Bachelor Party Creampie

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Hi there, my name is Tina and I’m writing this episode down at the request of my husband, Rob. You see, I recently had an amazingly hot sexual episode (one of many, actually) and Rob got so turned on by it he wanted me to share the details with the world. So, for what it’s worth, here we go!

First, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m 32 years old, and I’ve been married to Rob for 8 years. We enjoy a very hot and active sex life, and we are into swinging with other couples. I’m 5’ 8” tall, 120 lbs, with brunette hair. Rob & I both workout, and I also teach an aerobics class. Rob is always telling me how hot my body is, and he gets turned on when my tight ass draws looks in public.

Anyway, this particular adventure started with Cindy, a young girl who is in my advanced aerobics class. She’s petite, 21 years old and blonde. She’s never missed a class, and I have to say that when I’m teaching I find my eyes drawn to her all the time. I think she started to pick up on this, when she sees me checking her out she started giving me shy smiles. I thought it was cute, and I started to think it might be fun to have a three way with her and Rob.

One day after class, about 2 weeks ago, she approached me as I was stretching to loosen up after the lesson. Everyone else had left the studio; it was just the two of us. I was seated on the floor working a hamstring muscle and she asked if she could stretch with me, as she was feeling a little tight.

“Sure,” I replied. She was wearing a pair of cotton shorts and a crop top, and her whole body was covered with a sheen of sweat. I couldn’t help wondering how it would taste if I ran my tongue all over her body. I could see that the crotch of her shorts were particularly sweaty, and I had to push the thought of burying my face in there out of my head, otherwise I’d be heading to the showers to rub myself off.

She lay down on the mat, and asked “Can you just stretch one leg at a time for me?” I took her leg by the ankle as she lay on her back, and gently pushed it up and back. Looking down I could see her pussy lips outlined through her thin shorts, this girl didn’t like wearing panties when she worked out, another plus!

I released her leg and took the other one, stretching it the same way. “Oh, that feels so good,” she said, “almost as good as sex. Too bad my boyfriend is out of town, he always likes to get some when I come home from aerobics,”

Hmm, I thought, This is definitely starting to look like an opportunity. I said, “You’re really tight, let me just massage your hamstring a little while it’s in the stretched position.” I held her ankle with one hand and kneaded down the back of her leg with the other, all the way to her ass. Then I “accidentally” brushed her pussy as I continued massaging.

She moaned and said “That feels so good, I think I pulled a muscle in my butt, can you please work on that?”

I didn’t need a second invitation, I let go of her leg and she rolled over. I started at her hips, and gave a vigorous massage, running my hands over the thin shorts and down between her legs. “Spread your legs a little so I can work on your upper thighs,” I suggested. She obliged, and as I touched her I could see that her crotch was looking a lot wetter than it did before.

I decided to just go for it, and I slipped my hand into her pants and immediately felt hot wet pussy. She groaned louder and raised her hips up off the mat, letting me have easier access to her. That was all I could take, I had to see this girl naked.

“Let me get these out of the way,” I said as I quickly yanked her shorts down, exposing her fine ass. Her pussy was displayed between her cheeks, and God was it wet. I was really horny at this point, and wasted no time as my tongue quickly delved into her delicious slit.

“Ahhhhh, that feels fucking wonderful,” she said. “You do that even better than my boyfriend, can you teach me to eat pussy like that?”

The girl was incorrigible! “I think I can manage that,” I said with a grin. I stood and quickly stripped off my own shorts and g-string, and I took off my top too. Cindy removed her own top, and sat demurely on the mat.

“Lie down on your back,” I said. “I think the easiest way for you to learn is to actually do it. I’m going to get in a sixty-nine position on top of you and start eating you. I want you to do everything I do as you feel me do it, feel free to ask any questions.”

With that I climbed on top of her and pressed my moist crotch close to her face. I looked down at the pussy in front of me and admired the fact that it was completely hairless. I could smell the aroma of the workout, which was now combined with free flowing sex juices. Mmmm, just the way I like it.

I leaned down and gently flicked her clit with my tongue, and her whole body shivered. Then I felt my own clit being licked. Excellent, she learns fast. I went back to work, and ran my tongue up and down her slit, savoring the delicious flavor that is Cindy. I expertly darted my tongue in and out of her antalya escort hole, then sucked on her clit. That was enough for her, she started to shake and moan, and suddenly she wrapped her arms over my hips and pulled my pussy into her face. I reciprocated and shoved my tongue up her cunt and started fucking it with my face as I felt my own orgasm envelope me. I replaced my tongue with 3 fingers and screamed, “That’s it! Lick me harder! Shove your tongue into me! Oh FUCK I’M CUMMING ON YOUR FACE!”

I came hard as I finger fucked her, her orgasming pussy clenching my fingers and leaking cum down her ass and thighs. I collapsed and rolled off of her, all I could do was smile and sigh. Wait until I tell Rob about this, I thought to myself.

Cindy turned around and climbed on top of me, our wet pussies pressing together. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, tasting my own cum juices on her lips.

“That was great, I’ve never been with a woman before.” She said. “I can’t believe I came like that and I didn’t even have a cock in me. Won’t your husband be mad though?”

“I’m going to tell him about this when I get home, he likes it when I have a sexy story for him. I think I’ll make him masturbate as I tell him about it, that always gets him off hard.”

“Wow, you sound like you have a great marriage! He really likes to have you watch while he jerks off? I wish my boyfriend would let me watch once in a while, he’s always been embarrassed about it though.”

She was still on top of me, and I was running my fingernails up and down her back and ass. “Try masturbating together, that’s how Rob and I started. It can be really erotic; sometimes we use vibrators that can be even more fun. One time I had Rob using one on his balls and I got him to fuck himself in the ass with it, my God did he cum! It was like a fountain, ever since that time he’s been more than willing to play with himself whenever I feel like watching.”

“Wow, maybe you guys could show me sometime? I mean, if you don’t mind or anything, it just sounds like you really know how to connect, I kind of like learning new sex tricks.”

“Well, we’ll see, I’d have to talk to Rob about it,” I said. What I was thinking was, We are going to lay you like there’s no fucking tomorrow you little slut!

“Ok, let me know what he says then, I’d better get showered now, I have to do a bachelor party tonight and I can’t be late.”

“A bachelor party?” I asked. “What do you mean? Are you a stripper?”

“Well, not really, I’ve never done it professionally before. I mean, I like to dance for my friends, and one of them asked me if I wanted to get paid for it. He’s got a friend who’s getting married, and they need a stripper, and I figured what the hell. I’m not fucking them, I just have to strip down to a g-string and do a lap dance on the groom to be, get him a little excited. Get this; he’s a virgin too! He’s saved himself for marriage, so this is going to be really embarrassing for him!”

“The guy sounds like a tool, he’s not going to know what to do on his honeymoon. He probably won’t get within five feet of his new wife without blowing his load. I feel bad for his fiancé, I hope she’s had some experience, otherwise she’ll end up thinking it’s supposed to be that way.”

“It’ll be ok, I knew her in high school. One time she gave the whole football team blowjobs after they won a big game, she’ll whip him into shape in no time.” She said with a smile.

We got up and took a hot shower together, soaping each other up and doing a bit of exploring. She really has a great body, and at that age her tits were still gravity defying. I had a great time rubbing them when they were all slippery, her nipples stood out like rocks and she squealed when I playfully pinched them, I couldn’t wait to bed her again.

We walked out to our cars, and I leaned in her door to give her a kiss, and I slid my tongue into her mouth. I told her I’d see her soon and turned to get into my car when I heard her say, “My car won’t start! I’m going to be late for the bachelor party!”

“Don’t worry Cindy, I’ll give you a ride. It will give us a chance to talk some more, I’ll just call Rob and tell him I’ll be a little late.”

“Thanks so much Tina, I really appreciate it. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here.”

I quickly called Rob and told him I was going to be out for a while. I told him what was going on, and that I might want to watch her strip and then bring her home afterwards because she wanted to see him masturbate, and he said he couldn’t wait. What the hell else was he going to say to a 21-year-old slut being delivered to his bedroom?

I drove over to her friend’s house where the party was being held. We pulled up on the street and she reached over and took hold of my hand.

“Would you mind just coming in with me? I’m a little nervous, I hope that doesn’t sound silly.”

“Not at all honey, I understand. I’d like to see what this virgin looks like anyway, let’s antalya escort bayan go!”

We got up to the door and knocked. It was opened immediately by all seven of them. My God, how un-cool! I’ll bet they had been fighting for the peephole in the door to watch us come up to the house. Probably more than one virgin in this crowd, I thought. Looking around I saw a lot of empty beer cans, and they had a porno movie running on the VCR. One of them saw me look and he quickly shut it off and blushed. The groom, I presumed.

Cindy introduced me and told them how I helped her out with a ride over after her car died. They thanked me and introduced themselves, each one shaking my hand. The oldest one couldn’t have been 25; together they looked like a bible study class. I couldn’t wait to see how they’d react to Cindy gyrating around in a g-string.

One of them asked me if I wanted something to drink, and I grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch to watch the festivities. They had the groom sit in a chair in the middle of the room, and then they let Cindy take over.

She put on some appropriate stripping music that she bought with her, and started a slow strip tease for him. The guys quickly got into it and were clapping and laughing at their soon to married friends discomfort. Cindy got down to her bra and panties, and I could see that the groom was now starting to get quite a hard-on through his pants.

She pulled off her bra and draped it over his head, and then sat down on his lap to a chorus of catcalls, one of them coming from me. She gently ground her pert little ass against his crotch, and he groaned and tried to push her off.

“What’s the matter, can’t take a little lap dance before your wedding?” I called out. He turned bright red and his friends cracked up. He was trying to push Cindy off and she kept trying to put his hands on her crotch, laughing and enjoying the whole thing.

Cindy giggled and said, “Tina, how about giving me a hand here, this one doesn’t seem to like girls.”

That really killed them; they were literally rolling on the floor with laughter. I leaped up and said, “Let’s show him what he’s been missing.”

I went to the center of the room and started my own strip tease. God, I was getting really turned on, I knew I was about to give them all a night they would never forget. I got down to my panties when I crooked my finger at Cindy, motioning her to join me.

We met with a deep wet kiss, and started dirty dancing together. I rubbed her tits and then felt her hands run down my back and grab my ass. She rubbed her crotch against my leg and I felt she was wet. The guys had all fallen silent, watching us with their mouths open.

I pulled Cindy to the floor, where we started to really get into it. We were making out and grabbing at each other like total nymphos. I was on top, and I sat up and spun around so I was sitting on her chest, her panty clad crotch in front of me. I spread her knees apart and looked at the groom.

“Would you like to see what Cindy looks like under her panties?” I asked. He was just staring and barely managed a nod. I could see that his zipper was under a great deal of strain.

“Ok, but your going to have to show us yours too,” I said. “Don’t be shy, anyone who wants to see Cindy is going to show some cock.”

The guys looked at each other nervously, trying to decide if they wanted their hard-ons out in the open. I know I sure wanted to see them.

“Anyone going to leave?” I asked. No one got up, and one adventurous party boy unzipped his pants with a shy smile.

“Show me Cindy first,” he said.

I smiled and reached down to her panties. Cindy raised her hips up off the floor a little, and I rolled them over her bottom and thighs, exposing her delicious looking slit. She giggled and let her legs part even more, displaying her shaved cunt for the room. It was practically dripping, and I reached down and spread her pussy lips wide, letting everyone have a good look.

I looked back to zipper boy and said “Your turn, let’s see what you’ve got.”

He took a deep breath and stood up. He walked over to me and undid the top button of his pants and slowly lowered them. He was wearing white briefs, and I could see the tip of his cock right through them because he’d already let out quite a bit of pre-cum. Good boy, I thought.

I rolled off of Cindy so that she could sit up, and we both kneeled in front of him, his back to his friends. “Come on,” I said, “too late to be shy, I can already tell your loving this.”

He blushed and Cindy decided to take things into her own hands. She reached up and hooked two fingers over his waistband, and then slowly pulled them over the top of his cock. He groaned as she unhurriedly dragged them down the length of his shaft, more pre-cum leaking from the tip as she did.

I reached out with one finger and slid it up and down, covering it with his wetness. He watched as I licked my lips and then slipped my finger escort antalya into my mouth, sucking it like it was a dick.

“It looks like he’s close to Cumming, just from that.” Said Cindy. “Wouldn’t take much to make him explode, not much at all.”

He groaned again, and I reached out and ran just one fingernail all along the seam of his scrotum. It turned out to be more than enough as his cock began to spasm and he clenched his eyes shut. I quickly popped the tip of his dick into my mouth, and gave his balls a nice squeeze. I was rewarded with a huge spray of cum; it felt like a fire-hose shooting it out, right in my mouth.

He pulled away, his face bright with shame. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mommy,” I said to him. His friends cracked up, lightening the mood dramatically. I stood and pulled off my own panties, which were now quite wet. I walked over to the groom and gently rubbed the crotch across his face. “You like how these smell? You do, don’t you? You’d like to eat me wouldn’t you?”

His friends were egging him on, telling him to taste the panties first. I laughed and danced back over to Cindy, enjoying my naked show. “Who’s next?” I asked. “Let’s see some more cocks! Cindy, let’s get their pants off!”

With that Cindy and I each grabbed a guy and started tearing off their clothes. Everyone quickly was completely naked, except for the groom, who looked like he wanted to get out.

“The groom is going to need another lap dance, but I guess he can just watch us for now.” I looked around at all the cocks and could hardly decide where to start, they all looked like they were aching to cum. I got down on all fours in front of the closest one, and spread myself wide. I wanted to get fucked, and I wanted it nasty.

“Help yourself,” I said. “Let’s see if you can hold out longer than your friend. Anyone have a cock for my mouth?”

One of them positioned himself in front of me, presenting a hard, wet cock for me to taste. I received a pleasant surprise from behind when rather than a cock; I felt a tongue on my twat. It seems the guy who was going to fuck me was already pretty close to Cumming and decided to calm down a little, but still keep himself busy. I groaned and pressed my cunt into his face, and gave the dick in front of me a long slippery lick.

Cindy had decided she wanted to fuck them one after another. She lay on her back, three guys in front of her. “Ok, you each get one minute to fuck me, then you go to the back of the line. First one to cum in me gets a spanking from me and Tina.”

With that the first guy knelt between her legs and quickly entered her sopping hairless slit. He started fucking her, his two friends timing him so that he didn’t intrude on their turns. I was licking the balls of the guy in front of me, when the pussy licker behind me decided he couldn’t wait any longer to fuck.

I felt the tip of his cock being wiped up and down my pussy, and he thoughtfully paused at my clit for a gentle rub. It felt really really hot, sending shockwaves through my clit up to my stomach. I sobbed as my first orgasm engulfed me, and I begged him to fuck me hard right now.

“God, shove your fucking cock up my cunt! Do it now, God it fucking feels so good! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!” I shouted as my pussy clenched his cock and milked his seed from his balls. The guy in front of me tried to back away as I came, but I grabbed him by the cock and pulled him to my mouth. He was doing everything he could not to cum; he really wanted to fuck me next, which was fine with me. I took it easy on him and just flicked the tip of his dick with my tongue as my orgasm started to subside. Man, I sure was happy with the way things were working out.

The guy behind me pulled his deflating manhood from my pussy, I could feel his cum starting to leak out. I turned around so his friend who just exited my mouth could try me from the back. I really love getting fucked on all fours; it allows the cock in deep and I cum very easily. He wasn’t shy about sloppy seconds, I felt his dick slip right in to the hilt and start banging away in the mess. That thought made me even hornier, I motioned the first guy I had blown over to me so I could get him nice and hard again, after all, why shouldn’t he get to fuck too?

I was vigorously licking his balls and shaft when I heard one of the guys fucking Cindy groan loudly and say, “God, I can’t hold it, I’m think I’m going to cum in you!”

“That’s it honey, fucking cum for me! Cum in my pussy, fill me up with your spunk! Yes, that’s it, cum hard for me so you can get your spanking!”

That was Cindy urging him on. God, this girl was definitely special. Just as the guy started to spurt into her, I felt the cock in my pussy release it’s own load, adding quite a bit of cum to what was already in me. I knew by the time I got home my cunt was going to be a completely cum sopped mess, just the way Rob likes me.

Cindy hopped into a chair, and had the guy who came lay across her lap. “Come on Tina, help me give this naughty boy his punishment!”

I joined her, cum running down the inside of my thighs, and we alternated slapping his ass and stroking and kneading his balls. He kept squirming, which only earned him extra smacks. His friends were laughing, but before we were done he was halfway to being stiff again.

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Auditor Tales Ch. 02

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After she finished peeing I closed the door and moved over to my side. She was about to put on her panties but I stopped her. I want to feel you, I said. I want to feel your piss wet pussy. She let me flick my tongue over her wet lips tasting the pee drops she left there. The taste was good and I regretted that I was too late to taste all of her pee. She became quite exited and asked if I liked women’s pee. Yes I do. As a matter of fact I love it. Next time, she said, I want you to take it all.

