The Russian Twins – a Novel Pt. 04

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Pytor after getting over his reservations introduced Ekatarina to his daughter Marie. The girls were fairly similar in age with Ekatarina being 22 years old so only 4 years older than Marie. She also met the groom Markus who wiped his hands from working on the farm. He could see she was very beautiful but Markus only had eyes for Marie. Marie was as beautiful if not more so than Ekatarina. Marie had beautiful long hair that she let grow such that her hair length reached a few inches passed her bottom. She would wash it every day.

Ekatarina had already hinted that she wanted to give herself sexually to Pytor and that was preferable to her seeking elsewhere, Markus perhaps. In Pytor’s eyes, Marie was his life. He knew initially when Elke became pregnant he had been unhappy as he worried about providing for a baby when they were just about managing. But it was Elke’s experience and work ethic plus his own carefully considered decisions that had resulted in the wealth and comfort he now enjoyed. His one concern was the future for Marie. Elke had made Pytor guilty she gave her no more children, a son in particular. Elke eventually warmed to Markus however. She had always been harder on Marie, in part her upbringing so whilst Marie respected her mother, she was not close to her as a daughter. Instead, she enjoyed her time with her father. He too could be strict but he looked out for her. Strong father, Strong daughter was Pytor’s notion and Marie benefited. A father’s greatest worry, the man his daughter will marry was set at ease with the upcoming wedding of Markus and Marie. He viewed Markus already as the son he and Elke never had. Although Markus was Edgar’s son, a bit of a boor in Pytor’s mind along with most of his cronies like Lars, Markus respected and was closer than his father. Edgars and Lars reminded Pytor too much of Kacper and Jakob.

Pytor had purchased more land and there was the construction of a series of houses. In time the development would extend to become its village and ultimately a town. Pytor’s legacy was set. This was to come. For now, the Ozola’s were very much marrying up. Pytor would not let Ekatarina spoil anything between the couple. He could appreciate too that Ekatarina gave Marie something she had never had, a female friend that she could enjoy spending time with and become more feminine and not solely focus on the hard work of a farmer as her mother had done.

Pytor too finally found an outlet with Ekatarina for his long-repressed sexual fantasies after she made him forget that she was not that much older than his daughter.

With one of the new houses, ready Pytor showed Ekatarina around. They had just had the three-bedroom house furnished. The houses on the development were already up for sale and all had buyers. Increasingly Kuldiga was being referred to as Latvia’s prettiest town.

Arriving late in the day, Ekatarina’s first few hours in the town were spent exploring under a low and languid golden sun. Colourful houses lined with windows offering glimpses into local lives, flowers wild and cherished proudly hung from every door, shadows and light calling her to explore every street that she passed.

This town requires no route (she could turn a familiar corner before she ever would get lost), and just a couple of hours to explore.

Ekatarina could wait no longer.

“Has the bed springs been tested Pytor for the new tenants?”

Ekatarina is wearing a short peach dress and matching sandals. They have just picked up some lunch from a nearby newsagent on the walk to the new estate where the first few houses have been completed. The current house was a showroom hence it is fairly fully finished.

“You know Pytor I am very hungry.” She takes a sugar doughnut from the bag and lies on the bed as she lifts it teasingly to her lips in her left hand as her right-hand pulls the hem of her short dress revealing her pink panties.”

It is enough for Pytor.

“You know Ekatarina you don’t look like ulus escort a whore, but you do act like one.”

“The face of an angel, the body of a slut! Pytor.”

“Let me feed you something a bit more to your taste then Ekatarina, then we can give the mattress a thorough testing.”

Pytor strips and takes the doughnut from her hand and pushes his cock into her mouth.

“Now beautiful I mean to fully enjoy you in all departments much as you have made clear you want me to do. Take off those knickers and let me have a taste of you and you can feed that cute mouth on my cock. You can leave the dress on for now. I am going to open you up in all sorts of wonderful ways.”

Pytor lies on the bed and Ekatarina slips off her knickers and sits across her face as she feels him open her up with his mouth as she sets about to bring about pleasing him with her mouth in the sexy soixante-neuf.

Pytor then proceeds to drag her face down in the bed by her waist until her hips are at the edge of the bed and she is standing legs apart, her sandals flat on the floor. He stands up and walks behind her pushing into her ass, grabs her hips and begins to fuck her hard up the ass.

“You enjoy it like this Ekatarina hmm. You do indeed have the body of a slut.”

“Yes Pytor yes! Harder. Fuck me harder.”

After Pytor finishes in her he makes her suck and clean his cock they do get around to having their lunch finally.

“So tell me your story Ekatarina. Have you starred in porn films?”

“No Pytor. I look after the girls who do. I have been a director of many films. A skill I learned from my father.”

“In between wedding planning you mean?”

“Wedding planning I learned from my mother. She has her own business, as does my father. He owns a film and production company in Latvia. He was curious to meet the man who invested a ten per cent share in his company when he was starting. Shares that made you money.”

“Indeed Ekatarina. Well, one type of hunger satisfied, now for another. I am going to fuck you now and as well as testing the bed springs you are going to tell me the secret I know you are hiding from me.”

Pytor pushed Ekatarina back on the bed. She is still dressed. He Pulls her by her hips and folds her legs up to her chest. She looks up at him, lust and longing in her eyes. He pushes into her, watching her eyes intently. He brings his right to her throat and squeezes.

“Talk Ekatarina as I fuck you.” He tightens the grip on her throat. Her eyes go wide.

“Have you starred in porn films?”

Ekatarina struggles for breath as Pytor slowly fucks her.

“Yes!” She croaks out. Pytor keeps watching her eyes as he fucks her slowly.

“Why did you lie to me?”

Pytor thrusts hard into her, still holding her eyes. The bed mattress springs creak.

“I am ashamed. When I was younger I was wilful. I argued with my parents, my mother, and my father. I was spoiled.”

Pytor started fucking harder into her.

“So what did you do?”

“I ran away from home. I didn’t like relying on daddy’s money.”

“How old?”

“18. I was 18.”

“So what happened.”

“I got in with these guys. They said they could get me money. Doing films.”

“How did that work out?”

“It was borderline rape. My audition. They had me naked, on my knees, they face fucked me. Passing me between themselves. Oral rapes. Slapping my face. Then the sex. First individually. My cunt, my ass. Both of them. Spit roast. Double penetration. Used as a piece of meat.”

Pytor slowed down.

“I am sorry that happened to you Ekatarina.”

“It’s okay. Stubborn as I was, I stuck with it. Oddly one of them I kind of liked. I think they were brothers or something. The money was good. But they had this thing. A series of girls. Most of them were young like me. One after the other. It was like a drug to them.”

“So when did you get out?”

“One day I just yenimahalle escort woke up and thought wtf. I guess I grew up.”

“Maybe? So why me. Why now?”

“Like I said I know of you from Kacper. Why now, the wedding.”

“Not convinced. Why the play for me?”

“What I told you about? The sex. It’s complicated.”

“Okay. Get dressed Ekatarina. You help Marie. The wedding stuff. After that, I guess you leave. I can pay for the wedding stuff.”

“Did I do something wrong? You don’t find me sexy?”

“I find you sexy enough. I too miss sex. But the mention of Kacper, things I’d rather forget.”

Ekatarina looks at him, about to say something. He is already leaving.

She catches him outside. “I am here for Marie. I am a wedding planner.”

“I believe you. Just do what you think. I will pay. Nothing but the best for her, understand?”

“Yes, Pytor. I am sorry I brought up ghosts. Things you’d rather forget.”

“You are not the only one Ekatarina that have things in the past they regret. I have learned to live with mine. Maybe it is time you did too.”

They walk back to town, slowly, silently. As they walk past the building development Pytor pauses.

“All this used to be fields. Now it becomes homes for families. The future.”

Pytor stops by the small house. Markus is out on the field working, and Marie is outside grooming Alexia.

“Daughter, this is Ekatarina. She is a wedding planner. She will help you plan the wedding.”

“Thank you, Papa.” She gauges her. This tall beautiful blond.

“Do you ride Ekatarina?”


“Well, Alexia needs an exercise. Let me show you how to ride a horse.”

Marie fetches Alexia’s blanket and saddle from the house. She saddles up Alexia. She encourages a reluctant Ekatarina to mount the horse.

“Alexia is gentle by nature. She will look after you. Come on Alexia. Good girl. Let’s take Ekatarina for an adventure.

“Get used to the saddle Ekatarina. Your legs will tire but just get used to the rise and fall. I will walk her. Maybe once you have confidence we can have her trot. I like your dress Ekatarina. I don’t own many nice dresses. I guess I will need to buy a wedding dress.”

Ekatarina and Marie hit it off. Marie reminds Ekatarina of her father Pytor. She resembles him. Her father though facially scarred is handsome. Marie is a constant talker and relays to Ekatarina all about her life on the farm and about Markus.

“Why do they call a husband to be a groom? That is what I do for Alexia. Groom her with a brush.”

Ekaterina laughs. “Well, the term groom comes from the meaning of the old English word guma servant boy who would look after the horses. So it means Markus needs to look after you as his wife. While you are a bride, that origin is proto-Germanic. From bru meaning to cook.”

“I don’t know how to cook,” Marie says.

Ekaterina laughs. “Don’t worry, most men don’t marry you for your cooking skills.” Suddenly Alexia breaks into a trot. Ekaterina shrieks! “Ahhhh”.


Ekaterina hears and holds onto the reigns for dear life as Alexia picks up the pace into a canter.

Fortunately, Marie was right and Alexia mercifully slows her pace to a trot and then a walk as she reaches the hay barn.

An out of breath Marie catches up to them forty minutes later.

“Ekaterina! Are you okay?”

Ekaterina looks at her laughing.

“Oh, Marie! That was scary and exciting all at the same time. What a rush. Almost as good as sex with ….” Ekaterina bites her tongue.

“Sex with who?” Suddenly Marie has a flash of anger as for a minute she thinks of Markus.

“My boyfriend.” Ekaterina is thinking about the recent curtailed sex with Pytor.

“Oh. Well, I never thought of it like that. But yes I can see what you mean. I am sorry Alexia has not been for a ride for a while. This is the hay barn.” Marie ties off the reigns and shows Ekaterina into the barn after helping her dismount.

“I like to come in here and think.” The smell of the fresh hay in the early evening air is refreshing.

“Ah! Come and lie with me, Ekaterina.”

Ekaterina lies next to Marie in the hay.

“This is where Markus and I became boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Mmmm it’s lovely. I could lie here all day.”

“That was after of course he showed me wanking.”

“Wanking?”. It suddenly dawned on Ekaterina that Marie maybe did not have many, if any girlfriends. Mind you Ekaterina was in the same boat. She had brothers but no sisters.

“Yes. I caught him the first time doing it with a porno magazine. He tried to pretend the girl in the magazine was his girlfriend. She looked like me though and Markus agreed I was prettier. So he showed me wanking. That time I arranged myself to as best look like the girl. He said I was prettier though. He showed me wanking. On me rather than the magazine. After that, we became boyfriend and girlfriend. I told him boyfriends and girlfriends don’t keep secrets from each other. Do you have any secrets, Ekaterina?”

“No Marie. No secrets.”

“That’s good then. So you don’t have to tell to your boyfriend. What’s his name?”

“Oh, we are not together anymore.”

“Oh. It is funny you were thinking of him then.” Marie turns to look at Ekaterina. “Do you think I’m pretty?” “Yes, Marie. I think you are very pretty. You have beautiful long hair, longer than mine by far.”

Ekaterina reaches over and strokes Marie’s hair. “You are very beautiful. Markus is lucky.” By instinct, Ekaterina reaches over and kisses Marie. This arouses her.

“I like you, Ekaterina,” Marie says honestly.

“I like you too.” Ekaterina starts to pleasure herself.

“What are you doing?”


Marie leans over her and kisses her. Ekaterina pulls off her dress. Marie copies her. They start kissing.

Ekaterina moves down from the bail and puts her head between Marie’s parted thighs and licks and tongues her pussy. Marie arches and moans as she puts a finger in her mouth as she cums. Ekaterina climbs up on a hay bale and parts her legs. Marie looks up at her and smiles. She brings her lips and tongue to Ekaterina’s shaved pussy and likewise brings Ekaterina’s climax.

Following the sex, both girls lie sexually satisfied on the hay.

“That was nice,” Marie says. “But I am still going to marry Markus.”

Ekaterina smiles and says nothing in return. She is the happiest she has been and takes Pytor’s advice and lets all the previous crap and regret slide from her mind and spirit in the hay.

It is late evening and the orange-red sun low in the sky casts a golden glow through the top window of the hay barn. The girls dress and Marie mounts Alexia and walk her back with Ekaterina holding the reigns. The sun is nearly setting by the time they get back to the small house.

