Craving Mexican

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Enormous Erection

Nell Sanderson opened the door and walked into her boyfriend’s house. Before she had even gotten through the threshold, the 18-year-old redhead could smell the sweet scent of Mrs. González’ authentic Mexican-style cooking. She always loved the foods that her boyfriend’s mother worked so hard throughout the day to prepare.

“Hello Mrs. González,” she said as she walked into the kitchen, “Is Miguel home?”

Nell didn’t live with the González’s, but she’d been dating Miguel since they were 16, and felt more comfortable at their house than she did her own. They gave her a spare house key, fed her, and even let her sleep over a couple of times. It was like they were already family.

“No,” Mrs. González replied, “I’m sorry. I just sent him out to the grocery store to get some things. If I’d known you were coming, I would have waited.”

“Oh,” Nell replied, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

Mrs. González looked over at the clock on the wall.

“He should be back soon,” she said, “Why don’t you pull up a seat by the counter and we can catch up while you wait for him to get back.”

“All right,” Nell replied.

It wasn’t like she had anything else to do.

“So how has school been,” Mrs. González asked, “Miguel told me that you were thinking of going to University of Arizona after you graduate?”

“That’s right,” Nell replied.

“Well,” Mrs. González sighed, “It won’t be the same around here without you and Miguel around.”

“Oh don’t say that,” said Nell, “I’ll still come back to visit on Holidays and over the Summer. And then, maybe one day when we’re married…”

Nell caught herself mid-sentence. She hadn’t meant to sound so… corny and optimistic. She was starting to sound a little like her mother! She looked up, and noticed that Mrs. González was smiling at that statement.

“It’s all right hon,” Mrs. González said, “I’d always hoped that Miguel would settle down and marry a sweet, pretty girl like you.”

Nell blushed a little when Mrs. González said that. Not that Mrs. González was that bad looking either. No, quite the contrary, she was a smoking hot fox! Nell often found herself a little jealous of her boyfriend’s mother, because she was quite stunning for a woman in her 40s. Before she’d moved to America, Mrs. González was a small-time actress in Mexico City. Although she’d put on a little weight since having Miguel, she wore it well, and still retained her Latin good looks. In fact, even in her simple floral-print dress, Nell could still make out the woman’s luscious curves.

It was a strange moment for both women, as they both recognized just how attractive the other was. Mrs. González was looking over her son’s long-term girlfriend. She was tall and thin, a testament to her Swedish heritage, with her bright red hair cut into a short, stylish bob. She was just wearing a simple tank top and cut off shorts, but they managed to show off her 18-year-old boy perfectly. Mrs. González found herself suddenly fascinated with the captivating young teen who sat before her in her very kitchen. She’d never quite noticed before, but Nell looked almost pretty enough to be a model. Almost pretty enough…

Perhaps without thinking, Mrs. González ran her hands through Nell’s short red hair.

“Oh yes,” she said, “Very pretty indeed. Miguel did very well for himself.”

“Mrs. González,” the shocked teen cried out.

And yet, she didn’t entirely fight it either. No, something strange was coming over her too, and she found herself enjoying the attention of the older, but no less attractive, Hispanic woman.

“I’m sorry hon,” Mrs. González said, almost backing away.

“No wait,” Nell said, “It’s good… I like it… Cemre Escort just… I wasn’t quite expecting to…”

And then, something unexpected happened. Mrs. González put her face up to her son’s teenaged girlfriend, and kissed her on the lips. Her dark, plump lips pressed up against the teen’s mouth, and she began to lash her tongue furiously into the younger woman’s mouth. It was hot and sticky, but she loved it… no craved it! Nell tried to fight at first, but soon she found herself giving in, wrapping her own tongue around the sexy Latina’s. This was too good! Soon the two women found their arms wrapped around one another, eagerly exploring each other’s feminine curves.

Nell stood up, knocking her chair to the floor. Wrapping her arms behind Mrs. González’s back, she felt around until she found the latch to the older Latina woman’s dress, unhooking it. Then, she slowly reached down and pulled the zipper down across her back. The Hispanic beauty’s floral print dress fell to the floor, revealing her exotic, dark skinned beauty. The voluptuous figure that had helped launch her acting career was not diminished after all these years, and in fact, she looked pretty damned sexy with some meat on her bones.

‘It must be all that delicious Mexican cooking,’ Nell thought to herself.

Breaking off their passionate embrace, Mrs. González adjusted herself and unhooked her lacy black bra, exposing her enormous breasts. They were nice and round, much bigger than Nell had thought when the older woman had her bra on, and they had delicious-looking dark nipples at the center. Nell stared in awe at them. True, they were starting to sag a bit, but they were still quite nice looking. Indeed, Nell hoped that she would look that good when she was in her 40s.

“Wow,” Nell said, “They’re… beautiful…”

“I know,” Mrs. González said, “All the boys like these sexy Latina melons, but let’s see your goods hon! I bet you’ve got some nice little boobies of your own under that tank top!”

Nell just smiled seductively, and then put her arms around her waist and pulled her tank top up, over her head and then tossed it aside on the floor. The perky, redheaded teen had smaller breasts than her middle-aged Hispanic lover, in fact they were only C cups at best, but they were still quite nice regardless. They stood up, firm and perky as ever.

“Oh yes,” Mrs. González said as she walked up to her teen lover, “Very nice!”

Before Nell could even react, Mrs. González had her mouth around the white teen’s perky little nipples, eagerly licking and sucking on them. The older woman’s mouth felt sooo good… Soon she started to up the ante a little and begin gently biting and nibbling on the younger girl’s nipples. Nell found herself moaning in pleasure as Mrs. González slid her hands into the crotch of the teenage redhead’s shorts and slowly felt around her cunt.

“Oh yes,” Nell cried out, “Don’t stop! Keep going!”

Mrs. González was more than happy to oblige her. It was a tight fit, but she managed to get her hand down the teen’s little shorts, snaking her fingers past her little panties and into her cunt. Nell’s pussy was already a little wet, so she was pretty well lubricated. Starting with her index finger, Mrs. González began to masturbate the teen, gently rubbing her clit and sliding her finger into the girl’s sticky vagina.

As the juices began to flow, she gradually began to increase tempo, working it up until Nell began to pant breathlessly. Soon, she got her middle finger in there as well, and then three fingers. Mrs. González was surprised by just how much punishment her son’s teenaged girlfriend was able to handle, but she had no intention Cemre Escort Bayan of stopping or backing down at this point.

Mrs. González moved her attention up to Nell’s neck, gently sucking on it. She worried a little that she might leave a hickey mark, but then she figured that Nell could always wear a scarf or something until it healed up. As she did this, she also started to unbutton the girl’s shorts, having a little trouble at first until Nell herself reached down to help her. Eventually, she managed to pull down both the girl’s shorts and panties, leaving her dripping wet teen cunt exposed.

Now that she had Nell totally naked in her kitchen, she could do some real fun!

“Are you ready,” Mrs. González asked the teen.

Nell just nodded, almost too weak and exhausted to give a coherent response. In fact, she wasn’t even quite sure what the older Hispanic woman was up too, but she soon found out. Mrs. González had been working at loosening her cunt up. Now that it was all nice and lubricated, she slid all five fingers, somehow managing to get her entire hand up into the younger girl’s soaking wet cunt. Oh yes, there was pain at first, as one might expected from such activities, but Nell was so far gone by this point that she didn’t notice.

Her senses dulled by sheer animal lust, soon the pain began to give way to pleasure… but a refined sort of pleasure that only another woman, one as experienced as Mrs. González, was capable of inflicting upon her. With Nell stretched out on the kitchen table, Mrs. González continued to fist fuck her. Nell was deep in ecstasy now, her body writhing around as she moaned in bliss.

And then her body tensed up. She did it… she actually managed to orgasm. Nell was very good at faking climax. It was a dirty little secret she never shared with Miguel, of course, but sometimes a man couldn’t pleasure her. Sometimes, after having sex, she had to whip out her dildo or masturbate to bring herself to orgasm. But, in Mrs. González’s very experienced hands, she was like raw putty.

And, to be quite honest, she liked it… no, she LOVED it!

Mrs. González was sitting over her, attentive to her need. She allowed Nell to recover her breath a little after that mind blowing orgasm. As Nell looked up, she noticed that the older Hispanic woman’s right hand was still sticky with her own teenage juices.

“That,” Nell said still panting, “That was freaking amazing! I’ve never…”

“Done that with a woman,” Mrs. González asked, her eyebrow raised.

“No,” Nell said, “I mean… no, I’ve never had sex with another woman before, but…”

Mrs. González moved closer, rubbing her hands across Nell’s sensitive teenage body.

“But you liked it,” Mrs. González said, “In fact, sometimes a woman can provide certain… pleasures that a man just can’t give you…”

“Oh I know,” Nell said as she embraced her boyfriend’s mother, “I think you just proved that.”

Mrs. González kissed the lovely redheaded teen gently on her slender neck, and then backed away a little, standing up and showing her sexy middle-aged body.

“Then perhaps you would like to try on me,” the older lady said.

“But,” Nell said nervously, “I don’t know… what do I do?”

“It’s really easy,” Mrs. González said as she reached over and guided Nell up from the table, “I’ll even guide you through it.”

Mrs. González turned around and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, her nice big ass resting quite comfortably. The older Latina woman put her hands on Nell’s shoulders and guided the teenager down to her knees. And then, reaching down around her waist, she pulled down her panties. Nell noticed that Escort Cemre Mrs. González was hairless and smooth down there, completely shaved, and she was also soaking wet, just as Nell herself had been.

“Oral sex,” Nell exclaimed.

“Yes,” Mrs. González said, “Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it. It’s just like… eating an enchilada. Trust me!”

Nell decided to oblige her older lover. After all, she had already received pleasure, so it seemed only fair that Mrs. González get something out of this as well. Taking a deep breath, Nell leaned forward and brought her face up to the 40-something Latina woman’s crotch. There was a strong, musky aroma that was not altogether unpleasant; in fact, it was probably more arousing for Nell than anything else.

This was all new to her. She’d never experimented with other girls before, but she had watched some of those porn videos with her boyfriend. Miguel had downloaded them from the internet, and tried (quite unsuccessfully) to talk her into some of those porn star moves. Thinking back to those videos, Nell stuck out her tongue and began to lick Mrs. González engorged sex. The older Hispanic woman writhed a little in pleasure from having her sensitive parts tingled in such a fashion.

Satisfied with that reaction, Nell decided to continue with this, gently licking up and down the Mexican woman’s sticky sweet cunt. It was a strange taste, having another woman’s juices in her mouth, but Nell soon began to enjoy it. As she built up confidence in herself, Nell began to step up her efforts, licking and mouthing the older woman’s sex with an excited fervor. She really couldn’t believe herself. Here she was, making love to her boyfriend’s mother… and enjoying it!

The older Hispanic lady was writhing in pleasure on the kitchen table, moaning and uttering words of passion in both English and Spanish. Nell brought her hands up around her curvy thighs, rubbing them up until she could grab Mrs. González’s shapely Mexican ass. It was nice, big and round. She squeezed it tightly, sending another wave of pleasure through the mature Latina’s curvy body.

Mrs. González reached down and ran her fingers through her teenage lover’s short red hair, pushing her on and encouraging her to continue eating her out. She had to hand it to Nell. The girl was a real pro at this. Her son really couldn’t have picked out a better girl for himself.

Soon, she could feel her middle aged body beginning to tense up. She rode Nell through two consecutive orgasms. To the redhead teen’s credit, she didn’t really let up once during their vigorous love making session. As Nell felt her boyfriend’s mother reach orgasm, she stopped, only gently lapping at the older Hispanic woman’s juicy cunt. Mrs. González took a moment to catch her breath, and then sat up, her delicious brown body covered with a thin sheen of sweat from their actions.

