A Fantasy Fulfilled

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The two people know who they are.

They had only been chatting about it for a little over five minutes and already Jonathan could sense her reluctance. One moment she was so certain and the next all her insecurities forced their way forward again. He wasn’t confident either and her tentativeness only tempted him to leave things just as they were. He didn’t want to spoil anything but knew the chance for them to take things further was too good to miss and purposely he put the ball firmly in her court.

Jonathan: You can’t keep changing your mind, Kate. It has to be something we both decide to do and then stick with; you know that. I’m not about to force you into anything but I really do want to be with you.

There was a pause he tried to ignore.

Kate: Yes, ok, yes I’m sure. We’ve talked about it on and off for almost three months; I really want to do this too.

Jonathan: I’ll make the arrangements. It’s going to be wonderful but however much I want to be with you I can’t make your decision for you, you understand that don’t you?

Kate: Yes, I know, it’s just … I don’t want to spoil what we have; do you think that’ll happen?

His fingers flew over the keyboard as he thought about all the things the two of them had discussed from one end of the country to the other.

Jonathan: No I don’t, not if we don’t want it to. Like you said we’ve talked a lot and I hope from that you know me well enough to realize I won’t force you to do anything.

Kate: I do, it’s not you, it’s me, it’s always been me and my insecurities, you know that. I still can’t understand what it is you see in me.

They had exchanged photos the first time they ‘met’ six months earlier and Jonathan thought she was beautiful. Since then their conversations had been getting steamier and steamier.

Recently divorced, Kate had wandered into a chat room he frequented. They had struck up a conversation on her second visit and had soon moved on to private chats on MSN.

At first she had been shy, the messages stilted, cautious, but gradually her inhibitions and fears receded. He remembered the first time their words had gotten a little hot, had saved the entire dialogue and read it many times since.

Kate: Are you still there?

Jonathan: Yeah, I’m sorry; I got distracted thinking about you and what I want to do to you. You’re beautiful, hot, and I want to be with you, touch you, kiss you, it’s as simple as that.

A blushing smiley appeared on the screen and he laughed.

Kate: Oh you. I’m still worried you’re going to be disappointed. Maybe we should keep things just the way they are.

Jonathan: Kate, no! No way, you agreed, please.

His answer was typed almost immediately. Kate could go round and round in circles for hours and he had no intention of letting her do so this time.

There was silence for a minute or two and, his heart beating a mile a minute, Jonathan waited, wondering what was going through her mind but not having the confidence to ask.

Jonathan: Kate?

Kate: Yes?

The one word showed her hesitancy, she had said once ‘why use one word when fifteen will do.’

Jonathan: Turn on your cam.

He waited, watching for the instruction to appear on the screen, clicked ‘accept’ and then, after a few seconds of nothingness, she was there her face clouded with anxiety. He sent his own invitation so she could see, however many miles there were between them, that he was there for her.

Jonathan: Please, Kate, let’s do this.

He saw her concern but she nodded her head as she began to relax gradually and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Kate: Ok. Arrange everything, let me know and I promise I’ll be there.

Jonathan: You won’t regret it, Kate, I’ll make sure of it.

Kate: I have to go, but I’ll write, ok?

Jonathan: Oh, ok.

He inserted a sad smiley.

Jonathan: Are you sure you’re ok?

Kate: Yes, don’t worry. I won’t let you down, I promise.

The webcam blinked off and he was alone. Running a hand through his short hair as he let out a deep sigh he began to think. Maybe she was right, he didn’t want to hurry her but he had a feeling if they didn’t do this now they never would, and a chance at happiness for both of them could be lost. Of course, they might equally decide a one-night stand now and again was all they wanted from each other.

He ran his hand down to his throbbing cock. She always made him so hard, even if they only talked, and, as he had told her, the chance to be with her, touch her, kiss her, God, he could almost cum just thinking about it.

Clicking on his favourites Jonathan found the hotel he had chosen for their first meeting. Set in acres of beautiful gardens he could imagine them walking out to a deserted bench, sitting to talk, moving closer to each other. They would kiss, slowly, gently at first and then more passionately. She would move her hand over his erection, running her fingers up its length as their kisses continued. Escort Canting his hips would help her touch all of it as his own fingers brushed her breasts, causing them to harden beneath her clothes, making her moan into his mouth.

“Ohhh, fuck, I’ve got to stop this or I’ll never get anywhere booked.” He resolutely removed his hand and pushed the images he had created to the back of his mind. It was still early enough for him to put a call through to the hotel and he quickly punched in the number wondering how far in advance their main suites would be booked up.


Kate’s breath caught in her throat as she looked at the scene before her. The hotel, set up on a hill above beautiful gardens, had a turreted section, sweeping horseshoe shaped steps leading up to huge double doors, and an exterior befitting its history as a vital fortress and stronghold.

She had been gazing at the view for just a few minutes when she realized she was no longer alone.

“So, what do you think?”

“Oh, it’s amazing, thank you, Jonathan.” She smiled at the man who had come quietly up beside her.

“You are even more beautiful in person.” She felt herself being pulled closer to him and then his lips touched hers for the first time and, unable to stop herself, she stiffened slightly. “It’s ok. Just relax.” His voice was soft, loving and she nodded as he captured her lips once more. This time she melted against him as he gently, tenderly kissed her.

“Shall we go and announce ourselves then? We can get into the room now.”

Already there was a huskiness in his voice and Kate watched as Jonathan checked his watch before nodding. For the entire train journey she had been certain he wouldn’t turn up, wouldn’t look as he had in the pictures, or would see her and say ‘sorry, I don’t want to do this any more’. Even though she had seen him on the webcam her self-esteem was so low she was sure she had been duped.

He took her hand and eased her along the path as she grasped her overnight bag tightly against her, trying to calm her breathing and not spoil anything.

“Good afternoon, Sir, Madam, welcome to the Royale.”

“Hi. We have a booking, Mr and Mrs Lyndon.”

Kate managed not to gasp, a married couple, she hadn’t thought of that. In fact, she now realized, she hadn’t thought about the practicalities at all, all she had focussed on was the chances of one of them, probably her, being a disappointment.

“Oh yes, of course, Sir, The Suite Royale.” The receptionist smiled at both of them and then handed over an ornate key with a large tag on it.

“Thank you.” Jonathan looked at Kate, winking as he did so and she felt herself smile.

“A porter will take your bags. The restaurant begins serving at 7.00 and finishes at 11.00. Enjoy your stay at The Royale.”

A young man, smartly liveried, touched Kate’s bag and she surrendered it. Jonathan had a similar sized case and both were carried for them as they were directed towards the lift.

Not a word was spoken. Jonathan’s hand on her back was a reassuring presence and Kate realized her doubts were already disappearing. She turned slightly so she could look into his eyes and all she saw was the honesty she had recognized on line. Leaning against him she moved so her mouth was next to his ear.

“Thank you.”

“It’s no problem. I love you, Kate, you know that.”

The doors opened and the porter prevented her from saying anything in reply.

“If you would like to follow me, Sir, Madam, your suite is just along this hallway. There is no one else on this side of the building. He took the key from Jonathan and inserted it in the lock. The door swung open under his hand and again Kate felt herself gasp.

“Oh, Jonathan, it’s … it’s just wonderful.” She looked around and smiled. There was a four-poster bed, a sofa and chair in a lounge area as well as tempting glimpses of an ornate bathroom. Huge floor to ceiling windows brought the beautiful grounds into their suite and, belatedly, she realized they were in the tower she had so recently admired from outside.

As she turned back towards her ‘husband’ she saw money changing hands and then the porter was leaving them alone.

“So, Mrs Lyndon, what do you think, will I do?”

“Oh yes, I think so.” She moved closer, seeing for the first time the doubt in the younger man’s face. “I don’t want to let you down, everything is so perfect, but I’m scared, Jonathan. I’m so much older than you, and you are so handsome, so friendly.”

His lips met hers as his hand wove its way into her hair. Kate could feel his arousal as he ground against her and she moaned into the kiss.

“Oh God, Kate, I have waited so long to do this.”

She found herself being carefully moved back until she felt the side of the bed behind her.

“Remember how we talked about foreplay? Please, Kate, let me take the lead.”

She nodded. All along it had been clear to her that, if they ever did get together, Jonathan would, at least Escort Bayan initially, instigate everything. She knew he wouldn’t force her to do anything and that knowledge alone was enough for her to relax, move away from him, and slip her shoes off. She lay back making herself comfortable against the mound of artfully placed cushions at the head of the bed before smiling and waiting for him to join her.


The sight of Kate lying contentedly as he moved around to the other side of the bed was almost too much for Jonathan. He wanted to take her right away, to put her mind at rest, and show her his intentions were honourable, but he also wanted to live through as many of their easier to accomplish fantasies as possible. In the back of his mind was still the notion that this may be a one off. He wanted to have as many wonderful memories as he could to take home with him as well as providing Kate with the same thing.

Sliding his shoes and jacket off before loosening his tie Jonathan climbed onto the bed beside her and, just for a moment, rested his forehead against hers.

“I wish you could see what I see. You are beautiful, gentle, kind and so sexy. You know I’m only interested in older women, they turn me on almost exclusively, but since I first saw you online I’ve only been fantasizing about one older woman, you. Now you’re here, right next to me, God, Kate, there is nowhere else I want to be, ever.”

He moved so his body was touching hers and then claimed her lips once more. This time all hesitancy was gone; he leant against her as her ample breasts brushed his chest and he felt himself harden beneath her.

The time slipped by as they kissed and touched, hands roaming over clothed bodies, hips moving as they rubbed against each other, moans escaping as the kisses became more and more passionate. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime experienced in a few moments, they pulled apart.

“I love you, Kate, how can you ever think I would be disappointed?”

“Shhh, I was wrong. I … I love you too. Jonathan, please, I want more.”

His hands framed her face as he smiled and nodded.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Totally and utterly. Make love to me, Jonathan, please. I want to feel you inside me, I want to do all the things we talked about with you.”

He couldn’t contain the moan which escaped him and reaching forward his fingers began to work at the buttons on the cream silk blouse she was wearing.

“Sit up for a minute.”

Gracefully Kate did as she was told, her dark hair already tousled from their embrace and her face flushed.

The blouse slid sensuously down her arms to pool behind her and Jonathan helped it on its way to the floor. Her pale skin was now within his grasp and he ran a finger tentatively along her jaw line before leaning forward to kiss the junction between her throat and neck.

As he watched Kate reached back and undid her bra. The peach lace cups fell forward releasing her breasts and then, as she eased it off her body and away to join the blouse, he feasted his eyes on her russet coloured nipples.

“Fuck, Kate, let me touch them, please.” He looked into her eyes, remembering how she wanted to be enticed to give her body to him. “I want to feel them so badly, baby, please.”

A nod was his only answer and he rested his hand underneath the left breast, lifting it gently before running his tongue across the tightening nub.

“Ohhhh, yes.” Kate’s back arched pushing more of the flesh towards him and he took it into his mouth. The soft warmth filled him and he began to suckle against her.

Silence filled the room again, the only breaks were as Kate moaned her arousal and he moved from one tit to the other, teasing the unattended one to keep it tight and ready for his lips to take over.

A hand moved down and suddenly he too felt warmth against him as Kate’s fingers began to trace the outline of his hard cock through his pants.

“Let me see you, Jonathan, please. It’s my turn now.”

“Yes, want to feel your eyes on me, baby, want to show you what you do to me.”

Quickly Jonathan removed his tie and then watched as the pale peachy varnish on Kate’s nails sparkled as she began to undo the buttons on his soft white shirt. The same fingers ran through the chest hair he knew she loved and then found his own tight nipples.

“Suck them, Kate, please, suck them for me.”

Instantly he felt the soft lips he had so recently plundered latch on to him and he ran his fingers back into her hair, holding her in place as she pulled on his skin. A hot, wet tongue moved across the hair plastering it to his chest as Kate made her way from one nipple to the other and then, just when he was desperate for more, she looked up.

“Let me strip you, lover.”

Kate knelt up on the bed and Jonathan could only nod. He did the same and then watched, fascinated as she began to undo his belt, his cock already pressing hard against his pants, desperate for release.


“Yes, Bayan Escort oh God, Jonathan, it’s so big, so much bigger than it looked on the cam.”

“Suck it, take it all in, take it, bitch.”

Kate felt her pussy tighten as the gentle, loving language was replaced with the obscenity. The one word turned her on even more, making her feel owned and she did as she was told, taking just the head in at first before moving slowly down until all eight inches were hidden from sight.

“Yes, fuck, yes.”

Her gag reflex tried to repel the intruder but Kate worked against it. Moving back just a little she took more and more hard flesh in until she was inhaling the musky, sexy scent from Jonathan’s thick pelt of fur around the base of his cock and then she moved so she could gently roll his balls against her palm.

Slowly she began to move back up his cock establishing a rhythm and listening as he moaned and encouraged her.

“That’s it, bitch, take my cock into your sexy mouth, get me ready for your tight pussy. Gonna fuck you till you can’t take any more. Is that what you want?”

She looked up, never breaking the regularity of movement and nodded. As she did so Jonathan reached forward and she felt the waistband of her skirt loosen.

“Let me take this off you, ohhhh, fuck, Kate.”

She sucked harder on the head of his cock as he spoke and then moved away.

Her skirt was removed and she smiled as she saw him realize that, all along, she had been wearing no panties just silk stockings and a peach suspender belt. Her hand went towards the clasp but he grabbed at her.

“No. Leave it. Let me fuck you while you wear those. God, that is so hot.”

“I thought you’d like them. I know we can’t indulge in all our fantasies in the time we have but these might bring another one closer to fruition.”

“Thank you. Love you, baby, love you so much.”

“I know; I love you too. Tell me what you want, let me please you.”

“It has to be what you want too, Kate. Don’t let my fantasies take over, this has to be good for both of us.”

“It is, already it is so much more than I could have ever hoped for. Please, Jonathan.”

“Then suck me again, bitch. Share your body with me.”

Kate was pushed flat against the mattress and she felt him begin to fuck her mouth. Relinquishing control Kate looked up at him submissively knowing he wanted to take her, to be in control of her body until he came for the first time. Then, as he had told her so many times, he could concentrate on satisfying her needs.

Kate ran her hands up over his hips and onto the soft cheeks of his arse. She felt him clench the muscles just for a moment before he relaxed again. Her fingers ran down into his cleft and he stopped moving.

“Fuck me, Kate, before I cum, please, baby.”

She nodded her head and felt his cock move out of her mouth, a string of saliva still joining them until it broke to drop down across her tits.

Kate watched as Jonathan got onto all fours next to her and she moved behind him. She began to place kisses against the skin she had so recently caressed and then started to suck as well.

“Ohhhh, Kate.” Jonathan’s back arched, pushing the soft globes across her face and she took in his manly, earthy scent before gasping for air.

Gently she parted his cheeks exposing his darker crease. The tight opening pulsed before her; she blew across it and ran her tongue from the edge of the crevice down across the star shaped pucker and on until she could take one of his balls into her mouth and lavish her attention there.

“Ohhhh, Kate, Kate, Kate.” She heard her name over and over and watched as Jonathan grasped his cock tightly in his fist. He didn’t move but instead increased the pressure at the base. “Don’t wanna cum yet, baby, fuck my arse, please, take it, can’t wait much longer.” His pleading disappeared into moans and groans as she extended her tongue and began to gently run it across his opening waiting for the right moment to plunge it in.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Sucking her fingers Kate knew she had to pull Jonathan back from the edge. Instead of taking it slowly and gently she pushed firmly forward until she was accepted up to her first knuckle.

“Shit, Kate, bit by bit.” Jonathan’s words, spoken through clenched teeth told her she had succeeded and she leant forward to place a kiss on his soft thigh.

“Sorry, baby, didn’t want to make you cum too soon.”

“No chance of that now. Fuck me with your fingers, Kate.”

Gradually Kate moved her finger further in. The grunts and hip movements telling her she was back in favour and, as she slowly moved out, she began to kiss and suck at Jonathan again.

“Two fingers now, lover, I’ll go slow this time, promise.”

True to her word Kate let Jonathan’s body guide her but almost as quickly as before she was accepted in. Scissoring her fingers Kate searched out his prostate, finding it easily and laughing aloud as he bucked against her.

“Ohhhh yes, Kate, again, do that again.”

She ran the pads of her fingers across his sweet spot, enjoying his involuntary reactions and then his moan of anguish as she backed off totally.

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Soumis malgré moi–part 10(BDSM)-1ère soirée

