Good meets Evil at the nightclub

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Emma, a 25 year old young professional and relatively new in town, headed out with her work colleagues on their first social night out. After several bars, she was surprised how drunk some of her more senior colleagues had become, but felt she needed to keep up to make a good impression. As the night wore on, she had it in her mind that after one more bar, she would head home. They entered a nightclub recommended by some members of the group who had already left.

Emma and Angeling stood at the bar as a group of men circled around them, all mid-30s with short-cut hair, some well built and others average, jeans and crew-cut, tight T-shirts. The leader of the lads leaned into Emma:
“’Scuse me love, but you better leave right now, or we’re going to grab your ass”
“We’re just here for a drink and a good time”, said Emma.
“I didn’t ask, I’m telling you what’s going to happen darlin’” said the leader.

Emma whispers into Angeling’s ear what was going on, hoping she’d sobered up enough they could leave. Angeling was still too intoxicated and offered no response to Emma. Determined to have a good end to her evening, Emma ignored the group and ordered her drinks.

She quickly felt a large, firm hand first place itself onto her left ass cheek and then give a tight, stinging squeeze. Emma couldn’t believe he had gone through with it, let alone the jeering it had just received from his mates. Deep down, she couldn’t help suppress a feeling of disgust mixed with a dark lust. Emma did not turn around, instead firming up her buttocks as she leaned over the bar further to get the attention of the barman.

The hand slid quickly over to her right ass cheek and gave a harder, painful squeeze around her petite ass. Emma swatted the hand away this time, realising people might see and wonder why she wasn’t reacting. She glanced around and saw the leader with another of his well-built lads standing very close to her, too close for normal interaction, whilst their friends had formed a circle to block anyone seeing what they were doing. Emma turned back to the bar, half hoping the barman would see the events and put a stop to it, but half hoping things would continue.

This night was particularly busy, so the barman was 5 or 6 punters away from where Emma was standing. The rough hand migrated down her thigh to wear her loose skirt was cut, quickly slithering underneath it and back up to grope her bare ass with a renewed sting. Emma bit her lip, knowing she had now let things progress too far. Suddenly, a second, even bigger, more powerful but clumsier hand had planted onto her other bare ass cheek and exacted a more painful compression. She knew both men were capitalising on her failure to withstand that dark lust in her; both their heartbeats beating as fast as hers, wondering where things might progress.

Emma şişli bayan escort surreptitiously leant her ass backward, making it look was if she was actually bending further over the bar. The lead pervert felt her acquiescence and decided to take advantage quickly. He moved forward to slide his hand between her buttocks, tracing the lining of her underwear to the crease of her moist pussy, where the underwear are pulled into her valley of lust. Emma’s mind made one more attempt from the shock of his forwardness to end this and leave, but the tingling, warm sensation arising from her pussy was too powerful and overcame her, pushing her down and down into that dark, lascivious dungeon.

She felt his shoulder pressing against hers and the smell of past cigarettes, as he spoke into her ear, “Thought you just wanted a quiet drink, love? Didn’t know you were up for a proper fingering in the club, like a good little slut. Isn’t that right, darlin’, that you wanna feel my fingers up your pussy, like a little whore who can’t get enough?”

Emma knew she shouldn’t respond; she couldn’t for all the intensity of the situation. He remained in the same position, now looking to others as if he knew Emma and she him. Emma kept her eyes fixed on the barman and his spirits, feeling the strangers filthy stare almost as strongly as his fingers, now roughly and vigorously pulling aside the thin strip of material to access her cunt.

His nervous and amateurish fingers found her moistness and slid straight up into her pussy, burying themselves deep in her cleft. Emma winced, but she kept her eyes forward, enjoying the pain and the simplicity of her assailant. He quickly enclosed his hand to cup the lower part of her pussy and extended his thumb up to rub her ass hole. Emma jolted at this sensation, remembering her hesitation but desire for anal excitation. She heard whispering. Agreement. Hands moving.

The large hand inflicting pinching pain to her other buttock withdrew for several seconds, replaced by 2 sticky, moist fingers directly onto the rosebud of her anus. With miraculous co-ordination, the fingers from her pussy withdrew to focus on her clitoris, which was throbbing with want, whilst one of her new moist attackers pressed into her relatively unexplored anal canal. It found initial resistance, as Emma unwittingly clenched around it. She focused on the barman again, trying to forget the stinging pain of her rectal exploration. The big fella found her ass hole to relax and he quickly capitalised, pushing his big digit further into her shit-pipe. Emma pushed back, giving in to this assault on her senses, at once joining the attackers to defile her own body.

Both men panted as hard as Emma, shell-shocked at her complicity. Their simple minds could not grasp how Emma had given way to a deep fantasy; they felt their şişli escort misogynistic threats had won them this dirty prize. Emma was trying with great care to hold onto her gaze of the barman, but the increasing deep, undulating sensation emanating from her back passage caused her knees to weaken, forcing her lower onto the bar where the wet surface dampened her thin top. She retained her position using her arms, as waves of pleasure built from her clitoris, despite the animalistic nature of her stranger’s rubbing.

The large fella had a sense of entitlement now, progressing to a better, closer, more central position behind Emma, working to not rouse suspicion. The leader gave room, seeing that he would lose in a battle of muscle. Placing his free hand around Emma’s lower waist, he extended his second, damp digit to join his first, as Emma spread apart her legs to allow his big fist space between her bouncing cheeks. The pain from the first digit was retold, but Emma new it was an investment. She quickly pushed back hard onto her hands, using the pleasure from her cunt to subside the initial abrasive pain. After several more minutes, the 2 fingers had slickened from her anal moisture and were darting in and out of her with ease. She enjoyed several minutes of his big fingers pounding her into her ass hole, punching up into her gut, delivering a pang of disgusting pleasure with each stroke.

Emma suddenly stopped her racing mind. Reassess. She was at a bar, any bar. She was effectively alone. She had been warned. She stayed. She was now being molested. By strangers. She had abandoned all sense. She didn’t want her drink anymore, but didn’t want to leave that bar. She had 2 avaricious fingers flicking and rubbing her cunt. She had 2 even bigger, rigid fingers buried in her ass hole. She was pushing back into all this. Her legs were spreading wider. She couldn’t stop panting. She wanted-

“You are a filthy whore. Has the slut got a name?”
“E- Emma” she whimpered, feeling his tone dominating her.
“Emma, good name for a slut. Short and simple, like it was to get your pussy on the end of my fingers. My mate’s got massive hands, and 2 of those filthy digits are up your arse hole, and you are fucking loving it”

“Hey, are you ok? Hey, hey, are you OK? You want a drink? What’s going on?”

Emma jolted out of her prison. She could see the friendly, handsome barman looking at her, cleaning a glass in his hand with a rag.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I lost concentration, I’ve been waiting a little while, but I know you’re busy”.

She felt the two hands strain not to leave her, but she gave a firm brush away and regained herself. The pressure inside her shit chute eased as the large fingers slid out of her loose sphincter. She let go of the building clitoral rush, feeling the firm hug her of her underwear mecidiyeköy escort back in their rightful place, as her skirt fell back brushing against her red, sore ass and her slimy thighs.

“That’s OK my sweet. What can I get for you? And a water for your friend? No offence at all, but perhaps she needs to be taken home? There are some pretty horrible people come in here, I wouldn’t see you get hurt.”
“I think you’re right; make that two waters”

The barman stepped away to pour the redeeming liquid, whilst the hands suddenly tried their return. Emma turned around to her assailants, “Thank you boys, but you can stop all that. We’re going home, perhaps next time you should buy the drinks”.

“Don’t stop now, darlin’, just because pretty bar boy smiled at you. We both know what you’re really after, you dirty cunt”

Emma knew he was right, she knew her mind wanted a charming barman to protect her, but now that she’d let the devil in, she wanted this vile thug and his buddies to have their way with her, despite her reluctance.

“Here, you forgot this”, interjected the big fella, as he leaned in and wiped his fingers across her top, smearing a slimy shit stain as they piqued her nipples through her bra.

Emma strained to focus. “My friend needs to get home, she’s really tired. I don’t know what happened earlier, but we’re having some water and you better leave us alone, or else my friend across the bar will have you chucked out”

“You’re talking shit, just like you smell of it, whore. Why not bring your friend back to mine, we can look after both-“

“Two waters for- What was your name again?”, said the saviour.
“Thanks, it’s Emma.”
“Well Emma, I’m Mike. I’ve asked the guys at the door to see you get out OK, I can see those guys are giving you some hassle.”
“Thanks Mike, you are so sweet. They are just horny idiots, nothing I can’t handle, but maybe yours is a good idea.”

Emma helped Angeling with her water and she seemed to be sober enough to walk home. Seeing the security guards moving over, the group of lads made some room and Emma slipped past, feeling a final, very stinging pinch of one ass check, and a firm smack of her other as she moved out with Angeling on her arm. Outside, the fresh air hit her as she changed her heels for flats. She immediately hurried on toward the streets leading home, hoping to hide her new stains.

As they stumbled down the busy streets, she could hear a whooping and cooing not far from her flat. She took a moment to stop on the penultimate corner, turning to see the group of 7 lads from the bar heading toward them, not yet having seen or recognised them amongst the toers and froers. Having propped Angeling up, she felt a jolt of sexual animalism rise up in her as the flats slipped off her feet and she bent to tighten on her heels. She came back to standing as 50 metres away the leader locked eyes with Emma, instantly recognising her; a sickening, ghastly smile spread across his lips as it did Emma’s mind…

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Handyman 3_(0)

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Nancy, Sharon and Mark were sitting in the kitchen eating lunch. It was Saturday morning and Mark had slept with Nancy in her room. As usual, Sharon took every opportunity to tease Mark. When Nancy turned her back for a moment, Sharon would flash her breasts at Mark or push her pants down and finger her pussy. Mark enjoyed this game and joined in. He would flash his cock at her, or try to do something to make her laugh. This morning when Nancy was making toast and frying some bacon, Mark walked up beside where Sharon was sitting and pulled out his cock and tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned her head, he slapped her face with his cock and then slipped it between her lips. He stepped away before Nancy could turn around. He was back at his seat drinking his coffee when Nancy turned and asked Sharon what she was giggling about. They played this way often and he and Nancy did the same thing when Sharon wasn’t looking. Mark was pretty sure that the same type of thing was going on behind his back. This was the most fun job he had ever had.

The doorbell rang and Nancy went to see who was there. Her friend from work, Babs, was standing on the porch. Nancy invited her in and said, “Hi Babs, come on in. What brings you to our humble abode?”

“Hi Nancy, I have been all over town looking at patio furniture and I can’t find anything that I like. I remembered you told me that you had some made for your back yard. I thought I would like to take a look at it if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, come on back and have a peek.”

She led her friend to the back yard and Babs admired the way the table and benches were made. “They look great and sturdy too. I like the way he made them blend in with the rest of the yard. They look so organic.”

“Yea, Mark is really good at what he does.”

“You have to tell me who you found to build this for you.”

“I’ll do better than that, follow me.”

She led Babs to the kitchen and said, “Babs, this is Mark, Mark, this is my friend Babs. Mark is the guy that built the furniture. He is our resident handyman.”

Mark jumped to his feet and shook hands with Nancy’s friend. “I am glad to meet you. Was it Babs?”

“My real name is Barbara but everyone has been calling me Babs since school. It’s nice to meet you Mark. I was admiring the lawn furniture you made for Nancy. I am hoping I might get you to build some for me, if Nancy could spare you for a while.”

“I guess that will be Nancy’s decision, she’s the boss. I’m just a lowly peon struggling for a crust of bread.”

Nancy punched him in the shoulder laughing and said, “Careful, peon, I might sell you to the highest bidder.”

“Babs, if Mark wants to take on the job, I can spare him for a while. Things are pretty well caught up around here. I will let you two negotiate your own deal.”

Mark said, “That works for me.”

Babs gave him her address and asked him to come over on Sunday to look the area over, pick a design, negotiate a price and order the needed materials. They set a time and Babs left.

“It looks like a pretty good chance for you to make some good money. Babs was divorced a while back and she did very well on the settlement. She doesn’t really have to work, but she likes her job and it gets her out of the house. Sharon, how old is Trish? Trish is Babs’ daughter.”

“I think she’s 17, mom. She’s one grade higher at school than I am. She’s pretty popular at school, especially with the boys.”

“Any way, she can afford to pay you whatever you ask. She said she can’t find anything anywhere in town that she likes.”

On Sunday, Mark drove over to meet with Babs. He found she lived in a very nice neighborhood. There were large houses on large lots and lots of privacy fences. Babs met him at the door and ushered him to the back yard. It was a large area with a patio and an in ground swimming pool. She explained what she had in mind and Mark sketched out a design he thought would work. They talked it over for a while and Babs invited him to stay for lunch. Babs was an attractive woman with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She had smallish breasts and long shapely legs. He admired her firm looking ass as she walked away. He was working on the materials list when Trish walked by. He now knew why she was popular with the boys. She was wearing a white tank top and a very short white skirt. Her legs were fabulous and she also had small but very shapely breasts. She bent over to pick something up and he caught a flash of her panties that barely covered her ass. When she turned, she noticed him looking at her.

She approached and holding out her hand said, “Hi, I’m Trish. You must be Mark. I have heard that you do some very good work.”Mark rose and took her hand and replied, “Hi Trish, I guess I will be working around her for a while. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of each other over the next few days.”

Trish looked him up and down and thought,”I think more than you may expect.”

They had lunch and mark finished the list of materials he would need. He gave the list to Babs and she called the home improvement store to place the order. When she returned, she said it would be delivered first thing in the morning.

Mark shook her hand and took his leave, promising to be there at 8 the next morning.

When Mark arrived in the morning, he was just in time to see the delivery truck drive away. He entered the back yard through the side gate and began to go over the materials and plan his job. It was only a moment when Babs came out the door with a tray holding a pot of coffee, a carafe of juice and some sweet rolls.
“Good morning Mark, How about a cup of coffee before you start.”

“Thank you, Babs. I appreciate that.”

They had their coffee and chatted for a short time until it was time for Babs to leave for work. “Trish will be here all day, so if there is anything you need, just ask her. She will do whatever necessary to help. She will also fix lunch for you whenever you are ready. Have a good day and I will see you this evening.”

“Thanks, Babs, You have a good day also.”

Mark started in on his project and was deeply into it later when Trish stuck her head out the door to ask if there was anything he needed. He assured her that he was fine and continued working.

Before he realized it, it was 1:00 and his stomach started growling. He laid his tools down and just then, Trish appeared. ”I saw you stop and figured you might be ready for lunch. Is there anything special you might like?”

“You can just surprise me. I will eat almost anything. Just fix whatever is easy for you.”

“Okay, come on in and you can get washed up while I whip up something.”

Mark washed up and went into the dining area. He watched as Trish moved around the kitchen. Today she had on shorts and a belly shirt that came just above her navel. Her ass looked firm and he could not keep his eyes off her legs. He could almost see them wrapped around his body. He realized he was getting an erection and tried to think of other things. Before he knew it, Trish placed a meal before him. They chatted as he ate and she was very good company. When he finished, he returned to work.

A short time later, Trish came out wearing a white string bikini. She dropped a towel and a bottle of lotion and jumped into the pool. She swam for a while but when she got out of the pool, the wet white suit was almost transparent. Even from fifty feet, he could see the top clinging to her tits and he could see the shadow of her nipples. She picked up her towel şişli bayan escort and dried herself off, all the while, looking directly at him.

For the first time he realized that there was no conventional lawn chairs or chaise lounges on the patio. There was a 12 by 12 pad about 2” thick. They had wedge shaped padded back rests that sat on the ground. They were adjustable from straight up for sitting to angled back for tanning. Trish spread her towel and adjusted the back rest so she could watch Mark and he could get a good view of her hot body. She sat down and began to apply lotion to her body, working her way up her legs, over her stomach and up to her chest. When she got that far, she reached behind and untied her top and dropped it beside her. She then applied more lotion to her breasts and the rest of her chest and arms. She then lay back wait her eyes closed to tan. The only thing she kept on was the small thong that barely covered her pussy.

When Mark realized what she had done, he was so distracted that he had to turn and face a different direction so he could do his work.

After about a half hour, Trish called, “Mark, could you come over here?”

Mark looked up and cautiously walked to where she was lying.

Trish sat up and holding out the bottle of lotion, said, “I can’t reach my back. Would you do me please?”

She moved the wedge and lay down on her stomach, pulling her hair to the side to expose her graceful neck. After a moment, Mark dropped to his knees beside her and pouring lotion into his hands, he began to apply it starting at her neck and working down her soft tanned shoulders to her back. His hands worked the lotion into her silky skin and it became more like a massage than just a lotion application. He paused when he got to her waist where the band disappeared between the cheeks of her ass, leaving it naked to his eyes.

“Don’t stop, do my butt too and down the back of my thighs. It would be painful to get burned there.”

Mark shifted down and as he moved, Trish spread her legs apart to give him room. He knelt between her legs and beginning with her calves, he resumed putting the lotion on her. He did the left leg then the right. When he got up to her knees, he used one hand on each. He began running his hands up the outside of her thighs to her hips and back down to her knees again. He rubbed the back of her legs, kneading the muscles as he worked the lotion in. His hands moved up and down her thighs and onto the cheeks of her ass. As he dragged his hands down the cheeks, he let his thumbs slide into the crack and slip down over her puckered rosebud. Trish gave out a great sigh as he did this and ever pressed her hips up to meet his hands. He worked back down the inside of her thighs. Mark put more lotion in his hands and began to bring his hands up the inside of her legs until he got to her crotch, Trish, spread her legs farther apart and lifted her hips again. Mark took his fingers and slipped them under the edge of her thong and rubbed the outer lips of her pussy.

“Oh… Yes… don’t stop.”

Mark pushed the thin strip of cloth aside and slipped his fingers the length of her slit. He drew it back and down again. As his fingers collected moisture from her leaking cunt, he rubbed it up and down her pussy and around her puckered hole. When his fingers dove back he slipped his finger into her cunt. He pumped it in slowly and when he pulled it back out she moaned again. He pushed his fingers up to slide over her clit as it peaked out of its sheath. He rubbed it and pulled it between his fingers as Trish began to pant and writhe against him. Suddenly, he plunged three fingers into her cunt and as she humped back against him, he slid his thumb into her ass up to the first knuckle.

Mark moved his free hand under Trish and rubbed her clit, sending her into a full orgasm. He felt her cunt clamp down on his fingers as her juices flooded his hand.

“Oh, God, are you going to tease me or are you going to fuck me? I want your cock in me now… Please…”

Mark sat back on his knees and dropped his pants and underwear down, releasing his steel hard 7” shaft. As he did this, Trish pushed the bikini bottom off and fell to her back with her legs spread, waiting for him.
Mark leaned forward and Trish grabbed his cock and aimed it at her cunt. He pushed forward and she cried out in joy as he worked it into her, an inch at a time until he was pumping all of it as deep as he could. He stroked slowly at first and Trish matched his rhythm. She soon begged him to go faster and harder. He was soon jack hammering into her and his balls were slapping against her ass. Trish clinched her pussy and had her next orgasm, flooding his cock again, the cum was dripping down her crack. As her orgasm passed, Mark pulled out and flipped her back to her belly. He lifted her hips and pushed his cock back into her cunt and again began pounding into her. In only a few minutes, she was once again cumming on his cock. Mark gathered liquid from her cunt and rubbed it into her rose bud. He pushed first one and then two fingers into her ass, pumping and twisting to loosen her up.

“Oh yes, Fuck my ass. Please fuck my tiny ass.”

Mark pulled his cock from her cunt and placed it at the entrance of her ass. He started to push passed the sphincter and she pushed her ass back to meet the invader He shoved more and more of his cock into her until he was pounding the entire length into her bowel. Her ass was tight and wet and warm. He reached around and played with her clit and pushed his fingers into her pussy and as she screamed out her next orgasm, he started pumping load after load of his cum into her tight ass. As his cock softened, it slipped from her ass and she collapsed on her towel. Mark cleaned his cock off on the corner of the towel, pulled his pants back up and went back to work.

Later, mark noticed Trish got up and gathered her things and went back inside. A short time later, she came out and gave him a large glass of lemonade. She was still naked and she pressed her body against him and gave him a very long and sensual kiss. “If you need anything else, just call me.”

Mark sipped at his drink and watched her sweet ass as she returned inside. He then resumed his work. He didn’t see Trish for the rest of the day.

As evening came, lights automatically came on so Mark continued to work. After a while Babs came out of the house and called to him. “Don’t you think it might be quitting time? It looks like you made some good progress today.”

“I guess I did. The evening air was so refreshing and there was plenty of light so I just kept going.”

“Come in and have some dinner with us. You have done enough for today.”

Mark had dinner with Babs and Trish and they talked about several things they found they had in common. Trish had changed into a light blue skirt and a darker blue top that came down just below her breasts. She smiled every time she caught Marks eye. She found an opportunity when Babs went to answer a phone call to move over close to Mark and guide his hand under her top to her bare breast. He gave it a squeeze and tickled her nipple for a moment and said that wasn’t a good idea. She giggled and said, “How about this?” and pulled his hand up her leg to her naked pussy. He dipped his fingers in and massaged her clit for a minute, gathering her juices and then licked his fingers.

“Mmm… very tasty.”

“There’s more where that came from”, she whispered in his ear.

After dinner, Mark made his exit promising to come back in the morning.

The şişli escort next day, Mark was again greeted with coffee. He talked with Babs again until she left for work. He went to work, picking up where he left off. After a while, Trish walked up behind him and placed her hands around his waist. He didn’t hear her coming and was surprised when he felt her. He slowly turned to face her and discovered that she was once again naked. He laid his tools down and looked down into her eyes. He brought his hands up to cradle her breasts. “Don’t you think you are a little under dressed this morning?”

“No, I think you are a little over dressed.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, first I thought I would suck your cock and then I thought you would fuck me stupid.”

“That sounds very nice, but I was hired to do a job and it wouldn’t look good if your mother came home and didn’t see any progress.”

“Okay, but this afternoon, when you take a break, it will be twice as much fun.”

“What do you have planned, sweet cheeks?”

“You just have to wait; meantime, I am still going to suck you off.” She dropped to her knees and released his cock. She took it into her mouth and began to suck him deep into her mouth. She worked her tongue up and down his shaft and sucked his balls into her mouth. She licked every inch of his manhood and stroked whatever she couldn’t get into her mouth. She sucked him faster and faster till she felt his balls draw up and his shaft swell. He grunted as he exploded into her releasing rope after rope of cum that she swallowed as fast as he supplied it. As his cock softened, she let it slip out of her mouth. She refastened his pants and stood in front of him again.

“I really like the taste of your cum. If there is anything else you need just call. Lunch will be ready at 1:00.”

She turned and went back to the house and Mark returned to his job. As she had said, she had lunch ready on time and she joined him while he ate. After lunch, Mark went outside and as he began to work again, he was once again distracted. Trish came back out but this time, she had someone with her. She was a blond with C cup breasts and a shaved pussy. He knew because both girls were naked. They walked up to him and Trish introduced her friend as Karen. Karen giggled as Mark looked her over and said, “It is nice to meet you Mark. I hope you will fuck me like you fucked Trish yesterday.”

“If you would be patient, I think I might be able to satisfy both of you this afternoon. In the mean time, make your selves comfortable.”

Mark reached up and fondled Karen’s breast and leaned over to give her nipple a suck. Then he turned around and went back to work. The girls moved over to the tanning mat and spread their towels. They spent several minutes rubbing lotion on each other. They seemed to be taking a long time to get that done. Mark watched as Karen began dipping her fingers into Trish’s pussy. Trish lay back as Karen worked on her clit and after several minutes, she pulled Karen onto her in 69 position and both girls stuck her face into the others pussy. Mark watched as they ate each other out. The moans and groans finally got to him and he walked over and stripped his clothes off. “Well, look who joined the party,” Trish said as she peeked up from between Karen’s thighs.

Karen looked back over her shoulder and said, “Oh goody”.

Mark knelt down behind Karen and moved up preparing to fuck her. Trish reached up and pulled his cock to her mouth and licked and sucked at it to get him ready. When he was sufficiently lubricated, he pushed his cock into Karen’s cunt and Trish went back to licking Karen’s clit.

As mark pumped into her pussy, he reached around and held her tits, pinching her nipples and with his other, he found Trish’s. His balls kept hitting Trish in the face and she would lick at them and suck them into her house. Karen was the first to come, her cum dropping down into Trish’s face. She rammed her tongue into Trish and sucked at her clit with renewed energy. Mark came next, pumping his cum into Karen. Trish hit her orgasm shortly after. Karen lapped up her cum as mark drew his cock from her cunt. Trish wasted no time pulling Karen’s cunt to her mouth to eat Mark’s cum from her dripping hole. Mark stood up and walked over to the pool and jumped in. He took several laps before he climbed out. By then, the girls were sitting back up and talking. As he approached they smiled and asked if he was ready for round two. “I am if I can do it lying down”, Mark replied.

He lay down on his back and beckoned Karen over to him. “Why don’t you suck my cock until it is nice and hard? Then Trish can sit on it and you can sit on my face so I can get a taste of your lovely pussy.”

Karen crawled onto mark and licked the head and up the shaft of his cock. She pushed the tip of her tongue into the tip of his piss hole. She sucked his cock deep into her throat and drew it back, sucking the fluids out and causing Mark to pump his hips up to meet her face. Karen released him from her lips and said, “Is that hard enough for you?”

Trish said, “It’s hard enough for me.” She climbed on and aimed his cock at her cunt and slid down his pole with a deep sigh.

Karen threw a leg across Mark and lowered her pussy low enough that he could capture her lips between his. He pushed his tongue into her hole as Trish bounced on his cock. The three hot bodies bounced and squirmed until one after the other, they gushed cum on, over and into each other, finally collapsing into a heap. As they recovered, they all made their way into the pool and splashed and played with each other for a short time. Mark was the first to get out and dry off. He retrieved his clothes and went back to work while the girls retreated to the house to do whatever naked girls do with each other.

Babs returned as Mark was wrapping up for the evening. “I think I should be almost finished by tomorrow night if all goes well. “

“You don’t have to hurry; you should take your time. Feel free to take advantage of the pool. There is an exercise room down stairs also that you can use if you want. We also have a hot tub down there. It’s great to use if you have any stiff muscles. I would be glad to show it all to you unless you are in a hurry to get home.”

“I think I would like that very much. I have been feeling a little sore from all of the bending I have been doing the last few days.”

“Great, follow me and we will get you taken care of.”

Mark followed Babs to the basement where she had a very nice workout area with several exercise machines. What interested him most was the large hot tub. His muscles were really feeling tight and a bit sore. Babs supplied him with a pair of trunks and showed him where he could change. When he came out, he climbed into the tub and relaxed into the hot water. A few minutes later, Babs joined him. She was wearing a very small bikini as she climbed in beside him. He leaned across and turned on the jets and water bubbled and churned.

Babs asked, “Is it your back muscles that are bothering you?”

Mark answered yes and she pulled him around to sit in front of her and began to massage his muscles and rub against his body. She let her hands move across his skin, she rubbed and prodded his back and he felt those muscles release the tension. She worked her hands and fingers down his sides and wrapped them around across his chest. He soon found he was lying back against her with his head on her shoulder as her talented hands worked their magic. He could feel her mecidiyeköy escort breasts against his back and he became aroused. He hoped the bubbles would hide his erection. Babs brought her hands to his chest and rubbed across his nipples and let her fingers gently pinch and pull on them, causing them to become as hard as her nipples were getting. Babs reached behind herself and untied her top. She slipped it off and threw it to the side of the tub. Mark could feel her now rock hard nipples drill into his back and he turned a bit to his side and found her lips. As he kissed her, she let her mouth open to welcome his tongue. She slipped her hands farther down his chest to his waist and moved her fingers under the waist band. She captured his cock and began stroking him.

Mark reached back and lifted Babs around so he could reach her body. He brought his hand up to cradle her breast and captured her nipple between his lips. He pulled her onto his lap and leaned her back against the side of the tub. He brought his hands down to slide the bottom of her bikini off and he dropped his own trunks out of the tub also. They kissed and fondled each other for several minutes. Mark brought her breast to his mouth and teased her nipple with his tongue. He sucked at it and then moved to the other breast to do the same. Babs stroked his cock again and pressed his face to her chest. Mark lifted Babs up to sit on the side of the tub and pushed her legs apart. He buried his face between her thighs and traced his tongue up her slit from the bottom up to her clit. He lapped at her clit and sucked it between his lips. He then brought his tongue down between her lips to open her to taste her pink inner lips and the hole they protected. He drove his tongue deep into her and sucked her juices as he played with her clit between his fingers.

“Mark, let’s get out of here. I want to get that magnificent cock of yours into me as soon as possible. They climbed out of the tub and she led him to her room where she pulled him onto her bed and he mounted between her legs. She wrapped her ankles behind his legs and pulled him to her as her hand aimed his cock at the wet entrance to her cunt. He pushed into her and she moaned into his mouth as he drove in deeper with each stroke. Soon she was begging him to move faster and deeper. He pounded into her faster and she squealed as she came onto his cock. He continued to move against her letting his balls slap against her ass. She came again and yet again, her legs came up over his shoulders. He picked her hips up and bounced her up and down on his cock. He bit and sucked on her tits and when he rubbed a finger up into her ass, she came so hard, and she squirted her cum all over Mark’s stomach. Her cunt spasmed around his cock triggering his orgasm. His cum blasted load after load into her and filled her cunt. They both collapsed and he fell off to her side.

“I haven’t cum that hard in years,” Babs whispered. “I hope we get the chance to do that again.”

“I’ll put that on my list of things to do. Right now though, I think I had better get home. I’ll see you again in the morning.”

Mark walked back down to the workout room where he had left his clothes. When he got there, Trish was there in a robe getting ready to get into the hot tub. He walked in naked and she came over to him and took hold of his cock. “It looks like your little friend has been busy tonight. Don’t you know you are supposed to clean your tools before you put them away? Let me take care of that for you.”

Trish dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. “Mmm… You and mom taste good.” She licked it and sucked until he came down her throat. Mark got dressed and kissed her good bye.