“Wow,” Mrs. González said, “I’ve gotta hand it to you hon, you’re a natural at this.”

`Nell smiled. For some reason, being complimented on her lesbian skills by her boyfriend’s mother made her feel… accomplished.

“Thanks,” Nell said beaming proudly, “That was… truly amazing.”

“For both of us,” Mrs. González said as she started to slip back into her clothing.

“But more one thing,” the teenaged redhead asked.

“Yes hon,” Mrs. González said.

“I don’t understand why you sent Miguel out to get groceries,” Nell said, “You were almost done cooking when I got here, and you must have known I was coming over, because you had set a place for me at the table.”

Mrs. González looked over at her son’s girlfriend, a mischievous smile on her sexy lips.

“So I did,” she said.

Nell walked over and hugged Mrs. González tightly, pressing her lithe young body up against the curvy Latina MILF.

“You know,” Nell said, “Maybe some time you should send Miguel and Mr. González out to run some errands so that we can have some time to ourselves. You know, just to catch up again…”

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My Colleague

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Big Dicks

I had this deal all lined up and the deadline was getting near. I had all the paperwork sorted out and all it needed was a final check and then some signatures.

Then a couple of days before the paperwork had to be handed over, one of managers rang me at home. From his home. He’d taken his part of the documentation home with him the previous day for a final review and had intended to hand them in to me today. Not a problem. That left me several days leeway, which is the way I like it.

However, he had eaten something that disagreed with him, quite violently. As far as he was concerned he was not venturing more than a few feet from the nearest throne room, thank you very much, and it would probably be several days before he made it back to work. Did I want him to courier the papers to the office or would I like to send someone to collect them?

Damned if I was trusting that sort of paperwork to a courier. I knew where Frank lived. Not far off the route that I take to work. No problems, I told Frank. I’ll just get up half an hour early and swing past your place on the way to the office.

So early next morning, and a bloody cold morning it was, I swung past Frank’s place. He answered the door in pyjamas and dressing gown and pointed to the living room.

“Just sit in there and warm yourself by the fire while I go get the papers,” he said.

I was wandering into living room when I heard Frank give what sounded like a muffled curse and then he was running for the toilet, swearing. Sympathetic, but amused nevertheless, I sat back in a comfortable armchair and enjoyed the wood fire he thoughtfully had going.

Then this lovely young thing came scampering into the room, carrying some clothes in her arms. She dumped the clothes on the floor near the fire and started toasting her hands. She was wearing a nightie, and that was all she was wearing. Standing with the fire behind her, that nightie was effectively transparent and I had a perfect view.

What do you do in a case like this? You press the record movie button on your smart phone and enjoy the show.

This, I surmised, was Frank’s daughter, Leanne. Leanne was eighteen, had just finished school with some excellent results and was looking for work.

I knew her age and her scholastic record because she’d put in an application via her father for an entry position in the company. I have a rule that any relatives of managers who apply for a job in the company have to be cleared by me, if they get past the initial Human Resources screening.

Leanne had cleared the Human Resources hurdle and her resume had already been across my desk. I’d approved it and she would be sent a letter of acceptance very shortly, with the proviso that she wouldn’t be working in her father’s department.

The next thing I know, Leanne has whipped off her nightie and now she was really naked. To my amusement she turned around and offered her bottom to the fire for a few moments before she started scrambling into her clothes.

Leanne had just finished getting dressed and picked up her nightie when Frank came back into the room with a folder in his hand.

“Sorry about that, Peter,” he said. “Now you can see why I’m not coming to work today. This has all been checked and I’m happy with it and have signed off on it. Leanne being keeping you entertained, has she?”

Leanne had frozen on the spot, her mouth dropping open. She’d finally noticed me seated there and she didn’t know what to say.

“Thanks, Frank,” I said, smiling, “and yes, Leanne has been amusing me while I waited. I’ll see you back at the office when you’re feeling a bit better.”

Frank nodded and then suddenly seemed to stiffen. He said a quick, “See Peter out, please, Leanne,” and he was turning and departing very quickly.

“Has Frank seen a doctor?” I demanded.

“Oh, yes,” said Leanne, in a very nervous sounding voice. “The doctor was here before you arrived. He gave dad an injection which he said will help but it may not kick for an hour or so. He should be fine.”

Leanne started towards the door. She looked at me nervously as she opened the door to let me out and followed me outside.

“Um, I should apologise for what happened in there,” she said, blushing and not looking at me.

I laughed. She should apologise?

“Rather, let us say that I should apologise. I should have spoken up as soon as you came into the room but didn’t quite know how without embarrassing and scaring you. I mean, how would you have reacted if I’d said hullo while you were toasting your pretty little tush?”

I was wrong. She wasn’t blushing earlier, just a shade pinkish around the cheeks. Now she was blushing, remembering how she’d ditched her nightie and offered her bottom to the fire.

“You have a very nice figure, you know,” I told her, keeping my voice casual. “How about coming around to my place and letting me see it again. I’d really like to get closer acquainted with it.”

If she kept blushing like that she was going to have a stroke.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, “but no. I don’t Örnekköy Escort do that sort of thing?”

She should. She has a lovely body, and ideally suited to pleasing a man.

“Why not?” I asked. “You’re old enough. Are you a virgin?”

“That is none of your business,” she snapped.

I was pleased to see she had a bit of spirit. I really don’t seem to get on too well with women who let you walk all over them. I keep wanting to tell them to grow up and get some backbone.

“That generally means that yes, you are. And it is my business if I’m going to take you to bed. It’s better for me to know in advance rather than hear you wailing ‘it hurts’, just because you forget to warn me.

“I’m sure you mean to be flattering,” Leanne said with a chill in her voice, “but you’re not. I’m not going to sleep with you.

“There’d be damn little sleeping, I assure you,” I told her. “And why not?”

“I told you,” she said with some exasperation. “I don’t do that sort of thing. Don’t you listen?”

“Of course I listen. I just tend to ignore what is being said if it’s not what I want to hear. Why don’t you do that sort of thing? Are you afraid you may feel guilty afterwards?

What about if I apply a little coercion? You can then yield happily, knowing you don’t have a real choice. It means that it’s not your fault and you won’t need to feel guilty.”

“That’s ridiculous,” she snapped. “And what sort of coercion could you apply anyway. Threaten to fire my father?”

“Now you’re being ridiculous. Why on earth would I want to get rid of Frank. You don’t fire an excellent manager just because his daughter has inconvenient morals.”

I held up my smart phone.

“When you stood in front of the fire with the light shining through your transparent nightie I accidently hit the record button. I didn’t realise until you were almost fully dressed and then I just naturally switched it off. But the film is still here. Is the thought of where that film may turn up coercion enough?”

Leanne was shocked. She gaped at me for a horrified moment before finding her voice.

“You didn’t?” she said with a groan. “And do you have other coercions in mind if that one fails?”

Sadly I shook my head.

“No. That’s all. I’d have to get really nasty and make horrible threats and that wouldn’t be fair. You’d just get all upset and wouldn’t be able to enjoy yourself when you’re with me. But I think the video is sufficient to make you yield gracefully.”

Leanne was chewing on her lip, unsure of what to do. I felt sure that she was reasonably willing but nervous about finally taking that last step. Time for the carrot.

“I understand that you’ve applied for a job at the company. I can give you an edge in actually getting it. Your employment would be on a trial basis only and you’d have to prove to your manager that you can do the work. And your manager won’t be either me or your father so there would be no favouritism.”

“And I suppose if I say no I can kiss my chances goodbye?”

I shook my head. “If you say no, you take your chances. I won’t stop you being hired but neither will I make a push to select you. You will get the job without my influencing the decision one way or the other.”

Leanne was madly chewing on her lip now. She wanted to say yes but was still dithering because it was a big step. She was irritated by the coercion factor, hopeful about getting a leg up getting a job that she was sure she’d be good at. She was also being pressured by her own hormones which had probably been saying ‘go, girl, go’ for a couple of years now.

I opened my car door and indicated that she should get in. She hesitated and then did so, sitting there primly and nervously.

The advantage of being the boss was that no-one was going to comment if I decide to come in late one morning. Well, almost nobody. I sent off a message to my secretary warning her I would be delayed. You should never upset your secretary. It’s just not worth it.

Retracing my steps, I sent off homewards. Leanne was a little quiet as we drove along but a few subtle questions soon had her chatting freely about how she was glad to be out of school and in the labour force. She had ambitions and as far as she was concerned her hoped for job in my company was just the first step of a ladder she expected to climb successfully.

Just chatting with her, she seemed a dominant type of personality who probably would go a long way. In contrast to that, while I don’t think she would be submissive sexually, she certainly seemed attracted to a forceful and dominant personality in that area. And I was fairly determined to keep projecting that image.

Arriving home I escorted Leanne through to my lounge room. I could see her relax just that little bit, finding I wasn’t rushing her straight through to a bedroom. I’d actually chosen the lounge room after some careful thought.

I don’t actually have a wood fire for her to warm her pretty little tush on, but I did have a good facsimile. I had a very nice Escort Örnekköy gas heater that resembled a blazing fire. It was quite realistic, and it had damn well better be for the price I paid.

Neither did I have a bear skin rug on which to seduce Leanne, but again, what I did have I thought would suffice. It was a dark red, thick plush pile rug lying before the heater. In my opinion, Leanne’s white skin would look very nice against the red background.

I flicked the heater on and suggested that Leanne might like to take off her jacket as the room would be heating up fast. I also poured her a small drink. Just enough to ease the tension she must have been feeling.

We talked some more. I told her a bit about my company and where I saw it heading over the next few years. I also gave her some advice as to the sort of areas she should concentrate on to get ahead. By the time Leanne had finished sipping her drink she was relaxed and on casually friendly terms with me.

Seeing Leanne had finished her drink I took the glass from her and placed it on the coffee table. Turning back to face her I started undoing the buttons on her blouse. She looked startled and a tiny flash of apprehension crossed her face, but she didn’t try to stop me. She just looked at my hands as they moved steadily down, flicking the buttons open.

Sitting back, I left Leanne’s blouse gaping open, displaying a nice lacy bra and a really superb cleavage. I continued talking, and after a slight hesitation Leanne picked up the thread of our conversation and was earnestly discussing the future as she saw it.

In the middle of the chatter I casually flicked her blouse and suggested she might as well take it off. Leanne just talked on while taking her blouse off, not seeming to really notice what she was doing. She looked quite startled when I turned her gently to unclip her bra, apparently surprised to find her blouse missing.

I didn’t linger with the bra. As soon as it was undone I was drawing the strap down her arms, letting those puppies out where I could see them. Playtime was starting up and they were the first toys that would come to hand.

Now that she was half naked, Leanne seemed to be realising what she had agreed to. She went very quiet, watching as my hands moved under her breasts, gently bounced them as though weighing, and finally closing upon them. I squeezed them lightly, rolling her nipples lightly under my thumb.

“There are women,” I said very quietly, “who would pay a fortune to have breasts as lovely as these, but they can never equal the real thing.”

Leanne was blushing slightly, still watching as I cradled her breasts, her breath coming faster. I squeezed and stroked her, noting the subtle signs of appreciation, though she didn’t speak.

“You do know this is just the start, and exactly what I’m going to do, don’t you?” I gently suggested.

Leanne looked at me, nodding slightly, her blush fading as she paled slightly, her apprehension rising again.

“If you’re not going to be willing,” I continued, “then now is the time to say so, because in a second I’m going to stand you up and start removing the rest of your clothes. Have you ever actually been naked in front of a man?”

I paused a second and then added, “Apart from me in front of your fire this morning.”

