.

I picture our next meeting. A big embrace, a bite to eat, some lemonade (since you no longer drink) and good conversation for hours. Two friends catching up after decades. As we reminisce the bright sun slowly makes way for the dusk and the rising moon. A chill enters the air and it’s time to move inside from the darkened patio. The tension of being so close for hours and not touching has worn on me. You are so close but yet seem a lifetime away. It’s as if you’re a mirage and if I reach out to touch you, you will disappear.

Hesitantly, I slowly reach out and my fingers find your stubbled cheek and you don’t evaporate before my eyes. Lightly my fingers caress your cheek and trace down to those lips I have loved so much. My thumb lightly rubs against your lower lip, I’m waiting for you to do something…to make a move, to kiss me. In the dim light, I look from your lips to your beautiful hazel eyes and find you staring at me. I can stand it no longer and wrap my arms around your neck and pull you close- since when did I become the aggressor?

Twenty years since the last kiss, two decades of remembering your amazing, full, passionate kisses and immediately the sensation comes back like it was just yesterday. bursa escort Lips part, tongues meet- slowly caressing each other and then the rhythm increases until the kiss can’t get any deeper. The feel of your tongue in my mouth makes my body tremble and I feel heat within my core. As we kiss passionately, my fingers run through those soft curls of your and you grab hard and pull on what was once my very long hair, now so very short. I can’t help myself, I must taste your neck. The salt from the heat of the day and your sweat are like heaven. My tongue slowly works its way from the base of your neck to right under your jawline. I lick and nibble all the way up. And when I get to your earlobe, I grab it lightly between my teeth and nibble and suck. You let out a soft groan. I tongue your earlobe and work my way back down. I nibble from your jawline to your chin- a quick love bite and back to those delectable lips. I can’t get enough of your kisses. Finally, we come up for air.

As much as we both want to jump into bed immediately, I want to prolong the inevitable. I walk to the fridge and pour you a glass of cold water to cool you down while I prepare things for your proper cleaning. Just like our last time in St. Louis, I draw a hot bath and add some Rest & Relaxation bubbles to the water.

When you come in to the bathroom, I tell you to turn around. My arms go around your body so I can reach your buttons on your shirt. My hard nipples press against your back. I can hardly control myself, I shiver in anticipation and the ache is deep. I can feel my panties getting drenched at the thought of touching your bare body. Slowly, the buttons are undone and as I lower your shirt I can’t help but admire your back. Resistance is futile and I have to taste you. The kisses start at the nape of your bursa escort bayan neck, kisses alternating with long, delicious laps of my tongue. You taste salty and the scent of you just about sends me over the edge. But good things come to those who wait. While my mouth works its magic on your back, my hands can’t help but wander along the front of your body. Your nipples are taut and I yearn to suck on them and tease them but that will happen so enough.

My lips travel across shoulder to shoulder and down your spine. I can feel your heartbeat increasing. When I reach your lower back, I’m on my knees and reach around to the front of your pants and slowly start rubbing along your zipper. I can feel your cock harden even more, it’s begging to be released from its confines. I turn you around because I must see what I’m about to unleash but not before I run my mouth along the rigid lines of your jeans. My hot breath penetrates the material and you let out a long, low groan. I test your patience as my fingers trace the line my mouth just left. You squirm wanting to be free but I push your back against the wall- not yet. I’m in charge and you’ll play by my rules.

Slowly, painstakingly I undo the top button and with gentle hands I lower the zipper. My free hand follows the zipper by caressing your stiff cock on the way down. Your underwear still confines it, I can hear your moans and you reach to release your bulging mass. But I won’t let you. You do not get to use your hands. If you remain insubordinate I may have to bind your hands which will happen later anyhow. I want to see how much self-control you have.

You stand in front of me in only your black briefs. I can see the tip of your penis peeking above the waistband. It’s calling my name and I heed the calling. With both hands I escort bursa grab the waistband and yank down your briefs, the suddenness of it surprises you since everything else up to this point has been painstakingly slow. As your cock springs out, my mouth quickly envelopes it. The warmth of you inside me mouth is euphoric. After a couple flicks of my tongue and a few strokes of my mouth up and down your shaft, your moans turn to a deep, guttural growl. I can taste you as I pull away. It’s not time.

I stand up and guide you to the hot bath full of bubbles. Slowly, you sink in and are surrounded by light, fluffy bubbles. Now it’s time for you to relax. As you lay back, I take the shower puff and run it along the front of your chest clearing the bubbles. There in front of me is your bare chest and again I can’t resist, I must suck and nibble on your nipples. As I lean over you, I find myself covered in bubbles. The water makes my own shirt cling to me and you see that my own nipples are hard and demanding attention. You look at me questioningly and I shake my head. This is your time to be pleased and my time to play.

Your lips are calling again and as I lazily tease your mouth my hand reaches under the bubbles and grabs your hardened cock. You jump in surprise but quickly relax again as my fingers work their magic under the warm water. I can feel your moans escape under my mouth. And this is just the beginning. We have a lot of time to make up for.

I pull away- mouth and hand- and tell you to lean forward. The soft puff trails up and down your back with long strokes. I can feel the knots and the tension of all your hard work in your neck and shoulders. It’s time for my magic fingers to go to work on those problem areas so you will be putty in my hands later- well, more so than you already are. I knew the 12 months of massage therapy school would come in handy sometime! After five minutes of massaging the kinks out, I let water from the puff rain down your back. Bath time is over and it’s time for the real fun to begin.

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Banging the Babe in the Wheelchair

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Vicky Ralston was propped up on three pillows in the middle of her bed reading an engrossing book. She was almost half finished with her book and she had reached a very erotic section. She held the book in her right hand and used her left hand to rub her pussy through her pants. The twenty-year-old girl had taken this warm, August Friday afternoon off from the bookstore where she worked. Most girls her age would have been at a swimming pool or outside soaking up the sun’s rays on a day like today. Vicky was content to lie on her bed and read. The erotic portion of this book was getting the best of her and she was determined that she was not going to start masturbating yet. She set the book aside and decided that she would go to the kitchen to get a soft drink. Vicky was unaware that her twenty-two year old brother, Jim, had also taken the afternoon off from work. Jim had graduated from college in May and was working at an entry-level management position for a local manufacturing company.

Vicky had just entered the hallway when she noticed movement in her brother’s bedroom. Vicky saw a naked blonde girl in the middle of Jim’s bed. This girl’s breasts were very large and they were quivering. She finally realized what movement had caught her attention. It was her brother’s head bobbing up and down as he lapped at the blonde’s pussy. Vicky knew that she shouldn’t stay to watch and she never before had had any voyeuristic tendencies; but the sight on her brother’s bed was mesmerizing. She watched her brother aggressively attack that pussy until the blonde began to moan and utter incoherent words. Jim pulled his head from between the girl’s legs and moved his body over hers and began to kiss her. Then Vicky saw her brother take his hard, thick cock and begin to slide it into that wet, waiting hole. She was in awe at the sight of that hard cock with its purple cap as Jim slid it in and out of his willing blonde partner.

Vicky had already been aroused by the erotic content of her book; but this sight really had the juices flowing between her legs. She rubbed harder and harder and finally, was able to fight the urge to return to her room to masturbate. Jim pounded that cock into the girl at a much more rapid pace and the blonde began to moan again. When she heard Jim begin to grunt, she turned and quickly wheeled herself to the kitchen and took a can of soda from the refrigerator. As she moved toward the kitchen table, she still could not get the vision of her brother’s cock out of her mind. She found herself somewhat envious of the blonde girl with the big tits.

Vicky sat at the table slowly sipping on her soda. She was thinking about how she had been put in this damn wheelchair and about how envious she was of the girls who were enjoying satisfying sex lives. Vicky had been just a few weeks shy of her thirteenth birthday and she had been a star player on her grade school basketball team. On the Sunday after Christmas, the entire family had gone snowmobile riding. Vicky had been riding behind her father and was enjoying the thrill of gliding across the snowy surface. They had been at a large public park, a scant ten miles from their home. Vicky and her father were riding on a marked snowmobile trail when another snowmobile flew out of the woods and crashed into them. Vicky had seen the approaching snowmobile less than a second before impact. Now, seven and a half years later, that memory is still etched in her mind. It was such a short time that she didn’t have time to warn her daddy or even enough time to scream. It seemed to her, though in her memory, that the other snowmobile was in the air hurtling at them for at least five minutes. Every millisecond of the time is etched in her memory as a still picture.

The impact had sent them airborne and they had landed on their heads. Mr. Ralston had been killed instantly and Vicky had been rushed to a nearby hospital and then airlifted to a trauma center where she was near death. The young girl had remained in a coma for three days and the doctors had not been optimistic. She had no feeling in her limbs. When she regained consciousness, she still was unable to move her arms or legs. Almost a week after the accident she began to feel sensation in her right arm and soon after she began to regain some use of that limb. Over the next few weeks, feeling began to return to her other limbs. She regained some use of her left arm about three weeks after the accident. Full use and strength in that arm has never completely returned.

