My Sister-In-Law

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I couldn’t believe what my brother just said to me. “Would you run that by me again, because I must have misheard you?”

“No, you heard me just fine. I know it’s a crazy idea but Judy and I have discussed it and we think it will help us in our dormant sex life.”

“Oh no, are you out of your fucking mind or is it because I haven’t had a date since my divorce? If it is, you can just forget it because I can take care of myself when I’m ready.”

“No, honestly Jim, Judy and I have talked for quite a while about a threesome and we both agreed that you would be good for us. She loves and trusts you as well as I do. Let me fill you in some more. You and I have talked about your marriage problems but Judy and I have been having problems of our own, like she needs more sex than I am able to give her. Right now we don’t want to fool around with strangers and ever since she saw you naked in the hot tub, we have used you in our fantasy stories.”

“When did that happen?”

“Remember when the four of us went to that hotel in the Berkshires and shared one room and we all went into the hot tub naked? Judy was amazed at the size of your dick and often talked about it. Really, it’s much bigger than mine. Later, when we shared the double beds and we both were screwing our wives, you lasted so much longer than me that we ended up listening to Joyce moaning while you humped her. Judy actually played with herself and made herself come just after you both came in the other bed. She loved the experience but we didn’t have the nerve to do anything about it until now. She wants to try two men at one time and I want her to fully enjoy her sexual needs, even if it means sharing her with others. We have talked about the possible problems and feel we can handle it, especially with you in bed with us. How about it, bro?”

“Yeah, yeah, I remember how she looked at me and Joyce told me that Judy had a thing for me. Yeah, and I remember how cute she looked, great figure and perky breasts. But I’m still not sure about this.” Just then I started to hear the music from the stripper song and Judy walked into the room, unzipping her skirt and top. She had on a black bra and stockings and bikini bottoms. I watched in amazement as she sat down on the couch between Bob and me, swinging her ass as she sat and then starting to tongue kiss me while her hand went down to my zipper and she grabbed my dick. “Whoa’, I muttered, as she turned away and started to kiss her husband. He had opened his zipper and taken out his cock and Judy had it in her mouth instantly, slurping and sucking away. Her other hand wandered over my legs as she said, “don’t go way, I’ll be right back.” And she did, taking my dick out of my pants and sucking on it. “Oooh, it’s Alanya Ukraynalı Escort so thick and long, mmmm, I’m gonna like this, Bobby.”

Meanwhile I watched my brother unsnap her bra, freeing her small breasts as I cupped them in my hand. Judy got off the couch and went between my legs, still sucking and stroking my dick up and down. I didn’t notice when, but Bobby took off his clothing and was kneeling behind his wife as she sucked and rubbed my big cock. She shook him off, getting up as she left my cock in its upright position, and holding both our dicks said, “Bob, I want Jim first, so let’s go fellas.”

Her grip on my cock was firm and I just smiled at her and my brother saying, “Ok, you win, I’m ready for both of you. Just remember, you wanted me to do this.”

Judy stepped out of her bikini bottoms as I undressed in the bedroom and Judy, pointing her finger at us started to say, “Ok, let’s get some basic rules for you Bob, my darling husband and you my sweet, big brother-in-law. I’m not a toy for both you guys to get off on, to be twisted and penetrated as you want. I want to enjoy this experience, so remember to treat me as a woman with needs and not a pickup whore. Also, Jimmy, remember, I love my husband and don’t want to break up our marriage. It’s something we both feel will improve our marriage. If I want to do both of you together inside of me, you’ll know it. Now Bob, Jimmy is first but you stay here with me, hold my hand and watch me enjoy myself and remember, I love you even more for letting me do this.” Saying that, she leaned over and gave Bobby a deep kiss on the lips and rubbed his cock a little. “Don’t go away; I’ll be with you soon also.”

She took my cock in her hands; bringing her tongue to it, making it wet, started to rub it up and down. Then she began to seriously suck on it. “Mmmm, I’ve talked about this cock for the longest time, right Bobby?

“Ever since she saw you and Janice in the hot tub, she has talked of having a threesome, Thanks, bro. Just remember she’s my wife.”

Judy lay on her back, a big kissy smile on her lips, her knees bent and wide apart and her dark hair spread over the bed. To me she was very, very sexy looking. I looked once again at my brother and slowly put my hard cock inside my sister-in-law and began to pump. My brother was lying to us, stroking her arm with one arm and clasping her hand. I felt really awkward and Judy sensed it. “Hon,’ she said to her husband, ‘I changed my mind, go take a shower and rest up for me and I’ll call when I’m ready.” With that my brother left the bed and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him, saying not a word as he turned on the shower. Judy gently stroked my Alanya Üniversiteli Escort face as she said, “let’s start again and perhaps later we can do all three of us. I want your big, fat cock inside of me now and I want you to push hard and take me from any position you like. Go, go, go.”

She started to moan and bounce and began to drive me crazy. I knew I didn’t want to come right away but she did. I could feel her contractions as she made ‘oohing’ sounds and kept her ass constantly moving. I think I lasted fifteen or so minutes before coming inside of her, resting my head on her breast as I was catching my breath. “Pretty good for someone who hasn’t had a gal in six months,” she said while breathing hard. “That was fantastic’, she muttered, ‘just what I hoped for. Kiss me and hold me tight, don’t pull out yet. Can you feel me squeezing you inside of me?”

As I got my breath back I told her that I still was hard and might continue. “Oh, do it, do it. Bobby does it once and then he rolls over and goes to sleep.” I started pumping into her after a few minutes of rest as I felt her squeezing my cock with her virginal muscles. This time I had her get on her knees as I got behind her and shoved myself into her wet pussy. We tried a number of positions and she never seemed to tire of shaking her hips and pushing up against my cock. I didn’t see how long it was but it was great for both of us. I had forgotten about my brother and was startled when he returned to the bedroom. I think he might have been a little worried. But Judy seemed to get extra energy and jumped up and hugged him, kissing Bobby all over, thanking him, and telling him how much she loved him. I quietly got out of bed and went to the bathroom, shutting the door quietly and letting them have privacy. I needed a shower to recuperate from Judy. She did have lots of needs, as my brother had said,

I let the spray hit me as I still felt the pleasures I just experienced with her. I stood in the shower for a long time and then I heard the bathroom door open and Judy came into the shower door with a big grin on her face. “He was so hot and excited and could feel your cum in my pussy that he came in record time. So I told him I needed a shower too and would come back to him in a later. Do you mind?” She took a bath cloth and began to clean her vaginal area while she pushed her ass into my stomach. My cock was red and sore and I told her so. Being a solicitous person, she turned around and started to kiss and gently make nice to my dick. Of course it began to get hard and hurt a little. “Give me a break, baby, we have a long night ahead of us.”

After toweling off she went back into the bedroom and they asked me to join Alanya Vip Escort them in be to rest awhile. Judy was in the middle, me spooning her and Bobby facing and kissing her. We were resting, almost fall asleep when I felt movement in the bed. There was Bobby with his head between her legs, starting to suck her. I had noticed that Judy’s bush was neatly trimmed, perfect for sucking and was he sucking away. She turned to me saying, “This is what he can do best; I get all my orgasms this way. I could hear him sucking on her vulva, nibbling on her labia while she would scream for him to stop and then plead with him to continue. Kiss me and squeeze my boobs, Jimmy, she said to me, while he sucks me off.” There we were, two brothers, one sucking her cunt, the other her tits while she thrashed about moaning and crying out, “Ooooh, don’t stop, either of you. It’s so goooood! She must have had several orgasms from the way she moaned. Her forehead was wet with perspiration and her long hair was stringy and damp. After, there was a big grin on her face as she kissed both of us, thanking us for a great time.

Well, all good things must come to an end, I thought, and when bobby stopped pleasuring her, the three of us cuddled together and fell into a deserved sleep. Sometime later, I awoke with a funny feeling and I saw Judy was sucking my not so raw dick and rubbing the head with her fingers. “Shhh, Bobby is sound asleep.” With that she climbed over me and lay down on the carpet aside the bed. “Come down here, I don’t want to disturb him.” Getting from the warm bed I found myself literally sliding into her warm pussy which began to throb and jump immediately. Judy began to make love to me, not just having sex for the third time. She wanted to be on top and very slowly she drew my body into her arms and legs. I realized that she liked being in control. Straddling my body she stroked her nipples and then with eyes closed she pleaded for me to come inside her. When I did she convulsed several times, and then fell forward onto my chest, her body limp and damp. For a long time we lay pressed against each other, looking at the ceiling, our chests heaving. We both had come together and a sweet, warm feeling went through our bodies as our juices intermixed. “Don’t pull out, just stay in me,’ she whispered in my ear.

“Does it excite you to get laid without your husband knowing about it, and him only a few feet away,” I asked.

“Oh, god, yes, It feels so deliciously immoral and fun. How about you, fucking your brother’s wife and he doesn’t know. How do you feel?”

“Tell you the truth, when I’m inside you I don’t remember that you’re my sister-in-law and that I have a brother. Is that awful?” We laughed quietly and Judy got up and shoved me back into bed, reminding me she was a married woman. As we crawled back into bed she whispered to me, “I’m going to tell Bobby that I want you back next weekend, ok with you?” I nodded and snuggled up to her as I felt my brother stir and slide an arm around his wife. Needless to say we slept in late on Sunday.

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My Son, My Lover

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I caress the muscles on his arms and then his neck as he pumps my pussy with long and hard strokes, I can clearly hear the wet noises every time he rams inside me, I feel so indefensible under his body, he completely controls me, my legs are spread out wide for him but as usual he always accommodate one of my legs to have a deeper penetration, my moans

Are mixed with his own grunts accompanying the squeaky cries of the bed.

He is my life and my joy, my son is everything to me, I have devoted the last twelve years of my life to his satisfaction and pleasure, he is thirty two years old and I am fifty two.

I became his woman one year after my husband died, my son was only twenty at that time and I was still a young woman with needs, being forty and blessed with a beautiful body and pretty face, there were always men that asked me out, so I took one lover but only lasted for a couple of weeks because during one of our sexual encounters in my room, my son came home early and walked into my room without being noticed Alanya Yabancı Escort and found me on the edge of the bed with my butts up in the air while my lover rammed his dick inside my pussy without mercy and me moaning like bitch in heat.

When I heard his voice asking what the hell was going on, I dive under the covers and my lover tried to explained the situation, my son went to get the revolver and at point of gun, made my lover to leave the house warning him not to ever to come back, and he never did.

He came back furious to my room while I was still shaking under the bed covers, he told me to remove the covers, and I refused he put the gun on the small table by the bed and began to remove his own clothes, I panicked and told him not to do it, that we were mother and son.

He didn’t listen, once he was naked he ripped off the covers from my body and looked at my naked body for a moment, I was crying not able to say a word, he got in bed and placed himself on top of me, instinctively Alanya Yaşlı Escort I spread my legs for him, mumbling to stop, he took his already hard and enormous dick with his hand and plunged his furious manhood inside me, I let out a shy cry at the feeling of my own son’s dick violating my pussy, it felt wonderful, nothing did ever feel as good as his fat dick stretching my loving walls to hits limits.

I put my arms around his neck and I started to meet his thrusts following each of his moves with my hips, I began to moan and he to grunt, my pussy was drench with juices, sticky and delicious natural juices.

His dick was doing an excellent job, ramming his own mother’s cave, a place forbidden for a son, but none the less he was savoring every inch of my body.

I was in heaven, I didn’t want it to end, I would have just die if it ever did.

He fucked me who knows for how long, and I surrender myself to my son’s lust, I let him used me as a common whore, I had many orgasms Alanya Yeni Escort too many to be counted, my pussy felt swollen and it hurts for the abuse but it did not matter for I was his to be taken now, his to be used and abuse, there was no turning back or regrets.

After he was done with me, with so much cum in my pussy that it was literately dripping cum over the biggest wet spot I have ever seen, he laid exhausted next to me, we kissed and he hugged me, I told him I was sorry for taking a lover, he told me that now I was his and his alone, I swore to him and vowed that he would be the only one for the rest of my life.

We talked for a long time and since that day I became his woman, his lover, his sexual toy and his life companion.

A few weeks after that day, we prepared our own oaths and decorated our studio with a small altar, we dress up and we married ourselves with only God as our witness, we bought new wedding rings and celebrated our wedding night in our matrimonial bed, the next day we left for our honeymoon in a small cabin that we rented in the mountains, we spend three glorious days up there.

It has been twelve wonderful years, unfortunately I can’t have kids anymore but I’m a little too old for that anyways.

This story is pure fantasy and all characters are to be eighteen or older.

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Feels Just Like Starting Over

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Set in the world of showjumping, this story is the next instalment, following the lives of Daniel Lawson and his group of friends (including the irrepressible Eddie!) from the books ‘First Love, Second Chance’ and ‘Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect’. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Copyright Fenella Ashworth 2018.


The penultimate day of the Olympics in Portugal’s capital city had arrived at last and the mid-August sun was beating down unforgivingly on spectators and competitors alike. Having been in attendance for the past fortnight, in order to acclimatise both himself and his horses, Daniel Lawson, Great Britain’s best hope of a showjumping medal, had wowed the crowd earlier that week along with his fellow countrymen and women by clinching the team bronze. It had been a closely fought competition, Britain being pipped to the post by Germany and the United States, who had won Gold and Silver respectively. Daniel was already a popular national celebrity, helped in part by the fact that he was handsome, sexy and typically displayed a somewhat reserved disposition in public. His latest win had done nothing to dampen the ardour of his legion of fans.