So there will be a next time I thought. I was already looking forward to it. We got dressed and after kissing a little while during which I felt her huge breasts pressing against me, she left the car and went into the house. I drove away into the dark night. Goodbye Francis, I said to myself, this was a lovely night.

About a week later I saw Francis again. Our conversation was as normal as it could be. Have you slept well? How was the weekend? And all the other ordinary stuff. I told her my next assignment would be an audit in Barcelona. This would take about 3 to 4 weeks. I call you. Yes, that would be lovely, she said to me.

I didn’t call. I met this Spanish cute girl. Petite, long curly hair, lovely face and above all excellent tits. How in the world could this happen to me. All of a sudden, in a couple of weeks, I was making love to more than one woman.

Mercedes was a very nice and warm young woman. We made love in the hotel room I was staying as she (like Francis) was still living with her parents. She could not stay over for the night but our lovemaking was so passionate. This was not sex. This was love.

The audit was concluded in 4 weeks and I left, leaving Mercedes behind, and telling myself I would not have another girl than she. How wrong I was. Seeing Francis in her office again, her huge breasts ankara escort pointing towards me, I felt myself so week. We made another appointment. This time she would arrange a hotel room where we could stay. At dinner Francis mentioned that it was so obvious I liked her tits that it made me blush. Don’t all men love your tits, I asked? Yes, but you’re the only one who does not make comments. I like that about you and that’s why I love you to touch my tits and make love to me.

We drove to the hotel after I bought a bottle of coke and cognac. These were Francis’ favourite drinks. As soon as we entered the room she started to undress me. Hey, wait a second I’ll fix you and myself a drink. You made me a promise, remember. I do, she said, but that does not mean I don’t want to kiss you and suck your dick, lick your balls and stick my finger in your ass. You have to suck my nipples and caress my breasts. I love to feel your hands over my tits. That is making my pussy soaking wet.

We fell on to the bed and I was almost tearing off her clothes. As fast as I could I unbuttoned her bra and these two enormous breasts were coming out. Oh, how much did I love those two. Touching, feeling, squeezing, licking, sucking her nipples. She loved it. She was moaning and telling me to go on for ever. Her body was moving from excitement. My hand moved down over her belly and removed her panties. Slowly I move my hand over her legs up to her pussy, nearly touching but back again over her thighs. These were big as well. Everything was big about her and I really loved it. Both hands moving over her thighs and than to her fat ass. I wanted to touch her body all over. Where should I go? I am short of hands, I thought.

She ran her hands over my body the same time but her favourite part was my cock and ankara escort bayan balls. She took my cock into her mouth sucking like a madwoman. It was hard as steel and her tongue flipped over the top. I felt her body coming on me pressing me against the sheets. My hands touching her back down to her ass. I slid my finger through her ass cheeks, looking for her anus. When I found it, she shivered. You want me to put a finger in, I asked. Yes, please she said. Rather two than one. I wetted my finger and shoved it in. She lifted her body as if she wanted more. I moved my finger up and down in her ass, while my other hand was on her breast. What a magnificent woman. Move your finger, she screamed, in my ass. I want to feel it deep inside me. My cock grew even more by hearing her saying that. But there was more to do. I wanted to lick her wet pussy and her anus. Move your body over my face I said. I need to taste your juices.

As soon I saw her pussy I moved my tongue inside her pink lips. The taste of her wetness was fabulous. Flicking my tongue up to her anus, she parted her cheeks to help to get inside. We both felt like being in heaven. The feeling was so intense that she came instantly. Her body was shaking, her breasts swinging from left to right and back. She moved her soaken pussy over my face, searching for my tongue. Deep inside I tried to push. Rotating movements in her cunt made her move even more. She came again no doubt. It looked like she passed out, but instantly she took my cock and put it back in her mouth. Her lips over my top created such a feeling that I could not hold back. My sperm flew into her mouth. Suck me I screamed, take my cum. We both collapsed on to the bed and lay there for a while. She kept my cock in her hand and her breasts were right into my face. Looking escort ankara at those two huge tits, her hardened nipples, I felt my cock rising again.

Let’s go, she said, I need to pee and I want you watching. I just followed her into the tiny bathroom. Lay down on the floor she said, I sit on top of you and you look at my pussy. It makes me hot knowing you’re looking at it. So it was done like that She move her fat ass into my face and I could hardly breathe. I kissed her wet pussy and I tasted something different. She let her pee coming out very slowly so I could take it all. That was the promise. My cock grew to enormous heights (so it seemed) and it even felt painful. More pee came out and I swallowed some, rub some over my face and hair. This was very exciting. She moved down to my hard cock and pissed over my balls.

Was there more to come? She took my cock into her mouth and placed her hands over my balls. Her tits were touching my body and getting wet with her own piss. She started to suck and her tongue moved over my cock. Let me see yours, she told me. Wet my tits with your pee. I released some piss she licked off with her tongue. More I want from you she almost screamed. Placing her big tits close to my cock I started to piss. It was flowing over her huge breasts and getting wet completely. Again she came. Fiercely rubbing her own hand over her pussy and erect clit. More, she shouted, I want to be soaking wet with your pee as you are with mine. We kissed, sharing each other piss. We lay there on the bathroom floor in our piss. We both loved it. After a while it was getting a bit cold so we took a hot shower and went to bed.

In bed I could not resist to lay my hands on her enormous breasts. I like that, she said. I love to fall asleep knowing your hands are on my tits. We woke up almost together. My hands still on her tits and I felt her hand slowly moving down to my morning erection. Does it ever go down, she asked. Not being with you, I said. We had to go. We showered together, admiring each other. She was gorgeous. What would we do if we were really together all the time?

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Asking Forgiveness

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


This is a story with veiling fetish. Many people have this fetish, though it’s not that popular. In case you wish to know more or read more stories related to veiling fetish, do for tales of the veils on google. It’s an educational site and also contains stories related to the veiling fetish.

I would like to thank Nye North from TOTV for proofreading my story.

1. Questions

It was late afternoon. I had finished my lunch and was on the way to my afternoon nap. DING DONG! It was unusual for someone to come at this time, so I went to check out who was at the door. When I opened it, in front of me stood a person shrouded from head to toe in black.

Before I go any further, my name is Janice Foster from Boston and I live in a beautiful two story house in the slightly better part of the town not yet converted to a concrete jungle. This part is famous for the bungalows and villas, all of which are at quite a distance from each other which is pretty good for my privacy. I am about five feet five inch at height with a fair complexion and blond hair. I have a slim but well toned figure mostly due to my upbringing. I am a widow, my husband George died five years ago and I have a son who is in Philadelphia studying as a fresher. I am forty years old and live alone in the house. My husband was a good businessman and before he died in a car crash he had opened an insurance policy for himself. After his death I received enough money from the insurance policy that made sure I did not need to work again.

Anyway back to my story. I was not shocked, just surprised. I have seen many women wearing such dresses or ‘veils’ around and am not biased either. But to see someone wearing such on my doorstep made me uneasy.

I said “Hello, how may I help you?”

No reply.

“Did you come to see me?”

Nod. Well now this was getting weird.

“Okay. So why are you waiting outside? Come on in.”

I opened the door completely and the woman, I knew it was a woman for only they dress as such, glided into the hallway then the living room and stood by the sofa. After a moment’s pause, I closed the door and asked her,

“Would you like something to drink or eat?”

Shake of head. It was weird and confusing. I didn’t have much time to think as from under her coat she produced a letter in a gloved hand. It was brownish and hard compared to normal letters we use and I thought it was from somewhere else. Carefully I opened the letter. It read as,

‘Hello I am Fouziya, head maid at the House of Damani in Russia. I am here to offer a position of personal maid to Mistress Fatima Damani. Complete training and lessons will be provided along with clothes and bedding. We recruit women from all corners of the world and some of them are recruited by Mistress herself. We are always ready to recruit single women and widows as it often helps solve many problems for them. The job helps them fight loneliness and gives them something constructive to do. I hope you will accept the offer. If you accept the offer come to the Hotel Falcon room no. 110. Any questions will be answered only if you accept the offer. I will be there for a week so you must let me know before then.

Thank You.’

This was incredulous; first this lady arrives on my doorstep and then gives me an invitation about some Damani house in Russia! I was angry at letting her get to me.

So I said, “Well, I do not know you and I don’t think I will let you take advantage of me so easily. You can leave now and I will forget this ever happened.”

I was scared and I was not letting her fool me so easily. However it seemed she had thought about this as well as she produced another letter and an envelope this time. I took it from her gloved hand. It read,

‘I thought you might not trust me so I bought you something that might help your decision. Enclosed in the envelope is a photo of my Mistress Fatima Damani. You take a look at it and decide.’

I carefully opened the envelope and from inside it took out a photo. The woman in the picture was a normal woman with black hair, black eyes and high cheekbones. She was in traditional clothing I guessed. After close inspection though, I found that she was my childhood friend Maria. That could not be right? How come she was in traditional clothing? And Fouziya, that’s what my visitor called herself, said the photo was of Fatima Damani, Mistress of Damani Household? My head was spinning now; unconsciously I lowered myself onto the couch. The woman stood there silent and motionless. After some time I looked up to her and stammered.

“But th . . . this is Ma . . Maria?”

She gave a nod and produced another sheet of paper.

‘I will take my leave now. Keep the letters and photo. I will wait for you in room 110.’

With that she glided towards the door. Moments later I shook myself and followed her. She just stood at the door waiting for me. Embarrassed I opened the door for her and she glided out and within minutes was out of sight. I closed the door and went back bolu escort to the letters and photo. Was that really Maria or was this some trick? I wondered.

The day went by in a blur. Since I have no close relatives or friends almost the entire day was spent thinking about my childhood friend Maria. We grew up together in Boston, went to school together and even first few years of college. During college I met George and I fell in love. She supported me but at the same time she also revealed herself to be Gay. Many people were shocked. She was a lesbian and she said she realized men did not turn her on the way women did.

This did bring some complications. George, even though good, was narrow minded in nature. He did not understand her and they had a big argument. He told her to stay away from me. I tried to pacify them but George asked me to choose between Maria and him. I was torn and all I could do was stick with George. That day I could see the hurt in her eyes and I felt I had somehow betrayed her. For whom, I don’t know. I did not see her after that. I asked her parents and they said she went to France to study. That was the last day I saw her and probably the last I could ever have seen. But now this Fouziya had tugged at my curiosity and I wanted to know. Later that night, while I was in bed trying to sleep, I decided to go and ask her questions. Ask questions and then if this all was some trick I would opt out, right? With that thought I fell asleep.

2. Revelations

The next morning after getting ready I went straight to the Hotel Falcon. At the receptionist’s desk was sitting a 20 year old with blond hair. I said to her,

“Hello, I am Janice Foster and I am here to see Ms. Fouziya.”

She replied “Oh Ms. Fouziya is waiting for you, kindly head to the third floor and then second room to the right.”

“Thank You.” I said.

On the way to the third floor my head was full of questions and excitement for the unknown. I stilled my thoughts and knocked on the door. It was opened after a few moments by the same black shroud. I entered and she closed the door and beckoned me to sit on the sofa facing a straight backed chair which she took for herself. For the first time she spoke. Her accent was British or so I thought. Her voice had a sing song quality.

“Hello Janice. So what is your decision?”

I said “Before I accept I would like to clear some things up about the job.”

She said in a firm voice. “The only way I would answer your questions would be after you accept the offer. I fear if you are not sure then you take some more time or reject it outright.”

I bit my lip. This was not what I expected.

“Okay. So if I accept the offer then you will answer my questions?”

“Yes, I will.”

But I thought I heard a ‘maybe’ somewhere in that reply. I went on.

“I accept. Will you now answer the questions?”


“Why? I accepted your request.”

“Your words are not written in stone Janice. If you want to accept, it will be according to my terms or you can leave.” She said in a firm voice.

I felt trapped. I said, “Okay go ahead then. What would you have me do?”

She gave a nod. “First of all go to the inner room and strip.”

“What? What has that got to do with this?”

“Do not question me before you have accepted Janice.” She told me in a scolding tone.

I acquiesced. In the inner room was a four post bed, a dresser and a walk-in closet. I quickly stripped completely. About five minutes later Fouziya glided in. She said,

“Now I want your word that you will not interrupt me. This is a test. Whatever I do if you accept it you will remain quiet or you say one word and you are out of here and will never hear from me again. Do I make myself clear?”

“What does this mean?” I asked.

“What I do here are requirements of your acceptance. If you endure it I will know you have seriously thought of accepting the offer. Otherwise I will know you are not the right person for the job.”

I kept quiet. I wanted to know about Maria. If this could lead me to some information I would do it.

First of all she produced a shiny black suit. I immediately knew it was latex. It was a catsuit. She handed me a talcum pack and told me to spray the powder all over my body. This was weird I thought but I went on with it. I put on the suit and zipped it up the back. The zipper’s end came up to my neck. Then she produced a hood also in latex. It had holes for eyes and mouth but no holes for the nose.

I asked “How will I breathe in this?”

“You will know. Now be quiet,” she replied.

I pulled my hair into a ponytail and fed it through the hole at the back of the hood. Once the hood was on and zipped up to my neck I found it was tight and I had to breathe through my mouth. She then produced a shiny silver object. It was a collar. I tried to shy away, but before I could do so she had snapped it on my neck. I tried to remove it but found it was seamless. She said in an amused tone.

“It bolu escort bayan cannot be unlocked.”

I said between my breaths. “But … No … remove it …”

“Sorry but this is one of the guarantees that will make sure you do not change your mind.” she replied.

“Remove … it … now,” I shouted. I was getting breathless due to the effort of speaking.

In a calm tone she said “Well I cannot remove it for that matter. Only my Mistress has the code to unlock it. You are stuck for now.”

I was furious but what else could I do. I could not go outside in a shiny catsuit. Could I? I told her firmly, “Get on with it then. I cannot go outside like this anyway. Finish off your work then.”

In an admiring tone she said. “You learn quickly. You will make a good maid.”

I just glared at her.

She produced a pair of black latex gloves which I put on dejectedly. Well I was not getting out of the collar so I might as well do what she says. Then she passed me some leather cuffs with rings on them. I just looked at her.

“Come on, don’t waste time.” She said.

I put the cuffs on my wrists and on my legs just above the ankles. She then systematically padlocked each cuff. Now I was effectively trapped.

“Now I think you will not go anywhere. We will finish the dressing after I answer your questions. Remember I can do this the easy or the hard way. The collar you wear is called a discipline collar. I can give you mild to strong shocks. I control them. Do not disobey me. Follow me.”

I swallowed and followed her. She took my clothes in one hand and then put them in a black plastic bag and placed it in a trash can. I was just going to ask her what she meant by that, I was shocked near my neck. Its frequency sent me to my knees in an instant. I groaned.

She said. “This will tell you not to disobey me. This was just a mild shock. You will not speak unless spoken to. Understood?”

“Ye-” I groaned again as another shock came up.


I hated her already. I just nodded.

“Good.” she said and patted my head as if I was a child who had made a mistake.

“Remember you are a maid. Only the Mistress can do things freely. You are to wait for her permission always. Since she is not here, I will be your temporary Mistress. Kneel there. Yes right. You will either stand in my presence or kneel in front of me. If I tell you to sit you will, otherwise you kneel or stand.”

With that said she went to sit on the sofa and I grudgingly and fearfully knelt by her legs.

“So ask your questions maid.” she ordered.

She did not use my name at all. This was ridiculous. But I knew I was trapped.

I started. “Who was the lady in the photo?”

SHOCK! I was writhing this time. This one was higher in intensity.

“You speak with respect to one at a higher post than you and certainly to your Mistress.”

“I am so… sorry Mi … Mi … Mistress” I said. For the first time I saw a small black thing in her hand. It was at my eye level and pointed towards me. I knew that was the device used to shock me.

“Was the lady in the photo really Maria Mistress?” I asked respectfully. I did not want any more shocks.

“Yes. I guess it is time to tell you why you are here in this position. Don’t you think so?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress. Please Mistress.” I said. I hated myself for doing that but what choice did I have?

Not knowing the thoughts in my mind, she continued

“Before she married Mr. Ahmed Damani, a good Iranian businessman, she was Maria Bishop. She studied in some university in England and became a successful reporter. It was during one of these interviews that she met Mr. Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed, even after knowing that she was a lesbian, he proposed to her. Out of respect and peer pressure she married him and came to Iran. It became known later that it was a business agreement. Mr. Ahmed had two wives before her. One died during childbirth and second was barren. So in return to giving him children she would get money and a comfortable life. She lived a veiled life for five years in which she gave him three children. She gave him two boys and one girl but after that Mistress decided to end the contract. Mr. Ahmed allowed her to go but on the condition that she does not meet any person from her past or anyone who can connect her to Mr. Ahmed. This was the price she had to pay for her lesbianism. So she shifted to Russia under the House of Damani. Her sons visit her sometimes but that is all. She has not met her daughter from the time of her birth.”

I was shell shocked. All this had happened and I did not know anything. I had sympathy for her. It was not easy for her and I wanted to comfort her but I let that thought hang as Fouziya continued.

