Beach Master

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Cathy and I stand beside the sign that says Nude Beach: No Photography. We strip off our bathing suits and put them in the holdall with our mobile phones and sun lotion. Two naked men approach, one short and dark, the other tall and blond. Both sport large penises.

The blond introduces himself as the beach master with a hint of Scandinavian in his English accent. He says the nude beach is on his private property, at least the access to the beach is his land, so he makes the rules. Unlike most nude beaches, sex is not only permitted but also required, so if we want to sunbathe in the nude, we will have to show how liberal we are by having sex in front of an audience of nudists.

We exchange a surprised look, laugh, flush with embarrassed excitement, and agree to do it. His name is Lars and his friend is Julio. He leads us to the beach and a modified picnic bench facing the ocean. It is low and has attached seat benches on all four sides. He motions us to use it for sex and waves over other naked bathers to come and watch. One young lady is especially cute with a cupid’s bow mouth, long brown hair, generous breasts, and golden brown cunt hair over a delightfully prominent Mount of Venus and pussy slit.

I spread my beach towel on the table and motion Cathy to lie on it on her back. Somewhat reluctantly she spreads her legs wide so the nudists can clearly see her full pussy lips with their trimmed covering of brown hair. The men begin to grow erections at this shameless display. Cathy blushes and closes her eyes. The men’s arousal is obvious as they anticipate watching the fucking about to happen. My penis becomes gloriously stiff too and stands out proudly between my thighs.

I mount the table and mount Cathy. She is already wet. I force the head of my penis directly between her vulva lips and into her vagina. She heaves her pelvis; I thrust myself inside her. We fuck. We heave against each other. My cock feels so good in her cunt. We sweat in the sun. The sand is white. The air is fresh and salty. The beach grass waves green in the breeze. My balls slap against her bum as I thrust inside her pussy.

The crowd of nude bathers has grown larger and gathers close around us. I can see them staring at us, men with aroused penises and women whispering comments about my cock performing between Cathy’s sweet labia. One moves a hand down between her legs to stroke her own cunt. Another moves a hand to her partner’s penis and strokes his erection back and forth.

Having an audience turns me on. I thrust harder and faster. Cathy moans with pleasure and then stiffens in a full body orgasm. A murmur of delighted approval ripples through the crowd. I push Cathy’s ankles up to her ears so my cock fucks deeper into her pussy. The beach master moves behind me for a better view of our genitals in the vigorous act of coitus. Rapid thrusts into Cathy’s cunt and my orgasm hits me. My penis stiffens further and its muscles ripple as my semen roars down my urethra and out my pee hole into her vaginal vault, coating the corrugated walls of her pussy and the perforated bump of kocaeli escort her cervix.

My thrusting slows and stops as the spurts from my prick diminish and die. I slowly withdraw my penis, planting kisses on Cathy’s mouth and sweaty breasts and nipples. Applause ripples around the crowd of smiling, naked people who have quite enjoyed watching the sex act performed by two strangers.

I raise myself from Cathy’s delightfully plump female form, and she begins to haul herself into a sitting position, but Julio beside her puts out a firm hand to her shoulder and pushes her back onto her back. As I sit up, Lars waves me aside and mounts the table himself. It appears the admission requirement for this nude beach is not only to be seen nude and having sex but also to have sex with the beach master and quite possibly any other stranger who fancies you. It’s a free fuck zone, a hedonist paradise. Surprised but not reluctant, I step aside, eager to see how my Cathy will take the cock of this blond Adonis.

Like me, Lars stretches himself out across Cathy’s naked form and grasps his penis, moving its large, mushroom head up and down her pussy slit, seeking the entrance to her vagina. The arrow finds the mark, of course, and the great, flaring glans of his penis disappears between the furry lips of her cunt. She groans as her vaginal walls are forced apart to accommodate the girth of his penis. Now fully embedded in my Cathy’s cunt, the bronzed beach master pauses to grin into her face, kiss her mouth, force his tongue inside, and fondle her breasts, pinching her nipples.

He raises his bum with its fine, golden hairs and plunges it down into the bowl of her hips, driving his penis into her pussy right up to the hilt. Cathy’s eyes pop open. The muscles in his buttocks flex as he continues to thrust his cock hard and fast into her cunt. The crowd gathered around the table stand in awe of their beach master’s physique and sexual prowess. No doubt most of these women have felt his long, thick manhood ravaging their own private sex channels while others watch.

Lars begins a series of hard, deep thrusts into Cathy’s cunt, stopping on the in-stroke to savour the sweet conjunction of penis in vagina, their pubic hairs meshing, his pubic bone grinding against her clitoris. He stares fiercely into her eyes as he smashes another thrust up her cunt. After several of these attacks, he leans forward and whispers into her ear. She giggles.

He returns to rapid thrusting, his hands pushing her legs up and out for deeper penetration. Cathy pants and stiffens as another orgasm hits her. Lars throws up his head and howls as his penis throbs and begins to spurt come into her cunt. He thrusts and thrusts and thrusts his enjoyment of orgasm until his softening penis will no longer sustain his sexual pleasure.

As Lars dismounts, Julio jumps up on the table and lifts Cathy to a sitting position. His penis is long and thick considering his modest height, and this he presents to Cathy’s generous mouth. She is adept and kisses the coral head, then engulfs both head and shaft in her mouth, her tongue active darıca escort along the underside of his cock, rubbing the sensitive node of nerves below the glans that make a man’s penis bounce and make his heart leap.

Julio reluctantly withdraws his prick from her mouth and begins fucking Cathy in a series of sexual positions. His naked audience seems familiar with his sexual acrobatics and watches closely to see how Cathy will respond. First, he lies on his back and pulls her astride him in a cowgirl position. His hands on her womanly hips, she grinds her pelvis against his to push his cock as far up her cunt as it will go. It appears to have hit a sweet spot because her face flushes and her eyes roll as if she has gone into a sexual trance. The triangle of her dark brown pubic muff meshes with the tangle of his jet black pubic hair. Up and down she moves as she crushes her pussy mound down on his cock and balls.

She suddenly becomes aware again of the crowd staring intently at this conjunction of her cunt on his cock, and she blushes like a school girl in excited embarrassment. For the first time in her life, strangers are watching her private and intimate body parts in the act of coitus in a public display. To avoid their stares and the sight of their aroused, naked bodies, she allows her head to fall forward and focuses her gaze on the grinning Julio, his warm brown eyes regarding her with affection. She swirls her fingers in the mat of black hair on his chest as her pelvis heaves up and down on his cock.

He pulls her down close to his chest, grasping and kneading her breasts, pinching her erect nipples. This new position exposes Cathy’s bum to the crowd at the end of the picnic table. They can see clearly now between her generous buttocks how her cunt lips grasp the shaft of Julio’s penis, now slick with her sex juices and the remains of two loads of white semen. He begins a series of rapid thrusts up into her cunt that redden and swell her pussy lips.

Julio stops thrusting, and without withdrawing his penis, he twists Cathy around to face the crowd at the end of the table, her long, honey blonde hair falling across her breasts. He pulls her back gently so she leans against him. He nibbles her ear. His fingers find her nipples and squeeze them, pulling them firmly up from the cone of her breasts and rotating them sensuously.

Meantime, his cock begins again its insistent dance in her cunt, this time in full view of the nude people watching around the table. Julio even steals his hands to her pussy and pulls her labia open with his fingers so they can see her clitoris and pee hole above the entrance to her vagina, which is, of course, full of his pounding penis. His teasing finger finds her clitoris and flicks it repeatedly.

The sight of Julio’s testicles and his cock embedded between her plump pussy lips arouses the audience of naked sunbathers. One older man holds a young pale woman with auburn hair in a passionate embrace, his hand alternating between her breast and her pussy slit, rubbing, pinching, inserting, enjoying her body. An older woman drops gölcük escort to her knees in the sand and begins sucking the long cock of a young tanned stud with a tall, firm body.

Julio stops thrusting and gently pushes Cathy forward until she is on her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her, he once more inserts the head of his penis between her vulva lips and presses forward to drive his shaft deep into her vagina. This delights the naked observers crowded around the other end of the table who get an intimate view of the sex act as Julio’s cock thrusts rhythmically into Cathy’s moist cunt surmounted with chestnut brown pussy hair. After a few minutes of this, he slowly lapses down onto his side, pulling her also onto her side, his cock still embedded in her cunt. Now the audience along the side of the picnic table get the intimate view of his sex organ moving inside the velvet clutches of her vagina.

Julio’s thrusting slows and stops. He is getting close to orgasm and he knows it. But he wants to finish in a dominant way, so he rolls Cathy back onto her back in the classic missionary position, her legs spread wide and knees folded up to her chest. He mounts her and rubs a tantalizing cock head up and down her pussy slit, stroking her clitoris and coating his penis with her sex fluids. The audience stares intently, anticipating the inevitable intromission as Julio’s penis seeks the entrance to Cathy’s vagina. It pushes between the engorged lips and on up into her vaginal vault.

There follows a prolonged series of vigorous thrusts as Julio pursues his pleasure. It builds and builds until the dam bursts. Cathy shrieks as the pounding against her clitoris pushes her to another shattering orgasm, and Julio simultaneously howls out his joy at the pulsation of his penis as it spurts his semen deep into her cunt. As their mutual pleasures subside, the audience breaks into applause.

After Lars and Julio have each fucked Cathy, a wild gangbang follows as man after man mounts the table and thrusts his rampant penis into Cathy’s cunt, now overflowing with a white river of semen. Beach blankets and pillows are spread around and naked couples fuck openly in several sexual positions.

To my great joy, the young woman with the golden brown pubic hair and prominent vulva approaches me with an enticing grin and pulls me down with her onto a blue-and-red blanket. Her warm wet cunt engulfs my reinvigorated cock and we enjoy a long, slow fuck on the sand. My hand steals my mobile phone from our holdall and records her beautiful face, hair, tits, and cunt with my cock in it.

I also manage to record several men on top of Cathy fucking away in her pussy before my young lady friend warns me that Lars is returning from a swim and would be angry about the mobile phone videos, so I hastily pretend to take a phone call and put it back in the bag. Lars frowns, but I look innocent and tell him it’s the office calling for direction on a business deal. I assure him I know the rules: no photography. Fortunately for me, he doesn’t ask to examine my phone.

In the months to come, Cathy and I will many times find mutual delight, my cock raging in her warm, wet cunt, as we watch those illicit videos of our fucking with the nudist strangers on the beach master’s beach.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Mona Herron entered the studio and was glad to see that all six of her students were present and ready to begin class. During the day she taught advanced painting at the local college, but what she really enjoyed most, were these adult evening classes here at the high school. As with most of the evening sessions, this one only had six sign ups, so it was easy to give each student a lot of individual attention. Mona walked to the front of the room and addressed her students, “This is our seventh session, and tonight we have a real treat for you, we have hired one of the local college students to pose for the next hour!” “During that time you should do your best to paint him as you see him,” she continued, “and while this may seem a little too advanced for some of you, I think it will be instructive as well as an enjoyable experience for all of you, so without further or do, I’ll go get this evenings model and we can get started!!!” The six ladies who made up the Wednesday evening art class at Central High, waited patiently while Mona went into an adjoining room to bring in the subject. “Class,” she said upon her return, “I would like you to meet Michael, he has been kind enough to pose for us tonight, so if you will take your place, Michael, we can get started!!!” David hopped up on a small raised platform that Mona had situated in middle of the room, and much to the complete surprise of everyone there, he dropped the robe he was wearing, and stood stark naked in front of everyone!!! Several of the women gasped audibly, and Mona Herron admonished them, “Class, please be quiet, the classic nude is one of art’s basic poses, and tonight you will have a chance to paint Michael as he poses in the same manner as Michelangelo’s masterpiece, David!!!” The women quickly calmed down and began filling their canvasses with paint! After a few minutes, Mona began circulating through the room, while stopping and giving pointers to her students. Michael was an experienced model, so he had no problem standing perfectly still for fifteen minutes at a time, but for the first time since he had started posing, izmit escort he began to get an erection!!! A lady in the front row was the first to notice, and that only made matters worse, because she not only didn’t avert her eyes in embarrassment, she was openly ogling his now semi hard member!!! When Mona finally noticed his predicament, much to his surprise, instead of giving him a break, she merely commented on how nice his erection looked, and that how the students should incorporate his excited state into their painting!!!

Sweat began forming on his brow as his thickening pecker finally attained its full dimension of eight inches long, and Mona again commented on how nice it looked, while all of the women now were openly staring at his erect manhood!!! One of the students called Mona over to her easel and asked her a question that Michael couldn’t quite make out, but much to his chagrin, Mona walked over to him and began touching his belly and chest, while all the time commenting about musculature and depth of field!!! Another woman called out and asked how to keep his penis in proportion to the rest of his body, and Mona replied while taking his penis in her hand, “Well, Donna, as you can see Michael has a very large erection, and unless you over do it, I think that you’ll be just fine, and one other thing,” she continued, “notice the head, it has a distinct separation from his shaft, and should be painted with a slightly pinker shade of skin tone,” while all the time, she was squeezing and fondling his big prick, and acting for all the world like she was describing a bowl of fruit or a some other still life!!!

Abbie was the first to notice it, and commented to Mona. “Look at the end of his penis, I think that he has a drop of precum hanging on the tip!!!” “I believe your right,” she replied, “I wonder if his erection is about ready to ejaculate!?!” “Michael,” Mona asked, “Abbie noticed that your penis has a drop of cum on its tip, are you really ready to ejaculate for us!?!” Michael made a gulp and stammered, “I-I’m sorry for the unprofessional conduct, Miss Herron, but for yahya kaptan escort some reason I just can’t control it!!!” “You didn’t answer my question, young man,” she retorted, “the ladies would like to know if you’re going to cum for them!?!” “Y-y-yes,” he stumbled, “I think so, very soon now!!!” “Ladies,” asked Mona, “would you all like to see Michael’s penis ejaculate for us?!?” The room was filled with low murmurings, the only thing which Michael could make out was a lot of soft “yeses”!!! “Well, Michael,” Mona Herron responded, “everyone here, including me, would love to see you shoot you cum for us, do you have to masturbate or can you achieve orgasm just by standing naked in front of a class room full of women!?!” “I-I don’t know,” he replied haltingly, “I’ve never cum without touching it, but it feels like its really close right now!!!

Mona whispered something to several of the women and then stated, “We all would like you to cum without touching it, if we showed you some pussy would that help?!?” “Oh, sweet jesus, yes,” he moaned, “p-p-please show me some pussy!!!” Mona looked around the room waiting for a volunteer, and much to her surprise, Anna raised her hand and stepped to the middle of the room in front of Michael!!! She was wearing a loose fitting house dress that was covered by her painting apron, so it was no problem at all for her to lift her apron and dress above her waist, while exposing her bikini clad pussy to his hungry eyes!!! “Would you like me to remove your panties,” Mona asked softly?!? “Please,” Anna replied, “pull them down so that Michael can see my vagina!!!” Mona grabbed the elastic waist band, and with a quick pull, slid the white cottons down around Anna’s knees!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” Michael moaned when the dark vee of pubic hair came into view, “she has a beautiful pussy!!!” “Do you really think so,” ask Mona nonchalantly, “from all the way up there I don’t think you can see how wonderfully wet her vagina is, see how wet my finger is after I finger her a little!!!” “S-s-she’s dripping isn’t she,” he gasped, while watching gebze escort Mona finger the hot little brunette’s private parts!?! “Actually,” Mona replied, “I’d say she was gushing, wouldn’t you Anna!?!” Even though it was really a game between Mona and Michael, coupled with the sight of his huge erection and the fingering she was receiving from Mona, Anna couldn’t help herself, and with a lurch, her vagina collapsed hard around Mona’s finger while an orgasm smashed through her pussy like an express train!!! “Well I guess that answers that question,” Mona chuckled, as the middle aged housewife teetered back and forth on unsteady legs as her cunt muscles wrenched open and shut during her climax!!!

