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Subject: Deans Bicha Chapter 24 I have been reading stories for several years, and I thought I’d try writing one, so this is my first attempt. It’s based a lot on my youth with respect to people (names changed) and places and even some events, though most of the sexual situations are fiction. If you are under legal age to read, or in an area which prevents this, please leave now. Remember this was the mid 1970s and HIV wasn’t a thing. Play safe today. PLEASE: Donate to Nifty to keep this wonderful service free. I would really appreciate constructive feedback. I can be reached ail I enjoy getting comments and will reply. Deans Bicha 24 Saturday Afternoon Jamie’s Big Day. Dean pulled me up from my nap. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I looked at my watch and it was just past 1:30. Whoa. I had slept for almost an hour and a half. Of course, what does every boy have to do upon waking up but take a piss. I asked to go and Dean held out another empty soda bottle and directed me to pee in it. Being bladder shy it took my a bit to go. Then Dean and Dale added their own. I was about to ask why I had to collect it, but thought better of it. I guess I was learning not to question them. I know my balls appreciated not getting whacked for asking, even though I knew I had punishment punches coming. “Strip bicha,” Dean barked out. Kicking off my sneakers and socks I pulled off my t-shirt and shorts. Dean rubbed his hand above my dick feeling my stubble growing back. “Mmm. I think we might have to give you a shave today.” “Please. Don’t. It’s going to take a while to grow back and I don’t want to go to school next year shaved.” I was actually surprised Dean listened to me until he grabbed my nuts and squeezed tightly. My hands wrapped around his in a vain attempt to ease the pain. “Attention.” I tried to stand up straight with my arms at my sides. A rather difficult task when someone is crushing your balls. I managed enough to satisfy him. “Listen to me bicha. You are NEVER going to have pubes again. You WILL go to school next year bald. I don’t give a shit what you tell the kids in gym class. That’s your problem. I have an idea but I’m still working all the details out. Trust me, I will make it happen.” He gave an extra squeeze then released me. I knew not to try and rub the pain away and stood still. To tell the truth, I was in shock at his reaction. My mind started working overtime about how I would survive gym glass next year. Fuck me. Maybe I can get Dale to help me. A long shot, but right now the only chance I had. That was until I looked over where he stood shaking his head as if to say, “Just do what he wants or suffer the consequences.” My heart sunk a little. “Ok bicha. We have a busy afternoon before the main event tonight. First, you owe the four of us 3 blowjobs each, plus penalty punches. That’s 12 blowjobs and 8 punches. You may have to pay those off throughout the day and tonight. Second, we have to set up our tent at the creek. Third, all our gear and supplies need to be brought in. Fourth, you have to be prepped. Shaved and Cleaned inside and out. Fifth, you need to be punished for camping out last night with Robby with our asking us. Bad bicha. Good thing your dad said you could camp out with us tonight or you could have kissed your balls goodbye.” Fuck, they knew about Robby. But how? Pretty simple actually. Dean and Dale had knocked on our door looking for me and my dad told them I was napping in the tent after camping out last night. Good thing I talked with Robby last night while playing Connect Four. He and I agreed if they contacted or saw him to tell them that I sucked him off once last night and we jerked off this morning. We came up with a simple but believable story. I was concerned that they would try and turn him into a bicha too, but he said not to worry. We were not going to mention anything about farmboy Raymond or the kids in Glaston. He continued, “Jeff and Matt won’t be able to be here till later around 5:30. Dale talked with your dad and said we came to get you to set up for tonight. Put your sneakers on and let’s go,” he said as he stood and pulled back the tent flap. I didn’t like wearing sneakers without socks. Socks? Was that all I was concerned about? What about the fact I had nothing else on? I shoved my feet into my sneaks and stepped outside. I glanced over my shoulder around the tent checking for my parents. I didn’t make a habit of walking around nude with my parents home. The humiliation of the situation started to take its predictable effect on me. Thankfully, my dick only filled out and didn’t erect totally. For the next hour the three of us set up the tent, hauled the stuff, which included two sealed boxes that Dean said were “toys” for tonight, and got an ice chest stuffed with food and drinks lugged out back. I was impressed that they helped me and we really worked as a team. Whatever, we got it done and took a break for something to eat and drink. Other than being naked, they treated me pretty normally. “Ok bicha (I guess normal is over) good job done. Let’s get you shaved and cleaned inside and out.” Dale had taken the bottles of my and Robby’s pee to their house. The one I had filled was in my garage attic so I couldn’t get that with my parents home. Dean said he made plans in case I screwed up with Rule 10 and brought out more pee filled bottles. He marched me in the bathroom and told me to get into the tub. Kicking off my shoes, I was instructed to wait. Dean and Dale moved away so I could hear only an occasional word or phrase. “Time…” “Later…” “Safe…” “Little…” “Punishment…” “Dad…” What were they talking about? “Ok bicha change of plans. Because of time we’re going to allow you to keep your pubes, for now. We have more important things to do. Did you take a dump today?” “Yes, this morning.” “Good. Get down on all fours. We need to clean you out completely. We don’t want your shit on our dicks when we FUCK you tonight,” he said with a mile wide smile. “What!” I exclaimed. “You said you weren’t going to do that until school got out.” I was panicking a bit. More than a bit, a lot. A huge lot. That’s the punishment price you pay for having an unapproved sleep over and not inviting us. Right bro?” he asked Dale. “Yup.” Pointing his finger he barked out, “Down bicha.” Not knowing what was going to happen I quickly got in place. I didn’t want to piss him off anymore than he already was. Ok, piss was a bad choice of words. “Ever had an enema boy?” By the confused look on my face they could tell I wasn’t sure what an enema was and started laughing. Dale held up a rubber hot water bottle with a long thin white hose attached. The other end had a skinny plastic thing about 4 inches long with holes in it. Meanwhile Dean had unscrewed a piss filled bottle and had a funnel in is hands. Between the two of them they poured some pee into the hot water bottle. Dean took great pleasure in explaining exactly how enemas work: from insertion of the nozzle, filling me up, the waiting, the cramping, to the final explosive release. This did not sound pleasant at all. Using some lube on the nozzle Dean teased all around my asshole before expertly inserting it. The feeling wasn’t so bad with it being so thin. The bag was clipped onto the shower curtain rod. Giresun Escort I guess the higher the bag, the faster the water, or pee in my case, traveled up my butt. “Ready, set, go,” Dean shouted as Dale released the clamp keeping the urine trapped. Within seconds I could feel the cold disgusting old piss filling my anal cavity. “Oohhh,” I cried out. As more and more pee rushed in, the discomfort level rose. It wasn’t long before I was begging for them to “STOP.” Dean kept reminding me to hold it in and I could only let it out when he said so. For every spurt that escaped I would endure another punishment worse than the ball busting or spankings I normally received. Tears were streaming down my face after one minute. Dean told me to squeeze my cheeks together as he pulled out the nozzle. Thankfully, I was allowed to expel it into the toilet. One squirt of putrid liquid came out as I stood up but I made it to the toilet safely after that. The sound and smell were beyond gross. Dale flushed the toilet with me still sitting on it as my bowels continued to empty. A quick spray from the hand held shower to rinse off my butt and the second round was very similarly played out, minus the early release squirt. Oh god, how much more are they going to do I thought. Dale read my mind and informed me that we’d keep going until I was running clear. How I prayed that was fast. “Well, running clear AND we’ve gotten all the information from him we can,” Dean said. Information? What information? Turns out being forced to hold in cold piss enemas was a very effective method to extract secrets from someone. At the 5 minute mark of the the third enema I told them about farmboy Raymond and the boys in Glaston. I lasted 7 minutes in the fourth enema before I admitted sucking Donny. Despite my pleading there was nothing else, Dean wasn’t satisfied until I caved in minute 10 of the fifth enema to reveal Richard was sucking his brother’s dicks. Now I’d be found dead at school for sure. The sixth and final enema was a “short” 8 minutes while he lectured me about being honest and truthful in the future. I was “running clean” after that one. The whole process took over an hour and I was exhausted, sweaty, tired, and ready to collapse. Dean said it was important to stay hydrated after that many cleaning outs. He handed me one of the last bottles of piss and told me to drink up. I don’t know if it was from sheer exhaustion or if I had been completely broken but I raised the bottle to my mouth. Before I could drink, Dale pulled it away and said to his brother, “He needs water. We don’t have time for him to get used to drinking our stale piss. Let’s save it for another day.” Dale then proceeded to fill an empty bottle with water and gave it to me. It had been filled with pee but it was 99.9% water and I chugged it down. As I was drinking Dale’s word popped into my head, “Let’s save it for another day.” The bathtub golden showers I received a few days ago were not to be my last. The boys stripped down and joined me in the shower to “supervise” and directed the powerful jets of water at my sore butthole and unprotected balls several times. Once they were satisfied I was clean enough they quickly dried themselves. What happened next perplexed me to the max as Dean took great pleasure in drying me off. He rubbed every inch of my body with a nice soft fluffy towel. I wasn’t expecting such nice treatment and boned up immediately. I looked at his face and realized he was getting off on this. Very Interesting. I averted my eyes forward when he looked at me. Stepping away from me, Dean whispered something to Dale who looked unsure but nodded his agreement and went upstairs. Dean came back and took me by the hand over to his bed where he had me lie down. I was instructed to close my eyes and not look as they set somethings up. I heard Dale tell his younger but more evil brother we had just over an hour before the Archers were coming to the campsite. A few minutes later I felt someone climb on the bed and lie next to me and start rubbing my body from head to toe. “Just enjoy bicha,” Dean softy said. What was going on? Before I could process any more, Dean was now snuggling right up next to me and caressing me. He took my hands, which were by my sides, and pulled them around him. “Go with it bicha. I know you want this.” I did want this. At 13 I didn’t know about foreplay or romance but this felt fantastic. This was getting horny and pleasing each other. WTF I thought. My eyes snapped open when Dean moved his body on top of mine and nuzzled his face in my neck giving me soft kisses. I almost shot my load when he began pecking around my face eventually landing on my mouth where we shared a long kiss. Damn! Is this really happening? Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dale approaching with an 8mm camera. This was being recorded. OMG! My first thought was Fuck a sex video with evidence of my homosexuality. Eventually Dean crawled up me and shoved his hard dripping dick at my mouth. Opening wide I brought my head up to take him in. He scooted forward some more and began a gentle face fucking. I was rubbing my hands over his entire body, something previously not allowed and I was loving it. After a few minutes Dean pulled out and worked his way back down my torso until he was directly behind my butt. Lifting my legs on his shoulders he said, “Ok bicha. It’s time. I want to capture this moment forever. Look over at Dale and say very clearly, ‘Fuck me please’ and smile while you do it,” he instructed. As I did so Dean grabbed a bottle of lube from god only knows where and liberally applied it to my hole and his cock. Dale went around back and got down for a better angle as Dean rested his dickhead at the entrance to my hole. “Tell me you want this bicha.” I was so hot and horny I practically shouted, “Yes, please Dean. Fuck me. Fuck me now.” His smile was so bright it lit up the room. Ever so gently (surprisingly) Dean pushed his 4 inch dick into my ass. We locked eyes the entire time. When he was planted balls deep he asked, “Is it good bicha?” Having once again lost my voice I nodded yes. It was an amazing experience and one I’ll never forget. Maybe because he wasn’t too big, or because I was so horny, or because he knew what he was doing I never experienced any pain as my virginity was taken away. Dean remained still for a minute or two just moving his hips sideways allowing me to adjust to the intruder. Then with purposeful strokes the fucking began in earnest. Dean withdrew and re-entered. Over and over again he thrust into me. Faster and faster he pounded. “Oh Jamie. Oh Fuck. Your ass feels incredible. Oh Jamie,” he kept moaning over and over as he ravaged my hole. Dean wasn’t just fucking me, he was actually making love to me. I took note of his using my name not bicha too. Then he leaned down and pressed his body against mine as he planted another long kiss on my mouth. After a few minutes of sucking face Dean straitened back up and began rapid fire fucking me. Dale had come to the front to capture my face and a top view of the assault. Dean shifted his weight and something inside me jumped. “Ah, I think I found it,” he remarked. Relentlessly he continued to hit that spot in my butthole causing me pleasure I didn’t know existed. My dick Giresun Escort Bayan was harder than it’s ever been. Reaching for it, Dean slapped my hands away and picked up speed. Throwing my head back and screaming out I had the first hands free cum of my life as my prostate was bombarded by Dean’s perfect cock. “Nice Jamie. I’m so proud of you,” Dean told me as I came down from my high. My tightening ass muscles made him blow his wad up my butt. Trademark Dean, he pulled out and moved around to shove his cum covered cock in my mouth. Before I could react, Dean told me a good bicha always cleans any cock that was just up its ass. He called it “Ass-To-Mouth, ATM” for short. As grossed out as I was by his dirty dick being covered in his cum and my ass slime, I was still high enough I swallowed his cock and began cleaning it with my tongue. Dale stopped recording and we rested for a few minutes until he said, my turn and handed the camera to Dean. Dale repositioned me on all fours and kneeled behind me. His lubed dick is bigger and thicker and caused a little discomfort as he slid into my now deflowered ass. “Oh, bro. You sure know how to pick them. He’s nice and tight.” Dean was recording from all angles. Unbelievably Dale had pretty good staying power for a 13 year old and lasted almost 10 full minutes pounding my hole. My dick had filled again though I didn’t cum a second time. Like his brother, when he finished, he withdrew and presented me with his dick to clean. “This never happened bicha. When the Archers get here, you’ll pretend that you’re still a virgin. Got it?” “Yes Dean.” “You did very, very good bicha. You took it like a champ. I’ll tell you what. As a reward for doing so well and for keeping quiet about everything that happened here (I think he was more referring to his kisses and kindness not the actual fucking) I promise we won’t shave your pubes again.” “Really? You’re not going to make me shave them myself are you,” I quickly added. Laughing Dean told me, “No bicha. We won’t shave them, Jeff and Matt won’t shave them, and we won’t make you shave them either.” “Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you.” I didn’t know whether to believe him or not but he sounded sincere. I don’t think he wanted Jeff to know about the cuddling and kisses he gave me either. No matter what happened, I was going to have pubes when I returned to school. I just hoped that he wouldn’t change his mind as some form of punishment later. “The Archers should be here soon. Let’s get out back,” Dean ordered. The three of us marched out to out campground awaiting Jeff and Matt. Within 5 minutes I could see some people heading our way. “Guys, it looks to be four people coming this way.” I didn’t know if it was Matt and Jeff with two others or four totally different boys. Dean and Dale just smiled never saying a word. They were going to make me squirm. As they approached I recognized Matt and Jeff but not the other two boys who were older, probably 17 or 18. Before I had the chance to question what was going on, Dean told me that last night Jeff and Matt were teased by their older cousins about not being old enough to “get any” other than from their own hands. Jeff finally had had enough and said that they were getting daily blowjobs from a kid they knew. Tonight I was going to get the chance to prove Jeff right. If I didn’t cooperate, Dean would let them have a go at my ass too. My mouth hung open in shock as the four Archer boys approached the campsite. Everyone was dressed except me. My red face and hard cock were on display for the world to see. “Whoa. Look what we have here. Seems you weren’t bullshitting us cuz,” one of the cousins said to Jeff. Matt kinda gave me an eye roll as if to say “sorry” but made no attempt to prevent the inevitable. Introductions were made. The cousins were twins John Steven Archer and Brian Charles Archer, 17 almost 18 years old and graduating with my sister and Donny. Actually Brian Charles graduated mid-year and was already working construction for their dad until he went to college. You could easily tell them apart as John Steven had wavier hair that went to his shoulders. Brian Charles had straight hair which was a few inches longer. John Steven was the more wild of the two and Brian Charles the more scholarly. Their sister Cathy Ann was in my grade and even a gay boy like me thought she was very pretty and I liked to be around her. Smiling ear to ear, Jeff began to undress and said, “Let’s get started. I missed yesterday so I’m ready to bust a nut in his mouth.” Everyone, including Matt laughed. Everyone except me, the sucker that is. “Hold up. He’s my bicha. I go first. After all I found him and am providing him for tonight,” Dean informed the Archers. Despite being 6 years younger than Jeff’s cousins they deferred to him. “On your knees bicha.” Seeing the confused looked on John Steven (JS) and Brian Charles (BC) faces he explained that bicha meant faggot in Portuguese. Another round of laughter at my expense. Now naked too, Dean presented me with his dick and shoved it down my throat and began an assault the likes of which I had never experienced. I guess he was either making for the tenderness earlier or showing off for the older boys, or both. I never moved from that spot for the next 30 minutes as I proceeded to suck each and every cock there and swallow load after load after load. All six horny boys shot their baby makers in my mouth and ordered me to eat them all up like a good little bicha. Humiliated or not, I was rock hard the entire time, which did not go unnoticed. Dean instructed me to remain kneeling and jerk off. Without waiting for orders, I licked my hand clean to roaring laughter and crude comments of the Archers, Matt included. Now Round One had been blowjobs only. Dean, followed by Jeff, then JS, BC, Matt, and finally Dale. JS jack hammered my face with such force I thought he was going to break my nose as his pubic hair smashed into my face. His dick was the biggest of the night at 7 inches and much thicker than anybody else too. He loved hearing me choke and gag when it was nestled in its entirety down my throat. His big swinging balls slapped my chin on every forward thrust and worked up a sizable load. Thankfully he shot off in my mouth so I could enjoy the taste of his man cream, some of which escaped the corners of my mouth. BC had a good 7 inches but was just a tad bit slimmer, both in dick and body size. He was not as rough as his brother, but still gave my mouth and throat a workout. He lasted the longest of all six boys while they cheered him on. Finally after almost 10 minutes (I think he could have gone longer had the others not been getting restless) he blasted my tonsils with his spunk. Something about him made him more attractive to me, so I gave him my best tongue action. We rested and had something to eat and drink before Dean announced Round Two. “Who is ready to take this to the next level? I was planning on holding off until school got out, but I think now is the perfect time to teach this bitch exactly what being a good bicha is all about.” Jeff was the first to respond, “you mean corn hole him in the cornfields?” Even I had to chuckle at that as the others practically fell on the ground laughing so hard. “Yes, but I’m going first. After Escort Giresun that you all can go in size order so he’s always nice and tight for the next guy.” Turning to JS and BC he said, “Hope you guys are ok with going last.” JS said sure then asked Dean if he’d ever fucked anybody before. Dean seemed a little defensive, not because of what we had done earlier, but because he had had another bicha before in his old neighborhood. JS and BC were both impressed with Dean and hadn’t really given the 11 year old credit where credit was due. Following Dean (who was bigger than Jeff and almost Matt’s size), from smallest to largest was Jeff, Matt, Dale, BC, then JS. (I don’t know to this day why everybody always called the cousins by their first and middle names but they did). Round Two began with Dean lubing my ass up with his fingers then telling everybody that no more would be needed as the next guy could just use the guy’s cum in front of him. That earned a few disgusted comments though that is exactly the way it played out. As Dean slipped into me he leaned over my back and whispered, “a good old fashioned gangbang should teach you not to mess around with Robby or anybody else without my permission. This is one punishment I’m going to love giving you.” Part of me wanted to cry while another part of me was excited and Dean pointed out my boner to everyone, just adding to my humiliation. Could my butt take six fuckings in a row? That would be 8 in total today. My asshole would be wrecked for sure. I tried not to think about it and hoped and prayed each would be short even though everyone had just cum down my throat. Dean told me later in our sleeping bag that he really got off on having the all the guys “using” me. Dean plowed into me quickly. The invasion was nothing like before and the pain was intense. Screaming out he stuffed his dirty underwear into my mouth. He played it up big time telling the guys how tight I was and how happy he was to be taking my cherry. When he finished, he moved around front and shoved his slimy cum covered dick into my mouth after removing his briefs. “Eewwws” and “Gross” came from the Archers. He instructed the others to ATM me too as all good bichas should do that. Jeff kept saying “oh god” over and over the entire time. He was so thrilled he lasted only two short minutes and took a lot more teasing from his cousins. Matt made our secret chipmunk face and I shook my head No slightly to tell him I was ok. He thanked me when he pulled out and was hesitant to ATM me but did so at Dean’s encouragement. Dale pushed in slowly till he bottomed out. Then he pulled all the way out and repeated. He continued to do this only faster and faster. It was quite the experience getting punched by his dick over and over, harder and harder, faster and faster until he erupted. Even JS and BC congratulated him on a job well done. I cleaned his dick and watched BC approach. Brian Charles never said a word. He inserted his boner in my butt and began a nice fucking rhythm. Not too fast, not too slow, just right. I felt like Goldilocks. He actually smiled warmly at me when he had me clean his cock. He withdrew from my mouth and tapped me on the cheek affectionally. I thought how I’d love to be with him again. John Steven was at the ready even before his brother pulled himself from my mouth. JS slammed into me with tremendous force sending my body forward. He pulled me back onto his throbbing prick by my hips and began an all out assault. About half way through he pulled my torso upright and then placed his hands under my thighs slowly lifting my body off the ground. He was now standing himself with me impaled on his dick. Lifting me up by my legs he allowed me to drop my full weight back onto his raging penis. “This is how you fuck a faggot boys.” With wide eyes they all cheered him on until he deposited his sperm in my ass. JS somehow managed to lie on his back having never removed my ass from surrounding his dick. He used my ass cheeks to force me to do a few squats over his slowly shrinking member. Of course this position caused a lot of the 6 cum loads (5 really since Jeff was still dry) to run out of my hole onto his genitals. “Lick it up bitch. I don’t want everybody’s spunk on my cock and balls. Be sure to get each and every drop.” I did so wondering what it would be like for the 6 of them to cum in a glass and make me drink it. Now I know something is wrong with me I thought. As I was cleaning JS, Dean came up from behind and pulled apart my ass to show just how stretched out my hole was. Then without warning he shoved a butt plug (from one of his “toy” boxes we brought) up my hole “to keep me lubricated” for next time. NEXT TIME? Please no. By now I was becoming aware of how much my asshole was suffering. Another food and beverage break and the guys were ready to go again. JS and BC had to leave to meet some friends and asked if they could go first. Dean said it didn’t matter now since I was probably opened up as I was ever going to be. Famous last words. The cousins tossed a coin and JS won the right to fuck me first. Back on my knees (Dean was kind enough to place a pillow down) JS got into position. With lighting speed he yanked out the butt plug and as spunk started to flow down my taint he rubbed his dickhead in it to use as lube then jabbed into me. I was so shocked it knocked the wind out of me. Trying to take a huge breath of air proved difficult as BC was now in front of me and rammed his cock into my mouth cutting off all air. “This boys, is how you spit roast a queer,” JS beamed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the expression on Dean’s face that said I knew that. He probably did too. However, Matt’s and Jeff’s jaws dropped. The cousins spit roasted me for a good 12-15 minutes. One would slow down until the other would catch up. They wanted to cum at the same time and eventually did inject Archer cum into me at both ends. JS didn’t make me clean his cock. Instead he wiped it clean on my face. “Boys, that was great. We need to do that again. Have fun but we gotta split.” The cousins dressed and said their goodbyes. As they headed out, Brian Charles turned back to me and said, “You still owe me one kid.” Smiling at me he winked and walked away. Jeff couldn’t hold out any longer and went next. “Hey look. Bicha is hard. What a perv.” I don’t know why I was embarrassed. They all knew what I was and how I got off on this type of treatment. He again didn’t last 2-3 minutes before firing off blanks. Matt slipped in next followed by Dale. Each presenting their dirty dicks to be cleaned. Dean uncharacteristically, I thought, went last. “Ooohhh. Now this is one sloppy cunt on the fag,” he shouted out as he delivered a short but powerful fucking. I figured out how much he loved having his dick covered in everyone else’s spunk when he didn’t have me clean it off. “Let’s eat. I’m starving,” he said allowing his cum stick to dry. His dick was coated with his and the loads of 4 boys before him. Once again I was told to wank and eat up as they got food out of the cooler. As we sat around eating, all of us still naked, the reality of what happened sank in. I was gang banged by 6 boys and took 13 fuckings today. Holy Shit! My butthole may have been sore but I was really proud of myself. To Be Continued… — Author’s Note: Well there it is. Jamie lost his anal virginity in a BIG way. I hope it was worth the wait. We also saw another side of Dean. Please let me know what you think. Spoiler Alert: There will be an interesting plot twist in the next few chapters.