Reconciliation at All Costs!

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Ned Samuels was in the middle of servicing his girlfriend, Jessenia Ramos, while his other girlfriend, Marisol (Jessenia’s younger sister) sat on his face, when the knock came at the door. Neither lady was going to get up while so damn close to cumming, so whoever it was would have to wait until they were good and ready, damn it! Ned loved that about his two ladies, of course. They insisted on getting their pleasure and they were hooked on getting it from him, thank God! Ned adored his girls and he wouldn’t even think of dropping them in the least.

It was no accident that Ned spoiled both women, some would say atrociously, treasured them, and generally treated them like the greatest thing since tamales. They, in turn, called him and thought of him as “papi,” and they went out of their way to pamper him, too. The only downside was that neither girl would do incest with the other, but that was an understandable squick, given the societal taboos that existed as much in Mexico as in the United States. They had tried it a few times when drunk, but the shame and guilt was too much to bear, so he had let that one go. The last thing that he wanted was to poison his love affair with his sweet Mexican lovers by asking for something that they couldn’t handle.

Ned wanted to get his own pleasure, too, so he continued licking Marisol, even as Jessenia used her hips to milk him for her favorite reward: his cum. Both ladies really enjoyed the taste of his jizz, as well as the feeling of running down their thighs and legs. They loved it when he claimed them as his girls, and then claimed them all over again whenever the Viagra permitted. He wasn’t a spring chicken, but he was able to keep up with both girls extremely well, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine.

God, he loved both of those senoritas! They made his early retirement (only possible because his cousin Matt and his sister Annette had received “loans” from him before the divorce, which they then repaid to him after the settlement) quite delightful indeed. Sure, he could have kept fucking everything that moved, and sometimes, the girls surprised him with a third woman that they didn’t mind sharing with him and each other. They weren’t a closed triad by any means and they didn’t mind the taste of pussy, just the reality of incest. He just didn’t do as much of such extracurricular activities as he used to anymore, nor did the sisters. He slowed down, but he didn’t stop altogether.

The knocking became more insistent, of course, and at last the idea of getting caught sufficiently excited Jessenia that she came, just seconds before Marisol did the same. With that done, Marisol climbed off Ned’s face and descended to her knees to lick his balls, accidentally tasting her sister’s culo in the process. This time, though, instead of making a face or feeling as guilty as before (perhaps because it was unintentional), she just went back to sucking her lover’s salty, sweaty sack. Ned lost all self-control, especially as he realized from Jessenia’s sudden sigh what Marisol had slipped and done. He spilled his load inside Jessenia’s twat and she rose to kiss her sister on the lips, tasting his sweat from Marisol’s tongue.

“I guess…it’s not a hard limit anymore,” Ned smiled at both girls, who giggled and knelt to suck him clean together.

“Well, she does have a tasty ass! And…if we’re both girls, then…we can’t have babies together, deformed or otherwise, si, papi?” Marisol observed, looking up at him, hoping for understanding instead of judgment.

“Of course, my sweet Sun baby,” Ned used one of his pet names for her, one that he derived from the “sol” in her name, which meant “sun.”

“Yes, I think that we can…do more of that in the future, together. Should I answer the door now? If you’d like, I can do it in the nude,” Jessenia ran her fingers through what remained of her middle-aged lover’s hair…she loved every part of him, even his bald spot.

“Do it…anyone who has any business with me should be aware that you’re basically my wives. I mean, for all intents and purposes…we live together. You two share my bed. If they’re not prepared to deal with the reality of my love life, that’s their problem and they’re probably not someone who has any business with me, right?” Ned chuckled at a vision in his head of his idiot parents or equally stupid brother showing up…he had no use for his family outside his sister Annette and his cousin Matt.

With that, Jessenia let the bedsheet slip to the ground and opened the door at last, to a very real and audible gasp from Chloe’s mother, Nadine. What the fuck was Ned’s former mother-in-law doing in Acapulco, anyway? She wasn’t made of money, earned or inherited, which was a large part of why Chloe had always hungered for the better life. Someone had to have funded this trip for Nadine Rivers, and one could only guess who that might be!

A former stripper who had blown through her savings years before illegal bahis and started her own club with capital from an unknown source, Nadine was still quite sexy in a mature way, but the cigarette breath and raspy voice could be turn-offs at times. Whatever the case, if she was down in Mexico, it was on some kind of mission from her daughter, no doubt of that. Chloe had to have put her up to it, and that in Ned’s mind solved the mystery of who had paid for her vacation. It had to be her now very rich daughter.

“Nadine…,” Ned coughed, more than a little stunned.

“Well, well, I told Chloe that this would happen, and she never did listen to me, not until recently. Christ, my daughter is as smart as a whip, but sometimes, you’d never know it to watch her in action! She might be built like a brick house, but she acts as dumb as a ton of bricks, too. I told her that you were a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but she just didn’t get it. I did it. I can read a man very well. I have to…in both my past and present professions. Surely you knew that I didn’t just strip for a living, right?” Nadine’s eyebrows raised as she took in the scene of not one, but two naked senoritas in Ned’s Acapulco home.

“I knew no such thing and don’t call me Shirley,” Ned quipped, making Nadine laugh more than a little as she caught the Leslie Nielsen reference, “Chloe wasn’t very forthcoming about your past…and hers. I wasn’t given any reason to take it at anything but face value. I wondered, mind you, because one always hears stories about strippers doing side work, but never heard anything concrete. Anyway, these are Jessenia and Marisol Ramos, my girlfriends. They might as well be my wives, because I’m that committed to them. Girls, this is Nadine Rivers, my former mother-in-law. My ex-wife’s mother.”

“Polygamy’s illegal in Mexico, too, but I guess as long as you don’t formalize it, there’s no crime. No laws are broken. I gather that they’re not exactly good Catholic girls, though, if they’re sleeping with a divorced man. Not that it matters. I’m a rotten Catholic girl myself. For a Jew, you keep getting stuck with bad Catholic girls, don’t you? Just an observation. Did I ever tell you that Chloe’s father was Jewish, too?” Nadine continued rambling, which made Ned a bit impatient to get her to the point.

“I just know that you never married him, but you were good to him, aside from constantly cheating on him, of course. Him leaving you was only a matter of time. At least he had the brains to protect his assets by avoiding holy matrimony, that’s one that he had over me, I guess. I hear that he misses you a lot, except for the cheating part, of course. That was a dealbreaker for him, too, wasn’t it? He’d rather be miserable and lonely without you than wear the horns. Give the man credit for chutzpah, at least. Good for him.

“Now, what exactly brings us to this point? I’ve never thought that you liked me enough to come all the way down to Mexico to see me again, nor that you were fond enough of my company to stand here chewing the flab with my girlfriends and me. As for what kind of girls they are, well, I leave such judgments to God. Being Jewish, I tend to assume that he’s a bit more sensible than the sadomasochistic one with multiple personalities painted in the mix of urban legends and rambling letters that you folks call the New Testament, at least.

“I like to think that maybe he’s mellowed out a bit since his Sodom and Gomorrah, witch hunting, genocide-happy days from the Torah, too. The way that most rabbis talk, one would think so, at any rate. Well, most Reform rabbis, anyway,” Ned confronted Nadine, still unsure of her business, though it was obviously connected to Chloe somehow.

“Yeah, you got it on the nail. It’s all about Chloe. This ain’t a social call, though you’re wrong about me. I’ve always liked you more than I let on…in fact, that was kinda the problem. I had to restrain myself at times, so that forced some distance, due to my…attraction to you. I didn’t want Chloe thinking that I was out to snatch her man. Turns out that she was her own worst enemy there, wasn’t she? That apple didn’t fall far from the tree at all.

“Look…I know that this is very…awkward, in front of your ladies, but they don’t have to be sacrificed or fear for their futures with you, not at all. She wants you back, Ned. She wants you back…badly! She didn’t realize how much so until I objected at her wedding to Sean, telling everyone that she shouldn’t marry him because she still loved her ex-husband. Yes, I did that, and as my punishment, my daughter sent me down here. I’m willing to pay that price for my daughter’s happiness. She doesn’t deserve it, but she’s my baby girl, and I’d sell my soul to save her from herself, if necessary.

“Sean took it surprisingly well, giving her a lump sum of three million dollars to just go away and spare him further embarrassment and humiliation, further wounding casino siteleri of his ego, his injured pride. Yeah, I stopped the wedding, because when I told the truth, Chloe was in tears and she admitted that what I said was true. She also slapped me in anger for messing up her plans, but then hugged me to thank me for doing just that. Talk about a confused young woman!

“Funny thing, Sean immediately grabbed his lawyer, pulled out a new license, took her in his arms, and marched her up to the minister in the wedding chapel, and told her, in front of him, ‘You’re fired. Now, let’s get hitched.’ Evidently, he had real doubts, too, and he already had a Plan B wife lined up, none other than Beth Davies, the woman who represented both Chloe and himself in recent instances. Turns out that they were fucking each other the whole time. It’s a wonder that she hasn’t gotten disbarred, to be honest!

“Look, Ned…Chloe is in earnest here. She really, really wants you back! She hasn’t even told me how much she wants you back, but actions speak louder than words, and her acts include a proposed open marriage, ‘so as to get it right this time,’ to use her own words. She told me, very bluntly that, like me, she had just been torn between her desire to be a good, proper wife to you in the old sense and the desire to be a slut. The former kept her from suggesting an open marriage in the past, but the latter kept her from being faithful to you, so the net result was that the wedding vows were only honored in the breach, if at all.

“In other words, like mother, like daughter, I guess! I made the same exact mistakes with her father, and I’m tempted still to try to get him back, but he’ll never agree to it, not least because he has remarried now. He’s free to do so without breaking any laws of his faith, but I’m stuck in that sense, not that I care. Here’s the deal…I’m the sweetener, if you will. Chloe told me to offer my body to you, and more, if you wish it, in exchange for you coming back to her. I’m glad to do so, in fact. I’ve always wanted you, anyway, and she’s smart enough to know that.

“Chloe proposes a trial reconciliation, if you will. You live together with her. You bring, in her words, ‘anyone who has been good enough to love you,’ with you, she’ll happily share you with them and with me. She’ll never ask you to give them up. Ever. Whatever happens. If she proves herself enough to you, in a year’s time, she wants to get married all over again, but with a pre-nuptial agreement that protects both of your assets so that you’ll know that each of you are doing it for the right reasons.

“The agreement would also have a clause that enshrines an open marriage, so that both of you could get it on with others without any further issues. She wants it plain that she cannot promise fidelity to you and she refuses to lie or cheat as she did in the past. She also wants it understood that if she ever learns that she’s pregnant to another man, she’ll tell you about it, and if that you cannot bring yourself to claim it, she’ll completely understand and give it up for adoption. I’ve agreed to adopt in that situation. Can’t have my grandchild grow up a ward of the State, can I? She refuses to get an abortion, however. You know how she feels about that issue. Anyway, any thoughts on this whole deal?” Nadine made her pitch at length.

Ned was very red in the face, and he instinctively reached for his girls to make it clear that he wasn’t going to give either of them up, let alone both. Nadine smiled and walked over to kiss him on the lips. Then she began to make a path down to his belly, followed by his groin. Before too long, his cock was in her mouth, and that fifty something former exotic dancer and whore did what she did best: she sucked. When the girls saw this, instead of getting upset, they held her head in place, making damn sure that their man got a blowjob worthy of the name.

“Now, listen up, while your mouth is busy and can’t interrupt me. I’ll consider your daughter’s offer, but the terms and conditions are mine to set, not hers. Yes, it will involve an open marriage and a pre-nup, that much is understood. It wasn’t the other men, it was the lying, cutting off, the attempt to keep me ignorant and thus faithful while she strayed, that sort of thing, that bugged the hell out of me.

“Ironically, the nicest things that she’s ever done while married to me were the drunken orgy with her girlfriends as well as sending you to me. Very nice indeed. Well, that and drunkenly giving me her ass at last, though I still don’t recall it. Let me be frank here. I’m not giving up these girls for the world. They’re MINE! My senoritas! I love them to death! I’m pleased that Chloe refused to marry Sean, though, and that she wants me back that badly. I’m glad that she realized her mistake, but there is a price to pay for it.

“For the first year, prior to the marriage, Chloe has to agree to be my sex slave. poker siteleri That’s right. I fully intend to test her sincerity by having her wear my collar, along with a slave tattoo. Temporary, of course. She will deny me nothing at all that I want, too. If I want her to eat a creampie of my cum from Jessi or Mari here, she’s to do it. If I want her to get me another turn with Sasha, Jackie, or Monica, she’s to do that, too. If I want her to help me find out for sure if my sister really is in love with me, she’ll do that. If I want to use her to get vengeance on my sick parents and brother, she’ll do that as well.

“She used me up and spat me out. She’ll learn what it’s like to be used for a change. When not in public, she’s to go naked, too. At home. Naked. Until I say otherwise and for at least that year. If she can handle that year of slavery, then we’ll talk the terms of remarriage, but they will be MY terms, not hers. I’m not as mad as I used to be, thanks to my girls here, but I am still mistrustful of her and her intentions, and that trust will be very hard to regain here. It’s her turn to trust me instead.

“She’ll have to accept that there will always be at least two others, and that’s the sisters Ramos here. That’s non-negotiable. They soothed my wounded heart and pride. They comforted me when I needed it most. They’ve given me more than just their bodies. They gave me their love, which is more than she can say much of the time. I’ve made a commitment to my girls, and I refuse to give them up for anyone. Ever. At all.

“One other thing. I’m not going back. If Chloe wants me back, she comes to me. She comes down here to Acapulco, makes her offer of abject submission and unconditional surrender to me here, on my turf. This war between us, it can only end with her surrender, her capitulation, nothing less. She’s the one who is trying to woo me. She has to do it on my terms. I’m the one with leverage. She’s the supplicant. She had better come to me, crawling, on her hands and knees. She’ll need to grovel.

“I never asked such things of her while married, of course. But things have changed. Now I’m in the driver’s seat, and she needs to grow up and face the facts. She had things mostly her way while she was my wife, but this time is my time. I’m getting my own back. She has to make restitution here. Reparations for the wrongs that she’s done me. She has to atone for her past sins against me, including drugging and raping me so that she could use it for evidence against me in the divorce.

“Yes, Chloe comes down here, and she’s not to have anything to do with my parents or my brother, either. Now, my sister is a different matter, as is my cousin Matt, his wife Judith, and company. She comes down here with only the clothes that she absolutely needs to wear outside. The rest of the time she’s to be naked as Eve.

“If I sound like a hard-ass, well, that’s tough. That’s my stance. I’m not going to be a milquetoast or a sap. I’m no lovestruck fool. I’m an ex-husband, and I owe absolutely nothing to her, but everything to my girls here. She’s to obey me, and here’s the real catch. She’s to obey them as well. If the girls ask something of her, she’s to say, ‘Yes, Mistress.’ If I command her, she is to say, ‘Yes, Master.’