The driver of the other snowmobile had been drinking and he was charged with reckless homicide. He spent nearly a year in jail as a result. Vicky’s father had been a very successful businessman and he left his family well taken care of. The driver of the other snowmobile may have been irresponsible by drinking when operating the vehicle; but he had been responsible enough to have good liability insurance. Connie Ralston, Vicky’s mother, had reached a reasonable settlement with the insurance company and Vicky’s medical bursa yabancı escort and rehabilitation needs had been covered. After paying the medical bills, Connie had put the money in a trust account over which she had control. When Vicky needed something related to her handicap, Connie paid the bills from the trust. Vicky was unaware how much of the money remained.

After many months of physical therapy, Vicky was able to have limited movement of her legs. With the aid of crutches, she could stand for short periods of time and walk a very limited distance. Because of the weakness of her left arm, use of the crutches was difficult. This was the excuse that Vicky used for not using them very often. The last two times that she had used the crutches in public had been two years ago at her high school graduation and this past spring for a family picture at her brother’s college graduation. Vicky suspected that the next time that she would use her crutches in public would be two years hence, when she was due to graduate from college.

Vicky was just about to enter her teens at the time of the accident and her body had not yet begun to develop into womanhood. Vicky had been undergoing her arduous rehabilitation program when her thin, frail body began to mature. Her breasts were very slow to develop. In fact, at the beginning of her sophomore year in high school, she still went without a bra on a regular basis. At about the same time that she was due to graduate from high school, her breasts reached their current size. As she had for two years, she was wearing a size 30B bra. The bulky, baggy clothes that she normally wore disguised the fact that her nipples are quite large and quite sensitive.

Vicky’s blood circulation had never been the same after the accident and her extremities were constantly cold. For this reason and because of the lack of muscular development of her legs, she seldom wore shorts or skirts. Even in eighty and ninety degree heat, she usually wore baggy long-sleeved sweaters or sweat shirts. Her wardrobe coupled with the fact that she was usually sitting in her wheelchair, insured that no one knew how nice her tight ass was or how sexy her pert breasts looked.

Vicky had been certain for years that no man would be interested in her because she was confined to a wheelchair. This belief led to her disdaining all make-up and refusing to dress to appeal to the opposite sex. She was unaware of how little she would have to change to accentuate her better features. All through high school and now that she was in college; she had just been the plain-Jane in a wheelchair.

Vicky had always been a good student in school. Surprisingly, when she returned to school after the accident, her grades improved. She received one B while she was in high school and after two years of college, she was still earning all A’s. Since the latter years of junior high school, she had read about four books per week. This was in addition to all of the reading that she had to do to maintain her high scholastic average.

After her accident, her bitter attitude had alienated all of her friends and she had done nothing over the past years to cultivate many new friendships. During high school, she had overheard some conversations that the other girls had when they talked about how they could make themselves feel good with their fingers. She began to experiment with this practice and eventually learned to give herself a mild orgasm. She still used this form of self-gratification to achieve that pleasant feeling a couple of times per week.

Vicky had been interested in boys before she had been hurt and some of the boys at school had shown an interest in her. When she finally returned to school, that interest had waned on both sides. Throughout her years in high school, she had had about four dates and Vicky was sure that some of them were with guys who had pity for her. On a couple of these dates, she had been kissed; but she had done nothing further. Her knowledge about sex was limited to what she learned from the many books that she read.

Vicky knew of the satisfying sex lives that many of her peers were experiencing and she was quite jealous of them for this. This jealousy had been raised to a new level as she watched the rapturous look on the face of that buxom blonde as her brother pounded his hard cock into her. Vicky was determined that she was going to experience the same feeling. Aloud, she said to herself, “I have got to get fucked. I have got to do it soon.”

Vicky’s reminiscence was interrupted by the sound of people moving around at the far end of the house. Jim and the girl appeared in the kitchen doorway. The blonde with the big tits was now fully clothed. The considerable expanse of cleavage that was visible in the v-neck top that she was wearing did nothing to make them look any smaller than they had looked when they were bare. Jim had been somewhat surprised to see his sister sitting there. Jim said, “Hi, Vicky. This is Melissa Banks. bursa sınırsız escort ? Melissa, this is my sister, Vicky.” Then he looked back at Vicky and added, “Melissa and I work together. ? When did you get home?”

Vicky replied, “I have been home all afternoon. I took the afternoon off. I was in my room reading until a few minutes ago. I came out here to get a soda.” Vicky could tell, as Jim and Melissa walked toward the door, that Jim had been embarrassed to find his baby sister sitting at the kitchen table when he was getting ready to take his bimbo home. When she heard her brother’s car start and he drove off, she returned to her room where she returned to her book. She had slipped her pants off as soon as she had gotten back on the bed. This time, she did not intend to fight the temptation to finger herself when she returned to the erotic portions of the book. A few hours later, Vicky heard movement in the kitchen. She assumed, correctly so, that her mother had returned from work.

Vicky went to the kitchen and talked with her mother, as supper was prepared. After they had eaten, Vicky returned to her room where she spent most of the weekend. During this time in her bedroom, Vicky alternated between reading a book and thinking about what she had seen through the door of her brother’s bedroom. Her mind kept trying to develop some reasonable plan that would allow her to feel that same wonderful sensation. By the time that she fell asleep on Sunday evening, it had almost developed to an obsession.

Monday morning saw Vicky arrive in the kitchen before six-thirty. Her mother and brother had not come out of their rooms yet. Vicky had heard the shower in the hallway bathroom running, so she knew that her brother was out of bed. Vicky and her mother each had bathrooms connected to their bedrooms. The coffee had just finished brewing when Connie Ralston appeared in the kitchen. Connie remarked, “You’re up and moving a little earlier than usual.”

Vicky handed her mother a cup of coffee and answered, “Yeah. I think that I got too much sleep this weekend. This is my week to open the bookstore, so I’ll probably get there about seven-thirty.”

Vicky had started to work at the bookstore right after she graduated from high school. She worked part-time during the school year and full time during the summer and other school vacations. Jerry Halpert was the owner of the store and he was very good to work for. He had a middle-aged woman who worked for him; but she took a lot of time off during the summer. That worked out quite well for everyone. Janice Watson also worked at the bookstore. Janice was Vicky’s age and had worked at the bookstore for a little more than a year. Janice and Vicky also had classes together during the school year and they had become quite close. In fact, Janice was probably Vicky’s only real friend. During the summer, Janice and Vicky alternated weeks that they opened the store. The store opened at eight o’clock and Vicky would probably be there at about seven-thirty. When Vicky opened the store, Janice usually arrived between nine and nine-thirty. Mr. Halpert usually didn’t come in until about nine-thirty and then he usually left for the bank within thirty minutes

Vicky was anxious for Janice to come in this morning. She needed to talk to her friend about her current obsession. Vicky knew that Janice was sexually active and really liked sex. Vicky and Janice had had previous discussions about sex and Vicky knew that although Janice was quite open minded about sex, she was cautious about having sex. Janice had told her friend that she had to have some close feeling for the guy before she would spread her legs for him. Vicky wanted some honest advice from someone about this and she wanted it from someone who would not ridicule her because she was a twenty-year-old virgin. Vicky was waiting on a customer when Janice came in at nine-fifteen. Janice knew that there was a box of books that needed to be put on shelves and she started on that as soon as she got there.

Mr. Halpert came in and checked that the girls were doing the jobs that he had given them to do and then he got his bank deposit ready. As he was walking toward the door, Mr. Halpert said, “Girls, if anybody calls for me, I probably won’t be back until early afternoon. I have another appointment after I finish at the bank. When that is done, I will probably go to lunch.”

Vicky and Janice both said, “Okay, see you later, Mr. Halpert.”

Vicky was pleased that she would have plenty of time to talk with Janice. She wheeled herself over to where Janice was working and started helping to put books on the shelves. After a few minutes, Vicky asked, “Janice, how old were you the first time that you had sex?”

Without batting an eye, Janice asked, “With a guy or with a girl?”

“You mean that you have had sex with a girl.”

“Sure, lots of times. I like it with a guy a whole lot better; but sex with another girl is usually a lot of fun.”

“How görükle escort old were you the first time that you did that?”

“Sixteen. A bunch of us girls were sitting around trying to find things that felt good. We liked the way it felt when we played with ourselves; but we weren’t ready to have a cock in us yet. One thing led to another and pretty soon we were eating each other’s pussies. I did it a lot when I was in high school; but I haven’t had that many opportunities since then.”

“When did you start having sex with guys?”

“Early in my freshman year in college. Almost two years ago.”