“Have you been riding Alexia Marie? It’s good she needed a ride.”

“Yes, Markus. Ekaterina has had a ride. It is her first time.” Markus is wiping his hands on a towel. He offers his hand to the beautiful blond. She kind of sticks out from the usual residents. Ekaterina takes his hand and shakes it. “So you are the groom Markus?”

Confused Markus answers. “Yes.” Before he can ask Marie as forthright as ever says “She is our wedding planner Markus. She says the groom promises to look after his wife.”

“I try my best Marie. I try my best.”

“But I am not going to be cooking for you, Markus. That is supposed to be what a bride does.”

“I do the cooking Marie. You already know that.” Ekaterina laughs. Markus let go of her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Ekaterina. You are not from around here?”

“No Markus. I am from Latvia.”

“Well, I leave the wedding stuff to Marie. I am just a simple carpenter’s son. Your supper is out Marie.” Markus goes back into the house.

“I will see you tomorrow Marie. Thank you for letting me ride Alexia. I am happy I managed to stay on.”

“Goodbye, Ekaterina.” Turning to Markus. I am hungry Markus. Hungry for food and hungry for you.”

She sees Alexia. Markus smiles. He will try and be a good groom.

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Spit Roasted at Last….

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I’m dressed in my favourite and tightest latex dress, so much so that you can see my already erect nipples piercing through. My black thigh high boots wrap around my thighs so tightly they feel like my skin. I’m slightly covered by a black trench coat which is keeping what modesty I have left as I walk up the dimly lit street and open the door under a neon sign which reads – private.

When I enter the first thing that hits me is the familiar smell of sex. An aroma of lube, talcon powder and rubber surrounds me as I walk through the corridor and see a man who resembles a bouncer quickly get up to greet me. I can hear the club music playing behind the door opposite me he is so diligently guarding. He looks at me up and down and invites me to take my coat off, which I’m happy to oblige. He raises his eyebrow at my perfectly shined ass as I remove my coat and fix myself in the mirror on the wall beside me. He clears his throat to ask: ‘Alone tonight?’ I nod as he gives me a quick smile and opens the door to a very loud dance floor, filled with hundreds of people all dressed similarly to myself, although no one seems to of dared to wear the thigh high boots I’m so very fond of. Must be too obvious to wear on the tube here for some. I personally don’t care what people think. If I did I wouldn’t do what I do most weekends.

I walk through the club, checking out a few who catch my eye. One worth mentioning is a tall blond with beach curls and an ass I would love to play with who was swinging on a pole as she stared at my outfit… I thought to myself I would find her later. But for now I made my way to the back of the dance floor where there was a staircase taking tandoğan escort you down to the more entertaining part of the establishment shall we say. As I got downstairs I walked by a multitude of orgys, themed role play rooms and couples playing with their new found unicorn. I knew where I was going, I was looking for room 17. I was to meet a couple there with whom I was familiar with from other events. They were both very much my type. He was a tall, dark and roughed man with eyes that could pierce anyone. His arms could flip any girl over within seconds. Which I was hoping to be one. She was a gorgeous brunette with the most gorgeous boobs I could play with all night long…. and her big innocent eyes made her all the more fun to tease, although there was nothing virtuous about her. Not when I was done anyway.

As I saw my door come up as I walked down the hall, I adjusted my dress, checked my makeup in my compact and took a deep breath. I imagined in my head all the things I wanted to do this evening…. I opened the door and there they were. He was dressed in nothing but some tight black boxers and she was on her knees in front of him dressed in a very sexy red cocktail dress I couldn’t wait to tear off. His cock was in her mouth as I entered and his eyes looked towards me and gave me a smile. He allowed her to stop so they both may welcome me. As she got up, she immediately grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. I threw myself on top of her and kissed her as I walked my fingers down towards her pussy and gently started playing with her. She moaned and before I knew it, he was behind me with tunalı escort his toungue in between my ass. We moaned together as we both felt the wave coming but resisted giving in so quickly. She grabbed me by the waist and rolled me over, then sat on my face. I was more than happy to lick her tight pussy and so did she to mine.

He was pleasuring himself whilst watching us and moaning throughout. We knew we wanted this to last as long as possible so we looked at each other with wet cum dropping from our lips and both got on our knees to worship his dick with our mouths. We took turns taking it as deep as possible, making sure to look up so he could see us enjoying every second.Then I decided to go behind him and push my finger up his ass ever so slightly. I knew he liked it. So I shoved my tongue up there next. She was still sucking and licking his cock like a nympho. All of a sudden he grabbed me and threw me on the bed so I was on all fours. She soon joined me after throwing off her dress to reveal a red harness around her tits and started playing with me with her finger as he got into position to fuck me. I awaited it eagerly.

And as it slid into me and hit me I moaned so loudly I thought I came right there and then. I knew he was smiling. He carried on shoving himself into me as forcibly as possible as she kissed him and played with me. I couldn’t of wanted to cum any more but I resisted the urge wanting to wait until the very last moment. On every thrust I wanted him more, and harder. Then he removed himself flipped me over and grabbed my legs over his shoulder and carried on fucking me as türbanlı escort I moaned even louder. Then I feel her tongue gently lick me as his dick forces it’s way in and out of me and I can’t wait any longer with one more thrust accompanied with her wet tongue on my pussy I let out a scream as I came for what feels like for minutes.

But it doesn’t stop them. As he carried on to fuck me she climbs on top of me and kisses my nipples and then my lips. She goes back and fourth as he begins to gain speed. I can feel a wave coming again but he decides this time to start going in between me and her. He thrust a couple of times in me and then moved on to her. Keeping us both wanting his cock more and more and taking that frustration out on each other as we continue to lick, kiss and nibble at each other more and more passionately

All of a sudden I hear the door open and I’m in such a state of ecstasy I don’t even care if someone wishes to watch. But it wasn’t what I thought.

He smiles at the newcomer and he strips and immediately comes towards me. She moves off of me and he flips me over once more back into doggy style. The new man places his cock in front of me and I could not resist. Not even thinking I shove it into my mouth and suck it like it’s the last dick I’ll ever see. Then I feel once more a cock slide it’s way into me… I realise my fantasy is finally coming true. I always wanted to be spit roasted. My body can’t take it and I cum once more with two dicks in me. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. She knows this and tops it off by licking my pussy once more whilst grabbing my tits. I know he’s going to cum in my mouth. I can feel him getting close. And before I knew it he exploded – at the same time my man behind me slammed into me one last time as I got filled in both ends and my body screamed one last time in ecstasy. We all came and collapsed onto one another.

She licked her lips and said – ´next time, it’s my turn’. I smile gladly, looking forward to doing the same for her.

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Party Girl

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Big Boobs


You are going to be a doctor. You are a good girl.

You have drunk too much. It’s not like you but you are having fun.

There were girls here too at the house earlier but they have drifted away. It’s just you now, you and a bunch of white frat boys. You love the attention. White attention, so different to that you normally get.

You flirt and joke with them. They are teasing you, you are laughing. You are so tiny compared to them. They tower over the Asian boys you know. They have picked you up and are carrying you, laughing at how light you are, you giggle and pretend you don’t like it.

You are sitting on a big guy’s lap. He has fair hair and blue eyes. He starts nuzzling your neck. You know you should stop it now, it’s time to go home.

“I need another drink”, you find yourself saying.

You don’t want to go home.

You are lying across two guys’ laps. You don’t even remember who took your top off. Your nipples are rock hard, each of them being tweaked by a different guy.

A voice in your head says, now you need to go home.

You reach up and pull the blonde boy’s mouth to your nipple instead.

It’s not like you. You never do anything like this! You are modest. Respectable.

You are on your knees now. Your face is flushed, your cheeks are burning. Two inches from your lips it juts proudly. A huge swollen white cock, the biggest cock you have ever seen. It glistens at the tip. Your heart is beating so fast. The room is full of other white boys but you almost forget them, hypnotised like a deer in a headlight by the monster before you.

Strong rus escort male hands guide you down, your mouth slides over hot male flesh.

I don’t do things like this! I am a good girl, your mind says. But your mouth, stuffed full of cock, moans. You are ashamed, so terribly ashamed.

You are turned on, so terribly turned on. Your clit is throbbing, your pussy drips.

You slurp on the head of this white boy.

You feel your skirt pulled up around your hips. Your panties are pulled down. Your hips are held. A bloated fat cockhead is pushing on your pussy lips. Part of you wants to break the spell, get up, go home and remain a good girl.

You wiggle your ass in invitation and the giant cock sinks within you.

It is later. You are on your back on a bed. Several of the white boys have fucked you now.

This is not you. It’s not you that wriggles and clenches and wraps your little legs around a white guy while he thrusts inside you. It’s not you that has a fat cock in each hand. It’s not you that moans in frustration when one cock finishes and guides the next one in with your own hand.

Sometimes you remember to be ashamed.

You are on the bed. A white boy is sucking your nipples.

A voice say “For fuck’s sake Jamie its not a date, get on with it. Keep the line moving.”

Keep the line moving, that’s what he said.

“Ten minutes per guy or we’ll be here all night.”

You are not surprised when you are flipped over and the first cock put to your tiny bottom. Your eyes bulge, you whimper sıhhiye escort at this unfamiliar intrusion. It hurts. In the morning you will remember that when you were first anally claimed it was by a huge surfer guy who slapped your asscheeks and called you his little monkey while he conquered you. You will remember your shame. You will remember how you enjoyed it.

At last they are done. The last white balls have emptied. Long ago you lost count of how many there were. You are helped unsteadily to your feet. Your knees are trembling.

The frat boys are dispersing, uninterested now. You have done your duty. It is time to go home. Back to your life, back to being a good girl.

There is so much cum. Your pussy is thick with it. Your pussy hurts now, it is tender and throbbing. Your asshole too, it feels creamy, sticky, it pulses and aches.

You go to wipe all the cum up but a white boy holds your arm.

“Leave it, it is where it belongs, show some respect.”

You go to the front door to leave. At the door one of your new ‘friends’ is talking to two white girls and a new white guy who have just arrived at the house. They are talking about you.

“Her? All the guys??? But she looks so innocent!”, the blonde girl says.

“All of them! More than once!”

The new guy says “Man, I miss the best shit.”

“You’ve not missed anything dude”, says your ‘friend’. “Look.”

He pushes you down to your knees. In front of the new guy.

Your heart starts racing. Take me aside you think, take me private, I’ll do sincan escort it but let me do it alone. Not kneeling on the doorstep in front of these two white girls with disgust all over their faces!

“Get on with it.”

Your trembling fingers reach for his zipper. You take him deep. Better to take him all the way and bury your face in his groin than to see the cold contempt of the blonde girl.

You don’t think about it. You do your duty. You suck.

He erupts, your mouth fills. There is a lot. There is some spilling from the corner of your mouth. You are a tidy girl and don’t like a mess, your tongue scoops it up by instinct.

“Ewww so gross. I can’t believe I even watched.” says the blonde girl.

You don’t make eye contact with her when you rise.

You go home.

Your mother is awake, staying up til you get home. She does that, she worries. You keep your distance from her, you know you stink of cock and cum and male sweat. She asks if it was a good party. Yes, you tell her. Yes, I had fun, you tell her.

“It’s good that you’re making new friends.”

You go to your room. Your panties are a mess, cum has leaked thoroughly into them. You decide to throw them out, you don’t want to risk mom seeing them.

Your pussy is still leaking, your ass too. You look closely at yourself, the creamy rivulet between your legs. Should you wash it?

Don’t wipe up a white man’s cum one of them had said, show some respect. It is where it belongs.

You leave it there. As you fall asleep you are dimly aware that you will hate yourself in the morning. Sober again, waking up with the sperm of many men still swimming inside you, you will feel such shame, what you did will rush back to you.

It was the booze you will tell yourself. It was just the booze. I’m not a slut.

I won’t drink so much at next week’s party you tell yourself.

You are a good girl. You are going to be a doctor.

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Jada/Ayano Pt. 04: Foursome in Monaco

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By Valucia


Ayano and Jada packed for their trip to Monaco. It was only a two hour flight, fortunately. Sergei drove them to the airport and said something about Nikos to Ayano in Romanian. He would be joining them a little later, Ayano had told her. He gave her a rundown of the purpose of the trip. The bankers would be wining and dining a group of them for the three day weekend. Some of them would be offering new investments to him and other Eastern European associates of his. Jada still wasn’t sure exactly how wealthy Ayano was, but she noticed that he had a lot of people working for him, expensive cars, and he got a lot of stuff for free.

Their first night, Ayano brought Jada to a dinner for the group in an extravagant restaurant. Their hosts had broad but sincere smiles, clearly enjoying this part of the job. It would be unthinkable to mention business the first night. The bankers chatted with them about travel, work, family, and the like. After dinner, they headed to a VIP room at a famous seaside casino. Jada tried to give no external indication of how grateful and excited she felt. She wanted to look as if she did this kind of thing all the time.

