It’s Just Not Cricket Pt. 05

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Author’s Note- this story contains depictions of same-sex incest and unprotected sex. These acts are not condoned by the author in real life.

It had been a few Christmases since we’d been home to see my parents. First I had to work, then my sister-in-law had a baby last November, so spending the holidays with my folks had been off the books for a couple of years. This year we were finally heading back to see them, and I was a little unsure what to expect…

Why was I unsure? Well, for a few years now, Christmas back home had meant there was always a day when the women and the kids went out somewhere and me, my old man and the dads and lads either side of the fence had some “bloke time” and played a game of backyard cricket. Only our rules weren’t exactly standard, and basically ended in an all-male fuckfest. Rest of the year we were straight as arrows, but come cricket time it was game on for anyone with a knob. Things had gotten so crazy that last time we ended up roping in enough extra blokes for two teams of eleven, going at each others’ cocks and arses until the last, victorious man blew his load.

But that had been a few years back, like I said, and I wasn’t sure if that was even the go anymore or if we had put that phase of our lives behind us. Until, that is, the day after Boxing Day, when the wives and kids went off on a “beauty spa” getaway to leave us blokes to fend overnight. THAT morning I woke up to my old man standing next to my bed, naked, with a massive stiffy, and offering me a cup of coffee. I knew then the games were back on, and wasted no time getting downstairs to see the other lads and start the comp.

First Innings

Dad had decided to keep it interesting this year, although we were going back to basics with just the six of us- me and dad, Charlie Stone and his son Andy, and Glenn Cooper and his son Noel. I’d grown up with Andy and Noel and we were already close mates before we discovered our dads rooting (and joined in), so I felt happy in some ways that it was just us lot. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. The first innings, the old man declared, was a bit different- it was a costume contest. Dads vs lads for their best “going to the cricket” outfit. We had about half an hour to think about it over brekky, then half an hour to get our costumes ready, then we gathered in the living room…

Me and dad were the first pair called, and we had to exit into the hallway to get into costume. Once that was done, I strutted into the living room in my outfit. I’d stuck with the basics (and what I had handy) and walked out in sunnies, a hat and some speedos. This was met with some applause, until I hooked my thumbs on either side of the speedos and pulled them down to my knees, then stood up and flapped my half-erect cock at the rest of the lads. That got a much better response. The old man walked out after me, and he’d used his muscular build to his advantage, barely covering his body with a tight singlet and a pair of tattered old shorts. He was waving a small aussie flag on a plastic handle, which he then dropped. Acting surprised, he turned around and bent over to pick it up…revealing a giant hole in the back of the shorts where his arse crack was plainly visible. The boys hooted and hollered and I knew I’d lost, but to add insult to injury he then took that flag and worked the plastic handle up his date, keeping it there as he turned around. Dad won and we shook hands and left the “stage”, going to sit on the sofa and watch the next pair.

Up next was the Coopers, who disappeared out of the living room to get into their costumes. Glenn and Noel looked pretty similar, unlike me and dad (I didn’t lift weights like him). Both Cooper men had blonde hair that stuck out at weird, uncontrollable angles, and both were keen runners, with lean, deneme bonusu veren siteler fit bodies. Both also had massive schlongs, but that’s coming up later. First off the bench was Glenn, and he walked in wearing the Aussie flag wrapped around, like a cape- then spread his arms out and a revealed the cape was the only thing he was wearing. While that got some cheers, Noel did him one better, walking out into the living room stark naked, but carrying a big bottle of sunscreen. As we watched, Noel proceeded to take some sunscreen and draw a big cock and balls on his chest. That got a laugh, but he then started to apply a LOT of sunscreen to his cock…and his balls…and then his arse, with one cheeky sunscreen-coated finger slipping into his sphincter.

“Gotta get sun smart.” He said, not breaking eye contact with his old man as he wanked his impressive member and fingered his ring.

Glenn laughed but was also quite clearly at the half-mast mark from the sight, his rigid cock sticking straight out. Before Noel could get a cheeky load out we all agreed he’d won the round, and he and his old man shook hands. Glenn’s hand came away covered in sunscreen, and as the two sat down he liberally applied it to his own hardened dick.

