Nice Thick One Again

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I was checking my emails, weeding out the spam, and noted one email with no header. Just addressed to me, with a blank header. Hmmm. Spam for sure, I put my finger on “delete” and paused. Oh well. I opened it up. It was from Gerald. The guy with huge cock that I serviced a couple days ago.

It was to the point: “Hey Sissy! You want more of my cum? Clean yourself up and get over here, I have more for you.”

Sissy? He called me a sissy? Gulp. I guess he was right.

It was posted almost an hour ago. I jumped up, and ran, literally, to the bathroom. I opened the drawer, took out my enema kit, (hey, you never know, right?) filled it with a couple drops of soap, and cold water. I lubed my finger, stuck it in my hole, and then stuck the hose inside of me. The shock of the cold water started cramping, but it was alright, I wanted to get clean. I grabbed my razor, and dry shaved my balls and cock. I’d done a good prep a couple days ago, so my hair wasn’t too long, and I knew my ass and around my hole was smooth.

I laid on my front side for a few minutes, feeling the cool water in my bowels. The cramping began, I went into the bathroom and voided. After flushing, I repeated. This time things looked pretty clear, so I turned on the shower, and jumped in. The cold water hardened my nipples as I soaped up, but time I was soaped the water had warmed a bit, so I rinsed of, soaping my ass good, and stuck a soapy finger in as far as I could, then rinsed.

I took out my half inch diameter syringe, filled it with lube, and shoved it into my ass. Depressing the plunger, I filled myself with lube. Just in case.

I drew on a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt, no underwear, none were needed.

I reached under the cabinet, pulled out a pharmacy bag, grabbed my keys and headed out, hoping I wasn’t too late.

Pulling into Gerald’s driveway, I hopped out, grabbed my bag, and went around to the back door. Gerald had heard me arrive.

“Take your clothes off, follow me” he said, turning away and going down the hallway.

I hesitated, until he turned and said ‘Hurry up, we don’t have all day.”

I dropped my clothes and hurried after istanbul travesti him, barefoot and with my bag in hand.

Arriving in the same bedroom as the last time, I was in time to see Gerald’s bare ass as he climbed onto the bed.

“Whatcha got there faggot?” he asked, looking at the bag.

“Well, I didn’t know if you were interested in popping my cherry, so I brought a couple test kits to prove each other we’re HIV-……Sir.”

He snickered. “You think I’m infected?”

“I hope not, but then, you can’t be sure I’m clean, so I thought that so we would both know the other is healthy, if you want, I’d prefer you cum in me……..”

“Good call faggot. Okay, bring it here. Let’s see them.”

It was OralQuik test kits, swab our mouths, 20 minutes we have results.

Gerald read the instructions. “Alright, come here I’ll swab your mouth. Then get down on that cock while I swab mine.”

I opened my mouth, let him do what was necessary, and then he laid back, spreading his legs so I could take him in my mouth. I pushed my face into his crotch, my tongue working around the head of his cock. Mmmm. I loved it. I could feel him moving around as I took all of him into my mouth.

“So, my Sissy wants to get fucked” he said, “You think you can take me into your cunt?”

I pulled off him “Yessir. I’ll take you no matter what….”

“Good gurl, I like enthusiasm. You said you’re a virgin, correct?”

“Yessir, except for some plastic toys.”

“Keep sucking”

I moved down to his balls, taking them one at a time, gently sucking them, reveling in the fact that I held his sperm making organs in my mouth. I gently tongued them, getting them wet with my saliva.

Gerald leaned back, and spread his legs, pulling them up and back, presenting his tight hole to me.

“You know what to do faggot. Eat my ass. Tongue it nice like a good little sissy” he said.

I felt a twinge in my scrotal area as he instructed me. I was very happy servicing Gerald.

I sucked on his hole, and tried to stick my tongue into him. Gerald’s soft moans told me he liked what I was doing to him.

I felt his hands istanbul travestileri pull my head out from his ass, “Time to suck my cock” he said.

I looked at his cock, it was huge. I felt that tingling in my scrotum as I opened my mouth and forced my head down towards his stomach. As my lips wrapped around the head of his cock, he moaned. I moaned. This was what I wanted. Cock in my mouth. I bobbed on his cock, sliding it deeper and deeper into my mouth, into my throat. I felt his head open my throat. I inhaled, then shoved my face down, feeling him pop into my throat. I loved the feeling of him in my throat, blocking my air, gagging me.

I looked up at his face, Gerald was looking at me, his hands pressing down on his lower abdominal area. “You’re such a good gurl” he said “you make me feel so good. Get ready to take my load.”

So much for getting my cherry popped. But, I do love the taste, and swallowing his cum is what I was here for.

I felt him grab my head and thrust his cock all the way into my throat, as he shot warm cum into me. He let loose with a loud groan, humping at my face to empty himself into me.

He let go of my head, and I could feel him relaxing, his cock slightly less hard than it’d been as he was filling me.

“Don’t go too far” he said, “get back down on that cock so I can fuck you, like the bitch you are”

I dropped my head back down, taking him into my mouth.

“The results are in, we’re both negative” he said. “Time to fuck that cunt of yours, make you mine. You want to be mine, don’t you Sissy?”

“Yessir” I said, feeling my own pathetic penis firming at the thought of getting fucked by Gerald’s thick cock.

“Get it nice and slippery, so it will go into nice, I don’t want it to hurt me. Now lay on your back, spread wide open”

I slid him out of my mouth, rolled onto my back, and lifted my legs, and spread my self open for him.

Gerald placed himself between my legs, lifting them up, and pushing them back over my shoulders. On his knees, he inched his thick cock towards my virgin hole.

“Please Sir, some lube?” I asked. “I put some inside, but I might need travesti istanbul more….”

“If you want to be a gurl, and you want me to put myself in your cunt and pop your cherry, I think you need to feel a little pain, just like a REAL WOMAN.”

I felt pressure against my ass. I felt the head of his cock trying to open my hole. Stretch me open for him.

It wasn’t working. It hurt. I felt like he was going to rip me open “Please Sir, a bit of lube….”

“I’m going to fuck you like you deserve. Like you want. Push out, like you’re going to shit…I’ll push in……”

I pushed, he pushed, all of a sudden, he reached to lube that I’d put inside me earlier. He slid in balls deep, all at once, surprising both of us.

“My God what a nice tight cunt you have” he said, as he began withdrawing himself out of me.

I felt twinges as he thrust in and out of me, my muscles being stretched, pulled and torn open, to admit his thick cock. My own pathetic penis was firm, but far from hard. I looked down at our joining, I was surprised to see a drop of precum leaking from the end of my penis.

I closed my eyes, and relaxed, enjoying the feeling of Gerald using me. In and out, opening and closing, stretching and relaxing. I wondered if this was how a real woman felt.

It hit me. I’m being fucked, by a REAL man. I’m being used as I should be. On my back, taking cock.

“Oh My God, I’m being FUCKED, by a REAL MAN!” I said, which brought snickers from Gerald.

“Yes, I am a REAL MAN, and you, are my Sissy. I OWN your cunt”

I felt a sudden warmth inside me, I snapped my eyes open to look at Gerald, felt him do a quick double hump against my ass, and realized he was CUMMING in me. I was being BRED!

My still soft penis shot cum onto my stomach. Gerald had made me cum by just fucking me. It was the best feeling ever.

Gerald withdrew his still firm cock from my cunt.

I looked at it, glistening wet with his cum on it. Without thinking, I spun around to my knees, and took his cock, which had just come from my ass, into my mouth, sucking and cleaning any traces left of his cum off him.

Gerald was looking at me in surprise. I guess he hadn’t expected that last bit. Neither had I.

“Give me your phone. I’m putting my number in it. From now on, if I text you, you come. Got it? He asked. “Your cunt is mine. I own it and you.”

I felt a twinge in my scrotum.

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White Sucks Black (Father 02)

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White Sucks Black, Black Fucks White (Father) Part 2

If stories about dominant Black men turning straight white men and their families into cocksucking sex slaves offend you, then try reading some other story. If you are looking for loving relationships between men, try the gay romance section; this story isn’t it. If you don’t like bisexuality, father-son incest, lots of facial cum or the occasional golden shower, this is not the story for you. If degrading sex and over-the-top racial stereotypes offend you, stop reading now. All characters are over 18.

This is all pure B.S. fantasy, not to be taken seriously or condoned in real life. Interracial sex among consenting adults is great; “non-consent” is not great. None of this is real; do not attempt this at home. And of course, in real life, always treat EVERYONE with respect and dignity and practice safe sex (or better yet, maybe just jerk off to these stories and nobody gets hurt.)

This is Part 2 of a sequel to White Sucks Black (College Boy 1 and 2) told from the father’s perspective.

White Sucks Black, Black Fucks White (Father 2)

“So, what should we do with these white faggots now?”

“Piss on them!”

“Don’t worry we will.”

“Sell them.”

“Sell them to who?”

“I know a guy named Mr. Big. He owns these clubs that are popping up all over. They’re called “Reparations Clubs,” and patrons are all Black, and the staff and entertainment are all naked white people. The whites all dance naked, suck cock, and get fucked. They’re all slaves actually. The whites don’t get paid anything, except the privilege of being fucked by Black men.”


“Bro, where have you been living? It’s all the rage. Mr. Big can’t open them fast enough. He pays a hefty finders fee for family acts, especially father-son.”


“Yeah, audiences really like to see white fathers and sons suck and fuck each other before being gang-banged by Blacks, live on stage.”

“Well, what are we waiting for? Call the man, bro.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. These Black men weren’t kidding when they said they were going to enslave us. They were going to sell us to some Black guy who would use my father, son and me for live sex shows in some club. I’d read about human trafficking, but just assumed it referred runaway young girls and boys. I never in my wildest dreams imagined it could happen to me.

God, what would happen to my wife if I was sold into slavery and disappeared. Then it hit me. These guys knew where I lived, they would just kidnap and enslave my wife too. What about my mom? With my dad enslaved, would they turn her into a sex slave too?

I could tell by the conversation on someone’s phone, that Mr. Big or his agent was very interested. They would send a van over right way to pick us up. I assumed that both my father and son had figured out what was going to happen, but none of us said anything.

“At 1,000 dollars for each of them, plus $500 for their wives. Not bad for a day laying around the pool fucking white guys.”

“Well, shall we piss on them now?”

“Not yet. I want to see them dance naked with the cum all over their faces.”

“Why? White men can’t dance.”

“You’re right. But it’s so degrading for them.”

“I’d rather piss on their faces.”

“Get off your knees and start dancing,” as someone cranked up the hip hop music.

“I say we put it to a vote, piss or dance?”


“Who made you pope?”

“Hey, I just made us an easy four grand.” Apparently he was already planning on selling my wife and mother into slavery too, as I did the math.

The Blacks made my father, son and I get up on a chair and start to dance naked. By this time cum was glopping off our faces and running down our bodies, as we gyrated in place to the loud and incredibly obscene music. It seemed like every other word was some version of fuck, and almost all of it was directed at whites. I wondered what the neighbors must be thinking. Are they going to call the cops (and I really didn’t want the police finding us dancing naked with our faces full of cum) or would one of them come over and bitch (and I really didn’t want any of the neighbors seeing us this way.)

While we were dancing, the Black Leader ordered my father to give him his home address and his wife’s cell-phone number. Dad, hesitated a moment, presumably knowing that doing so would result in my mom being fucked, probably gang-banged, and enslaved.

The Black Leader then told my dad he was texting my mom photos of him sucking cock, getting fucked in the ass and having cum shot all over his face. He then very ostentatiously carried out his threat. Then he called some friends to go over to the house and pick up the “white bitch” that lived there. I cringed hearing my mom referred to as a “white bitch.” I’m pretty sure that in her sixties, she never imagined herself being gang banged by Black men, which I was sure was about to happen. I looked at my dad, but he refused to look at me. I also thought about how ridiculous istanbul travesti the three of us must have looked trying to dance naked to hip hop music.

And then the doorbell rang. “That can’t be Mr. Big already?”

“A couple of you guys get the door.”

I could see through the kitchen to the hall and the front door. Not surprisingly it was my next-door neighbor. I could only imagine the shock on his face when instead of me or my son opening the door, he was met by two burly Black guys who looked pretty thuggish. I did see the shocked look on his face when he was led to the pool area, and he saw three white guys dancing naked to the obscene music, while a bunch of naked Black guys with huge cocks watched.

“Black Leader, this white dude says our music is bothering his wife and he wants us to turn it down.”

“Is that so? How about if you get down on your knees and suck my cock?” Talk about a shocked look. My neighbor’s jaw about hit the floor. There was obviously a look of fear on his face as he counted the number of Blacks who now had him surrounded.

“I’m not gay,” my neighbor said, looking at me as if I was.

“See, that’s what every white guy says, just before they suck. I’m straight. I’m married. I’m not gay. And then they always suck.”

My neighbor was speechless. His wife had sent him over to have the music turned down, not to suck a Black man’s cock.

“That actually wasn’t a request. Strip naked. Get on your knees. And suck my cock. Now!”

With his path to the doorway blocked, although no one had a laid a hand on him, my neighbor began to strip.

“Faster, you white fag. You know you want to suck my cock. In fact you want to suck all our cocks, don’t you?”

Like most white men when confronted with a Black cock, I guess my neighbor just assumed that the Black men could rape him if they wanted to. They were bigger, stronger, and too many of them. So he submitted. And as he slipped off his underwear, his decent-sized cock sprang to attention, and his face flushed with intense humiliation at his cock’s betrayal.

No sooner had my neighbor’s knees touched the ground than Black Leader stuffed his cock in his married mouth. The white man’s eyes bulged as he gagged and tried to barf the huge Black dick out of his mouth. But Black Leader held his head firm. There would be no escape from the cock.

My neighbor and I had never had a great relationship, because he was hard-core Christian right, but I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for him. He was one of those “in your face” kind of Christians, and now he had a Black cock fucking his face. He spent a lot of time in church on his knees worshipping Christ, and now he was on his knees, naked, forced to worship a huge Black cock. I did know he was a very loving family man, a good husband and father to his four kids, and now he was just a piece of white meat to be fucked by Black men. What would his wife and kids think if they could see their husband and dad, groveling on his knees, a naked cocksucking sex slave for Black men?

It wasn’t long before Black Leader had his huge cock lodged deep in Mr. Christian’s throat (believe it or not, that was his actual name, first name Fletcher.) The naked Mr. Christian began to struggle as he ran out of air. But Black Leader was much stronger and determined to establish total Black dominance over the married white man. As he slowly suffocated, Mr. Christian knew that it was futile to resist the power of Black men, and he stopped squirming. If he wanted to live, he knew he would have to be obedient to these Black men.

