Briget Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of the ‘Briget’ series. It is a story about people. It would be beneficial to read the other two parts to see how the characters got here. Sometimes it may take a while to get to the actual fucking, but it’s never far away.

I have urged Dennis to begin posting his stories here as well. It’s all connected, one way or another. I hope you enjoy them.


Working the day shift was a nice change. I worked in a restaurant close to downtown. It was sort of up-scale and the clientele was great and they tipped well. I had worked there for a while and I knew the menu so it wasn’t much of an adjustment. It was just the lunch rush instead of the dinner rush. Big deal. The first two days went well.

I talked to Briget Monday night on the phone. We both worked hard during the day and needed each other to unwind. We just chatted about things like how our days went and all that. Nothing overtly sexual.

But Tuesday night we talked about our days, then she asked me if there were any hot chicks working there that I’d like to fuck. I hemmed and hawed about wanting only her and she called bullshit and told me that it was only natural; since I was a guy I would want to fuck anything that moved. She told me she had the same fantasies about the people she worked with, so I told her about Karen, this quiet, wallflower type waitress with a huge set of breasts. She wasn’t beautiful, but her tits… oh boy.

Briget had me describe them in detail, or at least what I thought they’d look like and feel like out of their harness. I could tell she was getting as turned on as I was talking about sucking and licking them.

We were getting used to employing language as just another tool to get each other off.

I gently stroked my cock and went on to describe taking Karen’s pants off and licking all the way up from her toes to finally suck on her cunt. There was a gasp on the other end of the line.

I asked Briget what she was doing.

“What do you think? I’m getting myself off, silly! Are you?”

I admitted that I was and Karen was forgotten for the time being. I asked her what she was doing to herself.

“I’m circling my clit right now, ohhh, I’m really wet… Where’s Brian,” she asked.

“He’s with his grandparents… His grampa’s having some health problems.”

Briget sighed. “That’s too bad. He could help you out. He could suck your cock for you while I listened and it would be so cool. I’d love to see it in person again, but I’d settle for just hearing it…”

I was starting to stroke faster at the thought of it. “Where’s Roslyn?”

“Well, my sweet little roomie is on the chair across from me, watching me… She’s wearing a tank top and nothing else. Remember what her pussy looks like?”

I said that I indeed remembered.

“Well, she’s rubbing her pussy and sticking a finger in now and then… oh! Now its two fingers, oh baby you should see it.”

I could picture it just fine and with a moan I came all over my belly, with one shot reaching all the way up to my throat.

There was a moan down the phone line. “Oh what was that? Did you just cum?” I just groaned in response. “Lick it up, Denny-man. Lick it off your fingers…”

I did, making sure she could hear all the slurps that went along with it. There was a shriek on the phone and I asked what she was doing.

“I’m not d-doing anything, uh—Roslyn just crawled across the floor and she’s… she’s licking me out good, ohh, Denny, can I call you tomorrow?”

I said sure, and told her to have a good time.

I was just about to tell her that I loved her and decided it was too soon for that. I didn’t want to scare her off. We said goodbye and hung up. I pictured Briget and Roslyn getting it on half way across the city. But then again that were people having sex all over the world. It was just nice to think that now I was one of them.


She called me on Wednesday saying that her and Roz had to go shopping for food, the cupboard was bare. She made me promise to call on Thursday.

Brian was spending more and more time at his grandparent’s place. His grandfather had taken a turn for the worse and Brian was helping out both at home and at the hardware store he owned. So, I didn’t see too much of him. He had a key now and he came and went as he pleased.


Thursday was a challenge at work. The manager had called in sick and being most senior, I was put in charge: a first for me. It was hyper-busy and one of the servers screwed up big time and we had to write off a whole table.

Anya, the server, nearly flew completely off the handle when she dropped a tray of dirty dishes later that afternoon. I helped her pick them up and could see her smallish breasts straining in her bra against the material of her blouse. I thought idly about cumming all over them but I remembered I had a girl I could do that with as soon as I saw her. Coming back to the real world, I looked at Anya and half-joking asked, “So what is up with you, butterfingers?”

Her taksim escort head was down picking up shards of broken plate. She distinctly muttered “Fuck you…” under her breath. When she looked up at me, she could tell I heard it. She looked sorry immediately.

“Would you like to talk about it?” I asked, taken aback. I had had a stressful day and I didn’t feel like taking any crap from a subordinate when I hadn’t even asked to be put in charge.

“No.” She shook her head. “Sorry. Look, if you wanna talk after the shift?… I’ll buy you a beer?”

I told her I’d see her in the lounge later. She nodded, dumped the garbage in the pail and walked off. I watched her ass as she went and thought of what Briget said.

The rest of the afternoon was okay. At four I was done. The manager called in to say that he’d be in tomorrow and the person I was replacing would be back as well, so I had a day off until my Saturday night shift.

“It’s just as well,” I said. I told him about the troubles this afternoon. He said to go and have a drink and relax.

When I got to the lounge, Anya was sitting alone in a booth, twisting a straw in her rum and coke. She smiled ruefully as I sat down and lit a smoke. I didn’t know what to say so I just waited for her. I was looking for the waitress so I could get a beer and Anya put up a hand to stop me. She swallowed the rest of her drink and put the glass on the table.

“Lets go somewhere else. I don’t want to talk here.”

There was a neighborhood bar across the street that looked like a dive but was pretty nice inside. We’d go over there.

As we walked in the sunshine, I copped another look at her. We had been coworkers for a while, but not really friends. She nearly always had a boyfriend. But, we always said hello to each other and socialized in the group at parties.

She was about twenty and looked to be part Asian, but not in any truly exotic way. Her light brown skin was faultless. She was slender but not skinny and kind of pretty. She had a nice smile and was usually friendly. That’s why I asked to talk to her; she was in a shitty mood. Something was bugging her.

Or maybe it was something else.

The bar was fairly deserted. We took a booth near the back.

We gave our drink orders and just sat there. Finally she spoke. “Can I ask you a question Dennis? You don’t have to answer.” I shrugged my shoulders. She looked at her hands then looked me in the eye. “Are you gay?”

To say I hadn’t expected it would be an understatement. I guess my jaw dropped. “Like,” she continued, “it doesn’t matter if you are… well, we’re just curious.”

“Who’s we?” I croaked.

The drinks came and we shut up. When the coast was clear, she said, “Me and some of the girls at work. I mean, we never see you with a girlfriend and you don’t hit on any of the girls there and well, we were just wondering.”

“No, I’m not gay and what does this have to do with you telling me to fuck off this afternoon?”

She covered her mouth with her hand to suppress a giggle. “Oh, I’m so sorry about that” she said, “it had nothing to do with you… Okay, here’s the story.”

She bummed a smoke and we leaned across the table from one another.

She had just broken off with her boyfriend and she was really pissed off at life in general. He had basically shit on her at every turn and had taken her for granted. So when she told me to fuck off she was telling, well, men in general to fuck off. She apologized and I accepted.

We ordered another round. “So what’s this got to do with my being gay?”

She looked at me open and honest and said, “Well you can talk to gay guys about all this stuff. They’re supposed to give good advice about relationships and all that.”

“Well, Anya, I’m not gay. I just don’t like hitting on girls at work because I usually suck at it, and it just causes problems. But maybe I should have.”

“Maybe. Karen had the hots for you at one time. She would have gone for you.”

“Karen?” I made the universal sign for ‘large breasts’ with my cupped hands in front of me. “That Karen?”

She snickered and nodded. “Yeah. She lives upstairs from me and we got drunk one night and she confessed. It was kind of cute, she’s so shy and naïve…”

We had a laugh about that. We talked about other things, but for her, everything kept coming back to her old boyfriend. Finally, I had enough. “Look, Anya, I may not be gay, but I can still give you advice about relationships… I think you’re better off without him. Don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right… I guess I needed someone else to say it, too.”


By six thirty, we were well on our way to getting pissed. The bar had filled up and it was getting noisy so she moved over to my side of the booth. The booths were high-backed and pretty private. We were getting close and comfortable. We talked about a lot of things. We were laughing and giggling. And drunk. She put a topkapı escort hand on my knee one time to emphasize a point and pulled it back immediately, smiling. I guess you could say we were flirting. It was so much easier now that I had a bit of confidence.

Like any time when I was so close to any woman, I was getting horny.

As talk ultimately moved toward sex, I took the bull by the horns when the opportunity arose.

I spoke quietly so only she could hear. “I’m bi.”

She froze; her rum and coke in mid-air, her eyes and mouth wide open. “What?” I guess it did come from left field.

“I’m bi.”

“Bisexual?” It was like she couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah.” I smiled. I was getting easier to admit it all the time. I was nearly drunk enough to shout from a rooftop. “I’m going with this girl I just met and… and she’s great, and I’ve had sex with a guy and I like that, too.”

“Excuse me…I gotta-” She edged out of the booth and went to the can.

I ordered another round. I was really hoping she’d stay. I could ask her for advice about Briget.


When she got back I noticed her hair. All afternoon it had been in a ponytail pulled back from a side part and now it was loose and cascading over her shoulders, shimmering and black as coal. It framed her breasts, looking great against the white shirt we wore as uniforms. The black tie we also wore was loosened and hanging down the middle.

She sat and turned on the bench seat facing me. She put an elbow on the table, a hand purposefully on my thigh, leaned close and whispered, “Tell me everything, Dennis. Everything.”

I sang like a canary.


One hour later we were driving downtown to one of the fancy hotel bars in the core area: The Clark. Anya really shouldn’t have been driving: we were both drunk, but it wasn’t too far. She was careful and we arrived without incident.

“What if she doesn’t like me?” Anya was nervous as we walked through the parking lot.

“She’ll like you,” I said, “but that’s why we’re meeting somewhere neutral. If one or the other doesn’t want to go through with it they can just leave and no one is hurt.”

“What if I don’t like her?”

I laughed out loud and considered the astronomical chances of that happening. “Like I said, just say you have to go home and that’s it. No problem.”

We were still in our work uniforms so we looked good and fit in with the other clientele. We found a low, small table for three and sat down. I was facing the door. We ordered drinks and waited for Briget.


When I told Anya my story in the bar, she leaned close and listened intently. Once and a while she’d lick her lips or interrupt to ask questions. Like, what was it like to suck a big cock, and how do you decide who does what in a threesome. I told her all about Brian and me, and Briget and me, and Briget and me and Brian and Jackie, and Briget and Roslyn and me. I could see how she reacted in disbelief; I could barely believe the story myself as I told it. But I swore that it was true and she said she believed me.

After I finished, I lit up smokes for the both of us. Anya was damn near panting. She didn’t speak for a while, then she turned to face me. “Call her.” It was barely a whisper, hoarse and desperate.


“Call her and see if she’ll meet us. See if she’ll fuck me, ‘cause I wanna fuck her and I wanna try being bi, too.”

I wasn’t prepared for this except on some kind of subconscious level. My cock was ready on all levels and it was immediately diamond hard. I had to try and be discrete as I repositioned it.

She watched me do it. “Are you hard?” she asked. “Are you horny?” I nodded, mute. “Because I am dripping… I really want to try doing it with a girl. Tonight.”

I sort of wavered, not knowing whether Briget would go for it, but at the same time, hoping she would.

Anya wasn’t having any of my equivocation. She pointed a finger at me and her green, almond-shaped eyes flashed in mock anger. “You gotta do this!” she quietly hissed. “There’s not gonna be another time that I’m this ready to try this. I’m drunk and horny and it’s all your fault, boy, telling me those stories about sucking cock and fucking all those girls, so you better call this Briget and you better call her quick.” Then she smiled.

I smiled back. “What am I supposed to do while you’re with Briget?”

“Well, Dennis,” she laughed, “since you’re not a complete faggot, I’m sure you could figure something out.”


I called Briget and caught her at home. Roslyn was at the library.

“You’re not going to believe this,” I said, and told her about my afternoon with Anya. I was ready for her to yell and hang up, but she immediately responded by coming up with a plan. “Give me forty-five to get ready. Meet me at the bar in the Clark Hotel, and if she wants we can try it out.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

“Okay, see you at quarter to nine… and Denny? tuyap escort I love you.” She quietly hung up.


Anya was getting more nervous as time went on. At nine o’clock Briget was late and Anya was taking it as a rejection. When Briget walked in it was like my world stood still.

She was dressed in a modest, knee-length black skirt with a silky, cream-colored blouse with a black blazer. She must have been wearing a push-up bra, for her cleavage was glorious. Her thick auburn hair was pulled loosely off to the side and bound with a simple green bow. She looked like a professional woman after work, calm and reserved; about 180 degrees from the naughty girl I was falling in love with.

She spied us and walked to our table. I noticed with no small amount of pride that heads were turning to watch her pass. She was smiling and I stood up to meet her. She had low heels on and we were eye to eye. I kissed her on the cheek she demurely offered me, and then turned to Anya, who sat there with somewhat stunned look on her face.

“Anya, this is Briget, Briget, Anya.”

“Very pleased to meet you, Anya.”

Anya took Briget’s hand when it was offered her and the handshake seemed to linger. I moved to the other chair and allowed Briget to sit beside Anya.

I had nothing to worry about. After some initial hesitancy and awkwardness, the two girls got on great. I even felt left out as they talked about all sorts of things. They sealed their bond when Briget seconded my opinion that she was far better off without her boyfriend. Soon they were laughing like old friends; clinking their drink glasses and everything.

I sat back and watched Briget. She had told me, when we met, that she always wanted to be a lady in public and a total slut in private. I was seeing nothing but classy behavior as we sat in the hotel bar. I had switched to coffee because there was no way I was going to miss any of what might happen tonight. If anything was going to happen: I hadn’t received any concrete signals either way.

We had been there for about forty minutes when Briget announced that she had to go to the ladies room, and would Anya like to join her?

I sat there and watched as they disappeared around the corner. I lit another smoke and waited. And waited.

When they came back to the table it was fairly nonchalant. They sat for a moment, then Briget nodded her head and they leaned over the low table and motioned for me to join them there.

Briget looked at Anya. “Go ahead.”

“Well,” stammered Anya. “I… I would really like to spend the night with the both of you.”

“Doing what?” prodded Briget. This had obviously been discussed in the washroom.

Anya’s voice dropped to a quiet growl. “Fucking.”

Briget looked at me. “Denny-man?”

My heart was in my throat, but I took the cue. “I would be honored to spend the night with the two most beautiful women in the entire city…fucking.”

Anya’s chest was rising and falling at a greater rate. She bit her lower lip.

“And I just want to say,” said Briget, looking between Anya and I, “that I would really enjoy sucking and fucking, being fucked and sucked by the two of for the rest of the night.”

I looked at the two women with me. Hearing the coarse and vulgar language being used by the both of them, outwardly so sweet and demure; made my cock as hard as it had ever been.

Briget was flushed. She reached for her purse. “I say we go.”


I drove Anya’s car, with Anya between Briget and I crowded in the front seat. Nothing much happened but the tension was unreal. We stopped for a six pack just to keep the buzz going. We parked and hurried out of the car and up the stairs into Anya’s little apartment. She locked the door when we got in and we sort of stood there, just looking at each other, sort of nervous. Anya went over to her answering machine when she saw the light blinking. She pressed the button.

A plaintive voice crackled from the tinny speaker. “Anya? It’s Karen. Where are you? We were supposed to go out tonight! You should have told me you were going to ditch me, you little… Well, call me when you get in. Please.”

“Aw shit,” moaned Anya, “Karen! I forgot all about that. It’s her fucking birthday and I promised to take her out for a drink… Shit!”

Briget walked over to Anya and wrapped her arms around the smaller girl from behind. Anya stiffened for a moment and then sighed and relaxed as Briget’s hands ran slowly up her belly to lightly cup her breasts. “Why don’t you call this Karen now?”

Anya sighed again. “I’ll call her tomorrow…” She spun around and the two girls kissed, once, twice, and then deeply for about a minute with their hands all over each other. When they broke apart, Anya cocked her head at me to come over, too. When I got there she turned to me and pulled me into a sensual deep French kiss.

I could taste Briget’s lips like bruised grapes on hers. She pressed her little tits against me and ground her pelvis into my growing cock. I grabbed and squeezed her ass and pulled it into me, grinding. I felt up one of her tits and she just about squealed. We were getting really hot and Anya broke from the embrace and looked at me red-faced and breathing raggedly.

“I… I really gotta go to the bathroom. Wait here.”

Briget spoke from behind us. “Don’t worry.”

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My Twin Sisters And I Play ‘Dare’ Pt. 05

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Alpha Male




Ruby came to my room the next morning and got in bed with me. I had a piss hard-on and before I was hardly awake she was above me, astride of me and I was deep in her juicy pussy. She was thrusting down on me and her mouth was on mine, her tongue sliding inside my mouth. What a way to start a day!

“Come on, Lover, fuck me, hard and fast. I need it to start my day. I have a plan for the twins. I’m going to fuck them both today, for sure”

That got my attention. My hips thrust upward burying my cock deep into her velvet pussy as she used her vaginal sphincter muscles to milk my cock. That set me off and I spurted inside her and moaned my pleasure. What this sex bitch had done was to leave the door ajar so our moans and cries would be heard by the twins across the hall.

As I exploded inside her and she climaxed with me we both gave out rather loud cries of ecstasy, the twins awoke and came to the door dressed in short skimpy pj’s and stood in the hall looking in on us. Just as Ruby had planned.

After we had climaxed together, Ruby pulled back, turned and took my cock in her mouth, and sucked our combined juices off, having seen the twins watching out of the corner of her eye.

“Oh God, that was some fuck, Bud. I love to taste our juices on your cock. I’d love to eat the twins. I’d bet they are so juicy and their pussy juices would taste absolutely delicious. Their pussies are so virginal looking. I want to take my special depilator and make their beautiful pussies nude and soft for my tongue and lips to slide over their smooth Venus mounds.

“They don’t know all the delights another experienced woman knows and can give them, like my sister, and I have learned over the years. As I studied at the Sorbonne, I had a number of talented lovers from all over the world and learned some very erotic ways for two women to make love. We had orgies of up to a dozen talented women that lasted for a whole weekend. Mnnn, your cock tastes so delicious!”

She pulled back, turned, and looked at the door ‘surprised’ to see the twins looking in. She rolled off of me and slid to the edge of the bed, letting her thighs slide open, and saw both twins eyes riveted on her swollen and very wet pussy.

“Good morning Ladies. Didn’t know you were there watching us. I should have closed the door. Sorry for my comments about you two, but they are true. I would love to make love to you both. I know that you two, according to Sis, make love as she and I have done for years.

“It runs in the family and goes back for generations, women making love to their kin. We come from a long line of Mariners and the men would be off to sea sometimes for a year or more and their horny wives didn’t want to fuck the townies and be unfaithful to their husbands, so they made love with their sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and neighbor Mariner lady friends

“You caught your Mom and me trying out a new type of dildo. Have you tried out your Mom’s dildo since she gave it to you? You’ve used it before, your Mom saw you when she came home early one day but didn’t interrupt you two. She watched for a while and got off while she watched, then left, and you two never knew she. had been there. She said she enjoyed watching and climaxed two or three times.”

The twins just stood there embarrassed but were still looking at Ruby’s exposed pussy as it slowly closed and a little juice still dripped out. Her pussy was bare, smooth and the two noticed the soft skin and puffy inner lips just peeking out. Anita actually licked her lips as she enjoyed the sight of her Aunt’s treasures.