“She’ll be asked to sign a contract, of course. One that requires her to service me loyally and do what I ask of her. She won’t have a job. She won’t need a job. I’m retired and so is she now. She’ll be home and available to pleasure my girls and me alike. She’s to get electrolysis treatments, too, and in the meantime, to keep her pussy shaved smooth as can be.

“After the year is up, if she STILL wants me back, then we’ll see. But until then, this is how it has to be. Have her tell me what she thinks of my fine offer before you leave, won’t you?” Ned elaborated, causing a sharp intake of breath, but also making Nadine more than a little wet.

“Uh…fuck!” Nadine stopped just long enough to exclaim, and then resumed sucking him until he shot off his load down her throat, making the most of her wonderful mouth and tongue.

“So, what do you think of my fine offer to your daughter, dear former mother-in-law?” Ned teased her.

“Call me, ‘Mom,’ please. I’m going to be your mother now. From now on. Your own mother was never this nice to you, I know for a fact. And I don’t know how Chloe will take this. It can go either way, but if she doesn’t want it, I’ll take a slightly toned down version of that deal for myself. Even if she does want it, I want to take it, too. Not because I need to, but because I want to…I want to be your new mom AND your love slave at once! Please…I’m lonely!

“I’ll gladly sell my business, move in, and service the three of you, every day and seven times on Sunday, dear! I’ll go down on Annette, too, if you wish! I’ll eat Chloe out as well! Anything, baby! You won’t regret it! I need a man…badly! And I’ve never had a son! Only Chloe! I love her, but I do wish that I had a son! A little prince to spoil rotten and give a mother’s love!” Nadine implored Ned, whose only answer was a smile.

“You have one now…Mom,” Ned told her, taking her snowball and then letting the sisters taste it as well.

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His Apartment – a Cuckold Story

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He hears a “ping” from his phone and looks down to see the text from his girlfriend, “Did you change the sheets as I asked?”

His only response, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. We should be done by 4:30, but wait for my text.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

He loses focus on everything except for her and her lover. He feels his cage tighten as his cock tries to grow.

This is a new experience for him. Amanda has met a new man and his apartment is much more convenient for her to entertain her new lover. He offered it passing, kidding, however, she perked up and loved the idea and felt it would be much more convenient for her pleasure.

She has yet to allow him sex of any kind with her, he has not even seen her naked yet, and the only romantic contact was holding her hand and kissing. She did like him and wanted a lasting relationship with her, so she was denying him sex in order to build a substantive relationship, but also felt that she should not be deprived of sex, to which he understood and agreed, after all, this was his role – her emotional fulfillment.

She mentioned that she wanted to see her new friend with benefits more often, but due to the distance between them, it was difficult, so he mentioned why not use his apartment, in passing and somewhat kidding, but she perked up at that idea and thought it was a great idea and thanked him. He was a little shocked and no less humiliated at the thought of his girlfriend having sex in his bed with another man, before even having seen her naked. What has he gotten himself into?

She was excited to fuck another man in his bed.

He wanted to text something to her, but did not know what to text, as anything would be obvious – she was going to use his bed to fuck another man and he could not do anything about it as he relinquished control to her long ago. So, he just tried to concentrate on work until it was time to go home – in another four hours, which he knew her new lover was able to fuck her for hours on end, and cum multiple times. He wanted to be there, but was unable to leave work, not that he had that option as she did not want him there anyway.

Thirty minutes later, he receives another text from his keyholder, this time, it was only a picture of his neatly made bed, with her pink thong panties lying on top of the comforter. His first thought was “she is really going to do this,” as his cage tightened again and his heart sank a little bit. He did not know what to reply, so he only replied with a “you really are going to do this, Ma’am?”

Five minutes later, another “ping,” and another picture, this time was a picture of her, sitting on the edge of his canlı bahis bed with her lover’s cock in her mouth – obviously taken by him. His heart sank, his cock grew, and he sat down in his chair not able to think of anything else except what was going on in his apartment – on his bed. He responded as instructed, but no more than a “thank you Ma’am,” as he was not able to think of anything else. One more ‘ping’ which read: “She is going to be busy for a while, finish your work day and wait for her texts,” which was obviously written by him. She now is allowing her lover to humiliate him. His cock tightened the cage, and he began to finish his office work, as instructed. He was quite obedient, which she loved about him.

His heart sank and a warm rush filled his body and concentrated between his legs as he felt his balls squeeze at the restricted attempt of his cock to become hard. He sat down, but that only made it physically more uncomfortable, so he stood up again. He returned to his computer and obeyed his Love and returned to his work, all the while thinking of his Love in bed, his bed, with another man.

After an hour went by with no communication from his Love, he hears a ping, and jumps with anxiety for his phone. It was a text from a co-worker about meeting for an afternoon coffee. He was disappointed, but was optimistically expecting Amanda. He hesitated to respond, but eventually accepted her invitation for coffee as it would keep his mind busy. He met his co-worker in the usual place at the elevator bank and they traversed down to the lower level. AS they were standing in line, he heard another ping, and quickly reached for his phone to read the text. It was from Amanda. His heart sank a little bit and was not sure if he wanted to read her text, but knew he was dying to read it. He looked around and noticed that his co-worker was looking at him with a curious look and a smile. He smiled back and read the text,

“Hi cucky! We are taking a break after round 1. Oh my! What a lovely bed you have!”

He felt as if his co-worker could read the text as well, as he felt his face go flush and a warm rush ran throughout his body. She looked at him,

“Everything ok?” He replied with a forced smile of humiliation, “yeah, for her.” His co-worker looked him with a bit of shock. He, not realizing what he said, tried to retract his words, but they were already out there.

“Who is ‘her’?” she asked. They retrieved their coffee and sat down. She looked at him with great curiosity and he was now embarrassed and could not think of anything to say or explain, and Susan would not let this go. So he told her kaçak iddaa more about Amanda. Susan had already known about Amanda, that Michael was starting to date her, but did not know about his role.

As Michael began to tell Susan that Amanda and he had only kissed, but she had a friend with benefits, (he only mentioned one, not all three,) another ‘ping’ hit his phone. He looked down and knew it was from Amanda – Susan looked with excitement,

“Oh, is that her? What does it say?!”

He opened the text, Susan trying to peek at it, it read, “Are you there? Are you mad at me for fucking him in your bed and you have yet to feel me?” He responded with, “No Ma’am, I am not mad at you in the least, I know my role and your needs. I was in a meeting…I am glad you are enjoying me bed.”

“How are you feeling knowing I am in your bed with another man?”

“Humiliated, jealous, excited, embarrassed. How are you feeling, Ma’am?”

“Great – as you should! I am loving this, it feels so great!! He has returned next to me, and licking my breast – time for round 2!”

Feeling more humiliated, he replied, “Yes, Ma’am, I am glad you are enjoying yourself.”

“VERY MUCH!” Then there were no more pings.

“Well?! What did she say?!” Susan excitedly asked.

Michael continued telling her about Amanda and how she was depriving him of sex, but not herself, and then paused. He then led into how Amanda wanted to have sex in his bed…with someone else, and that is where she was right this very moment. Even though Susan was somewhat shocked, she was not as shocked as Michael expected, thought it did not diminish his sense of humiliation, now that he has confided in a female co-worker. She kind of giggled a little, and embarrassed him more by stating how humiliating that must feel. With those words, his cage got tighter, now, another woman was humiliating him, and she doesn’t even know he is in chastity and the key is on Amanda’s necklace around her neck, in his bed, probably swinging with every thrust from her lover. He then had a thought that he hoped they were not disturbing the neighbors – he has no idea how loud, or not loud, she is during sex. OMG! He was feeling quite submissive now, between these thoughts and his co-worker making fun of him, his balls ached, cage was tight and there was nothing he could do about this situation. His mind was spinning.

Susan kept asking all sorts of questions, mostly what it was about, his experience, and enjoyment about this type relationship, so they sat and talked for a while, it is not as if Michael was able to concentrate on work, anyway. Eventually, kaçak bahis in his submissive and humiliated state of mind, Michael told Susan everything, his first cuckold relationship, to his presently caged cock. She now knew most everything about him and was shocked, but intrigued, and smiled and even laughed a little when he told her his penis was under lock and key as they spoke. She unknowingly added to his humiliation by looking up what the chastity device looked like on her phone – and laughed, a bit out loud.

Soon after their conversation, another ‘ping,’ which read,

“When will you be home?” He responded with, “When am I allowed to come home, Ma’am?”

She responded with instructions to return home in an hour, and that they were taking a break and probably go for another round as she sent him a photo of her lover’s semi-hard cock. He was also to text her when he was a block away. He replied in the affirmative and then turned to Susan and filled her in with their recent text, even showing her the picture she sent. Susan looked at him with excitement. They chatted a bit longer, and eventually went back to their office to finish the day.

As he was leaving his office, he passed Susan’s desk, and she gave him a wicked grin, “Let me know how it goes,” with a chuckle. He spoke no words, but blushed with embarrassment and humiliation while his caged tightened a little.

The ride home was uncomfortable in his crotch and felt like forever. He could not help what he would see when he opened his apartment door. As he approached his apartment, he texted her as instructed, and waited for a reply. Ten minutes went by before a response. He was getting anxious, but also a bit mad for having to wait, but realized and knew he could not do anything about it.

“Ping.” He looked at his phone, “Hello cuck boy, how are you doing?” He replied short with patience, “Fine, Ma’am.” “Just fine? I thought you would be happy knowing I got fucked in your bed!” He quickly went back to his place, “Yes Ma’am, I am glad, I only wished it was me who was doing the fucking.” “Ah, one day, cucky, one day. 😉 I am waiting for you at your apartment, it is time for you to come home.” He thought to himself, ‘finally!’ but in no way could text that back to her, so instead he replied, “thank you Ma’am, I will be there shortly.” He walked quickly.

He opened the door to his apartment and she was sitting there, fully clothed, hair a mess and cheeks flushed, from the hours of sex. She stood up and gave him a big hug and deep sensual kiss which he received with pleasure as his cage tightened more, squeezing his now painful balls.

She pulled away from his lips and asked, “I hope you are doing ok, I want to thank you for the use of your bed – what a great cuck you are! By the way, how did you like the taste of his cum?”

He dropped to humiliation, knowing the taste on her kiss was fresh cum.

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Highway Closure

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Jolene was on her way back home after another two weeks working at her company’s Kamloops location. She’d been spending two weeks there and one week home in Calgary for 15 weeks now. “This has got to end soon” she thought as she finished up putting gas in her Jeep Grand Cherokee. As she made her way back onto the highway, she saw a pick up truck marked “Pilot vehicle” drive past her. “Could it be Jeff?” she wondered.

About a month prior, as she had been driving towards Kamloops, she had been caught in a major delay due to a big accident that had closed the highway and had met Jeff, a pilot vehicle driver that had also been caught in the same delay. They had passed some of the time chatting and Jeff had left quite the impression on Jolene. She’d enjoyed talking with him and had found him quite easy on the eyes. Since then, she’d always paid attention to vehicles around her on the roads, hoping to see him again and regretting not exchanging contact information with him back then.

As she followed two vehicles behind, she watched for opportunities to pass them and get up close to this pilot vehicle, hoping it was him, wondering how she’d get him to stop and chat. Eventually, one of the vehicles passed him and the other took an exit which left Jolene right behind the pilot vehicle. She tried to get glimpses of its driver to confirm it was was Jeff or not but couldn’t be sure. As they entered a mountain pass, they were stuck behind two semis that simply couldn’t go fast. Jolene was impressed by the room the driver ahead, possibly Jeff, was leaving them and made sure she didn’t follow too close either. Then, in her rear view mirror, she saw a car passing one of the vehicles in the long line of cars behind her. The driver was taking wild chances and passing in areas that he shouldn’t have been passing in.

All of a sudden, there he was, passing in a curve despite the fact there were vehicles oncoming. Jolene had to slam on the brakes to allow him to slide into the lane in front of her. She quickly looked at the license plate and, like she often did, she formed a word with the letters on the plate. “Mike April 22” for the license plate MIE422. She shook her head at how closely this guy was following the pilot vehicle. Despite the close call just moments before, he did the same to the pilot vehicle, passing him recklessly. “Is this guy nuts?” Jolene wondered.

Then, he got out to pass the semi.

“Holy shit, he is nuts!”

Jolene instinctively slowed down, even though there was already lots of space between her and the vehicle ahead. They were approaching a narrow bridge and Jolene was really worried about this careless driver. And then it happened so fast, Jolene barely had time to think. The semi, seeing how the car wouldn’t make it, veered to the right, hit the end of a guard rail and bounced back across the road, narrowly missing the oncoming car the crazy driver had swerved to avoid and then slamming head on into another semi, one pulling a trailer full of liquid. To avoid both, the pilot car slammed on the brakes and veered to the right. He cleared the guard rail and went into the ditch, eventually crashing into a big boulder.

Jolene stopped her Jeep on the side of the road, a few hundred yards away from both accidents as did the vehicles behind her. She quickly shut down the engine, got out and grabbed a bag from the back and headed towards the pilot vehicle, yelling at others to go help the drivers of the semis.

Jolene put on a pair of gloves as she ran to the pilot vehicle and saw that all the airbags had deployed. She got to the vehicle just as the driver’s door opened.

“Jeff! It is you!”

The man in the vehicle slowly turned his head and looked at her.


“Don’t move. Let me check you out first.”

“I’m fine. What are the odds, eh?”

“Jeff, you and I both know there’s no such thing as fine when you crash like that. Besides, you’re bleeding. Let me look at you.”

“Minor cuts from the windshield glass, that’s all. I knew I was going to crash so I braced myself. I’m fine, I tell you.”

With that, he tried to undo the seat belt. He found that it was stuck. He turned around and said “Jo, would you grab that blue bag from the back?”

“No need, I have everything I need right here in my own bag.”

Instead of reaching for the scissors, Jolene grabbed gauze and started wiping away the blood from Jeff’s forehead. As he tried to protest, Jolene shushed him. “Just let me do this.”

Jolene quickly cleaned him up and saw that he’d been right about the cuts being superficial and applied a few pieces of tape to keep them clean and closed. She then took her scissors and cut the seat belt and freed him.

Jeff got out of the vehicle and pulled her into a hug. “Nice to see you again Jo.” Then, he said “Let’s bahis siteleri go help those poor drivers.”

At that very moment, they heard and felt an explosion. Quickly, Jeff pulled up his jacket and covered both their heads. Burning bits and pieces from the explosion fell around them. After a few moments, he turned around and said “Oh boy, there won’t be much helping these two now.”