Now she was blushing again, remembering what I must have seen while she dressed. Probably especially remembering bending forward nude to warm her bottom.

Leanne still didn’t say anything, but neither did she try to pull away. Taking this as agreement I took her elbow and eased her to her feet.

Turning her to face me, my hands moved to the fasteners on her skirt and started undoing them. Her hands dropped down and rested on mine.

“I can do it,” she told me.

I smiled up at her. “I’m sure you can, but I want to. It’s the little boy in me wanting to unwrap my Christmas presents.”

“It’s not Christmas,” she grumbled, but her hands dropped away.

A few moments later and so did her skirt. All that was left were her tights and panties, and I took my time removing those, rolling the tights down first and then finally returning to slowly tug down her panties, leaving her naked.

I leaned back a little to look at Leanne. She was squirming just a little, embarrassed to be nude and have me looking at her, but she could also see the sincere admiration I held for her and she was relishing it.

A man was looking at her naked and liking what he saw. She was finding it exciting.

I reached up and cupped a breast for a second, then looking directly at her face I let my hand trail slowly down her front. She stared back at me, her teeth just lightly biting her bottom lip, sensing where my hand was heading but determine not to look. As my hand circled lazily around her navel I could see her catch and hold her breath, waiting for the coming moment.

My hand slipped between her legs, covered her mound and gave a gentle squeeze. One would think I’d squeezed the air out of her lungs as she Örnekköy Escort Bayan let out her breath with a whoosh and then took a gasping gulp. Now she was breathing again but rather raggedly.

Her excitement was mounting and I could feel heat coming from her pussy. Her nakedness and the knowledge of what was to happen was working on her, tantalising her. The teasing of her breasts had started the fires burning and the sudden capture of her pussy was fanning the flames.

I stood up, took her hand and drew her over to the rug in front of the heater. I settled her onto the rug and she lay there, looking up at me, and the heat in her body was now shown by the heat in her eyes.

I undressed swiftly. While I was older than her, I wasn’t as old as her father and I was fit and healthy. I was also reasonably endowed and didn’t think I’d disappoint her in that department. Leanne watched as I stripped, and I saw her eyes wandering down to check me out. She didn’t seem disappointed or nervous, just accepting of what I had.

I knew that she hadn’t reached eighteen without a few sexual encounters, but I was also quite sure that she was still virgin. She knew enough to play, and that was a start.

I settled down next to her and kissed her. Gently at first, but more fiercely as she responded. My hand sought and found her breast and resumed playing with it. I could feel her pressing it up against my hand as I squeezed. I could sense her body twisting slightly. Her feelings were making her uncomfortable and she wanted something done about it.

My mouth trailed down over her throat, moving lower until it captured a breast. I fastened onto her nipple, sucking lightly and teasing her with my teeth. At the same time my hand closed around her pussy again, massaging it and preparing it for the task ahead.

Of her own accord, Leanne sort and found my erection, her hand closing firmly around it. She had touched one of those before; it was obvious from the way she went about teasing it. That was alright by me. I didn’t have to teach her everything, and her main lesson would start very shortly.

My fingers had by now dipped between her lips, exploring her hot inner core. She was wet and soft and my fingers moved easily inside her, familiarising themselves with her. She gasped when I pressed lightly against her hymen, and I was pleased to see that my guess had been correct. It wouldn’t have worried me if she hadn’t been a virgin, but it would be enjoyable to initiate her, leaving her pleased with her first experience with a cock. (Now I just had to live up to that boast.)

A little more probing, and I could tell by a sudden tenseness in Leanne that my fingers were hovering hear something sensitive and that she knew it and was slightly worried.

“Do you want me to suck on you?” she suddenly asked.

I grinned. Definitely worried. I shook my head, smiling at her.

“No,” I said. “I want to see how you react to this.”

With that I lightly flicked her clitoris and Leanne squealed.

“What did you do?” she demanded.

“This,” I said still smiling and flicked her again, hearing her choke back another squeal.

“Well, don’t” she gasped. “I don’t think I like it.”

“OK. How about this instead?” and I started roughly rubbing my fingers against her clitoris.

This time she shrieked, her hands latching onto my wrist and trying to pull my hand away. I ignored that and kept rubbing her, and Leanne seemed to just sag against the rug, giving little mewing sounds, her hands no longer trying to pull mine away but just limply holding it.

A few more moments of agitating her clitoris and Leanne was history. She was writhing under my touch, wailing, and at the same time trying to push her pussy hard up against my hand.

Timing is everything. I positioned myself between Leanne’s thighs, my cock pressing lightly against her slit. I eased in just enough for me to feel her hymen blocking my way. Then my finger gave her clitoris another couple of flicks and Leanne orgasmed, squealing and frantically pushing up against me, not even noticing that her hymen went the way of all flesh as my cock plunged into her, helped by her desperate upwards push.

I held myself inside her, waiting while Leanne slowly became grounded in reality again. She was staring at me, shocked and gasping, and then looking even more shocked as she realised that my cock was firmly inside her. She just stared at me, mouth open slightly, not really believing that I had penetrated her while she was bouncing of the ceiling from her climax.

“What did you do?” she demanded.

“I was just preparing you for the next stage,” I told her, and she could hear the laughter in my voice.

Now it was time to settle down to work. I pulled slowly out of Leanne, hearing her catch her breath as I moved. Sinking back down I found Leanne moving automatically to meet me. She was hot and excited and her body knew just what it wanted. Leanne just went with the flow, following instincts as old as time.

I didn’t want Leanne exploding again too soon, so I moved slowly at first, letting her get the feel of me moving inside her. Leanne accepted this at first, moving gently in time with my slow thrusts, but she was far too hot and excited to take it for long. She wanted action, and soon she was moving restlessly under me, muttering for something more.

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American Virgin

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When I hit 18, I desperately wanted to shed myself of my virginity. My problem wasn’t that I was hideous looking or anything. I was a good looking if skinny Joe Average kid, but I had major confidence issues when it came to girls. The closest I got to any action was at my 18th birthday party – an embarrassing handjob in a closet playing 7 minutes in heaven, and let’s just say when you cum too quickly and the girl runs out of the closet waving her hand drenched in cum to a crowd of laughing people, that’s a major confidence killer.

I ended up with the nickname, Oily Oliver, because the girl in the closet told everyone that I was already leaking precum when she reached into my pants.

So I stayed away from girls and jacked off in my room like a fiend. My mom overheard me sometimes and would yell, “What are you doing in there, Oliver?” And I’d yell back that I was doing cardio or push-ups and to stay the hell out of my room.

But 18, I mean I couldn’t graduate high school as a virgin? I couldn’t start college as a virgin? No, I needed to get some experience fast.

My best friend, Coops, was a bit of a player. He came from a rich family, so he always had girls around him. He loved getting head and loved telling me about it. He was a lucky asshole. Money, girls, looks, cars. Life wasn’t fair.

I was bitching about my virginity online with a friend when he suggested I get a rich relative. Yeah, right. All of our family was poor. But the it occurred to me that my dad had a very rich and famous friend. My dad used to be a stand-up comic, and he opened for a guy who ended up becoming a rock star. We got Christmas cards from the guy and tickets whenever he was in town. Rumor had it that he was actually my godfather. Time to reach out!

I wrote a letter to Joey Price, the big rock star with a voice like Zeppelin and the swagger of the old school 70s stars. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. I wrote and asked him if he was my godfather. If he was, I would love to hang out with him some day. The tabloids said he was on wife No. 3, and he had mansions in LA, Martha’s Vineyard and Arizona.

To my delight, Joey emailed me back within a week. He said he wasn’t 100% sure that he was my godfather, but he wouldn’t be surprised. He said he’d be thrilled to see me and the fam when he was next on the East Coast. Damn, I couldn’t wait that long. I replied that I wanted to talk to him in private. That night, he said we could skype.

“Oliver, dude! it’s your uncle Joey! How’s your dad? How’s your mom?”

“Good, dad’s got a job teaching humor writing at a college here. Mom stays at home and looks after us.”

I looked at the screen, amazed that Joey Price would be chatting with me. He looked older than his videos, but I guess he’d be in his 50s, my dad’s age.

“So let me guess, Oliver. You want to get into the music industry and want my help?”

“No, no sir. I actually plan to get into finance.”

“Oh! Smart kid!”

“I wanted your help about something else.” My hands were cold and clammy and I looked at my bedroom door to make sure it was closed. “Sir…”

“Uncle Joey, please!”

“Uncle Joey? I’m 18 and, well, I’m not very experienced… you know, with girls.”

“OMG, you’re a virgin?”

I laughed nervously, nodded. “I thought maybe rock stars, you guys have orgies, parties, something like that? I thought I could get invited? Learn that way?”

Uncle Joey couldn’t stop laughing. “Geezus, sorry kid. I lost my virginity when I was 15. But different times. Every girl wants to bang the band.” He stopped wheezing. “Listen kid, you’re my godson. I’m pretty sure. I haven’t been there Ostim Escort for you in years, but I will help you out here. You want a party? I will arrange a party for you.”

“Wow, that’d be great.”

“Now, I want you to think hard about this before I throw you a party. Do you want your first time to be special? Then save it for the girl of your dreams. But I can make sure you party all the way except for actual sex. If you just want to lose it, I can arrange that too. But you’re going to have to live with the fact that you lost it to a hooker. A very high priced, elite hooker, but a hooker. What do you think, Oliver?”

I was stumped. I didn’t really think about that. “What happens in party


“You’ll get beautiful women doing everything you want except actual pee in vee sex.”



“They go all the way.”

I swallowed hard. My dick was bulging in my sweat pants. I was going to get laid.

“I guess….” My voice cracked… “I guess I should save it?


“Ok, my man, I will arrange everything. You can get away for night? Get to Manhattan? Waldorf Astoria?”

“Wow, sure, that would be great!” Something occurred to me, “Um, can I bring a friend?”

“Sure, kid. Don’t go crazy. This will be an expensive party, but no drugs – I don’t want your parents to kill me!”

“No, of course, sure, um, thanks, Uncle Joey.”

I lied to my parents and told them I was going to stay overnight at Coops. But that night, Coops and I were sitting in a limo courtesy of my rock star godfather, on the way to Manhattan.

“So Oliver, we’re getting a sex party with no sex?”

“Dude, sort of. I told my Uncle Joey I didn’t want to lose my virginity to a hooker.”

Coops laughed. He was that “blonde guy.” I wanted him to tag along because I didn’t want to be with a bunch of strangers.

We arrived at the Waldorf Astoria and were shown to our suite. Inside, the suite had an incredible view of Manhattan. Red furniture, red curtains, a white marble buffet with every kind of Italian food I could think of. Might as well splurge since Uncle Joey offered, right?

But then the girls walked in. Uncle Joey had asked me what kind of girls I liked. I told him I liked Asian girls and Latinas. They seemed sweeter and cuter than the girl who had jacked me off in the closet. Six girls walked into the suite, 3 Asians, 3 Latinas, all with different color hair – from blondes, to purples to red They were all wearing school uniforms and looked no older than me and Coops.

“School uniforms? I like your Uncle’s dirty mind!” Coops whistled.

“I am Anna – I’m the emcee for the evening.” This beautiful Asian girl with blue hair no taller than 5′ smiled at me. “Oliver, would you like your own private room or would you and your friend like to share a room?”

“Dude!” Coops whistled, “I’m down if you are.”

“Um, sure.” I was already cold and clammy. This was happening.

The girls set up massage tables side by side in the suite’s sitting room. Coops and I stood by the buffet. I was nervously stuffing my face and drinking wine. Coops was nodding confidently, smiling, “Dude, this is going to be fun.”

