A Weekend in the Mountains

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‘It’s odd’ I thought, ‘Melody should have been here by now. She must have stopped for something on the way home.’

She was staying for the weekend. We live in different towns, 30 miles apart, so we don’t get to spend many evenings together. So, we talk on the phone every day and chat online constantly. We take turns having each other over for the weekend. This weekend was my turn and I wanted to make it perfect.

I headed upstairs to change clothes. I hate wearing suits, but when meeting with important clients for the first time the boss demands I dress appropriately. Funny, it seems every time I show up in a suit, the client is in khakis, a golf shirt and penny loafers. Since when do computer programmers wear suits, anyway? However, the boss is an old fashioned guy and likes to make impressions. So I humor him.

I heard the door close downstairs and I knew she was finally home. Then I heard her feet on the stairs. I waited, expecting her to walk through the bedroom door. Instead I heard the bathroom door, then the water running in the tub. I changed into my old ragged sweats, and padded quietly down the hall.

Segovia was playing Paganini’s Romanzo quietly from a small stereo on a shelf above the tub. From down the hall I could hear it, and I knew, it had been a long, trying day and she just wanted to relax. Perhaps I could help her chase away the dark clouds.

I returned to the bedroom to make a few preparations, and then I quietly ambled downstairs to the wine rack.

Lambrusco?… No, too heady… Zinfandel?… Too fruity. Bordeaux?… Eh… Maybe… Chianti?… Hmmm… Chianti… Bartali ’98, Chianti Classicco.

I took two glasses from the rack and the corkscrew and made my way, back upstairs, being careful not to clink the glasses and spoil the surprise. I wondered if the wicker wrap on the bottle would look as quaint on the bathroom floor as it did on a candle lit dinner table.

She was sitting in a tub of hot water, engulfed to her chin in bubbles, her short auburn hair just reaching down to them. A few small candles were lit around the room. Now I’m glad I let her take over most of the bathroom. She had stocked it with all the things that make a woman feel good about herself. I just chuckled and ignored it the rest of the time, but this night I’m glad she has it.

Her head was leaned back, eyes closed. Taking a seat on the rug I put the glasses down and twisted in the corkscrew. She was still unaware of my presence. Bracing the bottle between my legs, I pushed the levers down. [i] Ssqueeaak THWOOOMP![/i] I winced. She was not startled, but slowly turned her head my way as I poured the wine. I offered her the glass, she accepted and took a sip, then another, then a long one.

“Mmmmm… Perfect.” Her voice was calm and quiet, but I could hear the stress there as well.

“Can I… Scrub your back?… your front?… top?…bottom?”

“Yes… Yes… Maybe, if you are a good boy… Yes.”

“Drink, relax.”

Kneeling behind Her, I took a sponge from the side of the tub and soaked it. Squeezing the water out just under her chin. Gently I guided the sponge across her shoulders, and down each arm, around and over her breasts and down her smooth tummy, being careful to cover every inch with gentle scrubs and light caresses.

I moved to the other end of the tub. ‘It was a good idea.’ I thought to myself, ‘That old French bathtub had charm when I bought it. Now it would allow me to move around easier.

Washing each leg from the toes up, being careful not to reach too high. Not yet.

“Roll over.” I said quietly. She complied wordlessly.

Again, I started at the toes, working my way up to her exquisite rump. “Want to talk about your day?” I asked.


“That bad, eh? Say no more.” I caressed her cheek, “You are still alive and the day is nearly over. And I am still here.”

“The only good thing about this day.”

“Tomorrow will be better, I promise.”

Moving to the side, I washed her back. Her soft sighs told me she was beginning to relax, but her body told me there was still much tension. I pulled the stopper from the drain and turned on the water, adjusting it to the right temperature, and flipping the valve for the shower/sprayer. I helped her stand and rinsed her down, being sure to get every bubble rinsed away. I took her hand as she stepped out of the tub. Then taking a large soft towel, I patted her dry. More patting, more drying, even though she was dry, more patting.

“You are too good to me.” She sighed.

“Nothing is too good for you tonight.” I whispered from behind, as I wrapped her tightly in the towel. I handed her glass to her and I took my own and the bottle.

“Come with me, Madame, I have a… special treat for you this evening.”

I led her back to the bedroom, where I had left aromatic oils warming. “Lie down,” I said, “the world will not torment you while I am here.”

She removed the towel and stretched out on the bed with her hands under her chin, elbows out to the side.

“Don’t fall asleep just kuşadası escort yet,” I sat down beside her, gently rubbing one hand over her back. “I may know a way to chase those demons away.”

“Are you sure,” She turned her head toward me, “They are mighty big demons.”

“I assure you, no demon can withstand my methods. Of course no demons can stand being talked about either.”

“I don’t really want to drag it back up.” She said, turning her head back and resting it on her hands. “Let’s just say that ‘Murphy’s Law’ was in full effect today, and leave it at that.”

“Well then, I shall have to wrest them out myself.” I poured a small amount of oil into one hand, rubbing it into my other and coating them lightly. “Beware, foul Demons. You are not welcome here. Be gone with you.”

She chuckled at the melodramatics, and then sighed as my hands began their work.

I began with her legs, dripping small amounts of the herbal oils onto them, a little more in my hands. Then spreading the oil as I worked up her legs, soft gentle motions at first, rubbing the skin to increase the blood flow. I could feel her pulse quicken slightly as I worked up and down both of those long, muscular legs. Then to the globes of her buttocks, rubbing in circular motions, the thick oil lubricating her flesh until my hands glided over her skin like a warm breeze.

Her breath caught as the warm oil dripped on her back, then, again my hands drifted over her, caressing her back and shoulders. Her blood was flowing freely through her body now, ready to help me with the next step.

Gradually I increased pressure, working deeper and deeper into the muscles of her shoulders and arms, and onto her back again. Firmly kneading the tissues, freeing the toxins and tension as the blood carried them away.

Working down to her lower back, I paused there, adding just a bit more oil, spreading it up her spine while feeling for signs of tension.

Convinced that she was sufficiently relaxed, I returned to her lower back, just above the lumbar. There, I placed my hands, thumbs together and fingers spread wide, centered on her spine, I applied firm pressure with the base of my thumbs slid my hands quickly up her back. The joints in the vertebrae popped like a string of firecrackers. She gasped, her body went limp momentarily as the spine realigned itself. A deep sigh escaped her as she felt the warmth and energy coursing through her again.

I continued working the muscles of her posterior, giving them a firm but gentle pat as I continued on down her legs, turning the muscles and releasing the last tensions from her. Then back up, again rubbing, but more briskly now, further stimulating the blood flow and washing her system clean.

As I reached her shoulders once more, I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Feeling better?”

“My God! I haven’t felt like this in years.” She rolled over to look me in the eyes, “Where did you learn to do that?”

“Many years ago in Japan. You learn a great deal about the human body when you have lived as long as some of them.”

I kissed her neck, and ear and then the neck again. She began to breath deeper as I moved lower, kissing and massaging her full round breasts, taking each nipple in my mouth, feeling them awaken at my command. The muscles in her abdomen tensing and relaxing again, and again as my lips and tongue explore. I slid my tongue in and out of her navel and bit lightly at her sides. The soft hairs of her mons brushed my cheek as I moved past.

But there she stopped me, her hands on my head, pulling me back up to her anxious lips. I was assaulted by the full fury of her kiss.

“Ok, if you want to take your anger out on me, go ahead.” I mused, “I’m relatively strong for a geek, I can take it.”

“Not anger. Not anymore. Just a hunger. For you.”

“Well then, I am ripe for the picking and I’m all yours.”

She pulled me close kissing me again, a long slow kiss, as if she were searching, trying to find the real comfort she needed in that kiss. Her hands rubbed slowly up and down my back.

Pushing me over onto my back, she whispered, “Well I’m starving.”

She took my sweats by the cuffs and pulled them off in one swift motion. Then starting at my feet, she began to move slowly up my legs, kissing and licking teasingly. I could feel the warm sensation in my loins as my manhood awoke. She watched it grow erect as she continued up my thighs, biting at the inside of them, inching closer and closer to my groin. Her firm breasts brushed back and forth across my legs, I could feel her nipples growing excited.

But she moved past my waiting erection, across my right hip, and gently bit into my side, sending fire throughout my abdomen. She moved to my navel, circling it with her tongue, as her breasts brushed my loins. It stood in response, with a mind of it’s own, trying to reach the soft warmth of the globes that teased it. She pressed them onto it, moving up and down, rubbing them the length of it and back.

Her teeth pulled at the hairs just below my navel, she worked her way lower again. Then I felt her soft lips, kissing down the side of my erection. Teasing me again with her tongue, licking up and down both sides and circling the head. Her hot breath washed over me as she engulfed me in her mouth. Her lips closing gently around me, she worked her tongue across the underside, the roughness of her palette and hot, wetness of her mouth quickly driving me closer to climax. I held on as she withdrew, only to engulf me again. Then kissing again down both sides and playing her tongue across the head. Her hands joined the fray squeezing and stroking my loins.

It was almost too much to bear, I took her head in my hands and pulled her to my waiting lips. She pulled her knees up straddling my torso as we kissed. My hands gently massaging her breasts. I played my fingers over her nipples, feeling them grow hard again, rolling them between my fingers and gently pinching them.

Her hips moved back and forth, tilting forward and back, the soft hairs brushing across my skin. She sat upright, moving farther back, slowly, inching toward the object of her desire. Reaching behind her she guided me in. Her back arched and she took a deep breath as she slowly took in the entire length, moaning softly as she reached the bottom. She sat there for a moment, still as a mannequin to look at her. But stillness only hid the movement that was inside.

Her muscles contracting and relaxing around me caused a shiver to run up my spine. Then she rose up again, her muscles squeezing hard, nearly pulling me off the bed. The intensity of the sensations overwhelming me, I gasped, and she released me. She slid slowly down my shaft, rocking her hips, and squeezing again before rising once more.

My hands stroked her flanks, gently spurring her on. Gliding them upwards, I reached for those marvelous breasts again. Kneading them, squeezing them together, caressing them softly. I moved one hand down to her smooth belly, feeling the muscles beneath the skin as her motions increased in tempo.

Her soft moans grew louder as she reached a furious pace, her head rolling from side to side then back, her eyes closed tightly. She leaned forward, her hands on my chest, clawing and raking my skin. Her breath became more broken, short staccato gasps. I could feel the contractions as she neared her own climax.

My hand moved lower, my thumb manipulating the bud between her legs. She cried out as the first spasms racked her body, her hips pounding onto me. She threw her head back again, her eyes wide and mouth agape. She shook as if be electrocuted, She fell down on me, writhing, her hips still moving rapidly. She bit into my shoulder, then cried out again as another wave overtook her. Gradually the convulsions subsided and she lay panting on my chest.

I kissed her forehead, then her nose, her lips, her cheek. She sighed quietly as her breath returned. I nuzzle her neck as I lifted her leg and slid from underneath her. I kissed her shoulders as she stretched out on the bed her breathing still ragged but returning to normal.

I knelt and massaged her back again, feeling the muscles relax under pressure from my hands. I leaned close the her ear, “How do you feel now?”

Like I could do that again… And again… All night long.”

“Hmm… I don’t think either of us would live through it. I thought dinner might be a good idea, soon.”

“It’s not time for intermission already is it?”

“No, but soon.”

I kissed her on the shoulder again then moved down her back planting kisses along her spine. Kneading her buttocks, gently at first, then more firmly, I kissed them, then gentle bites that made her squeal.

I knelt behind her, spreading her legs apart, I leaned close touching my lips to the flesh of those globes. My tongue probing the area below. The sweet, musky scent is strong now and the wetness I can feel without touching. I could swear I saw steam. I moved up leaning toward her ear, I whisper, “Are you ready for me?” I could hear the tremors in her voice as she replied, “Yes… Now… Yes!”

I pulled her hips upward, sliding her knees forward and mine under her. I lowered her onto me. Slowly, teasingly slow, I slipped inside her. Letting her feel the entire length of the stroke. Then slowly back out. And in. I paused there. Grinding my hips against her. She sighed as I retreated again.

A quick powerful thrust, and another, again I paused. Stroking her back with one hand, as my other caressed her butt. I thrust again, deeply. She gasped, rocking her hips into me.

Several short quick stabs and then deep and slow, pulling almost all the way out.

I rammed into her again, watching as the flesh of her buttocks jiggled with the impact. I leaned over her, my right arm around her waist, I pulled her up Her hands grasped the headboard as she turned her head towards me. I leaned closer, kissing the side of her mouth and her cheek I held her there as my left hand squeezed those firm breasts again. My hand found her mouth, open and hungry, she sucked and bit at my fingers. I leaned close again nibbling at her ear. Kissing her neck, down the side, moving outward towards the shoulder. Another quick thrust, she gasped again, I bit hard into the muscle at the base of her neck. She cried out.

Her breath was coming in short gasps again, an erratic panting, she pounded back into me, as I hammered her with long, powerful strokes followed by short quick thrusts and pauses in a random pattern.

She began to convulse uncontrollably, a powerful wave washed over her. She continued thrusting back into to me harder and harder. Screaming, crying, laughing, all at once. I could not hold her. He hands gripped the headboard tightly as she gave in once again to the sensations.

Her spasms pulled me in. I felt the pressure building in my loins, my own climax coming on quickly. The numbing sensation coursing through me as my own control began to fade. My hips slammed uncontrollably against her own motions. The room seemed to dim as I felt the surges through her contractions. Her grip released on the headboard and she collapsed on the bed as I, spent, collapsed with her.

We lay there for a few minutes, recuperating as I combed her hair with my fingers. She rolled to face me. “How do you do that?” she asked, smiling.

“Do what?” I replied.

“Make me feel so… I don’t know. I’ve never felt this way before. You make me feel so comfortable with everything.”

“I don’t know that it’s anything I actually do. I mean, I just do what feels right. Perhaps you do it yourself. Or maybe I’m just the right kind of guy to make it all come out. I don’t know. But I do know I feel the same way with you. It’s strange really, I’ve always been nervous around women, but not with you. It’s… It’s like you are part of me. All I know is I like it and I don’t want it to end.”

“Well it could soon.”

“What? What do you mean? You’re leaving me?” I stammered.

“Never, not in a million years.” She smiled

“Then what is going to tear us apart?” I demanded.

“Starvation,” she laughed, “I’m famished.”

“God, don’t scare me like that. I almost died of heart failure”

“I’m sorry, I was only joking. Now, what were you saying about dinner a while ago?”

“Well, I was going to take you out on the town tonight but now it’s a little late. How do you feel about Chinese take-out?”

“Mmmmm… I could really go for some General Tso’s Chicken, extra spicy.”

“That’s my girl. Egg rolls or Rangoon? There’s a place just a few minutes away that delivers.”

“Rangoon for me. You might want to call quickly, before I decide to eat you instead.”

I jumped out of bed, making a big show of it, and ran for the phone. “You might want to grab a quick shower and put something on. If we answer the door like this they may not deliver anymore.”

“Or they might deliver every night, whether you place an order or not.” She giggled. “Hurry up and order then you can help me in the shower.”