Then, they heard a rumble. “What’s that?” Jolene asked.

Jeff looked up and then turned her around and pointed to the mountain behind. “Avalanche”

“Are we at risk here? Should we go duck?”

“No, it’s too far to reach us.”

Jeff put his arm around Jolene and held her close as they watched the powerful avalanche make its way down the mountainside. It lasted less than two minutes and created a big cloud of snow that took a few more minutes to settle down. Then, Jeff said

“A lot of people need our help over there. We can’t do anything for the truck drivers but we can go help dig these people out. Let’s grab these shovels from the back of my truck and go.”

Both Jolene and Jeff grabbed shovels and made their way to the pile of snow and started digging. They worked tirelessly to help dig out motorists caught in the avalanche, joined by dozens of others. It was three hours later that they finally stopped and headed back towards their vehicles. They spoke to an officer that had come over the avalanche and learned that the highway would be closed at least overnight while crews worked to clear the avalanche and the accident. The officer asked them for their statements and both the officer and Jeff were surprised and impressed when Jolene provided the license plate number of the car that had caused it all. The officer thanked them for their cooperation and help.

They were then given the option of walking over the avalanche path and getting on a bus towards the previous town but like a lot of other people, both of them opted to stay with their vehicles, Jeff stating that his company would require him to not abandon his vehicle and Jolene saying she’d stay also.

As they walked towards their vehicles, Jeff said “We worked really well together.”

“Yes, we did.”

“Think you can put up with me for a while longer?”

Jolene smiled and said “I think so. It’s not like that truck of yours will protect you from the cold now.”

“I have an emergency kit that includes a sleeping bag, and a camping stove and stuff.”

“Great! I have a sleeping bag too! And I have food and water and we can make room in the back of my Jeep to comfortably sleep.”

They grabbed the supplies from Jeff’s truck and moved stuff around in Jolene’s Jeep and started making something to eat. They watched as the semi continued to burn in the background, providing light as the night fell upon them. Part of what they’d been told was that firefighters on the other side of the accident had opted to let the semi burn itself out of its load of fuel and protect the bridge instead so all their water was aimed at the bridge.

They rearranged things in Jolene’s Jeep and prepared an area to sleep in.

As they stood next to the vehicle, Jeff asked “Are you okay with us sleeping close together like this?”

“I’ve been looking forward to it all afternoon actually.”



Jeff pulled her to him and kissed her for the first time. As their tongues mingled, their arms tightened around each other and their passions rose. They kissed for a while and allowed their hands to roam and feel each other up for the first time, discovering each other’s bodies. But when Jolene got bold and moved her hand over his hardening cock, Jeff pulled away.

“Is there a problem?” Jolene asked gently.

“Jo, uh, I’m not sure how to say this.”

“Just be honest. I can take it.”

“Okay. Thing is, I don’t make love to a woman without protection and I don’t have any with me.”


“No. Never. At least, not since I was 20. See, when I was 19, I was horny and I was foolish and I trusted this girl who said she couldn’t get pregnant and went without. Well, she got pregnant which was her goal all along. After that, I wasn’t going to get caught again and swore I’d never have unprotected sex again.”

“What happened to the child?”

“She miscarried. It was a good thing. I’m just not the dad type. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, other people’s kids. I just never wanted them myself. Do you have kids?”

“No, like you, I just didn’t want any. Now, let’s get into the back and get comfortable. I’d still like us to put the two sleeping bags together and be close.”

They took off their boots and their jackets and got ready to lay down in their makeshift bed. Then, Jolene reached for one of her bags and pulled out something. canlı bahis siteleri

“I have something for you” she said as she handed the item to Jeff.

Jeff took the item and pulled her into a kiss before saying “You’re unbelievable. You have condoms! You must have been a girl scout! Always ready or always prepared whatever is their motto.”

Jolene laughed with him and said “No, not a girl scout. Just part of my personality. Now kiss me again and let me resume the exploration you so rudely interrupted.”

Jeff smiled and pulled her to him, kissing her and pulling her hand onto his hardening cock. Then, he reached under her sweater to her breast, caressing the nipple to a peak under her tank top and bra. He pushed up her sweater and they broke their kiss to take it off. Jolene reached for Jeff’s belt and pulled on his shirt, indicating that if she was going to shed some clothes, he should too. Jeff complied, taking off not only his shirt but his undershirt too. Jolene growled as she started caressing his bare skin and kissing his chest.

It was Jeff’s turn to growl as Jolene took one of his nipples into her mouth and applied suction and well as tongue, teasing him. Her hand made its way back to his belt and pulled it apart, then attacking the pants themselves. He gasped when she reached in and wrapped her hand around his now hard cock. She continued teasing his nipples with her tongue, moving from one to the other as her hand stroked his hard length.

He pulled her face up to his and kissed her deeply. Then, he stopped her hand on his cock, saying “You’re going to have me coming off right away baby, and you don’t even have your clothes off!”

Laughing, Jolene sat up and took off her tank top and her bra, exposing herself to him in the orange glow from the fire.

Jeff wasted no time and pulled her back down to horizontal so that he could have his turn teasing her nipples which drew a sharp intake of breath from their owner. Jolene’s hand went to Jeff’s hair and she wrapped her fingers into the softest hair she’d ever encountered.

“Your hair is so soft!”


As his tongue teased her nipple and his hand caressed her skin, Jolene’s back arched, enjoying the moment. Soon, it was his turn to deal with her belt and jeans and snake his hand down her underwear. At first, he simply caressed her mound, taking his time as her legs opened up to him. She moaned as his fingers parted her nether lips and stroked the folds gently. When his middle finger finally made contact with her clit, Jolene’s hips rose sharply off the bed, showing him just how much she was craving his touch and this made him smile, enjoying her responsiveness.

He then pushed the finger inside her tight pussy and again, she responded with a moan. He teased her nub with his thumb while moving another finger inside her, making her pant and arch her back. Attentive to her breathing and moans, he focused where she responded the most and soon had her begging.

“Don’t stop, please Jeff, don’t stop!”

He complied, continuing his gentle attack on her pussy and clit, stroking her, pushing her towards that edge while teasing her nipple with his tongue.

“Yes, Jeff, YES!”

He felt her pussy walls contract around his fingers as she came for him. He then eased his caress, without really stopping and his lips left her nipple to go meet with her lips, kissing her deeply. When they broke the kiss, Jolene had the condoms in her hand again and said “Put one on now, I want to have you inside me.”

Not one to argue with such an interesting request, Jeff tore open the packet and put the condom on his length while Jolene took off her jeans and undies. Jeff also removed his pants and then positioned himself between her open legs. As soon as he was on top of her, she used her legs to pull him down upon her. He glided easily inside her, stopping when he reached her depths. They looked at each other, both enjoying the moment and the intense feeling of connection.

She moved first, just tipping her hips up to rub against him and that was his undoing, he started moving back and forth between her legs, creating delicious friction and heat.

“You’re so tight Jo, this is so good.”

“Yeah, I think we’re a good match here too. God, this feels good.”

Then, there was no more talking, only moaning and grunting as they focused on the pleasure and the amazing sensations brought on by their joining. There was nothing fancy, no wild positions, no weird angles, just two bodies moving in unison, immensely enjoying each other.

Jeff continued to move in and out of her tight pussy, alternating between kissing her on the lips and kissing her neck or nibbling on her ear while one hand caressed her hair and the other tweaked her güvenilir bahis nipple. Jolene’s hands were caressing his back, his hair, and then reaching down to pull his hips down as deep as possible. Soon, the tempo increases as both feel their need increase. Words were once again needed.

“Don’t stop Jeff. This feels so good, don’t stop.”

“I don’t think I could stop even if I wanted to, Jo.”

His hand made its way down to help lift up her hips against his.

“I want you to come baby, come on my cock, squeeze my cock like you squeezed my fingers earlier.”

Jolene started squeezing with her pussy muscles, clamping down around his hardness. Her breathing was ragged and she was moaning, quickly feeling her impending orgasm build and build. Again, she begged:

“Please don’t stop, I’m so close, please Jeff, don’t stop!”

Jeff wasn’t going to let her down and pounded her pussy hard, building up his own need for release.

“I’m cumming Jeff, Oh, that’s so good!”

Jolene then cried her release and was joined by Jeff’s groans as he came too.

Soon, they stopped moving and focused on catching their breaths. Jeff gently and sweetly kissed her. Then, he said “I don’t want to leave here tomorrow without your full name and number. I want to see you again.”

“I want to see you again too.”

Jeff pulled out from Jolene and after using tissues to clean up, they cuddled together, enjoying the warmth. They talked softly for a while and Jeff turned Jolene around to spoon her, thinking that they’d fall asleep like that. But Jeff’s cock had other plans. As soon as Jolene’s behind rubbed against it, it started to react and harden again. Jolene realized it and rubbed more.

“You keep doing that and you’ll get another pounding.”

“Maybe I’d like that” Jolene replied with a big smile.

Her hand made its way between their bodies and grabbed hold of his hardening cock. While her hand stoked him to hardness, his own hands got busy. The arm under her neck twisted around to reach her breasts and the other hand made its way to her pussy, stroking her folds and getting her ready for another round.

Jolene’s free hand reached for another condom and used her teeth to help open the package. She gently turned around to be able to use both hands to put the condom on his rock-hard cock but he turned her back.

“I want to take you from behind this time. I want to feel your ass against me.”

Jolene complied and allowed him entry into her wet pussy. Although she’d had his length in her only a few moments before, she gasped as he pushed into her.

“Oh yeah.”

Jeff teased her, pulling almost all out and then pushing back in.

“You like that?”


Slowly, he continued to take her from behind, caressing her breasts, teasing her nipples to hard peaks and making her moan. Jolene could feel his hot breath on her neck and could only enjoy as his hard cock moved back and forth inside her, causing delicious friction. After several minutes of this slow, leisurely movement, Jeff let go of her breast with his hand and made his way down her stomach. He pulled her leg up and over his so she was at an angle. That gave him full access to her clit while he continued to fuck her.

He heard her breathing quicken and felt her muscles contracting around his cock and knew that she was quickly building up to another orgasm and he wanted that.

“Yeah, baby, let it happen, come all over my cock again.”

“You keep fucking me like that and rubbing me and you’ll soon get what you want. God, you’re good!” Jolene said before her breath became even more ragged.

He increased the pressure on her clit and fucked her as deep as he could. Soon, her moans became pleas.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t stop.”

“That’s it, come for me, come for me baby.”

Jolene groaned deeply, feeling her third orgasm of the night wash over her.

When he felt her come back down from her high, he pushed her leg back down and then grabbed her hip to brace himself as he fucked her.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck me until you come big guy!”

Encouraged by her words, Jeff increased his speed and really fucked her, focusing on his own pleasure. Soon, it was his turn to groan loudly as he came deep within her.

After he’d cleaned up and they cuddled, they fell asleep. They woke up the next morning at day light and after considering another go, figured it might not be a good idea when they saw people milling about. They got dressed under the cover of the sleeping bag and made their way outside.

It was past noon that day when the highway was finally cleared of the accident and they were allowed to get going. Jeff had taken everything from his truck and put it in the back of Jolene’s Jeep and she drove him to the closest company office so he could report in. They exchanged contact information and vowed to get together as soon as they could.

Two people died that day on the highway but then, there was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Who says Highway closures are always bad?

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Haitian Church Deaconess MILF

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“Tobias, you’ve got issues, my brother,” Clara Mathieu said, sighing as she looked at the confused young Haitian man who sat on the couch next to her. As the Head Deaconess and Special Advisor to the Young People’s Branch of the Righteous Life Ministry, it was her duty to counsel and mentor young black men and young black women and steer them in the right direction. Life was so full of temptation leading down the road of perdition these days…

The predominantly black church located in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario, had been Clara Mathieu home for two decades, and she cared deeply for her flock. At the age of forty six, Clara Mathieu liked where her life was at. Her daughter Marie was studying at the University of Toronto and liked life in the big-city. A widow, a mother and professor of applied science at Algonquin College, Clara Mathieu was a busy bee, but she always made time for the things that really mattered…

Standing five feet ten inches tall, with long, naturally curly dark hair and amber-colored eyes, Clara Mathieu was curvaceous, with wide hips and a big round derriere that wouldn’t quit. Born on November 9, 1971, in the City of Jacmel, Haiti, Clara Mathieu moved to Ottawa, Ontario, with her family in 1991. After graduating from the University of Ottawa with a civil engineering degree in 1996, Clara Mathieu looked for work and couldn’t find any.

In 2000, Clara Mathieu began working for Algonquin College. The small school, located in the Nepean suburb of Ottawa, was growing by leaps and bounds. People in the Canadian capital weren’t used to seeing educated and confident black women teaching in schools, so Clara Mathieu was an anomaly for them. In spite of everything they threw at her, Clara Mathieu succeeded. Clara attributed her success to her family, and her church, which she considered her second home…

That’s why, when Tobias Lemieux, a young brother who grew up in the Righteous Life Ministry called Clara Mathieu and told her he was going through something, the Deaconess invited him to her home for a little chat. She hadn’t seen Tobias in church in quite some time and the burly, handsome young black man who showed up at her door was something to behold. Deaconess Clara Mathieu was determined to help tuzla eve gelen escort a brother out…

“I can’t stop masturbating to porn videos featuring women who dominate men, especially black men,” Tobias Lemieux confessed, and the well-dressed young black man sighed, not knowing what to do with himself. The son of proud, hard-working Haitian immigrants, Tobias grew up in the church and wanted to keep his way pure. At the age of nineteen, he was studying at Carleton University and had been with a few ladies, sure, but it did nothing to lessen his addiction to femdom porn…

“In those videos, the women who dominate black men, are they black or white?” Clara Mathieu asked as she leaned back on the couch, smiling faintly at the confused Tobias and trying to conceal her growing arousal. Indeed, her pussy was wet already and she was dying to rub herself but she kept her composure as she spoke to Tobias Lemieux. The handsome brother needed her help, after all…

“My favorite video involves a light-skinned black female porn star named Kitten, and she fucks the hell out of a dark-skinned brother with a strap-on dildo in a swimming pool,” Tobias Lemieux said, blushing as he spoke. Although the Deaconess kept a cool facade, inside, she was positively thrilled. All her life Clara Mathieu had been accused of being too bossy…and for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out why.

