Gym Ratz, Round 03

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Bella Ink

This round is definitely for the romantics out there! If that’s not your cup of tea, better wait for Round 4!

Where the hell is she? That damn Ginny! Of course she’s a good friend, but for some reason I’ve been on edge ever since she and that French hunk she met left yesterday. Just thinking about what was going on. And how fucking easy it was for her! She’s really a nice girl and a good friend, helped me out once or twice. But I know that with men she can be a real slut. And I guess that’s just how she likes it! I don’t know if there’s a guy in the world that could actually tame her – or would want to try.

And it’s so fucking easy for her! Yesterday she chats up that French guy for five minutes and the next thing I know she tells me they have a lunch date. And I went by here at five o’clock last night and her car was still in the lot, so I know she went home with him! That’s ok if that’s what she wants, I’m happy for her.

But dammit it made me think. About what they were doing. And about me! Ohhhh god! I’m so fucking horny! No one’s touched me since I broke up with Ralph, about six months ago. I’ve always hated the idea of one night stands; decided I needed a real relationship. But I’m really finding out now, I have needs too. I’m not getting any younger and it seems like I want it more now, not less! And Ginny just goes out and gets laid whenever she wants to. Oh god, that sounds terrible. But right now, oh shit, it sounds good!

“Carliiiiiii!” Oh god, there’s that scream, and she’s waving! Well she doesn’t know it but I’m more anxious to see her than she is to see me! I just have to know what happened! I don’t really know why, if she tells me I’ll just be more worked up than I am now, but the thought is driving me nuts! So it’s off to the locker room!

When I see her I know already, something really good must have happened. That’s the shit-eating grin to end them all! “Hi sis, you look bubbly this morning!”

“That’s ‘cuz I feel really, really good! I went out with Jim and we had a really nice time! And I’m going to see him again tomorrow!”

Wow, that’s unusual, a second date! Oh god, now I REALLY want to know what happened. “I guess you guys must have gotten along pretty good.” She giggles. Oh my god!

“Better than I ever expected Carli! He’s a really nice guy and we had a great time.”

“Well come on Ginny, tell me. I know you’re not that excited over having lunch.” She giggles again. Oh come on damn it, tell me!

“Well,” she says, “it was the next meal that was the really great one!” And now she gives one of those shrieks of laughter. Oh god, I think I know what’s coming. Just don’t make it too gross!

“We went to lunch, and one thing led to another, and I went back to his place. It’s a cute little loft in a really nice house. And … well, we kind of had each other for supper!” Another giggle. And sort of a smirk. Damn you!

“God Ginny, sounds like you made it awful easy for him. Don’t you ever try to get more for yourself out of your “dates” than just a quick fuck?” Her face gets serious all of a sudden. I hope she’s not mad at me now.

Carli, I know you don’t get it, you feel differently about things than I do. And I don’t understand you any more than you understand me. I have needs and I know how to get them taken care of. I don’t need anything beyond that. Relationships are a real bummer. Maybe you’d like to meet my ex. He could prove that to you.”

Then she adds, “But … oh I don’t know! Jim seems a little different. Yes, we went and fucked each other’s brains out! But I wanted to play a little game and he went along with it. And he made it really great for me! I know you’d hate it! I teased him and we played rough, and I have the marks to prove it!” And she pulls down the top of her Capri pants and panties and I can see the blue and purple marks from five fingers on her hip! Oh my fucking god!

“GINNY! My god, he hurt you! How the hell can you be happy about that? You could call the cops!”

Honey, you really don’t get it,” she says. “He didn’t want to play until I got him all worked up and teased him into it. And then he did exactly what I wanted, better than anyone else ever has! You know I like a little rough sex, and sometimes pain really is pleasure to me.” At this point she sits down on the wooden bench, and jumps up suddenly. “Oops,” she giggles. “My ass is a little sore this morning!” and she sits again, slowly and gently.

“But the thing is Carli, when we were done he was all concerned and apologetic. He really didn’t want to hurt me and was afraid he might have. Usually guys just don’t give a shit and it boosts their ego to know they slapped me around a little bit. I don’t care because it’s what I wanted, but with Jim it was … different. I loved it and he did it to please me, even though, in the end, I know he liked it too.”

She’s never opened up to me this way before, and she’s actually being serious!

