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His shaving finished and having spent several ritualistic moments admiring his face and the frosting effect of his blond-blended-into-auburn curly hair in his bathroom mirror in the Savannah, Georgia, East Hall Street Victorian mansion, twenty-four-year old Andy Towson’s attention was brought back down to earth by the sound of the car horn from the parking pad in back. Andy’s bedroom and bath were on the back of the house. His wife’s bedroom and bath were one floor down and on the front. That separation pretty much reflected where their three-year marriage had gone. It was something they had accepted from the beginning, having gone into the marriage with separate needs from being married to each other.

Not that this was a different marriage arc from Sherrie Guilford’s earlier marriages. Sherrie, the owner of two iconic Savannah restaurants, Sherrie’s and Guilford’s, a local celebrity, and a national cookbook best-seller, admitted to being forty-two but undoubtedly was years older. She liked having boytoys, but, like Elizabeth Taylor, publicly declared that she wanted to keep it on the up and up by marrying them before bedding them. As with Andy, she needn’t even bed them often as long as they looked really good escorting her to events.

She didn’t marry them for very long, though, and her time married to Andy had actually been longer than for most. Like most of the others, Andy had been working as a waiter at Sherrie’s on Barnard Street when they met. He was studying the fine arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design—SCAD—at the time and putting himself through college by waiting tables. He was a damn fine artist and had works in area galleries. Marrying Sherrie had moved him out of the restaurant and she was paying his graduate-study bills. He wanted her to continue doing so, but the prenup he had signed necessitated him living on a short leash until a divorce settlement.

Some of Andy’s art involved camera work, and when he’d stopped working at the restaurant, he picked up part-time work for a law firm photographing insured property from jewelry to houses. He was a guy who liked to keep in great shape, so he was a volunteer fireman for the SCAD Number Nine W. Henry Street Fire Station, as well. The fire station was south of the large Forsyth Park and Sherrie’s East Hall Street mansion was east of the park. Andy could make it to the station in less than ten minutes when he was home.

Andy was quite good publicity for the fire department. He was so well-built, handsome, and sexy that he’d made the cover of the department’s jazzy beefcake calendar the last two years running.

And the reason Andy wanted to stay in great shape as well as the reason he chaffed at being on Sherrie’s short leash until their marriage took its course and he got a payoff in the settlement was that Andy was a guy’s guy—a gay top. He could say he was actually bi, as he didn’t really mind fucking Sherrie a few times a month and could get off on that. But he much preferred fucking men. Since he’d seen there was a finish line for his marriage, though, to keep his legal position as strong as possible, he’d kept himself celibate where other men were concerned. It hadn’t been easy, though.

What rankled with him was that he suspected Sherrie wasn’t holding back. No matter what she publicly said about not bedding them before wedding them, He was sure she already was grooming her next husband, a twenty-one-year-old by the name of Matt, who was a waiter at her Guilford’s restaurant on West Liberty Street. Her trip-to-the-altar pattern had become quite clear, as was her need to trap them younger as she got older.

If he could just catch her and Matt in bed together and photograph them, that would go a long way to neutralizing the prenup he’d signed.

The car horn he’d heard blare at the back of the house, played to that possibility. He went to the window and looked down into the parking area at the side of the pool in the backyard, where the cute young pool boy, a mixed black-white named Caleb, was cleaning the pool, getting it ready for use. I was late March, but in Savannah that meant it should be warm enough to swim soon. And it already was unseasonably warm. Caleb was braving it. He was just in a Speedo—and looking good and oh so fuckable.

The car, which was Sherrie’s distinctive pink Jaguar, was being driven by Matt, and he was sounding the horn to let Sherrie know he’d arrived to take her to one or both of her restaurants.

Andy got to the window quick enough to see Matt come out of the car and kiss Sherrie before both of them got back into the car. He cursed himself for not having a camera at the ready, but by the time he got one back to the window with him, the Jag was driving off.

Caleb was standing there, posing nicely, though, and looking up at the window at Andy, standing in a nearly full-length window with just a towel around him. The two ogled each other for a long minute, Caleb obviously flirting, going into a pose, flexing, and dropping a hand to his crotch. He Bostancı Escort was giving Andy one of “those” smiles. Andy knew he could have the pool boy if he wanted him. And he wanted him. But Caleb was such a recent hire that Andy had a fixation in his mind that Sherrie had hired the pool boy to lead Andy astray to allow her to cut him off in the divorce settlement, using the prenup he’d signed.

Andy would resist that, even though it gave him blue balls. Caleb was oh so fuckable. Andy wasn’t going to bite on this challenge to his resistance. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going play a bit, though. He snapped a couple of photos of Caleb and “accidentally” let his towel drop from his waist, showing Caleb what was being held out of his reach. Andy’s erection, flashed right before he moved away from the window, was enough to keep Caleb speculating on possibilities. If he was reporting back to Sherrie, Andy hoped that would make her frustrated about what was “oh so close” to working but that wasn’t happening.

Although Andy would dearly love to get Caleb under him. And he was coming close to the breaking point today. He was calculating in his mind just whether or not he could get it on with the pool boy and not be caught by Sherrie when he was saved by the siren. The call to a fire was being sounded by the fire station and Andy needed to be on his way.

He was so keyed up, though, that he was still hard and panting for it while they were fighting a brush fire at the Mother Mathilda Beasley Park on the seedier, east side of the planned garden city, with its network of park squares. While getting into his fire gear at the station, he, in high need, was exchanging looks of desire and need with another young fire fighter, Adrian, who he been dancing around with in sexual negotiation for some weeks. And such was the state of his need that, if his situation wasn’t what it currently was, he probably would have gone with Adrian somewhere after the fire was put out and they’d both taken care of their want. Maybe Sherrie didn’t know about what was possible at the fire station.

But Adrian got singed in putting the fire out, and he went to the hospital for treatment instead. They exchanged forlorn looks as Adrian was been wheeled over to an ambulance.

Something had to give soon, Andy thought, or he was going to bust. Just let’s get on with this divorce and a juicy settlement, he thought, as he went home to dress and to check in with the law firm of Christopher, Wyly, and Wolfe that he did some work for and from which he’d gotten a summons to do a job on Tybee Island, an Atlantic barrier island to the southeast that served as Savannah’s beach resort.

* * * *

“Evan Hart? Evan Hart, the movie actor? You want me to photograph him in a compromising position?”

“We want to be very discreet about this. He’s going to be in a sticky divorce situation with quite a lot of money on the line. His wife—”

“Vicky Drake?” Andy asked. “The hotel chain heiress?”

“His wife, our client, who will remain nameless for this transaction,” Hunter Wolfe of Christopher, Wyly, and Wolfe overrode Andy, “wants to have the best advantage in the divorce settlement.”

“He’s signed a prenup she’s going to try to invoke?” Andy asked. This was almost too coincidental. This was essentially the same jockeying that he and Sherrie were moving into. They just weren’t on the public celebrity level that Evan Hart and Vicky Drake were. He was supposed to stay clean from sex with men to avoid his prenup with Sherrie from kicking him and him being kicked out of a healthy monthly check from her, but he was going to be expected to photograph the hunky movie star, Evan Hart, getting it on with another man? His wife must be worth billions. This was essentially what had been laid out to him in this meeting with the law office partner.

Evan Hart. Who would have known that he was gay, Andy wondered. And, according to this lawyer, a bottom to an older man, a former professional basketball player. But then, Andy had met many older men—not that Evan Hart had hit fifty yet—who wanted to bottom for him, and that was OK with him—or, at least, was until his marriage started going on the rocks and he had to give that up.

But Evan Hart. That would be a particularly thick notch for Andy’s bedpost.

Winning the prenup battle wasn’t easy right at the moment. It wasn’t just the thought that Evan Hart took cock but this wasn’t the largest of offices he now was in, and there were two men here in their late thirties or early forties who were real hunks. Hunter Wolfe was handsome, in great shape, and was both stylish and elegant in his dress. Andy thought he also was giving him the eye. The other man, sitting off to the side and not yet formally introduced, was a bit rougher than Wolfe, but even more ruggedly handsome. He was Latin, dusky in skin and dark of hair, with a sense of mystery and command.

“You want me to get close enough to Hart and his boyfriend to photograph them in the clutches?” Ümraniye Escort Andy asked. “Where is this to happen? Where are they shacking up? And do you have any idea how I’m going to get close enough to them to get the shots?”

“They have a beach cabin out at Tybee Island,” Wolfe said. “We have a cabin near them. They like to party with other gay guys. And getting close to them is where Eduardo here comes in. This is Eduardo Fernandez, Andy. He is a makeup artist for the movies, and he knows and has worked with Evan Hart. He’ll be going to Tybee Island with you—as your boyfriend. And he’ll be getting you into the beach parties and, we hope, close enough to Hart and Kyle Borden to do the job.”

“Kyle Borden? The black basketball phenom who went out after breaking his legs in a skiing accident?”

“The same. He landed in Hart’s bed, and Hart’s wife doesn’t like it that much. You think you can handle the job? You’ll have to pretend to be in their world and to be in it with Eduardo here.”

“Yes, I can handle that,” Andy said, turning away so that Wolfe couldn’t see his slight smile. It would be less difficult than avoiding getting it on with Wolfe, who couldn’t know how interested in men—and maybe Wolfe himself—Andy was. Christopher, Wyly, and Wolfe was Sherrie’s law firm and most likely would be handling her divorce case. Andy’s problem wouldn’t be one of convincing Hart and Borden that he could run with a gay crowd. It would be in holding off from actually running with a gay crowd.

And the intriguing hunk over in the corner, the Latin Eduardo Fernandez, would be a problem too. He was just too sexy to be real.

“So, it will be you and me, Eduardo,” he said, turning a smile in his direction. “I hope you’re up for this.”

“No problem,” Eduardo said, returning the smile—and, in the process, lighting up the room.

I hope to hell the Eduardo is a top, like me, Andy thought. If not, it’s going to be hell keeping my hands off him. Shit, what I have to do to keep from losing out to Sherrie is hell.

* * * *

Andy rolled over on the bed facing the ocean in the 11th Place beach cottage on Tybee Island and watched Eduardo’s beefy jiggle as he padded to the attached bathroom. He hoped there were no cameras in here since he’d just done what he was determined he wouldn’t do until a divorce and settlement from Sherrie had gone through. He’d found out that Eduardo was a submissive. Eduardo was just too sexy and he’d been the one to come on to Andy when they were having several drinks the previous night after they’d checked into the cottage and cased the area—in particular the beach house the movie star Evan Hart and former basketball player Kyle Borden were in two houses up the beach. Before he knew it, they were on the bed and Eduardo was under him and any denial that Andy fucked other men—even while he was married—was beyond denial.

When they’d awakened today, just an hour ago and close to noon, Eduardo rode him in a cowboy. Two days in a row made it an affair, an affair that Andy had declared to himself wouldn’t happen again for some time but that had just happened.

After Eduardo had taken his turn in the bathroom, Andy showered, shaved, and groomed himself. When he came out Eduardo was fashionably decked out for walking on the beach and finding someplace to eat. It was unseasonably warm for the end of March, so they could go out in shorts, a T-shirt, and boat shoes. Eduardo looked like a male model. And so did Andy when he came out of the john.

Eduardo was flipping a pair of sunglasses.

“You’re going out this early?” Andy asked.

“We both are. They are on the move—probably off for lunch somewhere down the beach. We follow. We can eat where they eat.”

“And how do you know they are out and about?” Andy asked.

“Spy technology. We have Hart’s phone captured. With my phone,” and he lifted his cellphone to show he had a map of Tybee Island up, and a red dot showing not far from where they were. “I know where the movie star is every minute.”

“You people are serious about this, aren’t you?” Andy asked, clearly impressed and maybe a bit intimidated as well.

“There’s lots of money involved.”

“Maybe you can show me how to operate this system with someone else.”

“Maybe. What would be in it for me?”

“Did you like what you got last night?” Andy asked.

“You bet, big cock man,” Eduardo answered.

“So, we can remain such good friends by doing favors for each other.” Andy really was playing with fire. He needed to not do this with Eduardo again—at least for a while. He shouldn’t have done it the first time. And the second, third, and fourth time, Andy thought, not being able to hold back a small, satisfied smile.

“How is this going to work, though—us getting hooked up with them?”

“Leave that to me. That’s what I’m mainly here for. Bring your camera along, but don’t try to use it on them yet. Just let them get used to you having it with you.”

As it turned out, hooking Kartal Escort up with Hart and Borden was a piece of cake. They were run to ground at a beach bar called Spanky’s Beach on 18th Street, running parallel with the Atlantic Ocean beach. They were sitting outside under an awning, and it was the movie star, Evan Hart, who recognized the movie makeup artist Eduardo Fernandez and who hailed Eduardo and Andy over to his table as they were just conveniently sauntering by on the street. It all happened naturally and would be remembered as being initiated by Hart himself.

Hart, a submissive, moved his eyes immediately to Andy. He lived the lifestyle, even if it was secretly, and he sized relationships up quickly. He knew from working move productions with him that Eduardo was a submissive. He could tell by the way the two walked close together and touched each other as they did that they were a sex pair. That meant Andy, who was visibly younger than Eduardo, was the top. And he was a top who Hart would be happy bottoming for. Hart, like Eduardo, was a submissive and was older than Andy looked. Hart’s assessment of Andy was that he was a young hunk and half.

Andy didn’t have to do any work at all to attract Evan Hart. That wasn’t what Andy understood he was here for. He had come to somehow get into position to photograph Evan Hart and Kyle Borden doing the dirty. But if it helped to get there to have Hart interested in him, Andy would go with that.

He went with that. Andy and Eduardo were invited to lunch with Hart and Borden. They accepted and a good time was had by all, with the conversation going to the gay scene on the island. Hart volunteered that they partied with others nearly every evening at their rented beach house, which, “miraculously enough” was located just two houses down from where Andy and Eduardo were staying. The discussion unfolded naturally and the sought prize came quickly. Hart invited Andy and Eduardo to party with them that night.

Such a good idea, Eduardo said, and just like that, Andy and Eduardo’s job of getting close to and thick with Evan and Kyle was set.

All during lunch Andy was fiddling with his camera. He even did some impromptu clicking, but, of course, not at Evan and Kyle, whose relationship and vacationing on Tybee Island were meant to be a deep secret.

But the fiddling with the camera made Evan Hart accept it as just a benign prop Andy traveled with.

* * * *

Tybee Island came to life on the weekends. It was Friday, March 30th, and men had gathered on the beach outside Evan Hart’s 11th Place rented beach house. Men gravitated to him—to him as a movie star they all could identify but everyone was pretending wasn’t him. Or, if not to him, they were attracted to his big, black sidekick, the former professional basketball star, Kyle Borden. Hart had set up a volleyball net on the beach to attract gay men. The day was unseasonably cold—not warm enough to go into the water, but warm enough for men to play an invigorating pickup game of volleyball in skins. The men gravitating here were all good-looking and well built. Lesser endowed men could clearly see the competition and didn’t have the balls to believe themselves worthy to mix in this crowd.

The men who showed up were going to party all day.

The volleyball game was well under way when Andy and Eduardo came out on the beach to join in. Neither had any embarrassment about fitting in with the “beautiful” crowd. Whatever side the pro athlete Kyle was playing on was the winning side of the moment. Once he and Eduardo were on the same side, there was no contest. The two men were flirting and touching, though, so they didn’t stick with the game for long. This was the protocol for the afternoon. The game kept rolling on out on the beach as men played as much with each other as in the game. From time to time, two or three men would come out of the game, go into Hart’s beach house, and have sex. Later they would return.

The older, but still presentable, men sat off to the side, watching the game and the players, doing their hookups vocally and by eye contact. Evan Hart was one of these men. He was a man of endurance; he’d gone into the house with another guy frequently.

Andy kept eye contact on where Hart and Borden were at all times. He’d left his camera in his beach rental. It had served its purpose. Hart and Borden were used to him having it and clicking anything and everything. Their guard was down when they absorbed that he didn’t have his camera. What they didn’t focus into was that he did have his cellphone and that it could take photos.

Hart kept flirting with him from the sidelines as he played volleyball. This was emphasized while Eduardo and Kyle were away from the game, in the house, quite evidently having sex. Although he flirted back, wanting to still stick with Hart to be able to photo Hart and Borden getting it on sometime during the day, Andy held off. He’d like to fuck Hart. The movie star was quite fuckable, but that wasn’t the assignment, and Andy was trying his best not to fall into that himself for his own legal reasons. He did see the irony that he was here to capture a falling off of the wagon for a divorce case while he himself was trying to avoid this in his own impending case.

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That Is Not My Husband Pt. 01

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That Is Not My Husband


This chapter is going to be a bit slow and long. It will be slowly built up as I’m trying to write the story clearly with backgrounds and all that stuff so bare with me! More slutty and extremely dirty parts coming in the next chapters!

Warning: Keep in mind this is purely fictional created by me and all characters are 18+

Main Characters:

Charles – Thirty years old – American – Five foot eight

Will – Thirty years old – Half American Half Spanish – Six foot six

Neo – Nineteen years old – Half Swedish Half American – five foot five

——– ———————— ———————-

That Is Not My Husband – PART 1

POV (Charles)

Thump thump thump. I love it when my big, hunky, and soft-hearted top of a husband slowly pounds his eleven inch dick inside me.

