My Straight Jock Slave

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Big Tits

There are some moments when a man must ponder his life. I’m certainly lucky, and I feel my luck daily- somehow, karmically, I think to maintain this great lucky streak I need to constantly remind myself how exactly I got here.

I’m speaking specifically about my relationship with my boyfriend, Trent. We are certainly a couple of contrasts. I’m a bit smaller, a bit more petite, a little more iberian in my skin and hair tone- he’s a giant, small-town football player all-American type. Blonde hair and blue eyes and shy grin. I’ve known him since high school, and he’s certainly one of the most loyal and devoted partners anyone could ask for. I see in the eyes of my friends, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, that they desire him, or at least appreciate his image. My domestic, masculine, beautiful, deferrant and respectful, socially adept and just slightly sassy partner in life. What most of them don’t know is that I actually crafted this image. Like an artist with a wet lump of clay, every appealing aspect of this man was lovingly hand-crafted by me through a process of dedication and skill, and a bit of luck.

I met him when we were young, both just 18, and about to graduate school and attend a local community college. He was straight, back then. He still is straight, at least he says, when I bother to ask him how he feels about things. A defensive end on the football team, member of a regional championship winning group of boys. He’d probably never noticed me before, I was just a young slender effete boy who existed at the very edge of his social sphere. I knew some girls who had slept with him, who swore by his tender, masculine affections. They claimed he had a giant cock, and strong, rough hands, which could bring any girl to her knees in seconds. They were charmed by his simple, well-meaning personality, which concealed a sort of animal intelligence that could only be perceived through his strategic decisions on the field and in a few of his classes. The boy was simply not manipulative, and didn’t worry too much about the ulterior motives of others. The world had been kind to him. I would be kind to him, too, but first he would have to earn my kindness.

I made my move at a graduation party at a mutual friends’ parents’ house. He’d had a few beers, I’d had a few beers. Experimentation at this age is common. We made out in my shitty old 90s stick shift car. I was bursting from my pants and, when I reached over to his crotch, found he was still quite limp.

“Sorry,” he said at the time. “I guess I’m not all that into this. You’re really nice though, thanks for trying this out with me.”

I laughed, and said “no big deal, it happens. Hey, before you go- do you think you could help me with this? I know you’re not into it but it would be really hot for me if you’d just suck my cock for a second.”

He contemplated for a second and then shrugged. “Sure!”

I unzipped my dick, which was not all that big or impressive, and gently pulled his face down onto it. He tentatively licked it while I jerked off, and came quickly onto his face.

“Whoops. Let’s get that off of you.”

I gingerly cleaned his face with the paper towels and sent him on his way.

By sheer happenstance, we ended up at the same school. He pursued engineering while I pursued business. Despite the awkwardness of our initial encounter, we still managed to get along, and became friends after a few weeks at school. One evening, after a few beers back at my place, we talked about our last hook-up.

“Yeah I don’t know,” he said, “I’m pretty sure I’m straight. Like, I can appreciate that you’re a good almanbahis looking person in a general sense, but I don’t think I’m attracted to men in a sexual way. Like, giving you that blowjob-“

He broke off his statement and I laughed.

“You call that a blowjob? You just licked my cock a little bit. You’re lucky I was so turned on having you to myself or I probably wouldn’t even have cum.”

He looked down, turning red.

“Well, I didn’t get turned on with the blowjob per se, but after I went home the thought of sucking your dick just because you wanted me to, I felt so dirty that I got really hard and jerked off like three times. I think I might just like doing stuff that I don’t like to do, if that makes sense.”

I had sensed this in him all along, and it’s why I put so much effort into our friendship to begin with. I knew this was my chance.

“Oh, it makes sense. You’re a submissive. Doesn’t make you gay or straight or anything, you just know that you’re supposed to be used by others, and you know a man could use you best. Here, let’s try something. Kneel down.”

The color which had previously darkened his pale, scandinavian complexion drained away, but he did as he was told. A true sub. I was almost giddy, but restrained my emotions and said.

“Just lick my shoe. That’s all.”

He leaned forward and started licking my black leather oxford, which was relatively clean.

“You like this?”

He grunted an affirmative, and I pulled my shoe away.

“OK, so you’re probably turned on right now. Why don’t you jerk off for me, I think you’re going to like it.”

As if in a trance, clearly deep in whatever part of his mind led him to be such an easily molded toy by me, he unstrapped his thick leather belt and pulled down his blue jeans. His cock was about seven inches, cut, with a petal-pink head proudly standing forward. He was rock hard and already glistening with precum. I took my shoe off.

“OK. Sit back on your heels, I’m going to put my foot on your face. You can jack off and cum. Just see it as me returning the favor.”

I watched him jerk it, waiting for a precise moment. He didn’t lick my feet, just held them on his face. He was starting to kiss them, and the precum was flowing freely, when I could tell he was in the final stages of his masturbation and getting ready to blow his load.

“Hold on. I want you to suck my cock. Can you kind of take it in and suck it this time?”

He was too turned on to say no. I started gently but progressed to fucking his face while he jerked off- thankfully I was too turned on to last very long, and I came in his mouth. He held my cum in his mouth for a little while, cutely wondering what to do with it. I laughed, and said “go ahead and swallow it.” As he did, he came a massive load onto the floor.

“Let’s get that cleaned up,” I said, and fetched some paper towels from my kitchen.

This progressed over the years, eventually to an outside eye it would appear that we were dating. Few knew that my naturally sadistic and manipulative nature were the key to this straight boy’s heart. I kept things sweet for the first few months, letting him think that his acts of submission, licking my feet and sucking my cock, were favors I was doing for him, rooted in my unique understanding of his submissive nature. I helped him progress to deep throating and toe sucking by every once in a while diminishing his opinion of his skills, letting him know that he was not measuring up. Whenever he expanded his repertoire, he came especially hard. I also encouraged him to start lifting more and eating more healthy, lean protein- almanbahis giriş increasing his muscularity bit by bit thanks in part to his dedication and in part to the massive testosterone clearly latent in his early-twenties frame. I was more into cardio.

During these initial stages, while at parties or school events, girls would still come up to him. I’d see him get excited and start chatting with them, maybe hoping one of these connections would blossom into a relationship. Without his knowledge, I would chat with these girls, and let them know he was mine. Then I’d beat his ass with a stick or a whip, and tell him all about these girls’ reactions when they learned what a little cocksucker bottom bitch he was. Soon whenever a girl came to chat with him, he cast a deferential glance in my direction. Sometimes I’d allow him to talk to them, other times I’d shake my head. Just depended on my mood.

Throughout all of this I knew that he still jerked off to straight porn while alone at his dorm, mostly femdom but occasionally just vanilla straight stuff. My little kinkster was blossoming as a sub, but would need continued guidance. I knew this because we’d incorporated confessions into our humiliating rituals.

Over the years I simply escalated this process. We got an apartment together after college, as “roommates-” I leveraged this position predictably. It never felt quite right that my sub had a significantly bigger cock than me, so I introduced chastity play. Chastity devices are tough, and probably shouldn’t be worn for very long, but a few modifications made his chastity a bit more permanent. We started with a smooth chain around his hips which kept the cage close to his body, and in a particularly horned-up state even got him some a prince albert piercing and a gauche piercing which could be incorporated into a more complete and integrated chastity model, now fastened to his very body. This adjustment, plus a porn-blocker on our home wifi, put an end to his straight porn habits, and his habits of cumming regularly at all.

