You’ve Had Black, Never Go Back

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Fit daddy meets son’s best friend and falls all the way. He’s big, he’s hung and he’s black.

“Hi Paul. How was your first day at high school? Made any buddies yet?”

This was the first chance Aden had had to touch base with his son, Paul, since the morning when he’d dropped him off as he drove on to work.

After his mum and dad’s divorce Paul had opted to live with his dad. It had been a no-brainer really as mum was way too interfering and controlling; one of the reasons for the separation in the first place. Paul, at eighteen, wanted an easier life. He loved his mum but had more in common with the laid back, casual attitude of his dad. Ask any young man what he preferred and the answer would usually be the same; freedom any time, rather than pressed and ironed clothes and a monitored routine. So father and son had chosen an older, cheaper house to move to, a fix it upper that provided plenty of opportunity for DIY skills.

“Early days dad. There are some pretty cool dudes in my classes but I’m looking forward to Phys Ed tomorrow. May stay late and try out for the soccer team, or at least join in with the training.”

“Good man. You gotta keep yourself in shape like your old dad. Wanna go for a run around the block and scope out the neighbourhood? I could do with a stretch after a day at the desk.”

“OK, just let me get changed, and I’ll be right there.”

With that Paul sprung up the stairs to his room, taking them two at a time, hurriedly stripped off, pulled on shorts and a t, then scooted back to join his father who was slipping into a battered pair of trainers at the front door.

“Good,” said Aden. I’ve got a key. last one back orders take out.”

“So long as I don’t have to pay that’s good,” replied Paul, as he muscled past his dad and down the path onto the road. He trotted on the spot as he asked, “Which way shall we go?”

“Lets head to the new houses next to the park. We can run round the pond and then back home” said Aden, and with a nod they set off side by side.

Aden was a fit forty two year old guy who had kept himself in good shape since college. He regularly used the local gym and enjoyed street running, usually after work, when he could relax in his backyard hot tub and soak those tired muscles. He also enjoyed the looks and comments he got both at the gym and from his work mates, and increasingly from neighbours, both men and women. Yes Aden had noticed how many middle aged men would comment on his physique and fitness, and match the comment with a grin or a wink, and although he’d never succumbed to flirt back, he enjoyed the temptation.

Paul was long and lean, with a young, fit runner’s body. Muscly firm legs led up to a hard arse and a big packet swinging in his shorts. At eighteen he was always horny and could throw a boner at the drop of a hat. He had a good chest but nowhere near as defined as his dad’s. Aden expected to be bigger after all those years working out but he envied Paul the size of his cock. At eight inches he outstripped his dad by at least two, although Aden went to great lengths to make sure his glances were always concealed and not open perving. What he had seen looked good and if he was that way inclined, well who knew where they might end up but he was not going to risk upsetting Paul and turning him back to his mum

Aden found himself growing stiff in his pants. A good job he wore a tight fitting jock to run in.

He realised he had been following Paul for some time and looking at his fit bum while he admired his legs and running stride. Better shake that feeling and to do that he had to change the view and get in front.

“Is that the best you can do?” he asked as he pulled alongside Paul’s shoulder and then gently bumped him out of the way as he pulled past.

Paul stumbled a little and lost his rhythm as Aden put on a spurt and took off down the road. He was comfortably in the lead now but could hear the light footfall of his son as he began to make up distance. After ten minutes father and son were running beside each other, arms nearly touching as their legs pumped hard and their chests heaved with the exertion. They turned into their road and immediately accelerated until they reached their path together. Paul collapsed on the front grass as Aden sprinted up to the front step.

“Another win for the old man eh?” he quipped as he looked back at his son still sprawled on the front grass and couldn’t help but smile. Fuck he loved him so much but was unsure of these other feelings that were nothing to do with family affection. What to do, what to do? One thing experience had taught him was not to overthink things. Just let them work out in their own way and time.

Paul struggled to get his breath as he gasped out his reply.

“No way. You know it was a tie,” and he raised his body, only to slump back to the grass again.

“OK, well whatever you say. I’m gonna grab a shower now before the water runs cold,” said Aden as he let himself in and pulled off his trainers and sweaty shirt and began to climb the Ankara bayan escort stairs to the bathroom.

Paul watched him go and admired his stamina and physique.

“I hope I look like that in twenty years time,” he said to himself. He couldn’t deny that for an older man his dad was really fit. He had a great back and a firm bum too. Those arse cheeks were good enough to eat.

This wasn’t the first time he had found himself getting hot for his father and he rolled over onto his stomach to hide a growing erection. If only dad knew, he thought. He’d probably throw me out.

Paul struggled up on to his feet and after adjusting himself followed his dad indoors and upstairs. He stripped off on the way and knocked on the bathroom door with just a jock and a semi.

“Hey dad, give us a shout when you’ve finished,” he called as he made his way to his bedroom. Shall I wank off now or when I’m in the shower, he mused? Or perhaps both. His cock certainly needed a workout too and his libido could take it. He knew he could cum at least twice in succession without a problem and often wanked in the shower at night and then in bed too before falling asleep. Shit, I’m just so horny all the time! he thought as he stuck his hand down the front of his jock and had a play. He was already fingering his bum crack (something he had recently experimented with and enjoyed ) when there was a knock on his bedroom door and Aden pushed his head round.

“Shower’s fr… “

He stopped in mid sentence, not sure if what he had glimpsed was really happening. Had Paul been groping his cock and his bum? Or was he just scratching an itch?

“I’ve left you plenty of hot water. I’ll get the food ordered so don’t take too long.”

He gave Paul a grin as the teenager’s face reddened and the flush spread down his neck. Well he had certainly been up to something. Fuck he looked so cute and vulnerable when caught off guard without that cocky swagger he frequently had, that they all had, so far as he could see.

Aden closed the door on his way back to his own bedroom and thought about what he had witnessed. It could be nothing of course but if it was “something” then he should relax more and be himself. Perhaps he’d try a couple of beers tonight to loosen up Paul and see what happened.

They had chatted over the food but it wasn’t until Paul got home the next day and they were eating supper, that Aden broached the subject of sex with Paul.

“So, are you hitting on any cute girls at that school of yours, or do you have something else in mind?” asked Aden as they sat outside in the last of the sunshine, having completed the dishes and opened a couple of bottles of beer.

“What do you mean dad, “something else”? You know I’ve had a couple of girlfriends but nothing serious,” answered Paul.

“I just wondered if you’ve been attracted to anyone special in your class yet? Boy or girl. You know I wouldn’t judge whatever you did.” Aden tried to be casual and nonchalant as he said this but he was watching for any reaction or telltale signs of Paul’s sexual preference. Watching and hoping.

He couldn’t help but lick his lips as his son ran his hands over his crotch and then stood up, revealing his muscular legs and torso as he raised his arms above his head and stretched out the kinks of his hard day.

“Dad, you’ll be the first to know if I decide to hook up with anyone special,” replied Paul. “At the moment there isn’t anyone special but I really like my Phys Ed partner, in a friendly way, nothing sexual. His name’s Brandon and he’s black and really fit. He likes running too, so I might invite him for a jog some time. Oh and he’s good at DIY. I thought he could help out with a couple of jobs around the place. There’s a lot needs doing still.”

Paul looked to see how his dad had taken the idea of a black guy as his son’s friend. He wasn’t going to tell him yet how fit Marvin was. He’d find out all in good time.

“You know that any friend of yours is very welcome here any time. Why don’t you invite him over to hang out at the weekend? We could have a barbie and a splash about in the hot tub, perhaps all go for a run, if you think he can keep up with an old guy.”

So he fancied showing off his running skills eh. This could be fun.

“OK dad I’ll invite him over to chill. It all sounds good. I’ll tell him at school tomorrow.”

The next day was a Friday so Aden wasn’t surprised when Paul got home and said that his new buddy, Brandon, had agreed to come over on Saturday. He was gonna bring another mate too, Marvin. They had both volunteered to sort out the garage and tidy the back yard in exchange for a dip in the hot tub and a couple of beers.

“Well that sounds good Paul” said his dad. “I’ll get some burgers out of the freezer and we can have a barbie. It’ll be good to meet a couple of your mates. What are their names again?”

Aden could feel his cock growing in his shorts. Fuck, Why was he getting hard already? They might be absolute dorks. On the other hand…..and Escort bayan Ankara he cupped his balls and stroked his dick as he turned away from his son. Would they both be fit and muscled? Perhaps mixed race….or black??

Saturday morning came eventually and Aden was up early, sorting out food from the freezer and loading ample supplies of beer into the fridge. He also tucked a bottle of vodka in, just in case things developed the way he hoped.

At 10. 30 Paul surfaced and wandered downstairs in a pair of loose sweat shorts and a baggy T.

“Hi dad. Have you remembered that Marvin and Brandon are coming over soon?”

“Oh yes, you did mention it. I’d completely forgotten, (he lied).” Are they gonna hang out or work for a meal and a soak in the hot tub?”

Aden had been looking forward to this for hours. He had cleaned the tub and checked the water and jet force and was pleased with both. He couldn’t wait to get the new lads and his son, stripped off and wet.

“Well they seemed keen to enjoy whatever you can provide dad. I’ve told them a bit about you. Made you out to be a bit of a hunk. Hope you don’t mind,” said Paul.

Aden smiled as he felt his cock springing to life. He had deliberately put on his tightest pair of work out shorts and tightest T shirt, and although extra horny, had refrained from wanking off last night, or this morning in the shower.

God he was getting hard and decided to let it show. If today was gonna work out as he hoped there was no point in being shy.

“I’ve already set up the barbie and got some beers cooling. It looks like being a hot one.” said Aden.

Then the front door bell rang.

“I’ll get it,” said Paul as he moved to the door. Aden could hear him welcoming his new buddies and was pleased that his son had some mates. He was also pleased to have some help to do the chores he had selected for today, but more than that he was pleased to be surrounded by young, fit men. He got off on youthful testosterone and was looking forward to the banter and good-natured sass that young men shared when together.

Aden went out to the back decking and relaxed in a chair. He didn’t want to appear too obvious but as he sunk down in the comfortable cushion he felt his tight shorts riding up and gripping his packet. He had worn a sexy pair of pants today and now, as they hugged his cock and balls, he wondered if he had done the right thing. Did he look like a pervy old man, leering after youngsters and dribbling with lust, or was he succeeding in pulling off the older, fit daddy hunk look that he was hoping for?

“Well this is my dad, Aden, ” said Paul as he led his friends, Marvin and Brandon out onto the decking.

Aden didn’t attempt to move or get up and just looked at both young men over the top of his reflective sun glasses. He pushed them up onto his hair, spread his legs a little more and smiled at both of them. They would certainly do, he mused to himself.

“Hi lads,” he greeted them and languidly waved a muscled arm their way.

“So what’s the plan for today? I’ve got a few chores I need some help with and then a few beers and some food? I could run up the hot tub if you fancy a soak later. Really good in the evening as it starts to cool down. What do you say?”

All this time he was watching the keen faces to see any indication of interest. He was really hoping for a sexy smirk or a wink. An overt gesture in the crotch area would tell a lot. Aden raised both arms above his head and lay back stretching. He let the shades fall back over his eyes.

“Well lads, What do you think?”

“That sounds really good, Mr Bauer. We’d be really happy to help out,” said the taller, fit black guy.

“Hey lets get one thing sorted first. I go by Aden. No more Mr Bauer nonsense. You hear?”

“Hey dad they’re just showing some respect. No harm done.”

Paul didn’t want to cause any scene and hoped his dad would settle and everyone could have a good time.

“It’s just that it makes me feel so old. Come on lads, give me a break. I’ll try and be cool but no more Mr Bauer. OK?”

He held his hand up for a high five from both men and was rewarded by a couple of heavy slaps on his palms.

“OK man, whatever you say,” they both agreed, and Paul smiled at the easy and friendly resolution to this initial stumbling block.

“Now what about a beer to whet the appetite before we start?” said Aden as he pulled himself up and headed for the fridge in the corner.

“Great idea,” said Marvin. “Lets get one down and then get started. The sooner we get working……”

“Yeh, good idea. Want a hand Mr B…, I mean Aden?” and big black Brandon followed Aden to the cooler to held with the bottles. His large, firm hands wrapped round the bottles and held them safely in his grip.

“I got em Aden. You grab the empty boxes and bags for the rubbish and good stuff. Show us what you want done and lets get busy.”

Brandon was up close to Aden and could feel the heat coming off his muscular Bayan escort Ankara body and breath as he moved to steady the bottles and ease past him back to the other young men.

Aden flexed his chest and arms and couldn’t resist pushing his firm crotch up against Brandon’s bum as they squeezed past each other. There was little room to move in that corner and Brandon’s eyes widened in surprise as their bodies were forced to push together as Aden moved behind him and ground his hard prick into his firm, muscled bum. He was surprised at how blatant Aden was and also how firm his cock was. It must have been at least eight inches long and pretty thick. Wow! Brandon’s eyes opened wide and he smiled with a sexy grin. This was gonna be a really interesting afternoon.

Marvin had been working on the front of the house with some pale masonry paint he had found in the garage. It was hot work and he had stripped down to his baggy sweat shorts with no shirt or vest, just a broad brown back that was glistening with sweat. His shorts had slipped down to show the top of his bum cheeks. At eighteen and five foot ten he cut quite a figure.

Paul was clearing out the rubbish from the garage, helped by Aden, while Brandon was digging up the weeds in the garden, sweeping the decking and giving it a coat of wood stain.

They were all working hard and keeping each other on track.

“Hey guys, we’ve made a really good start. What about another beer? You’ve definitely earned it,” said Aden.

“Oh yes. A great idea. I’m really parched now,” they all agreed, and they dropped their things and collapsed onto the grass.

“Hey Brandon, lend me a hand, ” said Aden with a smirk as he wandered inside to the freezer.

“Yeh sure Aden. Lets break out another round.”

He smiled back and followed Aden inside. Aden looked at the fit black muscles and the firm body. He couldn’t help himself and put his hand on Brandon’s chest and looked into his eyes with lust and longing. God he felt firm and fit and he moved his hand over his pecs and shoulders. So sweaty. So hard. So hot!

“So what can I get you Brandon,” asked Aden. Anything special?” He winked and smiled and realised that this was a turning point. What would Brandon do now and where would this go?

“Hey, get those beers out to the others and get back here pronto,” said Aden. “I got something in mind.” With that he slapped Brandon’s firm bum cheeks and winked lewdly. Brandon smirked and hurried away, handing over the beers and hurrying back to Aden.

“Over here quick,” said Aden as Brandon returned empty handed but groping at his growing erection. The back of his skull thunked against the wall in the corner behind the metal work shelves, cluttered full of equipment, boxes and files as Aden lunged at him and brought his hands to his sweaty temples. Brandon’s lips parted immediately under the pressure of Aden’s tongue. His kiss was reckless and hard. Aden was like an animal caged for too long and and finally allowed to spring.

“Oh fuck,” Brandon groaned as Aden tugged his waistband down. His cock sprung free and Aden closed his fist around the hard length, jacking like he couldn’t wait any longer. Brandon’s head angled back against the wall again and Aden licked over his Adam’s apple and sucked the pulse jumping in his exposed throat until he let out a cry when the tingle of excitement turned to pain.

He grabbed both cocks in one hand and Brandon spat in his own fist and pushed Aden’s hand away. He clutched their cocks with force and vigour and pumped furiously. Every stroke filled Aden with bliss and he rocked his hips, gracelessly chasing every inch of friction. He swung around and pinned Brandon to the wall, sliding his hands up his torso and tweaking his nipples to peaks, loving how he responded with a deep rumble. Their mouths found each other again, violent with need and lust, lips bruising, tongues tangling and flicking for dominance.

It was probably the most violent and sloppy kiss of their entire lives, and also the most satisfying. It left them breathless and gasping, hanging on to each other as the friction increased in their combined cock wank.

“Shit, I’m getting fucking close,” Brandon murmured as they kissed again and Aden rubbed and wanked at their stiff rods, pressed so tightly together.

Aden didn’t get a chance to reply as he gasped at the feel of a hard digit pressed up and rubbing forcefully around his hole. He hadn’t been aware of loosing his shorts but somehow it had happened and he opened his legs to encourage that electric finger to rub and explore.

Brandon laughed and prodded deeper. “Always thought you were a tight arse,”

He flicked his tongue against Aden’s ear lobe then spoke low in his ear. “Relax Aden. You want me to do this. I promise.”

