Island Love

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I relate this true account of a past encounter to get it out there and gauge your reactions. What might have happened next has been the source of a vast range of fantasies over the last 20 years of otherwise very happily straight and monogamous family life. I don’t remember his name or much about him other than he was Australian, at least 10 years older than me, a DJ, had a moustache and a great tanned body. If it was you or you know who he is, I would love to say Hi and thanks.

I left school after my A levels at 18, got all the grades I needed for my chosen university and took a year out to experience the big wide world. I worked a few months to get some cash and then bought a plane ticket to Australia. On a very cold morning in England I waved goodbye to my family and the steady girlfriend I’d lost my virginity to six months before. I arrived in hot humid summer in Sydney, wide eyed and innocent. I worked a few farm jobs for several months in New South Wales and then took a bus trip the Queensland coast, staying at youth hostels along the way.

This brought me to Magnetic Island, a beautiful, scenic island with lots of interesting little coves and beaches. I had been away from home for several months at this stage and as a shy 18 year old boy was starting to miss close friendships. I wasn’t at all outgoing and didn’t meet anyone at the youth hostel that night to hang out with so the following warm sunny morning I headed down to a nearby beach with a towel and a plan of a lazy day of sunshine and snorkeling.

Mid afternoon, having seen only a few people at a distance all day, a guy walked up to where I was lying basking in the sun on a warm flat rock. He asked if I minded him joining me, strange question, I thought – its a public beach after all. So I said ‘sure’ and he picked out another rock close to me. As he set down his stuff, he shed his shorts and lay down naked, turned to me and started chatting.

He was a good looking confident man of probably 30, we talked off and on for probably an hour or so with me trying hard not to stare at his cock. I was no prude, I played a lot of sport and seeing other naked guys was not a big thing to me, neither was nudity or at least semi nudity on beaches as I had spent many summers on beaches in France with my family where girls often went topless. I was fascinated and drawn to any kind of female nude, loved the naked women in the pornography I hid in my room at home, loved seeing my girlfriend naked. What was new, though, was this kind friendly man with his very fit tanned masculine body laid out beside me.

I had an hour of being beside him talking and chatting with him trying to keep my eyes away from his body but continually drawn back to his big thick cock. We talked for an hour and all I could remember afterwards was that he was a Avrupa Yakası Escort DJ and working locally and his cock, that big thick cock lying semi hard in a thick thatch of pubes. He was watching me looking at him, no doubt amused by the struggle I was having. He, on the other hand, made no attempt to hide his appraisal of my body. I was at that time a lean fit strong lad with a good tan lying in speedos on a sun-baked rock, with the benefit of hindsight I was a great piece of eye candy.

Eventually, he said he was going to leave, felt like a drink and asked me if I would like to come along with him back to his hotel room. A little alarm bell went off in my head that more than a cup of coffee and light conversation were being suggested here, but I liked him and didn’t like the thought of turning him down and so said yes. We got up, he threw on some clothes and we left in his rented Mini Moke (like a mini Jeep). We drove around the island a bit, it was thrilling, warm and sunny and an uncertainty inside me of what was about to happen. On his suggestion, I had come up from the beach still only in speedos walking beside him dressed now in shorts and t shirt because he said I looked good in them. I was feeling a thrill of being gently seduced by this great man but not really aware what it was that was happening.

We got to his hotel and entered what was more of a ground floor suite in a motel than a hotel room. He gave me a drink, what it was I do not recall, probably a soft drink or coffee. He came around and stood behind me, placing the drink on the table in front of me then I felt his hands on my naked shoulders, felt them kneed and massage my shoulders, my neck, may arms. It felt good, he had strong hands, smooth but strong, every touch was thrilling, not even my girlfriend had touched me like this. He asked me if I liked it (how could I say anything but yes).

He led me into the bedroom, telling me it would be far easier and better to be lying down for the massage. He had me lie face down on the bed, he uncapped a bottle of baby oil and with his warm hands, smoothed it into the skin of my back. He straddled my hips and rubbed more oil into my back, my neck, my shoulders my arms. Every stroke felt wonderful, every word he spoke was peaceful and kind and calming. My nervousness left me as he soothed me. He moved down and oiled my legs, stroking and massaging. He told me it would be easier without the speedos and I lifted my hips, allowing him to strip them down my legs as he stood up behind me.

When he knelt back down, he spread my legs and knelt between them. He had more oil, massaged my feet my calves, the backs of my legs, my hips and then the cheeks of my butt. His massage turned more to a caress, his fingers delving and probing, the oil easing his progress as his fingers Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan expertly explored the cleft between my buttocks and toyed with first my virgin hole and then the full sack of my scrotum. His soothing touch and his soothing words of appreciation of my young inexperienced body felt so new, so expert and so welcome to my young love starved body that any remaining misgivings I had had were fully dismissed. Then he rolled me over and leaned over me, his eyes taking in my willing body.