“I’m about to bust baby” He slowly mumbled with his deep and raspy voice.

“Dump that load in me bubba” I replied enthusiastically and he did, blowing our loads at the same time.

“You were fucking amazing bubba!” My husband whispered as he slowly cuddled and caressed my back after dumping his thick load inside of me. He’s always been this caring and soft man that I fell in love with and married, constantly assuring me that I’m amazing in bed when we both know I’m not capable of taking his eleven inch dick inside of me nor deep-throat it. I’ve always suggested to my husband that I like being fucked roughly like in porn but he refuses every time as he sternly reassures me and says “I adore and love you too much to fuck you like a whore”. Since then I settled for vanilla sex and slowly started loving it.

“I’ll get you a towel and your water” he said affectionately, kissing me in the forehead before going down the stairs, not even bothering to cover up his gargantuan of a cock as it slowly softens.

As I wait for my husband to come back I started to reminisce on our relationship. Me and Will met in university ten years ago during a group assignment and we have been inseparable ever since. We got married at twenty-five and bought our dream home together. We are both turning thirty this year and also planning to celebrate our fifth year anniversary in Hawaii next month. We have also adopted a nine year old boy named Theo who we adore and love dearly so much. Overall I have never been this happy as I finally have my dream life, living in my dream home, having a happy family and most importantly being married to a good looking and soft-hearted of a Bostancı Escort hunk that adores and loves me so much.

“Here you go baby” Will says as he carefully sets down the water and towel in the bedside table, smiling at me with his all American-Hispanic hunk smile that never fails to make me blush.

As I watch him I quickly remembered that my beloved nephew Neo is coming to stay with us this summer as he is starting his summer semester for his university and I needed to tell my husband. My husband has always gotten along with everyone in my family except Neo as he has always been a troublesome of a kid, causing havoc everywhere he goes.

“Bubba I know you’re not gonna be happy but Neo will be staying with us this summer as he needs to do summer school here” I hesitantly told him.

My husband loudly whines and slowly says “Why us? I don’t want him around our kid”

“Bubba my sister said he’s changed and wants to become better hence why he’s going university, give him a chance please?” I sadly asked giving him my all American pout.

“You’re lucky I fucking love you and your tight and leaky asshole, so it’s fine” he jokingly says.

“But does that mean we’re gonna have less sex?” My husband added sadly copying my pout.

“Yes bubba as he will be in the room next to us” I say affectionately.

“Whatever I’ll still fuck you, he’s old enough to understand” My hunk of a husband sternly says and started kissing me for round two.

Neo was born when I was eleven and my sister was only fifteen when she gave birth, getting pregnant by a Swedish tourist. Ever since Neo was born I’ve always had a soft heart for the kid and he can do no wrong in my eyes hence why he is closer to me and is closed off from the rest of the family. Neo is nineteen now and has always been caught hanging in the bad crowd and I’m glad he is starting to better his life by going to university starting this summer.

In the frizzy and cold wind, me and Will waited for Neo to arrive outside the airport.

“Welcome to California!” I excitedly say to Neo giving him a hug.

“Thank you uncle” Neo thankfully replies in a warm tone.

“Welcome kid! don’t cause us trouble please for the love of God” my husband jokingly says, shaking Neos hand firmly looking him straight in the eye.

“Oh please stop! It has not been five minutes and you’re already reprimanding him.” I firmly say.

As I look at my car I realized that there will be no space for two people at the back of my small Toyota car as there is a huge expensive computer sitting in the Ümraniye Escort front seat that I forgot to remove from my car and another three in the middle of the back seat. My car is usually full of computers which comes with running a computer shop business and I learnt to deal with it.

My car boot is also full of Neo’s luggage, bags and some computer clutter boxes so I can’t move them there either. The left side of the backseat is Theo’s car seat and he is sleeping peacefully so there is only the right side of the back seat that is available.

“You don’t mind sitting in Will’s lap do you?” I sternly asked Neo

“What?!, why-y?” Will asked cluelessly.

“Well there is no space we can’t move the computers or Theo’s car seat as the car is already full” I annoyingly say

“Unless you wanna take an Uber?” I turned to my husband and asked, not wanting Neo to think he is the problem in this situation.

“No it’s okay he doesn’t have to, I’ll sit on his lap, I know Ubers are expensive here so it’s okay” Neo replied firmly

Will did not try to argue as he already knows when I am annoyed and doesn’t want to cause drama. That is one of his qualities that I love, becoming considerate of me and putting up with my mood swings.

“Okay suck it up buttercup, it’ll be only be an hour drive big boy” I firmly say to Will.

I watched Will go into the car and waited for Neo to sit on his lap before going into the driver’s seat. I couldn’t really see them from my rearview mirror as the three huge I-MAC computers in the middle of the backseat was blocking the view.

I turned on the loud music on the radio and started to drive in the warm and sunny weather. Twenty-five minutes into the drive I asked my husband “Will, are you hanging in there?” I jokingly asked.

“Yeah-hhh bub-ba” He breathily says with his deep and husky voice.

“Okay Neo you good?” I asked in my concerned voice.

“Yupppp Uncle it’s just hot and humid” Neo sternly says, breathing heavily. I hear my husband’s heavy breathing in the background of the loud music and can slightly hear his muffled mutters and thought to myself “I need to drive quicker as it is hot and humid with all the clutter in the car along with the hot Californian weather.”

I hear a strange sound in the back not entirely sure where it was coming whether it was from the loud music or the computers rubbing against all the clutter in the car.

Ten minutes later I hear a loud groan from my husband.

“Grghhhh fuck!” My beloved husband angrily shouts.

“Are you okay baby?” Anadolu Yakası Escort I asked in my concerned voice. Looking back in the rearview mirror only seeing the big computers blocking the view.

“Yea-hhh bu-b-bba it’s ju-st so ho–t in here” My husband replies breathing heavily.

“Not too long to go bubba” I replied firmly.

I could hear both of them breathing heavily with their muffled grunts, as I know it is extremely hard to breathe in there with the heat and clutter.

However, I can still slightly hear that my husband and my nephew are talking to each in the background of the loud music, breathing heavily and I smiled as they barely talk when they were around each other and now they were engaging in a conversation.

Twenty-five minutes later we arrived home.

I got off the car and saw my husband and Neo get off, both of them looking disheveled in the warm sunny Californian weather.

“Are you guys okay, You guys look dead?” I jokingly say and asked

“Fuck bubba it was so hot in there, next time I want you in my lap!” My golden retriever of a husband says who proceeded to sloppily kiss me, avoiding eye contact with Neo for some reason.

I chuckled and smacked him and said “Ha that is so inappropriate, there is a young man in here” as I point and glance to Neo.

“It’s okay! I don’t mind at all!” Neo smirks and bluntly replies.

“Thank you for picking me up and letting me stay with you uncle!” Neo says with a big warm smile.

Neo turns to my husband and jokingly says

“And thank you to you too “bubba” he mimicked me “For letting me sit on your lap!” he added, putting a loud emphasis on the lap.

He then smirked at me and then winked at Will.

I looked at my hunk of a husband and he looked slightly unamused and worried. I laughed.

“Get used to him mimicking us” I say happily and jokingly as Neo has the same humor of my sister who pokes fun at the nicknames we call each other.

“Whatever” My unamused husband replied sternly.

I started laughing at his face and reaction.

I watched my husband help Neo carry his bags and thought it was a wholesome moment. I then was caught off-guard as I was staring at Neo’s ass recognising that he got his bubble butt from me and my sister.

“Bubble butts are extremely present in our genetics” I thought to myself.

I then caught my husband staring at Neo’s bubble butt and somehow I felt my friend inside my pants tent and come alive but I shrugged the thought.

My husband then tripped on the staircase before the front-door, distracted by what was in-front of him and I started laughing with Neo, forgetting about what he was staring at.

“This is gonna be fun” I say to myself laughing, not knowing what actually happened in that car.


End of Part 1.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Disclaimer: The story depicts a main character who was r***d in the past and had sex working incident. The plot focuses around his slow journey of discovering great sex again – but this time through the lens of healing love.

WARNING! This is NOT a quick smut story, it’s a slow burn story of love and desire. Please don’t hate on the story because you expected a short smut – I warned you fairly. 🙂 All characters are above 18 years of age.


I was put in the same room with Jay at literally the last minute before orientation day.

I came to campus and headed toward my room, only to discover I was not gonna be together with Rick, my friend, but with some other guy…

That’s how I met Jay.

First, what I smelled was the odor of cigarettes. Fuck! A smoker!

And I hated them to the bone.

He was standing by the window smoking, and barely even noticed me entering the room.

“Hi, I’m Hudson,” I introduced myself, approaching with my hand extended to him.

He looked at my palm as if it were a snake and winced. He did not take it! He just shrugged.


And turned his head toward the window again, putting the cigarette in the corner of his mouth.

Wow, that was pretty rude.

I didn’t want to start our relationship with an argument, so… I chose to say nothing. I sighed and just started to unpack my things in silence, glancing at him from time to time.

He had a slim, willowy build, was dressed all black like… some goth or emo boy. His face was… interesting. Sharp and clear features, aquiline nose, full, pouty lips. He seemed to have some Native American blood in him, although he was very pale and had graphite eyes. His black hair was long on one side, but his head was shaved on the other side. He had a couple of thin strands dyed dark green. His triangle bangs were cut asymmetrically, and were flowing at one eye. He had some eyeliner on his eyelids. I also noticed piercings in his eyebrows, nose and lower lip. From what I could see he also had tattoos, as parts of them were visible on his neck.

Wow, I had bad luck being paired with such a weirdo. I was from a small town in Utah and this kind of style was very alien for me. Definitely not the outfit Latter-day Saints missionaries would be wearing on the streets.

The other bad news was that the room was very small. The beds were like… five feet apart. The only good thing was that it actually had its own bathroom, as it was the last room in a line of rooms on this corridor. We didn’t have to share a bathroom with our neighbors.

As I entered the bathroom, I noticed that he had his stuff, like hair spray, hair mousse, and other weird things all over the place, and there was not much space for my things, not that I had too much, anyway.

I moved some of his things, and at that moment I heard his voice behind me. Sharp and hostile.

“Don’t touch my stuff!”

“I need some space for my stuff too, bro. What’s your problem?”

“You. You are my problem. I was supposed to be rooming with a different person, not you. But the administrative office screwed something up.”

“Sorry, NOT my problem! I also wanted to be with a friend of mine, but I couldn’t. So, we have to make some compromises.”

He cussed and left the bathroom.

Gosh, what a jerk!

As I returned to the room, he was sitting on his bed, and his eyes, outlined with eyeliner, were fixed on my face.

“Listen, we need some rules here, or we’re gonna have a problem.”

“I agree. First rule, no smoking in the room!” I said angrily because I kinda had my limits also.

He snorted and shrugged.

“Okay. But we need to talk about our sex lives.”

I froze. “What about them?”

“I’m gay. I may need some privacy here, fairly regularly. I have a healthy sex life and not gonna cut it down because of some Mormon kid with whom I was paired.”

I stared at him in shock.

“For one, I’m not a Mormon. My parents are Latter Day Saints, but I did not choose their path. I…”

“Whatever! I know people from fucking religious families. You are gonna judge and look at us with contempt, with your sanctimonious…”

“Listen! I don’t know what is wrong with you. You do you, man. I’m not gonna judge. I have nothing against LGBTQ+ people. But I need some info if you’re gonna have somebody in the room. Okay? I just don’t want to… catch you doing your thing in front of me.”

“Prude, but okay. So, let’s exchange phone numbers.”

We did it quickly.

“No loud music after 10PM and before 6AM. And if you are out, you behave quietly when you are coming back…”

He burst out laughing. “Not during weekends!”

“Okay. No leaving dirty laundry on the bed…”

“The same rule for you!”

We exchanged some minor rules after that and came to an agreement… more or less.

After the conversation I stormed out of our room and went to the dorm where my friend, Rick, was assigned to live.

I was met with the sound of loud İstanbul Escort music and discovered that Rick wasn’t alone. Some short Asian guy was sitting with a laptop on his bed and playing a very boring classical piece.

He was wearing a pink tank top and his hair was dyed orange. Wow. Looked like Rick and I were having a pretty similar case of roommates.

“Hi, Hudson!” Rick invited me from the doorstep with an all-knowing grimace. He rolled his eyes.

“Yep, I know what you mean.” I shrugged.

“Hudson, this is Malachite. Malachite, this is Hudson, we both are from Provo.”

Malachite raised his eyes to me.

“Ahhh, it’s you, right?”

“What? What about me?”

“You’ve been paired with… the infamous Jay.”

I winced. “Sadly, but yeah.”

He burst into laughter. “Well, I dodged the bullet with that one. Sorry it hit you.”

I gasped. “What are you talking about? You guys look like a perfect fit.”

“Looks can be deceiving. I was at a workshop with Jay one week before orientation day. Got to know him a bit and decided against rooming with him. Having a friend in the administrative office helped. And here I am. Sorry!”

I cursed under my breath. “Fuck. Is he that bad?”

“The worst kind of gay I could have as a roommate… Not going there! For sure. Good luck.”

I was in shock. Malachite was quite unapologetic in talking about changing his room, which I fell victim to.

Rick and I exchanged gazes.

Fuck, I was screwed.


And that’s how my life with Jay began…

It wasn’t easy, I won’t lie.

I didn’t like him at all, especially at the beginning. He was obnoxious and pretentious. And his sex life was mildly annoying for me.

At least one or two times a week, he had someone in the room. I’m not sure if they were having sex or what, but he would send me text messages saying “Room is off limits til 7:30” or “Room is off limits til 5:00”

One time I was actually waiting in the hall right outside the room’s door for a bit, but there was silence. As the time of “sexile” was coming to an end, a girl came out of the room, looking a bit like Jay, goth style, black dress, and black painted lips.

I wasn’t sure if Jay was bisexual, or it was just a student with whom he had assignment. I didn’t ask. I saw a couple of girls coming outside of his room, but sporadically, there were also other male students. And the male students were ones I would not have expected to be gay.

I asked him once or twice about it after I was forced to sit in the library for three hours in a row.

He looked at me angrily and only shrugged.

But every once in a while, there was sex going on for sure. But that was also pretty weird. Once every two weeks he invited males to his room.

I knew they were having sex as I found condoms in the trash cans.

But these men were weird. Much older than he was, I didn’t even know how they got inside the dorm building, but Jay had his ways.

They were kinda silver foxes, pretty elegant males between forty and fifty.

One time it happened when I was actually in the bathroom. I was taking a shower and didn’t hear the text message. When I got out, I noticed it, but it was too late! I heard the door opening and two muffled voices behind the doors.

I managed only to switch the light off, and I froze.

I didn’t know what to do, standing naked in the bathroom. The smacking sounds were pretty obvious. They were making out in there, and I was stuck in the bathroom.

I got dressed in the most quiet way I could. Then I noticed that the door was not even fully closed, there was a narrow slit and I put my eyes to it.

I was shocked by what I saw.

Jay was there with some burly man, around forty in a pretty nice suit.

The man was kissing Jay’s neck from behind, and Jay was bent with half of his body over his desk. I halted my breath.

For the first time I could see his body partially naked. He had large tattoos of someone like a necromancer on his back, and black wings on his shoulder blades. It looked kinda beautiful, but scary at the same time.

And very… dark.

From my point of view I could see them from the side. I realized Jay had pierced nipples also.

The man was pulling on his piercings and kissing his nape.

But the action soon turned much more hardcore. He grabbed Jay’s black skinny jeans and pulled them down, baring his actually very… nice round, white ass.

I bit my lips, my heart hammering like crazy in my chest. Was I about to see…?

Yep. The man pulled out a condom and I could see his massive dick sticking out. He put the rubber on and lined his dick with Jay’s ass. I was gaping, still in shock.

“Wait, the lube is…” Jay said, but the man responded tersely.

“The condom is lubed already…”

I could see that Jay wanted to say something, but he was not given more time. The man pushed his dick inside him. My roommate’s face grimaced in pain, he obviously had troubles accommodating this man’s massive dick, and the Kadıköy Escort condom lubing wasn’t enough.

But the man did not let him take another breath. He started to pound into my roommate pretty intensely, hammering inside Jay with force, his fat dick showing and disappearing in a merciless tempo.

Jay’s own dick, that I also saw for the first time, was totally limp, he was obviously not happy with the brutal pace.

The pounding took a surprisingly long time, the man seemed to have good stamina – bad luck for Jay – who was on his elbows on the desk and his face was red and wet from sweat, his lips tightened in a painful grimace.

The man in the suit was mumbling something under his breath, stuff like “you dirty slut”, “you fucking whore…” and other rather not very warm ‘endearments’.

Finally, the ordeal was over, the man came, grunting and groaning, and he pulled out of Jay’s poor, abused hole. He straightened up and then I saw it…

He took his wallet and… I saw money in his hand! He threw it on the bed and… left without saying even one word!

I remained still, the wave of shock just could not leave me.

What the fuck?

So… Jay was making money on the side as an escort?

But what happened next was even more disturbing. Jay was laying on the desk for a minute or so and after that, he slowly slid down on the floor, leaning with his back on the desk’s wooden side.

And… he started to sob!

I stood there paralyzed, not knowing what to do.

