Blackshaft – 1-01 Say Hello To The Black Guys p2

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Blackshaft – 1-01 Say Hello To The Black Guys p2
(Adults Only. Copyright@Rama. 2013)


The smell was sharp, cutting through to her brain and waking her up quickly. Carol jerked up and felt the soft blindfold around her eyes leaving her in the dark. Feeling the metal around her wrists, she realised she was handcuffed in a chair, and bare-foot, too. Still clothed but bare-foot. Her belt was gone. “What the hell–” she started to say then heard the voice. A deep and masculine male voice.
“Bitch is awake.” the voice said.
She heard a door opened then something else. The sound of skin slapping against skin, like….
“Come on! Come on! …Fuck me hard… Fuck my…” A female voice moaned then yelped as there was another sharp slap. “Uuuuuhhhh….”
“Be… there… AAAAHhhhh….” another man groaned and Carol heard the woman moan.
What the hell was happening here?
“That’s right,” the second male voice said and added, “Nice and clean… That cunt juice taste good, don’t it?… “
“Now what d’you say?” he said firmly. A muffled female voice responded saying something she couldn’t hear.
Carol heard movement then footsteps come near her then stop in front of her. She said, “I am–”
“I know who you are, bitch.” the second man cut her off. “Officer Carol Kellerman.”
“So uncuff me, motherfucker!” she ordered and heard laughter. Two male voices. Listening past them she heard another man in the other room moaning.
“Ballsy bitch, ain’t she?” a new male voice said.
“Ain’t they all?” the first man said.
A gagging came from the other room. “Hell, YEAHHH!” the man in there gasped.
“Smart one too.” the first man continued. “We need a better looking lock.”
Three men, Carol reckoned so far.
More gagging….
“Gonna need a new one now. She fucked it up.”
There was silence for a moment, and for the first time Carol felt scared.
“Gonna have to move.” the first man said. “It’s like fuckin’ Eglin Central lately. ”
“Aaaahh…” the woman gasped. Then the gagging started again. A hard, wet sound that stopped. “Ahhhh!” the woman groaned. And it started again. Hard and wet as before…
“What are you bastards doing to her?” Carol said as the wet, hard gagging began again.
She heard laughter. “Right now, nothing she’s saying no to.” the first man said.
“Horny bitch likes it that way.” the second added.
Carol’s mind raced. This didn’t add up. That didn’t sound like rape. The woman did sound like she wanted it. Just like Patty. “I don’t know what… or how you’re doing this but you won’t get away with it.”
“Yeah, bitch.!” she heard the triumphant tone from the other room. “All over that pretty fuckin’ face.” Followed by a… satisfied moan! “Should get a picture for the family album.” the man said and Carol heard a different female voice giggling. Carol listened a little harder, trying to heard for anything else. There should be a search out for her. Especially after Patty’s disappearance.
“Gone all quiet,” the second man said. ”Guess she thinks she’s in the shit.”
“Nah, I’ll bet she’s looking for what her girlfriend got today.” the third man said walking in, sounding vary satisfied. “Two bitch cops in one day? What are the odds?”
“Bastards,” she muttered, as she realised they were talking about Patty. She listened for anything, the voices, anything that might locate this place after… Carol stopped thinking about that. The object lesson was to survive. Get out and nail these bastards later.
“Shit, where’s our fucking manners?” Carol heard the second man say and suddenly a hand grabbed the blindfold It was pulled from her head and she looked up, blinking. Three muscular black men, all naked, smiled back at her. Her eyes were drawn to the huge cocks between their legs.
As Carol looked over their dark, powerful bodies and thick arms she saw the tattoos. All tribal designs. Then her eyes fell on this big… black… cocks… They were bigger than any she’d seen in her life before. Two words went through her mind.

The Cave.

