Hurricane Force

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I looked out at the thrashing seas. It was really starting to churn out there, and the skies were darkening ominously. Any good riding waves were long gone. Maybe it would have been better to evacuate, I thought. There was no one else on the beach, and maybe no one on the whole peninsula, for all I knew. Then I saw the lone car coming toward me, its shape almost obscured by the blowing sand. I thought I knew who it was.

Sure enough, it was the police. The loudspeaker blared unreasonably loud. “You, there,” it said. “You have been ordered to evacuate. Please exit the beach immediately, and head for the mainland.”

I squinted at the windows, but I couldn’t make out whether there was one officer in the car, or twenty. The salt spray had made them semi-obscure. I waved at the car and turned toward the approach, fighting to keep my surfboard from being blown out of my hands. As I glanced back, I saw the car slowly following me up the beach ramp. I walked back to it, and waited for the window to come down. It dropped an inch.

“I’m having a little trouble with the wind,” I said to the officer, whose eyes peered at me from the tiny opening he had created. He looked at me like he didn’t believe me. Suddenly, the wind reversed, and my board smacked the patrol car just behind his door.

“Get in,” was all he said. I opened the rear door and fought to get the surfboard lined up to go in.


I felt the nose of my board contact something, and a girl leaned across the seat toward me. “You trying to kill me with this thing?” she yelled, then took hold of the rails and pulled it in across her lap. I jumped in, and the wind slammed the door shut behind me.

“Sorry,” I offered, and smiled at her. She smiled back, and I couldn’t help but notice how cute she was. She was young, probably about 20, and had long sun-streaked blonde hair, loosely tied with a half dozen little scrunchies of various colors. Freckles on her cheeks, green eyes, and the whitest teeth I had ever seen completed the picture. My smile immediately increased. “What’s your name?” I asked.

Before she could answer, the police officer in the front seat said, “Non-evacuee, just like yours.” I rolled my eyes upward, and she giggled.

“Yep,” she said. “That’s me. Ol’ Non-evacuee. Your parents run out of normal names, too?”

I liked her immediately. “No, my mom worked for FEMA,” I deadpanned, “and that was the only name approved by the agency. That, and Catastrophic.”

She giggled again, a child-like and yet somehow sexy little laugh. Then, seemingly embarrassed, she turned and looked pensively out her side window. I took the moment to look more closely at her.

She wasn’t the snappiest dresser. She wore a pair of sweat- pants and a baggy military-style jacket. Not exactly the Hilfiger or ENYCE I would have expected someone of her age to be dressed in, but somehow it worked for her. Well, I had on just a pair of baggies and a torn long-sleeve t-shirt, so who was I to criticize?

“Where are you taking us?” she suddenly asked of our driver. He gave no immediate answer, and I realized he was listening to his police radio. The call was giving out information about some other people who apparently hadn’t evacuated as ordered, but they were in the next community up the coast.

“The local hospital,” he said, satisfied that he wouldn’t have to take the call. “They’re the designated shelter for this area. You ever think about listening to the radio when there’s a hurricane approaching?”

“Cumberland, or Holy Trinity?” I asked. I hoped it wasn’t Trinity. My mother had taken me there once when I broke my arm, years ago, and I had a bad reaction to the tetanus shot they had given me. I hadn’t been back there in over 40 years. Superstitious, I guess.

“It’ll be Cumberland,” he informed us. “Trinity’s evacuated.” I thought about this for a moment. It must be a bad one, I realized, to evacuate a 150-bed hospital! Guess I should pay more attention to the news from now on. I glanced over at the girl, and she was looking at me, with a worried look in her eyes.

“Stacy,” she said.

We were let out at the entrance to the hospital, and ordered to register at the front desk, in order to be given a place to sleep. As we entered, I was amazed at the sheer number of people inside. They lined both sides of the main corridor, most clutching pillows and bags of food and belongings. I was asked to leave my surfboard in a room behind the desk, which I reluctantly did. We registered, were shown into some kind of conference room with the chairs stacked against one wall, and chose a section of the floor upon which to sleep. Then we got these thin mattresses from a stack and laid them down.

“Well, I guess this is home,” I said to Stacy, propping myself up on one arm on the mattress. It actually wasn’t too bad; not as lumpy as the bed in my apartment.

Stacy settled onto her pallet with a skeptical look on her face. “I’d rather be home,” she said, and she looked suddenly very young illegal bahis and scared. I asked her where home was, and she told me, “A long way from here.” Then, after some gentle prompting, she began to talk, softly.

Over the course of the next hour, she told me about how she came to leave home, how she met up with some other girls, and how together they shared an apartment. The others had fled back to their homes and their parents when the evacuation order came out, but Stacy had burned that bridge, so she decided to ride the storm out.

“Then that cop saw me outside, and ordered me into the car,” she said. “I knew I shouldn’t have gone out, but I wanted to watch the ocean.”

I told her I had wanted to ride the storm surf, so I hid out in the dunes until all the traffic had gone. Then I snuck down the beach a ways, looking for a good place to go out, but the waves kept getting more and more angry, and I began to realize I was too old to do battle with that kind of ocean.

“In fact, I think I aged a couple of years, just looking at those waves,” I laughed. “I never was a big-wave rider.”

I noticed she was studying my face thoughtfully. “How old are you?” she asked. “And by the way, just what is your name?”

“Oh, sorry, it’s Brad,” I answered. “And I’m old enough to be your father.” Damn, I thought, that was a stupid thing to say!”

She smiled, however, and said, “I doubt that.”

This girl knew just what to say! And suddenly I felt younger again, just as I did when out riding the waves. Young girls, I thought, and the sea: Now, that was a formula that could keep you young forever!

We talked into the evening, me telling her about my breakup with my former wife and my subsequent life as a nomadic carpenter, making just enough money to live, and living to surf; she telling me about her own life since leaving home, how she had been living with two card-carrying lesbians and one religious fanatic, and more. As she talked, it seemed to me that she was really struggling with her sexuality as of late. She haltingly told me about having become sexually intimate with each of the two lesbians. They had at first fought over her, until she decided she was in love with each of them, and convinced them of the fact that they could share her. It had progressed from there, until she had become something that they used now, more than loved. She admitted that she still actually kind of enjoyed it, and yet she had the same old sexual urges she had always had, and wished for a steady boyfriend.

“But you’re so cute,” I offered. “You must have guys standing in line outside your door.” I know I would have gladly stood in that line!

“Yeah, guys,” she said slowly. “But, decent guys, guys you want to spend more than one night with…” She seemed lost in thought. Finally she said, “Guys like you, who will listen, and who seem to care about what I think, those are hard to find.”

I cracked a smile. “Hey,” I joked, “I just want to hear more about what those girls have been doing to you!”

She laughed out loud at that, and shook her head. “I may tell you one day, but for now I prefer to let you use your imagination.” I didn’t tell her, but my mind had been quite active, lately! I had already imagined her in half a dozen different scenarios. Nothing like the thought of two women going at it, to fire up a man’s lust! Well, her mood had brightened considerably lately, as if she were glad to have that particular burden off her shoulders. We talked until mealtime.

After we ate, they told us were free to use the resident’s showers, and gave us towels. I joined the men in the west wing, and Stacy traipsed off with a bunch of the females to the showers at the far end of the main building. I was clean, shaven, and feeling alive again when she got back. As she entered the conference room, though, every eye went to her.

She had evidently been wearing only a tiny blue bikini under those baggy sweats and camo jacket, and that was all she wore when she returned, cradling her other clothes in her arms. Her long blonde hair had been shampooed, and was now loose. It fell in wild damp waves across her shoulders and down her back. She looked at me and smiled, and those teeth shone like pearls against her tanned face. All conversation had stopped, and someone at the far end of the room whistled softly.

“Oh my god,” she gushed, dropping her clothes onto her bedding and lowering herself to her knees on the mattress. “I feel so much better!”

I tried to keep my eyes off her lean, tanned body, but it was no use. “You certainly look great,” I said, stating the obvious. I was once again imagining her with her two lesbian roommates. In my mind at the moment, she was caught in a tug-of-war between two expertly-wielded strap-on cocks, the blue bikini top rolled up over those perky breasts, the bottoms stretched tightly between her knees. I could see her face, contorted in pleasure.

Whoa, I told myself. Let’s keep some control, here!

We casino siteleri immediately renewed our conversation from before, this time focusing on my younger days, and we talked until someone came and turned off the lights.

“Well, goodnight,” I said, as she pulled a sheet up over her shoulders, and she smiled over at me.

“No kiss?”

I didn’t know if she was joking or not, but I leaned over her, and she opened her mouth as I placed mine over hers. Her tongue lightly touched my lips, and she sighed. Then she rolled over, saying, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” I drifted off, smiling smugly to myself. Of course, I dreamed about her.

I awoke with a major hard-on, and I was very pleasantly surprised to feel her arm across my waist, and her hand on my cock. She had worked it halfway out the top of my baggies, and was stroking the head slowly. “What time is it?” I asked, struggling to read the Indiglo of my watch in the semi-darkness.

“Shhhh,” she whispered. “Everyone else is asleep. I’ve decided it’s time for you to get lucky.” Then she began to tug down on the waistband of my suit, and I raised my hips to help her lower it. I rolled over on my back, and she pulled it down almost to my knees. “Uh, huh,” was all she said, as she began to slide down my body.

I watched her intently as she moved toward my cock, finally encircling the base of it with her tiny hand. She gave the head a quick lick before settling her body in between my legs. Looking around quickly, she lowered her mouth onto me and began to suck.

It was a terrific blowjob. She had evidently learned to deep-throat by practicing with her roommates’ tools, because once she had my cock sufficiently lubricated with her saliva, she slid me deep into her throat with hardly a pause. Then her tongue began to swab the base of my shaft as she rested her nose against my belly. She looked up at me with her beautiful face impaled on my manhood, and winked.

“Mmmmmm,” I muttered, smiling down at her, careful not to awaken my sleeping neighbors, but anxious to show her my appreciation of her cocksucking skills. She responded with a little moan of her own, and began to work her mouth back up the length of my throbbing fuckstick. It was deliciously slow, pausing at the top to encircle the helmet with her tongue a few times. A quick couple of sucks, and then she eased her face slowly back down again. After five minutes of this, I was ready to blow my load right down her throat.

She sensed the tightening of my balls, and took a new tack, licking up and down the sides of my cock shaft as she fondled my nutsack. While it was pleasurable, it was a whole new set of sensations, and took the edge off my intense desire to orgasm. Once she had me under control again, she began to repeat her deep-throating technique, still watching my face the whole time. She was in no hurry, bringing me near release a half-dozen times, then slowing things back down each time. At one point I looked toward the middle of the room, and saw a woman lying on her side, her elbow on the floor supporting her head as she watched us. She smiled at me.

Stacy worshipped my dick for nearly half an hour, never departing from her slow teasing routine of bringing me to the breaking point, and then backing me back down. My balls ached for release. I knew that if she tried to mount me now, I wouldn’t last three strokes, and I didn’t want to waste the precious time I might get in her pussy. I wanted to fill her pretty face with my cum! As I tried to buck up into her mouth one last time, though, she drew her head back, and began to crawl back up to me.

“Let’s go someplace,” she whispered, and kissed me deeply. I returned her kiss, my tongue probing her magical mouth, and I tasted my pre-cum on her teeth. Reluctantly, I pulled my baggies back up my legs, tucked my still-throbbing cock into the front of them, and followed her from the room.

Taking my hand, she led me down one hall and then another, up stairs and around corners, trying doors as we went. At last we found an unlocked office, and cautiously entered, straining in the darkness to see whether it was occupied. It seemed empty, and best of all, it had a large window that allowed us to hear and see the ferocious gusts that were pummeling the side of the building. I knew the hurricane must be almost upon us.

Indeed, the winds were howling and the rain beat like a drum against the glass as we cleared the desktop of all the personal and business items. Papers, a computer keyboard, a picture of someone’s husband and children, a stapler and lots of paper clips; all went onto the floor. I watched Stacy’s ass in the half-light as she bent over the desk, clad in the tiny blue bikini bottom. It was smooth and muscular, her pussy hanging like a juicy plum between those lean thighs. I was instantly hard again.

“What do you think?” she asked, turning to me with an expectant look, and I leered at her.

“I think if I was any hornier, I’d be banging poker siteleri this file cabinet!” I said. I moved toward her, and she melted into my arms. After a long, lingering kiss, she looked up at me and asked a question.

“Hey! Want to play a little game?”

I slowly agreed, and asked what the game would entail. I mostly wanted to get my throbbing cock inside those pussy walls, to feel her young tightness gripping me the way I had imagined it would. She had pretty much the same idea, but with an interesting twist.

“Remember when you said you were old enough to be my father?” she said with a coy look on her face. “Well, it got me to fantasizing…”

I picked up on her thoughts immediately, and backed away from her. I had been fantasizing about just such a thing as I fell asleep. Now I stood with my arms crossed, a stern look on my face.

“Stacy!” I said loudly, and she flinched at the sound of my voice. It seemed unnaturally loud in the half-light of the room, and the winds outside served as an exclamation point.

“Yes, daddy?”

I advanced on her again, this time keeping my arms crossed. “Just what have you been doing here, little girl?” I asked accusingly.

She stammered, “I, I haven’t…I didn’t do anything.” She looked genuinely scared, as if maybe she thought I was getting into this a little too much.

I reached for her hand, and held it tightly by the wrist. “Have you been playing with yourself, perhaps?” I asked. “Because I distinctly smell the scent of an aroused pussy in here.” I drew her hand to my nose, and sniffed her fingers, one by one.

“That’s not the one, daddy,” she said, dipping her other hand into the front of her bikini bottom. She looked at me and smiled. “This is the one that I use.”

She slowly withdrew her hand, and I saw her middle finger leave a slippery trail across her belly as she raised it to show me. I could already smell her sex. She brought the lucky finger to her mouth and pursed her lips. Then she began to lick it like an ice cream cone.

“Mmmm, daddy, this is good,” she said wickedly. “You should try this.”

“Oh, I will,” I said, “but first I think you need a good spanking.” I grabbed her by the hair and spun her around. “Now, bend over that desk!”

She did as I asked, bracing herself with her hands on the far side of the desktop. I rolled the bikini bottom down over her hips. Her ass stuck out so invitingly that I wanted to take her right there, but this game had me intrigued. She wiggled her legs, and the suit fell to the floor, where she stepped out of it.

“Is this…okay?” she asked, looking expectantly at me. Her eyes were full of lust and her breathing came quickly, as if she couldn’t wait for me to begin her punishment. I rubbed my hand in circles over the hardness of her muscular butt as she spread her legs expectantly.

“Not much fat here,” I observed. “You think you can take this?” I popped her a quick one with the flat of my hand on her left cheek.


She jumped with the surprise of my slap, though I knew it didn’t hurt that much. Well, the first few wouldn’t…



I evened up my assault with a couple of open-handed smacks to her right cheek. Already I could see the flush my blows had brought to her skin. This time she didn’t cry out, but stood tightly gripping the desk edge, her head down, long hair hiding her face. I ran my hand up her back and around, slipping inside the cup of her bikini top. Her breast was warm and smooth, and just filled my hand. She pulled the cups of her top up over her breasts herself, giving me free access. I tweaked the nipple, and she flinched under my touch. Then I slid my hand back down her back and between her ass cheeks, letting my middle finger slide smoothly down into her boiling cunt.