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Soumis malgré moi–part 10(BDSM)-1ère soiréeSoumis malgré moi – part 10 (BDSM) – 1ère soiréeTout le monde est à table sauf Ben, pendant ce temps, je reprends petit à petit mes esprits et mes forces. Mon sexe et mes testicules sont toujours étirés par les poids me faisant de plus en plus souffrir. Il ne me reste qu’une chose à faire, écouter leurs conversations en attendant la fin du repas.Mes yeux n’ont d’autre choix que de regarder la manucure impeccable que Sophie m’a faite cet après-midi. Cela me fait penser que je n’ai même de dissolvant chez moi et qu’il va falloir que je trouve une solution pour m’en procurer.Les discutions vont bons trains, je n’entends pas chaque mot mais je comprends que je ne suis pas seul dans cette situation, et que le cercle compte d’autre soumis et soumise. Ils sont même actuellement en train de réfléchir à des idées pour mettre en compétition les soumis(es) dans la ferme ou Mister Deep m’avait emmené. Ils ne manquent pas d’idées qui sont d’ailleurs plus hard les unes que les autres, chacun ajoute sa petite touche personnelle aux idées de l’autre.Je sens les pinces de mes seins se resserrer à nouveau de plus en plus et sans même que je m’en rende compte, je fais de petit grognement. Madame Emmanuelle c’est bien rendu compte que j’avais repris mes esprits et que j’écoutais leurs conversations :- Alors Sue, c’est très malpoli d’écouter les conversations. Et en plus tu grogne, tu te prends pour un chien on dirait. Ben, va nous chercher le masque pour les curieux et ramène donc une queue car Sue se prend pour un chien.Il ne faut que quelques quelque dizaine de seconde pour que Ben revienne. Il me met directement un masque intégral en cuir. Il est rembourré vers les oreilles, des ouvertures pour les yeux et la bouche qui peuvent être fermé ou ouverts, une fermeture éclair à l’arrière et un système d’anneau pour pouvoir verrouiller la fermeture en resserrant le tour de cou. A peine le bruit du cadenas de verrouillage entendu que je le sens me lubrifier le cul et m’introduire un plug queue de chien de 6 cm de diamètre au plus large. Il rentre assez facilement mais je ne peux m’empêcher de lâcher un petit gémissement. Sans attendre, ben enlève la fermeture de ma bouche maintenue par deux pressions et la remplace par un bâillon boule m’écartant à nouveau les mâchoires douloureusement.Je n’entends plus un bruit, je suis privé de la vue et je sens déjà ma salive affluer et dégouliner. J’ai les poignets qui commence aussi à être endoloris et je me demande combien de temps ils vont me laisser ainsi. Dans ses conditions, les minutes me paraissent durer des heures. Je commence à gesticuler malgré le peu de mouvements possibles quand je sens alors du froid en haut et en bas de mon dos. Quelqu’un vient de poser 4 verres sur mon dos je pense pour m’empêcher de bouger au risque de les renverser. Les minutes passent et mes testicules se trouve à nouveau étirées, Maitre Jeff vient d’ajouter un nouveau poids au parachute quand je sens avec soulagement que l’on m’enlève enfin les verres un à un de mon dos. Soulagement de courte durée car je commence à recevoir une série de fessé. Les uns après les autres, il passe derrière moi et me claque les fesses sans concession. Je reconnais parfaitement quand c’est le tour de Maitresse Anna qui me les met avec une puissance bien plus forte que les autres malgré sa corpulence. Cela ne lui suffit pas alors elle att**** le paddle et continue à me claquer une fesse après l’autre jusqu’à ce que je cri à travers le bâillon.J’avais résisté au maximum mais rien ni a fait. Elle frappait trop fort sur mes fesses déjà meurtries. Mes hurlements en sourdine à travers le bâillon ne la font pas s’arrêter, elle att**** même les poids pour étirer mes testicules encore plus fort avant de les jetés contre mon ventre pour que le poids fasse balancier.Elle finit enfin par s’arrêter et me caresse doucement mes fesses rouge vif qui sont tellement en feu que je me demande si je pourrais m’assoir dessus. Je suis fatigué tellement je dois à chaque fois supporter la douleur en silence et mon corps est endoloris de partout. Mes testicules sont étirés à un point que je n’aurais jamais imaginé, mes seins sont presque violets à force d’être pincés et j’ai l’impression d’étouffer sous le masque qui me fait transpirer comme si je venais de faire un effort sportif. Je sens enfin quelqu’un enlever le cadenas du masque pour l’enlever. C’est Ben, qui est en train de me libérer. Il enlève aussi les pinces à mes seins dans une douleur extrême, puis les poids à mon sexe et mes testicules et fini par me détacher. J’ai une jouissance interne tellement mon corps est soulagé d’être enfin libéré et soulagé de cette contrainte qui à durée plusieurs heures. Madame Emmanuelle me demande alors de venir me mettre à genoux devant eux. Je me relève difficilement et m’approche, le plug queue encore bien planté dans mes fesses, et le tuyau avec la pompe de ma sonde balançant à chacun de mes pas. Je me mets à genoux devant eux comme Madame me l’a demandé. Je ne pensais pas que je pourrais poser mes fesses sur mes talons pourtant celle-ci sont bizarrement moins douloureuse que je le pensais.- Tu passes une bonne soirée Sue ?- Oui Maitresse.- Et ce matin, tu es bien venu à 9h pour vérifier la maison ?- Oui Maitresse.- Tu es sûr de toi Sue ? tu es venu à 9h ?- Non maîtresse, pardon, je suis arrivé à 9h05.- Donc tu sais ce qu’il va arriver ?- Oui Maitresse, je dois être punis et je vous en remercie. Je dis cela et pourtant dans ma tête, je me dis que vu tout ce qu’ils viennent de me faire subir, j’ai déjà reçu une bonne punition. – Alors les amis, vous en pensez quoi ?- Le jeu des cartes répond Immédiatement Maitresse Anna. Si tout le monde est d’accord ?Bien évidemment, tout le monde est d’accord avec elle. Je me demande bien quel est ce jeu mais je sais que je vais être au centre de celui-ci. Ils finissent tranquillement leurs verres, prennent même un petit café pour certains et une tisane pour d’autre, le tout servi par Ben et son plateau alors que je reste là, à genoux devant eux à me poser des questions sur la suite des évènements.Il est environ 22h 30 quand Madame Emmanuelle reçoit un message sur son téléphone et annonce à ses invités que le Dr Berthier ne pourra pas venir ce soir en raison d’une urgence médicale ce qui je dois le dire me soulage un peu quand même quand je repense à la taille de son sexe.- Nous allons pouvoir passer au sous-sol dit-elle, il ne manque plus personne pour passer à la suite de cette soirée. Emmène Sue en bas Ben, prépare-la et installe la pour le jeu. Nous vous rejoignons dans quelques instant le temps de discuter de certaine chose entre nous.Ben enlève son plateau me laissant voir le bout de ses seins rougeâtres Escort avec les marques des pinces bien prononcées sans même que cela n’ait l’air de lui faire mal. Il attache une laisse à mon collier et m’entraine vers le sous-sol sans dire un mot.Dès notre arrivé dans le vestiaire, ben ouvre le tiroir de la table basse et me passe une poire à lavement de 300 ml.- Vas te refaire un petit lavement Sue, et je vais enlever ta sonde que tu puisses aller aux toilettes aussi. Ils ne vont pas descendre avant un bon quart d’heure je pense ils connaissent bien le temps qu’il faut pour que je te prépare au jeu. Tu as peur ?- Un petit peu oui. Il faut dire que cette journée a été plutôt intense sexuellement et que comme ce jeu est une punition, je me doute bien que ce n’est pas fini.- Oh oui Sue, c’est loin d’être fini effectivement.Ben dégonfle le ballonnet de la sonde et me l’enlève doucement laissant couler quelques gouttes de sperme et de précum mélangés. Je me déshabille et vais à la salle de douche suivi de Ben qui prend au passage le plug gonflage et vibrant que je commence à bien connaitre ainsi que des menottes en cuirs pour poignets et cheville.- Je viens avec toi pour être sûr que tu ne te touche pas Sue et que tu te dépêche quand même. Nous irons ensuite dans le donjon pour finir de te préparer pour le jeu.Je passe rapidement sous la douche être propre et faire en même temps le lavement. Mon cul est toujours propre. Si bien qu’il est inutile que j’aille sur les toilettes et je me vide sous la douche. Par certitude d’avoir bien fait, je me refais un autre lavement.Je sors de la douche, m’essuie et comme si cela faisait déjà longtemps que l’on m’éduquait, je tends mes poignets instinctivement vers Ben pour qu’il me mette les menottes qui ne me sont pas reliés entre elles. Ce sont des menottes en cuirs très larges et épaisses qui ont l’air très résistantes et confortables avec un gros anneau en acier de 3 cm de diamètre. Il n’hésite pas à les serrer sans pour autant que celle-ci me fasse mal.Ben m’introduit le plug presque sans le lubrifier puis me remet le collier avec la laisse et m’entraine dans le donjon totalement nu.Je me souviens bien de cette immense pièce avec son mobilier BDSM de toute sorte et ses armoires vitrées laissant voir la multitude d’accessoires à disposition pour les soirées. Je me suis dit la première fois qu’il devait y en avoir pour une fortune mais maintenant que je connais la profession de maître Jeff, ce n’est pas étonnant que le donjon soit suréquipé. La température y est très agréable et l’insonorisation a dû être bien étudié car aucun bruit de l’extérieure n’est perceptibles.Ben me fais traverser le donjon et me fais monter sur l’estrade d’une trentaine de 30 cm de haut. Au centre de celle-ci, une barre métallique de 60 cm elle-même reliée à un palan accroché à une poutre et une petite table haute à coté sur le devant de l’estrade. La barre est munie de gros mousquetons à chaque extrémité et est placé à environ 1,50 mètre de hauteur.A nouveau sans que Ben ne demande rien, je m’approche et place mes poignets vers les mousquetons pour qu’il puisse m’attacher. Je me demande bien quel va être le petit jeu qu’ils ont prévu mais je sens que je vais en baver. Je me remémore surtout la phrase de Madame Emmanuelle m’annonçant le début de ma nouvelle vie et qu’il va falloir que je fasse très attention aux exigences de Madame pour éviter les punitions à répétitions.Je suis là, comme dans une petite salle de spectacle, des fauteuils et des petites tables disposés devant la scène face à moi. Ben passe derrière moi et ramène une barre d’écartement elle aussi métallique mais dont la longueur est réglable. Il entrave mes chevilles et allonge la barre à un bon 80 cm. Je vacille légèrement en avant et me rends compte que l’équilibre va être compliqué à tenir ainsi. Ben connaissant bien cette position de contrainte pour l’avoir pratiquée comme bien d’autre se dirige immédiatement derrière le bar pour fouiller dans un tiroir.D’un coup, au milieu du silence complet, j’entends le bruit du palan qui se met en route et commence à enrouler le câble. Mes poignets sont tirés vers le haut et s’arrête lorsque mes bras sont à moitié fléchis rendant la position beaucoup plus stable.- Alors Sue, c’est beaucoup mieux comme cela n’est-ce pas ?- Oui Ben, c’est bien plus facile de garder l’équilibre.Ben se penche derrière le bar et revient sur l’estrade une mallette à la main qu’il pose sur une petite table haute. Il ouvre alors la mallette face à moi pour que je vois bien son contenu. Dans le couvercle se trouve 2 paddles (1 plutôt long et fin, l’autre plutôt large et court), dans le fond de la mallette un grand compartiment avec une multitude de pince à linge en bois et deux petits compartiments avec un jeu de carte dans le premier et plusieurs chapelets de pinces à linges reliées entre elle par une ficelle et se finissant par un petit anneau métal dans le second.Je n’ai pas trop de mal à comprendre immédiatement ce qu’il allait se passer plus tard. Moi-même j’aime me mettre des pinces un peu partout et en grand nombre. Je sais très bien que la douleur est principalement au du retrait des pinces et que plus il y a de pinces, plus la douleur se propage partout dans tout le corps. La question principale est à nouveau : Combien de temps va durer le jeu ?Ben reprend alors la discussion dans un monologue :« Nous avons un peu de temps et je suis sûr que tu veux connaitre les règles Sue alors les voilà :Les participants tirent une carte chacun leur tour jusqu’à épuisement du jeu. Chaque carte correspond à un nombre de pinces qu’ils te mettront, de coup de pompage du plug, de coup de paddle et d’augmentation de l’intensité des vibrations du plug. Ils vont se régaler je pense car ils adorent ce jeu.Les cartes 7 ,8 et 9 : 2 pinces, les 10 : 3 pinces, les Valets : 4 pincesLes Dames : 2 pinces + 1 coup de pompe du plug + 2 coups de paddleLes Rois : 3 pinces + 1 coup de pompe du plug + 2 coups de paddle + vibration du plug d’un cranLes AS : 6 pinces + 1 coup de pompe du plug + 4 coups de paddle + monte d’1 cran vibrations du plug et après la partie enlèverons 20 pinces par As tiré.Et pour finir les 2 Jokers : 4 pinces + 1 coup de pompe du plug + 4 coups de paddle + monte de 2 crans vibrations du plug. Ils enlèveront chacun 2 chapelets de pinces à la fin de la partie.Ce sont deux cartes que chacun aime avoir car en supplément, le joker rouge mettra un bâillon de son choix lors du tirage et choisira la cage de chasteté en fin de partie. Le joker noir mettra quant à lui des pinces de son choix sur les tétons lors du tirage et choisira sur quel meuble ou accessoire du donjon le soumis ira après la partie.Et tu as vu tout ce qu’il y a Escort Bayan dans ce donjon Sue, les jokers ont que l’embarra du choix. Tiens, il me semble les entendre descendre !!! ».Effectivement, je vois entrer Madame et les 3 convives de la soirée. Maitresse Cloé est toujours toute de cuir vêtue, Anna a changé son chemisier et porte un corset mi- cuir mi-dentelle qui fait remonter ses seins généreux et augmente l’impression de volume. Quant à Maitre Jeff, il a troqué son smoking contre un pantalon en cuir et juste un boléro en cuir laissant voir qu’il entretien son physique.Lorsqu’il s’approche et passe dans la lumière, je remarque immédiatement la protubérance sous son pantalon en cuir qui me fais penser que lui aussi a l’air plutôt bien monté. Sans comprendre si c’est cette vision précise ou l’excitation de la situation mais mon sexe commence à grossir et se durcir de plus en plus. J’essaie de me retenir pour ne pas avoir de remontrances mais il gonfle encore et encore jusqu’à bander à mon maximum.- Tu m’as l’air excité Sue, dit Madame Emmanuelle. La pensée de ce jeu t’excite on dirait. Je me souviens très bien qu’il y avait pas mal de pinces dans ta mallette chez toi alors tu vas être ravis. Ne faisons pas attendre Sue mes amis, commençons donc le jeu.- Ben ! sert nous un verre et prépare nous les cartes.Pendant qu’il s’installe confortablement dans les fauteuils face à l’estrade, Ben passe derrière le bar, remet un plateau de service attaché par les seins puis sert un verre à chacun. Lorsqu’il revient pour faire le service à table, je vois dans sa démarche qu’il commence à avoir mal aux seins avec le poids des verres.Les invités et madame servis, il revient sur l’estrade, prend le jeu de carte dans la mallette, le bat et le pose sur son plateau. Il vient se positionner au bord de l’estrade et se décale d’un petit mètre sur ma gauche afin que tout le monde puisse me voir et que moi aussi je puisse voir le jeu de carte.C’est Madame qui se lève en premier, j’en conclu donc que c’est elle qui va démarrer le jeu.Elle monte sur l’estrade, tire la première carte et la montre à l’assemblé. Elle la repose alors sur le plateau bien en vue. C’est un roi, ça commence déjà par une grosse carte dont je ne me souviens plus exactement ce qu’il engendre. Elle att**** 3 pinces et le paddle court et large et me mets les 3 sur les testicules. Elle passe derrière moi et je sens les vibrations du plug qui se met en route et gonfle d’une pression. Puis m’assène un coup de paddle sur chaque fesse que je dirais de force moyenne.C’est au tour de maitre Jeff qui tire seulement un 10 et me met lui aussi 3 pinces aux testicules avant de retourner s’assoir. Viens alors Maitresse Cloé qui a plus de chance et tire le premier As du jeu. Elle a donc droit à 6 pinces. Je comprends alors à quoi est destiné le petit compartiment de la valise. Les 6 pinces sont en fait un des chapelets qu’elle prend soin de me mettre sur les côtes mon côté droit en alignant bien les pinces et en tirant la peau pour qu’elles soient bien accroché à mon corps. Comme chaque grosse carte, elle gonfle le plug d’un coup de pompe, monte les vibrations d’un cran et me mets 4 bon coups de paddle sur les fesses. Pour finir ce qui n’est que le premier tour, Maitresse Anna viens tirer une carte. Je vois à son visage que ça n’a pas l’air de lui plaire et comprend pourquoi quand je vois qu’elle a seulement un 9. Elle me pose la première pince sur le plancher pelvien et la seconde sur le frein de mon sexe à moitié en érection.Le deuxième tour commence directement par un joker. En l’occurrence, le rouge signifiant la pose d’un bâillon. Madame étant chez elle, elle ne cherche même pas et rapporte d’une étagère un bâillon écarteur en métal recouvert de plastique au niveau dans dents comme on en voyait auparavant chez les dentistes. Après l’avoir mis, elle l’écarte au maximum laissant ma bouche grande ouverte au minimum à 5 cm. Les douleurs dans mes mâchoires ce combine avec les douleurs des pinces qu’elle met sur mes seins autour de mes tétons et des coups de paddle qu’elle m’inflige à en oublier le plug qui a regonflé en vibrant un peu plus. Avant de retirer une carte, elle s’approche de moi pour me faire voir sur son visage le plaisir qu’elle prend à me voir ainsi soumis.Les cartes suivantes sont que de petite valeur entrainant seulement la pose de pinces. Maitresse Anna est à nouveau mécontente de tirer seulement un valet et se venge à nouveau en plaçant les pinces à des endroits sensibles. La première sur la langue, deux sur la lèvre inférieure et une dans le cou en prenant un maximum de peau.Le tour suivant continu de même avec un 8 et un valet avant que Maitresse Cloé tire son deuxième As avec jubilation. Comme je mis attendais, le deuxième chapelet est mis à l’identique du premier mais sur mes côtes gauches.Maitresse Anna quant à elle se retourne ravie vers moi pour me montrer sa carte avant même de la montrer aux autres. Elle à l’air d’être heureuse comme une enfant qui ouvre un cadeau avec de nouveau le tirage d’un As. Très rapidement, elle pose le chapelet de 6 pinces sur mon ventre, gonfle le plug, augmente les vibrations puis att**** le second paddle plus long et plus mince que le précédent.Je comprends son ravissement quand je reçois le premier coup qui viens frapper mes deux fesses en même temps avec une intensité foudroyante. Je ne peux m’empêcher lâcher un « AH » de douleur suivie de trois autres « AH » succédant à chaque coups reçus. Après tous les coups déjà reçu depuis le début de soirée, J’ai les fesses totalement en feu. A nouveau Maitresse Anna n’y a pas été de mains mortes à m’en faire oublier un instant les douleurs provoquées par la cinquantaine de pinces déjà sur mon corps. J’avais bien deviné en début de soirée qu’elle appréciait donner des coups et cette fois j’en suis plus que convaincu.Le tour suivant est plutôt calme, une dizaine de pinces supplémentaires, 2 pompages du plug et 2 coups de paddle heureusement mis par Maitresse Cloé.Le jeu à commencer depuis bien 30 minutes et la moitié des cartes sont tirée. Je suis inquiet car je sens la morsure des pinces un peu partout sur mon corps.J’ai des pinces sur les testicules, le sexe, le ventre, les côtes, en dessous de mes bras sur mes triceps, la langue, la lèvre inférieure, à l’intérieur des cuisses et même quelques pinces entre les orteils de mes pieds.Maitresse Emmanuelle ne se relève pas de suite et fait même une petite pause en buvant tranquillement son verre. Après quelques minutes, le jeu reprend enfin.Dès la deuxième carte, maitre Jeff tire le dernier As et place le chapelet sur mon triceps droit qui n’a que quelques pinces par rapport à l’autre. J’appréhende à chaque fois que Maitresse Anna Bayan Escort se lève pour tirer une carte. Et bien entendu, elle tire une Dame me valant deux coups de paddle en plus du reste qui une fois encore me font crier. Ma bave coule entre mes seins et sur mon ventre commençant à empêcher la mise en place des pinces à ses endroits. Cela ne les gêne pas, ils enchainent par d’autre partie du corps, en visant les articulations : aisselles, intérieur des coudes et des genoux et adducteurs. Ils en arrivent même à en mettre dans mon cou, sur mes arcades et sur les oreilles. Je suis un vrai sapin de noël de pinces.Le plug commence à être gros et est maintenant douloureux à chaque augmentation de volume. Je n’aurais jamais pensé que finalement les pinces les plus douloureuses sont celles que j’ai sur la lèvre et la langue. Comme si ce n’était pas suffisant, c’est Maitresse Anna qui retourne le joker au tour suivant. Je n’ai vraiment pas de chance aujourd’hui. Elle se dirige vers une vitrine remplie de pinces à seins de toutes sorte et revient avec deux aspires tétons. Elle me les met alors et tourne la molette pour faire le vide et aspirer mes tétons au maximum. Encore une sensation de douleur supplémentaire dans mon corps, je n’espère plus qu’une chose maintenant, c’est que ce jeu finisse au plus vite car cela doit faire 1 heure environ qu’ils martyrisent mon corps dans tous les sens. Elle continue par ajouter 4 pinces sous les aisselles, elle gonfle le plug deux fois en prenant soins de bien vider la pompe poire à chaque fois et après avoir augmenté les vibrations de 2 crans, elle passe au paddle avec un large sourire. Le premier coup me fait crier mais je crois que ce sont des hurlements qui sortent de ma bouche les coups suivants. J’imagine l’état de mes fesses que je ne peux voir. Elles doivent être violette à force de prendre des coups.Certaines pinces ont vrillé et la douleur devient intolérable, je n’arrête plus de gémir en continu avec ma bave qui continu encore et encore de dégouliner. Je regarde le jeu de carte et il doit rester une dizaine de cartes au maximum et encore une vingtaine de pinces dans la mallette.Ils continuent chacun leur tour à venir me torturer et je ne sais même pas comment ils font maintenant pour trouver de la place pour mettre les pinces. Mon cul est rempli par le plug gonflable à un point que j’ai des contractions douloureuses dans le ventre comme pour l’expulser de mon corps. La dernière carte du jeu arrive enfin. Maitresse Anna fini le jeu par une dame qui je le sais va entrainer à nouveau deux coups de paddle que j’appréhende déjà. Je suis étonné de La voir prendre l’autre paddle, plus court et plus large et je comprends sont choix quand elle me frappe deux énormes fois sur le derrière de chaque cuisse. Je me demande comment je fais pour arriver à rester sur mes jambes avec l’effet de surprise et la douleur si intense que cela me provoque.Je respire enfin en me disant que le jeu est fini. Enfin, presque car le plus dur va venir lorsqu’ils vont retirer la centaine de pinces de mon corps.Je crois m’évanouir et je ne comprends plus rien de ce qu’il se passe lorsque Maitresse Emmanuelle s’approche de moi et me dit :- Tu es très belle avec toutes ces pinces Sue !!! Maintenant que tu es prête, passons à la punition que tu mérites. Je vais être gentille avec toi et remplacer ton bâillon par un bâillon mors que tu puisses serrer des dents.Ben est déjà là, à côté d’elle avec le bâillon mors en cuir noir sur le plateau. Elle m’enlève tout d’abord la pince sur ma langue, me retire l’écarteur et mets le bâillon mors soulageant ainsi ma mâchoire. Je sais que ma punition arrive et qu’elle va être dur pour moi surtout quand les 4 chapelets de pinces seront arrachés par Madame et Maitresse Anna.Les invités sont assis en face de moi, et je ne comprends pas pourquoi Madame les rejoints et s’assoit à son tour plutôt que de les convier à m’enlever les pinces. Je me dis qu’elle veut surement attendre encore pour accentuer la douleur. A nouveau surpris, j’entends le palan se mettre en route et mes bras qui commence à être tirés vers le haut. Au fur et à mesure, mon corps commence à s’étirer et je ressens la douleur s’intensifier sur chaque pince. Je me mets sur la pointe des pieds au maximum pour la limiter mais le palan ne s’arrête pas et je sens mes pieds quitter le sol. Je suis suspendu, des douleurs partout dans le corps. Certaines pinces sautent de ma chair quand d’autres restent accrochées par un minuscule bout de peau. Je n’arrête pas de gémir par cette souffrance continue, serrant le mors au maximum en fermant les yeux pour m’aider à supporter les sévices que je reçois.Je ne me rends même pas compte qu’ils m’ont rejoint sur l’estrade jusqu’à ce que Maitresse Anna arrache les deux chapelets de pinces en même temps qui sont sur mes côtes droite et gauche.Je hurle comme jamais, des larmes de douleur coulent le long de mes joues, mon corps me fait mal de partout. Ils enlèvent les pinces les unes après les autres me faisant gémir à chaque fois. Les yeux toujours fermés, Je ne vois lequel d’entre eux s’amuse même à faire sauter des pinces en tapant dessus. – C’est presque fini Sue me dit Maitresse Emmanuelle. Il ne reste plus que mes deux chapelets à t’enlever.Elle me dit cela comme pour me préparer à souffrir une dernière fois. Elle att**** en premier le chapelet qui est sur mon ventre et l’arrache d’un coup sec. Elle saisit ensuite le dernier chapelet et tire dessus très lentement cette fois ci. Chaque pince arrachée me fait crier de plus en plus fort. C’est seulement à la dernière pince qu’elle tire d’un coup sec.Le palan se remet en route pour me descendre cette fois ci. Lorsque mes pieds sont au sol, Ben enlève la barre d’écartement et le bâillon mors. La descente continue mais mon corps est tellement engourdi et douloureux que je n’arrive pas à rester debout. Je me retrouve sur les genoux, les fesses aux talons me rappelant à quel point elles sont sensibles maintenant, les bras toujours attachés au-dessus de ma tête penchée vers le sol. Dernier soulagement quand Ben, dégonfle le plug et arrête les vibrations. Il ne me détache pas, et me laisse ainsi. Je pense que s’il m’avait détaché, je me serais écroulé sur le sol.Ils me laissent ainsi 15 minutes environs. Quand je reprends mes esprits, je peux apercevoir sur une petite pendule derrière le bar qu’il est seulement 00h20. J’entends quelques brides de leurs conversations, et je comprends que tout le monde dort sur place ce soir et qu’ils n’ont à priori pas encore sommeil.- Allez Sue me lance Maitresse Emmanuelle, il est temps d’utiliser mon Joker !!! Ben va t’installer sur la banquette là-bas. Je pense que pour toi Anna, tu utiliseras ton joker seulement en fin de soirée.- Bien sur Manu répond elle, pas avant la fin de soirée. Il serrait dommage de ne pas avoir Sue à 100% pour la suite.A nouveau, et comme après chaque événement, je comprends qu’ils n’en ont toujours pas fini avec moi.A suivre…..