“Would you two beautiful Ladies like to show me the technique you use with your Mom’s dildo? Perhaps I can give you hints that will make using it more enjoyable. Would you like Girne Escort that, sans your brother?” Ruby asked letting her thighs close, ending the twin’s view of her beautiful pussy.

The two looked at each other for a moment then Amy said, “We’d love to have you do that. I know Anita is a little rough using it on me and, we’d love to have an experienced expert use it on us, or guide us on its proper use.” Amy said softly. Anita looked at her, not happy being criticized for her technique in the use of the dildo. Ruby killed the start of a smile. ‘Scored another point.’

“Give me a few minutes to freshen up and I’ll come into your room and you can learn the techniques of enjoying the dildo fully,” Ruby said as she got up, went to the twins, gave each a full-body hug, and a kiss that left them almost breathless.

The twins turned and went to their rooms while Ruby went down the hall to the bathroom, took a quick shower, and cleaned her pussy thoroughly so the twins, hopefully, would enjoy her intimate pussy fully.

I grinned, closed the door, and knew Ruby would seduce the twins and I would later get the chance to fuck the two beauties. I laughed for Ruby would make the most of the three hidden cameras in their room and I would not miss a moment of their seduction by my wily, devious Aunt! With a grin on my face, I jumped back in bed, avoiding the “wet spot’ and went back to sleep.

Refreshed, Ruby went to her room, put a little perfume on her inner thighs and under her breasts, combed her hair, and put on a negligee that showed her body off to its full advantage. Her body was thinly concealed but enough showed to make you want to see more. The girls had seen her nude before and had masturbated while talking together about her splendid body and wishing they could see it closely and perhaps make love with her.

She knocked softly on the twin’s door and Anita opened it almost immediately. The twins had changed and now had on abbreviated shorty tops with no bottoms and the lower edge barely covered their pussies. The tops were of a thin material that showed their youthful breasts to the best advantage, nipples erect thrusting forward..

Ruby pulled the door shut behind her, flipped the lock button, and said, “No interruptions Ladies. I want to make this an event you will never forget. You look splendid. I love the bottom just covering your sweet pussies, but not fully. You have the right idea, show just enough to get their attention, but don’t reveal the best part of your bodies.”

Ruby went over to the bed and slowly let her negligee slide down and placed it beside the bed. She turned slowly and let the twins have a good long look at her magnificent body. She moved over to them and held out her arms and grinned and said “I know you two love looking at my body, so now please allow yourselves to look as closely as you want to, you can and touch, feel, explore my body while l lay here and enjoy your caresses, kisses, and anything goes. Nothing is off limits, nothing, my beautiful Ladies.

At first, the twins were hesitant, then Anita moved to Ruby and kissed her lightly, and when Ruby kissed her back she slid her tongue inside Ruby’s lips and their tongues met and played against each other. Anita became bolder and cupped Ruby’s full breast and fondled it. Amy stroked Ruby’s stomach then her hand moved down to Ruby’s thighs and stroked them moving upward to the junction and her smooth Venus mound.

She played her fingers over the mound teasing Ruby and when Ruby moved her hips upward toward the teasing fingers her thighs moved apart and spread leaving her pussy open so the inner pussy lips showed. Amy leaned over and gazed at the beautiful mound, ran her fingers across the smooth mound, and then kissed it lightly. She paused and leaned closer as her nostrils Magosa Escort flared as she took in the scent of a clean excited pussy and a subtle exotic perfume.

“Ohh, you smell divine. May I tongue your lovely pussy?” Amy said very softly, looking down at the excited pussy opening under her gaze.

Ruby looked down at her beautiful niece, smiled, and said, “I told you — Anything– goes. Enjoy yourself. Anything! Love!”


Anita had moved from kissing Ruby to kissing her scented breasts and was sucking one erect nipple and pulling on the other and rolling the nipple between her fingers, pulling it out, stretching it. Ruby ran her hands through Anita’s hair caressing her.

Amy’s face was close to Ruby’s pussy and she took both hands and using her fingers, gently spread the soft outer lips exposing Ruby’s inner lips, and emerging clit. There was a small pool of her juices and Amy leaned inward and slid her tongue along the wet lips then pushed downward and opened her lips covering Ruby’s vagina and sucked and slid her tongue down into the dripping velvet flesh. Ruby moaned and cried out, Ohhh yes, like that Lover. Eat me gently, and let your tongue explore my pussy. You have a wonderful touch and I love it.

“Anita, tease my nipple by raking it between your teeth and biting on it and pulling it till it slips out of your mouth. Yes, again! Harder, bite it harder, Anita. I love a little pain. it goes straight to my clit and makes it swell.

Amy had Ruby’s pussy wide open and her tongue deep inside her body. She moved her hand upward and found her swelling clit growing larger. She became more sexually excited forcefully pressing her mouth and tongue harder against Ruby’s hot wet pussy. Ruby cried out and pushed Anita’s head harder against her breast.

“Harder Anita, rake my nipple with your teeth. Harder! I need the pain now. Yes, like that! Again. Again, Nowww! She cried as she climaxed. Her pussy spasmed and Amy’s mouth covered her vaginal opening she felt several spurts of hot delicious pussy juices as Ruby climaxed. Amy’s hands and fingernails bit into Ruby’s taut butt and spurred Ruby on to another body-thrashing climax.

Finally, Ruby pushed Anita away and lay, arms spread, totally spent by the twins.

“Anita, please go into my room and find the champagne in the mini-fridge. I need a small glass of bubbly.” She came back with the bottle and three glasses minutes later. They took a break and Ruby let the twins have a half glass of champagne.

They rested for a few minutes then Ruby turned to Anita and asked her to get the dildo as she wanted Anita to fuck her and see what her technique was using it. With the dildo strapped on, Anita with a huge smile, got behind Ruby as she got on her knees and presented my wet pussy to her lover.

Anita started thrusting inside Ruby with no finesse at all. Ruby stopped her. “Anita, go slowly, put the head against my pussy and rub it up and down to get it lubricated. Good, now slide it in slowly. Nice, Love that’s better! Now let yourself go and fuck me slowly and deep..”

“Anita, slow down. slide the dildo slowly inside me till you have it all the way inside me, then slowly do it again and again. You want to give your partner the most pleasure you are able to. Yes, that’s better. now as you slide it in, move your hips from side to side and feel how it moves inside me. Good. Now raise up a little and the head will thrust against my ‘G’ spot and give me a lot of pleasure.”

“‘G’ spot? ” Anita asked

Ruby reached back between them and moved her hand against Anita’s pussy, slid two fingers inside her, curved them upward, and by touch found the slightly firmer spot of the vaginal wall just behind her pubic bone, the ‘G’ spot. She ran her fingers across it gently but firmly.

“Feel that? Lefkoşa Escort That is the ‘G’ spot and it is the most pleasurable. Press against it, and feel the slight resistance it transmits to your body. Your partner will tell you when you touch it! Now fuck me slowly, let the cock press against my ‘G’ spot. Slow, gently. Damn, that is the right place, Love!

“Get your balance and now reach around and cup and fondle my breasts while you fuck me, mold and caress them and play with my nipples. Right, fantastic, now keep doing both and slowly press against my ‘G’ spot. Yes! That’s right! I’m going to cum. Amy, come kiss me and the two of you make love to me! “

Ruby had a wonderful climax as Anita followed her directions. She was learning how to use the dildo. They were on the bed, Anita behind her fucking her, and were sideways to the camera across the room filming Anita fucking her beautiful Aunt.

They rested a few minutes then Ruby put on the dildo and had Amy get on the bed and got behind her and slid the dildo inside her very wet pussy. Amy gave a long sigh of pleasure.

“Feel good, Love?” Ruby asked, Amy, nodded. Now I’ll give you a lesson on how to use the dildo. Feel it inside you and now I’m going to slide my ass upward and the dildo will press against your ‘G’ spot. Feel that?” Amy gave a hearty “Yes, a wonderful feeling!”

“That’s what a dildo is supposed to feel like. The ‘G’ spot is not too well known but is important in giving a fantastic climax when stimulated by fingers, or a cock will help the recipient to spurt real pussy juices

“Now Amy I want you to make love to me orally and digitally and I’ll comment on your technique. Anita, watch, and I think you’ll learn new techniques to use on your lovely sister, or perhaps on me or your Mom. She told me she wants to make love to her two beautiful daughters. We can have a foursome and exchange partners. Sound good? ” Ruby asked. The twins looked at each other and nodded, thinking of the possibilities!

Ruby didn’t have to give too many hints to Amy, who was gentle and used her feminine logic as she made love to Ruby the way she wanted to be made love to. Ruby told Amy how to use two fingers pressing down on either side of her outer pussy lips massaging up and down the sides to stimulate the clit without touching it.

“Yes, Amy, like that!! It feels so erotic and makes my clit come alive. You have a wonderful touch and my clit is swollen and so sensitive. Anita Darling, come over and lean down Yes like that! Now Put your tongue at the bottom of my pussy, make it into a point then slide it slowly upward, letting your tongue slip just inside my pussy lips, now again, a little deeper this time.

“Keep this up as your tongue moves deeper till you open my pussy lips and your tongue is at the top and brushes, lightly, my clit. Flatten your tongue and start at the bottom again and slide your tongue back up, and over my clit again and again. Oh! You are making me so hot!

“From this point on I imagine you two have learned how to lick and tongue each other’s pussy. Slow and easy Ladies. Think how best to pleasure your beautiful sister. We, twins, know how to almost read our sister’s mind when it comes to making passionate love together.

I’ll leave you two beauties for now and I know we will make love again very soon.” Ruby rolled off of the bed and saw the twins’ disappointment at this moment.

As she slipped into her negligee she smiled and said, ” You both are sexually excited as I planned, and will leave you to make love together and try my hints of enjoying yourselves more together.”

Ruby held out her arms, hugged the twins and kissed them deeply then left them holding each other. She knew what would happen next, a deeper bond between the twins.

Ruby closed the door behind her and turned right and opened the door to Bud’s bedroom and slipped inside. She shed her negligee and her pussy was dripping when she awoke Bud again and knew he would stop the deep need the girls had kindled in her body!




BY TAWNY T by fuck both twins

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Having Fun with Mom in the Backseat

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Let’s just say I enjoyed and hated our family road trips when I was younger. My Dad and my Stepmom Raven always plan these elaborate vacation trips. And they would always drag me and my step sister, Ellie along for the ride. And for this year’s trip we were going to drive route 66.

I walked into the kitchen to find Mom with a map open up on the kitchen table and she was on the cellphone with my dad at the time. She sees me frown and roll my eyes. She knows I don’t want to go.

She brushed back her long Raven black hair and looked up at me, “What’s wrong Chase?”

I shrugged and opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water.

“You don’t want to go do you, Baby?”

I shook my head, “Not really.”

She frowned and looked down at the table, “Chase this will be our last trip as a family. You’re EIGHTEEN now and you’ll be going away to college in the fall. I just thought that you might want to…”

“Let me speak to that little shit!” I hear dad shout through the speaker on Mom’s phone.”

“I’ll take care of this, Peter. You just get home, okay?” She makes a kissy sound before she ends the call. Then she looks back at me, “Chase your father and I really want you to go with us. It’ll be the last trip we’ll make you go on, I swear.”

I sighed, but didn’t say anything.

“Please.” She said giving me a mock pout. I guess it was supposed to stir me into feeling guilty but it didn’t. It made my dick stir more than anything. I love how she purses her lips and the way her deep green eyes look so begging. I had to look away

before a raging boner began happening. And I certainly didn’t need that not with me dressed in a pair of Jockey shorts.

Yes I have harbored a bit of lust for my stepmother for the last four years. I mean my father had to go and marry her right when I was going through puberty too. And my step sister Ellie didn’t help the situation either running around in bra and panties. She never did this in front of my father, only when he was gone. I never told dad about it, one because he was always gone on some long haul somewhere and secondly I kinda liked it. No scratch that I really liked it. Hence the reason I don’t mind walking around in front of my Mom in a pair of Jockey briefs. But for the record my dear step mother has never strode around the house in her bra or panties.

I really wished she would have. :-))

My Mom was fifty one, and she is a gorgeous old broad. A cougar as some of my buddies would say and they were right on point with that observations too. My Mom is five foot five with a petite body. She has large tits, and nice firm mommy ass. And Oh yeah, lets not forget about those pouty Angelina lips of hers. I’ve never had a blow job in my life but if I ever get one, I’d love for a set of those lips to be wrapped around my dick! But then I have to have sex first and I made a chastity pledge to my youth group at church. No sex before marriage.

Oh shit I was getting hard just thinking about wanting to fuck Mom! Shit! I turned to leave.


I turned around, “Yes?”

“Where are you going, honey? We haven’t talked about this yet.” she said.

“I need to go to my room, Mom.” I needed to masturbate.

Mom smiled and stepped around the table and she looked down at my crotch and her eyes went wide and she blushed beet red, “Oh my goodness, Chase!”

I had a full on boner going on to the point that you could clearly see the outline of my penis. I became so embarrassed that I turned around and I practically ran to my bedroom. Geez! I slammed the door behind me and stretched out on the bed. I didn’t feel like jerking off now, yet my dick was saying otherwise.

A knock came to my door, “Momma’s sorry. Honey.”

I rolled my eyes, “Go away, Mom. I’ll go on your stupid trip, okay, But right now, just leave me alone.”

“Look Chase…”

“No!” I snapped, determined to save myself further embarrassment.

I hear her walk away from my bedroom door. I didn’t masturbate and I didn’t get out of bed the rest of the day either. I was so dramatic back then.

Dad came home around seven that night and I ended up helping him pack our

vintage 1958 Travel All. For those of you who don’t know a Travel All is a precursor to the Suburbans, but bigger you might say. We could pack the thing with a weeks worth of clothes and food and there is still room enough for a single mattress to be laid down in the back.

The old truck had been my grandfather’s and they used to take it on cross country trips as well. And he willed it to dad when he passed away.

Dad was rushing around like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. He was still so hyped up on speed. He took the stuff like candy when he was on the road. And it was hard for him to come down when he got home. He was also hyped up about the trip and he wanted to leave right then and there.

“Ellie isn’t here right now, Peter so we can’t leave until morning.” Mom said.

Dad frowned.

Mom knew Dad needed an outlet for his pent up speed, so Magosa Escort she took him by the hand, “I think it’s time for bed, don’t you.”

Dad suddenly perked up. And I watched the two of them walk into the house. Mom looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. And Dad grabs her ass and they disappear inside. Yep they were gonna fuck. I smiled and shook my head envious of my father at that moment in time. Damn what I wouldn’t give to fuck my stepmother. But maybe I can do the next best thing.

I closed the double doors on the back of the Travel All with every intention of sneaking into the house and listening to them go at it but then Ellie fucked that up. Because at that very moment her boyfriend, Robbie drops her off. Will I ever get to fucking masturbate? I have to be in the right frame of mind to jerk off, I was strange like that I guess.

“How’s it going, Chase?” She says without even giving me a look. I didn’t even bother answering her as she walked into the house. She looked as if she’d been crying. Maybe she was still hung up on whether or not to get an abortion. Because if she keeps the baby she want be going to college this year. Maybe my eighteen year old step sis should have come home with me the night of graduation instead of tracing off to the after party. I shake my head and turn off the porch light.

Ellie suddenly stopped at my parents bedroom door and then she brushed back her long blond hair and gave me a disgusted look.

“Dad’s home.” I laughed.

“Apparently so!” She rolled her eyes and walked to her bedroom and slammed the door behind her.

How in the world did Robbie manage to bed her was, beyond me? The girl was such a prude. Maybe he has the magic dick or something, who knows? I walked into the kitchen and began bagging up some snacks for the start of tomorrow’s road trip.

I hear my parents’bedroom door open and Mom steps into the kitchen. She’s wearing a short purple robe and it barely covers her plump ass. And at the moment it was wide open. I wasn’t able to see all of her tits but I could clearly see the triangle of black hair between her legs. Nice!

She suddenly saw me and she quickly snapped the robe shut. “Oh goodness, Chase! I thought you were in your room?” she said giving me an embarrassed look.

“Nope.” I smirked.

“But I thought I heard your door shut and…”

“That was, Ell.”

“Oh, so she’s home now.”

“Yeah and she looked as if she’d been crying.”

“Oh really?” Mom asked appearing concerned. “I’ll go check on her in a minute, but first your dad needs a beer.” She walked over to the fridge and opened it and bent forward to pick up one out of the side door. And when she bent forward the back of her robe came up to expose her bottom. And fuck me if I didn’t take full advantage of looking at her sweet ass too.

Mom turned her head and caught me looking but I didn’t look away. She smirked and stood up and closed the door to the refrigerator. I thought she might chastise me for doing so but instead she left and walked back to the bedroom. I only hoped she wouldn’t tell Dad, and she didn’t. I know I shouldn’t have looked but my Mom just dripped with sexuality.

I took the snacks out to the Travel All, by way of the kitchen entrance and packed them into the back among the suitcases and everything else. Something touched my back and I turned around to find Mom standing there. She was still dressed in that sexy robe but it was untied now.

“I thought you were checking on Ell?”

She shrugged, “Ellie is asleep.” She said and took a step to me and she took my hand in hers, “AND so is your father.”

“Okay?” I said dumbly.

She smiled, “You’re a naughty young man, Chase. Do you know that?”

I shook my head, “I don’t understand?”

“Oh don’t give me that, Sweetie. I saw how you were looking at my ass when I was bent over in the refrigerator. And THEN earlier this morning, you got hard just talking to me.”

I blushed and looked down at the floor but she lifted my chin.

“You know a girl might just think you like her if you keep that up.” she said and leaned in and kissed my cheek.

I felt my heart start to beat faster as my dick started to swell. Oh shit! Not good because I was wearing a pair of old baggy gym pants and without any underwear either.

“Are you getting horny right now, Chase?” she smiles.


She released my hand and placed it against my crotch and she felt of my semi erection. Then she giggled, “You are getting hard!”

I wanted to reach down and remove her hand but it just felt so good where it was.

“And I see you get your size from your father.” She winked and released her hand from me. Then she giggled and turned around and walked back into the house.

I was absolutely fucking stunned, “Damn did that just fucking happen?” I said to myself. Holy shit, she just made my dick as hard as a brick and then just walked off?

“You just can’t leave me like this, Mom.”

She stopped inside the doorway Kıbrıs Escort of the kitchen and turned and looked at me. She didn’t smile, but she did seem to be in thought. “Humm…” she placed a finger to her lips and her green eyes fell to my crotch, “I’m sure you can HANDLE that sweet little problem, right? Well it’s not so little, but you get my drift, right?” with that she turned and disappeared into the kitchen…again leaving me with my dick in my hand. The teasing little, Bitch!

The next morning we were on the road early. Ell was seated beside me asleep with her head against the door and the window. And Mom was sitting in the front seat reading the latest edition of some fashion mag. She has her black hair was up in a ponytail and she’s dressed in a white blouse and a pair of black yoga pants.

She appeared to be ignoring me and kinda started to wonder if she regretted groping me last night? Probably.