By this time we’d escalated his boundaries for humiliation significantly- I’d sat on that beautiful face more times than I could count, and he kept his blonde whiskers shaved throughout the week so I would have a smooth seat. He continued his muscle-gaining, and managed to get an engineering job which would allow him to work from home- so we removed most of his clothes from his wardrobe, as he only needed them when headed out on social visits or shopping. Of course I still let my submissive have his gratification- he was perfectly allowed to jerk off once a week, on Sunday afternoons. After taking care of my needs he would politely ask me to remove his chastity device, which I’d often oblige. His procedure was then to fetch one of my shoes and sniff it while he jerked off at my feet. The idea was to develop a pavlovian response to the smell of my sweat, which seemed to work after a while- this was confirmed a few times while he was caged, when I’d have him lick and suck my toes, he’d strain against the metal boundaries and dribble his precum particularly hard.

With rigorous training and psychological manipulation, we eventually toned down his chances to orgasm by jerking off. He’s generally allowed to cum from anal, as long as he asks first, and it’s become the primary way my sub gets his gratification. Last year, he came from jerking off once or twice. I still care though, at one point I even let him jerk off to a picture of a naked woman. I know he could barely see it around my shoe covering his nose and mouth, but he really seemed to enjoy it. That orgasm was for almanbahis yeni giriş completing his domestic training, and proving his worth serving a dinner party for my friends. No one knew he was my slave, but all were struck by his delicious cooking, immaculate service, and princely hosting skills.

We also got to work on his nipples- he has learned to respond to suction and pinching play, and recently got them pierced. We’re going to ratchet up the gauge of those piercings until he has some nice thick slave rings.

As I ponder my history with this man, I look down at him. He’s on his back with his head resting on the couch, hands crossed behind his lower back, the rest of his body on full display in front of me. I’m sitting on his face, and his long dextrous tongue is deep in my asshole, like it is almost every night nowadays. The TV in front of me plays some erotic film, and I’m jerking off. His pierced slave nips are currently getting sucked into some nipple suction devices, and his cock is straining against his cage, as usual, likely responding to the smell of my sweat and musk. The cage is significantly smaller than the one we started with a few years ago. So much meat crammed into such a little container. The thought of how far I’ve taken this straight man, how far I plan to go with him, excites me too much and I cum onto his perfectly muscular, marble-white chest. Some of my load even made it onto his abs.

“Let’s get this cleaned up,” I say as I rise off of his face. I reach over to one of my used socks from the day and wipe my cum off of his chest, wipe his saliva from between my asscheeks and off of his face. He knows what to do and opens his mouth wide, I shove the sock into his mouth.

“Thnk you mrftr,” he says humbly.

“Of course, sweety. Hey, how long has it been since you’ve cum?”

He thinks. “Jft a frw dayve mftr”

Thankfully, I speak sock-ese. “You want to show me how you cum?”

His eyes light up, “Yf Pleve mftr!”

“OK, go get Jumbo and show me how you cum.”

I admire his perky bubble butt, earned by years of squatting and hip thrusting heavy weight, as he skampers to our closet and pulls out our massive, eleven inch long, three inch diameter suction cup dildo. He hands it to me and I stick it to the floor in front of my chair. I squirt some lube on the dong. He turns around and bends over, allowing me to pull the large butt plug out of his ass.

“You’re straight, right?”

This is a little part of our ritual. It solidifies his humiliation and reminds him of his deep submission and cravings for complete domination.

He looks down. “Yef fir”

“Just checking. Go!”

With sock in mouth, dick in cage, and pierced nips in suction cups, my slave assumes his cumming position. He can cum from my dick, but this is how I like to watch him do it sometimes. He puts his hands on his head and squats over Jumbo, easing his now not-so-tight hold onto it, and begins to bounce. After a few minutes he’s got a steady stream of precum dripping out of his locked up, straining nub.

“Go ahead and change positions, I want to see my boy cum.”

His hands go behind him and support him in leaning back on the dick, now directly ramming it into his prostate. I can tell from his grunts that he’s enjoying himself and getting ready to blow his slave load.

“Before you cum- you’re straight, right?”

“Yef fir! Yef fir! Yef fir!”

“OK. Do you love me?”

“Yef fir! Yef fir! Yef fir!”

“Good boy. I love you too. You can cum.”

He sits down hard on the dong and his whole body shakes, a steady stream of thick white cum dribbles out of the hole in his chastity device and onto the floor.

“Mmmmmm fank you fir, agh luf you fir!”

“Let’s get this cleaned up.”

He took the sock out of his mouth, placed his face on the ground, and started licking.

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Hypnotic Erosion Ch. 02

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Doctor Reed loved home visits. Not only these cases were usually the most interesting ones, but the paycheck was amazing. At the doors, he was greeted by two brothers. The older one was more of a free spirit. He had tattoos on his neck and arm, was wearing a sleeveless shirt, had intense, spikey hair and earrings. The other brother was his opposite. He looked like he ran over here straight from a business meeting. His shirt and tie were out of the most expensive shop in town.

“Thank you for coming,” the free spirited guy said, allowing Phillip in.

“No, no. Thank you, Mr. Wyatt.” A man and Doctor Reed exchanged a handshake.

“Please, come on in to the living room.”

The brothers were clearly anxious about something, which falsified their usual, everyday confidence. Phillip read them both as men of success. He had a difficulty coming up with a theory on what kind of help they could be expecting.

“So, what is it that I can help you with?” Doctor Reed smiled in an encouraging way.

“Well… I don’t even know where to start…” the guy with tattoos started clumsily. Phillip tried to remember what name did he introduce himself with… Jesse, was it? “We want to ask you an unusual favor…”

“Mr. Wyatt, allow me to jump into your word and make this conversation much swifter,” Phillip said. “I think both of you chose me for my mastery of hypnosis, but also because you know that I’m eager to apply it in a rather unconventional, not necessarily legal or morally acceptable way. And you’re right, that’s exactly what I do. So please, be open about your needs, speak without shame; I helped a lot of patients already. Don’t hesitate to be straightforward about what you need done.”

“Okay, thank you for that, Doc. The thing is, we have a younger step-brother that we’re both… well… we’re both sexually attracted to…” First he hesitated, then paused, like expecting a judgement there.

Phillip didn’t even flinch, but this introduction made him sure that this would be an incredibly boring case. Two brothers attracted to the younger one, boohoo, “please, hypnotize that desire away…”

“Continue,” Doctor Reed decided to finally say something, as Jesse just wouldn’t continue without it, expecting some form of lynch.

“Okay, so… we would like to know, if there would be some possibility… for you to do something… so that…”

“We want to ask, if you could hypnotize our younger brother, so that he doesn’t remember getting railed by us,” the other brother joined in, out of the sudden, making the swift question Phillip was hoping for from the start.

Doctor Reed openly smiled. In relation to that, terror showed on Jesse’s face.

“You, Misters, just became my favorite clients,” Phillip said, while changing his position in a chair to a more comfortable one. “How young is your brother?”

“He will be nineteen this Friday.”

“Perfect. I have an open schedule in Monday. But I would like to make a small adjustment to your original plan. It appears you want to satisfy your desires during his trance, yes?”

“If that’s possible,” Jesse replied.

