The Woods

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Big Dicks

I send you a text telling you I was going to take my VW for a drive and ask if you want to go, you say yeah you’ll go. We’re driving down the road heading no where really just out for a drive on a warm summer day. It’s pretty hot and muggy and you can feel the moisture in air, it’s definitely the air you can wear. The top is down the radio up my hair tied back in a rubber band so that way it’s not going crazy as I’m driving down the road. I have on a white sleeveless shirt with an airy skirt that’s not tight and today, no panties. We cruise down the road enjoying the freedom from other people, talking about nothing in particular.

You keep glancing my way looking at my chest then down at my legs because my skirt has ridden up a little in the car. My tits are hard because it’s so hot out and I’m sweating a bit but the air-conditioning is on and making them cold because of the wetness in the air plus I’m horny. We get out of the city and neighboring communities radio still on, you reach over and cup my breast and just sit there for a couple of minutes making sure it’s ok when you realize it’s ok, you continue to massage it, moving from one to the other

You unbutton my shirt and see my bra snaps in the front you undo my bra and continue massaging and squeezing my tits. I glance at your lap and notice you’re starting to enjoy yourself, a small moan escapes my lips letting you know I enjoy this. You take this as your queue to continue. You lean over and begin kissing my neck as we’re going down the road, this gets me instantly wet and my nipples stand even harder. I decide to have a little fun with you, keeping one hand on the wheel I pull my skirt up over my ass so I’m no longer sitting on it. I am bare ass on the seat leaving a wet spot on the leather. I take your hand from my chest and place it on the inside of my knee. Belek travesti You try and push up further but since I’m driving it’s my way! I move your hand back down and let it rest there for a couple of seconds.

As you continue sucking my neck it makes me hotter and hotter. You lean in a little further and place your mouth on my right tit. I was not expecting this and jerked the wheel a bit too hard we both start laughing and you put your head back down. My fingernails dig into the back of your hand as this feels really good. I slide your hand a littler further up my thigh and you can feel the heat radiating from my core. I take your hand and place it on the seat in front of my pussy not only do you feel the heat but you feel the wetness as well. You moan with delight and bit my nipple lightly in excitement which gets a louder moan out of me. I take your hand and guide you closer to me. You start stroking the outside lips as I continue to drive you lift your head and look at me; I am biting my lip and trying to concentrate on the road. My eyes blinking heavily because this feels good I look over at you with yet another evil grin on my face.

I slide down in the seat a little and place two of your fingers inside my wet waiting pussy. You have a shocked look on your face as mine shows nothing but pleasure. I bite my lip and close my eyes for a brief second as waves of pleasure overtake my body. You continue finger fucking me and kissing my neck. You begin rubbing my clit with your thumb and pinch gently with your index finger and thumb. I moan your name really loud as more wetness comes rushing out. About this time it starts to rain we pull over to the side of the road so I can put the top up. You pull your fingers out, however before you can do anything else I grab hold of your wrist and stick your Kemer travesti fingers in my mouth and suck off all my juices. Your pants growing stiffer with each passing second we get the top and windows up, I think to myself this would be a great opportunity to fulfill one of my fantasies. Being fucked in the woods while it’s raining as I grab the keys and take off for the woods I grab your wrist and pull you along behind me.

We get to some downed trees away from the road and I tell you this is perfect. I take off my shirt and bra lean back on my elbows on one of the fallen trees. I lift my leg on the other. I look over at you and you’re just staring I ask you if you need an invitation. You come over to me and I tell you how bad I need to feel you inside of me right now. Rain pounding down on us; my hair getting wetter by the minute I look up at the cloudy sky and as I have my head tilted up, I didn’t notice you sink to your knees in front of me until you licked my pussy. You caught me totally off guard and I shrieked. You wrap your hand around my thigh and pull me into your face as to say, you’re not getting away from this. You continue licking me. You look up at my face and see that I’m totally enjoying this. Moaning louder and getting closer to release with each passing minute.

After a couple of minutes you move your hand from my thigh to my ass. You cup my cheek and pull me into you again. It feels so good I place my hand on the back of your head and pull you into me. You dip your tongue into my center. This excites me very much; you lick from my opening back up to my clit. After a few more minutes of teasing me you move your hand from my ass and insert two fingers again while licking me. You feel my muscles clench around your fingers and me moan. My breathing getting shorter and shorter, knowing Konyaaltı travesti I’m close. After a few seconds of this you hear me moan. “omg I’m cumming”

You wrap your free hand around my ass and pull me into you and feel me cum on your face. When I am finished my body dripping wet not only from the rain but from cumming hard; I look at you and the stiffness in your pants again. I cup my hand around your bulge and give a gentle squeeze. I press my wet shirtless body into you and lick your lips to taste myself once more. I give you another grin as I drop to my knees and take your full length into my mouth.

I slide my mouth up and down your shaft deep throating every bit of you that I can. Once you’re nice and hard I tell you to fuck me. I turn my back to you and give you a smile over my shoulder. I lean over the tree and pull my skirt up. You place yourself behind me and enter me from behind. I take a sharp breath and let it out in a moan due to the orgasm I just had by your tongue and now you’re filling me. As you move in and out with your hands on my hips I feel you twitch. I back into your thrusts so you can hit hard as you pull my hips into you. I ask you to gently pull my hair. As you pull my hair I gently stand up and press my back into you. You begin sucking my neck as your fucking me. I lean back down and tell you to slap my ass, you do this and it gives me so much pleasure you fell me starting to tighten around you.

You move your hands back to my hips and continue pounding into me. You feel me orgasm around you again. My moans are lost in the rain as I know you’re ready for your own release. I drop to my knees and pump you with my hand. I slide my mouth up and down you again until you’re ready to cum. I place my mouth in front of your dick just as you start to spurt. I get most of it in my mouth but some lands on my chin and drips to my chest. I wipe it off with my fingers and lick it off. I look up at you with the same trademark grin of mine and you just roll your eyes and laugh. I grab my shirt and bra and head back to the car with a huge smile on my face.

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The Wife’s Friends

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A couple years back my wife and I made a trip down to Maryland for an old friend’s wedding. In the car was me and my wife Jen and her good friend Megan. We had all grown up together in a small town and had raised our share of hell. Our friend Amanda was getting married and we were all excited for a party.

I was young when I got hitched but much younger when I first started dating Jen. She’s 5′ 4″ with dark auburn hair that burns red in the sun. She has nice curves, thin but with enough meat to grab a hold of, and a great rack. All natural 36Cs with giant pink nipples that screw up into knots at the slightest attention. Her tits are great but her pussy is by far her greatest feature. She keeps a short small patch of hair above thin bright pink lips that beg to be pulled apart. I love burying my tongue as deep as I can in that snatch and sucking her lips into my mouth. She has the sweetest taste and she could crack walnuts in her pussy’s grip. The first time she climbed on top of me and bounced her ass off, milking me of every drop of cum I had, I was hooked.

I had remained quasi faithful to my wife the entire time. By quasi I mean I never fucked anyone else but I had done some heavy petting and salacious flirting from time to time usually when I’d been drinking. But don’t judge me; I’m not sure she could make the same claim. After our trip to Maryland for Amanda’s wedding I couldn’t either.

Actually Amanda is one of the girls I had fooled around with in the past. We tended to be two of the last ones standing after many of our group’s booze soaked nights full of dancing and good natured tomfoolery. We would sit up and sing and blabber at each other. Amanda is a little plumper but not fat. The payoff is her Tits (I’m capitalizing that on purpose)! She has two fantastic melons. Each one could fill a baseball cap. And she always liked to show them off. I’ve spent hours staring into that cleavage and she never seemed to mind.

The closest we had come was the year before. She had come up for the weekend and we were out at their camp. Jen had to work the next morning and so had left early. That left me, Amanda, and her fiancé Ricky. He is a bit of a lush just like us so we were both surprised when he said he was heading to bed.

Amanda and I drank into the night just rapping with each other laughing over old times. Late in the night we both ended up sitting close together on the couch. I was glued to her tits. We were very comfortable with each other and our bodies unconsciously sought contact with each other. We draped over each other while we laughed or held onto shoulders while telling stories.

The room was full of sexual tension but I was kind of fooling myself that that was not where the night was heading. It was building, though, and soon we were both damn near panting while we talked.

The bullshit ended when she leaned in to stress something and placed her hand on my thigh. It was her hand furthest from me so it opened her body up right in front of me and her Tits were practically heaving. I don’t know how long I’d been hard but the light squeeze of her hand while she was talking had my dick throbbing. It felt like the helmet was going to burst. There was only a hands width between her fingers and my tip and I was sure she could feel it bouncing around in my shorts.

Still chatting amiably, I placed my hand over hers and slid it down my leg to the end of my shorts and onto the bare skin of my knee and released it leaving the next step up to her. Without missing a beat she slid her hand back up my thigh this time inside my short’s leg. The movement brought her face close to me and I kissed her our tongues brushing seductively. She kissed me back hungrily as her hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock. I normally rock a solid 8 inches but I was so hard I could have been pushing 8.5. With a reversed grip she pumped it recklessly stopping only long enough to slide her fingers all over the straining crown. I thought I was going to erupt right there.

I buried my head in her neck nibbling and licking at her ear and lightly pulling at her hair. She breathed into my ear, “You are so fucking hard!” while she squeezed. I could feel precum flowing freely. I fumbled at her huge tits and pressed my face into her cleavage. I pulled at her buttons and tore her shirt off her. She had to let go of my dick to take it off and then knelt down in front of me on the floor. She was laughing as she reached behind her and undid her bra. Her tits were magnificent giant a dark nipples.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” She wasn’t waiting for an answer. She had a crazy glint in her eyes while she attacked my buttons. She pulled my shorts and briefs down in one quick yank and when my dick came out I felt a swell of pride. Veins stood out all over it and it looked downright huge when she wrapped her small hand around it. The head was bulging purple and looked big enough to choke a horse.

I slid to the front of the couch and pulled her close enough to slide my raging cock between her mounds. “I have been fantasizing about fucking these tits for Lara Travesti years!” I growled.

Amanda took control of the situation grabbing a massive breast in each hand. With authority she told me, “These tits are going fuck you,” and began pumping them on my dick. She occasionally slid my dick up as far as it would go and licked at the tip. Her hot tongue swirled around the lid and I couldn’t hold back a groan.

Just then the toilet flushed in the other room. Ricky was awake! She jumped up and scampered into the kitchen with her shirt to put it back on thinking he was going to step into the room at any moment. I scrambled with my shorts and managed to get them up and sat back with my heart thudding in my chest and my eyes glued to the bedroom door.

It never opened. He must have got up to piss and went back to bed. The damage was done though as the moment was over. Amanda came back in the room looking very guilty. “We can’t be doing this.” She was looking at the bedroom door. “What were we thinking?”

It was clear we weren’t going to finish what we had started but my dick was slow getting the message. The front of my shorts was tented. “Oh Christ!” I exhaled in exasperation, “I guess we were getting carried away.”

She was looking directly at my cock which was not helping it to calm down. “Aw, you’re going to get blue balls. I’m sorry.” She didn’t look too sorry.

“I think I can get the situation in hand,” I said with a wink while I rubbed at my cock through my shorts to relieve the pressure. I felt like a sneeze would make me cum.

She surprised me with, “Can I watch?” Her eyes were lit up with excitement. “That’s not cheating is it?”

I needed the release and the idea of her watching only turned me on more so I slid my shorts back down and took it in hand. I started pulling at a steady pace occasionally running my thumb over the tip to tease my building climax. She knelt again in front of me to watch and slid a hand between her legs to rub at herself. It didn’t take long and I felt my load building. My hand was a blur as I worked it harder. I held onto the spurt as long as I could trying to build up a real impressive shot.

The white hot electricity at the tip of my cock was unbearable. As my breath became halting and my balls tightened she could sense my upcoming burst. She thrust her chest at me, “Cum on my tits. Do it cover my tits.”

I came. Hard. White ropes of cum shot onto the tops of her tits. I mean I painted those bitches white. One rambunctious short even hit her chin. I leaned back exhausted my dick in hand and still throbbing out drizzles of cum. Amanda laughed and took my dick from me. She gave it a couple quick pumps and leaned in and licked the tender slit. I think I shuddered. She gave it one final exaggerated smooch on the tip and stood up.

“I think I need to go to bed,” She blew me a kiss and winked. “It would have been really, really good too.”

Okay, now that I’ve written it out, I suppose you could make a case that that was cheating. I didn’t fuck her though, but goddamn I would have.

The incident never repeated itself and it became an inside joke between us. A couple months later she was engaged to be married. I suppose there was one other time at the end of a visit when I was giving her a hug goodbye. Nobody else was in the room at the time and my cock was hard and pressing into her. She shifted her body to run her hip down the length of my shaft and let me know she felt it.

“Easy now. We can’t have anymore of that foolishness,” she said but I noticed she was pressing her tits, which were prominently displayed, at me when she said it.

“One last motorboat, whadaya say?” I ask while taking those marvelous globes in hand. When she laughed I buried my face in her cleavage and shook them for all they were worth.

“Okay that’s enough.” She accentuated it with a firm squeeze of my junk. We kissed and separated. She left and that was it.

That was actually the last time I had seen them before we headed down south for their wedding. It was a four hour drive and I sat in the back contenting myself with daydreaming about fucking Amanda in her wedding dress in the changing room while everyone waited in the chapel. There is something about those big white dresses that make me want to push a bride up against a counter, throw the train over her head, and plow away at their pussy. Never have though. Even at my own wedding the wife was too tired to fuck.

We got to the wedding, late as usual, and it quickly became clear that my fantasy would go unfulfilled. We barely saw Amanda or Ricky and when we did it was quick and cordial.

After mentally fucking the bride for the last four hours, I was horny as all get out and constantly at the wife. Jen brushed me off telling me to calm down and maybe she would repay me later. Never happened. The wedding was cute and the reception a blast. We danced a lot.