“Bullshit!….” and then Aden was groaning and moaning as the finger pushed deeper inside and another hand fisted his cock and squeezed.

“Don’t. Fucking. Move,” Aden gasped out as his legs began to shake and his balls to tingle. Brandon didn’t, except to suck the side of Aden’s neck as he pressed deeper inside with one hand and stroked the hard shaft with the other. Fuck, this was good. It was more than Aden had expected but he was loving making out with this hard, black hunk and while he was a natural top, having Brandon take control was such a turn on..

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Silver and Gold Ch. 05

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“Stiffer,” Silver shouted.

“Not possible,” Feldspar huffed, his face red with effort. His arm burned but he pushed himself to beat harder, faster. There was no way this would best him again. The egg whites had at least gone opaque and a little thick this time. He wasn’t ready to admit defeat. He wouldn’t. He could do this.

“Stiffer,” Silver repeated, this time lower and full of authority.

Feldspar’s sword arm burned. It ached. His wrist had a twinge in it and it was possible he was going to do actual damage if he kept going. Feldspar groaned and tossed his head side to side. “I yield,” he cried. He shoved the bowl of half-beaten egg whites and whisk back into Silver’s arms, defeated. He’d already tried at the two previous cooking sessions to whip the eggs into stiff peaks by hand. Silver was even letting him use his dominant hand this time. He was starting to think it was impossible. Silver crowed in victory and took the bowl, whipping the eggs with vigor.

When he smugly showed Feldspar the bowl of smooth, stiff peaked egg whites, Feldspar mumbled that he’d gotten them started for Silver. Silver smugly said it was all about technique, not muscle. Feldspar snapped a towel at Silver’s backside when both his hands were occupied pouring the meringue into a pastry bag, cackling at Silver’s indignant yelp. When Silver was done he passed the pastry bag to Feldspar. He still hadn’t earned his whisk tattoo, but he was getting pretty good at piping out the meringue in neat dollops. He met Silver’s eyes over the baking sheet. His gray eyes were twinkling with laughter and his silver hair was still perfectly combed back. Feldspar wanted to sink his hands into it and mess it up. It shouldn’t have been possible to stay so unruffled after whipping the eggs like that. He wanted to feather his fingertips along Silver’s pointed ears. He remembered how that had made Silver shiver so many months ago. For a second he felt like Silver might lean across the counter and kiss him, natural as anything. Silver looked away first, and Feldspar busied himself with finishing the cookies.

Feldspar put the baking sheet into the oven and settled into a nest of pillows in Silver’s sitting area to wait for them to be done. Silver poured him fresh-squeezed guava juice and flopped down on the floor pillow next to him. Feldspar glanced at his friend and felt a rush of gratitude for Silver’s easy friendship. Over the last month he’d been sleeping better, drinking less, and feeling happy more often than not. He felt like himself again, maybe even a better version of himself.

Silver looked up and caught him staring. “What?”


“Dude, you’re staring.”

“I most certainly was not.”

“Uh huh.”

“I was just trying to figure out if your arms are in fact made of metal. Daniella has informed me of the wonders of modern robotics and you do spend quite a bit of time with humans. It’s the only possible explanation for how proficient you are with a whisk.”

Silver snorted in response. “Whatever. You don’t have to tell me what you were really thinking.”

Feldspar smirked and leaned back so he could look at the ceiling. The thought of telling Silver what he had really been thinking about made his heart feel like it was tied up in knots.

“I was thinking I haven’t felt this good in a long time,” he said after a lengthy silence. Feldspar peeked at Silver. He was smiling bashfully as he looked at his lap while he fiddled with a thread on his pants. Feldspar had the strongest urge to tackle him. He wanted to mess him up, squeeze him, devour him. He wanted to hold him softly and make him blush and go soft. He wanted and wanted. He wanted so many things he didn’t know what to do with himself. “After everything with Mal, it was really hard. I was trying to act as if I felt nothing when Daniella and Mal are around. Gneiss never really understood why I was so sad and Nephrite sort of just sticks to herself to begin with. I haven’t had any friends who understand me. You understand me. You always listen to me without letting me wallow. You make me be okay. Better than okay, actually. It’s good to feel like myself again.”

Silver winced and Feldspar cocked his head in question. Silver cleared his throat, still looking away. “Yeah, I do get it. I’ve kinda been there before. Not the same depth as you and Mal had, but I get it.” He trailed off. When the silence grew too thick he darted Ankara bayan escort a look at Feldspar, who was clearly waiting for him to continue. He looked away again and resumed fiddling with the thread on his pants. “There was this guy once. I was totally obsessed with him –“

“Is that so? Do I know him?”

“Shut up. As I was saying, I was just obsessed with this guy. He was so sexy and strong. He had this aura around him, like he made everyone around him more, like they were bigger and better just by being around him. He was also so… okay, this is going to sound gross. But he was so sensual, like, not just in sex way. He took so much pleasure out of everything. Like, if a joke was funny, he really laughed. If he was lounging in the sun, he was really soaking it in. Everything he did, he was all in. The thing that really got me about him was that he didn’t even realize the effect he had on people.”

“Sounds like quite the charmer,” Feldspar said, tentatively. Silver was still fiddling with that thread and refusing to meet Feldspar’s eyes. Feldspar wanted to put a hand on him to quell his uncomfortable fidgeting, but he didn’t dare.

“Don’t interrupt,” Silver said. His voice was getting quieter. “Anyway, he never even knew I existed. When we finally hooked up it was amazing, like completely mind-blowing, one of the best sexual experiences of my life.”

“Is there where you tell me how it all went wrong?”

Silver sighed. “Yeah, I guess. He didn’t do anything wrong. He wasn’t a dick to me afterward or anything. It just wasn’t a big deal to him. It really sucked and I got kinda thrown for a bit. This one night in Paris I broke down and started telling my buddy Brody about him. I was a mess, crying and drinking and telling him I was going to be alone forever. He was like ‘you put this dude on a pedestal and you don’t even know him.’ He was totally right. Anyway,” he trailed off for a few seconds. “Sometimes people don’t feel the same way about you as you do about them.” He looked up and frowned at Feldspar’s stricken expression. “Yeah, so, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I get it. It sucks donkey balls,” he added awkwardly, trying to lighten the mood.

Feldspar’s eyes widened. “Oh,” he said, momentarily stunned. His mind turned over what Silver was saying over and over. He couldn’t be saying what he thought he was, could he? The timing made sense. Feldspar stared at Silver’s nervous expression, trying to parse it for clues. “So then what happened?” he asked tentatively.

“We started hanging out and I got to know the real him.”

Feldspar cleared his throat and willed his voice to come out calm and collected. “What did you think after getting better acquainted?”

Silver darted a glance at him and then looked back off to the side. “He’s, um, fun, and cute, and real easy to be around,” he blushed. “I think he’s been hurt real bad and he’s kind of a mess sometimes. He’s also strong in a way that I never realized before I got to know him. So many people don’t see who he really is, but I do. He gives everything he’s got to make his friends happy. Even when other people give up on him, I still see him fighting like hell for himself.”

Silver’s eyes slid slowly to Feldspar’s. Feldspar’s stomach flipped at the vulnerable look on Silver’s face. Everything he needed to know was in those wide, silver eyes.

Feldspar began moving. He didn’t just want Silver. He needed him. More than that, he needed Silver to know exactly how much he needed him. His heart was pounding so hard he was sure Silver could hear it. He moved slowly, letting Silver accept him into his space. Silver reclined on his cushion and opened his arm to let Feldspar snuggle up against his chest. He rubbed Feldspar’s back as Feldspar wrapped him in a tight hug.

“I cannot believe how oblivious I was,” Feldspar said quietly when he’d gathered his courage. It was easier to talk to Silver like this, resting his cheek against his chest so he could hear the rhythm of his heart instead of having to meet his eyes.

“Yeah. You were, but I was also too much of a wuss to approach you.”

Feldspar snorted in disbelief. “Why?”

“You’re the Lord’s Sword and you were always with your crew. If you didn’t know your friends, would you approach them?” Feldspar shrugged one shoulder and Silver continued. “Obviously I know that doesn’t mean anything now, but before Escort bayan Ankara you seemed completely out of my league. Plus you were always with them. I didn’t think you’d have, um… stamina for anyone else.”

Feldspar wasn’t sure what to say. He was blown away by the revelation that Silver had been pining for him while he’d been stuck on Mal. It was almost funny, especially the idea that he was some untouchable, intimidating man. Except he knew how much it hurt when the object of your affections tossed you aside. “I am truly sorry. Me disappearing after that night had nothing to do with you. It was just poor timing. Mal had just broken up with me and then that night I said some things that led to Daniella leaving Mal and the Wood. Mal spiraled into this awful self-destructive pit of despair for months. Then the Wood was attacked when we were at our weakest. For a long time I couldn’t even think about that night without feeling wretched about everything that followed. It all felt like my fault. I didn’t want to even think about the good parts of that night. I’m sorry I made you feel like it meant nothing to me, because that’s not true. And when you finally came back you never mentioned it, so I didn’t either. I didn’t want to assume anything, or embarrass you. I feel like an ass. I am an ass. Can you forgive me?”

Silver tipped his head down and laid a soft kiss on Feldspar’s golden hair. Feldspar squeezed his eyes shut, savoring the feeling of lying in Silver’s arms. He looked up and found Silver staring down at him. Feldspar’s breath caught as he took in the warmth in those gray eyes.

His heart pounded in his chest like a panicked beast throwing itself against the walls of its cage. Feldspar wasn’t sure he could survive another heartbreak, and there was no doubt that Silver could shatter his heart with the barest effort. But the way Silver was looking at him made the risk seem worth it.

As if it had a mind of its own, Feldspar’s hand reached up and cupped the back of Silver’s neck. He pulled Silver down to lie next to him on the rug, eyes meeting eyes, nose brushing nose. Feldspar studied Silver’s face. His lips looked so soft, just barely parted as if in anticipation. Feldspar could hardly breathe, he was so terrified. He leaned in and put his lips to Silver’s in a brush of a kiss. He pulled back and looked into Silver’s eyes, searching for some hint of what he felt.

Silver didn’t let him look for long. He cupped Feldspar’s face and kissed him softly. He felt rather than heard a tiny sound of pleasure escape Feldspar. Silver ran his tongue gently along the seam of Feldspar’s lips. He’d never wanted anyone like he wanted Feldspar. The other faery was soft and pliable in his arms. He nipped at Feldspar’s bottom lip, savoring the gasp that he drew from him. Silver slipped his tongue in, moaning at the way Feldspar’s tongue met his. He pressed the length of his body against Silver desperately as their kiss became heated.

Feldspar slid his hands around Silver’s back and pulled him closer. He groaned and bucked as Silver’s hard length rubbed against his own. He was burning for Silver. It was even hotter feeling the proof that Silver wanted him just as much. Silver kissed and nipped down Feldspar’s neck, eagerly testing for sensitive spots. Feldspar gulped in air and lost himself in the overwhelming sensations. He gasped as Silver scraped his teeth over the base of his neck, and writhed as he added suction, pulling a bruise to the surface. Silver licked and kissed the sensitive spot. He kissed his way slowly back up Feldspar’s neck, gentling as he went. When he reached Feldspar’s lips again they both had calmed. The kiss was soft and gentle, and when he pulled away he couldn’t help but smile at the dazed look on Silver’s face.

“Damn,” Feldspar breathed. “You are perfect.”

Silver beamed. “I really like you, too”

Feldspar leaned in and kissed him softly, hesitantly. “Do you think,” Feldspar trailed off in a whisper. Silver waited for him to continue. When Feldspar still hesitated he kissed him gently and drew back, waiting patiently. Feldspar squeezed his eyes shut and bowed his head for a moment. He felt like an absolute idiot for saying what he was about to say.

“Do you think we could… take it slow?” Feldspar held his breath as the question hung in the air. Almost immediately he started silently berating himself. Bayan escort Ankara What an idiotic thing to say — him asking Silver to delay having sex. They’d already had explosive, mind-blowing, memorable sex once before. Neither of them was inexperienced. Feldspar knew he was known in particular for his submissive streak, and no small number of faeries had taken pleasure from his body. Half the time he hadn’t even been the one deciding who would join him and Gneiss for a tumble. Despite all that, he had just told Silver he didn’t want to have sex. How could Silver not think he didn’t want him. He probably thought he was the first faery Feldspar had ever rejected.

“I really, really adore you,” Feldspar said in a rush, trying to recover in the long silence. He hoped Silver understood what he didn’t have the courage to say. He liked Silver so much that he was terrified he would damage their relationship if he wasn’t intentional and cautious. Silver had said once he was “kind of a mess” and the last thing Feldspar wanted was to get some of his mess on Silver.

A tender smile lit up Silver’s flushed cheeks. “Yeah man, no pressure. Of course we can go slow.” He brushed his lips to Feldspar’s gently. Feldspar smiled through the kiss. He had never expected asking for what he needed to feel so good. To be met with such acceptance melted him into a puddle of contentment. He tilted his head and drew Silver into another lingering kiss.

A chime sounded from the kitchen making them both tense in surprise. Silver drew away from Feldspar looking slightly dazed. “The meringue,” he said. Feldspar blinked stupidly at him until his brain was able to catch up. He’d completely gotten lost in Silver and had forgotten all about the cookies.

Feldspar looked at the rows of perfectly shaped meringues just out of the oven. He didn’t doubt they’d have the perfect amount of crispiness and melt in his mouth. He’d eaten an untold number of them over the last month in his quest to earn his first tattoo. Silver smirked at Feldspar’s slightly crestfallen expression.

“I don’t think I can eat them,” Feldspar said. His stomach was already rebelling at the thought of eating a single more meringue.

“You’re cute,” Silver said. He kissed Feldspar’s cheek. “You think I’m gonna eat all those? I refuse to take the fall on this one. You’re the one who keeps trying to earn that tattoo. Besides, you’re skinny as hell and you exercise too much. The calories will be good for you. Plus you have roommates. If they stay here I’ll eat them all and make myself sick.”

Feldspar laughed and rolled his eyes. “Gneiss has already reprimanded me for not having you over. What will she say when I bring cookies instead?”

“I dunno. ‘Thanks’ would be appropriate.”

Feldspar snorted. He pulled Silver to him for another kiss. He was already addicted. He couldn’t get enough of him. “She’s right though. You do need to come over,” he whispered as he pulled away from Silver.

He felt Silver tense in his arms. Feldspar kissed Silver’s cheek and inhaled down the length of his neck, savoring his unique scent that held stories of spices from far-off places and herbs gathered from sun-soaked gardens. Silver let out a breath and relaxed a bit into Feldspar’s arms.

“Please,” Feldspar murmured as he planted a kiss beneath Silver’s ear. “I want them to get to know you.”

“Okay,” Silver said, slightly breathless. Feldspar grinned. He could probably have gotten Silver to agree to anything at that moment. He gave in to the uncontrollable urge to kiss every inch of Silver’s exposed throat. He gently brushed kisses across the soft, smooth skin. A sunburst of joy exploded in his chest as Silver’s skin pebbled with goosebumps, betraying how much Feldspar’s touch affected him. It took considerable effort to pull himself away.

They teased and joked with each other as usual as they packed the unwanted cookies into a box for Feldspar to take home. It felt like any other day, except now Feldspar didn’t even try to hide his desire for Silver, and Silver pulled him in for a kiss every time he looked at him with hungry eyes. With all the distractions it took over an hour to finish packing the cookies and cleaning the kitchen.

Silver walked Feldspar to the door and kissed him lingeringly, running his hands over the muscles in his chest and arms. Feldspar melted against him. He was full of light, the joy of being with Silver banishing the shadows from every corner of his heart. They drew away from each other to catch their breaths, then came together again for another soft kiss. Feldspar made Silver promise again that he’d come over and spend time with his friends, and then floated out, a gigantic smile stretching his cheeks.

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The Kid Next Door

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“Kiernan, what are you doing?” Jack spoke sternly. He had just walked into his living room and caught Kiernan, the kid from next door, rifling through his camera bag,

Kiernan looked up at him. “Nothing Mr. Jones… I was just looking at that camera equipment you showed me a couple times. Just wanted to see it.”

Jack looked him over and did not know what to think. Actually, he did know what to think, he just did not want to believe it. Kiernan was clearly attempting to steal some of his camera equipment. Probably just a lens to hock, maybe even the camera itself. He would know that Jack did not use his camera equipment much anymore. Who did with the advanced cameras on phones these days?