“Ohhhh, yes,” she sighed. Her young pussy instantly gripped my finger and held it tightly. I worked it in and out a couple of times, slowly.

“Like that?” I asked, and she moaned, her legs already shaking. Her head came up, and she gasped once.

“God, yeah!” She began to move forward and back, trying to impale herself further on my intruding digit, but I kept just the fingertip in now, teasing her glistening lips and stroking her already engorged clitoris.

“Oooh, put it in me,” she begged. “I want it deep inside me.”

Instead, I palmed her pussy and stroked her throbbing clit with my fingertips for a bit, then patted it with the flat of my hand a half-dozen times. She threw her head back and breathed deeply. I penetrated her again, this time with two fingers, all the way to the last knuckle.

“Oh, GOD!” she yelled. She spread her legs even wider, wanting more. I wasn’t through teasing her, though.

I withdrew my fingers and rained a pair of blows on her rosy ass again, making sure to hit each cheek evenly. My hand was now covered with her juices, and it smacked wetly on the tight skin of her ass.



“Ah, Godddddd!” she breathed, and I knew that the pain was turning into pleasure for her. I dipped my fingers into her again. She was drenched. I could see the juices running down the inside of each thigh in long shiny trails. She held her ass high, waiting for whatever I might decide to do next. Her legs shook wildly.

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Satin Blues

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Please don’t view this story if you are under the age of 18 or if otherwise prohibited by local law.


My mother went crazy two weeks and five days after my seventeenth birthday. Well that’s not exactly true, she had always been crazy but quietly so. She went from paranoia and mood swings to eating sticks of chalk like candy and covering the walls in tin foil. Mama was an artist so at first I just figured it was another piece of her work but in my heart I knew things would never be the same. Eight days after she began to unravel like a threadbare quilt we went to visit my father. He had been no more than a name to me on a birth certificate and when my mother told me to get in the car I had no idea where we were going but I was game.

Hell I was even a little bit relieved, see Mama and I always went on adventures, sometimes we would get in the car and just drive until we found somewhere fun to stop she was just spontaneous like that. Loads of people were down on her about me not being in school and not having friends my own age , they didn’t understand us is all. Mama had home schooled me because she didn’t think the school systems were doing that all fire good at teaching kids what they ought to know plus we were sort of poor and she knew that even the she could do wouldn’t stop other kids from thinking less of me. When she got to be a little more well known and we had lots of money she’d said I could choose whether or not I wanted to go to public school but by then I was spoiled to our ways and I couldn’t see giving up adventures in the car and afternoons on the beach to be stuck in a hot smelly class room with thirty other kids and a teacher who didn’t even know me.

Other kids already thought I was plenty weird so how could I tell them I had no idea how to play old maid or go fish but I sure as hell knew how to play spades, hearts and poker? So instead of playing games with other kids and going to sleepovers I was staying up all night to listen to Mama and her friends talk about everything from the latest politics to whether cubism was a valid form of artistic expression or whether it was simply too structured .

I loved my life and I loved my Mama something fierce that’s how I knew things would never ever be the same. I had grabbed two pairs of jeans and a couple of tee shirts along with some clean panties and a tooth brush plus my art books because with mama you never could tell if you were just going to the grocery store or if you’d end up being gone for a week. I shoved my feet into a pair of flip flops and tossed my sneakers into the bag as an afterthought and slung my beat up denim knapsack with random patches sewn helter skelter to the fabric over my shoulder . Running down the stairs I didn’t look back because it would have hurt to much I wanted to pretend that I’d be back in an hour or a day or a week but I knew better.

As we drove down the coast I stared at the beach as Moody’s mood for love played on the radio. There I go, There I go, There I go There I go I wanted to cry but I couldn’t I did not want to let on just then that I knew things were changing maybe this was what they meant by growing pains because this hurt like fucking hell. I glanced over at Mama she had her purple shades over her eyes and she was still the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. I don’t mean that like most people think either, when I was little I had thought she was pretty simply because she was my mama but a few years ago I had realized that she really was truly a breath taking woman it was a realization that struck me as odd as if I had believed in fairy tales my whole life only to find that they were real.

She was looking at the road and tapping her right hand against the cushioned steering wheel while she worried her full bottom lip with her white teeth. The wind from the open window stirred her long hair that almost always seemed to be in windswept disarray anyway. I stopped looking and opened the glove box. Reaching my hand past a flash light and a pack of big red I pulled out a box of Newport’s and shut the compartment. Tapping the unopened pack against my thigh for a moment before ripping away cellophane I pulled a cigarette from the pack and reached on the dashboard to grab my lighter patterned with sunflowers. I had gotten the lighter and ten other like it when we’d driven from California to the Jersey shore, Mama had, had a gallery show in New York a two weeks later and so we had stayed in Atlantic city . The beaches weren’t like California instead they seemed dirty and desolate but it was still an adventure.

I snapped back to reality remembering the lingering taste of taffy and the smell of roasted peanuts and metallic salt. Dismissing the memory I took a deep pull from my cigarette and stared out the window blowing a stream of smoke into the already polluted air. Sighing I reached between my legs and down into the deep front pocket of my knapsack my fingers drifted over a patch of crumbs from god only knows what and a sticky piece of unwrapped bedava bahis hard candy before brushing the very edge of my red heart shaped sunglasses.

Taking the novelty shades out I shook the crumbs away and slid them on my face as the cigarette I held between my lips shook a tiny bit and deposited a tiny pile of ashes on my already dirty bag. I watched Mama glance at me from the corner of my eye before turning her gaze back to the endless road before us. I wanted to ask her where we were headed but I knew she would say what she always did, “We’re headed for tomorrow silly.” At least I hoped that’s what she would say, I didn’t want answers bad enough to shake the foundation of every thing that was familiar to me even though I could already feel the truths I had known my whole life breaking away and scattering into the wind.

It only took about an hour or so for us to pull up in front of a two story house in some suburb, the house looked neat and clean and for some reason it struck fear in my heart I wanted to go back to our apartment right now, I wanted to walk in and see black and white murals painted on the walls and hear Billie Holiday playing smooth and low in the background while people came and went like we had a revolving door. I wanted, I wanted, I wanted. I wanted the security of knowing that there was nothing in the refrigerator but sushi fresh salad and bottles of water and that dinner was merely a phone call away but wanting didn’t magically make all things right.

The car was in park and Mama was shaking me as if to rouse me from sleep, I stared at her through the darkened lenses of my sunglasses and frowned. She hadn’t said so much as a word for the whole drive and now she was motioning for me to get out of the car.

I moved slowly trying to rack my brain, of all the places we had ever been I’d never been to this house. She was ringing the door bell as I grabbed my bag and the shut the passenger side door.

I walked up the driveway and waited behind her. A tall dark skinned woman with jet black hair opened the door of the house and looked at us. I didn’t know her and she couldn’t have been more than a few years older than me but she seemed to know exactly who we were. In fact she seemed to have been expecting us.

She smiled broadly and stepped back inviting us to

“Come on in.”

She had an accent like the summer air in Baton Rouge deep thick and slightly smothering. The house looked like an ad for cleaning products there wasn’t so much as a speck of dirt anywhere and far as I could tell there wasn’t an artist within miles of the place.

We sat down in the living room that was stark white with peach sofas and deep dark wooden furniture, I had my doubts as to whether the couch had ever been sat upon. The room made me uncomfortable and slightly self-conscious like I should have scrubbed my self clean before walking into it.

The woman sat across from us perched on the edge of an overstuffed peach chair.

“Why you must be little Billie, I’m Satin.” I stared at her from behind my shades and raised an eyebrow.

Satin? was she fucking kidding me and who the hell was this chick calling little did I look like some damn toddler?

“Nice to meet you.”

I drawled mocking her accent. Mama threw me a furious glance and turned to the woman and smiled.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Satin, You have a lovely home.”

The woman smiled and offered us a drink I wanted a drink all right but I had a feeling she didn’t mean what I meant. When Satin disappeared into the kitchen Mama turned to me.

“You’re staying here kid so make nice, I’ll be back for you after a while.”

I stared at her unable to comprehend what she was telling me. Sure I’d stayed with her friends before loads of times but certainly not people I didn’t know and none of Mama’s friends lived in perfect little suburbs. I felt like puking all over the damn peach sofa.

“Who is this woman?” I asked

“She’s your father’s wife.”

Mama said standing and grabbing her keys off of the coffee table . I sat still for a moment shocked beyond words or motion. I heard the front door slam before I jumped up, by the time I’d gotten to the driveway she was racing down the street like a bat out of hell.

I still couldn’t process what was happening my mind simply refused to understand, I closed the door and returned to the living room sitting down on the sofa , Satin came back with three glasses of lemonade but there were only two of us now. I reached for one of the glasses my hand shaking a little, almost imperceptibly.

I didn’t say a word as I downed the lemonade, Satin just sat there staring at me like she wasn’t quite sure what to do or say. I slammed the glass down on the tray she had carried out and set on the coffee table.

Her eyes widened and I’m pretty sure she wanted to pick up the glass and check it for damages but she didn’t. She picked up one of the two casino siteleri remaining glasses and sipped the drink.

I watched her and wondered if she’d been to some archaic finishing school. Her thighs were pressed together with her legs crossed at the ankles, and although her back wasn’t resting against the back of the chair it was straight. Her posture was perfect and instead of looking uncomfortable she seemed to be completely relaxed.

She had to have known that my mother had literally run out of the house and left me there and she was sipping her lemonade as if everything was on the up and up. When she had finished her drink set her own empty glass down she stood and picked up the service tray taking it back into the kitchen. When she came back I was still sitting there staring at the chair she had vacated and trying not to think at all .

“Why don’t you come with me and let me show you your room honey.”


I said grabbing my bag and glaring at her from behind my sunglasses. It was quite easy to pretend that she was the woman to blame for my current situation.

We walked back into the front hall and up the staircase turning to the right and going all the way to the end of the hall she opened another door instead of it being a room there was another staircase. At the top of the stairs I was one huge room empty except for a bed and a dresser. The room gleamed as if it were brand new not so much as a scuff on the wood floor. There were two doors one on the far side of the room one was a walk in closet as big as the my bedroom in our apartment and the other was a full bathroom.

I tossed my bag on the ground and kicked my flip flops off before I flopped onto the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Satin turned to leave me and I stopped her.

“Hey what’s my father like?”

She turned back to me and although I wasn’t looking I could tell she was staring.

“He’s a good man.” She told me quietly. I laughed because if I didn’t I might have lost it for real.

She was still staring at me and probably thinking I was a little nuts. When I stopped laughing she spoke.

“You don’t know anything about him do you?”

I took off my sunglasses and turned my head to look at her,

“I know that he fucked my mother then left her so he could go off to school. I know he hasn’t bothered to send me so much as a damn birthday card. I know that much.”

“You don’t know anything.”

She told me before walking out of the room and quietly shutting the door. I frowned wondering what the hell she meant. I got up off of the bed and grabbed my bag I had exactly 23 dollars to my name and that was shoved in my back pocket I doubted if I would be able to find a city bus out here in the boonies so it looked like I’d be hitching a ride.

I knew that the highway was maybe a mile or so away and I’d have to walk to it if I had any hope of going anywhere. I picked up my shoes and crept out of the attic down the stairs and into the hall. I had no idea where Satin was but she was nowhere in sight.

Hell she was probably off scrubbing or scouring something, unless they had a maid to do that type of thing. I didn’t spare too much time thinking about it. I walked down the main stairs and right out the front door. Heading back in the direction that I had come earlier while I was in the car with Mama I found the highway easily.

I had to run across it to get on the right side for hitching in the direction I wanted to go. Cars passed me by not even bothering to slow down after about forty minutes I was getting a little ticked, but I could wait it out if it meant going home.

When there was a lull in traffic I pulled a cigarette from my bag, lit it and stood there smoking . The car that slowed in front of me had such a quiet engine I hadn’t even heard it coming it was a sleek low-riding black Lexus with tinted windows.

It was a cool ride but I wasn’t about to get in, people with cars like that thought they could take liberties plus with the way my day was going it would probably turn out to be a pimp or worse a porno producer with a proposition for me.

The drivers side window glided down and I saw it was worse than a pimp, it was Satin. I looked away from her and started to walk backward with my thumb stuck out, she put the car in reverse and stayed along side of me.

“Get in the car.” Her voice had a hard edge to it when she spoke.

“I’m going home.” I told her almost bursting into tears.

“Well then I’ll take you, I’m not going to leave you out here. Don’t you understand that someone could kill you?”

“Don’t you understand that I don’t fucking care? My mother just dumped me at some damn stranger’s house and went off for god only knows how long.” I said finally breaking down and starting to cry.

I had stopped walking and she had her foot on the brakes to keep the car from moving. “Get in the car.” she said again. Not bahis siteleri feeling like putting up a fight I tossed my cigarette and rounded the car to get in. The chances of someone picking up a crying teenager were slim to none anyhow, it smacked of the classic runaway story.

I slumped down in the passenger’s seat and stared out of the window True to her word Satin took me back to the apartment, she obviously knew her way because she didn’t even ask for directions she just drove me there. I fished my keys out of my bag and went into the building. Satin was right behind me I ignored her until I got the door unlocked.

“Thanks for the ride, bye.” I told her trying to shut the door in her face.

She pushed the door with more force than I expected and walked in as if I had invited her.

“I’m not going anywhere.” she said


I mumbled turning away from her and heading up the stairs to my room. I slammed the door and turned my stereo on full blast. The downstairs neighbors would raise hell if they were home but so fucking what. I opened my desk drawer and pulled out a handmade wooden box, I had gotten in Mexico. Sliding back the top I pulled out a joint and lit it.

Taking a long drag and holding the smoke in my lungs I sprawled across my Power Puff girls bedspread. I wasn’t in my room for a full three minutes when Satin opened the door and walked in. She turned the music off and turned to me.

“You know you’re kind of a little bitch.”

She said as she grabbed the joint from me. I thought she was going to put it out so I was surprised when she put it to her lips and took a long pull. Clearly she was no beginner. She held the smoke in her lungs for almost a minute before slowly exhaling. I was staring at her with my mouth open in shock.

“Did you think you were the original bad girl honey? or were you judging the book by it’s cover?” She asked me laughing.

I didn’t say a word as she handed the joint back to me.

“I’ll be downstairs waiting when you’re done, get whatever you’ll be needing and come down when you’re ready. I can wait as long as you can.” she told me as she smoothed the front of her dress.

I sighed and stayed where I was smoking and thinking. I cried and cried and when there were no more tears I stood up and looked around my room. I grabbed my two huge CD cases and my portable CD player since I didn’t even feel like disconnecting my stereo.

When I got downstairs Satin was sitting on the couch waiting for me. When she saw me she stood. We left and drove back to her house in silence. I stole glances at her and silently wondered just who she was. When we pulled up she opened the garage and parked her sleek little car inside before closing the door again.

There was a jeep in there too and I had no idea if it had been there all along or not. As I passed the front of the Jeep to enter the house through the inner door of the garage I touched the hood. It was cool and hadn’t been recently parked, but that fact told me nothing we had in fact been gone for hours. I was nervous what if my father was in there?

