Trust is Earned

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I answered the phone on the third ring.

“Hi John,” my beautiful girlfriend Kelly said, “it’s me.”

“Hi sweetheart,” I replied.

“We need to talk, ” she led off coldly.

I knew immediately where this was going. She was feeling guilty and was crawling back in to her shell once again. I prayed this would not happen, but knew it was inevitable.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked, trying to keep a positive tone in my voice.

“John, it’s over. I can’t have any men in my life,” she stated.

I knew this was coming. Kelly has been the most difficult woman in my entire life to get to know, but she has also been the most worthwhile. She had an elaborate defensive mechanism built up around her because of her past and now I had penetrated that defense system and found out what a gem she was. Now she was running scared again after everything we shared. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about it and I was well prepared for this moment.

“I figured that was what you were going to say,” I said, as sadly as I could without crying.

“I know, but it is for the best,” Kelly continued.

“I’ll make you a deal,” I said.

“What?” she inquired.

“If you can tell me to my face that it is over, I will believe this is what you really want. Right now I know you’re scared and I know you have some friends around you at school that are influencing you, but if you can say the words to my face and mean it, I’ll never bother you again,” I offered.

“You’re 1,200 miles away! How am I supposed to do that?” She laughed, as if it were the craziest idea she’s ever heard.

“I’ll start driving tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow evening.” I stated.

“Yeah right!” She said.

“I’m serious!” I said to reinforce my point.

“I’ll call you when I check in to the hotel across from campus,” I said.

Right after High School graduation, Kelly’s boyfriend tried to rape her one night. The romantic side of their relationship was not progressing as fast as he wanted. She was still a virgin and he had not even gotten to third base yet. One night he decided he had enough. He told her the moment he picked her up that night that she was going to get fucked that night. She spent the entire date in terror waiting for him to make his move. When he did, she protested, but he continued to force himself upon her anyway. Fortunately, he gave up in frustration and she was able to get away without being raped, but this incident fueled her distrust of men. I was the first person she ever confided in about the full details of the story.

She was raised in a religious environment at home. Kelly never told her father, who was a police officer, about the incident for fear of the sermon that would follow from her mother about being promiscuous. Instead, she went in to her shell and decided to attend a religious college in the Midwest to put it behind her. She spent the first two years in college hating men while her friends actively looked for male companionship. Kelly was well known in her college dormitory for her hatred of all men.

Six months ago, Kelly returned home to see her parents for Winter break. She had not been home in almost two and a half years. We ran in to each other on her first day back home by complete chance. We had not seen each other in over four years. After an hour of catching up, we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to catch up more the next day.

Kelly was sort of the “goth” girl of our school before it was known as “goth”. She dyed her hair different colors and dressed in dark conservative clothes. She did not have any piercings other than her ears and she didn’t have any tattoos that were visible. She was shy, quiet and had few friends.

She sat behind me in Freshman English class and I got to know her during that class. I found she had a great sense of humor. Throughout the rest of our High School career, I’d always stop and talk to her when I saw her seated alone in the library or in the lunchroom. mecidiyeköy eskort We never dated, but we were friendly.

We hung out every single day she was home for her winter break. Each time we went out, we saw how much we had in common. We became very fast friends. She confided her attempted rape secret with me and I confided some ex-girlfriend stories with her. By the end of her break a spark had developed between us. I hugged her goodbye the last day she was in town. I told her how sad I was to see her go and she agreed.

“There are no women left here like you, ” I complained.

“There never were,” she said in a sarcastic manner.

“Yeah, I know. You’re one of a kind. I’d love to date you if you lived here, but you’re a little far away,” I said complimenting her again.

“OK. We can date,” she giggled.

I was shocked at the twist in the conversation. I didn’t exactly ask her out, but somehow I had a girlfriend who lived 1,200 miles away. I gave her a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek before we parted. Her friends were astounded that Kelly left a man hater and returned to school with a boyfriend 1200 miles away.

Our relationship progressed through lots of phone calls and letters over the next few months. Kelly decided to return home for Spring Break under the guise of seeing her parents again, but really she was coming back to see me. Most of our nights ended watching TV at my place while snuggling on the couch. There was some occasional kissing involved, but nothing heavy. She’d hug me and kiss me before going back to her parent’s house.

On the fourth night, the action got a lot heavier on the couch with her leading the way. I got to second base for the first time with her that night and soon headed to third. I was the first man to ever give her oral pleasure. She stayed with me that night in my bed until morning when she returned home to her parents.

The next night, she wanted to return the favor on me. She performed oral sex on a man for the first time that night. It was not like I’ve had in the past. She was so affectionate and loving during the act. I could tell that she really enjoyed giving me oral pleasure. She spent the final night of her spring break in my bed before flying home the next afternoon.

The next six weeks were a roller coaster ride. She was feeling guilty about being intimate with a man out of wedlock. Some of her friends piled on, more out of jealousy, than trying to sincerely help the situation. She was mad at herself for allowing herself to let her guard down. She swore this would never happen. Her friends tried to convince her I only wanted sex from her and that once I got that I’d leave her.

I was able to get Kelly out of her shell every time we were together and see her true self without the huge array of defense mechanisms she developed and without friends whispering in her ear. She was truly a beautiful person inside and out. I knew I was fortunate to know her at this level since no one else has ever taken the time to learn what a gem she truly is. I’ve never met a woman like her before and certainly not one that would motivate me to drive 1,200 miles.

I arrived at the hotel across from her campus around 6pm and immediately phoned her dorm. I told her where I was, but she didn’t believe me at first. I had to describe the weather outside and the view from my hotel room of her college campus before she finally believed I was there. She walked across her campus and knocked on my hotel room door about an hour later.

She was still wearing her school uniform, which I found to be very erotic. She hugged me and thanked me for coming such a long way to see her.

“Why did you come here?” she demanded.

“We have such a great connection. I didn’t want to throw that away because you’re too scared to trust me.” I said.

Her long black hair hung on her shoulders while her green eyes probed my soul. Her eyebrows indicated she had doubts escort bayan while her pursed lips reinforced her skepticism.

“I’ve violated my personal vows.” She stated coldly.

“What have I ever done to violate your trust? I’ve been patient with you. I’ve never forced myself upon you or asked you to do anything you didn’t want to do!” I said with some anger in my voice, knowing that it was her friends putting false ideas in her head.

“That last night, I pressed myself on top of you while we were making out and you asked me to stop. I stopped immediately, didn’t I?” I asked.

“Yes. Why did you stop?” She asked.

“I stopped because I love you. You were not ready and told me to stop, so I stopped,” I said with tears filling up in my eyes to reinforce my feelings.

“I love you too,” she said as she started to cry.

We were both seated on the bed when she jumped on top of me and began kissing me passionately. I felt the wetness of her tears on my cheek as she probed my mouth with her tongue. We kissed passionately for several minutes. She was panting heavily in between kisses.

She pulled off my shirt and I responded by getting her out of her blouse and bra. My hands began to caress her back while she pressed her beautiful breasts upon my chest. I felt the warmth of her body against my bare chest while she continued kissing me passionately. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth while our breathing continued to get heavier.

I moved Kelly on to her back. I began kissing her neck and working my way slowly down to her breasts where I spent some time alternating between massaging her breasts and kissing them sensually. Her skirt was hiked up revealing her sexy black panties. I pressed the bulge inside my pants against her black panties while leaning forward on her body to kiss her neck. I felt the warmth of her crotch on my member through my pants. Kelly seemed to love the sensation as well since I felt her rock her hips a few times against my pants, massaging the swollen member under my pants.

Not wasting any more time, I put my face between her legs and kissed her hot vagina through her wet panties. The air was very warm and moist between her legs, indicating how aroused she was. I gave her pussy lips another kiss before gently rubbing the outline of her outer labia with my thumb. Her breathing increased as my thumb continued to tease her through her panties.

When Kelly sat up to take off her skirt and panties, I seized the opportunity to take off my pants and boxers so that we were now both completely naked. She passionately kissed me again from her sitting position on the bed before she laid back and spread her legs to invite my mouth to resume the position it was in before. Now that the panties were no longer a barrier between us, I could get my tongue to probe her moist lips. I ran my tongue up and down the inner part of her labia. The inner walls of her labia were slick with her sweet lubricant. When my tongue reached her engorged clitoris, she let out a heavy gasp. I circled her clitoris several more times with my tongue. There was a trail of liquid leaking down her butt, on to the sheets below. I located the source of her wetness and explored the hot spring with my tongue. Her fluids leaked slowly from her in a constant trickle as if someone had left a faucet slightly open.

After several minutes, she reached her second orgasm. She stretched her arms down to pull me up to her. Our lips met once again. She tasted the juices on my face fresh from her wet pussy which seemed to arouse her even more if that was possible.

She pulled my body down on to her chest. My hardened shaft was sandwiched between us, resting her pubic bone with my abdomen pressing it down against her. She reached down to grab the swollen purple head with her right hand as I lifted off her to give her room to work. She gently stroked it a few times before guiding my throbbing shaft until it was aligned with the entrance bayrampaşa escort of her pussy.

I knew she didn’t want me to enter her since she made it clear she was saving herself for marriage. I rubbed my cock head up and down her inner labia to coat it with her juice before returning it to the entrance of her hole. I leaned forward to kiss her some more. I was perfectly in line to take her virginity at any moment, but repressed the desire to completely ravage her. I continued kissing her while her hips moved around to take in the sensation of my engorged head against her slippery hole.

She grabbed the cheeks of my ass and slowly started to pull me down. I felt my cock starting to press inside her.

“What are you doing?” I asked, stopping her to give her a second to think about this.

“You’re the one. I love you. I want to feel you inside me,” she begged.

We kissed for about thirty seconds before, I allowed her to pull me closer until cock head slipped slowly inside her.

“No more than half way,” she requested, as if that would make her half a virgin. “Go slow!” She continued.

I obeyed her demand, slowly working my throbbing rock hard cock inside her. Her walls slowly expanded to invite the first visitor to get past the slippery opening to come deeper inside her. Her pussy was tight, but the slickness allowed me to enter her much easier than I ever anticipated.

I reached the half-way point and slowly started pumping her no deeper than I promised.

“That is half way, sweetie,” I informed her.

I continued to pump her slowly half in and half out. She let out a gasp and started to raise her ass off the bed to meet my thrusts in. Her upward thrusts indicated she wanted more of my cock inside her, but she had not given me the verbal ok to go any further. Her panting increased each time I’d pull back at the half way point, denying her any more of my shaft per her original request. Our bodies were starting to sweat from the heat of our passion and the work of our thrusts.

Not wanting to betray her trust to go in more than half way, I rolled over to allow her to get on top of me so that she could control how much cock she wanted inside her. At least now I would not feel guilty if she took on more than she asked for.

She jumped on top and adjusted herself so that she could guide herself up and down on me. She loved the position and knew why I turned control over to her. She bit her lip as my cock head popped back inside her. She started to slide herself down my cock. I felt the vacuum of her pussy walls on my steel rod once again. She began working herself up and down. As her pleasure increased, so did the length of her strokes down on me. She took more and more of my cock inside her inch by inch with each stroke.

The orgasm was building from deep inside her while she took in more and more of my cock. When our pubic bones finally met, she knew I was all the way inside her. She let out a gasp of relief as if she finally achieved her goal. I felt her juices leaking down my ass on to the sheets below while she was sitting on my cock vertically with it buried as far inside her as it would go. She kept it there for a minute or two without moving.

She opened her eyes and leaned forward to kiss me while we developed a slow and sensuous rhythm of pumping in and out of her. I’ve fucked about ten women and had sex hundreds of times in my life up to that point, but this was the first time I ever made love.

She was so loving and passionate while she gave herself completely to me. Our bodies were coated lightly in the sweat of our exertion while the sheets were soaked with the overflow of her juices. We kissed and continued to pump each other lovingly. We both enjoyed every movement of the other. When she tensed up to orgasm again, it caused a chain reaction in me which caused me to start to cum as well. I pushed her off and she instinctively took my cock in to her mouth just before it exploded. She pumped me dry and collapsed next to me on the bed completely satisfied.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too,” I reassured her as I leaned forward to kiss her.

We were married four months later and have been married 18 years now.

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The Weekend Sleepover Ch. 02

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While Mark and I spent the early afternoon in the house, I tried to ignore the beautiful bodies lying out by the pool. Eventually, Mark and I wandered out to the back yard and found four beautiful bodies lounging on the deck. My eyes were drawn to Jenny, as always, wearing a cute but skimpy pink bikini whose triangles of fabric barely contained her large, creamy breasts. Her tits were so huge they were spilling out the side of her top. Jenny was sitting on the steps of the pool talking quietly with Brenda. Carly was lounging in one of the pool chairs, laying on her stomach with her bikini top untied. Sam was actually swimming around the pool in a black one piece.

When Sam saw Mark and I walk out onto the pool deck, she swam over to the edge of the pool. “Mark,” she called, “I was thinking about going to the grocery store to pick up some food for dinner. Jenny wants to stay and get a little more sun, but I rather go now. Will you drive us?”

Carly raised her head and looked over at us. When she shifted up onto her elbows, I got a tantalizing look at a few more inches of her young, firm tit flesh, though she kept her nipples hidden under her. “I kind of want to go get some groceries too,” Carly added. “Would you mind taking us?”

“Not at all,” Mark replied. “We can leave whenever you two are ready.”

“Really?!” Jenny and I simultaneously responded. We looked at each other and smiled, sharing our surprise at Mark’s sudden helpfulness.

“Sure, I don’t mind,” Mark replied, looking a little annoyed. “You want to come, Kev?”

I thought about it for a second, looking at Jenny and Brenda watching me from the steps of the pool. “Um, no need for all of us to go,” I finally responded. “I’ll just stay here.”

“Suit yourself,” Mark responded.

Five minutes later Mark was pulling out of the driveway in his mom’s car, Carly sitting in the front seat next to him and Sam in the back. Brenda, Jenny and I were left lounging around the pool. Jenny and Brenda were sitting on the steps at the shallow end while I sat on the ledge near the deep end, dangling my legs in the water. I knew something was coming, and I was nervous. Looking over at Brenda and Jenny, looking magnificent in their bikinis, water glistening over all their smooth curves and exposed flesh, only made me more nervous.

“Alright horn dog,” Brenda finally said, “Take off those shorts and show Jenny what you’re working with.”

“You’re not even going to buy me a drink first?” I tried to joke. My voice rose to a high pitch at the end of my question, completely betraying my discomfort.

Brenda just smiled at my obvious nervousness. She swam slowly over to my end of the pool, her soft tit flesh floating in the water in front of her as she slowly moved towards me. She flashed a sweet, reassuring smile, but I could see there was serious mischief in her sparkling blue eyes.

“I told you the deal I made, lover,” she said softly. “Just trust me and I promise you will completely enjoy this.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, glancing over at Jenny. The smile was gone from her face as she watched our exchange intently.

“Yes, now strip,” Brenda ordered.

I was very torn between laughing it off as a joke and walking away or taking off my shorts. After a moment’s hesitation, I took a deep breath, stood on the pool deck, and dropped my shorts. In my near terrified state, my cock was a shriveled mess, but that was apparently not the point.

“SEE!” Brenda exclaimed loudly, “I TOLD you he was game.” Jenny didn’t say a word, her eyes were fixed to my cock. Brenda just kept talking. “He may have been a virgin, which is a shame with that pretty dick of his, but he’s willing to play. Go and sit on the steps next to Jenny, Kevin, we have to make this quick.”

After getting naked in front of my biggest high school crush, there was suddenly nothing I wouldn’t do. In a haze, I walked around to the steps of the pool. I remember being acutely aware of the warm sunlight hitting my bare ass, but the whole rest of me was in a fog. Jenny shifted off the steps and into the water as I approached. I sat bare-assed on the warm pool ledge with my feet on the first step.

Brenda had already swum back to the steps, and she swam up right between my legs. Beads of water drifted down the top of her exposed cleavage, droplets falling from the tips of her firm breasts. “Jenny here has been complaining that she’s not sure how to give a good blow job and she wants to learn,” Brenda explained. “I told her we had a willing test subject right here who would love to help me teach her.”

“Seriously?!” I blurted out.

“You’ll be a good, impartial judge of her talents and help teach her how to improve her technique, right?” Brenda asked.

Jenny finally spoke up. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” she said quietly.

“Are you kidding?” I replied.

“Yeah dummy,” Brenda said derisively, shooting her friend a look of contempt. “What 18 year old wouldn’t want a blowjob from two hot, young women?”

“Wait, two…” I said. I was confused. mecidiyeköy escort I thought Jenny was giving me a blowjob.

Brenda’s soft hand began stroking up and down my thigh. “Yes, lover. Two,” she cooed in a sultry voice. “I’m going to show Jenny some tips, then she’s going to give it a try. YOU are going to be a good, honest judge of her talents and NEVER tell anyone about this, right?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, still in a haze and expecting I would wake up from this wonderful dream at any moment.

“You promise you won’t ever say anything to anyone about this?” Jenny asked very earnestly. I looked in her beautiful green eyes and realized she was serious. Not only was she not joking about blowing me, she really wanted to do this.

“I promise,” I responded.