He was sobbing, tears flowing down his cheeks and quiet sounds, full of pain, were coming from his mouth.

I was scared, to be honest. I’ve never had to deal with another man crying in my vicinity, it did not seem to be even real… I was just staring, and suddenly, I had his epiphany that he was obviously having a much harder time than me, and maybe I should do something.

So, I tightened my lips and opened the door, entering the room.

He almost jumped, quickly pulling his pants over his ass, covering his poor limp dick and shaven, smooth balls. He, however, did not manage to wipe the tears from his face, so I observed him panicking and wiping them now with his forearms.

“What the fuck?! What are you doing?!” He yelled, so angry and furious, that I hesitated for a moment.

“What should I do, Jay? You sent me a text message fifteen minutes before you came here with your… client. I was in the shower, didn’t hear anything, and then when I got out, you were already making out! What did you think was gonna happen? Should I leave the room and scare your client? So, I just stayed silent!”

He opened his mouth, then closed it, and opened it again…

Then violently turned around, pulled on his t-shirt and… ran away from the room.

I stood there, with my mouth slack open.

What a fucked up situation. I looked at the money lying there – it was around 200 bucks – and I was just… sad.

From what I gathered around – not from Jay himself, but from Malachite – my roommate was from a very poor family and was here on full scholarship. It was all that I knew.

Was he making extra money from hustling?

I said a quick prayer in my mind, asking God to protect him. I didn’t even know why, but I knew he was not happy with what he was doing. His sobbing, his wailing full of despair… it wasn’t something he liked. But he did it anyway. I really didn’t know what I should do now.

Later that evening, I was already in my bed, and the lights were turned off.

Jay came back, he smelled of smoke and… alcohol. Well, that was new! He had never been drunk around me before, how did he even get his hands on booze?

He was a bit wobbly, and stumbled upon something and fell on the floor. I quickly stood up and turned the nightstand lamp on. He was kneeling on the floor, blood streaming from his arch brow.

“Fuck man, you are bleeding all over the floor…” I mumbled. He answered something incoherently. He was dirty, I saw a beer stain on his chest and some ketchup on his forearms.

It looked like he was at some pub or something.

I went to the bathroom and brought some disinfectant spray with me that I still had left over from COVID times. I kneeled next to him and cleaned his cut. He had a weird vacant look in his eyes, like he was not fully present. He let me clean his wound in total silence. It was weird he did not protest it.

“You need to shower, you stink of beer and some cheap food. Come’on, I’ll help you.”

I literally grabbed him under his armpits and helped him to stand up. I was about a couple of inches taller than him, as he was 5’9” and I was 6’2”. He was also very slender, almost thin, and I played rugby in my hometown. I had no problem dragging him to the bathroom.

“Can you undress on your own?”

He did not answer. He just looked at me blankly.

“What’s wrong with you man? Are you on something else other than beer?”

Again, silence.

So I took his t-shirt off, and pulled down his pants. I did not, however, pull down his briefs. He Ataşehir Escort let me take him to the shower stall and I let the water splash his face.

He made a weird sound and squeezed his eyes. But I didn’t do anything more. Cursing under my breath I also undressed and went with him into the stall. I took the hair & bodywash gel he had, and started to rub him, pretty fervently.

He just let me do it, still in this weird dissociated state. I washed his hair and his chest and back, but I did not touch anything below his waist. Oh, no. I was not gonna go there.

I took him out and towel dried him, rubbing over his body pretty forcefully, to help jumpstart his circulation. He seemed a bit more alive, and all of a sudden, his eyes met my eyes.

“Why are you here, Hudson?”

“Because you were stinky. And I could not let you lay like that in your bed. You would have made a mess there.”

“Are you gonna tell anybody what you saw today?”

Oh, wow, he was suddenly pretty lucid.

I wrapped a towel around his waist.

“Pull down your own briefs, I’m not gonna.”

He complied and kicked them on the floor. He was now in front of me, with wet hair, water dripping over his lean, tattooed chest, and wearing nothing but a towel.

“Well. Answer my question. Are you gonna tell?”

“No, man. But you have to seriously think about what you’re doing. It’s your life, not mine, but these people can be dangerous, this… what you do… it can influence your whole life, it’s obviously burdening you pretty heavily, from what I could see…”

“You know nothing about me!” He almost screamed and stormed out of the bathroom, almost falling on the way because he was obviously still pretty drunk.

“So tell me, Jay!” I went behind him. “I can listen. I’m a pretty good listener…”

“Don’t start with your missionary stuff, Hudson! I’m not some lost soul you can save. Mine was corrupted a long time ago. And is going to stay that way.” He put a t-shirt on and some boxers, still being turned with his back toward me.

“Everybody can be saved…” I said, coming closer to him.

“I don’t need your fucking saving, church-boy!” He turned toward me and pushed me lightly on the chest.

“You, with your sanctimonious face! With your morning prayers! Stupid prayers! You, with your flawless life…”

I winced.

“Don’t pretend you know anything about me, either. We do not know each other. But we do not have to hate each other…” I said, trying to remain calm.

“Have you ever been r***d?! Have you ever been abused? So shut the fuck up!”

I froze. Seeing his anger and rage, so raw and intense, caused me to take a step back.

I swallowed. This devastating new piece of information was of too big a caliber for me to deal with, especially because he was drunk, and we could not talk in a normal way.

“But you were…” I said very quietly.

Jay only growled and turned around.

He went to bed and covered himself with his quilt. Soon he was lying in bed without the slightest movement.

“I’m sorry, Jay,” I whispered, not even sure if he could hear me. “I hope… it will be better. That you will be… healed.”

He did not answer, so I went to my bed and… closed my eyes. Before I went to sleep I prayed again. I wasn’t sure if God was listening. I had my own crisis of faith.

But somehow, it helped. Just a silent prayer sent out to the universe. Asking whoever or whatever was out there that Jay could be healed. I wished for it from the deepest parts of my heart.

The next morning Jay wasn’t in the room. He had morning classes earlier than me. So, I didn’t see him, not until lunchtime, when I spotted him in the college cafeteria.

He was with one of the girls with whom I sometimes saw him in the room.

I approached their table slowly, not sure if he would want me to join them.

He raised his eyes to me.

He had an unusual color of his irises. They were like graphite. Dark gray. They looked… permanently sad in some way. Like something was bothering him all the time, but he covered it with constant anger.

“Hi, can I join you?” I asked, shifting from foot to foot.

The girl raised her eyes on me and spoke, “Hey, I was just going, my class is starting in five minutes. Come on, sit.” And she turned toward Jay. “So see ya later, 5PM, right? I hope you can help me with Statistics, the exam is coming.”

“Sure, I will. See ya,” he muttered, avoiding my gaze.

As soon as she was gone, I noticed he sped up his eating.

“I don’t want to talk to you, Hudson,” he said in an annoyed voice.

“Okay, I was just…” What was I going to say anyway?

“I just wanted to ask if you need some help. Financial help. I have a… I have money. My father is a surgeon. I can help you if you wish…”

“I don’t want your pity!”

He seemed to be getting more and more angry. I obviously wasn’t making any progress with him.

“It’s not pity. I saw… you were crying, I figured I could help you…”

He almost growled. He stood up and left the cafeteria.


I was sooooo great at this.

So fucking great.

But weirdly enough, even if we did not speak about what happened in the next week, I noticed some slight changes in his behavior. He was… a bit less hostile. Just a bit, but it was noticeable.

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Mom’s Best Friend

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Growing up a single child was weird for me and no, it’s not because I’m from the Northeast of England. Not only was I a single child, but I also only ever had my Mom in my life. I was now 23 and my Mom had me when she was relatively young at 21, meaning she was now 44. She worked extremely hard. When I started secondary school at 13, she went back to college and trained to become a nurse. She now put in a lot of hours every week and would work some weird shift patterns which I’d never be able to deal with. When my Mom told my so-called Dad that she was pregnant, he bolted and was never seen again until a few years ago. He tried to contact me after my 18th birthday, but I politely told him to fuck off. I was always my Mom’s priority growing up and she’d never had another man in her life since my Dad walked out on her. Yeah, she had moments where she would go out with friends and bring somebody home. And when she brought those people home, I’m not ashamed to say I stroked my dick to the sounds of her being fucked.

As I got older, I always thought I was a little bit different to everybody else, but I couldn’t seem to figure out why. At 23, I was still a virgin and had never had a girlfriend and to be honest, I wasn’t really that bothered. I didn’t have a massive group of friends so they couldn’t take the piss out of me for it, and I never told anybody anyway. Whenever we were talking about sex, I’d just play it off like I’d done it and I was an expert. My friendship group got a lot smaller when we turned 18. A lot of my friends were only interested in going out, getting drunk and taking drugs. That wasn’t me and it never would be. I tended to get on better with older people, so enjoyed the company of people at work and whenever my Moms friends come round.

I was also quite feminine growing up. I liked to look good, and I thought I did. I was just over 6ft tall, slim, and played football a lot, so I was in good shape. My hair always had to be perfect, and I was always using all different hair products to make that happen. I had my ears pierced, would only wear designer clothes, and had to be wearing the best shoes on the market. I loved to smell good as well and would always be spending money on the best aftershaves. Underneath the clothes, I thought my body looked good. I hated to see hair on my torso or pubic area so would often shave my chest, balls, and ass. For underwear, I hated wearing boxer shorts. The thought of my cock bouncing around made me uncomfortable, so I’d always wear tight briefs. I didn’t have the biggest cock in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but I was more of a shower. I was always around 4 or 5 inches when flaccid and then a thick 7 inches when fully erect.

From 18, I started to masturbate a lot. Usually once a day, maybe twice on a weekend depending on how horny I was feeling. I downloaded lots of porn and had quite the collection but as I started to get older, my taste in porn started to change dramatically. I started off watching lesbian porn which helped me feel manly. Then I moved on to more traditional kind of porn, which found me watching the women more than the men and thinking about how much fun it looked like they have from being pleasured by a cock. Then I found one of my favourite ever porn stars, Daisy Taylor. She is incredible and I loved watching her getting fucked. The way she stayed hard was so hot and so I started watching more and more trans porn. That led me down a dark path to the ‘gay’ category online and it immediately had me questioning my own sexuality. I quickly shrugged it off and went back to watching normal and lesbian porn.

‘Hey Chrissy,’ my Mom shouted me. I hated it when she called me that but she’s the only one I’d let get away with it. ‘Can you come down here please?’

I trudged downstairs, and Mom was sat in the living room with a cup of tea in her hand. A lot of my friends used to tell me that she was a MILF when we were in school. She had big tits, long blonde hair and worked out at the gym three times a week so had an ass that matched that. ‘What’s up Mom?’ I asked her, sitting myself down on the sofa.

‘Are you okay sweetie?’ She looked a little concerned. ‘You seem to spend a lot of time on your own and I just wanted to check in with you.’

‘I’m fine Mom,’ I told her abruptly.

‘You never go out anymore, look at the weather out there. It’s gorgeous, yet all you do is go to work, come home, and play video games,’ she quickly responded.

‘And?’ I was sick of this conversation, we had it at least once every two weeks.

‘Don’t you ever want to meet anybody?’ Mom got more and more frustrated every time we had this talk.

‘I’m not bothered.’ I tried to get up and walk away.

‘You know it’s okay if you’re gay?’ She said, hanging on the word gay for a long time.

‘I’m not gay,’ I shouted before I got up and headed back up to my room.

I barely spoke to my Mom for the rest of the day, and I spent the evening on my own. She went out Anadolu Yakası Escort with her friends, and by the time she got back on the night, I was already asleep in bed. The next morning, I was up and about early for my Sunday league football match. I was dressed and out of the house before Mom got out of bed, and by the time I got home from football. As I was heading out to my car, I noticed another car parked outside our house and quickly realised it must’ve been Kevin’s.

Kevin was my Mom’s best friend. They grew up at school together and had now known each other for 40+ years. Kevin was openly gay. He was married early in his 30s, but his husband sadly passed away just a few years later. Since then, he’d not been in another relationship and had stayed single. He seemed happy though. I’d known him since I was growing up and kind of thought of him as a fake Uncle. We got on well and we always had a daft laugh when he was about. He was a little taller than me, had grey hair, a beard which was darker and was a bit of a gym freak himself and had always been involved in sport. In the summer he was always wearing tank tops and showing off his muscles that were underneath.

At football, I couldn’t finish the match. A nasty tackle early in the second half ended my game when my knee started to swell up. I had to come off, I couldn’t run but was still able to walk. A quick check over by one of my teammates and he told me it wasn’t anything serious and I should be able to recover with some ice and rest. By the time I made it home, Mom’s car had gone but Kevin’s was still outside. I walked into the kitchen and there was note on the table, ‘Kevin is coming for car this afternoon, I’ll be home late tonight, there’s food in the fridge.’ I went upstairs and got showered. I threw on a pair of shorts; I didn’t bother with underwear purely for comfort reasons and a t-shirt and made myself comfortable on the sofa. I had my leg elevated with a bag of frozen peas covering my knee.

About an hour or so later, there was a knock on the door. I hobbled towards the door and opened it to see Kevin standing there with his usual smile on his face. It was a warm Sunday afternoon, so he just had his tank top, running shorts and a pair of sliders on. He lived about 15 minutes away by car, but must’ve walked as you could see tiny beads of sweat on his forehead.

‘Hey kid, how you doing?’ He asked as I stepped aside and invited him in.

‘I’ve had better Sundays,’ I laughed as I followed him into the living room. ‘Can I get you a drink?’

‘A glass of water would be lovely,’ he said as he took a seat on the chair, and I began hobbling into the kitchen. ‘What have you been doing?’

‘Classic football injury,’ I shouted from the kitchen. ‘Knees a little stiff but apparently I’ll be fine in a couple of days.’

I walked back into the living room with the drinks in my hand and handed him his drink before taking my place on the sofa again and elevating my leg again to try and stop the swelling. When I’d been sitting for a while, it tended to go stiff again which would make walking more fun. I chatted with Kevin for a while, I didn’t expect him to stick around for this long but there was no sign of him leaving anytime soon. After a little while, I needed to use the bathroom. I slowly climbed from the sofa, limped to our downstairs toilet, and took a leak. And then slowly, I walked back to the sofa, barely able to bend my knee because it’d stiffened up.

‘Do you want me to take a look at that?’ Kevin said pointing at my knee. ‘I might not be a physiotherapist, but I know enough about sports injuries and might be able to help with a little rub down.’

‘I mean, if you think it will help, I don’t see any harm in trying,’ I said, trying not to feel awkward about someone I’d known for so long massaging my leg.

Kevin moved over from his chair and got down on one knee by the side of the sofa. He put both hands around the side of my knee and started to twist it from left to right and then got me to bend it and pull it towards my body before extending it again. ‘Is there any pain when I do that?’

‘No,’ I said, wincing a little bit but there wasn’t enough pain for it to be anything serious.

‘Well, that’s a good sign, at least you haven’t severely damaged any ligaments or anything like that.’ He continued to play around with my knee until he was satisfied, I wasn’t in too much pain. He then proceeded to massage just below my knee, he claimed it was to help with the blood flow and should eventually help with the swelling. Kevin’s hands then started to work their way above my knee and around my thigh and hamstring. He was certainly right about it increasing blood flow because I could feel my cock starting to stir in my shorts.

Not wearing underwear was now starting to look like a big mistake. As my cock started to stiffen, I shifted my mind to anything but the massage and tried to stop myself getting an erection, but it wasn’t Avrupa Yakası Escort working. Blood was rushing through my cock, and I was now fully erect underneath my shorts, so I made a grab for a cushion and placed it across my crotch. It was only after I did it, that I realised just how obvious that made it look.

‘You okay kid?’ Kevin asked me, noticing me fidgeting about underneath his touch.

‘Yeah, yeah. I’m fine,’ I managed to quickly stutter out. I tried to forget about my erection, and just tilted my head back and tried to relax as much as possible. That was the only way to get this to calm down right now.

‘That cushion isn’t covering anything you know?’ Kevin laughed. ‘Has it been a while?’

I blushed, ‘depends on how long you think a while is.’

‘A couple of months maybe?’ Kevin looked up at me.

I must’ve been redder than a tomato now. ‘I’d say it’s more like years…’

Kevin stopped massaging my leg and looked directly into my eyes. ‘No, you must be joking, are you, yeah, you know…’

Before Kevin had chance to finish, I beat him to it. ‘Yes,’ I said quickly before looking away in embarrassment.

‘A good-looking lad like you has never had sex. The world must’ve gone mad. It must be by choice?’ It felt like he was trying to boost my ego.

‘I suppose it is partly. I’ve never really tried to get with a women,’ I told him. ‘Plus, I’m not sure if it’s what I want.’

Kevin looked confused and even I wasn’t 100% certain on what I was trying to tell him. I was already extremely aroused, so I was fully blaming my dick for controlling my mouth. The kink I had watching gay porn was always older/younger relationships and the older men tended to be silver haired foxes.

‘I don’t want this to sound weird or that I’m being creepy but, it seems like you need to care of that problem in your pants, and if you’re unsure of what you want, maybe I can help?’

