Alice Manipulated Ch. 07

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Double Penetration

Bi Beverley lusts for sweet looking Alice ever since she set eyes on her at the café when introduced to her by the kinky business couple Bernard and Lani. Her passion for making love to the relatively innocent 21 year-old with the small build and measurements of someone younger is steamy after the playful sex games of the past six hours.

The 30 year-old was wet just hearing from Lani how her crafty Bernard managed to seduce her in the back cubicle of a busy café, getting her panties down and fingering her to orgasm amid the noise and chatter of the packed café. She and her divorced partner Bruce wasted no time booking Alice for a night of fantasy fun once Bernard recruited her into their kinky Companion’s Corner ‘hire a young fantasy model’ business.

For baby-faced but pretty Alice, just four feet ten inches tall with her cute hairless pussy and next to no tits, it’s her chance to make some really good money and enjoy an adventure into the unknown while her guardian uncle Bernie is overseas. The day job at the doctor’s surgery takes up all the workdays for little monetary reward.

Beverley is turned on so much by Alice’s sensuously sexy full lips. Whenever Alice speaks Beverley’s eyes are parked on the movement of the young girl’s lips. She told her randy companion Bruce she can’t wait to indulge in a long hot session of total intimacy with this spunky young one. The time arrives with Bruce agreeing both females have their privacy for one whole hour before he joins them in the bed to sleep through what’s left of the morning. Beverley reminds Bruce he’s enjoyed things mostly his way in the sex games they played since they booked into the hotel and now she wants some real lovemaking time to herself.

Bruce nonetheless gets Beverley to allow him to set his video recorder on the tripod so that later at their leisure back where they came from they can replay this sexy session along with the other takes he has done throughout the evening. Alice seem to look sexier than ever in the size 8 see-through black silk nightie that falls level with the tops of her well shaped thighs. She may be kid size small but not skinny, not fat but just right with a sexy bum many a man would fight for. And now, Beverley has her all to herself.

Beverly is in the mood for love and not simply because she is willing. She doesn’t just want sex from this sweet thing she wants to love her and enjoy the return affection that only a young woman on heat can impart.

Alice is wide-eyed and bushy-tailed as this is something quite new to her. She’s never made love to another woman or let another women make love to her. She only knows it goes on and she’s a bit nervous. The long talk Beverley gave about bisexual women has helped her prepare for this, however, as she fears she could be regarded as a lesbian if she were in bed with another woman.

Beverley convinces her there are probably nearly as many bi women as straight and that it’s normal to like people of the same sex, but she qualifies it by describing the different levels of bisexuality. Alice feels safer that for her, while it will be a hot lovemaking session for Beverley, for Alice is a new experience she should enjoy as part of growing up into her 20s. She is not a lesbian.

Bruce goes and Beverley looks at the pretty thing in her pigtails. “How do you feel Alice? Do you feel like being naughty with me? This time, not as your make-believe mommy but as Beverley the 30 year-old school teacher who now wants to help with your lessons in love.”

“I guess so mom, I mean Beverley.”

“Darling, we are going to kiss, cuddle, suck, lick and fondle like never before,” she says, putting her arm around the younger girl as they sit on the side of the bed. “I want you so much you sexy little thing. When I saw you in that hot pink tight shorts with your pussy bulging out between those beautiful thighs my heart skipped a beat. My God, I thought, look at the crack in the pussy standing out inside that skimpy bum freezer. Lani sure knows how to dress her girls.”

“Lani told me I look half my age now in that outfit.”

“Yes sweetie, they sure know how to do that; they could make any young woman look like the innocent village virgin with the make-up experts she employs. They make the young look older and the older look younger. When I’m 40 I wish they could make me look 20 again.”

“But you look terrific for 30,” protests Alice. “I hope I look as good in the face and tight in the body like you do when I get that old. I think you have really beautiful breasts, so big compared to mine which are so tiny.”

“Don’t worry about the size of your breasts, honey, I think you look cute with those big puffy pointers. Besides you will find there are lots of men who like to make love to girls with small tight bodies and no tits like yours. They fantasise about educating them and I guess it’s a turn-on as if the girls don’t already know, and just as you are turning me on right now looking at your angel face. Come here darling.”