Finally, Black Leader pulled his cock all the way out, leaving the naked Christian writhing on the ground gasping for air.

“So, do you have any kids?” asked Black leader. I could practically see the dollar signs in his eyes, as I assumed he was planning to enslave this guy’s children too.

“Four, sir.”

“Tell me more.”

“Three daughters and a son, sir.”

“How old?”

“My daughters are 12, 14 and 16. And my son is 18, sir”


“As of yesterday, sir.” That was probably too much information in my view.

“Looks like another 2,000 dollars,” said one of the other Black thugs.

“Get your phone.” The naked father rummaged through his pants and produced a phone. “Call your son, and tell him you need him over here now.”

The naked white father looked at Black Leader, pleading with his eyes not to make him do that. But Black Leader would have no mercy.

“It wasn’t a request motherfucker. Your son needs to see what kind of cocksucker his dad really is. And then we’re going to fuck him too. You!” Black Leader said, pointing at me. “Eat this cocksucker’s ass and get it nice and wet, so I can fuck him.”

God, it was bad enough sucking and fucking Black men, but to be made to rim another white man’s ass was disgusting, especially knowing my own father and son were watching. But I did as ordered. And while my neighbor was on the phone to his son, my tongue was deep up his asshole. I knew if I didn’t lube him up good, istanbul travestileri it would hurt like hell when Black Leader fucked him. It was a form of Christian charity I guess.

As Mr. Christian finished telling his son to come over, Black Leader motioned to another Black man to take over fucking the white father’s mouth, while he moved to fuck the guy’s ass. I was made to resume my naked dancing. I’d done the best I could to get the guy’s ass ready to be fucked, but he still tried to squeal, but his cries were muffled by the huge cock stuffed in his mouth. Then it was my turn to be uncharitable, thinking that he needed to take it like a man instead of a little girl, otherwise his son was going to be so embarrassed. It would be bad enough to see his dad getting fucked at both ends, but to be whining like a crybaby was so undignified.

By this time, watching the white married man getting fucked in the mouth and ass got the rest of the Blacks horned up again, and in a matter of minutes my dad, son and I were in the exact same condition, huge Black cocks stuffed down our throats and jammed as far up our asses as they could go. Once again, three generations of white men were being simultaneously gang-fucked by Black cock, except yet another “straight” white guy had been added to the party. And this is what Mr. Christian’s son saw when he showed up in response to his dad’s forced call.

Despite the huge cock pummeling my mouth, I clearly saw the look of disbelief and shock on the kid’s face, especially when it dawned him that the white man closest to him getting fucked in both ends was his own father! The same father who had taught at Sunday school that homosexuality was a grave sin. To my surprise, Christian Son was wearing his scout uniform, but that didn’t hide the fact that the kid popped a boner that strained his tight scout shorts. So much for all those years of Sunday school. And I’m pretty sure he was not prepared for the sight of his dad being fucked in the mouth and ass by Black men.

“It’s about time you showed up. You’re dad said he needed your help. There are more cocks than he can handle. So strip naked, and get over here and help your dad suck. And don’t feel bad. All white men are sucking cock nowadays.”

The 18-year old kid was completely unprepared for this, scout or not. He seemed frozen in place. It was obvious that his hard cock wanted to join in, yet his mind was battling years of indoctrination that men sucking cock was evil in God’s eyes. He knew his Leviticus very well (except for all the other parts Christians ignore now days. Stoned an adulterer lately?)

“Looks like the kid needs some help stripping naked.”

Several Blacks crowded around the boy who was obviously in mental agony, in a very intimidating way, although no one touched him.

“Are you a racist?” one of the blacks asked.


“Sir, the boy learns fast.”

“Prove you’re not a racist. Suck my Black cock. Just like your dad.”

“Think of it as your Christian duty to atone for the sins of your ancestors.”

“The best way for white guys to say they’re sorry is to kneel naked and suck Black cock.”

The boy began stripping.

“Take off everything and then put your scout shirt back on.”

The boy had a befuddled look on his face and had resigned himself to doing what he was told. After all, not only was his father sucking a Black man’s cock, but he was getting fucked in the ass too.

“Now kneel.”

One of the Black guys pointed his cock at the white kid’s mouth, and I expected him to shove it in. Instead, the black guy started pissing on the kid’s scout shirt, soaking all his merit badges with urine. He finished up with a squirt right in the kid’s startled face, then shoved his cock in the boy’s formerly straight religious mouth.

“Pretend you are a Christian martyr. Except instead of being executed, pretend you are being raped for your faith. Except deep inside, you really want this. Your hard cock is telling you so, isn’t it white boy?”

There was no denying that the kid’s cock was jutting upward at full mast.

“I bet you’d like us to tie your hands behind your back? That way you can ease your guilt by pretending you are being forced?”

“Mrraghrp,” was all the 18-year old could say with his mouth full of cock.

“That’s what I thought. Somebody tie this white cocksucker up.”

“Bro, you’re sick.”

“Me sick? Look, it’s a known fact that lots of white guys fantasize about being raped. When whites are joking about men being raped in prison, I assure you that the image they have is of a white guy, probably themselves, being raped by a big Black guy named Bubba.”

“How is it you know so much about white guys’ rape fantasies?”

“You have to know these things to be king.”


“Just tie him up, asshole, while I fuck his mouth.”

“Hey, dad. Looks like your son is a cocksucker too, just like you are!” Mr. Christian had not had much of a chance to pay attention to what was happening to his young son, but he travesti istanbul looked over as directed. I saw his eyes get wide as he saw his only son with a big Black dick in his mouth. His son was looking back, watching his dad being fucked at both ends.

“Yup. Like father, like son. If the dad sucks, the son will suck.”

“Except, all white men suck. So automatically all white dads and all white sons suck.”

“I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I believe what you say is true.”

“And once a white guy sucks cock, he can never get enough. He’ll be sucking cock for the rest of his life.”

“Well, these guys certainly will, after we sell them to Mr. Big.”

A look of fear came over the boy’s face, as it struck him that these Blacks were planning to enslave him, and his dad.

“That’s right kid. You won’t need to worry about school or a job because you’re going to be a naked sex slave for the rest of your life. Or until Mr. Big gets tired of you.”

“Nnoorphjk,” was all the kid could say.

“What’s that you say? You want to be a fuck slave for hundreds of Black men?”


“Typical white boy. Just can’t get enough cock.”

At that point, the Blacks dragged Scout over so that he was right alongside his father with the hips and shoulders touching. They looked at each other but neither could say anything with cock in their mouths. I was expecting the Blacks to do the same to this father and son as they had done with my family, put the father and son in a 69 position while they were both fucked, but the Black guys got impatient. One of them smeared some kind of goo on the kid’s ass and then proceeded to fuck it. The boy bucked trying to avoid the cock penetrating his ass, but the cock in his mouth muffled his cries.

Soon, both father and son were being vigorously gang-banged side-by-side. Someone commented on what a great father-son bonding experience this was. In fact at that moment, two families of white men were being simultaneously fucked in every hole; five white males each being fucked in the mouth and ass by ten black men.

That is the sight that my neighbor’s wife saw when she walked in, unannounced, with the cops. The lady about had a heart-attack as she first saw the scene of intense debauchery before her eyes while the vile anti-white lyrics of the rap music battered her ears. The two cops, both big Black guys, took it all in but didn’t seem particularly perturbed. Once they realized the cops were Black, none of the other Blacks missed a beat fucking all the white males.

The woman, however, became apoplectic, as she watched the live sex show in front of her, starring her own husband and son. “Aren’t you going to do something?” she screeched to the lead cop.

“What’s the problem, lady?”

“What do you mean, what’s the problem? These nig…Black men are raping my husband and son. Do something!”

“I don’t see anything that looks like rape, do you?” said one cop to the other.

“I don’t.”

“Are you blind? My son’s hands are tied behind his back. My son is being raped, can’t you see?”

“I see that his dick’s hard. That means he’s enjoying it.”

“Lot’s of white boys fantasize about being raped. Your son probably asked to be tied up. They get even more excited that way. I mean, your son’s dick couldn’t be any harder,” observed the other cop.

Although the woman could see that what the cop said was true, she railed on that this was the most vile and disgusting thing imaginable. She said it was an abomination before God’s eyes and they needed to put a stop to it.

“Look lady. I know you’re upset. Seeing your husband and son being fucked must be a shock.”

The look on the woman’s face was definitely one of shock hearing the Black cop use the word “fuck” to describe what was happening to her husband and son. “They’re being raped!”

“Not according to the law,” said the cop. There’s nothing illegal about Black men fucking white men. We see this sort of thing all the time. White women always act pissed when they first see their men being fucked, but I bet your panties are wet watching.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Look, ma’am. White men are simply unable to resist when confronted with a Black cock. They will always drop to their knees and suck. Your husband and son are only doing what comes naturally.”

Turning to the other Blacks, who were still pounding every white male hole as if nothing was happening and asked, “Are you raping these white boys?”

“No sir,” several of them replied.

“See?” said the cop to the sputtering woman. “There’s no rape going on here.”

“Are you white boys enjoying yourselves?”

There was no response because everyone’s mouth was full of thrusting cock.

“Well, I don’t hear any complaints, and all of their cocks are hard, so that’s your answer lady.”

“This is outrageous. What’s your badge number?”

“Lady, my suggestion is that you just remain calm. Then strip naked and suck some Black cock, there are several that aren’t in a white mouth or ass. It will do you some good.”

“You bastard. I’ll have your job for this.”

The Black cop just looked at the woman with piercing eyes, unzipped his fly, and hauled out a massive semi-hard cock. “The only job anyone will be having here is you giving me a blow job, bitch.”

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Gym Crush: Adonis

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“Some days, I really hate you for making me get up early for this shit,” Joey said, out of breath, as he finished the last push up of his warm-up, arms wobbling. Reese, his best friend, was already standing up, stretching out his shoulders.

“Eventually, it’ll be second nature, and you’ll look forward to it,” Reese tried convincing him as he stood up. He shot him a look. Joey had started tagging along to Reese’s workouts and was complaining at every opportunity he got.

“I doubt it. I like sleeping in,” Joey said, pulling his arm overhead to stretch his tricep. Though he might not admit it yet, it was his favorite part of the day. He just really liked bitching.

“I know what’ll make you feel better; taking attendance,” Reese said with a growing smile. Having established a regular meeting time, the two of them had gotten to know the other gym regulars. Subsequently, they’d come up with code names for all their crushes so they could effectively talk about them.

“You’re right. Okay, let’s see. Is Gumby here?” Joey started them off. Gumby had a freshly 21, cheerleader-in-college type look to him. He earned his nickname because he was inhumanly flexible and clearly liked showing off at the end of all his workouts. And though that confidence sometimes tip-toed into arrogance, his ass more than made up for it. Even Joey, the self-proclaimed power bottom, had been caught ogling at Gumby’s ass in a squat more than a couple times.

“Here. Squat rack; are we surprised?” Reese countered.

“No. Next.”

“Daddy One?” Reese listed. Few men could pull off a beard quite like Daddy One could. His body was one you know would be like Heaven to cuddle, but you also know it wouldn’t last too long before things started poking around.

“Accounted for. And Daddy Two is as well. Free weights,” Joey said. Daddy Two’s bald head was as smooth as ever, even from a distance. The two daddies seemed to have no explicit connection. They’d never been seen talking or giving any indication that they know one another, but they always seemed to show up and leave at the exact same time. Reese and Joey’s working theory was that they were secret lovers who could only see each other from afar at the gym.

“And Adonis?” Joey asked, but you could hear the eye roll in his voice.

“Second inclined bench press to the right,” Reese answered with a shit-eating grin.

Adonis was Reese’s ultimate gym crush. It wasn’t just that he had a body for the gods, or that his curly hair framed his strong jawline just right, or even that there was a happy trail that Reese wanted so badly to follow every time he lifted his shirt up. He had a quiet confidence about him that Reese just knew would translate well to the bedroom. When it came to Adonis, he could step on Reese, and Reese would say, “Thank you.”

“Okay, stalker,” Joey teased.

“What can I say? I have an internal compass that finds him,” Reese replied melodramatically, bending over with wide legs for a hamstring stretch. Maybe there was a little extra arch in his lower back. Maybe not.

“I’m sure that’s not the only thing in there,” Joey said half under his breath, and then continued with, “Damn. Could you have found shorter shorts? If something pops out and you get banned, I’m gonna be pissed.”

“Relax. Nothing’s gonna pop out,” Reese reassured.

“Yeah, you say that now, but I know how you are,” Joey said giving him a knowing look, and Reese couldn’t help but laugh at the callout. He lightly pushed Joey, but Joey winced dramatically, holding his arm with care.

“I’m still sore,” he whimpered.

“Aw, poor thing… Let’s work out,” Reese said, taking delight in Joey’s suffering.

Their workout had started with flat bench presses. Reese straddled the bench, and rested the dumbbells on his thighs, feeling the weight press down on him. He thought that if he just closed his eyes and used a bit of imagination, it could feel like a person almost. He decided against it though.

Reese’s imagination had always been vivid. So much, in fact, that if he focused, it was almost as if the things he imagined would reach his senses. It was a blessing and a curse though. Sometimes, certain things were just too tempting to be left unexplored.

Right before he leaned back to lay down, a certain someone caught his attention. Adonis was walking by, and the light caught him at just the right angle to make his skin glow from his light layer of sweat. A few strands of hair were matted to his forehead, and his istanbul travesti arms were pumped. Reese caught a glimpse of a hint of a bulge as he lay down, and Adonis walked away. That’s all it took though.

Looking up, Reese was pleased to see Adonis standing over him, crotch bulging out noticeably more than it had been a few seconds prior. He placed his hand on Reese’s forearms and smirked down at him. His palms were big and warm against his skin, and his body heat radiated off of him like a furnace. The temptation was so close. Reese’s crotch pulsed for a moment as he settled into the moment.

His muscles ignited as the weight lowered and his chest expanded. His eyes remained locked on the true prize dangling above him. Rep after rep pumped more and more blood throughout his body, and it went everywhere. His dick began to grow enough to mildly protest the fabric holding it in place.

Near the end of his set, Reese could really feel the burn in his chest. The first sweat of the workout beaded on his forehead and rolled back into his hairline. He loaded the weights for his last rep but paused. Without hesitation, Adonis lowered himself down and reached out. With precision, he pinched Reese’s nipples with just enough force to send a bolt of pleasure shooting through his veins.