Clara’s deceased former husband Matthew Mathieu and their daughter Marie used to criticize her for being too controlling. Clara began to look inward for the source of this problem, and her search led the hard-working church leader, mother and college professor to the world of BDSM. While exploring BDSM, Clara Mathieu discovered that she was a natural dominant, and that was totally okay…

“Well, Tobias, I see you like dominant black women and I think I can help you with that,” Clara Mathieu said softly, and she looked into Tobias Lemieux’s eyes, waiting for his answer. Tobias Lemieux appeared to be pondering the Deaconess’s words. Clara Mathieu smiled and gently laid her hand on the brother’s thigh, and watched as a bulge grew in his pants. Tobias was responding to Clara’s sultry touch, just like she knew he would…

“Thank tuzla otele gelen escort you, Deaconess, please, I beg of you, can you cure me of these lustful longings?” Tobias pleaded, and he looked at Clara Mathieu and smiled innocently. Clara Mathieu smiled and nodded. There was absolutely nothing this feisty Haitian-Canadian dominatrix loved more than taking a handsome young brother, especially one from the Caribbean, and taming the hell out of him. If more black men submitted to black female dominance and power, the world would be a better place…

“The best way to remove temptation from your life is to yield to it, Tobias, now, if you surrender to me and obey without question, I will save you from yourself,” Clara Mathieu said, speaking with firmness and utmost clarity. Tobias Lemieux looked at Clara, and nodded most eagerly. For years the Haitian MILF from his church haunted his dreams, and truth be told, he couldn’t wait to serve her…

“Yes, ma’am,” Tobias Lemieux said, and Clara Mathieu smiled, and nodded approvingly. Just like that, Tobias apprenticeship began. The young Haitian stud had no idea what hit him, but he was most thankful for it. Deaconess Clara Mathieu promised to make of Tobias Lemieux’s life sweet hell. This was more than okay by him. Lots of people complained that black women were too bossy. For Tobias and black men like him, who craved black female domination, today’s black women weren’t bossy enough…

“You will make a magnificent submissive,” Deaconess Clara Mathieu said, a couple of days later, as she snapped a chastity device on Tobias long, hard dick. Dominatrix and submissive got their freak on in the basement of Clara Mathieu house…and it was an experience Tobias would never forget. The young Haitian man looked at his cock and balls, which were ensnared by the chastity device. Deaconess Clara Mathieu smiled with satisfaction. Nothing the Haitian dominatrix loved more than putting brothers in chastity. She always took a perverse pleasure from it…

“I live to please you,” Tobias said, and he turned around and bent over for Deaconess Clara Mathieu. The sultry, curvaceous Haitian dominatrix donned some gloves, and proceeded to spank the hell out of Tobias tuzla sınırsız escort cute butt. Tobias winced as the Deaconess spanked his ass, and it stung but also felt good. Afterwards, Deaconess Clara made Tobias lie down, flat on the floor. Grinning, Clara sat on Tobias face, smothering his visage with her thick and round Haitian booty…

“Spread that ass for me,” Deaconess Clara Mathieu said, much later, as she watched Tobias get on all fours and comply with her order. Tobias spread his ass for her, and Deaconess Clara Mathieu dipped her fingers in lubricant and smeared some on her sub’s asshole. Grabbing her favorite phallic toy, the Deaconess smiled to herself as she got ready. Stroking her strap-on dildo, Deaconess Clara Mathieu rolled a condom on it and then lubricated it…

“Oh wow,” Tobias gasped as he turned around, and saw Deaconess Clara Mathieu stroking her strap-on dildo. Smiling evilly, the Deaconess gripped Tobias hips and pushed the dildo against his butt hole. With a swift thrust, Deaconess Clara Mathieu began fucking Tobias sweet butt with her strap-on dildo. Tobias squealed loudly as the Haitian dominatrix began to fuck his ass. The Deaconess slapped his ass while fucking him, and Tobias sighed happily, dominated at last…

“Deep down, you need a strong black woman to rule you and run your life, all black men do, you should stop fighting it,” Deaconess Clara Mathieu whispered, a little while later, as she continued fucking Tobias. The young Haitian stud lay on his back, legs in the air as the Deaconess fucked him. Grabbing Tobias’s dick, Deaconess Clara Mathieu stroked him while fucking him up the ass. She fucked him with gusto and didn’t let up until he finally begged for mercy…

“All black men should serve strong black women, ma’am, I pledge myself to you,” Tobias said, much later, after showering and getting dressed. The young Haitian man then genuflected before Deaconess Clara Mathieu, one of the leaders of his church, and his confidante. Tobias smiled at the oh-so fine dominatrix who was teaching him the beauty of black female domination and black male submission…

“I pledge myself to be your dominatrix, and I will be worthy of your trust and your submission,” Clara Mathieu said, and she stood before Tobias, and gently kissed him on the forehead. Tobias nodded and smiled, gratitude washing over his handsome face like a wave. After uttering many thanks, Tobias got in his car and drove away, a big smile on his face. The young Haitian brother looked forward to his next session with the Deaconess…

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Good Morning

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This is my first erotic story, so all advice, construction criticism is welcome. Flames will be ignored. So enjoy…


The soft click in the door unlocking doesn’t even stir you, nor does the locking of it back. My clothes hitting the floor remain unheard, as do my footsteps. I smile as I see you laying on your stomach face down, flannel boxers seem to hang low even when you are horizontal. I never stopping wanting to just look at you, your body, your face, everything. Right now, I stare at your smooth back and tight butt and can only smile. You have no idea that I am in your house, and ready to blow your mind.

You shift in your sleep turning onto your back, further pushing the covers down your body. I smile. Perfect, I think. I pad to the bed, reach over, and gently open your boxers front placket. Your penis is brought into the air, where is sits for a moment, just out. fixbet You always complain that you are just average especially even this is case. I have always believed you are perfect, and today I want to prove it too you.

I lean over and take you in my mouth and start touching your entire penis slowly. I feel more than see your eyes open as your penis hardens and fills out. Taking advantage over you awareness, I reach with to your waist and pull your boxers down, taking my mouth off you for as little time as possible. While doing that, I look up at your eyes, and smile, that sexy surprised sleepy look that is nothing short of amazing.

Now I begin my job in earnest. I release you entirely from my mouth, slowly slipping a quarter of an inch in my mouth, and gently suck on it, running my tongue around in. My head goes back out and then back in a little more. This time I gently press my tongue fixbet giriş into the tip on your penis. I feel your hands on the back of my head, and finally the soft groans register in my mind. My small hands are filled up with your heavy balls. I roll them around in hands, abruptly moving to lick your balls, looking up at your face.

You seem completely absorbed in the pleasure. I mentally pat myself on the back. I love seeing you out of control even if you decided to let me to be in control. You look so incredibly sexy laying there and softly moaning. I close my mouth so your penis can’t fit in easily and teasingly put my mouth at the tip of you and wait…you finally understand and slowly push your hips upwards into my mouth. I wait a moment for you to understand there is a bit of resistance and as I go to look up, I feel your hands in my hair .

Evidently, you decided what you wanted. Your penis pops into my mouth and I start to suck you in, swirling my touch around you trying to put my mark on every part of you, so no other woman will be able to do this as well as me. So I’m a bit possessive, deal with it, but you don’t seem to care. Your entire penis is in my mouth and i start to move up and down on you, making sure to keep sucking on you.

My hand continues to rub and play with your balls. I remember a weird fact i heard, and i decide to try it. One of my hands reaches for the small area between your penis and your balls. Wow, that was an interesting reaction. Mental note to self: that works.

Your balls start to mildly spasm. Understanding you are about to come, I pull back on your penis and keep sucking and touching you, I feel the first squirt of cum in my mouth and another and another. I wait under you stop and then swallow what remained in my mouth and lick you clean. Finishing up, I kiss up your now deflated penis and up your stomach, chest, neck, and up to your mouth and bypassing that and kiss to your ears and whisper, “Good Morning, Love.”

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OOPS! Discovered

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Angel Emily

For most of my life I have had an extreme interest in “cheesecake”. Now, for those of you who are under forty, “cheesecake” was the old term for pin-ups or slightly naughty pictures of women. I would guess that at this time my collection consists of over 100,000 images. Now, many of them are more explicit than would ever fit under the definition of “cheesecake” or pin-ups, but those definitions work for me.

I haven’t made a point of mentioning my collection to my wife, and she has never expressed an interest in what was in my collection. That was the state of things right up until she died of a heart attack, four years ago. Now, I am in my sixties, overweight, diabetic, and single. The images plus a vibrator, since I can no longer get an erection due to poor blood flow, provide a minimal sort of relief. I say minimal because there is nothing like a long session of cuddling followed by a good sixty-nine play time. I had just about resigned myself to this remaining the case when help came from a highly unusual direction. But, more about that later.

My wife and I had two children; a son and a daughter. Our son, Mark, lived on the “left coast” and was all but married to his job. Our daughter, Violet, lived two states away. Her marriage had been good, but childless. Her husband was of German descent and their sir name was Schwartz. She and her husband had good teaching jobs, and as it turned out, excellent insurance. I’ve always been proud of my daughter. She has a MS in computer science and is an excellent programmer. I heard from them every week or two and they visited once or twice a year. That is, until the accident.

A drunk driver came across the median and hit their left front at about a forty-five degree angle. Unfortunately he was doing over ninety at the time and was driving a big car. My son-in-law died instantly. He probably had only a second or so to realize what was happening. My daughter lived, but spent six months in the hospital. When she was ready to be discharged she had very limited vision in one eye, and none in the other. Her face was scarred enough, even after the re-constructive plastic surgery, so that even I couldn’t easily recognize her. She couldn’t stand up for long periods of time so teaching was a thing of the past. She was emotionally deeply scarred, and felt very alone.

As her father, I had to do something to help so I invited her to move back home. It only took her a few moments to say yes. She made one request that I couldn’t initially figure out. She wanted me to tell anyone who asked that she was Miss Schwartz.

She sold their house and most of its contents. With the insurance pay out and the settlement from the drunk’s estate (in seven figures) she had a savings of over four million dollars. Since I had made my living as a financial analyst I organized her finances so that she had some liquidity but that she also had extremely safe long term investments at a very good interest rate.

She only kept items that had sentimental value for her; so she only needed a small moving truck to bring them to my house. In turn, I emptied out her old room and the guest room and turned them into her area.

Things might have simply plodded along if it hadn’t been for a strange twist of fate. A few months after she came home my computer developed a bad “glitch” that made it unusable on line. I tried all the normal things to fix it, but to no avail. Without a lot of forethought I asked Violet to look at my machine and see if she could fix it. Her limited vision slowed her down, but she could see enough to run the computer. She pulled out my hard drive and connected it into her machine so that she could use what she called “real tools” to see what the problem was.

I was in the living room minding my own business reading a novel when she came in and sat down on the couch with me. I have always found it difficult to read her expressions. With her scars it was now impossible. However, I could still read her tone of voice. When she started speaking, I thought I detected a strange mixture of sadness, and something fixbet else I couldn’t pinpoint.

“Dad, you’ve been awfully lonely haven’t you?” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes, Violet, I have been very much alone in many ways for the last four years.”

“Dad, I need to pry into your private life a bit. Will you be angry with me if I do?”

“I’ll try not to be, but I may try to avoid some questions.”

“How has your sex life been?”

I hadn’t expected that pointed a question so I tried to finesse it.

“It’s been better.” Then she hit me with the big question. “How long has it been since you have had sex with a woman?”

I sputtered a bit, bit my tongue, then answered her “since your mother died”.

I sat there quietly as she leaned into my shoulder. She was gently crying.

“What’s wrong sweetheart? Can I help you?” She shook her head no.

“It’s my turn to ask a question. What made you ask me your questions?”

“Your hard drive! The problem that you have been having is that you have almost all of your 30 Gig hard drive full. Now, you have an old computer, but no computer likes to have less than 10% of the hard drive left free. Your drive was within 0.5% of totally full. “To see what was taking up all the room I did a search on file size. I looked for data files of greater than five Meg at first. Up came lists of XXX rated movies, mostly of women giving men hand jobs or blow jobs. I then searched for files over 1 Meg and found over 150,000 image files of beautiful women. If you are so intent on sex, why haven’t you found someone you could become intimate with?”

My dark little secret had been partially discovered. I told her that I would answer her question, but that she might not like the answer.

“Tell me, Dad.”

“This problem dates back to before your mother died. I have a severe blood flow problem in my lower abdomen. Specifically I can’t get an erection. At most I end up partially full but not enough to enter any woman. Your mother and I solved the problem by learning to enjoy sixty-nine; but then she died. The closest thing I have had since then has been a vibrator and my pictures.”

Violet was crying and hugging me harder now. I knew that she cared about me, but this had to involve more than that.

“Baby, what’s wrong? You can tell me anything and I won’t breath a word of it to anyone.”

“Dad, you only know of part of my injuries. Do to the accident they had to do a complete hysterectomy plus taking most of my vagina. I will never again have regular sex, and I loved sex almost as much as I loved my husband and almost as much as I loved you and mom. We are both locked off from the thing that gave us much pleasure. It seems so unfair.”

“I am so sorry to hear about your problem. If your mom had had that problem we would have been able to alleviate it with sixty nine and cuddling. After all, we would have then been a sort of defective matched set.” I purposely chuckled at that point, trying to ease up on the heavy atmosphere.

My daughter calmed down a bit and seemed to be thinking.

“A penny for your thoughts.”

“I can’t share them, dad. I don’t want to make you think badly of me.”

“That can’t happen! You are my family and you are stuck with me!”

She smiled at me and went back to holding my arm. A couple of minutes went by and I felt her hand on my thigh. I didn’t think too much of that until her hand moved up my thigh and down between my legs.

“Do you have any idea what you are doing to me? That is a dangerous move, and one that shouldn’t happen between a father and a daughter.”

“I know. But, we both have needs that can only be met by some creative partnership. I submit that doing sixty-nine and cuddling or mutual bathing do not violate the rules against intercourse between close relatives. Even if they did, I am barren and cannot have children so no genetic damage could result anyway. I need to feel physically loved.”

Her argument sounded good to me, but then again I fixbet giriş am not a disinterested observer.

“Well, daughter of mine, there are more optimum ways to handle this situation. You may not know it, since we didn’t advertise it, but your mother and I put in a heated whirlpool bath. It hasn’t been used in a while but I suspect that it will operate as well as it ever did.

“It is almost dinner time. How about I cook up a couple of T-bone steaks, hash browns with onions, break out some good dark beer and then we retire to the whirlpool. Would that be acceptable to you?”

My answer was a warm kiss on the mouth and a hand groping at my balls. We were both smiling.

I went to the freezer and got out two T-bone steaks, washed and cut up potatoes and an onion, fired up the gas grill, put the potato and onion in a covered frying pan with olive oil, salt and pepper, and proceeded to start the has browns on the grill’s second cook top. Then the steaks went on the grill, set to low with the lid closed. While the steaks were started I made a basting sauce my grandfather came up with. I melted a quarter of a stick of butter and laced it heavily with garlic, pepper, and Worcester sauce. By this time the first side of the steaks had thawed and started to brown. I turned the steaks over and brushed the sauce on the partially browned side, closed the cover and waited for the second side to start to brown.