Daniel was accompanied by his wife, Emma, who was as beautiful as she was intelligent. Not that she felt either of those things today. At six months pregnant with their first child, Emma wore a light, floaty dress, whilst her blonde hair was scraped up under a sunhat, in an attempt to keep her from overheating. Despite this, she was feeling hot, heavy and slightly lightheaded, although she acknowledged this was less to do with her pregnancy and more to do with the high levels of anxiety she was feeling on behalf of her husband.

Assisting with the horses was Daniel’s best friend, Tom; tall, blond, well-muscled and ruggedly handsome, Tom’s calm, gentle and kind-hearted nature never waned. He had spent the last two weeks in Portugal supporting Daniel and although he hadn’t voiced it aloud, he was seriously missing his wife Kimberley, who had remained at home. They had only married four months previously and every night he had pined for her delicate, petite body and soft lips.

Also making up their merry group was the irrepressible Trudy who was Emma’s best friend and Tom’s sister. The four of them had grown up together and had been friends their entire lives. And last, but certainly not least, was Eddie. Eddie, who was titled, wealthy and jaw-droppingly sexy, was dating Trudy. It was thanks to Eddie that they would be flying back home after the Olympic closing ceremony in a private jet. It was also thanks to Eddie that every time anyone saw Trudy these days, she always had an enormous grin plastered across her face.

Thanks in part to such an amazing support network, Daniel had fought his way through to the final round of the individual showjumping competition. It consisted of twenty of the world’s best horse and rider combinations tackling a course of enormous show jumps. The overall aim was to jump the various obstacles, within the time limit and without knocking down any of the fences, which would incur penalties. Previous British hopefuls had crashed out of the competition, but had helpfully provided Daniel, who was last to jump, with feedback on how the course was riding. Going into the final round, the maths was simple; if he knocked more than two fences down, he was out of the running. Knocking down just two fences would see him awarded the Bronze, one fence down, the Silver. And if by a miracle he jumped clear, Daniel would become the new Olympic showjumping champion.

‘I honestly don’t know how he handles the pressure,’ murmured Eddie as they watched Daniel pop Eclipse over a couple of huge practice fences in the collecting ring.

‘Daniel believes that the day itself is in the lap of the Gods,’ murmured Trudy. ‘It’s won or lost on the years of preparation done beforehand plus the tiniest bit of luck on the day. That’s why he looks super-cool, even though inside he probably isn’t.’

‘I don’t know if I’d have the guts to do it,’ said Eddie, shaking his head in admiration.

‘And just to add a little more pressure,’ whispered Trudy. ‘They own Eclipse outright. If he wins, overnight that horse is worth his weight in gold in stud fees alone.’

‘They’re calling you, Daniel,’ said Tom with a steady voice. As official groom, Tom was there to help Daniel outside the arena and take care of the horses. ‘You ready?’ Unsmiling, Daniel nodded. They all knew better than to disturb him at this moment of intense focus.

‘Come on, we’d better grab our seats,’ said Trudy. Stopping to collect her best friend who had been stood a short distance away, Trudy weaved her arm through Emma’s and headed towards the stand. ‘He’s gonna be OK, Em. I promise,’ she murmured, trying to quell the obvious fears of her best friend. ‘He always is.’

Across the far side of the enormous arena, surrounded by flags of every nation, Daniel and Eclipse cantered reservedly towards the centre amidst Alanya Zenci Escort thunderous cheering and applause. Halting, Daniel touched his hand to his hat and reined back a few strides, before pushing Eclipse into a canter. As the bell rang, to indicate the start of the round and silence fell, Daniel’s face was a mask of intense concentration and remarkable determination.

‘Oh my God!’ groaned Emma, squeezing Trudy’s hand tightly. ‘I literally can’t bear to watch. I think I might be sick.’ Running up the steps two at a time, his security lanyard swinging around his neck, Tom scooted quickly along to the spare seat beside Emma, sat down and threw his arm around her shoulders.

‘Come on, Sweetheart,’ he murmured. ‘Open your eyes. You need to share this with your husband. He’s already a superstar, whatever happens.’ Taking strength from Tom’s words, Emma nodded and slowly raised her eyes once more. The four friends sat holding each other tightly, living every moment with Daniel but unable to assist him in any way.

Daniel and Eclipse certainly seemed to be cruising around the massive course like a well-oiled machine. A master at calculating the necessary turns, pace and stride required, Daniel ensured that they were perfectly placed at the base of every fence. After that, it was just a matter of trying his best not to interfere with the phenomenal athletic ability and effort that his incredible horse put into jumping each and every obstacle.

‘This is it,’ murmured Tom, squeezing Emma’s shoulder as Daniel neared the end of the course. Quickly glancing at the clock to check he was inside the time limit, he turned towards the final combination of fences. Emma found herself squeezing Trudy’s hand even tighter as Daniel approached them; a huge upright, followed by an imposing oxer which was as tall as it was wide, finishing with a spread which seemed to go on forever. He was now just three fences between failure, or the indescribable feeling of becoming the individual Olympic showjumping champion.

‘Come on, Daniel,’ growled Eddie, clinging onto the handrail in front of him. ‘You’ve got this.’

‘Come on, sweetheart,’ whispered Emma, subconsciously cradling her baby bump.

‘Now I don’t think I can watch,’ whimpered Trudy, burying her head in Eddie’s shoulder.

Positioning them on the perfect stride was all Daniel could really do, and he did it beautifully. The duo propelled themselves high into the air over the first fence, clearing it easily.

‘He’s got the Bronze,’ murmured Tom, as they all held their collective breath.

Daniel drove Eclipse forward with his strong thighs and within one stride, they were rising into the air again, this time sailing over the parallel bars.

‘He’s got the Silver,’ muttered Eddie, his eyes glued to the scene in front of him as the horse landed successfully. Utterly focussed on the last fence, Daniel steadied Eclipse for the final two strides, before the incredible horse took an enormous, final leap. As they glided over that large, looming spread, Eclipse’s back hoof rubbed gently on the top pole. Landing on the other side, Daniel glanced behind him as the crowd leaned forwards in delightful anticipation. His friends all stood as one as the pole rolled slightly in the metal cup. But it didn’t fall. The crowd erupted in delight, cheering on and on as they realised they had just witnessed an incredible display of equine ability and horsemanship. Daniel cast a glance at his support group in the VIP stand, the most important people in his life, and blew a kiss at his incredulous wife. Grinning widely at them, he stood up in his stirrups and galloped a victory lap around the enormous ring, running his hand up and down his remarkable horse’s neck in thanks and astonishment.

Without saying a word, Tom, Trudy and Eddie looked towards Emma, all with tears streaming from their eyes. Slowly, relieved smiles broke out across their faces, etched with disbelief.

‘I don’t believe it,’ stuttered Emma.

‘Fucking hell!’ breathed Trudy.

‘I’d better get back down there,’ murmured Tom, kissing Emma on the cheek and rushing down the stairs, so as to be ready to help Daniel when he left the show ring.

‘Come on, Emma!’ said Eddie. ‘The first person Daniel’s going to want to see is you.’ As they left the seating area in a daze, the commentator words echoed through the still, hot, arid air.

‘And so, Ladies and Gentleman. There we have it. Our new Olympic Champions. Daniel Lawson and Moonlight Eclipse. Congratulations Daniel!’


As Daniel cantered out of the arena, his piercing blue eyes scoured the cheering crowds for Emma. At last, he located her, standing just behind Tom. Riding straight up to them, Daniel slid off his horse, threw Tom the reins, took off his hat and marched straight into his wife’s arms. Pulling her shaking body towards his, he simply held her, allowing the tears to flow at last.

‘I can’t believe you did it,’ Alanya Manken Escort she sobbed.

‘We did it,’ growled Daniel, looking deep into her eyes. ‘There’s no way in the world I’d be here without you. I love you so much, Emma.’ Then he slowly dropped his lips to hers, kissing her on and on. Traditionally a very private person, shying away from outside attention, for that one moment Daniel couldn’t care less that the world’s media were watching. As they started to pull apart, Daniel felt Trudy’s arms wrapping around both him and Emma, and then Eddie’s arms folding over the lot of them.

‘You were fucking amazing, mate,’ breathed Eddie. ‘Fucking amazing!’

‘Oh God!’ sobbed Trudy. ‘I’m so, so proud of you, Daniel!’

‘Thanks guys,’ he laughed, shaking his head. ‘It hasn’t sunk in at all.’ Turning slowly, he looked at his best friend who was patiently walking Eclipse around, sneaking him the occasional congratulatory mint. ‘I’d better go and get ready for the medal ceremony.’

‘We’ll be cheering the loudest,’ grinned Emma, her eyes wet with tears.

‘I know you will,’ smiled Daniel, stroking his hand gently down her cheek. Returning to his horse, he swiftly found himself in a tight embrace with Tom.

‘You’re a goddam superstar, mate,’ said Tom, the emotion making his voice break.

‘I’ve got amazing support,’ murmured Daniel, hugging his friend tightly. ‘And, along with Emma, I consider you right at the top of that list.’ Daniel could feel Tom starting to break down against his shoulder. ‘Now, come on. I don’t want you blubbing in front of the cameras. I need my best friend beside me to help sing our national anthem.’

‘And to hold your horse?’ added Tom dryly.

‘Oh yeah,’ laughed Daniel. ‘That too.’


As the long drum roll began and a hush fell over the huge crowd, Daniel ran a hand through his dark, tousled hair. From his lofty position at the top of the medal podium, he felt his heart soar. Holding the chunky gold medal in one hand, he joined in with his wife, friends and a large proportion of the Anglophile crowd in roaring out his National Anthem as the Union Jack slowly crept up the flagpole. As the key changed and he sang the words ‘send her victorious’, inexplicably, a wave of goose bumps ran across Daniel’s body whilst tears began to seep from his eyes. He was struggling to hold his emotions together, quite unable to comprehend that for the next four years, he would be the reigning Olympic showjumping champion; he had reached the very pinnacle of the sport he had dedicated the past twenty years of his life to. In order to find the necessary strength, he turned his eyes directly to Emma and stared at her for the remainder of the anthem, their eyes locked together as though it were just the two of them back home again, alone. As cheering began to drown out the final few notes, Daniel dashed many hearts across the world as he mouthed a heartfelt ‘I love you’ to his beautiful, pregnant wife. Filled with emotion, Emma could do no more than nod back at him, tears streaming from her eyes, supported by Eddie on one side and Trudy on her other.

As the crowd cheered loudly, Daniel raised his hand in thanks and was then joined by his fellow medallists on the top podium for photographs. At last, the competitors were invited to re-mount their Olympic horses for a victory lap. Overcome with the emotional atmosphere, Daniel leaned towards Tom.

‘Mate, can you give me a leg up please? I’m in no fit state to do anything at the moment, least of all mount my own horse.’

‘Of course,’ Tom chuckled, holding onto Eclipse’s reins with one hand and hurling Daniel up into the saddle, by his knee, with the other. ‘So many people are so very proud of you,’ said Tom, glancing up at Daniel, his hand raised to shield his eyes from the bright sunlight. ‘Your country, everybody watching on the TV, but most of all, us. You were incredible today.’

‘Thanks, mate,’ said Daniel, in danger of starting to cry again. ‘That means a lot. We’ve got so much to celebrate.’ Tom nodded and released Eclipse’s reins. With the rest of the world watching, he stood back to proudly observe his best friend gallop around the huge Olympic arena, purple and gold rosettes streaming from his horse’s bridle and a heavy gold medal planted firmly around his neck. It had been a hell of a journey for Daniel to get to this point and Tom had been with him, one way or another, every step of the way.


‘We’re having a massive, slap up meal on me tonight,’ grinned Daniel, as he regarded his friends. They had all piled into Eclipse’s stable to escape the paparazzi and were plying the great horse with treats and affection.

‘Actually, mate, as you don’t need your horses now,’ said Tom quietly. ‘I was thinking I might leave tonight. That way, you guys can fly back tomorrow and we should all arrive home around the same time.’

‘Will it take you that long to drive the lorry back?’ Alanya Anal Escort asked Trudy.

‘Yeah, it’s well over a thousand miles,’ explained Tom. ‘It will take me about twenty-four hours. I should get a quick cat nap in the Eurotunnel and I’ll need to stop a few times to give the horses some fresh air and a good leg stretch. But if I leave by this evening, we should be back home late tomorrow.’

‘That’s fine with me, if you think you’re up to it,’ replied Daniel. ‘The way we have the horsebox configured means that the horses can rest properly. I’m afraid I can’t leave until tomorrow because I have to do a load of interviews and then attend the closing ceremony. I can’t really skip that, particularly now,’ he added wryly. ‘Otherwise I’d travel with you.’

‘I just feel it would be nice to get home sooner rather than later,’ said Tom softly.

‘I know you miss Kimberley,’ said Daniel. ‘And I owe you so much for staying out here with me for two weeks. I owe all of you,’ he added, looking around the stable at his wife and best friends. ‘Thank you.’

‘I just can’t wait to see her,’ murmured Tom. ‘Texts and phone calls really aren’t the same.’

‘I could travel with you, if you like,’ Eddie offered Tom. ‘To share the driving and give you a break.’

‘That’s really kind, mate, thank you,’ smiled Tom. ‘But I’ll be fine. To be honest, I’m on such a high from Daniel winning gold, I’m not sure I’ll ever need to sleep again!’