“Push,” Adonis said flatly, and Reese could tell that it was more of a command rather than encouragement. He took a deep breath, pushed the weight back up, and sat up.

Adonis was nowhere to be seen. Reese sat there for a moment to catch his breath and to also calm himself down a bit. When he and Joey traded spots, Reese’s eyes wandered the room. One of his favorite parts of going to that particular gym was the sheer amount of eye candy to behold. It was a dangerous thing to mix with his rampant, lusty imagination.

There was only the briefest flash of Reese being on the receiving end of a bukkake in the center of the stretching area.

“You guys done?” A tall, handsome man asked, pointing to their bench as Joey put his weights away.

“Yeah! All yours,” Reese responded, snapping back to full reality. Though a thick droplet of sweat rolled from his forehead down his face, and it sent some kind of feeling down south.

As for the two gym partners, they moved on with their routine. It mostly involved chest, back, and arms. Whenever they weren’t counting reps, they talked about this and that. Every so often though, Reese would spot a nice ass through the mirrors, or he’d see someone lift their shirt to wipe the sweat from the face. It was actually a real effort of his to not let himself get fully erect. Joey was probably right about the possibility of his dick popping out, and that wasn’t a testament to his size, which was a bit above average still, but more so a comment on his inseam, or lack there of.

About 30 minutes later, Reese’s back, arms, and legs lit up as he pulled on a row machine. The metal handle dug harshly into his hand, but he had begun building up a resistance to it. As he lowered the weight for his final set of the day, Joey checked his phone and jumped.

“Shit! I gotta go! I’m gonna be late. Talk to you later?” Joey panicked as he started making his way towards the locker room.

“Yeah! I’ll text you. See ya,” Reese responded as he waved. Joey power walked away, and just like that, he was gone. All that was left for Reese to do was stretch.

The designated stretching area had the best view of the gym because it was right in the center of it all. From Reese’s vantage point, he could see the squat racks, the free weights, all the machines, and the cardio deck. It was like his throne, and as foot traffic increased, more and more attractive men were around.

Reese loved watching the gym’s hottest members do squats, hip thrusts, and pull ups as he stretched. At one point, he laid forward in a straddle, and his bulge made itself known. Daddy One and Daddy Two both walked by him, not together though, as he lay there, and he had to focus really hard on literally anything else to save his decency. Another close call involved watching a guy do kettle bell swings. For some reason, Reese’s sex drive was out of control.

After his stretching, Reese made his way to the locker rooms. He was reading an email when he rounded the corner, looking up just in time to see none other than Adonis. He was getting dressed into street clothes, but Reese got a clear view of his upper body before he pulled his shirt down. A lump filled his throat, istanbul travestileri and he glued his eyes to his phone to avoid staring. He made his way to his locker and fumbled with putting the combination in.

How many times had he fantasized about locker room play? Ever since he could remember. Oh, the things that he would let that man do to him right then and there. He could already see himself getting railed right on that bench, without mercy. But he had to think about literally anything else or he’d pop a boner, and that could not happen then.

Adonis pulled his shoes on and began digging through his bag. After a minute without success, he pulled some clothes out, fished out his keys, and shoved everything else back in. He stood up, flung his bag over his shoulder, and something went flying. Without noticing, Adonis rounded the corner, and Reese listened to his footsteps until they faded into ambient noise.

He almost forgot about them, as if it had just been a trick of the light. But then, his eyes focused on the grey lump laying in the corner. His dick hardened at record speed and poked right out of the bottom of his shorts as he identified Adonis’ dirty underwear lying on the floor.


The next 20 minutes were a blur.

Unzipping his bag in the privacy of his own bedroom had never been such an adrenaline rush. Reese stripped down to nothing and sat cross legged on his bed when he reached into his bag to pull out his stolen prize.

The fabric of the boxer briefs were still wet to the touch from all the sweat that must have accumulated from Adonis’ rigid workout routine. The man always went hard too; Reese would know. He used to wonder just how sweaty he got, and now he had the answer in his own two hands. Holding the underwear as if they were made of fragile porcelain, Reese gently stroked the darkest parts of the soaked fabric with his fingertips. His middle finger was the one to come across the stray pubic hair. His stomach turned, and at that point, his cock felt like it might explode.

If there had been any shadow of a doubt about what he was about to do, it vanished. Adonis’ sweaty gym underwear met Reese’s face without hesitation, and he took the deepest inhale he had taken all day. The poignant stench was the most concentrated right on the crotch, and that is exactly where Reese buried his nose. It burned his nostrils and brought tears to his eyes in such an erotic way. Adonis’ underwear were rancid.

Reese laid backwards and adjusted them so that he was wearing them on his head, dick-side front. His right eye could see out, but the left was covered. He smiled and let his hands wander south. Knowing that his gym crush’s cock, ball, and ass sweat was all over his head was getting him high on lust.

And suddenly, there he was. Adonis was grinding his hips on top of Reese’s face. His thick thighs straddling his head as his balls pooled over his nose. Even flaccid, his member was tantalizing just laying there. And there was that musk straight from the source. It was intoxicating. Reese’s eyesight blurred, and all of that body heat radiated between the two of them until a shiny layer of perspiration formed on them both. Reese wrapped his arms around Adonis’ legs and pulled him in closer, not able to get enough.

“That’s right. Inhale that fucking odor. You look so pretty with my balls on your face,” Adonis growled down at him.

“Yes, sir,” Reese whimpered, blinking his eyes to see that no one was there. He was alone again on his bed, and he had reached down to give himself long and gentle strokes, careful to not send himself over the edge too quickly.

Already, precum was oozing out of his slit. It quickly became lube for the underside of his sensitive head, and light moans escaped him. With his free hand, he pressed the fabric into his face once more, and ever so slightly tightened his grip around his shaft.

“Fuck me, please,” he begged to no one, completely entangled by his desire. His back arched, and his working hand moved down across his taint to gently probe his hole. His eyes closed tight, enjoying the sensation, letting his imagination take control once more. The weight of Adonis returned.

“Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t you? You wanna feel this dick throb inside of you, huh?” Adonis asked in an almost mocking tone.

Reese opened his eyes to see the expression of a dom who knows they’re in complete control. The cockiness was in his eyes. He reached back with his strong travesti istanbul arms, and popped a wet finger into Reese’s tight hole, eliciting a squeak from him. His body immediately accepted it, already asking for more. Reese arched his spine so that his finger would go even a millimeter deeper. Reese nodded, face contorted in pleasure.

“Well that’s too. fucking. bad. Now open up and suck,” Adonis said flatly, grabbing Reese by the cheeks and squeezing. His mouth opened, and Adonis spit into it. Following quickly behind that was his fat head. His dick was still soft, but it filled Reese’s mouth regardless.

Like a good cock sucker, Reese suckled on his head as if the elixir of life was going to come out. The taste of his salty skin was delicious against his tongue as he circled it and flicked and licked long and slow. For what felt like ten straight minutes, Reese actively sucked his cock head, and genuinely loved every second. Adonis looked down at him and moved some hair from his forehead with the slightest of smiles. Not once did he get hard in those ten minutes, but for some reason, that only made Reese hornier.

Reese’s eyes fluttered shut as he focused on memorizing the shape and feeling of Adonis’ thick head resting on his tongue. Then, a third finger prodded into his hole. Wait a minute. Third? He didn’t even remember the second going in! Either way, his ass took it and relished in the prostate massage. His cock throbbed, pushing a gob of thick, white cream out.

“Fuck!” He cried out, but the word was muffled. Reese opened his eyes to see nothing but the ceiling above him. The surprise though, was that Adonis’ underwear had ended up in his mouth, and he had been sucking the juices from them for who knows how long. Now, the sweat was indistinguishable from his saliva.

A wave of shame suddenly washed over him. How dirty and depraved could he be to steal a stranger’s underwear to touch himself with? Doesn’t that make him a literal pervert? What about all the boundaries he’d crossed and privacy he had invaded? Was this crossing the line? He felt dirty.

Reese pulled the underwear from his mouth but felt something tickle his tongue still. He opened wide and reached inside. After a minute of slight struggle, he extracted, unmistakably, one of Adonis’ thick, black pubic hairs. It had gotten stuck between his teeth.

He looked at the hair. He looked at his dick, which was still hard as a rock. Then, a whisper rode by on the wind saying, “Sniff, bitch,” and just like that, the wave receded back into the ocean.

In one swift movement, Reese pressed the pube back into the underwear, pressed the underwear back into his face, and flipped himself over pressing his covered face into his pillow, leaving his ass up in the air. He breathed it all in once again. They were freshly dampened by his spit, but it still had that strong original musk lingering in them. Reese couldn’t help it any longer after that; he reached down between his legs and started jerking his dick off with vigor.

“That’s it. Jerk yourself off to me. Take it allllll in,” Adonis said with a cheeky laugh. Reese pulled the underwear down a bit to see that Adonis was sitting wide legged, massive cock hanging free, and he (Reese) had his face smashed into his taint. Those heavy balls laid across part of his cheek. Adonis smiled as Reese instinctually pushed his face into his crotch even harder, thanking him with his eyes for every second of it.

Reese’s strokes had him nearing the edge at a rapid pace. He took another deep inhale of Adonis’ beautiful scent, and leaped. Eyes rolled back. Time and his breath froze in place as the feeling of total ecstasy travelled up through his shaft and exploded with an audible splash into the bedsheets. Both time and breathing resumed with the jets of cum that followed. They just kept coming as Reese whined into the pillow. His whole body squirmed as he completely unloaded his balls. Once finished, his body gave out and he landed right in his mess.

Probably five minutes passed before Reese could bring himself to pick his head up. Slowly, he pulled Adonis’ underwear away from his face and stared at them.

“Damn. That was a good orgasm,” Reese said, letting out a small laugh. He picked himself up to find himself absolutely covered in his own sticky spunk. It was also evident that it was time to do laundry as well. It was time for the clean up process.

Second drawer down in his nightstand; that’s where the underwear would live, at least for the time being. Reese knew he’d have to wash them for sanitary purposes eventually, but he figured he could get another session or two done first.

‘You won’t believe what I just did’ he sent to Joey right before he got in the shower to rinse off.

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Giving My Ass To Him

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As you all know my wife and I had been waiting to get into our new house. The two months had come and gone. The oral sex with my brother-in-law had come to an end temporarily. Time was spent moving everything in and getting settled in. She had taken time off work and was home for a week. I was expected to be there to help which I did.

All was now done and the wife went back to work during the day. I was still laid off so took up a hobby doing woodcraft. I had set up some power tools in the basement. I would do craft shows and sell some of my creations. We had put our son in a day care center during the day being he was now over a year old. Figured it would be good for him to be with other children and learn social skills. We had become friends with her and her husband and we would get together on weekends and play cards.

I would spend part of my day down at the gravel pit mentioned in the earlier story. The rest would be spent woodworking or watching porn. I loved jacking off to porn and still do. Only now I watch more incest and gay porn than back then.

My ex brother-in-law and I picked u[p where we had left off. Getting together several times a week during the weekdays to suck each other. Our house was just two houses down from theirs so he would walk down and we would sometimes watch a little porn together before doing our 69. Both our wives worked day shift and he worked the late shift. So it worked out well for us. He had come to love sucking cock as much as I did and wanted it as often as possible. So did I.

We would go in the bedroom and get undressed and get on the bed. Facing opposite directions laying on our sides. I loved istanbul travesti that position. Loved how great it felt sliding my mouth down over his beautiful cock and him doing the same to me. We would take our time so that we could enjoy it as long as possible. When neither of us could hold out any longer we would cum in each others mouth. Sucking until we had swallowed every drop of each others cum.

It had never been anything more than stroking and sucking each other. On one of our get togethers we were sucking each other and he stopped.

“Can I ask you something.” He said.

I said, “Yes. What is it?”

He asked, “Can I fuck you?” I think you have a really nice ass and I would like to fuck you.” “I will suck you first until you cum if you will let me.”

I had been thinking about it for some time. Wondering what it would feel like and just the thought of having a cock in my ass excited me. And I loved how it felt when him and I got together and thought if I did he would be my first. So I didn’t hesitate.

I said, “Yes.”

He said. “Really.” More excited than a question.

“Yes you can fuck me. I want you to.”

He told me to roll onto my back which I did. He got between my legs and bent down and started sucking me as he said he would. It didn’t take long for me to cum both because he was good and the thought of him fucking me. I unloaded in his mouth and he swallowed every last bit.

I was ready to give up my anal virginity to his beautiful cock.

“I’ll go get the Vaseline out of the bathroom.” I said.

“I’ll get it.” he said. “You get ready.”

He knew where it was as he had been in istanbul travestileri the house a number of times. He knew where the medicine cabinet was and that the Vaseline would be in there. He got up off the bed and headed for the bathroom. I had gotten on my hands and knees and was waiting for him. He returned with the Vaseline jar in hand. He got up on the bed behind me and opened the jar. I knew he was applying a good coating to his cock. Then I felt him rubbing some on my asshole and working a finger in to coat the inside of the opening.

After he had gotten us both lubed up I felt him place the tip of his cock at my opening.

“Let me work it in,” I said.

“Okay,” was his reply.

I figured if I was allowed to do that there would be less pain. I was right. It didn’t hurt at all. He was very good and didn’t try to rush it.

I started pushing back against his hard cock. It took a few tries but I finally felt the head enter me. I held it like that for a few seconds than started to take more of his cock. I worked inch by inch until I had all 8 inches of his lovely cock buried to the hilt in my ass. I started sliding back and forth on his cock taking it completely and then back to the head. Then would slide all the way onto his cock again. I worked back and forth on his cock loving how good it felt. I fucked his cock for a few minutes than he stopped me.

“Hold still and let me fuck you,” he said.

I held still and let him proceed to fuck me.

“Yes, Fuck me,” I said.

“Your ass feels good. So hot and tight.” he said.

“Thank you. I’m glad you like it.” Your cock feels really good in me.”

He travesti istanbul had his hands on my hips fucking me like some cheap whore. I was loving it and could tell he was too. He would draw back slowly then shove his cock in my ass to the hilt. I knew he was getting close. Then he asked a question that told me he was getting close to cummimg.

“Can I cum in your ass or do you want me to pull out?”

“You can cum in me.” “I want you to.” I want to feel how it feels to have a cock filling me with hot cum.” “Your beautiful cock and your hot cum.”

“Oh God your ass feels so good.” I’m going to cum.”

With that he started to fuck me hard and fast. Driving his hard cock deep into my ass. I felt him hesitate then felt the first shot of his hot cum going inside me. He started pumping me fast until he had shot every string of hot cum he had in him into my ass. He fucked me until he went soft.