Scarlet braked quickly as she cleared the inner doors of the cave tunnel behind her. The car came to a stop and she just sat there, looking at the cave around her. Millions of dollars had been spent excavating and building it. All through second, third, fourth and fifth companies, using foreign workers who were paid handsomely to shut the hell up and vanish. She saw the computer in the next cavern. That was a least a hundred million there alone. Even the Pentagon never had that technology. How many social projects would that have benefited more than trying to figure out the Smiler or the Birdman or any of the maniacs?
She sighed and opened the door, stepping out. Quietly she walked to the computer, past the server room that housed the massive memory banks for the computer. In another cavern here was equally expensive science equipment. Another was her ‘trophy room’. She remembered how many times she put up reports of a ‘successful’ job with Nightlord caught. Again. That was the problem. It was always again. And again. And again. And again. Scarlet walked up the stone steps and saw the secret door open. The thin elderly figure stood there wearing a robe. “Sorry for getting you up, Carl,” she said acknowledging the butler.
“I was awake. Ma’am,” he said, stepping back and letting her pass.
“Kacey asleep?” she said entering the world of Alison Beach. Her true identity and the reason she could spend those millions on equipment that didn’t stop maniacs from killing innocent people.
“Yes.” Carl paused. “A bit early tonight? Police band reported a missing officer.”
“They found her.” Alison told him, ignoring the question.
“This is another one.”
Alison stopped, about to turn and head back out but hesitated. “They’ll find her as well.” she said and turned towards the secret door. She closed it and left Carl looking confused.

Eglin City. Central Police Department. Holding Cells.

They told her about Carol, the two men, a white sergeant and black officer, and asked her where she might be? Patty stood up and walked her naked white ass up to the bars and wire and pressed herself against the cold metal, feeling her nipples harden. She looked at the white Sergeant and smiled. “If they got her, Carol will getting the best fucking of her life.” she purred. “A real fucking. From real men. Men who take what they want.” She looked at the black officer. “Ain’t that right?” she asked. “You’d just come on in here and take it. wouldn’t you, Mike?”
“Eh…” the black officer called Mike stood there, his mouth open as he saw the naked white woman looking at his crotch.
“You’d slam that nightstick of yours into my sweet, white pussy?” she teased.
“Patty!” the Sergeant ordered. “Shut the fuck up! Mike, get out of here.”
“You’d do it properly, wouldn’t you, Mike? Not like needle-dick there.” Patty licked her lips at Mike. “Open up that door, Mike. Come on in and take it.” she moaned. “I want you to take it.”
“Mike!” the sergeant warned seeing the black man hadn’t moved.
“SHUT UP, DICK-LESS!!!” Patty yelled and turned back to Mike. “Take it, baby…” she groaned, rubbing her hips against the wire.
“You are on a fucking charge no matter what they find in you, Heinrich!” the Sergeant told her, surprised, and started walking out. “Mike, I’m not telling you again! MOVE!”
As the black man was pulled out with a grin and a hard-on Patty clung onto the wire, dry-humping it. “All yours, Mikey-baby.” she shouted. “ALL FUCKING YOURS!”