Looking back up at Michael, Mona commented some more, “Look ladies, his pecker is getting harder and his nut sack is tightening up, I think our model about is ready to blow his load, would anyone here like to let him ejaculate in her mouth!?!” The usually quiet Kristie, practically leaped to the front of the room, took her place at Michael’s feet and fairly inhaled his big pecker into her hot mouth!!! “Oh, god,” Michael moaned, “suck me off, I’m so close, let me shoot it in your mouth!!!” For the next minute or so, all that could be heard was the sound of Kristie’s mouth slurping up and down Michael’s big shaft and head, but all at once he sensed something else going on around him!!! As he gazed out at the rest of the class, all of the women were now furiously masturbating their hot pussies, and in a display of absolute brazenness, they thrust their crotches towards him in almost an offertory symbol of submission to his huge erection!!! Through gritted teeth he growled, “I’m fucking cumming, all you cunts cum with me, now!!!” Kristie’s hand was flying up and down his shaft as she masturbated his pecker into her mouth, but upon hearing he was about to shoot, she pulled her mouth away and took the thundering blasts directly onto her pretty face!!! The other women, seeing the cum splash across Kristie’s cheeks and chin, convulsed as their own pussies lost control and climaxed with in a crashing rush!!!

After taking few minutes to compose herself, Mona stood up and offered Kristie a towel and commented, “I’ll bet Michelangelo never had a model like this!!!


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Alexa Bliss’ Wild Night – (Wrestling With Temptation – Episode 1)

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Where the hell am I?

That is Alexa Bliss’ first thought as she awakes from a deep sleep. Her second thought is of the raging headache that just came over her, the result of a massive hangover. Whatever she’d drunk last night, it was either very strong, or in very large quantities. Or, probably both.

Opening her eyes, she stares blearily around the room, and is happy to recognise it is her hotel room, which she had been staying in for the previous night’s episode of Raw.

That’s good, she thinks, at least I made it back okay.

Seeing her handbag on the bedside locker, she reaches a hand out to grab it, but her arm is prodded by something in the bed. She reaches inside the bed covers to retrieve the foreign object, and pulls out a pair of glasses.

They are not hers.

Only then does she realise that she isn’t wearing any underwear. She always wears a pair of knickers going to bed when she’s on her own, so if she is completely naked, that can only mean one thing:

She fucked someone last night, and they must have left their glasses behind.

Oh great, not again, she thinks, as she slowly sits up in bed, her tits popping out from under the covers.

Leaning over, she puts the glasses down on the bedside locker, and retrieves her handbag.

She is relieved to see that all of her belongings are still there, including her phone, purse and tampons. Looking around the room, she also realises that her shoes, a black dress and underwear have all been neatly placed on a nearby chair.

Wow, what a gentleman he must have been, she thinks. He didn’t even take her knickers with him to wank in, or sell on eBay.

Taking her phone out of her bag, she hopes it will provide her with some clues as to what she might have done after Raw ended.

Sure enough, her most recent pictures are selfies of her in a black dress, partying in a club somewhere. But she doesn’t see anyone she recognises, nor does she see anyone wearing a pair of glasses.

It’s starting to come back to her now. She wanted to go partying after Raw, but none of the other women were keen on the idea, so she decided to go by herself.

At least she knows how her night started. The bad news is that based on the amount of alcohol she was drinking in the pictures, she is unlikely to remember any more than that.

Not unless any footage of her night out emerged on social media overnight, which would be a big problem, but a quick search of Google reveals nothing incriminating.

Finally mustering the strength to move, Alexa puts her phone down and hauls her naked ass out of bed.

Confident that the rest of her belongings are in the wardrobe where she left them, she heads towards the bathroom and closes the door.

After having a piss, a shit and washing out her mouth, she heads for the shower, hoping the cold water will clear her head and wake her up.

The cold spray makes her shiver, giving her goosebumps and making her nipples so hard that they could cut glass. After adjusting to the temperature, she grabs the hotel’s shower gel and spreads it all over her body. Working up a lather in every crevice, she pays special attention to her crotch and in between her tits.

She loves it when guys cum between her tits, and if she had sex last night, then she knows she probably asked for it.

As she steps out of the shower, she hears the door of the hotel room open and close.

Not a problem, she thinks. It’s probably just house-keeping. Putting on the complimentary dressing robe hanging on the back of the izmit rus escort bathroom door, she opens the door and emerges back into the hotel room, expecting to greet the hotel employee.

But the person standing there is not a hotel employee.

“Oh hey, you’re up” the unidentified male says.

He is a skinny man, in his 20s, wearing a wrestling T-shirt and shorts. He is holding a Starbucks cup in one hand, having just put a second cup and a room key down on a nearby table.

“Uh, yeah… yeah, I am,…” Alexa responds, trying to figure out who the man is, and what answer he is expecting to hear.

“Coffee?” he asks, handing over the second coffee cup.

“Thanks,” she says, accepting the cup, but wary of drinking from it for the time being.

“So… that happened last night”

“Yeah, about that…”

“Look, I understand. I obviously know who you are, but you don’t have to worry, I’m not going to tell a soul about last night”

He seems like a really nice guy, Alexa thinks. He didn’t take any of her things, he’s offering not to tell anyone what happened… he even brought her coffee.

She needs to know what happened last night, and he deserves to know the truth. So, she decides, that is exactly what she will tell him.

“Okay, I’m going to be honest with you, and I’m sorry in advance… but I have no idea what we did. I remember going to the club, but I was so drunk. I don’t know where we met, I don’t remember where we went… I don’t even remember your name. I’m… so sorry.”

“You don’t remember… anything?”

“No, sorry.”

“Okay… well, I can’t say I’m surprised.”

“Can you tell me? It’s okay, whatever happened, I’m okay with it. But I really would like to know.”

“Well… it was my mate’s 21st birthday yesterday. A group of us went for something to eat, then we went to Raw because we’re all wrestling fans, and then we went drinking all night.”

“Did we meet at the club?”

“No, my mates and I were drinking at the bar here in the hotel. We all left the bar at around 3am, and when we were leaving, we saw you coming in to the hotel. You had obviously been drinking as well, but I didn’t know you were at a club until just now.”

“Okay, then what?” she asks, now feeling safe enough to drink the coffee she is holding.

“Out of all my mates, I’m the only one who’s single, so they said I should go over and ask for your number. I was drunk myself, so it seemed like a great idea at the time. But to my surprise, you said I could have more than that…”

“And I asked you to come back to my room.”

“I actually asked you to come back to mine first, and incredibly, you said yes.”

“Wait… this is your room?”

“Yeah, did you not see my stuff in the wardrobe? And how did you think I just let myself in? I assumed your room key was in your handbag.”

“I… didn’t check,” Alexa admits, regretting not looking in the wardrobe, or looking to see if her room key was at the bottom of her bag.

“Anyway, we came up here to my room and we… well…”


“Yeah, if you could call it that.”

“And… how was it?”

“It was… fine.”

“Just… fine?” she asks, curiously. She hasn’t received such a luke-warm comment about her sex since the time she lost her virginity.

“Honestly… I mean… you wanted it, for sure. But you were pretty out of it, so I had to do all the work. And I think you enjoyed it, but…”

“It was a bit of an anti-climax?”


“Sorry, like I said, I wasn’t at my best. And I really do appreciate izmit escort you not telling anyone, that’s very kind of you.”

“That’s okay. My mates wouldn’t believe me anyway, they probably think you ditched me at the door.”

“Right, well… I should go. Um… I found your glasses, they were underneath me in the bed, I left them there on the bedside locker.”

“Oh, thanks, I was wondering where they went to.”

Finishing her coffee, throwing the empty cup in the bin and retrieving all of her stuff, she keeps the dressing robe on as she heads out of the hotel room, before realising that there was one thing she still didn’t know.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” she says as she stands in the hallway with the room door still open. “I never got your name.”

“Oh yeah, I told you last night, but you forgot that as well. It’s Jason.”

“Jason. Thank you, for everything.”

“Sure,” he says abruptly, as he closes the door.

Staring at the closed door in front of her, Alexa feels so guilty.

He was a nice guy, he didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, he did a lot of things right.

But what about her?

No, she got so drunk that she didn’t remember meeting him, didn’t remember having sex with him, and didn’t even remember his name!

He had clearly been let down by her, and by everything that happened, when she knows it should have been one of the highlights of his life.

Reality did not live up to the fantasy, and it was all her fault.

Frustrated, she heaves all of her items in to one arm, and knocks heavily on the door with her free hand.

“Did you forget something else?” he says as he opens the door, now wearing his glasses.

Ignoring him, Alexa barges back in to the room.

“Okay, there’s something you should know about me,” she proclaims, as she throws her things onto the ground, and fishes around in her handbag for something.

“What’s that?”

“I hate disappointing people,” she says, pulling her phone out of her bag. “Whether it’s disappointing the boss with a bad match, or disappointing fans by not having time to sign their stuff, or disappointing people in the bedroom. I hate it.”


“And you’re clearly disappointed with what happened last night. There’s nothing I can do to fix that, but I can make up for it.”

“Oh yeah, how’s that?” he says, looking interested despite his clear frustration.

“By giving you an experience that you will never forget…”

…Alexa unties her dressing gown, letting it fall to the floor…

“…and by recording it to make sure we can never forget it again…”

…Alexa opens the camera on her phone, and starts recording a video.

“I… uh…” Jason stutters.

“There we go. Hard to say no when there’s a naked woman standing right in front of you, isn’t it?”

Alexa moves over to the desk and sets her phone down, facing the camera towards the bed. She then makes her way towards the bed, and sits down seductively, legs spread wide open.

“Come on then… remind me of how good you are. And keep the glasses, you’re cuter when you wear them…”

He pulls his shirt off, making sure his glasses remain in place, as he makes his way over to Alexa. She can she his erection growing through his shorts, and she puts her hand up the leg of his shorts, stroking his dick, feeling the blood pumping through its vein.

“You like that? There’s more where that came from,” she says, as she invites him to stroke her tits while she strokes his dick.

Suddenly, she wraps her arms around his head and drags kocaeli escort him down onto the bed, rolling around so that she ends up on top of him.

“I am a wrestler, remember? I can twist you and fuck you any way I want…” she teases, as she leans down, passionately kissing him, ramming her tongue down his throat, as her breasts rest on his chest.

She can feel his throbbing dick through his shorts, and can’t wait to pull them off.

She shifts backwards, pulling his shorts down, revealing the dick that she so desperately craves.

Kneeling in the ground, while he lays on the bed, she locks her lips around the shaft and licks it up and down, tasting the pre-cum she has made him produce.

She hears him moan in pleasure, while she gags as his tip touches the back of her throat.

“Mmm, I want it inside me,” she says, releases the vacuum around his dick.

Climbing up onto the bed, she gets on all-fours, spreading her moist pussy lips to invite him to guide his penis inside.

He duly obliges, resting one hand on her waist while she caresses her ass with the other.

He thrusts in and out, every motion setting off the pleasure centres in her brain.

“Oh! Oh God, yes!” she screams, with her back arched and her head bent back.

He spanks her ass, sending a crack like the sound of a whip echoing through the room.

“Fuck, yeah, again!” she tells him, which he obeys.

“Ohh… fuck!” she screams, as she feels cum dripping out of her pussy, her tits flopping around.

“I’m going to cum soon…” he tell her in advance, panting as he says it.

“Okay… turn me on my back,” she says.

He fully withdraws his dick, allowing her to assume the position.

“Did I tell you last night how I like to finish?” she asks.


“Fuck my tits and cum in them.”

With no objection, he starts titty-fucking her, while she starts fingering herself, easily fitting four fingers in because of how wet she is.

His dick, covered in her cum, slides easily through her tits.

“Here it comes! Ah!” he announces, as a stream of warm, white cum spurts out of the tip of his dick.

It spurts up, covering her all the way from her tits to the tip of her nose. She opens her mouth in pleasure, allowing it to drip inside.

His work done, he then goes down on her, taking her fingers out of her pussy and replacing them with his own.

She grabs the edge of the bed as she screams and spasms in pleasure, covering his hand in cum.

She grabs his hand so she can lick it off and taste it, as he collapses beside her, both of them panting with exhaustion.

“That… was…” Alexa starts to say.


“I was going to say ‘incredible’, but yeah, that works too.”

“You’re going to have to send me a copy of that video, by the way,” he tells her, looking over to her phone on the desk.

“It’s much better than an autograph, that’s for sure”, Alexa laughs, as they lay in bed all morning, before exchanging contact details and parting ways.


Unbeknownst to both of them, an unknown figure sits in a dark room.

The only source of light is the laptop screen in front of them.

The Figure’s eyes dart around the screen, studying every inch of the video they are watching.

The malware they have installed on Alexa’s phone has finally paid dividends.

Right-clicking the video file, the Figure renames the file to “Alexa Bliss and Fan”.

The Figure then moves the file to a folder labelled “LEVEL”.

Hovering the cursor over the folder, The Figure sees there are now 23 video files contained within.

Happy with their work, The Figure closes the laptop, plunging the room into darkness…

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A Sexy Night Out!

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It started out as a quiet evening out with the wife, but ended up as so much more. Pam said she wanted to get out and do something fun and new tonight, so she made reservations at one of the nicer restaurants in town. She picked a place that she knew none of our friends would ever go to, so that we could let loose a little and really enjoy the evening. Well, that was the plan, but I got so much more than I bargained for.

Pam looked lovely tonight in a sleek black, strapless dress and her favorite leopard print thong underwear. She was an amazing sight with her great figure and no panties lines. Just watching her get dressed tonight made me want her, but I knew I would have to wait or we would never make it to dinner.

We arrived around 8pm and were seated right away. Wednesday nights are not that busy. I was glad; I didn’t want to fight with the crowds tonight. Since the restaurant was nearly empty we opted for a quiet booth in the back. I slid around the table so I was sitting next to Pam and we sat and talked while waiting for our waiter. We shared the menu and giggled and laughed at how strange it was to be in such a fancy place.

As our waiter started to make his way to our table I placed my hand on her thigh and began to rub her leg softly. I know this always makes her very excited and I wanted to see if she could keep a straight face while giving this young man our order. She tried but could not contain her arousal and let out a soft moan right in the middle of it. The 20 something waiter was very smooth and without missing a beat he gave me a sly smile and asked Pam if there was anything else. She politely said that would be all and he left our table. As soon as he was out of sight she gave me a slight slap on the shoulder as if to let me know how naughty that was. I just looked into her beautiful blue eyes and said “Babe, you know you loved it.” She just smiled and said, “You know it”. I kept my hand on her leg and began to slowly work my way up her soft thigh until I was able to feel the warmth of her now wet pussy with my fingers. I gave a light rub to her clit though the silky fabric and she slid her legs apart so I could continue my private journey to her tight wet pussy. I used one finger to move her panties while easily sliding another inside her. I never looked away from her beautiful face. I love to watch her eyes change color to a deeper blue when ever she is penetrated. We did our best to make small talk and keep our playing private, trying not to attract the attention of the rest of the patrons.

“Ok” she said softly trying to push my hand away. I looked around and could see that the waiter was headed back to our table with some drinks. But I wanted the game to be elevated to a higher level and refused to remove my fingers from inside her. I could see he now had a much bigger grin on his face. I was hoping we would not get kicked out of this “upscale” place, for our “teenagers in heat” activities. Pam noticed this too and began to give me a more concerned look, I was enjoying myself too much to care and I refused to make any changes. I figured if I was going to be asked to leave I was going to enjoy every minute of this exciting experience while I could. To our surprise, scolding us, was not his intention, instead he leaned over as he set two glasses on the table and said that couple over there wanted you to have these.

Oh my! Someone had caught us; I thought to myself that we have two choices. Either we invite them to sit with us or we run out the door. Before I could voice my opinion Pam said “it might be exciting if they joined us for dinner”. “Ooh that sounds like fun” I responded. Pam then turned to the couple across the room and gave them a little nod and raised her glass as a thank you for the drinks. Then she waived them over to join us in our booth.

I watched intensely as this attractive couple made their way across the room. He was a good looking man, maybe 6’2″ and well built. He was wearing a dress shirt and slacks. He looked like the “professional” type. She was maybe 5’5″ tall and about 150 lbs, but looked smashing in a thigh length black skirt with a beautiful blue silk blouse that was just thin enough to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She is a little heavier than Pam but a woman who dresses well for her feminine curves is much more appealing than any thin, stick figure woman could ever look. She had smaller breasts than Pam’s 34DD, but she looked confident and sexy, very sexy.