“What made you decide that you wanted to let him do it?”

“He sort of made up my mind for me.”

“How was that?”

“I had let several guys get my pants off to play with my pussy; but when I thought that they were getting dangerously close to wanting to fuck, I would make them stop.”

“Why didn’t stop him?”

“I didn’t get the chance. Before he got to the point where I usually put a stop to it, his head went between my legs and he started to eat my pussy. I came so hard that I didn’t think that a hand job would do. I’m glad that he made me cum with his mouth, because I sure didn’t get close when he fucked me.”

“How come?”

“First, he just jammed it in to pop my cherry and then he came on about the third stroke. I damned sure didn’t go out with that asshole again.”

“I take it that the next time was a lot more pleasant.”

“Pleasant hell. It was fantastic. I waited about four months before I had sex with another guy. This time, I wanted to make sure that there was more than just sex between us. We had been going out about two months when we finally had sex. I really thought that I loved him and I thought that he loved me. We were together more than six months and finally I realized that all there really was between us was the sex. Since that guy there have only been about two guys for about a dozen times. ? Why are you suddenly so interested in my sex life?”

“I, um, ah, I was thinking that maybe I wanted to start having sex.”

“Wow. What brought that on? And do you have anyone in particular in mind?”

“Friday, when I had the afternoon off, my brother brought some bimbo home and he didn’t close his door all of the way. I watched him eating her pussy and then I saw him slide his cock into her. Damn, his cock looked so beautiful; I wanted it sliding into me.”

“Well, if you are so enamored with that cock, why don’t you just fuck your brother?”

“Shit, I don’t know if I could do that. Of course, I don’t really have any other prospects. You’ve seen all of the guys lining up around here trying to take the wheelchair girl on a date.”

“I don’t want to hear that self-pity shit. I’m willing to discuss this with you to see what we can do to get you satisfied; but I’m not listening to you blame it all on the chair.”

“I don’t even know what you can do to help me.”

“First, we have to figure out how much experience that you have had.”

“Experience, what’s that?”

“Okay, we know that you have never fucked a guy, because you said that you were still a virgin. Your reaction when I talked about having sex with women tells me that you don’t have any experience there. Am I right?”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“You have used you fingers to get yourself off; haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I’ve done that; it’s just that it doesn’t seem as fulfilling as I’ve read about and heard about.”

“Fingers are never as good as a tongue or a cock; but they can be pretty satisfying. I think that you need to get some personalized instruction on this.”

“Just where do I get this personalized instruction? Do they have a course called Fingering Your Pussy 101 at the community college?”

“You’re close. You and I will get together and I will show you what makes me feel good and we’ll see what can make you feel good.”

“I appreciate you wanting to help; but I was just asking for some advice.”

Janice looked a little disappointed as she asked, “Does that mean that you don’t want me to show you?”

Vicky smiled as she replied, “Now, I didn’t say that. It would be great if you could show me how to make it better. Even if I can’t find someone to fuck me, maybe I can learn how to make myself feel a little better.”

“That sounds good to me. It has been a little while since I have had any sex, so maybe this will help me relieve some of the sexual tension that I have been feeling.”

A couple of customers came in and they had to stop their discussion for a while. They waited on the customers and did some of the other work that they had to do. Later in the day, Janice asked Vicky, “Have you given any more thought to the suggestion that I gave on who should be your first man?”

Vicky shook her head for a few seconds and looked at Janice before saying, “I’ve thought about it; but isn’t fucking your brother wrong? I mean, I think that it is even against the law or something.”

Janice got right in her face and said, “Look, when it comes to how you use your own body, it is your conscience that decides if it is right or wrong. That is unless you’re talking about fucking some young kid or a mental retard that can’t make a determination if what he is doing is right or wrong.”

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Honey Covered Delights

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The phone rang and when I picked it up I heard sweet Lorelei’s voice on the other end. I was surprised, because we hadn’t talked since our 1st incredible sexual encounter, which was about a month ago. Turns out she was very busy, as was I, with work and going out almost nightly to see concerts and hang out with friends, etc. We never saw each other, because we moved in different circles with differing tastes. Well, she was calling to see if I wanted to meet four of her select sexy friends to get together with and have a fantastic full-on female orgy – which she’s delightfully partaken in before, but I never had. I said yes, and we set a date for the last Saturday of August in the evening. We wanted to squeeze it in while Summer was still here, so that it would be nice and hot for us all, and so we could all wear our sexy Summer clothes.

Well that Saturday finally rolled around. My place was sparkling clean, a rarity, as I am not really into spending my time on cleaning. So you see, I spent my Friday night cleaning and almost all day Saturday turning it into a sweetly sensual palace. To do this, I went out and bought lots of beautiful candles and sweet smelling strawberry bubble bath. Then I went to Rainbow, a co-op health food store in San Francisco, to get some juicy sweet delights -luscious mangoes, Sapphic strawberries, beautiful bananas and succulent melons, along with two bottles of real sweet honey to pour on the fruits, two bottles of delicious organic apple juice, as well as some lemons to squeeze on the fruit salad I would make so it wouldn’t brown so easy (a trick I learned from my Aunt).

When I got home, I showered and dressed myself for this evening, and masturbated till I rapturously came, as I was so excited for this evening. Next, I selected some music that would fit this evening’s venture and set the rest of my music up so that any of the women here could choose a song that they wanted to hear. Oh my, it was around 5:00 pm by now, so I started making the fruit salad, and then put the finishing touches on it by squeezing lemon on it and carefully mixing it and then putting it in the fridge to cool. Next I carefully set the candles around my house and lit some sweet smelling bursa escort incense sticks – in my bedroom, my kitchen and my bathroom – my idea was to turn my apartment into an sensual den of love for us to partake of our erotic lust feast in. Now I needed to select something to wear – I decided on my black/turquoise cavewoman style dress, which had three huge cutouts down it’s right side – everyone I knew loved this dress on me, so I knew it was the right one to wear. Since I was at home, I chose to remain beautifully barefoot.

I just finished dressing and heard a noise – knock, knock, knock – I thought, could it be Lorelei and her friends? I quickly answered it, and sure enough it was. Lorelei and four of her sweetest friends, as she called them. One had long blonde hair and was wearing a sweet, skimpy, simple summer dress, the brunette was wearing a glitter tube top with matching hot pants, the black haired one was wearing leather pants with a leather halter top and the last one to come in was redhead who was wearing a long, flowy spaghetti strapped purple velvety dress. I told them they could put their shoes, bags, etc., in the corner of my room, so they would be out of the way, which they did. Wow, they were all completely gorgeous, which was what she had told me previously when we had talked on the phone, to set up this incredible date. But this didn’t completely surprise me, since they were all strippers at the infamous Mitchell Brothers adult nightclub that was located just about two blocks away from where I lived at.

Lorelei one by one introduced them to me – the taller black haired one was Cara, the one with long blonde hair was Sunflower, the busty brunette’s name was Angelica and the redhead’s name was Lilith. I then quickly went and turned on some music and then got the pillows for us to sit on. I used my fabric odds and ends for the runner and placemats to set out on the living room floor – which the food would go on, and where we were going to eat. I carefully set up our eating area, as they lounged and talked on the couch, and served the fruit salad in each one’s bowls (no silverware allowed – we were going to handfeed ourselves and each other). I set out all the bursa escort bayan honey I had, because Lorelei told me previously to have at least a fair amount of honey on hand. Before we ate I lit all the candles in the house and turned out all the lights.

We all sat down, and I asked us to all join hands and close your eyes. They had perplexed looks on their faces. I then said “I am thankful for all these wonderful sweet delights that I am going to partake of this evening” and then said “let’s eat”. While we were feeding each other the sweet tasting delights of Mother Nature, we were all being turned on immensely by each other’s titillating eating of the food. When we were done eating just the food, we turned to each other to partake of each other, with a little fruit and honey mixed in to sweeten the bite, not that the flesh isn’t sweet enough on it’s own. I was vegetarian by now, and this was a situation where my saying “vegans and vegetarians are carnivores too” came to play very well.

I was sitting by myself, and I felt something dripping down my back, to my sweet surprise it was Sunflower pouring honey down my back and then she proceeded to lick it off. I then turned to Lorelei and said to her “Oh, this is why we needed a lot of honey?”

She said “yes, so we could turn each other into honey covered delights.” Oh, that for me added a really sweet turn to this evening – along with the five delightful honies in my living room. So I proceeded to lay down while Sunflower dripped honey on my now nude body from head to toe. Then she engulfed my breasts one by one with her wide open wanton mouth, then trailed down my belly with her slithering, wandering tongue. Oh, I was in heaven! She then parted my glistening wet opening even further, sliding her tongue into my pussy hole and swirling it around and around, alternating with licking and sucking my clit until I came all over her mouth – while she drank up my sweet honey all the way till the last drop.