When we walked in the door there was a man standing in the kitchen, when he turned to look at me I felt as if the bottom had just dropped out of my world. It was more than a little disconcerting to see your own features on the face of a stranger, and even more alarming when that stranger happened to be a white man. I looked from the man to Satin and then back again.

“What the fuck?” The words were out of my mouth before I could think about them let alone stop them.

“I take it you didn’t know I was white?” He said with a smile.

I just stared at him, I didn’t know what to say. Instead of continuing to stand there like a moron I walked past him and ran through the house and up the stairs. I couldn’t believe this, overnight my life had become The Jerry Springer show. If Satin turned out to be my sister I was going to go berserk. How could my mother have hidden the fact that I was half white from me for more than a decade and a half?

Being emotionally drained and coming down from my marijuana induced buzz had me asleep five minutes after I collapsed on the bed. I awoke the next morning to Satins low gentle voice calling my name as she shook me awake. I opened my eyes and glared at her.

“Come on Billie get up we have to get you to school.” she said brightly as if it were good news.

I sat straight up fully awake “Get me to where?”

“School.” she repeated

“Are you kidding me?”

“No honey I’m not I know you’ve been home schooled but I now that you’re going to be living here your father and I think you need to go to regular school and have some structure, some rules and some friends your own age.”

“You’re out of your mind.” I told her laying back down

“Come on get up,” her voice had a harder edge this time but I ignored her turning my back to her in case she didn’t get the message.

I was nearly asleep again when I felt cold water complete with ice cubes drenching my head and upper chest. I jumped out of the bed and stood there glaring at her.

“Oh I see you’re up.” She said as if she hadn’t just drenched me with a pitcher of ice water, she had damn near drowned me.

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How Much Do You Want This Job?

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“You want this job so bad I’m sure we can COME to some arrangement?” she announced from her side of the desk.

I was being interviewed by probably the hottest woman I had seen in my life! Her blouse barely covered a huge set of tits I couldn’t stop myself from staring at, her legs were long and thin with a black cotton miniskirt, and a pair of sharp blue eyes that made me go weak at the knees.

I was lost in a daydream, imagining her naked and spread waiting for me to sink my hard cock inside her – I couldn’t help my mind from drifting.

“Stand up!”

“What?” I asked, “Is that the interview over?”

“Oh no, honey, it’s just beginning.”

I was confused. But it didn’t take long for me to understand exactly what her intentions were.

“So tell me,” she continued, “are you willing to give me what I want in return for the job you want?”

“Er…” I stood next to my chair with the only answer that was in my head, “yeah, I need this job so tell me what I have to do.”

“What if I wanted you to strip?” she asked.

“I…I don’t think…er…” I pondered on what it could result in when I was quickly interrupted,

“Mr Jones. The door is behind you. I suggest you exit via it if you are not willing to prove you want this job. If you are, then remove your shirt; show me your manly chest.”

Realising the potential of the situation I placed my tie and shirt neatly on the chair, now standing topless before my interviewer.

“Take off your shoes and trousers. I want to see you standing in your underwear. And don’t forget your socks!”

She was leaning back casually over her chair, pen in her mouth, chewing and tonguing it suggestively. Within seconds the only thing covering my eager young body was a pair of loose cotton boxer shorts.

She got up and took a long ruler from her desk, not bothering to pull down her miniskirt, which was now slightly hiked up from how she was sat. The tops of her thighs were no longer left to the imagination as I ogled canlı bahis her from where I stood. She then began walking round me, rubbing the ruler in her hand, eyes roaming up and down my almost naked body. I’d say I’m fairly thin, but finally my 20 years of life have started to fill me out a bit so I guess I’m half way between thin and average build. My chest is toned, mainly due to being thin rather than the sparse sessions at the gym. I’m not particularly hairy and have shaved balls – a request of a previous girlfriend. My hair is generally roughly spiked with a clean shaven face.

As Amy went out of sight she brought the ruler down on my arse. It was fairly gentle, more playful than bondage. She stoked the ruler up and down my back, teasing the waistline of my boxer shorts, causing my package to begin to firm up.

“I suppose it’s unfair for you to be almost naked and me fully clothed isn’t it?”

“Er…yeah…” I replied, sounding quite dumb.

“Right then, give me your hand and close your eyes.”

I did as I was told. She took my hand in hers and placed it on her bare neck, slowly beginning to trail it down her cleavage. As I felt her chest beginning to bulge slightly she brushed my hand across her blouse, my fingers straightening to trace the outline of her bra underneath.

“I’ve had around 5 men this morning wanting this job,” she said as she directed my fingers to her buttons – I automatically began to undo them with my eyes still closed, “the interviews have been half an hour each. Four of the five have fucked me, the other was so ugly I only let him lick my slit, equal opportunities and all that but there was no way I was going to have his dick inside me. One shagged me on the desk and 3 on the sofa behind you.”

By this point I had finished with her buttons. She let her blouse fall from her and pressed her tits against my bare chest. I instinctively moved my arms around her and undid her bra as she pressed into my tent pitched boxers. kaçak iddaa My eyes were still closed, her tongue now licking my neck around my ear, occasionally nibbling it playfully.

“I want you inside me,” my hands running under her short skirt as she whispered, “I want your big prick inside me, you can be better than the others I know it.” My hands brushed across her slit, noting she was wearing no underwear, “I started out the morning with knickers, but found they just took up the valuable time in these interviews. Open your eyes.”

With that she put her hand in the waistline of my boxer shorts and used them to pull me towards her desk, giving me seconds to view the gorgeous pair of breasts she was displaying, before our mouths met in a passionate kiss. I couldn’t resist running my hands all over her hot body, groping her tits, then feeling under her skirt to touch the wet pussy beneath. Amy ripped down my boxer shorts and pulled my hard dick towards her hole, I had no problem entering her wet opening, probably by the fact that I wasn’t the only lucky man to be inside her this morning.

She grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled me deeper into her, every movement was frantic.

“Oh…mmm…fuck me…oh fuck me…” escaped her lips between her erratic breaths.

I was slamming into her as her hand followed my arse cleavage to my own hole. I moaned as her finger pushed its way inside. I’d never had this done to me before but I wanted this job, besides, it felt quite good!

“Ah…ah…I’m…getting close!” she moaned.

With Amy close to orgasm I was now in full control of the situation.

“Turn over,” I ordered sharply, “bend over the desk, I want to fuck you from behind!”

There was maybe a second lost as she turned round on my command, my rock hard prick immediately slamming back into her from this new position. With her skirt hiked right up round her waist I had a perfect view of her tight butt hole as she bounced on my dick.

“Oh kaçak bahis fuck….oo…oh baby, I’m gonna cum over your hard meat, fuck me, fuck me big boy…”

I felt her pussy contracting around my hard member as she rode into her orgasm, squealing in ecstasy. I slowed the pace as she came down from a hard orgasm. With her pussy now incredibly wet, I pulled out and began wiping her wetness over her butt hole, seeking come back for the arse probing she had given me earlier. Amy seemed to welcome it as she pushed her butt into the air and parted her rear cheeks with one hand. Being a gentleman, I slowly nudged my way in, fully soaking in the pleasure of this new, tighter hole.

As I had entered her fully I began to increase the tempo of my thrusts. She was clenching her arse around my hard cock as her free hand rubbed her clit, trying to climax for a second time.

“Mmm…no one’s had my arse today…push it deep inside…oh…oh…push your big cock deep inside my arse, fill it, fill it with your hot cum!”

Her breathing was now heavy pants,

“Oh…ooo…I’m gonna cum again, I want you to fill me while I cum…ah…oh…”

Her arse was tightening even more as she rubbed her clit to orgasm. I couldn’t take it, I let out a loud moan as reams of hot sticky cum filled her back entrance. I grabbed her tits with my hands and pulled her up to almost a standing position as I continued to coat her insides with my cum, jolting as my dick throbbed inside her.

After riding out the joint orgasm she pulled away, causing my cock to plop out. We both began to redress ourselves as she gave me feedback on my performance,

“Not bad! I must say, none of the men this morning have tried their luck with my arse. It felt good,” she said whilst discretely trying to wipe the cum leaking from her arse, “I think I can safely say you’re through to the second interview stage. Mrs Quate will also be interviewing alongside me. She’s almost 50, but doesn’t look a day over 30. Mind, age is experience – believe me, I know. Now you know what to expect, I expect you’ll be well prepared.”

She guided me to the door as my mind raced through what the next interview could bring.

“Mr Peters!” she called out to the man waiting in reception, “I’m ready for you now.”

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How Had I Ended Up Here Ch. 07

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John gave Clare a kiss on the lips and headed out the door.

He had his meeting with Ciara this morning and practically raced to work.

He arrived early into the office and dug out his ’emergency bag’. It contained a razor, shaving cream, aftershave, and a spare change of clothes. He applied a generous measure of aftershave to himself and threw the bag back in the drawer.

He set himself to work, but got nothing productive done, his eyes and ears trained on his office door.

John finally heard a knock on his door and he took a moment to compose himself.

“Yes?” John asked.

The door opened and Ciara, John’s assistant entered.

Her appearance had changed in the last 24 hours. The black trousers were replaced by a black skirt that displayed her slender legs. Her sweater was gone, showing the blouse to be well-fitted and partially unbuttoned. She still wore her glasses, though her long brown hair was down, falling across her shoulders.

“Good morning, Ciara. Are you ready for your review?” John asked innocently, though he could feel his heart beat faster at her change in appearance. “Good morning sir. Oh, I feel I’m ready for whatever you have in mind,” Ciara flirtatiously replied.

“You mentioned an unconventional opportunity?” Ciara asked and stood at the far side of the desk.

“Yes, it’s an opportunity that I wouldn’t offer anyone else,” John said and stood.

Ciara cocked an eyebrow at that.

“Well sir, I’m privileged that you are considering me for it. What would it involve?” Ciara asked.

John walked around to where Ciara stood and faced her.

They could both feel the charge in the room.

“Well, there’d be longer hours,” John began, caressing Ciara’s cheek. She leaned into his hand, relishing the feel of his wedding ring on her skin.

“There’d be late nights,” John continued, slipping his right bahis siteleri arm around her waist. Ciara gently ground her crotch into his.

“Is there a lot of extra work?” Ciara asked sweetly, placing her hand on his chest.

“No, it wouldn’t be extra work. It’d be…more one on one exercises,” John murmured suggestively as he passed his hand across her skirt.

“Ah, so the benefit would be more job ‘satisfaction’,” Ciara guessed, as her hands drifted down his chest to his waist.

“Exactly,” John said as his fingers grazed the smooth skin of her right thigh.

Ciara shivered with anticipation at this.

“Sir, I’d be thrilled to take this opportunity. I could appreciate how your wife mightn’t understand this and I guarantee my utmost discretion,” Ciara promised.

“Ciara, I’m very happy to hear that. And she wouldn’t, but I feel that my drive to see you satisfied in work is a good reason to keep this to ourselves,” John whispered, as his hand passed under Ciara’s skirt and between her thighs.

John’s fingers found Ciara’s smooth lips and could almost swear he could feel the heat.

“You were right, you are ready,” John chuckled and pushed his fingers inside her.

Ciara gasped as John, her married boss pushed his middle and ring fingers inside her already wet pussy.

“I didn’t want there to be any delay or barrier to beginning this ‘opportunity’,” Ciara remarked as she leaned in and kissed John’s neck.

John pleasured her with his fingers while she kissed his neck and undid his belt. She opened his trousers and reached inside.

She gasped as John pushed his fingers further inside her, opening her further. John gasped as Ciara pulled down his underwear and wrapped her smooth manicured hands around his thick cock.

She started working his cock and kissing up towards his lips.

John pushed canlı bahis siteleri his fingers further into her practically dripping wetness. “Oh my God,” Ciara cried. “I can feel your wedding ring inside me,” Ciara commented lustfully. The smooth metal felt exquisite against the walls of her pussy. She got a wicked idea.

“Well, I won’t take it off for these sorts of exercises,” John explained, he began to withdraw his hand as he realised she was ready.

Ciara felt this and clenched her pussy as he withdrew his hand.

John withdrew his slick hand to find his wedding ring was missing. Ciara looked at him with a mischievous smirk.

“You have no idea how good this feels,” Ciara confessed.

“Well how about I replace it with something larger?” John asked.

Ciara reached down and took the ring out of her pussy. It was coated with her cum.

“Ready when you are sir,” Ciara purred.

John grabbed her and lay her back on his desk. He lined his cock up with her pussy and thrust.

Ciara felt the first four inches of John’s cock bury itself in her wet snatch. She was taken aback by the size of him. Her mind was distracted from the fact his cock was bare as he opened her tightness deliciously.

Before a rational part of her brain could tell her of the risks she heard a darker, more passionate part of her brain whisper.

‘You’ve got him inside you. He may be married, but you could have more of a claim to him than his wife,’ Ciara heard her inner voice say.

‘You shouldn’t do this, he’s married,’ her conscience thought.

‘He’s married, and he decided I’m the woman he wants to fuck more than his wife. So I better make sure he comes back for more,’ Ciara thought wickedly.

She silenced her conscience and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Sir, I don’t have a boyfriend. So you can do güvenilir bahis what you want,” Ciara said in a sultry tone.

John looked at her for a moment, registering her comment. He leaned down and kissed her neck, finishing with a soft bite.

“Mmmm. Sir, I know your wife is calling by in an hour, but I’d certainly like to be filled with satisfaction when I greet her,” Ciara moaned.

John increased his pace, claiming every inch of her tight pussy with each thrust.

“Ciara, I think you’ve got a surprising thought process for this opportunity,” John confessed, startled by the young woman underneath him.

“Well sir, I feel as your assistant I should service your every need. And I’d like to feel pride at having performed my duties when I meet your wife,” Ciara admitted breathlessly.

‘Also, the idea of making conversation with a woman as her husband’s cum is filling me sounds wickedly enjoyable,’ Ciara thought to herself.

‘God this girl is naughtier than I imagined,’ John thought to himself.

“And as my assistant you will be perfectly polite to my wife,” John affirmed.

“Of course, anything to keep her in the dark and to keep you fucking me,” Ciara moaned.

John felt himself close. He realised Ciara was the fourth woman he was pleasing. A redhead, a blonde, a raven haired and a brunette. ‘Got the whole set,” John grinned to himself.

“Ciara, I’m about to cum,” John groaned.

Ciara bit her lip with pleasure and to suppress her hesitation. She felt him explode deep in her cunt. His thick seed flooded her womb.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” John admitted. Ciara silently agreed, she was revelling in the feeling of a man’s seed inside her.

John practically slumped over her. Their lips instinctively finding each other and pressing together.

The lovers kissed hungrily for a steamy, before John stood up and helped Ciara to her feet.

“Well sir, I feel I am definitely up for this new opportunity,” Ciara grinned.

“You most certainly are,” John agreed breathlessly.

“You clean yourself up, your wife is due in forty minutes. I’ll be sure to greet her, sir,” Ciara added slyly and slipped out the door.

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House Sitting Ch. 01

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A couple of years ago, I had an on-going relationship with a woman that I had known for a long time. Amy was about five years younger than me, and stunningly gorgeous.