The massage tables looked like regular massage tables except we quickly noticed something different. “Dude!” Coops nudged me and pointed to the middle of each table – there was a cut-out hole.

I gulped more wine.

“Time for shower!” Anna announced. She led me and Coops into the giant futuristic bathroom which had a huge walk-in shower with showerheads on each end. “Undress, boys!”

Bashfully, I could feel my face beet red as I Escort Ostim stripped. My pale white body I had shaved earlier. My boner was rock hard and red, pointing in the air. Compared to the tanned Asian and Latina girls, Coops and I were pale and white. I glanced over at Coops’ muscled body and was relieved his boner wasn’t any bigger than mine. But all around us, the six girls had stripped as well and giggled as we all crowded into the shower. The hot water came down, the girls got out their loofahs, and Coops and I were scrubbed and suds up by loofahs, boobs, and butts.

It was like we were in a car wash. Waves and waves of girls were soaping and rubbing themselves against me. They giggled like anime girls, and then it happened. A girl was twerking her ass against me. I shuddered as I came, holding her waist as I sprayed her ass, but instead of insulting laughter, the girls moaned my name as if my cum made them orgasmic.

“Dude!” Coops smiled, “You came?”

“Yeah,” I sheepishly smiled back, and luckily my best friend did not judge me. A girl was rubbing up against him and with a loud moan, he came too followed by another chorus of the girls moaning.

We were soon scrubbed down and ushered out of the shower into white bathrobes. We returned to the living room where the girls giggled as they stripped us of the robes. We hopped up onto the massage tables with fluffy white towels placed over our butts.

“Oliver, do you like massages?” Anna smiled at me.

“I’ve never had one.” I adjusted myself. My junk was hanging through the cut-out hole and I could feel the air around me. I looked over at the other table and saw that Coops’ junk was also protruding through his table’s hole – he looked like a cow ready to be milked.

Anna ran her fingers along my spine. “You will like this, Oliver. One of us will massage your back. Another your feet – it’s called reflexology. And another will give you a lingamic massage.”

“Cool.” I closed my eyes as mysterious and relaxing music began. I felt as if I was on a tropical island under a night sky. I felt the light weight of a girl sitting on my lower back. She had climbed up and was rubbing my shoulders with well oiled hands. “Nice.” I whispered. Then I felt another girl grab a hold of my feet. She was massaging my feet but then she moved around so that my feet were up against her oily breasts. I opened my eyes to confirm that Coops was also getting the same treatment. I almost fell asleep until I felt hands handling my dick, pulling me, milking me through the hole. I opened my eyes again to look over at Coops’ table and saw a girl under the table, pulling him until his erection glistened in her hands.

The same was happening to me. My nervousness was gone, pulled and stretched by this massage. Then the girl underneath Coops opened her mouth and started sucking him. I too soon felt a hot wet mouth under me, sucking my virgin dick. I tried to relax but I started to tense up.

“Shhhhh, Oliver, relax,” Anna said as she worked on my shoulders. She then reached beneath her and pulled away the towel.

“Relax, Oliver,” the girl said as she rubbed her breasts against the soles of my feet.

“Mmmm,” the girl beneath me said, her mouth full of my dick. Her humming felt incredible as she slobbered around my dick head.

I looked back at Coops table, seeing him serviced by those 3 beautiful girls. Realizing I had my own 3 working me. The excitement was too much as I shuddered and ejaculated into the willing mouth below.

Again, I waited for laughter. Some teasing from the girls or Coops for cumming so easily, but there Ostim Escort Bayan was only moaning from my 3. I laid on the massage table, spent, relaxed, as the girls continued to rub my shoulders and feet, the third still suckling my dick.

Soon Coops was cumming. His trio moaned, and watching him get serviced got me hard again. I was, after all, 18 years old and in my prime.

This time, Anna asked me to flip over on my back which I did excitedly. The 3 girls oiled me down and i was twitching my erection to show off my youthful vigor. One girl massaged my hands, another girls rubbed my feet up against her tits while Anna climbed onto the table and squatted over my thighs. I admired their beautiful tanned bodies against my pale skin. “Handsome gringo,” one girl said.

“Decision time, Oliver. Would you like us to go all the way? Or as close as possible?”

“Go for it, dude!” Coops smiled. “This is fucking amazing.”

“All the way?” I squeaked. I couldn’t believe it but this night was very memorable.

“You’re the boss, Oliver!” Anna reached for my boner and started sucking me. Then another girl took a hold and started sucking, then the third. I knew I couldn’t last long as the 3 girls took turns sucking me off, their 3 tongues teasing and flicking the length of my erection. But just before I thought I would cum, the girls snapped on a condom on me. Then, one at a time, they climbed onto the table and directed my erection into them. I had seen enough porn to name this position – reverse cowgirl. I looked down at my skinny body, enjoying the view of watching my wrapped dick sink into the three different girls as they mewed with pleasure and continued massaging and stroking my skinny body.

I looked over at the other table and Coops was getting head while another girl was licking out his asshole. He seemed to be in heaven, his eyes half-closed, his legs up in the air.

I didn’t just want to be fucked, I wanted to do some fucking, so I sat up and directed Anna to lie down. I clambered over her. She reached between us to guide me in so I could try good old fashion missionary. But porn never shows you how tightly clenched your junk is inside a girl. How snug you feel when her legs come up and wrap themselves around your waist. How a girl’s eyes blaze with each push in. I was panting as our bodies slapped together. The other girls – one was kissing my ass and pulling my balls. The other was sucking my toes.

Virginity lost. If I thought that was the end of the evening, I was wrong. Each girl had a turn on my dick. I mean each girl – all six. The girls rotated between our 2 tables. Coops and I would pause the action and hit the buffet. Sometimes, the girls took us back into the shower for another invigorating scrub down, but it wasn’t until the next day, 10 in the morning when we were finally finished. 24 hours ago, I was a virgin. Now, I had had six girls ride my dick like I was their favorite Disney ride. Each girl moaned and screamed in orgasm. I don’t know if they really came or not, I just felt like my dick was magic to each of them.

5 of the girls were snuggled in the enormous bed, purring like sleeping kittens. Anna kissed me and showed me the pile of used condoms from our evening. She hugged me and whispered “Oliver” and it took Coops pulling my arm to stop me from wanting one last boning session with her.

Coops and I sat half-asleep in the limo on the ride back home. We were trying to list everything that had happened to us. Handjob, blowjob, footjob, titty fuck, toe-sucking, deep throating, reverse cowgirl, missionary, planking, corkscrew, doggy, wheel barrow, froggy, spooning, geez these girls taught me a lot.

The girls got up to kiss us goodbye and a couple of them cried as if we were their long lost boyfriends. I was a little sad that I probably wouldn’t see these girls again. Shit, probably couldn’t afford them! But I did feel like a brand new man.

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Amazing Ass

One important night for me as a teenager began when I met up with a group of my friends from school at an Applebee’s. We had all turned eighteen, and were out after curfew. There was Bobby, Mike, Curtis, Paul, and Paul’s older sister Angeline. Paul was a half asian, half Filipino friend, and Angeline was sort of dating Bobby. Bobby considered himself the leader of the group; he was the most aggressive, and really wanted to be cool. I think everyone recognized that he was trying a little too hard, and that he tended to lie enough that you couldn’t believe anything he said. He was the type to say, “Oh year, I got accepted to Harvard Medical School, but I told them ‘no,’ because I wanted to focus on my research.” Like, OK, but maybe the truth to that story was that he had met an admissions person from Harvard who told him he should apply. My brother Eric was like that, too.

Bobby’s mother had lost an arm to cancer as a young woman; he told me that he had once found her prosthetic arm in the attic, and used it to beat a kid bloody. He was at the top of the class in everything, and became a swimmer and got pretty strong. When I had been a freshman, I got beat up in gym class; a bigger guy, Tom, was trying to drag me into a trash can. I grabbed his pinky finger and twisted it back, and he got mad and hit me a couple times. Bobby had seen me, and probably recognized how upset I looked, and asked if I was OK. I still appreciate that.

Angeline sat next to me, and she felt my leg while we were talking. I did my Ralph Wiggum voice, “me fail English? That’s un-possible!” She laughed and told me how cute I was. Had I ever had a girl touch me before? Not like that. I mentioned in an earlier post how one of my brother’s friends girlfriends would climb on top of me while insulting me when I would go down to drink with them, but that was really unromantic; if it was sexy, it was in a really different way.

Angeline was so gorgeous to me. She smiled and laughed, she wore her hair to the chin, and she went to Vassar. She was twenty one, which seemed so adult compared to my eighteen years. I was so wrapped up in her, and I lost track of all time. Was she on Bobby’s shoulder when we were talking then? My watch betrayed me. It had stopped, but the second hand continued to tick on the same second, making it look like it was still working, even though it wasn’t. I got home, and my dad was furious. I was grounded for the first and only time in my life, despite being eighteen. Completely unfair.

Over the course of that summer and fall, I ran into Angeline with Bobby a few times, and got together with them. They came over to my Dad’s house, and she licked chocolate sauce off my chest. Later, Şentepe Escort I came downstairs where she and Bobby were watching TV, and her fly was unzipped.

My Dad’s car was a Volvo S-80, which was a nice car at the time. When my Dad had remarried Carmen, we moved to a large house in a wealthier suburb of Pittsburgh. Carmen had been widowed in her forties, and was wealthy from her first husband’s estate. She also managed a downtown realty office, and had investment income from rental properties and a parking lot.

I mention this because I recognize that Bobby was hanging out with me and brought Angeline around due to my perceived status as a rich kid. My Dad’s psychology practice, while successful, wasn’t enough to provide for those appearances, until after he got married. Bobby’s family had a nice, older, smaller home in a suburb closer to the city. His house was more like a college professor’s.

In the Fall, I talked to Angeline on the phone a couple times. She sent me a package and a couple of letters from Vassar. There were some bumper stickers, and a few trinkets. I think we exchanged a few emails, as well.

A group of us went out to see a movie at the art house cinema in town. Bobby told me that if I would let him drive my Dad’s car, he would let me have sex with Angeline. I said, “sure,” and he did.

What did I think was happening? Here’s the thing. Everyone had just seen American Pie the previous summer. We were 95% virgins. We all wanted to have sex, and were pretty sure that our virgin status made us part of some 5% loser crowd. I should mention also that I went to an all guys Catholic college prep school in Pittsburgh, so any girls I knew my age were through friends or extracurriculars. Like in the movie, we were totally OK with some casual encounter, which could serve as foundation for a later relationship.

So I made a few assumptions, which were formulated by my … 1., I thought that Angeline really liked me. 2., I thought that if she was making all these flirty and sexy gestures to me, that she was interested in having sex with me, and that we could do that while she was still dating Bobby, and Bobby and I could still be friends. 3., I thought that Bobby and I were pretty similar. 4., I thought that maybe if she and Bobby were done, she and I could be together. They didn’t seem that warm and affectionate with one another, despite all the sex stuff.

Around Thanksgiving, Angeline was home on Thanksgiving break. My mom’s house was across the railroad tracks from a movie theater. Bobby, Angeline, and I went to see Dogma. She sat between us, and Bobby was kissing her, and she put her legs on my lap, and I Şentepe Escort Bayan felt her leg. Afterward, we went back to my mom’s house; my mom was working, and my brothers were with my dad.

We went down to the basement, and played some game that was meant to be like strip poker, but it didn’t go like that. We were fooling around with each other. She asked me and Bobby to kiss, but we shook our heads, “no.” I definitely wasn’t interested in Bobby. I left them alone for a little while, and went to the bathroom and masturbated, so I wouldn’t come so fast. Then I put a condom on.