I don’t know who was more shocked by that statement, me because Kevin said it, or Kevin for saying it himself. How do I respond to that? My Mom’s best friend is currently kneeling beside me, offering to get me off and I’ve known him since I was younger. Could I let him, do it? Would he want something from me in return? Whilst I was going through all these questions in my head, Kevin’s hand started to move further up my leg until he was running the inside of my groin beneath my shorts. His fingers gently tickled the side of my balls, and it caused me to jerk a little bit and I let out an involuntary groan.

‘I think that tells me all I need to hear, but I’ll ask again, would you like me to help out?’ Kevin looked at me whilst he held his hand high on my leg.

My cock controlled my brain and body again as I nodded and told him I wanted him to help. Kevin smiled at me before moving both his hands to the waistband of my shorts. He hooked his fingers into either side and started to try and tug them down. I had to lift my ass slightly off the sofa so he could pull them down and leave them resting around my thighs. My hairless cock sprung out along with my balls and landed against my stomach.

‘Fuck,’ Kevin said. ‘Look at the size of that thing and so smooth as well.’ Why was I so turned on by this? Kevin reached for my cock and took it into his hand and gently started to stroke my shaft. I couldn’t help but moan. It was the first time somebody else was touching my cock. Embarrassingly I was struggling to hold on already just from Kevin slowly stroking my cock. I started to squirm underneath him.

‘You’re not going to last long, are you?’ He taunted me which was turning me on even more. ‘I bet if I even put your cock anywhere near my mouth, you’d explode, wouldn’t you?’

‘Fuck,’ I mumbled as he slowly started to increase his pace. ‘I can already feel it building.’

Kevin just laughed. With his free hand he gently started to knead my balls and play with them. He then removed his other hand, leaving me even more frustrated. All I wanted to do was cum, but it seemed like Kevin was enjoying this. He then spit on his spare hand and wiped his saliva around my dick before starting to stroke it again. ‘Are you going to cum for me? You’re going to cum for me, aren’t you?’

‘Fuck yes,’ I moaned at him. ‘You’re going to make me cum, please don’t stop.’ I pulled my shirt up so my load wouldn’t cover my shirt.

‘I know what will tip you over the edge,’ Kevin smirked at me. He then licked his fingers on the hand that had been playing with my balls and moved it to the head of my cock. He then rubbed the head of my cock quickly and the sensation was too much for me.

‘Ohhhhh fuck, I’m cumming. I’m going to cum.’ Cum erupted from my cock like a volcano, covering my stomach as it just kept on flying out of my cock as Kevin milked me dry. He continued to slowly stroke my cock until there was nothing more coming out. I was breathing heavily as warm cum covered my body.

‘Let me get you some tissue,’ Kevin İstanbul Escort said as he got up and walked to the toilet before returning with a wad of toilet paper in his hand. I wiped myself down before pulling my shorts up and Kevin kindly took the tissue and flushed it down the toilet. ‘I hope that helped with whatever you might be feeling,’ he said as a car pulled into the driveway.

Mom came through the front door and joined us in the front room. Kevin was sitting back in his chair, and I was still on the sofa as she walked in. ‘Oh, for god’s sake Chris, what have you done now?’

‘I’m fine Mom,’ I told her. ‘It’s just a knock, it should be fine in a couple of days.’

‘Are you sure? You look a little flushed,’ she asked with genuine concern on her face.

‘Don’t worry about it Kelly, I’ve given it a quick look. It’s probably just a minor sprain, he’ll be back on his feet and back on the pitch in a few days,’ Kevin stepped in as I stuttered in response to her saying I looked flushed.

I found it within myself to get up from the sofa and hobble my way upstairs to my room. And now, I had a lot to think about. That night I went to bed very confused about what I wanted. Every time I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, images of Kevin playing with my cock filled my mind and I started to get hard again. The only way I was going to get some sleep was to take care of the problem between my legs. I quickly jacked myself off until I came again and eventually, I drifted off. Jerking off didn’t help my dreams. I woke up a hot mess in the middle of the night after dreaming of Kevin fucking me. I was on my back, him thrusting away between my legs as I moaned in pleasure.

I spent a lot of time over the next few days watching gay porn again. I joined forum sites anonymously and asked people what I should do about my confused sexuality. Most people told me to take the plunge and some of them were telling me that if I was going to, then it needed to be with someone I trusted.

A week went by, and I heard nothing from Kevin and to be honest, I avoided him whenever he would visit Mom. I made sure to always stay upstairs, and even took on some extra hours at work, so I was out of the house more. What happened between us was still weighing heavy on my mind, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid him forever. Next weekend was my Mom’s birthday and she’d arranged to have all her friends come to our house for food and drinks, and then they would go out later. I tried to get into work that day, but I wasn’t needed.

By the time her party came around, I was completely back on my feet now. Thankfully, it wasn’t a serious injury, and I was able to get back into some light gym work. I was downstairs dressed in just a pair of shorts and t-shirt when most of the guests start to arrive. Kevin was one of the last to get here. As soon as he seen me, he smiled and wandered over. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, ‘how you doing kid? How’s that knee?’ He asked me, acting like nothing had happened.

‘Yeah, good.’ I suddenly started to feel nervous.

But so far, I had nothing to worry about. He quickly left me alone and mingled with my Mom’s other friends. I stayed downstairs in the kitchen and helped keep things tidy and fetched drinks whenever somebody wanted anything. I watched on as bottles of wine kept disappearing into the recycle bin. And seen as though there was only 5 of them drinking it, it was even more impressive how much they were getting through. Kevin was taking it a lot slower, only getting through half as many beers compared to the number of glasses of wine the women were getting through.

‘CHRIS!!!, can you get some more wine from the garage please?’ I heard my Mom shout through from the living room. ‘Bring plenty,’ she then laughed.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll give him a hand,’ I heard Kevin say as I walked out the back door and towards the garage that was joined on to the side of the house. I panicked and tried to grab as many bottles as I could from the fridge, but before I could even get the door open, Kevin appeared behind me.

‘Why do I get the feeling that you’re avoiding me?’ He said, standing in the doorway.

‘I’m not,’ I stuttered.

He walked into the garage and walked directly towards me. I froze on the spot, unsure of where to go or what to do. He got as close as he could to me before he sat on the work bench that we had in the garage.

‘Have you thought anymore about what happened last time we were in each other’s company?’ He looked at me with a smirk.

I had to lie to him, I couldn’t tell him that I’d been thinking about it non-stop, and I was now more confused than ever about what I wanted sexually. ‘Not really,’ I managed to move further down the bench before he moved his hand on top of mine.

‘Oh, come on, I’m sorry,’ he said with a little chuckle. ‘I genuinely just want to help you; I could tell you were slightly confused, and I bet me jerking you off didn’t help.’

I shot him a quick look to tell him to keep his voice down as my Mom and her friends were just in the living room and any of them could be wandering into the kitchen. ‘Honestly, I don’t know what I want,’ I told him.

‘Do you think you might be gay?’ He asked tentatively.

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My New Job Ch. 03

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Thank you so much to my editors Incredimeters and for helping me clean this story up.

++++This is a crossover story involving charters from both, My New Job series and the Just a Walk in the Park series. While it is not imperative that you have read all previous stories it would be helpful as I will not be going into character descriptions that much in this story, because for those who have read those installments it would be redundant. ++++

I walked down the front steps of my house and over to Carl’s driveway just like I had every morning for the last 3 months. Carl was standing there in the drive way looking at the box truck that was his livelihood. “Let me guess, Riya drove the Accord over to Judith’s last night?” I asked.

“Yep.” Carl responded.

“Arthur’s HOA (Home Owners Association) going to be OK with us parking the truck on the street?” I asked.

“Probably not.”

“Cab? Uber?”

Carl dropped a set of keys in my hand. “I’ll back the truck up, you pull Robin out,” He instructed.

“You must really love me if you’re going to let me drive, Robin,” I said very excited.

“Just around the block, Travis.” Carl said opening the door to the delivery truck. “This is not Ferris Bueller’s day off.”

I walked to the garage and entered the code into the security panel. It was Riya’s birthday. The door came up without a hint of a squeak and the overhead light came on over Robin. “Hello gorgeous,” I said to Carl’s pride and joy, a robin’s egg blue 1965 Ford Mustang GT convertible.

I ran my hand along her front fender and opened the driver’s side door. Then I pushed my luck and put the top down. Carl was getting more upset by the minute. I sat behind the wheel pumped the gas three times just like I had seen Carl do a hundred times. Pushed in the clutch and turned the key. Robin roared to life. She was an early model so she had the smaller 260 V-8 but that was plenty for me and Carl refused to drop a new engine in her as he wanted everything original. I put the lap belt on and waved to Carl. He started to back out and I let off the clutch. Robin lurched forward and died. Carl stopped.

“Never mind, I’ll get it,” he called from the cab of his truck.

“I got it. I was in third. My bad,” I called back.

“You remember how to drive a stick?” Carl asked sarcastically.

“It’s a three speed Carl, it’s not that hard,” I answered back.

I put Robin in the right gear and started her back up. Carl shook his head and I could see that he was saying something, because his lips were moving but I could not hear him over the 160 some horses I now had at my command. He backed out to his right and I turned to my right and headed down the street. By the time I came around the last turn I felt like Ken Miles on my way to victory.

Carl was standing there when I pulled up. He opened the passenger side door and throw our bags in the back seat. There was barely enough room for them. “Why did Ford even put a back seat in this thing?” I asked.

“Insurance,” Carl answered gruffly and then he gave me the universal, give me the keys gesture.

“I think I’ll drive.,” I said finally remembering to put it back in first, “You drive all the time.”

“I thought you liked it when I was in control.”

“I do, but Robin may be my new mistress,” I said, letting off the clutch a little causing the car to move forward. “You’d better get in. She wants to run.”

“You know I could report the car stolen and you would get three miles before the cops would pull you over.”

“And risk my ass being used by every horny guy in county lockup? I don’t think so,” I said calling his bluff.

Carl folded and got in. He was nervous all the way down the block and for most of the next. I kept my hands at ten and two and checked all my mirrors. He seemed to calm down. It was also three o’clock and so traffic was pretty light. My GPS kept calling out directions and I followed them dutifully. Carl relaxed and I think he was even enjoying himself a little.

We pulled up at a stoplight and a very nice-looking older man in a grey business suit sat next to us. He was only slightly tanned, bald above the ears but had long white hair pulled back into a ponytail and a full beard. He rolled down his window. He let out a wolf whistle and yelled, “Nice.”

I answered back, “Thanks, she’s a 65.”

“I wasn’t talking about the car.” He smiled and took one of his hands off the wheel and I presume put it between his legs. “Why don’t you pull over at the next gas station and I will fill your tank.”

I looked over at Carl to see if he was game. He was definitely giving it some thought. We had a dinner date with Arthur, but watching me blow a perfect stranger in a gas station bathroom must have crossed his mind. It was crossing and crisscrossing mine. For the first time in my life, I was hoping the light would stay red. It turned green and I had not gotten an answer from Carl yet. There was a station only a block ahead and so I pulled in. The nice-looking Bayan Eskort guy’s SUV followed us in.

I looked at Carl and put my hands in front of me like a child praying. Carl finally said. “We don’t really have time right now.” Then he sighed, “Go get his number and tell him you’ll call him next week.”

“Yes, Pita,” I said unbuckling my lap belt and getting out of Robin. I walked casually around the front of his car. I had remembered to grab the keys before Carl could.

I got up on the running board of the other guy’s SUV and stuck my head in the driver’s side window like a 50’s car hop. Carl got out of Robin, popped her hood and started checking things. I was a little insulted. I mean what could I have broken in two miles?

“Hi, I’m Travis.”

“I’m David,” he answered me in what I thought was a British accent. Then he looked me up and down like I was a side of beef, “and you are one serious hottie, aren’t you?”

“You’re very handsome yourself,” I said coquettishly.

“But…” David said cutting me off as he saw Carl.

“We,” I emphasized the we, “are on our way somewhere else at the moment.”

“You’re taken. I see. Sorry for wasting your time.” David put his hands on the steering wheel and sighed, “I should have known. Well, thanks for stopping.”

He put his sunglasses back on and put the car into gear. I reached through the window and put my hand on the bulge at his crotch. I assumed he wouldn’t drive away with me hanging onto the side of his vehicle but I was sure he wouldn’t with my hand that close to his dick. “Hold on there. I am taken,” I said began to rub his cock through his very nice pants, “but he doesn’t mind me playing with other men as long as he gets to watch. Sooooo,” I drew the word out as I started to pet his cock faster. “If you’re into that or don’t mind others watching, then maybe we can set up a playdate sometime.”

“Does he play too or just you?”

“I like older men but he really doesn’t.”

“Cool, cool,” David said pulling his phone out of his suit coat that was sitting on the passenger seat. I gave him my number and he sent me a texted or at least I think he did. I heard my phone chirp at any rate. “Too bad your Daddy doesn’t want to play, putting you on a spit would be a whole lot of fun, but one bird is better than none. Cheers.”

I hopped off the running board, took a couple of steps back and David pulled away. I waved good bye to him as I walked back to Robin. I swung the keys around my forefinger like an old west gun slinger. Carl closed the hood and looked at me. “I’m guessing you have a date next week?”

“Me?” I got back in Robin pulled out my phone and sent David a selfie as a response. “We, may have a date. David, that’s his name, likes me and the fact that you like to watch. He’d really like it if you wanted to play too, something about putting me on a spit, but I made him no promises.”

“Good,” Carl said, back in a grumpy mood.

“He is really nice and has the best English accent just like Pierce Brosnan.” I paused thinking, Oh shit. “Am I being culturally insensitive? Is him being British a problem?”

Carl looked confused, “Why would it be?”

“Because of the whole empire thing.”

“First of all, you know I don’t judge people by their ancestry,” Carl said holding up one finger, “Second of all, that was a long time ago and India has much bigger problems right now than their relations with the British,” Carl held up another finger. “And third and most important, if David talks like Pierce Brosnan, he may be Irish.”

I googled Peirce Brosnan quick and discovered Carl was right, Brosnan is Irish. Carl’s face took on an I-told-you-so look and he asked, “Can we go now?”

I reset my GPS, started Robin in first and we were off. Several blocks down the road Carl said, “you must have put in the wrong address, Arthur’s is that way.” He pointed to the right as I turned to the left.

“We have one more stop.”

Carl threw up his hands and gave me an exasperated look.

“Just one little pitstop and then we are off to Arthur’s. I promise. Dinner isn’t until six. We have plenty of time.”

“You just like driving Robin,” he mumbled under his breath.

“Well, yeah, there is that,” I said trying to disarm him with a smile.

We pulled up in front of Adam’s Adult boutique. I unbuckled and handed Carl the keys as a peace offering. “I will be right back, I swear.”

“I’ll believe that when I see it.”

There was a door chime and a voice called out “I’m Sal. Anything I can help you find?”

“I called before about some Pajamas… silk ones…” Sal looked perplexed, “Salmon colored.”

Sal had an ah-ha moment and then said “Oh the silk nightie set. Excellent choice.”

An older guy who was looking at adult magazines looked over at me. I reddened noticeably. Sal chuckled at my discomfort and walked into the back. It was at that point I noticed edible lube was buy one get one free. I put a bottle of strawberry and vanilla Anadolu Yakası Escort on the counter. Darn impulse buys. I also noticed a poster behind the counter that advertised Magic Clothes and Costumes’ models would be here in two weeks from 8pm to 11pm for photos, autographs and give aways. I pulled out my phone and marked my calendar.

Sal returned and put what looked like a small pillow on the counter. He read my expression and asked, “something wrong?”

“I was hoping to wear it tonight. If I hang it up soon, will it be ready by tonight?”

“Maybe. If you hang it up real soon. I have the blue one ready to go over there in the same size if you would prefer.”

“No. He likes salmon.”

Sal leaned in, “I’m sure your man will be more than fine with a few package wrinkles and if he isn’t, get rid of him. He’s an idiot.”

Sal gave me what he called the “cute guy” discount and so it was not that bad. Good thing Friday was payday. My surprise for Carl in hand, I walked out of the store to find Carl behind the wheel and playing on his phone. I sat, put the bag at my feet and just stared out the windshield. If Carl was waiting for me to say something we were going to be spending the weekend in Sal’s parking lot. Finally, Carl took a deep breath and started Robin. It may have been my imagination but I think she purred louder for him.

Carl put his hand on my thigh as we drove only taking it off from time to time to shift. I started to space off a little. The view outside my window turned to well-manicured lawns behind wrought iron fences. Many of them all looking the same. Then the driveways disappeared altogether and it was like we were driving into the country. We pulled up to a little hut and Carl rolled down the window. I should have known that Arthur would live in a gated community. “Hey Carl,” said the tall white guy in the rent-a-cop uniform that walked out.

He was bald with no beard. A little taller than Carl but same weight. I was guessing ex-cop or military. “Hey Brian, here to see Arthur.”

“I know, I have his guest request e-mail right here.” With that Brian came out of the hut and started to put what looked like a sticker on Robin’s hood.

“What the hell is that?” Carl asked.

David sighed and showed us the white strip that said visitor in big black letters. Then he started to put it on the hood.

“Nothing touches Robin, Brian, you know that.” Carl protested.

“New orders from the HOA. They want to make sure there are no unidentified cars on the community streets.”

“Everyone knows me and Robin. Besides, like someone would be stupid enough to case houses in a 65 Mustang.” Carl protested.

“I don’t make the rules Carl, I just follow them,” Brian said as he stuck the strip to Robin.