“But that is not the reason why you came into the picture. One day in anger she told us about you. She was angry about something and she started yelling at the maids. We were terrified. She told us about a woman from her past that escort bolu she loved and that woman broke her heart. She feared that the women living in the mansion would one day betray her. That was the day she introduced veiling, making us veil in the strictest form. It has been eight years since she saw our faces or heard our voices…”

Her voice trailed off. If earlier I had not been shocked this would have been more shocking. I couldn’t believe it. Maria loved me? That could not be possible. But then I thought, we were so close together she could have misunderstood me. Oh what a mess this was. I was pulled from my thoughts when Fouziya spoke.

“It took me two years before I could find out who this woman was. It was you. All of us maids hated you. We all love our Mistress immensely. Many have shared her bed but all that changed because of you. Mistress has now become cold Janice. She has forgotten love. She has replaced it with hatred.”

“I am sorry Mistress.” I said meekly.

“Well that is one reason you are in this predicament.” she said.

I looked at her veiled face and asked, “How?”

I remembered later that I missed ‘Mistress’ but she ignored it and said,

“We want our loving Mistress back. The only way I could think of was to remove this hatred from her and to do that you needed to be there. So some sisters made a plan and I came here to find you and take you with me. We feared you may bolt at the first sign of trouble so I kept the acceptance condition and trapped you in the suit and collar. I know it might have hurt you but I could not have let you go.”

“Oh” That was all I said. I understood the reason for Fouziya’s visit.

But she went on. “So we want you to become her personal maid. We want you to win her back for us by devoting yourself to her. You should devote yourself completely. And show her and teach her to love again. That is what we want.”

I was dumbstruck. Serve her. Devote myself? I never thought I would have done anything like that but I was now determined. I had to get the old Maria back somehow.

“And the second reason is that you have to be punished.”

Punished? I did not like the sound of that but I kept silent.

“You should be punished by Mistress for hurting her. You should be punished by us for driving our Mistress to coldness. And you will be punished that I promise. So now I have said all I had to and will say no more.”

I knew from the tone that no more answers would be forthcoming. “Thank you Mistress.” I said.

“Another thing, this hotel is quite expensive so I will be moving into your house. Let’s get you dressed up and we will leave.” she said and got up and started gliding towards the inner room again.

Move into my house? What will people think? I did not have much time to muse as I quickly scrambled behind her.

3. Preparations

This time she took me to the bathroom in the inner room. There was a horizontal rod for curtains near the bath tub and I noticed it had cuffs on it as well. She had me put my hands above my head and linked my cuffs to the cuffs on the rod. I was helpless now. Fouziya went out of the bathroom and returned a minute later carrying a corset. Now I am slim but I have never worn a corset. She put it around my waist and started pulling the laces and kept on pulling and I found it difficult to breathe through my mouth. After an eternity, in reality minutes, she laced it off. I was gasping for breath.

“I … can … not speak … while breathing …” I said with difficulty.

“I have a solution.” With that she went out of the bathroom and came back. She had a ball in her hand and it had straps on either side.

“Open wide now.” Fouziya ordered.

When I opened my mouth the ball slid behind my teeth keeping my mouth wide open and she buckled it behind my head. I heard a click.

She came and stood in front of me and said “There it goes. The gag has a hole which will allow you to breathe. With this in you will not need to waste your breathe on speaking. Also this will keep you from complaining. I have locked it as well. Only I have the key. Now, let’s complete your dressing.”

With that she removed the cuffs. My jaws were already aching but when I tried to speak only muffled sounds came. She was thorough. I followed her out into the inner room. On the bed lay a similar shroud to the one Fouziya wore. Along with that there were shoes also in black. She had me put on the shoes then she gave me a coat which when I had it on covered me from my neck to ankles. Then she had me wear a hijab, which is a headscarf that is wound around the head leaving the face open. Over that she had me wear a three layer niqab which came down to my waist. The only thing I could make out through the niqab was her outline.

With a nod she said, “This will be your attire throughout our stay here.”

She pointed to two suitcases and said “The suitcase on the left is mine. The one on the right is yours. Yes, those are the only clothes you will wear now on. Now get hold of these suitcases and follow me maid.”

She emphasized the word ‘maid’. I meekly took hold of both suitcases and followed her. At the door to the entire room, she said “Remember now, you are my maid and I am your Mistress so you will follow two paces behind me.”

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Are They Dirty? Ch. 04

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Hello, you naughty girls and boys!

Now it’s time for the next, much anticipated chapter of Lacey and Steve! The two are getting closer together and Lacey has invited Steve over. And this time it isn’t the park or an ice cream shop. What could Lacey be planning this time? Steve is eager to find out.


Steve rang the doorbell and waited, if not patiently, for Lacey to answer it. He was eager to see her again and filled with anxious curiosity at what the day might bring. But if it was more time to spend with Lacey, he was sure to enjoy it.

It had only been a week since they had met and so much had already happened. It started with the first day in the park where he had licked her feet. Then a few uneasy days where he thought that was all it would ever be. But she returned to find him there and they had an amazing day.

First it was time spent on the swings. It would have been fine just swinging with her and spending time together, but Lacey was so creative. Their time on the swings was far from ordinary and he spent even more time with her lovely feet. And that ended in their first kiss.

That would have been a great day by itself, but there was more. The stop at the ice cream shop was…well how could he even put it into words? She had made him the happiest man alive by suggesting they should spend more time together. And if he could prove himself, he’d officially be her boyfriend. He was also more than a little happy when she managed to give him a footjob under the table. He never even got his dick out, but he exploded in his shorts all the same.

And that’s when she claimed his dick as her own. And if there was anyone he wanted to give his dick to, it was Lacey. She had even suggested he may really be able to ‘give it to her’ someday; that they would have sex. Having Lacey as his girlfriend and having her feet? It sounded like heaven.

Then suddenly, he heard the doorknob turning. He hadn’t even heard her approach, possibly because he was lost in a daydream about her, but soon the door swung open and there stood Lacey in all her sexy splendor.

“Hey there, Footboy. Glad you could make it.”

He heard her, but sounds were taking a backseat to sight. She stood in the doorway like she was a poster model for teenage boy fantasies. One hand above her head holding the doorframe, and moving down he saw her hair was pulled back and mostly covered by a red bandana. She wore a sexy smile on her face and it felt like at any moment she might give him a wink.

But going lower it got even more interesting. The few times he had seen her she had worn summer tops, basically tank tops, but this was different. Today it was a dark pink tube top, which made her breasts more noticeable, as well as showing off her midriff, giving him his first look at her inviting belly button. That was enough to give him pause, but it didn’t stop there.

She was wearing denim shorts, and Steve had already come to enjoy that she liked wearing rather short shorts. And so it was again, but this time they were indeed cutoffs and they ran even shorter. He tried not to stare at the vee, and instead let his eyes follow her thighs; her bare, smooth, beautiful thighs as they ran down to her knees.

Of course her silky legs didn’t stop there, and he followed them over her knees and down her calves to where she had her ankles crossed; one foot on the floor, the other resting on its toes. And that was the curious bit, since she wasn’t barefoot or wearing her yellow flip-flops. No her feet were actually in soft boots.

Odd as it was it really didn’t detract from the sexy image she was projecting. While he was a little surprised and confused to see her in boots it also worked. He was reminded of images in sex mags where the woman was only wearing heels or heels and stockings. It was like wearing those boots suggested she was wearing nothing else; and that wasn’t far off.

Yeah, Lacey standing in the door like that was an image he’d hold onto for a very long time.


He said it mostly to himself but he knew he said it out loud and he heard Lacey giggle in response; even if under her breath. She then stepped back allowing him to step inside. He took a deep breath and stepped through the doorway. And that’s when he got his second surprise.

He’d barely made it inside when she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him; a deep long kiss. He wasn’t expecting it but it didn’t take him long to wrap his own arms around her nearly naked body; holding her close and returning the kiss.

It wasn’t a short kiss; not some quick peck on the cheek, but Steve was still disappointed when it ended and she stood looking up at him. It was unexpected but fully appreciated.


He knew it sounded silly but he didn’t know what else to say. He’d only been there a minute and yet it was already one of his best days.

“So, have you been taking good care of my dick for me?”

If the kiss was a surprise he was completely shocked when he bitlis escort felt her hand rubbing his dick through his shorts. He was already standing tall from seeing her in the doorway and having that kiss. But now he was growing even more.

“Damn! That’s one helluva way to say hello.”

Which is exactly how he felt. Open the door in sexy perfection; greet him with a deep passionate kiss; and then start rubbing his dick through his shorts? How could one be expected to top that? He wanted all their hellos to be like that.

“I suppose. But you need to focus. I asked you a question.”

“What? About my dick?”

” Whose dick?”

She was indeed asking him about his dick. While it was easy to get lost in her eyes, in her body, or in her kiss, he was going to have to pay close attention. She was reminding him about their deal.

“Sorry. It’s your dick.”

“That’s right, it’s mine. And do you share this dick with anyone else?”

She had gone back to rubbing it and now he feared he might poke out above his waistband at any moment.

“No. No one else. This dick is just for you.”

He was breathing deeper now and his response sounded a little raspy.

“Is there anyone besides me who owns this dick?”

She was still working him and he was getting concerned that if she kept going he might blow his load right there in the foyer, whether that was her intention or not. He already told her his dick was hers and he wasn’t sharing it with anyone else. Why the hell would he?

“No, no one else. It’s just for me and you.”

“Well that sounds nice, but it doesn’t belong to you anymore. It only belongs to me! You just carry it for me. And of course you’re also responsible for keeping it clean and healthy. So that brings us back to my question which you still haven’t answered.”

He hoped she would repeat the question, but she didn’t. He had to think back. He had to concentrate and remember what she had said. It was only seconds ago, but with her hand still on his dick, it wasn’t so simple. It took some effort but he pieced together what she had asked him.

“Yes, I’ve been taking good care of your dick.”

He sounded winded, but hearing himself say that to her only got him more excited. He really was in danger of making a mess of his shorts. And just like that; her hand was gone.

“Well that’s good. I know it’s a big responsibility, but if you think it’s something you can’t handle, well then just let me know.”

She was teasing him now. He wanted to assure her that he could handle it, but he also felt that would get him in trouble. She was already suggesting he wasn’t allowed to ‘handle it’, even if it was his own dick; correction, her dick.

“I’ll do my best.”

“See? That’s all I ask for. Unless of course, we find your best isn’t good enough. Now come on inside and let me shut the door.”

He was reminded that all of this had happened in a matter of minutes and he was barely across the threshold. What was coming next? Well it wasn’t going to be him; at least not yet. He was still standing proud but he was already feeling the tension ease and knew his shorts were safe for now; something he had mixed feelings about.

He followed her through the house. She had mentioned getting him a drink but he found himself focused on her ass in those shorts, watching the curve of her cheeks. It wasn’t going to be easy after that amazing hello, but he was going to have to hold it together.

“Nice house you have here.”

“Ha ha smart ass. This is my parents’ house.

He had expected that was likely but he wasn’t sure. They hadn’t really talked about their home lives, and she hadn’t been over to his place. So far their time together had been the park and the ice cream shop.

They arrived in the kitchen where she pulled out two glasses and retrieved a pitcher of iced tea from the fridge. Some ice cubes from the freezer and soon she was pouring each of them a tall glass.

“Actually this is where I was before and after that first day you found me in the park. If I had been at my place I wouldn’t have been at that park. So maybe it was fate that brought us together that day. Maybe you were fated to meet my feet.”

So this was her parents’ house but she lived someplace else. Then indeed it may have been lucky he found her at the park that day. Luck; fate; call it what you will, he was happy to have found her.

“So would we call that Feet Fate? Or maybe just Foot Fate. Hmm, maybe it was Foot Feet Fate. Or maybe I just have Foot Fate feet. Maybe it was your destiny to lick my feet. How ’bout it Footboy? Did you feel as though you were being guided by some unseen force? Was your tongue searching for my feet before you found me?”

He knew she was just teasing him but he still felt his face turning red as she mentioned his desire for her feet, and more specifically how he had licked them when they first met. He wasn’t interested in talking about how they met as much as bitlis escort bayan he wanted to see what today would bring.

“Okay, okay, knock it off. We both know how we met on that ‘feetful’ day, but what are we going to do today? What’s your plan?

“Aww, is my Footboy a little sensitive about the first day he licked my feet? Okay, I’ll stop. And you’re right. Busy day. We can tackle Foot Fate mysteries another time.”

He wasn’t sure if she was serious about talking about ‘foot fate’ at a later time, but at least for now she was moving on and seemed prepared to divulge her plans for the day.

“So the reason I’m over here today is that I promised my mom I would help her clean out the attic. And it does get rather hot up there, which is why I dressed appropriately.”

Saying that, she struck another pose and Steve was reminded just how little she had on. For a moment he wondered if she was the type of girl who cleaned the bathroom naked and then finished with a shower. He really hoped so, and he began to visually remove her top.

“Well I’ve been at it most of the day and I figured by now I could use a break. And that’s why you’re here. You think I could talk you into giving me a foot rub?”

She was on the verge of a sexy pout, but it wasn’t needed. Even if he didn’t have a thing for feet, seeing her dressed the way she was, kissing her, and her handling of his dick, he wouldn’t be able to refuse her a little foot rub. The fact that he was into feet and she knew it, just made the prospect so much better.

“Yes, I’d be happy to rub your feet.”

He said it with a smile but tried to look poised and professional. Of course they both knew it wasn’t the sort of thing he was going to refuse.

“Yeah I had a feeling you would say that.”

They both shared a laugh.

“Well alright then, why don’t you follow me into the den where I can get more comfortable.”

Steve knew he would follow her anywhere. As he fell in line behind her he also realized in their short time together he was enjoying the view walking behind her as opposed to walking beside her. And so he enjoyed the short trek to the den, where she made her way to an overstuffed couch.

At first he thought she was going to sit at the end and stretch out her legs so he could rub her feet from the other end of the couch, but instead she stopped at the middle and took her seat. He wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind, but Lacey had a plan.

“Alright, now you understand this isn’t some five-minute foot rub, right? This goes on for as long as I like. You up for that?”

He hadn’t considered it being just a five-minute foot rub, and in truth he would have been disappointed if that’s all it was to be. No he was in this for the long haul. He still figured she would be ready to quit before he was.

“I understand. I’ll just rub your feet and you tell me when it’s over.”

“Good. I like the sound of that. Oh, and just one more thing; no hands.”

“No hands?”

He said it almost without thinking. Was she serious? He had already learned something of her creative side when they spent time on the swings. Now she had asked for a foot rub, something he was eager to give, and at the last moment she was dropping this bombshell about him not being allowed to use his hands. Was this just a joke?

“That’s right, no hands. We already know a good footboy like you won’t let that slow him down. You’ve already shown me you can take care of my feet without them, haven’t you?”

Well that first day really was just a lot of foot licking and toe sucking. That’s when he was supposed to clean her feet. He didn’t think a foot rub really meant tongue, but he was willing to go along with it and at least give it a try.

“Seriously, no hands? Okay, I’ll do my best.”

He was also still standing and waiting to see just how she wanted the two of them arranged. Would he be sitting at this end of the couch? If he wasn’t going to be using his hands that might not be the best position.

“Yeah. In fact I think we need to take care of those hands. It occurs to me that you might be inclined to play with my dick while you’re taking care of my feet. And I don’t want you playing with my dick right now. So I think we’ll have to tie your hands behind your back.”

She had been full of surprises and now he was getting a little concerned about how things were escalating. He wanted to please her and see where this was going. He still had pleasant thoughts about their time on the swings. But he also didn’t want to be caught in a compromising position.

“So just when are your parents going to be home?”

He did want some idea of just what time they had available, but he also hoped his question would make her consider the possible trouble of having him not only in their house giving their daughter a hands-free foot rub, but also with his hands tied behind his back. Maybe it would be better just to keep it to foot licking and save the bondage escort bitlis for another time.

“Oh, are you eager to meet them already? That’s a little bold don’t you think? I mean, you’re not even my boyfriend; yet.”

“I’m sure they are wonderful people but no, I’m not eager to meet them. I just don’t want us to be found in a…situation that’s hard to explain. We can stop a foot rub fairly quick, but it’d be hard to hide my hands tied behind my back.”

He thought he had made a pretty good point and that maybe they could just skip that today. And he really wanted a little time to warm up to the idea, even if it was just his hands behind his back. Unfortunately, she didn’t appear to be swayed.

“You do make a good point and I’m glad you’ve given it some thought. However my mom’s going to be gone all day and you my good footboy will be gone long before she gets back. Now turn around and cross your wrists.”

She had already pulled something from off the arm of the couch and he was surprised to find it was some sort of scarf. In this weather? Why would there be a scarf casually lying on the end of the couch? Had it been in the attic? Even so, had she placed it here in preparation?

He stood pondering these questions even as she waited for him to turn around. He wasn’t feeling quite as excited as when he first arrived but he reminded himself of what Lacey had offered already. He also remembered her discussion at the ice cream shop and her comment about him not being a quitter. So slowly he turned around and crossed his wrists.