Beach Mansion. Master Bedroom

Alison was naked, the leather outfit and cape on the floor. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw a fit-looking woman stare back. Alison eyed the bare ring finger. At her age she should be married, have kids, doing the social thing. Create the next generation of Beach bloodline. There was a couple of bruises on her from a bad fall in a fight with a mugger which the lie about a skiing accident escort bayan covered. What was she doing, jumping off buildings and getting into fights? She had looked in on Kacey as she passed and saw the 19-year-old blonde sleeping. What the hell was she doing bringing her along, risking her young life as well? Scarlet Queen and the Red Princess… what a joke. Kacey should be out partying, studying, doing things other girls her age should be doing. Not pulling on a dumb leather outfit and risking getting shot or stabbed or dropped in acid or even raped….
But that was it. Alison sank in the chair in the bedroom. That was the problem. She still lived in that moment. Still lived through that event. She could close her eyes and see the men bursting in… shouting… threatening…. the flash of the knives… Then her mother begging. For both their safety and saying she would do anything. And she did. Alison saw her mother being dragged off as she was tied up. She heard everything. Every depraved second of it. When Dad came home she had wondered why he was blaming himself. Things changed. Mom changed. It was only years later she found out the truth. How he had got mixed up in a business deal with the mob and tried to double-cross them. He paid them off and put himself into the business to escape looking at Alison or her mother. Then killed himself some time later after Mom had finally drank herself to death a few years after that night. All the while she’d been sent to different schools but was thrown out of every one.
Kacey had been some attempt to find normality. After years of trying to find a ‘normal’ relationship and finding nothing satisfied her like dressing up and beating up ‘bad guys she gave in to it. She found Kacey in the streets at 14. Kacey Sutton. Her mother was a heroin addict who would also ‘do anything’. Only for drugs. Something just clicked and Alison engineered the teenager’s care order. It was all good press, with Alison getting another piece about her philanthropist ways in the press. It also brought up her family history with the usual questions about her privacy and the usual rumours about relationships and why she wasn’t married. The hell with them all, she had thought. She was doing something. Not like the press who just bitched and secretly loved all the deaths and fear as it sold papers. Scarlet Queen was doing something, unlike those editors who only cared for the sales that fear fed.
“Penny for them.” the soft voice said behind her and Alison looked up to see Kacey in the doorway, the pink robe around her.
Alison remembered she was naked and reached for her bathrobe. “Nothing.” she said pulling it on. “How was the study night?”
Kacey shrugged. “Boring. How was the crime fighting?”
“Quiet.” Alison said, tying the belt. She faced Kacey. “Just go back to bed.”
“Still early.” the 19-year-old said.
“And quiet. Police have it all in hand.”
“’Kay.” the young blonde said, leaving. “Night.”
“Night.” Alison replied, watched the girl go.


“Here is what you’re thinking.” the black man facing Carol told her. “These are the three big, ugly niggers who raped your girlfriend. Right?” he asked. Carol looked at him, feeling her mouth dry up. “Except we ain’t ugly and we ain’t raped no-one. Niggers is questionable. Sam Jackson uses it and no-one bats an eye. Some white C-list comic from a TV show tries it and his career’s down the toilet. Funny that.”
“Political correctness gone mad.” one of the others added.
“I’m a cop.” she said.
He nodded. “I know.”
“You do anything to me–”
“Like what?” he demanded, leaning forward so he was face-to-face with her.
“L…” she started to speak than swallowed. Carol could smell him. It was a musky, male smell. Strong and powerful. She shook her head to clear it. Get a grip, remember your training, she told herself and started concentrating on her surroundings. There was no windows, and from the walls might be underground, some kind of cellar or basement. But it was comfortable. A TV and a laptop computer sat on a heavy-looking desk with drawers. There was only the one door. And through that…
“She say we raped her?” he asked.
“I am…” Carol tried again but found finding the words difficult.
“Did,” he said slowly, moving in again. “she say that we raped her?”
“Whatever you did you are in trouble!” Carol spat, feeling his scent fill her senses.
The other two laughed. “Don’t think so.” the man facing her smiled. “Don’t know if you know this but you really should be thanking us.”
“Yup,” one of the men said as the other nodded.
“Thanking you…?” she asked.
“That grinning psycho.” the man said. “And the other freaks. She tell you about them.” Carol’s mind raced back to the babbling from Patty. She mentioned it, how they had killed them. “Now answer the question, Officer Kellerman. Did your girlfriend say we raped her?”
“No.” Carol said reluctantly. “And she’s my partner, not my girlfriend! But you did something to her. I want to know what!”
“Partner?” the other black man was smiling. “Congratulations, when was the wedding?”
The black man facing her stood up. “What’d she say we do to her?” he smiled. “She say we fuck her?”
Carol said nothing.
“That’ll be a yes.” he said. “She say we fuck her good?”
“Fuck you.” Carol said, avoiding his eyes.
“Another yes.” he smiled. “You want us to fuck you too?”
“Go ahead. That will be rape!” Carol sneered, looking him in the eye.
The black man simply kept smiling. “Gag her and bring her next door.” he told the other two.
Carol started to panic. They were going to do. She watched one of the men open a drawer and bring out a leather gag. The other walked towards her. “No!” she said as he grabbed her hair and the other man slapped the gag around her mouth. “N–!” she tried screaming too late as the strap was tied around her head tightly then they picked up the chair with Carol still in it and took her towards the door…
Her mind panicked as she dreaded what she might see in there.