Then I proceed to return the favor to her… Slowly and deeply I kissed her, while caressing her delicious breasts, teasing the nipples till they were hard. Then I quickly went between her thighs, with my tongue leading escort bursa the way, and licked her into a sweet orgasm that I drank in with all my five senses. Oh, she was so sweet tasting, that I continued until she had the sweetest release all over my face and into my wide open mouth.

The music stopped, so I got up and I quickly changed the tape over (it was Madonna’s “Erotica, that I borrowed from Lorelei), so as to not interrupt what was going on in the center of my living room. As I saw out of the corner of my eye, a honeyed orgiastic feast happening in the middle of my living room. A Celtic knot of pure lust. I motioned to Sunflower for us to join them. I joined them, and she went into the kitchen and brought back my fully ripe bananas I bought a couple days ago. She proceeded to peel all of them and handed each one.

Well, we knew what to do with them, we slid them into each other’s gleaming wet pussies that were dripping with pure ecstasy delight. There were lovely breasts, lithe limbs, gleaming mounds opening and closing with sweet bliss, revealing their full vulvic flowers that were oozing with nectar, entangled with each other’s hair, everywhere you looked. My room had turned into an sensual erotic den of love that we were all partaking of our sensual lust fest in, just like I had imagined and wanted.

I then went to the bathroom to make us a yummy strawberry bubble bath, my most favorite bath scent. When the tub was filled, I slowly hurried the other women into the tub, a very tight squeeze, but we all lusciously fit in. First we lingered in there lightly caressing each other, rubbing each other’s clits, sucking and petting each other’s breasts, and massaging each other where one needed it most. Then Cara kissed me deeply and fully and I stuck my fingers deep in her pussy while rubbing her clit, till she came with pure delight, letting my fingers linger there to feel her sweet release, and then bringing her pussy up high enough to taste a bit of it before it all mixed in with the water.

This action started a full on wet and wild orgy in my bathtub. With our bodies wet and sweet and our scents mixed in with the strawberry scent, it was heaven in a bathtub. We took turns eating each others sweet pussy, making sure that each had at least a few orgasmic releases per tongue lickin’ bliss. Then we all came together to seal our sweet, sensual, orgiastic feast with a wet, silkened edged, erotic kiss.

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Don’t Look Back Ch. 37

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Hard and swift. Just the way Marshall wanted and needed their lovemaking to be.

He lost himself in Lee, in the short hard strokes with which he pounded him into sweet oblivion. Lee held Marshall’s legs in a firm grip, so Marshall took other matters into his own hands. He stroked his cock until he reached the precipice and then pushed himself over, crying Lee’s name as he came. Lee continued to push inside him until he too reached the point of no return and filled Marshall with his hot seed. Afterward, spent, they wound their arms around one another and cuddled as they caught their breath.

“Happy anniversary, Lee,” Marshall murmured, basking in the contented glow that stretched from one end of his body to the other.

“Back atcha,” Lee replied. He lowered his head to tenderly nuzzle at Marshall’s neck. “Never forget,” he said softly, “I want to spend forever with you, and only you…”

“Me too,” Marshall affirmed. He breathed a long sigh of relief and relaxed into Lee’s love.

* * * *

Three weeks after their anniversary, it was time for Thanksgiving. This was a holiday they always spent with Roy, who joined them at their home for the occasion. Everyone had his part to play in preparing the meal. Lee roasted the turkey in the smoker, Marshall was responsible for side dishes and keeping the kitchen clean, while Roy’s job was to provide bursa escort bayan dessert. Usually he brought a traditional pumpkin pie and whatever else tickled his fancy at the grocery store. And of course there would be plenty of beer. And football. Texas A&M was playing LSU that night, and they wouldn’t miss that game for the world.

A light drizzle fell late morning, but Marshall knew a little bit of water wouldn’t keep Lee from smoking the turkey. The smoker was under the overhang at the back of the house, well out of harm’s way. Despite the drizzle, the temperatures were pleasant, especially for November. Marshall couldn’t help but remember the deep snow that had often blanketed Fargo, and how much he’d hated it as a kid. Of course, that had a lot to do with the life he’d led with his mother.

Marshall hadn’t been able to stop worrying since he’d found out about the You Tube video of him and Lee, despite his best efforts not to think about it. He watched Lee for any sign that something was wrong, but Lee didn’t show any evidence he was concerned about anything. Neither did Roy, come to think of it. Roy knew all about them, and obviously knew the circumstances of Marshall’s kidnapping, since he’d been the one to help rescue him. He’d be the one Lee would turn to if there were any trouble. Marshall knew Roy was looking into things for them, but so far he didn’t görükle escort seem to have found anything.

“Hey, want another beer?”

Marshall was so lost in thought he hadn’t heard Lee enter the living room until he was at his elbow. Marshall glanced at the bottle in his hand. It was empty. “Yeah, sure, why don’t I get one?” He took a step toward the kitchen, but Lee stopped him, sliding his arms about Marshall’s waist.

“What’s wrong? You look like you’re out in the ozone somewhere. And I don’t think it’s football you’re thinking about, either. Or turkey.” Lee looked deeply into Marshall’s eyes, as if searching for answers there.

“When did you know you were gay?” Marshall blurted out. Lee’s eyebrows arched.

“Well, I’m not sure I am gay, if you want to be technical. People might say I’m bi more than gay.”

“You mean because you married a woman and had a child?”

“Yeah, that has something to do with it, sure.” Lee nodded. “With me, it’s not about body parts, or who fits where. It’s people, if that makes sense.”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense,” Marshall said slowly. “I was just wondering… I mean…” But he couldn’t get the words out; they stuck in his throat. He wasn’t even sure he really wanted to know. He was treading in dangerous waters here, subjects generally not discussed between them. But they bursa escort bayan were burning a hole in his brain right now.

“Ask me anything,” Lee encouraged him. “Anything at all.” He raised one hand and gently stroked Marshall’s cheek.

“Did you ever love her?” Marshall’s voice came from far away. He dropped his eyes, half afraid of what he might see.

Lee didn’t answer right away, and Marshall tensed in his grip, until he heard Lee take a deep breath and clear his throat. He looked up.

“I’d like to say yes, but I think that would be a lie. I don’t think I loved her any more than she loved me. We just ended up together because… well, because it was a small town, we were both there, and we thought it was a good idea at the time. And it worked for a little while.”

“Did you get married because of me?”

“We got married because it seemed the thing to do. I didn’t exactly have a choice. Her old man had a shotgun, and he knew how to use it. But don’t ever think I didn’t want you, ’cause I did. And I wanted to make us work as a family, I really did. I tried. Damn hard. But she wasn’t exactly the domestic type.” Lee shrugged.

Marshall knew that only too well, didn’t he? She’d never been a real mother to him, and in all of his memories of her, she seemed more annoyed with him than anything. Like she didn’t know what to do with him, and didn’t want to find out. Most of the time, she just wasn’t there. And that’s the way he liked it. He realized that he wanted it to stay that way.

“What if she finds us?” he fretted. “What if she comes here?”

“We’ll deal with it.” Lee kissed him.

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Dream Guy

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Travis was nervous, never in his life did he ever do something so adventurous and daring. Travis played with his wavy dark hair. He ruffled the fullness and decided to add a little gel.

Travis stared at his reflection again, making sure that he looked good from every angle. The tight skinny jeans made his ass look amazing. And his tight white collared shirt showed off his long slender build. Yep it was now or never.

Travis Carter is 19 years old. He lived in Cincinnati, OH all his life. College wasn’t something he has been looking forward too. Not like everyone else, he had to beg his parents to let him take a break on pursuing college.

They whined and warned him told him that he was out of his mind. And maybe he was, sometimes he thought he was. Because the truth was, the reason why he wasn’t college crazy because he was crazy about something else.

Love. Those four words consumed him, throughout high school Travis dated. . . a lot. And since he was being so honest, Travis kind of had a repetition. Two years later and the name still haunted him. Travis the tranny.

Oh bursa evi olan escort did he also mention that he went after straight guys (who knew maybe they could of been the one) and dressed up as a girl.

Travis tried not to focus on the past, finally he found someone he could relate too. They laughed, cried, talked dirty, everyday. Travis never felt so happy. Now here’s the bad side, Travis has never met him.

Sadly he didn’t even know what he looked like. They never exchanged pictures or he didn’t know what he sounded like.

All he had was texts and emails. They met on a gay website. It seemed so long ago, but it has only been two months. Travis scans his computer nervously, hoping that neither of them would back out. He smiles when he see the familiar username pop up.

Ready2run: Excited?

Travisboy19: To meet the man of my dreams. . . Nah, not a big deal.

Ready2run: Funny. Are you wearing those shorts that I recommended?

Travisboy19: Yes, I can’t wait.