We had met when I was coaching her son in football. At that point, we were both married. We got along quite well, and joked around together a lot. Even during the off-season, we would run into each other, at grocery stores, school functions, etc.

Soon, though, we were both divorced. We went out on a date, wound up sleeping together that night, and remained friends. Neither of us was looking for a serious relationship at that point, so we maintained a “Friends-With-Benefits” type situation.

Last summer, she had a chance to travel overseas to see her cousin. She was planning on taking both of her kids, so she asked me to house-sit for her. She needed someone to feed her pets, water her plants, etc.

When she asked me, of course I immediately agreed. My lease was just about up on my apartment, which I didn’t plan on renewing, so staying at her house would give me a chance to find a new place while she was gone.

She had a nice sized house in a corner of a cul-de-sac. I always teased her by calling her street “Hottie Lane.” There was a total of six houses in her circle, four of which were occupied by beautiful women, including her.

Her neighbor to her left, Adrienne, which was the first house on that side, was my age, early 40’s, with two incredibly gorgeous daughters who were both in college. The neighbor on the other side, Mary Beth, was married, beautiful, in her early 30’s, and not too bright. At the other end of the circle was Mary Beth’s sister, Kate, who was in her mid-30’s, widowed, and after Amy, the second most beautiful woman on the street.

A couple of weeks before she left for her vacation, Amy threw a cook-out for Memorial Day weekend, and invited all of her neighbors. I was running the grill and having a few beers while the women socialized.

Mary Beth’s husband didn’t attend, mainly because he was an anti-social asshole, but in large part, because he couldn’t stand me. At Amy’s last party, he tried making fun of me by mocking the fact that I was drinking top shelf bourbon and smoking a Cohiba. I retorted by telling him that it was hard to take someone’s opinions seriously when they looked, and acted, like a cross between Larry The Cable Guy and Toby Keith.

Everyone else, though, was there, and a good time was had by all. At one point, Amy mentioned that I was going to be house sitting while she was gone. Mary Beth moaned that her husband was going to have a fit, with me living next door for a month, and Adrienne responded that she thought it would be nice having a man around for a while.

Towards the end of the party, while everyone was stuffed and either drunk, or almost there, Adrienne came up to me while I was making another round of Margaritas.

“While you are here, if there is anything you need, just let me know,” she told me, speaking slowly and slurring a bit.

“Thanks,” I responded. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“I DO mean ANYthing,” she told me, giggling, as she walked away.

As I watched her walked away, her hips swishing under her short jeans skirt, I saw Mary Beth walk towards me. I could tell that she was already drunk by the way that she wobbled on her feet.

“I just wanted to apologize,” she told me, slurring heavily, “for what I said earlier. I didn’t mean to insult you. I just meant that the asshole is going to be even more of an asshole with you here. Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t married to him, he’s such a jerk.”

“Hey, no insult taken,” I told her. “I have to ask though, are you ok? You seem a bit drunk.”

“I am drunk,” she responded. “But not drunk enough. I know that when I get home, the asshole is going to interrogate me, and then want to have sex. At least this way, I can just go to bed and pass out before he tries to stick that tiny little thing he calls a dick into me.”

I was surprised that Mary Beth was speaking like that. She was usually very quiet and mousy, almost like she was afraid to voice an opinion. I knew that she was very devoted to her church, much like her sister. I just wrote it off as liquid courage.

At the end of the night, I had four drunk women on my hands, all to varying degrees. Mary Beth was obviously the worst off, but Adrienne wasn’t too far behind. Kate was tipsy and slurring her words, but not too bad off. Amy was quite “happy”, and I had to admit that I had quite a good buzz going.

I couldn’t let these women walk, or rather stumble, home alone, even if it was no more than a few hundred feet at the most. I started walking them home, with May Beth first.

She was so drunk that I had to have her hold on to me. As I got her home, her husband opened the door and did not look happy that she was that wasted, or that I was walking her home, especially considering the fact that she was virtually hanging on me.

He started giving her grief, and I told him, quite simply, that if he had bothered türkçe bahis to come over and visit, he would have been the one walking her home. His response was a basic and crude, “Fuck you.”

“Oh,” I responded. “How can I possibly recover from such a witty and biting comeback?”

He glared at me and slammed the door shut while I laughed at him, remembering what Mary Beth had said about him.

Next, I walked Adrienne home. As we got to her door, she thanked me for being such a gentleman, gave me a tight hug that lasted a few seconds, and reminded me that she was “just next door”, in case I needed ANYTHING. I thanked her, and then went back to walk Kate home.

Kate, obviously, was the longest walk, although only a few hundred feet. As I walked her home, she hooked her arm in mine, and started telling me that she was glad that I was around. She asked me about my relationship with Amy, and when I told her that we were mainly just friends, I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was intrigued.

A couple of weeks later, I took Amy and her kids to the airport and saw them off. The last thing that Amy said to me before she went through security was, “Have fun while I’m gone.”

I then went back to her house and settled in. That evening, I was enjoy the cool temps as I sat in the Tiki Hut that I had helped Amy put up the summer before.

It was a nice set-up back there. Sitting in the corner of the yard, along the fence separating her yard from Adrienne’s, we put in a small refrigerator, a stereo, fire pit, and wicker seating. I was relaxing in a nicely padded chair with a beer and a joint. I don’t smoke often, but I had taken some vacation time myself, and decided that this was a good time.

I hadn’t lit up yet, just enjoying the breeze, when Adrienne showed up, wearing her usual mini-skirt, with a sleeveless button-down blouse and sandals . She walked into the yard and came right to the hut. “Making yourself at home already?” she chuckled as she saw me.

“Well, for the next couple of weeks, this is home,” I told her. “What are you drinking?”

I made her a Margarita, and she sat next to me as we started to talk. She told me that her youngest daughter was gone on vacation with her dad and his family, and her oldest was working that night, waitressing at a local club.

As she went to put her drink on the table, she noticed the joint sitting there. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “I haven’t seen one of those in years. I didn’t know you smoked.”

“I don’t smoke often,” I explained. “Would you care to join me?”

Giggling, she answered, “Sure, why not?”

As we smoked, I made her another drink, and had another beer myself. By the time we were done smoking, I could tell that Adrienne was toasted.

“So are you and Amy serious?” she asked, as she handed me her glass for another drink. She had a gleam in her eyes that told me that we wasn’t just asking to be neighborly.

“We are just good friends,” I answered.

“VERY good friends, judging from some of the sounds I’ve heard coming from her window,” she giggled.

“You’ve heard us?” I asked, as I handed her the drink.

“Oh, I’ve done more that just hear you,” she answered.

“Would you care to explain?” I asked, getting curious as to what she was leading to.

“I was outside one night and I heard some noises, so I went to check it out,” she started. “While I was at the side of the house, I noticed that the sounds were coming from Amy’s window, and I could see in. I could see you two, you know, doing it. She was very happy!”

“You were spying on us?” I asked.

“I wasn’t really spying,” she tried to explain. “I told you, I heard the noises, and I went to investigate. I was trying to be a good neighbor.”

“By looking in her window, and watching us,” I pushed.

“I couldn’t help it. Once I knew what the noises were …” she said.

“And you just happened to be on the side of the house, away from everything else,” I said. “Did you enjoy being the voyeur?”

“I couldn’t see very much, but what I did see was very hot, and sexy,” she answered, almost in a whisper.

“Did you touch yourself while you were watching us?” I asked.

Adrienne hesitated before answering. “A little,” she told me. “I did more when I went home, and went to bed.”

Watching her, I could tell that the conversation, along with the booze and the weed, were getting to her. She was squirming a little in her seat, and I could see her nipples poking through her shirt.

“You’re getting turned on just thinking about it, aren’t you?” I challenged her.

“Yes,” she answered softly.

“Do you wish that it was you, sometimes?” I pushed.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Stand up,” I told her.

Adrienne did as I requested, and walked towards me.

I could see her nipples poking through her shirt as I reached out to her. Looking her in the eyes, I smiled as I slowly slid my hand up her legs. She was breathing heavy and let out a moan and iddaa siteleri a sigh as I slid my fingers along her wet, satin panties.

“You are very excited, aren’t you?” I teased.

Adrienne closed her eyes, and again whispered, “Yes.”

I stood and took a small step towards her. Leaning in, I placed my hands on her hips and kissed her. I started lightly at first, but soon increased the passion behind the lip-lock.

As one hand slid behind her, just above her ass, and the other slid up to her shoulder blade, I lightly pulled her in closer and held her tight as I kissed her with even more intensity and passion, while my hands glided across her back.

Adrienne moaned, and wrapped her arms around me, returning my kiss. I slid one hand down, cupping her ass-cheeks and pulling her in even closer.

I knew that she could feel my hard cock pushing against her belly, just above her pussy, and soon enough, I could feel her moving her hips, trying to rub her pussy against my leg while she rubbed her belly against my stiff rod.

Slowly, I turned us so that Adrienne had her back to the seats. I started sliding my hand down to the back of her leg, just above her hem line. As I kissed my way along her jaw-line, I slowly slid one hand up under her skirt, gliding softly along her leg towards her ass, while the other hand slowly slid up under the back of her shirt.

As my lips made their way to the spot just below her ear, and just above her jaw, Adrienne gasped and pulled me in tight, enjoying the feel of my fingertips. She started wiggling her hips again, almost humping my leg, as she gave in to the sensations.

Slowly, I pulled away from her, and directed Adrienne to the larger seat in the hut, basically a well-cushioned wicker couch. I placed her in the center, and sat her there. Sitting myself to her right, I briefly resumed kissing her, wrapping one arm around her back, and putting the other at her side, just below her arm.

As I worked my way back to her neck, I slid my free hand across her body, while Adrienne held me tight and moaned into my ear. My hand went from her side, with my thumb grazing along the side of her lightly covered breast, down her body, until it was lightly sliding along her beautiful legs, down to her knees.

Slowly bringing my hand back up her legs, I slid my fingertips just under the edge of her skirt as I started kissing my way down her neck towards her chest. Adrienne moaned and gasped as I slid my hand up higher under her skirt, and I kissed my way down along the edge of her blouse, kissing as much of her neck and chest as was exposed.

I went down one side of her chest, following the edges of the blouse, and up the other side. As I kissed my way up the side of her neck, I slid my hand even higher, raising Adrienne’s skirt almost to her hips.

With my hand very lightly cupping her mound, my lips reached her ear. “I’m going to need two hands, if I’m going to keep kissing and licking my way across your chest.” I felt her gasp, and I continued. ” Now, I can use both of my hands,” I told her, applying a little pressure on her hot pussy, feeling the warmth and moisture radiating from her, “or you are going to have to help me.”

As soon as I said that, her hands flew down to her blouse, and started opening the buttons. As soon as she had the top one on-done, her hands flew to the next. Reaching down, I took her hands in mine.

“Slow down,” I told her softly. “My lips can’t move that fast!”

Adrienne laughed softly, and exhaled, relaxing. I resumed kissing her neck, and slowly started back down her chest, this time covering more flesh. This time, instead of working my way up and down, I started going side-to-side, pushing the blouse open at the edges.

As I worked my way towards the next button, her hands slid back up and undid it. This time, she didn’t drop her hands, she kept them at her sides.

We continued like this, she unbuttoning her blouse for me as I kissed and licked my way across her slowly baring chest while my fingers started to slide underneath the panel of her panties. I could feel how hot, and wet, her pussy was, and I knew that I wanted to taste her juices.

Eventually, Adrienne’s blouse was open and I kissed and licked my way around, over, and across her tissue-thin bra. I couldn’t believe that a bra that thin could hold up a pair of breasts like hers as I flicked my tongue across her nipples.

I had both nipples stiff and pushing against the fabric when I pulled back slightly. I slipped a fingertip into Adrienne’s wet pussy as I started to blow gently across her wet nipples. She moaned, and started to move her hips, trying to get more of my finger inside if her.

I bent down and started to nip at her hard little nubs as I pushed my finger in deeper. She groaned again, and held my head in place as I flicked my tongue across a nipple. Finally, she reached up and un-did the front clasp to the bra, and then pulled the bra open. Grasping both of her tits in her hands, deneme bonusu veren siteler she squeezed them while she moved her hips, trying to get a better angle for my hand.

I slid a second finger into her, burying both of them as the heel of my hand rubbed against her clit. Moving my hand around, while she squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples, I started looking for the spot along the top of her pussy walls as my fingers wiggled around.

Listening to her gasps, and watching her body jump and shake when I passed over one particular spot, I knew that I had zeroed in on her magic button. I slid my fingers out of her pussy, to Adrienne’s moans of disappointment, and brought them up to her tits. I showed her my shiny wet fingers, and then started to rub her juices around her nipple.

I had rubbed all of the fluid from one finger off, and then I held the other finger up, looking at her. Keeping eye contact, I slowly ran my tongue up the length of my finger, tasting her juice. She started squeezing her tits again, never once taking her eyes off of my hand.

I held out my hand, offering her a taste of my finger. With a slight smile, she opened her mouth, and leaned forward to take my finger in. She sucked and licked her wetness from my finger, giving me a hint to what I had coming to me when I offered my cock to her lips.

Leaning in to her, I flicked my tongue across her stiff, pussy-juice covered nipple as my hand slid back down her body. I could detect a taste of her muskiness coating her hard bud as she held her tit up to me as an offering.

As I sucked the nipple into my mouth, I slid my fingers back under her panties and into her hot, wet pussy. Adrienne gasped loudly as I sucked hard on her nipple, taking it in as deep as I could, and buried two fingers deep into her soaking, sweltering pussy.

I kissed my way across her chest, licking and sucking on her other tit, and then started sliding my way down her body, which was already starting to glow with a sheen of sweat.

I kissed down her belly, and heard a sharp intake of breath as I ducked my head under her skirt. I slid my fingers out of her pussy, reached up, and slid her panties off.

Holding her legs in the air, I leaned in and placed a kiss on the top of her mound. As I kissed down the sides, passing over the edges of her labia, Adrienne moaned loudly again, and I could feel her body start to shake just a little.

I slid my tongue up one side of her slit, slowly dragging it from her ass up along the edge, up around the side of her clit hood. Then, I started on the other side.

“Oh, god, that feels nice,” she moaned as I flicked the tip of my tongue across the top of the shaft to her clit.

Kneeling between her legs, I slowly slid my tongue out and flicked it around the seeping wet hole to her pussy. As I leisurely dragged my tongue up her wet slit, she started to wiggle her hips and reached down with her hands, placing them at my head.

With a tongue full of her oozing elixir, I spread her juices along her slit, until I reached her stiff little clit. I flicked my tongue quickly at the tip of her sensitive bud, and she jumped.

“Oh my god!” she yelped. “Oh, yes! I haven’t had my pussy eaten since I was in college. Please eat my pussy!”

I leaned in and started to dance my tongue all over her pussy, paying a lot of attention to the shaft right behind her clit. I slid my tongue down her slit to her oozing pussy. I lapped up her juices, spreading them around, and then slid my tongue deep into her pussy.

With my tongue flicking at the top wall of her wet hole, and the tip of my nose wiggling just under her clit, Adrienne started to gasp and moan even louder.