I spent a lot of time flirting with Megan but that was nothing new. She was fun to flirt with and despite a number of accusations we had always kept it at just Manavgat travesti flirting.

That night went long and we all got pretty toasted. At one point I walked into the bathroom to find Ricky’s dad hammering away at the maid of honor. She was a rail of a thing. Small pert tits and a defined muscular stomach. He had caught the garter and she had caught the bouquet earlier which at weddings around here means he had to slide the garter up her leg with the belief being that the higher he goes the longer the bridal couple will be together. I didn’t look like Amanda and Ricky would ever be breaking up. He must have found something up there that he liked because he was now balls deep in her.

They were so into it that they barely noted me. I fixed that by pulling my prick from my shorts and swinging it around. It was in that sweet spot between hard and soft that makes your dick look like it has the potential to be a monster. “Any room for a third?” I asked.

I got a smile from her and my cock got a definite look of interest. But Ricky’s dad was not impressed. “Get outa here you little shit,” he dismissed me with a wave of his hand while he continued to plow away at her. I laughed and clapped him on the back and then went about my business and got out of there.

I can’t say for certain but I think a lot of people got fucked that night and not all of them were dancing with who brought them if you know what I mean. Wasn’t to be for me though. There was dancing and flirting and a quite bit of drinking but I when I went to bed it was just me and my passed out girl.

I woke up early the morning after the wedding as I often do after a hard night of drinking. Too drunk to sleep, I guess. My fiancé and I had half the double room and Megan had the other bed to herself. I couldn’t help myself when I woke so I went about making sure both ladies were awake to keep me entertained. They cursed me but they were both half drunk still also. Soon enough we were all joking and ribbing each other.

There was a sexy feeling to the room. I don’t know if it was left over from the wedding and ribald reception or the culmination of our decade long flirty triangle being confronted with the intimacy of a morning bedroom. A bit of both I think.

Jen (understandably) was always the most uncomfortable with the relationship of the three of us. It showed when she called shower and jumped to get to it. She wanted to get out of that room. The way she announced it was too loud or too quick. It was unnatural and it gave credence to the unspoken sex in the room increasing it tenfold.

Jen messed about gathering her shower things. It was still playful in the room but there was static to the conversation like we all had other things on our mind. I was sitting up in the pillows and as relaxed as only a drunk with no sleep can be and still in my dress clothes from yesterday. My cock was as hard as stone and proud in outline in my pant leg.

I was sneaking glances over at Megan. She had slept in her dress from the night before. I wasn’t there at the time but I heard she fell asleep before she hit the bed. She wore a simple light, light blue summer dress. Laying across that bed, her limbs comfortably tossed about, her hair sprawled on her pillow, her fantastic tits piled on her chest barely contained in the low silky cut, she was sexy. I could tell she was feeling how sexy she was. She caught me looking and smiled coyly. I couldn’t wait for Jen to go in the bathroom.

I was looking at Megan when the door finally closed. She rolled her head to look at me with mischievous eyes and her bottom lip pinched under her teeth. I felt compelled to stand up and watched her as I did. I wanted her to see how aroused I was. My cock was bulging against my pants. Her eyes were pulled to it and it had command of the room. She was lying on her back along the edge of her bed closest to me. I stepped up close to her face with my cock leading the way. I leaned against her bed putting my dick inches from her face.

We shared the shortest eye contact. It was all the green light we needed. She groped at my crotch running her hand up and down its length only pausing long enough to squeeze at the base. I felt like I could cum through my jeans. My hand found its way to the jiggling globe of her left tit. So much to squeeze and knead, so natural, nipples scrunched into hard nobs. She was working at my fly. In the bathroom I could hear Jen pulling things from her shower bag.

As Megan stripped my pants down to my knees, I began slowly pulling her dress up revealing inch after inch of milky thighs. As her dress pulled above her naked and beautifully trimmed pussy my cock throbbed a gob of precum into my briefs. The tip felt heavy enough to pulverize a building.

I had pulled one tit out of her dress and ran my hand down her body to her feverish mound. She was hot and wet and two of my finger slid easily into her. Megan ran her hand down my briefs highlighting every inch of my cock tracing a bulging vein with her fingernail. We had flirted and fucked about for years and Side travesti she had seen it briefly a time or two but now she had it right in front of her. I heard the shower kick to life. Her fingers spent a long time exploring the ridges of my helmet which seemed impossibly large.

Megan leaned in and licked from my throbbing tip to a swirl of my nuts. I was working her pussy with one hand and pulling her head to me with my other. She ran her tongue back down the entire length of my cock which was still shrouded in the thin layer of my briefs. When she reached the tip she smothered it in floppy kisses then sealed her lips to it and sucked viciously. I let the sensation build as long as I could and then pulled away from her. She looked back up at me with eyes that were glowing with lust.

At the same time we both glanced towards the bathroom. I could hear water splashing about in the shower. When Megan looked back to me I had pulled my cock out and it bobbed inches from her face. She giggled mischievously and positioned herself so that she lay on her back with her head turned towards me and grabbing the base of my cock in her right hand she fed it into her waiting mouth. I had been dreaming of fucking that warm mouth for years and now here it was slavering on my shaft with my fiance not 20 feet away. She had an odd angle but her suction was intense as she slid more and more of my cock into her mouth. I continued to rub and knead at her clit occasionally sliding fingers into her or straying away to grope at her bouncing tits or to grab at her exposed hip.

Megan bobbed away at my cock. Her tongue felt like it was everywhere at once. Her plump lips wrapped tight around it. She would pull back and focus that vicious suction on my glistening helmet. The tip of my dick is large and pronounced and begs for attention which I just happen to love. I began pumping my hips and fucking her face. She was willing and relaxed into lavishing me with her tongue as I pushed more of my cock into her mouth. With noticeable effort she relaxed her throat and my entire cock slid into mouth. She was deep throating me with ease as I plunged in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

She pulled her lips off my cock to catch her breath. While her hand mauled at my member I leaned in and pulled her head to me with a handful of her hair. We kissed like fresh faced, over eager porno stars while furiously masturbating each other. She pulled at my cock and broke our kiss to gulp it back down. I gave in willingly. Megan worked the ridges of my cap masterfully with her lips and tongue before inhaling half of my member in swift bobs.

Megan was moaning around my cock (which drives me wild) and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter under my hand. I felt a strong response to finger fucking her so I focused on that and she reciprocated with thrusting hips. Her blowjob was getting sloppy as her pussy pulled her attention away. My hand became a blur and she arched her back. Releasing my cock she tossed her head with her eyes closed as a small orgasm rushed through her and her pussy flushed against my hand.

As her hips came back down and her hand resumed its ministrations on my member I pulled my coated fingers from her snatch. On impulse I raised them to her mouth and she attacked them with the same vigor she had shown my cock. She sucked them clean and looked back up at me begging for a kiss. Again I leaned in and we shoved our tongues around each others mouths while I groped her heaving tits. I could taste her sweet juices.

I was thinking of rolling onto the bed and pulling her into a 69 when she broke the kiss. That went out the window when she looked me in the eye and spoke for the first time, “I want you to fuck me!” Who says no to that?

I stepped out of my pants that were pooled around my ankles as she rolled over on the bed. She positioned herself on all four with her ass above her ankles on the edge of the bed. She had left her dress on and I slid it slowly up her back to expose her luscious ass. Moaning she lowered her head to the bed presenting her full pouting pussy to me to do with as I pleased. I couldn’t resist leaning in and running my tongue up and down from her pubic patch to her puckered asshole and back. Her juices were flowing freely and I sucked at them.

“Do it.” She moaned partly muffled from the bed. “Put that fucking dick inside of me.”

I stood behind her fumbling with her ass cheeks and stretching them apart to display her shining pussy. “Don’t you worry,” I said, “Your gonna get what you want every goddamn inch of it.” I teased the head along her slit. “I am going to fuck you and then I am going to cum so deep inside of you that you’ll taste if for weeks.” It was crude but the situation had already taken on a very crude atmosphere.

She moaned again and pushed her pussy back towards me aching for me to enter her. “Please,” it was spoken in a whisper. I split her lips with my bulbous tip but didn’t penetrate her. I rubbed it up and down her slit, teasing her and myself and relishing in the anticipation. I heard a slight clatter from the bathroom. How long had it been? No idea. The water was still running so I assumed a shampoo or soap bottle had been dropped. Megan hadn’t heard. She was panting for my cock at this point, and I don’t think we could have backed away even if Jen had come out just then.

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The Very Best Ever

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This story begins in an office in Houston, Texas.

There was this girl by the name Georgina. She could have been a model for Playboy or Hustler magazines. She had gorgeous blue eyes, very sensuous lips, long blond hair with perky breasts, I’d put them at 36-C. She was about 5′ 7″, weighing around 115 pounds. Her butt was one of the best I’ve ever seen. In fact there wasn’t a day that went by that one of my colleagues didn’t mention his pleasure in following Georgina. What a walk! She had a walk that could make clergymen stir and wonder if they should switch vocations.

She was always wearing the sheerest of blouses, displaying her breasts in the ready to grab, fondle, suck or whatever fantasy thought you may have mode. She wore either a tight skirt or every now and then the sheerest of dresses.

Georgina was seriously dating a guy I’ll call Bill. This guy looked like a linebacker weighing 275 pounds and was at least 6′ 4″ tall and built like an ox. Rumor had it that they were planning to be married in less than six months.

Myself and this fellow by the name of Len, were on a temporary assignment in the Houston office, reassigned from our New York office. Len was good looking guy, but sort Üçyol travesti of behind the times. He was stuck in the 60s, loved Elvis and anything he said kind of revolved around Elvis, his music or that era, we were in the late 80s. He was not a very big fellow, 5’9″ weighing about 160 pounds.

Georgina had this huge crush on Len, and her boyfriend, Bill, knew it; and given the chance he’d send Len back to New York in a box. This one particular on Friday at around 5PM we received a telegram requesting that Len needed to go back to New York and that his assignment in Texas was now over. The following Monday, Georgina showed up with a bouquet of flowers for Len. When I told her that he was gone, she almost cried. Trying to comfort her, I said “what a lucky guy…to be liked so much”…she just sighed and left. Next day she came back and told me that he, Len, is not the lucky one and that I was. She then explained that I was there and Len was not…and would I care to have lunch with her.

Feeling shocked, I asked what would she like to eat. She kind of rearranged her golden hair, away from her eye, and said that all she wants to eat is ME. Well I can’t very well refuse such an invitation, Alanya Travesti can I? That day she was wearing a dress and her breasts seemed extra supple. We left and not knowing the area she directed me to this dead end street and told me to park and to enjoy.

She then commenced to fondle me and unzipped my pants took out my organ, which is 6 1/4 inches, but been known to do some damage. She had my balls out too. She was playing with them gently and got on her knees on the front sit and started to lick my organ…I felt I had to do something so I grabbed her breasts and she told me to just to sit and enjoy. I don’t take orders so I grabbed her thigh and eased my way up to her panties…parted them and easily inserted two fingers she was almost ready to come right then.

She had me almost hard by now. Georgina then took each nut into her mouth and alternated like that for five to ten minutes stroking me at the same time ever so gently….I now had three fingers in her and was she breathing heavy. I was pumping my fingers in and out……She now had me hard as she wanted, for she replaced her mouth with her hands and cupped and kneaded my balls and with the tip of her tongue she traced Konyaaltı travesti the ring around the head, followed the length up and down…playfully teasing me…then she took half of me into her mouth. Georgina has obviously done this quite a few times before, for every time she came to the head she would lick all around the eye with her tongue and would suck any residue that might have sipped out. She was literally making love to my organ. I now had four fingers in her and felt her shudder as I kept probing her clit, and felt her juices flowing onto my hand….the warmth…her cries of ecstasy…sent some precum from me which she hungrily gobbled up. She now had me all the way in her mouth….the head of my organ touching her tonsils she made me remove my fingers from her…and told me to concentrate; as if I needed to. I felt my balls starting to contract as she gently squeezed them and started to speed up the sucking and I felt that I was about to explode…I felt the waves of cum into her waiting mouth, she lapped it up and not a drop came out of her mouth. Georgina would not stop until every morsel came out of me and then told me that I tasted great…and that it was the best lunch she had in a long time.

She asked me for a Coca Cola and I took her back to the office, and from there on, she only spoke to me on business related matters, like yesterday’s lunch never happened.

It did though….and it was the very best sexual experience of my life to date.

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The Vixen , The Wolf

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Chapter 1: The Small Red Barn

The Harvest Festival at Huntsville Farm had just begun. I was doing my job as a Petting Farm Attendant, so basically all I did was chase escaped goats. My boss’ 23 year old son Nick was helping out today. He lived with his parents on the property after being released from prison. I walked into the petting farm office to find him smoking a cigarette.

“I thought you were bringing me some coffee?” I said in a sassy tone with my hands on my hips.

“I said I might bring you some, but what do I get in return?” he quirked an eyebrow, before taking a long drag off his cigarette.

“My love forever and the satisfaction of knowing I won’t strangle a customer.” I fluttered my eyelashes, and flashed him an innocent smile.

“What kinda love? The warm and fuzzy love? Or,” He stepped a little closer and “The touchy feely love?” he asked a little softer with smirk on his face. I felt my self blush despite my mind’s prostests.

“You’re my boss’s son. Need I say more?” I replied pointedly, taking a step back and ignoring the fog in my head his earthy scent created.

“True. Plus you’re not legal anyway.” He shrugged and sat down on a feed bin, taking another drag off his cigarette.

“Actually, I just turned eighteen last week.” For some reason, I felt the need to correct him.

“Really?” he asked surprised. “Happy birthday.” He said with a tone I couldn’t identify, but it made me feel self-conscious.

“Thanks,” I said, blushing a little, not that he could tell with my light mocha colored skin. At least I hoped he couldn’t tell.