‘You and me both,’ grinned Daniel.

A matter of hours later, whilst Daniel was closeted in warm, stuffy rooms with various journalists giving interviews about his phenomenal achievement, Tom began the long, laborious drive home with a precious cargo of horses that had enabled Daniel’s success. Driving carefully away from the Olympic site, Tom grappled in his pocket for his mobile phone. In the excitement and rush to pack the lorry and leave, he had completely forgotten to contact Kimberley to let her know he would be returning a day earlier than scheduled. With half an eye on the road, Tom randomly pressed the buttons on his mobile phone, frustrated to realise that he’d run out of battery. Groaning, he threw the phone onto the empty passenger seat beside him, opened the window, turned up the radio and settled in for the long haul.


Trudy stepped out of the steaming shower, wrapped a warm, soft towel around her body and wandered through to the bedroom. Eddie was laying on the bed in just his boxer shorts, sporting what looked to be a massive erection. Her heart twisted with longing as she admired his sparkling brown eyes, long nose lightly spattered with freckles, strong, hairy forearms, flat stomach and lithe, delectable body.

‘I want you,’ he growled, standing up and walking towards Trudy.

‘We haven’t got time,’ giggled Trudy, glancing at the clock. ‘We’re due to meet the others for dinner in less than twenty minutes.’

‘I don’t care,’ he replied, kissing tenderly along Trudy’s exposed shoulders, his hands migrating down the length of her towel.

‘I do!’ she joked. ‘I’m starving!’

‘Can’t we just skip the starter and join them for the main course?’ grinned Eddie. ‘Come on Trude! Have some compassion. I’m dying here!’

‘No, I’m not missing out on the starter,’ said Trudy, pushing Eddie back onto the bed and straddling his body. ‘That’s usually the best bit. But if you can come in the next few minutes, you can have your starter now!’

‘Trudy,’ groaned Eddie as she began to kiss and nibble down his chest and torso. ‘You know I can’t come quickly…I never come quickly.’

‘I had noticed,’ grinned Trudy, slipping her fingers beneath the waistband of his boxer shorts and pulling them away from Eddie’s body to slowly reveal his hugely swollen cock. ‘So, you’ll just have to concentrate, won’t you?’

Running her lips down the narrow line of hair which started just below his tummy button, Trudy quickly encountered Eddie’s twitching cock. As her tongue first made impact across the smooth, taut head, he groaned with pleasure.

‘Oh, God,’ sighed Eddie, his head relaxing back into the pillow as he submitted to Trudy’s gently flicking tongue. ‘Mmmm…that feels so good.’

Gradually, she covered her mouth over the tightly stretched skin, enjoying the contrast of the smooth, wet head and the curves and ridges further down. Tantalisingly, she brought her rhythmically stroking hand into play and, coupled with her eager tongue, began to lead Eddie methodically down the long path to his eventual climax. A little while later, Trudy smiled to herself as Eddie’s moans started to sound more desperate and his body began to clench with the prospect of his impending release.

‘Oh, fuck,’ he groaned, his hands balling tightly into fists around the bed covers. Trudy waited until she felt his cock subtly change shape in her mouth, in preparation to pump into her, and then slowly retracted herself away and began to get dressed.

‘You have got to be fucking kidding me!’ exclaimed Eddie, eyes open wide in astonishment. ‘You wouldn’t dare stop there!’

‘Sorry. Time’s up,’ replied Trudy, trying to maintain a straight face. ‘Your main course will follow later.’ As Trudy fastened her bra, Eddie stared at her reflectively, running his tongue over his teeth.

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Fantasy: Fulfilled Ch. 01

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I woke early and lay in bed for a while, watching him gently breathing in and out. He was my ideal man – he was gorgeous (short blond hair, deep blue eyes, perfect skin and a well toned body) and so kind and caring it put all other men to shame. He was always so considerate in bed that it was never a disappointment. I smiled to myself at the memory of last night’s passion. I felt my body stir at the thought of it.

I got up quietly so as not to disturb him. I threw on the first thing that came to hand, which was one of his old shirts, which he now only used for decorating. It was covered in paint splotches, and I glanced round the bedroom. The half painted walls were also a reminder of last night. We had been painting for some time, and had had a bottle of wine to help us through the boredom. We got more and more playful, until one thing had led to another and the decorating had been forgotten.

I padded quietly down to the kitchen and out together a tray for breakfast. I felt like treating him so I prepared all his favourites – fresh coffee, croissants and butter, and, I thought to myself, me! The thought occurred to me that he loved to see me in his shirts, preferably with nothing else, as I was this morning. I laughed out loud with sheer happiness, and then shushed myself, not wanting to wake him.

I crept back upstairs, tray in hand, and stood in the bedroom doorway. He was still asleep. The covers were down at his waist revealing his firm, toned chest and abdomen. His perfect face was so calm I could have watched him forever. I cleared my throat and smiled as he stirred a little. I did it again and this time he woke up and looked over at me, bleary-eyed, and smiled.

“Good morning,” he murmured. “You look good today!”

“Thanks, hun. I brought you breakfast,” I smiled down at him as I moved round to the side of the bed to put the tray down next to him.

“Looks good,” he said. I looked up at him to discover he was actually looking at me, not breakfast. I blushed a little and felt the first stirrings of arousal deep inside. He reached out his hand and started to gently stroke up and down my thigh. I watched his hand as it travelled carefully up and down.

“You know I can’t resist you in my shirts!” he whispered, and I noticed the bulge under the covers. I lifted my thigh onto the bed so I was kneeling and standing at the same time. His hand moved Alanya Sarışın Escort round to caress the inner flesh of my thighs and I felt my cunt begin to tingle in response.

“I had that fantasy again last night,” he said as his hand edged further up my thigh.

“Which one?” I asked, somewhat distractedly.

“That one where you go into town, without underwear on,” he replied, his hand teasing the skin right at the top of my thighs. Now he had my full attention. We both shared this fantasy.

“I think you should do it for me today,” he whispered as he cupped my hot cunt in his hand and held it there. Now I was really hot!! I could feel the moisture flowing gently from my slit out onto his hand. The thought of actually carrying out our fantasy was so horny I thought I might cum there and then. He started to rub his hand slowly back and forth over my aching cunt as he talked.

“You could go on the bus, and get some lunch. Maybe visit a bookshop?” he winked. We were both into reading erotica whenever we could. “You never know who you might bump into!” He dipped his middle finger gently between my lips and moved it in a beckoning motion just inside me. He knew just where my thoughts would be heading by now. My other fantasies involved being touched up by another woman on a bus or train, and the thought that someone might catch me looking at some erotica was such a sexy thought. By now his finger was well inside me, and I let out a gentle sigh of pleasure. He withdrew his finger slowly and trailed the heat and moisture up to my clit. He started to circle it gently, and I moaned at the first contact my throbbing clit had had.

“So what do you reckon? Are you going to do it, for me?” He started to gently flick and tease my clit, watching my face for the reaction he knew he would get. My eyes were shut tight, and my mouth was slightly open. I was barely breathing. My entire body was focused between my legs.

“Maybe. I don’t know,” I muttered between moans. That wasn’t enough for him though. He rubbed my clit in long, slow strokes while with his other hand he circled my slick cunt, teasing the outer flesh.

“Please!” I moaned. The tension was both awful and delicious.

“Say you’ll do it!” He winked again. His movements slowed right down, and I could barely feel it, as he was now so gentle. I needed to cum.

“That’s……black……mail,” Alanya Şişman Escort I gasped, desperate for release, but not wanting it to end.

“I know!” he whispered as he started to apply more pressure and as his movements sped up a little. I was so close now, but I knew that if I refused to answer he could keep me on the edge for as long as it took. I was tempted to make it last, but my body wasn’t.

“Alright…….I’ll….do it….” I whispered as I felt my orgasm stirring deep inside.

“Good girl!” he grinned. He started to rub my clit in fast and firm strokes, while his other hand was now parting my wet lips as he dipped a finger deep inside and stroked it in and out.

I came hard. I let out a long, loud moan of release that seemed to last forever. My legs trembled with the strength of it and I felt my cunt pulsing rhythmically around his finger. My clit throbbed at his touch. He didn’t stop until my breathing had returned almost to normal, then he took his finger away from my clit and withdrew his other hand gently from my cunt, which was still dripping.

I looked down at him, lying on the bed. His own arousal was clear from the large bulge under the covers. He looked up at me with need in his eyes. I gently eased the covers down his body, slowly revealing his chest. I pulled it further, easing it over his hard cock. The friction this provided made him grimace in frustrated pleasure. I pulled the cover down over his feet, and off. His erection was standing proud and pre-cum was seeping from his cock-tip. The sight of his manhood, so strong and hard, sent shivers deep inside me and, although I’d cum just seconds earlier, I felt the familiar stirring of excitement in my cunt.

I gently straddled him, my cunt above his cock. His face was flushed with anticipation and desire. I lowered myself a little so that his cock was just in contact with my cunt. I gently rocked my hips so that his tip could slide back and forth between my wet lips. He let out a gasp of pleasure and I could see in his face he needed more, and soon. I wanted to make the most of this, however. Knowing how much he loved seeing me make myself cum I decided to give him a little show, while at the same time teasing his cock head between my cunt lips.

With my hips still rocking I brought my hands up to my tits. My nipples were still hard from earlier, Alanya Sınırsız Escort and as I gently circled them with my fingertips they became harder still. I rolled them gently between my fingers, and let out a sigh at the shot of pleasure this gave me. He, too, was enjoying it, and I felt his cock twitch. As his cock tip slid gently back and forth I could feel my own orgasm building up, and I knew that by now he must be desperate for release.

I reached my hands down to between my legs. With my left I splayed my cunt around my clit to reveal its hard, pink nub. He licked his lips when he saw it. This turned me on so much – I wished his tongue was on my clit, licking and teasing it. I used my right hand to gently circle and tease my clit, barely touching it, making it beg. I started to moan a little, and this made his cock twitch once again.

“Please, baby!” he whispered. It wasn’t often that he begged and I knew that he was close to exploding, with or without my help.

I reluctantly pulled my hands away from my aching clit and placed them on his chest. I leant forward and slowly, inch by inch, lowered my hot, tight cunt down onto his hard shaft. I teased us both by taking an inch at a time, then pulling up again, letting him slide out of me. Then two inches, and up again. Then three, and so on until I had his full length inside me. When I took him all the way in we both let out a long sigh.

I held him there for a few second, gently squeezing my inner muscles around his hard length. We were both breathing slowly and heavily. Then I started to rock my hips. Slowly at first, then faster as my own need took over. Then I was pumping. Easing him in and out of my tight channel, squeezing and sucking with my inner muscles. I looked quickly at his face. His eyes were tight shut and his mouth was in a grimace. I knew he would cum any second. I stopped. His eyes flew open and he stared at me in disbelief and frustration.

“What are you trying to do to me?!” he gasped, barely able to breathe. I leant forward, trying not to move my hips at all.

“I love you so much!” I whispered. Then I kissed him – a deep, passionate kiss. His cock twitched inside me.

I sat back up and pumped hard on his shaft. Suddenly, like a volcano, he came. I felt his hot spunk shoot up inside me, filling me. He yelled out, a harsh, animal grunt. Moments later my own orgasm pulsed through me and I too cried out. Our cries and grunts mixed together, spurring each other on. We came hard with each other for what felt like an age. Eventually we subsided and I lay down by his side as we caught our breath.

“Today will be a good day!” I murmured in his ear.

“Oh yes,” he whispered.

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My Sister’s Potion

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Welcome to my 2018 Halloween Contest Entry. Be forewarned, this tale of a brother and sister does include activity some readers will consider gay or bisexual. Otherwise, all sex should be considered consensual and all characters are at least eighteen years old or older. Enjoy!


I never expected to catch my sister masturbating. It was crazy, as if she wanted to be caught, which didn’t fit her personality. I found her lying naked on the couch in the family room with her torso twisted so I could see everything she was doing. She had two fingers deep inside her pussy. Reaching behind herself, she used a finger of her other hand deep inside her ass.

Standing at the end of the couch, I gawked at her. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Getting off,” she gasped, furiously fingering her two holes. Her clothes were in a pile on the floor. The TV was off. I didn’t see her computer, tablet, or phone. What she was doing felt wrong. The lack of any reason for her to be doing it felt even odder. It felt inexplicable.

I followed one stupid question with another, “Why?”

The desperate expression on her face chilled me as much as the helpless tone in her voice. “Because I have to.”

“Says who?” I asked, unable to stop staring at her nudity or the explicit ways she fingered herself. She didn’t stop or try to cover herself like you would expect when getting caught in a compromised situation. It felt surreal. Was she high? Drunk? None of it made sense.

“The voices,” she groaned as a wave of pleasure contorted her face. Her eyes fluttered and her mouth hung slack as she began moaning. She wiggled and squirmed against her fingers, forcing her fingers deeper inside her pussy and ass as she shivered with an obvious orgasm. “Oh God,” she groaned and began sucking on the finger that had been up her ass. She instantly replaced it with the two fingers that had been in her pussy as she blushed deeply. Finally, it looked as if she was done.

Carol sat upright without trying to cover her nudity. I suppose it didn’t matter at that point but it felt strange seeing her sitting naked in the family room. Her face was beet red with how embarrassed she felt, but she didn’t move. I became aware of the hard-on growing inside my shorts. I did my best to ignored it even though it felt kinked and I would need to reangle things if it decided to keep growing. “Do you want to get dressed?”