“Good,” Brenda cooed, “We can’t waste time, the others will be back soon enough.” Her hand slipped up my thigh, gently cupped my balls briefly with her palm, and gripped the base of my cock. Just looking at the two of them, half floating in the water, acres of skin exposed, beautiful faces staring intently at me, I started getting hard. Brenda noticed and the corner of her full lips bent upward in a slight, crooked smile. Brenda bent down and kissed the head of my cock with her soft lips, and then sucked my cock head between her lips. In an instant, my entire, half-hard member was inside her mouth and she was swirling her tongue around and around my shaft. She was obviously serious about not wasting time, and clearly talented at what she was doing. I could feel my teen age dick rapidly swelling inside of her mouth as she squeezed me by sucking in her cheeks. She released my meat with a loud pop, and in two heart beats she was left holding the shaft of my fully engorged member.

“Mmm, he liked that,” she said to Jenny. Jenny moved a little closer, her eyes fixated on my pulsing dick. “I’ve found guys like a variety of things,” Brenda continued. “You can tongue his shaft,” which she proceeded to do, rubbing suggestively with her tongue along the ridge running under my cock. “You can suck on the shaft,” which she did, sucking with her lips at the base of my shaft and flicking the ridge with the tip of her tongue. It was like she was French kissing the underside of my dick, and it felt great. In fact, each tingle felt so good, like a little pulse of electricity shooting up my sensitive member, that I could feel myself getting very aroused. “You can also just suck on the sensitive head of his cock,” she continued before slipping the fat crown of my dick between her lips. Her cheeks sunk inward as she sucked and her tongue traced a fast circle around and around just the head of my dick. She released me with another pop before saying, “Or you can just suck up and down his cock.” She suck my now raging erection back into her mouth and boobed her head up and down my pole. She took a good four inches at a time, slithering her wet tongue back and forth over the underside of my shaft as her head moved up and down. She paused to say, “You should also used your hand with your mouth, so you can cover more of his dick.” She proceeded to demonstrate, Jenny observing just inches away with rapt attention. Brenda’s soft fingers closed around my shaft tightly while her mouth sucked the head of my meat back between her lips. Her fingers slid down over my wet pole and squeezed slightly and she brought them back up. Her tongue danced wetly against the underside of my shaft, and I delighted in the feeling of her soft cheeks squeezing against the top of my pole as her mouth went up and down. I realized with alarm that I was getting way too close to cumming.

“But the best thing to do,” Brenda continued after releasing my member, “Is to switch it up. Put in a lot of variety so it never gets boring.” Jenny nodded like she understood. Brenda went back down on my cock, her lips kissing the underside of my sensitive shaft while her hand pumped the fat knob at its tip. Then she sucked just the head of my cock into her hot mouth and began swirling the tip with the full flat length of her tongue. I gritted my teeth, desperately trying to hold back the intense pleasure I felt churning through my balls. Then she plunged her mouth down my rod, squeezing me with her soft hand while her tongue slid back and forth against the underside of my pole.

“Oh shit,” I blurted out softly. “Oh no, oh no.”

I couldn’t hold it back anymore, this was the best my cock had ever felt and the pleasure was bursting out of the root of my member. I thought Brenda would be mad, but she looked up into my eyes and immediately realized what was happening. Instead of stopping, she bore down on me, sucking intensely with her mouth and pumping furiously with her hand. On top of it all, the sight before me was amazing. Beautiful Jenny, her large breasts glistening in the pool, barely contained in her bikini top. And working my rod was pretty Brenda, red hair tied back in a pony tail, breasts jiggling beneath her as her head and hand bobbed furiously up and down my cock.

I lost all control and came with kağıthane escort a vengeance. The cum burst from my cock, pulsating in a hot stream of ecstasy into Brenda’s eager, sucking mouth. Brenda swallowed it all as I pumped my sticky load between her lips, her tongue continuing to milk my member as each spurt blew from my tip and was gobbled down her throat.

As the orgasm faded, I suddenly became aware that my legs were stiffly straight, my toes curled on the top of the water while my fingers gripped the edge of the pool. I let myself relax and felt slightly ashamed as I looked at Jenny. She just smiled her sweet smile back at me.

“I was afraid that might happen,” Brenda said with a smile, clearly not upset with me.

“I’m sorry!” I stammered. “It was just my first time…”

“Oh honey!” Brenda responded. Jenny covered her mouth to stifle a laugh. “If I had known it was your first time I would have given you a good and proper blow. You should have said something.”

I had no idea what I would have said, or would have been willing to say that didn’t make me sound like an inexperienced loser. Brenda excused herself to go get something to drink from the kitchen. I assumed she wanted to get the taste of cum out of her mouth. That left me and Jenny sitting awkwardly together at the pool. It was even more awkward considering I was naked. At one point Jenny looked like she was about to say something, but then she stopped. We ended up sitting in silence while we waited for Brenda to return.

When Brenda came back outside, she led Jenny out of the water. I was treated to the sight of their firm young bodies, water dripping from their smooth curves, as they stood on the pool deck. Jenny’s firm, round ass, barely concealed by her bikini bottom, looked particularly attractive in the late afternoon sunlight.

Without any warning, Brenda pulled at the string behind Jenny’s neck, the one securing her top. Jenny caught her top with her arm before it could fall away and she gave Brenda a shocked and unhappy look.

“What?” Brenda said, casually untying the bow in the back of her bikini. “Kevin here’s been naked for a while now. It would be rude if we just kept our clothes on. It’s time to strip.” Brenda finished untying her top as she finished her sentence. She casually tossed her top away, exposing her round, young breasts. They weren’t as big as Jenny’s but they were full and firm and capped by light pink nipples. While I was mesmerized by the beads of water dripping down the valley between her exposed cleavage, Brenda had already untied her bikini bottom.

Jenny shot me an uncertain look, still holding her top to her chest. “You promise not to laugh?” she asked.

“LAUGH?!” I responded incredulously. “I happily promise I won’t laugh. I can’t promise I won’t cum again immediately, or pass out when all the blood rushes from me head to my penis.”

That earned an uneasy laugh from Jenny. She had a nice, sweet laugh, and the tops of her firm breasts jiggled seductively as she chuckled. After one more uneasy glance, Jenny removed her arm and her top fell away. For the first time, the objects of much of my teenage obsessions and the subjects of many a masturbation session came into view. They were magnificent, and I couldn’t help but stare. Jenny’s breasts were big globes, almost perfectly round, topped by dark pink nipples. Her tit flesh was completely smooth, with a porcelain sheen in the afternoon sunlight. I barely noticed as she untied the rest of her top, noting that her breasts had almost no sag and a deep valley between them. I’ve seen good fake tits in pornos, and I swear the surgeons who made those were aiming to copy the natural pair Jenny had that day at nineteen years old.

“You see how his jaw just dropped,” Brenda teased, “He loves them!”

Jenny still looked uncertain as she removed her bikini bottom, but as Brenda was already completely naked, that too soon fell away. Brenda had a little strip of trimmed red hair running upwards from her pussy, but I was a little surprised to see Jenny was completely clean shaven. Watching me ogle her body, Jenny couldn’t help but keep one arm half covering her breast while her other hand half covered her pussy.

“Now what?” Jenny asked.

“Now we give Kevin here some tips on how to eat a pussy,” Brenda responded, turning her gaze from Jenny to me. “It’s only fair, right? Jenny learns some tips on how to give a great blowjob and you have fun. So now you can practice those pussy eating skills and Jenny can have fun.”

“Sure,” I replied somewhat uncertainly, “sounds right to me.”

“Brenda, I don’t know…” Jenny began.

“Oh shut up, Jenny,” Brenda cut her off. “You’ve seen us having sex and you just watched me blow him. It’s way too late for modesty, AND this is what you told me you wanted. Now sit down on the edge of the pool there.” Jenny hesitated for just a moment but eventually complied. I was intrigued by the comment that Jenny said she wanted this, but I quickly forgot about that when Jenny’s hands dropped away from beşiktaş escort her body and I was treated to a close up view of her completely naked womanhood. Her smooth, perky breasts, pink nipples, and even her clean shaven, puffy pink pussy lips looked magnificent to my young eyes. Almost unconsciously, I slowly leaned forward, moving my head between Jenny’s legs for a better look.

“See,” Brenda said, “He wants to try this. Go ahead and give that pussy a good lick.” Brenda turned first to Jenny and said, “Trust me, he’s good. You’ll love this.” Then she turned to me and said, “Jenny here has never had a guy go down on her. Can you believe that? What assholes.”

I had dreamed of this moment. Like I said, I had read a lot about how to properly eat a pussy, and I had often pictured it with Jenny. Now I was actually going to get to try it. I looked up at her from between her legs and our eyes met. She was chewing on her plump bottom lip with uncertainty, but I also saw the eager anticipation in her sparkling green eyes.

Tentatively, I stuck my tongue out and ran the flat tip up one of Jenny’s bare pussy lips. All the stories I had read had led me to expect that Jenny’s womanhood would taste strange, perhaps like a fish. The only thing I could taste was a slight essence of chlorine from the pool. Emboldened by the lack of a repugnant taste, I more eagerly licked up Jenny’s other thigh and tasted her pussy lips on that side. Jenny let out a big sigh as my tongue brushed against the opening of her sex.

“Poor Jenny, I can’t believe this is her first time,” Brenda teased.

Using my tongue, I drew her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked up and down her folds gently. She sighed contentedly again. With a flicking motion, I traced my way up over her hole and found the hard nub I was looking for beneath a fold of flesh. Jenny gasped audibly. I flicked at her clit with the tip of my tongue and Jenny’s legs tensed around my head. It felt weird, half floating in the water, to feel her thighs close around me, but I was living out one of my greatest fantasies. Jenny began to slide her hips back and forth just a little as my tongue softly lashed against her clit.

“Unlike most men, Kevin here knows how to find the clitoris,” Brenda said to no one in particular. “I’m impressed. He’s not going at it too strong, is he?”

Jenny ran her fingers through my hair while I began to swirl my tongue around and around her sensitive spot. “Ohhh. You’re doing a great job Cookie,” she moaned.

Cookie. She hadn’t called me that in almost a decade, half my life ago. I kept swirling the tip of my wet tongue around her hard clit, sometimes alternating with a lazy flicking motion directly against her little bud, while I thought about that nickname. She and her sisters had called me Kevin Cookie, for my love of her mom’s cookies, when I was nine. I could eat two dozen of those delicious treats in one sitting, and the nickname eventually became just Cookie, although Jenny was the only one who stuck with it. I had an even better delicious treat in front of my face at the moment, and I carefully sucked her clit between my soft lips.

As I sucked softly on her sensitive bud while flicking at the trapped nub with my tongue, Jenny’s reaction was immediate. “Oh shit!” she moaned while I suckled on her clit. “Holy shit that feels good.” Her hand that had been running through my hair began pulling my face into her pussy. I kept up the steady gentle sucking pressure, using my lips to suck her clit into my mouth while rubbing strongly and steadily against the nub with my strong tongue. “Ohhh God,” she moaned, “Just like that. Don’t stop… don’t stop.”

Brenda was suddenly next to me in the pool, speaking softly to me. “Don’t go any harder or any faster,” she instructed. “Just keep up that steady, gentle pressure.”

I was dubious about her advice, but I dutifully obeyed. My mouth suckled gently on Jenny’s clit while my insistent tongue kept a steady beat of rubbing against her clit. I didn’t think it would be enough pressure to get her off, but to my surprise Jenny was quickly mashing my head against her now dripping wet pussy with both of her hands. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum… just like that… PLEASE! YES!” It was getting hard to breath as she smashed my face against her crotch, but I made sure to steadily suck and rub her clit. I felt her smooth thighs tense around me, squeezing my head as she yelled, “FUCK! CUMMMMMINGGG!” She gritted her teeth as she squealed, my tongue never missing a beat against her sensitive spot despite her thrashing and pulling. Jenny’s body shook for a few seconds, but I could barely tell, buried as I was between her legs. Finally, her soft hands pushed my head roughly away.

As I fell back into the water, my eyes drank in the sight of her beautiful body. The pale skin of her chest was clearly flushed, and her firm, round breasts rose and fell with her chest as she rapidly sucked in air. Her blond hair fell loosely behind her, framing her glistening naked body and young, smooth flesh. Her head had been back and her eyes closed, but as she calmed down, her eyes opened and she looked down at me. At first those eyes were full of lust and happiness and arousal. But as a smile spread across her pretty face, the sweet mischievous green eyes I had known almost all my life returned.

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The Tease Down the Street Ch. 01

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Note: All characters are of legal age (18 years of age or older). It starts slow but finishes good. Hope ya’ll enjoy.


The woman climbed out of the swimming pool and started toward Rich. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen; she had curves and proportions on her that he had only seen before in dirty magazines his friends had snuck into school, and even then, he knew it was all photoshop. She kept walking toward Rich, her stare never leaving him as her eyes bore into his. Rich had never seen this girl around the school before, in fact, she looked perhaps too old to be at the senior party… Rich considered that she might have graduated a few years ago, and he had never met her until now.

As she closed the gap between them, covering at least half the space between where he stood and the pool, she grabbed a towel off a nearby table and began dabbing her face and neck with it. She took a few more steps and pressed the towel against her full, round chest that looked like it might pop out of her swim suit at any moment. She kept moving as she used the towel to press up against her chest, making them rise and press together as she rubbed them in circular motions before dropping the towel and running her fingers through her long, dark, wet hair. She had a tan that was impossible to achieve from the sun alone. “Maybe she was Italian?” Rich thought as his eyes moved over her flat slim stomach and fell to her shapely hips that looked perfect for grabbing a hold of during ‘extra curricular activities’. She was almost upon Rich now; he looked around the pool and noticed that everyone else wasn’t paying them any attention at all, almost as if he and this exotic woman didn’t even exist.

“Have I been drinking?” Rich wondered, and desperately hoped not. Then the unspeakable happened… The woman before him stopped only a few feet away, and reached behind her back undoing her bikini top and let it fall to the ground. Rich’s eye grew the size of melons, and his already dry mouth hung open gasping for air. She took a step toward him, and in surprise and shock, he also took a step back, falling back against his bright red sports car. He tore his eyes from her firm round tits and hard nipples still glistening from her swim and again looked around and noticed that still no one was noticing him, nor this topless goddess who hadn’t so much said a word to him, but was bearing her gorgeous breast to him. She leaned forward toward him and whispered something so soft, he didn’t even hear it. She moved so that her wet breast pushed against him, and he was sure that she could feel his erection through his pants on her stomach. She put her mouth next to his ear, and in a hot breathy voice she whispered again. “Rich.” Just one word, and it was his name. “How does she know my name?” Rich thought, his mind racing in more than one direction.

She placed her hand on either side of him, trapping him in between her and the car, with no way to step to either side. Not that Rich was keen on going anywhere at the moment. She then pushed her hips forward and grinded against Rich and his erection, who in turn gasped as his body, unprepared for the sudden force, pressed back against his shiny, brand new, red mustang hard enough to make the car alarm go off. Again she leaned forward toward his ear and this time, in his mother’s voices yelled “Rich!”

Rich woke with a start scrambling for his alarm clock, and fumbled to shut it off. His mother again called his name from down stairs and this time he replied. “Yes ma, I’m up!”

“About time! The alarm has been going off for 3 minutes straight!” His mother hollered back up the stairs. “I’m leaving, don’t be late again!” And with that, rich heard the door open and shut, and the sound of a car starting and speeding off down the road.

Rich fell back on his pillow and sighed. He hadn’t been drinking, as he earlier assumed, instead he was just dreaming. He looked down at the tent in his bed and was glad his mother hadn’t come up the stairs to wake him. He looked at the clock and knew he had no time to take care of the improvised tent pole himself and instead settled for a cold shower.

After dressing himself and grabbing a quick breakfast he was out the door and in his car. Rich couldn’t help but laugh as he started the beat up white ’87 Concorde that was far from a shiny new bright red mustang. He took off toward class wondering exactly why his dreams were becoming so vivid. Perhaps it was just hormones acting up. He had never had any sexual partners other than himself, and he was positive that the constant want to experience anything sexual with a woman was most, if not all, of the problem.

School was just another day, the same boring agenda, same boring teachers, and homework. His buddies made the day bearable, as he joked around during class, chatted at lunch, and played some quick basketball after class at the park. None of them were good enough for the school team, but they enjoyed themselves nonetheless. Rich new that his group of friends we not popular at the school, but they weren’t disliked either. They aksaray escort simply all got along, and had no issues with any of the clicks within the school. It was a comfortable setting, and he was able to get through all of his schooling without any trouble. He was bright, but never applied himself to full potential, he was athletic enough to avoid being awkward during gym class, but not enough to compete with jocks. All in all, he was very normal and very average, or boring as Rich put it.

His buddies all lived on the other side of town, so no one ever hung out in his neighborhood. They all lived within the school district boundaries, and Rich was on the very outskirts of the other side of town. The entire group lived about 30 minutes from the school, just in opposite directions. Therefore they only hung out immediately after class in a central location close to the school. Occasionally his buddies would come out to his place, which was larger than their houses, and would just hang out and listen to music, play video games, and have a good time, but no one really made the hour long trip all that often, especially when they could go five minutes down the road to visit one another.

