Not Yours Ch. 02

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Due to positive feedback I have decided to continue the story of Joseph and Leanne. This chapter takes place several days after the first one.

Story first, sex second.

“You’re fucking your daughter?”

It had been 30 days since Helena’s confession, in that time Joseph Martin had lost a wife and daughter, almost killed himself with alcohol, been saved by the girl who was once his daughter, Leanne, saved her, fell in love with her and now he was single man with a loving girlfriend. Right now he was telling his ex-wife about his new relationship with Leanne.

“She’s not my daughter Hel. You made sure of that.”

“She was though, you sick fuck 18 years she was and as soon as you find out differently you jump at the chance.”

The divorce had gone quicker and cleaner than Joseph was expecting, Helena had fallen out of love with him a long time ago and he had no desire to work things out with her. They divided things up without much arguing; Joseph would keep the house which Leanne was now moving into having sold her own and Helena would get the car and most of their savings in their joint account to pay for a new home, at the moment she was staying at a friend’s house.

“I didn’t jump at any chance. Anne was there when I needed her, she was a dutiful daughter before she knew the truth and she was a caring friend after. She acted on her own accord”

“Bullshit Joseph, she’s an innocent little girl and you tainted her.”

“You took away her father, she was confused and scared but she made her own decisions, I didn’t force myself on her.”

Despite how well the divorce went Helena was absolutely furious her daughter was spending more time with Joseph than her, even more the fact they were in a relationship. She assumed Joseph had twisted her mind, unaware of Leanne’s secret self-harming and how Joseph had helped her with her body issues. Joseph was in no hurry to tell Helena any of this, Leanne wanted it a secret and a secret it would be.

“Like I’m going to believe anything you say you cheating fuck.”

“You’re in no position to talk about cheating Hel that’s how this whole thing started. Anne’s a grown woman and she can make her own choices, and if she wants to be with me instead of you I can hardly blame her.”

That was the final straw for Helena, within the flurry of cursing and hate she told Joseph to leave. Joseph didn’t want to leave on such bad terms but Helena was unwilling to be civilised. He didn’t care though, he had Leanne and that was all that mattered to him. Joseph returned home not long after 4, he saw that the mail had arrived in his absence, it was mostly just bills and junk but there was one letter that was addressed to Leanne in a handwriting Joseph found very familiar. He felt guilty about invading Leanne’s privacy but he needed to know if the sender was who he thought it was.

‘Leanne, if you know where your father is please give him this. Joe, heard rumours. Got news? Come round, Fri if possible. Trent.’

He was right, the sender was Joseph’s younger brother Trent, 36 to Joseph’s 40 years, Joseph was actually the middle child with an older sister. Obviously Trent had been told that Joseph went missing but not that he’d returned, Friday was in a few days so he made a note to visit Trent.

Looking at the clock Joseph knew Leanne would be home soon so he poured himself a glass of milk – Leanne made sure there was no alcohol in the house ever – and sat down to watch a recorded football match. While watching the match Joseph, yet again, found himself looking at the once deep scar on his hand and he realised, not once did Helena ask about it. It’s not like he showed it off in front of her but he didn’t hide it either but she never made any mention of it to him or ask or he got it, she was right, they had fallen out of love.

Leanne had left university half an hour ago and was getting a lift back from her good friend Rachel McCormack, there was the two of them and their other friend Samantha Wyllie, they had all been friends since primary school and even though Sam didn’t get into the same university as them they remained close due to all three of them being in an Eric Clapton tribute band. Rachel and Sam had both noticed that Leanne had more spring in her step than usual over the past few months but she wasn’t telling them anything, then Rachel heard from her cousin Daniel that Leanne’s parents were divorcing and she was moving in with her father but still nothing.

“Will you guys just drop it, I’m not saying anything, that’s final.”

“Oh come off it Leanne, you’ve obviously got something new in your life that’s making you happy.”

“Or someone.”

“Just tell us what or who it is, your confession will be safe with us.”

Leanne rolled her eyes at her friends, they pulled the religion card on her. Even though Leanne was an atheist both Rachel and Sam were practising Catholics.

“Look guys I’d love to tell you but we’re keeping it a secret right now, we don’t want anyone making a big tuzla eve gelen escort deal of it this.”

“Aha.” Yelled Sam triumphantly. “So it is a guy.”

“Or a girl, you remember my friend Heather.”