I’m really not much to think about since I favor a geek more than anything else. I’m tall and pencil thin with no muscles to speak of. My dad on the other hand was a truck driver and he was a big man and we’re not talking fat either. I must have been the postman’s kid or something. But his signature is on my birth certificate. He’d more than likely beat my ass if he knew Mom touched me last night. I started to feel a little sick to my stomach. It was her idea not mine and I began to feel somewhat better. And to answer your question yes I did rub one out last night to the thought of Mom sucking my dick.

“Are you Okay, Chase?” Dad asked looking at me through the rear view mirror.

I quickly looked away from Mom, “I’m good, Dad.”

“Good because I don’t need two people sick on this trip.” giving a nod toward Ell.

I heard Mom pop his knee, “Stop being insensitive, Peter.”

“Whatever.” dad just rolled his eyes and smirked at me through the mirror.

“I need to tinkle, Honey.” Mom said closing her magazine.

“Sure, Babe.”

“I need to go too.” Ellie said lifting her head.

“Good morning sleepy head.” I said raising my hand for a high five. She grumbled something, frowned and then closed her eyes again. My step sis was definitely not a morning person. And since she’s been knocked up she’s become something of a queen bitch. Mom’s been preening over her because of her excitement of having her first grandchild. As for me I didn’t give a damn either way.

Ell is only in her second trimester and she’s just now beginning to show her cute baby bump. And her tits…well they’re getting bigger too, which is nice. She has always had medium sized tits but now those puppies have grown to the size of Moms. Mom’s tits are 38 double “D”, yeah I might have looked thru her underwear drawer a time or two. So what?

Dad stopped at the next rest area and we all piled out of the car to go do our business. I finished before Dad because of his prostate problems and I hurried back to the Travel All. And I find Mom was sitting in Ell place in the back seat. She gave me a cutesy little wave. She’s changed into a dress now. It was white with yellow sun flowers. The front was low cut and displayed the tops of creamy white breasts very nicely.

I just nodded and walked around to the back of the vehicle and took out a 7 oz, pepperoni stick from the cooler and a pack of saltine crackers. Then I walked back around and climbed in on my side. “Hi Mom.” I said.

Mom was putting on some lipstick and she looked over at me and sees the pepperoni stick and started laughing.

“What?” I ask using my pocket knife to cut away the plastic wrapper.

“It just looks…” she stopped and shook her head, “never mind.”

I held it up and looked at it and then I laughed too because I knew what it resembled and what she was thinking. “It looks like a dick, doesn’t it?”

“Chase?!” she gasped but then she nodded and burst into a fit of giggles.

“I don’t think I want to eat the damn thing anymore.” I laughed.

“Ah it’s just food, Honey.” she said and reached over and took the pepperoni stick from me. “Watch this.” she opened her mouth and slowly pushed the stick into her mouth. She took the ten inch Pepperoni stick half way in at first and then she angled her head back just a little and then she pushed the rest of it in until her fingertips were pressed hard against her lips.

“Holy shit!” I gasped. I could only watch in amazement as she turns and twists the sausage stick in and out of her mouth and without even gagging! Heck I can even see the outside of her throat expand as the meat stick pushes past her larynx. Then she took the meat stick from her mouth and handed it back to me. I looked down at it in awe. It was covered in a generous amount of lipstick and saliva.

“Oh look here comes your, Father.” Mom reaches over and places her hand on my dick, which at the moment was fully engorged. “Goodness, baby you’re hard…again!” She began rubbing the fat head of my cock through my basketball shorts.

Dad is so close, now. And shit Lefkoşa Escort so was I, but in a different sort of way. Mom just kept slowly rubbing my cock head. And, Oh shit did it feel good. I groaned and reached down and took her hand in mine and tried to push it under the leg of my shorts. But she pulled her hand back and giggled.

Dad finally made it back to the, Travel All and climbed into the driver’s side, “Why are you sitting back there, Raven?”

I put a hand in my lap to cover the fucking tent in my pants and I quickly looked away.

“I’m letting Ellie ride shotgun with you. She needs the AC vents more than I do.”

Dad looked at her, “Ah man!”

“Peter, she’s getting carsick, show a little compassion!”

“AH fuck it! Where is she anyway?” he asked.

“She’s still in the bathroom, sweetheart.”

At that moment Ell steps out of the restroom, holding her stomach and looking rather pale. She’s normally pale anyways but right now she looks ghostly white.

“For goodness sake, will you go help, Ellie? Mom snapped.”

Dad huffed and climbed out and lazily walked over to Ell and he put an arm under her shoulders and carefully began walking her to the vehicle. I just wonder how excited my father was at being a soon to be grandpa. He certainly hadn’t been much of a father.

“I remember when I was pregnant with Ellie, I was sick all the time.” Mom proffered.

I shook my head, “Then please explain to me why she’s even on this trip, Mom.”

“Ellie wanted to come, darling.”

Dad helped Ell around to the front passenger side and he opened the door for her and helped her climb in. Then he hurried around and started up the engine and turned the AC to high. Mom handed Ell a pillow and she placed it against the door and laid her head on it.

“I’m sorry you’re sick, Ell.” I said and took a bite of my “Mom” flavored pepperoni stick.

Ell looked over her shoulder at me and looked down at my snack and she suddenly grabbed her stomach, “Oh, god!”

Dad gave me a hard look through the rear view mirror, “If she fucking pukes your cleaning it up, asshole!”

I heard Mom giggle and she reached and took the meat stick from me and tossed it out the window.

We picked up Route 66 via Chicago and I was amazed at all the roadside attractions, especially the chrome diners and the various mom and pop type service stations with their clap board siding and garages. Even Ell perked up. Mom reached over and took my hand and we stared out the windows. It was nice to really hold a woman’s hand. You might have guessed at this point I was a virgin and I have never had a girlfriend.

Dad stopped at one of the road side diners and we all ate our fill of Hamburgers and fries, while Mom sat across from me resting her bare foot against my crotch. And occasionally she would rub my dick with her toes. Dad had no idea what was happening and Ell was too sick to be aware of anything. And it made the moments Mom and I were stealing that much special.

After eating we drove on into the night because dad wanted to be in St Louis by morning so we could all see the Arch. He and I were the only ones awake at the moment. Ellie was asleep against the passenger door and Mom was leaning against me with her head on my shoulder and she was sound asleep. Dad had his earbuds in and his attention focused the road. Essentially he was paying me no mind, just as he always did.

I placed my hand on Mom’s knee and started to gently rub it. She didn’t stir. So I slid my hand beneath the hem of her dress. Her legs were closed so I pushed my hand between her thighs and moved them apart. My heart was beating so fast now and my groin was swelling. For a moment I contemplated whether or not I should do this, heck she’d been the one making all the passes at me so far. It’s only right.

I began lightly stroking her inner thighs with my fingertips.

“Chase?” she whispered keeping her eyes closed.

Mom knew what I wanted to do. “Please.” I whispered back.

She smiled, still trying to pretend to be asleep (in case Dad was watching) and she spread her legs a little wider to give me access to her vajayjay. I placed my fingers against the crotch of her white cotton panties. There was a warm dampness radiating from her cunt.

My fucking hand was shaking so bad this was the first time I’ve ever touched a woman (down there). Mom moans gently, letting me know I’m doing it right. Getting a little braver I moved my hand up and pushed my fingers under her panties to touch her bush. Her pubic hair was soft and curly and I pushed them down further and felt her slit. Her labia was so slick and creamy. Damn it, it felt wonderful to touch a woman in this way. I pushed my index and middle fingers past the ripples and slipped them deep into her pussy.

Mom gasped and closed her legs tightly against my hand.

“Open your legs, Mom.” I said and to make her comply pinched a bit of her pubic hair and pulled tightly.

“Chase, Honey?”

Suddenly the old International swerved and left the road. “OH SHIT!” Dad snapped and jerked the steering wheel and when he did the Travel All turned sideways and the back tires dropped into a ditch.

We sat in silence for a moment or two to gather our whits about us. And then Mom broke the silence, “What in the world, Peter?!”

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Diablerie Ch. 12: Catharsis

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“Christ Gabby!” Katie, the night attendant for the dorm, walked in and saw Tamara sitting in my lap with her pussy being slowly teased by each of my fingers. She turned around and balled her fists.

Unafraid of her reaction I pulled my fingers out and put them into Tamara’s mouth for her to clean off, her face turning deep red. I put the other hand under her jaw and made her look me in the eyes as she cleaned her cum off of every finger. “Good girl. Now you can go to the bathroom and wash up.”

Slipping on my jeans and a light tank top I wiped my hands off with a small towel before going over to Katie, whispering, “You know you can turn around now right?”

Katie’s knuckles were clenched so hard they were turning white. “Gabriella, I didn’t report your drinking, your…you know, transformation. I didn’t complain about the noises people said were coming out of your room or…this! Can you at least be decent when I come to the door?”

I scratched my head in confusion. “Don’t you have rainbow pins and buttons? I thought you were super supportive to the local queers?”

She scoffed. “Yeah, I am. The real lesbian community has to distance itself from your kind though. Word might get out that you’re sneaking up girls to your room like a pervert. Besides, I don’t want to see everyone naked.”

“My kind.” The words stung my ears like wasps and I felt a bead of sweat run down my back from the tension. I got within an inch of her face and stared at her coldly in the eyes. “You wanna out me and my girlfriend? Go ahead.” She backed up and turned her nose with an ugly frown in disgust. Tamara walked out of the bathroom and froze when she saw the conflict unfolding in front of her. “What did you need anyway Katie?” I wouldn’t budge and leaned against the doorway with my arms folded.

“Someone said they heard screaming.” Her words were spit through clenched teeth.

I looked back at Tamara and then to Katie. “Oh yeah? Wonder what that could have been. I haven’t heard anything.”

“You think that just because of,” she looked at Tamara before I shifted to block her view so we locked eyes again. “Whatever it is you two do, that you can just get away with anything?” I stared her down, biting my lip gently to consider how worth it knocking a few teeth out would be.

“Have a good day Katie.” I let the words fall as gently as possible from my mouth, sitting to stare into her eyes with cold conviction as long as possible before she walked away.

Shutting the door and turning back to Tamara, her hands were folded to hide the light shaking. I shook out the anger that felt like it would settle at the base of my feet to poison the ground around me. Deep breathing eased the red that pulsed on the edge or my vision, Tamara approaching me carefully. I turned a smile to her and opened my arms for a large hug. With arms around her I lifted her into my lap and sat us back on the bed, kissing her cheek. “You okay sweet girl?”

“You don’t think she’s actually going to tell anyone do you? What if she finds out about Evan?” Tamara was eyeing the ground, the catastrophic thoughts building quickly. The fear fueled by seeing someone close to her in a moment of pain, her senses waiting for the other shoe to drop if I flew into a rage like the ones she was so conditioned for.

It had taken a bit to figure out what helped her anxiety or fear but one night she came to me with a special request. Holding her so she could rest with her head on my breasts and the rest of her curled like a ball, I pulled her close and hummed as I ran my fingers lovingly through her hair. Humming gently, her breathing started to return to normal.

“I’ll protect you from any of the crap she might try and dish out at us if she even has the balls to. There’s nothing wrong with who you are.” I rocked her in my arms in slow and easy motions. “After all, isn’t that the best part of having a mistress or a butch girlfriend? I get to beat up all the people who are mean to you.”

She smiled at me and shook her head. “I don’t really like conflict, kissing you back in Oregon where people could see is about as bold as I get. Not here though. It seems to get weirder and weirder in Washington every day. Makes me miss just staying at home with you and Evan.” She called that house her home for the first time which made my tough exterior melt.

“Well…maybe we can make something like that work.” She looked up at me with hopeful eyes.

“Really?” I nodded to her and she began to bounce in my lap.

I slipped two of my fingers into the back of her pants and dragged them along the curve of her ass. “I’m also going to have to buy a ballgag wont I?” Her soft cheeks turned slowly red again.

“Yes Miss, I can’t help but make noise when you play with me.” Letting out a sigh and pulling her close so my breath ran down her back I held her protectively.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with who you are, the noises you make, or how we care for each other. It’s just Kıbrıs Escort people.” She relaxed, her hands curling into my hair. “Good girl. Please tell me if anyone starts to make you uncomfortable or scares you okay?” She nodded.

“So wait are you the butch now?” Tamara snuggled closer and had a playful smile.

“It’s something you bring out in me. I had to take the risk of trying to offer myself to Evan, and then you make me feel more like a top. I like taking care of you, holding you close when you get all small and snuggly. When we spend time together you melt in my arms and it’s adorable.” She couldn’t look me in the eyes as I spoke, her legs shifting in her curled up position. At the center of her pants was another wet spot growing. Over the course of the last two weeks back at school I had pieced together some patterns she had, one of which being a libido that was higher than anyone I’d ever met. Hypersexuality wasn’t uncommon in survivors of abuse however.

The new magic of the relationship was still strong but she never seemed fully satisfied enough to say no, and each time she shed tears or fell into nervous fear and anxiety, arousal would soon follow. Outside of that she initiated sex at least a couple times a day. When she would sit forward gasping for air between midnight screams of terror that jolted half the floor awake, she would also have a pool of cum gathering at the bed beneath her. Evan had also witnessed her texting him pretty heavily with horny messages, to the point where he wondered what we should do for her.

She looked up at me with the begging that usually started once her pants were soaked through. “Once we get home, pet. I’ll take off those restrictive pants and help you.” She whined but I shut her down with a firm half smack to the front of her pussy through her jeans. “First we go to the office and get ready to transfer back home in the fall, then we get a few toys okay?”

The show of dominance had left her eyes glazed over with obedience. “Yes Miss.”

We walked to the admissions office and spent most of the day talking with various people to make sure everything would go smoothly. Evan was overjoyed when we asked if we could move in with him for the last year of school, sending us both so many messages our phones buzzed for a minute straight. He began planning everything from the room layouts to date schedules like an excited kid.

Paperwork was shuffled, credits counted, tuition compared, and grades evaluated. Stepping out of the office finally, we hugged and kissed in excitement with the advisors watching from the windows. “Let’s go get you some toys.” Tamara jumped up and down until I hugged her tight so she couldn’t, her giggles still escaping as she tried to wrestle free.

She started off in a happy run, having to pause when some of the papers under her arm flew out and scattered just enough for me to catch and tickle her into running as soon as they were collected. Her hands tapped excitedly on the window as I drove her through town, and I caught her looking over with a gushing happy grin multiple times. We pulled in front of the neon lit sign for our local sex shop but Tamara seemed tense as we got out of the car.

Tamara tugged on my shirt gently and when I turned back to ask her what was wrong, she was staring at the doors to the sex shop with a pale expression. “I’ve never… I mean I never had any reason to go into one of these.” She looked genuinely nervous.

“Hold my hand sweetie.” The first five minutes or so she couldn’t let go of my hand, looking around at everything. We picked up a few items and set them on the counter with a smile from the cashier.

“Exploring?” She asked, scanning and bagging the items.

“Sorta. She’s never explored and I’m pretty familiar with it all.” The cashier tried to smile at Tamara who was too red to even look back. “Her collar is on the way, so until then it’s training time.”

“Well if you’re brand new to this, I’d grab some of our numbing lube.” The already socially mortified Tamara cleared her throat, unable to get words out while I picked up a bottle of the lidocaine filled lube and added it to the total. As I paid the cashier we shared a smile at how nervous Tamara was, so I leaned and kissed the side of her cheek when the woman handed her the bag.

“Was that so bad? Now that you are such a good girl we can take care of you.” She walked with the bag in front of her pants so no one could see the stain growing, my pinches and pokes to her ass as she walked making her leap into the air. From behind us the woman at the counter waved goodbye with a big smile.

“Miss!” She tried to cover her butt with her hands and the bag as I pinched around them all the way to the car where she quickly buckled herself in to cover her butt. Tamara was looking at her shoes for most of the drive without a word. Finally she spoke but the question worried me. “We didn’t do anything weird right?”

“What? In Lefkoşa Escort the shop? Of course not.” She looked over at me and then back down to her shoes for another minute before the next question came.

“That cashier isn’t going to think of us as freaks?” I looked over at her and then shook my head.

“Oh god no. The people who work in sex shops hear and see things you wouldn’t even believe.” I felt confident in that from how the middle of Portland was on a normal day.

“Were you nervous the first time you went into one of those? I mean did Evan talk to you about staying away from them?” She wanted to peek in the bag but I took her hand in mine.

“No, not really. When I was about fourteen he gave me a sex talk, gave me a box of condoms and answered some questions I had. First time I went into a sex shop I was about a month on hormones so I didn’t feel comfortable yet even on a good day. It took a bit for me to remember that there are people out there who embrace and accept us, perverts or otherwise. A bit overwhelming really.” I stroked the back of her hand with my thumb as she thought about it all. She had the look of a kid who had done something wrong and was now frustrated over the guilt. I let her sit and think so she could let the feeling soak in the new experience.

She entered the lobby to my dorm like she was smuggling something and kept the bag tightly held to her body as she bolted for the stairs. I kept pace as we climbed the concrete stairs together, items in the bag squeaking when the packaging rubbed against itself. Running into my room she jumped onto my bed, dumping out the bag.

Eyeing all of the items she seemed a little confused. “What is all this for?”

“Well my subby little pet we have, a magic wand, some training buttplugs for your ass, some nice soft rope, the ballgag of course, a flogger, a pair of suction toys for your nipples, the numbing lube, and an enema kit for cleaning out.” I shut the door behind me and opened my arms to pose like a stage magician. She was stunned. She didn’t know where to start in the pile of toys. “Was that really your first time in a sex shop? Why do you never watch porn either?”

She flushed and looked away. “I watch porn, sorta. It’s not exactly stuff like this.”

“What do you watch?” I asked curiously. Tamara said she had an interest in a few kinks but never got to practice them. She shut down, shaking her head furiously. “Well okay we don’t have to get into it if you’re not ready. How about we start with the gag and see how you like it?”

“What if I want it off?” She asked.

“Glad you asked me that. Since you never played around with the BDSM crowd I have a few techniques that we get to start practicing. The first is red, yellow, and green. It’s pretty simple. We can just use the colors or set words for each of your limits. Yellow means you want me to pause and check in with how you’re doing through the scene, maybe give you some touches and time to cool off.”

“Scene? What’s a scene?” She grabbed scissors and began to chop away at the packaging covering most of the toys.

“A scene is a BDSM scene. So if I tied you up and say, made you cum until you couldn’t anymore as a form of torture, that would be the scene. You might say yellow if you get overstimulated or scared. If you called red, I would untie you completely and free you. We would be done with anything sex related that night and stick with aftercare. Aftercare is important to help you when you enter drop.” She raised her eyebrows at yet another term. “When you cum so hard you forget where you are and the rest of the day you might be emotional or reserved, that’s drop. It can stretch on a day or more after if the scene is really intense.”

“Okay, I think I will follow. So why all the terms and fluff to it?” I chewed my lip for a minute as I thought on how to answer.

“It’s one of the easier ways for the bdsm community to communicate. Bdsm isn’t sex, nor intimacy. You can do any of those without involving the other. Evan collaring us means we will have roles, rules, and part of that is all of us practicing so if we want to play with it, we don’t hurt each other emotionally or physically. So what do you want to be your words for red and yellow?”

Tamara picked up the flogger and gave it a flick to test the weight of it. “I’m thinking. Does this thing hurt?”

“Give it a soft hit on the forearm and then see how hard it is okay there.” She smacked the tails of the flogger against her skin and smiled.

“Catharsis.” She said boldly.

“I’m sorry?” I asked as she smacked her arm again with the flogger.