“Oh, yes!” she breathed. “Oh, god, I love this! This feels so good!”

After tongue fucking her for a couple of minutes, I slid my tongue out, and licked a little further down. Pushing Adrienne’s legs up, my tongue quickly passed over her ass. That brought out a loud intake of breath, and her body tensed for a moment, and then she relaxed again.

I took another pass at her ass, and this time, she sighed as my tongue rimmed her tight ass. She had started squeezing her tits, and was pulling on her nipples as my tongue flitted across her tight back hole.

As I let her legs down, I slid my hand up so that my fingers were poised just at her pussy. I started to lick around her clit, and slipped a finger just to the mouth of her wet hole. I wiggled my finger around just inside her steamy opening as my tongue stroked her clit.

“Oh my god! Yes!!” she exclaimed as I added a second finger and slid them both into her pussy.

I started to slide my fingers in and out of her hole, which was getting wetter by the second. When I increased my attack on her clit with my tongue, I started stroking the top of her pussy walls with my fingers.

“Oh, my goooddd!” Adrienne whimpered as she started moving her hips around. By now, she was switching back and forth between squeezing her full melons, and pulling hard on the nipples, stretching them out.

When I added my little finger to the mix, wiggling around her asshole, Adrienne started to buck and wiggle her hips even more. With two of my fingers teasing her oozing pussy, and my pinkie pressing at her back door, Adrienne really started to explode.

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Sailing with Mom

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My name is Kyle and I’m 20 years old. I’ve recently taken up sailing. When I told my mother about it, she was very interested in my new hobby.

“I think we should go sailing, just the two of us. It’ll be great!” she told me over the phone.

“But, Mom, you’re nine months pregnant. Are you sure your stomach can handle the open waters?” I asked.

She hadn’t had a child since giving birth to my twin sister and me when she was only 16. After talking to my father, they agreed to have another child. I admit, it felt weird that I’d have a brother or sister who was twenty years younger than me, but if that’s what my parents wanted, I was all for it.

“Not a problem. I’ve never gotten seasick once in my life and pregnancy isn’t going to change that,” she said. I didn’t bother trying to argue, knowing how stubborn she was, so I figured why not?

“Alright, meet me at the Jefferson Pier, dock 13 tomorrow at 10 AM,” I told her. “And wear something light. It’s going to be hot tomorrow.”

She wore something light alright: a small yellow bikini that just barely covered everything. Even with her pregnancy I could see she was turning a few heads as she walked towards my boat. I couldn’t blame them for ogling her. At the age of 36, she was quite the looker. Even I noticed, and I’m her son. Of course, you wouldn’t know she’s my mom by looking at her. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties and had a fantastic body.

“I said something light, not something skimpy,” I joked as I grabbed her suitcase.

“This was all I could find. I swear it fit me perfectly last summer.”

“You weren’t pregnant last summer,” I said, patting her lightly on the belly.

She looked down at her chest. “Yeah, I may have gained a cup size or three since then,” she said, smiling. I had definitely noticed her growth in bust size, but it hadn’t been so apparent until now. Her bikini top only covered the very front of her breasts, leaving the sides, top, and even bottom of her E cup breasts exposed. I tried my best not to glance too much.

“Hey Kyle.” I turned and saw another boat owner by the name of Frank standing on the dock. “Is this your girlfriend?”

I looked at my mom who was smirking. “Oh, no, this isn’t-“

“I’m his wife,” my mother said, interrupting me.

“Well, you’ve got yourself quite the catch there,” Frank said, smiling. “Have yourselves a good boat trip and congratulations on the baby.”

“Thank you,” my mom said to the man as he continued on his way. She looked back at me as I playfully rolled my eyes at her. “Here, husband,” she said, handing me her suitcase, “take my luggage.” I smiled at her and took her suitcase into the cabin.

We soon set sail. The breeze was strong and we were moving quickly. It was a beautiful day: blue skies and clear water as far as the eye could see.

I looked at my mother. She was sitting down, watching the horizon. The wind was causing her dark brown, wavy hair to sway back and forth. She took her sunglasses off and met my glance with her beautiful blue eyes. She smiled, then looked back at the open water in front of her.

“Kyle, could you rub some lotion on my back?” she asked. “I don’t want to get sunburned.”

“No problem,” I said, grabbing the sun tan lotion and squeezing some into my palm. I moved my hands over her shoulders, partly massaging her as I rubbed the lotion into her skin.

“Mmm…that feels good,” she said. I finished with her shoulders, then moved down to her back.

“How’s that?” I asked, finishing up.

“Perfect,” bedava bahis she said, smiling. “Do you want to do my belly too? I can do it myself, but I really like when other people touch my belly.”

“I’d love to. Turn your chair and face me,” I said as I added more lotion to my palm. She swiveled her seat in my direction and I knelt down, sitting on the ground between her spread legs, and began rubbing her beach ball-sized belly. This gave me a great view of her breasts. The beautiful cleavage they made was breathtaking as they sat gently on top of her rounded abdomen, moving slightly with each breath she took.

I applied lotion to the sides and the front. She started giggling when I rubbed her belly button and told me it tickled. I noticed that her nipples were making very prominent indents in her tiny bikini top as they stiffened. I tried to focus elsewhere and rubbed the top of her belly, causing my hands to slide between her belly and the underside of her breasts. She didn’t say anything, so I continued. Her soft breasts were warm on the backsides of my hands.

“All done,” I told her. She took her sunglasses off and smiled at me. I love seeing her smile.

“Thanks, babe,” she said as I handed her the bottle of lotion. “I’ll take it from here.”

I got up and checked the sails, glancing back every once in a while to see my mother applying lotion to the sides and tops of her breasts. Once she was finished, she rubbed lotion on my back and we sat in silence for a while, admiring the view of endless water.

Eventually, the sun began to go down and we went into the cabin of the boat. My mom changed into a robe while I made some spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. We ate while talking about memories of my childhood and what it was like to raise my sister and me.

“Well, I’m starting to get tired,” she said, stretching her arms out. “I think I’m going to call it a night.”

“Alright,” I said, grabbing our plates and placing them in the sink. “The bed’s all yours.”

She looked at the queen-sized bed behind her. “Where are you going to sleep?”

“I’m just gonna to crash on the floor,” I said, pulling a sleeping bag from a small closet in the wall.

“I’m fine with sharing the bed if you’d like.”

I smiled at her. “Thanks, but I figured with your pregnancy, you’d like the extra space.”

She smiled back. “There’s plenty of room for both of us. Besides, I’d like the company.”

“Alright,” I said, putting the sleeping bag back. “Why not?”

I washed the dishes while she brushed her teeth in the bathroom. She came out and crawled into the bed.

“Do you mind if I sleep in my boxers?” I asked. “It can get a bit hot in here.”

“As long as you don’t mind me sleeping in the nude,” she said as she reached her hand out from under the covers and placed her robe onto the nightstand leaving her completely nude underneath the covers.

I smiled nervously and took off my shirt and pants, then climbed into bed, trying to keep at least a foot of distance from my naked mother. She turned to me and looked into my eyes for a moment.

“Thank you, Kyle,” she said as she smiled. Dimples formed at the corners of her mouth. “This was a great day.” She then held her arm out towards me and hugged me. I could feel her warm breasts pressing against my bare chest and her bulbous belly against my waist. I hugged her back as we held each other in a tight embrace. I could feel her nipples hardening against my skin and I felt blood rushing to my casino siteleri penis. Luckily my boxers kept my erection from pointing outwards. She released me and smiled again before turning the other way. I lifted the blanket slightly and got a glimpse of her beautiful naked backside. Smiling, I reached behind me and turned off the lamp. I quickly fell asleep.

When I awoke, it was still dark. The only light was from the bright moon shining through the window. The first thing I noticed was that I was behind my mother with my arm around her and my hand was holding one of her breasts. The second thing I noticed was that my erection was no longer confined in my boxers and had slipped through the hole in the front of them. My cock was also slightly moist and was pushing against my mother’s bare pussy.

‘Oh god,’ I thought to myself. ‘What do I do? I could try to move, but I don’t want to wake her. What if she’s already awake? Man, this is awkward.’

The boat shifted from the waves, causing me to push against my mother, and I accidentally slid my cock further up her pussy and against her clit.

“Mmm,” I heard her moan quietly as she came out of her slumber. “Honey?”

“Sorry mom, I just woke up this way,” I explained.

She opened the blanket slightly and looked down at my hand on her breast. Then she moved her hips a little and quietly gasped when she realized where my dick was.

“It’s okay, honey. Just try not to move much, okay?”

“Alright,” I said, “but it’s kind of hard with the waves moving the boat back and forth. Maybe I should just sleep on the floor.”

“No, don’t worry about it,” she said. “I like us being close like this. Just go back to sleep.”

That was easier said than done. I couldn’t stop thinking about my current situation, and thinking about it just made me hornier.

Over the next few minutes, the swaying of the boat continued to cause my penis to move back and forth up and down the length of my mother’s pussy. Every time the tip of my dick slid against her clit, I could hear her mewing quietly to herself.

Her breast was so soft and warm in my hand. I gently closed my thumb against my hand and felt her stiff nipple between it. I slowly began circling it with my thumb while cupping her breast.

“That feels good,” she whispered. “Could you massage the other one too?”

I slid my other arm underneath her and found her other breast. I began rubbing it gently as well. My dick quickly became moist with my mom’s pussy juices as it rubbed against her slit.

“You can squeeze a little harder if you want,” she told me, still keeping her voice quiet. “They’ve been aching a lot recently.”

I complied and squeezed firmly, trying to give attention to every inch of her large breasts. I could feel her pushing her hips against my erect penis slowly as I squeezed tighter and began kissing her on the neck.

I felt a warm moistness on my hands and realized I was causing my mother to lactate. I was milking her.

“Turn around,” I said. She pushed herself up and turned to face me. I pulled the blanket off of us to admire my mother’s naked body. Her beautiful breasts, moist with a thin sheen of milk, shone in the moonlight. Her large belly was perfectly round with her belly button poking out prominently at the top. Her pussy was moist with her juices and I could see her clit prominently displaying itself.

I looked back up at her face and she was looking seductively into my eyes. I kissed her on the lips, not like a son should bahis siteleri do to his mother, and lingered there for a moment before pulling my lips away. I began kissing her neck, slowly working my way downward toward her chest. Holding one breast in my hand, I gently kissed her nipple over and over again before letting my tongue part my lips. I licked the front of her breast, sliding my tongue around her areola and then around the nipple. I then took her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it while my tongue pushed against the flesh directly under the it. I felt a few sprays of her warm breast milk enter my mouth. It tasted sweet and thick. I used the vacuum suction of my mouth to pull in even more breast flesh and suckled hard on my mother’s nipple. The milk sprayed with more intensity and I swallowed every drop I could.

She held my head against her chest and made soft moaning noises. “Oh Kyle,” she cooed. She reached behind her, between her legs and held my stiff member in her hand. She gently rubbed it in a petting motion as I suckled her.

I quickly drained her left breast and moved on to her right one. She continued teasing my manhood as she kissed the top of my head, still moaning quietly.

“Thank you,” she said softly as I pulled my head from her now-emptied breasts. She then grabbed my head and kissed me deeply. I felt her tongue wriggling into my mouth. I closed my lips over her outstretched tongue and sucked on it while I ran my own tongue against it. I pushed my hips into hers and felt myself entering her warm pussy. She wrapped one leg around my own and pushed her own hips against me, causing my cock to push deeper inside of her.

We didn’t say a word. We just continued kissing like lovers while gyrating back and forth in a rhythmic motion. I reached behind her and squeezed her ass tightly. She did the same to me and started moaning into my mouth. I took one hand off her ass and slipped it under her belly to rub her clit which caused her to moan louder. I pulled my cock almost all the way out of her tight pussy, then pushed it back in deep.

“Jesus Christ!” she moaned as we quickened our pace. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” Now there was nothing passionate about it. We were fucking like animals.

I never imagined that I’d be having sex with my own mother, but here we were in a tight embrace. There was a strong sexual tension between us throughout the day which built up to this point and I loved it.

She pulled her face from mine. “I’m so close! Mmm! Don’t stop! Mmm! Please don’t stop!” she yelled as she bucked her pelvis hard against me.

I was pretty close myself and fucked her as hard as I could. I felt my orgasm building rapidly and I gave three final thrusts before pushing myself deep inside her.

“GYAAAAAAAAH!!!” she screamed as torrents of her own son’s semen shot into her. Her pussy contracted around my cock as she experienced wave after wave of pleasure washing over her. She looked deep into my eyes, furrowing her eyebrows in the cutest way possible. Her mouth was wide open, but no sound was escaping her lips. I pushed my lips against her mouth and we kissed deeply as we both rode out our powerful orgasms. We fell asleep in that position, holding each other tight.

I woke up to a sunlit room, alone. I got up and found my mother in the kitchen area making pancakes over the small stove. She was still completely nude and looked just as beautiful as she did last night. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her as I kissed her neck.

“Thank you, Kyle,” she said as she rubbed her face against my head, “for everything.”

After that night, I could tell that we had a much closer bond as mother and son, but it was an unspoken bond. We never talked about what happened or repeated the experience again—at least, not until my sister found out…

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SA E04: Adventures in Production

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Foreword: This is the Fourth Part in the Sean and Alicia Story set. Before you ask all the characters are fictional. However if any feedback should be sent to their attention I may consider using it in a story. I will probably not respond in their names. But that may change. I will do almost anything if it increases my creativity.

I have rewritten chapter 1 and added many corrections to chapter 2, they are now available for reading, I strongly recommend reading the revised editions. Chapter 1 adds a new character which reappears at the end of this chapter, she is not plot essential, but she will be the focus of the next chapter. I also corrected a few major plot errors I found, and added a lot of character development that explains the actions of the characters much better, and makes their actions in this chapter a lot easier to follow and understand.

I have also corrected and mildly modified chapter two, it is not as important, but you may want to read the revised version, it has been corrected and there is now longer any story continuity errors. I am considering publishing a revised version of chapter three but do not see a need at this time, I will however be publishing a version of the first 5 chapters in a single document, it will be novel length and may be accompanied by an E-book version if I can get the guys at to put it up for sale or download.

Again feedback is always appreciated. I will reply to all feedback if you give me your email, or at least try. A thanks goes out to Mindfiend for his help in correcting chapter one and making me dig deeper into my bag of tricks, his comments motivated me to extend an explanation in chapter one and thus create the character of Eve, I really like her for her innocence and gentle nature, I hope she grows on all of you too.


Hi Guys, you may have guessed but I was told to say it, Annie has joined the production crew, Vicky asked that I only make her an official member of the crew at the end of this chapter, but let’s just say that by the end of this one you see she is now a permanent part, and she is not the only one. You’ll see why later, I promise.

But let’s keep going, so in the name of the gang “HI again”. This adventure continues where the last ended. We start on the day where I submitted chapter two. So of course it had been a week since Annie, Vicky, Alicia and I shared a bed, during the week Annie made herself comfy and finished moving in, Vicky and I spoke about the events and made a plan to see if we could extend her stay, Alicia worked most of the week, I spent my week at home helping Annie and plotting with Vicky, and had a remote controlled blind installed in the skylight over our bed. I had to; sleep deprivation was starting to get to me.