“This is Leanne here, I’m pretty sure she’s straight. After all she has been fucked.”

“Yeah once, and by your cousin.”

“Hello.” Leanne broke up their argument. “It is a guy but please keep that to yourselves.”

“Don’t worry, we promise we won’t say anything until you’re ready.”

Leanne thanked her friends, she knew that a promise from them was kept. They arrived at Leanne’s house not long after wards, Leanne got out the car and said goodbye to her friends.

“Oh Leanne.” Rachel called out to her. “Band practise on Monday, same time so if you’re going to be late make sure and phone us.”

“Sure thing. See ya.”

Rachel waited until Leanne was safely in the house then drove away. Leanne couldn’t help but smile at the innocence of her friends. ‘If only they knew’ she thought to herself.

As soon as she was inside Leanne saw her father in the living room watching telly, she didn’t know what came over her but seeing him there brought up all the feelings she had kept hidden all day, wanting to be a little flirty she unbuttoned her shirt so that her bra and midriff were uncovered and walked into the living room.

“Hey daddy.”

Joseph turned round and almost choked on the sight, Leanne was standing in front of him with her deep red bra on show and no apparent shame. “Jesus Anne, you trying to give me a heart attack.”

“Sorry daddy, I just wanted to surprise you.”

“Well mission accomplished.” Joseph laughed and kissed Leanne. “Regardless I’m happy to see you.”

“Thanks daddy. I’m going for a shower now, I’ll see you in a minute.”

Leanne stood up and headed straight for the downstairs shower, taking off her shirt and bra as she walked. Joseph couldn’t help but love his daughter’s unabashed nature, he heard the shower turn on and Leanne step in, he realised the door wasn’t closed so he looked through the open door to see the silhouette of his naked daughter.

“How’d your visit with mum go?” Leanne called through.

“Not as well as I’d hope for Anne. We left on bad terms and I said some things I didn’t mean to, I just can’t talk to her anymore.”

The silhouette soaped up her breasts, her hard nipples prominent through the curtain

“I don’t blame you.”

“Come on Anne don’t be like that, she’s still your mother.”

“I know dad, and it’s not like I hate her…”

The silhouette washed her hair, arching her arms back and thrusting her breasts out at Joseph, her nudity did not go unnoticed.

“You called her a cunt.” Interrupted Joseph, trying to keep his cool.

“But she lied to you, a massive lie that she kept for 18 years.”

“If your mother hadn’t lied to me, then we wouldn’t be together, be thankful for that at least.”

The shower was turned off, a dripping wet Leanne stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, a cute wee smile across her face.

“I know daddy, but I’m more thankful for you.”

Without a second’s thought Leanne pulled the towel away and stood there naked in front of her father. Both were so surprised at how far out of her shell Leanne had come, just a month ago she was too afraid to even look twice at a boy now here she was confident in the body she’d hated for so long.

Even though he’d seen her naked so many times before Joseph never stopped being surprised at her beauty, her wet blonde hair clinging tightly to her shoulders, her angelic blue eyes juxtaposing her devilish smile. Her entire body was smooth, curves flowed out of her body, an hourglass had nothing on her, her pear shaped breasts hung perfectly on her chest, topped with rosebud nipples at the end, her pussy hair once wild and untamed had been trimmed to an acceptable standard. Joseph knew that if she turned round he would be treated to a fabulous heart shaped ass but at the moment he was overjoyed to have her front and her beautiful face at the top of it all.

However, despite all of Leanne’s perfections, it was her imperfections that he loved the most. The cuts on her legs, the disfiguring, horrific scars that were her secret, her secret she shared only with him. They gave him an area to focus his love on, the care and tender for.

Leanne knew that Joseph was looking at her scars, strangely she wasn’t disgusted or shocked but rather she felt a warm feeling in her stomach. She loved the fact that her father cared so much about her that he wanted to make her better. The time they had together was like therapy to her, she longer feared how people looked at her, if Joseph wasn’t in front of her she would have giggled to herself.

Joseph moved closer to Leanne, he moved slowly so that she would move as well, at all times she was in control, she may be braver now but Joseph knew she had to stay in control, otherwise all tuzla otele gelen escort the work they’d done together, helping her get past her body issues, all of it would be undone. Leanne moved with him, her wet footprints were left on the floor. Joseph put one hand on the small of Leanne’s back and another on her shoulder, Leanne wrapped her arms around her father and pulled him in tight, she could feel his very hard cock against her naked and dripping cunt, her nipples were pressing into his chest.

