Amy Gets Her Man

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Anal Toy

**a continuation of “Amy Returns The Favour”…

Amy could not believe what she had done. She was truly appalled with herself when she thought of how far she had let things get between her and her best friend Julia’s boyfriend. It was bad enough when Jack fingered her to the biggest orgasm of her life while her friend was passed out in the bathroom one night. Then things got worse when she masturbated to some incredibly filthy dirty talking on the phone with him on her way to another earth-shattering sexual release. Finally, the situation went to a whole other level of depravity when she gave him the best blow-job of his life as he degraded her with humiliating words of domination.

She honestly felt terrible for the disloyalty and unfaithfulness she had committed against both her friend and her own boyfriend Pete. But no matter how bad she felt about those betrayals, there was no denying how much she had enjoyed each of her lustful encounters with Jack.

Amy had hungered for her friend’s boyfriend from the moment she had met him. Constantly fantasizing about him, she could not help but picture him while she made love to her boyfriend or pleasured herself. And now, ever since she had enjoyed the taste of his manhood inside her mouth, her animalistic cravings for him were at an all time high.

She knew that the right thing to do was to stay away from Jack. Regardless of her overwhelming attraction to him, she wanted to be a trustworthy friend and loyal girlfriend. She knew that she could not trust herself around him. He made her feel and do things she never thought possible. She knew that despite her best efforts to resist the temptation, he could make her do anything for him.

It had not taken much encouragement at all for her to willingly drop to her knees and suck him off while she was waiting for Julia that night a couple of weeks ago. She had gladly pleasured him with her mouth as he verbally abused her, calling her his slut and his whore. Even though she knew it was wrong on so many levels, she freely admitted to herself that she absolutely loved being used by him. She loved being treated like a sex object, used for his personal bidding. It was wrong, but she had never felt sexier.

A couple of weeks had passed since Amy’s oral interaction with her fantasy man, and she had been thinking about it ever since. On this particular morning he was on her mind once again as she was getting herself ready for the day. Her boyfriend was working nights that week, so he had not been over the evening before, leaving her unsatisfied and a bit lonely. During her morning shower, she had taken the opportunity to rectify that situation by pleasuring herself to the thought of Jack’s tongue in between her legs.

She had just finished doing her hair when she heard the doorbell ring. Quickly she made her way downstairs and opened the door to greet her morning visitor.

“Good morning.”

Amy’s jaw dropped as she gazed upon Jack standing in front of her. Almost immediately she felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy begin to tingle.

“Jack, what are you…?” She began, clearly surprised by his sudden appearance at her door.

“Can I come in?” He interrupted, not waiting for her to answer as he strolled in past her with no protest from her.

“What are you doing here?” She finally stammered out, shutting the door and turning to face him.

“I had to see you.” He replied, his usual devilish grin creeping across his face as he took in the view of her in front of him.

The knee length little white fleece robe she wore was tied loosely at the waist, and did a fairly inadequate job of covering up her body. Her full 36C breasts poured out seductively in the sexy burgundy push-up bra that the robe struggled to contain. She had just finished doing her hair, leaving her brunette mane looking stunning in tight, wet curls and ravishing ringlets.

“You shouldn’t be here…” she started, trying to at least feign some type of resistance.

“There are a lot of things we shouldn’t do.” He countered, moving closer towards her as she backed up against the door.

“Jack, I…” she whispered as her heart began to pound with each step he took closer to her.

“I haven’t been Escort Eryaman able to stop thinking about you.” He continued, now standing inches away from her. “Have you been thinking about me?”

A part of her still did not want to answer him. It was a very small part, but she tried to cling to it — she knew it was the proper thing to do.

“Jack…” she sighed, half pleading as he leaned in close to her, his nose brushing against her curls.

“Tell me what you want.” He whispered in her ear.

His left hand made its way into the opening of her robe as he spoke, his fingers finding their way into her bra and onto her flesh. Her nipple could have cut glass at that point.

“Tell me what you want.” He repeated, his fingers squeezing her nipple to emphasize his request.

“Jack, we can’t…” she argued half-heartedly.

Amused by her superficial attempts at resistance, he quickly moved his hand from her chest and down to her panties and slipped it underneath, his middle finger immediately sliding inside of her.

“Tell me.” He demanded as he slowly glided his finger in and out.

“Fuck me.” She moaned softly, now completely submissive to his touch and his words.

“Tell me what you are.” He replied, relishing his dominance over her.

“I’m your slut,” she whispered, “Your whore. Your fuck-toy.”

With that, he pressed his body pressed hard against hers, pinning her against the door and locked his lips onto hers. Their tongues danced hungrily, their mutual lust for one another exploding in between their mouths. After a solid minute of passionate kissing, they broke their lip-lock. Without even saying a word, they both knew what was going to happen next.

Amy’s head was spinning as the two of them made their way into the living room and towards the couch. She could hardly wrap her head around the realization that she was about to fulfil her biggest fantasy. As he sat down in front of her she could already feel the beginning of an orgasm welling up inside her in anticipation.

“Show me what you got slut.” He suddenly told her, snapping her back into the present.

More than eager to oblige him, her hands swiftly made their way to the tie of her robe as she positioned herself directly in front of her lone audience member. Undoing the belt quickly, her robe swung open, fully exposing her matching underwear set. Her bosom heaved underneath the bra, the pounding of her heart so intense she could not even control it. A damp patch had already begun to form on her panties.

“Strip for me whore.” Jack demanded as he slowly began to rub the crotch of his blue jeans.

Relishing his demeaning words as always, she set out to do exactly as she was told. Shrugging off her robe, her hands slowly began to glide over her body as the garment fell to the floor. Her body tingled as her hands slid over her chest and then travelled down to brush against her wet panties. She let out a low moan of enjoyment, her eyes locked onto his the entire time.

Amy turned away from him quickly, and reaching behind her back, he watched as her fingers unclasped her bra. His own hands were quickly undoing his belt and zipper as she tossed her bra aside and turned back to face him, her hands now covering her tits. Another moan escaped her lips as she gently massaged her swollen orbs. Slowly her fingers moved to her nipples and she pulled at the rock hard buds, causing her to bite her lower lip in an almost involuntary reaction to the pleasure she was giving herself. Finally, she released her grip on her breasts, allowing them to fall free in all their glory for her fantasy man in front of her to enjoy.

By now Jack’s hand was inside of his jeans and clearly stoking back and forth as he enjoyed the view before him. As she watched him rubbing himself, her hands moved down to her panties and quickly slid them down her thighs and over her knees. Even before she kicked them off, her right hand was already in between her legs, two fingers easing inside. She smiled in satisfaction as he groaned in approval, his hand quickening its pace inside his pants.

Standing there, masturbating in front of her friend’s boyfriend as he stroked his cock in response, she thought Eryaman Escort she would explode right then and there. Never before had she experienced anything as sexy as this. At that moment she felt like the sexiest woman alive. Nothing else in the entire world mattered.

After what felt like a blissful eternity for Amy, he abruptly stopped his own personal gratification and began tugging his jeans down to his knees. His rigid dick sprang out as he pulled his pants down, her eyes widening at the sight of it. Before he could even say a word, she dropped to her knees in front of him and pressed her lips against his unleashed trouser snake.

“My God you’re a slut.” He commented as he watched her in between his legs.

She answered with a playful giggle as her wet lips flickered around the tip of his cock. By now her left hand had taken hold of the base of his shaft and was slowly starting to move up and down. Her lips parted and she was just beginning to slide her mouth over the head when all of a sudden his hand was on the back of her head. To her surprise it was not to guide her down further, but rather to pull her away with a sharp tug of her hair.

“No.” Jack said firmly. “No appetizers this time, I want the main course.”

Trembling with anticipation, she did not need to be told twice. Instantly she was on her feet and manoeuvring herself for what was to come next. She straddled his crotch, positioning her sopping snatch over top of his waiting cock. His hands took hold of her hips, preventing her from going any further. She groaned in protest.

“Tell me baby,” he prodded with a wicked grin. “Tell me how long you’ve wanted this.”

Amy thought she was going to explode right then even before he penetrated her.

“Fuck!” She growled impatiently. “You know I’ve wanted this since the day I met you!”

“Beg for it.” He replied quickly, delighting in his power over her.

“Please, please fuck me!” She obeyed, honestly desperate for it. “Fuck me like a cheap slut. Make me your whore, your fuck-toy!”

Finally satisfied, he promptly pulled her hips downward, driving his Johnson deep into her aching pussy. She let out an incredible howl, a mini-orgasm bursting with the first magnificent stroke.

“Oh Jack!” She cried out as her cunt greedily sucked his dick in.

Her hands alternated between balancing herself against her new lover’s shoulders and chest to rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples as she began to bounce up and down in sheer carnal bliss. A near constant moan emanated from her lips as her hips gyrated, her hungry beaver spinning circles around the base of his meat than moving up to the tip and back down again.

“That feel good slut?” He asked as his hands slid up to her chest and he grabbed at her bouncing boobs. “Is this what you wanted baby?”

“Fuck yes!” She howled as his fingers found her nipples and started to squeeze unrelentingly.

Leaning forward he heartily kissed each of her tits, his hands cupping and squeezing them as he did. Squeals of delight escaped Amy’s lips as she bounced harder and faster atop him.

“Is this what you’ve been fantasizing about slut?” He managed to ask in between licks. “This what a whore like you wanted?”

“Yes, fuck yes!” She cried out in reply. “I fucking fantasize about this all the time!” She arched her back and let out a long, sensual groan as he sucked long and hard on each of her stiff nipples.

“That’s right whore,” Jack said as his lips pulled away from her breast, “I want you always fantasizing about my cock in that slutty pussy!”

Sliding up and down furiously on his cock, she nodded her head in agreement, whimpers and moans the only audible response.

“Is that what you are baby?” He continued. “Are you a whore?”

“Yes! Fuck yes I’m a whore!” She wailed. “I’m your whore!”

“C’mon then! Fuck me like a whore!” He demanded. “Show me what kind of a slut you’re gonna be for me!”

Amy’s pussy spasmed with his words and she began to fuck him faster. She tossed her head from side to side, her mane of curls swinging wildly as she rode him as hard as she could.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She repeated over and over, getting louder Eryaman Escort Bayan with each word.

“Tell me what you are!” He shouted back to her.

“I’m your fucking whore!” She screamed. “I’m your dirty fucking slut!”

“What are you gonna do for me slut!” Jack pressed.

“Fucking anything you want!” She answered, thrashing atop him like a woman possessed. “I’ll do any fucking thing you want! I’m your fucking whore!”

“You gonna fuck me whenever I want?” he asked, gasping for breath from the vicious fucking she was giving him. “You gonna be my little fucking on-call slut?”

“Yes, God yes!” She affirmed. “You can fuck me whenever you want! Wherever you want!”

Amy felt pure ecstasy as she said the words, the idea of being at his beck and call for sex sending her even further into her frenzy. She loved every minute of it.

“Whores like you love fucking their friend’s boyfriends don’t they?” He growled, reaching up and grabbing a handful of her hair for emphasis. “They love cheating on their boyfriends.”

“Fuck yes!” She replied with gusto, basking in the pleasure she felt by admitting such taboo turn-ons. “I fucking love fucking Julia’s boyfriend! I fucking love being a cheating little slut!”

“That’s it baby,” he encouraged, “You tell me how fucking dirty you are! You tell me how fucking slutty you’re gonna be for me!”

“Oh Jack! I’ll fucking do whatever you want!” She panted. “I want you to use me like a cheap whore! I want you to do every dirty fucking thing you’ve ever imagined to me! I wanna be your fucking sex slave!”

“Tell me slut,” he breathlessly replied, “Tell me what dirty fucking things a whore like you wants to do.”

Amy could feel her climactic orgasm building rapidly. The combination of her furious fuck-pace on top of him and their incredibly filthy, yet honest, dialogue was sending her to places she have never thought possible. Never before had she felt so sexually liberated and free, admitting to a deeply hidden and undignified desire to be used by her new lover in as scandalous as ways as imaginable. She had no intention of slowing down or arresting these wicked feelings, in fact she craved the complete opposite.

“I want you to make me be the biggest fucking slut for you!” She announced proudly. “I want you to force me to do dirty fucking things!”

“Fuck you are one amazing slut…” Jack interjected, amazed at how much she enjoyed telling him these things.

“You wanna watch me fuck another girl?” She asked, moaning at the idea herself. “I want you to fuck me while I eat another girl’s pussy.”

“Uh-huh…” was the only grunt he could respond with.

“You wanna let your friends fuck me?” She continued, squeezing her eyes shut as she visualized her words. “You wanna watch them gang-bang your little fuck-toy?”

Hearing herself admit such appalling desires would have been enough to give Amy the orgasm she had so desperately been craving, but her filthy words coupled with her frantic fuck-pace atop her new lover sent her reeling in a sexual explosion, the size of which she had never imagined possible. She thrashed and bucked on top of his cock as her thunderous release burst out of her.

“Fuck yes!” Jack grunted, finally having hit his limit as well.

Moving swiftly, he tossed her off of his throbbing cock as she still trembled in the aftermath of her roaring orgasm. As she flipped onto the couch, he hurried up to his feet and stood beside her. Aiming his throbbing dick at her heaving bosom, he stroked it three times until it exploded. She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the first strands of his hot love juice splash onto her tits.

“Come on your slut’s tits baby!” She cooed as he pumped thick gobs of his sperm all over her.

Jack looked down at her in complete dominance. With a satisfied grin, he guided his softening prick over to her lips and let out a groan as she willingly slipped it into her mouth.

“That’s it whore, clean it off.” He moaned as she licked and sucked on his spent member.

Still recovering from her own climax, Amy looked up at her best friend’s boyfriend as her tongue washed over his cock. Never before had she felt so completely satisfied. She could hardly believe how fulfilling it felt to finally realize her fantasies with this man. Smiling to herself, she knew she had meant every word she had said to him in the throes of passion. She was completely his. She was his personal slut who would do anything for him. And she loved it.