The next morning Mark returned and per their routine, he had coffee and rolls with Babs before he started. Trish joined them also. This morning Trish was wearing her robe. She brought out the tray and Babs poured for Mark. They talked until it was time for Babs to go to work. As soon as she left, Trish dropped her robe and sat on Mark’s lap naked. He let his hand rest on her thighs and on her breast. She kissed him and said, “I don’t want you to finish this job. If you finish, you won’t be able to give me that fine piece of man meat hanging between your legs.”

“I have to admit, I will miss being here, but I do have other commitments to take care of. Speaking of commitments, it is about time for me to get to work.”

Mark worked until lunch and Trish had it fixed at the usual time. When lunch was finished, he went back to work. Later that afternoon, Trish came back out and said, “It’s time for a swim. I won’t let you do any more work today.”

“I can finish in about two more hours. I hate to waste time when I’m this close to being finished.”

“Sorry, you can finish later. For now, you are mine.” She began to unbutton his pants and when she pulled the zipper down; he gave in and pulled his shirt over his head. She knelt in front of him and removed his shoes and socks and he stepped out of his pants. Trish pulled his under wear down and released his cock. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked for a few minutes and then she stood and pulled him to the pool. They played and splashed each other for a long time. Trish made sure she rubbed her naked body against his every chance she got. He pushed her up to the side of the pool and stood between her legs. He dipped his tongue into her slit and proceeded to eat her pussy until she came.

Mark and Trish moved up onto the tanning mat and spent the next couple of hours making love and napping in the sun. As evening approached, Mark got dressed again and decided that he should continue with his work and complete his project. Trish went into the house so she wouldn’t be a distraction.

A few hours later, Mark had finished and cleaned the area, putting his tools back in his truck and stacking the excess construction materials in an out of the way place. When he was finished, he knocked on the door and invited Babs to come inspect the finished project. She was more than happy with his work and invited him to stay for dinner again. Mark respectfully declined, explaining that he needed to get his tools stored away in view of a rain storm that was threatening. He promised Babs that he would return at the end of the week to take her up on her invitation.

Mark returned home and managed to get his tools under cover in the garage before the storm hit. He went to take a shower and changed into something more comfortable.

When he walked into the kitchen to find something to eat, he was greeted by both Nancy and Sharon. They were both so eager to greet him that they both threw their arms around him and wouldn’t let him go until they both had been thoroughly kissed and groped. Nancy proceeded to make dinner for him while Sharon occupied herself teasing and groping Mark. Mark assured them that the project was complete and he would not have to go back except for the dinner he had been invited to at the end of the week.

When he had eaten and relaxed for a while, he told them that he needed a good night of rest. Nancy kissed him good night and whispered in his ear, “Get plenty of rest and save tomorrow night for me. I have really missed you.”

Sharon kissed him and gave him a hug. He broke away and retired to his room. Mark lay awake for a while, listening to the rain on the roof. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep. He had only been sleeping for a short time when he felt a warm body crawl into his bed. Sharon’s naked body snuggled up to his back and her arm lay across him and stroked his chest.

Mark said, “Sharon, not tonight, I am really tired.”
“Shh… Just go to sleep, I just want to be here in the morning. “

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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I lay in bed half exhausted after another sweaty, athletic workout with her. Our sex is always like that, incredible, hot and nasty, the best I’ve ever had. After her third orgasm she had gotten up and gone into the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then the water running in the sink. Then the bathroom door reopened and my sister sauntered over and got back into bed beside me.

She rested her head on my shoulder and caressed my chest with her nimble fingers. I kissed her on her forehead and cupped her breast in my hand. She raised her head and kissed my lips and gave my tongue another taste of hers.

“You’re incredible, Karen,” I said. “Another masterpiece.”

“It takes two, little brother.”

“I still can’t believe we’re doing this. And how fucking good it is.” It wasn’t the first time I’d said it.

“You’re not regretting it, or feeling guilty again, are you Josh?”

“No. Just hard to believe is all.”

“Good. Because I didn’t feel guilty when I came on your face,” she said as she pinched my nipple.

We’d started having sex unexpectedly several weeks before. She had come over to my apartment one night and we had a few drinks, and were talking and listening to some music. My girlfriend Kelly wasn’t there. We’d had a spat as we were prone to do and I hadn’t seen her for a few days.

I guess I should give a little background. My sister is eight years older so I didn’t really know her very well growing up. She was always a wild and free spirit and consistently clashed with my parents on just about everything, so she didn’t get along with them very well. On the day she graduated from high school she moved out of the house. She was still just seventeen but she’d saved some money and had already arranged to rent a room somewhere.

I only saw her once after that. It was about six months later when she came to say goodbye. She told us she was moving to Europe and would ride the trains. She never forgot to send me a card on my birthdays and would write about all of the European cities she’d visited, and I’d find them in my atlas. She spent a few years working with a traveling ice skating show as a costume manager and seamstress. She said that the garments were always tearing, ripping, splitting, so seamstress was an important part of the job, she was always mending something. She then had come back to the States and was married for a while, but that hadn’t worked out. That’s when she popped back into my life.

I was only nine or ten when she split so I didn’t remember much about her. I remembered she was attractive, thin with long, dark brown hair. Being that young, I don’t recall much of a sexual nature of course, but I do recall her being popular with the boys. As for now, her hair is shorter, but she is one sexy woman, with a slim, shapely body, pointy tits, a cute ass and an edgy wit. She’s thirty-three years old but she looks closer to my age.

Karen’s relationship with my parents is still icy and it probably always will be. We had some family meals together after she returned but things were always awkward. I invited Kelly to one dinner just to help crack the ice but it didn’t help much and she asked me not to invite her again, and I couldn’t blame her. She likes Karen, and she likes my parents, but the oil and water don’t mix and it doesn’t help the food taste too good.

Karen and I started spending more time together. We were getting to know each other better. And then on one particular night she came over to my place. We mixed up a big pitcher of mai tais and sat on the sofa with the stereo playing softly, and soon the conversation was flowing and getting a little looser with each sip.

She was very easy to talk to; it felt natural to both of us. She told me about her days with the ice show, her job, and all the strange characters she’d met overseas. It sounded so exotic. After a while she got around to some of the sexual relationships she’d had.

“Josh, let me tell you,” she said. “When a large group of people like that are traveling together, day in and day out, week after week after week, everybody gets pretty close and things are bound to happen!”
I asked her if she’d fucked any of the skaters.

“Hell, yeah!” she said. “Most of them. I ended up marrying one: the biggest asshole of them all!”

We laughed and refilled our glasses.

“There were these twins from Sweden, brother and sister, they were ice dancing partners. They were nineteen and blonds and the whitest people you ever saw. I fucked both of them. Neither one knew what they were doing.”

“How old were you then?” I asked.

“Oh, twenty-six or seven, something like that.”

“I didn’t know you did girls,” I said softly.

She looked me dead in the eye. “Sometimes things just happen because it feels right.”

There was a silence while we sipped our drinks. Then she chuckled.

“What?” I asked.

“There was this midget in the show, one of the clowns,” she said, laughing again. “An older guy, in his forties, I guess. Most of the performers were younger but this guy was older and he would skate around doing belly-flops and pratfalls, comic relief between events. And there was this rumor always going around that he had a ten inch dick!”


“The rumors were true!” she laughed.

“You fucked a midget?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep. A lot of the girls did,” she replied. “The curiosity was too much.”

Karen also told me about her failed marriage.

“Then Erik came along. Or as he became known to me later, The Norwegian Nightmare. And despite what he thought about himself, his shit did stink!”

“What happened?”

“He swept me off my feet and right into bed. He was tall, dark and handsome and had the charm to go with it. It was fine at first, but then he pressured me to get married and come to the United States. I fell for it. Basically, he used me to get to America. But once we got here and had been married for a while he lost interest. We were together not quite two years.”

We sipped in silence.

“It’s an uncontested divorce, and now it’s ‘Hurry up and wait’,” she said. Then she shifted in her seat, turned a little more toward me and said, “So, little brother, it’s your turn. I’ve enthralled you with all of my sexcapades, now let’s hear about yours. Fair is fair.” She held up her glass and we clinked them together.

I leaned forward and topped off my glass from the pitcher.

“Well, not much to tell,” I said. “Pretty boring stuff compared to you.”

“You’re not getting off that easy, kid,” she said. “Kelly is a hot-looking chick, you’re a good-looking guy, and you both seem to get along well, most of the time anyway. How is it in bed? Is the sex good?”

I hesitated and squirmed in my seat. “Ah, okay I guess.”

“Okay? Just okay? Well, that doesn’t sound good. A handsome couple like the two of you should be tearing it up! What’s wrong?”

So here it was. Here was my opportunity to finally get it off my chest, and I was going to tell it to my own sister. I couldn’t very well refuse after the way she had shared with me, and the new bond we were forming. Our eyes were glued.

“Most of it is good, but there’s something missing that would make it a lot better,” I said. “Better for me, anyway.”

“She won’t let you fuck her in the ass!” Karen guessed.

I shook my head. “No, that’s not it.”

“She won’t suck your cock?”

I let out a short snicker. I was enjoying hearing my older sister talk dirty.

“No, that’s not it either,” I said.

Karen got a perplexed look on her face and took a hefty swig of her drink.

“Well,” she said, “If it’s not anal sex, and it’s not oral sex, then what the hell could it be?”

Her eyes drilled into mine.

“I didn’t say it wasn’t oral sex,” I said softly, returning her stare.

She sat back and her shoulders sagged, thinking about it. “You mean…she doesn’t want?… She won’t let you…eat her pussy?”

I shook my head. “No, she won’t let me. She cringes every time I try. We end up fighting about it.”

She shook her head. “This is one I’ve never heard before. A chick that’ll take it up the ass but doesn’t want her pussy licked? Incredible! Did she tell you why?”

“It was something that happened when she was a young girl. She grew up on a farm and I think one of the farm hands did something like that to her, and she can’t get past it.”

“Damn, maybe she needs a shrink or something.”

I nodded. “I’ve mentioned that a few times. It just pisses her off.”

“Maybe you need to tie her down.”

“I tried that one too.”

“Maybe she needs a woman,” Karen said, as she rose from her seat. “I have to hit the john.”

I watched her tight, denim-wrapped ass as she strode to the bathroom. I sipped my drink, listening to a soft trumpet solo and thought about her: my mysterious older sister, who had disappeared from my life when I was a little boy, and reappeared fifteen years later. Over the last few weeks we had quickly progressed from near strangers to close friends, confidants. I’d already told her something I’d never told anyone. But I’d wanted to tell her.

She returned from the bathroom and sat back down beside me, a little closer than before. She took a sip of her drink and shook her head.

“Well, we are quite a pair, aren’t we?” she said, and turned to look at me. “I’m trying to get rid of a cold fish, and you can’t get at Kelly’s catfish!”

We both burst out laughing. The sofa shook from our hearty guffaws and the aura instantly eased around us.

“I appreciate you telling me what you told me, Josh. I’m glad you trust me that much.”

“I do trust you. It was easy to tell you. Especially after the way you opened up to me.”

I looked at her pretty face, and into her dewy eyes. It was like looking into my own. I wanted to kiss her, and not like a brother would. Instead, I raised my left hand to the side of her head and gently ran my fingers through her hair. She must have been reading my mind, because that’s when she leaned toward me and put her lips to mine.

It was not a long kiss, but there was a cushioned force behind it, there was intent, I could feel it. I felt her lips part slightly and the flick of her tongue before we parted.

We held our gaze. Her eyes glistened; my heart and breath were on pause. Then I leaned to kiss her. Her lips parted instantly. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and hers entered mine. Our arms surrounded our bodies, pulling us close. It was a power kiss, one like I hadn’t had for a while. I had the feeling Karen felt the same way. I felt her nails dig into the back of my neck.

It was a long kiss. When we finally separated I realized she was holding my hand. There was silence while we gazed at each other.

“Uh oh. What did we just do?” I said.

“We kissed,” was her obvious answer.

“I know, but you’re my sister. I’m your brother.”

“I’m a woman. You’re a man.”

“I know that… But isn’t that…?”

“We kissed. Did you like it? It seems like you did judging by the lumber in your pants.”

She had me there. I tried to relax a little bit. This was new territory for me.

“Of course I did. I wanted to kiss you. But…”

“But, what? Come on, Josh, we’re not kids. We’re not going to damage each other for life, are we?


“Kiss me.”

I kissed her. She kissed me. It was better and longer than the last one. Her tongue was like a python trying to wriggle down my throat.

Then she put her hands on my shoulders and locked her eyes onto mine.

“Josh, I think we can help each other out,” she said.

“How so?”

We were both a little tipsy by this time. I remembered when she’d gone to the bathroom a little while before, and I’d briefly thought about her in there, unsnapping her jeans, lowering them, sitting on the toilet and wondering what kind of panties she had on. I admitted to myself, I wanted her.

“We’re both frustrated,” she said. “Obviously we are attracted to each other. You want to eat pussy, and I’m aching for it. I’m going through a divorce. I haven’t been laid in two months. We can help each other.”

“Karen, if I go down on you, I won’t be able to stop. My problem is that going down on a woman turns me on so much, it makes me go crazy, makes everything else so much better! I want to do it all, I can’t stop.”

“I’m counting on that,” she said.

We kissed again, hot and deep and lingering.

She squeezed my hand and said, “Will you do me a favor?”

“Sure, what?” I replied.

“Shave me.”

“Shave you?”

“Yes. Shave me. Like I said, it’s been a while.”

“Where? Down there?” I said, nodding at her crotch.

“Yes, down there. Where do you think?”

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“You shave your face, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah, but that’s a…”

“It’s the same thing, Josh. Just a lot more fun.”

She smiled and winked at me. I smiled too and she led me to my bedroom. We spread a large towel on the bed and while Karen fetched a bowl of hot water, şişli bayan escort I found a new razor and some shaving cream. Then we stood at the foot of my bed. We broke into grins and kissed. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse.

“I’ll take off my top,” she said. “You can take off my bottom.”

It was then I noticed that she was not wearing a bra: she must have taken it off when she was in the bathroom. She removed her blouse and tossed it on a chair. Then she started unbuttoning my shirt.

“No man should ever shave with his shirt on,” she said.

We were both topless, facing each other, the lines of her beautiful body and her luscious tits only inches away. We stood still, a frozen moment staring into one another’s’ eyes.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked softly.

I swallowed and reached down to the front of her jeans. I unsnapped them. I heard her let out a little sigh as I gripped the pull tab of her zipper between my thumb and forefinger. I pulled it down. The front of her jeans opened and I saw she wore no panties. I wondered if they were also left in the bathroom. I hooked my thumbs into a couple belt loops and started pushing down her pants.

Karen wiggled her hips to help the process. When her jeans were down to her knees she sat on the edge of the bed and lifted her leg. I pulled one pant leg off, then the other. She scooted back on the bed so her ass was right in the center of the towel and lay back. She stacked three pillows behind her head. She said she wanted to watch.

She had pubic hair, but it wasn’t a wild bunch. It was neatly trimmed. But she wanted it shaved off and that’s what I was going to do. I moved into position and dipped a washcloth in the hot water. I looked at Karen and she had a cute smirk on her face. Then I pressed the warm, wet cloth onto my sister’s comely cooch.

I took a good look at her pussy while I shook the can of shaving cream and streamed some lather into my hand. It was beautiful, its large, lush lips beckoning. I touched her, and she moaned softly as I spread a thick, even layer of cream all over her pubes.

I wiped my hands on the towel and picked up the razor.

I looked at her and said, “I’ll try to hold this steady.”

“You’ll do fine,” she said. “I just hope I don’t come before you’re finished. Cause it will be a whopper.”

I went to work. I started at the top with short little strokes. Four strokes, rinse. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Karen oohed and aahed and whimpered as I shaved and I was very careful the closer I got to her wet, open snatch. I took my time because this surely was one thing I didn’t want to screw up.

When I was done shaving I took the wet cloth and cleaned her off and she squirmed with the soft pressure of my touch. Her clit was aroused and swollen. I placed the bowl and the tools on the floor.

“Excellent job,” she said, nodding her head.

I spread her legs and knelt between them. I slipped my hands under her and gripped her ass cheeks and squeezed. Then I slipped my tongue into her salt mine and massaged her love bud with my lips.

She squealed and dug her strong fingers into my head and held it while she grinded her crotch into my face. I ate her with a passion I hadn’t felt in a long time. I fucked her with my mouth and choked her cheeks in unison with every stroke of my lips and tongue. I tasted her zesty tang and smelled the sweet funk of cunt and shaving cream, as hands, tongues, lips and Karen’s groin motored in perfect sync. It had been so long, so frustrating, but finally here I was, going down on a beautiful, sexy woman, eating her delicious pussy, and it was the pussy of my own long lost sister!

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna come…” Karen screeched after a few short minutes, and with violent spasms, she hosed me with her pent up spunk.

Her body quivered as she sprayed and I sucked on her clit like I was hanging onto the edge of a cliff. She moaned and half-screamed throughout her eruption. When her spasms finally subsided she yanked my head up to hers and jammed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed with savage strength for thirty seconds or so until she pushed me away.

“Take off your pants,” she hissed, and groped for the front of my jeans. “Fuck me!”

I got them open and she helped me pull them down, almost ripping my boxers in the process. My pants were still wrapped around my ankles when she pulled me on top of her. She took my steel staff in her hand.

“It’s good to see little brother doesn’t have a little cock!” she said, and she slipped it into her passion pit.

She locked her legs around mine and started humping. She was fucking my cock with her pussy, not the other way around. Her sweet walls were trying to squeeze the semen out of me. I had to pound her pretty hard just to keep up. My hands were under her ass and I slipped a finger halfway into her asshole just to hold on. It was like a rodeo ride. I started slinging it into her good and hard and she thrashed with each shove.

Karen is not a quiet lover. She doesn’t say that much, just the occasional ‘Oh Shit!’ or ‘Oh Fuck!’, but she grunted and groaned and hissed and squawked with every power push. It made me want to fuck her even harder.

She kept squeezing every inch of my dick, milking me with every ounce of thrust, until I knew my rocket was about to blast off.

“I’m going to come…” I said.

“Yes! Give it to me!”

I didn’t think it would be possible but she picked up the pace even more and a few seconds later I felt the rush rising up through me.

“I’m coming…”

“Me too…”

Then I felt like a wildcatter striking oil for the first time. I felt the gusher almost in slow motion as it rose up through my shaft. I let out a loud groan with the first expulsion, which was large and long, and five or six more followed, each lesser than the last. Karen writhed beneath me as she discharged her own love potion for the second time.

When our big bang waned we shifted onto our sides and we held each other and kissed long, soft kisses. I kept my cock inside her until it eventually went flaccid and when I pulled out our combo cum oozed onto the towel, which was already soaked from her first orgasm.

As we lay in each other’s arms, the magnitude of what had just occurred hit me. I’m making out with my sister! I just fucked my sister! And it was the best fuck I ever had.

Karen must have noticed something in my face because she asked me if anything was wrong.

“No, I was just thinking,” I said. “How we came together on our very first time. That’s amazing!”

“I’m glad you said ‘first’ time,” Karen whispered.

“Well, it was,” I said.

“I know. But by saying ‘our first time’, you implied there would be more to come.”

A minute or two later I was still basking in our afterglow when Karen said: “I think you need a shave!”

I started to rub my chin and disagree before I got it. She hopped out of bed and carried the bowl to the bathroom for fresh water.

“You’d didn’t think I was going to let you have all the fun, did you?” she called from the bathroom. “Get in position and prepare to be groomed!”

She came back with the bowl and gear. I admired her sleek, naked body as she prepared. She took the head of my limp biscuit in her hand and moved it around, doing a survey of my property.

“Hmm,” she said, “this is a big job!” she said playfully. “I’ll have to mow right through this cabbage patch.”

She took the wet cloth and wiped me down and foamed me up. I loved the feel of her hands on me, brushing my thighs, my balls, my penis.

She began shaving me. The gentle friction of the blade on my sensitive skin was erotic, I never would have imagined it could be such a turn on, but it was. I’d flinch a little every now and then when the razor was close to my equipment.

“Hold still!” Karen scolded.

My dick began to harden when she was about halfway done.

“Oh, it looks like somebody is enjoying this!” she said happily.

A couple of minutes later Karen was putting the finishing touches on her work. She held my stiff Richard in her hand and moved it to and fro as she wiped down my clean-shaven skin.

“Not a bad job at all, I’d say,” she said, looking it over. “A masterpiece!” Then she kissed the tip of my cock, looked at me and added, “Now I’m going to work on this masterpiece,” and took me into her mouth.

She was a patient cocksucker. She kissed every square centimeter of it, ran her tongue over the length of it, licked my scrotum, sucked me, took it all in her mouth, in and out, over and over, and I swelled and swelled, moaned with pleasure, and I pushed into her as far as I could. She held on hard, her head-vise clamped on my taut and tender meat, and soon I felt it was on the way.

I quivered and quaked as it rose within me and Karen knew it was time. She sucked even harder and she gasped with a mouthful of hard cock when my Josh Jizz spewed into the back of her throat.

When my tremors were over she put her open lips to mine and my tongue roamed in her silken mouth and I could taste my cum in our kiss.
That’s how it started.

We slept like two rocks, our bodies molded together. When I awoke the next day I had my usual morning tent pole between my legs. I turned slightly to face Karen and was looking at her eyes when they opened. We both broke into smiles and started laughing softly.

“No regrets?” she said.

“No regrets,” I replied.

She kissed my lips and I slipped a hand between her legs.

“Good,” she said. “Because I’m going to sit on your face.”

I flipped my position quickly so that my mouth was in her crotch and my dick was in her face.

“Good idea!” Karen said.

Our mouths quickly went to work, and for the next few minutes, while accompanied by a continuous soundtrack of our combined sighs and moans and groans and licks and sucks and other such sounds of gratification, we sixty-nine’d our way along until both of us had a mouthful of our cock-a-doodle dew.

We showered together and I got to wash every inch of Karen’s body, inside and out, and she did the same to me. She told me to not let my dick get hard again because it’s more for her to wash and we didn’t want to waste any soap. But of course she gleefully stroked it and lathered that bad boy up and slid her hands up and down, over and over on its slick surface, and pretty soon it was a steely, heat-seeking missile and the heat was between Karen’s legs. She guided it into her hungry honey bun and hoisted her legs up around my waist. Her sugar walls choked my soapy slammer and I pressed her up against the shower wall and started pounding her. Hot spray surrounded us and a fresh cauldron of hot cum started to brew within our joined loins. I fucked her mouth with my tongue in syncopated rhythm with our hip percussion below.

“Let’s come together!” I said breathlessly.


“Tell me when you’re almost there…”

I slowed my pace a little, trying to hold back. She didn’t want that; she still wanted it deep and hard. She cunt-clutched my cock, over and over, with more and more force while I tried to delay my release.

“Going to come…” she murmured.

I again started nail gunning her to the wall.

She screamed when she started to climax and her vocal shits and fucks and damns echoed off of the tiles. My cum catapulted into her, stream after stream, and she clenched me tight and sucked on my tongue until our passions calmed.
That afternoon she moved in. She put all her stuff in the other bedroom but that was just for show. Not that she had all that much stuff. She traveled light.

“How do you think Kelly is going to take all this?” Karen asked me. I was standing beside her as she was unpacking.

“You’re my sister. It’s the brotherly thing to do,” I said with a silly grin.

She smiled, put down the sweater she was folding, and turned to face me.

“Well, unless she’s pretty stupid, she’s going to figure out pretty damn quick that there’s a little more going on around here,” she said. She put her hand behind my head and kissed me. “A lot more going on,” she added.

“Well, she’s not stupid. But Karen, I have to be honest with myself. My problem with Kelly may be a minor thing to her, but it’s not to me. And the problem is not going away, so we are probably doomed in the long run anyhow. Also, what you said to me last night is true. We are consenting adults, doing what feels right and we’re not hurting anyone. And if you want to know something else, I don’t feel guilty because it doesn’t even feel like cheating because you’re my sister. I feel like my whole life changed for the better last night.”

“No josh?”

“No josh.”

“Thank you for saying that. Mine did too. We are now lovers. We just happen to have the same parents.”

We kissed again, another long one, a kiss I was quickly getting used to.

“So what are you going to do?” she asked.

“I’m going to let her worry about it. And I’ll tell you something else I’m going to do.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m going to take my sister out to a nice şişli escort dinner tonight, wine and dine her, bring her home and try to get her in the sack. What do you think?”

Karen smiled her crooked little grin and said: “I think there’s only about a one hundred percent chance of that happening.”
So, my sister and I were now roommates. I had a day job to go to, but Karen had taken a leave of absence from hers when she and her husband split. That job was in a city about 400 miles away. She said she didn’t plan on going back to it, but she didn’t resign because she didn’t want to appear unemployed. She’d been applying for positions closer to the local area. She wanted to keep some distance between her and The Norwegian Nightmare.

She had arranged an interview in a small city about two hours away. The night before she had the interview we were lying in bed talking and the subject of Kelly came up. Kelly had left me a couple of messages two of the last three days.

“Are you going to call her?” Karen asked me.

“I don’t know, maybe. I’ll talk to her eventually.”

“Josh, you have to resolve the situation sooner or later, don’t you?”

“I guess. But I have all I need right here!” I said, and I buried my face between her bare breasts, shook my head back and forth and made gurgling noises. She laughed giddily and squirmed and then I latched my mouth onto her right nipple and nibbled and sucked and hummed a buzzy tune into her tit as I tickled her tummy and thighs. She finally wiggled out of my grasp.

“Here’s an idea,” she said.

I asked her, what?

“Tell her your sister wants to get in her pants.”

“What?” I asked skeptically.

“Tell her that I think she’s hot and I want to fuck her. That will throw her off.”

“Do you want to fuck her?”

“I’d fuck her with you.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Josh, face it, you and Kelly are history. It’s just a matter of time. You said it yourself that you and her were doomed. You two would just keep having fights. She has a major hang-up. I’m not threatened by her, but she will be threatened by me. Then she’ll have another major hang-up. So either break up with her or let’s get her into bed.”

I started to understand her crazy logic.

“You want to find out if she’ll let you eat her pussy,” I said.

She smiled at me and snuggled closer.

“It would be fun to try. But what would be even more fun is if I were successful, then we would be successful. And I’d love to see you muff diving on that foxy chick. What a turn on that would be! And I don’t believe for a second that you’d turn down going to bed with two good looking women, one of them being me.”

She got that right. And I had to admit it would be pretty hot to see the two of them going at it.

“A trio before you go, kind of thing, huh?” I said with a smirk.

“Hey, it’s worth a shot. You blew her off, now she’s calling you. The timing could be right.”

“Of course, if she knew we were lying here naked in each other’s arms for the umpteenth time, she wouldn’t be calling me.”

“This is true,” she said. “That’s the tricky part. First, you tell her I have the hots for her. Then I come on to her. Then we have to make her believe that I’d be going to bed with you and her, and not that she is going to bed with you and me.”

“Sounds complicated.”

“It could be. You better whip up another batch of mai tais.”

We kissed and tongue-danced and I massaged her nipples until I felt them grow rigid between my fingers. Then I slipped two fingers into her moist vagina.

“I’ve got a fever,” I whispered.

“Go for it, Maestro,” she laughed. “Write another masterpiece. But go easy on me, no more than four or five orgasms. I have a job interview tomorrow.” I buried my face between her thighs.

“God!” she moaned. “I wish I’d come home five years ago!”

We fucked the shit out of each other that night.
“I’ll ask to shave her,” Karen said.

We were standing in the kitchen early the next morning before she hit the road for her interview. We were sipping coffee as Karen peeled a banana. She deep-throated it just to tease me.

“Huh?” I muttered, half asleep.

“When I’m seducing Kelly, I’ll ask her if I can shave her, tell her it turns me on. You got off on it; it might work on her.”

I remembered how erotic it was when Karen shaved me.

“That might do it. In fact, I’m getting a little itchy down there myself,” I said.

“Well, then we have something to look forward to tonight!”

She kissed me goodbye.

“Call her,” she said on her way out the door. “Tell her I want to fuck her ass with my tongue!”
I called Kelly that afternoon. I left a message and thought, oh here we go, we’re going to play the phone tag game. Then a couple hours later she called back.

“Hi, Kelly,” I said with minor enthusiasm.

“Hi, Josh, long time no talk,” she said.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve been pretty busy.”

“I know what you mean, same here. Were you ever going to call me?”

“I don’t know. I thought I’d leave it up to you this time.”


“Karen has been staying with me while she’s looking for a job. In fact she is at an interview this afternoon. She certainly couldn’t stay at my parents’ very long, that’s for sure, and she wants to keep a lot of distance between her and her ex. We’ve been doing a lot of catching up. She’s told me a lot of intriguing tales about her years in the ice circus. Not to mention one tidbit that might interest you.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”

“I think she wants to get in your pants.”

There was dead silence on the line.

“Are you there?” I asked.

“I’m here. She told you that?”

“Yes, pretty much. She’s said a few times how hot she thinks you are and kept asking me when was I going to call you and when were you coming over next.”

Again the line was quiet for a few moments.

“Wow,” she softly said. “What do you think?”

“It sounds pretty hot to me. I get a chubby just thinking about it. So what do you think? Do you want to come over?”

“Are you asking me to come over?”

“Yes. How about Friday night? Seven o’clock?”

I heard her sigh on the other end. “Okay.”

“All right, it’s set. We’ll have some drinks and relax. And whatever happens, happens. And what happens in my apartment stays in my apartment!”
Karen called me during her drive home. She said she thought the interview went very well and they would let her know in about a week if she got the job. I told her about our Friday night date and she was happy about that.

“Good work, Josh, I’m getting horny just thinking about it! How did she react when you told her I wanted to get in her knickers?”


“Great. When I get home we can make our plans.”

“Okay, drive safely. When you get home I have something I need to get straight between us!”