Just because he didn’t use them anymore did not mean they weren’t worth anything. Jack had told Kiernan that only recently when he told him he was thinking about selling this old equipment. He had showed him how the camera was worth a couple thousand even though it was an old medium format film camera. the lenses could still catch a pretty good buck too.

What the fuck.

It was not surprising though. Kiernan had always been a troublemaker. Ever since his family moved in 10 years ago. Even then when the kid was only 9, he was a handful — setting small fires around the yard, climbing in his trees, even stealing soda from his garage.

It was one thing after another with him. Jack was barely able to claim his authority as an adult with the kid. If he told him to stop — if he caught him — he would stop.

Kiernan’s family was a mess. His parents had come over from Ireland years ago. The father drank and he could get mean.

One time Jack complained to Kiernan’s father about mischief he had gotten into. After he heard his father screaming and smacking Kiernan around that night he never complained again. The kid was a brat, but no one deserved treatment like that. Jack had his own experience with a father who could get out of hand with discipline.

So ever since then all he could do was catch the kid and confront him — sometimes he would threaten to tell his father but mostly he would just try to lean into his own authority as the adult. It had created a tense relationship between the two of them, but it was one of boundaries — some respect and neighborly friendship, but definite boundaries.

Jack doubted Kiernan’s father messed much with him these days. He was only 19 but he was a big kid and lean and strong. He towered over his father who was also all the weaker from years of drinking. There was not much his father could do to threaten him now.

“We both know what you were doing Kiernan. You were stealing my camera equipment. You broke into my house and were stealing from me. I would like to say I’m surprised but I’m not.”

Kiernan looked at Jack and did not speak. He did not look concerned; he did not look scared. He was just looking Jack over. Looking at him in the eyes.

Jack looked back at him. Damn this kid had grown up to be good looking. He had dark hair and brown eyes. He had a patchy scruff on his face like he was trying to grow a beard.

He looked good. He was hot. His face was heart-breaker attractive, and his arms rippled with lean muscle. So did his legs which were covered in dark coarse hair. He was Ankara escort wearing shorts and a t shirt and he just looked sexy.

Jack wasn’t so bad himself. He was in his forties but a runner and worked out regularly at the gym. He was lean and muscular also. He had always been taller than Kiernan, but he had lost that competition recently, even though it was by less than an inch.

Jack broke away his gaze and looked off into the distance.

“Fuck Kiernan. What am I supposed to do now? This is not a minor thing here. This camera equipment is worth thousands. You have broken and entered — this is a felony. Fuck.”

He looked back at Kiernan. The kid still looked calm. More than calm he was smiling a bit — at least his eyes seemed to be smiling.

“I don’t know Mr. Jones. What can you do?” Kiernan kept looking in Jack’s eyes as he stood up. It took energy on Jack’s part not to lower his gaze to the kid’s body as he rose.

The kid was hot. He had noticed that recently when he saw him cutting the lawn next door. Damn he was hot.

Kiernan kept his gaze, almost as if he knew that Jack wanted to see more of him.

“I mean, you always seem to know what to do — like you are in charge — like you have always been in charge.”

Kiernan lowered his hand by his own crotch and put his thumb in his pocket with the rest of his fingers resting on his crotch.

“I don’t think you are in charge this time though. Are you, Jack?”

What the fuck, the kid had never called him by his first name before.

“You can call me Mr. Jones, Kiernan. And what the fuck are you talking about?” Jack looked at Kiernan with anger in his eyes. Anger and very much a clear sense of control.

Kiernan just looked at Jack for a moment. He looked at him in the eyes and then he scanned down Jack’s body and back up to his eyes. Then he lowered his eyes down to his own crotch and back up to meet Jack’s gaze.

“I mean I’m 19 and I’m hot. I’ve also been thinking about your ass for a while now. I’ve been thinking about what you should be doing for me.”

This completely floored Jack — this was like out of nowhere. His mouth opened and twisted in disbelief.


“I guess I mean that you have like a once in a lifetime opportunity. You have a choice that you won’t get again. You should think about it carefully. Not long, but carefully.”

Now Jack was feeling unsettled, actually, he was feeling a little scared. “What are you talking about?”

Kiernan kept his gaze on Jack’s eyes. “I mean you can get down on your knees right now and suck my dick. it is the only chance you are going to get. Believe me. If you are good at it, I am going to fuck you. If you are as good as I have imagined you will be, I will be fucking you a lot.”

Jack just looked at Kiernan. Now he let himself look at all of him — from his eyes and beautiful lips down to his chest and to his crotch. It was clear that the kid had some kind of hard on going on. Below that his gaze took in the kid’s hairy muscular legs.

Jack breathed in sharply. His heart was racing. He breathed again and blinked his eyes as he looked at Kiernan. This could be some fucking set up or bullshit. And even if it were not, even if it was exactly what Kiernan Ankara escort bayan said it was, it meant that Jack was going to be giving his control over to Kiernan. He would never again be Mr. Jones. He would be Jack. He would be whatever Kiernan wanted him to be.

He looked back into Kiernan’s eyes. Kiernan knew his decision.

“Times up Jack. What are you going to do?”

Jack did not allow himself to think for another second. He got on his knees in front of Kiernan. He was almost crying in a level of joy and anticipation he never thought he would experience.

Kiernan reached out his hand and cupped the back of Jack’s head. Jack reached his hand up to Kiernan’s crotch and stroked his swelling, huge cock through the kid’s shorts. Kiernan turned Jack’s head up, pulling back some of his hair in his hand. he looked Jack in the eyes.

“You’re my bitch now Jack. Everything changes today. You get that, right?”

“Yes Kiernan. Yeah,” Jack almost whispered.

“You want my dick bitch? How much do you want it?”

“I want it Kiernan. I want it so bad”

Kiernan moved closer to Jack so that his crotch was right near Jack’s face. Jack leaned forward and buried his face in it. He could feel Kiernan’s swelling cock through the cloth of his shorts. He moaned softly. He ran his hands up Kiernan’s’ hairy legs under the back of his shorts. He could feel Kiernan’s equally hairy and muscular ass. He shifted his hands toward the front of Kiernan’s body, and they touched his cock, his very hard and large cock, pressing through his underwear under his shorts.

Jack almost cried in ecstasy, joy and anticipation. He moaned softly, almost like a cry. His own cock was so hard he thought it was going to burst.

Almost in worship, with trembling hands, he unbuttoned and unzipped Kiernan’s shorts and pressed his face deeper into his crotch in supplication, half afraid that it would be withdrawn from him. He lowered Kiernan’s boxer briefs and looked at his huge cock surrounded by dark pubic hair. Waves of musk came and intoxicated him as he lowered Kiernan’s under wear.

He pressed his face into Kiernan’s pubic hair, inhaling his musk and sweat, kissing and licking his balls, softly saying, oh my god, oh my god.

Kiernan’s dick was as hard a rod. It was huge, probably 8″. He looked as if he was probably uncut, but his dick was so erect it was impossible to say. Precum was oozing from the head of his dick.

Kiernan pushed the head of his cock into Jack’s mouth and Jack sucked him greedily. He let Kiernan push his cock fully into his throat.

“You like that cock?” Kiernan said as he slowly fucked Jack’s throat. “You like it?”

Jack did his best to nod yes in response. Kiernan’s cock was so big Jack took it deep in his throat and had to back out to breathe. He felt so much joy having Kiernan in his throat he had tears in his eyes. Kiernan was huge and it was both hard to take him all the way into his throat and deeply satisfying at the same time.

As Kiernan fucked Jack’s face he also reached over Jack and grabbed his ass. He pulled down Jack’s sweatpants and smacked his ass hard as he fucked his face. He spat in his hand and rubbed spit over Jack’s ass crack and into his asshole. Jack Escort Ankara pushed out his ass to meet Kiernan’s fingers. He moaned as Kiernan’s fingers went into his ass while his dick fully penetrated his throat.

“Stop man, you are going to make me cum.” Kiernan pulled his cock out of Jack’s mouth and caressed Jack’s chin. He pulled Jack’s face up to look him in the eyes.

“Turn around man. I want to be in your ass.”

Jack quickly turned around, now on his hands and knees and his ass facing Kiernan. His sweats were down around his knees. His back was arched. His own cock was rock hard and dripping precum. This was so unexpected, but he now realized that he had wanted it for so long — wanted it but never imagined it would happen.

Kiernan spat onto Jack’s asshole. Jack could feel spit dripping around his asshole and down his balls. Again, Kiernan pushed spit into Jack’s asshole with his fingers. Then he rubbed the head of his dick across the opening of his asshole. Over it and then into it.

He grabbed Jack sides as he lifted Jack’s shirt. He pushed his cock into Jack’s ass. He was slow at first and Jack pushed his ass into Kiernan to meet him with every thrust. Kiernan was so big it hurt. It hurt a lot.

“I know you can take this Jack. I know you have wanted it.”

He pushed himself further into Jack’s ass. It still hurt but there was more pleasure than pain — or maybe it was all the same thing at this point. Jack did not care. He wanted Kiernan to fuck him and keep fucking him. He reached behind himself and felt Kiernan’s hairy legs.

Kiernan fucked Jack harder and more deeply. Jack could hear the kid’s breathing increasing. It was clear that Kiernan was in control and wanted to be in control.

“Fuck man. Your ass is so sweet. Fuck I love being inside you.”

Kiernan had had his hands around Jack’s waist as he fucked him. Jack felt him lift one had off his right side and bring it down hard on his ass. It hurt like hell and Jack tightened up his ass expecting another hit. It came and Kiernan spanked his ass hard.

“Fuck you bitch. Fuck you. Your ass is so fucking hot.” He spanked Jack harder. Jack almost cried from the pain and the ecstacy.

Kiernan’s breathing increased even more, and he leaned on Jack more as he fucked him.

“Fuck dude, fuck, fuck! I’m going to cum.”

Jack moaned, he cried out softly in ecstasy. He could feel Kiernan’s thrusts increase and then stop suddenly as Kiernan pushed himself fully into Jack’s ass. Jack could feel the head of Kiernan’s cock swell more and pulse cumloads repeatedly deep inside him. Kiernan backed out and thrust in again, all the way in. Jack could feel him shooting more cum deep in his ass.

“Fuck, ungh, fuck,” Kiernan said softly.

Jack’s own cock was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum. He felt like he was going to explode but he did not want to touch himself.

Kiernan was out of breath and he had his arms fully around Jack’s chest and he lay his body on top of Jack as he kneeled forward.

“Fuck man,” Kiernan said. “Fuck that was hot. Your bitch ass is so hot.”

“Fuck,” Jack said softly, almost crying. “Fuck. Thank you.”

Kiernan continued to lay on top of Jack. Jack could feel Kiernan’s heart beating and slowing down. He could smell his musky arm pits as he held him from behind. His dick was still in Jack. It was hard still but growing a bit softer. Still huge.

“You are my bitch now Jack. You get that?” Kiernan whispered this in Jack’s ear.

Jack did not hesitate. “I am Kiernan. I get it. I want it.”

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Never Read the Comments Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The First Comment

“Arguing with people online never works, Kyle.”

I knew she was right, but it didn’t change my perspective. When I saw someone posting some crazy rhetoric online, especially if I detected hate to their words, I had to jump in. If nothing else, it showed other people that someone was willing to stand up against this bullshit.

“Yeah, I guess,” I replied.

“I bet you’re only doing this because he’s hot.” Katie laughed at her comment which irked me a bit.

“No, it’s because he’s a right-wing neo-nazi.”

“Sure, sure. But the tight clothes and thick muscles don’t hurt.”

I squinted at her. I wouldn’t be honest to her outloud but she had a point. The guy on Tok I had been commenting on was, indeed, hot. AltAndrew was ripped with a thick beard. He knew what he was doing with his tight clothes or open button-ups. If I had muted his videos I could have been convinced I was into him but the second he started talking racist nonsense it dashed those fantasies. I bet that’s why he had a following at all.

If only people weren’t so shallow to idolize and follow the ramblings of a hot guy on the internet.

“Whatever, Katie. I guess it doesn’t matter since I won’t convince anyone.”

She shrugged and sighed. “Kyle, I think it’s great that you speak up for marginalized people. I just wish it had the impact you Ankara escort hope it did.”

“Ha,” I laughed, mostly to myself. “Me too.”

“Anyway, it’s getting late so I should head home.”

Katie had been my best friend since high school and was the first person I came out too back then. We’d created a bit of a weekly ritual to get drunk on Wednesdays and catch up on our lives. She had settled down, still no kids yet but a handsome husband, Ben, we had met mutually in college. And here I was, single and arguing with idiots online.

“Okay. You good to drive?”

“Yeah, thanks Dad. You lapped me 2 hours ago so luckily we chose your place tonight.”

“I didn’t need Ben chastising me too.”

“Oh hush, you love it.” She winked at me and then started gathering up her things. I gave her a hug and saw her to her car before she headed back to the life she had created with someone.

I poured myself another glass of wine.

Taking it to bed, I idly swiped through my phone reviewing more of the dumb commentary these dumb hunks had to make. I was feeding my addiction.

Katie’s words stuck in my head and I caught myself swiping past people until I saw an attractive guy. Then, regardless of if I agreed with his opinion or not, I’d comment. Either reaffirming his good intentions, hoping to be noticed by him, or dragging him for his backwoods rhetoric, Ankara escort bayan hoping the same.

One guy, in particular, had the audacity to say “America is the least racist place on the planet” which triggered me and drove me straight to the comments. There was a 50/50 split on the emotions there, but most points had been made logically and statistically discrediting that ‘opinion.’ So I added a simple jab:

[You should just stop talking, like, forever.]

I drained my glass and started on my nightly routine. Brushed my teeth, peed, moisturized my face and then laid down with my lotion for the final ritual, masturbating. A pump of white liquid in my hand and a favorite video of mine pulled up on my laptop set the scene.

Underwear pulled to my thigh, I began lubricating my growing cock as I watched a guy struggle to keep a heavy weight up with both hands while his pants began to slip down. I loved the humiliation genre on PornHub and this was one of my all-time favorites. My own cock was at full mast before the band of his underwear began to come into view.

The entire time the actor pretends to be embarrassed and terrified that his pants are slipping but unable to let the weight down for whatever reason. After his pants pass his thigh, his large pouch is exposed to me. I’m almost ready to shoot then and there but it’s at that moment the actor Escort Ankara notices his underwear is stuck on his back pocket.

As his jeans continue to slip below the frame, it pulls his briefs as well. His panicking becomes more frantic and loud as the waistband starts to melt downward.

Pubes are exposed, thick and private but exposed for me and everyone watching. Then the base of his soft cock. He’s begging at this point to put the weight down but is, again, unable to or not allowed to.

He tries to spread his legs to keep his underwear up; keeping his shame covered. But he quivers in embarrassment which shudders his legs together. That movement is all that’s needed for the weight of the jeans, now likely at his calf, to win out.

In an instant his briefs are ripped downward out of frame. “Oh god! No!” he yells as his soft cock bounces up and out into view. It’s not necessarily a huge dick, probably average, but the thrill is the humiliation.

The moment his cock and balls burst onto my screen I shoot. Rope after rope splatters onto my t-shirt. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cum to that video. The mysterious man continues to stand there panicking, pleading to cover himself, as I come down from my orgasm high.

Shutting the laptop, I place it on my nightstand. I peel my shirt off keeping the wet parts away from my face and ball the shirt up before tossing it into my laundry bin by the door. Luckily, and a bit surprisingly, I made it in.

With that, I roll over and let sleep take me, high on endorphins and forgetting about the idiots on the internet for a bit.

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Amateur Dramatics – Act 02

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Amateur Dramatics: Act Two

After my day-long sex-fest with Emily, we didn’t manage to get together again until rehearsal day. We did however manage to talk on the phone each day, and while talking to her on one particular day, I noticed she sounded breathless, and I knew she was turned on while talking to me. She denied it at first, but it was quite easy to persuade her to masturbate while talking to me on the phone, and was rewarded by the sound of her having an orgasm. She accused me of turning her into a sex maniac, and I told her I was happy to plead guilty.

Emily was waiting for me outside the rehearsal hall and embraced me casually, giving me a light peck on the cheek. To onlookers it looked like two friends meeting, but if only they heard what was said they would have seen a different picture.

‘I really want you now sweetheart, right this instant, I want to see you naked,’ I whispered.