It didn’t take her long to secure them with the scarf. It felt cooler and slicker than he expected. Was it silk? And how often had she tied men’s wrists? They didn’t go on with the snap of handcuffs, but he felt she knew what she was doing. He was also concerned because now he suspected that if he did want out, it wouldn’t be so easy.

“There we go. Now then, turn back around and get down between the couch and the coffee table. It’s gonna be a tight fit, but I’m sure you can do it.”

He turned around to see her beaming face as she pointed at the floor in the small space in front of her. Tight fit was right. And having his hands secured behind his back, it was also a little awkward getting down on the floor without tipping over.

But Steve was determined to do this right. She had already done so much for him. He wasn’t quite sure how this would all work out but he was going to do his part the best that he could.

At first he tried sitting on his knees so he would be able to lean forward, but that wasn’t going to work. After some shifting and struggling, he ended up sitting on the floor with his back against the coffee table and his knees pulled up close to his chest; his hands of course, behind his back.

As Steve got into his position, Lacey was getting into hers. She had pulled a couple pillows closer to her and as he finally found his spot, she placed a booted foot on either side of him, resting on the edge of the coffee table.

He was now looking at her between her legs and straight in front of him was her barely covered denim crotch. Looking up from there he could spot her belly button and then her tube top before his eyes met her smiling face. He suddenly felt more captive and more than a little excited by his new view and positioning.

“So, you like my boots?”

She asked him casually as she pulled one leg back a little so as to give him a better view. He took a moment to look at her boot, something he was curious about when she first opened the front door. Now that he was looking at her boots and not her he could see that they were OOF boots, a brand that had been quite popular.

He thought of them as a cross between a boot and a slipper. They were a lace-less slip on boot with a fleece lining. They looked okay, but he never understood what all the rage was about. He did know however, that lots of girls had been wearing them, and for a time they had been THE thing to have.

“Yeah, they’re nice I guess. Never really understood why they were all that great. And besides, why wear boots on a day like today?”

“Nice? Uh, these are my favorite OOFs. I could wear them any day. But to answer your question, the reason I’m wearing them today has to do with all the cleaning. So much to sweep up in the attic and so much dust and loose things about. I don’t want to step on something. And if I went barefoot up there my feet would be absolutely filthy. Oh, is that what you were hoping for my little cleaner? I don’t think you’re ready for that.”

So she did seem to be a girl who had a passion for her name brand OOFs. And he had to admit it made some sense to protect her feet given the type of work she was doing, although he felt a good pair of sneakers would serve just as well. As for her feet being made filthy, that wasn’t where he was going at all. And in truth he had no such hopes. She was right. If they had been that filthy he probably couldn’t bring himself to be her cleaner. So he was happy they could just avoid that all together.

“I suppose that makes sense. I can hardly argue with you taking care of your feet, now can I?”

“No you can’t. But remember, taking care of my feet is now a team effort. You’re going to be called upon to do your part.”

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Anniversary Gifts

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My wife is 5’10” 210lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes. She’s chubby, ok she’s fat, but I love the way she looks. For our anniversary this year we decided to fulfill each others wildest fantasy no matter what. She doesn’t know I’m into wam or that I’ve been saving up for this.

“What is your fantasy you want fulfilled,” she asks.

“I want to make you into the most erotic anniversary cake ever.”

“Um, ok? I don’t get it.”

“Saturday morning you are going to go to Sam’s Erotic Bake shop and you’ll see. I’ve already made the appointment. You’ll be there all day and then you will meet up, I mean be delivered, to me at a hotel. I think you’ll really enjoy my fantasy.”

“Well, we agreed we’d doing anything the other person asked, so I guess I’m in.”

Saturday morning arrived and Sarah nervously headed off to the erotic bake shop. “What could he have possibly planned for a cake that I’d be gone all day? And what did he mean by “be delivered”?

Little did she know what I had in store for her. They haven’t ever done what I requested, but I paid a hefty sum for them to fulfill my fantasy. I planned this with the bake shop over the past week. They have specific instructions on what to do and how I wanted my “cake” to look and taste.

Sarah arrived at the bake shop and went in. She said, “Hi!, I’m here to pick up an anniversary cake.”

“You must be Sarah. Glad to meet you! I’m the Owner, Sam. Unfortunately the “cake” isn’t ready yet. Matter of fact, the most important ingredient just arrived. The cake is going to take all day to make so you better make yourself comfortable.” Sam could hardly contain his smile.

“I have nothing planned for the rest of the day, is there a place for me to wait until the cake is done?” Sarah asked.

“Actually, you can help us make the cake. Just come on through to the back and into the kitchen.” As soon as Sarah walked back into the kitchen an employee hung a sign up on the door saying: Closed for a special occasion. In the kitchen her five employees, all women. I had requested only women were to do this.

“You must be Sarah!” They said at the same time.

“We have been looking forward to this cake. It’s the most erotic cake we have ever done,” said Sam. “We’ve never had a request like this before and this will be a first for us.”

“May I ask what makes this cake so special?” said Sarah.

“You don’t know? Well, what makes it so special is the main ingredient, the cake itself.”

“What is the the cake? White, Chocolate chip, Rasberry, Funfetti?, asked Sarah

“The cake is…YOU! We are going to decorate you as an erotic anniversary cake. And then we are going to deliver you to your husband so he can have cake for dessert.”

Sarah almost died of humiliation right there. She couldn’t believe she was going to be THE CAKE! The employees took Sarah to get washed so she would be a clean cake. They shaved her hairy pussy so they would have a smooth surface to smear frosting on. Sarah was led to a table with a cardboard cake base on it that was exactly her size. They then placed a layer of cake on top of that and told Sarah to lay down flat on it. Sarah could believe she was actually going through with this. The five women all grabbed their buckets full of white butter cream frosting and started to spread it all over Sarah’s naked body. They completely covered her hair and the only things visible on her face was her eyes and her nose unplugged so she could breath. Sarah felt heavy from all the frosting and was getting all tingly. After they smoothed out all the frosting on her body, they employees went and grabbed their tubes of colored frosting. Per my instructions they grave Sarah new frosting hair that looked like a rainbow colored clown wig. They then gave her new frosting eyebrows and big frosting red lips. Working their way down to her breast, they made bigger tits using frosting and gave her big frosting nipples. Next they moved to her feet and legs and made frosting fishnet stockings. They then put on her feet red colored fudge shoes. Next was Sarah’s pussy. It was dripping wet from the humiliation of what was happening to her and how hot it was making her. Each employee grabbed a different cake filling. One at a time each employee squirted a different filling into her pussy. There was chocolate, raspberry, lemon, cherry, and caramel filling her pussy until it couldn’t take anymore. She was then told that she had to hold the filling inside of her until it was time for dessert that night. Next they gave her big frosting pussy lips and a clit. They then finished piping the rest of her body with frosting. Lastly, they wrote on her arms fantasy fulfilled and wrote on her belly eat me with an arrow pointing her her pussy.

Just then a photo of her was snapped and Sarah realized the whole think was being filmed as well. Next she was told not to make a sound until she was delivered. A big box cover came down over her and she felt herself be picked up and driven away.

The delivery van arrived at the hotel. Sarah felt the van stop and bingöl escort her being lifted onto a cart. A giant cake box was rolled through the middle of the hotel. Sarah heard people ask if there was a special occasion going on at the hotel and was told yes, and this is a very special cake. She heard the bakery employees mention what a big cake she was and how they had to use almost all of their frosting because she was so fat. Sarah was getting so turned on at the thought of her being rolled through the middle of a hotel in a cake box decorated as an erotic cake being delivered to her husband. She almost came right there but he pussy was filled with filling and she had to hold it in. Then she heard a door knock.

“Cake delivery!” the employee said.

“Come on in,” I said. “That looks like a big cake, I hope I can eat it all.”

“It’s been prepared as you ordered. And here is the extras you requested. Enjoy your cake!”

Sarah heard the door close.

“I can’t wait to see what you look like. Sarah, I bet you look as good as I dreamed you would.” I took off the cake box cover and saw my wife laying there decorated as the most erotic anniversary cake ever. I took out my camera and started snapping pictures so I can look at them anytime I want.

“Hope you don’t mind me taking pictures of you for prosperity. I’ve also got a video camera all setup to record everything tonight. You look delicious!”

I took off my clothes and my cock was already hard. I bent over and told her I loved her. I got up on the table she was on and straddled her face. I slowly inserted my cock past her red frosting lips and into her mouth. I slowly started to fuck her mouth and she started to suck me.

“This cake gives good head, ” I said as I looked into the video camera. I pulled out of her mouth before I came, I wanted to wait.

“So how does it feels to be an erotic cake?” I asked her.

“It felt really gross at first to be covered from head to toe in frosting. After awhile I got so horny, especially after they gave me these huge frosting tits. I almost went nuts when they filled my pussy with cake filling and gave me huge pink frosting pussy lips and a frosting clit. And then pictures were taken of me as a cake. I felt so humiliated and turned on at the same time. I can only imagine what I look like. I want to cum so bad, but I still have all the filling in my pussy and I was told I could let any out until I was delivered to you.”

I pulled up a chair next to the table Sarah was lying on. I sat down and was looking at her pussy right in front of my face. “When I say so, I want you to release all the filling in your pussy, ok?”

“God, I can’t wait!”

I started to lick the frosting from her pussy. I slowly started to tongue the inside of her. I could taste all the sweetness of the frosting and the different fillings mixed with her pussy juice. I could tell she was ready to blow. “Honey, I want you to release your cake filling.” My mouth and face were flooded with cake filling and pussy juice. I was in heaven, I finally was having my ultimate fantasy fulfilled of eating my wife out as a cake. I couldn’t take it anymore and jumped on top of my wife and started fucking her like crazy. I became covered in frosting. We both came almost immediately.

“I have another surprise for you,” I said to my exhausted frosting covered wife. “What would cake be without ice cream?” I picked her up and took her to the hotel room’s bathtub. Inside of it was sitting the extras the bakery gave me. The tub was filled with half melted vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Besides the tube was sundae toppings and a gallon pail of half melted ice cream, but I wouldn’t let her see what kind until the right moment.

“Get in the tub on you hands and knees,” I told her. Frosting covered Sarah slowly climbed into the tub. Now that she was on her hands and knees covered in frosting in a tube filled with melted ice cream I decided it was time to add some toppings. I slowly poured chocolate syrup on her head and then slowly worked my way down her back and finished by pouring chocolate down the crack of her big ass.

“Honey, what’s your favorite ice cream topping?”

“Caramel of course! God, please say you have got caramel too! I hope there’s lots of it!” For someone that doesn’t know about wam and hated getting a little whipped cream on her when having sex a long time ago, she sure is enjoying getting covered in food now. I dumped a 5 gallon bucket of caramel all over her.

“How does that feel?” I asked her as I zoomed in the camera on her face.

“This feels totally amazing! I can’t believe of kinky and fun this is!”

I next topped her off with whipped cream, some sprinkles, and a bunch of cherries that I placed on her head. “I almost forgot, a sundae wouldn’t be complete without some banana.” I then stuck a banana slowly in her ass and then unpeeled it up to her crack. I zoomed out with the camera to get the whole picture of her. I placed a sign along the tub that said: A Sarah Sundae. bingöl escort bayan I took a few more pictures of her and then hopped in the tub with her and started to fuck her doggy style. I always loves getting it in that position. She was in such pleasure she shoved her face down into the melted ice cream at the bottom of the tub. I could tell that she was about to cum so I grabbed the one bucket of ice cream that was sitting there. A moment later her body shock as she came. At the same time a dumped the bucket of ice cream on her.

“What the hell, this ice cream is blue?”

“Yep, Blue Moon!” She looked a site now covered in blue ice cream. I made her turn around and suck me until I filled her mouth with my cream. We then got cleaned up and headed to bed exhausted.

“So what did you think of my fantasy honey?”

“I thought it was strange at first, but then I got so turned on by what was happening to me. I think I really enjoy having things done to me and not having any control. I guess it’s something I didn’t know about myself. I think this just changed what I want my fantasy wish to be.”

“So, what about your fantasy wish?”

“You know how I always call myself a pig after I overeat and when I go and eat a ton of snack food or chocolate?”

“Yeah, you always eat so well all week to try to lose weight, but then you always go way off track and just eat everything in sight one night.”

“Well, after what I experienced today, I really see how much I really love food. How great it is to not only eat a lot of food but be covered in it too. And how much I get off being humiliated by food. Honey, my fantasy is to be what I always call myself. I want to be a food filled and covered pig.”

“Are you sure? You normally have such a high self esteem. Why do you want to be a pig?”

“Because, I want to be something I was wanted to be but have been fighting it my entire life. I love food like a pig does, I ‘m big, and I apparently love to be humiliated. Why not live as a pig for a day!”

“Ok, just making sure this is what you really want.”

“God, yes! Can we do it next Saturday?”

“Sure, and I know just the place. My grandparent’s farm that no one uses since they live in the nursing home now. It’s perfect, we can do things outside because there’s no one around for miles, it gives us room to do whatever you want, and it even has an old pig sty.”

“That’s sounds like a plan. We should go shopping at Sam’s Club and get supplies during the week and then leave Friday after work, so I can be a pig first thing Saturday morning. I love you honey.”

“I love you too.”

We both drifted off to sleep. The next morning back at home we started planning what was going to happen next Saturday. I could see Sarah was getting excited just planning what was going to happen. Her hands kept drifting down to her crotch and at some point I thought I saw a wet spot on her shorts.

“So what should we get?” I asked her.

“Everything! Sweet, savory, slimey, chunky, smelly, I want to get some of everything, as much as we can fit in our car. We should get some little pools so I can wallow in them. The farm has that old tub that the cows used to drink out of right? I want you to fill it with a mystery substance for me.”

“Ok. We should do a little shopping each day so it doesn’t look weird.”

“Good point!”

Each night after work we went shopping and got a little bit at a time. When we went to Sam’s Club Sarah almost looked crazed, wanting to fill our carts with everything she saw. She wanted sour cream, cottage cheese, whipped cream, chocolate pudding, yogurt, refried beans, pizzas, ketchup, mustard, egg salads, tuna salads, sausages, fruit loops, oatmeal, the list went on and on. This was going to be some weekend. One night I went by myself and bought container after bulk container of nacho cheese to fill the cow tub with. I also went online and bought a complete outfit for Sarah to wear on Saturday that she didn’t know about.

Friday came, and it was almost time for Sarah to leave work. “If only my friends and coworkers knew what I’m going to be doing tomorrow”, she thought. She was getting all worked up just thinking about it. She had a hard time concentrating on work. Just before she was going to leave there was a delivery for her. It was some flowers and a stuffed animal pig.

“What’s that for,” her coworkers asked.

“It’s just something from my husband for our anniversary.”

After we got home we packed up the car and headed to the farm. On the way to the farm she stated that she couldn’t wait to be a pig and wallow in food.

“Starting Saturday morning, I only want to be called pig, piggy, or sow. If you can think of anymore names to call me use them. I know you love me so it won’t hurt my feelings what you call me. Also, we bought what I wanted, but you get to decide how to use it. Like I said I get really turned on when I have no control over what is being done to me,” Sarah said

We arrived at the escort bingöl farm and unpacked. I told Sarah to stay in the house the rest of the night so I could setup everything for the next day. I filled the cow tub almost to the top, 3 feet deep tub filled with nacho cheese. I then preceded to set everything else up for the next day. I came back into the house and we crawled into bed together both looking forward to tomorrow.

Saturday morning arrived. It was a beautiful day to fulfill a wife’s fantasy about being a pig.

“Honey, I mean, Mrs. Piggy, wake up.”

“Alright, this is going to be an experience. I’m so nervous and turn on about about I’m going to do. If my parents knew that there normal daughter was going to be a pig today and wanted to be a pig because it was her fantasy they’d die. Well, let’s do this!”

“I’m going to go downstairs and make breakfast while you put this on and nothing else. A pig wouldn’t be a pig without pig ears, a pig nose and a pig tail,” I said.

“Wow, I never thought of getting these. This pig tail is a butt plug? The only thing that’s been in there was that banana you shoved in there last week. I hope it fits me.”

“Oh, it “fits” you alright!” I went and started to make breakfast, pancakes, oatmeal, and some sausage. I had a different breakfast for my piggie already made. Sarah came walking through the door wearing only what I gave her chubbiness swaying with every step. I took some pictures of her which really started to get her worked up.

“Does piggy want some breakfast?”

“Oh yes!”

I pulled down my boxers and put iced donuts around my hard cock. “Here you go!”

Sarah got down on her knees and started to eat the iced donuts off my cock.

“I can’t wait to watch myself doing this later on,” Sarah said. She must have saw the video camera setup. After all the donuts were gone and her face was covered in donut icing I told her lay on the kitchen table.

As she is laying there, I put pancakes on her huge tits and then one over her still hairless pussy, after she was shaved the week before to be a cake. I then started putting sausages one by one into her pussy until no more fit. After that I start pouring syrup all over tits and pussy. “That’s what I call a BIG breakfast!” I take my time eating the pancakes off of her and the sausages from inside of her. She noticed the oatmeal that I made.

