My Teacher, My Love Ch. 16

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After posting this I felt that I should have posted this as one complete story, but when I wrote it, it just wrote itself as an episodic story so this the reason for 16 parts. For those who read all this story or for those that didn’t, I really hoped you enjoyed it. I would like to believe in everything that has been written, and that like me you truly know what true love is, like I have with my Sophie. Hope and Love is what makes people continue their lives, so even if it does seem far fetched and unrealistic to some, just believing in the idea of this story will make the world a better place for us all.

Thank You for all your comments, votes and support, it brings me great joy that I can write something people can enjoy.

With All My Heart, Thanks.


Part 16 – Conclusion

When I got home I told Amy and our parents that I had told Melissa I am gay. I told them why I told her, that I wanted her to avoid asking me about her dad, but also that I needed her to understand that I trusted her too. They all trusted my decision, and although it might hint slightly that I am seeing Amy, it was my decision to make. They also seemed happy for me to make an effort to start going out with Melissa to socialise with people my own age. Even though when I did go out it affected my time with Amy, she was happy to see me become more sociable and outgoing. Even though I was not able to go out with Amy, we both decided that neither of us should stay at home all the time. So Amy decided it was time to start trusting people her own age and make friends.

Melissa did not mention her dad again or ask me what my dad had heard. We talked more about our romantic feelings, hers for boys and mine for girls. It was fun to talk freely, but also difficult not to slip up and tell her about Amy. We went out every weekend and soon started to get noticed by people, between the two of us in 3 weeks we had started to become popular people, especially Melissa, which was a good thing. Melissa and I both got asked out a few times by guys, and Amy agreed I should try it for the experience. I did, it was ok, but I had to let him down gently before he got the wrong idea, but Melissa had a second date with her new ‘boyfriend’ Greg. He seemed nice and Melissa said he was not pushy and seemed quite interested in her.

Life at home was great. Amy and I started having more fun with each other now that everything had settled. Dad helped me become part owner of Amy’s house, we were even able to set up a joint account for the rent money to go into, we felt even more together. She got a letting agency to deal with finding tenants and the house was soon filled with a family, they agreed to keep her mail safe until she collected it at weekends. They also were very kind making sure people assumed she still live there, without asking questions as to why. Even though Amy had started to go out a couple of times a week with other teachers and with me having my time with Melissa and my new friends, neither of us regretted missing out on quality time with each other. We found plenty of time to be together at home, but as that was the only place to be together and socialising was important for us both, it did not matter.

We had sex whenever we could, we tried a few different positions and we were happy with the pace we found with each other. I could tell you the time when we tried water sports in the shower, but we decided to never speak of it again, but we tried. Amy still felt negative about dildos, but now that I wanted to try new things together I asked her to at least see what we could purchase and at least think about trying it. So we explored the internet, found a site that discretely delivered sex-toys to your door. Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort I have to say it was the most fun afternoon I had spent with Amy. She had never bothered with toys in her life so could not tell me how it may feel, but we read some of the reviews.

We looked at all of the many types of toys, including checking out the sexy lingerie. I told Amy I would like to see her in a corset, white, with matching underwear, tights and suspenders; I said she would so sexy, she thought about it and agreed, but said she would also like me to where the same, so we purchased a set each, and also one each in black. In terms of toys, the shear amount of toys to choose from was amazing, we even imagined and played with each other as we figured which would be the best toy to buy. After a few hours, we chose a pocket rocket which was a mini vibrator, a normal standard vibrator, about 5 inches, something called a rabbit, which Amy said she would enjoy me using on her, and then maybe later she could use it on me.

The final choice was difficult for us to agree on, whether or not to get a strap-on set. Amy was not entirely sure she wanted to waste money on something we may not like. But together we agreed that so far we had tried things we would not normally do and so we got one. We ended up buying a deluxe pack, which contained the strap part and about 7 attachments. The attachments varied in size, there was even a small 5 inches one which secretly I could see Amy using on my ass once we received it. There was even a really big one that we felt we would never use. And then there was a double headed one which we could both use with or without the strap. The single headed ones had an extra bit that could stimulate the users clit while having sex with there partner. Amy even snuck in a pair of handcuffs, even though the wooden bed frame had no where to fit them, she thought that one day we might find a use for them. Very kinky of her I said. Once we had spent nearly £200 on it all, we were about ready to order.

Then Amy felt that whatever we get we could survive on for many years and she felt that while we ordered the toys she wanted to also check out the film section and maybe even a book. Now Amy had experience in porn films and had years ago made notes on who made the best films. We chose three in the end after searching through about a hundred reviews. The first was what Amy called the basic porn film., which she described as bad acting and even faker moaning, but some of it was pretty raw and it might be good now and again to watch. Next was what I chose, it was a foreign film, which had the most beautiful girls in it; it was very artsy type of film, pretty and sweet rather than real and rough. The last one was supposed to star real lesbian women, having real sex and making real sounds. This added about another £60 to the bill.

The book section had many to choose from as well. We got three of those as well. We found a romantic story about a teacher and student at college in America, so we could read how they met and how they coped through college, making sure no one found them out. The next one was a bunch of short lesbian stories in a big volume book. Amy laughed that if I ever had trouble sleeping she would read to me. Finally the one we had to fight over, I wanted a teaching book, something like a better lesbian sex book, but Amy felt uncomfortable as to why we needed one if we had great sex anyway. I understood her reasoning, but I said what if there are things in the book we haven’t tried, it will be fun to try and copy them, even if they seem weird. We had tried lots of positions but I knew there had to be more, so Amy agreed and purchased a book that claimed to have every sex position available for lesbians.

The books were the final purchase, bringing the total to over £300, now came the hard part. I placed the order in my name, we had told our parents to expect a private package in my name and they said they would respect our privacy. The items would take 28 days as some of the items were imported, so now we just needed to wait. But after all that time on the internet, we were really turned on excited by our purchases, that we shut the window, stripped naked and spent the next 4 hours in bed. We were both so turned on especially about what would happen when the products arrived and how it would feel.

So things at home settled well. Amy was so at home with us, it was like she had always been there. Dad was having a party at his firm and invited Amy and I to attend along with mom. Even though playing discrete had become easier, especially all the practice we got at school, we managed to sneak in a bit of fun, and enjoyed our first outside date together. Dad said we should try and relax as much as possible, to enjoy ourselves, but still without drawing attention. It was easy after a lot of practice and we even managed a dance together. We commented on how sexy we both looked and that when we got home we would both be out of our clothes and in bed. I was so happy and so was Amy, we had found each other, and part of me felt practically married.

Mom and dad were happy; the house was filled with happiness and love and even suggested that maybe we should plan to go away at Christmas. Just the 4 of us so that Amy and I could be able to go outside and act like a couple. This worried us both, because even though we both really wanted to, the feeling was that we were still gay and that people may not act kindly towards us. But mom had already thought of that and she had found a town in America that was a gay friendly place. Wow, how great are our parents, they thought of us before them, they really wanted us to experience the outside world, together. Mom also added that once we got comfortable with being seen together by other people, we could at least be prepared and feel comfortable once we both came out. We both cried our agreement to the holiday, reminding them we loved them both and how amazing they really are. Christmas was not for another month, but dad had managed to already book it and asking us was just being polite as he knew we would both agree. So now we spent as much time finding out about the place we were going and all the sights to see, together, hand in hand.

This all happened over the last 3 weeks since I told Melissa was gay and that someone had found her dad. It was a Friday just after school had finished and Melissa and I were walking home, discussing meeting tomorrow to go ice skating, maybe to see a film and then go out for a night on the town. When we arrived at Melissa’s house, there were two police cars and we wondered what had happened. We arrived just as the police were placing both Melissa’s mum and step-dad into a police car. Her mum was really giving them a fight, especially when she saw Melissa; she was begging Melissa to tell them that it was not true. But Melissa was in shock, so I held her, as eventually her mum was put in the car and was taken away. From a car across the street a man exited and approached us, Melissa shouted daddy and ran towards him. I stayed behind as I watched Melissa hug her father tightly; it was very emotional for both of them, including me.

Eventually Melissa introduced me and I invited them to my house if they wanted. They agreed and I took them home. Once there Melissa was told by my dad and her dad what had happened to her mum and step-dad. How Melissa’s dad had come to take her away from her mum for good. The charges against Melissa’s mum and step-dad were very strong; they had nearly a million in the bank, made up of dodgy dealings, fraud and even some drug dealing. Melissa was sad for her mum, but had accepted easily that her mum and step-dad had dug there own graves, but she was very happy to have her dad back. Her dad explained that Melissa’s step-dad threatened to hurt Melissa if he tried to stay in touch, he could not risk that, especially with the hold Monica had on certain people. So he waited until she was old enough to leave, then he would have made contact. It was a long day of crying and happiness. I invited them to stay in Amy’s room, Amy agreed saying she could stay with me tonight. They were so tired they never questioned it and we all went to bed.

Life is funny, I remember so much about mine and Amy’s first few weeks together; I can still feel that first kiss, and when my hymen was broken by Amy’s fingers. But over time life became just normal, sure things happened, some good, some bad. But 10 years later, Amy and I a very much still together and even more in love than when we first met. About 3 years ago we were legally married in a civil service, with all our friends and family gathered around us. Amy looked radiant; she was 4 months pregnant with our first child. Now I am the one pregnant with our second. Amy still teaches while I became social worker. Of the professions I chose, I chose the one that helps people, those less fortunate than others. It was hard work and pretty emotional a lot of the time, but I learnt to deal with it and with Amy always by my side supporting me, I even felt good about myself helping whenever I could.

We decided to stay near mom and dad, but did move to a new house together, 5 years we have lived here, and have shared very happy moments together. We got a dog, and then we decided to start a family. It took a while, choosing the right donor, and even though it was expensive, with mom and dad’s financial help, we exchanged eggs. Firstly Amy gave birth to my biological son, Michael, and now I have going to have Amy’s biological daughter, who we will name Emma. The house Amy’s Aunt left her, we still own and make a could extra living out of it, which paid for the deposit on the house we live in now and some of the cost of the IVF treatment for us both to have each others child. I am 7 months gone now and have decided to leave work for a year, so while I sit and rest my bad back I decided to try and write my story. It is about love, acceptance, understanding, support and being true to yourself. I write this as a guide to how life should be, rather than the pain and hurt Amy and Melissa experienced in there young lives. I see it every day, and so far I have yet to meet anyone who shares the kind of love Amy and I have, maybe except mom and dad. I would like to believe there are others like us, I really would.

I hope you enjoyed my story, even though there is much more I want to tell you about, like what we did on holiday and what we did with all those toys and what happened once I left school and what happened next, especially how on my last day of school I told Melissa about Amy and I being together and engaged. That morning Amy had officially proposed and I had worn the ring on my wedding finger all day at school. She was so happy for us, but that she also kind of guessed. I could ask you to use your imagination what we did with all those toys and the handcuffs, or I could have my baby and try and write the rest. But for now, Amy is calling me, she has offered me a back rub, and who knows much more. For now, thank you for reading and who knows maybe I could tell you about the time I got trapped naked, outside the honeymoon suite of a hotel in Greece, shouting at a women who simply laughed her naked ass off, while she was safe in the room.

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Imported Pie Ch. 3

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It seems that we have some of our hottest sex when we entertain the idea of another man joining in to add another hard cock, and more cum to the mix. When we fantasize about the different scenarios, we both become very hot.

In our last story we lived out one of those fantasies by having another man fuck her while I was licking her snatch. I will have to admit, it was HOT. The idea of me licking another man’s cum from her freshly fucked pussy sends her into a wild sexual frenzy. Since our last encounter though, things have slowed down considerably. Work has been a real bitch for the both of us, and we just hadn’t been in the right frame of mind to maintain the high intensity eroticism that we previously enjoyed. Our lovemaking was still great, but we had not added our fantasies to it in a while, to send us over the top. During a recent lovemaking session, this was to change. I had mentioned that it had been a while since we had come up with any HOT scenarios lately. She agreed, and proceeded to pour out one of her wildest fantasies yet. It was quite intense I must say, but the wildest part of it was that it was to come true just a couple of days later.

It was on a Saturday, like any other, at least that is what I thought when I got out of bed that particular morning. This day was to be very different indeed. I had planned to go golfing that day, so I got up early so I could be finished before the heat of the day set in. I leaned over to kiss her goodbye and said that I would be back by noon or so, but she insisted that I be home at one o’clock, no sooner, no later. Being as I had just woken up, and had a game of golf on my mind, it never dawned on me what she had planned for our afternoon, so I just trotted off and played my game of golf oblivious to what she was getting ready for me. Noon rolled around and I had been pretty much golfed out at that point, so I headed for the car, thinking about how glad she will be to see me early. That is when it dawned on me how insistent she was that I be home one o’clock sharp. Could she have a surprise waiting for me? An instant flash of heat came over me as I thought about what we had talked about just the other day. My cock got so hard that I thought it was going to burst, but I still had an Gaziantep Escort İlanları hour before I was supposed to be home, a very long hour indeed. What did she have planned? After a long hour of horny anticipation, I was about to find out.

When I pulled into the driveway, the car owned by our last fuck friend was parked out front. I knew then that things were about to get wild. As I entered the house, they were sitting in the livingroom, and I could tell that they had been talking about what was about to take place, by the way she was squirming in her seat, and by the bulge in his shorts. That put three very horny people in a room together, all ready for an intense time. I told them that I needed a quick shower, so they could head on into the bedroom and feel free to get started with a little foreplay while I showered.

That was the quickest shower in history, as I didn’t want to miss anything. Upon my entering the bedroom, they were doing as I had suggested. He was lying on his back on the bed, and she was thoroughly sucking his cock much to his enjoyment, because she is very good at it. She was gripping the base of his cock with one hand as she devoured it with her very capable mouth, running her tongue up and down his shaft and taking as much of it in as she possibly could. I then came up behind her and fed my cock into her twat, which was soaking wet. She moaned as I drilled her and as she sucked his cock with intensity. It was as if she were trying to get him to cum as soon as possible and I knew he had to be close. Knowing also that he was about to shoot his load,

She took her mouth from his cock and looked at him and said, ” Fuck me”. I almost came right then, but I withdrew from her snatch quick enough to hold it back. She then told me to lie on my back with my head toward the edge of the bed. I was to have the ultimate close-up once again! She climbed on top of me in the 69 position, and our fuck friend knew where he was supposed to be as he came up to her pussy, which I was now eating hungrily, and fed the entire length of his cock into her at once. I could feel her whole body quiver as he began to pick up the pace.

Her already wet snatch was getting even wetter. It was so hot being right there licking her as this cock was sliding in and out of her. With each thrust into her she let out a loud moan of ecstasy. The heat and the wetness created by his drilling of her, and my tonguing was very sexy. I knew that it was about to get much wetter because he was very close to cumming, and I was so ready for it! As he tensed up, we all knew that it was time for him to unload. He pumped her harder and faster as he filled her with his hot sticky load, while I was licking them both. He continued fucking her, but his strokes became long and slow, so I tried to extend my tongue into her snatch with his cock. Each time he withdrew from her, his cock was covered with cum, and as he buried it back into her, the cum mixture would run down my tongue.