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An Educational Experience Ch. 01

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“Recent research has shown that 35.7% of children are already at risk for dropping out of school by the time they reach…”

Vanessa couldn’t help it – she yawned and stifled it badly. It wasn’t that she wasn’t impassioned on the subject of high school dropouts or finding solutions to the alarming statistics that translated into children’s lives. It was just that this conference was turning out to be nothing new and she was bored. Didn’t help that she hadn’t slept much the night before and the coffee at this hotel was lousy.

She looked around discreetly to see if anyone has noticed her yawn. People do so love to gossip at this “professional” meetings and she would detest being the subject of their idle banter. Fortune had smiled on her today, though, for everyone else was appeared to be busy struggling to maintain their own concentration. Except for him.

As she scanned the room, she found him looking directly at her, with an amused grin on his face. Looking over her shoulder and then back, she realized that it was indeed her he was smiling at and for some inexplicable reason, a wave of intense heat surged through her.

It was only a few minutes until a break in the conference. Everyone rushed for the door to get caffeine into their systems to stay awake and to use the restroom. He had to have a Diet Coke and was pleasantly surprised when he walked up to the break table to find the lady that he’d had watched from across the room reaching for a Diet Coke at the same time. He found myself wanting to know who she was and where she was from. After having come hundreds of miles alone to this conference, thoughts of being in this lovely sitting and spending the afternoons and evenings by himself were suddenly filled with possibility of companionship.

“Hi, I’m Trey and I hope you don’t think me to forward to ask your name. I saw you in the conference and you peaked my interest as someone I would like to meet.” He could see her blush as she looked up into his eyes. There was something in the meeting of their eyes that told him they would be friends. She had beautiful eyes and a smile to match and he felt his heart flutter as she told him her name was Vanessa. He asked if she were alone and she said yes…no one was with her. He grinned to himself thinking that she would not be alone if he had anything to do with it, at least for the rest of the weeklong conference.

As the break ended, Trey sat down so that he could see her out of the corner of his eye and loved the pretty smile she gave him when she saw that he was looking her way. He felt himself getting slightly aroused with the flirting they were doing, like a high school freshmen about to ask for a first date… As she looked his way from time to time and flashed him a smile, he could have sworn he noticed her nipples poking through the pretty silk blouse she was wearing. Hmmmmmmmmm… Nice size breasts and she HAD to be wearing a bra. Still her nipples were visible. Was it his imagination or was she enjoying this too???

Electricity. That was the first word that came to mind when she thought of Trey. She wasn’t one to believe in fate, but meeting here at what had promised to be just another dull, dry conference of youth professionals just made her skin tingle with omens and portents. When their hands had brushed, reaching for the same can of diet soda, the entire skin surface of her body responded. Sitting at her table, as the next speaker droned on, Vanessa closed her eyes and relived the exquisite shiver. And when he spoke, his voice had washed over her, like laying naked in a mountain stream, ice water cascading deliciously all around her.

She felt his eyes on her and it was turning the heat up in her sexual furnace. It had been so long – longer than she could remember since a man had had this kind of effect on her. Color rose in her face as she felt her nipples harden and warmth flood between her legs. Still she couldn’t help but smile at him, from time to time. It was flirting, she knew and some part of her herself was shocked at this bold response to a man she’d just met. But other parts of her wanted to know what his hands would feel like on her skin, what his mouth would taste like and….she found herself staring at his crotch. Wondering what delight he hid there, she looked up to find him smiling wickedly at her, fully aware of where her glance had fallen. Her face flamed red, but she didn’t looked away.

Trey twitched his big cock in his pants as she looked on. He waited for her to look up and smiled sensually at her. The passion in his eyes showed as she looked directly at him. Lunch break couldn’t come too soon! He day dreamed about what it would be like to hold her close and to kiss those red lips and to get lost in those eyes as they made mad passionate love. He had never been affected this way in all his years and it made him feel like a teen-age boy about to get his cherry busted. What was there about Vanessa that was so different from all the other ladies he had been with in this type setting Escort Ankara before? He had never strayed in all his 30 years of married life but he knew all ready that if he had a chance …tonight he would with this lady. She had captured his interest in the most interesting way.

As soon as the lunch break started Trey couldn’t wait to ask Vanessa out for dinner. Several of the other ladies that were sitting with her had gone out the door and it occurred him that she had waited. He smiled as she looked up into his eyes. Just the look was sensual. Trey knew he had to find out just what there was about this female that had captured him. What would her scent be like? How would she taste? How would it be to caress and fondle her with long hours of kissing and petting and then to finally be able to know how compatible her appetite would be to his as they made hot, mad, passionate love!

“Vanessa, would you consider having dinner with me? I know a wonderful steak house about twenty miles from here that served the best steaks in the whole state. I would love to show you around the mountains and the steak house is on the river. I know I would enjoy your company if only you consider….” His heart was racing as he waited for her answer. He couldn’t help but get aroused as he look into her eyes and knew that somehow this was meant to be!

Dinner? She thought, as she looked up into the dark depths of his eyes. Is that what we’re talking about? It had been a long time, but she could still read passion when she saw it. Without a doubt she was certain how the evening would end if she went out with the intoxicating man. Seated, she was almost at eye level with what she was equally certain would be a satisfying package and for a moment she imagined herself unzipping those slacks and reaching in…

Vanessa shook herself and realized that she was once again staring at Trey’s crotch and that he was even more aware of it than he had been before. In fact if anyone in the room had been looking at them they would have known too. She blushed as she met his eyes again and had to swallow before she could trust her voice.

“I love steak,” she managed, feeling the breathless quality to her voice. “It sounds like fun.”

His broad smile made her knees quiver and she was glad that she was seated. If she’d been standing he would have had to catch her, to keep her from falling and while she craved his hands on her, she couldn’t bear to have her colleagues see her making a fool of herself with this stranger. It didn’t matter that she felt like a passion-struck fool – THEY didn’t need to know that. It was more than enough that Trey knew it.

And he did. She could tell. With his smile came and outstretched hand. “Great. It’s a date then!”

As if in a trance, she reached her own small hand towards his and felt it encompassed in his grasp. Large and strong, his fingers closed around hers and shivers ran up and down her spine. He held her just a moment or two longer than one might have expected and she felt his thumb gently caressing the pulse at her wrist and they locked their eyes on each other. Once more, heat flooded through Vanessa, coursing through every pore and pooling into delightful warmth between her legs. His hand was warm and she found herself imaging that hand between her legs, stroking, find the wet heat that he was creating in her…

Dinner? No….she didn’t think dinner was on either of their minds….

Trey hurriedly left the room having a difficult time as he went because of the erection he had in his pants. Luckily no one was between him and his car. He went back to his hotel and hurried to his room. As he lay across the bed thoughts of the woman he intended to make be his this evening filled his head. He still felt the passion as he opened the fly on his pants and gave this erection breathing space. How had she sooo turned him on as to cause him, a fifty year old male into masturbating to relief the pressure? Was it her eyes, or her body language? Was it the excitement that he has seen in her getting “nippled up” from his looking at her? NO one had ever excited him as much as this girl did… it seemed as if fate had been kind to both of them by allowing them to be together for the conference. He was anxious to hear about her. Her life, her favorite things and hobbies. Even the way she liked to make love. Trey was dying to hear it all.

He returned to the afternoon sessions of the conference and sat in his old seat. Trey couldn’t help but look her way and smiled constantly as she glanced his way. He could hear his heart beat and he thought that the noontime session in the hotel room would have taken care of his excitement until tonight but he had another thought coming. His excitement grew as the flirting built throughout the afternoon. When four o’clock came, he walked straight to Vanessa as the session closed. “I’ll be by to get you about 6 if that is agreeable. I’m looking forward to our getting away from the conference and the crowd for just a little Ankara Escort while.” He reach down and took her hand and gave a squeeze as he told her how much he was looking forward to her company. He looked in her eyes and she could feel the passion as he slowly walked away. Two hours and they would be alone together. What would the evening hold for two people very much compatible and hungry for the touch of the other????

She sat in her seat for several moments after Trey had walked out of the room, ignoring the questioning glances of her colleagues at the table. Most of them knew she was married and had a family and couldn’t help but pick up on the electricity she was experiencing with this charming Southerner. Bottom line, it was none of their business. Gathering up her things, Vanessa smiled a farewell to her day’s companions and headed for her car.

The air was chilly for this late in spring, but she was grateful for its cool breeze. She knew her face was flushed and hoped the cold would help. They’d exchanged room numbers, since they were in the same hotel and she was in a hurry to get back to shower and change. Damn! She thought – she hadn’t brought anything date-like with her. In fact she wasn’t sure any more just what date attire was! It was a very good thing that the hotel was just down the road – she wasn’t really concentrating on her driving.

Fate or the luck of the draw had gotten her an incredible room for this weeklong seminar. Not only had it provided her with a room with a king size bed, but she was blessed with a hot tub on the oversized deck. A room of this type was most certainly not in her organization’s budget, but the hotel had messed up her reservation and given her this one as compensation. At the time, she hadn’t given it much thought, but as her thoughts drifted to Trey it all took on such rich meaning.

Deciding to forego the shower in favor of a relaxing rest in the spa, she turned on the jets and shrugged out of her clothing. Perhaps if she let it work the kinks out of her she would get her head on straight about Trey. It was worth a try at least.

The balcony had a privacy screen around the tub, so she just brought a towel out with her, enjoying the feel of the late afternoon air on her skin. She didn’t spend much time either in front of a mirror or at a gym and she had no illusions about her 47 yr old body. It had born three children; breast fed them and dealt with the indignities of weight gain and loss. She’d never really given any of that much though – she wasn’t a particularly vain woman.

But as she eased her muscles, stiff from a whole day of sitting into the warm and bubbling water, she giggled as she watched her full breasts float on the surface of the water.

“Now if someone could just bottle this….” She laughed to herself, watching them bob along, enjoying the feel of the water. Closing her eyes she leaned her had back against the edge of the tub and took several long, slow deep breaths. She had the jets set on high, because she liked a hard massage. One thrummed against the small of her back, sending delicious shivers up her spine while others were pointed at her sides. Yet another jet shot up from the bottom of the tub and she mused that if she moved just right…

‘Silly woman’, she chastised herself. But that didn’t stop her from cupping her breasts in her small hands and squeezing them gently together. Even in the warmth of the tub, she could feel heat growing between her thighs, her thoughts drifting to a dark haired man with a delightful accent.

Sitting in the cocoon of the tub, she didn’t try to figure out how he’d gotten to her. The fact that he had was all she needed right now. She was so starved for sex; she figured there was no harm in a little fantasy. Sliding down a little more on the seat, she felt the floor jet pulsing between her legs, caressing her pussy and even surging inside her. Her eyes still closed she imagined Trey there…imagined his hands on her breasts as she pulled and twisted at her already hard nipples. A soft moan escaped her lips at the image and sensation. She wondered what his mouth would taste like and ran her tongue over her lips, pretending to feel his touch there. A sharp intake of breath surprised her – she could almost feel his kiss. Turning around, she let the hard jet that had been at her back pound on her pussy, feeling her clit harden.

‘Damn…it’s been sooo long’ she moaned out loud, feeling a climax building. Her head fell back and she gave in to the rush of sensation, crying out as the sensations washed over her. The orgasm seemed to last forever, ripple after ripple of pleasure going through her and she didn’t move from the jet until she was sure it was done.

That was when she heard the sound of a man clearing his throat. As she looked up she saw Trey standing there. He had on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and wore sandals. He also was sporting a huge erection in his shorts and was sooo excited that she saw the tip of it sticking out the Ankara Escort Bayan leg of his shorts.

Trey said, “I just came by to see if you might be interested in leaving a little early this evening. I knocked and the door just opened so I just walked on in. I hope you don’t mind!” He grinned, as he looked her directly in the eye. He was wiggling his toe in the hot tub as she looked up. It was hard for her to keep her eyes off his hard manhood. She had only seen her hubby’s cock before and it was nothing like Trey’s. She could tell that it was much bigger around just from seeing the tip sticking below his shorts. It was as if someone else was speaking when she heard her own voice inviting him into the tub. Trey was so excited as he pulled the tee shirt over his head and hooked his fingers into his shorts to pull them down. He had boxers on and tugged them down, allowing his cock to spring free. Vanessa couldn’t help but stare. It was sticking straight out from his body and was about 7 or 8 inches long and almost as thick as her wrist. She thought …what would this feel like? She was a little frightened at the thought yet excited to know she had caused the hard on. She wanted to taste it…and as she looked, she could see a drop of pre-cum on the head. A sensual shiver went through her as she watched him slip his naked body into the warm water and slide close to her. What am I doing? Her sane mind questioned even as her turned on body felt his arm slide around her shoulders.

She closed her eyes as she felt his other arm reach for her, gently skimming over her floating breasts. She felt, but did not see his face coming closer to hers and realized that she was holding her breath. When the anticipated kiss did not happen, she opened her eyes to find his dark ones scrutinizing her face.

“This is happening a little fast for you, isn’t it?” he said, not taking his eyes off of hers for one moment. She nodded.

“You’ve never done this sort of thing before either, have you?” he continued, still gazing into her eyes, filling her with liquid warmth. Wordlessly, she shook her head.

Trey leaned back against the side of the hot tub and took a deep breath. His response to this woman had been so intense he hadn’t even considered the possibility that she hadn’t walked this path before. For that matter, he wasn’t all that experienced in the art of seduction himself. While he’d had a few extra-marital encounters in his life, it wasn’t a practice of his and certainly not with the sudden intensity of this one.

He glanced over at Vanessa and found that she was still staring at him. “Did I read you wrong?” he asked.

For a long moment, she was silent and he could actually see the battle raging in those lovely dark eyes. Finally she spoke in a firm, if quiet voice.

“No. You didn’t read me wrong.”

Relieved, he let go his breath in a rush. “I didn’t mean to intrude…it’s just that when the door opened and I heard the spa running…I just had to come and see you for myself…” His hand curled around her shoulder once more, fingers gently caressing the wet flesh. “I don’t know what it is….but you get to me, lady. Big time.”