Beach Mansion. Master Bedroom.

Alison couldn’t sleep. She lay in the bed and looked at the ornate ceiling. Then out the window at the moon. Yes it was time. After ten years it was time to deal with something she never really contemplated. Getting a life. A real life. Not the lies she’d been indulging in to cover her secret life. She would tell Kacey in the morning. Then shut down the computers and put everything away. And then lock up the cave. For good.
And try to enjoy her wealth. Properly. Set up a few trusts. Organise some social projects. Do something actually useful.


“They look raped to you?” the black man said as Carol saw the bed and the two young, naked, white women on it. Both blondes, not more than college age. They were kissing. Passionately. She saw the girls’ hands buried between each other’s thighs. She was placed next to the door with a good view of the bed. Carol suddenly recognised one of them. Tiffany Storme. Of the Storme family. One of the richest and most politically powerful families in the city! She was always in the papers for something, whether it was that sex tape that got her kicked out of college or rolling out of a club at four in the morning. What the hell was she doing here?
The girls looked over to the man and smiled. “Bitches.” he said and they giggled. “This cop thinks you been raped by us niggers. You want to tell her?”
The other blonde giggled again as Tiffany feigned shock. Then turned and sat on the edge of the bed. “You gonna rape me?” the white socialite pleaded, caressing his cock.
The man looked at Carol. “You gotta say no, bitch.” he asked.
“Fuck that, I want it.” Tiffany said, slowly pumping his soft cock. “C’mon. Rape me.”
Drugged, had to be, Carol thought as she saw the other girl lying back, spreading her legs and slowly began to rub herself.
“You want this nigger to rape you?” he asked, looking at Carol.
Tiffany reached up and turned his face back towards kocaeli escort bayan her. “YES!” she demanded.
“Then tell this nice police lady.” he told her.
Tiffany Storme looked at Carol and slapped her small white hand onto the large black cock. “I WANT this BIG FUCKIN’ NIGGER raping me!”
“Sounds more like a ‘yes’ to me,” he grinned and Carol looked as the black man shoved Tiffany back onto the bed then threw her legs open. Carol looked away but one of the black men pulled her face back. Not that she resisted, the room smelled of sex, and she couldn’t keep her eyes from that large black cock too long. The man slapped his cock onto Tiffany’s white belly and Carol saw how deep it would go inside her. As it started to stiffen, she could only gaze on in wonder as it must have been longer than 12 inches in length. What it must feel like inside her….
“Bitch can’t take her eyes off it,” the man said to the young socialite.
“S’mine.” Tiffany hissed and the other girl giggled. There was something familiar about her. Carol couldn’t place but… “Now rape me!” Tiffany ordered, reaching for the cock growing even harder on her stomach.
He slapped her hand back. “”What d’you say?”
Tiffany pouted, then eyed Carol. She was smiling, seeming to catch on to something. “No…” she said quietly.
He looked around to Carol and smiled. “But you wanted this big nigga cock inside your pretty white pussy?” he asked.
“No!” Tiffany answered, grinning and moving her hips so her belly and pussy was rubbing up and down the underside of the thick, long black cock.
“You want this nigga’s seed inside you?” he also asked, still looking to Carol.
“Please, noooooo….” she pouted, turning the refusal into a mockery. “Oooh, this big, nasty nigger’s going to rape me. Officer.” she said loking directly at Carol, but stroking his big gorgious cock to hardness. “Going to rape me good and hard…”
Carol saw him smile at her again. He was going to fuck one the city’s hottest young socialites and not wear a condom. Maybe even impregnate her there and then! Good, fucking bitch. A part of her was enjoying this, watch Howard Storme’s daughter whore herself out to a black man, unprotected. Serve the old arrogant prick right. Serve her right, the way she was acting.
The other girl crawled off the bed and along the floor She stopped in front of Carol and giggled again. Carol got a close look in her eyes and couldn’t see any sign of a drug in them. Where did she see that girl before? The thought bugged her as she saw the girl pull at the other black men’s cocks. Carol gulped as she was they were equally as big.