“You don’t like oatmeal,” she said.

“But you do.” I dumped a pot full of lumpy oatmeal all over her. “How does that taste?”

“It’s lumpy and getting cold, it feels great though.”

“I want you to get up and head outside so I can hose you off like a pig.”

Sarah covered in sticky syrup and oatmeal headed outside where I hosed down her entire body. Since we had awhile before lunch I thought I’d walk the piggy around the farm. What a site it was, my wife, naked, dressed as a pig walking around a farm still a little sticky from the syrup and with lumps of oatmeal still clinging to her. We then walked into the barn. It was pretty run down from years of neglect about it still had some of the milking equipment and tank in it.

“Man this place smells,” she said.

“It smells like farm animals,” I said. “You know a pig is a farm animal and you smell nothing like one. I think you should roll around in the barn until you smell like a pig.”

“Your right, I need to not only look like a pig, but smell like one too.” Sarah started to roll around on the dirty ground and in the old hay that was there. While I grabbed the buckets of food that I had hidden there. Since this was a cow barn I thought it fitting to use dairy products.

“Honey, you know someday when I get pregnant and my tits need milking, You could take me here and milk me with the milking machine. It looks very interesting.”

“Piggy, could you sit in the manure trough.” I was actually pretty clean because cows hadn’t been there in at least a decade. She sat there in the trough as I brought over the first bucket, it was butter. I then smeared butter all over her head and body. Next was cream cheese which I covered her in as well. Next I dumped a bucket of cottage cheese over her and sprayed her with whipped cream.

“All dairy products! What no milk?” she asked.

I grabbed the hose fro the milk tank and turned on the nozzle.

“Honey, the hose is making weird noises, ” Sarah said. Just then curled milk shot out of the hose and covered Sarah. ” I absolutely reek! I love it!” She certainly now smelled like a pig. The last step is to have her act like a pig.

We walked out of the barn and over to the old pig sty.

I freshly watered it is it was nice and muddy.

“Get in pig!” Sarah slowly stepped into the muddy sty. ” You look the part and smell the part, now you have to act the part.”

“I know, I get to wallow in mud!” Sarah said excitedly. She got down on all fours and started rolling around in the mud. I went to get her food so she could have her lunch out of the food trough.

“Oink! Oink! Oink!” I heard her saying as I came around the corner. She was really being a pig! I watched with camera rolling as my wife dressed as a pig rolled around in a muddy pig sty covering herself from head to toe in mud. She then laid down in the mud and started fingering herself. “Does the pig like her muddy sty?”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Tits

I met Ann at a local topless bar. I had stopped by on a whim, and I’m so glad I did.

I had been in the bar for only a few minutes. I ordered my drink, and while waiting for it my eyes wandered around to see what dancers were working. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any that I knew, and none of the ones I could see were especially attractive to me. When in the topless bars, I’ve become very picky about who I spend my bucks on.

Not that there weren’t several hot women about, but over the years, I’ve found that spending time in topless bars, seeing dozens of beautiful women at once, of all body types, has had an interesting side effect. My taste in dancers has become more and more specific, narrower, to the point that the door girl and my regular waitresses know exactly what I am looking for in a dancer, and will sometimes tell me about a new girl working that shift, saying “Hey, Bob, she’s just your type, you’ll love her.” And they are usually right.

While out and about, in malls, stores, and regular bars, I frequently see hot, beautiful women that don’t match my specific dancer-type, and I still appreciate them, and would love to know them, to date them. It’s just that some beautiful young women that I might once have drooled over now just rate a quick glance, and a silent “Nice!”

The waitress brought my drink, and we chatted for a while. When she left, I noticed the latest dancer up on stage. She looked hot, and just my type as far as I could tell from there! I wanted a better look, so I went up to tip her. She saw me standing by the stage with my dollar in my hand, smiled, and danced over close to me, moving her body around for my benefit. She bent down with her mouth by my ear, and told me her name was Ann. I told her mine was Bob.

This was her second song, apparently, because her top was already off, and she had on the smallest-possible T-back. In the front, a tiny V of cloth just barely (so to speak) covered her pussy. It looked like it might be a quarter-inch above where the top of her clit must be, and very narrow. It left most of her pubic mound exposed below her tanned, flat tummy. From it, small strips cloth, more like string, ran almost horizontally out to her hips and around to the back.

She danced closer, putting her hand on my head. Her barely-covered pussy was just an inch from my nose, and I could see that from her prior dancing around the cloth had worked its way between her lips slightly, and was showing a little crease in the cloth running vertically, and showing the edges of her outer labia on either slide. A very enticing view indeed! She chose that moment to ‘straighten’ her T-back. She hooked her thumbs under the string running over each hip, pulled out and up, which pulled the cloth between her lips even more, and showed more of the sides of her pussy.

Ann then ran her thumbs forward along the top of the V, pulling the cloth a good inch away from her body. She made a little move, giving me a brief glance at her totally smooth pussy, not a hair or bit of stubble in sight–her pussy was waxed smooth, her small labia tightly concealing her entrance, her clit barely protruding, before putting everything back in its proper place. No more camel toe, no more outer labia. Sigh! And I had just met her. Definitely my kind of girl.

She turned slowly, and as she did, she brushed my face with her ass. I stole a quick kiss on her left cheek. Now she’s facing away from me, moving, dancing, bumping-and-grinding her taut ass back towards me. She put her ass close to my face and bent forward from the waist, putting her hands on the floor. She let her feet slide out until they were about three feet apart. She wiggled her ass and moved back a little closer to me.

What had looked like a very small yellow T-back from the front was now almost invisible. The back was just a narrow cord running from the bottom of the front’s tiny V of cloth up between her cheeks, splitting into a Y-shape just an inch or so above her anus, and arcing out to the sides. I know it was only an inch above her anus, because said anus was plainly displayed, the little rosebud nestled down between her cheeks, just split into two, not obscured, by the narrow yellow string. When she stood up, her cheeks came back together, and the only part of the string that was visible was where it Y-ed out. This was definitely not a legal T-back.

I immediately asked her to come over to my table. She said she’d be over when she got off of the next stage. So, after a bit more than two more songs, she came over and sat down by me, her right hip tight against my left one. She nuzzled my neck and thanked me for tipping her on stage. I nuzzled her back, and nibbled on her neck, which provoked a soft sigh from her.

As soon as a new song started, I asked her if she wanted to dance. She said yes, and proceeded to give two very sexy dances. After each one she gave me a light touch of her lips on mine, just a tiny kiss, but about the most I’d ever gotten from a bilecik escort dancer. After she’d done a couple of dances for me, I said “Let’s sit for a while.”

“Okay.” I patted my left leg and she smiled and sat down on it, sitting with her nearly-bare ass on my also-bare thigh, her legs stretched out across mine.

(Aside: I will never understand why guys wear long pants to a topless bar. If it’s above forty degrees outside, I’m in shorts!)

So there we are, with her cute ass on my left thigh, nothing between her smooth taut cheeks and my bare leg. Well, technically, the back her T-back was between us, but that didn’t make much difference. The tiny strip of cloth was buried in the crack of her ass, invisible (and un-feelable unless I got very fresh. :))

I patted my right leg and she swung her legs up onto it. Her legs, stretched out across my right thigh, were slightly spread. This gave me a wonderful view. All she had on, besides her platform stripper shoes with 6-inch heels, was the tiny T-back. It was so low-cut that it came down to just above her clit. I knew this because in her current position, the top was a little pooched out, and I could see her clit and the top of her slit.

She leaned into me with her arm resting across my shoulder, her hand behind my neck. I started giving her feathery light kisses, first on her right shoulder, then several on her neck, working my way up to her ear. She shivered and inhaled sharply when I opened my mouth, held it close to her ear, and exhaled. I nibbled on her earlobe, the back of her ear, up to the top, down along the front, and back to the center, where I exhaled again. I moved my kisses and nibbles forward from her ear. Normally, this is about where they pull away. But Ann turned her head toward me, kissed me on my ear and whispered into it, “I’m a very horny girl.” (Now it was my turn to give a little shiver.) She worked her way across my cheek to my mouth and started nibbling on my lips.

God I hate an aggressive woman. Not! I nibbled back, capturing her lower lip between my teeth, then her upper lip. I gave her a kiss on the lips, which she returned. She put her hands behind my head and her tongue darted out, licking my lips, sliding into my mouth. I met her tongue with mine, and she sucked it into her mouth. She held it for a minute, sucking gently, licking my tongue; then she pulled away and took a deep breath. She straddled my right leg and slid forward and back, pressing the crotch of her T-back into my leg. She was moaning and shaking, thrusting herself back and forth. She appeared to be cumming constantly.

Occasionally my left hand would caress her butt. I’d slid my finger down her crack, under the T-back, across her anus, below it a bit, and then back up. I pressed gently on her little rosebud, and she shivered and moaned. It turns out Ann was a very horny woman, and I was loving it!

After a while, I started feeling guilty because I had only gotten two dances from her, and lots of sexy affection. So I asked if she wanted to dance, and she said let’s just call this a dance. Couldn’t argue with that, so I said okay. When the next song started, she straddled my lap, put her arms around me and started kissing some more, while grinding and humping on my erection (through my pants unfortunately).

From then on, when she ‘danced’ for me, that’s pretty much what it consisted of, except sometimes…she’d get up off my lap and dance a bit standing up. Not your normal dance, however.

She faced away from me and stuck her ass back in my face, where I was free to kiss and nibble on her cheeks. She stuck it back further, so that my nose was buried in her crack, which I also licked and kissed. I used my tongue to push her T-back aside, and licked directly on her asshole, which she seemed to love. So I started teasing her, pushing the tip of my tongue into her a little bit. Wow. Based on the sounds she was making, she liked that at least as much as I did!

Once, after checking the mirror to see what management was doing, she stood up on the couch with her legs on either side of me, and danced around, hunching her pussy towards my face, then moving forward until it was within kissing distance. Which I immediately started to do, kissing her pussy over the tiny T-back triangle, kissing above it, kissing the inside of her legs, up close to her pussy. I went back to the triangle of cloth, and pressed my nose against her clit, and used my tongue to force her lips apart as much as I could, basically eating her through the panties.

She pushed my head away a little (oh well, it was fun while it lasted). But then she surprised me again–she reached down and pulled the triangle aside, baring her entire pussy to me, and then she pulled my head back. I spent the next 30 seconds or so kissing, nibbling, and licking all over her pussy, and thrusting my tongue up into her. What a ‘dance’!

At one point during another dance, she was dancing facing me, bilecik escort bayan moving seductively to the music. Leaning over me, she put her nipple in my mouth. Naturally, I started sucking and nibbling. She moaned and forcefully pulled my head into her, really smashing my face onto her breast. I took this a hint, and started biting her breast and nipple a little more forcefully, which she seemed to love.

She then got down on her knees between my legs. She rubbed her face around on my erection then she put her mouth over it and exhaled. Lordy, lordy. I adjusted myself so my hard-on was laying flat pointing to the side. She did the breath thing again, then started nibbling on my cock through my shorts, working her way out to the tip, at which point she turned her head and got her lips encircling my tip, and sucked and nibbled some more. Then she slid her mouth down on me so that the entire head of my penis, covered just by my shorts, was in her mouth, at which point she proceeded to nurse on it. This went for nearly half a minute. I was definitely in love.

We just did more of the same over the next couple of hours, interrupted only by her having to go on stage a couple of times. Each time, she said she had to change T-backs because she’d gotten herself so wet. During one of her sets, I found out she wasn’t kidding. I figured her being on stage was a good time to hit the head. When I got into the restroom, I realized there was a huge wet spot on the right leg of my shorts, where she’d been rubbing on me. Wow! That was a first for me in a club.

I was in love! Or lust, whatever.

As we got to the end of her shift, I asked her if she’d like to come over to my house for some more ‘dancing’. She hemmed and hawed, and at one point I think she went and checked me out with the manager, but eventually she said okay, she’d come over about an hour after her shift, around eleven o’clock. We exchanged phone numbers. Since most dancers agree to dance privately when you ask them, but in fact don’t, I was hopeful but not optimistic.

Sure enough, about 30 minutes after I got home she called and cancelled. While disappointing, it put her in the top 5% of no-shows, because she actually had the courtesy to call, rather than just not show up. Oh well, I’ll see her in the club again, I thought.

I called her in a day or two, and she apologized for canceling. She said, “I’m glad you called; I really felt bad about canceling on you the other night. I’m really sorry. I was going to come over, in fact I was on my way, but I got cold feet. When I met you, I’d only been dancing for a couple of days, and I’d never done a private dance before. But I’m over that now, and I’d really like to come over tonight and do my first private dance with you, if you still want to see me.” Duh! Only one guess as to what I said.

She came over that night, and a few other nights after that. We went out to eat a few times, and got a chance to talk quite a bit. I learned that she was 23 years old, 5’6″ tall, 107 pounds, with measurements of 34B-23-32. She was a very hot package, and while we were out, the men that had the pleasure of seeing her were also quickly very horny, casting longing looks at her.

She usually wore either very short skirts, accenting her long slender legs, or ultra-low cut pants, baring her lovely flat belly almost down to the swell of her pubic mound. She had pert breasts with cute, up-turned nipples. When she was turned on, they grew to be 3/8″ in diameter, and a little over ½ inch long. Ann rarely wore a bra, and with the lightweight tops she preferred, her nipples were evident under normal circumstances, but when she was aroused, they made sharp points in the cloth. Just a light nuzzle on her long, graceful neck, a warm breath in her ear, or a light caress across her breast, and a soft moan would escape her lips, and her nipples would be instantly erect, proudly announcing themselves for all to see.

She had started dancing because she’d uprooted her life in Canada to come to Austin when her boyfriend moved here for work. Then, after a couple of months, he dumped her. Now, here she was in a new country, no friends, no money, no job. So she decided to try dancing. He boyfriend must have been an idiot, but I was very grateful to him. Her normal job in Canada was as a yoga instructor. She tried doing it here, but found that there were so many women wanting to be instructors here that the pay was much less than she was used to. Her goal was to get herself straightened out and open her own studio.

But who cares about all that? (Well, except her being a yoga instructor; she was very flexible.) As nice as it was to be out with her, it was much nicer being in with her. As I said before, we got together several times, and each time always included time spent at my home, with her ‘dancing’ for me. Rather than try to recount each time separately, what follows is just a mixture of all the things that happened.

On escort bilecik each visit, I would let her in and take a moment to admire and comment on what she was wearing. Then I would pull her into my arms and start nibbling on her neck, transitioning without much delay to her lips. She loved to kiss, and was very good at it, as I had learned at the club. And even better, she really seemed to enjoy kissing with me.

From there, we would go on into living room and she’d pick out some music for us. While I got the music going and fixed drinks for us, she would go into the bathroom to get into her outfit. When she came out, we’d kiss some more, I would caress her for a while, getting her horniness active, and then we’d move to the couch for the dancing.

Her outfits varied from time to time. Sometimes she would bring things of her own, and sometimes she would select something (or I would 😉 ) from a small collection I have. One of my favorites was a short pleated skirt, yellow with purple trim. With it, she wore a thin blouse that was left unbuttoned but tied together just below her breasts. Since the skirt was slung low on her hips, most of her front was bare.

As it happened, that what she wore on her first visit. I removed my clothes and sat on the couch. She came over to stand in front of me, moving sexily to the music. She toyed with the skirt, teasingly picking up its hem in various places. She’d pick it up and bit in front, and also in back, but never showing much. Then she turned to her left side, and, holding the skirt down in the front, pulled the hem on the side towards me almost to the top of the skirt. This bared her left cheek, which I promptly reached out to caress. Teasing as she was, she danced out of reach, shaking her finger and giving me a grin.

She continued dancing, leaned over me, put her hands on my shoulders, pushing me back to lean back on the couch. As she leaned down to me, the blouse sagged away from her breasts, and they were entirely visible me, down to and including the nipples. She brought her face to mine and kissed me. I kissed along with her, taking turns teasing each other with our tongues, nibbling on each others lips I reach up with my hand and stroked each breast with the back of my hand, then reached across to the other breast and caressed it with my palm, first tweaking the nipple between my fingers, then grasping it, pinching it, and lastly stretching it out.

All of this elicited increasingly fervent kissing on her part, along with many little moans. After a lovely while, she stood back up, out of my reach. When I started to lean forward again, she shook her head and motioned me to lie back again. When I did, she shed her stripper shoes and stood on the couch, dancing in front of me, pushing closer and closer to my face. Finally, she is rubbing her skirt against me, then pressing forward, grinding herself against my now-open mouth. Eventually, she pulls back, dances over me for a bit, and asks if I want more. I nod, saying please.

She moves towards me again, with her skirt brushing my face, then asks if I would like her to move the skirt. I say yes, thinking I am going soon going to be nibbling on her panties. But when she pulls the front of her skirt up and behind my head, and press herself against my face, I realize she is not wearing any panties! Her hot, dripping, bare pussy is against my face, my nose rubbing her clit. I slide my hands up under the back of the skirt so that I control her movements somewhat, grasping lightly, caressing, her smooth, taut cheeks.