He finished his cigarette in silence, appearing to be deep in thought. I needed to get back to telling kids not to chase the chickens, so I turned and walked out, mumbling a goodbye and leaving him to his thoughts.

~V he grabbed it as he finished shuffling.”

“Oh my gosh, now I get it!” I grinned, it now made sense to me.

“He has quick, agile hands. Not as much as me when I do card tricks but still so.” He said looking at me.

My mind went to the things I’d like him to do with those hands, and ways he could use those skills.

“You okay Mocha?” he seemed amused. I nodded and pretended to be focused on the magic show. He didn’t seem convinced, my blush being a dead give away. If anything he seemed more amused. “You know we had some baby bunnies born yesterday?”

“Really?” I looked at him, despite my still ongoing blush. I was genuinely excited about the baby bunnies, but I was also more than a little thankful for the change of subject.

“Come on, I’ll show you. Everyone is watching the magic show anyways.” He motioned for me to follow. I closed the first gate before opening and shutting the second behind me as I followed him to in front of the petting farm office. He led me behind the bunny cages. He opened one and handed me a tiny pink bunny.

“They are so cute!” my heart melted at the sight if them.

“Aren’t they? Here, you gotta keep him warm,” he said cupping the backs of my hands to close them a little tighter around the baby. I looked up at him, making eye contact. His eyes were unreadable again. I blushed anyways, and I saw him silently chuckle.

“Thanks for showing them to me,” I slightly stammered. I went to hand the baby back to him, but instead he motioned for me to put it back in the nest. I moved closer to the door of the cage and put him with the others in the nest. As I went to step back so I could shut and latch the door, I found myself unable to do so, because there was a wall of muscle in my way. I felt him lightly place his hands on my hips, and the breath caught in my throat.

“Now Mocha, you wanna tell me what was, or should I say is, really wrong?” he whispered in my ear as his pressed Bornova travesti himself up against me from behind.

“N-no-nothing.” I insisted, silently cursing my voice’s betrayal. My eyes slipped shut at the feeling of him being so close. My breathing sped up as it became shallower.

“Now, now Mocha, I think we both know that’s not true.” He whispered so quietly in my ear I could barely hear him. His voice sent the most delightful shivers down my spine. He began to nibble on my earlobe, rubbing his palms in small, slow circles on my hips. A low moan escaped my lips before I could stop it.”You have been blushing all morning, and I can’t help but wonder what type of thoughts could have a Vixen like you, blushing so red.”

“We can’t do this, I work for your mother.” I managed to force out.

“If you truly want me to stop, then tell me to and I will.” He started kissing down my neck, his hands getting bolder and wider with their circle. I couldn’t find it in me to say stop.

“Tell me what you want Mocha.” He whispered than proceeded to suck on a spot below me ear.

“I- I want…”

“You have to tell me.”

“You, I want you!” I gasped out as he bit my neck roughly.

He stopped what he was doing and forcefully turned me around and kissed me. Softly at first, but then our kiss grew deeper and needier as the desire heightened. He must have wanted me as badly as I wanted him, seeing as he was grinding the evidence against me. I dragged my nails down his back over his shirt. He pulled back, and a whimper escaped me at the loss.

“Not here, people can see us. The magic show is almost over.” He whispered, his voice going straight to my panties. “Meet me at the small red barn in 5 minutes.” I nodded in response, feeling more than a little breathless. He kissed me one more time, then checking to make sure no one saw, he walked away towards the pasture with the barn. I openly admit I stared at his ass while he walked away admiring the contrast of his light tanned skin against the dark jeans that hung low on his hips.


As I entered the tack room, Nick quickly shut and latched the door behind me.

“What… took… so… long?” he asked between frantic kisses.

“I had… to locate… your mother… and… tell her… I was… taking…” I almost lost my train of thought when he roughly grabbed my ass, pulling me tighter against him and pulling a gasp from my lungs.

“Taking what, dear Vixen?” he smirked against my lips.

“A long break.” I wrapped my legs around his waist as he roughly pushed me against the wooden door. I started grinding against him with need, using my ankles to draw him closer me. I slipped my hands underneath his uniform shirt, removing his radio from his belt in the process and turning it off before tossing it aside. I ran my hands over his abs, lightly at first, but then rougher as I dug my nails in and dragged them down wards, stopping just above his belt. I was granted a deep groan in return. He pulled back just long enough for me to remove his shirt.

“God, I want you, so, damn, bad” he whispered as he nibbled my neck, causing me to moan in response.

“You have… no idea… what you are getting, ugh, yourself into.” I was amazed I could still form sentences.

“Oh, but finding out will be so, damn, fun.” As our tongues danced together, he tugged on the bottom of my shirt and I moved so he could remove it. He started to kiss the exposed tops of my 32C breasts. I reflexively bucked my hips against him. He reached behind me to undo my bra, then paused. He looked at me with a comically confused look on his face.

“Front closure.” I giggled slightly. I reached between my breasts and unlocked the clasp.

“Always full of surprises I see” he recaptured Buca travesti my lips as I let my bra fall to the ground. He reached up to play with nipples lightly and gently at first, then rougher as he pinched them, forcing a groan from me. He ducked down so that he could suck on one, will still teasing the other. He let his stubble rub against my nipple at first, sending waves of pleasure straight to where it counts, and causing me to cry out louder then I intended.

“Shhh, Mocha, we can’t be caught” he scolded teasingly in a velvet tone. I then noticed how his eyes had gone completely black, and damn was it sexy. He pulled me close to him and carried me to a large pile of hay he had laid a blanket over while he kissed me. He gently set me down, not once did our lips break contact. He started kissing down my jaw, then my neck. He paused long enough to flick his tongue across my nipples, smiling smugly at my enthusiastic moan. He then proceeded down my stomach, pulling on my navel ring with his teeth. It was strangely erotic. He licked all the way across my hips, just above the waist band of jeans. He removed my muck boots and socks, setting them to the side. He hovered above me, smirking as he slowly lowered his head to my jeans. I watched as he unbuttoned my jeans with his teeth, and then unzipped them in the same manner. It had to have been one the sexiest things I had ever seen. I lifted my hips a little so he could tug them down and toss them aside.

“Lace panties?” he seemed truly shocked by my choice of black butterfly lace boy shorts. “I always took you for a cotton kind of girl.”

I grinned, and replied, “Like you said, I full of surprises.” I swear I heard a growl in response, but I was quickly distracted by the sensation of his lips on my thighs. He kissed and licked every inch of my thighs and hips, except for where I wanted him to. He moved to my inner thighs, licking along the bottom edges of my panties.

“Please,” I was not above begging at this point.

“Please what, Mocha?” he asked from between my knees that somehow ended up on his shoulders.

“Please stop teasing me, ughh!” I moaned when he bit the inside of my thigh just below my center.

He chuckled at my reaction, and place my leg back under him, he moved so that his face was just barely not touching the waistband or my panties. I could feel his breath on me, I felt like I could cum right there. He waited until I met his gaze. Then without breaking eye contact, he grabbed the top of my panties with his teeth and dragged them off of me. With those out of the way, he dove straight for the spot between my legs. I was silently thankful I chosen to shave the day before, but my thoughts were cut short when I felt his tongue running along the outside of my pussy. He slowly parted my lower lips with tongue.

“Fuck!” I cried out when he brushed his stubble against my clit.

“You gotta be quiet, Mocha.” He said against my pussy, sending vibrations through me. I nodded in response knowing that I was unable to respond any other way. I finally felt his tongue enter me, making me let out a long groan. “So damn wet. You taste so good. Like sweet coffee and chocolate.” Damn he was hot when started talking like that. I was so close, and he knew it too. He stopped just as I was about to climax, making my whimper with need. He slipped two fingers inside me, pumping ever so slowly and keeping me on the very edge of release. “Would you like to cum, my dear Vixen?” I nodded enthusiastically. “Then answer me this. Who made you cum? Cum for me Mocha” he bit down on my clit, and I saw stars.

“Nick!” I cried out as I came around his fingers.

“That’s it baby, cum around my fingers” he said as he moved up to kiss me. He continued to finger fuck Konak travesti me and kiss me while I came down from my orgasm.

“Damn that was good,” finally said once I caught my breath and was coherent enough to speak.

“What can I say, I got skills.” I rolled my eyes at him. He finally withdrew his fingers from me, and I watched mesmerized as he slowly licked my juices from his hand. When he was done, I straddled his lap and kissed him forcefully, while grinding against him through his jeans. I moaned at the taste of me in his mouth.

I began to lick and kiss my way across his jaw, and bite my way down his neck. I continued downwards, pausing to swirl my tongue around and bite each nipple, earning me the sexiest growl I had ever heard. I grinned as I licked the crevices of his well defined abs. I kissed all along the v-shape of his hips. I looked him in the eye as I knelt in front of him, between his legs. I undid his belt buckle and then the top button of his pants. I maintained eye contact as I leaned forward and slowly unzipped his pants with my teeth. He gifted me with a long sexy growl. Once they were unzipped, I looked down and my eyes widened.

“Commando?” I looked at him with a surprised expression as I completely removed his pants.

He shrugged, “Underwear just gets in the way. I can’t believe that’s your concern. Most girls are worried about the size.”

I gently grabbed his cock and started slowly stroking it, amazed to find it get even bigger. He was about 8.5 to 9 inches, and damn was he thick. I started licking up and down the sides of the shaft.

“Fuck baby, that feels good,” Nick groaned in pleasure, his words going straight to my core. He started playing with my nipples, squeezing them delightfully hard when I finally took him into my mouth. I started bobbing up and down what I could fit in my mouth, stroking the rest with my hands. He fisted my hair, guiding me roughly and making me moan around his cock.

“You like that baby?” He asked me. I grunted the best I could around him in response. After a few minutes he let up on his grip some. I took this opportunity to take him down my throat. He responded with the sexiest, most animalistic growl I had ever heard. His nickname, Wolf, suddenly felt even more fitting.

“Mocha, if you don’t stop now, Imma cum before I can fuck you senseless.” He gently pulled me off of him, then roughly tugged me u up to kiss him. He picked me up and turned us over, gently laying me back down and climbing over me. He met my eyes, and I nodded. He entered me slowly, and fucked me gently.

“Dammit, if I wanted gentle I would have looked elsewhere! Now fuck me like you mean it, you sexy Wolf!” I challenged him, my eyes defiant.

“Be careful you wish for, Mocha” he growled softly in my ear before roughly flipping me over to fuck me from behind. He grabbed my hair by the roots, slamming into me as hard as he could.

“Faster!” I demanded.

He responded by spanking my ass, making me moan louder than I intended. “You’ll take what I give you!” he growled and smacked my ass again. He flipped me over again, hooking my legs over his shoulders, biting my nipple as continued to slam into me, making me cry out.

“Fuck I’m close, you’re so damn tight Mocha!” he grunted into my ear.

“I am too, cum with me Wolf!” I said before kissing him. Two or three strokes later I started to cum. “That’s right Wolf, fuck me. Fuck me, WOLF!” I shattered right then. He wasn’t far behind me, and came with a sexy growl.

We both just laid there for a moment, enjoying the afterglow. His lips met mine again, but this time they were gentle and tender instead of filled with lust and need. After about ten minutes, he finally pulled out of me, removing and tying a condom I didn’t remember him putting on. He handed my clothes, grabbing his. We got dressed between kisses and tender touches. Something had definitely changed between us, and we definitely both felt it. I was about to put on my jeans when I noticed he hadn’t given me back my panties.

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The Twelfth Hole

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I had always been interested in golf. I got an early start when my dad took me out to a par 3 course close to home. I couldn’t hit the ball very far, but I was hooked. What a wicked game. You try and try to do what you’re supposed to and you hardly ever manage, but when that one miracle shows up and you hit the ball exactly like you wanted to, it’s addicting. I couldn’t get away from it if I tried. There’s an old joke about the guy who got so mad at his play on the course that he threw his golf clubs into a lake…and nearly drowned trying to get them back. That’s exactly how it is.

I played as often as I could, but the rounds took a long time. Even though I wasn’t very good, I walked fast and missed fast. Five and six hour rounds were not fun. Mostly, I was just standing around, watching other people screw up. I had better things to do. But I loved the game so much that I was willing to put up with the delays. Until I joined a country club.

Callas Golf Club was close to where I lived, so it was convenient. The membership was pretty low, so there was no problem getting on the course. And I had enough money that the initiation fee wasn’t a problem and the monthly dues were down in the noise. So I joined. This wasn’t the sort of club where you had to have someone sponsor you and you were interviewed to make sure you were “the right sort”; this was a club that needed the money and anyone with money could join. I guess that’s why they accepted me.

Most of the members were older guys, although there were some younger members, as well. The younger guys were funny, so full of themselves. They gambled a lot and paraded around like they were something special, all because they belonged to A Country Club. The older guys, like me, knew better and generally avoided the young punk kids. The kids paid the same fees, so we were grateful they were helping keep the club solvent, but a lot of times they were pains in the butt.

Since I owned my own business, I could come and go as I pleased, as long as I had staff that would take care of things while I was gone. That wasn’t always the case, but now I had some pretty good workers who were diligent and disciplined, so things didn’t fall apart too much while I was playing a round. I generally played early in the morning, though, just to make sure I was at the office by nine or so. Besides, if I played early, I got to play the back nine first when no one was out there; I could do the nine holes in a little over an hour, even though I was walking. Miss ’em fast; that’s my motto.

One morning, I was waiting for the chance to tee off when I noticed one of the women from the university who was on the golf team. I had never seen her before, although I knew the women’s golf team used Callas GC as their home course. Even though I was a complete stranger to her, she looked at me, smiled, and said hello.

“Hello,” I said. “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” she said, “I’m just waiting for seven o’clock so I can tee off.”

“Me, too,” I said. Then I noticed she had a support strap on her ankle. “What happened to your ankle?” I asked.

“Oh, she said, “I hurt it playing basketball. I think it’s okay now, but I didn’t want to take any chances.”

