One Special Night with Mum

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This is another story, from a reader of mine. This, their 3rd suggestion for a story I have written. Enjoy!


Hi. My name is Sophie. I am 20 years old and still live with my mother, I mean who doesn’t, house prices these days. I skipped college having found a good job working for my father. My parents had been divorced for most of my life, but they had still remained good friends. My mum and I were both bi-sexual and we both had friends who were of the same persuasion.

One of my mum’s friends had spent 2 months trying to get me into bed. Even though she was quite attractive, I felt that it would be a bit weird, especially as she was friends with mum. But eventually she got me, telling me she would show me the night of my life. It was ok, but not the best night, that was going to happen later. I would go into detail, but the night I am going to tell you about is what this story is really about.

One night, with the scent of sex in the air, two heavy breathing, and satisfied woman were laid together in bed. One of them was me, the other my 42 year old lover Maxine. Maxine was beautiful for her age and had kept herself trim. Her breasts were quite large and even though they sagged a little, they were quite the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. She was very good and drove me wild with pleasure in bed. I was always satisfied and my body glowed afterwards. This one night though we had been role playing. Me playing the daughter, Maxine the mother. It was quite exciting for me, but she just went crazy and came several times.

“God, what got into you?” I asked.

“Did I hurt you?” she asked sincerely.

“No, not at all, but I have never seen you so excited.”

“Well it had been a fantasy of mine to sleep with my daughter, but could not find anybody to play the role of my daughter.”

“So for the last month and the 2 months of seduction, have all been a ploy to get to this moment?”

“I won’t lie and say no, but I was attracted to you when we first met. It just happened that you were my daughter’s age as well.” she admitted.

“I can’t believe you want to commit incest with your own daughter.” I stated.

“Please don’t judge me, it was just a fantasy.”

“I wasn’t judging you. I would have to judge myself, because I imagined you were really my mother and it excited me.”

“Have you ever fantasized about your mum?” she asked.


“You should try it for real?”

“No way.”

“If my daughter would have propositioned me for sex, I would have done it. But as the mother I would never ever make the first move.”

“So what’s your point?”

“If you mother’s anything like me, and I had a daughter as beautiful as you, she would say yes to you too.”

“I can’t believe you’re actually suggesting this.”

“I can’t believe you’re still discussing it, rather than walk away. It at least tells me you’re interested.”

“I am not going to have sex with my own mother.”

“It would be easy; you know she is interested in woman. All you need to do is just make the first move, and the night will most possibly end with the greatest sex of your life.”

“I thought you were the best, that’s how I ended up in your bed. And I admit you are the best I have had.”

“But to actually fuck your mother, it is the ultimate taboo and the ultimate turn on. The sex would be the most amazing adventure of your life.”

“I think I would like to sleep now.” And I did and for the next few days the idea would not leave my mind. I tried not to avoid my mum but it was becoming increasingly difficult to be around her, and not check her out. It was like I had been wearing mum glasses all my life, and somebody had suddenly removed them, I now all I saw was a very, very sexy woman. Personally she was a lot better looking than Maxine and many other women I knew.

So I had a choice to make. Either do what Maxine told me to do and make a play for her, or move out. I could not get the idea out of my head, and by the end of the first week, I was becoming more distant and she was getting more worried. She even asked if she had done something wrong. I should have told her that apart from being beautiful, no. But I just shook my head and escaped.

But before I made my choice. I started to ask very subtle questions. One night over dinner, I even told her about Maxine and that I was sleeping with an older woman. I thought that I would try and do something nice for mum, especially all the things I had done avoiding her, when it wasn’t even her fault. This started the conversation that I had wanted to have with her.

“You’re fucking Maxine, my best friend Maxine?” asked mum angrily.

“Yes, that Maxine.” I answered simply.

“But why?”

“She said she was a good fuck and I should have a go.”

“So how long?”

“About a month or so, though I have not fixbet seen her in a week.”

“Is this why you have been avoiding me?” she asked, folding her arms.

“No. I really have just had something on my mind.”