“It is, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This is a very primitive way of reaching your goal. I personally would suggest one that’s much more elegant and that could be repeated by you, whenever you like it. I could create a loop in your brother’s mind, a trigger of trance that you could turn on and off, at your will. His memories created after you trigger his trance would be completely wiped, giving you an opportunity to play out all of your fantasies.”

“That almanbahis sounds like a lot more permanent solution,” Jesse admitted, clearly interested.

“We would be interested,” the other brother assured. Phillip remembered that his name was Jacob.

“I have a question, though,” Jesse regained voice. “I don’t mean to sound like a psycho… but will this trance still work if he gets… well, let’s say, beaten a little bit?”

“Mr. Wyatt, you don’t have to worry about sounding like a psycho. I believe we three are very much alike. My apartment is full of slave boys that I’m quite violent with, when necessary. And to answer your question, no amount of violence can break through this trance.”

“It’s important to us, because despite our shameful desires, we still do love our brother,” Jacob said. “That’s why he can’t remember anything from that encounter.”

“He won’t, you can be sure of that. But there are some things to consider. If you leave love marks or bruises on his body, he will be confused as to how he got them. If this repeats, he might even go to a doctor, who will warn him that they’re of external origin. So I would personally advise to focus the most intense tortures on his butt, nipples or feet, body parts somewhat conventional for BDSM, that can take that additional damage without becoming too visible. Another thing: if you plan longer sessions, it should be happening in the night time, when he would be normally sleeping. It’s important, because when his memory will be wiped, he will consider this as sleeping time. If he will have 8 hours of night sleep and then 4 hours of fake sleep during the day, he will become depressed and confused. If you love your brother, it’s probably something you should avoid.”

“Will he be… conscious after triggering that trance by us?” Jesse asked, shyly.

“Well, that depends. Do you want him to be conscious? It’s all about your preference, really. He won’t remember any of it anyway.”

The brothers exchanged a stare.

“We want him to be scared and surprised every time we’re doing this to him,” Jesse revealed, again with deep shame. “So that he begs for mercy and tries to run away…”

“Then that’s exactly how we will arrange this. Do you have any additional questions or requests?”

“We probably do, but none that we could recall at the moment.”

“Well, you know my phone number. So, bring your brother to me on Monday. Use whatever excuse you want, it won’t matter. The moment he’s in my office, we will overpower him and handcuff to a chair. Then you will be free to witness the spectacle of your brother’s mind being dominated.”


On Monday, Phillip came to work late. He was so comfortable lying in bed, cuddled in warmth of his three sexy twinks, that he just couldn’t bring himself to wake up. But the day was busy.

“Doctor Reed, your patient is already waiting inside,” Peter the receptionist said, the moment Phillip has entered. “It would be wise to hurry up. I’ve heard weird noises coming from the inside.”

“No worry, it’s all expected.”

Inside of his office, Jesse and Jacob took seats on the couch, while their brother was handcuffed to a chair. His mouth was duct-taped and his eyes were full of fear and confusion.

“Welcome. Sorry for being late, the streets are jammed.” Phillip exchanged handshake with the brothers and then focused on the boy. “I see you took good care of your brother. What’s his name?”

“Henry,” Jesse answered, looking away through the window.

“So, Henry,” Phillip sat almanbahis giriş in his chair, located directly in front of the boy. “No worries, nothing bad is going to happen. I’m going to remove that real quick…” He pulled the duct tape off of boy’s mouth, trying his best to reduce the pain coming from this.

“Let me go!” the boy screamed. “What the fuck are you all doing to me?!”

“Your brothers asked me to hypnotize you, so that they can place you in trance at will and rape you, facing no consequences after, as you won’t remember any of that. We’re going to make that happen today.”

“Wh-… What?” boy whispered, scared. “Jesse, please, let me out of here! Jacob! Please, I’m scared, I don’t want to be here…!”

“Shhh, boy.” Phillip gently patted his head. “It’s too late. There’s no escape anymore. Your mind will be conquered.”

Phillip didn’t really care about calming the boy, it was useless to him. But he enjoyed seeing boy’s sheer terror and it felt good to point out how fucked he was. Phillip learned how delicious relationship between a victim and a predator could be long time ago. There was just that amazing intimacy, contrast of power, that made Doctor Reed hard immediately.

There was no shining coins or swinging pocket clocks; Phillip used technology. A set of huge and expensive headphones that brought full silence to whoever wore them and equally advanced pair of VR goggles. Boy’s senses were completely shut out from reality.

“Take off his shoes, socks, pants and underwear,” Doctor Reed instructed the brothers. He wished they weren’t here, so that he could do it himself, but some clients were very jealous of their victims’ bodies, so he remained fully respectful. “Forgive me bossing you around, but I believe you want to do these things yourselves. Jacob, behind those doors, you will find medieval like stocks. Bring them here and place your brother’s feet in. Jesse, you lube his asshole and push in this vibrating plug. In the right moments of programming, you will have to deliver the right stimuli. We will enforce relax, calmness and obedience to trance with sexual pleasure, while punishing the feelings of rebellion and disobedience with tickles.”

Henry was protesting a lot when his brothers started touching him inappropriately, but there was no way a handcuffed, tied boy could defend himself. Soon, the brothers managed to fulfill Doctor Reed’s orders.

The VR goggles closed Henry’s vision in an endless spiral. The headphones filled his ears with white noise and genderless voice giving statements and commands. Phillip could hear on his earphone, what was currently being said on the recording.

“Right now, the recording is on phase 0,” Doctor Reed explained. “It will go in a loop to break through his sense of time flow and to push him into a trance. It’s similar to sleep, but conscious one. We will know that he surrender, once he obeys to the recording and repeats the words he’s told. In some time, he won’t remember why he’s here.”

They’ve waited. Jesse was watching Henry’s long feet stuck in the stocks. Phillip fully understood his desire to torment those. Doctor Reed was a fan of feathers, but unfortunately only two of his slave boys were ticklish.

Finally, after forty minutes, Henry started mumbling:

“I am safe… I am calm… I am relaxed… I don’t have to think… I trust my master to guide me…”

“Okay,” Phillip said and clicked something on his computer. “Now, he will undergo the first phase. His mind became more flexible, but he’s still capable of fighting almanbahis yeni giriş the trance. We will take that away from him with negative stimulation. Please, both of you, get ready,” he addressed the brothers. “Take the hairbrushes. On my signal, you will take care of his feet. Be merciless. He will be wiggling a lot, so get ready to immobilize his foot. You can grab it by the toes and rub the hairbrush on his soles, that should drive him crazy.”

Henry’s laughs and moans of protests soon filled the silence. The brothers obviously had lots of fun with this, too. It certainly encouraged them, that boy quickly got a boner from the tickles alone, that now was throbbing, unattended.

The only thing their little brother could hear in that moment, was the programming: “… this is what thoughts are. This is what freedom is. Irritation. Struggle. Pain. The only way to escape, is to silence your mind. To find the calmness. To accept the blissful void. To give up control. If you want to escape, just repeat after me: ‘I want to escape. I want to feel nothing. I want to be calm’.”

When boy repeated that through his agony, the tickling stopped.