“Makes sense,” I said, “although you young kids heal a lot faster than I do. If I twisted my ankle, I’d probably be out a month.”

“Really?” she asked, not quite willing to believe the hyperbole.

“Yeah,” I said, “when you get older, lots of things take longer.”

“So I heard,” she said, with a slight smile.

“So what’s your handicap?” I asked.

“I’m a plus one right now,” she said, as if it were nothing.

I frowned. “Can I trade with you?” I asked, smiling at the absurdity of it all. “I’m a fourteen, although I have been playing even worse than that lately.”

“What seems to be the biggest problem?” she asked.

“Well, I have a number faults, but I think rhythm is my main problem. I have a tendency to swing too fast.”

She smiled and said “I thought things got slower as you got older.”

“Yeah, a lot of things,” I said, “but some things just get worse.”

“Well,” she said, “my coach says that one way to fix rhythm problems is to think of a song and swing at that tempo.”

“I’m guessing heavy metal won’t work,” I said with a smile.

She laughed and said, “No, I don’t think it would.”

I looked at her and said, “You don’t know what heavy metal is, do you?”

She laughed and gave me an “of course not” no. “It’s probably pretty fast, right?” she said.

“Frenetic is a better description,” I smiled. I suspected heavy metal was gone before she was born.

“What got you into golf?” I asked.

“I was going to play basketball in college, but figured most schools wouldn’t have any use for a 5’5″ power forward,” she said.

I laughed and said “Yeah, I’m guessing you wouldn’t see a lot of playing time.”

She smiled. “It seemed like a dead end, so I decided to try golf. My dad plays, so he gave me some lessons and I really liked it. It’s nice to be out with all the grass and the trees on a day like this.”

“Hmm,” I said, Esat travesti “I spend entirely too much of my round in the trees.”

She smiled at that, certain it was true. Callas GC was a narrow course, lined with trees, and most of the lesser players were forever hitting from the shade. I certainly spent more than my share of time under the branches.

We got to chatting about this and that. She was a very engaging person, with beautiful black hair and flawless skin that was the color of maple syrup. I’m guessing she was an Island girl. I saw her name on her golf bag but wasn’t sure how to pronounce it.

“How do you say your name?” I asked, pointing at the bag.

“Sha-rye-ah,” she said.

“Pretty name, Sharia. I’m John. Pleased to meet you.” I held out my hand and she shook it with more force than a woman generally uses, but still feminine.

“It’s seven o’clock,” she said, “Want to join me? I can critique your swing, if you like.”

She was tying her hair back into a ponytail, stretching her torso in a way that made her breasts stick out. I tried not to be too obvious in looking, but I suspected she caught me anyway.

“I’d be delighted to play with you,” I said, “but don’t look at my swing. It’ll scar you for life.”

She laughed and said, “I’m tougher than I look.”

I didn’t doubt it.

We set off to play the back nine first, since it would be open and there wouldn’t be any delays.

“How fast do you play?” she asked.

“If no one is in my way, I can play eighteen in a little over two hours.”

“Walking?” she said, a little doubtful.

“Yep,” I said. “I don’t like carts, so I always walk. When I walk up to my ball, I’m looking at possible options for the next shot. It’s hard to do that with a cart. If I had my way, no golf course would have cart paths or carts at all. It ruins the game. Of course, cart rentals mean money and it’s all about money. Oh, well.”

“I have to agree,” she said, ” but then, I’m not a geezer.”

I smiled. “No, you are definitely not a geezer.”

We teed off on the tenth. She teed up from where I normally hit and got into position. She wiggled a bit to relax herself, but seeing her ass sway back and forth did nothing to relax me. Young women certainly have a lot going for them. Her body was trim, as you would expect for a golfer, and she was flexible beyond belief. She took a smooth swing and split the fairway with a rocket that sailed past anything I could reach.

As I expected, she blasted her drive down the middle of the fairway. As I feared, my shot went off to the trees. We walked to our shots and chatted a bit.

“How’s school going so far?” I asked.

“Pretty well,” she said, “but the class work can be a bit overwhelming. I barely have time for fun.”

“That’s a shame,” I said, “college should be one of the best times of your life. There’s a bunch of stuff to do. When I went to school, I was commuting and missed out on a lot of it, mostly because I didn’t live near the school and had to get to work after classes. A missed opportunity, for sure.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I know there’s a lot going on, but I just don’t have time for it. Sometimes my friends will tell me what a great party they went to or something like that and I get jealous, but they’re taking easier courses and have time to goof off.”

“What’s your major?” I asked.

“Chemistry,” she said.

“Really?” I said, more than a bit surprised. “That can be a handful.”

“Yeah, that’s what I found out,” she said. “It seems I barely have time for sleep.”

“Still,” I reminded her, “you’ll have a job waiting for you when you graduate. I’m not sure that’ll be true for your friends.”

“Yeah,” she said, “there is that. Jobs are drying up, mostly, but it seems the sciences are still doing well. Maybe I’ll be okay.”

“I’m sure of it,” I said.

Her second shot was a beautiful as her first, reaching the green and stopping about ten feet from the flag. My third shot eventually got to the green. I missed my putt by a lot and she made hers. Figures.

As we stood on the next tee, I said, “You know, it’s important to have balance in your life. You don’t want to miss experiences that might not repeat later on. You don’t want to go wild, but it’s good not to miss out.”

“I try not to,” she said, “but it’s hard to find time for everything. I try to prioritize, but when I do that, the fun things get left off the list. I hardly ever get to go out.”

“Hmm,” I said, “you need to fix that.”

“Yeah,” she said, “that’s what my boyfriend says. He’s probably right.”

She beat me again on the next hole, but only by a shot. I was feeling confident my game was turning around. It wasn’t, of course, but I had let unjustified optimism take over. As we walked to the twelfth tee, the highest point on the course, we both looked out over the course and the city beyond. It was a beautiful day, with high, puffy clouds and clear air that let us see for miles.

“I hear this hole is pretty famous,” she said.

“Really?” I responded. “What’s it famous for, the view?”

“Not Kızılay travesti exactly,” she smiled. “From what I hear, the area behind the restrooms gets some visitors from time to time.” I suspected I knew what she meant, but I didn’t say anything.

“A couple of my friends have been there,” she said.

I raised an eyebrow. “Doing what?” I asked.

“Getting acquainted with the members,” she said.

“Ah,” I said, “I had no idea. I guess there’s a lot that goes on here that I don’t know about.”

She smiled. “Probably just as well.”

We finished the back nine pretty quickly, especially since Sharia was playing well. I think she was two under for the nine, the tougher side of the course. I did horribly, but she encouraged me as much as she could. We got a chance to talk about a lot of things and I found out quite a bit about her. Her younger years were not all that great, since her father died when she was little and her mother was too busy working to have much time for her kids. Her older sister and brother raised her and she’s very close to them. I told her she’s very lucky to have that bond, since most siblings are always fighting and at odds; she agreed that that part of her life worked out. She knew the school work would eventually ease up, but right now it was very tough for her and put a strain on her relationship with her boyfriend. He is a bit demanding, apparently, and she’s torn between satisfying him and doing her work. It’s very important to her and her mother that she does well in school; they have been poor for so long that a good education is more important than anything else. I told her she was absolutely right; if her boyfriend didn’t understand that, maybe she needed to make a trade. She smiled at that, although it was a sad smile.

After the last putt on eighteen, I told her I had to head to the office. She said she had to get to school but really enjoyed playing with me.

“I hope I’ll run into you again,” she said, putting her hand on my arm. “You were very good company and a good listener. Thanks.” She smiled at me as she waved goodbye.


Sure enough, the next Thursday, there she was.

“Waiting for me?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “Of course. I thought you’d never get here.”

I smiled and said, “Well, I’m ready. How about you? Shall we be off?”

“The back nine?” she asked. I nodded and we walked down to the tenth tee.

She seemed pretty quiet as she walked.

“What’s wrong, Sharia?” I asked. “You seem a bit down today.”

She looked at me and said, “My boyfriend broke up with me last night. I’m still upset about it.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “It must hurt.”

“It does,” she said. “He said some mean things which I’m still thinking about.”

“What, mean things about you?” I asked. “I can’t imagine what he would have to say. You’re a great girl. Anyone would be lucky to have you. What did the idiot have to say?”

She gave a short laugh, then frowned. “He said,” she started, “that I didn’t…do what he wanted.”

“Hmm,” I said, “he was upset you didn’t have more time for him? That’s not very supportive of him.”

“No,” she said, “not exactly that.” She didn’t elaborate and I didn’t push, although I could guess.

Her tee shot was pretty good and mine was, too, although I was a good thirty yards behind her. We walked up to our balls and she hit a nice second shot in response to my horrible one. I reached the green in three, but was still putting first. I saved bogey while she made birdie. She didn’t seem happy about it, though.

On the eleventh hole, her tee shot missed the fairway to the right, uncharacteristic for her. I looked at her, trying to see if she was upset, but she hid her face. I had a pretty good tee shot, which was uncharacteristic for me, and she mentioned it was a nice swing. I thanked her for the compliment and we walked out to our shots. She left her approach shot well short, which surprised me. I hit the green, an even greater surprise. She chipped up rather poorly and we both two putted to finish the hole.

As we walked to the twelfth tee, she asked how long I had been a member. “About ten years,” I said. “I haven’t used the club much until recently, though. I spent a lot of time getting my business going. Now it more or less runs itself, so I have more time for important stuff, like golf.”

“Yeah,” she said, “I have the same problem, except with school work. And it doesn’t seem to be running itself. I wish I had more time to play, but I’m pretty busy.”

I hesitated. “What are you going to do about your boyfriend?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said. “He’s not happy with me and said we’re through, so I guess I have to find a new one. That’s not going to be easy; most of the boys won’t talk to me.” She looked pretty sad.

“I don’t think you’ll have much problem there,” I said. “You are very pretty and confident. There have to be dozens of boys waiting to take you out to dinner or a movie.”

“Not that I’ve noticed,” she said.

“Ah, wait,” I nodded, “I know Alsancak travesti what the problem is. You are too pretty.”

“Yeah, right,” she replied.

“No,” I insisted, “I’m serious. Someone who looks like you is too pretty to approach. Most boys won’t even talk to you, you’re so gorgeous. You’re quite intimidating.”

She gave a little smile to that. “You don’t seem to have a problem talking to me,” she said.

“I have the advantage of being older and have had time to learn a few things. Over the years, I’ve developed a ‘don’t care’ attitude that masquerades as confidence.”

She looked up at me and said, “You don’t care about me?”

“Actually, I do,” I said. “You seem like a very nice girl and I’m concerned about you. In my younger days, I would have fallen head over heels in love with you. But I have to tell you, when I was your age, I got so nervous talking to a pretty girl, all I could do was grunt. Of course, I never had to deal with someone as pretty as you.” Her blush was very attractive. “What you need to do,” I said, “is start the conversation. Help him a bit. He’s going to be tongue tied for a while, but he’ll loosen up once he gets talking. Find something he likes to talk about, maybe ask about classes, his major, any trips he’s taken, hobbies, that kind of stuff. Ask him what schools he applied to and why he chose your school. Once you get him talking, it’ll get easier and you won’t have to bear the load all yourself. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find out about him and who he turns out to be. One thing to avoid, though, are the slick talkers. They’re self-centered and won’t be good long term prospects.”

“Yeah,” she said. “that was the problem with my boyfriend. I think I went out with him because he was the only one who would talk to me. He was definitely smooth.”

On the twelfth tee, we looked over the course. It was another beautiful day and we could see everything. It was glorious. I commented on how beautiful it was. She agreed.

Then she looked down at the ground and said, “Is it true what they say about older men?” She gave a sideways glance.

“I’m sure it is,” I smiled. “What do they say?”

“Well,” she hesitated, “one of my girlfriends says older men know more about women and they…take longer. Is it true?”

“I can’t speak for anyone but myself,” I started, “but, yeah, I’ve learned a few things over the years.”

She stared at me with a slightly nervous look and said, “Can you show me?”

“Here?” I asked, a bit surprised.

“Well,” she said, “the restrooms are right over there and there’s a spot behind them that’s pretty…private.”

To say my heart was racing would be an understatement. I suddenly felt like a high school kid groping my girl at the drive-in. “Are you sure?” I asked. She nodded a quick nod and took my hand. I couldn’t tell if she was nervous afraid or nervous excited. My choices were to follow her or regret not doing so for the rest of my life. And regret sucks.

The area behind the restrooms was small, but big enough. There was ivy growing on the tall chain link fence there and the restrooms hid us from the rest of the course. She pulled me closer and looked into my eyes. I knew that look, so I kissed her. She kissed me back with obvious desire. My cock started to respond, especially when she rubbed it through my shorts. I nibbled on her lips and played with her breast; she responded with a moan that made it clear I wasn’t mistaken about her intentions. I kissed her neck, then nibbled on her ear. I pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss that was returned with eagerness. I couldn’t believe this beautiful young girl wanted me, but it was hard to argue with the evidence.

“We don’t have much time, you know,” I said. “This can only be sex.”

“I’m okay with that,” she said with a smile.

“Okay, then,” I said, “turn around and hold onto that fence. Bend over.”

She turned, a little timidly, but she turned just the same. She leaned into the fence and held on. I lifted the skirt she wore, the one that showed her marvelous legs. She had shorts on, which I pulled down to her feet. She stepped out of them. Then I reached up and rubbed her ass. What a great ass she had, tight and round. I told her to spread her legs a bit, then rubbed her sex. Her panties were already wet. I reached around from the back, pushing my hard cock against her ass, and put my hand inside her panties, feeling the patch of hair around her pussy. I rubbed her lips and got a moan for my troubles. I massaged her breast while I put a finger in her sex. She squirmed.

“We don’t have much time, remember?” she chastised.

“No, we don’t, but I don’t want to rush things too much. This is too good to do quickly.” She moaned again as I put my finger slightly into her pussy and wiggled it back and forth.