Vanessa let her head sink back onto his arm, closing her eyes again, a soft smile playing across her lips. When they opened again, she turned and looked him straight in the eyes again. “This is probably going to be the biggest mistake of my life,” she whispered, licking her lips in what he knew was nervousness, but very sensual none the less. In the next moment, those lovely lips were pressing gently, tentatively against his own. The kiss was tender. Trey loved her taste and excitement build within him as the kiss lingered. Gently he pushed his tongue into her mouth and he could feel her opening to take him. French kissing had always turned him on and he loved the way Vanessa sucked gently on his tongue as he pumped it in and out. As he withdrew his tongue he was pleasantly surprised when he felt her sliding her tongue back into his mouth. Trey loved this. He sucked her tongue lightly and swirled his tongue around hers, as the kiss grew more passionate. This kind of slow, leisurely, intimate kissing had always been a particular favorite of his, only intensified by the fact that he was already excited with his hard cock sticking out and against the body of this lovely lady. Trey even felt a little light headed as they both seemed to get more into the kiss, holding each other ever closer. It felt as if their two bodies were melting into one as they stopped to look in each other’s eyes. He couldn’t help but smile and as he did Vanessa let out a sigh. Both began to laugh and Trey hugged her tightly as they held each other.

She blushed, even as she felt his fingers gently caressing her shoulder. There was a part of her mind that couldn’t accept this situation. That part of her wouldn’t accept her naked body in this hot tub, arms and legs entwining with those of a complete stranger. Yet there was another part of her, a deeper more primal self that knew this man. The most ancient of womanly knowledge that sensed a hunger that could match her own. Like lava bursting forth unheralded from a long dormant volcano, this voice shouted down her civilized self, shoved her in a closet, locked the door and tossed the key.

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Alice and the Looking Glass Ch. 15

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Alice awoke with a dry mouth and a soaked pussy. Gingerly opening her eyes for fear of what new surreal adventure might unfold she was almost disappointed to see her own study bed where Felicia and Irene lay collapsed in comatose sleep with a large double headed dildo still conjoining their gaping vaginas.

“Got to piss and get rid of this cotton mouth.”

Her statement caused no reaction from the girls and not wishing to disturb them yet Alice rolled from the beanbag and slowly crawled towards the bathroom. As good fortune had it her path passed the glass topped table with the one remaining line of coke. It beckoned and not being someone to ignore fate she pushed her right nostril to the glass and inhaled deeply.

“God damn this is good shit!”

Suddenly the need to urinate came second to a burning fire in her crotch, a blaze than only immediate carnal attention would quell. Turning with some difficulty she managed to raise herself onto her knees and from thence to a very wobbly standing position.

“Something feels very odd.”

Ignoring her sudden need to say everything out loud she reached down and around to her ass bud.

“What the fuck!”

Her hand rested on the base of a prodigiously sized butt plug. Carefully, with a twisting motion to free the seal between it and her sphincter she slowly bent forward and pushed with all the power her anal muscles could muster. The plug slid out slowly until it cleared her ring with a resounding pop.

Alice eyed the beast with great interest. Red in color and very bulbous the plug glistened with a thick film of her own mucus. Turning the monster in her palm she noticed a fine line of slightly raised print around the deeply curved base announcing ‘Property of the Queen’.

“That’s very strange!”

For some reason she found herself grinning wantonly as she staggered the few steps back to her friends entangled bodies remembering to pick up the large tub of petroleum jelly ever available in her vicinity. Her investment in the under bed bondage restraints was fully justified. The cuffs fitted easily and snuggling around the two girls wrists and ankles and a little careful adjustment to length ensured they would be quite surprised on awakening at their total immobility. Fitting the ball gags took a little more patience. Alice didn’t wish to waken them till the tableau was complete so allowed the time for jaws to open naturally in repose. Happily both girls had worn the items often enough to accept their insertion without any disturbance to their slumber. Alice eyed the beckoning pair of anal buds and tried vainly to make a choice. Irene’s sphincter was very familiar, tight but yielding, always wonderfully swollen and ready for insertions. Felicia was a little more of a mystery. Alice had pounded her a few times but had never had the chance to for a truly close inspection. Escort Çankaya The sphincter was more oval than round. Obviously very tight and had a delightfully whimsical puckered smile. Without thinking Alice brushed her finger across the velvet skin and was amazed to see what could only be described as a wink respond.

“Its definitely your lucky day asshole!”

Laughing at her own unintended wit Alice twisted the top from the lubricant jar and inserting two fingers withdrew an over adequate dollop of penetrative

elixir. Allowing time for the jelly to warm a little from her body heat she then spread it generously across the awaiting recipient which seemed to almost lick its lips in genuine anticipation. Placing the pointed tip against the target Alice rotated the monster in her hand spreading the lubricant smoothly and at the same time ensuring the orifice itself was free from any self-adhesion. Felicia moaned a little yet slumbered on in post coital coma. Alice watched in fascination as automatically Felicia’s cunt started to suck frantically on the still fully inserted double dildo like a starving baby at its mother’s gushing teat.


Felicia was suddenly wide awake and the enormous plug was firmly embedded deeply in her now torn ring. Alice carefully collected the rouge stained petroleum jelly from the fine contusion and waved a bloodied digit in Felicia’s face who immediately began to gnash on the ball gag with some alarm. Something in Alice’s expression indicated things would get a lot bumpier before this session was over.

Irene had finally awoken and was attempting to take in as much as possible from her bound position. Reaching down Alice loosened the gag in her mouth just enough to push it down over her chin.

“What the fuck Alice, you jealous or something? Felicia and me was just messing till you joined us.”

Alice looked at the pretty mouth as it enunciated, watched the swollen lips sneer slightly and the pierced tongue dart between cum covered teeth. Not wishing to waste such a pretty receptacle she quickly squatted over Felicia’s face and pissed long and hard down her throat. The poor girl gagged several times before realizing her only option was to swallow every drop as fast as possible. Alice allowed herself to settle tight against the sodden face looking to grind out an orgasm before her urethra closed. Irene dutifully pushed her tongue as far into the smothering cunt as was linguistically possible, the tip reaching so far as to brush the last few drops of urine from Alice’s still twitching pee hole. Alice climaxed with great gusto and a very contented sigh.

The double dildo was still caught in Irene’s tight cunt lips, the silicon shaft covered in a slick sheen of the two girls combined juice. Alice wiggled the flexible shaft just enough to Çankaya Escort make Irene’s labia swell and gape exposing the dark inner walls she loved so much. Removing the dildo Alice inserted her middle three fingers to the knuckle. Irene’s tongue redoubled its efforts at licking Alice’s cunt dry penetrating so deeply to almost reach the cervix. Alice gasped and pushed in her final digit and thumb to fully test the ring muscles capacity. Irene wriggled in excitement, she knew what was coming next, the fisting from hell.

Alice’s hands were not particularly large, certainly her fingers, especially the middle one were above averagely long but all in all they were of regular female size, however she had found that her fondness for tennis had one interesting effect. When she gripped her right hand tightly the muscles so rigorously worked on during her practice sessions made the circumference of her hand more like that of a boxer than a lady. Fisting was now a thoroughly daunting experience for the lucky recipient and could by the same token explain the tendency towards lesbianism of female tennis professionals.

The broadest part of the span was tight against the ring muscle. Alice rotated her arm right and left allowing the lubricant to seep deep into the interior and also for Irene to prepare herself for the big push. Reaching upwards with her left hand Alice pushed the ball gag back into Irene’s open mouth, making sure it parted her teeth wide and depressed the wagging tongue.


Alice’s span breached Irene just avoiding a tear and suddenly the arm was buried almost to the elbow, fingers jammed against a rapidly rippling cervix. Carefully, avoiding unnecessary scraping with her long nails, Alice curled her fingers one by one around her thumb feeling the span of her hand expanding to totally encompass the area of Irene’s vagina.


These responses were becoming somewhat predictable so to vary them Alice rammed three fingers of her left hand into Irene’s unsuspecting and unprepared ass.


Alice smiled the satisfied smile of a linguistics coach successfully obtaining the perfect accent from her pupil. Slowly Alice began withdrawing her fist, knowing that before it could escape completely it would be stopped by the bony protrusions of the pelvis. Sure enough her wrist was now gripped tightly by Irene’s ring muscle and the vaginal canal devoid momentarily of total penetration was quivering nervously. Alice waited, allowed the suspense to mount, relaxing the muscles of her hand sufficiently to allow a little slackness to come between fist and vaginal wall momentarily.


Alice thrust her fully tensed fist deep into Irene’s innards till the knuckles contacted her quivering cervix, almost punching through to the womb. Curling Çankaya Escort Bayan the three fingers of her left hand against the anal canal wall for grip Alice began a slow steady piston stroke with her right. The suction from Irene’s cunt was unbelievable and it took concentration to keep the rhythm steady against such pressure.

Felicia was feeling a little left out. The plug in her ass had her stretched to bursting, she could feel the dribble of blood oozing from the fresh tear in her sphincter and the sensation was doing nothing to calm her need for serious and immediate painful attention. Alice managed to push her knee hard into Felicia’s windpipe causing partial asphyxia and a delicious squirt of urine to arc from her urethra as her legs jerked in per-comatose ecstasy.

Alice wanted to cum. Fisting Irene had got her juices flowing and she needed something or someone to push her over the edge. The idea came to her suddenly and the combined simplicity and brilliance totally blew her away. Continuing to fist Irene freestyle Alice removed her left hand from the now gaping asshole and retrieving the double dildo from where it was lying dormant between Felicia’s thighs forced it between the girls lips and into her mouth.

“Grip it with your teeth bitch!”

Felicia was just about capable of understanding as Alice eased the pressure on her windpipe just a hair and with a the little adjustment needed positioned her aching orifice over the reverse end sitting hard and deep onto the now beautiful angled jelly dong.


Alice ground her gaped labia around Felicia’s mouth with great abandon the friction cajoling a steady drip of urine to leak from her urethra and soak Felicia’s cheeks and hair. When she came she squirted hard, once, twice, three times and felt Felicia buck under her as the scent and moisture from her expulsions infiltrated the girl’s trapped nasal cavities.

Irene was beginning to go into convulsions. Alice’s fist was punching her cervix hard at every thrust and the continuous eruptions of climax after climax had placed an invisible pair of hands around her windpipe and squeezed every last atom of oxygen from her body. Her head thrashed from side to side as a stream of guttural obscenities spilled from her semi consciousness. Alice thrust once more as hard as possible, punching up and through and reaching for the ovaries beyond the pulsating bottle neck that blocked her total penetration. Irene’s reaction was to virtually bite through the much abused ball gag still clenched between her teeth and then with eyes rolled backwards into her head pass from this universe into the realm of total erogenous over stimulation.

Snatching her now sanguine stained fist from Irene’s gaped and tremulous orifice Alice collapsed sideways as her own cunt drew every ounce of remaining energy from her body into an orgy of multi-orgasmic frenzy. She came to rest face deep in Felicia’s groin and with her last act of awareness before slipping into sated slumber bit hard on the swollen clitoris presented between her teeth. Her face was rewarded with an immediate shower of hot salty excretive.

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Alone with Him Pt. 01

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Finally. Our first chance to be alone. It was a long awaited moment we had been craving for weeks. Ever since that day…

He’s a regular at my office. Always chatted with me longer than necessary, always flirtatious. I thought it was innocent and playful. He’s married, with children. He’s like that with all the women, so I never thought much of it even though he reminded me of an old friend I used to have fun with. Over the past couple months his flirting seemed to get a little more intense, like he was trying to communicate something with me, send me a message. He wanted to take me to dinner, told me to call him when I was single. I said, “but you’re married? Why do I need to be single?” He explained that younger men are insecure. Disappointed, I agreed with him, and imagined what would follow a dinner date with him.

The next time I saw him, I had an opportunity to step away from the desk and walk by him. He said I looked like a babe and asked if was headed to a modeling shoot later. I could feel his eyes checking me out from head to toe. It excited me to know he was looking. I was searching for an opportunity, an innocent way to see him, to invite him. His hoody was ripped. On his way out that day I said he should bring it by my place later so I could fix it for him. I imagined him stopping by in the evening while I was home alone to “fix his shirt.” I would of course fix it, but what would happen if he was alone with me? I know what I hoped might happen. I told him my address as he walked out the door. As he turned around and looked back at me, the expression on his face said it all. It was surprise and excitement, and at the time I didn’t quite know it yet, but with that look he was telling me he was going to fuck my brains out.

Hours later on my lunch break there was a notification on my phone. He found me, and added me. I spent my lunch hour exchanging messages with him. He was trying to decipher if I was a bad girl. I was trying to read between the lines and confirm if we were on the same page, without crossing any boundaries. After all, he’s a client at my workplace. I didn’t want to be unprofessional. But then it happened. He’s secretly a bad boy, and now he knows that secretly I’m a bad girl.

He kept me wet with his messages all that week at work. Telling me all the things he wanted to do to me, all the ways he wanted to pleasure me. He told me his goal is to make me squirt. How he would have the fingers from one hand buried in my pussy, my toes in his mouth and his other hand wrapped around my neck. Finally I had found someone to fill my desires. To be tied and bound, to be used and pleasured relentlessly. Someone who would do just about anything I needed in order to get me off. A side of myself I had never explored.

When I first met my current boyfriend I opened up to him about my fantasies, but he was young and inexperienced. He thought I was a freak and a slut. I hid all thoughts and fantasies from him from then on, and stayed in the relationship. Maybe those fantasies weren’t healthy thoughts to be having in the first place. Besides, the sex was great. He would get me off 3-5 times every bout we went, which was sometimes 3 times in an evening. But some time between then and now something changed. It’s been about a year since I’ve been able to get excited by him. Even his best efforts leave me completely unsatisfied, leaving me searching for it elsewhere…

I sent him pictures of me scantily clad. I tried to resist all urges to sent him nude and erotic photos. I see him about once a week at work. I wanted to Etimesgut Escort wait. I wanted to see his face for myself the first time he laid eyes on my dripping wet pussy spread wide for him. But I couldn’t wait any longer after he sent me a photo of him standing fully erect. Immediately upon seeing his big hard cock, even just in a photo, my juices were dripping down the inside of my thighs. I wanted to taste him and feel him inside of me. I wanted to cum for him, on his fingers, on his face and all over his cock, again and again. I would see him at work the next day.