“I’m a dialin'”

I placed the order then joined her in the shower. We quickly scrubbed each other down and toweled each other off. I grabbed my sweats again just as the doorbell rang.

“Damn, That was fast.” She said, surprised.

“I order from there all the time.” I said “I tip well, they do their best to prove they’re worth it. I’ll get the door, you put something on and then pick a movie to watch.”

“Gotcha covered, Luke.”

“Who the hell is Luke?” feigning hurt.

“Just an expression.”

“I know. You got it from me.” I kissed her on the cheek and headed downstairs to the door.

She came down, after the delivery boy was gone, wearing only a pair of panties and one of my white oxfords with the sleeves rolled up.

“Damn! How come that shirt doesn’t look as good on me?”

“It does.”

She went to the shelves and picked a movie. “Pop this in and let’s eat.”

We ate sitting on the floor, then curled up together on the couch to watch the rest of the movie. I knew she wouldn’t last until the end.

She didn’t.

I carried her upstairs and put her to bed. I kissed her on the forehead and climbed in. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


The sunlight coaxed my eyes open. I rolled over and found she was not there. Looking at the clock, I saw it was 7:00AM. ‘Hmmm… Early’. I lay there for a moment, listening. The house was silent. ‘Wait… What was that? Sounds like bottles clinking together. The kitchen? Uh, oh. She’s up to no bad again.’ In this house that can not be good.

Throwing back the sheets I dragged myself out of bed. A few stretching exercises and I felt almost right again. I pulled on a pair of sweats and snuck downstairs to see just what she was up to. ‘I’ll teach her to wash my dishes.’ My mind is mischievous in the morning sometimes.

As I peeked into the kitchen, I saw her, wearing only a bra and panties, sitting cross-legged in front of the open refrigerator. I padded quietly up behind her and squatted down. Still unaware of my presence she continued to poke and prod at various items in the fridge. I carefully leaned close to her left ear, “If you are hot I can crank up the air conditioner.”

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A Visit to Yukiko’s Place

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I walked up to the brick house on the corner and I walked up to the brick house on teh corner and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds, the door slowly opened. It was Yukiko, a old college girlfriend of mine.

“Oh, Yukiko. I missed you so much. You are so hot, baby,”” I said, seductively, moving closer to her.

“I had no idea you were still interested in me,” she said, with a seductive little smile of her own.

“I’ve thought about you ever since last saw each other, all those years ago,” I said, lustfully.

“Well, then. Come on,” Yukiko said, grabbing my hand and escorting me upstairs to her bedroom; she closed the door behind us.

Yukiko slowly undressed, revealing her body, which was smooth, soft, and flawless in texture. She was somewhat thin, yet there was a sexiness about her, something I couldn’t put my finger on. Maybe it was because I was horny as hell and this woman before me was the object of my sexual desire. I wasn’t sure, but at the moment, she was the hottest woman alive.

Yukiko pulled back the sheets and laid down on her stomach. I looked at her hot little ass. It wasn’t the biggest, nor was it a voluptuous bubble butt by any means, but it was calling me, calling my dick, which slowly grew to stiff erection as she shook her ass from side to side, enticing me to anal intercourse with her.

I pressed my thick, rock-hard cock against her tiny, barely visible asshole, trying to force it in, but it would not even enter, not even the head, even as her asshole slightly stretched. Unable to get in in her asshole, I rubbed my dick on her ass crack, teasing her, and trying to get some sensation myself.

“It won’t go in, Yukiko,” I said, disappointed.

Yukiko reached for a bottle of baby oil that she had on her night stand. She then handed it me and asked to rub it all over her body, then rub some on my dick, then try to stick it up her ass again. I did as she asked. I took a handful of baby oil and slowly caressed Yukiko’s whole body. She squirmed and gyrated her entire body as I softly rubbed her body up and down, even softly kissing her as I gently caressed every spot of her hot little body.

At first, Yukiko may not have looked all that sexy, but every second I rubbed her, every second I caressed and touched her body, coating her body with this baby oil, she looked more and more attractive to me. It was like her body was becoming more shapely and voluptuous with each moment; perhaps it was my imagination, perhaps it was simply my desire to ram this sexy woman’s asshole with my cock. I couldn’t say for sure, but I ended up using the entire bottle on her, save for a small amount, which I squirted in her asshole and then rubbed on my dick.

“Oh! Yukiko,” I said as I slowly, kuşadası escort carefully, sensuously slid my dick easily into her tight, tiny little asshole, watching it spread apart as my dick penetrated deep inside. I then laid on top of her, slowly and gently thrusting in and out of her, leaving only the head of my dick in her ass before thrusting it all the way in again.

“Oh! Yes, baby! You are the best!” Yukiko shouted as I began to ram her hot little ass into submission. My dick easily filled her tight, juicy asshole, and with each pump, more of her ass juices coated my dick until I was nearing climax.

Yukiko shook what little ass she had. It may have been little compared to my aunt’s ass, but it was no less sexy, no less desirable, no less making me want to jizz. The instant before I jizzed, I took it out and showered Yukiko’s ass, back, thighs, even her hair with a fountain of hot, thick jizz. It was so hot, in fact, that it made Yukiko squirm in unbridled, full-blown ecstasy. Her massive, multi-orgasms turned me on even more.

“Turn around, baby. Spread those gorgeous legs for me,” I said. Yukiko slowly turned to her side, then onto her back. She had her legs spread wide open for me, her arms outwards, ready to receive me.

My dick got hard again instantly as I stared at Kikuko’s surprisingly voluptuous legs and the small amount of hair covering her pussy. I slowly climbed on top of her and moaned in ecstasy as I stuck my dick deep into her tight, hot pussy. It was tighter, hotter, and wetter than her asshole and much more satisfying, so much so that I squirted 4 times inside before I started to softly pump her. She was also counter-pumping, slamming her pussy on my dick even as I rammed hers with repeated, forceful pelvic thrusts.

During our highly passionate, erotic union, she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, while delivering powerful pelvic thrusts of her own that seemed to be stronger than my own thrusts.

“I’m so sensitive in my pussy, and your dick is so thick, so big. I can’t get enough of you, baby!” Yukiko shouted in passionate ecstasy as the intense euphoria of fervent lust and desire overtook both us.

She didn’t seem to mind that I was filling her luscious pussy with jizz, or perhaps the squirts were so minuscule that she didn’t notice them. Nonetheless, the intensity of our sexual union prompted me to jizz every few seconds, even as Yukiko stopped pounding my cock and just softly gyrating under me as I strongly held her in erotic embrace while pumping her forcefully, yet slowly.

“Oh. Oh, Yukiko!” I said repeatedly every few seconds as I slowly reached climax. It came slowly, but it was noticeable that I was getting closer and closer to orgasm and ejaculation.

It felt that she was already orgasming underneath me, as her body was trembling ever so gently and her pelvic thrusts were not in rhythm. My breathing intensified, as did hers. I pumped her harder, faster; she was still in an erratic rhythm, but was becoming more and more forceful and excited as she moaned and grunted with intensity and lust. Her breathing rate dramatically increased as I continued to pump her pussy.

In a final thrust, I shouted, “Yukiko!!” before quickly and forcefully taking my dick from her pussy and jizzing uncontrollably all over her torso and face; I stroked my cock continuously to help me release copious amounts of jizz all over as much of Yukiko as I could.

Yukiko seductively and sensuously rubbed my hot jizz into her body, as if it were lotion. She breathed heavily, pulsating. Soon, her pussy squirted forcefully. I positioned myself over her as to have her shower me in her juices. I also wiped it all over my naked body like lotion.

I laid back on top of her, however, Yukiko lifted up her legs and crossed them so that my dick went into her asshole. I didn’t thrust in her, but laid gently on top of her, kissing her lips passionately, while she wiggled her tongue inside my mouth. I slowly started to pump her asshole, involuntarily. It seemed automatic that I pumped her tight, juicy asshole as I kissed Yukiko’s soft, sweet lips.

Yukiko wrapped her arms gently around me and whispered into my ear, “Let me know when you’re about to cum.” I whispered, “OK.”

Yukiko pressed her ass gently against my dick even as I pumped her softly. This sex was more romantic than the forceful sex we had with each other previously. Climax wasn’t any slower in coming though. Yukiko’s asshole was incredibly hot and juicy. It was very, very tight as well, gripping my cock within it with such force that I could feel each stretch of her asshole as my dick rubbed against the anal walls of her rectum.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh, Yukiko!!” I shouted, momentarily breaking from kissing her lips. She then grabbed my ass and pushed me inside her, preventing me from pulling out. I released my full hot load of jizz right inside her hot, tight, asshole, while continuing to more and more passionately kiss her lips. It was the best sensation of my life, even better than with my aunt, even better with the previous two sexual moments with Yukiko. I was very slow in taking it out, too. I laid on top of her ass for a good 5 minutes before taking my jizz-soaked cock from her tight, little jizzed asshole, which leaked some out as I removed my dick.

We both rested a while, about half an hour. My erection subsided and Yukiko came down from her high, though, she didn’t even bother to wash the jizz from her body or her ass. I went downstairs for a moment while Yukiko rested in her room.

Yukiko came downstairs, oiled down, and naked. She wasn’t finished with me yet. She then leapt into my arms, my dick going deep into her pussy. She wrapped herself tightly around me and told me, “Take me around the block just like this. Continue walking until you jizz, only don’t wuss out and pull out. Release that hot load right into my pussy.”

“Yukiko? Are you sure?” I asked.

She kissed me on the lips and said, “Oh, yes! I’m sure!”

She rested her head on my shoulder as I held her ass and pumped her pussy by moving her on and off my dick as we walked. The sexual sensations were steady. I didn’t come any closer to climax with the first few times I walked around the block with her. I felt though, as if I was in a trance, as Yukiko’s pussy gripped my cock, getting hotter and wetter with each gentle thrust.

Yukiko now seemed much sexier. Her ass felt plumper, more robust, more round. What was relatively small and somewhat flat when I first started sex with her was now a fully voluptuous bubble ass. Her tits had also seemed to have grown some. I began to think it was more than me, more than my imagination. It had something to do with the oil, that not only did it make her more attractive, but it also made more sexually excited and active. This is our fourth sexual escapade, and neither of us wanted to stop.

I began to alternate between Yukiko’s pussy and ass, sticking it in her pussy, thrusting a few times, then sticking it in her ass and also thrusting the same number of times. I did this as I walked her around the block a few more times.

“You can bang my ass if you like, but I want your cum in my pussy,” Yukiko said, her voice choked with euphoria.

“Oh, Yukiko. I love you Yukiko,” I said. “OK, baby.”

Yukiko’s body seemed to develop as I held her. She seemed to grow a bit more robust each time I pumped her, for every second I carried her. She wasn’t getting heavier, though, even though I could see her body grow before my eyes. She wasn’t getting fat, only more and more voluptuous.

Each successive time resulted in a more voluptuous, more attractive, younger looking Yukiko. My dick was ready to explode and Yukiko’s gyrations easily helped it along. I didn’t grunt, but moaned in euphoric bliss as I filled Yukiko’s pussy with my hot load, before climbing on top of her and banging her pussy until I was sure my entire load was inside her.

I got up, helped Yukiko to her feet, and both of us walked back to her home, hand in hand. When he did reach her house, we had dinner, as we worked up quite an appetite from our sexual excursion; after a final passionate kiss, I left Yukiko’s house, returning to my house.

She and I continued to wave to each other until both of us were out of each other’s sight.


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A Sylvan Spanking

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It was very, very dark. I knew he was near, I knew I had followed his instructions, and all I could do was wait. I could see a few twinkling stars above me, obscured by foliage. I could hear wind making the leaves whisper. I could smell humus, decaying vegetation and my own excitement. I stood, naked, leaning against the huge old beech tree, straining to hear footsteps, knowing that I had prepared the scene, knowing that I was determined to please him, and knowing that I had chosen to relinquish all control from the moment he chose to appear until the moment I left.

Just before dark, I had driven to the coordinates specified. A big blanket was spread out in a small clearing. Warm brandy and spices mulled in a thermos. I ate a sandwich, turned off my telephone, and stripped bare. And I waited. I thought I heard a car’s engine backfire. What if there were some weird night hunters who would mistake me for a rare white moose?


I shifted weight to my other foot, shivering a little as the day’s warmth deserted the tree. Lips next to my ear whispered, “Good girl,” and kissed my neck. I almost jumped out of my skin but managed to breathe in slowly. I turned to the lips attached to the head attached to my lover, still blind to his exact direction. I felt his fingers unerringly flick my nipples, and the immediate burn down to my cunt.

His hand took mine, and magnetically, I got a sense for where he was. He pulled me away from the tree’s stoic embrace, toward my blanket. I’d promised to not kuşadası escort speak, to listen, to follow the directions, to let him lead me where we needed to go. I felt soft cotton under my feet, and we stopped. He pushed down on my shoulders, and I knelt, expecting his cock to be near my mouth. He pushed me down farther, my breasts against the blanket, and whispered again, “ass up.” I knew the pose, and spread my knees and waited. I heard him disrobe. I was ready for anything. I wanted to please him so very much.

It seemed like I had been waiting for so long that when it finally happened, I almost couldn’t believe it. One slap, hard, on my ass. I jerked, but steadied myself, staying in position. Another. I felt my temperature rise. Another. Another. My pussy started to throb. One more. I bucked toward his hand, squeezing around nothing, trying to meet him halfway. His other hand gentled me, stroked my hair, and I felt a corona of heat rising from my reddened ass. Another slap. I felt his hand leave my hair, his finger trace up my back to my ass. I wiggled in anticipation. The spanking continued. I tried to track his finger’s progress toward my sex, but each slap against my ass threw me off track. Eternities passed, or maybe a few moments, but he spanked me hard and buried a finger in my cunt at the same exact moment. I spasmed, moaned, and tried to hold on to his finger. Another slap and the finger left me. I moaned again, feeling bereft. Another slap. His wet finger circled my asshole. Slap. He pushed it in right as I relaxed between strikes, and all reason left me.

I felt him push my legs a little farther apart. The spanking seemed to have stopped and I struggled to breathe. “Stay there,” he commanded. The cool forest air against the wetness between my legs felt decadent, surrounded by the heat rising from my well-spanked ass. I heard him reposition himself, felt both of his hands spread my ass open, and was surprised with his tongue, licking upward from just under my clit to my pussy. His tongue stroked the edges of my inner labia, his fingers held me completely open to him, and I could only moan softly at the overwhelming sensations. His tongue entered me, simulating the fucking I would get soon enough, and I pushed back against his face, seeking my pleasure. He flicked my clit with a finger, and my orgasm shattered me, while I strove to stay in the position he put me in.

His tongue wandered up my back, and I felt him cover me, felt hard cock against my empty cunt, and wiggled my hips, trying to bring him inside of me. He kissed my neck again, and slid, long, and hard, deep, inside of me in one stroke. I felt his pulse as I squeezed around him. He stayed in my pussy, though I tried to move, to make the friction I needed, he stayed with me, deep, the head of his cock next to my cervix. I could do nothing but squeeze myself around him, and his low groan told me that my work was fruitful. Still in that first stroke, deep inside of me, I relaxed, and he began to slowly slide out. I moved my hips in a circle, feeling his angle change, and delighting as he entered me once more. My knees ached as he slid out and in, but I concentrated on my cunt, on his cock, on our joining.