‘That’s exactly what I want too,’ she whispered back, ‘I’m wet already.’ We smiled at each other as we entered the hall, and split up to avoid rumours. We’d be together plenty in our dance scenes later on. Meantime, unknown to Emily, I had a little skulduggery in mind and sought out Alana. She also greeted me quite affectionately, after all we had been, and as far as she knew, still were, occasional lovers. After some general chat, she asked me how I was getting on with Emily, or ‘The Ice Queen,’ as she called her. Deliberately non-committal, I told her we were getting on fine. She grinned at me knowingly.

‘You know, something has changed about Emily. She’s different somehow, warmer, more open. She has that ‘glow,’ only a well fucked woman has about her, and I think that’s down to you.’ I shrugged my shoulders.

‘Well, I can’t help what you think darling. Perhaps you’re jealous because you want to fuck her yourself?’ I retorted, smiling, but testing the waters while I was at it.

‘Too fucking right, I’d love to get into her knickers, and she has a nice set of tits I’d love to get my hands on.’

‘So, you really are bi-sexual?’ I asked, and she told me she always had been. She loved men, as I knew, she added, but she also like women too.

‘Can you keep a secret?’ I asked her, adding, ‘and it’s really important that you do. I know you’re quite frank about your sex life with the other members of the cast, but this must go no further than us.’ She assured me that whatever I was going to tell her would go no further; she knew when to keep quiet.

‘Okay, I’m taking a big risk with someone who’s really important to me by telling you this, and I can’t stress enough how quiet this has to be kept.’ She swore once again that she would keep my secret. ‘If I could get you into Emily’s knickers, would you be up for it?’ she looked quite astonished.

‘You mean… ah that’s why she has that “glow,” I was right,’ she said, delighted that her intuition had proved correct. ‘So, how are we going to manage that?’ she said conspiratorially.

‘My idea is to get her quite horny, well, hornier than she is already, during the rehearsal today. When you see her go to the toilet follow her there, and talk to her, about me. Whatever comes into your head, as long as it’s sexual. I’ll tell you right now, she has no bra on and no panties either, and if you can’t make something of that, you don’t deserve her,’ I finished. Alana looked quite flabbergasted.

‘Are we talking about the same woman here?’ she finally said breathlessly, obviously becoming excited. ‘Are you telling me, “The Ice Queen,” has no bra and no panties on?’ I nodded.

‘She’s no Ice Queen Alana, she’s one of the most delightfully sexual women I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. She’s as sexy, and as horny as you are, believe me. It only needed the right key to open the floodgates, and I was lucky enough to find that key. Now do as I ask, and we may all have a lot of fun in the very near future.’ She reached up and kissed my cheek.

‘Thank you for thinking of me. I’ll try my best, I really want this,’ she added. I left her and went to seek out Emily, who greeted me with a smile.

‘How about we practice our dances a little?’ she suggested, and I thought it was good idea, although I was never quite sure if we were actually going to rehearse, or just use it as an excuse to touch and feel each other. Well, it started off as a rehearsal, but rapidly deteriorated into something much more interesting. I couldn’t help but get hard around her, and rather than ignore me as before, she took every opportunity to touch me, feeling the length of my cock. Rubbing herself against me, whispering what she wanted me to do to her when we were alone. She was tormenting the life out of me. Time for payback I thought.

‘You saw me talking to Alana?’ I said quietly, and she nodded. ‘She thinks there’s something different about you, that perhaps you have a lover, and she thinks it’s me.’

‘Oh, I see,’ she said, ‘and did you enlighten her?’ I didn’t want to say I’d been setting her up with Alana, so Ankara bayan escort I just lied outright, and told her I had denied it all, but I consoled myself by telling myself it was a white lie, and in aid of something she would find really exciting and pleasurable.

‘No, of course not, but she has just said again that she’d love to get into your panties. She really quite fancies you. What do you think of that?’

‘I’m not quite sure, it’s very confusing,’ she said, but I could tell she was excited, or should I say, even more excited.

‘I think you like the idea, am I right?’ I asked. ‘You see, when you were masturbating for me, I mentioned Alana a few times and you became even more agitated and excited. I think you’re extremely curious.’

‘Yes, well, perhaps a little,’ she admitted reluctantly. ‘She’s a lovely looking girl and extremely sexual from what I gather,’ she added.

‘She’s no hornier than you my darling,’ I assured her, ‘but I think you would love it if she touched and licked that wet little pussy of yours.’ I could tell by her breathing that I had hit the spot. We stopped dancing.

‘That wasn’t such a good idea of yours for me not to wear any panties you know,’ she said, smiling at me. ‘I’m really, really excited, and I’m leaking, the insides of my thighs are wet, as well as my pussy. I have to go and wipe myself dry,’ she smiled at me, then turned and walked away. I sought out Alana with my eyes, but I needn’t have worried, Alana was already following Emily to the toilet, and she gave me a wink and smile as she passed. All I could do now was hope for the best, but I later managed to piece together what happened.

Emily went straight to a cubicle, hitched her skirt waist high, and with some tissue carefully wiped the fluid that was in free flow from her pussy and trickling down her thighs. Even doing just that felt wonderful she later told me, and was enough to precipitate another flow, which slowly oozed and trickled from her. She knew it was a losing battle, and she was going to keep right on getting wetter and wetter as the day went on.

She desperately wanted to rub herself, but resisted the temptation because she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep quiet when she came. Wiping herself again, she pulled down her skirt and opened the cubicle door to find Alana blocking her exit. Surprised, she was about to say something when Alana, finger to her lips, hushed her and pushed her gently back into the cubicle, closing the door behind her.

Surprised by the situation and the speed and unexpectedness of what was happening, Emily let her. Alana closed in and leaned forward, whispering in Emily’s ear. ‘You make me feel so horny; every time I see you I get wet.’ At the same time she pushed her hand up under Emily’s short skirt. Taken completely by surprise, Emily momentarily tried to stop her, weakly and ineffectually trying to push the invading hand away, but with her being already so aroused Alana’s hand slipped between her thighs easily, and her fingers immediately found the slippery, soaking, pussy lips, were no barrier.

Before she could think to put up much more than a token resistance, her seduction was all over as Alana’s fingers sank into her wetness, stretching and rubbing her pussy lips and clitoris. Emily gasped with shock and sheer pleasure, and with resistance now the furthest thing from her mind, her pussy now firmly in control of her actions, Emily spread her legs, giving Alana free access. The more experienced Alana made the most of her opportunity, rubbing and caressing the now very willing pussy. Alana kissed her passionately and Emily kissed her back just as enthusiastically.

‘I love your tits,’ Alana whispered, and as she said it, she slipped her other hand under Emily’s top, caressing her breast and nipples. ‘Oooh, I can see why he loves them; you have great boobs darling.’ Emily told me later that she was utterly helpless to stop Alana, and by this time didn’t want to anyway. It felt too good, and when Alana tugged up her skirt, she watched her as if frozen to the spot, even helping to pull it higher, holding the skirt around her waist, for Alana to stroke between her legs and slip her fingers slip in and out of her wet pussy. She almost collapsed on the spot, so excited and helpless had she become. Alana took her fingers from Emily’s pussy, and as Emily watched – she licked the juice very slowly and sensuously from her fingers. ‘Mmm… I’m going to enjoy sucking your pussy darling,’ she whispered. Emily moaned quietly.

‘Yes, I’d like that,’ she whispered in turn, admitting that she wanted it too, and Alana kissed her, letting Emily taste her own juice, while she squeezed her nipples and rubbed her pussy again. Emily was delirious with excitement when Alana pushed her to her knees, lifted her own skirt, and pushed down her panties. Emily didn’t wait to be told what to do. She buried her face between Alana’s thighs and licked and sucked the pussy which was pushed into her face. Escort bayan Ankara After a moment or two, Alana took control again and tangled her hand in Emily’s hair and pulled her to her feet.

‘Okay, that’s enough for now, but I’ll be seeing you again,’ she promised, unlocked the cubicle and walked away, leaving Emily an absolute wreck, shaking and trembling with need. Emily sat down heavily on the seat, wondering what had just happened. She realised she’d just been seduced by Alana in the most forward and peremptory fashion, and she realised with a shock that she’d liked it. After a few moments, she struggled to her feet on legs that felt as weak as a baby’s.

I waited on tenterhooks for what seemed like ages before Alana reappeared, and came straight for me. She reached up to whisper in my ear, ‘She’s all ours darling, do my fingers smell familiar?’ she asked, holding them under my nose. I knew immediately that Emily had allowed Alana to play with her pussy, but pretended I knew nothing about it when Emily came back. She looked hot, bothered and out of sorts.

‘Are you okay sweetheart?’ I said quietly to her, pretending I knew nothing about it. She shook her head.

‘Something just happened in the toilets and in a way, it’s your fault. I was feeling so damned horny anyway, and you talking about Alana got me even hornier still. When I went to the toilet Alana appeared and made a pass at me. I was helpless to stop her, but I honestly didn’t want to stop her anyway. It was like I was standing outside my body, watching her touch me, except my senses were so heightened I thought I might just faint with pleasure.

I was, no, I am so excited I can’t even begin to tell you. I’m a complete mess. I need you to take me home now, I can’t stay here anymore, take me home please, please,’ she pleaded urgently. We gathered our things and slipped away, without anyone noticing, except Alana, who pointed at her watch, but I gestured behind Emily’s back, for her to come now. I took Emily in my car, I wasn’t sure just how fit she was to drive, given the state she was in, and within minutes we were at my flat. We had no sooner gotten through the door when she came into my arms.

‘I can’t wait, fuck me now, please, please, I’m desperate. She virtually ripped off her skirt and pulled her sweater over her head, leaving her naked. I could see her juices dribbling down the inside of her thighs. She took my hand and pulled me through to the bedroom, where I dropped my trouser and mounted her like the bitch in heat that she was at that moment. ‘Aaaaooogh,’ she cried out, as I slid inside her, and within two or three strokes she was coming, helplessly, crying out, whimpering like she was in pain, but it was pleasure that wracked her body again and again. ‘Oh fuck, I needed that, really needed it, you can’t imagine,’ she explained. ‘Don’t answer that,’ she said earnestly as my phone rang, but it was too late, I had already picked up.

‘Who was it?’ she asked, and I explained that it was my mother, and she was outside. She had something to drop off, but would be leaving immediately, so if she was quiet and stayed here in the bedroom, she’d be okay. I kissed her and told her I’d be back soon, retrieving my trousers from the floor as I said it.

‘Don’t move, I want to see you just like that when I come back,’ I told her, and she smiled, throwing me a kiss as I closed the door behind me. Of course, it wasn’t my mother, it was Alana.

‘How is she?’ she asked in a low voice as I let her in.

‘Virtually on fire, despite being freshly fucked,’ I said, ‘I don’t think this is going to be difficult. Get your clothes off and we’ll surprise her,’ but Alana was ahead of me and was down to bra and panties already, which quickly hit the floor along with the rest of her clothes.

‘I’m so fucking excited,’ she said, taking my hand and leading it between her legs. She was excited if the amount of slippery juice was anything to go by. I went to the bedroom door, and opened it cautiously. Emily was lying on her back as I had left her, legs open, her juicy pussy glittering in the light.

‘She’s gone, I presume?’ Emily stated.

‘Well, no, she said she’d like to see you before she left. Mother come and meet Emily,’ I called out. There was a look of total panic on her face until the naked Alana came round the edge of the door.

‘Hello sweetie,’ she said, smiling. ‘I told you I’d be seeing you again.’ Emily’s panic swiftly changed to a smile. She looked at me.

‘You bastard, you set me up, I nearly had a fucking heart attack,’ she shouted, laughing, throwing a pillow at me, as Alana walked across the room and sat on the bed beside her.

‘Let’s see, now where were we?’ she said casually reaching between Emily’s legs and rubbing her pussy. Emily fell back on the bed, legs widening as Alana expertly manipulated her pussy. ‘My, my, we are wet, aren’t we?’ she said huskily.

‘Ye… yes,’ whimpered Emily, giving herself up to the Bayan escort Ankara pleasures that Alana’s fingers were giving. When Alana got down between her legs and began to lick and suck as well as finger, it was all over bar the shouting. Emily’s bottom lifted off the bed, obviously in the throes of another orgasm. It was a glorious sight for me to watch. After Emily had recovered a little, Alana got her up on her knees on the edge of the bed. She slipped her thumb inside Emily’s pussy and then rubbed her clitoris with it, making Emily cry out with pleasure, before she turned to me.

‘Right you,’ she said, ‘see this gorgeous juicy cunt? I want you to do something useful, like stick your big cock in it and really fuck it the best you can. You can manage that, can’t you?’ Both girls laughed and so did I as I marched over, and Alana took my prick in hand and fed it into the voracious, sweet pussy that was my Emily’s. As I began to fuck it, Alana got on the bed and lay in front of Emily, adjusting her position until it was just right. ‘See my pussy darling?’ she said gently to Emily, ‘why don’t you just be good to me and make it feel nice. You know what to do,’ she added, and Emily set to work, licking, sucking and fingering the hot hole that I knew so well too.

Emily came first true to form. As she said, she’d always come quickly, and it must have been contagious, for Alana came within seconds too. I still hadn’t come, so Alana got up on the bed next to Emily, and adopted the same position. She whispered in Emily’s ear, who then slid off the end of my cock, and positioned herself in front of Alana. ‘Hey mister, are you going to fuck me or not?’ she said to me smiling back over her shoulder. ‘I’m just going to give your girlfriend here a bit of girlie pleasure; she’s desperate for it and wants it really bad.’ I looked at Emily and she smiled back, nodding her head.

‘Go on sweetheart,’ Emily said encouragingly, ‘give her a good hard fucking she won’t forget for a while, and I’ll rub my dirty wet cunt all over her beautiful face.’ We all laughed again, but that’s exactly what happened. Emily came time and time again, while I scythed into Alana’s familiar pussy, smacking her bottom just the way Emily liked it, but Alana loved it too. Eventually I had to let go, and filled the lovely Alana’s pussy with slippery white come. We lay there side by side for a while, until Emily got up on her one elbow and leaned across Alana, spreading her legs, licking her, getting her tongue deep inside. ‘No use wasting all that lovely come,’ she said quietly to Alana.

‘It’s all yours baby,’ she said, but don’t stop digging for it until I say. You’ll know when you hit the jackpot,’ and with that, Alana gave herself over to the attentions of Emily, who licked and probed and scooped with her tongue inside the open pussy. Alana couldn’t hold out for long against such treatment, and came again loudly.

We made love in every permutation, sometimes just the girls, other times me and one of them in turns, while the others watched, all three together in a tangle of limbs, assisting and adding to the pleasure, until eventually it became rather late, especially for Emily who had a husband to go home to. The party broke up, and both girls dressed, but didn’t say goodbye, as Alana had offered to drive Emily back to the rehearsal hall to pick up her car. I waved them both off at the door. I sat down, a sense of triumph making me euphoric. What a night – who would have thought it, Emily and Alana together? I sat down to watch the TV for a moment or two before bed, but I must have dozed off.

It was the doorbell that woke me. For a minute I didn’t have a clue if it was night or day, but then I realised I’d only dozed off. I went to answer the door. When I opened it Alana walked right in, her stiletto heels clacking on the wooden floor. She just smiled at me.

‘You didn’t think you’d got rid of me just yet did you? I’m still so excited; I’m on a high after fucking the Ice Queen,’ she explained, taking off her coat and unbuttoning her shirt. ‘You will fuck me again, won’t you?’ she wheedled, ‘one for the road maybe?’

How could I refuse, especially since she was now down to her panties, and now naked? She reached for me, finding my cock inside my robe. ‘Oh boy, you are pleased to see me, aren’t you?’ she said, bowing her head and sucking my knob. ‘Is that her cunt or mine I can taste? It doesn’t matter, it’s just divine anyway,’ and with that she swallowed my cock as deeply as she could until she gagged.

Leading me backwards by the balls, she sat on the edge of the sofa, spreading her legs. ‘This will do, won’t it?’ she said coquettishly, but I was already on my knees between her legs, kissing the inside of her thighs, then tongue fucking, licking and slurping my way all around her pubic mound and labia. Her clitoris I left until last, circling, but never quite touching it until she pleaded with me to do it properly, stop teasing. When I actually did let my tongue flick over and round it she came almost immediately, calling me a bastard and some other less savoury names beside. I didn’t care; it was just Alana enjoying herself. When she recovered, she said, ‘You are still going to give me that lovely cock before I go home aren’t you? I mean that was nice, but a cock is still so much better.’