“Damn, boy, I’m doing seventy on the interstate, you tell me to drive safely and now you’re going to make me drive even faster!”
We didn’t really come up with much of a plan, only that Karen would be there alone when Kelly arrived, and maybe she could get the party rolling a little quicker that way. Kelly is always prompt so I knew she wouldn’t be late. Then I’d show up later because I’d gone out for more rum.

On Friday we got the bed ready with fresh linens, had a big thick towel at bedside and got together everything we needed for a shave. That’s when I discovered that all I had were used razors and would have to pick up some new ones when I went out.

That evening I was out killing time when, at 7:01, I got a text from Karen. Kelly was knocking on the door.

At 7:35 I called and I asked Karen if she needed anything at the store. She said no, she was good, and I asked if Kelly wanted anything.

“Ask her yourself, she’s right here.”

“Hi, Josh,” Kelly said.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m on the way home, do you want anything?”

“Oh, cut the crap, Josh. I’m sitting here making out with your sister. I know you’re fucking her. Just get your ass over here or we’re going to start without you.”

Then Karen was back on the line.



“You were right.”

“Right about what?”

“She’s a smart girl.”
When I walked through the door they were standing by the breakfast bar sipping wine. Karen was barefoot and wore short blue jean cutoffs and a cream button-down top. Kelly was dressed like she came over expecting to fuck somebody. Her clothing clung to her slim, shapely bod like a coat of paint: She wore only white fitted, thin cotton pants sporting a raging cameltoe, a red sleeveless top, no bra, and her wild and long blond hair.

“Well, look who’s here!” Kelly said. “It’s my old boyfriend, Josh. Welcome home.”

They both had big grins on their faces.

“You two sure didn’t waste any time,” I said. “What did I miss?”

“We’ve been sucking tongues and feeling each other up waiting for you to get here!”

“She knew, Josh,” Karen said. “After our first kiss she said, ‘You’re fucking him aren’t you? I wasn’t going to try to lie to her.”

“Tonight’s you’re lucky night, cowboy,” Kelly said.

“Our lucky night,” said Karen. She kissed Kelly, a deep one. Then she kissed me the same way.

I looked at Kelly and said, “You look magnificent. Good enough to eat.” Then it was our turn to kiss. In mid-kiss I glanced at Karen and she winked at me.

“Did you pick up a razor?” Karen asked. I took the package out of my pocket.

“Good. Let’s get started. I promised Kelly a shave.”

Karen spread the towel on the bed and ran the water. I put my arms around Kelly from behind and took her breasts in my hands, and her nipples were already firm. She spun around to face me.

“You are one sneaky, sexy bastard, you know that! And your new girlfriend is pretty sexy and sneaky too.” She shoved her tongue in my mouth, then I slipped my hands inside the back of her pants and started pushing them down. She helped by unzipping and pushing down in the front, and not breaking our kiss. Her pants reached the floor and as she was kicking them off she raised her arms. I pulled her top off up over her head.

“Now you…” she said, reaching for my fly.

“Not yet. Undress Karen first.”

She turned to Karen, who by now was all set up. They embraced and I felt my dick enlarge as two hot women shared a hot, hot kiss. Kelly unbuttoned Karen’s shirt from the bottom up. They kissed again while she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. The top snap of the cutoffs was open, so in a split second all that was left was Karen’s skimpy, meshy thong.

I watched as the curvy, naked body of Kelly knelt down and put her face to the thong and kissed the thin fabric and Karen’s silky thighs. The thong came off and Karen pulled Kelly’s head northward to hers and they kissed again, and I joined them and we all shared tongues as they teamed up getting my clothes off. When there were three naked bodies Karen told Kelly to lie on the bed. I lay down beside her to watch.

Kelly repeated the process that she had performed on me. She wet her down and lathered her up. She opened the package of razors and took one out. She looked up at Kelly.

“You ready, girl?” Karen asked, and Kelly nodded.

Karen went to work. With short strokes she pulled the blade across Kelly’s fertile growth, and row by row it disappeared. Kelly and I watched with anticipation.

“What a beautiful pussy!” Karen said, about halfway through.

When Karen was cleaning up I felt Kelly go tense. She grabbed my hand and squeezed. I put my mouth on one nipple and sucked and pinched the other, alternating back and forth. Soon she let out with a loud yelp and bucked like she’d been shocked by an electric eel. I looked southward and saw Karen’s head between Kelly’s creamy thighs, her pretty face mashed against that freshly cut never-never land.

I kissed Kelly hard and held her tight as she squirmed and adjusted to a new kind of sex. Karen was humming into her twat, thrusting her head into her crotch, her lips and tongue attached like glue as if trying to reach deep within her to pull out whatever might be stockpiled inside.

Then I noticed that Kelly’s midsection was no longer bucking, but working in sync, gently pushing, and matching the movements of Karen’s head. I felt Kelly’s hand go around my rock-solid dick and pull it toward her. I repositioned and it was in her mouth and with my hands at the back of her head I swung it into her, over and over, and she sucked me with a resolve I couldn’t recall. The room was a symphony of Karen’s humming, Kelly’s moans and my own grunts of elation.

“God, I’m ready to squirt,” I heard Karen say.

I looked at her and she scooted up and put her mouth on mine for a wet, sloppy French kiss and told me to take over. Kelly looked at me and nodded.

Karen quickly straddled Kelly’s head and stuck her pussy in her mouth.

I moved on down and dove right in. I licked her lips and then wrapped my lips around her ripe mecidiyeköy escort sweet pickle for the first time without her pitching a fit. Of course she was in no position to pitch a fit with a foxy 110 pound babe sitting on her face.

I nibbled, sucked, chewed, gnawed, tongued, munched and crunched that clit like it was the last one on Earth. There was a louder-by-the-second two-part harmony of rapture coming from the two girls and Kelly’s hand was on my head and she ground her groin into my face, as if it were possible for them to be any more affixed.

“Oh, shit, I’m going to come!” I heard Karen shout. “I’m going to come big!”

The bed was rocking and Kelly’s body was throbbing like a turbo-charged slinky beneath us.

“Oh, fuck, here it comes, Honey,” Karen blurted, and I heard groans as her vagina flooded Kelly’s mouth and face.

I climbed up onto her and slipped my raging rod into her soaked slit. Now Kelly had a cock in her cunt and a cunt in her face, and my cock was aching to blast a payload of my cum into her one more time. I ramrodded her over and over with the thrust of a Lear Jet, and she moved her body in concordance. As I pumped, I put my hands on Karen’s tits from behind and kissed her neck and she turned her head and slipped her tongue in my mouth for a sloppy kiss. Then she turned, got off and lay down beside Kelly. She kissed Kelly and lay beside her to watch the show.

They were both watching me as I kept banging Kelly’s drum, with her moans accompanying. They were staring at my face.

“Ooh, look at the determination on his face, Kelly. He’s ready to shoot you a load of sexy syrup.”

Kelly added a little more force to her pushes and pulls, and Karen rose to give me a mouthful of her tongue, and sure enough, I reached the point of no return. I felt the onrush rising up in me, and I yelled when the first huge shot burned out of me and string after string vaulted from inside me to inside her. Once I knew the well was dry I fell on top of her and she kissed me with a savage intensity with which she never had before. I pulled out of her and settled beside her as we kissed. Karen sucked her swollen breasts and stroked her clit with her fingers.

Then Kelly whimpered into my mouth, her body went into an involuntary seismic tremble, and a torrent surged from her clean-shaven cockpit and all over the towel.
We took a break, wallowing in our abundance. I was lying between them with an arm around each, splitting kisses and sharing tongues. My cock had slowly gone fairly limp, but kissing these two beauties made the old drum stick spring back to life like it was doing a sound check for a rock concert. They noticed.

“Uh oh,” Kelly said. “Josh’s joy stick is overloaded.”

“What should we do about that?” Karen asked. She kissed her.

“I have no idea,” Kelly said, and they kissed again.

“He’s your man, now. What do you think?”

“Follow me,” Karen said, and she lunged down and took my whole cock into her mouth and throat.

I had two glorious women sucking me, taking turns. I slipped my fingers into both of them, absorbed their sauce and licked my hands. Two women sucking it, licking it, kissing it. I felt a finger delve into my asshole. That was Karen; she knew how that magnified the sensation for us.

My cock was in Kelly’s mouth when I was getting close.

“He’s ready,” Karen said. She put her mouth next to Kelly’s at the head of my dick.

I couldn’t help it, I unloaded. My cum flowed out scattershot, and I made deposits on their two pretty faces. I watched them lick each other off.
I went to the bathroom. It was not easy pissing with a hard dick like that. I had to push that candle down and hope I hit the target. My piss flew out in three different directions. When I came back out Kelly was face down on the bed with Karen’s tongue in her ass.

“I’m getting her ready for you”, Karen said. What a nice, heart-shaped ass, huh, Josh?” I agreed with that.

Kelly wiggled her ass and said, “Yes!”

“Let me give you guys a lube job.”

Karen reached into the drawer of the nightstand and retrieved the gel. She pinched a liberal amount into the palm of her hand and scooped a healthy dollop into Kelly’s anus. Her finger loitered inside, taking time, sloshing around. Kelly groaned and lifted her butt and squeezed when she felt a second finger slip into her.

“Your turn,” Karen said. She pressed more gel into her hand and slathered it all over my cock. We French-kissed while she stroked me up and down repeatedly until it was again at maximum attention.

Karen scooted up to the head of the bed. She said she wanted to get a good seat. She sat with her back to the headboard with her legs spread on either side of Kelly’s face.

I put the head of my pecker to the crack of her ass and spread her cheeks. She opened and contracted her used sphincter as if she was waving at me. I figured she was waving goodbye so I would try my best to make it one to remember.

I pushed and the head of my cock disappeared into her. Kelly groaned and raised her ass and pushed back toward me and a little more slid into her. I started gently rocking, a little at a time, in and out, in and out. With each sway I dove a little deeper in, and her face moved that much closer to Karen’s open muffin.

Karen hands were caressing Kelly’s back and shoulders and neck and hair and she let out a high-pitched cry of pleasure when Kelly’s tongue plunged into her tunnel of love.

When my cock was mostly inserted, I gradually increased the intensity of my movements, more force with each stroke, and Kelly groaned louder and louder each time with a mouthful of pussy.

Pretty soon I was sledgehammering her hard enough to chop wood. A layer of sweat broke out on my forehead as I banged away. With each power slam the headboard kept rhythm, slapping the wall, and Kelly’s face would bash Karen’s eager gash.

‘Unh, Unh, Unh,’ Kelly grunted with each thrust. I was fucking her as hard as I could, hoping to extract one last sperm parade from way down deep. I fucked that fine ass like I was trying to slam my cock all the way up to her throat.

“Ugh, I’m going to come again,” I heard Karen say.

Those words were music to my ears. I kept bashing that ass as hard as I could and I soon felt my river rising.

Karen shrieked and her body shook.

I felt my first surge climbing up through my tube. I let out a raucous groan and they both knew what that meant.

Karen released her outflow into Kelly’s open mouth a split second before my first shot of cum spewed into her ass. I pulled out and ejaculated the remainder of my seed, three, four shots on her ass and back and collapsed on the bed beside them just as Karen’s quivers were coming to an end. Karen pulled my face to hers and we shared another long kiss.

Kelly started to get out of bed and we could see from the puddled sheet that she had had an orgasm too.

“Damn, that was hot!” Karen said.

“Holy shit, Josh!” Kelly rasped. “What came over you? What were you doing, drilling for oil? My asshole feels like I shit nails. I won’t be able to sit down for a week!” Then she went into the bathroom.

“Damn, Josh,” Karen said to me. “We come together even when we’re fucking somebody else!”
When Kelly emerged from the bathroom she started getting dressed. And she said a long goodbye.

“Thanks, it’s been a blast, but I have to get going now. And Josh, I’d already decided when we talked the other night that I was going to let you have your way with me. That’s why I wore this slut suit. And it’s kind of a shame that when I’m finally ready, we’re through.

“But I’m flattered that you both went to such trouble to get me into bed, because it was incredible. But you two are in love, that’s so fucking obvious. I can see it in the way you look at each other, the way you kiss, the way you touch. You know, when I figured out what was going on with you two, it was such a turn-on, just thinking about it. And tonight it was so hot seeing you two, brother and sister in bed together. It helps me realize that it’s high time for me to resolve some demons from my past that have affected me to this day. And looking at you two—and being with you and going to bed with you—has helped give me the courage to finally do something about it.

“So, goodbye. And thanks for a wild night. Take care of each other.”

She winked at Karen, blew her a kiss and said she’d let herself out. We were silent until we heard the front door close behind her.

“Wow, some night, huh?” Karen said rhetorically.

“It couldn’t have worked out much better.”

We were wrapped up as usual: her head on my shoulder, my arm around her and my hand caressing her breast.

“What did you all talk about before I got home tonight?” I asked.

“Oh, Josh, it was so weird! It was like an episode of The Twilight Zone when aliens come to Earth and can read your mind. It’s like she knew what was going to happen!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, first, the way she was dressed. Those big tits, no bra, her nipples jutting, no underwear and her labia half hanging out. She knew what she came over here for.

“So we go into the kitchen and I was pouring some wine and she says, ‘Do you like my outfit? I wore it for you.’ And then she kissed me!

“Then we’re sitting on the sofa and she asked me if she could kiss me again. So we kiss again, and it starts kind of tentatively, but it turns into a pretty hot one, long and soft. And when we break the kiss she says, ‘You’re fucking him aren’t you?’ I was caught so off-guard I just said, ‘Yes’.

“Then she says something like, ‘I’m sure Josh has told you about what I would and wouldn’t do in bed, but I’m ready to do it all. She asked what we were planning and I told her I’d love to shave her because I find it so erotic and it would turn you on and then were making out and then, a few minutes later you called.

“Wow.” That’s all I could think to say.

“Like you said before, she ain’t dumb.”

After a few seconds of silence, Karen said, “I have to admit that it was pretty steamy watching you fuck a beautiful blond. But it was eerie, too. I hope you don’t make a habit of it.”

“You’d have to dye your hair for that to happen,” I said. She smiled and kissed me on the chin.

“Do you think she’s right? Are we really in love?”

“She ain’t dumb.”

“Who’s going to be first to say it?”

There was a pregnant pause as the question hung there.

Then we both said, “I love you,” in perfect unison.
“You know something,” I said. “Tonight was fun, but our focus was mostly on Kelly. I’m glad she left. I like it like this. Just us.”

Karen turned to face me and we kissed and our hands fondled our flesh. Soon I felt her hand between my legs and she gently massaged my balls. Soon my penis was stirring and her long fingers brushed it gently up and down.

“Well, sailor, do you think you could go one more round?”

“I think I have a little left in the tank,” I said.

She slid down and sucked me until my cock was back to full size. She rose back into my arms and we shared long gentle kisses for several rapturous minutes. Then she rolled on top of me, lowered herself onto my upright organ and we made love for the first time.
Karen was offered the job she’d interviewed for. We had discussed it before that if it was offered she would accept it and we would move there together. Then we would live in “our” place.

I asked when she would start work.

“First of next month,” she said.

Ample time to give notice to my boss at work, and since my lease was month-to-month, it was time enough for my landlord.

“Perfect timing!”

“That’s what I thought,” she said.
The next few weeks flew by. We busied ourselves packing and preparing to move. We rented a small, two bedroom house convenient to Karen’s work. I applied for jobs.

On the day we moved, I pulled our rented van into a convenience store to buy some drinks for our two hour drive to our new home. In the store I bumped into Kelly’s roommate.

“Hi, Josh, how are you doing?”

“I’m doing well, Mary. How are you?”

“Oh, fine. I’ve been keeping busy.”

I introduced her to Karen and then I asked her how Kelly was doing.

“Uh, I don’t know. I haven’t seen her for a while.”

“You haven’t seen her, really? Why not?”

“She moved out.”

“Moved out? She never mentioned she was thinking about moving. Where to?”

“She moved in with her brother.”

“Her brother?” I asked dubiously. “I thought she didn’t get along with her brother.” Karen had a stern, wide-eyed look on her face.

“You’re right, she didn’t. Something about what happened when she was a little girl.”

“Man, that’s a surprise.”

“I know, it surprised me for sure. It was kind of sudden. I guess they’re working it out, whatever it was.”

We said our cordial goodbyes and Karen and I walked back to the van.

“I guess now we know who traumatized her into not wanting her pussy licked,” Karen said sadly.

We climbed up into the cab and I turned the ignition. I put the van into gear, pulled out onto the highway, and began driving us to our new life.


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Futa Naked In School 08 – Naughty Futa Bake Sale 1: Leann’s Big Futa Mistake

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Double Penetration

Futa Naked In School – Naughty Futa Bake Sale

Chapter One: Leann’s Big Futa Mistake

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Ji-Min Song’s Week, Friday

After a week of going naked at my college, I was relaxed. It was the first week back from Spring Break, and I had a great time being enrolled in the Program for the last five days. It had opened my eyes to my sexuality. I had learned so much about it.

Shame tomorrow’s student council sponsored bake sale would be my last chance to do it officially. Sure, I could go naked if I wanted to. Xochitl and her futa-sister certainly did it, using any chance they could to have incestuous sex in public. Quickies before classes, in the middle of the cafeteria, fierce petting sessions between classes. Those two were all over each other.

Most, however, didn’t go naked though they might wear some of the newer clothing designs now that it was warming up. Skirts cut high in the front to show off your panties, or pussies, blouses with transparent tops to show off your nipples or bras, or blouses with built-in support so you could have your tits cradled and nipples exposed. Girls were grooming their pubic hair into shapes, dying them. Futas were piercing their nipples and showing them off.

The world was getting a little freer.

“So how do you like going naked for the week?” asked Reina Vela, the student council’s secretary. She was the only one in the room not naked for our student council meeting. “I know Leanne’s been having a lot of fun.”

“Getting all the pussy I can get,” Leann Winthrop said. The futa’s large breasts swayed. She was the vice president of the student council. She leaned back in her chair across from me, those lush melons jiggling.

I liked futas with big tits.

“How about you, Ji-Min,” Reina asked, glancing at me.

“I’ve been having my fun,” I said, blushing and nodding. My short, black hair swayed about my face. I was Korean and unlike many, I didn’t have a Western name. My parents were a little traditional.

“I heard Adile got at your pussy,” Leann said. “Damn, I would love a crack at that lesbian.”

“You can’t fuck her straight,” said Reina, folding her arms.

Leann shrugged. “It would be hot to try.”

Reina glanced at me. “Did you and Adile…”

I nodded, my cheeks burning. “Once, when I asked for relief, she volunteered and, well, she’s pretty good at eating pussy. I returned the favor. It’s different without a cock, but fun.”

“Damn, I want to get chosen,” groaned Reina. “There are only eleven weeks left in the school year. I don’t want to wait until next year. It sounds like a blast.”

“Oh, yes,” Leann said. “I remember how you came on my dick after Wednesday’s meeting.”

“So hard,” Reina panted. “My futa-girlfriend was wondering why I was late, and I just said, ‘Program’s fault,’ and kissed her. Would you believe she ate me out full of your cum? She was turned on.”

“Kinky,” Leann said. “Not my thing eating cum out of a girl, but good to know. I can send you to her with another pussy load of cum.”

“We’re having a meeting right now,” I said, squiring, my pussy getting wet and wet. My nipples were hard atop my small breasts.

“I can send you home with cum, too,” Leann said. “No rule that says we can’t fuck just because we’re in the Program together.”

“We’re having a meeting,” I repeated.

“Not until Priscilla gets here,” said Leann. Priscilla was the president while I was the treasurer. It was a bit of a stereotype, but I loved math. I really, really did. Numbers just made sense. Before I lost my cherry on Tuesday, sex wasn’t as important to me, but now…

Maybe we could have some fun if Priscilla wasn’t—

The doors to the student council room threw open and Priscilla marched in. Her large breasts quivered in her baby doll t-shirt. She wore jeans tight enough to prove that she wasn’t a futa but all girl. Her strawberry hair swayed about her shoulders as she marched around the table, a look of fury on her face.

“Uh-huh,” Leann said. “What happened?”

“The janitors is what happened.”

“Custodians,” said Reina. “They prefer custodians.”

“Whatev.” Priscilla reached the head of the table and gripped the back of her chair, knuckles whitening. “The bake sale is in jeopardy.’”

“What?” Leann straightened up, her large tits heaving. “No, we’re all set. I have promises of baked goods, the weather’s going to be a warm 70 so we can be naked. No rain. It’ll be a perfect, spring day. My mom is bringing in her cupcakes! They’re the best.”

“The janitors claim they weren’t informed about the bake sale,” Priscilla said, practically grinding her teeth together. Her gaze shot to Leann. “You did tell them, right?”

“Well…” Leann squirmed.

“What does this mean?” I asked. The bake sale was my idea to raise money for the college.

“That they’re not going to help because we didn’t give them the month notice like someone was supposed to.”

Leann’s shoulders melted. “I thought I filled out the form.”

“Our bake sale is ruined over some dumb form?” asked Reina. “Why do we need the custodians?”

“’Only the custodial staff can set up tables on college’s property,’” Priscilla said in a mocking tone like she was repeating words. “Union rules or some BS like that. We can’t even bring our own tables. How messed up is that?”

“Shit,” Leann groaned. “I’m sorry. I must have forgotten. I really thought I did it.”

“So there’s nothing we can do?” I asked, my heart fluttering, on the verge of panic.

“Well…” Priscilla bit her lower lip. “You two are in the Program, so if we were to offer them some schoolgirl delight… You know…”

Leann’s cheeks went red. “What?”

I swallowed, my own cheeks warming as this thrill shot through me. The custodians were four futas. They had that sexy, working vibe. They didn’t wear the most attractive outfits, but they made me tingle thinking about satisfying them.

“It’s against the rules,” Leann said. “They’re staff.”

“Well, this is a school event,” said Priscilla. “Outreach to the custodial staff. If we can make them happy…”

“I’ll do it,” I said, my pussy on fire. “I don’t mine. They’re cute.”

“Good,” said Priscilla. “Way to be a team player. And you, Leann…”

“But I’m a futa.”

“Some of them might be into futas.” Priscilla faced Leann. “This is your fuck-up. You can’t expect Ji-Min to clean it all up herself.”

“Shit,” Leann muttered


Leann Winthrop’s Week, Friday

I had managed to avoid any futa-on-futa contact all week. I wasn’t sure I was down for this, but…

It was my fuck-up.

“Maybe they’ll just be satisfied with you,” I muttered to Ji-Min as we walked naked through the empty halls.

“Maybe,” Ji-Min said, an eagerness in the voice. The petite, Korean sophomore had this look of sparkling lust in her eyes, her pale-olive cheeks flushed dark. Dusky nipples thrust hard from atop her small, quivering breasts, and her landing strip of black hair led to the juicy lips of her pussy.

“Damn,” I muttered, a twinge racing through me. She was cute, a year younger than me. I was a junior, like Priscilla.

We rounded the corner and there it was: the custodial break room. We were near the gym and the boiler room. I took a deep breath, my stomach roiling. Could I do something with a futa? I wasn’t into them. I mean, they had cocks. Not just pussies, but big, throbbing shafts thrusting from their folds. No cute, dainty clits to nibble on.

Ji-Min knocked on the door, looking so cute and nubile as she trembled. I swallowed, my dick growing harder. I wasn’t sure if it was her or this strange excitement that I might be forced to service a futa-janitor that made my cock throb.

The door opened to a youthful janitor with blonde hair gathered in pigtails. She looked barely out of college, her hazel eyes bright. She wore a green jump-suit she wore half-unzipped to show off her small, conical breasts cupped in a demi bra, nipples poking hard at the satin.

“Well, look at you two,” she purred, her eyes flicking up and down Ji-Min.

“We’re here to apologize for the mix-up about the bake sale,” Ji-Min said. “If you need anything from us, we’ll be more than happy to provide it. Any service. Any use.”

“Any?” she asked. Her nametag read Skylar. She turned around and purred, “Azra, there are two naked students here wanting to be our fuck-toys. One’s a futa, and the other is just scrumptious.”

“Send them in,” came the rich tones thick with a Middle-Eastern accent.

Fuck toy? Shit.

Skylar stepped aside and, with a giggle, ushered us into a small locker room. A folding table was in the center, cards around it. Three more futas sat there, a Hispanic one with her brown hair pulled into a ponytail and her jumpsuit bunched around her waist, smiled. Her tits were out, round and brown, topped by pink nipples.

“Mmm, look at them,” she purred in her Latina accent.

“Uh-huh,” Raquel said a short, Asian futa, her skin a darker shade than Ji-Min’s. She had a smile playing her lips. “What do you say, Azra?”

The last futa, her skin a deep brown, set down her cards. She flicked her eyes up and down us, her breasts rising and falling beneath her jumpsuit. She stood up and smiled as Skylar closed the door behind us. Azra nodded her head, eyes smoldering.

“Who else knows about this little arrangement?” Azra asked, stopping before us.

“Just the student council,” I said. “No one will find out. And, uh, besides, this is a school activity. Custodial outreach, so it should fall in line with the Program rules. Technically.

Azra’s smile grinned. She had plump lips. Her hand unzipped her jumpsuit, revealing round breasts beneath, her dark-brown nipples şişli bayan escort hard. “Perfect.”

“Come here and suck my dick, cutie,” said Skylar. “That’s the girl, not you, futa.”

“Leann,” I muttered as Ji-Min whirled around and fell to her knees before Skylar. The Korean sophomore didn’t even hesitate to swallow the ivory cock before her. She bobbed her head, working her lips up and down it.

“Damn,” said the Asian futa. She stood up. Her nametag read Yen. She had a hungry look in her eyes as she unzipped her suit, her breasts small and conical.

“Come suck my dick, too,” said Raquel. The Hispanic futa, her naked tits swaying, stalked by me. She shoved down her jumpsuit more to pull out her cock, the tip pierced by a gold ring. “Wrap those lips around this, mamacita.”

Ji-Min ripped her mouth of Skylar’s cock, turned her head, and engulfed the Hispanic futa. The naughty schoolgirl bobbed her mouth, her hips wiggling. She gripped both cocks, pumping up and down them with practiced ease.

My dick swelled to a full erection. My pussy ached, clenching. Juices dribbled down my thighs. My breasts swayed. Azra and Yen stripped off their jumpsuits, standing naked and hard. Azra had a short but squat futa-dick she fisted while Yen had one almost as big as mine. Hers thrust from a thick, black bush.

“She’s good,” Yen said.

“Yeah,” I said, glancing down at the two futas dicks. “So should I…?”

“Start sucking, futa-slut?” Azra asked. “Well, she looks busy. Wrap that pretty, White mouth around my big cock and make me explode.”

“Damn,” I muttered. I sighed. I had to do this. Might as well get it over with. Ji-Min was having fun.

Maybe I would, too.

I sank to my knees before Azra and Yen. I grasped their futa-dick. They throbbed and pulsed in my grip. I stroked them, this strange thrill racing through me. I was holding futa-cocks in my hand. Hard, throbbing clit-dicks. They felt like mine, the hard core and the outer layer of skin that shifted over it. Precum beaded their tips.

Ji-Min sucked with hunger behind me. I had to do as good a job as her. I leaned forward and opened my mouth. I swallowed the tip of Yen’s cock. I tensed against the taste of her precum, but it wasn’t bad. Salty.

I sucked.

Not bad at all.

I stroked their cocks, Azra’s shorter but wider. I fisted them as I sucked on Yen’s dick. I tried to remember what girls had done to my futa-cock, which ached so bad right now, and swirled my tongue around Yen’s tip. I caressed it, bringing a moan from her lips.

“Don’t forget about me,” Azra purred, her voice throaty.

I pulled my mouth off Yen’s cock, a little bit of drool running down my chin. I turned my head and engulfed Azra’s dick. I sucked it into my mouth. I sealed my lips about that shaft and bobbed up and down that wider cock.

I sucked a few times while Yen’s cock beckoned. I had to please them both. I had to make them both happy. I fucked up, so I had to pay. I switched futa-dicks and engulfed the slender, Asian futa’s dick. Her small breasts quivered.

“Oh, yes, what a good mouth you have,” groaned Yen. “Mmm, this is making up for us having to come in our day off.”

“Indeed,” groaned Skylar. “Ooh, cutie, you got a mouth on you. Hows the futa doing?”

“Adequate,” Azra said.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching. I couldn’t do adequate. I had to give the best damn blowjob ever.

I popped my mouth off of Yen’s cock, saliva dribbling down to my throat, and shifted over engulf Azra’s futa-dick. I sucked it into my mouth, my cheeks hollowing. I could see Ji-Min bobbing her head. I worked my lips down the squat dick, breathing in the tangy musk of Azra’s pussy. I sucked, my tits jiggling as I moved.

Azra groaned. Pleasure crossed her face, her round breasts swaying above my head. I heard the delight I gave her with my mouth and tongue. I fisted Yen’s cock faster, giving Azra’s dick a final, hard suck. Then I switched, panting before I engulfed Yen’s shaft.

Her spongy dick slid past my lips. I sealed tight about her shaft and danced my tongue. I pumped my hands up and down Azra’s shaft, stroking her fast. Hard. I knew where a futa liked to be stroked, something not all girls seemed to know.

The tip.

That spongy crown drank in all the pleasure.

I pumped fast while my tongue danced over the Asian futa’s dick. She moaned, her voice sweet and soft, her pussy juices spicy. I could see her folds through her thick forest of dark hair. Dew beaded them.

“Oh, yes, yes, just like that, cutie!” groaned Skylar. “I’m going to jizz all over your face. Bet you want that.”

“Mmm, yum!” Ji-Min said.

“Oh, mamacita, I love it,” Raquel moaned. “Work that mouth up and down my cock. Ooh, you’re a tiny thing, but you can take all of my dick.”

Would Yen and Azra, especially Azra, want to cum on my face. I shuddered. It was so demeaning to have that, but… The bake sale was important. Our chance to leave a lasting impact on the school. My pussy clenched, my dick throbbing.

I popped my mouth off Yen’s cock and moaned, “You can cum on my face, too!”

Azra smiled.

I sucked on her dick. The Middle-Eastern futa shudder. Her breasts swayed. She grabbed a fistful of my brown hair, holding it tight. My breasts swayed as I sucked and slurped. Drool dribbled down my chin as I loved them.

