Black Orchid

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“Hey, baby,” my mother greeted me as she always did as she brushed by me in the hallway that morning, “Get your shower and come-on to breakfast, we’re running a little late.”

Our morning routine had become a well-choreographed dance. We never needed alarm clocks since our bedrooms in the small apartment were we lived were next to each other. I had developed into a light enough sleeper that I would awaken to sound of her moving about in the morning. She always took here shower first and we’d exchanged our ritual morning kiss and hello. Like rumba dancers, we’d instinctively swing past each other in the cramped hallway with a kind of sixth sense we’d developed.

I adored my mother. She had taken care of me by herself ever since my dad had left one day to ‘find himself’ eight years ago and apparently had lost his way home. Without missing a beat, she went out and found work as a loan processor for a bank downtown and had since worked way up to underwriter, whatever that was. She rarely talked about him after that. All I know is I never went hungry or barefoot a day since ‘dear old dad’ left thanks to her. She worked hard and did a great job of raising me without a man around making sure I made it off to school before she’d race for her own bus and somehow managing to get home in the afternoon in time put together a meal for two. Nothing fancy, often just burgers on toast and fries, but it was important to her to be there for me at the beginning and the end of the day and I loved her for it. She was something else.

Maybe it was how are bodies made contact in the hallway that morning. Normally, we breezed through the apartment instinctively knowing each others moves voiding collisions. But this day was different. All fresh smelling from her shower as she made her way her way to the kitchen the heat from her just washed skin seemed to create an invisible, atmosphere that suspended the fragrance of her bath oils where only the deliberate rubbing of our bodies would unleash.

“Wow, you smell really nice today, Mama,” I said out of reaction to the wonderful scent.

She paused and cocked her head a bit. A sheepish smile spread across her still moist lips. “Well aren’t you sweet,” she replied. The towel wrapped around her still damp head pulled her hair completely off her face. She glowed with genuine appreciation to my compliment.

I always loved to make her smile and wanted to see it again. Placing my hands squarely on her shoulders, I bent forward to take a long whiff of her neck.

“Mmmm, niice.” I breathed. “What’s it called?”

“Uh, ‘Black Orchid’, honey,” she said slowly. At seventeen, I had sprouted up to 5′ 10” over the summer and I stood nearly a half-foot over her. I pulled back in amazement to see that her face had the look of a child opening a Christmas present. Her eyes had slit into a dreamy look and she took a long sucking breath through her teeth. Briefly, confused, I dropped my hands quickly to my sides but I remained transfixed by the effect of my actions upon her.

After a long pause, her eyes popped open and she seemed to spring back to life. Spinning her bare toes in the direction of the kitchen, she whisked off, “Enough flirting now. Get your shower and come eat, baby,” she tossed over her shoulder.

As the smell of her dewy skin trailed away, I noticed something else that was out of the ordinary. Instead her usual terry robe Mama had chosen, perhaps in haste, to put one of my tee shirts after her bath. It was just a plain white tee with a Nike ‘Just Do It’ logo stitched over the heart. I usually bought them extra-large for a loose fit for basketball, but her body filled it out in ways that my wiry frame never could. She would be thirty-six in August, exactly twice my age, but it was apparent that all those years of running for busses and climbing the four flights of stairs to our flat allowed her to maintain admirably fit body.

Mama was a fairly modest lady. She would wrap the bathrobe around her body so that she would be mostly covered. However, when she would reach across the kitchen table at breakfast and I would sometimes be treated to a brief view of her ample 34D cleavage. Thanks to pull of gravity, the tops of her breasts would spill forward held in place only by the ‘V’ in the neckline. Now dressed in my tee shirt, though no skin was visible, her breasts strained against the thin white fabric as if she were smuggling a pair of succulent ripe melons. Her smooth tapered legs and well formed calves thrust from the hem, alternately flashing a warm cocoa-brown as the natural light in the hallway bounced off them. My eyes fixed upon a nicely shaped upturned booty, now uncamouflaged by the bulk of terry cloth, swaying as she disappeared into the kitchen. I was almost embarrassed to find myself looking upon my mother as a woman but my dick didn’t seem to share my feelings of guilt. The reactionary swelling of my still teen-age rod began to bulge my briefs out into a noticeable tent.

I quickly made my way to the bathroom and closed escort izmit the door behind me. The reaction of seeing such a luscious ass and legs so soon after getting out bed was just too much. After straining to free my swollen rod from it from its 50-50 cotton-poly shroud, the chubby flesh sprung out and plopped against my flat stomach. The mushroom head was aimed at me like a cocked pistol and the edges of slit forming the pee-hole turned up in a sardonic smile.

“Damn,” I thought, “Did Mama notice my dick was hard?” My adolescent mind then began to ring up thoughts like a cash register, “Did I fuck up grabbing her like that?” “Did she feel me staring at her ass?” “What could she be thinking now?”

I pulled a towel from the rack over the tub and began soaking it under a stream of warm water in the sink. “This ain’t good”, I thought. I had been getting involuntary hard-ons since I was nine but, until now, I could manage to conceal my peanut sized erections from her. But now that my dick had stretched out to an 9 inch ebony baton thanks to almost nightly beat-offs and almost as regular ‘fuck and runs’ with Tamia Hill, a juicy assed, if butt-ugly, girl I’d known since grade school in the back stairwell, it was becoming a challenge. As I lathered up my lower torso and ran a soapy hand towel over my erection, the thought of what Mama must look like under that tee shirt caused my stiffy to throb painfully. As continued to scrub my chub, the fully engorged purplish bulb swelled as I squeezed and stroked the shaft. Thankfully, it seemed too be enough to bring the swelling down enough to fold it over double and stuff back into my shorts.

As I prepared to hang my towel behind the door, I saw that Mama had left her familiar robe on the same hook. I draped the towel over it and smoothed them both down to allow the door to open fully. Peeking from one of the robe’s pockets was a dainty, pink-colored brassiere and, stuffed deeper inside, a matching pair of silken panties. I gently rolled the satiny material between my fingers enjoying their smooth, slippery feel. My mouth began to water as I mischievously contemplated taking a quick sniff. “What the fuck?” I thought and I pressed the silken cloth to my nostrils and inhaled. The spicy, sweet aroma of residual womanhood imbedded in the fabric made me delightfully light-headed. Coupled with the image of what I had just seen in the hall, I felt myself experiencing another sensory overload. I felt my dick stir again but this time I reached down with my free hand and pulled the waist band of my underwear down past my hips and set it free.

I resigned myself to going to hell for lusting after my own mother and began to flick the pimply flesh on the crown of my dick. I imagined that I could probably stroke my self to orgasm just on the mental image of her ass alone.

As I pumped away, hoping to squeeze off a quick one before breakfast I wondered, “Why no bra this morning?”, and, “Why did she choose wear one of my tee shirts instead of her favorite and familiar robe?” “Naw, that can’t be it”, I thought. “Did she want me to see her like that? Naaww! She couldn’t have been cock-teasing her own son, could she?”

I caught a glance of myself in the mirror over the sink and began to assess myself. I was only eighteen, but I had matured noticeably over the past year. I had lost a lot of my ‘baby fat’ and, thanks to marathon b-balling sessions at the neighborhood court, my torso was lean and cut. Even my face had lost its childish look and become more angular. Perhaps that’s what Mama saw in the hallway. Her little boy was becoming a man and the thought of her approval was enough to bring my swollen balls to a full boil. With a few more tight fisted pumps my hips bucked as I launched a creamy load of juice into the bathroom sink. I lurched forward as I lunged into my mother’s phantom pussy plopping globs of pearly sperm into the sink. Staring into the now steamed over mirror I watched my orgasm-contorted face return to normal. With a sigh, I turned on the sink’s hot water spigot and watched, mournfully, as the expulsion swirled down the drain.

“Raaayymoooond!” I heard Mama’s voice sing from the outer side of the closed door. “Hurry up, baby! Breakfast is getting cold!”

Jolted from my sexual stupor, it was now back-to-reality time. Stuffing the bra and panties back into the robe pocket, I quickly hiked up my drawers and snatched a pair of baggy jeans I had laid out on bathtub drying rack the night before.

“Be right out, Mama!” I responded, clumsily hopping on one leg in the confines of the tiny room. Without thinking I asked, “Have you seen the white shirt I had hung up in here?”

There was an awkward silence and then, “Oh!” came the muffled reply. “I just threw it on. I didn’t realize you were going to wear it today.”

“That’s OK,” I called back.

“Just hand out my robe, will you?” she responded. “And get a move on. It’s almost 8 o’ clock.”

Sensing her urgency, I quickly pulled the robe from the hook on the door and threw izmit escort the door open to hand it out to her.

I wasn’t ready for what I saw on the other side.

My mother totally was naked from the neck down doing what could only be described as a frantic hoochie-coochie dance in the hallway. While I was handing out her robe, she in-turn must have decided at the same time to give back my tee shirt. Assuming I would crack open the door just enough to hand it out to her, she decided to take the shirt off for the swap. As the door swung open, she had managed to roll the shirt above her breasts and was struggling to stretch the collar over her head. She apparently hadn’t compensated for the towel she still had wrapped around her wet hair. In her apparent struggle to free herself, she definitely wasn’t aware that her son was now standing in front of her in half amusement…and half amazement at the vision before him.

Mama’s hips were wide in portion to upper body but well balanced by a pair of full, round titties that bounced softly in the light now flooding the hall. She had marble-size nipples nestled atop chocolate cookie sized areolas. Her lower belly was smooth with just a hint of ‘pooch’. A triangle of black curls covered a place that I’d visited only once before in my life.

With a final tug she finally managed to pop the neck of the tee-shirt over her head and with it the towel wrap. Her damp curly hair, the exact same texture as the curly bush between her legs, burst forth and cascaded around her shoulders and into her face.

“Whew…shit!” she yelped, having almost suffocated herself. “Ray,” she called, still not realizing the bathroom door stood wide open, “Here’s your shirt. My robe, please.”

She gasped and froze as bundled shirt and towel she thrust forwarded didn’t hit the hardwood door, but instead, smacked squarely into the softer flesh of my chest. With her free hand she pulled and hair from her eyes blinking and squinting from the light from the bath. As her eyes began to focus, I could see by the slow nodding motion of her head that she was taking my practically naked silhouette in. I could make out her lips mouthing the words, “Daaaaaamn.”

“I’m sorry, Mom”, I said.

“N-No, don’t be” she stuttered, continuing to allow her eyes to examine my body. After a long pause she said, “Don’t be sorry at all.”

Dropping the shirt to her side, she suddenly realized that she was more exposed as I was and a flash of belated surprise caused her face to flush. “Oh, my god!,” she gasped as she brought her arms up in a futile attempt at covering her shapely torso. Realizing that her modesty had come too late, she let the lump of clothes drop to the floor and stood up straight before me, throwing her arms out to her sides in a comical ‘wassup’ pose.

“Well, this is only fair,” she reasoned with a toothy grin, “So, what do you think of your old mom, then.”

I knew that she was trying to make the best of an awkward moment, but it was all too funny, yet, all too sexy a situation to pass up. I played along. “Mmmm,” I said looking her over, “Nice bod, mom”.

Encouraged by my assessment, she pulled her shoulders back thrusting her tits forward and actually jiggled them at me. “What about these,” she asked. “Alright for a thirty-sum’ sum’, mama?”

Trying hard to act cool, I was secretly thrilled at how relaxed she was. Here was my beautiful mother allowing me to check her out and I could tell by her mischievous smile that she was enjoying it. Standing naked together in the hallway, all inhibitions had melted away and I didn’t mind pouring it on.

“Nice titties, uh, I mean breasts…nice legs, too, mama” I gushed.

“So, you think your mama’s ‘fine’, huh?” she urged.

“Ma’am?” I gulped. This was beginning to cross into the fantasy zone.

“Come on, now. You’re a growing young man, I want to know if I still ‘got’ it,” she continued.

“Oh, definitely….” I answered with an accompanying nod. “Definitely.”

We laughed nervously together to ease the tension. But there was no denying her a definite physical reaction. Her nipples plumped up and jut out like little pencil erasers. Her eyes began to close into that dreamy look that I had seen earlier when I sampled her perfume.

“I can see that you mean it too, hon”, she sighed as she again let her gaze wander down my chest and to my crotch. My dick had once again freed itself from my underpants was now poking out like a prairie dog from its burrow. “My,” she said with earnest. “I hadn’t realized just how much you’d grown…up over the summer.”

“Well”, she continued in a sexy breathiness, “You might as well see the rest.” Casting her arms further out in graceful ballerina pose, she spun to turn her back to me. Her shoulder blades jutted out from her long narrow back. Her ass had two little dimples just at the curve of her spine. Her magnificent cheeks were brown, round, and luscious. I licked the drool that formed in the corner of my mouth and bit izmit kendi evi olan escort my lower lip to temper my heavy breathing.

“And?” she inquired.

I couldn’t say a word. I was just stunned at her brazenness. I had fantasized about ‘experienced’ older women, but I never considered getting a lesson from my own mother. And here, without a care to how right or wrong it might have been, she was presenting me a piece of the finest booty I had ever seen in my young life and she didn’t seem to give a fuck about how I was reacting to it. If this was going to turn out to be more than an ‘anatomy lesson’, I wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass.

I didn’t want to waste time. If Mama wanted to get her body rocked I, as her obedient son, was more than ready to oblige. Jamming my thumbs into the sides of my shorts, I quickly pulled them and my jeans to the floor and shuffled toward her. With my hips and dick leading the way, I moved in behind my mother and began slowly sliding engorged prong up and down the crevice of her butt cleavage. Although it appeared firm, her behind was delightfully soft and pliant as my nuts slid into her ass valley. She shivered in delight as she instinctively lifted off the floor on her toes to adjust to the height difference of our burning crotches.

“Ooooo, I like that answer,” she cooed. Leaning back into me she began to gyrate her tasty cakes against my groin.

“You want me to keep going, Mama?” I asked, still in disbelief of this incredible moment.

Peering at me over shoulder with devilish-angelic eyes, “Oh yes, believe me I do, baby”, she assured me. “Mama’s been needing this for such a long time and now you’re ready.” She punctuated her assurance by thrusting her hips against mine and rolling them in rhythm.

We spent a few luxurious moments grinding against each other and basking in the intimacy of our body contact. Her hands crept up the wall, tensing and flexing as they went as I humped her unbelievable soft ass. I pressed against her taut back and rested my hands on top of hers. Once again I plunged my nose to her neck and nuzzled her ear. “Mmmm, Black Orchid”, I whispered. ” Will you wear it all the time for me, Mama?”

“Yes, my darling,” she answered. “I bought it with you in mind.” Tilting her head back, we kissed. Our tongues slurping hungrily as our lips met.

I couldn’t hold out any longer. Consumed with boiling lust, I was ready to bury my cock in her, but her bucking buttocks presented a moving target. I took one hand off the wall and grabbed a handful of cheek in attempt to slow her gyrations. As I clumsily poked and prodded in an attempt to split her fluffy bush she spun around to face me. She looked me straight in the eye with a familiar ‘mama-knows-best’ earnestness.

“Slow down, young man”, she admonished me with a sly grin. “You aren’t going to just pump your Mother’s pussy like some quick piece of ass, are you?”

My eyes widened with dis-belief.

“The stairwell makes for a pretty good echo chamber, huh?” she teased.

“I guess.” I replied sheepishly. Damn, was I busted.

“Don’t worry,” she said soothingly. “Today you’ll have all the time to learn what makes a lady’s body feel good.”

Reaching into my crotch with both hands, she clasped my rod and began to roll it between her palms. “So juicy,” she sighed in a faraway voice. “And so big and full, too! Half talking to it and half talking to me, she asked in a girlish but sexy voice, “Can mommy suck on her baby’s big ol’ pee-pee”?

I smiled at her sweetness, but I was putty in her hands. She needed absolutely no permission.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said softly. “Please do it, Mama”.

With a smile, she leaned forward and plunged her face into my crotch. Her wide, bright pink tongue flicked from her full lips as she luxuriously slathered the underside of my balls with saliva and made a soft snorting noise as she inhaled the scent between my legs.

“Goodness!” she smacked between licks. “I had [slurp!] almost forgotten [smack!] how delicious a man tasted [mmmmmm]!” She continued from my balls and proceeded to run her tongue along the thick veins of my shaft. Soon she made her way to my head but took extra time to send me through the ceiling by slurping and sliding her teeth around the sensitive crown before mercifully plopping it into her mouth.

Watching her cheeks expand and contract with the fullness of my flesh was my most erotic experience ever. Sure, I had had my knob slobbed on by girls who didn’t want to give up the pussy, but the way mama was sucking me was primal and experienced. She really knew how to suck. My balls twitched with her every moan as beads of perspiration formed on her forehead. Her tiny hands clutched my pole like a baby clasping a bottle as she bobbed her head back and forth. Lost in total ecstasy, her eyes closed and nostrils flared she lovingly took me in. Her throat constricted has she simultaneously swallowed droplets of my pre-cum and gulped for air. Although I had come less than fifteen minutes before, Mama’s adept tonguing soon brought me back to full throttle. My balls began to swell as I anticipated another gush of juice, this time not into a cold plumbing fixture, but into my mother’s hot and eagerly awaiting mouth.