“Thank you.” “That was wonderful.” “You really have a nice ass.” Can we do it again sometime.”

“Yes,” I said. “I would like that.

We got cleaned up and he headed home. I let him fuck me a couple times after that. At his place the next two times. He and my sister-in-law had gotten a divorce and he ended up renting a house in another small town not to far away. So I would go visit and we would hang out and at some point suck each other. Not as often as I would have liked or was used to. But I couldn’t take off every night of the week. But it was enough that we were both satisfied. The wife and I had sold our house and moved out of town. But it was closer to where he lived so it worked out well. Eventually the wife and I got a divorce and I ended up moving. Met a lady at a flea market I was set up in and ended moving up north and living with her for about a year. From there my life was a series of men and women. Good for more true adventures in my life. Thank you for reading. Watch for more.

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Checking Out the New Gym

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I called Hahn, the associate at the gym I visited. I told him I was ready for my first workout and asked him if he wanted to help me this first time. He said he was at work, but he’d be off the clock at 3:00pm and he would be waiting. I told him I’d be there then. As I was looking at my workout wear, I decided I needed some new stuff.

I decided to hit my local sporting goods store, the one I liked. I went in and the salesperson greeted me as I entered. I told him what I needed and he led me to the shorts and tanks. I looked at him saying, “I have problems finding shorts… I’m kinda well endowed.”

Leon stepped back to the rack and handed me a couple of pairs of shorts saying, “I have a friend that’s blessed like that, too. I think you’ll find these appropriate for the job at hand. Take these, try them on, and I’ll find you some more.”

I took them and headed for the changing room. I had tried on one and was trying the second on, when Leon knocked on the door. I opened it, and he pulled it open further. He looked at me saying he really liked them, but I might need some a little looser as a coverup; just in case the snug look wasn’t appropriate to wear.

We got me two sets of workout wear, yellow with black pinstripe shorts, red with black pinstripes, and a black stringer. I paid and left. I looked at my receipt and saw he’d added a note and number saying, “Give me a call sometime.”

I went by the house to change clothes. I decided to wear the yellow with black pinstripe and black stringer, but I did take the black coverup shorts, just in case. I walked through the door and up to the counter at 2:45pm, and asked for Hahn. He stepped up behind me saying he saw me on the cameras. “Come with me, I’ll be off the clock in a minute and I want to change into my workout wear. Also, I love your workout clothes, there.”

I replied, “Yeah, they are brand new and I didn’t know about dress codes.”

Hahn said, “You are fine. You will fit in just fine–we love eye candy! I just hope the distraction isn’t too much.”

By this time, we had got to the locker room and as he had a locker very near to mine, continued talking as he changed. Exiting the locker room, several people spoke to Hahn along the way and he introduced me to each. I followed him to a stretching area. After warming up, we headed for the free weights. As we worked through our workout, we chatted and got to know each other better.

Doing my dumbbell curls, Hahn stepped up behind me, reached around to help my positioning, and said, “You know almost everybody in here is watching you, don’t you? They are so jealous! They’ll be all over me asking about you as soon as they get a chance. You certainly picked the perfect outfit.”

Hahn and I had been at it a couple of hours when I said to him, “I would like to treat you, if you don’t have plans for supper. You have been so nice to me.”

As we walked into the locker room, Hahn turned to me, telling me that sounded great. We got our stuff from the lockers, and walked out talking and laughing. I followed Hahn to his car, opening the door for him. I said, “You decide what you want. Here’s my number, text me your address and I’ll pick you up.”

My phone went off, it was Hahn sending me his address, How about Italian, I know a fantastic place? Let me see what you’re wearing, I don’t want to underdress.

I texted back, Sounds good to me. I’ll pick you up at 6:45 pm wearing the slacks and button-up shirt I got on in the picture. I’ll have short boots to round it off.

Great, I’ll see you in a bit.

I arrived at Hahn’s, he was waiting at the door shirtless. He said as he let me in, “I want you to pick my shirt.”

I saw two on the couch and picked the button-up one. “I like this one.” I held it up for him as he stepped up and placed his right arm in then his left. I pulled his back to my chest, pulled it together, and buttoned it for him.

I saw two on the couch and picked the button-up one. “I like this one.” I held it up for him as he stepped into the shirt, placing one arm in a sleeve, then the other. I pulled his back to my chest, pulled it together, and buttoned it for him.

Hahn turned to face me saying, “We complement each other nicely. Clayton, damn you smell so good.”

I placed two fingers under his chin, tilting his mouth up as I leaned down and kissed Hahn deeply. istanbul travesti As I kissed him I dropped the other hand to his ass. When I pulled up from his lips, he said, “If we’re gonna make the reservations we better go. We could just stay here and order in.”

I took his hand and led him to the door. He locked it as we left and I led him to my truck. I opened the passenger door for him as he climbed in and closed it behind him. I went around and got in as he inhaled deeply saying, “Your truck smells just like you, I love it.”

I told him to enter the address in my GPS and we started on our way. He was telling me how much he loved my truck. I was telling him about it and told him the windows were as dark as they could be legally, so the occupants could get as much privacy as possible. I lay my hand on his leg as he told me about himself. He was from Germany, six feet tall, 175 pounds, parents moved to the United States when he was three. He’s 26, has a sister and both parents are deceased.

As we pulled up, he said he had to call in and let them know we were there. They took his number and said it would be maybe fifteen minutes, but they would call. We had backed in away from the entrance and the sun was down. I opened my door and got in the back seat as Hahn followed me. When he got in I told him to sit in my lap. He did as told and leaned in as I kissed him. Hahn took my tongue in his mouth sucking it like a man sucks a cock.

Hahn’s phone rang. He answered and they were saying our table was ready. We got out and went inside as we followed the host and he gave us our menus. He introduced himself and said, “Privately located as you requested sir, enjoy your meal.”

As the waiter came to the table he took our order, we ordered salad, garlic bread, with the spaghetti and meat sauce. We sat and talked. Hahn told me more and more about himself. The food arrived and Hahn dug in like he was starved. It was better than Hahn had said. We ate, talked, and laughed. After we had finished, our waiter came back and asked about dessert. Hahn ordered a slice of their house specialty cheesecake.

Looking at me, he said we could share. I excused myself to the restroom. When I came back, the cake was there so I sat beside Hahn, pushing him further into the booth. With the hand closest to me, he reached for the fork; but I took it from him while placing his hand in my lap. I fed him some and he moaned. I had some next and it was really good. I pulled the table closer to us, so the cloth covered our laps.

Hahn was sliding his hand up and down my inner upper leg, getting closer and closer to my crotch. I leaned over and kissed him. He ran his tongue all around in my mouth. About this time, the waiter showed up clearing his throat and smiling. He asked how everything was and I told him great. He added that that was their goal.

Hahn was stroking my cock now through my pants. I continued feeding him small bites and kissing him after each one. Hahn continued playing with my cock. After we finished the cake, I placed my hand on his and told him, “If you don’t stop that, we’ll never be able to leave here.”

Hahn looked up at me with a pouty look. I bent down and kissed him again, slow and sensual. We got up and went to pay the bill. As we walked out, Hahn had his arm around my back with his hand in my pocket. I opened the passenger door and he climbed in. I went around, got in, folded down the center console seat, and motioned him to slide over to me.

I adjusted the steering wheel and seat so he could sit in my lap crossways. I started out of the parking lot as Hahn started kissing and nuzzling my neck and face. Hahn continuously licked, kissed, and nuzzled everywhere he could reach; I don’t know how I made it home. I pulled into my garage and closed the door.

After getting Hahn from my lap, I exited my truck and Hahn started climbing out behind me; I turned to help him down. I grabbed his ass saying, “You certainly have a fine ass. I’ve wanted to get my hands on your ass since I first met you.”

He turned and kissed me deeply. I pulled away telling him to follow me. I made it to the kitchen and asked him if he was thirsty. He shook his head no and started unbuttoning my shirt. I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. He finished unbuttoning my shirt and dropped to his knees. He unbuttoned my pants, istanbul travestileri pulling down the zipper and then pushing them to the floor.

Lifting each foot, removing each shoe, and pushing my pants off. He licked back up my legs to my package, stopping to nuzzle my cock in my compression shorts. He groaned, telling me how good I smelled. Hahn kept rising up and sucked on my nipples before continuing up to my Adam’s apple.

He pushed my shirt off letting it hit the floor. I stepped back telling him to strip. He unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off, then removed his shoes and pants. Looking at me, hooking his fingers in the waistband of his underwear, he pushed them down presenting his sweet, tight ass to me.

I knelt behind him examining his ass. I kissed one cheek, then the other as Hahn groaned. I wet my thumb with my spit and placed it against his puckered hole. I pushed lightly, not quite breaching his anus. He just groaned. I stood, pulling him up, kissing him as he stood. I stepped back to the bed, laying back, pulling him down on me. Hahn kissed me deeply, sucking my tongue and telling me, he was my slut.

Hahn started working down my chest licking from side to side as he headed down, stopping at my belly button to lick and suck. He placed his thumbs in my shorts and pulled them down carefully exposing my cock. As my semi-hard cock stood up, he just gasped, saying, “What a beautiful, fat, black cock! I am in heaven now. I got to deepthroat this monster, even if it kills me.”

He leaned over kissing the head, licking the slit, moaning as he took the head in his mouth and swallowed. With just the head in his mouth, he ran his tongue all around it, groaning as he did.

I patted his head telling him, “I’ll let you try deepthroating my cock first; if you need some help, you let me know.”

He nodded and continued sucking my cock, bobbing up and down, taking more and more until my cockhead hit the back of his mouth. He pulled up, changing positions, and tried again and again.

I brushed his hair, saying, “I know one thing, you get an A+ for effort. Ignore the gag reflex and push past it, you’ll get it.”

Hahn tried a few more times. He changed positions again, and when my cock hit the entrance to his throat, he pushed down harder and my cock finally slid into his throat, –all the way in. I put my hand on the back of his head groaning and said, “That feels so good. Your throat is the tightest I have ever fucked. Concentrate and stay down, you are doing great! You are an awesome cocksucker!”

Hahn started to pull off my cock, all the way to the tip, using his tongue to bathe it before starting back down. He started bobbing again up and down, taking more and in his mouth, letting it slide into his throat until his lips were spread tight around the base of my cock. I rubbed his neck saying, “Your throat feels so good on my cock, I love being able to feel my cock in your throat, work your throat muscles on my cock, Hahn. You are doing an awesome job!”

He pulled up and off looking at me and saying, “I love your big black cock, but I want your hot cum in my ass first.”

I said, “Get the lube from the nightstand and get in a 69 position, I’m gonna open that ass of yours while you worship my balls.”

Hahn jumped to obey, straddling my chest, handing me the lube, and bending forward to my balls. Hahn alternated between my balls, licking and sucking, then taking both in his mouth. I worked a finger into his ass, next a second, and finally a third, opening his sweet ass while he was moaning on my balls. I kissed his cheeks telling him to turn around. Hahn repositioned himself and leaned down to kiss me. I reached behind him and lubed my cock. I said, “Reach between us, grab my cock and guide your ass to my cockhead.”

Hahn lowered his ass to my cockhead and pushed gently at first, until my head opened his hole. Hahn gasped as his hole opened for my fat cockhead, leaning down to kiss me as I smiled at him. He moaned, moving his hips up and down, taking a little more of my cock each time, telling me how great my fat cock felt in his ass.

I pulled Hahn’s face to mine telling him, “Your ass feels so good on my cock, it fits like a glove.”

As Hahn pushed down again, he yelled as more of my cock entered his ass. I told Hahn he had about half in his ass. Hahn moaned travesti istanbul as he smiled at me. Hahn bounced on my dick again, taking another couple of inches. He was gasping and dripping sweat, saying, “I don’t know if I can take it anymore.”

I took his face in my hands telling him, “You can and you will, I know you can do it.”

Hahn was working his ass and it finally went all the way down, taking my whole fat, black cock. He yelled as his ass swallowed my entire cock. Hahn leaned down and kissed me, riding on my cock telling me how good my cock felt deep in his ass. I said, “You took my cock in your ass, now it’s time for me to fuck that sweet tight ass.”

As I pulled Hahn close and rolled him over, he groaned. I rolled him to the bottom, took an ankle in each hand, and placed them on my shoulders. As I started to pull my cock out, I told Hahn, “I let you get your ass used to my big cock; now, I am going to fuck it hard.”

I started fucking in and out of his ass. When I went in, I rotated my hips–Hahn telling me I was hitting places never hit before. I sped up my thrusting as Hahn yelled for me to go harder and harder. He was mumbling incoherently as I fucked him hard, him holding my cheeks in his hands. I was sweating hard as it dripped on Hahn and mixed with his. I told Hahn I was fixing to cum and he just groaned and told me to breed him. I started to shoot my cum, so I rotated my hips, and buried my cock in his rectum. Hahn pulled me down and kissed me deeply.

I lay down on Hahn as my cock which was still buried in his ass started to soften. Hahn was just cooing, saying how he loved my big dick. We rolled over to our sides, remaining coupled up. After we cooled down, I told Hahn I thought I needed to take a leak and we needed a shower. He just smiled and agreed. We headed for the bathroom and started to use the toilet.

He stopped me and said, “Don’t waste that, I want it.”

Hahn pulled me to the shower, knelt in front of me, licking a drop of piss from my cockhead. He groaned, saying, “I want all your bodily fluids… all of them.”

Hahn took my cock in his hand and told me to let loose. As my urine started flowing, Hahn aimed it at his face and body, telling me how good it smelled and tasted. After I finished, he licked the tip again, savoring it. Hahn said he needed a beer as he headed for the kitchen. He returned with one for each of us. He entered the shower and kissed me; he tasted like beer. I took the rag and body wash, bathing him top to bottom. He did the same for me, from the top of the head to the bottom of my feet.

I stepped out grabbing a towel, and Hahn started drying me off; taking care of himself after. We both finished our beers and Hahn threw the bottles away. We went back to my bed, laying down and we just lay there talking as Hahn told me he was so glad we had met that day. Hahn laid his head on my bicep, looking at me, telling me how great this had been.

He reached down, stroking and rubbing my cock. Hahn licked up to my ear and stopped to say, “I want to feel your big fat cock shoot its cum down my throat into my belly.”

Hahn started licking over my Adam’s apple, going on to my chest, kissing each nipple, and continuing down. He kept going down, licking over the base of my cock, down to its head, and kissed it. He took the head in his mouth, running his tongue around it. He pushed down my hardening cock, getting the head at his throat and letting it continue to harden and push into his throat.