She then leaned forward, and his cock slid out of her landing right on my mouth covered with both his cum and hers. Without giving it any thought, I opened my mouth and took his cock in. It was very hard and still throbbing and very sensitive as I sucked all of the juices off. I had never done anything like that before, but she had told me how hot it would make her, and it did. When she looked back and saw me sucking on his cock she began to tremble and moan He could no longer stand, so he collapsed on the bed next to us. She, being very pleased at what she had just seen, leaned back and pressed her freshly fucked twat onto my face, grinding and moaning.

It was very warm from the fucking he just gave her, not to mention the hot load he had just filled her with, and I was right there licking and sucking on her dripping snatch, which was very sensitive. I ran my tongue up into her and move it in circles as the cum ran out of her twitching pussy. I was so into what I was doing, it took me a minute or two to realize that she was jerking off our fuck friend, who was becoming hard again. She told him to stand up so she can suck both of us. Her twat, still oozing with cum was still was still humping my face as she alternated between cocks. She was totally horny, and for that matter, the whole thing turned us all on. There I was, licking and sucking at her cum drenched pussy, and there she was with two hard cocks in her face, and said that she wants more! Hell, I am the only one, who hasn’t cum yet! Every time I got close, she would stop sucking on me, and moved to him. So he said, before I could even get swallowed what I had tongued from her, what is it you want?

She said without hesitation, “I want you to fuck him “, as she reached into the bedside table and pulled out a tube of lubricating jelly, removed the cap, and started rubbing it on my ass. That process took about 5 seconds. I guess that I was in for another first that day, as she didn’t give either of us a chance to give it any thought. She then rubbed his cock with some lube and positioned it right at my ass. She has fucked me with a dildo before, but she has always wanted to see me get fucked by the real thing, so she grabbed his hips and slowly pulled him into me. As with the dildo, it hurt a little until it was in all of the way. Once it was in, it felt pretty good.

She was sucking on my cock and watching his cock slide in and out of my ass, and I had a freshly fucked twat grinding on my face with a perfect rhythm, and she was also gripping his thighs pulling him into me at a fairly swift pace. It was surprisingly hot. She marveled at the sight of his cock sliding in and out of my ass and she controlled the rhythm and the depth. The sensation of a real flesh cock in my ass and her sucking and moaning on my cock was quite intense as she kept pushing and pulling at him making sure indeed that I was getting a thorough fucking.

As he tensed up to cum yet again, she pulled him to me and held him with his cock fully buried as he released his load. I began to tremble as I felt his cum pumping into me. She then resumed guiding him in and out of me as she sucked on me even harder. The extra-added lubrication from his cum made it even easier for his rather large cock to slide in and out more freely, as she pulled at him very rapidly. There was no doubt about it, I was getting a serious fucking and it felt awesome. I then came with intensity like no other, and it lasted longer than it ever has, as she kept sucking and he kept fucking until the entire climax was totally complete. It was the wildest thing that I had ever been part of. She was beside herself with pleasure, and I must admit that I have never been so horny as I was that day.

After he left, she asked me for him if it was ok for him to bring his wife next time. I am sure, that will be an interesting story.

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No Kisses, No Foreplay, No Romance

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I had my books, my coffee. I was set for a Sunday in the library, cramming for finals, when Daddy-4 texted: “Please call.”

I didn’t call. I needed to learn biochemistry. But my focus was off, my mind on my bank balance. I had just enough dollars to carry me through finals, if I ate the beans, rice, and canned veggies in my cupboard, only bought coffee, and rode the bus to the airport. I’d already paid for my plane ticket home.

Then, winter break, I’d have to sit around my parents’, getting fed and sheltered, but begging for spending money. And I’d come bearing no gifts for my nieces. I’d already skimped on their birthdays. My reputation was in danger of turning Scroogey.

Business had been slow. Daddy-2, my most generous daddy, had been in the hospital. Daddy-1, I feared, was losing interest; we’d barely spoken in weeks. Daddy-3, my poorest but favorite daddy, had never been a regular. And I’d been slack in pursuing new daddies. Which left me reliant, mostly, on Daddy-4.

Daddy-4 was my sweater-clad, practical daddy. He didn’t buy me jewelry or fancy clothes; he helped with tuition Gaziantep Escort Reklamları and rent. He didn’t corrupt me with cocktails or cocaine; he guided me in choosing my curriculum, had promised to land me a summer internship, and generally encouraged me in my studenthood.

However, he also thwarted my studies by refusing to set a predictable schedule, by insisting on seeing me at wildly inconvenient times, and, if I declined, threatening to quit me.

He needed us to be spontaneous, he always said. He needed to see himself as a romantic. He needed so badly to please. He’d go down on me for hours. Sometimes, he wouldn’t even undress. I think he was ashamed of his body. Also, sometimes, I think he couldn’t get hard. His oral abilities, though, were legitimate—and, sometimes, so were my orgasms.

Hoping to avoid trysting without too much sulking or histrionics, I texted him, expounding my great need for study. After finals, I could spend a day and two nights with him.

He’d already booked our hotel. He wouldn’t let the room go to waste, he implied. A study-break would refresh my brain. Daddy-4 wouldn’t accept my no.

I returned to my dorm to make up, don my little green dress, and doff my panties.

Coming back downstairs, I encountered Neil Twomey coming up with a pizza.

“That’s a mighty big pizza, Neil. All for you?”

“It is. But you can have some.”

Neil lived a floor below mine. I didn’t know him well, but we’d spoken. He didn’t speak much, though most of what he said was funny and nice. He was nerdish, introverted, but handsome and well-proportioned. He’d probably played sports at some small-town high school—not football, probably cross-country or soccer.

“Thanks,” I said. “But I can’t eat gluten.” I was struck, then, by a wicked thought. I requested Neil’s assistance upstairs. “It’ll only take a minute. Your pizza won’t even get cold.”

He followed me to my room.

“Neil, could I ask a blunt question?”

“How blunt?”

“Are you straight?”

“I’m not gay.”

“Do you find me attractive?”

“I do.”

“I want you to fuck me. Would you do that? Fucking only. No kisses, no foreplay, no romance. A purely technical situation. Understand?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Neverthless, undress.”

While Neil unzipped, I lifted my dress and bent over my mattress, wiggling my milky ass, circling my labia with a finger. “Right here.”

“D’you have a condom?”


Over my shoulder, I spied Neil’s cock. I’d been expecting a small cock, but it was large. It was girthy and curved like a bull’s horn.

“I’d best make you slippery.”

I knelt. I couldn’t fit him all head-on, so I slithered my mouth lengthwise along his shaft, shining him with spittle. Then I resumed my position, ass up, palms on mattress.

He moved behind me. I pushed back into him. It was a struggle, a little painful, to accommodate him, but by now, my cunt was making lube of its own, so that helped.

Once inside, he came almost instantly, accompanied by a series of startling owl-hoots. He came gobs. I could feel it dribbling out of me.

“You’re a virgin?”

“Was,” he said, ashamedly.

“First time, most guys cum fast. It’s normal.”

“I can go again.”

“Actually, that was perfect. I need to be somewhere.”

And, with that, I spent my last dollars on a taxi to see Daddy-4.

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Hubbie’s humiliation

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I could not stop the rush of heat that invaded my face as I felt the towel being ripped from my body. Being somewhat overweight I am no longer able to firmly tuck the bath towel around my waist, and must attempt to hold the ends together. My wife had called me into the “living room” area of the extended stay hotel she had been living in for the past 3 months as she had been out of town working as a travel nurse.

Lynne had hidden around the corner and as I entered the room, she had reached out and with a swift tug removed the towel from my body. She did this just as my eyes had adjusted to the dimly lit room enough to recognize that there were three other forms in the room. In an instant the light switch was thrown and there I stood, damp from the shower, nude in the midst of four clothed women.

“Hey Hubbie! Here are my friends from work I have been telling you about. They wanted to meet you!” Lynne said with a wry smile on her face.

I had instinctively moved my hands to cover my flaccid penis. Perhaps had my cock been erect I would have not been so embarrassed. Or perhaps had I been 70 pounds lighter so that my pubic fat and not enveloped nearly half the length of my lifeless cock, I could have been less ashamed. But at age 45, my cock when not erect was just over two inches long, clearly nothing to be proud of.

“Don’t you want to meet the girls?” Lynne said “where are your manners?”

The first of the trio of strangers stood. Her red hair was curly. Freckles dotted the pale skin of her pretty face. She was about 5’6″ and looked to be in her early to mid 30’s. Her breasts were clearly outlined by her silk blouse, they appeared to be a pair of firm “B” cups and clearly braless. “Hi, I’m April” she said has she extended her hand.

This action forced me to decide if I was going to remove my right hand from it’s protective position over my cock or turn and run. I extended my hand. “Nice to meet you.” I gulped as I spoke.

The woman to her left, stood almost at the same time. This lady appeared to be somewhat older; perhaps almost forty. She was a tall blond, nearly 6 feet or perhaps more with a pretty face, but she had more pronounced “crows feet” when she smiled. Her breasts which looked to be a “C” cup, were veiled under a thin sweater.

She extended her left hand and looked me square in the eye. “Hi, I’m Tina” she clearly expected me to take her hand, despite the fact that she spoke immediately after I had greeted April, and April had not released my hand.

“Hubby, Tina is going to think you are rude!” Lynne said.

I had shared my fantasy of being nude in front of her friends with her for year. She had steadfastly refused to allow this. She was too proud to let her friends come into our home, view my nude form and then have to face them at work or other settings. This travel assignment had allowed her to make friends with people she would never see again, and now she had choreographed this little stunt as a combination pay back and life lesson in the course of “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.”

I knew that I had in fact asked for it. I knew that if I did not play along, I would never be allowed to ask for anything again, ever! So I held up my left hand and there I stood, stark naked, my manhood had shrunk back as though it had been doused with ice cold water. The taller Tina raised our hands and April ducked under, causing me to spin around and come face to face with the Busty brunette who remained the only nameless woman in the room.

“Oh my god, Lynne! I thought you were only kidding when you told me about the size of your hubbie’s dick.” “It is so tiny; cute, but tiny.”

I glanced over at Lynne as this nameless woman evaluated by cock out loud. Lynne’s neck revealed a slight red blotch of embarrassment.

“I’m Judy.” She said. “So, you are the man she left behind! Not much in the penis department is there?” She continued.

“Well, it does get a lot bigger when he is hard.” My wife came to my defense.

“Really?” Judy said with a somewhat skeptical tone. “Is that true?” She now looked me directly in the eye as she spoke.

“Yes, it is larger when I get hard.” I looked down as I spoke trying to avoid her glare.

“Do you guys believe that?” Judy glanced to Tina and April.

“well, they usually get a little bigger.” Tina said.

“So, what do you pack, a 4 incher?” Judy quizzed.

“It’s around 6 inches when it is hard.” Once again I gulped.

“6 inches?” April said “I don’t believe it, there is no way it can expand that much!”

“Ok, then, get it hard!” Judy instructed “I want to see what you’ve got!”

With that April and Tina released my hands. I glanced at Lynne and she smiled and nodded her head. My right hand slipped to my shrinking dick and tugged on it as the ladies sat down in front of me. I stood alone facing April and Tina Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort on the love seat, Judy sat to my right in the high back xhair and my wife to my left on one of the two chairs from the “kitchen” table.

Although I tried every trick I knew, my cock was not responding. I reached my balls with my left hand and massaged them, hoping that the extra stimulation would bring my cock to life, but dispute my best efforts there was no response.

“Having trouble, big guy?” Judy was clearly in control of the situation.

I did not answer her, I had been keeping my eyes down towards the ground, because everyplace I looked there was a woman with a silly skeptical grin on her face. I could not look at my wife. My inability to achieve an erection was likely due to some degree to the fact that before my shower we had fucked.

My flight had arrived at 5 pm, we went out to eat and returned her hotel for my first fuck in 3 months. After we finished My wife had instructed me to wash my cock real good, this being code for masturbation. I had attempted to cum again in the shower, but I was spent from our romp. In any event, my cock had already been hard for much of the past 45 minutes.

“I thought you were just kidding when you told us you were traveling because your sex life had cooled down!” Judy was clearly talking to Lynne.

“Do you need some help?” Judy chuckled. “Lynne, do you mind if we help your Hubbie get his cock up?”

“Well, he should be able to do it himself, but you know he was slowed down a good deal in his advanced age! He could use some. I guess since you are all nurses, it would be ok.” Lynne said.

“Ok, then, how about we make a contest out of it, and see who can get Al hard the quickest. April you go first.” Judy suggested.

April feel to her knees in front of me. She was fully dressed. I waited for her lips to kiss my limp dick, but she choose to use her hands. She tugged and pulled, rolled and twisted my cock as her other hand toyed with my balls. It had been years since any woman other than my wife had touched my cock. It seemed like hours, but as the blood responded to the stimulation (and the fantasy I was having about being able to fuck this woman when she was done), I was jolted back to reality when Judy’s voice called out.

“Two minutes” she announced. And April returned to her couch.

“Hubby, don’t you think you should offer out guests something to drink?” Lynne said.

“I’m sorry, would you like something to drink?” I was taking drink orders for 4 women with a hard dick!

They placed their orders and I promptly went to the fridge and retrieved the soft drinks, poured the soda into the hotel glasses and served the women. This activity caused my penis once again to quickly go flaccid.

“He does not have much staying power, does he Lynne?” Judy once again criticized my manhood.

“Your turn Tina, you think you can bring some life back into his tiny dick? We didn’t even have time to measure it, but it didn’t look like six inches to me!” Judy giggled.

Tina stood up and pulled her sweater over her head, revealing a lavender bra, which while supporting her breasts was lacy enough to expose the upper inner quadrants of her large areolas. She placed her hand on my shoulder as she moved behind me. Once positioned at my back she removed her hand. A moment later she tossed her bra around the back of my neck. She brushed her nipples on my back as she moved her hands from my hips to my cock. As she toyed with my dick, she pressed her breasts into my back. Had I been 20 years younger, my cock would have sprung to attention the moment her bra hit my neck. While it was not instantaneous, it was not long before having a nude woman rub my back with her tits once again had the desired effect.

“One minute, thirty seconds!” Judy proclaimed.

“Oh, yeah.” Tina said as she slid her hands back, squeezed my ass cheeks, and pulled her bra off my neck. A moment later, she appeared in front of me her tits incased in the thin bra. She stood with her back to me and said, “Would you please hook my bra?”

Hook it? Shit I wanted to rip it back off her and push my face into her mounds. But I did as instructed.

“Did you see the hors d’oeuvre platter in the refrigerator?” Lynne asked, as I nodded my head in affirmation, she continued “Don’t you think our guests would like some hors d’oeuvres?”

I once again walked the few paces to the fridge with a raging hard on. I have had blue balls only once in my life, and while my nuts were not aching as they did the night I made out with a virgin, there was a distinct ache in my groin. I retrieved the tray, removed the cover and made my way from woman to woman, allowing them to take an appetizer. And once again, by the time I made it to my wife, my cock had gone limp.

“Ok, Buster, what’s up with that dysfunctional cock of yours?” Judy winked at my wife as she spoke. “Get over here!” She tossed the stop watch to Lynne. “It’s your turn to keep time, start when I touch him.”

