Beach Master

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Cathy and I stand beside the sign that says Nude Beach: No Photography. We strip off our bathing suits and put them in the holdall with our mobile phones and sun lotion. Two naked men approach, one short and dark, the other tall and blond. Both sport large penises.

The blond introduces himself as the beach master with a hint of Scandinavian in his English accent. He says the nude beach is on his private property, at least the access to the beach is his land, so he makes the rules. Unlike most nude beaches, sex is not only permitted but also required, so if we want to sunbathe in the nude, we will have to show how liberal we are by having sex in front of an audience of nudists.

We exchange a surprised look, laugh, flush with embarrassed excitement, and agree to do it. His name is Lars and his friend is Julio. He leads us to the beach and a modified picnic bench facing the ocean. It is low and has attached seat benches on all four sides. He motions us to use it for sex and waves over other naked bathers to come and watch. One young lady is especially cute with a cupid’s bow mouth, long brown hair, generous breasts, and golden brown cunt hair over a delightfully prominent Mount of Venus and pussy slit.

I spread my beach towel on the table and motion Cathy to lie on it on her back. Somewhat reluctantly she spreads her legs wide so the nudists can clearly see her full pussy lips with their trimmed covering of brown hair. The men begin to grow erections at this shameless display. Cathy blushes and closes her eyes. The men’s arousal is obvious as they anticipate watching the fucking about to happen. My penis becomes gloriously stiff too and stands out proudly between my thighs.

I mount the table and mount Cathy. She is already wet. I force the head of my penis directly between her vulva lips and into her vagina. She heaves her pelvis; I thrust myself inside her. We fuck. We heave against each other. My cock feels so good in her cunt. We sweat in the sun. The sand is white. The air is fresh and salty. The beach grass waves green in the breeze. My balls slap against her bum as I thrust inside her pussy.

The crowd of nude bathers has grown larger and gathers close around us. I can see them staring at us, men with aroused penises and women whispering comments about my cock performing between Cathy’s sweet labia. One moves a hand down between her legs to stroke her own cunt. Another moves a hand to her partner’s penis and strokes his erection back and forth.

Having an audience turns me on. I thrust harder and faster. Cathy moans with pleasure and then stiffens in a full body orgasm. A murmur of delighted approval ripples through the crowd. I push Cathy’s ankles up to her ears so my cock fucks deeper into her pussy. The beach master moves behind me for a better view of our genitals in the vigorous act of coitus. Rapid thrusts into Cathy’s cunt and my orgasm hits me. My penis stiffens further and its muscles ripple as my semen roars down my urethra and out my pee hole into her vaginal vault, coating the corrugated walls of her pussy and the perforated bump of kocaeli escort her cervix.

My thrusting slows and stops as the spurts from my prick diminish and die. I slowly withdraw my penis, planting kisses on Cathy’s mouth and sweaty breasts and nipples. Applause ripples around the crowd of smiling, naked people who have quite enjoyed watching the sex act performed by two strangers.

I raise myself from Cathy’s delightfully plump female form, and she begins to haul herself into a sitting position, but Julio beside her puts out a firm hand to her shoulder and pushes her back onto her back. As I sit up, Lars waves me aside and mounts the table himself. It appears the admission requirement for this nude beach is not only to be seen nude and having sex but also to have sex with the beach master and quite possibly any other stranger who fancies you. It’s a free fuck zone, a hedonist paradise. Surprised but not reluctant, I step aside, eager to see how my Cathy will take the cock of this blond Adonis.

Like me, Lars stretches himself out across Cathy’s naked form and grasps his penis, moving its large, mushroom head up and down her pussy slit, seeking the entrance to her vagina. The arrow finds the mark, of course, and the great, flaring glans of his penis disappears between the furry lips of her cunt. She groans as her vaginal walls are forced apart to accommodate the girth of his penis. Now fully embedded in my Cathy’s cunt, the bronzed beach master pauses to grin into her face, kiss her mouth, force his tongue inside, and fondle her breasts, pinching her nipples.

He raises his bum with its fine, golden hairs and plunges it down into the bowl of her hips, driving his penis into her pussy right up to the hilt. Cathy’s eyes pop open. The muscles in his buttocks flex as he continues to thrust his cock hard and fast into her cunt. The crowd gathered around the table stand in awe of their beach master’s physique and sexual prowess. No doubt most of these women have felt his long, thick manhood ravaging their own private sex channels while others watch.

Lars begins a series of hard, deep thrusts into Cathy’s cunt, stopping on the in-stroke to savour the sweet conjunction of penis in vagina, their pubic hairs meshing, his pubic bone grinding against her clitoris. He stares fiercely into her eyes as he smashes another thrust up her cunt. After several of these attacks, he leans forward and whispers into her ear. She giggles.

He returns to rapid thrusting, his hands pushing her legs up and out for deeper penetration. Cathy pants and stiffens as another orgasm hits her. Lars throws up his head and howls as his penis throbs and begins to spurt come into her cunt. He thrusts and thrusts and thrusts his enjoyment of orgasm until his softening penis will no longer sustain his sexual pleasure.

As Lars dismounts, Julio jumps up on the table and lifts Cathy to a sitting position. His penis is long and thick considering his modest height, and this he presents to Cathy’s generous mouth. She is adept and kisses the coral head, then engulfs both head and shaft in her mouth, her tongue active darıca escort along the underside of his cock, rubbing the sensitive node of nerves below the glans that make a man’s penis bounce and make his heart leap.