“Yes,” she said without moving.

How she sat there blushing without moving made no sense. Her nipples were clearly hard and I watched her chest rise and fall as she continued to breathe deeply following the thrill of her orgasm. I ran through the only list of conditions that made sense to me. “Are you drunk? High? On drugs?”

Looking mournful, she shook her head. Her eyes moved directly to my crotch. In a pitiful voice, she begged me, “Please don’t get hard and if you do, don’t let me know it.”

I struggled with ignoring where she was looking, but I couldn’t stop looking at her open nudity. While I would never admit it out loud, Carol was hot in that unattainable, untouchable way. She had always maintained a prim and proper attitude that shut down lecherous comments before they were ever spoken.

The joke was that my sister had “resting pleasant face” instead of a “resting bitch face.” She radiated goodness and wholesomeness. Her naturally golden blonde hair never needed the addition of lowlights or highlights. The sun would kiss her hair with extra color. Her straight teeth glistened white from good oral hygiene. She ate like a bird and claimed that working as a daycare teacher was more than enough exercise for her. She radiated an aura that made people want to sit up straighter, mind their manners, and be nice to animals. Seeing her naked and glistening with perspiration from her frenzied orgasm felt as wrong as painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

I resisted the growing need to adjust my junk. Carol might be a sweet, innocent angel to the rest of the world, but she was my big sister and my frequent tormentor. I had grown up as the shadow to her radiance. Where she could do no wrong, I seemed to be a constant sad sack. I felt like the runt of a two dog litter. Unlike the rest of the world, I had seen her at her worst. I had heard her belch, whine, and complain like a snotty brat. I had felt her wrath as she laughed at me for being a loser. Still, she was my sister and despite our history, I could tell she was in distress. “What is wrong with you?”

“Nothing,” she said, still staring at my crotch as she replaced her lost, worried expression with an impish smile. She clutched at her breasts, pulling and tugging on her swollen nipples. She glanced up at me, flashing that pretty smile that could make the grouchiest stranger smile back. “Pull it out and I’ll suck it.” Her voice sounded funny as if she was being forced to say the words through a smile she didn’t want to display. The difference was in her eyes. She looked at me with her big, blue eyes Alanya Suriyeli Escort held wide open in shock and surprise. The look in her eyes didn’t match her smile or her words. She went back to staring at the front of my shorts, licking her luscious lips with her tongue.

“Not until you tell me what’s going on.”

After blinking, she gave me a look of genuine appreciation. It took me a moment to recognize the expression, I had seen it a few times on her face. “It’s a spell,” she said in her voice. “Technically, a potion. I can’t help myself.”

“Cut it out,” I snapped, rolling my eyes. “Tell me the truth.”

“I am,” she moaned. “And I can prove it.” She glanced mournfully at her clothes without moving to collect them before she stood.

“Do you want to get dressed?”

“Yes,” she said in a flat tone, once more sounding drugged.

“Why don’t you?”

“I can’t, not yet. The potion.” She sounded like Carol, but I could tell the words were difficult for her to say as if she had to force them out of her body.

“Right, a potion. I thought you said it was a spell?”

“The potion is the spell,” she said, moving towards the stairs to the basement.

Playing along, I followed her. “And how long does it last?”

“I don’t know yet,” she said in her forced Carol voice.

While I had no idea why she was acting like this, I wasn’t going to start believing in spells and potions, not one word of it. I couldn’t explain her nudity or open masturbation, not yet, but what the hell, right? Walking behind her, I took the time to adjust my prick without her seeing as I stared at her tanned, bare ass. “Is it fading?”

“I think so,” she said, dropping a bit of the forced tone in her voice.

Our basement is divided down its middle. At the foot of the stairs, it’s finished and furnished with a wet bar that’s always locked, a big screen TV, and a massive sectional sofa for movie nights. Our parents referred to this room as the Media Room. Carol and I referred to it as the Party Room.

A single door in the dividing wall opened into the unfinished part of the basement. In that dark, damp space was meticulously labeled boxes filled with decorations for every holiday and old treasures too valuable to the family for the trash. A single fluorescent light fixture illuminated the space. Carol flipped the switch after opening the door and revealed her handiwork.

Boxes were pushed against the walls, leaving a large open area of bare concrete. In the center of that open area, she had drawn a double circle and pentagram that looked like something out of a cheesy horror movie. Black candles stood at each point of the five-pointed star. Three TV tray tables were set-up with a variety of little bottles lined up in a row. I recognized the bubble-shaped bottles. They had come from that goofy witchcraft store near the edge of downtown.

“Nice try,” I laughed, walking around the circle within a circle to inspect the bottles. None of the bottles were labeled, but she had Post-It notes in front of each with instructions written in her tight, tiny handwriting. “Which one is Eye of Newt?”

“Ha-ha,” she deadpanned, sounding more normal. “None of them.” Moving behind the row of tables and pointing left-to-right, she listed off the names of each one. Most of them held spices or herbs. A few were supposedly filled with the essence of various weeds. Nothing she listed sounded like a drug or poison.

“So you mixed these together and got high? Like some sort of herbal Viagra?”

She shook her head. “There’s a spell, too, and can you stop looking at me like that?”

“Hey, you’re the naked one.”

“I told you, I can’t help it.”

I spied a clear flask sitting in the middle of the center table. Picking it up, I swirled it around and examined the translucent amber liquid. Flakes of something floated in the mixture. It was easy to guess this was the finished product. “How much of this did you take?”

“One drop beneath the tongue.”

“And then what?”

Shrugging, Carol self-consciously draped one hand across her breasts while holding her other over her pussy. “Can I get dressed now?”

“Are you asking me?”

She shook her head, looking as if she was listening for something. Seemingly satisfied, she moved to the open door. I followed her back upstairs. Fishing through her clothes, she kept her back to me as she pulled her panties, shorts, bra, and tank top. When she turned back around, she looked like my sister again. “You can’t tell anyone about this.”

“About what?”

“Any of this,” she said, collapsing on the couch in a heap. “I can’t believe I did that.”

“Me neither,” I said, sitting on the far end of the couch. “Though it was pretty hot. I didn’t know you were into anal.”

Her cheeks turned red. “I’m not. I’ve never done that before.”

“Uh-huh,” I scoffed. No one shoves a finger that far up their butt if they’ve never done it before.

“I’m Alanya Türbanlı Escort serious,” she insisted, clearly distressed. “That stuff, that potion, it made me do it.” I reminded her about hearing voices and she seemed confused. “Not voices, exactly. More like urges, like unspoken suggestions. Like when you start craving chocolate and you can’t stop until you get some.”

“And you suddenly craved masturbating where I would see?” I asked. I shook my head, unable to believe a word of it but unable to explain a moment of what I had witnessed. “You know, if you want to be a perv, go for it. I promise I won’t tell Mom or Dad, but damn, Carol.”

“You don’t believe me,” she pouted.

“How can I? I mean, I always suspected you were secretly a freak, but this is crazy talk.”

“Fuck you,” she groaned in a very Carol voice despite using a phrase few would believe she knew. “Which is easier to believe, that the potion works or that I wanted you to catch me doing that?”

Oddly, she had a point. Like I said before, Carol had an aura that kept people in check around her. Maybe it had something to do with her resting pleasant face, I don’t know, but I knew my friends could say the rudest things about her until she was in the room and then it was as if a spell came over them. Being her brother, I had always felt immune to her aura. Like I said before, I had seen her at her worst. While the world thought she was a virgin princess, I knew she could swear, fight, scratch, and be a real bitch.

“Then prove it,” I suggested. “Take some more and let’s see what happens.”

“You do it,” she said. “It supposed to work equally on men and women. You do it and let’s see what happens.”

“No way,” I said, marveling that she thought I would be that stupid. “What did you really put in that bottle? Jalapeno? Cayan Pepper?” Carol knew I hated hot stuff. Once, when we were kids, she dared me to put a handful of Red Hot candies in my mouth for sixty seconds and I couldn’t last longer than five seconds. While this felt an extreme set-up for a practical joke, I still didn’t trust her.

“I swear it’s not hot,” she promised. “It doesn’t taste like anything. You just put a single drop beneath your tongue, that’s all.”

“What’s it going to do to me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’ll make your clothes fall off like mine.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” I said, more afraid of her pranking me into putting something hot and spicy in my mouth. Unless you know me and the number of times she’d had pranked me during the years you can’t appreciate how much of a phobia I had about that.

“What if we dissolve a drop in a glass of water or something? Then, even if it is hot, you won’t taste it.”

“I thought you said you had to put it under your tongue?”

“I should still work,” she said with an easy going shrug before turning on her charm. “If you do it, I’ll do it again and who knows what will happen if I do?”

Seeing her in full perv mode did sound enticing. I shook away that thought because I knew nothing would happen. While I couldn’t see it yet, she was pranking me. While I couldn’t figure out how she was doing it or why the pay-off at the end had to be damn big if she was willing to humiliate herself as she had done. In spite of my skepticism, I found myself asking, “How long did its effects last?”

“About an hour,” she said with a smirk. She had already worked out that I was going to do it. While I hemmed and hawed about it, she ultimately turned out to be right.

Before I would do it, I made her show me everything from the book where she had found the love potion (lust potion is more like it) to carefully revealing the contents of each bubble bottomed glass jar. Working my tablet as she described each one, I searched for side effects and any flavor profiles each ingredient had. Finally convinced nothing had a spicy or heat profile, I opted to try a single drop without dissolving it in water.

Holding the pipette with my finger over the open end, I had more question before I risked it. “How long did it take to kick in?”

“Almost immediately.”

“What if I try to do something to you?”

“Plu-eeze,” she groaned, rolling her eyes. “I think I can still take you.” Regretfully, I knew she was probably right. Carol might be a girl, but she was stronger than she looked and I’m a bit of a wimp. Could I help it if we had the same genes? Isn’t it funny how being lean could translate into strength for her while I was just skinny and weak?

After sniffing the end of the pipette, I opened my mouth, lifted my tongue, and released exactly .05 milliliters beneath my tongue.

I know she said it would take effect immediately, but I didn’t feel anything except relief that it wasn’t spicy hot. As she had described, there didn’t seem to be a taste to the liquid. Offering her a shrug, I put down the pipette and went upstairs to the family room. I didn’t feel dizzy or foggy headed and I Alanya Ucuz Escort certainly didn’t hear any voices in my head, though I did feel sort of horny.

With each step upstairs from the basement, I felt my prick growing harder and harder. Okay, so that felt sort of strange, except I’m a guy and I’m used to having erections happen. Guys understand that we can’t always control them. I dismissed the sensation as being triggered by the memory of how I had found Carol naked on the couch with fingers buried in her pussy and one up her ass. That’s all it was, right?

Walking into the family room, another idea occurred to me. If Carol was a believer in this potion, didn’t that give me the ability to prank her? What if I showed her my hard-on? Would it matter or did the bullshit of taking her potion give the perfect cover for doing it? Facing her, I gripped the front of my shorts and showed it off to her.

“See? It’s working!” she giggled.

“Yeah, it is,” I said, rubbing my hard cock. Damn, that felt good, really good. So did sticking my hand inside my shorts and really touching it. So did pushing down my shorts and underwear so she could see it.

Carol laughed at me getting naked. “What are you doing?”

“It’s the potion,” I assured her, playing along as I pulled off all my clothes until I stood in front of her completely naked with my massive hard-on throbbing in front of me.

“Damn, bro, you’re hung.”

“You never guessed that?” I asked, proudly displaying my fully erect cock to her. I wasn’t porn star sized, but when I got this kind of hard, I knew I was close to eight inches in length. Showing it off to her felt good, really good. I still didn’t see the payoff to her prank, but it felt good believing that I was pranking her back.

“I bet if you shaved you would look even bigger.”

Leaving my clothes on the floor of the family room, I walked upstairs to the bathroom in the hall that we shared without a second thought with her following behind me as if I was the Pied Piper. I felt the big smile on my face as I entered our bathroom, fished in the drawer for the scissors she used to trim her bangs and began snipping away at locks of my pubic hair. I trimmed away as much hair as I could before using her razor to shave my cock and balls while she giggled and watched me do it. I even shaved my ass which made her laugh even harder. I laughed with her, enjoying every moment of trying to make this is awkward as possible for her.

Shaved smooth made every touch of my cock and balls feel even better. Glancing down at myself, I did look bigger. As a matter of fact, it looked sexy as hell seeing myself shaved. Why hadn’t I done this sooner? Being smooth felt good, really good. So did being naked and hard in front of my sister.

“How’s your butt feel?” she asked, clearly enjoying seeing me naked and bare.

Licking my finger, I experimentally caressed my smooth ass and discovered that felt good, too, really good. Wrapping my hand behind my back, I pushed the tip of my wet finger in my ass. Mm, that felt good, but my finger needed to be slippery. I sucked on my finger for a moment, enjoying the shocked expression on my sister’s face before pushing my finger deeper inside my ass. Yeah, that felt good, really good, but I needed more spit. I repeated the gesture, licking and sucking on my finger once more before working it all the way inside of me.

My cock ached and throbbed as if I had just spent two hours playing kissing and groping games with my girlfriend. I felt like I had the worst case of blue balls in the history of mankind. I needed to get off really bad and told her as much.

The suggestion she made felt funny. Deep inside, it felt wrong, as if her prank was being revealed to me, but I was helpless to refuse the idea. “You should try to cum in your mouth.” I blinked hard, remarkably excited by the idea but unsure how to do it. She must have seen my confusion. She suggested I lay on the floor and put my legs over my head. “Then it will be aimed right at your mouth.”