“Now, onto the second phase. Here, we will ensure his emotions and programming by positive stimulation, but will also make him get used to random and uncontrollable stimulation occurring without a warning. This will make him less sensitive to whatever is happening to his body in a trance, meaning that you will be able to play without limits.” In this phase, the brothers had even more fun. Phillip encouraged them to play with the pilot controlling the vibrating plug inside of the boy’s asshole. Jacob was gentle, he used mediocre power to stimulate his brother and clearly cared about providing him with pleasure. Jesse was much more cruel; he enhanced the power to the highest level just to see his brother moan in pleasure mixing with pain. Then he immediately stopped, when Henry clearly started getting into it.

“The third and last phase will be rather short. I will create a switch in his mind that you will be able to turn on and off, to push him into the trance. The trigger will be simple. I will surprise him by taking one headphone off and I will whisper something straight into his ear, with a breathy voice. The message itself will be irrelevant. It’s that breathy, manly voice surprising him from behind and touching his ear with warm air will be what matters. Then, after you will be done, to trigger waking up, you will slap him in the cheek three times. After few minutes, he will regain consciousness, convinced he just took a nap.”

Doctor Reed did as he said he would, but didn’t end the trance yet. The brothers hid the stocks and plugs, quickly put their brother’s clothes onto him and Phillip had to share their next step before saying goodbye:

“Don’t try to switch the trans on yet. Let’s meet in your house, where we will make a practical exam. You will have to have sex with him then, so we can see whether the programming was fully successful.”

“You want to watch us fuck him?” Jesse asked, clearly not liking this idea.

“If that will make you more comfortable, I can bring my own sex slave with me. We will have a little sex party, during which I will be able to aid you if something goes sour. What do you say?”

The brothers looked at each other and nodded without enthusiasm. Phillip was glad. He was confident enough in his skill that he didn’t really need to aid them, but Henry was a cute guy and he would love to see him getting used by his brothers.

Soon after the session ended, Henry snapped out of the trance inside of his brothers’ car, not entirely sure what was happening to him in the last two hours. He felt a weird sense of unease and he wasn’t going to find out, how accurate it was.

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Crossing the Line with Sam Ch. 01

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Sam caught cheating with his step brother’s friend and Sam needs to explain everything happened, in detail! Chapter 1:4 Just a Kiss

Siting naked on his lap, I kissed him, grinding my cushy round ass against his erected dick. He slanted down on the couch and I gently twitched my rump, keeping his tender cock pulsating inside me. I jerked my hips forward and backward, letting his cock slide thru my wet bum slit. I kept looking at his eyes, holding my hand over his forearm, which he kept around my waist. His cock felt incredibly filled, down inside me. Its veins rubbed inside my ass, tweaking my prostrate. I licked my dry lips with my wet tongue, bent down and kissed his thick lips. I bounced on his lap letting his hard rod plunge deeper inside me. I moaned loud as his hips moved faster, pressing his cock inside me, hard and deep.

Later that night in our dinner table Geo sat opposite to me, rolling his eyes over me. He certainly looked frustrated and furious. I gets nervous when I see him like this. After dinner Daddy and Annie left to their room I sat in front of him bowing my head like a culprit, caught in act. I was extremely nervous to look at his face. Twining my fingers, I sat silent. He was nervous too. He stuttered to start the talk after long silence. I peeked in between with guilty eyes to see his face. I squeezed my lips in anxiety.

“How can you do this Sam?” Geo opened up.

“In our house, in our couch?” His anger bursts.

“Why would you do that? Geo stressed.

I bowed my head in shame.

“I’m sorry, Geo, please,” I said wailing softly without looking at him.

Geo frantically taped his leg on the table. The glassed over the table rattled loud.

“How can you be so, SO stupid?” Geo screamed.

“Did he force for this?” Geo queried again.

I didn’t say anything.

“Okay! at least tell me, did he hurt you?” he supplicated for my reply.

I just couldn’t say anything back. I just looked down feebly. Geo masked his lips, disappointed in my silence.

“Why are you not saying anything? he asked me staring right in to my eyes as I looked up.

“Answer me!” he screamed gently.

Geo disappointed in my repeated silence. He scratched his head in disbelief.

“That puny little rat…!” Geo screamed.

“Listen Sam, I get it. You can talk to me,” he tried to sound calmer.

Geo tried to be softer, I found some sanity in his tone.

“At least, tell me that was the first time, right?” he asked curiously, keeping his angry face.

“First time?” I gently whispered looking down.

I can’t tell him a lie. The best I can do is keep my mouth shut. I tried to look back at him.

“Not the first time… not the first time,” I replied softly tapping my legs nervously on the floor breathing nervously.

“Of course NOT,” he shouted looking furious once again.

“Tell me when it all started, from the beginning,” after a few seconds tense moments he demanded.

I tried to regain some courage. I was nervous as I tried to cover my mouth with my trembling fingers. I looked at him and saw him anxiously waiting for me to say something.

“COME ON SAM!” he shouted losing his patience over my embarrassed silence.

“Why? Tell me,” he repeated stamping his hand on the table.

“I can explain,” I pursed my lips nervously and gradually replied after long pause.

“Explain, everything from beginning, I want to hear every detail” he demanded.

“Explain, why you and were humping naked, on our couch,” he said.

“Explain, why ma dear Sam keeping dirty secrets from me, “he continued taunting me with his questions.

“Geo, please forgive me…,” I stuttered gently as I tried to speak, looking at his fearsome eyes.

“It all happened accidently,” I tried to explain.

“It was… not his fault,” I said nervously.

“Remember that day,” I began my cuckold story from where it all began.

Almost three months back on a rainy Saturday Geo brought his old classmate home. His name was Johnson aka Jonny. He was in football team with Geo. He looked pretty similar to Geo in physique and built. He wore a black polo t shirt and khaki trousers that day. He had leaner eyes profound nose and much thicker lips than Geo similar to me. He had a little beard under his lower lip, which I found strangely attractive.

We all had a decent time that day. We secretly took daddy’s wine bottle and had it with pizza we ordered. Under the influence of the kinky wine we talked a lot of things. Actually, they talked about a lot of things and I just listened then enthusiastically. By my understanding, Jonny moved to a better college with more support for extracurricular activities.

Jonny was bold and actually asked a lot of things to me like he knew me personally. They both were nineteen, but he seemed much more thoughtful or can say shrewder than Geo. He asked me about my latest activities and hobbies. He asked me whether I had any girlfriend. He also asked me whether I had someone in my mind. He seemed to give me more significance than any other boys gave me except Geo. I find it really comfortable answering him, even if those were personal queries.

Maybe it was the almanbahis wine but, I sensed some kind of flirtatious tone during his talks. I ignored them quite blindly. My brother was not sharp enough get those. I thought, maybe I don’t talk to the boys much openly in my college and suddenly, this guy’s questions making me wary. It was hard for me to believe that he does not had a girlfriend yet, in his new college. I and Geo both mocked him when he said so. After the time well spent, we parted pleasingly, till the next time.

At that night, under the warm bed light in our room, Geo fucked me passionately pressing his curvy piston back and forth inside my buttery ass. Geo took his favored position, poising his sturdy crotch between my thighs. Holding on to my waist, Geo trusted his cock in my ass, gently quaking my hips. I licked my lips and received his cock blissfully inside me. That night, I felt something strange and unusual. It was not Geo, when I close my eyes, whose face flashed in front of me. It was rather bizarre, as it never happened to me before. In fact, I never had to close my eyes in front of Geo.