When they got to our table they introduced themselves as Sara and Tom. We thanked them again for escort izmit the drinks and Pam motioned for Sara to slide in next to her. I noticed that my normally shy wife was being very out going and seamed quite excited to have them join us. The four of us were engaging in a little small talk when I said to Tom “I’m Glad we didn’t offend you two with our little show, we had no idea that anyone could see us” Tom smiled and said that He hadn’t noticed until Sara pointed it out to him, but that he enjoyed it very much. We talked about how exciting it was to play around in public and that the idea of getting caught was half the fun.

While we waited for our meal to arrive we all got to know each other a little bit. I was still a little nervous about how we came to meet this couple, but the girls seamed to hit it off right away. They were giggling and laughing and seemed to be in their own little world while Tom and I talked amongst ourselves. This made the time pass quickly.

We were half way though our meal when I noticed that Pam had a sly little grin on her face. The one she gets when she’s happy and horny, god I love that smile. I started to ask what that look was all about, but I stopped in mid sentence, when I noticed that Sara was eating with one hand and had the other under the table. I pretended to drop my napkin so that I might catch a glimpse at what was going on. Sara had Pam’s dress pulled all the way up and was rubbing her clit slowly. I, being a little spurprised and very excited started to sit back up, whacking my head on the table. This startled everyone and Sara quickly removed her hand from under the table and asked “Are you all right”, “Yes” was all I could get out. I was so surprised at what I had seen. Pam had been with two women in the past but getting fingered at the table by a woman whom she had just met was not Pam’s normal style. Sara then leaned over to Tom and placed her finger on his lips and whispered “Does she taste good?”

Tom and I just looked at each other with that “What the fuck is going on!” look. I guessed by his reaction that this was not a normal thing for Sara either. Then Sara said, “Pam and I have decided we should continue this somewhere else.” Tom had this stunned look and just responded “Sure, sounds fun” I was a little taken a back by what just happened but it sure was hot, so I was up, and I do mean “UP” for anything.

The rest of dinner was filled with sexual conversation and heavy flirting between these two beautiful ladies. Tom and I seamed to just be along to pick up the check. I didn’t mind at all. I love to watch Pam work her sexual magic. Tom and I made some small talk, but spend most of our time intently watching the girls. They were giving each other light kisses and doing the best they could to not get caught playing with each other under the table.

When the check did, finally come, I snatched it up and paid in cash before the waiter could get away. Then we all quickly slid out of the booth and nearly ran to our cars in our eagerness to see what was next. Pam said “Our house is closer so I will ride with Tom and Sara will ride with you, so no one gets lost.” We all agreed. Tom and I helped our new passengers into the car and headed for home.

It hadn’t been two minutes when I noticed in my rearview mirror that I could no longer see Pam in the passenger seat. When I looked back at Sara she had removed her shirt and was fondling her beautiful 36 C breasts. “There Pam goes, I guess now it’s my turn” My eyes got wide and I said “Damn, girl you look great, but what are you talking about” “Pam is back there giving Tom a blow job, just like I told her too. So now I get to play too”

Sara leaned over to my side of the car and undid my pants. My dick was hard and a little wet from pre-cum from all the flirting at dinner. She quickly went down and took my cock all the way into her mouth and began to suck on it. She then sat back up, licked her lips and said “Pam was right, you do taste sweet.” She then rolled back into her seat pulled her skirt up and removed her panties. Then Sara opened her legs and began to finger herself. She now had one hand rubbing her clit and the other squeezing her nipples.

Oh my god this was so fucking hot. I was driving down the road with one eye on the road and the other on the live porn film that was playing out before me. I was watching this sexy stranger orgasm in the car right next to me, as I was imagining what Pam was doing in the other car. As soon as she was done she came back to me and asked if I enjoyed that. “Fuck yeah, that was izmit escort amazing” I said. She looked over her shoulder and told me to check the mirror. I could see that my sexy wife was in, what looked like, the same position Sara was just in. Sara said “keep your eyes on the road, now. I want to suck some more”

She was great. Sara licked it and sucked it and rubbed it on her face, just the way I like it. I was so turned on with what Sara was doing to me and the thought of what my wife was doing to Tom, that it didn’t take long before I was shooting my load deep in her mouth and trying hard not to swerve off the road. “Wow; that was amazing.” I told her “You do it almost the same as Pam. Just fucking amazing. And I must say you look great with my cum on your lips.” “I knew you would enjoy that,” she said.

She began to finger herself again, so I reached over and fondled her firm breast and hard nipples. This went on for about 5 more minutes when she came hard and loud. She looked great convulsing in the seat next to me. I noticed a flash in the mirror and could see that Tom was swerving around in his lane. “I guess Pam finished him off, too” I told her. Oh, I wished I could have watched that. I know how much she loves cock and what a great dick sucker she is. By this time Sara had gotten dressed again and gave me a little kiss. “Thank you” was all she said. “No, No, NO…..Thank you!” I exclaimed. “I will have to repay the favor later”.

As we all got out of our cars, back at home, Pam walked over to me handed me her panties while giving me a kiss and a big hug. I could taste the cum that was still on her lips. “Now that was fun,” she said. They must have been in good sync, because both of our wives seemed to greet us nearly the same.

Once inside, I offered drinks to everyone and put on some nice soft music. “Do you guys have a black light?” Sara asked. We did, but it was an odd question. I quickly went to the garage and back. As I reached for the lamp in the living room Sara stopped me.

“Nope” she said “not here, in the bedroom”
“Oh, Yeah, that sounds good” Pam added.

As I walked to the bed room to change the light, Sara and Pam each grabbed one of Tom’s hands and drug him along. When I turned the black light on, I turned around to ask if that was better…….. I guess it was. Pam and Sara were both on their knees in front of Tom, taking turns kissing each other and taking his dick in their mouths. It was quite a sight. “Two hot looking women on their knees with a dick in their mouths, does it get any hotter than this?” I said to them.

“It would if you come over here and help us get undressed!” Sara quipped.

I came over and knelt behind them, put my arm around each of them and kissed them both on the back of the neck. I started with Pam. I slowly caressed her body and slid the soft back dress down to the floor. Then I finished unbuttoning Sara’s blouse and removed her skirt. I sat up a little so I could watch these two beautiful naked women sucking Tom’s dick. It was such a turn on than I began to finger each of them simultaneously. I started with one then slowly inserted two fingers in each wet pussy, curling them just a little to stimulate their G-spots. They must have been enjoying what was going on because they both came almost instantly.

Tom then said “Oh my ladies, you are amazing, but now I think its time for Paul and me to take over”

We helped to girls to the bed and got undressed. We laid them next to each other with their hips at the edge of the bed. Tom and I both got on our knees and began to kiss their smooth legs and worked our way slowly to their sweet pussies. We licked them and fingered them to ecstasy. After we made our wives cum, Sara suggested that Tom and I switch. Sara’s pussy was so wet and sweet I licked and sucked and fingered her to five or six orgasms. Tom must have been pretty good too, Pam was only one behind Sara in the count. Then Tom and I stood up and rapped their legs around us and slowly pushed our hard dicks into the other’s wife’s pussy. We took our time to make sure each of them was getting as much as they could take. Pam and Sara were not just lying there quietly. They had been kissing and fondling each other.

I decided to take Sara and move her to the other side of the bed so that she was head to head with Pam. I turned her over and had her get on her knees. We slid forward just enough for them to be able to kiss and to be able to suck on each other’s tits. Tom and I spent the next hour taking turns with each of these beautiful women and having izmit kendi evi olan escort them switch back and forth between who was on their back and who was getting it from behind. Tom and I just couldn’t take anymore We came with in a few minutes of each other covering our wives tits with hot sticky jism. With rubbery legs and being out of breath we told the girls “Fuck that was great, but I think we need a break”

Pam for one was not done yet. She had been on her knees over Sara and was now slowly crawling down Sara’s body, kissing and licking her soft skin that was moist with the remnants of hours of sexual expression. Sara closed her eyes and started to breath heavy as my wife used her tounge and lips and fingers to caress and fondle every inch of her body until Pam was in the perfect position to eat her pussy. It had been years since Pam had this opportunity last so she was going to savor every bit of it. She kissed, licked and teased her for several minutes before firmly pressing her lips against Sara’s pussy.

Sara returned the favor and now our wives were fully involved in a sixty-nine position. Sara had her arms wrapped around Pam, while Pam was squeezing Sara’s hips to get as much leverage against each other’s pussy as they could. Once each of them had cum at least twice they smiled up at Tom and I who were just standing there in awe, staring at the amazing sight before us. Pam then rolled off Sara and reached into her nightstand and removed her soft double-sided dildo.

“OK, Sara, this thing is still a double virgin. You want to help me change that?”

“Oh yes, that sound HOT!” Sara exclaimed.

Pam moved so that her and Sara where lying opposite each other. She handed me the dildo and asked if I would do the honors. While I looked for the lube the girls began to grind their glistening pussies together. After they orgasmed they parted slightly so I could slide the large silicone shaft into Sara’s waiting pussy. Pam shifted her self into position as I slid the other end into her. Tom was getting hard again and lay on the bed next to them placing his cock within reach of Pam’s open mouth. She took him in and sucked hard and slow, as I began to slide the dildo back and forth. Sara screamed “Harder, fuck me harder”. I began to ram the shaft harder and faster into each of them as they continued to cum over and over. Sara was loud and vocal about her excitement, while Pam was screaming with muffled tones as Tom’s cock was firmly lodged between her lips.

After the girls had several writhing orgasms Tom finally came again in Pam’s hot mouth. I told them that my arm was getting tired and I had to move. Pam said “That’s OK, I want Sara to sit on my face now anyway” Sara sat up, got on her knees and moved into position above Pam’s lips. Tom didn’t want to feel like he wasn’t doing enough so he moved to between Pam’s legs and began to lick and finger her pussy and ass. Sara was rocking back and forth and grinding her pussy into Pam’s face, while I took turns sucking on their tits. I was sucking on one while caressing the other. Tom was able to give Pam three or four more orgasms as Pam was feverishly licking Sara’s clit until she came with such force she leaned forward and had to brace herself on the wall to keep from falling over. I then straddled Pam just behind Sara and thrust my cock inside her. Pam began to lick both my dick and Sara’s clit as I slid in and out of her. I was so turned on from watching the porno-hot events that just happened I came in just a few minutes. I removed my dick and Pam sucked my cum out of Sara’s well-fucked pussy. After Tom made Pam cum one more time he got up and moved around to his wife.

Sara was now sitting over Pam’s chest. She looked down at her and breathlessly said, “Thank you, you are amazing.” “Your welcome, my dear, so are you. We will have to do it again sometime” Pam responded. “Anytime, sexy, anytime.” Sara said “but we will have to make sure Steve doesn’t find out about this”

“STEVE!!!” Tom and I both exclaimed, “Who the fuck is STEVE?”

“Oh, did we forget to mention….. Steve is the new supervisor down at the bank and if he found out he might switch our schedules again.”

“You both work together?”

“You don’t think this kind of thing, just happens, do you? It took us three weeks to set this up.”

As it turns the women met a month ago when Sara was switched to the morning shift. They had had an immediate attraction to each other and worked out this fun little game for us unsuspecting guys. Tom and I agreed that any surprise like that was very, very welcome.

After laughing and talking about the events of the night. We all fell asleep in a pile on our bed.

We are anxiously waiting for our next rendezvous.

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A few short stories

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i was in the hot tub with two incredible girls. they both sat across from me. one was ashlyn and the other was abby. ashlyn had a great tan,shoulder length black hair, and brown eyes. she had an amazing ass and great tits. she was wearing a neon blue bikini. abby was white, blone hair down to her shoulder blades, and blue eyes. she had a decent chest and a firm ass. she was wearing a green bikini with sparkles on it. ashlyn used to have a crush on me but is now dating a guy named leif. abby kinda flirts with me but i think she likes my friend. anyway i was only here with them because they like hot tubs and i had one. i wasnt ugly but i wasnt good looking. i was making them laugh and smile which made us all happy. i scooted closer to ashlyn as i made them laugh. i put my arm around her stomach and she actually didnt care! she looked a little uncomfortable but she didnt pull away.
“hey no fair,” abby complained.
she swam to my other side and put my arm around her. she scooted closer to me and smiled. i slowly moved my hands up their stomachs. ashlyn moved my hand just under her top and looked at abby as if challenging her. abby pushed my hand lower just above her bottoms. she pushed her hips up for ashlyn to see. ashlyn stared at abby and stood up. her bottoms matched her top. she stood infront of me and turned around. she bent over and pulled her bottoms up. she looked back and blew me a kiss. i nodded my approval and she sat back down next to me. i kissed her cheek and she smiled. she looked over at abby and winked.
“so were playing like that now are we?” she said.
she stood and sat in my lap. she wrapped her arms around my neck and i put my hands on her stomach. she scooted foward and breathed on my neck. she smiled got up and sat down next to me.
“check it out,” she said pointing to my crotch. ashlyn stradled my crotch. she smiled and said,” someones a big boy.” i laughed and put my hands on her hips. she started to slowly grind on my crotch. she bit her lip and groaned. she put her hands on my chest and started moving faster.
“ashlyn dont go to hard cause i want some fun.” said abby.
ashlyn ignored her and grinded faster. abby pouted so i leaned over and whispered in her ear. she smiled and nodded. she stood up and sat down infront of ashlyn so that her back was to my chest. abby wrapped her legs around ashlyns waist.

