Meeting Ashley

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I’d never been to this bar before, of course. Ashley had picked it. Mostly because I live a couple of hours away, so this was her turf. She had picked well.

It was what I call an upper end dive bar. A dark wood, L-shaped bar with twenty or so stools. Shelves on the wall behind it filled with glassware that hadn’t been used or cleaned in a while and bottles of lightly used or as yet unopened liquor. There were bottles of wine on the back counter along with various and sundry barware. There were a couple of well stocked beer coolers. They had 20-30 beer taps available, a few standard domestics, but mostly craft and some imports. The fixtures throughout were institutional and battered but mostly in good repair. Overall, the place was clean, diligently but not lovingly so. Some details were consistently overlooked or just plain ignored as unimportant.

Like any good dive bar, there was a jukebox, dart boards, some old video games and, of course, several pool tables. Like everything else, the tables were battered from years of hard use. But the felt was new and there were plenty of cues and chalk available. Like any good bar of the sort that had forty plus years of life, it had a distinct smell: old beer, stale cigarettes, happy times and not a little regret.

It was a weeknight, so the crowd was relatively sparse. I spotted her quickly, seated at the corner of the bar. It helped that we had exchanged pictures and she was wearing the outfit she had described; dark blue skinny jeans and a low-cut white t-shirt. Her long brown hair was swept alluringly over her shoulder, exposing a lovely neck.

You see, this was the first time we’d actually met in person. We had connected on a website during the early days of the Covid lockdown. It wasn’t a mainstream dating website, so we already had a pretty good idea what the other was looking for. We fleshed that out even more over the weeks that followed. Compatibility didn’t seem to be a likely issue, but there was still some mystery there.

As I approached, Ashley’s head turned as if she sensed my presence. When she saw me, a little smile appeared briefly, then she bit her lower lip as she slid off the stool. She took one last step toward me and we were face to face. Ashley is tall, 5’9″ to my 6’even, so she barely had to reach up to give me a short, but also somehow hungry, kiss on the lips as her arms went around my neck and mine around her trim waist. We both smiled as she whispered, “So nice to finally meet you, Raphael.”

“You have no idea how happy I am to be here right now, Ashley. I’ve been thinking about this for months. I honestly didn’t know if it would ever happen. How are you doing?”

“Honestly, only a little nervous. I’m so excited. My pussy has been wet since I woke up this morning. I could barely get anything done while I was working. You have me very distracted, sir…”

I grinned wickedly and said, “That’s my good little slut. You just can’t wait to get that pretty little pussy and gorgeous mouth full of strange cock and cum, can you?”

“What about my face?” Ashley said with a little pout. “You promised to give me a face full of cum, too.”

“Damn, lady, you are going to hold me accountable, huh?” I grinned. “The woman wants what she wants, I guess. Sit down, babe, I think I need a drink.” With that she turned away and I placed my hand on her firm ass to help guide her onto her seat. She took a quarter turn in her seat, crossed a knee and leaned into me a bit, giving me a view of a very pretty white lace bra, which was already pretty obvious through the thin material of her top. Ashley has ample, not huge, very firm breasts, which are pretty perfect and get a lot of attention. There was just a hint of pink areola peeking from behind the lace.

“What’re you drinking, babe? Pinot?” I asked.

“Nope, merlot. What’re you gonna have?”

“I think a double bourbon is in order to start the evening.” I got the bartender’s attention and placed my order. Then turned back to Ash. “Did you get checked into the room ok? How is it?”

“It’s nice. Has a big bed and a shower. That’s all we are really gonna need, I think,” she said as she winked, then bit her bottom lip again. That made my cock jump a little. “Didn’t you check in yet?”

“I did. Tipped the girl at the desk to send my bag to the room and grabbed an Uber. Guess that sounds a little eager…”

“Just a bit, Raph. I like it though,” Ashley said behind sparkling eyes. My drink arrived and I took a big sip, then rested a hand on her knee as we talked. We already knew a lot about each other, but as in most online meetings, there was a lot unsaid. Some for safety, some to keep the excitement of anonymity and mystery intact.