I was standing in front of her chair. She reached out and grasped one ass cheek in each hand as she pulled me closer. My cock was somewhat lower than her mouth, so she had to lean forward a bit as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to lick the head of my cock. She flicked at the head a few times before engulfing my cock with her mouth. She sucked for a few moments and then she started gently chewing on my soft shaft. Then she pulled her mouth back until my cock was nearly out of her before she once again gobbled her way to the base of my dick. After an all too brief period my cock was once again engorged with blood. She pulled her head back and straightened up in her chair.

“Time!” She shouted.

“One minute, fifteen seconds.” Lynne said.

The ladies all clapped in response. As Lynne picked up a measuring tape used to measure the size of an newborn’s head. She wrapped it around my cock, “5 7/8” inches around, then she pushed the end of the tape into my pubic mound and ran the tape along my dock to the tip of the head “Nearly six inches, just a bit under!”

“Damn, that is amazing!” April said. “I’ve never seen one grow that much!”

“That is so cool!” Tina said.

“Yeah first time I saw it limp I could not believe that it had shrunk so much!” Lynne said.

“It’s good looking” April said, “but it would be perfect if it was just a little bigger!”

“You did not give them a tour of the hotel suite; don’t you think they would like to see the rest of the place?” Again Lynne reminded me of my duties as a good host.

“I think I would like to see the bedroom.” Judy said as she stood up.

She took me by the cock and led me towards the bedroom. When we got to the bed, she pushed me just hard enough to cause me to fall back on the bed. She jumped onto the bed next to me, and moved to straddle my legs. She bent forward and once again brought her mouth to my cock. I closed my eyes. The next thing I knew, the other women were in the room. April and Tina had each grabbed a arm and Lynne was busy tying a rope to my legs and threading it under the bed and tying my left hand before once again threading the rope under the bed, to my right hand, and then back under the bed to my feet. Once I was firmly tied, Judy pulled her head off my cock.

“Al, do you know what night this is?” Judy asked. Before I could respond, she continued. “This is girl’s night out! And in-as-much-as this is Lynne’s last night in town; we are going to have some fun! You do not mind do you?’

I dared not say anything. I just closed my eyes.

“Honey, I’m sorry I tied you up, but I could not risk you playing with yourself while we were gone. Don’t feel like you have to wait up, we will be ok! Do you want the TV remote? She placed it in my hand as the other women left the bedroom. She ran her hand along my arm, down my chest and gave my cock a little pat. I hope you enjoyed your dream come true!”

I could not make out the words, but the girls chatted and giggled as they gathered their possessions and left the hotel. I strained my ears to try and hear if one of them had remained behind, or perhaps my wife had not left with them.

I clicked the TV on and checked the TV guide channel to check the time. It was 10 PM, my fantasy had lasted for less than a half hour. I wanted to jack off; but I dared not try and get out of my bonds. I was not tied tightly that I could not have escaped. But I knew that if I got out, the game would be over.

I watched “Law & Order, SVU.” Ironic, I thought. Had I done the same thing to my wife, the crazy bitch on SVU would be on me like stink on a stick! Local news was next. I expected Lynne back by the end of the news, yet she did not show. I turned to watch American Justice and caught the end of an episode of a woman who disappeared from a Bar. By midnight, she had still not returned. There was nothing to do but wait. The shows ended one after the other, until finally at 2:30 AM, I heard the door open.

Once again I heard whispers. The light in the bathroom came on, and I heard the door shut.

“Lynne?” I called out.

From the living room, she answered that she was home, so I knew there were at least two women in the suite.

“I will untie you in just a few minutes baby.” She called out.

I heard the toilet flush and the shower turn on. Once again the bathroom door opened and closed. Once again I called out, but this time nobody answered.

Finally the door opened a third time. It was not long before Lynne entered the room with a towel wrapped around her 38 DD breasts. Her hair was wet. She moved towards me.

“Do you have to pee?” She asked.

“Oh, yes, like a racehorse!” I replied.

“DO you want me to untie you, so you can use the bathroom, or do you want to wait?”

“Baby, I have got to pee.” I wanted to get a glimpse of the other room and find out who was in the suite.

As she started to untie me, the redhead with the smaller tits walked into the room. She too had wet hair. She too was dressed in only a towel. There was a slight sex flush visible on the light skin of her chest. Her freckles went down to the towel’s edge. I had often wondered just how far freckles went. Did redheads have freckles on their tits? I was soon free and wanted to pee.

I left the door to the bathroom open as I stood over my stream. Lynne stood in the doorway behind me.

“The couch is made up for you; please do not knock on the bedroom door.”

With that she turned and I heard the bedroom door close and lock. I finished and walked to the bedroom door. I placed my ear to the door, and could hear the muffled sounds of their sex play. With time, it got louder.

“Oh god, yes, I love it when you lick my nipples!” It was Lynne’s voice. “Oh, yes, oh darling, you are wonderful!” “Oh, god, I’m cuming, I’m going to cum.”

I heard somebody get out of the bed, as footsteps came towards the door. I sprung to the couch and quickly pulled up the covers.

“Darling, would you like to sleep in here with us?” Lynne asked sweetly.

Once again, I bolted towards the door. She did not move.

“When I said sleep, I meant sleep, no funny business!” She said firmly.

April was on what we called “Lynne’s side” of the bed, farthest from the door. Lynne got in and moved to the center of the bed. I took my place beside her. Lynne moved unto her left side and reached her arm across April’s body, I’m sure she must have been cupping April’s firm breast in her palm. I turned as well, pressing my cock into her ass cheeks. Lynne turned her head over her shoulder, “good night sweety.” I moved to kiss her and then turned out the light and resumed my position.

It must have been five or six AM when I awoke to the girls having sex. April was between Lynne’s legs and Lynne was moving her hips and arching her back as she once again approached orgasm. She did not cry out, she bit her lip and clenched her fists around the sheet to stifle her orgasm, yet she surely came. I pretended to be asleep. Had they wanted me to join them, they would have indicated it. I quickly feel back asleep.

Once again I woke; this time to the sounds of Lynne and April talking about how much fun they had had. April noticed I was awake. Once again, they were wrapped in towels and had wet hair.

“Good morning sleepyhead!” April said, “You are a good sport! You don’t feel too bad about last night do you? I really think you have a good looking cock!”

“Naw, it’s ok, I kind of enjoyed myself.” I tried to be magnanimous about everything.

“Move over!” Lynne said as she came to my side of the bed. April went around to the other side; placing me in the middle this time. Lynne and April both dropped their towels before getting into the bed. April was the first to lick my cock, then Lynne. Like little girls sharing a sucker they took turns. April would engulf my cock, then Lynne would copy her movement. If April licked Lynne licked. If April sucked Lynne sucked. Every once in a while the action would stop and I would open my eyes, just in time to see them break their kiss and they would return to my dick. Finally, April took matters into her own hands and jacked me a few times, as my cock started to throb, she pushed the head away from her and I exploded my cum on Lynne’s tits! April moved up in the bed. For the briefest of moments April lay on top of my chest and kissed me full on the lips. She did not open her mouth to allow me the full access that my wife had enjoyed.

She looked me in the eyes and said “Thanks for sharing your wife with me, you had better take good care of her, because she can come back and work with us anytime, and next time, she might not come back!” She once again kissed me and got up.

“Honey, you need to get in the shower if we are going to get on the road today, we have a long drive back to Ohio!”

I did as I was directed. When I got out of the shower Lynne was alone in the bedroom, she had finished pacing the last of the bags. April was gone. Lynne had her back to me. I walked over and turned her to face me. There was a tear in her eye.

“What’s wrong baby?” I had not seen the expression on her face before.

“I love you darling! I never want us to be apart again! But I am going to miss April, she showed me a part of myself I never knew I had.” Lynne confessed.

I held her for a few moments, trying to gather my thoughts. “It’s ok, it’s all ok. I love you too!”

“Baby, I have a lot to tell you, about the past three months.” Lynne said.

“It’s ok, we have a long drive ahead of us, and we are going to have a long life together.” I reassured her.

With that we loaded the luggage cart, tossed the keys on the table, and headed to the car.

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How I Ended Up on the Internet

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I was sitting at my computer surfing the net trying to find some information for class. I heard the familiar sound of my roommate Nick rolling around in his chair in his room above mine. All of a sudden the rolling stopped and I could hear a thump as he jumped out his chair. That thump was followed by the sound of footsteps racing down the stairs.

“Josh!” he yelled. “Oh my God Josh!”

I looked out my door and down the hall to see him sprinting for my room.

“What’s up?” I calmly asked. “You’re gonna hurt yourself running down those stairs like that.”

“I need to show you something,” he replied. “It’s on the internet. You won’t believe it.”

“I’m trying to get some shit done for class,” I said in an annoyed tone. “How long is it going to take?”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “But you are really going to want to see it!”

I backed away from the computer so he could stand and get to the keyboard. He pointed my browser to porn site, “The Seductress of College Studs”.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing?” I yelled at him in disgust. “I know you want me, but I’m not looking at porn with you!” I said as I tried to move him from the computer. He was able to click a few links and brought up a set of pictures. He quit resisting and let me shove him aside. I looked up at the screen and saw pictures of me!


I woke up around 11 A.M. on Sunday morning and looked at the bed next to mine. There was Nick passed out on the bed with bottles of booze on the nightstand and all over the floor. I laughed at the sight of him lying there, completely dead to the world.

I walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on so I could get freshened up for the last day of spring break.

Nick and I had been saving up all year for this trip. We were juniors at NYU and wanted to go to Cancun for spring break, in hopes of getting drunk and laid, not necessarily in that order. Finally spring break arrived after months of slaving through class. We got on a plane that Friday after class and made it to Cancun early Saturday morning.

We had been partying all week and getting trashed, but the getting laid part hadn’t happened for either of us. Maybe it was all the drinking and forgetting where we were. Either way neither of us had gotten any nookie.

Nick had come close though, amazingly enough. Last night we had been out partying and Nick had found a cutie that was totally into him. They were both getting absolutely smashed and for some reason I wasn’t. It could have been the fact that I had thrown up all morning from the tequila the night before.

After awhile, we started to head back to the hotel. Nick and the girl were flirting and stuff, but it didn’t like anyone was getting laid. She just wanted to party and soon all three of us were up in the room having drinks. Like I said they were pretty wasted and the more they drank, the friskier they got. Pretty soon they started making out and I took that as my queue to leave. I went downstairs and sat in the lobby, not feeling like doing much of anything.

Ten minutes later I saw the girl walk past me.

“That fast huh?” I teased. “Must have been real good.”

“Yeah right,” she said, obviously pissed. “The dumbass passed out on me!” And with that she walked out of the hotel.

I laughed and went back up to the room to get some sleep because I wanted to try and make the last day count for something. I was just hoping there was some chick that was looking for sex and hadn’t gotten any all week either.


I got out of the shower and threw on a swimsuit. Steve still hadn’t moved and I knew he would be out of commission for awhile. I headed down to the beach and started walking. It was fairly empty compared the throngs of people that were out during the week. But it was Sunday and most of the college kids had gone back to school.

I took my time walking and stared at the ladies that had remained to enjoy the Sunday sun. Some were on their stomachs, giving me a great view of their now darkened asses, and some where on their backs, which allowed me to see their tits covered by their bikini tops.

A few times I stopped and started talking to a group of chicks lying there, but it didn’t go to well. There was a lot of “Uh huhs” and “Oh that’s nice” which made it real obvious they wanted me to move along.

I was about ready to head back because I wanted to make sure Nick was alive and would be ready to catch our flight home. I came to rocky portion Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort on the beach that wasn’t roped off, but you could tell no one went back there. I decided I wanted to explore a bit more before I called it quits and wandered through the rocks.

Surprisingly enough I came across a fine looking beauty lying on her stomach with her top off to the side, so she could tan her back without getting annoying tan lines. I could tell she was older than I, probably in her early 30’s, but still hot. She definitely would qualify as a milf. She must have heard me and opened her eyes to look at me.

“I was hoping somebody would come back here,” she said. “I need some more sunscreen on my back and I can’t reach!”

“Alright,” I thought to myself. “This is looking good.”

I walked over to where she was lying and found the sunscreen in her bag. I sat down next to her on my knees so I could rub the lotion on her back.

“I’m Josh,” I said as I reached down and started rubbing the lotion on her shoulders.

“Theresa,” she said. “Make sure you get everywhere Josh, I’d hate to get burned on my last day here!”

I rubbed the lotion on her shoulders and neck and slowly moved down her back. I was careful not to get to wild and start rubbing down her sides, because I didn’t want to offend her. I mean this was the most I’d gotten all week!

“All done,” I said matter-a-factly. “You won’t burn now!”

“All done my ass!” she said a little annoyed. “Get some more lotion on those hands and pull my suit down a bit and get the top of my ass because I’ll probably pull that off later.”

I sure as hell wasn’t going to argue with a woman telling me to rub her ass, so I happily obliged. I slowly pulled her suit down, but not too far, revealing the top of the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. It was already dark like the rest of her body and had a great shape to it.

I started to rub the lotion in, doing my best to give her a massage in the process, hoping it might lead to something.

“OK that’s good,” she said. “Get some more and go up my sides and get the sides of my boobs, I always burn there.”

I paused for a second as I heard her say that. Did a woman just ask me to rub her boobs? Again, I’m no prude so I got the lotion and started rubbing her up her side to her tits. They felt real good from the side and my cock realized it too, springing up just a bit in my suit. Theresa started to purr as I rubbed her body. She slowly turned her head and put it on her shoulder so she could look at me.

“That feels great Josh!” she cooed. “I can’t thank you enough.”

“My pleasure,” I said. “Happy to help!”

Theresa was resting her had on her folded arms and started to wriggle one out. She slowly extended it back towards me and reached up to the crotch of my suit.

“I don’t think happy quite describes it,” she said. “What do you think?”

My game was totally lacking even with this gorgeous woman coming on to me like no other and all I managed was a loud gulp.

She laughed and started to squeeze my dick through my swim trunks. I just froze, unable to move or say anything.

“Why don’t you take those off so I can take care of that?” she said coyly.

I started to stand up and she let go of my dick. The tent in my trunks made my excitement pretty obvious. As I stood up, Theresa rolled onto her back revealing her huge tits. Oddly enough, they didn’t jiggle. I realized quickly they were fake. But who cares? They were huge with big nipples that were already pointing straight out. She put her knees up in the air and I looked down at her crotch and noticed a growing wet spot on her suit.

“Apparently you’re up for this too!” I said, trying to sound smooth.

“I won’t be for long if you don’t get your cock out here!” she said sternly.

I quickly hooked my thumbs under the waistline of my trunks and pulled them down, my fully-erect cock slapping against my stomach.

“Mmm,” she cooed. “I like a shaven cock!”

I looked down and rubbed my hand down my stomach to cock. I had been shaving it since high school because I figured if I wanted a woman to shave, I might as well too. But I quickly found out it was good for me too, because it made my cock look bigger.

She started scooting towards me on her knees and reached up to stroke my cock and shaved pubic area.

“Yeah,” she said. “I like that!”