“Looks better without that dumb make-up, don’t she?” one of the men said to Carol and she remembered the blonde. Without the white make-up she was completely different. She was Smiler’s crazy girlfriend, Giggle. Her real name was Holly Adams. She was a student who was doing work experience in the asylum when he’d ‘seduced’ her during one his incarcerations. She even helped him on that breakout, and ever since. Looks like she’d been seduced again.
“Over there.” she heard Tiffany being told and watched as the young white woman did as she was told, moving to the end of the bed. Her black stud yanked her down so she was sitting on it, her legs spread, giving Carol a view of her shaven pussy. He walked round, cock bobbing up and down… Carol was finding it difficult to take her eyes from it.
Carol saw why they’d moved. He knelt on the edge of the bed, pushing Tiffany back. He started pushing his massive shaft against her small pink vagina. The view meant Carol would see it sliding in. She watched the thick, black cock stretching the naked, white pussy lips open and slowly sink into the pink flesh behind them. She heard the soft moans of Tiffany as she wrapped her legs and arms around the muscular black stud. He started thrusting immediately., taking a long slow pull-back then quick deep plunges into the willing lips. Carol watched as that black cock went deeper and deeper, the big, black balls swinging, the rich, young, white socialite moaning getting louder…
“Mmmmmm…” the other girl moaned and Carol glanced to her side. Holly – Giggle – was sucking off both black cocks, first one then the other then back again. Each cock was as thick as the girl’s arm. She licked up each shaft and then down again, nibbling and kising on the huge dark balls under it. One of the men grabbed a handful of her hair and walked her on her hands and knees back to the bed. He sat down and lay back. The girl seemed to know just what he wanted and climbed on to top of him. She gripped his shaft between her thighs and pressed the fat, black head of the cock against her vaginal lips as she straddled him. “Aaaahhhh…” she groaned as she sat back on the shaft. An image of those pink lips spreading to accommodate that thick black shaft flashed through Carol’s mind and she quickly cleared it. It’s drugs, she told herself again. It’s fucking drugs. Had to be. The blonde started slowly riding the black man, her small tits moving then jiggling as she rode the black man quicker. “Uuuuh…. Uhhhh…” she moaned, her eyes closed as she was lost in feeling.
The negro fucking Tiffany was plunging deep inside her, grunting with each thrust. “Yes…. Yes….” she moaned clinging onto him. Carol could see the juices shining on the black shaft as it pistoned into the soft yielding pussy. “FUCK YES!” she yelled suddenly, her hands sliding down his back and grabbing at his thrusting buttocks. “Come on… Do it… Do it!” she demanded, urging him to go deeper inside her. Carol watched him ‘do it’. It was same voice from earlier. Good and hard and deep and fast. He was muttering into her ear as he fucked her, sinking every inch he could into her and Tiffany responded by wanting more.
Holly opened her eyes and blew a kiss to the third black man who smiled back. “Your girlfriend was just the same,” he told Carol walking past her. He made his way behind Holly and slowly and stroked his cock. He placed the other hand on the small of her back and Holly stopped moving. He eased the fat black head of his shaft between the top of her buttocks then slowly pushed it down into them. “Yeah,” he continued. “That bitch was real wild.”
Lies, Carol thought. She knew Patty. Had known her for years.
“Shit, we took turns on her, and she still wanted more.” the negro inside Holly’s pussy laughed.
Holly groaned, arching her back as the other black man found what he wanted and pushed his hips forward. “Uuuuhhhhh…” the blonde moaned.
“Three big, black cocks, nailing that cop slut.” the man under her added.
Lies, Carol told herself.
“Even these two sluts had a go on her.” The second man in Holly said.
Carol shook her head. “NHHHH!” she yelled through the gag, angrily.
The black man in Holly’s ass grabbed her hair and turned the blonde to Carol. “Tell her.” he said.
Holly lazily grinned as she began pushing back on the huge black cock in her ass and pussy. “We all fucked her.” she said.