I lick up the crease between her groin and her right leg, then do the other side. I repeat, but this time move my tongue over to her labium on her right, then her left. (While doing this, I sort of have to use my hands to hold her in place, because she keeps trying to move her slit in front of my tongue.) After doing each side a few times, I finally give in and lick her from bottom to top, starting as far back between her legs as I can get, up the entire length of her slit, dragging the flat of my tongue across her clit, then stretching up to light lick at her navel. While I am doing this, she has a little climax.

I move my mouth back down, purse my lips, and suck her clit into my mouth, sucking and releasing, like nursing her clit. She grabs the back of my head, holds me against her. She climaxes several times, pulling me to her, thrusting herself at me. Finally I pull back and she whimpers. I take my tongue and trace down from her clit, along her slit, then, at the bottom, I stick my tongue into her, at first just a little, then in and out, more and more, until finally my tongue is as far into her as I can get it. I just hold it there, and start pulling on her cheeks to increase the sensation for her.

She continues with little spasms, each a climax. While doing this, I am using my hands to spread her ass cheeks, and I walk my right hand over to her butt crease. I switch to using my palm to keep the spreading pressure on, and trail my fingers up and down her crack, going low enough to wet my fingers in her pussy juices, spreading them up her crack and over her anus. Then I stop at her anus and just rub it lightly, over and over, circling it, occasionally pressing on it a little, then just rubbing over it.

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Angela Harris Ch. 1

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Frankly, I was dismayed to learn that the new accounting department head was to be hired from outside the company, rather than from within. This was because, to my thinking, the best candidate was, well, me. As it turned out, though, from the moment Angela swept into the building to take up residence in the large corner office, it was clear that she up to the job. She had about her a no bullshit, take charge manner – but at the same time let the staff know that we would operate as a team. The women admired her for her obvious self-made professionalism. And so did the men, that and the fact that she was drop dead gorgeous.

Apart from her Stanford MBA, her assets were green eyes and auburn hair on a tall, curvaceous figure. She tended to wear conservative business suits but the skirts were always well above the knee, and her silk blouses always snug. As much as her looks, what made her so desirable was her way of looking at you as if what you said was the most important thing in the world to her.

From the start she instituted a practice that initially seemed archaic. Everyone was to refer to her as Miss Harris. This does not often happen on a office wide basis anymore. But with her stunning looks and personable manner, this served her well by putting some distance between her and her staff. I already felt the distance. Angela Harris was 10 years younger than me. While she was beautiful with a outgoing personality, I am, to be brutally self-honest, average at best and shy. Since my divorce seven years ago from a brow beating harridan I had slowly withdrawn from the notion of ever developing another relationship.

Miss Harris was so far out of my league that I never even considered being anything other than being part of her staff. But still it was so difficult not to allow my eyes to sweep up her legs or to lean closer to her to catch her scent. As the months went by I spent my time doing my job to bayburt escort the very best of my ability; for when I did well I’d be rewarded with a smile and that feeling of special intimacy that she would convey with her eyes or a touch. Conversely, on the few occasions I did not perform to Miss Harris’ expectations, she was quick with a sharp rebuke, a flash of those eyes; she would spin around and walk away, her heels tapping out her displeasure.

This management style was not directed at me exclusively. People naturally enjoyed pleasing her and so it became apparent that the office was running smoother than ever. I found myself doing little things I’d never do for another boss. I would go downstairs and get her coffee in the morning. Increasingly, Miss Harris would ask me to get her dry cleaning or go to the shoemaker to get a heel fixed. As time went on, in private, she started calling me Jon instead of Mr. Brown. To my chagrin, when I called her Angela, I thought she was going to hit me. Instead she coldly handed me enough extra work to keep me at the office until midnight. Despite this, my devotion to Miss Harris continued to grow.

One afternoon Miss Harris asked me to stay late to finish a report she needed for a meeting the next day. She gave me her address and asked me to drop it off at her apartment when I was done. So that night I found myself in her apartment reviewing the report. When she was done she got up from the table and sat down on her living room couch.

Miss Harris patted the couch next to her. “Jon, come and sit here.” As I sat next to her I could not help but let my eyes linger on her breasts. She was not wearing a bra and beneath a silk blouse her silver dollar sized nipples were erect and clearly visible. In a stern voice she said ” What are you looking at? I stammered ” I’m sorry” I lowered my head. After a moment, like a jerk, I rushed on ” Miss bayburt escort bayan Harris you are so beautiful. I can’t help it. I love you. I’m sorry.” Instead of getting angry, she surprised me. “I know that, silly . Come here.” She opened a button and guided my head to her breast. In a trance, I closed my eyes and nuzzled her. After a few moments she said, ” OK, now Jon, I want to talk to you. Kneel down here on the floor. Put your head on my lap. Comfortable? I was in bliss. Her skirt was halfway up here thighs and I could smell her perfume and a hint of musk. I nodded my head.

“Good. Now here’s the thing. We both know a guy like you isn’t going to attract someone like me.” Facedown in her lap, I nodded again. “But we have the start of a unique relationship. You obviously enjoy doing my bidding and I like having a no nonsense relationship based on my needs. I won’t beat around the bush– I want a servant who obeys me without hesitation. What you get is the opportunity to be around me. While that may seem to be enough for you now, I also realize you may want more. We will never have a “normal” sexual relationship, but I think I can offer you some excitement. What do you think.?”

This was a dream come true. Again I nodded. She pushed me off her lap on to the floor. As I looked up at her she said “When I ask a question, I want an answer.”

“Yes. I would like to try it”, I replied. She reached down and slapped my face. “Yes, I would like to try it, Miss Harris”, she said.

I rubbed my cheek, lowered my eyes and repeated after her. “OK, that’s more like it ” she said in a softer tone of voice. “I know you want to please me, but we’re going to have work on getting things right. OK?”

“Yes, Miss Harris”

“Good. Now let’s see what I have to play with. Stand up and get undressed” I was careful to fold my clothes and stack them neatly. She pointed to escort bayburt a spot in front of where she sat on the sofa. “Stand here.” She reached out two manicured fingers and grasped my cock. “Not exactly a monster, is it Jonboy?”

“No ma’am” She raised an eyebrow and said “You’re learning. ” Still holding my cock, she cupped my balls with her other hand. My cock was now stiff. “I guess you like this” she gave my balls a squeeze “don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am,”

“Go into the bathroom ,get a pair of my panties from the hamper and bring them back here.” I trotted down the hall, penis swinging , and then returned to her, still sitting, clothed on the sofa. She took the panties, told me to open my mouth, and stuffed half in my mouth leaving the remainder just below my nose. Her scent made me weak kneed. “Jerk off”

Nothing remotely similar to this had ever happened to me. And as weird as it was, still I had never been more excited. Somehow this women had known that my kneeling before her, commanded to masturbate, was the ultimate turn on. I cradled my cock and started pumping.

Miss Harris said “Looks like you’ve done that before big boy”. She then stretched out her leg and bounced my balls on the toe of her pump. She then leaned forward “Maybe this will help”. She then tweaked my nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard.

I came in great spurts. Gobs of cum landed on the rug and on her stockings. I collapsed back on my heels, breathing hard.

“Feel better now, Jonboy”? Still with the panties in my mouth, I nodded.

“Good, now why don’t you take my undies out of your mouth, because it really looks ridiculous” As I complied she settled back on the sofa, swung her cum soaked leg back and forth, smiled, and said “Well what are you waiting for, lick it up.”

My face showed my shock. The thought of eating my cum disgusted me. Miss Harris’ voice was harsh. “I won’t say this twice asshole. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. But you won’t ever see me again. So make your choice. Now.”

I bent to her leg, prostrated myself, and began licking cum.


* * * * *

This was my first story, so comments would be appreciated.

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Amy’s Ardent Cries , Whispers

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Sometimes, telling a story, knowing that someone, somewhere has shared in the excitement, makes it all the more arousing.

I was vacationing in Park City Utah when this took place. I had gone to the pool and health spa to relax. The entire thing was located in a large covered area. In addition to the pool and weight room there was a hot tub and steam room.

It was very late in the evening as I sat by the side of the pool reading a book and watching the people in the pool.

A young couple caught my eye as they swam in the pool. Both the man and the woman were attractive, dark haired and looked to be somewhere in their mid-twenties.

He was wearing loose “surfer” type trunks and she was wearing a black bikini, which accented her long black hair that floated on the surface of the pool. Her creamy white skin showed the care she had taken with sunscreen to avoid burning, or even too much tanning.

As I watched her swim, I could not help but notice the swell of her breasts, which glistened in the water. She must have caught my glance, because she looked right at me. I blushed, but as I was turning my glance away, I thought I saw her smile.

I decided to sit in the steam for a while. I got up and went into the steam room. I turned on the steam and took a seat at the end of the room.

The steam room was sort of an elongated closet paneled in white marble with two benches that ran the length of the room. The floor was paved in a darker stone. Although it had a glass door that opened onto the pool, once I had turned on the steam, the view inside was totally obscured. I sat at the back and let the steam billow around me.

After about five minutes, the door opened and the couple I had been watching in the pool came in and sat down facing each other. Each had brought in a plastic glass of water and a fanny pack, which they sat next to them on the bench. No one said anything. The timer on the steam turned the steam jets off and the clouds of mist didn’t get any thicker.

I was gratified to get a close up look at this stunning girl, even with her husband sitting right next to me.

About five minutes passed as I watched sweat roll down her arms and legs as they both sat with their heads leaned back. I noticed that she was tracing patterns in the sweat beading on her skin with her fingertips. Slowly she moved them up and down her legs and then across her abdomen.

I watched in fascination as she lightly traced her fingers over her breasts and then reached behind her and loosened her top.

She shrugged her shoulders and her top dropped into her lap, which she then sat beside her on the bench.

Even if I had wanted to leave, both of these people effectively cut off my escape. Their position in the room made me feel OK about remaining, despite the woman’s state of partial undress. The steam had thinned somewhat, but the moisture on the glass door was more than enough to prevent anyone on the outside from seeing anything inside.

Her husband or boyfriend was watching her intently. Reaching into a little fanny pack he had brought into the steam room with him, he produced a bar of soap that he began to lather in his hands. He knelt in front of her and began to lather her feet and calves, moving up her legs until he reached her bikini bottoms.

Without a word, she raised her buttocks off the marble bench and hooked her thumbs in her bottoms and slid them down to about mid-thigh. Her friend slid them the rest of the way off and sat them next to her top on the bench.

By this time, I had an erection that was standing rigid inside of my swim trunks. Thank heavens they were baggy enough not to cause this condition to be painful. I curled my legs up in order to conceal my excitement and continued to watch as her friend slowly lathered her hips, waist, shoulders, arms and breasts with soap.

As I watched, he pulled one leg of his trunks up in order to allow his own erection to be freed. I watched as it bobbed and swayed. He continued to lather her, this time concentrating on her breasts, teasing the rigid nipples and then cupping each breast in a slippery hand.

He knelt in front of her again and looked up at her. She spoke in a low voice that echoed in the stone room, despite the fact that her voice was barely more than a whisper. “Please wash my pussy”

She slid down a little and I could clearly see that she was swollen and puffy with excitement. He began to lather her mound and at the same time he was rubbing his erect cock against her slippery leg.

He did not reach inside of her, but continued rubbing her as she arched slightly against his hand. Both of their breathing echoed in the stone room as my own cock strained against my suit.

Suddenly he stopped lathering her. He picked up one of the glasses of water sitting in the bench and poured it over her pussy.

He then slid his own trunks off and kicking them aside, sat back down on his bartın escort bench across from her.

Slowly she reached down and parted her labia. Her finger began moving in small circles. With the other hand, she cupped a breast, teasing her nipple. With half closed eyes, she watched her friend as he sat naked across from her, his cock jutting into the steamy air.

The sound of her masturbating was the only sound in the room besides our ragged breathing. Her hand began moving faster and faster, still her friend sat. I noticed that he was arching his hips in such a way as to make his cock sway in the wet air.

I could take it no longer, I slipped my own trunks off and dropped them on the floor. I sat on the bench, revealing my engorged cock to them both.

The girl didn’t miss a beat or even look my way as she continued to play with herself. Her friend however began to lather the soap in his hands and then soap his own cock.

The girl immediately got up off the bench, still masturbating, she slapped his hand away from his cock and reached down and picked up her bottoms. She slid them on and put her top back on, her friend followed suit, pulling his trunks on over his engorged cock.

Reaching down, she picked up the bar of soap, turning to me, she lathered up one hand and softly slid it up and down my aching dick a couple of times and then said, “If you’d like to come up to our room, I’ll show off some more for both of you”

With those words, she released my cock and turned and walked out the door. Her boyfriend got up to leave and turning my way he spoke for the first time, “We’re in room 338 if you’re willing to play by the rules”.

Of course, by this point I’d have been willing to play Russian roulette for a chance to look at her smooth body some more. I was aching for release of any kind, so I pulled my own trunks over my rigid member and followed them hoping the late hour would help me get to their room without meeting anyone on the way.

By the time I left the pool, a combination of cold air and embarrassment at walking around in public with a raging boner had made me semi presentable. I made it to room 338 without incident and knocked on the door.

The man opened the door, “I’m Rick”, he said, “This is Amy”.

Rick was still wearing his swim trunks, Amy, however, had pulled a long t -shirt which came down almost to her knees.. I could not tell if she had anything on under it or not. She had braided her long dark hair into a single braid that hung down to the middle of her back and was seemingly oblivious to what had transpired a little while before. She offered me a soft drink, which I accepted.

We sat around on the couch, making small talk for a little while until Amy said, “I think an explanation is in order.

“One night about a year ago, I came home from work unexpectedly. I approached our bedroom and I could hear Rick talking. He was telling the dirtiest story I had ever heard. Of course, I was outraged, but I was excited as well.”

“I peeked inside and there was Rick jacking off and talking on the phone.’

Amy’s cheeks colored with the memory with the memory as she continued, “He talking about how hard his cock was and was asking if the person on the other end of the line was doing it as well. His hands kept going faster and faster and I could hear the sound his cock was making as he stroked it”.

“Eventually, my anger overcame my excitement so I walked into the room and asked him exactly what the hell he thought he was doing. He hung the phone up and jumped out of bed and ran toward me and that’s when it happened”.

Amy shifted in her seat. I noticed that she had been pulling lightly on her T- shirt and her nipples were faintly showing as she continued her story.

“I walked up to him and slapped his cock pretty hard and he started coming all over me, not just a little, but big squirts that splattered against my legs and the ones that missed me, shot half way across the room. He was still squirting when I turned on my heel and ran into the bathroom”.

“I pulled off my skirt (that was spattered from top to bottom) and turned on the shower. As I got ready to get in I realized that even though I was crying, I was also very aroused.”

At this point, Rick spoke up.

“I’d been calling these singles lines and masturbating with the women on them. I decided that the only thing to do was admit everything, so I want into the bathroom after her and started talking to her”.

I noticed that by this point, Amy’s cheeks were flushed and I could see her nipples quite clearly through her T-shirt. Rick clearly had an erection that he was making no attempt to hide and I must admit my own cock was standing up on it’s own.

Rick continued, “I told her that I liked talking to other women and men on the phone and a lot of the time I talked about her to them. I told her that I never really came with the bartın escort bayan other people and if she hadn’t slapped my cock, I wouldn’t have come this time. I told her I was sorry.”

Amy stood up and as she spoke, she pulled her T-shirt up a little revealing that, indeed, she was naked under the shirt. Her pussy was very red and swollen, “Rick didn’t realize it, but by that time I was this excited”.

She stood in front of me for a moment, as she stood before me, a trickle of moisture dropped onto the floor, she let the shirt drop back; “I was masturbating all the time he was talking, just like I feel like doing now”.

Amy did not, however touch herself. She sat down, and tucking her legs under her, said, “Do go on Rick”.

Rick continued, “I told her I would do anything to make it up to her. I was shocked when she got out of the shower and told me that I would have to watch her do it over the phone”.

Amy had crossed her legs and was rocking slightly as she said, “I wouldn’t even let him watch me. I went into the bedroom, got under the covers, called the number he gave me and spent the next hour playing with my cunt and talking with several guys while I did.”

Emboldened by the conversation and the fact that Amy had slid down in the chair revealing herself again, I said, “Did Rick jack off with you?”

“No, I made him sit on the side of the bed and listen, after I finished, he went in the bathroom for a long time, I knew he was doing it and I just lay in bed bringing myself off again while he did”.

“For the next six months, Rick’s sex life consisted of watching me talk on the phone and masturbate and then jacking off”.

“Did you ever help him?”, I asked

Amy got up and faced both of us, “Sometimes, I’d stop in the middle of a call and let him look at how excited I was, like I’m doing now”. Her nipples showed clearly through the T-shirt and her face was flushed as she slowly pulled the shirt up revealing her long legs, her swollen pussy and then finally, her soft breasts, swollen and flushed with excitement.

“Do you like how I look?” she asked breathlessly

“Yes” I croaked and I heard a similar affirmation from Rick.

She dropped the shirt back into place and sat down again. “I like it that you both know how aroused I really am”, she softly said with her cheeks flushing and downcast eyes.