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Blame It On The Weather

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Angela White

(All characters are over eighteen.)


Lewis heard a gasp of surprise as he barged into his sister’s bedroom.

“Lewis!” Sophie scolded him.

She grabbed the front of her blouse and held it closed as she turned to the door.

She was sitting on her bed in front of the electric fan.

Lewis saw it and grinned.

“You could have knocked,” Sophie said.

“Too hot,” he told her.

Her legs were bare. She was wearing only a blouse.

She smiled as she clutched the front of it against her small breasts.

The electric fan turned slowly side to side and Lewis dropped down beside her with a grateful sigh.

“I think I’m melting,” he panted.

It was almost midnight but the fierce heat of the day was concentrated in the upstairs bedrooms of their home.

Lewis closed his eyes and raised his chin gratefully as the cool breeze passed over him.

He was wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

“Better?” Sophie said.

“I might have to kill you for it,” he told her and opened her eyes. “Why is it so hot? There’s no air.”

“I imagine it’s the time of year,” Sophie said. “Stop pushing. I want some too.”

Her face was flushed and her eyes were shining as she tried to push him away with her shoulder.

“Quit it. It’s too hot,” Lewis said.

He pulled off his T-shirt and used it to dry the perspiration on his face.

“We need to move house. Somewhere cold.”

“Or get another fan,” Sophie said.

“We can’t afford either,” their mother said behind them.

They both turned and she came into the room wearing a thin summer dress and fanning herself with a newspaper.

Her face shone with a light sheen of perspiration.

“Move along,” she said and gestured with the newspaper. “We need to share.”

The bed creaked as she joined them. Her hair was damp.

“I had a shower. It didn’t make me feel any better.”

Lewis found himself sitting between the two of them.

“People of my generation die of heatstroke all the time,” she told them.

She put the newspaper down and pulled the front of her dress away from her breasts.

“I think it’s the end of the world,” Lewis said.

“Sooner the better, if you ask me,” she said.

The fan stood on a chair beside Sophie’s bed. Lewis watched it oscillate. It paused momentarily when it reached the end of its pass. He willed it to come back.

“Maybe we’ll have a thunder storm,” Sophie said.

She’d relaxed her hold on the front of her blouse. It gaped a little to show the tops of her breasts. She put out her lower lip and blew a stream of air that lifted her fringe.

“I didn’t see any clouds,” Lewis said.

“We might get it in the night,” their mother said.

The fan began its return journey. Lewis welcomed the short-lived breath of cooler air against his skin.

“We need air conditioning,” he said, watching it turn away towards his mother.

Her eyes were closed. He saw her part her legs slightly as the fan briefly turned her way.

“What we need is a house you can take the roof off,” Sophie said.

She was watching the fan. Her knees were parted. She breathed deeply and put out her chest when the fan passed over her. Her nipples showed stiffly through her blouse.

Lewis felt perspiration trickle slowly down his side. The heat was oppressive.

“When I go to town tomorrow,” their mother began, “if anyone tells me it used to be hotter in the old days, I might have to slap them.”

She lifted the hem of her dress as the fan turned her way. The material billowed and Lewis thought he heard her sigh.

“There’s no breeze at all from the window,” Sophie complained. Her blouse hung open almost to her waist where she still held it loosely closed.

Lewis could see almost all of one small breast.

“People do crazy things in the hot weather,” their mother said.

Lewis waited but she didn’t say anymore.

The heat was stifling. They suffered together in silence. He felt it wrapped around them, the heavy air too thick to breath. The house was still and dense with it.

“Oh, the hell with it,” their mother said beside him. Small beads of perspiration glistened beside her nose. She smiled wearily. “Excuse me, honey. It’s too hot for modesty.”

She unbuttoned the front of her dress then held it open to catch the meagre breeze from the fan as it passed on its ceaseless journey left to right.

“Mmmm.” She sighed and turned her upper body to follow it.

Lewis glimpsed the round upper swellings of her pale breasts before becoming embarrassed and looking away before she caught him.

To his right Sophie had also forsaken modesty in the hope of finding relief. Her blouse hung open all the way to her thighs. He could see her small, round breasts crowned with stiff, pink nipples.

Lewis was glad he’d held onto his T-shirt. He moved slowly and used it to cover his crotch. He alone, sat leaning forward, hunched towards the fan with his elbows on his thighs.

“Was that thunder?” his mother said. She turned hopefully to look beyond him at the izmit rus escort window and the front of her dress gaped open.

She seemed unaware of his interest and he stared openly at her large breasts only inches from his face.

Her skin was pale. She had freckles he didn’t know about. He could see the vee of her usual tan line. Her large, dark nipples demanded his attention.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Sophie sighed.

Their mother continued to look at the window then she took a deep, disappointed breath and sat down again.

Lewis armed the perspiration from his forehead. Sweat trickled from his temples. He wiped a bead from the tip of his nose.

He closed his eyes when the fan turned his way. The shape of his mother’s breasts was burned forever in his mind. Eyes closed he saw again her thick, puckered nipples, brown against her pale, creamy skin.

He sat sweltering, his body a bath of sweat and discomfort, relieved only briefly when the breeze passed over him.

“I must have imagined it,” their mother said.

“Wishful thinking,” Sophie said.

Their thighs were touching his.

His mother had pulled her dress up. Her thighs showed. Her legs were open.

“I can’t stand it much longer,” Sophie said. “I think I’m going to pass out. I feel like screaming. Isn’t there anything we can do?”

Lewis looked at her and she stared at him. Her fringe was dark with perspiration. Her breasts were exposed but she seemed not to care. She looked hot and irritable.

He turned to their mother. She looked like a flower that had wilted. The thin material of her dress clung to her skin wherever it touched.

She smiled sympathetically at them. She reached out and brushed back Lewis’s fringe.

“There’s not much we can do,” she said. “Honey, you’re burning up,” she told Lewis.

She ruffled his hair and he tried not to stare at her breasts.

Sophie moaned in complaint.

“It’s all right for Lewis. He can take his shirt off,” she said.

She moved. There was a click as the room was plunged into sudden darkness.

“I’m sorry. I can’t stand it anymore. My blouse is soaked.” She sounded as if she was suddenly smiling.

Lewis felt her stand. He sensed her moving in the dark. He heard something fall softly to the floor. A moment later as his eyes adjusted to the dark he saw the pale white glimmer of her panties as she pushed them down.

Sophie giggled in the dark. Her body was a vague moving shadow. The bed creaked as she sat down then sighed contentedly as the fan turned her way.

“Finally someone has a good idea,” their mother said.

Now she stood up. Sophie nudged Lewis. It meant she was pleased with herself but he could barely see her face.

Their mother’s white dress seemed to float almost ghostlike before them. A moment later it lay discarded on the floor.

“I feel better already,” she whispered gratefully.

Lewis glimpsed her pale figure before him. She bent suddenly. There was an accompanying whisper of sound and he cupped both hands over the T-shirt at his crotch.

“Poor Lewis,” Sophie teased him. He felt her flop back on the bed.

Their mother sat down again and the fan whirred softly in the dark. Lewis felt her wilt with pleasure beside him.

“Oh God,” she breathed softly. “Sorry honey. Needs must,” she apologised.

She leaned back on the bed the same as Sophie. He felt the mattress dip. The cooler air from the fan wafted over him and he felt her open her legs and heard her sigh contentedly. There was just enough light to see her legs, pale and ghost white, opened immodestly wide in the dark.

Sophie sighed a moment later. He felt the edge of the mattress dip as she moved her hips.

Lewis could hear the two of them breathing softly over the gentle whirring of the fan. First Sophie, then their mother drew deep, contented breaths.

Beside him in the dark their mother made a small sound of satisfaction, a gentle moan that seemed to go on too long.

Sophie giggled and their mother abruptly cleared her throat as if she’d suddenly remembered she wasn’t alone.

Lewis turned and glanced down at her. He saw the dark, bushy triangle of her pubic hair before he quickly turned away.

“This reminds me of New Mexico,” she said. She sounded happy. “It was too hot to wear clothes. No one cared.”

“I didn’t know you’d been to Mexico,” Sophie said.

“It was a long time ago,” she answered.

Lewis hugged himself and stared before him at the faint white blur of the fan. Sweat poured from him. When he looked down from the corner of his eye to the right he saw Sophie’s knees spread wide apart. To the left he saw his mother’s in the same position.

Their old house seemed on the point of exploding outward from the intensity of heat trapped inside.

“Lewis, do you mind?” Sophie said. “You’re dripping sweat on me.”

She nudged him with her bare leg. He turned to say something but his gaze fell on her stomach then jumped to her breasts and he quickly looked away.

“Why don’t you take a picture?” izmit escort she teased him.

He knew she was smiling.

“Don’t start arguing,” their mother said. “It’s too hot.”

He held himself rigid between them. The fan passed slowly left to right but the relief it afforded him was all too brief and fleeting.

“Well, he’s dripping on me,” Sophie complained. She put a hand on his shoulder to push him away but immediately snatched it back. “God, you’re soaking.”

“Well, what do you expect?” he demanded.

“Sophie, enough,” their mother said. “Lewis, honey. Take your shorts off and lie down. We don’t care. It’s too hot to wear anything.”

Lewis didn’t move and the bed creaked as his mother stirred beside him. He knew she was looking at him.


“I can’t,” he whispered.


Sophie giggled softly.

“Oh,” his mother said.

Lewis could feel his heart beating. It felt as if they were inside an oven inside a furnace and outside lay a baking desert. He didn’t know how the old timbers of their house could withstand the heat without exploding or suddenly crumbling to dust.

“Well, it doesn’t matter about that,” their mother said finally. “Sophie and I don’t mind. We have to be practical and adult about this.”

“Yeah, we won’t look,” Sophie joked beside him.

“Go ahead, honey. You’re burning up,” their mother said. “I can feel the heat coming off you.”

Lewis tried to swallow but his mouth was too dry. The breeze from the fan cooled him briefly but it was gone too long before it came back again.

“Lewis, it’ll be okay,” their mother assured him.

“Just do it and stop dripping on me,” Sophie told him.

There was silence then, broken only by the fan.

“Lewis?” their mother said.

“Okay, okay” he told her.

He raised himself just enough to quickly push down his shorts. His cock thrust upright as he raised one foot at a time and took them off.

“Lie down. Keep still,” Sophie complained, but she sounded amused.

Lewis lay back. He couldn’t bring himself to look anywhere but straight up at the dark ceiling. His cock leaned stiffly, angled upright over his stomach. He opened his legs and breathed a deep sigh as the fan wafted a breath of cooler air between his legs. It was the best thing he’d ever felt.

“Now, we’ll all just lie quietly,” their mother said.

Lewis closed his eyes but he felt Sophie and then their mother both briefly raise their heads at different moments. The mattress dipped when they lay down again.

“People do crazy things in the hot weather,” Sophie whispered.

The mattress shook gently as their mother laughed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter,” she said, controlling herself. “No one’s ever going to know.”

“We could get arrested,” Sophie said.

Lewis grinned when she and their mother laughed. He took a deep, contented breath as the fan sent its wash of cooler air over the length of his prone body. It felt especially good when it blew against his aching cock.

“We’re not actually doing anything wrong,” their mother said. “Anyway, who cares? It’s hot.”

“Sure, some people go around naked all the time,” Lewis said.

He opened his eyes and looked cautiously at their mother. He could see she was smiling in the dark. His gaze took in her breasts. He turned to look the other way and found Sophie looking at him. She too seemed to be smiling.

“This is actually, kind of nice,” he decided.

Both women moaned softly in agreement. He was conscious now of the closeness of their warm bodies. His cock continued to strain in the dark.

Sophie moved slightly beside him. She sighed and his cock jerked when he felt her hand brush his thigh.

Somewhere in the dead, oppressive heat of night an owl hooted mournfully.

“Did you hear that?” their mother whispered. She moved and he felt her warm, round hip against his. “Sometimes, in New Mexico, when it was too hot to sleep, I’d stand by the window and just look out for hours at the moonlight.” Her voice was soft with nostalgia. “I liked to hear the trains, way off in the distance.”

Lewis worked his toes into the carpet beside the bed. The breath of the fan blew softly between his legs as it turned. He moved his hips and barely stifled a moan of pleasure.

“Lewis, you were conceived in New Mexico. Did you know that?” their mother said.

He shook his head as Sophie groaned.

“Too much information,” she said.

“Is it?” their mother said. “I don’t think it is. I think it’s nice to know things like that.”

Sophie started to giggle. Lewis looked at her and she put her hands over her face. She couldn’t stop.

“What?” he said. He smiled at the pale blur of her face beside him.

She shook her head and waved him away.

It was contagious and Lewis started to laugh as well. The mattress began to shake. Then their mother joined in.

“I don’t even know why I’m laughing!” she said.

Lewis looked at her. There were tears in his eyes. She was trying to control herself. Her breasts were shaking.

His cock strained kocaeli escort and his mother turned her head to look at him and his smile faded. He lowered his head and stared at the ceiling.

Sophie and his mother quieted by degrees. Sophie took the longest. She fell silent for a moment, then giggled again. Then she groaned.

“Okay, stop it,” she told herself. “It’s too hot.”

He heard her take a deep breath. She held it, then sighed, and lay still again.

Lewis was sweating again. He lay unmoving. His chest rose and fell slowly. There didn’t seem to be enough air in the room. His aching cock nodded in time with his slow heartbeat.

He closed his eyes and waited for the fan to blow his way.

“Does anyone know what time it is?” their mother asked.

He shook his head.

“Two o’clock?” Sophie suggested.

“Time has ceased to exist,” Lewis told them.

Sophie nudged him then lay still.

He listened to the sound of their breathing. All he could think about was their combined hot breath raising the temperature even more. The air felt heavy and thick, like a blanket, stifling him. He could feel the perspiration being sucked from his skin.

“I was laughing because I was thinking about if Gran came in now and found us,” Sophie whispered. She paused. “But it doesn’t seem so funny, now.”

Lewis heard the sound of heavy footsteps on the landing and a moment later the bed was lit by a band of light that fell through the open door.

There was a flurry of sudden movement on the bed. Sophie screamed and tried to cover herself with her hands. Lewis covered his cock.

Their mother was least concerned. She raised herself on one elbow and turned to the door.

“I need that fan,” Gran Tyler gasped. She stood almost filling the doorway framed by the light behind her. It shone through the thin nightdress she wore.

“You can’t have it. We’re sharing it,” their mother said.

“I’m burning up.”

“We all are.”

Lewis peered over his mother’s shoulder at Gran Tyler’s football-sized breasts. They hung full and round almost to her waist.

“Here’s a fine sight,” she said.

Their mother sighed. “Mom, it’s too hot to make a fuss.”

“All of you naked.”

Their mother lay down again.

“Can you close the door, please Mom?”

“I’m burning up,” Gran Tyler said again.

“If we all move over, there’s enough room. You can join us,” their mother said.

Sophie moaned in complaint. She moved and Lewis shifted to the right beside her.

Their mother moved next to him.

“Now I can’t feel the fan,” Sophie grumbled.

“Sshh,” their mother said. “Come on, Mom. There’s room.”

Gran Tyler hesitated. She shook her head slowly then reached down and gathered up her nightdress. Lewis gaped as she raised it over her head. She was naked underneath and he saw everything. Her enormous breasts swayed over the soft swell of her stomach. He saw a patch of dry, white pubic hair.

“Mom! Geez! Shut the door first,” their mother exclaimed. She put her hand over her mouth and laughed. “Dear Lord.”

Gran Tyler turned to close the door. Lewis saw her great, wide bottom and then the room was dark again.

“This is just like the old days,” Gran Tyler said. “But I think it was hotter then.”

Their mother sighed and Sophie giggled. The bed creaked as Gran Tyler joined them.

“Granpa always got horny in the hot weather,” Gran Tyler said.

“Mom, please. That’s too much information.”

“Well, he did,” the older woman said.

Lewis could feel Sophie shaking with silent laughter.

He was still covering his cock and now he moved his hands and held it in the dark.

“We didn’t have electricity or fans,” Gran Tyler said.

“Mom, please. Let’s all just try to sleep.”

Lewis closed his hand around the base of his cock. The cooler air from the fan wafted gently over his balls as it passed and he gave himself a slow, cautious stroke.

Gran Tyler sighed. Sophie cleared her throat and lay still beside him. His mother’s soft hip pressed against his.

He lay still listening to them all breathing as his cock throbbed in his sweating hand and he gave himself another impossibly slow, but delicious stroke.

It was quiet enough to hear a dry click in their mother’s throat as she swallowed.

He glanced to the right at Sophie. Her eyes were closed and he moved his gaze to her breasts. They were small and firm. Her nipples rose stiffly. He stared at them for long seconds then looked beyond at her flat, smooth stomach. He heard her take a deep breath. Her lips were parted. He raised his head a fraction and saw her fingers moving slowly in the dark patch of her short pubic hair.

His cock strained in his hand and perspiration trickled from his hairline as he put his head down again.

Somewhere in the house a stressed timber creaked. He could feel the slow, pounding beat of his heart and hear blood rushing in his inner ear.