“Why did you not tell me? I would have understood. You know I like to know who you are with. I’m more pissed that you never told me sooner.” Now there are a lot of women who say their mum is their best friend. Well my mum was more like that, than my mum. After my parents divorced, I became a daddy’s girl, and went to live with him. But when I was 16, dad got married to a wonderful woman. But she had 2 kids. So to give daddy the happiness he deserved I moved in with mum. Mum and I never had a true mother/daughter relationship. We just did the best friend thing and talked about sex, boys, and eventually girls. But the idea to have sex with her was not something that occurred to me, she was still my mother. I could easily see her as a woman and so the idea of having sex with her was an easier choice to make.

“Because I thought you might not like me fucking one of your friends, or that she was older.”

“I don’t mind you being with older women. I have been with a lot of younger women, and if people thought that was wrong, it would mean less fun for me.”

“So you don’t mind I sleep with Maxine?”

“No, but Maxine would not be my first choice.” she seemed miffed.

“Why not?”

“Because you could have someone so much better.”

“Like?” I asked rolling my hand for suggestions.

“Well, I don’t really know, just somebody with more class.”

“Maxine is not that bad, plus she can me make me cum like nobody else.”

“I’ve fucked Maxine, and she told me I was the best.” she said. What an interesting statement.

“So you’re better than Maxine?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“I try to give more than receive. So I probably am, definitely more considerate than most.”

“Well maybe we should have sex, maybe you could give me a good time.” I finally said what I needed to.


“Me and you, upstairs in your bed. You, giving me the best orgasms. Then I could show you what I can do.” Blunt, I know, but what the hell. I had already decided I might as well see way this leads, because I was not about to move out yet.

“I can’t believe you are suggesting this. Maxine told you to do this? She probably said that every mother wants to fuck her daughter?” she asked.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Me and some of the girls were discussing fantasies. She keeps bringing up the same one.”

“So have you thought about having sex with me?” again blunt.

“In my fantasies, yes. But actually thought about doing it for real, no.” Over the years I learnt to manipulate, so I was going to use my skill to get what I wanted. What was needed now was I bit of reverse psychology or just a straight seduction. I knew many tricks, especially watching Maxine seducing me.

“In my fantasies too, but since Maxine suggested the idea, I just see you as a very beautiful woman, and I want to have sex with you so bad.”

“You can get that idea out of your head.”

“Why, don’t you think I am beautiful?”

“No, I am not saying that. You are very beautiful.”

“Then you want to have sex with me too.”

“No, you are my daughter.”

“And you are my mother. But we are both beautiful women, who need to have good sex. And I know if we do, it will be the greatest ever.” My feet were bare as I slid my left foot up her leg, then between them, under her skirt, until my foot was rubbing her panty covered, and very wet, pussy. “You’re so wet, I know you want this too.”

“Don’t?” Even though she seemed angry, she had not moved. I looked into her eyes, my big toe trying to push into her slit, then rubbing her clit. Her body language slowly began to change. Her eye lids began to grow heavy, her breathing became harder as she began to lose herself in the feelings. No more speaking was needed. She definitely wanted this. I mean who stops when they are about to cum. So I put the final touches to my seduction and went down on her. I removed my foot and quickly got on my knees. I went under the table and saw mum’s legs were wide enough for my head and one hand. My hand revealed her pussy by moving her panties to the side. It was hairless and smelt wonderful. I licked her arousal; she tasted pretty good for an older woman, good diet.

Mum moaned as soon as my tongue got to work. I did not stop as I licked her slit, fucking her occasionally with my tongue. Then I licked and sucked her clit, occasionally biting it. Mum’s ass was moving as she humped my face. I moved my spare hand between my legs, into my panties and fingered myself. Mum had moved her legs to either side of the table leg to give me more room. I had her juices all over my face, and the fact it fixbet giriş was my mum, just really pushed me over the edge as I screamed “Mum” into her pussy as I came. Followed quickly by mum. “Oh fuck Sophie, my baby, oh…….FUCK…” she screamed. I collapsed, my head resting on mums thigh, mum rubbing my head gently.