The pants and moans of the four futa-janitors mixed with the wet sucking and slurping Ji-Min and I produced. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. My futa-dick throbbed before me. I swirled my tongue around Azra’s cock then switched.

“I want you to cum on my face!” I moaned before engulfing Yen’s dick.

Her cock throbbed in my mouth, her breasts quivering. “Oh, yes, we will, futa-slut!”

“Mmm, cum on my face, too!” Ji-Min moaned. “I want it!”

“Oh, cutie, you’ll get it!” groaned Skylar. “Keep sucking like that. I’m going to erupt in your mouth.”

I shuddered, my futa-dick throbbing and aching. My hands pumped up and down Azra’s and Yen’s clit-dicks. The scents of their pussies swelled, filling my nose as I blew them. The heady aroma had me shuddering. My hips wiggled from side to side, the excitement building and building in me. It was this wild rush.

A kinky thrill.

I sucked and slurped and bobbed my head. I went back and forth, my tits heaving. The futas moaned. In the background, Skylar and Raquel gasped. They were both moaning, building towards their release.

“Yes, yes, cum on my face!” Ji-Min moaned. “Just erupt!”

“Cutie!” Skylar howled.

“¡Mierda!” cursed the Hispanic futa. “Take it, mamacita!”

“Yes, yes, bathe me,” the sophomore groaned.

I pictured her cute face getting bathed in cum. She looked like a little doll. They were splattering her with cum. Both Yen and Azra watched. I shuddered and popped my mouth off Yen’s cock. I fisted both their cocks as hard as I could.

“Cum on my face!” I begged, needing to win their support. “Please, please, fire that jizz across my features.”

They glanced down at me. Azra licked her lips, her plump tits swaying. Yen whimpered, her cute face twisting up. Her black hair danced around her face. Her clit-dick throbbed in my hand, precum bubbling from the tip.

“Almost there, futa-slut!” she groaned.

“Yes, yes, get us there,” panted Azra, gripping my hair. “A few more strokes.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, my pussy clenching, dripping with juices. My futa-dick ached. I was so turned on right now.

Just aching to explode.

Their dicks erupted.

Yen’s fired a moment before Azra’s did. The Asian futa’s cum splattered the side of my face and spilled up to my chin. The Middle Eastern futa’s blast caught me right on the lips. I gasped as her salty cum flooded my mouth before she coated my upper lip and nose.

“Take it, futa-slut!” moaned Yen, her body heaving. Juices dripped from her thick bush.

“Oh, damn, yes, that’s it!” Azra panted.

I shuddered as they drenched my face. They coated me in it. I whimpered, fisting their cocks. Jizz rained down to splatter my large boobs. My futa-dick throbbed as their girl-spunk ran in hot lines down my face and cheek. I trembled, squeezing out more.

My tongue swept out, licking up the cum. I couldn’t believe how good it tasted. I shuddered, my futa-dick aching and throbbing. It was such a hot thrill. I felt so dizzy from it. It wasn’t that bad. The hot cream ran down my face to my waiting tongue.

Not bad at all.

Azra grinned. “Just got coated in cum, didn’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I moan, tits rising.

“Mmm, bet you got a hard cock and a wet pussy, don’t you?” she asked.

I nodded then gasped as she lifted me up by the hair. I groaned, catching a glimpse of Ji-Min scooping up the cum that adorned her face before I was turned and thrust at the card table. My pussy clenched, a rush of heat surging through me as I was bent over it.

I could feel playing cards sticking to my tits, my nipples rubbing into the felt. I shuddered, my futa-dick throbbing. I could feel my twat on display. Azra’s short, squat cock rubbed up and down my pussy folds.

“You ever took a dick back here?” she asked. “You got a cherry, futa-slut?”

“Just some girls’ fingers,” I moaned, pussy juices dribbling down my cock. “If you need to.” I felt shocked that I was saying these words, but I had to please Azra. “You can fuck me. You can take my pussy virginity.”

“I think I just might at that,” groaned Azra. Her futa-dick pressed against my pussy lips and slid up and down my folds. “The others can enjoy the cutie.”

“They will,” I moaned, so eager to please this futa. I had to do a good job. I licked up some more cum dribbling down my face. “Fuck me! Plunge that cock into me!”

Azra thrust hard into my pussy.

I şişli escort gasped as she spread me open wider than any fingers had. Her cock wasn’t long, the length of my middle finger, but that girth had me shuddering. My futa-dick throbbed and twitched. The ache swelled at the tip as this silky friction surged through me.

“You like that, don’t you, futa-slut?” she hissed, her trimmed bush rubbing into my ass and the shaved folds of my pussy.

“I do,” I groaned, speaking the truth.

Her futa-dick felt amazing in my cunt.

My pussy squeezed around her dick as the futa-janitor fucked me from behind. In the background, the other three enjoyed Ji-Min. She whimpered and gasped while I shuddered and moaned. My pussy clenched around Azra’s big dick. I savored it plundering my cunt. The hot thrusts. The powerful, hammering plunges.

My silky flesh drank it in. This dizzying delight surged over me. I groaned, my cunt clenching down on that amazing cock. It reamed hard and fast. Over and over, she plunged it into me. Her crotch smacked my rump while the friction swelled.

My futa-dick throbbed and ached, drinking in the pleasure. The ache built at the tip. My ovaries brimmed with cum while my pussy delighted in this huge cock. Getting fucked in the cunt was an amazing treat.

I was glad I had to do this.

“Damn, Azra, slam that big futa-dick in me!” I panted.

“Like it, huh?” she asked. “Just a slut for a clit-dick!”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, the stimulation rippling through me. “Oh, wow, that’s good. Damn, you’re plunging hard and fast into me, aren’t you?”

“Yep!” she said. “You’re just so hot and juicy. And I bet you’re hard.”

“Feel it!” I groaned, my cunt squeezing down around her dick. I was just savoring this wonderful pleasure hammering me. She fucked me hard.


Her hand slid around my waist and down to my shaved crotch. She wrapped around my futa-dick, stroking me. Her touch was electric. I loved it. Jolts shot down my shaft to my cunt. My flesh squeezed around her touch.

Her futa-dick reamed me. She stretched my cunt with every plunge. My futa-cock throbbed in her stroking hand. She pumped it up and down, almost with the same ferocity as her squat shaft reamed my cunt.

I moaned and whimpered, the card table rocking beneath me as I took my first futa-dick. My pussy savored it. Azra’s hand stroked me hard, fast. My breasts rubbed into the playing cards and the padded, vinyl surface. My nipples throbbed, feeding the growing pressure in my ovaries.

I clamped my cunt down around her girl-dick, something I liked girls doing to me. Azra moaned while my own friction increased. That wonderful heat surged through me, feeding that swelling ache at the tip of my cock.

“I’m going to cum on this dick!” I moaned in shock. I couldn’t believe I’d ever say that. “I’m going to cum on your big futa-dick, Azra!”

“Good,” she groaned, plunging hard into me. She buried her cock to the hilt in me again and again, her crotch smacking my rump.

The friction was incredible. I screamed closer and closer to an orgasm. My ovaries brimmed. They were filled with cum that just had to erupt out of me. I shuddered, my hips wiggling from side to side. I stirred her around in me. That amazing cock reamed me. She plunged it over and over into me. Time and time again.

It was an amazing delight.

A wonderful treat.

“Shit, shit, shit!” I gasped, my dick on the verge of erupting. Her futa-dick had driven me to the edge.

“Cum on my dick, futa-slut!” she moaned. “Explode on my cock. Yes, yes, you’re just such a treat. Schoolgirl futa-pussy! I love the Program!”

“Me, too!” I moaned, my twat clenching down on her reaming clit-dick.

She plunged hard into me while stroking up my girl-cock. She reached the pinnacle, caressing my spongy tip. I shuddered and squeezed my cunt down around her girl-dick. I couldn’t take much more of this.

I erupted.

My futa-dick fired. Jizz showered from my cock. The pleasure surged through my body. The powerful jolts of bliss fired from my shaft met the waves of euphoria rippling out of my spasming cunt. My pussy writhed around the janitor’s dick.

She stirred me up. I moaned as I bucked on the table. It creaked beneath me as my pussy writhed and spasmed around her thrusting cock. She grunted, pounding me hard. Her hand fisted my erupting dick.

“Yes, cum in me, Azra!” I moaned. “Use my cunt! Just spill all that futa cum in me!”

“Getting there, schoolgirl futa-slut!”

I loved it. I was a futa-slut. My orgasm burned intensely through me. I groaned, shuddering on the table. My nipples rubbed across it. This amazing treat surged through me. My cunt convulsed and writhed.

She buried into me and grunted.

Hot cum fired into me.

I gasped as I felt a futa unload into me for the first time ever. My cunt convulsed and spasmed around her girl-dick. That heat surged through my body. I gasped and whimpered. I squirmed, my hips rippling from side to side. My cunt milked her girl-dick. I bucked so hard as she flooded me.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” she groaned, her hand sliding up and down my futa-cock, wringing out the last few drops of my jizz.

It was one of the best orgasms of my life.



As Azra took Leann in hand, I was pulled down onto Skylar’s lap. The blonde, girlish futa-janitor had a big grin on her face. Her small breasts rose and fell. They were conical tips topped in puffy, pink nipples.

“Mmm, you’re going to ride me, aren’t you?” the futa-janitor purred. Then she giggled like a schoolgirl. She must be my age, only a year or two since she’d graduated from high school. Unlike me, she hadn’t gone to college.

“Yes,” I moaned, feeling her futa-cock rubbing into the shaved folds of my pussy. I didn’t start out this week shaved. I was glad I started.

I slid my pussy up her futa-shaft. I climbed up her dick to the pinnacle. I whimpered, rubbing my self on that wonderful point, and then I slid down her. I groaned as I engulfed her dick. My nineteen-year-old pussy spread and spread around her girl-cock.

“Ooh, cutie, yes,” Skylar groaned. Her hands grabbed my butt-cheeks. She pulled down on me, parting my asscheeks in the process. “Raquel, you have to get in her. You have to try her asshole.”

“Mmm, gladly,” purred the Hispanic futa.

She knelt behind me, pressing her dick into my rump. I shivered. Getting Dped was something I learned to love this week. Having two futas in me at the same time was exciting. I hoped my futa-girlfriend, when I met her, would be okay with sharing me.

Because I’d love to lick her cum out of a girl’s pussy.

“You are a naughty thing,” said Skylar. “The way you lick your lips. You look like a cute, innocent doll, but the Program’s made you into a slut.”

“Into a girl who knows what she wants,” I said, my pussy clenching around Skylar’s clit-dick. I reached behind me and seized Raquel’s dick. With a bold jerk, I slid her shaft down to my asshole. It poked against me, her cock ring rubbing on my sphincter. “There. Right there. That’s where I want you to jam into me.”

“Yes, mamacita,” groaned Raquel. “Definitely like a girl who knows what she wants.”

I whimpered as she thrust. Her futa-dick penetrated my bowels, her piercing a hard circle contrasting with her softer flesh. My back arch arched, my firm titties jiggling. Skylar leaned back on her elbow, pigtails swaying off her shoulders. I whimpered as Raquel’s spit-lubed cock went deeper and deeper into my bowels.

I shuddered as she bottomed out in me, her thick bush rubbing into my butt-cheeks. She hugged me, rubbing her tits into my back. She drew back, her cock ring stimulating my anal sheath. I groaned, squeezing down on Skylar’s cock.

“Oh, yes, yes, you two are just wonderful,” I moaned and lifted my hips, riding Skylar’s cock as Raquel’s rammed to the hilt in my bowels, her hands clenching on my tits.

“Look at this,” the Asian futa purred, stepping up. Her cock dripped with Leann’s saliva. I licked my lips then engulfed Yen’s cock, tasting the brunette futa’s spit.

It was like an indirect kiss with the student council vice president.

It sent such a wicked thrill through me. My pussy and asshole clenched down on both futa dicks, drinking in the feel of them. I rode them, sliding my cunt up and down them. That wonderful pleasure surged through me. A treat to enjoy. My hips wiggled back and forth, stirring those hard dicks around in my cunt and bowels.

A treat to enjoy.

I whimpered and slammed down Skylar’s thick cock. It was such a delight. A wonderful treat. I groaned, my asshole squeezing and relaxing. A dizzying heat surged through me, driving me towards that amazing treat.

I moaned around Yen’s futa-dick in my mouth. It was a delight. A treat to enjoy. My hips wiggled back and forth. My cunt clenched and relaxed. That wonderful passion surged through me. It was incredible. My heart pounded in my chest.

An amazing delight surged through my body. This wicked passion. My heart thundered faster and faster. I took all three of their dicks in my body. My asshole squeezed down on Raquel as she plundered me. I moaned around Yen’s tip, loving her precum flowing across my tongue. My pussy worked up and down Skylar’s, delight rippling out of my pussy.

“Damn, what a naughty schoolgirl slut,” panted Skylar. “Ooh, yes, yes, work that cunt up and down my dick.”

“Mamacita, you got a tight ass,” moaned Raquel. “I’m going to explode in you.”

I squealed in delight around Yen’s cock.

“Yes, yes, she’s hungry for it,” panted the Asian futa. Her spicy pussy juices filled my nose. They coated her thick, silky pubic hair. “She wants my cum.”

“Our cum!” Skylar moaned.


It mecidiyeköy escort was a wicked treat to please all three of them. I groaned, sucking hard on the futa-dick in my mouth. That wonderful passion surged through my body as both my holes drank in those dual frictions. Velvety and silky raptures swirled through me.

I worked my cunt up and down faster. Harder. I rode Skylar’s girl-dick as Raquel’s futa-cock reamed my bowels. It was an incredible passion to enjoy. This amazing bliss. My hips worked from side to side, stirring them up as I drove closer and closer to my orgasm.

I would explode on them both. That wonderful moment of eruption. They would flood my body. It would be incredible. I squeezed my asshole and pussy on the two futa dicks. I slammed down Skylar’s cock as Raquel hammered my bowels.

“Shit, that’s good, cutie!” Skylar moaned, her conical tits jiggling.

I grabbed them, massaged them. Raquel squeezed her hands about my little titties while her round boobs caressed my back. I shuddered, my tongue dancing around Yen’s cock. My pleasure came closer and closer to exploding through me.

It would be awesome.

“¡Mamacita, si!” groaned Raquel. “I’m going to flood this asshole. I’m going to give you so much jizz.”

“Do it!” panted Skylar.

I shuddered and slammed down her girl-dick. My clit pressed into her pubic bone. The pleasure sparked through me. A wonderful tsunami of rapture that slid through my body. My head tossed back and forth. I groaned, my cunt squeezing down on the blonde’s futa-dick while Raquel reamed me.

“Shit!” Yen moaned, her small tits quivering as she fucked my mouth, driving her girl-dick to the hilt in me. “Yes, yes, suck hard, slut!”

“Cutie!” Skylar moaned. “Yes!”

Her futa-cum fired into my pussy. I gasped around Yen’s cock as I reveled in that wonderful taste of her precum. Jizz basted my cunt. My pussy clenched hard. My body couldn’t resist the delight being reamed by two futas had given me.

I joined her.

Rapture exploded through my pussy. My asshole convulsed around Raquel’s plunging cock. She buried to the hilt in my flesh and gasped. Two futas flooded my holes. My pussy spasmed around Skylar’s cock, milking out the last of her cum as Raquel was just getting started.

I squealed my delight around Yen’s cock.

“¡Mamacita!” Raquel gasped out in rapture as she based me.

“Oh, yes, yes!” groaned Skylar.

“Slut!” moaned Yen. Her futa-dick throbbed.

Hot cum flooded my mouth. I groaned in delight, my throat working to gulp down her flood. My orgasm intensified. Those waves of delight washed through my body, surging me towards that wonderful pinnacle. All three futa-janitors had used me.

I loved being in the Program.


Leann Winthrop

I didn’t hesitate to bury my face into Ji-Min’s sloppy cunt. The Korean sophomore lay on her back, panting, jizz streaked across her face. More spunk leaked out of her twat. I licked, gathering up her tangy cream infused with that salty seed.

I loved it.

“Damn, she’s just hungry for it,” said Azra, her cum leaking out of my twat.

“Yes, she is,” Yen said, her saliva-soaked dick nuzzling into the cheeks of my ass.

I whimpered, about to have a futa enjoy my last virgin hole. My futa-dick throbbed, already hard again. I thrust my tongue deep into Ji-Min’s pussy, swirling around in her and fishing out the cum that had flooded her. Yen’s cock found my sphincter.

“Fuck her up the ass!” Skylar cheered. The blonde knelt beside Ji-Min and fisted her dick. “I want to cum on those schoolgirl titties. They’re so cute.”

“So are yours,” Ji-Min moaned, her hands cupping her little tits. “Mmm, Leann, lick me clean while they cum on us.”

“Gladly,” I said and then groaned as Yen pressed forward.

My anal ring squeezed tight for a moment, but then the pressure of the Asian futa’s cock overcame my sphincter. I groaned into Ji-Min’s twat as my asshole spread wider and wider. My pussy clenched. My futa-dick throbbed.

Yen’s cock popped into my bowels.

More and more of her dick slid into me as I devoured the cum leaking out Ji-Min’s pussy. Skylar had fired so much into her. I licked and lapped as I took more and more girl-cock into my velvety anal sheath. My large tits swayed beneath me.

“Bugger her hard,” Azra said, kneeling down and stroking her stout, pussy-soaked dick. Her cum ran out of my pussy and dribbled down my swaying dick.

“I plan on it,” Yen moaned as her cock sank deeper. Her silky bush pressed on my rump.

I groaned as she drew back, sliding her cock through my virgin bowels. My pussy dripped with more of Azra’s cum. It ran down my swaying girl-dick as Yen slammed forward into me. I moaned into Ji-Min’s pussy, trembling.

This was such an incredible treat. A delight to enjoy. My tongue plundered through Ji-Min’s folds. I licked and lapped at her. I teased her. Drove her wild. She whimpered, her hips wiggling back and forth. She smeared her hot cunt against my hungry mouth. I devoured the futa-spunk. Loved it.

Such a treat to enjoy.

I whimpered and moaned as the futa reamed me. She plundered me fast as I lapped out all the yummy cum. The other futas fisted their cocks, aiming them at Ji-Min’s tits. The Korean cutie shuddered, massaging her tits, looking like she was in heaven.

“Yes, yes, cum on my tits!” she moaned. “Just coat them in your girl-jizz.”

“Do it!” I moaned.

“Want to lick them clean?” Azra asked.

“Yes!” I whimpered, shocked by the admission. “Yes, I do!”

“Good!” groaned Azra. “You’ll get your support. We’ll set up.”

“The bake sale’s happening!” squealed Ji-Min. “Oh, Leann, yes, yes, it’s wonderful. Keep licking my twat. Get all of Skylar’s yummy cum out of me.”

“So yummy!” I groaned, my bowels clenching down on Yen’s cock.

Skylar giggled and winked at me, fisting her futa-dick.

The burning heat in my asshole fed my pussy. My cunt drank it in, my dick throbbing, aching. My ovaries swirled with a fresh load of cum as I trembled beneath the passionate strokes of Yen’s big dick. She plunged into me. Hard. Fast.

She reamed me. Filled me.

I squealed, my head dizzy from the forceful plunges. That delicious futa-dick reamed my asshole. The velvety friction made me groan. My tongue fluttered through the depths of Ji-Min’s pussy, licking out all of the passion.

My tongue scooped out the last of Skylar’s cum. I whimpered into Ji-Min’s pussy, reveling in her shaved folds. Her tangy passion coated my lips and chin. I reveled in it. Enjoyed it. I lapped through those folds, savoring every moment of being reamed.

My ass ached from the power of Yen’s strokes.

“Damn,” she groaned. “You got a tight ass, futa!”

“Cum in her ass!” moaned Ji-Min. “And cum on my tits! Ooh, we’re going to have such a wonderful bake sale tomorrow!”

“Yes, yes!” I moaned, my orgasm building faster and faster. My bowels clenched down on Yen’s cock, increasing the friction.

Increasing my bliss.

My dick throbbed, coated in Azra’s futa-cum. My pussy grew hotter. I wiggled my hips, my cock swaying. Jizz dripped from the tip. I shuddered, Yen’s hard cock reaming me faster and faster. I came closer and closer to that eruption.

“Fuck,” I moaned.

“Yes, yes, fuck her!” gasped Ji-Min. “Leann! Leann! Suck on my clit!”

I latched onto her bud and sucked.

The girl bucked and moaned. Her face twisted in rapture. Then a flood of her tangy juices gushed out. The Korean cutie spasmed on her back. She bathed my face with a hot gush of her cute cream. Her eyes squeezed shut as she humped her convulsing twat against me.

I lapped up the juices, screaming towards my own orgasm. Yen’s cock pounded me so hard. My futa-dick, though not being directly stimulated, ached. Pulsed. The pressure reached a boiling point as Yen rammed to the hilt in my bowels, her flesh smacking my rump.

“Shit, yes!” I gasped and came.

“The futa-slut’s cumming on my dick!” panted Yen as my asshole spasmed around her thrusting girl-dick.

My futa-cock erupted. My spunk splashed on the floor, drops of jizz splattering my legs. My tits swayed. I moaned into Ji-Min’s twat as my cunt convulsed. Juices gushed down my cock and thighs. I trembled, whimpering. Yen fucked me hard.

Waves of rapture washed out of my asshole and pussy. Jolts of bliss fired from my cock. The dual ecstasies devoured my mind. I whimpered, loving them. I thrust my tongue into Ji-Min’s cunt as I trembled through my climax.

“Damn,” Raquel moaned. “Damn, that’s hot.”

Her cock spurted first. She splattered Ji-Min’s firm, little titties in white spunk.

“Yes, yes!” gasped Ji-Min. “Ooh, that’s good. Coat my tits! Just bathe them in your spunk! Oh, my god, I love it!”

“Shit, you’re hot, cutie!” moaned Skylar.

Her futa-dick erupted. Then Azra’s. The head futa-janitor’s jizz spurted down Ji-Min’s body, landing on her stomach. Near her landing strip. I whimpered, my asshole writhing around Yen’s cock. She fucked hard into me.

“Oh, futa-slut, yes!”

Her dick erupted into me. I groaned as I felt her jizz flooding my bowels. It was a different sensation. It had me dizzy. I shuddered, my bowels writhing and milking the dick in my asshole. This amazing cock that had me trembling and aching.

My mind melted as Azra’s last spurt of cum landed across Ji-Min’s landing strip. I licked up her pussy and to that line of silky hair. I gathered the salty cum, my mind melting beneath the onslaught of being a fuck-toy for the futa-janitors.

The last spurt of cum fired into my asshole. My pleasure died to buzzing bliss as I licked higher and higher, gathering up the salty cum. The futas watched, pleased. They would help set up. Ji-Min and I had fixed my fuck-up.

It was fun doing it, too.

Tomorrow’s bake sale would be a huge success.

To be continued…

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Fucked virgin runaway

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This happened when I was on holidays and staying at a motel on a highway. I noticed out the window of my room a girl sitting on a bus stop bench. She looked kind of lost and a bit of a stray with a flannelette shirt hanging loose on her. She looked around 16 or 17. She walked off and I thought that would be the last I’d see of her. Then later on that afternoon I noticed she was back again just sitting there but this time with a drink like a McDonalds coke or something.

I walked out over to her and said ‘Hi’. She said ‘Hi’ back. She had this sexy far away look in her eyes and I said to her that I’d seen her there earlier and wondered if she was waiting for someone. She said ‘Whats it to you?’ I thought, we have a smart little bitch here. Told her nothing, but I wouldn’t like to see harm come to her. I said she was pretty and I know how guys might try and pick her up and who knows what could happen. She looked at me suspiciously and tried to play it cool and sat back. I noticed under her open shirt that she had a white top on with firm tits poking out. I wanted to see those teenage tits badly. She said she decided to leave home cause her parents were giving her shit and she was thinking of heading out of town. I told her it was getting late to try going out of town now and it would soon be dark. I suggested she come back with me to my motel room and I’d let her have the spare bed for the night. She said ‘piss off I’m ok.’ I thought I’d love to slap her smart mouth (preferably while I had my cock buried deep inside her clutching twat). I told her she had 3 choices – either go back home, stay here in the dark and cold, or come back and have a warm bed in my room. Then the cynical bitch wanted to know what I’d get out of it. I said the only thing I’d like to do is take some nice photos of her to remember my holiday by. She thought about it for a while and finally said it might be all right.

So she followed me to my motel room and sat on the chair at the small table in my room. I took my camera out and proceeded to take a snap of her at the table. I then asked her about her lovelife. Did she have a boyfriend? She said she didn’t but used to have one about a year before. Did she do anything with him? She wanted to know what I meant. I said sexually and she shook her head. I said she must have done something with him and she said the most she’d done is try and give him a blowjob. Did she like it? She said it was ok. Did she swallow? She shook her head and said she’d jerked him off. I really wanted to see her tits and told her to take off her top. She said ‘no’ and I told her to do it so I could take a photo. Thats why she was here. She reluctantly pulled her white top off over her head to leave a bra. She looked hot just sitting there and I went over to her and stroked her breast over her bra. She moved my hand away and I slapped her arm and told her not to worry I just wanted to see her tit. I put my hand back on her bra cup and stroked it again before grabbing the top of her bra and yanking it down. A soft, pale teenage tit became exposed. She squirmed a bit and I started stroking her exposed boob and gently tweaking the pale pink nipple. She sat there watching while my hand explored her boob. Every had a guy suck it? Just my boyfriend was the response. Are your nipples sensitive? She shrugged her shoulders but I told her they must be because her nipple was getting hard. The soft pink nipple was turning into a tight little button on her pale tit. I then moved over to her other tit and started pulling at the bra cup. It was hard to pull it down so I told her to take off her bra. She undid the bra and let it fall to expose another sweet, young, pale boob. With both hands now I worked on her tits, caressing the nipples and giving them a pinch.

Finally I told her to take off her jeans. She looked at me uneasy but I’m sure she was worked up a bit as she undid the button and the zip. She stood up to pull the jeans down and there, over her skinny waist, were these deep mauve panties. I helped her pull the jeans off and she sat back on the chair. I told her to spread her legs a little so she sat on the edge of the chair and spread them. I reached forward and went to touch her over her panties and she moved my arm away again. I said if she does it again she can leave and sleep on the street for the night. So I reached forward again and this time my finger touched her panties feeling her wiry pussy hair underneath. I stroked it up and down along where her tight little slit was. As I stroked I pressed harder to really feel the puffy lips of her cunt and outline the fragrant slit of her pussy. I really wanted to fuck this girl. I suggested she pull the crotch of her panties to one side and let me see her cunt. She reluctantly moved her hand down, grabbed the side of her panties and move it over to expose her dark haired teenage pussy. I rubbed along the hair over her pussy and asked if she liked it. She said she didn’t know so I suggested she let me see inside her pussy. ‘Open your pussy’ I said. Using both hands she timidly held her panties to one side while she opened the outer lips of her tight cunt.

Wow! She had these tight fleshy folds inside her cunt the color of pink salmon and it glistened wetly. I said ‘You are turned on. You’re so wet inside your cunt.’ This was one horny bitch and I wanted to fuck those soft pink folds so hard. I couldn’t even see her hole she was so tight.

‘Pose for me on the bed’ I said. She got up with just her panties on and knelt şişli bayan escort on the bed with her firm tits jutting out. I took another photo of the skinny slag and suggested she pose real horny by getting on her hands and knees and looking behind at me. She did so and I took another photo of her ass. I moved up behind her and started pulling at the panties and moving them over her ass. She just stayed on her hands and knees while I moved her panties down till they were down her legs and her pussy was showing under her ass. I told her to look straight ahead and not behind her so she wasn’t able to see what I was doing. My hand started rubbing over her pussy lips. I told her she was a horny little slut with her pussy so wet. She said she wasn’t a slut, but I said ‘of course you are’ and told her to rub her pussy with her own hand for me. She started reaching under and rubbing her slit while I quietly removed my own pants. My cock was so hard and ready for a tight twat.

I moved onto the bed with her still rubbing her slit, then moved up and touched the head of my cock to her pussy. She moved away and I told her not to move that I just wanted to rub my penis over her hot little cunt for a while. So she stayed on her hands and knees and let me move her tight pussy lips around with the head of my hard cock. Her cunt hair tickled but I wasn’t actually going into her pleasure hole at all, just massaging her lips and clit with it. I wanted to get more serious and moved up over her, this time trying to aim the head of my cock into where her hole should be. She realised what I was trying to do and tried to move away ‘Don’t!’. I said it was okay I just wanted to put the tip of my cockhead in a tiny bit so see what it was like. With one hand I held her shoulder to stop her moving forward and the other I tried to guide my cock into her. Damm!! She was tight. I couldn’t seem to get past the fleshy pink folds of her teenage labia. I rubbed up and down and pressed forward. She was horny as her pussy folds were moist and my cockhead was being coated in her sweet lubrication. Suddenly her moist softness gave way and my cockhead sunk in a little. She gave a gasp as her opening was parted by my throbbing meat.

‘Just the head’ I said to her and began pulling out and pushing in a little so the head of my cock was gripped by her tight hole. Seeing this bewildered skinny teen underneath with my cock only just inside her pussy was too much. I held her bony hips and with one thrust lunged my hips against her and forced my cock further into her small sex ring. She yelled out as she felt her vagina being invaded with my thick meat. My cock was suddenly surrounded by a very tight warmth. Even though I pushed hard only an inch of my cock found its way inside her. I’d never been inside a hole that was soooo small. I said she was a tight bitch and she just moaned with her head down. I held her hips and with each word I pushed forward and said ‘Your…a….fucking….tight….bitch.’ With each word my cock moved a little further into her fuck canal. She said in a pained voice; ‘I’m a virgin’.