His pace increased, and I felt myself close to cumming once more, but right before I lost myself in release, he slid out, and stood. I stayed where I was left, but felt him push my ass down and relaxed my aching knees for a moment. He knelt next to my head, stroked my hair once more, and positioned his cock at my lips. I gingerly licked down his length, tasting my cum on him. I pulled him into my mouth, sucked, and tried to see his face in the dark. I could tell his head was back, his mouth open. I brought a hand to his balls, finding the spot behind them where he went crazy when I pushed him just right. My tongue swirled around his cock head, sliding up the slit to taste his own pre-cum, and my other hand gripped him firmly at the base of his cock. I could tell he was harder than before, longer, thicker. I felt his hands on my head, trying to push himself into me. I heard one more whisper. “Cum with me.” I rubbed my legs together, felt the right friction, and sucked for all I was worth. I felt him expand yet more, felt and tasted his explosion of cum, swallowed hungrily, and tried not to choke as my own orgasm overtook me.

My lover left his cock between my lips, and I sucked while I recovered. He moved, pulling me close, rubbing my back, and kissed me on my lips for the first time that evening. I shivered a little as I felt the cool air of the forest encompass us, burrowed into him, and waited for my next instruction.

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A Natural Woman

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I met Jenna when we were freshmen in college, but I didn’t really notice her at first. I had a crush on her roommate Katie, and Jenna happened to be around whenever I was hanging out in Katie’s dorm room.

Katie was an athletic girl with long brown hair. She was super smart and kind of quiet, and she kind of reminded me of the girl I had lost my virginity to. At that age, that was my “type”. I had a big crush on her from the first time we met, during college orientation. She was one of my first friends on campus, and I hoped it would soon turn into more than that.

Where Katie was intelligent and refined, I had my doubts about Jenna. Jenna was an odd mix of home-schooled naivete and TMI crassness. She was a bit of a hippie in some ways. Strict vegetarian, and a believer in natural remedies. Anytime someone in the dorm got sick, she’d offer her stash of herbal remedies. She had no shame talking about her period or how horny she was feeling, or leaving her sex toys out. At first I found it all very off-putting, but that was okay because Katie was the one I wanted to be with, anyhow.

As a science major, I took issue with Jenna’s belief in homeopathic medicine. Sometimes I would try to convince her that it’s a fraud and medically disproven. At least the first few times, Katie really seemed to enjoy these lively discussions. Jenna’s bullheaded counter-arguments would get me so mad, though.

“What are these?” I asked one day, picking up a bottle from her desk out of curiosity.

“Oh, that’s my birth control,” Jenna said.

Katie stopped typing up her homework to give me a look and a shrug. Her look said clearly that she and Jenna had talked about this before, and it was no use. But I was genuinely shocked that anyone would count on that kind of thing for contraception. Maybe it was mean, but I burst out laughing.

“What’s the big deal? It’s worked so far,” Jenna said.

“Ginger, verbena, wild yam…” I read off the label. “Jenna, you’ve actually relied on this stuff before?”

“As a matter of fact, yes.”

“Well, you’ve gotten real lucky then,” I said.

“Hell yeah, I have,” Jenna said, like it was a joking matter.

“You’re luck is going to run out, sooner or later. These ingredients, billions of people eat these things every day. If these were effective birth control, entire nations would be decimated,” I said.

“Whatever,” Jenna said. “At least I’m not fucking up my hormones.”

I just sighed and put the bottle down. I could tell there was no convincing her, and what did it matter to me anyway? I just felt sorry for whatever guy would happen to be in her bed when her string of good luck came to an end.

As the school year went on, I became closer friends with Katie, and by extension, Jenna as well. But hanging out with Katie never seemed to turn into anything more. Somehow we were never alone, or the moment was never right. I liked hanging out with her, but I wanted more. My New Year’s resolution was to do something about it. I knew that sooner or later, one way or another, I needed some kind of solid answer on whether Katie was into me or not. But at the same time, I liked hanging out with her, and I didn’t want to ruin it. So I procrastinated about it.

Before long, Valentine’s Day was coming up, and I felt like V-day was the ideal time to make a move, and find out once and for all whether there was any hope for me and Katie together.

In reality, it was past time to make my move. Way past time. The day before V-day, she posted on Facebook that she’s seeing someone. And it wasn’t me. These things can hit you kind of hard when you’re young. It’s not like I got dumped, but I don’t know, I really liked her and I thought we could’ve had something.

On Valentine’s Day, the dorm isn’t empty, exactly, but the common areas sure are. And you can’t just walk into someone’s dorm room uninvited. After dinner at the mess hall, I go back to my room, wishing I was old enough to buy myself a drink. I pull up some porn on my laptop, and…then there’s a knock on the door. I quickly close the browser, zip up, and go to answer it.

It’s Jenna. “Hey, can I hang out here? Katie and her new guy are, you know…”

“Um, actually I was just about to-” I begin, still out of breath and trying not to show my erection while it fades, if it fades, hopefully.

“About to jack off, I bet? What do I care,” she says with a laugh. “Come on. You’ve hung out in our room so many times. Return the favor, dude.”

“I wasn’t,” I say, hung up on her accusation. “Yeah, okay. Come on in, I guess, if you want.”

The dorm room is small. Pretty much the only places to sit are at the desk or on the bed. Or on the floor, if you’re trying to fit more than a couple people. Rather than sit down in front of my laptop, she sits on the bed. Rather than sit next to her, I go back to the desk chair. With my back to her, I now wonder what I should pretend to be busy doing. Homework, I guess?

From behind me, she says, “The worst part is, I was looking forward to some alone time tonight. kuşadası escort Fuck.” It’s not hard for me to figure out what she’s saying.

“Jesus, Jenna,” I said. I didn’t find her candor as shocking as I had at first, but it was still a bit much for me. Even so, I couldn’t help but start thinking of her as a sexual being. Of her dripping with desire. I desperately tried to put the thought out of my mind. “So Katie won’t share her new guy with you?”

“Haha, no,” she said. “Look, you can go back to whatever you were doing, if you want. I can just hang out…”

“I was just-” I tried to think of something to say. It’d have to be a lie. But I couldn’t come up with a good one.

“Or we could make out,” Jenna finished her thought. The room was so silent, I could hear my own pulse pounding. Despite myself, my pants were tenting up, and I couldn’t think straight. It felt like I couldn’t breathe.

In that moment, the whole situation changed. She had shocked me again, but to my surprise, the suggestion didn’t seem all that absurd. Making out with Jenna. What would be the downside to that? Especially now that I wasn’t worried about it messing up things between me and Katie. If anything, maybe it would make Katie see me differently, or even make her jealous. It’s not like I was all that attracted to Jenna, but she was there, and female, and willing, and she was unassuming in a kind of girl-next-door way that made me feel comfortable around her.

“Are you serious?” I asked cautiously, in case she was joking.

“I did just say that out loud, didn’t I,” she said, almost surprised with herself. “Yeah, why not. Did you actually want to be alone tonight?”

“Ideally no,” I said, thinking of Katie again. But I had let that opportunity pass me by. Next time, I wouldn’t wait for the right moment. It was time to turn a new leaf, and I could start by not passing up what was right in front of me.

I got up and went to the bed. “Only for tonight, right?” I asked.

“God. I don’t even know about tonight yet,” she said. “Just kiss me to start.”

So I did that. And it was weird. Not instant sparks and fireworks. Like two young adults locking lips for the first time. But she kissed me back hungrily, and her desire fueled mine. We kissed every which way I could think of, and then some. I kissed her cheek, her ear, her neck, finding the places that made her gasp until we just had to get our shirts off.

When we’d acquainted our lips with each others’ chests, the pants came off too. This wasn’t a dream come true, the way it would have been with Katie. But it was fun to just have fun.

She writhed with pleasure when I slipped a finger into her, and she was just as sopping wet as I had imagined. What I couldn’t have expected was how easily she reached orgasm, and the way she squeezed my finger hard when she did, making me wish it was another part of me inside her at the time.

Things were happening quickly, maybe too quickly. I soon found myself on top of her, my erection pressed against the outside of her folds, her thighs hot against mine, her breath heavy in my ear. I realized what was about to happen, if I didn’t stop myself, if I let nature run its course.

“Shit, I don’t have any condoms,” I muttered into her ear.

“So what,” she replied, pushing her hips up at me invitingly.

I sighed so hard. I knew I had to be the clear, rational one in that moment, despite everything telling me not to be. But someone had to be. We were just having fun together, up to the point where there were real consequences involved.

“Jenna, I can’t. Not without contraception,” I said.

“It’s okay. We’re perfectly safe,” she said, her tongue sliding along my ear. “Just a little. How about if I say please?”

The way she pushed herself up against me, it was so easy to penetrate her, I did it without thinking. And it felt so amazing, I knew that if I kept going, I wouldn’t want to stop. That, and I knew she could get pregnant from my precum, and I was worried I’d already done it, and that thought freaked me out. I stopped cold, and held her hips still.

“It’s not safe,” I said, and hard as it was, I pulled away from her embrace and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Ugh. Why do you have to make everything an argument?” she said, and started getting dressed.

I didn’t know what to say. I felt like I was right. I knew I was right. And at the same time, I felt like I was to blame.

“Jenna, you don’t have to go. We can do everything else,” I said.

“Sorry, I just don’t feel like it anymore,” she said, her voice starting to crack. “Okay, that’s not all true. I’m not sorry.”

As soon as she was decent, she left the room, slamming the door behind her. I was sitting on the bed, an erection still between my legs, the room left smelling like her arousal. It left me feeling lonelier than if she hadn’t shown up at my door at all.

Up until that night, Jenna hadn’t even been on my radar really. I wouldn’t have remotely considered hooking up with her. Now, with this unfinished business between us, that suddenly changed, and she was all I could think about.

I finally managed to have a moment alone with her a couple days later.

“Hey, I’m sorry about the other night,” I said. It was partially true. I wasn’t sorry as in thinking I was wrong, but I hadn’t meant to hurt her feelings, and I hoped to set things right with her one way or another.

“Don’t worry about it. It was all just a silly idea anyway,” she said, with a nervous laugh. “I mean, now we can go back to normal, knowing we’re not compatible, right?”

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what “normal” was anymore. And I had never felt more sexually compatible with anyone in my entire life. But to be agreeable, I just said, “Right.”

The moment was cut short when Katie came back into the room. But I kept thinking back to the night of Valentine’s Day, imagining the sex we could’ve had, if I’d been prepared for it, or if I hadn’t put a stop to things. I almost wished I’d gone along with it, no matter what the consequences would have been.

I kept hanging out in their room sometimes, but now it was mostly to be with Jenna. I started to see her in a whole new light. I wondered if it was obvious to Katie that I no longer had eyes for her, but for her weird hippy roommate instead. Jenna and I still argued about whether homeopathic medicine had any real merit, and sometimes Katie would kick us out of the room when she got annoyed with listening to us go back and forth about it.

For a while, I still held out hope that if I stuck around, Jenna would want to make out with me again. After all, that’s how we’d hooked up in the first place. I thought about suggesting it myself, but then I’d worry that revealing how I really felt would make things awkward between us, and I didn’t want to do that. Looking back, I’d gone right back to my futile “wait for the perfect moment” problem behavior, once I started thinking about Jenna as relationship material. So of course, I was just deluding myself about what was going to happen between us. What happened instead wasn’t what I expected at all: we became really close friends. Because she was so candid and shameless, I felt like I could talk to her about absolutely anything (almost).

So it wasn’t any secret when either of us started seeing someone else. For a while, Jenna started going out with a guy named Brady.

“So does Brady…entrust his fate to the wild yams?” I asked her one time.

“Haha. No, I make him use condoms,” Jenna replied.

“Oh. So you don’t actually believe in your herbal birth control anymore,” I said.

“No, it’s not that. He’s a sweet guy, but he has slept around.”

“But you weren’t worried about that with me. Are you saying I don’t sleep around?” I asked.

“I know you. I know for a fact that you don’t sleep around. Not like Brady does. Did, I should say,” Jenna corrected herself.

Their relationship unceremoniously imploded a couple weeks later. In the meantime, I had a couple casual hookups, but nothing long-lasting.

It was pretty much the end of first year, and the entire university was winding down. Even the dining hall started cutting back its meal options.

“Hey, how about I cook us a meal tomorrow night?” Jenna suggested. I agreed. I still wasn’t a vegetarian myself, but I was coming around to the taste of vegetarian food, especially compared to the prospect of having chicken tenders yet again at the dining hall.

So I went over to her room the next night. Katie was out for the night, with boyfriend-of-the-month. Jenna had prepared two bowls of stew. It was kind of a weird mix of stuff, like quinoa, with banana and pomegranate, brought together in kind of a curry sauce. It was very Jenna, that was for sure. But it was kind of a treat to have someone’s warm, home-cooked meal for once.

After we ate, she asked me, “So are you feeling it yet?”

“Feeling what?” I asked. “What did you add?” I was worried she had snuck some of her herbal remedies into the food.

“I didn’t add anything!” she said. “But there were a number of naturally occurring aphrodisiacs in that dish.”

I thought about the implications of that for a moment. “You’re trying to turn me on?”

“I wanted to prove to you, once and for all, that natural ingredients really are effective,” she said. She hadn’t answered the question, but it was confirmation enough. Jenna was trying to use the food to get me aroused.

I laughed it off at first. I could see her doing it as a joke, getting me turned on just to prove a point. “No, I’m not feeling anything yet,” I said.

We were sitting side by side on her bed, and she slipped a hand over into my lap.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m just seeing if you’re telling the truth,” she said with a sly smile. Her hand on my crotch was starting to get me hard, and I could tell that she could tell. She laughed victoriously.

“That’s cheating!” I said.

“What do you mean? Even if it was working on you, I knew you wouldn’t admit it, so I had to check for myself. And I’d say the results speak for themselves,” she said as she started to caress my erection through the cloth of my pants.

“That’s pseudo-science nonsense,” I said, turning towards her. My mind was rushing to catch up, or leap ahead of the situation. Maybe Jenna was getting me turned on with some other agenda in mind.

She kissed me hard, and I returned it with all I could. I started to find the places she’d liked being kissed before. I let my hands roam her body, as she pulled me tightly to her.

One thing led to another, until we were naked together again, dry humping as we held each other tight. On one hand, I was enjoying the moment as it was, and didn’t want it to end. On the other hand, my arousal needed some outlet. Something more needed to happen, and sooner or later it would.

“Did Brady leave any condoms behind?” I asked her.

“No. But you don’t need one,” she replied, before kissing me again.

“You really expect ginger extract to prevent you from getting pregnant?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, that’s why I take it.” She seemed completely sincere.

Either she was toying with her future, or she really did put full faith in the stuff.

I found both hard to believe.

I knew I should stop things from going any further. Go get some condoms and pick up where we left off. But that was how I’d botched it all before. I didn’t want to do that again.