Then I pulled her panties down to the ground and let her step away from them. She stayed bent over, with her legs spread and her juices running down her leg. I rubbed her pussy some more and she shuddered. “Oh,” she said, “that feels so good.” By now, my cock was as hard as a rock. I dropped my shorts and rubbed my cock against her pussy. “Oh, God, that feels so good. Do it, put it in me.” I rubbed her pussy some more, then slowly put the head of my cock where it would do the most good. She shook with anticipation. “Push it in, please!” she cried. So I did.

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The Touch-Up

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Continued from part one, When Dave met Sally

* * * * *

The next three weeks were hard, the swelling was huge, I could hardly open my eyes, my mouth wanted to crack, and every time I tried to smile I could feel my whole face start to pull against the scabbed flesh. I had to try and keep my newly coloured skin moistened, My lips cracked at the hint of a smile, my eyes were the worst, the scabs had formed whilst I was asleep, and it was hard to open my eyes.

Over the following days the scabs slowly started to break up and start to fall off, the movement slowly returned as they left, but as they did the skin underneath looked dull and stretched. I don’t know why but I felt unbelievable sad, Sally kept assuring me that this was all part of the natural process and very soon the skin would regain its natural elasticity and the colours would settle down and when they do she said she could easily touch it up “TOUCH IT UP”.

Six weeks had passed since she had changed me forever, the new me took some getting used to, I eventually decided not to worry over things that I had no control over and simply resigned to the fact that I was Sally’s to do with as she liked, I trusted her.

I lay back into the now extremely familiar tattooing chair and she said that this time she didn’t need to use the handcuffs or blindfold, because she felt happy and contented with the way things were going. She gave me a hand mirror and as I held it up to look at my beautiful face she simply said “what would you like changed or touched up”, I didn’t have time to study but this didn’t matter because I had spent weeks looking in the mirror picking what I liked and disliked. I looked at her and with the mirror on my lap I said lets start at the lips and work up;

· I would like the lips darker, much darker, as dark as possible, I don’t care for the lip liner.

· The beauty spots would be nicer if just a little darker and slightly larger.

· The eyeliner is almost perfect but would like the end tails exaggerating a little more.

· The left eyebrow needs touching up because the colour had been lost slightly.

· I know its not to do with my makeup but I would like my nose pierced.

She looked at me and said okay then you shall get what you asked for, I just lay back into the chair and she started taking photos again, and then she picked up the gun. What no anaesthetic I said, she looked at me and said shut up and enjoy the experience. I closed my eyes, laid my head back and waited. I heard the familiar hum of the gun a few times as she set up and then I felt her hand gently rest on my left cheek so as to steady herself and then I felt the needle stab itself into my lips and almost immediately I started to picture in my mind what colour she could be doing, would she go darker, or would she go with the same colour, would she keep the same lines or go larger. Çankaya travesti The more I imagined what was or could be happening the more I got excited. I felt myself get rock hard and the more she tattooed the more I felt myself attempt to squeeze myself together down below in a vain attempt to cum.

She gently but steadily worked all over my lips, the burning, stinging agony was sweet bliss and I had no idea what she had planned. All I had to do was open my eyes, but I couldn’t. She then did something that she didn’t usually do during any of the previous tattooing sessions and that was to speak to me, she said

“you’re hard again aren’t you, get your prick out and play with yourself, but you had better not cum, do you understand”, I very quietly whispered yes and then slowly pulled my zip down and pulled out my prick and started to gently rub it up and down extremely slowly, and I mean slowly. I was gently rubbing myself when she started on my left upper lip beauty spot, she seemed to only go over the area a couple of times and then switched to the high on my right cheek. This was different she seemed to be going much larger and it didn’t seem to follow a round pattern, I still had my eyes closed but could feel the pattern clearly but could still not produce a mental picture.

“You’re a very naughty boy, I told you not to cum” she said and telling me that I would regret emptying myself, but I hadn’t cum, I would have known if I had cum, I felt the head and it was slippery with something, not cum maybe pre-cum, I don’t know.

She went to work on my eyeliner next carefully filling in tiny spots of lightness and then the ends. The ends seemed to be quite long and she carefully went over each one delicately with this burning sensation of a thousand needles.

She seemed to hesitate before she started my eyebrows and then started to fill in my left eyebrow where the colour had failed and then she started to carry on at the ends, she was extending them and instead of just straight lines she ended them by going up and down at the ends. I didn’t know what she was doing, was there any ink in the gun, was she teasing me, if she was then she was extremely good at it.

I felt her lean back and then she said “DON’T MOVE”, I just lay there with my eyes closed and still trying to picture what she had done, whatever it was it could not be any worse than what had happened to me already.

Sally leaned over me, and for the first time I could smell her perfume, my face was tender all over and throbbing in places but I still focused on the self inflicted body odour called perfume. I sat there thinking, that it was the most luxurious homely wifely smell that I had ever smelled in my life.

Something small touched my left nostril and as I was waiting for something to touch it again, something touched my right nostril. What was she Dikmen travesti going to do, pierce both nostrils, then I felt the cold feel of steel clamp both my left and right nostrils together so they closed against the centre cartilage of my nose and then almost immediately I felt a massive pain and three loud popping sensations. For the first time since this started I opened my eyes, me watery eyes and looked down trying to focus and saw that I had a needle poking straight through the full width of my nose. It was quite a large needle and as she lifted something towards it, I again closed my eyes and felt her mess with my nose and then a pulling sensation, I actually heard the needle drop, I was almost high on endorphins and adrenalin. The next thing I felt was my nose spread slightly and Sally tighten what I assumed was a ball onto the end of the bar going through my nose.

I saw the flash of the camera through my eyelids and immediately opened my eyes again only to be temporarily blinded by another flash. I went to reach for the mirror but Sally said no, wait until you get home and started to tidy up the ink tubs and tattoo gun. I sat there trying to look down at the two shiny balls that were sticking out on the sides of my nose. Come on get up she said, as I tried to stand I felt how weak I was, my legs had almost gone to sleep and I was stiff in the shoulders. I was almost by the door when Sally stopped me and knelt in front of me, great, another blowjob I thought, but that thought was soon blown away as she gently touched my penis and pushed it back inside my jeans and zipped me up, I was going to go home with my prick out, what was happening to me, I had forgotten my prick was out.

When we got home Sally sat me on the bed and I looked into the dressing table mirror and stared and investigated the new me all at the same time. My lips were a deep dark burgundy, the liner had been blended in and I had perfectly lined lips, they looked so sexy that I wanted to kiss the mirror, then I looked at the beauty spot on my lip, it was jet black and ever so slightly enlarged. The one on my cheek took me by surprise, it was shaped like a heart and jet black and the bottom the heart had a tiny little curl on it. The eyeliner had been lengthened and looked like someone had tried to give me the eyes of Cleopatra, the extended tails were fabulous, then the eyebrows caught my gaze as I looked at the ends the left and right were mirror image with the top of the line ending in a little curl upwards and the bottom of the line extending slightly longer and curling down, all in a extremely thin but again jet black line. They set off my eye shadow perfectly, and drew attention to the eyes, they were different but again I felt great, almost complete as if something had been missing for years and now here it was, I felt warm inside and happy.

My nose Eryaman travesti had two large shinny gold balls, one on each side, perfectly in line with each other. I sat there looking closely at my nose at its new fittings, I tried to pull the muscles in my nose to see how the movement would feel but all I could feel was stiffness against the skin of my nostrils caused by the solid bar going through my cartilage.

I closed my eyes and lay back onto the bed and then felt Sally unzip me and unbutton the top on my jeans and then pull my jeans down and then my boxers, I heard them hit the floor and she said “roll over and lift your bum up”, without hesitating I rolled over and lifted up my arse, I felt her get off the bed and walk out of the bedroom. After two minutes she returned and sat behind me on the bed, “keep still, and relax” she said. What was she going to do, give me a tattoo on my arse, or smack it, then I felt something cold touch the entrance to my arse, I squeezed and she pushed, so I squeezed harder, THWACK, she slapped my arse and said “keep still, and relax and it wont hurt”, very slowly I started to relax, and very slowly she started to work something forward and backward onto my arse, getting a little deeper every two or three strokes. I was on the point of crying with the pain of my stretching hole when I felt something slide in and hold itself in place, I squeezed my sphincter muscles and could feel something there. Sally got some tissue and wiped all of the slimy stuff off my behind and then I felt her pull something around my waist, down either side of my penis and back up to the waist belt at the back gently pausing at the item stuck in my arse, I then heard a click and Sally said “there, relax and get used to it, its there for a long stay, Now fuck me”. I slowly lowered my arse and rolled over, feeling every movement transmitted to the plug in my arse. Sally was laying naked at the side with her arms reached towards me, beckoning me. I lowered myself over her and without any foreplay entered her slowly. As I pushed forward I felt the plug press against a different part of my insides, and the faster I went the more the sensation. It only took me thirty seconds to empty myself and I lay on sally, half knackered and half hiding my face through embarrassment. Sally rolled me over and whilst laying at the side of her I felt her rub my lips, her fingers were slippery and then she slipped it into my mouth, I knew that taste, SPUNK, she had done it again and this time I looked at her and said “more”, she reached down to her pussy and then rubbed a dollop of spunk over my lips and well into my mouth around my tongue, it was like I was French kissing her fingers. We just lay there, Sally dozed off and I lay there thinking about the newly touched up tattooed makeup and the spunk all over the needle damaged lips. The bar running straight through my nose and the plug up my arse, as I thought of it I sat up and looked at the belt, it was fastened to the plug and was padlocked to me, I knew it would only be coming out for toilet duties.

I just laid myself back down and started to lick my lips.

To be continued…

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The Trip Home

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It was getting late. We had to tear ourselves away from the bar, and get to the BART train, before they stopped letting people into the system. I paid the bar tab, grabbed your hand and we headed out the swinging doors. Even though its 1:00am, the weather is fantastic, still very warm. We walk the short block to the BART station and get on the escalator. I stand two stairs below you, so we can kiss all the way down to the bottom. I run my hands up your short, leather skirt, pull you close and nibble on your ear. We get to the bottom and walk over to the ticket machine. As I am putting the bills in to the machine, you reach around my waist from behind and start to grab me through my pants. It feels so good; I close my eyes for a second and take a deep breath. I finish getting the tickets and we head for the turn styles, go through them and take the stairs down, hand in hand.

As we get halfway down, I see the train waiting for us; we run down the stairs and jump through the doors, just as they slide together. It is the last car on of the train, and there is not another person here. We walk the length of the car and you sit down in the first booth, facing away from the door. I look through the glass doors, into the next car, and that one too, is empty. I guess there are not a lot of people on BART at 1:30 in the morning.

I slide into the seat beside you and put my arm around your shoulder and move as close to you as I can. You lean over and start to nibble on my right ear, and it sends shivers through out my body. Your right hand finds its way to my crotch, and you start to massage my cock through my jeans.

I move your hand away and say, “Not now, we can fool around when we get home.”

You say “NO, I want you here, right now,” and start to unzip my pants.

You let out a cute little gasp when you notice I don’t have any underwear on and take hold of my cock. My breathing gets more rapid, as you take my cock out and start to play with it. You tell me you want to suck my cock, and I say “no, what if someone comes in?”

You say, “No one will come in, and it’s at least 10 minutes until we reach the next station.”

Your eyes catch mine and you start to jerk me faster, as you whisper, “I want to taste you NOW.”

I lean back and close my eyes, as your mouth slowly descends over my hard on. I try and concentrate on your talented tongue, and listen to see if anyone is going to surprise us, by coming through the door from the next car. My hand moves between your legs, and you spread your legs wide for me, as you slowly go up and down on my hard cock. I start to move my fingers around on the outside of your panties. I can feel how damp they are, and start to press my fingers in to your wet pussy through the silky material. As I zero in on your hard clit, you let my cock out of your mouth look up at me, and give me a long passionate Osmanbey travesti kiss. Your hand takes over and you start to massage my balls and tell me how you can’t wait to lick them and roll them around on your tongue. I take my hand away from your hot pussy, so I can lick my fingers and taste your sweet essence. As I move my hand towards my mouth you stop me and guide the fingers in to your mouth instead. After you suck all your juices off you tell me, you want me to taste something else. At that point you reach under your skirt, lift your ass of the seat, and pull your panties down over your legs and take them off. You bring the panties to my mouth and let me lick and smell them, they are so wet. It’s like you already came.

My hand dives back into your pussy, and I spread your lips wide, as I start to rub your clit, hard, this time there is no material to get in the way. You are so wet, my finger slide all the way in you. After a minute of playing with your hot pussy, you say, “I need you in me, NOW.”

I return, “No, we will be pulling in to the station any second.”

“I don’t give a fuck,” comes out of your mouth. “I want you to fuck me right now.”

You stand up slide and your left leg over mine, so your back is to me. You take my dick in your hand, spread your lips, put my cock just inside you and slam your body down on to mine. I reach around and under your sweater taking both tits in my hands as I start to pull and play with your nipples, while you bounce up and down on my cock. I am so excited at the whole situation that any second now, I am going to explode and shoot my cum deep in to your pussy. I let go of your tits and grab your waist and star to pull you down hard on me. I moan to you that I am going to cum any second and you start to move faster, the feeling, nothing like I ever felt before. I feel the cum starting to move around deep inside my balls and hope I don’t pass out with pleasure, after I fill you with my white, hot cum. All of a sudden we hear the whistle blowing, and the train starts to slow down. I open my eyes and look through the window just as the platform comes in to view. Any second now anyone standing on the platform will be able to see us.

You swear under your breath as you get off my cock and stand up in the isle, trying to get that freshly fucked look off your face. I shove my dick back in my jeans and zip them up just as the train comes to a complete stop. I pick up your wet panties and put them in my pocket and we walk out the car door.

We walk up the stairs to exit the station and I whisper to you, “I can’t wait to get home to finish off what we had started,”

You breathlessly answer, “Hell, I’m not waiting 20 minutes for you to fuck me some more.”