This meant that while Rich was at home, he was again bored. Left to listen to his music alone and daydream. His father had died in action when he was younger, and the military had given a fair amount of money to his mother, which allowed them to buy the larger home on the other side of town with relative ease. It had belonged to his father’s friend, and when he moved for work, he sold the house for a great price, but without the money from the military, they still wouldn’t have been able to afford it. His mother spent the majority of her time working as a nurse at the local hospital, leaving when Rich woke up, and often not returning until 11 or 12 at night. She claimed she enjoyed working, but Rich knew it was to keep her mind busy, she was still depressed about losing her husband, and the more she kept herself busy, the better off she was.

Rich never held this against his mother, they had a great relationship, Spent the weekend evenings together when she got home at 5 or 6, much earlier than her weekday hours. But as much as he enjoyed his mothers company, he again spent the week, and most of the weekend by himself.

He spent this alone time learning the guitar, getting handy with a computer, and writing pretty decent poetry, not that he ever shared it with anyone. It was about 5pm when he got home from hanging with his friends, and he immediately went to the shower to clean up the sweat and dirt from the game. As he let the hot water pour over him, his mind wandered back to the dream he had that morning. He pictured the beautiful girl pressing herself against him, and his body physically reacted to the mental image. He leaned against the wall, his hand still soapy from washing his dusty blonde hair, and began to stroke himself slowly. He had a thin, but athletic body, nothing horribly impressive, but nothing to be ashamed of either. He began to grow in size as his strokes quickened. From what he had heard around the school, and seen in the locker room, he knew that he was not considered small, and in fact, might be larger, if only very very slightly, than normal in this particular area. The soap began to foam in his hand and around the base of his completely shaved penis.

None of the guys that he knew took the time and effort to completely clean up their nether regions, but Rich felt it was simply more comfortable, and more pleasing to be clean shaven. He knew that guys preferred when women shaved, but did not know if women cared much about it the other way around.

Rich’s breath quickened as he remembered the woman from his dream pushing her hips into his. Usually he would take his time, building as much as he could before he finally allowed himself release, because the result was much more favorable. But the dream this morning, combined with the lack of time to act when he woke had him wanting to simply finish as fast as he could. He was less than a minute away from peak when the doorbell rang. Rich cursed as he remembered he was waiting for a package to arrive. He had ordered new guitar strings a week or so ago, and had missed the delivery yesterday. The note left on the door the day before stated that if he didn’t retrieve and sign for the package today, it would be sent back and he’d have to have it re-shipped and wait yet another week for his strings to return. He stepped out of the shower, and wrapped a towel around his waist and ran down the stairs. “Why can’t they just leave it at the damn door, it’s just a damn G and E string, why would I need to sign for it anyway? It cost less than 20 dollars, it’s not like leaving it on the doorstep in this neighborhood was dangerous, especially since it’s only strings.” Rich complained all the way from the shower to the door, muttering under his breath.

Rich saw the shadow on the glass window in the door and hollered as the door bell rang again. “Coming, I’m here, just one second.”

Rich unlocked the topkapı escort door, removed the latch, and cracked the door open so only his face showed, and put his arm through it. “I don’t understand why-…” Rich stopped his complaint mid sentence. On his porch stood a girl he had never seen before holding a plate of cookies.

She looked at him and turned her head sideways slightly. There was an awkward few seconds when nothing happened. Then they both spoke.

“I’m sorry!” Rich said

“I’m sorry…” The girl spoke at the same time. His apology was out of embarrassment, hers was more out of confusion.

There was another small pause before Rich cleared his voice. “I’m sorry.” He repeated. “I was in the shower, I thought you were delivering my G Sting and…” Rich stopped again as he realized he had phrased that in the worst possible way imaginable. The girl squinted her eyes and began to step back from the door before Rich recovered. “I play the guitar!” He hastily spat out. “I ordered some G and E strings, and I missed the delivery yesterday, and if I missed it again today, they’d send it back, and I didn’t want that to happen, and I was in the shower, I ran down the stairs, I didn’t think…. I just thought it’d be the delivery guy… and I didn’t want to miss him… and…”

Rich stopped again. During his rambling the girls face had went from frightened, to confused, to embarrassed, to humor. She had giggled slightly, but now she was outright laughing.

“What’s so funny?” He said defensively.

“You’re funny.” She said very matter of factly as she shrugged her shoulders.

Rich paused for a moment, and realized that the entire episode was kinda funny, and he too laughed, if a bit nervously. “I’m sorry. Uh, are those cookies? Are you selling them?”

The girl looked at the plate of cookies as if she had forgotten she was holding them, before smiling and looking back up. “I’m a bit too old to be a girl scout, don’t you think?”

Rich was embarrassed for the third time in less than 3 minutes. “I, uh, guess so… sorry.” Now that he wasn’t stumbling through explanations, he had a chance to look the girl over. She was obviously his age. The girl noticed Rich was examining her and cleared her throat.

“Sorry.” Rich apologized for the thousandth time. “Are you, um, looking for someone?”

“Well, my mother asked me to bring over these cookies. See, we just moved in down the street last week, and she had run into… uh, your mom I think. So she asked me to bring these over as a thank you gift for being so friendly to her.”

Rich remembered now that his mother had indeed mentioned a new neighbor down the street taking Old Man Harris house. Harris was a neighborhood staple, always rocking on his porch, smoking his flavored cigars, and listening to the blues. Rich had spent several summer afternoons sitting on the smokey porch with Harris, and had learned how to play a few bluesy tunes when Harris brought out his Dobro (a resonator guitar used frequently in blues tunes). Harris had gotten old though, and moved to Florida with his family so they could care for him.

“That’s right; my mother did mention your mother I believe. She’s, uh, not home right now. She works a lot, and won’t be back until late tonight, I’ll let her know you stopped by though.” Rich said.

The girl giggled again and extended the plate of cookies. “Just because she isn’t home doesn’t mean you can’t take the cookies now silly.”

“Oh, of course.” Rich nodded his head and took the plate of cookies, but they were much heavier than he thought, and his hand was still wet, so he had to quickly remove his other hand from towel to keep from dropping the plate. In his frenzy he let the door swing wide open. Luckily his towel only slid down a few inches from his belly button to the top of his hips. He quickly adjusted his grip on the plate so he could hold it in one hand, and grabbed the towel before it was able to cause an even more disastrous embarrassment. If Rich didn’t shave, it was very possible that some hair would now be showing above the towel, and he was glad that he had also avoided that embarrassment as well.

He went to apologize yet again when he noticed that the girl was looking at the newly exposed area above the towel. It was Richs turn to clear his voice, as he grabbed the door and tried to shield the majority of his body behind it.

She blushed slightly, but instead of apologizing, the girl shrugged. “I’m Stephanie. It’s nice to meet you.” And with that she turned around, hopped down the stairs, and disappeared down the sidewalk. As she went down the stairs, Rich got a good look at her backside. Her dark red curly hair fell just below and behind her shoulders. She had a thin waist, and even in her loose fitting jeans, he noticed that her hips curved out nicely from her body, and a round bottom to match. He noticed earlier during his first examination that her chest protruded a decent amount, even if her plain grey shirt hung loose around her body. He realized that even in loose and baggy clothing, she was sarıyer escort quite attractive, and wondered why she did not wear something more flattering, especially if his imagination correctly portrayed what might lie under it. He closed the door and placed the cookies on the nearby table. He pictured her face again, smiling with full dark pink lips and giggling at his expense. Her dark red hair contracted wonderfully with her slightly pale skin, and sparkling green eyes. She even had cute freckles on her nose. She was like a stereotypical redhead he realized, but much prettier than he ever considered them to be.

He hiked his towel up and headed back up the stairs into the still running shower. He leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and started stroking himself, but his dream from that morning was forgotten already… he had replaced it with something more tangible.


It was about 11:30 that night when he woke up to his mother calling his name from his door. Luckily he was not in the midst of any dreams, and was mostly presentable. He couldn’t sleep with clothes on, they seemed too constricting, and so he rarely slept with anything on at all.

“Hey, honey. I saw the cookies on the table, they were delicious! Did you make those yourself?”

Rich sat up, carefully keeping the covers from slipping below his waist. “Oh no. Uh, the woman who moved into Old Man Harris’s house, her daughter came by and dropped them off. She said it was because you were so nice to her.”

“Oh! How kind! I’ll have to invite her over for dinner sometime. So you met Ms Obrien’s daughter then?”

“Uh, yeah.” Rich said, deciding not to explain in detail the days events.

“Well you should show her around town sometime, I’m sure she’s lonely out here, being new and all.”

“Yeah. Good idea ma.” Rich said, glad to make any excuse to see the girl again.

“Well good night honey. See you in the morning.” She flicked off the light and disappeared down the hallway to her room.

Rich lay in bed, his mind too busy thinking about Stephanie to immediately fall back to sleep. “Stephanie Obrien.” He whispered allowed, and then he swore under his breath as he realized he hadn’t even told her his name. He remembered when she had told him her name, shrugging indifferently as he brought attention to that fact that she was staring at his body. He smiled as he drifted off to sleep, hoping his dreams would be as pleasant as the night before.


Rich thought about Stephanie most of the day at school. He couldn’t wait to get home and visit her to properly introduce himself. After an agonizingly long school day, he told his buddies he couldn’t shoot hoops, and raced home. When he got back to his door, he stopped and let his head roll forward off his shoulders and into the door in frustration. He had completely forgotten about the guitar strings the day before, and on the door was a note explaining that his strings were returned, and to contact the seller. He must have not heard the doorbell when he got back into the shower after his encounter with Stephanie. He walked into the house, grabbed a cookie and headed to his computer to send an email off to the seller. The cookie was indeed delicious, and he understood why his mother woke him up to tell him so. He could eat the entire plate and still want for more. He limited himself to just one more, before heading up the stairs to change into something slightly nicer than ripped up jeans and a band t-shirt. But as he stood in front of his closet, he realized how ridiculous he was acting. He was just going down to her house to introduce himself. There was no reason to get all dressed up.

He sat on his bed and put his head in his hands. What would he even say? He then realized just how awkward the conversation they had yesterday was. He was entirely too nervous to go down to her house now. He decided to put on a record instead, and desperately wished he had gotten his strings yesterday to keep himself busier. He passed time by finishing his homework and making dinner. While he wasn’t anything special in the kitchen, he knew his way around the stove enough to keep from succumbing to constant left-overs or frozen meals. His mother was always pleased with the fact that he cooked for himself and her, since she rarely had time to do any cooking herself. Rich flicked through a few TV channels, checked his email to see that the guitar strings should arrive back in time for the end of the week, and turned in early.

He tossed and turned that night, too frustrated with himself for not going down to Stephanie’s house to sleep. He was still awake when his mother came home, and heard her moving around the kitchen quietly, and then climbed the stairs and head into her bedroom. He looked at his clock and noticed it was relatively early for his mom to be home, only 1030. He knew that she sometimes got to leave the hospital early if it was slow, but it had been awhile since she was able. He waited for a bit to make sure she was asleep and crawled out of bed, threw on some running shorts and t-shirt, and slink down the stairs and out the door. Not that he really needed to worry too much; his mother had trouble sleeping, and took medication for it. Once she was asleep, she stayed asleep until the morning, when she woke up at exactly 6 o’clock on the dot, alarm clock or not.

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To Gillian on Her 19th Birthday

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At age 34, Stanley Johnson(hereto after referred to in the story as Stan) had it made. He was living large and loving it.

What made Stan so happy? Well you could say it was a number of things. First of all he was a very successful business man. He owned his own private Data recovery, network design and web page development firm known as Jupiter Data systems.

This firm was highly respected and well sought after, not only in his town of Ashville NC, but across the country and internationally as well. Stan worked on government contracts at all three levels-Federal, State and Local as well as designing networks and security applications for businesses.

Stan also had private consumer clients as well and his business was so successful, that he was easily pulling back close to 160K a year after taxes.

That was only the first aspect of Stan’s happiness. The next thing that made Stan happy was the fact that he wasn’t only successful in his business but he was successful socially. He was in all the right social circles, a member of some of the elite society clubs in town and was considered one of the top twenty-five most eligible bachelors in the region.

Physically speaking, Stan was handsome, what a lot of women would consider a dreamboat and to use a term from the hip-hop culture, Stan could have been considered a “Mack-Daddy”

Stan stood about 6’1″ weighed about 205 pounds, was very muscular and well toned and built like a line backer. He had sandy brownish-blonde hair, green eyes, ripped muscles and a six-pack going on in his abs region. He could have any woman he wanted but that wasn’t an issue because he had already found the love of his life.

This comes to the third thing that made Stan happy. He was in a loving relationship with his girlfriend and soulmate, Carmella. Carmella was a hot raven haired exotic beauty. She was 35 years of age, stood about 5’11 tall, of Puerto-Rican/US heritage.

Carmella was also had the body of a goddess. She had nice sumptuous breasts, measuring about a 38DD. Her complete measurements were 38DD-26-37. Carmella also had long luscious well toned dancers legs, ruby red lips that beckoned to be kissed, and her hair was straight and came down to between her shoulder blades.

Carmella’s mom was from Puerto Rico and her dad had been a US service man and Carmella would have the Latin skin color and dark black raven hair but the US ways and attitudes.

Carmella would come to North Carolina with her step family. Her dad had been married before to an American girl but died before Carmella was born. Carmella would be born later and have a step sister who was six years older than her named Susan.

Susan would grow-up and have a little girl named Gillian(Jill for short) and after college, Carmella would move in with Susan and Jill. Carmella worked as a Nurse Practitioner for one of for one of the successful OBGYN firms in town.

Carmella liked being single and had no desire to be married. She loved her freedom and independence and also loved having hot passionate sex with no commitments, but in time, that would change.

The first thing that changed it was the fact she became an instant mommy, so to speak. Carmella was always careful not to get pregnant and really had no desire to have children of her own but fate would intervene.

Carmella’s step sister would die in a tragic car crash and it was Susan’s last wish that if something was to happen to her, Carmella would be Jill’s guardian. As a result, Carmella now had a ten year old to raise.

Carmella adopted Jill formally. She and Jill had always been best friends and Jill felt like she could tell Carmella anything. This would not change and the two of them would grow extremely close, almost having a sisterhood.

Jill was a good child and never got into trouble. She very smart, very popular and not shy at. Jill had no trouble speaking her mind but she was raised well enough to know when to do it and when to keep quiet.

By the time Jill was sixteen, Stan would enter Carmella’s life and that would be the second thing that would settle Carmella down. The attraction between Stan and Carmella was instant, magical and mutual. Carmella had found the person she wanted to give her life to and she and Stan would become one in every aspect, physically sexually, mentally and spiritually.

Jill was head over heels in love with Stan as well. To her, Stan had hung the moon and stars and Jill absolutely worshipped the ground he walked on. They became close and when Jill was 18, her desires awoke and she began having secret feelings for Stan and the feeling was mutual but neither of them would act on it.

After graduating high school, Jill and Carmella’s relationship took a more intimate turn. The would begin talking about boys and sex. Jill was curious but scared and about six weeks before her birthday, Jill let slip she had the hots for Stan.

Jill was mortified when she let it slip and so afraid Carmella would get angry escort şişli but she didn’t. Jill had confessed that on many occasion she heard Carmella and Stan getting it on. Also she confessed that she actually had seen them do it and wondered what it would be like.

To tell you a little more about what Jill looked like at age 18, she stood around 5’7″ tall and was slender and petite. She had nice perky 33 inch breasts somewhere between an A and B cup, a slender 22 inch waist and 32 inch hips. She weighed all of 110 pounds soaking wet but still she was chased by all the boys and if she wanted to, she could any one of them she wanted.

Carmella would teach Jill about sex. She would give her the talk one night after Jill had graduated high school. Jill wanted to know what it was like to kiss but was too afraid to kiss a boy, so Carmella let Jill practice with her.

This would be the beginning of a budding intimate and tender lesbian relationship. Carmella would teach Jill how to satisfy the urges by masturbating and using dildo’s. Jill would insist they do it together and Carmella being the free spirit she was had no reservations about doing it.

During that summer, they shared soft tender sweet intimate lesbian encounters which would last until Jill would turn 19 and would receive the birthday present she would never forget.

Carmella had debated telling Stan about what her and Jill had been doing but eventually, somehow, it came up. Stan was actually intrigued and turned on. Then Carmella let Stan know that Jill had seen them together and had asked what it was like and wondered if how it would be if Stan was to be with her.

To Carmella’s surprise but delight Stan said “Why don’t we show her,” but they both agreed it would have to be planned and not rushed so it would be special.

“How about doing it on her next birthday,” Carmella said, just tossing out an idea on a whim.

“Perfect,” Stan said “It will be better than any present we could buy her.”

The day would come for Jill’s birthday and all the arrangements had been made. Stan and Carmella had taken Jill out to dinner for her birthday at her favorite restaurant and they decided to go back home, have cake and open presents.

Jill would be sitting on the couch beside Carmella while Stan was in the other room preparing his “special” present to her.

Jill had finished her cake and she opened all her presents. She would get a 100 dollar gift card, a new I-pad and I-phone as well as her own computer, a 27 inch I-Mac. Jill also got clothes, and some jewelry from her Aunts and Uncles but that would fail to compare to the gift she was going to receive from Stan and Carmella.

After all the gifts were open and the wrapping paper put away Carmella told Jill that she and Stan had one more present for her, private one on one tutoring lessons in the art of sex.

Jill’s mouth fell open and she didn’t know what to say.

“Are you fucking serious,” Jill asked not sure if Carmella was teasing her or not.

“I am dead serious,” Carmella said and with that she called for Stan to come into the room where they were.