i left home feeling pretty horny. i got on the bus and sat down in thr back. we went to the next stop and my friends got on. they came to the back and sat on either side of me. to my left was a girl who was half my height,had black hair,brown eyes and a light tan.she had a small chest but a perky ass that i drooled over. her name was arely. she was wearing her cheerleader uniform and a white bow in her hair. on my right was her best friend catherine,or cat. she had blonde hair,crystal clear blue eyes,and she was white, she was a little shorter then me and. she had a great ass and a decent chest. she was wearing a white columbia jacket,skinny jeans,a beanie,and toms.they loved teasing me with their looks. they would give me hugs and try to put my face in their chests or bend over infront of me. i loved it but i always got really embarressed but today was different. i felt more confident. i put my arms behind them and wrap my arms around their stomachs. they both smiled and so did i. i had an amazing girl on each arm. they looked at each other and then they bothed kissed me on the cheek. i pulled them in closer to me and they blushed. arely leaned head on my chest and cat layed her head on my shoulder. i smiled and my dick started to get hard.we rode this way till we got to school and then we got up. arely held my left hand and cat held my right. we walked into the school holding hands.i walked them to their lockers and i gave them each a hug. arely insisted that i pick her up so i lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me. i put my hands under her ass to keep her up and my dick grew harder. i flipped it up with my hand. when i flipped it up it hit her ass. she smiled at me and lowered her ass a little bit. i flinched and squeezed her ass.she jumped down and kissed my cheek. next was cats turn. i wrapped my arms around her and put my hands in her back pockets.she smiled and layed her head on my shoulder. thats when i felt her warm breath on my neck. this made me groan and squeeze her ass. she moved her lips to my neck and started sucking. i fell back against the wall and she fell with me. she put her hands on my izmit escort bayan chest and kept sucking.i groaned but she just kept going. the only reason she stopped was because a teacher told us to stop. i kissed cat on the cheek and we all walked to class. cat and arely went to a different class so i had to suffer with out them. its really hard to focus when you have a boner and blue balls. i practically ran out of the class and to my next one cause arely sits next to me. i sat down and waited. she finally came right before the bell rang.she sat down and smiled at me. i put my hand on her thigh and rubbed her soft skin. we were watching a movie this class so we could fool around all we wanted. she put her hand on mine and smiled at me. i sat next to a wall so she climbed into my lap. she smiled at me and wrapped her arms around my neck. i put my hands on her ass and she came in closer. i smelled her intoxicating perfume and which made my dick grow. she noted this and started bouncing up and down on my lap. at first it hurt but onece i moved into a comfortable position it felt wonderful. i put my hands up the back of her skirt and squeezed her ass. i leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. she slipped her tongue into my mouth and i sucked on it. we made out for a few minutes and then i started pulling her skirt down. she lifted herself up and i pulled her skirt down to her thighs. she smiled and rubbed my neck. i put my hands in her spandex shorts. she groaned and put her hands on my chest. i put my finger between her ass cheeks. i pinched her ass and she moaned. i started pulling her shorts down but she stopped me. “not yet,” she said winking. i smiled and leaned in and kissed her. she plunged her tongue in my mouth and i sucked on it. she groaned and grabbed my dick through my pants with her left hand and rubbed my face with her right. i pulled her skirt up and she pulled her lips from mine but no before biting my lip. she started bouncing up and down on me again and boy did it feel amazing. i rubbed the front of her spandex and she fell foward.i ripped a little hole in her spandex and wiggled my finger inside of them. i felt her satin panties and she squirmed around. i held her still and kept wiggling my finger around. she looked like she was going to scream so i slipped my to tongue into her mouth. she moaned in my mouth which made my dick twitch.i squeezed her ass with one hand and wiggled my finger in her spandex with the other. she squirmed around a lot but i kept her still. she put her hands on her chest and then the bell rang. she looked around confused and jumped off me. i stood up and held her hand. on the way out i let go of her hand and slapped her ass. she looked at me and smiled. we left and i had to go two periods without seeing either of them. it was a long and boring time. i ended up trying to jack off but i stopped cause i got some weird looks. when i left 4th period i went to cats locker. i saw her opening her locker. i decided to walk up behind her. i pushed my dick into her ass and she turned around with a shocked look on her face. “who the hell…” she started but smiled when she saw me. she pushed her ass further into my dick and moaned. i pushed her foward so she could get her things. i put my hands on her hips and pulled her back. she closed her locker and i stepped out from behind her. i pushed her up against the locker and put my hands on her hips. she wrappes her arms around my neck and we started kissing. i let go of her hips and pinned her arms above her head. she started grinding her crotch into me. i started dry humping her and thats when she let go of my hands and started running them through my hair. i put my hands on her ass. she groaned in my mouth and i pulled away while biting her lip. “follow me,” she whispered sexualy in my ear. i grabbed her ass with one hand and followed her. we went into an old closet and locked the door. i pushed her against the door and started kissing her. she started unzipping her jacket. she through it off and put it on the floor. i cupped her tits and pulled on her nipples. she moaned and pushed her chest foward. i pulled her shirt over her head and through it to the floor. she was wearing a neon pink bra. “sexy bra cat,” i said. she nodded and pushed my head into her chest. she unclipped her bra and i got to see her great tits. i grabbed a handful and started sucking on her nipples. she groaned and pushed my head farther into her chest. i gobbled on her tits and grabbed her ass. she pulled at my hair and moaned izmit eve gelen escort my name. she started bucking her hips and pushing my head into her chest. i pulled my head from her chest and pushed her against the wall. she smiled and bit her lip. i pressed my lips to hers and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. i held het hands and put them above her head. she tried pushing
me foward and it worked. she pushed me to the other side and bit my lip. “lets have some fun,” she said giving me a sexy grin. she let go of my hands and played with the bottom of my shirt. she lifted it off of me and checked me out. “damn john,” she said running her finger up my abs. she smiled and kissed me on the lips real quick. i hooked my fingers into the sides of her pants and started tugging at them. she wiggled her hips and helped me pull them down. she kicked her shoes and pants off. her panties were bright pink like her bra.she looked at me and raised an eyebrow. i unbuckled and my pants and kicked them off. my dick stood out of my boxers. she smiled and pulled my boxers down. i was now completely naked. i pulled her close and cupped her ass. i gave it a quick spank and pulled her panties down. she kicked them off and i saw her hairless wet pussy. i smiled and she spun in a small circle to show off her body. i moved closer to her and rubbed her pussy with my hand. she cringed and started buckling her knees. i fell with her and then she completely layed on the ground. i layed on top of her and rubbed my dick at her entrance. she put her hands on my back and pushed me inside her. she lifted her head and moaned.

something ive always wanted to do is kiss someone during school. i knew exactly who too. a girl named sarah. she was white,with blonde hair,light freckles,brown eyes,a nice ass but a small chest. we have never liked each other. everytime we talk we usually end up mad at each other but i thought she was hot. it was third period and the class door was open. i was looking out of it bored out of my mind. thats when i saw sarah at her locker. i quickly asked to go to the bathroom. i booked out of the class and walked towards her. she was wearing skinny jeans,boots,a white shirt, and a columbia jacket. “sarah,” i yelled. she looked at me and closed her locker. “hey come here,” i said. she walked to where i was. i was hiding behind some lockers so no one could see us. she turned the corner and stood there. i grabbed her stuff and put it on the ground. “what are…?” i grabbed her hands and pinned her to the wall. “what..what..are…” i moved my lips to her and planted a soft kiss. she relaxed against the wall. i kicked her legs wider and stepped between them. i bit her lip and put my hands on her hips. she moved her hands and wrapped them around my neck. she started to grind on me. my dick started to get hard and rub against her. she moaned in my mouth.she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed. i broke our kiss and smiled. “john..” she said looking at me confused. i pushed her harder into the lockers. “sarah i want you..” i said with a smile. she looked worried but i didnt care. i grabbed her hand and she grabbed her stuff. we ran to the handicapped bathroom and locked the door. she dropped her stuff and i pinned her face to the door. i rubbed my tent in to her ass and groaned. “do you have any idea how much i want you?” i grabbed her hands and put them above her head. i grinded my dick hard into her ass. i kissed her neck and kicked her legs aparft. i moved my hands to her breasts and gave them a squeeze. she groaned and pushed her ass into my dick. i unzipped her jacket and played with her tits. she took her jacket off and slid her shirt off too. she was wearing a blue bra with a black trim. i flipped her around and put my hands in her back pockets. she wrapped her arms around me and i looked down at her smiling. she blushed and i kissed her. i squeezed her butt and she grinded on me. she lifted my shirt off and ran her finger up my absf smiling. i pinned her against the door and said,” like what you see?” she nodded and bit her lip while squeezing her legs. i smiled at her and she blushed. i bent her over and grinded on her ass. she squirmed but i held her still. she moaned and pushed her ass farther on to my dick. i let her go and went to her binder. i opened it up and found some scissors. i walked back over to her and smiled. i wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her pants down with the other. “what are you doing” she glared izmit otele gelen escort at me. i looked at her panties and they matched her bra. i dropped the scissors and dropped to my knees. i faced her ass to my face and squeezed her ass. she arched her back and moaned. i stood up and unclipped her bra. she dropped it and pulled her panties down. i pushed her against the door and grinded my dick into her ass. i pushed into her ass and she moaned my name. i pulled her arms back and kept thrusting in and out of her. she kept saying “fuck fuck fuck!” i let go of her arms and cupped her tits. i played with them and theusted harder and harder. i started kissing her neck and she started bending her knees. i let go of one of her tits and cupped her pussy to keep her up. i decided to stick a finger in her cunt and finger fuck her. she moved all around and it was starting to get hard to hold her still. i wrapped my knees around hers and held her still. i felt her wetness seep into my hands and then i exploded in her ass. i pulled out of her and she fell to the ground. i stood above and looked at her pretty little body. i flipped her over and sat on her hips. i put my hands on her tits and rubbed them hard. she squeeled and liftee her head. i pulled her nipples out all they way. she lifted off the ground and then i let go. i repeated this process until i had to pee. i stood over her and held my dick in my hand. i showered her with my golden water. she drank some and rolled around in the rest. i watched my little whore splash in the puddle. while she did this i hid her clothes with mine. i also decided to flush the paper towels and toilet paper so she couldnt dry off. i got dressed and looked at her. she stared at me with her cute little eyes. i walked over to her and rubbed my crotch in her face. my length slowly rubbing against her face. she groaned and panted like a dog.

emily was a very close friend of mine and i usually told her everything but it took me awhile before i told her my dark little secret. it was during school and i pulled her to my locker.she was wearing white skinny jeans,toms, and a tight black shirt. i told her that i needed to talk to her after school and she said ok. it was after school and i called her over. we got in my truck and i drove us to my house. we got out and walked inside my house. i told her to take a seat and sit down and thatd id be right back. i ran downstairs and into my room. i grabbed the box that i had hidden under my bed and opened it. inside was a pair of panties,a bra, leggings, a bikini, and a blue ambercrombie shirt. i put the panties and leggings on and the bra. i grabbed an extra pair of sols and stuffed them in the bra. then i slipped the shirt on and ran upstairs.
“john what are you doing dressed like that?”
“well i wanted to tell you that im a crossdresser.”
her jaw dropped and she just stared. i sat next to her and she just stared.
“why though?”
“im not gay or anything i just love the feel of the material on my skin.”
“why are you telling me this though?”
“well because i trust you and because…”
“i wanted to borrow some of your clothes!”
she shot out of her chair and stared at me. i waited for her to answer. she paced infront of me and finally she spoke.
“i will lend you some of my clothes but only if i get to see you in them.”
i was struck by her answer but quickly nodded my head. emily was about my height and always wore cute clothes. she had pretty brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes.
“wanna go to my place and try some stuff on?”
i nodded and i ran downstairs to change. we got in my truck and drove to her house. we ran into her house and upstairs into her room. she locked the door and i opened her closet. it was a gold mine.
“you ready,” she asked.
“yeah,” i said awe struck.
she lifted my shirt over my head and i unbuckled my pants. she looked me up and down and smiled.
“man i should have said yes when you asked me out.”
i laughed and struck the generic muscle pose. she laughed and moved closer to me. she put her hands on my bare chest and leaned in. i followed her lead and wrapped my arms around her waist. she stood on her toes and kissed me hard on the lips. i picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. we played with each others tongues and fell back on her bed. she rolled me so that she was on top. she stretched her legs out and i my hands on her ass. she pulled her lips from mine and smiled. i leaned up to try and kiss her again but she leaned farther back. i smiled and pinned her down. i started kissing her neck and moved my way down to her shoulder. she closed her eyes and moaned. she ran her fingers through my jet black hair. i

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‘Twas the Night Before Rafting

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Twas The Night Before Rafting
By Philip Spencer