Wooooohoooooooo!! I had my cock inside a virgin!! No wonder she was unsure of herself and sooo hard to get into!! With my cock almost completely buried up her womb I said to her; ‘You’re not now!” Then holding on to her bony hips I started to properly fuck her. My hips started to really move towards her and out again, really giving her untouched cunt a work out. As I started to rapidly fuck this bitch she was moaning and giving little yelps. Her inner pink cunt lips were clinging to my cock and were pulled out and exposed with every withdrawal, before being pushed back in as I forced my way through her sex canal. I have to admit at first it was hard going but the more I fucked the teen bitches pussy the easier it got as her virgin sex juices started coating my shaft.

As I fucked her over I started calling her names like ‘you little horny slut’ and ‘take that up your cunt, bitch!’ Once there, I held her shoulders and rapidly moved in and out of her as fast as I could go. She started giving little cries as her tight pussy received an amazing pounding. I told her to say ‘I’m a slut’. She hesitated but eventually managed to say ‘I’m…a……slut.’
‘Say it again bitch’
‘You’re a fuck bitch’ I told her as my cock strained inside her silky cunt walls.
In and out I pounded her slit. ‘Say “I want cum on my face”‘
She moaned before saying; ‘I….want……cum….on….my face’
‘I…want cum…..on….my……face.’
Hearing her sweet little girl voice talking slutty really got me going. I had to cum and pulled out of her clinging humid cunt and moved up over her. I moved her head to one side so the left side of her face was exposed and started rubbing my cock hard against her cheek. I started jerking it and suddenly a jet of cum shot out and fell against her face as far up as her forehead. The second spurt shot out and hit her in the eye. I was moaning as I rapidly jerked my cock to encourage more cum to splatter her cute face. Another spurt shot out and this time it coated her temple and the hair just around it. Finally I pointed my cock towards her ear and with the head of my shaft pushed into her ear another spurt shot out into her ear canal, dripping over the folds in her ear.

Once it was over, and I had recovered, she said she had to wash her face. I told her she wasn’t allowed şişli escort to. She had to leave my sex juice on her face and let it dry. If I saw her wipe it off I was to throw her out and not let her have the spare bed. She looked at me with one eye open as the other was sticky with the juice of my orgasm and I noticed her eyeball was going red after being coated with sperm.

She went to bed and it wasn’t long before I retired for the night. I had the double bed while she took the single on the other side of the room. She was tired and soon feel asleep and I looked at her laying there with her face encrusted with my cum and her hair matted up with the results of my orgasm and her first fuck.

I awoke during the night for some reason and my thoughts immediately went back to that girl lying there across the room and how amazing it was to break her body in. Remembering how tight her untouched pussy had been. Where would I ever experience anything like that again? I don’t think I’d ever cum so hard and long for ages. But in the morning she’d be gone and that would be end of my skinny innocent cum slut. My cock started to stir again, still horny remembering that fuck and how her body bounced beneath me with every thrust I gave her and how her sexy sweet voice groaned and gasped in response to her cunt being invaded.

I had to!!! I pulled back the bed covers and stood up, my cock standing to attention. Walking over to where the tight pussy was waiting in the bed I thought about standing there while she slept and wanking over her face to contribute more warm sperm to the cum that was already dried and crusty on the little teen bitches face. No, not good enough. I bent my hard cock down and let it touch the smooth skin of her cheek and started rubbing my cock onto her face. She awoke suddenly and pulled back, not sure of what was on her face. I switched on her bedside light and she saw me standing there, my cock hard and eager for more of her tight innocent body.
‘Come here and suck my cock for me.’ With sleepy eyes she moved forward without question and opened her mouth to let me push it in. When her warm moist mouth enclosed my shaft I need a fuck so bad. I grabbed her back of her head and pushed her down further onto it. ‘Suck it all in!’ Her hand came up and rested on my leg scared that I would choke her with all my thick meat. Holding her head like a football I moved it up and down while my hips thrust. Her tight clinging mouth coating my cock in warm saliva and struggling to hold it all in. ‘I want your lips right at the base of my cock’ I told her. Without that I pushed her head right down and tried forcing my cock all the way in. The cock head hit the back of her throat and her reflex action made her start to gag. Her gagging made her throat vibrate against my cock giving a lot of pleasure to me. I let her head up so she could catch her breath. ‘One more time’ I said and once more introduced my cock to her mouth where she tried to hold it. ‘Right down!!’ I demanded and forced her head down so once more my cock touched her throat and this time I thrust harder. While she tried to yell and her throat gagged I actually managed to get my cock right into her throat. What an amazing feeling to have her tight throat around the head of my penis as I held her head tight into my groin. When I let her up her mouth pulled off she started coughing and spluttering with tears in her eyes. ‘Your first throat fuck’ I announced.

When she had stopped coughing I told her get on her hands and knees. It was time for another screw. She knelt on all fours on her bed and moved around behind her. She slept in her flannelette shirt and panties as she had no pjs. Moving my hand underneath, I rubbed her pussy through her panties. Then without warning I grabbed her waist band of her panties and pulled hard, not downwards but outwards. The mauve panties stretched out and dug into the front of her. I kept pulling savagely at them, not wanting them down her legs, just off. I pulled hard and almost pulled her off the bed with them. Suddenly they tore and the waistband snapped. I kept pulling hard and I could hear them tearing away from her crotch. The pretty mauve panties were being ripped apart exposing her round teenage ass. When they were torn enough to remove I threw them on the bed and grabbed the ass cheeks of this cute girl. Spreading her apart I gazed down at the tiny brown wrinkled hole and further down at the tight slit covered lightly with hair. I opened the slit and found that tight hole that gave me so much pleasure only hours before. It was still reluctant to reveal itself, with her salmony pink flesh covering over her pleasure hole till I peeled the folds back to show a tiny dark hole within. She was still sooooooo tight. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her crotch. ‘You need another fuck!’ I told her. ‘Do I?’ She said resigned to receiving another.
‘Stay there.’ I said.

I got off the bed and walked over to the fridge. Reaching inside I pulled out a small patty of butter. Going back over to her I pulled back the foil cover and, using my fingers, scooped out the butter. I slapped the butter down right between her butt cheeks. Using my fingers I rubbed the greasy butter over her little brown hole. She looked behind her, ‘What are you doing?’
I said, ‘Ever had anything in her ass?’
‘Then its your lucky day.’ With my middle finger I opened her asshole, sliding in, but not without having to push a fair bit. I heard her go ‘Ooooooh’ and I only had one finger in!! I mecidiyeköy escort moved it in and out a few times and then attempted to introduce two fingers inside. Now, that was more difficult. But with the aid of the butter I managed to slide both in. She moaned, ‘Ooowwww’ and I began finger fucking her butthole. The tightness around my fingers was too much and my cock was hard and eager. I pulled out my fingers and climbed up behind her. Pointing my cock down I placed the tip of it against that buttered up brown hole. I started to try and work the head of it within her. ‘Ooooohhhh, no don’t!’
“It hurts.’
‘No, it won’t. It’ll be an amazing feeling having a cock within your ass. Girls want it there.’
Once more I placed the head of my cock against her wrinkled brown slit and tried pushing it. Wow, it was difficult to push it open. I kept pushing then finally the brown slit gave way a little and the tip of my cock pushed through. ‘Aaaaarrgh’
‘Shut up and relax your ass or it will hurt.’ She kept it tight.
‘Relax it!’
I pushed a bit more. ‘Relax it!’ Finally she gave did what her ass what telling her not to do and she managed to relax her sphincter muscle. Her virgin butt hole suddenly gave way and my cockhead sunk through. ‘Oooooooo shit, oooooo fuck!’ She cried out.
And then the ass tightened again grabbing my cock just behind its head. That tight brown hole grabbed it sooooo tight it was amazing. I pulled the head out a little and the hole closed over tight immediately. I could see that breaking in her virgin butt was going to more difficult than I first thought. Once more I pushed forward and once more she starting moaning. ‘Relax your ass!’
She managed to and the head of my cock slipped past her sphincter muscle. “Ooohhh shit!’she yelled. This girl was too loud and being a motel room I thought she might wake the other guests so I grabbed her torn mauve panties and reached over to feed them into her mouth. ‘Put them in your mouth and keep them there.’
This time I couldn’t hold back and pushed my hips towards her, to try and make her butt take my shaft. ‘whmmmmmm! She exclaimed. I pulled out a little and then back in. I could hardly move it in or out, she was so tight despite the lubricating butter. I pushed again and once more she yelled. I pulled out a little then back in, out a little, then back in. Each time I pushed, a fraction more of my cock went inside her. She was gradually taking my cock up her teenage ass and the cock was being squeezed like it had never been squeezed before.
‘You’re taking it bitch. Yeah, your taking it.’ I held on to her skinny hips and decided to really fuck the life out of this girls butt. In and out, in and out, more rapidly now and by now her virgin sphincter muscle was more relaxed allowing my prick to move faster. She was moaning through her used panties. Her mouth was open and her eyes screwed up with her head lying on the bed as I fucked her little raised asshole. It only turned me on more to see this teenager underneath me, her asshole trying to strangle my cock, her cute voice moaning its muffled cries as I slammed her, her face screwed up, strands of her long brown hair matted with my sperm from a few hours before.

They say there is nothing quite like the feeling of having your cock inside a female asshole. It has a certain pleasure that only a girl can give you. I know that is true especially with this girl. She was so incredibly tight and yet my cock was ploughing through a real silky softness. Tight on the outside, around her ass ring, yet silky within. Looking down it was amazing to see a just broken in ass struggling to swallow my thick shaft. The butter was melted and glistening on my cock. It was dripping down my balls and sliding along her slit of her pussy underneath her. As I held her hips I fucked her silly. In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. She was moaning, clutching the bed. My cock hard and forceful. Her ass was more accepting now and allowed my prick easier access. I knew I was going to cum and before I could even think about pulling out and spraying her face or hair with sperm, the pleasure became too intense. I pulled her back onto me once more and my hips jerked forward. My cock started to spurt. The force was so great I fell forward onto her. She fell flat out on the bed as my cock went as far in as it possibly could. Her fucked out asshole actually swallowed the very base of my cock, every inch was buried into her brown hole as I lay on her and my cum kept filling her up. The pleasure was so intense as I emptied my balls into her bowels.

She lay still under me while I stayed on top of her for another full minute or two, my cock gradually recovering inside her ass. ‘Oh shit, you’re a good fuck’ I told her. I pushed myself up and began to pull my cock out of her. As the head of my cock left her butt I noticed her asshole actually stayed open for a while, like it didn’t know how to close up again. It did though and it was amazing to see to close shut. I got off the bed and went back to my own bed. She eventually rose up and walked to the toilet, no doubt to wipe the melted butter away and try and get rid of some of my sticky cum from up her asshole.

The following morning I gave her breakfast watching as she ate her flakes and wondering if I should give her cum to swallow as milk. But my cock was tired and sore and from its effort of breaking in a virgin. I asked her how her ass was and she said it was sore. Her pussy? Sore. As she left that morning I watched from the motel room as she walked along the footpath. She’d entered my room an innocent virgin and left, a totally fucked out toy. I’ll never forget that wild night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Fraternity Cum Bucket – Part 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Fraternity Cum Bucket – Part 2

Please read part one first:

The next day was Friday and Mom invited my cousin Jane over to spend the night. We had a nice meal and relaxed a little around the dining room table afterwards. Dad went out with his buddies basically just to get out of the house.

Mom decided to have a little wine tasting party. She opened a bottle of wine and poured four small glasses while Cinnamon got a tray of crackers and cheese that had already been made up and was in the refrigerator.

Mom made a big deal out of reading the label, smelling the cork, and telling us where it had been made. We got to swirl the wine around in our glasses, smell the aroma, and then sip the wine. We got to swirl it around in our mouths and coat our tongues with it to get the full flavor of the wine before swallowing it. We made some comments then sipped it again. When we were finished we had a cracker and some cheese to cleanse our pallets.

Mom opened another bottle and poured some of that wine into four new glasses for us. We went through the whole thing again. After the forth bottle of wine Mom let us pick out the one that we liked the best and have some more of it.

Jane was nineteen years old like I was while Cinnamon was only seventeen years old. We were not very experienced with drinking wine and started feeling pretty good. Actually we were too young to drink according to the law but we had snuck some before. This was much nicer because we didn’t have to sneak around.

Mom started asking Cinnamon and I about our sex lives and when we lost our virginity and how. After I told her that it was the girl down the street when I was fifteen Cinnamon told us that she lost it with that same girl’s brother when she thirteen. Mom thought that it was funny that a brother and sister lost their virginities to another brother and sister the very same summer. Then Mom asked Jane.

Jane told us about loosing her virginity two summers ago when she was seventeen at the Church Bible Camp that summer. She was a counselor in training for her church and was there the entire summer for all eight weeks. The second week there she went skinny dipping with some of the other girl counselors. The boy counselors took their clothes and made them come up on shore, show off their bodies, and beg for their clothes back. Well the begging involved letting şişli bayan escort all of the boy counselors feel their breasts and pussies then sucking one of the boy’s penises until he cum. Most of the girls spit the cum out but Jerome asked her to please swallow his cum so she did. After that she and Jerome got together every night. After three nights of blowjobs he made love to her and then every night after that until Bible Camp ended.

Then Mom told us about her experience with the Fraternity. She mentioned that her sister Sioux was there too. Mom made it sound a whole lot better than when she told Cinnamon and I the story last night.

Mom said, “I had this opportunity of a lifetime to have sixteen very handsome college men make love to me all day long. That’s where I first met your Uncle Frank. My sister and I were chosen to help my brother Ted get a free scholarship to the Fraternity for his whole four years at college. That way he didn’t have to worry about where he would live or how he would pay for it.”

Mom finished her glass of wine and filled all of our glasses before continuing her story. “We arrived at eight o’clock in the morning on a Saturday. We were looking good. We had on prom dresses, stockings, and high heels. We had on makeup, our best jewelry, and perfume. We were the belle of the ball. We were escorted into the ballroom where the boys had placed several mattresses. My sister and I undressed as sixteen of the most handsome men watched. Even our brother Ted was among them.”

A sip of wine and, “Once we were undressed the boys examined us. It was a lot like being in a doctor’s office. Except we didn’t get to wear those paper gowns and there were sixteen doctors examining us. We were laid down and had our pussies probed by each of them then we had our pussies poked with their nice hard cocks. Oh it was the greatest feeling in the World. We never wanted it to end and it didn’t either because there was another hard cock to take his place and another one after that. Then we got to suck their cocks and swallow their cum like you did at Bible Camp. I always wondered what sixteen cocks tasted like and that day I found out. My sister did too. Then we were initiated into anal sex. It hurt at first but we quickly got used to it. However near the end we sure had more than we really wanted. The next morning at eight o’clock the boys şişli escort took us into the shower and cleaned us up real good inside and out then helped us get dressed and took us home. It was an experience that Sioux and I will never forget.”

Cinnamon said, “My brother asked me to help him get into that same Fraternity! Do you want to help me?’

Jane just smiled then said, “There’s more to this than you have told me isn’t there!”

Cinnamon said, “Well yes! The sixteen boys will include my brother and the boys will try to fuck us to death!”

Jane got a big smile on her face and said, “Count me in!”

I said, “Wow!

Jane said, “Mom keeps a very close eye on me and I can’t hardly get laid any more. I really need to be fucked good!”

Mom turned to me and said, “Why don’t you take the two girls up to your room while I clean up down here.” Then she added, “Take care of your cousin first! Your sister can always get all she wants anytime she wants it. Hell I know her father has been wanting to give it to her too.”

Cinnamon giggled and said, “Cool!”

So I took Jane by the hand and went to my bedroom. She wanted it desperately and told me to forget about any foreplay and that she was more than wet enough. She was right too because my hard cock slipped right into her wet pussy. She had her first orgasm before I even hit bottom. She exploded and didn’t care who knew it either. She kept shouting, “Oh God, Oh God,” over and over until her orgasm subsided.

Cinnamon laughed and said, “God, Jane you really did need it!”

Jane said, “You don’t know how badly! I can’t even finger fuck myself at home or I get yelled at. The only time I can ‘Jill off’ is when I’m sitting on the toilet and that can’t be for more than a minute or two and either my mother or my sister comes in to check on me.”

Jane reached another orgasm with my cock stroking into her. Then Cinnamon reached her hand in near my cock and started playing with Jane’s clit while I fucked her. Jane said, “Oh God, Cinnamon that feels so good. Please don’t ever stop.” So together Cinnamon and I gave Jane five terrific orgasms before I filled her with cum. Once I pulled out Cinnamon got right in there and kept up her fingering of Jane’s clit. Then she put her mouth to Jane’s pussy and started slurping up our combined love juice. Cinnamon used her tongue on Jane mecidiyeköy escort to give her another orgasm.

By then Mom was in the room with us and suggested that I break in her ass for the Cum Bucket event. Jane was all for it. Mom reached out a finger with a big gob of K-Y Jelly on it and poked as much as she could into Jane’s virgin asshole. Then she coated my cock with what was left on her fingers. All I could think about was “Wow My mother just played with my cock.” That in itself made me harder than I could ever remember. Cinnamon helped me guide it into Jan’s asshole as Mom held her ankles up next to her ears. She had placed a pillow under Jane’s head so that she could watch my cock slip into her asshole. I had only fucked Cinnamon’s ass two years ago and nobody else would let me do it to them since. All four of us watched as my cock disappeared completely into Jane’s asshole until my balls were resting on her butt cheeks. Then I slowly and gently fucked her for more than ten minutes. After all I had just cum a few minutes ago. Jane actually seemed to be enjoying it. That or the fact that Cinnamon was rubbing her clit again while I fucked her. Either way Jane enjoyed it and had three more orgasms.

After that Mom suggested a blowjob but Jane said that she was already very good at that. Every Sunday before Church Services she sucks her Pastor’s cock. He likes it and is much more relaxed during the service. She used to be an Alter Girl until he promoted her to Cock Sucker.

When Jane asked me to fuck her pussy again I told her that she would have to wait a little while. Dad spoke up; “Can we be of any assistance?”

Mom turned to see her husband and her brother in the doorway. Sioux was right behind them. The rest of the evening we tried to scratch that itch up inside Jane’s pussy. Dad and Uncle Ted did their best as did I. However, the three women helped out too by sucking and playing with her clit. Jane was in heaven being on the receiving end of this sex match.

After we were all exhausted Jane said, “Cinnamon would you mind if I took care of the Fraternity all by myself?”

Cinnamon said, “No! I think you really need it and don’t think you need any help at all. In fact I think it’s the boys that will need the help!”

We all laughed. Mom tucked Jane and I in bed together and turned off the lights.

I saw Cinnamon grab Dad’s cock and say, “I want some of this too you know!”

Then Dad said, “Not tonight dear! How about you wake me up early and I’ll see what I can do!

The End

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First Time Whore

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This is my second story of my life. It is a continuation of the first, so I recommend u read the first one before reading this one. Also, I am a bi, sometimes crossdresser that got around a bit. If that’s not something you are into, you shouldn’t read any further. Everyone else, I hope you enjoy.

The next day. Caeser and myself went to visit Alex in his playhouse. His sister and another kid from the area were hanging out. The kid was named michael, who is about a year older than I am. Alex’s sister eventually left, and Alex began telling Michael how he had fucked us. Michael was a surprised and listened closely. Alex and Caeser agreed I had the best ass. They began describing how white and soft and bubbly it was. Alex said it was better than a girl’s and he couldn’t wait to fuck me again. We all agree to meet that night.

That same night, Caeser and myself went to Alex’s, but Michael didn’t show up. We hanged out a bit in his playhouse, and Alex said he wanted to fuck us again. Caeser and I didn’t want to take his dick, cause it was too painful, so he convinced us to take turns on each other and he would just watch. Caeser laid down first, face down. Alex and I played with his ass a bit, and Alex spit in his ass a bit so it could go in easier. I climbed on top behind him, and began putting my dick in his ass. Again, it felt ok, but nothing that I thought was worth the effort. I fucked him for a maybe a minute, but no one was really excited about it. After a while of this, Caeser wanted his turn so we switched. Alex began groping my ass and slowly fingering me. Caeser joined him, and after a little while, I felt Caeser get on top of me. I felt the tip of his dick going in, making it slightly painful, but nothing I couldn’t tolerate. He began fucking me, and I began to like the way it felt. I began shaking my ass like the prior night, and Caeser just kept fucking me. He didn’t feel deep, but the sensation was great. Alex took notice of how I was liking it, which I denied, but kept shaking my ass. I eventually asked to switch again, but after fucking Caeser for a bit, I wanted to feel him fucking me again. I told them I didn’t want to fuck anymore, so we switched and Caeser began fucking me. It felt even better the second time. Alex made a comment again on how much I was enjoying it, and how I moved my ass to take it. I told him I didn’t like it, that şişli bayan escort I was just making it better for Caeser, which I assume he knew I was lying. Caeser kept fucking and fucking until he didn’t feel like it anymore. I declined to take a turn fucking him, and told him he could just fuck me if he wanted to. He didn’t want to, so Alex told me to just lay there so he could play with my ass. I layed there so they could have their way. They both began groping at my ass, almost massaging my cheeks. They both commented on how good it looked. Caeser opened my ass up, and Alex began fingering me. His long fat finger hurt a little, but I layed there and took it. He pulled his finger out and I heard him spit. He began inserting two of his fat fingers in my ass, which was really painful. I felt him reaching in as deep as he could, I held myself from screaming, as he pushed in deep and then out. Caeser continued holding me open, while Alex continued fingering me. I felt his long fat fingers start going all the way in, all the way to the knuckles. I got this weird sensation in my balls from having him so deep, it was painful. I told him to stop and he did, just like that. We got dressed and hanged out for a while. They both commented how much they liked my ass, and how I enjoyed getting fucked again, which I denied again.

I had been out of town for a few days, when I came back I met with Caeser and we went to hang out at Alex’s again. We began talking and Alex said he had been fucking Caeser while I had been gone. He said Caeser was taking it all the way up his ass now. I turned to look at him, and he agreed. He fired back saying he had fucked Alex also. Alex agreed. I couldn’t believe Caeser could take all that dick in his ass, but they assured me it was true, that he was taking it.

I didn’t meet with them for a few days after, I don’t think Caeser was in town or something. But I went to hang out with Alex one night. He asked if I wanted to fuck him, which I declined. He then asked to fuck me, but I told him it hurt too much. He reminded me Caeser was taking it all, and that he would go slow, that I could do it. I pulled my pants down and layed down face down like always. He began groping my ass, and fingered me slowly. It was painful again. He asked me to suck on his dick, which I declined. He told me to spit on it and stroke it. I spit all over it and şişli escort began stroking it. I felt how it grew in my hands, it looked huge. it was the first time I ever had a dick in front of me in that way, I was really amazed by it. I loved how it felt as I stroked him. After stroking him for a bit , he climbed on top of me and began to put it in. It felt even bigger than before. I felt myself being split in two from my ass. I told him to stop. He pulled out and went for it again. He put the tip in, then put both hands on my ass cheeks pinning me down, opening me up really wide. I loved the way it felt having him open me like that. Something about being groped and having myself opened up felt amazing to me. We did that over and over, each time he would go deeper and deeper. I was in horrible pain, but somehow, I felt like I needed to take it. He kept going and going, deeper every time. It seemed like there was no end to it. He would push in a bit deeper, than pull almost all the way out, then back in again. I began liking how it felt on the way out, and hating how it felt going in. I screamed a load moan every time he went in, and moaned again as he pulled back. It felt so relaxing having him pull out, I began to want him to put it in, just so I could feel him pull out. He kept going, deeper and deeper. I had that weird sensation by my balls as he went deeper, it felt like pain. Almost like a stab inside. It felt awesome as he pulled back out, then he went in deep, all the way. I felt his big fat dick all the way in, he was deep inside. The pain was horrible, I had a weird sensation in between my balls. I almost felt stabbed on how deep he was inside. My eyes got watery immediately as I screamed a loud moan. He began pulling out, which would relax my entire body and make me moan in pleasure. I couldn’t help it, I was moaning like a girl as he pulled out. Hearing myself moaning like that reminded me of that girl Alex had fucked in front of us. I wondered if this is how she felt, I wondered if her moans were pleassure or pain. My vision was blurry and I could feel tears roll down my face. He began doing it over and over, all the way in, out all the way to the tip. It was the worst pain and best pleasure I had ever experienced. I sounded more and more like a girl as he continued, slowly speeding up. I felt so helpless, like I didn’t even exist, like my ass was the only thing mecidiyeköy escort that existed. He continued a little faster, saying how good my tight ass was. I was screaming and moaning as he went in in pain, then again in pleasure as he went out. He let go of my ass cheeks, put his hands next to my body, and began fucking me, harder and faster. I had no control of myself, a was swinging my ass back towards him. It felt so natural, I wasn’t even thinking about it. I felt so helpless, so submissive. He continued fucking me, every time going in deep. He said something like,”You like it now, huh?”
I couldn’t even deny it, I just screamed ,”yes.” while he continued taking my ass. He answered,”good, you will be my other girlfriend.” He fucked me and fucked me, I was in a realm of existence of plain and pleasure. I felt so penetrated. I could feel his entire dick inside, every inch. I could feel my entire anus as well, stretched to the max, every bit of space filled. After him fucking me for what seemed to be an eternity, he began fucking harder, 100 miles an hour. His dick felt thicker, and he seemed to be deeper, he was stabbing me inside. I felt his body tense up, and he began grunting with every pump. I was in tears from both the pleasure and pain. I truly felt like a girl in every sense. He fucked full strength, pushing my ass with his hips. He let out a load moan and then stopped. We were both completely out of breath, as he lay on top of me, his dick still in my ass. We lay there catching some air, I could feel his dick getting smaller inside of me. He pulled out, and my ass felt wide open. He opened my ass with both hands, just staring. I felt my anus completely open and wet, I was probably gaping. I could feel the wetness dripping down from my anus to my balls. He left and came back with some toilet paper. I remember feeling so used by him, but so excited at the same time. We cleaned up. He complimented my ass, and said he knew I would be able to take it all. I felt so proud of myself, seeing him so happy. I can’t explain it, but I felt so girly myself, felt like I belonged to him. Felt like I was his, and he had used me for his pleasure, and somehow, that felt good. He asked, “are you hurting?” I responded I was ok, even though I was hurting. He said he wanted to be able to fuck me like that more often. We agreed we would do it again soon. Before I left back home for the night, he told me,”from now on, you will be my whore.”

I will be writing my third story in the next few days. Hope you enjoyed. Rate and comment please.

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Fiftieth High School Reunion

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Fbailey story number 517

Fiftieth High School Reunion

When I received my Fiftieth High School Reunion packet I almost shredded it along with the other junk mail. I went to my tenth reunion and never went back. I realized that I didn’t like anyone that I had attended school with, I was the youngest member of my class, and I was a nerd. I didn’t know I was a nerd. Not until I saw the movie called Revenge of the Nerds. That was when my wife and finally realized that I was a nerd. I had been sixteen throughout most of my senior year only turning seventeen a few weeks before graduation. I was not an athlete, I didn’t dance, but I was on the chess team and ranked in sixth place. I never fit in.

Then here fifty years later they contact me again. The letter that accompanied the invitation listed names and dates of the class members that had passed on. I could not believe that more than a third of my classmates had died.

My wife practically insisted that I go and have a good time…without her. I had not been out of her sight in the last five years, ever since I had retired. She said that week apart would be good for us. So I mailed in my intention to attend and asked for a room to be reserved for me. Again at my wife’s insistence I signed up for everything that was offered.

When I arrived at the airport there was an older woman standing there holding a sign up with my name on it. I approached her and told her who I was. She gave me a big hug and kissed me in my cheek. She told me that I had been assigned to her. Confused I questioned her and was told that those that still lived in our hometown were helping the out-of-towners get settled and to the various activities. She had been assigned to me but only after begging for the job. I hadn’t recognized Lavern but she remembered me. Apparently she had had a crush on me in the sixth grade and I hadn’t been interested in her. I told her that I didn’t really get interested in girls until after college. She could not believe that I lost my virginity when I was twenty-two years old.

I couldn’t help myself and I asked her when she had lost her virginity. She replied that it was in the sixth grade when she was eleven to my best friend at the time, Billy Turner. I asked how old Billy was doing and she said that he had dumped her after he knocked her up. She had been sent to her aunt’s house, had a baby girl that summer, and had adopted it out like good girls were supposed to do. After that she married a so-called bad boy, a jerk, and a really mean man. Not quite following her chain of thought, she had to explain to me that she had been married three times and that she had children by five different men.

As it turned out Lavern had always been in love with me but just kept making the wrong choices in her life. If I had only know maybe her life would have been different. But then again mine would have been different too.

Lavern said that she had had a long talk with my wife and that she had canceled my motel room. I was going to stay with her for the week.

When I got to Lavern’s I called my wife to let her know that I had arrived safely. What I heard next was a complete surprise, “Lavern said that you could sleep with her and that she would take care of all of your sexual needed. Since I can’t be there at least she can be. Take advantage of her while you can and don’t forget to bring a few pictures home for me to see. I really want to see Elmo.”

I hung up and looked over at Lavern. She smiled and asked me what my wife had said. I told her that I was supposed to have sex with her, take nude pictures of her, and that my wife wanted to see Elmo.

Lavern started laughing and I asked what was so funny. Lavern had an Elmo tattoo on her pussy mound but that at the moment it was covered with hair. She smiled and said that if I wanted to see him that I would have to shave her pussy. I smiled because shaving my wife’s pussy was one of my favorite things to do.

Lavern said that we had almost two hours to get changed and get to the Welcoming Ceremony in the school gym. Two hours was more than enough time.

I şişli bayan escort took Lavern’s hand and told her to take me to our bedroom. We walked through the house and into a back room. It was a nice bedroom and the bathroom was right there too.

I kissed Lavern and then I started undressing her. She stood there and smiled as I fumbled with her buttons, hooks, snaps, and zippers. Women’s clothes were not made to get out of quickly. Since I had to work at it I decided to enjoy it too so I rubbed her skin as I exposed it, I sucked on her nipples, and I fingered her pussy. As I held my finger up to my nose Lavern said that she had cleaned it out down there, just for me. It was a pleasant scent and it had a nice taste too.

Undressing her made me so hard and horny that I decided to fuck her and not worry about Elmo at the time. I could not remember the last time that I had sex with a woman other than my wife.