“Nhhhhh…” Carol pulled at the handcuffs then sighed. They were lying. They had to have drugged her. There was no way–
A groan made Carol look up and she saw the black man inside Tiffany balls-deep. They were tight and he was panting as she was softly groaning. His hip were jerking. He was doing it. Filling that young, rich, white pussy with potent black seed. As he finished the other two were just beginning. Holly was bracing herself on the bed as they started pounding into her, one in as one went out. carol was watching two huge, black pistons battering away into the young, white body.
The room was filled with the smell of sex as the black man pulled out of Tiffany and got to his feet. He pushed his shiny cock under Carol’s nose, blocking her view of the threesome. “Your girlfriend sucked it clean. Sucked it, then licked every inch clean.” he said.
Carol heard the satisfied moans of Tiffany and the growing pants and wails of Holly as all she could see was that kocaeli escort huge black cock and the sculpted muscle tone of his six-pack….
“Yeah, she opened up her mouth and sucked every inch of our black cocks clean. Sucked our big, black cocks and our big, black balls. You’re looking flushed.” he noted. “Feeling hot?”
“Aaahhh, Jesussssssss….” Holly groaned and Carol heard a loud SLAP!
“She felt hot.” he told Carol. “Couldn’t get out of that uniform quick enough.”
“UUUHHH….” one of the black men cried out.
“AAH…! AAH…! AAH…!” Holly cried out…
“Bitch was on her knees…”
“Fuck those cocks, you slut!” she heard Tiffany say.
“…sucking our BIG, NIGGER cocks….”
Carol could just see one man’s legs and the other’s ass. Both jerking and thrusting hard. Slamming into that tender white pussy and ass. Holly’s head was bucking back and forth, and up and down as she rode those black cocks. The negro in front of Carol stepped forward, rubbing his softening cock on her face. She could smell nothing but cum and pussy as he grabbed her hair and held her head in place. She could feel the urging between her legs.
“GHHHOD!” she heard Holly.
“…Eating pussy…”
“YEAHHHHH!” one of the men said.
“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck….!” Holly groaned.
All Carol could see was the BIG, BLACK COCK being gently tapped and dragged across her face.
“Yesssss….” Tiffany moaned.
“You are looking damn hot.” Carol heard the negro above her say. “Feeling horny?” he asked and undid the gag.
“UUhhhhhhh…” The socialite moaned again.
Carol gasped as her mouth was freed. “Liars!” she panted.
He bend down so he was face-to-face. “I can smell it.” he grinned and put a hand on her stomach. Carol went to snap her legs closed and only then realised they’d been closed for a while as she had rubbing her thighs together. “Hot and wet, bitch.” he whispered to her. “Hot and fucking wet, I’ll bet.”
“AAAUUUUUHHHHhhhhhh-hh-hh-hhh….” she heard Holly cry and knew the sound of an orgasm.
“She came too, your girlfriend.” the man told her. “Couldn’t fucking stop…”
“Hhhhuuuu….” Holly gasped…
“No…” Carol whispered.
“She begged for it not to stop.” he told her.
“MMMmmmmmmm…..” Tiffany moaned.
“She fuckin’ needed it…” he told her quietly.
He stepped aside and Carol saw the sight of Tiffany now in Holly’s place, the two black men beginning to pound into her pussy and ass as Holly kissed her while squeezing the socialite’s small breasts. The man in her ass grabbed her hair and jerked her back. “OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!” she yelled, being impaled on his massive cock. The man in her pussy suddenly thrust upwards and gasped and Carol saw the look of pleasure on Tiffany’s face as he came inside her. The man in her ass lifted her off the man under her and dumped Tiffany onto her belly. Carol saw him pull his long, thick black cock out then easily slip it into her dripping pussy. All it took was a few more thrusts and soon a second load of hot, fertile, black, cum was being pumped into Tiffany.
A ringtone was coming from the the jeans on the floor and the man beside Carol bent down, reached into his pocket and pulled out a slim black phone. He popped it open and smiled as he saw who it was. “Well?” he said into it and listened. “I told you. Just say the word.” He said and listened again. “When?…. Don’t worry about it.”
As he talked Carol couldn’t stop herself from watching the third black man add his black seed into the unprotected, white, socialite womb…