So, we learned some things about each other. But there was a lot of laughter and heavy flirtation going on. Luckily, there was obvious chemistry, too, considering the way we wanted this evening to turn out. And, let’s face it, no matter how good someone seems in text and pictures, you gümüşhane escort never really know how that will actually translate in real life. I really wasn’t worried about Ashley. After an initial hiccup, I became very comfortable that she was exactly who and what she claimed to be.

Ashley had been playing on sites like the one we met on for a long time. Probably longer than she legally should have, according to her. She used them to explore some kinks that she felt like were better left as fantasy, for a lot of reasons. But, recently, she had gotten the idea that it was time to think about changing that situation. She said I had a lot to do with the decision.

Ashley was comfortable with me online like she hadn’t been with anyone in the past. She said I made her feel wanted and safe. I didn’t judge her desires, accepted them as healthy and shared them almost exactly. And, she said, I suggested that I would like to meet, but she never felt pressured that if she didn’t meet me, I was going to get bored and disappear. I enjoyed our interactions and they worked well with my busy work travel, quite honestly.

The reason I thought Ashley still might be concerned is that she has a thing for older men. Significantly older. At least ten years. And more. And I was comfortably over that benchmark. So, yeah, you never know how that is going to turn out. But I am naturally lean, decent looking overall and present pretty well. So far, the perpetual smile and sparkle in her eyes made me think she wasn’t disappointed.

So, we sat there and talked and laughed (ok, giggled a lot) and flirted outrageously and noticed the effects we were having on each other. Eventually, I ordered another round of drinks. Then Ashley asked, “So, how is this going to go, Raphael? It’s still pretty early for the cinema. We don’t need to rush over…”

“Well, I’m thinking that I don’t want to share you with anyone tonight until I’ve had some quality time with you by myself. Call me selfish. I was thinking we could finish these drinks and head back to the hotel for a bit. And still get there plenty early for the show,” I said with a cool smile as I looked into her bright eyes evenly.

“Hmmmm. I don’t think that would do at all. You know better, mister,” she teased with a glowing smile. Then she turned to the bartender and asked, “Would you watch our drinks and my bag for a bit?”

He said of course. Ash slid down off her stool, took my hand and said, “Follow me, lover…” and started toward the back of the bar.

I followed Ashley as she walked into the men’s room like she owned it. She said to the two guys, one at a urinal with his dick in his hand and one at the sink, looking at her dumbfounded, “Anybody need this stall? We’re gonna be in there for a bit. No? Good. Come on, honey…” And I followed her in…

Ashley squeezed into the back corner, between the toilet and the wall, to give me room to push the stall door closed. Then she stepped back to me and we were kissing, desperately. We’d both thought about this. Through the weeks and months of lockdown. The hours of describing to each other what we liked and wanted to do together. And with others. Many others. And all that came out in that kiss.

My hands went to the waist of her jeans, fumbling briefly at the button, then they were open, the zipper slid down smoothly and my hand was sliding over her waxed mound. As my finger found her clit, circling it briefly, her hands were undoing my belt and working on the button. But I spun her before she could finish.

As my fingers dipped into her sex for the first time, my lips went to her neck and I whispered, “Raise your shirt…” I kissed her neck and ears as she used both hands to lift her shirt over her tits. As I fingered her tight, slippery pussy, she reached around to undo her bra, then dropped one to my crotch, grabbing my hard cock through my jeans. As she did her best to jack me in the awkward position, my fingers found her hard nipple while my other hand thrust two fingers in and out of her cunt roughly.

We were both breathing heavily already, hearts pounding. Ashley started to moan loudly as I mauled her cunt and tit. She started to grind her ass back onto her hand that still grasped my manhood. As I nibbled on her neck, there was a sound behind us. I felt her head come around, then she giggled and said, “Hi, fellas. Liking the show?”

Of course, I had to look. The two guys had levered themselves up and were watching over the top of the stall. Naturally. What else were they gonna do? It’s what Ash had counted on, I’m sure. Being watched by strangers was a big kink for her. And me. But not the only one.

That turned things up to a different level. Ashley pulled my hand out of her jeans, turned and shoved me against the other side of the stall. She kissed me again. Hard and deep. While her fingers finished undoing my jeans. Then she slid smoothly to the floor, taking my jeans with her. As she did, my cock flopped forward onto her cheek. Ashley squealed in delight as I painted a wet pattern of precum across it.