Moving to the floor, I lay on the soft throw rug in front of the bathtub and curled into a ball as my sister had suggested. I made sure my head faced the doorway so that once I had my knees over my head, she would see my upturned ass and see my finger fucking my puckered hole. Tugging and pulling on my hard cock, I wished I could suck it. I tried reaching it, sticking out my tongue without getting close enough. Fuck. I wanted it.

Glancing upwards, over my head, I made sure Carol still watched. For some reason, her watching me felt very important. Staring upwards at my cock, I wondered why I had never thought to try this on my own. My cock throbbed with its need. I could feel a massive orgasm welling up inside my balls as I realized how much I wanted to do this.

Carol had described hearing voices, but it wasn’t a voice like someone talking to you. It was more like an internal dialog of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. She had described it as a craving, but that didn’t come close to describing the sensation. It went past craving and into feeling like a need I couldn’t control. I had to get off. I didn’t have a choice. I had to get off or I might die of sexual frustration. I needed this as much as I had ever needed anything else in my life.

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She had gone out dancing that night. She didn’t plan on anything happening, but still dressed carefully. Just enough cleavage showing to tantalize. Enough leg showing to tease. Red hair done up in a careful twist, with just a few errant curls framing the face. She didn’t need much make-up, just a little lipstick. Something to highlight the slightly pouty lower lip. A little eyeliner to draw attention to expressive blue eyes.

The music was perfect. The pounding, rhythmic beat vibrating through her body as she danced up against the speakers. After the second drink she was lost to everything but the music. Almost everything. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed someone watching her. He was tall, with dark hair and dark eyes. Not gorgeous, but definitely attractive. His body moved in perfect time with the backbeat of the music. For a moment she was lost in watching him, then glanced up. He was staring at her. She blushed. He smiled.

The music changed. Slow, sensual, full of yearning. She was dancing for him now… She narrowed her eyes, letting the music control her movements. She felt like a snake being charmed out of its basket. She knew she had been caught. She smiled as she danced, glancing at him every so often. His movements echoed hers as slowly he crept closer. She closed her eyes.

The music changed. Fast, throbbing, violent. Suddenly she was pushed back against the speaker. A body pinned her, pressing her up against the speakers. She opened her eyes and smiled, twining her arms around his neck. Their bodies fit together perfectly, they moved together without thought. It could have been practiced…

Several songs later her roommate found them, giving her a drink. Saying it was almost time to leave. She pouted, looking up at him. He smiled. Her roommate was saying she’d invited a few people back to the apartment afterwards, was that okay? She smiled as he pressed his body against her again, whispering in her ear. She said it would be very okay…

Later, he drove to her place. They talked a little. His voice was deep, whiskey and velvet, sexy. He had a slight accent she couldn’t place. Midwest maybe. On a whim she pressed her palm to his chest, just to feel the rumble. He purred for her. She laughed a little.

The apartment was packed. Everyone was full of energy from the club. They broke open the bar. A few more drinks. She was more than pleasantly buzzed. They sat together on one cushion of the couch, his arm comfortably around her shoulders. She lay her head on his chest as he laughed at someone’s joke.

From across the room her roommate signaled. This one was a keeper. She grinned in agreement and stretched luxuriously, purring softly in his ear. He smiled, wrapping his arm around her waist possessively. She whispered something before she stood up. He nodded as she headed to her room.

She kicked a few stray items under the bed and out of the way, straightening the covers a little. She lit a few candles and turned out the lights. Someone, probably her roommate, put Nine Inch Nails on in the front room. She laughed as she slipped into Alanya Olgun Escort her black satin nightgown and crawled into bed.

A minute later she heard footsteps in the hall, her door opened then closed slowly. The latch was turned. Rustle of clothing as he stripped down to his boxers. She peeked and had to bite her lip. He had a beautiful body. He whispered something as he slid in behind her, pulling her body against him. Scrape of satin against her nipples. She closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the sensations.

Teeth fastened to her throat, at first gentle, searching for her threshold. She whimpered a little and writhed against him. He chuckled without releasing his grip. One hand reached down, dragging his nails along her inner thigh. She arched against him. She could feel the heat of his erection through satin and cotton. It aroused her even more. Nails along her hip, on top of the satin, moving slowly along her side. The palm of his hand cupping her breast for barely a moment then moving upward to rest against her throat.

Sharp intake of breath was all he needed. He kissed her neck upward to whisper in her ear, something in another language. The pressure of his hand against her throat increased carefully, again searching for her thresholds… He rubbed the ball of his thumb across the spot he had bitten. She moaned softly, her hands moving to touch him. He twisted away, pushing against her so that she lay on her back. He raised up slightly, capturing both of her wrists easily in his other hand.

Her eyes were wide open, staring into his. She had a slight smile on her lips. She tried to say something and he tightened the pressure against her throat, shaking his head. She closed her eyes and lay back against the pillows, waiting. He laughed a little, pleased, and released her throat. She stayed still. He whispered a question into her ear and she answered. He reached under the edge of the bed, finding a strip of satin. Belt to the robe that went with her nightgown. He used it to bind her wrists together, checking to be sure it wasn’t too tight. Or too loose. She laughed, and he ordered her silent again. She obeyed.

The blankets were pushed to the end of the bed and he straddled across her thighs. She trembled slightly as he ran his hands across the satin. He nuzzled her neck, nibbling here and there, brushing his lips across hers but not allowing a kiss. He muttered his approval as he began to lift the nightgown and discovered she had worn nothing beneath it. He slowly moved it up over hear head, folding it carefully as he went. He left it to lie as a blindfold, resting over her eyes. She giggled a little, and was again ordered to silence.

He explored her body slowly, carefully, with lips and fingers. Running the tip of his tongue across her nipples, she held back a whimper. One hand moved downward, spreading her legs just enough to give access. He fingered her slowly as he played with her breasts with his other hand, sucking and biting her nipples. She moaned, trying to arch against him. He still had her pinned Alanya Otele Gelen Escort between his knees.

Several times she was at the verge of orgasm, but each time he stopped. He would wait a moment for her breathing to slow, and start again. Finally he spread her legs, kneeling between them. She tried to plead, but again was ordered to silence. He continued fingering her as he kissed his way down her stomach and ran his tongue along her clit. Her breathing was ragged, slight whimpers coming in with gasping breaths.

Again she was on the brink of orgasm, and again he stopped. He brought his hand up and pressed the wet fingertips against her lips. She opened her mouth, sucking them clean, one by one, imagining each time it was his cock. It was his turn to moan, and he berated her taking his hand away. She whimpered again, pouting. He laughed, counseling patience… She gasped that she was not known for patience, the words tapering off into whimpers as he set his tongue to work.

Within moments she was at the verge of orgasm, and this time he allowed it. He held her legs firmly so that she couldn’t squirm away, not even pausing in his task. As soon as that one began to subside, another came. And another. She was nearly screaming. Someone pounded on the wall and she forced herself into silence, biting her lip hard enough to draw blood.

After the last one finished, he moved upward, pinning her to the bed with the full length of his body. He whispered to her that she was sweet, licked at the wound in her lip, and kissed her deeply. She pouted that it wasn’t fair, that she wanted to taste him, too…

Obligingly, he removed his boxers, and unbound her wrists. She tossed her nightgown across the room, kissing him quickly then kneeling before him. Her eyes widened and she glanced up to him saying this was larger than she had been used to. He grinned and said all it takes is practice… She laughs, taking it in her hand.

This is one of her favorite parts, the silken feel of a warm hard cock in her hand, just before she closes her lips around it. Slowly she ran her tongue along the throbbing vein, enjoying his gasp as she took the tip into her mouth. Sucking gently as her tongue continued to explore. Slowly she pulled more of it into her mouth until it was all she could take. She experimented for a couple of moments, testing her own limits, finding that if she did it carefully she could take it entirely.

He whispered comments, offered suggestions. She tweaked his nipple in response and he took the hint. It was her turn. Quickly she found her rhythm, he gasped in time with her movements. Once he reached out to hold her head and she stopped. He moved them and she continued. Twice she felt him tense up, tasted the pre-cum, and she stopped. He moaned and she answered that she was only returning his favor. He cursed and she continued.

She spent a time teasing him, enjoying her game, but eventually let him come. She felt the tensing again, and increased her rhythm. He moaned as she increased the pressure just a little. Alanya Rus Escort He erupted into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily, pumping long slow strokes, not wanting to miss a drop. Finally she was satisfied that it was finished, and he was still hard.

She was impressed, but he said it wasn’t unusual for him. Sometimes he could come two or three times and still be hard. She thanked the gods for stamina and he laughed, pulling her down on top of him, kissing her again.

They both lay back for a few moments, catching their breath. They talked a little, running their hands over each other’s bodies. She kept her thighs firmly closed though when he moved his down to play again. She told him she was done teasing now. He smiled and asked her what she wanted, his voice was thick now with desire, the accent more pronounced. She still couldn’t place it. She told him what she wanted. Him. To feel him inside her…

He asked how she liked it. She told him that she enjoyed the weight of a man pressing her downward just a little bit rough… like when they’d been dancing against the speakers. He laughed and pushed her back against the mattress moving quickly to position himself between her thighs. Like this he asked? Her hands moved up his arms to rest at his shoulders. Yes yes she said.

He teased her again for a few moments, hovering just there without entering. She begged him saying again that she wanted to feel him inside her. Rustle of condom wrapper, he kissed her while he put it on, distracting her. Then suddenly he was inside her. She gasped, digging her nails into his shoulders, bringing her knees up.

He laughed, moving slowly at first, then faster as they found a rhythm. She moaned as he sank his teeth into her throat again. He thrust hard, deep, moaning as she bit into his shoulder just above his tattoo. She gasped a little with each thrust, a slight whimper, but otherwise both were quiet. Every time one of them was close to orgasm, he would slow, but never stop completely.

Later, they both came and he collapsed against her, just laying there for a few moments. She noticed that the candles had almost burnt down. After a while they got up, she blew out the candles as he headed in to warm up the shower. He was standing beneath the water, head thrown back, enjoying the heat as she joined him.

They showered, soaping each other up and cracking jokes. After they were clean, and the water was starting to cool down, things started to get hot again. She turned out the lights, saying it was like being in a rainforest. He growled fiercely, pinning her against the wall, digging his fingers into her arms. She purred a little. There was a bit of a shelf, and she perched against the edge of it.

This time was faster, rougher. Afterwards they rinsed off in the now cold water. They dried each other off and headed back to bed. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against him as they fell asleep.

Morning. She woke up and stretched, arching her back, very feline. She sat up and glanced around. He was gone. She dressed quickly and headed to the kitchen for coffee. Her roommate handed her a cup and pointed her toward the table. A vase with a single yellow rose, a note propped against it. Her roommate confessed to telling him that yellow was her favorite. The note said 8pm tonight. She laughed, knowing that she would be waiting.

20th January, 2001

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Fanny Ch. 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Once again, I need to mention that the story is REALLY true, especially the sex scenes…

Anyway, after more than thirty years, I really don’t see the reason that would make me alter the things…

Now, the continuation.

Fanny was really sleeping. I could feel her regular breath caressing my chest.

Thinking about what she has suffered while being just a kid was making me angry – I was feeling like going to her family and beating the crap out of her father AND mother…

I was feeling such an anger, that really wasn’t letting me go to sleep…

On the other hand, I was a little bit concerned, because, in a good sense, I would have found it much more normal for this beauty to NEVER visit her parents, or even mention about their existence.

Wasting a week of every holiday just for tormenting an old man’s mind, wasn’t, from my point of view, a really sane attitude.

The way she was acting, dressing, speaking, and so on, has clearly shown to me that this woman has accessed various “high life” people in Bucharest, so she could probably find herself a much better way to spend her holidays…

On the other hand, I was thinking about my parents, how they have always looked at me just as being their kid.

My mother, still alive those times, has been a really beautiful woman – not because she was my mother!

Still, I have never looked at her with any sexual thoughts in my mind, and she surely has not seen me as a sexual toy, or something…

I was wondering, how come, some human beings could even think in a sexual way about their own flesh and blood…

With these thoughts in my mind, and the whiskey in my blood, I have finally fallen asleep…

I was sleeping, and, in my dream, a witch came to me and told me that if I’m ready for it, she can give me a sister, to have her as a slut, and fuck her however I please…

I remember I was desperately trying to explain that she cannot do it, since I don’t have brothers or sisters.

Suddenly, she’s told me that, instead of the sister that I don’t have, she can always give me my cousin – she told me her name…

I’ve started to feel a pain in my belly, remembering how, after fucking my cousin, we have never reconnected again.

I was probably moaning or something, since I’ve felt a hand caressing my forehead and a soft voice hushing me…

“Hey, you, big boy, I was supposed to have night mares! I didn’t know, since you haven’t told me, that it happens to you too”…

I took her by the back of her neck with my arm, got her head close to me, and gave her a kiss on her forehead…

Then, darkness…

I’ve fallen back asleep…

I was still a teenager when, visiting relatives, in another town, my cousin has seduced me.

Fact is that it hasn’t been my initiative.

My cousin, Cora, was one year older than me and we’ve always have had a great time together.

We were eighteen, nineteen, or something when my parents have decided to pay them a visit.