They put their arms around each other and they faces get close. bursa escort bayan Beverley leans forward and tilts her head slightly as Alice moistens her lips knowing a kiss is coming. Their sexy mouths come together as in slow motion, lips slightly parted, eager but not impatient. Alice feels Beverley’s full lips resting against her lightly, and then pressing progressively firmer as she opens her mouth and encloses Alice’s lips within hers tantalisingly, delicately and warmly. This is excitingly different to Alice. Momentarily she is in a holding pattern not sure of herself but feeling the tingling sensation of the older woman’s tip of her tongue resting against the tip of her tongue before Beverley moves it slowly to the corners of her lips, tracing an imaginary line around the inside the same way she cleans up Bruce’s cum when she brings him off.

The younger one is glad Beverley is leading so she can follow and be more relaxed in her first time doing this. It feels sexy and close with the older woman’s lips pressed passionately against her mouth, enticing Alice to part her lips more. She does and Beverley’s tongue glides across and around the young girl’s tongue in fast flickering movements which delight her young charge. Alice responds by doing the same, but not as expertly.

Beverley holds Alice around her shoulders and leans on her to push her back to the bed and is quickly on top, their tongues wagging inside each other’s mouth like butterflies excited around a flower. Alice is wet and starting to feel downright dirty from the intoxicating sexiness of their intimacy. Their tongues are dancing in unison at last like the cha cha, the dance of love. It doesn’t take long for Alice to feel totally submissive and let the older woman ‘take her’ and do anything she desires. For the next five minutes they are entwined as one, their hands cupped behind each other’s head not wanting to let go.

Beverley feels so hungry for Alice she could eat her and this is just the start. She will lick her entire body soon to taste her warm smooth firm young sexuality. Beverley is so wet and Alice is close behind her, their pussies juiced from excitement. They roll to one side, then the other back and forth a few times moaning in their anxious sweep of each other’s senses. Alice feels as though she is on a roller coaster, her head spinning. It is like the steep downhill dive on a roller coaster giving a near orgasmic thrill to experience something so wonderfully exciting happening to her.

Their heads remain locked together, opening and closing their mouths just long enough to gulp in fresh air before plunging back into the ever-mounting passion pit of the other’s mouth. Their skimpy negligees and bunched up above two sets of firm shapely thighs, two perfectly pure looking hairless pussies gaping out at times between open legs, then legs wrapped around each other as the moans continue with increasing intensity. It is a sensual sight; one body is that of a tight size 14 women’s frame, the other is an adolescent-style firm size 8 to 10 shape.

It looks like a mother having it off with her daughter in some kind of torrid interlude while daddy is at work but incest this is not. Beverley asked Alice earlier if she preferred to play the role of a daughter by calling her mom while they were sexy together but this time Alice just wants the older woman to be herself. Beverley is certainly being herself, her bi orientation making the best of this cute young chick.

She finally releases her grip on Alice and they both fall on their back panting. Beverley sits up and gazes upon the stimulating sight of the small body beside her. She knows Alice is not even five feet tall. Her hands are small and her arms quite slender but her thighs are beautifully proportioned, utterly firm and a fleshier size 10 in shape. No wonder Bruce loved having them spread out and then pulled tight around him when he fucked her earlier, she thinks in a moment of reflection.

“Well my honey. How was it? Is that how you’d like to kiss your girlfriend?” she asks as Alice sits up. “It was strange at first but really beautiful. I got so turned on just kissing you. I’ve not felt like that ever kissing anyone, not that I kiss many people anyway.”

“Okay Alice my little prisoner of love, your hot friend here wants to explore your whole body with her tongue so let me slip the negligee over your head so I can not miss anything. You just lie back now, we are going to pretend I have you tied up by the wrists and ankles so stay in the middle of the bed and stretch your arms out to the top corners as though I have tied them there.

“That’s the way, it looks good; now your legs wide apart pointing to the bottom corners. Perfect. Now don’t move, remember you are tied up and can’t escape. You are mine to do with you as I please. All you can do is moan and sigh and I want to hear you beg me not to stop.”