Lavern was easy to fuck and very cooperative too. Her breasts were soft and full, her belly was not too round, and her pussy certainly needed some attention. Apparently it had been a couple of years since she had a man in her bed. Her knees were up and my cock was in just as far as it could go when I fired my first stream of cum into her. She started humping up at me and calling out my name while she thanked God.

We took a shower together and just fooled around a little. Then we dressed and headed out. Lavern left her panties off at my request. I told her that I might want to feel her up sometime during the night. Lavern said that she would flash me her hairy pussy if I wanted her too. Now that was a nice offer.

When we walked into the school gym Lavern was immediately recognized by the other locals. I was introduced and then we put on special nametags that had our names on it, our nicknames, and our senior class picture. Lavern pinned mine to my suit coat and I carefully pinned hers to her dress. She told me that I didn’t have to be so careful, that as long as I didn’t poke her with the pin that I could have copped a feel. I blushed because she had said it right in front of the two ladies at the check-in table. Then I was introduced to the two head cheerleaders from our class. Time had not been all that good to them. It just goes to show that time can be a bitch to girls that were bitches. I remembered them and I remembered that I never liked them. However, I do remember seeing them in those thick cheerleader panties as they pranced around school on Fridays before the football games.

Lavern took me away and started to give me a tour of the school. She was just trying to get me alone so I reminded her about flashing me. That excited the hell out of her and then she was going from room to room and lifting her dress up above her waist for me to take a picture. We walked into the library and found two women deep in conversation over some test that they had taken fifty-four years ago and how meaningless it had been. If it was so meaningless why did they still remember it.

Lavern told them that I was taking up-skirt pictures of her and that they should lift their dresses up for me too. They shrugged their shoulders, said why not, and lifted them up. I snapped off a picture but Lavern told them that they should take their panties off like she had. Somewhat reluctantly they lowered their panties while I took pictures of them. Then the fun began. Lavern challenged them to a follow the leader contest. Lavern stood up on an old heavy table and lifted her dress, the other two did the same. Lavern squatted down spreading her knees wide for me, the other two did the same. Then Lavern walked us all outside and lifted her dress in front of the school steps. The other two women looked around so as not to get caught, then joined her. It was an absolutely perfect picture too. The lighting was perfect, their stance was perfect, and every detail was crystal clear. It was suitable for framing.

The rest of the evening went well, we ate, we drank, and we talked about what we had done since high school.

I saw that the old jocks had not changed at all except şişli escort that they gotten fat and could only talk about football. It was still all brawn and no brain. Then when one mentioned that I was sleeping with the class slut I got mad and asked him what he met by that. He and all of his buddies had fucked Lavern in high school, after high school, and whenever she goes out drinking with them. I told her that she had been nothing but a lady around me that she was letting me say in her guestroom to save me money. Of course they started laughing and calling me the class looser. I very politely informed them that I owned a company worth in excess of a half billion dollars, that they had been talking about a video game that I had developed, and that they could all go to hell. Of course they called me a liar. Now under any other circumstances I would have walked away but they had pissed me off. I took them into the computer class, accessed the Internet, and brought up my company’s web page. My name and picture was there as founder and chairman of the board. The ringleader actually apologized and then he immediately asked me if I had any free samples to hand out. What an asshole!

I was pleased to get out of there and went home with Lavern. I told her most of what had taken place and she said that it was all basically true. Then she told me that the two women that had posed with her were stopping by her house on their way home. She had talked them into posing nude with her for me. The one woman was married to the big mouth football player and he had told her to be nice to me. Fuck him!

Lavern told me to get even with him by showing his wife that I was the better man in bed. After all Lavern had been in bed with both of us so she should know.

Shirley and Ginger arrived just a few minutes later and Lavern took no time in getting them naked and getting their clothes out of sight. They posed everywhere and in any position that I wanted them too. Shirley was the football player’s wife and Ginger had just split up with her husband a year ago.

Lavern seemed to need to get even with Shirley for something in their past too. Anyway as long as the jock had told his wife to cooperate Lavern was sure going to get hers too. Lavern got Shirley down between her legs and had her lick her pussy for me to photograph. Then she got out a couple of dildos, some fruit from the refrigerator, and a beer bottle. By the time Lavern was done with Shirley she could get that beer bottle in bottom first. Apparently the jock had revealed a few things during sex with Lavern that maybe he shouldn’t have because after that Lavern started clamping all of her spring clothespins onto Shirley’s breasts and pussy lips. Ginger helped out with that part. Shirley confessed that her husband had a mean streak and that he had let all of his buddies fuck her on more than one occasion and tortured her with bottles, clothespins, and gangbangs.

Ginger had somehow gotten involved with the jocks too on a few occasions so it wasn’t just Lavern that they used and laughed about.

Using Lavern’s suggestion I showed Shirley and Ginger how lovemaking was supposed to be. I kissed all three of them, I bathed them all in a bubble bath, and I rubbed them all over with lotion. I stimulated their breasts, nipples, and clits. I reached my hand up inside Shirley’s pussy and stimulated her G-spot with my knuckles until she felt that she was going to die. I was able to give Ginger and Lavern some of that wonderful feeling with my long fingertips. They all accepted my fingers into their assholes too with my gentleness. By the time I was done with them they were ready to let me do anything and everything to them.

My video camera recorded me getting my cock sucked by all three of them and usually by two of them at the same time. My cock went into their pussies and into their assholes quite often. Shirley got my cock back into her mouth after every hole that I fucked. Lavern smiled every time that Shirley sucked my cock after it had come out of Lavern’s ass. Ginger did the same thing whenever it came out of her asshole and went into Shirley’s mecidiyeköy escort mouth. Shirley was enjoying everything way too much to care where my cock had been. After I had filled Shirley’s pussy with cum, Lavern and Ginger had Shirley lick their pussies and assholes directly, which she did gladly. Shirley pleaded to spend the night with us and Lavern and Ginger talked it over. If they sent her home her asshole husband would be mean to her. So they let her spend the night with us.

The next day was a group swim followed by the women and me going to a spa. Me? That’s right I had signed up for everything and a trip to the spa was part of it. The fact that I was the only man going was not a problem. Before we left I got to shave the three women. I wanted to see Elmo and I certainly did just that. I liked them shaved bald. They liked the fact that I shaved between their legs and around their assholes if they needed it. No one else had been that concerned about doing a good job, only fucking them afterwards.

The swim was rather nice, the ladies wore two-piece bathing suites as skimpy as they dared, the jocks played water sports, and I sat back and enjoyed listening to the various conversations taking place. It was like high school all over again.

When the jocks suggested a group photo I set up my camera and fired off a couple of shots. Then the jocks wanted a shot of just them. Okay! Me, I wanted a picture of just the women. With the help of my three women they got all of the other women to stand in a long line facing me, then from one side, the back, and from the other side. They then formed two rows on the bleachers and were staggered so that I could see all of them from the waist up. After that, single pictures of them from about their knees up were taken. I seemed to be the only one that had remembered to bring a camera. While I was at it though I zoomed in on their crotches. Some of those older ladies had very nice looking pubic areas. I saw a number of stray hairs and a couple of camel toes that I liked.

After the swim the women went into the changing room to get ready for the spa. I smiled knowing that Lavern and Ginger had planted my video camera up on a locker to record the process.

Later I would find out that I had been the center of their conversation. They all wanted to know how I was in bed and Lavern told them with Shirley and Ginger backing her up. They could not believe that I had gone to bed with three women and satisfied them all. They wanted a taste of that.

At the spa we were the only ones there so everyone decided that pretending to wear gowns was not necessary. I then had twenty-three naked women to look at. When they told me that I could take pictures of them, as long I didn’t show them to the rest of the class, I quickly agreed.

There were not enough attendants to go around so I always had a few women near me. They were eager to pose for me. I wondered if it was because I was a multi millionaire. To hell with it, if they were willing to let me then I was willing to do it.

Lavern took fairly close pictures of my cock sticking into all of the women without exception. Not just sticking into their pussies either but into each of their mouths too. Every picture showed the woman’s face. When they were finished with their spa treatment I got them to line up again for group photos but nude that time. I stood in the middle just as naked as they were sporting a very nice erection that had enjoyed them all.

I invited the three women to come out to California and spend a few months with my wife and I. Lavern and Ginger were all for it. Shirley really wanted to go but her husband said no, because I hadn’t given him any games to play while she was gone. I had three of the latest game machines and three of each of the latest games shipped next day air to Mr. Jock. Shirley joined my wife and I for the next three months then she went home leaving Lavern and Ginger behind with me.

High school was definitely not the same the second time around. I was looking forward to our sixtieth reunion already. My wife was going to attend too. By the way my wife loved all of the pictures, videos, and the other women in my class. She especially loved sharing me with them.

The End
Fiftieth High School Reunion

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Family Discovery

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1.01 Sara and Sean, Discovery:
1.02 Sara and Sean, A Guided Mating:
1.03 Sara and Prince:
1.04 Sean, Preparation:
1.05 Sean and Prince:
1.06 Amanda and Sara:
1.07 Amanda and Rapture:

1.01 Sara and Sean, Discovery:

It was Saturday and Amanda was getting ready to go the hospital where she works in the morning as a volunteer aid in the rehabilitation center. She fed the Golden’s and let them outside into the back yard to play until she returned. The six month old puppy was named Prince and the year old Golden was called Rapture. Amanda had renamed it from Duke, for obvious reasons.

After she had left, Sara and Sean, her fourteen year old twins, got up, and had breakfast. Both were sitting on the sectional and the precocious Sara was watching her brother playing a video game on the television. Like previous Saturdays, she was wearing only a robe and her brother was dressed in his underwear. As usual, Sara was visualizing what a penis might look like.

In a few minutes, Sean decided to take a break and asked Sara if she wanted to play a game. Sara smiled as Sean stood up and saw the small bulge in his underwear. Her promiscuous nature rose to the surface and Sean saw his sister staring at him.

“What ..”

Sara asked,

“Have you ever wondered why we are different .. down there?”

Sean blushed slightly and nodded his head.

Sara motioned for him to Sean to come closer to her and she whispered,

“If you show me yours .. I will show you mine.”

Sara smiled when she saw the blush deepen.

Sean just stood there not knowing if or how he should respond.

Sara sensed her brother’s hesitancy and told him to come closer to her and she reached out and grasped the elastic waist band of her brother’s underwear. Sean froze at his sister’s sudden move and before he could react, Sara had pulled his underwear down his thighs and onto his feet. She looked wide eyed at her brother’s two and half inch flaccid penis. Sean quickly used his hands to cover his genitals but after some reassuring words, he slowly dropped them to his sides.

Sara’s heart beat faster as she looked intently at her first penis and the testicles that swayed below it. She looked up into Sean’s dazed face and asked,

“Can I touch it?”

Sean felt a strange tinglyness spreading into his penis and in almost a whisper said yes.

Sara reach out with her right and lifted his penis, cradling it within her fingers. A soft pant escaped Sean’s mouth at the contact and the tingling sensations intensified. Sara couldn’t believe how nice the penis felt as it lay in her fingers with its soft heaviness. She closed her fingers around it with a gentle tugging and squeezing action and another gasp was heard from Sean. Sara looked in awe as it slowly stirred and he cringed, not being able to stop it. He had, on occasion, woken up in the morning with an erection and this was the last thing that he wanted his sister to see. He made an attempt to pull away but Sara’s left hand grasped his hip, pulling him further inward between her robe covered thighs.

Her fingers continued their discovering of the rising penis. His own fingers didn’t feel as good as Sara’s fingers and he closed his eyes as new and wonderful sensations flooded into his mind. Sara watched intently as the small tube of flesh grew hard within her massaging fingers and smiled up into Sean’s face as she wrapped her hand around her brother’s four inch erection. She saw Sean’s testicles and her left hand moved from his hip and lifted them with a slow massaging action. Her mind reeled at the heaviness and softness of her brother’s balls. Sean began moaning as Sara’s hands squeezed their way up and down his hardness and caressed his bloating balls.

Suddenly Sara stopped and sat back on the sectional staring with excited eyes at her accomplishment. She saw her brother’s hips jerking his erection in the air. He was so close to ‘something’ happening and he looked at Sara wondering why she had stopped.

Sean finally calmed a bit and the shock of being erect in front of his sister was gone.

“Ok, now show me yours.”

It was then that both of them realized that they were not alone. Their mother had returned early and was standing at the doorway watching them. Sara and Sean were so focused on each other that they did not see her watching what they were doing. An embarrassed Sara was about to jump up from cushion when her smiling mother motioned for her to stay as she was. For the Amanda, the opportunity she had been waiting for had arrived.

“If you’re going to learn about sex, then it should be done properly, with a little guidance.

Amanda paused for a few moments and then said,

“Well Sara, fair is fair, it is time to show Sean your treasures.”

The embarrassment left Sara’s face and she stood up facing her brother. Amanda sat down on the end of the sectional and watched as her kids renewed their discovery of each other. Sara undid the sash to her robe and let it fall to floor. Sean wasn’t prepared for the nakedness that was displayed in front of his youthful eyes. He saw a small pink tip showing itself at the top of small crease between his sister’s thighs and his erection twitched in the air. Neither knew why they felt this way and neither wanted it to stop.

Sara sat back on the edge of the cushion and spread her thighs apart. Amanda saw that Sean was wondering what to do and she told her son to kneel down in front of his sister. An excited Sean quickly did so. Sara began pointing and explaining to Sean the points of interest of her sex and Amanda smiled as she watched Sean’s learning eyes. For some reason, his small erection began to feel harder as his sister described her clitoris, inner lips and vaginal opening.

She pointed to a small set of lips within the crease and whispered,

“Mom says that’s where you put your penis in me and then it begins to spurt.”

Amanda smiled and nodded her head, she hadn’t exactly said Sean would do it, but it was close enough.

Sean shook his head not understanding. Amanda knew that Sean had not yet masturbated and he wasn’t sure of what Sara was talking about. Sara had him stand up and move closer toward her. Her eyes became totally focused on her brother’s erection and she licked her lips when she saw a small drop of clear fluid oozing from the gland.

Sara reached out and lifted Sean’s erection by putting a finger under the sensitive gland of his erection. Her left hand reached down and massaged Sean’s testicles causing him to gasp and his hips jerked forward. Her pressing finger followed the wild contortions of her brother’s erection. The louder his moans became the more excited Sara became, she knew she was going to make her brother’s penis begin spurting and wanted to see what it looked like. The drop of fluid at the head of his penis had now become a drool and she leaned inward, sucking up Sean’s delicious nectar with her tongue.

The sensations became too much for Sean’s young mind and Sara felt his straining hardness begin to jerk against her swirling finger and then a loud cry was heard as Sean began ejaculating for the first time. It came in short bursting gushes and Sara closed her suctioning mouth over the spewing gland. With an ecstatic moan, Sean grasped his sister’s head as his hips bucked his spurting boyhood her thirsty mouth. Sara’s taste buds exploded and her mouth and cheeks intensified their suctioning action to get more of her brothers thick essence.

When Sean’s hands loosened their grip on her head, Sara pulled back and watched with amazement as Sean’s member slowly softened. She saw a long rivulet of semen dangling from his penis and picked it with a finger.

“This is what I meant when your penis spurts.

Amanda sighed when she saw her son experiencing his first ejaculation. She could almost taste it.

Sean just looked at his sister who had just given him feelings of joy that he didn’t know his body could give him. He smiled and nodded. He looked down between Sara’s spread thighs and saw that the pink tip of her clitoris had protruded a little further outward and thought to himself,

‘If Sara can use her mouth and tongue on him, then he should do the same thing to her.’

Amanda watched as Sean again kneeled down in front of his sister and put his hands on her thighs and pushed them further apart. He saw the folds of her young labia flare open and looked intently at his sister’s sex. Sara saw his head dip inward and her breath quickened with anticipation. Suddenly, an unexpected jolt of joy exploded outward from her clitoris. Sean’s tongue had pushed onto the pink tip and began swirling it around in ecstatic circles. She squealed with joy and grasped her brother’s head tightly as her clitoris exploded with sensations that she had never felt before. The excited organ leapt out of its protective hood and Sara bucked upward as her hands pulled her brother’s devouring mouth into her sex.

His right hand left her sister’s thigh and molded itself onto her labia. While he suckled on his sister’s rigid clitoris, Sean slipped two fingers between the folds and nestled them into her clasping inner lips with ecstatic caresses and probes. Sara’s mind was being flooded with overwhelming sensations as Sean’s lips, tongue and fingers explored her excited sex.

Sean nudged two fingers into Sara’s clenching entrance and with a hiss of joy, her hips bucked her exploding sex onto her brother’s twisting fingers. Sean was elated with the response and slipped a third finger into Sara’s eager vagina. As with Sean, Sara’s mind was not able to cope with the ecstatic sensations that her clitoris and vagina were giving her and she arched up from the cushion as her first orgasm exploded across her body.

Sean withdrew his mouth and fingers and Sara slumped back onto the sectional gasping and panting. The two siblings looked at each other, knowing that they had opened the door to something new and exciting. Sean stood up and Sara held out her arms to him. They looked at each other with deeply flushed faces and Amanda knew what was going to happen next.

She stood up and said,

“There is a better place for this, Sara, bring your brother into your bedroom.”

The two aroused siblings followed their mother into Sara’s bedroom.

1.02 Sara and Sean, A Guided Mating:

When they reached the bed, Amanda told Sara to sit down on it and lay back with with her feet resting on the floor. Sara quickly did what her mother told her to do, her eyes never left her brother’s twitching erection nor his swaying testicles.

Amanda guided Sean so he stood between his sister’s spread thighs. Sara smiled as she looked at his flushed face that was filled with need and desire. She reached out with her arms and Sean leaned over his sister and Sara reached up and pulled his face closer to her face until their lips touched. A surprised Sean felt his sister’s tongue slip into his mouth and a low moan was heard as he experienced his first passionate kiss. As they kissed, Sean’s small erect nipples pressed onto Sara’s breasts and her excited nipples. Their kiss intensified as their nipples teased and tantalized each other. Sara felt Sean’s hips snuggle closer into the junction of her thighs and his throbbing thickness pressed between her swelling folds, pushing them further apart. As it nestled inward, his erection made contact with the protruding clitoris and she moaned into her brother’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

Amanda whispered instructions into her son’s ear and he broke the kiss. His hands began massaging Sara’s breasts. The exploring fingers slowly worked their way over the young mounds and began to caress and swirl his sister’s stiffening nipples. At the same time he started planting light suckling kisses on her neck and shoulders. The suckling lips left her shoulder and trekked downward toward her right breast. Sara held her breath as the lips came nearer and nearer to their destination. She felt a warm, moist breath bathe her right nipple and then the Sean’s mouth descended onto it. His lips and tongue began to suckle the erect nipple and Sara gasped as she pushed her breast into her brother’s devouring mouth.

“Oh Sean .. that feels so good ..”

His mother whispered,

“She has two of them.”

Sean’s mouth slipped off of Sara’s right breast and suckled its way over to her left breast. The massaging and kneading hands switched to her right breast. Sara’s moans became louder as Sean’s lips and hands paid loving homage to both of her breasts and erect nipples. Amanda smiled when she saw her daughter grasp her brother’s head and push her breasts into his sucking mouth and swirling tongue.

“Oh God .. Yes ..Yes ..”

Amanda whispered again,

“It is time to move downward Sean.”

He lifted his head and he slipped downward over his sister’s body and knelt on the floor between her spread thighs. Amanda saw his erection straining into the air as his excited eyes feasted on his sister’s treasured sex. Sean put his hands on Sara’s thighs and began a gentle massaging and kneading action along his sister’s inner thighs from her knees to almost touching the folds of her labia and Sara squirmed her hips in attempt to get his hands to move onto her sex. Finally Sean’s hands molded themselves around his sister’s swollen folds and Sara gasped at the ecstatic contact. Both of Sean’s thumbs pressed and swirled around his sister’s extended, pink clitoris and she moaned, grinding her sex into her brother’s massaging hands.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Amanda smiled, Sean was doing exactly what she had told him to do. She got up and sat down on the bed, leaning close to Sara’s head.

“Lift your feet up from the floor and put them on the edge of the bed.”

In a daze, Sara lifted her feet onto bed. Amanda gently pushed her daughter’s feet apart. Sara looked between her bent and spread legs and watched as her mother guided her brother’s head toward her sex.

slowly .. slowly .. and then ..

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Sara threw her head back and moaned loudly as Sean’s moist, hot lips closed over her labia. His face disappeared from her view as he planted wet suckling kisses on the swollen, engorged furrow and his tongue began stroking at the quivering opening to her vagina. Amanda’s instructions were detailed and Sean was following them to the letter. His mouth was guided toward his sister’s rigid clitoris and Sara squealed as his lips and tongue sucked and suckled on her the excited organ of joy. Sean’s mouth then trekked downward drawing the warm soft folds deep into his devouring mouth. His probing tongue slipped into the moist crease and began an ecstatic exploration from the clasping inner lips to the rippling clitoris. Sounds of joy spewed from his sister’s lips as Sean’s darting tongue caressed and licked the excited entrance to her womanhood, then returned to suck on her straining organ. Sara arched her sex upward and her hands grasped Sean’s head, not wanting that pleasure giving mouth and tongue to break contact with her enflamed sex.

More instructions were whispered into Sean’s ear.

His right hand left Sara’s hip and the fingers began teasing her clasping inner lips. He nudged a single finger inward twisting and turning causing Sara to gurgle with joy as her suckled clitoris and vagina exploded with jolts of ecstasy. Another finger slipped inward, followed by another.

Judging from how easily Sean’s fingers were slipping into Sara’s vagina, Amanda knew that her daughter’s Hymen was not there. She now guided his fingers toward his sister’s ‘sweet’ spot and when Sara arched up wailing, the mother knew Sean had found it. He intensified his massaging action over the excited tissues and Sara’s hips bucked upward and froze. Her mouth opened but no sound was heard, her eyes snapped open and saw only bright flashes of orgasmic lights. Her hands fisted and her toes curled as her clitoris and convulsing vagina unleashed her first orgasm.

The hold on her mind was released and Sara screamed in orgasmic joy.


Sara slumped onto the bed gasping and panting as ecstatic aftershocks rippled throughout her body. She reached up and wrapped her arms tightly around her brother and held him close to her shaking body.

The siblings kissed deeply and passionately.

Sara could feel Sean’s four inch erection throbbing against her abdomen. She reached between their bodies and began massaging the wonderful, thick tube of flesh. Her fingers swirled around the slick oozing gland and Sean moaned as his ‘manhood’ jerked within the squeezing hands.

Amanda talked to them both,

“That was good Sean, you should always bring the girl to an orgasm with your mouth and fingers before you penetrate her. Now it is time to put your penis in that special place that your sister has between her legs.”

Sean smiled and stood up. His engorged hardness throbbed and jerked in front of his sister’s eager eyes. Amanda offered a suggestion and Sean grasped Sara’s legs behind the knees and positioned them back against her shoulders. Sean saw his sister’s enflamed, wet sex rise up and become totally open and accessible to his excited eyes. He pressed inward and his straining hardness teased the flared, slick folds of her labia. She put her hands on her brother’s hips and pleaded,

“Now Sean .. now ..”

Sean was desperate and began a series of awkward probes into and out off Sara’s twitching labia. Amanda calmed him, reached in, and took her son’s erection in her fingers and guided it so it nestled into Sara’s clasping inner lips. Sean moaned as the throbbing head of his erection was kissed and caressed.

Amanda whispered,

“Push slowly inward using your hips.”

Sean did as his mother instructed and Sara leaned up on her elbows and watched and felt her brother nudge his erection into her womanhood. He gasped as the treasured opening stretched over his excited gland and his rigid penis slipped into his sister’s welcoming passage. The sensations were not like anything she had ever felt before or expected. A wonderful sense of fullness was filling her sexual being and her frantic plea had turned into a loud hiss of ecstasy as her brother slowly slipped into her vaginal passage.

1/2″ .. 1.0″ .. 1.5″

The pulsing gland nestled briefly onto the tissues of her ‘G’ spot and Sara squealed in joy. The reflexive clenching of her vaginal muscles clamped around Sean’s erection and it jerked wildly as ecstatic explosions rippled across his loins.

2.0″ .. 2.5″ .. 3.0″

Three inches of hard, thick joy had pushed and stretched its way into Sara’s enflamed passage. She gurgled and drooled as Sean’s manhood pushed further inward, inch by glorious inch

3.5″ .. 4.00″

“Oh .. Sean .. I love it .. I love it ..”

Amanda smiled as Sean slipped further and further into his sister’s ‘special’ place. She could see the ecstatic sensations on his face as he sank deeper into daughter’s clenching vagina as they both lost their virginities. She didn’t want Sean to ejaculate too quickly and whispered instructions into his ear.

Sean pulled partially out and slipped back inward. His rhythm was slow, allowing him to get used to the incredible sensations that a female’s vaginal passage can give a male. Sara moaned as Sean’s thrusts became longer and deeper. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs locked themselves around his lower back. Sean gasped and his lunges quickened when he felt Sara’s vaginal muscles began clenching and milking his straining hardness.

Loud slurping sounds accompanied Sean’s pistoning strokes as he buried himself deep into his sister’s body, again and again and again. Her thick juices were now spurting out past her stretched and flared folds. Suddenly Sara bucked upward skewering her enflamed sex on her brother’s erection. Her vaginal muscles went into deep contractions and she wailed as her second orgasm exploded across her body.


When the long and intense orgasm finally ebbed, Sara slumped back down on the bed gasping for air. As she did, Sean’s erection accidentally slipped from her stretched passage with a soft slurping sound and jerked in the air above her abdomen.

Sara groaned as the wonderful thickness slipped out of her body.

Amanda quickly reached between their bodies and guided Sean’s straining hardness back into her daughter’s seething passage. Thankful moans were heard from both sister and brother. With a low guttural moan, Sean again sunk into the depths of his sister’s sexual being.

Sean couldn’t believe the incredible tightness that surrounded his throbbing member. He leaned over his sister’s euphoric body and lowered his mouth toward Sara’s mouth. The open lips pressed together and this time it was Sean that aggressively kissed his sister. Their kiss was wild, frantic and ecstatic. Sean flexed his deeply imbedded erection and Sara gurgled with joy into his mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

Sean broke the kiss and Sara’s hips began to grind her sex around his impaling hardness. Sean slowly withdrew until his engorged head was again being kissed by those wonderful inner lips and then he plunged back into her enflamed vagina. He withdrew again and began a rhythmic stroking action. Full in, full out, part way in, part way out. Sara was thrown into a sexual frenzy and her hips became a blur as she began counter thrusting with a sense of urgency.

Suddenly Sara’s mind was exploding with orgasmic jolts of ecstasy. Her vaginal muscles clenched franticly around Sean’s plunging hardness. She arched up and froze as her third orgasm came crashing down on her body. Sean felt an intense, ecstatic pressure building at the base of his erection. His balls churned, his prostate throbbed and an intense tingling sensation gripped the head of his erection and his ejaculation surged forcefully up his hyper-excited manhood. The liquid joy swirled around the flexing head and jettisoned outward into his sister’s milking passage.


Her legs flew upward and outward in a wide ‘V’ kicking wildly in the air. Her eyes flew open when the incredible liquid pressure from her brother’s massive ejaculations flooded into her spasming womanhood. She arched up and froze as her final orgasm was unleashed. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flooded her mind and eyes. Her toes curled and her hands fisted tightly.


Sara’s sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness for a a few seconds. Both continued to buck and jerk as the ecstatic aftershocks rippled throughout their bodies.

Amanda looked at her son in amazement. His sexual control was far beyond that of a fourteen year şişli bayan escort old .. must have got it from his late father. She smiled as she saw Sara swirling Sean’s slick softness on her abdomen and thought to herself, he is going to be huge when he matures.

1.03 Sara and Prince:

Amanda told Sara and Sean that she would make lunch for them while they showered. Soon all were enjoying the much needed refreshments. Sean asked where the dogs were and Amanda went to the back door and called them in. Both Rapture and the younger Prince wagged their tales as the met everyone and then they darted into Sara’s bedroom with their noses sniffing in the air. Sara and Sean were puzzled but Amanda wasn’t. She knew they could smell the scent of sex that still lingered in the air.

Amanda began thinking about Prince and Sara .. perhaps even Sean. No, they were too young .. or were they .. after all, it was what she had planned for. She knew Sean would have to prepared. Prince is just a puppy but bred and trained for her purposes. They continued to eat and Sara saw that her mother was in deep thought.

Sara broke into her thoughts by asking her mother why they had rushed into her bedroom. After an awkward moment of silence, Amanda told her kids that Rapture had been trained, since he was a puppy, on how to .. how to .. take care of a woman’s needs. Prince went through the same training process. They went into the bedroom because the scent of your sex was still on the bed.

Having said that, Amanda breathed a sigh of relief for getting it out in the open and sat back waiting for the barrage of questions. Sara and Sean were dumbfounded. There was silence and then Sara asked,

“You .. you and Rapture and Prince .. together.”

Amanda said,

“Not Prince .. just Rapture. Prince will be going back to his trainer when he turns one year old.”

Soon a sparkle filled Sara’s eyes and asked,

“Then Prince was meant for us, Sean and I.”

Amada hated it when Sara figured out things so quickly.

In a soft voice she said,


Sean said,

“I am not exactly sure what Prince can do for me.”

Amanda stiffened a little and said,

“You will have to prepared and that’s all I want to say about it now.”

Sara got up from the table and knelt down in front of Prince. As she rubbed its ears, she told him that he looked a lot older than six months. She then smiled at her mother and told her that she wanted to find out for herself what it would be like to have sex with Prince. A stunned Sean didn’t know what to say.

Amanda asked Sara if she was absolutely sure that she wanted to do this.

Sara nodded her head and smiled.

Amanda opened the back door and put Rapture outside.

“We don’t want him to get excited and push Prince away.”

Prince saw the three of them go into Sara’s bedroom and he stood in the doorway watching them. Amanda told Sara to remove her robe, and sit on her knees and lower legs beside the bed. When she was ready, she should call for Prince to come to her.