Stalling for time, I slid down her body, pressing my face into her, below her curly, untrimmed bush. I licked her to orgasm and felt her muscles squeeze my fingers inside her. I’d still never felt anything like it before. This, I thought, was what a fertile woman’s body felt like.

“I need you inside me,” she whispered.

I was so tempted. I couldn’t believe that I was considering calling her bluff, even if it meant toying with my own future too. Actually the idea that our futures hung in the balance was somehow turning me on even more, making me feel feverishly out of my right mind.

“You’re going to have a real problem on your hands when I disprove your herbal birth control,” I said, lining my cock up with her hole.

“I’m not worried about that,” she said, gently pushing her hips toward mine teasingly. “But if you don’t trust my birth control, maybe you should go get some condoms.”

Plural, I noticed. “Is that what you want me to do?” I asked. At least she was open to the idea. That should have been enough encouragement to do the responsible thing.

“No, I don’t want to stop, and I see no reason to,” she said.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked, just to be sure that this wasn’t some elaborate role play.

“What are you waiting for?” she urged me playfully.

“Fine,” I said, pressing myself into her. I exhaled as I took in the pleasure of it, as my flesh slid gracefully into hers, until I could feel her all around me. I could feel every little shiver of her, every little squeeze. I’d had intercourse before; I’d even done it bareback-my first time had been with a girl who was on the pill-but this felt like something else altogether.

“Oh god,” I moaned.

Though Jenna was in many ways still a girl, her body was that of a woman. Her body was more than ready to reproduce, regardless of considerations like college classes and career options. I could feel her drawing me inward, holding me tight, and for a moment, I imagined the breasts that rose and fell in front of me with every breath swelling up with milk. The flat stomach beneath me filling up with child. With her heedless refusal to use actual birth control, it’d be a matter of time. And if I didn’t stop myself, it’d be my child filling up her belly.

Maybe that imagine would have been enough to shock some sense into me before. But I’d been spending more time with Jenna since Valentine’s Day. Maybe I was more ready to see the world through her eyes. Maybe I was more comfortable with her, and with that possibility. Or maybe my conscious rational mind didn’t even have a seat at the table at that point.

I started thrusting in and out, slowly, savoring this moment I’d dreamt of for months, this moment that was even more powerful than I’d expected. We kissed each other hard, like making up for the months we’d wasted.

I felt so sensitive and so inundated with sensations that I wasn’t sure how long I could last. But it must have been the same way for Jenna, because it didn’t take long for her to reach her next orgasm. And when she did, I could feel it emanate from deep within her. The way her hips bucked against mine, it was almost enough to set me off. But I rode out the storm in one piece.

“Oh Jenna, I think I’m going to cum soon,” I said.

“I’m ready,” she gasped. “Do it.”

“It’s not safe, but it feels so…oh…” I had to pause to regain control. “Jenna, please tell me you’re on some real birth control. Please.”

I knew I had probably spilled lots of precum into her waiting vagina, that I’d been thrusting our juices together, probably already pushing a few stray sperm towards her waiting egg. But I thought maybe, most likely, it still wasn’t too late to change course.

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A Lap Dance to Remember

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A Lap Dance to Remember

Dean always looked askance at conventioneers and itinerant business travelers, those adolescence souls who saved up a year’s worth of tomcatting and partying until it was time to join their lodge buddies in Vegas, Miami or New Orleans for a long weekend of margaritas, strippers and peep shows. He could spot them within 5 feet of the front door. Invariably they would enter the hotel or nightclub with their voices raised a few decibels, and their eyes opened just a millimeter or two wider than normal. They were on the town, away from the ball and chain, with some or all of their cash flow augmented by the miracle called an expense account. Pathetic clowns, they wasted energy and brain cells in the pursuit of things forbidden, or unattainable back at home — the elusive uncovered D cup or the sure thing that delivered orgasm without demanding similar benefit in return.

No, Dean was a connoisseur of commercial sexuality. Any idiot could stumble into a bar on Bourbon Street and find himself within groping distance of a silicon or saline-enhanced bimbo. And when you thought about it, how difficult is it to chat up the female sales rep for a pharmaceutical company while sitting in the bar at the Holiday Inn? To convince her that you’re two misunderstood souls who could surely benefit from a Merlot-fueled evening of slap and tickle? The saddest thing about all of that was the closet desperation, the belief that failure to get laid somehow cast a pall of failure on their trip or accidental vacation.

He’d encountered enough of these people (male and female) to know that they usually went home struggling with a hangover and a load of guilt that would support their neighborhood florist for the coming month. No, Dean had discovered long ago that the exchange of currency (furnished in whole or part via the largess of the expense voucher) provided a cleansing factor that enabled him to preserve his liver and maintain that air of “gee, it’s good to be back home” at the end of the week. Why waste karma and chromosomes in the pursuit of divertissement, when a little oil to the macroeconomic engine could relieve stress, enliven the libido and still enable you to return to the family without having to look over your shoulder?

Not that he was immune to the charms of the navel-pierced twenty something behind the counter of the Seven Eleven. But who wants to worry about cute little Donna borrowing your business card — just in case she ever decides to move to the city and needs a job while she gets started on her modeling career? His one encounter with a social disease had originated from a relationship like that. And that was back in the era of free love, when the only sexual connotation for the letters A.. I.. D.. S .. dealt with plastic penises and cock rings, sold through catalogs for the benefit of married couples and young widows. Okay, call him a sentimental pervert if you will. But Dean was a man of honor, albeit a skewed sense of honor who saw a clear distinction between the betrayal of marital trust and a business transaction that might involve some use of the words “nude” and “lewd.”

Years of traveling as a field service engineer, a euphemistic term for “shit fixer” in the heavy machinery business, had allowed Dean to work his philosophy of guiltless, retail sex into a wealth of memories and information that allowed him to obtain sexual dalliance with a minimum of physical or emotional effort, no matter where he happened to visit. Let’s face it, how many people east of the Mississippi even know that there IS a topless bar in Topeka? Not to mention find it, without directions, one hour after driving through the city limits?

Is it worthwhile to pop for the extra twenty dollars to pass into the realm of the “VIP” room at the Baltimore gentlemen’s club? Ask Dean, he could confirm or deny the potential of additional comforts to be gained. He knew which cities offered decent prostitution behind the doors of their massage parlors and modeling studios, and which ones were littered with rip-off joints that offered the satisfaction equivalent to a Penthouse inspired masturbation session illuminated by the light of a stack of twenties burning in the ashtray. Let the itinerant rubes go off in their feverish pursuit of poontang at the titty bars. Dean knew where, how and how much it took to obtain some measure of sexual gratification in almost every corner of the country.

Thus it was that he found himself touring the length of Cathedral Street in Houston, in search of a watering hole with a name akin to “Sophisticated Lady” or “Lips of Elegance” — something reminiscent of classy femininity. He’d been made aware of this new (to him) establishment through conversation with the excruciatingly shapely Misty of El Paso. She’d provided him with a full hour of one on one conversation, followed by one of the more memorable twenty-dollar lap dances he’d ever purchased. Almost any dancer could find the wherewithal to smile through the chitchat, up to the moment of truth when she inquired about the possibility of a private dance.

But Misty was unhurried, and seemed genuinely interested kuşadası escort in discussing the plus and minuses of the various clubs she’d worked at throughout Texas. She had been most enthusiastic of this one club in Houston, noting that “a gentleman like you will certainly enjoy this place. And if you visit there, be sure and see my former roommate, Shea. Mention me and I know that she’ll treat you right.” Now, if only he could remember the name of the damned place. Maybe if the smell of the perfume rising so warmly from Misty’s notable cleavage had not been so intoxicating, he’d have retained more than “Cathedral Street,” “Shea” and this vague allusion to moneyed sex appeal that surrounded the business’s moniker.

Maybe he was losing his edge. He was after all fifty-two. But at last, after twenty minutes the cinder block Taj Mahal known as the Sophisticate Room loomed on his right. It looked promising from the start. Turning into the parking lot, he observed a clutch of young women gossiping away near a car. Their dress (costume?) and body language gave immediate rise to thoughts of cheap sex, but the one in the shredded dress caught Dean’s eye in a way that would be hard to explain. Sure, she had lovely legs and the type of brown curly hair that practically screamed “blow jobs here,” but the dress was entirely unique.

Actually, to call it a dress would have been a stretch as it barely covered her ass. In fact, since it featured a wealth of slits and holes, using the word “covered” was something of a misnomer. How in the hell did she put it on? And how long would it be before she took it off? Parking the rental car, he left it unlocked (in the event of a hurried exit like the one he had to make from that one club in Detroit) before strolling to the entrance; casually checking out the girls, while they remained deep in their conversation.

The contrast between the late afternoon light, and the dark interior of the club could not have been greater. It took him a moment or two to adjust his eyes, and during that moment a cute little hostess pranced up to mouth “welcome to the Sophisticate” while the sound system blared an Aerosmith song at almost earsplitting volume. She ushered him to a booth between two of the three stages and took his drink order. Okay, he would have preferred to scope things out a bit before planting himself, but she seemed insistent and Dean was nothing if not polite to an attractive lady.

Before she had returned with the Coors Light, he was joined by an equally friendly and very exotic looking dancer whose thick, Brazilian accent rendered intelligible conversation nearly impossible. “Shea? Oh she no work days, she only come in after ten.” Were it not for the fact that her left nipple kept slipping out of her halter, Dean would have probably downed the beer and chalked the trip up to a wild goose chase within five minutes. As it was, Thea grew impatient after a few minutes of polite head nodding, with no obvious offer of gratuity and moved on in search of a less selective customer.

His solitude was to be short-lived, as the “slit slut” quickly slid into the across the naugahide and practically into his lap. Hell, her hand was already fondling the inside of his thigh before she even opened her mouth. “Hi there, I’m Pam!” preceded a chatterbox introduction, along with the inquiry as to “what do you like to do for fun?” Suddenly the twenty minutes of driving down Cathedral Street didn’t seem to be as fruitless as it had fifteen minutes ago.

“Some guys don’t care for girls that are too friendly, I hope you aren’t one of them” she said, in the biggest understatement Dean had encountered since his mother had noted that “with a draft lottery number like that, you might want to consider the Coast Guard or Canada.” Okay, so maybe she wasn’t quite the stunner up close, but hey, that dress was a work of art! It didn’t take long to discern the complete absence of a bra and that the standard issue t-back panties were crafted from blue lace. Lucky lace!

What was it about her? The legs for one (or two) things, long and smooth, and something about them practically screamed “put your hears between us!” Usually, Dean was content with the label of boob man, but the fact that Pam’s tits would struggle to fill a B cup didn’t seem to be a factor. Here it was just as well, the rest of her body was slim, but somehow it worked… especially in a dress that his eyes couldn’t stop examining. It wasn’t really a dress of slits; it was ingeniously constructed of inch wide ribbon. And who cared whether the shape underneath was Pamela Anderson or Kate Moss? This was a feast for the eyes, and Pam was selling it! Her dancing hand in his crotch only endeared her to him even more.

Conversation came naturally. They watched the other girls hustling the conventioneers and slackers for table dances, critiquing their style of dance and what made each one sexy. She laughed at his jokes, told stories about $300 dates with oil men, and… oh yeah… never took her hand more than a few inches away from his aroused cock. Granted, she hadn’t actually “touched” it yet, but his growing state of arousal led to serious speculation that he was in the presence of a hand job all star! This girl was good! Her fingers practically danced over his thighs, caressing, stroking and teasing his penis in a way that it had never been tormented before. Sure, there was a hint of dexterous contact with the prisoner of his jockey shorts. But it had the distinct appearance of being accidental, or at best artfully ambiguous.

She verified that the elusive Shea was normally a night performer, adding that this was usually her night off. But by this point, Dean was beyond caring. He was enjoying the attention of Pam, and the thought of waiting for someone else had long since fled his mind. She volunteered that she was married, had two kids aged 12 and 10, and considered herself to be a professional stripper. This level of candor made her unique enough in his view.

Most dancers were models, students or actresses in waiting. But Pam was a stripper, with the sole ambition of someday moving into management of the club she had been working in for eight years. “Oops! I hope I didn’t hurt you there. I just get a little wound up with some songs and I’ve always been one to talk with my hands” she said after a notable encounter between his cock and her well-manicured nails. This digital dance between constrained penis and artful fingers continued with the conversation, until he realized that he was three beers into the evening and his interest in Pam’s body was beginning to border on obsession.

Just as he was becoming aware of the fact that his ardor would require some form of relief, she abruptly stood up and announced that she was due on stage. “You do want to see me on stage, don’t you?” she asked. His snarled response of “actually, I was hoping to see you underneath me” was met with visible interest and a melting smile. The night’s excursion was approaching a delightful level of success. And there was still time.

Like most Texas strip clubs, the dancers seemed required to enter the stage in some state of fully costumed coverage. Given the architecture of Pam’s dress, “coverage” was a misnomer if ever there was one. Moving with the music, in a way that only underscored her twelve years of experience, she performed like no other woman in the club. It went beyond the typical solicitation of tips. When she slithered her near nude body in front of each customer, you could see the transformation as they became the only man and woman in the room.

Her eyes locked on his. Her sensual fingers stroked her skin like no lover could, and more than one customer was observed to replace the dollar bill between his fingers with a five or a ten, in hopes of having those hands stroke him. One of the amateurs that Dean so callously regarded, earned an assisted trip back to his table courtesy of the bouncer. Two hands, firmly massaging a dancer’s ass while placing his nose deep between her legs apparently exceeded the house rules for polite conduct. Not that Pam seemed to mind, in fact, the bemused look that she flashed at Dean only suggested that she was anxious for similar treatment from him.

Practiced tipper that he was, Dean positioned himself so that Pam’s body was between him and the bouncer, and his body was between the bouncer and the mirror behind him. This subtle discretion was rewarded by a less than brief exposure of the delights previously hidden behind the lacy t-back. The talent in this girl’s fingers only hinted at the flexibility and command that she had over her vulvae muscles. This was incredible! Pam was incredible! Reflecting on her stories of paid dates, he began to mentally calculate the potential cost of that which was becoming his avowed goal.

The end of her set found him back in the booth, with another bottle of beer, and she wasted little time in rejoining him. But before sitting down, she offered her hand and led him to a table in the far corner of the room. “We have a better view here” she explained, “and a little more privacy.” Somehow, the ribbon dress had been reapplied to her torso. Meanwhile, Thea from Brazil was wrapping her tits around the face of some redneck three tables away.

They resumed the conversation from before her stage performance. Yes, her husband knew where she worked, and no, he had no major problems with her performances. Dean avoided the temptation to explore that line of questioning any further after she volunteered that “he just doesn’t know the full extent of my ‘performances’.” After mentally noting that Thea was indulging her fourth client/victim since leaving him, he finally asked, “Are you ever going to offer me a private dance?” “Well sure, is it my fault that I was having too much fun?” she answered while her fingertips traced up and down his almost painfully erect rod. No “accident” here. She was teasing his cock. He knew it, she knew it, and the only remaining mystery was “just how much is this going to cost?”