“Catharsis for Red. Velvet for yellow. But you never answered my question, what if I can’t speak like with the ballgag?” I snapped my fingers a few times in response to show her.

“Now here’s the big thing. Does anything scare you? Like any certain touches I might give you or any phrases? I don’t want to remind you of… well Girne Escort whatever happened to you. You don’t have to talk about that if you don’t want to.”

Her eyes went sullen. “Just don’t ever call me Tammy please.”

“Of course. Is it okay if I hug you?” She set the toys down and put them in a pile next to my bed, pulling me close. I was starting to understand her a little better. A childhood controlled, abused, and without the freedom of exploration left quirks that kept her from ever reaching out. Curling her up like I had the last time, I stroked her hair and softly hummed.

As we rested she heard what sounded like someone walking down the dorm hallway to me, but to her it was an alarm. She jumped, her eyes and expression wide as I tried to show her the door was locke

“Gabby, I’m scared of trees blowing at night. Before spring break I had a big cry because a raccoon scared me to tears with its fat little body and chittering, running with the little demons it had given birth to all the way down the sidewalk. Apparently I can’t even buy dildos without getting nervous, and when you’re not looking by the way, I get anxious at where I’m supposed to put my hands on you.

I think of how you probably like the affection but I don’t want to objectify you but then again we’re freshly dating so it’s okay to be overly cute.” I couldn’t keep my smile from growing as I saw how much she clearly suffered in the day to day, but felt happier when we were together. Her rambling was adorable to watch. “It isn’t going to keep me from being happy with you.”

“Tamara, have you ever talked to someone about…your childhood and all of the things that scare you? I had no idea you were so anxious and worried about everything.” I braced for her reaction but she only blinked and looked at me blankly.

“I don’t think anyone would believe it if I tried. I dunno Gabby. I’m not ready for that. If you really need to know I -” I held up a finger to her lips and then kissed them.

“Hey. You don’t ever have to tell anyone until you feel ready. I trust you with my secrets but you don’t have to pour yours out in return ever if you don’t feel completely certain you want me or Evan knowing. It isn’t going to change how we care about you.”

Tamara’s eyes saw farther than our room, her eyelids half closed in weary contemplation. She changed the topic quickly to what we had bought from the store and what it was all made of. She asked questions until every little detail of them was exhausted. Each time I would start to drift in the conversation away from how it all works she would ask another question to avoid the topic of her ptsd. Eventually, she went so far as to hold out the ballgag and asked, “Show me how it fits?”

Her walls were thick enough that even the mentioning of her having a childhood turned her a little cold inside, so I surrendered the possibility of trying to talk about it and swallowed my anger over the door. I sat close to her and held up the gag. “Here. Open your mouth nice and wide for me okay? Remember if at any point you want me to pause and comfort you, give me a snap of your fingers. If you want out-“

“I know. Snap repeatedly.”

Looping the leather around her head I pushed the ball into her mouth and snapped the buttons on the back shut. The pink silicone ball fit perfectly in her lips. Her mouth was kept in a sweet O shape like she was applying her lipstick. “Let’s start with something slow and simple. Get on your hands and knees for me.” As she positioned herself I got up and circled the bed to let the tension build. Sliding two fingers across her jeans that tightly held her ass, I put a light smack on her butt.

“This is called a scale.” I unbuttoned her pants and yanked them so they were halfway down her thighs. She was starting to pant heavily in anticipation. “I want you to hold up the number of fingers for how high my spanks are on a scale of one to ten. You ready?” She nodded.

I struck her ass on the right side with the front of my hand softly and saw her hold up one finger. The blue panties with little white polka dots to match her nails started to look wet from behind her. The next smack made her hold up three fingers, her breathing starting to pick up in pace. Pulling back my hand I left a print of red where my fingers went over her underwear. I watched her ache to regain her composure. After a few seconds she lifted her right hand and signaled five. The wet in her panties had stretched to cover her pussy. With a hand on each of her asscheeks I spread her so the fuzz on her pussy was visible in all of its sticky wonder. She moaned when the panties were inched down just under her ass with the thick strands of cum like sand in an hourglass.

Another strike against her ass made her trail of cum finally drip before another took its place. Thumping smacks of my hands against her skin made her quiver each time, my focus only on the force in every blow to keep her happy and safe. Taking a few fingers and slathering them in her messy hole while she cried out into the gag, I leaned forward to mount her through my pants and smeared it across her lips and face. “Your pussy is just endless. I bet I could wipe your body down in all of that sweet juice it makes and it would still have more.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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It’s Halloween and I’m taking my daughter Kim to a party. My wife and I only have one rule for Kim’s parties, we have to drive her there and pick her up after, that way she can always have a few drinks with her friends and we know she’s safe. It did mean we received some late night or early morning phone calls but it was worth it.

My wife Kay is working which meant I’m driving, I’m in the lounge room watching tv waiting for her.

“Right Daddy, I’m ready,” Kim says as she walks into the room.

I sit staring at her, I know her mother wouldn’t approve of her outfit but I also know it is pointless saying anything, Kim was 20 and as she keeps reminding us she is no longer a child but an adult and could do what she wants.

I take a deep breath as I run my eyes up and down her body, she has black cat ears sitting on top of her long blonde hair, a small mask over her eyes and a black studded leather collar around her neck. She’s wearing a black lacy, see thru bra and short black leather mini skirt with black fishnet stockings and a pair of knee high black boots. To be honest if it was anybody else I would have a raging boner but this is my daughter, even though I knew it was wrong my cock twitches and stiffens slightly as I stare at her.

“Cat women, I assume,” I said.

“That’s right Daddy, now let’s go we have to pick up Mandy,” Kim says as she turns on her heels heading towards the front door.

My eyes follow her, Kim is a petite blonde with a pert little ass that wriggles nicely as she walks I can feel my cock stiffening further. Shaking my head I stand up following Kim to the car.

Mandy lives in a small duplex about 10 minutes from our house, as I pull up in her driveway the front door opens and Mandy steps out. Mandy is a recently new friend of Kim’s and I have only meet her briefly on a few occasions. She is about 25 and comes across as a very confident young women, where Kim was small and petite Mandy is well endowed with ample firm breasts and a round peachy ass, both of which she likes to show off with tight clothes. She is also taller than Kim and with a skinny waist she has a real hourglass figure.

Where Kim is a blonde dressed in black Mandy is the complete opposite, she has jet black hair and a olive complexion, as she steps into sight she is dressed in white, a slutty nurse with bloodstains on her uniform. She wears a small nurses cap, her uniform is skin tight pvc with a zipper up the front, the zipper is down below her tits and in the tight uniform they are bulging out, ready to leap free at any moment. Her uniform barely covers her ass, it stops under her butt cheeks, she is wearing white stockings which reach half way up her thighs, showing plenty of flesh between their top and the hem of her uniform. To cap of her outfit she has a pair of high heel white boots on which add to her height, making her legs look longer and sexier.

Where I partially controlled myself with Kim there was no control with Mandy, I squirm in my seat to adjusting my pants to accommodate the massive erection I have. It isn’t going to go away either, Mandy sits in the middle on the back seat giving me a clear view of her cleavage in the unzipped uniform and has a pair of hard perky nipples poking forward. A slight adjustment of the mirror gives me a view of Mandy’s spread legs and panties, it’s difficult to keep my eyes on the road and off my rearview mirror.

When we get to the party Kim leans across kissing me on the cheek, I can feel her perky little tits rub against my arm, “Thank you Daddy see you later,” she says as she gets out of the car. Mandy has also gotten out of the car, she leans in through the driver’s window, her tits look magnificent, I can’t take my eyes off them. “Yes thank you Daddy,” she says leaning further into the car kissing me on the lips.

I’m taken aback and just stare at her, as I’m watching her Kim comes around the car standing beside her, Mandy pulls a leash from her bag attaching it to Kim’s collar. She smiles at me as she turns pulling on the leash, leading Kim towards the party. As they walk away Mandy pulls up the back of Kim’s skirt, giving me a view of her pert little ass in black panties, Mandy squeezes and rubs her butt cheeks.

I still have a raging boner when I get home, Kay is home and I suggest an early night. Kay says she is planning on an early night but only to sleep as she has had a long stressful day at work.

It is 3.30am when I’m awoken by the phone, Kim is ready to come home. I get in the car heading to the party to collect her. When I get there Kim and Mandy are both standing outside waiting for me.

“Daddy can Mandy stay with us tonight, please?” Kim asks.

“I don’t know, we don’t have the spare room ready,” I reply.

“Please Daddy, she can stay in my room, it won’t be any trouble,” Kim says.

“Well I guess it will be alright,” I say.

It isn’t so much that the thought having Mandy stay that made me hesitate, it is more the fact I’m struggling to concentrate on the conversation. Girne Escort Kim stands in front of me with her bra sitting below her perky little nipples, I’m having trouble taking my eyes off them and as I do my eyes move to Mandy. Her uniform is unzipped to her belly button and both tits are on full display, as Kim talks with me Mandy stands beside her rolling her nipples between her fingers.

Fuck I’m horny again, I look in my rearview mirror to see Mandy’s legs are spread again but now she isn’t wearing panties and she’s rubbing herself. Between staring at Mandy’s pussy and Kim’s nipples it is a very slow drive home.

When we get home I follow behind the girls up the path enjoying the view of their asses, suddenly I have a panic attack.

“What if Kay is up, what will she say, do when she sees Mandy’s tits and Kim’s nipples?”

I rush ahead of them to make sure the coast is clear.

No Kay, a sigh of relief escapes my mouth, as I stand beside the open door the two girls walk pass me. The thought of Kay waiting has made my cock go limp but as I stare at Mandy and Kim it gets hard again.

The girls stand in the lounge room with their backs toward me talking to each other, as I enter they turn around, my eyes immediately move to Kim’s tits. Her bra is sitting under them, they are small but firm, pointing straight at me with long rock hard nipples.

Kim walks up to me, her little tits bounce with each step, she gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek thanking me for driving and allowing Mandy to stay over. I feel a little nervous, worried that Kim can feel my erection as she hugs me.

As Kim hugs me I glance over her shoulder at Mandy, the leash is attached to Kim’s collar again, I didn’t notice it when I picked them up, Mandy holds on to it. As I watch Mandy pulls a pair of black panties from her bag, she holds them under her nose sniffing them as she pulls on the leash. As Kim returns to her side Mandy drops the black panties on the floor, she then pulls a pair white ones from the bag dropping them to floor beside the black ones. Holding the leash close to the collar she leads Kim towards her bedroom, as they walk away she again lifts the back of Kim’s skirt up, this time there are no panties to see, just a sweet bare ass wriggling as she walks. As they enter the bedroom Mandy turns her head looking at me, she smiles blowing me a kiss.

I collapse into a chair staring a Kim’s closed bedroom door, my eyes drift to the two pairs of panties lying on the floor. I move picking them up, they both feel damp, I return to my chair staring at them for a while before temptation becomes too strong and I lift them to my nose inhaling deeply,

I sit in my chair, my hand glides up and down my hard cock, my head leans back their panties covering my face, my tongue runs over them as I breath in deeply. I close my eyes, images of Kim and Mandy flood my mind, my hand moves quicker as my body stiffens, I let out a grunt as cum pumps out of my cock over my stomach and hand.

“I hope you have some more of that for me,” a voice suddenly says.

My whole body jumps, the panties fall off my face, Mandy stands in front of me naked. Without another word she drops to her knees between my legs, she licks the cum off my stomach first, my cock nestling snuggly between her tits. Once finished she moves to my hand licking and sucking on each of my fingers.

Her eyes fix on my face, deep dark brown eyes looking up at me as my cock disappears and reappears from her mouth. Her head bobs back and forward but those eyes never break contact, even as she pulls my cock from her mouth, jerking me with her hand, her mouth wide open, tongue sticking out.

I come, cum shooting in her mouth, over her face, still she barely blinks, her eyes just keep staring up at me.

When she finishes jerking the last drop of the cum from my cock she stands up, leaning forward her tits in my face she kisses my forehead and then my lips. “You can keep the panties Daddy,” she whispers, “Goodnight, sweet dreams.” I watch her walk away, disappearing into Kim’s room.

It is nearly 5am, I sneak into my bedroom climbing into bed beside Kay. I stuff the panties under my pillow. It takes me ages to drop off to sleep, there are too many thoughts going through my head.

I awake next morning, Kay is already up, I hear voices coming from the kitchen. I decide to have a shower, after I hide the panties, it will help wake me up and give me time to think before facing everyone, especially Mandy.

I walk into the kitchen, the three of them sit around the table chatting and laughing. “Morning Daddy,” Kim says, “Morning Honey,” Kay says, “Hello Mr Brown,” Mandy says giving me a smile and running her tongue over her lips.

“Don’t be silly Mandy, it’s Dave and Kay, were all adults here,” Kay says.

“Alright Kay,” Mandy says still staring at me with a wicked smile.

Shortly afterwards the girls go back to Kim’s room, I sit at the table finishing my coffee, it was Saturday, Magosa Escort no work today so I decide I’ll go to the shed and do some chores. I feel very self-conscious about last night and want to avoid Mandy, it’s also a good place to hide the panties until I decide what to do with them.

Kay comes into the shed, she tells me she is going out to catch up with a couple of her girlfriends for lunch and have a wander round the shops. She also tells me she made me a couple of sandwiches for lunch and they are in the fridge, the girls are in the back garden sunbaking and are planning to go out later and that Kim will be staying at Mandy’s tonight.

I stay in the shed pottering around for another hour or so, my mind wandering back to last night, I’m tempted to get the panties out but know it’s wrong, but deep down I know I won’t be throwing them away soon either.

I haven’t heard anything from the girls and hope they had left as I head to the house for lunch, I’m tempted by them after last night and I’m not sure what I will do when I’m alone with them.

The kitchen window overlooks the back garden, I move to the sink to look out the window to see if the girls are still there. Not five feet from the window Kim lies naked on a deckchair, her legs pointing toward the window, spread wide, showing off her sweet little pussy. My cock grows hard as I stare out the window remembering the taste and smell of her panties, my eyes run up and down her naked body.

“Gorgeous isn’t she!” Mandy whispers in my ear more as a statement than a question. Her body presses up against mine, an arm wraps around me as she continues to whisper, “Imagine how tight that little cunt is,” she says, “Sweet and juicy, squeezing round your big cock.” Her hand slides down the front of my shorts squeezing and massaging my cock.

“You want to taste her, to run your tongue over her lips, pushing it inside her cunt,” she keeps whispering, her hot breath against my ear. “Look at those sweet little tits, you could fit the whole thing in your mouth.”

“Oh my god I don’t know how much longer I’m going to last,’ I think as she pushes my shorts down, jerking my cock, talking about Kim’s body and what I could do to it.

“Imagine how tight that little asshole is, shoving your big cock into it, making her scream as you stretch her tight little hole, forcing yourself deep inside that virgin ass.” Suddenly I come, cum shoots out over the sink as Mandy pumps my cock.

Mandy releases her grip, I turn in time to see her naked ass walk out the door. I look out the window, Mandy walks across to Kim, sitting on the side of the deckchair beside her. She picks up a bottle of what I guess is sunscreen pouring it along her body, she rubs it over her body, massaging her tits, her hands slowly working their way down her body, before sliding between her legs. All the time while she’s touching Kim she stares at the kitchen window smiling.

I have never had these desires for Kim before but Mandy was changing me, just like she is changing Kim.

For the next couple of weeks nothing physically happens but Mandy has Kim seductively flirting whether she knows it or not. The clothes she wears or doesn’t, the way they touch each other and me, and the little play on words, all designed to arouse me.

It works, Mandy is awakening a desire in me that I didn’t know existed.

Kim spends more and more time at Mandy’s place, one evening over dinner she announces that she is going to move in with her. I was a bit concerned knowing how Mandy is manipulating and controlling her and me, but Kay is delighted, she is happy for Kim and glad she had found someone special.

Next day when I get home Kay tells me there are a couple of boxes in Kim’s room and asks if I can take them to Mandy’s. The boxes aren’t heavy but it takes two hands to carry them, as I walk up to the front door it opens, standing in the doorway is Mandy naked.

I stumble, too busy looking at Mandy’s body and not where I’m putting my feet, my cock instantly responds to the sight. Mandy smiles as I regain my balance, stepping away from the door she points to a table in the corner, “Just put those on the kitchen table Daddy.”

I just grunt, my eyes glued to her naked body, I’ve told Mandy a hundred times not to call me Daddy but she never listens and now I have just given up trying.

I drag my eyes away from Mandy briefly scanning the room as I head to the table, the sound of the door closing behind was all I could hear, no sign of Kim. Putting the boxes down I turn, “Kim not home?” I asked.

Mandy smiles, “She’s in the spare room,” she said nodding at a closed door, “We were just in there as you arrived and she’s a bit tied up at the moment,” Mandy adds.

“Do you want to see her?” Mandy asks as she steps up beside me.

“Yes please,” I say, my eyes focused on Mandy’s tits.

I know there’s a bulge in the front of my shorts and know Mandy had seen it, but I don’t care. Mandy’s body presses against Kıbrıs Escort me, her tits rub my arm, a strong musky smell in the air. I’m hoping Mandy is going to reach down, grab my cock, jerking and sucking me off.

She reaches down but instead of grabbing my cock she grabs my hand, she pulls me toward the closed door. As she opens the door I’m hit by a stronger musky smell, I can also hear noises coming from inside. Mandy pulls me into the room, as I step through the doorway I freeze.

Kim lies naked on a single bed, her legs spread wide, ropes around her ankles tying them to the legs of the bed. Her arms stretched above her head, wrist tied together, the rope tied to a hook on the wall. She is blindfolded, a nipple clamp on each nipple attached together by a length of chain. But what really catches my attention is the vibrator pressing against her clit, taped into place and the trickle of cum dribbling from her pussy.

Mandy lets go of my hand stepping towards Kim, reaching down she touches the vibrator, it was making a low humming noise before but it now sounds louder, Kim’s moaning is also getting louder.

I watch as Mandy slides two fingers into Kim’s pussy, withdrawing them she steps back towards me, lifting her fingers up she holds them under my noise before rubbing them on my lips. I watch Mandy opens her mouth, she runs the fingers over her lips before teasingly running her tongue over them and sliding them into her mouth.

Mandy smiles, “Delicious isn’t she!’ Mandy says, her hand rubs the front of my shorts, “Want to taste some more?”

I can still smell and taste Kim, I can see more cum dribbling from her pussy, yes I want more. I don’t resist as Mandy undresses me, my eyes never leaving Kim’s pussy, Kim moans grow louder and louder.

Mandy places her hand on my shoulder I instinctively sink to my knees in front of Kim’s pussy, her scent urging me on to taste her. Mandy squats behind me, her body presses against mine, a hand on the back of my head pushing me into Kim’s pussy, her other hand grabbing my cock, slowly stroking me.

Mandy grinds my face against Kim’s pussy, covering me in her wetness, I hungrily lick and suck her. Kim moans keep getting louder, her body wriggles, Mandy releases her grip of my cock. With my face buried in Kim’s pussy I can’t see anything, but the vibrator sounds louder and I can feel it more as I eat Kim’s pussy.

Kim screams, her body convulsing, Mandy pulls my head back as I’m hit in the face by a stream of liquid. Kim is squirting, she is spraying herself over my face and body.