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: college ball-17 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower, and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge. (This story is the property and copywrite of NPhillydogg@aol). ____________________________________________________________________________ COLLEGE-BALL-17 Written by Eugene Marvin @ Nphillydogg@aol ONE 21 year old Tyrome Smith left the Jeremiah University’s Sports Center in his sports car convertible, to head over to the Jaguar’s frat house for the big celebration (making it into the FINAL TWO for the forth consecutive year in a row). The city of Minnesota Maryland had many celebrations going on that night, with many of the Jaguars planning to hit several of them. But Tyrome thought he’d sit them out this year. He wanted to change his image, to show a more grown up mature side for the Drafts. With his new proposal to (Jaguars’ cheerleader) Katandrah Wilkins, he was well on his way to losing the rumors that had been plaguing him lately about his sexuality. As he pulled into the Drive on campus that led to his team’s frat house, he could hear the hip-hop music blasting out the windows of the 3 story Victorian home. He parked his car in his reserved spot in front of the house, and began to make his way through the mob of party goers hanging out front on the lawn. Everyone patted Tyrome on the back, congratulating him on the game AND his unexpected engagement. Tyrome entered the frat house to an arousing applause. Gatorade and beer was instantly poured out over his head as tens of well wishers greeted him affectionately. He was guided through the crowd towards his fianc�, whom waited with eager excitement (having not seen Tyrome since he popped the question at the game). Upon chanting requests, Tyome kissed his woman, as champagne was popped and poured over them like a fountain. Coach Brown muscled in, giving the happy couple touching speech about responsibility, love, and commitment. Tyrome was greeted with best wishes from his teammates (even if most wasn’t sincere and didn’t mean it). Tyrome could see his fellow teammates (Mikiah and Carter) standing in the background sulking. Mikiah and Carter didn’t believe Tyrome deserved all the attention he was getting for the season. They believed he didn’t give half as much effort to the team as they had, and that the negativity surrounding his sexuality nearly ended the Jaguar’s run for the championship. They badmouthed Tyrome and Katandrah every chance they got, reminding people that Katandrah had been HAD by more than half the team. “A hoe and a mo” is what Mikiah called them, getting heavy laughter from his corner of the room. As the party wore on (beer and marijuana being the main party choice), Tyrome and Katandrah snuck upstairs to get away and have a little privacy. There was much the two needed to discuss about the wedding, and indeed the marriage, including Tyrome’s planned prenup. Before the game started, Katandrah didn’t even have any idea Tyrome saw her as marrying material. Tyrome guided his new found fianc� into his room… “Oh maaannn…, that is one kick ass party going on downstairs!” she laughed, feeling a little tipsy from celebrating with her girls. “I HAVE to wash this champagne out of my hair…!” she complained, shaking the bubbly liquid from hair long extension locks. “Later…” insisted Tyrome, taking Katandrah in his arms as he smothered her mouth with his own. “uh…hmmmm…” moaned Kat, surprised by the sudden show of affection as she gave into Tyrome’s manliness and allowed him to have his way. Tyrome guided Kat over to his bed, where he gently laid her down as he climbed on top of her, their mouth melding like melting chocolate in the August heat. Katandrah always had a deep liking for Tyrome, but deep down never really thought he felt the same way about her. It was true that she slept her way around the team, hoping that one of them would ask her to be their girlfriend. But all the guys did was use her and pass her around (as they did many women), but she always considered Tyrome to be the jewel in her crown. Not only was he one of the best players on the team and practically guaranteed stardom and success in the pro leagues (barring any serious injuries, of course), but he was also one of the most handsomely attractive guys on the team, standing at 6’2″, 170 lbs with beautiful brown skin, a medium muscular athletic build with 6pac abs, pretty legs, a full sensuous mouth with a thin trimmed mustache, thick eyebrows, strong white teeth, a high round buttock, and a thick 9″ slightly curved dick which he knew very well how to use. Katandrah knew Tyrome was the man with everything, and could have virtually any woman he set his mind to. She never would have guessed that that woman would be her. Tyrome kissed his way down Katandrah’s long neck as he pulled down the top of her blouse to expose her breasts. He kissed and sucked his way across her chest, taking her fat nipples into his mouth as he suckled them like pieces of fleshy candy. Though Tyrome was performing a sexual act with his new woman, his mind was nearly a million miles away, as thoughts of (teammates) Mikiah Washington and Carter Sanborne fucking in the Sports Center shower room replayed over and over in his head. Tyrome was filled with mixed emotions about his discovery. First he was angry to learn that the two men that had ridiculed him the most on the team, was indeed engaging in the same kind of sexual acts they condemned him for, –using him as a scapegoat to hide their own activities. Tyrome felt rage over the way they treated (and continued to treat) him, calling him names behind his back and generally disrespecting him to his face. But Tyrome also couldn’t deny the lust he felt after watching the two men together. It took everything within his power not to burst into that shower room and join them. To let them know that he knew their secret. Tyrome caught the whole incident on his cell phone. And though he wasn’t sure what he would do with that information, he was certainly glad he had it as evidence. Katandrah watched as Tyrome got up onto his knees on the bed, then tugged at her panties and pantyhose until he took them off around her ankles and flung them on the floor. She parted her long athletic legs around him as she looked up admiringly at him, taking in his fine beauty as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled free his thick 9″ curve and aimed it down into her vagina. “Wait…, aren’t you gonna use a condom…?” she asked, never knowing Tyrome not to use one. “What for…? We’re engaged now…” said the 21 year old, sliding his bare dick into her warm snatch. “oooohhh…!!” moaned Katandrah, feeling Tyrome smooth dick in her bareback for the first time as he settled down on top of her, grounding his entire length around inside her. Katandrah wrapped her arms and legs around her man affectionately, feeling his round muscular shoulders and strong V shaped back and Giresun Escort firm round buttock as he started to pump through her. While Katandrah thought of her fianc� Tyrome in a romantic light, Tyrome’s thoughts were merely of getting Katandrah pregnant. Going on the suggestions of Coach (in chap-15), Tyrome wanted to be married with a baby on the way by the time recruiters came calling. He wanted his name free and clear of any gay rumors, freeing him to be a top pick in the pro drafts. It was Tyrome chief motivation as he started to drill his long thick dick in and out of Katandrah’s hairy girl pussy. This was a very rare occasion (fucking a girl bareback), as Coach had always taught his players to “never stroke `er without a choker!” He taught them that a lot of girls would rally around them, only to get themselves pregnant so they can cash in on their fame and fortune later through child support once they hit the big time. Most of the players took Coach’s word as gospel, strapping up every time they got themselves a shot at some pussy. And on those rare occasions that they didn’t strap up because they forgot to bring a condom or because the girl was so phoine that they wanted to know what her pussy felt like raw…, they usually sweat bullets counting the days til the girl’s periods came on, getting them off the hook. Tyrome slid his hips smoothly back and forth, setting up a steady (but relentless) pace as his dick glided through Katandrah’s warm wet pussy like a well greased piston. Katandrah moaned and panted with erotic lust, grasping at Tyrome’s pumping hips and round buttock as he sent his dick well deep inside of her. During the fuck Tyrome’s mind wandered back to Mikiah and the shower scene. He couldn’t get over the idea that Mikiah was just as big a fiend for dick as he was. Had he not seen the two men butt fucking with his own eyes, he never would have believed it. He could still clearly see Carter’s dick slamming in Mikiah’s ass as Carter held Mikiah’s hips in his hands. He could still hear Mikiah’s lustful grunts, begging Carter to: “Fuck me! C’mon, fuck me! Give me that mother fuckin’ dick! Ram that shit up in me! Fuck me hard! I can take it! I ain’t no punk! Oh shit, I feel it! I fuckin’ FEEL it!! Aww fuck…, I’m cumming…! I’m…! Aww fuck, man…! Shit…! AHH…!! Ahhh…!!” Tyrome could feel his own dick starting to throb as he fucked in and out of Katandrah’s wet kitty harder and faster, deep dicking her with long thrusts. Katandrah gasped and cried, feeling the raw dick pound through her convulsing cervix as she started to orgasm, clamping her thighs about Tyome’s humping hips. Tyrome felt Kat’s kitty spasm on his dick as it punched through her. He slammed his hips harder, driving every inch of his sizable manhood balls deep in her creamy cunt hole before feeling his dick swell inside of her. “Oh fuck…” he gasped as his dick suddenly started cumming, shooting thick ropey streams of hot potent sperm in Katandrah’s inviting womanhood. Tyrome groaned and grunted as his dick gushed thick creamy spurt after spurt of rich hot white baby batter deep into her womb. Katandrah felt the cum bathing her ovaries as she locked her legs behind Tyrome’s lower back, preventing him from changing his mind and pulling out. She wanted all of his sweet delicious seed inside her. She wanted it flooding her pussy and impregnating her. She wanted to give him every reason in the book to marry her. If love wasn’t a good enough reason, then a baby certainly would be. TWO As the party began to wind down and guests began to take their leave, some members of the Jaguars found themselves partaking in a RED LIGHT special as couples (boys and girls) settled down in a relaxed atmosphere, and began making out. CJ (Clarence Johnson) and Derek Wilson watched as their teammates took the party to another level as 21 year olds seniors Mikiah Washington (6’3″, 174 lbs, dark skin, baby dreads, mustache, goatee) and Carter Sanborne (6’2″, 165 lbs, brn skin, clean face/close cut hair), were kissing two girls on either end of the same sofa, –both men going the extra yard to expose the girls breasts and work their hands down inside their panties to finger their moist pussies. 20 year old junior Jason “Snow” Outlaw (the teams’ only white player), (6’0″, black hair/blue eyes, medium athletic build) was kissing one of the black cheerleaders in the comforter chair as he fondled her breast and she rubbed his crotch. 18 year old freshmen Armand Robinson (of Trinidad/Jamaican decent), (6’3″, 160 lbs with a smooth slim taut muscular build, brownish/red skin [like clay], light brown eyes and a high round booty) was romancing a girl in the corner as he ground against her during a slow song. And 19 year olds sophomores Kevin Greene and Robyn Fuller had their hands full as they both took turns filling up a female fan in the loveseat. Low moans and heavy groans began to play over the soft music as searching hands, hot mouths, wet tongue, and sticky fingers began to get more curious. Jason said nothing as the girl kissing him suddenly began unzipping his pants, pulling his white hard erection out into the open. CJ and Derek watched as the girl went down on him, taking his 8″ cut cock into his mouth. While she bobbed her head up and down in his lap (sucking his dick like a pro), he snaked his hand up the back of her dress, reaching between her ass cheeks until his fingers found her warm snatch. Jason fingered her as she blew him, taking more and more of his dick into her mouth until she was deep throating him. In the corner of the room, Armand was grinding himself into another girl, his rock hard 8 inch uncut dick was practically bursting to get out of his pants as he ground it into the girl’s mound with increasing force. She wrapped her arms around his neck, smothering his teenage mouth with passionate kisses as she opened her legs for his swaying island hips. In the heat of passion Armand reached down and unzipped his pants, pulling his uncut erection free. He easily pulled aside her panty line, slowly pushing himself inside her. She gasped in his ear, allowing him to sink his unprotected dick into her young pussy. Meanwhile Kevin Green pulled the girl in the loveseat down in his arms, leading her head into his crotch as he freed his own 7 and 1/2 inch hardon for her mouth. The girl (quite familiar with the routine) swiftly took his manhood between her lips and started sucking, while behind her Robyn Fuller began to inch her pants and bikini thong down off her ass to expose her lower regions. Robyn (an accomplished pussy eater) pressed his face up between her legs and began eating her out from behind, licking and sucking at her womanly flesh as if was especially made to eat. On the sofa Carter Sanborne and Mikiah Washington moved in almost complete unison, watching each other’s progress closely. When one man succeeded in scoring a base, the other quickly followed. Soon they both had their girls face down in their crotches, both smiling at each other as they grabbed the girls’ heads and began fucking their faces. Carter’s girl took his 9 and 1/2 inch dick expertly, allowing him to throat fuck her as he moved her head quickly up and down the full Giresun Escort Bayan length of his dick. Mikiah’s girl however was having trouble accommodating his long hooded pole. She choked, gagged, and practically vomited every time he tried to force his dick into her throat. She fought against his hands as he locked his fists in her hair and yanked her head down into his groin, determined to get the same action as his partner. CJ and Derek decided now was a good time to take their leave, while their teammates were distracted. They went up to Clarence’s room, where they immediately began kissing and tearing at each other’s clothes, turned on by the orgy going on downstairs in their frat house. Kevin Green allowed the girl in his lap to suck his dick at her own pace and discretion. She was doing a wonderful job on his dick as she took nearly half of it into her mouth with every downward stroke. Robyn (so turned on by eating pussy) got up and pulled a foiled packaged condom from his pocket, and rolled it onto his dick before pushing it up between the girl’s legs. The girl tensed up, not sure she wanted to be penetrated at a party. But before she could protest, Kevin massaged the back of her neck with one hand while squeezing her low hanging breasts with the other. This relaxed her somewhat as Robyn slowly pushed up inside of her. In the corner Armand was fucking the young girl bareback with deep penetrating strokes, his pants falling down around his ankles as his beautifully muscled Caribbean buttock came into view for anyone to see. He knew he wasn’t supposed to fuck the girls without protection, but he just couldn’t help himself as her warm wet pussy attacked his bloated teen manhood with deliberate malice. He knew he should stop fucking her and put on a condom before it was too late, but he couldn’t bring himself to pull out of that wet suck hole that just kept drawing him in deeper and deeper. He humped up into the girl with rapid thrusts, her feet dangling in the air somewhere around the backs of his knees as her ass lay planted against the wall. She didn’t fight him as he fucked her. She submissively allowed him to pump his dick ass deeply and as hard as he wanted. He could feel her vagina juices starting to run down his balls and inner thighs as she came on herself. He could feel how extra hot and tight her pussy got around his dick as he swelled up inside her, then started gushing white hot cum directly into her. “Oh fuck…! Oh fuck…! Oh fuck…! Oh shit…! Uhh…!” he grunted as he came in pulses. Jason Outlaw sat in his comfy chair as a black girl bobbed her head up and down in his lap. He stuffed two long Caucasian fingers up her hot twat as she sucked him, fisting his hardon with her hand to milk the shaft as he got closer and closer to cumming. She could tell by the way his white cock jerked and jumped in her mouth that he was getting dangerously close to losing it. She could taste the sweet drops of his delicious pre-cum, which spurred her on to make him cum in her mouth as she wanted to taste his full load to see if it was as good as the pre-drops? She sucked feverishly up and down the shaft, milking the spit slick column with her hand as she drove Jason closer to spilling his cargo. Jason moaned and groaned as he squirmed in his easy chair like an electric eel. He could feel his cock straining to cum as his balls tightened and his shaft pulsed. “I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop right now…!” he warned, pulling at the girl’s head to keep from blowing her top off. But the girl kept sucking, determined to get that creamy white load. She bobbed her head faster as she milked his cock harder, sending thrills and shrills up and down the length of Jason’s throbbing manhood. “Oh god…, I’m gonna cum…!” he gasped, shooting hot lava like sperm straight into the sucking girl’s oven hot mouth. “Oh god…oh god…oh man…damn that’s hot…” he moaned, filling her mouth with his ball player juice. The girl pumped his cock in her hand until his orgasm subsided, then she pulled her mouth from his dick head and swallowed, feeling his thick white load slide slowly down her throat. Jason looked down at her and smiled, as she leaned upward and planted her cum drenched lips on his… In the loveseat Robyn Fuller was busy fucking the girl from behind. With the condom on he couldn’t feel how hot or wet her pussy was, but he could definitely feel the pressure of her tightness as she clamped her vagina down on his invading dick. He pulled her fat ass cheeks apart, exposing her tiny hairless asshole as he watched his covered dick sliding in and out of her moist pussy. Just the sight of his brown dick moving in and out of her was exciting enough to make him want to cum. He picked up the pace after hearing both Armand and Snow cum. He started to slam his slim hips into her fat ass, sending his dick in full length as he rocked her back and forth on Kevin’s dick. Kevin had been watching Armand fucking in the corner, and Jason getting blown from across the room. He watched in amazement as Jason kissed the girl whose mouth he had just swabbed with cum, and wondered if Jason could taste his own load in his mouth? At that very moment he could feel himself about to go over the edge as he yanked his dick out of the girl’s mouth and started stroking himself to climax. He cum shot up out of the tip of his dick like a rocket, splattering the girl in the chin before he pushed her mouth back down on his dick. She quickly took him back in as he finished off inside her, feeding her mouth his precious load. At that same moment Robyn thrust his condom covered dick into the girl’s pussy, and pumped 5 fresh spurts of cum into the deeply implanted condom as he panted hoarsely over her back. On the couch Carter was getting close to losing his own load in the hot mouth of the girl sucking frantically along his length. He used his hands, locking his fingers into her hair as he pumped her head up and down in his lap as fast as he could, his dick head spearing her throat with every downward plunge of her head. Meanwhile when Mikiah realized he wasn’t going to successfully get the deep throating his friend was getting, he pushed the girl off of his dick that had been inadequately giving him head, and fished a condom from his pocket. He angrily rolled it onto his long hard 11″ python, then pushed the girl onto her back on the sofa. “I don’t want to get fucked here in front of everyone…!” said the girl, having no interest in getting gang banged. “Who gives a fuck what you want, bitch…?” asked Mikiah, pushing her legs open as he violently pulled her panty liner aside, and began shoving his dick inside her. “Ouch…! Take it easy…!” cried the girl as he weighed her down under his strength, and forced his dick into her. “ARRHHH, fucker…!!” screamed the girl as he shoved over half his hard meat inside. Everyone looked as he pushed his pants down just under his muscled ass and began fucking. The girl’s legs were spread around his waist as his hips slapped in and out against her pelvis. She groaned and grimaced as his long hard dick fucked her viscously, pulverizing her vagina painfully as he punished her aggressively for not being able to deep Escort Giresun throat. Beside them Carter Sanborne could feel himself getting ready to cum. He gripped both hands in the bobbing girl’s hair as he humped up into her warm relaxed throat. She gagged slightly when his dick swelled in her esophagus, then started spraying her tonsils with cum. Carter lay his head back against the sofa as he groaned in relief, his cum shooting directly down into the sucking girl’s stomach. Mikiah heard Carter’s familiar groans as he came in the girl’s mouth. He watched his buddy’s dick pulsate as he fed the kneeling girl his generous load. All around Mikiah he could hear his teammates cumming. This only inspired him to cum too, as he picked up the pace and fucked the bitch underneath him even harder. He didn’t care if she was hurting, or that her cries sounded more painful than erotic. She was there for his use. For his libido. No one begged her to come to their frat house. She was the pussy. Her only job was to lay there and take his dick like a man. He hammered hard into her, never stopping for a second as his pelvis slapped repeated into hers, indicating a successful sheath with every stroke. The girl lay under him, her mediocre face twisted in pain as her perky tits bounced back and forth under his thrusts. She pushed up at his chest, trying to force him to slow his strokes, –but Mikiah was in the stretch, getting close to popping his cork as he began to feel a small trickle of Carter’s implanted cum load starting to ooze from his flaring asshole just before he began to shoot off into the condom. “AWWW FUCK…!!” yelled Mikiah, cumming hard as he ground his 11 inches deep inside the girl’s ravished pussy. “Damn that was hot…” he said, looking around the room at his spent teammates as they all smiled at each other triumphantly. THREE Meanwhile upstairs in CJ’s room, freshmen Clarence Johnson had Derek lying on his stomach, his legs spread wide to accommodate CJ’s 6’4″ frame as the 18 year old pumped his long hard 12″ anaconda in and out of the 20 year old junior’s ass. Derek moaned into CJ’s pillow, trying to mask some of the sounds coming from his throat. He arched his back, elevating his ass to give his boyfriend a better (deeper) angle in which to fuck him. CJ’s bare dick moved smoothly in and out of Derek’s ass, helped by the anal grease and saliva CJ used after eating Derek’s asshole for 20 minutes. Derek loved when CJ ate his ass, using his long wet tongue to manipulate his sphincter muscles and make his ass crave dick. CJ had been fucking Derek regularly, feeding his ass that big black snake on a multiple daily basis. Derek’s ass was getting so used to CJ’s dick that it barely hurt anymore when he pushed it in him. All Derek felt was a momentary ache, then pressure, then nothing but excruciating pleasure. He gave CJ ass whenever the insatiable 18 year old wanted it, without complaint, argument, or compromise. All CJ had to do was eat his ass or finger his tight pucker, and Derek’s body automatically responded by turning on and getting hot. CJ loved that Derek loved getting fucked. Clarence loved nothing better than shoving his dick up a well trained hole and fucking it to his complete satisfaction. Over the years Clarence had had several well trained asses, but none quite as good as his high school coach’s (an older man named Leonard Banks), (NBA star) Tomas Jackson, and of course Tyrome Smith’s. As much as CJ liked fucking Derek’s ass, he had to admit that it didn’t compare to the sheer rawness of Tyrome’s. There was just something about the way Tyrome craved dick, that just got under Clarence’s collar and made him want to fuck the boy batty. Tyrome’s ass was like melted butter on top of a cake sulfa. As much as he drove Clarence crazy with his confusion, it was some of the hottest sex the 18 year old teenager ever had. He found himself daydreaming about Tyrome often while he fucked Derek. One many occasions while it was Derek’s ass he was cumming it, it was Tyrome’s face he saw. But of course Clarence would never admit this to anyone, especially Derek (whom had been such a good boyfriend up to this point). While Derek must have sensed something on occasion (often asking Clarence how he felt about Tyrome), Clarence could never bring himself to say how he really felt. He knew Tyrome was not ready to accept his sexually and give him the relationship he deserved, so it was made no sense admitting how he really felt because it wouldn’t change anything. `Besides…’ �thought Clarence, the situation was moot anyway, since Tyrome was set to marry that bitch Katrandrah)! Derek was in complete ecstasy when Clarence started fucking him. His asshole had been well trained to accommodate his lover’s big sausage as Clarence fucked him anywhere from 2 to 3 times daily. Derek’s body had become so accustomed to CJ’s dick, that it even began to crave it during classes when CJ was not around. The hungry ache one sometimes experiences in their stomachs when they hadn’t eaten all day, was the same kind of hunger his ass felt when it craved Clarence’s dick. Derek was absolute turned upside down by the way Clarence made his body feel. Just a few short months ago (as a straight man playing college basketball) he would not have been able to fathom the idea of taking another man’s dick in his asshole. Just the mere thought of a guy trying to fuck him and stick his dick up his dirty ass was enough to turn him off. But now he found himself amply anticipating his boyfriend’s dick as much (if not more) than he had anticipated fucking any female he’s ever dated. Derek could feel the change in Clarence’s smooth strokes as the 18 year old ball player started to become more aggressive. Derek’s low moans of ecstasy were quickly rising under the added pressure as CJ’s thrusts got rougher and less controlled. Derek tried to accommodate CJ’s growing aggression by throwing his ass back at him, but eventually the long hard stabbings became too much for him as Clarence’s 12 inch dick started to stab deeper into his vitals, causing Derek’s dick to erupt prematurely all over his bed sheets below. “ARRHHH…!!” groaned Derek, losing his load beneath him as his asshole clenched and clamped down on CJ’s thrusting pole. Clarence felt Derek’s orgasm through his convulsing asshole, and fucked the handsome 20 year old even harder. When Derek tried to squirm away (his ass starting to feel more pain than thrill after his orgasm), Clarence merely gripped him up around his neck in a head lock as he locked their legs together to prevent Derek from getting away before he was finished. With Derek securely locked in place, Clarence continued fucking him hard, banging his dick deep into Derek’s sore vitals. Derek wailed in painful lust as the dick beat into his back wall like a fist. Clarence felt his balls knot up around his dick base as his dick started to throb hard in his boyfriend’s ass. With a might thrust forward, he buried his entire dick well deep in Derek’s ass and came. Hot gushes of molten cum flooded Derek’s aching innards as CJ ground himself home. Derek collapsed in the pillow, dizzily happy that he was (once again) able to satisfy his boyfriend’s lust. Clarence simply lay on top of him, his big dick draining his bodily fluids in his lover’s backside as thoughts of Tyrome danced in his head. ______________________________________ Written by Eugene aol Hit me up on facebook under the same name for story updates and discussions on this latest chap! –DOGG

