Holiday Time Off Ch. 05

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This morning was unusually cool, I noted, stepping out onto the patio with a glass orange juice and the morning paper. I thought about sitting outside but the cool air tearing through my cotton pants and t-shirt was now causing me to reconsider. I walked back in long enough to pull a sweatshirt out of the laundry pile, too lazy to walk upstairs and find a clean one, and parked myself at the table outside. Peace and quiet, I thought, as I heard the birds rustling outside my yard and beyond the gold course, in the desert behind my home.

The rest of the early morning was calm and uneventful, Ann got dressed and headed into work for a few hours today; I wasn’t working this week, trying to enjoy some time off between the holidays. So I sat in my chair and read the paper, trying to judge whether or not the bowl games played today were worth a 4 hour investment in front of the television. Tough decisions, I thought laughing at myself.

My serene morning was momentarily interrupted by the sliding of the arcadia door, as I glanced over, I saw Tina standing there in a black sweatshirt with white sweatpants on, socks and wooly slippers, her hair pulled back in a pony tail. It wasn’t the sexiest I’d seen her, but she looked cute, and about 5 years younger than her mid twenties.

“It looks peaceful out here,” she began, “would it be okay if I joined you outside?”

“Sure,” I said kind of flatly; it came out more gruff than I intended. But I was mildly annoyed at her interruption anyway. I went back to reading the paper, trying to ignore the sections about the presidential candidates, and how they all stood in the polls. I couldn’t stand reading any of this until about 3 months prior to each election anyway. All of this ‘posturing’ was really just feeding the news media circus.

I expected Tina to pull up a chair next to me, but she walked right past me and out to one of the lounge chairs over by the pool. She adjusted the back so it was nearly upright, and gently placed herself into the chair.

Alright, I thought, back to peace and quiet. My attention to the paper began to lag, I began thinking of what Ann and I had spoken about last night. I certainly wanted to spend some time with Tina, and frankly, the fact that I’d been given the green light from Ann sexually, I was excited. But this was still a delicate situation, with a delicate girl and I couldn’t take advantage of this. As Ann had said, I was to be her lesson, and that came with some responsibility.

Either way I wasn’t wasting the first day reading the freaking paper. I folded it neatly and placed it on the table and made my way over to the lounge chair next to Tina and sat down facing her.

“Hey there cutie!” I started cheerfully, sorry if I seemed annoyed when you came outside.

“It’s okay, I knew you wanted to quiet time this morning,” she replied pleasantly. Good, I hadn’t upset her.

“You know, Ann’s going to be at work most of the morning…why don’t we do something to keep us occupied?” I mentioned.

“Ann and I actually talked before she left for work,” she said “she told me that you and I should spend some time together!”

“Really?” I sounded more surprised that I meant to.

“Nice try, she told me you and her talked last night,” she paused, and I laughed at my Ann, setting us both up. “That must have been what you two talked about in between me going in the house, and you two fucking out there by the fire,” she giggled.

“You saw us? I thought you had gone to bed!” I exclaimed.

“I did, but I got up again to grab some water and saw you two from the kitchen,” she replied quickly.

The thought that Tina had seen Ann and I in the throes of passion by the fire was at first embarrassing and then exciting, someone watching us clutching each other, thrusting into one another, I actually found myself getting aroused at the thought.

She continued, “The two of you looked beautiful together, I could tell it wasn’t just fucking, you were more passionate, that it was more like making love…like in the movies!”

That was an interesting last statement referencing making love and only in the movies. Thinking of nothing but sex now, I tried to get Tina to open up a bit more, “When was the last time you made love to someone Tina?”

“I don’t think I ever have,” she stated a little shy now.

“You can’t honestly expect me to believe you are a virgin?” I scoffed.

“Ha,” she laughed, “I’ve fucked guys before, but nothing like what I saw last night…” she paused, “and the night before in the hot tub,” she said smirking again.

She’d seen Ann and I together the past two nights! Holy Crap, it was exciting to know that we’d been seen, but I also realized that we couldn’t continue like this if I was supposed to be getting closer to Tina, sex with Ann going to have to move behind some closed doors for a while. No matter how much progress Tina and I made during the day, she could distance herself from me again with nights like the last couple. I wanted to do what’s right for her. Then I thought sadly bursa escort of what she’d mentioned before, about never making love to someone.

“Tina, why do you think you’ve never experienced that?” I mentioned.

Tina responded bluntly, “I don’t think I’ve ever found a guy who respected me.”

“That’s the most intelligent and introspective thing I’ve heard you say all week!” I smiled at her. “Let’s get out of here and go do something!”

“Well, I need to go to the mall and buy some new clothes…want to give me a ride?” she requested.

“Only if you’ll have lunch with me afterwards,” I cornered her.

“You paying?” she asked with a smirk. “Because after I paid Ann rent I’ve got $250 left of the $500 you gave me, at that’s all going towards clothes for school!”

“You drive a hard bargain, but okay,” I said joking right back with her.

A few hours later I found myself roaming through the mall with Tina. She stopped in different stores and tried on new clothes. She’d grab things off the racks, go try them on and model them for me just outside the dressing rooms before heading back in to model the next outfit.

I was waiting again for her making light conversation with the girl who worked in the women’s department waiting for Tina to show me the next dress when she walked out of the dressing room. It was an electric blue, silk spaghetti strap dress that clung so tight to her body, I could easily see her nipples from where I was standing, and I thought I could even make out the small depression of her belly button. All she needed was a pair of stilettos and she’d have completed the outfit. This outfit screamed, “look how hot I am!”

I slowly walked over to her, trying to conceal my growing erection. “Tina, that dress looks utterly amazing on you.” I started, “but in the spirit of change, hear me out…” I continued. “This dress looks fantastic but screams ‘fuck me’, which can been a good thing, and you’ll have to believe me that it’s having the desired reaction.” She peaked at my obvious bulge in my crotch and smiled. “But do you own a dress or suit that says ‘hire me’?”

She looked at me inquisitively. “You’ve got job interviews in a couple months, and that dress isn’t going to land you the jobs you are looking for, or if they do, it’ll get you the job for the wrong reasons.”

She looked at me for a moment then peered down her own body as if evaluating her look all over again. Her head raised again and she looked me right in the eyes. “You are so right Scott, thank you!’ and she stood on her tip toes and hugged me; her perky tight little breasts pressed into my chest, I saw her ass tighten in the mirror behind her. Every nerve ending in my body wanted to take her back in that dressing room and show her exactly what I so desperately wanted to do. But now wasn’t the time, this was what she would have gotten in the past, and I had to slow things down, at least a little.

She spent the rest of the morning searching for the right ‘interview suit’ she finally found it in a classy navy blue pin striped jacket and skirt, with a silk white blouse to go underneath the jacket, she even found some navy blue 3 inch heels to go with it. It was sexy, yet very smart and classy.

She also picked up more casual clothing to wear to class each day, this girl wasn’t hard to shop with; she looked tremendous in everything she put on. Soon we were both hungry and ready for lunch, with me weighted down carrying nearly all her bags, we headed for the truck and off to lunch.

We drove past all the ‘chain’ garbage restaurants that I can’t stand as we left the area surrounding the mall. Every place served the same menu of ‘a little of everything’. What is it about those places these days, afraid to commit to doing one thing exceedingly well? Instead we are forced to eat in places that all have their ‘version’ of the exact same menu. Let’s see I guess it’ll be mediocre steak, frozen and breaded seafood, pathetically un-authentic Mexican food, or a burger. Every place was the same. I had better ideas.

As we past the last one, Tina got restless. “I’m hungry, where are we going?”

“Just sit tight and you’ll see.” I replied not taking my eyes off the road.

We drove of for approximately 20 minutes north to an area of town that was reserved for the filthy rich. Many professional athletes and celebrities had homes in the area, and the entire part of the city took on a different vibe. There was a private golf club that I wasn’t nearly well off enough to afford the $150K entry fee and $10K per month dues, but the golf pro there was a friend I grew up with, and he always got Ann and I a table when I needed one. I had called him earlier this morning, while we were shopping to make sure everything was cool.

We pulled up at the front of the valet. He took a second look, usually parking Porches, Ferraris, Aston Martins, and Hummers; a lifted GMC would be a new experience for him. But he handled it with class once I slipped him a $50 bill with my keys. I walked around as Tina was being helped out bursa escort bayan of the truck, the other valet taking note of her figure barely, but tastefully concealed in her new white knee length sun-dress she purchased this morning and we entered the restaurant.

Perched on the top of a hill, the restaurant took every advantage of its view of the city. Floor to ceiling windows took in the entire valley, from the golf course below through the surrounding mountains to the clear blue sky, the view was breathtaking. Tina didn’t say a word; she just held my arm as we were escorted to our table outside on the veranda.

Finally as we were handed menus, Tina spoke and ordered a glass of ice tea, and I a soda, as fresh bottled water was poured from a glass pitcher into each of our glasses on the table. “This is unexpected,” Tina said with a smile.

“Ever been here before?” I asked politely.

Tina nearly choked on an ice cube, “The crowd I used to hang out with usually went to much nicer places.” She smirked, being overtly sarcastic, a defense mechanism I thought, I could tell, she was a little nervous of her surroundings.

“Get used to it, you’re hanging with a new ‘crowd’ now,” pointing at myself, “and don’t be nervous, be proud, you belong here.” I smiled at her, silently breathing some confidence over to her side of the table.

“Are you and Ann members here?” she quietly asked.

I smiled back at her, “you don’t need to pay dues to enjoy the finer things in life, but you do need good connections.” She cocked her head at my answer, and briefly looked around, taking in her surroundings.

We ordered from the menu and made some small talk. Tina was still a little uncomfortable in our surroundings and I was constantly searching for ways to loosen her up, when I saw a familiar face coming towards us. It was Ted, my friend who got us in here. Ted wasn’t as tall as me, maybe 6’2 with bleached blond hair that was never neat, an athlete like me his entire life, he was still in good shape. I stood to greet him and Ted was beaming as he shook my hand and said hello. I immediately introduced Tina, as Ann’s sister.

“Hello,” she politely responded.

“Ted, Tina just moved here,” I lied for Tina not wanting to tell him that we just saved her from the ghetto after she left rehab. “I just wanted to show her the finest place in town for lunch.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Tina, tell me do you play golf?” Ted mentioned looking at her as I took my seat again across from her.

“Never tried, but I’d love to learn sometime,” she responded cheerfully.

“Well, give me a call, I’d be happy to get you started, free of charge…” Ted looked at her then at me.

“Where’s my free golf lesson Mr. Big-shot?” I joked.

“You pay full price my friend, any guy that can bring one, much less a second gorgeous woman into my club for lunch, can afford to pay for a golf lesson!” He laughed, said his goodbyes, left Tina with his card and excused himself.

She noted the indirect compliment he gave her. Tina was clearly now more relaxed and we talked throughout the rest of lunch about her classes starting in a couple weeks and what she was going to do after college. She was actually a very intelligent girl, and I found myself being drawn to this new side of her, like her sister, she was charming.

During lunch she kept reaching across the table to squeeze my hand or touch my arm, and when she returned from the rest room she hugged me in my chair from behind, pressing her soft flesh into my back, before returning to her own seat.

“Thank you so much for bringing me here, Scott.” You’ve been so kind to me today. I feel so much better now that we are getting to know each other better on different levels.”

“It’s been a lot of fun so far Tina, but we aren’t finished just yet,” I remarked as I stood from my seat, helped her from hers and escorted her back to the valet where I flipped him another $50 and he brought my truck around. You never know when you’ll need a favor again, and if Ted wasn’t around I wanted to make sure the valet had my back.

Leaving there we drove straight to my office, in a small high rise building on the outskirts of downtown. I wanted to pick up a file that I forgot that I wanted to review. We entered the elevator and pressed the button for the 14th floor. I closed my office all week so my employees could spend time with their families during the holidays. Tina remarked at how nice the dark wood throughout the office looked.

“Thanks,” I mentioned, “your sister actually worked with the decorator and put everything together,” I remarked, opening the door to my office.

“Holy Shit!” She exclaimed looking at the view! “This is YOUR office?”

I had forgotten the main reason I chose this office, the building sat perched on a man-made lake in the middle of town, the office looked north toward the mountains, and had a mixture of city, and wilderness to appreciate, but it was the reflective lake that really set the whole place off.

“The view escort bursa from the restaurant was nice, but I can’t believe you sit here every day!” she said nearly breathlessly making her way to the windows.

“Why don’t you take a look outside? I’ll only be a moment,” I mentioned to her waving her toward the doors that led to the sunlit terrace outside.

She opened the door and slipped outside, I noted her sundress, gently blowing in the breeze as she stepped up to the railing admiring the view below. As I fumbled across my desk searching for the client file, I found myself admiring the view she was giving me. As she leaned into the railing, her legs stood taught, and very toned. Her newly found addiction of working out that she picked up in rehab was definitely paying dividends. As the wind did it’s best to tease me with brief glimpses of the backs of her thighs, each time seeming to stop just short of giving me an unobstructed view of her tight little ass. Her long auburn hair was gently blowing in the warm breeze.

I found the file and set it on the table near the door so I wouldn’t forget it. Returning my gaze to the gorgeous creature on the terrace, after a few moments of watching her, I joined her outside.

I approached from directly behind her, and outstretched my arms on either side of her gripping the railing around her and bringing my face near hers. “So what do you think?” I asked plainly, becoming aroused now that I was close enough to smell her hair, still emulating some scent of whatever shampoo she used this morning.

Without turning around, she replied “I think I want an office like this some day.” That response was encouraging, as if she was finally seeing what her college degree may lead her to.

We sat there enjoying the feeling of the warm sun, and light breeze, I found myself drinking in her body from my closer vantage point now, thinking of just a few days ago when she propositioned me in her parents garage. She seemed so trashy then, and so much like a classy young lady now. The ‘metamorphosis’ of Tina was taking place, and liked where this was heading.

She slowly leaned onto her elbows and pushed her hips back towards me, her ass gently rubbed against my cock. Was that on purpose? I thought, as my member surprisingly begin to strain at the fabric of my khakis. I pulled back quickly, not wanting her to notice how hard I was becoming.