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Un jeune gay dominant

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Big Dicks

Un jeune gay dominantKevin avait une vingtaine d’année et était étudiant en chimie. Il avait répondu à mon annonce et se présentait comme gay actif. Dans son profil il indiquait qu’il aimait le porno, le cul et les hommes vicieux. Il n’était pas gêné par notre différence d’age et acceptait de me sodomiser dans des rapports protégés. Nos échanges par messagerie ont débouché vers un rendez-vous réel.Cet après midi de novembre, il m’a rejoint dans ma chambre d’hôtel. Il avait un charmant visage rond avec une pointe de féminité, de très beaux yeux bleus, des cheveux courts noirs et une petite remontée de la lèvre supérieure très sexy. Il me dépassait légèrement avec son mètre quatre vingt trois, et était un peu enrobé (Chubby comme on dit).Il s’est rendu dans le coin de la chambre et s’est immédiatement déshabillé. Sa peau était assez blanche, douce au toucher, et il était totalement glabre. Je me suis déshabillé à mon tour pour que nous puissions nous enlacer, nus.Il m’a rejoint au centre de la pièce, m’a attiré contre lui et m’a immédiatement embrassé fougueusement. J’étais légèrement surpris par cet empressement mais ravi de cet élan. Sa langue s’enfonçait à la recherche de la mienne, dans ma bouche. Soudain il a saisi mon visage entre ses mains, l’a éloigné un peu pour me dévisager avant de reprendre ce torride baiser. A nouveau, il m’a écarté Escort un peu, m’a regardé d’un air sévère, puis a repris son baiser et commencé à me lécher les lèvres, les joues, les paupières. Le geste était vif, légèrement brutal, mais pas violent, et bien que je n’y étais pas préparé, j’appréciais qu’il me lèche le visage comme un chien heureux de voir son maître.Il m’a poussé ensuite vers le canapé clic-clac qui ornait la chambre, Il s’y est installé, moitié assis, moitié allongé, jambes écartées. Je ne pouvais que remarquer sa queue tendue qui devait faire 20cm de long pour 4 de diamètre. Impossible de résister à le sucer. Je m’agenouillais et entourais son gland de mes lèvres puis j’ai commencé à monter et descendre sur sa tige en faisant jouer ma langue. Par instant, il m’a saisi la tête pour imprimer le rythme, mais comme il appuyait trop fort, son sexe tapait au fond de ma gorge et me provoquait des haut-le-cœur désagréables. Je résistais donc mais poursuivais néanmoins la fellation. Je n’aime pas trop la vulgarité, mais quand il m’a dit : “Oh, tu as l’air d’aimer ça, toi ! Tu suces comme une vraie salope”, j’ai gloussé un peu tout en gardant sa queue en bouche, et j’étais en fait assez flatté de pouvoir faire plaisir à ce jeune homme. Il m’a redressé et m’a demandé de me branler devant lui. J’ai commencé à m’astiquer mais Escort Bayan il s’est levé, m’a poussé sur le canapé et m’a couché sur le dos. Encore une fois, c’était un peu brutal : J’avais clairement affaire à un actif dominant. Finalement, le maître, c’est plutôt lui ! Il s’est placé au-dessus de moi et j’ai crains un instant qu’il ne me pénètre sauvagement, dans la foulée. Mais il s’est allongé et a frotté son corps contre le mien. Son sexe glissait contre mon sexe et mon ventre tandis qu’il m’embrassait et me léchait la figure. Il pesait de tout son poids sur moi et il a attrapé mon visage entre ses mains, a ouvert ma bouche avec les pouces et a laissé couler un long filet de salive dans ma gorge. Je n’avais jamais essayé ce préliminaire, très suggestif d’une éjaculation buccale, et contre toute attente, j’ai vraiment aimé ça.Il s’est redressé, m’offrant de nouveau son sexe à sucer. J’ai encore du résister pour éviter qu’il ne me l’enfonce profondément et douloureusement en fond de gorge. Là, il s’est lassé et a décidé de passer à plus sérieux. Il m’a poussé sur le lit, buste en avant et fesses redressées en position de chienne. Il a saisi un préservatif, l’a enfilé et s’est installé debout derrière moi. Il m’a ramené un peu les jambes en arrière pour rapprocher mon cul, et il m’a pénétré fermement et totalement en une Bayan Escort fois. Heureusement, qu’avant son arrivée, je m’étais fait une toilette intime et, ce faisant, je m’étais un peu dilaté le trou. Il n’a pas pris la peine d’utiliser du gel et la lubrification du préservatif était juste suffisante. Je mordais les draps et je gémissais à cause de la douleur mais aussi du plaisir de sentir sa bite totalement dans mes entrailles. Tout en me limant le cul, il m’a demandé : “Tu es une bonne salope, toi ! Dis-le ! Dis que tu es une salope”.Je ne le souhaitais pas, mais je ne voulais pas non plus qu’il s’arrête de me baiser, alors j’ai faiblement murmuré “Je suis une salope”. Et il a continué de me démonter le cul en m’assenant quelques fessées. Brusquement, il s’est retiré, m’a poussé en avant et m’a retourné sur le dos. D’un geste il a retiré le préservatif et est venu se placer à califourchon sur ma poitrine. Il se masturbait et je ne pouvais pas détacher mon regard de son sexe tendu à quelques centimètres de ma figure. C’est alors qu’il s’est libéré dans un râle, son sperme inondant mon visage. Je me masturbais aussi, et j’ai presque immédiatement jouis sur mon ventre. Au global, j’avais un peu souffert, mais j’avais eu aussi beaucoup de plaisir. J’ai revu Kevin une seconde fois. Notre partie de sexe fut encore marqué par son attitude dominante teintée de vulgarité, et bien que j’y trouvais un certain plaisir je ne m’abandonnais pas à sa soumission. Ça ne devais pas lui convenir car après ce deuxième rendez-vous, il m’a bloqué en messagerie et ne j’ai plus eu de ses nouvelles.