Julio reluctantly withdraws his prick from her mouth and begins fucking Cathy in a series of sexual positions. His naked audience seems familiar with his sexual acrobatics and watches closely to see how Cathy will respond. First, he lies on his back and pulls her astride him in a cowgirl position. His hands on her womanly hips, she grinds her pelvis against his to push his cock as far up her cunt as it will go. It appears to have hit a sweet spot because her face flushes and her eyes roll as if she has gone into a sexual trance. The triangle of her dark brown pubic muff meshes with the tangle of his jet black pubic hair. Up and down she moves as she crushes her pussy mound down on his cock and balls.

She suddenly becomes aware again of the crowd staring intently at this conjunction of her cunt on his cock, and she blushes like a school girl in excited embarrassment. For the first time in her life, strangers are watching her private and intimate body parts in the act of coitus in a public display. To avoid their stares and the sight of their aroused, naked bodies, she allows her head to fall forward and focuses her gaze on the grinning Julio, his warm brown eyes regarding her with affection. She swirls her fingers in the mat of black hair on his chest as her pelvis heaves up and down on his cock.

He pulls her down close to his chest, grasping and kneading her breasts, pinching her erect nipples. This new position exposes Cathy’s bum to the crowd at the end of the picnic table. They can see clearly now between her generous buttocks how her cunt lips grasp the shaft of Julio’s penis, now slick with her sex juices and the remains of two loads of white semen. He begins a series of rapid thrusts up into her cunt that redden and swell her pussy lips.

Julio stops thrusting, and without withdrawing his penis, he twists Cathy around to face the crowd at the end of the table, her long, honey blonde hair falling across her breasts. He pulls her back gently so she leans against him. He nibbles her ear. His fingers find her nipples and squeeze them, pulling them firmly up from the cone of her breasts and rotating them sensuously.

Meantime, his cock begins again its insistent dance in her cunt, this time in full view of the nude people watching around the table. Julio even steals his hands to her pussy and pulls her labia open with his fingers so they can see her clitoris and pee hole above the entrance to her vagina, which is, of course, full of his pounding penis. His teasing finger finds her clitoris and flicks it repeatedly.

The sight of Julio’s testicles and his cock embedded between her plump pussy lips arouses the audience of naked sunbathers. One older man holds a young pale woman with auburn hair in a passionate embrace, his hand alternating between her breast and her pussy slit, rubbing, pinching, inserting, enjoying her body. An older woman drops gölcük escort to her knees in the sand and begins sucking the long cock of a young tanned stud with a tall, firm body.

Julio stops thrusting and gently pushes Cathy forward until she is on her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her, he once more inserts the head of his penis between her vulva lips and presses forward to drive his shaft deep into her vagina. This delights the naked observers crowded around the other end of the table who get an intimate view of the sex act as Julio’s cock thrusts rhythmically into Cathy’s moist cunt surmounted with chestnut brown pussy hair. After a few minutes of this, he slowly lapses down onto his side, pulling her also onto her side, his cock still embedded in her cunt. Now the audience along the side of the picnic table get the intimate view of his sex organ moving inside the velvet clutches of her vagina.

Julio’s thrusting slows and stops. He is getting close to orgasm and he knows it. But he wants to finish in a dominant way, so he rolls Cathy back onto her back in the classic missionary position, her legs spread wide and knees folded up to her chest. He mounts her and rubs a tantalizing cock head up and down her pussy slit, stroking her clitoris and coating his penis with her sex fluids. The audience stares intently, anticipating the inevitable intromission as Julio’s penis seeks the entrance to Cathy’s vagina. It pushes between the engorged lips and on up into her vaginal vault.

There follows a prolonged series of vigorous thrusts as Julio pursues his pleasure. It builds and builds until the dam bursts. Cathy shrieks as the pounding against her clitoris pushes her to another shattering orgasm, and Julio simultaneously howls out his joy at the pulsation of his penis as it spurts his semen deep into her cunt. As their mutual pleasures subside, the audience breaks into applause.

After Lars and Julio have each fucked Cathy, a wild gangbang follows as man after man mounts the table and thrusts his rampant penis into Cathy’s cunt, now overflowing with a white river of semen. Beach blankets and pillows are spread around and naked couples fuck openly in several sexual positions.

To my great joy, the young woman with the golden brown pubic hair and prominent vulva approaches me with an enticing grin and pulls me down with her onto a blue-and-red blanket. Her warm wet cunt engulfs my reinvigorated cock and we enjoy a long, slow fuck on the sand. My hand steals my mobile phone from our holdall and records her beautiful face, hair, tits, and cunt with my cock in it.

I also manage to record several men on top of Cathy fucking away in her pussy before my young lady friend warns me that Lars is returning from a swim and would be angry about the mobile phone videos, so I hastily pretend to take a phone call and put it back in the bag. Lars frowns, but I look innocent and tell him it’s the office calling for direction on a business deal. I assure him I know the rules: no photography. Fortunately for me, he doesn’t ask to examine my phone.

In the months to come, Cathy and I will many times find mutual delight, my cock raging in her warm, wet cunt, as we watch those illicit videos of our fucking with the nudist strangers on the beach master’s beach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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