It was then that she twisted around to face me, put her arms around me, and kissed me gently. For a moment I didn’t kiss her back, shocked that she was making the first move right here, on my office terrace, in the middle of the day. Then gently, opening my mouth to hers, ours tongues danced gently with each other. We explored each others mouths, as electricity fired through me from my lips and tongue through my entire body, she must have been feeling the same thing because she pulled me in closer, pressing my hardening flesh into her belly.

The thin fabric of her sun dress didn’t do much to conceal her stiffening nipples. They pressed into my chest, perched at the peak of each breast, begging to be touched. As we kissed I began to unbutton the front of her dress, slowly revealing the soft skin beneath. I kissed her chest as I continued with each button, warming the flesh beneath my lips, she moaned gently as I opened her dress. I could feel my cock pleasurably stiffen in my pants, wanting to be free from the confines of my clothing.

I slowly spread her dress open, exposing both her bare breasts to the warmth of the sun, my hungry mouth now gently sucking and licking each nipple. The taste and smell of her skin was sweet and caused my cock to throb through my pants against her belly, she noted this and slid her hand in between us and began rubbing my cock.

Her nipples stiffened further with my attention and stood hard in the sunlight. I moved to kiss her mouth again as I slid my hands up her legs to her hips, and around to her bare ass. Gripping her tightly she moaned again into my mouth. I lowered myself and squatted in front of her. I pulled up her dress to her waist, exposing a tiny white thong, barely concealing her mound; I could see that the little patch of fabric was already wet with her own juices dripping from her.

I moved my hands to her hip bones and gripped the thin strips of her thong, pulling it over her toned legs to the ground. She stepped out of them and slightly widened her stance giving me better access to the perfectly shaven pussy inches away from me.

I moved my head toward her and my tongue found her clit and I began to trace small circles, gently warming her up with my motions.

“Ohhhh Scott,” she moaned, “that feels so good…” her voice trailed off into an long exhale.

I increased the pressure a little and slid my tongue through her slit, wanting another taste of her strawberry sweet pussy. Dipping my tongue into her hole I was rewarded my treat, as I slid back closer to her clit again. I took the time to lick and suck each swollen labia gently into my mouth. Then finding her clit again, I began to lick her more intently. My own cock was now rock hard in my pants, straining at the fabric and pumping out a lot of precum, in no time I was going to have to have my own release, but for now I was content pleasing her.

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Everything She Needs Pt. 02

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Asa Akira

Everything She Needs – Part 2

Continuing the story of Chris and Marianne and Vince and Joanne. See previous story ‘Everything She Needs’ for context.

Finally, Chris had returned to the U.K. from his month at work in Spain. Marianne was pleased to have her husband home, though she would always be grateful for the fact that it had made her night spent with Vince, Chris’ workmate, possible!

Chris is very pleased with the way Vince has kept control of the business, whilst he was out of the country. He has given him an increase in salary, and has promised him a seat on the board, if the business continues to flourish in the coming year.

Chris is particularly pleased, that Vince took time to call on Marianne whilst he was away, and Marianne had told him that Vince was very attentive and couldn’t do enough for her!

Chris was so pleased, that he’d invited Vince and his wife, Joanne, to join him and Marianne at their house in the country for the weekend. He had arranged for them to go into town on the Saturday evening, for dinner and dancing at an upmarket restaurant and nightclub.

Vince and Joanne arrived at Chris and Marianne’s in time for lunch on Saturday, they spent the afternoon in the extensive gardens, chatting and relaxing in the sunshine. Chris enjoyed gardening, he grew roses, and liked to create new hybrids.

Chris took Joanne off to see a new hybrid he had bred, a beautiful, salmon pink colour tea rose.” I am going to call it Desirable Joanne,” he told her, “and it will always remind me of your sexy beauty.”

Joanne blushed, and said, “that is lovely of you, but shouldn’t you dedicate it to Marianne? She is gorgeous and much more sexy than me.”

“Nonsense,” said Chris, “Marianne is lovely, and I am very much in love with her, but you are equally as lovely, and you turn me on every time we meet. Besides which, I’ve already dedicated one of my roses to her.”

“You shouldn’t say things like that,” said Joanne,” the others might hear you.” Then she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. “You are a lovely man,” she whispered, “and I’m very fond of you. Now we’d better get back to the others and get ready to go to dinner.”

They all showered and dressed in their evening clothes, ready to go out. The two men had dressed in smart dinner suits, with dress shirts, bow ties and smart black shoes.

The women both wore cocktail dresses with plunging necklines, knowing they had the figures to carry them off. Their skirts ended a few inches above the knee, but still just about concealed their panties and stocking tops. Their dresses made the most of their figures and showed off their slim legs. They both wore hold-up stockings and high heels.

Marianne’s dress was deep red, tightly fitting, with red lace around the plunging neckline showing the deep cleavage of her 36 inch bust. Her sheer stocking gave a hint of red to her legs, and her shoes matched the colour of her dress. Naturally, her lacy lingerie was also deep red. Her shoulder length blonde hair was beautifully cut and styled, and she looked good enough to eat! Diamond drop earrings and a diamond bracelet completed her ensemble.

Joanne too was beautifully dressed, her dress was black and tightly fitting to show off her petite figure. The plunging neckline showed off her firm 34 inch bust. She wore black lacy lingerie, sheer dark hold up stockings and black stiletto heeled shoes. Her dark brown hair was cut in an attractive bob. She wore diamond stud earrings, a gold bracelet and a gold chain with a single diamond drop was round her left ankle. She was gorgeous!

As it was a warm summer evening, neither of the women wore a jacket or top coat.

The executive taxi that Chris had booked, arrived at 6 pm to take them to the restaurant. It was the type with three rows of seats, one row for the driver and two rows for the passengers. Marianne and Joanne sat in the back row, whilst Chris and Vince sat in the row in front of them. They were all looking forward to the evening and having a good time.

The taxi dropped them at the restaurant at 6.30pm. They went straight to the bar, and found a table for four. Chris ordered drinks, and asked for menus to be brought to the table. He had booked the dinner table for 7pm, so they had plenty of time to peruse the menu and order their meals. A young waiter came to take their dinner choices, and they ordered another round of drinks.

The two men were amused, watching the waiter trying not to look down the front of the women’s dresses, ulus escort although he was obviously fascinated. Chris whispered in Vince’s ear, that the waiter would probably go home and masturbate over his memories of the two sexy women, when his shift was over!

The Head Waiter came and collected them from the bar, and seated them at their table at 7pm. They were close to the centre of the restaurant and Chris thought, happily, that the two women would be the centre of male attention, from the surrounding tables. No doubt, a few of the other wives around them, would be having sharp words with their escorts as the evening wore on.

Dinner was first class. They were all hungry, and they made short work of the three courses. Chris had ordered champagne to go with the meal, and they had got through two bottles and were into a third.

Chris signed for dinner on his account, and asked the young waiter to take their drinks into the nightclub attached to the restaurant. He asked him to find them a table close to the dance floor. The waiter found them a suitable table, and was rewarded with a handsome tip. Both women flashed him lovely smiles, and thanked him. Both made certain, that he got a good view down their necklines as they sat down. It was obvious that they had been aware of his attention since they were in the bar earlier, and they enjoyed teasing him.

The music was supplied by a dinner suited DJ, discreetly situated on a raised dais at one side of the nightclub. This was close enough to their table to appreciate the music, but far enough away that they could enjoy conversation.

A slow Latin American number was being played, and Joanne asked Marianne if she would like to dance, as the two men were deep in discussion for the moment. As the two girls walked out onto the dance floor, a number of heads turned to follow their progress. When they started to dance, with sensual movements, a few temperatures probably rose. There were a few other couples also on the dance floor.

Chris and Vince were very relaxed, and enjoyed watching their wives dance, as much they liked dancing with them. They were quite content to watch from the sidelines for the moment, and would join in a little later.

There was a large gathering at the back of the room, obviously a corporate event. It wasn’t long, before a couple of young men, from the group, walked on to the dance floor and asked if they could cut in with the two girls. Marianne and Joanne were happy to dance with the two guys, and stayed on the floor when the next number started. The men were leaning in to talk with the girls, and no doubt, getting an eyeful of their charms at the same time.

Vince looked up at the dance floor, where Joanne and Marianne were dancing. The music was a slow tempo number, and all the couple on the floor were dancing in each other’s arms. Vince, sought out Joanne, and saw that she was dancing very close to her partner. As they turned around, he saw that her partner’s right hand was firmly on her backside, and he was squeezing her left cheek. He was holding her tight to his groin, and rubbing himself up and down on her. She seemed oblivious to this and was dancing cheek to cheek with him.

Vince was surprised that Joanne hadn’t pushed her partner away. Instead, she seemed to be quite enjoying his attention to her backside, and was wriggling it provocatively.

Vince looked for Marianne, she was dancing a little way away from Joanne. Her partner had his left arm around her waist and she had her right arm around him. They were holding hands, with their other hands close in between their chests, he could clearly see that he was stroking the top of her left breast, and she wasn’t attempting to stop him.

Vince called Chris’s attention to the antics on the dance floor, and said, “I think we had better cut in there, before those two guys think that they can get lucky.” Chris agreed, and they both walked out onto the floor and tapped the two men on the shoulder. “

“I’m cutting in,” said Vince to Joanne’s partner. “No chance,” said the young man. Vince whispered in his ear. “Fuck off! that is my wedding ring she is wearing.”

“Whoops,” the man said, “sorry, I didn’t realise she was with you.” With that he released his grip on Joanne and walked off the dance floor.

“Spoilsport,” said Joanne, “I was enjoying that, he was squeezing my bum nicely, and his cock was as hard as broomstick against me. It’s nice to know I can still pull them.” Vince laughed and said, “You yenimahalle escort are a terrible teaser, you will always be able to pull them, no problem.”

Chris had cut in with Marianne and he said, “He was stroking your breast.” She smiled at him with a twinkle in her eyes and said, “you were too busy talking to Vince, so I thought I’d better play the field, I’ve got to get my gratification from somewhere, haven’t I?”

“He is almost as young as our son.” said Chris.

“Yes,” she replied, “and with a young and rampant cock, and he was just telling me what he wanted to do with it.”

Chris grinned. “You and Joanne can’t be trusted on your own,” he said, “you’d eat those youngsters alive.”

After the two couples had returned to their table, and drunk more champagne, Chris asked Joanne to dance with him, and they went onto the dance floor.

Vince and Marianne, remained sitting at the table. “Chris has no idea what we got up to when he was away,” she said, “but thinking about it now, has made me feel very horny.”

“I remember every moment of it,” said Vince, “and I would love to repeat the experience, if I get the chance.”

“Me too,” she replied, and casually placed her hand in his lap and began to stroke his cock!

Meanwhile, Chris and Joanne were still on the dance floor. They were both good dancers, Chris held her tight, and enjoyed the feel of her body against his. “We must do this more often,” he said, “my name for the new rose suits you admirably.”

“I’d like that a lot,” she replied, and laid her head on his shoulder, kissing his neck.

They danced closely. Chris couldn’t help looking down at her lovely breasts. The tops of her areolas were just showing above her bra, and he had a longing to take her nipples in his lips. He looked up into her eyes, she smiled knowingly, and suddenly they were kissing, drawing strange looks from some of the other dancers.

Chris allowed his right hand to slide down from the small of her back, to her beautifully rounded backside, and kept it there as she swayed to the rhythm of the music. He whispered in her ear, “You are the sexiest woman here, and all the men would love to get into your panties if they could, especially me.”

She laughed and said, “Don’t be naughty,” and kissed him again. Then she whispered, “you never know, you might get lucky!”

Vince had seen it all happening on the dance floor. He knew how sexy Joanne could be, With the way she was dressed, and the way she danced, he knew that Chris would be struggling to hide his hard-on by now, as he was, with Marianne’s hand still in his lap stroking his cock.

A couple more drinks and dances later, they were all ready to go home. The executive taxi arrived and they left the nightclub. Chris took Joanne’s hand and helped her into the back row of seats. Then he got in beside her. Vince, not really surprised, helped Marianne into the row of seats behind the driver, and sat next to her.

It was dark and warm in the taxi, and soft music was playing on the sound system. Shortly after they started for home, Chris and Joanne were kissing passionately in the back seats. Chris had his hand up her skirt, and was pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy. In front of them, hidden by the high seat backs, Marianne had unzipped Vince’s cock and was sucking it.

By the time they got home they were all decent again, and the conversation returned to normal. Each couple was pretty sure what the other couple had been up to, but nothing was mentioned.

Once indoors, with soft lighting on and another bottle of wine opened, they slumped onto the comfortable couches. Marianne put some music on. She took hold of Joanne’s hand and pulled her up. “Dance with me Jo,” she said, “I’ve never danced with a woman who dances as sexily as you do.”

The two women danced close together, the music was slow and rhythmic, and they put their arms round each other and held each other tightly. “You are gorgeous,” Marianne said to Joanne, “If one of these two doesn’t fuck you tonight, I will!”

“Yes, please,” said Joanne, and kissed Marianne softly on the lips. They embraced tightly and rubbed against each other whilst dancing slowly.

Marianne drew back, she took Joanne by the hand, and led her to the couch. They sat together and they kissed. Marianne unhooked, and unzipped Joanne’s dress and pulled it down to her waist. She unhooked her bra and removed it. Joanne’s breasts hardly sagged without the bra, but they were warm and soft to Marianne’s touch. Her nipples stood out proud and rock hard from their pink areolas. Marianne caressed them, then took each nipple in her mouth in turn, sucking them while Joanne moaned with pleasure.

Marianne lost no time in removing Joanne’s dress completely, then her panties and shoes, she was left naked but for her hold up stockings.

Marianne knelt on the carpet between Joanne’s legs, she proceeded to lick and suck at her pussy and clitoris. Joanne was groaning and growling with pleasur,e and pushing her pussy hard against Marianne’s mouth.

The two men, who had at first watched wide eyed, whilst the women were making love to each other, then moved to get involved. Chris went behind the couch and took Joanne’s lovely breasts in his hands. He caressed them and rolled her nipples between his fingers. He leaned over her, and as she turned her head to him, he kissed her open mouth, and put his tongue inside. Then he undressed, and moved round to stand beside her on the couch, where he presented his cock to her eager mouth.

Vince had also undressed, he pulled Marianne’s skirt up to her waist, pulled down her panties and pushed his cock into her wet and willing pussy.