We exit the station and start to walk through the parking lot to my car.

I say, “Well, my love, you Ayrancı travesti will have to wait until we get home, because there is not enough room to fool around in my car.”

Laughingly you counter, “I know that, but there is plenty of room on the hood of your car to get things done!”

We are almost at the car, and the lights start to go out. It’s late and there are very few cars still in the lot. Mine is at the far end, with nobody or anything nearby. You get to the car a few steps before me and jump up and sit on the hood beckoning me to you. I move up to you as you spread your legs and invite me in. We start to make out, our tongues struggling for the right to dive into the others mouth. I lean in to you and feel your breasts mashed against my chest, as my hands grab you by the ass and pull your entire body to me. I take my left hand off your ass and slide it under your sweater and start to play with your right breast, pulling on your always hard nipple. Our lips separate and your tongue slides down my neck and you start to bite and nibble on my throat. Even though the night is still warm, your tongue sends a chill through my body.

You feel my still hard cock, poking you in the crotch and say, “You are at just the right height to fuck me, so get to it.”

We start to kiss some more as I reach down and start to undo my pants. Your hands move down to your pussy and you start to play with yourself, getting it ready for me. You take my throbbing dick in your hand and aim it at your cunt, I do the rest as I ram it balls deep in to you with one thrust. You gasp out loud and fall back on the hood. I take you by your ass and pull you all the way on to me, us I move in to a slow rhythm as I bury my cock in to you as far as I can, and pull it all the way back out, then use my cock head to split your lips and ram it deep again. You pulled your sweater up over your tits so I could see you massaging your them, pulling on your thimble sized, rock hard nipples, pulling on them one-second, and pushing them deep in to your flesh the next. It takes me a split second to thrust my cock all the way into you, and five seconds to slowly pull it all the way out. You are so wet, that it slides with ease both ways.

After a few minutes of this slow sexual torture, I can tell its time for me to cum, my breathing gets deeper and I can no longer pull out of you slowly. Now, my cock is coming out as fast as its going in, you notice the difference and start to pull on your nipple with one hand, and start to finger your clit with the other. You are moaning and gasping for air, like I am, ready to cum in any second.

I look down at my cock banging into you, and it’s a blur of motion, in and out in and out. I am seconds away from cumming. You let go of your heaving breast, take your hand off your clit and as you are pushing me away. You Cebeci travesti tell me you want to cum while getting fucked from behind. You hop of the car, turn around and bend over the hood of the car and wiggle your awesome ass in my face mashing your tits on the hood of the car. I know that if I enter you now, I will cum in a second and not give you the pleasure you deserve. I get on my knees between your legs and start to suck on your pussy, my tongue on your clit and my nose buried in you. You are so wet; the sweet juice is flowing into my mouth. I bury my tongue inside you as far as I can, and slip two fingers inside you as well.

My fingers find your clit and your whole body shakes as you moan out, ” Yeeeesssss!!!!” in pleasure.

You start to move your ass down on to me as I lean in to you, my mouth still buried in your cunt. My cock is now ready to finish what we started. I get off my knees and give each of your ass checks a quick bite as I stand up. My still hard as a rock cock, is ready to enter your steamy, wet cunt. I take my dick in my hand, give it a few strokes to get it ready, spread your pussy lips wide open, move close to you and slide it in. Another gasp escapes your lips and you reach out and try to grab on to the hood of the car as my cock slides in and out of your wet pussy. I get in to a nice slow rhythm, as I thrust in to you over and over, all the way in, almost all the way out. You do your best to move your ass back against me. You have no leverage so you stop moving and let me do all the work. I lean over you and start to slide my hands under your sweater, and grab your tits. I can’t get much of a hold on them, but I can reach your nipples and try my best to flick them around. That feeling is returning to my balls and I can tell it’s not going to be long now before I cum.

I take my right hand out from under you, move your hair from your ear and whisper, “You are so fucking hot, I will remember this night as long as I live.”

My thrusting starts to get faster. The faster and deeper I fuck you, the louder your moans get. You beg, “Fill me with your cum, explode inside me!!!”

I say, “Yessssss, yesssssss, any second now you will get your wish.”

My right hand, slides between your legs and finds your clit. I start to rub it with my index finger, while my body shoves my cock deep inside you. Your clit is so hard; you are seconds away from cumming. I feel your cunt muscles tighten on my cock as you begin to cum. This sends me over the edge and as you explode with pleasure, so do I. Your upper body arches back as wave after wave of ecstasy, rumbles through you like an earthquake, and spurt after spurt of cum, shooting out through my dick, goes deep inside of you. My body collapses on top of yours and my knees go weak. I use what little energy I have left to keep us from sliding off the car hood and down on to the ground.

Whispering into your ear, “That was the most exciting encounter of my life.”

Turning your head and looking in to my eyes you breathlessly say, “Honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Many thanks to Angel Love, for editing, my first submission.

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The Test Drive

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I arrive at your door in my new car. It’s the BMW I always said I wanted. Complete with leather trim and all the toys. I tell you to put on your short PVC coat and your black boots as we are going for a ride.

“Anything else?” you ask.

“Nope.” I reply. 5 mins later we are off for a ride. I make for the forest, it’s a hot day so I figure shade will be of help. I pull off the main road onto a side track that leads to a small clearing and pull up. I switch off the engine and I turn to you and smile. My hand goes straight up inside your coat, no preliminaries, straight for your pussy lips. There are no clothes there at all. You are completely naked under your coat.

“Good.” I say, as see your nipples start to harden under your coat.

“What are we doing here?” you ask.

“I’m fulfilling a fantasy, I am going to fuck you over the bonnet of the car in your coat. You get to christen the car. Do you like the idea?”

You nod as you get out of the car like a cougar.

You look over your shoulder and crook your fnger at me. As I come to you, you lean against the side of the car, crook your head slightly to one side and bend one knee so that you’re balancing that leg slightly, on the toe. You put a finger to my lips to indicate we should say nothing. The forest is completely still and silent. Not even the sound of birds tweeting. You put your arms around my waist and pull me toward you but I resist, deliberately provoking you. I step back slightly and watch as you stroke yourself through the mac, running your hands over the mac letting the seductive sound of the swish of your PVC mac excite us. You cup your breasts provocatively and pull the mac tight against you so that you can play with your own erect nipple, which is now clearly visible through the fabric. I keep my eyes fixed on you as you do it. As I start to stroke my cock my erection is already trying to burst out of my pants so I start undressing. You take the opportunity to walk away from the car for a few paces. You turn around and stand still. By now I am completely naked and you look down to see I am already masturbating myself. My cock is rigid. A shiver of excitement runs straight through me. Neither of us moves as you undo your belt and open the mac wide. I look at your near naked body, the entire length of your legs clad in black patent thigh high leather boots I love you to wear for me. You take a couple of paces toward me, very slowly, giving me time to notice the tops of your boots are pressing into the outer lips of your labia. The look on your face as you take each step closer back to me says it all. Every slight movement is stimulating me more and more as the tops of your thigh boots rub against your pussy lips. You continue your agonisingly slow pace back to yme but you know I am enjoying it from the speed at which I am now masturbating my swollen cock – the object of desire. By the time you reach me I’ve already seen that your pussy is drenched. You gently pull my hand away from my cock and together with the other one, bring them round behind my back and tie them with the belt from your mac. You speak for the first time since you got out the car.

“I know what you want to do to me, but first I am going to do you. I am going to attend to your cock by stroking it, caressing it and adoring it. You brought me here to fuck me in my mac and boots. And I just know you will. Well I’m here to suck your cock as well. And I’m going to suck it and swallow it like you’ve never been sucked before…..” And without another word you slowly glide down my body, your fingernails digging into me deeply as you finally take my throbbing cock into your eager mouth.

Your lips gently take the tip between them, your tongue gently licking the exposed helmet that is coated with pre-cum. Slowly you slide the length of my cock between your lips, my hands are tied so I can’t hold your head, but you have everything under control. You allow your teeth to gently graze the skin of my cock as your mouth slides further and further down the shaft, your tongue gently lubricating it from underneath. You don’t take the whole length, but stop and start to bob up and down on my throbbing manhood, slurping and gurgling as it slides into that wonderful oral cavity of yours and it twitches from the pleasure it is so graciously, lovingly given. Your head starts to bob up and down in a steady rhythm as you graze my ball sac with your elegantly manicured nails on one hand, the other tracing delicate scratches up and down my thighs. I am in sensation paradise, and you know it. Your head slides all the way down my cock, gently, and it hits the back of your throat but you don’t Şişli travesti gag, instead you swallow him.

So, with my ball sac in one hand as you start to play with my erection and I’m filled with excitement as you suck deeply on my cock, knowing you’re naked except for my favourite thigh high boots and PVC mac which arouse us so much. You take me slowly at first, savouring the full length of my shaft in your mouth and knowing how much I like to be able to thrust your cock down my throat. I start to fuck your mouth, withdrawing my eager shaft and then thrusting it back into you, repeating it again and again, time after time, thrusting harder each time, down your throat, as you alternate between stroking my balls and my shaft. With each plunge of my cock into your mouth it swells with my hardness, as it throbs with excitement within you. You push hard against me to take the full length with each thrust. You keep sucking hard and you and get into a rhythm. With each thrust my cock disappears and I become ever more excited and aroused as you release it from my mouth after each stroke. My hands are either side of your head, as the belt has slipped off my wrists, holding you, forcing you, to fellate me. In the silence of the forest I can hear my loud moans as I enjoy the sensation of repeatedly thrusting my cock down your throat. I thrust out my hips, pressing hard into you to ensure you are taking every last bit of my cock fully into your throat.

As I feel my cock go down your throat each time, penetrating you, you grab my butt and pull me to you. A sign of your own willingness to submit to my oral fucking, I then withdraw and you lick your cock head with my lips before I do it all over again, plunging my throbbing shaft back down your throat, again and again. My whole body is quivering. I am filling your mouth. I am fucking your mouth. I am taking and using you like a whore and a slut. Your oral skills, always a delight for me, are once again giving me sheer unadulterated bliss. My cock disappears into your mouth and you slide all the way down and it goes into your throat with ease. You look up at me and try to smile which can’t be easy with a mouthful of manhood that is delighted to fellated by someone who cares about the skill. But you convey the smile nonetheless. I feel your tongue slide out of your mouth and the tip flicks my ball sac that you are gently scratching with your nails. I have no composure left, I am putty, a toy in your hands and you continue to suck. It is obvious that my cock is going nowhere until I flood your throat and mouth with the cum that is building up. But you want to keep sucking, not to rush things and you let my cock slide out of your throat and into your mouth.

“I want you to remember today.” you tell me, “I have blown you off loads of times, but you are fulfilling two fantasies, mine and yours. This is one blowjob you are never, ever going to forget.”

You put the tip against your lips and kiss it like you would fondly kiss a baby. Your tongue once again snakes out of your mouth and licks the tip. You then proceed to lick down from the tip to the root and gently suckle my ball sac. You then start to lick back up the other way. You continue to lick my pulsating shaft knowing that it is helping to build up the cum inside but I won’t ejaculate until it is inside you or you masturbate me. You are not interested in masturbation but your hand does gently slide along the shaft, caressing, stroking, then you start to use your nails on each hand going in opposite directions on my cock top to bottom, bottom to top, gently scraping them along the sensitive, twitching gland. All the while you are gently sucking the helmet, and licking the tip. You know exactly what you are doing; it is if you have been planning it for months. You are now smiling, that lustful, wanton smile of yours. You know that I am completely at your mercy.

As you look deep into my eyes and continue your odyssey around, on and down my throbbing cock I can feel you becoming more and more aroused. You suck and lick, and lick and suck using your tongue on my cock head the way you know I like it. But then I pull you up and take you in my arms. We kiss deeply and passionately. In your heightened state of arousal you reach down and take my cock eagerly in your hand. Just when you think that you are about to get my cock into your pussy I spank you hard, but with a smile on my face. I wag a finger at you and lead you round to the passenger side of the car and then turn you around away from me. You very willingly spread your legs and lean over the bonnet of the car hoping to be finally pleasured.

I Taksim travesti am in a state of total arousal as I lift your coat hem up and throw it over your waist. I notice that the tops of your legs are glistening, as are your boots from your arousal. I place my rampant hard cock against your pussy lips and you instinctively thrust back towards me impaling yourself on my engorged manhood. You scream with lust as my cock goes in deep, and your pussy is pressed against my pubic bone. I feel your muscles contract against my offering to you and you thrust and thrust against me in an abandoned frenzy. You don’t care where you are, or who is there, you just want to cum. And you do. It starts by you uttering groans of pleasure, begging my to fuck you, to use you, treat you like a whore. But I don’t need to do anything; just being stood there behind you filling your fuck hole is enough. I put my hands on your PVC clad tits and start to fondle them gently at first, then increasing the attention, squeezing harder, your bullet hard nipples threatening to burst through the material.

I man handle you more roughly, but not to rough, just enough to send you off on your first orgasm, that has taken a while in coming. You let out a wanton lustful cry of release as I whisper in your ear;

“Cum for me, show me you are a real slut, soak my cock, before I eat you out. Be the whore we want you to be.” You can take no more. You throw yourself across the bonnet of the car in reckless abandon totally consumed by your lust as your pussy floods my cock, as it can’t dam the flow and I feel my legs and the tops of your boots soaking.

I withdraw my cock from you and you groan. I place a finger on your lips and take you by the hand, lead you round to the front of the car and lift you effortlessly onto the bonnet, your thigh booted legs dangling in front of the radiator. I retrieve your mac belt, which had fallen onto the floor, and place it around your waist, pulling your mac together tightly again. I crouch down and start to lick the tops of your legs and boots, savouring the flavours of you, your cum and the leather on my tongue. You throw your legs over my shoulders and I feel your heels grazing my shoulder blades as I start to gently lap your labia. I feel your hands on the back of my head pulling me closer to you, urging me to go deeper with my tongue. But I take your hands off, spank you as best as I can, which isn’t easy, wag my finger at you and spank you again, all the while lapping away.