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Subject: Hampstead Heath Hairy Hotties Hampstead Heath Hairy Hotties part 1. The following is a true account of me and a gay 16 year old mate copping off with a group of six men we met at the Hampstead Heath Men’s swimming pond. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. fty/donate.html When this happened I was 16 and a half years old and was already well versed in the art of gay sex since losing my virginity to two 16 year old French boys I met on a nudist holiday over there. In the three years since then I had become a right little nymphomaniac with an insatiable hunger for cock and cum. As I was too young for gay bars, clubs or saunas I used more traditional methods to score cock. At the time I was already confident in my gay side of bi-sexuality and was out to my family, friends and at my boys’ only school. Many a lunchtime I spent noshing knob in the school toilets with most of the boys being straight but horny enough to take a blow job off a boy as it beat a wank or blue balls. The traditional methods of pulling guys before the age of the internet was cruising public toilets or parks and pools. Luckily I grew up in London which had loads of cruise grounds and cottages. One of the most well-known gay cruise grounds is Hampstead West Heath. Opposite on the main heath there are three swimming ponds, one mixed, one for women only and one for men only. Although a lot of straight guys used the men only pond it pulls a big gay crowd. It was these two locations where I met the guys in this encounter. At the time I had light blond hair spiked up into a ducktail. My deeply tanned face had flawless skin that offset my bright blue eyes and lush red cock sucker’s lips. My face was as cute as Alexander Ludwig’s when he was 16 and my body was as tanned and toned a Tom Daley’s at the 2012 Olympics. Being on my school’s rugby and cricket team coupled with daily swims in our outdoor pool and skateboarding had given me a tight toned body for a teenager. Also since turning 16 I had started going to the gym. My deltoids were getting definition and my biceps buffing up. My tanned and toned forearms were dusted with light blond hairs. My naturally smooth deeply tanned chest was chiselled and studded with two pointy dark brown nipples I loved having roughed up. My tight abs were forming a nice washboard and a treasure trail of blondish brown hairs had recently grown in. My treasure trail lead to a small trimmed short bush of blondish brown pubes. From those dangled my eye wateringly thick 9 inch uncut cock that was as deeply tanned as the rest of me. Behind hung big balls that were highly productive even for a teenage boy and had to be drained a few times a day, preferably into another boy’s mouth or arse but if not I could self-suck and happily swallowed my own schoolboy spunk. Around back I had a high, very firm pert bubble butt arse that seemed to lure cock like a moth to a flame. To finish off I had deeply tanned legs that were well sculpted through sport and were dusted with golden hairs. My cute innocent looking face, confidence in my sexuality and fit teenage body meant I got more than my fair share of sex despite my tender years. Some may call me a slut but a slut sleeps with anyone whereas I only slept with people I fancied it was just that I got a lot of sex. The first guy I met in this encounter wasn’t a guy but a boy. He was 16 years old like me and I met him on Hampstead West Heath. He was wearing a white polo shirt and black jeans, but his jeans were bunched up around his ankles as he was bent at the waist as a potbellied black man in his early forties mercilessly fucked him up the arse with his thick 9 inch dark brown cock. Even though the black man was far from my type and didn’t appeal to me at all, watching a slim white 16 year old boy, who was my type, being fucked by a well hung black man over twice his age was an erotic sight. There was the colour contrast of the boy’s skinny milky white arse being relentlessly ploughed by a thick manly 9 inch dark brown cock. The fact it was an interracial and cross-generation fuck added to the kinkiness of the sight as did the fact they were fucking al fresco. From the look on the boy’s face he was in hard fucked ecstasy as a testified by his pale steely hard cock. It was 6 inches long and fairly veiny. He was uncut with his pale foreskin covering his swollen knob. His cock was as milky white as the rest of him and of average thickness for his age. It bounced about from the vigour of the brutal fucking the well hung black man was giving him. From his knob hung a gossamer thread of clear pre-cum that seemed to grow with each thrust from the black man’s big thick cock. He had average sized balls for a 16 year old boy which were encased in a pale tight sack dusted with blondish ginger pubes. The rest of the boy was sexy too. He had short hair whose colour was hard to place. It bordered on being dark blond or dark ginger. He had a high hairline but his fringe pointed down in a V. His milky white face had a few minor spot blemishes and a couple of freckles. It was cute in a slightly goofy way. He had jug handle ears that weren’t overly large. He had bluish grey eyes that were currently glazed over with hard fucked pleasure. His thin pink lips formed O’s as he moaned with the pleasure of being fucked so hard by a big brown cock. He had a cute button nose and if I’d have seen him in the street I would have taken him as a shy virgin 16 year old boy but his present position informed me otherwise. He was a bit short for his age with a very slim body. His petite body and the size of the black man’s big cock meant some internal organs must have been rearranged to make room. However it was obvious the cute boy was enjoying it though. His thin pink lips took a break from cooing with hard fucked pleasure to turn up in a cute smile when he realised I’d caught him being fucked. Without being bidden I went over and knelt in front of the cute boy. Extending my tongue I licked up the dangling thread of pre-cum that was salty sweet in the way a teenage boy’s only can taste. Then I took his steely hard 6 inch cock into my mouth right down to the dark ginger pubed root. He gasped with the dual pleasure of having his cock in a hot wet mouth as he got brutally buggered up the arse by a big black bareback cock. At the same time I savoured the heat and throbbing pulse of his teen boy cock in my hungry mouth. Then I launched into a rapid deep throat blow job. My tightly clamped lush red cock sucker’s lips wanked the throbbing shaft of the goofily cute boy’s cock as my lashing tongue tickled it. My hot wet mouth sucked his cute cock like a Hoover on overdrive. My nose drank in the slightly sweaty horny aroused scent of his teen boy groin. My hands caressed his skinny legs that were lightly dusted with hairs. He rewarded me with copious amounts of salty sweet pre-cum. My fat 9 inch cock was achingly hard down the left leg of my white England rugby shorts that ended with a large damp patch. Despite preferring to bottom, even though I had a big teen boy cock, I knew I would fuck the boy’s arse when the black man had finished with it. For about five minutes I greedily deep throated the goofily cute 16 year old boy’s cock as he got brutally buggered bareback by a well hung black man. Then the dual pleasure got to the boy. Already I felt the sexual tension rising in his body so I knew he was getting close. His orgasm hit when his swollen knob was in the back of my throat so the first jet of cum was wasted as it squirted straight down my gullet. Quickly I pulled my hot wet sucking mouth up to receive and savour the rest of his load of schoolboy spunk. He squirted a further nine large ropes of cum that painted my tongue and fired off my taste buds with its salty sweet taste. He cooed in sexual ecstasy in his boyish voice as he unloaded the contents of his highly productive teenage balls into another boy’s strongly sucking mouth. To fuel his orgasm I strongly sucked his swollen, twitching knob as I flicked the underside with my tongue where his foreskin joined. Dam was his cum tasty and I held it on my tongue as long as possible. The boy’s orgasm must have made his arse spasm because as he drained the last of his load into my sucking mouth the well hung black man seeded his arse. “Take my cum fag boy.” The black man grunted as he rammed his thick 9 inch cock ball deep into the skinny white teenage boy’s arse. With a tight grip on the boy’s hips he kept him fully impaled on his fat 9 inch dark brown cock as he orgasmed. His slightly overweight body shuddered as he unloaded the contents of his balls into the boy’s arse. He grunted in ecstasy as he bred a boy’s arse who technically, due to a dumb law since equalised, was five years underage. The boy’s moans of sexual ecstasy turned into coos of well breed pleasure as he felt the black man’s cum flood his arse. Then with post orgasmic guilt and the fear of being caught by someone else with his bareback cock up the arse of an underage boy the black man scarpered. Don’t try that these days though as when this happened AIDS/HIV was in its infancy. Now-a-days it’s not worth the risk and since then the law has seen sense and regardless of sexuality you can legally do it at 16 in the UK rather than the 16/21 divide it used to be. The boy was lost in a daze from his own orgasm and the fact he had just been fucked by a well hung black man. Extracting myself from under the boy I moved around back in preparation to fuck him. Even though I had brought lube with me I didn’t think I needed it. The boy’s once pink pucker was now a swollen red and glistened with lube and the black man’s cum which had started to dribble out of his arse. The boy’s arse was as milky white as the rest of him. It was scrawny with not much meat on it with hairless buttocks but a few hairs in the crack. With my 6 inch by 9 inch teen boy cock in my right hand I smeared my bulbous uncut knob in the leaking black man’s cum and the lube already on the boy’s arse. Then with a firm but slow thrust I pushed my cock into the boy’s arse. As my cock sank in ball deep the boy cooed as if he’d ran a marathon and was now sinking into Hatay Escort a comfy chair. It was obvious he was no stranger to having big cocks up his arse. For me there was the pleasant tingle when the prominent ridge of my bulbous knob popped past his tight sex swollen sphincter. Then there was the velvet caress of the cum splattered walls of the boy’s steamy hot, tight young arse against my swollen sensitive knob as I thrust it in ball deep. His tight sphincter gripped and stimulated the fat shaft of my cock as I thrust it in. When I bottomed out my bulbous knob lodged into the even tighter O of the entrance to his colon that the black man had already battered with his equally big cock. The fact I was only 16 yet I had a cock as big and thick as a black man in his early 40’s turned me on. From the groan of pleasure from the boy he liked it as much too. He was goofily cute and I wanted to make him a regular fuck buddy and friend but at that precise moment all I wanted to do was fuck and cum in him even if we didn’t know each other’s names. With a tight grip on his slender hips I launched into a long brutally hard buggering that had the cute boy cooing with hard fucked pleasure. He was lustfully looking at me over his left shoulder. His dreamy bluish grey eyes were glazed with hard fucked pleasure. His pink lips were curled up in a smile of contented sexual pleasure. Like me he looked sweet and innocent but was really a cock hungry tart despite his young age. As I would find out he lost his virginity aged 10 to a 17 year old scout he shared a tent with at a camp and he’d been an eager cock hound ever since. My gaze switched from looking at his pale goofily cute face with its expressions of hard fucked pleasure to watching my deeply tanned fat 9 inch cock rapidly thrusting in and out of his milky white skinny arse. The colour contrast was a real turn. As I fucked the boy I felt the black man’s cum bubble around my swollen sensitive knob as my foreskin froped over it. My knob was also being stimulated by the hot wet cum splattered walls of his tight teenage arse. His tight sex swollen sphincter was giving my long fat cock a great wank job. For about twenty minutes I gave the cute boy a good hard fucking, pounding his pussy boy arse with all the sports toned strength I had. Like me he had a highly receptive arse so he was deriving so much pleasure from the rough hard fucking I was giving him. He was enjoying it so much I gave him a fuck induced orgasm. “Oh you’re going to make me cum.” He cooed in his cute voice with his face taking on a faraway look. Quickly I cupped my right hand in front of his cock to catch his schoolboy spunk. He then started groaning in sexual ecstasy as he squirted ten large ropes of cum into the palm of my right hand. When he finished spunking up I pulled my hand to my mouth and greedily lapped up his delicious salty sweet schoolboy spunk. As I did so I carried on fucking his tight hot wet cum splattered arse with everything I had. Then the wank job his tight sex swollen sphincter was giving the long fat shaft of my 9 inch cock coupled with the velvet caress of the walls of his arse on my swollen sensitive knob got to me. “I’m going to cum.” I groaned when I felt my balls tighten. Continuing to fuck him fast and hard with deep thrusts I started spunking up in his tight teenage arse. My orgasm seemed to heighten the sensitivity in my cock which fuelled the amount of spunk I fired into his already sloppy arse. In total I fired twelve large ropes of cum into the boy arse to mingle with the load the black man had already fired up there. When my orgasm ended I rammed my fat 9 inch cock ball deep into his hot wet, tight cum laden arse and held it there to savour my intense orgasmic high. To fuel my high the boy was expertly flexing and squeezing his tight arse on my spent but still hard and throbbing cock. When I’d recovered from my orgasm and the vigour of the hard fucking I had given him I pulled my cock from his arse. A dribble of cum escaped which I scooped up with my finger and ate. It was then time to get to know each other even though we had already fucked. We exchanged names and ages as we adjusted our clothes. It was then that I learnt he was 16 years old and was called Trevor. Then I invited him back to my house and we went into the den above the double garage. There he fucked me before I fucked him a second time. After that we became regular fuck buddies and I introduced him to my other fuck buddies. We also went cruising and cottaging together. He was more of a slut than I was as he cared less about what the guy looked like, he just loved sucking cock, drinking cum and being fucked up the arse. As for me I had to fancy the guy to play with them but with my cute looks, toned teenage body and big cock I could afford to be picky yet still score lots of guys. So that is how Trevor and I met but the men we met we did so on the grassy bank outside the men’s swimming pond on Hampstead Heath. There were six of them and all sexy enough to sleep with. Spotting how sexy they were I deliberately guided Trevor towards them and we set up close by. Stripping down to my dark blue Speedos I looked like Tom Daley with Alexander Ludwig’s face. The tight fabric of my skimpy Speedos clung to my big balls and chubby limp cock as well as hugging my very firm pert bubble butt arse. The least sexy man in the group sucked in breath through his clenched teeth in that lecherous way. He just about met my standards and whilst his face only just came up to scratch there were other appealing things about him. He was a Brazilian man in his late 30’s. He had jet black hair that was buzz cut at the back and sides but slightly longer on top. His light brown face had a street mean, rough look to it but there was a slight rugged appeal to it. His face had a day’s growth of stubble that added to it rough rugged look. His dark brown eyes burned with lust and his pinkish light brown lips were curled up in a lecherous leer as he blatantly eyed up two near naked 16 year old schoolboys. He had a muscular body that made up for what his face lacked. He had defined deltoids, bulging biceps and toned forearms dusted with black hairs. His chest was two large mounds of hard muscle covered with light brown skin and a mat of black chest hairs. His muscular chest was perfect for clinging onto whilst being fucked face to face. His stomach was a hard slab of muscle under a mat of black hairs. From the lump in his Speedos he had a big thick cock. He had tree trunk legs covered with black hairs. He was so big and bulky he’d easily be able to pick me up and repeatedly bounce me on his cock and there’d be nought I could do but take it. To be honest that though made my cock twitch. Sure his street mean, rough Brazilian face only just met my standards but his overall package pandered to my posh pussy boy nature. Trevor had a daddy fetish so I knew he probably fancied the guy too. As we would shortly find out he was 36 years old and was called Alexander. Then the sexiest man in the group spoke. “You pedo.” He chastised the Brazilian guy. “We’re game if you are.” I confidently replied as he really was stunningly sexy and well worth making a move on. Due to the law at the time even though Trevor and I were legal for straight sex we were still five years underage for gay sex so I knew if we were to pull these guys Trevor and I would have to lead the way. The sexiest guy had short dark blond hair that was slightly curly. His stunningly sexy face was golden tanned and he had a short well-trimmed dark blond beard. He was in his mid-20’s and could easily have been a porn star if the internet was around back then. His face was drop dead gorgeous and he had a lean fit swimmer’s body to match. His well-kept beard gave his face a rugged sex appeal and it was obvious he had been a stunningly cute schoolboy matured into young man sexiness. He had dreamy blue eyes, which despite his comment to the Brazilian man were blatantly eying up me and Trevor in nought but our skimpy Speedos. There was good definition to his deltoids and biceps and his toned forearms had a thick covering of blond hairs. His golden tanned chest was nicely chiselled, studded with two small brown nipples and under a luxuriant matt of dark blond hairs that also covered his washboard abs. He had a nice lump in his red Speedos and he had golden tanned sexily shaped legs with a thick covering of dark blond hairs. He just oozed pure sex appeal and was a real attention grabber regardless of your gender or sexuality. He was called Shawn and was 25 years old The Brazilian guy was at the bottom end looks wise and the blond was the hottest but the other four were of equal sexiness. They were all in their 20’s with two being white and the other two being black. The first white guy I eyed up had dark brown hair whose fringe was swept from left to right in a wave. He had a golden tanned oval face that was perfectly proportioned. He had dreamy brown eyes, a classical nose and lush pink lips. He had a dark brown well-trimmed beard that gave his sexy face a rugged handsome look. All but one of the black men had hairy bodies but not overly so. The white guy I was looking at had a luxuriant mat of brown hairs that covered his chest and stomach. There was subtle definition to his chest and stomach. He had sculpted arms with nice sized biceps and his forearms were covered with dark brown hairs. From the lump in the front of his black Speedos he had an eye wateringly thick cock and it was still limp. My gaze then took in the sight of his tanned, well-toned, sexily shaped legs covered with brown hairs. He was called Mark and was 25 years old. He’d been a friend of Shawn’s since secondary school and had lost their virginity to each other when they were 16. The other white guy had short dark brown hair whose fringe was spiked up into a ducktail. His face had a hint of a tan with a square set jaw, Greek nose and lush pinkish red lips. He had dreamy brown eyes and a trimmed short beard that was more stubble than full on fur. He had a fit body that was well sculpted rather than bulging muscle. His broad shoulders led to defined deltoids, bulging biceps and toned forearms dusted with short brown hairs. His well sculpted rather than muscular chest was studded Hatay Escort Bayan with pinkish brown nipples and covered with a broad but relatively sparse mat of dark brown hairs that also covered his washboard abs. He too had a nice bulge in his Speedos. His legs were sexily shaped, lightly tanned and covered with brown hairs. He was called Adam and he was 26. He’d been to the same school as Mark and Shawn but being in the year above them he didn’t know them. That was until he caught Shawn sucking off Mark at a party. Adam had already had sex with girls but his first gay sex was with Shawn and Mark when they were 16 and he was 17. The two black guys were as sexy as each other although one was a tad more muscular than the other, who was more athletically lean. Both looked to be on the younger side of their mid-20’s. The slightly more muscular of the two had a low hedge of tightly curled black hair with the back and sides buzzed cut short. He had a sexy round face with flawless milk chocolate skin. He had dreamy dark brown eyes below thick black eyebrows and above a short broad nose and lush pinkish brown lips that were curled up in an appreciative smile as he lustfully eyed up the two scantily clad schoolboys before him. He had broad shoulders, defined deltoids and sculpted biceps leading to smooth toned forearms. His barrel chest only had subtle definition but it was packed with power. Like his washboard abs his chest had a sparse mat of short curly black hairs. From the limp log in his Speedos he had average thick but really long cock. To finish off he had fit sexily shaped brown legs with hairless thighs whilst his lower legs had a light dusting of short black hairs. His name was Adrian who was a 24 year old bi-sexual who had been shagging girls since he was 15 years old but his first gay encounter happened at university. The other black guy was called Barrington who was also 24 years old. He was gay although he had shagged girls as a cover in his teenage years but was now 100% gay. He had short tightly curled black hair. His skin was a darker brown than Adrian’s. He had an oval perfectly proportioned dark brown face. His dark brown eyes were like coals and he had a broad short nose above lush brown lips that had a faint pink tinge. Barrington had a tall athletically lean and sinewy body. There was pencil line definition to his chest and washboard abs. Both were naturally hairless save for a thin treasure trail of black hairs running down from his navel into his black Speedos. Even though his cock was limp, from the big bulge in his Speedos he had a huge thick arse busting cock when hard. He had long and slim but lean toned legs that had hairless thigh and the faintest dusting of black hairs on his lower legs. Once Trevor and I had set up our stuff we asked the guys to keep an eye on it whilst we went for a swim. “Fuck they’re hot.” Trevor whispered conspiratorially as we walked to the swimming pond. The rising tent in his Speedos agreed with him. “Yeah, let’s get them to tag fuck us later.” I agreed with my own tent rising. In the pond we leisurely swam about and hatched our plan. It was obvious that the guys wouldn’t turn down our flirty slutty advances and that once we’d bagged them we’d go back with them. At their place we’d split them into two groups of three who would take it in turn to tag fuck us before they swapped bottoms so they got to fuck both boys and Trevor’s and my arse got six fucks in a row. Hatching our plan had given Trevor and I stonking boners so we swam over to one of the floating lifebuoys that were anchored to the pond floor. Most guys wank using their right hand but I use my left. Therefore when we got to the lifebuoy I went to the right hand side of Trevor. Then we stuck our wanking hand down the front of each other’s Speedos and tossed each other off, blowing our schoolboy spunk into the swimming pond. Although not a gay pond it pulls a big gay crowd so we got a few envious and knowing glances as we wanked each other off under the murky but clean water. With our rampant teenage sexual libidos temporary slated we returned to our stuff to set about seducing the six sexy men. When Trevor and I returned more guys had set up around us so I couldn’t be as brazen with the six sexy men as I had intended. Although Trevor was a total tart who would sleep with any man if it resulted in his arse getting fucked, personality wise he wasn’t as confident and outgoing as I was so I knew I would have to do most of the leg work with the men which was hampered by the fact more men had surrounded Trevor and I. It was obvious they were gay too and gave Trevor and I pervy glances but they had no chance at the best of times let alone against the stiff competition of the sex sexy men. Throughout the day Trevor and I sunbathed and flirted with the six sexy men. The other gay guys around us enviously knew how it was going to end up, six men getting their wicked way with two very willing underage for gay sex schoolboys. How the hell I got through the day without popping numerous boners from perving on the six sexy men I don’t know. Maybe it was the couple of wanks I fired off in the swimming pond but being a randy teenage boy I knew I’d still have plenty of spunk for the guaranteed gang bang later. Trevor’s and my eagerly awaited fate was sealed when I followed sexy Shawn to the toilet. When we got there a potbellied gay guy was wanking his wrinkly willy at the urinal in a vain attempt to pull. Because of that Shawn and I used it for its intended purpose but not before I eyed up Shawn’s sexy limp cock. He had a dense trimmed short bush of blondish brown pubes. His cock was nicely veined and he was circumcised. On the way back I brazenly asked Shawn if they wanted to gang bang us. Having a cute 16 year old schoolboy brazenly come onto him how could he refuse? When he replied in the affirmative I had to go into the swimming pond for another wank. When I returned and told Trevor the good news his slightly goofy but very cute face broke into a sexy smile. When the sun started getting too strong and our combined horniness got the better of us we headed off. Using my eyes to glance towards the toilet whilst looking at Shawn I went to the loo. Shawn soon joined me and we made plans. Trevor and I would pack up and leave first and then the six men would follow us and meet us further down the heath. Waiting for the guys Trevor and I sat with eager throbbing teenage boners. My fat 9 inch cock was an obvious log down the left leg of my surfer shorts whereas Trevor’s 6 inch cock comically tented out the front of his surfer shorts. Then when the six men walked past us we followed them at a safe distance. We ended up at Shawn and Mark’s flat which was a bit of a squeeze with the eight of us. We all stripped naked and we were all achingly hard and some of the men had seriously big cocks. Although I was itching for a good hard fucking I was also gagging for a gob-full of cum so I challenged Trevor to a blow job race and he readily accepted. I spit the six men into two groups of three with me taking on Shawn, his boyfriend Mark and black Barrington. That meant Trevor got to suck off Adam, Brazilian Alexander and black Adrian. We were in Shawn’s and Mark’s bedroom with my three men down one side of the bed and Trevor’s down the other. Shawn’s pure raw sexiness filled my lustful vision. Although I knew I was really cute and good looking I felt Shawn was in a totally different league and that I was so lucky that he wanted sex with me. Shawn had short dark blond hair that was slightly curly. His stunningly sexy face was golden tanned and he had a short well-trimmed dark blond beard. His face was drop dead gorgeous and he had a lean fit swimmer’s body to match. His well-kept beard gave his face a rugged sex appeal and it was obvious he had been a stunningly cute schoolboy matured into young man sexiness. He had dreamy blue eyes which lustfully looked at the cute naked and aroused schoolboy before him. There was good definition to his deltoids and biceps and his toned forearms had a thick covering of blond hairs. His golden tanned chest was nicely chiselled, studded with two small brown nipples and under a luxuriant matt of dark blond hairs that also covered his washboard abs. He had a very sexy 8 inch cock. He had a golden all over body tan even on his cock and balls. The tanned shaft was of average thickness and nicely veined. He was circumcised with a small neat scar below a pinkish tanned mushroom knob. To finish off his pure perfect sexiness he had golden tanned sexily shaped legs with a thick covering of dark blond hairs. Kneeling in front of Shawn I prepared myself for the blow job race. Shawn’s groin stank erotically of musky manly sweat. “One, two, three, go.” Shawn counted us down. Trevor and I eagerly launched into our blow job race. Opening my mouth I swallowed Shawn’s 8 inch cock right down to the densely pubed base. With his swollen knob plugging my throat I tightly clamped my lush red lips around the base of Shawn’s hot hard throbbing cock. Then I launched into a rapid eager and expert deep throat blow job. My tightly clamped lush red lips rapidly wanked the throbbing veiny shaft of Shawn’s 8 inch cock as my skilful tongue tickled it. My taste buds buzzed from the deliciously salty sweet taste of his free flowing pre-cum. My nose drank in the musky manly sweaty aroused aroma of his densely pubed groin. The one rule of the blow job race was that we could use our hands but not to touch the cock. Therefore my hands explored the rest of Shawn’s sexy hairy body. They caressed his firm toned hairy thighs, fondled his balls or stroked his tight hairy abs and sculpted chest. As I sucked off Shawn I lustfully looked up at him as much as I could giving him my best boyish Lolita expression. He returned it with equal lust not believing his luck at being sucked off by a 16 year old schoolboy who whilst being legal for straight sex was five years underage for sucking cock. For about fifteen minutes Trevor and I greedily gobbled the hot hard throbbing cock before us. Unfortunately Trevor won the first round. “Drink my cum boy.” Adam said before groaning with orgasmic bliss as he pumped his man spunk into Trevor’s rapidly sucking teen boy mouth. Trevor muffled purrs of contented Escort Hatay pleasure as he had a sexy man cum in his mouth. Enviously I bobbed my hot wet sucking mouth up and down Shawn’s hard throbbing manly cock even faster and harder. Trevor had moved onto Alexander’s big thick Brazilian brown 9 inch cock before Shawn orgasmed. “Fuck yes.” Shawn groaned as his 8 inch cock swelled in my mouth. He didn’t give me enough warning so his first bolt of cum squirted straight down my throat. However I pulled my mouth up to strongly suck his pulsing knob as he powerfully squirted a further nine large ropes of deliciously salty and really thick man spunk into my cum hungry mouth. When Shawn’s copious orgasm ended I was torn by a dilemma. On the one hand I wanted to nurse on Shawn’s spent sexy cock until post-orgasm sensitivity got the better of him, but on the other hand I knew Trevor was in the lead in the blow job race. With my mouth full of Shawn’s spunk, as it was too tasty to swallow straight away, I moved onto his boyfriend’s big fat cock. Mark was almost as sexy as his stunningly good looking boyfriend. Mark had dark brown hair whose fringe was swept from left to right in a wave. He had a golden tanned oval face that was perfectly proportioned. His eyes were a dreamy brown, he had a classical nose and lush pink kissable lips. He had a dark brown well-trimmed beard that gave his sexy face a rugged handsome look. His tanned fit toned body was under a luxuriant mat of hair but it wasn’t overly so. He had sculpted arms with nice sized biceps and his forearms were covered with dark brown hairs. There was subtle definition to his chest, stomach and fit legs as unfortunately he was a player of the dirty F word, football to our European readers or soccer to any American readers. As a rugby player I view football/soccer as the sport of Satan but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of sucking off Mark’s eye wateringly thick 9 inch cock. Mark’s cock was really going to be a challenge as it was so thick and long. With a mouthful of his boyfriend’s spunk I took Mark’s bulbous knob into my mouth and started strongly sucking it. As I did so I swirled my spunk coated tongue all around the prominent ridge of Mark’s bulbous circumcised knob which leaked tasty pre-cum. As I strongly sucked Mark’s bulbous knob I looked up at his sexy face and gave him my best cock sucking male Lolita look that belied my sweet innocent boy next door appearance. Mark’s sexy stubbled face had an expression of sexual pleasure as he had a horny 16 year old schoolboy eagerly sucking his swollen sensitive knob. His groin stank erotically of musky manly sweat and acted like an aphrodisiac to me. My hands were busy caressing his toned hairy thighs as my eyes drank in the sight of his sexy hairy chest and stomach. Shawn was the sexiest of the group but Mark was a close second and it was no wonder why they had been boyfriends for so long. Mark’s long fat cock alone was enough to make you want him. The heavily veined shaft was 6.5 inches around and 9 inches long and I couldn’t wait to feel it fucking my hungry arse as it had done Shawn’s so many times before. Due to the thick meaty girth of Mark’s cock I could only suck the top couple of inches with my jaw stretched to the max. However from the expression on his sexy face and his purrs of pleasure he seemed to be enjoying the blow job I was giving him. For me I was so enjoying sucking the big fat cock of such a sexy man eight years my senior. There I was a 16 year old schoolboy on my knees eagerly sucking the big thick cock of a 24 year old man. Our age difference and the fact I was being watched sucking cock turned me on and my untouched teenage cock was achingly hard and dripping copious amounts of pre-cum. Whether it was my skilful blow job or if Mark had a sensitive cock or if he’d been so turned on by watching his boyfriend of many years being sucked off by a cute 16 year old schoolboy but Mark came before Alexander so I jumped into the lead in the blow job race. “Oh I’m cumming.” Mark moaned and his really thick cock swelled even larger in my strongly sucking mouth. Mark’s long fat cock then wildly twitched in my mouth as it powerfully squirted out jet after jet of hot thick deliciously salty sweat spunk. Mark’s sexy face looked even hotter in the throes of orgasm. His dreamy brown eyes glazed over and his lush pink lips were curled up in a contented orgasmic smile. Although his thick salty cum squirting into my mouth was reward enough I felt happily contented that I had made such a sexy man cum with the actions of my mouth alone. Mark fired twelve large ropes of spunk into my eagerly sucking mouth which I let pool so I could savour it delicious salty tasty and gloppy texture as my nose drank in the erotic musky manly stink of his sweaty hairy groin. Now that I was in the lead in the blow job race I intended to stay there. When Mark finished cumming in my mouth I reluctantly pulled it off his eye wateringly thick and very sexy 9 inch cock. Mark’s delicious man spunk was filling my mouth and it acted as lube when I sank it on Barrington’s big black cock. Barrington was so good looking too and the fact it was an interracial and cross generation blow job turned me on so much. There I was a seemingly sweet and innocent 16 year old, deeply tanned but Caucasian schoolboy greedily and very eagerly sucking the thick dark brown cock of a sexy 24 year old man. Although Barrington’s cock was thick it wasn’t as thick as Mark’s monster cock so I could swallow more of it. My tightly clamped lush red lips wanked the thick veiny shaft of Barrington’s hot hard throbbing 9 inch dark brown cock. As my hot wet, strongly sucking mouth rapidly bobbed up and down Barrington’s big black cock my talented tongue snaked around it like an electric eel. With each bob of my mouth Mark’s cum leaked down my throat but was replaced with Barrington’s pre-cum. “Drink my cum fag boy.” Alexander then gruffly groaned in his Brazilian accented English. Alexander then groaned in sexual ecstasy as he drained the contents of his balls into the mouth of a willing slutty 16 year old schoolboy. Trevor muffled moans of contented pleasure as he had a man 20 years his senior cum in his slutty schoolboy mouth. It also signalled that Trevor was catching me up in the blow job race so I swallowed Barrington’s big black cock more rapidly. There is something so wonderful about sucking cock, well for me anyway. There is the tingle in your lips as they rapidly bob up and down a throbbing hot hard veiny cock. Your taste buds buzz with the salty sweet flavour of pre-cum. Your nose drinks in the erotic musky manly aroused aroma of their groin as if you are sniffing the finest wine. Then there is the visual pleasure of looking at the sexual pleasure you are lavishing on them displayed in their face. Barrington’s very sexy dark brown face had an expression of contented pleasure as he had an innocent looking but very experienced 16 year old schoolboy greedily suck his big dark brown cock. When I suck cock I give it my all but there was the added incentive that it was a race and I had another boy to beat and from experience I knew Trevor was a great cock sucker as despite only being 16 years old he’d been sucking cock for longer than me. Whereas I’d lost my cherry at thirteen and a half Trevor had been willingly cherry popped at age ten by a seventeen scout. That three year lead coupled with the fact he was a total slut whereas I was pickier was proved by his talented mouth. Trevor’s mouth could suck water out of a stone and his tongue could tie a cherry stalk. He was also fucking cute in a slightly goofy way. Luckily for me I won the blow job race but only just. Trevor was in the lead but I had leap frogged him but he came racing back. However I made Barrington cum before Trevor could make Adrian cum even though we were both sucking on really big dark brown cocks. The result of the blow job race was irrelevant anyway as despite getting three loads of cum in our mouths the main aim with the six guys was to have them bareback fuck our slutty little teen boy arses. “Oh I’m going to cum.” Barrington groaned which spurred me on still further. My tightly clamped lush red lips wanked the long nicely veined shaft of Barrington’s dark brown 9 inch cock even more rapidly. The delicious flavour of his free flowing pre-cum fired off my taste buds. His groin stank erotically of musky manly sweat that was so horny to a cock loving teenage boy. Then Barrington’s delicious salty sweet spunk flooded my mouth. His long thick cock twitched in my mouth as it powerfully squirted ten large ropes of so tasty cum into my greedily sucking mouth. Barrington loudly cried out in sexual ecstasy with each powerful ejaculation as he drained the contents of his balls into the hot wet strongly sucking mouth of a very willing 16 year old boy. For me I loving sucking cock but the best bit is definitely the ejaculation and the taste of delicious cum. Whilst sucking cock there is the heat, throbbing pulse and veiny texture of the sexy cock in your mouth. At orgasm though there is his groans of sexual ecstasy, the twitching of his cock and the dreamy taste of his spunk in your mouth. It was no wonder I spent most of my lunchtimes sucking off the other schoolboys, be they straight or gay in the toilets at school. As Barrington orgasmed I held the gaze of his sexy dark brown face and gave him my best cock sucker’s smile. His gorgeous face was a pure picture of sexual ecstasy and release as he spunked up. He pumped a big load of really thick delicious cum into my mouth which I greedily accepted. When Barrington finished orgasm I pulled my cum laden mouth off his big black cock to swill and savour his delicious spunk. As I’d won the blow job race I got first bobs on the guys and I decided to stick with the three I had just sucked off. All six were sexy but Shawn and Mark were near the top and Barrington really appealed to me too. No sooner had I swallowed Barrington’s tasty spunk than I was on my back like a horny bitch in need of servicing. More to follow very shortly as this part is already 11 pages long. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquillium under prolific authors