I just got word that my second story was approved and decided to start writing the third. I wrote the intro then was interrupted by Vicky, she told me that James was here to see me; I had told him to come. I also gave Arthur the week off, paid of course, he was due back tomorrow and I had to resolve the issues of the video tape. Alicia was still at work. I told Vicky: “Show him in please, I will talk to you later so we can organize our meeting with the elder’s counsel.” Vicky smiled and left to get James.

As Vicky left to get James I noticed that she looked exquisite today, it had been a long time since I had seen her in a dress. I was happy to see she was making herself comfortable around here. Vicky opened the door to my study again and showed James in; I said hi and motioned him to sit. Vicky left and closed the door behind her. I looked at James and said: “My friend we have to talk.”

I had a look of concern on my face, James’ face was serious now and he looked at me and said: “What’s wrong Sean?”

I looked him in the eyes and said: “Alicia is a little upset at what you have done. I was able to calm her down a little, but she still is upset that you got a copy of that video.”

He now had a scared look on his face and said: “How much trouble am I in Sean?”

I looked up at James and said: “You remember that little setup you put together for her meeting with me?”

James smiled a little remembering the events, and said: “Yes, that was some of my best work, Alicia never even caught on,” he paused, he continued: “Did you tell her about the events?”

I looked up and said: “You and I have been friends for more than ten years; I would never tell a person something they may hold against you!” (This was true, I knew Alicia enough to know this was not going to make her mad) I looked up at James and said: “She used my resources and found out what you did, she is very upset,” I had to restrain myself from laughing at that comment, “she has sworn to get even, hearing about your request she confronted me with her findings, I don’t think I will be able to keep you safe from her.”

James was now visibly worried, I continued: “I was however able to make a deal with her, it seems fair to me but I have to see what you bonus veren siteler think.” James urged me on. I continued: “Alicia wants to get even still but has agreed to only punish you once. You two will be even after, a no harm, no foul type deal.” James was about to speak when I continued: “She has also agreed to go easy on you if you willingly show up to be punished.”

James looked at me and said: “What kind of punishment are we talking about here?”

I looked at him and said: “Just a little payback, she has promised to not hurt you too much.”

James was a little worried, but replied: “I am willing, when did she want to do this?”

I looked at him and said: “Sunday night, on your birthday my friend, she wants you here at noon.”

He looked at me and said: “I will have to break a few minor engagements, but I will be here Sunday.”

I looked at James and said: “Good to hear buddy,” I paused then said: “By the way Alicia says to dress casual for this Sunday.”

James looked at me and said: “You mean business casual?”

I replied: “No, I mean blue jeans and a white t-shirt.”

James looked at me intently and said: “I don’t have that kind of clothes anymore.”

I replied: “Go and buy some then.”

James replied: “OK, I will go to the mall later tonight.”

I looked at him and said: “Alicia said you could keep the tape, she feels that will remind you not to repeat what you did.”

James replied: “I am not sure whether to thank her or fear the gift.” I thanked James for coming and told him we would be awaiting his arrival on Sunday. He left quietly.

Vicky came back after showing him to the door. I looked at her and said: “I almost started to laugh.”

She replied: “You really scared him. I mean he wasn’t walking straight after you spoke to him.” We both started to laugh.

I then said: “God is he in for a surprise this weekend.”

Vicky concurred and added: “I am looking forward to it also.”

Alicia and I had convinced Vicky and Annie to help her to get even with James. Unfortunately Eve was not going to be able to make it; Alicia and I called her and told her about our little plan. Eve’s birthday was still a week away, two days after James’. I offered to go and get her, she told me that she still had a few things to do before she left and could not leave before they were completed.

I was however able to get her to agree to have Guido pick her up on the night of her birthday, she said she had a party to attend, so it would be late and she would sleep in the car on the way over. But she wanted to see everything we did to James, I told her that I was going to make a DVD of the events, and she would get a copy.

She agreed that James was going to remember this birthday for a long, long time. It should be an interesting birthday. James would love the gift he was to get after. Eve was looking forward to see what had happened. At that point I made my mind up to go and pick her up with Alicia on her birthday, Annie and Vicky also wanted to go. Alicia and I told them we would be happy if they joined us. Anyhow more about it later.

I looked at Vicky and said: “We have to hurry; we only have a few days to get his present ready!”

Vicky replied: “Don’t worry, Annie and I have already given Vince the floor plan and his crew is building it now.”

I looked up at her and said: “I take it Alicia already gave you the ok.”

Vicky replied: “She has, James will want to use this little setup at “The Medieval Village” (Yes that is now the official name of the resort).

I laughed and replied: “I will make certain that Vince make plans for it.”

Vicky looked at me and said: “I already told him to.”

I replied: “You girls are starting to learn,” she grinned, I continued: “I was planning to give Annie a position at the Company I work for, Now I am starting to think you may also want to join us.”

Vicky looked at me and said: “I already have a Job Sean.”

I looked at her and said: “Well you may change your mind after you hear what Alicia and I are planning to do with Alpha publications, (yes that is the name of the company I work for and own). We are also planning to change the name of the place.”

Vicky looked at me and said: “What could you possibly have to offer that would make me consider this change?”

I looked at her and said: “Well first of all the Elders counsel has already indicated that would be happy to see my plans become a reality.”

Vicky looked wide eyed at me and said: “When did you talk to them?”

I replied: “I started talking with them Wednesday, Alicia and I planned this during the days since you two met.” Vicky was stunned. I continued: “We had been considering a change of product since she became CEO. We had been publishing books for small authors, but we only had a few major clients, not a bad business, but not what I wanted to do forever, we decided to branch out. I had a flash of insight, bahis when I remembered about Annie’s birthday. I decided to start creating a plan. We then had that little soirée. I presented it to Alicia on Tuesday. We decided to go with it and showed it to the elder’s counsel on Wednesday. They approved, I decided to keep it a surprise for you, but I think now’s a good time to tell you”.

Vicky was completely floored. I asked: “Vicky, are you alright?”

She shook off her daze and said: “Huh, I think so, but you sure do have a way with surprises.”

I looked her straight in the eyes and said: “Admit it, you love that about me.”

She giggled and said: “You’re right Sean I always did love that about you.” I got up and hugged her. Vicky responded by kissing me deeply, we hugged for a few seconds. We then broke our embrace.

I continued: “Anyway, let me tell you what we have in mind.”

She looked at me and said: “Do I really what to hear this?”

I looked at her and said: “Maybe.”

She replied: “What do you mean maybe?”

I laughed and said: “It’s a double sided answer, mostly good though.”

She sighed and said: “Alright let’s hear it then.”

“Alicia and I were thinking of starting a newsletter for the people in rehab and recovering from addiction. When she suggested that we may want to just write a small magazine about the recovery process, I had a brain storm. I thought the Leonald’s might profit from an official newsletter. That when we talked to the elder’s counsel. They had a little addition to make, seems they needed a standardized newsletter and set of scripture for the order. Then they told us they would only agree if a trust worthy individual was to be the editor. When they asked me if I would be willing to do it for them, it hit me. I replied that I would not have the time, but maybe the great elder would be willing to be the editor in chief. They replied: ‘We cannot leave such a large job solely on her shoulders.’”

“I suggested that maybe the counsel could edit it from the monastery, and have you verify that it was published correctly. They agreed but said that you would have to meet with them once a week at least. I suggested that we could meet three times a week in a virtual environment. They asked me to explains, after I told them what that meant, they agreed if you wanted to.”

Vicky looked at me and said: “That sounds interesting, so this means I will be staying here, right?”

I replied: “That’s right. But that’s not even the best part, I have already made arrangement to expand the company and have already started construction of a new printing plant, we used to have to out source our printing, now we will do it in-house. I have also started construction on a second design studio. Now here is where it gets fun.” Vicky looked intently and urged me on. I continued: “The new building will be only 10 minutes from here and Annie, Alicia and you will work there, running all aspects of the company except payroll, I will still do that.”

Vicky smiled and said: “That’s so goddamned neat.” She then hugged me. After the hug she asked: “Who knows about this?”

I replied: “Everybody now. Alicia is announcing it today to our staff, she is also asking them to suggest applying for a job to all their friends.”

Vicky was a little less excited and said: “Why am I the last to know Sean?”

I softly caressed her face and raised her eyes to meet mine and said: “I am sorry to have kept you out of the loop, but I wanted to surprise you.”

Vicky hugged me and said: “I am happy for the surprise Sean, so I will forgive you this time.”

I hugged her and said: “Since we have now resolved how to keep you here, and Annie and Alicia are now going to be running the expansion, we only have the question of James left.”

Vicky looked up and said: “That will be a fun one. Sean how about we get Annie, wherever she is, and then pick Alicia up from work and start on James gift. Vince should be done soon.”

I agreed, I pulled my little ear bud and boom from my pocket and put them on. I activated the interlink and raised Vince on his portable. “Hey Vince, it’s Sean, how’s the work going?”

He replied: “Sets all built, adding final details, ETC is 45 minutes.”

I replied: “Thanks for the sit-rep, talk to you later.” I turned off the link and addressed Vicky, she looked a little perplexed, I asked: “Is something wrong Vicky?”

She replied: “That’s a neat gizmo Sean, how does it work.”

I looked at her and said: “This head piece, my shades and sub-dermal implant in my neck are linked to my mainframe, together they control my entire network of devices. It’s very practical, but it cost me a fortune to set it up.”

Vicky looked at me and in a soft pleading voice said: “I bet that even the shades and headpiece are pretty expensive.” She was now playing with my hand; it reminded me of how a twelve year old acts. I knew where this was going.

I replied: deneme bonusu “Yes they are a little costly. Why?”

She had slowly moved her hands up my arm and they now played with my shoulder, she said: “Can I get a pair?” She looked at me with her puppy dog eyes and waited for my answer. I had already expected this and had three spare sets of shades and headpieces made up for the girls.

I looked at her and faked thinking, she was pleading even harder now. I reached in my jacket and pulled an envelope from my pocket, and handed it to her and said: “Try these on Vicky.”

She opened the envelope and let out a girlish cry as she saw the red framed shades, it was a pair obviously made for a woman. She also pulled a headset that resembled a walkman set of over the ear headphone. They were red with no cord and a pivot mounted boom mic. She slipped them on and said: “Wow a perfect fit, they’re even my favourite colour. When did you get these?”

I replied: “I had Guido pick them up for me yesterday. I had them specially made for you girls.”

She looked at me and said: “Annie and Alicia also have a set?”

I replied: “They don’t have them yet, but I have a set for each of them also.”

Vicky looked at me and said: “Cool; now how do I use these.”

I helped her turn on the headpiece, then put mine back on, I looked at her and said: “These units are voice activated, so you have to teach it recognize your voice.” With that said I spoke into my unit: “Activate interface, force activate Vicky unit, move us to the training room.” Soon Vicky and I were in the virtual teaching environment. I said: “Ok this is a virtual learning room, only your eyes and ears are getting this environment piped to them so do not move too much. You will have to spend ten minutes or so teaching the system to understand you, I will leave you here, when you’re done the room will disappear and you loose the video feed.”

I left the room and went and picked up two chairs, I also got a table and a couple of bottles of juice, apple juice for me and grape for Vicky. By the time I had finished setting everything out I heard Vicky utter the final configuration command.

She said: “End training simulation.” Her shades turned back to normal and she looked over at me and said: “That was neat Sean.”

I replied: “You think the basic feed is cool, wait till you try a full VR unit, you will be amazed.”

She grinned and said: “I am pretty amazed right now.”

I looked her straight in the eyes and said: “The system is able to understand you, what do you want to do next.” Vicky was about to speak when I said: “The basic interface has twenty lessons. You can take the following 5: 1) Basic vocal commands 2) Basic module summoning 3) Basic VR activation 4) Basic Interface control 5) Basic Environment configuration. Each lesson is about 5 minutes long, or I could take you on tour of the local grid.”

Vicky looked at me and asked: “How long do we have before we need to go and get Annie and Alicia?”

I replied: “Alicia finishes work in 30 minutes and Annie is ten minute from her, we only need 20 minutes to get both.”

She replied: “Why don’t we go get them so they can also learn how to use their units?”

I replied: “Sounds good to me. I brought you a drink,” I gave her the grape juice and said: “Since we will be four for the later learning, lets bring two more chairs here before we go.” Vicky agreed and we setup the area for later.

Then we got our jackets and got ready to leave. We got into my roofless Hum-Vee and started on our way to get Annie, I told Vicky that she was at the airstrip with Guido.

On the way to Pickup Annie Vicky asked me how long it took me to learn to use the interface, I told her about it during the ride, I was only half way through my story when we reached the airfield. I put on the headset and paged Guido. I told him where I was and that I was here to get Annie, Guido replied: “We’re close by, wait where you are we will be there soon.”

Vicky and I continued talking about the interface; we were a little surprised when we heard a powered glider flying closer. We looked up and saw Guido and Annie on it, what was even more surprising was that Annie was the pilot. I knew Guido could fly just about anything with wings, but Annie as far as I knew had never flown before. We watched as Annie landed a few feet away. We then walked towards them.

Annie removed her helmet and unbuckled her harness, Vicky and I were still a few feet away when we heard her scream, “God that was so cool,” Guido was also now out of his harness.

He looked at me and said: “Hi Boss, Hope you don’t mind me teaching Annie how to fly some of the simpler crafts we have here.”

I looked at his and said: “You have my permission, just make sure you do not hurt her or yourself, and always wear a chute.” Guido nodded his agreement.

Annie looked at me and said: “Do I also need your permission Sean?”

I replied to her: “As your teacher I would appreciate if you told me, but as a person I love no you don’t, but still, I would like to know if you’re going to do something that could be dangerous.”

Annie looked at me and said: “Sorry Sean, I will try to take your feeling into consideration next time.”

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Ruining the Mother-in-Law

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Circumstance meant the together with my wife and step-daughter we had to move into her parents’ house for a couple of months. It was a tight squeeze and left many difficult moments in a small bungalow – her father being a miserable bastard who refused to speak to me. Her mother, Pam, was a good looking woman. She had got pregnant at the age of 16 and therefore was not that much older than us.

How she put up with her husband for 45 years escaped me. There had been the occasional rumour that she was playing around but she appeared to be content. She was one of the very friendly types – very touchy feely, always keen to kiss me and to sit fractions too close. She had kept her figure well and was prone to show it off whenever possible.

I returned home one day mid-morning. Walking down the side of the house I noticed that Pam was in the bathroom and appeared, through the frosted glass to be naked. I wandered into the house and noticed that the bathroom door was not shut fully. Feeling mischievous I wandered into the bathroom on the pretence of needing the toilet.

Pam did not scream and shout, just covered her amble breasts with one arm and her pussy with the other hand and moved towards the door in the hope of closing it before I was fully in the room. However, by now I was standing in front of her and closing the door behind me. She stood stock still and looked me in the face.

Slowly I moved her left arm away from her breasts and placed it at her side at which point she slowly moved her right hand away from her neatly trimmed pussy and stood before me in total nakedness.

Reaching forward I cupped her amble right breast in my hand and bending forward I gently took her nipple into my mouth. Pam let out a gently long sigh and relaxed her shoulders a little. I released her nipple and kissed her on the lips. First there was a little resistance but slowly her mouth opened and her tongue sort mine.