The final face-off was Andy and Charlie. Although Charlie was fit for a middle aged guy (and still had some red in his hair and beard amongst all the silver) Andy was a bodybuilder like my old man. Andy emerged in a bright green mankini, with a nut sticking out either side and his clearly solid stiff one jutting out the top. While he hammed it up and posed and flexed his muscles, Charlie walked into the room and stole the whole show. Decked out in a cricket helmet, gloves and pads, he produced a cricket bat from behind him. The handle had clearly been crafted and sanded in such a way that it had a rounded, smooth base that, if you were of a mind to see it, looked a lot like a cock. Charlie had clearly had this for quite some time. It glistened, like maybe it had been coated in lube. Without saying a word, Charlie put the end of the bat against the floor and squatted over the phallic handle. He lowered himself onto the full length of it, his cock rising hands-free.

“Oh fuck that, you win you dickhead.” Said Andy as he looked over at his old man bouncing up and down on the wooden shaft.

The teams this year were Dads vs Lads, so with my old man’s win and Charlie’s victory, the Dads team were in the lead at the end of the first innings.

Second Innings

Once we had all taken off our costumes we gathered out on the verandah. The rain was coming down so we stayed within the covered area. Dad had brought leftovers from breakfast and from Christmas Dinner out onto the big verandah table, and I munched on a cold sausage as he explained the next round.

“This round is a free for all. Last man to blow wins the innings for his team.” He began.

“Go on then, what’s the catch this time?” asked Charlie, eyeing off Noel’s arse.

“This innings…” Dad continued, picking up a lamington.

“…is a FOOD FIGHT!” he concluded, mashing the lamington into Charlie’s mouth.

We all bolted to the table to grab something to throw, but I felt powerful hands grab my arms and another pair sweep my legs up. I realised Dad and Andy, the muscle men, had grabbed me from either end, as they pinned my struggling naked self on the verandah floorboards.

“Get him!” I head dad exclaim. I realised he and Andy couldn’t do anything but hold me down, and the rest was up to the other blokes.

“Oh I got him…” said Charlie, walking over with the plate of runny scrambled eggs.

“Breakfast is served.” He chuckled, sliding the cold wet eggs up and down my arse, brushing his wet fingers against my sensitive anus, working the mess of eggs around and in my hole. At the same time, Glenn and Noel came forward with a spoonful of jam, which they used to coat my stiff member and then proceed to try and lick the whole sticky mess off. Surprise surprise, all that arse play and the double-BJ made me shoot my load all over my stomach fairly quickly. When they saw me orgasm Dad and Andy let me up, and I parked myself on the verandah chair to see how they were gonna handle the new dynamic.

It was pretty clear that Andy and Dad had worked out what worked, and they pulled the same trick on Noel, only he was face down. With a bit of muscular encouragement, he brought his arse up in the air and Glenn, he own dad, stuck his head under him and took Noel’s flopping cock into his mouth. Charlie, meanwhile, continued his arse fixation, pouring cream down Noel’s crack and licking it off, dragging his tongue from the back of his balls to above his ring. After a while it became clear this wasn’t enough, and Charlie got up and went to the table… only to return with a banana. With a lot of gentle coxing, Charlie teased and probed Noel’s hole until he had a good three inches of the yellow fruit in him. His grunting intensified and from the sounds of it he blasted his load hard down his father’s throat. Released, Noel walked bow-legged over to the chair next to me and flopped down.

“Well I’m not waiting for yous to turn on me.” Said Glenn, standing and walking to the table. His back to the group, it was hard to see what was going on, but he was hard at work on something.

“Here Andy, have a snack, get your strength back.” He said, spinning around to reveal his masterpiece.

Glenn had coated his prick in tomato sauce and mustard, then wrapped some bread around it and presented it to Andy, who was still on the ground from pinning Noel. The young bodybuilder happily adjusted onto his knees and took Glenn’s sausage into his mouth, sucking greedily. At the same time, Glenn found a big, greasy kranski on the table and forced it halfway up his arse. Dad and Charlie looked on, gently wanking each other, to see what would happen.

Glenn was greatly enjoying himself, but it wasn’t until he pulled the kranski from his bum and sucked on it that we knew he was at the point of no return. Grabbed the back of Andy’s head, Glenn dove deep into the younger bloke’s mouth and spurted his seed down his throat.

This just left Andy, Dad and Charlie.

Taking the initiative, Charlie positioned himself on the table, which was thankfully pretty sturdy, and spread his legs wide. Reaching behind his shoulder, he found the tub of margarine he was looking for and passed it to Andy.