Joseph kissed his daughter softly on the lips, the hand on her shoulder slipped its way down and cupped her breast, tweaking her nipple slightly. Leanne’s hand left Joseph’s waist and placed themselves on his trousers, unbuckling and unzipping them. As they fell to the floor Leanne could see the tip of Joseph’s dick peeking out through his boxers, Leanne took hold of his cock and slowly jacked it off as his boxers slipped downwards. Joseph was still caressing Leanne’s breast with one hand, the other was grabbing her ass and not letting go, both of them felt Joseph’s boxers hit the floor. Now both naked – or half naked in Joseph’s case – Leanne edged her father’s dick towards the opening of her pussy, Joseph could feel the heat radiating from her. With just the tip poking through her Joseph used both hands to grab Leanne’s ass and, with a helpful jump from Leanne, Joseph lifted Leanne up and dropped her back down onto his cock.

Leanne quickly wrapped her legs and arms around Joseph so as not to fall, likewise he never let go of her ass. This was a move they had perfected, it brought them so close together, sometimes so close their sweats of passion merged as one. They were made for each other, they had fucked countless times but Leanne was still as tight as their first time together, their love-making ranged from sensual and calming to hot and heavy. Tonight was the latter.

Being so close to each other and not wanting Leanne to fall off they didn’t involve any heavy thrusting but they were quick, Leanne could feel her father’s dick attacking her clit, her nipples against his chest and his tight grip on her ass all contributed to her growing orgasm, her whole body was shivering in excitement. She was close.

Joseph was also close, he was unbelievably close. He’d heard stories and knew from friends that once men get older they can’t perform as well as they use to but even time with Leanne made him feel like he was twenty years younger. She made him happy and he wanted to return the favour.

Leanne held her father tighter, she whimpered in his ear as she came. Joseph loved hearing his daughter whimper in pleasure, it made her seem so innocent, but he never let her know that. She wasn’t a little girl she was a women, a confident women and she was in control. Midway through Leanne’s cum Joseph had his, he came deep and hard into Leanne’s cunt, as he’d done so many times before. They hadn’t discussed it with each other but they both knew they wanted a baby to call their own, Joseph wanted a family again and although hesitant to burden her with a child he knew Leanne wanted the same thing.

“I love you daddy.” Came the whisper in his ear.

“I love you too Anne.”

Leanne lowered her legs and allowed Joseph to carry her exhausted body upstairs to bed. They just slept there all day, not caring that they missed dinner and several phone calls from Helena.

It was 33 days since Helena’s confession, Friday, Joseph woke up early so as to visit his brother Trent in downtown Glasgow that afternoon. Joseph and Trent were close but not as much as they should’ve been, partly because Joseph preferred to be with his older sister Dee but mostly because at the age of 12 Trent was disowned by their parents for being a cocaine addict. As a result Trent moved out of the Martin household and starting squatting, he stayed in touch with Joseph and, to a lesser extent, Dee but now he was 36 years old, he still had no education, he still had no home – although he had moved into a vacant house and wired up a phone-line, siphoning electricity from the houses around – and he was still an addict despite the drugs causing him to be in a terrible car accident that permanently paralysed him from the waist down.

Joseph loved his brother but every time he saw Trent he was reminded of how much of his life Trent had wasted away.

Arriving at Trent’s house around 1pm Joseph knocked on the door.

“Open.” Yelled the strong Glaswegian voice from inside. Joseph opened the door and went inside.

The whole place stunk, wet, smoky, rotten, unclean. It was a tip, Joseph walked through to the living room where he saw Trent sitting in his wheelchair in front of a glass table – mostly likely stolen – with a small pile of cocaine on the table and a cigarette in his mouth.

“Joseph, motherfucker I didn’t think you were fuckin coming.”

“Well you told me to come round, I figured you wanted to talk.”

“Yeah but I thought you were still a fuckin goner, tuzla sınırsız escort nobody heard a fuckin peep from you in days. Take a seat.”

Joseph sat down on a sofa next to Trent.

“So big brother, what the fucks’ going on between you and your delightful cunt of a wife?”

“I guess you heard about us divorcing.”

Trent took a razor blade and starting cutting a line of coke. “Fuck yeah, bitch phoned me asking where you were, told me you’d fucked off without a word. Now I was pissed, I wanted to know why my big brother abandoned his family but the cunt never told me a fuckin thing.”