“I need to go upstairs and shower, then to bed.”

“No don’t? I want you mum for tonight, just as you are.”

“But we’ve already gone too far.” I got out from under the table and mum closed her legs. I straddled her lap, even with the limited space, I managed to fit.

“No, we have only taken the first step. And it was amazing and drove me to masturbate, to the best orgasm I have ever given myself. I want more; I want to experience the full taboo. I want you to fuck me hard and I want to make you scream my name into the night. Why stop, if it is just for tonight, and it will be.” I leaned in and kissed her lips. She was definitely interested as she licked her juices of my face. I gently lifted myself onto the edge of the table. I leaned back and slipped off my panties. Spreading my legs I gave mum the perfect invitation. Which she accepted as she held my thighs apart and moved her mouth to begin licking. “That’s it mum, lick my pussy. Taste how wet you make me.” I began to move my hips as my orgasm built, I was quickly ready to cum again. I moaned and began to grasp the table edges, trying to hold on; enjoying the ride mum was giving me. Mum was skilled, she took me to the edge, and then she would stop and then start again. In the end I grabbed her head and held her face to my pussy. “Fuck me, fuck me mum, and don’t stop.” Then screamed. I let go of mum’s head and she got up to get us both a glass of water.

“Here.” She offered. I sat up and drank the water in one. “You had better get out of those clothes before you get off the table.”

“You don’t have to seduce me; I’d already planned to strip naked.”

“I know, but you have got gravy on the back of your shirt, and probably have my dinner on your ass.” Then I realised I had forgotten to clear the table before getting on it. See how excited I was, my rational mind had gone of for an early night. I looked in mum’s eyes and smiled as I began to unbutton my top. But mum’s eyes were lowering as I revealed my breasts. I was not wearing a bra; I never do when hanging around the house. She licked her lips as I completely removed my top. I unzipped my skirt, and then sat back down in the middle.

“Do you mind helping?” She nodded dazed. She stepped forward and removed my skirt, leaving me naked on the kitchen table. “Do you like what you see?”

“Very much, I know I shouldn’t, but you are so beautiful.”

“Thanks to you, thank god I got your genes in me. But to appreciate the full picture of you, you need to be naked too?” She smiled at me as she began to undress. When she removed her shirt and bra, I saw her breasts. They were amazing, much better than Maxine’s. They were smaller than hers and mine, so they were still pretty firm. She removed her skirt and panties in one go and stood in front of me, naked. God I was wet and was ready to move the action to the bedroom. “I think we need to get more comfortable and warm. I suggest your bed.”

“You go on ahead, let me just lock up the house.” So she helped me off the table. Then before I left, pulled me towards her and kissed me hard. Once I had my legs back, she slapped my ass playfully as I left the room to head upstairs. I only had to wait a few minutes before mum entered her room. I had spent those few minutes getting in position. When mum found me, the bed sheets had been pulled off the bed, and I was lying in the middle, spread eagle, holding a strap-on in my hand. She got on the bed, between my legs and walked on her knees towards me. I gave her the strap-on. “Are you sure?” she asked me.

“Yes, I want you to fuck me hard. All night long, with that, your fingers and your mouth.”

“But usually I am quite loving and gentle in bed, especially as you’re my daughter; I do not wish to hurt you.”

“Trust me; things will get heated no matter how gentle you are. Plus if this is just about fucking, not love, then it will help us distance ourselves afterwards.”

“If I hurt you, you will tell me?”