I went back. She was naked, and so much smaller than she seemed before. Bobby went out of the room. He had come on a decorative pillow, which he turned over. Later, I understood that they had just had sex, but at the time, I definitely wasn’t thinking. We were all completely sober, too.

I talked to her, and we kissed a little. She had a horizontal scar across her left breast, around the demarcation between pec major and pec minor. I asked her about it, and she said she had hurt herself when she was upset, but she was OK now. This was my first time, and I didn’t know how to insert; she guided me in. We had sex, for awhile. She told me I should finish, and I did, picturing some porn scenario, because I wasn’t really that turned on; she wasn’t that into it.

Was Bobby watching from the doorway? Probably. I didn’t look back, and the lights were off. Was he wanking? Probably.

We got dressed separately, and I walked them upstairs. I french kissed her when we said goodnight. I went back and went to sleep. I went to church the next morning, and afterward I tried to type up everything that had happened, so I could wank to it later. I never did wank to it.

At school on Monday, I told some of the guys I had lost my virginity, and that it was with an older girl, from Eric’s college; I told enough of a lie to preserve everyone’s privacy, I thought. I didn’t mention Bobby. Guys congratulated me.

Curtis was there in the parking lot after class, and he asked if he could talk to me. I said, “sure,” and we got in my car. He said, “Simon, I was on the phone with Angeline this weekend, and she’s been crying all weekend. She said that you practically raped her.” Curtis filled me in on what happened after Bobby, Angeline and I had said goodnight on Saturday. Bobby had broken up with her, on the pretense of her having sex with me. He had told her that he had traded sex with her to drive my Dad’s car.

I said, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. Listen, I had never had sex before this weekend. I didn’t know where to put it in. She had to help me put it in. Escort Şentepe I didn’t know anything about him breaking up with her. I didn’t take the car thing seriously, I thought that she was doing everything because she wanted to. I didn’t mean to upset her, I really care about her. I thought she was doing it because she liked me.”

Curtis seemed surprised by this explanation; I think he had built me up in his mind as someone more confident and sexually experienced than what I was. I think I also rattled something for him, and he recognized that Angeline wasn’t telling the truth. This event broke up our friend group, and Curtis spent more time with Mike, avoiding me and Bobby.

I tried to call her, but couldn’t get an answer. I wrote her an email where I said something like, “I love spending time with you,” and I might have said I loved her, or at least implied it. She told me later in an email. that she had just called Curtis because she was upset, and that she was OK.

I stayed friends with Bobby, and never really held him accountable for what he did, which was essentially using my affection for Angeline and naïveté as part of some elaborate sexual drama; if he had told me he had planned to break up with her, or if I knew that she wasn’t mentally healthy, there’s no way I would have consented. The idea of hurting someone that you were intimate with was and is anathema to me.

I learn more about Angeline from Bobby. She would go to parties and drink, and just have sex with whoever the guys were there. I think her father or grandfather abused her, and she had spent time in a hospital after she cut herself. She left Vassar, and ultimately graduated from Pittsburgh State.

I saw Angeline twice after that. Once at graduation, and once years later, at Paul’s wedding in New Jersey, after Concetta and I were married and Concetta was pregnant with Olivia. Paul and I had run into each other at a shoe store in Pittsburgh while we were back home for Christmas, and found out we both lived in New York City. Paul and his girlfriend, Mona, lived in lower Manhattan, and we double dated a handful of times before Concetta and I moved to Buffalo. Did he know about me and Angeline? I don’t know. I didn’t think so.

I had told Concetta about Angeline very early in our relationship; we were both in the Christian “new virgin” mindset, and talked about our earlier relationships as we got to know each other. Concetta hadn’t had sex before, but had gone as far as oral sex with a boyfriend in high school. She felt really guilty about that, though it really didn’t bother me.

She kept her distance at the wedding. I tried to approach her once, and she walked the other direction. She was very thin. She had married a nice white guy, and I chatted with him for a few minutes in the bathroom, thanking him for helping to end a terrible toast one of Paul’s drunk friends was offering. Angeline had become a university psychologist, and worked with young women with eating disorders.

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Aileen Lost Her Virginity

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Big Tits

My name is Aileen, I’m a 19 years old Chinese girl. I’m just 5′ 4″ tall, with a nice pair of C cup breasts but not so nice ass to complete the look. My hair was naturally black and straight, but I dyed it brunette with a touch of blonde on the tips.

When I was 12, my parents split up. Being devastated, my mother accepted a job offer in Chicago. We moved there eventually, and after several years she finally met someone and got married. My new father is an American, and he’s got a son two years older than me. His name is Brandon. I never had a chance to get to know him because when my step father moved in, he was already starting his freshmen year in college. We only met a couple time before the wedding, and after that only on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

When I graduated highschool, I got accepted at two different school. I like the first one, but my parents like the second one better because it’s close to my step brother’s place. It’s settled then. I now had been living in my brother’s flat for almost a year.

Living with my step brother makes me loose myself in terms of living. I used to be this serious kind of girl that always gets the good grades, never drink, never do drugs, never had a boyfriend and too scared to get a tattoo. Well, I now still got good grades, with the occasional drinking and weed smoking, thanks to Brandon and his parties, got a tattoo on my hip, and date some boys. I was currently still a virgin, but I intended not to be in a while.

It was a Saturday afternoon. Brandon was out with this chick I didn’t know. I decided I could take a bath. I soaked myself on warm water. Feeling up my hairy pussy, I took a razor blade and started shaving my pubic area. By the time I finished, I was satisfied the feeling of my bald mound. I rewarded myself with a good rub on my clit. Since the flat is empty I could make all the noises. I tried inserting one finger in pussy, and then another finger. It kinda frustrate me that I still couldn’t cum, so I put a third finger in. It hurts a little bit, but it feels a lot better that I cummed screaming out loud.

I dried myself with a towel and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. When I finished dressing up, I heard a knock on the door.

“Coming!” I shouted while wondering who is it.

I opened up the door to find one of Brandon’s teammate from his college’s basketball team, Keith.

“Er.. Hi Aileen, Brandon’s out, isn’t he?”

“Yeah it’s been several hours. Do you want to come in? He might just come home in a while.” I’m not really sure though, but I don’t mind the company. Especially hot one

like Keith.

“Sure, Macunköy Escort I’ll just wait in his room then.” Keith walked up to Brandon’s room.

Keith is a black guy with a tall posture. I saw him topless a few times when I crashed their basketball practice and he’s got really nice abs. Sometimes I find myself tracing my eyes on his V and trying to figure out how his cock would look like.

I closed the door and go to my room to fold some laundry and clean my room. I just made it past a whirlwind of midterms. I hadn’t made the time for it so it looked a little bit messy. When I finished, the clock turned to 7 pm, which means Keith had been waiting for almost an hour now.

I remembered some leftover chips I made for lunch, so I grabbed a plate and a bottle of beer, and bring them to Brandon’s room. The door wasn’t entire shut, so I just pushed it with my elbow.

“Hey, Keith, here’s some…” I stopped midway because I found him in front of Brandon’s laptop looking at porn while jacking off his penis which is huge.

He stopped his hand and craned his neck towards my direction.

“Oh my God! Fuck, I’m sorry!” I was shocked and ran out quickly. I stopped outside Brandon’s room. I started feeling a little bit naughty and decided to come back in.

“I’ve got chips and beer for you.” I gave him a big grin.

“Umm.. Thanks Aileen, just put them on the desk..” He was trying to put his cock back in his boxer.

I put them on the desk then sat on the bed next to it. “Do you mind if I look?”

He froze instantly. “What?”

“Well I never see a cock before, not a black and huge one at least. I just wanna take a look for a little. You can just continue yourself,” I smiled at him.

“Uh.. Sure,” His expression shows a mix of confusion and happiness.

He shifted a little bit on his chair so he could face me. He started moving his hand up and down.

“Is it always this big?”

“9 inches and growing. A girl once gave me a blowjob and before I cummed, she measured my dick and it was almost 10.”

“Wow,” I looked at his black veiny dick. It bent a little bit upwards and the head was purplish. “Can I touch it?”


I put my hand on his dick. I tried to wrap it with my fingers but it was so thick that I couldn’t make a full grip. I moved my hand up and down like he did. He moaned.


“Is it good?”

“Yeah, your hand is very soft, Aileen.”

I smiled and fasten my movement. I heard several moans, but after awhile my arm was getting tired.

“How long is it going, Keith?”

“It Macunköy Escort Bayan usually takes me almost an hour to finish with my hand. I started like half an hour ago, so it could be for 20 minutes or more.”

“Yeah, this is kinda tiring.”

“I know. A blowjob would make it faster though.”

I took the hint and gave him a sexy look. I moved down on my knees and put the head in my mouth. It was my first time having a cock in my mouth. It’s salty, but I like having the hardness inside my mouth.

I couldn’t put all of if in, of course, I only managed to put a quarter of its length. I used one hand to jerk the rest of his dick while my tounge swirl on its head.

“Fuck, Aileen, that feels so good.”

I heard a few blowjob tricks from my friends. While I don’t intend to deep throat on my first blowjob, I can at least give a good suck. Do I did.

“Fuck yeah.. Oh.. Aileen, don’t stop..”

I bobbed my head faster.

“Aileen.. Aileen.. Fuck, I’m close.”

I no longer bobbed my head as he fucked my mouth. My jaw was starting to hurt when finally he announced he’s cumming.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

He spurted his cum inside my mouth. I counted 7 ropes of semen that he shot. It’s leaking from my lips to my chin and dropped on the floor.

“I’m sorry Aileen but I couldn’t hold it.”

I had no choice but to gulp it to answer him.

“That’s alright, I kinda like it.” I sat back on the bed.

“That’s hot. Want me to return the favour? “

Before I answered, I was pushed down and felt Keith taking my shorts and panties off.

“Hmm.. How do you know I like it shaved?”

He then touched the tip of his tongue on my clit. My eyes shut directly and I let a moan escape from my lips. I heard a chuckle from Keith.

“Prepare for the best pussy licking of your life.”

Using his fingers he parted my pussy lips and licked upwards to tease my clit with the tip of his tongue. He then stuck his tongue as far as he could inside my pussy.

“Keith.. Oh my God!”

He proceeded to lick my pussy in a zig zag. He ended it with sucking my clit hard.

“Oh yeah.. Oh God..”

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” He asked while putting a finger inside me.

“Y-yessss.. But I, oh… don’t intend to be, fuck, for long. Oh my fucking God!” I swore when he nipped my clit while adding a second finger.

He just kept using his magical mouth and fingers on my pussy. I felt the familiar tingle and announced that I’m close.

“Oh my God, Keith, I’m cumming, fuck!” Escort Macunköy I felt the explosion of my orgasm and squeeze Keith’s head with my thighs while clenching his fingers with my pussy walls.

My body gave a final jerk when the orgasm subsided.

“That was the best orgasm in my life. Thanks, Keith.”

“It’s going to get better, Aileen.”

I gave him a puzzled look. He just moved further until he’s kneeling between my spread legs.

“Oh.” His dick is now back on its full length and it’s heading towards my pussy.

“Get ready.” That’s it. No ‘are you sure’ or asking for permission. He just placed the head of his dick in the opening of my very wet pussy. His black cock looks very contrast to my pale Asian skin.

He started to push slowly. He stopped when he felt my resistance. He pulled out again and pushed back again further. He kept doing that until my hymen gave away and suddenly my pussy was full by his dick.

It hurt a little but in the same time it felt pleasant in a way that I never felt before. He felt so huge inside me. He pulled out and pushed in again. The friction of his dick against my pussy walls sent a jolt of pleasure through my body.

Keith smirked and start thrusting in a faster rhythm. His hand pulled up the hem of my t-shirt to reveal my braless tits. He took one nipple in his mouth while his hand played with my other nipple.