“Anyhow honey,” she continues, “I’m seeing him again not just because I want to get fucked again, bayburt escort although I can’t wait for that, but I really want to see him! I’m looking forward to being with him tomorrow. And it doesn’t matter that much what we do. And this is a really strange feeling for me!”

I’m listening and my legs are shaking. And I don’t really know why. This is a different Ginny. But it’s also a different story. And dammit, it’s hitting me right between the legs! I sit down next to her and put my arm around her, and then I notice the hickey on her neck! And I shudder. Oh damn! I’m jealous of it!

“Baby, I’m glad for you, and if that’s what you like it’s fine, but if you need to talk or anything I’m always here and you have my number. But just do me a favor and don’t give up on this guy too fast. Could be he really is different. Never know!” And I give her a little wink. And I just can’t resist reaching and touching the red mark under her jaw. And she giggles again! We head out to the gym and do the Ellipticals, and afterward she leaves without doing any of the machines and I wish her good luck tomorrow.

All night long I just can’t get Ginny and her Jim out of my head. What they did isn’t what I’d want, it would scare me to death. It was the way she felt afterwards that I find myself longing for. And that damn Hickey!

He was here before me this morning, and she came in earlier than usual. And no scream, either, just a casual wave to me as she headed right over to him. They stood and talked for a while, and I could see she wanted to kiss him! I know she did! But they didn’t and then she came over and got on the machine next to me with a little smile and just started pumping.

And when she gets off the machine and I wish her good luck again she just grins and says, “Thanks, honey!” And they head out the door early, just after 12, and I get another little wave.

This isn’t good. All afternoon I’ve been thinking. And I have to admit to myself I’m really jealous. I don’t even know why, I certainly don’t want what she likes, it’s just that … she has something! And I don’t. AND I AM SO HORNY!

In the bathroom I evaluate myself. Short, curly blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. And a round face with a nice smile and even pearly whites, courtesy of Dr. Doom. And although I probably am 20 pounds heavier than Ginny and a couple of inches shorter, there’s not an ounce of fat, it’s all curves! My breasts aren’t really that big, just a bit more than “perky”, but they stand at attention, high on my chest, and my nips get nice and long when they’re hard. Which is right now! Which is just like all day!

Before I know it a little moan escapes my lips, and dammit, I just can’t stop myself from running my hands up my sides and over my breasts. And I finally admit to myself, I’m wet! Just from thinking of that whore, Ginny! Damn her! Damn, damn, damn!

Oh god, that’s the phone. As I walk out to get it I realize, my panties are wet. Oh fuck!

“Hello?” Oh my god, it’s Ginny! “Honey, are you ok?” Clock says it’s five and I can’t believe things could go wrong this fast.

“What? Do I want a date? What the fuck are you talking about?” She’s not upset, but I can’t believe she’s serious! “Oh, his brother? When are you talking about? Now? Are you out of your fucking mind?”

She’s telling me how his brother just called from the airport, unannounced, to say that he’s in town and has to lay over for a couple of days. And wants to know if Jim can show him around and get him a place to stay! But neither Jim nor Ginny want to give up their evening just for that, so they figure, the best thing is to get a date for … who did she say? Francois, I think. Oh, Frank, that’s better.

In my state of mind I just want to growl at her and slam down the phone, but she’s serious and my friend and I can’t do that. And somehow, through my misery it suddenly occurs to me that my whole problem is, I never have a date!

But this sounds like a one night stand, especially if it’s with Ginny and Jim and I just don’t do that! But suddenly, the little devil on my left shoulder that I didn’t know was there yells in my ear, “WHY THE HELL NOT?”

“Meet you where? Oh, the gym. Yes, that’s a good place to park.” You should know girly. “When? At six? Ohmyfuckinggod, that’s an hour! Yes … yes, I can. Ok, see you soon!”

PANICCCCCCC!!! I jump in the shower; I have to because I can smell myself, and set a world’s record washing up without getting my hair wet. What the hell am I going to wear? Hmmmmmm, I have this new bra and panty set I got a few months ago and never wore. Never had anyone to wear it for. Hell, I can’t wear this on a first date! My nips will show through these sheer cups if he even breathes on me! And the panties are a barely-there bikini. Oh god. Perfect!

I have no idea what we’re going to do, so no idea how to dress. How about the old standby, little black dress? I have a nice one, sheer and silky. And only comes half-way to my knees. Easy on bartın escort and easy off too. Oh god, what am I thinking? CARLI, STOP IT! I rush around, almost tripping, find a pair of heels to match the dress, and go do what I can with my hair. Fortunately, short as it is it doesn’t take much, it’s meant to look a bit tousled. Lipstick, no time for eye shadow and I hate it anyhow.