He turned his head slowly to the left to look at their mother. Her hand cupped her right breast. He saw her thumb pass slowly back and fore over a large, dark nipple.

Gran Tyler lay unmoving. He raised his head. Her heavy breasts hung to the sides and her stomach bulged large in the dark. Her legs were open to the cooling air from the overworked fan.

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First Explorations Ch. 03

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Cum Covered

(Note: This is a direct continuation from “First Explorations, Ch. 02”)

A half hour after having a cock inside me for the first time, I was ready for more.

Smoke, my first true lover, lay on his back on the low bed. His blue-black skin contrasted sharply with the cream-white sheets- sheets that were already rumpled and damp with drying sweat. He was lean and hard and very clearly ready for more, too: his thick, broad headed shaft was stiff and angled up from his stomach.

He smiled up at me, his soulful brown eyes encouraging me as I straddled his waist.

My fair skin seemed even paler next to his; it was as sharp a contrast as my rounded figure was to his sharp lines. I was soft where he was hard, very white where he was dark… and very much as hungry to take him in me as he was eager to plunge into me.

I straddled his waist and reached down for him. He was still damp and glistening with my saliva, his cock hard under the velvety sheath of skin and hot with blood. I placed a hand on his chest as I straightened a bit on my knees and guided his shaft with my other hand. He reached up to slide the palm of his hand over my chest, sending shivers down my spine as he brushed my nipples and ran his fingernails down my side.

He shifted and arched his hips slightly when I brought his blunt head to the warm crevasse of my ass. And then he tensed as I eased myself down a little, canting my own hips as I felt him slide between my cheeks and touch the sore ring of my deflowered ass. I was slightly open from his earlier assault, just enough to ease the positioning of his tip at my entrance. My abused muscles contracted reflexively, sending a shudder of pain down my nerves.

I had closed my eyes while trying to guide him. I could smell our excitement, the tang of sex mingled with the musk of sweat as I breathed heavily and rapidly; I could smell faint traces of the nutty oil we’d been using as lubricant: I wondered briefly if I shouldn’t have used more on him even as I braced for the first thrust.

I gritted my teeth and eased my weight back and down. I groaned in pain as his blunt tip pushed easily through my bruised opening, sending new threads of fire along nerves that made my balls shrink and my cock jump. I kept easing down, knowing I had to go past the pain, feeling him fill me up and stretch me to accommodate him once more.

I kept going, panting now while he moaned. He was ripping me open as I took him deeper than before, my own weight impaling me on his shaft. I could feel his hipbone against my flattened ass, the dark nest of his pubic hair soft against my flesh when I finally stopped. He was buried so deep that I could swear I could feel his every vein and ridge pressed against me from the inside. We were both breathing hard, his hands running over my sides as mine rested on his chest as I tried to relax a bit.

The pain was not as bad as the first time. It was a dull ache where my flesh was stretched around his shaft and it was a feeling of pressure where he was packed inside me. My own shaft was half-erect, every little movement caressing the right nerves to make it jump a little now and then.

He arched a little, encouraging me to go on.

I looked down at him with eyes half-closed as I started rocking my hips, grinding against his hips and stretching my tight passage against his hard cock. I hissed in pain and almost perverse pleasure as I sought the sensation I’d found when he had mounted me before. I started shifting my weight and raising my ass a couple of inches before pushing back down to meet his small thrusts.

He was moaning and murmuring his approval in between grunts as he pushed up to meet me. I rolled and rocked my hips, feeling him rub inside me as he opened me up. His hands were on my waist and thigh, pushing and pulling at me to guide me as I rode him.

My breath was coming in short gasps, my balls tight and prickling with the weird feeling of a slow near-climax as I moved him inside me. Every time I felt the surge of pleasure through the constant background of pressure and fading pain I would clench hard around him- and he would grunt louder, pushing his hips up hard against me and making me gasp in turn as he seemed to plunge even deeper than before.

After long minutes of riding the edge of a mutual orgasm I leaned forward, my sweat dripping onto his chest and cheek.

I could smell him, sharp and very male and deep. The subtler scents of oil and skin were long since lost in the rich mix of bitter sweat and sweet sex. “Fuck me again, Smoke…” He groaned an answer and wrapped his arms around me as I slipped my calves under his thighs. With my arms around his neck and his hands on my ass and waist, we rolled over.

The movement pulled him almost entirely out of me, making me moan as I felt the ridge at the end of his head bump my ring from the inside. He shifted to push his arms under my legs as I came to rest on my back, making us both groan as his cock seemed to press against the base of escort izmit my balls from within.

With my feet resting almost on his shoulders, he bent me almost double. The slowly leaking tip of my shaft brushed against my stomach and chest as he pushed against me to kiss me: I was short of breath and the back of my thighs burned from the unaccustomed strain as I met his broad, soft lips. He sucked on my lower lip and tasted the sweat on my mouth with a soft sound before he pushed his tongue past my lips- and thrust his cock into me, muffling my gasp of surprise.

He claimed my mouth as he had already claimed my ass, roaming against my teeth and tongue as he crammed his full length into me. When he pulled away from my mouth and started to withdraw from my aching hole, we were both gasping for breath.

He settled into a harder rhythm than our first time. I did not need him to be gentle anymore and he knew it; he let go and pounded into me, twisting his hips as he pushed in to better stroke his shaft with each new plunge. He grunted and moaned, as did I; I wanted the slap of his hard flesh against me and the sudden stab of blinding pain as he ripped me open even deeper than before. He took my breath with each thrust, tearing at my thighs and insides with his weight and length. I could not breathe, my numb rear flared with sudden pain when he pushed too hard…

And I could feel the familiar hollow ache of approaching climax, as before. My balls were tight and in pain and I was again spattered in my own pre-cum, my fists clenched on the sheet and my throat and nose full of the scents and tastes of his sweat and our coupling.

I huffed out every time he slammed into me, started tightening my ass around his shaft whenever I could as he pulled out. He moaned louder as I grasped at his meat with my ass; I hissed in pleasure and asked for more as I felt his length stroke the hypersensitive place within my searing flesh.

He finally gasped and started to tense and pull away, his cock seeming to swell inside me as his movements became shorter and more urgent. I imagined I could feel his every vein tensing as he tried to withdraw and I clenched as tight as I could around him. “Come inside,” I managed to gasp hoarsely.

He was too close to try and hold back, anyway. He grunted loudly and clenched his eyes as he pounded me with rapid little movements, jerking himself off with my tightening hole. The feel of my hot flesh on his shaft, the taste of us and the buildup from the blowjob had him at fever pitch.

He wrapped his arms around me and crushed me to him, crushing the air completely out of my lungs as he came. I could hear him gasping through the roaring in my ears. He shuddered and bucked inside me, his face buried against my calf and hips grinding against my hips as he emptied his balls inside me.

My own balls and cock were tight and aching: the hollow ache from nearing orgasm without quite reaching it. I think I was getting close to blacking out when he finally loosened his hold enough for me to slide my legs down along his sides and drape them around his hips. He stayed inside me a moment longer as he caught his breath and I gasped in deep breaths. My chest hurt, my head was pounding and I could very clearly feel him deep inside me.

He kissed my throat and shoulder as we recovered, not moving for a few minutes as he shrank within me.

He eased back, withdrawing with a mutual moan and letting my legs drop to the bed as he stood up. He grabbed his softening shaft with one hand, smiling almost bashfully as he dripped milky white drops from the wet head of his cock on his way to the bathroom. The ache in my chest was fading. I could feel my own pre-cum beading and sliding down my stomach; I could feel his warm seed between my cheeks and on the rim of my battered, still-open hole.

He returned and once again dropped on the bed beside me, quickly gathering me in arms and pulling me to his chest. I think he was afraid I’d try to go for a third time. I folded against him, limp and- if not fully satisfied- content to give up control for a while longer. The back of my thighs ached; my ass was battered and clammy with his cum. I could smell our drying sweat and salty-sour scent of drying semen on me and the bed: a mix that screamed of sex.

He did not stay the night. After another hour or so he had to go, showering and dressing while I listened from bed. After he was gone I changed the sheets and cleaned up, the white sheet of paper with his phone number neatly folded and stored in my desk.


In Smoke I had found someone patient, fun to talk to and who liked how I looked. You would think I would have been happy enough with our casual arrangement- for the next six months we would see each other several more times, until I moved from L.A..

At the time, though, a few days after losing my cherry to him, I was again horny and still enjoying the experience of having been with another guy. I had kept my ass shaved and the soreness from my first izmit escort fuck had faded: he had been so careful to get me ready that even the rougher sex at the end had not hurt me in any lasting manner.

But Smoke was not free for a while (he was living with someone at the time) and I had both a day off coming up and a need to try something new: having taken the first step I was eager for more.

I scanned the bulletin boards. Almost straight off, I had an incoming message from some guy living nearby and looking for a quick meet. He listed himself as bi, looking for no strings encounters. I invited him over after a momentary hesitation.

I opened the door fifteen minutes later for a big man.

He was tall- easily six foot four, with big arms and a sizeable belly. He had long, dirty blonde hair and incongruously pale blue eyes that seemed to add to the football player-gone-to-seed image. He was wearing jeans and a black t with a faded logo. The smell of stale cigarettes followed him like a personal cloud. That said, he turned out to be fun to talk to, with stories about motorcycles and weekend trips up the coast.

We chatted for twenty or thirty minutes, all told. He wandered around, looked at the games on the computer and generally tried to put me at ease- he was easily 100 lbs and six or seven inches taller than me and could tell I was intimidated and rethinking the whole thing.

He caught me by surprise when he stopped his wandering and turned, cupping my cheek with a large hand and smiling down at me. I swallowed thickly and reached down to unbuckle his belt and start unsnapping his jeans as he shifted slightly to ease my task. I could feel him stir against my hand- he was big there, too. When I freed him, pulling his jeans down over his hips to let them slide down, I glanced down.

His gray briefs were barely able to hold him. He reached down and pulled them down as he sat down on the futon that was the main piece of furniture in the living area. Then he stretched back, opening his legs slightly and watching me with an expectant smile.

He was probably as big as the first guy I had tried to give a blow job to.

He did not look disproportionately huge- but he was a much bigger guy, too. As it grew harder, his cock stretched almost to his belly button, resting against his rounded stomach and rising from a thick blonde nest of coarse hair that made his shaved balls stand out that much more. “Come on, baby,” he rasped with his smoker’s drawl. “Get naked and come help me out here.”

I licked my lips and unbuttoned my jeans. I did not take my eyes from his semi-slumbering beast as I stepped out of my pants and pulled my shirt over my head. When I pulled off my boxers and came to my knees before him, I was hard.

He placed a hand on the top of my head as I leaned forward to kiss his tip. I could smell the cigarette smoke on his pants and shirt, the sun warmed denim on his legs and lingering on his crotch. With slightly parted lips, I licked delicately at his slit and around the head of his shaft, making him mumble encouragement as he leaned back against the futon.

I took his head into my mouth, tongue swirling around his flesh as I wrapped a hand around the base of his shaft. Or tried to; my fingers did not quite close around his girth. I slid my hand up along his length, the satin skin warm as it slid over the hard core. I stroked down after a couple of inches, then up again; as I stroked him I kept my mouth on his head and the top of his shaft, licking and lapping over the sensitive tip and down to follow thick veins. “Let me hear you suck it baby…”

I obeyed, slurping noisily as I sucked on his meat and took as much of him into my mouth as I could, humming and moaning around his thick head and shaft. When he was wet and shining from my spit and I had started to taste the now familiar salty hint of pre-cum, he pushed my head back and off his cock and reached for my arm. “Come here,” he murmured thickly.

He pulled me up to straddle him on the futon, my balls and ass brushing the length of his hard shaft as he guided me up. I shifted and moved for a better position atop him while he easily supported my weight. I ended up crouched over him with my hands against the wall over his head and feet against the outside of his thighs. He was looking down, one hand around his cock and the other on my hip.

He lifted his shaft at the same time as he pushed me down with the other hand. I bent my knees and felt his tapering head graze my balls before sliding between my cheeks. I was breathing hard and fast, my heart hammering in my ears and the reek of stale cigarette smoke filling my lungs and mixing with the faint remnant taste of his seed. He pulled me down farther, his spit-slick tip pushing against my tight pucker. He was big, I was tense and scared and able to clench my muscles tight in a defensive reflex. He pushed and prodded without success, my thighs trembling with the effort of keeping me poised on his very tip. izmit kendi evi olan escort I could feel his warm tip ready to spear into my hot flesh, denting the resisting muscle slightly.

I was about to suggest we get some oil when he let go of his rod and grabbed my hips with both hands, pushing me down hard and grunting hard with the effort.

His very tip pushed through my clenched ring, opening me up like a wedge as the tapered head followed. He pushed me down, thrusting the head of his cock into me before pausing.

I screamed in pain.

With no loosening or relaxing of my opening, no lubrication other than my spit, it felt like he had ripped me apart. It burned; the pain all-consuming and making me lose my footing so my own weight threatened to impale me on his length.

I dropped my hands to his shoulders, trying to push myself up as I gasped and tried to push myself up.

“It’ll get better, almost there, you’ll see,” he growled. And he pushed me down again, his fingers digging into my skin at thigh and hip as he grunted once more. His tapered head sank deeper into me, his thickening shaft spreading my strained flesh even wider to admit his girth. He managed to force maybe a hand span of thick meat into me before stopping.

I could taste my tears of pain and feel them running down my cheeks. I was gasping short little breaths to try and deal with the all-encompassing pain from my impalement: the flesh around his cock straining to encompass his width was burning, taut and ready to tear. I was stuffed, feeling him pressing against my bladder and the base of my balls. He lifted me an inch or two, withdrawing enough that I actually felt the hollowed space carved by his cock inside me as it hesitatingly closed up again.

Then he pushed me down harder than before.

I could only whimper breathlessly, the shock and lack of air drowning a new scream as he plunged even farther into me and split me open even farther and deeper.

He did it again, and again. The pain did not seem to change much; I was at the limit as he literally tore me apart in trying to get more of his hot, eager flesh inside me. I was trembling and begging him to stop as best I could through tears and clenched teeth.

I was afraid to move my hands from his chest lest he impale me completely; the ache in my thighs from trying to support my weight was lost in the sharp crests of agony radiating from my skewered ass.

He continued to rape me, essentially, for endless minutes longer as he kept growling that it’d get better and that the pain would subside. Finally even he realized that he was as deep as he could go- maybe a third of his length was embedded in my flesh, the thickest part of his widening cock still to go.

He lifted me again, withdrawing from me and allowing me to step back for a moment before collapsing to my knees and almost on his lap.

He stroked my head and wrapped his fist around his base, jacking off slowly as I gasped for breath. The searing pain was a throbbing, intense ache as my abused flesh tried to close up again. I could not see clearly through the tears and my mouth was full of their taste. I could smell the bitter scent of my depths on his flesh, as well as a fainter smell I did not recognize.

“I’m sorry I hurt you, baby, but I need it, I need it bad… you got to finish me, man, come on…” When his words finally reached me through the dull roar in my ears I almost laughed.

I retained enough sense not to, though. I was, frankly, afraid of him trying to fuck me again and not stopping until he had driven his entire length into my ass.

So instead, I staggered on my knees between his legs- he opened them wider and placed his hand on my head once more to pull me closer. My wounded and battered asshole had gone nearly numb; the pulsing ache that replaced the pain was easy enough to push aside for the moment.

I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, letting his hand guide me. The strange smell got stronger, followed by a coppery taste underlying the musky sourness of his flesh when he pushed his head into my mouth. I wrapped both my hands as best I could around his shaft and once again started to jack him off while I licked and slurped noisily on his head and the top of his shaft.

He moaned and murmured approval as he let himself go. He guided my head to pleasure himself- guiding me to take as much of his rod as I could fit into my mouth, then pushing my mouth and tongue down the bottom of his shaft and back up. He pushed me down to lick at his balls, the warm, solid weight of them strange against my lips and tongue when I sucked one and then the other into my warm mouth. He pulled at my hair to make me kiss, nip and lick the tracery of veins along his fat meat from hairy base to throbbing tip.

My jaw ached when he finally thrust his cock back into my mouth. I lapped and played my tongue as best I could around his sensitive tip and along the shaft while he wrapped his own fist around his cock and started pumping it up and down at a frenzied pace.

It took me a few seconds to realize his breathing was becoming more ragged and his stomach was starting to tense. I had been caressing his balls; I paused as I tried to pull my head back to let him finish.

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First Gay Time with Coach Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


The week flew by. The minute I came home from work I jerked off to an issue of Penthouse I had with a letter about a guy who was bi that was forcefully fucked. On Thursday I got home and my mother said Coach called and to call him back. I did and he asked if I was still coming over the next night. I said yeah and told him about the letter I read and he said he would make it come true for me!

My mother wanted to know why the coach called and I said it was about working out at his gym. The next day I came home and nobody was there. Again the enemas but this time I gave myself a beer and vodka one! I held it for 15 minutes, expelled it and was off to see the coach. I had brought a pair of 501 jeans, a jockstrap, and tight t shirt.