“Table dances are usually $25…” she whispered. The tired line of “but for you…” never came, as he reached into his pocket wallet to obtain the required cash from his wallet. “Oh well, she’s just another commissioned marketer” he thought. No sense getting sentimental about this. A quick glance in the direction of the door, verified his suspicion that the management was keeping a casual eye on their employees’ interaction with the customers, and Dean prepared to play the “how much can I get away with” game.

She stood before him, showcasing those lovely legs again. Placing a stilettoed foot on the chair, she struck a pose worthy of Dietrich or any one of a thousand Fosse-choreographed dancers. The long fingers stroked her smooth flesh and he began to wonder if she’d been holding back during her onstage performance. The look in her eyes foreshadowed the type of interest that made him want to magically transform their location from a tacky strip club into a more solitary hotel room. Meanwhile a creature from the bottom of the club food chain had approached, the type of cheap-ass so and so that likes to watch someone else get a lap dance instead of paying for one himself. A stern look from the both of them bought a small bit of renewed privacy.

Okay, maybe a laundry list of her dance moves would carry the “like any other stripper” label. There was the “hip swivel”, the “lap grind”, the “bend over and display the butt” move with the optional “pussy peek.” Old standards to be sure, but beloved old standards when presented with the skill of a woman like this. More inspiration was garnered from the faux blow job that ended the set, with Pam nestled between his (unfortunately) clothed legs, her forehead applying serious friction to a cock that was restrained and incredibly uncomfortable.

As if on cue, the DJ segued the music into Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible” and her look of “shall I continue” was met with a definite nod of affirmation. More of the same? Not at all, Pam was all over him this time… above… below, and forget about the standard stripper air kiss. This girl could swap tongue with the best of them, and probably had. Nipples had never tasted so nice, and she clearly enjoyed it when he sucked on them (while slyly glancing in the direction of the bouncer who was now engaged in a rather spirited phone call regarding point spreads on the weekend NFL games). And as always there were the hands roaming all over his body, with specific (and surely illegal) attention to his cock. By this point, Dean was beginning to wonder how he’d managed to avoid the type of leakage that could make the “amateurs” rethink their wardrobe selection of khakis or other light colored pants. “Thank God for dark slacks!”

As the strains of Robert Palmer faded away, replaced by the DJ’s exhortations to give it up for the girls leaving and entering the stages, they both leaned back into the booth. His arm regained its place around her shoulder, while her hand began playing more earnestly with his zipper. “You know, Sweetheart” she breathed into his ear, a lot of guys find underwear to be entirely too restrictive!” Interesting choice of words, since the only thing between her palm and his nut sack at this point was a micron or two of polycotton fiber. Damn! It had to be a little damp, from the precum alone. “Aren’t you a little overdue for a visit to the men’s room Sugar? The words practically dripped with sex, reinforced by a gentle squeeze of his Johnson and the comment “I’d never use the tem ‘little boys room’ with something like this in my hand.” Not being stupid, Dean wasted little time getting up, rearranging himself and walking to the corner facility. No mean feat, given the fact that he was sure that the eyes of every solitary customer, the bouncer, manager and bartender were glued on his every step.

Once in the stall, he surveyed the situation, and muttered a quiet prayer that nobody should enter the room while his pants and shoes were off to facilitate the removal of the offensive jockey shorts. Perhaps a practiced lothario could undress and redress quickly, but Dean had always preferred massage parlors or hotel rooms for the creature comforts of being able to undress and dress in a nice, unhurried fashion. Why put yourself in a situation when the unexpected arrival of a husband or boyfriend might necessitate dressing and running simultaneously? But if indeed there is a patron saint of activities lewd and lascivious, he/she was with him, as he stuffed his shorts into his pockets and strode back out into the club. “Note to self, next time make sure the dark trousers also have deep pockets” he though, acutely aware of the bulge from his left side.

He rejoined his curly headed siren in the booth, and conversation picked up from before. Only this time, he was acutely disappointed to notice that her hands (after a brief examination of his nether regions) seemed more interested in drawing his lips to hers. A nod from the bouncer seemed to confirm the suspicion that his sensual fun might have peaked for the evening. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and there were at least two massage parlors and one peep show between here and his hotel, any one of which would provide ample opportunity to lessen the strain from in his balls. Further disappointment arrived when he popped the question, “what time do you get off?” followed by a sincerely disappointed reply of “just one minute before my husband picks me up.”

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A Cozy Bonfire

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It’s been entirely too long. We were supposed to have just taken a month off from making love. Just a month apart while we put the finishing touches on our wedding. A month apart so that wedding night would be special. I wanted to make sure that the minute we had closed that hotel door he would be on me. I wanted him to rip my dress off, throw me on the bed, and claim my body as his. Lamont and I both wanted a big family, it would be amazing if I came back pregnant with our first kid from our honeymoon.

Our wedding was going to be in March of 2020. Then the pandemic hit and we were all separated from each other. No wedding, no hotel room, no romantic honeymoon making love through the Italian countryside. We had some dirty video chats but that’s not the same as having his large shaft in my tight pussy, his hands squeezing the life out of my small breasts, pinching and rolling my thick nipples.

Now that restrictions were starting to lift our friends and family arranged a wedding shower at the beach, all properly social distanced. Just his parents, my parents, and some of our closest friends. With my parents there, I didn’t feel comfortable in the string bikini I knew Lamont liked. The tight yellow top that was almost transparent when wet, propping up my tear drop breasts. The almost too small triangle of fabric that couldn’t contain the forest of hair that he loved nuzzling before diving down to eat me. The bit of floss that disappeared between the cheeks of my bubble booty. I was short, hot and taut, and loved to show off for my man. Yet now I’d be in this rather conservative one piece that my Mom got me last summer.

It didn’t seem to make a difference to Lamont though. The minute he first saw me he ran over shouting “Indra! Indra!” and swept me up in his arms and kissed and hugged me. His passion at finally being near me after months of not being in the same room was obvious through his swim trunks as he held me close. I didn’t want him to let me go but we had to greet everyone else.

We spent the day frolicking in the water, occasionally stealing kisses before our much more conservative parents found us. I was wet from more than just the ocean. Every time he brushed by me, he made sure I could feel his cock. Lamont is a good bit taller than me so it pressed against the small of my back or my belly. We both wanted to get away and really violate the social distancing order but all eyes were on us.

Evening started to approach and my Dad and soon to be Father in Law made a pretty big bonfire. They had both brought meat to roast while our Mothers set about getting the rest of the food together. Soon the smell of roasted beef and chicken and pork filled the air. Other people wandered up. Our small gathering became a full on beach party. Someone started playing music and we were all dancing and having görükle escort a good time. Our Fathers made sure people stayed a good distance apart, which made some people complain. That is until the police came by, thanked us for following the rules, and moved on to bust some other groups further on down.

My Lamont is tall and thin, moves as graceful as a cat and is a natural born runner. There’s nothing hotter than watching him run shirtless, the muscles in his arms, chest and legs rippling under his dark caramel skin, sweat glistening. It makes me weak just thinking about it. He’s a hopeless dancer though. He knows it and I know it so instead he exaggerates just how jerky and uncoordinated his movements are as I writhe to the rhythms in the air, making me breathless with laughter. I took up belly dancing with all my unexpected free time, not great at it yet but a promising beginner, and I surprise him with some of the moves I’ve learned. His eyes are glued to me. Sure this swimsuit may be more conservative but it still clings to me like a second skin, showing my every gentle curve as I perform for my man as the music shifts back and forth between Shakira and Rhianna.

He comes up and holds me close, feeling me as I feel the music. The sun is slowly sinking into the ocean and we are bathed in the orange of its final rays and the flickering light of the fire. He is so hard, I can feel him pressed against me as I rock against him in time to the music. I want to strip those trunks off of him, pull the crotch of this swimsuit to the side and take him here on the sand. To just lose myself in lust as my tight pussy gets filled with every inch of the man I’m going to love the rest of my life. I lose myself in the fantasy and am just grinding against him till he quickly steps away. I look up at him in shock and he has an apologetic look on his face as my Mom comes up and tells me she wants us to cut the cake.

It’s another hour of milling around, talking to people about how hard quarantine has been, even though I’ve spoken to these same people every day online. The only person I want to be with right now is the one person everyone seems determined to keep me from. All I could think about was his cock and wanting to get away long enough for a quickie. You know just long enough for both of us to get off so I can free up some headspace for thoughts that didn’t involve me impaling myself on his massive shaft.

Things started to die down, people came up to say their goodbyes. Yet not everyone was ready to leave. Someone had set up chairs around the bonfire and the cool ocean breeze gave me an idea. I always keep a blanket in my car, it’s something my parents always did and now I do too though I never knew why. I practically sprinted to go get it.

I walk up to Lamont who has already taken bursa sınırsız escort bayan a seat, absent-mindedly watching the fire dance before him. “Can I sit with you?” I ask quietly. I don’t know why this makes me nervous, all the other couples are curled up together. Even my parents are and I can’t remember the last time I saw them when they weren’t yelling in their own hellish version of domestic bliss. I guess their little girl getting married was enough to bring them a bit closer.

He smiles up at me and I can feel my heart flutter in my chest, “Well I was waiting for Cardi B, but since she hasn’t got here yet I guess I can cuddle with you.”

He laughs at his joke, laughs harder when I swat at him for it. Then he grabs my arm and pulls me into him. My back is pressed against his chest and his arms wrap around me and hold me close and our lips find each other. Everything falls away in the moment when our lips meet. The ocean waves are drowned out by my pulse pounding in my ears as his lips part and his tongue lightly seeks entrance. I deny him at first and he presses harder, quietly insisting. I can feel him stiffen beneath me through his trunks. Finally I relent and he claims my mouth in victory and I revel in my defeat.

“That’s enough you two.”

“Sorry Daddy.” I say, breaking the most wonderful kiss. I could kill him as he just chuckles over there in the half dark.

Still, I won’t be denied what I want. So I stand quickly and unfurl the blanket then settle back down on Lamont. He grunts as I trap his dick between my ass cheeks and grind down against him as I wrap the blanket around us. It’s big and fluffy, hiding our outlines from view. I’m cold all the time anyway so no one will think twice when I pull it up to my neck as I lean back against my man.

I can’t make any big movements, so I’m just slow grinding against him. I can hear a faint rumble in his throat and I pray he can keep still and quiet as I get him up to his full length. The way the lycra moves into my ass while I grind down on him feels weird but in a good way. He reaches around me and hugs me to him, gently kissing my neck when he’s sure our parents aren’t looking. It feels so naughty, like we are highschoolers sneaking around in my room instead of two consenting adults.

His hands travel up my body slowly, careful not to move the blanket and I do my best to stifle a moan as his hands cup my breasts. Each one is just a handful for him and I love the way he takes one in each hand, massaging the sensitive flesh with his fingers through my swimsuit. I’m so wet, I can’t wait any more.

I move as carefully as I can, using my fingernails to gently roll his trunks down, freeing the object of my lust. He’s whispering frantically, asking what I think I’m doing. bursa otele gelen escort bayan Telling me that my parents are right over there and his parents are over there and our friends are all around. I ignore him as I get him completely free. The feel of his naked shaft against my thinly veiled backside is amazing.

Now I work slowly on my own swimsuit. Praying I don’t move the blanket too much, I carefully roll the lycra from between my right inner thigh over to my left. I sincerely hope that Lamont is the only one who can smell my high arousal on the ocean breeze.

“Indra! What are you doing? We can’t do this here!” He’s whispering desperately in my ear. I’m too busy watching everyone, waiting for my moment, now.

One swift movement and I’m up his shaft, using the crack of my ass to guide him down and around till I feel the head of his cock press between my pussy lips, then down hard. I want to yell as I engulf him in one movement. He actually bites my shoulder to stifle his own cry at the suddenness of finding himself in his fiancé’s warm pussy.

I stay perfectly still, watching the faces of all those around us in the flickering light. It feels so good to be full again. I’m never going to be that long without this man’s dick again. I’m going to wake him with a blowjob every morning, give him a handjob at lunch, and fuck him till we pass out every night. I want to swallow every drop of his cum, caress it into my skin, feel it shoot into me. To everyone else I will be his wife, but he will know I’m his little slut. His cockwhore.

My vaginal muscles clamp down on his steel hard shaft, milking his entire length without me having to move. I’d been practicing this for weeks on my dildo, thinking it might come in useful some time. He squirmed beneath me and I dug my nails into his thigh to get him to stop. I could feel him twitching in me.

He finally remembered his hands were still on my breasts and he began kneading them again, pinching my nipples where they poked through the fabric. That sent electric shocks right to my clit and I bit my tongue to keep quiet. I used some of what I learned belly dancing to roll my hips up and down gently, careful to make sure the blanket hid all.

“I’m sorry Indra. I’m so close. I can’t hold on much longer.” His desperate voice whispered in my ear.

I reached down between my legs and fanned my clit, determined we would cum together. He pinched both nipples hard and bit the back of my neck as his cock swelled further and I felt that first blob of cum travel up and shoot into me. I closed my eyes as feeling that first blast sent me over the edge, lights danced in front of my closed eyes as I trembled against him as he shot more and more cum into me. My little cunt milked every drop from his balls as my pleasure rolled through me like the ocean waves on the shore.

Neither of us dared to move till he had shrunk back down and slipped from my gaping hole. I rolled my suit back across my pussy quickly so it would keep any of his cum from dripping down my thighs.

The fire burned low and he just held me there as we listened to the wood crackle and the tide roll.

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A Day With No Panties

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This is not something I would usually do. I mean on the sexual spectrum, I was a mostly nice tame vanilla. Today though it was hot, and boy do I mean hot; I suppose in other parts of the world it would be ‘mild’ but in Canada when it feels like 45C it’s time to strip down. That being said, since I had a few things to do and places to go I had to wear something.

As a big girl, people often assume I am ‘ashamed’ of my body, but with my 40E tits and my plump ass and curvy things there was definitely more to love. The love for my body also spurred my little side habit – taking nude, semi-nude and risqué pictures. I even ran a blog for it, which got enough attention that I continued for over a year. My hobby of showing off had never taking a step into my real life; except for when I lost my virginity but that’s a story for another time.

Today, however I decided to take a little risk. I slipped on one of my tighter dresses, which I usually reserved for clubbing. I was on my way out of town for a weekend camping with my girls; we’d been friends for forever. So I knew I’d be doing some travelling, however while getting dressed I decided to skip the panties. I had never gone commando in public before not even with pants so it was going to be an exciting day.

I had a few bags with me but I figured I’d finish my errands before I grabbed my stuff for the4 weekend away.

What I hadn’t expected was the freedom I felt throughout the day. While I was doing groceries I swear I could feel every eye on me. It’s like they knew, they knew I was panty less and with my dress so short, if I bent over too far they’d see it all. It was like they knew and waited for it. I enjoyed being wanted, who doesn’t. It was one of the main reasons behind my blog. So naturally it was all turning me on. By the time I finished and returned home I was completely and utterly turned on. I was about to get myself off quickly when I noticed the time. It was already four thirty, I’d miss the rush train. With a sigh I called a cab and gathered my things, no release was in my future.