Ayano seemed impressed with how impeccably charming she was to each new acquaintance. Jada also noticed he looked quite pleased with how many eyes lingered upon her in her low cut, backless purple gown. Visible nipples were a huge trend at the time- even mannequins had to have them showing. Jada’s breasts were a bit too large to be wearing a dress without a bra. Motionless, it wasn’t as obvious, but as she strode across the room, well… it was barely appropriate, as he had requested.

Since getting together with Ayano, she had been training in Răz-nevă vigorously. As a result, her body was especially strong and toned yet she still retained her soft breasts and curvy hips and ass. Being Brazilian and Japanese, she was among the most exotic women in the room. Gisele Bundchen was just becoming famous as a Brazilian model and so many media outlets were talking about how sexy Brazilian women were. This made Jada even more coveted.

Ayano asked Jada to choose what to play. She decided on stud poker because it was the only game that required her skill set. She was enjoying playing against her new boyfriend because she was having some beginner’s luck and was also adept at reading people. After ten o’clock, the older bankers were dropping like flies, each trying to be as hospitable as possible before going to bed. Then, with some of the respectability of the group diminished, the night began to have a more ulterior undertone.

It seemed that some of Ayano’s friends were perfectly satisfied to gamble and drink for the evening. Very high quality champagne was flowing freely. However, it seemed that some of his friends at the poker table had more in mind than just champagne.

Their table took a break after several rounds of drinks and hands of poker. As they sat in a small lounge area on the other side of the room, Jada noticed Nikos had also arrived in Monaco. She supposed he was acting as a “bodyguard” because that was how he was dressed. But then, she wondered. He kept disappearing and reappearing with one or two people at a time. Nikos whispered something into Ayano’s ear.

“Do you want some coke?” Ayano asked her quietly, looking straight ahead. She thought about her response.

Growing up exposed to several large cities, Jada had lost her naïveté early in her teenage years. Up until now, she had experimented with a variety of sordid activities, but had not ventured into cocaine. As an art student, she tried pot, shrooms, acid, and ecstasy but she had heard that cocaine was dangerous. It was addictive and made people do crazy, violent things. Look at that movie Scarface!

But she was in Monaco, laughing, gambling and drinking with her sexy, dangerous boyfriend. Surely, a night as special and unusual as this one could afford her this one-time indulgence. She nodded. Ayano took her by the hand and followed Nikos to a back room near the bar.

“You’ll like this, it’s a good high. I got benzos to help you come down if time is an issue,” Nikos said, cutting lines of cocaine on the stainless steel prep table with a credit card. He let Ayano step in.

“Good idea, I’ll take some. Jada? You want some for the morning?”

“I’ve never done coke. But if you say benzos help later, I’ll take some,” she said, deciding it was best to be upfront.

“Aww, dulceata, your first time,” Ayano teased. He rolled up a franc note and snorted some long lines of cocaine. He handed the scroll to her. “Just do this,” he instructed, making her two small lines.

Ayano and Jada played a little more poker but they were too high to sit still. They mingled with various acquaintances, all of whom seemed fascinating, mamak escort but Jada didn’t know this was probably because of the cocaine. Her eyes felt like they were wide open. She was sure she looked like she was on drugs but every time she caught a glimpse of her reflection, she appeared normal. Normal enough. Did it even matter if anyone knew? Everyone was immaculately dressed, very formal looking, but at the same time, the event seemed to be curated as a safe playground for naughty rich people.

Jada was extremely talkative and soon made an effort to tone it down. Most of the people they chatted with were men Ayano’s age or older. A vast majority of them were perfect gentlemen. However, one guy– who had also disappeared with Nikos– was a bit bolder. They were standing around, chatting with a few people and watching the roulette table when Ayano noticed this man was the only one in the group he hadn’t introduced to Jada.

“By the way, Jada, this is Stelian Mihaili. Stelian, this is Jada Versailles,” Ayano said. If Stelian had been someone important, Ayano would have called him an old friend or commented in some way as he had with other introductions.

“Jada? What a beautiful name. Where are you from?” he asked, shaking her hand.

“Brazil, but I’ve lived in New York City for a few years now,” she said.

“A Brazilian girl, hmm?” he commented, his eyes lowering to take a subtle look at her ass. The table cheered at something and he went back to watching the roulette players.

Ayano gave Jada a look. He had definitely seen Stelian checking her out. His eyes were asking her if he should do something about it. Ordinarily, she would be annoyed by this guy’s knee-jerk response to hearing she was from Brazil, but it certainly wasn’t the first time it had happened. However, this evening was different. She kind of liked that some of the men in the room were jealous that she was Ayano’s date. She smiled and held Ayano’s arm affectionately to tell him not to worry about it. He shrugged and playfully checked out her ass himself. It was, in fact, stereotypically shapely.

They played some roulette, some blackjack, and had a few more drinks. As the night went on, Jada became increasingly exhilarated by all the attention, the chandeliers, the money being thrown around, the beautiful people. When they stepped away from the others, he stopped speaking mid-sentence when he saw someone across the room.

“What?” she asked.

“I see someone I know. Two someones,” he told her, draining another flute of champagne. His nose sniffled from the cocaine discreetly.

“You know everyone.”

“Well, these two…” he stopped again, considering what to say. “If I introduce you to them, things could get… wild.” He had a deliberately secretive expression on his face.

“Oh?” she said quizzically, trying to determine exactly what he meant by that.

“I mean it. These two ladies…:”

“Ladies? Anything to be jealous about?” she purred.

“Of course not. You see those two women over there?” he said, indicating a tall woman with soft brown curls and dark red lipstick. She was wearing black pants and a very low-cut blazer, no shirt underneath. Jada couldn’t begin to imagine how much her jewelry cost. Next to her was a woman who had to be her wife or girlfriend. She had beautiful long, platinum-blonde hair which could have been natural– she looked so Scandinavian. Her flowy dress was light blue, sort of a Greek goddess style. The jewelry she was wearing was a little more subtle. Their body language and the way they spoke to people together made it easy to tell they were a couple from across the room.

“Who are they?” she asked as she observed them.

“They’re not bankers,” he said suavely.

“Clearly not. How do you know them?”

“Cyana, the one in black, I grew up with her. She was the neighborhood tomboy I had a crush on. We fooled around once or twice when we were young, but alas, she prefers the company of women mostly. She owns a lot of textile businesses or something like that. She’s fun, but kind of a bitch. She pretends to hate me, it’s very cute.

“Her girlfriend, Ava, I’ve only met a few times. They’ve been together for two, maybe three years. She is only girls, lesbian. She is a performance artist and some big-time DJ. Popular in London. But, I’m telling you, if we go over there, I don’t know what will happen. Perhaps you will even decide you prefer their company to mine,” he took a tendril of her hair and curled it around his finger.

“Hmm, are they that irresistible? You’re really… concerned?” she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Really. I am!” he said. “Look, if you really want to, we can go say hi, but all bets are off.”

“Okay, tiger. Let’s go over there,” she said, thinking she was calling his bluff. She assumed he was trying to make the scene sound more ofise gelen escort exciting than it actually was.

“Okay. Let’s get some more coke from Nikos first. It would be rude to come empty-handed.”

“Cyana, draga mea, how nice to see you again!” Ayano greeted her, kissing her on each cheek.

“Ayano,” she said dispassionately, reciprocating his kisses stiffly. “It’s been forever. How are you?” The faintest bit of a Romanian accent remained in her posh British affectation.

“Fucking fabulous. Hello, Ava. How are you enjoying Monaco?” he asked, kissing her cheeks as well.

“It’s so surreal! You should see the room they gave us!” she gushed.

“Ladies, please meet my girlfriend from New York City, Jada,” he presented her proudly.

“Jada. Hi, I’m Ava,” she said warmly, kissing her cheeks. She was probably only a few years older than Jada.

“Jada. My god, you’re simply stunning.” Cyana had a small smile on her lips and a sparkle in her eye that reminded Jada of Ayano when he was up to something.

“Thank you,” Jada replied. She found herself a little mesmerized by their glamour. And she was pretending not to notice that Ayano had just promoted her to girlfriend. Girlfriend!!

“Come, sit. Tell me all about yourself. How long have you two been together? What do you do in New York?” Cyana led them to a small lounge area.

“We’re… new. We’ve been involved for three months or so. I have my own art gallery in New York City, in Chelsea. We do exhibitions and I sell some modern pieces, some older, for private collectors,” she said casually, crossing her legs.

“What’s it called?” Cyana asked.

“Oh, just Versailles. My last name.”

“I know Versailles! My friend Alistair’s boyfriend, Axel, was your DJ last month at the opening of the Madruga exhibit,” Ava chimed in.

“He was amazing!” Jada and Ava carried on talking about music and mutual acquaintances.

While those two chattered, Cyana and Ayano spoke to each other in Romanian in hurried, slightly rude tones.

“” Cyana asked him over the rim of her martini glass.

“” he said somewhat petulantly.

“” she said mockingly.

“” he scowled.

Cyana paused and shot him a dirty look. “” she said in a threatening tone.

Jada’s conversation with Ava slowed down and she tried to listen in on Ayano and Cyana, but she could only understand a stray word here and there. Portuguese and Romanian both had Latin roots, making some words similar.

“Stop it, you two. You can’t be speaking Romanian together all night,” Ava scolded. “It’s bad manners.”

“Sorry, darling. You’re right,” Cyana said and gave her a kiss.

“These two,” Ava spoke to Jada. “If you don’t stop them, they’ll bicker like children and spend the rest of the night sulking and licking their wounds.”

“Jada, Ayano tells me you’ve studied Răz-nevă?” Cyana inquired.

“Yeah. I always did capoeira and I needed a change, so a client told me about Ayano’s retreat. I got pretty good, I beat all the women except one and a couple of the guys, too,” Jada said, still trying to be mindful of her talkativeness.

“Well, it’s done wonders for your figure. Look at those arms, that waist!” Cyana commented, smiling at Ayano defiantly.

“Why are we wasting our time with pilates?” Ava laughed.

“Did he seduce you or was it the other way around?” Cyana asked. Jada smiled flirtatiously at Ayano.

“A little of both, but he kissed me first,” she said, happy to tell their story to a new person.

“I can hardly blame him!” Cyana said.

“Have you been in New York or Bucharest lately?” Ava asked.

“Both. We’re in Bucharest for the summer. We’ll probably go to the resorts on the weekends,” Ayano told them.

“Oh, I know some people at Mamaia. Their big resort. You name-drop me, they’ll bend over backwards for you. There’s a bartender named Adi, and a security guard named Ion you should talk to,” Cyana advised them.

“I love the Black Sea coast, it’s so underrated,” Ava declared, sounding a little snobby.

“Ladies, would you be interested in doing a little coke with us?” Ayano asked in a low voice. Ava looked to Cyana for an answer.

“Sure, if it’s good…” Cyana said doubtfully.

“Of course it’s good, Cyana. You’ll love it,” Ayano assured her.

“Where should we go?” Ava asked the group.

“We should show off our suite,” Cyana said quickly. She called over a hotel employee and had him send champagne and a few bar ingredients upstairs ahead of them.


Ayano followed the three of them into the elevator. Jada was surprised to see how calm he looked, especially after Ava said how Cyana usually got under his skin. She had always known him to be slightly jealous. Ava and Cyana were on either side of her in the fancy elevator, deliberately blocking Ayano’s otele gelen escort access. Cyana stared him down while she was drizzling Jada with all kinds of compliments.

They got to Cyana and Ava’s luxurious suite. She must have indeed owned lots of textile companies, Jada thought, if the bankers put her up in a suite like this. Ayano authoritatively cut up the cocaine he got from Nikos on the coffee table. Cyana poured some drinks for everyone from their bar. Ava linked her iPod to the room’s sound system and played some 70s glam rock tracks.

Ayano took off his dinner jacket and snorted some more lines. He passed another makeshift straw to Jada, and on to Ava and Cyana.

“This is fucking excellent, Ayano. Please introduce me to Nikos,” Ava said, kicking off her high heeled shoes and collecting cocaine residue with her finger. She sucked on it, rubbing the coke residue on her gums for quick absorption.

Jada felt wired. She walked around the room to examine the art. While Ava and Ayano had an intense but meaningless drug-fueled conversation on the couch, Cyana approached her from behind.

“I do love this dress,” Cyana commented, placing her hands on Jada’s hips. “Is it Cavalli?”

“Yes…” Jada felt uncomfortable. This was wrong: this tall, gorgeous woman was hitting on her with lessening subtlety. Wrong, albeit skillfully done. Jada had been with women before. In fact, she lost her virginity to a girl her own age years ago. She had been so dazzled by everything that night and she was attracted to Cyana (and Ava, for that matter), so why not? But where would this encounter lead, if she let it continue? Would this set a precedent in her relationship with Ayano? Unfortunately, cocaine and alcohol had a way of instantly dismissing perfectly rational thoughts like these ones.