Once I got to his house the lights were out but his car was there. I entered into his backdoor and before I could try the lights I felt 2 sets of hands grab me! Before I could say anything a hand covered my mouth and a pillow case over my head. Then my hands tied behind izmit rus escort me and a muffled voice tell me if I screamed I would be hurt! I was both scared and excited! They forced me down a flight of stairs and tied my hands now above my head. The pillow case came off but a blindfold in place. All I saw of the men were their bodies but it was so quick I could only hope it was the coach.

Next thing I felt was pinching on my nipples from clothing pins. Before I could complain a gag was put on me. Then they pulled off my pants and once said I must be real slut, ready to be fucked! At this point the alcohol kicked in and my cock was hard in my jockstrap. Then I felt three fingers force in some lube in my ass followed by a butt plug. This was larger and wider than the one I took the week before and it hurt. As he was forcing it in again came a dust mask of poppers! In it went! The burning sensation was there and while I was scared I was also very excited!

They roughly pulled the pins off my nipples and both started to bite them. They also started to fondle my cock and izmit escort balls through the jockstrap. That did it, I shot a load. One of them laughed and told the other I must like it rough. After coming the butt plug started to hurt but they took no mercy. They untied me and then tied me over a padded saw horse. I was spread open and the gag removed. Before I could say anything a cock was in my mouth. This cock was not the coach. It was longer but average thickness and uncut!

He started to fuck my mouth and as he did so I could tell a flash was going off. That made me panic but between the booze and the cock I sucked as best I could. All of a sudden I felt the plug pulled from my ass. Then I felt the head of a cock entering me. Once he started he pushed until I felt his balls on my ass! Then he fucked me hard. He was wide and thick and my ass felt on fire.

I could tell more flashes went off. Then he slowly pulled out and switched places with his partner. I started to suck the head of his cock but he forced in as much as he could and gagged me! His friend just started to fuck me hard and fast. kocaeli escort I could feel my own cock get hard again. After a good 10 minutes they switched again. This went on for almost an hour!

Finally the guy with the thick cock unloaded in me! I could actually feel his cum squirting! Then his friend pushed in and I had to lick the thick cock clean! His buddy now only lasted a few minutes as I fucked back. Then he came too. Again I was licking his cock clean. Then they said if I told anyone about this the pictures would get out! They left me tied to the horse!

After 10 minutes or so I was getting worried when someone pulled off the blindfold! It was coach. He looked and laughed, asking if I enjoyed myself? Before I could answer his cock was down my throat. Then I felt him finger my ass and he said no need to lube with all that cum dripping! He then fucked me, hard and fast. He didn’t last 5 minutes! He then untied me and asked if I enjoyed it! Of course I did!

After I got cleaned up he showed me the Polaroid pictures he had taken. While I couldn’t see the faces clearly of the guys who used me I could see mine! He said that they were on the football team from 2 years before my graduation! He said don’t worry cause he keep them. I went home, ass a little sore but very excited, not knowing what or when we would meet again!

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Banging Betsy

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For Women

Betsy Bowman is a large and very attractive woman in her late thirties, and there is nothing she loves more than being between two men, with one cock in her pussy and the other in her ass. Whenever she feels the need to participate in such a double penetration, she knows what to do about it. Betsy calls me, knowing I will go over to visit her and fill one pleasure hole and that I will bring a horny guy with me to simultaneously fill the other one.

That was what happened last Saturday. I got a call from her on Friday evening asking if I could please come over to see her the next morning and bring some hung stud with me, because she felt the need to be part of her favorite sexual arrangement. It was too late to do anything that evening, but I told her I would be over to see her on Saturday morning, and I and another man would take care of her needs.

“Thanks, George,” she responded. “I know I can count on you to take care of one hole and bring somebody to take care of the other.”

“Do you want me to eat your pussy first?” She knew I was joking, because that is always the first thing I do when we get together, eat her out while the other man or men lick and suck her big, luscious breasts.

“Quit teasing me, George. You know as well as I do what I like. I’m even going to shave tomorrow morning, and you know how that makes it better for both of us too.”

I did, of course, and told her so. After hanging up, I started calling men I know who would want to go with me. Finding a willing man should have been easy, because almost any guy would want to be involved in a sex party with Betsy, but not everybody would be available, especially on such short notice. On my second try, I talked to Sam, and he said he would be very happy to join me. He has been with me to call on this hotsy before, and he knows what a great time we would have.

“I better get to bed then, George,” he added. “I’m going to need plenty of rest before I go with you tomorrow, because I expect to be pretty tired by the time the day is over. I sure hope I am.”

“You and me both. Tired and happy.”

The next day, well-rested and clean-shaven, except for my mustache, I picked up Sam at his apartment and drove over to call on Betsy. When I pressed the button under her name by the front door, she asked who was calling.

“George and Sam,” I answered.

“Oooo, good. I really need you guys. You know where my apartment is, so come on up.”

We heard the buzzer telling us the door was unlocked; Sam pulled it open and we hurried to the elevator. Impatiently, we rode up until we reached her floor and started down the hall. I saw her smiling round face looking at us from her open doorway and, when we entered her apartment, she pulled us both inside and double-locked the door behind us. Once that was taken care of, Betsy hugged us both and we took turns kissing her, thrusting our tongues into her mouth and feeling her greet us there too. I really loved the feeling of Betsy in my arms, because she has such a great figure, with big breasts and a round, curvaceous ass. Her face is pretty too, with shoulder-length dark brown hair, green eyes and a clear complexion.

She was wearing a colorful bathrobe but, after breaking off the kissing, she pulled it off and we saw, as I had expected, she had been naked under it. We sat down in handy chairs and removed our shoes and socks and all of us hurried into her bedroom, where her queen-sized bed awaited us. She lives by herself, but has such an active sex life she needs the large bed to accommodate her groups of men friends.

Betsy likes to undress me, and I have no problem letting her do it. She started by unzipping my jacket, pulling it off and throwing it on the floor. My shirt was unbuttoned and treated the same way and, when I was naked above the waist, she got to her knees and pulled down my pants and underwear, letting them fall to the floor. After Betsy kissed my stiff cock, she got back to her feet, and I kicked my last garments in the general direction of the others. Sam was left to undress himself, which he did quickly. He is much younger than I am, a tall, muscular African American with short hair and a mustache. Sam was naked before I was, and he stood waiting for Betsy to lie down so we could start the party going full blast. She smiled at the sight of his erect cock, and gave him some words of encouragement.

“Don’t worry, Sammy. We’re all going to have fun before the day is over.” He already knew that, but he would be somewhat left out on the first fun thing we would be doing.

She lay on her back with a pillow under her head, and Sam knelt beside her, cupping a succulent breast in either hand. I climbed onto the bed too and, when Betsy felt the mattress shaking, she raised and spread her legs for me, and I ducked under them. She couldn’t see me with the other man between us, but she felt my shoulders and rested her legs on them. I wrapped my arms around her plump and lovely thighs and gazed, enraptured, at the beautiful pussy I was escort izmit about to begin licking.

As she had told me she would, Betsy had shaved that morning, and her skin was clear and creamy, right up to the edges of her pink slit. Although she was horny and wanted to fuck, her level of arousal was not yet very high, but I could see her inner pussy lips starting to blossom through that sweet pink aperture, and I knew they would soon be swollen and bright red. Wanting to get them to that point, I started licking one of her soft outer lips. Seconds later, I felt her squirming under me from what Sam and I were doing for her breasts and pussy.

Betsy is really sweet besides being a beauty, and I love giving her sexual thrills, not to mention how much pleasure I derive from it. Her clean-shaven lip felt like a warm satin pillow under my tongue, but alive and vibrant, and I slowly licked all the way to her Mount of Venus, where I kissed her. I really love eating out women like Betsy; they know what men like and don’t try to look like fashion models or Ally McBeal or somebody like that. I also love how much she relishes it. By the time I was through licking off all the fresh nectar, her pussy was writhing under my face.

I started up the other lip, which felt like the first one, and Betsy’s responses were becoming more active. By the time I kissed her mons again, her pussy was starting to fuck up into my face, which is a truly wonderful feeling. I raised my face, very briefly, from what I was doing, but I couldn’t see much. Usually, I like to see how my lady friend is reacting to my eating her pussy, but Sam’s shoulders and head were in the way. Judging by the movements of her lower body and her moans of bliss, we were giving her a great time.

“Don’t stop, George. Keep eating my pussy,” she exclaimed while my face was briefly away from where she thought it should have been.

I didn’t need to be told twice or to waste mouth time answering her, because that was exactly what I wanted to do anyhow. I resumed by licking between an inner and outer lip, starting between their origins, where her skin is extremely soft and smooth and very sensitive. My tongue had just started caressing her there when she let me knew I was back to doing what she wanted.

“Yeah! Yeah! Right there. Lick my there! And you, keep sucking my titties,” she demanded of Sam, who was also happy to comply.

I may have been even happier, because I had reached the point where Betsy’s lips were close together, and I canted my head to thrust my tongue between them. The beauty and the aroma and the flavor of her pussy are delights to my senses, as are the sounds of pleasure she is unashamed of making, but my sense most pleased is that of touch. I had truly loved the feel against my mouth of her outer labia, but the most delightful sensation so far was the combination of her slick outer lip and her spongy inner one on my tongue.

It felt so good I took even longer than I usually considered reasonable to lick those heavenly places, covering the same area many times over. By the time I reached the end of her inner lip, Betsy’s hips were swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders like a pair of pistons. Once again, I briefly raised my head and saw how her clit had completely pushed its way out from under its protective hood and resembled a lovely lustrous pearl. I didn’t keep my face away too long, because eating Betsy’s pussy is so much more delightful that looking at her, but she did interrupt her loud, blissful sounds to tell me what she wanted.

“Lick my clit, George. Make me cum! I need to cum!”

When her excitement reached its apex, I would do more than that, but it had not quite reached that level yet. I quickly devoured the feast of nectar her pink hole had produced for me and started licking between the other pair of inner and outer lips. I treated these the same way, and it was even more fun because of the increased activity of Betsy’s lower body. Besides her pussy seeming to try to wrap itself around my face and the gushing juices and the swiveling hips, her thighs had turned slightly outward. This presented her pussy more fully to my mouth than it had been and, after my tongue has sluiced up all the juices she had just produced, I opened my mouth wide and started sucking her clit.

As soon as my mouth made contact with that engorged morsel, her movements became even wilder. She rammed her pussy into my face and her legs pistoned faster over my shoulders. I clung tightly to her thighs and kept my lips snugly clamped onto the base of her clit and, while I sucked, my tongue caressed the engorged sides and tops. She continued exhorting me to suck her clit which, considering that was what I was doing, was rather redundant.

After less than a minute, Betsy started cumming, and her movements were more frenetic than ever. Sam was holding her upper body in place, or she might have thrown me and herself all the way off the bed. Her legs gripped my head and swung back izmit escort and forth, while she continued warbling of her delights in what I was doing. When she climaxed, all Betsy’s muscles clenched, and she rammed her pussy against my face for an ultimate time before totally relaxing and sagging onto the bed.

Sam raised his face from the big breast he had been sucking and grinned at me, because he knew the fucking would start in a few minutes, after Betsy had caught her breath and rested for a few minutes from her great orgasm. I smiled back, but not for very long, because I knew there was a wealth of her delicious juices waiting for me. Avidly, I licked them from the insides of her thighs where they had spattered and from her crotch and lips. Although sorely tempted, I did not suck anything from the pink hole that had secreted them, because I knew they would be need for their natural function of lubrication when one of us started easing his cock into her pussy.

While the lady lay flat on her back, her face a mask of ecstasy, with her mouth partly open and her eyes closed, Sam went to the dresser to prepare his cock by rolling on a condom. Usually we provide our own, but Betsy has some with special pleasure bumps she likes us to use.

I prepared myself too, rolling on one of her condoms and coating my cock from the squeeze bottle of Aqualube that was sitting next to them. There was a damp towel there too; I knew what it was for so I brought it over to the bed so it would be available when needed. After that, we waited until our hostess was ready to continue with our carnal excapade. Our wait wasn’t long, and we all knew it would be well worth it, especially Betsy. She opened her eyes and her smile of bliss became one of lust when she saw two hard cocks ready to give her pleasure.

“That was fabulous, you guys, but I see you’re ready for something more,” she said. “Good, because so am I. Sam, you lie here on your back so I can get on top of you. George, you know what to do after I get his big, black cock all the way in my pussy.” She got off the bed and Sam lay down where she had been, including having the pillow under his head.

Betsy knelt straddling his legs, purring happily as she held his cock gently in her hand. She moved up closer and raised her body so her pussy was directly above him, with her juices flowing so plentifully they were actually dripping onto Sam’s pubic area. He took over holding his cock upright for her, and she spread her lips with her fingers while lowering her pussy until contact was made with the head. She stayed in that position and waited while he moved the end around in her wetness to spread the natural lubrication. With both of them ready, Betsy lowered her body farther and sighed with joy when she felt the tip of his cock wedge into her pussy.

She was so wet with the juices I had left there and the fresher ones, that Sam’s entire cock glided into her with a only few more strokes. Betsy lay atop him and stretched her legs out alongside his, while reaching back to spread her ass cheeks and grinning at me.

“I’m really Betsy-Wetsy today,” she said. Her real name is Elizabeth, but she prefers the more informal “Betsy” and, when she is as sexually aroused and wet as she was that day, she likes to be called “Betsy-Wetsy.”

“Your turn now, George. Grease me up good and shove your big ole cock all the way up my ass.”

I was already moving to do so when she spoke. Reaching between her beautiful cheeks with my left hand, I carefully pried open the edges of her cute rosebud. My right hand held the bottle of Aqualube, and I inserted the tip into the small hole we were creating. When I squeezed in a big dollop of the lubricant, Betsy quivered in anticipation and, when I inserted the middle finger of my left hand, her ass started squirming in delight.

“I really love it when you do that, George,” she told me.

“I’ve got something you’ll love a lot more.”

“Mmmmm, I know. I can hardly wait.”

We didn’t make her wait very long, because I wanted to get with the fucking as much as Betsy did. After carefully spreading the lube, I knelt between Sam’s legs, which were inside hers. While my fingers and thumb kept holding her rosebud open, I held my cock in my right hand to guide it and leaned forward until I felt the end touch the tight hole it was seeking. After the first contact was made, I rubbed the tip up and down to spread the Aqualube better and to start the penetration. With everything ready, I thrust forward and felt the head of my cock wedge into the tight but oily hole.

“Oooo, yeah,” Betsy murmured. “That always feels so good, when you stick your cock into me like that.”

“In a couple of minutes it’ll feel a lot better.”

“Yeah, I know. I know.”

It started feeling better to me and to Betsy a lot sooner than that, because I thrust forward again and felt an inch of my cock squeeze into her ass, eliciting another happy response from her. I didn’t say anything, but I felt ripples izmit kendi evi olan escort of pleasure coursing through my body from where her muscular sphincter was squeezing my cock. It was a wonderful sensation, tight but yielding, and I could already feel her internal muscles starting to work on the small fraction of my shaft that had been driven into her. I thrust forward again, and almost another inch of my stiff cock burrowed its way into the place that wanted it and where it wanted to be.

Enough of its length was inside Betsy’s delightful ass that I no longer needed to guide it, so I inserted my finger between her stretched muscles and my cock and moved it all around, checking for loose skin or other possible problems. I found none, so I wiped my hands on the damp towel and placed them on the nicely plump hips in front of me. The next time I thrust forward, I pulled back with my hands at the same time, and felt most of my cock plow into Betsy’s ass. She felt it too, and responded with the loudest moan of bliss yet, and told me what she wanted to me to do.

“That’s great, George. But don’t stop now. I want your whole cock in my ass. I want to feel your hair against my cheeks.”

That was what I wanted too and, after a few more strokes, both our desires had been met. My cock was imbedded to the hilt, so far I could feel my pubic hair against the soft insides of her gorgeous cheeks, just as Betsy wanted. I left it there for almost a minute. Any tiny movements any of us made would cause my entire hard shaft to move inside her ass and Sam’s inside her pussy, and send jolts of pleasure through my body. I knew, from the sounds of joy she was making, she felt them too. The man on the bottom didn’t say anything, but I knew he was enjoying that kind of action as much as either Betsy or I was.

We were ready to begin the actual fucking. I leaned forward and placed my hands on Betsy’s shoulders so I would be able to apply leverage with them when I drove my shaft into her. Sam put his hands on her hips for the same reason. I slowly withdrew until just the head of my cock was still inside, stayed like that while I added more of the Aqualube, and thrust back into her. Sam felt my cock surging into Betsy and pulled his back from her pussy the same way, except he needed to add no lubricant. Seconds later, I felt his long, slow stroke begin into the filling in our sandwich and drew my cock most of the way out again. Betsy sighed from the exquisite pleasure of having her ass and pussy fucked at the same time, and her body started writhing between us.

“My god, you guys,” she enthused. “This is incredible. It gets better every time we get together.”