I thought Carl was going to have a heart attack. He was out of the car and in Brian’s face in seconds. I looked around to see if Brian had backed up. Carl was going to be so pissed if he got tazered. “That thing is going to ruin the paint, man.”

“It’s magnetic,” Brian pulled it off and then slapped it back on.” Carl winced. “And if you don’t like it, you can leave Robin here and walk up to Arthur’s. I’ll take good care of her. I promise,” David put his hand up in the boy scout salute.

“Stupid rules,” Carl mumbled as he got back in Robin. “Who the hell came up with this new rule?”

Brian smiled knowingly, “who do you think?”

“Arthur,” Carl said through gritted teeth.

I waved to Brian as we drove past and said, “nice to meet you,” but I am not sure he heard me over Robin.

We drove for another few minutes and I was about to ask Carl if he was lost when we pulled up to another gate and I was beginning to think I should have brought my passport. Carl hit the call button. There was a crackling sound, and “Yes,” came out in a slightly fuzzy voice almost exactly like Carl’s.

“It’s us Arthur,” said Carl in a frustrated voice, “which you already know as you have probably had a drone following us from the guard station. Now open the damn gate or we are going home.”

“Of course, please come in.” Unlike before the voice was now crystal clear in Indian accented English. I wondered why someone would use a voice modulator on a gate intercom. Carl had said Arthur was eccentric, but this was a little more paranoid level stuff.

The gate started to open and Carl looked over at me, “Arthur is the nicest guy but sometimes I just want to…” Carl grabbed is left hand with his right and began to pound his left fist, pantomimed hit someone on the head like an old Punch and Judy puppet show.

I smiled at him. “Feel better?”

“As a matter of fact, no,” he said obviously still upset, “now my hand hurts.”

“You want me to drive?”


I undid my seat belt, laid across his lap and kissed his left hand. On the way back to my seat I kissed him on the lips.

It was just the sort of thing he needed to defuse the situation. He put Robin in gear and we drove through Pendik Escort the gate. Back in my seat I mused to no one in particular, “Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?”

Carl let out a “harumph.”

The driveway was longer than a couple of football fields and lined with trees. We crested a hill and the house came into view. “Screw Thorn and Serena, I want it.” I quoted Audrey woods from Laws of Attraction.

Carl stopped the car, “What?”

I patted him on the shoulder, “Sorry, it was a line from a movie that just popped into my head because of the house and we were talking about Pierce Brosnan earlier.”

Carl started up the drive, “I bet there are scientists that would love to see a flow chart of your thought processes sometime.”

Arthur lived in a classic English country manor. I could have sworn I had seen it before on Downton Abbey. It was a solid limestone, two story structure that I am sure from the air probably looked like an “H.” It most likely cost more to maintain the house for a month then my parent’s made in a year. I wondered if Arthur offered tours of the house like in The Grass is Greener. Then I started to hum “The Stately Homes of England” and knew Carl got the reference and was feeling better as he joined in.

We drove past the house and off to the left about half a block away. We pulled up to an old carriage-house and stable. As if by magic one of the doors opened for us and we pulled in directly behind Riya’s Honda Accord. What had once housed carriages and horses now housed cars, almost a dozen of them. Some were obviously collectables and others were for daily driving. Carl grabbed my arm. “Every inch of Arthur’s property is covered by cameras so from here on in, please be on your best behavior.”

“He is watching us right now?” I asked.



I got on my knees on the passenger seat and put my arms around Carl’s neck. Then I kissed him like we were sitting in lover’s lane. Carl’s arms went around me and started to rub my back. My hands wrapped around his head and my fingers began to massage his scalp. My tongue started in my mouth but slowly began to make scouting incursions into Carl’s. Carl’s tongue made similar probing patrols and his right hand moved from my back to under my shirt. He pinched my nipple and I sucked on his lower lip. Thinking me sufficiently distracted Carl reached for the Adam’s bag. I pushed him away and slapped his arm playfully. “Later Pita. Later.”

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek, grabbed the bag and we exited Robin. Carl took a moment and pulled the visitor magnet on the hood off and put it in his pocket. I took Carl’s arm as we walk towards the house. I could not believe how nice it was to be able to show my feeling for Carl publicly. I was going to have to talk to him about coming out to my parents and how much I wanted to stop all this double life stuff.

We walked past the solid oak front doors, that I imagine had been made from no less than three full trees, to a side door that was used as a servant’s entrance when the house was built in the 19th century. Carl went to knock but the door opened before he had the chance. There in the doorway stood a man, Arthur I assumed, that looked as though he could have been Carl’s older and slightly darker brother.

Carl had told me to be on my best behavior but let’s face it, that was never going to happen. Between the fun we had already had earlier and the anticipation of the fun we were going to have later tonight, I was high on life and just could not stop myself. “Excuse me mister,” I said in slightly higher pitch voice with a fake southern accent as I hugged Carl’s arm tightly, “We just got married but our car broke down. We were wondering if you could put us up for the night as I fear it may start raining at any moment?”

Arthur looked at me with an expressionless face and said nothing. I let go of Carl’s arm stood straighter and did my best to look contrite thinking I had probably gone too far. Carl mumbled, “Oh Lord, give me strength.”

It started in Arthur’s eyes. A twinkle of joy that moved to his mouth and then morphed into an expression of jolliness that Santa would have envied. He started to shake and then he looked like he had gas and or needed to burp. Instead of letting out a belch however, he let out a barrel laugh so loud I am pretty sure the neighbors heard it. I gave Carl a see-he-got it, look and could not help but join in with Arthur’s contagious laughing. Arthur put his hand on the door frame to steady himself.

“When the two of you are done,” Carl said as he left us chuckling, “I’ll be in the living room.”

We collected ourselves and Arthur put his hand on my shoulder, “Oh you are such a delight my boy.” He lowered his voice to a conspiratorial tone, “and exactly what Carl has always needed.”

“Thank you, Arthur.” I looked around him to see following Carl’s back heading down the hall.

“You’re very welcome.” Arthur turned as a slight older copy of myself came down the stairs accompanied by a black and white cocker spaniel. “Ah, Jason. Perfect timing. This is Carl’s boyfriend Travis Kelce and this, Travis, is the love of my life, Mr. Jason Swift.” Arthur picked up the dog, who started licking his face, “and this is Checkers.”

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The Accidental Slut

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I became a slut by accident. And since I know that turns my husband, John, on more than he’d ever admit, I confessed the following story to him, letting him know some parts are true and others are not. I left it up to John to decide which parts to believe.

We’d had plans to visit my parents in my hometown for the weekend, but at the last minute, John got called into an emergency work session. I was bummed because we had booked a hotel to have our own space and I was hoping to get my brains fucked out. We’d had a lot of fun with my husband’s recent adventures in being more versatile, but it had been a while since I just got used like a bottom slut and I was so horny, especially since John’s work had kept him so busy lately.

So I still packed a bright colored Nasty Pig jockstrap and my very short gym shorts, telling myself it was to workout in the hotel gym, purposefully ignoring the reality that working out like that in a family-friendly hotel in my hometown was probably not the reason for packing such slutty gear.

The drive there and dinner with my parents was uneventful. My dad fell asleep in his recliner and I took that as my excuse to bow out, saying I was tired and wanted to get back to the hotel for a nice sleep. In reality, I wanted to somehow take care of this horniness that had been building for several weeks. In further reality, I’d probably just end up jerking off to porn.

When I got back to what turned out to be the newest hotel in town, I decided to take advantage of the very nice bathroom and take a shower. Of course, then I started jerking my dick and fingering my hole and getting even hornier.

As I dried off and settled my toiletries in the bathroom, I found the bottle of lube I had packed in anticipation of some fun with John. I decided instead of just jerking in my room, I was going to keep fingering my hole, maybe even get several fingers in. I laid a towel down on the bed and laid back and got to work, jerking my dick while working several lubed fingers into my hole.

I was so horny, and this just wasn’t cutting it. I decided I could have some responsible fun. That’s what I thought of it as: responsible. I would go to the local adult arcade and just jerk off in a booth. I’d actually taken John there before to try to encourage some exhibition and blow him through one of the gloryholes that had been there since I was in college. But they’d covered them up and we just had fun the two of us. Assuming the gloryholes were still covered up, that would stop me from going too far. So that’s why I also decided it was OK to put on that jockstrap and short shorts with a tank top.

I pulled up to the arcade and there were no other cars in the parking lot. Perfect. No way for me to be tempted if I’m the only one there. I tried the door and found it locked. Fuck. They’ve changed their hours and are already closed for the night. It used to be open 24 hours a day, but now they’ve significantly trimmed their hours.

Well, now what? I’m in this part of town and hornier than ever. Then I remembered there was an adult cinema nearby. I had been there once in college and never been back because it seemed so sleazy. A straight theater, gay theater, and booths with gloryholes in between the two. The one time I’d been there at 19 I felt ogled like a piece of meat and it had made me uncomfortable.

Now pushing 40 and embracing being a bottom slut, it sounded like just the kind of ego boost I might enjoy. And since it was late on a weeknight, there probably wouldn’t be too many people there.

I was being responsible.

There were a few cars parked in the back alley behind the cinema. I entered and it was still as sleazy as I remembered in the main shop. Dirty magazines and videos everywhere. Who even bought these things anymore? The clerk seemed disinterested in my presence, but took the cash required for entrance to the cinema. I don’t think he cared to notice the bright blue straps of my jockstrap peeking out the bottom of my short shorts.

As Kartal Escort I walked into the first part, the straight theater, I could see a man on a couch in the back corner and no one else. The movie playing was an older movie where a fake looking blond chick was blowing a dick that didn’t even look that good. I’m not into straight porn anyway, and this certainly looked boring.

Walking by the row of booths, it didn’t look like any of them were occupied, so I continued to the gay “theater”, which was really just a few couches and a TV. The gay porn playing was, surprisingly, even more boring that what was playing on the big screen in the straight theater.

Looks like this is kind of a bust.

Wait a minute, I’m here to be responsible and just jerk off.

I headed back to the straight theater and sat far away from the other guy. I’m being responsible. I paid attention to the movie and it honestly wasn’t doing much for me, so I took a glance to my right and could tell that the other guy was jerking off, but trying to be subtle about it. He appeared to be about 5-10 years older than me, and looked like one of those dads that thinks sport jerseys are shirts and lets their teenagers try beer. I’m usually more drawn to the clean-cut jock dads. Thinking about dads and their dicks got me going a bit, so I reached up the leg of my shorts and pushed the jock to the side to access my dick.

There’s no way Beer Dad didn’t notice this, but after a bit he stood up and headed toward the booths. He must want to be alone. Or he wants to get blown through a gloryhole. No, he wants to be alone. And I’ll just keep jerking here. That’s the responsible thing.

Well, what if he went to the gay theater? Or maybe he left through another door. After all, I’m not really familiar with this place. I’ll check out the gay theater again. He’s not there. He must have left. I took a seat on one of the couches and just pushed my shorts completely down, thinking about whether there were other sluts who had been fucked back here.

I was so horny. I decided I could be bold if I’m the only one still here. I’ll head back to the big straight theater just inside the door and drop my shorts there and just feel like a slut while I jerk off alone. When I got back there, Beer Dad was in his dark corner again. I don’t even know where he came from. I hadn’t seen him walking around the other areas.

I made a fateful decision and chose a seat on one of the couches closer to him. From there, I could see he was more openly jerking off, but I couldn’t really see his dick all that well. He barely had it pulled out of his cargo shorts. We can just jerk off together. That’s still responsible.

“They’re about to close,” he said to me. I thought this place had been 24 hours a day, too, I thought to myself. Sad, I thought, except I don’t live here anymore, so why should I care?

“Do you suck?” he asked me directly. His boldness surprised me. I realize we’re in a seedy adult cinema, but my experience in such places over the years is that many guys are still kind of shy and uncertain about making a move.

In my shock I just kind of stared at him without responding at first. Then he stopped jerking and showed me his hard dick. It actually looked really big. And thick.

And I was so horny.

Without really thinking, I found myself scooting off the couch, down on my knees, and kind of crawling toward him in his dark corner. Up close to his dick, it looked so good.

Now, some may slowly take a cock into their mouth and see how it tastes.

But I was so horny.

I devoured his cock, taking it almost all the way on the first gulp. He moaned rather loudly, probably from the shock of having a true slut slobbering on his cock. I’m guessing there aren’t a lot of talented cocksuckers in my hometown. I wanted to make sure he enjoyed this. In that moment, I just wanted to be a slut. I didn’t even care about my own dick in that moment.

After a few minutes of throating Tuzla Escort his cock like a whore, I heard the unmistakable sound of the door into the theater opening so I flew up onto a nearby couch while Beer Dad tried to stuff that big hard dick back into this cargo shorts, rather unsuccessfully. We both took note of a young jock walking into the theater. He glanced our way and seemed to be in college or recently graduated. I’m sure he won’t want anything to do with us. Sure enough, he walked past the theater we were in and toward the row of booths.

I looked toward Beer Dad again and he was fishing out his cock again. “Get back on my cock,” he ordered me.

I obviously wasn’t thinking about responsibility anymore. I imagined what John would think of all of this. He probably wouldn’t be happy about it happening without him there, but we’d both had other cocks in our mouths lately, so it would probably still make his dick hard to see me being such a slut.

So I got back on my knees and gobbled up that thick cock again. Before long, Beer Dad grabbed onto my head and started using my mouth like a fleshlight. It was so hot. John is always too nice to me. I’m a slut and should be used as such. Fucking my face, or should I say forcing me to fuck my own face on Beer Dad’s cock, was the sluttiest I had ever felt and I suddenly felt like I had new purpose in life. I was gagging on this big dick and spit was pouring out of my mouth and all over Beer Dad’s balls. He was probably going to get those cargo shorts wet with my spit, but he didn’t seem to care. He didn’t seem to care about much at that moment other than using my mouth.

“He likes it rough,” I heard Beer Dad say, but who was he talking to? I tried to pull off his cock, but he held my head down and started pumping his hips to fuck my face. In an effort to get a better angle so he wouldn’t choke me out with his dick, I moved the position of my head and simultaneously arched my back down on my knees on the floor of this sleazy cinema.

“Looks like it,” I heard College Boy say behind me, “and he just pushed his ass out, too.”

“Have at it,” Beer Dad said, “I’m keeping his mouth busy.”

I felt College Boy’s hands trace the bright blue straps that were peeking out the bottom of my shorts and then snap them on either side of my ass. This was getting a little intense, I need to stop this. Sucking cock on my knees like a cheap whore is one thing, but John wouldn’t want another man exploring my ass. I reached back with my hands to try to swat College Boy away.

“Oh, you want to touch?” College Boy grabbed my right hand and wrapped it around what felt like a big, young, jock dick.

Fuck. I arched my back even more.

He let go of my hand and for some reason I kept jerking that dick. I must have been quite a sight, with my head buried in Beer Dad’s lap and reaching back to stroke another dick.

What a slut.

College Boy grabbed my wrist again and pushed it down on my back as I could sense him getting on his knees behind me. Before I knew it, he had tugged my shorts down.

“Wow, what an ass!” he exclaimed, filling me with a sense of slutty pride for a moment, before I felt a finger exploring my hole. His finger slipped in easily.

“His hole is already lubed,” College Boy said to Beer Dad, who replied, “Doesn’t surprise me. He strutted in here like a whore in heat.”

College Boy fingered me fairly aggressively and I felt my hole loosening up and making me all the hornier.

So horny. I moaned on Beer Dad’s cock as I felt College Boy’s fingers pull from my hole.

And then I felt the unmistakable nudge at my hole. The feeling of a cock head about to be pushed inside.

“FUCK!” College Boy shouted as he slid his cock into me in one, confident push. I felt my hole stretching wide to accommodate this college jock. He was a bit thicker than John and I moaned loudly as the head rubbed my prostate on its way up my guts.

“Yeah, stud,” Beer Dad said, “let’s Anadolu Yakası Escort spitroast this slut.”

All thoughts of responsibility were now obviously out the door. I was a slut. This is obviously what I came to this sleazy theater to do. Be used by big, thick cocks on guys who probably try to pass for straight in my hometown.

For the next few minutes, all you could hear was the faint sound of some bimbo doing a bad acting job while sucking a cock, only to be outdone by the sound of my gagging on Beer Dad’s cock while College Boy’s thighs made that loud, unmistakable slapping sound as he pummeled my butt. Then the loud sound of the theater door opening cracked through, but this time Beer Dad didn’t even try to stop, and I’m not sure College Boy even heard it.

“Finish up guys, it’s closing time,” the clerk said, peeking inside the door.

“Almost done, Rick,” Beer Dad said. Figures he’s a regular.

“Oh, wow,” I heard the clerk say, “We haven’t had a slut like this in a while. Take your time.”

I heard the door close again. College Boy and Beer Dad both picked up the pace, slamming their dicks into each of my cock-hungry holes.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” College Boy shouted.

“Fill him up!” Beer Dad growled. And then his cum gushed into my mouth and right down my throat, while he kept fucking my face. At the same time, I felt College Boy collapse on top of me while his cock pulsed in my hole, filling my guts with his jock cum.

Beer Dad finally let go of my head and I pulled off his dripping cock, swallowing the last of his cum. I tried to move College Boy off from behind me so I could finally get up off of my now very sore knees.