This is music to Alice’s ears. She loves anything that fits into the realm of her own fantasies and being tied up nude on a bed and taken while helpless gorukle escort is one of her favourites. For Beverley though it is much more. She wants to consume the young one inch by inch she is so besotted with her natural beauty and innocence. She wants Alice’s pussy to be throbbing for her. A big fat strap on dildo awaits her pleasure.

Beverley intends to turn Alice on to a fever pitch of desire by lighting up all her fires just by stroking her sensuously in all the right places without rushing straight into sex. She kneels behind Alice’s head gently stroking her scalp and around her forehead, the sides of her neck and across her face so daintily she leaves her touch but the sensation is like a brush of a breeze. She licks her ears, behind them and inside, wriggling the point of her tongue in the lobes. Alice feels another pleasure tremor as Beverley does this routine over and around her temples until Alice feels she is floating on a magic carpet when she shuts her eyes. Something is awakening inside her she has never felt before and is so utterly relaxed she will give her body to her whoever commands her.

Beverley slides the palms of her hands around the young one’s shoulders and on to her breasts. Kneeling over her she sucks on her upraised puffy areolas, holding them in her lips like a baby suckling on its mother. She nibbles the pointy nipples that are already erect and stretches them out as far as she can and letting hem bounce back into their normal state. She repeats the process on each breast and sucks as much of Alice’s tiny tits into her mouth as she can, clamping her lips around them and running her tongue over the girl’s erect nipple inside her mouth

When she releases them she drags her tongue across the entire areola time and time again and then concentrates on the more sensitive area a thumb width out from the nipple where she flicks the tip of her tongue around it teasingly to create the stimulation sensation there that makes a woman feel extra desire for intimacy and in some, even an orgasm Alice feels strong urges to masturbate but doesn’t, as she is supposed to be tied up and helpless, not helping herself to herself.

The older woman moves her tongue down towards Alice’s navel like she is unravelling a carpet but it’s a pink carpet of pure young flesh ahead of her into the girl’s navel where she tickles it in as though she is stirring something, and she is. She is stirring Alice into anxious desire for something much more stimulating and wants Beverley to go to her pussy but the more experienced woman will make her wait and become frantic for the sex. She comes to her bare pubic bone and flattens her tongue across it. It’s so smooth she licks it from side to side without feeling even a hint of stubble. Alice is sure Beverley will dive to her clit now, but she is disappointed because the more experienced woman wants to turn the heat up more. Instead, she glides her tongue down the side of her pussy and up the other side in her left and right hand groin and does a second circuit

She lifts Alice’s bum up off the bed while her legs stay outstretched and looks as though this time she will do it. Alice can’t wait, but Beverley’s tongue goes to the sensually sensitive perineum – the P-spot, between the vagina and anus. It is packed with spongy erectile tissue that responds to touch, making Alice’s desire continue to mount. Still holding her bum high Beverley nestles her head between her thighs and licks around her anus while inside the pussy the fire is burning.

After several minutes of switching from P-spot to A-spot she lays her love toy on her bum again and licks the inside of her thighs down to her ankles, across and under her feet, sucking her toes and then licking up the inside of her other leg as far as her pussy. This must be it Alice is sure. Not quite.

Beverley hovers over the young pussy, so pristine, glistening in its satin smooth state and pulsating for penetration. But the older woman will settle for just an entrée now and come back for the main course. later. She moves Alice’s fat outer labia lips to the side and runs her tongue between them and the clitoris and vagina lips, sending a shudder through her little love buddy as she looks up to see Alice’s mouth wide open begging for it if a face can tell a story. Her moistened clitoris glans seems to shine. It is fully erect and Beverley can’t wait to come back and suck it up from its hiding place. She is rapt it is so prominent for a girl of such a small build and once asked Alice if it was sucked on in her younger days, only to be told no, that’s just the way it is.

Alice is becoming quite animated moaning and looking anxiously into Beverley’s face. When their eyes meet, they hold each other’s gaze as if in a trance and all they see is love. Both women are so turned on they don’t speak apart from making the sounds of lovemaking. Beverley has felt three orgasms from just watching how she has her young charge under her spell.