In a little while the two women changed places. Joanne gave attention to Marianne’s soaking pussy, whilst Chris fucked Joanne from behind. Marianne was sucking Vince’s cock, as well as having her pussy eaten by Joanne.

Marianne came first, a guttural cry heralded her orgasm. Joanne kept sucking her clitoris and Marianne cried out aloud with her extreme ecstasy.

Chris was now pounding into Joanne’s pussy, as she continued to suck and nibble Marianne’s clitoris.

Then he pulled Joanne away, and laid her down on her back on the carpet. He knelt over her and kissed her lips, wet from Marianne’s pussy. He enjoyed the taste of his wife’s juices on his new lover’s lips.

Joanne took hold of Chris’s cock, and guided it to her waiting pussy, and they proceeded to fuck hard.

Vince, in the meantime, had helped Marianne remove her dress, bra and panties, he stretched her out on the couch and proceeded to fuck her, whilst kissing her passionately at the same time.

Joanne was coming, she cried out, “I’m coming, fuck me! Oh, fuck me, I’m coming!”

Chris was pounding into her, and he was also about to come. “Here it comes,” he gasped, “I’m coming”!

“Yes, yes, yesss!” screamed Joanne, “give me your cum, fill me, don’t stop — fill me up!”

Chris came, spurting his pent up seed deep in Joanne’s pussy, filling her belly with warm cum.

Marianne was in the throes of another huge orgasm, she had Vince’s big cock in her again, and she loved it. “Come in me Vince,” she screamed but he wasn’t ready. He continued to fuck her but he wanted to save himself till later, he could still please her now without coming yet.

Marianne was in tears with the ecstasy of her climax, and Vince kept her just on it for ages. She thought she was going to faint, with the sheer excess of pleasure. She wanted him to stop, but at the same time, she wanted him even deeper and harder inside her. Finally he stopped thrusting and allowed her to sink back on the couch, exhausted for the moment.

Vince turned to watch Chris and Joanne finish fucking. They lay on the floor kissing and Vince watched Chris’s cum ooze out of his wife’s swollen pussy.

They cleaned themselves up with towels, and sat with their partners chatting and relaxing, all completely unembarrassed by what had taken place.

Vince kissed Joanne and said, “I loved watching you fuck, you are gorgeous all over, and so very sexy”.

Chris said to Marianne, “You looked so fantastic with Vince’s big cock in you. I didn’t think you were going to be able to manage it.”

“Oh, I loved it,” said Marianne, “I was so wet, Vince got it into me easily.”

Marianne said, “I think it’s time for bed.” Then she giggled and said, “Do you think we’ll all be able to get in our king sized bed?”

“We can try,” said Chris, “If not, you and Vince sleep in our bed, and I will take Joanne to the guest room.”

They all quickly made their way up the stairs. They decided to use both rooms anyway. Kissing their wives and husbands goodnight, they then went to bed for the night with their new lovers!

Both beds were well used through the night, and the moans, gasps and shouts, could be heard all over the house, as they pleasured each other again and again.

In the morning they all showered, and then fucked again, before dressing for breakfast. Then again, all together in the big king sized bed, before Vince and Joanne left after lunch.

One thing they’d all agreed on, this was going to become a regular event!

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Dean , Lily – Office Fun

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Dean sat at his desk in the office wondering when the day would ever end. Work had been slow and boring for him all week long, and it hadn’t helped that things on Lily’s side of the office were hopping. They could usually entertain one another with casual conversation over the office messaging system when they weren’t busy. Today wasn’t one of those days, though.

It made matters worse that Dean’s night had been filled with abstract dreams fueled by hunger for his co-worker. Life outside of work had been busy for them both, lately, resulting in it being a week or more since they were last together. He made himself avoid counting the days. That would only add to his frustration, and it was already at dangerous levels.

He picked up his phone and began punching out a message. They almost never texted while at work. It was best to keep things professional, if friendly, at the office. But he couldn’t stand it any longer. Dean hit [SEND] and stretched up, looking out his office door and across the cubicles that separated Lily’s office from his. He could just barely make out the motion of her picking up her phone. Her back stiffened and he could imagine her eyes going wide as she read.

“I woke this morning needing to fuck you until you could barely breathe and couldn’t walk, much less think. I need to mark you, ravage you, make you scream my name until the only thing left inside you is my lust and the knowledge that you belong to me. I need to fuck you. Hard. To own your body in a way that you will never forget. I need to make you cum until it hurts. And then make you do it again. I need to feel your need and hunger submit to my own. I need to feel your dominated body helpless beneath my will.”

Lily’s eyes were impossibly wide and her cheeks felt like they were on fire. She quickly tapped out a response.

“I’m incredibly turned on. I want to feel you pinning my wrists down… It does something to me…”

Dean was only a little surprised that she replied. She was always the one calming things if he started to get a little too friendly at work. But he knew she had to be aching for release as much as he was.

“Do you prefer pinning over tying, or a combination of the two?” He sent the message before he could consider how absurd it was for him to have to ask that question. It had been more than 2-1/2 years since the night they met and discovered their instant connection. He should know things like that by now.

The question didn’t seem to bother Lily. “Pinning. Definitely. It’s so hot,” came her immediately reply. “Any time you pin me, it gets me riled. Even when I am certain I’m not in the mood.”

Dean smiled and tucked the confession at the end away for later use. He knew that pinning her wrists drove Lily crazy and he did it quite reguarly in the heat of the moment. But Dean had never realized how potentially effective it could be without things even having warmed up.

“Agreed. Though once I’ve dominated you like that, it’s preferable to have my hands free to make proper use of my possession.”

One hand strayed down to Dean’s lap and he wondered if Lily was touching herself, too. He wished he could see that.

“True… But I think I might prefer you telling me not to move my hands. I like when you do the slightly severe, quiet strength thing.”

Dean shivered at the thought of Lily obeying his command to stay poised for his use.

“I like that. I really fucking like that. The simmering strength angle always provides a huge release.”

“God I want you. I want to hear more.”

“I’m tired of texting, Little One. I’ve got to have you.”

“Deeeeean.” He could practically hear Lily whining all the way across the office as he read her message.

“I want to bend you over right now and take what’s mine.”

“Damn, I need that. I want to hear you growl into my ear as you yank my head back by my hair.”

Lily stared at her phone, waiting for a response that never came. She jerked and dropped the phone when she heard her office door shut. She knew it was Dean without having to look up. She could feel the hunger radiating out from him.

Dean locked the door and stared down at Lily. He could smell her excitment. Before she could react, he was on her. He grabbed her by her wrists and tugged her out of her chair, spinning her around to push her face first against the back wall of her office, as far from their co-workers as possible. He stretched her wrists high above her head and growled out a whisper into Lily’s ear.

“Don’t you dare fucking move.”

Lily whimpered softly and her body went taut in shock. Her eyes were huge, white orbs.

“Dean…,” she tried to find the will to resist, but simply couldn’t. The growing wetness between her thighs was testament ulus escort to that.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head back, growling again.

“I will have what is mine.”

He forced her thighs apart with one knee and reached between her legs to grip her in his strong hand. Lily gasped out in shock at the feel of his sudden, rough touch on her heat. Her panties were soaked, so much so that she wondered if Dean could feel the wetness even through her jeans.

“Tell me who this belongs to, Little One.”

She tensed, barely able to breathe. Lily struggled to keep her wrists above her head, wanting to remain in place for him, but knowing they shouldn’t be doing this in the office.

“Oh god, we can’t.”

Dean gave her hair another tug and pulled back his hand for a spank between her thighs, ending the swat with a tight grip on her mound.

“Fuck!” Lily bit her lip to stifle the sharp cry threatening to rip from her throat. She began to grind down against his hand, gasping for breath.

“Exactly. I can do anything I want to my adorable Little One. And why is that, Lily?” he prompted her, knowing the confession would make her melt.

Lily shook visibly. She could feel herself gushing with wetness.

“You own me… ,” she whimpered. “I’m yours.”

“Better,” Dean whispered and softly kissed her cheek. He kept the tight grip on her hair, forcing Lily’s gaze to remain on the wrists she fought to keep pinned over her head. She trembled violently against the wall, almost panting, and Dean began softly petting the soaked fabric over her aching heat.

“Now be more specific. What else belongs to me?”

Lily struggled to breathe. She was blushing furiously, her entire body taking on a pink hue. She turned her head as much as Dean’s control would allow and looked into his eyes.

“My pussy belongs to you.”

“Yes, my sweet Lily. Your pussy belongs to me.”

Dean smiled and kissed her softly, whispering against her lips, “And your delicious cum does, too.”

With a subtle tug on Lily’s hair, he returned her gaze to her wrists. Dean burrowed into her neck, nipping at her skin as he breathed in her heavy scent.

“You’re ready to give it to me, already. I can smell your lust.”

Lily sobbed out softly, desperately, and writhed against the wall. Dean’s words made her skin quiver, and she watched her wrists start slipping down.

“No no, Little One,” came the reprimand, and Dean pulled back his hand to spank the heat between her thighs once more, causing Lily to gasp out sharply. Her body jerked against his and went taut as the punishment was accentuated by the tender brush of Dean’s lips over her neck.

“You were told not to move,” he whispered sweetly and then smiled as she pressed her wrists into the wall as hard as she could. He rewarded her effort by softly petting over Lily’s pussy once more. “Good girl.”

“Dean, please…,” Lily whimpered and arched her hips into his touch.

Dean pulled his hand from between her thighs and pressed it to the wall beside her. He shifted his hips forward to meet her, pinning her hard against the wall.

“‘Please?’ Would you like permission to cum, Little One?”

Dean gave her hair another tug, jerking her head back again. With a low growl, he sank his teeth into her neck, marking her instantly.

“Yes!” Lily cried out desperately, loving how Dean made her feel helpless in the face of his hunger, pinned against the wall awaiting his use. She was so incredibly wet for him. The fresh mark on her neck made her drip as she sobbed out his name.


“All you need do is ask permission.”

Dean tenderly kissed his mark and moved both of his hands to her hips. He loosened her jeans, sliding them and her panties down to her knees. The cool office air made her flaming pussy ache even more.

“But once you start, you may not stop. You may not move your wrists an inch. You will stay in your place and be used.”

Lily gasped and whimpered, eyes widening as Dean’s orders started to sink in. She was getting wetter by the instant.

“Please! Can I cum?”

The last word came out in a squeak as Dean growled and shoved two fingers into her waiting cunt.

“Give me what belongs to me, Little One,” he whispered and jerked his wrist back and forth. “Cum!”

Lily bit into her lower lip until she thought it would bleed but couldn’t take it any more. Her body reponded eagerly to Dean’s command, the pleasure ripping through her, causing her hips to arch sharply. She pressed her wrists to the wall and opened her mouth wide to scream out his name.


“Shhhhhhh! Not so loud, my darling Lily.” He clamped a hand over her mouth and began yenimahalle escort rhythmically grinding his fingers into her pussy, working them in and out of her dripping heat, coaxing her body into endless orgasm after orgasm. “Do you want everyone to hear me using you?”

Lily sobbed into his hand, unable to repond any other way. She screamed against his palm again and again, unable to hold back, thankful that Dean’s control muffled her cries. Her body was going wild against his, twisting and straining desperately with a mind of its own. The pleasure was so intense, but something inside her made her focus on her wrists, determined to exert her will to keep them in place no matter how much of a struggle that proved to be.

“No stopping now, Little One,” Dean was whispering in her ear. He kissed her shoulder, her neck. His lips found her cheek in the sweetest contrast to the rough treatment he was giving her pussy. She screamed again as she felt a third finger in her cunt.

“You know me. I demand every drop. You will cum until that is the only thing you know how to do.”

She couldn’t breathe. All she could do was buck and cum as Dean’s honeyed voice sent powerful words to her core.

“Can you keep quiet on your own, Beautiful?

A crooked smile spread over Dean’s lips as he gazed down upon her. Lily’s eyes were rolled back in her head as she surrendered to the lust taking her. He slowly moved his hand from her mouth, drinking in the shaky gasps that escaped her lips. Lily let out a soft mewl when he kissed her cheek again and slid his hand down her body, tracing over her hip and around between her and the wall. Dean reached low over her mound, middle finger finding her swollen clit. He circled and tapped the heated bud, working toward a steady massage.

“Don’t you dare stop cumming, and keep your wrists where they belong.”

Lily’s eyes went impossibly wide and she jerked uncontrollably, gushing over Dean’s fingers.

“I can’t,” she whined, struggling with her wrists as the spasms ripping through her body erased every last ounce of control.

“Stay still!” Dean growled into Lily’s ear and spanked her clit, causing her to buck and twist sharply against him. She buried her face in shoulder, biting her lip in effor to hold back the cry threatening to expose their activities. Dean only intensified his assault. He jerked his wrist back and forth, twisting his fingers inside her, and bit down on her shoulder.

Lily gasped, knees threatening to buckle. She was cumming even harder now, and through the ecstatic haze clouding her mind she realized that the pain in her fingers must be from desperately grasping at the smooth wall in a vain attempt to brace herself by clinging to something, anything.

“Dean…,” she somehow managed to breathe out, his name a plea for … what, she was unsure.

“Enough!” Dean growled and shifted his hands. Fingers slick with Lily’s wetness tangled in her hair as Dean’s other hand moved from her clit to her throat. He pulled Lily away from the wall, manhandling her around to bend her over the desk. Lily tense in anticipation, shock making her entire body going taut. She didn’t have to wait long. Driven by lust, taking only the time to unzip his fly and pull out his rigid cock, Dean slammed his thick shaft in to the hilt. He claimed his darling girl instantly and fully in one savage thrust, stifling Lily’s cies with a firm grip on her throat.

Lily’s mouth worked in a silence scream that shook her to the core. She sobbed and writhed back against Dean, so unbearably wet and tight around him. It was all too much, the pleasure and pain, she struggled against the myriad sensations.

“Cum!” came Dean’s order and Lily had no choice but to obey. Her throat spasmed in Dean’s strong hand. His grip made her work for every breath. Screaming was not an option. She felt the office air hit her back when Dean pushed up her shirt. Then he was bending over her, his male strength claiming her feminity. He bit at her shoulders and back again and again, bucking into her forcefully. He ground his hips roughly, stretching Lily’s clenching cunt around his cock, her insane wetness making it easy for Dean to rocket in and out.