I moaned unusually loud, holding my hands on to his elbow. My cock was stone hard and leaked juice abnormally. As my tiny melons waved in motion, I turned my head on the bed and closed my eyes. Feeling all the warmth inside me, turning me horny as ever, I enjoyed his rocking, just like every Saturday night. I revved my ass on to his cock, made Geo cum as fast as possible. It was not him fucking me tonight, I mesmerized. I use to take it slow, but today I was in some other mood. I grabbed my erection with my hand and started stroking it. Within a few jerks, I came moaning high on to my belly. My warm cum dripped over my fleshy tummy and oozed down through the side.

“You were so intense,” Geo probed curiously after we cleaned up ourselves and sat on the bed.

“I was,” I replied pulling my camisole on to my arms looking at his curious face.

“Yea, oddly loud too.” he reviewed.

“Yaa? Really?” I asked back.

Geo nodded his head and pulled on his pajama over his shoulders.

“Maybe, it was the wine…” I answered rather curelessly.

I couldn’t realize that I had moaned or made unusual noise.

“hha.., I thought you had something twisty inside your head,” he mumbled.

“Like what?” I asked him curiously.

“I don’t know, maybe, never mind.” he retreated.

“Maybe it was the food, and the rain too…” I added hiding the truth before him. I never done that before.

“You finished all by yourself too,” he sounded bit grumpy.

We used to cum together or he finishes me after he fill my ass.

“Sorry!” I apologized gently and kept mute.

“How do you find Jonny? His sudden enquiry took me by shock.

“He, seemed nice.” I replied after a gentle pause.

“He looked a bit, off today,” Geo added.

“Did you like him?” he asked me looking on to my eyes.

“Like him? Why would I? I replied suddenly pulling the camisole over my head to my torso.

“No, I just saying, he is just a bit you know, kinky” he cautioned me.

For a moment I though we both knew what just happened. I was just trying to cover it and he is trying to warn me of him.

“You remember I told about him, a while back?” he reminded me.

“Yea, playboy!” I remembered.

“Yea, playboy,” He repeated my lips.

“But he seemed fine,” I corrected him.

“I’m not saying he is bad” Geo emphasized again.

“Just be careful with him, okay?” he advised me again.

“Okay, if you say so” I nodded my head.

“Yea, I will be careful.” I ensured.

That night sleep come to me late. The last few minutes of talking with Geo actually made me to think of him further. I may have cheated Geo with Jonny in my mind. But instead of feeling guilt, I felt surprisingly content.

I am Samson. Everybody calls me Sam. My daddy calls me Sami. I am twenty years old. I live with ma parents and my younger brother George and our little sister Jenna. George is just one year younger than me. We called him Geo. Jenna is seven years old. I lost my mom when I was seven. Daddy then remarried to Annie when I was ten, she already had George then obviously. It took me some time to adjust with my new mom and step brother. But as we grew up together we became best buddies. I could not really get attached to Annie. But Geo turned out to be the best thing happened in my life. While daddy and Annie pound their time kindling with their new-born Jenna, I and Geo had special interests and plans of our own.

Geo and I are of almost same age but we had entirely different interests. Geo loves football and I love smart games like chess or poker. He was swift agile but I was cleverer. He was good in sports and I in studies. His voice grew to be more masculine where I stood on softy side like that of my mom. We complemented each other pretty well. My parents had never to worry about us because they knew we look after each other, no matter what.

As our teen phase moved to the end, we moved along accepting all the good and bad of adulthood like sex, porn, girls and smoke. We used to read dirty magazines together, watch porn together almanbahis yeni giriş smoke together and jack off together. By the time I reached eighteen we were pretty clear about our sexual interests. Geo was like a chick magnet. Girls loved and adored him. Needless to say, I also took the pride and privilege to say him as my brother and buddy.

It was almost a year back, during those the hormone rushing phases of my life I started realizing that I not only like Geo as my brother, I loved him more than anything. The feelings that I consumed when I see him talking to other boy or a girl was pure jealousy out of my bottomless love for Geo. Geo and I were so close he understands me more than anyone. Geo too accepted the fact that I love him more than just as a brother. That was the only thing stinging me from inside. But my nervousness looking him naked in room or the sudden shyness that I display, when he rushes into the bathroom, naked, dangling his dick was duly noted by him. Sleeping in undies caressing each other started feeling different then. Watching porn and jerking off each other seemed more layered and emotional. My focus turned towards his erection more than the porn even if my eyes stared the TV all the time. We had a talk about it finally. I was really afraid to say that I might not be straight at all. I knew I like girls but not more than him. In fact, I never noticed a boy or a man with the same ogle eyes that I see him. But it was so easy for him to accept me as the way I was. It could have gone sideways, but not. Our relationship just got an upgrade after that day.

“So that’s it? You had a fascination?” Geo asked me calmly.

“and you decide to hide that from me,” he said in anger.

“I asked about him, remember?” he demanded my explanation.

“What happened after that?” he queried.

“Remember, whatever happened, it’s not your fault, I know.” he tried to comfort me.

I could not admit the fact that he was trying to protect me, even though I told him it was not Jonny’s fault. I shook my head in dejection and bowed down.

“How the hell did he persuaded you?” he was worried and frustrated. His eyes were widening and face filled with anger.

“Look Sugar, you have to tell me exactly what happened. I promise I won’t get angry,” he swayed me again after a few seconds of deaf silence.

“Remember that day, you came late and he was already here, waiting for you?” I reminded, slowly bricking up each word by word nervously shy.

“Haa? Ohh!” he seemed to be remembering the evening.

“He told you, he came just few minutes back,” I continued stuttering.

“Yaa, I remember. I told him to come by seven, to collect his game DVD.” Geo recollected.

“He was already here at our living room, sitting with you, side by side” he gathered his memory.

“Something happened? before I came? “he leaned on to me, anxiously.

“No, nothing like that,” I shook my head suddenly.

“What?” he sounded attentive but lowered his tone, so that I can continue without fear.

I find it really difficult to explain things to him, siting like this, getting interrogated at my home.

“That day, he was already here, before even I came home,” I explained.

“Daddy was waiting for me at the gate, so that he and Annie can leave with Jenna” I continued.

“Where were you?” Geo asked me.

“With my friends, having a small party,” I said.

“I had wine.” I clarified.

“I was home by six thirty, daddy left then leaving me with,” I clarified.

“So…. you are saying, he was here half an hour before me?” Geo asked me all surprised.

“Yes, he was “I memories.

I remembered that day coming home bit tipsy. I had a narrow escape from daddy, as he was in a hurry to go. Otherwise, he would have caught me woozy. Inside our house, Jonny was sitting on the couch. I ran towards our couch and threw my bag, back on the couch. I was supposed to be home by six.

“Here. Drink some water,” Jonny brought me cold water from our fridge.

“hhhmm. So cold!” I laughed gulping the cold sip right through my throat.

He sat near to me.

“Feels better,” I said.

“George told me to come by seven.” he clarified.

“Then, why you are here already?” I asked, mockingly patting on his arm gently.

“I was home alone, all bored,” he claimed his innocence.

“Interesting! boy like you, nothing to do at home?” I taunted him.

“Well, the truth is, I thought I can come here, and give you company. George told me your parents will leave home in the evening” he exclaimed.

“That’s true, but I was caught up” I giggled.

“I can see. Party?” he asked.

“Hmm, old friends.” I replied regaining my senses slowly.

“hhaa, always fun to meet old buddies” he laughed.