Eglin City. Central Police Department. Holding Cells.

Patty was sleeping. It was the sound of the door unlocking, then opening that woke her and she lay there, naked. Slowly she turned and looked at the uniformed black officer. “Hello, Mike.” she purred. Officer Mike Pernell stood there, looking nervous. She sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bunk so she faced him. A quick glance to the camera told her it was off. There was no green light. “You breaking me out?” she teased, stroking a nipple..
Mike couldn’t believe it. The most officious, snobbish, cunt in the station acting like a complete whore. “God damn,” he sighed.
“Or you just come to take it?” Patty said, smiling and opened her legs.
“I’m gonna fuckin’ take it!” he told her, unzipping his trousers as he walked towards the smiling Patty….


Carol was aching between her legs. “Please,” she said. “Please let me go.”
The black men smiled. “Bet you’re wet down there.” one of them said, moving a hand down to her still-clothed crotch area.
“I’m a fucking COP!” she said, trying to move her hips away from him.
He stepped up to her, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. The dominance of it just made the feeling between her legs worse. He pushed his black face in her white, flushed face, grinning as he stroked her thigh. “You been shifting over that whole seat. You saying you’re not horny?”
“No!” she said.
“Who’s lying now?” he told her and slapped his hand onto her stomach.
“No….” she said again, feeling how close she was to climaxing right then.
“Fu…. Fuhhh…” she started, thinking of anything that might dampen the lust inside her.
“Show her the video.” one of the other men said and the man in her face smiled.
Carol found herself being dragged back into the other room and dumped in front of the laptop. It was opened and she jumped as one of the men was at her ear. “You’ll love this.” he said as the internet was accessed. “Fucktube.” the man said, and looked at the screen. “Only just put it up and over a hundred hits already.” Carol blinked as she she saw Patty on the screen. On the ‘net! Only her uniform tunic was not buttoned but tied together so her belly was exposed. Patty put the badge up close to the camera then pinned it to the wrinkled blue shirt. She was wearing lacy panties. The hat and belt, too, and not much else. “I am Officer Patricia Heinrich.” she watched her partner say. Carol looked on in disbelief as she watched her disciplined, solid police partner begin to ‘arrest’ the three black men, watching them lean against the wall, each man smiling as he did so.
“Fuck you, bitch.” one of the men said, turned and grabbed a seemingly willing Patty before shoving her against the wall She didn’t put up a fight as the cuffs were taken from her belt and snapped on her. “You are in a fucking zone and not fucking.” the man told her. “How do you plead?”
Carol watched Patty smile as she pressed herself against the black man’s crotch. Patty was enjoying herself! “Not guilty!” she declared proudly, grinding her white ass against him.
“How does the jury find the defendant?” the man called out
From all around the camera, the other two black men and two female voices answered as one. “GUILTY!”
The man grabbed her hat and tossed it aside, then grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. He pulled her away from the wall and Carol saw the pleasure on Patty’s face. “20 years, Officer. Hard fucking! Starting now.” he grinned and marched her into the very same bedroom Carol had been in.
Carol looked towards the room. She pulled her legs together and started rocking back and forth. As she watched Patty being thrown onto the bed, Carol knew one thing for certain – she was so damn horny! The black man who had cuffed Patty paused the video. He held up some rope and smiled then carol found her knees being pulled apart and each leg being tied to the respective chair leg. He stopped the video and closed the internet. Carol said nothing, pulling at the ropes that held her legs open. He put his lips to her ear. “I can smell how fucking horny you are.” he whispered.
“Fuck you,” she said back.
“I know you will.” he replied, opening up the disc tray of the laptop. He put a disc in and waited for the program to start. Then clicked on a button and expanded the movie so it filled the screen. Carol found herself looking at Patty again. In the panties, and showing the badge. “We got a little job to do. Meanwhile, enjoy the movies.” he told her and plugged in a pair of headphones, then put them over her ears. He started the movie again and put the sound up…..


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