I broke from our increasingly passionate kiss and looked her in her eyes. She had a look of wanton abandonment.

“On your knees,” I spoke firmly and slowly.

Making a pillow out of the Bath Sheet next to her she assumed the commanded position as I unbuckled my jeans and slid them and my boxers down to reveal my firm cock. A few seconds passed and Pam reached out for my cock.

“No hands, just your mouth,” and she slowly dropped her arms, and gently kissed the tip of my cock. Slowly Pan rocked forward and engulfed my cock to midway in her mouth and then slowly withdrew.

Placing my hands on the head I guided myself back into her wanton mouth and started to fuck her lips with long even strokes.

Keeping a good pressure she relaxed and let me do all the work and till I felt my seed start to build up and, pushing my cock deep into her mouth, I pumped my seed deep into her mouth.

Pam sat back with her mouth firmly closed and looked at me with big soulful eyes.

“Swallow!” I demanded and with one gulp it was gone.

I hauled up my trousers and left the bathroom. I paused just outside the door but all I heard was the shower switching on. Pam finally appeared after about 20 minutes and all she gave me was a weak smile and not a word was said.

About a week later I had cause to give Pam a lift in my car. The journey there was undertaken in complete silence but on the way back she finally spoke of our encounter.

“We should not have done it,” she spoke in a quiet voice.

“It was wrong,” she followed with quickly.

I pulled off the road into a dark car park and looked at her. I bent across and gently kissed her on the lips while my hand sort out her breast and my thumb her nipple.

Pam leant over towards me and we started to kiss, slowly and passionately. She rested a hand over my rapidly hardening cock and started to massage me through my clothes.

I firmly pushed her back into the passenger seat and undid my trousers and pushed them, together with my boxers, down to my knees.

“You know what to do,” was all that I said.

Pam leaned forward and took my cock deep into her mouth and started to bob her head up and down as see sucked for all she was worth.

Slowly my cock began to swell and soon my hot seed was again pumping into her mouth and down her throat. I wiped the last of my cum and her saliva from my cock and dressed myself again.

Leaning illegal bahis over to kiss her I unlocked our lips and whispered gently to her.

“Next time your pussy is mine,” Pam gave a sharp intake of breathe, I started the car and drove her home – again not a word was said for many days.

I volunteered to walk the dog on a warm summers evening. As soon as I was out of the drive Pam came hurriedly out after me and offered to keep me company. Her husband was already asleep in a chair and my wife was watching television. We walked and chatted about nothing of any substance until we had gone along the riverbank a good way. I stopped to admire the view, the dog sat waiting and Pam stood next to me with her summers’ dress gently swirling in the breeze.

I tied the dog to a nearly post and slipped my arms around Pam’s waist and rested my hands on her ass.

“Do you want me to suck you?” she whispered.

“I told you last time, this time I fuck you,” was a response she did not want to hear.

“Please no not that,” she pleaded softly.

“You gave up the option of choice the first time you sucked me,” came a stern reply.

“Now take off your panties!” I ordered.

“I will take you by force if I must,” her eyes cast downwards

Continuing to look down she simply whispered “Oh God” and reached under her skirt and pushed her white cotton panties to the ground.

“Lay on the grass,” I commanded.

She hesitated.

“Now!” I barked and with this she slowly sat down on the warm grass

I pulled her panties from her ankles and threw them to one side.

Pushing her onto her back I thrust her dress up to her waist and admired the sight before me. Her neatly trimmed pussy was just asking to be brutalised. I forced her legs apart and ran a finger over her slit. A warm wet pussy opened up to accept my finger and a little cry merged from her lips.

I moved forward so that our lips we nearly touching and whilst still playing with her increasingly wet pussy, “I suggest that you make every effort to enjoy this and it will make it much easier for you.”

I separated her legs further so her wet cunt was wide open and available.

With this I pushed my trousers down took aim with my very hard cock and drove deep into her most private of places.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,” she cried and I buried myself deep into her. Then, wrapping her arms around my neck, she begged me to fuck hard and make her cum.

“Please, please take me!” she cried.

“Fuck me hard!” she wailed.

The harder I fucked her, the tighter her arms became around my neck.

“Oh please, oh please, oh please,” she repeated like a chant.

I broke her grip around my neck and lifted her ankles so that they were over my shoulders and she was bent double.

I slowly withdrew my cock until just the tip was in contact with her ravaged pussy and looked her deep in the eyes.

“Oh god,” she cried as I drove the full length home into her sopping cunt

I withdrew again and positioned myself carefully. I knew I would cum soon. By now Pam had her arms spread wide, head bent back, her eyes closed and a slow moan came from her red lips.

I drove in for a third time. This time, keeping my cock deep inside her, my seed flowing in one long stream deep into her. She threw her arms around my neck.

“I’m cumming, I’m cummingggggg,” she wailed as I withdrew my cock, released her legs and rolled off onto my back.

I lay there looking up at a cloudless blue sky and heard her gently start to sob.

Without looking I reached out and gently stroked her hair before grapping a handful and dragging her head down to my cock.

“Lick me clean you whore!” With this she started to lick and suck me.

After giving her time to complete her chores I climbed to my feet and pulled up my boxers and trousers. I offered her a hand and hauled Pam to her feet.

She reached out for her panties.

“Leave them where they are,” I spoke firmly.

I reached for the dog, which by now was firmly asleep and set of for home with Pam hurrying behind me.

The weeks went by and our carnal activity had become regular. Pam has stopped wearing trousers so that her pussy was always easily available.

Her cock sucking skills had developed into a fine art – from casino siteleri a long slow lingering tease to a fast and furious drain she sucked on command and never failed to swallow.

Even when we moved out to our own home and left Pam and her man to their own devices she made herself available to me at any time and in any way I desired.

My wife never questioned why her mother was waiting for her in the kitchen as she returned from work. Fondly believing she had just got there. She certainly had just got to the kitchen. For the last hour she had been face down on the bed while I ploughed into her and filled her with my cum. But then I had known for some time that my wife was fucking a guy from work and that she much preferred to have no sexual contact with me.

Things progressed one afternoon. I had been eating her pussy for some while and Pam had risen and fallen to three orgasms. Each one louder that the last. Working on the fourth I slipped a finger deep into her anus. She came in an instant and from then on anal play was very much a part of our lovemaking. The finest way to cum is with your cock head in a woman’s mouth, her hand stroking your shaft and a finger deep in your anus gently milking your prostrate.

It took about four sessions of fingers and dildos before her ass was ready for my cock. I remember the scream as I forced my way into her and the tightness of passage as my cock slid in and out. As I finally came I remember her starting to plead.

“Don’t make me suck you,” but it was too late.

I grabbed her head and forced down to my cock and she gave up the fight and sucked me clean as usual.

By now fucking with me had become an obsession with Pam. Any opportunity she would do her utmost to get me inside her. She started to dress to please as well. High heels, stockings, lacy underwear – anything to please me. Even my wife ha commented on her mother’s new look.

The wife went away again for another “Conference” and I instructed Pam to be at the house at 7pm dressed in her best underwear.

Promptly she knocked on the door and I lead her straight into the kitchen where I slipped on an eye mask to completely blindfold her.

“Strip,” I whispered in her ear.

Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse and held it out for me.

“Just drop it,” I commanded.

Then she slowly unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her hips and on to the floor in a neat circle around her high heeled shoes.

“Now your bra,” and soon it was on the floor with her rest of her clothes.

“And lastly your panties,” She stood now in her shoes and stockings and slowly allowed me to guide her into the living room.

I stood behind her and cupped her large breasts whilst rolling my thumbs over her nipples. She rested her head, still blindfolded onto my shoulder and started to moan.

Pam pushed her ass back into my crotch and slowly ground her hips against me as I slid a hand down to her wet pussy and started to finger her clit.

I could feel her tensing up towards the first of many orgasms when I withdrew my and ordered her to her knees.

She dropped like a stone in expectation and was little surprised when I ripped the blindfold from her.

Sitting on the sofa in front of her was the naked, erect figure of Greg – “Cousin” Greg – her mother’s sister’s, daughter’s toy boy husband. Aged 32, 6 foot 3 inches tall, thin as a rake with a 7 in cock that was straining at the leash.

Greg and I had been lovers for about two years after I found his advert on an internet site. The first few meetings had been awkward but soon we were sucking each other’s cocks on a regular basis. It was in Greg’s ass that I had first honed the skills that Pam has come to love and I got a great deal of pleasure feeling him fill me up and shoot his load deep in me.

Pam was starting to struggle to her feet but I held her shoulders firmly.

“You will pleasure Greg in any way that I tell you too,” I spoke firmly

“Please no, please,” she pleaded

“Suck his cock,”


“Do it!” and I pushed her forward so her head fell into his lap

I stepped forward so that I was astride her and grabbed her hair, looking Greg in the eyes I barked

“Suck him,” and watched as Greg eyes opened slightly as she took his cock in her mouth.

I poker siteleri leant forward and kissed Greg fully on the mouth and found his tongue willing searching for mine. Feeling his hand encompass her cock I let out a gently moan as a signal for him to start stroking me.

Pam had stopped sucking and was staring in disbelief at us kissing. I stepped back and slammed my hand across the right cheek of her ass as a warming of things to come if she stopped again.

I moved forward once again this time pulling Greg forward until he had my cock between his lips and he proceeded to fellate me with all his vast ability.

Desperately trying to stop myself from cumming I pulled away and sat next to Greg, who still had Pam’s mouth attached to his cock. I dragged her from her duties and ordered her to suck me.

Greg watched the scene whilst gently stroking himself.

“Fuck her,” was all that was needed for him to get to his knees and position himself behind her.

While Pam gave out a long wail he drove his cock into her wet cunt with all his might, withdrew and plundered her a second time.

Slowly Greg built up a steady rhythm. I knew from my own plundered ass he could keep it up for some time.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” was all Pam could managed.

Each Ohhhhh timed to match each thrust. Seeing Greg’s cock sliding home was making me harder and harder.

“Give the girl a break,” I spoke firmly and Greg withdrew his long cock.

I positioned Pam on the sofa. Her feet high up on the back and her head hanging over the front edge.

Kneeling in front of her I slowly slid my cock deep into her mouth. This was a position we had used many times and so she was able the take most of me into her mouth. Greg, ever the one for an opportunity, positioned himself behind me and started to rub his cock head up and down my ass.

“Enter me,” was what he wanted to hear and he slowly introduced the head of his cock into my anus. I was in heaven. My cock deep in a warm throat and a cock in my rectum. Greg, his hands gripping my chest, slowly fucked me while I fucked Pam’s mouth with steady thrusts. Greg was being careful with him actions so I did not thrust too deep and make Pam choke.

“I’m going to cum soon,” whispered Greg in my ear.

“No wait! I had a better idea,” was my reply and with this Greg withdrew from my tight back passage.

“Lay on the floor.”

I kissed Pam, almost tenderly.

“Sit in Greg’s cock.”

Pam climbed up from her position on the sofa and slowly lowered herself on top the big hard member rising from the floor. Once he was firmly inside her she leant forward and braced herself for the double penetration of her cunt and ass.

I positioned myself behind and looked at the hard cock in her cunt and her awaiting ass. Pam was ready and waiting to feel the burning sensation of being buggered but I had a different plan. I slipped my cock down a bit so that it was parallel to Greg’s and forced my way into her wet pussy. Oh she would have double penetration tonight but it would be two cocks in her gapping pussy.

The sensation of a tight pussy and a throbbing cock rubbing against your own hard member is the finest there is. Slowly the two cock’s found a parallel rhythm and together we fucked the brains out of her.

I felt Greg’s cock start to twitch and I began the final spasms. Pam was silent but every time we rammed in she let would a gasp of air.

I knew I was in the final stages so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

A long cry of release followed as the two cocks simultaneously pumped the hot seed deep into her tired and sore cunt.

I withdrew and sat back on my haunches. Pam rolled onto her back, and Greg just lay there.

I looked at Pam, “Get dressed and go home,” was all I said.

She got up and looked at me – the look of a ruined woman and left the room.

Greg moved round and started to suck me clean as he always did after we had fucked. Once he was sure I was clean he too got up and walked out of the room. A little while later I heard the front door open and two people walk from the house.

I sat on the sofa for a moment and then reached up to the top of the bookcases that lined one wall of the room and lifted down the Video Camera that had been silently recording the whole event.

My marriage finally came to an end a few weeks later and I packed my belongings. I didn’t take much – just my clothes. I often wonder when my wife watched that romantic DVD that was her favourite and how long it took before she recognised the people in the new movie that was playing on her TV.

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Hot Summer Afternoon Ch. 2

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About a week after I gave my virginity to my best friend’s older brother Jason, I sat in my living room thinking over our relationship. After we fucked in Jason’s backyard he convinced me to call my Mom and tell her that I was going to spend the night with Gail. Since Gail and her mother weren’t due back until late Jason and I could spend the night together in his bedroom in the basement of their house and no one would catch us. That night the two of us talked about our ‘relationship’. Jason had a girlfriend, and even if he didn’t we both knew that it would damage my friendship with his sister, Gail, if I started dating him. We decided to just have sex with each other whenever we had the opportunity.

The problem was the opportunity wasn’t coming enough for me. Jason had a job and it seemed that whenever he wasn’t working Gail was home at his house or my parents were home. We had sex a couple of times in his car but I didn’t like the small uncomfortable space. I was completely frustrated. My body seemed to be constantly demanding sex. I tried masturbating but I was new at it and not very good. I always just ended up making myself more frustrated that ever. I knew that if I took the time and practiced I would get better…but it was driving me crazy in the meantime.

As I sat in my living room contemplating whether or not I would make another attempt at masturbation the doorbell rang. I jumped up and ran to the door, hoping that it would be Jason. Instead I found a guy named Andy Bailey at the door. He was a grade ahead of me in school. I knew him, but not well enough for him to be paying me an unexpected visit. In fact he had never been to my house before and I was a little shocked to find him there. He asked me if he could come in and talk to me and I led him into the living room. He sat down on the couch and I sat in a chair.

“How’s your summer going?” he asked.

“Not bad,” I answered.

“From what I understand it seems to be going pretty well,” he said, giving me a knowing look.

I was confused, I knew that Jason wouldn’t be gossiping about the two of us… “What do you mean?”

He reached into his backpack, pulled out a picture and handed it to me without a word. I took the picture and looked at it. It was a picture of Jason and I in his pool on the afternoon that we had sex. I was standing in the shallow end of the pool and I still had my bikini on… But if he had this he probably had more pictures. “Where did you get this?!” I demanded.

“I took it, photography’s a hobby of mine. And I developed it myself too, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing them,” Andy explained, still looking at me intently.

Suddenly I remember that Andy lived directly behind Jason and Gail. I looked back down at the picture, it was obviously taken with a zoom lens, it looked very close-up. “You have more…”

“Of course I do.” Andy started taking pictures out of his bag and spreading them canlı bahis out on the coffee table. There were so many of them! Pictures of Jason and I playing in the pool nude, pictures of me lying on the beachtowel in the grass…Jason fingering my pussy, Jason’s head between my legs, Jason fucking me, Jason’s penis shooting cum all over my stomach and breasts. I looked at the pictures in awe. I was angry and a little scared but seeing myself in the pictures was also turning me on.