It started to feel great and I tried to move my hips matching his rhythm. I lifted both my legs and locked my ankles on Keith’s hip. The tempo quickened and the bed started to creak.

“Fuck, Aileen, your pussy is so tight.”

“No, it’s your.. dick. It’s so.. huge! Fuck! Suck my tits again!”

Keith grunted. Although I felt full, he still managed to make a circular move with his dick and I let out a cry.

“Fuck yeah!”

“Your little pussy is making me cum quickly. Fuck, Aileen, I’m so close.”

“Me too, Keith, faster!”

It was so fast and hard that I heard the bed banging the wall. I don’t really care because I felt myself cumming.

“Keith, I’m cumming!” My body shuddered in climax. Apparently Keith couldn’t take it when my walls were squeezing his cock.

“Aileen! Oh!” I felt him spurting ropes of warm liquid to my womb. My orgasm hasn’t stop as I milked his 9, almost 10 inches of cock, erupting inside me.

“Argh!” He shouted as he let a final spurt of cum. I had a slight fear that his potent sperm would reach my eggs in my fertile womb, but I don’t care anymore.

“God. That, was the best orgasm of my life.”

Keith grinned at me. “It’s going to get better, babe.” He then kissed me.

I was too busy liplocking with Keith, I didn’t heard someone’s coming in the flat and pushed the bedroom door.

“What the fuck?”

Brandon was standing there, glaring at where Keith’s now flaccid cock meets my pussy.

“Why do you think you can fuck my sister?!”

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A Wonderful Summer

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Big Balls

Even as at 18, I was what the guys considered “one hot little bitch.” I was told this by students and teachers alike. I’ll never forget Joe, a coach at our school, along with a few other teachers.

Joe stood out because he was not only my teacher about all sexual things, but also my friend. I can’t believe it all started at a BBQ at Mrs. Jackson’s house…

I was sitting in Mrs. Jackson’s class thinking about how she was acting. Mrs. Jackson was in my standards a wealthy woman. She lived in the richest part of town and always presented the perfect “Southern Belle” appearance. Then my imagination went on to fantasize about Coach Murphy. Joe on the other hand was really nice, yet sexy because he had that rugged look. I swear I went weak in the knees every time I saw him.

On Thursday, Joe came up to me and asked me to go to a BBQ at Mrs. Jackson’s house. I was shocked because, this was my teacher’s house and party! Anyway, I said yes, and agreed to meet him at her house around 9:00.

I met him as I had said, and we went directly into the backyard where the party was stationed. We mingled Karşıyaka Escort a little bit, and I started to feel a little strange. I was the only one there that was a student. All the rest of the couples were middle-aged and looked at us with great question.

We headed to the living room where the stereo was located. As a slow song came on, we started to dance. Closer and closer until I was basically grinding on him. After a couple of fast songs, I felt his erection growing. I started to tease him a little by bringing his hands to caress my ass and pussy. Joe turned me around abruptly and grabbed my hand.

He pulled me through the crowd to the kitchen. My stomach was turning flips because I was at a party with a coach from school! He pulled me into the kitchen and lifted me onto the counter. I needed to say no, but my body responded before my mind did. Joe’s lips were hotter than mine; they pressed all over my neck working their way down to my chest. As I pulled his face to mine, he started pulling the straps of my tight sundress down. As his lips left mine, they Karşıyaka Escort Bayan went straight for my right breast. I started to feel the counter get wet with my juices. This just made me feel hotter, and all I could do is run my fingers through his hair. Suddenly, Mrs. Jackson walked through the kitchen door and said, “Why Ellie, are you enjoying your summer?” I couldn’t believe it! I am sitting on her counter having my breast sucked on and that is what she asks me?! All I could do is nod my head yes, then she handed me a drink and then left.

Joe laughed and grabbed my hand, and we walked down the hall. He found the master bedroom and we went inside. He gently led me to the bed and he sat down. He pulled me close and we kissed passionately. Joe unzipped my dress and pulled it off. He stood and gazed at my body, then removed all of his clothes. As Joe started to pull my panties down, I whispered in his ear, “This is my first time.” He nodded, smiled, and pulled my thong down.

I laid down on the edge of the bed and Joe moved slowly in-between them. He Escort Karşıyaka slowly licked my pussy lips, while I started to play with my nipples. He inserted his tongue slowly and the more rapidly he started to fuck me with it. Before I knew it, I was reaching my first male induced climax. It was pure bliss!! Then Joe sat up and started to tease me by sliding the head of his dick up and down my slit.

When I started begging for it I could feel him slowly enter me. His dick was 8 inches long and I started making up my mind that I was going to have every bit of it in my pussy. I told him, “Joe, I’m ready!” With one swift and hard thrust, he entered me fully. I let out a loud gasp, and Joe gave me a moment to adjust to the wonderful feeling of fullness. Slowly we started a rhythm. As I got used to the feeling, I twisted my legs high around his waist. I was screaming Joe’s name in pleasure when he softly kissed my cheek and said, “I love it when you scream my name.” With that, he bit down hard on my nipple. I threw my head back and screamed, “Joeeeeeeeee!!!”

When we where done, we fell asleep with legs and arms intertwined. After awhile of sleep I awoke when I felt a light on my face. I looked towards the door and saw Mrs. Jackson standing there. She looked at her bed and then me and said, “Summer IS wonderful season, isn’t it?” I let out a small giggle and said, “It certainly is!”

To Be Continued…

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A Somalian Woman in Love

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Right now, I am lying naked in my bed. Deep inside my apartment in the town of Vanier, Ontario. Not far from Donald Street in the Overbrook area. I am completely naked, save for my hijab. I only take it off when I’m sleeping, sorry. Thos are the rules I was raised with. However, rules were made to be broken. And I am definitely breaking the rules as I urge my man to keep going. You see, my sexy Haitian-American boyfriend Stephen Marc-Antoine is kneeling before me and licking my sweet pussy. I smile as his tongue sends little waves of pleasure coursing through me. He is going all out tonight, determined to make me cum for him. I do love his energy.

My name is Juhaynah Abdul and I am a young Black woman of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I attend Carleton University, where I study Nursing. A lot of my Somali sisters on campus only date Somali guys and the few who go outside the race date white guys or Arab guys. Me, I’ve got a thing for Black guys from other parts of the great motherland of Africa and beyond. And I found those loud and outspoken Haitian men in Montreal and Toronto uniquely sexy. From what I heard my Haitian lady friends say, Haitian guys have their faults but they’re great lovers. They’re all kinky bastards who will try anything to please a woman in bed. How could I resist the urge to try one?

My Stephen is so damn good at licking pussy. This Haitian stud was born and raised in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. He used to attend Bridgewater State University but after a lacklustre academic year and some personal trouble, his parents sent him to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, to straighten him out. He’s been staying at his uncle and aunt’s house in the town of Orleans. Stephen is new to Ottawa and he has a thing for us Somali ladies. We really like him on the Carleton University campus, where he studies Law. That’s more than okay by me. I wish more Black American guys would come to the City of Ottawa. They’re more fun than Black Canadian males, those bozos are obsessed with fat white chicks. I don’t know why so many Black guys go for ugly fat white chicks these days. So many of them are into them. Not my Stephen. He loves Black women. I giggle as he slides his fingers deep inside my cunt. Hot damn, he is doing things to me!

I rub my tits together as Stephen continues working his magic on my pussy. If only my friends and family members could see me now. I think they would have a fit, especially my parents. My father Mohammed Abdul is the Imam of the Somali Muslim community of Greater Ottawa. Our mosque has about a thousand members. We Somalians are a close-knit community in the City of Ottawa. We have to be. Everybody in Ottawa seems to have something against Somali folks. I’m not just talking about the xenophobic Europeans. Other immigrant groups like Haitians, Chinese, Jamaicans, Koreans, Mexicans and Arabs have İvedik Escort something against Somali folks too. As a result, there is tension between Somalis and everybody else in Ottawa.

Unfortunately, that’s the way it has been for a long time. That tension extends to Africans of other nations by the way. And my father wouldn’t approve if he knew I was dating a Black guy of Haitian descent who was raised in the United States of America. My father basically hates everything American. He thinks they’re all infidels and crooks. He particularly dislikes United States President Barack Obama, whom he considers to be another pawn of the Israel Lobby of America. I explained to him that the U.S. President is a good man who’s trying to do the right thing but can’t please the entire world. My father won’t listen. He is really set in his ways. What can you do, you know? Some people simply cannot see the world through a different lens.

Stephen slides two fingers inside of me while teasing my clitoris with the tip of his tongue. I shriek in pleasure. Man, he definitely hit my spot! As I shudder with pleasure, Stephen intensifies things. He shoves his thick fingers deeper inside of me, and I squirm in delight. An orgasm rocks my body and I scream even louder as my sexy Haitian-American lover sends me to nirvana with his sexual expertise. Allah be praised, Stephen is amazing! I have tears of joy in my eyes as I slowly calm down. Stephen looks up at me and smiles. What a sharp contrast between us. I’m five-foot-ten, chubby and dark-skinned, with shoulder-length Black hair. In spite of the fact that I’m at Good Life Fitness Club every day, I’m still chubby. My hips are wide. My butt is big and round. And my body is curvy. Stephen is six feet two inches tall, muscular but slender, with medium brown skin, long hair braided into neat dreadlocks, and light gray eyes. His mother Stella Ramirez is pure Dominican but his father Joseph Marc-Antoine is half Black and half white. I don’t usually go for mulatto guys because many of them have a complex but Stephen was cool. He considers himself Black, rather than biracial.

Stephen pulled me into his arms and kissed me. We’ve been having a lot of fun lately, but always stopped short at sex. As a practicing Muslim, I’m supposed to save myself until marriage. I’ve been dating Stephen on the sly for eight months now. I’ve grown to care for him. He’s a really nice guy. He wants to return to the United States after graduating Carleton University and become a police officer like his father. I’ve only recently admitted it to myself but I love him and I want him to stay in Canada. Stephen doesn’t like the idea of living in Ottawa forever. Maybe we could move to the City of Toronto since it’s a more American-style town. Ottawa is boring, I really hate it sometimes and I was born here!

I look into Stephen’s eyes and İvedik Escort Bayan tell him that I love him. Stephen stares at me, stunned. Grinning, I kiss him. Then I take his dick in my hands. He gasps in surprise. I’ve never even touched his manhood even though we’ve engaged in sexual activity multiple times. Always with Stephen pleasuring me. He has licked my toes, licked my pussy, given me an erotic massage and even licked and fingered my asshole. I’ve never done more than kiss him or hug him. I’ve been so selfish. As Stephen watches in amazement, I kneel before him and take his manhood into my mouth. His cock is huge, and uncircumcised. Honestly, I find iy yummy.

Stephen used to feel self-conscious around me because he’s uncut and I’m a Muslim woman. To be honest, I don’t care. I’m a Muslim woman, true, but I also study in the health care field. I don’t believe circumcision is a necessity in this day and age. I accept my Stephen as he is. I lovingly lick his foreskin before pulling it back and I begin sucking his dick. I’ve never had a dick in my mouth before but from my talks with other ladies, I had an idea what to do. I took my sweet time and Stephen apparently liked what I did. Soon he was moaning my name. I continue sucking Stephen as he squirms and moans. He caresses my head and I look into his eyes. His sexy lips are parted in a silent scream, and I see a silent plea in his gray eyes. I suck him harder, and he shouts out a warning. I ignore him and keep sucking. Suddenly, I feel him shudder. I know what’s coming. I welcome it.