He tangled his fingers in her hair again and arched Lily’s head back with a tug. A subtle shift moved his hand from her throat to her chin and he turned her face to his. Their eyes locked and Dean whispered out his command once more before covering Lily’s mouth with his own.


Lily felt the single, powerful word travel straight from one set of lips to the other. She screamed into Dean’s mouth, cumming over and over as he continued to demand it of her. She couldn’t stop the sensations ripping through her body if she wanted to, now. Her body belonged to Dean and would repond as he wished. The treatment being given to her pussy made her sob and a tear trickled down her cheek from the intensity of Dean’s assault on her body. All she could do now was writhe and cum. She was so very slick with sweat, unable to breathe normally or think.

Dean slid his hand back down to her throat. He didn’t bother choking her again. His mere touch was enough. Eyes boring into hers he whispered against her lips.

“Beg me to cum,” he coaxed her and kissed her forehead.

“Beg me to fill you,” he prompted and pressed his lips to her forehead again.

“Beg me to own you,” he commanded and paid sweet attention to her forehead once more.

“Beg me to make it stop.”

“Please! Oh god, please, Dean!” she gasped out desperately as he crushed her body against the desk and bucked his hips forward roughly, grinding into her and pinning her in place.

“Please, cum for me. Inside me,” she panted. “Own me. Claim me inside out. Please,” she mewled. “I can’t take any more!”

Her words made Dean’s spine stiffen. He growled out his lust and moved his hand from her throat to the small of her back, pinning her hips exactly where he wanted them. His fingers tightened in her hair to tug her head backward. Lily’s body arched weirdly and all she could do was receive his cock. He pistoned his hips steadily, driving his thick shaft forward to plow into her tender pussy.

“More!” he growled into her ear.

“Dean… I can’t… No more,” Lily’s sobs answered him. She twisted and writhed, eyes impossibly wide and heart racing so fast she thought it would burst. “Please,” she begged. She was so wet, so unbearably tender. Every movement made her go crazy.

“You can do it, Little One,” Dean whispered and leaned over her, kissing her forehead as he looked upon her upside down. His lips pressed to her skin in a thousand sweet, tiny kisses while his hips continue to drive forward relentlessly.

“I need to stop, Dean. Please!”

Another tear rolled down Lily’s cheek. She felt Dean’s hand leave the small of her back to slide around her body and cup her right breast. His thumb and middle finger closed over the aching nipple.

“Once more. Dig deep and cum with me.”

“I need your cum. I need it!” Lily sobbed out helplessly, twisting against Dean’s hold and shaking her head. “But… I can’t… I can’t!”

“Once, Little One,” he insisted. His voice was soft, calm, almost eerily so. She didn’t know how she could obey, but she also knew it would be impossible to resist. His lips were on her forehead in a steady progression of kisses until he suddenly tugged her hair harder. She arched sharply and felt Dean’s lips cover hers. His hips moved erratically, now. He was panting against her mouth with each thrust.

“Cum!” he growled and slammed into her, filling her, cumming in wave after explosive wave. He screamed into her, marking her pussy with the brand of his cum.

Lily sobbed uncontrollably and bit her lip to remain as silent as possible. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Dean,” she whimpered his name over and over, the only word she could think. Her body jerked and shook beneath his of its own accord. Dimly, she realized her face was in Dean’s hands and he was kissing her mouth passionately. She melted into him, soft sounds escaping her lips as he kissed away her tears. His hips slowed to a lazy roll and Lily’s body instinctively milked his cock for every last drop of cum.

“Oh, my Little One,” she heard him say.

“Dean …” Lily’s voice was all mewls and gasps and quivering breaths. She shuddered with random aftershocks, kissing him back and finally going completely limp beneath him.

Dean fought to catch his breath and took an unsteady step back away from Lily. The front of his jeans were soaked with her juices, but he didn’t care. He sat down in Lily’s chair and guided her into his lap, cradling her to his chest and softly stroking her hair.

“My sweet Little One.”

Lily pressed her face into his neck, and tried to control her breathing. She curled close, her entire body so very tender. Dean smiled down at her and kissed the top of her head as he played with her hair. His fingertips lightly caressed her cheek and she could smell herself on him.

“I needed you desperately, Little One,” Dean whispered and kissed her hair again.

“Me, too.” Lily murmed with a little smile. She stretched and nuzzled into his neck, giggling as she realized the mess that Dean’s lap must be. “I’m dripping.”

Dean grinned widely and shrugged, knowing they had both gotten exactly what they needed today. He wrapped both arms around Lily and held her close, talking to her softly as they waited for the office to empty so they could sneak out. Tonight would be a quiet one after their office antics, but that was good. Dean always preferred to take her only once he was fully rested, and he was already looking forward to the next time.

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Girl’s Night Out

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I was wondering what she was going to wear. When I suggested we do a “girls night out” I told her I would be wearing black-just my mood for the night. She was dressed in a white shirt and a short black skirt. That was too funny. With me in my total black shirt and skirt, we looked like ying and yang. Oh well, there’s no telling what kind of trouble we can get into tonight. With her hair and petite looks she looks like a schoolteacher, and me, oh hell I look like bad news happening.

“Hi Michelle looking nice tonight” I say. “Thanks Jackie, you look like hell,” she says. We both laugh at the inside joke. “Ready to go to this new place I found?” I ask her. “Sure let’s go” she says “you know me always ready to try new things.”

We get into my car, “Hope you don’t mind the top down.”

“Nope, great night for it” she says. We drive the short distance to downtown Denton, by the square. I had found a little hole in the wall place I wanted to try, Michelle liked playing pool. We park the car, already there’s some attention on us as we step out. We head into the place. Seeing an empty pool table I tell Michelle “Go get us set up over there, and I’ll get us some drinks.” She heads to the pool table and starts looking at cue sticks.

I step up to the bar and order two margaritas. As I’m placing my money on the counter, the bartender says “Don’t worry about it, those two gentlemen said they got it.” I look over at the table where the bartender is pointing. At a corner table two men in suits, one in a black suit, with gray hair, damn he’s looking good, and the other in a gray suit, damn I love men in suits. Both are wearing ties, I love a man wearing ties.

I head back over to the pool table where Michelle is setting up. “Guess what?” I say. She looks up at me. “Those two just paid for our drinks,” I say as ulus escort I glance in the corner. She looks to where I’m glancing, and her eyes go wide. “Damn Jackie, you sure know how to pick a place.” We both nod our heads to the men in thanks.

The one with the gray hair gets up first and heads our way, the other one follows. “Ladies, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Gary, and this is my friend Kyle.”

“Nice to meet you” Michelle and I say at the same time. We break out laughing, and they laugh with us. Michelle says with a twinkle in her eye, “I’m Michelle and this is Jackie, would you two like to play a round with us?” I can tell she has something up her sleeve. “We would love to” the one called Kyle says. “Great, lets toss a coin and see who plays with whom, says Gary. He reaches into his pocket, my eyes stray there, what can I say… I’m a cock girl. He finds a quarter, says, “Heads Michelle and I play, tails Jackie and I.” Kind of a take-charge type of man, I like it.

He flips the coin in the air. I can hardly wait. It lands on heads. “Ok, teams chosen, lets play” says Kyle. Up till now I had been watching the other guy, now I glance at Kyle and hell if he didn’t have the same twinkle in his eye as Michelle. Damned interesting, I can hardly wait. Michelle goes first. She bends over the table and sets up to break. She pulls back and strokes. Hell she slipped, the balls rolls to the side. “Darn, I sure could use some help” she says. I look at her; I know my eyes are wide open. What the hell, I’ve never seen her miss a shot in her life, what is she thinking? Her new partner glances at her and steps up. He puts his arms around her to help steady the stick. I can see her leaning her ass into his crotch. Well hell, I think I get her strategy now. I chuckle out loud. The guy Kyle comes yenimahalle escort up to me and asks, “What’s so funny?” Babe I’m thinking just you wait. Meanwhile Gary is sure attaching himself to Michelle’s backside. I see him slip one hand under her short skirt and her ass reach up to meet him.

Damn I’m getting wet. I look over at Kyle, and that twinkle is shining again. What the hell. “Hey Kyle, I’d like to go rest in the corner for a minute, it’s been a long day ” I say. “Sure” he says, and he leads us over to the table they had been sitting at. “You take the stool” I say “I prefer to stand up.” His eyebrows rise up but he doesn’t say a word. He sits and I lean into him. Damn, I can feel his hard cock through his slacks. I wonder what he would do if………hahahahahh, hell lets find out. I move my hand over his crotch, he glances at me and a grin comes over his face. I stare at him, never saying a word. It’s dark in this corner; most of the light in the room is over the pool table. I glance back at Michelle, oh my god, his hands are flat on the table on either side of her and she’s rocking back and forth into him, and he no way………….yes he is………… he is fucking her under that skirt standing up.

Well damn Michelle, way to go I’m thinking. I turn back around to Kyle. He had seen what I did. I look at him and slowly slide down his zipper, taking his cock out of his slacks. I lick my lips, oh god I want to taste it. My head dips into his crotch, his hands go into my hair. “Oh yes baby” he moans. I take him fully into my mouth, twirling him with my tongue. I glance back at Michelle, they’re still going at it. I lightly grasp his balls, my right hand encircles his cock, I lick my way to the top, then slowly ease my way back down again, over and over, he helps me by placing one hand on his cock, stroking it for me while it’s in my mouth. His other hand is in my hair, pulling and pushing my mouth onto him.

“Fuck my mouth baby, fuck it,” I mumble as he’s groaning and pumping away. I look up to see him glancing over my shoulder watching Gary fuck Michelle at the pool table. “Oh yes suck me, oh god fuck her” I hear him say. I’m getting so damn wet thinking of what is going on behind me while I have this good hard cock in my mouth. Over and over my mouth pumps onto him, his hand in my hair is driving my head deeper and deeper onto him. I can feel him tensing up. “Oh yes baby, I’m cumin” he moans. God yes I want that. I suck faster and harder, oh shit……………….I swallow as fast as I can, loving the taste of him. His body relaxes and he grins at me then glances to where Gary is. We can see Gary tighten and shift and oh god Michelle is almost on top of the table. “Baby now” she moans “Now.” Gary pumps once, twice and then we see them both relax, still together. Gary slowly backs up, adjusts himself, then smoothes Michelle’s skirt down. He turns her around, I can see him whisper something to her, gently running his hands through her hair and then he kisses her.

Wow I wonder how that felt. I glance at Kyle, he smiles with his eyes twinkling and says “Next time that will be you darlin.” I smile back. Gary and Michelle come over to the table and pick up their drinks. Both take small sips, grinning all the time. “How’s the game coming” I say giggling. “Oh, I think it’s about tied right now,” says Michelle.

I glance at my watch, hell time to go. “Michelle, I do need to run,” I say. “Ok Jackie” she says as she picks up her purse. Gary says, “We’ll walk you out.” We slowly make our way to the door, glancing around at all the eyes following us. I can feel myself grinning, I glance at Michelle and that twinkle is back. We head to my car, I get in the drivers seat, and Gary slips into the passenger. He leans out and says to Kyle and Michelle, “We’ll see you later, next time-guys night out.”

To Be Continued…

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Ghost Month

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Bent Over

The short fat guy was speaking fast as he guzzled his beer from his bottle. In my dream, William Burroughs was working as a hired hand on the farm I grew up on. I’d just got out of a situation working for evil, twisted rednecks where I could not figure out my responsibilities nor what my job was; yet if I didn’t get it done I was gonna be in deep shit. Burroughs and me went to get three bales of hay for this small chewed down pasture called the North Pen. We got the hay. I rode on the tractor with Bill, standing on the axel, towing a manure spreader covered with an algaeic felt-like coating. We went to a big Quonset. Bill told me to go in.

He took another big gulp. In one corner, the air felt it had gained solidity like water or crystal clear Caribbean sea water. Three Venus fly traps, huge, with gaping toothy maws were there, as well as big thistles and milkweeds that were plant predators. I got goose pimples. Burroughs said, Whaddya think? It’s my new theme park. C’mon, I’ll show y’the rest.

We go to a house just like the famous Steiner house in Vienna, only with other worldly ornamentation in the same deadly plant predator scheme. I didn’t get to go inside. The windows were large and covered. Burroughs said, The house and creatures are from my visions. It’s all for my theme park, Camp Taboo.

The house is in the woods, flat country, on a lake or a big river. Nearby were blockish three story row houses and apartments. Between Burroughs’ big house and the lake is a walk almost two meters wide, not flat like rolling prairie, made from two by fours glued together.

I see some attractive women walking on it and walk over and say hi.

The talk turns to education and I said I’d studied philosophy. I made eye contact with a woman who said, I’m 39. I never graduated from high school.

I though you were ten years younger than that, I said.

The one I first spoke to said, I’m a lesbian.

I said, I just wanted to tell you the names of five books to read. The dream ended.

Incredible dream, his companion, a gray bearded thirty/forty something man said. Is it time for your William Tell act?

You know Burroughs?

I tried to read him once in Spanish. He took a sip from his vodka lime.

You read William Burroughs?, a tall thin man asked the beer gut man.

Who are you?

This is the guy, the gray haired man said, this is the guy I was telling you about that was in Jakarta and saw the burning and looting. Give me one minute. I got to go talk to that boy.

Cheers. So what’s yer story. Were y’ in danger?

The night when it was the worst, I got a ride back to my apartment and there was a gang hanging outside the gates. They stopped the car but they let us go in. My friend’s girlfriend is Chinese and she was with us. The gang yelled at the car when they left.

My friends called me when they got home.

So nothing happened.

I saw that mall that got burned when I left the next day. My money was in rupiahs.

Why didn’t you buy U.S.dollars?

I didn’t think of it.

You lost your money and you saw some toasted buildings. Big deal. I’ll get you a beer. A draft, bartender, he said to the bare chested blonde man in swim trunks.

Big deal?! Are you on drugs?

I wish I was. Alcohol’s a sloppy high and heroin’s too debilitatin’.

Jakarta was the most real thing in my life.

You saw a riot. Were you in the Gulf War?

My friend was.

‘My friend was’. It’s not the same as being there is it? Nothing happened to me when I was there, waiting for casualties on the hospital ship I was an electrician on. Nothing happened when I went to Mogadishu in ’93. Here’s your beer. Drink up. Get over it. Welcome to Taipei.


Cheers. So whatcha gonna do here, he slurred.

I’m Vinson, without the t. Thanks for the beer.