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Stranger Fucks a Cheating Fiancée

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A few summers ago, one of my buddies texted me asking what I was doing tonight. I told him I was thinking of going out drinking or something, but that I had no real plans after work.

“Bro you have got to come with me! This smoking hot chick I fucked last week is texting me asking me to come over and bring a friend. She said her friend is there and horny as hell! Bro I need you to be my wingman!”

I replied “Bro, she better not be ugly!”

“Hell nah bro she is sexy as fuck!! I’ve seen her hanging around with Kara at the bar or around campus!”

“Alright, I’ll come keep her company so you can fuck Kara. I’ll be at your place in 10 min.”

I got ready and headed over. I was a little bit hesitant as I was unsure about what tonight was going to be like. To be honest it had been a while since I fucked a random chick. In all honesty, it had been a while since id had sex and was really needing some. I was very excited!

As we got to the hotel room, the girls both opened the door standing there is some lacy lingerie.

“Fuck!” I whispered under my breath as I checked out both of the women. I instantly knew who Jennifer was. She had incredible dark eyes and lips that just drew me in! Her nervous smile was so fucking cute and contagious! She was absolutely beautiful!! Her jawline drew me down to her sexy neck! As I moved down her body, I saw she was just wearing her bra and panties with a silk robe. She has amazing tits and curves in all the right places! “Fuck she is sexy!” I think to myself.

Kara and Tyler were already all over each other making out and moving towards the living room.

As I stepped inside, I could feel the nervous energy coming from Jennifer. As she closed the door behind me, she grabbed my hand. I felt her hand trembling. I squeezed her hand to give her confidence as I smiled at her.

“Hey, I’m Mike. Look, there is no pressure if you just want to hang out while they fuck. That’s cool with me.” I tell her trying to make her feel less stressed.

“Thanks Mike. That means a lot.” She says smiling at me. She leads me into the bedroom. She pushed me backwards with her body until I was sitting on the edge of the bed.

My hands were hovering next to her thighs as she stood in front of me. Her skin was so soft and warm. We could both hear the moans coming from Kara in the other room. Jennifer leaned down and kissed me. I felt her melt into the kiss. “Thank you for being patient with me… You have one chance to fuck me before I psychic myself out of it.” She whispered between kisses.

I was not going to miss this opportunity to fuck such an incredibly sexy woman! I pulled her against me as I stripped off her robe. I saw she was wearing a black bra that just made her tits poop. My hands ran up her body and over her breasts. I could still feel her nervousness. I wrapped Ankara bayan escort my hand around the back of her head and pulled her in for a seductive passionate kiss. I sucked on her lips and tongue. I bit her lip and whispered how fucking sexy she was. She wrapped her legs around my waist sitting in my lap.

I kiss and bite her neck as I moved down her chest. I could feel her transform into a slut right there! I wrapped her breasts in my hands and squeezed them. My thumbs wrapping under the bottom of the bra.

In one quick motion, I pulled her bra up, over her head and on the floor. I sucked her dark perky nipples into my mouth as I dragged my teeth over them. “Fuck baby, your tits are amazing!!” I sucked hard as I let out a loud moan. I could hear Tylor and Kara were already fucking.

I wasn’t ready for that yet! I was enjoying this perfect creature that was on my lap! She was grinding her hips into my dick moaning as she came closer and closer to an orgasm. I sucked on her tits and made out with her for a few more minutes before I picked her up and threw her on her back.

Right then, Tyler and Kara came in the room and jumped on the bed. Both of them naked and breathing heavy. Kara got on her back next to Jennifer and Tyler climbed on top of her. She screamed out in pleasure as Tyler began fucking her. “Ohhh Jenn. How amazing is this?” she moans out.

Jennifer was too turned on to really reply. She was so focused on what I was doing to her to think of a reply. She watched as I kneeled down between her legs at the edge of the bed. My huge strong fingers gliding down her body and to the hem of her thong.

I stripped off her panties and saw a sexy smooth pussy! Her pussy was glistening with her excitement. I ran my fingers over her perfect pussy and then through her pussy lips. I quickly shoved a finger up into her. She was so wet and so turned on that she came instantly as I fingered her gspot! Her moans were some of the hottest sounds I’d ever heard.

Once Kara heard Jennifer orgasming, she started cumming on Tyler’s cock.

I leaned down brushing my lips over her soaking wet pussy. “Ohhhh fuck! My fiancé never does this!” she whimpers. I slide my fingers deep in her pussy as I start to suck her clit. Her body was bucking and shaking hard. She moaned and screamed as she grabs my head and fucks my face through another orgams. “Fuck Jennifer your pussy is amazing!! Its so tight and so wet!! Fuck… It tastes so good! Cum for me again!!” I tell her as I finger and eat her.

I could feel her orgasm building again. She screamed out as and orgasm ripped through her body again!! “Please don’t stop!” She begged looking at me. I winked at her with my lips and tongue deep in her cheating pussy. My face covered in her cum. I could feel her body longing for another Escort bayan Ankara orgasms. “Cum for me you beautiful cheating slut!” I tell her. Her body shuddered as she grabs the sheets in one hand and Kara’s arm in the other. She arched her back, shoving her naked tits in the air moaning. That was the most powerful orgasms of the night!

I crawled up her perfect body and kissed her passionately! I could tell she never really gets fucked at home by her fiancé. She was so turned on and into everything I was doing to her. Jennifer had her legs spread out wanting me! I rubbed my cock through her pussy lips and against her clit as I whispered “Are you ready to be fucked by a real man you sexy slut.” She shuddered underneath me and moaned “Please baby, fuck me!”

“I didn’t bring any condoms” I tell her as I push just the tip of my cock in her pussy. Teasing her, seducing her into letting me taker her pussy raw.

Kara started to point out where she got the one Tyler was wearing, when Jennifer yelled “I don’t care!” as she pulled me into her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck!” I yell, “Jennifer, your pussy is so tight! FUCK! that feels so good! You are the perfect dirty whore!”

I begin to fuck in and out of her! Her pussy grabbing me at every thrust! her moans and screams of pleasure were so hot! Her legs wrapped around my ass and legs pulling me in. Her arms wrapped around my chest pulling me into her tits. We made out as I fucked into her sweet tight pussy!

She moan out on each thrust! She had never felt a dick like mine or even been fucked like I was fucking her. “Fuck baby, your pussy is incredible! Your body is fucking fire” I moan between thrusts.

I knew I was getting close to cumming and Tylor was motioning that he wanted to fuck her. I pull out and Tylor quickly pulled Jennifer over to him and thrust inside her. She came almost instantly as he fucked her.

I flopped back into the floor panting. Kara climbs off the bed and we begin making out. My hands are roaming her body and grabbing her tits. She is so turned on that she starts humping my body. I lift her body off of mine in one quick lift landing her pussy right on my face. She moans out as she begins riding my lips. She grabs my hair and hunches over as an orgasm floods her body. She cries out in pleasure. She grabs Jennifer’s hand and pulls her towards us.

While I was eating her out, I feel Jennifer straddle my waist and her pussy wrap around my dick. “Fucking hell” I moan out as Jennifer begins to ride my cock in reverse cowgirl. Her pussy is so tight and her body moved so effortlessly. I matched her rhythm as I fucked up into her.

I heard Tylor moan “Oh yes slut, suck my cock” as he stripped his condom off and began fucking her mouth.

I felt Jennifer start to cum on my cock as her body began Bayan escort Ankara to shake, she yelled out “Oh fuck I’m cumming, don’t stop!”

That set Kara off who flooded my mouth and face with her cum. She came for a second time on my face.

Kara stood up and grabbed Tyler and pushed him on the bed. She climbed on top of him and began riding him.

Jennifer stood up and we moved to a purple velvet chair in the bedroom. I sat down and Jennifer climbed on my lap. We began making out as I groped her tits. As she began riding me, she arched her back giving me full access to her tits. I sucked on them hard. Leaving love marks all over them. She moaned out each time I did. She did not care that her fiancé might see it. She was so into my cock and what I was doing to her, she wanted more. She kept pulling my mouth to her nipples and moaning “Don’t stop!” While she rode my cock.

“Jen your tits are amazing!” I moaned into them. “I’m not going to last much longer. Cum for me my whore! Cum on my dick like the sexy slut you are!”

Her body began to shudder again. I reached up and kissed her lips hard as she began to cum on my dick.

With her pussy cumming on my cock and her perfect body moving so sexually in front of me, I could not hold back. “Jen. I’m cumming!”

At that moment, she was experiencing one of her most powerful orgasms as she was riding my cock. “I don’t care! Cum baby!” she screamed out as she felt my cock explode. She buried my cock as deep as she could. Her orgasm intensifying as my cum flooded her unprotected pussy.

I made out for several minutes after I had fucked my cum inside her. My arms pulling her whole body against mine. Her pussy wrapped around my dick holding my cum deep inside her. her perfect tits and hard nipples rubbing my chest, her arms and hands frantically grabbing me, and her beautiful face kissing mine.

It was too much, my cock was already about to cum again.

I quickly lifted her off my dick and on her knees. As I stood up, I said “You’re just too pretty of a cheating slut for me to not to cum all over your face.” as I stroked my cock and shot a huge load all over her face! I shot rope after rope of my hot cum on her mouth, face. I watch joy shoot across her face. I watch as some of my cum drips off her face and onto her tits.

She moaned the whole time and began wiping my cum off her face and licking it off her fingers. She was my whore that night!

Tyler and Kara finished fucking. Jennifer went up and laid next to Kara. Tyler and I gathered our things and we let ourselves out.

While we were down by our cars talking about what an amazing fuck that was, the girls just happened to drive by us. As they did, they began making out with each other. Fuck I wish we had stayed, we said to ourselves. “Bro you have got to get Kara to send me Jennifer’s number. I want to fuck her again!” I said. “Bro you know she is engaged!” he replied

“Tyler, tell me that slut in there cares at all that she is engaged. Did you see the way she would cum on my dick or how she licked my cum off her fingers. Nah bro, I want to fuck her again! I need to fuck her again!”

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Good Girls Pt. 02

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Author’s Note: This is part 2 of ‘The Good Girls’ series featuring Mike and Michaela, husband and wife. In part 1, Michaela just started to discover a wilder side to herself after she explores using sex toys for the first time with Mike. This story continues where Good Girls Pt. 01 left off, so I recommend reading them in order, beginning with Part 01 for the most benefit to the reader.


Mike was absolutely overjoyed and feeling a little bit of shock at the suggestion from his sweet wife Michaela, wanting to take photos and videos of her using sex toys on herself. She had just discovered the wondrous joys of experiencing exquisite pleasurable sensations when bringing a toy to bed with her and her husband, after getting over some of her initial shyness surrounding the topic. Now she was wanting to use it on herself, and wanted him to record it and snap photos so she could see. Just the thought of it turned him on.

“Should we get a better camera?” Michaela asked Mike, looking over at him sitting on the bed, blushing slightly as her eyes met his. She felt a longing within her, and she was feeling curious and excited all at the same time.

“Oh, uh..” MIke began, still in a bit of a daze at the suggestion from his wife. “Yeah, I guess we can do that.” His mind was racing as he daydreamed about all of the possibilities. He never in his wildest dreams imagined that his wife, always the good girl, would be so excited about this type of stuff – but he was very excited that she was.

“Okay, maybe we can go shopping. Should we go back to The Emporium, too?” Michaela asked, not looking at Mike, afraid to meet his eyes, to see what he would think of her. She was blushing a bright crimson red now, the redness spreading from her chest and up her cheeks. She waited nervously for his response.

MIke’s jaw dropped, her question rendering him momentarily speechless. “Uh… yeah! I mean… I would love to go, if you want to.” Mike managed to say, before a lump in his throat developed, cutting off any chance of further verbal communication in any form. He may be able to grunt a response, but that was about it at this point.

Mike was overjoyed that his sweet wife wanted to go back to the sex toy shop with him, but he didn’t want to appear too eager, in case she wasn’t totally into it.

“Yeah, I’d like to! Maybe we can pick up a few more things.” she said, still not meeting his gaze, again blushing a bright red across her normally light pink cheeks. Her blonde hair fell softly across her face as she lay on the bed, head propped up on one arm. He thought he detected that her breathing was a little heavier than usual, but he couldn’t be sure. Maybe it was just wishful thinking – or maybe that was his breathing he was noticing. He was definitely getting more and more turned on. His erection began to grow in his pants, and he had to shift his position to make some room for his urgently growing hard-on.

“Umm… Mike?” Michaela said, her breathing now noticeably heavier. “Are there other things there that we can look at? At The Emporium, I mean?” She still looked away, an even brighter red filling her face now and spreading to her ears. She shifted position slightly on the bed, seeming to move her legs a bit, to squeeze them together.

Mike looked over at Michaela, still struck speechless and trying desperately to find the words to respond to her. “Uh…” he responded, before finally saying “Yeah, sure. There’s other things. What did you have in mind?” he asked her, a smile spreading across his face as his mind started to wander and daydream about the possibilities of what she may be thinking. Meanwhile, his erection continued to grow in his pants, and he now shifted his shirt to cover it as it grew straight up out of his waistband.

“Umm…” Michaela began, feeling the warmth fill her cheeks as she blushed. “I’m not sure. I was just thinking… Well, I mean, I was thinking there might be some other things that could be fun.”

Mike shifted a bit where he was sitting at the edge of the bed, swallowing hard before responding, a smile slowly spreading across his lips. “Yeah, well, there’s lots of different things. We can look at them together.”


Mike and Michaela entered The Emporium together, gravitating to the section with various sized dildos. Michaela’s eyes were large as she scanned the room, looking at all of the options available. There were short and wide ones, long and skinny ones, ones with ridges and everything in between. She walked up to the shelves and let her fingers lightly graze a few on display, her mind elsewhere as she allowed herself to daydream, feeling a dampness beginning in her panties.

She continued to wander down the aisle, lost in her thoughts and getting more and more turned on as she imagined the possibilities with all of these different toys. She eventually wandered out of the dildo section and came upon a section containing vibrators of all shapes and sizes. “What are these for?” Michaela Ankara escort asked innocently, looking up at Mike with her big green eyes. Mike thought he detected lust in her eyes, and his manhood twitched in his pants a bit as his eyes met hers.

“Those are vibrators,” Mike responded, trying to keep a straight face. He thought it was absolutely adorable that she didn’t know what they were for. Or maybe she did and she just wasn’t letting on. “You can use them inside or outside.” he said, feeling his face getting hot as a blush started across his cheeks.

“Oh,” Michaela responded, mindlessly touching the packages and looking at them closely, reading the boxes to get more details about their design and use. She lightly touched one of the display items, her mind again wandering as she felt an increased wetness growing between her legs. She knew it felt good when she stroked between her legs really fast – she found herself imagining what a vibrator must feel like on that same spot, and how much pleasure that would give her. “Should we try one?” she asked, her eyes meeting his, holding his gaze for several moments before looking away.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Mike responded, before turning to face towards the shelves and adjusting his growing package.

Michaela picked one from the shelf that she thought looked feminine and pretty. It looked like a bright purple butterfly, and had straps attached to the wings. She placed it in their basket as they continued to wander the aisles, her eyes still wide as she stared all around, taking in all of the new and exciting items that surrounded her.

As they continued to wander the shelves, they came across some sex dolls. Many of them contained only the torso and bottom with parts of the legs, while some were full body dolls. Michaela froze, staring at them for several moments, her eyes widened and her mouth slightly open. Mike stood by nervously, waiting for her to bolt from the store, to run screaming. He was anticipating it. ‘Surely she’ll get weirded out by this and run, this is just too much for her,’ he thought to himself. He braced himself for what would come next.

“What are these?” she asked, still frozen in place, eyes wide, staring at one of the dolls containing only the torso and the bottom parts.

“Oh, those are dolls.” Mike answered, nervously awaiting her reaction. He watched her closely, scanning her face for any signs of a reaction, perhaps of repulsion or disgust. Instead, he saw what appeared to be a look of wonder and curiosity spreading across her face, her eyes lit up as she took it all in for several moments.

“Wow…” she said, still frozen. “So you can…” she continued, her face resuming its deep blush. “I mean… you can use it?” she said, not knowing how to say it without sounding weird.