In less than twenty minutes we had our meat and potatoes on plates and were sitting across from each other at the kitchen table. I had opened two Yuengling Amber Lager beers and we were ready. I said grace, returning thanks for the blessings we have been given, and we started to eat.

I don’t think either of us had our minds focused on the food. I kept looking over at Violet’s cleavage (she had changed blouses) and she just looked happily expectant. We finished the food, and I put the dishes in the sink telling her I would wash them later.

We went up the stairs arm in arm and went to my bedroom. I had already turned up the temperature in the bathroom and bedroom so that it was about eighty degrees. (Eighty degrees feels very comfortable when you have no clothes on.)

I entered the bathroom and started to fill the tub. When I returned to the bedroom Violet was still dressed. She turned to me and said: “Why don’t we undress each other?” I liked that idea. She started by unbuttoning my shirt and removing it. She proceeded to remove my outer and under pants. (I had already kicked off my shoes.)

I started out by unbuttoning her blouse. Her breasts were supported by an almost transparent bra that barely covered her nipples. I must have been drooling. I removed her outer pants and then took off her shoes and socks. I then had a dilemma, should I remove the bra or panties first. I chose to remove the bra. Her breasts were beautiful. I leaned down and licked one of her nipples before continuing. She moaned as I licked and sucked on it. I continued this breast attention as I reached down and slid her pants down over her rump. She stepped out of them and we embraced.

“Dad, when did you start shaving your balls and pubic area?”

“When your mom and I were enjoying sixty-nine we found that hair in that area could trap smells that we didn’t care for. Both of us shaved. I had gotten in the habit, found the shaving to be a bit exciting, and continued it. I see that you also have shaved your “nether regions. Was it for similar reasons?”


“Let’s go and get in the tub.”

We went into the bathroom and eased down into the hot water. It felt good. I reached over and turned on the switches for the heaters and the pumps. Soon we were embracing while pulsating jets of water swiped up and down our bodies. I have no idea how long we continued to do what we were doing; but it must have been the better part of an hour or so. At long last we decided to get out of the tub. I turned everything off, and opened the drain.

We got out of the tub and under the ceiling infra red lamps as we dried off. I dried her and she dried me. I brought a small bottle of sandalwood massage oil with me, from the bathroom. I had Violet lay down while I proceeded to oil and massage her back and legs. With them done I had her turn over and massaged her starting out at her feet. I bypassed her pussy and moved up her torso to her breasts, which I spent a lot of time on. By this point she was urging me to stop the massage so we could start playing with each other.

I grinned and slid down so that my face was at her pussy. I lifted her butt and slid a pillow under it. Then I started to kiss her inner thighs, moving up toward the goal! I took my time kissing and licking her. as I approached her slit I licked lightly from the very bottom to the top and then kissed my way down again to the bottom. By her sounds I knew that she was enjoying this. I then started to spread her lips and lick inside. So far I avoided contact with her clit. After a few minutes she asked me to step up the pace. I started to lick more intensely and started to lick and suck on her clit. By this time her hips were moving in time with my licking. I gently inserted a finger into what was left of her vagina. There was room for up to the second joint of my index finger. I proceeded to move my finger in and out while driving her crazy with sucking her clit. She exploded in a violent orgasm. She told me to stop and lay down on the bed. I did.

She had me put the pillow under my butt and then started to play with my balls with her tongue and then by sucking one or the other (and even both) into her mouth and gently tugging on them. I was being driven up the wall. It felt so good to have someone else making me feel good. At some point, she started to kiss her way up my dick. She found out relatively quickly that I indeed couldn’t get hard. That didn’t seem to bother her. She started to lick and suck on the head of my dick. It felt wonderful! After several minutes I realized that I was approaching orgasm. I warned her that I was about to cum, but she kept on doing what she was doing. I went over the edge and she had no trouble swallowing the miniature load that was all I could produce anymore.

We cuddled for a bit before Violet suggested going sixty-nine. It was worth a shot, so we “swapped ends” and got to work. I was on the bottom and she straddled my chest placing her beautiful smooth pussy lips at my mouth. At the same time she started to play with my balls with her left hand while her right hand held my dick in her mouth. We both worked furiously to try to make the other reach another orgasm. She reached one relatively quickly. It took about twenty minutes before I arrived at one. We then went back to cuddling.

After an hour or so of cuddling, we decided to take a shower. Obviously it was a coed shower. I soaped her up and washed her, stopping for a while to eat her out again; and she soaped and washed me, paying particular attention to my nuts and cock. After drying each other off and getting into robes, we sat down in the living room.

I had to ask a question that I really didn’t want to ask: “I need your take on the fun we had this afternoon. Do you want this to be a one time thing? What limits should we put on this, if any?”

“I hadn’t thought of it before, but my first impression is that it was so good we should continue on this way. Since you have let people know I am Miss Schwartz, there isn’t anyone who would know that I’m your daughter. Mark hasn’t seen me in years, and wouldn’t recognize me now. He doesn’t need to know. I don’t see why we can’t continue this long term, can you?”

“No, I can’t! I was hoping that you would think that way. If you have any reservations, at all, I’d rather call this a one time slip than hurt you.”

“No! This solves problems for both of us. Neither of us can have a normal sex life. My disfigurement is not likely to attract a man who would also be happy to not have normal sex. I think we are good medicine for each other.”

Well, it’s been five years now, as of next month. Things are very good. I’ve dumped most of my hard drive’s collection. We’ve even taken some digital photos and digital movies of our own activities. But that is a story for a different time. That’s all I want to tell you at the moment.

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One Special Night with Mum

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This is another story, from a reader of mine. This, their 3rd suggestion for a story I have written. Enjoy!


Hi. My name is Sophie. I am 20 years old and still live with my mother, I mean who doesn’t, house prices these days. I skipped college having found a good job working for my father. My parents had been divorced for most of my life, but they had still remained good friends. My mum and I were both bi-sexual and we both had friends who were of the same persuasion.

One of my mum’s friends had spent 2 months trying to get me into bed. Even though she was quite attractive, I felt that it would be a bit weird, especially as she was friends with mum. But eventually she got me, telling me she would show me the night of my life. It was ok, but not the best night, that was going to happen later. I would go into detail, but the night I am going to tell you about is what this story is really about.

One night, with the scent of sex in the air, two heavy breathing, and satisfied woman were laid together in bed. One of them was me, the other my 42 year old lover Maxine. Maxine was beautiful for her age and had kept herself trim. Her breasts were quite large and even though they sagged a little, they were quite the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. She was very good and drove me wild with pleasure in bed. I was always satisfied and my body glowed afterwards. This one night though we had been role playing. Me playing the daughter, Maxine the mother. It was quite exciting for me, but she just went crazy and came several times.

“God, what got into you?” I asked.

“Did I hurt you?” she asked sincerely.

“No, not at all, but I have never seen you so excited.”

“Well it had been a fantasy of mine to sleep with my daughter, but could not find anybody to play the role of my daughter.”

“So for the last month and the 2 months of seduction, have all been a ploy to get to this moment?”

“I won’t lie and say no, but I was attracted to you when we first met. It just happened that you were my daughter’s age as well.” she admitted.

“I can’t believe you want to commit incest with your own daughter.” I stated.

“Please don’t judge me, it was just a fantasy.”

“I wasn’t judging you. I would have to judge myself, because I imagined you were really my mother and it excited me.”

“Have you ever fantasized about your mum?” she asked.


“You should try it for real?”

“No way.”

“If my daughter would have propositioned me for sex, I would have done it. But as the mother I would never ever make the first move.”

“So what’s your point?”

“If you mother’s anything like me, and I had a daughter as beautiful as you, she would say yes to you too.”

“I can’t believe you’re actually suggesting this.”

“I can’t believe you’re still discussing it, rather than walk away. It at least tells me you’re interested.”

“I am not going to have sex with my own mother.”

“It would be easy; you know she is interested in woman. All you need to do is just make the first move, and the night will most possibly end with the greatest sex of your life.”

“I thought you were the best, that’s how I ended up in your bed. And I admit you are the best I have had.”

“But to actually fuck your mother, it is the ultimate taboo and the ultimate turn on. The sex would be the most amazing adventure of your life.”

“I think I would like to sleep now.” And I did and for the next few days the idea would not leave my mind. I tried not to avoid my mum but it was becoming increasingly difficult to be around her, and not check her out. It was like I had been wearing mum glasses all my life, and somebody had suddenly removed them, I now all I saw was a very, very sexy woman. Personally she was a lot better looking than Maxine and many other women I knew.

So I had a choice to make. Either do what Maxine told me to do and make a play for her, or move out. I could not get the idea out of my head, and by the end of the first week, I was becoming more distant and she was getting more worried. She even asked if she had done something wrong. I should have told her that apart from being beautiful, no. But I just shook my head and escaped.

But before I made my choice. I started to ask very subtle questions. One night over dinner, I even told her about Maxine and that I was sleeping with an older woman. I thought that I would try and do something nice for mum, especially all the things I had done avoiding her, when it wasn’t even her fault. This started the conversation that I had wanted to have with her.

“You’re fucking Maxine, my best friend Maxine?” asked mum angrily.

“Yes, that Maxine.” I answered simply.

“But why?”

“She said she was a good fuck and I should have a go.”

“So how long?”

“About a month or so, though I have not fixbet seen her in a week.”

“Is this why you have been avoiding me?” she asked, folding her arms.

“No. I really have just had something on my mind.”

“Why did you not tell me? I would have understood. You know I like to know who you are with. I’m more pissed that you never told me sooner.” Now there are a lot of women who say their mum is their best friend. Well my mum was more like that, than my mum. After my parents divorced, I became a daddy’s girl, and went to live with him. But when I was 16, dad got married to a wonderful woman. But she had 2 kids. So to give daddy the happiness he deserved I moved in with mum. Mum and I never had a true mother/daughter relationship. We just did the best friend thing and talked about sex, boys, and eventually girls. But the idea to have sex with her was not something that occurred to me, she was still my mother. I could easily see her as a woman and so the idea of having sex with her was an easier choice to make.

“Because I thought you might not like me fucking one of your friends, or that she was older.”

“I don’t mind you being with older women. I have been with a lot of younger women, and if people thought that was wrong, it would mean less fun for me.”

“So you don’t mind I sleep with Maxine?”

“No, but Maxine would not be my first choice.” she seemed miffed.

“Why not?”

“Because you could have someone so much better.”

“Like?” I asked rolling my hand for suggestions.

“Well, I don’t really know, just somebody with more class.”

“Maxine is not that bad, plus she can me make me cum like nobody else.”

“I’ve fucked Maxine, and she told me I was the best.” she said. What an interesting statement.

“So you’re better than Maxine?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“I try to give more than receive. So I probably am, definitely more considerate than most.”

“Well maybe we should have sex, maybe you could give me a good time.” I finally said what I needed to.


“Me and you, upstairs in your bed. You, giving me the best orgasms. Then I could show you what I can do.” Blunt, I know, but what the hell. I had already decided I might as well see way this leads, because I was not about to move out yet.

“I can’t believe you are suggesting this. Maxine told you to do this? She probably said that every mother wants to fuck her daughter?” she asked.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Me and some of the girls were discussing fantasies. She keeps bringing up the same one.”

“So have you thought about having sex with me?” again blunt.

“In my fantasies, yes. But actually thought about doing it for real, no.” Over the years I learnt to manipulate, so I was going to use my skill to get what I wanted. What was needed now was I bit of reverse psychology or just a straight seduction. I knew many tricks, especially watching Maxine seducing me.

“In my fantasies too, but since Maxine suggested the idea, I just see you as a very beautiful woman, and I want to have sex with you so bad.”

“You can get that idea out of your head.”

“Why, don’t you think I am beautiful?”

“No, I am not saying that. You are very beautiful.”

“Then you want to have sex with me too.”

“No, you are my daughter.”

“And you are my mother. But we are both beautiful women, who need to have good sex. And I know if we do, it will be the greatest ever.” My feet were bare as I slid my left foot up her leg, then between them, under her skirt, until my foot was rubbing her panty covered, and very wet, pussy. “You’re so wet, I know you want this too.”

“Don’t?” Even though she seemed angry, she had not moved. I looked into her eyes, my big toe trying to push into her slit, then rubbing her clit. Her body language slowly began to change. Her eye lids began to grow heavy, her breathing became harder as she began to lose herself in the feelings. No more speaking was needed. She definitely wanted this. I mean who stops when they are about to cum. So I put the final touches to my seduction and went down on her. I removed my foot and quickly got on my knees. I went under the table and saw mum’s legs were wide enough for my head and one hand. My hand revealed her pussy by moving her panties to the side. It was hairless and smelt wonderful. I licked her arousal; she tasted pretty good for an older woman, good diet.

Mum moaned as soon as my tongue got to work. I did not stop as I licked her slit, fucking her occasionally with my tongue. Then I licked and sucked her clit, occasionally biting it. Mum’s ass was moving as she humped my face. I moved my spare hand between my legs, into my panties and fingered myself. Mum had moved her legs to either side of the table leg to give me more room. I had her juices all over my face, and the fact it fixbet giriş was my mum, just really pushed me over the edge as I screamed “Mum” into her pussy as I came. Followed quickly by mum. “Oh fuck Sophie, my baby, oh…….FUCK…” she screamed. I collapsed, my head resting on mums thigh, mum rubbing my head gently.

“I need to go upstairs and shower, then to bed.”

“No don’t? I want you mum for tonight, just as you are.”

“But we’ve already gone too far.” I got out from under the table and mum closed her legs. I straddled her lap, even with the limited space, I managed to fit.

“No, we have only taken the first step. And it was amazing and drove me to masturbate, to the best orgasm I have ever given myself. I want more; I want to experience the full taboo. I want you to fuck me hard and I want to make you scream my name into the night. Why stop, if it is just for tonight, and it will be.” I leaned in and kissed her lips. She was definitely interested as she licked her juices of my face. I gently lifted myself onto the edge of the table. I leaned back and slipped off my panties. Spreading my legs I gave mum the perfect invitation. Which she accepted as she held my thighs apart and moved her mouth to begin licking. “That’s it mum, lick my pussy. Taste how wet you make me.” I began to move my hips as my orgasm built, I was quickly ready to cum again. I moaned and began to grasp the table edges, trying to hold on; enjoying the ride mum was giving me. Mum was skilled, she took me to the edge, and then she would stop and then start again. In the end I grabbed her head and held her face to my pussy. “Fuck me, fuck me mum, and don’t stop.” Then screamed. I let go of mum’s head and she got up to get us both a glass of water.

“Here.” She offered. I sat up and drank the water in one. “You had better get out of those clothes before you get off the table.”

“You don’t have to seduce me; I’d already planned to strip naked.”