Ready2run: See you soon.

After triple checking altıparmak escort he heads out the door. The tight black booty shorts feel nice against his soft skin. Travis caught the bus and finally make his way toward the house.

Travis heart is banging inside his chest like a sledgehammer. He calmly walks up the long driveway, he wish the weather wasn’t so hot. Travis back feels wet and sweaty, he knocks on the door.

Six seconds later the door opens, and a tall muscular guy comes into view. His jaw drops, this man is gorgeous. He leans his long frame against the door, his dark blue eyes bore holes into Travis gray eyes.

His hard square jaw could cut glass, his thick dark brows narrow seductively. His insides quake at the fullness of his lips. Travis wants to touch his dark tousled short hair.

“Hi,” Travis sqeaks.

“Don’t be so nervous,” his deep low voice sent shivers down Travis spine.

This man was it, his prayers have been answered. It was sad really how devoted he was to this man. He didn’t even know his name but it didn’t matter, Travis was in love. Whatever he wanted Travis would do it.

“Travis right?” He says.

“Yeah,” Travis says.

“Well come in,”

The place was nice and cozy, warm colors. Travis was throbbing with want and need.

“I heard so much about you,” he says.

That’s when the floor dropped.

“What I thought,”

“Oh no your here for my roommate, Mark,”

“Who are you?”


This couldn’t be happening. Travis hears noises coming down the stairs. A guy walks into the room and the electric air that was flowing fell at their feet.

Mark was ready2run? It was sad the differences. Mark was so unattractive, his rolls prepped through his tight shirt and his hairy arms and chest was like a forest.

His hair was slicked back and his short and stocky build was so unappealing. How old was he thirty? He said he was twenty-three. Okay maybe this wasn’t so bad Travis wasn’t vain. It’s wrong to judge based on looks.

“Hi,” Travis tried.

“Wow your beautiful,” Mark grinned.

Wish he could say the same thing. No stop.

“Well I’ll leave you too alone,” Teller said.

Travis watch as the guy He suddenly fell in love with leave. And the guy who he wasn’t attracted too lead him up the stairs.

To be continued…

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Bartering Sex, Bride as Payment, Ch. 01

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Please vote. As if your vote is my applause, please vote.


Michael and Ashley are surprised by how little they received in cash gifts from their wedding.

To pay for their expensively elaborate, Valentine’s Day wedding, a groom offered vendors sex with his bride as payment in full for services rendered.

Absolutely gorgeous, as if she was a model on the cover of Brides magazine carrying a bouquet of white roses, Ashley looked beautiful in her fifteen-hundred-dollar, white, wedding gown. Adhering to the Valentine’s Day theme, Michael wore a black tuxedo with tails, a top hat, and a red rose in his lapel. With them both tall and good looking, they made for a stunning couple.

In celebration of their wedding day, forever memorializing their anniversary on this day of love, they had chosen this day, Valentine’s Day, as their wedding day. Ashley slowly walked down the aisle followed by her maid of honor and four bridesmaids all wearing red gowns and holding red, rose bouquets. Michael’s best man and four groomsmen, all attired in black tuxedoes, had red roses in their lapels. The church and the hall, being that it was Valentine’s Day, the day of roses and of love, were decorated with dozens of beautiful red and white roses.

Then, at the reception, with a choice of roast beef or seafood, at eighty-dollars a plate, they drank the two bottles of wine their caterer provided at each table to their one-hundred guests. They danced the night away stopping only to eat and to greet friends and relatives, while posing for pictures and video recordings. A beautiful wedding, it was a memorable affair made even more memorable when the bride and groom were unable to pay for it.

* * * * *

Now that the wedding was over in a blur of invited guests, Michael was finally alone with his new bride, Ashley, in their hotel room before heading out to Marcos Island, Florida for their honeymoon. They booked a suite for five nights, at six-hundred-dollars a night, at Marco Beach Ocean Resort, costing them three-thousand-dollars. Yet, before they left for their honeymoon, there were a few things that they needed take care of first. They needed to pay the wedding planner, the florist, the invitations printer, the band leader, the photographer, the videographer, the hall owner, the limousine service operator, and caterer for providing the food, the liquor, and the services of their staff.

As if they had just robbed a bank or held up a liquor store, with their wedding money in the middle of the bed between them, they sat on the bed after counting the money they received as gifts for their wedding. Surprised by how little money there was, hoping they made an error in math, they counted it three times. Each time they counted it, they counted the same, small amount. Expecting to receive more than enough money to at least pay for their wedding and to pay everyone they owed, sadly and disappointingly, there wasn’t enough money to cover the cost of their wedding.

“What are we going to do, Michael?” Ashley held the money in her hands, a little more than five-thousand-dollars in cash that they received as wedding gifts. She looked to her husband as if he had all the answers and would know what to do. “With just the caterer costing eight-thousand-dollars and the open bar bill another fifteen-hundred-dollars, we can’t even pay for our wedding with the little bit of money we received, not even close,” said Ashley.

She looked at her husband as if she was going to cry. Then, she looked at her husband with resolve, as if she had already made her decision to cancel their honeymoon. An event that was nearly as important as the wedding and the wedding reception, they had no choice but to cancel their honeymoon. At least they could save some money doing that by not spending any more money they don’t have and couldn’t afford to spend.

“I’m sorry, Ashley, but don’t worry about it. I’ll think of something,” he said.

He looked at her with hopefulness while she looked at him with sadness.

“As starters, we’ll have to cancel our honeymoon,” said Ashley already seeming disillusioned that they couldn’t afford to have a honeymoon. “We can’t afford to go now. Already in debt before the wedding and in more debt now after the wedding, we can’t spend any more money that we can’t afford to spend. We can’t be in any more debt than we already are.”

With this Valentine’s day night also his wedding night, Michael looked at his bride with sadness instead of happiness. An understatement, receiving this little in cash gifts caught them by surprise. Instead of giving them money, seemingly getting rid of gifts that others had received for their weddings but didn’t want, some of their friends gave them useless and duplicate gifts that they didn’t want and couldn’t use either. They received two toasters, a blender, an iron, three fondue sets, a punch bowl set, and four crystal vases. What they needed and wanted for their wedding was money instead of wedding gifts that they’d never use and would no doubt give away to someone else.

“Don’t bursa escort bayan worry, Ash, I’ll figure something out,” said Michael again while confidentially assured that he would think of something. “I’m glad we only made a reservation for the hotel and didn’t put down a deposit as they had asked us to do. With all of our credit cards maxed out, I couldn’t put down a deposit even if I wanted to put down a deposit,” he said with a sad, little laugh.

She looked at her new husband with love, trust, faith, and hope that he’d think of something to fix their financial setback and start their marriage off right. Now that she enjoyed her fantasy of having been a beautiful bride on her romantic, Valentine’s Day wedding, reality raised its ugly head. She realized her new life being no different from her old life. Married only for several hours, instead of basking in the glow of happiness of a new bride, she imagined her misery as a tired housewife and a working mother saddled with children while her husband cheated on her. She imagined financially struggling throughout their entire marriage.

Going from her highest point of happiness to her lowest point of sadness, while still wearing her wedding dress, she stood outside on the hotel balcony to get some air. Already feeling depressed and trapped in a marriage she felt was doomed from the start, she couldn’t breathe. In the way she stared down at the ground below, perhaps, she was considering taking a swan dive from their balcony twenty stories up to the hotel swimming pool below. Only, with her having everything to live for, with her being so young, so beautiful, and so sexy, she wouldn’t do that. With her having everything to live for, a handsome husband, and both of them ready to start a family, she’d never do that.

“To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part,” said Ashley as if reciting her wedding vows again.

Having money enough for a down payment to buy a house was more important to her than honeymooning at an expensive, waterfront resort in Florida. Being that she was no virgin with them already having had sex dozens of times, maybe even hundreds of times, she felt as if she already had her honeymoon long before they were married. Besides, sexually active since she was 18-years-old, in the way that her mother, Anne, and her big sister, Julie, were promiscuous whores, Ashley was a promiscuous whore too.

She was as sexually promiscuous as was Michael in his youth. Back then, before they were married, just as there wasn’t a pussy that he wouldn’t finger, lick, and fuck, there wasn’t a cock that she wouldn’t stroke, suck, and/or fuck. Long before meeting and dating Michael, having lost her virginity in the backseat of a sixties era, muscle car. Back then, she had too many boyfriends to count and, with her happy to oblige, all of them not only wanted sex but also expected sex. Literally and figuratively, she was the head cheerleader on the football team.

The perfect, albeit odd couple, with her a whore and her then boyfriend a whoremonger, she was the steady girlfriend of a college quarterback who enjoyed bragging about his sexual conquests to anyone who’d listen. From there, she continued sowing her wild oats by attending wild, drunken, frat parties and spring break orgies of immoral, immodest, and shameful sex. She had numerous, sexual relationships in college before even meeting, being engaged to, and marrying Michael.