Alice’s juices will be overflowing soon. Beverley turns her on bursa merkez escort bayan her side and swings one knee well forward, the doctor’s position for checking a woman’s pussy with its easy access and where she doesn’t have to watch him. Beverley licks down the insides of each arm then back to the nape of the neck, down between the shoulder blades and licking all the way back to find her pussy looking so provocative as it juts out between her legs in the rear end position. She gives a teasing tongue caress along the vagina to and around her erect clit for just a few seconds to tease Alice, then rolls her on her back again. Beverley straddles her own pussy over her love pet’s face, dropping it within an inch of her mouth.

Instinctively Alice lifts her chin up and feels the wetness of Beverley who is almost sitting on her. Just as the younger one pushes her tongue upwards and into the wet vagina to taste her with a few flickers of her tongue Beverley hops off the girl and goes down on her cunt like someone starving for a full meal, not just a snack.

Alice moans very loudly because Beverley is teasing. tantalising, tormenting and fine-tuning her entire sexual sensory system to bring on multiple orgasms. The first orgasm hits like a clap of thunder as Beverley is sucking hard on the young girl’ clit, stretching it up into her mouth and holding it there while she tugs on it and waggles her tongue around the girl’s miniature penis.

Alice is back in wonderland, her favourite place but this is better than a fairy tale, it’s the real thing. She and another woman are making love to each other and it’s something Alice never dreamed could happen to her. She loves it and can’t get enough of Beverley. They switch positions around so Alice can lick Beverley’s clit at the same time as she gets it in the fabled 69 spot. For 15 minutes or so they gorge on each other with loud sighs and moans, cries of ‘I love you’ and ‘so beautiful’ and ‘don’t stop’ will bring back many memories for Beverley when Bruce plays it back sound and all after they go back their home town to end a weekend of complete debauchery with a lovely young lass.

Beverley breaks away and pulls Alice to her face again for another torrid tongue kissing session that would make the French and their porn star Emmanuelle lick their lips. They roll over and nearly fall off the bed with both on their side their legs wrapped around each other and Beverley working her way into position so that as they thrust sexily into each other their pussies are rubbing. The grinding of their wet snatches against each other is a new thrill for Alice, although not for Beverley. They keep this up caressing and sucking, kissing and stroking, moaning and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ear. “I want to fuck you, my little street stray,” she says in a husky change of tone.

Alice picks up on Beverley’s mood, which is now getting into domination mode and she will play along thinking the older women is turned on making out she has picked her up as off the street and taken her back to her bedroom for a sex lesson to remember. Alice is turned on more by the thought of being taken this way and thinks this is what Beverley actually does for kicks with young women short of money but willing to give something for it.

“I want to be fucked. Don’t put me back on the street until you fuck me,” Alice whimpers in the older woman’s ear. Beverley pushes their pussies together faster and faster, their clits crushed to and fro in ever mounting sexual tension. The combination of the constant clitoral stimulation and the way their naked bodies are curled around each other is arousing both of them higher and higher, especially now Alice is suddenly the dependent street urchin giving a fuck for a few dollars and a meal.

Alice is climaxing again with loud moans as their mouths are locked together in another steamy passionate French kiss Their embrace that is so hot both women shudder from excitement, their arms around each other, Alice licking Beverley’s face and around her neck while their erect clits continue to rub together. The junior of the two feels the torrent of five orgasms since Beverley started her wickedly passionate love/lust session but more little internal earthquakes are on the way before too long.

They have been on the bed for 50 minutes and as they pause, Alice sitting up taking a few deep breaths and leaning back on her hands, Beverley leans over the side of the bed for the nine-inch strap-on dildo, which is thick as Alice’s wrist.

It is almost life-like with the big vein, other surface characteristics, shape, size and texture of real man meat and Beverley knows Alice will relish it no end despite having on the surface a small pussy. Like all girls, and provided she is relaxed and aroused properly, her little pussy can accommodate whatever length and girth of penis comes her way.

Yet it doesn’t seem that long ago when she got her present job as a doctor’s receptionist that she feared her pussy was too small to have normal intercourse. But the good doctor not only agreed that her pussy did indeed look very small it was designed for things better than looking at it. He demonstrated this to her, offering his own engorged eight inches to allay her fears. She slept well that night after losing her virginity to him and discovering that yes, small pussies can take big cocks.

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