It was hard to believe how much had happened and changed in the past week. Last time I saw him we flirted, I thought, innocently. But this time would be different. This time he knew what I wanted, and I knew what he wanted to do to me too. And I wanted him to. This time he knew what I looked like naked. and he knew that my panties are soaking wet for him. Since I knew I would be seeing him that day I wore a skirt just above my knees, with sexy little heels. When I could, I found a reason to walk around the office, finding tasks that required me to bend over in front of him. I was so wet I kept checking the back of my skirt to see if there was a wet spot showing. On his way out he stopped at my desk. It was secluded enough that when I leaned back in my chair and spread my legs he could catch a glimpse of my sheer panties and the wet spot that had formed on them. Sitting there at work and letting him stare up my skirt, while there were other people around made me feel like such a dirty girl. I wanted to slip my fingers into my wet hole and let him lick my juices off my fingers, but there was no way to do that discretely. Our adventures would have to wait.

The next time I saw him I wore a dress, form fitted to my figure, putting my ass on display, and I must mention, it really is my best feature. This time I had more time alone with him. We weren’t in private, but the view was obstructed enough that he could rub up against my backside in such a way that no one would notice unless they were watching up closely. I found a few reasons to bend over in front of him numerous times. I was close enough that he could reach out and touch me. So badly I wanted to feel his hands on my body. I wanted to be grabbed and groped. I felt his stare boring through the material of my dress. I felt like he could see the wetness seeping through my panties and smell my sweetness. I wanted to feel his hands on my hips and he thrust into me from behind, feeling his balls slapping against my clit, his fingers entwined in my hair as he pulled me against him. But that wouldn’t happen yet. I had to wait.

That weekend I was out of town, free to message him without risk of being discovered. This gave me time to take pictures for him. To follow his instructions. He loves it when I do what he tells me. He loves it when I call him sir. I stood naked in front of the mirror as I took a photo of myself for him while I thought about the video he sent me earlier. A clip of him cumming. For me. Talking about the dirty things he wants to do to me. I loved hearing his voice say my name in that context, it was the first time. I loved seeing him hard knowing it was caused by me. I loved watching his face as he came for me. I couldn’t wait to make him cum by my own hand. By my lips and my pussy. I couldn’t wait to feel streams of his hot cum landing on my chest. He asked me to spread my legs for him, I sent him the photo as requested. Then he wanted to see me play with myself. I fingered myself Escort Etimesgut with two fingers and sent him a photo. He wanted more. I sent him a video legs spread in front of the mirror, my fingers plunging into my pussy again and again. As I held the camera for the video I tried to look straight into the lens for him, but I couldn’t help but watch myself, watch my pussy and watching my fingers, covered in my cum.

The next request was that he wanted to see me lick my fingers clean. I sucked on the tips of my fingers, and took them deep into my mouth, and licked between them and down around the knuckles not missing a spot. I couldn’t wait for him to taste me, to share my taste wit him. I wanted to cum again.

Time and time again we tried to meet up, here or there when he was out, or when my boyfriend was otherwise occupied, but to no avail we couldn’t get our schedules of opportunity to line up. The next time I saw him was at work again. I almost missed him. I was busy in another part of the office, but I knew he would stall for me. I knew he wanted to see me as badly as I wanted to see him. After all, he knew I dolled myself up for him on days I got to see him. If I do say so myself, I was looking my best. I had many compliments from women that day, I can’t imagine what the men were thinking.

This day I was working with another girl. She, also in a committed relationship, was completely focused on him, as he chatted with her. I could tell, she wanted him too. I was wearing a skirt again, after all, it was the only way I could have fun with him while I was at work. As they chatted, her gaze fixed on him, I leaned back in my chair, casually putting my ankle up on my knee to give him a view of my black lace panties. Exposing myself to him in front of another woman. The thought of getting caught only excited me more. Watching him chat with her, while his eyes darted between my legs again and again. Every time his eyes met mine, we exchanged so many secrets.

He was leaving the next day to go out of town. It would be more than a week until I saw him again. Another long week of playing with myself, cumming while imagining the things he would one day to do me. Later that day I was out taking care of some errands, He messaged me, he was nearby. He asked me to meet him. He was in the back of a parking lot not far from where I was shopping at the mall. This was my chance, what I had been waiting for, craving and dreaming. Why was I nervous? I was shopping at the mall when I got the message. I didn’t respond. I had to think hard. My stomach started to do flips. I went to the restroom to take a breather. I stood in a stall and stared at the message on my phone. Considering the time, could I do this without my boyfriend being suspicious? Could I pull this off and go home to him and keep it cool? I was ready to chicken out, to wait another week. I stood in that stall, my hand against the wall, my head on my forearm staring at that screen, weighing my options. Deep down I knew I wanted it. My mind set, I checked myself in the mirror and headed out to my car without a second thought, I headed to the back of parking lot.

I pulled in beside him on the passenger side. He didn’t see me pull up. I hopped out and climbed into his truck. I think I caught his off guard. But it was so good to see him. So good to finally be alone with him. My nervousness was gone. My stomach was calm. The parking lot was busy, but we were away from the high trafficked area. He touched me for the first time, he put his hand on my shoulder and Etimesgut Escort Bayan arm, grabbed my necklace and shirt, casually rubbing my breast as we chatted. He still had his sunglasses on, I pulled them off so I could see those eyes that had undressed me so many times.

He pulled the console in the middle up to expose the bench seat. I slid over so I was sitting next to him. Still dressed in a skirt, I draped my legs over his lap, facing him, making small talk. I’ve never been in a situation like this. Knowing exactly what we both want to happen, but knowing there was nothing more to it than that. We kissed, there was no romance in it, it was purely physical, a progression towards more. His hand slid up my skirt as his fingers pulled my panties aside I was worried I wasn’t wet for him yet, due to my nervous demeanor leading up to our meeting. As he slipped his fingers into my pussy he pleasantly discovered that I was soaking wet. I felt was oblivious to my surroundings. I can only remember the scruff of a few days without shaving against my cheeks as I kissed him on the mouth, cheek, and nibbled on his ear all the while he worked his fingers slowly in my pussy. I was so hot for him. I needed so badly to cum for him, I knew it wouldn’t take much, but I had no idea what was in store for me. I wish I could describe the magic he worked between my legs but all I can recall is the orgasm building deep inside me.

I was on his lap, clutching his sweater tight, pulling myself into him, thrusting myself onto his fingers as the first wave of my orgasm overcame me and my pussy tightened around his fingers and my body shook he didn’t stop, as the waves of pleasure passed the next one was building and it crashed over me with such force I can hardly recall any other sensation, it continued for what felt like minutes and then next thing I remember I was on my back across the bench seat, legs in his lap, skirt around my waist with my legs spread wide and he finger fucked me with two fingers. He claims it was only two but there were moments I felt so full, and the slurping sounds of my hot wet cunt were so loud I thought maybe he was fisting me. Moaning and writhing on his seat, I came again and again, holding on to the door handle, biting my own shoulder as I was overcome by the pleasure. More than once I tried to close my legs, thinking I couldn’t take any more. He pulled them apart and continued to ravage me with his hands. After I came again, huffing and puffing and lost in myself he slowed and stopped, giving my a chance to catch my breath and gather my wits.

After a few minutes I continued to lay there, legs still spread, teeth marks on my shoulder, I realized he was still fully clothed. Although technically, I was too. What I mean was, I had made no attempts to touch him. I was selfish and needy and took advantage of his desires to get me off. Still with my legs spread, completely exposed to him, he started to play again, when I moaned in response he took that as an invitation. “One more for the road?” He said. I spread my legs wider as he started to pick up speed, he probing the depths of my pussy. It wasn’t long before I closed my legs around his hand, my pussy tightening around his fingers for the last time that day, not wanting him to stop.

I had lost count of the number of orgasms I had at his hand. Never before had I cum so much for someone so easily. I feared, and looked forward to, our future escapades. I straightened my clothes, retrieved an earring I lost during the excitement, combed through my hair with my fingers. I thanked him for the fun, and promised to return the favor next time. We kissed and parted. The wetness between my legs a constant reminder of our parking lot fun as I finished my errands for the day. All the while, wondering what would happen next time I see him alone. I guess we’ll see in a week…

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All Washed Up

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Big Dicks

The sun beat down hot on the July day. Jack licked his lips; his full concentration on the horseshoe in his hand. In a few rare moments in life, one just knows the future before it happens, and as the horseshoe left Jack’s hand, this was one of those.

“Ringer!” His thought exploded from his lips.

Jack watched as the shoe flipped end over end landing perfectly centered on a metal stick protruding from the ground between Diane’s legs. The legs this game of horseshoes was all about. He could see her coy smile and her face flush as he won the game. The smile and flushed face made her look so innocent, but Jack knew better. In the seven months they dated, the two enjoyed sex in almost every possible way and place.


Jack strolled across the grass separating the pits of sand. “Seems you lost a bet. Time to pay the piper.”

Diane rolled her brown eyes back as she leaned her head over on her shoulder. Twirling long black hair with one hand, she shyly bit at the index finger from her other hand. An innocent, angelic tone rolled from her tongue, “A bet. Oh, I forgot. What must I do to pay this debt off? It won’t get me in trouble will it?”

Jack smirked with a hint of evil laughter in his throat, “We just going for a little ride in the truck. Payment will be due at the end of the ride.”

Diane looked back honestly confused now. He never told her of this fantasy of his, and until time to collect, he planned on keeping it a secret. “Where are we going?” Her voice now filled with excited enthusiasm of a surprise ahead.

“Nowhere if we keep standing around here.” With that the pair raced around to the front of the house to the pick-up.

Once in the truck, Diane began her seductive tease to make Jack tell her where they were going before they arrived. Jack turned the key in the ignition watching Diane from the corner of his eye. “You know,” she began as she slowly unbuttoned the four buttons that held her top on. “I will keep my end of the bet regardless of you telling me now or when we get there.”

Jack tried, but it seemed his wandering eyes glanced in Diane’s way out of his control. She let the unattached top slip off her arms and fall to the floor board. “You do know there are laws about seatbelts? I thought you were worried about getting into trouble.”

Diane was sitting on her knees in the front seat facing Jack. The satin, white bra unfastened under Diane’s deft fingers, and as it fell before her, she cupped her breasts with her hands and asked with pouted lips. “Are you sure you want me to cover up these beautiful tits?”

He could feel blood flowing to his crotch, and he fought the urge to give in then and fuck Diane before ever leaving the driveway. A longtime fantasy, and one which Diane knew nothing about, kept Jack’s mouth kept shut of where they were going. “Well, we aren’t really going that far. I guess a seatbelt isn’t that important. But you are going to have to wait till we get there before finding out where we are going.”

As Jack placed the truck in reverse and back into the road, Diane was answering to his challenge of keeping a secret. Leaning across the bench seat, she allowed her breasts to brush against his arm while teasingly whispering in his ear. “Please, tell me where we are going. I’ll make it worth your while.”

Jack shifted in his seat as Diane’s tongue rolled along the back of his ear. Her nipples on her firm breasts were hardening as they brushed back and forth across his muscled bicep. Her hand slowly crept over the seat, up his leg, and across his lap to its destination, a swelling bulge in his jeans. “You’re not playing fair.”

“I didn’t know there were rules. If I can’t touch you, can I touch myself?” From the corner of his eye, Jack watched with enthusiastic amazement as Diane moved back swinging her legs from under her. Somehow when her erotic repositioning ended, one foot was behind Jack’s head, the other was on the dash in front of the steering wheel, and Diane twirled her pair of cut-off denim shorts and panties with her right hand.

“Hold these.” Diane softly tossed her shorts into Jack’s lap. His cock pressed against his own jeans as he felt her clothes land on top of it. He found concentrating on the road more difficult as he watched his woman lick at her fingers. Jack saw her eyes focused in on his, using his every reaction to determine her next move. He swallowed Escort Kızılay to relieve some of the tension building within, and Diane pulled at her nipples with wet fingers.

Jack reached one hand off the wheel toward a silky smooth calf before it. A foot lashed out in protection. The shoe jammed a finger back into the steering wheel. If not for the overload of endorphins flowing in Jack’s blood, the strike would have hurt greatly, but instead he just let out a small grunt of pain. “I can’t touch you. You can’t touch me. Remember you said we had to play fair.”

Jack hated when words came back to haunt him, but the site of this beautiful woman spread across the front seat of his truck distracted him from the frustration. Both of Diane’s hands moved off her breasts, the nipples now glistening while pointing high into the air. With a slow circular rhythm, her hands eased closer to her shaved treasure.

Jack could feel the saliva building in his mouth from the site. Luckily traffic was slow, and he took his eyes off the road for a full glance of the sexually starved nymph starting to play with herself. Diane’s hands lowered between her legs, briefly hiding her bare pussy. Her hands parted, pulling the lips apart and exposing her inner moistness to Jack’s widening eyes.

He quickly looked back to the road. His cock pressed against his pants in an attempt to get free. Jack found driving difficult, and Diane starting a conversation made concentration of anything other than lustful thoughts nearly impossible. “When we get to where we are going you are going to put you cock in here aren’t you?”


“You are going to fuck me good? Satisfy my pussy? Give me a good surprise?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” He could see her slipping a finger into her pussy. As it eased back out, Diane’s finger was covered in wetness from her excitement.

She let the finger enter again, this time with another finger. Jack felt relieved he had less than four blocks before his fantasy destination. Her fingers worked in and out, and the sounds of squishing juices echoed in the cab of the truck.

“Arghhh,” Jack grunted while his foot frantically searched for the gas pedal. The light turned yellow then red, and he knew running a light now would not be a good idea, no matter how tempting.

“Are you getting frustrated, lover?” Diane’s tone was full of the knowledge she was winning.

“Red light. But you know we are almost there. Maybe you should put your head in my lap, so you can’t see where we are going?” He pleaded while silently praying she would ask for nothing in return. At the moment Jack would agree to anything for a little attention.

Diane sat up, looking around to see if she could tell where they were going. Jack could still see the confusion in her face. There destination within sight, yet Diane still remained clueless. She leaned over; placing her right hand on Jack’s cock, while she traced the outline of his lips with the wet fingers from her other hand.