Waiting for the cab I wondered if I should put a pair of panties on. ‘Fuck it’, I thought you only live once. The cab arrived and I lugged my bags down the stairs. Throughout the day my dress had stayed mostly in place at least while I was pulling it down every three seconds. With both my hands busy, the dress was free to ride up. This would be fun.

I paid the cab and stood on the side walk of downtown. The train station would be centre of the biggest city in the country. By now I was just hoping I wouldn’t get arrested for public indecency. It was just past rush hour, by the time I arrived so the station wasn’t packed, but who am I kidding – this was Union station it was always busy.

Picking up my bags I walked in and bought my ticket. Even though there was another ten minutes before my train arrived, I was going to start on the stairs. I hated stairs I was always self-conscious about someone looking at my ass. It was a childish fear from an incident in high school but when you’re only 21 like me, high school seems like yesterday.

With a shake of my head, my short, https://bursali.org coloured red hair, moved out of my face and I proceed to struggle my two rolling bags and my purse up the stairs. I took about four steps before I stopped to wiggle and try adjusting my slipping dress. After realising it was just making it worse I just took the staircase step-by-step. I could feel the air conditioning from the station caressing the bottom of my ass cheeks. I had almost reached the top of the first set when I felt my dress finally move from the safety of under my butt to be fully exposed.

“Oops, sorry!” I was momentarily saved – sort of – when a man bumped into me. “Hey do you need some help with those?” I could’ve kiss him in thanks.

“Oh my God, thank you!” He grabbed one of my rolling cases and I quickly took the chance to cover myself back up. The trip up the stairs was quick and silent. When we reached the warm and sticky outside air, without another thought, he placed my bag down and wondered off in the standard “ignore other travellers” sort of way.

It wasn’t long for the train to arrive. I was surprised at how empty it was; I walked to the upper level there was one person in each seat except one. With all my bags I went for the empty four-seater and slid in by the window placing my bags beside and in front of me.

As the train started moving, a man sat in the empty seat with me. He was somewhere in his twenties, and wore a business suit. An obvious commuter, he looked fit under the well-tailored suit, and his green eyes shone when he gave me a smile. I frowned a bit in frustration, but couldn’t do anything about it, so I pulled out my book from my bag, and start reading instead.

It was a good hour and a half until my stop, since I missed the rush train. I like being comfortable when I read and I momentarily forgot about my lack of panties. I placed my left foot on the seat opposite me so it could rest against the side of the train. A few moments later I heard a small cough, and remembered my surroundings. I snapped a look to my right and caught the man’s eyes staring directly in between my legs.

I quickly shifted my position and clamped my legs shut. His eyes showed his guilt as he looked at my face, knowing I caught him. He had the decency to flush, and with that an awkward silence followed. He had seen my pussy, almost undoubtedly. As I thought more about it, it only served to turn me on. It also didn’t help that the back I was reading was definitely not in the pg-13 category. Shifting in my seat now, completely uncomfortable, I wiggled and felt how wet I was. Suddenly this man stood up trading seats with my luggage that was in front of me.

“Do you usually you commando?” I was startled at his sudden question and blushed. It was a good thing no one could tell clue to my chocolate coloured skin. “Sorry, that was rude.” He apologized, however there was a playful tone to voice. I sighed and gave up on reading; I had read it four times before.

Taking a good look at him I realized he was really attractive. His dark hair was cropped but the back, while being a bit longer on top with bursa escort kız just enough product to look taken care of. A slight sharp nose and a chiselled chin completed his handsome face.

“You know, I wasn’t going to help you up the stairs at first,” Ohh, so that was him. “But now I’m glad I stopped the public show, especially since I now got my own private one.” He winked at me, and I slammed my book shut glaring. Feign anger, I told myself don’t let him know it turns you on.

“Do you usually perv at fat women in tight skirts?” I looked at him through my lashes, suddenly very happy I decided to wear a full face of makeup. Even with my self love for my full sized figure I was even happier with my face. My family was a mix of Irish, Scottish, Native and of course Black, but these straits shimmed through with my almond shaped eyes and slimmer nose.

“Only the hot ones who beg to be looked at.” Cocky, but cute. I shifted my legs. They were getting sore from being clenched together. The seats were so close together that out knees were touching, as I was tall at 5’10, he had to be over six feet. He moved his own legs so they were closed, either our knees would be pressed together painfully or I would have to spread mine. With gusto, I reopened my book, my legs just outside of his.

We reached the first stop in silence. Hoping it was over, I got comfortable reaching my book. I tried hard not to squirm in my seat. The scene I was reading making me even more aroused than I had been all day. I had to be leaking onto the seat by now.

“Good read?” He smiled at me but his eyes were locked downward. I gave in, if he wanted to look fine. It was useless pretending I didn’t enjoy the attention.

“Yep, one of my favourites.” I replied smiling. I tucked a piece of my hair my ear and shifted my hips and so they were a lot more forward and continued reading.

“What genre is it”” I didn’t expect him to make conversation so it through me off. “Let me guess, Fantasy? With all kinds of creatures that bump in the night?” His smile made me only went to bump one thing in the night.

“How’d you guess?” He shrugged, and went back to what he was doing before – watching me. I worked out a stretch pulling my right arm above my head. The movement causing my dress to drop lower on my right breast exposing a lot of its skin as well as my star tattoos.

I became bolder and hitched my right foot up as my left had been earlier. Only this time the leg was effectively blocking him in. I continued reading until I heard something that sounded very suspiciously like a groan. Barley lifting my eyes from my book I could see him mesmerized by what he could see of my wet pussy. I tried not to laugh.

“Oh, sorry do you mind?” I asked in my sweetest voice? It got me what I wanted quite a bit. He looked up at my face like he snapped out of a trance.

“No, it’s fine. Go ahead and get comfortable.” I shrugged and took his advice raising my other leg and slouching in my seat. He now had a prime view of my smooth lower lips.

“Thanks!” I smiled brightly at him showing my white teeth.

“Don’t bursa anal yapan escort mention it.” And silence fell again, I knew I was teasing him but I really wanted confirmation. I’m a girl who gets off on being wanted. I looked down at his lap and noticed quite a large bulge in his suit pants. If possible I got hotter.

“Nice view huh?”

“Amazing.” The face he was looking at me instead of out the window where I was pointing gave me courage. I startled by rubbing my neck and my sides. My flesh was on fire from both my arousal and the heat. My hands wandered my body while my eyes searched his face. His eyes were glued to my movements. He wasn’t even shy about looking. Biting my lip and looking around I found I was covered by my bags and also didn’t care if I was caught.

My hands move to my thighs, rubbing them. I could feel my nipples rubbing against my bra now, and I was so close to just shoving my fingers in my pussy.

“Fuck.” My seat mate whispered before quickly undoing his fly and pulling his dick out. I couldn’t help but lick my lips. His cock had to be seven inches and thick and cut, which I found extremely appealing. It was rock hard, and I found myself wondering what it would feel like to have it inside me.

“Good.” I moaned out, stared at him blatantly and he blushed. It was cute considering how cocky he had been. My hands nested but didn’t proceed to masturbate. I was waiting for it, waiting for when he would.

“Do it.” He nearly growled, cutting off my train of thought and I moved my right hand to my clit, which was already swollen and oh-so-sensitive.

“Yes.” He hissed, his hand pumping his hot shaft. We were being quiet so as to not get caught. I was so turned on and I knew it wouldn’t take long. He shoved his hips forward and we were now only inches away from having sex. I moved my other hand from where it was teasing my nipples to shove two fingers roughly into my soaking centre.

Our breathing was getting heavy and I could see him tensing up about to cum. It drove me wild. I stared at his hand on his cock, craving it in me with all I had. Then he came, ribbons of hot, white silk landed on my pussy and I just rubbed hard just cum seconds later, a small splash of my juices falling to the floor.

We looked at each other both out of breath and smiled. Looking around I saw no one had even noticed. Taking my fingers out of my snatch, I licked them both clean while looking him in the eyes. I could taste both of us. With one last groan he tucked himself away and sat up. I pulled my skirt down and crossed my legs. I pulled out my phone and texted my friend that I was almost there. When I looked up he had his hand out, I shrugged and handed him my phone. He spent his time with it, and I froze remembering the pictures I had on there. Oh well, I mean he’s pretty much seen it all. When he was done he handed it back to me.

“What stop are we at?” I told him and he jumped up.

“Wow, missed my stop! Guess I was distracted.” He winked and ran off the train. I frowned not getting his name I still had an insatiable craving for his cock. Damn.

I started getting my bags together since it was almost time, my stop when my phone buzzed: Text message.

“You usually take naked photos on your phone?” I snorted at the message.

“Do you usually add your number to fat girls’ phones?”

“Only when they’re begging to be fucked.” Looks like I would get my wish.

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A Birthday Massage

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I hope you don’t mind if I share another story with you. I’ve only just sat down to share this with you and already my wife is looking flushed.

My wife and I have a wonderful relationship, don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our fair share of problems too. But we are both loving, open and honest with each other and have a mutual respect.

I think we’ve already established that my wife likes the attention of other men. She likes them to look at her. To watch her in the throes of passion. Watch her while she pleases me. As for me, whilst I don’t share, so to speak, I do like men to desire what is mine, to feel envious, to know that I’m the only one who gets to touch.

So, here we are, a Saturday morning in August and it’s my wife’s birthday. I prepared breakfast for her, which we both ate in bed. I have also had to keep my hands to myself, which is killing me. I have a little treat planned for my wife and I know I’m going to benefit from it greatly. So, instead of fucking my wife, I tell her to go and jump in the shower.

I can hear the water running in the bathroom as I rummage in the back of my wardrobe for the gift box I have hidden there. I place it on the bed and call out to my wife, “Honey? I’ve left something on the bed. I want you to wear it when you come down.”

I hear a muffled shout of agreement from the bathroom. I pull on my robe and make my way downstairs.

I’m pottering around the living room when there’s a knock on door. I glance at my watch, “Right on time,” I think to myself.

Opening the front door, I greet our visitor and invite him in. Showing him into the dining room, I instruct him to set up in front of the French doors. “It’s nice and light there,” I say. I also know that our neighbour often looks out of his upstairs study window to see if he can spot my wife.

“Sweetheart, where are you?” my wife calls.

“In the dining room. I have a surprise for you,” I call back to her.

The door opens and our visitor and myself turn to face it. “Holy Shit!!” I hear whispered from just behind me. My wife has entered the room wearing her gift. It’s a black, diaphanous robe. It reaches to mid-thigh and although my wife has it secured tightly, the fact that she is naked underneath has my cock stiffening.

Ok, I admit I didn’t leave anything other than the robe for her to wear, but still, it’s even more erotic than I imagined. We can see everything through the gauze. Firm, high tits with light brown areolas. And a plump, bare mound.

My wife’s eyes widen when she sees us both standing staring at her. “Oh, bursa escort erm. Hi!” she says, looking at me for an explanation.

“This is Ben. He’s a masseuse, and he’s here to give us both a massage,” I explain. My wife smiles, and if I’m not mistaken, her nipples harden against the soft material.

I volunteer to go first and have my wife sit in the armchair I have placed facing the French doors. I remove my robe, now naked and climb up onto the massage table and lie on my front. Ben covers my arse with a small hand towel and proceeds to massage me.

We make small talk between the three of us and before I know it, I’m ready to turn over onto my back. Ben picks up the corners of the towel on the side where my wife sits and lifts it. Allowing me to turn over, preserving my modesty (me modest?? I know, don’t laugh!). Ben starts massaging again and we continue talking.

Now that I can see Ben’s face I can see his longing looks at my wife. She is sitting opposite us, legs crossed hiding her pussy but tits visible through the robe. My wife shifts, uncrossing her legs, moving to the other arse cheek and re-crossing her legs. I feel the pressure from Ben’s hands increase, as we both strain to catch a glimpse of pussy.

Deciding I don’t want some bloke’s hardening cock near me, I declare myself done and say it’s my wife’s turn.

Situating myself in the armchair, robe back in place, I watch my wife remove her robe and climb on the massage table, lying on her stomach. Ben covers her peachy arse with the towel and picks up the massage oil.

I watch as he oils and rubs his hands over my wife’s back and arms, before moving down to her feet. My wife’s legs are slightly parted and as he massages her feet I know he’s looking under the towel. He must be able to see her slit. I wonder if she’s getting wet. He puts one foot down before picking up the other. But I notice he put the other foot down in a wider position than before.

“Nicely done,” I think to myself. Has he managed to part her pussy lips slightly? Is her clit peeking out? After a few minutes of me watching him I clear my throat. He takes the hint and puts her foot down and starts to massage her legs. I’m enjoying watch her skin glisten with oil.

Ben instructs my wife to turn over. Only this time instead of holding the towel so that only I can see my wife’s naked body, he picks the towel up from the other side, blocking my view and greedily giving it to himself.

My wife is now laying on her back, her torso covered with the towel. Ben continues with the massage, and I bursa üniversiteli escort can tell my wife is enjoying it. Her body is relaxed and her eyes closed.

Ben is back massaging my wife’s legs. Trying to steal glimpses of her pussy. His hands over rubbing up over her thighs, pushing higher and higher. His hands have started to dip a little under the towel and I’m watching intently. When he starts heading for her inner thighs, I decide to check out a theory of mine.

“Ben? My wife had a boob job a few years ago,” I start, getting both Ben and my wife’s attention. “The doctor said she should massage oil into them to keep them supple. You’re a professional, would you mind…?” I leave the question unasked.

“Of course,” he replies, a wide smile stretching across his face. He lowers the top half of the towel down, exposing my wife’s tits. He picks up his oil and drizzles it all over. The oil runs over her hard nipples and over her tits. Ben rubs his hands together before places them on her tits. He proceeds to kneed and massage the firm flesh.

I’m watching his face and he’s oblivious to my state. My eyes travel down and I can’t be certain but I’m sure he’s pressing his hard cock against her arm. I’m starting to get a little pissed with him and when I look back at his hands and see he’s started to pluck her nipples, well, I’ve had enough.

It would seem my theory is right. I do not want to share!!

“Ben!” my firm voice getting his attention. I take a bit of a gamble, thinking of the hint of cigarette smoke I’m sure I smelt on him earlier. “I think my wife is done. Why don’t you go out the back for a smoke while she gets sorted,” my arm is guiding him towards the kitchen, where the back door is. He takes the non too subtle hint and leaves the room.

I stride over to my wife, ripping off my robe as I go. She sits up a little and laughs, “You went all caveman on me.”

“I’m about to go all caveman on your arse,” I growl. I whip the towel away and pull her legs round. Her torso is now on the table and her legs are hanging over the side. I grab both ankles and pull them straight up. I’m holding her legs up in the air and they’re parted in a ‘v’.

Her pussy is wet and it had better be pussy juice and not massage oil. My wife is panting as I rub my angry cock up and down between her pussy lips. She gasps a little as I poke the head in her entrance. But that’s not where I’m going.

I grab the massage oil and squirt a liberal amount on my cock. I line the head up with her karacabey escort puckered hole and press firmly, I feel her pushing back as I slid pass the tight muscle. “I hope you enjoyed his hands on your tits,” I growled, “Because it won’t be happening again.” And with that I slammed my hips, pushing my cock deep within her, until my balls were pressed against her cheeks.