“I don’t blame her, it’s pretty bad.”

“What was it?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“The fuck did I ask for then?”

Joseph took a deep breath, he always hated telling this story. “Helena told me that she cheated on me when we were together, before we were married. She told me that Leanne isn’t my daughter.”

“What a cunt.” Trent didn’t even think. “What kind of fuckin sadistic fuck do you have to fuckin be to tell a man that, fuckin cunt.”

“Stop calling her that Trent, I’m actually glad she told me.”

Trent put out his cigarette. “Why?”

“I got out of a failing marriage that would’ve ended a lot worse if I let it go on. I lost a daughter yes but Leanne saved me from self-destruction and she’s become so much more important to me.”

“The fuck you mean?”

“I mean… Leanne and I, have become, far more, intimate.”

Trent bent over the table and snorted his line quickly, springing back up as soon as it was gone. “You’re fuckin your daughter?”

“If you want to be blunt about it sure, and she’s not my daughter.”

“She fuckin was though.”

“Are we going to have an argument, cause I don’t want another one of these.”

“Relax Joe you’ll fuckin live longer. I don’t give a fuck really there’s no blood relation and if you make each other happy all the best to you. It’s you dick and your conscience.”

“You really have a knack for getting straight to the point.”

Trent chuckled. “You’re fuckin lucky I’m so open minded, I can’t imagine what Dee’s going to say.”

“Fuck, I forgot about Dee. You heard from her at all?”

“Yeah, I called her up asking if you’d fucked off to New York. I had to tell her everything, she would’ve come to help find you but she’s busy. You know Dee’s getting married?”

Dee Martin had been married once before, she met a young American called Patrick McNulty in University and the two of them were on/off for four years until, when they graduated, Patrick proposed. At 22 they were engaged, at 23 they were married and at 24 Dee gave birth to their son Zach. Not long after Zach’s birth Dee and Patrick moved to New York so Patrick could work with his father, Dee settled in nicely and made a life for herself in America. However, the happiness wasn’t to last; Patrick was killed along with 3000 others during the September 11th attacks, he was in the North Tower and managed to send a message to Dee before he died. That was ten years ago, all that time Dee had been so hurt by his death, she wanted to be with family in Scotland but stayed for her son’s sake. Thinking about it Joseph realised Dee would be 42 by now.

“Married? When and to who?”

“Some time next year and get this, to motherfucking Alex Jones.”

“Alex, my college roommate, Alex?”

“Yeah.” Trent lay back and light another cigarette.

“Fuck, I know he had a crush on Dee, every time she visited us he would beam bright red. But that was years ago.”

“Yeah but apparently his wife died on 9/11 as well, she was on one of the planes. They met at one of those fuckin support groups and shit hit off. Fuckin Princess Dee huh, one fairytale fucks up so she gets another one. I’ll have to call her, tell her your back.”

“Do please, I’m hoping to go to that wedding.”

“I was as well but I’ve got a passport issue. Ain’t fuckin got one.”

Joseph laughed at his brother’s joke. “Alright Trent, thanks for having me.”

“No fuckin problem Joe, come round anytime you fuckin want. I’d visit you but I’m not the most mobile of motherfuckers, not that I need to talk to you about fuckin family members.”

“How long are you going to make jokes like that?”

“You think you’ll ever leave Leanne?”

“No, never.”

“Then I’ll never fuckin stop. I’ll see you around Joe.”

“Same, bye.”

Joseph left Trent’s house and headed home, now on his own Trent did some thinking and started laughing quietly to himself.

“This fuckin fairytale family; Princess Dee and her two fuckin love stories, fuckin Joe and his. And here I am, a fuckin cripple. Ha, guess I pulled the fuckin short straw, fuck.”

Trent took a drag of his cigarette, sat back and fell asleep.

The next day Joseph and Leanne took a walk into the town centre to kill some time, to any passerby they were a couple in love, pure and simple. They got some strange looks but the two of them ignored them. At one point in the day Joseph had to go to the toilets so he kissed Leanne and went to find one, from her left Leanne heard a women tut, normally she would’ve ignored it but being with Joseph had given her a new confidence which she planned to use.

Leanne turned to the tutting woman, a stuck-up snobby type with a sour face. “Excuse me, is there a problem?”

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