Hahn pulled up to get a breath of air and went back down, taking it to the base. I petted his head telling him how good he was doing. He pulled up looking at me and went back down. He groaned on my cock. I massaged his neck feeling my cock in his throat. I told him, “I am going to cum, I want to shoot it all down your throat. Don’t you lose a drop, cocksucker!”

Hahn pulled up and started going up and down on my cock, working for my cum. He took it all down his throat, rotating his head as he sucked and licked. As he went faster and faster, I told him my cum was building as I clutched the back of his head. When I started to cum, I held his head down as I shot my sweet baby juice into his throat and filled his belly.

When I finished shooting, he held my cock in his mouth as it softened; sucking it, getting it good and clean. Hahn crawled up to me saying he needed a beer and asked if I wanted one. I told him that sounded good. As we both drank, Hahn lay down beside me kissing my neck and face, telling me how much he loved my big, fat, black cock; and he couldn’t wait for more as we both nodded off to sleep.

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Sexual Secrets Ch. 12

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Big Cock

The end of January in New England is not a place you want to be, especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere in central Maine. The temperatures are as cold as they get, well below freezing and hovering around zero. Throw in a little wind and sleet and a few feet of snow and — well, shit — you could probably be convinced you were on Antarctica. The only thing missing are penguins and polar bears.

The weather can be so disagreeable during the long, cold, dark winter months that many people hibernate — coming out of their homes only to shop for food. But, on a college campus tucked neatly away in an idyllic setting, there are many things to keep students occupied.

One of the most pleasant activities that students engage in is sex. There’s nothing like being naked, nice and warm under the covers with another person, when it’s too cold to go outside. And that is exactly where Aidan Simmons and Logan Temple could be found one dull, gray Sunday afternoon that winter.

They had just finished messing around — for the second time that day — and were now curled up together drifting in and out of consciousness.

The two roommates were spending their sophomore year together in the same dorm room they shared the previous year. However, unlike their freshman year when they got to know one another and began to fool around and experiment with their sexuality, their second year together had presented some challenges for them to overcome.

First, they had endured a painful physical assault the previous summer which had caused Logan to retreat into a hole until a couple months ago when he started seeing a counselor on campus. Then, to add insult to injury for Logan, his mother passed away over Christmas break. After a terrible argument with his father, Logan returned to college vowing never to go home again.

Thankfully, Aidan had been there to support him in his grief and decided Logan could simply move in with him and his mom in Massachusetts. The few valuable items Logan had at his house in California had been packed in a box and shipped to Aidan’s address in Framingham, something they dropped off at the nearest post office on the way to the airport to fly back east to begin their spring term.

What had initially started as a fun friendship between the two boys, sharing an interest in porn and masturbation, evolved into further experimentation together and with others. Then, they fell in love and had been practically inseparable ever since.

As January transitioned into February the weather warmed just slightly, but that was the best that could be said about the situation as the days were still short, chilly and overcast. The boys grew restless and sought to sprinkle some adventure into their sexual routine.

While they were certainly exclusive together, both Logan and Aidan still had a desire to experiment and play around with others. As they came to realize and accept — it was physical, not emotional. Alone they could take care of each other’s emotional needs with love and selflessly satisfying each other in a meaningful way. Yet, on occasion the boys desired something different — something extra to pacify their racing hormones and masculine urges for release.

One evening at dinner, as the roommates sat at a long, white table with their friends, inspiration struck Aidan when someone made a joke about a couple of guys getting busted jerking off in one of the small, private study rooms tucked away on the second floor of the library.

Logan had just gulped down a mouthful of something the cafeteria advertised as “Chef’s Surprise,” which looked and tasted like some cheap interpretation of chicken parmesan, when he noticed Aidan’s eyes open wide and a look of enlightenment spread across his face.

Eventually, their group of friends and acquaintances wandered off as usual, leaving just Logan and Aidan behind at the table — something Logan knew was not by accident. “Well?” he asked, looking expectedly at Aidan, waiting for him to divulge what was on his mind.

“What?” answered Aidan innocently as he put a spoonful of butterscotch pudding into his mouth.

Logan looked at his roommate skeptically. “Don’t play coy. I saw the bolt of lightning hit your brain when they were talking about the two guys getting caught in the library. Now, what is it?”

Aidan laughed so hard that some of his pudding squirted out one side of his mouth. After he swallowed and wiped his mouth, Aidan continued. “Well, I was thinking…”

“Here we go,” Logan interrupted, which prompted Aidan to laugh again. He looked over at his friend and love filled his heart.

My God, Aidan thought. He’s so hot. I fucking love him. “Ok. So, I thought since it’s winter and we’re all cooped up in our dorm room all the time, we should step up our game a little. Find some different places around campus to jerk off and have some fun. I know we’ve done this a little bit but…well…I thought we could maybe be a bit more daring and adventurous, you know?”

Logan processed what his friend was saying but couldn’t istanbul travesti help but feel slightly cynical. “I don’t want to get caught like those guys did. I mean, I don’t mind fooling around and all but we need to be careful.”

“Yeah yeah,” Aidan interjected. “Of course. But, we’ve only ever done it in a few places. Let’s scout around all over campus — buildings, classrooms, wherever we can. And, we need to add a bit of risk to it or it’s no fun and we might as well just stay in our room and whack off.”

“Uh huh,” Logan said. He was deep in thought. “What about including some other people too? Make it really fun for everyone.”

Pushing his finished pudding aside, Aidan’s eyes lit up. “Fuck, yeah,” he eagerly agreed. “That would be hot. But who?”

“Derek,” Logan answered immediately. Derek was one of their friends who the boys hung out with often. All three had messed around together a few times during their freshman year and Aidan had by himself back in the fall when the two roommates were experiencing difficulties with each other.

This time Aidan stood up at the table in excitement. “Holy shit, yes!” He started picking up his things immediately to leave. “This will be great. I’m excited to start and getting more turned on by the second.”

As it turned out, their first adventure happened that very evening but it was just the two of them as they couldn’t locate Derek. The boys trekked out into the cold night air and trudged through the snow to make their way over to the Student Center. This was where any number of activities took place and there was an auditorium where movies were shown on Friday and Saturday nights.

Most of the people inside were freshmen and sophomores who were required to live on campus and had nowhere else to go. Logan and Aidan drifted around the building, going from room to room and looking in on different activities taking place without trying to look too suspicious. Truthfully, they were searching for a place to jerk off and had almost given up hope when Aidan pushed on the Auditorium door.

Expecting it to be locked, Aidan gave it a harder than normal push. The door flew inwards as the force caused Aidan to almost topple over onto the floor. He reached out to brace himself against the back of one of the cushiony chairs in the last aisle. “Holy shit,” he exclaimed, then started giggling.

The room was dark — the only light shining in from the hall where the boys stood. Quickly and quietly, Logan shut the doors behind them before they started making their way toward the front.

As their eyes slowly adjusted in the dark, Aidan picked up his pace until he was at the front of the room. The glow from the outside hallway lent a dull glimmer about the room and helped to set the mood.

In the front of the first row of chairs was a small platform covered over by two sets of curtains. This had been the original stage used by the theatre department before they got their very own, state of the art theatre in a building on the other side of campus.

Aidan reach out and pulled his roommate close to him. “Let’s get naked.” It was obvious he was excited because, despite the dark Logan could see his friend smiling broadly at him — and he could feel Aidan’s hard dick against his groin. “Come on. Let’s have some fun.”

Kissing Logan on the mouth, Aidan backed up and started undressing. He tossed his shoes and socks over by the first row of chairs, pulled off the heavy sweater he had been wearing and yanked down his pants. After the undershirt and briefs were removed and flung across the wide open area in front of the stage, Aidan started pulling on his prick and walking around.

Once his friend was naked, Logan wasted no time. He slid out of his Keds — the one shoe he ever wore regardless of the winter or snow on the ground — and slithered his khaki Bahama shorts to the floor. He removed the large, bulky sweatshirt he was wearing and slipped out of his boxer shorts. Completely naked himself Logan searched for Aidan, who had wandered off some place.

“Yo, Aidan? Where are you?” Logan’s voice was soft and low.

“Up here, on stage. Come on up.”

Logan turned to his right and spotted his friend at the far corner of the stage, holding onto one of the curtains and rubbing his hard dick against it.

When Logan walked up the cold, wooden steps to join him, Aidan took his hand and they disappeared behind the curtain. Kissing and caressing commenced as the boys’ dicks pressed against each other.

When they separated, the boys started tugging on each other’s cocks — stroking away while rubbing their free hand over their own bodies.

“Let’s jerk it up here — see how far we can shoot it. Like we used to do last year in our room, remember?” Aidan was all kinds of excited. He simply loved being naked and especially doing anything sexual outside the dorm room.

Like usual, Logan agreed. He always followed Logan’s lead. “Ok.”

“Good, cuz I’m very horny and ready to blow.” Aidan walked to the center of the stage and began istanbul travestileri yanking hard on his very erect penis.

Logan moved over to stand beside him and the two boys spread their legs and tugged furiously on their meat. All that could be heard in the darkness behind the curtain was the quiet moaning of two nineteen-year-olds.

Reaching next to him, Logan squeezed Aidan’s ass. “Oh, yeah. Stick a finger in me,” came Aidan’s muffled reply as he squatted down a bit to allow his friend to find his asshole with an index finger. The moment Logan’s finger penetrate his roommate’s anus, Aidan tightened his muscles and jutted his pelvis forward. “Ugh — here it comes.”

Even in the dark Logan could see Aidan’s white goo fly out to splatter on the stage floor. Several healthy spurts of nut juice landed in front of Aidan as he relaxed his muscles and began regulating his breathing. Then he turned to walk behind Logan.

Aidan pressed his shrinking dick into the crack of Logan’s ass, then reached around to grab at his friend’s cock. He rubbed his right hand over the large, rounded tip of Logan’s dick before jerking it while sliding his left hand back and forth on Logan’s ass cheek.

Leaning back against his roommate, Logan lowered his hands to rub them on Aidan’s legs while his best friend jerked him off. For as good as it felt to masturbate, it felt even better to have someone do it for you. “Finger my asshole.”

After the ordeal Logan had been through the previous summer, Aidan was always cautious about exploring with Logan’s asshole. But it was easier when he was given permission. While he continued jerking Logan’s meat, Aidan licked the index finger of his left hand and slithered it up under his friend’s ass. As soon as he touched Logan’s anus, his friend gasped in pleasure and squatted down a bit for better access — and this was all the encouragement Aidan needed.

Slowly working his finger inside Logan’s tight hole, Aidan turned and twisted it as he beat Logan’s prick into submission. Just like him, it didn’t take Logan long to cum.

Logan threw back his head and squeezed Aidan’s legs as his semen shot out. Aidan could feel the warm goo as some of it dribbled onto his fingers but he kept pumping until the last of Logan’s seed had ejaculated. When he was done, Logan turned around and they took turns licking his sticky spunk off Aidan’s fingers.

That evening’s adventure had been so successful and so much fun that Aidan and Logan repeated it every single night for a week. When the auditorium door was locked, which it was most nights, they found other places to play — various classrooms that were left unlocked, the library bathroom, the mailroom, and a deserted stairwell were just a few.

In addition, the boys started putting on shows over the internet on various websites like Omegle and Chaturbate where they found like-minded individuals who were also willing to play along. It all proved to be a rather enjoyable way to pass the long winter nights.

Soon, it was the end of February and their twentieth birthdays. In addition to the many things the boys had in common, they also shared the same birthday month having been born just a few days apart. Like the previous year, the boys decided to throw a party and celebrate together with their friends.

Similar to last year, by the end of the evening only a few people remained. As they expected, one of those people was Derek. He stood well over six feet tall, was a beautiful bronze color with two dimples on either side of his mouth that complimented his already gorgeous looks. Derek also possessed the biggest dick either of the boys had ever seen — and they were eager to see it again.

Derek hung around until end of the party because he, too, was hoping for some fun. While he would have considered himself bisexual, he greatly enjoyed his escapades with Aidan and Logan and was always looking for another sexual encounter with them. This proved to be his lucky night.

When it was just the three of them alone in the boy’s dorm room, Aidan wasted no time. “Wanna mess around with us?”

Derek looked from Aidan to Logan. “Hell yeah — you know I do.”

“Good,” answered Aidan with obvious excitement. “Grab your jacket — we’re going someplace different.”

They walked out into the night and were hit by a cold, crispness that initially took their breaths away. They instantly picked up their pace as they walked to the Student Center. Aidan and Logan always stopped by there first, just to see if the auditorium was unlocked.

The place was deserted, which wasn’t unusual for a Wednesday night in February. Derek said nothing. He just followed the boys, confident in what they were doing and getting excited for something new.

They got to the auditorium and Aidan pushed slightly on the door. It didn’t budge, so he pushed it harder. No good. It was locked. “Damn! I was really hoping this would be open tonight,” Aidan said.

“Well, shit — I can open that thing if you want,” Derek announced. Both boys turned travesti istanbul and looked at him with confusion and surprise.

“How?” Aidan asked. “You have a key?”

“No man, you don’t need a key,” answered Derek. “Move. I’ll show you.” The boys backed up and allowed Derek access to the two large doors. He grab the handle of the left door and pulled up on it until a faint clicking sound was heard. Then Derek pushed open the door with a huge smile as he waved his friends inside.

On the other side, when the door was closed, Aidan spoke up immediately. “How the hell did you do that?”

Moving into a corner and away from the light, all you could initially see were Derek’s teeth as he smiled. “A guy taught me that last year. He used to work with campus security and this was where we would come to…um…hide and toke it up.”

Aidan clapped his friend on the back. “Fuck yeah — that’s awesome. And now, you’re even more our best friend!”

They walked down the side aisle single file with Aidan in the lead. When they got to the front, Aidan hopped up on the tiny platform and made an announcement. “In honor of our birthdays, I think we should make this a very memorable experience.”

“There’s a fucking surprise,” Logan chirped in.

Derek laughed. “What do you have in mind?”

Aidan dramatically cleared his throat and announced his plans. “Well…we have a perfectly good stage here and since it’s well past midnight I don’t think we’ll be disturbed. So, let’s put on a little show. A strip tease perhaps. Set the mood and get the party started.”

Derek smiled widely as Logan chuckled. But they both nodded their heads in agreement.

“Excellent!” Aidan exclaimed. “Naturally, since it was my idea, I’ll go first.”

As Logan and Derek took seats in the front row, Aidan stood up and readied for his inaugural performance. Even after everyone’s eyes had adjusted to the dark, Aidan was just barely visible but it didn’t matter. Each of the boys were horny and ready for play.