Stan walked in dressed in a black Komodo and upon Carmella’s cue, he opened it and let it fall to the floor, revealing his well toned muscular body and throbbing 8 inch cock.

Jill’s mouth gaped open and her eyes got wide. “OH-MY-GOD,” Jill said as she slowly and deliberately accented each word. “Is that for me?”

“It’s all yours sweetie,” Carmella said with a smile. “Have fun and enjoy.”

“It’s so fucking huge,” Jill exclaimed. “I am not sure what to do first.”

“First of all you need to get comfy,” Carmella said. “Why don’t you take your skirt and top off.”

With Carmella’s help, Jill removed her green t-shirt and her light blue denim skirt so all that she was wearing was her white cotton panties. Carmella would further coax Jill in to taking off her panties and soon Jill was totally naked.

“Now isn’t that better,” Carmella said as she put her hands on Jill’s breasts and lovingly caressed them and ran her tongue around Jill’s nipple to get her in a horny mood

“Next get down on the floor and kneel in front of his cock, Carmella added as she helped Jill get into position and then knelt beside her. “Now touch it feel it and see how you like it. Here watch me.”

Carmella would put her hand on Stan’s cock and massage it and put her other hand on his balls and rub them.

“See its not bad, now you try it,” Carmella said coaxingly.

Jill put her hand on Stan’s cock and pumped it and just played with it.

“Now suck it like I taught you,” Carmella told Jill.

“I dunno,” Jill said reluctantly. “I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“Its simple sweetie,” Carmella said lovingly. “Remember how I showed you how to suck the strap on dildo, well it’s very similar. Here let me show you.”

Carmella would take Stan’s cock put her lips around the head of it and softly suck merter escort the head. She then took Stan’s cock and ran her tongue around the helmet as well as running her tongue up and down the shaft. Lastly, Carmella would go all the way down on Stan’s cock and suck it like a vacuum cleaner.

Stan just moaned as Carmella sucked his cock and Jill watched in amazement.

“Now you try sweetie,” Carmella said as she quit sucking Stan’s cock and handed it to Jill. “Here, I will help you get started,” and with that Carmella helped Jill put her head in the right position.

Jill mustered up the courage and placed her lips on the edge of Stan’s cock head. She gradually built up her confidence and soon she was brave enough to take Stan’s cock all the way into her mouth.

“That’s my girl,” Carmella said approvingly. “You got the hang of it. Now bob your head up and down as you move it forward and backwards. That’s it, you got it girl.”

Carmella watched as Jill sucked Stan’s cock and soon it wasn’t long until Jill had a good motion going.

“Now you want to try to take it all the way in,” Carmella said as she came up behind Jill and gently ran her fingers through Jill’s hair. “That’s it baby, take it ALL in. Yeah! Good job!”

Soon Jill was sucking Stan off like a real pro and she was really getting into it At the same time. Carmella came up behind her and put her arms around Jill. Carmella would then finger Jill as she sucked on Stan’s cock.

Stan would feel his cock swell with cum and by his moans Carmella knew he was on the verge of cumming.

“No matter what hon, keep on sucking,” Carmella said to Jill as she whispered in her ear. “When I tell you to, start swallowing. Don’t fight it just take it all in”

Jill wasn’t sure what Carmella meant but it wouldn’t take long for her to find out. No sooner than Carmella had said that, Stan’s cock erupted like a massive volcano sending it’s cum like a steady stream of hot lava into Jill’s mouth.

Jill’s initial reaction was to gag and try to get her mouth off of Stan’s cock as quick as possible but Carmella held her head where it was. Stan’s massive cock was still all the way in Jill’s mouth.

“Swallow baby swallow,” Carmella said hurriedly yet lovingly.

Jill coughed gagged and almost choked at first then she quit trying to fight it and did what Carmella said and began to swallow. She found it exhilarating and soon she was drinking down every bit of Stan’s hot manhood not missing a drop.

“That’s my baby girl,” Carmella said like a proud parent. “I’m gonna make a hot little cock gobbler out of you yet.”

Jill continued to move her head back and forth and bob it up and down as she savored every last drop of Stan’s hot jism but soon the tidal wave would subside but Jill would keep on sucking.

Jill smiled as she removed her mouth from Stan’s cock and invited Carmella to share it with her. Jill and Carmella would suck Stan again until he would spunk his next load. This time, instead of swallowing, Carmella had Jill put her face in front of Stan’s cock and as he came Stan’s jism would spray on Jill’s face and in her hair

Surprisingly enough, it actually turned Jill on and she would lick it off her lips and rub the rest into her body like a lotion.

“Are you ready for the next step,” Carmella said to Jill as they both got up and Carmella led her back to the sofa.

“What’s that,” Jill asked.

“Taking Stan’s rock hard cock inside your pussy and letting him fuck you.”

“Guess so, I reckon,” Jill said in an uncertain voice. “It’s not gonna hurt is it?”

Carmella sensed Jill’s uneasiness and lovingly said “It might at first since it’s your first time but trust me the pleasure you will feel is well worth it.”

Carmella then stroked Jill’s hair and gently kissed her.

“I tell you what sweetie,” Carmella said tenderly. “I will lie on the couch and you can lie in my arms and I will hold you while Stan fucks you. Will that help?”

“Oh yes,” Jill replied and with that she laid back in Carmella’s lap and Carmella helped her spread her legs.

“Here sweetie, put some of this on. It will help lubricate your pussy and get it good and ready for Stan’s hard tool.”

Carmella had taken out a box of KY Yours and Mine™ lubricating gel/lotion and put the one meant for the female on Jill’s pussy.

“Oh god,” Jill gasped as a tingling sensation went through her pussy.

“Now lets put some on Stan,” Carmella added and with that she rubbed the male counterpart on Stan’s cock.

“Now Stan take it slow and easy,” Carmella said. “After all it’s Jill’s first time and we don’t want to hurt her.”

Stan moved up and got into position. He gently placed his cock at the edge of Jill’s pussy lips.

“Ready sweetie,” Carmella said to Jill as she lovingly caressed Jill’s body.

“As ready as I’m gonna be,” Jill replied cautiously but anxiously.

“Ok hon, I’m gonna take my hand istanbul escort and put it on Stan’s cock and I want you to do the same,” Carmella said as she took hers and Jill’s hand and placed it on Stan’s pulsating cock.

“Now together we are going to slowly guide it in,” Carmella added. “What also works good is if you buck your hips up so that his cock can go all the way in. Here I will help. On three ready? One-two-three.”

With that, Carmella helped Jill guide Stan’s cock into her pussy It went in slowly at first and met with some resistance but with Carmella’s coaching Jill was able to move her body where Stan’s tool slid all the way in her tight box.

“OH-GOD, ” Jill moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain as Stan’s tool went inside her. “OH FUCK YEAH that feels so damn good,” Jill added as she was getting accustomed to the feeling.

Stan hadn’t began any fucking motions. His cock was just sitting there inside of Jill’s pussy and he was allowing Jill to get used to it before he started the actual fucking.

“You ready for the next step sweetie,” Carmella said lovingly.

“Guess so,” Jill replied.

“Okay hun give it to her slow and easy,” Carmella said to Stan and with that Stan began to slowly fuck Jill.

“Oh God yes make it hurt so good,” Jill lustfully moaned in a panting voice. “Faster harder,” Jill cried out “Give it all to me and don’t hold back.”

Stan looked at Carmella for confirmation and Carmella just smiled and said “She’s a big girl, give her what she wants.”

Stan would gradually build up speed and soon he was pumping Jill at a moderately fast and steady rate.

“Oh yes, oh yes,,” Jill gasped as she fought for breath to speak.

Stan hammered her even harder and that just turned Jill on that much more. Jill was writhing in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She was gasping for breath and her hands were gripping the cushions of the couch as the feelings of pleasure were coursing through her body.

Suddenly Jill’s hymen broke and she cried out as water and fluids flooded over Stan’s cock.

“OH god what was that,” Jill gasped. “It felt so un-fucking-believable.”

“If my hunch is right sweetie, Stan here is just popped your cherry,” Carmella said with a big cheesy grin. “You are a woman now!”

“Oh god it felt so damn good,” Jill crooned with delight, “but I want more. I want Stan to fuck me like he fucks you. I wanna know every position possible and when I get done, I want my pussy to be rubbed raw and so sore that I cant walk straight for a week.”

“You heard the lady Stan,” Carmella said with a great big grin. “Give her what she wants and don’t hold back.”

Carmella would help Jill get into another position. She would have Stan sit on the couch and Jill sit on his lap facing him. With Carmella’s help Jill would lower her pussy on to Stan’s cock and begin to fuck him.

Jill was like a wild woman. She rode Stan’s cock hot and heavy, bouncing up and down. Jill had turned into an insatiable sex crazed nympho with a veracious appetite for sex.

Stan pumped her hard and fast as well. Jill arched her back and threw her head back as she continued to ride Stan.

It wouldn’t be long until Jill could feel her pussy quiver and the feelings of orgasm were building inside of her. It wasn’t long until she would reach the point of sweet release.

“Oh God baby make me cum,” Jill panted lustfully. She sit back up and Stan embraced her and they passionately kissed.

This was the first time they had ever kissed like that and they were locked in a deep hot passionate tongue probing tonsil swabbing French kiss.

They would break the kiss and Jill would put her breast to Stan’s mouth.

“Suck me Stan,” Jill lustfully moaned and with that Stan would give her what she wanted.

Stan could feel his cock swelling with cum and he knew it wasn’t long until he was going to blow his load.

“Oh god Jill I’m gonna cum” Stan moaned.

Without a hesitation or a second though Jill’s reply was “Gimme all of you baby. I gotta have your hot cum inside me!!!”

Within a minute, Jill’s orgasm reached it’s zenith and with one mighty crescendo, she climaxed, flooding Stan’s cock with her sweet sticky cream.

Unprepared for the intense feeling of pleasure, Jill suddenly gasped for breath, threw her arms around Stan’s neck, pulled herself close to him and stopped her fucking motions as her body went rigid and the intense feelings of ecstasy rushed through her body with all the fury of nature’s most fierce torrent.

She stayed that way for a few seconds then slowly she released and lowered her body back down.

“OH god baby yes,” Jill moaned. “Oh fuck yeah, it felt better than I could ever have imagined!!!”

Seconds later Stan’s cock twitched sending his hot cum into Jill’s hungry


Jill moaned with delight as Stan’s hot man hood spewed forth like lava from a long dormant volcano that was fighting its way to the surface and releasing a tide of hot intense magma.

“OH God that was so fucking good,” Jill lustfully moaned. “Never in my wildest dream or most decadent fantasy would I have ever imagined it would have felt so wonderful!!”

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Alice’s Wonderland: Earning a Treat

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This is my story and is also published elsewhere.


Alice had me trapped. I was tied up in a doll box, dolled up like a pervert’s idealization of a slutty schoolgirl, and put on display right next to the entrance of the store. To make matters worse, Alice had also attached a ‘discount’ sign to my box to draw more attention, specifically to me. It was still early in the day, and I had to hold out until closing time before she would let me go…

“I’m heading to the back for a minute. I’ve got to prepare some online orders for shipping. Be good now, dolly!” Alice said as she walked off. Her heels clicked softer and softer before she disappeared with the sound of a door opening and closing. In a way, I was happy that most people shopped online now. It saved me from a lot of encounters with potential customers. Remembering how empty the store was the day before, and how nobody had knocked or called when the store was closed during Alice’s dollification process, made me feel relieved. The day might end up being rather uneventful!

Some time passed. A door opened and closed again. The clicking of heels became audible again as Alice returned to her desk. “Hey, dolly?” Alice said, teasingly. “You left your phone in the employees’ room. You really ought to set a password on that thing!”

Oh, no. What did she do? Thoughts came rushing to my mind. Did she check my browser history? Open my gallery? Read my chats? Although Alice did not reveal exactly what she had and hadn’t done, it soon became very clear as less than an hour later, some very familiar faces walked up to the store.

Jeremy, Tyler, and Marcus approached the store in unison. They were my best friends. We haven’t been as socially connected as we used to, but even nowadays we always found time to play video games together at least once a week. They never struck me as the type that would enter a store like this… especially together! The group stopped at the front door and inspected the display carefully before their eyes stopped at my sign. Jeremy pointed at the sign and spoke to the group. Their words remained inaudible to me. After a minute or so of talking, the group entered the store.

As the door swung open, Jeremy’s voice became audible, “Where is he anyway? Didn’t he say to meet him here?”

“According to the location he sent in the chat, he should be here, yeah,” Marcus replied.

The group stared into the store for a short time before Alice approached them. “Hello! Welcome to Wonderland! Can I help you?” she asked.

“Yeah…” Tyler started. “We’re looking for our friend, Sam. He told us to meet him here. Said something about seeing something unbelievable before disappearing on us.”

“Sam? I don’t recall him ever mentioning his name, but there was a young man here earlier. He was about your age, so it could have been him,” Alice replied, matter-of-factly. “I think he left his phone here. I found it over in the ladies section. Could you call your friend to see if this phone starts ringing?”

Jeremy was the first to grab his phone and call my number. The phone rang. “Well, I guess we can take his phone then,” Jeremy said. “We’ll make sure he gets it back! It’s a good thing he at least texted us before he got forgetful!”

“That fool was probably taking pictures of slutty lingerie or sex toys and left it after getting distracted!” Tyler exclaimed. The group laughed.

Great. Now they think I’m a pervert. I thought. Although, if they knew where I really was, things would be much, much worse.

“I wonder what he wanted us to see though, I mean, we’re here now anyway…” Marcus said. “Hey, Jeremy, check his gallery! Maybe that will give us a hint.”

“I can’t. His phone… it’s locked?” Jeremy şişli escort replied in confusion. “Since when does he use a password on his lock screen?”

So that’s what Alice did… She texted my friends to come over and possibly poke fun at me, and then locked my phone so that I can’t even access it anymore! I just hope she gives me the unlock code when she unties me later today…

“Well, I can’t tell for sure what he would have wanted you to see, but he did ask about our discounted doll over here,” Alice said, giving a few light taps on my box.

“Yeah, that one drew our attention too,” Jeremy admitted. “What’s with the discount? And why is it only on that doll? Is there something wrong with it? It looked just fine to us.”

Alice started turning the box to make it face into the store. Slowly but surely my vision rotated, and I was looking directly at my friends. I was happy that I never ended up getting any tattoos. Could you imagine a doll with tattoos? It’d be a dead giveaway!

After Alice finished rotating the box, she took a moment to catch her breath. “The ‘problem’ with this doll is that we requested female dolls for our collection. But our supplier didn’t inspect the dolls and ended up shipping one of their new ‘experimental models’,” Alice explained. She gently removed the front panel from the box. “See for yourselves,” She teased, as she slowly lifted my skirt and revealed the compact chastity cage filling out my panties.

“Is that…” Jeremy began, unable to finish his sentence.

“Yo, that’s a dude doll!” Marcus exclaimed, clearly uncomfortable and weirded out by the sight.

“Are those supposed to get wet?” Tyler asked, pointing at my panties.

“Yeah… They’re only supposed to get wet when it senses its user is aroused, but this model, as it is experimental, has a defect,” she replied. Her eyes locked on mine as she emphasized the word ‘defect’. Alice smiled briefly, though her eyebrows gave away it was far from a kind smile. She was clearly enjoying herself.

Alice pulled my panties aside and gave the group an unobstructed view of my cage. She left it hanging for a second before flicking the tip of the cage twice, only for another drop to leak out of the cage, and fall directly onto the floor of the box. “This cute little thing has become a bit of an issue. Every morning I need to swap out its panties and clean the floor… I’m all for innovation, but this model just has to go. The sooner, the better,” Alice explained.

“These hyperrealistic dolls generally go for 2,000 dollars. This, however, is a new and very exclusive model. So its value is a bit higher than that. 3,000 dollars, to be more precise. However, luckily for our customers, we got this model as a result of a mix-up. So we can charge the regular 2,000 for it. As I would like to get rid of it fast, I’m offering it for 1,500 dollars, which is half the price of its real value. So you get a brand new exclusive doll that nobody else can even afford, for less than the price of the regular female model,” Alice said, trying to convince my friends into considering the purchase.

“No, thanks, I’m good,” Marcus replied. “Well, if this is it, I’ll just see you guys at the car!” Marcus said as he walked out of the store.

Jeremy and Tyler looked at each other as if wordlessly debating whether or not to buy the doll. “Can I pay in installments?” Jeremy asked, his face getting red.

“We don’t usually do split payments, but I’ll tell you what. If this doll isn’t gone by the end of next week, I’ll consider it. 50% upfront, though!” Alice replied.

“I’ll give you a call next week then,” Jeremy said, thanking Alice, then exiting the store too.

When his friends had left the store, taksim escort Tyler dared to speak freely. “I think the leaking is kinda cute. Does it do that all on its own? Is there no fluid container?” He asked, clearly interested.

Oh, no. Tyler is legitimately interested in owning a sissy sex doll. That can’t be good…

“I don’t know exactly how it works, but, yeah. There’s no container for whatever that liquid is. It just works on its own,” Alice shrugged.

“May I?” Tyler asked, moving closer to the box.

Having moved behind Tyler, Alice could now focus her eyes on me while talking, without raising any suspicion. “Go right ahead,” she answered. Staring directly into my eyes with a devious smile.