“I know, but you have got gravy on the back of your shirt, and probably have my dinner on your ass.” Then I realised I had forgotten to clear the table before getting on it. See how excited I was, my rational mind had gone of for an early night. I looked in mum’s eyes and smiled as I began to unbutton my top. But mum’s eyes were lowering as I revealed my breasts. I was not wearing a bra; I never do when hanging around the house. She licked her lips as I completely removed my top. I unzipped my skirt, and then sat back down in the middle.

“Do you mind helping?” She nodded dazed. She stepped forward and removed my skirt, leaving me naked on the kitchen table. “Do you like what you see?”

“Very much, I know I shouldn’t, but you are so beautiful.”

“Thanks to you, thank god I got your genes in me. But to appreciate the full picture of you, you need to be naked too?” She smiled at me as she began to undress. When she removed her shirt and bra, I saw her breasts. They were amazing, much better than Maxine’s. They were smaller than hers and mine, so they were still pretty firm. She removed her skirt and panties in one go and stood in front of me, naked. God I was wet and was ready to move the action to the bedroom. “I think we need to get more comfortable and warm. I suggest your bed.”

“You go on ahead, let me just lock up the house.” So she helped me off the table. Then before I left, pulled me towards her and kissed me hard. Once I had my legs back, she slapped my ass playfully as I left the room to head upstairs. I only had to wait a few minutes before mum entered her room. I had spent those few minutes getting in position. When mum found me, the bed sheets had been pulled off the bed, and I was lying in the middle, spread eagle, holding a strap-on in my hand. She got on the bed, between my legs and walked on her knees towards me. I gave her the strap-on. “Are you sure?” she asked me.

“Yes, I want you to fuck me hard. All night long, with that, your fingers and your mouth.”

“But usually I am quite loving and gentle in bed, especially as you’re my daughter; I do not wish to hurt you.”

“Trust me; things will get heated no matter how gentle you are. Plus if this is just about fucking, not love, then it will help us distance ourselves afterwards.”

“If I hurt you, you will tell me?”

“I will, but even if you fuck me hard, I am sure you know how to use that thing without doing any damage.” We both helped put on the strap-on her, and then I returned to my position while mum got on top of me. She guided the head of the dildo to my pussy entrance and it easily slid in, but she did not push the whole thing in me just yet. She was easing it in gently and I wrapped my legs around her waist. Once she felt I was ready, especially as I begged for it all. She pushed it in hard, to the hilt, and then furiously began to fuck me hard. “That’s it mum, fuck me.” God I had never been so excited. Mum was breathing heavily, pumping hard into me. Watching me moan, as I clawed at her back, she began to nibble and suck my neck. She marked my neck many times as she kept up the pace. I could feel her breathe hard into my neck as she began to loose the strength and the rhythm. But I was so close, so I grabbed her ass, helping her to fuck me to the end of my orgasm. I could feel it building; it was going to be so fucking good. “Almost…..there……OH FUCK…… MUUUUMMMMM.” I screamed as the pleasure reached its pinnacle and I crashed. Mum fell limp on me as she rested. I managed to move her onto her back with the dildo still in me. I sat up and slowly began to move again. My hands rested on her breasts, squeezing them as I began to fuck myself on the dildo. Mum sat up and began to lick and suck my nipples, helping to bring my orgasm closer. She grabbed my ass tight and began to move my lower body against her fake cock.

“That’s it baby, cum again on my cock. I can feel you fucking me, it is so fucking amazing. You are turning me on more than any other woman has.” She slid a hand between us and began to stimulate my clit, roughly, with her fingers.

“Oh mum, I’m going to cum again. I love fucking you.” I moaned against her neck, my orgasm, close. Until finally, I came, biting her neck as I screamed.

“That’s it baby. Did you enjoy?”

“Fan-fuckin-tastic. Amazing. Now I think you need to cum.”

“I already did. Making you cum was so amazing, I actually came.”

“Yes but I need to have more control over it. I want you to feel the excitement I felt. Strap-on or fingers?”

“If you’re offering. I’ll take both and the rest of the night.”

And that is where I will stop this story. The rest of the night was like a dream. I do recommend you try fucking your mum. As a woman, I know how good women can make each other cum. But the taboo to actually fuck my mum, was so arousing, exciting, amazing and fucking great. I must have cum like 6 times. Mum was such an amazing woman, not only allowing us both the chance at pure pleasure and bliss, but her skill in bed was just the best I have ever had.

The next morning I awoke very sore, both inside and out. I was resting my head on mum’s naked chest. I needed the toilet and a shower. So I left mum to sleep and entered the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I was shocked to spot my body covered in bites and bruises. I imagined mum would find the same thing.

After I finished in the bathroom, I returned to my own room, got dressed and went downstairs to clear up after the night before and make us both breakfast and a good cup of coffee. Mum must have smelt both as she came downstairs in her night gown, just as I placed everything on the table. We both smiled forcibly at each other, as we remembered the night before.

“Morning sweetheart. Thanks for making breakfast.” she said, starting what would probably be an uncomfortable chat.

“Sorry about any bruises you may find. I feel so sore this morning.” I said trying to ease the tension in the room.

“Pretty amazing night, so I don’t mind, but I am sorry I hurt you.”

“Don’t worry; it will be a good reminder of a night I will never forget.”

“Neither will I. So what happens next? Because I feel a bit weird now.”

“I think we should just remember the night as the greatest pleasure either of us has so far experienced, and I believe will never experience again. Savour last night as one special night with each other.”

“Do you think it will be that easy to forget what we did with each other, and be able to carry on as normal?”

“No, it won’t be easy. But over time, things should return to normal. Occasionally I guess we can both remember last night, and use it to stimulate our fantasies. But I will never tell anyone what we did.”

“Not even Maxine.”

“No. I am going to end it with Maxine. I was only looking for a really great night of sex with her, but I found it with you. So now I think I will let life settle, maybe even find someone who I can have a proper relationship with, not just about sex.”

“I am glad that last night was as good for you as it was for me.”

“It was, and thank you for allowing me to have my way with you.”

“No, thank you for suggesting it.”

So that was the last we ever mentioned of that night. After a few weeks, we became comfortable with each other and things returned to normal. Maxine was not happy to be dumped. One night about 2 months after our special night, we decided to go out for the night. I met a woman named Sally; she was 2 years older than me. She joined me and mum, and by the end of the night, I felt Sally and I had developed something special. We have been together for 6 happy months and I hope it lasts, because I have just moved in with her. I still see mum once a week and she is happy for me. Daddy, having no real knowledge about my preferences, although I had slept with a few blokes in the office, was happy that I was happy, but a little shocked when he met Sally.

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One In Three Ch. 01

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Place. Hold. Set.
Soft. Closed. Tight.
Length. Breadth.
Push. Clutch. Pushing.
Tighter. Harder.
Dry. Big. Give.
In. Warm.

Deep. Drag.
Then deep then drag.
Then deep then drag again.
And again.

“Is this what you want?” her brother, from behind her, stroking.

“mm-mhuh…; more – ” like you did them, she said, his sister, naming names.


They sat across from George in a row from left to right, Maggie and their three girls – teenaged and too-true, triplets – his bevy of beauties, his life’s share of ladies; his twin sister and their daughters, their bare legs all, crossed right-over-left, his females grinning at him, especially Maggie, and he was fervently grateful to God to be the felled prey in this catfight among his women. Maggie, forty-one and green bikini-ed, still supple and smolderingly mature – he otherwise liked better her broader behind – and The Coup: Eleanor, Bridget, and Gretchen, identical and identically almost dressed in red – strings & a few swatches of fabric, as if wearing only samples of complete bikinis – three sets of blue eyes and dark brown hair, all ivory white softness and ready heat, they could brood and conform like George, laugh and swear like Maggie, had neither of their parents’ innate talent but were intelligent even more so, buying into none of the illusions of culture: sex was what it is, and morality was how you defined it.


George wrote music where he was. He’d listen to the jukebox at the bar, or, at home, to the radio randomly for melodies he wished he had written: jotting down words, phrases, changing whole hooks, verses, and themes to suit his tastes and mood, then incorporate them into guitar or piano – and still more changes – until he’d arranged another’s work into something completely different and that he could call his own, as far as copyright laws and awards ceremonies were concerned. Maggie edited his drafts for signs of life and marketability. They then together sang and harmonized and further arranged the sound until someone’d buy it. They’d always done it this way.

At the house, scribbling, and plinking or strumming through some confusion he’d created, the girls, home from their senior year at prep school – behavioral science & psychology – would take turns gleefully teasing their father with their newfound adult bodies and wiles, boldly wandering by in underwear that hardly qualified – waiting on the laundry, or for their hair to dry – and have a seat sideways in his lap, swinging an arm around his neck, setting their breasts under his nose and giving his lap a little grind – ‘hi daddy, whatchya doin`, how’s it goin`?’ Maggie could see this, and was as much amused by her own small jealousy as she was by her Georgie’s helplessness – what could he say? ‘I’m hard-up for my daughters – make `em stop’?

While developing their undergraduate dissertation, it’s thesis was still unclear; any one of the girls alone wouldn’t dare their father for exploratory sex, but as a group – The Coup, each alternately boss or baby-doll in their secret, fluid hierarchy – the three of them could brave their ambitions and gang-up on daddy, objectively reasoning through and rationalizing, even justifying, their ambush as scholarly and clinical, however sexually charged: ‘He wants to fuck us: what’s it like to let him…to want to let him? Bad? – it’s our idea…why? – we’re entitled to him… and he’s got no real problem with it – Oedipus wanted to screw his mother, but did his mother half mind the attention?’ They’d write the paper collaboratively, purportedly as pure theory, interviewing only each other and limiting their research to just the one sex act – his fetish – that daddy’d not refuse and would preserve their virginity in the traditionally strictest sense. They’ll have changed the names and would deny everything, having since destroyed their notes.

At least that’s how they’d sell it to mom; Maggie’d know better, but would appreciate the lie.


George was downstairs in the studio, where he’d be for the evening, so when Maggie came in on them in the den, it was now just the four females sitting around loopy and in that honest way the cold-sober cannot – the girls passing the joint and a drink to her as usual, Maggie having had to hang up her ‘mommy hat’ a year or so ago; the girls had killed the video though, in mid-scene, when they had heard her at the door, and so it appeared they had been just hanging out in the quiet.

Talk of anything else, as always, became talk of sex – revealing, and, among themselves, comfortable and funny: they agreed masturbation was never awkward – we don’t make mistakes with ourselves – and their mother confirmed for her young daughters that a good fuck was always great, the virgins weren’t wrong to dream of it.

“We’ve got porn” they offered, and their mother thought this would be good: what did her daughters think hot?

The flick resumed where it had matadorbet been stopped, the two young people thrown in action. Maggie recognized her Georgie first, then a moment later the room – this room – and though she hadn’t watched the home movie in years, when the blondie he was sodomizing looked up, it would be her.

And then there she was, in all her glory: her face red, splotchy, and her eyes unseeing, wildly looking inward at all her brother was doing behind her and her voice loud and inarticulate, out of control and a string of drool swinging from her lower lip – a pure performance and no act, this was huge and she was into it.

The Coup watched their mother watch; for a sure minute, Maggie observing her early self and making it plain she wouldn’t shy from this surprise. She paused the video, finally, rather than quit it – all quiet and she and her twin brother a still blur as if caught in mid-air: boyish George forward into his tight sister and grimacing with the effort, all strain young Maggie’s expression hard and as clean as a new dime, steely and exact; cheap awe and sweet misery, their hair everywhere – a poster of the girls’ parents at their best worst.

Maggie turned to her daughters; she didn’t often blush.

“So. What’s this about?” She really couldn’t say, but was not that surprised when they told her – she suspected more to their flirting than mere tease; as were their parents, the girls always meant what they said and did what they meant.

Some discussion, then all understanding and belief, after a time, and so the girls put on the movie again, their parent’s private archive; drinking beer, getting high, and Maggie and her daughters watched uncle dad despoil aunt mom in the ass – seventeen years ago as now, illegal in all of Western Civilization, and, in the privacy of their domicile, the law not allowed to prove it.

“I’ll supervise” she consented, and Maggie confided in them things that even the video didn’t reveal, and her daughters confessed some of their darker needs and curiosities, and they lowered the volume so they wouldn’t have to speak over the shrieks of the young woman onscreen.


The girls crouched listening at their parents’ door that next evening, so far only the mist of light from a dim lamp inside – wordlessly joking and speculating, eavesdropping for telltale talk and sounds: lengthy, low-spoken debate from within the bedroom, and then no talk and some small motions for awhile; then more agreeable speak and a moment of broader movement about: one of the stout straight-back chairs, missing from the dining room, dragged to the center of the floor, then nothing.

George and Maggie, the girls knew, would never really get over themselves. Distrustful of their own intent, they were sometimes afraid of what they were and what each really wanted of the other – he, sure he was only an incestuous shit keeping his pretty sister hostage, and she, just a brother-luvin` slut using his weaknesses to her advantage; he’d poke her too hard so she would bite him, she’d scratch him so he would make her swallow too much; he’d spank her, she’d hit him – he’d force her so she would fight him and she’d fight him so he would force her, and rough sex was just their own lovesick way with each other.

Though more was expected, the girls still started at the first sharp cracks – no voices yet, just the irregular flat smacks of big flesh; the girls knew of the paddle and the handcuffs – and then the spanks coming steadily, faster, and finally their mother’s calls for more, demanding, as aggressive as was their father’s swing of the wood.

But not always.

Some evenings, their parents would retire early and not be seen or heard from again until the late news, reemerging after a couple of hours all sheepish smiles and unspoken satisfaction and affections – happily and not a mark on either of them, tranquil and pleased with their simple lovemaking, if a little embarrassed with their easy joy. The girls’d remark ‘good?’, smirking, and George’d just say, “yes. very good, thank you” period, and he meant it, and the discussion was over, and he meant that too.

No sounds, suddenly, from behind their parent’s door, and in the brief quiet the girls caught themselves gasping in the still of the dark hallway. They heard whispers, their daddy’s, telling, to mommy, then, no less shattering than the spanking, their mother’s voice in the grave groan of penetration where it always hurt, if even a little; the girls were new, it would be a lot.

They then began overhearing themselves referred to, breathlessly, by their mother, each in succession:

“ – …you gonna deep-ass Ellie…?”

“ – and jam-fanny Gretchen…?”

“ – and fuck-butt Bridgie… this faa-asst & haar-arrd…?”

the sounds of their daddy’s sodomy of mom more vigorous with each mention of his daughters’ names; he was thinking of them.

The girls slipped back across the hall and watched their matadorbet giriş parents’ bedroom from their own, staring at the closed door as though seeing through it: varying noises, randomly urgent and relaxed, only the girls’ names and vulgar associations were intelligible, but all as understood as if living it.