“You’re not done,” I heard in the clerk’s voice. He must have stayed in the theater instead of heading out front. I felt him yank my head up by the hair on my head and I was trying to look up at his face but instead was confronted with the sight of him angrily jerking a fairly small cock. Right as I opened my mouth to yelp at the pain of him pulling me up by the hair, I felt cum splash right across my open mouth and nose. I tried to get my bearings and get his hand out of my hair. Meanwhile, he kept shooting cum all over my face and my tank top.

“OK, guys, time to leave,” the clerk said, and both Beer Dad and College Boy shuffled out quickly, probably having that instant “straight guy” remorse that hits closeted guys pretty quickly. I kneeled back on the floor, still quite dazed while the cum on my face continued dripping down onto my chest and my jockstrap covered cock below. It was then I realized my jockstrap was covered in cum, and further than my cock was softening. I had cum inside the jockstrap while being spitroasted. I slowly started to make my way to my feet.

“And you,” the clerk said to me, “come back anytime and if I’m working you can get in for free. You can pay in other ways.”

I decided the best way to confess to John was to send him a mirror selfie from the hotel. By the time I got to the room, most of the cum had dried so that the few people I saw in the dark hotel parking lot didn’t notice anything wrong with me. But in the bright lights of the hotel bathroom mirror, John instantly saw in the picture what I slut I was.

When I got home from the trip, I told him this same story, letting him choose which parts to believe. I’m not sure if he thought it was all a fantasy or that every word was true. But he fucked me harder that night than he ever had before.

And the next day he came home with a chastity device and locked up my dick, telling me it was the only way to make me behave.

“But John,” I pleaded, “locking up my dick won’t stop me from being a slut. If anything, it will make me even hornier for dick in my holes.”

“I know,” John said back to me, “if my husband is going to be a slut, he’s going to be the biggest slut possible.”

Now the only way I’ll get to cum is if John unlocks me, which he doesn’t seem inclined to do anytime soon. He’s fucked me every night since I returned from the trip, and lately he’s been talking about my sloppy hole and how it’s obvious one dick isn’t enough to keep me satisfied.

It was an accident, I swear. But at least my husband now knows that I’m just a cock-hungry slut who needs to be used.

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White Collar Affair Pt. 03

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Author’s note: If you like this story, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear your ideas. Enjoy the story.

White Collar Affair — Part 3

We both got dressed and said goodbye, but he didn’t say it was the last time. I had my hopes up. I walked straight to my car and got inside. I saw his car leaving and turned the engine on. As I left the parking lot, I drove back to my apartment satisfied. The whole weekend I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I knew it was more than a one-time thing and for the first time in months I was excited to get back to the office on Monday.


I entered our offices on the fifth floor and greeted everyone. I walked past the open-plan cubicles and into my desk at the end of the hall. I didn’t have my own office yet, but my desk was bigger than the cubicle desks. It was quiet enough so I could focus on my work. Most people would knock before coming in as my computer was opposite the entrance, and I couldn’t see them straight away.

This week I had to present our monthly report, which is why I was doing the balance of all our expenses and see how the budget plan was doing. I put my earbuds on and began typing. Numbers in and out on the spreadsheet. My fingers were moving swiftly on the keyboard while I listened to music. I was trying to get as much done as I could in the morning.

I was so immersed in my task that I didn’t notice someone had entered my office. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my shoulder and jumped on my chair. I took my earbuds out and turned around to see my boss smiling.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you…” Robert apologized. I looked up and contemplated his tall frame. He was wearing a dark grey suit that day with the jacket open, and one hand in his pocket.

“…It’s okay…What can I do for you, sir?” I replied surprised to see him in my office, considering I was the one that usually went to his.

“I just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. You are working on that report, right?”

“Uhm… yes, I’ve just started actually… but the results look promising.” I said moving one of my screens so he could see it better.

I explained the analysis I was doing and felt his presence behind me. He put his hand on the right side of my desk supporting his weight and I began talking on autopilot. His warm breath was on the back of my neck making my cock twitch in my pants. I kept looking at his strong fingers and wished he would take my clothes off and take me right then and there. God, it was torture. He was definitely pushing my buttons.

“Well done, keep up the good work!” He encouraged me as he grabbed my shoulders with both hands shooking me up a bit once I finished talking.

I looked up and smiled back wishing he would reward me with something more than that.

After finishing some work, I ran to the bathroom and washed my face. I fixed my brown hair that I noticed was in dire need of a haircut. A voice in my head told me to keep my shit together…

The week continued with him teasing me like that. In the halls, our bodies would touch ever so slightly, and I would get excited. He was looking at me differently and just the sound of his deep voice in meetings would send me to the edge… It wasn’t just that I felt attracted to him, but I also respected the way he worked, which made it worse. I couldn’t stand being so close to him and wait for him to make a move.

Sometimes I would catch him talking to his daughter, during our breaks. I could tell he missed her. Being all day at the office must have been hard for their relationship, but he made it work.

All I had were the memories of what we did. On my knees in his office, jerking off in his car… Although, we had only done stuff twice I found myself thinking about him at more than I should. Wishing, and longing for him at night. Dating apps didn’t seem appealing to me, I wasn’t interested in random hook-ups anymore. Even my favorite pornsites didn’t compare to the real thing. I had opened this door now, and I was excited to know where it would lead us…


Days went by and we continued working hard. After being on the verge of bankruptcy for a few months, we were finally out of the danger zone. The company was actually doing ok and according to our finance forecasts, we could become a more than profitable company in a few years.

It was such good news we decided to make a small celebration Friday afternoon, staying within budget of course, to thank everyone for their hard work and boost employee morale. We paid for a small catering service that our office building offered, so they provided the food and drinks. We worked with several companies in one building, so they provided different services for events and such.

Everyone was on a great mood that day, although it was a very simple celebration it meant we would stop working overtime. At the end of the day all we wanted was a little appreciation.

The food and drinks looked delicious. It was a simple buffet with some Escort İstanbul vegan options which some colleagues appreciated, including Kayla one of the few friends I had in the department. Other people from other floors also showed up.

I had decided to take an uber and that way I could drink without worrying about my car. Soon after, everyone who wasn’t driving was kind of tipsy. In the midst of the party, our boss Robert said some words of encouragement to everyone in the office. He was very happy to have more time to talk to his daughter, and family was something a lot of people valued in the office. He named a few of us including me, thanking us for our hard work and I almost died. Everyone clapped and I couldn’t help to think he was a great leader. The rest of the afternoon, he stayed on a corner trying not to make us uncomfortable, I guess. It can be weird to be yourself and let loose in front of your boss.

We soon relaxed and started joking around. I was talking with my friend Kayla about life and then she started telling me about some cute guys from a different department who had come up to our floor. There was a tall blond lanky looking guy and another guy with very short hair. There weren’t that many guys our age, so we started talking about who was cute and stuff like that. Apparently, we had completely different taste in men, so we had a good laugh about that.

I noticed they were looking our way and had started chatting when I looked their way for a second.

“He’s such a faggot. Just look at him.” I heard one of those guys say and then take a sip from his drink.

My mind could read that word clearly on his lips, although most people didn’t hear what he said. Good thing I had develop a thick skin after years of similar remarks from my classmates, so I just brushed it off and turned around to continue talking to Kayla. I wasn’t going to waste my time talking back.

That’s why I didn’t notice Robert walking towards them.

“I couldn’t help to hear that… Greg, isn’t it?”- he asked casually.

“Yeah…” said Greg looking up at his superior.

“I hope you can refrain from making those comments from now on, or you’ll be on your way to sensitivity training.” He stated in calm voice, wiping the smile of those guys’ faces.

“Mm… okay…” He replied in not very convincing voice.

“Enjoy the party.” And he left the hall.

I was looking from a far as he walked away, while Kayla rolled her eyes like she would never sleep with those guys. It’s not like I needed someone to defend me, but most of the time I tried not to be a confrontational guy. Robert was a good man and I bet he would have done that for any other employee, or so I thought.

The party ended early of course, around 4:30 or so, and most people left the office. If people can go home a few minutes before clocking out, they will… so I went to pick up my stuff and that’s when I saw him. Robert was standing near my cubicle, no tie, with his hands in his pockets.

“Come… I want to show you something…”

I followed him down a hall, wondering where he was taking me. We had both drank a bit, so I was being extra careful. He took me to a small room where we kept some extra furniture that needed to be moved to another floor. Chairs stacked up and tables with dusty boxes on them, and an old desk was all I could see. It was dark and the only light came through the blinds of some small windows. Before he could say anything, I wanted to talk about what had happened before…

“I heard what you said to those guys, and thanks but I can handle them. I’m used to people saying stuff like that…” I explained leaving my jacket and bag on a table.

“Yeah, well you shouldn’t have to deal with that…” He sounded like a father giving advice sometimes.

“You’re only saying that because of all the HR bullshit…” After a few drinks, I was feeling a bit too comfortable around him.

“No, you shouldn’t let anyone treat you like that…and that guy… I give him less than a year…”

“Why?” I asked while he stepped closer…

“I’ve seen his file. Jones. He’s a slacker. I don’t need people like him on my team and you… on the other hand…you have the drive, the brains, and even the cock sucking skills…”

I couldn’t believe the last words that were coming out of him.

He walked towards me, until my back hit the wall. My hazel eyes looked at him searching for words.

“I…” I was speechless.

“You want to know why I brought you here… This is the only room without any cameras. It is meant to be renovated, that’s why it’s in such a mess…” He explained looking around the room, and then fixating his blue eyes on me.

I couldn’t escape his lewd eyes looking down at my lips. Had he planned this? Both our bodies were so close I could feel his warmth. The tension and his perfume in the air were killing me. Was he looking for the perfect opportunity? He grabbed me by the neck and guided my chin up. His perfectly İstanbul Escort Bayan shaped lips were inches away from me.

“You wanna know how hard I am right now…?” He asked in a deep voice.

I could sense a faint smell of alcohol in his breath, yet his pleading eyes were telling me something. He grabbed my right hand and put it over his hard-on. I gasped at the touch of it.

“..Someone could see u…” He kissed me before I could finish.

His lips sent me somewhere else. I closed my eyes and parted my lips to let his tongue in, while my hand traced his cock over the fabric of his dark pants. His warm mouth tasted so good. We kept licking and kissing for the longest time.

Every now and then he would bite my lower lip slightly. God was he a good kisser. I could feel his beard stub against my cheek as he kissed his way to my ear.

“I want you Thomas…” He whispered while softly grabbing my neck.

If I wasn’t completely hard before, my boner was now making a tent in my navy pants. He took his jacket off and threw it on a chair, only to continue making out with me. His rough fingers were around my neck in soft choke hold. Meanwhile his left hand touched me all over, my chest, my cock, down to my ass. I was his. My body was surrendering to his touch. It was amazing.

I felt his huge hand rubbing my cock through my pants, while he continued kissing me. A zipping sound in the dark. He didn’t hesitate and took it out. My throbbing cock felt wet against his fingers, making me shiver. With a steady pace, he was playing with me.

Every time he rubbed it, I would feel waves of pleasure that I had to control not to burst right away… His fingers were soon covered in precum. My glossy eyes stared at him begging for mercy.


Only in my wildest dreams my boss would jerk me off. Up until now, I could tell he was curious but now he was unleashing his deep desires.

After teasing me enough, he dropped to his knees. I looked down and saw his bright blue eyes focused by the dim light that entered through the blinds. He was holding my cock from the base with his thumb and middle finger, examining it while he wiped his lips with the back of his hand. My cock was twitching and glistening with precum.

When I felt his tongue on the tip of my cock, my body shuddered…Slowly at first, I could tell it was probably his first time blowing someone. He took it in and started bobbing his head. I could feel his warm mouth sucking me hard. I rested against the wall and tried not to fall to my knees, by holding onto a stack of chairs.

He grabbed my balls carefully, and then began caressing them. Although he was on his knees, he was the definitely one in charge. Robert was staring up at me, so I closed my eyes, because it was too much. Sloppy sounds together with his deep moans were all I could hear so I assumed everyone was gone from the office. It was just him and me in that small room. I couldn’t believe it was real.

After a while, I felt my body was going to explode so I told him to stop.

“Please…” I had to push him back a little.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m going to cum if you keep doing that…”

He responded with a grin…

He stood up and walked towards his jacket and took out some condoms and lube. He’d bought quality lube not the cheap stuff. That’s when I realized what was about to happen; he had planned this, it wasn’t just a spur of the moment decision.

“I’ve always been curious about how it would feel… you know… I even started watching videos and for the first time I got hard watching two men going at it. It was so raw…”

I nodded in agreement. Of course, gay sex was awesome, and he was about to find out.

I got closer to him and removed my shirt. Soon his shirt and my tie fell on the floor, followed by our pants. In a matter of seconds, we were in our underwear. Mine were a pair of dark briefs that contrasted with my pale skin, and he was wearing some turquoise boxer briefs with a black elastic band, that barely contained his thighs and bulge. Some dark fuzz covered his chest and legs. He was a real beefy man, and finally ( I was thanking god) I was allowed to see his muscular body. My body on the other hand, was almost hairless but I had some decent muscle definition. Of course standing next to him I looked like I needed to hit the gym.

I began kissing his chest and sniffing my way to his waistband. His musk was making me forget who he was, in that moment all I wanted to do was get fucked by him. Just pure lust. I pulled his briefs down and somehow his cock looked more majestic than before. It casted an interesting shadow in the dim light. His pink head was all shiny, one line of precum was going half-way down his large hard cock. I noticed he had trimmed the hairs around it, which was a nice touch.

I closed my eyes and let my tongue taste all of his man meat. My tongue ran from the base tracing all of his veins all the way to Anadolu Yakası Escort the sweet hole at the top. It was salty and wet and yet I couldn’t get enough.Meanwhile, he ran his ran fingers through my brown hair. On my knees, I could feel my body yearning for him. My hole was twitching, and my cock was throbbing between my legs. I was about to be filled by his beautiful cock. I knew I would have to be quick if I wanted him inside him, but I still wanted him to be proud of my ‘skills’.

I sat him on a chair and began working his cock. Grabbing him with my two hands, I played with it. My mouth was slowly going down on it. Every time I tried to go deeper. Once I got enough spit on it, I was able to take it all. Each time taking a deep breath before going down. Meanwhile my hands caressed the muscles on his calves, going up to his thighs.

“…God… Thomas I love that…”

After making him all wet. The silvery packaging on the condom was soon on the floor and I stretched it on his cock. It was the first time, I struggled putting a condom on someone as it was so big. I couldn’t wait to have him inside me. I took off my briefs and put some lube on my tight hole to loosen up. I had dreamed for this moment for so long, it wasn’t going to be that necessary.

I got on top of him and he pulled me closer to kiss me once again. His cock was rock hard in between us. I grabbed his it and sat on the head feeling the pressure. I moved my hips adjusting and trying to fit that monster while holding onto his shoulders for support. The head popped in and it felt like a tight squeeze. My cock was rock hard although it was a bit painful. I few whimpers escaped my mouth. I was shaking and perhaps it was a bit too thick. I took it out and decided to use my fingers first.

I grabbed the lube and was about to pour some when he said…

“Wait… let me do it…” He sucked his middle and ring finger to my surprise, before he poured some lube on them.

“oh… god…”I whispered as soon as I felt his fingers rubbing and then entering my hole.

I hugged him while he worked his magic fingers on me. My face was hiding on his neck, as I didn’t want him to see me roll my eyes. His fingers were huge but he was gentle. Making sure to go in and out, slowly getting me wet.

“You’re so tight Thomas…”

“…F..fuck…” I let out when he rubbed my sweet spot.

More lube and fingers later, I was in heaven.

“Tell me when you feel ready okay?”

“Oh.. I’m so ready daddy..” I slipped and saw his face light up and chuckle. I realized my poor word choice.

“… sorry…” I apologized looking down.

“Don’t be… you can call me daddy…”

The way he said that just made me want him more. I spread my cheeks and he guided his cock back in my entrance. This time it entered slowly, while my body gave up all resistance. I saw him closing his eyes and moaning, while I sat down on it inch by inch. He was stretching me out and I was enjoying the sensation.

“Fuck… that’s a tight grip…” he said after the rest of his inches got in and I felt his balls making contact. I smiled satisfied.

I began moving my hips up and down. Each time taking a few more inches until I could leave just the head in before slamming it back inside sending waves of pleasure. It felt so hot inside, it was so deep. The pink head of my cock was dripping with precum so I knew I wasn’t going to last long. We were burning and sweating together like animals. Our bodies soon turned into a symphony of clapping sounds and moans.

He then pulled me up and bended me over the only desk in the room. It was an old wooden desk, probably too big to fit any of our small offices but sturdy enough to do some fucking. I held the sides of the desk and felt something cool dripping between my pale cheeks. He began rubbing his massive cock in between, pressing slightly on my entrance each time. Meanwhile, his rough hand grabbed my meat that was dangling hard between my legs, pulling it firmly. His teasing was too much.

“..Please fuck me…” I begged looking back at the bear behind me.

“…Say my name…”

“Please… fuck me Robert…” He slammed it right in making me yell.

“Fffuck!….Oh God….” I screamed begging to be fucked hard.

He grabbed my shoulder with his left hand and held his cock with his right hand. He pushed it all the way in and began pounding me mercilessly. In and out, making my ass close slightly before being teared up again.