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smiles, kisses and him

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smiles, kisses and himMy head was spinning, my heart was pounding and most of all I was excited but at the same time I was nervous. Today was the biggest day of my life. I looked in the mirror and saw myself; I was in a low cut pearl white wedding dress and as I looked closer in the mirror I saw tears in my eyes, it was probably tears of joy. The time was near for me to be wedded to the man of my dreams, the man that I had loved from the first time I heard his voice, he was a voice actor that had grabbed my heart, and most of all he was adorable. The way he proposed to me was adorable as well. “Today the stars seem to be shining bright, their beautiful” I said while we were looking at the night sky filled with thousands of brightly shining stars. “Yeah, I see the most beautiful star here with me right now, will you marry me?” he said in the most romantic way that made my heart melt. The church bells rang as my brother escorted me to my groom, my dad was sitting on the chair with my dead mother’s picture in his hands and quietly shouting out my name though his tears. I smiled to myself as I shook my head and looked at my brother to find him also in tears and sort of smiling in a weird way. 3 steps more and I was almost there, my brother let go of his grip from my arm and gave me to my love, there he smiled at me and took my hand in his. “Do you” began the priest, “Noriaki Sugiyama, take this lady to be your lawful wedded wife?” Noriaki looked at me with his big round eyes and said under his breath, “Yes, I do” my heart raced as the priest looked at me and repeated the vows, “Do you Marika Iwasaki take this man to be lawful wedded husband?” I smiled a small half smile and answered back in a small voice, “Yes, I do” the priest then said that he would pronounce as husband and wife and that we could give out the rings. When everything was over, Noriaki kissed me deeply, in the background I could hear my friends and family cheering for me, for a brief moment I thought I heard my mother tell me congratulations. I gave my husband a big smile as I received another kiss from him and through my bouquet of flowers high in the air. My best friend caught it and my other best friend started to scream with joy. The wedding was a blast, I danced with my brother, father and then with my husband. While Noriaki and I danced he asked me how I was keeping up with my work, I smiled back at him and thought about my work. I work as a writer and script writer, I write love stories from the views of teens and young adults. My scripts are somewhat similar to my love stories and when my scripts are finished I give it to my editor and my editor and a producer from an animation company makes it into an interesting animation, in which my beloved husband voice acts to it. “All’s well that ends well” I answered back under my breath. The wedding seemed to last forever but like all parties and fun moments, there must be an ending and it was time for us wedded couple to leave for our honeymoon. Noriaki never said anything about where our honeymoon was going to be, he only said “It’s a surprise and I intend to keep it that way” knowing that I was a very curious person he smiled at me and chuckled and put his arms around me. When he got in the plane we met some friends and old acquaintances. The people we saw were Masaya Onosaka, Hiroki Yasumoto, and Katsuyuki Konishi. They were voice actors as well and frinds of ours, “Check it out guys!” said Katsuyuki “the honeymoon couple is here” I turned three shades of pink as I hugged everyone and told them what and how the wedding was like, next to me was Noriaki reading my script and smiling every now and then. During the flight I must have slept because when I woke up I was being carried my Noriaki. “What?” I said in a small voice, Noriaki heard me and put me back on my feet. “When did I fall asleep?” I asked, Noriaki smiled and put his arms around my waist and said under his breath, “about 2 hours ago, your sleeping face was so adorable that I took a few pictures in my cell phone” I gasped and tried to take his phone away but he was too fast for me and right at the airport he pressed his lips against mine and he gave me a bit of a wet and deep kiss that made me want air. When the kiss was broken Hiroki, Masaya and Katsuyuki started to cheer madly and clap their hands. “You sly cat, well done.” Said Hiroki and patted Noriaki on the back. Noriaki smiled as he grabbed me by my waist and carried my luggage and his luggage and started to walk towards the airport exit. “Where are we” I asked, Noriaki grinned and said we were almost there and when I came in contact of fresh air I gasped and hugged my husband at the same time I covered him in kisses. “Oh, thank you thank you thank you!” I yelled out with joy. Noriaki had taken me to England for our honeymoon. Knowing that I was always interested in English culture and gardens along with tea, he had brought me here. Masaya and the gang chuckled from behind, “What are you guys doing here, honestly” asked Noriaki now being a bit upset. Hiroki was about to say something but he was interrupted by Katsuyuki, “We are on vacation and we thought England would be great fun” Noriaki sighed and said under his breath, “Fine, just don’t bother me or my wife” Masaya chuckled and raised his hands “we swear” he said and started to chuckle again, Katsuyuki chuckled to as he asked Noriaki to reapeat what he had just said and to my surprise he did but this time he said it a bit louder, “Don’t bother me or my wife” when he said “my wife” I happened to look up at his face and see his face turn red. My body instantly kissed his lips and my hands caressed his rough but silky dark black and brown hair. Noriaki was surprised at first but he embraced my kisses and pulled me closer to him. The kiss was broken by Masaya who told us to do this sort of stuff when we were alone, and not in public. We took a cab to a hotel called the four seasons. While I dragged my suit case and talked to Hiroki and the gang, Noriaki went to the front desk and got our room key. I said my good nights as I gently kissed the gang on their cheeks and hugged them, then I skipped my way to Noriaki but I sort of slipped and was about to fall but Noriaki caught me just in time, “Try to be more careful next time sweet heart” he whispered in my right ear and helped me to my feet. When we reached our room door, Noriaki told me to close my eyes and not peak, I did as I was told and when he was ready he carefully put his hands over my eyes and carefully led me into our room. “ Alright, open your eyes” he said and removed his hands from my eyes, when I opened my eyes, my mouth almost dropped open, our room was a special suite room and rose petals covered the queen sized bed. I quickly turned around to meet my husband’s gaze and kissed him deeply on the lips and as if returning the kisses he caressed my body and slowly stripped my clothes off. When Noriaki made me completely naked he started to take off his clothes and when his naked body pressed against mine, he started to kiss the left side of my neck, he knew that my left side was my weak spot and that I was easily turned on when someone or something touched there. I moaned and breathed heavily as he started to not only breathe on my neck but slowly lick his way towards my body. My heart raced as I could feel my blood pressure rise, “Naughty girl” said Noriaki through each pant he made, “looks like someone is wet and ready to be cooked” I moaned louder as I felt Noriaki enter me. Right after Noriaki entered me, I felt something gushing out of my body, “It looks as though…umm….I’m your first” said Noriaki between his moans, I felt my body itching to have more of Noriaki inside me, I reached out my arms and embraced him, the bed we were on started to move and make squeaking sounds, “Nori…aki…I…ah…” I squealed as I felt him force himself deeper inside my body, my temperature increased as my moaning got louder and louder to a point where I was almost screaming, when I looked into Noriaki’s eyes, I saw his gentle gaze and I felt like I had to say something but the only words, well more like sounds that came out of my mouth was squeaks, moans, and his name. We probably had sex for more than 2 hours because we were extremely exhausted and when we looked at the clock it was almost 10 pm. Noriaki fought the his tired self and changed the bed sheets in to fresh and clean ones, because of the bloody mess he got me into. When we were Escort finally in bed together, he pulled me close to his body where I rested my head on his arms and snuggled myself closer to his body. “Where would you like to go tomorrow?” asked Noriaki as he gently wrapped his arms around my body that was snuggling closer to his. “Anywhere, where we can be alone.” I said a little sleepily, Noriaki kissed my forehead then my lips, “I’ll think about that so for now let’s get some sleep” he said and embraced me. The next morning I woke up to hear the birds twittering outside our suite window and also to the thumping noise coming from the door, I wrapped myself with the bed sheets and reached out to the bedside table that had my glasses. I put on my glasses and answered the door, “Who is it?” I asked, then a familiar voice answered, “It’s Masaya and with me are Hiroki and Katsuyuki” said the voice. I opened the door and in came Masaya and the gang, they looked at my sleeping husband and then at me, “So, did you guys do it? Did you guys have sex last night?” asked Katsuyuki, I turned red and ignored him but Masaya looked under the bed sheets and laughed out loud. “Hey, Katsuyuki, they had sex last night, this guy is completely naked!” yelled Masaya through his laughs. Katsuyuki went to see Noriaki’s naked body and joined Masaya laughing, meanwhile, Hiroki looked around our suite and when he saw what Masaya and Katsuyuki were doing he immediately grabbed their shoulders and dragged them away from Noriaki which was now waking up, I gave him a kiss on the lips as he slowly opened his eyes and embraced my kisses. But when he saw the gang in our room and me wrapped around in the bed sheets, his eyes changed from sweet to rage, “What the hell are you guys doing in my our room? Get the hell out of this room before I call security” said Noriaki who had put his arms around me “Come on Noriaki, we just came to wake you love birds up, oh and by the way, I can imagine the sex was good between you two” said Katsuyuki, with a flash Noriaki was about to jump out of bed but I pulled him back in bed and whispered the fact that he was naked in his left ear, when he heard this he turned red and stopped his struggles.“Give me and my Marika 15 Minutes to get changed. We’ll meet you guys at the lobby.” Noriaki said calmly, the gang seemed to agree and left us in peace. “Good morning love” I said as I pressed my lips against his. He returned my kisses by giving me a big bear hug and pushed me down on the bed and covered me in kisses, “Yumily” he said under his breath and kissed my forehead. I quickly pushed him away and turned my face away in disgust, “Marika, I’m sorry, I just think Yumily is a cute name, I don’t know why you hate it so much, in fact I kind of like your middle name” said Noriaki who was trying to hug me from behind but I kept on rejecting him. “I don’t like that name, it sounds too girly and weak!” I pouted and turned my back towards him. Noriaki then breathed on my weak spot and apologized, I couldn’t resist, I gave in and forgave him as he showered me in kisses. I looked at the clock, we had less than 5 minutes to get changed in our clothes and meet the gang at the lobby. I quickly fixed my hair and put on my blue black jeans and white long shirt and with a brown belt my mother used to wear around my waist and I was set. Noriaki on the other hand was wearing a black top, a black denim jacket and a pair of blue black jeans. “Shall we Miss. Yumily?” asked Noriaki, I sighed, though I hate my middle name there was something in me that allowed him to call me by that name for the second time, “please tell me you’re not intending to call me that name forever?” I asked with a sigh, my husband smiled at me and kissed me, “not all the time but maybe once in a while, just to tease you a bit, after all you are my beloved wife and to be quiet arrogant, I do have a bit of an advantage over you” he teased as we walked out our suite room and Noriaki locked it. In the elevator I brain stormed some new ideas for my new story and script in my head. When Noriaki and I reached the lobby, Masaya, Katsuyuki and Hiroki were waiting restlessly near the sofas, “Finally” said Hiroki who was playing cards with Katsuyuki and Masaya was reading some script from another animation. The 5 of us decided to eat at the hotel and when we finished eating we then decided to take a stroll around Manchester. I thought it was a beautiful place, new people, new culture, new atmosphere and most of all new ideas for a new beginning for a brand new story. I felt the ideas flooding into my head as I smiled to myself. Suddenly someone grabbed my hand and pulled me out of a crowded street, “Hey! I’m married!” I exclaimed when I looked at the person who had pulled my hand and I gasped, it was Masaya and he thought I was being drifted away by the crowd so he came to rescue me. I thanked him and told him that I should be on my way back to Noriaki but he insisted?that we tour the place around together, I hesitated but knowing that Masaya and Noriaki were friends, I thought that there was no harm that could be done so I followed Masaya. We reached a bridge where we stared at the flowing river for a long time. “I love you” Masaya suddenly said out of the blue, I was shocked to hear the words coming out from my friends mouth, “what?” I said still not being able to comprehend to what Masaya had just said, “I said I love you.” He repeated, “I loved you ever since you came in that stupid old studio and gave the stupid old producer your script, I love the way you try to cover your true feelings and say other things, I love you Marika, I love you” I was having a hard time to answer his feelings, I mean I loved him to but not as a lover but as a dear friend, after all I am married and I’m really happy about it. “I love Noriaki and only him, though I do like you as a friend” I quickly said, Masaya looked at me and smiled, “I can make you happy” he said and tried to hug me but I dogged him. “Please, just one hug” he said and tried to hug me again, I dogged again, he sighed and pulled my arm, “Stop it you’re hurting me” I shouted, then without warning he pushed me against a brick wall and basically sandwiched me, “I love you” he said again, I closed my eyes and covered my face, suddenly I heard a familiar voice say “Keep your hands off my wife” , I opened my eyes to see Noriaki and Masaya fighting, I tried to stop them but Katsuyuki and Hiroki stopped me. “If you go into their fight, you won’t survive their blow” said Hiroki in a low husky voice that made me worry a bit. I stared at the 2 that were fighting and plucked up my courage, “Both of you stop fighting! I beg of you two, please” I yelled out, Noriaki stopped but Masaya made his final blow and Noriaki was knocked out. I quickly rushed to my husband’s side and covered him in kisses, he was terribly bruised, I looked up at Masaya and saw that he too was bruised badly. Hiroki and Katsuyuki carried Noriaki to our suite where the rest of the day I nursed my husband back to reality. “Feeling better?” I asked with a wide grin, Noriaki stretched his hands towards me, as I leaned forward, he pulled me towards him and hugged me tightly, “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you” he said under his breath, I looked up at him and kissed his warm lips, “I’m fine, but how did you and Masaya get in a fight?” I asked, Noriaki sighed as he told me how they go in a fight. Katsuyuki, Hiroki and Noriaki were looking for me and Masaya but they couldn’t find us, that’s when Noriaki thought he heard me say “Stop it you’re hurting me” so he and the other 2 ran towards where the voice came from and they saw a drunk Masaya trying to seduce me. “I didn’t even know that Masaya was drunk, he looked normal” I said, Noriaki sighed and kissed my lips deeply, then he continued his explanation, apparently Noriaki first put his right hand on Masaya’s shoulder but when he saw him trying to kiss me, Noriaki couldn’t bear to watch it so he said, “Keep your hands off my wife” and they got in a fight. I chuckled when Noriaki sighed and looked at my face. “I love you so much, I don’t know what I’d do without you” he said and held me close. I snuggled myself closer to him as my lips met his lips and before we both knew it, we were stripping each other’s clothes and violently making love to each other. I moaned and squeaked a bit when I felt Noriaki’s big dick force himself in me. The bed started to move up and Escort Bayan down as our movement got louder and louder. “Mari…ka, I…umm…love you more than anything…umm” said Noriaki through his moans, I panted for breath and answered him, “I…ah…umm…love you too…ah…” this lasted longer than I thought I would because we heard the gang knocking on our door. Noriaki looked a bit disappointed as he put on his pants and answered the door, Masaya apologized immediately when he saw Noriaki at the door and when he saw me wrapped around in the bed sheets with my hair all messy, he started to get a bloody nose in which Hiroki attended. “We just came to say sorry and bye because we have to leave and go back to Japan for work” said Katsuyuki. Noriaki hugged them and called me to his side, I stared at the guys in front of me and gave them a kiss on the cheeks, when I kissed Masaya’s cheeks, I softly whispered “I may not love you as strongly as I love Noriaki but my love for you as my best friend is strong” and as to add to what I whispered, I added a tiny wink and Masaya smiled back at me and through me a kiss. “That’s it break it up” said Noriaki and slammed the door “now, where were we, oh yes of course, I think I had just made myself comfortable inside you” he said and started to take off his pants and we continued to have sex, he licked my weak spot licked my nipples, licked my body and finally he plunged himself inside my body once more, I shuddered with pain as he forced himself deeper and deeper inside me. “Come on, spread your legs a bit more open darling” he said through his rough breathings, I did as I was told and spread my legs open a bit more, I felt like my body was melting when our pace started to get faster and faster until the room was filled with only my moans and Noriaki’s heavy breathing. We must have had sex for more than 3 hours because the sun had set and the stars seemed to be shining brightly. Noriaki put on his pajamas as I took out a pink negligee out of my suit case and wore it in the bathroom, I smiled to myself as I slowly came walking out of the bathroom and walked my way towards my husband that had his mouth wide open, “My god, Marika Yumily Sugiyama, you look ravishing” he said and kissed me deeply when I was inside the bed covers. “I told you not to call me that name” I teased as I snuggled closer towards Noriaki’s warm body. While sleeping I felt Noriaki’s right hand gently stroke my back, I moaned a bit as I snuggled in closer to my love. 4 miraculous days passed and in 3 days it was time for us to head back to Japan and start our busy life style again. The next day while Noriaki and I were walking hand in hand I met someone very unusual, my ex-boyfriend, Daisuke Hirakawa, he was also a voice actor and we were together for 5 months but we broke up at the same time and we never crossed each other’s path but today we did. “Marika?” he asked as Noriaki gripped my hand tighter, “Daisuke!” I exclaimed and waved at him, when he came closer, Noriaki and I saw a small boy hugging Daisuke’s right leg, “Oh” I said, “who is this young boy, is he yours” Daisuke laughed out loud, “no, sadly he isn’t mine but he is my nephew” he replied back with a proud grin. I smiled back and patted the little boy on the head. The little boy was so adorable that I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, “may I carry him a bit?” I asked, Daisuke nodded as I carefully carried the little boy in my arms and showed Noriaki who was now patiently waiting for me to finish talking to my ex-boyfriend, “Sweet heart, he’s adorable” I said, Noriaki looked at the boy and carried him a bit and gave him back to Daisuke, we said our goodbyes and headed back to our suit. “That boy was so cute” I said, now in my fantasy world “yeah he was, which is exactly why I want to try having one with you” said Noriaki. I turned three shades of pink before I turned completely red in the face, “you what?” I asked a bit embarrassed about what he had just said, “I want to try making a baby with you if you don’t mind” he repeated, I smiled and flung my arms around him. When we went back to our suite, he unzipped my jeans, unbuttoned my shirt and then he took off my underwear as he unhooked my bra, he started to undress himself as well and gently laid me on the bed and kissed my weak spot as he slowly made his way down to my stomach, where he then started to lick my body. A few brief moments of being nice then suddenly he forced himself deeper and deeper inside my body, I felt like my body was burning. Noriaki and I continued to do this every night until it was time for us to go back to Japan, when we arrived at the airport in Japan, Hiroki, Masaya and Katsuyuki were waiting for our return and a very unexpected guest awaited in the car that was waiting for us, it was Daisuke, “Hello Marika” he said and gave me a great big hug. I smiled at him as I sat next to Noriaki in the car and waited for the car to taxi. When the car moved I realized that the driver was Hiroki and he looked so patient and so calm, Noriaki gave a piece of paper to Hiroki and smiled, Hiroki smiled back and started to drive on and on until he stopped in front of a big white and darkish blue house. I stared at the house for a long time, “Come on Marika, we’re here” said Noriaki,I got out of the car and took out our luggage from the car and waved goodbye to our friends, “Home sweet home” said Noriaki, and carried my luggage in one hand while he unlocked the door with his other, when the door was opened, he took my hand in his and we both entered the big house, “I took the privilege of moving everything here just before we went on our honeymoon, I hope you don’t mind” he said, I smiled at the big house, “It’s beautiful” I said and through him a kiss that night I cooked some Chinese dish for the both of us. “Just imagine, I come home from work every day and eat my wife’s cooking and after that I have a bit of some fun time with her, this is life” said Noriaki and he started to eat. After dinned I did the dishes and I did the laundry. After I did all the house work, I sat in front of my computer and started to write a new story but no letters seemed to fill up the page. I sighed and stared at my computer for a very long time, suddenly Noriaki hugged me from behind. I breathed in some air and smelt the cologne Noriaki was wearing. “What do you say, we stop what you’re doing right now and go into bed and try to make something cooking in here” he said as he placed his right hand on my stomach. I squeaked a bit when Noriaki started to kiss the nape of my right neck, “I’ll save your left for bed” he said in a whisper as he turned off my computer and carried me to the bedroom where we violently kissed each other’s lips, when Noriaki sandwiched me against the bed and started to kiss my weak spot. I moaned as I felt his hands slowly take my clothes off, I moaned louder and louder until Noriaki kissed me and forced his tongue inside my mouth, “let’s hear that cute voice of yours some more shall we” said Noriaki through each breath that was spared between us. My legs slowly opened as I felt his body press closer to mine and he forced himself inside me, I bit my lips as Noriaki started to lick my naked body, “you look cute when you’re pink” he said under his breath, I moaned and wiggled my body a little. “Nori…aki…I…ah…umm…” I tried to speak but Noriaki had forced himself deeper causing me to scream a little, “yes, what is it you want my sweet” he asked, I bit my lips harder only to cause myself to bleed, when Noriaki saw my bloody lips he quickly kissed my lips and sucked my blood, “naughty little girl, could you not wait for me to cum?” he asked softly, I shook my head as I put my arms around him and made him get in deeper into my body. “My god, you really are a naughty girl, you came before I could” he said in amusement. I smiled weakly and kissed Noriaki on his lips passionately before I passed out. “Marika!” yelled out Noriaki, but I heard him chuckle when he found out I was sleeping in his embrace, “you have a peaceful face when you sleep, I must be the luckiest man in the world to have married a beautiful woman like you” I smiled peacefully as I felt Noriaki lie down next to me and kiss my lips and cheeks. The next morning I woke up early and started to work on my story, my story was about a high school girl who was madly in love with the school’s popular boy. As I concentrated on my work, I didn’t even notice that Noriaki was behind Bayan Escort me, “Good morning Mrs. Sugiyama” he whispered softly in my right ear, I gasped at first but then I quickly turned around to face my husband that was beaming down at me, “umm, good morning love” I said and got out of my chair and took his hand in mine, “what do you want to eat?” I asked, Noriaki smiled and hugged me from behind, “how about I eat you up before I go to work” he said softly, I quickly started the fire in the kitchen and made some bacon and eggs with a buttered toast and coffee. We ate and laughed as we planned what we were going to do in the night, “how about we borrow a movie and watch it together with some popcorn” suggested Noriaki, I thought about the suggestion and quickly kissed his lips, “let’s talk about it when you come back home tonight” I said as I kissed him on the lips and started to make his lunch, his lunch was a pretty simple but there was a secret to his lunch box, inside his lunch box where he could put his chopsticks in there was a poem I made just for him, it read, “Your mellow voice engulfs my aching heart, your gentle touch warms my body. Your eyes are like the crisp silver moon that caresses my own. Your tender kiss flies me across the galaxy. Your long slim fingers gently caresses my cheeks, your soft warm hug makes my heart skip over the mountains, I love you with all my heart” I sighed a light sigh and packed Noriaki’s lunch box. “Take care” I said and gave him a kiss on the lips. It had been 3 hours since Noriaki had left the house and I was already feeling lonely, I was tempted to call him but I managed to control the feeling until he came home. When it was half past 7 in the night, I started to make dinner. Today I tried making some cabbage soup with roasted chicken breasts and potatoes as a side menu. When I finished I went in the living room and turned on some classical music and went to my desk to start typing my story. “I’m home! Did you miss me?” said a familiar voice, it had only been an hour since I finished making dinner and started writing my story and my husband was already back home. I jumped out of my chair and hugged Noriaki tightly, “I missed you so much” I said as I buried my face into his big arms that gently wrapped me in. He raised my chin and kissed my lips “I missed you too” he said with a smile. We ate and laughed, after that we watched a movie called “The Never ending Story” this movie was very important to me though I don’t really think Noriaki enjoyed it as much because he finished eating all the popcorn that I had made before we started watching the movie. I quietly sighed and snuggled closer to him, and he kissed my forehead and smiled at me “I forgot to ask but how was work?” I asked a little sleepily, Noriaki smiled and kissed my lips “Work was good but I missed you terribly and thank you for your sweet poem I really enjoyed reading it” he answered back teasingly. I met his gaze and he met mine, we stared at each other for a long time then slowly our lips met each other’s and we started to kiss each other violently, we fell off the couch while we were just kissing, after that we made violent love on the floor, I heard my body screaming for more and more of Noriaki’s body, my body lust for his and he for me. 6 weeks later I had finished writing my story and I went to pay a visit to the studio Noriaki was going to for 2 reasons, the first was to show my editor that I was finished with my story and the second reason was to see my husband in work. As I took a sneak peak at the voice recording studio, I saw Noriaki bring an animation character to life as he became the character’s voice. I smiled to myself and thought about my story. I waited for a while until Noriaki came out of the studio, when he saw me his face lit up and he started to run straight towards me “Marika, what brings you here? Did you miss me already?” he asked as he hugged me tightly in his arms, I smiled and kissed his cheeks, “I missed you and I finished writing my story so I came to give it to my editor” I said with a grin. “Marika!” yelled out a familiar voice, I looked at the speaker and smiled “Masaya!” I exclaimed, Masaya was waving at me and running towards me, when we embraced each other Noriaki broke us apart, “I thought I told you not to touch my wife Masaya!” exclaimed Noriaki in a annoyed tone of voice. “Oops got to run now” said Masaya and he left Noriaki and me alone. When work was done for Noriaki we went home together hand in hand and had dinner at a very fancy restaurant. When we finished dinner Noriaki took my hand and he raced back home where he whispered quietly in ear, “My body is craving for your body, are you up for it?” I weakly smiled and unbuckled his belt and started to unzip his trousers, “Do you want more?” I asked naughtily, Noriaki’s body pressed against my body as he licked the nape of my weak spot, we had striped each other’s clothes and before I knew what was happening, Noriaki had sandwiched me against the wall of our bedroom, “May I mark you as mine?” he asked, I nodded my head as he licked body, “You taste sweet tonight” he said under his breath as he pressed my body against the comfy bed, he licked every inch of my body as I yelled out his name and he pressing his body against mine. “I want…umm…you in…umm…ah….me…” I said weakly as I saw Noriaki smile to himself. “Can you handle my greedy body that craves for your sweet melting moans?” he asked through my moans, I nodded slowly as I felt Noriaki’s long and wet ego pierce into my body, “It looks like I’m cumming sweetheart. Are you ready?” I nodded as I felt Noriaki’s cum entering my body, “ah…umm…ah…” I moaned, trying to call out his name but only weird sounds filled my lips. “I’d like to hear more of your adorable moans more if you…umm…don’t mind sweetheart” said Noriaki through his heavy breathings and small brief moans. We were at it for a long time, I didn’t even bother to check the clock, today’s sex felt different from other days, it’s not that I never enjoyed having sex with my sweet Noriaki or anything but today it was like he was a different man, there was something in his movement that had made my body burn more than usual. The next morning I woke up and took a quick shower, the shower felt so relaxing. When I finished taking a shower I looked at the clock then at the calendar, today Noriaki had to leave the house at 9 sharp. I quickly got dressed as I looked at the bed and saw my husband sleeping peacefully and quietly calling my name with a smile; I kissed his forehead and went to the kitchen to make some toasted egg and bacon sandwich with extra cheese, it was probably the smell of the toast that woke Noriaki up from his sleep, “Good morning” he said from behind me and hugged me from behind. We ate the toasted sandwich and I started to make Noriaki’s lunch. “Take care” I said and gave him a kiss on his lips. 8 more weeks had passed since I had completed my last story, my head was filed with new ideas but I didn’t know how to put into a sentence. The more I thought about it the more it made me sick in the stomach; in fact I had been feeling a bit sick all week, Noriaki had told me to visit the doctor but I replied that it was nothing serious. I guess I was wrong because I was starting to feel dizzy now, I looked at the clock, it was half passed 8, Noriaki would be back from work any minute now. I went to the kitchen and prepared dinner, I decided to make some chicken broth soup and mashed potatoes, I heard a familiar voice call my name, “Marika, I’m home” I smiled at myself as I replied back, “dinner will be ready soon my sweet” Noriaki came into the kitchen and hugged me from behind and kissed my right cheek “I’ll go take a shower now, care to join me” he teased. Half an hour later Noriaki came out of the shower all fresh and clean, when he sat himself on the kitchen chair, we began to eat our dinner. After dinner I took a long bath and joined Noriaki in bed. The next morning was a holiday for Noriaki so he stayed home and watched me type my story as well as giving me some advice for my story. Noriaki gave me great advices for my love story, he kissed my lips and smiled at me, when I smiled back a wave of nausea hit me, I covered my mouth as I stood up from my desk and ran straight to the bath room where I threw up. I felt like I threw up my breakfast, lunch and dinner all at the same time, I had forgotten that I had locked the bath room door so I could hear Norikai heavily pounding the door and screaming out my name in panic. I smiled a weak smile to myself as I felt my lunch come out of my mouth. I gagged and coughed louder, suddenly my heart leapt, Noriaki had kicked opened the door with his leg.