Yet, with all of that sexual activity then, and with her wanting to be a faithful wife now, once married, taking her marriage vows seriously, that was it for her whoring around. Once she met Michael and fell in love, she was done with empty sex. She was done with one-night stands, wild, drunken parties, orgies, and gangbangs. Always the party girl, if she didn’t have another drink for the rest of her life, after her wedding reception toast of champagne, she’d be happy. Alcohol always led to her undoing and to her having sex.

Yet, sadly and realistically, just as their parents started their married lives together with nothing, not that they’re poor now, they didn’t want to repeat their cycle of arguing and fighting over money. Ashley’s mother, Anne, didn’t have any money until she divorced her father and got the house, along with everything else to allow him to live in sin with his oh, so young and sexy, secretary. Michael’s mother, Katherine, didn’t have any money until his father died and left her with substantial, life, insurance policy.

At least wanting to have enough for a down payment to buy a house, Ashley and Michael were determined to start their marriage with more than with less. Alas and unfortunately, their high hopes, unrealistic expectations, and big dreams clouded their reality. Yet, not all their fault, it was the economy, stupid, that got in their way. It was the top 1% having it all and the other 99% left to split what little was left. All the good paying, full-time, manufacturing jobs with benefits were nilüfer escort long gone overseas. What was left was low paying, part-time, service jobs with no benefits, no security, no union protection, and no retirement.

* * * * *

“With most couples giving us a paltry one-hundred-dollars at an eighty-dollars a plate wedding reception, losing sixty-dollars a couple, most invited guests didn’t even pay enough to cover the cost of their food. Just married and we’re already mired in even more debt, Michael,” said Ashley. “Trusting us that we would, we promised everyone that we’d pay them after the wedding. Now, unless we spend every last dollar we have, including the money that we saved from our house fund for the down payment of our house, we can’t pay everyone. There goes our dream of buying a house,” said Ashley falling in more of a deep funk.

With Valentine’s Day, her wedding day, supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life, instead, she was so sad. Michael held his bride’s hand in his and stared down at the six-thousand-dollar, 2-carat, engagement ring he bought her and that he’d be paying over time for the next two years. Perhaps, if he had already paid for the ring, he’d think about pawning it. Yet, he couldn’t do that to her; he couldn’t pawn her engagement ring. What kind of husband would he be to pawn his wife’s engagement ring on their wedding day? Besides, if he did, he’d only receive a fraction of what it’s worth while still having to pay the balance.

He could sell his car and/or her car too but, how would they get to work? Besides, still paying the bank on car loans, they couldn’t sell their cars. He tried to think of anything he had of value. He could sell his beloved baseball card collection or his diecast car collection? Perhaps, he could sell one of his guns. The only real thing he had of value wasn’t a thing at all but a person, his beautiful wife, Ashley, and she definitely wasn’t for sale.

While trying to think of a way out of this dire, financial situation, he stared in her big, blue eyes with love, compassion, and understanding. She was so beautiful. She was so sexy. With him the man and the provider, he felt worse than she did. He felt as if he had already not only disappointed her but also had failed her. Surely, there was some way that they could come up with the money to bridge the gap of what they received and what they owed without having to spend every dollar they had saved for the down payment on their house. Lucky for them, her mother paid for her wedding gown, otherwise, they’d owe that too.

Even though he had only worked there for a few months, he wondered if he could ask for a raise at work. Instead of receiving a few hundred-dollars as he did last year, he wondered how much his Christmas bonus would be this year after working there for a full year, but that was ten months away. He’d have to look at the posting board to see if there were any upcoming promotions that he could apply for now and hope to get. Lastly, he could always leave this job for a higher paying one. Yet, this wasn’t a good economy to leave one job while hoping to get a better one.

“Even though our elected representatives say differently by pointing at the low unemployment numbers, it’s still a bad economy, Ashley,” he said as if thinking out loud without completing the thought that allowed him to come to that conclusion. “It’s only the rich who get richer.”

Not entirely wrong, but simplistic in his understanding of the economy, he blamed everything on the politicians for not doing anything about jobs continuing to go overseas for the past forty-years. Ever since Nixon froze wages with the ’73 oil embargo, he blamed the politicians for keeping the wages stagnant while inflation spiraled out of control. With roads and bridges in disrepair all over the country, he blamed the politicians for not funding infrastructure for road and bridge repair. Yet, seemingly, it was always better and more lucrative to fight someone else’s oil war than to spend a trillion dollars at home that would create jobs and a better middleclass economy.

“You’re right, Michael but the economy and job creation are things that are out of our control,” she said seemingly becoming increasing depressed.

As if he was giving a lecture on the state of the economy and as if she was his audience, he lamented the same complaints he had made over and again before. “We can only change what we control.”

With her sadness contagious, he looked at her with hopelessness in the way she looked at him with unhappiness.

“Unless working for a dot-com startup or at an IT company like Apple, Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, high paying jobs with benefits are a thing of the past. With the unions busted, most of the high paying manufacturing jobs are gone overseas to China. With lots of folks still out of work or working at low paying, part-time jobs without benefits, no one has any money to part with at a wedding,” said Michael.

Ashley looked hopelessly at her husband with tears in her eyes.

“I only türbanlı escort wish we had thought about that before,” said Ashley. “Expenses that I ignored and should have realized, it was my fault for having such an expensive wedding. I could have conserved more,” she said. “We could have had a nice wedding by inviting half the guests and we didn’t have to have an open bar. Yet, somethings, such as the photographer, the videographer, the printer, the hall, the limousine service, and the band are fixed costs. No matter how many guests we invited, they’d still charge the same.”

He smiled at her and leaned to her to give her a kiss.

“With this day, Valentine’s Day and our wedding day, every woman should have at least one special day in her life. With us having to work for the rest of our lives, every woman should have her dream wedding,” he said. “I don’t regret a thing. I’m glad you had your one, special day. So what if we’re in debt? Don’t worry. I’ll think of something,” said Michael playing his role as her in charge and in control husband.

Ashley continued looking at Michael with sadness while he looked at her with determined resolve.

“Naively expecting more from the generosity of friends and family, we’re further in debt than we were before we were married,” she said with sadness. “I thought that things would be better after we married. I didn’t think they’d be worse.”

He gave her a supportive smile and a loving kiss on the lips.

“Don’t worry. As long as you’re willing to help,” he said giving her a sly smile. “I have an idea how we can pay for our wedding and keep the money we already have for a down payment on a house,” said Michael giving his new bride a look of foreboding.

* * * * *

He gave her the same forbidden look now that he gave her when he asked her if she’d participate in the swinging lifestyle with him two years before they were married. Tired of having empty sex, once she found Michael, she didn’t want to give her body to other men. Not wanting to have sex with others in the first place, coerced by her peers and pressured by her friends, she lost her virginity at 18-years-old. Once she lost her virginity, from there, she went to the dark side and became a whore.

Yet, even though she refused to try swinging, Michael wouldn’t take no for an answer. He saw her as more of the whore that he wanted and needed her to be than the king, loving, and caring woman that she was. Instead of swinging, she wanted to get married, buy a house, and raise a family. Afraid of losing him, he pressured her and coerced her to give her body to other men. Unable to stop once she started, different for men than it is for women, having sex with strangers was oftentimes more disgusting than it was sexually exciting.

He was relentless in his want and need to live the swinging lifestyle with her by his side. After pressuring her and coercing her to try swinging with him, she finally conceded and reluctantly agreed to have sex with other couples. She finally conceded and reluctantly agreed to have sex with other men while he watched and masturbated himself. She finally conceded and reluctantly agreed to allow him to have sex with other women while she cringed. She finally conceded and reluctantly agreed to have sex with other women, while he watched and masturbated himself.

With no end to the amount of sex that Michael needed and wanted to have with women and that he needed and wanted her to have with men, sometimes, she had sex with two men while he had sex with two women. Sometimes, they had an orgy with three and four other couples. Going as far as to have her give a circle jerk, with her kneeling in the middle of four to six men, he enjoyed watching her stroking and sucking the erect pricks of a circle of men. He enjoyed watching men cumming in her mouth.

She even had a bukkake fest where a dozen men, ejaculated their cum in her mouth, all over her face, in her hair, and across her big, naked breasts. Literally and figuratively, they truly gave her quite the cum bath. She drew the line at his request and refused to have men pee on her and in her mouth. There was absolutely no way that she was going to degrade herself in that disgusting way.