Parting my lips for his kiss seemed the most natural thing in the world. His tongue invaded my mouth in such a strong commanding kiss that my mind was lost in the feel of it pushing and probing, his lips caressing mine, his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth, his wiry moustache a constant reminder of his masculinity. He broke the kiss and continued to massage and caress my body, this time my chest and thighs, my mind whirling as he pinched and pulled at my tight nipples and then his hand closed in on my very agitated hard young cock. He knelt between my legs and leaned forward and kissed me again as his hand encircled me. How I did not come right then I do not know, but his expert hand stroked me slowly as his tongue again dove between my willing lips.

He continued his caresses as he knelt back up, spreading my legs as he looked into my eyes, he was enjoying me and wanted me to know it. His oil soaked hands caressing my cock then the tight sac of my scrotum and down into the cleft between my legs. Lifting my legs up onto his shoulders he kissed my calves and caressed the cheeks of my ass, his fingers repeatedly spreading my cheeks and slipping between them. He leant forward again, this time bending me almost double as his lips again found mine. His crotch was crushed against my ass as his strong body pinned me down in another hungry kiss. I could feel the length and breadth of this thick cock, now hard in his shorts as he ground down into my spread buttocks.

His control over me was fabulous, I had no desire to do anything other than be his plaything. Always on top of me, he kissed me and caressed me and rolled me over and over, rubbing his strong manly body against mine as he brought me closer and closer to an amazing orgasm. He stroked me in his hand, lying half on top of me, kissing me, watching me, slowly tantalizing me with gentle strokes closing in on relief, letting me know that his hand and therefore his will controlled my pleasure. I reached up to kiss him, my hands now around his broad back and then he stroked me harder, faster holding me as my body exploded and released a torrent of cum onto my stomach and chest. My hips jerking hard up into his thigh as I writhed in the pleasure of the wildest orgasm I could imagine.

I was spent, he laid with me, whispering Escort Avrupa Yakası to me as my breathing slowed, his hand still caressing my now shrinking cock. He cleaned me up with a hand towel and kissed me some more, his ardor still not slated. Then, no doubt remembering the grains of sand lingering from our day on the beach, he suggested a shower. He got up and left for the bathroom, saying he would get it warmed up.

When he reappeared I was getting off the bed, naked and somewhat shell shocked from the experience. Not at all sure that I was ready for the next step, the pressure and desire released now leaving me all too aware that what I was doing was well outside the parameters of my previously entirely heterosexual life.

He too was naked and he wrapped me up in his strong arms and leaned down, kissing me again. He was considerably taller than me and his moustache again raided my senses as we kissed, asserting his masculinity. I willingly accepted his tongue, kissing him back, our tongues dancing over each other. I kissed him eagerly as a welcome relief from heading back to the shower, nervous of what would happen there. I kissed his mouth, his lips, his cheek, his neck. I felt his cock hardening against me and I don’t remember how I started the downward trail of my kisses but I willingly arrived at the heat of his groin and the thick long cock that jutted out of there.

I found a rhythm that excited him and stayed with it, thrilling at being able to read his body and the urgency in him. I felt him harden further, his breath coming heavy, the thick shaft almost like steel between my lips as I eagerly fucked my mouth onto his cock. When he started to cum, his legs went rigid, his shaft convulsing between my lips, his cum spurting hard into the back of my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed, slowing my motions until he finally slipped from my lips, drained and cleaned of all cum. “You’ve done it” he said as he lifted me up and kissed me again before heading back to the shower.

He probably remembers me as a shy but compliant and very inexperienced teenager. Part of me will always regret walking out of that room. I know now that my nervousness of entering the shower was less of what he would “Do to me” than what I would release inside me if I gave in. If he had taken my hand and led me to the shower or slapped my backside and commanded I went back there, I would not have resisted, and my gut tells me I would not have regretted it. He was a kind generous patient lover and I cannot imagine one better equipped to break me in gently. If you are reading this:- Thank you for the experience of a lifetime and I’m so sorry for leaving when I did.

He and the scene we played out have been the source of innumerable fantasies since then. Over and over, I have relived the feeling of kneeling in front of him taking his cock, imagining everything that could have happened in the shower and after it. If this submission gets a positive response perhaps I’ll write up one or two of the follow up fantasies as a thank you to all the authors who do such a great job of delighting my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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