Although, it was his first time with a guy he was proving to be a worthy top. I rolled my eyes in pleasure and felt like him and me were just one. Just two sweaty animals in the wild. I can’t explain the feeling in words.

My cock throbbed and bounced. I grabbed the sides of the desk firmly while getting dominated by him. There was no question my ass was his now. The smell of sweat and sex just filled the small room, luckily nowone was going to use it for now. We continued for a few minutes that felt like an eternity. We were lucky to be alone as anyone outside would have heard my euphoric cries of pleasure.

He huffed and rested his head on my back while he drilled me. It felt increadible.

“God, I’m about to cum…” He said almost holding his breath.

“Me too…”

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Helping My Landlord Come Out Ch. 06

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What a dilemma I now faced.

My own stupidities and lust had driven my partner to an ultimatum. Either we make our relationship formal, in the way of marriage, or I am out of a job and somewhere to stay.

Ricky and I stayed the night in the room that Gary paid for and despite the opportunity being there, I didn’t want my first fucking of Ricky to be in a cheap hotel room.

I didn’t sleep much. At one point I got up and made myself a coffee whilst watching Ricky lying there.

I did love him but could I stay faithful?

I pulled back the cover and took in his, to me, sexy body.

His cock rested against his thigh, already semi-hard. Maybe he was dreaming of me?

I started pulling him so gently and he did not move away. His cock did start to grow though and I started to kiss and lick it.

“You do realise that I’m awake, Ryan?”

I gave a start but smiled.

“Good, take this as my provisional acceptance, I’m now your fiancee.”

The words were out before I had the chance to think.

Ricky’s cock grew to its full length.

“Normally, a kiss would seal the deal but just you carry on, Ryan.”

I kissed his ball sac and licked down, then under to his crack. Now secure in the knowledge that Ricky was open to me fucking him, I wanted to test the ground and give myself a taste of his tight arse.

My tongue circled his hole, teasing him, before flicking my tongue off his sphincter.

Ricky was moaning his approval, as my tongue slowly worked its way into his tight hole. His hips moved as I found a sweet spot.

“Fuck me Ryan, fuck me! Please!” Ricky desperately pleaded.

“No, not here, it has to be right.”

It wasn’t easy putting the brakes on but I wanted to take him when the time and place was right.

“Tonight, Ricky. At your place. I will make love to you as you’ve never known.”

I moved my head back up and went back to attending to his cock. Licking it, rolling my tongue along it and under it, tasting the pre-cum as it started to ooze.

All I wanted was for Ricky to cum into my loving mouth and I didn’t have long to wait.

I cleaned him up as I so often did and then kissed him tenderly.

“My darling, I’ve treated you so badly, now it’s time I treated you well.”

Ricky put on a serious face.

“You’ve treated me despicably, it’s true but love doesn’t always do the sensible things and I love you, Ryan.”

I felt so embarrassed and guilty and as usual, couldn’t help but open my mouth.

“What happens if I can’t help myself, feel the need for extra-marital sex? I mean, I’m young, impulsive.”

Ricky sighed. “Don’t think I’ve not thought about it, Ryan. I sought advice from someone who knows both of us.”

“What? You mean my dad?”

Why did Ricky always tell him things about our relationship?

“Of course. He’s my friend. The only one I can talk to about us.”

“Still, Ricky, I’m not sure he always acts in your, or our best interests.”

“You might not say that when I tell you about a suggestion he had.” Ricky said that with a knowing smile, that heightened my hope and curiosity.

Ricky then regaled what my dad had said. Dad knew my nature and that I could be a bit flighty. His suggestion, I had to admit, had merit and even a fair bit of attraction.

My dad said we should consider threesomes, so we both could satisfy our extra needs, or more accurately mine.

It made sense and I warmed to the idea. Just a pity that İstanbul Escort my dad had come up with the idea and I did worry that he might want to be the first participant.

Looking back, I realised he already had been involved. That night he came to our room and Ricky sucked him in front of me. Did my dad now want to go further?

I spent the next couple of weeks transitioning to Ricky’s place. It wasn’t that I had a lot of stuff, I just needed to balance study time and work until Ricky found a replacement for me in the bar.

One evening, as I arrived to start my shift, Jess was in an excited mood.

“Ricky’s doing an interview in the back office.”

“So? Why get so excited.” I asked her.

“The guy’s fucking gorgeous, man. Tall and blonde, late 20’s I’d say.” Jess gushed.

“I thought Rolf was the love of your life?”

“Ach, we’re too different. I love to stay in, cuddle up and you know……”

“Oh, I know Jess.” I smiled knowing that she loved cock. Jess continued.

“Rolf wants to involve other guys, even other lassies. I’m no’ having that, I’m a traditional girl at heart. Another thing, he likes to party too much. By the time we get in, I’m too tired to fuck.”

“Oh Jess, there are times I wished I could fancy you.” I smiled.

“Fuck off, you patronising bastard!” Jess said in her inimitable tone.

My mind was now turning its little cogs, trying to fashion a way to get into Rolf’s pants. He had said he owed me one, after I set him up with Jess in the first place.

Could I work a plan so that he would take part in a threesome with me Ricky, or would I just be my selfish norm.

The next thing, Ricky appeared with his arm round the shoulder of the blonde guy. I guessed he’d got the job.

Jess was right, he was gorgeous. I couldn’t help but feel a touch of jealousy.

“Hi, I’m Tony, you must be Ryan?”

He held out his hand for me to shake.. It was warm but not clammy. Strong but not uncomfortable. I wanted to drop to my knees.

“Ricky tells me you’ve just got engaged, congratulations!” It sounded a heartfelt comment.

“You’re not homophobic then?” As usual, my mouth worked before my brain.

“Nah, live and let live, I say.”

“Maybe we can all go and get to know each better.” I ventured, winking at Ricky.

“Not sure what my wife would say about that.” Tony said with a laugh.

So, straight and married. I loved a challenge.

That day, at the zoo, I was chatting to Rolf at our lunch break. It was the first time our breaks had been the same in a month.

I said I was sorry that things weren’t working out with Jess.

“Yeah, looks like I’m trying to find that elusive thing. A good experienced fuck but also one that is willing to try new things.”

I pretended to be ignorant of what Jess told me.

“New things, what are you getting at?” I said innocently.

“I fancy some group sex. I even said another guy could come, just to please her.”

“Ah, Jess is a one man lady. Maybe too boring for you.”

“Don’t get me wrong, she is a good fuck, really loves cock. That is why I thought my plan would work.”

“Well, I have one suggestion, Rolf.” I tried to keep a light tone, so as not to scare him off.

“Go for it, my friend.”

“Remember you were grateful to me for setting you up with Jess in the first place?”

“Is this you calling in that favour?” Rolf said warily.

“Well, yes and no. How do you Escort Bayan fancy double the attention and also have fun?”

“Go on, I’m interested.” Rolf’s reply made me sure of success.

I told him about the agreement that Ricky and I had come to. That threesomes would be a good way to stop me from straying.

“So, you want me to agree to both of you pleasuring me? He said with a grin on his face.

“Yes, we both would suck you and you could fuck as both if you want.”

Rolf was quiet for a minute, as he sat deep in thought.

I was on tenterhooks, awaiting his decision.

“Okay, Ryan, why not? I love having my cock sucked, so two of you fighting over it would be good and I do love to fuck a nice arse. That is one thing Jess would not do.”

I was delighted, I could have kissed him but reckoned that was one thing He wouldn’t go for.

“Wait until I tell Ricky, he’ll be so excited.”

That night, I completed my studies early, in my new home and decided to create a mood, for Ricky coming home. I lit candles, put on his favourite Motown music and made myself ready for his return.

Tonight was going to be the night that I finally claimed Ricky’s arse and let him know our first threesome was on the cards.

Ricky arrived just after midnight. He had trusted Tony, the new guy, to lock up. Ricky wasn’t worried as Tony had a home and wife and kids to go to. Any funny business and he couldn’t exactly hide.

I was wearing a short silky, burgundy, gown that hid nothing. I let him enter the lounge and take in the efforts I’d made.

“Oh Ryan, I know what you’re after.” He said softly, putting his arms round my back and gently stroking.

We kissed for a couple of minutes until I invited him to open my gown.

My cock was straining at the leash. It was like it could sense its next prey. I was struggling to keep a tender lid on things, as all I wanted was to fuck Ricky’s arse from here to Kingdom come and back again.

Ricky held and pulled at my cock as I unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his belt, me kissing him passionately at intervals.

I pulled his briefs down and pushed him onto the bed and he kept his legs up, giving me a view of the prize.

Like a wild animal, my face was buried between his cheeks. My tongue started to lick Ricky’s hole and the skin around. I loved that he was moving his body to try and maximise the feeling

I could feel that my cock was rock-hard and ready.

Ricky lay with his hands holding his ankles above him. My cock rubbed against his hole, teasing him and threatening him with my power.

I made an initial push, a small one but did not get the reaction I expected. There should have been more resistance. Instead, he was tight but did not feel virginal.

I’d had a couple of first-timers in the past and knew what I should have been expecting.

I tried to focus. This was the first time I’d fucked him, granted but someone had beaten me to it.

I could tell he was still very tight but not intact.

It raised my fervour and I gave up any show of tenderness and fucked him as hard as I could manage.

Ricky was groaning out loud now but taking it.

Eventually, as much to relieve my balls as anything I fired a hot load of cum deep inside him.

Ricky moaned as he felt my cum splash inside him and there was pleasure in his face but I knew that everything wasn’t right.

I dismounted and lay with my back to the Eskort cold white sheet. I remained silent.

“What’s wrong Ryan, didn’t I do it right?” Ricky asked in a pleading tone.

“Of course you did it right, you’ve had practice!” My response was venomous.

“Only the once, I promise.” Ricky said, desperately.

“So who was it? Out with it, no point in keeping it all a secret now.”

Ricky was obviously reluctant. Then it dawned on me.

“Douglas. That blood father of mine.” I stated rhetorically.

Rick nodded, shame all over his face.

“How the fuck could do let it go that far? He told me you only sucked him in the RAF.”

He looked at me and dropped his voice.

“It wasn’t back then, it was more recently.”

“How recent?” I could feel my blood beginning to boil.

“When your parents stayed, that’s how recent.” Ricky spat out, angry with himself.

I was not just shocked but so angry, both with Ricky for letting my dad get his own way but so much more angry at my father for, once again, getting in there ahead of me.


“Why? When? How?” I fired questions at Ricky without giving him any time to answer.

Eventually, I burned myself out and just waited for some answers.

“Ryan, it’s not an excuse but Douglas seems to have a hold on me. I can’t resist his advances. I want to, God knows I want to.”

A lot of the anger I held towards Ricky disappeared at that moment. I knew what he said was true. My dad had always been power-crazy and loved to control people. Witness my mother. There is no way she could love him but he held a power over her.

“You were working at the zoo and your mum was having a long relaxing bath. Me and your dad just started chatting and as it so often does, you come into it.”

“Was that engineered by you or my dad?” It was the important question.

“Your dad. He wanted to know about our sex life, habits, were we taking care, the whole package.”

“Then what.” I asked tersely.

” I did kind of say I was a little nervous about anal sex.” Ricky blushed.

“Is that when he made his move? I said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, he said it would be better for both of us, if I was ready and prepared. He made it sound as if he was doing us a favour.”

“Oh he would’ve. He’s totally full of himself.”

At that moment, all I held for my father was a deep loathing. That and a gnawing pity for my mum, who surely only stayed with him because of me.

I didn’t want to know the sordid details but Ricky felt the need to get it off his chest. My dad had lubed his cock and taken little time in forcing his way in. Ricky said his mind was numb as it happened, he wasn’t thinking about who was fucking him, which would explain how he was with me earlier.

My dad gave one concession, he didn’t cum inside Ricky’s arse, just sprayed over his cheeks after withdrawing.

His parting remark said it all about my dad.

He said “leave it, Ryan can have a snack later.”

Ricky was deeply ashamed and realised how much he’d hurt me.

I couldn’t really take the moral high ground after my antics.

We sat in silence for a few minutes. I broke it by sarcastically laughing a comment.

“Well, that didn’t quite go as planned.”

Ricky looked at me, unsure how to react and slowly gave a thin smile.

“Let’s sleep on all this, there’s a lot to process. Don’t worry, I’m not using the spare room!” I tried to sound cheery.

Ricky hugged me and we settled down, me being spooned by him.

I stayed awake for hours, trying to work out if I could carry on with Ricky, not because I didn’t love him but because my dad would always have an influence. Could we survive his interference?

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Campground Discoveries Pt. 05

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(Takes up where fourth part leaves off.)

Alone in my tent that night I thought a long time about what had happened.

I had come to terms with what Danny and I had done together; in a strange way, it was almost an extension of our friendship.

But the encounter in the shower — with a total stranger — suggested I was deeper into this thing than I suspected. Did I have any boundaries at all?

I thought of something my dad once told me. He was not a big one for giving advice, but when I was 15 or 16 he had sat me down for a talk about contraception, which he said is basically a matter of responsibility. HIs final words were, “Don’t let your dick do your thinking for you.”

Well, here I was, letting my dick do all the thinking. Nobody was going to get pregnant as a result, of course, but the principle was the same. I wasn’t controlling events; events were controlling me.

On the other hand, there was no denying how excited I was about discovering a new side to my sexual self.

Before this trip, I had looked only at females as potential partners, and that had seemed to offer all the possibilities a guy could want. Now the pool was bigger, so to speak, and I couldn’t see why I shouldn’t dive in.

My cock was hard again, so I treated myself to a long slow wank. I was thinking about the two girls I’d fucked as well as Danny and the shower guy, and it was a satisfying wank, indeed.

The next morning my dad woke me up early to go fishing, just the two of us.

With Danny gone I would be expected to spend more time with the family, which was fine because I would have been bored otherwise. But it was hard to focus on the fish, and I spent a lot of time thinking about other things. Luckily my dad was content to sit quietly, too, so there was nothing awkward about it.

After lunch that day — it was now Thursday — I decided to go for a hike. I threw some snacks and a water bottle in the pack, and was getting ready to leave when I noticed clouds gathering in the west. Just to be safe I threw a poncho in the pack, and then set out.

I found myself once again on the rocky outcrop Danny and I had already visited a couple of times that week. I got out the binoculars and scanned the valley, but didn’t see anyone, so I let them rest in my lap.

By now the clouds had darkened considerably, but they were moving fast and I figured any rain, if it came, would be brief. Still, it’s not a good idea to be in an exposed position in the mountains, so I decided to move down to a more sheltered spot under the trees.

I got out the poncho and started putting my other things in the pack. I had just finished when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned, and a man was coming up the trail.

“Hey,” he said. “You probably don’t want to be up here when the storm hits. Bad place to be if lightning strikes.”

“I know,” I said. “I was just packing up to leave.”

I slung my pack over my shoulder and followed him back down the trail.

“Are you staying in one of the cabins here?” he asked over his shoulder.

“No, I’m camping with my family in the next valley,” I said.

“Won’t they worry about you out here by yourself in a storm?”

“No, we’ve been coming here for years, they know I’ll be careful.”

Rain started to fall — big, heavy drops that made popping sounds on my poncho. This wasn’t going to be a minor drizzle.

We reached a fork in the trail. The left fork went back to the campground, the right down into the valley with the cabins.

When the guy got to the fork he turned around. It was only then that I realized who it was: one of the guys Danny and I had been watching.

For a second I panicked, thinking he might have recognized me. But he gave no sign of it, and on a second’s reflection I decided there was little chance Danny and I had been seen.

The guy was a little taller than me, but it was hard to get an idea of his build because he was wearing a poncho, too. He had had a hat jammed down on his head, but I could tell he had very blond hair, a somewhat darker blond beard and light blue eyes.

“I’m Rick,” he said, holding out his hand.


We shook.

“How far back to your camp?” he asked.

“Couple of miles,” I said.

“My cabin’s half a mile from here,” he said. “You can wait it out there if you like.”

He saw my hesitation

“Don’t worry,” he said, turning down the trail. “I won’t jump your bones.”

I’m sure he meant it sound reassuring, Maltepe Escort but for me — who had watched him having sex with another guy twice in the last two days — it only raised doubts in my mind.

On the most basic level, it was dumb of me to go off with a total stranger without telling anyone where I was going. He might not be planning to jump my bones, but he might be an axe murderer.

On a deeper level, though, I felt something close to disappointment. Why won’t you jump my bones? Am I not attractive enough for you?

And what did that mean? Was I subconsciously hoping for some kind of encounter?

I thought of the hot tub. What would I do if he suggested warming up in the tub? Would I get naked with him? What would I do if he came on to me? Would I come on to him?

At that moment I caught the toe of my boot on a rock and nearly did a face-plant on the trail.

“Easy there,” Rick said.

I guess I’d better pay attention to what I’m doing, I thought.

By this time rain was coming down hard, and it didn’t let up until we had nearly reached the cabin. My poncho had kept me mostly dry, but my boots were muddy and the lower part of my jeans were soaked.

Rick led me around to the front of the cabin, where a short stairway led to a broad screened-in porch. I took off my poncho, shook the water off and climbed the stairs.

Just inside the porch, Rick stopped to take off his boots, indicating I should do the same.