Cyana began to kiss Jada’s neck and caress her stomach over the delicate purple fabric of her dress. Jada felt so sexy and desired. Her nipples got visibly hard through the thin fabric. Cyana turned both of them to face Ayano and Ava. Jada searched for her boyfriend’s eyes.

“Ayano,” Cyana called over to him. “You don’t mind sharing, do you?” she asked, between kisses.

“I rather enjoy it,” he said, locking eyes with Jada. She didn’t know what she wanted him to do. Was this okay? Her thoughts kept racing back and forth. If she said no, would they all be pissed? Maybe she wanted to be the kind of person who fucked strangers while high on cocaine in European hotel rooms.

Ava’s playlist played in the background, some Mott the Hoople. Or was it T-Rex? The odd, dreamy music was persuading her that this wasn’t a reality that counted, that it would be overlooked in the future without causing anything of consequence.

Cyana reached behind Jada’s neck and undid the clasp that was holding up the backless halter dress.The front of her dress fell, revealing her round, firm, lightly tanned breasts. Her shoulders tensed. She still hadn’t decided what to do so she made a half-hearted effort to cover up. Ava did not feel as shy or conflicted. She stood up, took off her dress, and walked over to the two women. She had small, perky tits and wore a blue lace thong. Jada took a step backwards.

“Oh, sweetie,” Cyana cupped both Jada’s breasts in her hands. “Ayano, tell her it’s alright. We won’t bite. Unless you ask us to, of course.”

“Whatever you like, comoară mea…” Ayano said in a low tone, absolutely transfixed by the sight before him. He looked like someone making a house of cards, worrying that the smallest breeze could blow it over.

“Mmm, you’re his treasure…” Cyana cooed. “How precious… what would you like, Jada?” Ava kissed Jada on the lips as she undid the last buttons holding up Jada’s dress. All she had on was a see-through black thong and thigh-high black stockings. Cyana squeezed her nipples and Jada released a moan. The two mouths and four hands all over her body was a sensory overload. She wanted more.

“Okay…” Jada leaned back into Cyana, relaxing her shoulders and neck in surrender. Cyana kissed her on the lips, then used her tongue, as Ava licked and kissed her breasts. Jada felt herself get very aroused now that she was not making an effort to hold back. “Oh fuck…” she moaned.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Ava said seductively. “Should we let Ayano play, too?” she called over her shoulder as she left. She sounded like she was teasing.

“You promise you’ll behave yourself?” Cyana asked him, taking Jada’s hand. Jada wasn’t sure what she meant by that.

“Absolutely not,” he responded, taking off his shirt. Cyana smirked at him and brought Jada to the bedroom.

Ava pushed Jada gently on to the king size bed. Cyana sat next to her and firmly ran her fingers over Jada’s stockinged thighs. Cyana took one of Jada’s legs and rested it across her own lap. Cyana caressed down to her ankle and undid the strap to her high heels.

Meanwhile, Ava was kissing Jada from the other side, gently pushing her to lie down while Cyana removed her shoes. Ava kept kissing her down her neck, her chest, her tits, her stomach. Cyana’s fingers titillated Jada’s inner thighs. Jada’s heart tapped frantically in nervous excitement. The women adjusted her position, putting Jada’s head on the pillows.

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Drink Up

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Isarana looked at her comrades questioningly as each of the four women stared at the steaming cup placed before them. Their little village had been some hours away, and this was probably their first real test of courage.

Would they dare fail at this first challenge?

Valery, with a carved longbow sitting against her back, reached for the mug first. The wooden mug pressed against her lips as she took a small sip. Her nose scrunched and mouth twisted as the taste spilled down her throat.

The man behind the bar smiled, pleased at the young woman before placing three other steaming mugs before the other women. Isarana downed hers quickly, her elvish ears prickling. She wondered why Valery had made such a face, for the mug she had just swallowed was actually rather pleasant.

Bri’tang scowled, the short halfling barely reached the bartop. Before anyone could say anything she deftly flipped onto the old bar stool, gripping the mug between strong hands and sculling it in one go. She slammed down the mug in triumph, a small particle of the steaming liquid running down her chin.

The last of the adventurers looked somewhat green around the gills, though that was potentially because she was actually part mermaid. With long flowing hair and clams over her small chest, Drekala was the embodiment of a fairytale creature. She was a siren, and the ability to shift into the water seamlessly was one the rest of the women were jealous of. Drekala sauntered over the bar and peered over the countertop at the burly man serving them.

“I think I’d prefer it straight from the tap.” Aquamarine eyes stared deep at the man before her.

The big man cracked a smile, his eyes lifting to the collection of men behind the adventurers. His voice lifted over the women’s kızılay escort heads as he talked to them. “You hear that boys? She wants it from the tap.”

A few chuckles sounded throughout the room, and the four women had the sudden remembrance of where they were, and who surrounded them. Isarana and Valery twitched nervously as the men began to move, too quick to really distinguish who was the first.

Several of them surrounded the four adventurers, stained cloths hiding erections that were already dripping. The four women realized all at once what they had been drinking.

Drekala was not one to back down from a fight though, something that had almost gotten them all killed at one point or another. Her eyes scanned the crowd gathered around them, and where the other members of the party felt intimidated, she sought out the largest of the men.

She stepped through the crowd easily, sizing up her prey the whole time before she stopped before the orc. It was laughable the size of the cloth they had given the man before her, it barely covered the first inch of his ‘tap’ as the barman had called it.

“Is your tap open?” She tilted her head, voice lilting musically from her thin lips. The orc grunted, smiling wide with missing teeth as he used a spare hand to move aside the stained cloth.

Drekala purred low in her throat, a quick hand snapping out to grip the orc by the base. “Let’s get drinking, ladies.”

Mischief danced in those eyes, and Valery with her small human frame and body quickly scurried to the other side of the bar, to the all too human bartender. He seemed surprised to find her there, not often was he considered by those who found themselves in his tavern.

Isarana found kolej escort herself squished between two men, one human flexing his muscles and the other an elf, much like her who kept giving her steamy looks and playing with the tips of her sensitive ears. By the time the two of them agreed they could share she was shifting, wetness lining the bottom of her thonglike armour.

Bri’tang seemed somewhat neglected by the men around her, their thoughts being that the small halfling would not be able to provide much release. Perhaps it was this dismissal of her that inevitably caused her to holler out at the nearest muscle she could see, beckoning him over with a lick of her lips and a clack of her teeth together.

Drekala with her inhuman ability to hold her breath went to work quickly on the length of the orc before her. He was groaning deeply within moments, his long stubby fingers winding through her hair, the colour deepening from soft blue to the deep blue of the darkest depths. A sure sign that she was getting almost as much out of this as the orc.

She enjoyed the roughness of his hands in her hair, the other hand reaching down to stroke at her breasts, surprisingly nimble fingers gripping and pulling at her erect nipples. Drekala moaned along the length deep in her throat and the orc responded in kind, forcing her deeper along his length until he was ready to spill his steamy, sticky, liquid.

“Drink!” He commanded her, holding her head down on his shaft as she swallowed around his length. He gently released her, letting her tongue draw slow, measured circles around his cock to ensure he was clean.

Meanwhile Isarana had her legs spread for the human and elf males. The elf continued to play with maltepe escort the sensitive tips of her ears, licking and sucking on the tips and lobes while his other hand played freely with her small breasts. The human meanwhile was preoccupied with his fingers deep in her wetness. Her hands were pumping along their shafts, responding to each of their touches with ferocity.

Her moans were light, even as she shuddered underneath the minestrations of the two men. She was so close. Faster she pulled her hands, twisting along the lengths slightly. Isarana thrusted against the fingers inside of her, whimpers escaping between moans.

‘Oh god.” She whispered, eyes closing shut as her hands quickened, eliciting moans from the two men on either side of her as each of them came. The two streams of sticky liquid spilled onto her stomach.

Bri’tang sized up the man before her. A feral smile lighting her features as she opened her legs, clearing a straight line between the length before her and her core. The man looked somewhat concerned, his own eyes glued on her small entrance before she sighed.

Using some momentum Bri’tang flung herself at the man in front of her, and despite her small stature he was definitely not expecting it. His hands automatically reached out to catch her, finding his fingers gripping her firm ass and his cock buried deep within her. Bri’tang moaned and shifted in the males arms encouragingly. He had never felt anything so tight before, and within a few strokes was close to blowing his load deep into the halfling.

Her sharp teeth latched onto his collarbone, sucking some of the skin into her mouth and leaving her mark on his chest while he pounded into her, his moans loud in her ear. Bri’tang squeezed him tightly inside of her, and whispered something into his ear that had the human exploding inside of her.

Valery watched all of this unfold with the growing sense in her stomach. She could not say it was dread. Excitement filled her eyes as she turned to the barkeep, his shaft already exposed as he smiled at her, lust glinting in his chocolaty eyes.

“Drink up.”

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Amar Akbar Antony and Wives Pt. 04

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This is a fictional story. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

My stories are a bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, group sex, and mainly incest. Enjoy the story.

In the previous part we saw how Amar and his Wife Arthi plan their honeymoon to Maldives. Amar met Akbar and Antony in Maldives. Amar learns about amazing sex life of Antony and Ashley and wants to join them. Then, Amar convinces Arthi to wife swapping and he convinces Alia to enjoy sex. Then, he helps Alia have the best sex of her life. Then, Ashley helps Amar have the wildest sex of his life.

All six of us had breakfast together, while getting to know each other. It was the first time the girls were actually interacting with each other. The three of them were in bikinis and were looking very sexy. Ashley was wearing a white bikini, Alia was wearing a blue one and Arthi was wearing a red one.

Ashley: “So girls, did you have fun last two days? I know these guys had a blast. What about you girls?”

They were a little shy to openly say yes but shook their head signalling yes.

Ashley: “You need not be shy girls. Why should only guys have all the fun? We are here to have the best time of our life and we will enjoy the most.”

With that she took both the girls and walked towards the beach while talking to them leaving me, Antony and Akbar behind.

Me: “So what’s the plan?”

Antony: “Let’s go and enjoy at the beach for a while and then let’s go to my room and we will take it from there.”

Me: “But I can’t wait to fuck them.”

Antony: “Haha. You need some patience boy. Let Ashley prepare them and get them ready. Then, we can do whatever we want.”

Me: “Alright.”

We followed the girls to the beach. It was pretty much empty and just us three couples were at the beach. We three boys had gone into the water and played in the water for some time, while Ashley was enlightening her two new students on the beach.

After a while, they joined us in the water as well. We dint care who was whose partner. It was just six grown up individuals enjoying with each other. I went around hugging Alia and squeezing her boobs over her bra. Then, I repeated it with Arthi and Ashley too. I loved it. Enjoying such openly on beach with three girls at a time. I felt like I was in heaven.

After playing at the beach for a while, all of us had gone to Antony’s room. We also took a lot of wine to the room. I, Akbar and Antony got rid of our clothes and dried ourselves. It was the first time I got naked in front of other guys. I felt a little awkward but I dint mind.

I got to see Antony and Akbar’s cocks and they were little bigger than mine. But, I was happy that I could make the three women happy. Alia and Arthi were feeling a little shy to let go off their clothes. The girls were still in their bikinis.

Antony: “Alright. Looks like the girls need some more encouragement to get naked. Let’s play a game.”

He wrote down something on three pieces of paper and folded them and placed them on a table. He then put three chairs around the table and asked us to grup escort pair up and sit on the chairs.

As I and Arthi, Akbar and Alia were about to sit on the chair he waived his hand signalling no.

Antony: “Not with your own wives. You dumbos. Alia and Amar you are partners. Alia go and sit on Amar’s lap.”

Then, he sat on a chair and pulled Arthi on to him and made her sit on his lap. Then, Akbar sat on the third chair and Ashley on his lap. All of us started drinking wine. Then, he asked Ashley to pick up the first piece of paper, which she did.

Antony: “What does it say?”

Ashley: “Perform a strip tease and give a lap dance to your partner.”

She needed no further urging. She stood up and started dancing slowly, while untying her top and letting it go. Then, she untied her bottom and let it go. She got naked in no time and sat on Akbar’s lap and rubbed her thighs on his thighs. His stiffened cock was rubbing against her ass.

Looking at the action in front of me, even my cock stiffened and was poking on Alia’s thigh. After Ashley’s performance, it was Alia’s turn to pick up the slip.

Antony: “What does it say?”

Me: “Perform a strip tease and perform a titty rub for your partner.”

Looking at Ashley’s performance, she broke her shackles and got up. She danced slowly while letting go of her bikini. She then rubbed her tits all over my face and chest. I pulled her on to me and sucked on her tits for a few seconds.