She screamed in shock, pain and pleasure. Holding her legs high I started to fuck her. Pumping my dick in and out of her arse. She was moaning and pulling on her nipples. I looked up and there on the other side of the French door was Ben.

Cigarette in hand and mouth open he watched. I pushed my wife’s legs back towards her chest, lifting her arse up slightly. I wanted him to see that I owned every part of her. Including the hole a lot of women won’t give to their men. In this position I was sure he’d be able to see her pussy was empty and my cock was currently ploughing her arse.

Ben raised his head and I looked him in the eye. “Yeah, bitch,” I thought, “This is my arse to fuck.”

Ben nodded his head towards my wife, obviously not getting the message. Was he really asking to come and join in? I shook my head, a clear no! He shrugged his shoulders and reached down to push his draw string trousers down. Freeing his rigid cock he started to stroke himself.

Remembering that it was my wife’s birthday and wanting to please her, I pulled my cock from the tight tunnel. I flipped her round, arse up in the air, so she was now facing Ben. Pulled her cheeks apart, placed my cock at the slightly gaping hole and shoved myself back in.

My wife gasped and as she did she lifted her head. There in front of her was Ben, cock in handing, wanking. My wife moaned out loud, and raised herself onto her elbows. She grabbed her tits and began squeezing and pulling on her nipples.

My hips were pumping furiously and my balls had drawn up tight. I could feel my wife’s inner muscles clamping down on my cock. My wife shouted out something unidentifiable as her orgasm hit, milking the cum from my dick.

Panting, I looked out of the door to see Ben shooting his load on to the patio. On shaking legs I withdrew my softening cock from my wife’s arse, satisfied to see a little of my cum dribbling out. I stood with my hands on her arse cheeks, watching her hole close up again. Keeping my seed deep inside her.

Later, when I saw Ben out, he handed me a card with his private number on. So I could call him direct if we ever wanted another massage. Yeah, that wouldn’t be happening!

Today it’s cold and snowy. My wife and I have the day off work due to the icy roads. She has been looking over my shoulder as I have typed this story. I think it has brought back fond memories, because for the last ten minutes she’s had my cock in her hand. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get my dick wet.

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The Deal (Another Point of View)

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for Jayde, my muse

(*note to reader: point of view makes all the difference in the telling of a tale; here one of my stories is retold from another point if view, a female POV this time)

I’d gone to the bar with my boyfriend, Doug, and his buddy, Bobby, who just moved back into town. Doug was really showing me off, this foxy nineteen year old country bitch from West Virginia who he met when he came to see my band play at a low down country bar. I was the lead singer who couldn’t sing for shit, but I had the looks which drew a bar crowd, young and sleek and skanky, cute face, spitfire moves. And so there I was, front and center, reeking of sex appeal. I knew it, and was fuckin’ proud of it. Doug figured me for a hick, which I sort of am, but when it came to sex Doug soon discovered I was as knowledgeable as a Vegas hooker and as horny as some cunt who’d just been let out of prison after ten years in solitary. I don’t know what Doug had told his buddy about me, but Bobby sure was checking me out. He had this hungry, wolfish look in his eyes, a look I like in a man. Plus he was one of the cutest, hottest looking guys I’d seen in a long time, definitely an improvement over most of Doug’s grizzly biker pals. We’d been putting away the beers and I’d just come back from the can after taking a much needed whiz.

“I need to take a whiz too,” Bobby said when I got back.

When he split I saw Doug had a big smile on his face.

“What’s with the shit-eating grin? I asked, “Were you two talking about me when I went off to take a piss.”

“Oh yeah, Tina, we were talking about you alright,” Doug said with a leer on his face as I slapped him playfully.

“C’mon,” I whined, “What the fuck were you sayin’ about me?
“Bobby was saying he’d just love to get a chance to fuck your young ass.”

“Just my ass?” I said, smiling now.

“No, not just your ass, baby. Your mouth, your cunt, and your ass. He sounded like he’d give anything to spend a whole day with his cock inside your foxy little body.”

Naturally, I took this as a compliment.

“So what’d you tell him?”

“I told him sometimes dreams come true.”

I laughed. See, me and Doug mix it up with other partners sometimes. We’ve hooked up with another guy, a chick, a couple. We love sex and we ain’t jealous. So we get off on threesomes and foursomes, on scenes.

“Your buddy’s really cute. I’d fuck him,” I told Doug as he laughed again, chugging his beer.

“I’m sure you would, babe, I’m sure you would.”

“So what’d you say? Did you tell him we swing, get it on with others?”

“Oh yeah, I told him all about that,” Doug said, “and it sure got him interested. I said it was cool with me if he fucked you as long as it was cool with you. But there had to be one condition, we had to make a deal. If he got to fuck you, then I’d have to get to fuck him. That was the deal.”

“Fuck!” I said, sort of shocked, but loving this. “What’d he say?”

One thing I loved about my boyfriend was that he was bi, just like me. We told each other right away and it turned me on. Let’s face it, guys love to hear that chicks they fuck make it with other chicks, and love to see them do it if they ever get the opportunity. Well I’m one of those chicks who really gets off on bi guys, guys who turn on to other guys as well as girls. When it comes to sex I know what I like. And I like just about all of it, girls with guys, girls with girls, guys with guys.

“You see, babe, a couple of years ago me and Bobby got it on. We got high and fooled around, sucking each other’s dicks and shit. But when I told him I wanted to fuck his ass, he begged off, saying he didn’t think he could take it.”

See, my boyfriend is hung like no other guy I’ve ever met. He carries a wrist-thick eleven inch hardon when he gets erect. And he get erect a whole lot, believe me! I mean, that dick of his is really something else, a big, beautiful freak of nature. And it don’t droop either, like a lot of guys who are super well-hung. No, his huge cock sticks up hard and thick and straight. It’s a fucking mind-blowing dick and I love to see the looks on the faces of studs and sluts we mix it up with when they lay eyes on it for the first time. They can’t stop looking at it, they love to lick and suck it, the chicks love feeling it stretch and fill their pussies. But not one of them, girl or guy, has had the guts to try taking Doug’s dick up the ass. Except for me, of course.

I love taking that dick of his up my ass. And I guess that’s one thing Doug really likes about me. I may be just nineteen years old, but I’ll take an eleven inch dick all the way up my ass and love taking it, every fuckin’ thick inch too. When we do scenes and other people watch me take Doug up the butt it freaks them out, they don’t know what to say. All they can do is watch, amazed at what they’re seeing.

“Yeah, I really wanted to fuck Bobby’s ass,” Doug continued, “and he’s got himself such a cute butt too, nice and tight and smooth.”

Bobby escort bursa was definitely a looker, sleek and lanky and sexy. Very fuckable. So it didn’t surprise me that my boyfriend wanted to fuck his ass.

“So what’d he say about that ‘deal’ you mentioned?” I asked.

“He didn’t know what to say at first. But he sure looked interested. Then he said, okay. I guess when he heard that you took me up the ass, he figured if you could then he should to give it a go. You know, male pride. If a skinny 95 pound nineteen year old chick could take my dick up her ass, why not a cock loving stud who’s taken plenty of dicks.”

“Skinny?” I said, laughing it off. But I am very petite and slender, with this trim little ass. When people see Doug’s eleven-inch, beer can-thick dick parked between my cheeks, I know it’s an incredible sight for them.

“So you set it up?” I asked.

“Yeah, I told him to come by next weekend and we’d make it happen.”

“Cool!” I said, loving it. I’d really been wanting to see Doug fuck somebody up the ass besides me, and to see him fuck a super cute and sexy young stud would be about the hottest thing of all, even better than watching him slam his big tool up another chick’s asshole.
“Here he comes,” Doug said, noticing Bobby returning from the men’s room.

Bobby sat down and right away noticed the smile on my face.

“So, Bobby, Doug says you wanna fuck me,” I said bluntly.

“Uh—yeah— ” he stuttered, looking like he was ambushed.

“Sure, you’re hot, I’ll fuck you,” I said as Bobby just sat there, a little stunned and Doug grinned. He just loved the way I could be so blunt and nasty. “I’ll fuck you but, like Doug said, if you wanna fuck me, you gotta let my boyfriend fuck you.”

“Do you really take that huge of dick of his up your ass, Tina?” he said, wanting to hear it from me.

I smiled.

“Oh right, Doug told me you know all about his huge dick, Bobby. And to answer your question, yeah, I take it. I take it and I fuckin’ love it. And I wanna see you take it too. I wanna see you take every one of Doug’s thick eleven inches right up your sexy male ass. Are you game?”

“Shit, I guess I’m game. If I get to screw a hottie like you, Tina, then I’m definitely game.”

“Then we’re all gonna have ourselves a fuckin’ great time,” I said with a sexy leer, downing more cold beer.

Now Bobby was over at our place and we were guzzling down a bottle of cheap wine I bought. Doug complained but I told him what the fuck was I supposed to know about good wine, growing up in a little coal mining valley in West Virginia. My daddy made moonshine and I knew a cold beer from a warm one, but wine? Fuck it. Anyway, we were drinking it down, bad or good, and getting nice and warm and cozy and high.

Doug had told me how Bobby had mentioned I had such a hot looking ass – he eyeballed it when I sauntered over to the ladies room back at the bar. So I made sure to wear these tight, worn jeans which really showed off my bottom. I was walking around putting on music and pouring wine for the guys, always making sure Bobby had a good look at my rear end. And every time I looked back over my shoulder I saw his eyes were glued to my tight little booty.

“You like my butt, Bobby? I said, giving it a sexy wiggle and giving Bobby a sexy wink, “Well how about checking it out in the raw now?” So making a real show out of it, standing above Bobby, I slowly took off my jeans. I was wearing a peach colored pair of cotton bikini panties and now I turned so he could see my butt, the bottoms of my trim, firm cheeks nice and bare just under the panty line. Then, looking over my shoulder at Bobby, I very slowly pulled the panties down and bared my smooth, sexy ass. The crotch of Bobby’s jeans was bulging and he had his hand resting on his dick. That’s the effect I always seem to have on guys, I make them bulge down there.

“Here, Bobby, sniff ’em,” I said, tossing him the panties which he pressed up to his face, taking a deep breath and smiling.

“Now check this out, check out this sweet spot,” I said, reaching back and spreading my cheeks wide open, showing off my asshole, the asshole Bobby knew opened up willingly for Doug’s huge dick. He stared straight ahead, looking right at it.

“Wanna fuck it, Bobby, wanna fuck my ass?” I asked him, “I just started my period, so maybe you oughta fuck my ass instead of my cunt.”

I’m not always regular and my period started early. But I figured that was a good excuse to make this scene all about ass-fucking. My ass gets fucked, then Bobby’s. I always get extra hot around the time of my period, rarin’ to go, and it’s always a good excuse for lots of ass fucking.

I kept holding my cheeks wide open, swaying my butt inches from Bobby’s face.

“Holy shit!” Bobby groaned, as Doug looked on with that wolfish shit-eating grin on his face, “I want to fuck it so fuckin’ bad!”
Who wouldn’t! I said, smiling to myself. I’m a young sexy fox. I got the hottest bursa otele gelen escort fuckin’ ass. The only dude who wouldn’t want to fuck my ass would have to be halfway to being a corpse. Or some uptight idiot who thinks ass fucking is unnatural or something
“Well, Bobby, if you wanna fuck this ass, first you gotta eat it out,” I said, pushing it even closer to his face. Doug chuckled; he knew what a freak I was for a wet tongue in my crack. Bobby didn’t waste a moment, taking hold of my cheeks with his big strong hands and spreading them wide, then pressing his face into my butt and his tongue into my hole.

“Oh yeah, do it, Bobby,” I hissed, “Doug told me how much you loved eating out his ass. I hope you like mine as much as you liked his.”

He grunted, the grunt muffled by his ass licking.
I looked over at Doug. He sure was enjoying the show and now had unzipped his jeans and pulled his huge dick out of his fly, all erect, fucking hard as a rock, stroking that long hard tube of male meat as he watched his good buddy eat out his girlfriend’s butthole.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the rimming of my ass for many long minutes, then pulled away from Bobby’s tongue and turned around reaching down for his jeans and unbuckling his belt, then unzipping his fly.

“Nice!” I said, pulling out Bobby’s hard dick. Though he was no super hung freak like my boyfriend Doug, Bobby was pretty well endowed and had himself a thick, nicely shaped cock. “Let me taste this baby.”

I leaned down and took Bobby’s hard cock in my mouth, looking over at Doug, who was smiling smugly and stroking himself. Doug always likes watching me with another dude’s dick in my mouth, and I love showing off what a hot cocksucker I am.

“Suck that dick, babe!” Doug hissed at me, and suck it I did. I sucked the shit out of that fuckin’ big dick of Bobby’s. Before I came up to Cleveland I was pretty well known in the hollows of West Virginia as one of the best cocksuckers around, and I was showing Bobby and Doug just how I got that reputation, slowly taking that big shaft all the way down my throat, to the balls.

“What’d I tell you?” Doug said to his buddy.

“Damn, she’s good,” Bobby said, pressing down on my head.

That dick I was sucking was going to feel pretty good up my ass. A year ago I would’ve said Bobby’s dick was an ass-fucking challenge. But after taking Doug’s eleven inch monster on a weekly basis for almost a year I knew it was going to be a piece of cake. A piece of cake I was hankering to try now. So I stopped sucking that cock of Bobby’s and flipped around, sticking my hot little country white trash butt in his face like a bitch in heat, a bitch in ass heat.

“Ready to fuck this cute little redneck ass of mine?” I purred at Bobby, looking back over my shoulder at him with a sexy grin, and eyes smoldering with cock lust.
“Damn right I am!” Bobby growled, fisting his dick, slick with my spit.

“Well stick it up my ass and fuck me,” I hissed at him.
“Got some lube?” Bobby asked, looking over at Doug, who chuckled. “Hell, she don’t need no lube for your tool,” Doug said, slowly stroking his massive tool. And he knew it too. With me now accustomed to taking his beer-can thick cock in my ass, I could manage ordinary studs in my butthole after just a little licking.

“Yeah, I don’t need no lube, Bobby, that ass-lickin’ you just gave me was plenty good enough,” I said as Bobby, sort of shocked that I was gonna take him up the ass with no lube, stared at me as I waved my foxy little ‘fuck me’ ass in his face. I looked back to see him, dick in hand, press it between my cheeks and felt his knob right against my greedy little shithole. Damn, do I ever love it up the fuckin’ ass! I didn’t even give Bobby a chance to work it inside me as I pushed back on his tool, spearing my asshole on his big cock.

I looked over at my boyfriend and winked. Doug loves to watch me fuck other guys, and he especially likes to see me take it up the ass. And I’m sure having Bobby fuck my butt was extra exciting, since Doug knew he had his ‘deal’ in place and knew he’d soon get his chance to park his nearly foot long tool up Bobby’s poor little boy butt.

“Feel good up my ass chute?” I asked, looking back at Bobby.

“Shit, yeah, feels fuckin’ great, Tina,” he said as he picked up the pace and started hammering it inside me, working that nice log of his right up to the balls.

“Aren’t you happy now, Bobby?” Doug chuckled, “your dream’s come true.”