“We can put these in front of the heater to dry,” he said.

“Heater?” I asked. “In a cabin?”

“My ex insisted on it,” he said. “She refused to stay here in cold weather unless she could always be sure of getting warmed up.”

Ex? I thought. Another guy who plays for both teams.

I handed him my boots and we went through the door.

The cabin, which had looked unpretentious, even plain, on the outside, was gorgeous on the inside, with warm wood paneling everywhere, a huge fireplace on the wall to my right and light flooding in from ceiling-high windows on the far wall.

Just to the right of the door was a dining area with a big table and chairs made of oak, and beyond that a stairway that I guessed led to a loft. Between the dining area and the windows was a large open area with comfortable-looking couches and chairs arranged in front of the fireplace. On the inner wall was a large bookcase and a small table with an expensive-looking chess set. The ceiling was low over the dining area, but beyond that the space was open all the way to the pitched roof.

On the left was a good-sized kitchen with a dinette and a door leading to what I guessed was a small bedroom.

Rick put our boots on a mat in front of a heating vent in the kitchen and then went to the fireplace, where he got busy starting a fire.

“The cell signal isn’t great here, but you might be able to get a message to your parents if you want to let them know where you are,” he said.

That’s reassuring, I thought. No axe murderer would make a suggestion like that.

I pulled out my phone and texted my dad, telling him that I’d been ‘rescued’ and would wait out the storm indoors.

To my relief he texted back a few minutes later, thanking me for letting him know and asking to keep him posted. If he was curious why I’d taken shelter with a stranger, he didn’t say so.

When the fire had caught, Rick stood up. I was still standing just inside the door.

“C’mon in,” he said, smiling. “Make yourself comfortable.”

Glancing down, he added, “Maybe we should dry those jeans, too. I’ve got a pair of sweats you can change into. I should change myself, come to think of it.”

Before I could answer he scrambled up the stairs to the loft. A minute later he came back down, wearing one pair of sweats and carrying another in his hand. His wet jeans were draped over his arm.

“Here,” he said, tossing me the sweats as he walked into the kitchen.

It felt like he was turning his back to me deliberately so I could change without embarrassment, which I thought was courteous of him. I quickly shucked off my jeans and pulled on the sweats.

By that time he had come back with one of those collapsible wooden drying racks. He set it up in front of the vent, over the boots, and spread our jeans on it to dry.

Then he looked at me with a friendly smile.

“How about something hot? Coffee? Hot chocolate? Or are you old enough to have something stronger?”

For Anadolu Yakası Escort a second I wondered if he had more than one reason for asking if I was of legal age.

“I’m old enough,” I said.

“Bourbon OK?”


When he went back to the kitchen, I went over to the windows to have a look outside. The rain was still falling and it didn’t look like it would be stopping soon. The hot tub was covered, but as I watched a wisp of steam escaped from one corner.

My dick stirred at the thought of what I’d seen going on there two days ago.

“Here,” Rick said behind me.

I turned and took the drink — a modest one. He wasn’t trying to get me drunk.

We settled ourselves in chairs near the fire and began to talk.

Half an hour later, I’d decided that Rick was a really good guy.

He was a software engineer for a big company I’d heard of. He’d been married for close to 10 years to his high school sweetheart and they’d had three kids. But he and his wife eventually realized they weren’t really compatible — in what way, he didn’t say — and he’d been separated about a year.

You could tell he really adored his kids. He and “the ex,” as he called her, had joint custody, and he talked about how often he brought them up here for long weekends. He even got up to fetch a picture of them from the mantel to show me.

He took an interest in me, too, asking about my family, what subjects I’d liked in school, what I expected to study at college in the fall.

An hour passed. He looked out the window and said, “I don’t think this is going to let up soon. How about I give you a ride back to camp?”

“You don’t have to do that,” I said. “I don’t mind walking in the rain.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said. “I have to go into town anyway, so I’ll just drop you on the way.”

We stood up. He took my glass and his into the kitchen and came back with both pairs of jeans, now mostly dry.

Without thinking I pulled down the sweats and reached for my jeans. If he had looked, which I think he might have, he would have seen I had a bulge in my underwear.

Rick dropped his own sweats and kicked them aside. I stole a glance and it looked like he had a bulge, too.

It might have been my imagination, but I felt just the slightest hint of sexual tension in the room.

He pulled his jeans on, then turned and went to the kitchen to grab his wallet and keys.

Neither of us said much on the ride to the campground. But as we turned onto the gravel road leading to the campground from the highway, Rick cleared his throat.

“Would you like to come back tomorrow?” he asked. “The weather is supposed to be better. We can have a soak in the hot tub.”

I paused before answering. I had a pretty good idea of what this implied — more than Rick could have suspected I knew.

“That sounds great,” I said. “What time?”

“Let’s say 2,” he said, pulling up and stopping near the campground entrance.

I thanked him for the rescue, the ride and the invitation and shook his hand.

After he had driven away, I thought, “What have I gotten myself into now?”


My parents were naturally curious about where I’d been, but I could truthfully answer all their questions without having to explain why I was up on that rock in the first place.

“Dinner’s going to be a little late, so you can go clean up if you like,” my mom said.

I didn’t much feel like I needed a shower — we were camping, after all, and getting a little skanky is part of the experience — but I decided to go anyway.

When I got to the shower building I was glad to see that no one was around. I undressed and put my things in a cubbyhole, and was just about to turn on a faucet when some impulse made me go back and get my razor and shaving cream out of the kit.

My beard is pretty sparse, to tell the truth, and normally I would have gone the whole camping week without shaving. But I had decided on the spot to do some manscaping, and I was glad I had some things with me.

I hadn’t done this before, and doing it in a public shower with no mirror and no place to rest a lifted leg turned out to be a bad idea. I had particular trouble with my sack, not surprisingly, and I nicked myself two or three times.

I had expected a little discomfort. What I hadn’t expected was getting aroused; handling my cock and balls while shaving was an erotic experience, and by the time I was done I had a İstanbul Escort serious hardon.

I was tempted to masturbate and was just about to start when I heard the outer door open and shut.

Damn, I thought, turning to the wall to hide my erection.

Half a minute later someone walked into the shower room. I stole a glance over my shoulder and recognized the guy from the night before.

“Hi,” he said.

I should have expected this, and subconsciously maybe I did.

I took a deep breath and turned around.

“Well,” he said, looking at my rock-hard dick and newly shaven pubes. “You look great.”

He stepped closer to me and rubbed a hand over my newly shaven privates, then grasped my dick.

“It feels great, doesn’t it, all smooth like that?”

I nodded.

He took my hand and placed it on his cock, which was getting hard fast.

“I had hoped I’d see you again,” he said.

We stroked each other. When he was fully hard he leaned toward me and whispered into my ear, “My turn.”

At first I wasn’t sure what he meant, but when he put his free hand on my shoulder and gently pressed downward, I got the idea.

I did not resist. I bent my legs and kneeled on the floor, my mouth just inches from his cock.

It looked even thicker from this angle. The shaft looked to be two inches across, easy. The head was shaped like a helmet and a little broader even at the edges than the shaft. I wondered if I’d be able to fit it in my mouth.

He saw my hesitation.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Other guys have managed.”

I opened my mouth and touched the head with my tongue.

“That’s nice,” he coaxed. “Now open wide.”

I did, and he slowly slid his cock between my lips.

Giving Danny one blow job hadn’t made me an expert, of course, but I had learned the importance of relaxing my throat and using a lot of spit. The water streaming onto his cock from the shower helped, too.

When the shaft was about halfway in he stopped and pulled back, letting me breathe, then came forward again. Repeating this process several times, taking in a little more each time, I eventually got comfortable with all but the last inch or so of his six inches.

It was a strange feeling, having my mouth filled entirely with his cock. Danny’s cock, which wasn’t nearly this thick, had left me room to work, so to speak. But now I couldn’t do much but let this guy do his thing.

He wasn’t treating me roughly — I don’t think I would have put up with that — but he moved steadily, and there was no doubt who was calling the shots.

He’s treating my mouth like a pussy, I thought. It’s actually kind of hot.

I felt my own cock stiffen a little further, if that was possible. It felt like I could pound nails with it.

It wasn’t long before I felt his cock swelling in my mouth.

“Here it comes,” he said.

A split second later, he rose onto his toes, his cock swelled and a wad of cum shot down my throat. I tried to back off to swallow but he had wound his hands into my hair and had my head firmly in his grasp. He shot several more times, and my mouth filled with sticky cum that soon overflowed and spilled out of my lips and dribbled down my chin.

I was on the point of gagging when he finally withdrew his cock. Before I could swallow his load he pulled me to my feet, brought his face close to mine and thrust his tongue into my mouth.

He’s tasting his own cum, I thought, just like Danny did. This is definitely hot.

Finally he let me go. I swallowed what remained of his cum and stood there panting.

He stepped back, rinsed himself off, gave me a wink and strode out of the room.

My cock was still standing at full attention. I desperately wanted to jack off, but I had already been away from the campsite too long and I needed to get back.

I turned off the water and went to dry off. By this time the guy was nearly dressed.

“I hope I wasn’t too rough on you,” he said, in a kindly tone, ” but I didn’t want to take up too much time. You never know when someone might come in.”

“It’s okay,” I said.

Noticing the ring on his finger, I added, “You’re married, right? Kids?”

“Yes,” he said quietly. “But I started playing with guys in college, and never really stopped. It’s a hard thing to give up, once you try it.”

I was beginning to get that idea.

“Let me ask you something,” he said. “Have you played with that good-looking friend I saw you with the other night?”

I blushed.

“You have, I see,” he said, smiling. “Well, don’t let it worry you; you’re not the first guy your age to experiment with a buddy. Take it from a guy who knows.”

I would have liked to hear more on that topic, but he was already out the door.

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Soma’s Journey Ch. 06: GH Surprise

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I was sitting on the sofa in one of the theater rooms at Pegasus, a favorite ABS of mine, waiting for the man who was going to feed me for lunch. He had answered my ad looking for a dominant feeder and seemed like a good match. The TV showed the usual bad porn, featuring a blonde alternately being vaginally and orally pounded by a well endowed man, with no visible signs of pleasure either on his cock or her pussy. It was easy not to pay attention to the action on screen.

I was seated in my usual pose, my shoes off and my feet curled up under me. I was doing my best to look demure but sexy. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an older man standing near the sofa, looking at me. I returned the stare. He was slightly shorter than me, a quite ordinary looking 65 year old balding man, but with intelligent eyes that were locked on me and a hand that was rubbing his crotch. I looked at it and licked my lips in what I hoped was an inviting manner, then returned to his eyes. He was clearly sizing me up, his eyes daring mine to return their gaze. For some reason, I couldn’t do so and lowered my eyes back to his crotch while lowering my head and leaning forward ever so slightly.

“May I sit by you?” he asked.

”Please do,” I responded softly, glad that he had initiated. Making first contact in an ABS has never been my strong suit, and I’ve missed many a feeding by being too shy to speak up.

He sat next to me and we watched the porn for a minute or so, as I took over rubbing his crotch, feeling the bulge start to grow. He put his hand on my thigh and blew gently on my neck, near my shoulder. Even though I’m naturally sensitive there, my body’s response shocked me. I melted instantly, especially when he followed up with a soft kiss on the same spot that had my cock responding and my inner submissive maiden bursting forth wanting to lean my head on his shoulder. I resisted the urge, but sighed with pleasure. Then he whispered in my ear, bringing more goosebumps.

“Let’s go find a booth.” He was not asking. He rose and started walking, without looking back.

“Yes, Sir,” I whispered, barely able to respond, but knowing I must follow this man who had captured my body with a touch on my neck. He led the way and I followed, wishing he had taken my hand and wondering where that Ataşehir Escort thought had come from.

He led me into a booth near the back of the building. There was a chair in the booth next to the glory hole and I promptly sat down, took off my glasses and put them in my shirt pocket. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down, showing me his white briefs with a bulge that had me staring in anticipation…

…but not for long, as he pulled down his underpants and I got my first look at his cock. It was half erect, about 5″ long and thicker than I expected. As I lowered my head, I inhaled his musk, savoring the masculine scent wafting up from his crotch. I lifted it to my lips and kissed the head gently before sliding it slowly into my mouth, feeling it slide over my tongue until my nose was nestled in his pubic hair. I reached behind him to rub his ass and was surprised yet again as I felt trim, muscular buttocks. I pulled them toward me as my tongue began swirling around his cock, encouraging it to grow in my mouth.

I squeezed his buttocks, then slid my hands under his shirt up his hairy chest until I found his large nipples. He responded as I ran my fingers around them and through his chest hair. It was thick and soft. I wondered how it would feel to run my hands through his naked chest and suck on those nipples I could only feel now. I squeezed them gently, all the while continuing to feel his cock enlarge in my mouth, moving toward my throat and my gag reflex. I slid my head up until only his cock head was in my mouth, then moved back down slowly, coating it with as much saliva as I could.

He seemed to be enjoying my talents, if his moans mixed with a slight wheeze were any indication. I loved the feel of his firm ass in my hands and noted the way it twitched. As I held his cock in my mouth and ran my tongue up its length and over its slit, I started to observe a pattern in his ass squeezes, which seemed to be timed to my licking under his cock head. An orbit of his head resulted in a twitch; a poke of my tongue in his slit produced a gasp, as well as a taste of precum. Even though his cock never got fully hard, it was filling my mouth and leaking enough to keep me happy. I started humming with happiness, while my hands spread and closed his cheeks.

In the midst Acıbadem Escort of the more satisfying feedings I’d had in some time, I heard the door of the next booth close. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man bending over to watch us playing. I gave him a grin as best I could with a mouth full of cock. I saw him unbuckling his belt, then returned to focus on my man. I slid my hands around to his balls and held them gently while warming them with my breath. They were small enough that I was able to take them both in my mouth and give them a tongue bath as well. And then, he ran his hand through my hair and the goosebumps reappeared. I leaned my head against his thigh and hugged him to me.

With his balls still in my hands, I kissed my way up his shaft and planted a kiss on the top of his cock, then slipped his head into my mouth and applied heavy suction. After building up a pool of saliva in my mouth, I slid down his shaft, then pulled up, stopping at his cock head and sucking hard, then, still sucking hard, sliding down his cock as quickly as I could. I moved up slowly, my tongue licking his shaft on the upstroke and circling the head when it was the only thing in my mouth. He hissed with pleasure and put his hands on either side of my head. I had him now…his cum would soon be mine.

I glanced at the glory hole and saw the neighbor playing with his cock. I moved one hand to the hole and beckoned his cock with my finger. Shortly, an erect, thin cock appeared. It was slightly longer than the one in my mouth and very hard. I took it in my wet hand and started jacking him. I looked up at my feeder and, after making contact with his eyes, glanced at the other cock and asked silently if he would mind. He smiled and nodded. I moved my mouth off him and slurped my way down the new cock, while holding onto the other one and sliding my hand over it.

From the precum on the new cock, I knew he wouldn’t have long to go, and I was ready to accommodate him. I slobbered on his cock and applied the same suction trick I had been using, this time twisting my mouth around his cock as I descended. I wasn’t able to take the full length in my mouth, but I licked down as far as the glory hole permitted. He hadn’t pushed his balls through, so I was limited to his cock. It was strangely cool İstanbul Escort on my tongue, but responded with a good dose of precum.

It couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes before I felt a pulse of cum enter my mouth. After a couple of spurts, he pulled back into his room and started to pull up his pants. On an impulse, I opened my mouth to the man in my booth and showed him the cum, then swallowed and showed him my empty mouth.

Through the hole, I heard, “Thanks.”

“Thank YOU, Sir,” I replied, “It was yummy.”

It was and it made me hungry for more. I looked up at my man. He smiled at me and pointed his cock at my mouth. I took the hint, and his cock, determined to have his cum join what was already in my stomach. Lunch hour was ending and I would need to be heading back to the office soon; it was time to get my treat.

I pulled his buttocks to me; forcing his cock down my throat and making me gag. I held it for a few seconds, until the gag reflex was too much for me. I pulled back, but kept my tongue active on his shaft. My lust was growing as I paid closer attention to his musky and manly scent. I felt my own cock start to swell for the first time. My head bobbed up and down, the lust driving me on. There was no more thought of making love to his cock. I had a primal need to feel him shoot into my mouth. I hummed and moaned as visions of his thick cock penetrating my ass suddenly appeared. His own breathing grew raspy as he approached his climax.

And then I tasted it: several spurts of thin, warm, sweet cum, filling my mouth. This time, I had no self control and swallowed it as quickly as it filled my mouth. I was humming contentedly and dug my fingers into his buttocks. My tongue was digging into his slit, encouraging more and more cum. Knowing the end was near, I suckled his cock, not wanting it to leave my mouth. Alas, he slid my head off gently.

“That was amazing. Thank you,” he said as he pulled up his pants.

“Thank you, Sir. I’m glad I was able to give you pleasure. I hope we can meet again somewhere we can stretch out and have a more relaxed time.”

”That would be good. I want to take your ass. Would you like that?”

”Very much, Sir. Your cock is a wonderful fit in my mouth. I think it would be good in my ass as well.”

”I wish we had more time today, but I know you have to return to work. We’ll keep in touch. You have my email address.


“Yes, Sir. I hope we can meet again soon.”

And we did….but that’s another story.

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