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Big Tits

Subject: Bait-Boy-15 Rugby coach’s bait boy in Brighton part 15. The following is a true account of going on a week long holiday to Brighton with my hot hunky, hairy rugby coach, some of his horny gay and bi-sexual mates and the sex we had when I was 16. Please read `Servicing the coach’ and `Rugby coach pimps me out’ first which are prequels. Spoiler alert but some straight sex happens in tandem to gay sex. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Search John McQuillium on prolific authors to read my other true postings in the Gay Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives. Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. The fourth day of my week long holiday to Brighton had already been filled with sex and it was only late afternoon. It had began by my rugby coach bareback buggering me first thing in the morning. Then I had gone skateboarding and picked up a twink cute 18 year old skater boy who I sucked off, fucked and then got fucked by him. Still not being sexually slatted I bagged a sexy 26 year old man I met in a public toilet where he fucked me and then I fucked him. Upon returning to the youth hostel I was staying at I got fucked by Max who was the manager, he did me on his desk in the back office. Then I had gone to the nude beach where I scored 23 year old Malik and his 19 year old boyfriend called Seth. If you have read part 14 you will know I sucked off Malik and then Seth. That delightful pleasure made me hyper-horny, so much so that I just had to be fucked by them. Malik was the older of the two which is why I sucked him off before Seth. However Malik also had the biggest cock of the two of them so for taking it up the arse I should have gone with Seth first. Luckily my arse is very elastic and can take any sized cock without pain whilst still feeling a tight snug fit on the cock fucking me. Malik was a true stunner who was in the transition form twink cute to young man sexy. He was 23 years old with wavy auburn hair which came down to his eyebrows and the tops of his ears. Each of his earlobes had a silver ring piercing with black studs in their centres. Malik had an oval face which was classically proportioned with golden tanned flawless skin. It had dreamy dark brown eyes, a classical nose and lush pale pink lips. It was the kind of face which stood out in a crowd and I certainly thought it was so sexy. Malik was 5 feet 11 inches tall with a subtly sculpted swimmer’s build. Malik’s face alone was a great asset but his best definitely was his big thick cock. It was as golden tanned as the rest of him. The shaft was a thick 10 inches long, nicely veined and uncut with his tanned foreskin having peeled back to expose his helmet shaped knob. It dangled down under its impressive length and meaty girth. Behind he had big balls in a tanned semi-lose dusted with dark brown pubes and I already knew they produced a lot of cum. After getting onto the sex stained mattresses I pulled my sports toned legs into my chest and out to the sides and offered up my arse for Malik to ravish. He got into the push up position above me and with a rough hard thrust he speared my slutty sloppy schoolboy arse. Malik knew I had already been fucked five times that day so he didn’t bother with lubing his cock. “Mmm, such a big thick cock.” I moaned with brutally breached pleasure. It was so delightful and whilst it was a quick thrust my arse felt it in blissful slow motion. First there was the pleasant stinging burn in my sex swollen sphincter when Malik’s knob popped past it. That was maintained as the thick veiny shaft of Malik’s 10 inch cock sank in ball deep. His knob punched my prostate, made the five loads of cum up my arse bubble before slamming into the entrance to my colon. When Malik bottomed out in my boy cunt I savoured the heat, throbbing pulse and stuffed full feeling of his 10 inch cock ball deep in me. “Such a hot tight arse.” Malik gasp as he felt the hot wet tightness of my slutty sloppy schoolboy arse soak into the full length of his big thick cock. “Fuck the hell out of me with your big thick cock.” I lustfully begged Malik and he willingly obliged. Malik started fucking me fast and hard, really tearing up my tight teen boy arse. My widely stretched, but tight sex swollen sphincter stung with pleasurable friction as Malik’s long thick, nicely veined 10 inch cock rapidly sawed back and forth against it. His swollen knob pummelled my prostate and made it pulse and had another load of cum brewing in my highly productive teen boy balls. It also blissfully battered the entrance to my colon and let me know I was being harshly fucked by a big thick cock. The nerve endings in the walls of my highly receptive arse buzzed as the ridge of Malik’s swollen knob rapidly scraped back and forth against them. The five loads of cum already up my slutty sloppy schoolboy arse. My firm pert buttocks tingled from the spanking Malik’s rapidly thrusting groin was giving them. There wasn’t just physical pleasure to enjoy. There was the kinky thrill I was being harshly fucked by such a sexy young man over six years my senior as his 19 year old boyfriend watched and waited his turn on me. There was the slutty thrill this was my sixth fuck of the day. My eyes drank in the sexiness of Malik’s golden tanned, twink sexy face and his lustful dreamy deep brown eyes. My hands caressed Malik’s subtly chiselled chest with its light smattering of soft brown hairs, tweaked his pointy brown nipples or caressed his sinewy shaped, swimmer toned upper arms. The room stank erotically of gay sex and male sweat. It echoed our moans of gay sexual pleasure. Malik had lost his virginity aged 14 to a 14 year old mate at a sleep over. When that mate moved, when they were both 16, Malik started fucking an 18 year old sixth former from school. Malik then met slightly camp Seth when he was 17 and Seth was 13. As Malik was straight acting and Seth was slightly camp he used Seth as boy bait. Because of that Malik had remained predominately a top and fucking younger guys even though he was only 23 years old himself. Malik was getting a kinky thrill from fucking a boy who, whilst legal for straight sex was just over four years underage for gay sex due to a dumb law since repealed. Malik was also turned on by his boyfriend watching him fucking a younger boy in front of him. Malik savoured the great wank job my really tight, sex swollen sphincter was giving the long thick, veiny shaft of his rapidly thrusting 10 inch cock. He loved the hot wetness of my cum laden arse on his pounding cock. As Malik fucked me I milked his cock with my well trained arse muscles. He savoured having my soft warm hands exploring his swimmer’s fit upper body. Malik had fucked Seth that morning and then I had sucked Malik off which meant he fucked me for ages before he was ready to cum. Malik could fuck really hard and my tight teen boy arse was on fire with hard fucked pleasure. “Going to cum.” Malik groaned when the pressure in his balls reached critical mass. The long deep hard thrusts of his thick 10 inch cock turned into short and deep which really battered the entrance to my colon. My highly receptive arse felt Malik’s cock swell even more and then began to powerfully pulse as it blasted jet after jet of cum into my arse to mingle with the five loads already up there. Malik loudly cried out in sexual ecstasy and release as he pumped eight large ropes of cum into me. His swimmer fit body shuddered at the intensity of his orgasm. To fuel and prolong it I continued to milk his cock with my well trained arse muscles. When Malik’s intense and copious orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap. His big thick cock continued to throb and pulse in my arse even though his balls had run dry and I continued to milk it with my well trained arse muscles. As I did so I groped Malik’s sexily shaped arse with its covering of brown bum fluff as I lustfully at Seth who was eager for his go on my slutty schoolboy arse. When Malik recovered from his intense orgasmic high he pulled his still hard cock, covered in cum and my arse juice from my blissfully battered boy cunt and feed it to his boyfriend. Seth greedily set about sucking the sex slime off Malik’s cock. It was hot to watch a cute 19 year old boy sucking the big thick cock of a very sexy 23 year old young man who had just fucked me. Then it was Seth’s turn to fuck me. He was naturally more of a bottom boy but he was eager to fuck a schoolboy just over two years his junior. Seth had dark brown hair with the fringe swept into a sweeping wave. He had dark brown eyebrows above such dreamy dark brown eyes which looked at me so lustfully. His Mediterranean tanned face hinted at his Italian ancestry and it was so cute in a twink sexy way. It had a classical nose and lush pale pink lips which always seemed to be curled up in a friendly smile. Seth’s earlobes had a fake diamond stud piercing in each one. He was about 5 feet 9 inches tall with a slim shapeless, but sexy body. His biceps had multi-colour tattoo sleeves on them with is forearms lightly dusted with brown hairs. There was the faintest pencil line definition to Seth’s naturally hairless, deeply tanned chest studded with two small dark brown pointy nipples. Seth had a faint washboard to his flat firm stomach which didn’t have a treasure trail. He had a small dense, but short bush of dark brown pubes. His cock had remained rock hard ever since I first saw him on the nude beach. Even when I sucked sucked Seth’s balls dry his cock had remained hard and this was before Viagra, it was just his natural twink horniness. Seth’s cock was as deeply tanned as the rest of him as were his balls in their tight tanned sack dusted with dark brown pubes. It was 6 inches long and of average thickness for the cock of a boy in his late teens. It was fairly veiny and circumcised with a large but neat scar below the exposed ridge of his tanned helmet shaped knob. To ended off Seth had slender but sexy legs which were deeply tanned and lightly dusted with short dark brown hairs. Seth had watched his boyfriend bareback bugger me and now it was his turn. We were kindred spirits and knew each other were slutty bitch boy bottom cock whores. For a change Seth was going to top and he looked forward to fucking a younger boy. Seth got into the push up position above me with my sports toned legs pulled into my chest and out to the sides. With a pleasantly hard thrust Seth roughly rammed his averagely thick 6 inch cock ball deep into my arse which his older boyfriend had just fucked and seeded in front of him. There was that delightful sting in my sex swollen sphincter when the exposed ridge of Seth’s helmet shaped, circumcised knob popped past it and then when his nicely veined 6 inch cock shaft sank in ball deep. When Seth’s cock bottomed out in my arse he briefly held still. For him it was to savour the hot wet tightness of my cum laden teen boy arse wrapped around his cock. For me it was to savour the heat and throbbing pulse of Seth’s 6 inch twink cock in my blissfully battered boy cunt. Seth then set about fucking me good and hard. He might have been slightly petite and slim but he could fuck well above his weight, especially considering he was a mainly a bottom boy rather than a top. Seth full dick fucked me. Seth would pull his 6 inch cock all Eskişehir Escort the way out of my arse before slamming it back in ball deep. This was of toe curling pleasure as not only did my sex swollen sphincter savour Seth’s cock rapidly sawing back and forth against it but there was the delightful sting every time Seth’s helmet shaped, circumcised knob repeatedly popped in and out. Seth’s rapidly thrusting groin gave my pert upturned buttocks a great spanking. He stank erotically of teen boy sweat as did I. We looked at each other so lustfully. My hands caressed his slim sweaty upper body. There was the kinky thrill Seth’s boyfriend as watching him fuck me. Although I was the bottom I wasn’t taking Seth’s fuck passively. My well trained arse muscles were flexing and squeezing on Seth’s rapidly thrusting 6 inch circumcised cock. My hands caressed Seth’s smooth upper body or tweaked and tortured his pointy nipples. We both loudly moaned with the pleasure of gay twink sex. It was so much pleasure for the both of us. For me I got to admire Seth’s twink cute, deeply tanned, flawless face with its expressions of sexual pleasure and physical exertion. My hands enjoyed exploring Seth’s slim upper body which was slimmed with sweat and suntan oil. My pert upturned buttocks got a great spanking from Seth’s thrusting groin. Even though Malik’s cock had been a lot thicker and longer then Seth’s cock my sex swollen sphincter was a really tight fit around his 6 incher and my pucker burnt with pleasurable friction. The walls of my arse ached with hard fucked pleasure and the six loads of cum in my arse bubbled. There was the kinky thrill Seth’s boyfriend was watching the two of us fuck. As for Seth he admired my sweet innocent boy next door face even though he knew I was a dirty little whore who was sexually experienced well beyond my tender young age. He enjoyed my soft warm hands groping his sweaty upper body. He loved the tight wank job my sex swollen sphincter was giving his rapidly thrusting cock. Seth savoured the hot wet, cummy tightness of my underage arse on his cock as he fucked me good and hard. He felt my well trained arse muscles flex, squeeze and milk his rapidly thrusting cock. Seth had the kinky domineering thrill he was fucking a younger boy for a change rather than being the bitch boy bottom. Seth was also turned on by the fact his boyfriend was watching him fucking me. Then a lot happened at the same time. Seth was really cute in a late teen boy way and I knew he liked to be fucked so it would have been hot to screw him when he finished on my arse. However I was hyper-horny and my highly productive teen boy balls painfully ached with pent up cum even though I had already cum twice that day. My tight teen boy arse ached with hard fucked pleasure from taking the seventh fuck of the day. My prostate pulsed form all the battering it had taken that day. Seth then orgasmed which set mine off just as Johnny and Graham walked in to catch our mutual orgasm. Seth started pumping his cum into my arse as I hosed down my tanned, toned teen boy upper body with my own cum. Even though I was in the throes of my own intense and copious orgasm I continued to flex and squeeze my well trained arse muscles on Seth’s thrusting 6 inch cock. My arse felt the six large ropes of cum Seth fired into me to mingle with the six loads already up there. Seth was shocked at two strangers walking in on us but he was on the vinegar strokes and there was no way he could stop fucking and cumming in me even if it had been his Mum who had just walked in. Malik was also shocked when the two strangers walked in. “You dirty little slut.” Graham chuckled at me as he peeled off his tee shirt. Luckily Johnny and Graham were gay so had no issues with our situation, although none of my dorm mates would had either. Seth’s body and my own shuddered at the intensity of our mutual orgasm. He pumped his cum into my slutty sloppy arse as I shot mine over my upper body. Seth kept himself popped up with his spent but still hard 6 inch cock throbbing in my blissfully battered boy cunt. When Seth came down from his intense orgasmic high he pulled his cock from my arse and started licking my cum from my upper body. By now Johnny and Graham were stripped naked and Graham was knelt on the floor between Malik’s leg and sucking on his big thick cock. Johnny was lustfully looking at Seth and I. They had been out looking for cock but had lucked out so came back to the dorm room to have sex. Although I really wanted to fuck Seth I had just cum so I decided to go and try and find more guys to bring to the party. Leaving Malik fucking Graham and Johnny fucking Seth I got dressed and went out on the prowl. My arse ached with hard fucked pleasure and leaked cum into the crotch of my shorts as I went looking for my eighth sexual conquest of the day and I met him in a park. The park wasn’t my intended destination, it was just on my way but I saw a group of guys in their late teens or early twenties playing football. It looked like a practice game as they had matching football kits but some were wearing red bibs and the other side yellow bibs. A few of them were quite sexy with the rest being indifferent. One of the lads who caught my eye looked like he had some oriental ancestry mixed in with European Caucasian ancestry. He had jet black hair which came down to his eyebrows and half way down his ears. His face was oval with really pale oriental coloured skin. Even from a distance I could see it as a cute face but couldn’t make out much about the details. He looked about 5 feet 7 inches tall but he was too far away and wearing too many clothes for me to see what his body was like. As I’m into rugby and cricket I hate football (soccer) with a passion but I do find the kit sexy. His consisted of a light blue football top whose sleeves, which came down to his elbows, had red panels. Below his was wearing white football shorts which came down to just above his knees and black football socks below which came up just below his knees so that they were the only part of his legs on show. As they played I watched on the sidelines sat on my skateboard bare chested. My deeply tanned, subtly sculpted naked upper body was lent backwards and supported by my hands behind me. My tee shirt was stuffed into the waistband of my shorts with my torso glistening with sweat and suntan oil. My deeply tanned sports toned legs, dusted with golden hairs were spread out in front of me slightly apart. Watching the sexier lads playing football had given me a hard on with my really thick 9.5 inch cock an obvious log down the left leg of my shorts with my bulbous knob threatening to pop out of the leg hole. My shorts were shorter than the football players with the lower half of my toned thighs on display. As I was wearing ankle socks most of my lower legs were on display too. For a while I watched but was getting bored and besides I had come out to score cock. But they stopped before I left. They all handed their bibs to their coach and split off in different directions. Be it fate or pure coincidence the slightly oriental looking lad walked in my direction. Whilst I openly ogled him he barely seemed to notice me. Maybe there was a flinch of surprise when he saw the log of my erection down the leg of my shorts but his gaze never met mine. Once he walked past me I looked at his back from over my shoulder and saw he had a sexy round, firm pert arse encased in his satiny white football shorts. This kind of encounter has happened to us all, putting out our wares in the hope of luring only to have your catch walk on by without a second glance. Oh well I will have to look elsewhere, but before I left I had a couple of swigs of pre-made gin and tonic I had in a plastic soft drink bottle. When I had grabbed my backpack and skateboard I headed to the toilet block. As I had a boner I had intended to use a toilet cubicle so I could let my hard on die down before pissing. However the slightly oriental lad was stood at the urinal trough with the sound of his hard steady stream of piss hitting the metal surface. Nothing ventured nothing gained I thought to myself. If he turned out to be a homophobe I could just walk away and never seen him again. Even if he was 100% straight he would be unable to resist looking at my cock. None of my classmate’s in the school showers had seen me with a hard on but even the straight boys couldn’t help but look at my big limp cock with envy so maybe this cutie would look at mine. Fishing out my achingly hard, really thick 9.5 inch cock I held it as if I was going to piss, which as you all know is nigh on impossible when you have a hard on. The other lad’s piss stream was in full flow but starting to slow down. Out of the corner of my right eye I discretely looked down at his cock. A stream of light yellow piss was blasting out of the tip. His cock was limp but it looked bigger than I expected. Oriental men tend to have “smaller” cocks but that is if you only take into account length without the rest. They also tend to be shorter in height so it all equals out in proportion, however his seemed out of proportion to the rest of his shortish body of 5 feet 7 inches height. He had a small tuft of naturally short, jet black pubes. His balls were bunched under the waistband of his football shorts and were lightly dusted with jet black pubes. At least I would get some wank material out of this failure to pull. Then I discretely lifted my gaze to check out his face. It had a shocked expression on it as it looked down at my big thick teen boy cock. Was he disgusted but unable to run away as his piss hadn’t ended and he would wet himself if he did? Was he heterosexual and just enviously admiring my cock? Could he be gay or bi-sexual and I may get lucky after all? All those thoughts flashed through my mind. My right eye saw his face in profile. His left earlobe had a small silver stud piercing in it. He had thick jet black eyebrows which were partially covered by the fringe of his jet black hair. His eyes seemed so dark brown they appeared almost black. The skin of his face was flawless with a really pale oriental colouring which hinted at his mixed ancestry. It was oval and oriental twink sexy and even in profile his face turned me on. He had a short cute nose and lush pale pink lips. His age was hard to place as he could be in his late teens or early twenties. His discrete gaze was glued to my hard erect cock and my discrete gaze was glued to his face to see what his reaction would be. That question was soon answered when I heard his piss stream end. Despite the fact he had stopped pissing he didn’t run away so he wasn’t a homophobe, so was he just a stunned straight guy or an impressed bi or gay guy? I silently asked myself. Only one way to find out. My discrete gaze remained on his face as I started to leisurely stroke my big thick cock. His pale pink lips turned up into a slight smile and then I noticed slight movement from down below on his side. My gaze dropped and saw he was starting to stroke his limp cock which rapidly started to grew. In no time his cock was at its full erect length. It was about 7.5″ inches long but it seemed even bigger on his shortish body. If you took his face out of the equation you would have guessed him to be a Caucasian lad with a hint of colouring to his skin tone. The shaft of his cock was thicker Eskişehir Escort Bayan than average and nicely veined. It was pale but got slightly pinker towards the tip. His cock was uncut but his pale foreskin had peeled back to expose his pink tinged, helmet shaped knob. I loved his small bush of naturally short jet black pubes. His sweaty balls looked so suckable in their tight sack, lightly tinted and dusted with black pubes. “Are you gay, bi or straight?” I asked as he wouldn’t have been the first straight guy I had wanked with. Lots of guys at London wanking clubs are straight. They aren’t turned on by the sight of the other men but they are turned on by the thrill of wanking in a group, especially if there was a poof in the group who wanted a bukkake. “Bi.” “Cool, I’m the gay side of bi. You are well sexy.” I honestly replied. “Thanks, you too.” He replied with his cheeks flushing a tad pink. “Is it safe to fuck here?” I then asked as not all public toilets are safe for gays to fuck in and these were in a public park with families about. “No, but my places is free.” “Cool, lets go.” I finished with. We both then left together. Poor him, he had to carry his backpack in front of his groin as his 7.5 inch cock was pointing upwards and tenting out his satiny white. As for me I brazenly walked about without a care in the world knowing full well I was walking around bare chested with the outline of my big thick cock an obvious log down the left leg of my shorts. We got surprised, lustful, envious and disgusted looks in equal measure from the people we walked past. As we walked we filled each other in. His name was Ryan and he was 21 years old, but unless he’d told me that I would have said he was maybe 19 years old, but orientals tend to look a bit younger than they actually are. Ryan was in his third and final year at university and he’d lived his whole life in Brighton. He had a 19 year old sister and lived with his Japanese mother and English father which explained his mixed heritage. The Japanese side was more obvious in Ryan’s face and height than the rest of his body. As we talked and walked we were pleasantly surprised at each others kinky pervertedness. We were both early sexual bloomers, had had sex with both genders and been involved in incestuous sex with family members. Ryan was the straight side of bi-sexual whilst I was the gay side. Ryan was the top side of versatile to my bottom side of versatile. We both loved outdoor sex, spanking and light bondage. Both of us had had way more sex than most lads our age and more kinkier sex too. The sexual tension and chemistry between us was so thick it was hard to realise we had only just met. It seemed to take ages to get to Ryan’s place but in fact was only about 15 minutes. He unlocked the front door and let us in. “I’m back and I’ve got a friend with me.” Ryan hollerred into the house but got no reply and the house sounded church mouse quite. Ryan bounded up the stairs and I followed him. “Mmm, he really does have a sexy round firm arse.” I slightly thought to myself as I watched it flex in the stretched taut confines of his white, satiny footballs. The way his calf muscles flexing in his football socks it looked like they were sexily shaped too. Ryan’s bedroom was typical of that of a teenage or twin boy. Under the window was a double bed with ruffled unmade duvet on it. There was a small bedside table on one side with a digital clock, bottle of water and desk lamp in it. He had a bookcase full of books and on some shelves were models of sports cars he had collected in his teenage years and whilst now too old far had been able to part company with them. Along the wall to the right side of his bed was a mirrored wardrobe which seemed all the rage at the time. There were music band and sports car posters covering the walls which were covered by furniture. Ryan’s bedroom had the unmistakable teen boy/twink erotic stink to it: that smell of musky male sweat, stale spilt cum and the lingering aromas of sex. Although I was practically four inches taller and stronger than Ryan, he was older and took control straight away. Barely had I had a chance to take in our location than Ryan roughly pushed me backwards onto his double bed and pounced on top of me. His lush pale pink lips docked on my lush red lips and began to passionately mash against them. His tongue then “forced” its way into my mouth and our tongues fenced or we sucked on each other’s tongue as if they were cocks. At the same time his hard erect cock started dry humping my own hard cock through the material of our shorts. Ryan’s football shirt was soaked with sweat and stank erotically of it musky aroma. My hands groped Ryan’s arse which was encased in his taut, sweat soaked, satiny footballs and it felt as firm and pert as it had looked as I watched it flex when he climbed up the stairs. This went on for a couple of minutes before I decided to show Ryan who was boss even though he was older and this was happening in his bedroom. Using my superior height and strength I flipped Ryan onto his back pounced on top of him, gripped his wrists and pinned his arms to the bed above his head. My groin and sports toned legs kept Ryan’s lower body pinned to his bed. He squirmed about trying to escape but he had no chance against me. With a slightly devious grin on my face I looked down at his. It had sexy oriental facial features but you could see it had been blended with Caucasian European traits, especially due to its lighter skin tone compared to most Japanese people. He had jet black hair and eyebrows. His dreamy dark brown eyes were so dark they were practically black. He had a short cute nose above lush pale pink lips. Then it was my turn to be the dominate kisser as I lustfully mashed my lush lips against his and forced my tongue into his mouth and dry humped my covered cock against his. After doing this for a bit I got off him and yanked down his sweat soaked football shorts and jockstrap at the same time to release his hard erotic cock and balls. Before Ryan had time to react my hands were pressing down on his naturally smooth chest to keep his upper body pinned to his mattress. My boy next door twink cute face gave Ryan a sly devious grin before burring itself in it. Ryan’s groin stank erotically of musky twink crotch sweat which isn’t quite as pungent as that of a full grown man’s crotch sweat. Straight away I sucked Ryan’s left bollock into my mouth and started sucking it and rolling it around my mouth. The deliciously salty flavour of Ryan’s crotch sweat fired off my taste buds as I drank in its aroma which is the best aphrodisiac for me. As I licked and sucked Ryan’s left ball I watched his hard cock throb on his light blue football shirt. Ryan’s cock left snail trails of clear pre-cum which contrasted with the light blue colour of his top. At the same time I watched Ryan’s dreamy dark eyes roll about with pleasure, heard his moans and groans of delight and admired the looks of contentment on his twink sexy face. As I did so I discretely lubed up my cock which was out of Ryan’s sight. When I had sucked Ryan’s left bollock clean of tasty salty crotch sweat I did the same to his right ball. As I did so his soft black pubes tickled my tongue, its flavour fired off my taste buds and I drank in the erotic stink of his crotch sweat. Once I had sucked that ball clean too I licked up the underside of Ryan’s thick, throbbing 7.5 inch cock to the uncut tip. His pale foreskin and peeled all the way back to expose his swollen pale pink tinged knob which glistened with clear pre-cum. My talented tongue then snaked all round his knob to scoop up his pre-cum which had a salty, slightly soy sauce flavour to it. My hands then pushed up the hem of Ryan’s sweat soaked, light blue football shirt to expose his flat firm stomach. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on it but nor was their any definition to it. Ryan’s stomach was pale with a hint of oriental colouring to it and had a thin treasure trail of short, soft jet black hairs running down from his navel into his small dense bush of naturally short pubes. Ryan’s pale chest was naturally hairless and had the faintest pencil line definition to it and studded with small pale pink pointy nipples. When I pushed Ryan’s football top off over his head I exposed his armpits. They had small tufts of sweat matted jet black hairs in them. Ryan’s arms were slender but with subtle shape. His forearms had the lightest smattering of jet black hairs which you only noticed when you saw them up close. Ryan was now naked except for his knee length football socks and his shorts and jockstrap which were bunched around his ankles. Burying my face in Ryan’s left armpit I began greedily licking it clean of delicious salty sweat. We looked at each other so lustfully and slutily as I did so. When I had licked Ryan’s left arm pit clean of sweat I did the same to his right, pausing to gently nibble each of of his small pointy nipples along the way. Ryan then pulled my face to his and began passionately kissing me, eager to taste his own sweat on my lips and tongue. Throughout all of this I had made sure my lubed up cock didn’t touch Ryan’s upper body as I didn’t want to give my plans away. Then I kissed and licked my way back down Ryan’s flat firm stomach to his groin. When there I admired Ryan’s thighs. They had the pale, slightly oriental tint to the colour of the skin as the rest of his body and had a light dusting of short jet black hairs. There wasn’t much definition to Ryan’s upper body but his thighs were more defined from all the football he played. They were fit, firm sexy thighs and my hands began caressing them as I went back to sucking his balls again even though I had already spit polished them clean of salty sweat. However Ryan’s jet black pubed groin still stank erotically of musky twink crotch sweat. Then I pushed up Ryan’s sports toned legs to expose his bare arse to my gaze for the first time. It was a sexy round shape with firm pert buttocks toned through sports. Like the rest of Ryan, his arse was pale but with a hint of oriental colouring and was lightly dusted with black bum fluff. When my deeply tanned hands parted Ryan’s pale pert buttocks I saw his arse crack was soaked with sweat and had some wispy black hairs in it. His arsehole was a pink tinged really light brown. It looked like it was going to be a really tight fit around my big fat cock when I finally rammed it in him ball deep. Ryan might have been just over four years my senior but I was so hyper-horny and in such a fuck mode I would have probably have screwed Margaret Thatcher. Despite that I decided to tease myself some more and postpone the intense sexual urges coursing through me. Because of that I set about rimming Ryan’s arse. To begin with it was with long licks of my talented tongue from the base of Ryan’s spine up to his balls. Mmm how the earthy salty flavour of Ryan’s arse crack sweat fired off my taste buds as my tongue licked up and down. it’s musky aroma flooded my nostrils and seemed to course straight down to my achingly hard cock and cum laden balls. Ryan’s tight pucker quivered every time my tongue dragged over it. Our lustful gazes remained locked as I rimmed his arse. He purred with pleasure and I muffled my our moans of contentment into his sweaty arse crack. Then my tongue homed in on Ryan’s arsehole and alternated Escort Eskişehir between circling around it, flicking over it or stabbing in and out as if my tongue was a little cock. Then entrance to Ryan’s arse tasted even better than the once sweaty outside. However the taste began to fade as my saliva diluted the delicious flavours and I needed new stimuli for my taste buds. Heading upwards I dragged my hot wet tongue from Ryan’s tasty arsehole, up over his balls and along the underside of his throbbing cock. Caressing Ryan’s fit thighs with my hands I used my mouth to suck his swollen knob into it and to pull his cock up off his flat firm abs into the vertical. With Ryan’s swollen uncut knob in my mouth I started strongly sucking it. As each of us looked at each other so lustfully I set about spit polishing Ryan’s bell end. As I strongly sucked Ryan’s swollen sensitive knob my talented tongue snaked around it, tickling the exposed crown or flicking the sensitive underside where his foreskin joined. Ryan rewarded me with moans and groans of pleasure and copious amounts of soy sauce flavoured free flowing pre-cum. My nose drank in the highly erotic aroma of his musky twink crotch sweat he had amassed from his football practise session. My eyes drank in the twink sexiness of Ryan’s Anglo-Japanese face and the lust in his dreamy dark eyes. There was the kinky thrill I had only just met him yet he was turned on enough by me to invite me back to his family home so we could vent our lust for each other. There was the risky thrill of what if one of his parents or sister came back and caught us. After sucking Ryan’s knob for a couple of minutes I swallowed his thick 7.5 inch cock right down to the jet black pubed base. A 7.5 inch cock on any man is a decent size but it looked even bigger on Ryan’s smaller sized body, not that it mattered when I had it in my mouth as it was the perfect fit. With my nose buried in his sweaty pubes his hot swollen knob plugged the back of my throat without making me gag. Ryan’s cock was a nice thickness and filled my mouth nicely and I savoured the heat and throbbing pulse of his cock in my stuffed full mouth. Then I set about giving Ryan a deep throat blow job. My tightly clamped, lush red lips wanked up and down the thick throbbing shaft of Ryan’s nicely veined 7.5 inch cock as my talented tongue tickled. There was so much pleasure for the both of us to enjoy even though it was Ryan who was getting the blow job. Although I was the one dishing it out, my lips tingled as they rapidly rubbed up and down Ryan’s thick veiny cock shaft. His soy sauce flavoured pre-cum fired off my taste buds as it pasted the full length of my tongue. My nose drank in the highly erotic aroma of his crotch sweat. My hands savoured caressing Ryan’s sports toned thighs which were lightly dusted with soft black hairs or fondling his cum laden balls encased in their tight sack. My eyes feasted themselves on Ryan’s sexy Anglo-Japanese mixed race face and his smooth shapeless but fit upper body. There was the submissive thrill I was using my oral sex skills to sexually service a slightly older lad on his double bed, which I noticed had some sex stains on it. It was also great that I was enjoying my eighth sexual partner of that day. As for Ryan he looked down to watch and admire his cock being sucked by a cute, blond haired, blue eyed boy, just shy of turning 17 years. He loved the wank job my tightly clamped lush red lips were giving his hot hard cock and the tickle my tongue was giving it. He savoured the hot wet suction action of my mouth working his hard erect cock. Ryan liked feeling my hands fondle his fit thighs or fondling his balls. Like me, playing sport or physical exercise made Ryan hyper-horny but it took me ten minutes to suck Ryan off. His sexy body started squirming more and more, his breathing became more laboured and his dreamy Anglo-Japanese face started scrunching up. “Fuck, I’m going to cum.” Ryan moaned as his back arched. My mouth then felt Ryan’s slightly thicker than average 7.5 inch cock swell in my mouth. It then began powerfully blasting eight large ropes of really thick, soy sauce salty spunk into my mouth which I let pool on my tongue to savour its delicious flavour. Ryan loudly moaned with each powerful ejaculation and his fit body shuddered at the intensity of his orgasm. It was such a turn on to have made a sexy older lad cum in my mouth. Being fucked up the arse is my favourite but sucking a guy off comes a very close second. When Ryan’s orgasm ended I pulled my cum laden mouth off his spent but still hard and throbbing cock and climbed up his body. We shared a passionate cum sharing kiss as our tongues fenced. Without Ryan’s knowledge I had lubed up my cock ready to fuck him. He let out a muffled moan of pain tinged pleasure when I forced my really thick 9.5 inch cock ball deep into his arse with one hard thrust. Ryan, like myself was used to being fucked by really big cocks but it is always slightly painful to start with. The best way is to fuck fast and hard rather than trying to take it slow and gentle, you need to fuck the other person over the pain barrier. That is what I did as I started fucking the hell out of Ryan who was lost in his intense orgasmic high. It was so hot for me. The twink sexiness of Ryan’s Anglo-Japanese face, topped with jet black hair and studded with dreamy dark eyes and lush pale pink lips filled my vision. His face had an expression of hard fucked pleasure, slightly tinged with mild pain. He grunted with deeply penetrated pleasure every time my really thick 9.5 inch cock bottomed out ball deep in his arse. Ryan’s really tight, very elastic arsehole was giving the long thick veiny shaft of my rapidly thrusting cock a great wank job. The hot wet tightness of Ryan’s arse soaked into the full length of my cock as I fucked him fast and hard. My swollen knob got an even tighter squeeze every time it slammed into the entrance to Ryan’s colon. He might have been more of a top but he knew how to work his arse muscles when getting fucked and flexed and squeezed them on my rapidly thrusting big thick teen boy cock to our mutual pleasure. There was the erotic stink of gay sex, all that musky manly sweat, pheromones and arse juice. It was kinky that I was fucking a lad just over four years my senior and we had only met less than an hour ago. As for Ryan he got to caress my subtly sculpted, smooth chest and tweak my bullet hard nipples. He looked up at my deeply tanned Alexander Ludwig-esque cute face. My face might have looked cute and innocent but Ryan was rapidly finding out I was far from it. His widely stretched arsehole buzzed as my thick 9.5 inch cock shaft rapidly sawed back and forth against it. The walls of his arse, his prostate and entrance to his colon ached with hard fucked pleasure. Ryan might have preferred to be the top but he loved the kinky submissive thrill of bottoming for a younger boy. Despite my intense horniness and Ryan’s stunning sexiness it took me about twenty minutes to cum. In that tine I fucked Ryan fast and hard as if he was a two bit whore. We both loved it and loudly moaned and groaned as we had no need to keep quiet. Then the pressure in my cum laden balls and all the pleasures and stimuli got too much for me and I couldn’t help hold back my orgasm any longer. The long deep hard thrusts of my really thick 9.5 inch cock turned into short and deep as my orgasm neared. My bulbous knob really battered the entrance to Ryan’s colon. “Cumming.” I moaned as I started blasting jet after jet of teen boy cum into Ryan’s hot wet, flexing and squeezing arse. My loud moans of sexual ecstasy and release mingled with Ryan’s purrs of well bred contentment. In total I pumped ten large ropes of cum into Ryan’s arse which he used to milk my balls dry. When I cum I cum big time with my sports toned body violently shuddering at the intensity of my orgasm as I loudly cried out and flooded Ryan’s arse full of cum. When my intense and copious orgasm ended I collapsed on top of Ryan in a sweaty heap with my big thick cock burying ball deep in his hot wet, tight and now cum splattered arse. Ryan continued to flex and squeeze his arse on my cock which continued to throb even though my balls had run dry. Ryan’s soft warm groped my sports toned arse as his face nuzzled the side of my neck. My entire body was on an intense orgasmic high. It savoured being pressed up against Ryan’s smooth sweaty body with his hot hard cock throbbing between our stomachs. Then it was Ryan’s turn to top and I pulled my still hard but spent cock from Ryan’s blissfully buggered arse. Rolling onto my back I pulled my sports toned legs into my chest and out to the sides, offering up my slutty schoolboy arse for Ryan to ravish. He got into the push up position above me with a lustful domineering leer on his really sexy face. Ryan knew how many times I had been bareback buggered that day so he didn’t bother to lube up his cock and just roughly rammed it ball deep into my arse. Ryan’s swollen uncut knob made my sex swollen sphincter sting when it harshly popped past it. That delightful burn was maintained as his slightly thicker than average, lightly veined 7.5 inch cock shaft sank in ball deep. My arse savoured the heat, throbbing pulse and stuffed feeling of having Ryan’s cock buried ball deep in my arse. Without a pause Ryan set about fucking the hell out of me and it was so delightful. There was the toe curling sting in my sex swollen sphincter as Ryan’s 7.5 inch cock rapidly sawed back and forth against it. His swollen knob pummelled the walls of my arse, punched my prostate and made the seven loads of cum already up there bubble. His jet black pubed groin gave my firm pert upturned buttocks a great spanking. My hands savoured caressing Ryan’s smooth sweaty, subtly sculpted upper body and tweaking his small pink pointy nipples. There was the kinky thrill I was being such a slut and letting an older lad fuck me who I had only just met and he was my eighth gay partner of the day. My eyes feasted themselves on the twink cuteness of Ryan’s Anglo-Japanese face with its expression of lust and sexual pleasure. Our moans and groans of sexual pleasure echoed in the room which stank erotically of twink gay sex. As I had already sucked Ryan off it took him even longer to cum a second time. He gave me a long rough hard fuck before he was ready to breed my bitch boy arse. Ryan continued to fuck me fast and hard as his intense orgasm hit. My highly receptive arse felt Ryan’s cock swell and then pulse as it powerfully blasted eight large ropes of cum into my already cum laden boy cunt. To fuel and prolong Ryan’s orgasm I continued to use my well trained arse muscles to flex and squeeze Ryan’s rapidly thrusting, orgasming cock. Ryan loudly moaned with intense orgasmic ecstasy as I loudly purred with well bred contentment as my arse got seeded for an eighth time that day. Ryan then collapsed on top of me to savour his orgasmic high and I continued to work my arse muscles on his spent cock. When he had recovered Ryan pulled his cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt. We then parted company but it wouldn’t be the last time I had sex with with Ryan and I found out just what an incestuous family he came from on our later meetings. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquillium under prolific authors