Mike let out a small, nervous laugh, putting his hands in his pockets and shifting his feet a bit on the floor, the tip of one foot grazing the carpet in a back and forth motion. He put one hand up to push his falling hair out of his eyes as he stared at the floor, not wanting to meet her gaze. He then responded “Yeah, umm… I mean, we both can. You can use it any way you want. Just use your imagination.”

Her eyes still wide with amazement, she stared at the doll for several more moments. She felt a deep longing continue to grow somewhere inside her, felt her panties getting wetter as she stared at the doll and daydreamed. She wanted to try one so badly, but was terrified of what Mike might think. ‘No, I can’t even say it,’ she thought to herself. ‘He’ll think I’m a slut.’

A beautiful, tall and slender woman was approaching them from the far end of the aisle. She was at least 5’9″ and slim at the waist with beautiful curves, wearing a red, form fitting dress that beautifully showed off her voluptuous breasts, her cleavage not leaving much to the imagination. She had long, wavy red hair and was swinging her hips as she walked, wearing heels to match her dress. She had red, pouty lips and large, beautiful deep green eyes. “Oh, that’s a good one,” the red-headed woman said as she approached them, pointing to a female sex doll. “I like this one.” she said with a wink, before walking away.

Michaela stared at the woman as she sauntered away, finding herself suddenly attracted to her. Maybe it was just from all of the looking at sex toys and dolls, but that was a sexy woman – she was stunningly gorgeous. Michaela had always felt that she was average at best, but she dreamed of being drop-dead gorgeous like her. And if she was completely honest with herself, she was also feeling turned on by this mystery woman. Maybe it was the way she walked, maybe it was her soothing voice or stunningly good looks, but whatever it was, this woman made Michaela’s panties wet with desire.

Michaela turned back to the sex dolls, pointing at one of the female half dolls. “Should we get this one?” she said, pointing to the one the red-head had selected. She looked at Ankara escort bayan Mike, waiting for his response, feeling excitement mixed with feelings of undeniable lust.

Mike had noticed the interaction between his wife and this strange woman, the way she had looked at her with a longing of desire, noticing his wife had watched her ass as she walked away. He was momentarily stunned, so it took him a moment before he was able to process what she had asked, and give any sort of intelligible response. “Yeah, sure!” he replied, immediately afterwards wondering if he had sounded too eager. There was no denying it – he was feeling excited and incredibly turned on right now, and the fact that his wife was checking out another hot woman in front of him, and now wanted a female sex doll to bring home, was absolutely blowing his mind.

They gathered their items and brought their basket to the checkout. Mike quickly paid for the items while Michaela stayed near at first, her eyes still scanning the room. He noticed that she wasn’t feeling quite so awkward in the store now, and she wandered a bit, browsing at the shelves while he paid for their items.

As they were driving home, Mike wasn’t sure what to say, but was feeling very aroused and could hardly contain himself. He broke the silence, asking Michaela “So, what did you think of that red-head?” He felt his face get hot as he said it, warmth filling his cheeks.

He noticed her shift a bit in her seat, before responding “She was…. Very easy on the eyes.” she said, shifting again nervously. “I mean, she was pleasing to look at, I guess.” She was blushing a very bright red now.

He wanted to continue the discussion, but didn’t want her to think he was weird or perverted either. He decided to be brave and said “Yeah, she was kinda hot, wasn’t she?”

“Yes” Michaela said, still blushing. She was feeling braver, as long as she didn’t look directly at Mike. “She was.”

They arrived home and Mike quickly gathered their purchases and brought them inside. Michaela surprised him by spinning around on her heels as soon as he closed the door, suddenly embracing him in a passionate kiss. Mike held her close as she kissed him deeply, his hands on her back and then slowly sliding down to grab her round ass cheeks. His tongue tangled with hers, and her hands were roaming all over his arms, up to his shoulders and then down his back. Her nails dug into him a little as she traced her fingers down his back, and he pressed harder into her in response.

Mike’s erection was growing firmer in his pants now as he pressed his body into hers, their tongues still exploring each others’ mouths, their hands roaming all over, touching each other with such urgency that their hands were trembling slightly, pulling at each other’s clothes.

Mike broke away for a moment and stood back to look at his wife, to take in all of her beauty. He felt like he had died and gone to heaven. Here was his wife, the good girl, getting excited and acting naughty. He couldn’t wait to see just how naughty she was planning to be this evening.

Michaela slowly backed away from Mike, her eyes looking deeply into his, swinging her hips seductively from side to side and wagging her finger slightly in a come hither motion. She had a slight smile forming across her lips, her head tilted down slightly so she was looking at him seductively over the rim of her glasses. Mike followed her every step, his erection now at full thickness in his pants and sticking straight out in front, now very noticeable.

“Follow me.” she said in her most seductive tone as she turned and walked towards the bedroom.


Michaela laid back on the bed, looking at Mike longingly for several moments as Mike stood in the room, staring at his beautiful wife’s body. Michaela unbuttoned her pants and slid them down over her hips, still staring into Mike’s eyes. She was a little nervous, but very turned on, the dampness quite noticeable in her panties now. Mike approached the bed, watching Michaela undress, in a trance as he saw her beautiful body revealed as she pulled her clothing off.

After Michaela had completely pulled her pants off, she tossed them quickly to the floor and laid back on the bed. Mike could see the wet spot very clearly on her panties. She reached over and grabbed the vibrator they had just purchased and removed it from its packaging. She held it in her hands for a few moments, inspecting it closely, turning it over in her hands as she admired the different ridges in the butterfly vibe, the beautiful purple color, the feminine design. She noticed a small button on the tip of the butterfly’s nose and pressed it.

The butterfly vibe sprang to life and she laid very still for a few moments, holding it as it buzzed in her hands. She was suddenly feeling embarrassed and self conscious as Mike watched her, but she wanted so badly to touch her wet, aching pussy with this vibe. She knew it would feel Escort Ankara amazing – she had never tried it before, and she couldn’t wait to see what it felt like. With the vibe still buzzing in her hands, she lowered it to her breasts, moving it slowly across her chest, feeling the vibrations and enjoying the sensation. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling for a few moments.

She found she felt a bit more confident and less nervous with her eyes closed, so as her eyes remained shut, she slowly slid the buzzing vibe down across her soft belly, slowly approaching her hot, sweet little mound that was begging for touch. As she got closer to her waiting pussy, she could feel the buzzing vibrations and it was making her feel more and more turned on. Her pussy twitched a little from the sensation, or perhaps from the anticipation of what was to come.

Finally she reached her waiting pussy with the vibe, and very slowly moved it down across the small patch of hair on her pussy, down to her clit. She suddenly froze, her toes pointing downward, and held the buzzing butterfly very still, right on her clit. She couldn’t believe the feeling – it was absolutely driving her wild. She felt an orgasm approaching quickly, and knew she would be cumming in just moments. She wanted to remove the vibe, not wanting to finish so quickly, but she just couldn’t stop.

Michaela arched her hips and began bucking them slowly, her knees bent and her toes curling. She used her free hand to grab her breast and squeeze tightly, while her other hand continued to press the vibrator hard into her waiting pussy, which was now throbbing with pleasure. Wave after wave of pleasure was sweeping across her body already, and she let out a loud moan. She was getting so close, and was just about to cum.

Mike was still standing near the bed, watching all of this. The intensity of watching his wife about to cum with a vibrator was too much for him to bear. He had unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, beginning to stroke it as it throbbed in his hand. He was already leaking pre-cum from the tip and felt like he would explode soon as he watched his wife playing with a vibrator and getting close to experiencing an explosive orgasm.

Michaela started breathing faster in short little shallow breaths, pressing the butterfly hard into her clit and arching her hips to meet it. Suddenly she gasped, screaming “Oh! Oh! Oh god, yes!” as her body was wracked with orgasmic convulsions, causing her to lose all control. She felt her pussy clamp down hard, then the rhythmic pulsations took over and she was completely out of her mind with pleasure, riding the waves of orgasmic bliss.

Seeing this, Mike started to stroke his cock hard and fast, his breathing getting faster and shorter, his body tensing up. He felt his cum building up fast, and knew he would pass the point of no return very soon. He thought about stopping, because he didn’t want to be done with the evening yet, wanted to continue to play longer, but he just couldn’t help it. He had to cum, and soon.

His balls welled up inside and he felt the pressure build and tighten, then the rhythmic muscle contractions took over, shooting his cum out and all over the floor. “Oh, fuck yes!” he groaned, stroking hard as his jism sprayed all over the carpet, his toes curling and digging into the floor, his back arching as his eyes rolled back in his head. After his orgasm slowed, he slowly released his cock from his firm grasp, looking up at Michaela with a smile. His eyes met hers, and she returned his smile, rubbing one breast and pinching her nipple.

Giggling softly, Michaela said “That was fun. I’ve never felt one like that before. I liked it.”

Mike, still grinning from ear to ear, responded “It was very fun. I can’t wait to try out our other goodies,” with a little gleam in his eye.


As Michaela went about her normal mundane tasks at work the next day, she found herself continuing to daydream about the butterfly, about how good it felt against her tight little pussy, about Mike watching her and cumming all over the floor because he was so turned on. She’d never seen Mike do anything like that before. Up until now, their sex life had been very routine and mundane. They would do it about once a week, always in the missionary position, and she would always just lay still so he could get what he needed from her. She had no idea that there was a whole new world out there, just waiting for her to explore.

Michaela found herself repeatedly becoming turned on as she daydreamed about the events of the prior evening. She had to shift her position frequently in her chair throughout the day, feeling her hot little pussy getting very wet and twitching a little, begging to be touched again. She always thought that girls were supposed to be kind, sweet and respectable, and certainly to never act horny. She wondered what her husband thought of her behavior.

Michaela secretly always wanted more from their sex life, and frequently found herself turned on. She just didn’t know how to act on those feelings. She thought she needed to contain those feelings, to keep them buried deep inside, so she could be seen as a classy girl and good wife material, not some little slut like the ones she’d heard about.

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Dancing Naked

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The story takes place in the Appalachian Mountains. My friend and I have grown closer and closer over the past few months. Our love for each other grows more and more each day, as our adventures continue to excite both of us.

For the background of how this all started, please refer back to my previous story “My Mountain Girl.” Please let me know your thoughts and ideas.

Again, Thank You to my editor Kenji Sato, for being so helpful to me. I hope I don’t disappoint you.

The summer was upon us quickly. Meeting as often as possible, we became quite close friends, more than that, we are lovers. I had come to realize that friends as we were, could not describe my feelings for her. I love her deeply, knowing that someday she would be mine, if she wanted.

Our times together were getting more and more exciting. It was like we knew exactly what the other one wanted, or liked. My lovely woman, was starting to relax, and let loose, a little more each time we met.

One night we met at a special location, that looked out over the countryside from a very high point. It was a dark night, with no moon, but the stars seemed to be all around us. We spread our blanket on the walkway leading around parking area. Hearing the cars drive by added some excitement to our little adventure, but we could see any headlights well in advance, if we needed to hide.

As we got comfortable on the blanket, we chatted as we normally do, not wanting to seem too pushy. I asked, “Do you want to try something new?” Now, she is a very shy and timid woman, so I understood her reluctance to be too crazy. I leaned in close and said, “Take your clothes off.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea,” she replied, as I started to pull my shirt off.

“If someone pulls Ankara escort in, we can jump in the work truck,” I said, standing up and dropping my pants.

She slowly stood, looking all around the area, and proceeded to undress. A car went by on the main road, nearly scaring her to run to the truck, but as it kept going she relaxed.

Soon, we were both naked under the stars.

Now being naked in a public place, even though no one is there, can be very exciting. It’s an adrenaline rush that’s hard to explain. We stood there looking around, the cool air raising goosebumps on our skin, as we held each other in the night. I tugged on her arm, leading her out onto the open parking lot. Turning her around, I held her with her back to my chest, telling her to look up and relax.

The stars we so bright, you could almost touch them. I saw a shooting star and pointed to the sky, so she could see the show. It was a magical moment we shared together. As I spun her around, I held her close, putting one hand on her waist, the other hand holding her hand, and we began to dance. Yes, here we were, dancing naked in the starlight in a parking lot. Hearing the noise of the cars drive by on the main road seemed to disappear, as we held each other tightly in the night.

My hand slowly slid down her back, now resting on the top of her cute, little butt, pulling her even closer to me. She could feel my cock pressing against her stomach, as her free hand slowly started to stroke me. Pulling away, ever so slightly, she moved my hand to her smoothly shaved pussy, allowing me to feel her wetness.

She looked into my eyes, whispering, “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” as if someone could hear us.

As we danced, she started Ankara escort bayan to rub the head of my cock against her wet slit. Opening her legs slightly, she rubbed my cock up and down herself, coating my cock with her juices dripping from her pussy. Our breaths starting to increase, our hearts beating faster, we could not resist any longer.

Leading her to our blanket, I lowered her to the ground. Her scent was driving me crazy, I wanted to taste her, I wanted to please her, I just wanted her.

As I laid her back, her beautiful red hair flowed out from around her head on the blanket. Slowly, I moved up to her face, kissing her lips, asking if she was ready. I made my way down, kissing her neck, shoulders, down her arms, and stopping at her breasts. While gently kissing, licking and sucking each nipple, and the cool air, made each nipple stand tall and hard, begging for more of my attention. Her breasts were so sensitive, her moans seemed to be leading her to her first orgasm.

Working my way down her stomach, I opened her legs. Moving between them, I saw the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Now I would put this woman up against any eighteen-year-old girl, and dare anyone to tell the difference. She is perfect.

Slowly I started kissing her legs, down her thighs, and back up to the bends in her legs. I kissed the bends of her legs, back and forth, back and forth. Finally I went for it, dragging my tongue up and down her wet slit. She was moaning softly, I tried to encourage her to let it out loudly, letting me know how she felt. Being very bashful, she just could not get any louder.

For several minutes, I continued to work on her, making her as wet as possible. Then I laid beside her Escort Ankara on my side, sliding my hand between her legs.

“Now what are you up to,” she giggled.

“I want to try something, if you don’t mind,” I asked.

“Whatever you want, baby,” she whispered.

Slowly, I inserted two fingers bending at the knuckles. Pulling up toward her stomach, I worked my fingers up and down very quickly. I felt her lifting her hips higher in the air, her breathing starting to increase.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked in a raspy voice.

“I’m going to make you squirt, baby,” I said.

“Oh baby, I’ve never done that before, how do you know I will…Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh!” she squealed. Suddenly, a gush of fluid came from her pussy, soaking her pussy, my hand, and the blanket.

“Well baby, I guess you know how to squirt now,” I whispered.

“Did I pee myself? I feel like I peed on myself.”

“No, baby, that’s not pee.” I lifted my hand tasting the love juice on it, then holding it to her mouth. “Taste baby, that’s not pee, ” I said. Tasting herself, she looked at me smiling.

“It’s sweet, real sweet,” she said, not really believing it.

“Yes, baby, that’s what your juices taste like,” I smiled.

We starting kissing each other, tasting her love juice, our tongues dancing in and out our mouths. I laid down and she mounted me, holding her hands on my chest. Reaching down, she put my erect cock into her entrance, slowly lowering herself down onto me. Wow, the feeling was amazing. Her shaved pussy, all soaked with her love juice, now on my shaved balls, and shaft. Slowly pushing back and forth, she started rocking on me, riding me like a cowgirl. I closed my eyes, held my hands on her hips, until I felt the cum boiling from my balls.

With a loud roar, I unloaded deep within her, over and over. Her body shivered from yet another orgasm, as my cock slowly began to shrink. I pulled her down to me, holding her breasts against my chest, not wanting to let her go. This was a night we would surely remember.

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Tales From Fantasy Island Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: This story is a collaboration with my friend and editor, Harvey. We both contributed equally to its content and we hope you enjoy it.

Tag: Hailey plays with Sara, then she and Jake have their first swap.

Chapter 5


I stirred in Jake’s arms the following morning and then looked at the bedside clock in his home. It was almost noon and I listened intently as he quietly breathed in his sleep. It had been such an exciting evening. Watching the three couples engage in the threesomes was one of the most erotic things I’d ever witnessed. However, the more I watched these sexual acts with Jake, the more I longed to go from secret observer to actually participating in them. I knew that he was allowing me to take things slowly and at my own pace, but now I felt I was ready to begin interacting with some of the club members.