Tyler grabbed hold of my cage and fondled it around in his hand. “It’s cute. I can fit the entire thing in just one hand… I like it,” Tyler said. He gently squeezed his hand as he cupped my balls. “Wow, these feel very real indeed. Well, apart from that they are so small in comparison to my own, of course,” he added, giving out a laugh.

“Oh?” Alice replied. Tyler’s remark piqued her interest and gave her an idea to humiliate me further. “Tell you what. If you dare to whip out yours and prove yours are substantially bigger, I’ll lower the price by another hundred dollars,” she teased.

Alice wanted to embarrass me, tempt me to struggle, and make me try to break free. But I knew that if I just let it happen, Alice would hopefully keep her word not to sell me, Tyler would leave, and I’d be free without them knowing it was me. I simply HAD to hold on.

“Challenge accepted!” Tyler exclaimed. He chuckled as he unbuttoned his pants. The zipper promptly followed too and there stood Tyler… pants down to his knees, no underwear, exposing himself in the middle of the store.

Alice moved between us. “May I?” she now asked.

“My pleasure,” Tyler confidently replied. “Just don’t blame me if you get to see more than you asked for!” Tyler laughed as he motioned his index finger uncurling as if becoming erect.

Alice pretended to blush as she dropped to her knees and went to cup both of our balls. Even though it was obvious Tyler was certainly better endowed in that department, Alice carefully fondled both our balls, pretending to analyze them. Her intentions were very clear, however. To tease me, make me leak more, and cause me to get even more uncomfortable in my cage while allowing Tyler to grow up to his full length in arousal.

“Hmm,” Alice moaned sensually. “You are indeed a lot bigger.” She looked up at Tyler and saw his face getting red. “Oh. I guess this view is doing it for you?” She teased. “I’ll tell you what… looking at those big balls, you’re probably pent-up… And now you’re fully erect too… I can’t let you leave like that! So how about another challenge?”

“I’m listening…” Tyler replied, breathing heavily.

“If you can cum over this doll’s cage, I’ll consider her ‘marked’, and thus mark her in our system as reserved for you. You can then pick her up discreetly whenever you get the money to buy her.” Alice dared.

This can’t be happening. How in the world did it come to this? One of my best friends jerking off and cumming on me? I pray he declines that dare… It took every single bit of self-control to remain motionless as my fight-or-flight nerves started to kick in.

“Kinky… Fuck. Okay. I’ll do it… Could you stay there on your knees, though? I’m loving this sight, and it’s helping a lot.” Tyler replied.

“I’ll do you one better, stud,” Alice said, kissing Tyler’s dick on the head. It bounced up in response. “Hmm. Fuck. If I didn’t have other plans, I’d have claimed this cock for myself,” Alice moaned. I wasn’t beşiktaş escort sure anymore if Alice was simply acting and playing along, or if she meant it, as her act was very convincing.

Tyler had already started stroking himself. But Alice’s teasing had made him shift his body towards her instead, and away from me. He was stroking himself off with his dick pointed at Alice’s mouth. Alice opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in response.

It didn’t take much longer for Tyler to reach climax. Though he wasn’t prepared for how fast it came, as his first shot landed straight onto Alice’s tongue. Embarrassed, Tyler quickly turned towards me and shot the rest of his cum all over me. Some hit my panties, some hit just my balls, some didn’t even make it to me and merged with the pool that I had already leaked onto the floor, and the rest covered my cage. “I’m so sorry!” Tyler apologized. “Oh, man, I royally screwed that up, didn’t I?”

Alice let his cum slide down her tongue into her mouth. Without swallowing, she closed her mouth and positioned it above my cage before opening it again and letting Tyler’s cum, mixed with her saliva, drip down onto my cage. “There you go. Problem solved,” Alice reassured Tyler. “I take responsibility for going a bit too far with your visual stimulation. Besides… I’ve always wanted to do that to someone.”

“Someone?” Tyler responded.

“Well, something, in this case. But it was close enough to the real deal. After all, this one is so very realistic…” Alice moaned in a sultry tone as she squeezed my balls one last time. I leaked out more in response.

“Wow, it almost looked like its cage twitched! That is amazing!” Tyler said. “I can’t wait to take her home with me. I’ll be sure to have the money within a week!” Tyler quickly pulled up his pants again and left the store.

“Alright. That was quite the ride! I see you once again enjoyed yourself too?” Alice chuckled as she pointed at the floor. “Don’t worry. It’ll be our secret…” she smirked. “Now then, let’s get you cleaned up…”

Thankfully, Alice closed the store early that day. She untied me, washed off Tyler’s (and my own) mess, and let me get back into my clothes after undoing my makeup and removing all the doll ‘clothing’.

“Now then, I do believe you’ve earned yourself a treat!” Alice said in excitement. “You’ve done me proud, Sam! Cute name, by the way. Though I won’t be calling you that anymore after today.” She giggled, as she walked off to a drawer in the employees’ kitchen and took a pill out of an unlabeled container. She then grabbed a mug and filled it with liquid vanilla pudding. The gooey dessert flowed into the mug. While pouring it, Alice dropped the pill in. After filling the mug, she walked back over and handed it to me.

“Drink up! It’s good!” Alice said. Seeing my somewhat saddened face, she realized that my idea of a treat was much different from hers. “Oh. You thought I was going to unlock you? I’m sorry, sweetie, but you already leaked so much today! I’ll unlock you tomorrow… pinky promise! Now, be a good doll and swallow your treat!”

I did as she asked. With audible gulps, one after the other. I finished the mug in one go. If I hadn’t known about the pill being somewhere in there, I would never even have realized I swallowed it. “What was that pill anyway?” I asked.

“Just a painkiller for the chastity pains I caused you today,” She replied. “Don’t worry about it.”

Don’t worry about it. The classic red flag statement… yet, it’s not like I could just decline her demands, I thought. As scared as I was, I was also too curious for my own good. My girlfriend was never this kinky, and Alice introduced me to things I couldn’t imagine in my wildest fantasies. A part of me wanted to do as she told me, just to see where it would take me.

“Go home, sweetie. Get some rest. I’ll see you again tomorrow,” Alice said. “Oh, and skip breakfast tomorrow! For reasons!”

More secrets. Great…

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The Sexual Awakening of Virtuous Ch. 02

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Non Nude

Recap of The Sexual Awakening of Virtuous Chapter 1: My name is Virtuous, and I had just met this incredibly gorgeous guy in a parking lot, his name was Antonio. He asked me out, and, I apprehensively agreed. I rushed home and called my best friend Liz, who came over and helped me get ready for my first date in forever. Antonio and I went out and had a great time. Such a great time in fact, that we went back to my place and had sex. Now, as my name implies, yes, I was a virgin at the time. But this guy made me feel so special, so comfortable around him, that I gave in to my urges. We spent the rest of the night exploring and enjoying each other bodies.

I awake to the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen. The man can cook too. Well, he is definitely a keeper. I roll over in bed, stretch my aching muscles, pick up the phone and call Liz.

“Liz, Liz, I did it, oh my god, I did it!”

“You did what honey, it’s 5:00 in the morning. You could have cured cancer, and I really couldn’t give a shit, I’m trying to sleep.”

“Liz, come on, get serious. I did IT! Virtuous is a virgin no more! Can you believe it!”

“What did you say?”

“I’m not a virgin anymore. I am a full fledged woman now. I slept with Antonio. It was so incredible. I’m so stupid waiting so long to do this.”

“Is he still there?”

“Yea, he’s in the kitchen cooking me breakfast, why?”

“Look, tell him thanks for the breakfast, but you have something to do early this morning, tell him to leave, alright. I’m coming over right now.”

“Liz, I am not kicking out the man of my dreams, I……”

“Just do it! Right now! I’m coming over!”

“Jeez, alright, stop yelling, I’ll ask him to leave. But if he never comes back, I have every right to kill you.”

Now that was strange. I have never heard Liz sound like that before. She’s got me freaking out. So, I go to the kitchen and explain to Antonio that one of my friends is having a crisis, and if he could leave us alone for a few hours. He agrees, gets dressed, and leaves, saying he will be back later that evening.

20 minutes later, Liz is banging on my front door like a maniac. I rush out of the shower, wrapped in just a towel, soaking wet, and run to the door, thinking she must really need some help. As I’m opening the door, she barges in, looks around the entire house to make sure it is just the two of us, then Manavgat escort sits on the couch, with her head in her hands.

“Liz, what’s wrong, first you yell at me on the phone, and then you go through my house like a CSI investigator, what is going on!”

“Virt, I did something too, something really bad, and I’m so afraid to tell you.”

“Girl, we’ve been friends way too long to have any secrets between us. Tell me, it can’t be that bad, whatever it is, we can work it out.”

“Virt”, she says with tears in her eyes, “I know Antonio.”

“Yea, I know, I told you all about him, you saw us go out last night….”

“No Virt, that’s not what I mean. I KNOW Antonio, as in intimately know. He’s one of my ex’s.”


“I met him at some party years ago. We dated for a few months, but decided to just be, well, friends with benefits, you know, fuck buddies. We lost track of each other about a year and a half ago. Last week, we ran into each other at the same parking lot where you met him. We starting talking again and he told me that he was a little down and out money wise, and he was wondering if I knew where he could make some quick cash.”

“Uh-huh.” I start to notice that she is slowly moving farther and farther away from me. She’s gone from sitting on my couch to standing near my fireplace on the other side of the room.

“Well, I knew that you never go out, never have any dates, and just have no fun at all. It’s always work, work, work with you. So, since I had saved up a little cash for a new car, I decided to use that money to make you happy.”

“Go on.”

“I…I….I told Antonio that I had this friend that just needed someone to take her out, show her a good time. Just dinner, maybe a movie, that’s all. So, I told him he would get $3000 if he just bumped into you in that parking lot, ask you out, have dinner, that’s it. Nothing else was supposed to happen, I swear. I never thought that it would go this far.”


Those were the only words that I could say, over and over again. I can’t believe what my best friend just admitted to doing. We’ve been just like sisters since first grade. How dare she pimp me out like this! Did she think I was totally incapable of meeting someone on my own, in my own due time!


“Virt, I am so sorry,” she is crying so Manavgat escort bayan much she is trembling uncontrollably. “This was not supposed to happen, I am so, so, so, so sorry.”

“GET OUT! Don’t ever call me again, don’t come to my house ever again, forget that you even know me. I knew that you were a stupid bitch, but this takes the cake!”

She finally leaves, after begging and pleading for over an hour for me to forgive her. How can I forgive something like this? I gave up the most precious part of me to some guy for $3000. Is that all that I’m worth.

For weeks, I just sit at home in an extreme fit of depression. I take a leave of absence from work, gave them some lame excuse about a family issue I had to deal with. Of course, Liz is constantly calling me, and Antonio has yet to call. All I do is eat, sleep, and watch TV, which is where my idea came from.

You see, I saw this program about an interesting group of people that like to partake in motorcycle activities. Something about Harley Davidson, or something similar. Well, I remembered that Liz is a motorcycle fanatic. So, I decided to call her up, tell her that I forgive her, and invite her to some huge rally that was going on in Sturgis. You could imagine my surprise when Antonio picked up the phone at Liz’s place. It seems that the 2 of them are back together. Go figure. Well, not only do I tell her that all is forgiven and forgotten, but I also let him know that there are no hard feelings, and he is forgiven to, and if he wants to join us on the trip, I would not mind. The more the merrier.

So, the three of us make that trip to the motorcycle rally. And it is quite the scene when we get there. Women wearing leather thongs and practically nothing else. Oil wrestling, and every type of guy you could think of, from the extremely rich to the dirt poor. Liz and Antonio find a bar to hang out at, and I decide to do some exploration of my own. You see, I’m on a mission, and I have to find just the right group of guys to help me out. After about 2 hours, I find what I was looking for, and head back to find my two “best friends”.

I tell the two of them that I met a great group of guys that will let us stay at their camp tonight, and that we could also enjoy their entertainment. They hired some strippers to perform for them, and from what I understand, they do more than just strip. Escort manavgat Antonio is all for it, of course, and he talks Liz into it as well.

We head to the camp, and as we arrive, we hear all the men cheering and clapping, “Here they come!!!” Antonio and Liz turn around to see who is coming, and there is no one behind them, no one in front of them. I walk over to the leader of the campsite and let him know that the strippers have arrived. Five or six of the bikers grab the couple and put them in the center of campsite. We hear music start to play in the background, the kind of music you hear in the porno movies, really cheesy. One guy yells “Take it off bitch!” Another guy yells “Drop your pants sweety, we want to see that big cock of yours!” Liz looks over at me at the exact same time that the campsite leader is giving me $3000 for supplying the entertainment.

She finally realizes what this is all about. “Virt, you bitch, you set us up!” Tears stream from her eyes and a look of total fear is on her face. She sold for me for three grand, and I just sold her for three grand, and I threw in Antonio for free. And now, the fun begins.

Three of the guys grab Liz and throw her to the ground. They rip off all her clothes until she is lying in the dirt completely naked. 2 guys go after Antonio and do the same to him. The entire group of guys takes off their clothes and head toward the center of the circle. Antonio gets a cock stuffed down his throat, and is being face fucked by this older burly guy, while another shoves his enormous cock up Antonio’s virgin ass. Even with that dick in his mouth, you can still hear him scream in pain while being fucked in the ass.

Liz is being fucked rough by five guys, one in her pussy, a bigger dick in her ass, one fucking her throat, and one in each hand, jerking those guys off. When one of the guys pulls out of her ass, Antonio is forced to replace him, while another guy fucks him. It’s starting to look like a conga line.

The fucking and sucking go on all night. Antonio, at one point, had 2 dicks in his ass at the same time while being throat fucked by a guy that was hung like a horse. Liz not only gets double penetrated in her ass as well, but somehow, someway, gets triple penetrated in her pussy. I wouldn’t believed it myself, but I got every juicy, painful, embarrassing, humiliating moment caught on tape.

Got to admit, that was some night. I got $3000, I saw my ex-best friend and her asshole of a boyfriend get gang fucked, and I now have a videotape of the whole thing that I just sold to a very big porno company for some major, major cash.

AAHHH! Revenge can be so sweet sometimes.

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The Neighbor

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The heat is unbearable.

My air conditioning is broken and all the fans in the world couldn’t get this house below eighty-five degrees. It’s that kind of swampy humidity that smothers you. The kind of heat that makes people lose their minds.

I stare vacantly across the backyard while I’m washing dishes. There’ a clear view into the neighbor’s kitchen, which never interested me until the new couple moved in.

They’re married, a husband and a wife. The husband works at an auto shop and always looks kind of greasy. He’s not home much. The wife, on the other hand, is a goddess. She has a mane of thick, curly hair that floats around her like an aura. She’s alone a lot and never seems very happy. I dream about showing her how good a woman could make her feel.

As if on cue, the wife strides into the kitchen like a gazelle. She’s stunning, like always. She’s wearing boy shorts that strain to cover her ass and a ribbed white tank top. Her skin glistens with sweat.

She hops up on the counter in front of a floor fan. She’s right in front of the window. I wonder if she knows I’m here. I take a swig from my beer and lean against the counter.

The wife rests her weight on her palms and tilts her neck up. The oscillating fan washes over her lithe body in waves and her hair flutters in the breeze. She sways her head, and I can see her chest rise with each breath. I touch myself through my pants. She spreads her legs.

Putting one foot up on the counter, she angles the breeze between her thighs. Manavgat escort Her shirt billows in the wind and I briefly glimpse her perky breasts. She gently strokes her vulva through her underwear. She points her toes and arches her feet. Her mouth opens slightly and I want to run my tongue across her lips.

She reaches for a nearby pitcher and slowly pours water all over herself. The white tank top is plastered to her skin and it’s like she’s wearing nothing at all. Her nipples are dark as chocolate and pierced. Even from my distance I can see the plump shape of her pussy lips through her underwear, and I want to suck the water out of the fabric.

Her eyes are closed and there’s a delirious smile on her face. I don’t move from my spot for fear of breaking the spell.

She steps down from the counter and peels off her wet clothes. She opens the freezer and looks for a while. The icy air swirls around her naked body. She shivers.

Finally she takes out a popsicle and climbs back on the counter. It’s so hot that the juice is dripping down her hands. She licks it seductively, working it like a shaft. I rub myself harder.

She slides the popsicle all over her body. Down her neck, between her breasts, rouging her nipples. Across her stomach. Between her thighs.

She looks right at me. At first I’m terrified but it dawns on me that she knew I was there the whole time. I lick my lips and nod.

She opens wide and carefully slides the popsicle into her vagina, almost Manavgat escort bayan up to the stick. She slowly moves it up and down, taking it all the way out and putting it back in.

“Jesus Christ,” I mutter.

I touch my breast and pretend it’s hers.

The popsicle glides in and out of her beautiful pussy. It’s melting from her heat. She pulls out what’s left and licks it.

I can’t take it anymore. I blow out of my house and through her front door. Then there she is, close enough to touch. She’s radiant.

Our eyes meet. She smiles sweetly and swings her legs.

“Hi,” she says.

“Hi,” I say.

I hook her legs over my shoulders and dive in. Her pussy tastes like cherry. She makes a sound like a kitten and I lick harder. She touches her fingers to my spiky hair and sighs contentedly. I inhale her like oxygen because I don’t know how long this moment will last. I run my hands down her smooth legs. Squeeze her firm ass. Caress her stomach. I press the spot between her stomach and vulva as I fuck her with my tongue. I reach up and play with her tits, each a perfect handful.