With that she stuck her tongue out and gently flicked it across the tip of my dick. I let my hands drop to my sides and just stared down at this woman beneath me on her knees about to suck my cock.

She looked up at me with her sexy eyes and opened her mouth taking the head of my cock into her mouth. She slowly traced circles around it with her playful tongue. With her left hand she started to rub and squeeze my balls. Her right hand held my dick steady and she slowly started pumping at the base of my cock.

She continued working my cock slowly, teasing me. I started to push my hips forward a bit, trying to get her to take my dick further in her mouth. She stopped what she was doing and released my prick from her mouth. She looked up and me and grinned as I looked down at her, longing for her to take my dick back into her skilled mouth.

Then without warning she slammed forward, taking my entire length into her mouth and down her throat. I had never been deepthroated before and my eyes nearly popped out of my head as I looked down and saw her lips on my pubic bone.

She pulled off my cock again and took a deep breath, then took my cock down her throat again. She continued this for awhile, bobbing up and down on my cock, but unlike most girls, she took the entire length.

I was getting closer and closer to busting my nut each time she deepthroated my member. As skilled as she was, I’m sure she could tell. She pulled off my dick once again and looked up at me.

“I only do this for guys who shave!” she said. “I guess it’s your lucky day!”

She didn’t wait for a response and quickly swallowed my dick again. But instead of pulling off and continuing her rhythm, she stopped with her lips all the way to the base of my cock. Then she did the most unbelievable thing I could have ever imagined. I’m still not sure how she managed to do it. But somehow she slithered her tongue out and flicked it across my balls.

Like any man with testicles I totally flipped out and my cock started spurting down her throat. She felt it and pulled out a little bit so just the head was in her mouth and she started sucking hard, getting every bit of my load that she could manage.

My whole body was shaking as she pumped my cock for all its worth. My legs nearly gave out as my cock slipped from her mouth and she looked up at me, holding my load in her mouth. She quickly swallowed it and licked her lips clean.

“You taste great!” she said. “Must be eating plenty of fruit!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her comment as I stood there, my cock shrinking rapidly.

Theresa looked up at me and seductively ran a finger from her lips down her neck and between her tits, slowly tracing down over her belly button and down to her bikini bottom. She slid her hand underneath and rubbed her pussy, then brought her fingers back to her lips.

“Do you mind?” she asked as she gestured at her pussy. “I could really use a little relief.”

I have to say I have a thing for eating pussy. I could do it day and night and never ask for anything in return. I don’t know, there is just something about licking a pussy that drives me wild. Maybe it’s the taste, maybe it’s the intimacy, but mostly I think I just like watching a woman orgasm. It drives me crazy knowing I have complete control over one of her most intimate moments.

So needless to say when Theresa asked me to go down on her, I was more than happy to oblige.

I dropped to my knees in front of her and slowly lowered myself down so I could be on my stomach. She saw me start to get ready and quickly slipped off her bottoms, revealing her wet and protruding pussy lips. She slid over so my head was in between her legs, just inches from her snatch. I put my hands up to the outsides of her lips and pulled them apart, revealing her inner lips and clit. I started with a long slow lick over the whole area, doing my best to get everything. She tasted unbelievably sweet and I knew I was going to enjoy eating her out.

She put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into her pussy. I was more than happy to get in there and I started flicking my tongue at her clit. Her moans were an obvious signal that she was enjoying it. As I gained a rhythm, she started pulling on my head with more force because she was eager to get off.

I was able to wriggle a finger up and into her dripping pussy as I viciously licked her clit. Theresa obviously liked it and was soon bucking up and down, ramming her pussy onto my face and finger.

In no time at all I felt her pussy clench around my finger and her body tense up. She let out a scream and her body started shaking from the inside out. She pulled my face up against her pussy with so much force that I thought I would suffocate. But I just kept licking, knowing I was driving her absolute wild.

Eventually she let go of my head and I looked up at her huge tits and could see her smiling just beyond them.

“You’re tongue is fucking amazing!” she said. “That was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had!”

“Thank you!” I said with a huge grin on my face. “I pride myself on making a woman scream with pleasure.”

“Well let’s see if you can do it again!” she said. With that she walked over to a nearby rock and bent over next to it, placing her hands on it for support. “Is your fuck stick ready to go?”

I stood up and my cock bounced up and down as I did. Theresa watched me as I walked towards her and reached behind her and rubbed a finger across her pussy lips. I stepped up behind her and grabbed my dick, lining it up with her pussy.

Theresa put both her hands on the rock and spread her legs apart a bit more, opening up her vagina. I quickly shoved my dick and it went all the way to the hilt.

“Ugh!” she grunted as my dick plowed into her. “Fuck me Josh! Fuck me hard!”

I wasn’t one to argue in a situation like that and started sliding my dick in and out. I put both my hands on her hips and used that to pull myself deeper, trying to hit her womb. Theresa started moaning as my balls slapped against her pussy. I could tell she was enjoying it and thought I’d push my luck a bit.

I brought my middle finger up and put in my mouth, wetting it with my saliva. I looked down and saw her puckered hole just waiting for action as I pounded away at her pussy. I reached down and pushed my finger into her asshole.

“Ooo!” she screamed. “You’re nasty and I like it!”

She started pushing back against me as I did my best to keep in rhythm with her thrusts. I slowly started pushing my finger in and out of her asshole as I fucked her. She was really enjoying herself and started shoving her body backwards with no abandon. I didn’t even feel like I was fucking her anymore, she was doing all the work!

Once again I could feel her pussy clench up inside. She started panting, doing her best to catch her breath. Her moans got louder and louder and once again she was screaming out in ecstasy.

“Ahh!” she screamed. “You fucking stud!”

She continued her screams and shudders as she threw her whole body back into mine. Eventually she stopped and just stood there, allowing me to do the fucking. I slowly slid my cock in and out of her pussy while she caught her breath.

“You almost there big guy?” she asked looking over her shoulder. “Because I want you to cum on my face!”

I grinned at her and picked up the pace. I could feel my balls start to tighten and pulled out of her wet snatch. Theresa dropped to her knees in front of me and licked her lips as she started squeezing her tits, trying to entice me to cum.

My cock was inches from her face as I started pumping it as hard as I could. She opened her mouth wide and the first stream went right down her throat. I started shaking and my aim was rather poor. I hit her chin and cheeks and then it started dribbling down onto her tits. She lifted her chest up and reached up to milk the rest of my cum onto her melons.

I was totally spent and looked down at Theresa who had my cock in hand and was rubbing it against her tits. She turned her gaze towards me and smiled.

“That was great!” she said. “You know how to please a woman!”

I just smiled at her and took a deep breath, trying to relax after my own mind-numbing orgasm.

“I’m going to walk to the water and clean up,” I said. “Care to join me?”

“Sure,” Theresa said. “I’ll be there in one sec.”

I grabbed my swimsuit and walked down to the water and dove in, trying to wash up a bit. I came out of the water and looked for Theresa. She was no where to be found.


Nick looked back at my horror-ridden face.

“Dude,” he said. “She was so hot! Did you know someone was taking pictures?”

I just stared at him and shook my head.

“I had no idea,” I said with a blank stare on my face. “Not a clue.”

“Wow!” he said. “Fucking amazing though, I mean, you fucked an amateur pornstar! That’s fucking sweet!”

He walked out of the room and ran back upstairs. I just sat there, not sure what I was supposed to feel.

“Yeah, I suppose I did!” I thought. “And I fucked her good!”

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I Want To Cum

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I want to cum.

(This is not a story… it is the horny depraved mind-ramblings of a man as he masturbates)

I want to fuck, I want to be surrounded by dirty fucking horny nasty naked sex. I want horny, yearning slutty school girls to fuck – just craving to become depraved, I want to see my wife being pounded by black cock and to really experience what a fucking slut she is for that irrisistable temptation. I want to wank off in her face as she cums around her fetish totem pole. I want to fuck my married groupie slut and hear her beg her Fuck Master. I want to see you and my wife being gang banged by a bunch of fucking horny shiny black men with huge ebony cocks. I want to hold one of those cocks and feel the soft hard meat. I want to suck it too, to feel and taste it in my mouth, to see what it’s like to be a whore for black cock.

I want to cum.

I want to be covered in oozing cunt and tits… big tits to fuck, little Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort pert ones to suck. Black, white, brown bodies. I want to suck on your big slutty pussy lips and to lick your clitoris. I want to see my big white cock sliding into the tight juicy cunt of an 18 year old black slut. I want to see my wife sucking at your cunt as she gets hers pounded into by huge black dick. I want to wander around naked and delirious wanking all over this fucking scene. I want to have an orgasm that lasts and lasts with my spunk shooting and shooting… non-stop cumming… huge wads, spurts, dribbles, more spurts… an impossible orgasm producing pints and pints of my spunk splattering over all you fucking moaning, grunting animals.

And as I stagger around cumming and cumming I order my school girls to fuck my areshole with their tongues, to suck on my sweaty balls, I bury my face into sloppy cum filled cunts, I tell my sluts to cum for their black masters who are using you both like rag dolls.

And my cock keeps on spewing its cum…

Then I would want to become transformed into a horny woman and to feel what it’s like to have a hungry cunt wanting to be filled by big cock. I would be the biggest slut on earth and let any man with a big cock fuck me. I would let myself have multiple orgasms as I fucked and sucked on big black cock…

I want to cum.

If you and I were in the same room right now I would tell you to get into the most obscene positions and I’d fuck you like a dog, fuck the bitch. And I’d pump my fucking hot spunk into the depths of your slutty cunt and you would fucking scream so loud as I held onto your hips with my thumb fucking your arsehole. And I would put it into your mouth and you would suck on it tasting your ass as you came so fucking long and hard, your cunt opening and closing around me, spasming, a spastic hand milking my cock.

I want to cum.

I want you to drive my cock crazy with your mouth. I want you to spend hours working on me. You know that power you have, slut, don’t you? I would surrender to it. To see my cock being slowly swallowed, my balls filling your mouth, your tongue licking around my anus, to hear you sniffing at me like a dog. Amazing mouth sensations, no idea what you are doing to my cock to make it feel like that but don’t want it to stop. Taking me to the brink of orgasm… I am tottering about to fall… and then something else which holds me back. And then I feel your big soft tits wrapped around my cock, wanking it. I can hear you worshiping it…

I want to cum.

I want you to build me up slowly to that Big O as I watch my wife slut cumming and cumming on her black cock. I want to hear him telling her she is his slut for black cock and I want to hear her agreeing and begging for it. And then you make me cum in your mouth and over your face…

I want to cum.

I need sluts….

Dr S Crow

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New Member for Lesbian BDSM Club

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Big Tits

I followed the mistress into the low stone room, behind me followed the slavegirl.. Dressed in an extremely tight & small French maid outfit, made out of some artificial fabric that looked & felt like a cross between silk & plastic. About her hung the pleasing odour of sexual need & her slippery inner thighs squelched as she trotted after us. Her ankles were chained together a single link separated them. Hanging from that link a medium sized slave bell chimed as she walked. She was carrying our drinks tray.

I was invited to sit. I chose one of the leather couches.

The mistress did not sit as the slave girl served us our drinks. Following her lead I did not thank the slave girl as she served us. The girl moved to one side obsequiously, kneeling waiting.

In the windowless dungeon there was a low, leather curtained box. From inside I started to make out, heavily muffled whimpers & moans. The sounds were very faint & light. Nonetheless when the mistress instructed them to silence in a very low voice, the noise ceased immediately. She turned to me & smiled, quite sweetly. I returned her smile, she was very attractive.

“Shall we begin?”

“Yes of course.” I indicated my assent, I was quite eager to see the merchandise.

The mistress opened the curtain revealing a tiny cramped cage, inside the cage at least 20 girls were crammed in what seemed to be some discomfort. But that wasn’t the first impression one had of the cage, the first thing that hit you was a strong wave of fetid overbearing heat from within. Then the stench of female sexual excitement & fear. It was absolutely overwhelming even sitting a few feet away. What it must be like inside the cage with the curtain closed didnt bear thinking about. How glad I was to be a prospective customer & not to be one of those girls.

The mistress began opening the cage door. There was a visible tremor & murmur of fear from within the cage. There was an extremely loud & sudden sharp crack as the mistress snapped her riding crop onto her black boots. At that moment the world revolved round her as she had just reminded everybody. All the girls inside the cage flinched. As did I & the french maid. She & I had both exclaimed in fright, nearly at the same time. I covered up my embarrassment with a cough. The maid was not so fortunate.

“Lily, go down to the slave room and ask the mistress there to send another serving girl & then wait for me in the punishment stocks.”

The mistresses voice was level & cool.

“Yes Mistress.” lily’s voice was frightened & tearful.

In fact when I looked she was in tears, anxiously pretty.

I was becoming very impressed, very, very impressed.

“Are you enjoying your drink Karen?”

“Oh yes very much thank you Mistress Helena.”

Even though I was a prospective customer member I still had to call her & the other member Mistress or Master, until I became a member, which I was already very keen on now.

She opened the cage door & instructed two girls to crawl out. They were both petite & slim but with well rounded buttocks & breasts, wonderfully rounded & firm, unblemished bodies. They were both blonde with cute bobs, the sort that screamed, office bimbo, will fuck anyone powerful for his or her favour.

If I had been more astute I might have recognised myself.

Both girls were dildo gagged & dildoed front & rear. I was quite surprised at how large the devices were, they must be very uncomfortable. They were held in place by large wide leather straps, circling the loins & obviously the mouth. Each girl had her nipples belled with a grape sized golden bell, held in place by a piercing and mount that kept the nipple firm, erect & quite achingly aroused. A tell tale noise indicated a similar bell attached to the clitoris.

The girl were instructed to simulate each other for our appraisal. While I was given a little background history. Many of the girls had initially been volunteers. & some of the girls had also been male submissives, both gay & straight. Once they had volunteered & it was too late to retract they simply had their sex & bodies changed. There are no male submissives permitted here. In any case what the male submissive truly desires is to be feminine & submissive. If they didn’t that is too bad. His or now her personality was also wiped, giving her a default & quite vague female history template. To her horror as she or rather he realises what is to be done to her. This can also be done to troublesome females as a punishment. The rest of the women had been captured, or tricked into coming here by various means, or bought. I wasn’t told that some of the slavegirls had initially been prospective mistresses.

Since the advent of 4th life this type of fetish based sexual entertainment has dwarfed any other online activity, especially amongst those who now only exist online, due to their own bereavement. Succumbing to the allure of now perfect bodies, in perfect fantasies, to give new meaning Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort to a now almost meaningless life.

Unfortunately your online status is by no means guaranteed due to the transient nature of international servers & service providers. Many have perished forever in crash storms. This is a purely business affair, money rules and those with none or little can be literally bought & sold, technically illegally with impunity. Slaves were totally unwilling to try & escape or inform, as the first thing someone under investigation did was arrange to have the evidence wiped, virtually impossible to stop & with obvious consequences. Once a slave you remained a slave unless your owner decided to release you, which was extremely unlikely. & that was if they hadn’t already their personalities reinstalled.