Chapter 1
My son’s voice drew me away from my reading. “Dad, Valeria’s going to stay in the guest room tonight, okay? We want to get an early start in the morning. I hope you don’t mind.”
“Of course not,” I answered. “You know your friends are always welcome here. Pleased to meet you, Valeria,” I added, extending my hand.
Smiling to myself as Alan blushed at his oversight, he said, “Oh, sorry. Valeria, this is my dad. Dad, this is Valeria.”
Alan had been talking about his new girlfriend for the past month, but this was my first opportunity to meet her. I knew she was about sixteen and going into her junior year in high school. I looked her over admiringly; I had no idea she was so good-looking. She looked about my height–5’7″, but I weigh 150 pounds, and she looked some twenty pounds thinner. I could see the shape of her nipples protruding from her white halter top; her torso seemingly lasting forever before stopping at her tight, hip-hugging jeans. My son might be shy, I thought, but he’s got good taste.
Alan was eighteen and had just graduated. In another month, he’d be going away to college, but this weekend the two of them were going on a white-water raft trip. How long the relationship would last was impossible to say, but I was glad that Alan finally had a girlfriend.
After the steak and baked potatoes with a tossed salad I prepared for supper, Alan and Valeria washed the dishes. I watched TV for a while, and I heard the girl go to take a shower. Alan and I then had a chance to talk.
“Isn’t she nice, Dad?” he asked.
“Very pretty,” I agreed. “She’s a bit young for you though, isn’t she?”
“She’s only a junior, but she’s very mature for her age,” he said. “Her parents say it’s cool if she goes with me, and they even signed a release form so she can go rafting, if that’s what you’re worried about.”
Alan walked over to his backpack and pulled out a sheet of paper. Everything looked legal, so I would not have to worry about his getting sued if, God forbid, an accident happened. I nodded and said, “Exactly where are you going on the rafts?”
He went to his pack again. This time he pulled out a NGS topographical map of the Cumberland Mountains. “The Obed is a Wild & Scenic River, according to the National Park system. It starts here,” he showed me Wartburg with his finger, “and it flows to here. Look at the cliffs that are on both sides of the river!”
I examined the closely-packed curvy, elevation lines.
“By the way, the Boomer’s a pro,” Alan declared.
“The owner of the raft company,” he explained. “He’s built like a pro football player, and he’s got this deep, booming voice that can be heard over the sound of the waterfalls. He’s owned this raft company for six years, and everyone’s going wear a life preserver and a helmet. The proceeds all go to the non-profit group called ‘Save Our Cumberland Mountains, ‘ and hopefully they’ll raise enough money to hire a full-time community organizer to put an end to the strip mining that is so harmful to the area.”
I didn’t share my son’s activism; nonetheless, I was glad he was concerned about something and someone other than himself. I had to agree strip mining was a good cause, and I was pleased to know that the organizers had taken all the necessary safety arrangements. Even though my son was an adult, a parent never stops worrying about his kid.
The girl came into the room wearing a towel on her head and an oversized Tennessee Titans sweatshirt that barely covered her ass. “Finished,” she said.
“Do you want to go to bed now?” asked Alan.
“Not yet,” she answered. “I’ll wait for you.”
Alan looked at me. “Don’t worry, Dad, she’s going to sleep in the guest room,” he said. Looking at his girlfriend, he stated, “I’ll take a shower, and then I’ll take your stuff to your room. We have to get up at 5:30 in the morning, so we’d better get to sleep early.”
“Why so early?” I asked.
“It’s a long drive,” explained Alan. “Well, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.”
The kids kissed like he would be gone a month. I smiled at the idea of Valeria’s using the guest room. Although I could have dealt with their sleeping together, it pleased me that he had the decency not to try to screw his girlfriend in my house while I was present. If it happened some other time… well, teenagers are teenagers.
I was about to return to the CSI rerun when Valeria said, “Oh, the topographical map! I don’t get that very well. Mr. Edwards, do you think you could explain it to me?”
We looked at the map while Alan showered. In no time at all, Valeria grasped the basics of map-reading, although she was not ready for a solo hike through the wilderness. A few minutes later Alan came back to the living room.
“Ready,” he said. “Good-night, Dad.”
“Good-night, Mr. Edwards,” said Valeria, kissing me on the cheek for a bit longer than I would have expected. “I’ll see you.”
“Have a good trip, in case I don’t see you in the morning. It was nice meeting you, Val. Or do you prefer Valeria?”
“Valeria,” she smiled.
“Okay, Valeria… Alan, have a good trip,” I restated. “I think I’m going to hit the rack, too.”
Alan led the way to the guest room, and I watched Valeria follow him. I caught a glimpse of white panties as she walked, and I was proud to have a son who had such good taste in girlfriends. I envied him for having the opportunity to spend the night alone with her in a tent.
Chapter 2
I gave Alan a few minutes to say good-night before going to my own room. I changed into my pajamas and was clipping my toenails when I heard a knock on the door. “It’s open, son,” I said.
But when the door opened, it was Valeria. “Mr. Edwards, I wanted to ask you a question. Do you mind if I come in?” she asked softly. As she did so, she pushed the door closed behind her, and I thought I heard the “click” of the lock.
“Sure, come in,” I offered, somewhat embarrassed by my toe clippers.
“It’s about Alan,” she said, sitting on the bed next to me. “I like him a lot. In fact, I am planning on seducing him tomorrow night.”
“Oh,” I said pensively. I cleared my throat and added, “Alan is eighteen, and he doesn’t need my permission to have sex, you know. Anyway, I doubt he would listen to me if I told him he couldn’t.”
She laughed. “No, no… this is so… escort kocaeli maybe I shouldn’t ask you.”
I put a fatherly arm around her. “Go ahead… ask anything you like. I won’t tell Alan,” I said. “Or your mother.”
“Well, you see, I… I’m a virgin.”
“Oh,” I said. What else could I say?
After a pregnant pause that seemed to last nine months, but probably lasted nine seconds, Valeria commented, “I think Alan is a virgin, too.”
I knew Alan had not had many girlfriends, and his relationships never seemed to last very long, so it was entirely possible. If he had been saving himself on purpose, he could not have chosen a better partner, it seemed to me. Still, I was unsure of what to say. Deny my son’s virginity? Wish her good luck? Offer congratulations? Give up my room for the night so they could enjoy clean sheets and a queen-size bed, rather than water-logged sleeping bags and the rocky ground?
A favor, the girl had said. Suddenly, it hit me like a bolt of lightning. Of course–if the kids were both virgins, she probably was not using birth control, and he probably would not be prepared, either. “Do you want a condom?” I asked, opening the drawer to my nightstand. “That’s smart. Help yourself. You should probably take three or four. Although I think it would be a good idea for you to discuss how you’re going to protect yourselves in the future. “
Valeria giggled. “That’s very… well, understanding of you, but it isn’t what I wanted,” she said. “I’ve… I… my friends and my mother have told me… how can I say this? They say it hurts the first time.”
The young woman stared at the floor. “One girl I know couldn’t even walk for two days. So I was thinking… everyone says that if the guy… well, an older man with more experience knows what to do and he can do it right and it won’t hurt but it will feel just wonderful and I was wondering if you’d do it the first time just this one time you know and we don’t have to tell Alan so it won’t be hurting him.”
The girl was talking so fast that she was breathless. I was unsure if I had heard her request correctly. It sounded as it she had asked me to take her cherry, as she was afraid that her boyfriend, my son, might hurt her. Delicately I rephrased her statement, and she confirmed the veracity of my understanding.
“I think Alan will be gentle if you ask him to,” I said.
“Please, Mr. Edwards,” she asked. This time she started to kiss me.
How could I steal my own son’s girlfriend? “Valeria,” I said, pushing her away.
“Not so loud, we don’t want to wake him,” she said and kissed me again. This time I kissed her back gently, planning to stop before things got out of hand. However, before I knew it, she had pulled her sweatshirt over her head. I admired her long, slim torso even more than I had earlier, and I gasped slightly when I took in the beauty of her perky breasts. The girl looked exquisite in the blue-and white flowered bikini panties she had flashed at me earlier in the evening. I put my arms around the nubile young thing.
She moaned softly as I started to play with her breasts. I alternated between caressing them with my fingertips and gently squeezing them together. Her nipples grew progressively harder and more pronounced, her breathing grew heavier, and her kisses became fiercer.
I broke off the kiss to move down Valeria’s neck. Slowly I worked my way back to her left breast, which I lavished with attention. Starting on the side swells, I kissed and nibbled my way around before I moved on to the other breast. Meanwhile, I gently rubbed her crotch…
She reached for the waist of my pajamas, yanking the pants open, and pulling one of the snaps out of place as she did so. “Sorry, Mr. Edwards,” she said.
“Don’t worry about it,” I answered, taking advantage of the break in action to remove the pajama top.
Valeria rubbed her hand on my chest. “Wow, you are sure hairy,” she commented as she stared at my chest. “It’s so… masculine,” she said.
I reached for Valeria’s waist and pulled at her panties. She pushed her hips up so I could remove them. I glanced at her blond bush. “And this is so feminine,” I said, imitating her flattering but absurd comment and brushing her slit. I reached for the light. “Now that we’ve seen everything there is to see, we can get down to business,” I said as I nuzzled up to the girl once again.
“Aren’t you… shouldn’t you… maybe it isn’t safe,” she moaned.
Sitting bolt upright, I snapped the light back on. “You’re right, I should have done this before,” I said. “I know we don’t have to worry about HIV or anything, but you could still get pregnant.”
I opened the drawer on my nightstand and took out a condom. Valeria watched wide-eyed as I put it on and commented, “This is so cool.”
“I’m sorry,” I said. “Can we take up where we left off?”
Valeria giggled, and I turned off the light for the second time. I massaged her taut stomach and nibbled her breasts for a bit before reaching between her legs. My fingers gently brushed her outer lips, and I felt the first hint of moisture. Her hair felt soft to my touch, and soon it became damp. Again I used just my fingertips to gently caress her inner thighs and the junction where her hips joined with her legs.
I crawled forward and kissed the girl’s face once more. I felt the roundness of her breast and hefted it, judging its weight. I gently squeezed the breast as she moaned into my mouth. I ran my thumb along the sides and then flicked over the nipple. Valeria sucked in her breath and pushed me away. Then she attacked my tongue with a passion I did not think possible.
I then left her mouth and started to kiss her earlobe. Next I moved to nibble her neck, and then down towards her shoulder. I spent some time at her jaw line and the area where her neck and shoulder join. I felt her nipples harden once again against my chest and palm. Valeria had been stroking my cock, but now she seemed more focused on her own needs, and she paid less attention to mine. I could feel goose bumps on her flesh as we kissed and nibbled each other’s bodies.
“Please Mr. Edwards,” she begged. “Do it now.”
“Why don’t we change positions, honey?” I offered. “You should really be on top so that you can control what is happening.”
She groaned in pleasure and then swung her leg over my body. Pushing down on my shoulders, she forced me onto my back. “Is this what you meant?” she kocaeli anal yapan escort asked.
She guided my penis toward her vagina, slowly letting herself down, and pausing as I met the resistance of her hymen. She eased up and thrust harder, and I felt her body tense as we crossed the threshold that would transform her from little girl into a woman. Her gasp broke the silence with a brief flash of pain, and then she began to moan softly as I slid easily into her while she begins moved slightly up and down. Valeria seemed unsure about what to do, so I pushed up firmly with my hips. Rolling her onto her back, I kissed her lips softly and brushed a stray strand of hair from her face. I took control, thrusting hard and deep. “More, Mr. Edwards,” she gasped. “More!”
Whereas earlier I had been concerned about hurting the youngster, I now abandoned myself completely. Harder and deeper I pushed, and before I knew it, she was gasping for air as she came hard. At last, my hot jism exploded inside her pussy.
I collapsed on top of her and we lay still for a few minutes to catch our breath. Finally I rolled to the side, and grabbing the top ring of the rubber, I withdrew from my lover’s vagina. I pulled myself up and peeled it off my softening dick so that I could toss it into the wastebasket on one side of the bed.
Valeria stopped me and asked, “Would you mind turning on the light?”
“No, of course not,” I answered, and I reached for the switch.
“Don’t throw that out yet.” I could see that she was blushing. She said. “This might sound silly, but I want to see what it looks like.”
I held the blood-covered condom up so she could see it.
“Oh my god!” she exclaimed. She stared between her legs. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to mess up your bed…”
I put a finger to her lips. “Thank you,” I whispered. Moving my finger away I gave her a soft, gentle kiss.
“It’s a good thing we did it here,” she whispered. “It’d be terrible if my sleeping bag was all bloody. Everyone would know!”
I wiped my cock on the sheet. “Can I see the condom again?” she asked.
When I handed it to her, she said, “Look at all this white stuff inside,” she said. “Is that really semen?”
“Sinbad and all his seamen friends.”
“It’s a corny joke,” I told her.
“Oh,” she replied. “Can I taste it?”
“Go ahead; just don’t get it close to your vagina,” I warned.
She stuck her pinky into the prophylactic and touched it to her tongue. “She’s right, it is kind of salty,” she said in a low voice. Looking at me, she said, “This friend of mine told me…”
“Yeah, I guessed,” I told her. “Don’t apologize, don’t explain.”
“Wow, that’s so cool.” Reflectively, she added, “No longer a virgin. And you know what? It didn’t hurt at all. Thanks.”
“My pleasure,” I said in what may have been the understatement of the year.
Valeria snuggled next to me. “Can we do it again? But with the lights on, because I want to see how you go into me.”
I laughed. “Sure, but you’ll have to give me a few minutes first. Right now I’ve got to take a leak.”
I kissed my young lover on the forehead and headed for the bathroom. “May I watch?” Valeria asked softly.
I turned around. “Certainly, if you want to.”
I ran the water in the faucet and wet a washcloth, and then I cleaned myself off. Valeria watched with fascination, and she grabbed a towel to dry me off. “What’s that thing?” she asked, pointing to the bidet.
“That’s a pussy-cleaner,” I said. “The French call it a ‘bidet.’ Sit down and turn that little knob on the right.”
She did as instructed, and a stream of water shot up at her vagina. “Now you can clean yourself off,” My instructions were not really necessary, as she was already rubbing the blood and her pussy juices away. She toweled herself dry, and then I stood before the stool to take a leak.
“Do you mind if I hold you?” she asked.
“Whatever turns you on,” I said.
“Yikes! How do you make it go where you want?”
I took over for the frightened girl. “I should have warned you that the apparatus gets a bit crazy after sex,” I said. “Don’t worry about the floor for now. I’ll mop it in the morning. Let’s go back to bed.”
She leaned down to kiss my penis. “Are we going to screw again, Mr. Edwards?”
“I’m up for it, but you’ve got to stop calling me ‘Mr. Edwards.’ It’s kind of freaky to be called “mister” when I’m making love,” I declared. “‘Mike’ will do.”
As Valeria had requested, I left the bedside lamp on, and I let her put the rubber on my dick. “Be sure to leave the bubble at the tip,” I advised. “If you don’t, the condom might break when I.”
“What will they think of next?” she asked.
Flush toilets, horseless carriages, flying machines, iPods, smart phones – there was a long list of inventions at least as clever as the condom, but I decided discretion would be the better part of valor, so I did not respond.
We made slow, passionate love. I tried to pay attention to all the erogenous zones I had hit before, plus the backs of her knees, her armpits, and her toes. Spreading her vaginal lips with my fingers, I flicked my tongue around her clitoris. She moaned loudly, so I pulled back the hood and gave her a quick little suck. I tried this several times–pulling her clitoris into my mouth briefly and letting it go.
“I’m ready, Mike,” she said. Giggling, she added, “It’s weird calling my boyfriend’s father by his first name.”
That’s not the only thing that’s weird about this relationship, I thought. I did not want to analyze the situation too much, so once again I did not say anything. Instead, I mounted on top of her and thrust my stiff member into her waiting vagina. By putting my weight on my knees and extending my arms fully, Valeria had a good view of everything. “Look at it go in!” she exclaimed. “I can’t believe I took the whole thing in!”
I withdrew and thrust again. Valeria’s cunt was tight, but I slipped in and out easily due to generous lubrication. “Harder, harder,” begged Valeria.
I thrust harder and deeper. “Oooooooh, Mister… Mike, Mike, faster, faster!” she demanded.
She must have been pleased when I did as she said, for Valeria screamed loudly in delight. Spent, I eased myself into her arms.
We were still breathing heavily when I rolled off her. “Mike, you really know how to make a girl happy.”
I kissed her and held her tightly. “Thanks. I enjoyed izmit yabancı escort it too. I think you’d better go back to your room now, so we can both go to sleep.”
“Do I have to?” she asked. “Won’t you let me sleep with you? If you have an alarm, I can go back to my own bed at 5 o’clock, and Alan will never know. Please!”
I consented. I offered to change the bed sheets, but Valeria insisted that she preferred to lie on the soiled sheets, because they carried the odor of our love-making. I set the alarm and we went to sleep in each other’s arms.
Chapter 3
At 4:47 I was awakened by the babbling of some jerk-off announcer on my clock radio. I shook Valeria and said, “Come on, sweetheart, you’ve got to get to your own bed before Alan wakes up.”
“Can’t I sleep just a little longer?” she asked.
“No, I think you’d better take a shower,” I said. “God, I’d love to make love to you one more time.”
“Uh, you know what?” she said. “It didn’t hurt last night, but… now I… well, the truth is, I’m a little sore…”
“I understand,” I said. “But I do think you should take a shower so you’re fresh for Alan. There’s nothing I’d like better than for the two of you to be very happy together. Come on, I’ll warm up the water.”
She followed me into the bathroom again. I ran the water for a minute, and then I said, “Coming?”
“Save water, shower with a friend!” she laughed.
The bright lights of the bathroom gave me the first really good look at Valeria’s firm, youthful body. I soaped her up, paying particular attention to her breasts, buttocks, and vagina. She responded in kind, thoroughly cleaning my penis and bringing me to an erection.
“Do you want a blow job?” she asked.
“Are you sure?” I asked. “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do:”
“Well, I’ve never done this either, but you can give me some hints,” she said. “I want to be one hundred percent ready for Alan.”
She knelt and grabbed my penis before sticking it in her mouth. She stopped long enough to ask, “Is this how it’s done?”
“I’m sure Alan will like it if you do it this way,” I answered. “Oh, that feels good–keep doing that with your tongue… Look, I’ll tell you when I’m going to cum, and that way you don’t have to swallow it.”
“Does it really taste as awful as they say?”
“I guess you’ll have to decide that for yourself,” I said, letting her resume what she was doing.
“Ogay,” she mumbled. It’s difficult to speak with cock in one’s mouth.
“Move back and forth, like you’re sucking on a lollipop,” I instructed.
“Wike dis?”
“Yeah, like that,” I said. “Just do it – don’t try to talk.”
I held Valeria’s head as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Every once in a while she’d stop and swirl her tongue around the head. She had asked for my advice, but she rather instinctively knew how to give me pleasure.
“That’s good, Valeria, really good, keep it up, pretty soon, yes not long, oh Valeria, Valeria, here it cums, here it cuuuuums!”
Valeria took a mouthful of semen and then she pulled away. She spit my cum out, and a second spurt shot onto her flat belly. She stood up and opened her mouth for the hot water raining out of the open showerhead. “Eeew, Mike, that’s awful!” she said. “I didn’t think it was that bad before!”
“I guess a mouthful is not exactly the same thing as a fingertip,” I noted. “Why don’t you finish your shower, and I’ll prepare some mouthwash.”
Two minutes later Valeria emerged from the shower. She put on the same Tennessee Titans sweatshirt she had worn earlier. I had put my pajamas back on, so I walked to her room and shut the door when she got into bed. Then I returned to my own room and turned off the light.
Not five minutes later I heard a knock on my door. I turned on the light and I heard Alan’s voice. He said, “Valeria, it’s time to get up now. We have to get some breakfast and hit the road by 5:30.”
He hadn’t knocked at my door, but at Valeria’s. Knowing he had probably seen the light from under my door, I decided to get up. I could fix them breakfast and see them off. I cannot be sure if it was a father’s instinct that wanted to see my boy off safely, or a lover’s desire to say one last good-bye. Perhaps it was a bit of both.
“‘Morning Alan,” I said. “Ready for your big rafting trip?”
“Yeah, just about,” he said. “Dad, did you take a shower this morning or something? I could swear…”
“Sounds like a wet dream to me, son,” I laughed.
Valeria came to the door, wiping her eyes. “Get dressed, Valeria,” said Alan. “We’ve got less than half an hour.”
“I’ll cook breakfast,” I offered. “Fried eggs, ham, toast, imitation orange juice drink. How’s that sound?”
“Two eggs for me, Mike,” said Valeria. “I’m hungry.”
“Mike?” repeated Alan. “Since when do you call my dad, ‘Mike?’?”
“Since last night,” I butted in. “We had a nice talk while you were in the shower.”
“‘Mike.’ I can’t believe it, she calls him ‘Mike, ‘” he muttered as he sauntered back to his room.
“Better make it three slices of toast,” the girl said. “After all that exercise last night…”
“Sh!” I said, hoping Alan would not notice the huge shit-eating grin on my face.
I never knew Alan to get dressed so quickly. “Happy birthday, Valeria,” he said, holding his class ring out.
“For me?” she asked.
“Yes,” he answered. “I want to go steady with you, even after I go away to college.”
“Is it your birthday? How old are you?” I asked.
“I’m a woman of sixteen,” she said proudly. “I was a girl of only fifteen last night.”
“I think he can do the math,” said Alan.
But I had caught Valeria’s meaning, even if Alan hadn’t. Since sixteen is the legal age of consent, I had been playing with jailbait, and she was lording that over me.
I served breakfast, and Valeria went to her room. I took a handful of condoms from my pocket and gave them to Alan. “These might come in handy,” I said.
“Wha… Dad!” he answered. “Thanks, but I’m… I’m not sure Valeria is ready for this.”
“She’s ready.”
“How do I… I’m not sure I can ask her… I know she’s old enough and all, but…”
“Just be yourself,” I counseled. “You will be sleeping in the same tent, won’t you?” I asked. “Trust me. She’s got the hots for you, and you should be prepared. They don’t take up much room, and you can always return them if you like. Just trust your instincts and go with what feels right.”
After the car pulled out of the driveway, I pulled the sheets off the bed. Intertwined among them I found Valeria’s blue-and-white flowered panties, a lasting reminder of what had proven a most interesting night.