Nice ‘t meetcha. Gonna stay long?

Maybe. Where are you from?

I’m an ex-pat but I’m a Cayman Islander.

I’m from the States. You sound like you’re from the states, too.

I am. I got two passports.

How did you do that?

Anything is possible with money.

What does that mean?

English is your first language, isn’t it? You sıhhiye escort pay and you can do.

I mean, I’m sorry-

Did you fart?


Why y’saying sorry? Cheers. Bartender. Another. So were y’ workin’ in Indonesia?

I was teaching English.

Lots of jobs here. You can go to school for your visa.

Is that what you do?

You ask a lot of questions, y’writin’ a book? I’m sorry. Do you have an inquiring mind?


Do you talk about people, things, or ideas?

What are you talking about?

I thought so. He took another deep drink.

Would you tell me how you got your Cayman Island passport?

I got to get out of here. I’m goin’ home. I gotta take a leak.

There’s a bathroom here.

I don’t want to see what’s goin’ on in the bathroom here.

Aren’t you gay?

I’m straight.

Why’re you here.

I came to have a drink with Rubin. Good luck, Vins. You’ll do fine in Taiwan.

It was still hot outside. A young Taiwanese man was burning ghost money near the door of the bar, crinkling up yellow pieces of paper and throwing it into a fire burning in a short red waste can. Paper ash flew up as the man threw more ghost money into the flames in his mindless on-the-clock ritual.

Something soft was under his right Reebok. He scraped the dog shit off on the edge of a sidewalk and dragged his foot hard to try to get the remainder out of the treads.

Fresh fuckin’ dog shit, instead of fresh ideas, a Taipei bad joke, he cursed in a half whisper, lips nearly moving. He walked in the street because the sidewalks were packed with motor scooters and 125cc motorcycles.

Late at night, the city was less of an eyesore because the business signs that killed the space above the narrow streets were shut off to save on electric bills, not out of a concern to save energy and the environment. Only the heartless halogen glare from the streetlights played off the dark concrete and tiles of the buildings and black pavement of the streets. Motor scooters whined and taxis honked off accidents from drunks in passenger sedans. He found his way to his apartment, alone, which was ok tonight because he was too drunk to fuck.

***Why’s your friend such an asshole, Rubin?

He’s a nice guy.

He doesn’t talk like it.

I can’t say what I know but all I can say is that he is in love.

Jesus, like he’s got his asshole torqued.

Doesn’t love drive everyone crazy?

***He was working hard on his black Russian. After he finished it, he poured Heineken over the ice cubes in order to maximize the alcohol’s effect. The black lights above the bar and the small spotlight by the mixing board and CD player were the only lights in the bar. On the barstools next to him, a Taiwanese man had his head on the shoulder of another Taiwanese man built like a body builder. The muscled guy stroked his friend’s hair. The dyke DJ had just put on the new remix of Sweet Dreams Are Made of These. The windows were papered over with black paper. In the corner booth, a pair of legs squirmed against each other.

Ok, Rubin said. Tell me now.

Read this first.

Rubin took the piece of notebook paper that had been heavily folded many times. ‘I didn’t know that you had any feelings for me. I want us to be we, not you and me. My feelings are true. Friendship is my highest value. I don’t live life as a lie, according to some cash calculus, cold pluses and minuses and dollar signs. I avoid those who do. Peace and love are my fundamentals but love alone is narcissism or infatuation.

I want us to be together but that’s only if you do. We got a start. Please give me a chance. Love.’

I gave that to her.

That girl you were in here with?

Yeah, Saturday night-

Rubin’s cellphone rang. Give me one minute.

He poured the rest of his beer into the glass and held up his bottle. Rubin got him another and he gave him a hundred N.T. note.

We don’t get many foreigners in here. It was one of the pair of squirming legs, a thirty/forty-something white woman, tall, strong looking like a wrestler. You an English teacher?

I’m a writer. tandoğan escort I’m working on my third book. I’m adding to my second and trying to sell it.

What do you write?

Everything. I teach, too. You a teacher?

I’m on vacation this week.

Where do you live?


I live in Yung-ho.

You can take the subway now.

Yeah. I used to always bus it.

Don’t you have a motor scooter?

I want to live a long life. I get to all my gigs OK.

I don’t have a motor scooter either.

Where do you teach?

I don’t teach. I’m a tai chi master and a masseur.

Why don’t your students just go to the park early in the morning and practice with the old people?

I teach a discipline I learned from the student of a man who escaped during the Communist revolution in China and re-located to Singapore.

I like Singapore. The air is so clean. There’s no litter.

I liked it better before it modernized.

I heard they got rid of Boogie Street. I was there once.

Were you looking for a date?

I was there with the fleet, the American Navy. I was a tourist.

Why are you here? Are you gay?

Rubin’s my friend. I practice my Spanish with him.

Studying Spanish in Taiwan.

I study Mandarin for the visa.

Rubin closed his cellphone. Yes?

Two vodka limes, she said.

Un regular.

Are y’from Canada?

No, I’m Berkeley.

I used to ship out of Oakland. Berkeley’s like my second home.

Here’s your drinks.

She paid. It was nice meeting you.

Can I ask you a woman question, I mean, I only know one woman here and she’s Taiwanese and married and I can’t ask her any sexually explicit questions.

Go ahead.

Saturday night, I went to this video room with this Korean woman I’d been doing language exchange. I just wanted to watch a movie. Anyways, we started kissing and I got her pants off but I couldn’t it in so I gave her the best oral sex I could. I felt she reacted to me and her legs were jerkin’ around-

OK. What’s the question.

What do you think my chances are?

It sounds like you’re in there.

Thanks. Thanks for listening.

Good luck.

You got a girlfriend? Rubin’s eyes questioned.

She said she didn’t love me and to wait one month.

Note to mental diary: Subtitle to a sad unlived life-always counting time instead of living life, but I’ve lived; seen the midnight sun, scuba dived the Sulu and Carribbean Seas, snorkeled in the Florida Keys and Bermuda, seen the Mona Lisa, Picassos, the Forum and Coliseum, made money and spent it, eaten out of trash cans and in five star restaurants, slept on the sidewalk and in the Hilton but it’s not enough; to be without love…

Don’t do that, Gary.

Teaching kids was a piece of cake once they learned the drill, he always told

the itinerant ESL teachers who said they couldn’t teach children. Kids don’t

cancel class. Kids parrot what you teach. As long as you keep them doing, it’s painless, like taking money from the money tree.

What time is it.


Bye-bye teacher, bye-bye teacher, bye-bye teacher, so a long, see you again, see you again, see you again next time.

Four more hours of life gone for marginal gain.

The new plan was to get the MBA. Save money, get the MBA, learn Mandarin, the new mental mantra he said nearly every hour of the day as he dodged kamikaze motor scooters and ignored the ugliness of his new adopted city, an eyesore of a city scape; plastic signs jutted out of every business and windows were barred ledges so what would be a smooth post-modern surface was a visual confusion. The mantra had been enough but now there was this woman keeping him in limbo.

The students lined up to get their stickers for their sticker books. The week’s lesson had been sea, star, moon, sky mountain, hill, volcano, and island.

Taiwan is an island! was said nine times by nine different students.

I’ll see you tomorrow at ten, he said to the kindergarten boss.

Nothing until tomorrow, no classes, no homework.

The last month tunalı escort he’d drank with Rubin every Tuesday night and sometimes Wednesday. By Saturday, his body had recovered enough to drink again, scotch chased with milk. His roommates, a Korean woman and a Taiwanese man, had

all the TV cable channels. He loved watching this program that featured

Japanese bar girls semi-nude. He was so hard up he could make out every

feature of their sex. Saturday night he was watching the show alone, drinking scotch, chasing it with milk. He finished his milk and went to 7-11 to get more of both.

A taxi screamed a woman’s wail, pure pain, a soul being murdered. A butch woman got out on the far side, opened the cab door, and dumped a screaming woman onto the street. Her long dress was above her hips and her athletic type boxers clung to her closer than spandex. A scruffy looking guy came out of the pub, looked, and went back in.

The 7-11 clerk didn’t make eye contact. Her make up was perfect, the lipstick so red. Al hurried home and poured himself a big glass of scotch and swallowed a big gulp like it was water. The image of the woman’s underwear made him think about going to his favorite local disco lounge. He shaved as close as he could and used his roommate’s cologne and dusted off his cowboy boots.

T.U. was packed. Taiwanese girls danced on the stage. Al bought a beer and drained it in two long swallows and put the empty on a table full of empty glasses and bottle. He danced on his toes to the American hip-hop, letting his body move to the groove, high on the alcohol. He looked at girls without looking at them, trying to disguise interest. His shirt soaked with sweat and his throat dry, he bought another beer, drank it as fast as the first and went back to dancing. There was nowhere to sit or stand. The bar was three deep and the dance floor full of Taiwanese men and women and black and white foreign men. He danced and danced and looked at the women.

A woman put her wet lips to his ear and said, I want to be your date. She left just as quick.

She was standing at the bar.


Buy me a beer.

Two Heinekens.

The first hotel they went to had no rooms, it being Saturday.

I know a video room we can go to, five minutes walk, he said.

Do you have a girlfriend?


Why not? You’re a nice guy.

The English Patient was on the big screen. She gave him a condom after he gave her his money. He stripped and pulled her pants and panties off. Condom clad hard on in hand, he looked at the slit in her pussy hair, and pushed himself down on her, her sitting up, shirt unbuttoned.

No, no, shut the movie off. She wouldn’t lay down.

No problem, he murmured in Mandarin.

No, no, no, there could be tiny cameras, shut the movie off-

We can go to my house.

Yes, I can go to your house.

You must be very quiet. My roommate doesn’t want me to have women in.

I can be quiet. I can go to your room. I don’t care how small.

He flagged a taxi. In the back he sat close and kept his hand between her legs.

You must be quiet.

Shoes, he hissed inside. They walked in socks to his room.

He stripped in his room. It was dawn.

Pull down the curtain.

They can’t see through the glass, he said as he shut the windows.

He converted his sofa into a bed. She sat primly on the edge in skin colored bra and panties. He peeled her panties off but she wouldn’t take the bra off. He pushed the straps down and sucked on her pencil eraser-sized nipples. She was wet or lubricated from what she put in her in the video room. He got a condom on his semi and she helped him get in with his semi and he found his stroke. The sofa creaked metal on tile so he shifted his weight and she closed her legs on him, head to the side, oblivious. His equipment still worked. He climbed off and pulled his condom off with a tissue.

She dressed. She snatched one of his name cards off his desk and said, I have a pager too. Call me.

Where do you live?

Twenty minutes from here by taxi.

I’ll help you get a cab.

Self esteem so low and so hungry, he felt a little proud to be walking a woman in the early morning. It had been so long.***

He had been telling Rubin, All I want is to be held, to have a real kiss.

Don’t talk that way. I haven’t been with some one special since my ex-wife. That was over for a year before she moved out.

What happened?

You ask too many questions.

Warren Weappa ©2001

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Getting Married! Dream Come True? Pt. 02

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Big Tits

This is a second chapter of hopefully many. I hadn’t originally planned subsequent chapters for this story, but with the positive feedback and a little time, the ideas started flowing easily. Also, while my stories have sex, they are not all sex front to back. I think mindless sex is the job of porn. But because you’re reading it means that the situational and romantic part of sex is what thrills you as much, if not more, as the actual act. I hope you enjoy.

Hi, My name is Tricia and I’ve had an interesting month! My boyfriend Josh has been stringing me along about marriage now for quite some time. Everyone tells me that he won’t propose cause he’s just too scared. I have so much invested in this relationship and have probably passed on so many better suitors to be with him. But I know that I can count on him. He’s safe. And while I may never be upscale, I just want to be with someone who worships me and don’t have to worry about leaving when the new has worn off and the children start taking over our lives.

But what I didn’t expect was a chance encounter with a business man at my place of work. In my previous telling, I told of how Sean wooed me and had me. And now I’m pregnant with his child. But my boyfriend Josh owes me. I’m not even going to feel bad about keeping this baby and not telling him. This feels like it was meant to be.

I had decided that I wanted Josh and I wanted to proceed normally like the baby was his. We could be happy and live it out in ignorant bliss. This could be a one time thing and the infidelity would also one time thing. Or was it?

On that day that I discovered the father Sean’s number in my phone, I had tampered with my boyfriends condom. It took a little bit of coaxing because that day Josh just wanted to be gaming with his friends, but when I finally got him to fuck me quickly, he gasped upon pulling out with the broken condom and showed me that it happened. I told Josh not to worry about it and gave him a hug and said it was fine and not to worry about it. There was little chance anything would happen. but what he didn’t know was that I was already pregnant with Sean’s child.

When I finally told Josh I was pregnant, he was stunned. Like he couldn’t talk for a day from being frozen with fear. When he finally could talk again, I asked him if he was going to propose soon. He just kind of looked side to side and said yeah. I knew Josh well and the situation. That situation was that I was his first serious girlfriend and he wasn’t ever going to have a chance like this with someone of my quality ever again. When he proposed I was a little disappointed with the ring. I made him change up the diamond for something a little bigger. It was still a bit smaller than I like, but I let it go. I knew Josh was worried about cost with a baby on the way, but I think the guilt him prompted him to take on a 2nd job.

Our families were very understanding when we told them about the engagement and the baby on the way. We decided to get married in a few weeks with just a small family ceremony on the nearest beach.

I had just been having some small talk with Sean by text over the next few weeks. Just talking about how his job was going, and what Josh and I were doing. Meanwhile Josh was working all the time to afford our first apartment ofise gelen escort and everything. It left me with a lot of time. For that reason, I found myself texting Sean more and more. I told him about the engagement and the pregnancy and he congratulated profusely. It never came up about the baby being his, but it was assumed, I am sure. He said that he wanted to get together to see my new baby bump and to give me some gifts. I told him over and over that it wasn’t necessary but he insisted.

When we met for dinner, we talked about everything that happened and how happy I was to have my baby on the way. But instead of saying “my”, I said “his” and he smiled. Sean said he knew and was happy for me. We never talked about support or any need for it. This was something I wanted Josh and I to do for ourselves, but I began to sense right away that he would always be around to watch over me. As dinner was over, he told me he had something for me in his car. I was excited and went with him to see! Upon arriving at the SUV, he opened the back and showed me a top notch stroller and play set, but it occupied the entire back of the vehicle. He said that he could leave it with his hotel and I could pick it up or… he could take it somewhere for me.