Like a volcano, Stephen erupted in my mouth. I kept my mouth closed around his cock, and swallow every last drop of his semen. Stephen screams, and squirms. I hold onto him and don’t let go. Finally, he calms down. Stephen sighs, and I finally let him go. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, and smile at him. Stephen stares at me strangely, and smiles weakly. I grin. Yep, I knew I could work my magic on him. I wrap my arms lovingly around my dazed Stephen. With a baffled look on his face, he tells me he hadn’t known I could do that. I smile. Men from the western world always underestimate the craftiness and sensuality of Muslim women. At the end of the day, a Muslim woman is a woman, first and foremost. We know our way around men’s minds and bodies. We control men and not the other way around. It’s part of being a woman, don’t you think?

I start stroking Stephen’s penis again, and it flares back to life. Without hesitation, I climb on top of him. Stephen moves his hands to stop me but I bat his hands away. I grab his dick, and slowly lower myself onto him. Until I feel the head of his cock poking against my vagina. I lower myself still, until I feel him inside of me. I feel a slight pain as he enters me, replaced by another feeling. Stephen’s thick member fills my tight pussy. It’s a wonderful Escort İvedik feeling. Looking Stephen in the eyes, I tell him to fuck me. I’m not asking him, mind you, I am TELLING him. And he obeys. He thrusts his member deep inside of me, and I cry out in pain mixed with pleasure. And just like that, we start to make love. Stephen wrapped his arms around my hips and shoved his dick deeper inside of me. I rode him hard, loving the feel of him inside of me. I am twenty five years old and this is my first time having sex. You had better believe I wanted to make up for lost time. I fucked Stephen till we lay exhausted on the bed, our bodies covered with our fluids, sweat being only one of them.

It’s midnight and Stephen has fallen asleep next to me. I feel elated. So this is what sex is like. Awesome! outside my window, the moon is shining brightly. I look at Stephen’s face. By Allah, he is such a beautiful man! Gently I kiss his lips and run my hands through his curly hair. I love this young man. I really do. Never mind that I am Somali-Canadian and he’s Haitian-American. Even though I am a practicing Muslim and he’s a deacon at the All Nations Full Gospel Church, a decidedly Christian denomination. I love him. Even though he’s two years younger than me and listens to hardcore Rap music and thought a mosque was a species of aquatic plant. When Stephen wakes up, he will be in for a shock. I take off my hijab, and wrap it around the bedpost. I’m not breaking any of my people’s rules. For you see, I’ve chosen him to be my husband.

I know it sounds like I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve got it all planned out. In a couple of months I will graduate from Carleton University with my master’s degree in Nursing. I will get a job working as a nurse at Ottawa’s General Hospital. Stephen and I will get hitched, and I will file for him to become a permanent resident of the Confederation of Canada. He’s paying too much as an international student at Carleton University anyway. In a couple of years he’ll have his Canadian citizenship, and that way when he graduates from Carleton University with his Law degree, he could go to Law School or Police College, whichever one he wants.

Transitioning from one nation to another is never easy. Many immigrants in Canada struggle. And not all Canadians are friendly to newcomers from the United States of America. Still, I know plenty of people who have dual American/Canadian citizenship and they do fine in the professional world of Canada. Stephen’s going to love it here, he just doesn’t know it yet. We’ll save up to move to the City of Toronto, where we shall raise our sons and daughters. We shall raise them in both the Christian and the Muslim faith, because I don’t believe the two to be mutually exclusive. I want two boys and two girls. We’ll vacation in the City of Boston every summer just to make him happy. I kiss my husband-to-be on the lips, then get up to cook breakfast in the nude. Everything’s going according to plan. Because I know what I’m doing. Now if you’ll excuse I’m going to cook for my Stephen in the nude. It will be a nice surprise for him, don’t you think? Allah be praised, everything is going to work just fine!

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A Much Older Man Comes on to Me

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I was 22 years old and working as a technician for a new car dealership located in a small town in PA. I had been working on cars since age 15 and working in car dealerships for a few years. I was engaged to a beautiful 18 year-old girl who was going to college. She lived at school and I was living with her parents. My fiancee’s parents liked me and offered to have me live with them after my mother kicked me out of her home. I guess my mom felt that by age 22 I should be living on my own, so she asked me to leave.

My fiancee and I had a great relationship and an even better sex life. I was her first and she was only the third woman that I had intercourse with. I had oral sex with several other girls but never fucked them. I always enjoyed oral sex, both giving and receiving. (I think I could forego intercourse for oral sex.) My fiancee was also very oral. She loved sucking my cock and did it often. Many times when we were out at night she would want us to park someplace private. She would get on her knees on her side of the car and have me slide over in front of her so she could suck my cock. Many times not even to orgasm. She just enjoyed having my cock in her mouth. It was always a loving, sensual and passionate thing. I loved how she seemed to worship my cock. I never recall ever asking her to suck my cock. She just wanted to do it. I loved having her do it. Returning the favor wasn’t easily accomplished in the car but she got her fair share in return at other times. I loved eating her pussy until she squirted through many orgasms, which she did often.

My fiancee and I had been together for over 2 years and we were very open with each other about sex. We shared our fantasies with each other, read sexual stories to each other and sometimes watched porn. We didn’t hide much about what turned us on and what we wanted to experience in the future. Our relationship slowly developed into a somewhat open one, in that she was sexually active with other guys at school. Honestly, while it didn’t really surprise me, I was hurt when I first learned that she had sucked and fucked another guy at college. She didn’t just come out and tell me. I don’t recall what we had been talking about at the time but she asked me if I would be upset if she had sex with another guy. We talked about why she was asking me about that and if she had anyone specific in mind. She did, and It didn’t take me long to figure out that she had already had sex with him. So when I asked her if she had, she admitted that she did. At first I was really angry about it but soon realized I was more aroused by the idea of her fucking him. She didn’t even relate any of the details of what happened, yet I got turned on thinking about what she might have done. My imagination went wild. It was as if my mind was creating a movie of her having sex with another man. The more erotic it became, the more aroused I got.

A few hours after our big blow-up Demetevler Escort over her admission, I went to her and told her how hot I was getting thinking about what she did. She then told me exactly what happened and how the experience effected her. She told me how she was hesitant because of me and that the other guy knew she was engaged, but they both wanted each other. They were in her dorm room sitting on the side of her bed, making out. He asked her if she would suck his cock. She did and said it didn’t take long before he came in her mouth. She knew he was inexperienced and horny, so it would not take long for him to get hard again. She kept sucking him, and soon he was hard again. They stripped and then got on the bed and fucked. He was a virgin and came again, very quickly. She held him and kept his cock inside of her. Twice more he would get hard, then fuck until he came.

I got so aroused by her telling me about the experience. I even think we fucked right after that. She still loved me and it wasn’t like she wanted to end our relationship. She just wanted to explore her sexuality. I was fine with that. I didn’t see any problem with her wanting to be sexual. It could make our sex life even better.

I wanted to hear every detail of her experiences after that. It always made for great sex, when she would tell me the things she was doing with the guys at school or later, where she was working. She would tell me about guys that she met that got her aroused, or that she sucked or fucked. I would tell her if I was flirting with other women too but I didn’t fuck another woman until maybe a year later. We also talked about swapping with other couples but didn’t know any other couples into that. It was something we figured might happen after we were married. She was also open to the idea of being sexual with another woman, if she found one she was comfortable with.

She asked me once if I would be willing to suck another guy’s cock with her. The question was a bit surprising but without hesitation, I told her yes. What I DIDN’T tell her was that the thought wasn’t new to me. In fact, I had been open to the idea of sucking a cock since a teen. Not a peer, but an older man. I had no interest explore the idea with anyone my age, since they never appealed to me in that way and I always felt my peers were far too immature regarding sex, nudity and sexuality.

I had been raised in a nudist household. My family often went to a nudist camp in New Jersey on weekends in the summer. That lifestyle kept me from having the issues most boys go through about seeing other girls nude, seeing their first naked tit, etc.. I wasn’t the average teen boy eager to see his first pair of boobs. I had seen more naked women (and men of course) by age five than my peers would probably ever see in a lifetime. I think the lifestyle left me far more mature than my peers regarding Escort Demetevler sex and sexuality. Not that the nudist camp was in any way a sexual experience. It wasn’t at all. I just think I got a head-start on the whole idea of being sexual since I already knew what the package looked like when unwrapped.

While I didn’t have any desire to explore sucking cock with my peers, I knew I would be receptive to sucking an older man’s cock. I sometimes thought about what it would be like to have an older man hit on me. I could imagine being seduced by him. I wasn’t attracted to men at all. Certainly not in the way I was to women. I had no desire to kiss a man or be romantic and intimate with a man. But the idea of enjoying a cock was appealing. I thought about what it would be like to feel a cock in my hands. And in my mouth. I could see myself getting on my knees as he took out his cock for me to enjoy. I liked the idea of being somewhat sub to an older man, pleasing him as he liked. Edging him for hours and worshiping his hard shaft. I knew I wanted that experience.

I am not sure why I didn’t share that with my fiance. I don’t even think it crossed my mind to share that with her. That was a mistake. One that I regret to this day. After she asked me if I would suck another guy’s cock with her, I should have been totally open with her about my desire. I knew she was open to fucking an older man, so maybe she might have someone in mind. There were so many possibilities to explore with her. It would have been an exciting thing to enjoy together. I missed my chance there, with her.

So…one Saturday morning, I was at work, working on my own car. No one else was around. It was a nice warm summer day. I had the back garage door open to the alley behind the shop. I was busy working on my car and enjoying listening to the radio. I’d been working maybe half an hour when an older man, who I guessed to be in his late sixties or early seventies, came into the shop and started talking to me. I didn’t really know him but did recognize him as being someone I saw walking the neighborhood regularly. He started talking with me and seemed very friendly.

We talked about nothing in particular. He seemed to be just looking for someone to pass the time with. After 10-15 minutes he asked me how I was feeling. I thought the question was a bit out of place. It was kind of off-topic from our conversation and I remember thinking, “That seems like an odd question”. I turned to face him and I guess I must have given him a confused look. He asked the question again, and while repeating it, he slowly reached out and started to gently rub my crotch. I didn’t know what to think or say. His advances were certainly unexpected but not unwelcome. I think he was a bit surprised that I was so receptive to what he was doing, but he didn’t stop. I just stood there and let him continue. I never wear underwear Demetevler Escort Bayan so I know he could feel that I was getting aroused. My cock got rock hard. Very quickly. He got a big smile on his face and I just leaned back against my car and let him continue.

I think I was a bit in shock but mostly because I was feeling lucky to be in this situation and not because I felt he was taking advantage of me or afraid of what might happen. I was enjoying what he was doing and he knew it. It felt great and without even taking the time to think, I reached down, unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock for him. I heard him whisper, “oh yeah…!”, as his fingers wrapped around my hard shaft and gently stroked my cock. It was totally unexpected. It was off-the-charts erotic and sexual. It was taboo. It was risky. It was amazing. I was enjoying his attention so much that I never thought to reach out and return the favor. His cock never even crossed my mind.

And then, it was over. He had been stroking me for less than 30 seconds, when we heard someone opening a door at the other end of the garage. We had to stop before we got caught. I was just hoping whoever it was didn’t see what was going on. I quickly zipped up my pants and went back to working on my car, as if nothing happened.

I was so startled that I didn’t even see him leave. He left the shop so fast that I never got to say anything to him. I hoped he would return, but he didn’t. Hours after the experience I got to thinking about his cock and what it would look like and why I didn’t think to touch him. I was thinking he could be the older man who I could have the experience with that I had fantasized about for so long.

I fantasized about seeing him again. Maybe at his place and becoming his secret cocksucker? I even fantasized about his wife being there to enjoy watching us play together. Maybe we could have a three-way together? I would have loved to suck him so she could watch and get off on seeing that. That was then, and is still now, one of my biggest fantasies. I pictured her as a big busted woman. Maybe she would like to watch me suck him and then I could have him cum all over her tits so I could lick her clean?