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My Fitness Teacher First Sexual Encounter

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During college, I have been training with this martial arts group. I am tall (about 5’10), white, with long blonde hair, long legs, and A-cup breasts. My instructor is an average-looking male about 10-15 years older and always gave me the attention I needed to get better with my workouts. One day, he suggested that I watch a video of one of his performances with him to look at technique. The studio didn’t have a television so he mentioned after practice he can come over since I lived close by. I shared an apartment with my female roommate but she was never home. I wasn’t sure if he would come on to me or just share exercise knowledge. However, when I thought about the possibility, my pussy began to soak through my panties. During these college years, I was always horny. The things I did with other guys are for another time though.

I agreed to the meetup at my place and after class, he followed me home. We went into my bedroom to view my television. As he played the video, he sat down on my bed next to me. We were both still in our workout gear and he began narrating what was happening in the video. About 10 minutes into the video he was pointing something out he placed his hand on my leg to gain my attention. I looked at him and he turn towards me for a moment while he talked. Then this sexual tension began with his hand remaining on my thigh. We both sat quietly for a second and then he leaned in to kiss me. My body immediately responded with my lips kissing him back. Our lips locked and I began to taste his tongue. He put his hand on the back of my head and gently tugged my hair and the hand on my thigh crept between my legs closer to my cunt. Our kisses were making me wet. My hand instinctively began to rub his dick outside of his pants. His cock was hard and I could tell he wasn’t small. That cued him to stick his hand down my pants and rub my clit. I moaned, “Oh that feel’s good!” and bit his lip. “You’re so wet!” He responded. We were definitely going to fuck but would this be the only time?

I was getting close to cumming with his fingers rubbing my pussy. I grew hornier by the minute and needed to see his dick. I slid off the bed, on my knees, and pulled his pants down. Sprung out was his long cock! It was about average girth but at least 8 inches long. I’ve had bigger but this will do just fine. I licked the base of his cock right above his balls and then my tongue traced the bottom of his dick all the way to the tip. I gave the tip of his mushroom head a kiss, then swirled my tongue on the tip like his cock and I was making out. Then, that cock went right into my mouth. I heard him moan, “Oh baby!” as I could taste the sweat from the gym but I didn’t care. I started massaging his balls with one hand and the other moving up and escort down his dick with my mouth. I put his dick deeper and deeper in my mouth knowing I don’t have a gag reflex from other blowjobs. He put his hands on the back of my head with gentle pushes. He began moving his hips and fucking my mouth. “Oh baby,” he said. “Damn you’re good!” That cock was now touching my throat. I held his dick deep in my mouth for about five seconds to show off a bit. I wanted him to think of me as the best blowjob he will ever have. He could see saliva coming out of my mouth, and down my chin. I would look at him and see the pleasure on his face. I pulled it out and jacked him off asking, “How does it feel? Do you like me sucking your cock?” “Oh yeah. I love it!” he replied. Then traced his dick with my tongue to his balls and sucked the saltiness off them. His dick laid on my cheek as I continued to lick his balls. “How bad do you want me?” I asked. Then I put that cock back in my mouth and let him fuck my throat some more. “You feel so good,” he said. “You’re my favorite student!” His sweat mixed with his precum and swirled around my mouth. His hand on the back of my head, using my hair as leverage to fuck my mouth turned me on more. “I think your dick likes me!” As I licked the precum. He said, “Damn your good! You can sure suck a dick! You’re gonna make me cum!” I didn’t want him to cum yet. I needed to feel that dick in me. I looked up and said, “I’m gonna take a shower and freshen up, you wanna join me?” as I stood up, I gave him a deep french kiss as I jacked him off. He whispered, “okay” and stood up beginning to pull my shirt off. I grabbed his hand, walked him into the bathroom, and turned the shower on. When I bent over to turn the shower on, he pulled down my pants and soaked my panties, then started rubbing my pussy. Then, I stepped out of the pants as he took off his clothes. I grabbed his dick and whispered. “Have you wanted this as bad as I have?”

We stepped into the shower and the hot water ran down our bodies. He began biting my neck and nibbled on my ears as I did the same. Two of his fingers entered my cunt easily. I continued to jack him off. He hit my G-spot and was getting me close to cumming. When he moved down to suck on my tits that put me over the top. “Fuck! I’m cumming!” I said as his fingers moved in and out of my pussy. “OOOOHHHH YES, YES, YES!” My legs buckled and grabbed onto his shoulders so I wouldn’t fall. I gave him a deep kiss and said, “It’s your turn!” I then dropped to my knees and engulfed his cock once again! This time I wouldn’t stop until his cum filled my mouth. He began fucking my mouth faster and faster. I had two hands on his cock with my mouth to ensure his whole dick felt me at all times. “Uh, uh, uh, uh” he kept grunting. Then izmit escort bayan he said, “I’m getting ready to cum!” I moved my hands from his cock and squeezed his ass, pulling him towards me to signal I want it in my mouth, and then he yelled, “I’m cumming!!!” He held his dick deep in my mouth and I choked as I felt pulses of cum hit the back of my throat. It was so much cum that it began spilling out of my mouth and down my tits. I could feel his cock pulsating on my tongue. The shower was hitting his backside so he can see the cum clearly running down my body without water washing it away. I stroked him off some more, licking up and down his dick to ensure I pulled out every drop of cum.

He said, “It’s my turn to taste you!” I smiled and said let me clean up first. I lathered him up in soap and he did the same for me. I began washing his semi-hard cock then put my hand under his balls, to his backside, and began rubbing his asshole, as our tongues twirled. His cock was getting hard again after that. He took his finger and began rubbing my asshole and then put it right up my ass. His other hand was rubbing my pussy. He sat me on the shower floor and began to lick my pussy as my legs were in the air. My hands grabbed the back of his head and pulled his hair as his tongue explored my cunt. “Oh God that feels good!” I said. He began moving back and forth with his tongue from my asshole to my pussy. His tongue licking my asshole gave me chills and sparked another orgasm coming. Then he was licking my clit and stuck two fingers inside me moving them in and out. My body started shivering and an overwhelming sensation came over me. “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” His tongue went from licking to his mouth sucking my pussy. My hands pulled his head into my cunt as if I was trying to suffocate him with my vagina. He removed his hand from my cunt and stuck it in my mouth as he continued to suck my pussy. I sucked and bit on his fingers as my body pulsated over and over. As I was coming down from my orgasm high, his lips moved to kiss my stomach, then tits, then my neck. I pulled him on top of me and gave him the deepest kiss! I could taste our cums mixed as I grabbed his ass and pulled him towards me to signal to put that cock in my pussy. He whispered, “let’s go back to the bed.” “Okay,” I said as he helped me up.

We walked into the bedroom and I laid on the bed. He reached into his bag and pulled out a condom. I felt a little frustrated because I wanted it raw and I was on the pill. I told him he didn’t need the condom because I was protected but he insisted. I reluctantly agreed but told him, “First let me make sure that dick is ready!” He came to the bed, laid down and I maneuvered my head near his izmit sınırsız escort cock and began to suck. “Fuck you suck it so well!” He said as his hand began rubbing my pussy. I moved from his dick to his balls, then began licking his asshole while I stroked his cock. He moaned so loud and began to finger fuck me. Then he sat up, picked me up, and laid me on my back. He put on a condom faster than anyone I’ve seen and said, “I’m going to fuck you good!” He took the tip of his mushroom head and rubbed it on top of my pussy, up and down. “Oh give it to me!” I begged. He put the tip in, took my hands, pinned them above my head, and began kissing me very deeply. Then inch by inch my pussy swallowed that cock. My fingers squeezed his hands as he took long slow strokes in and out. Our tongues wrestled as I moaned in pleasure. “Damn your tight. Oh, it feels so good!” he said.” His pace picked up and I whispered in his ear. “Fuck me! Fuck that cunt!” I went into whore mode, wrapped my legs around his body, and began biting his neck. His pelvis began pounding mine, as he moved his head down to suck my nipples. “Ahhhh” I screamed in pleasure. “Give it to me baby!” I said. He kept pounding me for what felt like forever! Then, he rolled to his back and pulled me on top while he was still in me and said, “You give it to me!” I began grinding. Back and forth I felt my pussy tighten up as he fondled my tits. My nails dug in his chest as he grabbed my ass cheeks and made me grind harder. “I’m cumming!” I screamed as I felt the juices from my pussy run out my cunt and down his cock. I bent down and sucked his tongue right out of his mouth.

My body went limp from the orgasm but he wasn’t done. He moved me to my knees and positioned himself right behind me. My ass was up in the air and my upper body was on the bed too tired to hold myself up with my arms. He licked my pussy sloppily and then started eating my ass. Then, he took his time as his cock went deep in my pussy. “You’re so wet. This pussy was made for my cock!” He got a rhythm going in and out using all of his cock to penetrate me. Then I felt his fingers play with my asshole as he fucked me. “You like that baby?” He asked. “OOOOOHHH yeah!” I said. “Will you cum for me?” I asked. “I want to feel your cum. Cum on me.” He began pounding my pussy harder and harder. I can hear him pant louder and louder. “I’m gonna cum,” he yelled. He pulled out ripped off his condom and flipped me over. He scooted up with his cock over my tits as he jacked off. I immediately opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. “Cum on me!” I pleaded. “Oh Ohhh Ohhhhh I’m cumming!” Gushes of cum shot on my tits, then hitting my chin, mouth, and my hair. He kept shooting his load all over me. I took his cock in my mouth to suck out any remaining sperm. He rubbed his dick in the cum on my tits then put it back in my mouth. “You’re trouble!” He said. What would happen the next time I saw him in class? We soon find out!

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Cheating on my cheating wife chapter3

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Cheating on my cheating wife chapter3

I went to sleep on my wife Mar when she expected me to have sex with her. She ended up using a vibrator on herself, hoping that I would wake up,but I ignored her. Several times I felt her rubbing a hand on my ass,whispering my name then sighed.

Normally she would suck my cock in the morning but this morning I was sleeping on my belly.I was glad when the alarm clock woke me and I got up without her knowing . I dressed and went to work without her waking up ,and this time I was happy.I do have to admit I missed her morning blow job,but to her it was like getting her morning coffee, so she won’t be happy.

Since she has cheated on me three times it may be a wake up call that I may soon be gone. I have warned her with divorce if she cheated again,and she did. The only thing that may stop me is I have one son and she is pregnant with another, who is the father,only time will tell.

I usually have the same delivery route but this morning my dispatcher told me I had a special delivery. When I got the paperwork I found that I had to pick up and deliver household items for my boss.It was going to be a two day trip across two states with one layover,pretty nice I thought .

When I was checking out the truck for the long run a woman walked up and introduced herself to me.I couldn’t believe my eyes ,she was a beautiful blonde,blue eyes and a body that would get any man hard. The only downfall was that she was my boss’s daughter, Mary, it was going to be a hard delivery after all.

After the rise and fall of my instant hard on we got into the truck and headed out.Mary was the talkative type woman who did most of the talking on the way.If it wasn’t for her beauty and her perky voice ,this trip might have been the worst I have ever done.

She told me all about herself, her job.children and her husband,but it might have been a slip of her tongue that she was 45 years old.”I told my father that I wanted a young driver,not some dirty old man”she said “he told me you would be the one”.She then shook her head and chuckled “you are young,and handsome yet you haven’t said a word.

I finally got the chance to speak , I laughed and said “you haven’t given me a chance, and thank you. I am 19 years old, married with one son and another on the way. I don’t think that I am handsome but thank you anyway”.

Mary questioned my marriage and having children at my young age and said that she was married for two years before the children arrived.I told her it was a mistake ,”a mistake”she said “which one was a mistake”?

“Well both” I said then began to tell her how I met my wife. “I was 17 and she was 16, a friend’s cousin .We dated only a month or so when, well you know, the hormones kicked in and she got pregnant. The marriage went downhill a few months later, I was going to leave her until my son was born”.

Mary was silent for the first time on the trip until she spoke “well any marriage can be difficult ,though your age enhances it. You both were young,dumb,and full of cum”she said with a laugh “at least that’s what my dad said to me once.Having children can be tough too especially when the two of you are so young,it will get escort bayan even rougher when the second one comes”.

“It might not last” I said “I am not sure if the second one is mine and if it isn’t I probably will leave her.She has cheated on me three times that I know about” I said “there is probably more that I don’t know. Being on the road 2 days and off 2 is tough on the marriage if one is unfaithful”.

Mary and I had a nice conversation and she explained how she felt when her mom and dad split up.”I was 7 and I blamed myself for it” she said “but I was lucky because they got back together 3 years later.My mom sat me down and told me that people sometimes think that the grass is better on the other side of the fence. I took the same thought to mind when my husband did the same thing, “she said .

When I asked her how she handled it, she laughed “I went and played in the grass too”she said “two can play that game”.All while she was talking about cheating she had her legs on the dashboard moving them side to side. She acted somewhat nervous with her fidgeting hands a lot of the time moving between her fanning legs,yet her voice said differently.

Although I had to keep my eyes on the road I used the right mirror the most.It seemed that she was checking me out as each time I looked at her she looked up and into my eyes.She would smile then begin talking about different things,like the lunch we had,ect,etc.

Finally the conversation went to where we were going to stop for the night. She said “don’t worry there is a nice hotel a few miles away, I will call ahead and make reservations.I wasn’t worried until she told the desk clerk one room two beds for her and her son.She also asked if the had room service, then I started to think, was going to seduce me?

Mary must have seen the puzzled look on my face when she hung up the phone,she chuckled “well I do have a son your age.Relax “she said “I have enjoyed the ride so far,and think we can have more fun in the hotel room.

I caught her looking down at my crotch , she then said ‘besides why spend the money for two rooms .Now for the last 7 hours Mary seemed to act like a mother or an aunt ,giving me tips on how to understand relationships. I wasn’t too concerned about sharing a room with her because she showed only a few signs about her plans with me.

I soon found out what she expected me to do when we walked into the room. She barely let me shut the door when she pushed me back against it and kissed me. It was quite the passionate kiss that lasted quite a while with her hands running up and down my body.

I didn’t try to escape her roaming hands and actually was enjoying it,and let my hands slide down her body .I stopped with them on her firm ass and drew her onto my growing hard on indicating I was interested in her.

When she finally took her tongue out of my mouth she gave me a normal kiss then looked up putting her arms on my shoulder. “Have you ever been with an older woman” then said “of course you haven’t”. She gave me a quick kiss and said “I have been with a younger man ,and know what you can do for me”.

She looked at me with her deep blue eyes “lets get comfortable”she said then stepped back and slowly kocaeli escort bayan began to undo my shirt.She was telling me how handsome I was and how fit my chest was as she slid her hands on me,she even rubbed my nipples.

I didn’t want to act like I have never been with such a beautiful,and sexy older woman so let my hands roam up to her breasts while I kissed her.I was rather surprised how firm they were and more surprised when she started unbuttoning her blouse.

We had slowly been stepping back and soon reached the bed where she sat down.”Relax” she said again and slowly began to unzip my pants. Mary had a way about her by the slow actions in getting to what she wanted. Her body movements along with her soft hands made me very comfortable so when she reached inside my pants I was hard as a rock.

She looked up when she grabbed my hard cock and gave it a squeeze waiting for my reaction.I had taken a deep breath and was smiling wide. She smiled and stroked it a few times before pulling my pants down.

“I am impressed” she said and sat back moving my cock from side to size.”I was thinking that it wasn’t going to be this nice because your wife cheated on you.Did you cheat on her first” she asked then looked surprised when I said “no”.She asked me again if I cheated ,then when I said no she said “did you ever”? When I shook my head no she cupped my balls and said “well you’re going to now”.

Mary smiled,then took off her blouse and reached behind her to take her bra off.”I thought I would save you the trouble of getting this off” she said tossing it to the side,”most boys do”.