Because I knew that Josh would just be starting his 2nd evening job right now, I knew he wouldn’t be at home. So I asked Sean to bring it over to our new apartment. Sean hadn’t made one sexual advance tonight and I was elated that this could become a long term platonic relationship after a one-time fling. He followed my car to my apartment. it had just one flight of stairs. But I couldn’t help but watch Sean as he easily put the gifts on his shoulders. One gift at a time and ascended the stairs easily. He was still forty something but probably in even better shape than the last time I saw him. And the whole act did have the effect on me. That reminder of the one night we spent together and my pussy feeling it all over again and becoming wet.

When we’d finished we stopped for a glass of water and Sean commented at how nice this was for a starter apartment. We really didn’t talk about Josh too much but I said that he was working hard to afford it. The conversation wound down and Sean said that he noticed I was starting to show and looked beautiful. I pulled up by t shirt to show him and laugh. I should have known that this was an invite and Sean’s hand moved to feel the baby bump. Just then his mood turned very serious and he told me that he meant it when he called me beautiful and still sexy.

He moved next to me and his other hand grabbed my ass and then moved down between my legs. At that moment he knew I was wet and it showed in his eyes. He grabbed me harder and moved his hand from my baby bump under my shirt to knead my breasts.

If I had any resistance left, it melted away just then. we kissed for what felt like five minutes before parting. And as the kiss ended I felt Sean’s hands on my shoulders. He started pushing down and I consented.

I reached my knees just then as Sean undid his belt as I watched. He never asked and I never said to stop. Sean slowly separated the belt and his top button. I could hear the zipper slowly being pulled down. As it reached otele gelen escort the bottom and I watched, Sean hooked his thumbs over his pants and boxers and slowly pushed them to his knees. As he did I saw his cock again. Although not the first time, I had not fully realized how much bigger it was than Josh’s. As I slowly admired it, I felt Sean’s hand come to the back of my head and pull it towards him. As I got closer i grabbed his shaft and guided the tip to my lips.

I started moving my head back and forth under my own power then. Sean’s hand leaving my head to his hips as he stood upright. His little groans of pleasure escaping from his lips. It felt so natural at the time that it never occurred to me till later that here I was in the apartment that I shared with my future husband. And I had my lover’s pants down giving him oral. It was so wrong but felt so right.

I could not fit the entire shaft in my mouth so I had started moving my hand up and down the rest of Sean’s shaft as my mouth bobbed over the tip. Making him so hard I thought he’d knock my teeth out if I’d slipped up! I hadn’t even realized that I was stroking him with my left hand until Sean grabbed it and stopped me. He turned the engagement ring to face up.. It’s band touching the skin of his hard cock. He mentioned how beautiful it was and how beautiful of a bride I was going to be. I blushed as he pulled me up by the hand and walked me to the bedroom.

When we were standing next to the bed, Sean removed my top as i Removed his. I dropped my pants to the floor as we watched each other. When we embraced again the kissing was intense. I could feel Sean’s hard cock pressing against me as we kissed harder and harder. I could feel Sean pressing me toward the bed and I turned around to pull the blankets down. Just then Sean grabbed my panties with both hands and ripped them from me as I stood there. He pushed me into the bed as I felt his lust overtake him.

Now on my back and him pushing up one leg and then the other on to his shoulders. I felt the head of his cock touch my wet pussy and gasped just then. He pushed in a few inches at a time until again touching my cervix like he did the last. Here I was being taken like this in the bed I shared with my fiance. And still somehow it felt right. Though it reminded me that my fiance would be home before too long and told Sean that we couldn’t be here for long.

Sean didn’t need any more encouragement and before long was working up the pace into a near frenzy. I could feel his cock slide in and out quickly as his balls pounded my ass over and over.

We hadn’t even taken the time to turn down the photos of Josh and I on the night stands. I caught a glimpse of them once. They were beginning to shake as Sean pounded me and the bed was knocking into the night stand and walls. Soon the photos had toppled and a few had even fallen to the floor.

As one of the photos fell, I came for the first time that night. Sean could sense it and started to thrust even harder. Which I didn’t even know was possible. I was cumming for the third time when Sean slowed his thrusts. He gave me 3 hard thrusts… Slap, slap, slap. And froze. As his cock started to throb, he let out a loud groan without sincan escort any fear of who heard. The throbs of his cock were accompanied by a warm feeling and spurting sensation as he again exploded inside of me. I also felt the baby kick for the first time just then. Everything was just so perfect in this moment. He just stayed froze like that for a minute as we both cooled down.

We collapsed right there and he asked about my wedding plans as we talked a little longer. Then Sean gave me another long kiss and started gathering his clothes. One more kiss and he exited. I was so in full bliss, that I slipped off to sleep until I heard the keys in the door for Josh’s return.

At first I didn’t feel the need to move as Sean had collected my clothes and put them in the bedroom. But then as Josh entered I noticed the ripped panties on top about the same time and moved off the bed to collect them and straighten the photos before he could get closer. I often laid down naked so that was not out of the ordinary.

Josh said that he’d join me but it was then that I noticed my second problem the large wet spot on the bed where Sean’s cum and mine had joined and run out of me as he thrust and later pulled out. I had no second set of sheets so I just apologized to Josh saying that I had set down a wet towel on the bed earlier after my shower. Sean and I were so in the moment then that I hadn’t noticed we were on the side of the bed where Josh slept.

But he crawled in and turned on the bedroom telivision and gaming system to play a little before retiring. I had no complaints of course as I had a full evening and was ready for sleep.

While falling asleep I thought about how I’d gotten here. My fiance sitting next to me happily gaming while sitting on my lover’s wet spot. But somehow it seemed right. I’d probably have left my fiance by now. I don’t think that he was capable of proposing or starting a family without the issue being forced upon him. I’d threatened to leave in the past. Then he’d cried and begged not to leave and so I stayed.

And then my lover. Who although twice my age, could have me any time he wanted. And he knew it, and knew that if he said the word I’d follow him wherever. But I also knew that wasn’t going to happen. As messed up as this was… maybe it was perfect. And soon I was off to sleep.

The next day we both exited the apartment at the same time to go to our respective jobs. One neighbor lady was outside with a grin so wide that I knew she was being cute. Her comment to us was that she asked us how soon the wedding was going to be as she smiled again even wider. When we told her it was soon, she responded that it was a good thing because it was obvious that we were crazy for each other. I just smiled and told her how true that was.

As I was driving away I even thought about her words and wondered if I was doing something wrong. I felt guilt just then but then I re-wound what she had said. It was then that I realized what she had said was prompted by how loud Sean and I had been the night before. We were careful not to let anyone see him leave through the back entrance.

That day passed with a smile on my face having been fully satisfied the night before. I even had the energy to plan a small private wedding in 2 weeks with our families and have a nice evening. I called Josh briefly to tell him the date and where to send money for everything. He just sighed and said yes.

I sent a very short text to Sean just then. Just “Thank you” and send. One short one back from him of “Welcome and thank you!” was the last I heard from him…

Well, for a while. More to come…

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Gentle Ride

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He had been working the horses all day and had one more to ride, Wilbur. He motioned for Wilbur to come to him and Wilbur did as he was told. What he didn’t know was that he was being watched.

She enjoyed looking at him as sweat rolled down his face and back. Today though was different. She pictured this day for weeks and today she had the courage to make her move. He stuck his boot in the stirrup and was about to mount Wilbur when he noticed something white out of the corner of his eye. When he turned he saw her walking toward him, her blonde hair flowing behind her. He took his boot out of the stirrup, stood next to Wilbur, and waited for her to approach. When she drew closer, he noticed her shy smile.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

She just continued to smile and took a couple of steps closer to him. She was now standing directly in front of him. She raised her arms and rested them on his shoulders, looking directly into his brown eyes.

“I want a ride.”

She kept her voice calm, but inside she was shaking. She didn’t know what she’d do if he said no. He grabbed her hands and took them off his shoulders. He then grabbed the saddle horn and swung himself into the saddle. He then reached his hand out to her.

“Put your foot kızılay escort into the stirup,” he commanded.

She complied.

“Now put your hand on my thigh and swing your other leg over.”

Once she was situated behind him, she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head against his bare back. She heard him take in a sharp breath before he spurred Wilbur forward. They rode out of the arena and headed to the trees where she stood earlier. As soon as they entered the trees she began trailing kisses down his back and ran her nails across his stomach and chest.

He slowed Wilbur to a crawl. She began kissing his neck, nibbling ever so slightly. He pulled back on the reigns and Wilbur stopped. He turned his head slightly and kissed her cheek before moving to her lips. When their lips touched, their bodies began to tingle. He motioned for her to bring her leg over his lap. She swung her leg over and he helped her slide onto his lap.

She ran her hands down his chest and reached for his belt. She looked up at him as she unfastened it and he reached for her t-shirt. When he went to take it off, she raised her arms to help him before she moved back to his pants. He reached and began maltepe escort massaging one of her breasts. She moaned and leaned into his hand. He threw her shirt aside and reached to unfasten her bra. When it was unfastened he tossed it to the ground too. She unbuttoned his jeans and slowly unzipped them. He reached for her jeans and did the same. He ran his hands down her legs and tugged on her boots. He tossed them aside.

“Lean back,” he ordered.

When she did, he grabbed the bottom of her pants and tugged. She raised her butt off the saddle to help him remove are final article of clothing. He took a sharp intake of breath as soon as he noticed she wore noting underneath. Once her jeans hit the ground, they reached for each other and their lips touched slightly before he deepened the kiss. His tong darted in and out of her mouth. Her hands trailed down his chest and over his stomach and stopped when they reached the front of his pants.

She began stroking his swollen member through his jeans. He moaned and thrust into her hand. When he did that she reached with her other hand and attempted to pull is jeans down. He stood up in the stirrups and she yanked his jeans and underwear down as mamak escort far as they would go. He sat back down and ran his hands down her chest. He stopped and massaged bother her breasts before moving his hands lower. She almost stopped breathing when his hands reached the top of her mound. He looked at her and smiled before he inserted one of his fingers. She bucked at his hand and grabbed his shoulders. He could feel hr juices spill onto his hand and he knew she was ready. He grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him.

“Put your feet on mine,” he whispered in her ear before nibbling on it.

She lowered herself slowly taking him in. He thrust up to meet her. When he did, Wilbur started walking. He thrust harder and she met him. She bent down and ran her tongue lightly across his lips before darting it in his mouth. She nibbled lightly on his lower lips and thrust her hips harder against him.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her down harder while she ran her fingers through his hair. She could feel him about to cum and she squeezed him tight. He thrust one more time before she collapsed against him.

They lay in each other’s arms for what seemed like eternity. He eventually grabbed the reigns and turned Wilbur around. Still connected, they rode in silence. Once they reached the spot where her clothes lay, she moved off him and climbed off the horse. She gathered her things and started walking away.

She took several steps before turning back. Still holding all her clothes she said, “Thanks for the ride.”

She turned back around and disappeared in the trees.

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Gamers Pt. 07

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I prayed for a miracle. But I didn’t get one.

Jazz left 15 days later.

We spent as much time together as we could. We made love 32 times in those two weeks, at her apartment, in my parents’ car (front seat as well as back seat), and in my bedroom. I was trying to sear the memories onto my mind’s eye.

The girls organized two parties for Jazz. One was for Amazons only, but they held a second gathering, to which Gerry, Max, Les, and I were invited. We went dancing, and had a great time. Cyn and Max slipped away early, which surprised nobody. Lucy and Les were still pretending that they weren’t a couple, which also fooled no one.

Angie cried, and apologized to me three more times for spilling the beans prematurely. I assured her that she was forgiven.

Trisha stunned all of the guys. She looked like a different person. The double chin was long gone. She had her weight down to 125 lbs. I couldn’t get over the difference. We hadn’t seen her for three months, during which she had continued to diet, and to work out like a fiend.

She had also changed her hair, and, of course, her whole wardrobe.

– “What have you done with my friend Patricia?” I asked her.

– “Still here.” she said.

– “What’s your secret?” asked Gerry.

– “No secret.” she laughed. “Just hard work.”

– “You have to tell me how you did it!” he insisted.

Kasia cried (yes, her parents let her out). Angie cried some more. Jazz smiled and laughed, and promised to come back and kick their asses if they misbehaved. Or maybe it was if they didn’t misbehave.

It wasn’t just putting on a brave front. Jazz had cried plenty of tears, both alone and with me, until she just decided to stop.

– “Can’t change the facts.” she said. “Might just as well accept ’em.”

She kissed me long and hard at the airport, and held me tight. She pulled back, and looked me in the eyes.

– “I love you, Dean.” she said. “I won’t ever forget you. And you don’t have to forget me. I hope you’ll think of me every time you play Amazons. But you have to get back out there and find somebody. Make her as happy as you made me.”

And then she was gone.


I moped around for a week, playing sappy music, reviewing every picture I’d ever taken of her, and generally wasting my time. Then I really got depressed.

I spent hours in front of the computer, composing long emails that I (wisely) never sent. I searched up articles on jazz music, or art, that I thought she might like, and sent them instead, keeping my own comments to a minimum.

Her reply, in one case, was pure Jazz:

I love you and I miss you. But I can’t read all of these articles that you’re sending me. The School of Design here is really intense. Luckily, they’re accepting my first year, so I don’t have to repeat any classes, but I have a ton of work to do if I’m going to catch up. I have a pile of reading about Australian and Asian art, architecture, and design. I go to school, and I read. That’s my life so far.

I was hoping that your life was more interesting – that you’d tell me what you’re up to, or how the guys are. What games have you been playing? Did you win? Have you introduced ‘Maharajah’? Are Cyn and Max still together? (Seriously, I give them a month)

That’s what I want (or need) to hear from you, Dean. Please forgive me if I can’t reply to your questions about the articles you sent. I haven’t read them. And I probably won’t be able to read the next one(s) you send.

Please say hi to Les, Max, and Gerry. Then go play a game, or ask a girl out, and then tell me about it.

Love You


I stopped sending her articles.

But I missed the sound of her voice, so I phoned her.

– “What are you doing!” she answered – instead of ‘Hello’.

– “Caller I.D.?” I asked.

– “Damn it, Dean! Don’t you dare start calling me. It’s too expensive!”