It definitely got better for me, and very quickly. Betsy’s ass is tight, especially with another shaft filling her pussy, but the Aqualube was working perfectly, and there was no friction, just the sensations of tightness and of her muscles massaging my cock as I drove it in and out of her. The double penetration kept getting better for her too and, after a few minutes of the long, slow strokes into her pussy and ass, her body was thrashing between us. If there had been a fly walking around on the ceiling and looking down, she would have resembled a big, creamy white frog, with her legs kicking out behind me and her arms flapping at her sides.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Betsy announced, to nobody’s surprise.

Her movements became even wilder, with her arms flailing the mattress and her toes kicking it as her legs pistoned back and forth. She was moaning and whimpering from the exquisite pleasure we were giving her, and rocking from side to side within the limited space between the bread of the sandwich. When she climaxed, it was with an even louder cry of bliss; all her muscles clenched and she thrust her body back for a final time. After that orgasm, she totally relaxed between us.

Sam and I didn’t stop what we were doing, but we did slow our strokes in and out of the two very hospitable holes we had found. We both knew Betsy would want to keep fucking until she climaxed again, and we wanted to bring her to that glorious moment when she was ready for it. For a few minutes, we kept plunging out cocks into her as we had been, until she started to respond by fucking back to meet us.

“That was terrific, you guys, just what I wanted you to do for me. But I need to cum again, so don’t stop.”

After a few seconds, she had another request: “Both at the same time now, and hard and deep.”

We had no intention of stopping, because what we were doing was fantastic for Sam and me, and we didn’t care if Betsy wanted our cocks in her at the same time or taking turns, as we had been doing. His entire shaft was buried in her pussy and the head of mine was just inside the muscles at the entrance to her rear pleasure hole. Knowing she would be even tighter with her pussy crammed so full, I added more Aqualube before driving my cock all the way inside her ass. We stayed in that position for a few seconds, until Sam and I started slowly withdrawing again until we paused, and both of us rammed our shafts back into where they were wanted. Once again, I was tightly clutching Betsy’s shoulders for leverage, and I knew he was gripping her plush hips for the same purpose.

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Aisle Six

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Let’s start out with a joke this time, to evoke a light-hearted mood.

The guy goes to the check-out counter of the supermarket with a salad for one, a pre-wrapped sandwich, and one can of soda.

The cute young clerk eyes his purchase and says to him, “You’re single?” The customer grins and nods his head. “You can tell by my meal, huh?”

And the girl says, “No, you’re fuckin’ ugly.”

It was that round, tight, perfectly sculptured bubble ass that caught my eye in aisle six of the Food Lion in Fairfax, Virginia.

I saw her for the first time on Labor Day weekend, and it was one of those rare occasions when you just can’t help but to stop in your tracks and gape. It helped that I saw her from behind, and what a behind! The bottom of her ass cheeks were peeking out from beneath an almost obscenely small pair of baby blue short shorts as she leaned over to peruse an item on the shelf. My immediate thought was that she had to be around my own age with a fit body like that, early thirties I guessed, as I couldn’t see the front of her yet. She had a light brown, almost auburn page-boy hair cut that stopped just above the shoulders, and the shoulders were toned, exposed by the thin spaghetti straps on her tank top.

Her back was almost muscular, and in my humble opinion, the back is a feature of a woman that is overlooked by most men while enjoying many of the other natural beauties of a woman, kind of like an inexperienced fisherman tossing back a smaller, tastier fish in a quest for larger aquatic treats. Sometimes, you have to enjoy the smaller, more subtle pleasures, and this beauty’s back, combined with that taut bubble ass, were causing an instant zucchini in my own khaki shorts. I guessed she was a former gymnast, and as it turned out, I was close enough. Ice-skater was her former hobby, albeit several decades ago, at least on a professional level.

She turned suddenly, perhaps sensing someone’s presence, and she first glanced at my face, curled up in a rather silly smile of appreciation, but then her gaze turned just as quickly to my crotch, where there was no disguising the intent there. Busted!

I saw her face for the first time, and it was clear that her backside belied her chronological age. Though very pretty, her face had some lines and wrinkles that, surprisingly to me, only caused her to appear even more sexy. Her dark eyes seared unemotionally into my crotch like a laser.

My mouth opened in an attempt to find something witty and charming to say, but before I could do so, her lips curled in almost a disgusted sneer, her eyes never leaving my crotch. She turned back to the item of her attention, which was clearly not my cock, leaning even farther over now, causing the shorts to stretch almost half-way up her butt, and I was inexplicably overcome with mortification. I turned on the heels of my sandals and my hard-on and I scurried down the aisle, with me secretly cursing my erect member under my breath. “Well, dickhead, you got me in trouble again, can’t you EVER show any restraint?”

Busted and rejected, and I hadn’t even swung the bat. On my next several trips to this Food Lion, I eased tentatively down the aisle, hurrying in and out, such was the trepidation I harbored of seeing her again. I really pondered going to another supermarket, but what the hell, this was so convenient, almost right across the street from my townhouse complex, so I just ‘grinned and bore it’, so to speak.

It had to be over a month later when I was back on perhaps my fourth or fifth visit since that fateful day, and by now, I was pretty much assured that I would never see her again, when I heard a sultry voice over my shoulder in that very same aisle six. “What, no smile today for me?” I turned, just KNOWING, without really knowing, that it was her.

This time, it was she that greeted me with a smile, but I confess I lingered on her mature, confident face only long enough to again notice the dark eyes, but this time, I saw the hint of some freckles that had the beginnings of age spots on her cheeks and nose. This only added to her sexiness, but the fact that she had on a tight brown cotton sweater that accentuated a pair of full, disproportionately big tits on that petite, barely five-foot-frame frame certainly added to the allure exponentially. She wore faded jeans this time, and though she was facing me, I instantly envisioned what that marvelous butt of hers looked like encased in tight denim.

Once again, I was betrayed by the less-than-little guy in my own jeans, and once again, her gaze inched downward to that very spot. Only this time, she did not turn away. In fact, she smiled, and put her hands on her hips and clicked her tongue in mock petulance.

“My, my, is that a zucchini in your pants or are you just glad to see me?”

Her sense of humor served as an immediate source of comfort as well as an aphrodisiac, as if I needed more incentive to lust after this beautiful creature perhaps fifteen or twenty years my senior. I had always had a thing for older women, ever since my encounter maybe ten izmit rus escort years ago with my sexual mentor, Beth (see ‘Story Time’). Turns out, Brenda, which was this woman’s name, later admitted to me that she had never before had a lover so young, so our collision of worlds in aisle six resulted in quite the fortuitous mating of libidos.

We chatted for a bit, and I found out that she was indeed a former ice-skater who had never quite made it to the Olympics back in the eighties, but she channeled her love for sport and fitness into a career both as a fitness trainer and a coach of gymnastics and swimming at a local university in Northern Virginia.

She commented on my nearly empty shopping cart, and I told her the joke which started this little story, and she tossed back her head and giggled delightedly before looking at me intently with those ‘come-fuck-me-dark-eyes’ of hers and said, “Well, you may be single,” glancing at my finger which had no ring, “But you’re far from fuckin’ ugly. To the contrary. Why do you think I approached you?”

“I thought it was to arrest me, quite honestly, after my behavior last time,” I confessed.

Her eyes blazed into mine, resulting in the dual effect on me of both anxiety and arousal.

“You only made one mistake last time.” She waited for my reaction, but I just turned my palms upwards in the universal unspoken gesture that says, “I have no fucking idea what you mean, please help me.” Or something like that.

She continued, “You weren’t bold enough.” She licked her lips seductively.

“I like bold.” She stepped closer to me, so that our bodies almost touched, oblivious to other customers in the aisle.

“I like it when a man takes control, is confident.”

She was so close now that her ample tits rubbed against my chest, and she lifted her face up to my own. “Kiss me.”

I leaned down, not really caring who might be watching this blatant, impromptu seduction of a man and woman almost a generation apart in age, with the intent of kissing her lightly and softly, but she took her hand and wrapped it around the back of my head, and her tongue snaked down my throat hungrily, eagerly. Her warm, wet tongue traversed my mouth, the hot, wet kiss of a knowledgeable and ambitious woman, a unique type of kiss that I hadn’t quite experienced until then, and certainly not in the cereal aisle.

Brenda released the kiss after perhaps twenty seconds, which seemed like an eternity, and the soccer mom nearest to us took her Cheerios and hustled in the opposite direction. “You can really kiss, wow, you passed the first test with an A-plus,” Brenda panted huskily.

I struggled to regain both my breath and composure after the surprise interlude, as Brenda leaned into me and whispered into my ear, “How would you like to come at dinner tonight at my place?”

I was confused at her choice of syntax, and clumsily tried to rephrase her inquiry. “Do you mean come to dinner at your place?”

She frowned slightly, subtlety rubbing her pelvis against my own, grinding her hard body into me so that I could feel the soft heat emanating from beneath her jeans. “No, silly boy, I said it correctly. How would you like to come AT dinner?”

She gave me her address, which was only two blocks from my own unit, and directed me to be there in forty-five minutes. As I watched her amazing, rounded fifty-one-year-old ass wriggle up the aisle, I called to her, “Um, should I bring anything?”

She stopped, turned, and looked down to my crotch again. “Yes, it’s a BYOZ party.”

She laughed at her own joke and at my puzzled expression, before clarifying. “Bring your own zucchini.”

I had made a decision in that subsequent forty-five minutes. If she liked bold, well, bold she shall get. Even though her brazen ambition had me on my heels in the grocery store, it was also a truism that I had about seven-and-a-half inches of hard confidence that I packed within my own jeans, and dammit, I was not afraid to use it. Also, through the grace of God, he had blessed me with stamina that one of my many former girlfriends had once termed ‘Superhuman’. Still relatively naive in such matters, I assumed it was natural for all men to be able to sustain a hard-on for hours and after several ejaculations, but the frequency of my repeat carnal business from women soon reinforced otherwise. Apparently, I was quite the swordsman, I was beginning to realize. I had been so focused on my work lately that I didn’t absorb that it had been several months for me without sex. The combination of my own pent-up sexual energy and Brenda’s was going to result in a carnal rendezvous for the ages on this night.

I knocked on Brenda’s door, resisting the urge to use my throbbing hard-on, which easily could have achieved the task. She opened the door adorned in white lingerie from head-to-toe, fishnet stockings held up by a garter belt, with a white string thong over the garters (for easy dispersal, I learned soon enough), and an ivory lace underwire push-up bra which made her chest look huge on her izmit escort compact torso. Since food was the theme tonight, I analogized that her tits looked like ripe, firm cantaloupes. She had on a pair of four-inch fuck-me pearly white stilettos. She held a small device in her hand, and did a small pirouette as she grabbed me and pulled me through the vestibule, permitting me a panoramic three-sixty-degree view of her smokin’ body. If AARP had a contest for a poster woman, she would have won, hands down. Ninety-eight pounds of pure dynamite wrapped in a fifty-plus package, a mini-Raquel Welch.

I desperately had to have my hard cock deep in that anal cavity, and soon, I decided. I’d only fucked two women anally in my life, yet I knew that this woman would teach me many tricks to facilitate my sexual continuing education this evening.

She closed the door and pushed me against it, kissing me deeply once again, shoving her tongue into me urgently, exhibiting her desire to take control immediately, and for now, I was a willing passenger. I groped down and out of curiosity reached for the instrument in her tiny hand, and determined that it was a vibrator of some sort. I leaned back and looked at her inquiringly and asked, “What’s this?”. I fondled the small instrument in her palm.

“This is a rabbit, John, I thought it would be nice to have as an appetizer.” She led me by the hand into her living room and eased me onto her plush couch. “Have you ever had rabbit?” She stood in front of me and peeled her thong to one side and eased the device into her glistening folds, and the small hum of the vibrator mixed with her soft squeals before she extracted it from her cunt after a few seconds and then offered it to me, pushing it to my lips. “Tastes like chicken, try it.”

I sucked on the vibrator’s cock-shaped head, now covered with her sweet nectar, and she moaned delightedly as she observed my enjoyment of her juices. She knelt in front of me as she took the vibrator back into her own hand, savoring her own taste as she wrapped her lips around the shaft of the rabbit. “Sometimes, it pays to have varied taste in cuisine, don’t you think, John?” She eased my hips up off the couch and began to nibble at the buckle of my belt. “I like to be hands-free when it comes to removing certain items, you won’t mind if this takes a little longer, I hope?”

For the next several agonizing minutes, she tugged at my belt, successfully tugging the belt through each of the belt loops around my waist, and then, dramatically, took the entire leather belt between her teeth and spit it out on the floor at my feet. My penis was now literally dancing within my jeans, titanium hard, such was the erotic show. The encore was when she took the button between her lips and sucked it out of the small slit in the waistband, and she next took the denim in her mouth and began to tug it downward, slowly, like a puppy in a game of tug-of-war. Except she was meeting no resistance from me.

Finally, excruciatingly, my member popped free from the jeans once they reached mid-thigh, and my blood-engorged manhood slapped against her small, pretty face. I’m not sure which one of us got more excited upon seeing my girth virtually cover the entire length of her face, but I groaned lightly as she gasped in delight, finally taking my shaft within her tiny palms, which served the purpose of making my cock look even larger.

“This is what I’ve been waiting for, my God, it’s beautiful,” she gushed, admiring the view with her lust-filled almond eyes. “I’m going to use this cock for my pleasure all night, just as you’re going to use my tight body for your pleasure.” She stopped at gazed at me for emphasis. “In all of my holes.”

I raised my butt from the couch, simply as an altruistic, gentlemanly gesture, you understand, and pulled the jeans off of my ankles, and sat there naked from the waist down. She reached back again for the rabbit with one hand, and began to caress my testicles with the humming little pseudo-mammal, and with the other, she took a glass of chilled chardonnay from the coffee table, and brought it to my cock, dipping my shaft into the glass, covering it with the wine. She must fancy a nutty chardonnay, I surmised.

Brenda swirled the wine-filled glass around my cock for several seconds, as if allowing the wine to properly breathe (on my cock, that is), and looked up at me, obviously proud of her seduction thus far, and inquired, “Is the glass cold, baby?”

I again thought of an old joke and replied, “Yeah, and deep, too!”

When she removed the glass from my cock, she placed the glass back on the coaster within reach and began a surprisingly, soft, slow, gentle, oral massage of my cock, augmenting her sucking and licking with the thrill of the vibrator that sensuously caressed my balls. As frantically as he kissed, her blow-job technique was just the opposite, she took her time and savored my taste, still never using her hands. One hand expertly manipulated the rabbit’s increasingly erotic sensation on my nuts, and the other dipped to her own crotch and she teasingly kocaeli escort massaged her own clit as she sucked me.

She gradually lowered the rabbit’s head to that incredibly sensitive area between the base of my shaft and the top of my anus, and she must have accelerated the speed of the device, for it began to hum louder and flicker against my pubic bone, causing me to get even harder, though I truly did not think it was possible.

When she ran the rabbit head over the rim of my asshole, my balls literally ached and began to tremble like a mini-volcano, and sensing my impending release, she began to take her mouth and wrap it tightly around my cock shaft, not harder, just tighter, and her tongue tickled my cock head.

Just before I exploded, with impeccable timing, she released her mouth from my cock and reached for the glass of chardonnay once more, and she eased the tip of the vibrator head into my ass. Immediately upon insertion, torrents of my hot, warm, creamy seed shot directly into the wine glass which she had placed on the tip of my cock, and I watched, mesmerized, as I shot load after load my semen into the glass, and watched it mix with the wine like an eerie science experiment. I had never imagined anything remotely close to this, nor could I have conjured up such a clever and unique gesture, and the more I was amazed, the more I came and came, an ejaculation that I have not since replicated.

Brenda mercifully extracted the rabbit from my anus and placed one finger into the wine-glass, swirling it so that the milky cum on the surface began to mix with the less dense wine below it, and she brought it to her lips and took a long gulp. My cock still twitched and pulsed and shivered as I watched her tilt her head back, swallow, and then bring her mouth to the glass again, and she licked the rim, snaking her pink tongue around the top, and then took another deep swig. Her cheeks were swollen due to the cocktail double of wine and cum in her mouth, and she brought her lips to my own, slithered her tongue inside my mouth like a tiny jaws-of-life, and eased the tangy liquid combo into my own mouth as she lowered her hand to vigorously rouse my cock, shaking loose any last vestiges of sperm.

I could clearly taste my own cum mixed with the chardonnay, and I won’t even try to disguise the reality that I liked it, although I’ve not since been able to procure that vintage anywhere else. “Um, excuse me, garcon, I don’t see it on your wine list, but do you have a bottle of 1991 Cum of Some Young Guy, perchance?”

Turnabout is fair play, as they say, and I took the impromptu ‘shot glass’ from her hand, picked her up in one motion, flipped her lithe body onto the couch, and gripped the tiny strand of silk that covered her pussy and pulled it tautly, deeply into her steamy snatch, causing her to yelp in delighted surprise, and poured the remains of the cum-filled wine glass onto her belly button.

