Picking up Her Dad

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About 6 months after the wedding, we were going to have her father stay with us for close to a week. We have not seen her dad since a little after the wedding. So the week before his visit, Christina and I would tease each other in bed about what she is going to do with him. And what he is going to do to her. After a very long and fun week we had with each other she cut me off for close to two days before his arrival. Once Friday came she cut me off completely, but she would wear the skimpiest outfits around the house, telling me I couldn’t even jack off until they were together again.

Finally Sunday morning came and we were off to go pick up her dad from the airport. It takes a little over an hour to get there. And when she got in the car she went to the back seat. Of course I asked her why? And all she said is that this is going to be a road show.

She was wearing a skimpy tube top with a fairly short dress. Then revealed she wasn’t wearing anything underneath either one! So we started to drive through our country roads to get to the interstate and she pulls out a dildo from up under the seat and proceeds to rub down her clit with it.

“This is just the pregame honey, wait until we are both back here.” she says.

After she gave herself an orgasm she continued to play with herself for a while but not really driving it home. The whole time out there though she kept mentioning on how much she missed him. Especially when he is inside her, the taste of his cum, and how much she’ll torture me by not allowing me in her till he goes kartal escort back home.

I can see her really perk up, the closer we got. “I’m going to text him to see if he landed yet.” she said. Then a few texts went back and forth. I assumed he landed then. We finally made it to the parking garage and then met him at baggage claim. She ran to hug and kiss him. After the small pleasantries about the flight, back home, etc. He leaned in and told me that “she made me take my Viagra a little too soon; I can already feel it having its effect.”

After confronting her about it, she said that she wanted to make the road trip even more “special”.

I carried his bags back to the car, while the two of them were holding hands and giggling like little school children. We finally made it back to the car. The two of them were in the back as she said she’d be. As I was trying to figure out on how to get back on the road, I could see that they were already “catching up.” I told them to wait until I at least get back onto the interstate so I could drive some what safe. After about 10 minutes or so I got on, and shot her a wink.

This was her cue to pull down her top; I then adjusted my rear view to get a better angle of her tits. Then was immediately covered by his left hand and started to kiss her neck and slowly moved to her left breast while still caressing her right with that left hand. She was already starting to pant and then I noticed she was taking his dick out. Once it was out, she just simply held it there in its glory for me to see, while cumhuriyet mahallesi escort he kept working on her upper half.

As much as I wanted to keep watching I also had to keep an eye on the road. The next time I looked in the rearview mirror, Christina was any where in there. I had to re-adjust to find her bobbing her head on his very erect dick. As I kept re-adjusting I got a glimpse of him smiling throwing me a big thumbs up. Then I could really hear her start sucking a lot harder. All that slurping and sloppiness was literally driving me nuts.

She sucked off her dad a little while longer. She then started to hike her skirt up toward her waist. Mark started to finger her with at least two fingers, I couldn’t get a real good look, but I can hear her asking for more.

Then she asked her dad “Are you ready daddy to fuck your daughter in front of her husband again?”

“You know I am sweetie” replied mark.

She then swung her right leg over him, reached down and sat down on her father’s dick. She let out a long moan and started to grind him, putting her tits back in his face. As I was watching all of this, I clearly wasn’t watching the road as much as I should have and caught the rumble strip on the side of the road. This made Christina say “You can pull over if you want to watch longer or you can continue to drive home, to get a better show there.”

They never stopped their fucking however. She kept on saying how much she missed his dick. How much she couldn’t wait for yunus escort his sweet load. Then she said that I would have to sleep outside the bedroom to listen to the two of them fuck the rest of the night.

After a while of this, she dismounted and returned to her sucking. “Oh I love the taste of my pussy juice off your dick daddy.”

All the while she was finger banging her self. She had gotten her fingers all real wet, turned around to go reverse cowgirl back on his dick. He was holding her by the tits. She finally gave me a taste of her pussy off those fingers. I sucked on those until I couldn’t taste much more of her, and then told her to do that again. She quickly obliged.

Mark announced that he was getting close to finishing. Christina then got real into it. Grinding him like no other and the shit that came from her mouth was just unheard of. Stuff like; “Come in me daddy make my piece of shit husband watch his wife take her father’s cream pie.” “Once we get home I am going to show him how a real man can treat this slut wife of his.” “Next time we have you in town, we should invite his dad too. So you both can fuck me none stop.”

No sooner than she said this, mark starting pumping his load into her. After a minute or two of them coming down from their orgasms, she again dismounted grabbed what she could from her very beat up pussy, and cleaned her own hand. Again she held her dad’s dick as a trophy or something and proceeded to clean him off. We drove for about 15 more minutes and saw the sign for the Lion’s Den ABS. Christina wanted to go in, I wanted to go home. So we left it up to Mark to decide. He then asked; “Well how long do you plan on being?” “Cause I wouldn’t mind going to your house to finish what we started.”

“Well that depends on how long you two plan on watching me fuck strange men.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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