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Sharon our Mom gets trained 2

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Sharon our Mom gets trained 2After having started sucking off her two sons, she and Phil’s sex life became a lot better. He always got much exited, when thinking of her servicing the sons and they fucked much more than they used to.He would come home to find her just finished with her duties, sometimes he would have to wait for her finishing sucking off her sons. Then they would retreat to the master bedroom and while he was fucking her, she would tell him all the details. One day he found them all together, a thing which has not happened before. Although both the boys they knew what was going on, she’d never done them both at the same time. She was on her knees in front of them, naked to the waist and stroking their cocks. “Come on, spurt for me, I want to taste all your cum,” she told the boys.They stood beside each other grinning, this was great, their mother on her knees with her big tits naked, waiting for them to give their loads.”Rob, you want to come first?” Peter asked, while he was breathing hard.”We can come together” Rob replied,” see if she can take all of our cum.””Oh yes” Sharon still stroking the boys hard cocks,” do it for me, come in my mouth.”She looked up at the smiling boys, their cocks throbbing in her hands. A little pre-cum was forming at the head of Peter’s cock, she teasingly licked it off. His cock gave a jolt and she could feel he was close to coming. She intensified the stroking of Rob’s cock, so they could come together.”Oh mum, I’m coming,” Peter gasped.”Yeah, me too, watch out mum, here it comes” Rob said.Phil was standing in the door to the kitchen and he watched in amazement the scenario in front of him. There was his beautiful wife TITS as she was called, dressed in a miniskirt with her top pulled down to her waist, her big tits naked, in front of his sons, urging them to come in her mouth.Moments later she felt the first spurt of hot cum hitting her chin and soon both boys was shooting their loads on her face, aiming for her mouth. They were quite good at it, most of the cum landed between her lips, a few spurts plastered her chin and nose.She let go of their cocks and licked her lips, showing them the cum in her mouth where she played with it with her tongue. She then closed her lips and swallowed.”Uh, so much. Have you been thinking about me the whole day?” she asked her voice thick with cum.”Yes, I certainly have. I really was looking forward to getting a blowjob when I came home.””Yeah, me too,” Rob said,” I almost had to jerk off in my lunch break, I was so horny.””Well done boys,” Phil said,” you know what your mother likes.”They spun around and looked at Phil, standing in the kitchen door, stroking his hard cock. “Why don’t you come over here and continue, Sharon?” he asked.She smiled at him and got up, her big tits swaying as she walked to the kitchen door. He could see small strands of cum on her tits; she hadn’t been able to swallow it all.”Have you saved your cum for as well?” she asked, grabbing his cock.”Yes, travelling for a week without jerking off should do the trick although I do admitchecking out”Sharon with Tits out” on line whenever i wanted to see you TITS.Sharon smiledhonoured by all the attention.The boys watched with still hard cocks as their mother knelt before her husband, stroking his cock and began sucking him off. Her mouth slowly engulfed the head and she started to suck, moving her head back and forth, playing along the hardness with her tongue, teasing him with the tip at the forehead.”Damn, you’re good at this. Don’t you agree, boys? Your mom TITS is a great cocksucker.””Yeah dad, she’s really good. She likes it when we cum in her mouth.””Well then, why don’t you join me, looks like you’re ready again.”The boys quickly moved in position, so their mother was surrounded by three cocks. She let go of Phil’s cock and looked around, licked her lips and said:”What a sight, are all these nice cocks for me?””Yes,” Phil said,” they are all for you slut and now it’s all a bit more in the open, you’ll service us whenever we need you to Tits.””But Phil, that sounds like I’m a horrible slut?””Well, exactly, you’re OUR slut now and you’ll do whatever we tell you to do. So now get on with the sucking Tits.”She looked up at him, smiled and took his hard cock in her mouth again, while she was stroking the boys. She took turns sucking them off even though the boys had come in her mouth earlier, it didn’t take long before all cocks were ready to burst again.”Are you ready boys?” Phil panted,” I’m just about to cum?””Yeah dad, go ahead, give her all you got.””Ok, here it comes,” he said, directing his cock towards Sharon’s face.Moments later his cock twisted and the first spurt hit her in the face, covering her nose and chin. The next she managed to catch with her mouth, but some of it also escaped her mouth, dripping down her chin to her 36C Breasts.The boys watched with admiration, they had never seen so much cum before; only maybe on the DVD’s they sometimes rented. Their father had been gone for a week and Escort it showed. When he was finished, Sharon’s face was drenched in cum, it was dripping from her nose and chin and her tongue was covered in sperm.She looked up at Phil and the boys with glowing eyes, licking her lips, so they could all see the cum in her mouth, opening her mouth, waiting for more.”My god, look at her, she really loves cum. Are you guys ready to give tits our slut some more?” Phil asked.Without answering, both the boys started to erupt over their mother, shooting their hot juices all over her. She managed to catch some of it with her mouth, but a lot landed on her face, covering her nose and chins. When they were done, she looked a mess, with cum all over her face, some in her hair and dripping from her lips.The three men stood exhausted and looked at Sharon; she then started to get up and went to the kitchen table, reaching for the tissues.”No, don’t wipe it off,” Phil said, “I like the way you look now, all covered in our cum. Leave it as it is.””But it will ruin my dress, if I don’t clean up.””Well then, don’t put it on. Actually from now on, don’t wear any top when we’re around you slut. What about that, boys, wouldn’t you like to see your mother topless around the house when we’re home?””Yeah dad” they both said,” that would be cool, having mom walking around with her tits out all the time. What did you mean precisely by her being our slut?””She’s obviously getting really into this, so I think she should be available to us all the time, doing whatever we want her to. Later I will tell you some stories about what we did before you were around, that might help you to understand what a slut she can be.”Sharon smiled at the memories of what they had been doing in the younger years. She turned around, facing the men, sperm still covering her face and tits.”Ok, but I must warn you, I need a lot of cock when I first get going, do you think you can handle that?””Sure we can, can’t we dad?” both Rob and Peter replied.”You just wait sweetheart, you’ll get all the cock you want.”Sharon with Tits out was slowly transformed from a loving, decent housewife to a slut;whose main task was to service the men in her life.She was in herlate 40’s, still a very attractive woman, medium height and with natural brown hair. She had nice legs and a firm ass, but her most sexy feature was her tits. They were big and still firm,and it made her appearance so much sexier, a real mature woman to look at and jerk off for and now as it happens, jerk off on.These tits were now on display for the guys in the house and it worked, they were all in a constant state of arousal.Sharon was ordered to make topless posters of herself and hang them throughout the house and set up her page on XHamster at http://xhamster.com/user/SharonwithTitsoutWhen she was serving breakfast, she would stroll around in the kitchen, tits swaying and the boys could not keep their eyes of her. They kept stroking their cocks in their shorts and it often ended with her sucking them off before they left home in the morning and them cumming in her oatmeal or on her toast and watching as she ate it all.When it was weekend, the sex became more intense. That had started a week or so after she had sucked them all off. It was Friday evening; Phil sat on the patio and drank a few beers with his sons and Sharon did some housework, but she would also make frequent trips to the men to make sure they didn’t run out of beer.”Hey Sharon you cunt, how about a little entertainment?” Phil said.”What did you have in mind,” Sharon asked.”Why don’t you put on some of the lingerie I’ve bought for you, then you can do a little striptease for us,” he answered.”Yes Sir, but we might have to go inside.””No, that’s alright, You can perform right on the picnic table.” She smiled at him and went into the house. A few minutes later she was back, dressed in high heels, black stockings and a black transparent negligee. She slowly danced around on the patio, teasing the men by groping their crotches and revealing her body. She started to take her top off and both Phil and the boys were having difficulties concealing their hard cocks.”Why don’t you all show me your cocks, are they nice and hard?”They all dropped their pants quickly and now she could see the effect she had on them, the cocks were very hard and throbbing. She was now naked apart from her high heels and stockings; still she was flirting with the men, fondling their cocks when she passed them.”Come over here Sharon you slut” Phil ordered,” I want to feel if you’re wet.”She stepped up to her husband and he started to feel her up, she was dripping with juices. He spun her around and forced her down on his cock. She let out a moan as his big cock slipped into her warm pussy. The boys started to jerk of at the sight of their mother riding on their father’s big cock.”Hey boys, don’t be shy, come over here and let me see you jerk off,” Sharon said.Both jumped out of their chairs and stood in front of Escort Bayan their mother, slowly stroking their cocks.Sharon was still riding Phil and at the same time caressing her big tits, offering them to the boys. Soon Phil was starting to jerk in his seat and he came with a moan, filling his wife’s pussy with cum. She also reached her climax, grinding her pussy on his cock and moaning loudly.When she calmed down, she got up, cum dripping from her pussy, and grabbed both the boys by their cocks.”Come on; let’s go down to the lawn out by the road, I need more cock and the road is quiet at this hourThey followed their mother , where she laid down on the grass, spread her pussy-lips, inserting two fingers and massaging her tits with the other hand.”Uh, fuck me now, I need to be fucked by both of you” she gasped, “Rob, you do it first, I can suck Peter at the same time.”Rob quickly entered her; with one thrust he slipped the whole length of his hard cock in her wet pussy, while Peter lowered his hard cock to her mouth. She greedily started sucking on it, jerking it with one hand and using her mouth and lips.Peter stared down at his mother, what a sight. She was sucking his cock; his brother was fucking her, her big tits moving back and forth as Rob slammed his cock into her pussy.”Mom, can I fuck your tits?” Peter asked.”Yes, of course” Tits said, letting go of his cock and pushing her bare Breasts together, “put your big cock between my tits”.Sharon was oblivious to the occasional car slowly passing byPeter slipped his cock between her tits and began fucking them, thrusting his cock in and out, and his cock-head sometimes hitting her jaw, where she could lick it.Rob meanwhile started breathing heavily and moaning he was coming. He started to fuck his mother even faster, gripping her legs and pounding her wet pussy. He let out a groan and came in her, cum starting to escape from the side of his cock as he pushed it far up her pussy. At the same time Peter fucked her tits harder, while she gasped:”Oh Peter, fuck my tits, I want to feel your cum, jerk off all over me,” she moaned.Peter could feel the pressure of his cum, he gave one final thrust and the hot sperm jetted from the tip of his cock, plastering his mother’s face, the last spurts landed on her tits. She licked her lips, savouring the taste of the hot cum and massaged her tits, so they were glistening.Phil had watched the scene with great pleasure; he was now sitting in a chair next to them, stroking his hard cock.”Sharon you stupid Bitch, I’m ready to cum again, kneel for more cum””Yes, give it to me; I want to taste your hot cum.”Phil got up and stood in front of his wife, she was kneeling now, mouth open, ready to do the hoover on his cock”No, don’t open your mouth, I want to cum all over your face, so we can have something sexy to look at while we eat,” he said.She obediently closed her mouth, looked up at him, begging for his cum. He moved closer to her and started to stroke his cock faster in front of her face. Soon he was erupting in huge spurts all over her face; it ended on her forehead, her nose, her eyes and on her chin. She looked real messy when he was done, his fresh cum combined with the loads she had received before made her face look like it was glazed.”Ok boys, that was good, you really can give a slut what she needs,” Phil said.”I’m hungry now, go make some food for us, Tits,” he ordered.”But I need to freshen up and get dressed,” she protested.”No, just make the food and come and eat with us as you are, you have eaten before with cum on your face, remember in Key West?” Phil said.She smiled at this, gave his cock a squeeze and went into the house, cum still on her face and dripping from her tits and pussy.”What happened at Key West?” the boys asked.”We were on vacation there and one day after while we were driving, your mother started to play with my cock I parked and she wanted to suck me off, daring me to do it in the parking place. I accepted, but in return she had to promise to do what I said afterwards. I came all over her face and when I was done, we drove to a McDonalds nearby. I made her order and made very sure she was visible to the young woman in the window, when she paid. Poor thing, she probably never seen anyone with cum all over face, paying for her meal. We then parked in a quite busy parking lot and ate our food, your mother now on full display as I told her to remove her top.”When he was done telling the story, Sharon called them for dinner. They sat down at the table, while she served them their food. She was still only in her high heels and stockings, her face and tits were still wet with cum as she sat down to join them. They ate and talked, the men commented on her slutty looks, they all thought it looked extremely sexy she was still covered in cum. “Well, I don’t mind” she said, “it’s quite exiting to sit here, dripping with cum,the centre of my mens world.” From that day on, they were fucking more regularly. Often when the boys came home, Bayan Escort they would find their mother either walking almost naked around the house or sitting in the living-room, playing with herself waiting for them to arrive.She taught them to eat pussy; she would direct them while they were between her legs licking her trimmed pussy, instructing them how best to give a woman pleasure. Mostly they were rewarded with blowjobs or a nice long fuck, of if they were both home, she would blow one while the other fucked her, then change them around after they had cum.Some months passed like this, then one day Rob proudly announced he had found a girlfriend.”Oh Rob, I’m so happy for you, although I’m going to miss your cock, “Sharon said with a grin.”Well done my son, when can we see her?” Phil asked.”Actually, she coming over tonight, so I think its best mom puts on some clothes” Rob answered.”Off course, otherwise the poor girl will be scared away,” his mother remarked.Later that day, Rob introduced them to Karen, a stunning blonde with an extremely sexy body. She was very well received by the family and they all got along quite well. After having had some good food and some drinks, it was time for Karen to get home. They suddenly realized they all had too much to drink, so she accepted the offer to stay for the night.”Mom, is it ok if she sleeps in my room?” Rob asked.”Well of course darling, if she needs anything just let me know,” Sharon said.A few moments later there was a knock on the door to the master bedroom, Phil opened it and saw Karen standing outside only in a loose shirt. It showed off her magnificent tanned legs, you could just see the outline of her firm tits.”Sharon said if I needed anything, I could ask her,” Karen said.”Sure darling, what do you need?” Tits asked from the bed.”I need something to remove my makeup with” Karen said”Come with me, I have some in our bathroom”, Tits said and led Karen to the bathroom attached to the master bedroom ompletely forgetting about the toplessposter always on display in Mom and dads bathroomOnce in there, she gave Karen what she needed and stood back admiring her body.”You certainly have a very nice body, Karen, do you work out much?””No, not really, I think I’m just blessed from nature’s side. The only thing I would like to have is larger breasts, I think they are too small. Yours are much nicer, if you don’t mind me saying so.” That picture of you is amazing.”Well thank you, no I don’t mind. But yours are just perfect for your body. Off course I know most men like big tits, but you have such a wonderful body, so don’t worry. You’ll get you share of men” Sharon said.The said goodnight and Karen went to Rob’s room.”Your mother is a very nice woman” she said, as she climbed into Rob’s bed.”Yes, she wonderful in many ways” Rob replied smiling.After they made love, they both fell asleep, but an hour later Karen woke up to strange noises.It came from the hallway and she couldn’t resist taking a peek. She opened the door and tiptoed into the corridor. The noises came from the master bedroom, where the door was ajar and when she was close enough, she could actually see the bed and what she saw, made her stare wide-eyed.Sharon was riding her husband and her son Peter was fucking her from behind. She had off course heard about double penetration before, but she had never seen it. And then with her son!The threesome on the bed changed position; she was now blowing her son while her husband fucked her and moments later they both showered her with cum, as they came all over her face.She quickly went back to Rob’s room and slid into bed with him. She woke him up, all exited and very wet. “Do you know what I just saw?” she asked him.”No, but it must have been something nice, you’re all dripping,” Rob said, as he felt her wet pussy.”I just saw your mom being fucked by your dad and your brother” she whispered.”Oh no, they promised to behave while you are here,” Rob moaned.”Do you mean you know about this? Oh my god, have you been doing it yourselves?” she asked, breathing a little heavier.”I guess there no way of covering this now, yes I’ve fucked my mom as well. Does that mean it’s all over now?” he asked.”No silly, I think it’s very exiting. Your mother has a great body; I can understand your needs. What do you do to her, tell me, does she suck you off or do you fuck her?””It started with her sucking us off, but then dad found out and now she’s our slut, she’ll do anything we ask her to.””Wow, you really mean anything. This is so exiting, come, fuck me again.”They fucked intensively for almost an hour, all the time he told her what he and the other men in the house had done his mother. Starting from the sucking off in the bathroom to the weekends full of sex, with Sharon being used a target for circle jerk, sucking them off during dinner and the cum-showers that normally followed a fucking session.The next morning they all gathered at the breakfast table, all acting normal, Sharon serving the meal.After they were finished, Karen looked at Rob and nodded.Rob got up and stood beside his mother, whipped out his cock and said:”Mom, I need you to suck my cock.””But Rob, what are you doing, behave yourselves, what must Karen be thinking?” Sharon stammered.

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Blond Boy Gets Lucky in Puerto Rico