“Well, I guess I’ve played this long. No need to ruin the surprise yet.” Her fingers parted his lips and Jack sucked the ambrosia coating them as they entered his mouth.

His hands quickly moved down, unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled his pants and boxers to his knees in one swift motion at Diane’s agreement. Jack’s cock sprang out with a thump against the steering wheel. Diane let out a giggle. He knew she loved knowing that she turned him on, and at the moment he was ready to explode from her tantalizing show.

“You like the way I taste, don’t you?”

She wasn’t expecting an answer, and Jack’s only response was a sighing moan as she lowered her face into his lap. Diane’s mouth opened wide and swallowed his enlarged organ to her tonsils. Jack’s fingers gripped tightly into the steering wheel. He wasn’t expecting her swift hunger, and almost lost control and erupted into her mouth.

The light turned green, and Jack looked down before proceeding through the intersection. Diane’s fingers pulled out of his mouth, so she could use both hands to help manipulate his cock and balls. She massaged his balls with one hand while working his saliva coated shaft with the other. Jack gritted his teeth fighting to keep his eyes opened and on the road as he felt her mouth sucking eagerly on the head of his dick. Saliva ran from her closed lips, rolling down to assist Kızılay Escort her tightly gripped fist jacked and twisted up and down.

Jack only half-trusted her not to look up as he turned into their destination, and he gently placed his hand on her head. Diane mistook the gesture. She had no intention of looking up, and feeling his hand on her head caused her to release the shaft of his cock with her hand, and lowered her mouth down. Jack convulsed as he felt the head of his cock enter her throat. His foot pressed too hard on the gas pedal, and the truck surged up the hill.

Diane’s mouth popped as it released its grip. She sprang up to see where they were, and to make sure they hadn’t crashed. “Spic and Span Car Wash?”

Jack grinned, “Touchless. Just high powered spray to wash the dirt from your vehicle.”

“You came here so we could make love while the truck was getting washed?” Diane seemed disappointed.

“Not exactly. I was thinking we would be in the back of the truck.”

“What?!” Fear filled her voice.

“Oh come on it will be the cleanest sex you have ever had.”

“We’ll drown!” Fear still overwhelmed her voice, but Jack could see her brain clicking behind her brown eyes.

“Scared? I’m not.” The statement wasn’t the complete truth.

Diane’s head looked about frantically. Suddenly the fear of being caught captivated her. “What if someone sees us?”

“We’re just taking an outdoor bath.” Jack laughed pulling up to the control panel. He reached low to his pants retrieving his wallet.

Diane was still looking around to see who was watching. The car wash was empty, not that she really cared, so long as it wasn’t the police.

Jack glanced over to Diane with a grin. Her voice, her words, may have said scared, but one hand pulled at her shoes to get them off, while her other hand rubbed at her naked crotch. Her voice no longer filled with fright, Diane looked into Jack’s eyes and stated matter-of-factly, “We’re going to drown.”

“With a smile on our Spic and Span Clean faces.” Jack’s feet worked at getting his shoes off as he slipped the eight dollar bills into the machine and punched at the buttons for a super deluxe wash.

“Are you sure we can do this?” Diane wanted Jack to reaffirm one last time, but he could he the excitement in her voice.

“And enjoy all two minutes.”

He pulled the truck into the stall, yanking at his pants, and pulling his shirt over his head. The red light flashed on in front of him, just as Jack became naked. He slapped the truck into park. “Quick, in the back!”

The two naked bodies swiftly maneuvered from the cab to the bed of the truck. The car wash started as Jack mouth covered Diane’s. This was his dream, and to have a lady who would make it come true, Jack hoped he could give as much pleasure as he was receiving. As their tongues twisted about each other, Jack moved on top of Diane and used his legs to part hers.

The jets of the wash slowly moved over the front of the truck. Low pressured foam covered the truck easing back to the loving couple in the back. Diane’s hands gripped tightly into Jack’s back; her claws leaving deep, red marks. While Jack’s hands moved over her body. One gripped a breast, and the other massaged down her rib cage to her hips.

Jack released his lips from Diane’s and his eyes took in the beauty of the lovely woman beneath him. Her eyes gleamed back full of lust, and as she caught movement of the jets at the top of the truck she closed them tightly. Jack watched in wonder as a multitude of colors covered the face and body of his lover. He felt the foaming bubbles tickling on his back, and he arched into Diane.

From fear, excitement, and her previously toying with herself, lubrication dripped from the lips of her pussy, and Jack’s hard cock entered easily. Diane’s eyes popped open as did her mouth from the unexpected penetration. The soap covering her eyes stung, but the sight of her man covered in a yellow, blue, pink, and green soap overwhelmed any pain and she thrust her hips upwards, wrapped her legs around Jack’s butt and pulled him completely within her.

Jack pulled back leaving her body for a brief instant before driving back into her. Diane gasped and quickly matched his pace. Her legs would momentarily release their grip, and then pull him back into her. Jack could hear the Kızılay Escort Bayan jets stop, and the car wash pause for a moment. When it started again, overspray covered the air around them. He pounded faster, even deeper.

The two felt the truck rock as the high powered jets hit the tailgate. Water vapor overwhelmed the air, and the two held their breath. Diane pulled Jack as deep as he had ever been with her feet. Her hands clawed into his back pulling his upper body onto hers, with his face buried between her face. Jack was unable to pull back, his hands slipping on the wet steel as he tried to push up. He felt the high powered water hit his feet, the back of his ankles.

Feeling unbelievable spasms gripping and releasing his encaged cock sent Jack over the edge and as the water blasted into the back of his calves he began to orgasm.

Diane’s toes curled under her feet, as she felt the water blast into them and Jack’s cock blast an explosive load of cum deep at the bottom of her cervix. Never had he cum this deep or this hard. She thought it felt he was depositing his sperm directly into her womb.

The water blasted across his back, massaging the muscles deep and overwhelming Jack’s nervous system. As he convulsed in the greatest orgasm of his life, the water pounded up his back, over his neck, across his scalp. He balls tightened and released rapidly, injecting wave after wave of cum into Diane’s pussy.

Diane closed her eyes tightly as the water sprayed over her shield. The water blasted hard against her throat, over her chin and face. It hurt, felt good, and sent her into a sexual frenzy she never before dreamed possible. Jack was unable to resist her arms and legs pulling on him, and the two reversed positions. She rose up, dropped back down onto the cock filling her. Never before had she felt so much sperm within her. With every downward stroke, Diane could feel the cum dripping out from around his cock.

Jack looked up at the wild, lust-crazed woman atop him. Her eyes open, but the pupils rolled back into her head. Long black hair, soaked with soapy water, draped around her face, and fell to brush against her breasts. Her hands wrapped tightly together behind her head as she bounced up and down.

Diane heard the car wash stop, pause, change directions. She thought her eyes were opened, but vision eluded her senses. Not that she cared, her only concern remained the intense feeling of euphoria coming from her heated mid section. She rode with abandon, orgasm after orgasm tearing through her body releasing her soul. Nothing but the sensation of sexual delight mattered.

Staring at the beautiful creature fucking him, Jack grunted. His cock remained hard enough to hammer nails through wood, and as the truck violently shook from the intense pressure of the water, he could feel the impossible another orgasm approaching. Jets of water sprayed over the roof of the truck. Water exploded inches above his head. Jack held his breath while the onslaught of water drilled into his forehead and down his face. As he felt the surge of water go over his throat, he opened his eyes. Diane never slowed down and continued to fuck him feverishly while the water approached her. Seeing her nipples angle down, water pressing into her breasts like a million tiny fingers, her face contorted in pleasurable pain, sent Jack once again into an orgasm that blasted sperm into Diane’s body with the same intensity the water pounded against the outside of her body.

As the water touched Diane’s nipples her mind closed. Physical existence vanished. She became sex. Every nerve ending from toe tips, to hair follicles on her head screamed with pleasure. Never before had such a sensation overwhelmed her. She collapsed onto Jack’s chest as the water finished pounding across her ass.

The wash may not have been done, but the couple was. Diane body shook with aftershocks of an earthquake. Jack’s body forcibly made him breathe again. As the wash made its final two passes, the two lay pressed into one another unconcerned that they were being waxed and given a spot free finish. The sound of the dryer brought them back to reality. Quickly they sat up to notice an older couple in a car waiting their turn behind them.

Both blushed while quickly jumping back into the front of the truck. Diane fastened her seatbelt, and as Jack place the truck into drive he glanced into the rearview mirror. While the old woman sat paralyzed with a look of shock frozen on her face, the old man driving smiled and gave thumbs up to Jack.

He pulled off laughing. Diane too laughed. “We’ve got to do that again! That was the cleanest sex I have ever had.”

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Aisha My Monday Girl

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Aisha, my Monday girl.

It has been a very busy and lucrative life since three of my pals decided to compete with the Chippendales, the group who gave a lot of happy women attending hen parties and the like, a great deal of naughty thrills.

It struck me just how women can look at it (literally) and laugh whilst their male counterparts attending a strip club, watch in dead seriousness with tongues hanging out.

We called ourselves the Stripadales so others could be no mistaking what we did and, believe you, me – we did id with such relish and passion, going the full hog that we were an immediate success – and the spin-off was that each of us were being booked for private sessions.

Of course being human and the nature of the job we were combined to numbers but I felt I could manage six a week – of course choosing the gals that I fancied most of all and Aisha was no exception, right from the start when she made a meal of me at the strip club, with absolutely no inhibitions in front of about twenty others – she certainly set the ball rolling, breaking the ice and most of the others followed likewise, enjoying their secret joy and it was all a scintillating experience for us guys, entertaining and, what was to become a service to those who wanted more than just a quick taste at the hen party.

Certainly Aisha was, for me, the best of the bunch, my Monday girl who always rid me of the Monday blues, I say girl but she was twenty years my senior but still looked great at 45 and I loved mature women who have all the experience.

On my third call I was starting to think it was not just for sex but more, I was feeling love for her – but she was married and I was just her toy-boy on the side so I had to stifle all such feelings and just enjoy the sex – and that was no problem at all. Aisha enjoyed hers to the full and I had hardly arrived, seated and taking refreshment when she was at me, ravishing me like she was starved and I guessed her hubby was not giving it to her.

“You just carry on baby, you need your nourishment” she said during a quick pause and then she had me unzipped, jeans and boxer shorts downed to my knees and the working tool in her mouth, that very busy tongue lavishly enjoying me – and to see her down there in my lap, sucking Escort Eryaman me up to the full as I took a chunk out of my jam doughnut was a real experience to behold.

But this way I was able to hold back, enjoy my eats and enable her to enjoy hers to the full, I felt the beautiful pull of her suck as she really gave it passion and made it even more pleasurable in balling me constantly as she bobbed her head back and forth applying all the sensuality she could muster along with the very gratifying moans and murmurs in between, complimenting me on my masculinity.

Aisha was a lovely person, she had abounding style and passion and made no secret about what she wanted and what she enjoyed, it wasn’t just to be the sex, it was going our, wining and dining too, and I soon started to realise that my short day visit on a Monday would extend the full day.

“Life is full of exciting new things to do”, she told me – and affording her lifestyle meant no boundaries expense wise – she wanted to spoil me and I soon got the notion this relationship was going to glue and last.

But what about her married life? I soon found out that she was suing for divorce and was separated from her husband who was having it away with a coloured girl from Texas – so what had begun as an erotic couple of hours with sex hungry gal was developing into something else.

If I wanted that I could not make up my mind, the lifestyle was tempting but would it really be me, and would she tire of me when she’d had her fill and the excitement started to wear off?

But for the time being my concentration was smothered in her sexual deviations and I was glad to be of service, in the morning before we went out and about, and in the evening when we returned, and sometimes into the night what she felt she wanted the feel of a man beside her again, not just for sex but to feel and snuggle up to. She was a real woman sure enough and I had no problem with that, slumbering and often immersed in the delicious warmth between her ripe boobs.

“Can we go further, John?” she asked me after our fourth session, having just guided me into her for a wondrous bonding fuck, her body neatly planted astride me, her gorgeous boobs there for my pampering. I guessed she wanted Eryaman Escort it in another position but it was not just that, she was a lovely fuck on top and we had delved into the gorgeous ways of mutual oral sex, head to toe and taking it to the full, all that slow time gorgeous sucking and licking, the taste of her in my mouth and afterwards that so wonderfully merged deep French kiss combining our nectar of passion and pure unadulterated sex.

But what she wanted was something I had never shared with any woman, or anyone else for that matter. She went to her wardrobe and brought back a box,

She put it the bed, looked into my eyes with a certain mischievousness , her face glowing and slowly opened the box and lifted out the content. A fill sized strap-on and I must have shown my surprise because she whispered that it would be a nice thing to do.

I was a little shocked because this was really breaking the boundaries of anything I had done before but it was obviously her passion to try.

“Each of us, man or woman, have our deviances baby, each of us have some of the opposite sexual hormones in us, let me give it a try, I love the way you wiggle, you have no idea what that does for me, I will be gentle baby” she smiled holding the rubbery length of the substitute penis with a great touch, like she was doing it to me. The way she teased around my p-hole with finger and tongue. She was so very passionate in every way and her suggestions even made me blush. She gently squeezing the appendage into the aperture made between forefinger and thumb!

“I shall prepare you baby, lots and lots of spoiling you will love and lots and lots of lubricant.”

I felt I just couldn’t refuse her even though the idea seemed maybe a little repugnant, after all I had always taken the male part but to switch roles suggested I was gay and I was never that.

But Aisha, she was all woman sure enough and I wanted to share her passion, especially when she challenged me saying if I thought it would be too much, just to say!

She said how she wanted me and I was about to learn the true deep deviances of Aisha as she indulged in enjoying me, spread ass up over the bottom bed rail with a well placed cushion, I felt her fingers expertly touching Eryaman Escort Bayan and teasing me there, occasionally massaging my balls and then running up her fingers between my cheeks and slowly rimming me, around and around and watered just nothing for me at first began to feel good, especially when she gently planted her lips there and gently indulged in a exploratory oral extravaganza which was truly beautiful.