“Are you crazy, Michael? That’s so gross. That’s so disgusting. Have you absolutely no respect for me? If it wasn’t enough that I agreed to have a circle jerk and a bukkake fest while you watched and masturbated yourself but I’m not going to have men pee on me and pee in my mouth,” she said looking at him as if there was something seriously wrong with him. “What is wrong with you? Next, you’ll be asking me to do scat and shit play. That’s just gross, Michael, and you’re disgusting,” said Ashley refusing to participate in the swinging lifestyle any more.

After participating in the swinging lifestyle for two years, but for pee play and shit play, there wasn’t anything that she hadn’t sexually done or seen sexually done. Embarrassed before over sexually perverse things that no longer embarrassed her now, proud of being a whore, sexually enlightened, if nothing else, swinging opened her eyes to a new sexual reality and identity. Nonetheless her swinging adventures, with her now wanting her husband to be the only man in her life, she insisted they stop swinging before getting married, and they did.

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Her Crazy Friend Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are of legal age. All rights to this story exist exclusively with the author and it may not be reproduced, in any format, including posting on other sites, without the express written approval from the author. You may leave constructive feedback however, hateful or just silly feedback will be deleted. I write for my pleasure and those that enjoy my stories. There’s lots of content out there so, if you don’t like my story or style, move on and save yourself the time in leaving nasty commentary. I hope you enjoy my first Lesbian category writing.


Brooke asked if she could go out Friday night to meet her friend Cindy. I’ve never met Cindy however, I knew of her.

I’ve always said it’s the crazy ones that were the best lays. My wife Brooke is no exception to that rule. That being said, you can surmise that my wife is a bit on the crazy side. I’m not talking crazy adventurous, I’m talking jacket, with really long sleeves, that can be tied in back crazy.

When I first met Brooke, she was un-medicated; she was also great in the sack. Brooke would do anything I asked of her. I introduced her to her body. She had no idea that you could directly stimulate the clitoris or what one was for that matter. Brooke had never had an orgasm before meeting me. It took about 3 months of fucking her to get her to the point of orgasm. She enjoyed sex, her pussy would get wet. However, she couldn’t let herself go beyond that point. Then, one day I was fucking her doggy style in the La Quinta in Jacksonville, Florida. Our company had closed early for a holiday or moving offices or some such event. That left me with enough time to meet Brooke at the La Quinta for some afternoon fucking. You see, I was still married to my soon to be ex-wife, and Brooke was married as well.

So there we are, doggy style, I’m drilling her for everything I’m worth. All of a sudden, Brooke announces that she’s going to cum. This being a surprise, I double timed it, grabbing her shoulders, trying to split her in two. When she did cum, it was such an emotional event for her, she literally broke down into a weeping fit. Now, I’ve seen a lot of orgasms in my day, I’d never seen one like this before. She clung to me until she composed herself and explained that she’d never felt anything like that in her life. I was the king!

Having gotten over that hump, I introduced Brooke to a whole new world of sexuality. I was the first one to fuck her tight ass. I introduced her to fooling around with girls and getting fucked by more than one cock at the same time. Brooke was insatiable and took in everything new like a good student.

All was going well for us until the little things started to make themselves known. She would occasionally burst into a tirade of this or that, none of which were of any consequence. Similar to the orgasms, once the first one started, the outbursts and tirades grew more frequent and severe. It finally came to a head one day when I was getting ready to leave to take a new job. Brooke was staying behind to sell the house. She would meet me at our new city when the transaction completed. Brooke flew into a tirade about me being on my own, fucking other woman and leaving her behind.

As I am never one to back down from a fight, especially about something that’s imaginary, I matched her emotional tirade in intensity and duration. Our arguments always ended with her apologizing and either sucking my cock or fucking me to show me she was sorry. After Brooke serviced me for her latest outburst, I informed her that if she didn’t seek out some professional help, we were done.

So, off I go to the new city, leaving behind Brooke to get some professional help. As it turned out, Brooke has a massive case of depression and was plagued with all sorts of demons from her past, including but not limited to, being molested by her step-father when she was growing up. I would later use this to my advantage in getting her to call me “Daddy” when I fucked her. That story however is for another day.

So, Brooke finds herself a doctor and begins a medication regimen which seemed to get her back on track toward normal. The house sells and Brooke comes out to meet me in our new city. From here, life goes on for both of us. Brooke finds a job, continues her medication and I continue to train her to serve me in any sexual capacity. Brooke was an excellent student.

Unfortunately, these medications have a tendency to wear off, become less effective, etc. Bottom line, they constantly had to be adjusted, all which took time. Occasionally, these adjustments could have adverse effects, causing the head twisting, bed elevating, crazy Brooke to manifest herself.

During one of these periods, Brooke got so bad that she had to undergo some intense therapy. During these “group sessions”, Brooke met Cindy. I had never met Cindy but, from what I could tell, she was as funny as a $3 bill. I don’t think she was very bright either. The last I heard, she’d moved in with some other girl as a bursa escort platonic roommate, not knowing that this other girl was a raging lesbian. After she had moved in, the lesbian got possessive of Cindy and the relationship actually turned abusive. Since Cindy was between jobs, her options were limited on extricating herself from her situation.

I would hear about this nonsense through Brooke and just shake my head and wonder. How people got themselves into this situation, I really couldn’t understand.

Anyway, Brooke cleared her dinner with Cindy through me and plans were made. Brooke did not have a lot of friends and rarely went out without me. Having introduced Brooke to sex with other women, I could easily envision the two crazy girls having an emotional moment and one thing leading to another. I had no issue if this were the case. I simply asked that Brooke record any such session so that I could watch it on her return.

So, Friday night arrives, I have kiddo duty and I instruct my wife on the use of the newest HD digital camera, just in case. Brooke is under no restrictions as to what she can do for the evening, simply to have fun and be safe. 8:00 rolls around and Brooke heads out for the evening.

I feed the kids, bathe everyone and get them to bed at their designated times. It’s now 9:00 and I have nothing to do but wait. I jump in the hot tub for a while and watch my favorite lesbian porno, imagining what could be going on as I wait. My cock is rock hard however, I resist the urge to rub one out as I want to save it for Brooke. I recall asking Brooke if Cindy was attractive and she was somewhat elusive in her response. Brooke, for her part is a knock out. She’s 5’3″, 125 lbs with flaming red hair and G sized tits. They are massive melons; and while they still sit high on her chest, given her age and their sheer girth, they are starting to show some signs of sagging. When you’re blessed with a huge natural rack, you have to take the good with the bad. The tits are real, the hair is from a bottle. At my instruction, Brooke keeps her pussy freshly saved, ensuring that it is baby smooth in the morning and again at night.

When she’s getting fucked, Brooke loves to have her nipples pulled on and twisted, almost to a freakish level. I swear, I’ve pulled her nipples a full 6 inches off her chest and while she cries out in pain, her pussy immediately gushes and she comes. The crazy ones tend to like things to the extreme.

When Brooke left, she assured me that nothing was going to happen. I of course, was hoping differently. That fact that she took the camera and tripod with her gave me a ray of hope.

At 11:00 I checked Google Latitude one more time to find out that Brooke was not at the restaurant anymore and was in an area of town known to have clusters of motels. Things were definitely looking up. I turned out the lights and went to bed.

Around 2:30 a.m., I was awakened by a car door. A quick check of our surveillance cameras revealed that Brooke was coming in the back door rather than using the garage door. She had the presence of mind to try and not wake the kids.

Brooke came into the bedroom, trying to be quite, thinking that I was sleeping. For my part, I simply laid still, waiting for her to come to bed. Given the hour, Brooke slipped off her clothes and slid in to bed.

Brooke did not know I was awake until she slid her ass back up to me and felt my raging hard on. “Were you waiting for me”, she asked?

“Actually, I did get some rest however, the minute I heard you come it, my cock got rock hard. Given the hour, I believe you have some explaining to do.” I slid my right had around her shoulders and firmly grasped her right nipple. I was not easy with it, nor was I rough. I wanted to make sure she knew what was coming if she wasn’t forthcoming. I slid me left had down her stomach, across her smooth mound and easily slid into her moist folds.

“It would appear she’s had some activity this evening. Care to tell me about it”, as I increased the pressure on her nipple and her clit simultaneously.

“Daddy, I’ve been very, very bad”, Brooke said using the little girl voice that she knew turned me on. “I didn’t plan on doing anything with her but, we were having dinner, we’d had a few cocktails and Cindy was telling me how terrible she’s got it with her new roommate. Cindy had tears in her eyes when she was telling me how abusive this dike that she moved in with is to her. Cindy told me that the dike hits her, calls her a whore and is generally ugly with her every time Cindy comes home. She showed me the bruises on her arms where the dike grabbed her and shoved her around.”

“And this has what to do with your wet pussy”, I inquired? I moved my right had across her massive chest and found her left nipple. As I was asking, I viciously twisted it.

“Ouch, daddy, you’re hurting me”, Brooke cried out.