The nightly news was flickering in the corner when Maggie stepped robed into their bedroom without knocking and handed her daughters a quart jar of what looked like spoiled egg whites; globules hovered throughout and it was still hot and gross with life.

“It took three times to fill it; now drink up” a pearl of which caught in their mother’s hair, another drop glistening from her face.

Bridget passed the jar to Gretchen who unscrewed the lid and took a sniff; it smelled like nothing they’d experienced and exactly like fresh sperm.

Gretchen communicated some courage to her sisters, then took the first foul swallow: her father’s produce slid liquid like a slug down her throat and made her eyes water; Bridget and Eleanor followed suit, sewer-warm mouthfuls of the starch apiece, then George’s potent virility swimming fertile in all his daughters’ stomachs. Maggie hurried the girls to choke back the jarful without pause.

“Did you fake?” asking their mother, regarding the home movie, the orgasms.

“It was real.”

“So we’ll cum.” A question.

“Dirty-talk helps; I’ll give him the go-ahead.”

“He’s so cute, all shy and shit” a safe, familiar tool: he loved his girls, and they knew it, and he was bothered with himself, and they knew that as well, gleefully so; Maggie warned them of what to expect from their father, detailing the moment they’d be at his lust’s mercy, when she’d just let them bear its brunt, as she had – their first week back in class, if they weren’t careful, sporting a stitch and a hemorrhoid pillow – and they were less cavalier with their folly.

“Oh, were going to do this, ladies” Maggie ruled. She tossed them a towel. “Have this with you,” and nodding toward the empty jar, “you’ll need it afterwards – the first of you, especially.”


“You know you’ll like it, so lighten up” Maggie said, while the girls laughed in peals at their father’s fake if-requisite hesitance. He was glad for the glass in his hand; he’d need to be liquored-up. It was three evenings later, allowing chaste time for the girls to get anxious and for their daddy to replenish, a day for each daughter. George still appeared the worse for wear after the other night: fingernail scratches striped his throat and shoulders, and he wore a lump over one eye where Maggie had at one point clocked him – when he was pinning her to the mattress, he thinks. George wore her marks as an announcement, a display of his worst character; but though the girls hadn’t forgotten their mother’s wails, his points scored on her however stayed secret, her warmed-over tushie and torn hole a matter between only them. Maggie knew no such guilt; she would not be ashamed of what she let George do to her – it’s private, but not shameful.

“It’s not always about you, daddy” the middle one, Eleanor, added. “C`mon daddy, do us” to the left of her, Gretchen, and “ – yeah, we’ve been bad girls” from the right, Bridget, and then more amusement.

Maggie had dropped by the porn store earlier in the day. One of three bottles of designer sex oil she had bought for tonight lay to her right in the folds of the clean towel – left to themselves, her daughters would have just dug up some Vaseline or Crisco. Maggie told the girls to choose which flavor they’d prefer, and they had asked what difference did it make, tonight was about anal sex. Their mother told them that they would also be doing some oral and that it wouldn’t be foreplay – they’d have other tastes to contend with. They decided on banana, liking the innuendo. Bridget asked if there had been cucumber.

“ – and what, no oak?”

“ – or steel?” Ellie and Gretchen chiming in.

George sat slouched on the sofa, his robe open and his prick reaching almost to his chest. The girls walked over to him and stood shoulder to shoulder with their hands behind them, as if each bringing him a small present, eyeing his big dick all giant for them.

“No hard feelings…” she said, and Ellie handed him another drink, scotch & ice. “For before.”

Bridget handed him a cigarette – pot – and said, “For after; save some, we may both need it” and she winked.

Preemptive peace offerings, George thought. He felt better. Maggie wasn’t let in on this stunt, and then realized they’d all be alright; especially the girls, but even she.

Gretchen waited; Maggie could see she held nothing. The girls looked at each other, then back at daddy. She then put out her hands, palms-up, empty: “No condoms; for during” and George chuckled, thinking this clever of his girls – and honest – and expecting them to be as pleased with their smart wit; but they just smiled warmly at him and went back to their mother for further direction, turning from him and sashaying away the mere few steps for all they were worth.

It seemed a shame: three small red triangles, at eye-level and accentuating more so than concealing perfect orbs of soft fat – the kind of ideal derrieres a few lucky women keep naturally, not a day of sun or exercise to their credit – his daughters’ lazy round fannies; but no doubt other men would one day have these very beauties, and he might as well be first.

“Line up, girls.”

George disrobed; now the only one of them wholly exposed, he finished his initial drink, then began downing the second. Maggie stepped up close, handing him the sex jell and touching his erection.

“I know what you like,” an aside, off the record, “ – go easy on them”, and a reminding smile, gentle and warning; she and her brother were long friends with a surgeon down the block sympathetic to their ‘arrangement’; he’d treated Maggie in the past, but had made George watch.

The girls flipped coins, and three dimes spun in the air alike until coming to rest to single out one: two heads and a tails – establishing who would go later, and who was to get done now. “Strip, Bridgie, and bend over” and she was naked and knelt over on the couch before she was sure being first meant she had won.

George pulled at himself behind her, oiling and polishing his cock, splashing lubricant between them, then began on Bridget abruptly enough – plunging and corkscrewing his fingers to the knuckles less gently than he could of, jamming the flavored Go-Glide up her butt and then his thumb hooked into her and tugging all around. After enough of this, Bridget thought her father’d put his fist between her buns, until she felt him affix his hands – both hands – to her hips while the force in question remained in place.

Then proceeded.

“ow” as if maybe that’s all it would amount to. Then “*ow*” again, not caring who knew and this being only the beginning. George closed in on his daughter’s ass: “ow-ow-OOOWAAAH” ever more pushing to a point, then constant pressure and holding. “Breathe, Bridgie” Gretchen as she was sure he couldn’t be fit in, that they’d have to try something else, her father’s lap then smacked flush to her seat – the big stretch and a sudden pound less of available space within her – and her buttfuck was fast underway, already a good number of full strokes in front of her grasp of it happening.

A last clipped shout from her, and a brief, trembling silence – Bridget plainly doggy-style and her father square behind her, George well ploughing as he had her mom in the home video – then crazed hollers & squalls, Bridget baying to her sisters for help, that she couldn’t take it though he’d delivered to her by then already another dozen in as many seconds, the first fast moments of 20 more minutes the whole of which she’d remember as individual strokes: pack-slap, pack-slap – her buns shaken in short, jarring waves and as hard a ride as she would ever know, Gretchen and Eleanor witnessing this power-sodomy of their sister as as well their own fate.

This was their daughters’ show: romancing & affectionate, the free girls worked-up the one getting railed with improvised fuck-speak, two sisters buoying the burdened third with lusty reminders of their purpose to bask in this banging, her hole getting cored, and to prove it with an orgasm – wallowing in the very twistedness of it all as a spotlight on the sheer sex of each thrust felt: dragging back & forth at her rectum, every inbound a ballooning rush inflated high inside, every outbound as forgiving as a good shit – until their slight frames shook and pussies would cream as no masturbation could effect. Maggie stayed an audience of one, an uninvolved authority, and her brother, George, the father of these girls of hers, a trustworthy prop of which to make crude pits of his daughters’ novice bottoms.

George blew a soak of protein up Bridget’s ass, then withdrew, and turning his daughter around he eased into her mouth and encouraged her to spend a minute longer doing what she hadn’t counted on and was of no empirical merit; a resigned minute of cleaning up the spermy, bowel-juice mess of own insides off her father’s prick for her sister next in line – he’d have to re-lube for Gretchen, Bridget having left her father’s prick sterile of all but her saliva; and finished off, her backend limp & spent as a used condom, an understated ‘…wow’ was all she could say, mopping her buttcrack of trace bleeding and gouts of purged sperm.

Gretchen had made a bed of the sofa cushions and was curled tight on all-fours, looking straight at the floor, her hair spilling around her head and hiding her face; pulling one cheek wide aside while gouged she’d soon feel he was elbow-deep into her, and she put her hand back beneath her to hold fast to the floor. George looked down his daughter’s back, seeing her spine a ridged arch, her body a hard curvature of young muscle doubled-over he pitched hard into her – a wet creak and a brunt pat at her seat, like fucking a rock of flesh – her rectum swallowing whole his complete meat in one vast gulp.

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Giving into the Lust Pt. 04 – The End

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I’ve become addicted to you. Your scent. Your taste. The look in your eyes when you’re particularly turned on. The feel of your hands in my hair. Your breath on my ear when you’re whispering dirty things to me. I think about you with every heartbeat. When I’m fucking my husband your face is all I see. You’re my own personal heroin. I need you in my blood. I crave the pain of the needle and the sweet release that comes after. I know I’m not in love with you; sometimes I don’t even like you very much, you’re kind of an asshole. I don’t know how you got so deep in my system. I know you feel the same way. I see it in your eyes the first time you see me when we meet. The lust. The desire. The need. The hatred for feeling the way you do and needing me so badly.

This has to end before we get sucked down into this deadly vortex and blow up two perfectly good families.

There’s no 12-step program for this. I throw myself into my family, my work, my marriage. I start writing these stories. Writing about our affair is therapeutic. Calling it an affair leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It was so much more than that. It was like matadorbet two speeding comets colliding in space. Over and over again. After time I only think of you with every other heartbeat. I find other things to masturbate to. When I am riding my husband and his hands are on my breasts and I close my eyes, it’s more difficult to picture your face and your hands.

6 weeks 4 days 8 hours and 32 minutes after the last time you pulled your cock out of me and walked away from my life I find you at my car after work, leaning up against it “Jake Ryan style.” God, I missed you. Then I am pissed that I thought that. I don’t miss you, I miss the concept of us. The fucking, the thrill, the unbelievable sex.

You pull me in for a hug. I tense. This is risky in broad daylight in my work parking lot. “I need just once more.” You whisper. I laugh at the irony of that. That’s how this started – just once. Just once turned into just a hundred. It’s a monumentally terrible idea, but my mouth betrays my brain and I agree. He hands me a motel key and gets in his car and leaves.

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry matadorbet giriş when I realize it’s the same room as the first time. Exactly the same.

You’re on the bed watching baseball. I chuckle when I think this is exactly what my husband would be doing. All men are basically the same, right? You just pick the one that annoys you the least and stick with that. I take off all my clothes and come to the bed.

You scoot to the edge of the bed and pull me between your knees. You take of my shirt and put your face between my breasts and inhale my scent. “I’ve missed this” you say.

Your finger finds my already wet slit and slowly strokes my clit. I weave my hands in your hair and moan. Your very wet finger finds my ass and begins circling it and teasing it. You tell me to get on all fours on the bed. I feel your tongue on my pussy. Licking and flicking. Your face moves up my crack and I feel your tongue between my ass cheeks. I have never had anyone do this before. I can’t breathe. Your tongue circles my asshole while your thumb rubs my clit. My legs are weak. My pussy is tingling with pleasure and anticipation. You take two fingers from your other hand and shove them in my pussy and I’m cumming so hard. I’m screaming your name. You bring your face down to lick up all of my juices as fast as you can. It’s been 6 weeks since I came like that and it will be forever before I ever do again.

You flip me over and insert your ready cock inside me. You’re moving slowly savoring every minute. Your eyes are locked with mine. We’ve never made love before; never did anything but quick, dirty, rough fucking. It’s dangerous. It’s too much. I can’t get enough. I wrap my legs around your waist to bring you closer. I run my hands all over your skin, memorizing the way you feel, the way you smell.

Afterwards we linger a little longer than we should.

“I don’t know how to quit you.” You say as we’re leaving.

“Which is why we have to.” I remind him. For a second I hesitate before speaking. “I found a way to make it a little easier on me. I wrote our story and published it online. Maybe reading it would help.”

I send him a text with a link to my Literotica page.

“I’m finishing our story and am moving on to some fiction stories. This is our last chapter.”

I kiss him one last time deeply, our tongues tangled up, trying to stay connected.

That’s the last time. So far anyway.

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On the Beach Ch. 07

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Bill is re-introduced to his siblings and his best friend.

This chapter contains MM sex along with MFM and group. If MM is a problem, stop here.

I’ve placed it in the “Incest/Taboo” rather than “Gay Male” because the predominant feature is incest not gay male.

Thanks once again to LarryInSeattle for his editing assistance.


“What did dad mean by ‘there’s one more little thing’?”

I had followed Bill downstairs and to the bathroom. He spun around looking pissed.

“Jesus Christ, Jill! I just want to take a shower. You can play Tomás de Torquemada later. If you want to know what dad meant, try this – go ask him.”

“I can’t. He’s holed up with mom in their bedroom.”

Bill paused and my curiosity meter twitched higher. There was something going on.

“You do need a shower though. You reek of cum and sweat brother dear.” I pushed the bathroom door closed with one foot without turning around. “Come on I’ll wash your back for you.” I stepped past him and pulled the shower curtain back.

Bill stared at me. “Are you out of your fucking mind? Why would I let you shower with me? Why would you want to in the first place? What the fuck are you up to Jill?”

“Nothing,” I shrugged nonchalantly. “Brush your teeth first. I’ll brush mine too.”

The door opened. Jim stood there. My heart fluttered. I knew he had followed me to the basement but I wasn’t sure how much farther he would be able to follow. I still wasn’t but the initial signs were encouraging. I kissed him and stepped back to give him room.

“Hi, baby. I going to help Bill relax by washing his back but I want to brush my teeth first.” I glanced at my brother over my shoulder. He was very confused looking. “He thinks it’s weird but he’s gay so I don’t see what the big deal is. If we were at a nude beach he wouldn’t make a fuss about me putting lotion on his back. How is this different?” I tipped Bill a wink. “Although maybe he’d prefer you to lotion his back, baby.”

Bill got even redder in the face. Even my dark skinned lover seemed to turn a little red. I giggled and kissed both of them on the cheek. Men are so easy sometimes. Poor things.

I looked at the shower. “It’s too small for all three of us. We could go to the pool or the beach. We can stay naked at the pool but I’m not sure even the pool water can clean up Mr. Smells Like Sex here. Or Jim, baby, you could wash his back?” I smiled innocently.

The two of the four men I love most in this world looked at each other then looked at the floor. Pathetic. I brushed my teeth quickly, turned on the shower and hopped in. “Too late, fools. Bill, hurry up. I’m not sure how long the hot water will last.” I grabbed my boobs and waved them at the poor babies. “And look what cold water does to my poor nipples.”

Bill’s jaw might have fallen further than Jim’s but it looked to me like Jim’s cock was harder.

“Hurry up,” I snapped, truly a bit irritated they were so slow.

Bill brushed his teeth. So did Jim. When Bill’s shoulder brushed against Jim, he didn’t pull away. There heads nearly touched when they both bent to rinse their mouths at the same time. My heart fluttered a little more. I turned my face into the water to hide the silly damn girlie tears that filled them.