“Better now baby?” she whispered gently slapping me. It did feel good. She was achieving something I would have thought impossible and I began to feel that I wanted her to go the full hog, it sort of made me feel what it may be like to be a woman and when she started to stretch me with her fingers inserting and spreading I hear her sighs and relished the thought that she was enjoying me.

Such was the extent I found myself asking for her fuck but all the time she was teasing, saying for me to wait and that would come when she was well and ready. And I realised she wanted more of what she was doing that she was the mistress and I her servant and she made best of all the oral stimulants she could perceive , the stroking, the slapping, the nudging, the licking and sucking everything which geared me up to the full until I plead with her just to fuck the ass off me.

But still, she said when she was well and ready and I started to feel animalistic, never before had I felt that way with a woman, but of she didn’t yield I was about to fuck the pussy off her in the most rough passionate way and no holds barred.

But then she’d done with the foreplay and the final was about to come – I glanced around and saw that she had the strap on in place and began to feel a stretching where she had been busily working me .My God! She was there inside, I felt a slight pain as she pushed it into me, I felt a throbbing intensity as she started to thrust in and out with such verbosity that she was enjoying me like a guy would, with a very full end deep erection implanting me with all her secret passion and enjoying it to the full as she groaned and grunted and swore, but always complimenting me on my ‘most fuckable ass.’

Well fucked for the first time that way we both lay in the bed completely exhausted but her smile and the look on her face said it all.

This was a sign of things to cum!

The whole sequence had worked out beautifully and afforded us both a time to be dominant and subservient which somehow complimented the bond between us and so Aisha was about to become so much more than just another client.

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Against the Law

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It had been a long day when she saw the flashing lights behind her and heard the siren go off.

Doesn’t it just fucking figure, she thought. What could have made this shitty day any worse?

A speeding ticket. Of course.

She didn’t think she’d been going all that fast. The meeting she’d been covering for the paper had gone late, though, and she was tired and wanted to get home to her empty bed — so it was definitely possible she’d leaned a little harder on the gas than she should have.

She pulled over on the dark road and the police car pulled in behind her. She wondered if she might know the cop. She’d never ask for special treatment, of course, but after covering news in a small town for nearly a decade, the odds are her name might ring a bell and she might get some leniency.

Or get an additional fine, depending on who it was.

She watched in her rear view mirror as the officer got out of the car and she did the unthinkable — she smiled. Of all the police officers, it would have to be him.

Only her favorite police officer on the whole force, for crying out loud. It hadn’t occurred to her he might be in the car since he’d told her he was working a different schedule. But boy, his tall muscular frame and dreamy blue eyes were a sight for her sore ones. Ticket pad in hand, or not.

He walked over to her passenger side window as the street was quiet but a main thoroughfare.

He leaned on the window frame with both hands.

“Hello, ma’am,” he said, trying desperately to appear serious despite the smile dancing around his lips.

“Good evening, Sergeant,” she said, smiling back. It was impossible not to despite her vow about ten minutes earlier that she’d never smile again.

“Do you know why I pulled you over, ma’am?” he said.

“Hm,” she said.

“Because you’ve been just looking for an excuse to put me in handcuffs for a while?” she said.

Now he laughed out loud.

“I can’t confirm that for the record, ma’am. But the speed limit here is 40 mph. You were going 50,” he said.

Cars suddenly whizzed past her on her driver’s side.

“Do me a favor — pull in here. You’re impeding traffic,” he said, directing her to a vacant parking lot for a business closed for the evening on her right.

“Ok,” she said. Was he really going to give her a ticket? Shit. Of all people. She didn’t think he’d be the one to bust her. And it was only 10 fucking miles over.

She pulled into the lot and he followed, no sirens or lights this time, and pulled in next to her.

He got out of the car again. He was adorable any day but in his uniform, his waist heavily flanked by his symbols of authority — her heart thumped. He could give her a ticket — anytime.

“Please step out of the car, ma’am,” he said.

Now what?

She could hear his police radio crackle and hiss with insignificant crimes that often took up his time in this wealthy, white-collar neighborhood. If he wanted to stall her bust, no pun intended, that was all right with her. She got it.

She opened the car door and got out, closing it behind her. She looked up at him, always surprised by how much he towered over her when she stood next to him. She wasn’t short but he made her feel tiny.

She looked at him with a face bordering on adolescent pout.

“You’re not really going to give me a speeding ticket, are you?” she said.

Still, the smile danced around his mouth, trying so hard to maintain his law enforcement seriousness.

She always broke him with a laugh. Their sense of humor was one of the many places they felt connected.

“Listen, cop,” she said, mocking the many local preppy teens and their attitude toward the cops she’d heard stories about for years.

She crossed her arms.

“My dad’s a lawyer. You wait till he finds out you pulled me over. He’ll have your job,” she said.

He laughed out loud again.

“Is that so, princess?” he said.

She smiled.

“Turn around and put your hands on the hood of your truck,” he said.

She blinked for a second.

“Huh?” she said.

“You heard me. The more you cooperate, the easier this will be for you,” he said, once again failing to look entirely serious. She realized she’d never really seen him face to face without him being a few degrees into a smile when looking at her.

“Now turn around, and put your hands on the hood of your truck,” he said.

Her heart, and her breathing level, increased their beats in simultaneous speeds.

She turned around and followed his instructions, hands on the hood. They were entirely alone in the parking lot. It seemed even the cars on the nearby road had stopped.

It was as if the whole world had stopped, breathing along with her, waiting to see what would happen next. No sound was available to mask her thumping heart.

“Now, spread your legs,” he said.

Her eyes fluttered momentarily.

She moved her legs apart. She was wearing jeans, a fitted white T-shirt, and sneakers. Not exactly lust material.

Instinctively, feeling Escort Sincan the flare of lust ignite through her, her fingers tried to dig into something like muscled forearms, but only found the unyielding metal of her truck hood.

“Wider,” he said, this time his moved his leg between hers and gently nudged her right leg out further, opening her legs wider.

“Is there anything I should know about before I search you — anything you might be hiding,” he said softly, from behind her.

Her eyes again closed.

There were a lot of things she was hiding at the moment. And not well, either.

“No,” she whispered.

She felt him move behind her, felt him by instinct down her body from behind her.

His hands started at her left ankle.

Both hands cupped her ankle, massaging it in the guise of a search, and moved up, fingers probing her calf, she could feel the heat, the pressure of his shoulders behind her legs.

Now to the knee, his thumbs pressing into the back of her knee, fingers firmly but gently moving over it, and she began to tremble. She could feel it all over.

The rough material of her jeans made his movements all the more sensual, rubbing against her soft skin, and still, his search moved higher. His hands moved over her knee, now to the thigh.

She fought and failed to control a gasp in her throat as his fingers dug into the millions of nerve endings he discovered in her inner thigh, where he seemed to be most focused. His thumbs rotated and teased her inner left thigh until she lifted one hand from the hood of the car to bite her knuckle.

“Hands back on the car,” he whispered, but his voice sounded different. She realized she wasn’t the only one feeling it.

“I don’t want to have to cuff you,” he said.

Cuff me, she thought. Cuff me, please.

His hands moved up, further, reaching the top of her inner thigh, pushing his thumbs just below her ass and then pulled away.

Again, he started the same movements on her right ankle, massaging, teasing her leg with his fingers, finding that sensitive spot in inner knee, and easing up her inner thigh. His thumb circling, his grip strong. She couldn’t breathe.

“Are you sure you aren’t hiding anything?” he asked.

She nodded. She was suddenly at a loss for words.

She felt him against her back now, hands on her hips, tightly holding them.

Then his hands slowly moved up to her belly — through her T-shirt, up her ribs, under her arms, over her shoulders, stopping to squeeze them.

“You’re moving your legs back together again,” he said, putting his hands next to hers on the hood of the car so his mouth was by her ear. His body was pressed against her back.

“I told you to spread them. Now do it,” he whispered.

She bit her lip and inched her feet further apart.

He moved back from her and moved his hands over hers, on the car, at her wrists, covering every inch with his fingers. His thumbs moved in a circle inside her elbows, stroking them, up to her forearms, digging into them harder.

She let out a small gasp involuntarily. The clash of so many sensations and emotions was beginning to overwhelm her brain activity. She was nervous and excited. She was embarrassed but eager.

She wanted desperately to run, while at the same time wanting him to throw her on the hood of the truck and screw her senseless just as badly.

His fingers reached her shoulders again, his fingers simulating an actual search poorly by then.

“I can’t help but feel like I’m still missing something,” he whispered.

With that, his hands inched their way down from her shoulders and slowly, slowly, ran his hands over her chest, holding her breasts in his hands, moving his hands over them in gentle circles.

Her nipples, already the first to respond when she was turned on, were already over-sensitive, after his hands all over her. With his hands moving over them — they were so nerve-charged under his touch — impossible to hide. Her eyes clenched shut in embarrassment and sensual agony.

Behind her, he bit his lip at feeling her pronounced nipples against his palms through her T-shirt. He was glad her back was to him so she couldn’t see his face.

Was there any way for him not to find them with his fingers? Any way to not feel their hardness, make it worse? It wasn’t the best idea, but neither one of them were thinking what would come next. It was all about the means — screw the end.

And so they both knew that his fingers would be drawn like magnets to those hardened nipples.

“I knew you were hiding something,” he said.

“They weren’t there before, Sergeant. I swear,” she whispered.

Her hips had begun to move with his touch, moving back, urging him to press against her again.

He was initially stalling, because in doing so, he would be revealing some secrets of his own.

His fingers squeezed her nipples gently at first, tugging on them, and she sighed now, finally, impatiently reaching behind her to grab him by his heavy belt and pull Sincan Escort him to her.

The hardness against her ass certainly wasn’t his gun, and it wasn’t helping her gather her thoughts at all.

She moved against him now, finally lifting her hands from the car, and reaching behind her to reach for his neck, pulling his mouth to her neck, and he moved them around to lean himself against the car, his hands moving up, under her shirt, her back to his front, moving and softly grinding together.

He moved down to lift her up against him because he was so much taller than she was, and it was hard to reach her neck with his mouth, but he managed. She felt his hot breath on her neck, and his hands found her naked nipples, working them harder, squeezing them over and over.

He could feel her heart, feel her sighs coming faster, turning more into “Oh….yeahs” than sighs.

He knew where this was headed.

She did too and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She reached orgasm through her nipples faster than any other way and that was under normal circumstances. This…this was extraordinary to say the least.

Still embarrassed, she tried to pull his hands away for a feeble moment.

“No, I…I can’t. I…you don’t understand. I can’t do this in front of you,” she whispered.

He turned her face to look up at his, over her shoulder.

Oh God, she thought. Not the blue eyes that I want to lose myself in, to swim away in, naked and never come back. But there they were. Those blue eyes.

“Yes you can,” he whispered into her mouth.

“And you will. You have to do what I tell you? Remember?” and his blue eyes held that hint of smile, as delicious as honey.

She knew she was done for. She closed her eyes, and felt him lift her against his body again, their hips back to front, feeling him hard against her, and his mouth in her neck, whispering to her, urging her on, and on again, until she finally felt her aching nipples teased and tugged for the last time she could stand it.

As she came shuddering against his body, his arms wrapped around her ribs to hold her up and to feel the shocks go through her. She reached behind her, wanting to feel him, looking for his…

“No,” he said, warmly but firmly.

And she was too tired to argue.

After a bit, he let her go and she was shyly finding it hard to meet his eyes. He smiled to himself and walked her to the driver’s side door.

She stopped before getting in and looked him right in the eye.

“So,” she said, smiling, “Do I get a ticket?”

He laughed softly.

“Not this time, ma’am — just a verbal warning,” he said.

“But please be more aware of the speed limit, and slow down,” he said.

She turned to get in the car, and turned back once more.

“You sure you don’t want to threaten me with a ticket?” she said.

Her eyes, recovered from her momentary shyness, were hot. He could almost hear them crackle and burn. They reached through his, into his heart and took hold of his dick with both hands — which was coincidentally where her eyes were now focused.

“Because if you wanted to threaten me with a ticket, I’ve got all sorts of propositions to offer you to try to get out of it,” she said, smiling at him wickedly.

God, was he tempted to write her a thousand tickets. But fuck. He knew couldn’t.

He grabbed her by both elbows and pushed her against the passenger door of her car.

Her smile never left, her eyes locked with his — but she did let out a small, surprised and pleasurable gasp with his move.

He bent his shoulders to look directly into her eyes, his mouth almost touching hers.

“I was easy on you this time. Remember that,” he whispered, using his full authoritative tone.

“Next time, you might not be so lucky,” he said.

She watched his mouth form the words and realized the need to kiss him was almost a physical ache. She knew it would be in-fucking-credible.

Instead, she just smiled. She’d play his game. His way.

“All right, Sergeant,” she said.

“Thank you,” she said.

He backed away from her toward his car, their eyes still locked together.

“Have a good evening, ma’am. And please, drive carefully,” he said, unable to mask the smile that lit up his blue eyes like moonlight on the ocean.

She smiled back, gave him a salute, and with shaking hands she put her key in the ignition and just sat in her car for a few minutes, pondering if turning to a life of crime would be worth it.


A few days later, he heard his phone buzz with a text message. They’d proceeded as usual since the ‘speeding incident,’ talking about work related topics. It was easier that they didn’t have to see each other — usually just talking by phone or by text. Looking into each others’ eyes might have been hard, especially if other people were around.

He was certain she’d blush. And he couldn’t be so certain he wouldn’t have also. He was glad it seemed that their little moment hadn’t changed their relationship Sincan Escort Bayan or affected it permanently. He truly did like her and liked giving her information that she needed, and generally enjoyed talking to her. They had the same sense of humor and laughed a lot.

However, he couldn’t help but have his mind steal back to that night. He wanted to forget it, but he couldn’t. He was having trouble sleeping sometimes, thinking of her body shivering in his hands. She seemed to have managed quite easily though.

At least he thought she had. Until the latest text. Telling him she’d heard of reported criminal activity that might take place that night. And an address.

That was all.

He didn’t respond. He just looked at the phone for a while until his police radio cracked again. Then he put it out of his mind and didn’t respond. After all, his shift didn’t even end until the wee hours of the morning. What was he going to do? Drive all the way there at 2 a.m.?