But, I never saw him again. I never saw him walking the neighborhood like I had seen him doing many times before. It seemed very strange that he just disappeared. I knew nothing about him. Not even his name. I still think about that experience and find it arousing. Mostly because what could have happened.

I never told my fiancee about the experience. I don’t know why I didn’t. I guess I figured she would not understand or find it repulsive somehow. While we were very close and openly sexual, I think I was worried that I would cross some line and venture into something that would hurt our relationship. I think that is a fairly common worry for anyone in a committed relationship. No one wants to risk it all being too open about their fantasies and experiences, for fear it will push the envelope too far for their partner. I wish I had told her. I think now that she probably would have been very aroused to hear about the experience. And maybe my fantasies of what could have happened. Another missed opportunity.

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Başımı amına dayadım

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A College Education Pt. 03

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Beach Sex

Josh could barely contain himself. The many halls of the dormitory began receding from focus with each step. Lexi deftly guided him ever deeper into the building, all the while playfully shaking her ass and glancing back at him with lust laden intensity. He realized that she was taunting him, but that knowledge only served to stiffen his sex further. His cock throbbed to the rhythm of Lexi’s bouncing buttocks. He became fixated on her. Her stride was incredibly sensual, the sharp tap of her heels against the hard flooring was an audible precursor to the erotic rocking of her hips, and then there was that ass, that wonderful, luscious, swaying ass.

*Click* Josh was startled away from his fixations as Lexi unlocked the door to her apartment and led him inside. The entrance immediately amazed him, and although Lexi’s building was just across the street from his own, it was evident that hers was much more lavish. She led him through the apartment on a tour, first showing off her bedroom as she placed the two brown bags upon her desk. Josh noted her double bed, apparently stripped clean for laundry. More noteworthy was the bed’s position, which rested along the far wall beneath a large and deeply inset bay window that faced east. ?She must look gorgeous when bathed in the morning light.

Adjacent to the bed was a large ensuite bathroom, and further down the wall were several closets that were spilling over with dresses and tops. Books were strewn over the floor by her desk, and Josh immediately became aware of two things. First, the Math notes from their first “date” were visible among the other texts, one of which, he noted, was a Kama Sutra handbook. The second item that came into Josh’s awareness was the aroma of the room. Initially all he had noticed upon entering was a mild cinnamon scent, but now there was something more. It was a warm odor with a mild feminine musk, and while Josh couldn’t be certain, he thought it hinted of sex, or at the very least, masturbation. Josh’s eyes once again wandered to the bare bed. His cock began dutifully throbbing once again, only this time to mixed visions of his first blowjob from Lexi, and what must go on in within the confines of these bedroom walls.

Lexi coaxed him back into the main lounge, teasing his length through the fabric of his jeans, occasionally tugging gently at his glans to indicate a change of tour direction. Her roommate, thankfully out for the weekend, had the room across from her own. Lexi didn’t speak much of her roommate, but from what Josh could glean, the two girls were close.

The lounge consisted of a couch and television that were set up next to another study area, and a healthy stack of CDs and DVDs lined a series of exposed shelves. Lexi continued to tug Josh past the lounge until they arrived in the kitchen at the back of the apartment. Lexi leaped onto the counter-top and excitedly pulled Josh nearer to her body. She traced her fingertips along his chest, ever so slightly grazing his nipples before leaning in further still so that her lips were just a fraction of an inch from his ear. Josh could feel the warmth of her breath. The pressure of her firm breasts against his chest and shoulder was maddening. He could hear her soft breaths and then in Yenikent Escort a smooth and sultry tone she purred “Help yourself to wine from the kitchen”, “And pour me a glass too? I’ll be back in a moment”.

Josh surveyed the wine rack on the granite counter-top, amazed at the luxury of the place. He picked what he thought to be a good a pinot noir from the rack which was quite clearly stocked with a careful assortment of wines. After locating two goblets from the various cabinets, he poured the two large glasses before making his way back into the lounge area. Lexi had evidently left to get changed in the bathroom, leaving Josh free to explore the apartment on his own. His eyes ran to her DVD collection, scoping out her tastes in films and TV shows. He smiled to himself, recognizing a few of the same shows he enjoyed, along with some less common trends. “Sex and the City? Not quite my style. But the Back to the Future trilogy? Much more like it.”

Lexi grinned widely at herself in the bathroom mirror as she adjusted the straps on her new lingerie. She had been looking for something special for Josh since her first night with him, and knew that this outfit was going to take his breath away. The sheer cups of her black bra were trimmed with a delicate red lace that contrasted her alabaster skin tone perfectly. The bra was also, she noted, very complimentary to her figure, showcasing her sumptuous breasts to their fullest potential. She had always struggled to find a size that fit her well, and the new lingerie was a perfect match to her slender yet curvy figure. “Maybe I should wear this every day” she thought to herself before releasing a giggle and a devious smile. She turned around in the mirror checking out her ass in the new lace thong and garter, wiggling her hips a little in the mirror. Her firm, peachy cheeks had just the right amount of bounce and shape, and most guys she had been with couldn’t keep their hands off her behind. She had always enjoyed her ass being played with, the so-called dirtiness of it giving her an extra thrill.

Just thinking about Josh being anywhere close to her backdoor sent both shudders of anticipation and apprehension throughout her body. She reached behind herself, tracing the imprint of her small butt plug through the smooth fabric of the thong. With a single finger she depressed the plug firmly; making sure it was seated all the way. The extra pressure made her body resonate with pleasure; her nipples became increasingly erect, her pussy sopping wet. To her dismay, however, she noted that the base of the plug protruded past the edging of her delicate thong. She considered her options, slowly pumping the toy in and out, feeling the sensations of the plastic girth against her anus rippling through her body, lighting her sex on fire. The joy she got from the toy was too good to give up, and so it would stay, nestled between her cheeks.

Lexi adjusted her bra once more, shifting it for optimal exposure of her chest, and stepped out slowly into the bedroom. She needed him more than she had needed anything before, her whole body felt ready to explode. She walked carefully, the plug shifting inside her sensually with every step, her pussy soaking the lace Yenikent Escort Bayan of her thong as she stepped out into the lounge.

Lexi walked softly across the hardwood floor, well versed in sneaking around the apartment from many instances of late nights and early mornings, coming in with the aim of avoiding waking her sleeping roommate. She rested her arms on the back of the plush couch, happy to watch Josh for a moment as he continued to sift through her DVD collection. Viewing him from behind, as he talked to himself a little, Lexi admired his ass, shown off well in his jeans. A devious thought crossed her mind and she grinned to herself, stopping her imagination from running away with the idea – her pussy was soaked as it was, and she wanted to make this night last.

Josh continued to sift through the extensive DVD collection, oblivious to the presence of Lexi behind him. He flicked through the selection on the shelves, feeling the warmth of the wine spreading through his body, giving him a slowly developing buzz. A few of the cases on upper shelves looked different to everything else, tucked away at the back, almost hidden from view. Josh reached up and pulled the stack of cases down for a closer look. The spines were dated in pink lettering, giving nothing away as to the contents of the case. Opening one up, Josh read the handwritten title, on a burnt DVD “L + E Hung, 6/7/13”. His heart skipped a beat, and he quickly opened a second, “L + E Int MM 4/2/13”. A third disc revealed the title “L Bday DV Fist DP 1/2/12”. His brain was firing quickly, though he couldn’t quite believe the conclusions his mind was coming up with.

“Um, maybe we could watch one of those later on?” came a sultry voice from behind him, spinning him around as he fumbled with the DVDs in his hands. He turned quickly, his face flushed already at the evidence in his hands, his eyes landing on Lexi, leaning over the couch. The vision of raw sexuality hit him like a tidal wave, his hands falling to his sides, letting the stack of DVDs drop and bounce on the carpet. Her breasts were cupped magnificently in the red fabric, pushed together, showing off her plentiful cleavage he longed to slide his throbbing cock between. She smiled at him with pure lust in her eyes, tousling her hair a little as she stepped out from behind the couch, walking around to his side. Josh was further amazed at the sight of her long, toned legs framed by the garter, the lace thong barely covering her sweet sex. He stepped into her body, his arms wrapping around her instantly as he kissed her, filled with passion and the desire of an entire day in the company of such a goddess.

Josh moaned deeply into her kiss, running his hands across her back, their bodies dropping to the couch together. Lexi sat atop him, her pert ass grinding on his crotch slowly, the lace thong exposing her soft, firm cheeks to his roaming hands. His fingers traced softly over her soft skin, flicking against the plug nestled between her buttocks occasionally, making Lexi groan and squeal each time. She could feel his hardness against her, loving the feel of it constrained in his jeans, pulsing against her. She knew she had him under her spell, she could take him Escort Yenikent and make him into a man at any time. But she wanted to make him wait a little longer, the thrill of the tease, seeing him on the edge for so long was making her clit throb.

Lexi pulled away from the kiss, staring deep into Josh’s hazelnut eyes, burning with desire for every square of her body. She leant back, ruffling her hair, knowing Josh would be fixated on her breasts spilling out of the cups of her lingerie. Her ass rested firmly on the swollen tip of his member, once more pushing against the base of her plug. Slowly, Lexi stood and walked away, shaking her ass at Josh playfully “I’m going for some more wine lover, I’ll be back in a second” she winked. Once around the corner in the kitchen with the cool stone beneath her feet, Lexi afforded herself one quick pinch of her clit, biting her lip in desire for his huge member inside her.

As she leant over the granite countertop, surveying the selection of wine in the wooden-framed rack, Lexi’s mind kept going back to her beau waiting for her in the next room, leaving her unable to think about the suitability of a Cabernet Sauvignon over a softer Shiraz. Ordinarily, Lexi would insist on absolutely the correct wine for any occasion, but now with the thought of Josh’s trim body, his firm, smooth chest and the way his girth felt against her thigh, Lexi couldn’t help but close her eyes and surrender to her mischievous thoughts.

Suddenly, she felt a pressure at her back, a strong hand pushing her forward further into the countertop, while long fingers quickly slipped her thong to one side. The cold granite against her breasts sent shivers through her body, her gasps muffled by the animalistic groans of lust from Josh behind her. Her body was jolted as Josh pressed his swollen tip to her labia, in a mix of raw passion and nervousness. His eager thrusts forced her along the counter as she held on, one breast free to swing softly. The blunt force on her lips and clit were driving her crazy, in combination with Josh’s hand spreading her cheeks for a better view, inadvertently nudging the plug with his thumb. Lost in the feelings and the passion of the moment, Lexi raised her hips slightly, and felt an immense pressure as Josh penetrated her with a triumphant groan.

His sheer girth was more than she had ever encountered, pushing her to entirely new limits as he inched deeper inside her. The build up through the day had left her on edge, and the mix of sensations rode through her body like a raging fire as she felt her orgasm approaching quickly. Bracing against the countertop, Lexi bit her lip and pushed back as much as she dared, encouraging Josh further into her wetness. His animalistic groans from behind her, coupled with his still swelling length, told her that he couldn’t hold off much longer. His thrusts began to slow, stretching her with every slight movement, the plug adding to her sense of fullness as she gasped, finally giving in to the orgasm she had needed for so long. Josh pressed deeply inside her for one final thrust as he exploded, his climax flowing with hers, their moans of pure pleasure resonating through the apartment.

After what seemed like an age, and barely able to stand, Lexi turned to look back at Josh, . His eyes were filled with lust, the view in front of him one that he would only have dreamt of. His still throbbing member had only slightly diminished in size, resting within her. Lexi smiled to herself, her mind racing with possibilities – this was going to be fun.

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