“Hmm, I think so.” I replied gently.

“I miss them.” I said.

“You were close?” he enquired.

“Yea, only few” I replied watching his face closely.

“What about you?” I asked hm.

“Friends? Have a few, football gang, tuition class,” he chuckled.

“and girlfriends?” I asked curiously gawking him.

“Yea, had. Was bit famous back then,” I chucked again.

“Just almanbahis giriş fun, nothing serious,” he explained.

“Geo told me you used to have many girlfriends at a time” I teased him playfully.

“Hhaaa, Geo was not bad either” he laughed.

“I plead guilty!” he said smiling bowing his head before me.

“You guys are so lucky…” I snarled holding my hands onto my cheeks facing him.

“Lucky?” he asked.

“Yeas, of course!” I reacted.

“Everybody liked you guys, strong, athletic, famous, girl magnets,” I explained.

“And there were guys like us lived among you, invisible and excluded” I hummed.

“Can I tell something? that’s not true, well may be for Geo” he said after a long pause looking at me seriously.

“He is really lucky” he said having his head.

“Why? Geo got more girlfriends”? I asked him curiously holding my head between my wrists.

“No, better than a girlfriend” he replied quickly.

“A true buddy, forever!” he finished and kept on gazing on to my eyes.

It took me few moments to realize that he was talking about me.

“How come?” I asked, trying to remain unhinged.

“A buddy like you is all that one wish” he grimed.

“You are talking not about me, right?” I asked him giggling sweeping my hands around my head.

“In fact, I am,” he reacted.

“Hmm?” I hummed gently smiling.

“I think you too have a really special bond,” he continued.

“A unique one!” he exclaimed.

Suddenly I burst in to laugh. I was fully awakened. The tiny grass beneath his lips fell in to my notice again. I seriously didn’t believed guys like him get jealous, seeing us.

“You are kidding me, right?” I laughed again nudging his arm.

“Look Sam, I had this thing in my mind for some time” he said, nervously staring at me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him calmly, noticing the sudden change in his tone.

All of a sudden, I panicked watching him spreading his hands bending towards me. I lifted my hands and tried to push him as he wrapped his hands around my hips. He hugged me.

“What are you doing Jimmy? Leave me!” I yelled gently, tried to free him from me.

My hands held on to his arm and chest, my head on his left shoulder. His hands were pulling me closer to him.

“No, no!” I tried to escape from his grip with minimal force.

Jonny slowly loosened his grip from my waist as I pulled myself back, pushing against his chest. There was a certain pause in between as I looked on to his eyes, resisting him thru words. He moved his face closer to me and jerked his lips probing towards me. I swiftly twisted my face to one side and jolted my body.

“No…. Don’t” I yelled again gently.

Jonny followed me as I leaned back on the couch escaping his buzz. He bent down, holding his hand around my back.

“Stop it Jonny…!” I resisted him looking right on to his hungry eyes.

“Don’t do this,” I plead again.

Jonny’s desiring lips once gain leaned on me. I turned my head once again to other side.

“Please don’t…!” I begged.

I was feeling the tautness all of a sudden. Jonny was really on to me the whole time. I should have guessed the clues., instead I tried to play along. He made me afraid and nervous. His smell started to fog my head. I was in dilemma. I was resisting him physically. But my mind started bending my thoughts. I tried to look at him, but I couldn’t. His eyes were so full of desire. The desire that I saw only in my Geo.

“Please, Jonny, leave me,” I plead again.

Jonny pulled my head back, holding his hand beneath my cheek. His other hand enclosed around back of my head. I grabbed his forearm and tried to pull away his grip. He almost kissed me then. But I arched further back escaping his face. Finally, he did it anyway. His thick soft lips buzzed hard on to mine. I squeaked, gently pushing him after few seconds. He suddenly stopped. His hand still curled on to my back.

“What are you doing Jonny?” I breathed hard and screeched.

I gawked right onto Jonny’s eyes. He was looking down on to my cherry lips.

“It’s wrong!” I shrieked gently forcing him back.

Jonny tried to press on to me again with his lips moving close to me. I kept on shouting gently for him to retrieve back.

“This is wrong, please…” I begged again.

Jonny leaned on to me further back as I slide down back on to the couch. Crawling towards my face, he bussed his lips again on to mine making me whine.

“STOP, please!” I giggled and gagged.

I pushed Jonny firmly. His face was inches away from me. He was nervous and restless.

“Please dear…. you are stealing my sleeps for months,” he whispered.

“Just let me kiss you once,” he requested. I shook my head in denial.

“No! This is silly. I can’t do it.” I wailed mildly.

“I’m just like George.” he shouted.

Jonny took me completely by shock. I went speechless and motionless all of a sudden. I froze for a moment. I just kept on gawking on to his eyes. My cognizance really stopped processing thoughts for some seconds. I steered away my eyes and gave it a wild thought. I took a deep breath, grunting slightly. I looked at him just to see his restless face again. I twitched my hips and carefully crafted my reaction. It was really the moment of truth. The truth that I should accept soon. Accept the reality that I cannot content my inner desires with Geo forever.

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My new toy

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Yesterday when I got home from work I found my package had finally arrived. I wanted to use what was inside it but I didn’t give into the temptation. I wanted today to be worth it, and it was.I have never bought sex toys before and I wasn’t sure what to get at first, but after talking with a couple people I found something just right for me. I got a small vibrator egg that’s pink. It is wireless and comes with a remote, too.After I took my shower I started playing with my nipples, they were already getting erect because all I could think about was my new toy. I then went and laid on my bed and moved my hands from my nipples down to my shaved pussy lips. I started to rub my fingers on the outside just to tease. travesti istanbul I was already getting worked up and I didn’t want to be late so I forced myself to stop playing. At least for now.I took the egg and put it in between my pussy lips and made sure it was touching on my clit. I finished getting dressed and headed to work, making sure to stick the remote in my purse before I left.I knew today would be a long day because I was already feeling the effects of my new toy in between my legs and it wasn’t even on yet.Just before I got out of the car for work I hit the button once on the remote and started a low buzzing in my pants. I started to second guess what I was doing, but before I could stop istanbul travestileri myself I got out of the car and headed into work, the egg still buzzing away.I decided while I was at work, if anyone was to say the word ‘lunch’ (because that’s all people think about when they go to work) I would have to press the button on my remote. I could choose to turn it off or to a different setting.I heard people say ‘lunch’ eleven times today.When I heard it said one of those times I pressed the button and it started on one of my favorite settings and I couldn’t take it anymore. I went into the bathroom, pulled my pants down once I was locked into a stall, and then pulled my panties to the side and istanbul travesti stuck my fingers in my wet dripping pussy while my egg continued to buzz on my clit. It didn’t take long for my orgasm to wash over me, it was hard to keep quiet.I cleaned up, straightened up my clothes, and went back to work like nothing happened. Little did I know, I wasn’t alone in there.I went the rest of the day doing my work, trying not to pay attention to what was going on between my legs. I still had the egg buzzing away and my pussy was on fire. After work I wanted to cum again so badly, but I waited until I got home. It took all my self-control I had left but I made it.As soon as I walked in the door I was taking off my clothes. I made a trail as I walked to my bedroom and by the time I got there all I had on was my tiny black lace thong.I stopped at the mirror in my room and admired my body. My breasts weren’t the biggest you have ever seen, but I still liked them just the same.