I was also very excited about my interactions with Sara. Honestly, I’d never met a woman like her. I’d always had a bi-curious side and I loved watching women from afar, but now I’d found a woman who was very interested in me and I felt more than ready to take things further with her. Slowly, Jake had been awakening the submissive side of my sexuality, a part of my nature that I had known existed on some level but one that my ex-husband never brought out. Amazingly, my interactions with Sara were bringing out those deep feelings too. While she was always warm and friendly with me, she also exuded a quiet sense of power and subtle control that I found intoxicating. Just like Jake, she made me feel like a little girl, and while those feelings were a little disconcerting they were also very arousing.

Breaking me out of my reverie, Jake began awakening. He’d been spooning me tight against his body all night and I flipped over so we could be face to face. “Good morning,” he said groggily.

“Good morning, baby,” I said cheerfully. “How did you sleep?”

“Like the dead.”

I smiled. “I slept great, too, and I had an amazing time last night.”

He let out a deep yawn and I could tell he was still trying to get his senses about him. “What was your favorite part?”

I giggled. “Being with you, of course.”

He laughed. “Yes, for me too. Anything else?”

“I loved watching those threesomes, but I think the best part of last night was talking to Sara.”

“You did a little more than just talk to her, didn’t you?” he teased.

I felt a little blush break over my face. “Yes, I did.” I thought for a moment. “I’d never … you know … been kissed by a woman like that, not in a sexual way.”

“I think she’s going after what she wants,” he said devilishly, “and what she wants is you.”

“I think that’s … ummm … I think that’s the case.”

He pulled me closer and we exchanged a hot, passionate kiss. “I’m surprised that all she did was kiss you, to be honest.”

“Well … ummm …”

He grinned. “There was more, right?”

“Maybe,” I said shyly.

“Okay, girl, let’s have it, what else happened?”

“She … ummm … touched me a little.”

He slid his thigh between my legs and I opened them for him. Slowly, he began rubbing his thigh over the quickly-moistening lips of my vagina, and I let out a little moan. “Touched you where?” he said a bit more demandingly.

“While we kissed, she … you know … had her hands on my bottom and then she …” I could feel his big cock beginning to stir and come alive as it pressed into my tummy.

“And then what did she do, baby?” he said huskily.

He kept grinding his thigh against my pussy and it was as if my lust-filled brain refused to form a coherent thought. Finally, I was able to answer him. “She … ummm … you know … pulled up the front of my dress and touched me.”

“She touched that hot, slutty pussy of yours, Hailey,” he said wantonly.

“Yes, she did, baby. And just as we broke the kiss, she put her finger inside me.”

He grinned slyly. “You never told me any of this last night, honey.”

“I know, Daddy, I’ve never … you know … I’ve never had anyone, much less a woman, be that aggressive with me,” I shyly admitted.

“You liked the way she took control of you, didn’t you?”

“I … ummm … I did, I loved it, and I want you to be the same way with me.”

“You want me to be in control, don’t you?” he said lustfully.

“Yes, I … you know … I do. Lead me and I’ll follow.”

He leaned in and we shared a hot, passionate kiss. Then, taking me by surprise, he wrapped his arms around me and rolled me on top of him. I pushed my large breasts into his chest and we shared another deep kiss. His hands moved to my bottom and he began roughly pawing the cheeks of my ass.

“I love your body, Hailey,” he moaned breathlessly.

My nipples were hardening as I rubbed them on his muscled chest. “I need to feel you inside me, baby.” I raised myself and slid down his stomach until I felt the head of his cock press against the lips of my vagina. I reached back, took his thick shaft at the base, and moved the head along Ankara escort the wet lips of my pussy. Once I found my opening, I slid back and pushed him inside me with one long, deep movement, opening and filling me.

“You feel so good inside me,” I moaned in ecstasy. His hands moved to my breasts and he began squeezing them gently, which sent shock waves through my core. We established a slow, steady rhythm and I adjusted the angle so his thick shaft was rubbing perfectly against my clit. Already, I could feel my body climbing towards release. “My nipples, baby … squeeze my nipples, get me there,” I cooed.

He took my hard little nubs between the tips of his fingers and roughly pinched them, giving me additional stimulation. My orgasm hit me hard as the waves of pleasure washed over me. As I slowly began to come back around and my senses were back about me, I looked down and saw Jake’s eyes peering into mine.

“I could watch you come like that all day,” he said.

“I want to feel you squirt inside me, baby.”

“Get me there,” he said sternly.

I began to move him in and out of my pussy harder and faster. Then, to give him additional stimulus, I used the muscles in my vagina to squeeze his shaft, milking him. Instantly, he let out a low, deep sound of pleasure. He groaned, then whispered, “Your pussy feels so tight … baby … you feel so good.” His hands moved to my hips and I began bouncing up and down on his rock-hard shaft. The angle was perfect and his cock was caressing my clit. Jake’s breathing was becoming ragged and shallow and I knew he was getting close. I squeezed his cock hard again one last time. Just as I felt deep squirts flood my womb, my world went into darkness as my orgasm overwhelmed me.

When I began to come around, I was lying on top of him and both of us were struggling to catch our breath. I could feel his cock lose rigidity inside me and then he slipped out. I slid off of him and moved to his side. He wrapped me up in his arms and pulled me tight into his body. “That just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?” he said.

I giggled. “Yes, it does, but … ummm … I think we’re going to need a lot more practice.”

“As much as you want, baby.”

He made me feel so safe, so protected. The feelings I had for this man were almost overwhelming at times. I’d never had such strong feelings so quickly in any of my previous relationships, including the marriage to my ex-husband. At that moment, I wanted him to know how I felt. “Jake … I … ummm … I need to say something,” I whispered.

“You can say anything to me, honey.”

“You don’t have to say this back, but I … ummm … I’m in love with you, I’m sure of it.”

“I’ve … I’ve … I don’t think … I don’t know that I’ve ever been in love, honey.” He paused for a moment in an apparent attempt to collect his thoughts. “I’ve never had these feelings before, baby, for anyone, but I think I’m in love with you too.”

I loved his brutal honesty. He’d always been very stoic and at times a little difficult to read. However, I loved that he was able to share how he was feeling with me. “I’m not pressuring you, baby, I promise.”

“No, Hailey, it’s not that. As crazy as it sounds, I think I started falling for you from the moment I saw you, and now I can’t picture my life without you in it.”

I smiled. “Really, baby?”

“Yes, really.”

– – – – –

It was about 5:00 on Monday afternoon when I pulled into the parking lot of Mimi’s Cafe in Henderson. When I found a parking spot, I stepped out of my car just as Sara was getting out of hers. We met at the front door and exchanged a little hug. “It’s great to see you,” she said.

“It’s wonderful to see you too.”

Her eyes traveled up and down my body. “That’s such a cute outfit.”

I blushed slightly. “Thank you, I love yours too.”

I was dressed fairly casually in a little jean skirt with a pretty pink top and sandals. She was wearing a tight black mini-skirt, white top, and three-inch heels that put her at about my height in my flat sandals. “I’m starved, are you ready to eat, honey?”

“You bet.”

Taking me by surprise, she took my hand and squeezed it tightly in hers, and we entered the cafe together. Immediately, my stomach began to nervously churn. When the hostess asked her how many there were in our party, I could feel a lot of eyes on us when she released my hand and then put her arm around me and pulled me tight against her body. It was very apparent to everyone in the little waiting area that we weren’t two friends having dinner, we were a couple.

When the hostess seated us, Sara ensured that we were sitting beside each other rather than across the table. It was very subtle, but already she was exhibiting slight elements of control. Of course, I’d never experienced anything like this with a woman. When I went out with my female friends we were just that, friends, not a romantic couple. It felt strangely erotic, yet the nervous feelings were still very present for me. Then she rested her Ankara escort bayan hand on my exposed thigh, which sent little shivers through my body.

“I love seeing you at the club when I’m working,” she said. “Just being around you makes my day.”

“I really love seeing you too,” I honestly admitted. “You’ve taken me by surprise, but I’ve … you know … I’ve never met anyone like you.”

“I know this is all very new to you.”

“Yes, it is, but I …. ummm … I like it.”

When the server approached our table Sara ordered glasses of wine for both of us and then we both chose salads for dinner. When the server left our table, I was nervously looking around the dining area. Like before, a myriad of people were sneaking looks in our direction, and some of the other couples were whispering things to each other that I couldn’t hear. However, I knew that we were the topic of their conversations. “Does it bother you?”

I knew exactly what she was talking about, but I decided to feign ignorance. “Does what bother me?”

“The way everyone is looking at us, the way they’re talking about us.”

“Yes, maybe a little,” I said honestly. “This really is all very new to me.”

“Can I admit something to you?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Those looks, what they’re saying about us, it turns me on.”

My eyes widened. “It does?”

She sensually squeezed my thigh again. “Yes, it does.”

While we enjoyed our delicious salads and sipped our wine we talked about the goings-on at the club and some of the erotic things we’d seen as we watched the members. Already, I could feel sexual tension building between us. We also talked about more mundane things like our childhoods, our high school experiences, and I told her about my life before I met Jake. She had such an infectious personality and was so easy to talk to. It was as if I could feel my attraction for her growing by the minute.

Once we’d finished our dinners, the next item on her agenda was going shopping. Sara told me that she wanted to look for a new outfit and we decided to go to the Galleria Mall. Hand-in-hand, we left the restaurant and made our way to Sara’s stylish late-model two-door Jeep Rubicon. Once we found a parking spot at the mall, she put her arm around me and we made our way to Winsor’s, a women’s clothing store. We spent a few minutes browsing and finally decided on a couple of outfits that we wanted to try on. After we walked to the changing area together, we found that all the rooms were occupied except two.

“So, which room do you want, I’ll take the other,” I said.

A devious smile broke across her face. “We’re going to try on our clothes together, baby,” she said decisively.

My eyes widened. “Ummm … yeah, we can do that,” I whispered. I could have put my foot down and told her that I wanted to change alone, but I could feel her taking control of me, and since I could tell it was something she really wanted I submissively gave in to her.

After we entered the little room together and shut the door, she boldly started to undress in front of me. She removed her top, which exposed her well-filled pretty pink silk bra, and then she lowered her little skirt, exposing her long tan thighs and her tiny thong. “Well, what are you waiting for?” she said playfully.

Slowly, I removed my top, and her eyes traveled over my black lace bra. I felt her eyes on me as I unbuttoned my little jean skirt and let it fall onto the floor. “You have such a beautiful body,” she said huskily.

“Thank you, I love yours too,” I whispered. My stomach felt like it was tied in nervous knots. I could actually hear the shuffling of clothes in the other rooms and a sales girl talking to a customer right outside our door. I’d never done anything like this and my tense apprehension was almost debilitating.

“Take off your bra, honey, I’ve been dying to see your girls from the moment I met you,” she said hungrily.

My hands were now visibly shaking. Despite my anxiousness, I was also deep in the moment and I didn’t think, I just acted. I reached down, unhooked the little latch, and my breasts fell free.

“Oh, baby, they’re beautiful,” she said. My nipples were already semi-erect, and when she reached and cupped my breasts I let out a little moan. “You’d better keep it down, I don’t want anyone to hear us in here,” she teased.

My nipples were now fully engorged and she slid them through her fingers. She leaned in and we shared a hot, passionate kiss. Her hand ran down my stomach and her fingernails gently clawed my delicate flesh. As much as I tried to ignore it, hearing other women walking around and talking right outside our door added to my uneasy, edgy concern. She moved even closer to me and our breasts sensually crushed together. Her hand moved further south, her fingers slipped inside my thong, the tips of her fingers brushed against the lips of my vagina, and a little shiver coursed through my body.

“Oh, you’re so wet for me, aren’t you, pretty girl?” she said into my ear.

My body Escort Ankara froze when the rustling in the room next to us stopped. I was almost certain that the woman in the other changing room heard her, so I tried to focus my attention on Sara. “I’m very wet,” I admitted in a hushed tone.

“You’re afraid of them hearing us, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” I agreed bashfully.

She squeezed my nipple and then slid her middle finger deep inside my pussy, which nearly took my breath away; it was like I was slipping in and out of consciousness. Her lips moved to my neck and she began licking and sucking my tender flesh while moving her finger slowly in and out of me. I attempted to keep my breathing under control but that was an exercise in futility. I was taking short little sips of breath and my knees were now going weak. Her lips met mine again, her tongue slid into my mouth, her thumb started gently rubbing my clit, and my body began to climb. I was never quiet when I released, and I immediately put my hand on hers and pushed it away.

“We can’t do this, not here, please,” I begged.

She giggled. “You don’t want to come and let all of these women hear you?” she said playfully.

“No, please, not here,” I repeated.

Seductively, she brought her wet finger up to her mouth and licked my secretions off of it. “I love how you taste, Hailey,” she cooed. “But you’d better get your clothes back on.”

As we dressed, I was so relieved that she was willing to stop. I’d never been with anyone, especially a woman, who had taken this much control and liked doing this many sexual things in such a public setting. When we exited the room together we got a few knowing, disapproving looks and a few snickers from the other women. Truth be told, I was very glad to get out of there and also very excited to get to Sara’s apartment.

It was a twenty-minute drive to Sara’s apartment on St. Rose Parkway. She had her hand on my thigh during the entire drive and there was a thick sexual tension that I knew both of us could feel. After we exited her Jeep she took my hand, we walked to the front door, and she unlocked it. When we stepped into the great room, I took a moment to look around. The walls were painted an off-white except for a brown accent wall directly in front of me. There was a large leather sofa in the middle of the room with two matching leather recliners. The entire space felt very quaint and comfortable.

She took my hand and squeezed it. “Would you like a drink or maybe a bottle of water?” she asked.

My knees were knocking together and the butterflies were nervously churning in my stomach. The anticipation was palpable. When I looked into her eyes, I saw her need and her desire. “No … ummm … I’m okay,” I whispered.

“Let me show you my bedroom then.” We walked down a small hallway and then entered her master bedroom. There was a four-poster king-size bed in the middle of the room and an oak nightstand on either side of it. Most of her bedroom walls were also an off-white, but directly behind the bed was a light-blue accent wall that gave the space a light, airy feel.

She turned to face me and her lips instantly fused with mine. Our hands began roaming over each other’s bodies and we quickly began undressing each other. Our skirts, tops, bras, and thongs made a pile between us as our tongues continued to explore inside each other’s mouths. “You have such a beautiful body,” she whispered hungrily into my ear.

I gently bit and then sucked on her earlobe. “I’m yours, honey,” I said wantonly.

Playfully, she pushed me back onto the bed and I scooted so my head was resting against the pillows. She crawled onto the bed and slid on top of me. I’d never experienced anything so erotic with a woman. Her breasts and stomach were crushed against mine and we shared a passionate kiss. Her thigh moved between my legs and I quickly opened them for her. She sucked and gently bit the delicate flesh of my neck and then ran her thigh over my wet vagina, sending little tingles through me. “I’m going to devour you, Hailey,” she moaned into my ear.

Her hard nipples were pressing into my breasts. I felt light-headed, like I was slipping in and out of consciousness. “Please …” I whimpered. I wanted to say something more substantial, but my lust-addled brain refused to form a coherent thought.

“Please what?” she teased.

“Touch me, put your mouth on me, anything,” I begged.

She slid down my body, took my nipple into her mouth, and began to suck and bite it, first gently and then harder. Bolts of electricity shot through my body when she took my pink nub between her teeth and pulled back, elongating my breast. “Oh, God, just like that, honey.”

She let my nipple slip out of her mouth. “You like a little pain, don’t you, pretty girl?”

Before I could answer she took my other nipple and bit it just a little rougher than before, and I cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Both of my nipples were shiny and wet with her saliva, and I sensually ran my hands through her long black hair as she kissed, licked, and gently bit them. It felt like every nerve-ending throughout my body was on fire, and I loved the little saliva trail that she left down my torso. She extended her tongue and slipped it into my navel, and after a few seconds there was a pool of her saliva in my belly button.

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Louise, Adam and Friends

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For Louise… with love.

Louise, 35, slim, brunette and, in most people’s view, more than a little pretty, lay in the bed slowly coming around. She felt a little hungover, a little tired and very frustrated. The previous night’s party had been fun but she had again drawn a blank when it came to progress with Steve, who hadn’t even attended as he was stuck in some European airport or other. 

The 2am taxi ride home had been long and Erin, her flatmate, hadn’t helped by telling her that she and her latest boyfriend, Mark, had coped with his having to go to work straight from the party at 10pm by having a quick stood-up fuck in the bathroom.