But that’s exactly what he did.

When he pulled up, the house was dark save one light somewhere upstairs. He told himself it was insane. But then he closed his eyes, as he’d done many times over the last week, and breathed in the scent of her neck. He heard her struggling sighs. He felt her body warm and tight against his, his arms holding her to him.

He shut the door of his police car. He had been in such a rush to drive there he hadn’t even changed into his civilian clothes. Something told him if she was still awake, she wouldn’t mind.

He quietly tapped the sliding glass door but the downstairs was dark. Still telling himself he was utterly insane, he slid the door open. Nothing like a cop breaking and entering, he thought.

His belt and all its equipment clinked and clanked his arrival.

Somewhere upstairs, she sighed in her sleep, sensing it — waking up.

He walked up the stairs, slowly. His nervous energy was more intense than he felt during any bust he made on a regular basis. Why? He couldn’t figure it out.

He still had time to bail on this, he told himself as he walked down the hall to the lit doorway. He still had time to bail. But his body wasn’t listening.

As he got to the doorway, she stirred and opened her eyes.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” he said. If there was a white flag, he was waving it. He gave up fighting.

The room was dark other than a thick candle on the dresser. It lit the pale blue walls faintly.

She was sprawled on the bed in an ivory silk nightgown, clinging to her body down to her mid-thighs where it ended.

She lifted herself onto her elbows. Her nipples were outlined through the nightgown.

“Come on, officer,” she said.

“I’m sure you’ve handled worse situations,” she said.

“You shouldn’t sleep with a candle lit,” he said, defaulting to focusing on safety.

“You could start a fire,” he said.

“I knew you were coming,” she said, smiling at him.

“I never have to worry about being safe with you around to protect me,” she said.

His fists clenched in his hands. He found himself counting to ten trying to control himself. It was simply too much. The sleepless nights. The aching in his heart. In his dick, remembering the other night. Thinking about all the possible outcomes. The darkness that hid him stroking himself hard and fast to take the edge off.

And now, she was there, hair a sleepy mess, naked under a layer of silk, on a bed. With that look in her eye.

Ready. So ready.

He counted to ten again.

She sat on the bed.

“Come here,” she said.

He listened, but sat on the edge of the bed. She moved behind him. He felt her body against his back. Her hands on his shoulders.

“Is there anything you are hiding from me?” she said.

He smiled. Uh, yeah? He thought. But something told him she’d find it fast.

Her hands moved over his back, feeling it rippling with just enough muscle, borne of pain and sweat, of years of special police training.. She moved down his hard arms, pushing her chest against his back, reaching his waist — and finding it.

He grabbed her hands as they took hold of his gun.

“Wait,” he said.

His skilled hands took it from her and carefully emptied it of ammunition. Then he handed it back to her. Her arms under his, holding his gun, stroking it.

“Show me hold to hold it,” she said.

He took her hands in his with the gun in them and she was pleased to feel his trembling in hers. Together they took the gun in her hands, raised his arms, and aimed it, his finger over hers on the trigger. Her heart thundered in her chest.

She let go of the gun and he laid it on the side table. Her hands continued to search him while her mouth, her hot tongue, moved across the back of his neck and he leaned into it, his hands reaching behind him to find her thighs under her night gown.

“I want the handcuffs” she whispered.

He laughed quietly, and reached for them, but stood up and turned her on her back on the bed.

She watched him intently as he kneeled over her, holding his handcuffs over her.

“You know what? I should arrest you,” he said.

“On what charge?” she whispered, smiling.

He pushed his hands down on her arms, and said, “distracting the hell out of a police officer.”

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Afternoon Delight

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I am not so stupid that I believed Stan. He was saying sweet things and saying all the right words just so he could get in my pants. I had known for a long time Stan wanted to get some of my ass. I don’t know why. I am not pretty, I am a little over weight and my tits are not as firm as they once were. So why did Stan want to screw me. Hell I don’t know but I did not care either. My husband had not wanted me for a long time so I let Stan think he was getting to me with his sweet words. But, hell on this one warm summer day I would have fucked a dog. I was horny, I was thinking of days gone by when I got screwed every day and twice on Sunday. Oh, yes there had been a day when my husband had wanted me all the time and I gave it to him whenever he wanted it day or night anytime. I also gave him what ever he wanted, I would suck him off when ever he wanted. I let him screw me in my ass when he wanted that too. I was so happy back then I would have done anything for him and I did. However, that was more than a few years ago. So here I was on a hot summer day, letting my husbands best friend walk me toward the bedroom. Stan had come over and some how things got started and I let him go on. I did not care. Stan had slipped his hand up my dress and found I was not wearing panties. Escort Keçiören He then said, He wanted to lick my pussy, so I let him get between my legs and lick me to a climax right there on the living room sofa. Then when he stood in front of me and showed me his hard-on I was happy to suck it for him. He was a nice guy and he had a nice cock. It was hard enough and that was all I cared about today. He will think he is some kind of lover when this is over but he had little to do with it. He just happen to be here on the day I decided to get laid. Stan had his hand around me and up under my dress. He had a good strong grip on my ass. I wondered it Stan knew how I would enjoy the feel of his cock in my ass. Oh, well we will see how good he is after he gets some of my pussy.

I quickly removed my dress and bra. I was naked on the bed by the time Stan got his pants off. He came up along side of me taking my tits in his mouth. I thought, Christ, Stan just fuck me the hell with the foreplay. I took hold of his cock, it was hard but not a extra large if you know what I mean. I think Stan got the idea in a hurry about then. He rolled over on top of me. I spread my legs wide open for him and he drove it all the way home on the first try. I was wet from his Keçiören Escort Bayan licking me to a climax and I was ready. I was bucking up to meet him on every down ward push. He was not too bad in the saddle. Then I noticed he was getting larger I started to feel him more. Some times a good hard cock is better than a large soft one. Stan was getting really hard. He hooked my left leg with his right arm and pulled my ass up higher. He was pounding me fast and deep I felt like I was full of cock. He was growing as he worked faster. I had never known a guy like this. He cock was growing and it was going deeper and deeper. It was almost too big now, I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. I screamed Stan, take it easy your getting too big, don’t hurt me. Stan slowed down and held himself up off me so he would not go in so deep. I said, ” God, all mighty Stan you got a hell of a cock.” He smiled and there came a little laugh. But he did slow down and was now just letting the head pop in and out of my slippery wet cunt. This teasing was getting to me and I moaned as I cum again. It did not start down and work it way up like most of the time.

This climax was there all of a sudden, I jerked and felt him once again drive a little deeper and that Keçiören Escort felt so good, I started to cum all over again. I was having two climaxes back to back. I was wiggling and jerking uncontrollable under him Then I felt his body stiffen and he laid flat on me sinking that huge cock to the bottom of my soul. What a flood of hot cum it filled me up till it run out of my pussy.

I had never felt a man cum like that before. Stan came to a stop and rolled off me. I could not wait to look at his cock. Oh, my god, it was thick now, and longer. I had never seen nor felt a cock grow like that and Stan knew just how to control it to make me climax. He was one hell of a lover. Now I was thinking Oh, Stan were your words just words or would like to come by and fuck me every chance you get.

Later as we stepped out of the shower I dropped to my knees and started to suck his now much smaller cock. “”Peggy, you’re a wonder fuck and I love the way you suck cock, but I have to go. But Peggy, I want to see you again, can I do that?”

I stood still wanting to hold his cock in my mouth. But I said, “Stan you can call me any time you know when Tom works, come by or I’ll meet you at your place if you want.”

“Sure Peggy, your great and I will see you soon.”

Stan left me with a kiss and a promise to call me the next afternoon. Well that was over two weeks ago and I am still waiting. I still dream of Stan and that cock that grows like none other I had ever seen. But even if he never comes back I still have a memory of one hell of an afternoon.

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After the Office, the Sex

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My partner and I returned home after a night in the pub that had started straight after work, so I was still in my business suit. As sometimes happens, I made a joking remark about what we should do now we were home to Caroline, but instead of laughing it off she made it known that sex was on right then and there.

We’d both drunk a fair amount and were suddenly very horny, so it wasn’t a time for a lot of foreplay. I kissed her briefly while I fondled the front of her jeans and she made a grab for my dick. Then I pushed her onto the bed and started to rub her pussy harder through the fabric of jeans. I quickly undid her 501s, pushed my trousers down to my ankles, then loosened my tie but didn’t bother doing anything more with my clothes. I pulled her trousers down, then knelt in front of the bed in front of her. As I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and began to run my tongue up and down her vaginal opening, paying special attention to her clit, she started to cry out. She was already very wet, and tasted lovely.

Caroline is always determined Escort Etlik to make less noise during sex but, to my pleasure, she always fails – she’s a natural moaner and groaner. She was soon giving out anguished sounds and telling me how turned on she was while reached down awkwardly in an effort to get hold of my prick. I used my other hand to slip my foreskin over the tip of my stiff cock, making me harder and slicker as pre-cum started to drip out.

The fact that we were still partly dressed made the entire experience feel dirtier than usual, and I began to imagine a camera, or someone else, looking down on us both as I moved up and onto the bed. I positioned my prick at the entrance to her cunt, rubbing it teasingly up and down the damp, matted hairs covering her vagina, but by now I was boiling with frustrated lust and wasted little time before shoving my hard-on roughly inside her, giving her little or no time to get used to my size and accommodate me. She was very slippery though, and I was soon ball deep in her cunt.

As Etlik Escort I commenced my aggressive thrusting into her, I couldn’t help seeing an image in my mind’s eye of what we would look like to the observing camera or people looking in. Caroline was lying flat on her back, still wearing her shirt and with her bra pushed up over her tits which I would occasionally tweak viciously. Her trousers lay in a tangle on the floor beside the bed and her wet cunt was gaping wantonly between her raised and outspread legs. I started to push my tool still faster into her, in and out like an electric hammer and now I could see myself as an image viewed from above as I continued my hard fucking of her. My trousers were inside-out and on the floor beside hers; my shirt and tie askew but still on me, causing me to look like a businessman who’s picked up a tart for a quick, extramarital screw.

Caroline took time in between her moaning and groaning to tell me how dirty she felt, and started to call out in short pants. “Jeremy, you bastard! Etlik Escort Bayan Make me cum!” I was pushing my stiff cock still harder into her and I knew I wasn’t going to be long. I grunted my intentions in between thrusts, telling her what a filthy sight she was and how I was going to put a serious amount of spunk inside her when I came. Caroline put one hand between her legs and started to manipulate her clit, which I always find irresistible. With her free hand she grabbed hold of my swinging balls and pulled and squeezed them. This was all too much, too quickly, and I could feel my orgasm rushing towards me.

I started to pant and groan myself as the bed creaked and lurched under us, and had a brief moment in which to realize that our sex must be audible to any number of people in the flats around us. C gave a specially hard tug on my balls and I let go with a cross between a grunt and a groan as my spunk sprayed deep inside her belly. Caroline was a second behind me, and cried out as her back arched and she came heavily. I collapsed beside the bed feeling utterly, utterly satisfied and kissed her flushed cheeks as my cum started to leak out of her onto the sheets. I have often used this occasion as an inspiration for masturbation, and the memory always causes me to reach orgasm quickly and with real force.

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Chasing Waterfalls Ch. 03

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As Steve and Kim walked across the road, hand-in-hand, Kim looked around, amazed by how incredibly green, lush and beautiful everything was here. She had wanted to come to Maui for a very long time, and now that she was here, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Of course, she couldn’t believe what was happening with Steve, either. Falling for a brand new man was not on her list of things to do while in Maui — but that was the way things seemed to be going.

As they walked, Kim kept thinking that although she didn’t want to get ahead of herself emotionally, she felt a certain connection with Steve that she couldn’t explain which was way beyond just the chemistry and sexual energy that was so obvious between them. It was as though they had known each other for a very long time. She didn’t usually feel so comfortable with men right away like she had with Steve, and that puzzled her but also made her feel very good. After all, she thought, it had been a long time since she felt this way, and it felt great.

Sensing how deep in thought she was, Steve looked over at Kim and squeezed her hand. Then he led her over to a rock, motioning to her to sit down. Sitting down together on the rock, he started to tell her how comfortable he felt with her, like they had an amazing connection already. Looking surprised, she said that she had been thinking that as well, saying that she didn’t usually feel so at ease with men so quickly. Looking very pleased at her words, Steve simply leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips. Then he put his arms around her and whispered in her ear, “You really are amazing, you know.” Kim smiled and kissed him on the cheek, saying, “Thank you, Steve. That’s very nice to hear.”

“Well, let’s go do some more exploring,” Steve said, as he got up and held out his hand. “This is a beautiful place, and I can’t wait to show it all to you.”

With that, Kim took Steve’s hand, stood up, and they walked further down the path. Then, all of a sudden, they came upon a beautiful area with several pools of water running over rocks and moss. In awe at the beauty, Kim gasped, saying how beautiful it was — that she had seen pictures but that it was truly awe-inspiring in person.

“This is part of Haleakala National Park, and there are actually more than seven pools,” Steve told her. Continuing, Steve said, “Isn’t it beautiful the way they all flow together? I just love this area.”

“Yes, it’s beautiful,” Kim replied, “and with the ocean as a backdrop, it’s almost like a fantasyland.” She had always wanted to see the Seven Sacred Pools, and being here now with Steve was simply amazing.

Steve looked over at Kim, and then said, almost wistfully, “I’ll tell you what is a fantasyland, and that’s being here with you.” And then he thought about that wild scene back there at the waterfall — and in the ocean. Wow, Steve thought, this has been such an amazing day — and it isn’t even over yet.

Kim blushed a little, and then said, “Well, don’t you say the nicest things,” thinking that Steve could even say a corny line like that and not sound insincere. A true gift. Bullshit perhaps, but it didn’t sound like it, and that intrigued Kim even more.

Continuing to walk around the pools, Steve and Kim drank in the atmosphere, both feeling euphoric in this serene place. The sound of cascading water was all around, and the blend of visual and auditory images combined to make the experience even more peaceful and calming. Soon Kim and Steve sat down on a rock, and for a few minutes, they stayed there, taking in the amazing scenery.