Aidan started to sway his hips slowly as Derek and Logan quietly called out words of encouragement.

“Shake that thing,” Derek said. “Take it all off baby — nice and slow.”

“Come on — show us what you got,” added Logan.

Gradually, Aidan stripped naked as he tossed his clothes all about as if throwing out each piece to an imaginary crowd of adoring fans. Finally, he knelt down at the front of the stage and started playing with his stiff cock as if it was the neck of an electric guitar and he was giving the performance of a lifetime.

When he was finished, Derek and Logan whispered out cheers of enthusiasm and quiet claps of approval. Aidan stood, bowed, and jumped off the stage as his hard cock bounced off his stomach. “Who’s next?”

“I’m going,” Derek stated, rising quickly from his chair.

Switching positions, Aidan flopped down next to Logan and played with his dick as Derek hopped on stage. Without any hesitation on his part and looking full of excitement, Derek started his strip tease — and he copied Aidan by tossing his clothes one by one into an unseen audience.

The last piece of clothing was his underwear, and when Derek yanked those down his beautiful brown cock jutted out before him like a large dagger as Aidan and Logan applauded.

“Jesus Christ, dude,” Aidan gasped. “That thing is awesome.”

“I know it!” Derek laid down on his stomach, his ass pumping up and down as he started humping the stage.

Rising quickly from his seat, Aidan hopped up and squatted over Derek. He slid his dick back and forth in Derek’s ass crack while Logan quietly whistled from his seat.

Derek rolled over and the two boys began wrestling and tickling one another on stage as Logan laughed out loud — it sure was a whole lot of fun to just play around naked sometimes.

After several minutes, the two boys untangled themselves and turned to Logan. “Seems like you’re still dressed,” Derek said.

“Yeah — time for you to get naked my friend,” Aidan added.

Logan rose and walked up on stage as Derek and Aidan took seats, tugging on their pricks for good measure. For a brief moment Logan thought about how far he had come over the last couple of years. When he had first met Aidan, he never could have imagined showing his dick to another guy. Now, here he was on stage about to strip naked not only for Aidan but another guy as well. Then he smiled, realizing just how much fun he was having.

As with the other two boys, Logan took his clothes off piece by piece, swaying and swinging his body around the stage before throwing it into the seats. When he had stripped completely naked, Logan got on his knees and started jerking off. He was so horny at that moment that he wanted release just as soon as possible, and apparently the other two boys felt the same way as they hopped back up on stage and started beating their meat together.

The three of them knelt together in a circle so they could look at each other. Hands tugged on stiff pricks as grunts of pleasure took over. In no time at all, one after the other busted their nut through panted breaths and soft moans. Aidan spewed first, followed closely by Logan when Derek thrust his hips forward as semen squirted out his massive pole to land on top of the other boys’ mess.

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An Encounter at Dusk

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There’s a public boat launch with a parking lot across the Mississippi River from St. Paul that’s also a popular cruising spot because of its relative seclusion and nearby trails.Almost any time of day can be a good time for an quick anonymous connection to trade oral favors, give a handjob, or find a partner who will bend over and offer his well-lubed ass.

I often stop by the boat launch area, every couple of weeks or so, My stops are almost always during the daytime, but a few summers ago I had the rare opportunity to visit one evening at dusk. The boat launch is a short drive off Lilydale Road, and once you reach the parking lot, the usual practice is to drive slowly down to the boat launch itself, and return to the parking lot for a slow circle or two. There’s always at least one car parked near the far end, by the woods and trailheads, and often a few cars.

The particular evening I’m writing about, there were several cars at the far end of the lot, and as I slowly drove by I could see drivers in a couple of them. No one was visible in other vehicles, and I guessed their owners were in the woods.

At the end of the lot was a parked car, and the owner stood beside it smoking a cigarette. I nodded and smiled as I inched by him, then slowly swung my car around and eased into a spot nearby. I turned off my engine, released my seat belt, sat back for a moment, then opened my car door and leisurely got out.

Making sure that he had noticed me, I stretched my back, then discretely rubbed my crotch–the entire set of behaviors to make it obvious I was there for adventure. Our cars were parked less than 20 feet apart, and it was easy to see that he was watching with interest.

“Nice evening,” I said as I slowly sauntered his way.

“Feels good after a warm day to relax in the cool of the evening,” he replied.

This is the proscribed way to begin an encounter, with conversation. We chatted for several minutes about the rain last week, baseball and the Twins’ prospects, and a few other general subjects. We watched as two men discretely stepped from a trail by the edge of the woods about a hundred feet away. Each man went to one of the empty cars I had seen as I circled the lot a few minutes earlier. They got in and drove away. By then, most of the other cars had left as well.

“I’m usually not here this time of evening,” I said, guiding our conversation istanbul travesti to the matter at hand. “I usually am only able to come during the day.”

“It’s been a little quiet tonight–there are usually a few more cars this time of night,” he replied. “I was about to head home myself just before you came.”

I guessed my companion was about 60, a few years younger than I. He was clean-shaven, about my height and weight, and (like me) carried a few extra pounds.

We were standing by his car, two guys conversing with one another. The driver-side door of his car was open, toward the woods, and any driver passing by on a circle of the parking lot could see only our heads and shoulders. His car shielded us from full view.

“What are you looking for?” he asked, finally getting to the point.

“A blowjob,” I replied.

“I can do that,” he said. “You give head too?”

Of course I do–but I like to keep my options open until I’m confident the situation is right.

“Maybe,” I replied.

Both of us were still a bit cautious, even though it was completely evident we were interested in some sort of sexual exchange. How can it be more obvious than it was at that moment, when both of us stood facing one another, slowly stroking our crotches.

After looking around for a final quick survey of the parking lot, I unzipped my pants and fished out my cock. He did the same. Together, we slowly stroked our cocks.

“Nice cock,” I said, eying his stiff cock, about seven inches long.

“Yours too,” he said, licking his lips, perhaps unconsciously. After a few moments, he reached over with his left hand and took hold of my cock, which was approximately the same size as his. He ran his fingers up and down the length of it, jacking me slowly. I did the same with his cock.

Without saying anything, he bent down and took my cock in his warm, wet mouth, then slowly began to bob his mouth up and down my shaft. I moaned with pleasure and leaned back against his car. The dusk had nearly turned to dark and we now were alone in the parking lot.

The pleasure of his lips and mouth on my cock was divine and I was greatly enjoying the blowjob he was giving me, though I was not yet near to cumming. After a few minutes of pleasure, I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Let me do you too.”

He rose and I bent just as he had. I took istanbul travestileri his cock in my mouth, running my tongue up and down the length of it and around the head., then opened my mouth and fully and took nearly the full length of it in my mouth. I wanted to return the pleasure he had given me. I heard him moan softly and I tasted salty precum on the tip of his dick.

Just as I was beginning to bob my mouth up and down his cock, a set of headlights appeared at the far end of the parking lot. The car drove down to the boat launch, then a moment or two returned to circle the parking lot. Even though we were shielded by his car, both of us were cautious lest the slowly approaching vehicle be a cop.

I let his cock slip from my lips and stood up beside him as the car came our direction. Whoever the driver of the car was, we would appear to be two guys parked at the far end of the lot, just chatting in the gathering darkness before heading home for the evening.

It was soon apparent that the driver of the car slowly coming toward us was not a cop but likely just another hopeful guy looking for fun. I nodded as he passed us. Since my new friend and I were shielded by his car, he could not see that we stood with half-stiff cocks hanging out of our pants. Neither of us had zipped up, and both of us now leisurely stroked ourselves. We watched the driver slowly depart from the lot.

Alone once more, we turned to one another again and lightly grasped each other’s cock. I can’t speak for my companion, but for me this is such an intimate act–two guys tenderly fondling one another, each of us giving the other pleasure, each of us feeling the pleasure of the other’s fingers as we stroke one another. In this intimacy of pleasure, neither of us spoke. Instead, our faces and quickened breath expressed the bliss we both felt.

My friend gazed into face closely, then slowly leaned closer. I easily recognized this as the beginning move of another act of even greater intimacy between two men. For a long time, kissing another man was out of bounds for me. I was completely willing to suck his cock, but I was repulsed by the prospect of kissing him, letting him probe my lips with his tongue, slide his tongue inside my mouth, or for me to out my tongue in his mouth. But that reticence was now in the past for me. Nowadays, I don’t kiss every man as we share a travesti istanbul mutual handjob or trade blowjobs. But when the moment seems right, I kiss men with genuine erotic pleasure.

On the evening I am describing, the moment did indeed seem right. I parted my lips slightly, and our tongues languidly intertwined softly as we continued to stroke one another’s cock. I felt electric waves of pleasure all over my shuddering body.

My friend pulled back slightly and moaned softly.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispered quietly.

And then I felt his cock pulse and spasm as he shot a spurt of warm cum over my fingers and the palm of my hand. I continued to softly, gently, lightly massage the tip of his cum-covered cock, knowing that his pleasure would be prolonged. I learned this from a guy who did just this to me, even though I thought my cock was too sensitive for him to continue.

“Just stay with it,” he had urged me. “This is how to make it last longer.”

He was right, and now I was passing the gift to another man as we stood together in the darkness by his car.

After a few moments, he relaxed, and I let go of his softening cock..

“Are you close?” he asked me, and I nodded. “Yes,” I replied.

He stroked my cock for a few moments, then to my delight bent and once again took my cock in his mouth. I felt a wave of pleasure as my cock released a bit of precum. With my hard cock in his mouth and his right hand tenderly fondly my balls, I felt his left hand slide into my pants to caress my butt. Then he worked a finger into my ass and I felt the approaching pleasure just before That Moment.

“Oh!” I gasped. “Here it comes!”

And with that I spurted cum into his mouth. He held his mouth still on my cock a moment as he savored and then swallowed my cum. Then he slowly licked me clean.

He rose and we smiled at one another, both of us satisfied and spent.

“Thank you,” I said quietly.

“I enjoyed it too,” he replied.

We looked at one another for a moment or so longer. I leaned closer to him–yet another act of intimacy. He responded by parting his lips and leaning toward me. As our lips touched and tongues played, I tasted my own cum.

Our post-pleasure kiss lasted only a moment. Then we straightened our clothing, making sure our pants were zipped.

“I hope to see you again,” I said as I started to return to my own car.

“Me too!” he replied. “I’m usually here in the evening when I’m able to get away.”

I drove away in the darkness feeling completely satisfied by the summer evening’s encounter in the parking lot by the boat launch off Lilydale Road.

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The Prodigal and the Pack Pt. 03

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The Prodigal and the Pack: Chapter Three


Part One: Zack

After stuffing my face with waffles and bacon, I headed back to my dorm. It was just before noon, and my roommate was out, so I figured I’d take a nap before working on some homework. After plugging in my drained cell phone, I stripped down to my briefs and crawled into my bed. But I guess I had drank too much coffee, because I couldn’t get sleepy. I laid there staring at the ceiling for about half an hour.

After I realized I wasn’t going to be able to sleep, I got out my phone and goofed around a bit. I sent a text message to my mom, checked out some pictures from the party on social media. And since I didn’t hook up with anyone before I got wasted, I hit up a couple of porn sites and started giving myself a little action.

I’m a healthy red-blooded American gay. I like porn. And I don’t have any particular hang ups when it comes to sex, other than I haven’t had enough of it. I mean, I’ve hooked up with a few guys in my life, mostly for oral or hand jobs. I’ve only ever fucked one guy, and only ever been fucked once. I definitely enjoy anal though. I have a few fun toys that have helped me in my sexual education.

So yeah, I was just starting to get into it, my eight inches feeling good, precum starting to flow, when there was a knock on my door.

FUCK! It never fails.

“Just a minute!” I yelled as I pulled up my briefs and grabbed a pair of sweat pants. After making sure I didn’t have too much of a noticeable bulge, I looked through the peephole to see who was at the door. I was surprised to see a large county sheriff standing in the hallway.

Shit. My brain went on the fritz for a second and I froze. There was a cop outside my door! Was I in trouble? My ass is defiantly too sexy for jail.

I collected myself and opened the door just enough to talk.

“Hello,” I said lamely. “Can I help you?”

The large, considerably handsome man smiled. “Hello there. Are you Zack Wilson?”

Shit. Got to play it cool. “Yes I am.”

“I’m Sheriff Connor Sinclair, I’d like to ask you a few questions about what happened last night.”


“Um, am I in trouble?”

“No, Zack. Not at all. I just want to ask some questions about last night.”

“Oh, ok. Hang on a sec.”

I took a quick glance around the room to make sure there wasn’t anything that could get me arrested (its a dorm room, its not out of the realm of possibility), then I opened the door. “Come on in.”

So I just gotta say, the peep hole didn’t do the sheriff justice. When I opened the door he stepped forward into the door frame. He looked like he was in his late 30s, or early 40s, His hair was dark, almost black. His eyes were what you could probably get away with calling smoldering. And of course he had a square jaw covered with a dark scruff that looked one day istanbul travesti away from being a full beard. He was tall, with broad shoulders and chest. His uniform fit him like it was painted on. So while my brain was afraid I was about to go to jail, my dick was thinking about an evening in handcuffs with the sexy sheriff.

I walked over to the bed and sat down. Hot Sheriff closed the door behind him but stayed on the far side of my dorm room. I saw him gently stiff the air. Probably expecting it to reek of the devil’s lettuce. No such luck, Johnny Five-O!

“Thank you Zack. Sorry to barge in on you like this. I know you had a rough one. But I was hoping you could tell me about what happened last night at the party.”

“There’s not much to tell. I went to a party, had a few too many drinks, got lost in the woods, and passed out.”

The sheriff smiled. “That sounds like a pretty short version of events. Can you give me the long one?”

“I”m not sure there is much more to it, sir. Am I in trouble for that?”

The sheriff shook his head. “You aren’t in any trouble. The hospital said they had concerns that you might have ingested a spiked drink. I’m friends with the property owners. They are very nice people who happen to be my distant neighbors. They just want to know if there was something criminal going on.”

“Okay,” I sighed. “For what it’s worth, there wasn’t any shady characters or anything. Just a bunch of college kids. What do you want to know?”

“Just, tell me what happened when you got to the party.”

“Well, I went with my friend Jessica. We arrived on a bus they were running from campus. We got a drink together. The music was good, and I was dancing. It was my first real college party.”

I looked up, and Connor the sheriff had taken a step into the room. Damn, he was sexy. Classic BnB: Bulge in the front, and Bubble in the back. A real muscle daddy.

No! Don’t focus on the sexiness. That’s how they get you to slip up and confess to kidnapping the Lindberg baby.

“Then what?”