She pulls my face up to hers and looks me in the eyes.

“Kiss me,” she says.

We kiss. Everywhere she tastes like cherry. It’s somehow the exact opposite of everything raunchy that’s come before. Open, vulnerable, sensitive. I kiss her face and touch her hair. Our bodies stick to each other. She pulls away and takes off my shirt.

At first she just stares at me. She’s Escort manavgat shy. I take her hands in mine and we massage my tits together. She giggles and blushes. I’m so turned on.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

I slide two fingers deep inside her. She gasps.

“It’s okay. I do.”

I fingerbang her, hard, and lick her sweet, sticky body. I suck her nipples, kiss her breasts and gently tug her piercings with my teeth. She hugs my head to her chest and wraps her legs around me. I hold onto her waist and fuck her as she whimpers into my neck.

The front door opens.

“Shit!” She jumps up. “You gotta get outta here.”

She hastily drapes herself on the kitchen table and poses seductively while I scramble out the window. I duck down into the bushes and pull my shirt on. I crane my neck to see inside.

He walks into the kitchen and stops.

“What the hell is going on in here?”

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Oh yeah?” He takes off his shirt and grabs her by the throat with one hand. “Here I am.”

They kiss and I feel nauseous. I quietly sneak away.

I walk back into my kitchen. Across the yard, the wife is tits up on the table. Her arms sprawl out above her, and she seems absent. He doesn’t notice. I crack open a cold beer and lean back to watch. Her breasts quiver as the table shakes.

She notices me watching and smiles. She licks her fingers and touches herself. Her mouth opens, expressing sound I can’t hear. I pretend she’s saying my name.

“Yeah, baby.” I can hear him from my house. “Fucking cum.”

I reach down the front of my pants. She rubs herself furiously. She watches me. I watch her. I taste her on my lips. I hold onto the edge of the counter and press it against my crotch. We cum together.

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The Pool House Ch. 02

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If you haven’t read the first part of The Pool House already, you’ll definitely want to do so before reading this section.

Yvonne woke blearily at noon the next day. Jumbled images of the party swam in her head. The way she’d found the swimmer sitting in the pool house so calmly, his legs apart, waiting for her. And other memories – Edward’s worldly smile, the couple fucking on the lawn, Jim’s glistening cock sticking out brazenly as she turned the corner in the hall …

No. Stop right there. Thinking about Jim had no upside. But the swimmer – she realized that she had no idea what his name was – he was different. He was the perfect lover. Since he never spoke, their tryst would always be their secret.

Yvonne touched herself again, knowing that doing so would never really satisfy her again.

# # #

Her lunch with Nora forced her to focus, to stop thinking about sex for a little while. She dressed carefully for the occasion and ordered a salad — something that she could eat without difficulty while talking. Nora made it easy for her by supplying most of the conversation. She talked about her travel plans and a concert she’d just been to and her student days in Paris.

“I picked up a lot of French habits while I was there,” she said, winking.

Yvonne wondered if she was referring to a relaxed attitude towards sex. She was pretty sure that was exactly what Nora meant. And she thought about how much she admired that in Nora, her independent spirit and savoir faire, so different from her parents’ dorkiness. Yvonne wondered how she might cultivate those same sensibilities in herself.

When the conversation found its way to the previous weekend’s party, Yvonne asked as disinterestedly as she could about the lanky, olive-skinned swimmer. Nora smiled, not fooled.

“He’s our yoga instructor,” she explained. “Edward and I used to go to a studio in town, but it was such a hassle coming and going all the time that we decided to convert one of our bedrooms to a yoga room. He comes over a couple of times a week to show us new poses. He’s amazing, really. He started studying in Sri Lanka when he was five.”

“Sri Lanka?”

“Yes. He trained as a monk there.”

“Wow, that’s pretty exotic. So he doesn’t speak any English at all?”

Nora shrugged. “Oh, I think his English is fine. He’s taken a vow of silence.”

Yvonne smiled to herself. But not a vow of chastity, evidently. How about obedience?

“Actually, Edward is the real adept in our house. He’s been doing it for years. I’m still trying for that yoga butt.”

Yvonne recalled Nora’s slim figure from the hot tub. “I think you’ve already got it. I wish I were that toned – the stairmaster hasn’t quite gotten me where I want.”

Nora considered for a moment. “Well, if you’d like, come over to our place at three on Friday. Your friend will be there – he can get you started.”

Yvonne’s eyes glazed for a moment. She pictured the swimmer, his smooth limbs stretched out, his muscles flexing in his legs and back. “That would be great,” she said.

# # #

But first she had to deal with that modeling commitment she’d made so rashly at the party. There was no getting out of it, but she had seriously mixed feelings about going. It excited her and terrified her all at once.

Jake’s house, perched on a hill to the west of town, seemed less like an artist’s studio than the temple of some odd-ball eastern religion. The house itself was normal enough, at least for that tony neighborhood; but every room Jake led her through as they walked down to the studio in the basement was adorned with statues of multi-armed gods and half-burned candles. Several more of the large nudes she’d seen at Nora’s house hung on the walls. She swallowed hard, realizing that she was about to become one of them. She just hoped it wouldn’t be too weird.

Well, there was nothing particularly odd about Jake. He was a bit fussy, but he chatted amiably enough as they headed down narrow stairs hung with beads. He wore an old t-shirt, paint-stained white shorts and flip-flops.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

“Do you have any orange juice?”

He nodded and started back upstairs. “You can change in the bathroom whenever you’re ready. There’s robe on the door. I’m only going to sketch today – maybe block out some of the big areas. So we won’t be that long.”

Yvonne looked around. The “basement” actually had tall windows with a view down the hill. At one end of the big room was an easel set up with a blank canvas. It faced a large backless couch upholstered in red velvet. There were painting supplies scattered around and a table with brushes soaking in greenish liquid. Painting was a messy business, apparently. In one corner was the door to the small bathroom Jake had referred to. So here I am again, Yvonne thought. Taking off my clothes in an unfamiliar room and putting on a robe. But this time she was pretty sure that nothing terribly exciting was going to happen. Jake looked gay to her.

She undressed a bit timidly. Gay or not, it was an odd feeling, being naked in a stranger’s house. She stepped out feeling a small Manavgat escort thrill of adventure, not knowing quite what to expect. What she definitely wasn’t expecting was to see Edward coming down the stairs talking comfortably with Jake. He smiled when he saw Yvonne.

“Hello again,” he said, extending his hand.

Yvonne shook it uncertainly, looking over towards Jake for an explanation.

“Edward’s my favorite model,” Jake said. “Always does what he’s told. Sits quietly by the hour.” He pointed at the blank canvas. “I thought I’d make this one a couple. You don’t mind, do you?”

Yvonne opened her mouth then realized that she didn’t know what to say. In a way it was a relief. It felt odd being alone with Jake, even though this was obviously business as usual for him. Having Edward there for support made her feel more comfortable somehow.

“Ah, sure. That’s fine,” she said.

Jake nodded absently, already thinking of other things. “Edward, go change please. I don’t want to lose the light. Yvonne, please sit on the left side of the divan leaning a bit towards the center.”

She sat, legs dangling, feeling awkward. Jake came over and arranged her arms and legs as if he were folding laundry. He draped her long hair so that it fell forward over one shoulder. Part way through the process Edward stepped back into the room wearing a robe that he hadn’t bothered to tie shut. Yvonne’s eyes were drawn to his crotch and its dark hair and thick cock. She quickly looked away.

Jake sat them down so that they were back to back, then eyed them critically. “No. Edward, turn towards her. Put your head on her shoulder as if you were kissing her neck. Put one hand up so that it covers her right breast.”

Edward moved his hand so that it lay lightly on her robe. “There?”

“Yes. Perfect. Okay, kids, robes off then back on the divan.”

Edward stood up and casually removed his robe. Trying for the same nonchalance, Yvonne untied hers and shrugged it off. Edward sat beside her again and they snuggled back into the position Jake wanted. She felt the warm skin of his chest touch her back. She could smell his faint masculine scent over the room’s odor of turpentine and linseed oil. Rough skin nuzzled her neck – his chin, she figured – and she felt a twinge as his lips touched a sensitive spot on her shoulder. That felt nice; so gentle, so intimate. Then his hand came up to cover her breast. He didn’t really touch her, but her nipples responded anyway, hardening almost painfully. He probably couldn’t notice from where he sat, and anyway he’d probably attribute it to the cool air in the studio. Yvonne tried to relax, but she was deeply aware of the attractive naked man right beside her. She was embarrassed but excited at the same time. The pose was like an embrace frozen in time, never quite fulfilling its promise.

Jake sketched diligently with a stick of charcoal. He’d stop, stare at them for a minute, then go back to his canvas. It occurred to Yvonne that this odd stasis would persist for some time, hours, even. No one spoke. Jake had put on some soft jazz and Yvonne just sort of drifted with the music after a while. She let the embalmed scene play out in her mind. Edward would nibble along her neck, then turn her gently around until they were face to face. He would kiss her languorously and lay her on her back …

Edward broke her reverie. “Look, I’m sorry, but my arm is getting tired. I’m going to have to really put it on your chest.”

Yvonne blinked. “Uh, okay. Sure.”

His fingers, oddly warm, cupped her breast. The touch sent sparks flying from her erect nipple, coursing through the rest of her body. He seemed to press against her a little more insistently. She felt his breath on her neck. The pose felt even more as if it was on the edge of something.

“Yvonne?” Jake asked.

Could she do it with someone like Edward? The thought was delicious and brave and adult, sort of like in foreign movies. It was frustrating that she couldn’t look at him. She wanted to know how his body compared with the swimmer’s.

“Yvonne, are you still with us?”

She looked up, startled.

“Take a break. I’m going upstairs for a bit. Can I bring you guys anything to drink?”

“Oh,” said Yvonne. “No, I’m fine.”

Edward let go of her and stood up, stretching, perfectly comfortable with his nakedness. Now that she could see him better she took the opportunity to study his body. He wasn’t as lean as the swimmer, and less muscular than Jim. But he carried himself so confidently. Nora was the same way. Yvonne wished she could be more like them.

“So you’ve never done this before?” Edward was asking.

Yvonne shook her head.

“You’re very self-possessed,” he said. “Artists like that.”

Yvonne giggled. “I’m just kind of preoccupied right now.”

Edward raised an eyebrow. “Oh? And what have you been thinking about?”

He was standing just a few feet from her, his cock at eye level. It was soft, so she couldn’t really compare it with Jim’s or the swimmer’s. But she had the sense that it was quite a bit thicker than either of the others, if a bit shorter. Manavgat escort bayan Too bad that it was so limp. Perhaps if she just held it for a minute?

But Edward had just asked her what she had been thinking about.

“Oh, just personal stuff.”

He stood with a hand on one hip. The afternoon light that Jake liked so much shone through the dark hair on his chest and sparkled on his thick pubic hair. Yvonne’s eyes widened. Was that a little jump in his cock? Edward did seem to be studying her. And, really, it was a little insulting that he could stand there so calmly while she was naked three feet away.

Yvonne decided to stretch a little. She stayed on the couch, but extended her arms above her head, causing her breasts to ride up on her chest. She twisted slowly from side to side. Suddenly, Edward didn’t look quite so casual. His eyes stayed locked on her body. There was a strained look on his face. Then he chuckled quietly.

“Young lady, are you teasing me?”

Her face turned bright red. “No! Well, not really. I didn’t mean … I’m sorry.”

His laughter broke the tension. He took a step towards her and lifted her chin with one hand. “Well, then, do it properly. Lay down on your stomach.”

She looked confused for a moment. Couldn’t Edward take anything seriously? Then she giggled, getting into the spirit of it. She crawled onto the divan, facing towards him.

“Up on your elbows.”

She raised herself up on her arms until her breasts were hanging freely, her puffy nipples just grazing the slipcover. She gave him her best seductive grin.

Edward applauded gravely. “Very sexy. Now roll over.”

She obliged , turning languorously, until she was on her back, her breasts flattening out on her chest. She lifted one knee and tilted her head back, her hair falling across her face.

Now Edward sounded serious for the first time. “You’re really very pretty.”

She rolled over again and sat up, until she was back in her pose at the edge of the divan. “Thank you, Edward. This whole thing … it’s a little uncomfortable for me.”

She was very close to him again, and she saw that her acrobatics had had an effect. His cock was half-erect and visibly lengthening. Yvonne felt a little embarrassed for him, but Edward was as relaxed as ever.

Yvonne was enjoying herself. “Any other poses you want to see?”

“Why don’t you lie back and spread your legs?”

He said it with a smirk, and she batted playfully at him. The blow was aimed more or less at his crotch, and to her amazement he sort of flipped his cock out of the way to avoid her hand.

“Wow. I didn’t know you could do that.”

“Yes, well, I’m renowned for my skill with my genitalia.”

She giggled and took another swipe at him. This time her hand connected with his cock and ended up holding it lightly. She was so shocked she didn’t know what to do. She stared up at Edward, eyes wide.

He looked back at her, eyes intense. “Don’t stop there.”

She felt almost hypnotized by his gaze. She couldn’t look away. Slowly, her hand moved along the length of his shaft. He didn’t say anything, but his cock grew in her hand, until she could barely close her fingers around it. Jesus, she thought. Now what?

Edward stroked her cheek then let his hand trace the curve of her neck. His eyes never left hers. His cock was rigid and burning hot, but his hand was cool, meltingly soft against her skin. She closed her eyes. His hand drifted downward in a leisurely arc until it brushed one nipple. He’d touched her there before, as part of their pose, but now it meant something. Electricity surged through her body, drawing her towards him until her face nuzzled against his hip. She could smell his excitement now, overpowering his subtle cologne. His hand held one breast, brushing against her painfully hard nipple. Her breathing grew faster. Where was this going? As she slid her hand along the shaft faster, some sort of thumping intruded on her consciousness. But the cock quivering in her hand demanded all of her attention. The warm surface sort of moved a little over the rigid flesh beneath …

The thumping grew louder. She tried to push it aside, but it kept happening, louder and louder. Footsteps, she finally realized. Coming closer. Jake, walking down the stairs!

Yvonne snapped upright, opened her eyes. Edward moved away from her like a cat. In an eye blink he was leaning on the far end of the couch, looking thoughtful and collected. His cock stood straight up, all its impressive girth in evidence. But his body was turned away from Jake, who busied himself with his canvas. Maybe he didn’t want to give his gay friend any ideas.

“Back to work, kids,” Jake said cheerfully.

# # #

Wednesday evening was date night again for her parents, and Jim was back. He and Kate were sitting in the family room watching a movie. Yvonne wasn’t much interested, but Kate had made popcorn, which Yvonne just couldn’t resist nibbling. She sat in a chair to one side, trying not to watch them cuddle. Yvonne wore a short, loose sun dress. Whenever she crossed her legs Jim looked over to Escort manavgat see the dress ride up on her tanned thigh. What a jerk. But Kate was oblivious. She leaned against his shoulder and put her hand in his lap. That did it for Yvonne. Popcorn or no, she was going up to her room.

A little while later the drone of the TV set stopped. She waited quietly until she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The footsteps moved into Kate’s room, and the door closed, muffling their sounds. The hell with it, Yvonne thought. Why do I care anyway? I should just go to bed. She took off her dress and pulled on a skimpy ribbed tank-top that left her midriff bare. She thought about pulling on a pair of shorts, but she didn’t. Wearing the top and her powder blue thong, she left her room and went down the hall to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and washed her face. She was done, really, ready for bed. But she lingered by the sink, brushing her hair and looking nervously towards the door. She’d left it half open.

Another minute passed. Then the door pushed inward all the way and Jim walked in.

Like the week before, he was naked – except for a pair of gym socks this time – and his cock stuck straight out, huge and sopping wet. He stopped short when he saw her, unsure, about to apologize.

Yvonne felt as if time was dripping like candle wax. The silence in the bathroom seemed enormous. She turned to face him and leaned back against the sink, her palms resting on the edge. Her nipples hardened, pushed out against her sheer top.

Jim’s face lit up with his stupid, cocky grin. He closed the door behind him and walked up to Yvonne, until he was only inches in front of her. His cock nearly spanned the distance between them. He smelled of sex and perspiration. Yvonne’s eyes turned very large and frightened, but she stayed exactly where she was. Jim leaned forward to kiss her but she turned her head away. That wasn’t what she wanted. It would be … like betraying Kate somehow.

He was taller than she’d realized, towering a head above her. All she could see was Jim; he filled the whole space between her and everything else. He reached for the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up slowly. The fabric snagged for a moment on her puffy, dome-shaped nipples, then came free, exposing her breasts. Yvonne drew in her breath with a gasp. Jim’s own breathing was ragged. He moved his head down towards her chest and kissed one breast. Yvonne’s legs suddenly felt weak, as if they couldn’t possibly hold her up; she leaned back heavily against the counter.

Jim stuck his tongue out and licked around one aureole, again and again, fascinated with its smoothness. He flicked the nipple lightly with each pass. She felt blood pounding through her body, flushing her chest, throbbing so hard in her pussy that it hurt. Then he sucked her whole breast into his mouth. His tongue kept caressing her nipple while his hands began exploring lower on her body, moving across her hip and around to one smooth buttock. She was so sensitive; every touch, every lick sent sparks flying through her body.