I take hold of your wrists and place your hands on your tits and re-focus on licking you. My hands stroke your booted legs and I squeeze your calves as I start to gently suck your clit. I know that the feeling of the leather on your legs and my sucking your clit will have the desired effect. You thrust your pelvis into my face screaming obscenities about using you as a fucking whore, that you are my slut and that my cock was going to get seen to by my slut. I take one of hands off a leg and place two fingers inside your vagina walls as I continue to suck. As my fingers massaged you internally and my tongue lavished loving caresses on your labia and clit you explode. You flood my face with your cum, soaking me as I try to lap up the deluge that is coming from you, all the while you continue to scream,

“Don’t stop, oh fuck, don’t stop, this is fuuucking wonderfuuuuuuuuuuul, araaaaaaaaagh, suck me use me I AM YOUR CUM SLUT WHORE TAKE ME.” You continue to cum as my fingers increase their intensity and I continue to lick you. You are writhing in ecstasy on the bonnet your heels digging into my shoulder blades, but I hardly notice as I delve into your honey pot of pleasure. You start to subside and I remove my fingers gently, still licking your labia and the tops of your legs. You sit up unsteadily as I pull away from your pussy. You pull me towards you and kiss me with a ferocity I have never experienced before. It had it all, savagery, lustful, wanton, passion; your tongue licking, exploring the whole inside of my mouth, your hands behind my head pulling me towards you harder, deeper. You slide to the edge of the bonnet and your pouting pussy lips caress my cock tip unwittingly so I thrust without any second thought to you as my passion and desire is high. You start to lick my face, savouring the flavour of your own juices that are soaking my lips and chin. Your thigh booted legs wrap around me and I once again lift you off the bonnet and I walk around to the other side of the car wearing you like a mascot on my manhood. I put you on the bonnet again without withdrawing from your velvet lined warm wet pussy. I am buried right Gümüşsuyu travesti up to the hilt in it. I am experiencing sheer bliss; there is no other way to describe it. Then you clamp down tight with your vagina muscles on my throbbing manhood and you masturbate me by flexing your pussy on him. What an experience. I can feel my orgasm building, but I want to give you one more on the bonnet, well it is my fantasy as well.

“I did you from behind on one side, licked you at the front now I want to fuck you on the final side”. I whispered in your ear. “So relax and let me fuck you.” So your pussy relaxed and I start to thrust. I place my hands on your PVC mac over your tits and start to squeeze them again. The sound of the material being rubbed and the feeling of the real satin lining mean that you have no willpower to resist my thrusting engorged cock delving your innermost secret areas. You come to orgasm again, quickly, but without the intensity of the last one, but the look of lust in your eyes tells me that it is not the end. With you still impaled by me and your thigh highs rubbing my hips I lift you off the bonnet once again and carry you into the back of the car. I lie you down on the back seat and withdraw my cock. You pout. I whisper in your ear

“I am going to lick you again.” Your pout is suddenly replaced with a smile.

“OK” you say, “but I want your cock in my mouth.” A ladies wish is my command.

I place my head between those beautiful boot covered legs of yours. Sometimes it’s a shame that your legs aren’t on sight, but with pussy high boots covering them that is a more than acceptable substitute. I start to lick your legs and boots again savouring the smell, the taste. I straddle your face and as I lower myself towards your mouth, you take hold of my throbbing, soaking cock. You caress it gently, lovingly with your fingers, sliding them up and down the length as if to feel and familiarise yourself with every inch. You pull it gently towards you encouraging me to enter your willing, wanton mouth. No words are spoken none are needed. Your lips come into contact with the tip, glistening with your sex juices and my precum. You kiss it gently, affectionately, and the tip of your tongue licks the end of my cock.

You say to me,

“I want you to fuck my throat. Not my mouth, my throat. Be as rough as you like. I want to show you true pleasure.” My cock slides into your mouth, you position yourself to accommodate all of it and I feel it enter your throat, no obstacles, straight in and still it slides until I feel my balls hit your top lip. Your lips clamp tight on my length, your tongue licking as best as it can. I start to thrust against your face and your arms fly round my back and pull me in, urging me to ravage your throat. I start to hump your throat, I don’t want to do any damage but you are still pulling me in and encouraging me with your gurgling and humming on my cock. I thrust like I was screwing your pussy. I can’t believe the sensations I am experiencing, so much so I can’t concentrate on your pussy. You pull more on me urging me to flood your throat and I am building up to climax and you can feel it. Your lips tighten around my shaft, your teeth gently grazing the length as I thrust towards ultimate relief. You know I am cumming and you grip tighter with your arms around me ensuring I don’t withdraw. That was all I could take. I start to shoot my first load and the feeling as I lubricated your larynx was so intense that I just shoot load after load, I have never cum so much in my life but you still kept me inside your throat; your arms clamped around me. As I was starting to shoot my load your hips started twitching and your thighs clamped tight as you experienced another orgasm of your own. You must have been choking, but your arms would not let me withdraw, you were determined that I should experience the ultimate sexual gift that a woman can give a man, and that I was going to experience with you. Your arms wrapped tight around me, your pelvis thrashing about the seat, until you were satisfied that you had completely sated me and I had no more to give. As I slowly came down from my high and my cock deflated, I eased up and my cock came out of your mouth with a pop as you kept your lips as tight as you could until you had sucked every last ounce of juice off it.

I just didn’t know what to say. I was utterly speechless. You looked at me and said;

“I have wanted to do that with you for ages, but I wanted it to be right. And I think that today it was. Now, because I now want to fellate you slowly, lovingly, and for the rest of the night, and I need to be more comfortable for that, take me to my bedroom please.”

As we drive home I say

“Er, hon,”

“Mmm,” you reply.

“This car, it’s only the demo, I pick my new one up next week so that’s the one that will need christening.”

“Eeeeeeeeeek”, is all you can say.

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The Tattoo

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A woman and her friends decided that they were going to have a night out. They headed to the local bar and knocked back a few drinks. Once feeling the warm and fuzzy comfort of a good buzz starting they decided to head out for some fresh air. While out side they noticed that across the street was a tattoo shop. It didn’t look to shabby, clean and even friendly. Suddenly and idea popped into her head, she wanted a tattoo! She turned to her friends with a huge grin on her face.

“Hey, who wants to get a tattoo with me?” She asked.

Her friends looked at her with a shocked look on their faces.

“Are you kidding? Why do you all of the sudden want a tattoo?” One of her friends asked.

“I have always wanted one, it sounds fun and kind of sexy.”

All of her friends just looked at her and decided she had enough to drink for the night as they went back in the bar. She stayed out side wanting more air and trying to get the guts up to go across the street. Just as she was about to go back into the bar she notice that a man walked out of the tattoo shop. He had jet black hair, tattoo’s all over his arms, she couldn’t see them well but could tell they went up over his shoulder’s. He had on tight black jeans and a black wife beater. He looked dangerous, but not to dangerous. He waved her to come over but she wasn’t sure if he really meant her or someone else. She looked around her but no one else was out side of the bar. Taking in a deep breath she walked across the street.

Once she was there standing in front of him he smiled. She smiled back not sure what to say.

“Did you want to some in for a tattoo?” He asked her with a grin.

“I was thinking about it, but my friends have ditched me.”

She wasn’t sure if he should know that or not noticing there was no one else in the shop, meaning if she did go in they would be alone. He smiled back at her and walked back into the shop. It was when he turned away from Halkalı travesti her that she notice how good his ass looked in the jeans he had on. It made her want to follow him just so she could see him in a better light and talk to him more. She followed him and noticed all the pictures lining the walls showing all the different options for tattoos.

He asked her

“Did you have something already in mind, or did you want to look around?”

She looked around some and found a small scull and cross bones with a pink bow on it’s head, pointing to it she told him

“I like that one, I think it fits with my personality.”

Once he found the stencil for it he led her to the back area where it was closed off and no one from the front of the shop could see in. He had her sit down in the chair that was reclined back some so she would be comfortable. He went back into the front of the shop again for a moment and she thought she heard him lock the front door but wasn’t sure.

When he came back he asked her where she wanted the tattoo. She hadn’t thought about that. Looking at her body and trying to think of where she wanted to put it he busied himself with getting things ready. She noticed the way his muscles moved as he put thing together and got out the colors her would need. She started feeling warm, she couldn’t sit still. He was very good looking, strong arms and big hands, she had also noticed that he had his tongue pierced. That really had her mind going. When he turned back around she had a rush of warmth come over her body and she felt very warm, and suddenly very wet. He smiled at her and asked again if she knew where she wanted her new tattoo.

She smiled back

“I was thinking my right hip, kind of in front.”

All he did was smile and nod. She got out of the chair and took off her jeans. She climbed back up into the chair in only her top and her black thong. He raised it enough for Levent travesti him to sit in the chair and work on the spot she picked. He prepped the spot she showed him and placed the out line of the tattoo on her skin. At first his hands felt cold due to the surgical gloves he had to wear. Then after a moment they warmed up. She took a deep breath as he turned on the tattoo needle. The sound made her jump for a second, but when his hand touched her again she was still. She closed her eyes and as he began working she could feel little shocks going through her. They all seamed to run down her legs and end back up at her pussy. She was getting wet and was having a hard time keeping her mind off of what he was doing and how it was making her feel. Her mind started wondering and she started thinking about his free hand moving up her thigh and pulling her legs apart.

She thought she felt him move his hand, when she looked back down to where he was working he smiled back up at her and she did notice that his hand had moved a little lower on her thigh. Closing her eyes again she could see it in her mind. Her laying in the chair her legs spread and he was moving his hand up the inside of her thigh. She took a deep breath and slowly let it out. She could feel his fingers moving over the wet lips of her pussy and starting to rub her clit. With out knowing it she let a small moan escape and shifted her hips some trying to feel his fingers. She heard him clear his throat and her eyes popped open, he was done with the tattoo already. She wondered if she should get up or not. He placed a bandage over the tattoo but when she started to move to get up he placed a hand on her flat stomach holding her still.

She could see he was turned on and hard. His eyes were dark and it made her shiver. He moved to the foot of the chair she was in and he pushed a lever with his foot and the legs on the chair spread open. She gasped when Şirinevler travesti the chair moved and locked into a new position. The chair raised up higher so all he had to do was move forward and he was there between her legs at the perfect height to fuck her. A smile came across his lips and he moved his hand up her legs to remove her panties. She lifted up so he could remove them from her. He then bent over and kissed her hip’s. He let his tongue trail down and started licking her pussy lips. He took his fingers and opened her for him to be able to taste her.

He licked at her clit in small circles with the tip of his tongue, then he flattened it and licked from her opening to her clit letting the small silver ball from his piercing catch her clit. Each time he did she felt a shock wave run up her spine.

He started licking at her faster, centering his attention on her clit. She was so close to coming, she ran her fingers into his hair holding him there in that one spot making sure he wouldn’t quit until she came. All it took was one more lick and she was moaning and jerking her hips. She relaxed her hand on his head and he stood up. Wiping his mouth he undid his pants and let them fall. Before she could even open her eyes to look at him he was inside her. She gasped as her eyes flew open looking at a devilish grin on his face. He would pull out and tease her clit with his cock. Each time he moved on her her leg’s twitched. Then he entered her, he pushed hard into her wanting to feel her around him. He grabbed her legs and had them draped over his arms as he gripped the arms of the chair and began fucking her, hard and she loved it. She could hear him slamming into her and it felt great. Never before had she felt such force from a man.

He was moving faster pushing into her harder, then she felt her self start to come again and he yelled and growled at the same time coming with her. But he didn’t stop there as she was coming down from her orgasm he started rubbing her clit with his thumb making her come again even harder.

When she opened her eyes again she looked into his eyes and smiled. She knew she was going to become a very big tattoo fan and this was going to be her only tattoo shop.

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The Surrogate Ch. 03

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To say I was having a great year was an understatement especially in the love/sex department. After that night I spent with Sommer and Brit things had taken a turn for the surreal. Brit and I were still going full tilt, fucking every chance we got with Sommer stopping by my place for either a solo session or showing up for some more three play with Brit and I. She joked with me as we showered after a particularly rigorous session that she had to take doubles of her pill after each time we fucked just to be sure she didn’t get pregnant.

My schedule at work was full too, lots of clients wanting my skills as a personal trainer. I had a full docket of forty to sixty somethings who wanted to either get back into the body of their twenties or just stay in shape. I never mixed business with pleasure, never once did I take any of my clients up on their offers and I don’t mean to brag but there were more than a few, but I’m a good man and I always politely deflected and turned things back to their diet plan or what workout they should have been doing.

Until last week that is.

I have been working at this gym for about six months now as a trainer but before I started I was a customer, it has the perfect gear to get your lift on and just enough eye candy to be interesting and enough military guys I could bro down and talk shit when I wanted to. To the point, several years ago, there was this cute little thing that worked the front desk. Hanna was her name. She was WAY too young for me then, not even legal and we all thought of her like a little sister and were pretty protective when the high school motards would hit on her, shooing more than one away with but a glance and the flex of a tattooed arm in their direction. Now before you think I’m all super creeper you can calm down, she graduated, and moved away to go to school to study this or that, criminal justice I think and I thought that was the last we would see of her.

Then I got a call on evening when neither of my ladies was at the house.

I was just sitting on my couch, watching Generation Kill for like the tenth time (love that show), when my cell rang and the number didn’t show up as known. Usually I don’t answer those but I did out of sheer boredom.

“This is Jon.”

“Hey there Marine, how’s it hangin?” A feminine voice said, full of energy but not one that I recognized. I instantly was worried. I had met and ‘known’ more than my share of hot coeds in my travels and on leave from this assignment or that and was worried one of the crazies had found my number and was about to hang a paternity suit around my neck, legit or otherwise.