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Blond Boy Gets Lucky in Puerto RicoThe Story Behind: “Blond Boy Gets Lucky in Puerto Rico”by: Billy xHamster – Blondk** 2020*****************************************************************(Please check the photographs in the album “Blond Boy Gets Lucky in Puerto Rico” which are not shown in their proper order, but at least you can see some of the characters in this story.)Sean McAdams arrived in his freshman dorm room to find his roommate was already settled in. His roomy was an overweight, balding 19 yo with glasses, not good looking at all. This was fine with Sean because he preferred not to have any distractions at home while trying to focus on his studies.“Hi there, cutey, my name is William Miller,” extending his limp wrist which Sean took and shook firmly. “OK s*s, I know you are gay too, so there is no need to pretend with me by shaking my hand like a butch linebacker.” With that, he started to laugh, his belly shaking like jello. This caused Sean to break into a broad smile, his fair complexion beginning to redden with embarrassment. Sean had known he was gay since before puberty. His erotic thoughts were of a man’s penis, not a woman’s vagina. Consequently, he had told his mother first. When the subject came up that he was pretty sure he was gay, Judy McAdams tried to hide the fact that she always knew and just asked him questions, such as how do you know and when did you discover this. Sean answered honestly, looking into his mom’s eyes hoping to find acceptance. She just took him into her arms and held him tight and said she was proud of him being so open and honest with her, but suggested they keep this to themselves until she could brake the news to his father when the time was right. Michael McAdams was a cop like his dad before him and he hoped his only son would follow in the honorable family tradition. Because of the strong family influences in the Nassau County Police Department, he was always placed in upscale neighborhoods where he would not have to face the vulgarities of pimps, d**g dealers and violent criminals that were so prevalent in poorer areas. So at 15 yo, Sean could share his life with his mom, but could not share his life honestly with his dad. Now that Sean was in his first year of college, he could finally be himself as an openly gay man hoping to share his body with another man of his choice. However, in high school, his acting role did not succeed. He was 6 foot tall, but only weighed 145bls, blond with light blue eyes to go along with lovely features. He was not athletic, was shy and mostly kept to himself. This is what comes from fear of being discovered and rejected by the nice k**s he hung out with. He would smile and nod when his buddies talked about girls they had fucked, but never had anything to share or add to their bombast, some of which were surely imaginary. Pretty girls that found him so cute wondered why they were never pursued. So in their senior year, word started to spread that the blond pretty boy Sean must be gay. He shared this with his mom and Judy had an idea.Judy went through the entire senior class of this upper middle class public high school and decided who was the most beautiful, desirable girl from the right family. Then, with Sean’s permission, she sent her a dozen red roses and addressed it: “from you secret admirer,” Sean McAdams. Later, she met with the girls mother and told her that Sean was so shy that he just never had the nerve to ask her out and did Elizabeth have a date to the big Senior Prom, which was a very expensive affair at a local exclusive country club. In this part of the country, parents can spend as much for a senior prom as they do for a small wedding. Liz’s mom intimated that she was in deed free, since she did not approve of the two brutish boys that had asked her. Next, Judy rented a two passenger white Rolls Royce, usually only rented for expensive weddings. Well, now, when Sean showed up in his white dinner jacket with the beautiful Elizabeth Rollings in tow, dressed as if she was the star of the damn prom; the limo driver, dressed in proper livery uniform, escorting them on the white carpet, everyone just oohed and aah-ed, as they both smiled and nodded. After the after party in Manhattan, the Rolls drove up to the Rollings sprawling mansion and Sean escorted her to her door at 6 am. Consequently, Mrs. Rollins decided that Sean was such a gentleman and therefore a potential sun-in-law because he didn’t try to get her precious virgin daughter into bed; mommy not knowing that Lizzy was getting fucked on a regular basis by a college senior, star football player. That was it. The rumors ended and mom looked like a genius. Now Sean was going to share a room with a flaming queen. Well no need to pretend here, he mused. William and Sean chatted till dawn their first night together sharing their young lives and experiences, as they would become not just roommates but good friends. William convinced Sean to dump the glasses for contacts. He would chose Sean’s wardrobe before class, “Listen to mother, you will never catch a man being just ordinare,” he would state with a feigned French accent. William was no fool, he recognized that he was unattractive in a world where looks count for everything. He figured that if he befriended a very good looking guy, it would attract men where he could ply his charm and humor. And William was very funny. He had outrageous mannerisms that could make even the humorless laugh. After he had done Sean’s hair, he would state: “Now, my little daughter, you look so faaabuuulouss! In time Sean didn’t mind him using the wrong gender and became much more secure with his appearance.Before too long on campus, Willy found out where the cruise areas were found. At the edge of the large campus, there was a dimly lit wooded area where men would come in from town and try to meet up with young students. Although this could prove dangerous because the police were aware of what went on and would check. More than one married man was arrested and totally embarrassed being caught literally with his pants down. But still the needs of men living double lives had to be met and Willy, dressed in black, which was slimming, sucked more than one married cock. He kept his activities late at night to himself, but Sean knew what was going on and chose to say nothing. Another one of Willies’s passions was photography. He enjoyed taking pictures of landscapes, and old houses which were plentiful in that part of Long Island. He also coached Sean into posing for him. Sean enjoyed being a model, although refusing to pose nude. However, after several weeks of posing, William was able to convince Sean to pose in the nude.. Upon seeing the photographs, Sean decided he better spend more time in the gym and eat more protein. In his first semester, Sean was completely focused on his subjects and consequently he got excellent grades. His five courses earned him 16 credits with 3A’s and 2 B’s. While most of the other freshmen majored on parties and getting laid, Sean went out with a couple of guys that asked him out, but never pursued anything serious. Not that Sean wasn’t horny, what 18 yo isn’t horny, but he just never met anyone that really turned him on. The dates ended with kissing and both guys sucked him off, causing him to cum, but when they asked Sean to fuck them, his dick went limp. Both Sean’s parents were thrilled with his grades, since he was the first in both their families to be able to go away to college. Michael McAdams had gotten his degree by attending college at night while working as a police officer which allowed him to rise higher in the force. His position paid him a healthy six figure income which facilitated their upper middle class lifestyle. Sean was so happy when Santa brought him a new car for Christmas, which he drove around their town with great pride. The second semester was much easier for Sean, he felt more self assured as to whom he was. Now, he was not as shy as he had been. Before too long both William and Sean started to plan where they would go for Spring Break. After checking for a warm spot, anything to get away from winters in the North East, they checked for gay friendly areas, preferably in the United States, they settled on Puerto Rico. On a gay website they found a very gay friendly beach in San Juan. The Condado section had a small inexpensive hotel which advertized in gay publications. So they made their reservations and flight plans and everything was set. William no longer feigned French now he focused on Espanol. “Ohye Nena, listen to Mamasita, I want ju shud wear dis for skul.” With Willie’s attempt at a Puerto Rican accent, they both busted out laughing. Before they left on their big trip they had to be sure they took the right things. Mama Miller decided he was going to wear broad straw hats so that his fair skin would not burn. “You know Mama can not have a burn on my opulent body, Nena. I also will not wear my bikini swim wear because I will drive those Spanish men crazy.” Sean asked him seriously, “So what will you wear at the beach?” “Don’t you concern your pretty head, Miha, I will wear a Mu Mu, so the men don’t think Mama is a floozy.” Willy chose swim trunks for Sean at Macy’s, khaki shorts, starched white short sleeve shirts and of course gay men can only wear Calvin Klein underwear. Mama Miller finally decided to try on his size 46” extra wide waist swim trunks. There he was standing in front of the mirror at 5’10”, 260lbs., hairy body, drooping man tits, when Sean walked in. Sean immediately fell on his knees and began praying: “Oh Bhuda! Please give us a safe trip, all might fat man!” William, although deeply embarrassed, could not help laughing, his divine stomach shaking. “Ju is a fresh maricon, Puta!” The new Hispanic deity chastised the cute new supplicant. As soon as the gay duo boarded the plane to Puerto Rico, Mama Miller started her routine. The formerly Madame Miller, a French heiress, became La Senora Millar de Costilla, the formerly reclusive heiress. The truth was that Willie inherited several hundred thousand dollars from his grandfather, but Grandpa’s little Billy was going through it faster than a snow cone melts at the equator. So while Sean just had one carry on bag and one regular inexpensive suitcase, La Senora Millar had three matching Luis Vuitton hard suitcases, creating dollar signs at any hotel in the know internationally. By the time they had landed at Juan Luis Munos Marin International Airport, La Senora Millar had become La Contessa Millar, thereby inheriting a title in just a few hours. Sean just smiled and ignored the new countess, no longer embarrassed by the queens outlandish behavior. Sean grew up in the upper middle class neighborhoods of Long Island’s North Shore, which was once the exclusive area of the WASP old money super rich. He was quite comfortable with himself and his surroundings and therefore did not have to try to impress. Miller was not at all comfortable with whom he was or how he looked. His grandfather, Ezra along with his brother Judah Miller left Germany after the Nazis took power in Germany in 1933 as young teen boys. Their family was in the jewelry business. The boys went to visit their cousins in New York and the rest of the family stayed behind, so as not to raise suspicion. The boys carried hidden in their person most of the family’s wealth in small pouches full of diamonds. Jews in Europe had learned not to own a lot of property over the hundreds of years of persecution. By being in the jewelry business a family could pick up and move with a minimum of obvious wealth. The boys would start a business in New York City in the Bowery area of Lower Manhattan, not far from the Jewish ghetto in the Lower East Side. The rest of the family would try and travel to Spain, where they could book passage to the New World. Unfortunately, none of the rest of the family ever left Germany alive, being sent to the concentration camps and on to the ovens. The Miller boys had no choice but to put their full attention on business at the tender ages of 14 and 16 years old. They both worked six days a week, only taking off for the Sabbath and other holy days of the Jewish calendar. Although neither went to school, they learned enough English to be able to deal with their Goy, gentile clientele and spoke to each other in Yiddish. In this world of Jewish business, your word is your contract, and a firm handshake is all the is needed to make a deal. Ezra, Willie’s grandfather, made enough money to get married to a nice Jewish girl and buy a house in the Five Towns area of Nassau County, Long Island. He even was able to keep a shiksah mistress, a pretty Catholic girl. Willie was his youngest grandc***d, when grandad was 88 years old, and was the apple of the old man’s eye. So in his will, he left the tidy sum of Six Hundred big ones to the cute chubby boy with big blue eyes. La Contessa had to wait till he was 19 years old before he was able to get his chubby hands on the money and the boy counted the days.When Irwin Winkler came out with his great film on the life of Cole Porter, “De-Lovely,”one of America’s great composers and a fellow gay man, William Miller went to see it four times. In this film, Kevin Kline does a brilliant job of playing Porter who also had a wealthy grandfather, and Ashley Judd plays a wealthy divorcee who would eventually marry him. As the two wealthy Americans lived their elegant lives in Paris, Venice, New York and Hollywood, what attracted Willie more than music was the trappings of wealth and good taste. Although Porter composed the some of the most memorable music in American history especially for films and Broadway shows, Miller focused on what the “right” luggage, dress and decor was. He determined that this is how the soon to be wealthy, in his own mind, Miller was going to live. “Oh Taxi!” The large deity yelled to the cab driver that was pulling up, careful to show his gold Cartier watch. “Buenos Dias, Senior,” Willy said, somewhat condescendingly, how else should the nobility address the plebes? “So where do you want to go?” the cabby responded in perfect English, after all Puerto Rico has been a part of the United States since 1895. “The Atlantic Beach Hotel,” Sean responded in English. The cabby smiled and thought, where else would these two fags go? This hotel was at one time exclusively gay but under new ownership, it was now only gay friendly and inexpensive considering the beautiful ocean views. The beach in front of the hotel was a well known gay beach where mostly gay tourists sun and cruise. Although homosexuality is officially against the law on the island, the police don’t bother the many gay tourists that pour millions of dollars into the local coffers. Sean and William shared a beautiful large room with a terrace overlooking the ocean with two double beds for just over two hundred dollars a day which was quite reasonable during this popular season. The large closet was mainly filled with Williams outfits, as he would change his mind several times before heading out the door. Sean would just shower and dress deciding to look around town first before heading towards the beach later on in the evening. The weather was both hot and very humid so neither boy decided to wear too many clothes. Willy wearing a pair of shorts that went down to his knees, Bermuda style and a loud bright red and white shirt that tried to hide his copious stomach. Sean just wore shorts and a t shirt and sneakers. They both took in the wonderful smells of the great Spanish food and more importantly the dark handsome men that walked around shopping, working and living their slow paced lives. In front Tire Escort of their hotel was the famous gay beach they had read about. Sean wore his cute scant swimwear and Billy wore a bright yellow Mu Mu and broad straw hat. They laid out their blanket and started to view the “goods” being portrayed: young twinks giggling, old trolls admiring the twinks, lots of pale tourists like themselves, but very few Rican hunks which was what they both wanted. Since the cruising was not worth it, they decided to enjoy the water which was warm. After a few hours the boys decided to get advice from the concierge before dinner. The handsome young Puerto Rican concierge with the name Antonio Ricardo Lopez de Mendoza told them that the beach in front of the hotel was not where they should go to meet the local gay men they were looking for. Antonio was tall 6’4” and muscular and probably weighed over 230 lbs. He was handsome and well spoken and both boys hoped he was gay, he must surely be gay friendly or else he would not be working at this hotel. Antonio, in his smooth Puerto Rican accented but very educated English explained that there was another beach which was much more private where the local gay guys went to meet and that most tourists did not know about. At this beach it was OK to go nude and the cops were only checking at night, when there was a lot of d**g dealing. Now both boys knew where they would head in the morning. Also, they were advised not to sit with each other, because the locals would think that they were a couple and would not approach them. While the guys waited for their dinner to arrive, Billy decided to approach Ricardo, “Senior Ricardo, I know I am not a good looking guy like my friend, but I am willing to be generous with the right escort if he is honest and good looking.” “Well, what type of man are you looking for? Are you a top, activo, in Spanish, or are you a bottom, pasivo? “ the young man asked quietly, covering his mouth so that those that were waiting for tables could not hear. “I can be either, he just has to be gorgeous like yourself,” Billy could not have been more blunt. Ricardo smiled, trying not to blush and then warned,”If I were you, I would not display my wealth like you seem to. You will discover that most escorts are also thieves which is how they support their d**g habits. I hope you will be very careful.” Finally, Miller decided to be totally blunt, “You don’t know anyone that is willing to take on this job, do you my beautiful friend?” “Well, Mr. Miller, I have never done anything like that before and if the hotel ever discovered that I was fraternizing with the clientele, I would be fired.” The truth was that Antonio Ricardo had very few affairs with customers at the hotel in the three years he had worked there. Because he was tall, dark and handsome with a great gym body he was very popular with most of the men that stayed there, but he also valued his job which supported him nicely at his young age.. The young 25 yo old man was still living at home, because the cost of living alone was too expensive. So he could not entertain at home. “Here is my cell number, please call me in case you change your mind or you think of someone in your league looks wise that you think I can trust.” As Miller headed back to the restaurant, the young man asked, “How generous?” “Three hundred per night for the five nights I will be here.” As Miller sat down, the dinner was waiting for him, but his thoughts were not on the food. He was now anticipating how that young tall dark handsome man would taste. After dinner the boys went to the bar and had a couple of drinks but after looking around and not seeing any one too interesting, they decided to go back to the room and get an early night so they would be fresh and ready for their new adventure. At around midnight, Miller’s phone rang, “Can you make that five hundred?” “You got it Papi.” With that Miller knew he would have a successful trip and he could sleep peacefully. After breakfast, the two boys headed for that special beach. The sun was blazing hot with just a few puffy clouds. The ocean was the most beautiful emerald green and light blue, the beach was an immaculate white and the sand was hot, the boys were glad that they had worn sandals. When they finally reached the spot that they had been told, they decided to separate and each spread out their blankets. William got his camera ready in case the blond boy got lucky. The new Contessa no longer concerned himself about meeting anyone at the beach, he just wanted his pretty blond friend to meet a hot Rican. “Get nude, Nena, show off that smooth bubble ass and shaved cock,” Miller instructed the boy firmly. Sean obliged the big queen and took off his small swim suit. He laid on his back and enjoyed the sun on his blanket. Billy took a pic of him sprawled so invitingly. When the boy got too hot he went into the warm ocean and cooled off. Billy took a nice photo of Sean chilling in the shallow water his pretty white ass looking so tempting. Both photos are in the album. Once he had cooled, Sean headed back to his blanket and heard his friend tell him to show off his culito. So Sean leaned his head down and propped up his pretty smooth white ass, in an obvious doggy style. “Just stay like that for a while and advertize that smooth white pussy. That is when Juan, a 22 yo Puerto Rican boy walked by and looked at the cute blond and just stood and stared at his beautiful white bubble butt. Juan got closer and saw that the ass hole was absolutely hairless and so tight and beautiful. His heart started to raise as he had never seen a more desirable ass on this island. The dark man then said loudly, “Ahi Dios mio, que preciousa eres Mami!” Sean just looked at the man and smiled then laid on his side, his ass still facing the island boy. Miller kept on taking pictures of the encounter. Juanito then got on Sean’s blanket, deciding to inspect this pretty white boys ass and body more closely. Sean had never been so passive, he just decided to let the dark Puerto Rican make all the moves and he would just respond. He understood Juan’s using the feminine gender which in some ways turned him on. Miller vicariously got so horny just playing photo journalist instead of Contessa. Juan placed his hands on Sean’s sumptuous ass and it felt so smooth and soft, like an infant’s butt. His uncut brown dick got hard as Sean allowed him to explore where he wanted with no resistance. “Nena, me das ese culo?” Sean’s limited Spanish allowed him to understand the he had been called Nena, little girl, and he was asked if he could have his white ass. “Si Papi.” Sean responded in the kind of voice a little virgin girl would use. This only turned the brown boy on even more. Now Juan got more daring and began to feel Sean’s boy tits which got hard so Juan decided so suck on them. “MMMMM Mami, me encantan esas tetitas lindas. Te voy a chupar tu leche, mi rubia preciosa” Again Sean was grateful for his high school Spanish which made him understand that the dark skinned man was saying that he would suck the milk out of his pretty tits. Normally, this would have pissed the blond off, but now in this setting, he allowed himself to enjoy his feminizing. Sean moaned softly as Juan continued “Ahi Mami, tu eres mia ahora sabes!” So now Sean was Juan’s woman. This he found amusing, as he would never have dreamed a guy could talk to him that way. But Sean understood that in this macho culture, a male always had to be the man and in order to allow himself to have sex with another male, he would have to feminize his partner. Obviously, Juan was not part of the local gay culture here and this also was a big turn on for Sean. The white tourist felt the island boy’s mouth breast feeding while his hands ran down his tummy and dick. Sean reached behind his body and grabbed Juan’s dick, oh wow nice, this boy had at least 7 inches if not more, this beat his own just under 6”. Willy, only 8 feet away, zoomed in on the boys really close. Click, Click and more photos were now in his new digital camera. Juan told Sean to get back to the doggy position: “Ponte como perrita otra vez, Nena!” So Sean enjoying being obedient, propped his lovely ass up for the Latin man to inspect closer. Juan enjoyed his new property closely feeling and kissing this ass softly, this caused the blond to moan more loudly and thank his lucky stars that he was enjoying being a bottom. The Rican now spread the Lilly white cheeks and gently kissed the hairless hole, knowing that this pussy was going to be all his soon. Oh he liked the scent and the taste of this ass hole. Juan had never done this before, finding the idea of placing his lips on a part of the body which performed such a dirty function. What Juan did not know is that not only had Sean shaved off all his pubes but he also used a douche in hopes of his ass being taken. Now Juan began eating that hole in earnest, “Oh Mami, me encanta tu chochita rica! MMMMM. Si esta chochita rica es mio ahora.” Sean loved his ass hole being called a pussy in the local lingo and moaned even louder to encourage the Latin to continue. Now the Hispanic was hornier than he had ever been. He plunged his tongue as deep into the boy pussy as he could and began to taste the boy’s juices, he swore that it tasted like raspberries, was this possible? The nearby photojournalist watching it all in his telephoto lens got a roaring hard on and began to play with himself under the extra large loud dress. Sean began to move his ass slowly, every time the Latin went inside, he would push back. Sean then turned quickly and grabbed the brown cock and moved it into his mouth. Now it was Juan’s turn to moan as Sean sucked the big dark cock hard taking as much of it as he could. The Puerto Rican boy laid on his back and spread his legs, giving the blond more access to the cock sucker. “Si, Mami, mamame este bicho grande! Mamame Puta!” he ordered. Now he was called a whore, which in Spanish is a lot more insulting that it is in English. Instead of being offended this dirty talk only turned Sean on even more. The more he sucked the Rican cock, the more he could taste the salty precum. Sean was ready to get fucked and so he did not want the man to cum yet. William caught something on the right. He moved his telephoto lens to the right and saw what looked like three guys walking in their direction. He feared that it might be undercover cops so he yelled to the boys, “Hey guys, put your bathing suits back on I think there are cops coming.” Surprisingly, Juan understood what Miller said perfectly and both boys quickly put their swim trunks on, their hard on making large bulges, but they kept kissing each other. As the three local guys approached, they noticed the two guys kissing and began to laugh and whistle. However, the three men continued to walk away leisurely, ignoring the boys that were now kissing passionately. Both boys stood up and the Latin had to feel that pretty blond twink ass that he wanted to own. Bill saw this and decided that it would make a great pic for his album. He could see up close how those Latin fingers were probing Sean’s hole which caused his bathing suit to role down his ass. Oh how the Puerto Ricans love that white ass. Juan was besides himself, having never tasted such a Caucasian ass before. Sean felt that he wanted to play the submissive bottom and yield to his new master. As they kissed passionately, they both became nude again and both their dicks began to duel. The blond k** had to keep his partner hard so he bent down and started to suck the Latin man’s dick. It got so hard in his mouth that it started to leak again, he massaged the man’s balls and continued to enjoy the salty man fluids, as he wanted to have the cock deep inside his ass. He asked his new lover to lay down, took a rubber from his bag and with his mouth fitted it to the brown cock’s head. He had never seen this done before but it was time to improvise. Sean held the brown shaft and he worked the rubber lower on his man’s big pole. Finally, the rubber was in place so he whispered in Juan’s ear: “Metemelo Papi, please, please metemelo duro.”That is all that Juan had to hear, this pretty blond white boy with the prettiest ass he had ever seen now begging to be fucked hard sent him over the top. He picked up the now submissive Sean and laid him on the blanket face down. Sean tilted his ass up, spreading his legs, giving easy access to his new sexual master. Juan took his hard cock already leaking precum into the lubed rubber, rubbed it on the hairless anus, so pretty , so young, so pink. Sean held his breath as he had not been fucked before, fearing the pain that must surely come. He now felt the fear of pain at war with the anticipation of his tender ass being taken, a bottom boy’s greatest fantasy. As Juan tried to push his dick in, the anus would not open and was clamped tight. “Que pasa Nena. Eres virgin?” Juan asked in his native Spanish, hoping that the answer was yes. “Si Papi, mi primera vez.” Sean honestly responded in his now Nena voice. “Ahi Dios Mio, que rica!” Juan was now ecstatic, he could not believe that this beautiful blond white boy was all his and a virgin. Now he had the pleasure of deflowering him. Sean tried to relax and in doing so his boy pussy opened slightly. Juan seeing this, pushed one more time and his cock made it past the first anal ring. Sean felt the pain instantly, and he began to sweat. Juan did not push any further, allowing the boy to adjust to the intruder. Juan felt the sphincter muscles relax again, giving him license to push further. Three inches in, the muscles clamped tight around his brown cock, so Juan stopped pushing. While he was waiting for the boy to relax, he admired his Puerto Rican brown cock halfway inside the pure supple white pussy ass, the contrast of brown cock inside the white ass also turned him on more than he had imagined. It gave him a sense that it was perfectly right for Latin men to have pretty white boys to fuck. The minority was now master of the majority white man and it was as it should be, the natural order of things, that is nature providing racial justice after all. Again the muscles relaxed and it was time to drive his cock all the way home. He grabbed the boys soft tender hips, admiring his brown hands and the lovely tan lines adorning Sean’s ass. He knew he was going to totally enjoy this fuck so he began to fuck hard. As soon as Sean felt the Latin cock pressing hard against his prostrate gland, he started to feel sharp sensations that were so much more erotic than he had ever known. The boy wanted more, yes a lot more. Sean now felt as if he was gaining control, he knew that he loved getting fucked and wanted it faster and harder. Consequently, he decided to pick up the pace and started to push back faster and harder. “Oh si Nena, te gusta?” “Si, I love it Papi. Fuck me harder!” Juan went crazy, no girl or boy he had ever fucked liked it as much or more than the blond did. This was the first time he had ever fucked a boy that so much wanted it so bad, so he was going to show this Puta he was the man, he was in control, he was going to fuck this bitch like an a****l. “Take this Puta! Mujer Puta, te voy a darte este Bicho y mi leche caliente para darte hijo.”Sean was not sure what he meant, having only two hears of Spanish in high school, but he thought, correctly, that Juan was going to get him pregnant. WOW “Si Papi, soy tu Puta. Dame baby! Please, Please Papi dame baby!” That was it. Juan became even crazier, so he lifted his ass and slammed his cock as deep as he could. Over and over, he lifted the blond and slammed into him. Torbalı Escort This was not love making, it was not mating, it was an a****l fuck. Soon, Sean