And I’m done. At 20 to six. But I can’t resist a look in the mirror. And I smile. Really not bad! Dress shows a little bit of curve from my breasts, and the flimsy bra seems to be holding me in place pretty well, not that I need much. But I just can’t resist running my hands up over my breasts and giving them a squeeze, making sure everything is in place. And sure enough, when I take my hands away, there they are! Nipples! Pointing right at me! Little tents, but at least the black minimizes the effect. Ohhhhh god, what am I doing?

Fortunately I don’t have time to wonder, and I head for the car, taking only a little black purse with my license in it and a couple of bucks. I’m sure as hell not paying for this!

Dammit, where are they? 10 past six and no sign. Oops, there’s a car. It suddenly occurs to me that I have no idea what Jim drives, and Ginny’s car is still in the lot. It’s a Lexus, nice! And it heads for me. Yep it’s them! I hop in the back and we head for the airport. Plane is already in, but Frank has to clear customs. As we drive I find out that Jim is calling out tonight and tomorrow, and they plan to make a night of it, although no plans yet as to where.

When I get out of the car I realize, I’m shaking like a leaf. But I feel better when Ginny says, “You go girl, you look great.” And when she introduces me to Jim I understand why the accent turns her on. And the deep voice, too! And that smile he gives me is to die for! While we walk to the terminal I check them out; Ginny’s obviously been home and has on a little white number. Nice contrast to mine. Jim just has a jacket over a sports shirt. Perfect!

We only have to wait 10 minutes or so and here he comes, Jim’s brother and my date! Frank is even taller than Jim, though not as solidly built, and I’m guessing, five years older. Great with me! Ginny likes ’em young, but a little maturity is fine with me. And the hint of gray on the temples is delicious!

Jim introduces Ginny as his girlfriend and me as a friend of hers. Frank leans over and gives Ginny a little hug and kiss on the cheek, then does the same with me, but he whispers in my ear, “I’m so glad you joined us this evening, Carli!” He’s very polite but the embrace lingers just a bit! OH MY GOD! The accent is twice as thick as Jim’s and is just dripping “French”!

I’m still shaking, but I relax a little, and I’m beginning to enjoy this already. But through my mind flashes, “I just hope he doesn’t think I’m some kind of a hooker!”

It was an overnight flight for him – they’re eight hours ahead – and he’s slept most of the way, but he’s ravenously hungry so the first order of business is food. Turns out Jim does know the local clubs pretty well, because he takes us to one with a great restaurant and we have formal meal, top shelf steaks, wine and all the trimmings. These Frenchmen know how to eat! Oops, dammit Carli, stop thinking like that!

Of course Frank is next to me and he’s not shy, and soon we are chatting a little. And I find out his English isn’t half as good as Jim’s and he doesn’t know all the words. But that accent is to die for and I actually know a little French, so before long we are making a little game of it, laughing and chattering away! And I catch Ginny looking at me with a big shit-eating grin on her face. But that might be because she and Jim are so close they’re practically touching, and knowing Ginny, something is going on under the table!

Before we’re done there’s music coming from the lounge, and Jim calls the waiter, hands him a 20 and in a moment he’s back, announcing our table is ready. As we walk to the other room I feel Frank’s hand on my back, lightly, and I immediately step closer to him, without even thinking. And suddenly I shiver. I have no idea where this is going, but so far, I like it. I like him!

Turns out our table is a booth with a circular seat, and the four of us all sit behind it, facing out. Of course that means we are pretty close, and I can feel Frank’s leg, but he’s not pushing and I almost wish he would. He smells nice and I like being close to him.

Suddenly I feel something touching my hair and I look up to see he’s running his hand over it! And with a big smile he says, “Pardon me Carli, but I love your hair, it’s pretty! And cute!”

OH MY GOD! It sounds like a line, but with those words and that accent it doesn’t matter. I feel my face flush as a bolt of electricity goes through me! All I can manage to get out is, “Thank you Frank, that’s very nice!”

But then he leans down, very close to my ear and says very softly, his voice a husky rumble, “Chere, call me Fran, ığdır escort s’il vous plait. My name is really Francois you know; at home that’s what they call me.”