A puff of air on my butt announced that Bill had joined me. I turned to face him. His little encounter with Jim had brought his erection along nicely. It was standing up and nearly vertical. I shuffled past him, letting my nipples brush his chest while his cock brushed over the smooth hairless skin of my pussy. I turned his shoulders so that he faced me. The underside of his cock was pressed flat against my pussy and tummy. It felt nice. I tipped his head back and got his hair wet enough to push it away from his face. I squirted a palmful of my face scrub in my hand and used my fingertips to work the scrub onto Bill’s cheeks. As my fingers did their magic the tension in his face eased. The lines in his forehead disappeared. I finished his cheeks, his forehead and finally, his chin, scratchy with whiskers. The entire time I could feel his cock twitch against my pussy with every beat of his heart.

I tipped his head back and gently rinsed the scrub from his face. I urged him forward as I moved back, bringing him from under the shower. I lathered his hair with his own shampoo and the scent of sandalwood filled the air. How had Jim missed the fact my brother was gay? A thought fought for my attention but I was too distracted. I rinsed his hair and then massaged in conditioner. I left the conditioner in his hair and soaped my natural sponge body scrubber. Since he faced me, I started with his chest. My hand inscribed slow soft circles over his chest. I loved the way the sponge sculpted his chest hair into swirls of black and white. I leaned into him and turned the water off.

“Don’t want to rush and I don’t want to run out of hot water either,” I whispered in his ear and then kissed it. His cock had slipped between my legs tuzla eve gelen escort when I had leaned forward. It remained there, trapped, when I leaned back. I raised his left arm and draped it over my own shoulder. I dipped my head. I could smell him, over the scent of sandalwood, I could smell the vibrant tang of my brother’s body. I almost hated to wash it away. Between my legs, his cock had found a natural groove, the warm wet lips of my pussy were draped over Bill’s pretty cock.

I washed his armpit and side, then switched to his right side. This time I touched my nose to the hair in his armpit and inhaled deeply. I shivered. I pressed my lips to the skin under the hair and inhaled again. Bill shivered. He didn’t stink. That was totally the wrong word. He smelled like man and sex and hard work. I needed him to turn around, so I could do his back. I didn’t want to move but I had to. I moved my hips, very slowly, back and forth, glorying in the feel of his cock sliding between my pussy lips. I don’t know if he enjoyed it but I loved it. The head sprang free, flicking over my clit as I stepped back. I sighed. Beyond the clear shower curtain, Jim’s eyes volleyed between me and my brother. Jim had a full hard-on but he wasn’t touching it.

Before turning Bill around, I wrapped my sudsy hands around his cock. I washed his cock and balls, reaching back between his legs, almost to his asshole. He squatted slightly, opening himself to my hand. His eyes were closed.

I reached behind him, pressing his cock into my belly and turned the water back on. I tipped his head and rinse away the conditioner. I let the water flow over his chest and rinsed his cock with handfuls of water and my hands.

“Turn around,” I whispered, as I re-soaped the sponge and turned the water off. I scrubbed his back a little harder. I squatted and washed his ass crack, spreading his cheeks. My fingers did as much probing as washing. I was convinced I saw cum leak from his asshole when I pressed my finger inside. What had he been up to when dad found him?

I reached between his legs, no longer pretending to wash him. I love the feel of his cock in my hand. I looked through the curtain at Jim. I raised my eyes in a silent question. Without hesitation he nodded and smiled. I felt that flutter in my chest again.

I remained squatting and washed Bill’s legs. I turned him with my hands on his hips. My eyes were on his face. I fumbled with my mouth for a moment and then found his cock. He opened his eyes and we looked at each other as I started to move my mouth over my brother’s cock. I wanted his cock in my pussy but I presumed that, as a gay man, he’d find a blow job more acceptable.

I felt another waft of air. I turned my head and Jim was kneeling outside the bathtub. He leaned over. I took my mouth from my brother’s cock and kissed my lover. His tongue found my mouth at the same moment Bill’s hand found my head. When Jim broke the kiss he didn’t lean back. He turned his head. His eyes were on Bill’s cock. He looked at me. I winked. He shrugged.

His hand was steady when he reached for my brother’s cock and I saw no hesitation when he took it into his mouth.

It was sort of funny, in a way. He had no idea what to do. I had no idea how many blow jobs Jim had received before he met me but I’m sure he’d had a few. Still, he had less idea of what to do than I did.

“Like this, babe,” I whispered. I reached out and took my brother’s cock in my own hand. I deep-throated him, proud of how easy I made it look. When I pulled back I pressed my tongue against the undershaft and followed with my hand. I let Bill’s cock fall from my mouth and explained what I had done before entrusting my brother’s cock to my lover’s care once more.

Jim was a quick study. He even appeared to developed some enthusiasm for the task. He sucked Bill’s cock for quite some time before Bill pulled his hips back and reached for his cock.

“I’m going to cum,” he muttered through clenched teeth. I could tell by the look in Jim’s eyes that was too much to ask on his first attempt. I opened my mouth and swallowed my brother’s cock. I rested my hands on his hips and urged him forward. He thrust into my waiting mouth a half a dozen times and came.

I want to be able to say my brother’s cum tasted different than Jim’s but I can’t. To me they tasted the same. Maybe because for the past few weeks Jim and Bill had eaten at our house most of the time. I had read somewhere that foods could change the taste of a man’s cum. What a great experiment. I’d feed them both a different diet and suck them off, one after the other, in the name of science.

I left Bill’s cock in my mouth. Long seconds after it seemed he was finished, his cock would jerk, his ass tighten beneath my hands and I would be treated to another, diminishing but still savory, mouthful of his seed.

When he pulled away from me I wasn’t ready to let go. I followed him with my head. He cupped my chin with one hand, freed his tuzla otele gelen escort cock and urged me to my feet. Jim stood up with me. My brother had a tentative look on his face. Such a look didn’t belong there. Bill was one of the most assured people I knew. His head was inclined toward mine. I reached up and pulled his mouth toward my own. His lips felt so wonderful against mine. I opened my mouth to him. His tongue, gentle as the rest of him, caressed my mouth.

When his mouth left mine. I turned. Jim was waiting, as I knew he would be. His kiss was as gentle as Bill’s but, unlike their cum, it was easy to tell their lips and mouths apart. I broke the kiss, curious as to what would happen next. Would Jim kiss my brother? Would he let Bill kiss him? Bill didn’t try. He put his arms around Jim and hugged him.

He stepped back and his eyes dropped to Jim’s cock, still hard, precum hanging from the tip.

Bill looked at Jim. “Dude, you’ve done more than I’ve any right to expect but could…”

Jim didn’t let him finish. He put a hand on his shoulder and gestured with his head toward the door.

“Not here, dude. Dry off and come into the bedroom.” He kissed my cheek. “You too, white she-devil.”

As Jim left the room Bill handed me my towel. I held it to my chest, content to simply relax for a moment. Bill grabbed his own towel and threw it over his head. He dried his hair in that brusque aggressive fashion men have. I squeezed mine dry and smiled.

He took the towel away. His hair pointed in all directions. He’d let it dry that way and he’d look good. I hate men sometimes.

“Jill,” he started, looking lost again. I crossed the room and put my arms around him. Our towels kept our bodies from touching but I could feel the damp hair of his chest on my cheek.

“Don’t say anything. You don’t have to say anything. I wouldn’t hurt you for the world, not even for Jim.” I pulled away and looked at him. “Please, don’t ever tell him I said that.”

“Don’t be silly. Why would I? I’m happy for you,” he managed a smile. “And for Jim.”

I felt my stupid eyes welling. “You know,” I managed to stammer. “You were the first man I ever loved.”

I grabbed his head, not caring that my towel fell to the floor, and kissed him, hard.

When I stepped away Mark was standing there, staring and shaking his head.

“Wha…, I mean, were you uh…”

Mark’s voice tailed off into silence. Bill looked at him. I looked at the two of them and felt ashamed of myself. I had always thought as Bill and I as a team, we were so close in age. But Mark and Bill were only a few more months apart in age than Bill and I. We weren’t twins. We were triplets. I jumped into Mark’s arms. He grabbed me, instinctively perhaps, but his arms felt nice around me regardless of how they had come to be there.

Bill stepped to Mark’s side and he put his arms around both of us. When I tipped my head up I was astonished, and very pleased, to see my brothers exchange a very hesitant kiss. Hesitant, maybe but it was hot as hell. More importantly, it was full of love.

When Bill stepped away his eyes were misty. I reminded myself he was gay so his tears didn’t make him a wuss. Stupid, straight Mark had tears on his cheeks too. I might have kept my own eyes dry if not for my wussy oldest brother.

Bill swiped at his eyes with his forearm.

“I think Jim is going to let me suck his cock.” He grinned at us. “I don’t think he’ll mind a couple of spectators.”


Jim was lying on my bed. He had one leg pulled up. His balls hung down to the mattress. He was absent-mindedly stroking his cock. My pussy growled, or did whatever a hungry pussy does. I put a hand on my Bill’s arm.

“Is this a solo project or can I lend a hand?”

“You mean can you lend your tonsils don’t you?” He shook his head, denying my request.

I told myself that was fine. Jim was mine. We were just being nice to Bill. I could share.

Bill smiled at me. “You don’t have any tonsils. Remember? You acted like you were dying for a month afterward. But, your deformity aside, if you’re asking if you can help me suck Jim’s cock, that’s for him to say. I’m not sure I’ve been invited or not.”

“Bullshit, white boy. Don’t make me regret my liberalities. Don’t you know there aren’t any gay brothers? I’m going to close my eyes and relax. I don’t care who sucks my dick.” He raised up on his elbows and looked at me.

“I mean if that’s alright with you, baby?”

I think he was fucking with me but I’m not sure. I kissed my brother and climbed onto the bed, pulling Bill after me. Mark stood in the doorway with a half-hard dick, looking out of place. He started to raise a hand, as if to wave good-bye.

I held out my hand to him.

“Would you rub my back, Mark?”

He looked uncertain. He really was a big wuss. He was my straight brother but in a lot of ways he acted the gayest. He shaved his body. He preened. He tanned. His clothes weren’t tuzla sınırsız escort expensive but stylish and always matched. He had all the stereotypically gay attributes but was straight. Bill acted straight and was dying to smoke my boyfriend’s pole. Go figure.

“Come on, big brother. There’s room,” I said, gesturing with one hand, feeling like a mom trying to get a shy toddler to pet a puppy.

He sat, rather awkwardly, on the corner of the bed. I scooted closer and kissed his shoulder, watching his eyes. I ran my hand up and down his side. I kissed his cheek and sat back, observing the emotions that ran across his face. I smiled at him and then turned toward my lover.

Bill, his natural courtesy overwhelmed by lust, had not waited for me. He had Jim’s cock in one hand and was rubbing his tongue and slightly parted lips over the shaft. True to his word, my lover’s eyes were closed. His face was relaxed, unlined.

I tilted my head opposite Bill’s, to avoid bumping into each other, and my parted lips and tongue joined my brother’s on Jim’s cock. I made sure to kiss and lick the fingers holding the base of my lover’s cock. The bed shifted as Mark moved closer to my back.

I moved my hand from where it rested atop Jim’s inner thigh and reached behind me. Mark’s smooth, hairless, skin felt funny at first but his quads were as hard as Jim’s. Bill’s mouth was over Jim’s cock now. I watched him struggle to deep-throat Jim’s cock. He gagged a couple of times and then pulled his mouth away. That was my signal.

I gagged but only once. It was easier this time. I knew how to relax my throat, how to extend my neck to open my throat to Jim’s cock. One gag and I was there, nose buried in Jim’s pubes, the head of his cock swelling my throat. I bobbed up and down on his cock a few times. The hand I held behind my back searched for and found my other brother’s cock.

He moaned and felt his head fall onto the back of my shoulder. His forehead was hot, as if he were running a fever. I let Jim’s cock fall from my mouth and swiveled at the hips. By turning my head as far as I could I was able to find Mark’s lips. Inside my mouth, his tongue felt as feverish as his skin.

When I turned back toward Jim, Bill was once more struggling to deep-throat his cock. I rubbed my fingers through his hair. He looked up. I leaned toward him. He surrendered Jim’s cock and accepted the offer of my mouth. As we kissed, Mark’s fingers began to stroke the cleft of my pussy.

“You’ve got your head bent,” I whispered to Bill when he broke our kiss. “With your head bent down like this,” I demonstrated by dropping my chin to my chest, “the back of your mouth and the opening to your throat form a U-turn. That will never work. You need to extend your neck. Like this.” I demonstrated by tilting my head back. “Hang on,” I gushed as inspiration struck. “Lie down on your back,” I instructed Mark.

He did as I asked. I knelt beside him, facing his feet. I scooted toward his head, so that I would need to stretch to reach his cock. I wrapped my right hand around Mark’s cock and leaned over the top of my legs.

“Like this,” I muttered and deep-throated my other brother’s cock. Mark’s hips rose off the bed and the head of his cock pushed itself deep into my throat. It was awesome. I scootched a little closer to Mark’s side, hoping he’d take the hint. He did.

His hand found the inside of my left leg and he pulled at it. There was barely room between Mark and the wall but I wiggled my leg into place, straddling my oldest brother’s face. I imagined I could feel my pussy dripping onto his hungry lips. I let go of his cock and turned to look at Bill and Jim. Bill was stroking his cock, watching us. Jim was watching as well. He had a perfect view of my upturned ass and Mark’s tongue parting my pussy lips. I could see at a glance that neither of them were comfortable getting into a 69 position.

“Jim, love, hop up a second.” He did as I asked. “Bill, lie down on your back beside us, your feet toward the head of the bed. Lie with your head hanging over the end of the bed.” He did as I asked without questioning, when he was in position, I gestured with one hand at Jim. “You can stand, squat really, at the end of the bed and let Bill suck you. He should be able to take your whole cock in that position. And I,” I purred, “can watch the whole thing.”

Jim looked dubious. I knew he was worried about seeming to domineering in that position. Bill helped him along by reaching up and grabbing both Jim’s ass cheeks and pulling him toward his mouth. It was almost impossible for Bill to move his head very much. He held still and Jim lowered himself, pushing his cock down with the fingers of one hand and steadying himself against the wall with his other hand. Bill gagged. Jim tried to pull up but my brother’s hands on his ass restrained him. The hands urged him onward. After a pause he continued to push and in a somewhat anti-climatic fashion buried his cock in my brother’s throat.

He pulled out slowly and then lowered himself again. It wasn’t long before he was fucking Bill’s mouth. Mark’s mouth had been doing wonderful things to my pussy. He was a clit man. He would pause to lap my nectar up with his tongue but mostly he pushed his cheeks and chin into my cunt and worked my clit with his lips and tongue.

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