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A Stormy Night

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Big Tits

No, no she thinks as she suddenly loses power in her car. All the electronics in the cabin flash at her before dying. This can’t be happening, not now she laments in her mind realizing that her car battery had just died. “Perfect,” she mutters under her breath sarcastically as she looks out into the night, seeing the worst storm of the decade lash through the forest of evergreens, swaying them from side to side. The hurricane force winds shaking the car as the rain pelts against the window, lightning flashes in the sky illuminating the shadow of a house just up the road.It’s better than sitting here she thinks to herself, mentally preparing for her ordeal through the storm to the house. She clasps the door handle, lifting it slightly before the wind rushes in and rips the door from her hand, slamming it open; icy rain flying through the open portal. She quickly steps out and struggles to shut the door against the raging wind, the rain knifing through her dress. Fucking weatherman, she thinks, couldn’t see this storm? She starts her walk to the driveway, leaning into the wind lest she gets blown away.The one hundred meter driveway feels like an eternity to her as the rain slashes through her dress and stings her exposed skin on contact. What should have been a pleasurable stroll was turned into a battle against the elements as she makes it to the awning covering the door. She looks up and takes a hold of the bronze knocker with chilled, shaking fingers. She slams the knocker against the door three times, crashes barely heard above the booming of thunder above.No answer.She goes to knock again when the door swings inward with a hiss of wind. She looks up and sees him.He holds the door open with one hand, his other holding up his white downy towel around his midsection. He looks out into the storm, surprised to see someone standing on his front porch. He sees her look up at him, as he takes in her image. Blonde hair turned black as night framing her face as it drips into the puddle at her feet, her dress clamped against her body, hugging her every curve, soaking wet, making rivulets run down her bare skin which glows red with exposure. Her mascara smudged around her eyes and down her cheeks from the storm.She goes to open her mouth as he says, “Come inside, I’ll grab you some towels and some spare clothes for you,” as he waves her in. istanbul travesti Without another word she comes inside, almost falling as she stumbles up the step, right into his arms. He feels her shivers as he catches her by the upper arms, steadying her. He pushes the door shut behind her, the howling wind being reduced to a low moan in the background.“Make yourself at home, I’ll be back in a minute or two,” he tells her before running up the stairs, two at a time, exposing his muscular thighs to her. She looks around his mudroom, noticing how Spartan it was. Plain white walls, a simple closet to one side, white tiled floors with no pattern on it. She moves into the hallway, following him and seeing more of the house. Tiled floors gave way to polished oak hardwood, the walls painted a soft yellow with picture frames of nature and wildlife adorning the walls, a grandfather clock nestled beside the base of the stair. She sees doors leading into a living room area, a soft white carpet on the floor contrasted against the black leather couches, low coffee tables matching the couches with a fireplace in the middle of the room.“Here you go,” his voice says from behind her, startling her. He had moved with such silence and grace that she never noticed him coming up close behind her.“Thank you,” she replies to him, reaching out and accepting a different white towel and some spare clothes from him; all male. She notices that he had replaced his towel with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Simple, yet extremely sexy.“There is a bedroom up the stairs where you can change. It’s the first door on the left,” he tells her as he steps aside. She nods her head and heads towards the stairs. The steps are silent as she goes up, intrigued by what else she will find there. At the top of the stairs the hardwood floors continue as she walks into the first bedroom on the left. Here, the hardwood gives way to a plush blue carpet, the walls painted a soft beige colour, elegant nature pictures hanging on the walls, including one of Monet’s lily ponds.There is a king sized four poster bed with a canopy, curtains hanging down and tied at the posts. As she reaches out to run her hands through the curtains she remembers her soaked dress. She reaches down and grabs the hem of it, careful to not squeeze it too hard and wring it out on the floor. She pulls travesti istanbul it upwards, listening to the sticky sounds as it pulls away from her skin; pulling it above her head. She opens the closet and finds it empty, only plastic white hangers inside. She grabs one of the hangers and puts her dress on it, hanging it off the hook behind the door for it to dry out.She walks naked over to the bed, running her hands through the curtains, discovering them to be extremely soft. Silk? but she’s not sure. She then leans down and pushes on the comforter on the bed, her hand sinking into it. I bet that’s comfy. She walks back towards the towel she dropped on the floor; picking it up and wrapping herself in it. The fire in the living room had warmed her up and stopped her shivers, but the towel is even warmer. She snuggles into it, feeling herself getting warmer and warmer by the second, drying all the water droplets that lingered.She drops the towel to the ground again and regards the clothes. A pair of grey sweatpants with white drawstring. At least they’ll stay up, then. She slips them on, feeling of soft the inside of it is against her bare legs. She then examines the top, a simple sweater dark blue. Way too big, but it’s all I’ve got. She pulls it on, loving the same warm soft feeling. I was right. The sleeves hang past her hands and the sweater dangles past her waist. She senses a faint smell of man on the sweater, mmm.She notices a mirror facing the bed and examines herself. He has some good tastes; I actually look good in all this. Now what to do with my hair? She picks it up and lets it drop. She can feel how damp and wet it still is from her five minutes out in the storm. It’ll dry quicker if I leave it down.She then walks over to her purse, taking out her mascara once more. She glances around the room. Kleenexes? She spots a box on the bedside table. She cleans herself up as best she can, removing her racoon eyes and mascara lines from her cheeks, before reapplying it. That’s better, she thinks as she grins at herself. She moves back to the bedroom door and heads back down the stairs to the living room to rejoin her mysterious saviour.She slips down the stairs and into the living room noticing that he had restocked the fire, making the room significantly warmer as the flames licked up the chimney. He is sitting on a chair istanbul travestileri to the right of the fireplace, a glass of red wine in his hand. He looks up at her as she enters, moving to sit on the couch across from the fire, noticing a glass of red wine poured for her too. “I took the liberty of pouring you a glass as well,” he says motioning with his own glass.She looks down into her lap, blushing, as she reaches for the glass. “Thank you,” she says looking into his icy blue gaze before taking a sip. “I’m Nicole,” she says as she places her glass back down on the table beside the couch.“Curtis,” he replies to her, dipping his head in her direction. “You’re lucky I was home,” he begins to tell her, “or you may have been stuck out in this storm.”“Thank you for taking me in, I hope I won’t be a burden,” she answers him with a slight gleam in her eye.“Nonsense, you won’t be a burden. It’s my pleasure to have you, it’s nice to have company for a change,” he tells her before raising his glass to his mouth, the flames dancing within the red wine.  He notices her quick glance down to his hand and the slight upturn of her mouth upon not seeing a wedding band but chooses to say nothing.  “So what brings you out this way?” he asks.“I’m traveling back to my parents’ house. I wanted to surprise them tonight, but I guess that won’t be happening anymore due to this infernal storm,” gesturing to the window and the bright flashes of lightning. “I can’t believe the weatherman was unable to predict this storm happening!” He smiled gently at her over the rim of his glass. “Do you live here by yourself then?”“For parts of the year. This is one of several properties I own. This, however, is my favourite one.”Her eyebrows rise at the mention of several properties. He must’ve inherited money; he looks way too young to have earned all of this. But he doesn’t have the air of superiority that those born into wealth always seem to have. He seems …. Humble almost.“May I ask you what you do Nicole?” he interrupts her thoughts.She blushes heavily. Do I make something up? Or do I tell him what I really do? Before she could stop herself she was telling him what she really did, “I’m a medical student just finished up my third year, but I work two jobs at the same time. I’m a bartender/waitress during the week and I work as a model on weekends.” Her face blushes even more, and not due to the wine or heat of the fire. “You need something to pay the bills, right?” she says as she tosses back her bangs from her eyes. He nods his head in agreement with her second statement before taking a sip of wine.