The two nude slaves continued to arouse each while we chatted. Whimpering & moaning with excitement for our pleasure. Then as they were nearing climax Mistress Helena stopped them. She had told me the mistresses here rarely if ever permit the serving girls to come for them, Only if the men were raping them they might hope to be permitted orgasm for his pleasure. Mistress Helena’s own private harem were never permitted orgasm. After all they were for her pleasure & it pleased her to cum while the pretty slavegirl serving her squirmed in need.

The girls are kept in a permanent state of toilet distress too. Needing desperately to pee, as if they hadn’t been able to for days. Digital personalities had dispensed with toilets & eating unless for pleasure. But these slave girls were kept under a strict toilet discipline, it made them exceedingly pliable, desperate for the relief that is constantly physically craved but never permitted.

They were instructed to re dildo each other & they were chained up again. Wrists locked behind their backs ankles together. They were not as yet pecker gagged. The two slaves knelt before us & Mistress Helena permitted them to beg to please us. She then asked each in turn why they wanted to please us.

“Mistress so this one can leave the cage & serve her owners.”

“Mistress so this girl may be pleasing to her owners.”

Both girls were re gagged with the dildos. I was still amazed at the size. Both girls knelt before us miserably. There was no need to hood them as inside the cage it was pitch black. Mistress Helena went behind them & to my surprise began whipping the backs of their legs deliberately & savagely. The violent vivid crack of the whip on flesh, astonishingly loud & frightening sensuous, quite fearsome. Both girls were desperately looking at up me plaintively as they squealed loudly into their gags, delirious with fear & pain.

I almost felt sorry for them, as I finished my drink, enjoying the spectacle. Both girls received at least twenty lashes

The other maid had turned up silently & waited effacingly & completely unnoticed by me. Until she refreshed my drink.

When Mistress Helena had finished with the whip the two girls were beaten as they hurriedly crawled back inside the cage. The gate was locked & the curtain closed.

Mistress Helena sat down and took a deep gulp of her chilled wine. She looked at me smiling, she seemed flushed with pleasure.

“Did you enjoy that?”

I hadn’t realised how dry my throat had become as I spluttered out throatily “Oh Yes.”

She laughed a little cruelly & condescendingly I thought for an instant.

The girls would be kept in the cage before they were either sold, to private members or the clubs various locations. Typically the mistresses kept a small harem, as well as enjoying the clubs rooms whilst the men were generally content to enjoy the clubs. The second girl was almost ready to start being displayed for sale. The first not yet. The time in the cages varied from a month to several. If a slave was resold she was generally partially reinstalled, which seemed if anything more dreadful than a full rebuild. Before she went back in the cage.

Inside the curtain we could hear the sounds of distress as all the girls struggled for an impossible small degree of comfort. We enjoyed the muffled squirming for a few moments before Mistress Helena instructed silence. There was instant obedience.

There was really no need for all this security as any girl who dared to escape would be promptly returned to the owner of her code. Once ownership was established it was virtually irreversible, despite pretty much any irregularities in its acquisition. No need except the pleasure of keeping beautiful slaves in strict bondage.

We finished our drinks & left the dungeon in total darkness, locking the heavy metal door behind us. There was really no need for this security as any girl who dared to escape would be promptly returned to the owner of her code. Once ownership was established it was virtually irreversible, despite pretty much any irregularities in its acquisition.

The maid ellie was instructed to take me to my guest quarters & entertain me. While Mistress Helena punished lily. I almost felt a pang of sympathy for lily.

I was beginning to really enjoy myself here, I could wait to complete my application for membership.

My apartment was attractively furnished with large leather couches & polished wooden floors. On the patio there was a large hot tub. Ellie undressed me & bathed me all the while smiling happily, submissive & eager to please. She brushed my hair and gave me a fantastic massage. We chatted as she served me. I asked her about serving here if she was happy & her honest reply was yes she loved it. When I asked her about lily her matter of fact reply was simply ‘Mistress or Master is always right’.

She began to dress me in fresh clothes. I stopped her and indicated for her to remove my panties again. She did so smiling eagerly & knelt between my legs her tongue was so skilful, I can honestly say her intimate service was superb.

Mistress Helena & lily arrived before she had finished. She made herself at home while I shivered and moaned in sheer delight. When she had finished she brought soft scented towels to clean me, while lily fetched me a chilled wine. Mistress Helena had already been served wine.

The backs & insides of lily’s upper legs were red & puffy, obviously very tender & painful. This didn’t affect her service though at all times she was graceful & pleasing, pretty in her service. Whilst ellie finished dressing me Mistress Helena & I chatted about my stay.

Ellie & lily were to be my personal slaves for the week, Mistress Helena would be my guide & companion, but also be responsible for interviewing me & assessing my candidacy. I would not be meeting any of the other members formally until my membership was finalised. The club was very exclusive.

That evening lily pleasured me before I went to sleep, both girls knelt on the floor besides the bed while I slept, in the luxurious silk sheets. In the morning I was woken by ellie then dressed by lily & then served a delicious breakfast by both of them. Mistress Helena arrived shortly afterwards & we retired to the patio to drink chilled wine in the sun. While I discovered how the polished floor & leather furniture was kept so spotless & gleaming. The hard way by the slaves scrubbing furiously on their hands & knees, humming contentedly as they worked.

We relaxed in the sun, occasionally interrupting the slaves for more drinks, they were always smiling & extremely eager to please us. Mistress Helena & I chatted happily for quite some time. In great detail too, I must confess I was only spared becoming a little bored by all the detail & history, by Mistress Helena vivacity of personality. She was so easy & confident in her dominance. I was becoming very attracted to her. Hanging on her every word. She noticed it too & treated me like a big sister to the novice I obviously was. Just a little bit bossy, leading me in conversation. I must confess finding this quite charming, but also little haughty in a very sexy way. I must confess another little secret I was quite hooked. Quite delightfully she knew it too & didn’t hide it.

We took advantage of the slaves sexual eagerness in the sun. I had noticed yesterday that the slavegirls after they had pleased you would kneel almost in tears & ask tremulously if she had pleased you. Following Mistress Helena’s example this request was coolly ignored. If she was lucky she was permitted to kiss your feet. If she hadn’t been satisfactory she would be beaten. We dismissed the two slaves back to their chores. Both girls bright red lipstick wet & glossy with our pleasure & in piquant tears of humiliation & sexual frustration, hurrying back to their menial chores.

How wonderful this place was. I told Mistress Helena I would do anything it took to stay here. She smiled back sweetly.

I was taken on a tour of the various rooms bars & facilities. There were several Mistresses & Masters relaxing about the place. I was informed that this was a very quiet time of the day, & it was much busier in the evening. Unfortunately non members were not allowed to frequent the clubs rooms in the evenings & even during the day I was limited to a discrete drink at the bar.

A few masters & mistresses came & chatted to Mistress Helena, while she sat with me They nodded at me but generally ignored me as they talked. The women were visibly cooler towards me than the men All were very refined & confident like her, aristocratic. I didn’t mind after all I was quite cool & offhand too with my servants & people I didn’t know. & in any case soon I would be joining their ranks. The men tended to dress in expensive tailored casual suits, unique & exclusively expensive casual wear. The women favoured classy leather skirts, impossibly expensive blouses, jodhpurs riding boots. Sexy but classy, totally in control. I was starting to feel outclassed in my business sexy attire. Close fitting black slacks & tailored black shirt, like a cheap office girl looking to attract the bosses eye. Which was exactly what I had been before I married & inherited his money & business.

Sensing my discomfort Mistress Helena had confided in me that she liked my outfit. Obviously flattering me as she told me how professional & attractive I looked. Her eyes told me she was lying, but still her strong gaze holding my eyes in hers made my thighs grow warm I wondered how long it would be before we returned to my apartment & the girls.

There were other thing that made me ill at ease, all the slaves we saw, all were blonde with cute bobs, similar to mine & all the Mistresses were dark or not quite that blonde with whatever hairstyle they pleased to have. Also my preferred age was youthful, roughly cheerleader to early twenties. The mistresses & masters seemed to prefer late twenties to early thirties, mature & perfectly beautiful.I resolved that when I became a member I would have to up my game considerably, from sassy to classy. If I had been truly sassy & smart I would have tried to run a mile.

The serving girls were nearly all wearing french maid outfits too with no panties. Although a few were also naked or in lingerie. But all the girls serving drinks & food, or cleaning wore the tight maids uniforms. The other girls seemed busy hurrying to and from places & some were evidently sexually soiled.

We went to a few more rooms with various themes. & then finally we returned to my chambers. I wasn’t sure but I could have sworn Mistress Helena, had snapped her fingers at me when it was finally time to leave. I had been quite flustered as in the last bar Mistress Helena had been chatting eagerly to numerous friends of hers all of whom had ignored me completely. So when Mistress Helena had gotten up to leave I wasn’t sure if she had snapped her fingers quietly or just said come along. Not withstanding I had trotted eagerly & gratefully behind her as she left. & was sure I heard laughter behind me, but was too embarrassed to look around. Angry but feeble with impotent rage I resolved to make a point of showing those bitches.

Back at my apartment Mistress Helena left me while she freshened up. I had lily pleasure me. But as she looked up at me in tears afterwards I was reminded that she & I both had both gasped in fright at Mistress Helena’s sudden whip lash & that she had probably seen me gasp too. When Mistress Helena returned I informed her I was displeased with lily & wanted her disciplined. The poor girl was immediately punished with the whip. But even from the first lash & squeal I regretted it. It was all I could do to hold back my tears by the last 20th lash. Mistress Helena had offered me the whip to continue but I had adamantly declined.

“Satisfied?” She asked me while lily sobbed still clutching her ankles fearfully. Her voice was icy, imperious.

“Yes thank you, Mistress Helena.” My voice was shaky

She smiled sweetly & instructed lily to serve wine.

Shortly afterwards she had made her excuses, having to attend a members function. I was relieved but also felt bereft at her departure. I had almost apologised to lily but thought better of it, both girls were still delightfully pleasing & genuinely eager for my every need to be satisfied, That night I had allowed the girls to share my silk sheets. For a while I felt a simple innocent but open sexuality I hadn’t felt since my teenage years sitting idly hanging around with my best friends, talking about the boys we fancied. I enjoyed basking in their artless & loving devotion, so much I felt guilty with the enjoyment. In the morning however I was cool again, angry at myself. This wasn’t helped by Mistress Helena’s late arrival.

& not at all helped by her bombshell. The members had been discussing me & were not impressed my membership was almost certain to be rejected. I was visibly disconsolate until Mistress Helena told me all was not lost. A member could take me under her wing & sponsor my membership, that was almost certain not to be rejected. Now I was even more utterly dependant on her. She & I both knew it & I could see this power turned her on, what I didn’t admit was that this turned me on too.

Once again she left me alone to my own devices, having meetings & business to attend to of her own. I amused myself watching ellie & lily work, while I lounged in the pool outside. Fantasising about my triumphant revenge on the snobby members. I chatted with the girls about their history. Both had been illegally brought here, one captured the other bought at an illegal slave auction. Neither could remember much about their hazy previous lives now. Nor how long they had been slaves. They did however describe with enthusiasm & in great detail their service & how much they loved serving & their bondage even being subject to punishment, if not the punishment itself. They were quite vacuous glad to be ‘too beautiful to be free’ as they gushed. What bimbos they were but how they turned me on too. I was so glad I could come, feeling quite sorry for them in their stifled need, glad not to be one of them.

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Never That Bold Ch. 05

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Just a flash story; a rather dark, sordid little flash story.

Lilah’s divorce from Derek went through with no trouble; he did not want anyone to find out he’d been hiring young black studs to fuck his pretty blonde wife. And even though the ink had not even been dry on their marriage certificate, Lilah still received fifty thousand dollars from Derek.

She now had a college diploma, and a teaching certificate, but absolutely no employment history to speak of. A recruiting agency found very few prospects that were suitable; Lilah was not about to teach at an inner city school in Detroit, or Chicago, or Philadelphia, no matter how good the starting salary might be.

“Stephanie, may I call you Stephanie? Stephanie, I’ve got three little girls,” Lilah told an agent with the recruiting agency. “And I’m not about to put them in any situation that’s as dangerous as that. You can understand that, can’t you, Stephanie?”

But still those offers kept coming.

The principal of McKenna High School, her high school when she’d been a student had retired. But Lilah called her anyway.

“Lilah, Lilah Quentin?” the woman said, voice still just as strong as it had been fourteen years earlier. “Of course I remember you. Selfish, self-centered little cunt; thought her shit didn’t stink, thought the world owed her something. And how can I help you?”

The woman burst out laughing when Lilah told her she’d become a teacher. Lilah hung up and continued to search for a job on-line.

“Stepping Stone, Louisiana,” Lilah mused. “Where the hell is that?”

“Louisiana’s between Mississippi and Texas,” Hannah, her twelve year old daughter informed her.

“I know where Louisiana is; I meant where Stepping Stone is?” Lilah snapped, resisting the urge to slap the spoiled brat.

“Oh, we don’t like when our daughter’s a smart mouthed little bitch?” Lilah’s mother asked.

“Yes Mother, I know, Mother, I was a horrible child, Mother,” Lilah snapped.

“And not much of an adult either,” her mother said. “Might remember whose house this is, Dear.”

“And I’m grateful you’re letting us stay here,” Lilah spat the words out.

Lilah googled Stepping Stone and saw that the nearest large city was Alexandria. The next largest town was two hours north, Monroe Louisiana.

“God, it’s in the middle of nowhere,” she said.

“And you said that about Matthew, North Carolina when I moved here,” her mother reminded her.

“No, Mother, really, it is in the middle of nowhere,” Lilah insisted. “Nearest town is Alexandria and Alexandria’s not much more than Matthew is.”

Lilah shrugged and sent the school administration her resume and stock cover letter and continued her job search.

The following Monday, buried among the emails from the recruiting agency stating they’d found her the perfect job in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland and Detroit, Michigan, was a response from John F. Kennedy High School, in Stepping Stone, Louisiana.

“Go Cougars,” Lilah laughed as she read the email from Mrs. Abramson.

But now she had a very difficult decision to make. Spoiled brats or not, Hannah, Robin, and Shannon were her children. Leaving them here, their father would get custody of them. Knowing Brandon Durst, the man would probably try to sue her for child support. John F. Kennedy High School was offering her twenty eight thousand a year, plus health and dental and a matched 4O1K plan. According to the email, there was even a single wide trailer she could rent for three hundred and fifty dollars a month. The trailer had been vacated by the previous History teacher.

If she took Hannah, Robin, and Shannon, she could only imagine what Hell they would make her life, and the lives of their teachers at David Treen Elementary School and Lindy Boggs Middle School.

She called Linda Smith, her best friend and the two women met for coffee.

“Honestly?” Linda said. “I mean, please don’t get me wrong; they’re my goddaughters, you know I love them to death, but go. Go. Let Brandon put up with those snotty little bitches he helped bring into this world. You can get them on holidays and on summer breaks.”

She fired the recruiting agency, citing their shoddy performance as the reason, sent an acceptance email to Mrs. Abramson, and called Brandon Durst.

“Well, I uh, see, I been…” Brandon stammered when Lilah said she would be relinquishing primary custody of their daughters.

“What, Brandon?” Lilah snapped. “You been bitching and bitching child support’s killing you and you been bitching and bitching that you never get to see them.”