As soon as Kim stops squirting Mandy pushes my face back against her pussy, within a few minutes she pulls me back again as Kim squirts again drenching me further in her juices.

Mandy stands up pulling me to my feet, she leans forwards, her tits press against my chest, she runs her tongue over my face, licking Kim’s juices off me, as she does her hand returns to my cock, squeezing it tightly as she holds it.

She stops licking my face, still holding my cock she pulls me to the side of the bed, beside Kim’s head, as I watch she lifts Kim’s blindfold and loosens the ropes holding her arms. Kim blinks several times as her eyes adjusts to the light, then she moves herself closer to the side of the bed staring up at me, she smiles as she turns her head onto its side opening her mouth.

Mandy directs the head of my cock into Kim’s waiting mouth, I watch Kim’s tongue run around the head before she closes her mouth over it, now I can only feel her tongue playing with me and the gentle sensation of her sucking.

Mandy stills holds the shaft of my cock, she starts jerking on it while Kim’s sucks.

It doesn’t take long until my cock erupts in Kim’s mouth, as soon as it starts to throbs Kim gums and lips tighten their grip around the shaft, sucking my cock harder. Mandy also keeps jerking, both of them continuing until my cock stops throbbing.

Mandy pulls my cock from Kim’s mouth, as Kim looks up at me I see a small trickle of cum escaping from the corner of her mouth. “You can get dressed and go now Daddy,” Mandy says. I stare at Mandy blankly, “We are finished with you today, please leave now.”

From the tone of her voice and look on her face I knew that there was no point arguing. I collect my clothes, Mandy escorts me to the door closing it as I step into the living room, I get dress and leave.

I need a shower, I’m covered in Kim’s scent, I avoid Kay going straight to the bathroom when I get home, showering and putting on fresh clothes.

A couple of days later when I get home I find a note on the kitchen bench from Kay, “Gone to show with Debbie, please take box on table to Kim’s, dinner in fridge, Love You Kay.”

It’s too early for dinner and the thought of Kim and Mandy excites me, I pick up the box and drive to Mandy’s. Kim opens the door for me, like Mandy the other day Kim is naked except for a collar around her neck. As I step inside I see Mandy sitting in the living room, naked also.

“Just put it on the kitchen table Daddy and have a seat,” Mandy says.

I walk over to the table putting the box down, Kim has closed the door and when I turn around I see her on her hands and knees, but what catches my attention is the horse tail she has sticking out of her ass.

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Caught in the Garage

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Big Tits

Everyone in this story is over eighteen.

Late in the summer of my eighteenth year I was still heavily involved in making the most of having achieved my majority on June seventeenth. Regrettably my efforts were somewhat stymied by the fact that I had no boyfriend. Being particularly horny one warm day in August I called my neighbor Ian Studer for a little tie and tickle. I would be the one tied and he would do the tickling. Plus a little work with some ice on critical parts of my anatomy, all of which would produce some lovely orgasms. With the promise of a blowjob he agreed.

An hour later I waited in the apartment above my parents’ garage, clad in a yellow thong bikini. Ian arrived in our driveway on a bicycle, despite my explicit instructions that he come in the back way to avoid detection by my father, who had just returned from his golf match. My vexation at his stupidity was overcome by my horniness and I proceeded with the adventure, not knowing my father had indeed seen Ian and turned on the security cameras in the apartment to observe the proceedings.

What my father saw was me urging a boy to strip to his underwear, then stripping myself of everything. I gave him five lengths of rope and allowed him to bind me, thus naked, to the bed, with my arms and legs spread as wide as they would go. As a final touch I had him bind a rope around my left leg just above the knee, pass it under the bed to be tied around my right leg just above the knee, and pulled tight enough to spread my legs even wider, opening up my bunny hole as wide as it would go, in anticipation not of a penis but of some ice.

Keenly aware of my sensibilities, Daddy waited, unwilling to invade my space if I was indeed about to be penetrated, to my great joy. But this seemed unlikely as the boy opened a drawer to withdraw the tickling implements and a bottle of baby oil, and the refrigerator to withdraw the ice and placed them on the bed. He removed his underpants, displaying a rather large erection. Then he applied a generous amount of the baby oil to my feet and began slowly to torture the bottoms of my bare feet with a large feather. At this my Dad sprung into action.

Less than a minute later, and despite the agony Ian had begun to inflict on my naked body with his feather, I heard hurried footsteps on the stairs. The door flew open, my father burst in, and Ian flew out still naked, carrying most of his clothes but forgetting his underpants, which I still have. Boys collect mine so I can collect theirs I figure.

I stared at my father in horror. He smiled back, as he always did, seemingly oblivious to my nakedness and the fact that I was tied to a bed with my legs spread wide. He sat down in the chair Ian had placed next to the bed, to have been used to easily access my bare breasts with whatever tickling implement suited him. He leaned over and whisked the hair out of my eyes and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“Hi, Muffin,” he said cheerily. He looked at my naked body approvingly, like he always did. Not in a lecherous way, but rather like he was looking at a work of art.

“Hi Daddy,” I said a little shakily.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, Daddy.” He didn’t seem particularly surprised to see me spreadeagled in the nude.

“Well, that boy had you all tied up.”

“Yes, Daddy, he did.”

“And you let him do it even though you’re completely naked.”

“Yes,” I said, feeling more than a little guilty.

“What was he going to do to you, Muffin?”

“He was just going to tickle me, Daddy.”

“Then why did he tie your legs way apart like that? I can actually see inside of you.”

“I guess he didn’t want me to be able to close them.” Actually he was going to insert ice cubes inside of me.

“Well, I think he was going to stick something inside of you and, since he was naked and you’re naked, I think I know what it was.”

“No, Daddy, he was going to put ice cubes inside of me.” That was true, too.

“Don’t be naive, Muffin. A beautiful young girl like you and he tied you down naked with your legs spread so he could put ice cubes inside you. Has he had all of you before when you weren’t tied down?” He never before asked me anything like that, but I think he was afraid Ian was going to rape me.

“No, Daddy, he hasn’t.”

“You’re not having sex with him, Muffin? It’s OK to tell me if you are.”

“No, Daddy, I’m not.”

“Do I need to do anything, Muffin?”

“No, Daddy, you don’t.” But I was beginning to wish he’d untie me, it was acutely embarrassing to be spread wide open like that.

“I think I’m going to take some pictures of this in case he does anything to you later on.” He had never taken any kind of pictures of me when I wasn’t decent. I was mortified. I think he was just trying to teach me a lesson. He stood and took out his phone and made a move to position himself at the foot of the bed.

“No, Daddy, no! Please don’t!” I really was humiliated, but I think that’s how he wanted me to feel. Lefkoşa Escort After all I had done this to myself in our own house, though he would never say that to me.

“It’s OK, Princess. No one will probably ever see the pictures except your mother.” He stood there half a minute and could have taken ten pictures of me spread as wide as could be.

“Please, Daddy!”

“It’s OK. You can’t even really tell it’s you.” But I would know it was, and that’s what he wanted. “And besides I started the cameras from the house.” There were three in the room we were in, one pointed directly at the bed, from the foot. I was being recorded naked and spread wide.

“Daddy, no, I’ll die!”

“No, you won’t, but you’ll learn a valuable lesson.”

This wasn’t the first time this summer since my eighteenth that Daddy had seen me naked, though not quite like this. If you’ve read my story “Photograph” you know about my experiences as a model working for my photographer friend Harry. I started working for him many years ago, doing sportswear modeling jobs and bikini stuff but never anything without my boobs and my genitals covered. At some point we started selling the bikini shots to his private clients and made good money. I always kept my Dad informed about what we were doing and showed him the photos. Then the day after I turned eighteen, literally, I enthusiastically removed the bikini and started doing nudes.

I had already talked to Dad about whether I should take everything off. Mummy had started when she was eighteen, before she met my Dad. My mother is a Dutch girl who grew up in a family where nudity was a way of life so it was not even a decision for her. She just did it. She still modeled in the nude, even now, mostly for my Dad’s enjoyment. She taught us, me and my two sisters, to be proud of our bodies, especially the girl parts, and I had no problem showing off all of mine. Harry insisted I have a chaperone from my family the first time I did nudes, preferably one of my parents. My siblings would be meaningless and so would a friend. Mummy wanted my Dad to do it. If it was supposed to be all right for me to do this then I should be willing to do it in front of my Dad. So I agreed, even though I knew I would feel embarrassed with him seeing me totally nude and the session would last hours.

Now that I’m doing nude work and Dad knows it’s happening I have nude photos of me in my room and my mother has nude photos of her in the room she shares with my father. Per Dad’s order mine are a little more discreet than Mummy’s, which means no pussy. Mummy gets to show hers, though. Whatever the case with pussies, Harry and I make good money from my photos. Some, which hide my face and my snatch, he sells in local art galleries. Others, more explicit, he sells to an increasingly large group of private clients. Dad is OK with me doing it with some stipulations. There are no obvious spread leg shots and no asshole shots, but other than that I can happily show everything I’ve got and Harry’s clients are happy to pay good money to look at it.

Another aspect of my nude work with Harry is described in my story “The Little Sketching Group (LSG)”. This tells about the group we formed to provide local artists freer access to a nude model. The LSG was formed early in the summer right after we started the nude photos and consists mostly of older males and a few females. The group was seen to be necessary because though the local art galleries provided some opportunities for sketching enthusiasts to work from the nude they are often a part of expensive organized art classes and are rather strictly controlled.

I became the principal model along with one of Harry’s daughters, an adult, of course. As with the photos I talked to my Dad first. Photos are one thing but in the sketching case I am actually appearing in person and the nudity is a bit more stark. Doing a three-hour nude class in person you can’t hide anything. Dad came to the first class where I enjoyed his obvious embarrassment when Harry’s daughter took off her clothes and I asked him if he thought she had a better body than I.

Anyway, he gave his approval, despite the presence of a few men who obviously couldn’t draw a stick figure. Of course almost none of the artists are good enough so you can tell the nude model is me. For that matter Dad and I went to one of the galleries that was selling nude photos of me and we stood there for an hour and no one had any idea the girl in the picture on the wall was me.

There was still more nudity. The story I published here called “The Wenches” tells how me and my girlfriends formed a BDSM club on the Harrington estate right next to my parents’ home. That was after graduation though we had to wait some time because, like me, not everyone was over eighteen on graduation day. Most of the activities are fairly simple BDSM scenes, like whippings, but almost everything is done in the nude. We did scenes among ourselves, Girne Escort me, my best friends RaeAnn and Claudia, Kristie, my neighbor on the estate, and Bethany, Brittany and Danielle. Natch, everyone is over eighteen. We also do scenes for cash audiences and occasional extravaganzas. Generally there’s no sex but occasionally there is some touchy, feely stuff. Dad knows little about that, though he does know I do nude BDSM scenes.

Not mentioned to my Dad is how we have to deal with the Harrington boys whose family owns the estate, and whose land Kristie’s house is, which is Wench headquarters. They try to enforce this kind of “droit du seigneur” which supposedly entitles them to fuck one of The Wenches every few months, including me, in return for use of their property. This is a non-starter for me, though some of the girls are horny enough to come across. They demand a lot of services from my friend Kristie, who serves as horse trainer on the estate and gets a house with the job. And she obliges to keep her position. I muck horses there mornings and get to ride some and have to put up with a lot of Harrington ass grabbing and tit squeezing and I think Dad has heard rumblings, but he still lets me go over there.

The last bit is just semi-nudity, my experience working at the BDSM club in Delft, in the Netherlands, described in the Amsterdam story. We went there to visit my mother’s sister and her family. There I was just topless, not nude, and worked as a greeter at the club entrance. I talked to Dad before I did it. My cousin Eefje already worked there. She’s nineteen. She put on her outfit so Dad could see what I’d be wearing. It consisted of black boots, black boy shorts, black wrist bands and upper arm bands, and a black scrunchie for a ponytail so your hair stayed up to reveal maximum girl. There was no shirt. I loved the aplomb Eefje showed, baring her breasts like that to all the men coming into the club. I just about begged my father to let me do it and he did, though he warned me that he and Uncle Jan would be coming by to check things out.

There were now four of us in the family who worked at the club. My cousins Juliette, Dieuwke, Eefje and me. All of us legal and all of us very well-endowed. We went to the club and I was interviewed, bare-breasted of course, and was hired. The fact that I spoke only English was not a bar to working a BDSM joint in Amsterdam. All you needed was a nice smile and big tits and I had both. Or all three, if you count each tit separately. Eefje helped me get fitted for my uniform. I was ecstatic. I put the uniform on, we powdered our noses and headed to the main entrance to get me oriented, my bare tits ready to greet the good people of Amsterdam, my nipples so stiff they might put somebody’s eye out.

Greeting was easy. We stood behind a counter, the better to minimize groping, and smiled as people came in. Members showed their card, non-members paid a fee which included the price of two drinks. Ninety percent of the men were clearly happy to greet us, less so with the women. The time passed quickly. We got pee breaks and were fed three hours into our shift. The presence of bouncers guaranteed our physical safety. I quickly forgot about not having a shirt on, unless, as occasionally happened, someone stared too long. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Being bare-breasted in public was a trip. I loved the way my nipples got hard and how it felt and how the feelings spread inside me down over my tummy to my pussy. What a trip indeed.

Daddy and Uncle Jan came in to see us twice, in order to get to see all four of us, who never worked all the same night. When he came in he behaved the same way he did today when he saw me tied up. A cheery greeting and a smile. And he looked at me, at my boobs that is, approvingly, just as he did so today. Anywhere else but Amsterdam it would have been weird, having him see my tits like that, not by accident in our house. And he also got to see Juliette’s, Dieuwke’s and Eefje’s boobs. It was excellent.

Well after all that you can imagine how Daddy might be getting a little tired of me taking all my clothes off. Especially just above his own garage. He was finished taking his pictures but he stood there for a bit and took in my nakedness. I wasn’t so much embarrassed now but a little scared of what he might think, of my body and of me, whether he would think I was cheap, letting a boy tie me up like that and spread my legs wide, which to him meant I wanted him to fuck me.

“You look very beautiful, Muffin. I’m very lucky to have you as a daughter.” If he was trying to make me feel creepy by saying he loved me knowing what I had just done he was successful.

“I’m sorry if you’re disappointed in me, Daddy.”

“No, I’m not disappointed. You’re human. Sometimes I can’t understand things that you do but I’m not perfect either.”

“Daddy, will you untie me? It’s embarrassing to be naked like this.”

“I’m going to leave you tied Magosa Escort for a while. You let that strange boy tie you up and see you naked and start to do things to you so now you have to accept responsibility for it. You have to decide who it’s OK to be naked with. You shouldn’t have to be embarrassed with me.”

He meant that me being naked with him, and feeling shamed by it, if I did, was the price I had to pay for my bad behavior with a boy who meant nothing to me. And I knew I shouldn’t feel shame to be naked with him because he loved me and after all he had been my chaperone when Harry photographed me in the nude for three hours and he never turned a hair, nor reproached me in any way. He loved me and saw me in the nude just as God made me, his beautiful young daughter.

And in fact that first day with Harry with my Dad there for me it made me feel proud to let him see I had such a lovely young woman’s body. Preparing for my photo session was easy. I showered, washed and dried my hair and left my jewelry home except for studs in my ears. I had given myself a quick shave the night before to ensure hairlessness and Daddy knew about it. I wore flats and a simple shift and nothing else, no underwear, no bra, not even panties. I didn’t want to wear anything that left a mark on my body so we could start right away and my body would be photo ready.

We drove the three miles over there and Harry was ready. No standing around getting nervous. We went into the studio and Harry told me to strip off right away, and none too soon, I was already so horny I could scream. Of course as I had nothing on under my shift, stripping was pretty easy. I just pulled the shift over my head and threw it to the side and was completely bareass instantaneously.

I think Daddy caught his breath slightly when he first saw me nude. I was standing in front of him so he could see everything and I got the impression he liked what he saw. That his oldest daughter was a beautiful young woman of eighteen years and one day. Considering that I don’t have much of an ass my body isn’t too bad. I’m skinnier than most boys like but that was OK by me. I inherited my mother’s bosom, large, firm and high. I was white as a sheet because it was only June 18 and beach season starts latter in Massachusetts.

We worked out in the yard, where the flowers and the shower and the pool were. It took Harry kind of a long time to get what he wanted. It seemed like an eternity to me, not because I was naked but because I was afraid someone would come along and some runners did go by. He took all the standard poses. He kind of got around the dictum not to take a lot of snatch shots by having me cross one leg in front or put my hands down there or lean up against something. He did seem to like bum shots and took many.

We spent more than three hours and all the time I was nude. My father got as good a look at me as any father did of his daughter and I was really proud. I was so wet now it showed in the pictures. Harry did little about it except when it ran down my leg. He knew it would make the shots sexier. I knew this would happen, I can get wet stripping to take a shower. By myself. I knew my father could see and I think this was the final confirmation he needed that I was a sexy young woman.

While I was waiting I got to look on Harry’s laptop at the shots he had taken of me. They looked good. I was skinny enough that the tendency of the camera to put weight on you didn’t really show. I know when I see my mother’s shots you can tell she had a bigger ass than I do. Harry says I am a good subject because my buns didn’t spread when I sat down. Possibly because I have no buns.

There were some nice head shots and a few of just my bottom and a few direct close-ups showing my bunny hole that unnerved me just a little, but we had to have a few for family reasons. I wanted my Dad to see all of me and my pussy is what makes me a girl, the girl he is so proud of. And I was so wet, I just glistened down there. I was glad he could see it.

At any rate our session was done and Harry gave Daddy a DVD with like one thousand photos on it, all nude shots of his oldest daughter. When we got home we looked at all of them on a screen and my Dad just rejoiced in seeing me completely naked, at how great I looked, how beautiful my naked body was.

Looking at the relatively few snatch shots we had we got a better idea of why Harry did them. Including pussy gave one a real idea of what a naked girl looks like and the cross-legged stuff thus seemed a little fake. I hoped Daddy took a good hard look at my womanhood when he looked at the photos. He certainly got a better look the way I was tied today. After a time he relented and untied the rope that spread me at the knees.

“I guess that’s enough of that,” he said. “How do you feel?”

“I feel a little better, Daddy, but please untie me now.”

“I’m going to leave you here for a while to think about what’s going to happen to you. But I’ll retie your legs together so you’ll be more decent.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” So he untied my ankles, grabbed each and lifted them up so my legs were no longer spread apart and set them down with my ankles together. He took one of the ropes that had tied an ankle and tied them together, tightly.

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A Weekend Away Opens Many Doors Pt. 02

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Helena raised her head off the pillows and craned her mouth down to meet Alan’s as she pulled him off of her. “Did I do something wrong?” he asked. “No baby, but I need you inside me.” she answered. With a smile, Alan reminded her “But I thought we had all night?” Helena smiled back and said, “That was before you put your mouth on me.”

Alan propped himself on his arms, his lean body contrasting against his mother’s feminine curves. Helena reached down and pressed his rigid manhood against herself. The underside of his cock picking up moisture from her as it dragged along her clit. Helena encouraged Alan’s pace ‘Yes, baby, just like that. It will feel so good.” As Alan’s hips kept moving, Helena curved hers up to meet him. She shifted up onto the bed just a little bit more. This meant that Alan’s movements would drag the head of his penis across the opening as he continued.