felt his balls constrict, without touching his cock. Was the blond going to cum uncontrollably without penal manipulation? He did not know this was possible for a man. Suddenly he got shocks to his brain similar to how he felt when he jacked off watching a porno, but this was a lot stronger and it didn’t end in a couple of seconds. It was like the waves washing on the beach, the first wave followed by the second even stronger wave. Swish Swish, the waves kept coming. When the fourth wave hit him his cock started to shoot. The first shot of cum was like a missile hitting the blanket, the second was not as powerful but had more cum, the third and fourth wore milder but the feeling was just as intense. Sean’s brain was on overload and he could never imagine that a man could have multiple orgasms, as women, if they were lucky, could experience. He had never cum this way before. But after sampling this d**g, he knew he was “addicted”.The two boys did not know that they had attracted an audience standing several yards away. The group of guys, all locals were standing still watching as if they had been admitted to a movie house showing porno movies. Some had their dicks out stroking. This was definitely not lost on the Contessa that was studying each penis with his telephoto lens. Suddenly, her highness felt a hand on his ample ass covered by the thin dress.As Sean was experiencing his multiple anal and penal orgasms, his ass muscles went into spasms which Juan felt on his dick, this drove him into an instant orgasm shooting his seed and filling the rubber. He too experienced the best orgasm of his life. All his amigos had told him that he would love fucking a young white boy, but the few he knew from school were stuck up and only associated with each other. It seems that as in other cultures, in Puerto Rico, the fair ones looked down on the darker folks. One time he caught a white boy walking around exploring an abandoned building in San Juan, he thought about taking his ass right then and there. He looked around, no body was visible, he was 17 and a senior in high school, had a girl friend, but had a secret desire to fuck a boy’s ass, especially a pretty white boy. The boy had to be around 12 yo or so. Boy was he cute, with light brown hair cut long and curly, lovely feminine features and blue eyes. When he approached the boy, the k** froze, so scared that he had been discovered in the abandoned building where he knew he had no business being alone. Juan talked to him and massaged the k**’s ass. The boy did not complain and just stood there frozen, allowing Juan to place his hand under his boxers and on his bare soft ass. As Juan told him he should not be there alone, his right middle finger probed the young boys ass hole. He saw the young k** wince but did not complain. Sean moved the finger in and out and then spit some saliva on the finger and placed it back on the k**’s virgin ass. Juan then took his left hand and felt the boy’s young cock which was now hard, but again the boy never said a word, his blue eyes showing a mixture of fear and pleasure. He asked the k** if he was there alone, but all the boy could do was nod yes, which gave Juan license to take his left hand, stick in under the k**s shorts and feel the k**s smooth hairless 3 inch dick. He could see the boy shaking slightly, nervous and afraid but not complaining. Now Juan’s cock was hard and leaking. He took his hand and showed the young white boy his big brown cock and the k** looked at it but continued to say nothing. Then he took the small k**’s hand and placed it on his big dick. The small boy that only measured 5’3” just held Juan’s big cock without stroking or saying a word. He then pulled the boy into a dark corner and stuck his right hand back on the boy’s ass, his boxers falling around his ankles. He could see the boy’s nice firm round pure white ass and his hairless dick and small hairless balls. His right hand went back to work on the boy’s tight ass hole which now opened slightly allowing his finger to enter more easily. The beautiful young boy said nothing which Juan took as permission for Juan to fuck him. As Juan positioned himself behind the boy ready to stick his dick in the boy’s ass, the young boy instinctively bent over slightly. Juan rubbed his now leaking brown uncut dick on the boys crack. To his surprise the youngster did not try to stop him or move away, he was just shaking some. Juan wondered if the boy was paralyzed with fear, but he was so excited, he was going to have a white butt finally. Suddenly, he heard some sounds. So he quickly pulled the boys boxers and short back up, although the boys cock was visibly hard through his shorts. Juan tried to adjust his own big cock back into his briefs trying unsuccessfully to fold his cock between his legs, yet his hard on could not be hidden.Suddenly from nowhere a large workman appeared and asked what they were doing, in their local Spanish, looking at Juan in a threatening way. The k** finally spoke up and said in their local vernacular “We ain’t doing nothing sir, we are friends and just playing.” Then the man warned them sternly not to show their faces there again. Instantly they both ran out of the building in their separate ways. When Juan got home he was grateful to God that he had not ****d the boy, as he would have felt so guilty. He came so close to being a dirt bag c***d m*****er. Juan thought about confessing this at church but changed his mind, smiling to himself, thinking that the priest might have asked for the boy’s telephone number.Sean was now lying flat on his back when his exhausted lover fell on him, wrapped his arms around him and kissed him passionately on his lips. The now assembled two dozen local men started to applaud. They had witnessed one of the best “passion plays” on the island and they were really appreciative of the performance. The two boys looked around and smiled, Sean’s face turning red and not from the sunburn that he would have surely suffered if he had not applied ample amounts of sun screen earlier. Some of the guys put their spent dicks back and walked away others stood waiting to see if there would be an act two. Juan then asked in heavenly accented but understandable English if he could have him again. Sean agreed and they traded cell phone numbers. Juan told him that he was free for the whole weekend and Sean said that maybe Juan could stay at his hotel since they could sleep in his double bed. The two then kissed again and held each other tightly. The heavy heiress felt this hand going up and down from her fat ass up the back and back down again. At first he imagined it was Antonio, unable to keep his hands off him. “Oh this boy can’t stand it, he must have me now,” he thought. “I guess I will have to give into you now you naughty man,” he finally said out loud. When he turned around, he saw an old toothless homeless man around 60 years old his white unwashed hair straggling down over his wrinkled face and wearing tattered old clothes that smelled as if he had not bathed in weeks. “Ahi gorda, que linda.” the old hobo smiled and slapped Willies’s ass. The Contessa turned into a lioness and chased him screaming at the top of his voice:”You fucking son of a spic bitch! How dare you touch me!” The sight of the fat male losing his broad straw hat running barefoot in the hot sand in her ridiculous dress chasing after the poor homeless man looking for love, was more than the audience could endure without breaking out into uproarious laughter. The two boys also laughed as hard as they could especially Sean who now had tears streaming down his face and grabbed his stomach as he was in pain. Although the Old man ran as fast as his legs could carry him, William almost caught up until his Mu Mu caused him to fall flat on his face. The audience decided that this was the show’s finale and walked away and the boys went back to their romantic kissing.That evening, the two tourists decided to relax, Sean needing to recover from his day of sex with Juan and Willie needing to heal, the sole of his feet that were not seriously burned from chasing his local ancient admirer. Sean started to tease him, “What happened to you William, that was your big chance at romance?” “Shut the fuck up, you Limey bastard. If it wasn’t for a potato famine your family would still be old drunks in the old country.” Obviously, Willie was not amused, his big hairy feel wrapped in white bandages and propped up on his bed. Sean swore that the guy looked like a beached whale.“We may be Limeys but we surely are not Nazi Krauts,” Sean retorted, assuming that William was of German heritage. What he did not know was that this innocuous insult was much more painful, William having lost most of his family to the Nazi ovens. However, William and his family had not advertized their Jewish heritage trying to fit in with their predominantly Christian friends. So Willie gave a smile and did not reveal his real heartbreak at the comment. Later that evening after they had taken their dinner in their room, Herr Miller not being able to wear shoes yet, working the sympathy routine. All of a sudden there was a loud knock on the door. Sean got up and opened the door and to his surprise the concierge, Antonio walked in and said “Buenas tardes chicos.” Sean was not surprised but acted as if he was, inviting him in. Unlike how he acted on duty, Antonio was super friendly and kissed Sean on both cheeks, oh so European, and then walked over to William and kissed him on the lips. “What happened to your feet, mi amor?” Antonio asked curiously.“Oh, the beach looked so beautiful today, I just decided to walk without my sandals. It was a stupid mistake.” Sean concealed his inner laughter and just smiled.“Oh darling Sean, call the bar and order two bottles of Chrystal champagne.” The Contessa ordered her new lady in waiting nicely. “And be sure that they send 3 correct champagne flutes.”Antonio, wearing a white tank top so that the boys could enjoy his sharply cut upper body muscles particularly his pectorals and starched white short shorts, displaying his manly muscular legs and thighs; the white on the dark tanned body making an impressive contrast, settled in comfortably in Miller’s bed. William casually placed his hand on Antonio’s thigh very close to his large package. Sean had had his young island boy, but Miller, an heiress with taste could not settle for such mediocre company. It was just like their different luggage. Sean with a non discriminant suit case as opposed to his Luis Vuitton. After all the Irish would never learn class, no matter how hard they tried. The most they could ever be or would ever be was “Lace Curtain Irish” just like the Kennedy family, nouveau riche.After they had polished off the two bottles, Antonio, being the professional had the least of the champagne. It was time for William to enjoy his personal high priced lover. The two laid down and began to kiss, William pulling off Antonio’s tank top and feeling every inch of the dark man’s washboard stomach. Antonio sensed what his patron wanted and just laid on his back and closed his eyes flexing the parts of the body Miller wanted to explore with his lips and tongue. Sean decided he would go to the terrace and view the beach and ocean views that were dimly lit by the moon. Miller’s hunger for the beautiful Latin masculine specimen could not and would not be satisfied with just one pass through his upper body. Consequently, he dove right into the man’s ample package, sniffing and licking the white covered treasures that were temporarily hidden from view. He just loved the hard cock which was slightly covered, carefully using both hands to free the Rican’s prize possessions. After a couple of minutes of unwrapping his Christmas gifts, or he thought he should call it his Hanukah gifts, he was pleased to find the slightly hard 9” uncut light brown thick cock laying on the hard like a rock thigh. Such a delicacy had to be enjoyed slowly like a real gourmet would with the finest Beluga caviar. Antonio had his arms up, hands behind his head, his eyes closed, enjoying being serviced and making as much money in one night as he brought home in a week, not bad work at all. Miller picked up the semi hard cock rolling back the foreskin, and enjoying the taste of the sweat that created a certain odor, even though the owner of the cock had showered and was very clean. However, for the connoisseur of uncut cock, Miller knew that no matter how often a man cleans his penis and under his arms, armpits and foreskin develop a special scent and flavor which the untrained tongue may find unappetizing, but just like Beluga caviar, with its gray and only slightly back morsels are not just sturgeon eggs. These small eggs are not meant for the masses who would not find it special, but to those in the know, it is a delicacy to be treasured. Miller was in his glory, this was better than those married cocks in the bushes, this was truly special. He licked and sucked in the juices, as he took half of the big cock in his mouth. William then decided to taste the second course. Antonio had big bull testicles, larger than any Miller had seen this close, unlike Americans, the Latin had never trimmed or shaved these semen factories. While slowly stroking the hardening dick, Miller licked the ball sack and then savored their taste. On another less attractive man, William would never have imputed special significance, but they belonged to this big beautiful hunk stud, so in the big boy’s mind, they would taste special, so he took his time with each one. The balls were so large that Willie found it difficult to get each one into his mouth, but when he finally succeeded, he swirled them carefully and felt them churning, yes they were in the midst of creating delicious protein nourishment that Miller would put to memory. There are some sexual partners that are so special that you place in your memory banks so that when you are too old or too poor to attract this type of quality, you can go back to those memory cells and bring back the experience. Sean had been out in the terrace for a good twenty minutes and was getting a bit board. He did not want to interrupt the two lovers in their love making, but he got tired of looking at the few unattractive guys cruising and no Juan to enjoy. Maybe he would give him a call and see what his local lover was doing. So he sneaked in, glancing ever so slightly at his big friend enjoying Antonio’s body. That is when Antonio looked at him and winked. He smiled back but felt a bit guilty. Oh this damn Catholic guilt, he thought. As Willy was trying to devour the man’s testicles, oblivious to anything else, Antonio used his hands to signal Sean to sit and stay. So Sean with his cell in hand sat down on his bed and watched, admiring the beautiful body of this handsome Puerto Rican man. Sean then found his own dick start to harden. Antonio pursed his lips and blew a kiss in his direction. Sean was only there to get his cell phone so he could give Juan a call, but since Antonio wanted him to stay, he sensed both guilt and excitement. Antonio’s cock was now hardening as well and was much larger than before. He had to be at least ten inches or more now which was a hell of a lot more brown cock than had fucked him earlier. Now Sean’s imagination caused him to get hornier than he had been all day, what would it be like for that Rican Adonis to fuck him silly? was sporting a huge dark cock, much larger than the one that had Urla Escort given him so much pleasure earlier in the day and he wondered what it would be like to have Billy’s escort fuck him silly. Antonio signaled that he should remove his boxer shorts which was all that Sean was wearing and Sean practicing his new found obedience did just that. Now the boy was nude his dick hard just staring at the Latin’s monster piston. Antonio knew that Miller did not turn him on at all, so he closed his eyes imagining it was one of his several Puerto Rican bottom boys he had fucked. He did like them young and smooth. But Sean was a lot prettier than those other boys, so if he focused on the cute blond, he would be able to stay hard. Now Antonio signaled to Sean to raise his legs so he could view his ass hole, so Sean, enjoying this new found submissive routine, lifted both legs and started gently touching his ass hole. When Antonio saw the boy’s young, hairless pink ass pussy, he stuck his tongue out, as if he was tonguing the prettiest hole he had ever seen. Now the man’s cock started to leak and get a bit thicker. Miller felt the fluids on his hand and figured that it was his expert tongue turning his big strong stud on. Willie did not want to waste one drop of those precious fluids, so he quickly massaged the balls and sucked in all the precum licking down the shaft and his fingers to get every single drop. It was as if he was in a desert and that big brown cock in his hand was the only oasis from which he could survive. Miller never once looked at Sean’s double bed, so he did not notice the boy’s playing with his tight ass hole. After draining all the precum the man could produce, he started to deep throat the cock and suck in earnest, while he maintained the light massage on the big hairy balls in his hand. However, no matter how much as he tried to deep throat and Miller had lots of practice, he could only get just a bit more than half the cock in his mouth.Sean decided he would change his position and get Antonio even more horny by getting in a doggy position and had his white soft bubble ass face the Latin stud, studying his reaction with his head between his legs. He reached back with both hands and spread his own cheeks as much as he could, causing his boy cunt to open up, the hole clearly visible to Antonio that was now trying to figure out how he could get his hands on the lovely 18 yo boy. The sight of Sean’s desirable ass hole along with Miller’s expert cock sucking caused him to shoot his load right into Willie’s mouth. The eruption would not and could not be wasted, as Miller swallowed every single drop of cum, sucking out any fluids that might be left in the shaft that was now getting soft. When Sean noticed that Antonio had cum, he quickly put his Calvin Klein boxers back on and laid down on his bed looking up at the ceiling. Antonio touched Miller’s his shoulders signaling that he was finished and needed a break. Miller got up and looked at Sean and said: “Dear boy, I hope you were not bored while my boyfriend and me played together. “Oh no, that’s fine Willie. I didn’t mind. Its OK” Sean said sheepishly, his guilt returning but being ignored. “Did you enjoy that, Antonio darling?” William asked, trying to be as solicitous as he could. “Yes, but I am famished. I need lots more protein. I would love a nice rare steak burger.”“Sean, please call room service and order my lover whatever he wants” William was now treating Sean as his personal secretary, although the boy had paid his own way. Antonio said, “No! If you want to please me, I want you to go downstairs and get it for me, I don’t want to wait for room service cause it takes them forever and I want it hot. Also, I can’t have anyone from the hotel see me like this in your room or I will be fired. I had to sneak up here tonight.”“OK then, I will try to walk on my bandaged feet, I sure hope it isn’t too painful for me.” Miller would watch Antonio to see if this would work.“How did you make it back from the beach today? Did you find someone to carry you?” Antonio was not going to fall for it. Check mate! William dressed and got his sandals and limped out the door. As soon as Miller left, Antonio quickly got to the door, bolting it, in case Miller came back unexpectedly and went to Sean’s bed and picked him up as if he was a little boy. Sean was surprised at the big man’s strength as he kissed him deeply. Sean felt the hungry hunk’s tongue enter his, exploring his mouth, as his right hand removed his boxers, his left hand holding him in the air. Sean had never been controlled so completely, and he loved it. Then Antonio placed the young boy gently on the bed lifting his hips and moving his legs back so Sean’s ankles were close to his ears. Sean’s ass was now completely exposed and available to the big muscular Latin. Antonio started to devour Sean’s asshole as if he had gotten the steak burger and he had not eaten for a week. Sean had no choice but to submit to the strong man’s strength, his hole opening slowing as the strong tongue pushed through the ass ring deep then deeper than he thought was possible. Sean then felt Antonio’s lips cupping his hole and sucking the insides out. Fortunately, Sean had douched after he had defecated earlier. Antonio moaned as he enjoyed the sweet tasting cunt. Before Sean could say or do anything, he felt Antonio’s big cock enter his ass hole and there was nothing he could do. Sean then worried that the big strong man did not have a rubber but it was now too late as he felt the big brown cock slowly breaking through his ass muscles which he tried squeezing but to no avail. Although the pain cause him to sweat, as this monster cock was much bigger and wider than the one he had enjoyed earlier, he was too turned on by this big strong muscular stud taking him and completely controlling him. Uncontrollable pain was mixing with ecstasy as he was held tight and Antonio never stopped kissing him as his cock finally filled him completely and Sean felt the big hairy brown balls resting on his ass. Antonio twitched his big cock and this caused a thunder bolt of pleasure to go through his body and right to his brain, he twitched his cock again and the second thunder bolt was stronger than the first, now bypassing his brain and hitting his balls as he felt his dick that was tucked tightly against Antonio’s rock hard abdominal muscles. Since there was nothing that Sean could do, the young blond boy decided not to concern himself with this unsafe and unprotected fuck and just relax and enjoy it. Now his sphincter muscles relaxed and the huge cock pressed hard against his prostrate gland. Unlike the fuck earlier, he had absolutely no control over what was happening to him, so he used his hands to explore the large cut bicep muscles that had him pinned him. Antonio’s tongue that had totally taken over the inside of his mouth, now relaxed and he was feeling the strong passionate kisses which he returned in kind. He no longer belonged to himself as he had always prided himself he would, but now he was totally and completely owned and possessed by a super powerful man and he thought it might be the best feeling he had ever felt in his life. This was all accomplished before the muscle man had even started fucking him, all he had done was twitch the big thick brown monster cock and his insides had responded as he never imagined it could. Now Antonio had what he had lusted after for the last half hour, he felt like that beautiful pink male cunt was his all his and he loved it. So he took a deep breath and started to fuck, slowly at first, now Sean felt the entire cock almost completely pull out and then slowly go back in with no resistance as Sean’s strong ass muscles had also submitted total control to the big intruder. Antonio looked into Sean’s beautiful blue eyes and something entered him, he had to give this beautiful boy the best fuck of his young life, something he would always remember. Now the huge piston started to fuck faster and Sean’s ass started to quiver, the spasms being felt by the muscular stud which only caused him to quicken the pace. For the first time Sean saw in those piercing brown eyes more than just lust, he started to see love which created even more passion in the boy. If Sean had felt an anal orgasm before, it was not to be compared to what Antonio was giving to him, he had moved from a McDonald’s hamburger to a filet mignon at New York’s Peter Luger’s Steak House. Pangs of pleasure shot through him as Antonio was fucking the boy with all of his strength, the large piston having adjusted Sean’s engine to function at its maximum capability, revved up.. Finally, as Sean held on to his lover’s broad shoulders, felt his cock starting to leak into Antonio’s abs. Antonio felt the young boys ass tight then spasm ass he felt five strong spurts of semen against his ripped abs. Just as Sean reached the end of the best orgasm of his life, Antonio’s cock started to release his life giving tad poles looking for eggs to fertilize deep into Sean’s gut. Antonio could not control himself and started to yell in his native Spanish “Siiiiiii! Siiii Oh Dios Mio Siiii!!!” Sean felt the flood deep in his gut and it caused him another strong dry orgasm, causing his body to shake, as if he was experiencing a seizure. Antonio just held him tight, his still hard spent dick deep inside the young ass. “Calmate baby.” Antonio said gently. The soothing hug and calming stroking of his back, caused the young blond boy to calm down. He felt so comfortable in Antonio’s strong arms. But somehow the orgasms would not stop. Sean counted three forceful dry orgasms after he had shot all his cum into Antonio’s abdomen. Finally, Antonio removed his cock and looked at the boy’s hole which was still gaping and semen was oozing out slowly. Somehow Sean wish he had a butt plug so he could keep his man’s seed inside and maybe digest it so it would be a permanent part of him. The two kissed slowly and Sean raced into the bathroom and Antonio cleaned his cock on a towel.Quickly Antonio jumped back into Williams bed his cock only semi soft although completely spent. In the bathroom Sean douched the remaining sperm coming out with the strawberry douche. Sean washed himself thoroughly but it took a couple of minutes for his ass hole to finally clamp tight. When Sean came out with fresh boxers on, he laid back on his bed. Antonio went on to explain the arrangement he had with William, which of course did not surprise the boy. But then to Sean’s surprise Antonio said that he was not going to spend the next four nights there as he could not enjoy Miller’s hairy body, in fact if he had not been able to look at Sean, he could never had gotten hard. But what really surprised Sean was when Antonio explained that although he lived with his parents that would never understand his lifestyle, he had a good friend where he and Sean could spend time together if he really wanted to sleep with him again. Would Sean go through with his plan to spend the whole weekend with Juan or would he spend it with Antonio? He felt guilty if he offended the boy from today, but a stud like Antonio, MMMMMM, how lucky can a boy be? As Sean thought about this he heard the door key and a pull on the handle. Sean quickly got up and asked “Who is it?”“Its Justin fucking Bieber, who else do you think, you idiot.” Willie was being his charming self. Sean opened the door and explained that the maid had tried to come in to turn down the beds, but he couldn’t let her see Antonio in the room so he decided to bolt the door. William noticeably limped past the boy and had eyes only for the big Latin “I am so sorry, darling it took me so long, but I think they had to slaughter the only steer in Puerto Rico.” They all laughed and Antonio devoured the large thick hamburger, french fries and coke as if he had not eaten all day. “Oh wow my darling lover, I am so sorry if I wore you out, you must have been starving.” William was being so charming and romantic hoping the beef protein would shoot right to Antonio’s balls and start producing more seminal protein. “Yeah, I have been so busy with work, I haven’t cum like that in a long time,” the big strong stud was putting on a great act which almost convinced Sean, who tried to hide his smile. “Well, I promise to be more gentle with you darling,” William chortled, so pleased with his oral abilities. “We should go to sleep if we are going to enjoy a full day tomorrow. I guess since you are nude Antonio, I should sleep next to you nude as well.” So all three men went about their business getting ready for bed. Antonio laid on the outside of the bed facing Sean, which meant that William had to sleep on the inside facing the wall. The lights turned off, the room only lit by the moon which allowed Sean and Antonio to look at each other. “Hey Willie go to sleep, my cock is off duty, sabes?” Antonio was firm and William was snoring in a few minutes. Antonio then crawled out of Willie’s bed and cuddled next to Sean that was also nude. Sean and Antonio were kissing softly and gently, when Antonio whispered in Sean’s ear. In a couple of minutes, Antonio crawled back into Miller’s bed and started to snore himself. In another five minutes a cell phone started to ring which woke Miller up, Antonio still snoring but more loudly. The Latin song was one of Ricky Martin’s tunes who most gays in Puerto Rico knew was gay way before he admitted it publicly. “Oh darling, Mi Macho!” Miller shook his big stud which caused Antonio to wake up.“Oh Perdon! My cell.” Antonio hopped out of bed reached into his bag and pulled out his phone. “Si? Mande?” “Oh Mama, Que pasa amorcita? ““Oh no me diga. Ahi Dios mio. ““Si, claro, ahora vengo”“A Dios Mama.”“I have to go, my father is very sick. That was my mother.”“Oh no” Miller was worried now. His weekend of ecstasy might be ruined. “Si. I have to drive him to the hospital, its not like New York where the ambulance comes quickly.”Sean was so worried and said, “Is there anything we can do?” “No, I will call you guys later. William can I see you privately?”“Sean will you excuse us briefly, please?” Sean knew why he had to get lost so he put on some shorts and went on the terrace. He turned to see William pulling some bills out of his wallet and kissing the stud good night. Sean came back into the room and William was upset, but said nothing except, “I got to pee.”While the fat man was in the bathroom, Sean took his cell phone from under the pillow and put it back in his travel case. In the morning both boys woke up, the brilliant sun shining into their room. It was 10 am and they were both famished. William’s feet were still sore but felt better. Sean’s ass was sore too, but he felt wonderful. “What do you want to do for breakfast Billy Boy?” Sean asked cheerfully, stretching and then rubbing his sore butt. “I don’t know, why don’t you order me a bottle of arsenic, Mr. Sunshine” William took his top sheet and covered his face.“Oh, come on Billy Boy, he will be back tonight,” Sean said brightly, knowing full well that he wouldn’t. “I am hungry though. Maybe I will feel better after a light breakfast.” Nothing could cheer the fat boy more than food, well, maybe something else, but he wasn’t there.The light breakfast that Miss Piggy chose consisted of Pancakes, Sausages or the local version: Chorisos, a three egg Omelet and three cups of coffee with heavy cream and lots of sugar. “Why don’t you switch to Sweet and Low instead of all that sugar,” Sean suggested with a smile, “Don’t you want to keep your girlish figure for that big stud of yours?”For the first time that day William produced a smile and continued his light breakfast.Sean, on the other hand, enjoyed his half a Papaya , a great antioxidant, two poached eggs, a good source of protein, figuring it was important to have through his mouth since another orifice had already been well fed with plenty of protein, toast and a cup of tea. Yet he was still bothered by his ne