They were living in a very large house, built between WW I & WW II, where, if you were a biker, you could go around, in the living, even with a Harley Davidson…

There, in a corner, there was even a platform for the orchestra, in case you wanted to Alanya Masaj Salonu throw a party…

They even had an old concerto piano, that surely needed some tuning…

I remember, as being a very young kid, how I was admiring it’s chords, and not only!

My hands, most probably, have also contributed to the actual need of the piano to be tuned…

One thing is certain – I have never used my feet to… play (with) it!…

In rest, I let you think and imagine…

The first day we’ve arrived, in the morning of a hot summer day, Cora has suggested that we should go and take a bath at the public pool.

I wasn’t a great swimmer, but, also, I wasn’t that bad at swimming…

On our way, Cora has stopped in various places, letting me wait for a minute or two.

After we have arrived at the public swimming pool, half an hour later, several local beauties have arrived, cheering and hugging my cousin.

They were her friends. Nice girls, looking REALLY good!

My attention has been drawn by a girl with large blue eyes, and a gorgeous coiffure of blond hair.

She did have some large (maybe too large for a teenager?) boobs and a really fat ass – most probably, today, her ass looks like the back of the buss, but at that age, eighteen, she has REALLY impressed me!…

Cora has introduced me to her friends, and, nice and easy, we have spent all the day there.

By the end of the day, I don’t know if there was a single member of the group who hasn’t sensed that the “Bucharest cousin” and the blond beauty of that town were having a “connection” that needed some privacy…

I was literally in heat, both from the sun that was tormenting us all and the voluptuous shapes of that young piece of meat…

Everything seemed to be all right, and I was preparing to ask the girl for a date, when my cousin has come to me, and, in a very demanding tone, she’s asked me for a private conversation…

“So, cuz, you seem to have fallen for the whore of our town!”


“Don’t you have any self esteem?!?”

Honestly, I was just a horny youngster, with no self esteem at all!

“But, cuz, where did I go wrong?!?”

“You really are very wrong to look at that bitch!!”

“But, honey, you are my cousin, she is your friend, and she really seems ready for an affair! I’m not hiding it from you, since we are family!”

“She is NOT my friend! She’s just a member of the group!”…

I’ve started mumbling I don’t really remember what, when my cousin Cora, in a very authoritarian way, has told me to get dressed, since we are to go back home…

OK, I got dressed, said my good byes to everyone, and followed my cousin – probably in some kind of doggy style…

All our way home, Cora has behaved with me like a kitten – joking with me, caressing me from time to time, in a few words, trying to make me feel good.

Reaching home, our parents were really happy to see us, since they’ve just prepared the food, including a barbeque, with I don’t remember what…

Cora has personally taken care of the sheets and blankets for my bed, situated in a room that was somehow isolated from the rest of the huge house.

I’ve even heard a comment from Alanya Masöz Escort her mother, who wondered why was I so “isolated” from my parents…

Cora has made a mumbling comment, excusing herself and saying that now, after all the efforts she’s done, she doesn’t feel like arranging again, another bed…

Her mother said that it was all right, and the subject was closed…

So, it’s eleven o’clock in the evening, I go to bed…

I get dressed in my brand new pajama, lay on my back, and, of course, start thinking about the blond beauty…

I feel an itch at the top of my dick – I put my hand on it, regretting that I am not back at home, in Bucharest, where I do have three fuck buddies – I’m a fucker, not a jerker!

I start cursing, in my mind, the idea of visiting family…

I sense that something is happening around me.

It’s my door, that is slowly opening, and I see, in a night gown, my cousin Cora.

She enters the room, shuts the door smoothingly, and then comes directly to my bed and takes me in her arms.

“Cousin! I love you soooo much!

How can you even think about a slut?!?”

I am bewildered, appalled, stuck in my thoughts!

“Cora, dear, what the hell?!?”

“Hush! Take off your trousers!”

Suddenly, I realize that I’m in bed with my cousin! A family member! A girl that I know since we were little!

But… who am I to discuss the request of a cousin one year older than me?!?

Surely you realize that I also am as horny as a youngster can be!…

So, very quickly, I let the trousers of the pajama go somewhere away, and start unbuttoning my pajama blouse…

I take it off, remaining stark naked in bed, beside my wonderful cousin…

Cora, in a brisk move, takes off her night gown, letting me see, in the darkness of the room, her beautiful boobs, without the bra that has held them all day while we were at the swimming pool…

Then, Cora, bonding her body to mine, asks me with a very soft voice: “So, cuz, it seems that you aren’t a virgin anymore”…

Her presence, touches and attitude make me go fully erect.

“Cora, if you really need to know, I was twelve years old when my dick has entered for the first time in a cunt – so, I suppose that you are right!

I’m not a virgin!”…

“Well, in that case, you need to teach me!”

Honestly, I didn’t understand what she’s meant, but, a second after, she was above me, like a cowgirl, with my dick deep inside her cunt.

She was wet, really wet!

She’s started grinding – forward, backward, to the left, to the right, upside down, and so on…

I realize that we are in her parent’s house, she’s my cousin!

I’m sure that, if we get caught, we are dead meat!

I also know that, traditionally, the males will be punished worse!…

Mentally, I prepare my body for war.

I’ve been trained to kill – I’m ready for the worst!

Suddenly, I say: “Stop!”

She stops grinding, and also raises, leaving my dick in the air…

I don’t like it, but, for the moment, don’t care…

“Did you lock the door?”

“No, the door doesn’t have a key or a locker”…

“Fine then – just stay here”

I leave the bed, Alanya Öğrenci Escort find a chair, and block the handle of the door.

I check it – if anybody comes, he/she will have to use real force to open my door.

I then approach the bed: “Now, cuz, since you’ve said that you need to be taught (a lesson) come here”…

I stand beside the bed, take Cora by the back of her neck, and make her come, with her mouth, close to my dick.

She forcibly pushes me with her hands: “I’ve never touched, with my mouth, a cock!”

“Perfect! This means that this will be the first time that you will be sucking a dick!”

I don’t know why, but I’m full of anger! I almost wish that somebody enters the door of my room!

I’m, most probably, crazy or something!…

I realize that Cora feels my anger, without realizing why, but… she surely gets scared.

I don’t have the patience to explain – my dick is erect and I need a wet hole…

“Suck it! Cora! Stick it in your mouth and stop complaining!”

She opens her mouth, and reluctantly, lets my dick to invade her…

She clearly doesn’t like it – I can sense that!

“Suck it cuz! We’re almost the same flesh and blood! Suck it hard!

She doesn’t, but I can see that she cries…

I’m pretty sure that she regrets now her idea to come into my room…

I cannot stop my fury. Why? I really don’t know…

I stick my dick into her mouth until she starts choking.

No, she’s not a sucker, or better said, my attitude does not help her at all.

“Fuck! I cannot cum like this!”

I let her mouth be, grab her legs and start pounding her cunt.

I feel that she’s nervous – a sort of anger mixed with fear.

I get crazy enough to tell her a REALLY stupid thing: “This is how it feels when you mess with a Bucharest guy – now bear it!”

She is speechless – I can only see the tears on her face…

I realize how nervous and full of shit I am…

“Cuz, try to relax and let yourself have an orgasm!”…

She continues to be speechless…

I start pounding her like there is no tomorrow.

Her cunt is good, but her attitude is adverse…

This doesn’t help me at all!

I keep on pounding, until she squeals in a low voice: “You are hurting me! Please stop!”

No! I’m not an animal! Probably, not even animals behave like me!

I withdraw, and start jacking my dick.

“Come, get your mouth closer! I’m gonna give you my jizz!”

She is silently crying…

Whaw! It’s coming! After such a long day!

I stick my dick into her mouth and let her taste my cum…

“Shit! You are my cousin and I’ve made you do things that I’ve never done to the fucking whores!”…

I’m full of remorse, but I’m sure that Cora does not understand it…

The day after, I tell my parents that I need to do something in Bucharest, take the train, and… this is it! Ever since, I have never spoken with Cora again…

My dick head is itching and I feel a tickle underneath my balls…

I come to my senses…

I’m at home, in my bed.

My right hand is feeling flash, woman’s flash – I’m pretty sure of it!

My belly is being caressed by a bush of something so smooth – it’s hair!

Finally, I get to my senses!

I am in bed with the woman that I’ve recently met – Fanny!

Gosh! She’s decided to wake me up sucking my dick!

Well, if she’s gonna treat her hubby like this, on daily basis, she will be a young widow…

Women CAN be killers…

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Fall from Grace Ch. 03

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Falling in Love with Myself

I was making myself ready for the man I was ready for the man who I was willing to throw my perfect life away. Clay and I had been texting so much that I was always on my phone. We were talking dirty some of the time but mostly just talking. I was picturing what my life would be like with him. We saw each other everyday when I would take the kids to school. He would open my door and just look at me with that cocky half-smile. I would get dressed up just to take the kids to school so he could see me. It had been a week since our second encounter and he was coming over to do some handyman work. There was no school for teacher inservice and he told my husband he would fix our rusted gutters. I don’t know how he was able to get out of the inservice. I suspected he did whatever he wanted to around the school. I was suspicious that he was fucking the principal at the school as well as seeing me. I had the kids scheduled to go to my mom’s house and Brian would be at a pastor’s conference for the day. I was getting wet just thinking about him coming over.

I knew that I was a horrible person. I was married to a super nice man but all I could think about was how Clay carried himself. How confident and self assured he was; how in control of me and how big his cock was. He knew how to use his cock. He was the opposite of the man I married. I still felt very guilty at times and I cried often but I was talking myself into Clay’s life. I would send him pictures of me everyday. Not naked pictures but just pics of me, selfies. He would rave about how gorgeous I was. I didn’t hear that enough from my husband and I craved his attention.

I went out of town to the city to a lingere store and bought a white lace teddy. It was a see-through, white one piece. You could see my pink nipples and pussy lips through the material. When Clay arrived that morning, he came inside and went at me. I was wearing jogging pants and a T shirt when he got to the house. I held up my hands and said, “Now wait a sec, you have to do what you said you’d do first. Fix those gutters before we go play.”

He smirked, his half smirk and said, “Fuck that. I came here to fix you.”

He smiled that cock shit eating smile. He had me right where he wanted me. He knew he owned my married pussy. He leaned in and kissed me again, firm with so much passion. His hand came around and squeezed my ass hard. He broke the kiss and gave my ass a smack.

I pressed my body against him and kissed his lips. I sucked his bottom lip in my mouth and bit down. I looked at him with my big blue eyes and said, “No. Stop it. If you do your job, I promise I will make it worth your while.”

He stared at me hard. He had a new look in his eyes. He wasn’t smiling anymore. I didn’t know what had changed but I knew something was different. “I’ll be back in a few,” he said and walked outside.

I watched him work. He fixed the gutters and looks so damn good doing it. I knew he was finishing up and I went to the bedroom and changed into the teddy. I felt like such a bad girl. I felt like a slut. I had my make up done and my brown hair was down. I climbed on the bed and waited.

About five minutes later he walked in and stood in the door way, smiling. I was laying on the bed. I spread my legs and started rubbing my pussy through the see-through material. My other hand was rubbing my breasts. He reached down and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. God his cock was so big. I could see the outline through his pants.

My fingers traced the outline of my pussy and I whimpered softly as I teased myself. My other hand traced my nipples and pulled up on them gently. He watched me silently as I rubbed my pussy and electricity coursed through my entire body seeing his hungry eyes.

He undid his pants and they dropped to the floor. He was stroking his magnificent cock. It was so thick with huge veins. It was as thick as my forearm and seeing it Alanya Grup Escort made me rub my little clit faster than before. He walked over to me his big cock swaying back and forth. He placed his hand over mine and controlled my motions slowing my rubbing fingers down. I gasped as he pressed his hand hard against mine grinding into my sensitive clit.

My other hand reached down and squeezed his cock making him groan. “Fuck Megan, I know you want to suck it. Why don’t you go ahead and do your job?”

I got down on my knees for him just like a good girl. I opened my mouth to swallow his cock right off. I wanted to make him proud. I needed to show him what a good cocksucker I was and take him deep in my throat. My mouth was ready for him this time opening wide and letting his salty cock slide along my tongue into my hot and wet married mouth. My lips stretched and ached as I opened wide. His rock hard cock slid down to my throat gagging me. I was ready for the size of his cock and didn’t stop until his balls touched my chin. He groaned again. “Oh what a good little girl you are. You suck cock so good.”

He wrapped his hand up in my hair and held me down on his cock until I started to gag. It didn’t take very long and he pulled back letting me take a breath before he forced his cock deep again. It cut off my air and he waited until I started gagging before pulling it out again. He kept control of my head by pulling my hair tight, making my scalp ache and burn. With his other hand, he roughly groped my breasts and pulled at my nipples making them hard before slapping my tits with his rough palm.

While his cock was deep in my throat, he yanked my head to the side and slowly pulled his cock back. I felt his huge head drag on the right side of my throat and it popped into my mouth painfully and pushed against my right cheek. I felt my right cheek force out as his cock pushed against it. My cheek ached and burned as he held my head there, his cock forcefully stretching my cheek until it finally popped out of my mouth.

His cock was covered in my spit and he slapped his heavy cock on my cheeks before sticking the head in my mouth again this time forcing it against my left cheek. He laughed at me as my eyes squeezed shut in pain. “What’s the matter bitch? You want me to go easy on you?” I pushed away from him his cock popping out of my mouth. My cheeks were aching from his cock.

With that he pushed me to the floor. “Bitch! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I laid there and started to cry. “I…I’m sorry. I’ll do better” I whimpered.