Helena looked up at her son. The sweat running down his face, she caressed it and said “Alan, I love you very much.” He replied, “I love you too Mom.” As he finished saying that, Helena lifted her hips just enough that the next time Alan pushed forward, he entered her and paused with little more than the head inside her. The two lovers moaned as they had crossed a threshold before Alan’s muscle memory kicked in and he returned to the same pace he’d been using to before.

As mother and son continued to fuck, Brooke was in Maria’s ear. “Mommy, I want to do that that, will you watch me do that?” Maria replied “Yes baby, Mommy would like that very much, will you let Mike fuck you like that so Mommy can watch?” Thankfully, I’d kept my hands off myself or that would have been the end for me, as it was, my cock lurched in my lap, leaking pre-cum.

Helena’s pussy was soaking, between the anticipation all week, the earlier events at the pool, the three voyeurs in the room and of course, her son’s cock in her pussy had her on edge before things even started. The sounds of their two bodies coming together was more than Alan could take, he felt the tightening of his balls, Helena felt his hard cock swell and as the first blast of cum surged into her, she began to squeeze him even tighter with her vaginal walls as her own orgasm swept through her.

“Oh, yes! Alan, that’s so good. Keep going!” Cried Helena. Alan felt as if he would never stop unloading in his mother. Helena’s orgasms continued to ripple through her long after Alan’s cock had finished coming but he was still very hard for her. Only as he began to soften did he withdraw from Helena’s body, rolling onto his back.

As the three of us watched, the two lovers hands lingered over each other’s bodies as they lay side by side, lost in their own thoughts.

Evidently, Brooke had enough of watching; she stood and took her mother’s hand. She guided Maria to the bed at Helena’s feet. Brooke climbed on the bed and took Alan’s semi-rigid member into her mouth tasting the combination of a mother and son’s love. She ran her tongue under his balls and through his pubic hair, chasing ever drop.

Maria lowered herself to Helena and did the same, tracing her tongue around her friend’s swollen lips before thrusting her tongue into Helena, sucking as she did so. She pushed up on Helena’s knees to ensure full access, following the trail of cum down the crack of her ass, lingering for a few moments on the tight rosebud before working Girne Escort her way back up to flick Helena’s clit briefly.

Satisfied that their work was done, Maria and Brooke turned to one another. Their faces close, they licked any traces of Helena, and Alan from each other before their mouths came together. Holding one another tightly, each woman could feel the other’s nipples pressing into her own flesh. Their hands at each other’s sides and then around their backs.

Helena stood and taking Alan’s hand, she made room on the bed for Maria and Brooke. Coming over to me, Helena held out her hand to me. As I stood up, we kissed before she suggested, “Go find a spot on the bed in case they need a hand.” Dropping her hand to stroke my hard cock, she added “or anything else.”

I moved to the bed and sat on the edge as Helena and Alan took a seat on the bench, perfectly sated for the moment and now taking a turn watching.

Brooke and Helena made themselves comfortable on the bed, lying down in the center of the bed, their hands continuing their exploration of each other’s body. I watched as first Maria’s hand found her daughter’s pussy, delving a finger through her slit. Brooke followed her mother’s lead before putting a hand to Maria’s knee and spreading her open.

Brooke lowered her mouth to her mother’s chest, taking a nipple in her mouth as Maria ran her fingers through the younger woman’s hair. Brooke continued her path down and moved between the older woman’s legs. Brooke pursed her lips and blew on the open flower in front of her with Maria arching her back off the bed trying to raise her sex to her daughter’s waiting tongue.

Maria’s eyes were closed in anticipation of the first touch of Brooke’s mouth. When Brooke finally touched her tongue to Maria’s pussy, the woman let out a groan that set off a chorus of the same from the others in the room.

With all the buildup of the evening, she didn’t wasting any time. Brooke started right on Maria’s clit bathing it in the saliva that rolled off her tongue, circling the bundle of nerve endings before wrapping her lips around it and sucking it into her mouth. She moved south and dipped her tongue into her mother, slurping up the juices pouring out before chasing any remains down to Maria’s ass, eliciting another groan.

Brooke traced a path back up her mother’s sex returning to work on her clit; her tongue traced little circles around it, periodically focusing the fluttering tip of her tongue on it. As Maria’s breathing turned ragged, Brooke flattened her tongue against her mother’s pussy and increased the pressure until Maria’s body started to quiver, her hips lurching off the bed against her daughter’s assault. With Maria holding Brooke’s head to her, her orgasm rolled through her, radiating outward from her vagina and through her extremities, even tingling the roots of her hair.

When Maria opened her eyes, it seemed like it took her a moment to focus and recall everything else going on other than the pleasure her daughter had given her. Her eyes landing on my face, she smiled and reached up to pull my face to hers. We kissed briefly before I moved my mouth to her breasts.

As she had switched from an all-out assault to a tender loving of Maria’s pussy, Brooke and I made eye contact as I had a mouth full of tit while her tongue Magosa Escort was lapping up at Maria’s opening, we grinned at one another before pausing briefly from our work to join mouths just above Maria’s belly to kiss.

Kissing the beautiful co-ed would be enough for most men my age. Tasting the musk of her sexy mother on her mouth as we did so, was something I don’t have words to describe. Lifting an eye brow, she said “Switch?”

I readily agreed and took Brooke’s place between her legs as she moved up alongside her mother, their mouths joining in a tender kiss. As I rubbed the head of my cock on Maria, she broke the kiss and the two watched as I got myself wet, my pre-cum joining Brooke’s saliva and Maria’s juices to leave the head of my prick with a glistening shine.

Brooke reached her hand down, took hold of me, and aimed me at her mother’s opening. As I pushed myself through her hand and into her mother, Brooke’s hand stayed close by now playing with her mother’s clit as I eased into a slow and easy rhythm. This was a longstanding fantasy of mine and I wasn’t going to rush through it but rather savor every moment of the experience.

I watched as the two made out on the bed, I watched Maria hand travel down Brooke’s body. I absorbed the sight of the mother’s hand, finding Brooke’s opening and probing it with a finger, her thumb lingering on her daughter’s clit.

I watched as the two traded orgasms under the ministrations of the other’s fingers, I watched Brooke’s face contort itself in pleasure at the touch of her mother’s experienced hand. I enjoyed Maria’s pussy squeezing my dick as her body reacted to her daughter’s touch. After a couple waves of this, Maria pulled her hand away from her daughter and pushed me off her.

Rolling Brooke on to her back, Maria lay on top of her, kissing her mouth before starting to work down her body. Taking a breast in each hand, she rolled her daughter’s nipples between her thumb and forefingers before putting her lips first to one, then the other. Brooke took her mother’s head between her two hands holding her head to her chest as her body rocked with the pleasure her mother was giving her.

Maria moved down to her tight belly, never losing the contact between her mouth and her daughter’s skin, leaving a little trail of saliva along the way. She dipped her tongue into Brooke’s belly button.

Brooke pushed down on her mother’s head, directing the woman’s mouth to where she needed it most. Maria followed the crease in Brooke’s hip towards her vulva. Sucking on the lips, first on one side then moving to the other, blowing softly on her clit as she did so. Maria then dipped her mouth lower, finding the source of warmth emanating from her daughter’s body and began lapping up her juices with her tongue. She flattened her tongue and dragged it along the younger woman’s vagina, as Maria reached her clit with her tongue. Brooke arched her back, trying to force the contact she desired but Maria eased off, and moved her mouth back to the opening. She repeated this process several times, each time denying the contact Brooke wanted.

Standing up on her knees, Maria asked me to take her place between Brooke’s open legs. She bent down to take my cock in her mouth before placing it at her daughter’s entrance. As my head entered the young woman, Maria put her hand Kıbrıs Escort at my ass and pushed me in, maintaining a steady pressure, not letting me back off until I was fully buried.

After allowing me to soak for a few moments inside her daughter, she eased her hand off my ass which I took as my que to pull out until just the head was left in the warm, wet opening. She then pressed back on my ass pushing me in. We continued like this for a few minutes but it was so memorable that it feels like hours, Maria had set the pace and was fucking her daughter through my dick.

Maria put her mouth to mine, kissing me before moving her mouth along my neck and then up to my ear. She began whispering in my ear.

“How does my daughter’s pussy feel on your cock?” “Is it hot and wet?” I couldn’t form words to answer, only groans. The combination of her hot breath and the taboo nature of the questions she was asking was felt on my ears but transmitted to my dick and I could feel my balls tightening as she continued.

“Are you feeling like you’re going to cum?” “Are you going to cum in my daughter?” “Are you going to make a mess for me to clean up?” I was already on a hair trigger, my body shaking trying to prolong the entire experience but that call back to our first night in Cancun put me over the edge.

Convulsing inside Brooke, my cock exploded with cum deep inside. It was over after just a few seconds but I didn’t want to move and just allowed my cock to swim inside her for a few more moments. Maria pressed on my belly indicating that she wanted me to pull out. As I did so, Maria slid her hand down my still rigid cock and covered her daughter’s opening, trapping my seed inside her.

She again bent her head down and took my cock in her mouth, sucking the combined fluids off my head and shaft before licking around the base and my balls to ensure she’d gotten to every trace of Brooke on my body.

I moved out of her way as Maria took back her spot between her daughter’s legs, and removed her hand. My cum began pouring out of the freshly fucked pussy of the younger woman and Maria made sure to catch it all. Make loud, unladylike slurping noises she sucked everything she could out of Brooke.

As she resumed her early pattern of teasing her daughter, licking up the slit and retreating just as she got to the clit, Brooke finally decided to take control. Wrapping her smooth thighs around her mother’s head and taking the older woman’s hair in both hands, she thrust her hips up into her mother’s face, clamping the woman’s mouth to the top of her pussy.

She would not be denied as her back arched and after a few quick breaths, her body began to spasm. She did not break the hold she had on Maria. Instead, she continued to pump herself against her mother’s mouth and tongue.

As I heard a groan from Helena I remembered we were not alone. I looked over to see her riding Alan’s cock as they both faced us. I watched his balls clench up and his shaft begin to spasm as he emptied himself in her body. She followed her son into ecstasy, nearly doubling over with one hand as his knee as the other reached down where the two of them joined, her hand now slowing as she’d rubbed her clit to time her orgasm with her son’s release.

Maria and Brooke were now holding one another on the bed in a true lover’s embrace. I laid next to Brooke with her mother on the other side, watching as they caressed each other.

Helena and Alan stood up and excused themselves, telling us they were going to another room.

As I added my hands to Maria’s on Brooke’s body, my eyes caught hers. She smiled at me and said “I told you, we’d make a good team.”

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Taught by Mother – Moving On

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Group Sex

Taught by mother – moving on

It was mid-morning by the time my mother pushed my mouth away from her hungry pussy and told me that she needed a break. I was still in wonderland after all that had happened last night and now this morning. As I stood up from mother’s bed, she rolled towards me and pulled my semi-hard cock to her lips.

“Don’t think I’ve stopped enjoying what we were doing – but I’ve got to get myself sorted out so that I can get to work.”

Just the feel of her lips against my cock was enough for me to spring back to life.

Mother sat up and swung her naked legs off the mattress. Her tits looked even sexier than they had last night when the whole thing kicked off with her tossing me off all over them. She looked at my swollen cock, then slowly licked the hood of it, before putting half my length into her mouth for what seemed like a whole minute.

She released me, saying, “I’ve got to go to the loo, before I burst.”

I went to my room next door and put on some clothes. I heard the toilet flush and her going back into her bedroom. Immediately she came into my room, wearing a dressing gown.

“Will you be here when I get back from work this evening?” she asked.

“Probably not – I’m due on a pub crawl with Mike and Jimmy.”

“I expect I’ll be so tired, I’ll be in bed and fast asleep before you come in…..but I’d love a cup of tea in the morning – and who knows what might happen then. But remember, you can’t mention a single word about what’s gone on here to anyone – you won’t, will you?”

A couple of hours later, mother said “I’m going to get my make-up on, then get dressed for work. You don’t fancy sharing the bathroom with me, do you? Really, that’s where the fun started yesterday, when you got hard watching me in my underwear.”

As if I was going to turn down that invitation.

When she joined me in the bathroom, at first I thought she had put on exactly the same undies as the day before; the matching green bra and suspender belt were there as before, but I realised that now she was wearing black knickers, with a see-through panel down the front, showing off her pubic hair.

Of course, my cock would not behave. When mother had finished her make-up, she asked for a goodbye kiss.

“But not on my lips, or you’ll spoil my lipstick. Just use your imagination.”

I kissed each breast through her bra.

“Is that all?” she asked.

I stood there like a dummy, with my hard-on sticking out towards her.

“I picked out these pants especially so that you’d get a good view, so I think the least you could do is to give me a kiss down there.”

She grabbed my cock, puled me towards her and rubbed me all over the see-through patch of her pants.

“Now do it.” She ordered me.

I bent and kissed her as low down as I could, getting a strong sex smell off her as I kissed her there.

As I stood up, my mother again grabbed my cock and twisted it.

“Don’t wear this out today – I want it in top shape tomorrow morning. I’ve already got plans for it.”

Our sex games continued in similar vein for at least the next couple of months; at least they did on those days when she was up for it. At times, I wondered if, in fact, it was all a game to mother. I knew very well that for me, it was an extremely exciting way of doing what I would have been doing alone, to myself, every day anyway. And the cunt sucking was delicious, as was her enjoyment of it.

And then, I found a girlfriend I wanted to spend my time with. We met at a party and hit it off immediately. Even that first night, when I walked her home to her house from the party, there was more warmth and excitement than I had felt with all my previous teenage dates added together.

Over the next fortnight or so, we spent many evenings together, waiting for her parents to go to bed so that we could explore what we wanted from each other. We were both destined for third-level education with career plans after that and even as she exposed her magnificent breasts to be stroked and kissed, even as she found out just how much stimulation my cock could stand before shooting its load, even as she changed the way she sat next to me, to allow some sort of access to the treasure she had between her legs, we agreed that no matter how excited we became, we would not go “all the way” until our extended studies were over. Back then, the fear, the stigma, of a pregnancy before marriage was very real.

What we agreed on was that we would explore all the possible ways to have sex fun short of putting my cock inside her. At this early stage of our romance, this meant that she kept her pants on, no matter what we were doing, no matter how turned on she was.

So here I was, in a situation that most lads of my age would think was heaven; a sexy mother who looked for regular doses of getting her cunt sucked after being fucked; and a girlfriend, stunningly built, with an extremely active sex imagination.

I was called to account after I had been with my Magosa Escort girlfriend for three weeks. One evening when I got home, my mother was waiting for me.

“Are you seeing someone, another woman – or a girl?”

“Yes; I’ve got a new girlfriend.”

“And are you fucking her?”

“No…..but…..we do mess around.”

“Mess around? Do you know how I found out? Sorting out the washing, that’s how…..and there were cum stains in your underpants that could not have got there from what we’ve been doing together. Are you sure you’re not fucking her?”

“We’ve decided that we aren’t going to go that far, to make sure there aren’t any accidents.”

“And what have you told this girl about us?”

“Nothing – that’s what we agreed, isn’t it?”

“So who is she, what’s her name – and why haven’t I met her yet?”

“Only because I don’t know how you will feel about her, after what we get up to in bed – I mean you and me. And she’s called Jo.”

“Do you want to stop the games we play, now that you’re clearly getting attended to by her?”

I had known for weeks that this was a question that had to be addressed, sooner rather than later.

Yet I was still confused over what I really wanted, until my mother said “This was always going to happen one day, and there’s nothing I could have done about it – or wanted to do about it. If you would prefer we end our sessions, I understand – but I’ll miss them.”

“So would I,” I told her, “if you’re still interested now that you know there’s someone else, I’d love us to keep having fun.”

“Then come here,” she said, pulling me against her. “Do you think you could manage to suck me right now – or has she worn you out?”

At that moment, I wanted my mother’s body, her breasts, her glorious cunt, more than ever before. At a stroke, it seemed as if she had washed away all the problems I had imagined lying in wait for me.

“I should go to the bathroom and clean myself up a bit first,” I said, but mother pressed her lips against mine, forcing her tongue into my mouth.

“I want you now, just as you are, and if I can smell or taste her on you, so much the better. And if that doesn’t shock you, I’ll find something that will.”

She lifted my fingers to her nose.

“Have you had these between her legs tonight?”


“Let me have just one more taste of them and then you can make me come.”

And that is how the corner was turned.


When I took her cup of tea to her in bed the following morning, it felt as if a whole new world was opening up in front of me. My relationship with Jo was now out in the open and, amazingly, my mother still wanted the sex sessions that we both enjoyed so much.

As I placed the saucer on her bedside table, mother pushed back the bedclothes and lifted her nightdress to expose her stomach and pubic hair. I watched as she parted her legs and told me,, “First, taste that, to get my day off to a good start.”

After a minute or two of my lips and tongue on her cunt, she pushed my head away, sat up and took off her nightie. The sight of her tits made me immediately think of Jo’s breasts, bigger, perkier and with longer nipples. I pushed such comparisons out of my mind, to concentrate on what was before me – a hot, mature woman, with a definite dirty side to her lust – as in sucking my fingers last night after finding out that they had been between Jo’s legs earlier in the evening – and asked my mother what she wanted from me, there and then.

“I want you out of those underpants. I want you as big and as hard as you’ve ever been – and I want you inside me – all the way in.”

She sat on my cock, rocking and sliding to get the pleasure she wanted from me.

“Do I shock you?” she murmured.

“No – of course not. Why do you even ask?”

“Because, unless you don’t like the idea, I’m going to do something we haven’t tried before. I want to put your nice, wet cock in my mouth – and make you come in there. How do you fancy that?”

“Why don’t we find out?”

As she climbed off my cock – now bigger and harder than ever at this suggestion – she reminded me that she wanted me to suck her off after I’d come in her mouth. “After all, now there’s another woman in your life, we can’t give up on your sucking lessons, can we? Sooner or later, you will have the chance to show off your cunnilingus skills to her.”

That was the first, and only, time I heard my mother use that term for what she loved me doing to her.

As she repositioned herself on her bed, she very obviously smelt my hard-on before putting it in her mouth. She caught me watching her and said, “I want it to smell – and taste – of me down there – makes it even sexier.”

As she bent over me and took my cock between her lips before licking the entire head slowly, I looked along her naked back, down to the crease of her bottom, at the same time enjoying how her breasts hung Kıbrıs Escort down, away from her body, swaying slightly as she sucked me off.

I didn’t last long that first time in her mouth. Some part of me expected she would spit out the cum into a tissue, but no – she swallowed then licked any extra spunk off my prick before telling me very clearly what she now wanted in relation to her own satisfaction.

My mother was wetter than I had ever found her before and there seemed to be an extra edge to the smile on her face as my tongue gave her what she wanted. When she finally came, there was much more wetness down there, squirting at first in little bursts, followed by one long and exciting outpouring.

As we lay side by side, recovering from a very kinky session, my mother asked when she was going to meet Jo.

And that led to some stuff I could not have dreamt of in my wildest dreams.


My mother and Jo hit it off from the start. They had similar interests, with skills in common – and sex was not even mentioned as one of those interests.

The day after they first met, my mother told me that she wanted Jo and I to be totally relaxed about carrying on our romance in our house, including being undressed together in my bedroom. Mother then found a way to rase the same subject the next time Jo came to our house, so there we were, two eighteen-year-olds with my mother’s blessing to do anything we wanted.