Sara handed her mother the robe and lowered her body onto her knees. Amanda motioned for Sara to spread her thighs a little wider. Sean couldn’t believe what his sister was going to do.

With an apprehensive voice Sara said,

“Come to me Prince.”

All saw Prince walk toward Sara and stand in front of her kneeling body. Sara looked at Prince and her eyes opened wide, watching with fascination as the dog’s loving eyes swept over her nakedness. And then, Prince moved closer and its long, wide tongue shot out onto the smooth skin of her tense abdomen.

Sara gasped at the delicious contact and she became speechless as her eyes became fixed on the wonderful tongue that was lapping the tenseness away from her body. Her mind loved what the ‘Puppy’ was doing and a soft sigh escaped her mouth.

“Ohhhhh .. Prince .. “

Then, his long, damp tongue licked heatedly upward over the rippling flesh of her abdomen, working higher and higher until the delicious swipes were lapping the rounded undersides of her firm young breasts. Tenderly, Prince’s tongue swept up and over them toward her stiffening nipples. Prince’s swirling tongue soon had Sara’s nipples standing up like bullets, first one and then the other, sending waves of pleasure rippling across her chest.

Amanda and Sean saw Sara’s eyes close as the sigh turned into a moan.

Abruptly, Prince’s warm, wet tongue left her breasts and began lapping its way down across her abdomen toward the junction of her thighs. As if in a trance, Sara watched as Prince’s nose dipped toward her flared labia. As he sniffed at the rising scent of her arousal, his tail began wagging excitedly.

Sean and Amanda watched the tongue slip further out of Prince’s mouth and saw the tip curl around Sara’s protruding organ of joy then swirl it ecstatic circles. Sara’s hips bucked outward and upward and she threw her head back, wailing at the incredible contact. The loving tongue stayed attached to the excited organ despite Sara’s wild contortions.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Suddenly, Prince’s tongue left her rigid clitoris and slipped between the flared folds and began a delicious exploration, up and down the wet, pink crease. Sara gasped as her loins were gripped with intense sensations as the tongue burrowed deeper into labia. His thick appendage was spreading through the swollen folds with long relentless sweeps, splaying the tender folds wider apart. The trained tip, ecstatically traced Sara’s excited inner lips and she gasped and moaned as her hips pushed her sex hungrily at the lapping tongue.

“Ohhh .. Goddd ..”

Prince knew it was time to explore the wonderful source of Sara’s oozing wetness. He curled his thick tongue and slipped inward, into Sara’s enflamed vagina. Sara thrust her swollen sex against Prince’s snout and the curled invader pushed deeper into her convulsing passage. She gasped and wailed and her body jerked with deep spasms. Her dazed and stunned body slumped back against the side of the bed for support and she began pushing and grinding her enflamed sex with aroused abandonment. Her flailing hands grabbed the back of her bent knees and drew them back to her chest, spreading them as wide as she could. Prince’s swirling and flexing tongue pushed into her cervix and caressed the flowering portal to her womb.

“Ahhhhhh … Deeper .. Ohhhhhhh .. Godddd ..”

Prince now began a total assault on Sara’s withering sex. He pulled his tongue out of fiery vagina and slipped it up and down her swollen furrow. It curled around the rigid organ and then returned into her convulsing sheath. The ecstatic cycle was repeated again and again and again. As his relentless assault continued and the sounds from Sara’s mouth became incoherent as her body was thrown into a sexual frenzy. Her glassy orgasmic eyes saw nothing but white ecstatic flashes. Her mind blocked out everything except the orgasmic sensations from Princes magic tongue. Her labia, clitoris and vagina became the core of her sexual universe.

Sara hissed in orgasmic agony. That tongue had brought her to the climatic edge and was keeping her there. Sara’s orgasmic eyes looked down and saw the incredible tongue spreading her swollen folds as it plunged deep into raging vagina. Her thick vaginal juices gushed outward and flowed down her thighs. She gazed at her wide split labia and saw it was flushed to near redness.

Again Prince pushed her body to the orgasmic edge and this time did not stop. Sara’s knew she was going to finally orgasm.

In nothing short of delirium, Sara’s vagina spasmed as Prince buried his phallus like tongue another inch deeper, caressing her super-sensitive cervix. Orgasmic explosions started deep within her cervix and rippled outward past her flared labia and onto her engorged organ of joy. She convulsed and spasmed, her hands fisted tightly and her toes curled.

Sara’s breath came in deep gasping heaves as her orgasm struck her entire body.


Sara’s hips arched high off the floor pushing her back into the side of the bed. Her hands intensified their hold on knees and thrust her exploding sex into her canine Lover. Her eyes and mouth were wide open as her body went into an orgasmic freeze. Suddenly the bedroom was filled with another orgasmic wail.


Sara’s body went into sensory overload and she lost consciousness. She continued to buck and jerk with multiple orgasmic shocks. Prince withdrew his massive tongue with a loud slurping sound. He backed away and sat down, gazing at Sara’s unconscious and flushed body. He knew the main event was yet to happen.

Amanda went to the bathroom and got some wet wash cloths and towels. Sara slowly awoke as Amanda was cleaning her sex. She moaned as more aftershocks rippled across her body.

She looked at her mother and smiled,

“Oh Mother .. That was absolutely incredible! I never wanted it to end ..”

Amanda smiled knowingly,

“You will find out, like I did with Rapture, that the best is yet to come. Prince was just warming you up, I suggest you rest for a few minutes.”

Sara looked at Prince, and the two exchanged loving glances. Amanda looked at Sean and saw the ‘tent’ in robe.

‘Yes .. she will have to prepare him for Prince.’

Amanda turned back to her daughter,

“OK, Sara, turnover and onto your knees and lower legs .. that’s it.. now rest you head and upper shoulders on the edge of the bed. Good .. now grasp the cover tightly with each hand .. you are going to need something to hang onto.”

There was a tightness in Sara’s quivering belly. She felt her breasts swaying under her body and her hips pushing her raised buttocks and sex rearward.

Amanda whispered softly,

“One last thing Sara honey, Spread your thighs wider ..”

Sara did so and the vulnerability of her exposed sex, sent shivers of excitement across her loins.

Amanda whispered,

That looks very appealing .. It is your call Sara.”

Sara looked behind her and saw Prince looking back at her. His loving long tongue hung out of his mouth.

Sara in a nervous whisper but loud enough to be heard said,

“Come Prince .. Come to me!”

Sara turned her head back and rested it on the bed.

Sara waited .. waited .. and then heard the soft panting and then she felt the warm breath on her buttocks.

Sara closed her eyes when she felt Prince’s long, lapping tongue reacquire the protruding folds that pushed outward like a beacon between the cheeks of her spread buttocks. She moaned at the electrifying contact, immediately, feverish impulses of arousal stabbed wildly through her labia and vagina, then up into her into breasts and erect nipples.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh ..”

His hot, tongue slipped forward wetly caressing her swelling labia on its way to her hardening clitoris. The slippery appendage push between the swollen lips causing the folds to spread apart. The exploring tip swept back and forth within the wet furrow. It traced the eager opening to her treasure and then slipped up and curled around the engorged of Joy. Back and forth, again and again the magic tongue caressed and fondled her flaring sex as her rejuvenated arousal soared.

Sara gasped out with impassioned joy, trying to inch her thighs even farther apart and widen the pulsating pink furrow for that exploring tongue. Her hips pushed back and ground with abandonment in tight circles. His long, curled tongue thrust lovingly through the swollen flesh and began tracing the eager, oozing lips that clenched hungrily as though they were trying to grab and pull it inward.

Her enflamed sex wanted more .. needed more .. Her mind begged for penetration.

Prince stopped and pulled his head up from between Sara’s thighs and in one motion pushed up and over Sara’s kneeling body. His front paws rested on the bed beside her hands. As he settled forward his massive erection pushed lengthwise along her slick, flared, folds. The rubbery thickness pressed up against her engorged clitoris.

Sara moaned loudly as ecstatic sensations bolted across her loins. She bent her head down under shoulders and was just barely was able to see Prince’s massive, deep red erection throb between her welcoming folds. Sara gasped at the breathtaking sight of her Lover’s glistening hardness.

“Oh God .. it is sooooo beautiful ..”

Sara returned her head to the bed and deep gasps of anticipation came from her wide open mouth. She began to slide her swollen folds along the pulsing thickness. Prince waited patiently as Sara’s gripping folds stroked back and forth over the length his engorged member. Soon, Prince was rewarded when the sweeping motion centered Sara’s eager and clasping inner lips over its thick gland. Sara felt that wonderful hardness nudge so nicely inward and her excited entrance slipped deliciously around the thick head. Sara gasped and Prince whined as she thrust back and Prince lunged forward.

They coupled instantly and Sara wailed in ecstasy as her spasming vagina was totally filled with six inches of throbbing, hard thickness. Her vaginal muscles stretched wider and wider as Prince burrowed into the depths of her sexual being.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Her mind reeled with ecstatic sensations that her body had never felt before as Prince began to thrust into her with deep penetrating strokes. Her body began to counter thrust and she grasped the covers tightly for support as her hips ground rearward and circled onto her magnificent Lover. Her head and shoulders were being pushed into the bed as Prince’s thrusts plunged full length into enraged vaginal passage. Her body, heaved and bucked as she ground back against her canine Lover as the massive tube of hard flesh showered her body with raw joy. Her young vaginal muscles kissed, clenched and milked the pulsating thickness as it sunk deep into her body throwing her into a sexual frenzy.

The unmistakable spasms of her impending orgasm rippled through Sara’s passion filled body. The orgasmic spirals coiled through her enflamed loins and spread outward across her body. The intense sensations became an intoxication, a drug that her body craved for more and more. Her mind was spinning within a vortex of ecstatic sensations as her head thrashed back and forth with loud incoherent sounds.

Her mind exploded when the most incredible warm, liquid pressure caused her vaginal passage and cervix to ecstatically balloon as Prince began its forceful ejaculation into her seething sex.

He now plunged his spewing hardness inward with wild abandonment and Sara began screaming as her body was catapulted over her orgasmic edge. Her saturated mind was now totaling centered on her enraged sex. Small ecstatic explosions started deep within her spasming vagina, reaching outward to her labia, clitoris and exploding nipples. Bright flashes of orgasmic light flooded Sara’s mind and eyes. Her mouth opened wide but no sound was heard, her eyes opened wide but she saw nothing. All the orgasmic sensations melded together as her climatic orgasm was unleashed.


Sara awoke to a series of aftershocks that rumbled throughout her body like a freight train. Her head and shoulders slumped onto the edge of the bed, gasping and panting.

Slowly Prince withdrew his deflating erection from Sara’s reluctant vagina and Sara moaned in disappointment as the wonderful fullness left her body. Torrents of ejaculant and orgasmic juices gushed from the gaping hole before it slowly returned to its normal.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Amanda helped Sara turn around and sit on the floor with her back resting against the bed. Prince sat down beside her and she reached out and rubbed his ears as her body slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

Amanda saw that the ‘tent’ in Sean’s robe hadn’t got any smaller and a moist spot at the tip was spreading outward. She told Sean to go into her bedroom and wait for her. She told Sara to shower and stay with Prince until Sean was ready.

1.04 Sean, Preparation:

Amanda joined her son and smiled at him,

“We have to get you ready for Prince.”

Sean was getting nervous, what did his mother mean by ‘ready’?

She told Sean to remove his robe and follow her into the bathroom. His erection had softened and lay over his testicles. Amanda removed a fleet enema box from the vanity and told him to lean forward onto the vanity with his legs spread apart. Sean suddenly realized that his rectum was going to be used by Prince and shook his head.

“I don’t want to do this.”

Amanda said,

“Sean, I promise you that you will as much pleasure from Prince that your sister received. It is important that you be thoroughly clean in ‘there’. A reluctant Sean grasped the edge of the vanity and spread his feet apart. His mother inserted the nozzle into his rectum and he groaned as Amanda squeezed the liquid contents into his colon. While Sean groaned with the mounting need to evacuate, Amanda got the shower ready. She smiled when she saw her son’s rising penis, knowing he had a sensitive prostate. In about two minutes, Sean could not bear it anymore and sat down on the toilet.

After his shower, Amanda led Sean back into bedroom and removed an eight inch suppository package labeled “Male Rectal Enhancer” from the cabinet. Sean then saw his mother press a button beside a light switch and looked wide eyed as a portion of a wall slid to left and gym-like mattress with a support rail was lowered down onto the floor. Three feet in front of it was a large mirror that extended from the floor to half way up the wall.

Amanda looked at the mattress and memories of her late husband filled her mind. He was the one that had renovated bedroom so the mattress and the Mounting Frame each had their place within the wall. She missed him and at the same time was thankful that Rapture was with her. Sean starred at the mattress, rail and mirror with mounting apprehensions. She went to the bottom of the mirror and pulled out a black plastic cover and pulled it to the edge of the mattress.

Amanda said,

“Kneel down on the mattress and grasp the support rail.”

“Now spread your legs wide .. good ..”

Amanda picked up the sealed suppository and opened it and withdrew the long chemical laden, glycerin suppository. One end was rounded and the other end had had an indented ring around it. She knelt down behind Sean and whispered,

“Hunch down a little Sean.”

Sean lowered his hips and low gasp escaped his mouth when he felt a warm, slippery thickness press against his rectal entrance. The tingly sensations seeped onto his anus and spread inward. The tight sphincter opening immediately loosened and Amanda nudged the 8″ x 1/2 inch thick suppository deep into Sean’s rectal sheath.

An unexpected moan of pleasure was heard as the suppository slipped over his prostate on it’s delicious trek inward. Amanda inserted the entire 8″ length deep into Sean’s rectum. The lips of his anus settled into the indented ring, holding the embedded suppository deep into his colon.

Amanda leaned back on her knees and waited.

The suppository began to liquefy and Sean’s rectal lining quickly absorbed the enhancing liquid. The loosened anal opening swelled and deliciously formed around the oval ‘end’. Sean couldn’t believe the sensations that he was feeling and he moaned excitedly and ground his hips in circles as new sexually sensitive nerve endings formed all along his rectal sheath to a depth of 8″. At the same time a set of sexual nerve endings were attached to his rectal opening. Sean was not prepared for the ecstatic sensations that gripped his rectal area and he moaned and ground his hips back and forth as his rectal ‘womanhood’ was formed and connected into his sexual sensory system. Amanda watched as her son’s penis soared to full erection and began jerking wildly below his abdomen.

“Ohhhhhhhhh ..”

Her eyes locked onto the excited gland of Sean’s straining hardness and smiled when she saw a long string of precum dangling down from the excited gland. His hips began to push his erection forward in the air toward the mirror as a deep need to ejaculate filled his mind. The feelings intensified and his rectal sheath started to spasm and his anal lips clenched against the ‘end’ of the suppository.

“Motherrrrrr ..”

Sean’s excitement escalated when looked at the mirror and saw his glistening member jerking and drooling under his body. The suppository was now fully dissolved and the ‘end’ fell away, exposing his swollen anal lips to Amanda’s eyes. The liquefied suppository was absorbed into Sean’s prostate enhancing its properties. His semen production would be triple that of a normal male and his sexual rejuvenation would be rapid.

Amanda smiled when he saw Sean’s frantic, thrusting hips.

Sean made an attempt to grasp his erection with both hands but Amanda stopped him and said,

“Let it happen naturally Sean.”

Sean’s entire body was saturated with new sensations of sexual feelings. His small male nipples stood up like thick erasers on pencils. He lunged his engorged member forward toward the mirror and then thrust his spasming rectal opening rearward, desperately looking for something, anything .. to penetrate it .. anything to satisfy the sheath’s growing needs.

“Oh God .. Oh God ..”

His rectal sheath began a series of ecstatic clenches and spasms. The ripples of joy flowed outward toward his excited and clasping anal lips. Sean felt his ejaculation form within his enhanced prostate and the delicious sensations spread to his bloating testicles and then flowed into the base of his engorged erection. He gripped the support rail tightly as his hips shot forward and froze. The ecstatic pressure caused his gland to swell and twitch as the huge stream surged upward toward it. The liquid joy swirled deliciously around the excited head and erupted out of the puckering opening and spewed through the air, splattering forcefully on the black plastic cover on the floor in front of the mirror.


As he ejaculated, his rectal sheath exploded with joy and the thick enhancing liquid spewed out past his enflamed anus. Amanda reached between her son’s spread thighs and lifted his churning testicles. Sean threw his up and wailed again as a second, more forceful stream of semen jettisoned from his straining manhood.


Sean leaned forward and rested his head and shoulders on the rail gasping and panting as delicious aftershocks rippled across his body. His erection slowly softened and his rectal sheath and swollen anal lips returned to their normal state. His ‘womanhood’ would reform only şişli escort if his anal area was stimulated.

Amanda helped a stunned Sean up from the mattress and walked him into the bathroom where she washed and cleaned his penis, balls and rectal area. When finished, she had him stand by the foot of the bed and went to get Prince and Sara.

Sara and Prince entered her mother’s bedroom and her eyes opened wide when she saw the mattress and its support rail. She then saw the thick splatters of semen highlighted by the black cover and smiled knowing her brother had enjoyed his preparation.

Prince saw Sean’s nakedness and sat down in the doorway smiling as only Goldens can smile. Amanda told Sean to kneel down in front of the bed with his back resting against it..

“Now spread your knees apart.”

Sara smiled when she saw her brother’s penis and balls swaying in the air between his spread thighs, something that Prince also picked up on.

Amanda positioned two chairs so she and Sara would have an unobstructed view of Sean. Finally she adjusted the ceilings lights so Sean and the mattress were bathed in a soft, warm glow.

When everything was ready, Amanda said,

“Call for Prince when you are ready.”

1.05 Sean and Prince:

Sean took a deep breath and said,

“Come to me Prince.”

Prince got up from its hind legs and slowly padded his way toward a prepared Sean. As if knowing what to do, Prince dipped its head between Sean’s thighs and its long tongue darted toward his exposed anal opening. Sean gasped as the curled tongue nestled into his anal lips with an exquisite caressing action. The exploring tip nudged slightly inward and the gasp turned into a long moan as Sean’s ‘womanhood’ formed.

Prince raised its head past Sean’s stirring penis and began licking his neck and shoulders. The long lapping tongue slipped downward onto Sean’s chest and the curled tongue began sucking on his small erect nipples. With an excited gasp, Sean thrust his chest outward in a back and forth shifting motion as Prince’s incredible tongue adorned his male nipples.

Sean’s body rippled with pleasure and he leaned back against the bed pushing his hips outward as his penis soared to full erection. The wonderful tongue worked its way downward onto his rippling abdomen and Sean began panting with anticipation. Prince saw Sean’s excited member and dipped his head. The tongue extended outward and made a long slow sweep from his balls onto the sensitive underside of his hardness and then wrapped itself around the aching gland with an ecstatic massaging action. With one delicious swipe, Sean’s arousal vaulted and he squealed in joy, thrusting his engorged hardness into the curled sides of the lapping tongue.

The magic tongue swirled and squeezed Sean’s throbbing member. Sean threw his head back and let the ecstatic sensations flow and ripple across his body. His breath started coming in gasps and pants as his orgasm built. The tongue wrapped itself around his straining hardness and glided up down with a joyous squeezing and milking action. Sean moaned and began thrusting into the loving ‘glove’ as a sense of urgency gripped his erection. Prince’s masturbating tongue never lost contact as Sean’s hips bucked and jerked his manhood in all directions.

Sean lunged up and froze. His thick load of semen blew up his jumping member and gushed into the curled folds of the thirsty tongue.


Sean fell back against the bed, his erection continued to spew and spurt. Prince followed and began licking up all the pools of semen that had splattered onto his abdomen and thighs.

Amanda knelt down beside Sean and smiled,

“That was the fasted ejaculation that I have ever seen, Prince is not good .. he is very good!”

Sean looked at his mother, his stunned mind could only nod his head.

Prince, as if on cue, stepped back.

In about a minute, Sean’s body came down from his orgasmic high. His erection softened and swayed between his spread thighs. Strings of semen dangled down to the floor as his aftershocks rippled across his groin

Amanda helped Sean stand up and walked him to the mattress. She guided him so he got down on ‘all fours’ and crawled toward the support rail. When his hands grasped the rail, Amanda spread his kneeling legs apart. Sara had moved the chairs so they would have a good view of Sean and they would also see the mirror. Amanda motioned for Prince to come forward and she sat down beside Sara.

Sean felt the warm breath of Prince bathing his buttocks. He was just about to look behind him when that wonderful tongue slipped under his balls and cradled his flaccid, slick penis with gentle squeezes and massages. He moaned softly as his rectum quivered and his penis stirred within the confines of the curled tongue. Prince’s tongue began to flex, it loosened and then it tightened. Sean groaned as the loving tongue coaxed, caressed and manipulated the stirring tube of flesh. Soon Sean was lunging his rejuvenated erection within the curled folds of the lapping appendage. Much to the disappointment of Sean, the tongue left his hardness and the tip slipped between the cheeks of his spread buttocks and nestled into his rippling anal lips. The contact was electric and Sean gasped loudly as his ‘womanhood’ reformed. Sean’s body welcomed the return of his Lover.

Prince now used the thick tip to trace and caress the enhanced entrance to his rectal sheath. It slipped around the puckering opening with delicious swipes, poking and nudging at the eager entrance. Sean squirmed and pushed his hips rearward in an attempt to get it to slip deeply inside of him.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Prince sensed it was time for the ‘great event’ and lifted the front of its body upward and leaned over Sean’s kneeling body. Its paws gently rested on Sean’s back, just below his shoulders. He felt a heavy, throbbing mass move against the inside of his right thigh and had just enough movement with head to see Prince’s six inch erection. Sean gasped at the incredible sight and his rectum started spasming in anticipation. He felt the throbbing mass inch upward along his thigh and then he moaned when he felt the flexing head massage the base of his erection and then delicious slip along the underside of his throbbing member. The two glands nestled together and long strings of precum drooled from the excited head of his erection.

Sean felt exquisite sensations throughout his groin as the throbbing organ slipped back, bouncing upward toward Sean’s waiting and receptive rectal opening. He felt the lips of his puckering entrance kiss and caress the thick head as it nudged against it. He pushed back and felt the entrance widen and with a slight slurping sound the first inch slip into his rectal sheath causing ripples joy to spread throughout his body.

“Oh God .. Yes .. Yes ..”

Sean gasped as his swollen anal lips stretched and formed around the flexing head of Prince’s erection. His gasp turned into a moan as the portal to his ‘womanhood’ was breached and two inches of pulsing thickness slipped its way into his receptive rectal sheath. Prince began short reversing strokes with his partially embedded hardness and Sean moaned as new found pleasures rippled throughout ‘womanhood’. His anal lips and rectal muscles began clenching around the of the engorged organ trying to draw it further inward.


The sensations were not like anything Sean had ever felt before or expected. He felt the most incredible stretching of his rectal sheath and a wonderful sense of fullness. The enhanced sexual lining of his rectal passage was exploding with ripples of intense pleasure.


The flexing, thick ‘head’ nestled onto his excited prostate and Sean squealed in joy. His erection jerked wildly as ecstatic explosions rumbled across his body and his mind. Sean wanted more, he begged for more.


Sean gurgled and drooled as the dog’s engorged erection slipped inward, inch by glorious inch. Sean wailed as his sheath was fully penetrated and his clasping rectal muscles began massaging Prince’s long, thick hardness. . “Ohhhh .. Mother .. I love it ..”

The union of canine and male was complete and Sean’s virginity had been taken.

The dog started a rhythmic thrusting motion and Sean quickly fell in sync with its strokes. In, out, fast and slow. His erection throbbed and jerked below his body and his rigid nipples felt like bullets. Sean’s engorged manhood began drooling copious amounts of preseminal fluid. All feelings of nervousness and apprehensions quickly faded and were replaced with excited gasps and pants.

“Ahh .. Ahh .. Ahh ..”

With every inward and outward stroke, Sean felt the warm throbbing hardness rippling over his swollen sweet spot. As his prostate was being massaged, delicious jolts of joy rippled across his straining erection and into his churning testicles. Prince began driving its flexing member deep into Sean’s eager and excited rectal sheath. He instinctively began pushing rearward, grinding his enflamed sex against the dog’s heavenly thrusts. His face became flushed with pleasure and squeals of joy escaped his mouth.

Sean couldn’t believe how much he was enjoying this. The dog’s long thrusts were causing his swollen prostate to send ecstatic jolts of pleasure cascading across his body and his throbbing head of his erection felt as though if it was going to burst. His mother and sister smiled and watched with intense stares at Sean’s wildly jerking manhood. They knew from his deep gasps and pants that he was about to experience his first rectal orgasm.

Sean felt the ecstatic contractions of his rectal muscles and the intense spasming of his prostate. The sensations raced toward his balls, erection and bullet-like nipples. The exquisite pressure surged up his granite-like organ toward his highly agitated crown. The liquid joy seemed to stall as it swirled around the hyper-sensitive gland and then explode outward through the puckering opening and spewing toward the mirror. The thick stream splattered heavily onto the black cover.


Prince’s joyous whines were heard as Sean’s rectal contractions clenched and milked its plunging erection. With a deep whine, Prince thrust dee0ply inward and froze, unleashing massive amounts of its ejaculant into Sean’s milking passage. Sean felt the ecstatic pressure of warm liquid flooding into his ‘womanhood’. Prince never stopped its deep thrusts and Sean squealed in joy as the dog’s slippery, semen was used as a stimulating lubricant over his exploding prostate.

A second orgasmic wail escaped his mouth as his dual orgasms were unleashed. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across his mind and eyes, his hands fisted and his toes curled as the second ‘hands free’ ejaculation began jettisoning out of the spasming head of his bucking erection.


Sean’s body could not absorb any more ecstatic sensations and he slumped unconsciously onto the support rail.

He slowly recovered as wonderful aftershocks rippled across his body. Prince’s thrusts slowed to soft strokes and soon its deflating penis slipped out of Sean’s body with a loud slurping sound.

Sean moaned as the wonderful thickness left his body.

“Ohhhhh ..”

Soft moans and sighs were heard as Prince’s long, wide tongue began lapping up the remnants of Sean’s orgasm and ejaculations. The sighs turned into a moan when the lapping tongue began an exquisite cleansing of his drooling, flaccid penis

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Amanda helped Sean stand up and motioned to Sara to walk her brother to the shower. She was starring at the incredible pools of semen on the black cover, her mind couldn’t believe that a her brother had that much essence in his body. Her vagina rippled with need and her mouth watered with anticipation.

Amanda discarded the black cover and then returned the mattress into the wall. She ran her hand over another part of the wall and thought of Rapture.

Amanda, Sara and Sean spent the rest of the afternoon beside their pool. Amanda had changed into her bikini and for the first time, Sara was scrutinizing her mother’s body with delicious thoughts. She knew her mother worked out regularly and wondered how her body looked like without the bikini.

Amanda had spent the better part of the day watching Sara and Sean orgasming repeatedly. Her needs had built to the point where she was about to head into the house and embrace Rapture when she saw the intense stare from Sara. Her mind was a whirlwind of possibilities. Just thinking about how she could teach her daughter to please a female caused arousal to soar.

Even Amanda was a little surprised at the words that came out of mouth,

“Sara honey, how about you and I return to my bedroom?”

Sara, on the other hand, was hoping she would hear something like that. She smiled and nodded her head. She told Sean that they would be back in a while.

1.06 Amanda and Sara:

They entered the backdoor and a trail of bikini tops and bottoms showed the way to Amanda’s bedroom. The first thing that Amanda did was put a bottle of massaging lubricant on the floor beside the bed and then got a small pamphlet from the nightstand that was a pictorial overview of lesbian lovemaking. Sara got excited at just seeing the pictures and focused on those that displayed ‘fisting’. While Sara looked and learned, Amanda pulled the covers and top sheet down to the bottom of the bed. She then dimmed the lights so the bed so it was bathed in a soft warm glow and switched ‘on’ soft romantic mood music through the bedroom’s speaker system.

Amanda whispered,

“I want this moment to be special. Just you and I, alone, together.”

Sara put down the pamphlet and snuggled into her mother’s arms. Being much shorter than her mother, Sara’s head was at her breast level and she looked at the firm breasts and already erect nipples with rising excitement. Amanda smiled down at her daughter and lifted her up. Sara wrapped her arms around Amanda’s neck and her legs around her waist. As they kissed, their breasts pressed together and their nipples teased each other. Sara moaned softly into her mother’s mouth when Amanda shifted her abdomen against Sara’s expanding clitoris. The kiss lasted all the way to the bed and Amanda laid her daughter onto it with her legs bent over the edge. Both looked at each with the flush of desire.

Amanda whispered,

“I will take care of you first.”

She slipped off of Sara’s body onto her knees in front of Sara’s bent legs and pulled her feet up onto the bed and spread them wide apart. As she looked at her daughter’s flared sex she smiled at Sara and said,

“I am sort of jealous of Sean, he saw your treasures first.”

Sara giggled,

“But I don’t have to explain what everything is.”

Amanda moved forward between Sara’s spread thighs and leaned over her daughter’s body. Her hands moved to Sara’s breasts and began a slow massaging and kneading action. Her head lowered and again their slightly parted lips came together. Amanda ran her tongue back and forth between the lips and then it slipped it into her daughter’s mouth. Sara moaned softly and her body trembled with her rising passion.

While Amanda kneaded and teased Sara’s breasts and nipples, their tongues danced and played with each other. Sara moaned into mother’s mouth as the finger’s pressed and swirled around her excited nipples.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

Amanda broke the kiss and started to plant light butterfly-like kisses over Sara’s face and neck. Sara purred as delightful sensations followed Amanda’s wonderful suckling lips. Amanda put her hands on Sara’s shoulders and started a slow soothing, massaging action.

Amanda whispered Sara’s ear,

“Sara, honey .. Just close your eyes and relax .. Enjoy the sensations that only a mother can give her daughter.”

Sara sighed and closed her eyes, Amanda’s hands were so soft and gentle.