– “I miss the sound of your voice.” I said.

She didn’t answer right away.

– “I miss you too.” she said. “I told you that. But it’s not going to help anything if you spend a fortune calling me long-distance. And you aren’t going to get on with your life if phoning me is the highlight of your day.”

I had been about to say exactly that.

“You can Skype me on my birthday, or for some special occasion. I have to go, though – I have company.”

I apologized, and said goodbye, and then tortured myself for hours imagining that her ‘company’ was a guy.

Thank God for Les and the guys. We decided to play a Kingmaker marathon on the last Friday before school started up again. I hosted.

Max actually put his arm around me and gave me a hug.

– “I feel for you, man.” he said.

– “We miss her, too.” said Gerry. “She was one of a kind.”

– “She is one of a kind.” said Les.

They then collaborated to let me win. I caught on after five turns. Les marched his army past a castle I owned, instead of laying siege to it. Then Max left one of my isolated nobles alone, in order to attack gaziosmanpaşa escort a stack of Gerry’s troops at much worse odds.

When it was my turn, I simply swept all of the pieces from the map.

– “What are you doing?” asked Max.

– “Starting over.” I said. “If you idiots are going to give me a pity win, I’ll just go play with myself.”

– “Eew.” said Gerry.

I ignored him. “If you’re going to throw the game, you need to be a lot more subtle. I would rather have you kick my ass than play shit like that.”

– “In that case,” said Max, “prepare to have thine ass properly kicked.”

They came for me, with bells on. Within the first six turns, I had had lost every castle I owned, along with three quarters of my nobles and virtually all of my troops. I was down to two weak nobles and 30 Burgundian crossbowmen, sailing around the southern coast of England. I had to pray that there would be no gales or storms – the former would sink me, while the latter would drive me ashore, where I would be easy pickings for whoever was nearest.

Since the other three couldn’t reach me, they turned on each other. Max had the better of it, which backfired, because Les and Gerry allied against him.

One of the great things about Kingmaker is that you keep drawing cards, no matter how weak you are. You get new nobles joining your faction, ships or mercenaries or towns, and you can rebuild your strength.

While Gerry and Les were taking Max’s castles in the south, around London, I landed in Wales, and played a card which gave me access to the Welsh levies. These troops were only available in Wales, but there were a lot of them. Enough for my opponents to think twice before coming after me.

By the time Les and Gerry had weakened Max, I was getting stronger. Max gave me the ‘nod’ – the invitation to step into the next room for a parley.

– “I’m getting killed here.” he said.

– “So I see.” I answered.

– “What if I moved my army into Wales and we teamed up? Would you let bygones be bygones?” he asked.

– “We haven’t got much choice, do we? Just do me a favor – save your cards for a few turns. Let them think we’re weaker than we are.”

Gerry and Les spent a few turns taking the last of Max’s strongholds, and then concentrated their troops on the Welsh border. They weren’t too keen on an invasion, but they had to come after us in order to win.

Another great thing about Kingmaker is the unpredictable event cards. The only thing you can predict with any assurance is that something unpredictable will happen. At the beginning of our joint turn, Max drew a massive peasant revolt in southern England, which drew away several of Gerry’s biggest nobles – and their troops.

Max and I played our hole cards, and advanced out of Wales – something Les had figured we wouldn’t do. In the key battle at Shrewsbury, we got the best possible result. We captured most of Les’ nobles, and promptly executed them all. Gerry also lost heavily. He tried to take refuge in London, but we besieged the city – and captured it two turns later.

Gerry’s entire faction were killed or executed. Max was caught by surprise when I called a Parliament – I had been counting votes in the House of Lords, while he hadn’t. I awarded myself most of the vacant titles, and my faction went from powerful to irresistible. Then I dissolved my alliance with Max.

Max ran, but he couldn’t hide. It took only a couple of turns to eliminate most of his barons. I was able to murder a few of the remaining princes in the Tower, and crown my Heir undisputed King of England.

– “Well, fuck me.” said Gerry.

– “He did.” said Les.

– “That didn’t go according to plan.” said Max. “It would have worked, though, if you dickheads hadn’t turned on me.”

We sat in the backyard later on, beers in hand, enjoying the clear skies and the late August heat. Spending time with my buddies, even in silence, was good for the soul.

– “Nobody else is going to bring up the subject, so I will.” said Les. “We game Tuesdays and Fridays, and then every two weeks with the girls. That’s five game nights every two weeks. Question is, how much longer can we keep this up?”

– “You’re having trouble keeping it up?” asked Max. “Lucy wearing you out?”

Gerry made whip noises.

– “Yeah, laugh it up.” said Les. “I’m thinking of you, Max. Cyn is pretty demanding, from what I’ve heard. And what are you going to do when school starts up again? They say third year is a killer.” Gerry was still making whipping sounds. “And Gerry may get himself a girlfriend one day. Then he’ll know what it’s like.”

– “What are you suggesting?” I asked.

– “Just wondering if we should cut out the Tuesday nighters.” said Les. “I could use one more night for studying.”

– “Studying anatomy.” said Gerry.

– “Just think it over.” said Les, and we left it at that.

We chewed the fat for a while, until Max and Gerry called it a night.

– “Mind gölbaşı escort if I stay a little longer?” asked Les.

– “Not if you get us two fresh beers.” I said.

When our friends had gone, Les and I lay back on the deck chairs, admiring the stars. It was a view we didn’t get that often, between clouds, smog, and the bright lights of the city. I was curious to know what was on his mind, but I had learned long ago that he would come out with it when he was ready.

– “You miss her?” he asked, finally.

– “All day long.” I said. “And twice as bad at night.”

Les let that lie for a while before he spoke again. “You know that I think the world of her. I think we’re all a little in love with her. Don’t tell Lucy I said that.”

– “I know.”

– “What are you going to do?” he asked.

– “Resist the urge to contact her every day, listen to sappy tunes, and punch the walls. What about you?”

– “What about me?”

– “You and Lucy.” I said. “How are you doing?”

– “Great. Really great. You know she’s a private person, so she doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. But I like her.”

– “Keeper?” I asked.

– “Oh yeah.” said Les.

– “Good for you. Good for both of you.” I said.

– “You’ll find somebody.” he answered. “I know – I know – you don’t want anybody. You just want to sit around and think about Jazz. And I don’t blame you. But someday …”

– “We’ll see.” I said.


Trisha and Angie hosted the next co-ed game. They had us over on a Saturday night, rather than a Thursday. Max and Cyn were there, and Lucy and Les. Gerry couldn’t make it that time, and Vee was working.

– “Is she still in a tight spot, financially?” I asked.

– “Actually, she’s doing better.” said Trisha. “She piled up a lot of hours last spring, and during the summer.”

– “She found a little place with three roommates.” said Angie. “Nothing fancy, but she seems happy with it.”

– “So tell us about the new game.” said Max. “I think we’re sober enough this time.”

I explained the rules to Mahrajah, and then dealt out starting cards for six players. I would just act as referee/impartial advisor. The results were … mixed.

The game mechanics worked well. I could have predicted that Cyn would pursue a straightforward military strategy. Trisha and Angie both tried to amass influence inside the palace. Max also tried to collect influence, but he spent as much of his energy trying to get into the harem, and gathering information. Les, by contrast, took the money route. As for Lucy – well, I had no idea what her strategy was, if she even had one.

Angie and Trisha competed a bit at first, then settled into their traditional semi-alliance. They helped each other, but never declared a coalition. Les and Lucy spent a lot of time with their heads together, whispering, but their cooperation didn’t produce any visible results.

Max surprised me a little. He may have been the first to realize that he wasn’t going to win all by himself. He decided to pool his resources with the roommates, who had cornered the market on place influence. Between the three of them, they had a virtual monopoly.

Cyn was not amused, to put it mildly. She had obviously assumed that Max would support her. He tried to explain that his mixed hand wouldn’t be able to support the military action that she was building up to. Cyn simply wasn’t buying it, and she got a bit snarky.

Because it was their first time, none of the players had any ‘feel’ for when to launch their move. They just continued to amass money, or influence, or military power. Typically, Cyn lost patience first.

– “Fuck it.” she said, and she launched her palace coup. She certainly had enough military officers, and plenty of troops under their command.

But Lucy had a couple of potent event cards, and she had suborned the Maharajah’s bodyguards. With Les’ money, she was also able to bribe a few of Cyn’s key units, and bring them over to her side.

– “Lucy won?” asked Trisha, incredulous.

– “She most certainly did.” I said. “Nicely done, Lucy. You laid a trap, and Cyn never saw it. Heck – I never saw it. She walked right into it.”

Okay – maybe I shouldn’t have said that. But how was I supposed to know what would happen?

Cyn was not happy. “Yeah,” she said. “No thanks to my boyfriend.” The way she said it caught everyone off guard; there was quite a bit of venom in it. Unfortunately, that meant that we were all paying attention when she muttered, under her breath.


Nobody moved. Nobody made a sound.

An eternity later – at least, it felt that way – Max scraped his chair back, and stood up.

– “Cyn, could I have a word with you?” he asked, in a level voice.

– “What?” she retorted. “You can say it in front of my friends. I don’t keep secrets.”

Max came around to stand beside her. “In private would be better.” he said.

– “Fine!” she spat. She stormed keçiören escort into the kitchen. Max whispered to her. We couldn’t hear what he was saying. But Cyn didn’t bother to lower her voice.

“No!” she said. “Not this time!”

Max whispered some more.

– “I’m doing it on purpose? Fuck you, Max!”

Max whispered again, urgently. Cyn caught him completely by surprise with a left hand to the cheek. She slapped him right across the face. The sound was frighteningly loud in the girls’ small apartment. Trisha let out a small gasp.

Cyn spun around, and stalked to the door. She ripped it open, and then slammed it behind her.

We just sat there in stunned silence.

‘Well,” said Max, “on that note, I think I’ll call it a night. Thanks for the hospitality, ladies. Good game, Dean. I like it. And nice win, Lucy. I didn’t see it coming it either. ‘Night all.”

After Max left, the rest of us just sat there, looking at each other.

– “Ouch.” said Trisha.

– “That was … over the top.” said Angie. “Even for her.”

– “Has she done something like that before?” asked Les.

– “A few times.” said Lucy. “But not when Jazz is around. Jazz would kick her ass if she pulled a stunt like that.” Lucy gave me a sad smile.

– “She shouldn’t have spoiled your win.” I said. “I didn’t know she was such a poor sport.”

– “There’s obviously something going on between them.” said Trisha. “Something we don’t know about.”

– “That’s no excuse.” said Lucy.

Lucy and Les decide to leave shortly after that, for one of their famous walks home. I didn’t want to cramp their style, so I delayed my own departure. Angie offered me another beer, which I accepted.

– “Well, except for the drama, I like your game.” said Angie. “I mean, I probably still like Amazons best, but Maharajah has potential.”

– “I like it, too.” said Trisha. She jumped up and went into the kitchen to get herself a drink.

I looked at Angie, and mouthed the words ‘She – looks -great’, pointing at Trisha.

– “I know.” replied Angie, in a whisper. “She’s getting lots more attention, and guys are hitting on her all over the place.”

– “I can hear you.” sang Trisha, from the kitchen.

– “So it’s true?” I asked her. “You’re getting hit on? Any interesting ones?”

– “Maybe a few. Most of them are jerks. I remember who was nice to me when I was fat.” Trisha smiled, and came to sit beside me. She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

– “What was that for?” I asked.

– “For being nice to me when I was fat.” she said. “And for inventing all these fun games, and then sharing them with us.”

– “Thank you for trying them out. You’re my play testers. I should be paying you.”

We chatted a little longer, and then I thanked them again and got up to go. Angie saw me to the door. Before I could open it, she put her hand on my arm.

– “Dean … I just want to say … how sorry I am. That I told you about -“

– “Angie.” I cut her off. “You have nothing to apologize for. Really. It was an honest mistake. You had no way of knowing. Please don’t worry about it anymore.” I opened the door. “Thanks again, both of you.”

I thought about sending an email to Jazz, but I wasn’t sure if I should tell about Cyn’s outburst. If the roles had been reversed, would I have appreciated Max telling Cyn about a scene between Jazz and me?

But she had asked to hear about our gaming, and especially the introduction of Maharajah. So I sent her a blow by blow description of the game, the strategies everyone had pursued, and Lucy’s winning manoeuvre. I mentioned the slap only briefly, without any supporting details or editorializing on my part.

She replied a few days later.

Hey Dean – thanks for the update! Glad Maharajah started well. Good for Lucy! You did a great job of describing the game. Wish I could have been there. When it comes to gossip, though, you suck. Luckily I have other sources.

Actually, I think I admire your … restraint? Respect for your friend’s privacy? But how am I going to get your impressions if you don’t whisper little secrets to me? How are Lucy and Les getting along? Any more long walks? And how does Trisha look, from a guy’s perspective? She looked pretty good to me, last time I saw her.

There was a lot more – Jazz was a very good correspondent. She told me about her classes, people she had met at school, and her first impressions of Australia – mostly positive. She asked more questions, and finally signed off.

Please say hi to your parents for me.

Love, Jazz

P.S. Share the wealth

I had trouble getting to sleep that night.


When we got together for our next game, Max didn’t have much to say. I had phoned him twice, to ask him if he wanted to get together for a beer, or a workout. He thanked me, but declined. I was really offering him a chance to talk what had happened. But Max was that kind of guy: he liked to solve his problems and then tell you about them.

– “We broke up.” he said, simply.

– “What?” said Gerry. This was the first he was hearing about it. “What happened?”

Max gave him the short, edited version. I think he was glad, though, that Les and I hadn’t been telling anyone about it.

– “Sorry to hear that, man.” said Gerry.

– “Probably for the best.” said Max. “What are we playing tonight?”

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Fund Raising with Sex Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Ch. 01. For Oncology Unit

This story and the characters are entirely fictitious, but gee I wish it were true. This story is to celebrate older and mature people having very enjoyable sex. To have the very best of sensual moments, one needs, besides a good partner, three things: Desire /Reason, Experience and Knowledge. These things are not really acquired before the age of 50 years.

My wife Marie contributed a great deal to this story, and this was greatly appreciated.

We also appreciate the help given in editing this story by Grammarly.