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: A Trial Of Strength – Part 108 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 108 By Rob Williams IN THIS CHAPTER: Pablo is back; the repercussions begin. First he begs Darius, “Do it hard, man. Punish me … I need it.” Then Randy thrashes Hassan. “I’m gonna fucking kill you, you son-of-a-bitch. I’m the boss here, asshole. You’re finished.” The shirtless soldier crawls beaten in the dirt. Finally Randy confronts Pablo. “You say you behaved like a cheap hustler in that motel? Well show me, boy. Show me what you did.” ************** I welcome your comments and suggestions, guys as they can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. I always reply. ALSO, I urge you to visit my Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, all the many chapters, with extras, including some great artwork. Click on the `Our Story’ tab to read it chapter by chapter. Enjoy! ***************** A TRIAL OF STRENGTH � CHAPTER 108 � “Painful Repercussions” The desolate young kid huddled on a bench outside Union Station bore no resemblance to the cocky, tough young guy who had sat next to Hassan in his jeep less than twenty-four hours earlier. On the drive down to Camp Pendleton Pablo had been exhilarated sitting shoulder to shoulder with the handsome, muscular soldier. But the journey back was as different as night from day as, all alone, he had stared miserably out of the train window. There is nothing like watching the outside world slide past the window of a moving train to make a person reflect on his life, melancholy as his thoughts might be. Pablo’s mind wandered over the events of the previous evening, when everything had gone dramatically wrong and his illusions of the Marines and Hassan had crumbled. Thank God for the money Bob had slipped into his pocket the day before, which enabled him to buy a train ticket back to L.A. He had escaped just in time … but escaped to what? Where was he headed? … to a world that had once been warm and welcoming but that would now shun him for sure. He had betrayed Randy and no doubt offended Darius, Mark and Jamie. Thank God that when he called the house it was Bob who had answered … “Stay right where you are, Pablo. I’ll be right there … don’t worry, kiddo. You’re gonna be fine. I’ll take care of you.” Bob … that gorgeous, kind, gentle man who never criticized him and just maybe might be the one guy who wouldn’t criticize him even now in spite of all his shameful behavior. Just then he saw, sweeping through the gates of the station forecourt, Bob’s big black Mercedes. His immense relief was tinged by fear of the unknown reception he was about to get. *************** As the Mercedes slid up to the curb Pablo pulled himself to his feet and took a deep breath. Bob’s first sight of him was heartbreaking, this proud young kid in a torn T-shirt standing to attention trying to retain some shreds of dignity in what had to be a humiliating situation. Bob jumped out of the car and walked round it toward the boy. When Pablo saw the beautiful man, stunning in jeans and a plain white T-shirt, all attempts at dignity crumbled and he fell into Bob’s outstretched arms. He felt the muscular arms enfold him and knew, finally, that he was safe. Bob felt the hard young body trembling against him, whether because he was cold, afraid, or stifling sobs he couldn’t tell. He only knew that he had to get him home fast. Wordlessly they clung together, when suddenly Bob heard a voice. “You’ll have to move your car … can’t park here, it’s a red zone.” Over Pablo’s shoulder Bob saw the security guard and his eyes blazed in that devastating executive stare that had withered many men in its time. The guard was taken aback by the strikingly handsome man and stammered, “Oh, sorry, sir. Take your time … sorry, sir.” “Come on kiddo,” Bob said in Pablo’s ear, “let’s get out of here. I have a shirt in the car for you.” A few seconds later the Mercedes was gliding out thought the gates headed for the freeway and Pablo was wrapped in a warm flannel shirt. There was silence at first, except for the soft purring of the engine. Bob thought it best to let Pablo take the lead in his own time, but when his words tumbled out they were hesitant, fragmented. “Thank you, sir … I’m sorry I … it was all my fault, sir … I think I lost my mind. I thought I was in love with Hassan … but then there was this other Marine … he…. he tried to rape me in the motel … but I fought him off, sir, and ran away.” “Where did you spend the night, Pablo?” “I slept on the beach, sir. I’d left my wallet and cell phone in the motel but then I found the $40 you gave me … thank you, sir, it saved me. I caught the train and then called you when I got here, sir. If it hadn’t been for you I …” His voice trailed off into a sob and Bob put his arm round him. “Sshh, Pablo. Plenty of time for explanations later. Right now you need a hot shower and sleep.” “But, sir … what about … about Randy … I know he won’t want me anymore and that I’ll have to leave the house, but could you tell him I’m … not hurt or anything?” “Don’t worry, kid, I’ll take care of all that. We’ll be home in a minute. ************** It was not long before Pablo was stepping out of the shower into his bedroom, wrapped in a big, warm towel. Bob had pulled from a drawer a clean T-shirt and boxers and Pablo dried himself and put them on. Before he got into bed he put his arms round Bob once again. “Sir,” he said softly, “when I leave the house I hope … well, I’d like to see you again sometime sir. I know Randy won’t want me but I’d like to stay friends with you, sir, if you think …” Bob smiled at him. “Pablo, I’ll always be in your life no matter what. I’m hard to shake off, kiddo. But don’t think about all that now. Get into bed and try to sleep. Things’ll look better when you’re not so tired. And don’t worry … I’ll get word to Randy.” Pablo fell into bed and pulled the covers up round his neck. Immediately he felt exhaustion envelope him like a heavy blanket, and as he closed his eyes he murmured, “Sir, I forget, did I say thank you yet for everything you … for being there for me? I … I love you, sir.” And then he fell asleep. *************** Bob walked across the lawn to his office upstairs where Jamie was working. The boy knew something was up but was confused and looked at Bob in concern. “Pablo’s home,” Bob said. “He came back on the train.” “What happened, sir? What about Hassan? Where’s Hassan.” Jamie felt a special intimacy with Hassan as he was Mark’s friend, and he had resented Pablo taking off with him. “There’s a lot to work out, Jamie, and you can help. I know Mark is at work but try to contact him if you can. Tell him that Pablo’s home and see if he can get word to Hassan. Hassan must be really worried right around now. Tell him Pablo’s OK. I’m gonna call Randy.” Jamie looked at him with the trace of a smile. “Good luck, sir.” “Yeah, Bob sighed. “We’re gonna need a lot of that round here in the next few days.” ************* “Is he hurt?” were Randy’s first words when Bob called him at the construction site. “No, he’s fine … physically at least.” “What happened?” “Hard to say, exactly. He was a bit incoherent. Seems Hassan took him to a motel and there was another Marine who …” “… who what, dammit?” “Well, he may have tried to rape him …” “Son-of-a-bitch.” “… but it seems Pablo fought him off …” “Of course he did.” “… and he ran away and spent the night on the beach. He caught the train home and he’s in bed now, asleep. No need for you to come home … he’ll sleep for a long while, I think.” When Randy snapped his phone shut he paced around the construction site deep in thought, his fists clenched. He was a mass of conflicting emotions … relief that Pablo was safe most of all, but still with residual anger and profound disappointment that the boy had left him and chosen Hassan instead. Hassan! That was what dominated his mind more than anything … his blind rage at what the man had done. But right now his concern was for Pablo. Pride made it impossible for Randy to go to him. He was not sure what he felt about their future together … even if they still had one. He could not forgive him right now, that was for sure. Still, he knew his boy, knew how desolate he must be feeling, and what he needed at this moment was some kind of forgiveness from someone. Suddenly he walked over to Darius who was working on the site that day. “Hey, punk. I’m giving you the rest of the day off. Get your ass back home and go look after your friend. He came home alone and it seems he’s had a pretty rough time. So right around now he could use a friendly face and a warm pair of arms. Go take care of him.” “Yes, sir! Thank you, sir. I’m right on it.” Darius raced off the site, jumped into his truck and sped away.” *************** As Pablo had guessed, Darius had been a bit wounded when Pablo had fallen in lust with Hassan and abandoned Darius and all his friends to go away with him. So Darius was not sure how he would feel about his lover when he saw him. The house was quiet when he reached home. He assumed that Bob and Jamie were working in the office so he went quietly up to the bedroom he shared with Pablo. He stared down at the Diyarbakır Escort bed and any feelings of animosity instantly evaporated. Pablo was tossing restlessly in his sleep. In the warmth of the room he had thrown off his T-shirt and shorts and his naked body shone with a gleam of sweat. He moaned softly and his face looked pinched and troubled. But in spite of that he looked beautiful as ever. Moving instinctively Darius kicked off his work boots, dropped his jeans and pulled off his shirt. He lowered himself gently onto the bed, pressed his naked body against his friend and put his arms round him. He felt his buddy stir, then turn towards him, and slowly Pablo’s eyes opened. He blinked uncertainly, then said, “Darius … it’s you.” “Course it is, dude. The boss said you’re in trouble, so here I am.” He kissed him lightly on the lips and reached round to feel his cock. “Come on, dude … say you’re pleased to see me.” Pablo was still groggy. “But I thought you wouldn’t want … I mean, after what I did and all. I thought you’d walk out on me … never forgive me.” Darius grinned. “Walk out on you and that gorgeous ass of yours? … Never! As for forgiveness … well, we’ll have to work on that. Probably depends on how good your story is about your trip down south.” He squeezed him. “And I do want all the details, kid, every last one. But right now I’m supposed to be making you feel good … and there’s only one sure way I know how to do that … speaking of your ass.” Gently he turned Pablo round onto his stomach and knelt astride him. He looked down at the rounded globes of his ass, ran his hands over them, then pressed his hands down on the small of Pablo’s back. “Well, evidently no damage to your ass, thank God. Gotta keep your assets intact and that, dude, is one awesome fucking asset. You know I have to fuck it, don’t you?” “Yes, sir. Please, sir,” Pablo mumbled, his face buried in his pillow. Darius was right. At this moment Pablo wanted to put everything else out of his mind and give himself to his lover … and his ten-inch dick. He felt the head press between the cheeks of his ass, then glide in slowly, deeper and deeper until the head passed over the inner sphincter and touched the secret place that always sent tongues of fire through his body. They had fucked so often that Darius usually found some inventive way to make it feel new and different every time. Usually his talent for fantasy took off, his words were raunchy, and he pounded hard. But this time it was quite different, as there was none of that. This was the gentlest, most loving fuck Pablo could ever remember from Darius. It was as if Darius was massaging the hurt away as his cock tenderly stroked inside the velvet ass. Pablo felt the cock pull out, then slowly reenter him, inch by inch by inch, endlessly, until it came to rest deep inside him. He had not realized how tender Darius could be, how he could use that huge cock as a caress rather than a battering ram. Pablo felt all his tension, all his fears, melt away as a glow suffused his body. His pushed his ass upward, eager to feel every inch of his lover’s cock inside him. “That’s it, kiddo,” Darius whispered. “Now show me how much you still love me.” Pablo smiled into his pillow and, taking a deep breath, squeezed his ass tight around the long, hard rod. It was almost as if he was denying Darius entry and the feeling was sensational for both of them as the rod slid implacably between the clenched membrane of the tight ass. “Oh, God, that feels awesome dude. Man, your ass is so fucking tight. But you can’t keep me out. That big hard dick can penetrate your beautiful ass however tight you squeeze it. Come on, harder, kiddo. Squeeze my dick harder … it feels amazing.” Pablo had never felt the union between cock and ass as intensely as this. All sensation, every fiber of his body, was centered in his ass as it was penetrated by the huge shaft. Suddenly Pablo relaxed his muscles and Darius knew what his lover wanted. “You want it hard now, dude?” “Yes, sir. Please … real hard. Punish me … I need it.” “OK, kiddo. Stand by for the big finish.” This was punishment and forgiveness all in one. Darius pulled all the way out, his trembling cock paused, then plunged back into the ass like a piston rod. Pablo screamed into the pillow as the rod smashed against the back of his ass, then pulled out and pierced him again, then again, endlessly. His body was being pinioned to the bed by the black stake driving mercilessly into him. The pain was intense, but he gloried in it. This is what he wanted, the punishment he needed for having deserted his lover. He was back home… and Darius was inside him. He knew now that Darius would not leave him. His healing process had begun. Darius’s face and body were streaming with sweat now as he hammered his lover’s ass savagely. He loved that gorgeous ass, and he loved the boy. They were perfect together. As his body heaved Darius said breathlessly, “You know what we said about working on forgiveness? Well this is me working on it, dude. You wanna see how much I forgive you?” “Yes, sir,” Pablo breathed heavily. “Yes, sir … show me.” “This much…” Darius yelled, and he buried his cock in deep once last time and blasted a huge load of hot juice in the bowels of his lover’s ass. He pulled out and plunged it in again, with another explosion of cum. Pablo screamed and his own cock erupted under him, soaking the sheets in cum, a spectacular release of all the tension that had built up in him since yesterday. He pushed his ass upward, wanted more of his lover’s juice and he got it, streaming out in one of the longest orgasms Darius had ever known. At last they came to rest and in a few minutes Pablo was lying exhausted in his lover’s arms. He gazed into Darius’s green eyes and asked softly. “Was that forgiveness?” “It sure as hell was,” Darius said, “and a whole lot else besides. Now go back to sleep, dude and I’ll stay here with you.” He grinned. “And when we wake up I’m gonna forgive you all over again.” A few minutes later Bob quietly opened the door to check on Pablo and stopped in surprise as he saw him in Darius’s arms, both of them fast asleep. He was confused for a moment, then realized what had happened. When he had got Bob’s phone call Randy’s pride wouldn’t let him come and comfort Pablo … a hint of forgiveness … so he had done the next best thing … sent Darius. And as it turned out that was the perfect solution. Bob smiled as he thought of Randy, shook his head and murmured, “You son-of-a-bitch.” ***************** But by then Randy had put Bob, Pablo and Darius out of his mind, everything…except Hassan. The construction crew had never seen him like this. Usually so hands-on he now seemed totally disconnected from the work going on around him. He paced, clenched his fists, and saw only one thing … Hassan’s face. His anger was notorious but the fury he felt now was different … deeper. Sure, he was angry that Hassan had (as Randy believed) enticed Pablo away with him then abandoned him and let him get hurt. That was bad enough, but Randy had many times exacted revenge on guys who hurt any one of his buddies. No, this time was different, more personal. Hassan was a beautiful man, muscular, exotically handsome, powerful, and right from the first Randy had regarded him as a threat, a challenge to his supremacy. In his mind Hassan had challenged him by taking away one of his most prized possessions, Pablo, his boy, his adopted son. Hassan had triumphed over him, and in front of the whole group of guys at the house. Randy couldn’t let that challenge go unpunished. He was the boss … always was, always had to be … and this man had dared to humiliate him in front of his buddies. This was not simply revenge for hurting his boy. This was a burning need to establish his own supremacy and make the man crawl in submission. And so all afternoon he was obsessed by thoughts of brutal retribution. His instinct was to drive straight down to Camp Pendleton and confront Hassan, obliterate him. But even through his blinding rage he knew that if he busted his way into the Marine Base he would be arrested as a terrorist. But there had to be a way. “Hey boss, we’ve finished over there. What’s next?” The voice of the foreman broke into his raging thoughts and he looked up bewildered. “What? Oh, yeah, right. Er … listen, it’s four o’clock. No sense starting a new project now. Why don’t you guys cut out. I’ll lock up.” “You OK, boss?” “Yeah, sure. I, er, just got a few things to sort out.” Soon Randy was pacing round an empty site, planning, fuming. He couldn’t get Hassan’s damn face out of his mind … And then suddenly … there it was! … the face, the body, the man! He was staring at Hassan. He heard his voice. “Listen, Randy. I had to come up here see you as soon as I heard. I’ve come to explain, to apologize. And I’ve brought back Pablo’s wallet and phone that he left behind.” There was complete silence. Randy frowned as if he almost didn’t believe what he was seeing … the big, muscular soldier in khaki T-shirt and fatigue pants, and heavy combat boots. But it was! It was him, standing there as bold as a beacon. And suddenly all the pent-up rage spilled Diyarbakır Escort Bayan over, all he could see was his enemy … and the still air was shattered by a roar as Randy lunged forward and clamped his hands round Hassan’s throat. He was totally out of control as he screamed. “I’ll kill you … I’m gonna fucking kill you. I hate your fucking guts, you bastard, and I’m gonna fucking kill you!” Taken completely by surprise Hassan gripped Randy’s wrists trying to pull them apart, but they were like steel vises. He had never felt such animal strength and his eyes opened wide, veins standing out in his neck and face. He couldn’t speak … he was choking. Unable to break the stranglehold he stepped backward, pulling Randy with him. But Randy lifted him so his feet were off the ground and shook him like a dog shakes a rat. Hassan’s face was wild with fear, his muscular body hung helplessly as Randy held him suspended by the neck in a death grip. Hassan felt himself being propelled backward until his back crashed against an old, disused concrete wall. Randy slammed his body against it again and again and he was close to the end when suddenly the weak concrete crumbled and the men crashed to the ground with concrete falling around them. Randy lost the stranglehold and although Hassan was weakened, he instinctively smashed his fist against Randy’s jaw and sent him sprawling. Both men crawled, stunned, in the dirt and eventually staggered to their feet. Randy was about to charge him again when something made him stop. Hassan was standing with his arms outstretched, leaving his body vulnerable. “OK, man, here I am,” he said. “I had this coming, and I knew it. I did wrong … I hurt your boy. I deserve everything you can throw at me. But punish me, man, not the boy. Punish me.” Randy shook his head in disbelief. But he barely heard the words, drowned out by the pitch of his rage. He walked forward and smashed his fist across Hassan’s cheek, then the other, then again … and again. Hassan staggered backward with each blow but without resistance, determined to take the beating he felt he deserved. But his gritty endurance, his ability to stand his ground and take the beating infuriated Randy even more. “Come on asshole, fight me!” He slammed a vicious fist in Hassan’s stomach and then, as he doubled over, smashed an uppercut into his face. Hassan’s head flew backward, his body arched upward, his feet left the ground and he crashed down into the dirt. Randy was on him in an instant, kneeling over him. He grabbed the neck of his T-shirt and hauled his face up, smashing the back of his hand against it from side to side. He watched with satisfaction as the handsome, dark exotic face flew helplessly from side to side. Finally Randy stood up without releasing the shirt and with one heave ripped it clean off his body. He gazed down at the body, stripped to the waist now, and saw the tortured muscles gleaming beneath him. Incapable of conscious thought Randy reached blindly for a length of rope hanging from a beam, coiled it round his fist and raised his arm. “You fucker,” he screamed. “You mother-fucking son-of-a-bitch. I’m the boss here, asshole and Pablo is my boy. You’re nothing! You’re finished, man.” His arm flashed downward and Hassan screamed as he felt the rope bite into his chest. Immediately another blow fell across his shoulders, then another across his flexed abs. Frantically he twisted away in a futile effort to escape, but he felt the rope burn against his back. The shirtless soldier writhed desperately in the dirt, half rising to his feet, stumbling a few yards, then crashing back to the ground, his body writhing in pain from the brutal, burning lash of the rope. His body was on fire, covered in welts and bruises, sweating, filthy as he flexed his gleaming muscles against the onslaught. On his stomach now the once proud, powerful muscle-god crawled sobbing through the dirt, in abject humiliation and defeat, like a beaten animal, trying frantically to escape his torturer towering over him. “STOP!” Hassan dimly heard the shout but Randy was oblivious. He raised his arm to strike again but felt his wrist grabbed and immobilized. He whirled round to see Mark holding him, and Bob behind him. “Stop,” Bob pleaded again. “Not like this, man … you’ve got it wrong. It’s not what you think.” ************** After Pablo had woken up and was having dinner in the kitchen he had opened up to Bob, telling him the whole story (with Darius listening wide-eyed.) He confessed that most of the blame belonged with himself. He had seduced Hassan, who had done all he could to make him abandon his idea of the Marines. Hassan had been cold to him, trying to turn him off him. “And it worked,” Bob now said to Randy. “Pablo’s home and regrets everything he did.” “And what the fuck are your two doing here?” Randy growled through rasping breaths. “Mark called Hassan and told him Pablo was home. Hassan insisted on coming to see you to try and make things right again … to explain, apologize. When Mark came home and told me that, I knew you would go apeshit and I was right. Thank God we came here in time. You could have killed him.” “I should have,” Randy grunted, starting to calm down and beginning to see things in a more rational light. “I’ve gotta see the kid, see what he has to say for himself. Better take care of him,” throwing the rope down across the naked, bruised chest of the man lying in the dust. “I’m not finished with him yet.” And he strode off the site. ************ Bob and Mark half carried Hassan to the truck and drove him to Zack’s house. Zack helped them get Hassan into the shower and then into the guest room bed. Mark checked him over and was relieved that there were no broken bones … just welts and bruises. The twins were assigned to keep watch over him and bring him whatever he wanted in the way of food, drink. When Bob finally reached his own house he found Randy nursing a beer at the kitchen table, staring morosely into the distance. Bob sat down facing him. “Look, Randy,” he said, “it’s I who should apologize. It’s my fault `cause I’m the one who agreed that Hassan should take Pablo down to Pendleton. That was bad advice.” “Will you shut the fuck up?” Randy glared at him. “I’m sick to death of everyone trying to take responsibility, including you, asshole.” When he saw Bob flinch Randy sighed and grabbed his hand. “Oh, Jesus, I’m sorry, man. Not you … I shouldn’t be attacking you of all people. It’s thanks to you that the boy got home at all, and you’ve been a real friend to him. But I’m not sure how I feel about the boy, whether I can ever forgive him. I gotta go see him, sort things out.” He touched Bob’s face. “Buddy, I hope we’re still OK though all this, you and me. Bob smiled. “We’re OK through anything, Randy. Always will be. Listen, why don’t I spend the night with the twins in their house? They need some reassurance after all this. Pablo’s already had dinner and is keeping to his room but I can tell him to report to you if you like and you’ll have privacy to say whatever you want … to do whatever you want.” Randy stared deep into Bob’s eyes. “God, man, what would I do without you?” Bob smiled. “Well, you’ll never have to find that out, will you, buddy? I guarantee.” ************** After having a bite to eat Randy wearily climbed the stairs to his room. Pablo was already there, standing ramrod straight with his hands clasped behind his back, staring straight ahead. Even motionless and silent his fear and trepidation were palpable. In fact he was terrified, knowing this would be a pivotal moment in his life, most likely a devastating one. But Randy ignored him. He pulled off his work clothes, ripped and filthy from the fight, and headed straight for the shower. It seemed like an eternity to Pablo, but eventually Randy returned, drying himself off. He threw the towel over a chair, pulled a clean white tank top from a drawer and pulled it on. He threw himself onto the bed, on his back, his hands clasped behind his head. And now, at last, he looked at his boy standing against the wall facing him. Pablo wilted under the piercing gaze and his instinct was to run from the room and out of his master’s life. But the sight of this glorious muscle god, his master, wearing nothing but a white tank stretched over his chest, stiffened his resolve … and, incredibly, his cock too, despite all his fear and apprehension. So he stifled his fears and stood his ground. There was a long silence before Randy spoke in a steely voice resonant with barely controlled anger. “OK. Everyone’s trying to claim responsibility for all this bullshit. Let’s hear your side of the story, boy … all of it.” Pablo stood at attention and took a deep breath. “Sir, they are wrong to take the blame. Everything was my fault … all of it. See, I lost my mind over Hassan. He was so beautiful I was infatuated … fell in lust with him. I didn’t care about the Marines … I wasn’t thinking straight. I just wanted to be with him. That’s why I asked him to take me to Pendleton. See, I was determined to go for what I wanted and get it, just as you taught me, sir.” Randy stiffened. “So this is all my fault!” “No, sir. I didn’t mean that. Anyway, Hassan Escort Diyarbakır showed me all over the camp as he promised, the good and the bad of it, but it was against the rules for me to stay the night there so he rented a motel room in Oceanside. And …” his voice faltered, but he cleared his throat and continued, “… and that’s where I seduced him, sir.” “Did he fuck you?” Startled, Pablo blinked hard, then answered evenly. “Yes, sir. Twice, sir.” “Son-of-a-bitch,” Randy growled. “But it wasn’t his fault, sir. Like I said I seduced him. When he was in the shower I went in after him and asked him to soap my back and … and my ass …” “Which he ended up fucking.” “Yes, sir. But after he shot his load in me I think he was angry and he went and dried off. But I wanted more and when I left the shower I paraded around and flaunted my body like … like a low-rent hustler. I know how to turn men on, sir, as you … as you know, sir … and Hassan couldn’t resist and fucked me again. After that I told him …” his voice faltered again and became weak “… I told him I wanted to stay with him … wanted to be his boy.” He saw Randy clench his fists and close his eyes in pain. “But that made Hassan really angry, sir, and he took me straight out to a bar where there were lots of Marines … real grungy ones … and we went back to the motel with one of them.” “The bastard,” Randy snarled. “No, sir. I realize now what Hassan was doing. He was trying to turn me off the Marines and off him … and it worked sir … a bit too well. Hassan went out for ten minutes to get beer and the other guy, he … he tried to rape me. But I thought of you, sir, of everything you taught me, and I fought back and ran out of the motel. But I had left my wallet and cell-phone there so I slept on the beach. In the morning I found $40 that Bob had stuffed into my pocket the day before, so I was able to buy a train ticket. And Bob picked me up at Union Station and … Suddenly the flood of words dried up, his head fell forward and his body drooped from the exhaustion of his confession. When he looked up he couldn’t understand the mix of conflicting emotions that he saw in his master’s eyes. “Sir,” Pablo said softly. “I know I have to be punished for everything I did. I want you to tie me up and whip me, sir.” Randy’s eyes blazed. “So now you get to dictate what you want! You betray me, humiliate me, tell another man you want to be his boy and now you get to choose your punishment! You’re still out of your fucking mind, boy. Still, you’re right about one thing … you will be punished, but not the way you think. I won’t tie you up, won’t whip you. You’d enjoy that. No, I’m not gonna lay a finger on you. I’m gonna stay right here on the bed.” ************** There was a long silence as Randy considered his next move. “You know me … I always try to make the punishment fit the crime. It’s what I did with that shithead Hassan when I beat him to a fucking pulp this afternoon, but for you it’ll be different. You know how a good fight always makes me hot and horny and normally I’d come home and fuck your ass. But that ain’t gonna happen this time.” “No, sir,” Pablo whispered. “But I still have to get my rocks off somehow. Now, you said you behaved like a cheap hustler in that motel. Well show me, boy. Show me what you did. You gave Hassan a performance, and now it’s my turn. Turn me on the same as you did him.” Pablo blinked in confusion. But then he understood. He understood that his punishment would be almost unbearable. He was still filled with shame about what he had done and it had been hard to confess to Randy. But now he had to show him? He had to become a cheap rent-boy again … in front of the man who was his hero. But he knew he had to do it. Slowly he pulled his T-shirt over his head, held it for a moment, then tossed it across the room in the exaggerated moves of a stripper. He kicked off his sneakers, unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop. He bent down, picked them up and tossed them across the room as he had his shirt. Then he started to walk around the room naked. He picked up the towel Randy had thrown on the chair and wrapped it round his waist. He walked over to the bathroom door, then turned as if he was coming from the shower, as he had with Hassan. He turned his back, then slowly, very slowly, lowered the towel down from his waist, pulled it from side to side over the mounds of his ass, then suddenly let it drop to the floor. He heard Randy gasp as he gazed on the perfect white globes. Pablo ran his hands seductively over his own ass, then turned to face Randy. He was blushing scarlet with shame and humiliation. He saw Randy stroking his rigid cock and his mind flashed on all the times he had felt it inside him. But not now. His master was going to beat off just looking at him. “Come on, you little hustler. That all you got? What, you want music or something?” Pablo’s humiliation was complete as he ran his hands over his chest, down over the ridges of his stomach, down over his hard cock, and then he squeezed his thighs and flared his lats. After that he brought his fingers to his mouth, licked them and lowered them to his nipples, stroking them lightly, moaning as he threw his head back in ecstasy. By this time Randy was close. The boy was stunningly beautiful, and he was right … he did know exactly how to turn a man on. “Touch your cock, boy,” he said quietly. “Let me see you jack off … just don’t shoot before I do. Come on, boy, imagine this huge prick of mine sliding inside you. Imagine it pounding that sweet ass.” Pablo pinched his nipple with one hand and beat his meat with the other. He was building to a frenzy as he gazed at his master and imagined getting his ass fucked by him. He was longing to cum but he held back as ordered. He watched spellbound as Randy’s gorgeous body flexed as he pounded his meat harder and harder. He saw the body shudder and heard the gasp as the muscle-god blasted a long ribbon of white juice over his own chest and face. An instant later Pablo’s body went stiff and his cock exploded with a river of cum that splashed on the floor in front of him. Even after the exhilaration of orgasm Pablo still felt cheap and degraded at the humiliating show he had put on. But there was worse to come … his punishment was not over. Randy growled, “OK, boy, like any cheap hustler you can leave now that I’ve got my rocks off. Isn’t that what you guys do?” He saw the stab of pain in his boy’s eyes. “But if you decide to stay you have to stay right there. You stand by the wall facing me, hands behind your back. You don’t move until you’re too tired to stand, and then you can sleep on the floor.” Without another word Randy snapped off the light, turned on his side and slept. ************** Pablo stood motionless, his eyes fixed on his master as he slept. This was his penance, and he welcomed it. This was his chance to purge the shame and guilt he felt, to show the man he worshipped that he was still loyal, still his boy. And so he stood as the minutes stretched into hours. Randy slept soundly for a long time, but finally began to toss and turn in bed. Sweating, he pulled off the cum-soaked tank and, and looked at the clock … 2am. Then his eyes opened in astonishment. The boy had not left the room, had not curled up on the floor. He was still standing in exactly the same position facing him, staring at him. Randy was swept by a wave of admiration and love for the boy. God, he was a tough young kid … still on his feet. Disgraced, humiliated, he refused to give up, determined to salvage some shreds of dignity, to prove himself. This was truly his boy … his beautiful, brave, resilient boy. Randy melted and opened his arms. “Come here, kiddo.” With the whimper of a lost animal that has just found its parent Pablo stumbled forward and lowered himself beside the body of his master, letting himself be folded in his arms. Randy cradled him in silence for a long time, then pushed back and smiled at him. “You sure know how to turn a guy on, kid. But there’s one thing you never told me … how you fought off that goon who tried to rape you.” Pablo came alive and his eyes shone. “Well, sir, it was like this. He was real big and heavy so I pretended to go along with it for a minute. Just as he was about to push inside me I slammed the soles of my feet against his chest and pushed him away. But he bounced back and stood over me again, and I remembered what you had taught me, sir.” “The balls!” “That’s right, sir. I brought my leg up and crashed my foot into his balls. As he fell to his knees I used my signature move, sir, my double-forearm smash, on his neck and back.” “Good work, kid. Did that finish him?” “Not quite, sir, he was tough. So I kicked him over and stomped on his stomach, then just to make sure I kicked his balls again. I grabbed my shorts and high-tailed it out of there.” By this time Randy was laughing and squeezed the young body tightly against him. “That’s my boy,” he said. “A chip off the old block. I’m proud of you, kiddo … for that part anyway. As for the rest … well, it’s over. You know how I am … it’s in the past, and that’s that.” “And I’m still your boy, sir?” “Damn right you are, and I’ll give you a chance to prove it. See, I’m not finished with Hassan yet, and you’re gonna help me show him who’s top man around here once and for all.” Pablo tried to think about that, but within minutes he was sound asleep in Randy’s arms. ************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” … Part 109.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.
(This is a parallel story to “Schoolie”, but through different eyes.)
This chapter aligns, partially, with Chapter 41 of “Schoolie”.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 22:

Huckleberry Finn finishes off our night. Hearing about how Huck”s violent father treated him so badly makes me feel really sad for William.

William had no father and a drunken mother. Sort of the other way `round to Huck, who had no mother and a drunken father.

I would really love it for him, if William had a Dad like ours! I think that my next Christmas wish has just been sorted out; that he could have someone to love him and hug him and tuck him into bed at night and kiss him and look after him.

My dreams are all about Mr Grant, and I wake up wet.



Chapter 23 � A Girlfriend Causes Problems

Monday. Back-to-School Day. It”s really good to see everyone again.

Mr Grant and William look very happy. I”m glad.

We boys all go through the routine of fist-bumping each other, even with David and little Eric.