“Then get to the part about why it’s 2:30 and your pussy is wet”. I eased off of her left nipple but kept escort bayan strumming her very wet clit with my middle finger.

“Okay daddy, I’m getting to that. Well, we finished dinner and were walking through the parking lot to our cars. When we got there, the place was very busy so, we had to park way in back.” My wife drives a crew cab F-150, with tons of space in the back seat.

Brooke continues, “Anyway, we had parked next to each other and were standing in between the two cars saying our goodbyes. I told her that she really needs to start trying to find some way out of her situation and to call me if she was in danger. Cindy again started to cry profusely and I naturally reached out to hug her. She had tears gushing from her eyes and all I could do was to stand there and hug her tightly.”

“When she finally calmed down, Cindy told me what a good friend I was and pushed her head forward to kiss me. I had anticipated a peck on the lips but for some reason, we both held the kiss longer. We never took our eyes off of each other. I opened my mouth slightly and her tongue slid right in. We stood there and kissed for a couple of minutes and then stopped. Well, that was unexpected, I told her.”

Cindy looked at me and said “I’ve very lonely and afraid to go home, do you have to leave right away”?

“Not at all I told her. I have permission to do whatever I’d like tonight. Let’s sit in the truck for awhile. We got in to the back seat of the truck, made sure no one was around and then we started kissing again. It had been some time since I’d been with another girl so, my pussy was getting worked up fast. I slide my hand under her shirt and slid it around in back. I unfastened her bra and ran my hand in front of her, cupping and squeezing her tits. She’s not as big as me but, she’s a respectable D cup. You have to remember, she’s a little on the heavy side so, she has somewhat of a stomach pooch.”

“Go on”, I told Brooke.

“Well, she pulled my bra up over my nipples but left it hooked. It was actually kind of uncomfortable.”

“Hold crap, Brooke”, Cindy said. “I know you had big tits but these are the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

“We kept kissing and fondling each other and I told her we should go some place more private. I didn’t want us to get in trouble with indecent exposure charge. I knew she was strapped for cash so, I told her I’d pay for a room somewhere. That way, she could spend the night when I had to go. So, off we went to the Hamilton Place, just down the street from the restaurant.”

“When we got to the motel, I told her I could do anything I wanted, as long as I used the video camera. She hesitated for a minute and asked why. I told her Daddy told me those were the rules. She smiled and said, “Okay, as long as it’s just you and Daddy watching”. I assured her it was and in we went”.

“I made sure to bring the video camera with me, we checked in and went to the room.”

“When we got in, I took the time to set up the camera and the tripod just like you told me Daddy. I made sure the angle was right and the auto focus was on just like you said.”

“Good girl”, I praised. “I’m glad you followed Daddy’s instructions, then what happened.”?

“Well, while I was doing that, Cindy had taken off her clothes and had started to hug me from behind while I was setting up the camera. She unhooked my bra and slid my shirt off while I a finishing up the camera work.”

“Then, she hugged me from behind, pressing her D cups into my back and fondling my nipples. I could feel my pussy start to get most and I told her to get on the bed, I’d be right there.”

Brooke then reached over to the nightstand and produced the small video recorder. It had a huge hard disc so, I assume she caught every minute of the action.

“Do you want to see what I did with her Daddy”, Brooke inquired?

“Of course, let’s see what Daddy’s little slut did tonight”. With that I slide my 9″ cock into her already wet pussy and just held it there, balls deep.

The video started as Brooke described. Cindy was not exceptionally attractive, nor was she unattractive. She definitely had D cup boobs, I estimated her at a size 14. While not obese, she was plump. She had shoulder length hair that appeared to be brown. Like Brooke, her cunt was shaved smooth.

Brooke walks into the frame topless, wearing her heels and skirt still. Brooke unzips her skirt but leaves the shoes on because she knows Daddy would like that. She lays on the bed and the two of them embrace, large tits pushing against each other.

Brooke is no stranger to the camera, she exaggerates the tongue action so it will show up better in the video. The two of them pull their bodies apart and begin to caress each other’s breasts. Brooke is the first to dip her head down to Cindy’s right nipple.

Brooke elevates her body over the top of Cindy, nipple still in her mouth. Brooke leaves her nipple and moving her body, allows her massive jugs to lightly touch Cindy’s skin, bursa escort running from her stomach up to her mouth. When she reaches her mouth, Cindy opens up and Brooke deposits her generous breast right in the middle.

You can see Cindy’s hand slide up Brooke’s thigh as she gently inserts her middle finger into Brooke’s pussy.

“Oh my, you’re extremely moist”, Cindy comments.

“All because of you dear, all because of you”, Brooke replies.

Still on all fours, Brooke does a 180 on top of Cindy and buries her head into her moist folds.

“How did she taste”, I ask?

Brooke slides her hand back over her should and tells me to see for myself. “I made sure not to shower so you could taste the remnants of her pussy on my fingers.”

I took her digits in my mouth and definitely tasted pussy on her fingers.

“Not as sweet as yours but, entirely tasty”, I report.

“She was”, Brooke replies. “I had no idea at the time but, Cindy is a light squirter. The first time she came it surprised me. I was upside down as you can see and she squirted right into my mouth.”

At this point I started sawing my cock back and forth, in and out of Brooke’s cunt. I knew there was some footage here and I wanted to see it all before I released.

“When Cindy told me she was going to come, that triggered my first orgasm of the night. I made sure all of my juices got in her mouth and on her face. My plan was to lick her clean after our first round.

“Being a larger girl, Cindy had a fairly large pussy. So, after she hosed me down, her large pussy was very moist and she had cum running down her ass. Watch here”, Brooke was pointing to the camera screen.

“I reach under her and slid a finger gently in to her ass. Watch me push my other fingers into her pussy; there’s two, then three. I could feel more room so I left my finger pumping her asshole and turned to face her pussy. Now watch; there’s two fingers, now three fingers. I straightened out four fingers and slid them in to her pussy.”

“Cindy, I’m going to fist fuck you”, I told her.

“I had four fingers in, all the way up to my knuckles.”

Sure enough, watching the video I could see Brooke’s fingers filling Cindy’s pussy. Brooke slid her thumb into place and made a cone with the rest of her fingers. Brooke was gently but firmly pressing her fingers into Cindy’s pussy but couldn’t get them past her knuckles.

Brooke slid her finger out of Cindy’s ass and attacked her clit with the thumb of her other hand, all the while pushing on Cindy’s stretched pussy. Cindy was writhing on the bed, moaning loud enough to have the hotel manager get called if she disturbed one of the adjoining rooms.

Brooke picked up the pace on Cindy’s clit and Cindy howled out that she was coming. As her pussy started to squirt, Brooke pressed hard and the rest of her fist slid in to Cindy’s pussy. This seemed to send Cindy over the edge again as she was screaming “Oh yes, fuck me with your fist. Shove it into my cunt. That’s it Brooke, fuck me, fuck me.”

At this point Cindy is writhing around and pulling on her nipples, clearly in the throws of what seemed to be an unending orgasm. You could see that a dark, wet spot was starting to form under Cindy’s ass from her squirting.

Finally, Cindy seems to be coming down from her orgasmic euphoria. Brooke’s fist is buried in Cindy’s pussy up to her wrist and she is working her now balled up fist slowly back and forth.

“Oh my god,” cries Cindy. “I’ve never felt anything like that in my life.”

“Are you ready to service me,” Brooke asks Cindy somewhat aggressively.

“After that, anything you want. You just tell me what it is”, Cindy responds, still trying to catch her breath.

“Good. Be a good girl and hand me the camera please”, Brooke instructs Cindy.

Cindy gets up and pulls the camera off the quick disconnect mount on the tripod. She keeps it trained in on Brooke, slowly panning from her shaved pussy to her huge tits, to her face. Brooke looks at the camera and tells Cindy to zoom in tight.

“This one is for you Daddy”, says Brooke. Cindy hands her the camera and Brooke turns it around, zooming in to her shaved slit.

“Now, I want you to eat me until I come. I want lots of tongue work and I want you to put your lips on each side of my pussy while you alternate sucking them”. Brooke certainly knew what I would like.

Cindy scoots down the bed and performs exactly as Brooke directed. First, she licked the outside of Brooke’s shaved cunt with the tip of her tongue, like it was an ice cream cone. Cindy made sure to keep eye contact with the camera at all times.

Next, Cindy sucks on Brooke’s pussy lips, alternating from side to side. Cindy then breaks through Brooke’s cunt lips and runs her tongue from taint to clit. When she reaches Brooke’s clit, she sucks it into her mouth and hangs on to it as if letting go would send her crashing stories below. At this point Brooke is now starting to thrash about.

While I’m watching all this, I find it very difficult to not cum inside Brooke. She’s wriggling her ass up against me, I’m fingering her clit and sawing my cock in and out of her. It would appear all will cum around the same time as the Brooke on video.

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