The hands slowly worked their way down to Sara’s breasts and cupped them. Her massaging hands slipped up to Sara’s nipples and tantalizingly played with the pink buds. All the while, Amanda planted soft butterfly kisses along Sara’s neck and shoulders. Her fingers slipped deliciously around the nipples, pushing and pressing and then back to kneading the young mounds. Sara began pushing her excited breasts into her mother’s loving hands.

“Ohhh .. that feels so good ..”

Sara’s breathing became quicker and deeper.

Amanda’s suckling mouth moved downward from Sara’s neck. Sara knew where it was headed and pants became faster. She felt a warm, moist breath bathe her right nipple and then the suckling lips descended on the stiff bud. As the lips suckled, the tongue slipped deliciously over and around the excited nipple. Wonderful sensations radiated all around Sara’s Breast. She gasped at the ecstatic contact and thrust her breasts upward into her mother’s suckling mouth and kneading hands.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Amanda’s mouth suckled it’s way over to Sara’s left breast and found the erect nipple waiting for her sucking lips and swirling tongue. Again Sara arched up and gasped at the delicious sensations. Both of Amanda’s hands now started a massaging action down Sara’s body toward the junction of thighs. Sara’s swelling labia fluttered as the knowing hands approached her inner thighs. The hands stopped at but not touching Sara’s folds and then started back up toward Sara’s breasts. She found the bullet nipples twitching and eagerly awaiting her returning hands and mouth and lips.

Sara’s hard clitoris had extended itself further out of its protective hood and her swollen labia oozed with her early wetness. Sara’s body now moved wherever Amanda’s hands moved and she moaned with mounting arousal.

“Ohhhhhhhh .. Motherrrrrr ..”

Amanda repeated the massaging process over and over again. Each time her hands came closer and closer to touching Sara’s enflamed labia. Her kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as her fingers slipped and tantalized Sara’s engorged nipples. Amanda felt Sara’s breathing become rapid and Amanda smiled as Sara’s head thrashed from side to side and her hips moved her sex in tight circles. Sara moaned loudly and thrust her breasts hard into Amanda’s hands and mouth.

“Please .. Mom .. Please ..”

Amanda slipped down off of Sara’s body and kneeled down in front of her thrashing sex and leaned inward. Sara lost sight of her mother’s face and then felt her warm, moist breath bathe her hard, excited clitoris. She held her breath as her sex rippled with anticipation. Amanda extended her tongue and it slipped over the highly sensitive pink tip with an ecstatic swirling and pressing action. Amanda’s suckling lips drew the engorged organ into her mouth. Sara’s hands shot down to her Amanda’s head and her hips bucked upward pushing her enflamed sex into her mother’s loving mouth.

Sara squealed with joy at the ecstatic contact as her hands pulled the devouring mouth onto her exploding organ of joy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

While Amanda’s lips and tongue suckled on her exploding clitoris, her finger nudged inward past the excited inner lips. It twisted and turned as slipped into her eager opening. Another finger joined the first and both were now stroking into Sara’s highly excited vaginal passage.

“Oh God .. Oh God ..”

Amanda’s sucking mouth and thrusting fingers catapulted Sara into a sexual frenzy. Her vaginal muscles clenched around the lunging fingers and her clitoris was sending jolts of joy cascading throughout her body. She felt the long twisting fingers circle around the lining of her vagina as though they were looking for something. One of her fingers found the rough, bean shaped area of her ‘sweet’ spot and Amanda began to massage and caress the hyper sensitive tissues causing Sara to wail ecstatically as her hips arched above the bed. The other finger joined in on the manipulation of her excited ‘G’ spot and Sara’s body exploded and began convulsing uncontrollably as her first orgasm was unleashed.


Amanda didn’t stop her massaging fingers or the deep sucking of Sara’s organ of joy. Amanda knew she could coax another orgasm from Sara’s flailing body. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights saturated Sara’s mind and eyes. Her thick vaginal juices gushed outward past the stroking fingers drenching her thighs, the bed and the floor.

Suddenly, Sara broke out of the orgasmic freeze and her wail echoed around the room.


Her body had absorbed all the ecstatic sensations that it could and Sara slumped back onto the bed unconscious. Her body continued to buck and jerk in the throes of her orgasm. Amanda withdrew her mouth and fingers, and shortly Sara awoke moaning as the ecstatic aftershocks rippled across her body.

She looked down her body and saw the smiling face of her mother.

“Now it is my turn.”

Sara got off the bed. Amanda saw the wetness of Sara’s orgasms on the sheet and sat down on the bottom of the bed. Sara picked up the bottle of massaging lubricant and followed her.

She knelt down on the floor in front of her mother’s bent legs and rubbed her hands warmly along Amanda’s inner thighs. Amanda brought her feet up onto the bed and spread her thighs apart presenting her sex to her daughter’s adorning eyes.

Sara picked up the bottle and began pouring the contents all over Amanda’s body. She started at her mother’s left breast, over to her right breast, down to her abdomen and right thigh, then over to her left thigh. She finished it with a glistening coating to her mother’s flared labia.

Amanda gasped as the warm scented oil spread outward on contact with her body.

Sara started spreading the oil all around Amanda’s breasts and nipples. Amanda closed her eyes as the slippery hands massaged and kneaded her firm breasts and erect nipples. Sara lowered her head and sucked the engorged nipple of her mother’s right breast into her mouth. She had waited all day for this moment and a soft moan escaped her mouth as the sensations rippled down into clitoris and vagina.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Sara started downward, spreading and kneading the warm oil over Amanda’s lower chest and abdomen working her hands on either side of Amanda’s body. Her hands finally met at Amanda’s swollen labia and her slippery hands kneaded the swelling folds. She saw her mother’s extended clitoris and her slick thumbs pressed and swirled the engorged organ of joy in ecstatic circles.

Amanda bucked up gasping and panting.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

As Amanda thrust her hips up, Sara fingers dipped mecidiyeköy escort between the folds, pushing them further apart and began caressing her mother’s wet inner lips. Sara’s thumbs moved back up to Amanda’s clitoris and pushed back on the clitoral hood causing the rigid organ to stand out in front of her eyes like a bright pink beacon. Sara’s open mouth leaned inward and Amanda squealed in joy as her daughter sucked on clitoris as if it was an erection. At the same time Sara slipped three fingers into Amanda’s eager vaginal opening with an ecstatic twisting action. Amanda’s hips arched above the bed grinding her seething sex into her daughter’s mouth and hands. Sara’s searching fingers sought out and found her mother’s excited ‘G’ spot and Amanda screeched as the ultra-sensitive tissues exploded with joy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Slowly, almost teasingly, Sara withdrew her twisting fingers causing Amanda to wail in agony as her body was pulled back from its orgasmic edge.

“NOOOO .. SARA ..”

Sara smiled into mother’s tormented face and opened the bottle of lubricant. She had remembered the pictures in the pamphlet and poured a liberal amount of the slick lubricant onto her right hand and lower wrist. Sara held up her glistening hand so her mother could see it. Amanda’s entire body was screaming,

‘Yes, Yes, Yes, Now .. do it now ..’

Sara saw the juices drooling from her mother’s clenching opening and thought to herself,

“I came out of there, now I am going back in.”

Sara looked over Amanda’s body and smiled at her as she slowly slipped the tips of her grouped fingers between the swollen folds and pressed them against the eager opening. Sara then nudged them inward twisting and turning.

Amanda felt a great pressure as her vagina stretched and then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the hand and wrist slipped inward. Her excited entrance quickly stretched over the advancing wrist and Amanda gasped at the delicious fullness. Slowly Sara’s hand slipped further inward and her mother gurgled in joy as the wrist, hand and fingers were soon twisting ecstatically within her enflamed vaginal passage. Her hips ground hungrily as the sensations raced throughout her sex. Amanda’s mind and body wanted it all, needed it all and she thrust upward screaming in ecstasy as she impaled herself deeply onto on her daughter’s lower forearm.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Sara waited a few seconds and then withdrew her wrist and squirmed it back inward. She varied her thrusts from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out. Amanda’s stretched vaginal muscles clamped around the incredible penetrator as it bored into her sexual being. Jolts of pure joy saturated her mind, her breath came in deep gasping pants and her head thrashed back and forth as waves of joy cascaded across her body.

“Oh God .. Oh God .. SARA ..”

Her body was flooded with continuous bolts of ecstasy as Sara’s explored her hot, wet vaginal sheath. Sara leaned her head inward and again sucked her mother’s straining organ of joy into her suctioning mouth. Her mother’s body bucked upward and jerked wildly as all the sensations merged into each other.

Sara started her final series of masterful strokes. Amanda’s mind could no longer control her body’s actions. She lay there and let the orgasmic pressure cooker build to the exploding point. Sara’s thrusts and lunges again varied from all the way in, all the way out, part way in, part way out, fast and slow. Amanda’s vaginal fluids gushed out past her swollen lips and flowed down the cheeks of her buttocks drenching the sheet. Her hands clenched into fists her toes curled up tightly. Small orgasmic waves rippled up and down her body from her head to her toes as Sara lunged relentlessly into the depths of her vagina.

“Ahh .. Ahh .. Ahh ..”

Amanda knew she was approaching her orgasmic trip point .. and it came. Sara felt her mother’s vaginal muscles clench tightly around her stroking hand and wrist. Amanda hips thrust upward, burying her daughters arm deep into her exploding sex and wailed as her climatic orgasm was unleashed.


Amanda’s body was so saturated with orgasmic ecstasy that it was unable absorb anymore and she lost consciousness, slumping down onto the bed. Her body continued to buck and jerk as her internal orgasms continued. Slowly the contortions of her body ebbed and she regained consciousness, moaning as the the aftershocks rippled throughout her body.

She could feel the wonderful fullness still imbedded deep within her vagina. Sara smiled at her mother’s satisfied and fulfilled face and slowly withdrew her hand, wrist and lower forearm, it was accompanied by a loud slurping sound.

Amanda moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Torrents of vaginal fluids gushed out past the gaping entrance as it slowly returned to normal. Sara leaned over Amanda’s body. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed deeply and passionately.

They showered, changed the sheet on the bed and then returned to the pool. Sean didn’t have to asked what they did in the house, the looks on their faces said it all. They stayed by the pool swimming and playing with Prince and Rapture. Both Sean and Sara noticed how Rapture would occasionally nudge its nose between their mother’s thighs and the adorning look that their mother would give him.

It was nearing 6:00 and they decided to have dinner. As they ate, Sara casually asked her mother if there were any more ‘things’ in her bedroom that she wanted to talk about. Amanda was caught off guard and almost choked on her food. She thought of the Mounting Frame but wasn’t sure whether her kids should know about that.

Sean said,

“We saw Rapture trying to get your attention and just wondered.”

A smiling Sara, knowing they were backing their mother into a corner, asked

“Why did you name it Rapture?”

With a sigh of resignation, Amada explained how their father had renovated the bedroom. A Mounting Frame was added when they acquired ‘Duke’, now Rapture. When Rapture becomes excited his incredible penis becomes eight inches long by three inches thick. It is almost impossible to kneel on the floor while having sex with him so the Frame was built to .. to .. hold my body so my thrashing actions wouldn’t break the sexual contact. After the first experience with Duke, I renamed him to Rapture.

Sara and Sean just looked at their mother as she talked to them. When she finished she saw how they were looking at her and said,

“No .. No .. Put those thoughts out of your minds.”

Sean said,

“That would explain the barely inaudible sounds coming through my bedroom wall. All this time Ithought it was your television.”

Sara smiled and nodded her head,

“Come on Mom, this had been a day of openness and discovery, you have to show us what Rapture is capable of doing.”

Amanda couldn’t believe that she was being talked into this and with a sigh of resignation she stood up from the table and led Sara and Sean into the her bedroom.

1.07 Amanda and Rapture:

Amanda told Sara to put Prince in her bedroom and close the door. Rapture followed them into Amanda’s bedroom and sat beside the bed as if it was following a routine. They all undressed and Amanda pressed a button on the wall Sara and Sean watched as a portion of the wall moved to left and the Mounting Frame was lowered down onto the floor and pushed outward six feet from the opening. A mirror was then lowered filling the open space in the wall. Finally, the ceiling lights were automatically turned on. The front support rail is six inches wide and padded with openings for the hands at each end. The bottom side rails had six inch wide padded ledges to support the lower legs, with foot supports for the feet.

Sara and Sean positioned their chairs beside the Frame and sat down. Amanda, with mounting excitement walked into the Frame. She knelt down with her lower legs on the padded ledges and put her feet against the foot rests. She then reached out and grasped the hand grips on the front rail. A slight whirring sound was heard and the Frame was adjusted to her kneeling body so she was in a comfortable position. Straps curled around her wrist and ankles. She smiled, remembering how scared she was the first time she entered the Frame.

She looked at the large mirror in front of her and saw her spread thighs and swaying breasts. Sara watched the Frame positioning her mother and got up from her chair and walked around it. She saw her mother’s raised buttocks with her sex prominently being displayed between her spread cheeks. For the first time Amanda felt a twinge of embarrassment knowing that Sara and Sean were looking intently at her restrained nakedness. In the mirror, she saw Rapture’s smiling face looking back at her. The embarrassment quickly faded and was replaced with with the flush of arousal.

She looked behind her at Rapture and said softly,

“Ok Rapture .. Come to me ..”

Her heart beat faster as she watched her four legged Lover pad its way toward her. It stopped beside her and pushed its head through the side of the Frame under swaying breasts. Amanda sighed as the wonderful tongue lifted and curled itself around her right breast with an exquisite kneading action and then she gasped as the tip of its tongue slipped around the stiffening nipple with a delicious swirling action. Rapture withdrew and moved behind Amanda with its head pointing toward the junction of her spread thighs. Its long tongue flattened and formed over her labia, slipping forward and backward over the swelling folds. The tongue pressed onto the thickening clitoral hood and its tip moved onto the protruding clitoris with exquisite licks and swirls. A loud gasp was heard from Amanda as her clitoris leapt out of its protective cover into the warmness of Rapture’s suckling appendage. Rapture began quick licks up and down Amanda’s womanhood and her hips jerked rearward trying to get its tongue to return its focus to her rigid organ of joy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Rapture withdrew from Amanda’s body and she moaned with disappointment.

It walked to the front of the Frame and she smiled at her Lover, knowing what was going to happen next. It jumped up and placed its paws on the rail beside her hands. She could see an inch of thick, dark, pinkness protruding from the dog’s fur lined sheath and she stared at it longingly.

Rapture shuffled forward on its hind legs so Amanda’s mouth was just few inches from the dog’s glistening gland. Amanda’s arousal soared as she saw the thickness expand out of the sheath and the pulsing head neared her face. As the hardness expanded, Amanda opened her mouth and Rapture used her warm, moist breath to guide its erection toward the opening that it craved for. He pressed his throbbing gland between the parted lips and it slowly sunk into a cavern of delicious warmth.

As Amanda’s mouth, lips and tongue adorned the wonderful thickness, Sara and Sean heard a muffled moan from their mother.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

Her mouth closed around the dog’s thick member and began to deeply suck and suckle in it. The dog whined and hunched forward lunging its excited erection deep into Amanda’s mouth and throat. As the massive shaft filled her mouth and throat, Amanda instinctively tried to pull her head away to prevent herself from choking on it. The dog followed her frantic movements keeping its imbedded erection firmly within her stretched throat. In a few seconds, Amanda got used to the fullness and resumed her deep throating actions.

The dog’s oozing preseminal fluids began to affect her taste buds and she began to crave for more and more of Rapture’s delicious nectar. It was like an aphrodisiac and the sensations spread down to her rigid clitoris and spasming vagina. Her erect nipples tingled in the air under her swaying breasts and her clitoris jumped excitedly.

Rapture now began lunging its flexing member deep into Amanda’s stretched throat. Her tongue slipped around the tip of the dog’s throbbing hardness on its outward stroke and sucked up its drooling fluid like a straw. Her throat muscles began an inward rippling motion, pulling the wonderful thickness deeper and deeper into her suctioning mouth and throat. A low guttural moan filtered its way past the lunging organ that filled her wide open mouth.

Amanda couldn’t believe how good the dog’s drooling nectar tasted and her mouth and throat intensified its clasping, milking action in its desperate quest for the ultimate liquid essence .. the dog’s thick ejaculant. Her hips were grinding her enflamed sex in tight circles as if looking for something .. anything to penetrate it. The appreciative eyes of her two viewers were locked onto the frenzied contortions of their mother.

Amanda intensified her clenching actions on the dog’s straining hardness and its whines became growls of intense pleasure as its lunges took on a sense of urgency. Amanda felt the deep spasming of the dog’s imbedded erection and knew it was just seconds away from ejaculating. Her mouth and throat increased their sucking and milking actions. The exquisite spasms of her own orgasm were building within her enflamed vaginal passage and her thick juices were drooling from her swollen folds.

Suddenly Rapture hunched forward and froze. Amanda almost fainted as the hot, thick essence gushed and spurted into her throat. The dog’s erupting erection pulled all the way out, flooding Amanda’s mouth with its delicious, spewing nectar and then plunged back into the depths of Amanda’s loving throat. Amanda groaned when her vaginal sheath and rigid clitoris exploded with joy as her ‘hands free’ orgasm was unleashed.


Rapture pulled out of Amanda’s gasping mouth. She closed her eyes as the ecstatic aftershocks flooded her body and her mouth and tongue savored the delicious remnants of the dog’s delicious nectar.

After placing a few licks on Amanda’s face, Rapture moved behind Amanda and sat down, its sniffing nose reacquired the strong scent of her sex. Amanda felt the large head sniffing up and down her wet, swollen crease and then felt its warm, wet, rubbery tongue begin lapping at her flared labia. Slivers of pleasure rippled within her swollen folds causing them to tremble with anticipation. Waves of excitement flooded her vaginal sheath and radiated upward toward her engorged clitoris. The slippery tongue dipped between the flared folds, pushing them further apart as it explored the warm, moist crease of her sex. The tip of the wonderful tongue glided upward onto her solid organ of joy and curled around the rigid appendage with an ecstatic squeezing action, causing Amanda to squeal in joy.

“Yes .. Yes .. Yes .. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

The tongue slipped back down and began caressing the excited entrance to her vagina. Her hips thrust rearward, forward and ground in tight circles. Her body had never felt such incredible sensations. The tip of the Rapture’s tongue eagerly sipped up Amanda’s drooling, thick vaginal juices like a straw. The canine slipped its tongue back to its mouth and then slid it all the way forward through the swollen lips of her labia. Amanda howled in pleasure, her head thrashed back and forth, her engorged organ jerked wildly and her vagina clenched and spasmed. Again the tongue curled around her extended clitoris with an ecstatic twisting and turning action. Orgasmic flashes of lights filled her eyes as her second orgasm exploded across her loins.


Rapture, as if on cue, stepped back.

In about thirty seconds, Amanda’s body came down from her orgasmic high. She slumped onto the supports of the Mounting Frame gasping and panting.

Rapture moved back in.

Its tongue gently caressed and fondled her oozing labia, sipping up the remnants of her orgasmic juices. She moaned as delicious aftershocks flooded her body. Rapture sensed Amanda’s sexual rejuvenation and again curled its tongue around the rigid pink organ that stood out like a beacon at the top of labia. That wonderful tongue once again started its incredible and ecstatic journey from vaginal opening to enflamed clitoris.

Rapture now concentrated on Amanda’s excited vaginal entrance. Its tongue teased the clasping entrance with delicious swipes and caresses. Amanda squirmed and pushed her hips rearward in a desperate attempt to get the loving appendage to slip into her seething sex.

Amanda moaned and pleaded as her body vaulted up the arousal ladder.

“Ohhhh!! Please!! .. Go in .. Go in .. Oh God ..”

Rapture sensed it was time for the ‘main event’.

Amanda felt a pulsing thickness against the inside of her right thigh. She had just enough movement with head to see the front four inches of her Lover’s massive erection. Thick, pulsing nubs were protruding from the surface of the engorged shaft and its precum drooled from flexing gland. Amanda gasped at the incredible sight that she had seen so many times before and her vagina spasmed and twitched with anticipation. In the mirror, Amanda saw the full 8.0″ x 3.00″ length and width of Rapture’s erection and the excited opening to womanhood opened and closed like a hungry mouth.

“Ohhhh!! You magnificent thing ..”

Amanda felt a slight furry pressure on her back as Rapture reared up and took the classic position for mounting. Its large paws reached all the way to the support rail and rested beside Amanda’s hands. At the same time, Amanda felt the throbbing mass slipping upward along her right thigh into the flared folds of her labia. Rapture’s heavy member pressed itself into the wet crease, pushing the folds further apart. Amanda couldn’t contain herself as her body flowed from one ecstatic sensation to another. Her hips ground up and down forcing the massive head inward as it explored her clasping furrow.

“Uhh .. Uhh .. Uhh ..”

As the head of the animal’s erection teasingly explored between the thick lips of her labia, her vaginal entrance quivered in eager anticipation. Amanda felt her inner lips kiss and caress the massive gland as it nudged against them. She pushed back and felt the entrance widen and a loud hiss of ecstasy escaped her wide open mouth as the massive thickness stretched her excited vaginal opening.


“Oh Godddddddddddddddddd ..”

Four inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into her steamy passage. Amanda wanted more, she begged for more. She gurgled and drooled as Rapture’s thickness moved inward, inch by glorious inch. In a few seconds, Amanda felt the gates to her womb flare open to receive her long, thick Lover.


“Oh sweet Jesus .. I love it ..”

Sara looked wide eyed as the granite pillar burrowed into her mother’s sex as her fingers were busy calming her own excited sex. Sean’s eyes were also glued to his mother as his glistening manhood throbbed in the air.

Amanda felt the dog slowly slide its long, member outward and then slip it all the way inward. Then it withdrew part way, flex, wiggle and then lunge deeply back into the depths of her vagina. Her hips thrust rearward and ground in tight ecstatic circle. Rapture pulled back and Amanda’s clenching vagina franticly fought its withdrawal. It plunged back in and Amanda’s rearward thrust matched it. The rhythm was set, canine and female worked in unison to bring each other toward their respective climatic orgasms.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

The trained canine adjusted its position behind Amanda’s wide spread thighs. The angle of its penetration changed and the head now pressed against the upper lining of her vagina. It started a back and forth dragging motion until … something electric surged throughout her body. An intense wave of raw joy exploded throughout her vagina into excited clitoris and up to her rigid nipples.

Amanda raised her head up and wailed in ecstasy.


Prince had searched for and found Amanda’s enhanced ecstatic ‘G’ spot. It flexed again and again and Amanda squealed with joy. Rapture now plunged all the way into Amanda and then came back out. Once again it teased her magic spot. It was incredible. Amanda’s mind was overloaded with waves of pure ecstasy. The dog now started a methodical rhythm to its massive thrusts. Sometimes sliding all the way in, filling Amanda completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her sweet spot again.

“Ohhhhh .. Goddddd ..”

Amanda gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. She lewdly thrust back and ground hips in ecstatic circles. Her vaginal muscles desperately clenched around the pulsing nubs of the dog’s massive thickness in a desperate attempt not to break the ecstatic connection. Her hips were a blur as she matched her Lover, thrust for thrust.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ..”

Amanda saw nothing except white spots flash before her eyes. With every outward pull, her thick vaginal juices spewed past her swollen labia folds and down her bent thighs. Suddenly she felt the most incredible sensation she had ever felt. A hot bloating fullness was filling her vagina and cervix. She cried out in joy as Rapture started ejaculating deep inside her enraged passage. Its stroking erection never missed a beat. Strong waves of orgasmic explosions raced from her toes to her stunned mind. Her vaginal muscles clamped and clenched all along the length of Raptures erupting hardness unleashing Amanda’s body wide orgasm.


Amanda lost consciousness, the restraints prevented her from slumping down and losing sexual contact with the dog. Her hips continued to grind around Rapture’s lunging erection. In a few seconds, Amanda recovered. The dog was still spewing its thick essence and Amanda was propelled into a series of intense aftershocks.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

She lifted up and rested her head on the padded rail moaning and gasping. Slowly the dog withdrew its deflating member. It slid out with a delicious slurping sound and Amanda moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body. She closed her eyes and savored the ecstatic aftershocks that raced throughout her still spasming vagina. Suddenly, Amanda felt that wonderful tongue lapping her thighs and sex. Her Lover was cleaning her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

She looked at Sara and Sean. Sara’s labia and thighs were coated with her juices and Sean’s thighs and softening penis glistened with his pools of semen.

Rapture finally backed away, then walked in front of Amanda and kissed her face. It then padded back beside the bed and laid down on the floor. Amanda pressed a button on the right hand grip and the restraints were removed from her wrists and ankles. Sara and Sean helped their mother out from the Frame and all walked to the large walk-in shower.

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Cock Worshipper – Part 2

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Cock Worshipper – Part 2

The continuation of my story…

So I was 16 when I got a job at a hotel, of which I won’t give the name, but I’ll just say that now it is a Holiday Inn, but was a different hotel when I worked there. I worked in the formal restaurant as a busboy and also a room service waiter, mostly on weekends, holidays and all the time during summer vacation.

There was a cook there who was Latino, in his 40’s, married with like four kids. He was such a perv and I loved it, the way he always was hitting on all the waitresses and girls working there. This was back in 1989, so sexual harassment wasn’t as big as it is now and neither were the laws so strict about minors working. I thought I should throw that part in because I will go on to talk about the double shifts I was working.

So Rafael, the perv Latino cook was working one Sunday. It was just after the breakfast rush and the waitresses had gone home and he was the only one working in the kitchen. I was working on the other side rolling silverware into napkins and kept checking him out. He was boiling hot dogs at the time, literally. He knew I flirted with him and so on that particular afternoon he got my attention there and waved a half-cooked hot dog in front of his crotch and said “you like it?” I was pretty surprised at first, but grinned and nodded. So, he got me to follow him into the dry storage room in the back and had me get on my knees so he could face fuck me. I remember he smelled like a kitchen and he was so nasty the way he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth hard with his dark, uncut prick, until he pushed his cock into my throat and pumped some acidy seed down it. After that, we resumed our work, but Ankara bayan escort he first said that if I ever told anyone, he’d kill me. Ummm, okay…

But that wasn’t the only encounter with Rafael, as he got me into the other building (the hotel was 2 buildings with a connector between them on the 3rd floor) a few times and took me to the catering kitchen when it was closed so I could suck his dick and one time he even fucked me and came up my ass. I went back to work with my ass feeling slimy and nasty, but somehow it managed to turn me on just the same. He also got me into an empty conference room once for some head. Yes, he was pretty active with it. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop too well, after I protected my good friend Becky who I went to school with and got a job there. Rafael wouldn’t stop harassing her and it got me mad and I told him to leave her alone. He was pretty lame when he decided to hold a butter knife to my throat and said that “Rebecca” (as he’d say rolling his “r”’s) was his and to back off. So, the sex stopped with us and he got a slap on the hand by the manager for harassing Becky. Whatever, it was fun while it lasted.

I also was propositioned by a man somewhere in his 50’s, a travelling businessman who I delivered a tray of food to one night. He offered me fifty bucks to come back after my shift. So, I did. At the time I didn’t even feel bad when I went outside to tell my dad who was waiting to give me a ride home, that I had to work another half hour or so. Then I went to the man’s room (don’t remember his name). He answered the door with a bit of a buzz on and in white shirt and his briefs. He got me to make out with him and I remember tasting the booze when he did. Escort bayan Ankara He then got me onto the bed and climbed on top of me to fuck my mouth, which lasted about 2 minutes and then he popped his wad all over my face. So, at least dad didn’t have to wait too long until I came back out to go home!

I also had to work some double-shifts there, where I’d bus tables in the evening which would end at around 2am and then have to get up and go to work the breakfast rush, starting at 7am. So, the hotel would “comp” me a room for the night. So, I knew of a gay local phone line for guys to meet from the newspaper and so I called it. I talked to a few men, but one night in my room there, I got a man to come to the hotel for some fun. His name was Evan and he worked at a liquor store on Castro and Market, which is still there, but maybe under a different name now, next to the gas station on the hilly side of Castro. We got naked and sucked each other’s cocks, and then I let him fuck me. He was very slow and gentle going in, but then as he got more heated he started pumping and jamming it into me. I was loving it and didn’t want it to stop. He fucked me for a good amount of time and then finally he pulled out and blew his load all over my stomach and chest. It was so hot. I was hoping to see him again but we didn’t stay in contact. Looking back, he knew I was 16 and wanted to play it safe. I don’t blame him!

Also when I was 16, I switched schools, it was my sophomore year. It was due to being harassed by other boys at school and I was having a hard time academically, so it seemed like a good idea (but I ended up going back to my old school for Jr. and Senior year, which wasn’t too bad).

At Bayan escort Ankara the new school, I met a guy named Steve, who was my age. He was pale skinned, tall, skinny, had pimples and dark black hair. He was also a total freak for being 16 and would fuck anything with a pulse. He would stay over at our house some weekends and liked to jack off as we’d talk about him having oral and anal sex with my mom, who he had the hots for. I’d encourage him all the way, as his way of thinking was such a turn-on.

Then finally one weekend his mom was away so we had a “party” at the apartment they lived in. It was fun, we all drank beer and Jack Daniels that the girls there got some older guys to buy. Well, by the end of the night, I was the only one left. Steve was drunk and wanted to take a bath, so he went into the bathroom. After he was in the tub, he called me in there and asked me to put my mouth on his dick while he was in the tub. So, I had no problem with that and got onto my knees and leaned over the tub. But I was stunned when he decided to piss in my mouth! I meant to pull my head back but he held it in place and so I obliged, it wasn’t so bad after all. He then grew semi hard and had me suck his cock for quite a while, but he was a bit too hammered to cum.

He did let me suck his cock a few more times when he’d stay over our house some weekends and he’d fantasize and talk about screwing my mom and about how big her tits were and how he’d love to fuck between them. It was hot. I was sad when he moved to live with his dad in Springfield, Missouri in the summer after that year. I still wonder how he’s doing. A mutual friend said he’d moved back when we were in our 20’s but I didn’t pursue contacting him.

So, those were my adventures at the age of 16, but there’s plenty more where that came from, we’ve only started to get into my story! Hope you’re enjoying it.

Take care.

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