He stared at me as I cried on the floor. I expected pity from him but instead I got that smug grin. “Ok babe let’s try again.” He climbed into bed and laid down on his back. “Come up here. Now.”

I wiped the tears from my eyes and crawled to the bed. I pulled myself up and saw his hard body laying back in the bed. He was still smiling his cocky smile and his cock was still hard and wet standing straight up.

“What the fuck are you waiting for? Show me you can do better.” He said in a disgusted tone.

“Sorry. Im sorry.” Was all I could say and I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock again. I gagged as his cock filled my mouth then my throat. He grabbed my head and pushed me deeper.

“All the fucking way you dumb cunt.” He said as he held me down I could feel his cock twitching and throbbing as I choked. My eyes were squeezed shut and I was held there forever. He let me go finally and I came up and off his cock like a swimmer who went to deep and was in danger of drowning. I opened my tear-filled eyes and saw him staring at me with an evil glint in his eye.

“You think I’m going to come over here and work like your fucking servant and not fuck you like you deserve then you got another thing coming.” He grabbed my hair and pulled my face to his balls. “Lick them you fucking whore.”

Like an obedient whore, my tongue Alanya İranlı Escort came out and I licked his balls. First his left then his right, lifting his heavy balls up with my tongue. I felt the wrinkled skin against my tongue. My tongue was out and I didn’t expect it when he pushed my head down and my tongue hit his asshole. I don’t know what I expected but his hairy ass was on my tongue and almost as soon as it was there he yanked my hair up. “You dirty slutty whore, what are you doing licking my ass?” He pushed my head back down and said with a thick voice, “You better fucking lick it good.”

I was humiliated. My tongue pressed against his ass and moved up and down tickling his hole. “Oh fuck you are such a nasty whore.” He forced my tongue against him hard before dragging me up by my hair. “Are you going to make me wait to get to your pussy again?” he asked.

“I just wanted to do something nice for you.” I said with a shaky tearful voice.

He reached down and grabbed my face and squeezed. “You just do what I say. Always. Now get up here.” I saw he had lubricant in his hand and started rubbing it on his cock.

My head was spinning as I climbed up to him. He reached down and yanked the teddy to the side as I positioned my wet pussy over his hard cock. I lowered my pussy down and felt his head press against my pussy. With the lubricant it slid in easier than it ever had before. I felt my pussy stretch as I lowered my pussy down on his cock. My little lips opened up for his throbbing cock. I bit my lip as his cock filled me. He slapped my ass as I went as deep as I could. I shook as his cock hit my cervix. I raised my ass up and down on his cock. I started riding him but scared to put all my weight on him. I was afraid he would go too deep.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck oh fuck.” He moaned. “You’re so fucking tight.”

I should have known he would have all of me no matter what I wanted. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting up into me. I was moaning and saying “Clay oh god Clay” over and over as his cock went deeper and deeper in me. I felt his cock ramming into my cervix over and over as my pussy squeezed his cock. As his cock slid out of my wet pussy I felt so empty only to be quickly filled as he pushed back into my married body.

He reached up and grabbed two handfuls of my hair. “Now you ride my cock like you love it.”

I raised my ass up and slid down on his cock until my ass hit his legs. Then I began to grind my hips on his. He moaned so deep when I did that so I raised up and slammed my ass down and ground my hips again. Something in me gave way and my ass started bouncing as I came on his cock. Waves of pleasure washed over me. “Oh god I love you Clay.” I said. I heard him laugh at me but I knew it was true. Part of me loved him.

He picked me up and stood up still inside of me. I was amazed at how he could be so strong. He pulled out of me and turned me around and had me get on all fours on the floor. I heard him pull his belt out again but instead of spanking me he slid his cock into my willing pussy from behind. Again I was amazed at how my pussy had opened itself up to him and how much pleasure I felt when he was in me.

He leaned forward and slid the belt over my head and pulled it tight. He had made a loop from the belt and fashioned a choke leash with it. He cut off my air and whispered, “Who could ever love a whore like you.”

His hips crashed into me and his balls slapped my clit as he thrust deep into me.

“A wife who fucks other men” he growled with a powerful thrust still holding the belt tight.

“A mom who licks a man’s ass.” He pulled tighter making my pussy slid back on him.

He loosened his grip and I could breathe again. He placed both his hands on my hip as his cock pounded my pussy that tried so hard to hold him inside of it.

I was so close to cumming again. His cock slipping in and out of my bare, hot, wet, Alanya Manken Escort pussy driving me crazy. He stopped and I felt something cold and wet fall on my ass. I knew it was the lube. His thumb slid in my crack and started smearing it around my ass. I felt sweet pressure as his thumb slid in my ass while his cock was in me. I felt the pressure of his cock and and his thumb with a wall of tissue between them. “Now its your ass’s turn whore.”

My pussy ached as his cock slid out and he pulled his thumb free. I felt his monster head fall against my ass. He started sliding in back and forth in my crack before letting it rest against my hole. He yanked the belt tight again. “If you fight me I’m going to really yank on this.” He growled.

I felt immense pressure as he started to press his cock into my ass. I felt my ass stretch and stretch. I screamed as he pushed against my ass. I felt it explode in me with a pop and his head entered me. It felt like his cock was in me up to my throat but just the head had went in.

“God your angel ass is so fucking tight. God it almost hurts.” He said as I screamed again when he pushed forward more. I must have screamed too loud because he yanked the belt again cutting me off. Slowly he worked his cock deeper with short pushes. Then he started pumping back and forth. I was choking and not getting any air from the pain in my ass and the belt on my throat. He didn’t stop until it was half way in and then he let go of the belt and grabbed my hair. He yanked my head up as he thrust as hard as he could into me.

He yelled, “You’re going to give me that ass. I’m going to take all of that ass. I’m going to take me a wife and mom away from her family.” And with that he was all the way in and I was broken.

With his cock deep in my ass he leaned forward still holding my hair. “How are you going to look your family in the eye ever again?”

With those words he started thrusting, fucking my ass. His cock slid in and out of me. It was slow going and it hurt me but it was what I wanted. I wanted to give all of me to him and he took it. He took all of me. After several strokes his cock just popped out of my ass. He flipped me over and cum shot out of his cock onto my face and tits. I lay there panting and crying. He made a mess of me again. I pulled the belt off of me and I wondered if I could sink any lower than where I was now.

Clay looked at me almost disgusted and went to the shower. I heard him turn it on. I lay there for several minutes trying to figure out what to do. In my heart I knew what needed to be done. I got out of bed on trembling legs and shuffling I went to the shower. I opened the door and got in with Clay. I washed my face while he stood there watching me. Then I turned to him and kissed him deeply. He reached and grabbed my ass squeezing it.

We broke and I said, “I’m sorry baby. I should have never stopped you when you walked in. It won’t happen again.”

His cocky half smile came back and he lifted me up in his strong hands and pressed me against the wall of the shower. I felt his cock, hard again press against my pussy. Our mouths met and I opened mine. His tongue slid in my mouth as his cock slid up into me. I sucked on his tongue while his cock thrust deep in my hot pussy. My body tingled as the water hit us from the shower. He fucked me there standing against the wall. His firm thrusts were different. They seemed more loving as his cock slid in and out of me. When I came I said “I love you.” Over and over. I watched his face turn red and he groaned and he came inside of me hearing me say those words. He stood there panting against me still inside of me. My feet slid down to the shower floor as his cock slipped out of me. His seed ran down my thighs.

I finally understood how to love Clay and we started fucking all the time. I made plans to leave my husband and I would have except 4 months later, Clay got into a bar fight and seriously hurt another guy. He ended up doing time and I decided to use that time to get my life back in order. He is still doing another 9 months, his early release got pushed back when he got into another altercation in prison. He still writes but I don’t think I will see him again when he gets out. I’ve already moved on.

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Exploring where the boundaries lie

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Big Tits

One for my husband – thanks for being play partner!

She had been dreaming of this for weeks. Not dreaming in the sense of fantasies and plans constructed in her head while she was awake, but real dreams – images and desires that invaded her mind while she slept, as if her subconscious knew what she wanted long before her conscious mind was ready to admit it. The pictures that her mind put together felt so real, she would often awake from her dreams with her heart racing and her pussy lips uncomfortably wet and throbbing. She would look over at him, sound asleep and peaceful and attempt to go back to sleep, wishing for a few hours without dreams, so that she may wake rested, rather than bothered and frustrated.

But tonight was the night – she knew it. As she felt the scratch of his beard across her chin and the pull of his teeth on her lip, she knew that tonight was a night for restating the boundaries.

Had anyone ever caused a reaction like this in her? A desperate, animalistic sense of longing and need? As his lips trailed down the side of her neck and across her collarbone, she felt the familiar stirrings of reckless lust. Her mind slipped back to a week ago, when they were several whiskeys deep and several hours into an evening of drunken carefree fun. When he’d pressed her naked back into the couch and disappeared in between her legs. He knew how to tease her to the point of shaking legs and gasping sighs. Featherlight kisses across the inside of her thighs, leading to slow and gentle licks along the lips of her pussy. Feeling his breath as he took his time to repeat the actions. He could tease her until she was a mess, unable to communicate with words and resorting to a hand on the back of his head, Alanya Esmer Escort directing his mouth to where she needed it the most.

She slammed back into the present, as he pushed two fingers inside of her, his mouth warm and wet on her breast, his tongue gently teasing her nipple. She gasped and pushed her hips towards him as he pulled his fingers out, and pushed them back in, grinning at the sound of her arousal. He started to move his fingers, deliberately and firmly. This was no tease – he wanted her to come. She held onto his arms and moaned, moving her body to the rhythm he set with his fingers. She gripped his arms as the pressure built and finally felt the wave of sensation pass through her as he brought her to orgasm. She squeezed her legs and dropped her hand to his, forcing him to stop as she came around his fingers.

An orgasm could leave her relaxed and compliant, but not now – not this night. As the feeling subsided, she rolled on top of him, her hair falling over one shoulder and her underneath his neck, trapping him in place. She kissed him hard, desperate to feel his desire. It flowed straight through their kiss, as his tongue touched hers, and his hands moved to hold her face. This was the feeling she knew – the desperation to feel closer to him, to have him under her skin. To feel everything, every possible sensation and every experience with this man that she loved. She knew that in the heat of the moment, there was nothing he could ask for that she wouldn’t provide. But where did his boundaries sit?

She pushed his hands away gently and shimmied her body down until her knees were between his legs. Pushing up to her knees, she began to trail kisses down his chest, until Alanya Eve Gelen Escort the smooth skin of her cheek brushed against his cock. As hard as he was, she loved the way the skin on his cock felt – soft and silky.

As she held his cock in one hand, she took a quick look at his face – as expected, he was staring straight at her, his eyes moving from his cock to her lips and back. She licked her lips and opened her mouth to draw him in. The moment her tongue touched him, his head dropped back to the bed, eyes closed and tension running out of his body that she hadn’t noticed was there. She moved her mouth over his cock, alternating between gentle licks and a firm sucking motion, listening to his breathing accelerate and feeling the muscles in his legs clench and unclench.

She gripped his cock in one hand, still slippery from her saliva. She willed herself to keep her hand steady and not to finish this job before she had what she came for. She ran her tongue from the base to the tip and in one quick movement, pushed her ass back and dipped her chest to the bed, taking her mouth level to his balls. She sucked and nipped his skin, keeping her right hand wrapped firmly around his cock. His hands were reaching for her, but his fingertips barely brushed through the hair on the top of her head, as she continued her path down between his legs.

She was ready, her whole body tingling in anticipation. She could only imagine how good it would feel for him – but would he let her push this limit? She placed her free hand on the back of his right thigh and pushed it up off the bed, directing his knee to his chest. She pulled her face up long enough to make eye contact with him. And without a Alanya Evi Olan Escort single word spoken between them, he lifted his other knee to his chest, exposing his ass.

She looked into his eyes, allowing him a moment to change his mind, but she saw no hesitation – just a mixture of amusement and excitement.

Keeping her right hand wrapped tightly around his cock she dipped her head and ran her tongue between his balls and his ass, stopping just short of her intended goal. She exhaled, letting the warmth of her breath remind him how close she was, then turned her head slightly and gently nipped his ass cheek with her teeth. She could feel the desire in the room growing and she gently leaned back in and touched his ass with her tongue. His reaction was instant. He let out a low moan and both of his hands grasped the sheets beneath them as his ass clenched and then relaxed against the foreign touch.

She continued to flick her tongue lightly against his ass, enjoying his obvious pleasure. Her senses both heightened, and singularly focused – all on this moment and all on this man. She clenched her pussy and wished for a moment that she’d come again before she’d started this game. The hissing of his breath between his teeth dragged her back into the moment.

Her hand on his cock had been still and controlling and she started to move it, pulling up and down, matching the rhythm of her tongue as the tip pushed in and out of his ass. Within minutes he was writhing beneath her, and without warning, he suddenly exploded in her hand with a groan. She stopped moving, but held his cock still until the pulsating subsided.

As his breathing returned to normal, she released him and crawled up the bed to sit next to him. She handed him a towel from beside the bed, and laughed as he raised it to his cheek – he had come so forcefully that he’d hit his own face.

As she looked at his blissful expression, eyes closed and face relaxed, she smiled – clearly this little boundary was meant to be broken… but what would be next?

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Eye Candy Ch. 02

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From the first time that I walked into the store and you stood their behind the counter you had my hormones twisted. When I see you I become very nervous, I’m not to sure why tho. Other then the fact that you turn me on. What a combination, nervous and horny.