Antony: “Let us finish the game first.”

I got back to my senses and let her go. I could see the jealousy in Arthi’s face. I felt conscious. Then, Arthi picked up the slip.

Antony: “Perform a strip tease and a titty fuck to your partner.”

She immediately stood up. While looking at me teasingly, she danced and let her bikini go in one moment. She was naked with her big boobs jiggling. Then, she kneeled in front of Antony and placed his cock in between her tits and stroked. I was jealous of it and never imagined my wife could be such wild and seductive.

After getting titty fucked for a few minutes, Antony placed three more slips on the table. This time, he picked up the first one.

Antony: “Drink wine of your partner’s tits.”

He gladly poured wine over Arthi’s tits while licking all over them. I wanted to be in his place. I wanted to join him but I controlled myself. After enjoying her boobs and wine for a while, it was my turn. Mine said, “Drink wine of your partner’s pussy.” I jumped and made Alia sit on the chair and poured my glass of wine over Alia’s pussy while licking it. The taste of mixture of her pussy juices and wine tasted amazing.

Then, I dipped my cock in her wine glass and made her lick it. I did it to tease Arthi and she was annoyed. But I enjoyed it. Then, it was Akbar’s turn and his slip said, “Drink wine of your partner’s asshole.” Ashley was excited by it and bent in front of Akbar. He poured his wine over Ashley’s butt cheeks and asshole and licked everywhere.

Looking at all this action, I couldn’t hold any longer. I picked up Alia and took her on to the bed. I kissed her on the lips. Then, I pushed my cock into her pussy and stroked her. Arthi and Antony joined us on iranlı escort the bed.

Antony was fucking Arthi in missionary position and I was fucking Alia in the same position. I looked into Arthi’s eyes and she was enjoying it very much. I placed one hand on Alia’s boobs and other on Arthi’s tit and fondled them both. Ashley and Akbar were fucking on the couch.

Then, we changed positions and Alia got into doggy position facing her husband and I kneeled behind her and pushed my cock into her pussy. Akbar was watching his wife get pounded in doggy position. I could see Alia enjoyed this. Antony and Arthi changed positions too and got into cowgirl position where Arthi was riding Antony.

Her big tits were jiggling like crazy and I took hold of her boobs again and squeezed them. After fucking Alia for a few minutes, I wanted to get my cock sucked by my wife while she was getting fucked by someone else.

So I stood up and gave my cock to Arthi for sucking. She gladly accepted and sucked it. After a while, I moved behind her and pushed her on to Antony and got into position behind her and pushed my cock into her asshole. I wanted my wife’s first threesome and sandwich to be with me.

Both, I and Antony, fucked Arthi’s both holes like crazy, while I finger fucked Alia. Looking at the action in front of them, Akbar and Ashley joined us in the bed. Akbar continued fucking Ashley in the asshole, while he also finger fucked Alia along with me.

Then, I changed positions and got under Ashley and fucked her pussy while Akbar was fucking her asshole. Antony changed positions and fucked Arthi in the asshole, while eating away Alia’s pussy. Akbar proceeded to join Antony and Arthi and fucked Arthi in the pussy.

Then, I changed positions and fucked Alia in the asshole, while eating away Ashley’s pussy. I was loving it. I was fucking two women right in front of my wife, while she was getting fucked by two men in both her holes. Akbar was shocked that Alia let me fuck in her asshole. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to fuck her in the asshole.

So, I moved on to her pussy and fucked Alia in her pussy. Akbar jumped on to Alia and pushed his cock into her asshole. I was loving it. Fucking Alia in the pussy, while her husband was fucking her asshole. Then, Antony decided to join us as well and He pushed his cock into Alia’s mouth.

The prettiest and smallest of the three was getting pounded in all her three holes. Then, we did the same to Arthi and Ashley. Finally, after a lot of sex, I ended up cumming in Arthi’s pussy. Antony and Akbar too cummed. The three girls licked and cleaned our cocks one after another. It was one hell of an experience and I still couldn’t believe if it was real or a dream.

Me: “That was amazing. I wish we were here for a few more days.”

Antony: “Don’t worry. We will make the most of it when we are here.”

Me: “So Ashley, did you ever make out with a girl?”

Everyone knew where this was leading to. Arthi got furious. But I kept going.

Ashley: “Of course. Many times. And I know where you are going with this. Do you want to see your wife with another woman?”

Arthi: “No. I cannot do that.”

Me: “Yes. Ashley. keçiören escort Please Arthi.”

Ashley: “Don’t worry babe. You know what? Lesbian sex is the best sex if you ask me. Only a girl knows how to truly satisfy another girl. You should enjoy it rather than think of it as weird.”

Arthi: “Umm..”

She proceeded to take Arthi into her hands and kissed her on the lips. After kissing Arthi for a few minutes, she kissed Alia for a few more minutes. Then, she pushed both of them on to the bed. Arthi and Alia were lying next to each other.

Then, Ashley pushed her fingers into both their pussies and finger fucked them for good sometime. Initially, Arthi and Alia felt weird, but slowly they enjoyed it a lot. Then, Ashley alternated between tongue fucking and finger fucking. She tongue fucked one, while finger fucked another. This excited Arthi and Alia very much and they kissed each other.

I, Akbar and Antony were just spectators to the amazing lesbian show in front of us. Then, Ashley proceeded to fondle and suck both their boobs. Arthi and Alia continued kissing. After a while, both of them pushed Ashley on to the bed.

Arthi was eating away Ashley’s pussy, while Alia was fondling and sucking Ashley’s boobs. Then, Arthi and Alia exchanged their positions. After sucking tits and tongue-fucking for a while, all three of them kissed at a time, exchanging their juices.

They then hugged each other tight and rolled on the bed for a few minutes, while kissing each other. Then, Ashley and Arthi got into scissors position and touched each other’s pussies. They rubbed their pussy against other’s pussy, while Alia got her pussy licked by Arthi. I loved it. My wife sucking another woman’s pussy while rubbing her pussy against another woman’s pussy.

Then, Alia and Arthi exchanged positions and Arthi got her pussy licked by Alia, while Alia was tribbing with Ashley. All this action was too sexy and got us boys very horny. We went and joined in the action. I went and gave my cock to Arthi. She took it and sucked on it.

Then, Akbar and Antony joined us too. The lesbian sex again turned into group sex and I fucked all three of them one by one and finally cummed in Alia. All of us were very tired. We chit chatted for a while. We even had our dinner naked. Then, we had another round of wild sex before we dispersed to our rooms.

As soon as we went to our rooms, late in the night tired and drunk, we slept like pigs. I dint want the trip to end but like all good things, it was the end of our trip too. We woke up in the morning and packed our stuff as it was the last day of our trip.

We bid our farewells. I hugged Alia and Ashley and almost cried as well. We promised each other we would stay in touch and meet again. The naïve and innocent girls who landed in the Maldives had turned into sluts by the time we got on our return flights.

After we got back to Hyderabad, Arthi, who was a shy and naive girl, now turned into a bold and slutty girl who enjoyed wearing sexy clothes and all the attention she got. I was loving this wild side of Arthi.

We tried searching for other couples who would be interested in swapping but we did not find anyone in Hyderabad. We wanted to convince a few of our friends but we were not sure on how to go about it. We were mostly back to our routine life styles with occasional fun now and then.

Maldives trip was one incident which changed our lives a lot. But, a few months later another incident occurred which changed our lives completely. I can never forget the day it all started.

To be continued…

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Milked by Two Women

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It was a Saturday after in early June of 2019 when I agreed to come over to Maria’s house. She had invited me over to play a game of chess and have a couple of Corona’s.

Upon my arrival, Maria greeted me with a nice warm smile and a friendly greeting. I was dressed in black slacks, a white button up short sleeve shirt, and some dress shoes. I’m usually dressed to the nines. Maria was wearing a black dress which was just barely hiding her enormous DD sized breasts. She asked me to take a seat and so I sat at the living room table.

“Did you find the place ok?” asked Maria.

“Yes, I found everything just fine. Nice place you got here!” I stated.

“Thank you. Would you like to start off with a nice cold, iced cold Corona?” Maria asked.

“Sure. Why not?” I replied. I gladly accepted the drink as she sat down across from me with a Corona of her own. I looked across at her briefly. She presents as a plus size 30 something year old Latina with long, dark hair and a nice caramel skin complexion. I briefly thought to myself that her plump lips are just begging to be kissed. I also wondered if she had ever taken a Black penis before. I quickly refocused.

“So, we’re going to play some chess, yeah?” I asked.

“Well, actually now that you mentioned it, I actually have something else in mind. You see, I wanted to get you here so I told you something that I felt would get you to accept my invitation. But chess isn’t really what I want to do” she explained.

“Really now? So what’s the plan?” I asked somewhat surprised but a little curious.

“Well, I’ve noticed some things about you. First of all you’re very cute, you’re in good shape, muscular, athletic, nice skin complexion, everything. Also, you seem to be open to trying different types of things. What I’m asking is, can I please you? Can I tease your sweet cock in ways that it’s never been pleased before?” she asked in a very pleading tone.

“Wow. Well, sure. I am a little surprised though. I had no idea you were thinking these things…” before I could finish speaking she got up to French kiss me. I enjoyed the soft feel of her succulent, juicy lips. She then grabbed at my shirt and started unbuttoning from top to bottom. I then pulled my shirt entirely off, revealing a eve gelen escort muscular, caramel colored hard body. Maria looked very excited.

“You look exactly like I thought you would” Maria said in a very excited tone. All I could do was smile. I was speechless. I was totally about to get some pussy from this sweet Latina lady today. Or so I thought.

“Ok. Now take off your pants, everything.” she begged. I did what I was told and now stood in my boxers. Maria then grabbed my buns as she slid my boxers completely off. Now there was a throbbing penis in her face ready to be sucked. Maria, to my delight, began to lick the frenulum of my penis. It felt heaven sent. I was in ecstacy.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck it.” I begged. She then looked at me with an amused gaze.

“Not so fast, Mr. If you want to cum today it’s going to have to be on my terms.” she said enthusiastically while sporting a sinister smile. I wondered what she was talking about. She then grabbed my hand and lead me to her bedroom.

“Ok. Now I’m getting excited. What’s in store?” I asked.

“I’m going to lube up your hole, place a prostate vibrator in you, and hold a Hitachi vibrating want to the head of your penis. You will cum LOADS! But first, I’m going to tie you up.” she explains as she got out some rope.

“Whoa. Freaky!” I said. I was getting really excited about what she wanted to do. Maria instructed me to lay on the bed with my butt hanging off the edge of the foot of her bed. She then tied my hands together. After that she tied my feet together. I was now completely at her mercy.

“Ok. So when does this start?” I asked.

“Not yet. My friend Katrina is coming over. She is going to help me by providing an extra pair of tits and another sweet scented pussy to help you reach the ultimate climax.” she explained. I was now getting incredibly excited. I wondered what it would be like to be dominated by TWO women. Not long after I wondered that, there was a knock at the door. Maria gave me a smile as she darted toward the door. She soon returned with Katrina.

“Well, hello, Michael. I heard so much about you.” said Katrina. Katrina was beautiful. She presented as a mixed race (African American, gaziosmanpaşa escort Caucasian) woman with long curly hair, nice breasts, a beautiful butt, beautiful eyes, and a very soft spoken and feminine demeanor.

“Hi. I’m a little embarrassed to be meeting you in this position.” I stated in a sheepish way. She then smiled as she softly stroked my penis. It became harder as she continued to stroke and fondle.

“No need to be embarrassed. This is all for your pleasure. Before you know it we’ll ALL be naked.” she said enthusiastically. As soon as she said that she took off her shirt, revealing her sweet, C cup breasts. She then pulled her sweat pants down and she was wearing absolutely nothing under them. She revealed a hairy bush and a sweet smelling pussy that I was able to smell from three feet away. My cock was throbbing. I love the natural scent of a woman.

Maria then slipped out of her dress and revealed her succulent, plus sized figure. Her pussy was completely shaved. Her ass looked succulent and juicy. She then handed a prostate massager to Katrina. Maria took hold of the Hitachi wand.

“It’s go time.” Maria said. Katrina applied lube to my ass crack and the prostate massager. She then muscled it into my awaiting hole and turned it on low. It felt good and pleasing. Maria then turned on the wand and pressed right against my frenulum. The combination felt SO freaking good.

Katrina began pumping the prostate vibrator in and out of my anus in a slow and steady fashion. This was causing my prostate to feel more excited. Maria then got on the bed and sat her naked cooch right on my mouth. I didn’t hesitate to lick and fuck that sweet pussy with my tongue. Her cooch was very wet and musty, which was a turn on. As this was going on she continued applying wand pressure to my dick. My penis was as hard as steel.