“Who is this?” I asked, trying my best not to sound concerned.

“It’s Hanna silly. Remember me?” The voice said, a hint of a nervous giggle in her voice.

“Oh shit, hey you. What are you up to?” Instantly relaxing. She’d be what 20 now, into her second year of school or, given the date, done with it more like.

“Hey there sexy!” She said, obviously happy she hadn’t slipped from memory. “How is my favorite gym buddy?”

I regaled her with the general boredom and nonsense of life, not indicating at all that two of the best looking women I knew were regularly waxing my AR-15 if I can be a Jarhead for just a minute or two. She listened and laughed and was generally pleasant. She went on to tell me about how great college was and how much fun she was having, grades were good and this and that. I was glad to hear she was doing well but my brain stated to wonder what she was calling for. We had been friendly at the gym but as I said at the time she was under 18 and more of a sister than anything else, what did she need and how had she gotten my number.

“SO the reason I’m calling is that I am done for the semester and am back in town and need your help with something.” She sounded shy suddenly and that peaked my interest for some reason. My protective instinct kicked in and I began wondering whose ass she would ask me to kick.

“What can I do for my favorite gym rat?” I asked, hoping it was going to be help with a summer project or something that wouldn’t take too much of my time from any of my other endeavors.

“Well there is a bodybuilding show in 6 weeks, I have been working really hard all year and keeping my diet in line and I think I might have a shot to do the bikini competition, maybe even place. I was hoping you would train me” Hanna said with more confidence than I remembered out of her. At first I was silent for a few. The Hanna I remember from two years before was pretty cute, bout 5’4, strawberry blonde hair she usually kept in one big braid, a great big smile that just made you smile when you saw it. She was in pretty good shape, her youth at the time accounting for most of that and a pretty solid work ethic in the gym but not super model material. I had been to a couple of those shows, most of the girls were Vegas stripper material at the very least, plus they were catty and mean to the new girls as a rule; not something I really was sure that sweet little Cihangir travesti Hanna would do well in.

“You sure, that’s six weeks of hell with me in the beating your ass in the gym, plus eating even cleaner than you’re probably used to. Plus you know how those girls can be.” I said, I mean I’d do it, take her money if she insisted but I wanted her to be committed before we started down that road.

She was quiet for a few breaths before she spoke again.

“John, I’m not going to make this a career, I just want to see if all my hard work during the year has been worth it, plus with your help I’m sure I can do really well.”

“Well…” I started to talk when my phone buzzed, it was a pic via text from Hanna.

“There, I sent you a recent pic of me so you can see how much work you have to do. I gotta go, I’m supposed to meet my sister and her friends for coffee, let me know whenever and I’ll meet you at the gym, first thing in the morning if you want.”

The call ended and I opened the text and was shocked. The Hanna I knew had been replaced by a certified hottie. It was the typical bathroom selfie you see all the girls doing now days, her hair was shorter, just touching her shoulders. She was posing in a red bikini meant for the beach and she looked fantastic. Her arms and shoulders were defined but not too much, her core was almost perfect, lined but not quite as cut as say Brit was, you could see her abs but only a hint of them. Her legs were built like she had seen the squat rack a time or five and though I couldn’t see it real well in the one pic she sent, I could tell she had a nice squat ass being hugged tightly by her cute little red bikini. Her boobs were perfect, not to big not to small, just right.

Shit, I wouldn’t have to work too hard, she didn’t need much work in fact too much would make her too strong for the bikini category anyway. I texted her to meet me in the gym that next morning at 6 and she agreed. The work was about to start. So was something else.

I was sitting at the supplement bar going through a few work outs I had planned for the day when I heard the front door open and Hanna bounced in and ran up to me, cute little squeal leading the way as she jumped up at me and I had to catch her to keep her from falling o knocking me over.

“Hey there sexy.” She squeezed me tight and then, to my surprise kissed me quickly on the cheek. Her hair was hidden beneath a baseball cap and she smelled like cherry body wash. I could feel my cock stirring as I hugged her back and set her feet on the floor.

“Somebody is a morning person.” I said as I broke our embrace. She was wearing sweats and a sweatshirt from the college she went to, her bag full of this and that for the gym over her shoulder, her great big smile making me grin like a tard.

“I’m just excited to get started. I really think with your help I have a shot at this.” She bounced a bit excitedly. Her pretty blue eyes sparkling. She was just too fucking cute, but I could see that the innocence we had all loved and protected was gone for the most part, she was still her but you could tell she had seen a thing or two while she was at college.

“Well you won’t be too excited, we are gonna get started with legs.” She groaned and pouted, her lip stuck out in a mock pout, her eyes lowered. She moved past me to the ladies lockers and I felt her hand run over my back. There was something in that, more than just a friendly gesture, but I could have been wrong.

I set us up at the squat rack, I was gonna help her but she was gonna have to work for it.

“So go ahead and stretch out a bit on your own, I’ll start you off light but your feel it by the time we are done.”

“I don’t doubt it.” She said as she moved over to me, still in her bulky sweats and sweat shirt, her flirty smile told me there was an innuendo behind that which raised my eyebrows but I laughed too. She was just in her cute little socks as she reached down and pulled her sweat shirt up over her head and I felt a true surge of arousal. She was wearing a form fitting little red shirt, her breasts were standing out proudly under the tight fabric, and I could see just the hint of her nipples sitting tall on her chest. Dropping the garment at her feet she stretched her arms up over her head in a long languid manner, giving me just a hint of her slightly tanned and perfectly flat belly, a cute little stud at her perfect belly button before she dropped her arms, my ever horny brain suddenly wondered if she would break out in goosebumps if I ran my tongue over it on my way down.

She asked me something but my brain shut completely off as she slid her thumbs into the rolled waistband of her sweats and pushed them down over her butt and down her legs to the floor. Her legs were nearly flawless, just the hint of muscle, thick from work in the rack and they fit perfectly with her nicely rounded calves, what made me go full stupid internally was her ass. You know the app Yeah, She Squats, pretty much a perfect Fındıkzade travesti peach as they say, nice hump and worse yet it was encased in a pair of black volleyball shorts that seemed to hug her ass like I wanted too. I felt blood surge through my cock like a freight train and I nearly said aloud, “Damn look at that ass”

“Earth to John.”

I came out of my sexual state before getting too far into a fantasy that had her bent over my couch with all eight inches of me buried inside her while I held both of her arms out behind her and she cried out my name over and over. I must have been staring because she laughed again as she kicked the sweats over onto her sweatshirt and shook her hair out from under her hat.

“I thought you were gonna load up the bar?” She said with a cute little smile, leaving me feeling like an ape as I struggled to formulate an excuse for why I had just stripped her naked and fucked the shit out of her in my mind. Silence is golden so I simply shrugged and smiled before turning to the weights, she moved to help and flashed me an innocent smile that was anything but.

Over the next hour or two I proceeded to get my shit together as best I could as I put her through a killer leg workout. She really didn’t need much instruction, her form was pretty damn good and I have to say that watching her squat and deadlift was an exercise in control and professionalism I was not accustomed to. I mean I really can’t stress how amazing her ass was. Men would fight wars over this artful fleshy mound of muscle and yummy. I was more than willing to for even a crack at it.

While she did her cardio I made our protein and got her meal plan together, still watching her as the guilt set in. She was fucking hot, sweat from how hard she was working had matted her hair a bit and her shirt seemed to hug her even tighter, the cool of her sweat on her skin had caused her nipples to harden even more beneath her top, her shorts still clutched the globes of her tight but like they had been put on with a paint brush.

She stopped her machine and pulled off her head phones, nodded to me as she moved to the locker room, she was going to shower before we met and finished her training for the day.

To be a fly on that wall, watch her peel off her clothes and step into that hot shower, watch the water play on her heat flushed skin while she soaped up and relaxed. Like I said yummy.

I sat watching sports center until I felt her hand on the small of my back. I turned around and had to bite my lip once again. She had shoved herself into a pair of super tight denim shorts that were undone at the waist and folded down, her rainbow bikini bottoms just peeking out, the ties jumped up over her hips at her sides. She had put on a nearly see-through shirt that was just to cover her up, but her bikini top was visible enough to be a distraction.

“So how did I do?” She asked as she put down her bag and snatched up her protein shake, sipping on it as I went over my plan for working up to the show. I kept it together pretty well I think considering the view and how great she smelled fresh out of the shower. Once I was done I gave her all the info and she dropped another hug on me before she left, pulling me in close and pressing her ripe breasts into my chest, I had to consciously tell myself not to let my hands drop from her upper back and cradle her ass and give it a good and healthy squeeze. She surprised me by giving me a quick peck on the cheek before she bounced out the door again.

It basically went like that for over the weeks up until the show. Every morning we would meet and work different areas of her already amazingly built body, hardening them to a stone like feel with rep after sweaty rep and a well-honed and perfectly practiced diet plan that brought us to the week before the show when she came in for posing practice at which point I turned her over to one of my friends, a gal named Serena, who held her pro-card and would be able to give her more help than I could at the final stages. While they worked on poses in one of the back rooms, I was busying myself with this or that when I saw Brit breeze in the door, her bag over her shoulder from where ever she had been and a smile for me that would set any room ablaze. I had known and been fucking her long enough to know when she was super horny and I could feel it on her like waves of molten heat as she walked up and hugged me tight, kissing my neck gently which set my blood pumping to my cock and made me shy away, goosebumps all along my body from such a simple contact.

“So what’s this I hear you have a new protégé, word around the gym is that you have been helping some little hotness and she is throwing off signals like crazy? Dish.” Brit said, her smile widening as she sat me down at one of the counters, her hand on my leg as she waited for me to regale her with some sordid tale of my cock encased in some hot beauty; fuel for her fire so she could either turn it loose on me or Sommer or some other poor Fulya travesti sod who would be in for the fucking of a lifetime. A lot had changed since she had gone back to the single life.

“No story. You remember Hanna? She’s doing the show and wanted help getting ready and she asked me to give her a hand.” I said, my tone a bit defensive without it meaning to be. Brit pouted but it was a show. There was no jealousy like there had been when I had brought women home in the past before we had taken that final step and started fucking one another senseless on the regular.

“Little Hanna all grown up huh? Well no worries, but I am disappointed you didn’t have a story for me, but I have something I wanted to show you” Brit said, her eyebrows raised a bit, and I knew full well it was something naughty.

“Well I’ll be home here in a few hours after I’m done with Hanna.” I began to say when she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my seat.

“I wanna show you now.” She said in low husky tones that told me certainly she was going to get something out of me whether I wanted it or not, yeah like that was a hard sell. Brit led me back to the back part of the gym where the tanning rooms were, where both she and I had tanned to a lovely shade of golden brown from regular sessions and had more than once rushed off to be alone and fuck one another silly when we had worked the same shift.

Finding an unoccupied room she pulled me inside, turned on the light closed the door and pushed me back onto the stool in the room.

“Remember that hot little thing I brought back to our place after the bar that night, the tattoo artist gal?” Brit began as she set her bag down and threw another bedroom smile my way. I certainly remembered the girl in question. Sally was her name, she was about 5 feet tall, built and looked like a mini pinup gal from the fifties. We had teamed up and humped her three ways from the weekend one night after the club when both Brit and I were exceptionally horny.

“Well remember when we were through with her she said I could get a big discount on a tat if I ever came by her shop? Well I did and I got one. WE worked out a trade for it. Reaching up she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her blue, airbrushed on, yoga pants and pulled them down, taking her panties with her or perhaps she hadn’t worn any at all, either way she was standing in front of me now naked from the waist down, showing me a lovely new rose or flower tattoo, just above and to the left of her cleanly shaven pussy. It looked great but honestly I could have given a shit about the tattoo. No matter how many times I saw her naked, or how many times I ate her out till she screamed or fucked her until I was gasping and shooting a huge load inside her much to her goading and enjoyment it still got me harder than a rock to see it and her less than fully clothed. Her pussy was red and swollen like she had been at it before she arrived or she was super horny, either was probably likely.

“I also had an idea that you could help sort me out before you got back to your little plaything, because her and my ‘trade’ was interrupted by a customer and I never got to finish so I need you help with this if you don’t mind.” Brit said as she slid up against me, taking my hand and lacing it up to and in between the blood engorged lips of her sopping wet pussy. She wrapped both hands around my neck, her forehead against mine as she looked down between us, my hand now firmly entrenched in her pussy, two fingers massaging her clit and the front wall of her pussy with gentle but meaningful attention. The effect was profound, she clutched and sighed against me, her mouth open as I began to pick up the pace and she fought the rising urge to be vocal like we usually were and cry out in pleasure and I helped her race toward a stomach clenching orgasm. I could feel her wetness dripping around my fingers and hear is squelching as I quickened my pace. She began clutching at me, her mouth now hanging open, eyes clenched shut as she fought to keep from screaming as she neared the cliffs edge of an elicit, public orgasm.

“Oh fuck baby…fuck…fuck…fuck.” Brit whispered harshly against me as I watched her in the throes of a super intense orgasm. Her stomach clenched hard and her pussy clamped down like a vice around my fingers, more and more of her succulent juices poured around my fingers. Squishing and running into the palm of my hand. It was glorious and dirty.

I lost track of things for a moment, until Brits sexy, animal gaze caught hold of me and she bodily pushed me back against the wall, yanking down my pants and dropping to her knees. My cock was already as hard as iron and it twitched at the air, the red head of it was slick with pre-cum.

Brit’s devil’s grin of pearl white teeth split open and with on swift and skilled motion she took over half of me into her mouth. I ran my fingers through her hair as she took me roughly and fast in and out of her mouth, her wet mouth coated me in a thick sheen of spit and she slurped loudly in rapid succession as she gently kneaded my sperm laden balls with her other hand, dragging her fingernails down my bare thigh. This wasn’t going to take long, Brit was hot reeling from her recent orgasm and watching her cum made me want to also get mine too.

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