“So what do you want?” I asked, trying to gain control of my emotions.

“I think you know what I want,” Andy said. “And if you give me any trouble I can always send these to your parents.”

I took a deep breath, sat back in the chair and covered my face with my hands. I wasn’t really that upset, I just didn’t want Andy to be able to see my face while I thought about the situation. First of all, I wasn’t an idiot. I knew that all I had to do was tell Jason and he’d make Andy stay away from me. And if that failed, I could always tell my parents. They’d be furious that I had had sex but they would still protect me. But was that what I wanted? Andy was goodlooking, the quiet, shy type (although he didn’t seem very shy presenting those pictures to me!) and I wanted to have sex! Jason just didn’t have enough time to spare for me. I decided that I would give Andy a try and if things didn’t go well I could always put an end to this blackmail thing easily.

I took a deep breath and uncovered my face. I tried to act upset and scared, I didn’t want Andy to know that I wanted him as much as he wanted me. I wanted to see where this ‘blackmail’ thing would go. “Do you have the negatives?”

“Yeah,” he pulled an envelope out of his backpack and handed it to me. I looked inside and saw the negatives.

“Well, I…well, we could…we could do it now and you could give me the negatives. That way I know you won’t keep making copies of the pictures. And then…we can work out how I can get the other pictures later,” I knew that he probably had more copies of the pictures at home anyway.

He agreed and packed the pictures back up and put them away. I stood up really feeling a little nervous since I didn’t know quite what to expect and led him upstairs to my bedroom. He went and sat down at my desk and I looked at him. He really was nice looking, with light brown hair and green eyes. He was very tall and on the thin side. His body certainly wasn’t as nice as Jason’s…I was curious to know what he would be like in bed. He looked back at me for a few minutes and then told me to take my clothes off.

My heart started to pound. Whenever I had sex with Jason it was like being hit by a tornado, I never had time to think about what we were doing, I just responded. But this…it seemed so businesslike. I slowly reached up and removed my t-shirt. I didn’t have a bra on and my breasts fell free of my shirt, my nipples half-hard kaçak iddaa from my nervous excitement. I looked at Andy but he was just sitting there watching me quietly. I unfastened my shorts and took them off, then removed my panties. I stood there for a few minutes and then Andy told me to lay down on the bed.

I lay down and he walked over to the bed. His hand cupped each of my breasts as if gauging their weight and his thumb brushed each of my nipples to test their response. His hand moved down and his fingers slid through my pussy hair. “Where’s the bathroom?” he asked.

I was taken aback by the question, “It’s down…down the hall to your left.”

“Come on then.” He gestured for me to follow him and we walked to the bathroom. Did he want to have sex in the shower? We entered the bathroom and he told me to sit on the edge of the bathtub. I sat down, feeling the coolness of the tub against my naked ass. I watched as Andy rummaged through our medecine cabinet and took out scissors, shaving cream and a couple of new razors.

I started to ask what he was doing but he wasn’t paying any attention. He ran some water in the bathtub and then knelt down in front of me and spread my legs. I realized that he was going to shave my pussy and a shiver ran through me. I was really shocked and afraid, what if he cut me? He began to clip my bush and watched him breathlessly. I was afraid to tell him no. He put down the scissors and began to spread shaving cream all over my pussy. It felt nice, cool and soft and my pussy started to respond. He drew the razor slowly and gently over my skin, pushing my pussy lips this way and that to reach new angles. I was doing my best to hide the fact that he was turning me on, but my toes kept digging into the carpet, I hoped that he thought it was from nervousness. Finally, he was finished. He threw the razors away, stood me up in the shower and using the detachable showerhead he rinsed off my pussy. His fingers brushed over my pussy and then delved inside my lips. His fingers struck gooey wetness and he looked at me with a little knowing smile. “No sense trying to hide the fact that I want him now,” I thought as he dried me off and led me back to my bedroom.

I lay back down on the bed and he went to my dresser and brought back a small mirror. “Why don’t you take a look at your pussy now,” he said and stood back to watch me. I placed the mirror between my legs and saw that my pussy was shaven bare except for a triangle of hair above the lips. I looked closely and decided that it looked nice. I heard Andy say, “Touch it.” and my fingers traced over my pussy. Oh, it felt so nice and soft! I continued to stroke my pussy, watching my fingers in the mirror until Andy took it away from me. I looked up at him and he sat down next to me on the bed and took off his shirt. His hand went to my pussy and began to play with my lips. “Doesn’t that feel much better now?” he asked.

“Yes,” kaçak bahis I answered breathlessly, watching him intently. His fingers were touching my pussy so lightly, it wasn’t giving me any kind of satisfaction. I wondered what he would do next.

“How long have you and Jason been having sex?” he asked.

“That…that was the first time, at the pool…” I answered.

“And how many times have you fucked since then?”

“I don’t know…maybe 8 or 9…” It was taking all of my control not to push my pussy against his fingers.

“Have you tried many positions?”

“I…no…I…we did it doggie style once…and…and I tried to sit on his lap once in his car…but…but it didn’t work…” I knew that I was going to lose control any moment and beg him to fuck me. His fingers suddenly left my pussy and I gasped in shock. I almost cried out ‘no’ but I saw his hand going to his shorts. I watched him undo his shorts and then stand up and take them off. His cock stood up tall and proud and huge! It was so big! I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, it had to be 9 inches long. I no longer cared what he thought, I wanted that huge cock in my cunt. “Oh please…hurry….please fuck me…”

He was climbing onto the bed and I grabbed him and pulled him down on top of me. My legs were spread as wide as possible and my pussy was bucking upwards, searching for his cock. He moved into position and I felt the head of his cock pushing into my pussy. It was so big! I felt it stretching the walls of my pussy as it forced its way deep inside of me. I wrapped my legs around Andy, I wanted to keep him inside of me forever. He began to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy and it felt amazing. I couldn’t control myself, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, bucking my hips upwards to meet every stroke of his thick cock as it filled me completely. And he lasted forever! I had three orgasms and then he pulled his cock out of me, removed the condom and pushed his cock into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of his cock as I could. Licking and sucking my own cum off of it. He put his hands in my hair and moved my head back and forth on his cock. I felt it start to twitch and then he was filling my mouth with hot cum. I tried to swallow it but most of it dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. He released me and we both lay back on the bed, breathing heavily.

After awhile we got up and took a shower together. We washed each other and Andy ate my pussy like a pro. (I later found out that he had been a virgin, he must have been a natural!) Then he had me face the outside of the tub, spread my legs wide and prop myself up on the side of the tub with my hands. He entered me from behind, one arm around my waist and a hand on my clit. He fucked me hard and it felt so good and my orgasm was so intense, it was all that I could do to keep myself propped up on the edge of the tub.

We got out of the shower and dried off. Andy got dressed and gave me the envelope that contained the negatives of the pictures. He told me that he had 47 pictures and that I was going to have to try a new position or scenario to earn each of them.

I told him that I was looking forward to it.

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Hot Neighbour Crystal

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Crystal always had me fascinated from a young age. The eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Clifton nextdoor, she was older than me by about 5-10 years. She was more mature than the rest of us kids growing up, but still cooler to hang out with than the grown ups when our parents would get together for one of the many neighbourly BBQs on their back deck.

We had a close relationship with the Cliftons. I was about 4 or 5 when both our families had moved into the street about the same time.

The summer nights were the best. While our parents would sit around talking over a few drinks after dinner, my younger brother and I, along with Crystal and her younger brother and sister would play games in their pool for hours on end.

As a 13 year old hormonal boy, I guess I was secretly fascinated by Crystal. She was fully developed as a woman, and I’d watch her get in and out of the pool, a nice round ass in her one piece swimsuit. She was by no means skinny, but at the same time she wasn’t overweight. Just a decent figure, with her light brown-blondish hair down just past her shoulders, perfect brown eyes, and breasts that were so impressive it was hard not to stare!

Sometimes, after our younger siblings had gone to bed, I’d be allowed to keep playing games in the pool with Crystal if she was around and I remember cursing to myself when Mum or Dad would interrupt and tell me it was now my bedtime too and I had to go home. To me, she had a way of being playful, perhaps almost a bit flirty, but still spoke to me in a way that reaffirmed she was older, more grown up than me, and probably wouldn’t be feeling the same way about us that I did. I definitely had a crush on this older girl!

Eventually we saw less of her though. She’d met Damien, fell in love, and it wasn’t long before she moved in across town with him. They got married, and then came the announcement they were expecting a child. By this time, I was approaching my late teens and the thought of her making a baby was driving me wild at night and fueling a lot of my fantasies as I lay awake. What position did they have sex in? What did Crystal look like nude? Did she shave down below or have a bush? I’ll bet that round ass looks good when she’s naked. Lucky Damien! My virgin mind would go crazy with erotic thoughts about Crystal…

Over the next few years, Crystal and Damien had a second child. We’d see the 4 of them a couple of times a month when they’d visit her parents nextdoor. bahis siteleri Crystal and Damien with their 2 little boys. It really was a happy little family.

I went on to date a few girls and after a while I had moved out of home too. As a result, I saw even less of Crystal but it seemed to be each time I saw her, I’d still think about those naughty fantasies! Picturing her walking around the pool deck in her swimwear when we were younger, imagining her naked, making love to Damien… years had passed but Crystal still looked just as amazing in her 30s!

It shocked everyone when Damien left Crystal. We learned that he’d had an affair, but with a great lawyer he’d ended up with the house and 50% custody of their kids after the divorce. Crystal temporarily moved back in with her parents, and seemingly she had a lot of time on her hands.

6 months later, it was summer, and I started helping my parents build a pergola in their backyard during a quiet period at work. A couple of times, I’d do some stuff on my own out there while my parents were away, and one day while I was high up on the ladder painting the roof, I could hear someone in the pool nextdoor. I glanced over the fence, only to see Crystal!

It seemed she spotted me at the same time. “You need to take a break sooner or later!” she said with a smile, her body immersed in the water up to her neck. “I’ve got the house and pool to myself. Bit lonely over here. Come for a dip!”

I hadn’t swam in the pool with Crystal since I was a teenager, and I wondered what it would be like now as an adult. I didn’t have my swimwear with me at my parents’ house but I thought I’d just go over and say hi anyway. It had been a while since I caught up with Crystal and besides, how could I say no to a total milf like her, especially when she was in her swimwear!?! Alright I’ll be around in a sec…” I replied, trying not to sound too keen.

“Kids are at school and Mum and Dad are out”, Crystal said, starting the conversation. She was up against the side of the pool, arms up on the deck as she looked up at me. I could only see her head and top of her shoulders, which didn’t seem to have any straps from swimwear. “Are you gonna come in or not?” She asked again. “Nah, got nothing to wear”, I replied, probably sounding disappointed after realising Crystal may have been topless in the pool and I couldn’t get in there with her. “That’s ok, neither have I” she said, canlı bahis siteleri as she swam out from the edge, her shapely round exposed bottom on full display! I couldn’t believe it… Crystal was totally naked in her parents’ pool in front of me!

I immediately felt a twitching in my pants. “Are you s-s-sure?” I asked, in utter shock. “We’re 2 adults, just having a swim, and it’s not like either of us have a partner right now! C’mon!” she insisted. That was all I needed. She watched as I took off the last of my clothes and hurriedly entered the water naked.

Crystal pointed to the old, faded beach ball in the corner of the backyard. “Remember that?”

I nodded, still in shock, unable to speak. We’d spent many hours throwing that ball around in our younger years. “Let’s play ‘Chase Crystal’ again like old times!” she suggested playfully. The game had been a favourite many years earlier. “Alright, go get it then”, I said cheekily, knowing she’d have to get out of the water and I’d get a better glimpse of her naked body.

With that, she hoisted herself out of the pool with both hands and all I could do was stare at what an amazing ass she had. It was even better than I’d imagined! Before I knew it, Crystal had the ball and was walking back towards the pool, giving me my first full frontal view of her naked body – something I’d spent many of my adolescent years fantasizing about!

Despite rearing 2 kids, Crystal’s breasts were large, but not droopy, and as my eyes moved downwards, checking out the body of this 30-something woman, I also noticed she had a dark brown full bush of pubic hair between her legs that was dripping with pool water. It seemed her hair down below was a few shades darker than she had on her head. I could feel my penis beginning to grow, an erection was on its way. But was this appropriate?

“Would a photo last longer?” she asked, interrupting my thoughts. I realised I’d been staring at her, but for how long I didn’t know. She was everything my fantasies imagined! “What’s the matter? Haven’t you seen a naked woman before?” she quizzed me. “Let’s just go inside.”

My erection was full and raging hard as we made our way into the house. Crystal walked ahead to get us some towels. I didn’t even care that we were dripping water through Mr and Mrs Clifton’s house.

“I need you to reach something for me”, Crystal yelled from one of the bedrooms. Obligingly, güvenilir bahis I made my way down the hall to find her. Crystal was on all fours, on the floor facing away from the door, but glanced over her shoulder to me when I entered the room.

“With your tongue, can you get down underneath me and reach it up into my pussy?” I didn’t need to be asked twice. My hard penis, twitching and now dripping with pre-cum felt like it was going to explode! I resisted the urge to touch myself, and willingly made my way down to Crystal’s level. Her butthole was tight a few little strands of hair around it, and I gave it a little tickle as I moved my mouth up to her hairy vagina area and opened it up with my fingers to lick inside. The room we were in was warm and we were almost dry from the pool, but inside Crystal’s vagina it was just getting wetter!

“Mmmm…” she moaned. “Keep going, you’ll make me cum!” she said, almost a whisper. I had no intention of stopping, but I knew my own private bits would need attention soon! It wasn’t long before she began to shudder and, her voice quivering, she screamed out ‘Oh God! Cumming!’ and collapsed on top of my face.

She rested only a short while, before she stood up over me, gave her brown hair-covered pussy mound a tap with her hand, and said “I can’t wait any longer. It’s been nearly 8 months. Fuck me!” I could have cum right then and there!

With that, she positioned herself on the bed behind us, spreading her legs open wide and pulling her vagina open with both hands. Crystal’s pubes were all matted from her wet excitement and the pink hole inside was glistening and slightly pulsing. “Stick it into me! Quick!” I’d never felt so aroused in all my life! My own genitals were pulsing too and drooling pre-cum down the full length of my shaft. I eased myself into her tight love hole and it felt amazing…

In, out, in, out… on top of her I pounded up and down for longer than I possibly thought I could last. Crystal seemed to be lost in a wave of her own orgasms, one after the other, and I soon felt mine starting. “Whoa! Oh yeah! Ugghhhhhh!!!” I’d lost control of myself, and felt the hot cum start rushing out of my penis and into Crystal’s hungry vagina. Throbbing pleasure like no other, and into a girl I’d had fantasies about for more years than I could remember!

We lay down next to each other on the bed for a bit. Crystal was smiling, obviously pleased she’d had her way with me, and slept with someone for the first time since her ex-husband.

“Ok, pool time again! What about that game of ‘Chase Crystal’ now?” she asked suddenly, breaking the silence of our resting bodies.

“Sure!” I replied with a smile, although for me, I felt the chase was already over…


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