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My Firsts

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My FirstsI lost my virginity to a girl in a car.I had my first blowjob Seferihisar Escort rel=’dofollow’ title=”Ödemiş Escort”>Ödemiş Escort rel=’dofollow’ title=”Narlıdere Escort”>Narlıdere Escort in a car (from a girl).I ate my first pussy in a field at night.I gave my first blowjob through a gloryhole.I first gave anal (to a woman) in a bed.I first received anal from a transexual.

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Lonely Milf turned freaky sex fiend

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Lonely Milf turned freaky sex fiendThis Intro is just a reminder to all readers of this story that “Ovadose” is a couple. So our stories are going to be very different. So different in fact that you will know after the first few posts, just who wrote them. Mine will all be about me and my husband’s sexual adventures and his will be about his lifelong sexual adventures before and with me. Please feel free to comment on our posts and let us know what you think.October 12, 2010I guess you could say I was an adult tomboy who would rather fight men than fuck them. I had only been in two relationships since the age of 14 and both were very bad with the whole man cheating and leaving me to raise c***dren on my own scenario. I had been a tomboy for as long as I can remember, I even played football in high school. Well I was still very curious about everything sexual but never let it be known. I spent many years reading romance novels that describe love and sex in relationships as erotic and pleasurable. So after the failed relationships, I tried to just have sex a couple of times with a couple of other men, to find this pleasure and love described. Only to be disappointed after, feeling like it must just be me, destined to never know that feeling of weak legs from a kiss, or the pleasure that starts small and builds and builds inside of you until you explode with pleasure. So I avoided relationships for 1 year and a half spending my weekends hanging with the girls dressed in t-shirt and jeans while they always found the most provocative outfits they could find and took longer getting ready to go out than they actually spent out, or dressed for that matter. Watching this every weekend just made me appreciate my decision to be abstinent and avoid sexual relationships all the more. After the first year went by, so many people thought I was gay or just to mean to approach, which I liked. I only went out with a certain few friends every weekend to blow off steam after a long week of boring work. Every once in a while me and my friends would go to house parties after closing time and then I would go home to my big empty bed Manisa Escort from there. That is until this one weekend at my friends house party. I met this tall dark handsome man who had followed me outside as I was getting ready to leave, because the party had dwindled down to a boring few. I was walking toward my car when he called out to me and asked me to stay and just kick it with him for a bit longer. He didn’t want to be left in what was left of the party without some real company. I felt instant attraction to him and warning bells went off in my head, letting me know I should just say no and go home. As we started talking and joking with each other it felt so right, and we both agreed that friendship is right away that we were not looking for a relationship, just friendship. The attraction mixed with the curiosity had me walking right back into my friends’ house with this handsome stranger who made me moist and horny with his nearness. When we sat down and started talking, I couldn’t help but admire this man’s body from head to toe, which took awhile since he is 6’4” and his wide muscular build, just made me feel so small and feminine, matched the handsome face I was looking at. Beautiful light brown eyes that still had mine captured in their trance only broken when he pulled me next to him on the couch and asked if I minded leaning back on him so he could hold me as we talked. As nervous as a school girl because of the sensations his nearness was making course through my body, did not even compare to the shock waves of desire shooting through me being in his arms. As we talked and flirted the rest of the morning getting to know each other, nobody even tried to interrupt us. Even when he caressed my breast in front of everyone there. They just all started leaving which didn’t matter to me, because I was busy trying to get my composure back. After awhile he passed out with me laying on him and I had to go home. It was already daylight and I tried to wake him to say goodbye but he was out, so I just went home and kicked myself in the ass for not leaving him my number Mavişehir Escort or some kind of message. I was not used to this kind of thing happening to me, especially not the instant attraction mixed with such pleasure. All we did was lay next to each other, wow. I thought about him every day for the next two weeks, wondering if I would ever see him again, or feel that way again. I blushed just picturing his big bear sized body wrapped around mine and how tiny I felt in those big strong arms. I called my friend every day asking about him with no luck. Then the next weekend my friends ask me to go out and we all meet up at the same house after the club where I had met him, I ask her to call his friends and see if they were coming over, and if they were, to bring him. About a half an hour later he walks through the door with his confident stride taking him straight to me and with my heart racing and my pussy getting moist, we continued where we had left off two weeks ago as if we were never apart. After the party I wasn’t about to let him disappear again without knowing just how strong this physical and sexual connection we shared was. So I did something I never do and invited him home with me. I have never felt so comfortable and yet aroused at the same time. We spent the first couple of days just kicking it in my room watching t.v and getting to know each other. Then one morning as I lay in his arms I can feel his long hard body next to mine and his dick is pushing through both our clothes poking me in the ass. I couldn’t stand it any more, once again I found myself doing something I had never done before, I sat up, undid his pants and pulled his long thick throbbing dick from his pants and put my mouth over it and begin sucking and flicking my tongue over the head of it as I wildly suck and lick this large dick like it is the world’s best popsicle, it shocks me by growing harder, longer, and wider stretching the skin so taught over it, my mouth can barely fit around it now. As I continue licking and sucking and hearing his breathing get raspy I start feeling Menderes Escort actual pleasure myself, I had never enjoyed sucking any mans dick before, but I was actually getting turned on by pleasing him! In the past it was a chore I had to force myself through and now I can feel pleasure actually building up inside me and now I am getting hornier and his moans of pleasure are setting it off. The feelings and emotions flowing threw me were so awesome that when he grabbed me up and pushed me on the bed, he caught me off guard. I could see the look of lust in his eyes and welcomed the huge black dick that was thrust in me. I felt like every nerve in my pussy was being touched, so when he grabbed my ass and held it the whole time after his first thrust, He began this erotic rhythm of thrusting as he brought his face to mine and gazed into my eyes as he began kissing me so deep and wild , our tongues battling as each thrust of his dick inside of me brought me that much closer to Cumming. My body had a mind of its own as my hips started to raise and meet each of his downward thrusts. His breathtaking kiss muffling our moans of pleasure as we both began to cum. I came first grabbing his hips for support as my body tensed for the final wave to subside. but I continued raising my hips to meet his with what little strength I had left, until he came so hard that I felt the hot injection he had just filled me with. As he lay on top of me and kissed my forehead with a smile, it shocked me to realize I wanted more. I was too tired to move but I couldn’t get enough of him. So when he lay beside me, I moved down to find his soft sticky member, slick with both of our juices, and started licking, it clean and then started sucking what was left inside. I laid back down next to him as he wrapped his arms around me, we both fell asleep exhausted, only to wake up later and continue our explorations of each other for the next few weeks. For many years now we have been able to keep that same sexy erotic intimacy in our bedroom, with as many new and different ways possible. We are now husband and wife, and I still feel the same sensual reaction to his every touch. Sometimes the anticipation of his mouth or hands on me escalates the pleasure when he actually does. He calls it sexual chemistry, I call it love. Whatever it is, he still has me wanting him, anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. I am his freak in training, let me know how I’m doing.

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Halloween Part 3

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Halloween Part 3Halloween with the Three naught little WitchesPart 3( true story from last year )She did not give me a chance to catch my breath. Soon as I was done shooting cum into Rebb’s tight pussy, Gail pushed her friend off me and climbed on. She quickly sat her very wet, lightly furred, kitty onto my face and started to rub herself on me. It took me a few seconds to bring my hands up and take hold of her cute little ass, pushing her into a better position so I could breath. I could not see what else was going on, but I could hear skinny young Rebb give a small moan and chubby blond Pam giggle “Gail your terrible.” I could guess from the angle of her body on top of me that Gail was paying some attention to her friend’s well fucked pussy. Im not sure about Pam, but I know Rebb had been a virgin until tonight. As for the leader of the little coven of witches, Gail sure seemed to know what she was doing when it came to sex. I licked her as she slurped my cum from her friend’s cunt. I wish I could have seen what she was doing but my view was filled by her wiggling bum. This seemed to Kemalpaşa Escort go on forever, I made Gail cum twice before she pulled her face away from Rebb and paid some attention to my cock. My half erect member sprang to full attention as soon as Gail gobbled in into her mouth. She sucked on me hard and raked her teeth over my shaft; it was kind of painful. In return I slapped her ass and pushed my thumb right up her bum. Gail let out a big gasp “yesss” then she started shivering with her strongest orgasm yet. She squeezed the base of my cock as hard as she could and thrust her cunt wildly against my tounge. I did not have to think about it at the time, I just knew what I had to do next, I knew what kind of girl Gail was. She was sweet and intelligent, but tended to dominate her friends in a sexual way even more than in public. If she could she would dominate her men too, but that was not what she really wanted. She did not want to have a boy to use, she wanted to be used by a man. So as soon as she was done cumming, I pushed Gail off me. Konak Escort “On your knees little witch, its time I fucked you like my bitch.” I said with a big smile, as Pam and Rebb watched. Gail gasped and slowly staggered into position, her body weak after that last orgasm. “She’s gonna let him do it?” Pam whispered in amazement. Rebb looked down at her pussy then over at Pam’s smooth cunt. “He’s going to do it, if she lets him or not.” The skinny red head told her plump friend. I took hold of Gail’s hips as she glanced over her shoulder at me, her long hair a wild mess. I thrust my hard cock right into her wet cunt, as hard as I could. Virgin or not, I aimed to stuff my dick as deep as I could in one stab. I wanted to hear her scream. She did, loud and long.I fucked her for a few minutes in a nice stead y pattern, three shallow then one deep. Then I leaned forward and took hold of her tits. “No, please, don’t pinch them.” She gasped. I pinched her nipples as I fucked her in a new rhythm, two deep then a small pause, then two deep again. After Kuşadası Escort a few more minutes Gail was gasping non-stop an endless string of “fuck, fuck, oh fuck…” I knew she was going to cum as soon as I changed the rhythm, but I was not quite ready yet. I wanted to do something nice and nasty to her next. I stopped moving for a second, my cock deep in her hot wet cunt. Then I pulled Gail up to me, as I dropped into a sitting position. I made sure she landed on my lap with a good hard thump, to drive my cock right up into her womb. She screamed and started cumming, losing herself in the orgasm of pleasure and pain. To keep her going all I had to do was move my hips a little and squeeze her nipples. Her scream had trailed off into a silent breathless expression, as her friends watched in amazement. I let Gail start to recover just a bit before I slid my fingers down from her tits to her pussy. I pinched her clit at the same time I sank my teeth into her shoulder. I had been dressed as a Vampire for Halloween after all. Gail really lost control this time, as she started to cum again I felt a hot flood all over my crotch. Poor little witch was peeing herself. I bit her harder and growled as I managed a few short thrusts before I exploded. As we lay there recovering Gail started to giggle “I hope you enjoyed your Halloween treat, in nine months you will know if we played a trick on you or not.”

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