“Your turn, Katrina.” Maria said as the two essentially changed positions. Maria got off of me and went to the foot of the bed and resumed jamming the prostate massager into my ass whilst Katrina then sat her naked, musky ass on my mouth while pressing the wand onto my dick. I began by licking her sweet but stinky pussy and fucking it with my tongue. gölbaşı escort She began moaning almost instantly. I then licked directly at her clit which was clearly aroused. She began screaming in pleasure as I wouldn’t let up from that clit.

“Oh, I’m about to…” Katrina said but could not finish her sentence. I noticed a torrent of liquid exit her pussy and discharge everywhere. My chest was totally drenched. This I realized was pee. I became even MORE aroused. I then instructed her to place her anal opening over my mouth as I began licking her sweet but musky asshole with my tongue. I pressed in as far and hard as I could. She continued moaning in pleasure.

“Oh, you naughty boy. We’re going to really have to punish you now!” Maria said in a very sinister tone. She then turned the prostate massager to full blast and hammered at my ass hole. Katrina, barely able to contain her pleasure, applied more pressure to my penis with the wand and turned it to top speed. It felt TOO good. I was mesmerized. I felt a very deep and powerful orgasm quickly come on.

“Oh shit!” I said as I shot my load in full force. Maria caught the bulk of my cum in her mouth as I exploded the most moist and creamy load of my life. She swallowed cum right in front of me whilst proudly sporting cum on her lips and face. She was a total FREAK!

“I’m not going to stop here. I’m going to milk you dry.” Maria said as she kept torturing me with the prostate massager. Katrina kept the pressure up on my frenulum as I felt another orgasm come on.

“I’m going to cum again!” I stated. This time Katrina put her sweet lips right over my dick and caught every single bit in her mouth and swallowed almost instantly. I was in heaven! After this she placed the wand back on the head of my penis. I was squirming in pleasure and begging them to stop.

“One more time. One more time for us Daddy!” Maria demanded. My eyes were rolling to the back of my head I was feeling so much intense pleasure. Within about five minutes came another orgasm. This one didn’t contain as much fluid but felt incredible as the cum just oozed out slowly. At this time the girls turned off the machines and got them either off of or out of me. They then both licked the cum off of my pubic area, embracing in a quick french kiss in the process which I found to be hot but I was too tired to really care.

“Ok. We’ll let you loose now.” Maria said as she untied me entirely. I couldn’t stand up. I was too spent. Seeing this, the two naked women joined me in laying down on the bed. Before long all of us fell asleep embraced in one another’s body fluids and musty smells.

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That Was Different Pt. 02

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Please read Part 01 first for the back story and our couples’ first adventures. This story has married people having joyful sex with other people.

That Was Different! Part 02


The first day of their vacation in the Bahamas started early. Joe and Stacy got up at 4:00 AM and left for the airport. The total flight time was less than four hours. That, plus the two-hour drive to the airport brought the total to roughly six hours. The remaining five could be chalked up to the airport bureaucracy and the waiting time spent in the concourse sitting on the most uncomfortable seats ever invented. The seats on the plane ranked number two. A half hour drive to the resort brough the total to eleven-plus endless hours of travel before the couple arrived at the resort.

They walked into the lobby of the resort feeling grimy and tired. Then suddenly everything changed. They were met by a stunningly beautiful woman and an equally handsome man, both of whom were well versed in dealing with weary travelers. Their happy demeanors and pleasant smiles were like a breath of fresh air. Still weary and in need of a shower, the couple now had smiles on their faces as they were assisted signing in.

“My name is Anita, and this is Jamal. We are available to you at any time, night or day, during your stay with us.”

She held two narrow bracelets in her hands, “I have a bracelet for each of you to wear.”

Rob was hesitant, “Why do we need them?”

Anita smiled, “Look at it like it is a watch. If you press twelve and six at the same time it will alert me, and I will come to you as soon as possible. If your wife squeezes twelve and six at the same time Jamal will come to her as soon as possible. If at any time you need immediate help just squeeze the nine and three simultaneously. All available staff will come to you immediately. Jamal and I want to make sure you are happy. The staff want to make sure you are safe at all times.”

“Why can’t I take it off?”

“It is locked on so that there is no risk you will lose it. We will remove it when you check out.” Anita and Jamal escorted them to their room and showed them the amenities before leaving. Finally, blessedly, Rob and Stacy were alone in their room.

Rob’s fingers rubbed the bracelet, “Don’t you think the whole bracelet thing is a little odd?”

“I know! And what about Anita and Jamal? Why would Jamal be the one to come to me?”

“Hell hon. Why would we need either of them to come? What about the panic button thing? Do they have a security issue here?”

“I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to figure it out as we go.”

What followed served to illustrate the difference in thought processes between man and woman. Joe wanted a shower and a nap. He thought it would be a good idea to recover from the trip so they would be ready for fun at the resort. Stacy wanted to put her feet in the ocean immediately, if not sooner.

Of course, Joe went with her plan. In a few minutes he had changed clothes and was ready to go. Stacy spent the next forty-five minutes deciding what bikini to wear. If he had known, he could have taken a nap. He couldn’t complain too much. He did get to watch his gorgeous wife as she tried on various swim wear. He suddenly understood why the third suitcase had been needed ‘Her bikinis are tiny. How much swim wear did his wife have anyway?’

Stacy eventually decided on the first bikini she had tried on, which surprised Joe not at all, and the couple walked to the beach. Stacy was so focused on getting her feet in the ocean she paid no attention to the people hanging out around the resort. Joe did and he thought it was going to be fun to see the look on Stacy’s face when she finally caught on. There was no way she read enough about the details before booking this vacation. They wanted something different and this was without a doubt different!

They played in the ocean for a while before deciding it was way past time for some alcohol. When they left the water Stacy’s wet bright yellow bikini clung nicely to her body. The small top did little to hide her erect nipples and the thong bottom highlighted the cleft of her shaven pussy. Rob was suddenly reinvigorated.

The resort had numerous bars, including several swim-up bars in the pools. They chose a small land-based bar near their room that seated no more than ten people. The barstools were comfortable and palm fronds shaded the area. Stacy was taking her first sip of some tropical concoction when she noticed the man standing at the end of the bar. It wasn’t so much the man standing, but the women kneeling sucking his cock. When her eyes turned to Joe they were as big as saucers. Joe thought it was just too hilarious and laughed his ass off.

She tried to talk quietly, “Stop laughing! She’s giving him a blow job at the bar! Holy shit! They are going to get kicked out of here any second!”

Rob just grinned, “Sweety I know two things for an absolute fact at this moment. The esat escort first is that they aren’t going anywhere they don’t want to. The second is that you didn’t do your research before we booked this resort.”


“Look around.”

Stacy swiveled her bar stool around. She started on her left and scanned clockwise, taking things in for the first time, “Oh! Oh my! …He’s eating her pussy! … Is he fucking her ass?”

Rob just kept smiling and chuckling as he waited for the penny to drop.

“Oh my god Rob! This is a swinger resort!”


“What are we going to do?”

“We don’t have to do anything except relax. The options after that are numerous and quite a bit different than your average resort.

“Why don’t we see what the resort has to offer in the way of entertainment? We can decide how entertained we would like to be after that.”

Stacy looked at Rob and her mouth slowly moved upward into a mischievous grin, “I think I would like to watch you get entertained!”

“Right now, I want to take you to our room so we can entertain each other. That is if your done watching that young lady getting her ass fucked.”

“It looks uncomfortable doesn’t it? She sure seems to like it though. But yes, I would like you to entertain me in our room.”

“What kind of entertainment are you looking for? Something along the lines of Kenny G? Smooth and slow?”

“Nope. More like Blue Man Group.”

Rob grinned, “So, lots of pounding.”

Rob grabbed his sexy wife and kissed her hard. They practically ran to their room.


The shock and thrill of seeing the people around them having sex caused a rush of arousal in Stacy. Finding out that they had innocently booked a vacation at a sex resort gave her a delicious feeling of anticipation. They were about to sample forbidden fruit. She was overcome with the need for Rob’s cock.

Rob and Stacy went through the door to their room, stripped, and jumped on the bed. Rob was buried deep in his wife before the door to their room was halfway closed. What followed was an intense fucking, that by its nature didn’t last long. Stacy was so wound up that the first few thrusts of Rob’s cock sent her over the edge into the orgasmic extasy. It may have been a short coupling, but it was the most intense one they had ever had, by far.

Rob could only grunt as he slammed as deep as possible into his wife. His cock swelled and his cum shot, jet after jet, flooding his wife. His cock slid from his wife’s dripping pussy and he collapsed on the bed next to her. Both were incapable of communicating, moving, or thinking in the moments that followed. Neither noticed the transition from afterglow to sleep.

Two hours later Rob woke and rolled onto his side. His gaze took in his nude wife and her peaceful sleeping face. Her beauty struck him deep in his heart and the love he had for her washed over him. He had to touch her. It was impossible for him to not touch her. He nestled up against her and kissed her lightly on her cheek. She stirred when his arm brushed her nipples as he pulled her close. She snuggled against him as he continued to plant kisses on her face.

Her eyes still closed, she smiled as she woke, “Mmm, you feel nice. Can we stay like this forever?”

Rob nibbled her ear, “As much as I would like that babe life must go on. Why don’t we have a nice long shower before dinner?”

“OK, but can we lay here a little longer?”

“I insist on it.”

The couple snuggled as Stacy gradually left the bounds of sleep. When she was fully awake, she rolled toward her husband and nestled her head on his shoulder. Her mind turned to thoughts of the resort, “Rob, how does this place even work?”

“I don’t know yet, but I suspect it is like a swinger’s club.”

“What does that mean?”

“Pretty much anything goes as long as the participants are willing. I am sure staff is monitoring things as closely as they can to insure no one is forced into something. Behind closed doors all bets are off.

“Come to think of it, I bet that is why we have these bracelets. Pressing the sides is like pressing a panic button!”

“That makes sense, but what about 12 and 6? Anita and Jamal?”

“Hell, I don’t know. Why don’t we press 12 and 6 and find out?”

“OK. Ready? One, two, three!”

The couple squeezed above the twelve and below the six on their bracelets. They barely had time to put their robes on before their door opened. Anita and Jamal entered smiling and closed the door. Anita walked up to Rob while Jamal walked over to Stacy. Anita reached out and placed a hand on Rob’s chest as she moved in close. Jamal’s hand caressed Stacy’s face as he moved close to her, “I will very much enjoy helping you with anything you may need. What can I do to bring you happiness?”

Stacy immediately felt a rush in her groin. Jamal was formidable man. His ebony skin covered etimesgut escort amazing muscle definition. The bulge in his snug swim trunks was quite large and intriguing, “Uhm, actually we were just kind of testing our bracelets. The only thing I need right now is to bathe.”

Jamal smiled down at her, “Wonderful!”

He grasped her hand and pulled her toward the bath. Stacy looked over her shoulder and saw Anita following behind leading her bemused husband by the hand. The bathroom was large by most any standard. A large jacuzzi tub was against the wall. The wall had a large window with and ocean view with shutters that could be closed for privacy. The shower was open and had wall and ceiling nozzles. A shower massage with a long hose hung from the wall below the rain head.

Anita turned on the water to the rain head. When the water temperature was to her liking she began to undress. Rob was enthralled with her beauty. She was a petite five foot tall and her figure was perfect. Her amazing, upturned tits and tight bubble ass drew his eyes and his admiration. She turned to Rob, exposing her shaved mons, and smiled up at him while untying his robe. She than took his hand and led him into the shower.

At the same time, Jamal began filling the tub. He added powders and oils to the water and suds began to form as the tub filled. Pleasant fumes filled the room as he removed his trunks. Stacy’s eyes were drawn to his swelling cock. He was quite well endowed, and she did not realize she was staring until he reached for her robe. She looked up and into his joyful eyes as he slid the robe off her shoulders and tossed it onto the shower bench.

A surprised Stacy was lifted into his arms and lowered into the tub. Jamal stepped into the tub and sat down behind her. He wetted her hair with the hand shower attached to the tub and massaged shampoo into her hair. Stacy found the experience relaxing and yet arousing at the same time. Jamal rinsed the soap from her hair before massaged in the cream rinse. Soon she felt the soft soapy sponge caressing her back as Jamal washed her. He gently pulled her back against his chest and washed each of her arms.

Stacy was in a meditative state as she rested with her back against his chest. When his hands began to wash down and across her breasts she sighed. His hands caressed her nipples and her chest rose in response to the sensation. His hands washed down her stomach and sunk beneath the water. They glided past her center and caressed her thighs, each caress ending closer and closer to her crotch. Finally, inevitably, his fingers separated the folds of her labia. Two fingers circled around her clit then delved downward. She felt his finger enter her and she moaned. His finger moved slowly in and out of her sex while his other hand played her clit.