We watched together as the COCK-tail dripped down her stomach, going downstream in the small crevice of her tight belly, easing over the slight triangular wisp of auburn-colored pubic hair that topped her slit like a Christmas tree ornament, finally oozing beneath the stretched fabric digging into her cunt, with small currents running into her asshole. I pulled the thong even more tightly into her cunt, causing her inner labia to fold around the fabric like a blooming flower, and began to ever so softly lap the wine off of the very sensitive area just on top of her mons and finally let my tongue graze over the very tip of her swollen clit, peeking from beneath her hood on the side of the thong.

I lapped at the nectar as I pulled her legs apart lewdly, placing one of her limber legs on the arm of the couch, and I began to reciprocate the gentle, unhurried, oral assault on her wonderful, clean, tight and vulnerable pussy. My tongue explored her outer labia first, and I watched the six-pack wiggle and heave as I stuck my tongue into her hole, tongue-fucking her gently, lightly, making sure that she understood that I was going to duplicate her own ‘hands-free’ technique, and that I was going to prolong and control her inevitable release just oh, so shy of the brink of carnal torture, teetering on the edge of frustration and ecstasy.

For the next twenty minutes or so, I blatantly ignored her verbal exhortations to use my fingers to fuck her, to make her cum, to suck her clit, and instead, I leisurely nibbled and sucked on her exquisite inner thighs, occasionally letting my head drift southward to giver her anus a brief rim licking, before starting my ascent upwards again to blow my hot breath onto the distended flaps of her cunt, savoring her flowing juices the entire time.

She was nearly frantic with the overwhelming need to cum by now, which was exactly the reaction that I wanted to evoke. I gazed up from my vantage point between her legs, my tongue licking at her pink vaginal jowls, and was pleased to see that her eyes were shut and her hands hung onto the pillows on the couch in a death grip. I raised my head from her cunt and whispered to her, “Look at me.” She either ignored or did not hear my whispered plea due to her own groaning, so I repeated my demand, louder this time. Her eyes finally opened, and she looked down at me with glassy, tear-filled pupils.

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First Meeting

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Copyright 2000. By Paul. All rights reserved. All events and characters are fictitious.

* * * * *

Paul stood at the entrance to the old pier looking nervously about. Between ten and ten-thirty they had agreed. It was nearly twenty-five past already. Why had he not asked for a photo? Then at least he could keep a look out. He felt as nervous as he had on a blind date a friend had set him up with a girl in his teens. He wouldn’t see them again. Thirty years had passed since he could have called himself a teenager.

He looked around again.

What had got him into this?

He was a married man for fuck’s sake.

Standing here on a dark, grey November’s morning trying to hold in his belly and hoping that the wind had not totally uncovered his balding pate.

There was a man standing on the corner of the café on the far side of the entrance. He wore a short coat, open at the front to display his ‘v’-necked sweater and open collar shirt, light coloured slacks and brown shoes. He carried a plastic carrier bag.

Paul suddenly wished he’d worn something smarter than his old Army combat jacket. He would wear something distinctive they had agreed in one of their many e-mails. Why had he agreed that Suzie would have the right to choose if they should meet in person?

No. He knew the reason for that. He was nearing fifty and Suzie, he still didn’t know his given name, was hardly out of his twenties.

The man hesitated, then walked towards him.

“Hi, it’s Paul isn’t it? It’s been a long time.”

Their agreed introduction.

“Hi,” Paul replied, taking the offered hand. It felt soft and small compared with his own. He released it. “Would you like a coffee?”

He could do with something stronger.

They crossed in front of the pier entrance and entered the café. At the counter Paul ordered two coffees, paid for them and carried them to the table where Suzie sat.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show,” Paul said under his breath, “I could understand if you hadn’t.”

“I was just nervous,” he smiled, ” I almost came over a few times but didn’t have the courage then I saw you looking at your watch and thought you were going to leave.”

His voice trailed off.

Paul sipped his coffee and looked at the young man sitting opposite. Neatly trimmed hair, blue eyes and a thin face. He thought of how he had looked when he had studied himself in the mirror that morning after his wife and kids had left for work and college. A head showing more skin than hair. A round face, reddened with too many years of drinking. He had bigger breasts then some girls and a belly that would never fit inside his trousers again.

He’d looked at his prick in the mirror. He seldom saw it in the flesh anymore unless he sucked his belly in. A number of women and two men had commented about it in the past. It wouldn’t win any prizes for length or girth but looked good. Some cocks are ugly, his wasn’t.

He’d turned and, looking over his shoulder had pulled open his ass cheeks to reveal the pile by the side of his anus.

It must have come from too many years sitting behind a desk. It couldn’t have come from anything else. Only one man had known him there and that was only once many years before. He would never forget that first time. Lying on his side on his friend’s bed while his wife was at work with his leg raised feeling the tip of the prick banging against his hole as if asking permission to enter. The sharp stab of pain as he was penetrated to be replaced by a warm glow as it was thrust in and out. The slapping of skin against skin as his lover escort izmit had speeded up and the last thrust deep inside him as he emptied his balls.

Suzie was saying something.

“Do you want to go somewhere?”

The moment had come. The chance to get out of it if he wanted too.

“Yes,” he found himself replying.

The butterflies started again as he followed Suzie from the café.

“Shall we take your car?” Suzie asked as they walked towards where a row of cars was parked along the sea front. “You know your way around this area better than me.”

Paul stopped by an old blue Ford and turned the key in the door lock. There was a popping sound as the locks released. He held the open the door while Suzie slipped inside.

He was so young and good looking, Paul thought as he made his way around the car to the driver’s side and climbed in, what can he see in me? Paul started the engine, engaged ‘D’ and they drove back past the pier and up onto the old coast road. Paul paid the toll to the old man with the bag on his shoulder and took the private road. The rain was starting to fall heavily. He switched the windscreen wipers on and glanced down at Suzie’s crotch. Was that a lump he could see? After two miles there was a dirt turning up into the trees and he indicated and pulled into the secluded parking area.

There was one other car parked a short distance away. It drove off almost immediately. A woman in the front seemed to be adjusting her clothing and the man’s shirt was unbuttoned down the front.

“They needn’t have left on our account.” Suzie remarked.

Paul turned to him.

“Oh. Does that mean we are not going to do anything?”

He almost felt relief.

“I didn’t say that.” Suzie reached across and took Paul’s hand. “I told you. I need you to make the first moves.”

“I know. It’s just that it has been so long and I’m not sure.”

“Not sure you want me?”

Paul looked again at Suzie’s crotch.

“I want you,” Suzie continued.

“I need a piss.” Paul pulled his hand free and, stepping out of the car walked behind a nearby tree.

He unzipped his trousers and took out his prick. It was nearly hard. He managed to piss with difficulty and stroked it three times before putting it away.

What should he do? He was here. Suzie was all right. Very pleasant in fact. He was everything and more than he imagined from their many emails. It was he. It was just nerves. He could hardly wait another twenty-five years for another chance. It wasn’t as if he was with a total stranger. They’d e-mailed many times. They knew each other’s thoughts and fantasies. Also, he wasn’t being fair to him.

He got back into the car. Suzie’s eyes were red. There were tears in them.

Without thinking he placed his arm around him and pulled his head onto his shoulder.

“I’m sorry. I was just being stupid.” He said.

Suzie placed his hand behind Paul’s head and pulled his lips towards his own. They kissed. Slowly, awkwardly at first, then as there lips relaxed and parted, with fervour. Paul pushed his tongue into Suzie’s mouth searching for his own. He found it, pointed and hard. It pushed back then swirled around his own.

Paul pulled his head back and breathed deeply. He hadn’t kissed anybody like that in years.

He ran his fingers gently down the side of Suzie’s face.

Suzie caught hold of his fingers as they started to make their way towards his lap.

“Not yet,” he said, looking around, “are we safe here?”

“The weather will keep most folks away,” Paul answered, looking himself.

“Turn your head away,” said izmit escort Suzie “I want to do something.”

Paul turned his head and starred at the entrance to the parking area listening to the sounds and feeling the movements coming from the seat next to him.

“It’s all right,” said Suzie “you can look now.”

Paul turned. Gone was the jumper and trousers. Suzie wore a pale green silk blouse and a short, blue, pleated skirt. He could see the swellings of breasts beneath the blouse and outline of bra straps. His legs were covered in black nylon and he wore black court shoes.

“Do I look alright,” Suzie asked nervously.

“You look great,” said Paul, leaning over and kissing him gently on the lips.

Susie smiled and looked down at Paul’s fingers as they unbuttoned his blouse. He cupped one of his breasts through the material of his bra.

“They’re not real I only wish they were.”

“Never mind,” said Paul, running his finger around his navel. “They look good.”

Paul put his arm around his back and pulled him close, their heads resting against each other’s. Paul placed his hand on one of Suzie’s knees and waited for a reaction.

“Go on,” Suzie breathed turning his head and kissing Paul’s cheek.

Paul’s fingers moved between Suzie’s thigh, forcing them apart slight and started moving slowly towards his crutch. They reached the tops of his stocking and paused.

They kissed again. Deep and slow.

His hand moved onto the bare flesh between stocking top and panties. They broke the kiss and Paul glanced quickly around then down to Suzie’s skirt.

“Can I look?” He asked huskily.

“Of course,” was Suzie’s reply as he lifted his bottom from the car seat and held his skirt above his waist.

Paul looked down and the brief white panties and the bulge they struggled to contain.

“Lift again,” he whispered slipping his hand inside the elastic at the top and easing them down and off.

He looked down at Suzie’s prick. It was about six inches long and just under two fingers wide. He worked the foreskin back and forth, covering and exposing his little hole. It was very hard and warm. He thought briefly of fitting a condom on it but, if he was to believe anything that Suzie had told him so far and as far as he could tell he hadn’t lied to him about anything, he wouldn’t need that protection. If they went further it might be different.

Licking his lips Paul lowered his mouth and kissed the top of Suzie’s prick and listened to his groan of pleasure. Opening his lips he slowly allowed the head of Suzie’s prick to enter his mouth. Lifting his head he almost released it before taking it back inside all the time working the base of the prick with his fingers.

Suzie ran his fingers through his hair and started lifting his hips in time with his movements. Paul could feel his prick growing inside his mouth. He heard his breathing change then felt the contractions at the base of the prick beneath his fingers before his mouth was filled with cum.

He waited until Suzie had finished and his prick had started to soften before lifting his head and sitting up.

They kissed briefly then Paul looked around as Suzie’s fingers fumbled with the zip on his trousers. His prick was growing by the time Suzie had it out and with a few strokes of Suzie’s hand was fully hard.

“It’s nice.” Suzie said as he lowered his mouth.

Paul reached behind Suzie and squeezed one of his ass cheeks before running a fingertip between them and onto his anus. He could feel the pressure building inside his balls as Suzie worked on his prick with his izmit kendi evi olan escort hands and mouth. He rubbed harder at his anus. Suzie groaned out loud. His placed his hand on the back of Suzie’s head, as his breathing became erratic. He lifted his hips. He wanted Suzie to take more of his prick. He did.

Paul held his breath as his prick started to pump his cum into Suzie’s mouth. Then he released it with a sigh when he had finished.

Suzie kept working his foreskin back and forth as he licked Paul’s little hole, seeking any last drops. He swallowed twice as he lifted his head and kissed Paul on the lips. They could both taste the salt of his cum.

Paul reached down the side of Suzie’s seat and turned the knob that lowered the seat back. When it was fully flat he kissed Suzie’s nose and said, “Kneel down.”

Suzie hesitated, looking around through the steamed up windows listening to the rain beating on the roof of the car.

Without a word, just a smile, he arranged himself on all fours with his ass uppermost. Paul knelt in the well in front of his seat and pulling apart his cheeks looked down at his tight brown hole.

Paul lowered his face and kissed first one cheek then the other then licking along his crack found Suzie’s anus with the tip of his tongue. Suzie’s back arched as he touched it and a sigh escaped from his lips. Encouraged, Paul licked harder. Around the tight folds of skin and up and down the exposed slit. Suzie’s sighs turned to gasps as Paul reached around in front of him and started to stroke his erect prick.

“Oh yes,” Suzie said as Paul’s hand and tongue moved faster.

Suzie pushed his bottom back into Paul’s face. Making little sounds of pleasure as he did so. Paul pushed his tongue as far into Suzie’s hole as it would go then he heard him gasp and felt him cum.

Paul lifted his head and leaned back against the dashboard. He looked down at Suzie’s hole, wet with spittle and at his own cum covered hands. Lifting them to his lips he licked them clean.

Suzie made as if to move but Paul placed his hand on his bottom and held him still. Suzie stiffened then relaxed. With difficulty Paul reached behind his back and opened the glove compartment in the dash and took out a tube of KY and a blue packaged, extra strong, condom. Squirting some KY onto Suzie’s anus Paul first one then a second finger into his hole. Fitting the condom over his own prick he moved up onto the seat behind Suzie, his head and back against the roof of the car and positioned its tip against his opening. Another squirt of KY and he pushed forward into Suzie’s ass hole. Suzie cried out as he slid inside his ring. He cried out again as he pushed deeper inside him.

“Am I hurting you?” He asked, concern in his voice. “Do you want me to stop.”

“It hurts, please take it out.” Suzie gasped.

Paul pulled back. Suzie didn’t move.

“Let me catch my breath then try again.” He said. Paul squirted more KY onto Suzie’s hole and pushed into him again.

This time, apart from a single grunt, Suzie was quiet.

Paul held onto Suzie’s hips as he pushed in and pulled out of his hole. He was so tight. He could feel him squeezing him. He quickened. His balls banging into the backs of Suzie’s thighs. He started to pant as his balls lifted. His prick seemed to grow inside of Suzie as with a gasp he came.

They stayed joined for a few seconds then Paul pulled his prick from Suzie’s gaping hole.

Taking a tub of baby wipes from the glove compartment Paul offered them to Suzie after he had turned and gingerly resumed his seat. Suzie took two and, lifting an ass cheek wiped his ass as Paul removed the condom and cleaned up his prick.

“Well I think that broke the ice,” Paul said, squeezing Suzie’s hand.

“Not bad for a first meeting,” Suzie replied.

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Black Magick Ch. 09

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Nick lay in bed awake, still haunted by his experience with the ghost of his dead grandmother. Only a few hours ago, the spirit had possessed his body and used it to have anal sex with his sister’s friend Amber. But they were both gone now. Amber returned to her family’s condo downtown, and Nick’s grandmother back to the underworld where she belonged. Still, Nick’s eyes refused to close, and the image of his grandmother’s unnaturally young apparition swam before him.

Oh, she had been so lovely and so lively, with long curly black hair to die for and a sweet playful expression he had only seen before in picture books. Nick wanted to feel her lips press against his, to feel the warmth of her body. But he knew it wasn’t possible. The woman who had possessed his body died ten years ago. She was his mother’s mother, and hadn’t looked the way Nick had seen her for well over forty years.

Nick was beginning to think that his sex life was cursed. First he had his crush on his little sister, which led him to stand outside her window masturbating as she pleasured another man and subsequently led Nick into the odd world of sex magick. And then there was his relationship with his mother, who Nick always thought was hot, but who recently decided to make use of him as her newest sex toy. And now, this complete obsession with his grandmother. Why didn’t someone just take him out back and shoot him?

Nick threw his pillow against the window, whence it ricocheted knocking over the trash can next to his desk. Wad after wad of used tissue fell onto the floor, but Nick was too lazy to pick up the mess.

He didn’t want to move. He didn’t want to think. He just wanted to sleep. But sleep was one thing he seemed destined to be without.

Nick began to stroke his cock, as though to comfort himself. How he hadn’t lost all sensitivity with all the fucking he had been doing recently he didn’t know, but his limp member quickly hardened and expelled a sizeable wad of cum into his right palm.

He decided he ought to go to the bathroom and wash his hand. Maybe a nice shower would help, too.

As he walked by the mirror, Nick thought he saw something weird. He turned to look at it and was instantly struck with a blast of hot air and the feel of a woman’s lips on his own.

Shit! Elisabeth had told him there might be after-affects, similar to the occasional tingling of an amputated limb coupled with a general feeling of ill-being. Summoning the dead was serious business, after all!

Nick crossed himself quickly with his cum-covered hand and then turned on the sink to wash it. As he scrubbed with soap, he felt something dark hovering over him and was afraid to look up, as though he would see something terrifying in the mirror if his gaze was to meet it. He concentrated very hard on his hands.

He was probably just half-asleep, Nick thought vaguely. He was always a bit nervous at night, though he was getting a bit old to believe in the boogieman.

Nick began removing his clothes. He really wanted that shower. He was drenched in cold sweat. He felt horrible, like he was recovering from a bad flu. He pulled off his night shirt and his white underwear. His member was limp, not half-hard like it usually was after he had just ejaculated. Nick must have been more scared than he thought.

But just as he began to ponder this, he felt a curious warmth around his cock and it began to swell, as though someone was sucking on it. Nick moaned. It totally felt like getting a blowjob. If he concentrated, Nick could almost feel the lips, the wetness of a mouth encircling the head of his cock. He could almost feel a tongue flick against his skin.

Shit! Maybe he needed to take a cold shower instead of a hot one.

Nick took his cock in his hand and shook it, as though he had just peed and was trying to shake off the last of his urine off into the toilet.

Ah! That made the strange sensation a little more bearable. Not that it had been bad or anything, just a little freaky. And Nick really did need to take a shower.