Louise got herself a coffee and got back in bed, thinking about her options for the day. Steve wouldn’t be back in the country until the following day, and given that they’d not had a first date yet she knew she was being a bit presumptuous in thinking he could solve her sexual frustration.

She knew where her mind would land, and who she would be texting, within 2 minutes of waking up, but convinced herself it wasn’t a foregone conclusion and went through a charade with herself of considering other options before picking up the phone and searching her contacts. Adam.

Adam looked after her apartment and 20 or so others in her block, and the two blocks next to it. Any jobs, whether electrical, manual or whatever, were within his skillset. He was a bit of a throwback, all very ‘alright love’ and ‘cheers darling’ but his physique, oral skills and looks let her forgive him for that. Louise and her flatmate Erin, a dark-skinned beauty with a string of boyfriends, often simultaneously, had shared their mutual appreciation of Adam before Louise had started sleeping with him. Once she did get to ‘know’ him, Erin had demanded all of the details.

It started when Louise had asked Adam to come to check the window of her bedroom, which refused to close properly. Her text had generated a typical Adam response, something involving ‘babe’ and ‘darling’ and confirming he would be around that morning. She had dressed and showered, tidied her room, for one moment considering leaving out the rabbit that had brought her 2 orgasms the previous morning but deciding against it. She had heard Erin leave, no doubt to meet Mark when he finished his shift.

He duly arrived a couple of hours later and asked her what the problem was. She took him into her room, conscious of him being behind her and how tight her gym leggings were. He made some jokey comment about being in a lady’s bedroom, which she giggled at, and she started to show him the window problem.

As they stood at the window and examining the lock, facing another similar block 30 yards away,  she was the first to notice the couple fucking. They were perhaps one floor lower and naked. She was leant forward, leaning against the window of the flat, palms pressed against the glass. Her head was pulled back by his hand gripping her pony tail and her pleasure was obvious. The guy fucking her was old, at least 50, whereas she looked to be in her 20s. He repeatedly slapped her arse cheeks and she clearly enjoyed that too.

She felt her clit tingling, even if she had been getting it regularly this would have been a turn on but in her current state it had her transfixed.

She became aware of Adam talking but wasn’t paying attention.

Adam loved his job. He looked after 3 blocks of luxury flats and his work was varied and interesting and most of the punters were good sorts. He was single but rarely frustrated by that, and his work had brought him a fair few perks. He kept a tally of his sexual successes at work, which currently stood at 19 after 3 years. A few one-offs, a fair few revisits;  a few single women, a few bored of their boyfriends. There’d also been one  threesome and one ‘almost getting caught’ scenario. All in all not a bad return. The 19 didn’t include the blow job he had received as a thank you from a tenant whose electrics he had repaired after she overloaded a plug, or the sales director of the building’s carpet supplier who had discovered just how soft her carpets were on the knees, or his ex-boss who he had fucked in 7 of the flats during the final sales push.

He had done a couple of jobs in this place. He liked them both, Louise and Erin. He had wondered if they were gay but he doubted it.  He liked coming here and found it easy to chat to them both, though it was Louise he knew better.  He estimated his chances with Louise as about 30%. She never flirted, or looked at him that way that some women did. But she also wasn’t rude or dismissive of him, the way some of the tenants were, especially the guys, one of whom had called him ‘boy’ to his face as he repaired the shower. The guy’s girlfriend looked mortified with embarrassment with her boyfriend’s behaviour.  The next few weeks saw Adam put a lot of effort into getting into the girlfriend’s knickers, which he knew was his attempt at revenge. It turned out they were a black lace pair.

Adam knew he was attractive Ankara bayan escort to most women, worked out and was able to hold his own in any conversation. He wasn’t at all big headed, wasn’t full of himself and NEVER made the first move. He flirted for sure but at the first sign of it not being welcome he’d back off.  He was always honest, always making it clear he wasn’t interested in a relationship (with the single ones) or in causing any problems for those with a boyfriend or husband.

Whilst he never took things for granted, it was fair to say he’d never struggled to attract women. 3 years ago his 2 year relationship with his only serious girlfriend had finished, he’d lost his job and was at a low ebb, but he got this opportunity through a friend and hadn’t looked back. More money, better hours, far more convenient and more interesting, he’d really fell on his feet.

When within the space of 3 days he started fucking his boss, had been propositioned by one of the early tenants (the offer only not accepted because of the punishing demands his boss had made on his cock 2 hours earlier) and then slept with a new tenant on her first night in the building, he knew this was the place for him.

He was asking Louise how long the window had been jamming when he noticed she was staring avidly out of the next window along. He followed her gaze and immediately picked out the rampant couple across the way. In his surprise 3 things instantly went through his mind; firstly he wondered if this would help him make progress with Louise, secondly he recognised the woman as one he’d got absolutely nowhere with and finally he considered how many people were watching the sex show.

‘Is that a common sight?’ Adam asked Louise.

‘Ha ha, not that I’ve noticed’ Louise replied.

They both continued to look, not saying anything. The couple were still at it in the same position, and the guy appeared to be slowing his pace, then holding his position still.

Adam wondered if the guy was just holding the end of his cock inside her, teasing her. Then he wondered if he was doing it to try and delay coming, but he looked calm enough so Adam doubted that.

‘Do you think he’s just got the end of his dick in her? Trying to tease her kind of thing?’ said Louise.

‘I was thinking the same thing.’ replied Adam.

Their question was answered when a moment later the woman began to quiver, her legs shaking and her upper body moving spasmodically. He’d clearly teased her to a massive orgasm.

‘Wow’ was all Louise could say.

‘Fuck me’ was Adam’s reply.

Adam’s reply was a typical one for him. Not really flirty, but leaving the door open to be construed as flirty. It could be seen as a request but also could be claimed as not being one at all. It was a deliberate ploy and he waited for a response. He didn’t get one.

Their attention was still held by the couple, and they watched as her orgasm subsided. They saw her turn around and drop to her knees and, in doing so, saw the size of the guy’s cock.

Louise gasped, ‘Oh my God will you look at that!’

It was at least 8 inches and thick as could be. Even Adam was impressed, but also he was aware that this was his chance to get into his fellow voyeur.

‘This is a right fucking turn on’ he said.

‘No shit’ replied Louise ironically. ‘If you weren’t here I’d be very busy right now, if you know what I mean.’

‘Ditto.’ said Adam, his voice husky.

‘You’d be wanking in my flat?’ Louise sounded incredulous but actually loved the idea. ‘I bet that wouldn’t be the first time you mucky pup!’

Adam laughed ‘I’m not answering that!’ he said, laughing.

‘You just have!’ was Louise’s response.

They were both still watching the woman give the guy’s big cock a blow job.  She was clearly skilled, able to take his full length and hold it in her throat.  He was straining, holding her head.

‘What do you think, will she swallow?’ Louise asked.

‘No’ said Adam. ‘I think he’ll come on those tits.’

‘That what you’d do?’

‘Probably’ he laughed.

‘Want a bet on it?’ Louise asked.

‘Ok’ he said, intrigued.

‘I think she’ll swallow, you think he’ll come on her. If I’m right you go down on me. If you’re right I’ll suck that dick I can see straining your pants. Deal?’

‘No lose situation’ he said. ‘Course it’s a deal’.

They watched for a minute or two more, watching as her mouth glided up and down the shaft of the guy’s cock. They made occasional comments; ‘If I win this bet you’ll be blowing me for about a minute and I’ll be done I’m so fucking turned on’ said Adam.

‘I hope not’ replied Louise. I’ll be wanting to get off with my fingers while I’m working on you’ Louise replied, matter of factly.

The woman across the way stood up and walked away. They both were intrigued, the guy hadn’t come they were sure, and his hard on showed no sign of abating. She returned a moment later with something in her hand. She fiddled with it, Escort bayan Ankara then appeared to squeeze it against her fingers. Then she bent over and moved the hand she’d just squeezed the object against behind herself, in between the cheeks of her arse.

‘It’s lube’ said Adam.

‘He’s going to fuck her up the bum’ Louise agreed.

They watched the guy manoeuvre his cock to her arse and slowly push in, and saw the woman start to rub her clit, clearly enjoying the forbidden sensation.

‘I’ve tried anal and it’s kind of a turn on but I wouldn’t fancy a dick as big as his doing it’ Louise said.

‘Do you like watching it?’ asked Adam.

‘Yes. A lot’ was the brief reply he got from Louise.

The guy speeded up and they both realised what was about to happen.

‘Looks like we’re both wrong’ said Louise.

‘So who wins the bet?’ Adam asked.

‘Nobody of course, it was a fair bet and  we can’t pretend otherwise.’

They carried on watching and saw the guy grab the woman by the hair and thrust at an incredible speed into her arse. The ecstacy was clear on both their faces and Adam heard a moan of pleasure from Louise. He looked to his left to see she had slipped a hand down the front of her tight leggings.

‘Is that allowed?’ he said.

‘My flat my rules’ was Louise’s distracted reply, her breath now heavy.

The guy jerked and thrust again and it was clear he was coming. Judging by the way the woman shook she was coming also.  Adam was now rubbing his cock through his pants and Louise was leaning her head against her left arm and that arm against the window as and continued to stroke herself. 

‘You think I’m going to fuck you, don’t you?’ said Louise.

‘It had crossed my mind’ Adam replied.

‘You think I’m going to get down on my knees and pull your hard cock out and kiss and lick it before I suck it, don’t you?’ Louise had turned to face him but still had her hand down the front of her leggings as she spoke the words.

‘You’re probably even thinking that I want you to taste me’. As Louise said this she pulled her hand from her leggings and slowly pushed the middle finger, glistening and wet, into her mouth. ‘That I want you to taste this gorgeous wetness.’

‘Fuck’ was all Adam could say, his eyes staring as she sucked her finger.

‘Do you want that?’


‘How much do you want your cock inside me?’

Adam spoke, his voice husky with lust; ‘I’m desperate to fuck you.’

‘That’s good’ replied Louise. ‘I really want to be fucked right now. I want to be kissed hard while being fingered. I want mouth on my wet pussy, tongue on my clit, and I want a hard cock in me. I want fucking like a dirty bitch and then I want cum all over my face. ‘

‘You’re going to suck my cock first.’ Adam instructed.

‘I like doing that. I like sucking a big hard cock. I like to play with my clit while I’m doing it too.’  Louise replied, now staring at the bulging lump of constrained cock in Adam’s pants. ‘Let’s go to my bedroom’ she added.

‘Not yet’ said Adam, with a forcefulness to his voice that sent a tingle to Louise’s clit. ‘First we owe your neighbours a little thank you. ‘

Louise looked down at the neighbours, who she almost forgotten about in her lust. The couple were lounging on a sofa, looking spent but also staring up at her.

‘Show them your tits’ Adam said.

Louise didn’t do much as pause. She just stared at Adam and raised her top over her head. Her bra was flimsy, holding her small breasts. She unclipped it and let it drop to the floor. Adam admired her pale skin, her areola almost the same shade but her nipples a dark red. She turned to face the couple, who were clapping and smiling.

In the bedroom a few minutes later. Both naked; kissing and stroking each other, slowly and gently, despite their searing passion.

Louise was sat on top of Adam, naked except for a red lace thong. Adam’s cock pressed against her, hard and insistent. A few moments earlier, when she’d pulled down his boxers and seen his cock, she’d whispered ‘oh my fuck’ at the size of it.

Adam knew it was 8 inches, because it had been measured by an ex, and he knew it was thick, and that the end of his cock was much bigger than average, because he’d been told so repeatedly by many different women.

Louise was kissing Adam’s chest and nipples, slowly working her way down. She had now gripped his dick in her hand, stunned at both its size and how hard it was. She was squeezing and slowly wanking it, enjoying the moans that escaped from his lips. When her mouth reached it she immediately licked its sensitive underside, causing him to moan louder, but then moved down to his balls, which she took into her mouth one by one. Only when they were soaked with her saliva did she move back up and engulf his cock end into her mouth. It felt like she was eating a whole apple, such as its size, but she got used to it and started to take more of it.

Adam watched Louise’s Bayan escort Ankara mouth strain to take him in, and felt the sensations in his cock. ‘Tell me what you like’ he said.

‘I’m your bitch’ was her simple reply. ‘Treat me like that.’

He let her suck him some more, occasionally issuing demands like ‘lick it’ and ‘take more’. She asked him if she was allowed to touch herself and he said she wasn’t, but then added ‘I’ll be licking you in a minute’ in a calm voice. She moaned in response and redoubled her efforts to take as much cock into her mouth as she could.

Adam looked down as Louise sucked his cock, enjoying her lips, tongue and mouth on him. He loved oral, especially giving it and although she was doing a fantastic job on his cock, he wanted to taste her, and told her to move around. A moment later his face was inches from her pussy, as he lay on his back with Louise on top of him, her legs open.

He started with his tongue on her lips, gently stroking the delicate area and enjoying the taste of her excitement. He then reached her clit and her moan was loud and filled with lust. The firm little bud of her sex felt hot on his tongue and he concentrated on it for a long time, feeling her excitement rise.

Louise lay back and let go of any remaining inhibitions, succumbing to the absolute pleasure Adam’s tongue was giving her. She heard herself panting and moaning and felt her back arching and was aware of a finger sliding into her and of the tongue that was controlling these sensations and then she felt her legs being lifted as Adam started to fuck her with his tongue. He pushed it in and out of her and she felt her orgasm start and gave herself over to the waves of pleasure.  She had never experienced anything like it.

Half an hour later she’d cum twice more, been fucked in so many positions she’d lost count, had beautifully sore nipples and red hand prints all over her arse cheeks. She was lay on top of Adam, her pussy still full of him as he slowly, very slowly, slid his cock in and out of her. She was teetering on the edge of another orgasm, he somehow knew the exact speed to go at to keep her on the edge, but she also knew that he too was incredibly close to coming.

‘Tell me your secret fantasy’ he said. ‘The one you don’t tell your friends.’

Louise loved men’s cum. Absolutely loved it. The taste, the warmth, the feel of it landing on her body. Hot cum firing down her throat or splashing on her tits or spurting in her pussy could all make her cum but the one she loved most was a guy finishing off on her face. The thought of it was always the thing to tip her over the edge when she played with herself, it was her favourite porn topic and she’d always wanted to be be filmed as it happened.

‘I want your spunk on my face. Wank yourself and cover my face in cum. And video it on my phone for me.’

‘You sexy little fucker’ said Adam. He was so close to coming and her answer had almost tipped him over the edge.

She got off him, passed him her phone and knelt while he stood next to her, his thick, veiny cock with its giggle purple end held in his right fist while he held her mobile with the video function running in the other.

‘I’m going to play with my clit while you do it. I’m going to cum while you’re shooting your fucking load all over my face’ said Louise, her voice breaking with excitement.

‘Get your tongue on my cock’ was Adam’s only response.

He filmed her as she licked all over his cock, which he wanked at the same time. Her moans got louder and he knew her hand was busy between her legs. He let the pleasure build and then felt his balls tighten.

‘I’m going to cum’ he moaned.

‘Do it. Fucking give it to me’ replied Louise, who then added ‘I’m coming’ as her fingers brought her clit to climax again.

Adam felt the rise of his cum and then shook as a thick rope of cum spurted from his cock onto Louise’s face, followed by another and then two more. Louise had her mouth open and got to taste some but her face was a mask of semen as her orgasm subsided. Adam still slowly stroked his cock, smaller spurts still being emitted from its end. Louise took the end back into her mouth and he carried on filming as she used her tongue to get every last drop of cum, her face liberally coated with it.

Louise finished her coffee, her recollection of that first fuck with Adam doing nothing at all to reduce her need, and grabbed her phone. Her text was very quick and simple:

‘You free? Now?’

Adam lay in bed and considered his next move. Next to him, Laura snored gently. He had read Louise’s text and knew what she wanted. Despite the fact that he was in bed with Laura, they hadn’t had sex. He didn’t actually know why she was next to him, he had had friends over and, as planned, 3 of them had stayed over. Laura had been meant to share the double bed in the spare room with Molly, and Ollie was meant to be on the sofa. He had gone to bed at 3am and his guests had been where they’d planned to be, but when he woke half an hour ago he’d found Laura next to him.

Feeling a bit like a teenager he’d peeked under the covers, discovering that Laura wore only a pair of knickers.

His mind was foggy and he ran through the options of what had happened to get Laura to come to his bed. There are 3 that were possibles:

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