She looked up into my eyes as she took my cock into her hands for the first time. She wrapped both hands around it and let her eyes slowly drop to look at it closely. Then her eyes moved back to mine and she said, “He’s so thick, babe. He’ll feel so good inside me…”

Then, she reached out with her tongue and took a tentative lick. Not out of nervousness. Because it was her first taste of me and she obviously wanted to savor it. She collected the wetness on her tongue and pulled it back to her lips, stopping there to smear it on them. Then she leaned forward and planted a soft kiss right on the little slit on the top.

She took the whole head in her mouth, sucking on it lightly as she swirled her tongue around it. One hand dropped as the other started to stroke me slowly. Her head started to bob on me. Slowly at first, but the pace quickly increased. She knew what she was doing. I didn’t have to say a word.

The rhythm was perfect. Just enough hand, but not enough to be distracting. And deep enough to cause her to drool without being so sloppy it wasn’t sexy. Then something happened…

Ashley stopped abruptly and gasped. She looked up at me with a wicked grin on her lips and said, “Well, I don’t have any fingers in my pussy. And I assume you can’t reach it from there?”

I smiled back and said, “Ummm, no. My arms aren’t quite that long…”

“Oh,” she moaned, “this is working out nicely…”

I looked around, past her arm, and saw what was clearly one belonging to one of the watchers. It was reaching under the stall door and into Ashley’s jeans which were bunched at her thighs. From the movement going on in there, he was obviously working her over pretty vigorously. And from the sounds starting to come out of her throat, he was doing a pretty good job.

Ash gave me a last, sexy smirk, then went back to her ministrations on my cock. She was obviously more excited and, except for the occasional pause to collect her breath, things were progressing quickly for me now. I watched her suck my cock and kept an eye on the hand in her cunt. It soon became an urgent situation.

I twisted my fingers in Ashley’s hair and pulled her off of me. Reaching down, I carefully extricated our helper’s hand from her jeans, then took my girl by her shoulders and pulled her to her feet. Dropping to my knees, I peeled her jeans and white lace thong the rest of the way down her shapely legs and off, taking her sneakers with them. Tossing them into the corner where the watchers couldn’t get at them easily, I stood.

Ashley took my head in her hands as she kissed me while I pushed my own jeans and boxers to my knees. I reached behind each of her knees with my arms and lifted her easily. Her arms went around my neck for support, I leaned her back against the wall and she was now suspended there. I broke our kiss and said, “Put me inside you, babe.”

She smiled as she cooed, “Yes, sir, it would be my pleasure…” She reached down between us, searching for my hard cock, finding him quickly. (She had a pretty good idea of his location, after all.) Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, she guided him to her now gaping opening. She rubbed his head back and forth a bit, coating it with her juices. Then she positioned me at her love hole and settled enough to let me enter. She paused and gasped at the intrusion. Her head dropped to my shoulder and rested there as we both savored the feeling we had anticipated for months. Then she whispered, “So good, lover. You feel so good.”

I shifted my arms under her thighs, lifting her slightly and getting a better angle. Then I leaned into her as she settled her hips again. We looked into each other’s eyes as we felt me slowly slide in until I was fully encased in the buttery, vise-like grip of Ashley’s beautiful pussy. We stopped there, enjoying the feel, staring into each other as we kissed…

Then Ash started to circle her hips and moan a little. I took the sign that it was time to start my own rhythm. She reached down and lifted her shirt and bra back above her tits, exposing her full, firm globes and pink nipples to the air. She took a nipple in her fingers and started to play with it as I watched. I noticed that she was watching something over my shoulder and I knew…

As I thrust at her and she ground her hips at me and pinched her nipple, I saw another arm reaching down over the top of the stall. A different arm than the last. The shirt wasn’t the same. As we watched and fucked, it cupped her other tit, tenderly at first. Then started to squeeze and knead it more roughly, pinching and rolling the nipple as well.

Ashley moaned and looked at me and smiled. I grinned back at her and said, “This is what you wanted, isn’t it? You’re such a nasty little slut…”

She leaned her head back against the wall and said breathlessly, “God yes, babe. And you hate it, huh?”

“What do you think?”

“Feels like a VERY big no down there to me. But I don’t know you that well,” she giggled.