He reached into the shower and twisted on the warm water. He stepped into the bathtub, carefully using the wall for support, feeling just a bit shaky in his legs.

The jet of hot water felt like a beautiful woman embracing him, making him feel warm and protected. The tension seemed to drain out of him and down the drain pipe, and he felt good all over, like after a wonderful orgasm. And maybe he just had one, because suddenly his whole body was trembling and he had to sit down.

His breathing was ragged. What was happening? He fell backwards, his head knocking against the edge of the bathtub, not hard enough to cause him to lose consciousness, but just enough to make him feel a little light-headed.

Nick felt something on top of him, kissing at him and at the same time tearing at his flesh with teeth and claws. He writhed on the floor like a slut, his hips thrusting up into the air and meeting the never-ceasing flow of water. His butt knocked again the bathtub and made a squashing sound izmit escort as the water that ran underneath him escaped from his skin into the bathtub.

The experience was sublime. Nick’s whole body was on fire, as though the very forces of the abyss were attacking him. He lost track of how many times he came and whether cum still flowed from his cock with each ejaculation. Everything seemed to fade into everything else, like in a dream. Nick was so wrapped up in his pleasure that he completely lost track of the world around him. He did not know whether his back hurt or if his head ached. He did not seem to realize that he could have bruises in the morning that he would have to explain. His whole being was tied to what was happening in the moment. Hours could have passed, or years, or perhaps it was just minutes. Nick twisted and convulsed, letting the water and cum run off of him. He felt all-knowing and all-powerful, like a crystallized version of himself, like dead relatives who appear in dreams.

Finally, the sensation released him, and before he could get up from the shower, he fell asleep.

“Shit! What the hell are you doing there?” Elisabeth asked, drawing back the shower curtain and slapping her brother to wake him up. Nick’s eyes opened slowly and for a while he didn’t know where he was or why, as though he had awoken from a coma and the world had changed around him. And then it hit him.

“Oh shit! It must be some side affect of that ritual thingy we did yesterday!” Nick said, clutching his head where it had contacted with the tile. “I must have been in some sort of a trance.”

“Yeah, well, we’d better get you dressed. Mom has company, and you know how she gets when there’s company.”

“Oh, that’s all I need!” Nick said, using his sister’s hand and the side of the bathtub to raise himself to his feet. “I feel like I’ve got a fucking hangover.”

“Ha, ha! If mom knew that you talked like, that she’d wash your mouth out with soap,” Elisabeth laughed. “Besides, you’re supposed to be too young to know what a hangover feels like.”

“Well, shoot me for being precocious,” Nick said, still clutching at his head as though he was afraid of it falling off.

“You know what, Nick? You really aren’t looking so good, and your hand felt a little hot. Here’s a towel. Dry yourself off and I’ll get the thermometer. If you’re running over 99, I bet Mom will let you skip her Martha Stewart breakfast.”

“Yeah, that would be good,” Nick said, wrapping the towel around him like a blanket. “I’ve really had a hard night.”

“‘Hard’ being the operative word,” Elisabeth said, motioning towards his cock with her eyes.

Nick blushed. His sister’s teasing had that affect on him, no matter how many kinky situations they’ve been in together.

Elisabeth leaned over and kissed her brother on the forehead while he rested on the toilet.

“You really are feverish,” she said, stuffing the thermometer in his mouth. “Why don’t you give let me help you into bed? I’ll tell Mom why you can’t come to breakfast.”

Leaning against his sister’s shoulder, Nick hobbled back to his bedroom and dropped into bed. The moment his head hit the mattress he fell asleep, and Elisabeth had to pull his feet onto the bed and cover him with a blanket before heading to the kitchen for breakfast.

Soon after, his mother woke him up with a cup of hot lemon tea and a bowl of chicken soup. She pulled the thermometer out of his mouth and looked at it, shaking her head.

“You’re running just over 102. I’ll get you a couple of aspirin, if that doesn’t bring it down I’m going to have to take you to the doctor.”

“Does that mean I’ve got to skip school again?” Nick asked, his throat hoarse.

“Yes. Both of your sisters left the house an hour ago, and I’m not letting you out of bed until your fever drops.”

Nick’s head felt funny. Had he misheard what his mother said?

“Both sisters?” he said. “As in, more than one?”

His mother put her hand on his head.

“Your fever must be worse than I thought! You’re losing track of reality. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten your little sisters Elisabeth and Victoria. They’d cry their eyes out if you said you didn’t remember them.”

“Right, Mom,” Nick said, even though he of course could only remember having one sister. “If you’d be kind enough to help me sit up, I’ll take the aspirin while I eat.”

His mother stuffed a couple of pillows behind his back and stuck the breakfast tray on his lap. She was bent over so that her cleavage was an inch from his nose, and before she rose, she whispered seductively in his ear. “You know, men who have a fever are really fun to fuck.”

Nick blushed bright red and his mother smiled. She walked out of the room, her butt swaying merrily, and ill as he was, Nick couldn’t help staring after her.

God! He must have the hottest mother in the world!

It was funny though, what she’d. Nick had only one sister, Elisabeth. He has never heard of any Victoria. What the hell was going on in this house? izmit escort bayan Had he realy lost his memory from the fever?

Oh well. Whatever it was, it could wait until Elisabeth got home. She was the witch after all and understood shit like this, or at least Nick hoped she did. His head really hurt and he didn’t want to think too hard about anything.

Nick took a sip of tea. His mother had thoughtfully added honey to it, and it felt so good in his slightly sore throat. He almost moaned as the warm fluid flowed into him, warming up his body.

He took a spoonful of soup and put it in his mouth. That felt wonderful too. This was the good part of being sick, every little thing seemed new and different. It was like being a child again.

His mother came back with the medicine and he swallowed the tablets with a mouthful of tea. She sat down on the bed next to him and began petting his head while he ate.

He found that very distracting, and once or twice he had to cough because the tea had gone down his windpipe. His mother rubbed his back and the feeling sent little shivers of pleasure down his spine.

“Mom, I don’t think I can eat any more,” Nick said, setting down his soup.

“Ok. I’ll put the rest of your soup in the refrigerator in case you want it later. Then if you don’t mind, I’d like to keep you company while you nap.” She touched his neck in a way that Nick found intensely erotic. He remember what she had said about men with fevers and felt a familiar longing beneath the bed covers.

“I’ll come back and lie next to you to help heat up the sheets a bit,” Susan said, all the seduction returning to her voice.

“Be back soon,” Nick said, crawling back under the covers.

He woke up to feel his mother’s naked body pressed against him. She was asleep, her head on the pillow next to him and her breast pushed up against his arm. His cock instantly swelled. Surely her beautiful pussy could be only inches away from him. Maybe it was already soaking wet and waiting for him to enter it. It seemed like a fantastic lie that he had ever been allowed to fuck such a beautiful woman, but at the same time he felt oddly possessive about her body, as though he had been her lover for years.

Nick rolled over onto his side and pressed himself against Susan, hungrily consuming the warmth of her body through the pores of his skin. Her breast pushed against his torso and she moaned. Oh, how that affected him!

He pressed his cock against her legs, just below the mound of her vagina. He wanted to spread her legs apart so that he could push himself into to her, so that he could consume her warmth more completely.

Her skin felt so good against his cock, as though he was rubbing against a silk blanket. Nick took one of her breasts in his hands and began to knead it, flicking his tongue against her nipples.

His mother moaned and rolled over onto her back. In a moment, he was on top of her under the sheets, his tongue traveling down her body as he writhed on top of her like a caterpillar.

He nuzzled her pussy, lovingly prodding her to open her legs for him. He licked as far down her mound as he could, slipping his tongue into the very top of her slit that was just visible above her legs.

Susan moaned and her thighs opened, and Nick drove his whole head into her, lapping at her juices and teasing her sensitive clit with his feverish tongue. She quickly orgasmed, twitching and moaning in her sleep, a jet of juice squirting into her son’s waiting mouth. Nick pushed his tongue into her vagina, enjoying the feel of her velvety interior on his hot tongue.

Susan came again. This time, she awoke to the sensation that was coursing through her body.

“Oh, you naughty little devil!” she cooed, pushing Nick’s head deeper into her. “You could have woken me up earlier!”

Nick was too busy lapping at her soaking pussy to answer. She was so wet that it was beginning to go up his nose and make it hard to breathe.

“You really are good at eating pussy,” his mother said with a little laugh. “A natural prodigy! That’s what you are. You’re almost as good as your father already. Give me a couple more years and I’ll have you eating me like a pro.”

Nick pulled himself away from his mother’s pussy, kissing her roughly on the lips and pushing her own juices into her mouth. She quickly swallowed. He took his cock in his hand and began rubbing it against his mother’s slit, causing her to moan a little.

“My cock is at your command. Would you like me to fuck you?” he asked, teasing her clit with the head of his cock.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me hard,” Susan whimpered. “Let me feel that hot cock of yours in me.”

“Yes, Mom,” Nick said, obediently pushing himself into her. At exactly at the same time, he kissed her on the lips as her tongue pushed into him in time with his thrusts.

Nick didn’t feel like he had much energy. That was the bad part about being ill. But he still did his best to knock his cock against his mother’s cervix with every izmit sınırsız escort thrust.

Susan whimpered like a puppy and began massaging her own breasts, further stimulating herself as her son pounded away at her pussy.

Nick was so tired that he had to rest a couple of times against his mother. But his cock never softened in her. It felt so comfortable, feeling her warmth so close to him for so long, that it was almost as erotic as the coupling.

Every five minutes or so, Nick would feel his cock come to life again, and he would have no choice but to continue to fuck, pounding himself in and out of his mother with whatever strength he still possessed, and then he would lay fallow against her, panting as though he just ran a five-minute mile.

They continued like this for hours. Once or twice, Nick must have dozed off into feverish dreams, only to awaken again to find his hard cock still buried in his mother’s pussy. It was like an eternal paradise, a wet dream that never seemed to end. Being inside his mother was beginning to feel natural, as though it was where he had belonged all along and it was only a terrible fate that kept the two of them apart most of the time.

He loved the way her muscles squeezed him, how her warmth enveloped him, how he felt safe and happy and insanely pleasured, thrusting and pushing in and out of her.

Finally, he came once again, squirting his hot seed deep inside his mother’s pussy. And then, completely wasted by the long exercise, he fell sound asleep.

He slowly opened his eyes to the image of the black-haired girl who had haunted his dreams. She was much, much more real than he had ever seen her, dressed in the uniform of his and Elisabeth’s high school, with knee-high socks, lacy white garters and polished shoes that looked like they belonged on a porcelain doll. The girl’s long black curls were so long that they fell onto the bed. She was sitting on top of him so that only the bed sheet and her panties separated his cock from her pussy.

Nick noticed the bracelet she wore around her wrist. It was his grandmother’s, the one that her spirit carried off after the ritual yesterday! Nick instantly recognized the girl.

“Grandma!” Nick exclaimed, sitting up and in the process knocking the girl off his cock. She fell backwards against the mattress and looked rather put out.

“Why did you have to do that? I was just being friendly!” she complained.

“You’re supposed to be in heaven!” Nick stammered. It was freaky talking to a dead person, no matter how cute she was.

“Heaven was too boring, so I decided to come back,” Nick’s grandomother said, straightening her skirt so that it hung right.

“You’re not allowed to do something like that!” Nick protested. “The dead are supposed to say dead. It’s a natural part of life!”

“Don’t you tell me what I’m allowed and not allowed, you cocky boy!” the girl said, standing up on his bed and looking down at Nick menacingly. “All my life, people told me how to live! Grow up, get good grades, get married, have kids… If someone had enough foresight to teach me not to be ashamed of my body, and how to conduct a proper self-examination, I wouldn’t have died of cancer before I was fifty!”

Nick found himself covered in cold sweat. He was beginning to get more than a little freaked out.

“Anyway, the laws of nature don’t always apply in this world, in case you didn’t notice. There’s enough magick in the air that things which were impossible before possible now.” The girl looked Nick in the eye, as though almost accusing him of something, and then simply smiled. “So forget about calling me Grandma, because from today on, I’m your little sister Vicky.” She bounced up and down on his bed like a little girl. “Oh, you wouldn’t believe how good it feels to be alive and young again, after all this time!”

“I bet it does,” Nick said. He wasn’t really up to much conversation.

“You’re sick!” Victoria said, jumping up and down on his bed so that her curls bobbed up and down.

At first, Nick thought that he must have said something perverted, but then he realized that she was referring to his flu and nodded.

“I woke up with a bad fever,” he agreed.

“Summoning me last night must have been hard on your body. Do you want me to make you all better?”

“Are you offering to heat me up some more soup? I’m not sure my stomach can handle it right now.”

“No, silly! I’m going to heal you!” Victoria said, crawling towards him on all fours.

“Heal me? What are you, a doctor?” Nick asked, his voice catching in his throat. He was staring at Victoria’s surprisingly large breasts through her white-collared shirt.

“You haven’t heard enough old ghost stories,” Victoria said, crawling on top of him. “The dead always come back with special powers, especially in this family.” She moved closer to him, her breasts pressing against his torso as she whispered in his ear. “Some of our ancestors were burned at the stake in the 1600s.”

Nick shook with horror and awakening sexual desire.

“You couldn’t possibly know that, little sister!” he said, pulling Victoria to him and holding her tight as if to comfort her against some unknown terror. “Our family history is lost. No one even knows why we have the name Stuart.”

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Bachelor Party

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I was feeling very uncertain about my relationship with Sina. It was troubling to me that we did not have a sexually exclusive relationship. I needed to know how I stood with her. On Friday I took her to her favorite restaurant, ordered all of her favorite seafood dishes, and a bottle of wine. I had gone to the downtown jeweler and bought her the largest diamond on an engagement ring I could find. But I needed to know how I stood with her before I presented it to her.

As soon as the appetizers were brought out, I asked her where she saw our relationship going. She told me this.

“I love you and I want to be with you always, but I hope you can understand that I don’t want a monogamous relationship. I will never cheat on you behind your back, but if we are to be together, you have to let me have sex with other people if we are both okay with them. If there is someone that you object to me being with, just let me know, but the night we spent with Felicia was so great for me and I hope it was great for you too.”

“It was great for me.” I admitted. “Seeing the look on your face after making love with Felicia was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I want you to have that feeling.”

“I’m so happy that you feel that way, but if I am going to have sex with others then you should too. It’s only fair. The next time we’re with Felicia, I want you to do more than just eat her pussy. Just promise me one thing. Don’t cum inside another woman. If you’re going to cum inside someone, I want it to always be me.”

A beylikdüzü escort wave of heat surged through my body as the thought of sinking my cock into Felicia’s beautiful pussy with Sina watching came to mind. I felt the erection in my pants straining to burst free. Good thing it was hidden under the table. We ate for awhile in silence, but I was feeling reassured and so good. At the end of dinner, I got down on my knees and presented the ring. I knew from the look in her eyes that she was genuinely overjoyed.

She said, “yes.”

I month later I was at my bachelor party. Tom, Larry Fey, Richard and I were all American Peace Corps volunteers who were all teaching on the island. Tom and I were roommates and Larry Fey and Richard were roommates who lived nearby. Larry Fey was openly gay, and Richard very straight, but the living arrangement worked well for them and they were very good friends.

The plan, as far as I knew, was just for the four of us to do some very serious drinking and that was the way things started out. After a couple of hours, there was a knock on the door. My best man, Tom, got a big smile on his face. He pulled out a blindfold and told me that we were going to play a game and he tied the blindfold over my eyes.

I heard the door open and close. Then I felt hands pulling my shirt over my head and unbuckling my pants. I heard my three friends howling and cheering encouragement to the new company. They guided me to stand up. They undressed me completely, and then I felt six soft warm escort beylikdüzü hands running up and down all over my body. Hands rubbing my nipples, a finger running up and down the crevice of my ass, and fingertips running up the inside of my thighs sent an electrifying feeling through my body. By the time a hand reached my cock, it was already hard and throbbing. Then I heard Tom’s voice announce that there was going to be a contest. Three women were going to suck my cock, one at a time, and then I had to pick the the most talented as the winner.

Without saying a word, the women guided me to sit down and spread my legs. I felt the first contestant lightly stroking my balls with her fingertips as a long, narrow tongue writhed across the shaft of my cock. The guys were very loud in their encouragement and I knew that the alcohol was flowing very freely now. A warm, wet mouth now covered the head of my cock and a small hand stroked up and down the shaft. I felt my stomach tighten, my balls pull up tight against my body, as a powerful urge to cum came over me. I wanted to cum so badly, but I had to resist the urge. When was I ever going to have another chance to have three women put my body in ecstasy? It was such sweet torture, and I endured. Tom called time and sent out contestant number two.

My cock pointing towards the ceiling. I felt precum dripping down it and the first thing she did was to lick it off. Her hands were larger, but just as soft and warm as she gently tugged on my balls with one hand as she stroked beylikduzu escort my wet shaft with the other. I had to fight to keep from cumming when her mouth started going up and down over the end of my cock. I had such a powerful urge to explosively blast semen into her mouth. But again, I endured.