Without trying to make it too obvious in front of the other kids, I smile and say, “It”s good to see you again too, Mr Grant.” Nobody, apart from William and Karl knows that I only saw him yesterday. And even they aren”t aware of exactly how much of him that I saw. LOL.

“Good morning, everyone,” Mr Grant says in the classroom.

“Good morning Mr Grant,” we all chant back to him together.

We spend a lot of time listening to what everyone did during the holidays.

When David has told us what he and Eric did with their grandparents, he pauses and hesitantly puts the question: “Mr Grant, did, um, William, you know…? Did your girlfriend…?”

Mr Grant saves him the embarrassment of asking. “What you want to know, David, is could my girlfriend tell us apart, and did she kiss him?”

Everyone giggles.

Smiling, Mr Grant passes the buck. “Why don”t you tell them, William?”

“Not once!” he says, pouting, in the worst acting that I”ve ever seen! David looks disappointed that there was no kissing.

However, I heard a totally different message, and by their faces, so did Karl, Jake and Jane.

After a pause, William turns off the pout, smiles cheekily and adds, “Not once, but three times!” He raises and lowers his eyebrows multiple times.

The whole class erupts in hoots and cheers. Jake whistles. Karl and I join in by slapping the desk.

When the noise dies down, David asks, “What did you say, Mr Grant?”

“I didn”t say much, David,” Mr Grant says for David”s benefit and for everyone else”s. “But I did take him down to the ocean and fed him to the sharks!”

All Erzincan Escort of the little kids gasp.

“Did they eat him?” little Susanna asks, sounding very concerned.

“Yep. All of him,” Mr Grant tells her.

You can tell by the stunned looks on the little kids” faces that something doesn”t add up. Like, if the shark ate him, how can he be here?

Then Mr Grant adds, “And he tasted so bad that the big shark spat him back out and told me to keep him!”

That”s the cause of even greater laughter. Jake slaps William on the back and tells him, “The shark thought you tasted like shit.” Then he quickly apologises to those who heard him.

We `big boys” see William bite his own arm then turn around and show it to the younger ones. “See, Susanna, I still have the marks where it tasted me!” he says. There are more gasps. We seniors chuckle to one another about the little kids falling for such a trick!

I”ll bet that, tonight, they”ll all be telling their parents the story of `William and the Shark” and say that it has to be true, `because Mr Grant said so”!

William continues to tell us the highlights of his stay with Mr Grant”s parents. Surfing. Computer shop. Theme parks. Famous Italian restaurant. “And there”s more,” he whispers to us `big boys”. “Tell you later.”

Karl and I go next and tell everyone that a lot of our holidays was spent at `Whispering Gums”. Working. Mending fences. Cutting mulga. Riding. Driving. We don”t mention possums. LOL.

Jake doesn”t say much. Helping his dad. Plus, two trips into Big Town.

Jane goes last. Staying with her friend in Big Town. Shopping. Cooking. Knitting. Girl stuff. However, right at the end she smirks, “And, Jake”s got a girlfriend.”

I”m sure that it”s only his self-control in front of Mr Grant and the little kids that stops Jake from attacking his sister or just screaming at her. I”ve heard him use a lot of swear words when there were no adults around, and I”m really glad that he doesn”t use any of them now.

There is no steam coming from his ears or his mouth, but there”s definitely a fire inside of him. His face is bright red. His mouth tightens. His eyes squint. I”ve never seen Jake so angry!

Among all the hoots from the little kids, William elbows him, and Karl nudges him under the desk with his knee. I guess that this is all too much for Jake and I think that he is either about to cry, or let loose some of his language. Instead, he puts his head down on the desk and covers it, as best he can, with his arms. Hiding from the world. Shutting out Jane and the other kids. Humiliated!

Then he raises his head and snarls at his sister, “And why didn”t you tell them about your boyfriend?”

More hoots. Karl, William and I start slapping the desks again. The little kids join in, and complete the percussion band.

Jane is totally unfazed. I think that her calmness upsets Jake even more, and he goes into seclusion again.

I suddenly feel really sorry for him. So does William, who lays his arm over Jake”s shoulders.

Mr Grant calls, “Recess, everyone. Let”s have an early one.”

We all stand, and leave. Erzincan Escort Bayan Orderly. Little kids first. William and Jake stay behind.

In the playground, the younger boys come over and join Karl and me and we talk about what just happened. I”ll bet that we look like pirates planning a mutiny. The other pirate band, led by Jane, have their own giggly pow-wow. Or is that what Indians do, and pirates don”t?

We haven”t been outside for too long when William and Jake appear. Jake is smiling. That makes me feel heaps better. The two of them head straight for the boys” toilet. When Karl and I go to follow them, Mr Grant calls us back and says, “Hey guys, can you just give Jake a few minutes to wash his face?”

“Sure thing, Mr Grant,” Karl says.

“Yes, sir,” is my response at the same time as Karl”s.

A minute or so passes. Long enough for a person to take a pee and to wash his face and hands. Not long enough, though, for any `gentle” fun, if William and Jake do that stuff together too.

They emerge. Karl and I intercept them but William keeps walking and heads for Mr Grant. Jake stays with us.

“You OK now, Jake?” Karl asks him.

“Yeah. No sweat, guys,” Jake replies. “It”s all good. William will probably tell you about it later. Right now, I”ve gotta work out a way of getting even with my sister!” The last bit is said through gritted teeth.

Jake is pretty quiet all afternoon and, instead of doing his work, seems to be thinking about something else. I don”t ask whether it”s his `revenge” or his `girlfriend”.

At the end of the day, Karl, William and I are tidying up, but, after Jane and Jake get into their dad”s Land Rover, we mostly watch, through the western windows, Mr Grant is talking to Mr O”Brien, who takes off his old hat and, while still holding it, rubs his forearm across his forehead.

There is some finger pointing and thumbing towards the Land Rover and some shaking of heads. I think that Mr Grant must either be dobbing on Jane, or talking about Jake”s `girlfriend”. At one point, when I think that their conversation is just about over, Mr O”Brien appears totally shocked about something, then there is more talking. I”d love to know what they are saying!

They shake hands, like they are pirates who”ve agreed on a plan, or something. Mr O”Brien starts his noisy Land Rover. Jake and Jane wave and Mr Grant heads back inside.

William locks the last of the windows then he and Karl head out of the door. I follow, but a little more slowly. Mr Grant helps me along with one of his friendly swats to my backside, like I knew that he would. I turn and grin at him. He knows that I like it and I know that he likes to do it. I skip along the verandah to join the other two.

We say goodbye to William who stays next to Mr Grant”s car, then Karl and I head off across the short cut.

“Watch out for snakes!” Mr Grant calls after us. We hear William tell him that, with the cooler weather, and at this time of the day, there shouldn”t be many around. I know that, too!

William drives, toots the horn and we wave.


We start dinner at the right Escort Erzincan time.

Dad arrives home in a good mood, like after when he spoke with Mr Grant yesterday.

“Hi, guys!” Dad chirps as he bounces in and puts a small container on the bench. “Fresh scones for after dinner, courtesy of Mrs Cameron,” he tells us. Then he opens his arms for a hug. He scrunches one of us against him with each arm and asks, “And how was my boys” first day back at school?”

“Really good,” I say.

Karl adds, “Except for when Jane O”Brien told everybody that her brother, Jake, had a girlfriend, which really upset him.”

“I felt really bad for him,” I tell my Dad. “But William had a talk with him and it cheered him up.”

“It”s nice to have good friends,” Dad tells both of us. “No, it”s more than nice, it”s really important that you can have somebody who knows your good and your bad, and still likes you. And…” he continues, “…you two are very fortunate to have each other. I know there are times that you have disagreements, but you will always be the best of mates. You are very lucky. Trust me.”

Yes, I think, we are lucky to have each other; not just after lights-out! Karl and I look at each other and smirk, then, thinking as one, we bump fists.


“Dinner was delicious, guys. Thank you,” Dad says. “I”ll clean up. You two can get yourselves ready for bed, and then we”ll read a couple of chapters and see what Huckleberry Finn is up to. But, hey, how about a game of cards first?”

The three of us win one game each.

Karl and I shower. Very soapy. A bit chunky � what do you expect! Pyjamas.


I have mixed feelings about Huck running away and `living” on a raft. On one hand, I would enjoy the freedom to do whatever I wanted, but on the other hand I feel sad about his loneliness and how scared he was sometimes. I think about what Dad said, and I”m glad that Huck had his friend, Jim, the negro. And I”m glad that I have Karl, as my brother and William as my friend. And I”m glad that I met Ron. And I”m glad that Mr Grant wants to play with me, and trusts me to keep our secret.

The `Huckleberry Finn” book has pictures. Pencil drawings, actually. And they help me to imagine what life was like at that time in America. One thing that really makes me smile in the pictures is how far Huck”s pants are pulled up. Way up! It must have been as uncomfortable for him as my old tight jeans were getting on me! Or worse.

I can understand why he spent a lot of time on the raft, naked. He was growing up, too. LOL.

After kisses and lights out, Karl and I are `gentle” with each other. I feel his hairs, and think of William”s and Ron”s and Mr Grant”s and I spurt first, like always, but even quicker than usual, thinking about what Mr Grant and I did yesterday.


(to be continued)


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Chapter 3

The next few weeks went by shockingly fast, and I truly am having the time of my life. I”m doing all the work that I have to do, but only spending at most eight hours a day doing so, and then spending the rest of the days in the shop with Shelby, who stayed in there most of every day playing and having fun, since he”d proven to me that he”s more than smart and capable enough to be left alone in there. I”d finished off all the projects that I”d been working on, and then started the one for Ted”s friend, and went all out on it. He”d included pictures of the land where it”s going, even the direction that it”s facing, so that I know where the sun”s at, at every time of the day, and I designed around that. The land is on a cliff on the ocean, but half of every day there will be a very good beach, and he wants a really good dock for a boat, since he”s always wanted one, which I was to design as well, but also meant that I had to design a way to get down as well. I got all the preliminary things done first, and then started working on fine details. He had given me how many bedrooms and what other rooms he”d wanted, even approximately how large he wanted it to be, so I just have to work around all that, and design it my way. His property too is off grid, so, no direct power or communications, which means I have to design all that for him too. There is a road to get there, but the way I understand it, most supplies and access will come via boat, so, having an elevator up from below, as well as stairs, really will be far better as well.

My builder, Bill, called and said he only has another few days before he”s ready to hand over everything to me, so, Shelby and I went and got boxes so that we can start packing up all that we want to take. Once done packing, and all the room mates are moved out, which is next week now, then the thrift store, that I”m donating absolutely everything else to, will come in with their trucks and pack the rest away, but they already know all this, including the tools, which I”m sure they”ll happily sell. I know Zane has already started, he”d kept me up to date on his progress as well, and he”ll be ready the day after Bill is, since there”s just a few last minute details to take care of once the construction crew are out of the way.

So, naturally, I called the car dealership and asked if they have an ETA on my new truck, because I need it in less than a week. My sales guy laughed and said it might be a photo finish, but that it”s supposed to arrive at the end of the week, and being Monday, that”s just a few days away, but, we all know just how much things can be delayed by the least little hiccup. Of course he said he”d let me know as soon as he sees it roll in.

Tuesday morning, I had to go into work for a couple hours, so I asked Shelby what he”d like to do, and he said he”d like to go look around at the mall just down the street from my office, to at least get out and do something, since we actually haven”t left the house, other than to go to the grocery store once or twice a week since we met, which lasts at best half an hour, so not lots of time spent out and about, that”s for sure. That sounded good to me, and so, I agreed.

We checked our diaper bags, got changed and dressed, and then headed out. I just dropped Shelby off at the mall, since I have to pass it anyway, and then went to the office for a bit. I stopped in and talked to Ted, telling him that his friends place is coming along nicely, and that I”ll be sending the preliminary plans to him probably next week some time, and he”s happy to hear that. I then went to my office and started doing the paperwork that I need to do, which I do despise doing of course, but is necessary. From now on, most of this will be done from home, since all this will be transferred to my computers there as well, so, I”ll only need to come into the office once a month or so, but I”d never put all this on my home computers, so that I had to come into the office to take care of that, since I know myself well enough to know I probably never would”ve come in otherwise. It took nearly three hours to go through everything, and then on my way out, I said goodbye to Ted, and that I”d see him in about a month now.

I”d given Shelby my cell phone, so that I can call him when I”m done, so to meet somewhere, and in case he needed anything, and I”d done so already. He said to meet him in the food fair, that he has a surprise for me. Well, not one for surprises, that kinda worried me, to tell the truth, but I just headed there anyway. I parked, headed into the food fair, and found Shelby sitting at a table with no one else around it, with a young boy sitting across from him. From a distance, the young man is cute, not Shelby cute, but definitely cute. As I get closer, I can see that he is. He has shaggy brown hair, deep sad brown eyes, little round face with little round nose, crooked teeth and dimples in his cheeks. He”s definitely too skinny to be truly healthy, and his clothes are thrift store specials that look like they were bought too large and probably from the rags bin, and left for him to grow into, which he has now, and could stand to be replaced.

“Hi there Handsome, who”s this?” I said as I sat down.

“This is Brady, Brady, this is my dad, though I usually call him Lex, short for Alex, because, like I said, he”s only just adopted me, but I don”t really want or need a dad, that”s just for people to keep their noses outta my diapers. So, Lex, Brady here, as you can probably see, and maybe even smell, needs our help. I caught him being a little naughty, and so, I followed him to make sure, and oh yeah, he”s a very good naughty gay baby boy.” Shelby grinned.

“A very good naughty gay baby boy, now there”s a statement one doesn”t normally hear. How so.” I laughed.

(Just so that you know, I did actually witness some of the next part, but I didn”t follow him, even though my dick wanted me to, but there is no question what was driving the young man that became Brady)

“So, I first saw him as he appeared to be following a man and his little three or so year old son, who was very clearly a very soggy baby boy, not only were his pants drooping because of how heavy his diaper was, but he had cute little wet spots on the back of his cute little baby jeans. It only took a moment to realize exactly what Brady was thinking, and what was leading him, because as you can see from his pants, they”re not very good, certainly not thick, and definitely not big enough to hide his little baby bone, that he so clearly had while watching the cute little guy. I watched as he followed them to the family room, and I spied on him, and then, as soon as man and baby left the family room, he snuck in there, grabbed the very soggy used baby diaper, and then ducked into a back hall.

“And that”s when I nearly came, because I watched as he sucked the diaper as dry as he could, and then slipped it inside his underwear, which of course exposed his very hard gay baby diapered dinky nicely for a second, and so, I had my answer, full on gay baby boy diaper lover. So, I went up to him as soon as he”d finished being so wondrously depraved, and told him I”d seen everything, which naturally caused him to burst into tears. I”d waited until I”d clearly seen him pee it before I”d done so, of course, so, I said pass me the diaper, so, he did, and as soon as he did, I pressed it to my face and sucked his and the baby boys pee out of it, and then passed it back to him, telling him to reinsert it where it clearly belongs.

“Which he did right away of course, but now it”s pretty much in ruins, so, he had to take it out, so that it didn”t make more of a mess of his pants then they already are. Of course I”d told him all about me, and what I want, need, desire, and deserve, and that I”d happily take him and diaper him like he deserves, but that my diapers will be much too big, and his pants much too small to hide it, so we hadta wait “til you were here, so that we can get him some better clothes and diapers to fit.”

“Very nice Brady, you really are a very good naughty little gay baby boy, aren”t you.”

He blushed cutely, but nodded happily enough.

“Am I to take it, Shelby, that we”re adopting you a little gay baby brother?”

“I was hoping you”d be agreeable to that. Brady desperately needs it. As you can see and smell from his clothes, and the fact that he looks nearly like a skeleton, he”s not exactly a fan of his father. He also wets the bed every night, as well his pants fairly frequently, and desperately needs and wants diapers, and his dad spanks very hard for either infraction.”

“Okay, so, how old are you Brady, and what information can you tell me of your father?” I asked after getting my phone from Shelby, so that I can type it all into my phone for the lawyer to take care of.

He told us that he turns eight in only a little more than a month, who his father is, where he works, that he knows nothing of his mother that supposedly dropped him on his dads doorstep when he was just three months old, and that his father didn”t want him either. There was not a lot of information, but more than enough to do what we need to do, so, I emailed it to the lawyer to take care of, telling him that Brady says that he”s ran away from home for more than a week at a time, several times, and his dad never notices, so, he”s going to come stay with us.

“Well Baby Boys, I guess our first stop is for clothes and shoes, and then we”ll stop and get diapers, and since we need more as well, we”ll get some too.”

“Okay.” Shelby said.

“You don”t needta buy me anything, I have lotsa clothes at home, I can just go and get them.” Brady said.

“Do they all look as bad as these ones do?” I asked pointedly.

“No, most of them are worse, but they”re all I need.”

“That, I”m afraid to say, is exactly what I expected you to say, so, yes, you need all new clothes, and that”s final, no arguments.” I said, having to add the last part, because he was just about to argue it.

“Fine.” He said softly.

We only grabbed him three sets of clothes, but somehow we forgot to buy him underwear, oh well, there”s always next time right, two packs of socks in the style he likes, one pair of shoes, and a pair of sandals. Then we head to the medical supply store, and we all go in, and get what we need from there. Shelby and I only need one pack each of the night time ones, since we still have some daytime ones left, given that we wear our night time ones most often, but Brady needs one of each, so, that”s what he gets, as well we grab him wipes, lotion, and cream of his own. Finally all loaded up, we head home, where we all need a change, and then lunch.

When we get home, I showed Brady where he can stay, it”s not officially a bedroom, and is in the basement, but, it”s really only for a week. We then all get soggy baby bum changes, though of course Brady just plain has to get diapered, and then we meet in the kitchen and make and eat lunch. As we do, we of course talk.

“So, Brady, I haveta ask. You were clearly incredibly horny for a three year old, would you actually have done something with him had the chance arisen?” I have to ask.

“No, he”s too young, he was super cute, and seriously soggy, I just wanted his soggy baby diaper. I woulda given almost anything to have seen him in only it, though, but, no, he couldn”t have asked me for it, so, I know that”d be wrong.”

“I saw your looks, I think you”re lying, you totally woulda done him.” Shelby said.

“Yeah, but only if he said it was okay, and knew what he was asking for. I don”t really want a baby boy so young, he wouldn”t be able to do much for me, but I”d sure like another gay baby boy my age, or maybe even older, that”d be awesome. To tell you the truth, when you caught me, and told me you were the same, I was kinda hoping you were gonna bring me home, diaper me, and diaper fuck me “til we were both dead, not gonna lie, kinda wish you still would.”

“That”s good.” I said.

“I know, and I totally woulda too before meeting Lex.” Shelby grinned brightly.

“How will I find a baby boyfriend of my own though?”

“Hard to say.” I said.

“I”m sure we”ll figure it out. So, Lex, have you made the offers to Geoff and Art yet, and has your friend at the art gallery given Art his offer yet?” Shelby asked, because I”d told him I wanted to wait until the house was done before I made any offers.

“Not yet, and if he has, Art hasn”t said anything about it yet, and we”ve emailed a few times.”

“Bummer. Maybe he”s just thinking it over. We totally needta get him and Geoff together.”

“For sure.”

Which then led to the explanation as to who Geoff and Art are, how we all met, pretty much everything. As soon as the explanations were done, Shelby asked me if he could borrow my computer for a few minutes, and I said sure, so, he went and grabbed it, booted it up, and worked for a few minutes. He was typing away madly for most of the time, so, I”m guessing he”s emailing someone. When I asked, he said he”ll tell us when he knows anything, that right now it”s just a hunch. Then it dawned on me, I”d totally meant to buy Shelby a computer today while we were out, I was going to do so after work, but other things came up instead, which kind of sidetracked that a little. Yes, he can use one of the big desktop units in the office, and that”s fine, but when we”re relaxing for the evening in the den, sometimes we both want to use the notebook computer at the same time, so, we need another one, but, now, I suppose, we actually need two more.

“I haveta run to the store Babies, something that I was gonna grab after work, but kinda got distracted by something else, you can just stay here, and I”ll be as quick as I can. If he wantsta, Shelby, show Brady the shop, or you can play games, whichever you two decide. I would rather I was there when we teach him in the shop, though, so no actual working if you do go out there.”

“What are you grabbing?” Shelby asked.

“Now, if I”d wanted to say that, I woulda said it when I said what I was gonna go get, now wouldn”t I. Turnabout is fair play, as they say, so, you”ll find out when it happens.” I grinned cheekily to him, and he grinned just as cheekily back.

“Fine, be like that.” He said happily enough.

“Yep, I will.”

I got ready to go, and headed out right away. There”s a computer store not all that far from the house, it”s where I bought my last few units anyway, because they”re reasonable, so, that”s where I head to. My notebook computer is now also nearing three years old, so it”s due for replacement, which, again, had been on my list of things to do, so I plan to get three now. When I arrived, I looked for a few minutes before going to the guy who”d offered help when I came in, and told him which model I want, and how many of them that I would like, so, he went and grabbed them, and while he was gone, I got us each a good cordless mouse to go with them, since, I actually detest the track pads, they”re fine in a pinch, but a proper mouse really is so much easier. I grabbed a few other things from there that we”re needing, and as soon as I was done, I paid and headed back out. I was back home almost forty five minutes later, with an arm load of goodies.

“What the hell did you buy?” Shelby asked as I set it on the table in the dining room.

“What”s it look like?”

“You”re not supposed to buy me things like that. I told you, I buy my own stuff from now on.”

“I know, but I was buying ones for me and Brady anyway, and I wanted to get it for you, so, enough with the useless pride bullshit and say thanks already.” I smiled warmly to him.

“Thanks.” He said meekly. “Sorry, it”s, just, no one”s ever Erzurum Escort done anything nice for me, now it just feels bad.”

“I know Baby, I know. No worries, okay.”

“You bought me one too, but why, you don”t even know if I”ll be able to stay for sure or not?”

“Even if for some stupid reason you can”t stay here, there”s zero chance I”m letting you leave without having a way to keep in touch with you. Now, say thanks and don” let pride rear up its ugly head in you as well Baby. You do deserve it, same as Shelby and I do.”

“Thanks. Other than at school, I never get to use a computer, and even there, there”s thirty five kids in my class, and only twenty five computers, so, I rarely ever getta actually use one, because the real people deserve it far more than lowly little ole me.” He spat out.

“Ah, I take it the kids don”t treat you well because clearly you”re poor and not very well taken care of.” I said.

“Yeah, you could say that. I may as well be a filthy, disgusting rat with how they treat me. Even the teachers won”t come near me, for fear of getting lice or something.”

“Oh, really. I want their names.” I said, grabbing my phone to email my lawyer friend, because that certainly needs to be looked into as well.

Brady gave me the names of all teachers who”d ever said anything bad to him, and since they”re all at the same school, which name he also gave me, it should make it very easy. I know kids will bully each other, there”s very little that anyone can or will do about it, but there”s absolutely no call for an adult to bully a child, ever, and teachers especially just can”t do so.

“So, what”d you baby boys do while I was gone?”

“I took Brady out and showed him the shop, showed him all the things I”m working on right now, then told him how I can”t wait to move, so that we getta truly enjoy the new shop, which of course meant I hadta tell him all about our new house and all that as well. At least I told him everything that you”ve told me, because you still haven”t shown me the plans, and clearly if you haven”t gone to see it, then I haven”t either.”

“And I”m still not going to either. Obviously I know what it looks like in 3D computer images, I”ll know virtually every detail about the place, and while I”m sure that the finished product is going to be very close to the computer version, it”s still not the same. So, when I finally getta see it, so too shall the both of you. And just so you know, I still haven”t told you all the utterly amazing details, all the features and benefits of our new house, so, while you know lots, especially about our shop, trust me, you don”t know all yet.”

“Well, we should only have a few more days to wait, so, that”s good.”

“Yeah, and even I”m getting uncharacteristically impatient. Trust me, normally I can be patient and wait for months, or even years, and never give it a second thought, but this is the house I”ve dreamed of since I was Brady”s age. This is probably also the twenty to thirtieth version, and I finalized most of the details when I was sixteen, and have only tweaked things here and there over the years as I learned more. So, yeah, I”m getting really impatient to go see it complete as well.”

“Wow, cool.” Both Shelby and Brady said together.

“Yeah. So, should we get our computers all opened up, booted up, and set up Babies?”


So, we did. It only took an hour to do, and probably the only reason it took that long, is because I had to help both boys with theirs as well, because it normally doesn”t take that long, but I wanted them to do the bulk of the work as well.

“Well, now that”s gonna make life easier, especially once we get to the new house, and we get you two baby boys set up for home school, since clearly going to school will be pretty near out of the question.”

“Oh, never thought about that.” Shelby said.

“I wondered if you had or not. That was the second reason for me buying you two new computers.”


“And since we have boxes, and lotsa stuff that can be packed, we may as well get started.”

“When do the others all move out?” Shelby asked.

“I think one is moving tomorrow or the next day, and the other two were supposed to move on Friday. Not like it”ll take any of them that terribly long.”

“So, once we have everything packed up and we”re pretty much gone, then what?” Shelby asked.

“Then, like I believe I told you, the thrift store comes with their trucks and takes everything else away. Including the old notebook computer, since we no longer need it. Once they tell me they”re done, then a cleaning company comes in and cleans the entire place spotless and gets it ready for sale. As soon as they”re done, the Realtor comes in, takes all his pictures, and lists it. Because this property is so large, on the outskirts of town, the house will probably just get torn down, and three houses put on, but that”s fine by me. I coulda done the subdividing, had Bill come in and do all that for me, and I”d probably make a shit load more money doing it that way, but that”s not what I”m into, I prefer doing the same thing on a little larger scale.” I grinned.

“Yeah, to the tune of millions of dollars in debt.” Shelby snorted.

“Meh, it”s just money.”

Which then, of course, led into the explanation of what we”re talking about to Brady, because he had not yet been told this tale.

“Fuck, you were that far in debt, but are already almost out, that”s scary.”

“To some, I”m sure it would be, but it didn”t scare me in the least.”

“I”d shit my diaper to overflowing if I ever saw my bank account go that far below zero.” Brady admitted.

“Yeah, me too.” Shelby laughed.

“Whereas it made me almost giddy, because I knew just how much money they were gonna end up making me once they”re complete.”

“Well, yeah, but who”s to say what the future brings, they could end up sitting empty, then where are you.” Shelby pointed out.

“The odds of that happening just aren”t there, but, yes, that”s a risk every developer accepts. That”s also why I didn”t do just one, and I made most of them as mixed use, it essentially diversifies and helps to protect my investments a little better. Still not a guarantee, but, everyone needs housing, of that there”s no question, and office and retail space in the downtown core are always sought after. Same with the medical building, they”ve needed more of that for years, hence that entire building almost already being leased before it”s even finished.”

“That”s good I suppose. So, what all are we packing then?”

So, we went through the house, and I told them what we”re packing up for now. Some stuff, of course, has to be left out, and we”re leaving lots behind too, but there”s still much to pack. We”ll go and get the shop all packed up as well, but I think we”ll hold off an extra couple days, so that we can still go and play, and try and finish off the projects that we”re on at the moment. We packed up what we can, all working together until dinner time, marking each box as to what”s in it, and stacking it neatly in the garage. After soggy baby bum changes and dinner, we all kicked back and watched movies for the rest of the night.

The rest of the week went by well, we played some in the shop, and on Friday, once Shelby and I were finished what we were working on, we packed everything up, and took it to the garage as well. The last of my room mates just finished loading up all their things, and is now gone as well. It was just after noon, when I was called to say that our truck has just arrived and finished its inspection. So, the baby boys and I all went for our super soggy baby bum changes, had a quick lunch, and as I ate, I emailed the few people I need to, to say that I”m coming to pick things up, and about how long I”ll be.

When we arrived to the car lot, I saw my new truck, and it”s very nice. This will actually be my first time truly driving a truck, and once I get the trailer, that”s gonna be another true first. I”d already paid to take a course on how to drive a truck and trailer, how to back them up and all that, and while the instructor did get me out on the roads some, most of our work was done in a large industrial complex where he trains big rig drivers how to navigate that sort of place, how to back up and all that. So, while I”m fairly comfortable doing so now, it”s still a little nerve wracking.

I talked to my sales person, told him I”ll be back as soon as I have the insurance covered, but he said they have an insurance agent already here, so, I went and talked to her, and got all that taken care of. I once again told the sales guy I would be back in a bit to pick up my car, which I”ll load on the trailer with the rest once I have it all. Our next stop, clearly, is the trailer. It”s a huge trailer too, so, even though I have the tractor, mill, and kiln to put onto it, the car will still actually fit, well, hopefully. As soon as we have the trailer on and checked, we head to pick up the tractor next, since it”s easiest to load first, then we go to pick up the mill and the kiln, but it was as we were about to load them, that I realized that they have to go on first, because I need the tractor to offload them, so, I unstrapped the tractor and moved it, so that the mill and kiln could be put on in a way that I can still fit everything else, but get the tractor off first. I ended up having to move things a couple times, so that I could centre the weight better, but that”s okay. Finally we head back to the car lot to pick up my car, and thankfully it just fit, but fuck, even this big beast of a truck is feeling it, but it seems to be handling it just fine, and when I asked the guy at the car lot what he thought of what we”re doing, he checked the weights on everything, and said we”re still good for at least another thousand kilos before we even start getting close to the trucks maximum load rating. So, finally we head home.

I backed the trailer into place, put it”s blocks down, and got it disconnected, because we”re removing nothing from it now. We”re actually going to load the car and the tractor full of boxes, and the rest will be put into the bed of the truck, and since I ordered it with a canopy, we should fit everything, and it”ll all stay dry should we get any rain. Almost as soon as we were inside, I called Bill to ask him ETA, because I”m ready to move any second now. Clearly he laughed. I was told, however, that they”re just doing final touchups, and will be finished tomorrow, that he was actually going to call me in an hour or two anyway, once he was certain that they were going to finish, and tell me I”m welcome to come home on Sunday. I made a sound that probably blew the poor guys ear drums out, from whatever side his phone happened to be on, straight through the other side, and blasting both out that side. Once more he laughed. He did tell me that he will be there to go over everything with me, and asked me when I would arrive, and I simply said when are you up, he said he”d be ready for eight, so, I said seconds after that then.

So, now we have one and a half days to pack up the rest that we want to take, and get it all loaded up. Shelby asked what we”re going to do about food, since we”ve used up pretty much all perishable food already, and there”s not really enough left for one of us to eat, so I said delivery. With that being said, Shelby called in an order, since it”s now getting close to dinner time, and I admit, I am getting hungry. I never even asked who he called, or what he ordered, so, it”ll be a pleasant surprise. We”re all in need of soggy baby bum changes once again, and so, before dinner arrives, we go and do so.