“Yeah, but I’m kind of seeing this woman, I mean, shit, Lilah, they hate Shaquisha and truth is, she wanted to kill Hannah last weekend,” Brandon Gaziantep Anal Escort said.

“Welcome to my world, Brandon,” Lilah said.

They again met in front of a judge who approved transferring primary custodial care to Brandon. Shaquisha could not leave quickly enough. The judge also ordered Lilah to pay seven fifty a month in child support to Mr. Durst.

Stepping Stone, Louisiana had a grocery store and a liquor store. Mrs. Abramson made sure to point out the liquor store’s hours of business.

“We actually get all the high school children from Turning Point and East Turn, as well as Stepping Stone,” the woman said as they toured the small cinderblock building. “You will be the History Teacher, as well as the Homeroom Advisor for the senior class. This year we have a record number of students in the twelfth grade. There will be twenty nine students; seventeen females and twelve males.”

They paused in front of the classroom and Mrs. Abramson produced a key and handed it to Lilah.

“After you,” she said.

There were thirty desks, five rows of six desks each. There was a dry erase board behind a large wooden desk. On the desk were four cardboard boxes and Mrs. Abramson clapped happily.

“Oh, the new books came in!” she cried and ran to open the boxes.

“If you don’t mind my asking,” Lilah said as they examined the boxes of books. “Why did the last History teacher leave?”

“Passed away,” was all the older woman would say.

Lilah made sure the classroom was again locked up then went to the single grocery store. The cashier was a woman that appeared to be in her seventies; she still sported a beehive hairdo and chatted pleasantly as she slowly, meticulously rang up each item.

The manager of the trailer park, an attractive brunette woman, came over and helped Lilah unload her groceries as a late summer thunderstorm had suddenly popped up.

Lilah’s single wide trailer was neatly furnished, functional, sturdy furniture. The closet in the main bedroom was empty, but the closet in the second bedroom held some women’s clothing. Lilah had not had time to look through any of the drawers; she was in a hurry to get to JFK High School, for her meeting with Mrs. Abramson.

“Thanks, uh, Dianna, right?” Lilah said, as they carried the last two bags from car trunk to small kitchen.

“Dinah,” the woman smiled, not offended that Lilah did not remember her name, even though they’d just met two and a half hours earlier.

“Here, let me get you a towel; you’re soaked,” Lilah said. “Don’t want you catching your death of cold.”

She went into the bathroom that adjoined the main bedroom and grabbed a towel from the cabinet. Returning to the small kitchen, she saw that Dinah had already pulled off her sodden sundress. The woman stood, nude, except for her platform soled sandals.

The woman’s breasts rivaled Lilah’s 36 Double D breasts in size. Lilah’s areole were half-dollar sized and her nipples, when fully erect, were fat little thimble sized.

Dinah’s areole were silver dollar sized and her nipples, which stood out, erect and proud, were almost thumb sized.

Lilah kept her blonde thatch trimmed to a neat triangle, but Dinah’s brown forest reached from navel to upper thighs and stretched from hip to hip. Even as thick as the woman’s pubic jungle was, Lilah could see that Dinah’s fat pussy lips hung down out of the thicket, two dark pink meat curtains.

“Um, uh, here,” Lilah stammered, handing the smiling woman the thick towel.

“Thanks, Sugar,” Dinah smiled and quickly rubbed herself down. “But, you got yourself all soaked too.”

She reached out and unbuttoned the first button on Lilah’s blouse.

“Let’s get you out of them wet things,” she said.

Lilah had never been with another woman; even when she was in high school. Valerie and Nadine, two of the cheerleaders had enjoyed each other, even though both girls were dating boys. Valerie had flitted from football player to football player in high school, while Nadine was engaged to a mysterious young man that was in the US Marines that no one had ever seen.

Once, when they were away at a Quarter Finals football game in Tallahassee, Valerie, Nadine, and Lilah had shared a motel room. Lilah watched, fascinated, sickened, titillated as Valerie and Nadine licked, sucked, and finger fucked each other to orgasm. Valerie had offered to do the same for Lilah, but Lilah had not been bold enough to get off her motel bed and join them on the other motel bed.

Dinah kissed Lilah as she helped the blonde out of her wet blouse and bra, then toweled the exposed flesh.

Lilah felt an odd, slightly uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, but did not back away as Dinah slid her skirt and panties down her slim legs.

“Oh, what a pretty pussy,” Dinah complimented. “Hate this prissy little bitches shave it all bald; just unnatural.”

She then toweled Lilah’s hips, buttocks, and legs, kneeling in front of Lilah.

Then Lilah moaned as Dinah’s tongue snaked out and licked at Lilah’s slit.

“Bed or couch?” Dinah asked.

“Bed,” Lilah moaned and the two women walked into the bedroom.

Lilah entered the bedroom and crawled onto the bed. Dinah crawled in right behind her and grabbed Lilah’s hips.

“Oh!” Lilah gasped as Dinah’s tongue wormed into her sweaty anus.

Dinah slurped noisily as she tongued Lilah’s anus, then flattened her tongue and dragged it up and down Lilah’s light pink pussy lips.

Lilah shuddered as the attractive woman forced her tongue into Lilah’s pussy, then groaned when the woman found her small clitoris. She jerked when Dinah also jammed a finger into her spittle wetted anus.

“Shit!” she cried out in her very sudden, surprising orgasm.

Dinah sucked the essence from Lilah’s pussy lips before again licking and thrusting her tongue into Lilah’s pussy. She added a second finger to Lilah’s anus and began corkscrewing them in and out while continuing to tease Lilah’s pussy and clitoris.

“Shit!” Lilah screamed as a second orgasm racked her body.

Then Dinah urged Lilah onto her beck and kissed Lilah’s gasping mouth. Dinah kept her two fingers inside of Lilah’s ass while the two women kissed, large breasts rubbing against large breasts.

Lilah could taste herself on Dinah’s lips and tongue and found her taste to be quite exciting.

“Love a nice tight ass,” Dinah complimented as she continued to fuck Lilah’s ass with her fingers.

Then the woman swiveled around and straddled Lilah’s face.

Lilah looked up in the semi-darkness as Dinah pressed her very wet pussy down.

Dinah’s pussy had a very strong odor, as if Dinah had not washed it in a while. Lilah fought down her revulsion as she licked and sucked the heavy pussy lips that hung down.

“Aw yeah,” Dinah encouraged as she bent to tongue Lilah’s anus and then Lilah’s pussy.

Lilah licked and sucked Dinah’s hairy pussy until the woman stiffened, then grunted as she squirted Lilah’s face with her orgasm.

“Aw yeah, going love having you as a tenant,” Dinah said as she rolled off of Lilah’s face.

Later, still nude, the two women sat at Lilah’s small kitchen table, drinking coffee. The thunderstorm had passed and the sun was out, turning the minimal rainfall into steam.

“Whenever you see Louisiana in the movies? They always showing us sitting on the porch, drinking iced tea,” Dinah said. “Shit yeah, we drink plenty iced tea, but I bet we drink a whole bunch more coffee.”

“Same thing with Florida,” Lilah agreed. “And North Carolina. I honestly can’t tell you last time I had iced tea.”

Dinah looked through the blinds over the large kitchen window and nodded wither head.

“And there’s our very own beauty queen,” Dinah said disapprovingly.

Lilah watched as a young woman climbed the ladder into the trailer park’s above-ground swimming pool. From behind, the girl had a phenomenal body, and had a very succulent looking ass, highlighted by her black thong.

Her hair was long, reaching down to just above her thong, and was a lovely shade of reddish blonde, strawberry blonde.

Then the girl turned around to walk down the ladder into the pool. She had a beatific smile; the water nice and cool in the brutal summer humidity.

Her breasts were large, barely contained by the scraps of black bikini, and her pregnant belly stuck out; she appeared to be about seven or eight months pregnant.

“Renee Walker,” Dinah spat, her dislike quite evident. “Nineteen years old, and that’s already her second baby.”

“Poor girl,” Lilah sympathized, knowing what it was like to be a young lady and pregnant.

“Wonder if that’s her brother’s baby, or maybe her Daddy’s,” Dinah suggested and Lilah looked shocked.

“Oh, come on Honey,” Dinah laughed. “Around here? Pumpkin ain’t a vegetable, it’s a past-time.”

Lilah thought about that for a moment, then smiled and shrugged.

Dinah looked out the window again as the pregnant girl got onto one of the blow-up mattresses and lazily floated around the small pool.

“Would just love to fist fuck that smile right off that little bitch’s face,” she said.

Again Lilah looked shocked. Dinah smirked.

“Oh, just you wait,” she said. “You’ll find out; she’s in your eleventh grade class.”

“Thought you said she’s nineteen,” Lilah asked.

“She is,” Dinah shrugged, a movement that made her large breast jiggle. “But, long as she’s in school? Government sends her a nice fat check.”

Then they heard a cell phone chime. Dinah reached for her sundress and pulled her cell phone out of her pocket.

“Uh huh,” she said. “Dumb ass husband locked himself out again,” she said and pulled the dress on over her head.

She sloppily kissed Lilah, using a lot of tongue.

“Going love having you as a tenant, Sugar,” she said, then let herself out of the trailer.

Lilah got dressed in just shorts and tee shirt, neglecting to put on a bra. She finished hanging up her clothing in the main bedroom and flattened the boxes. She then put her cosmetics onto the small countertop in the bathroom, and put her shampoo and soap into the shower stall, pushing aside the shampoo and conditioner that Ms. Proust had left behind.

Back in the bedroom, Lilah opened another box and found a photograph album, pictures of her girls. She slid open the nightstand drawer and found four dildos. There was one small one, about six inches in length and as big around as a roll of quarters. There was another one, probably eight inches long and heavily veined. The third vibrator made Lilah wince; it was the circumference of a large juice can, with a large flared cock head.

The fourth one was also eight inches long, and had a harness attached. Lilah wondered about this, until she realized, it was a strap on cock.

She saw some alligator clips and realized they were nipple clamps. There was also a large jar of a desensitizing lubricant in the drawer.

She gathered up the offensive items and dumped them into a small box and put the photograph album into the drawer.

There was a knock at the door and Lilah was seized with a little fear. She hoped it was not Dinah; she had enjoyed Dinah’s tongue and fingers on her pussy and ass, but had been glad for the coffee that purged the heavy taste of Dinah’s pussy from her mouth.

The peephole showed the smiling face of Renee Walker so Lilah opened the door.

“Hey,” the girl happily greeted her. “I’m Renee, I’m be a junior at JFK; God, can’t believe it’s almost time go back, you?”

“Well, hello Renee,” Lilah said. “I’m Ms. Quentin; I’ll be your History teacher.”

“I know,” Renee said pleasantly, happy smile on her beautiful face. “I mean, I was real sad when Ms. Proust died but, hey, you know? It happens.”

The girl’s breasts had to be at least an E cup, if not an F cup, the black triangles of her bikini top barely covering the hard nipples.

“So, um, how far along are you?” Lilah politely asked as the girl took a seat at the small kitchen table.

“Hmm? I don’t know, about eight I think,” the girl said, rubbing her swollen belly.

The girl declined coffee or juice, just sat and chatted pleasantly. Lilah deduced that Renee wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, probably part of the reason she was nineteen and just now entering the eleventh grade.

“Yeah, failed seventh grade,” Renee shrugged, a movement that caused her large breasts to jostle against each other. “Then done it again in the ninth grade; God, that was a hard grade!”

Lilah found out, just as Dinah had said, this was baby number two for Renee. The girl shrugged and admitted she didn’t know what had become of her first baby, a biracial girl.

“Gave it up for adoption,” she said, again shrugging, shaking her heavy breasts.

“And this one?” Lilah asked.

“Shit, already signed the papers give it up,” Renee said.

Mrs. Abramson told Lilah that at least forty percent of the female students would become pregnant at least once before graduation. She also informed Lilah that at least fifty percent of the overall student body would not graduate at all.

“There’s no real incentive,” she admitted woefully. “Even if they could, most of these people just do not have enough money to go to college. They’re in that horrible limbo; too rich for Government Assistance, but too poor to pay for anything on their own. Most of our students are from single parent households and their families owe more to their credit cards than they’ll ever make in a lifetime.”

“So what are we doing, then?” Lilah asked.

Us? We’re babysitting them until they leave here,” Mrs. Abramson said. “At least here? They can get a free breakfast and lunch, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to show one or two of them there might be another way to live.”

“Good God, what have I gotten myself into?” Lilah asked herself later that day as she stopped at the liquor store.

Trying to decide what liquor to buy, vodka, gin, or possibly whiskey, Lilah felt a pang of loss for her former life. The life she’d had before her one-night stand with Michael Bae. One where she was just a mom and a housewife.

“God damn you to Hell, Michael Bae,” she thought bitterly as she selected a half gallon each of no-name vodka, no-name gin, and no-name whiskey.

“Whoa, having you a little party?” the man asked genially from behind his thick bullet-proof glass.

“Yeah, a party of one,” Lilah smiled tightly.

The End

And that’s it; just a quick little flash story, a rather dark flash story. But I do thank you for taking the time to read my stories.

Have a warm and fuzzy day.

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Bacon Pancakes Ch. 01

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She was a sweet little thing. Nature had dealt her an enviable hand—and feet, legs, and body to match. She possessed a woman’s curves, but a stature that puberty had somehow forgotten to augment. It was as though the hormones responsible for her growth spurt had simply decided to accentuate her curves instead. Consequently she was an object of desire to many, yet woefully under-equipped to ward off such desire.

He was a fearsome thing. Scarcely a man, yet he commanded the body of a warrior. Tall with thick skin marred by countless souvenirs of brash misadventures. Dark, inscrutable eyes deep enough to drown a wandering gaze. Unkempt tawny hair that reflected his wild side, the wolf within. He exuded a primal energy unbound by societal norms, in many respects a hunter of eclectic prey: outcasts, misfits, and mavericks of the world.

They met at the gym, of all places. He was on his back, his rough and sweaty hands tightly gripped on a barbell that was over-loaded with weights. But his wiry muscles could leverage more weight than appearances would suggest, and it was while putting them to use that her voice floated over to him.

“You’re awfully optimistic.”

He scowled as he focused on the bar. Taking a deep breath, he heaved the barbell off the rack and began lifting it up. One.

“Realistic, I’d say.” Two.

“Why use weights you can barely lift a few times? You’re not impressing anyone.”

“I’ll impress you if you insist on hanging around to criticise.” Four.

She grinned and leaned against the doorway, waiting for his bravado to fall flat. “We’ll see.”

“I’d like to see a little lady such as yourself do better.” Six.

She pretended to take offence, teasing him. “Careful, someone might think you’re a little sexist.”

“We’re all sexist. I’m just more honest.”

“That’s pretty bold. How am I sexist then?”

“You believe girls have the greater right to gawk at guys exercising.” Twelve.

“I-” she blushed, glad he couldn’t see her face. “How would you know?”

“Call it a hunch.”

Well, he was right. Emma had been on her way out when she spotted him exercising alone, shirtless and shining with sweat. He was hardly a specimen, but his quiet confidence had captivated her.

“What, no other scathing words of criticism?” Twenty.

“Oh, you haven’t heard scathing yet.”