Then we got serious again. Hearts started beating faster as I pounded her into the wall. Ashley wrapped one arm around my neck as the other reached down for her clit. As she found it, watcher 2 (or player 2 now, I guess) started to pinch and squeeze her nipple harder, which was obviously helping things. (Note for later.)

After mere seconds of this, Ashley exploded. As I pounded into her, I could feel her cumming all over us. Her muscles contracted savagely around my cock as she gasped and convulsed.

And that was it for me. I blasted rope after rope of thick cum into her cloying sex as I continued my assault. As we fucked, I could feel the wet mess we had created squeezing back out of her in a foamy flood. I continued to thrust for a few more strokes as Ashley held on desperately, biting into my shoulder, with her arms and legs locked around me.

Then, I was done. My head now dropped to Ashley’s shoulder, forcing player 2 to finally release her breast. “You ok, honey?” I heard her in my ear.

“Yeah, babe. I just need a couple of seconds…”

“Ok. I’m gonna put my feet down now, but I’ve got you. Just lean here on me.” This woman was awesome. I felt her legs unclasp from my waist and drop to the floor. Her arms went from my neck to the spot her legs had just vacated to give me whatever support I needed for those few seconds. Then my head came up and I grinned at her. She smiled back and said, “I think you need a drink.”

“Umm, you think so? Or two.” Then I bent to pull up my jeans and fasten them. As I did so, Ashley retrieved her jeans and thong from the corner and handed them to me. I held those as she re-fastened her bra, reached in to position her breasts and then straighten her shirt. I handed her the bundle I held.

She dropped the thong onto the floor and said, “It might get messy in there, but I don’t think I want those on any more.” Then she put her jeans back on, commando style, and her shoes, picked up the discarded thong and opened the stall door. The players were standing a few feet away, gawking.

One said, “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen…”

Ashley replied, “You’re sweet. Follow us. Things should be getting hotter in a bit. Here, these are for you…” And she extended her thong on an index finger. He took them gingerly, then we walked out the door and back towards our seats at the bar.

We settled back onto our stools, took long sips of our drinks and relished the minor fatigue in our legs. The bartender appeared after a minute or so with fresh drinks. “Those are on me,” he said with a smile.

“Thanks, hun!” Ashley beamed at him. “That will be reflected in your tip.”

“Oh? Will that be in cash or trade?” he asked in a hopeful tone.

“More like…share,” she replied with a wink. “We don’t do trades. Yet, anyway…”

The bartender’s eyebrows peaked, then he smiled and moved off to help another guest down the bar. During this exchange I glanced around the bar and noticed there were already some glances our way. And hushed conversation.

“Word seems to have gotten around fast, Ash. People are talking…”

“Oh? Not surprising, I guess. We weren’t exactly subtle. And that is kinda the whole point, right?” she asked with a bit of mirth.

I looked around and noticed that the crowd was still fairly light. Mostly men in groups of two or three. A few couples scattered around. Just killing time on a Tuesday.

I pulled my stool closer to Ashley’s. She pointed her legs in my direction and I turned sideways on my seat, one knee behind her back, the other with my thigh brushing her crossed knee. I noticed her pushing into my flesh, increasing the contact there and sending a little jolt into my groin.

I propped one arm on the back of her stool, resting across her shoulder, my hand on her neck. She leaned into me a little and settled, then said, “It’s feeling pretty messy down there. You must’ve been saving up for a while, sir?”

“Nah,” I winked, “That’s just a Tuesday.”

“That’s so nice to hear. A great start to our adventure…” she trailed off with a cocked brow.

I glanced around before promising, “Oh, there’s plenty more where that came from.”

She laughed, “Where have you been all my life, lover?! I’m feeling deprived!”

“I think we will be putting that right before too long here, babe. If that’s ok with you? There is a lot of interest in the room.”

“Yeah, I recognize some faces, for sure. I come here with friends sometimes. There are some cute ones I wouldn’t mind getting a hold of…” Ashley said and bit on her lip, the cute way I was learning she tended to do. It was a very sexy move. Of course.

“I’m sure they are thinking the same thing…” I finished my drink, slid the empty across the bar and reached for the one the bartender had just dropped off. I took a sip of that one and stood. “I’ll be right back. I left something in the car.”

Ashley looked at me quizzically. “I thought you took an Uber from the hotel?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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