For the first time in my life, the desire to leave my bedroom in just my baby diaper was astoundingly high. I”ve already promised myself that once I”m safe and secure in my new home, that I”m walking around in just my baby diapers, with zero shame, I hope the two baby boys won”t mind, but then, in a way, I hope that they do so as well, yet in another, I hope that they don”t, but my hope that they do is so much higher.

While waiting for dinner, because Shelby said it”d be about an hour or so, we continued packing boxes with all the rest of the things we wanted from the house, this is now mostly food, and the few other personal items we no longer need before we move. These boxes, though, as soon as they”re done, we decide to just go and put right into the car, so that we”re not moving them a second time like we will the other boxes, but that”s perfectly okay.

When dinner arrived, I found food from our favourite Chinese food restaurant, not that Shelby and I”ve eaten out together a lot, but of the five times we have now, this was the place we went to three of those times. All I said was, “Goody, I”m starving, and that smells amazing, hope you ordered lots.”

“Oh yeah, I went with the six person dinner. Hopefully it”ll be enough.” He giggled.

“Mmmm, maybe even leftovers for breakfast.”

“For one of us, maybe.”

“Probably true.”

Since we”re taking no dishes, we have all of them still to use, so, we dish up and eat like pigs, but, we plan to do more work after dinner, and then maybe watch one movie before bed. We finished packing up everything that we want from the house, loading it all into the car, truck, or tractor cab, and then kicked back and watched a movie that was on TV, since we”d packed all the movies of course.

We all had a really good sleep, and I”m getting so fucking excited to go see my new house, that my eyes nearly exploded open at five. I am so charged and ready to go, but we can”t leave until tomorrow morning. We do have lots of work left to do, though, but thankfully no cleaning, I”m paying someone else for that.

After getting cleaned, which I went for a nice long hot bath to do so, diapered, and dressed for the day, and once the little baby boys also were, they too both had baths, we headed out for breakfast, since we really have to, because there was definitely not enough leftovers from last night for all three of us, but we”ll probably add it to whatever we decide on for lunch. We had a really good breakfast at a really good breakfast buffet, and since we really do have lots of time to kill, we head to the mall to look around and see if there”s anything else we want before leaving. We all find a few things, but nothing much, and so, it”s all stored and we head home. I backed the truck right up to the shop, where many of the boxes from there still are, since I felt it was kinda pointless to move them all to the garage as well, since I can more easily back the truck up almost right to it and load it easier that way.

It was lunch time by the time we finished, and this time I called in the order for lunch, and had a Mexican feast delivered. We all enjoyed it thoroughly. It was as we were eating, that Shelby had checked his computer, and said he”s invited someone over for a couple hours, and asked me to go and pick him up.

“Um, why?” I asked.

“Remember the other day, when you asked me who I was emailing?”


“Well, there”s a boy that”s a little more than a year younger than me, but he”s in the same grade, who never cared that I was diapered, or that the others teased me for being gay. We weren”t friends or anything, I just pretty much stayed to myself, thinking that no matter what, even if he was nice to me, it”s just so that he could get more ammo to tease me as well. But, I”d started thinking almost a year ago, that maybe he”s a gay baby boy diaper lover as well, and though I tried and tried to get the courage to ask him, I couldn”t, so, I finally did, and yes, he is. Well, we have a hot little gay Erzurum Escort Bayan baby boy who wants and needs a baby boyfriend, and I know of a cute little gay baby boy who will almost guaranteed also want and need a baby boyfriend, and if it all works out, then awesome.”

“That”s great and all, but we move tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I know, but let”s change that diaper when the time comes.” Shelby giggles cutely.

“Fair enough.” I said, I could only laugh.

Shelby said that he”d come too, but told Brady that he should probably stay home for now, just in case, so”s not to scare the boy any. Brady just shrugged and said okay, and so, Shelby and I headed out. When we arrived, Shelby hopped out and went to the door himself and knocked. The house was a tear down if I”ve ever seen one, but the little boy who answered the door was anything but. Damn near as stunningly beautiful as Shelby is, yet in different ways. They talked for only a few moments, before they came to the truck.

“Lex, this is my friend Toby. Toby, this is my adoptive dad, though I usually call him by name, which is Alex, but he prefers Lex.”

“It”s good to meet you Toby. Hop in boys and we”ll head out.”

“It”s good to meet you as well Sir.” He whispered.

“First of all, no Sir, just Lex please, and second, I know I”m new and scary, I get that more than you can know, but there”s no need to whisper around me, okay.” I said softly to him.

“Okay, I”ll try.” He said only just slightly louder this time.

“Great.” I said, and then we headed back to our place.

As soon as we got there, and got inside, Shelby introduced the two boys together as well. Finally we all went and sat down to talk.

“So, Toby, as you know, I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover, and you said that you wanna be as well. We all know that here, and we”re all the same, even Brady. Now, I”m spoken for, so don”t be getting your hopes up with me, and we”re actually moving tomorrow, so we”ll certainly keep in contact via email, but, I finally got up the courage to ask you if you and I were the same, I was too scared to before, but meeting Lex and Brady has helped that, a lot, hence you being here now.” Shelby said, laying it all on the line.

“Really?” He whispered hoarsely.

“Oh yeah. How long have you known, and do you get any diapers at all?”

“I”ve wet my bed my whole life, but my useless slut of a mother won”t buy me anything to help. I”ve wanted diapers my entire life, and when they put me in your grade, and I finally gotta meet you, even though the rumours said you were a diaper baby, it only got worse. I knew I needed diapers at night, but I”d already started dreaming of being diapered during the day before they skipped me ahead in grade three. As for being gay, I think I”ve kinda always known it, but it was two years ago, just after I turned eight, that I finally admitted it that I am.”

“Thought so. Wish we both woulda had the courage to actually talk to each other.”

“Yeah, me too. I wanted to, hundreds, maybe thousands of times, just this past year alone probably, but while everyone all said you were a gay baby boy, and I could clearly tell you were diapered, so far none of the others started teasing me for being gay, and I was so scared to talk to you and have them think I am too, even though I know I am, and really, what difference would it make, they still teased me anyway.”

“I started to think that you even tolerated my existence meant you probably wanted either me or my diapers, or possibly both, almost a year ago, but, I was just too scared. I thought for sure you were just trying to get ammo to hurt me with, and deflect it from yourself.”

“Yeah, same.”

“So, why were you skipped ahead, and how, I asked, and they said no?”

“I kinda made them do it, I didn”t really give the principal a choice. I was so bored all day, every day, the teacher hadn”t taught me a thing at all. It”s getting that bad again, so, I think I needta skip ahead again, but he said absolutely no this time, said once was all I get.”

“At least he let you, he said no to me.”

“Yeah, but I pestered him every day for a month.”

“Oh, I only asked once.”

“I pestered him for the entire month before the end of school again, and finally he told me that he can”t and won”t, and to stop asking, before he expels me. Pretty sure he couldn”t for that reason, but I didn”t wanna push him any further.”

“Let me guess, you wish you could quit school and do it at home, at your own pace, and graduate probably by thirteen!”

“Yeah, but kinda can”t, no way my mother would allow it, and no computer in which to do it.”

“Yeah, I was the same. I”d probably already be graduated had they allowed me to.”

“I”d probably be getting close too. So, where are you guys moving to?”

“A little more than an hour and a half away, up in a mountain valley where there”s pretty much no one or nothing around for kilometres.” I said.

“Wow, that”d be so nice.”

“Yeah, and we can”t wait to see our new house.” Brady said, but Shelby and I nodded as well.

“You haven”t seen it yet?”

“No, I designed and had it built, I know what it”ll look like, but I didn”t wanna see it again “til it was finished. I haven”t even shown the baby boys the plans or anything. They know some, but not all that they”re gonna find.” I answered.

“Wow, I”m pretty patient, for the most part, but I couldn”t do that.”

“Same.” Shelby and Brady said together.

“And clearly I am, but it”s been getting harder, but, tomorrow morning, we leave at six, and go see our new home.”

“Honestly, I don”t even know you guys, and I wish I could go with you. Granted, I know you, and you know me more than I know anyone else, and anyone else knows of me. If I were to just disappear, I doubt my mother would notice, possibly for years, and I know for a fact that she”d never call it in either. She”s happily told me too many times that I was nothing more than a horrible mistake, and that she shoulda just dropped me on the steps of the fire hall the day I was born.”

“Yeah, we”re pretty much all the same in all of that as well, plus or minus a little, of course, and honestly, I”d just be inclined to take you as well.” I said, though I have no idea why.


“Yeah, sure, why not. What”s one more. Do you have anything at home that you wanna keep?”

“No, nothing, even though these clothes are gross and old, they”re the best I had for going to a friends. We don”t have a washer or a dryer, so I haveta wash my clothes in the sink, but if I use too much hot water, I”m spanked, so, I save what little hot water I”m allowed for my one shower a week that I”m actually allowed.”

So, once again, I grab my phone and email the lawyer, and as I ask Toby questions, I type his answers into my phone, giving him all the information I possibly can. I do, however, ask him to hold off on contacting his mother for as long as he thinks he can get away with, so that he can charge her with something, because I”m pretty sure that not calling your child in as missing isn”t actually allowed, and may help me to get custody of him far faster and easier.

“So, now, you and Shelby are close enough to the same size, that you should fit his diapers and clothes fairly well, so, have Shelby take you and get you a diaper and clothes, then we”ll all go out and go shopping for you before we finish loading up the rest of the stuff.”

“Okay.” He says rather excitedly, I”m guessing at getting a nice thick baby diaper.

Shelby was back only a few moments later, saying that he”d given Toby all that he needs, and that he”s changing in his bedroom. It was several minutes later, when Toby exited, looking far better in clothes that look good, fit him better, though are still too large, and accentuate his cute little diapered bum. Yes, others might see, if they know what to look for, same as on the rest of us, but that”s okay, I”m finally good with it on myself, and have been rather enjoying it, a lot.

“Much better Baby. How”s it feel?”

“So good, and since I hadta go pee a bit anyway, I peepeed my baby diaper as soon as it was taped on.”

“Excellent. I take it that that caused you to need to take the extra couple minutes more than we thought you”d need?” I grinned, he blushed cutely.

“Yeah.” He whispered.

“Good.” All three of us said together.

We all got our shoes on, and headed to a couple stores to get Toby all set up, including a computer of his own, which he tried to say no to, but I refused to accept it of course. Finally we head home, because we do still have work that needs doing before we can call it a day, and I want to get it all done today, so that we can leave as soon as we”ve finished breakfast.

When we got home, we continued to load every box that we have into whatever space we can fit it, ordered dinner when it was time to do so, and ate when it arrived, then finished the rest of the loading only an hour later, so, now we are done, other than the bags that we just have to grab on our way out, that has our diapers and other stuff now. I started the dishwasher, so that the dishes are clean for the thrift store, then we kicked back and watched a movie before all going to bed.

Once more at almost exactly five in the morning, which is my normal wake up time, my eyes popped open instantly, and I was revved up and ready to go. I practically ran through the shower after yelling to the baby boys to get up and get ready to go, then got diapered and dressed. As soon as we”re all ready to go, we hopped in the truck and headed out, since we”d hitched up and tested the connections the night before already. We went to the only place I knew of that”s open for breakfast so early, at least somewhat close by, and we all have a really good meal. I know I really cannot leave before six, I know that it”ll take roughly two hours to get there with pulling such a heavy load, but I wanted to just inhale my food and bolt. Fortunately better sense prevailed, however, and I ate at a respectable speed, instead of like a pack of wolves.

“So, does anyone needta go to the bathroom before we go?” I grinned to all three baby boys.

“Nope, just went.” Brady giggled.

“Me too.” I said.

“Just a second.” Toby said. “Nope, just finished.” He giggled a few seconds later.

“Probably not.” Shelby said.

“Great, let”s go Babies.”

We paid the bill, then hopped in the truck, and headed off to our new home. Never before have I been so excited to go somewhere, and as such, I constantly had to remind myself of just how much weight we”re hauling, and how hard it would be on the truck to really push it hard, but I really wanted to make it there in an hour, instead of the two I know it should rightfully take. So, while on the highway, I set the cruise control, so that I didn”t go faster than I was supposed to. When we arrived to the nearest city, and got off the highway, we then get up into the hills pretty much right away. There was a lot of hills, both up and down, way more curves than I”ve ever traversed in my life, and even one nearly impossible to navigate with as big a trailer as we have switchback, not gonna lie, that was a little disconcerting, thinking I was gonna go right off the road. As we went further and further, though, the fewer houses we were seeing, and then the power poles stopped, so, now I know we”re getting into the area where we”re at. I was told that the nearest power was roughly ten kilometres from the start of my property, so, I looked at my odometer, and when we arrived, I looked again, and it was closer to twelve.

“Fuck me, would you look at that place.” Shelby said, but I heard both the other baby boys in the back seat make similar comments as well.

“Wow, it”s even more stunning than I thought it was gonna be.” Even I had to admit.

“No shit.” All three boys say as one.

I looked at the clock, and it was five minutes past eight, so, it took just over the two hours I”d allotted, perfect. Bill exited from his trailer, the only one left, since all the rest of the crew probably packed up and headed home yesterday.

We all hopped out excitedly. I went right to Bill and shook his hand, but as we did, he saw the boys, and gave me a look.

“Didn”t you know I had three sons?” I grinned.

“No, and honestly, before now I wouldn”t have even thought for a second you would either.”

“I know, they”ve all been very recently adopted, they”re abused and throwaway kids that I couldn”t just leave.”


“Thanks, but enough about that, I needta finally see my new house.”

“Feel free, it”s all yours.” He said to our retreating backs, laughing I”m sure.

For more than three hours, we toured the entire house, oohing and awing over all the details. Between the construction crew setting up the entire shop for me, and the designer crew setting up the rest, there is almost nothing left that we have to do, other than put the things away that we brought with us. I”m sure we”ll move things here and there as we see fit, but so far everything just looks so perfect. I”d picked the style of many things, but Zane really had done the majority of the design work, and simply designed around the pieces that I really wanted, though he chose all colours and fabrics, or real, high quality suede leather for many items. All the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, and rec room all look amazing, the pool house is stunning, Art”s new art studio is inspiring, the garage is huge, but the shop, wow, what a shop, and all the new tools look spectacular in there. Finally we headed out to find Bill, who”d packed up everything, and now has his trailer attached to his truck, and he”s just reading something as he waits for us.

“It”s a little trashy, but, I guess it”s the best you could do, so, I suppose we”ll live with it.” I said with as much sarcasm dripping as I possibly could.

“Well, for you, I put only my worst guys on it, two of them are even fully blind, so clearly they did all the measuring and checking for plumb and level.” Bill laughed.

“No shit.” I snorted. “No, it looks fucking spectacular. You guys truly did outdo yourselves. When did Zane leave?”

“He left last night at around eight after he and his crew finished. Me and my crew only finished shortly before that.”

“You mean we coulda come out here for eight last night?”

“Yeah, but twelve hours wasn”t gonna kill you.”

“Says who! You have any idea how hard it was for me to not come out and check this all out. I”m normally an insanely patient person, and almost nothing bothers me, but, the closer it got, the harder it became.”

“I couldn”t have done it, that”s for sure.”

“Yeah, most couldn”t, I know that. Oh well, we weren”t truly ready anyway, so, whatever, we”re here now, and that”s all that matters.”

“So, with that, I”m gonna leave the four of you to your truly amazing home.”

“Thanks. I”ll let you know if we find any issues, but I doubt it. By the way, Ted”s likely to be calling you to do a project for an old friend of his, I”m still in design, but almost done, and naturally he wants you to build it, so, expect to travel and stay in your trailers again, it sounds like it”s a little ways away, I just don”t know where exactly, only that it”s ocean front and no services.”

“Yeah, he already emailed me and warned me that he”s got another high priority coming soon, and gave me the basic details.”

Escort Erzurum

“Oh, good. By the way, how”ve the solar and turbines been doing, and are the batteries able to keep up?”

“Oh yeah, so far we haven”t even had the generator kick in so much as once since the batteries were put into operation. Hard to say what”s gonna happen once you start really using the shop, but time will tell I”m sure. You added in enough capability to well over double the entire system should you need to, so I think you”ll be fine.”

“True. Thanks, well, I”m sure you wanna get home, so, have a great day. Just email me my final bill, and I”ll get it paid as soon as I can.”


As soon as Bill was gone, I turned to my baby boys excitedly, “We”re all getting super soggy now, we all need super soggy baby bum changes, but there”s something I”ve always wanted to try, that I”d very much finally liketa try today, and you three are more than welcome to do so as well. We all have some mega thick baby diapers, and we have doublers as well. We”ve worn our mega thick, and we”ve worn our regular with doublers, at least the three of us have, just not you yet Toby, but, I”ve read very good things about quadruple baby diapering, and that”s what I wanna try today. And then, once I”m properly baby diapered, for the first time in my life, I wanna walk around my home wearing only my mega thick baby diaper. I won”t do so, though, if it”ll make any of you uncomfortable.” I said, though I want it so bad, that I hope with every fibre of my being that they”ll at least allow me to, but, I really do want to see all three of them in the same way, though I know what it”ll do to me too.

“Oh yeah.” All three of them said instantly and happily.

“You mean it, all three of you”re gonna quadruple baby diaper and go around in just your mega thick baby diapers as well?” I said, and even I hear the groaning in my voice.


“This is gonna be so amazing. We”ll haveta find the rolls of packing tape, but I wanted to do this as soon as I got home, so I ensured I put it in an easy to find place, so, as soon as we”re properly baby diapered, make sure to tape them up extra well.”


I knew where the boxes with all our diapers were put, and I”d thrown a full dozen rolls of tape into one of them, so, I passed each boy all their diapers and doublers, and three rolls of tape, saying that it should be enough for a while. I also found all our lotion, cream, powder, and wipes, so I passed them out as well, and we each have two very large and full boxes to take to our bedrooms, all of us with some damn good ideas as to how the next several minutes, or maybe hours, are about to play out. We had all picked our bedrooms already, though I made mine very specifically for me, and the boys were told which one was mine, so, we all head to our bedrooms to get changed. Wow am I ever hard, that”s all I can say, I”m so excited to be doing what I”m about to do.

Ever since Geoff made me promise to be diapered for the entire vacation, and then having done so, it was like finally getting the one thing that I”ve always needed, and though I truly did know it deep down what I both wanted and needed, it wasn”t “til then, that I truly allowed and/or accepted it. I was so scared, now I”m not, so, making the promise to myself to do this as soon as I made it to my new home was shockingly easy, and having all three baby boys on board with my desires is so far beyond awesome I can”t even begin to describe it.

So, given that I”m so hard, that taping up my very well deserved baby diaper will be near on impossible, I was forced to jack off three times in a row in order to make it go down. Not gonna lie, kinda envisioned Shelby in his quadruple mega thick baby diaper the entire time, while he”s doing all sorts of amazing things to me as he”s wearing said diaper. Never before have I jacked off three times in a row, but wow, now I”m finally soft. Of course, I”m a good gay baby boy who needs his gay baby boy milk, something I”ve enjoyed since I started spewing when I was fourteen, so, of course I slurped up every delicious drop that I pumped out, and every one of these orgasms was probably two to three normal orgasms worth as well, though the final one was at least closer to my normal output. In all fairness, I haven”t jacked off in more than a week either, so that likely didn”t help matters any.

Finally soft and capable of diapering myself up like I truly deserve, I do so right away. I”d already prepared all the supplies, the inner diaper has the holes in it that it needs in order to drain through to the next one, and the doublers are both taped into place in both, my lotion, cream, and powder are ready and waiting, as are my wipes, so, I clean, lotion, cream, and powder up, using at least twice as much of each as is strictly needed, but I do love it so. Finally I do one of the things I”ve dreamed of for far too many years, and taped myself up into the absolutely thickest baby diaper I”ve ever worn. Then I taped myself up extra well using the clear packing tape so as to not disguise the baby diaper designs of these diapers. I went to the mirror in my closet, looked to myself, and I”ve never seen myself smile quite so brightly as that.

So, now, other than my gloriously thick baby diaper, all I”m wearing are socks, and since we need to start offloading everything, I put my shoes on as well, and throw all my clothes into the hamper, knowing that they”re not gonna be needed now, and hopefully never while at home again.

Probably not so surprising, really, but I was the first one out, even though I”d jacked off three times, and didn”t go anywhere near fast at that, but the other three are more than young enough to go for five or maybe even six times before they”re finally satisfied and soft. I hope that they do too, and though I know they”d all let me watch, plus I”d love nothing more than to witness all three stunning gay baby boys pleasure themselves, I simply cannot. Already seeing them how they”re gonna be presenting themselves shortly will be way more than hard enough on me, I”m sure that extra emphasis on hard was not needed.

As soon as I made it to the kitchen, I grabbed the bag that I”d already brought in that has all our tea supplies in it, and started getting a full batch of tea for each of us prepared, which will give each of us two large mugs. This is so great, though, because I”d had Bill install an instant hot water system in, so, no more waiting for kettles to boil, and I”d had him put in the biggest bestest one I could find, so, it easily handled the roughly five litres of hot water that I need for the four French presses we use for making our tea. So, tea in half the time, which is of course amazingly awesome.

While I was waiting for the tea to steep, I got all our mugs out and prepared as to how we all like it. Shelby likes his straight up, the only thing he says he likes straight, I like mine with stevia and either cream or almond milk, Toby takes his with just cream, and Brady takes his with too much sugar, but considering it”s really the only sugar he gets, I suppose it”s not really a big deal. Then, since I still have a minute to kill before our tea is ready, and I am actually really quite thirsty anyway, as well I wish to really test out my diaper, I slam back three very large glasses of water.

When the timer goes off, I pour all the tea into our mugs, put on the lids, and grab my first one and take my first sip, and it”s the perfect temperature, so that”s great. The tea takes six minutes to steep, it”s taken me a couple minutes at least to prepare everything before even that, and it was at least five minutes after I started sipping my tea, when the first of the baby boys arrived, so, roughly ten minutes later than me, and it”s Toby that makes it first. Fuck, he looks spectacular, and I tell him so, then point him to the tea, but also tell him that I”d started with three large glasses of water, because I was so thirsty you see, so, he grinned brightly and does the same. Then Brady arrives just as Toby starts sipping his tea, and wow, he looks every bit as spectacular, and I point him to tea and water as well, telling him what Brady and I”ve done. Then, finally almost five minutes later, Shelby walks in, in all his sexy mega thickly diapered goodness, and oh my, I just went instantly stone fucking hard in at best a quarter of a second. How, how the fuck could I be hard again after what I just did to myself. Oh sure, the two younger baby boys made me chubby, they”re beautiful to be sure, but Shelby is truly the most stunning boy I”ve ever met, like I may”ve said before, he checks every one of my personal boxes, but in that diaper, yeah, I damn near came, though, again, I have no idea how that”s even remotely possible after what I just did.

“Fuck me, you”re just too fucking hot like that.” I groaned.

“Thanks, you too.” He groaned as well.

“Maybe this wasn”t such a good idea. It”s already so fucking hard controlling my urges around you, but, like this, wow.” I said.

“No, it”s not a good idea, it”s a fucking brilliant idea, and who says you haveta control your urges, because it sure as fuck isn”t me. We all know who and what we want and need, and though the law says that what you and I need is illegal, ain”t no one out here gonna see or complain. Trust me.”

“We”re not gonna see a thing, just like once we finally get together, you”re not gonna see a thing.” Brady said, looking longingly to Toby, who only nodded his head in full agreement.

“But what we want will hurt you.”

“Um, says who.”

“Could you even take me if we decided to make love?”

“Oh yeah, and then some.”

“I”m not huge, but I think I”ll be too big for you.”

“I can take it, and then some. Lotsa some in fact.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Are you bigger than this?” He said, holding up his clenched fist.

“Um, no, you haven”t done that to yourself before, have you?”

“Oh yeah, for more than a year already.”

Well, I”m not sure how, but I just went even harder yet, and am in serious discomfort now because of it, not just pretty uncomfortable like I was a second ago.

“Oh. Well, we can hold off still anyway.” I groaned.

“You fist fuck yourself, that”s hot. The most I ever got inside my gay baby bum was four fingers.” Brady also groaned.

“That”s hot, and same for me.” Toby also groaned.

“Oh yeah, it is, but, not gonna lie, really fucking hurt the first time, all emphasis on fucking of course, and even still, I haveta go slow or I”ll hurt myself too much, but now I don”t even limp the next day, and I can take it way faster too. Then again, I started finger fucking myself when I was five or so I suppose, and by the time I was eight, I was four fingers, but I couldn”t reach deep enough, so, I used whatever I could find to go even deeper, and once used a really rather large cucumber, and fucked myself silly. Oh, and bananas like you wouldn”t believe, but I”m now a pro banana eater, if you know what I mean.” He grinned brightly.

“I”ve tried a couple bananas as well, that was hot, but they haveta still be pretty green, but that”s how I liketa eat them anyway, and yeah, I”m getting to be a pro banana eater myself.” Brady grinned.

“Yep, for sure, and same for me too.” Shelby said.

“Same, but I couldn”t take a large one, but the small ones I liked, a lot, but then, I can only just barely get four fingers in me still.” Toby admitted.

“That”s okay, work into it slowly, don”t hurt yourself like I did too many times, though I know that it”s as pointless for me to tell you as it would”ve been for someone to tell me, because I knew it, yet still did it anyway, repeatedly, still do sometimes as much as twice a month.” Shelby said.


“Okay Baby Boys, we have lotsa work that needsta be done, so, we may as well get to it.” I said happily once they were done talking naughty, which hadn”t helped my little hardness issue any. Not gonna lie, instead of waddling like my very thick diaper should indicate, I”m limping now because of how insanely hard I am, and when the boys started walking, I looked, and oh yeah, they all have the same problem, but not even I show just how hard I am, we”re all just too thickly diapered and too well taped up to truly show off our diapered hardness.

“Okay.” They all said together.

Our first chore, was to get everything off the trailer and into the garage. The car came off first, so I pull it right into the garage for ease of offloading, and once parked, the boys started offloading all the boxes that are in it. I then get the tractor off, which I”d started first to warm it up, so, it”s already ready for me. I then get the mill off, and finally the kiln, putting them both where I wanted them to go. I then backed the trailer into the pole barn where he lumber is stored to keep it out of the weather, then pulled the truck into the garage to offload it, and of course to keep it inside as well. By the time I parked the truck, the boys were just taking the last of the boxes from the car into the house.

I started on offloading the truck, since the baby boys have the car offloading well under control. I loaded up my cart with all the boxes I could fit for the shop, and then went and tried out the elevator for my first time, but, by then, the boys were back, and had loaded up their carts as well, so, we”re all together for it”s maiden run, at least by us. Bill had told me it”d worked flawlessly for them, and had made life so much easier too. Because the hydraulic pump for it”s inside a concrete encased room, we couldn”t even hear it at all, so it”s wondrously quiet. Which was why I”d designed that room the way I did, it also houses the air compressor and the incredibly large dust collection system I have, so to keep any unnecessary noise down. Yes, it”s vented so that the dust collector can still work, but even that goes through a sound baffle system to reduce noise.

Since I wanted to get the shop done almost more than anything else, we started unpacking boxes as soon as we have them all into the shop, and work at this until dinner time, which was also when we all realized how hungry we are, because we totally forgot about lunch. Oh well, there were far more important things to do, even though I know that even myself shouldn”t be skipping meals, I don”t have enough fat reserves on me to do so, and none of the boys should be at all, they”re all far too small as it is already. We do make another batch of tea equally as large as I”d made earlier, and we”d all had lots to drink throughout the day, not only to ensure we”re well hydrated, but to absolutely ensure that we peepee our mega thick baby diapers good and proper, because we”re all in full and total agreement, that they don”t come off “til they”re leaking, which means we have to hold off on doing our messy business for as long as possible too, so we needta peepee lots, so that we don”t explode, since of course no one needs that.

Because we really don”t have a lot of fresh food left, we made due with what we have, knowing that tomorrow we really do need to go into town to go shopping. The closest town is only a twenty five minute drive, so that”s okay, and they have good grocery stores, including a Costco, which is all we need.

After dinner, we went and finished the last of the shop unpacking, which only took about an hour more, then we all kicked back and relaxed for the evening, watching a movie before bed. We still have lots of unpacking in the house to do, but we have all the time in the world in which to do so, and we”re all getting good and tired, so, we deserve the break.