Finishing his twenty-first bench press, he scowled and hung up the barbell. He looked across at her and immediately his scowl turned into a grin as he realised she’d been teasing him the whole time. Now he couldn’t help grinning as he saw his critic in the flesh. Emma smiled back. She seemed to have that effect on people.

“A fine twenty-one bench presses,” she remarked, curtsying in jest.

Oh, so as soon as my hands are free it’s all smiles and praise, he thought amusedly.

“Well, don’t you want to know the name of your fair judge?”

She really was rather fair. Her complexion was smooth and pale, presently illuminated by the playful smile she wore. A few strands of dark red hair swayed in front of her eyes, the rest held back in a neat ponytail.

“Ah, sure. What’s your name?”

“Emma,” she supplied, tilting her head as she waited for him to reciprocate.

“Hunter,” he said, extending his hand.

She stared at him for a moment. Then she laughed and turned to leave. Hunter stood there dumbly, then hastily retracted his hand and ran to catch up.

“Hey, that is my name, you know.”

She looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “Alright, Hunter,” she said, making little air quotes. She took the hand he’d proffered earlier and pulled him closer, her other hand going to his pocket. She pulled out his phone and deftly tapped her details into the contacts, then tucked it back into his pocket before he could say a word. “Just don’t expect me to be your next prey.”

And with that, she was gone, striding out into the sunlight.


The next day, Emma answered her phone and smiled when she heard Hunter’s distinctive tone.

“You. Me. Lunch. Keen?”

“Put another few words in there and I might be tempted.”

“Would you deign to accompany I, the great master of bench presses, to a mutually-agreeable locale for the consumption of a noonday meal?”

She giggled. “Certainly.”

“My meaning was clear without the extra fluff, wasn’t it?”

“I know. I just like to hear your voice.”

There was a moment of silence in which Emma imagined him silently punching the air in triumph.

“Botanic Gardens. Twelve. Oh- sorry. Do the Botanic Gardens sound like a good meeting place to you, at the entrance at say twelve o’clock?”

Emma glanced at her phone clock. Ten past eleven. It’d take her ten minutes to walk to the gardens, leaving just forty minutes to have a shower and dress up.

“That doesn’t leave me much time.”

“You’re a sprightly girl. You’ll manage.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine. I’ll see you there.”

Emma tossed Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort her phone onto the sofa and smiled to herself. It hadn’t been long since her last roll in the hay, but that familiar tingle betwixt her legs was making a compelling appeal for another date. After a moment of steamy reflection, she jumped up, stretched, and headed for the shower.


Midday. The city was bustling under the clear blue sky. Endless crowds surged through the streets, piling into cafés, restaurants, and pubs to satisfy their hunger and escape the sweaty mass of bodies outside.

The Botanic Gardens were situated right in the middle of that bustle. But with forty acres of sheltered vegetation it would be a trivial matter to find a secluded spot free from prying eyes. Hunter leaned against a pillar by the main entrance, scanning the crowds for his cheeky redhead. He was, as always, prepared to be stood up—in his experience it was all too common for a girl’s enthusiasm in one conversation to dissipate before the next.

But then there she was. Hair gleaming in the sunlight, head turned to watch for traffic as she crossed the road towards him. She’d looked pretty at the gym yesterday; now, with the benefit of a shower, a change of clothes, and a practised hand at makeup, she looked exquisite. Her hair hung loosely by her shoulders, straight at the top and curled at the tips. Her stocky legs were encased in black nylons that disappeared into a pleated miniskirt. An electric blue button-down blouse loosely hugged her torso, the top few buttons left undone to allow a light breeze or wandering gaze to roam across her cleavage. A wide, shiny black belt girded the narrowest part of her waist, accentuating her petite figure. Calf-length boots made a soft click-clack as she strolled across the road and turned to notice him.

“I do love a girl with good fashion sense,” Hunter said appreciatively as she reached him. “That would be you, by the way,” he added, grinning.

Emma rolled her eyes. “You don’t need to spell things out that clearly. Hello to you too.”

They were walking into the gardens now, his arm around her shoulders. Normally Emma would have objected to such presumed intimacy so early on a date, but Hunter was sweet and there was currently a vacancy for a shoulder-warmer in her life. She was also grateful he wasn’t deterred by how embarrassingly sticky she was in the heat. Well, he was a full head taller than her after all: maybe he couldn’t smell her musk from all the way up there.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” said Emma as they passed a bed of vibrant roses.

“Yes, she is,” Hunter murmured, brushing her hair gently off her cheek.

“So what do you like?” he continued, before she could reply.

“For lunch?”

“Nah, in general.”

Was he being too vague? Some girls hated vague. Hunter felt her shoulder shrug after a moment. He was about to refine the question when she abruptly spoke.

“Sex,” she said pointedly.

Definitely not too vague. A question was never too vague if “sex” was the answer.

He turned to look at her. She blushed. Hunter laughed. Clearly it had been a close call between that reply and losing her nerve.

“I didn’t realise we were already on booty call terms with each other,” he teased.

“No, I didn’t mean that,” she said hastily. Well, maybe… “But you asked what I like. Everybody likes sex, don’t they?”

“Are you asking me now? Sure, I like sex,” said Hunter, no trace of embarrassment in his voice. “But that’s about as meaningful as saying I like meat. It’s how you eat the meat that makes it interesting. You know, you could have marinated chicken drumsticks, or a salted sirloin steak. Or you could go a bit more out there and have bacon and maple syrup on pancakes.”

“Um…” hesitated Emma, unsure if she should question the odd choice of metaphor, while at the same time trying not to think of herself as meat.

“I’m more of a bacon pancakes guy myself,” added Hunter dreamily.

“That’s… definitely one of the stranger ways of saying your sexual tastes are out there.”

They stopped moving and she looked around, breathing in the rich earthy air. They stood by a lone bench surrounded on three sides by thick brush. A dead end. Emma was abruptly aware of the complete absence of artificial sounds: no footsteps, no car engines, no tyres squealing. They were alone.

“Does that bother you?” he asked seriously, looking her in the eye.

“No!” she blurted out, suddenly wondering if it should. He really was quite intense… And still more or less a stranger… Instinct and years of parental guidance were screaming at her that this was not a place she wanted to be. It would be just her luck if the name Hunter proved to be prophetic.

Then she realised his question was probably about sexual tastes, not their sudden isolation.

“Not at all,” she continued, fighting to retain her composure. Now she wondered: was her heart beating faster from anxiety, or arousal?

“I’m quite fond of bacon pancakes myself.”

“Look at us, surrounded by pretty flowers talking about sex and pancakes. I’m a terrible romantic. And also suddenly hungry.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “Well, you did ask me out to lunch. So what do you feel like?”

For a moment Hunter was stumped, paralysed by the age-old dilemma of where to take your date out to eat. Then he grinned.

“There’s a pancake joint a few blocks from here.”

Emma smiled. “Pancakes for lunch? Really?”

“Hey, we’re responsible adults, and that means we can choose what to eat and when,” he argued, steering them in the direction of the pancake parlour. Emma was almost disappointed nothing else had happened on the secluded bench.

Recalling his earlier metaphor, she blushed as an innuendo crept into her mind.

“Or who to eat and when,” she muttered. Hunter chuckled and hugged her closer.

“I wonder if they serve bacon there…” he murmured.


The pancake parlour did not serve bacon pancakes.

They did, however, offer just about every other sweet syrupy topping imaginable to accompany their fluffy pancakes. Hunter enjoyed munching on his banana strawberry pancake almost as much as he enjoyed watching Emma savour hers. She ate in that dainty fashion typical of a woman trying to avoid any embarrassing spills. Consequently she had only half eaten her pancake when Hunter had cleaned the plate of his, so he sat there smiling and enjoying the show.

But at the same time his mind was spinning with excitement. She was sexy, sultry, sassy, and smart, he thought, ticking off his mental checklist as he went. A girl with two of those qualities was a good lay. Four made her exceptional: girlfriend material, even. He’d play this one slow, for with Emma he envisioned more than just a one-night stand.

“Good pancake?” he prompted as she neared the last mouthful.

“Great,” she mumbled, shooting him a smile that carefully hid her messy teeth.

Hunter smiled back, breathing deeply as he relaxed.

“You smell lovely.”

“You smell like maple syrup.”

“Exactly,” he grinned. “You really don’t have to eat so primly. It’s not like you can get much stickier in this humidity.”

Emma blushed, embarrassed at the sweat-soaked patches of cotton cleaving to her form even though Hunter was no better off.

“Hey, it’s alright. I happen to like it when a girl glows a little.”

She smiled coyly. “I prefer when a guy makes me glow a lot.”

“And it’s supposed to be guys who get horny around food…” Hunter rolled his eyes in jest, prompting another blush.

Emma finished eating and they got up to pay, Hunter never removing his eyes from his companion. They made it outside into the stuffy afternoon air, a journey made surprisingly difficult by their intent focus on undressing each other in their heads. At least, that was where Hunter’s focus lay. But while fantasy-Emma pranced around half-naked for Hunter’s lustful imagination, real Emma was experiencing a stab of guilt. She liked Hunter, maybe even more than she liked his hunky body, but she knew how this would end. A brief fling as passions ran hot, then a prolonged, stagnating liaison following his induction into her roster of potential boy toys. It was probably wrong of her to lead him on, knowing it wouldn’t last, but she couldn’t help the way butterflies fluttered through her stomach whenever he whispered something sexy under his breath.

Surrendering to her desire, Emma steered them left as she said, “My apartment is just a few blocks away.”


It may not have been traditional for a girl to take a guy back to her place during the first date, but Emma was far from traditional. Au contraire, Emma would make a traditionalist wince. Chastity was a virtue she’d long forgotten, or at least long neglected to the point of indifference. It would be easy to label her a nymphomaniac and write off her promiscuity as an inflated sex drive, but the truth was she simply lacked willpower and consequently gave into her lust as frequently as it surfaced.

And guys seemed to love that: a girl who “embraced her sexuality” as they put it. Of course, embracing her sexuality meant more sex for those supportive studs, and lately Emma had been embracing her sexuality with a lot of men.

Indeed, Emma’s apartment was less hers and more theirs with each passing day. Sports jackets peeked out from various corners around the room, and the couches had that messy, recently-slept-on look about them. At this point it looked more like a fraternity house than the apartment of a co-ed. She hurried to fling some boxers out of sight as she entered ahead of Hunter, hoping he wouldn’t pay too much attention to the mess from previous male guests.

“Had a party here recently?” he enquired, Emma’s guilt returning for another stab.

“Err… Yeah, it was game night.” Not entirely untrue: her last visitor had certainly played games with her, though not the card kind.

Hunter nodded absently and continued to look around. Emma stood awkwardly, uncomfortable in her own home, each passing second increasing her shame until she began to regret letting him in. She couldn’t blame him for her guilty conscience, of course. A conscience that normally she paid no heed, but those blasted feelings she was developing for him wanted to cling onto her precarious reputation as an upstanding woman. How would he look at her if he knew how many guys had seen her naked in the past week alone?

His gaze returned to her reddened face, those dark eyes impassive as ever. What Emma didn’t know was that those inscrutable eyes had already seen everything she’d hoped he’d overlook—and Hunter was quickly putting all the pieces together. The evidence of frequent male company, not for a recent game night, but on many separate occasions. Her embarrassment, a fair indication of the sort of guests they’d been. This would probably be enough to discourage Hunter from becoming too invested in the girl, except there was more: she was nervous. She wanted to make a good impression. She liked him, then. The feeling was mutual.

The picture was coming together now. Emma, with her unwitting magnetism of the male gaze, was accustomed to drawing attention that she had not the strength nor heart to turn away. He’d been with her not three hours and could already tell her temperament was as sweet as her countenance. But she must be too easygoing for her own good, for it appeared her circle of friends was exclusively male and she’d no doubt earned a reputation as an easy lay. Sex had become as casual an affair as a night at the movies, and she seemed mostly satisfied with it that way. After all, she had no shortage of willing partners: it was an easy source of pleasure. She was a popular girl—guys clearly loved her company. What wasn’t to like?

But Hunter could tell there was a part of her that was left unsatisfied. With sex now routine, what was there to excite her? Yet by some stroke of luck, that’s what he’d achieved with mere words. That puzzled her, made her curious. He could work with that. And sex? Sex could wait. Hunter was well aware that intimacy was not merely physical. And she wasn’t missing out on anything she didn’t already have. It would be an uphill battle, fighting for her attentions, if Emma continued to sleep around… But if she were to be his prize, it was a battle worth fighting.

As if sensing his distant mind, Emma began to unbutton her blouse, snapping his attention back to her. Hunter stepped closer and took her hands, stopping her with her cleavage temptingly on display. By pure force of will, he raised his eyes up to hers, which stared wide back. She didn’t expect this. He had her attention.

“That’s not what I came for,” he said simply. Then, slipping a hand around the nape of her neck, he stepped forward and pulled her up into a passionate kiss.

At first Emma’s lips were stiff with surprise. Her feet left the ground as Hunter picked her up into a tight embrace. She breathed in his intoxicating musk. His stubble ground roughly against her chin. She felt his wiry body against hers, lean and powerful. Her own body hummed with feeling, her sweaty skin now flushed with arousal. She found herself responding to his affection, her lips interlocking with his as their tongues journeyed into foreign territory.

Damn, she’d forgotten how satisfying a good kiss could be.

She was returned to her feet too soon, her moist lips left slightly agape as she opened her eyes. Hunter continued to embrace her, guiding them to the nearest couch where they collapsed in a tangled mess.

With Hunter down at Emma’s level it was her turn to initiate the canoodling. She all but pounced on him, attacking his mouth with a ferocity that would put a tiger to shame. But true to his name, Hunter was no easy prey. Within moments he was on top of her, crushing her lips on his own terms.

Eventually they broke apart and sat up, chests heaving with every breath. Emma fumbled with her waist belt, loosening it to give herself more room to breathe.

“You’re one hell of a kisser,” sighed Hunter, stroking her tousled hair.

“Not a bad pair of lips yourself. Do you practice in the mirror?” Emma teased, resting her head on his shoulder.

Hunter chuckled but remained silent, cradling her head in his hands.

They spoke long into the afternoon, sharing histories, hobbies, hopes, and hickeys. They had enough common interests to make idle conversation entertaining, but not so many that they became critical of each other’s field of study. No clothes were shed, but they did talk about sex. A lot. It turned out her idea of “out there” was doing it doggy-style, though Hunter was surprised to discover she didn’t mind men using her back door. In fact, the longer they spoke, the more he got the impression she’d been broken in by so many guys that no sexual experience was exciting for her anymore. No vanilla sexual experience, anyway. Because Hunter had a rather different idea of “out there.”

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My Teacher – My Angel

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This story is fifty years old. Places, characters, values and cultures try to reflect that period. This is basically a love story that turns erotic. The pace and the buildup are necessarily slow sometimes, in tune with that period. If you like a touch of innocence, the slow build up and the explosive erotic love between two novices, then, read on.!

Sekhar’s narrative

My name is Sekhar. I was all of eighteen years when the events of this story happened. I come from a large family that comprised of my father, mother, three sons and three daughters. My father was working as a Manager in a private firm and my mother was a housewife. My eldest sister was already married and I had another sister who was elder to me. The rest were all younger. We were a typical middle class family and lived in Hyderabad.