“Anyway”, she resumed, It was only a matter of time that we progressed from stroking ourselves with strangers over the phone and doing it in person, so here we are right now.

At this point, Rick excused himself and slowly walked into the bathroom. He left the door ajar and Amy and I sat in silence.

She moved over and sat by me. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I’ll bet he’s in there jacking off right now”. Her warm breath tickled me and I felt her breast warm and soft against my arm.

“It would serve him right if we were to do some playing of our own while he’s busy,” Any said, leaning closer she whispered, “Do you want me to show off for a little while right now?”

Amy stood up and reaching under her shirt, began to tease herself. I began touching my cock through my trunks.

“Do you like the way I look?” she said

“Oh yes”

She bent over, “Would you like to touch my breasts?”

I reached up and cupped one incredibly soft breast as she caught her breath; the pace of her hand rubbing her cunt picked up considerably.

She pulled away suddenly and said, “Let’s not get carried away, I wonder what Rick’s doing?”

A pause and then, “Why don’t you go and see?”

I got up and walked to the door and peered in.

Rick had removed his trunks and was stroking his cock slowly as he sat on the toilet. He had gotten some slippery lotion and his cock made languid liquid sounds as he slid his hand up and down the shaft. Amy pushed past me and walked into the room.

“I might have known you’d be in here playing with your cock, why don’t you come on out and we can all show off for one another”.

Rick jumped off the toilet, His rigid cock bobbing and dripping, “I couldn’t help myself”, he cried.

He walked stiffly into the other room with his cock bouncing and dripping in front of him. He sat down on the couch and looked at Amy expectantly.

Amy motioned me to sit down and said, “Why don’t you show us your cock?”

I slid my trunks off with some gratitude feeling the cool air kiss my rigid member.

Amy peeled her shirt off revealing her firm breasts, hard nipples and a sopping wet pussy. she sat down between us and began to rub herself.

“Come on, you guys, do it with me.”

I needed no urging, my hand moved up and down.

“Talk to me”, she said.

Rick asked her what she was doing.

I’m playing”, she replied.

“Playing with what?” He asked

Amy gave a shudder and her hand rubbed faster, “I’m playing with my cunt, escort bartın right in front of both of you”, she gasped.

I spoke up, “Don’t you mind us looking at you while you’re doing it?” I asked as my own hand moved faster.

“I should”, she whispered, “but I don’t even care, I can’t help doing it, it feels so good”.

“Once”, she continued, “I came so hard I squirted all over Rick, would you like to see me do that?”

“Yes”, I groaned, moving closer to climax

“You have to wait till I do it and I’ll cream all over you both”

Amy stood up and, leaning over, she whispered in my ear, “I want you to hold Rick’s cock while I come for him”. To Rick she said, “Stop jacking off, I want our friend to feel how hard your dick is”.

Rick removed his hand and I leaned over and took his erect cock in my hand. I had never had any contact like that before in my life, but the heat of the moment left little time for reflection.

His cock was rigid and quite lubricated with pre-come. I held it gently sliding my hand in very slow up and down motions, I turned my eyes to Amy once again.

She stood directly in front of Rick for a moment and then bent over looking for something. From underneath the couch, she produced a small green plastic ruler. She straightened up and once again standing before him, she said, “You know I shouldn’t be doing this, but my pussy is so wet, I can’t seem to stop”.

She then slapped her pussy sharply with the flat of the ruler.

“I need to discipline my pussy so it won’t make such a slut out of me”, she said as she slapped it again.

In my hand, Rick’s cock swelled and subsided. I stopped moving my hand at all as we both watched Amy spank her swollen, dripping cunt with the ruler. Her blows became faster and harder. A drop of fluid flew off the ruler and hit me in the face. Then another drop, and another.

Amy put one leg up on the arm of the couch so her pussy was positioned roughly over Rick’s cock. She continued slapping her swollen and puffy cunt with the ruler. For the first time I could see the bright red interior and her little clit standing stiffly at attention as she muttered, “What a dirty girl I am”. Slap! “Look at how hard my clit is”. Slap! “A nice girl wouldn’t be doing this”. Slap! “But I’m not a nice girl” Slap! “Soooo slutty”

Suddenly Amy dropped the ruler and began rubbing her cunt. I was leaning over holding Rick’s cock with my right hand and lightly touching my own dick with my left hand. Amy took my left hand in her left hand and said, “Hold my hand while I cream”. My cock ached to be touched as her rubbing accelerated.

“Look out”, she cried, “I’m doing it like the slut I am!”

Amy shuddered, stiffened, and let out a low groan, “Ahhhhh, I’m doing it now”. Her hand clenched my own in a vise-like grip as she stiffened and shuddered.

As she continued rubbing, a forceful stream of hot liquid squirted from between her rapidly moving fingers and splattered against Rick’s rigid cock and my hand which was holding it. Rick arched so his dick would remain in the stream, which was squirting at irregular intervals from Amy’s cunt.

I felt his cock thicken in my hand as he cried out, “I’m going to do it too, I can’t help it!” I felt his dick pulse and a stream of white come shot from the tip and spattered against Amy’s leg, even as another stream from Amy hit the tip of his cock again.

Deep within my own body, I felt a sensation of pure lust and pleasure as my own cock stiffened and began squirting cream all over. The first pulse shot onto Rick’s legs, even as he rained his own cream on himself and Amy.

I dropped his squirting cock and with my own prick shooting another stream into the air, I tried to position myself so a little of Amy’s liquid would hit my creaming cock.

As I got up, that pulse squirted into the air and hit Amy on the left breast.

Amy stepped back and said, “Don’t touch yourselves yet, lets all do it together.”

I stood transfixed as my own cock pulsed and then subsided. Rick sat with a string of cream hanging from his cock onto his leg. As I watched, he got up and we all stood facing each other.

“Now”, Amy said and resumed rubbing her pussy.

As soon as I touched my cock, I realized that I had only had a partial orgasm and rather than being finished, stood on the brink of yet another climax.

We stood there masturbating together and Amy and Rick moved closer together, as did I. Soon we were touching. Amy’s breast, slippery with come slid against my chest and then she was sliding the same breast against Rick.

This time there was no holding back when I saw Rick aim his cock in the air and rain sperm down on Amy and I. Desperately, I stroked in order to join them in this moment of fulfillment. Even as I heard Amy cry out and the sound as she began spattering onto the floor, I aimed my own throbbing cock in the air and joined Rick in shooting pulse after pulse of hot come into the air over the three of us.

Later we showered together, washing the remains of our pleasure down the drain, and, to exhausted to consider going back to my own room, I fell asleep on the couch listening to their cries and whispers from the bedroom.

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All Day Tease Ch. 02

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My stories are based in reality and on real experiences. So let me start by describing my wife, Kelly. At 5’8″, she has a very attractive build with great 36C breasts and curves in all of the right places. Her figure is very womanly and attractive, and although she won’t be modeling on a runway anytime soon, she looks great in sexy attire. She has medium length dark hair, sometimes tinted auburn or red, and very sexy, full lips. I’m not going to say she’d be a Penthouse Pet next week, but Kelly is a very good-looking woman and gets compliments from all my friends.

A few years ago, I had been lucky enough to get Kelly to fulfill a powerful fantasy of mine, which was to pretend to be a real smoker all day long for my sexual arousal. The idea was that I would know she was smoking throughout the day, and would eventually get home from work to smell her fresh cigarette going while she was masturbating in our bed. Then of course we would fuck like crazy! And in fact it pretty much went exactly like that, and it was definitely one of the hottest sexual encounters I’ve ever had in my life. Perhaps a little background is in order though.

Kelly is not a smoker. However, even before we met, she had been known to have a cigarette here and there when out drinking at the bar or hanging out with a smoking friend. These were relatively infrequent times for her. However, I have had a smoking fetish for just about as long as I can remember, and I’ve always been extremely turned on by the sight of a beautiful woman smoking in a sexy, classy fashion. I emphasize that because I am actually turned off by “trashy” appearances, like the typical image of a punk or blue-collar women with a cork-filtered cigarette dangling out of her mouth. To me, there is something sensual about a woman who is comfortable with her own grace and femininity, and smoking can give her a sexy edginess that I find irresistible.

So obviously when I started dating Kelly and discovered her occasional habit I was very accommodating towards it. I have had several girlfriends previously who were smokers, and although it has been wonderful sexually, it was also very inconvenient as the realities of the constant smell in the clothes and standing outside set in. So to me, an occasional smoker was the perfect ideal. Sexy, but non-disruptive.

I remember the first time Kelly smoked in front of me. It was only a couple of weeks into our relationship and we were going to the theatre for her birthday. She asked me to pull into a gas station and buy cigarettes for her. Conveniently, her brand of choice was also the one I found sexiest, Marlboro Lights, although I did have to gradually shift her onto the longer and more elegant 100’s over time. Although I never let others smoke in my car, I was only too happy to let Kelly smoke three cigarettes as we drove to the theatre. It didn’t hurt at all that we were well dressed for the evening and she was wearing a loose, low cut black dress that revealed plenty of her ample cleavage, nor that she had just had amasya escort her hair cut, colored, and styled for the occasion. Simply put, she was looking sexy and I think she knew it, which put her in the mood to smoke.

Over time, I developed enough trust in her to reveal my secret fetish, and fortunately for our relationship, she was very understanding about it and didn’t think it was strange or weird. Gradually, her smoking became an occasional part of our lovemaking, either for stimulation beforehand, or eventually even during sex. One of the most exciting trysts we ever had was when, while I was eating her out, she lit a cigarette and shortly thereafter pulled me up to fuck her while she smoked.

Unfortunately, her smoking is still very infrequent and I only get to indulge this fantasy once a month or so. This led to my request finally for her to smoke all day one time for my pleasure as noted above. Of course, with such an intense encounter, I desperately wanted it to happen again, and a couple of times Kelly has partially accommodated me by bringing her cigarettes along during a Saturday afternoon out and smoking a couple while we shopped or explored. That always led to hot sex as well.

The experience I’m writing about now is sort of a repeat of the all day tease she had done a few years back, but in many ways better. That day, I had worked all day long and had to imagine what was happening, coming home to find several cigarettes in her ashtray and her smoking in bed. It was a total mindfuck and very powerful because of it. However, last weekend we decided to take a drive up to a cute fishing town/art community up the coast from our home. The drive was about 90 minutes long, and we wanted to get a reasonably early start, so we made sure to be in the car by about 10:00. As usual, Kelly looked wonderful in a very understated way. She doesn’t go in for tiny little shirts that show off half her stomach or “daisy duke” shorts, etc. Rather, she wears cute, slightly sexy clothing with a bit of a sophisticated air.

Today she had a simple white short-sleeved top with a little collar and open neck on, along with a medium-short tan skirt with a long slit in the side and fun sandals. Her makeup was pretty without being heavy, just some light brown lipstick and a touch of mascara. And she wears a very sexy perfume that isn’t heavy but definitely makes an impression.

Kelly was carrying a decent sized purse when we got into the car, but I didn’t take immediate notice of it. However, after we had been driving for about five minutes, she reached inside and took out a pack of cigarettes. She lit one and took a long drag, inhaling deeply and blowing the smoke out her window without looking at me. Of course, I was instantly turned on but didn’t know what the “occasion” was. However, I’ve learned from long experience to simply be quiet and let Kelly do her thing when she wants to; she is a creature of spontaneity and doesn’t like feeling pressured or controlled.

Kelly amasya escort bayan was playing it like there was nothing unusual at all about her smoking a cigarette in a car at 10:00 on a Saturday morning. She carried on a normal, unrelated conversation with me, all the while smoking casually with long streaming exhales. This continued for the entire length of the cigarette until finally, to my disappointment, she flicked it out the window. I had been trying not to take my eyes off the road too much, but I had really been enjoying the sight and I was rock hard already.

We have about a 20-minute drive through the city, depending on traffic, to get to the highway that leads north up the coastline. A mile or so before the on ramp for the expressway, Kelly lit another cigarette. She knew I was fighting not to look at her and that she was distracting me terribly, and a little smile played over her lips. Finally, just before the ramp, we got stuck at a stoplight and she took a drag, leaned over, and gave me a big open-mouthed kiss, running her smoky tongue across mine as she exhaled. I groaned in arousal and her lips sucked onto mine until a horn behind us warned us that the light had changed. She laughed and leaned back into her seat, taking another drag while I accelerated onto the highway.

About 25 minutes passed uneventfully on the highway before she lit another cigarette. By now I had a pretty good idea that my wife was springing another “all day tease” on me, this time at her own volition. But I wasn’t prepared for what came next. Once, long ago, I had mentioned to her that it would be incredibly sexy to see her masturbating while we drove somewhere. But I never thought she would really do anything like that. However, as she smoked now she had reclined her seat slightly and was running her palms over her bra and shirt covered breasts until her nipples began to stiffen from the attention. Then she pulled her skirt up slightly, though not quite enough for me to see her pussy. She smoked with her right hand while rubbing her clit slowly with her left.

I was so turned on that I was having a hellish time concentrating on the road. Beside me, Kelly was fingering herself just out of my view while smoking her third cigarette in an hour! Unfortunately she finished it all too quickly, but she was quick to reach into her purse and bring out another one. She lit it and reached back into the purse, this time bringing out a vibrator which she switched on. She also turned off the CD player so that the buzzing of the toy was clearly audible over the road noise. Kelly shifted her legs to the left so that I could see up her skit, and I realized she had worn no panties. Then she pressed the vibrator firmly against her clit and started rocking her hips.

Kelly masturbated like this nearly the entire way to the town, moaning softly and smoking two more cigarettes in the passenger seat next to me, and maintaining as much eye contact with me as I could safely manage. escort amasya Whenever she got close to orgasm, she would pause and slow things down for a minute before continuing. Finally as we neared out exit, she let herself come with a giant cry that filled the car.

However, once we got off the highway, she sat back up and put the vibrator away. Smoothing her skirt, she ran one finger across her wet slit and placed it in my mouth for me to taste. Then we got busy looking for parking and trying to find our way around.

Once we got out of the car, we began exploring the town and she avoided any discussion of what had taken place in the car.

In fact, she acted simply as if smoking were a regular activity for her, and throughout the afternoon she continued to smoke at various intervals. At one point, she lit up while we were sitting together on a bench at the end of a fishing pier. There at least, I was able to simply sit and watch her, and eventually we spent several minutes making out like teenagers, her cigarette in hand at the back of my head, pulling me in for smoky kissing.

The drive home was pretty much a repeat of the drive in. Once we got onto the highway, she again pulled out the vibrator and started grinding her pussy against it. This time she was even more vocal, moaning and twisting about. She even pulled up her shirt to expose one of her breasts, and I’m confident several people got a great view of her as they passed us on the left! She really fucked herself for better than thirty minutes, plunging the vibrator all the way up her snatch, and then withdrawing it to the opening of her slit. Once again, as the city came into sight, she let her climax wash over her and I clearly saw her delicious cunt juices leaking out onto the car seat.

When we were about 10 blocks from home, she took out her cigarettes once again and this time said simply, “Last one,” shaking the pack to emphasize she had smoked the entire thing that day. She lit it and I stepped on the gas.

By the time we parked and got inside our condo, she had smoked half of it down. I virtually tore my pants off after slamming the door and crushed my mouth to hers fiercely.

“You’ve got me so hot, I need to fuck you right now!” I told her desperately. She took a drag of her cigarette, shaking her head as she exhaled, and gave me one more quick kiss before sinking to her knees in front of me. Taking my cock in her left hand and her cigarette in her right, she began alternately taking a drag from it and then sucking me into her mouth, bobbing her head on my cock and exhaling around it. Her tongue swirled circles around the tip of my dick and she jacked the base of my shaft in rhythm with her mouth movements. After all day at full arousal, I was more than ready for release, and it took only a couple of minutes for me to fill her mouth with jet after jet of my warm come.

Kelly took her time sucking me totally dry before letting my saliva covered cock fall from her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled, then swallowed my load and licked her lips clean. Finally she stood to face me.

“What was all this for?” I asked in amazement.

“Just because I love you,” she said simply. She took one last drag from her nearly finished cigarette, then exhaled and leaned in to kiss me affectionately.

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Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 22

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Father Daughters

The sound of birds chirping cheerfully broke into Angie’s dream, slowly she opened her eyes, the world a blur of color. The first thing she noticed after the bird’s song was the thick smell of cum that lingered in the air, yesterday’s events came back to her. She had good sex with Alene, no, not any good sex, she saw two goddesses duel it out. Angie recalled Alene’s massive beast filling her womb and stretching her pussy before cumming so hard she inflated Angie to unnatural proportions, she could feel the weight of the cum still in her belly. The world started to come into focus and Angie wiggled her feet, she noticed the sofa below her was soaked with what must have been cum that escaped her when she slept. she petted her belly and a smile came to her face, it felt like she was full term, maybe a bit smaller. Slowly but surely Angie lifted herself on the wet sofa, trying to balance herself, a stream of cum leaked out of her and hit the carpet. She watched her belly deflate to about 5 months pregnant as the carpet was ruined.