God don’t do this to me! I have to squeeze my lips tight to keep a whimper from leaking out, and suddenly I’m on fire! Finally I force myself to smile and look up at him and whisper, “I’d love to Fran, that’s a very pretty name.” And before I can stop myself I raise my hand and touch his cheek with my fingertips! And one of us must have moved because suddenly I am leaning against his shoulder! Helppppp!!

This is an older crowd, so the music is lively, but nothing too wild. And I love to dance, but right now I’m just not up to it, so I’m relieved when Fran orders us another round of drinks, and we sit nursing them as we watch the few people on the floor. By now Ginny and Jim have kissed a time or two, and I’m feeling a little self-conscious. But when the band switches to a slower set Fran immediately asks me to dance. And I have the feeling, “This is it!”

I quickly find out, Fran is a much better dancer than I, light on his feet and smooth in his moves, never missing a step, and all I have to do is follow him. Which, of course, is much easier if my body is pressed against his, and that only takes a moment. I try to keep my breasts so they are just barely touching his chest, but when I look up I see him smiling back down at me. I don’t know if he’s looking at my face or my boobs but it doesn’t matter, either one is fine. But I pull back just a bit to give him a better look, just in case.

When the band stops, momentarily, before beginning the next song we stand face to face, just smiling. But he has both arms around me, and I can feel his hands moving slowly over my back. And when the music starts we just sway together for a minute before breaking our almost-embrace and dancing again. I catch sight of Ginny and Jim for a moment, all wrapped up in each other, of course. God that looks good!

After the third song the band breaks, but it takes us a moment to separate enough to move back to our table. I feel like I’m burning up and shaking, my mind churning, and the only thing I know for sure is, I’m wet! It’s a relief to sit down, and when he slides in next to me I turn to him, hoping. Knowing!

And he does! He boldly puts both arms around me, and we sit smiling at each other for a moment. But through the fog of need I realize we are both leaning towards each other, and it takes way too long for our lips to finally touch. Ooooouuuuuuuuu, god I’m almost frantic this feels so good, and I want to grind my lips, my body against him! But instead he presses his lips against mine softly, slowly, barely moving them.

And it finally happens! I moan, deep in my throat, a primal sound of need, and his arms tighten around me just a bit. But the kiss goes on, and on. Until he pulls back for a moment and just smiles at me. Oh god, I hope he feels a little of what I do. Oh god oh god oh god!

And when we kiss again our lips press harder, moving against each other’s until soon, I feel the tip of his tongue slowly and gently run the length of my lips. And when it comes back, of course my lips are parted just enough so that it can easily push its way between them. Which he does, slowly, gently, barely. And I can’t stop my tongue from saying hello, softly, the tip just brushing his. And oh my god, I hear it! From someplace deep inside him, it almost sounds like a whimper. Of need!

But he holds me, still for a moment, then slowly his arms loosen and he pulls back. And I hope he can’t hear me panting, gasping. He stares at me for a moment, then whispers, “Merci ma belle Carli, that was beautiful!” Oh my god, yes it was! Don’t let it be over!

But then our attention is turned to Jim and Ginny when she suddenly moans loudly. They’ve come back to the table and we didn’t even notice, but now they are squirming against each other and both have a hand under the table. Somehow, Ginny realizes we are no longer occupied with each other and she giggles when she sees us watching. And Jim, who had his face buried in the side of her neck, lifts his head and turns to look at us. And he says to Fran, “What do you think frère, time to go someplace more comfortable?”

But Fran looks at me and says, “Only if ma chere Carli is ready to go.”

Oh my god, am I ever! I can feel all my inhibitions tumbling down, and all I wonder is where “someplace more comfortable” might be. But Jim says, “I have a reservation for you for a suite at a hotel near me, perhaps we could go back there for a nightcap.”

Fran looks at me, as if to ask, “Ok?” and I nod my head and gasp out, “Uhhuh,” which almost comes out as a squeak.

We quickly head for the car, and of course Fran and I tumble into the back seat, and I’m in his arms before we’re out of the parking lot. He’s bolder now, his hands running over my body, but he carefully doesn’t touch anything “vital” and I am quickly learning the true meaning of the term “French kiss”.

I know what I want to touch, very badly, but I don’t, instead running my hands all around his chest. I still don’t know what Fran really thinks of me, but even though it’s obvious what he feels he’s really being a gentleman about it. His hands are gentle and never threatening, and his lips, ummmmmmmmmmmm, they are to die for!

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