Jim was pressed against her now, his cock resting on her stomach. She could feel his heartbeat through it. The tip leaked fluid that left a sticky spot on her skin. She reached down between them, her body shaking, unable to keep her hand away from his cock. It jerked when her fingers made contact with the shaft. More fluid pulsed from its tip. She wrapped one hand around it, feeling the pliancy, the unnatural warmth. It was still wet with Kate’s juices and wonderfully slippery. She ran her hand along its length and was rewarded by a guttural moan from Jim.

His hands kept moving across her body, tracing the underside of one breast, playing with the waistband of her thong. She rubbed the tip of his cock with her thumb then stroked its full length again.

“Christ,” Jim said, breathing raggedly. “That feels …”

She squeezed hard when her hand reached the crown.

“I think about you when I’m fucking your sister,” he said hoarsely.

Yvonne rolled her eyes. “Shut up, Jim. You’re making it worse.”

She rubbed him faster. Her other hand roamed across his chest, playing with the sparse hairs, scraping his nipples with her long fingernails. Jim was past being able to speak. His movements turned frantic. He stuck his hand underneath her waistband, cupping her mound, working his fingers through the soft pubic hair.

“Yes!” she said urgently, before she could stop herself.

Jim responded eagerly, moving his hand along her outer lips. His touches made liquid sounds as he smeared her moisture around her folds. She could feel her lips puffing up, begging to be stroked, penetrated. And … oh my god, she thought. He’s touching my …

Her clit had hardened, poked out from inside her hood, and Jim’s finger had found it. She rocked forward, driving her hips harder into his hand. Her breasts pressed flat against his chest as Jim circled her clit with one finger. She couldn’t catch her breath. The feeling was too intense; it just had to stop or she’d have to scream. And then it did stop. Jim had taken his hand out of her panties and stepped back. Yvonne groaned with disappointment. He looked at her for a second, nostrils flaring, then he took hold of the sides of her panties and started to pull them down. Yvonne made a small, frightened whimper and grabbed at the waistband, keeping them more or less where they were.

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The Kissing Game

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As I said in the intro to my last story, the kissing game did happen. It has here been considerably embellished! It did lead to us losing our cherries together but not the same night and with much more clumsiness than our protagonists managed!

Simon was looking forward to the party. He knew a couple of the girls who were going and that they were unattached, the bonus being they were not part of the crowd that studiously ignored anyone they didn’t consider their equal. He looked at his invite again and decided the dress code would allow his platform shoes and flares that twenty years later, even five or ten years later if he was honest with himself he would wonder why on earth he ever thought it was a good look!

Those who remember that era will now know it was well before internet and mobile phones. Hell there were people in Simon’s class at school (Where one went till eighteen, not college!) who didn’t even have a landline! He also saw that there would be some games to get to know eachother better. Simon would have been lying if he denied that he hoped to get some action. More than his recently turned eighteen body had seen so far – a couple of hand jobs from girls he wasn’t really interested in and his own hands had got as far as feeling said girls breasts under t-shirts but over bras.

That wasn’t to say he was ignorant about all things sexual. The combination of the letters pages and stories in Tony’s porn stash (He didn’t dare have such a thing in his own home.) and his mother’s anatomy text books had taught him more than sex-ed in school had and he was bright enough to work out nearly all of the bull shit he read in the porn mags. But he lacked practical experience though this was far more common than any of his male friends would admit to, a fact he had worked out for himself but knowing it didn’t deal with the frustration of his being in that majority.

The invitation was from Judy whose parent’s house it was. And they were away for the weekend meaning Judy and the more responsible of her friends would have all of Saturday and Sunday to repair any damage done at the party.

“I will pair you up with Fiona for some of the games. You will really like her.” Judy promised. He had had two blind dates set up by friends in the past and while both had been OK and not disasters, neither had the spark that was needed on either side for them to go anywhere. In fact both Jane and Julie ended up in the friend zone which while not the outcome Simon had been hoping for was he admitted a lot better than some of the car crashes he had heard about from his school mates.

“Do you think that her name not beginning with, ‘J’ might improve my chances? You Julie and Jane all ended up as good friends. Come to think of it so did Jasmine! Maybe there is something in this names business?”

Simon did not have OCD far from it but give him a time to be somewhere he would be there on time whatever got in the way so exactly at seven PM he rang the door bell of the house. House? Mansion more like it was his first impression. There were classrooms smaller than the room he was shown in to! No way would he every have guessed Judy’s parents had that sort of money from the way she behaved.

There to his surprise were quite a few people he knew by name at least. Every one of them had been at some of the gymnastic competitions he attended himself. There were more girls than boys but if all or nearly all Judy’s friends were from gymnastics, then that was no surprise. The school club had almost twice as many girls as boys and so did the other club where Simon trained. He began to feel better about the party and his anxiety around meeting new people evaporated.

He was asked how he knew Judy and he replied that she was both in some of his school classes and in the school gymnastics club. Soon most of his school club were there, well those who were over eighteen at least. Judy had been told in no uncertain terms that no one underage should be at her party. More people arrived and the sex ratio evened out a bit but there were still about twenty odd girls to sixteen boys.

Judy spoke out with a voice that could easily reach every part of the large school gymnasium. – Useful given she wanted to be a PE teacher. She made sure everyone had a drink and then got them to all grab a pencil and some paper.

“First game, Everyone write down what they think the Mona Lisa’s smile is about.”

Simon laughed and put down that she had dumped her boyfriend because he was a cheat. There were another nine questions all with answers that had to be pure speculation or were silly questions with no real answer.

“How long is a piece of string?” Was another along with, “Why is the new TV transmitter antenna North of the city such a bright white?”

Simon answered these with,

“It does knot matter.” ” and, “So people can get BBC2 in colour.”

“Your next task is to find out who has the most answers identical in words and or meaning to your own.”

This led to much milling about and high fives when a pair came up with a matching answer.

“If the person who matches most with you has someone else they match even better with find the next Alanya Escort escort person down for number of matches.”

As there was more moving about, Simon talked with the girl who he had managed seven matches with. Including all the questions above.

Wearing a mini and a short t-shirt that showed just over an inch of midriff he had noted from afar that she was one of the gymnasts by her powerful legs and shoulders as well as her taut abdominal muscles. While others were still sorting themselves out she told him,

“I am impressed.”

“That we managed seven matches?”

“That as well but even more impressed that you notice I have a head and face.”

“I certainly would have noticed if you didn’t.”

“You might have but you are probably the only boy here who would have. The rest have been too busy looking at my legs or my chest and wondering what my tits look like when I take my shirt off.” Simon considered this briefly,

“Well you do have superlative legs, easily the best here tonight.”

“When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.”

“You mean those legs aren’t real?” An open hand slapped him on the arm.

A cough sounded behind them.

“I see you two have met. Simon Fiona, Fiona Simon.”

“He was commenting on my legs.” Fiona said defensively.

“I plead mitigating circumstances. Fiona did bring up the subject of her legs first.”

Judy, having heard the whole

exchange just laughed before moving on,

“Hands up all those with no matches!” Two hands went up. “Congratulate yourselves on being unique individuals. You can be partners for the next few games.” There were four with one match each and Judy divided them into two pairs. More still had three, back to four for four one five, no sixes and Simon and Fiona were the winners with seven matches.

“Why does this not surprise me? The two worst most corny senses of humour in my life.” She appealed to those from our school, “Can you imagine two of Simon with his Jokes?” She then appealed to another large grouping, “Can you imagine doubling Fiona’s jokes?” A large groan went up after which Fiona spoke out,

“So this is your plan to get rid of both of us together?” More laughter.

“Before we eat is the handstand challenge. I know there are two of you who don’t do gymnastics. You get to have spotters and don’t have to start till a minute later than the others in your group.

“Keep your eyes where they belong mister.” Fiona told Simon’s

“Of course. I wouldn’t want to make it difficult for myself by spotting on something likely to move.” This time he was quick enough to avoid the slap. Judy sorted out who would go when so that none of the boys would be standing watching while any of the skirt wearing girls were doing their handstands. However at three minutes, Fiona and Simon were both going strong though they were the only ones who wee. One of the girls after standing up looked at Simon whose flares had fallen down past his knees and revealed half of his thighs and whistled.

“Nice legs Simon!”

“Thank you!” He didn’t even have the good grace to make it sound like answering was difficult. Another thirty seconds after the exchange, Fiona had to go down. (The glass of wine had perhaps not been a good idea, though Simon had also had one she had seen.)

It was past four and a half minutes when Judy said,

“I doubt anyone in the second half is going to beat you Simon.” He grinned and moved onto one hand.

“OK, Start the second lot off then.”

“Show off!” Commented Fiona. Simon was still up when the last of the second group came down. He did however have to swap onto his left hand to last that long. He put his hands on the high back of one of the chairs in the room, bending over at the waist to stretch his shoulders after the long time in handstand.

“Do you want to stand on my shoulders Fiona and give them a decent stretch?”

“You just want everyone to see what colour my knickers are.”

“Don’t be silly. Everyone knows they are blue because you were second to last to come down during the handstands.”

Fiona’s voice took on a dangerous note,

“You told me you wouldn’t look.”

“No, I told you I wouldn’t spot on something likely to move. I decided you were going to stay still. You chose what to believe. Besides, you knew you would still be upside down long after most of this lot were back on their feet.”

“Fine have it your own way then.” She jumped onto his back and then putting her hands just inside his shoulder blades levered into a plank. He was really enjoying the stretch when she told him, “Come on we need to get some food.”

As they walked, he asked,

“Fiona, if you don’t want people to know what colour your panties are, why wear a skirt so short you can’t even take a long stride without showing them?”

“I didn’t want YOU looking. I wanted you to have that question in your mind. Isn’t wondering what you might find there more exciting than knowing? Fiona picked up a cherry tomato and pushed it into his mouth preventing his answering as was her intent. This was the point in time Simon Alanya Escort bayan admitted to himself that he would never understand women. Donald Rumsfeld had never talked about the category of unknowable unknowns. They fed eachother with their fingers, each picking choice items and placing them in the other’s mouth. It was the most sensual, erotic experience of Simon’s life. Understand women? Hell he couldn’t even understand himself! What he did understand was that he had a raging boner that was only going unnoticed because of his voluminous flares.

A leg slid across his, a bare leg starting with a well muscled calf, followed by the back of a knee and before Simon’s mind could reach Fiona was sitting in his lap and said raging boner stood no chance of not being noticed. A part of his brain asked,

“How the hell did she do that from the position she was sitting in?” Another part answered, “Because she like you is a fucking gymnast, idiot!” Next brain went out of the window as Fiona’s lips locked with his. His hardness increased beyond what he might have thought possible had his brain been in a condition to allow thought.

Coherent thought may have been stopped but visual imagination was not as he pictured himself and Fiona doing exactly as they were sans clothing.

“Ahem!” Judy had sneaked up behind Simon’s chair. Well walked up to behind it actually, there was no need for sneaking! The pair may have eventually noticed if the building fell down around them but Judy wasn’t even taking bets on that. “Simon and Fiona seem to have anticipated the next game and decided to get in some sneaky practice. Did you look at my notes for the games Fiona?” She didn’t wait for a red faced Fiona to answer but carried on, “While kissing, you must alternately breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth allowing your partner to breathe your air. They will then breathe out then in through their nose, then out through their mouth allowing you to breathe in the air from their lungs. I am sure our two volunteers here will be eager to demonstrate. You have ten minutes to practice, then err come up for air if you need to before we time you and see who can last the longest. If you giggle and lose it you are out. If you need to break to cough or sneeze likewise. I will be going around checking that none of you are just snogging and both partners breathing normally through their noses.”

The amount of giggling in the room indicated that Fiona and Simon faced little if any competition from some of those nearest them and Simon proved he was capable of multitasking as his hands explored the smooth skin of his partner’s back and while he had just been enjoying the feel of her bare skin on his hands and arms, he did confirm the lack of bra straps around her back.

“Practising over, the kissing competition starts in three minutes.” Fiona and Simon ignored the deadline. “One minute!” Simon noticed Fiona’s hands were also exploring. “And Go!” Somehow they had slipped into the rhythm of sharing their breathing so well that they didn’t even need to do it consciously any more. The fact that every other breath didn’t contain as much oxygen meant breathing more deeply and rapidly than normal but other emotions and urges may possibly have been even bigger drivers in this for our two protagonists. The first drop outs from giggling were two of the girls paired together. Judy couldn’t make up her mind whether that was because they were uncomfortable doing it with their own sex or because they were too comfortable with it.

Simon meanwhile was remembering at some level what had been ingrained by both his parents that he should never go past what the girl he was with limits were. Fortunately, Fiona sensed his indecision and guided his hands under her miniskirt and inside the blue knickers he wasn’t supposed to have seen yet. Neither noticed the flashes as Judy took Polaroid pictures of the snogging pairs. Two for each pair to take away with them. Eyes closed, they didn’t even notice when evidence was taken that his hands had strayed into territory previously unexplored by him except in dreams.

Why had he not met Fiona earlier in his life? The irony that this was more the thought of a thirty or forty-year-old rather than one at the tender age of eighteen did not occur to him till much later that night.

“Ahem!” Judy had to repeat herself more loudly but still to no avail. She resorted to bellowing,

“And the winners are, Simon and Fiona!” Their lips finally parted and hands were removed from compromising positions. “And your prise is,” She paused to build suspense, “You get to spend tonight in the first guest bedroom!” Whoops and wolf whistles followed. There were other games and competitions, some they did well in some not so well. At some point, Simon put a finger into the telephone dial, turning it in the familiar pattern 78292.

“Hi mum, I am sleeping over at Judy’s house. I will be back after helping tidy up in the morning.”

“Yes dear. Don’t forget, don’t do anything she isn’t comfortable with. And we would like to meet her at some point.” His mother was forty years or more ahead of her time in making sure her son Escort alanya didn’t do anything with a girl without consent.


“I was young once too dear, hard as that might be for you to imagine. I know what that tone in your voice means. Have fun.”His cock deflated. Why did talking to his mum do that? It wasn’t as if she was telling him not to do it. He needn’t have worried. Fifteen minutes later having showered first as directed by Fiona he was told,

“Close your eyes.” Tempted as he was he didn’t attempt to peek as she came out of the bathroom, finished drying herself and removed the towel she had been wearing. He was well beyond half mast even before she gave him the instruction,

“Look at me.” Half mast moved rapidly to full mast as he took in her perfect form, her A cup breasts that meant the only time she needed a bra was when she didn’t want her nipples to show, nipples that were now jutting out erect from her tits. A dark, almost black triangle of pubic hair that was just a fraction darker than that on her head. No worries about not being shaved, Fiona stood Proud in her birthday suit in a day long before shaving became popular. (Actually in Britain, the vast majority still don’t shave.)

Despite his assessment of her body, Simon was able to look in her eyes as he told her how much he liked what he saw and that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her eyes twinkled as she asked,

“Oh yes. And how many naked women have you seen standing in front of you?”

“Three.” She felt a stab having hoped she was the first which quickly dissipated as he finished, “If you count my four and six year old sisters.”

“Bastard! You said that to wind me up didn’t you? Come here and kiss me.” The kiss clearly took priority over answering her question. Still careful, not wanting to overstep the mark, he moved his hands towards her breasts. She took them in her own hands and placed them there. You can kiss my nipples if you want.

“Are bears catholic?” He asked before getting to work.

“Doofus.” She responded to his mixed metaphors before relaxing into the sensations running through her body. They moved to the bed where under the pillows Simon had slipped the condoms he had bought the previous day. He had survived the blood rushing to his face when served by Julie who asked,

“Who is the lucky girl then?” Simon forgave her knowing that her teasing was not malicious in intent.

She guided his left hand down across her flat stomach to her slit. He felt her wetness and started to slowly explore her lips, spreading her lubrication around, his mind trying to remember all the different tricks he had read were, “guaranteed to get the girl to cum.”

Fortunately Simon was also paying attention to Fiona’s reactions. He soon learned that doing that and responding appropriately was far more effective than following a formula.

“That is so much better than when I do it myself.” Fiona sighed.

“You do this to yourself?” Fiona laughed at Simon’s shocked voice.

“And how often do you wank yourself off?” She asked, amusement plain in her tone.

“Twice a day most days, maybe four times if it is a weekend.”

“Don’t you think us girls have needs too? Don’t Tony’s porn mags tell you anything?”

“How do you know about that?” Simon managed while moving his index finger up to her clitoris.

“Yes! In case you hadn’t noticed, Julie whom you went on a date with. (She says you are a very nice person by the way.) is Tony’s sister. She said you were the only one who spent more time reading them than looking at the pictures.” So much for his stash being secret! He pushed a finger deep inside Fiona’s well lubricated channel, while his thumb worked on her love button. He was rewarded by her hips lifting off the bed in an attempt to push his finger in deeper. His frigging of her

up in response to the encouragement. The verbal reaction out of context would have been incoherent but despite his lack of experience Simon knew exactly what it meant. He felt exulted and decided to push his luck.

“Can I kiss you there?”

“Damn right you can!” Doing so, Simon was as careful to pay attention to what worked and what didn’t as he had been when using his fingers. It was not long before he decided it was a taste he liked really liked so he kept going, switching between her lips, tunnel and clitoris in an orgy of self satisfaction till she exploded again. “Make love to me now.” Fiona was almost pleading.