“I will, but even if you fuck me hard, I am sure you know how to use that thing without doing any damage.” We both helped put on the strap-on her, and then I returned to my position while mum got on top of me. She guided the head of the dildo to my pussy entrance and it easily slid in, but she did not push the whole thing in me just yet. She was easing it in gently and I wrapped my legs around her waist. Once she felt I was ready, especially as I begged for it all. She pushed it in hard, to the hilt, and then furiously began to fuck me hard. “That’s it mum, fuck me.” God I had never been so excited. Mum was breathing heavily, pumping hard into me. Watching me moan, as I clawed at her back, she began to nibble and suck my neck. She marked my neck many times as she kept up the pace. I could feel her breathe hard into my neck as she began to loose the strength and the rhythm. But I was so close, so I grabbed her ass, helping her to fuck me to the end of my orgasm. I could feel it building; it was going to be so fucking good. “Almost…..there……OH FUCK…… MUUUUMMMMM.” I screamed as the pleasure reached its pinnacle and I crashed. Mum fell limp on me as she rested. I managed to move her onto her back with the dildo still in me. I sat up and slowly began to move again. My hands rested on her breasts, squeezing them as I began to fuck myself on the dildo. Mum sat up and began to lick and suck my nipples, helping to bring my orgasm closer. She grabbed my ass tight and began to move my lower body against her fake cock.

“That’s it baby, cum again on my cock. I can feel you fucking me, it is so fucking amazing. You are turning me on more than any other woman has.” She slid a hand between us and began to stimulate my clit, roughly, with her fingers.

“Oh mum, I’m going to cum again. I love fucking you.” I moaned against her neck, my orgasm, close. Until finally, I came, biting her neck as I screamed.

“That’s it baby. Did you enjoy?”

“Fan-fuckin-tastic. Amazing. Now I think you need to cum.”

“I already did. Making you cum was so amazing, I actually came.”

“Yes but I need to have more control over it. I want you to feel the excitement I felt. Strap-on or fingers?”

“If you’re offering. I’ll take both and the rest of the night.”

And that is where I will stop this story. The rest of the night was like a dream. I do recommend you try fucking your mum. As a woman, I know how good women can make each other cum. But the taboo to actually fuck my mum, was so arousing, exciting, amazing and fucking great. I must have cum like 6 times. Mum was such an amazing woman, not only allowing us both the chance at pure pleasure and bliss, but her skill in bed was just the best I have ever had.

The next morning I awoke very sore, both inside and out. I was resting my head on mum’s naked chest. I needed the toilet and a shower. So I left mum to sleep and entered the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I was shocked to spot my body covered in bites and bruises. I imagined mum would find the same thing.

After I finished in the bathroom, I returned to my own room, got dressed and went downstairs to clear up after the night before and make us both breakfast and a good cup of coffee. Mum must have smelt both as she came downstairs in her night gown, just as I placed everything on the table. We both smiled forcibly at each other, as we remembered the night before.

“Morning sweetheart. Thanks for making breakfast.” she said, starting what would probably be an uncomfortable chat.

“Sorry about any bruises you may find. I feel so sore this morning.” I said trying to ease the tension in the room.

“Pretty amazing night, so I don’t mind, but I am sorry I hurt you.”

“Don’t worry; it will be a good reminder of a night I will never forget.”

“Neither will I. So what happens next? Because I feel a bit weird now.”

“I think we should just remember the night as the greatest pleasure either of us has so far experienced, and I believe will never experience again. Savour last night as one special night with each other.”

“Do you think it will be that easy to forget what we did with each other, and be able to carry on as normal?”

“No, it won’t be easy. But over time, things should return to normal. Occasionally I guess we can both remember last night, and use it to stimulate our fantasies. But I will never tell anyone what we did.”

“Not even Maxine.”

“No. I am going to end it with Maxine. I was only looking for a really great night of sex with her, but I found it with you. So now I think I will let life settle, maybe even find someone who I can have a proper relationship with, not just about sex.”

“I am glad that last night was as good for you as it was for me.”

“It was, and thank you for allowing me to have my way with you.”

“No, thank you for suggesting it.”

So that was the last we ever mentioned of that night. After a few weeks, we became comfortable with each other and things returned to normal. Maxine was not happy to be dumped. One night about 2 months after our special night, we decided to go out for the night. I met a woman named Sally; she was 2 years older than me. She joined me and mum, and by the end of the night, I felt Sally and I had developed something special. We have been together for 6 happy months and I hope it lasts, because I have just moved in with her. I still see mum once a week and she is happy for me. Daddy, having no real knowledge about my preferences, although I had slept with a few blokes in the office, was happy that I was happy, but a little shocked when he met Sally.

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