“That was heavenly,” she declared to herself and turned towards the kitchen. Nadia was on the counter, her back turned to Angie who made her way over quietly, not wanting to wake anyone. Her foot landed on something wet, she looked down, it was an ocean of cum surrounding the counter Nadia rested on.


“Nadia?” A soft voice pierced her deep slumber. Nadia felt a soft hand rest on her shoulder, “wake up love, are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” Nadia’s voice cracked, her throat was dry. She felt her belly, stretched out with cum. She loved it when she had so much cum inside her womb. She reached to feel her belly, it was huge.

“Feeling well?” The voice asked again, Nadia’s eyes focused on Angie’s face. “Yes, can you bring me a glass of water?” Nadia asked as she lifted her body to sit on the counter.

“So, how was Nicky?” Angie asked as she handed the glass to Naida who swallowed the whole thing down.

“Wow,” Nadia recalled the events that transpired the day before, “Nicky was amazing, her cock wasn’t as big as Alene’s but she sure knows how to use it.”

“Clearly.” Angie said and pointed at the cum covered floor around the counter and focused on Nadia’s abdomen.

“You’re no pushover either,” Nadia fired back at Angie while her pussy leaked cum, helping the pool at Angie’s feet to grow.

“so, where are the two goddesses?” Angie asked.

“I don’t know,” Nadia said, “the last thing I remember was Nicky’s massive orgasm ending as I fell asleep.”


Alene heard voices talking. She felt great, slept well. She remembered what happened the day before. She gave Nicky a cock, and it worked great, unlike what happened with Jen. Alene could feel her skin rest on a wet surface, she could guess it was cum by the smell. Tasting a bit, she knew it wasn’t her cum, she cast a spell to make her cum a sweet mango flavor but this was more of a salty sweet taste. “Nicky’s cum must have leaked out of me,” Alene thought as she opened her eyes and saw Angie and Nicky across the sea of cum surrounding her.

“I’m over here,” she called the girls, their eyes filled with shock as they noticed her.

“Who did this to you?” Nadia asked as she and Angie came to her.

“Did what?” she inquired, not understanding what’s wrong.

“Alene, your belly,” Angie said. Alene placed her hand on her stomach and gasped at what she felt. Looking down she could clearly see her belly, extended with massive amounts of cum. “So, this is how you feel girls?” Alene wondered, “feels amazing.”

“We know,” the girls said in unison, caressing their bellies.

“I must look pregnant with quadruplets,” Alene announced, “can you please help me up?”

The girls each took a hand and pulled Alene to a standing position. as she became accustomed to her new center of mass a torrential stream of cum escaped her cunt and audibly crushed on the floor, causing her to gasp. “I need a bath,” Alene complained as she noticed her right half was covered with cum.

“We all do,” Angie said.

“But where’s Nicky?” Nadia wondered.

“Right there,” Alene pointed at Nicky, she was sleeping on the floor in a pool of cum. Her belly slightly inflated. Between her legs, cum was flowing in a gentle trickle out of her pussy and above it rested a small penis. She smiled and yawned deeply, “good morning girls.”

“Good morning princess.” Alene giggled.

“Great morning,” Nicky corrected her, “thank you.”

“No, thank you,” Alene said as she petted her huge belly, “I never imagined how amazing this feels.”

Nicky got on her feet, cum covering her back and hair. Angie and Naida felt lost, clearly something happened yesterday after they fell asleep.

“Alene, Nicky, could you please tell us what happened?” Nadia asked.

“Basically, we fucked each other simultaneously,” Alene summarized.

“At the same time?” Angie marveled.

“Yes,” Alene continued, “And Nicky won, look what she did to me.” She pointed at her abdomen.

“This balıkesir escort is my uniqueness, I think…” Nicky said with an unsure voice.

“I’ll agree with that,” Nadia said addressing Alene, “only time I saw someone come more was when you fucked Paula.”

“I’m really glad for you,” Angie complimented Nicky, “but can we please, please, please shower now?”

The girls laughed and agreed with her, taking to the showers to freshen up. When they finished they spent the morning cleaning the living room and kitchen, a complex task as from time to time one of the girls would moan as more cum left her womb and crashed to the floor. With hard work (and a sprinkle of magic), they sat down for lunch in the clean kitchen.

“This cleaning is a nightmare,” Complained Nicky.

“Don’t whine,” Alene teased her, “most of the mess came out of you, you should work double hard on cleaning.”

Angie and Nadia looked at each other with a smile. Knowing what goes on in her friend’s mind Nadia spoke: “If that’s your logic Angie and I should rest and have drinks while you girls clean, we don’t have cum.”

“OK, OK,” Alene said, “point taken, we have to find a solution for cleaning the house.”

Angie had an interested look on her face, “Alene, how far are we willing to go with this solution?”

“As far as we want. We have money, so whatever solution we come up with, we can fund it.”

“I have an idea then,” Angie exclaimed, “look, you’re cumming a lot, and now with Nicky in our life there’s even more cum to deal with, Mops won’t cut it here. I say we go for a renovation for the house, a makeover to better suit our needs.”

Nadia’s mind was clearly racing after hearing Angie: “Wow, that’s a wonderful idea, we can have drains running along the floor and we’ll have robot’s that wipe the floor!”

Nicky was on her phone, her mind also ablaze with ideas, “we can get water proof furniture, that way we can cum as much as we want!”

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon planning, thinking and working on how to make the makeover a reality. By 7 PM they managed to find a female contractor ready for work and made her sign a nondisclosure agreement.

“How much?” Nicky asked.

“Two hundred grand and a one-night stand with us once the contract is finished,” Alene explained.

“Can we stay here while they work?” Angie inquired.

“Sadly no,” Nadia explained, “we should leave the house for a month, we need to find a place to stay for now.”

“I’d offer my place but I think it’s too small, the whole thing is one small room,” Angie said in an unhappy voice.

Nicky looked worried, “I’d offer my place, but I don’t want to go back there after what happened with Jen.”

“It’s OK Nicky,” Naida calmed her, “you don’t have to go back there if you don’t want to. Alene, ideas?”

“Well, we do have money, I’ll tell you what I want but please don’t make fun of me?” Alene asked and the girls leaned in to hear her. “I want us all to go to the US, I’ve never been there before, it can be fun.”

Nadia’s eyes lit up, “that’s a great idea, let’s work on that.” The girls wasted no time, like a squad of skilled solders, they worked on closing all the loose ends. In a few hours they wrapped everything up.

“So, we have three days to choose all the furniture, pack our stuff and board the plane to Florida?” Alene concluded.

“Right,” Angie confirmed, “I also called our friend Paula, she started walking again, she’ll manage the work while we are away.”

Alene looked at Angie, the busty vixen had such a great influence on her life. She helped Alene with Paula and took care of Tobbuc Inc. and was simply there for her and Nadia. She wanted to do something for her. “Thank you for all your help, Angie,” Alene said as she approached her and placed a hand on her right breast, “I wish you’d find your gift.”

“Thank you, Alene, you don’t have an idea how much my life changed since you came into them.” Angie hugged her and the girls joined for a group hug. “I’m so sleepy,” Angie exclaimed as the hug prolonged.

“Alene can we sleep together tonight?” Nadia asked.

“If Nicky and Angie don’t mind,” Alene looked at the two girls. Angie had her hand at Nicky’s crouch while Nicky played with her massive boobs.

“We don’t care as long as you don’t care if we spend the night in our own room,” Angie said. Both parties kissed good night and went to their rooms at opposite sides of the house.

===Alene & Nadia===

“Angie and Nicky are going to have so much fun,” Alene said as she closed the door.

“Alene?” Naida mumbled, “I want to ask you something and I need to hear the truth.”

“Sure,” Alene exclaimed, “what is it?”

“Can you remember what our lives looked like a year and a half ago?” Nadia started to reminisce, “I was looking for a big cock and you looked for a job?” she sighed.

“We both found what we were looking for,” Alene said waving her cock, “I don’t think you ever had anyone balıkesir escort bayan bigger than me.”

Nadia face beamed seriousness, “I miss those days.”

“What are you saying Nadia? Are you unhappy with our lives?” Alene asked with a fearful voice.

“No, I’ve never been happier,” Naida defended herself, “I just miss the time when our sex was simple.”

Alene thought about it for a moment. “You mean when my cock was 9 inches and I shot about a shot glass of cum?”

“Alene for the life of me, you never came just one shot glass, first time we had sex you came so much you ruined your room and covered me,” Nadia corrected her.

Alene giggled a bit but slowly her smile faded into deep concern, “you want me to be smaller? To cum less with you? Don’t you love our sex? Whatever you want Nadia, I’ll do it for you!”

“I don’t know what I want,” Nadia said, “this is so strange, I’m confused, I love your sexuality but I also miss the fun gentle sex we used to have.”

“I want to show you something,” Alene said and went to her drawer, she pulled out the spell book and placed it on the bed. “Come over” she invited Nadia who kneeled beside her, looking at the book.

“I saw this spell a long time ago,” Alene explained, “at first I thought about giving it to Jen but I think it will help serve you better.”

“What does it do?”

“It gives you control, do you trust me Nadia?” Alene asked.

“With my life,” Nadia said without even thinking about it, the answer was clear to her.

Alene took Naida’s hands, “Dabo Illi Potestatem,” she cast the spell.

===Angie & Nicky===

As Angie closed the door behind them Nicky was naked, her cock hard and waiting.

“I watched you fuck Nadia, it was amazing! and I’m not even talking about what you did to Alene, I have to try you,” Angie demanded as she took her own garments off.

“Nice to know you’re game,” Nicky said seductively as she approached Angie. She stopped in front of Angie, her eye’s transfixed on Angie’s and placed both hands on her boobs. Giving them a squeeze, Angie moaned and Nicky felt something wet hit her own breasts. Looking down she gasped, milk was shooting from Angie’s breasts and hitting her.

“Are you lactating?” Nicky asked.

===Alene & Nadia===

“I feel the same,” Nadia said but Alene didn’t look surprised.

“My cock is too long for you right?” she asked.

“A bit,” Nadia answered, wondering where this is going.

“Place your hands on its tip and its base.”

“I’m not in the mood for sex Alene,” Nadia tried to protest but caught Alene angry gaze and changed her mind, doing as Alene told her.

“Now think about what size better suits you.” Alene instructed. Nadia took a deep breath and closed her eyes. As she exhaled she noticed her hands moved closer to one another. She opened her eyes to see Alene’s cock shrinking.

“Am I doing this?” Nadia muttered.

“Yes, you dummy, you can change me to whatever fits your needs.” Alene said.

Nadia took her hands to her breasts, trying to make them grow. “silly you, it only works on me, and specifically my cock and balls.” Alene said with a giggle.

“Can I try?” she asked, Alene gave her an inviting look.

Nadia grabbed the tip and the bottom, shrinking Alene until she was very small. “This was your size when we first did it.” Then she made it grow a bit more, “10 inches, the size of the biggest cock I found on a guy.”

Alene looked amused, letting Nadia play. Naida made her cock grow some more, this time when Nadia stopped she recognized the size, “I grew to this size when I was inside you.”

“Nice Alene,” Nadia proclaimed, “15 inches, I loved that size.” Then Nadia place her hands on Alene’s massive balls and they started to shrink. Nadia looked at the cock before her with hungry eyes and for the first time in over a year took it into her mouth. It was a very tight fit, Alene was bigger than any man alive, but Nadia licked and sucked on her with all her might, making Alene groan and flinch with pleasure, playing with her balls all the while.

Nadia took as much of Alene’s cock into her mouth as she could and gave her an amazing blowjob. “I can enjoy this for a very long time,” Alene bragged, suddenly her eyes opened wide and she yelled, “I’m cumming”. For the first time in a long time, Nadia guided her hand behind Alene’s balls, touched her wet pussy and shoved a finger inside, triggering an unexpected orgasm.

Alene’s cock was lodged deep down Nadia’s throat, it blasted cum directly into Nadia’s belly. She could feel the streams, every time Alene’s cock released cum inside her, she could feel it and counted in her head.

By the time Nadia counted 20 shots Alene came down and pulled her cock out of Nadia’s mouth. Before her kneeled a Sexy goddess with a very light bulge in her belly.

===Angie & Nicky===

Angie was clearly as surprised as Nicky, “I’m so sorry, it never happened to me before.” The flow slowed down escort balıkesir to a gentle stream that showed no sign of stopping, running down Angie’s abdomen and lags to pool at her feet. “I’ve ruined the moment, didn’t I?” she asked in a fearful voice.

As Angie lifted her gaze to Nicky she saw it was far from over, her huge cock, harder than ever before, was oozing pre- cum in massive amounts. “can I taste you?” Nicky asked. Angie lifted her right breast to her own mouth and drank, it was sweet and flavorful. “I taste great, you have to try.” She said a squeezed her left breast, causing it to shoot a huge stream of milk that arched all the way to Nicky’s face, she drank it with pleasure.

“My god you taste great,” Nicky said as the stream ended, “I have to get it straight from the tap.” She closed the distance and grabbed Angie’s left breast. For some time, the girls drank from Angie’s never-ending reservoirs.

Suddenly Nicky released Angie’s breast and stood up, looking Angie right in the eyes, “On the bed now!”

===Alene & Nadia===

“How big can I make it?” Nadia asked.

“As big as you want.”

“Let’s give it a shot,” Nadia said and rose to her feet. She kissed Alene passionately and directed her to one side of the room. She placed her hands on Alene’s balls, they grew and grew until they touched the floor. Nadia showed no sign of stopping.

“I don’t think I can move with them this size, let me sit on them to make this more manageable.” Alene asked and Nadia paused. Alene sat down on her balls, they were as big as the time she fucked Paula, “plan to go bigger?” she asked Nadia.

Nadia said nothing, she just allowed Alene’s balls to grow and grow. The sight was a wonder, Alene’s ball sack grew to the size of a pickup truck, making the floor creek under the weight of her cum. Nadia took her hand off Alene’s wobbling balls and looked at her.

“Now for your cock,” she reached up and grabbed the tip of her cock, making it grow. It was soon back to its former 3 feet length. Nadia stopped its growth, “I want to see what you’ll become.”

Alene smiled with agreement, letting Nadia enjoy her new gift. The girl pulled Alene’s cock, letting the growth continue, soon Nadia was a good 7 feet away from Alene. “Are you sure this is your cock?” Nadia Jokingly asked, “I think you stole it off a blue whale.”

Alene laughed, “I promise you, it’s not stolen!”

“Can we go bigger?” Naida asked.

“I think so, it feels good,” Alene moaned. Nadia made her grow again, this time stopping when her back hit the wall, a good 16 feet of cock before her, she could see Alene at the other end, enjoying the sensations one can only imagine a cock this size will give to its owner, Alene’s cock was as wide as Nadia’s body. She lifted the huge head with both hands and placed it in front of her face, “cum on me love.”

“NO! LET IT GO NADIA! MOVE AWAY!” Alene commended, Nadia could see she was fighting something big and did as Alene asked. She came to Alene’s side.

“Are you ok?” Nadia asked.

“I can feel it, I’m going to cum very soon,” Alene said, her voice breaking with moans of pleasure, “good thing we plan on fixing this house soon.”

“I think you’re over reacting,” Nadia tried to calm her down, but Alene nodded her head. “Stay close to me love, I’m c…” Alene couldn’t even finish the sentence as her orgasm started.

The whole room trembled as Alene’s balls pushed inhuman amounts of cum up her shaft. Nadia hugged her balls as she realized what’s going to happen. The blast leaving Alene’s cock was as wide as Nadia’s thigh, Nadia could almost see it move in slow motion. It slammed against the wall and splattered around the room painting the wall and covering the furniture in a thick layer of cum. The flow was insane, it just went on as Alene whimpered in pleasure.

After about 5 seconds the floor was covered with cum that reached Naida’s waists. Alene gave a huge scream, “IT’S COMING, I’M CUMMING!”

“Yea I noticed,” Nadia said sarcastically.

“NO, NADIA, THE SECOND BLAST IS STARTING!” Alene yelled before losing herself to the pleasure again. Nadia noticed it, suddenly the stream of cum flooding the room doubled. It looked like Alene couldn’t get the first shot of cum out of her fast enough and now the second shot came to join her. The massive shot made a huge cracking noise as it slammed against the wall. Even though the shot went on and on, the level of cum in the room didn’t rise and remained at Nadia’s waist.

After about 15 minutes Alene’s orgasm seemed to subside. The room and both girls in it were covered in massive amounts of jizz. The first thing Nadia did once the orgasm ended was to bring Alene back to her normal size. The girls stood in the pool of cum and Looked in shock at their handy work. Nadia was the first to notice the hole in the wall, “OMG Alene look.”

===Angie & Nicky===

Angie placed her back on the bed and played with her breasts, the milk flow didn’t show any sign of ending anytime soon. She drank some more and opened her legs for Nicky. The pink cute pussy before her bagged for attention, Angie was very wet and as Nicky came closer to give her head she tasted how divine her pussy was. Nicky licked and sucked, making Angie moan and groan as her pussy flexed and her clit fired up with pleasure.

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