Jamal’s deep voice whispered into her ear, “Look at your husband Stacy. I think he likes Anita.”

Stacy opened her eyes and looked toward the shower. Anita was on her knees and Rob’s cock was deep in her mouth. Her hand slowly slid up and down his length in time with her mouth. She pulled him from her mouth and stood while her hand continued slowly stroking his cock. She leaned against the wall and raised her leg as she pulled him toward her. He slid his arms under both of her legs and scooped her up while she guided his cock into her opening. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately as he lowered her onto his manhood.

Jamal had continued to finger fuck Stacy and circle her clit with his fingers while she watched her husband. Seeing her husband’s cock sliding into the beautiful Anita was the last straw. Jamal played her pussy as she orgasmed. Water splashed from the tub as she thrashed in extasy. He slid his finger from inside her and pressed his other hand against her clit, sustaining her orgasm for a while longer.

Jamal held her close while she recovered then stood and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her deeply and lifted her from the tub and onto the floor. He dried her body and held her robe as she slipped her arms into the sleeves. Rob and Anita had moved from the shower to the bench. Anita was astraddle him, grinding her clit against his groin as she rode him.

Jamal sat Stacy down at the dressing table and blow dried her hair. When he was finished it was styled perfectly. The blow dryer had not drowned out the sounds of climax coming from the bathroom. Rob and Anita went back into the shower to cool down from their exertions and to wash away the aftermath of their recent coupling.

Jamal stood next to Stacy as she admired his styling results in the mirror. She couldn’t help but notice his cock swaying in the reflection. Her hands raised to wrap around him as she turned toward him. She licked the head of his cock before wrapping her lips around him and drawing him into her mouth. She began to suck and lick his wonderful satin smoothness. Soon Jamal grew fully erect and her mouth etlik escort could not contain all of him. She sucked what she could while her hands pumped him.

When Anita and Rob walked out of the bathroom they watched as Stacy milked the cum from Jamal’s cock. His hands gently held her face as he shot his load down her throat. Anita chuckled, “Jamal, miss Stacy is not supposed to make you happy. You are supposed to be making her happy.”

Jamal smiled down at Stacy, “I think this made her happy.”

Stacy licked her lips and grinned up at them, “It certainly did!”


Anita and Jamal traded kisses with the couple and left. Rob and Stacy dressed for dinner. The required dress for dinner was slacks and dress shirt for Rob and a dress for Stacy. The summer dress she chose was low cut to displayed enough of her cleavage to draw the eye, but not enough to cause slobbering. The hem was high and revealed a lot of tanned leg. When she started to put on her bra Rob snatched it from her hand, “The only thing you need to wear below that dress is skin.”

The thought of going commando made Stacy feel deliciously feisty but not near as feisty as she felt when they left the room. Knowing that she could flash a stranger at any moment was very exciting! Tonight, they were eating Japanese. The restaurant was tastefully decorated in a Japanese theme and the food was perfect, especially the sashimi.

After dinner they walked the beach together. When they returned the decided to check out one of the evening venues. The club had dance music playing at a moderate sound level. Four seat tables surrounded a semicircular stage. The dance floor separated the tables from the stage. The staff moved busily around the large room delivering drinks and snacks.

The couple found a table and settled in. They had no sooner sat down when a waiter was at their table. The looked around as they waited and pointed out things, and people, to each other. They quickly noticed the group of people that were rapidly approaching their expiration date for the evening. Four couples of obvious biker persuasion were sloppy drunk at a nearby table. The men were bearded and tattooed. Neither Rob nor Stacy noticed when one of the men spotted her and got the attention of the others.

The drunk couples made Rob uncomfortable and he was deciding whether to move to a different table or leave when suddenly their table had four burly bikers surrounding it. Two of them grabbed Rob’s arms while the other two grabbed Stacy. “We’re gonna have some fun with your bitch!” The two holding Rob shoved him over on his back and turned to follow their buddies. By the time Rob was on his feet they had made it out the door.

Rob ran to the door. When he stepped outside all four bikers were on the ground and were being handcuffed. Anita and Jamal held Stacy between them and were comforting her. Rob went to them and pulled Stacy into a protective hug. He was enraged, “How the fuck could you let this happen?”

Anita placed her hand on his shaking arm. She knew he wanted to strike out at the beasts that had attacked his wife. Her touch reminded him that he needed to focus on his wife, not his rage. He managed to get a grip on his emotions and waived toward the club, “The women with them are still inside and very drunk. They’ll make trouble if given the chance.

“What are you going to do about these scum?”

Anita ran her hand up and down his arm, petting him, calming him, “They will be picked up by the police and prosecuted for assault and attempted rape at a minimum. We have strict laws and very nasty jails. You will be home and happy years before they are freed. As we speak their belongings are being held for the police and their wives held for questioning until they are deported. They will not be allowed back onto resort property.”

She stroked Stacy’s face, “You were amazing. The staff in the club alerted us and we were on our way to help when you pressed your button. You kept your head and remembered to use the button.”

The bikers were dragged to their feet. Suddenly, in an obviously well practice move, two of them jerked free and headed straight for Stacy. As they approached, they brought their magically uncuffed arms around. It was obvious that they intended to make Stacy pay for getting them arrested. Rob’s reaction was instantaneous. He shoved Stacy toward Jamal and spun. His kick struck the temple of the closest biker. The biker dropped like his strings had been cut. Rob’s next kick impacted the liver of the second biker. His third kick caught him under the chin on his way down.

Rob spun toward the remaining two bikers as they jerked free of resort security. Rob’s flying punch met the closest biker’s temple and ended his evening. He grabbed the last one by the back of his head, pulling it down to meet his ascending knee. Two additional strikes ended the violence and would result in the hospitalization of the last man.

Jamal’s eyes were huge as he stood holding Stacy protectively, “We must help Anita and make sure we keep Rob very happy!”

Stacy chuckled, “He is a stud. He has been practicing mixed martial arts for years. That’s why I pressed the bracelet. I wanted someone to catch them before he did. I did not want my husband spending our vacation in your local jail.”

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Women are Like Buses

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I have been honest about my obsessions and quirks and certainly one of my more outlandish tales demonstrates only too well what a strange dude I am at times. My first submission to Literotica was in fact from 1993, so this second offering is from 2004.


Eleven years later I was working nights at Heathrow Airport as a cleaner in a bulding that makes airplane food. At the time it was the second largest facility of its kind in the world and even survived the downturn in business after the 9/11 disaster in New York. I had been there almost 4 years by July 2004…in that time I had been with only two women due to a lack of social life forcing me to rely on early WAP phones and internet cafes… July 2002 I had left church, deciding that a life of celibacy and prayer was too unbearable no matter how firm my belief in God… I had decided I would rather go to hell for eating pussy and jerking off than go to heaven sexually frustrated and bored. I had reasoned that as long as I gave to women sexually and did not TAKE pleasure from them then I would keep a clear conscience…

So I had been with Trish from July 2002 as phone sex buddies and later on in a physical relationship from November 2002 to December 2003…we had met in a wapphone chatroom so maybe I can tell that story another time… then March 2004 I had an interesting liaison with a girl who had travelled down to see me with the promise of no strings cunnilingus… she and I had met online with me logging in from numerous net cafes at the time… she had done all the chasing, all I had done was entertained her and made her feel at ease both on the phone and online…she and I are still occasionally in touch Anyway, so imagine by the time this story I am now writing begins I was sexually frustrated and aware enough of my own sexuality to have a little bit of confidence. I was moderately fit, good muscle tone from all the physical work, and desperate to meet women as my night shifts made it almost impossible to go on dates… I am proud of the fact that for the most part I am totally old fashioned with dating and usually have a three month rule in getting to know a woman before getting horizontal together… which makes this story all the more extraordinary.

End of July 2004, I had slept in the park as was my routine much of the summer that year, waking after 8pm, showering, and heading to work at sunset.

That year I had been secure enough in my body that I was able to join the sunbathers wearing only shorts or even trunks and just flopping down on a towel…usually from 2pm til maybe 7pm, but sometimes later…

Having had this routine since the end of April I had turned rather brown… my arms were almost a deep tan, my face was a healthy pink or beige usually, my back was a good shade and my legs and chest were beginning to show colour..I had white bits, so I knew progress had been made.

On this particular evening I failed to get out of the shower in time. The 140 bus ride took at least 45 mins, sometimes an hour and a half depending on traffic. I phoned ahead to my boss using the last of my phone credit. It went to voicemail. I swore under my breath. I arrived ten minutes late for my shift and was sent home by the Night Manager who was English, whilst most of my colleagues were African. I mention this only to make the point that my boss was very easy going because he knew how tough it was for me working nights doing strenuous physical graft with dudes generally twice my size, and spending most of my nights conversing in French, with background chatter in Arabic and Swahili to contend with. My attitude to my work and my determination to pick up enough French and Swahili to get on with folk had earned me a little bit of respect, but I was still a shrimp not suited to the physical work, and I guess a bit of positive discrimination kept me in my job as the bosses feared that if they fired me I would argue it was because I was white… so I was sent home without disgrace, assured they had enough men in for the shift and my punishment was merely to have had a wasted bus ride all the way there only to have to get back home again.

By the time I was on the next 140 bus from Heathrow Central it was 1.00 AM. I sat at the back in my favourite seat where you can see everyone getting on the bus, and sometimes got to sit opposite attractive women who had to face you and pretend to look out of the windows.

In Hayes and Harlington A few clubbers and the pub crowds were pouring out. Some had taken the train from central London out to Hayes and Harlington station, others had been in late licence pubs around the village… among the crowds I clocked four stunning females step on and make a beeline for the back seats as if I was invisible. The scent of cheap perfume, deodorant and sweat with a hint of cigarette smoke and cheap booze filled my nostrils.

The girls looked roughly early to mid twenties but by their conversation I sussed they were probably younger. They had been to a karaoke night, and were still warbling drunkenly. Two of them dikmen escort had drinks bottles — one of them was guzzling Lambrini, another was guzzling Smirnoff Ice. The girl who had plonked herself opposite me was especially off her face and swilling Lambrini wearing the tiniest denim skirt and loose T shirt, with pink trainers. As if they were not exactly making the effort but just drinking down their local…only their “local” happened to be 14 miles away and 23 pubs further from their house!

The girl opposite me sussed that my eyes were regularly settling on her gorgeously smooth thighs, so she deliberately (I guessed) brought up her left knee to tie her left trainer laces. Her pussy was visible through her thong which had been devoured by her cunt lips.

I was rock hard in an instant.

She smiled knowingly and then put her left leg down and pulled her right knee up to her chest and retied her right trainer laces.

My cock twitched. She fixed the tent in my jogging pants a stare.

I had to say something fast as her right leg was still raised up to give me an easy view all the way up her skirt.

“Are you going to let me eat that or just stare at it?” I blurted out.

My cheeks flushed as she glared at me in horror. “Yew wot?” she said, then upon seeing my embarrassment turned her facial expression from one of disdain to amusement. She laughed. The others had fallen silent, looking across wondering what I had said. The girl opposite me casually said in a low voice “This geezer just offered to give me a munch. He just asked me if I wuz gunna let him eat it or just stare at it when I flashed ‘im mi minge.”

Her accent was really common, the kind of woman I usually avoid…chavvy as we call it. The American equivalent would probably be “White Trash”…in Scotland they would call her a “Ned”

Of the four girls I was to learn one was Canadian and the other three were from different parts of England, all having met on a hair and beauty course at college then choosing to do a house share after graduation to set up in business together.

The other girls reacted differently to one another. One was appalled, one was amused, another merely said “do me too if you have the energy”.

One of the girls said “Karen, you old Dyke, his tongue will fall off before he can even make Sue come.”

They all laughed. So I was facing Sue. Sue with the pink trainers, short denim skirt and swollen growler already swallowing her thong.

Sue offered me a swig of her cheap pissy wine. I gladly took a mouthful. We kissed, with tongues and she opened her eyes wide and pulled away saying “OH MY GOD your tongue is huge!”

Karen gasped as well. And so I set to work, kissing Sue’s tummy until she protested that there were too many other people on the bus. We got to the Target roundabout near Hillingdon and many got off to use the 24 hour McDonald’s.