“Well, it was mostly performing arts students. We were having a good time. I mean, I was pretty good until we did shots. That was a mistake.”

“Not the first time I’ve heard that,” the older man laughed. Sexy. It was a deep, full laugh, like a lumberjack gargling thunder. Dammit, ignore the sexy, focus on the staying out of jail.

“Anyway, I had to pee so made way way out into the woods. I wasn’t thinking straight. I remember getting lost and wandering around. I don’t really remember how long. Then at some point I passed out.”

“And that’s where they found you? Where you were passed out?”

“No…”. It slipped out. Something about this man had me spilling my guts. What the hell? That’s what I get for focusing on the sexy.

“You woke up before they found you?”

“I don’t remember.”

“You just said istanbul travestileri that they didn’t find you where you passed out.”

“I guess woke up once. I remember I tried my phone but it was dead. Then I remember seeing people coming toward me.”

“Did you see any strange people around, or strange wildlife in the woods?”

I looked up with a start. At some point, the sheriff and crossed the room. He was just a few feet away now. “W-what?”

“The hospital said that you were talking about wolves. Did you see something in the woods?”

I looked down at spot on the floor. “Nope. I didn’t see anything.”

“Are you sure? We have some pretty unusual wildlife around here.”

It tried to laugh. “Nope. Just my drunk ass passing out in the woods.”

The sheriff smiled and nodded. “Okay, Zack. Thanks for your time.” He took a card out the front shirt pocket of that too tight uniform. “If you do think of anything else, give me a call.”

I reached for the card, and for a moment, my fingers brushed his. That’s when all hell broke loose.

Part Two: The Sinclairs

Billy Sinclair woke up slowly. He glanced over at the clock on his night stand and saw that it was just past noon. He stretched, muscles a little sore from the previous night’s exertions. Full moon runs were always more vigorous than regular runs. He thought back to last night, when his wolf led him through the forrest. The sounds of the night, the moonlight shining through the branches, and the sense of peace that comes from being one with his wolf. There was nothing like it.

Billy loved being a werewolf. They all did, but Billy recognized that they all had different reasons. His dad loved the power. He was an Alpha. It didn’t matter if he was in wolf or human form. His dad walked in a room and people immediately recognized a born leader. His brother Eddie loved the strength. As an athlete, he loved pushing his body to the extreme, and his wolf was no different. For Billy, what he loved about being werewolf wasn’t the strength or power. Billy loved the connection to nature. He loved being able to enter the natural world in a profoundly spiritual way that no other human could.

Of course, there were lots of benefits to being a werewolf. Sharpened sense of smell, improved vision, strength, and increased sex drive. Billy was always horny after a run. He reached down and fondled his cock. He needed to get off.

Billy had gotten home first last night, before his brother or his father. For some reason, he had crashed early. Normally after a good run, they would all end up at home together, finding fun ways to blow off steam. Billy smiled at the thought. His family was unusual in many ways, not the least of which was their unique sexual activities. Billy took a minute to wonder what his brother and father had gotten up to after he fell asleep. Guess he had better travesti istanbul go find out.

He didn’t bother to get dressed. He wandered naked down the hallway and peeked in his father’s room. It was empty. As was his brothers. He was starting to get concerned when he heard soft snoring coming from the living room.

Billy made his way into the room to discover his brother, fully dressed, crashed out on the sofa. He took a moment to contemplate his older brother, Eddie. Both boys had dark hair and eyes like their father. But Eddie was built thicker, with more muscle that Billy. Billy was taller, but more slender. There were other physical differences too. Billy’s cock was slightly longer than his brothers, but not as thick. Something both boys liked to throw into each others faces at every opportunity.

Billy was still horny. Staring down at his brother, a sexy idea occurred to him. He smiled, wondering how far he could go before his brother woke up realized what was happening. He slowly made his way to the sofa, and carefully began to unbutton his brother’s jeans. He could feel Eddie’s bulge, and knew that his brother was already half hard. Thankfully he had boxers on, and Billy was able to slowly ease Eddie’s half-hard cock out into view. Billy’s mouth was watering. His own nine inches was aching for release. But first, he wanted to suck his brother’s eight and half down his throat. He knelt on the floor beside the sofa and slowly began tonguing his brothers shaft. In seconds, Eddie was fully hard. Eddie let out a low groan.

Billy wrapped his lips around the tip of Eddie’s cock, licking the precum that had quickly gathered at the tip. Billy loved the way his brother tasted. He began to slowly work his way down, taking his brother deep into his throat.

Eddie groaned again, mumbling something incoherent. Somehow he was still asleep. He must have had some night, Billy thought. He worked his lips up and down, slowly stroking his brother with his mouth. With his free hand, Billy stroked his own hard cock, and wondered if he could get Eddie to cum in his sleep.

Suddenly Eddie moaned again,”Yes, Zack, don’t stop!”

Billy’s eyes opened with surprise. Zack? He didn’t want to disturb his brother’s dream, so he kept sucking: deeper, harder. His brother’s hand made its way down to Billy’s head, guiding him down the thick cock. Billy was getting close, and he knew his brother was too. He must have woke up, because at that moment he cried out, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

Eddie’s thick, salty cum flooded Billy’s mouth. At the same time, his own orgasm sent his load into his hand and onto his naked chest and stomach. Billy worked his brother’s cock until the last drops were licked clean. He looked up at his brother, who was most definitely awake now.

“Good morning.”

Eddie was still panting. “Damn, that’s a fun way to wake up, bro.”

“Yes it is.” Billy licked a drop of cum from his lips. “So…who is Zack?”

Eddie shook his head. “Great fucking question and a long fucking story.”

Eddie then rolled off the sofa on top of his naked brother, and began to lick up his spilled spunk.

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My Straight Jock Slave

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Big Tits

There are some moments when a man must ponder his life. I’m certainly lucky, and I feel my luck daily- somehow, karmically, I think to maintain this great lucky streak I need to constantly remind myself how exactly I got here.

I’m speaking specifically about my relationship with my boyfriend, Trent. We are certainly a couple of contrasts. I’m a bit smaller, a bit more petite, a little more iberian in my skin and hair tone- he’s a giant, small-town football player all-American type. Blonde hair and blue eyes and shy grin. I’ve known him since high school, and he’s certainly one of the most loyal and devoted partners anyone could ask for. I see in the eyes of my friends, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, that they desire him, or at least appreciate his image. My domestic, masculine, beautiful, deferrant and respectful, socially adept and just slightly sassy partner in life. What most of them don’t know is that I actually crafted this image. Like an artist with a wet lump of clay, every appealing aspect of this man was lovingly hand-crafted by me through a process of dedication and skill, and a bit of luck.

I met him when we were young, both just 18, and about to graduate school and attend a local community college. He was straight, back then. He still is straight, at least he says, when I bother to ask him how he feels about things. A defensive end on the football team, member of a regional championship winning group of boys. He’d probably never noticed me before, I was just a young slender effete boy who existed at the very edge of his social sphere. I knew some girls who had slept with him, who swore by his tender, masculine affections. They claimed he had a giant cock, and strong, rough hands, which could bring any girl to her knees in seconds. They were charmed by his simple, well-meaning personality, which concealed a sort of animal intelligence that could only be perceived through his strategic decisions on the field and in a few of his classes. The boy was simply not manipulative, and didn’t worry too much about the ulterior motives of others. The world had been kind to him. I would be kind to him, too, but first he would have to earn my kindness.

I made my move at a graduation party at a mutual friends’ parents’ house. He’d had a few beers, I’d had a few beers. Experimentation at this age is common. We made out in my shitty old 90s stick shift car. I was bursting from my pants and, when I reached over to his crotch, found he was still quite limp.

“Sorry,” he said at the time. “I guess I’m not all that into this. You’re really nice though, thanks for trying this out with me.”

I laughed, and said “no big deal, it happens. Hey, before you go- do you think you could help me with this? I know you’re not into it but it would be really hot for me if you’d just suck my cock for a second.”

He contemplated for a second and then shrugged. “Sure!”

I unzipped my dick, which was not all that big or impressive, and gently pulled his face down onto it. He tentatively licked it while I jerked off, and came quickly onto his face.

“Whoops. Let’s get that off of you.”

I gingerly cleaned his face with the paper towels and sent him on his way.

By sheer happenstance, we ended up at the same school. He pursued engineering while I pursued business. Despite the awkwardness of our initial encounter, we still managed to get along, and became friends after a few weeks at school. One evening, after a few beers back at my place, we talked about our last hook-up.

“Yeah I don’t know,” he said, “I’m pretty sure I’m straight. Like, I can appreciate that you’re a good almanbahis looking person in a general sense, but I don’t think I’m attracted to men in a sexual way. Like, giving you that blowjob-“

He broke off his statement and I laughed.

“You call that a blowjob? You just licked my cock a little bit. You’re lucky I was so turned on having you to myself or I probably wouldn’t even have cum.”

He looked down, turning red.

“Well, I didn’t get turned on with the blowjob per se, but after I went home the thought of sucking your dick just because you wanted me to, I felt so dirty that I got really hard and jerked off like three times. I think I might just like doing stuff that I don’t like to do, if that makes sense.”

I had sensed this in him all along, and it’s why I put so much effort into our friendship to begin with. I knew this was my chance.

“Oh, it makes sense. You’re a submissive. Doesn’t make you gay or straight or anything, you just know that you’re supposed to be used by others, and you know a man could use you best. Here, let’s try something. Kneel down.”

The color which had previously darkened his pale, scandinavian complexion drained away, but he did as he was told. A true sub. I was almost giddy, but restrained my emotions and said.

“Just lick my shoe. That’s all.”

He leaned forward and started licking my black leather oxford, which was relatively clean.

“You like this?”

He grunted an affirmative, and I pulled my shoe away.

“OK, so you’re probably turned on right now. Why don’t you jerk off for me, I think you’re going to like it.”

As if in a trance, clearly deep in whatever part of his mind led him to be such an easily molded toy by me, he unstrapped his thick leather belt and pulled down his blue jeans. His cock was about seven inches, cut, with a petal-pink head proudly standing forward. He was rock hard and already glistening with precum. I took my shoe off.

“OK. Sit back on your heels, I’m going to put my foot on your face. You can jack off and cum. Just see it as me returning the favor.”

I watched him jerk it, waiting for a precise moment. He didn’t lick my feet, just held them on his face. He was starting to kiss them, and the precum was flowing freely, when I could tell he was in the final stages of his masturbation and getting ready to blow his load.

“Hold on. I want you to suck my cock. Can you kind of take it in and suck it this time?”

He was too turned on to say no. I started gently but progressed to fucking his face while he jerked off- thankfully I was too turned on to last very long, and I came in his mouth. He held my cum in his mouth for a little while, cutely wondering what to do with it. I laughed, and said “go ahead and swallow it.” As he did, he came a massive load onto the floor.

“Let’s get that cleaned up,” I said, and fetched some paper towels from my kitchen.

This progressed over the years, eventually to an outside eye it would appear that we were dating. Few knew that my naturally sadistic and manipulative nature were the key to this straight boy’s heart. I kept things sweet for the first few months, letting him think that his acts of submission, licking my feet and sucking my cock, were favors I was doing for him, rooted in my unique understanding of his submissive nature. I helped him progress to deep throating and toe sucking by every once in a while diminishing his opinion of his skills, letting him know that he was not measuring up. Whenever he expanded his repertoire, he came especially hard. I also encouraged him to start lifting more and eating more healthy, lean protein- almanbahis giriş increasing his muscularity bit by bit thanks in part to his dedication and in part to the massive testosterone clearly latent in his early-twenties frame. I was more into cardio.

During these initial stages, while at parties or school events, girls would still come up to him. I’d see him get excited and start chatting with them, maybe hoping one of these connections would blossom into a relationship. Without his knowledge, I would chat with these girls, and let them know he was mine. Then I’d beat his ass with a stick or a whip, and tell him all about these girls’ reactions when they learned what a little cocksucker bottom bitch he was. Soon whenever a girl came to chat with him, he cast a deferential glance in my direction. Sometimes I’d allow him to talk to them, other times I’d shake my head. Just depended on my mood.

Throughout all of this I knew that he still jerked off to straight porn while alone at his dorm, mostly femdom but occasionally just vanilla straight stuff. My little kinkster was blossoming as a sub, but would need continued guidance. I knew this because we’d incorporated confessions into our humiliating rituals.

Over the years I simply escalated this process. We got an apartment together after college, as “roommates-” I leveraged this position predictably. It never felt quite right that my sub had a significantly bigger cock than me, so I introduced chastity play. Chastity devices are tough, and probably shouldn’t be worn for very long, but a few modifications made his chastity a bit more permanent. We started with a smooth chain around his hips which kept the cage close to his body, and in a particularly horned-up state even got him some a prince albert piercing and a gauche piercing which could be incorporated into a more complete and integrated chastity model, now fastened to his very body. This adjustment, plus a porn-blocker on our home wifi, put an end to his straight porn habits, and his habits of cumming regularly at all.

By this time we’d escalated his boundaries for humiliation significantly- I’d sat on that beautiful face more times than I could count, and he kept his blonde whiskers shaved throughout the week so I would have a smooth seat. He continued his muscle-gaining, and managed to get an engineering job which would allow him to work from home- so we removed most of his clothes from his wardrobe, as he only needed them when headed out on social visits or shopping. Of course I still let my submissive have his gratification- he was perfectly allowed to jerk off once a week, on Sunday afternoons. After taking care of my needs he would politely ask me to remove his chastity device, which I’d often oblige. His procedure was then to fetch one of my shoes and sniff it while he jerked off at my feet. The idea was to develop a pavlovian response to the smell of my sweat, which seemed to work after a while- this was confirmed a few times while he was caged, when I’d have him lick and suck my toes, he’d strain against the metal boundaries and dribble his precum particularly hard.

With rigorous training and psychological manipulation, we eventually toned down his chances to orgasm by jerking off. He’s generally allowed to cum from anal, as long as he asks first, and it’s become the primary way my sub gets his gratification. Last year, he came from jerking off once or twice. I still care though, at one point I even let him jerk off to a picture of a naked woman. I know he could barely see it around my shoe covering his nose and mouth, but he really seemed to enjoy it. That orgasm was for almanbahis yeni giriş completing his domestic training, and proving his worth serving a dinner party for my friends. No one knew he was my slave, but all were struck by his delicious cooking, immaculate service, and princely hosting skills.

We also got to work on his nipples- he has learned to respond to suction and pinching play, and recently got them pierced. We’re going to ratchet up the gauge of those piercings until he has some nice thick slave rings.