“Go for them big boy” she said and moved closer when I reached down and touched her long nipples. She took a hold of my hands and showed me how she liked to play with them,then went back to my cock.

After a while of sucking on her nipples she laid back and took my head and started moving it down. When I was reaching for her zipper I looked up and smiled “I know how to do this”I said . She was quite surprised when I unzipped her by using my mouth.

While Mary lifted her hips up when I began to slide her pants off, I pulled her panties down with my teeth.Now fully exposed I pulled her panties all the way off with my hand while I licked back up. I went from one leg to the other slowly staring at her bare mound and her smile.

I wanted to just dive right in and lick her moist hole that she was holding open .I could see moisture from her juices seeping down and out of her.There was an aroma about her juices that led me to slip my tongue inside.

Mary grabbed my head, holding it tight against her as she took a deep breath and pushed her ass up.”Oh Damn” she said “you surely know how to do that,keep doing it”.

I licked and sucked, even slipped two fingers inside,finger-fucking her while sucking on her clit. That method I learned from Mar ,but Mary seemed to be enjoying it even more.I could look up past her breasts and hard nipples to see her opening and closing her eyes. Each time her eyes opened wide she would have her mouth open too gasping for air.

“Damn” she would say,over and over while moving her head from side to side ,then a spurt of warm cum kocaeli escort would slip out of her.

As a 45 year lady her pussy was not tight yet a lot tighter than Mars,just tight enough to where I could feel the muscles squeezing my tongue . I knew she had enough when her hands started trying to pull my head away.She was telling me I was better than any young man she has ever had.She continued to say how she wanted me ,pulling on my head off her pussy,She even pulled it away when I stopped to suck on her nipples again.

She wrapped her arms on my neck whispering to me to fuck her, while moving her hips into the position . She let my chest come up pf hers when my cock slipped easily in side her, I didn’t fuck her I just held deep and waited.

“You’re so beautiful “ I said “why in hell did your husband cheat on you”? I then started moving slowly in and out of her telling her how it feels. “ Your blue eyes and your smile are making me want to give you a night you will never forget”. I picked up the pace looking down from her eyes to her breasts that were bobbing up and down as we fucked.

“Come on honey,show momma what you got” she held my shoulders and began pushing against my thrust.”.I know how you boys can cum,and stay hard,”she said and took a breath.

“Don’t stop when you need to cum, I can handle it” she said “ you won’t get me pregnant”.I surprised her when she came before me and started begging me too.

I surprised her again when after she had a big orgasm I pulled out and laid down kissing her nipples.I then moved down , spread her pussy wide while licking up her juices. After cleaning her out I backed away and rolled her over and moved behind her . I lifted her up holding onto her hips and slid my cock between her hot ass cheeks.

For the next ten minutes we slammed our body’s together while she grabbed the sheets and held on.She had short hair but I still had to move it away from the side of her face.When I asked her if she was ready she cried out “yes”and held me tight inside her. She was saying yes all while I began to fill her up and then she laid down with a smile.

I stayed on her kissing her neck and whispered into her ear how hot she is.I could feel her pussy pulsating on my cock pushing my cum from inside her. When her breath returned back to normal I pulled away and took two of my fingers among her clit.I spread it and watched as my cum ran from between her redden wet lips.

I then laid down beside her when she turned to her side, she laid her head on my chest looking up.She ran her hand down to my cock and smiled “ I think we have to go to supper ‘she said.She gave my cock a few strokes the kissed my chest , sighed then chuckled “what the hell is your wife looking for ,it wont get any better than this”.

We laid there for a few more minutes and then told me to go take a shower. It was when I was in there drying off that my phone rang. “Hello” I heard Mary say,“yes he is here, to whom am I talking too”. She then said “well he is in the shower ,and has just giving me the best sex I have had in a long time ,and the night isn’t over”.

When I came out Mary said “your wife hung up on me “then laughed .“Maybe she will think twice about what she has and how she could lose you by cheating ”. Mary then took a shower and I called Mar back, but she wouldn’t answer.

How the rest of the night went will be in the next chapter

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Turning the Tables v2

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I’ve worked with Paul for about a year and half. We got on well straight away and soon we were socialising outside work. My wife and I would meet him and his girlfriend, Nat for drinks every couple of weeks. Just so you can picture us – I’m 40, 6ft tall with short brown hair and looking pretty trim for a guy my age, Richard is a bit younger than me, blonde and slightly shorter with a similar build. Nat is in her early thirties, cute and curvy with a dirty blonde bob and a dirtier look in her eye.

Paul and Nat invited Tina and I around for a BBQ and drinks which usually turns out to be a good night as they have a great hot tub at the back of their house. There’s nothing like relaxing in the hot water with a few glassses of wine – and the girls always look very hot. Tina was going to be away in Athens with her work on the evening in question and i toyed with whether I should or shouldn’t go. What the hell, I was only going to end up wanking on xnxx anyway so I agreed to go.

It was a decent summer evening and all went as these nights usually do. We drank more than we ate and soon ended up in the tub. Paul and I wearing baggy board shorts and Nat in a light blue string bikini. She’d clearly been working on her tan without the bikini and it wasn’t long before I was sneaking a good look whenever I thought I could get away with it.

We drank more and started to get fairly drunk. The coversation wandered from here to there and never too far from a smutty comment. We were discussing dreams – Nat was telling me that Paul had a recurring dream that involved him being disciplined whilst naked of course, by a female teacher in front of a class. The identity of the teacher would change but the story would essentialy be the same. We laughed mercilessly when he revealed that the latest disciplinarian was the BBC newsreader Susanah Reid. She is pretty hot though……

I mentioned that I also had a recurring dream but checked myself half way as the full story is a little embarrassing. They both scoffed at that and Nat in particular insisted that I had to tell, especially if it was embarrassing. I resisted but she wouldn’t let it go. Eventually I was ready to give in – god this was going to be awful but I hoped that Paul had drank enough to be foggy on the details the next day. “Ok” I said. “I regularly have a dream where I can suck my own cock”. Nat laughed…..”and……” she said. “Well, I’m sucking my cock and just before I cum I wake up – it’s pretty frustrating!!”. “I bet” she replied, ” you get yourself all horny and wake up with a boner – same as Paul and Susannah!”

During the ensuing laughter I dodged any further awkward questions and went to get another bottle of wine. As I came back Nat and Paul were deep in conversation. “So can you then?” Paul said. “Eh?”, “suck your own” Nat clarified. “Well, the weird thing is that after I’ve had a dream I’m absolutely convinced that I can, but you know…..”. “No – you’re going to have to spell it out” said Paul. “He can’t” chirped in Nat giggling and looking at him “we tried”. I was a bit aprehensive about revealing kocaeli escort more but Nat was looking so naughty I couldn’t keep it in. “Every bloke has tried haven’t they?” “And…..?” Nat again. “Well, if I limber up I can get the tip in and lick around my head”. “No way, that’s gross” said Paul seeming more interested than disgusted. “Have you ever cum in your own mouth?” Paul again. “and you haven’t?” I replied. I could tell from the look on his face what the answer was. So could Nat. “god, you two love cum!” she squealed and pissed herself laughing. “No, no” I blurted, trying to recover some dignity. “the dream is always much more satisfying as I can get much more in – it’s a fantasy”. “Yeah – whatever you say” said Nat rolling her eyes. “She loves a cock in her mouth” Paul chipped in and she gave him a look that said “how dare you” and “mmmmm cock” in equal measure. Atempting to shock and up the ante I added, “anyway, you might be thinking that cumming in your mouth is really horny but as soon as you know it’s coming you don’t want to follow through and back out”. This is true. I find that I’m happy to lick pre cum but always fail to take a proper load fo real.

“You so want to suck cock” said Nat. I pulled a face and tried to avoid the implication but I have fantasisied about it a fair bit. “Paul will let you suck his”. By now the sexual tension was at max but this seemed to burst the bubble. “Like fuck I will” snapped Paul and he got out of the tub and headed back to the house. This set Nat off laughing again but she got up and followed after a minute or so. I rubbed my semi under the water as I watched her tanned arse fight to get out of her bikini bottoms as she walked across the patio.

After a short time she returned. “I had to get a mouthfull……” she winked, making a show of dabbing the corners of her mouth. She climbed back into the tub standing such that her pussy was right at my eye level and just that bit too close. “………and I’m sure you’ve been playing with yourself while I’ve been gone”. I tried to look her in the eye but she added “……..makes me very horny” and she reached into her bottoms and blatantly played with her clit right in front of me. I heard Paul close the back door on his way back out and she quickly pulled her hand out and wiped her pussy juice all over my face. Dumbfounded I struggled for words as she sat down next to me and took a firm grip of my stiffening cock through my shorts. “I want to have some fun” she whispered in my ear as paul sat down on the edge of the tub on the other side of me.

I turned, trying not to look guilty, only to be greeted by Paul’s fully hard cock. “We’ve agreed to let you see what a mouthful of cock is really like” Nat said. “And then we can both fuck her” added Paul. I looked from face to face for signs that this was a wind up but Nat clearly had her fingers back in her pussy and Paul was still rock hard. I’ve seen plenty of cocks bit never another erection. I was transfixed and it must have been obvious that I was blatantly staring. Paul’s cock was roughly the same size as mine but a bit darıca escort thinner if anything. I’m 7.5 inches and uncut as was he. Check out my profile if you’re interested 😉

I was nervous but very turned on. I felt a massive thrilling rush as Nat knelt next to me and encouraged me onto all fours facing the erect cock. She slid her hands between my legs and my hard dick betrayed me. “If it makes you this horny then why shouldn’t you just do it?”. She started to slide my shorts off.

I edged slightly closer. She shifted her attention from my cock to his and started wanking it right in front of me. “Open wide” she said and quite deliberately rubbed it in my face. I pushed out my tongue and licked tentatively. His foreskin was musky and slippery – just like mine. “Go on” one of them said. I opened my mouth and took the head all the way in. Fuck me, it turned me on. Paul gasped and Nat returned her attention to my cock – gently wanking her encouragement. I sucked hard and grabbed the base of Paul’s cock, slowly pulling back and exposing his smooth hard cock head which I teased with my tongue. I imagined how my cock would like to be pleasured and started to firmly wank it with mouth and hand.

I flet my arse cheeks being spread and Nat licked from my balls to my hole. Her tongue played across my ring and my cock hardend even more. She stopped. “no cum from you until you’ve taken a proper mouthful” she taunted. I desperately tried to gobble more cock. “Fuck” said Paul and I felt his cock head stiffen and swell in my mouth. “ohhh good boys” said Nat. She pushed her tongue up my arse just as Paul unloaded a torrent of cum in my mouth. As the first jet landed I felt my own cock twitch, further stimulated by Nat’s tongue. I built towards the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had and hosed spunk everywhere.

We all lay there panting for a moment and I let Paul’s waning erection slide from my mouth. “I can’t elieve we just did that” I said trembling. As I sat up Nat leant over and wiped a gob of cum from my cheek then scooped at the strings of cum that were running down my chest. “You boys have made me so horny” she whispered naughtily, then licked her fingers clean. She started to remove her bikini bottoms and said tauntingly, “I suppose I’m going to have to sort myself as you two seem to have gone gay on me”. She lay back on the patio with her arse hanging over the edge of tub and started to work her fingers into her pussy.

Paul seemed disinterested and had gone back to drinking his wine. Perhaps I was a little offended at the gay jibe and I felt an overwhelming need to demonstrate my hetrosexual urges. I resolved to show her how wrong she was. I pulled her hand away and replaced her fingers on her mound with my tongue. I sought out her engorged clit and licked it feverishly. I moved my tongue down through the folds of her pussy and probed her entrance. She moaned with approval. I returned my attention to her stiff clit, placing my entire mouth over it and sucking and licking. I then worked my thumb into her pussy, pressing it in as far as I could. gölcük escort This met with more approval and I could sense that Paul was now watching intently and pulling at his returning erection. I was hardening again too.

I let my fingers brush against Nat’s arse hole and played with it as I serviced her pussy with my mouth and thumb. Her tight hole was slippery with her juices and I easily slipped a finger in. Nat squirmed a bit and my fingerI could make out my thumb working her other hole. SHe whimpered and bucked her hips forward. “Ready for cock?” I asked. She just looked at me and nodded and pulled my body up onto hers. “Not like that, on all fours” I ordered. I gestured for Paul to come over. It was Nat’s turn to shake with anticipation now.

Paul knelt in front of Nat with his cock just in front of her mouth. She motioned to suck him but I stopped her. “Both of us” I said firmly and joind Paul such that we knelt cock tip to cock tip. Nat licked between us seperating our cocks with her tongue and then trying fruitlessly to suck both of us at the same time.

Paul moved back into the tub and sat down pulling Nat along with him. She instinctively straddled him and he entered her. This was clearly a regular fuck spot. She looked lost in a pre-orgasmic build up and the effect was very horny. I offered her mouth my cock and she sucked it greedily, as if desperate to take in as much as possible. God it felt good, but I had other plans.

I climbed into the tub behind her and reached my right hand around between her legs. I rubbed at her clit and couldn’t help but feel Paul’s hard member thrusting in and out of her. This met with gasps and squeals of approval from Nat and Paul seemed to quicken his pace. I manouvered myself closer until my erection was squeezed into the small of Nat’s back. I removed my hand from her clit and dragged my cock down her sexy back and along her arse crack. I soon found her tight hole. By now Nat realised what was about to happen and that she was powerless to stop it. “Oh god…….please……..don’t……..please………”. My hard cock head pressed against her primed and lubricated ring. She clenched but I pressed harder. “Please……please………please……..” she whimpered. Her arsehole started to stretch and in one sudden motion my cock head popped all the way in. “Oh fuck” she cried. I contiued to thrust forwarded until I had ground my cock into her as far as it would go. All of the time I was aware of Paul ploughing into her pussy. Our rock hard cocks rubbing together just like my fingers had a short time before. “Ready for fucking?” I asked. Nat made a noise, part moan and part shriek and nodded. This wasn’t going to take long as I could already feel that I was close. I pulled back and powered full length thrusts into Nat’s writhing body as hard and as fast as I could. Paul responded and did the same. At one moment one cock was driving in when the other was leaving and then both cocks would be entering together. I hammered in one last time and launched a torrent of spunk deep into Nat’s arse just as Paul did the same to her pussy.

We collapsed back against the side of the tub and lay there entwined in each other trying to regain our breath. “Still think we’re gay?” said Paul.

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The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 5

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Moving up

I stood on the top of heaven, the highest point in the estate, and the sounds of New Years Eve just audible above the howling wind. I was so cold but I didn’t care. Tonight was the night, the final test. The other berserkers stood around the roof, if I passed I would be one of them. I looked at them, if they where as cold as me they didn’t show it, all hard eyes and rage. Most of them where now my friends but if I failed I doubted they would not be keeping me around. Taz and Lacy came forward, I held up my hand and waggle my fingers.

The wind gushed am I almost lost my footing on the frost covered roof. Lacy grab hold of my arm holding it out strait so I couldn’t move, my hand force towards Taz. I spread my fingers to give him easy access, this was going to hurt that was kind of the point, this was all about trust. Taz grabbed my index finger and pulled. It takes quite a bit of skill to dislocate a finger without risking breaking one or doing permeate damage, it is much easier to just break one. You pull fast and add a slight twist you can ripe all the joints out of place. Taz did this know, I have never felt such pain, normal my body would be giving me some endorphins and a whole lot of adrenalin to help me deal with the pain. But I couldn’t use them right now, if I did I would be dammed.

The edge of my vision was already red but I held out as he move on to my next finger. I was screaming inside my head, my body begging for me to give in and let the rage take away the pain. I was panting like a dog as he moved on to the third. My world had shrunk to the war in my head and the pain in my hand, I could barely hear the popping of my joints. The fire in my hand began to spread heat up my arm as tendons where distressed. My little finger was the last to go but my body barely registered the new pain.