“Happy as fuck!” Bobby growled as he kept ramming it up my ass.

Me? I was happy as fuck myself, taking it up my sexy, greedy ass, reaching down between my legs to finger my clit as I took it, took it and loved it, moaning like the hot young bitch I always become whenever I had a hard dick deep inside me.
Now Doug got up off the couch and brought his dick up, waving that fat long wand in Bobby’s face. I looked up to see Bobby staring at it like bursa sınırsız escort he couldn’t believe what he was looking at. I knew how he felt. I’d been sucking and fucking Doug’s cock for a year solid now, and, still, every time I stared at that freakin’ tool it amazed me. And having it sticking in his face was blowing Bobby’s mind now too, even though he and Doug had some cock history together.
“Been a while since you laid eyes on this baby, huh?” Doug growled, stroking his wrist-thick shaft lazily, showing off for Bobby, and for me, as Bobby stared at it like he was almost hypnotized.
“Man, I forgot just what a freak of nature it was,” Bobby said, his eyes glued to it.

“Suck that freak dick, Bobby! Suck it like you fuckin’ mean it!” I hissed at him.
“Tastes good too, remember?” Doug said, pushing it in Bobby’s mouth as Bobby opened wide and wrapped his lips around the thick tool. That dick of Doug’s is a fuckin’ mouthful, take it from me, even just the knob. I looked up at Doug and winked, loving the scene, taking it up the ass while the dude who was fucking me was leaning over and sucking on my boyfriend’s huge dick.

Bobby was really into a groove now, holding me by the hips as he kept slamming it up my ass while he wolfed down more and more of Doug’s dick, wolfed it down like a pro. But then queers and bi studs know how to suck cock. Doug said they were better at it than most chicks. Guys know what dicks are all about, so a guy sucking another guy’s dick knows the score.

Watching Bobby suck Doug’s cock now all of a sudden made me want to see Doug fuck him, take that tool he was sucking up his ass. So I pulled my own bottom away from Bobby’s dick. Believe me, I could’ve taken that cock up my ass a lot longer, I was loving it. But now I wanted to watch my boyfriend do some ass fucking.

“I think you need to get fucked now, dude,” I told Bobby, tapping the rug. “So get the fuck down here and stick it out for us the way I stuck it out for you.”

Bobby, looking a little unsure of himself now, got down there on elbows and knees and stuck out his ass like a good boy as I playfully slapped that smooth, muscled butt of his a couple of times
“Want me to get him nice and ready for you?” I asked Doug, with a sexy smirk on my face.

“You know the drill, babe,” he said, and I sure as shit did know. Before I took that freakily huge dick of Doug’s up my ass I had to be well-prepped. So now I looked down ay Booby’s gorgeous butt, smooth and muscled and tanned, sticking out like another ass-slut in heat, like me before him. I spread him wide open and stared down at his butthole, at his male fuckhole. I’d watched studs get fucked up the ass before, but to see my boyfriend’s wrist-thick cock bust open a cute guy’s tight little hole, now this was going to be a real treat!
So I leaned down now and started eating that hole, really lapping away at Bobby’s ass, looking up Doug as I rimmed his buddy real good, making sure he got a good view of my hot snaky tongue digging into his pal’s hole.

“Hey baby? Why don’t you have a taste too?” I said. I’d only seen Doug eat out another dude’s ass once before. But I figured if he was going to fuck this hole, he ought to have himself a little taste first. And that’s what he did, getting down next to me and leaning over to dig his tongue into his buddy’s crack as I held Bobby wide open for him.

“Oh yeah, Doug, let me see you do it. Let me see you lick that ass,” I hissed, pushing back on the back of his head, watching him rim the hole.
While he was lapping away, I went over to get the big tub of anal lube we like to use. When I came back with it Doug pulled his tongue from Bobby’s ass and gave me room. I dug in for a big dab of the slick lubricant. spreading it around and then working it in with a couple of fingers, taking my sweet time. I love lubing up an asshole and getting it ready for a hard cock or dildo, including lubing up my own little shithole when I’m about to take one. I slapped more grease into his hole and worked it in with my fingers, knowing Bobby’s hole had to be very well lubed to take Doug’s monster dick.

Meanwhile Doug got in front of his buddy’s face again and started feeding him more of his cock, looking over at me, me who was greasing up Bobby while Doug fucked his mouth. Shit, we always made such a fuckin’ hot team when we ganged up on a slut or stud.

“Damn, I don’t know if I can,” Bobby said, pulling away and looking up at Doug, now really having to think about it, with him on elbows and knees and me greasing up his ass and Doug feeding him the huge dick he’d soon be expected to take, his part of the deal.
“Sure you can,” Doug said, rough insistence in his voice as he held Bobby’s head in place and fucked his mouth some more, gagging him.

“Yeah, Bobby,” I reminded him, “you had your chance to fuck my ass, now you gotta let Doug fuck yours. It’s the deal, baby.”

Doug and me looked at each other and laughed, taking total control of this cute male whore now.

“He’s as ready as he’s ever going to be,” I said to Doug after working more lube inside and twisting three fingers around in Bobby’s hole, stretching him. Doug pulled away from Bobby’s mouth, Bobby taking a big breath of fresh air now that his throat was free and clear, while Doug got behind him.

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Lynnda Re-discovers Herself

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I lounged in a restorative and sorely needed bath, half of my body seemed to be marked with scratches, bruises and bite marks, my pussy was rubbed raw and my bum felt to be on fire; too long out of the saddle methinks, or perhaps too long back in it? My Son-in-Law John hadn’t finished using and abusing me until lunch time and then he’d been sound asleep ever since; I’d cancelled my afternoon appointments anyway, as I ached in every bone and was feeling every one of my forty-eight years. Besides which, I needed to stay home to ensure that John was out of my bed and into his own, preferably by way of the shower, before his wife — my daughter — Jessica came home around six.

How the hell had he learnt of my history; someone must’ve told him, but who? John even knew that I’d been fucked by my father and not even Jack had known that; my deepest secret. That thought of my dead husband put a smile on my face, Jack would’ve been smiling too if he’d been looking down from heaven — or more likely up from hell! – this morning and seen me with John. I could even imagine what Jack would have been saying as he’d watched: “That’s it lad, slam your cock in and ride her hard; make the bitch squeal, she’s loving it!” Shamefully, Jack would’ve been speaking the truth.

Having made me ride him like some cheap whore — not that my own behaviour had suggested I was anything other – I’d slid off John’s lap to land on the kitchen floor and laid there semi comatose for…? I’ve honestly no idea how long. When I did recover, it was to find myself bedraggled and soaked – both inside and out! – in both John’s semen and my own sexual outpourings, I must’ve looked a fright; how many years had it been since I’d orgasmed that hard? I clambered to my knees, then grabbing at the table’s edge had made it about halfway to my feet before John spoke: “And where might you be going Lynnda?”

“For a shower, maybe a bath and then back to my bed; you’ve worn me out, I need to sleep.”

“Bed sounds a good idea, but there’s no point in your taking that shower until I’ve fucked your arse; no time either, I’m already getting stiff just thinking about it.” Looking around I saw that John wasn’t joking, his cock was almost hard again; I must’ve been out of it for even longer than I’d thought?

“You’re married to my daughter! This isn’t right; we can’t do it again, especially not… I don’t do… that, anyway.”

“Oh Lynnda… you may not have been fucked there in years, but we both know that Mummy’s a little arse-slut; surely you remember who told me that?”

I met John’s gaze, wracking my brain as I stared at him; who the hell had been talking? It was a few seconds before realisation dawned and John no doubt saw that dawning in my changing expression: in this instance it had been me! I’d been sat on John’s lap not half an hour ago, his cock driving into me, when in my frenzy I’d said something like ‘when you’ve finished with my pussy you might want to fuck my görükle escort bum too’. No, it was worse, I’d actually had said ‘mummy’s cunt’! Oh God, what was to become of me!

Another look at John’s face answered that for me too, his expression was hungry and… cruel; how often had Jack’s expression appeared much the same? In hope rather than expectation, I shook my head and once again pleaded: “No, not now John, I’m exhausted; you can’t ask that of me.”

John’s sharp response came as no surprise: “Like I told you before slut, I’m not ‘asking’… Now get yourself upstairs.”

I didn’t argue, I simply turned toward the staircase and shuffled forward; I’d learned long ago that one didn’t argue with those sort of men. But what were ‘those sort of men’? Weren’t they exactly the sort that I’d always sought out, or at least had gladly acceded to when they’d found me. My mind was going at a hundred miles an hour as I stumbled up the stairs and John was so close behind that his hands pawed at my naked buttocks as we went; one of those roving hands thrust a probing finger roughly into my anus as we reached the bedroom doorway.

I yelped in response to his sordid assault; it was over fifteen years since I’d been penetrated in… there and John’s intrusion had hurt like hell! I was long out of practice at anal sex; indeed until an hour ago, sex of any sort and I suspected that John had never done it – certainly not with Jess. Realising that things could get ugly, I jerked free of John’s penetrating finger, turned toward him and despite my watering-eyes, delivered a sultry smile: “Easy does it, if you’re not careful you’ll split me in two before you even get that lovely cock inside me and we don’t want that do we? I certainly don’t and as you’ve discovered what an arse-slut mummy can be, why not just sit on the edge of the bed and let her prove it?” I heaved a sigh of relief when John grinned and complied.

I knew that any lubricant would’ve been discarded long ago and searched frantically for an alternative; John’s eagerness was clear in his body-language and I didn’t want to risk trying his patience. Found it! A tub of Squirrel’s Nut Butter; it was right at the very back of the bloody drawer and a reminder that it was high time that I began running a little more regularly again. Twirling back around to face John, I began by salaciously anointing each nipple — that’s what it’s for after all! – and though hardly germane to the rigours ahead, it provided a sensual start to proceedings, making my nipples and areolae glisten beautifully and the unblinking stare which John employed in watching me suggested that he thought so too.

To say that I ‘danced’ before John for the next few minutes would be an exaggeration, but I writhed and contorted myself in the most suggestive of ways as I liberally coated my bum — both inside and out! and took the opportunity to apply a coating of the lubricious gloop to my inner thighs too, those bursa merkez escort were already sore from our earlier congress in the kitchen! Equally and perhaps more importantly, with John seemingly content to watch my lewd performance, I was now able to control the initial penetration; I’d never have survived the ‘wham bang thank you mam’ that John would have likely delivered given half the chance.

Stepping in close and taking John’s prick lightly in my right hand, I twirled around, straddled his thighs and gently lowered myself down onto him, guiding his now fully rigid shaft toward the tight starburst of my bum. Once contact was made and alignment confirmed, I breathed out in relaxation — or as relaxed as I could manage! – and settled an inch further, a little wiggle of my hips and it was done, John’s helmet broke through and his cockhead was inside. Not as painful as anticipated after so long dormant and my sharp intake of breath at the intrusion was easily masked by John’s groan of delight and growled: “Lynnda.. you really are one dirty bitch.”

It was perhaps for the best that John didn’t see the smile that his comment drew from me as I began to work the rest of him inside myself? Rotating my hips whilst rocking on the balls of my feet to add or ease the pressure, I slowly drove the whole length of John’s cock into my tightest channel; it was more than my just being ‘out of practice’, John was well endowed, but by dictating my own penetration, I could keep things on just the right side of the pleasure/pain divide. To be honest, what pain I did endure in accommodating John was for the most part subsumed by that from my breasts; John had reached around to maul them savagely while I ground myself down on him.

We shared a matching groan of attainment in the moments after his balls finally kissed against the soft, damp flesh of my pussy, whereafter I began to ride him with increasing ease, speed and pleasure. Taking hold of one of those hands groping my boobs, I guided it to my dripping pussy; John was a good student and immediately attacked my clit and pussy with the same aggression that he’d applied to my breasts. John soon had three fingers deep inside me and that, in conjunction with my bouncing on him like a Jack-in-the-box, brought me within thirty seconds to an explosive and noisy – very noisy! – climax. Oh God! How had I managed to go for so long without the now remembered pleasure of being doubly-penetrated?

I was still reeling from that orgasm when John’s hand returned to my breast, then half-standing he turned around and it was now me upon the bed; on my hands and knees with John’s cock still impaled deep in my bum. Preceded by a growl of “I’ve wanted to do this since forever.” – which confirmed my guess that this was John’s first time – he began to bang into me in just the way that I’d earlier feared, but now relished. John’s right hand returned to it’s rough abuse of bursa escort bayan my pussy, while the left entwined in my hair and pulled backward, prohibiting any mitigation of his hammer-blow penetrations; it was savage and I bloody loved it!

John narrated his assault with a tirade of foul mouthed opprobrium and and I bloody loved that too; Mummy was indeed a ‘sleazy arse-whore’! It wasn’t much more than a minute or two before John climaxed; hardly surprising given the frenzy of our coupling! I wasn’t complaining though, I was already well into my own equally expletive-filled orgasm before I heard John’s roar and felt the streams of his semen begin unleashed into my bowel. We collapsed in a sated heap upon the bed; my Son-in-Law had just fucked the proverbial arse off me.

So many memories flooded back to me as we lay in the afterglow and when John rolled off me a few minutes later, my pleasure was completed as he sleepily growled: “I’m knackered, I need to sleep; you can go take that shower if you want, I’m done with you for now.” and five seconds later he was snoring. That ‘I’m done with you’ was so reminiscent of Jack and my stomach fluttered in delight as I settled once again into the role which I’d long buried, but so loved and had so missed: A sexual toy to be used and then casually discarded. While John’s addenda of ‘for now’ promised that my re-discovered identity was to be permanent.

I arranged a couple of unnecessary business appointments for that evening — I really couldn’t face spending it with my daughter — and dressed for those before I roused John from my bed, allowing him a half hour to shower before Jessica arrived home. John instead chose to use that time to fuck me once more; hard and fast from behind, as I leaned against the bedroom wall, with my skirt about my hips and my panties simply dragged aside. I barely made it to the sanctuary of my car before Jess arrived; we could so easily have met in the hallway and one close-quarters glance would’ve revealed my dishevelment and John’s semen leaking down my leg, that would’ve been beyond embarrassing.

As the days passed I’ve become more at ease with my twin identities, a mother to Jessica and a whore for John; I’ve even managed to rationalise and indeed vindicate the deception that I’m playing on my daughter: John is using me in ways that no decent woman would allow, nor any mother condone for her daughter, so I’m ‘protecting’ Jess from such ignominies. Besides which, having more than once now overheard Jess declining John’s advances she’s clearly getting ‘all that she needs’, so aren’t I perhaps helping to ease her sexual burden? The latter is perhaps a little disingenuous, as I suspect that John is nowadays fucking Jessica more often than he did before; he seems to take a perverse delight in fucking both mother and daughter on the same day, indeed often in the same hour!

That morning was almost a month ago and there’s barely been a breakfast-time since which hasn’t seen me knelt on the floor with John’s cock inside my mouth; I often find it spiced by my daughters juices and those breakfasts usually conclude, with me spread-eagled across the table as John’s cock unloads its seed into either my arse or cunt; I’m John’s Mummy-slut now.

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