When the third contestant started in, I knew immediately that it was Sina. The feel of her mouth and tongue, the way she touches me, and the incredible way that she makes me feel were all so familiar to me. Tom is a good friend, but I knew that he never could have put this event together. This was Sina, wanting me to have the best bachelor party that a man could have. And that’s exactly what I was having. When she was finished, I felt the tongues of all three women at the same time sliding up and down my balls and shaft. I was finally able to let go, and I groaned loudly as spurt after spurt of semen erupted from my cock and splashed back down on my chest and stomach. There was a roar of applause as if I had just scored the winning touch down in a football game. I declared contestant three the winner of course.

The next day, my three groomsmen were wearing dark glasses in the church. I knew that their eyes were bloodshot and they were all hungover, but they were there for me. Sina came in wearing a white, wrap around skirt and a white, short sleeved blouse. Her hair was tied in a thick, long braid that hung down over her left shoulder. She had a big, red hibiscus flower in her hair, as she had the first day that I met her. I will never forget how beautiful she looked on that day. I felt myself to be the luckiest man in the world.

Sina never admitted to me that she had been at my bachelor’s party. She told me that it wouldn’t be appropriate for a bride-to-be to intrude. But I knew.

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Jenna the Sub Ch. 06

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Brave new World

10:30am… It was still so early; Jenna thought she’d never make it through the day. 5pm seemed like an aeon away, an eternity in time that would never come – how was she going to survive?

Having this job, working as a clerk had seemed to be forever, the job had become boring, mundane and rather unsatisfying for quite some time now and it was only recently that she was beginning to realize how unfulfilling and stale the work had become. But then she thought “What else am I going to do..?” For the time being she didn’t have anything else to fall back on, so for now, if anything she was at least able to keep her head above water and pay the rent.

Day dreaming in her cubicle Jenna let her thoughts drift to that of the night before, which didn’t take much in reminding, what with her ass still red and feeling the lingering effects of the severe spanking she had received while naked and trapped over the knee of this much older, dominant woman.

Every time she moved, stood and sat back down, the sting was always there, toned down considerably from when she had found herself at ‘Ma’am’s’ mercy – however still, the lingering, residual pain was there – there as a testament to what she had willingly subjected herself to at the hands of her Ma’am.

“Ma’am…” She muttered again under her breath, wanting to say the name out loud but also not wanting to draw attention to herself while tucked away in her 6 x 6′ cube of office space.

She was getting used to saying the name, it gave her a thrill each time she would say it either aloud or in her head. “Ma’am…” She repeated quieter still, this time with her eyes closed picturing the tall, Amazon-like goddess that had somehow possessed her mind and body.

Picturing her there in her tight fitting Yoga wear, her large breast pushed forward, looking heavy and ripe, her flat, toned stomach that belonged on a woman half her age, her thick, powerful looking thighs and big, round womanly ass…

Jenna – lost in her trance, licked her lips with a lust that was new, exciting and easily taking over her entire being. She wanted this dominant woman to take her, possess her and to do with her as she pleased.

The only road blocks now were the ones in her head, trying to figure out if she was just curious or if she really had true lesbian leanings. This much she couldn’t figure out just yet, but for some reason, this woman had changed something inside of her, changed her enough to make her think and feel this way – feel different, feel open to new possibilities and willing to follow – wherever that may take her.

Maybe being with her ex-boyfriend Curtis, who was indeed a brute, maybe he had something to do with it. That and along with the timing of having recently split up, it had left her feeling vulnerable and alone. Maybe this is what led her into this situation, what drove her into the clutches of this older, dominant woman – loneliness and wanting.

Whatever it was, she couldn’t figure it out just now, and in not wanting to ruin the excitement that she found in taking this new direction, she resigned herself to not think or worry too much about her sexuality. Time would tell where this was going to take her and Jenna had decided to let go a little and try to enjoy this ride, no matter how frightening it may get along the way, because after all, that was all part of it. Meaning with something like, you don’t go on a rollercoaster or into a haunted house to NOT be scared, given that feeling of losing control while still knowing deeper down that you’ll still be okay, you’re still safe.

12-noon… Jenna picked at her cafeteria-bought salad, her mind still lost in this brave new world she had unwittingly fallen into. Picturing the previous nights activities, seeing herself lying there, being treated like a child – naked as the day she was born, pinned down over the older woman’s knee – being spanked. It was all so fresh in her memory and turning her on now, almost as much as it had then.

She thought about going into a bathroom stall to masturbate, to re-live and to dream but mostly just relieve some of the pressure and tension. However – being who she is, even doing this, even slipping away from her cubicle for 5min of relief behind the door of a bathroom stall – it wasn’t in her. She was too afraid of being discovered and also, she was too afraid that somehow her Ma’am would find out and punish her. This was the kind of power Janice now had over the girl, even without her knowing. Jenna was now acting and moving as if her every decision was dependant on whether or not her Ma’am would approve.

Trying to distract herself Jenna began looking around the lunch room, watching some of the other girls; watching and wondering if maybe too they had similar thoughts as her own. Thoughts about who they are, what their wants and desires might be. Would they do as she has? Would they be able to let go and surrender themselves, bodily and otherwise to an older, older – dominant woman?

2pm… beylikdüzü escort Will this day ever end..?

4:50pm… Jenna had long ago finished up the last of her assigned work and now she sat, watching and waiting as the last minutes felt to be hours – ticking down, signalling the week’s end, it was Friday and not too soon enough, she would be free -free to surrender to her wants and desires. Free to surrender to her Ma’am…

Knowing that she had been asked (if not required) to be at Janice’s door as soon as possible after her day had ended – and with a mere 45min window to catch the right bus that would take her to the address on the card she was given, there was no way she would have had time to head home and change her clothing into something she thought more suitable than her smart-casual work clothes.

Choosing to wear an above the knee, black cotton skirt with matching black leggings and low-heeled shoes, with a cute black, button-down short sleeved shirt with lace trim at the sleeve cuffs, collar and hem.


Jenna somehow felt right in choosing to wear black, thinking that it was more in fitting with the dark decor of the older woman’s office and her own attire. So in wanting to please, the only item of colour she was wearing that was other than black, was the teal-green pair of thong panties she had picked out to wear that morning, also hoping that they too would please, if of course they were to somehow come into the older woman’s view.

Arriving at the address some half hour later, Jenna stepped off of the bus in front of a large condominium building the likes of which she could never afford. Double checking the number, she stepped through the doors into the lobby.

“Can I help you Miss..?” A man dressed in uniform asked.

“I-I’m here to see… Ummm…” Jenna stammered.

“Oh I know… You’re her for the interview. Mrs. Golding said you’d be here about now. What was the name again..?” The man asked leaving Jenna feeling unsure if she was the right person he was talking about, she wasn’t here for an interview. Was she..?

“J-Jenna… Jenna…”

“Yeah – Jenna… That’s the name… Its okay you can go on up – just take the elevator to the 10th floor, she has the loft there all to herself… Go on, you’ll see it’s a great apartment, it’s an old warehouse convert, the place it huge, you’ll love it…” The doorman finished as he pointed toward the elevator across the foyer.

Smiling, she thanked the man and made her way over and entered the open and waiting elevator door. Thinking to herself “This isn’t too bad…”

Stepping in she turned and smiled once again at the man behind the counter as the elevator door slid shut.

Looking at the panel and pushing the lit button ’10’ Jenna then waited with as the car began to rise, taking her up and into what, she wasn’t exactly sure, but still she was no longer as naive as she had been a few days back. She knew where this was most likely leading, she just wasn’t sure what to expect as far as her being made an offer, a proposal – or as the doorman had put in ‘here for the interview’.

Everything that had transpired during the past week had been a whirlwind of emotions awakening both new fears and delights that left Jenna feeling more alive and with more sense of purpose than she ever had before. Not even with Curtis had she felt this at peace with who she was and where their relationship had been going. Still in the dark for the most part, Jenna waited with open eyes as the elevator rose higher and ever closer – into this new fate.


“Uh…” She gasped with slight surprise as the elevator suddenly came to a halt. Taking in a quick, deep breath, gathering her courage then exhaling, Jenna watched as the rear door of the elevator slowly opened. Having expected the door to open into a lobby, Jenna’s eyes went wide realizing that in fact, the elevator opened into the apartment itself. There was no outer door with a number and no corridor either, just a small entry that was it, Jenna was looking into the woman’s apartment.

“Do come in Jenna, I’m glad to see that you’re on time… Pity though, now I can’t punish you for being late – can I dear..?” Janice said loudly from across the expansively open loft apartment while Jenna startled at first because she did not see the woman – Ma’am – sitting lounged across a large, dark brown leather sectional couch situated so far across the sizeable room.

Seeing her there and noticing what she was wearing, a long flowing, black evening gown and robe, yet even if it was still before 6pm, oddly, seeing the older woman dressed as such, for some reason – didn’t seem out of place.

Blushing, Jenna said nothing at first, but remembering that the older woman had told her to answer with words; she was at first only able to muster a quiet greeting of “Hello Ma’am…” followed with her adding more in a bit of a stammer…”No…No Ma’am… I came… I came straight here from work as – as you said so beylikduzu escort that – so that I wouldn’t be late…” She bumbled out trying to answer the awkward question.

Stepping closer, Jenna noticed how different the older woman looked compared to how she had while in the gym. Her raven-black hair, finely laced with strands of grey was no long bound behind her in a ponytail. Now was different… Now her hair hung long, straight and loose, well past her shoulders. Her makeup was much darker and thicker which was in total contrast to the minimal amount Jenna had ever seen her wearing.

Looking sultry and sexy, Jenna felt herself in awe of how strikingly dominant and beautiful this woman looked while at home and in her own element. Getting closer, and seeing how the dark, burgundy lipstick she was wearing had her lips shimmering in a fullness that the younger woman hadn’t noticed until now. Her eye makeup too, painted on in a deep, red-burgundy to keep in matching with her full pouty, mature lips. Her eyeliner and long looking lashes – thickly coated in mascara and looking as black as the night – and that blackness only enhancing and bringing out the stunning, icy-blue colour of the woman’s incredibly sexy – alluring eyes.

“You-you look beautiful Ma’am…” Jenna felt compelled to say as she drew ever nearer. The magnetism streaming from this woman was inescapable, form the on-set; even with all of her fears, anxieties and insecurities, Jenna knew it would be useless for her to resist.

“Why thank you Jenna… Thank for the compliment and I can tell from how you look this evening that you were a good girl and did come straight here from work as you say… Didn’t you dear..?” Janice queried leaving Jenna feeling like maybe she should have tried to make it home, or had brought a change of clothes with her.

“I-I did… I came straight here from work like you told me to but… But should I have gone home to change first? Am I dressed okay..?” Jenna replied worried that she somehow had it wrong.

“No – no, you’re fine Jenna, you look cute in your little skirt and tights…I like that look, that black on black – as I’m sure you can tell” Janice replied, gesturing to own outfit with a graceful swoop of her hand, her comment and actions putting the girl at ease. Yet at the same time she was smiling to herself thinking that it didn’t really matter because soon enough – she wouldn’t be wearing any clothing at all.

“Come – come Jenna… Come over here to me and we’ll have a little talk…” The woman instructed, Jenna feeling even more at ease now knowing that she hadn’t erred in clothing choice. Stepping closer and about to sit down on at the opposite end of the large, comfortable L-shaped sectional couch, Janice spoke again stopping her.

“No Jenna… I didn’t say you could sit on my sofa, I want you here dear, in your place, here, with me, on your knees, up close, just like the last time we had a chat about things…”

Like a switch being flicked on, Jenna went rigid in obedience when hearing the woman’s tone becoming stern and directive.

“You’ve only just arrived in my home darling, it will be quite some time before you earn yourself a position on my furniture, so come, kneel down here beside me like a good girl, like a good submissive…” Janice directed, pointing to the floor beside her, while Jenna upon hearing the words, the key words she had become used to hearing felt herself slipping into that state of everything becoming an automatic response, a term she would later learn was called ‘Sub-Space’.

Surprised, yet with no hesitation Jenna knelt with her right leg placed flush against the front of the couch, her head at a level with the older woman’s lap leaving her to look up while Janice or Ma’am once again looked down.

“That’s a good girl, now I can look at you while we talk…” Janice began, smiling and reaching out to caress the younger woman’s cheek with her short, yet well manicured finger nails trailing under her chin. The sensation sending shiver of ticklish delight throughout Jenna’s body, the tingle ending as pulse of arousal within her little green panties.

“Now Jenna dear, I’ve had a meal catered for us because God knows I’m no chef but before we get to that I’d like to take a few minutes to get to know you a little better before we dine and then again after; when I’ll make my proposal…” Janice declared, piquing Jenna’s interest but still she knew enough to remain quiet and listen, only to speak when asked.

“So tell me Jenna dear, what is it that you do? How do you spend your days earning your living? Something tells me you work in an office of some kind, doing something boring no doubt..?”

“I-I do work in an office Ma’am… I’m a clerk at a law firm and yes it’s boring but it’s not what I went to school for, it’s not what I have my degree in…” Jenna replied from her perch of lower status, kneeling on the floor.

“You have a degree Jenna..? How interesting… What’s your degree in escort beylikdüzü dear..? What’s your field of expertise..?” Janice asked, quite intrigued and a little shocked that shy little Jenna here would actually be a brainy nerd in some endeavour or another.

“M-Marketing and business management Ma’am…” the girl answered, and then went on… “I graduated two years ago but I can’t find any work in the field right now, so I had to take the clerk job and hope that something comes up at one of the bigger ad-houses.”

“Wow..!” Janice stated in honest surprise. “You have no idea how glad I am to hear this Jenna… You having this degree fits in perfect with my offer but before we get to that – I’d like to know more…” Janice said but was then suddenly interrupted by the shrill sounding buzzing of the buildings intercom.


“That will be our dinner…” Janice began, looking up towards the entry way.

“Why don’t you go buzz the delivery person up, it’s all paid for so just buzz them in and wait. I’m going freshen up a little. Oh and once the food gets here, you’ll find everything you need to serve us or meal in the kitchen and we’ll eat at the dining room table… There’s a good girl, go on now… Buzz them in… We can finish our chat while we have our meal…”

Looking up to the woman from her place on the floor beside her, Jenna quickly found her feet and did as she was being asked, scurrying her way back towards the entry hall where the elevator door opens into the loft.

Confused though, she wondered where the kitchen could be in this large, open space. Even still, where was the dining room table..?

While waiting, Jenna was afforded the opportunity to look back into the huge cavernous loft with its double high-two story ceiling, the long, tall walls draped with huge, thick and very expensive looking tapestries, the upper structures exposed but all painted black giving the room a dark and mysterious look, not unlike how her office at the gym had be decorated.

Looking to the back left of the room, she could see a wall that partially divided that area, and if her eyes didn’t deceive her, there was what looked like a second elevator door on the far back wall – and to the right was a set of industrial looking double doors that led to where, she could only imagine… Hopefully it was the kitchen.

With a ‘Ding’ the elevator door opened to reveal a young man holding up a large, brown paper bag in his one hand while supporting its bottom with the other.

“Here is your order Miss…” the young man said as he handed the bag over to Jenna, who upon feeling its weight, she too held the bag the same way the delivery boy had.

“I-I don’t having anything to tip you with…” She said, thinking the woman had said nothing about how to tip the young delivery man.

“That’s okay, Miss… The tip has been well taken care of don’t worry, it’s all good… Have a nice evening Miss…” The young man said as he stepped back into the elevator, pushed the button, smiled as the door slowly closed and he disappeared as fast as he had arrived, leaving Jenna alone and thinking she had better find this kitchen and get busy serving their meal before the older woman – Ma’am – before she made her return.

After some looking around and daring to step through the large, steel double doors, Jenna was pleasantly surprised to find herself standing in the kitchen area, where as promised, was everything she would need to serve them their meal.

She had even spotted the dining room table off to the right of the main room while on her way to find the kitchen. Feeling relieved, she busied herself plating their meal of a light Italian salad with the main course being a delicious looking homemade lasagne, complete with ‘to-die-for’ looking garlic – cheese bread, the aroma alone was enough to remind the girl of just how hungry she was, however her excitement had suppressed her appetite throughout most of the day.

Having not expected anything like this, Jenna still wasn’t put out in the least, she was well suited for this position after Curtis had more or less tasked the girl into as being more his servant than his girlfriend.

Believing she had everything ready, the two plates of food, Ma’am at the head of the table, Jenna’s own plate set to the woman’s left… Utensils in order, napkins, and the wine opened and breathing, glasses at the ready – and lastly, she was lighting the candles – when out of at the back of the room she heard a similar ‘Ding’ of an elevators arrival.

Looking up, Jenna was surprised to see Janice – Ma’am emerging from what must be a second elevator that takes the woman up to where Jenna could only guess would possibly be her bedroom. It wouldn’t be until later that she would discover that indeed her assertion was correct; the loft Janice owned was a two story dwelling, a converted warehouse that the designer had left intact – with the two functioning elevators.

Still dressed as she was earlier, in a flowing, black satin evening gown covered and tied over with a matching robe, Janice swept back into the room, smiling and quite impressed with how well Jenna had found everything and was now even lighting candles on the table elegantly set for two.

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