Come bed time, we could all tell that we”re getting good and soggy, and it”s debatable as to whether or not any of us will leak throughout the night, but I”m not the only one who grinned while saying I”m gonna risk it. So, we all head to bed in super mega thick, and already gloriously soggy baby diapers, and I passed out what felt like instantly, and had an amazing sleep.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 144 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 144 By Rob Williams IN THIS CHAPTER: Pablo’s rampage knocks Randy off-balance. He loses face and must reassert his dominance as boss. “His eyes ran over Bob’s perfect face and body. `Shit, you are so fucking beautiful, man. Any man who can tame a gorgeous, alpha stud like you still deserves to be boss. On your knees, man’.” Later he watches the desolate Pablo, “his beautiful boy, abandoned by everyone.” He has to show him he is still loved. *************** A TRIAL OF STRENGTH-CHAPTER 144 �”Randy and Pablo � Like Father Like Son” “What the fuck?” The shout bounced off the walls and rage filled the room. Pablo had just come home and stood horrified by the sight of his naked lover Darius with a boy in his arms. Darius said brightly, “Hey, dude, you’re home. This is Eddie, the kid from the bar in Palm Springs I told you about. He’s …” But he got no farther as Pablo’s fist slammed into his face, making him reel backwards and collapse on the bed. Dimly he saw Pablo punch Eddie in the stomach, then drop him with a forearm smash across his back. Alarmed by all the noise Nate had run into the room, but Pablo kneed him in the stomach and banged his head against the wall. On his way out of the house Pablo also made short work of Jamie and then the twins. Leaving a trail of destruction he turned at the gate and yelled dementedly, “So long suckers!” And he was gone. **************** Pablo’s rage had been fermenting for a long time. In recent weeks he had felt his position in the house down-shift in a subtle way. Pablo had always basked in his role as the boss’s boy and adopted son … the `senior boy’… but now he felt threatened by the rise in status of the other boys. First came the story of Darius’s triumph in the desert bar, putting on a hot show with the magnificent Zack. And who was this Eddie who seemed to idolize Darius? And now Nate was the star of the house, with his two masters, Hassan and Adam. Jamie had the gorgeous Greek-god cop, and the twins were the boys of the much-loved leader of the household, Bob. Pablo’s insecurity made him imagine demons around him where none existed. His self-doubt, envy and paranoia gnawed at him, working its way through him like a malevolent worm. And the shock of seeing Darius holding the young Eddie had made all Pablo’s anger and resentment erupt like a dormant volcano coming to life. Mercifully Mark, Bob and Zack had come home from work soon after Pablo left and were shocked by the carnage that met their eyes. Mark knelt beside Jamie, crumpled in a heap on the lawn. Bob was helping the twins, and Zack was upstairs cradling Darius who had felt the full fury of Pablo’s fists. Eddie had fled, but as Mark drove home he had seen the terrified boy and brought him back to the house. Nate had also left the house. He knew he was no match for Pablo and, thinking he was still in the house, knew he had to get help. At that point the men had not yet come home from work but there was one obvious man to turn to, Nate’s new master, Hassan. Hassan had been shocked to see his boy running down to his house, sporting a black eye and a growing bump on his forehead. Nate shouted frantically, “Sir, you’ve gotta go down to the house. They need help. Pablo’s gone crazy … beat everyone up. Please go quick, sir.” Hassan made sure that Nate was only bruised and said, “OK, kiddo, lie down and rest. I’ll take care of everything, then I’ll be back.” As he ran up to his jeep his rage ignited. His boy had been hurt … Adam’s boy, the boy Hassan had sworn to protect. He growled, “Randy! That fucking asshole and his crazy kid, out of control again. OK, pal, you’re dealing with me now.” Soon after he left, as Nate rested in the guesthouse, another truck pulled up at the main gate of Steve and Lloyd’s house. The driver pressed the buzzer and Steve’s voice came through the intercom. “Who is it?” There was a long pause until the haggard voice finally answered. “Uncle Steve. It’s me, Pablo. I’m in trouble. Can I come in?” **************** Back at the house the men were starting to bring things under control, coming to a consensus that the boys were not injured badly enough to need medical attention, beyond ice-packs and rest. Zack had left Darius briefly and come out to take care of the dazed Eddie, putting his arm round his shoulders as they sat at the table by the pool. Suddenly the gate opened and Randy stood there, the last one to get home from work as usual. He stopped in his tracks, stunned by the chaotic scene on the lawn. “What the fuck’s going on here?” he barked. In reply all he got was three pairs of accusing eyes glaring up at him. It was Randy’s boy who had caused this mayhem, and instinctively the men blamed his master, fairly or not. They knew that Pablo always imitated Randy, and Randy was famous for solving every conflict with his fists. Like father like son. “What?” Randy growled defensively, acutely aware of the animosity projected at him. Bob stood up. “We’re not sure of all the details but it seems that Pablo completely lost his cool and attacked all the boys here. Darius is upstairs, hurt the worst of them. Fortunately there seem to be no broken bones … no thanks to your crazy boy.” “Where is he?” Randy looked around him, clenching his fists. “We don’t know. He split right after his rampage.” Just then they heard the screech of brakes outside. Pablo, they all assumed … but they were wrong. The gate crashed open and Hassan stood there, still dressed in his military fatigues, his eyes blazing. His gaze settled like a laser on Randy as he strode forward to confront him. His voice was cold as ice. “My boy has been hurt. The boy I swore to protect has been hurt.” His anger exploded. “What the fuck’s wrong with you, man? Don’t you have any control over that train-wreck of a kid of yours? He’s nothing but a young thug … and we know where he gets that from.” Randy stepped forward menacingly and Hassan gave a sarcastic laugh. “What, you gonna take a swing at me, asshole? Just like your fucking boy. Well let me save you the trouble, pal.” He hauled back and slammed his fist across Randy’s face, sending him sprawling across the ground. But it took more than a fist to subdue Randy, a street fighter all his life. He sprang to his feet, lowered his head and charged forward, slamming his shoulder into the soldier’s stomach. In seconds they were rolling on the ground, trading blows, yelling obscenities at each other. Like two maddened bulls locking horns they heaved and struggled for the advantage in a savage fight, bodies smothered in dirt, their shirts soon torn to shreds. Like a frozen tableau men and boys gazed at the two warriors writhing in the dust. But then the men sprang to life. Mark and Zack used all their strength trying to separate them and Bob yelled, “That’s enough! Now you’re the thugs. Guys, this is not the way. Now cool it!” A combination of Mark and Zack’s physical efforts and Bob’s angry shouts finally had an effect and soon the men were standing glaring at each other like raging stallions pawing the ground, held back by Mark and Zack. Bob took command. “Jamie, take Eddie upstairs to Darius and make sure they’re both OK. Stay with them until we send for you.” As Jamie helped Eddie toward the house Bob looked around at the food and plates scattered over the ground. “Kyle, Kevin, if you’re feeling up to it, do you think you can salvage dinner for this evening?” “No problem, sir,” said Kevin. “An hour tops,” Kyle added. “Thanks, guys … you’re the best. We’ll talk later. *************** It was a somber group of men that gathered in the living room with beers that the twins had brought into them, Randy and Hassan nursing bruised bodies and bruised egos. It was hard to know where to start but Bob’s first instincts were to defend Randy. “Hassan, I know how protective you feel toward Nate, for his sake and Adam’s, but I don’t think it’s productive to lay all the blame on Randy. Pablo has a mind and a will of his own. He’ll probably be back soon and we have to work out how to handle him.” Just then the house phone rang and again they assumed it was Pablo. Bob picked up, listened, and looked up at Randy. “It’s Steve for you, buddy. I’ll put him on speaker.” Steve’s voice was calm and authoritative. “Good, you’re all there. Well, the good news is that Pablo’s here at my house. The not-so-good news is that he’s in a hell of a state. He’s not very coherent but from what I gather from his ramblings he lost control of himself at the house and beat up all the boys. Anyone badly hurt?” “They’ll live,” said Randy sullenly. “I’ve given Pablo a sedative and he’s resting in the guest room. Obviously it’s not a good idea for him to go back down to you … I would say not for a few days. I’ll keep him here and talk to him. After all, I am technically his therapist. But I think one thing I’ll insist on is that he goes back to work as soon as possible, then come back up here in the evenings. It’s important to re-establish his normal routine … give him something productive to do. One thing I ask, Randy, is that you do nothing for now. Don’t interact with him at work if possible, OK bro? Right, well that has to be it for now … I have to go and keep an eye on him. I’ll call again later.” He hung up abruptly and the guys looked at each other, digesting the news. But before anyone could speak there was a cough at the door. They looked up in surprise … it was Darius, his face bruised and his arm in a make-shift sling, but his eyes were bright and eager. “I’m sorry to interrupt, sirs, but is it alright if I say something?” Diyarbakır Escort “Sure, kid,” Zack said. “Go ahead.” “Well, sir, I heard what Steve said and I’m glad Pablo is with him. But I was wondering, after he’s had his therapy and stuff with Steve, do you think I could handle him after that … take care of him and sort out everything with the other guys? Lot of bruised feelings …” he managed a grin … “and bruised faces too. But I kind of feel it’s important for the boys to work all this out for themselves. And I think we can, sirs.” The men looked at each other in surprise, impressed at this new, confident Darius. Zack spoke for them all. “Thanks for the suggestion, Darius. But, er, what do you plan to do first?” “Well, nothing, sir. Not for a while. Kinda let the dust settle … let all the tempers cool down.” “And later?” “When Pablo’s had time to think I’ll talk to him, try to find out why he did what he did… then see if we can fix it. Pablo’s my lover, sir, my best friend. I gotta help him somehow.” He grinned awkwardly. “What d’ya think, sir?” Zack looked around at the others who were giving nods of approval. “OK, kid, it’s up to you, then. Now what about young Eddie?” “I’ve thought about that too, sir. I feel real bad about him. He’s a shy young kid and he’s fallen into something here that’s really scared the bejesus out of him. He looks up to me and I should protect him. If it’s OK, I’d like to invite him to stay while he’s in L.A. Maybe we could stay over at your house, sir, and the twins in your guest house can keep an eye on him too.” Zack smiled warmly at him. “Sounds like a plan, kiddo. You seem to have thought of everything … I’m really impressed … real proud of you, boy.” “I think that goes for all of us, Darius,” Bob smiled. “Now, like Steve said, keeping up the normal routine is important, so if you three guys are up for it, the twins said they can have dinner ready in an hour. Go back and tell them, and take good care of Eddie. Right around now he must be feeling he’s in some kind of madhouse.” “Leave it to me, sir,” Darius grinned … “and thanks for listening.” As he left the room the guys could swear there was more pride and confidence in his stride than they had ever seen before. Mark said it best. “You know, that guy came into the room a boy and went out a man.” ************** Hassan left the meeting to go back to Nate. Randy had said little at the meeting and Bob could see he was anxious to leave too. He saw in his eyes a mix of shock, bewilderment and even embarrassment. “Hey, buddy,” he said quietly, “there’s nothing more we can do here so what say we go up to the room and shower before dinner, eh?” They got up and as they left the room Bob turned and said, “Thanks guys.” Mark and Zack nodded in tacit understanding that Bob had work to do. And he did. When they got to their room Randy paced back and forth, clenching and unclenching his fists. He felt he had lost control, not only of his boy but, in a way, of his position as leader of the group. He had lost face, and Hassan’s words still rang in his ears …”What’s wrong with you, man? … Don’t you have any control over that train-wreck of a kid of yours? Control? He’d show them control! Fuck Hassan … fuck them all and their accusing looks. He was the boss, goddamit, and he would damn-well prove it. His eyes fell on Bob, who knew exactly what came next. It always did when Randy was angry or when he needed to prove his macho dominance. At times like this Randy scared him a bit, but Bob’s overwhelming sensation was lust for this wild, savage man … the man who had tamed him all that time ago in the motel room. Despite the pain and degradation Randy had inflicted on him then Bob had never been so excited in his life and had found himself coming back for more, even if it meant crawling at the master’s feet. Now their eyes locked and the same spark flashed between them as on that very first time. And just as it had been then, Bob’s cock was now rock hard in his pants. As so often before Randy was taking out all his frustrations on the man he loved. If he could make this glorious, beautiful man submit to him he could make anyone submit. “What?” he barked. “You too? You think because my kid fucked up bad that I’ve lost control? Well fuck the kid, and fuck you, man. I’m still the boss, and I’m still your boss. Get those fucking clothes off, man.” Bob was no longer the proud, confident business executive. He longed to surrender himself to this demon gypsy of a man. Frantically he threw off his jacket, ripped off his tie and shirt, and dropped his pants. In seconds he was naked, his cock standing out rigid as a pole. Randy gazed at him and all his confidence flooded back. Time to prove to them both who was boss. “That’s it asshole, fucking butt naked … and you’re all mine. His eyes ran over Bob’s perfect face and muscular body. “Shit, you are so fucking beautiful, man. Yeah, a man who can tame a gorgeous, alpha stud like you still deserves to be boss, don’t you think?” “Yes, sir.” “And you’re gonna do exactly what I tell you?” “Yes, sir.” “OK, stud, on your knees.” Bob fell obediently to his knees and focused on the huge bulge in Randy’s greasy cargo pants. He ripped them open and gasped as he always did when he saw the massive club rear up before his eyes. He felt Randy’s hand behind his head and within seconds he was gagging on the rod crammed in his mouth. He knew this was not love … it was savage animal lust. This was the side of Randy that turned him on most and he labored mightily to please his master, gulping hard, squeezing his throat muscles round the pulsing cock forcing its way inside him. Randy had worked hard all day, sweating in the hot sun, and Bob now tasted, smelled, the rancid, sweaty stink of the construction worker’s cock and balls. When the cock was deep inside his throat he buried his face in the damp, wiry pubic hair, relishing the musky, male taste of this rugged man. As Randy looked down at the spectacular Superman face impaled on his iron rod he became more savage than ever, grabbing Bob’s tousled black hair and pulling his face forward onto is cock again and again. He was reaffirming his macho power to himself but, more importantly, to Bob, the man whose opinion mattered most to him in the world. By now Bob was gagging on the huge tool, gulping down the pungent taste of pre-cum that oozed from it. His throat was aching and he waited for the relief of Randy’s explosion in his mouth. But that didn’t happen. Now at a pitch of desire for his beautiful lover Randy suddenly yanked his cock out of his mouth, pulled him up by the shoulders and threw him bodily down onto the bed. Bob bounced as he fell naked on his back and looked up in a daze. He had never seen anything more exciting. Towering over him was a heaving, sweating stallion of a man, eyes blazing with lust, black hair flying over his face, huge horse dick rearing up before him. This was the King of the Gypsies, the wild-eyed dark demon, the most spectacular man Bob had even known. Randy murmured to himself as he kicked off his boots and dropped his pants. “They think I’ve lost control. Well think again, mother-fuckers. I’m the master of this house and I can do anything I fucking-well want.” Naked now, he stared down at his lover, lying at his mercy. “And I have the most beautiful man who ever lived. Look at that face, that body … totally fucking gorgeous … and he’s mine. He’s mine! And I’m gonna fuck him in the ass!” It all happened in seconds. Still standing Randy bent forward and grabbed Bob’s ankles, pulled his legs up and held them apart. His eyes were like lasers piercing Bob’s as he shouted, “This is it, man. This is your master!” In one stunning move he fell forward and the power of his fall drove his cock straight into the helpless ass of his victim. The pain of the steel shaft plunging into him was worse than Bob had ever felt. His scream reverberated round the room, his head flew backwards and his body convulsed, writhing in a reflexive attempt to escape. But Randy fell further forward and clamped his hands on Bob’s wrists pinning them to the bed above his head. His blazing eyes penetrated Bob’s and instantly the men became one, joined by that magical sensation that swept away pain, rage, and savagery, leaving behind a dreamlike world of pure, indescribable passion. Impaled on his lover’s cock Bob suddenly became still and gazed up at the man he worshipped. There was no pain now … but he wanted more … he longed to feel the jackhammer of the brutal construction worker who had first tamed him so long ago. His eyes gleamed as he moaned, “Fuck me, man … my ass is yours, sir. Fuck me … hurt me … make me beg you to cum in my ass.” “Oh, yeah. Here it comes, man.” Randy pulled all the way out, paused … and then drove his shaft into him again. It became a piston, plunging in and out, faster and faster, piercing to the depths of Bob’s ravaged ass. Now the searing pain broke through Bob’s euphoria and he began yelling again, his muscles flexing desperately, tears streaming from his eyes. Randy stared manically at the beautiful face, contorted in pain, thrashing from side to side, and the sight overcame all the frustration and doubt that had gripped him earlier. He was back in control, reasserting his strength, pounding ass. He was the boss, he could do anything, even dominate a man as beautiful as this, just as his boy dominated the others. `Yeah, he’s my boy alright … tough like me … tougher than all the rest. He does what he wants … and I can do what I like to this gorgeous stud.’ In his delirium of power Randy Diyarbakır Escort Bayan lost control and entered another world. He looked down at a face that wasn’t Bob’s anymore. It was simply a spectacularly beautiful face that he needed to possess, to control. He was the master, he could do anything to it… own it … use it … hurt it. “I can do anything!” he yelled, raising his hand and slamming it across the gorgeous face. The face flew to the side, twisted in pain. Randy blinked and shook his head. Now it was a face he knew, a face he loved. Bob’s face! He had just slammed his hand across the face of the man he loved more than his own life… There was a stunned silence. Then Randy’s eyes opened wide and he screamed, “NO!” It was as if floodlights blazed on, bathing the scene in the unforgiving white light of reality. He had just hit his lover, the man he idolized! He had savaged his ass and now he had slammed his face. He reared back, his cock wrenched free and he leapt to his feet, pacing the room, his face buried in his hands. He was lost, devastated by what he had done. A minute later he looked down and saw Bob lying in a daze, an angry red mark on his cheek. Randy fell on the bed beside him, pulled Bob into him and cradled him in his arms, talking incoherently. “Oh, man, what have I done? … to you, of all people. Please forgive me, man … don’t leave me … please don’t leave me. I don’t know, I … I went crazy. Just like my boy did … I’m no better than him … that’s where he gets it from … from me. What am I gonna do, man? Help me, Bob … please … I can’t…” “Hey, hey, hey. Look at me, buddy.” Randy raised a tear-stained face. Bob held it in his hands, pulled it toward him and kissed him gently, lovingly until he felt the tension drain from Randy’s body. They pulled away and Randy pleaded, “What am I gonna do, man?” Bob smiled, “I love you, Randy, you know that. Do you love me?” “More than my life, man.” “And do you love Pablo?” “Of course … he’s my boy.” “Then there’s your answer … the answer to everything. When did you last tell Pablo you loved him?’ “What? I dunno … that’s not something I do much.” “Then start, Randy. Tell him … show him.” Bob smiled at his lover’s bewildered face.” “Here … let me show you how that goes.” Randy allowed himself be pushed over onto his back and he looked up at Bob kneeling on the bed between his legs. In a daze he saw Bob push his legs up and he felt the tip of his cock against his ass. He heard Bob’s deep, velvet voice. “It is all about control, Randy … but about yielding control. Stop trying so hard. Just give yourself to me and let me love you.” He smiled at him as he slid his cock gently into Randy’s ass. “See? See how good that feels. The man who loves you is inside you, making love to you. Forget being the boss, the master. Just let me love you, Randy.” Randy’s tense muscles relaxed. He let all the anger, frustration and fear drain from him as he felt his lover’s cock moving tenderly in his ass. He moaned softly, his gaze transfixed on the image of this spectacular man rising and falling above him. Again their eyes met and they were joined as one, but not as before in the heat of lust and passion. This time they were floating together in a pool of pure love, and Randy was being hypnotized by his lover’s voice. “Now it’s me in control, buddy. And you’re gonna do what I tell you. Look at me, man. Feel my cock in your ass, and love me. Love what you see, what you hear, what you feel. Love me so much that you can’t hold back, that you have to cum. That’s it, buddy. Show me…” Tears were flowing from Randy’s eyes. He uttered a low moan as he felt cum rising up through his cock and streaming over his naked chest. He looked up through his tears and pleaded, “Now you, man,” and he was answered with the warm sensation of his lover’s semen pouring deep inside his ass. They gazed at each other silently until their orgasms were spent. Minutes later they lay in each other’s arms. But Bob was still in control. “Now here’s what happens next, buddy. Steve is taking care of Pablo right now, and later Darius will take over and square everything with the boys. Your role in all this is simply to show Pablo you still love him. In the meantime, we go down to dinner now and you have to be real nice to the boys, especially to Eddie. Only you can set the tone, show them that everything’s on the mend. You got it?” “OK, sir,” Randy grinned. “You’re the boss. Shit, I started out trying to tame you but it seems it worked out the other way round.” “Oh yeah, well about that.” Bob’s voice became more submissive “That wild gypsy who worked me over a while ago … I, er, I don’t want him to go away … I want him back soon. Long ago in that motel room I fell in love with a rugged construction worker, a dark savage, and I still crave him. I want to kneel to the King of the Gypsies.” Randy gazed at his lover and his face broke into a dazzling smile. He reached out, grabbed Bob’s head and pulled his face into his. Their lips joined and Randy kissed him ferociously, forcing his tongue inside him, grinding their mouths together savagely. Their lips were clamped so tight that as they inhaled and exhaled deeply they shared the same air back and forth. Suddenly it stopped and Randy was gazing at Bob, his eyes dancing. “That do it for you, asshole? That’s just a down-payment. The rest comes later. See buddy, the wild gypsy never really left.” ****************** Randy had been floundering in the lake of self-doubt and confusion and now he had just broken the surface, thanks to Bob. But his boy was still adrift in the murky waters and had yet to see daylight. And that’s where Steve came in. After Pablo’s irrational explosion he had driven around in a state of acute muddle and insecurity and found himself, almost by instinct, at Steve’s gate. The man he really wanted was his master and adoptive dad, Randy, but he knew he would get a frosty reception there. He had let him down badly and now he was desperate. Steve, a near carbon copy of his brother Randy, was the obvious choice. Pablo was scared of accusation and recrimination and he knew that what he would get from Steve would be the impartial, non-judgmental help of the therapist. Steve’s reaction of giving Pablo a sedative had been an astute one, and Pablo slept soundly in the guest room all night. In the morning the handsome architect Lloyd gave him breakfast and lent him a T-shirt that hung on Pablo loosely and gave him a seductive bad-boy look. Then Steve took over, handsome and professional in slacks and a white dress shirt, his tie loose at the neck. He took Pablo into his comfortable office in the back of house and the therapy began. Honest and direct as ever, Pablo gave Steve a clear and detailed account of the unhappy event, including, as far as he could, his own thoughts and motivation. When he was finished he looked anxiously at Steve, who frowned slightly as he wrote notes, then raised his level gaze. “So the way I see it, Pablo, in a nutshell, is that as the other boys gradually found their footing in the house you felt your foothold slipping. Am I right?” Pablo sighed. “I guess that’s about the size of it, sir.” “Hmm… So let me ask you, how do you think we should go about dealing with this problem?” Pablo brightened. “Well first of all, sir, I need to be punished. That’s what Randy would do.” “Ah, yes … but you forget, Randy’s the wild brother and I’m the civilized one. And yet I suppose you want me to substitute for your dad and tie you up and whip your ass, is that it?” “Yes please, sir.” Steve sighed deeply. “Ah, Pablo … You have to see that the old cycle of misbehavior followed by physical punishment that deep down you enjoy, won’t work this time.” “But, sir, I …” He trailed off and Steve was shocked to see in his eyes not shame for what he had done, but lust for what he desired. Steve frowned deeply. “Do you want me to fuck you. Pablo?” “Yes, sir.” “Wrong answer, Pablo” “You always told me there are no wrong answers, sir.” “Yeah, well that one’s wrong. Jesus Christ, after all that’s happened you can sit there and calmly ask me to fuck you?” “It worked before, sir.” There was a trace of Pablo’s crooked grin on his face. Steve was taken aback, remembering the couple of times in his office where Pablo had seduced him. “Well, not this time, kid!” He took a deep breath to control his anger and regain his professional poise. “Now look, we obviously have a long way to go with this, so here’s what we’re gonna do. You’re gonna stay here for a couple of days and we’ll have some intense therapy sessions until you’re ready to confront the guys again.” “Will Randy be here, sir?” “No he will not. He definitely will not. As a matter of fact I have told him to keep his distance from you, which he seemed perfectly happy to do. He is still royally pissed off at you. However … I am prescribing that you go back to work right away. It’s important for you to resume a job you’re good at to regain some shreds of self-respect. You will keep yourself to yourself, have no contact with Randy, and after work you come straight back up here. Understood?” Yes, sir,” Pablo said meekly, surprised by the therapist’s unusually harsh tone. Steve stood up and looked down at him severely. “I want one thing clearly understood. I make the rules here and you will do just what I order you to. I know how you are, but you will not fuck around with me, boy. And in response to your earlier comment, the therapy will involve punishment but not the kind you’re used to and seem to enjoy. No, my methods are Escort Diyarbakır unorthodox and this punishment will be real. And I guarantee you won’t enjoy it. But you will obey me at all times. Do I make myself clear, boy?” “Yes, sir,” Pablo said meekly. But as he looked up at the stern, commanding figure of the therapist towering over him, his gorgeous face, the muscles of his superb body rippling under the white cotton shirt, Pablo could not prevent the erection that rose stiffly in his shorts. And he was sure it was not his imagination that there was a bulge in the therapist’s smart dress slacks. **************** It was mid-morning when Pablo walked nervously onto the construction site, wearing his customary dungarees, held up by a single strap over one shoulder and with nothing underneath. He knew that Steve had called Randy to explain his late arrival and to reiterate the no-contact rule. Pablo took a deep breath and was suddenly reassured by the busy, routine activity of the crew, and the fact that Randy was working in his trailer office. So he walked more-or-less unnoticed to the truck he had been working on the day before, opened the hood and started work. And now, as he worked alone, concentrating hard on the job, he was hit for the first time by the bleak loneliness of his situation. Randy, his master, the man he idolized, was angry to the point that he wasn’t speaking to him. He had probably lost his lover, Darius, after the way he had beaten him and this new kid, Eddie. And the other boys would no doubt shun him too. Worst of all, he had lost everyone’s respect. He had always swaggered a bit as the boss’s boy, the senior boy, but after what he had done his role as top-dog was shattered. He thought briefly of running away from it all … but he knew that would be cowardly. Worst of all, he would be leaving Randy, his idol, his hero, and he could never do that. But what point was there if Randy didn’t love him anymore? And so the day dragged on and he worked hard, in stoic silence, worked harder than ever, actually, trying to prove to Randy that he was still worth something after all. But while the guys on the crew all got on with their own various tasks, Pablo did not go unnoticed. In the trailer Randy was acutely aware of everything and many times during the day he raised his eyes from the blueprints on the drawing board and looked through the window at the solitary figure of the grease-stained boy working all alone. Sure, there were still vestiges of anger in Randy for what the boy had done, but they soon dissolved as he watched his boy and immense sadness took their place. His boy, his beautiful boy, abandoned by everyone. But he was tough … working through it … doing the job he loved for the man he loved. “That’s my boy,” Randy said to himself. He tore his eyes from the window and tried to work, but he couldn’t help looking up … and the sight was unbearable. Randy knew from the body language that the plucky young kid was pouring every ounce of effort into the job, and he knew why. He was trying to prove himself, to redeem himself, trying to win Randy’s love again. `Love!’ Suddenly Randy’s thoughts rang with Bob’s voice … that beautiful, kind, glorious man who had rescued him and seemed to have a solution for it all. What was it he had said? “Love …there’s your answer … the answer to everything. When did you last tell Pablo you loved him? Then start, Randy. Tell him … show him.” Steve had said he should have no contact with the boy. Well fuck that noise! What did his brother know anyway, him and his fancy doctor certificates hanging on the wall? So fuck Steve … fuck them all. This was his boy, his son … this was between the two of them. He yanked open the trailer door and spoke to Dave, an older guy who had worked for Randy from way back. “Hey Dave, do me a favor and tell Pablo to come in here.” “Sure thing, boss,” Dave said, wondering why Randy didn’t just holler the way he always did. Randy watched as Dave spoke to Pablo, who raised a startled head. He dropped his tools and walked with a nervous stoop toward the trailer Randy’s heart was beating fast as the boy came in and stood before him. He locked the door behind Pablo, then stood facing him. Pablo’s head was hanging down, but soon he raised it and looked directly into his master’s eyes, ready to take whatever fate Randy was about to hand out. Randy stared at his brave boy … and didn’t say a word. Slowly his hand went up to Pablo’s shoulder and he brushed the strap off it. It fell dangling and the dungarees dropped round the boy’s ankles. As usual he wore nothing underneath so when he stepped out of the dungarees he stood naked except for his boots, his gaze still fixed on his master’s steel blue eyes. There was a small bed in the corner that Randy sometimes used to sleep on when he worked an all-nighter. Now he pulled it out away from the wall, the scraping noise loud in the silence of the room. Randy glanced quickly down at the bed and Pablo knew what to do. He lowered himself onto the bed and lay on his back, watching as Randy unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock, already hard as a rock. Pablo held his breath and he could actually hear his heart beating. Calmly, silently, Randy knelt on the end of the bed, grabbed Pablo’s boots and pushed his legs in the air. Still holding his boy’s eyes in a hypnotic gaze he eased forward and pushed his cock between the perfect globes of the ass he loved so much. Pablo stared up at his glorious master, at the slabs of his chest bulging under the greasy tank-top, and felt the huge tool slide into his ass. There were tears in the eyes of both men as the construction boss slowly, lovingly, eased his cock past the warm membrane of the young ass. Randy bent lower, pinned Pablo’s wrists to the bed and penetrated his eyes with a level gaze. Tears began to flow down the boy’s cheeks. He didn’t dare to think what all this meant. He just knew that his master was making love to him, pure, simple love, and he was feeling the very manhood of his hero filling his ass. The intensity of the moment was so overwhelming that Pablo had no control. He was drowning in the pale blue eyes and only dimly aware of the heat rising up his legs, into his balls, and blasting from his cock in long ribbons of cum that splashed over his chest. Randy’s eyes never wavered as his own orgasm exploded deep inside his sad, sweet boy. As their cocks drained they remained still for a long time just gazing at each other … no words nor any hint of a smile. Finally Randy pulled out, stood up, and pushed his cock back inside his pants. Pablo got off the bed and pulled his dungarees over his boots. Randy bent down and pulled them up to Pablo’s waist. But before pulling them higher he stared at the cum still flowing down the boy’s chest. He pressed two fingers against Pablo’s stomach and ran them up over his chest, scooping up the semen. Staring into his boy’s eyes he pushed the cum-soaked fingers into his own mouth and swallowed hard, savoring the bitter-sweet taste of his boy’s juice. Then he pulled the fingers out and drew them seductively across his lips, licking off the last drops of precious liquid. Only then did he pull the dungarees up over Pablo’s chest and hook the single strap back over his shoulder. Randy walked to the door, unlocked and opened it. There were no words, no smiles, but as Pablo walked past him Randy brushed the back of his hand lightly against the boy’s cheek. And then he was gone. The whole incident had taken place without a word. As Pablo walked back to the truck to resume his work old Dave smiled to himself. There was a spring in the boy’s step, quite the opposite of his stooped nervousness when he went in. Obviously things had gone well at his interview with the boss, and Dave was glad about that. ************** At Steve’s house that evening Pablo said nothing of the incident. It was private, just between him and Randy. In fact, he wasn’t all that sure what it meant. He knew it wasn’t forgiveness. That wouldn’t come so easily. It certainly wasn’t punishment either. Nor was it at all typical of the rough, unyielding construction boss. Pablo smiled to himself as he realized what it was. It had to be love … just that … love, pure and simple. Randy still loved him … he loved him! He had never behaved quite like that before … It was more the kind of thing Bob would do. Randy did not mention it to anyone either. He just knew that he had done what he had to for his boy to put things right between them. Now Steve would do his therapist thing, including some sort of punishment, he supposed, and then, apparently, Darius would step in and do whatever he had in mind for his lover and the boys. Things were beginning to look up. He didn’t mention the incident even to Bob … but he didn’t have to. Bob knew every nuance of the big man’s moods so well that he guessed Randy had taken his advice and given some sign to his boy. “Well done, buddy,” Bob smiled as he undressed in their room that night. As always he watched in awe as Randy pulled off his tank top and stood stripped to the waist, in his greasy cargo pants and boots. “Yeah, yeah,” growled Randy, gazing at his gorgeous naked lover. “Now … about that wild gypsy thing…” Bob grinned. “You read my mind, sir.” And he sank slowly to his knees.” ****************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” … Chapter 145 Hi guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. I always reply. ALSO, I urge you to visit my Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, all the many chapters, with extras, including pictures and biographies of all the characters and some other great artwork. Click on the `Our Story’ tab to read the current chapter, or click on the green button to browse all the chapter synopses. Enjoy! Rob Williams

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