Retrieving one of the rubbers he managed to get it on more quickly than when he had practised.

“Slowly. It is my first time.”

“Mine too. We can learn together.”

Fiona, knowing her own anatomy better took his thickness between her fingers and guided it to her opening. Simon tried to keep the pace slow but Fiona wasn’t having any of it. Once used to his girth her hips rose up to meet his dictating the pace. Simon quickly worked out who the boss was and reciprocated, driving him towards the goal. If he hadn’t jerked of twice already that day, he would never have lasted the pace. As it was, he kept going till the heat and squeezing of his head as he popped out of her entrance before pushing back in got too much and his hot seed started to fill the rubber. Such was the force of his orgasm, he was starting to doubt his earlier manual activities. Thought went out of the window as he felt Fiona’s vagina’s rhythmic squeezing of his cock.

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The Enforcer Ch. 06

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This part continues right where the last ended, if you have not read it, I strongly urge you to do so. I woke up with Maya on my left and Candy on my right, thinking how great my life was. They were both still sound asleep, hugging me closely. I could feel their love, and I basked in my own love for both of these wonderful women.

I lay still waiting for the two to wake. Maya was first and casually looked at me as she opened her eyes and said: “I can’t remember waking up beside a man. Actually now that I think of it, you are the only man I don’t mind being naked beside.”

I smiled and said: “I have never woken up between two women that I loved; I have woken up between two women I have made love to, but I have never really felt love for them.”

Maya looked at me a little puzzled and said: “I have not even kissed you, and we certainly have not made love, so why do you say you love me?”

I smiled and replied casually: “I may never get to touch you, I don’t even care. I love Candy and she loves you. Seeing you two together I have fallen in love with you, regardless of what happens between us. I love you because you make Candy happy. And when Candy is happy, I am happy. That and you two look so nice together I can’t help it.”

Maya smiled and said: “Well that’s a first for me, but I am starting to love you too, and the only reason I can find is that you accept my love for Candy.” She looked at me and said: “Mind you, you have such a gentle touch, and a kind heart, that I could see myself falling for you. Heck, I have to say I am physically attracted to you.”

I replied with tenderness in my voice: “I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was very attracted to you, and I would most definitely make love to you if you asked.”

I felt Candy move a little and heard her say: “Stop playing guys, I know you would both love to fuck, just admit it already.”

Maya and I blushed at Candy’s bluntness, Maya spoke first: “Candy, show a little tact. I have not made love to a man, ever. I have had boyfriends, and have fooled around, but I have never permitted a man to take me.”

I spoke up next: “Candy, you must remember that we are not all bikers and that we are not all sex crazed maniacs.”

Candy looked at me and teasingly said: “I am a sex addict; you can both vouch for that.” We both nodded, “And I can tell you that you’re also both sex machines. You try to hide it, but neither of you can keep your hands off me.”

Maya and I blushed again. Maya looked at me and said: “I am willing to admit it, I love to make love to her and I am pretty certain I would enjoy making love to you also.”

I smiled and said: “I will admit it, I need to make love four times a day to be happy. And yes if you want me, I would make love to you until you asked me to stop.”

Candy piped up and said: “Now that that is out of the way, will you two fuck already? I don’t want any barriers between us.”

Maya looked at me and said: “Well I was thinking about it, but this is kind of sudden. Oh well, Vinny do you want to be the first man to make love to me?”

I smiled and said: “I would be honoured. When do you want me to make love to you?”

Maya smiled and said: “I was thinking we could shower together, and then see where things led us. Candy can even participate if she wishes.”

I replied: “I would not have it any other way.”

Candy smiled and said: “Cool! I am so ready for this, let’s get to it.”

Maya and I smiled as Maya said softly: “We need a few minutes alone. You want us to make love more than we want to, let us shower together then you can join us, ok?”

Candy was a little disappointed, but smiled as she said: “I will be waiting for you here.” Maya and I headed to the shower; both of us naked, we did not meet anybody on route. We walked into the bathroom and as I closed the door, she said: “Fuck, she can be hard to stomach at times.”

I looked at Maya lovingly and said: “She is special, but she means well.”

Maya’s eyes filled with tears as she said: “I love her, but if she does not layoff a little I may not be able to stay. I am starting to get annoyed with her already.” I moved to Maya’s side and hugged her close as she laid her face on my chest. She cried a little while I softly stroked her hair trying to comfort her. Maya quickly stopped crying and looked up, her eyes met mine; admiration filled them as she said: “You know, I have never before felt comfortable in a man’s arms, well except my father’s, maybe.” She moved my face to hers and placed a gentle kiss upon my lips.

I held her close as she pulled away and said: “I never thought I would be able to say this to a man, but I feel good being around you. I can see why Candy loves you so much.”

I hugged her close and said casually: “Let me massage you a little while I wash your back. I am certain you’ll feel a lot better after a shower.” Maya nodded as we opened the curtain and climbed in. I turned on the water, setting the temperature, before activating the shower head. Soon the water Alanya Escort escort hit our skin, a little on the cold side for Maya who let out a yelp, and moved closer to me. I shielded her from the water, being quite indifferent to its temperature.

She looked into my eyes and said: “Doesn’t the cold water bother you?”

I held her close and said: “I was a boy scout, I really don’t mind. I have showered in colder water, and bathed in glacial streams; this is nothing to me.”

Maya hugged me close and said: “How can such a tough guy as you have such a gentle touch?”

I smiled and said: “I have a locksmithing licence. You have to have a gentle touch to pick locks or safes, and I am very good at it.”

Maya looked at me questioningly and said: “How the hell did you get into that?”

I smiled and said: “I will have to explain it a later time; it’s a long story.”

She hugged me close and said: “Ok, for now, but you have to promise you will tell me more about yourself at some point, I am very curious now.” I nodded. The water had warmed up and Maya moved back into the now comforting stream. I began to gently massage her shoulders; quickly all the tension in her muscles faded and she began moaning softly as I continued my ministrations. I picked up the soap and started lathering her up. Remaining on her back, I reached her firm cheeks and slowly soaped them up, not feeling any reluctance from her, I washed them slowly.

I moved my hands down her legs, soaping them up thoroughly and when I reached her feet she turned so I could do the front of her body. Gradually I made my way back up, avoiding her exposed sex. I spent a long time washing her tender nipples, and she smiled and moaned, her face filled with lust. I asked: “May I do between your legs?”

Maya smiled and said: “You don’t need to ask that, of course you can.” I smiled as I moved to a kneeling position and soaped up my hands. My left moved slowly to her pussy, soaping up the outside with loving tenderness. When she began to slump a little I moved my right hand behind her and let my index finger trace down the crack of her ass. She shivered slightly as my finger brushed her rosebud. I moved my other hand to her pussy, slowly introducing my soapy fingers into her soft folds. She shivered and sighed deeply as I soaped up her outer labia.

Maya started to grind her groin into my left hand as I delved further into her depths. My soapy fingers explored the shallows of her pussy as I brought my index finger back to her rosebud and making certain it was still soapy, I applied pressure to her anus. She gasped at the unexpected contact but slowly she relaxed herself and my finger started to slide into her body. Her hands went to my head, playing in my tangled hair. I looked up, meeting her eyes, and saw her face filled with lust as she smiled at me. I returned to the task at hand and with subtle and loving attention my finger plunged further into her rectum.

I found her engorged clit and rolling back its sheath, I lovingly teased it with my tongue, enjoying the mild taste of her unique secretions. Before I realized it Maya was cumming violently. I held on to her as her body convulsed and shivered, and just as quickly as it has started it ended. All strength gone from her body, Maya fell limply against me and as her knees folded I slowly lowered her body as I rose. When I felt her supple breast rub against my shoulder I removed my right hand from her ass and grabbed a hold of her small frame, supporting her as I stood up, bringing her back to her feet.

Maya, too weak to support herself, tried to raise her head. Seeing her distress, I moved my left hand to her chin, aiding her effort. Our eyes met and she quietly said: “That was amazing Vinny.” Then she kissed me passionately. As our kiss went on I felt her body tense up and as she shivered. Her strength returning, I felt her weight shifting back to her legs as the passion in her embrace increased. She broke our kiss; once again able to stand on her own she moved her lips to my ear and whispered: “I love you Vinny.”

We hugged closer. I could feel our love growing and could only hope Candy would be able to understand, but I hoped she could, letting the thought pass. Maya asked with tenderness: “Do you want me to wash you now?”

I held her close and said: “That is a very big task, but if you want to wash my back while I do my chest, I would appreciate it.” Maya smiled and moved behind me. I softly added: “If you want to wash my cock after you’re done I could save it for you.”

Maya gleefully responded: “God do I ever! Don’t you dare touch it!” She teasingly slapped my ass to add strength to her point as she said: “If you even dare to try and clean it I will kick your ass so hard your children will feel it.” We both laughed at the absurdity of a tiny little girl, less than a third of my size, threatening me.

I coyly replied: “I am sorry, please don’t hurt little old me.” Maya slapped me for being silly, but continued giggling Alanya Escort bayan as she began to lather up my back. I worked on my massive arms and chest as she made her way down to my ass. She aggressively groped my cheeks as she washed them thoroughly; she even teased my asshole with her index finger, probing it gently. I bent forward slightly to be able to wash my thighs, which inadvertently giving her better access to my ass. I was a little surprised as her finger probed ever more deeply; it surprised me even more that I was actually enjoying the feeling.

I let her toy with my rear passage while I finished washing my legs; Maya even had the nerve to insert two fingers into my ass and I could not help getting harder as she continued to explore me. My thoughts lingered on the implications of me enjoying this as Maya said: “I am glad to see that this type of simulations works as well on men as it does on women.” I looked back at her surprised, she giggled and said playfully: “Your expression reminds me of Candy’s when I first played with her ass.”

I replied: “I thought she would have been hesitant for anal play after what Snake did to her ass.”

Maya smiled as she said: “She was, but I have brought her so much joy using her ass that she is almost addicted now.” I yelped as I felt Candy moving three of her small fingers into my rear passage. She demurely said: “I am certain I will get you there soon too.”

I stood back up and said: “The hell you will.” She spread her fingers in my ass and my cock twitched at the feeling, as I replied softer: “Ok, maybe, but if you ever do that to me in front of the guys you’re dead.”

Maya lovingly said: “Now why would that happen?”

I smiled and teasingly said: “That’s easy; Candy and I make love in front of the boys once in a while. I am certain she will drag you into that soon.”

Maya was aghast as she said: “Never! I can deal with you watching, hell I want you in the action, but no way is she going to turn me into an attraction!”

I smiled and said: “I thought the same way, but we both know Candy gets what she wants, and we’re both too smitten to not give in.”

Maya sighed and solemnly replied: “I hate to admit it, but you’re right.” She removed her fingers from my ass and turned me to face her as she hugged me close. “Vinny, how did you fall in love with such a brat?”

I held Maya close and said: “Same reason as you, I am sure. It’s her innocent charm.”

Maya laughed as she said: “Yep! That’s what got me too.” We hugged closely as she said: “You are so much more my type than her.” She looked at me with softness in her eyes as she continued, “I am really looking forward to losing my virginity to you.”

I lovingly replied: “I am also looking forward to it; I have really fallen in love with you.”

Maya smiled as she said: “And I have fallen in love with you too.” We kissed deeply; Maya moved her hands to my engorged member, smiling as she wrapped her hands around it: “Let me clean you up, then we can make love, I have always wanted to know how such a big thing would fit in my small body.” She lathered up my cock and balls, going quickly, it was not unpleasant, but it was obvious she wanted to do something other than play with it. She was really anxious to make love and it showed.

Maya rinsed my cock off quickly and moved, positioning my cock to her virgin pussy. I moved my hands to her hips as she was about to thrust me deep into her body and she looked at me questioningly as I said: “Maya, I know you’re anxious to feel me in your body, but I am sizable and if tried it right now it would be both unpleasant and harmful to you.” She looked at me worried, “I can fit in your body, and I will make love to you fully, but please let me set the pace. It will feel a lot better if we take it gently.”

Maya’s eyes pleaded as she said: “Vinny, fuck me hard. I want to feel a man inside me, and I don’t care if it hurts.” She grabbed my hips hard and tried to impale herself on me, I was gentle but steadfast as I held her body in place. She looked at me hurt and said as tears welled up in her eyes: “Why won’t you want to fuck me?”

I picked her up by the hips, moving her pussy over my cock. I brought her close to my body and hugged her as I said: “I love you too much to hurt you and I will not let you do something you will regret. Please understand that I desperately want to make love to you, but I want you to remember it fondly, not as painful experience.”

She sobbed into my shoulder as she hugged me close and slowly her body relaxed against mine. As I felt her relax I moved my left hand to her pussy and worked one of my fingers deep into her body, inciting her to moan into my ear. Feeling that she was already very wet I pulled my finger out of her and moved back into her body with two fingers this time. Maya’s breathing quickened as I pistoned tenderly into her body. I removed my two fingers and let a third join them as I slid slowly back into her wanton hole and she bit down on my shoulder.

Her Escort alanya vagina was stretching to take my fingers and her body was still trying to resist my hand. The increasing strength of her bite on my shoulder told me she was feeling a little pain. I let her body adjust to my hand. Slowly feeling her mouth relax on my shoulder, I saw a drop of reddened water roll down between her lovely breasts, telling me she had drawn blood. I hardly felt any pain and just put it out of my mind.

Maya upon seeing the blood on my shoulder tensed as she worried: “Vinny you’re bleeding, I am so sorry, please let me patch you up.”

I held her firmly against my body as I said: “Don’t worry Maya; it’s not even a scratch. It will stop bleeding before we’re even done here.”

Maya moved her face back, her body relaxing again. She turned my face to hers and as she looked into my eyes, she said: “I just bit you, and you’re still bleeding. Doesn’t it even bother you?”

I smiled and said: “I have pulled knives from my arms before, a little bite is nothing to me; I hardly felt it. Actually were it not for the reddish drip between your breasts I might never have known you drew blood. I may be tender and soft with you, but I can shatter bones with my bare hands, and have even crushed a cinder block between my fingers.”

Maya kissed me softly as she said: “You can’t be human. There is no way a man can be both so tough and so tender.”

I smiled and kissed her softly as I pulled my hand from her body, a moan escaped her mouth as she was reminded of how open she was at the moment. I broke our kiss and said: “You’re open enough for me to enter you without pain. Will you promise to let me do the work as I enter you, so that I do it you slowly enough for me to gradually stretch the rest of your vagina?” Maya smiled and gave a little nod.

I grabbed her by the hips once more and moved her body far enough away for me to place my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I moved tenderly into her body, stopping a few inches in as I felt her passage constrict around my engorged member. Her hymen had no doubt been ruptured before, but she was very tight, so I slowly pushed myself in a little further. Feeling her body resist, I stopped, letting her upper body rest on mine as I said: “This may hurt a little; you’re very tight. Please feel free to bite down on my shoulder again if it hurts. I’ll go slowly.”

Maya moved her head to my other shoulder. I knew if I was to fuck her that I would have to stretch her pussy a fair bit, and even though she would feel a rather stinging pain, it would be easiest if I entered her fully and let her body adjust to mine gradually. I pulled her hips to mine, feeling her body stretch to accommodate my size. As I continued she bit down hard again; my resolve never waning my journey progressed, taking almost a minute to get all the way in. By this time I could feel Maya’s warm tears running down my shoulder. She was tense and her nails dug deep into my back.

I hoped that I had not hurt her too much. Slowly her grip relaxed and her teeth released my shoulder. I had been in her fully for several minutes and could feel her body relaxing; it no longer tried to expel me. Maya’s gaze and mine met as she softly said: “I have never felt so full. Please make love to me.”

I kissed her passionately as I pulled myself from her depths, stopping with only the tip of my cock in her pussy. When I moved back into her she moaned. As I repeated the process, increasing my tempo slowly, her moans gradually turned to grunts. I continued my thrusts, soon feeling my orgasm nearing, and all of a sudden we climaxed together, my semen filling her small body. Her body fell limply against mine as the final traces of her orgasm faded.

I waited holding her close until she was able to speak again. As her strength returned she whispered into my ear: “That was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced.” We hugged for several minutes while her body continued to recover. When she could stand again we ended our shower and I dried her body off. She had a new glow to her as we walked back to join Candy. We had taken so long that she was asleep again.

Maya giggled quietly as she motioned me closer to her, when I was in ear shot she whispered: “Let’s tease her a little.”

I smiled wickedly and whispered back: “What do you have in mind?”

Maya replied as quietly as possible: “Candy has always enjoyed having her breasts sucked, you take the left and I will take the right one.” I nodded as we moved to Candy’s naked body. Drawing back the sheet covering her small frame, we noticed that her hand was still on her pussy, slowly teasing herself; she was smiling as she slept. Maya and I moved over her body; bringing our mouths to her turgid nipples. We both began to subtly tease Candy’s nipples with our tongues, eliciting a deep sigh. Our mouths moved closer, our lips locking on to Candy’s exposed mammary flesh.

Maya and I continued toying with Candy’s breasts, she began to stir, her hands made their way to our heads, stroking our hair softly. Her eyes opened sleepily as she caringly said: “Oh that feels great, thank you, I have never been awoken more enjoyably.” She stroked both our cheeks as she said: “It’s so nice to be surrounded by those you love.”

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