Without asking for permission I dropped to my knees. Although I had showered and shaved five hours earlier I was careful to not graze my stubbly chin or cheeks against her thighs as I butterfly-kissed my way up to her groin. I had her legs spread-eagled and her denim skirt pushed all the way up (it really was just a scrap of material hiding nothing) and I unhooked her thong smoothly and ran my tongue around her bikini line. Sue was a natural blonde so there was very little pubic hair. Some brunettes can naturally be furry as far as the tummy but she seemed to be naturally trim down there. I kept running the tip of my tongue around her triangle and gently kissing everywhere except her pink taco. Only when her clit made it’s debut, standing erect before me, only at that point did I dive in and flick her with my tongue. I began gently and increased pressure according to her responses then held the pressure on and kept a steady quick speed going exactly to rhythm for as long as I could. I concentrated on breathing through my nose despite a face full of fur burger, and even rubbed my nose on her pelvic bone for extra sensation which she seemed to like. As she neared climax and my tongue grew tired, I slid two fingers up her cunt and tickled her tummy from the inside..she spasmed and shook and came violently…I eased off the pressure, still flicking her clit with my tongue, then fucking her hole with my tongue stretched out to its full length…she grabbed my hair and started fucking my tongue by ramming her groin against my face, still creaming herself… juice pouring out of her as she twitched and gasped. The others watched in respectful silence. Stunned by the show. I pulled away to breathe, licked my fingers clean, then ran my tongue up to my nose and licked my nose clean, then grabbed a tissue from my rucksack and dried myself properly.

Karen passed me her Smirnoff Ice bottle to take a much needed drink.

“Thanks.” I gasped

“You deserve it, you were licking her twat for ten minutes…I have never seen any bloke do that before without stopping even once.”

Sue agreed emek escort I was amazing and explained that if I had been licking just a fraction faster and harder I would have got her off in two minutes flat but as it was, that was easily her best ever orgasm…no man on earth had ever gotten her off with his tongue before.

We were approaching Northolt. Five more people shuffled off the bus who had been upstairs and so unaware of our little performance.

The girls all lived together in South Harrow and I was invited to join them at their house.

I thought about it.

Karen was the most keen to have me along with obvious hopes of a munch from me, but she was also the tallest and therefore most likely to go off me as soon as I stood up to reveal how short I am. I needn’t have worried as I found she had just ended a four year relationship with a guy who was my height, her reasoning was that as a kid she was battered by her father and therefore liked to be with guys who made her feel unthreatened and safe. She had never dated anyone taller than her for fear they would have a strength advantage.

“Why did you two break up?” I ventured.

We got off the bus together in South Harrow and carried on our conversation. It gave her time to frame her answer thoughtfully. “i guess he was cheating on me after the first two years and I knew about the last four women before calling it a day”

I told her I was sorry.

She shrugged and said “I’m not. I learned I prefer the taste of pussy rather than cock. I finished the relationship by inviting his last bitch over for a threesome and made a point of giving her a great time and him a good show and then telling him I never wanted to see him again… his ego couldn’t take it coz he was, like, seven inches and quite good girth as well”

I had no response to this so she looked at my expression and chuckled sweetly. She leaned in for a kiss. Our tongues met. She pulled away and placed a finger and thumb to her lips, pulling out an unmistakeably blonde pubic hair.

With a delighted expression on her face she held up her prize and called to Sue “hey hun, look what I got. This is one of yours I presume?”

Sue laughed and said “you can keep that one, I still have plenty left…you want any more just come and get them yourself, bitch”

Karen handed me the Smirnoff Ice bottle and whispered “finish it.” and ran up to Sue, doing a playful attempt of a rugby tackle on a grass verge and then burying her face between Sue’s thighs, playfully biting her. The Canadian girl — Megan — seemed utterly bewildered. The other English girl — Sarah — giggled.

I looked at Megan sympathetically, knowing what it feels like to be the odd one out. Attempting my best French I suggested they were crazy English girls.

She replied using a slang word “Gonzesses” which took me several years to figure out meant “stupid birds” or chicks.

At least I got a smile out of her and she said in English “I lived in Ohio for the first five years of my life so I think in English but thanks for making the effort. I still think you are a dirty tramp for licking out a girl you don’t know on a bus and snogging another minutes later.”

The others had not heard this but shortly after we arrived at their house. Megan announced she was going to bed and told us all to try and keep the noise down.

Sue assured Megan that we would try.

“Bonne Nuit, dormez-vous bien” I said.

“Au revoir” she replied.

I took that to mean she did not wish to see me again.

Karen pulled out a bottle of vodka from the fridge and poured me a glass saying “Don’t ask for anything to go with it, we don’t have anything in the house ’til we go shopping”

I downed it gratefully.

She then poured herself a glass and tried to down it in one like I had. An idea occurred. She threw me back onto the sofa, pushed my head back, then clambered onto me, straddling me, and pressed her mouth on mine, and spat the vodka into my mouth the second my lips parted. I swallowed and winced, then snogged her passionately.

I was drunk enough by now to dare ask “Do you have any condoms? Coz I reallllyyy need to come, and it could get messy”

Karen actually stopped dead. “Shit” she said. “No we don’t”

Sue asked why I did not have any and I said because I don’t sleep around.

“Ahhh” said Sarah, “let me get a sheet”.

She raced off to the airing cupboard and we lined the sofa with a big sheet and then I sat back down and Karen stripped off her T shirt and red felt skirt and without warning wrapped her legs around my shoulders, her knees resting on the headrest of the sofa.

“EAT ME NOW!” she demanded. I obliged. Her thong was easily pushed out of the way and I went straight in for the kill pinching her clit between my lips and sucking hard. She let out a lonnnng moan and cried out “OH MY FUCKING GOD THAT FEELS FUCKING FANTASTIC!”

I devoured her, spooning her twat deep with my tongue, penetrating eryaman escort her with tongue and fingers even simultaneously. She rode me atop the sofa, leaving room for one of the others to unzip me and free my hard truncheon meat. I felt lips tentatively close around my shaft but could not tell who was sucking me off. Then a definite changeover happened and another mouth, unmistakeably different lips and hands, took me enthusiastically. Sarah and Sue seemed to be taking turns. It was frustrating not being able to WATCH my cock disappearing down their throats but I was grateful that they had consumed enough alcohol to be willing to do the deed. Karen had at least two orgasms as good as sitting on my face…I could hardly breath but kept working my tongue and fingers and lips to give her every possible pleasure in this position. Her juices were dribbling down my neck. Finally she climbed off me.

In gratitude Karen knelt before me and took me in, deep throating me all the way…she fought against the gag reflex and I stayed utterly still for her not wanting to give her any excuse to stop… more because I could now SEE my cock in someone’s mouth than because of any real talent at cock sucking, she finally got me off…she let it splash everywhere, avoiding swallowing most of it… I wanked myself to finish as I wanted my orgasm to last as long as possible in only the way I knew how.

Sarah spoke first “Oh my god there was loads”

Sue said something like “Yeah, someone has to shampoo the carpet in the morning

Karen chimed in with “Not meeee”

The other two laughed and said “it’s your mess Karen, you should have swallowed it you selfish bitch”

I piped up that it was MY mess and I would clean up if I could sleepover as I did not want to walk to my place from here in the dark.

“Fair enough” They agreed.

Then Sarah complained that she had not had a munch yet and therefore by rights should get to sleep with me.

I agreed that was fair. We pulled out the bed settee the other end of the lounge and blankets were brought down. With more sheets also.

Sarah cuddled up to me and kissed me, tasting her two other friends in my mouth…then she whispered to me “i am so tired but could you do me one big favour?”

“Anything” I replied.

She was wearing a summer dress which she suddenly and gracefully slipped off over her head before her next words, which were chosen carefully.

“Wake me up with a slow and gentle tongue. I have always wanted to be woken up that way by a man and it would be a really nice surprise?”

“Sounds good to me.” I replied and we fell asleep in each others’ arms.

I dozed for maybe a couple of hours and then awoke, full of energy and very horny.

Sarah was unconscious. I studied her chest, the slowly rising mounds covered by the wonderbra. I wonderd if her interest in me was more out of my obvious stamina with my tongue or because she found me genuinely attractive. In the brief time we had had together I analysed what I knew about each of them. Sue was a dirty drunken slag. Crude, uncouth, impulsive, possibly without morals. Karen was sensitive but also sensual, retreating into bisexuality as an escape from the pressures of having to date men. Megan was the conservative prudish one. Possibly with hidden depths. And then we have Sarah…amused by the performances I put on with the others, sporting enough to have performed four to seven minutes of fellatio approximately whilst sharing with Sue with Karen’s arse possibly inches above her head at the time… But I knew nothing about this girl.

The sun was rising, her skin smelled fresh and sweet. OK, I had something on her — a definite non smoker. Sue was the smoker. I had sussed that. Sarah was auburn haired and petite. Kind of like an English Alyson Hannigan. Slightly geeky looking. Quirky in a cute way.

I studied her nostrils as they flared with each breath. I studied her freckled skin. I marvelled at her smooth thighs. I began butterfly kissing her all over. Exploring ever so gently.

“Mmmm” she said, “That’s really really nice.”

“Are you awake?” I murmured.

“I am so tired. Carry on without me. Let me sleep.”

Her eyes fluttered open, there was the briefest smile, then she relaxed again back into zed land.

I kissed her passionately on the tummy and moved downwards. I peeled her panties off gently and caught the aroma of something metallic. Blood. She was due on. Here’s the dilemma as a self respecting man. Do I potentially upset her by chickening out of licking her after having eaten two of her housemates? Or do I do the deed and then risk being treated like a sicko monster if in fact she did not know she was due on? Some women love being eaten during their period, some do not. Some women love being fucked whilst asleep, some consider that to be rape. As a man I knew I would occasionally face tough decisions like this throughout my life. I decided to go down on her. I knelt beside her. My tongue was still exhausted. I flicked her clit using my tongue side to side which on her was up and down as I knelt sideways on. The added advantage of this angle was that when the blood started to come out I did not have to swallow it. In fact there was a tiny trace of blood and her come tasted only slightly stronger than normal. I suspected it was the first day of her period.

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Wild Oats – Spring Break Jr. Year Day 03

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By 10 AM I was napping on the beach with my four lovers in attendance. I don’t know what they were thinking, but as I innocently napped, they were inviting some of their friends to a “last night” party in their room as a climax to Spring Break.

We played volleyball, splashed in the gulf and just had a fun, relaxing day. I got us free beer by flashing my boobs and mooned for hotdogs.

We all showered before hitting the bars and I had my free bar tab from where I won the wet T-shirt contest last night.

As wet T-shirt time approached, I noticed that the crowd around my escorts had grown to about 12 guys and all of them were encouraging me to participate. By this time I was feeling no pain so I stripped off my tops and changed into the contest T-shirt right there at our table rather than going into the storeroom with the other participants as I had done the last two nights. No one complained as I bared my breasts. My nipples were already erect and I had the feeling that I would win again tonight.

I cebeci escort did. I had the most enthusiastic group of backers and again, I bared all for the grand prize.

After the contest we all retired to the motel room. Party on. There were over 20 people, men and women, in that little room. Sliding glass doors opened onto the beach and there were even more people coming and going through that egress. Everyone had brought bottles and everyone was drinking freely. Inhibitions disappeared and by midnight naked people with partners were making out on the beds, on the floor, and on the beach.

Pete was the first of my escorts interested in getting me naked and I put up no resistance as the atmosphere reeked of sex and I remembered how good it had been with him this morning.

We really kissed for the first time and his large lips and insistent tongue felt so good. I closed my eyes and let myself go. Pete was tender and attentive. He caressed my body with çukurambar escort his hands as he kissed and licked me in my most sensitive places.

He was licking my vagina and my clit when one of his fingers began toying with my ass and then slipped in. I was relaxed and the feeling I experienced of him massaging my vagina with his tongue while a finger was in my ass, was one I had never experienced before. I could feel all tension leaving my body and I knew that I was totally open to whatever sexually might happen tonight.

Standing by the bed, Pete positioned me on my back with a pillow under my butt and slid his cock up and down my slit to get the head coated with my love juice. He opened my vaginal lips with the fingers of each hand and gently slid into me until he was fully inserted. I felt full and began moving my hips as he just held his cock deep inside me.

After what seemed like ages, Pete began to slowly and gently slide his cock demetevler escort out until only the head remained in me and then quickly and forcefully plunge back in my sopping hole.


When I opened my eyes I noticed that everyone was watching as Pete and I fucked like there might be no tomorrow. I was so turned on. I began having orgasm after orgasm and Pete just kept pumping.

I knew I was being vocal. I was having the fuck of my life and enjoying it. After about 10 or 15 minutes, I could feel him begin to swell and then he began to fill me with string after string of warm, creamy cum.

I wrapped my legs around him to keep him inside me as I slowly came down from my sexual high.

After Pete pulled out, I was just lying there on the bed, legs spread and cum seeping out of my open vagina. I lost count of how many guys mixed their cum with Pete’s that night, but I was open for sex and took everything that was offered.

It was really late, or early, by the time everyone left and I was able to take a shower. I crawled into bed between Pete and Jimmy and fell asleep immediately.

Saturday morning I woke to an empty room. The guys had headed back to school. My bikini, cover-up, and shoes were neatly placed on the dresser and there was a note from my escorts signed with X’s and O’s.

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