After a couple of minutes, Steve looked over at Kim and said, in a mischievous tone, “Why don’t we walk over there into that wooded area? It’s really beautiful, and very private since not many people know it’s there.”

Kim smiled, and said, “Okay, that sounds very great.” Of course, what immediately entered Kim’s mind was what might happen in that secluded wooded area.

Steve stood up, and taking Kim by the hand, they began walking toward the area that he had described. Guiding her through a very lush, green wooded area, they walked around the pools and into the brush, all but disappearing into another world. Walking down a path in the woods for several minutes, they soon came to another beautiful waterfall. Stopping, they both looked at the scene, speechless at its beauty.

Finally Steve broke the silence by saying, “So isn’t it beautiful here?” as he looked over at Kim, who was standing there, awe-struck.

Kim returned Steve’s gaze, and then said, “Yes, it really is beautiful. I’ve never seen any place so incredibly lush and green, and with the waterfall, it looks like a fairyland. So tell me, Steve, just how did you find this private area?”

Steve laughed, realizing what Kim was insinuating by her tone, and then said, “Well, I came here a few years ago and decided to hike around to see what I could find, and I came across this area. I sat down right here on that rock for a while, and then realized that no one else was coming through here, so I figured I had discovered Escort Ankara a brand new spot. I’ve been here a few times since then and have never seen anyone else here, so it has remained my private place.”

“And you’ve never been here with anyone else?” Kim questioned, knowing that Steve would get the inference.

Laughing, Steve said, “No, I haven’t been here with anyone else, until now.”

“Oh good,” Kim responded, “nice to know I’m the first one to be here with you.”

And then, Steve turned to Kim, took her in his arms, and began to kiss her — and again, Kim felt like she was floating. With each kiss, each caress, she felt like she was being lifted off the earth into another world. She loved the way he made her feel, and she was feeling almost intoxicated by all that was happening.

As Steve continued to kiss her with deeply passionate kisses that sent amazing sensations through Kim’s body, his tongue entered her mouth, and as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths, Kim felt as though she was going to explode. Reaching out, Kim felt Steve’s hardening cock through his pants as she ran her hand up and down its entire length, over and over again.

And then Steve began feeling Kim’s breasts through her blouse, running his fingers over the area where her nipples were, feeling her nipples hardening under his touch. As he squeezed her nipples through her blouse, Kim gasped loudly and said, “Oh God, Steve, that feels so good. I want you to suck on my nipples, right here, right now.”

And then as they began to kiss again, and as their kisses became more and more intense, Steve began to unbutton Kim’s blouse. Opening her blouse, he began touching her breasts, fondling them, running his hands over her hard erect nipples, and loving the way Kim responded. Taking her blouse off completely, Steve began running his hands up and down her back, and as he did, he could feel himself becoming more and more enthralled with this amazingly beautiful woman who he had fantasized about for so long.

Then Steve began licking Kim’s nipples, running his tongue in circles around her hard erect nipples. Holding her breasts tightly, he squeezed them and then began sucking her nipples, pulling them into his mouth. Kim gasped in response, and as she reached down and grabbed her tits, she held them out, telling Steve to suck on them more, that it felt so good. And as he did, Kim could feel her pussy becoming hotter and wetter with each lick and suck.

As Steve continued to suck on Kim’s nipples, he reached down and unzipped her shorts, and then began rubbing her clit. It was already very swollen and erect, and as he rubbed it, Kim began to squirm, moving her hips as she began to writhe in response.

Then, as Steve stuck one finger and then two into her hot pussy, swirling them around and feeling the wetness, Kim gasped and then said, “Oh God, baby, that feels so good.” And as she gasped for air, she continued by saying, “Please don’t stop. Keep finger-fucking me just like that.”

Completely overcome with the intensity of the moment, Kim stumbled, starting to lose her balance, and laughing, she said, “Oh baby, you’ve got me so turned on I can barely stand anymore.”

Looking at her, Steve said, “Let’s go sit on that rock over there,” as he took her hand and they walked toward a large rock surrounded by plants and dense brush.

As she sat down, Steve kneeled in front of her, and put his fingers inside her pussy again, pushing them in and out, in and out, watching Kim’s every reaction as she writhed and squirmed there on the rock. Loving watching her enjoying his touch, Steve just continued to watch her as he kept on finger-fucking her, pushing his fingers in and out of her extremely wet cunt.

Then Steve took his fingers and pushed her lips apart, looking at the glistening pussy that was tucked neatly underneath. Just looking at it for a moment, he became mesmerized by its appearance… so pink, so beautiful, and oh so wet. Then he leaned down and licked her pussy, feeling her body tense as he licked her pussy again and again. Her juices were so sweet, and he loved the way her pussy tasted. But most of all, he loved the way her body responded as he kept licking and playing with her hot, wet pussy.

“Steve, you’re driving me wild,” Kim finally said, as she watched him lick her pussy and then stick his tongue deep inside her vagina. Barely able to contain herself, she wiggled and writhed as he pushed his tongue in and out of her cunt. Then he reached up and began squeezing on her tits again, rolling her hard erect nipples between his fingers and feeling her response. More than anything, he loved how sexual and sensual Kim was, obviously enjoying immensely every moment of their extremely hot encounters.

Then Steve unzipped his shorts and pulled out his rock-hard cock, stroking it wildly as he continued to suck on Kim’s hot cunt. With each stroke of his cock and each lick on Kim’s pussy, Steve moaned loudly, so turned on by what was happening between them.

At this point, Kim was moaning Ankara Escort loudly as well, incredibly aroused by the erotic scene in which she was participating, and loving every moment of it. Breathlessly, she told Steve, “Fuck me, baby. I need your hard stiff cock inside my wet hot pussy now.”

And so Steve stood up and leaned forward, placing his cock between Kim’s legs, feeling it become even harder as he pushed it toward her wet pussy. At that point, Kim grabbed his cock in her hands, and placed it right at the entrance to her pussy, looking at Steve longingly, saying, “Stick it in, baby. Fuck me deep and hard,” in a seductive tone.

“Oh, you want my hard cock inside your wet pussy, do you?” Steve responded, waiting a moment for Kim’s response. “Is that what you want?”

“Oh yes, Steve, please fuck me with your hard cock,” Kim responded immediately with eagerness in her eyes.

And with that, Steve pushed his cock into Kim’s waiting cunt, slamming in hard and deep into the wetness. Hearing Kim gasp and feeling her body tense, Steve pulled it out slightly and then pushed it in again, deeper, harder, loving the way it felt inside Kim’s wet pussy. Pushing his hard throbbing cock into Kim’s pussy again and again, Steve also loved the way Kim reacted each time he slammed it inside her. She was so sexual, so sensual, so responsive, and it was such a turn-on.

“Oh God, that feels so good, baby,” Kim said, in a frenzied tone, extremely turned on, and not wanting him to stop, and then adding, “I can’t seem to get enough of you.” Continuing to fuck her with his hard cock, Steve began to kiss her again, sticking his tongue in her mouth and swirling it around. As their tongues danced together, he felt her squeezing her hot pussy repeatedly around his hard cock.

“Wow, that feels amazing,” Steve finally said, “you’ve got very strong muscles down there, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” Kim replied, breathlessly, pleased that he liked feeling her pussy squeeze his cock as they fucked. “So you like the way my pussy feels squeezing your cock?”

“Oh yes, Kim, I love the way your pussy is squeezing my cock,” Steve responded.

Squeezing his cock tightly again, Kim gasped, feeling an enormous climax coming on. With each squeeze and release, she felt an orgasm building even stronger inside her.

Finally, unable to contain herself any longer, Kim began to cum, yelling out, “Oh, Steve, I’m cumming, baby,” as her pussy began to contract wildly around Steve’s hard cock, sending her into orbit as she writhed and squirmed under Steve’s amazing touch.

Watching Kim as she launched into an unbelievable orgasm, Steve just kept pumping her, fucking her wildly, loving the way it felt to be with such an incredibly sexy, sensual woman. And then Steve began to cum, too, yelling out loudly as his load began to empty inside Kim’s hot cunt.

As their orgasms reached their peaks and then began to subside, Kim and Steve held each other tightly, enjoying every moment of this very erotic scene. Then they both sat on the ground, laying back against the rock where they had just fucked, and closed their eyes.

After sitting there for a couple of minutes, Steve finally said, “Well, that was another amazing fuck session. You are a wild woman, Kim.”

Laughing, Kim said, “Well, it takes two, you know, and you are definitely bringing out my wild side.”

Steve looked over at Kim and then began to kiss her passionately, feeling an amazing sense of peace and calm come over him. Meeting Kim for real, spending time with her, and being with her sexually was turning out to be even better than he had ever imagined.

Finally, Steve said, “How about we go back out to the other pools overlooking the ocean now. The sun is going to set soon, and I’m sure we’ll see a beautiful sunset.”

“Oh yes,” Kim replied, “let’s do that.”

With that, Steve got up and offered his hand to Kim who took it — and they began walking out of the “private area” and back toward the main pools.

When they reached the main pool area, Steve led Kim over to a rock where he said he had watched a sunset once before, saying that it was a very good vantage point. As Steve sat down, Kim snuggled up against him and just enjoyed the amazing view.

Then they both looked out toward the ocean, anticipating a beautiful sunset to accentuate an incredible day. Just then, as the sun began to sink, colors began to appear throughout the sky — varying shades of oranges, pinks and purples. Both in awe of the beauty of the sunset, they sat there on the rock, holding hands, and enjoying the show put on by Mother Nature.

Looking over at Kim, Steve finally said, “There’s nothing like an Hawaiian sunset.”

“Yes, I think you may be right,” Kim replied, adding that between this one and the one she had seen last night from her hotel patio, that made a total of two sunsets she had seen in Hawaii, both of them breathtaking.

“Well, I’ve seen a few more than that,” Steve responded, “although I slept through the one last night,” adding that Ankara Escort Bayan after he arrived at the hotel, he had laid down to take a nap and didn’t awaken until quite late.

Sitting there for a few more minutes, Steve and Kim continued to take in the view of the Seven Sacred Pools with the ocean and the sunset as a backdrop. Appearing almost surreal, Kim felt as though she was on another planet, far from civilization — and it felt very good.

After a few more minutes, Steve turned to Kim and asked if she was ready to head back to the hotel. Saying yes, she took his hand and they walked together back to Steve’s rental car. After starting the car, Steve began driving them back to the hotel. Driving along in silence for quite a while, Steve looked over at Kim and smiled broadly. Reaching out, he took her hand in his and just continued to smile at her. She returned the smile, and they continued to drive along in silence.

When they got back to the hotel, Steve parked the car and then walked around to open Kim’s door. As she stepped out, she looked up at him and said, “Steve, this really has been a magnificent day. I can’t think of any other way I would have wanted to have spent my first day in Maui than with you.”

As Steve and Kim walked toward the lobby of the hotel together, Steve started thinking that he didn’t want this day to end quite yet, so he decided to go out on a limb again.

Looking over at her, Steve said, “So Kim, after we rest a little bit, do you want to meet for dinner?”

“Yes, Steve, I’d like that,” Kim responded.

Looking pleased, Steve said, “Great, why don’t we meet here in the lobby in an hour and a half?

“Ok, that sounds good,” Kim replied, and then added, “So since it’s 7:00 pm now, we’ll meet here at 8:30 pm.”

Steve laughed and then said, “So she’s hot, beautiful, and a math wizard,” deciding to tease Kim a little bit.

“Very funny,” Kim replied, “but it’s nice to know you think I’m hot and beautiful.”

“Oh, yes, you certainly are,” Steve replied, deciding that the time was right to kiss her before they parted ways before meeting again for dinner.

Leaning in, he kissed Kim lightly on the lips, and as their lips met, the chemistry and electricity felt even more super-charged than before, lifting them both into the stratosphere. It was obvious to both of them that the connection between them was building with each kiss, each touch, and they were both astounded by the intensity that was increasing with each passing moment. Stunned, they looked at each other and smiled — a smile that said a thousand words.

Before walking away, Steve decided to give Kim his cell phone number and his room number — just in case. Asking if she had a piece of paper, Kim reached into her purse and pulled out a piece of paper that she didn’t recognize. It was folded up with her name written on the front and had a string attached. With trepidation, she followed the string inside her purse and saw that it was attached to a little black box.

Obviously, Steve noticed Kim’s startled look and said, “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” Kim responded, as she put the folded piece of paper back in her purse and looked through her purse for another piece of paper and a pencil. Pulling these items out of her purse, she said, “Okay, so what’s your cell and room number?”

After giving her the info, Steve stood there for a moment, and then said, “Well, let’s go to our rooms now and freshen up, and I’ll see you here at 8:30 pm, okay?”

“OK, see you then,” Kim responded.

And with that, Steve turned and began walking toward his room. Of course, he was a little puzzled by what had happened when Kim had looked in her purse, and he couldn’t help but wonder what she had seen in there that had obviously startled her.

Kim stood there in the lobby of the hotel for a moment, watching Steve walk away. Then she reached into her purse and pulled out the note and the little black box, holding them in her hand as she began to walk toward her room. When she reached the elevator, she pushed the button and then just stared at the note and the little black box, still not wanting to open either one.

When Kim got to her room, she sat on her bed for a moment with the note and black box still in her hand. And then she decided to open the black box and found her engagement ring inside, the one she had thrown at Craig the day when she found him in bed with that 18-year-old girl from up the hall. Then she opened up the note, she began to read:

“My dearest Kim: By now, you’re probably on the plane to Maui. As I’m sure you know, I am still very upset about our break-up. I still love you, Kim. I still think about you all the time — every day is filled with endless thoughts of you. I miss you in my life, in my arms, and in my bed. I miss seeing you every day, waking up to your beautiful smile, and going to sleep next to you. I miss holding you, kissing you, and making love to you. Part of me still clings to the hope that you will forgive me someday, and that we can be together again. That’s the only thing that keeps me going, day after day. But the other part of me realizes that I messed up so bad that you will probably never forgive me — and although it’s hard for me to admit that to myself, I know I must face the facts.

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