Taz back up and Lacy let me go, both getting back quickly in case I lost it. I gritted my teeth against the pain. All I want to do was cradle my arm and curl into a ball and sob. But the test wasn’t over and I would not show weakness. I held up my hand in front of me, my vision swam and I had to fight off waves of nausea and vertigo. I grabbed my index finger, it was already swelling, I tried just to get my knee to stay strait, and there was a sick crack as I force my finger back into place. I forced down the cry of pain. I grabbed the next and did the same. My face split into a manic smile as it went back into joint. I was shaking now, black spots spinning in my vision. As I forced the third back into place I felt something break inside my head. Blood followed freely down my nose and into my mouth. The tasted nearly put me over the edge, I gasped for breath forcing the red rage back down. My last finger fell into place my hand going numb from the pain and cold.

I looked up laughing like a lunatic, I held up my hand and waggled my finger, and Bob gave me a single nod I had passed. I turned my arm tucked in tight to my chest and looked out over the estate listening to my new brother leave. Taz came up behind me and put his hand on the shoulder, he was proud of me.

“Alreet Rave”

“Reet Taz, have they gone?”

“Aye they have gone”

I vomited loudly over the side, my body racked with shocked and pain. I throw back my head and howled, a roar of hate and pain and rage and victory.

Taz had done a good job, it could have been much worse but it wasn’t perfect. My index finger on my right hand has never been the same, it doesn’t quit fit into a fist anymore unless it is cracked first, it aches when the weather changes but it reminds me of that night when I knew that I controlled my body not the other way around.

I really don’t remember getting home. I remember how good the ice it felt, so good, so cold. I looked down at Faye, my girl, her eye all concern. I tried to give her a reassuring grin but I am told that I smiled like a mad man. I let her wrap my hand and take me to bed, my dad was at a works do wouldn’t be back till late, I lay there and tried to convinces her to have sex with me. She put a stop to that by squeezing my hand, making me yelp in pain, and laughed. She kissed my hand better and let me go to sleep.

When I woke I couldn’t move my hand. The bruising was so bad it was near black. Faye took me to the shower and let the 10 minutes of hot water do its work.

“You don’t have to mother me” I teased

“Oh, would a mother do this?” with that she grabbed my cock and began to stroke. Hot soapy water ran down my body as she moved in close. Her head was level with my chest, she kissed and nibbled my nipples as she jacked me off. I ran my left hand down her back trying to keep my right out of the way. She increased speed trying to get me off before we ran out of hot water. I began to moan as I got closer and closer. My cum shot across the bath hitting the far wall, the next spurt landed in the water and was washed away. I shivered under the warm water as she let me go, she ran her finger up the wall and sucked on it. She came back over and hugged me. I would have stayed there for a long time but the water chose that moment to run out. We jumped out of the shower squealing.

My dad was in as much of a state as I was. Last night the husband of a woman she was fucking at work had hit him. My dad was hard, he beat down the poor husband, but he had got in enough licks. He was bruised and scared that he would lose his job but getting to unload on someone had made him feel alive for the first time in a long while.

He shouldn’t have worried, we are not sure if it was because of the woman being far higher up than dad and they were worried about sexual harassment or his bosses just liked a man who could beat down izmit escort someone bigger and stronger than him but they promoted him. He was still an office boy but he was now on the second to top floor not near the bottom. The pay bump wasn’t much but we never had to do the by annually pick water or power coin toss again, and we no longer needed the money I got from the gang to not go to bed hunger one in a while.

My own earning went up significantly. I had become elite and I was to move up. I became Lacy Lt helping him run his corner, really my job was no different but I sat there and watched kids sell drugs after school. The trade only really started up later afternoon as it took the addicts that length of time to put together the money and most of the casual users only came around at night so I didn’t have to miss school. I ran the corner when Lacy was doing other stuff, I acted as muscle to ensure payment and to keep away the other gangs and I made sour the count was kept right. The work was not bad but I did learn a lot about why the older members of the gang were the way they were.

Have you ever met a smack head? There is nothing as vial, as decrypted, as truly dammed as a human who has let themselves fall that far. When all your world is controlled by when and how you get your next fix, when you will do anything for just one more high, when you will sell your friends, your family and your very soul. These are the scum of the world we have built, an underclass with the underclass, men willing to pimp out their own daughters, mothers willing to let their babies starve, people that would lick your feet for just a tasted. They were dammed and I was their dealer.

It is hard not to hate yourself when you spend your life profiting off the lowest depths of human misery. The self-loathing is soon all you feel so you find some to blame, and they are right there buying your produced, and you hurt them to make yourself feel better. Once you learn to find fun in the pain of the addicts it is easy to move on to other. Humiliation, violation and degradation all become just part of the fun. You learn to lose yourself in base emotions, lust, hate, rage knowing that no matter how bad you become at least you are still above them. More often than not they cross over, quash the self-loathing in the sweet oblivion of the narcotics they sell, but with just one slip they will fall forever become the worst of them all.

I knew this by the end of the first week and I hated myself. I know this sound soppy but love saved me, I couldn’t truly become self destructive why I loved Faye and she loved me. You got used to it and learned to build two bits of yourself, the dealer and the person, not that this makes you good it just makes you last.

My hand heeled given time and truly became one of the inner circle of the gang. I was like them.

I was a violent drug dealer, there are few things I am proud of from my childhood but it was the world I grew up and I can rationalize most of it away. But there are a handful of things that I am ashamed of, things that when I wake up in the dark, in the middle of the night I can’t say that was just how it was and for those I am sorry.

The first one of those was such a small thing, as January was ending, to get a girl from the year bellow me to come to a party. I had never meet Emma before she was pointed out to me by Cain on one Wednesday morning. At 12 she was old enough to start looking sexy without losing her childhood cuteness, all blond curls, big blue eyes and dimples. I was told she had to come to a party at the YMCA Friday night and it was my job to get her to come. Sometimes I lie to myself and say that I didn’t know what they planned to do to her, but I knew what type of party it was going to be from the way Cain said it, and no girl like her would have been a guessed unless bad things where on the cards.

In the end it didn’t take much to get her to come, I am not sure why they asked me, she took a bit of talking to but we would take her. Faye and I meet her on Lacy’s corner as business was running low for the night. Lacy had left more than a hour ago and we were dealing with the rush of people going out who needed a pick me up. Now this business is done in the clubs but back then coke didn’t sell anywhere near a normal club. I settled up with the lads that where on, most would go find a street corner to drink on, some of the older ones would be at the party. I sent a lad off to hand in our scraps, knowing that some of them wouldn’t make it back in, and took the money I knew it was right without looking.

Mike met us outside, he told us the Taz and Amy had come 10 minutes ago. I walked in to the sound of pleasure. There where mattress in the centre of the common room, all where in use a mass of naked flesh. The coaches around the edges had people on them too, some watching, some resting, some warming up.

“What… what is going on?” asked Emma

“It is a party, what did you think would be going on?” Cain came down the stairs“I will take her from here Rave.” He took the still stunned girl back upstairs and I let him do it. My only concern was to find Lacy and settle up. Cain sent him down to me, I could go up all on my own now but I was still not used to it. I passed him the money and told him how much, he counted it in front of me which pissed me off a bit he should have counted it but not with me there, he passed back some bills and I slipped them away. We walked into the party.

The was a girl of about 15 leading a 11 year old around by a leash, the family resemblance was apparent I would say younger sister. The younger girl was naked except for a pair of white cotton panties with pink teddies on them, she had almost no development. yahya kaptan escort The older girl was offering blowjobs from her little pet to anyone not in use. I told Mike to give me back my money, I hadn’t seen him do it, I am not even sure he knew he had, he gave it to me and walked over to the pair. We walked passed couples in almost every position, I could see Faye taking notes, and moans of passion sounded from half a dozen places.

A girl was being dped on one mat, tears running freely down her face as she begged both lads to fuck her hard. There was a girl wearing a protective cone collar like off a sick dog, her face was turned up and lads stood around her wanking. A lad pulled out of a girl on the other side of the room as she screamed out her own orgasm to run across the room to empty himself not the girls face, the was quit a pool building up inside the cone, plastering her hair to her face. The was a girl with another over her knee, her arse starting to go purple and her cunt dripping, I was hard to tell if the screams form each smack when from extreme pain or the heights of pleasure. Maybe it was both, I had felt that before and there was a thin line.

There was a fat girl, clearly too drunk to consent, half passed out on one of the mats. She had been fitted with a ring gag and lads took turns with her mouth as she was fuck with a strap-on by a girl with the body of a model. She laughed and encouraged each lad to throat fuck her fat slut of a friend all the hard, each thrust made her gag and sent ripples along her skin. She had thrown up on herself more than once and as I watched she did it again, it didn’t even slow down the lad in her mouth.

We reach the dining room, it was quitter here as heavier drinking was going, there was still a girl passed out bent over the table with a lad fucking her as two more waited. She had whore written on her fore head in black marker that still hung from a string around her neck, I would hate to try and get that off, and had tally marks on her arse check. The lad finished and added another, letting the next guy take his place. I crack open a fresh bottle of white lighting and took a deep swig, god it was crap but we kept buying it anyway, and passed the bottle over to Faye.

I walked back into the main room in time to see the fat girl cum. Her ‘friend’ pull out and began slapping her cunt like there was no tomorrow, her body convulsed and she began to send jets of liquid all over the mat she was on. It was the first time I had seen a girl squirt and I was amazed. The fat girl tried collapse into a quivering mess but she was help up. The strap-on when back in and the next guy started fucking her mouth being told that she loved it.

I walked over to where Taz and Amy sat and passed around the bottle. Dale was having anal sex with a girl in front of them and Taz was loving the show of his boyfriend arse moving in and out. Amy was flushed by the sexual show, her checks pink her body squirming, clearly embarrassed by her own reaction. A lad tried to touch the clearly aroused girl but growls from myself and Taz send him running.

There was a shriek from the other side of the room. Stacie had been very close to getting a guy to fuck her, she was topless and making out, and then Bex had walked into the room. He froze, not willing to piss her off, and Stacie had exploded. In the two months since Bex had started this game no one had dare to sleep with Stacie, if the girl want sex she would have to give herself to Bex. Stacie grabbed her cloths and ran out in a rage. Bex just smiled knowing she was on the brink of winning. She nodded at us and headed up stairs. We didn’t need to be told twice.

Each room upstairs had something going on, we stopped and watch each one. The first was a simple thing eight girls on a tarp with one vibrator and a whole lot of oil. More interesting than the show was Faye and Amy reaction to it, Faye began to hump my leg very gently and Amy began to make little moaning sounds in time with Faye’s movement.

The next room a large swing had been set up, hung from it and unable to move was a skinny Indian girl, not a common sight back then around our way, she was blind folded and gagged and had a queue of lads waiting for a turn. She screamed into the gag as one of them pounded away at her, there was a spreading pool of cum on the floor under the swing already.

The third room looked just like normal sex until you realized what was wrong. The girl was so small, she was a midget, a fully developed little body hips and face normal but breast smaller, the body shorter, legs stubbier. The lad was raving about how hot and tight this little goddess was. She came with dozens of little shudders running all over her body. If Faye had not been there I would have been sourly tempted to have a go.

The next room had two girls spread eagle, each being eaten out, there was a clock counting down from 60 and there was money changing hands. Once the clock ran out the next two came forward to take a turn, laying down their money. If they made the girl come they got twice back but the girls would be leaving with quite a bit of money.

The next room was the last, because I wasn’t going near Bex’s room unless I was already bleeding or had been told to, this was going to be good. Bex had got some new toys, they had set her back some real money on them had them shipped in, they where a pair of black boxes with a pinkish rubber attachment on the top that could be changed. I know now they are called Sybians but back then they were magic boxes. The twins where not the most attractive girls in the gang but they were up in the top 10 and them being identical twins bumped them up some.

Bex gebze escort had tied each of them into a kneeing position and placed them straggling each of the toys and put them on full. A third girl, young and pretty, was keeping tally on a white board. Each time one of the girls reached orgasm the girl would add a new mark. Both were on their second set of tallies, both in a pool of their own juices, both were so tiered and sour and sensitive, both begged for them to be turned off, for it to be stopped. Lads stood by some wanked, some laughed all enjoyed the show.

“Maybe we could get Bex to let us have a go” Faye whispered in Amy’s ear, just loud enough for me to hear. Amy turned bright red.

We headed for the end of the hall. It had been the shower room back before the YMCA left. It still was really, we hadn’t ripped out any of the porcelain and it was still covered in white tiles, but we had added some stuff to make it Bob’s ‘thrown’ room. He sat on a chair at the far end and gave a nod to both me and Taz. The cushions none the floor where mostly full but there was a space left open for us fairly close to Bob. Taz sat closest as due his rank and I sat between Amy and Faye.

There was a small square table in the middle of the room, from the way people where facing that is where the fun would begin. The door opened and Emma was lead in, naked but for a dog collar, she was shaking like a leaf. Bex took charge of her and lead her to the table and bent her over. The hand cuffs where pink and fluffy, four kept her in place. Bex picked up her magic wand, a stick with a larger sphere on top that vibrates, it was hooked up to the mains by an old extension cord that lead out of the door. Bex turned it on and placed it on the younger girl’s defenceless cunt. She screamed and bucked but was unable to get away but after a while her pleads for it to stop went to begs of it to continue. Before she had chances to cum Bex pulled back, getting a moan of frustration.

“I think she is ready for tonight’s main event” Bex said, she forced a ball gag into Emma’s mouth and buckled it tight behind her head. A lad that I knew was lead in, he was one of Cain’s crew and had been short on the count the last few weeks, I was waiting for the order to give him a slap for some time but I had been told not to. He was naked and blindfolded, they told him they had a hot virgin cunt all ready for him, I wanted to stop it, not for the girls shake but because it seemed he was being rewarded. Then I saw Emma’s reaction, she began to struggle her begs imposable to understand through the gag, she really didn’t want this guy to touch her which was reason enough to keep my mouth shut.

He was guided up to the girl, running his hands over her arse making her flinch with disgust. He began to slide into the girls opening when he came up with some resistance, he pushed harder and the look of pain told me that she really was a virgin. It still seemed to be a bit tame for these people but as he began to pick up pace a lad came up behind him and removed the blindfold. The smile on his face dropped from his face to be replaced with a sick look of panic, fear and disgust. He pulled out quickly and his face became a mask of rage, Taz and I were on our feet before he could take a step towards Bob putting up a wall of bodies.

“She is my fucking sister” he wailed. Half the room broke down laughing the other half looked on in shock. I was more pissed that I was kept out of the loop than at what I had done to the girl. I heard Eddy’s voice behind me and I was tempted to step aside and let the lad go but that would have been bad form.

“Aye you just took your own sisters virginity” he whined “and now you are going to keep fucking her. That little slut is going is going to take a load of cum by the end of tonight. You can do it yourself or if you are not up for it I can take her downstairs and see just how many lads want to help.” So that was the game, we were going to watch him violate his own kid sister or she would be handed to the mob downstairs.

“Bob?” he gave a final appeal.

“You stole from us” was all he said back.

Resigned to his fate he went back to his sister, I sat back down to watch, someone pulled the gag from Emma’s mouth allowing us to hear her pitiful begs to stop. Despite her bothers objections the revelation that he was fucking his sister had done nothing to diminish his erection. He tried not to look at her body as he fucked her hard, trying to get it over a quickly as possible. Amy’s nails dug into my arm, her body so turned on by the forbidden act unfolding in front of her. Emma’s body had been well warmed up, despite the fact that she clearly hated what was happening, it began to respond thrusting back into her brothers cock. She came with a howl of pure sorrow and began to sob like a child.

“She came” Amy mumbled, suddenly as if giving voice to the thought made it real, her own body tensed, breathing hard. Her nails broke the skin on my arm and the blood tricked down as she came. The orgasm was small but no less real. I let her curl up into me, no one was looking at us, and held her wondering what deep dark thoughts this pretty geek must have to cum from just watching this. Faye looked over with a knowing smile whispering to me that she really would have to get us fucking soon.

In the middle of the room the show was coming to an end, his pleasure spiking he thrust wildly, he came into his sister to the jeering of the crowd. Weeping almost as much as the girl as he collapsed on top of her.

“If you are not straight with us by the end of next month you can come back and take her arse” said Eddy. I looked at the family I had helped damage, the girl I had helped destroyed and I felt nothing but I would when I wake up in the dark, in the middle of the night with no one but myself to talk to and my soul is laid bare. Then and only then I feel true shame.

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