We didn’t need telling twice.

Soon, the inevitable happened. Jo and I had been on my bed late morning, when Jo needed to pee. She was only wearing small, black panties and started to dress herself fully.

“No need for that,” I told her; you’re only going across the landing and I think my mother must be downstairs.”

Still looking uncertain, Jo dropped her clothes and left my room in just the panties.

Of course, just at that moment, my mother came out of her own bedroom, also in her knickers, but she had her bra on. I heard both of them start to apologise as if a serious breach of good manners had just occurred.

Then I heard my mother say, “We have to be sensible about this – if your thing with my son is serious, there are going to be many occasions when we are bound to bump into each other in the house when one or both of us is undressed.”

When Jo came back to me after her toilet visit, she relayed the entire encounter to me, stunned by mother’s acceptance of a teenaged girl wandering virtually naked through her home.

Next morning, when I had serviced my mother’s cunt as instructed, mother told me what a fantastic pair of breasts she saw on Jo and asked me what Jo liked me to do to turn her on.

What could have been an embarrassing conversation turned out just fine. I told my mother what Jo and I did to each other.

“Is she still keeping her pants on?” she asked, “because she’s missing finding out what I’ve taught you to do with your mouth, your lips and your tongue. Perhaps I need to have a word with her about that.”


My mother’s campaign to give Jo the best possible sex experience, short of actual fucking, came soon after that conversation. Thursday was her day off from work and she invited Jo to go with her to the city, for a day’s shopping.

After they had been, I got one version of the day from Jo, when we were alone that evening. Importantly, she had had a good time, with regular coffee breaks and a decent lunch. But the interesting bit came when Jo was listing the shops and departments they had spent time in.

“It was clearly going to be about clothes,” Jo told me, “and before lunch, that’s what we looked at. After lunch, your Mum took me to look at underwear. She was picking out some fairly racy stuff for herself and told me to find a set of bra and pants for myself. I tried to refuse, telling her that I didn’t expect anything like that, but she insisted.”

“And what happened?” I asked.

“Just calm down and wait while I tell you. I was looking at a low-cut bra, lower than I’ve ever bought for myself, and your mother asked me if I had the right clothes to wear on top of it. I asked her what she meant and she told me to go and try it on, in the fitting room, with this top I’m wearing now. She came into the fitting room with me and had a good look as I was undressing, then trying on the new bra.”

“How do you mean – had a good look?”

“Just that whether my top half was covered there or not, she didn’t look away. But when I put my top back on, I understood why she had asked what clothes I had that I could wear with a bra that low-cut. “

“Why, what was wrong with it?”

“Your mother said, and she’s absolutely correct, that a bra cut that low needs low cut blouses or tops to go with it – and I don’t have those. Under this sweater, my breasts looked like a pair of balloons – not at all nice.”

“So Lefkoşa Escort what did you get?”

“These,” Jo said, unwrapping a black bra and pants set, both completely sheer where it counted, and, in the case of the pants, not very big. “Do you like them?”

“Yes I do, but the full verdict has to wait until I see you wearing them.”

“I just knew you would say that. But wasn’t your mother kind to buy them for me. In fact, she helped me choose them and even told me that she was sure you would appreciate them.”

Mother’s version of the day out was only a little different when we lay in her bed the following morning. She was adamant that I was to perform to her satisfaction before there would be any gossip about my girlfriend.

She talked more than Jo had about the younger woman’s breasts and how attractive she thought they were. She thought that the low-cut bra looked great on Jo, but it needed the right top over it. And when she wanted to know if I liked the panties she had bought for Jo. I told her I did but had not yet seen them on her.

Things turned dramatically two weeks later, when mother invited Jo to go with her to a spa in a fancy hotel, for a day’s pampering. My mother had already explained her thinking to me; she planned to talk Jo into having her pubic hair trimmed and tidied up, which, she hoped, would offer her the chance to talk to Jo about the pleasures she was denying herself by not revealing everything to me. What a mother!

She explained to Jo that it would include pedicure, manicure, hair styling, hair removal and make-up guidance, plus a very nice lunch and time to relax in the heated pool. Jo was up for all that and only pretended to be disappointed when her offer to pay her own way was turned down.


Things were different right from the start on the day the pair of them were due to go for their beauty treatments.

When, as usual, I took my mother her early morning cup of tea, she made it clear I should not expect any sex games with her, because in her own words, “Everything is going to be on show when I get done down there, so I’m afraid you will just have to make your own arrangements. But come here and let me give your cock a little kiss, to give you something to think about while we are out, enjoying ourselves.”

Jo arrived not long after breakfast and the two women in my life took themselves off for a day of fun – and discovery.

As mother had insisted, I had said nothing to Jo about pubic hair styling and certainly not about mother’s plans to bring up the subject of cunnilingus. I had no idea how my girlfriend would react to either suggestion, although it seemed to make sense that getting Jo to remove her panties had to come before any discussion around Jo finding out how it felt to be sucked off could even begin.

All I could do was wait. They expected to be back at our house by late afternoon, so I had hours to hang about, wondering what was coming next. Despite my closeness to Jo, plus the obvious pleasure she got from the touching and stroking we did so much of, up to and including her tossing me off on every convenient occasion, I really could not forecast how she would respond to mother’s imposing herself into our relationship.

An even greater concern, that only struck me as I sat and waited for the, was the fear that my mother, in talking sex to Jo, would reveal what she and I had been doing on so many mornings. I could not imagine that such revelations would do anything but terminal harm to my relationship with Jo.

I tried to push these fears to the margins of my mind by imagining the two of them stripping completely, seeing each other totally naked and weighing each other up. I tried to invent the conversation they would have about the various options for pubic styling and what Jo might decide to go for.

Nothing worked. Even though I had been denied any early morning relief by my mother, I could not get hard enough even to play with myself.

I went to the club and did a few workouts, followed by a long stretching run. When I got back, the house was still empty. I was just drying off after a shower when I heard mother and Jo arrive back, full of noise and laughter.

Before I could even ask about their day, the phone rang. Mother answered it.

“Bloody hell,” she exploded as she put the phone down,” that was work – they are really short-staffed, and they need me to go in – now!”

“What about something to eat before you go?” asked Jo.

“No – one of the evening team is on holiday this week – we already knew that – and now another one has had to go home unwell. I’ll get something to eat there, that’s not a problem. But I was looking forward to a nice meal with you two, while Jo and I told you all about our day. I’ll have to leave that to you, now,” she told Jo.

“There’s plenty of food in the kitchen; I’m sure Jo can rustle something up for the pair of you, can’t you love?”

My mother went upstairs, to reappear in a change of clothing minutes later, ready for work. In that instant, I was transported back to the very beginning of our family sex games, when mother and I weighed each other up as we shared the bathroom, both in our underwear as she got herself ready for work.

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Innocent Devil’s Harem Taboo Ch. 10

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Innocent Devil’s Harem Taboo Ch. 10 — His busty girlfriend has a secret.

Original: October 18, 2020

Submitted: August 25, 2022 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)

Tags: harem, incest (brother/sister), supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, MILF


NOTE: This is the Taboo version of Innocent Devil’s Harem, where Serenity is Kai’s adoptive sister, and he refers to her as such. I’ve had quite a few people request that I upload this version again, so I decided to do so.

This version also later has HOT taboo relationships happening between other characters that are significantly less steamy in the non-taboo version compared to this one.

Hope you enjoy!


– CHAPTER 10 –

“What was that about?” Gabriella finally asked, once we’d driven in silence for a few minutes.

I sighed heavily. “He thinks it’s me, of course,” I admitted.

She was immediately alarmed. “Should we run away then?” she asked seriously.

I shook my head. “He doesn’t know for a fact that I’m the Impaler, so running away would pretty much confirm it for him. Plus, he said he wants to find the guy to thank him.”

“Thank him?” she repeated in shock. “For what?”

I grimaced, taking a deep breath, before beginning to recount the whole story to her. Of course, she already knew about my first kill now, thanks to Nick talking about it, so I elaborated on what it was like from my perspective as a little kid. And then, I dropped the bomb on her, regarding how that woman was actually Nick’s mother, and the baby who actually survived was the little sister he mentioned.

I also realized he’d hinted at it earlier, when he said his mom died almost a decade ago, and that his step-father had moved them away from the city shortly after she passed away.

“I’m sorry,” Gabriella finally whispered when I was finished sharing everything. “I knew he was talking about you, of course, but I hadn’t thought about how it affected you. No child should have to witness something like that.”

I sunk down in my seat a little, sincerely feeling depressed just thinking about it. “Yeah, it was honestly really traumatizing. I still have nightmares about it, even after all these years. It’s so bad sometimes, I’ll wake up transformed.”

“You know it’s not your fault, right?” she said quickly. “There was nothing you could have done to save her. I mean, you were only nine years old!”

I nodded weakly. Of course, I knew she was right, but it didn’t help the guilt much, especially now that the memory was fresh in my mind again. However, discovering that the baby survived did help. A lot. I supposed even though I felt like I failed, I technically didn’t.

A life existed today thanks to me.

Taking a deep breath, I let it out slowly. “Well, the good thing is, Nick doesn’t know for sure it’s me. And as long as I stop, like you mentioned earlier on our way back from the mall, then it will end up as a closed case.” I sighed. “It’s just…”

“Hard to stop,” she finished for me.

It wasn’t a question.

She knew how I felt, having said as much earlier, with her feeling guilty for even suggesting it. Not to mention, my perception of the world was significantly larger than a normal person. If I sensed something going on five or ten miles away, possibly in a house behind closed doors, could I really just ignore it and turn a blind eye?

I mean, stuff did happen, and I did turn a blind eye most of the time, because I didn’t feel like it was my job to come to everyone’s rescue. However, those situations usually just involved a lot of yelling and screaming, not killing.

Either way, ‘coming across’ an incident was very different for me than it was for a normal person.

Unexpectedly, Gabriella sat up straighter, looking like she’d just been hit with an idea.

“What if you worked with the police?” she wondered. I looked at her in shock, prompting her to clarify. “I mean, what if you worked with Nick and your sister, specifically. You would have to let them in on your secret of course, but–“

She cut off when I grimaced, with me not liking that idea at all.

Gabriella quickly continued. “It’s just an idea, Kai. Just hear me out for a second.”

I nodded weakly.

“You could just tell them where the bad guy is, and then they could handle it. For them, if they shoot the perp, then it’s as an officer of the law, so there wouldn’t be a problem.”

I sighed. “But that wouldn’t work,” I replied. “First, they’re both detectives, so they don’t usually do that part of the job.” I frowned, knowing I never would have been okay with my sister becoming a cop if she was going to be put in harm’s way on a daily basis. I cleared my throat. “Not to mention, I don’t like the idea of putting my sister in danger like that,” I admitted out loud.

Gabriella sunk back in her seat. “Oh, I guess you’re right. I’m sorry.”

I shook my head, reaching over to grab Kıbrıs Escort her hand.

She jumped in surprise by the unexpected affection, before quickly intertwining her fingers in mine, eyeing me cautiously to make sure it wasn’t too much. However, probably due to the mood of our conversation, I found that I was mostly alright at the moment.

“You don’t need to be sorry,” I replied gently. “Like you said, it was just an idea. You shouldn’t be afraid to share that kind of stuff, or else we’ll never figure anything out.”

She nodded in agreement, pulling my hand up to her mouth, rubbing her lips against my skin, before kissing me gently. When she saw that my hair still looked normal, she grinned. “See! You’re getting used to me!”

“Not at all,” I replied with a laugh. “Almost my entire body is gray underneath my clothing.”

“Oh! I’m sorry!” she exclaimed, trying to give my hand back.

I grasped her fingers more tightly, squeezing gently. “No, it’s alright. Just maybe not the kissing.”

She quickly folded her other hand on top of mine, eagerly holding my hand in her lap with both of hers. It actually was too much for me, the gray creeping up my neck, but I tried to focus on the road, knowing it made her really happy to be able to hold my hand.

However, once we were getting close to her apartment, with her instructing me where to turn each step of the way, I finally took it back.

We pulled into a fairly nice parking lot, where every apartment either had a balcony on the upper floors, or fenced-in porch area on the ground level. Altogether, there were probably at least ten separate buildings, all of which were designed with a rocky exterior, making it almost seem like it was a really expensive place to live, though I doubted that was the case.

Granted, Gabriella lived in a studio apartment on the ground floor, so it might sincerely be expensive for those who were in larger spaces. She explained that she wasn’t a fan of having neighbors above her, since she could hear them walk around, but it allowed her to jog on her treadmill without having to worry about bothering anyone below.

As she led me inside the building, which had a glass door separating the apartment doors from the outside, she led me to her black door and invited me in.

It was actually even smaller than I’d been expecting — the whole thing, including bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living space could all probably fit inside my living room back home. At the very least, I could understand how she managed to save up so much money, because she clearly did only spend money on the necessities, and apparently having a decent amount of living space wasn’t one of them for her.

The treadmill was right next to the sliding glass window, although the view was blocked by the wooden fence, so that no one would be able to see her jogging unless they were actually on the tiny patio just outside. She also had a small flat-screen TV sitting on an equally small black entertainment center, as well as a two-seater couch that looked like it was used, but in good condition. It had a black couch-cover over it, but I could see at the bottom that the original fabric was an ugly shade of tan.

Still, it looked comfortable.

A foldout table with only one chair was sitting in the corner, which I suspected served as the dining area.

There was then a separate room for the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. And then, her very small closet even had a small washer and dryer. However, there was only one door in the entire place, which was for the bathroom. The kitchen had a regular-sized fridge, as well as microwave, oven, and sink, but there was limited counter space.

The entrance to her bedroom was a narrow opening that was about four-fifths the size of a normal entry, being roughly one-fifth too small to fit a regular door.

Her actual room was barely large enough to fit her queen-sized bed, with there being just enough space to walk around the edge. It looked as if she’d gotten creative with her clothing, having some stuff hanging in the closet, while other necessities were folded in flat bins underneath her bed, essentially serving as her dresser.

Her bed wasn’t made, but it wasn’t super messy either. It looked like she kept everything really clean and orderly. Obviously, she hadn’t planned for company, and yet it was clean like she had.

“What do you think?” she asked excitedly.

“Well…” I hesitated. “It’s smaller than I expected,” I admitted. “But it’s nice,” I quickly clarified. “Very clean too.”

Gabriella blushed. “It’s not hard to keep it clean when it’s so small, but I don’t need a lot of space to be happy. Just having my own place is nice.”

I nodded, beginning to see myself living here with her, knowing I probably wouldn’t feel cramped at all. At least, not with her. The idea of having our own space together, even one as small as this, where we could fuck as much as we wanted, kind Lefkoşa Escort of excited me. Granted, part of me wished she could just move in with me and my sister instead.

I knew that probably wouldn’t work out long-term, but I really didn’t want to stop living with my sister either, as much as I also wanted to begin living with Gabriella.

“What are you thinking?” she asked me curiously.

I suddenly realized that my hair was snow-white, my skin completely gray. My face felt hot as I looked away. “Nothing,” I quickly replied.

“Aww, come on!” she teased. “Tell me!” Her look then became more intense, her expression hungry as she moved closer and reached out to wrap her thin fingers around my wrist.

I gulped, trying to formulate an answer despite my scattered thoughts. “Umm, I was just…” I took a deep breath, my mind feeling like it was becoming even more incoherent. “I just saw myself living here with you,” I managed.

It felt like there was a current of electricity running up my arm from where she was holding me.

“That would be nice,” she agreed quietly. She then paused briefly, before continuing, her tone more heavy. “You know why I brought you here, right? I haven’t had enough of you today. I’m still hungry for some dessert.”

I gulped again, my throat feeling dry. “Okay,” I whispered.

She laughed then, causing me to glance at her. “You’re so much fun! I wish you could stay this innocent forever, because I love it!”

I scoffed, feeling kind of embarrassed. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself,” I replied. I was then serious, unexpectedly feeling a little vulnerable. “I hope you don’t get bored of me when I’m not.”

Gabriella shook her head. “No, there are plenty of ways to make this exciting. I’m just enjoying this part while it lasts.” Her eyes then lit up. “Oh! Actually, why don’t you sit on the couch? I need to check on something.”

I gave her a confused look, but obeyed, walking over and sitting down as she’d asked. She disappeared around the corner to her bedroom, beginning to rummage through her closet. By the time she was coming back into the living room, I was pretty sure I knew what to expect, given the sounds and smells.

My eyes only confirmed what my other senses told me.

Gabriella came out wearing a black leather biker jacket, and nothing else. The zipper went all the way up to her neck, where it had a leather belt that could be fastened like a collar, and there was a pocket over each breast, with a small buckle and strap, instead of buttons. The shoulders had buckles and straps too, though they didn’t seem to serve a purpose, other than aesthetics.

The whole thing was fitted, including the chest, with the sleeves hugging her arms like a glove all the way down to her wrists, where there was another set of straps and buckles. However, it was probably most noticeable on her chest, since it held her huge tits firmly in place even though I was confident she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. The leather was tight against her entire waist, including underneath her boobs.

The whole thing fit her form so perfectly, that I was sure that no one would ever know she wasn’t wearing lingerie underneath.

She giggled when she saw my expression, since I was both unsurprised and suddenly hungry. “I guess I should have known I couldn’t surprise you, but I’m glad you like!”

“Sorry,” I said sincerely. “But yeah, it’s pretty much impossible for me to not hear what you’re changing into…or neglecting to change into,” I added, glancing down at her red public hair.

She smirked. “I figured I’d show this jacket off to you, since I can’t really wear it in public.”

“You can’t?” I said before thinking, realizing barely a second later why that might be the case. She was ridiculously sexy in it, and not just because it was all she was wearing.

Gabriella nodded somberly. “My mom got me this when I was your age — eighteen.”

I groaned, knowing she was intentionally teasing me about my age now. I was also kind of embarrassed to know that I again had her mother to thank for what I was seeing now, feeling a little awkward about that knowledge. However, I quickly pushed that thought aside.

Gabriella giggled in response to my expression, before continuing. “It even fits perfectly too, as you can see, but wearing it the first time was not a great experience. I pretty much can’t wear anything sexy in public without it being a big deal.” She sighed. “In a bad way, for me.”

I nodded, looking her up and down as I took it all in. The colors themselves were extremely enticing, with her short red hair sharply contrasted against the black leather. Without thinking, I slowly reached out to grasp her leather-clad forearms, shocked that the jacket was even smoother than I was expecting.

I then laughed, as I focused down at the soft red fuzz hiding her hot pussy. “Now all you need is a pair of leather pants to go with, and it’d be perfect.”

She Girne Escort giggled again. “Oh, I actually do have a pair! I just figured they wouldn’t stay on long.”

I couldn’t help but blush, glancing away.

Her tone was amused. “Now, young man, are you going to do something about this sexy girl in front of you? Or do I need to take control?”

I loved both ideas, but I took action before I even realized what I was doing.

Letting go of her forearms, I instead grabbed her waist, lifting her up slightly and yanking her forward so that she was forced to move her knees onto the couch. She yelped in surprise, only to reach down for my shirt the moment I had her straddling my lap.

I helped her get it off, and then scooted my hips forward slightly to twist to the side, all while pulling her forward onto my toned gray stomach, her bare pussy hot against my skin. She squeaked again from the abrupt movement, resting her hands on my muscled chest once I was flat, my head on one armrest while my legs were draped over the other.