It was my first day at the all male college where I joined the B.SC course. It was all a cultural shock – the transition from school to college which also involved a change of medium of instruction from my mother tongue Telugu to English. Add to this the feeling of growing up suddenly – as a school going teen everybody treated you like a child. But the moment you are in college everybody called you a young man. Well! It was exhilarating but also confusing!

On the very first day I made a few friends among whom Ramana and Krishna became my good friends. Ramana’s father was an engineer with the state government and was working at a project site. Ramana with his mother and younger sister stayed at a rented house, quite close to our home. His father visited them once a month.

Krishna’s family comprised of his parents and a younger brother. His father worked for the electricity board. They too stayed close to our home. We shared a common middle class background and values and had loving, caring but strict parents. We were a happy lot.

All three of us were in the same class because we were all M.P.C group. For the uninitiated, M.P.C stood for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Maths was undoubtedly my most favored subject and I did pretty well in that. Teachers who taught us were called “Lecturers” those days. We had male lecturers teaching us Mathematics and Chemistry whom we addressed as ‘Sir’ and we had a female lecturer who taught us Physics whom we addressed ‘Madame’.

While I and Krishna were evenly matched, Ramana who was older than us by two years was weaker at studies and better at sports. (He failed in his school final earlier and that was how he ended up as our classmate.) After the first monthly tests at the college, Ramana fared rather poorly in physics and maths and his father insisted that he take ‘ private tuition’.

Those were the days when the teachers (whether at school or college) were paid very low salaries. Many of them had to supplement their incomes by giving private tuition. Private tuition was an arrangement whereby students who were weak in a subject were given extra coaching, after school hours, usually at teachers’ home, for additional fees. Some teachers gave private tuition and some students took them.

Ramana started taking tuition in Physics from our Kamala Madame.

Kamala Madame was our Physics lecturer. She was a very popular, well respected teacher. People said that she was the best Physics lecturer the college ever had. Her ability to explain the complicated laws and concepts of physics with simple day to day examples in easy to understand terms was phenomenal. She was well respected by the faculty and the Principal. The students were in awe of her.

Kamala Madame was aged about thirty five years. She was about 5’5″ tall, medium fair in complexion and had very plain features. She always dressed conservatively in simple and cheap cotton saris that hid her body completely. Her black hair was always oiled and combed neatly in a single plait. She wore a very thin gold chain around her neck and a few colored glass bangles above her wrists. Kamala Madame elicited only one reaction from young or old – respect.

She was a spinster. Her father had died in an accident when she was in the final year of M.Sc. It was a big blow to her family that comprised of her mother and two younger sisters and an old, dependent grandmother. Immediately after her M.Sc, she joined our college as a lecturer. She was the sole bread winner for the family and took on all the family responsibilities.

She made sure that her younger sisters had good education and were married off decently. Her grandmother passed away a couple of years back. By the time she was free from her responsibilities; she lost all interest in marriage and remained a spinster. She now lived alone with her mother in a small rented house, close to the college.

Kamala Madame conducted some private tuition at home, to earn additional money to pay off the loans she took to perform the marriages of her sisters.

Ramana used to go for tuition daily from 6pm to 7pm except on Sundays. His understanding and performance in Physics improved dramatically. He started brainwashing us to take the tuition Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort too, though we did alright in the subject. We wanted to improve further in the subject too. Krishna’s father said no to the idea while my father gave me permission. So, I joined my friend Ramana at the tuition.

Kamala Madame was surprised when I joined the private tuition.

“Sekhar, you are doing alright in Physics. Why do you want tuition?” She asked me.

“I want to improve further Madame, I want to do very well,” I said, a little shyly.

“Good, we will see,” she smiled.

Every evening Ramana and I would leave my home by 5-45pm. We would go to tuition on our bicycles. Those days students used bicycles or city bus. Cycle Rickshaws were the most popular mode of transport for families. There were no Auto Rickshaws and very few motor cycles. Scooters were yet to make a debut and Cars were very few and only for the rich. There was hardly any pollution due to automobiles!!

We were about eight boys in our tuition batch. Very soon, it was obvious that I was the best of this lot. Madame was really an expert teacher. She used to explain the concepts so well with day to day and live examples, often in our mother tongue Telugu. I used to follow her every single word with rapt attention.

Her voice was soft and melodious and she never raised it nor rebuked anyone. She was an embodiment of patience and never tired of repeating when someone didn’t understand. I started loving the tuition so much that I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

It is time to tell you a little more about me. I was considered an above average intelligent boy with average good looks. I was tall around 5’9″, very slim and fair to medium complexion. I played cricket and badminton and was a healthy lad. I was not very studious and loved to see movies with friends. Those days there were no TVs and the only entertainment at home was Radio. Thus most of us were fond of music – specially, Hindi filmy music from Radio Ceylon and the Binaca Geetmala of Amin Sayani.

Sex was a taboo for everybody those days. Even the word was never uttered in public and more so in the conservative middle class. It was not seen in movies, not heard on radio and not read in magazines or news papers. However, some students, mostly seniors, talked about it, lewdly and openly sometimes. When that happened, the rest of us heard them out with rapt attention and tried to learn.

That was how we basically learned about sex, about girls, the sex organs, the process and the methods – an assortment of fact and fiction, more of the later, perhaps. I had the natural sexual instincts of a youth of my age and responded to them in a secretive way.

I was essentially a boob man and every time I saw a girl or woman, my eyes would go to her boobs. If they were big and attractive, I tried undressing them in mind and visualizing them. As any other healthy lad, I masturbated often, in the privacy of our toilet or bathroom, fantasizing the boobs and thighs of my favorite heroines.

In short, I was like any other average young student of that time, no different.

After about a month of tuition, I became the blue eyed boy of Kamala Madame. She would occasionally ask me tough questions and pat me on the back when I answered them. She would ask me, sometimes, to explain a law or concept to others; allowing me to use the black board when necessary. Let me explain how she conducted her tuition.

In the front room of her home, she had the black board fixed on the wall. Madame would sit on a steel folding chair a little to the right of the board and facing us. More often than not, she would teach us standing and write on the black board with a piece of chalk. We sat on a mat spread on the floor, cross legged and facing her and the board.

Madame always dressed in simple cotton saris and she had this habit of double draping her pallu, (that portion of sari over her blouse) at the college. But at her home, she would drape her pallu only once over her blouse. I recall that one day when she turned to the board to write something, I noticed, for the first time, that a small strip of her back between the bottom border of the blouse and the sari covering her lower back and waist was visible.

As I looked at that bare strip, hardly inch wide, I got excited. It was the first time that I looked at kamala Madame as a woman. I cursed myself for such sinful thoughts and shifted my eyes to the blackboard. But I felt something changed in me that moment.

My eyes started looking for any exposed parts, however small the exposure was! Thus, I realized that Madame had nicely shaped hands with slim wrists and long fingers. Even the simple colored glass bangles on her wrists looked attractive and she had smooth and blemish less skin.

Later that night, in the privacy of my bed, my thoughts returned to Kamala Madame. For the first time, I thought of her not as my teacher; but as a woman. I knew it was wrong to think of my teacher in those lines but I was helpless. Madame had nice smooth skin. Her voice was soft and gentle.

She was genuinely fond of me. I was very fond of her and never missed her classes and tuition. She was a very nice woman, respected by one and all for the great sacrifices she made for her family. I slept that night with my heart full of love for Kamala Madame.

Things were different from the next day. By careful observation at the tuition, I learned several things. She had fair sized boobs. She had deliberately hidden their size and shape by means of loose and unattractively tailored blouses.

I came to this important conclusion, by stealing several glances at what was hidden by her pallu from various angles. As a boob man, this discovery excited me far more and my love for her had gone up by several notches.

She wore her sari such a way that it hid her body and its curves. I was sure of that. My imagination would run wild trying to imagine Madame’s thighs and buttocks. Very soon I reached the stage where I masturbated with only Kamala Madame in my fantasies.

One evening when the tuition finished I could see that Madame looked very tired.

“Madame, are you alright?” I enquired before leaving.

“Yes, I am okay. I am a little feverish. Sekhar! Could you do me a favor? Go to medical shop and get me a couple of Aspro tablets.”

As she gave me a rupee note her fingers touched mine and sent an electric shock through me.

I quickly returned with the tablets and gave them to her. While handing over change to her I deliberately touched her soft palm with my fingers. She thanked me and gave me a pat on the back. I was in seventh heaven. I bid her a good night and left.

Next day Madame did not come to the college. When we went to check in the staff room we were told by another lecturer that she was on sick leave. That afternoon I had the last period free. I went to Madame’s house along with Ramana. The door was closed and a piece of thick paper board with “No Tuition” written on it was hung on the door. I was truly worried about Madame’s health. Ramana said that we should leave. I said let’s find out if Madame needed any help.

I knocked at the door. After a minute or two, her mother opened the door.

“We have come to see Madame. How is she?” I asked, rather boldly.

“She has high fever. I do not know what to do,” she sounded worried.

We walked in and the old lady took us to Madame’s room. She lay on a single cot with a thin mattress and looked very sick.

I called out softly, “Madame.” There was no response. I was truly worried. I stepped forward and touched her hand just above the wrist. It was very hot. I felt her forehead with my palm. It was obvious that she had a very high fever.

“Do you have a thermometer?” I asked the old lady. She nodded in the negative.

“Don’t worry. We will bring the doctor.” I reassured her.

We went to the residence of my family doctor and explained the situation to him. He was a good friend of my father too and knew me well. He accompanied me to Kamala Madame’s house, while Ramana had to go home due to some urgent work.

Doctor Sharma examined her and checked her temperature. She had a high 104F. He said he would give her an injection to bring down the fever. He wrote out the prescription and I rushed to the only Medical shop in our area on my bicycle and bought the injection and the tablets. This shop owner was known to my father and we had an account with the shop. My father used to clear the bills once a month.

There were no credit cards those days but everyone gave credit- grocer, medical shop, milkman, washerman – everybody. And it was an accepted practice that one would settle the bills during the first week of every month for the previous month. Defaults were unheard of, those were the days people trusted each other more as a rule than exception!

The doctor gave Madame the injection. The tablets were to be given thrice a day. She should be given only milk and fresh fruit juice. After the temperature comes down, she can have bread or idli (rice cake). He said that she would be better by next day and asked me to inform him about her condition then. The old lady thanked the doctor and offered to pay the doctor’s visiting fees but he declined and left.

I sat for an hour along with the old lady in the front room. She thanked me profusely for what I have done and I was embarrassed. I mumbled something about all students liking Kamala Madame.

“I would go home now. I could come back after dinner and sleep here tonight, if you like. That way you are not alone with her and should anything be needed I would be readily available.” I offered.

“If you could do that, it would be nice,” she sounded genuinely relieved at my offer.

Both my parents were very helpful in nature and they inculcated the spirit of service into us right from our childhood. So, when I explained the situation to my mother, she readily gave me permission. After an early dinner I went to Kamala Madame’s house. Mother gave me some sweet lime for Madame.

By ten pm her temperature reduced somewhat. Her mother said Madame woke up around 8pm and had some milk. She was back in her state of fever induced sleep. The old lady laid a mat and a pillow for me on the floor next to Madame’s bed. I told her not to worry and go to bed. She left after asking me to wake her up when needed.

I sat on the floor close to her bed and looked at her. As the fever reduced she was sweating a bit. I took out my hand kerchief and gently wiped her brow with it. As she lay there with fever she looked so helpless and vulnerable. She who took such good care of her family, she who took such good care of hundreds of students over the years, she who was loved and respected by one and all; she lay helpless now with high fever.

My heart filled up with immense love for my teacher.

I kept dozing off now and then. Around midnight Madame opened her eyes drowsily and mumbled, “Water.” I poured some water from the jug into the stainless steel glass. As Madame opened her eyes and made to raise and sit up on the bed, I restrained her. When it registered on her who it was, she looked surprised but was too weak to respond.

I sat next to her on the bed, with my right hand behind her and supporting her, she raised herself slowly into a sitting position. With my left hand I brought the glass close to her lips and she took a few sips, haltingly. Slowly she drank the water and then nodded to me to signal that she wanted no more. I helped her to lay her head slowly and gently on the pillow again.

“Madame, have some milk or fruit juice please, you are very weak,” I said.

“Fruit Juice,” she mumbled.

Earlier that night, her mother had extracted the juice from some of the sweet lime and left that in a glass. It was there on a small stool close to the bed.

I once again helped Madame into a sitting position. This time she sat on the edge of the bed with her feet resting on the floor, as I supported her. I sat next to Madame, on her left side and my right hand behind her and holding her right shoulder. With the glass in my left hand, I brought the glass of fruit juice to her lips.

She started taking the juice, a sip at a time. I was suddenly conscious that my right thigh and her left thigh were in contact and our flanks were touching too. Her left shoulder was resting on my chest and a few strands of her black hairs were caressing my right cheek. This proximity to her filled me with a strange sensation, the like of which I never experienced earlier in my young life.

It took a while for her to finish drinking her juice and I didn’t mind it at all! When she finished, I gently wiped the corners of her mouth with my kerchief and felt my finger tip brush fleetingly against her lower lip.

As she lay back with her head on the pillow, she gently squeezed my hand and whispered,” Thank you, Sekhar.” I was on the moon! I actually blushed!

As she went back to sleep, I sat on the mat on the floor and resting my right cheek on the edge of her bed, closed my eyes. In a few minutes I drifted into sleep.

Around four in the morning her mother peeped in to check on her daughter. She found her fast asleep and looking much better. The boy was sleeping too, his cheek resting on the edge of the bed. Kamala was turned towards him and her right hand was resting on his other cheek and her left hand rested on top of his head.

They looked so peaceful, the old lady thought. They could be a mother and a son – no; perhaps he was a little older for that. A brother and a sister – yes, a brother that kamala longed for but never had!! With such tender thoughts the old lady left the room.

A few minutes later Kamala woke up. Seeing Sekhar sleeping thus, her heart filled up with tender love for this caring boy. She mussed his hair a little with her left hand and caressed his cheek with her right hand. She could feel a few hairs there, a shy growth of a teenager. His left hand was resting on the edge of the bed and holding it there for support.

Kamala took her right hand away from his cheek and covered his hand with hers. His hand was large and warm to her touch. It was harder than hers and felt stronger; a man’s hand. She liked the feel of hairs on the back of his hands. She entwined her fingers with his and felt strangely at peace, as she drifted back to sleep.

Sometime later, he woke up and found himself thus. He felt strangely excited finding their hands holding each other with their fingers entwined. He loved her left hand resting on his head. It was such an intimate gesture to him conveying her affection for him. He felt so happy and contended that he drifted back to sleep soon.

That was the night I fell in love with my Kamala teacher, madly and irrevocably.

Next morning, I was woken up around six by the old lady. Kamala Madame was still asleep. I went home after assuring the lady that I would come back in the evening. I was stiff and tired but I was happy; very happy. That afternoon I bunked classes, went home and slept like a log for a couple of hours. Come evening and I was back at Madame’s home, the ‘no tuition’ board still hanging there.

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