As I ponder my history with this man, I look down at him. He’s on his back with his head resting on the couch, hands crossed behind his lower back, the rest of his body on full display in front of me. I’m sitting on his face, and his long dextrous tongue is deep in my asshole, like it is almost every night nowadays. The TV in front of me plays some erotic film, and I’m jerking off. His pierced slave nips are currently getting sucked into some nipple suction devices, and his cock is straining against his cage, as usual, likely responding to the smell of my sweat and musk. The cage is significantly smaller than the one we started with a few years ago. So much meat crammed into such a little container. The thought of how far I’ve taken this straight man, how far I plan to go with him, excites me too much and I cum onto his perfectly muscular, marble-white chest. Some of my load even made it onto his abs.

“Let’s get this cleaned up,” I say as I rise off of his face. I reach over to one of my used socks from the day and wipe my cum off of his chest, wipe his saliva from between my asscheeks and off of his face. He knows what to do and opens his mouth wide, I shove the sock into his mouth.

“Thnk you mrftr,” he says humbly.

“Of course, sweety. Hey, how long has it been since you’ve cum?”

He thinks. “Jft a frw dayve mftr”

Thankfully, I speak sock-ese. “You want to show me how you cum?”

His eyes light up, “Yf Pleve mftr!”

“OK, go get Jumbo and show me how you cum.”

I admire his perky bubble butt, earned by years of squatting and hip thrusting heavy weight, as he skampers to our closet and pulls out our massive, eleven inch long, three inch diameter suction cup dildo. He hands it to me and I stick it to the floor in front of my chair. I squirt some lube on the dong. He turns around and bends over, allowing me to pull the large butt plug out of his ass.

“You’re straight, right?”

This is a little part of our ritual. It solidifies his humiliation and reminds him of his deep submission and cravings for complete domination.

He looks down. “Yef fir”

“Just checking. Go!”

With sock in mouth, dick in cage, and pierced nips in suction cups, my slave assumes his cumming position. He can cum from my dick, but this is how I like to watch him do it sometimes. He puts his hands on his head and squats over Jumbo, easing his now not-so-tight hold onto it, and begins to bounce. After a few minutes he’s got a steady stream of precum dripping out of his locked up, straining nub.

“Go ahead and change positions, I want to see my boy cum.”

His hands go behind him and support him in leaning back on the dick, now directly ramming it into his prostate. I can tell from his grunts that he’s enjoying himself and getting ready to blow his slave load.

“Before you cum- you’re straight, right?”

“Yef fir! Yef fir! Yef fir!”

“OK. Do you love me?”

“Yef fir! Yef fir! Yef fir!”

“Good boy. I love you too. You can cum.”

He sits down hard on the dong and his whole body shakes, a steady stream of thick white cum dribbles out of the hole in his chastity device and onto the floor.

“Mmmmmm fank you fir, agh luf you fir!”

“Let’s get this cleaned up.”

He took the sock out of his mouth, placed his face on the ground, and started licking.

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Hypnotic Erosion Ch. 02

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Doctor Reed loved home visits. Not only these cases were usually the most interesting ones, but the paycheck was amazing. At the doors, he was greeted by two brothers. The older one was more of a free spirit. He had tattoos on his neck and arm, was wearing a sleeveless shirt, had intense, spikey hair and earrings. The other brother was his opposite. He looked like he ran over here straight from a business meeting. His shirt and tie were out of the most expensive shop in town.

“Thank you for coming,” the free spirited guy said, allowing Phillip in.

“No, no. Thank you, Mr. Wyatt.” A man and Doctor Reed exchanged a handshake.

“Please, come on in to the living room.”

The brothers were clearly anxious about something, which falsified their usual, everyday confidence. Phillip read them both as men of success. He had a difficulty coming up with a theory on what kind of help they could be expecting.

“So, what is it that I can help you with?” Doctor Reed smiled in an encouraging way.

“Well… I don’t even know where to start…” the guy with tattoos started clumsily. Phillip tried to remember what name did he introduce himself with… Jesse, was it? “We want to ask you an unusual favor…”

“Mr. Wyatt, allow me to jump into your word and make this conversation much swifter,” Phillip said. “I think both of you chose me for my mastery of hypnosis, but also because you know that I’m eager to apply it in a rather unconventional, not necessarily legal or morally acceptable way. And you’re right, that’s exactly what I do. So please, be open about your needs, speak without shame; I helped a lot of patients already. Don’t hesitate to be straightforward about what you need done.”

“Okay, thank you for that, Doc. The thing is, we have a younger step-brother that we’re both… well… we’re both sexually attracted to…” First he hesitated, then paused, like expecting a judgement there.

Phillip didn’t even flinch, but this introduction made him sure that this would be an incredibly boring case. Two brothers attracted to the younger one, boohoo, “please, hypnotize that desire away…”

“Continue,” Doctor Reed decided to finally say something, as Jesse just wouldn’t continue without it, expecting some form of lynch.

“Okay, so… we would like to know, if there would be some possibility… for you to do something… so that…”

“We want to ask, if you could hypnotize our younger brother, so that he doesn’t remember getting railed by us,” the other brother joined in, out of the sudden, making the swift question Phillip was hoping for from the start.

Doctor Reed openly smiled. In relation to that, terror showed on Jesse’s face.

“You, Misters, just became my favorite clients,” Phillip said, while changing his position in a chair to a more comfortable one. “How young is your brother?”

“He will be nineteen this Friday.”

“Perfect. I have an open schedule in Monday. But I would like to make a small adjustment to your original plan. It appears you want to satisfy your desires during his trance, yes?”

“If that’s possible,” Jesse replied.

“It is, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This is a very primitive way of reaching your goal. I personally would suggest one that’s much more elegant and that could be repeated by you, whenever you like it. I could create a loop in your brother’s mind, a trigger of trance that you could turn on and off, at your will. His memories created after you trigger his trance would be completely wiped, giving you an opportunity to play out all of your fantasies.”

“That almanbahis sounds like a lot more permanent solution,” Jesse admitted, clearly interested.

“We would be interested,” the other brother assured. Phillip remembered that his name was Jacob.

“I have a question, though,” Jesse regained voice. “I don’t mean to sound like a psycho… but will this trance still work if he gets… well, let’s say, beaten a little bit?”

“Mr. Wyatt, you don’t have to worry about sounding like a psycho. I believe we three are very much alike. My apartment is full of slave boys that I’m quite violent with, when necessary. And to answer your question, no amount of violence can break through this trance.”

“It’s important to us, because despite our shameful desires, we still do love our brother,” Jacob said. “That’s why he can’t remember anything from that encounter.”

“He won’t, you can be sure of that. But there are some things to consider. If you leave love marks or bruises on his body, he will be confused as to how he got them. If this repeats, he might even go to a doctor, who will warn him that they’re of external origin. So I would personally advise to focus the most intense tortures on his butt, nipples or feet, body parts somewhat conventional for BDSM, that can take that additional damage without becoming too visible. Another thing: if you plan longer sessions, it should be happening in the night time, when he would be normally sleeping. It’s important, because when his memory will be wiped, he will consider this as sleeping time. If he will have 8 hours of night sleep and then 4 hours of fake sleep during the day, he will become depressed and confused. If you love your brother, it’s probably something you should avoid.”

“Will he be… conscious after triggering that trance by us?” Jesse asked, shyly.

“Well, that depends. Do you want him to be conscious? It’s all about your preference, really. He won’t remember any of it anyway.”

The brothers exchanged a stare.

“We want him to be scared and surprised every time we’re doing this to him,” Jesse revealed, again with deep shame. “So that he begs for mercy and tries to run away…”

“Then that’s exactly how we will arrange this. Do you have any additional questions or requests?”

“We probably do, but none that we could recall at the moment.”

“Well, you know my phone number. So, bring your brother to me on Monday. Use whatever excuse you want, it won’t matter. The moment he’s in my office, we will overpower him and handcuff to a chair. Then you will be free to witness the spectacle of your brother’s mind being dominated.”


On Monday, Phillip came to work late. He was so comfortable lying in bed, cuddled in warmth of his three sexy twinks, that he just couldn’t bring himself to wake up. But the day was busy.

“Doctor Reed, your patient is already waiting inside,” Peter the receptionist said, the moment Phillip has entered. “It would be wise to hurry up. I’ve heard weird noises coming from the inside.”

“No worry, it’s all expected.”

Inside of his office, Jesse and Jacob took seats on the couch, while their brother was handcuffed to a chair. His mouth was duct-taped and his eyes were full of fear and confusion.

“Welcome. Sorry for being late, the streets are jammed.” Phillip exchanged handshake with the brothers and then focused on the boy. “I see you took good care of your brother. What’s his name?”

“Henry,” Jesse answered, looking away through the window.

“So, Henry,” Phillip sat almanbahis giriş in his chair, located directly in front of the boy. “No worries, nothing bad is going to happen. I’m going to remove that real quick…” He pulled the duct tape off of boy’s mouth, trying his best to reduce the pain coming from this.

“Let me go!” the boy screamed. “What the fuck are you all doing to me?!”

“Your brothers asked me to hypnotize you, so that they can place you in trance at will and rape you, facing no consequences after, as you won’t remember any of that. We’re going to make that happen today.”

“Wh-… What?” boy whispered, scared. “Jesse, please, let me out of here! Jacob! Please, I’m scared, I don’t want to be here…!”

“Shhh, boy.” Phillip gently patted his head. “It’s too late. There’s no escape anymore. Your mind will be conquered.”

Phillip didn’t really care about calming the boy, it was useless to him. But he enjoyed seeing boy’s sheer terror and it felt good to point out how fucked he was. Phillip learned how delicious relationship between a victim and a predator could be long time ago. There was just that amazing intimacy, contrast of power, that made Doctor Reed hard immediately.

There was no shining coins or swinging pocket clocks; Phillip used technology. A set of huge and expensive headphones that brought full silence to whoever wore them and equally advanced pair of VR goggles. Boy’s senses were completely shut out from reality.

“Take off his shoes, socks, pants and underwear,” Doctor Reed instructed the brothers. He wished they weren’t here, so that he could do it himself, but some clients were very jealous of their victims’ bodies, so he remained fully respectful. “Forgive me bossing you around, but I believe you want to do these things yourselves. Jacob, behind those doors, you will find medieval like stocks. Bring them here and place your brother’s feet in. Jesse, you lube his asshole and push in this vibrating plug. In the right moments of programming, you will have to deliver the right stimuli. We will enforce relax, calmness and obedience to trance with sexual pleasure, while punishing the feelings of rebellion and disobedience with tickles.”

Henry was protesting a lot when his brothers started touching him inappropriately, but there was no way a handcuffed, tied boy could defend himself. Soon, the brothers managed to fulfill Doctor Reed’s orders.

The VR goggles closed Henry’s vision in an endless spiral. The headphones filled his ears with white noise and genderless voice giving statements and commands. Phillip could hear on his earphone, what was currently being said on the recording.

“Right now, the recording is on phase 0,” Doctor Reed explained. “It will go in a loop to break through his sense of time flow and to push him into a trance. It’s similar to sleep, but conscious one. We will know that he surrender, once he obeys to the recording and repeats the words he’s told. In some time, he won’t remember why he’s here.”

They’ve waited. Jesse was watching Henry’s long feet stuck in the stocks. Phillip fully understood his desire to torment those. Doctor Reed was a fan of feathers, but unfortunately only two of his slave boys were ticklish.

Finally, after forty minutes, Henry started mumbling:

“I am safe… I am calm… I am relaxed… I don’t have to think… I trust my master to guide me…”

“Okay,” Phillip said and clicked something on his computer. “Now, he will undergo the first phase. His mind became more flexible, but he’s still capable of fighting almanbahis yeni giriş the trance. We will take that away from him with negative stimulation. Please, both of you, get ready,” he addressed the brothers. “Take the hairbrushes. On my signal, you will take care of his feet. Be merciless. He will be wiggling a lot, so get ready to immobilize his foot. You can grab it by the toes and rub the hairbrush on his soles, that should drive him crazy.”

Henry’s laughs and moans of protests soon filled the silence. The brothers obviously had lots of fun with this, too. It certainly encouraged them, that boy quickly got a boner from the tickles alone, that now was throbbing, unattended.

The only thing their little brother could hear in that moment, was the programming: “… this is what thoughts are. This is what freedom is. Irritation. Struggle. Pain. The only way to escape, is to silence your mind. To find the calmness. To accept the blissful void. To give up control. If you want to escape, just repeat after me: ‘I want to escape. I want to feel nothing. I want to be calm’.”

When boy repeated that through his agony, the tickling stopped.

“Now, onto the second phase. Here, we will ensure his emotions and programming by positive stimulation, but will also make him get used to random and uncontrollable stimulation occurring without a warning. This will make him less sensitive to whatever is happening to his body in a trance, meaning that you will be able to play without limits.” In this phase, the brothers had even more fun. Phillip encouraged them to play with the pilot controlling the vibrating plug inside of the boy’s asshole. Jacob was gentle, he used mediocre power to stimulate his brother and clearly cared about providing him with pleasure. Jesse was much more cruel; he enhanced the power to the highest level just to see his brother moan in pleasure mixing with pain. Then he immediately stopped, when Henry clearly started getting into it.

“The third and last phase will be rather short. I will create a switch in his mind that you will be able to turn on and off, to push him into the trance. The trigger will be simple. I will surprise him by taking one headphone off and I will whisper something straight into his ear, with a breathy voice. The message itself will be irrelevant. It’s that breathy, manly voice surprising him from behind and touching his ear with warm air will be what matters. Then, after you will be done, to trigger waking up, you will slap him in the cheek three times. After few minutes, he will regain consciousness, convinced he just took a nap.”

Doctor Reed did as he said he would, but didn’t end the trance yet. The brothers hid the stocks and plugs, quickly put their brother’s clothes onto him and Phillip had to share their next step before saying goodbye:

“Don’t try to switch the trans on yet. Let’s meet in your house, where we will make a practical exam. You will have to have sex with him then, so we can see whether the programming was fully successful.”

“You want to watch us fuck him?” Jesse asked, clearly not liking this idea.

“If that will make you more comfortable, I can bring my own sex slave with me. We will have a little sex party, during which I will be able to aid you if something goes sour. What do you say?”

The brothers looked at each other and nodded without enthusiasm. Phillip was glad. He was confident enough in his skill that he didn’t really need to aid them, but Henry was a cute guy and he would love to see him getting used by his brothers.

Soon after the session ended, Henry snapped out of the trance inside of his brothers’ car, not entirely sure what was happening to him in the last two hours. He felt a weird sense of unease and he wasn’t going to find out, how accurate it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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