Shifting her weight on me, she then curled down and pressed her lips against mine, prompting me to grab handfuls of her massive juicy tits, before moving my hands to her back to feel the smooth leather over her slim shoulder blades.

“You’re not trembling this time,” she whispered against my lips. She then giggled when a shiver ran through my body. Pulling away slightly, she grinned, her emerald eyes sparkling. “Maybe I spoke too soon,” she teased.

I rolled my black and gold eyes, reaching up to place my hand against her cheek, her soft red hair flowing over it as I held her gaze for a long few seconds.

Unexpectedly, her phone rang in her bedroom.

I groaned, only to give her a pleading expression when she sighed heavily, surprised when she pressed her lips against mine again, making no effort to climb off.

“Whoever it is, they can wait,” she mumbled, sucking in a deep breath through her nose. She then smirked as she pulled away, her gaze passionate, her cheeks flushed red. “Now, are you ready for round three?” she wondered.

I trembled again, my heart racing as I nodded weakly in response.

“Good boy,” she teased. “Maybe I should sit on your face again,” she added playfully. “I want to smother you.”

I gulped.

She grinned widely. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she said playfully.

“I mean…yeah…” I admitted, trying to keep my breathing even.

“Well, I don’t think I could actually smother you,” she commented, her expression slightly more serious. “It’s like you’re struggling for air as it is.”

“I don’t know why,” I replied. “My heart is racing.”

She pursed her lips, her brow furrowing. She then reached back to touch my cock through my pants, only to climb off.

I gave her a confused look as she got down on her knees and began fumbling with my belt, before I reached down to help her get my pants off, leaving me mostly naked now.

“I don’t think you’re horny enough,” she explained as she wrapped her thin fingers around my shaft. “Or rather, you’re more nervous than horny, and we need to fix that.”

I supposed she must be right, because even though I was hard, my cock wasn’t sticking straight up. However, as she began stroking me, and then when she leaned forward and began kissing my head, both my heart began calming down and my cock turned into a brick in her hand.

“That’s better,” she said playfully, running her tongue across the top to collect the precum leaking.

I moaned from the sensation, before laughing, a bizarre idea suddenly occurring to me.

“What’s funny?” she asked, her tone full of amusement. “Humor wasn’t exactly what I was going for,” she added with a wink.

I took a deep breath, feeling a lot more relaxed now…and horny as hell. “Well, I’ll tell you, but you’re probably going to think I’m really weird.”

She continued to stroke me slowly, her hand gently gliding up and down, a small smile playing on her full lips. “Kai, it would take a lot to ‘weird me out’ at this point. And I haven’t even really scratched the surface to how weird and kinky my parents really are.”

I frowned at that, prompting her to immediately give me an apologetic expression.

“Sorry, that probably wasn’t the best sex subject.” She then bent forward again and engulfed me fully in her mouth, running her tongue around my head. She then shoved downward almost as far as she could go, before pulling away and stroking me again, using her spit as lube. “So tell me?” she prompted with another smirk.

My head was swimming from her scent now, feeling like the aroma had significantly intensified, my mind scattered from momentarily feeling my cock in the back of her throat.

“Umm…” I said, trying to collect my thoughts. “Oh, well, when my heart was racing just a few minutes ago, I was reacting almost as if I was being attacked by someone.” I looked at her apologetically. “I know that’s really weird, but then you completely took my mind off the sensation, and I suddenly thought it would be funny if you were actually a succubus or something.”

Immediately, Gabriella’s expression dropped as she blanched, looking like she’d seen a ghost.

Her scent was instantly tainted with fear.

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A Small Family Reunion (MMM)

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The first time I had sex with more than one man was exciting: crazy and taboo in so many ways.

I had just turned eighteen and it was a very warm summer. My uncle Anders, my father’s brother, and my 20-year older brother Henry, drove out to my uncle and aunt’s little summer cabin for a weekend. It was a comfortable cabin with three bedrooms, a living room with an open kitchen and an open fireplace, a small bathroom with a shower, and it had a porch in the front overlooking a long meadow with a small path leading down to a lake. It was a beautiful place. I had been there a few times before when much younger and loved the place.

I didn’t know them very well. My brother moved out before I was born and I had mostly met my uncle at family gatherings like Christmas, over the years. He was now a big boss at a big company, married and with a daughter. My Uncle and Henry had always been very close. Uncle Anders was now retired but had been a successful entrepreneur in film. It was my uncle who had suggested we get to know each other better and take a weekend to go fishing.

They were in a particularly good mood I thought, when I gladly accepted his invitation, and as we drove the long way there. We arrived late on Friday evening, and it turned out we that had forgotten most of the food, but Uncle Anders promised to fish some for us the next day. I was incredibly hungry, but the only thing we had was a couple of bottles of whiskey, so we quickly drank a good deal of that to still the hunger, talked about life a bit and then headed straight to bed.

I have never lived with my oldest brother Henry, and he had in many ways been a second father rather than a brother. I always looked up to him, but he had very little time and interest in me. Lately though he had reached out a few times, and we had gone out for movies and a beer a little more often. He seemed to take an increasing interest in me. As for my uncle, he had always been close and treated me like a son.

I was very slender with quite long hair and very often very horny. In my room, next to the main entrance, with just a bed and a window which I left open because of the heat, I found several stacks of porn magazines. I looked at some of them and masturbated. They were mostly gay, and some bisexual magazines. I was incredibly turned on. I climaxed fantastically and fell asleep, only to wake up with dried sperm on my stomach and chest, a rock-hard erection, the porn magazines spread out around me and with a very empty stomach.

I grabbed a towel and looked outside and saw a note on the floor outside my door saying, “Gone Fishing”. I happily returned to my bed and lying naked I started caressing myself. I flipped through the pages and read the stories of men meeting men or even groups of men. I eventually turned on my stomach to read a really hot illustrated story of a man being tied up and used by several guys.

Suddenly, my brother Henry lies down on top of my back. He is a big strong muscular man, and it felt as if he was crushing me. What was more was, that he was naked.

“You should feel the real thing instead of just reading about it, little brother,” he whispered in my ear.

I blushed as I felt his hard cock pressed up against my crotch. He lay there for a while, breathing in my ear, telling me to flip through the pictures in the magazine. His hands exploring my body. After a while he slid over on one side and reached in under me and gently touched my rock-hard cock.

He then got up, walked up in front of me and sat down on top of the magazine. His big cock was right in front of me and his legs spread wide.

“This is the real thing, a real horny cock. Kiss it, I know you want to try!”

I stared at it with my mouth open. It is just a decimetre away, very big and with the veins protruding and the big bulbous head exposed.

He took my hair and slowly pulled me towards it, and I end up touching it with my lips. I am in a trance, and incredibly aroused.

“Kiss it, Ted!” he repeats, and this time I don’t hesitate but start lovingly kissing it.

He stroked my head and face as I kissed it up and down and down to his balls.

“Now, lick my balls and suck on them, and then all the way to the top.”

I move a little more forward and I do as he instructs me, gently licking his soft shaven balls. I then took them one after the other and sucked on them, before I licked my way up to the tip.

“And now suck my cock, little brother.”

He ran the tip of his cock over my lips, and I opened wide. With a groan of pleasure, he pushed it inside my mouth, and for the third time in my life I tasted a man’s cock. It smelled manly and tasted a bit bitter but it was incredibly arousing.

I looked up at him, as I gently sucked on him. He looked down at me, smiling happily.

“Finally, Girne Escort my little cock sucker … “

But then, he pulls out and crawls off the bed.

“It is now time to really take you, little brother ….”

He lifted my hips up from behind and spread my legs and climbed in behind me. I knew what he was going to do next and was suddenly happy I hadn’t eaten for at least 30 hours. My heart was pounding as he smeared some cold lubricant onto my ass and inserted a finger, and then slowly two.

“Tell me what you want me to do with you, little brother.”

I swallow hard and say out loud.

“Fuck me!”

“Beg me for it!”

“Please, ooh please fuck me!”

He pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his huge cock. Even if it eased it, that he had finger-fucked me first, it was initially quite painful. But he slapped my ass hard a number of times, as he slowly pushed in further and further and that helped. Finally was all the way inside me and it felt strangely erotic.

He grabbed my hips hard and slowly started fucking me. I got up on my arms and looked out of the window.

To my shock, Uncle Anders stood there watching us with a big smile.

“I hope I am not too late for the fun …” he chuckled and disappeared

My brother just laughed and slapped my ass a couple of more times as Uncle Anders entered, undressed in front of me and got up on the bed on his knees, just in front of me.

“Suck my cock, Ted!” he ordered and pointed to his huge, slightly curved cock.

I obediently opened my mouth and started sucking on him, as I look up.

“Well, well, he’s been reading and fantasising about all this gay porn I see,” he chuckled and looked around the room.

“Yes, and he’s ready to become a really good sex toy Uncle Anders,” my brother laughed again.

He reached in under me and gently masturbated me. I am almost climaxed right then, but he stopped me by squeezing my balls very hard.

“He is rock hard Uncle Anders, and I am sure he could explode any time now.”

They fucked me slowly at a synchronised pace, for a while and then pulled out. My brother pulled me up and had me lie down on the floor, bent over with my legs up in the air and my cock directly over my face. Uncle Anders watched smilingly as Henry started masturbating me. Within minutes I exploded in a cascade over my own face.

Both Uncle Anders and Henry laughed and after milking the last drops from me, they pulled me up.

“Let’s grill the fish!”

We all walked out naked, and I helped fetch dishes and cutlery while they cleaned the fish and grilled them. I was so hungry I didn’t care that my second load of cum dried on my face and chest, and when we finally sat down, we ate in smiling silence. The fish was delicious.

After the early lunch, Uncle said he would drive to town to buy some more food and other stuff, and Henry said he wanted to take a walk, and I decided to walk down to the lake to take a refreshing swim. It was a beautiful sunny day, and there were two gleaming stallions grazing in the meadow down by the water. I jumped straight into the fresh water and lay down to dry up in the sun. I watched the stallions walk around and from time to time how their cocks grow to enormous proportions.

After a while, I fell asleep with a big erection and when I finally wake up and return to the house, Uncle Anders and Henry were already back. They walk around naked and greeted my smilingly as I returned. I blushed as I still had a big hardon.

Stepping into the living room I saw that the TV was turned on, and it is showing a group of men fucking a young man. They moan and move around, taking turns. I stood watching … feeling my cock grow extremely hard, straight up. The young man is on a leash and is led around on all four.

“I see that it turns you on Little Ted!”

I turn and Uncle Anders puts his arm around me. We watch is silence, as my uncle caresses his cock against my hip.

“I bought one for you … if you put it on, I will give you an excellent dinner … if not … maybe not …”

He handed me a leather collar with a chain leash attached to it.

He turned and left for the kitchen. He knew I was hungry like a wolf and aroused. I slowly fastened the collar around my neck. It felt tight and made me feel more vulnerable.

Just then, my brother entered and saw me standing naked, with the collar just fastened and holding the chain. He looked at the TV and the boy crawling on the floor among the men there, laughed and grabbed the chain and yanked it.

“So, Uncle Anders has already made you our little sex toy I see.”

“Get down on your knees, Ted!”

I immediately obey and sit down, facing his half hard cock. It was so arousing. I longed for this I realize.

He Magosa Escort grabbed himself and started caressing my face with his cock.

“Too bad we need to leave already tomorrow morning, but you know that this is just the beginning of a new life ….”

I blush as I sit looking up at him, his precum smeared over my face. He caressed my lips with his cock and told me to open my mouth, which I obediently did.

He put his cock in my mouth and I felt it grow hard and big. I felt desired and the fact that I can please my brother, my uncle, any man this way … still makes me melt and it somehow feels so right.

Henry pulled out with a chuckle and pulled me along crawling into the kitchen.

There Uncle Anders had prepared a big bowl of my favourite pasta. Henry had me sit between them and we all started eating. Uncle Anders and Henry talk about the latest football games, and now and again they put a hand on each of my thighs and caressed me up to my cock, and then stroked me briefly.

When we were all done eating, Uncle stood up and told me to clean the table and wash the dishes.

“Dessert will be served in the living room.”

Uncle and Henry left, and still wearing the collar and dangling chain I cleaned the table and washed up.

When I came into the living room, they sat naked in the sofa watching a game.

“Crawl …” Henry commanded without even looking at me.

Obediently I got down on all four and crawled up to them. My brother spread his legs wide and pointed for me to crawl in between them. He grabbed the chain and pulled my face up to his soft cock.

“Suck and masturbate me till I’m hard …”

I dutifully grabbed his limp cock and start to caress him as I sucked at the head. It took a while, but then he started to grow and a little later he was fully erect.

Then my uncle pulled me over in between his legs and looked me into the eyes.

“I want you to suck me hard too, but after you have begged me to do it and said that you love being our cock sucker!”

I blush and look up at him, with his half erect cock in my hand.

“Please, may I suck your cock hard Uncle Anders? I love being your cock sucker.”

“Again, and louder this time …!”

“Please Uncle Anders, please let me such your cock hard!”


He laughed, nodded and pushed his cock into my mouth, caressing my cheek.

“Good then you will be getting a double serving of dessert tonight.”

My heart jumped when I realized what the dessert was going to be.

“Caress my full balls, Ted.”

I gently caressed them and felt him grow to full size in my mouth. Henry sat next to him, stroking himself. He switched back to the gay bukkake film on the TV and stood up. Uncle Anders pulled out and stood up over me as well.

They stood stroking their cocks over me as I looked up at them, and they watched the men on the screen mouth-fuck the young man. Uncle Anders opens my mouth with his thumb. They both aim for my mouth as they masturbate, and I sit with my heart pounding. This will be my first taste of several men’s sperm. I am close to climaxing myself. Seconds become long minutes.

Just as someone on the screen shoots his load, they booth climaxed and emptied themselves over my face and into my mouth. They came in copious amounts. Rope after rope landed on my forehead, nose, eyes, chin, and cheek and into my mouth. It was sticky and salty, minerally and a bit sweet as well.

Smiling and pleased they both sat down, and Henry switched the screen back to the game. He picked up the leash and I remained sitting at their feet, with their cum on my face. Slowly, I turned to also watch the game. The aftertaste of their cum lingered in my mouth.

We sat like that until the game was over. They both rose and Henry headed off to bed. My Uncle however looked down at me, and as we hear Henry take a piss and flush the toilet. He caresses my chin, smiling.

“I’ve waited for this so long you know, and finally you are my little cock-sucker … also in reality.”

“Yes, Uncle Anders …” I whisper back.

“I want you to sleep in my bed tonight, Ted.”

I just nodded and let him lead me on the leash. First into the toilet where he had me sit and watch as he pissed, and then into the master bedroom.

He pulled me onto the bed and unclasped the leash and lay down close to me. I lay with my head on his hairy grey chest as he caressed my arm and pulled a blanket over us. After a while we fell asleep.

I woke up as he slowly pulled the blanket away and lay watching me. He was half sitting, and his cock was rock hard. I smiled up at him.

“Good morning, my Cum Lover. I’d like you to wear this as a sign of your devotion.”

He gave me a heavy silver metal Lefkoşa Escort ring.

“It should go around your cock and balls, Ted.”

I looked at it. It was inscribed with my name and ‘loving cock sucker cum slut’.

I blushed and slowly try to put it on. It was difficult with my hardon but Uncle Anders bent down and helped me, and soon it fit snuggly around my balls and cock. It felt heavy and there was a small bell hanging underneath which rang when I moved. My Uncle smiled approvingly as he reached out and caressed my balls and my cock.

“Just lovely.”

He got up and pulled me up and we walked into the kitchen, me still with the collar. Henry was already there, and it smelled wonderful of coffee. He laughed when he saw my cock ring and waves for me to come closer.

“I love it. You should wear it as often as you can Ted.”

“We need to leave in one hour,” Uncle Anders announced as he took a sip of coffee.

They both looked at me with hungry eyes.

“You want to be fucked again Ted?” Henry asked.

“Yes,” I whispered … blushing hard.

“Then let’s clean the house and get in the car and stop somewhere to …. fuck our little Slut here,” Uncle concluded.

I blushed as we all trotted off to pack our things and clean up. Half an hour later we were ready and got into the car. I sat in the back as we drove off. The metal ring made me very conscious of my cock and body, the leather collar and leash aware of my new self. It was a wild crazy weekend, I think to myself as we drive along, the radio playing country music. I sat dozing, wondering we’re we will stop. My erection was still very hard.

To my surprise we didn’t stop on the way at all. We finally swung into my parents and my home driveway, and all got out. I knew my parents were away until late, as they were flying back from visiting far-away friends, and seemingly Uncle Anders and Henry as well. They asked me to unlock the front door, which I do, and they took the opportunity to caress my ass. I blush and step aside to let them in. My brother steps in first, followed by Uncle Anders. They dropped their bags in the hallway and turned to me.

“Strip!” Henry commanded.

Red-faced I obeyed and took off my t-shirt and shorts, with the underwear. They started to caress me there by the front door. Then Henry took my hand and lead me upstairs to mom’s and dad’s bedroom.

“Let’s take a family picture, shall we?” he laughed and pushed me to my knees, below the picture gallery on the wall with the big portrait pictures of my parents, grandparents and cousins. Uncle Anders rigged his mobile phone up on a chair and then they opened their pants and pointed their hard cocks towards my mouth just as the shutter went off. They repeated it a few times, ensuring that I was smiling and my hardon was clearly visible, as well as the family pictures.

They proceeded to fuck my mouth in turns, and before long they explode in cascades into my mouth. Some of it dripping down my chin. They wipe their cocks off on my face and give each other a high five. I swallowed their loads down – salty, sweet, pungent but good.

“Thanks, little brother, I loved that. I’ll text you and want to get together again before long! See you Uncle Anders, I must leave now as my wife is waiting.”

Henry bent down and looked me in the eyes and then zipped up and left.

Uncle Anders remained for a while, slowly wiping his cock over my face until it was completely soft.

“This will be our little family secret Ted. But I want you to write to me tonight before you go to bed, OK?”

“Yes, Uncle.”

“I want you to send me a picture of your hard cock and say how much you miss me and long to suck my cock, Ok?”

“Yes, Uncle Anders.”

“And I want to see a picture of your face covered in your own sperm …. Dedicated to me, OK?”

“Yes, Uncle.”

“I have to leave now, but say hi to your parents from me, and I’ll text you when I want us to meet again.”

He zips up and left, and only slowly did I manage to rise to my feet.

I headed for the shower and stepped out of it after almost an hour, and one orgasm. A few hours passed with me playing computer games, until my parents come home, merry and in great spirits. We have a nice dinner, chatted, and they asked me about the weekend trip with my uncle and brother Henry. I told them a little lie of how we went fishing and had a wonderful time, bonding. Afterwards we watched a bit of TV and then I excused myself and headed for my room.

I lay thinking about what had happened over the last few days. It was incredibly exciting and satisfying, giving them so much pleasure. I ended the evening masturbating over my own face as Uncle had asked me. I then took a selfie and sent him a message.

“I miss you and your cock Uncle Anders, and long to suck your cock again. Your Ted.”

Just before I fell asleep, he answered me back.

“Thank you my cum loving little slut. I want to use you next Friday afternoon again. 3 pm by my garage door. Be there. Uncle A”.

I got instantly hard and realized I longed to the coming Friday.

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