I could close my eyes and see you laying in my bed waiting for me. You’d be laying their naked and at the sight of me you’d reach down slowly touching yourself. Of course I’d smile. I’d walk up leaning down to kiss your full sexy lips. I’d stand there watching you touch yourself for me. I’d ask, “Is that all for me?” and you’d smile. I like to watch a man touch himself. But at the same time it would be so hard just to stand there and just watch you. But for a few minutes that’s what I’d do. I’m sure by watching me you’d see its killing me to just watch.

When I saw that your cock had leaked out pre cum, that was my signal that I was being called by your cock. I’d smile to you as I walked closer, leaning down I’d lick the cum off the tip. You’d rub the head across my lips, coating them.

I’d look up at you and tell you I wanted you to stand. As you did I’d kneel on the floor waiting for you to tell me what you wanted. When I heard you speak the words to me, telling me you wanted me to lick and suck on your cock I’d smile up at you, holding your gaze. I’d let the head touch my lips, my tongue would come out licking the under side. I’d let my tongue lick around the head, while I was still looking into your eyes. I wanted to see your reaction to what I was doing.

I’d hold your eyes while I let the head slip between my lips, sucking gently. Letting it slide between my lips and slowly I’d suck it back into my warm mouth. I’d grab your nice round ass while letting inch by inch of your hard cock slip between my lips further into my mouth. I’d want to smile but that would be hard with mouthful.

My tongue would lick just under the head while savoring your cock before taking you all the way in my mouth. I have a feeling that you have a very nice size cock on you, usually I’m very right about these things.

I’d look up at you telling you I want you to tell me what to do. You’d look down into my eyes and tell me you want me to suck your cock. I’d lick the underside of your dick again making it come up to my lips, taking you in inch by inch. Your cock would feel the back of my throat, then I’d let you slip from my lips almost all the way out. But, before the head reaches my lips I’d suck you all the way back in. I can only imagine the sounds that would escape your mouth when I did this.

I could feel you wanting to work your cock in and out of my mouth and I’d let you. I knew you were watching my mouth around your dick as you slowly worked it between my lips. The more I sucked on your nice hard cock the more I wanted it. The more I wanted to taste you on my lips, my tongue. I wanted to suck your cock till I tasted you, or you might want to cum all over my face or even maybe my tits. That would be up to you. But, my guess would be you’d want to feel yourself cumin in my mouth, to feel your hot cum run down my throat. To watch me swallow every drop you gave.

Afterwards you’d return the favor. Having me lay on my bed, you’d climb on the bed next to me. You’d start at my neck licking and sucking working your way to my tits. Watching my face you’d see how good it felt, you touching me. Licking on my nipples, sucking each one into your mouth, making them harder. Pulling on each one with your lips.

Your hand would go to my pussy. Gliding your fingers over my pussy lips, my legs would part for you, granting you access. Lightly you’d smack my lips making me giggle a little. At the same time you would bite softly on my nipples, pulling with your teeth making me wince. Making me feel pleasure and pain at the same time.

Parting my pussy lips you dip your fingers in my wetness. I’d have no choice but to say to you, “See how wet you make me!” Rubbing the tips of your fingers across my clit making me more horny, making me want you more. I’m Alanya Fetiş Escort sure a few small moans would escape from my lips. Your fingers would rub my swollen clit, then rubbing the length of my wet pussy. Taking your fingers sliding them slowly into my pussy and watching my face at the same time. I’d tell you,”Baby I love my pussy fingered.”

You lower your lips to mine. My mouth is so hungry for you, not just your cock but all of you. Your lips, neck your chest and yes your very nice hard cock. The kissing is more intense then before, deeper and harder. You make my kitty feel so good the way you touch me, not so light that I cant feel it but where you make me feel pleasure and pain together, and yes I like that during sex. But, when you start fingering me etc, I like it slow. Especially when it come to being fingered while your licking on my pussy.

You make my pussy so hot, so wet that I’m sure in your mind your thinking or wondering if I’ve already came. You slide down on the bed and work your way between my thighs. I spread my legs wider as you position yourself. You keep playing with my pussy as you watch me. I’m sure you can feel my anticipation, the wanting to feel your mouth their.

Slowly, you lower your head between my thighs. Your tongue licks across my clit slowly letting me feel all of your fat tongue. A low mmmm escapes from my lips and I smile to myself. You suck my clit in between your full sexy lips, sucking and licking, while you still finger my pussy. Your tongue laps at my clit showing me just how talented you are. I can feel myself becoming wetter with each lick of your tongue.

I reach down spreading my pussy lips wider, wanting you to suck my clit harder, maybe shaking your head a little. After awhile of you licking and sucking on my clit while you finger me I can feel myself getting closer to cumin. I tell you, ” Mark, please… don’t… stop.” And you don’t, you eat my pussy wanting me to cum for you. The more you lap at my pussy teasing, sucking and licking I can feel myself becoming tighter around your fingers. The explosion is coming closer.

I wrap my legs tighter around you, wanting you closer. You start fingering me deeper the closer I get. I reach up grabbing the head board to my bed as the orgasm starts. Be lucky your ears aren’t near my mouth, I do get loud. My back arches as the orgasm takes over, your fingers are drowned in my creamy juices. I yell out in pure pleasure rubbing my pussy into your face. I rock my hips into your face wanting to feel all of you until my cum has coated your fingers and you lean down further to lick it up, tasting me.

You look up at me and I’m breathing very heavy. You come up to me smiling and I whisper to you that, that was fucking great. You look deep into my eyes asking me what do I want next. I place my hand on your hairy chest running my fingers through it, but slightly pushing you back on the bed. I straddled over one of your legs. Watching your face I lowered my mouth to just over your hard dick. My lips went to the spot between your balls and the base of your cock. First I licked,then taking that spot between my lips lightly sucking. I kissed my way up inch by inch, until reaching just under the head.

I knew you wanted to feel your cock deep in my mouth, but not yet, not so fast. I wanted to savor every inch that your blessed with. I licked your shaft from base to the tip. When my tongue reached just under the head,your cock raised up meeting my lips. I smiled but didn’t take you in yet. Flicking my tongue, while looking up at you. I wanted to see your expression to see how I was making you feel. The look on your face was price less, almost like pleasure and torture at the same time. And, that was my mission, to physically to make you experience that, not just read then feel like your being tortured.

My tongue twirled around the head, sucking it side ways between my lips. I let your cock fall from my lips. You look at me like, you can’t possible be fucking stopping. I sit just looking Alanya Gecelik Escort deep into your eyes. I’m usually a pretty dam good judge of how a man is sexually, with out ever having had sex with them. And with you I’m getting a deep seeded feeling your a nasty lil boy. Makes me wish I had really been prepared for this.

I’m sure I have this funky little smile on my face. I keep looking into your eyes as I lower my head. I lick the length of your nice long thick cock, licking right up to the head. Your cock raises up to meet my lips once again. I lick you into my mouth, but this time not taking the time to savor. I suck you deep into my mouth and start sucking on your cock hard and fast. The first time I take you in all the way, letting you hit the back of my throat. Licking at the base, flicking my tongue back up to just under the head.

I slow my pace, letting your cock almost slip from my lips to fall back on your body. But, just as the head is about to pass my lips, I suck you back in, going down on you hard. I can tell your mumbling something but I don’t hear your words. But, some how I know what your saying. In short I’m blowing your fucking mind. I want to smile but it’s hard with a big cock in your mouth. I reach down taking your balls in my hand, slowly and gently milking them.

I can tell your body wants to meet my rhythm, you want to rock your hips to fuck my mouth. I slow up my pace a bit, letting you have some of the control, just not much. You try to pump your nice hard dick in and out of my warm mouth. But I’m already licking, sucking and slurping on your cock, but you still want to just thrust yourself deeper.

Your not going to like this but I let go of your balls, I abruptly stop sucking your dick. It falls with an almost thud on your stomach. I lick my way up your body slowly, reaching your nipples. I twirl my tongue as light as a feather around one of them. I lick across the top, then suck it between my lips. I flick my tongue then bit down. You wince at the pain and I smile. As I go to the other nipple, I reach down taking your cock in my hand slowly stroking. I stroke just the head with one hand and with my mouth I suck on your nipple then biting that one too. Once again you wince. I stop but can’t hide the pleasure and my smile of doing that to you.

I whisper in your ear, ” Get behind me, now!” I back up so that I’m on the edge of my bed. You climb off and take your place standing behind me. Slowly you slide your hand over my ass, then you smack it making me giggle. Probably not the response you expected. You do the same on the other ass cheek and again I giggle. Yes, I like my ass spanked.

Taking your cock in hand you rub the head up and down my pussy lips. I know you can feel the moisture. You crack my ass again, which makes my body back up just a slight bit. The tip of your cock gets pushed between my lips, putting you right in the middle of my pure hot juices. I wish I could put into words exactly how that would feel, other then like heaven.

The head bounces against my clit and a small moan escapes from my mouth. I rock my hips so to rub against you. But, you take your dick away, not letting me feel it, teasing me. All I can respond to say is, ” No, don’t do that.” ” You like it do you?” you ask me. “Mmmm, yes.” is all I can say. “How about this?” you ask me as you rub your wet cock against my ass. All I could do was push my body back on you. But, again you back away. I can tell you think your cute. I like teasing and all but right now I just couldn’t take it.

I waited for the head to be by pussy opening and I pushed back on you, forcing your dick to enter me. You grab me by the hips and slowly slide your big cock into me. My face wants to dive into the bed to muffle the sounds that want so badly to be heard. But instead I wrap my feet around your legs and meet your body.

Slowly your getting to know me better as sounds, moans, groans and sounds of gasping for air come from my mouth. I hope you remember what Alanya Genç Escort you said to me one time about me being quite, its one thing I’m not. I rock my hips to meet yours as you slowly fuck your cock in and out of me. Slowly you pull back and then thrust deep and hard into me. Making my body stop to feel you grind into me.

I ask you,”Baby is your cock all nice and wet?” ” Very much.” you say. I lean forward letting your dick with drawl from my pussy. And Back up so that I’m rubbing my ass against your cock. “Baby, I want to feel you deep inside my ass, to feel you take me.” You begin to grind as you rub your hard cock against my ass. Reaching up you grab a hold of my hair, pulling my head back towards you, asking “Is that what you want, to feel me inside your tight ass?” “Uh huh” is all I can manage to say. Letting go of my hair you smack my ass again and I mumble “harder”. You smack it again making it tingle.

You thrust your cock deep inside my pussy again, coating it with my creaming juices. Pulling out you place the head of your cock against my ass and I push my tight ass back on you. I gasp as I feel the head enter me, a moan is heard louder this time coming from the throat. Inch by inch you fuck that cock into my ass

I reach down between my legs and start rubbing my wet pussy, you got me so sloppy wet for you. I can feel your balls slapping against me. You then can tell what I’m doing. “Are you rubbing that pussy for me?” you ask. And again all I can say is “Uh huh.” You slap my ass, forcing me to grind back against you. God, it feels so good, having you deep in me, feeling me, feeling my desire, the hunger. “Your such a naughty little girl, Sheree.” I don’t answer, I just smile to myself thinking, yeah and you like it.

I lean down putting my ass higher in the air for you to fuck as I rub my pussy harder. I want to cum with you in my ass. I want to feel you cum inside me, deep inside my ass. I want to feel your hot cum run, leak down my inner thighs.

All I can seem to do now it tell you,” Mark, fuck me harder, deeper, make me feel every inch of your big hard cock.” You reach down slapping my ass making my pussy tighten up. “Yes, that feels so good, harder, fuck me baby. God, yes, fuck me.” Again you slap my ass.

Slowly you pull out then thrust deeper back into my ass. “You want me to cum for you, to cum in your tight ass. You want to feel my hot cum?” you ask me. “Yes…I do…cum for me baby, let me feel it.” I could feel that already thick cock becoming fatter, hotter inside me. I knew it was building deep inside your balls, wanting to be released within me.

You griped tighter on my hips, pounding my ass. My body goes still, letting you fuck me. I grab onto the sheets on my bed, clinching my fingers around the material, this was a man who could fuck the hell out of me and leave me wanting more that was for sure.

All you could hear besides our noises is flesh pounding flesh. With each thrust you’d grind your fat cock in my ass. I rubbed my clit harder and faster. There’s nothing like cumin while having some hot ass sex. My body went stiffer the more you fucked me. Harder and faster you slammed into me. “Cum for me baby” I moaned.

“Now, now” I said. My pussy began to spasm out wildly. I’m sure you could tell. The air filled with loud sounds my orgasm, moaning, almost screaming it felt so fucking good. You pounded me harder, filling my ass with my nice big fat cock. The sounds that escaped from your mouth as you came made my orgasm that much better. I could feel you filling me with your hot cum, feeling it being shot deep in my hot tight ass. Feeling a little run out as you pumped your cock forcing my ass to take it all.

With each last thrust of your dick you’d grind inside of me. Letting me have the last drops of your cum. You slapped my ass one last time, making me grind back on you. I knew you were smiling or at least to yourself. I didn’t want to move, it felt to dam good to move. But you did, you slowly pulled from my ass, my body wanting to follow your cock. As you did I could feel the hot liquid start to seep from my ass, running down on to my pussy lips, down my inner thighs. What a picture that would make.

I was right, you are a nasty lil boy, and you do like hot dirty nasty sex. Now, the nervousness would leave, now that I’ve had my eye candy.

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