“Go on then, butter up your old man.” He winked, spreading his arse cheeks. Andy wasted no time stuffing and coating his dad’s ring with butter, followed rapidly by his throbbing cock. As Andy pounded Charlie, my dad picked up the nearby gravy and poured a generous dollop on his stiffy. Climbing on top of Charlie, he did the same to his red-pubed cock. The two older men then went to town sucking the gravy off, although the old man didn’t last too long pistoning away at Charlie’s eager mouth. As he came he kept his mouth on Charlie’s cock, his moans vibrating through Charlie’s shaft and causing him to cum too.

As Andy pulled out of his old man’s arsehole, Charlie and Ross stood up and wiped their faces.

“Tastes pretty good with gravy.” Remarked my dad, getting a chuckle.

“Bet it doesn’t taste as good as victory.” Said Andy, wiping his cock on the serviettes. And he was right, we’d won the round. Final innings would be the decider.

Final Innings

This round was a bit more straightforward than the other two, as the rain had cleared up and we went out into the back yard. We’d decided to start with a batter from one side and a bowler from the other. First one to cum would be replaced by another member of his team, etc., until one person remained, winning it for their team.

We decided to pit the winner of each innings against each other first, which meant Charlie versus Andy- or father versus son.

Charlie began the innings by bending Andy over and nestling his bearded face in between his son’s large, toned arse cheeks. As he lapped, kissed and licked his own flesh and blood’s backside he also used one hand to jerk himself and one to work Andy’s pole. No shame in it, but Andy didn’t last long, blasting his cum onto the grass.

Taking Andy’s place was Noel, and he was giving it all he got. Charlie was quickly pounced on by the blonde stud, who squatted down on the older bloke’s stiff one with lightning speed. Noel rode hard and fast until Charlie couldn’t take it anymore and creamed off into Noel’s guts.

As Charlie left the field Noel barely had time to recover before his own dad was on him, locking the two into a frenzied 69 of cocksucking. It was hard to tell who had the more aggressive mouth, but Glenn was finally overcome and released, rolling onto his back and bringing his legs up.

“Fuck, Noely, give it to me!” Glenn begged, holding his legs up to allow his progeny access to his sphincter. Noel obliged, furiously driving his eight inches in and out of the old man’s chute. Eventually, with a mighty bellow, Glenn’s cock spewed forth a creamy load that went all over him, including covering part of his face. Panting and sweaty, he left the pitch.

My dad stepped up and Noel went for him, but my old man was having none of it. Using his considerable strength, he picked Noel up, held him upside down, and proceeded to furiously suck his cock. Noel was powerless in this position, and it only got worse when the old man released him to the ground so that he was still resting on his neck and shoulders. Dad pulled apart his arse and began to jam two fingers into the exposed hole while he worked his own meat with his other hand.

Much like his dad, Noel let out a powerful cry and coated himself in jizz.

As Noel crawled off the pitch, I stepped up. I knew my dad was stronger than me, but I had a secret weapon. Walking onto the pitch, I brought with me Charlie’s “special” cricket bat and recreated his pose from the costume contest. My father was perplexed, watching me as I willingly invaded my own arsehole and wanked off, knowing it would bring me to a fast orgasm. As he got closer I pulled him towards me, letting go of my dick and rubbing our two hard-ons together. He got right into it, rubbing his meat against mine, as I rode Charlie’s cricket back and reached around my old man, gently but firmly inserting my middle finger into his tight hole. We went at it for what felt like hours, until I felt him shudder. Angling back, I pushed the end of the bat against my prostate, pushing deeper into my dad’s arse as I did so.

It was, everyone agreed, too close to call. We both shot giant ropes of cum up over ourselves and each other, embracing tightly in the final moments before our dual eruption.

Eventually, I released my dad and looked down at the mess we’d made on each other.

“So…tie?” I asked finally, which got him chuckling. He looked around and replied.

“I think everyone’s already doing a re-match.”

I followed his gaze all over the garden and the verandah and sure enough, he was right. Charlie had taken up Glenn’s idea and was on the verandah table stuffing kranskis into all his holes, while he watched Glenn, who had re-donned his Aussie flag cape, sticking it hard into Andy, who was on all fours and looking intently at Noel in front of him, who was re-performing his sunscreen trick.

I looked back at my old man, who was towelling off the cum. I caught his eye and we grinned.

“Some things never change.” He said.

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