The atmosphere in the room was gloomy. It was the fortnightly meeting of the Townsville Service Club and the news that a third member had recently been diagnosed with cancer and had to travel to another town for treatment cast a heavy pall over the meeting.

“If only we had a treatment clinic here in Townsville we would be able to support our friends and their families while they are sick and I am sure that would help with recovery,” said President Jamie. “Travelling all the way to the big city and not having family around must make the whole situation so much worse. I know that our New Zealand wide organisation has Cancer Lodges, and while it helps by having a home away from home environment, we could do more by having an oncology unit in Townsville.”

“OK,” said John, standing to his feet. “We are a Service Club. Raising funds for worthy causes is what we do. Why don’t we really put our backs into it and get a clinic here at our own hospital? It will take a lot of doing and it will cost about $2 M dollars. Let’s consult with the District Health Board, see just what is needed and then get into it. Come on guys we are big boys so, let’s give it a go.”

Ralph, of course, was immediately against it. He was the longest serving member of the club and resisted anything new being tried.

“Far too big a project for us. We have only 18 members, with three away already, and the current yearly projects, collecting for the Blind and the Hospice, take all our time. We would need far more people than that to raise enough money.”

Ian was very much in favour. He was usually the first on the job at any project and the last to leave. Also, Ian’s friend Peter had just been diagnosed with cancer, and he had been a particularly good guy and a hard worker as well, till this ailment struck.

Ian said, “If we can’t do it on our own, we will have to co-op more people. Perhaps even consider allowing women into the club. (gasps of horror from Ralph) I am sure our wives will come on board, and we can co-op local business people for special services. I am all for giving it a go. At least let us do a feasibility study and discuss it with anyone we can get to listen. There are all those people who have already done the trip to the big city for treatment etimesgut escort with their families; we must ask them. Let’s brain storm for ideas and make the next meeting a special project discussion.”

At the following meeting, the discussion went as follows: “Ways to raise money are getting harder to find” contributed Rob. “The days of chopping firewood or mowing lawns for little old ladies are past, and we won’t raise this amount of $2m by running raffles. We will need to find a prestigious person to sponsor us and get the backing of some serious money.”

“You’re right,” said Trevor “And I know just where to get it. As you know, I run a lawn mowing business, and I have the contract to do the lawns and gardens for that new Gated Community on Highway 5. They are mostly widows and a few widowers, and with lots of, as you say, serious money. The newest resident is that Dame Whats-er-name who has retired from some high government position on a whopping great pension, and she is already becoming the Lady of the Community. She is a woman of the world. She was known for her entrepreneurship before she retired and we could get her on board before she finds any other interest in the town. With her, we would have a lot better chance of meeting our target.”

“Great thinking, Trevor,” said Jamie. “I will find how to contact her tomorrow and we will get this boat on the road or something. Now to other business.”

True to his word, Jamie got to see Dame Judy the next day and found her to be a delightfully mature, tall upright red head with an amazing figure, B sized tits and long slim legs cased in skin-tight jeans. She invited him into her complex and offered him coffee. She listened attentively to his presentation and then asked what the Club expected of her.

Jaime said, “Your approval. Your encouragement. Your advice. We are suggesting hiring out our fit members and some helpers as mature escorts for a good sized donation. As you well know, sex sells. We need your interest and help with selling the idea to the people of Townsville so we can raise the money for an Oncology unit. Would you kindly consent to be our Patron?”

Judy laughed. “Well said,” she chortled. “I am a woman of the world, and I like your wild ideas. Raise a committee of really keen people. No nay-sayers. Let me know where and when and we will get this show on the road.”

Jaimie concurred “Yes, it’s a show, not a boat that we get on the road. I’ll be in touch. I must remember that saying.”

At the first meeting of the newly formed committee, Jamie introduced Dame Judy to the others and suggested she should take the chair. Judy had obviously become enthralled by the project, had thought a lot about it and had lots of ideas.

“This is going to be a lot etlik escort of money,” she said, “and we must keep the records straight right from the start. With your permission, I will contact the Bank and start a trust fund in the name of our project. The bank manager is a friend of mine, and I am sure if I sit on his knee and squirm around for a while, he will make us a good donation to open the account. Now, I have already put out a few feelers round my friends, and there are several who are thinking up a bucket list of services and places they would like to attend, and they would be willing to make a good donation if their pleasures are met. The donations must be kept strictly confidential and will be made by direct credit to the Trust Account. Some of the ladies have expressed a desire to have a nice man escort them out to dinner, and are willing to pay the evening expenses and a good donation to our cause. This idea could snowball as the word goes out, and it is up to you guys to make sure each of the ladies has a good time and that you meet all their needs, including servicing. The better the service, the bigger the donation. Now, who is in favour?”

There was silence for a few minutes, and then Ian gave a raucous guff, and said “I will have to ask my wife Liz, but I am sure she will go along for the cause, plus perhaps there is a lonely bachelor who would like to take her out to dinner, and I will donate if she is made happy.” A unanimous agreement followed.

“Right,” said Judy, “I will start a list of names and requirements of clients, and it will be up to the Service club committee to find an appropriate “date” for each client. We must keep our standards very high and give real service as we want real donations.

So before we start, we must make up a set of rules so that every person is satisfied and there are no broken marriages or relationships.

• This Libido Fund Raiser will run for six months as we are raising a lot of money; $2.m total

• All escort meetings are discreet and confidential, and guys make sure you do not pass any information to any other person.

• Divorced and single men pose no problems.

• Married men must present an agreement from their wives that they are happy for their menfolk to be escorts with all that entails. I have drawn up that agreement. All the wives have to do is sign it.

• No one is to arrange any assignations on the side. We do not need any relationship breakups or scandal.

• Donations will be confidential, and the person giving escort duties shall not know the value of each donation. All the committee will know is the total value in the bank.

• Each escort will arrange a convenient time off from their work to fit in with their duties.

• Clients will pay all expenses eve gelen escort plus their donation.”

Dame Judy then added, “Maybe there could be the odd gentleman who needs an escort, so I hope a few wives will step up into this roll. All in all, this is not a problem as I am sure that all who participate will have a mind-blowing experience as well as something else blown, besides I will also take part.”

Dame Judy called some of her friends together for a coffee morning and presented the idea forward to the girls.

“Girls, how do you feel about this idea?

Our local Townsville Service club is raising funds for a new Oncology ImmunoTherapy Unit at our local Townsville hospital. It will be a lot of fun for everyone if you agree. I know that most of us are widows and all of us do not get much sex for one reason or another, but our local Service Club is running an escort service for older folk and promise that they will take you to any evening or outing of your choice, including away for a weekend or if required a week, all with the full service of your choice”

Myrtle put her hand up and asked: “How will this make money for the Service Club?”

Dame Judy then handed out a copy of the rules to each person at the meeting.

She then stated “We are all well off and for a great experience I am sure that any person going on one of these excursions will, if fully satisfied, give a great anonymous donation to the cause. This would be by direct credit so that no one knows who has given it. While the guys cannot talk about their experiences, we ladies can compare notes, if anyone wishes and this could be fun to discuss between ourselves during happy hour, and it would be a great talking point.”

Dame Judy also added, “if any person has a husband, and he is agreeable to this project, some of the service club members’ wives and partners will accommodate them I am sure.”

Dame Judy then asked who would be in on this experience. Janice tentatively put her hand up, a general discussion ensued, and Betty asked if the meeting could be adjourned for a week so that all the ladies could think about it. Dame Judy agreed with the proviso that a week was all she could give them because the service club members needed an answer, as time was of the essence.

The following week our ladies assembled for a coffee morning. Five extra ladies were attending and one woman had dropped out. Some of the ladies had discussed the project with friends, finding a lot of interest, but some voiced a fear of outsiders hearing gossip although they wanted to be part of the project.

Dame Judy said, “At our age are you balancing a great time against a bit of gossip? Do not worry about it. I’m not.”

With that Dame Judy took the vote by a show of hands, resulting in a unanimous vote to go with the flow. The meeting dissolved into an excited babble of voices, each woman talking about what they may expect.

Dame Judy called the meeting to order, and gleefully said, “Let’s get this show on the road.”

The next part of our story tells how everyone enjoyed their great experiences. We will come back to the narrator as required.

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Fun In Cabo

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These are my true stories. I am a 23 year old petite blonde.

The sun, the beach, the pool and the ocean mixed with some drinks are just the perfect combination for a weekend of fun.

Cabo, two years back, I took a trip with my girlfriend with only two objectives:-

1. Have lots of fun;
2. Fuck as many guys as we can.

This story is about the best fuck of that three-day trip. I fucked six different guys over that weekend, once with three of them together in the room.

His name was Peter. He was from Amsterdam and in Cabo with his friend to have fun. He was twenty-six, 6’3″, 180 pounds, blonde and perfect six-pack abs. In his speedo (yes, these Europeans

love their speedos!), you could see his package size, and I must say, it was very inviting.

We met at the pool where me and my girlfriend were relaxing, dipping and drinking. He and his friend made their way over to us girls and started to chat. We girls, without saying a word figured out who gets which guy. I was into Peter and soon he was on my side of the pool as we stood in the water drinking.

I was wearing a hot string black bikini. Minimum coverage for maximum exposure. Peter was not shy and even commented how hot I looked in that bikini. These European boys are not shy, I must say. We all were having a lot of fun and horseplay in the pool with a lot of touching, grabbing, picking and throwing each other in the pool. Given the petite size that I am, it was easy for Peter to grab me, lift me and throw me in the water. During all the horse play his hands would often grab my tits or my ass and once even my pussy as he lifted me up by grabbing my crotch area and throwing me in the water. During the play, my boobs popped out and both the boys hollered. They even encouraged both of us to go topless and we did. It was an adult only place and that was no big deal.

Soon elvankent escort the guys were kissing us girls and making out in the pool. Peter was a decent kisser. Too much biting though.

We girls were horny and were ready to fuck these European boys. I decided to take our room and go there with Peter while my girlfriend left to go to Peter’s friend’s room. I walked all the way to the room topless. I had a few married guys gawk at my perky tits in the hallway to the chagrin of their wives. Peter, on the other hand, was walking with the biggest bulge in his speedo. I am sure some wives copped a look at his manhood, too.

I did not even make it all the way in to his room when I turned around and pulled down Peter’s speedo. A nice long cock stood at full attention. Right there in the hallway I went down on my knees

and took his cock. I could taste the chlorine from the pool. He was nice and hard and I sucked him well. Peter was moaning soon and somehow managed to play with my perky tits as I sucked him. I

would take his cock all the way in my mouth and then pull it out slowly. I would tease his cocked and play with his balls. I stroked and sucked and sucked more until I heard it, Peter let out his load. A large load of cum right down my throat. Mmmm. He tasted good. I sucked his cock clean of every drop of cum.

Then we made our way to the bedroom. I pushed Peter onto the bed, pulled the string of my bikini bottom and stood there naked. I jumped on the bed and sat on Peter’s face, and wow! Peter was a

great pussy eater. I ground on his face as he ate me. Somehow he fingered my pussy and ate my pussy as I sat on his face. That did the trick. I came so hard on his face and collapsed on him.

Our room overlooked the pool and we were on a high floor. Unless you were in the room emek escort next to us, we could sit naked and no one would notice. Peter grabbed a couple of beers from our fridge and we both went to the balcony. His chair was next to me as we sat and drank. I grabbed his cock and stroked it gently. One of the guys on a higher floor saw us naked and toasted us with his beer in hand. It made me even hornier knowing he was watching us. I smiled back at him, opened my legs a little to show him my shaved pussy. Peter was sitting and enjoying the tease. I even went down on Peter’s cock and gave it a nice lick as I looked at the guy staring at us. I would not be surprised if he had his cock pulled out by now and was stroking.

Peter and I relaxed and drank for fifteen minutes and were ready to fuck some more. I asked Peter to eat me on the balcony first. He sat down on the ground in front of my chair and dug his face back into my pussy. Soon he had my juices flowing. He ate and fingered me until he had me moaning and squirming. My hands were in his hair as I pulled him deeper as I came.

Ready for his cock, I grabbed him and went to the bed. I pushed him on the bed, jumped on him and started to suck him to take his semi-hard cock and make it rock hard. Then I sat on it and rode his cock like a slutty cowgirl. His hands were all over my perky tits and on my ass as he grabbed and made me bounce on his cock. God, he pushed his cock really deep. I wanted him to cum but wantedto be fucked longer. I jumped off him, got into doggy position and asked him to fuck me. Peter was awesome and fucked me really hard. He slapped my ass and fucked me until it was time and he exploded hard in me. That felt so good. Once he was done, I turned around and cleaned his cock which had his juice and my pussy juice on it.

We knew that we were eryaman escort not done, so I asked him to play with my pussy. Lying on the bed, Peter started to play with my clit and finger my well-fucked pussy. He definitely had magic fingers. Then he did something kinky. He grabbed the beer, took a sip and went down and poured that beer in my pussy. That cold beer felt really strange and he would drink it back. This was the first time someone had done that to me, and I was really enjoying it. He pulled a fresh bottle of beer that was really cold and continued to drink his beer out of my pussy. Mmmm.

After he was done drinking his beer, I asked him to fuck me. He started to come between my legs but I stopped him. I went to the balcony and bent over the railing and asked him to come behind and fuck me. Right in the open, there we were, fucking. Anyone who may have looked up could have seen my tits over the railing and me being fucked well. Obviously that made me so horny that I came quickly and so did Peter.

It was time to take a quick break. I wanted one more fucking before I let him go. I was also worried my girlfriend would be coming back soon. I needed to be done and be ready for the evening to go out to this night club and pick new guys. We grabbed another drink and sat in the room. He was sitting

next to me and I sat on his lap naked. I could feel his flacid cock under my ass cheeks. We kissed and drank and fondled and all that did its magic and soon Peter was hard again.

I asked him to fuck my ass. Peter was really excited as he had not had many girls wanting anal. I sucked and lubricated his cock, got into a doggy style and had him fuck me. Peter slowly pushed his

long cock almost all the way in my tight ass. Slapping my ass again, he fucked me well and came one more time. This guy was good. He would cum again and again.

Soon the door knock happened. I kissed Peter goodbye and promised him if I saw him again the next day alone, I will fuck him one more time before I left. Yes, I fucked him the morning I was leaving in the bathroom of the lobby. One secret, I called his room that morning as I was leaving and asked him to meet me in the lobby for a goodbye fuck!

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