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Thick: All That Ash

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She looked at them. She felt it. She felt all their gazes. As Ashley sashayed down the hallway, it’s like she could read the boys’ thoughts as she looked at them. “Goddamn, she’s fine.”She got that a lot. For some reason, she drove the opposite sex crazy. She was tomboyish with girly-girl tendencies. As for her self-esteem… She had no issues with that. “I’d fuck her in all her holes… Shit!” She got that a lot also. However, those holes were reserved for her boyfriend. Ashley was a very pretty petite Latina who was a majorette with brown eyes and a curvaceous figure.  But she never thought that every swing of her ample hips teased them. Until this happened…One day when Ashley was going to class, she felt a hand trying to feel on her buttocks stealthily. She didn’t know who it was. She looked back with an angry glare. Nobody was there. She turned around.“Hey, babe. What’s good?” Her boyfriend Nick said. istanbul travesti Nick was a defensive tackle on the football team. They kissed.“Could be better. Was that you just then?”“When? I just got here.”“Oh, never mind.”Ashley started thinking more about her ever-growing sex appeal and the mystery person who touched her butt. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. No, she had a boyfriend, she thought.“Joel!”“What’s up, my people?” Joel said.Joel is a classmate of Ashley’s. (And a not-so-secret admirer to Ashley) So is Nick. Ashley and Joel are friends. However, the thing is Ashley is one of Joel’s crushes. And every time he looks at her, she drives him crazy. And Joel is one of those guys who crushes a lot.“Hey, Joel,” Ashley said.“What’s up, my dude?” Nick said.”Ash, you got the English homework? Come on. You can’t leave a dude hanging. We’re all fucking up in that class.”“Not all of us,” Ashley istanbul travestileri replied with a smirk.“Oh, excuse me, ma’am,” Joel said. “Excuse me.”“You know what, I’ll think about it,” Ashley said.Joel smiled.“You know what… I like you. I like you,” He said, half-joking, pointing.“Shut up. Get the hell to class.”Joel started chuckling, while checking every curve on her body. As the day went on, she felt more eyes on her than ever before. She had no self-esteem issues at all, but even she thought it was a little strange. Strange because one, she didn’t do anything different that day. And two, girls were checking her out as well.“What are you talking about? Of course you would get checked out by dudes… That’s like, a regular thing for us,” One of her classmates, Jasmine said. Jasmine was a cheerleader, also curvy.“No, you did not hear me. They always do. I just feel more eyes on me travesti istanbul now. And girls too! Girls!”“Guys are horny. They think with the wrong head,” Jasmine said.Ashley laughed.“Excuse me, ma’am. I am offended. Whilst that may be true… For some people…” Another male classmate of theirs named Luke said. Luke was on the football team there. (And also a not-so-secret admirer of Ashley’s)“Luke, you’re a guy,” Jasmine said. “Oh shit,” Luke said. “What’d I walk into now?”“I just got a question. Simple ass question. Do you think Ashley is hot?”“Hmm. How should I answer this? Nick is on the team with me… We’re cool. And I don’t want to get my ass kicked,” Luke said.“You’re just answering a question,” Jasmine said with a smirk. “Say if our friend Ash here dropped something right in front of you. She bends over to pick said object up. What are your thoughts at this time?” Ashley turned around and bent over to illustrate it.“Firstly, hell yes she’s hot. Secondly… Damn,” Luke said, biting his lip looking at her ass.“Dilemma solved. I mean, hell, I’d do you,” Jasmine said to her, playfully patting her ass. “And all that ass.”“Not sure if you’re serious or…”

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My Wife Extracts Revenge

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 To say my wife was pissed off was an understatement.  She isn’t one that shares her ‘meal’ if you catch my drift.  Once I emerged from the shrubbery and noticed my wife standing there, I knew I was going to catch hell.  I didn’t know if confession was going to be good for the soul, or a life sentence.She had a mix of hurt and anger I hadn’t seen in quite some time.  In fact, it was the last time she caught me that I got that same kind of look from her.  Apologies seemed hollow and vain, but I tried.  My poor dick was tucked so far up my crotch, I felt completely emasculated.Dinner was served, as usual, hot and delicious.   There was very little conversation, which wasn’t a good sign for me.  I had hoped she might just drop the matter as a lapse in judgment, but I wasn’t counting on that.She ate very little, then disappeared to istanbul travesti the bathroom.  An hour or so later, she emerged completely different.  She had a smile and glow about her.  She had on an exceptionally short skirt and a very light, almost transparent blouse that left very little to the imagination.  Then she told me she was going out for the evening and not to wait up.After cleaning up the kitchen, I sat down in front of the TV, recounting the day’s events.  I was angry with myself for being cavalier and careless, but not for the act of cheating.  Interesting, I said to myself.A couple of hours later I received a flurry of pictures from some bar.  Then, she face-timed me, showing me a shot up her short skirt and the fact she was riding commando.  I have to admit to becoming highly aroused at the sight travesti istanbul of my wife’s hairy pussy showing up live on my phone.  As my cock hardened, and I rubbed it, the screen wobbled a bit, and a man’s hand slid up her thigh midway.  She parted her legs to accommodate his advance, and he responded with a firm squeeze to her inner thigh.There was ample background noise, so it was difficult to make out all of what was being said, but I could make out her cooing in delight as his hand disappeared between her legs.  She opened wide enough for him to slide his hand under her.  The way her hips jolted, told me he had pushed at least one finger into that hot, wet pussy of hers.I had my cock out by now, stroking it as I watched a complete stranger finger fucking my wife.  Of course, she never showed his face istanbul travestileri or hers for that matter.  I watched intently as she rode his probing fingers until she came in his hand.  Her cry was loud enough to make sure I knew she had cum for him.Gradually, he slowly withdrew his cum sticky fingers, smearing her cum along her inner thighs.  Her body was electrified and she moved forward as if trying to recapture his fingers.  He caressed her inner thighs as they swayed back and forth.  His index finger repeatedly brushed along the tender flesh between her swollen lips and upper thighs.She readjusted her phone and gave me a shot down her blouse.  It’s plunging neckline showed off her nice big braless tits that pressed hard against the lightweight cotton top.  Her nipples looked huge!Then his left hand reappeared, cupping her right tit, thumb brushing across her nipple.  She shuddered as he trapped it between his thumb and finger, giving it a firm pinch.  His right hand still pried at her legs, pushing them wide enough to slip both his knees between them.  My cock was ready to explode.

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The Shopping Trip

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Laura was sound asleep when I woke on Saturday morning. I got up, made us both a coffee, and brought it back to bed. She stirred as I pulled back the bedroom curtains, letting in the sunlight.“Morning babe. I made you a coffee.”“Thank you. What time is it?” She asked, blinking the sleep from her eyes and propping herself up on her pillow.“It’s seven o’clock. It’s a nice day outside.”We drank our coffee, then made our way downstairs. I made some toast, while Laura sat thumbing through the colour supplement. At this point we had no clue how we were going to spend our day.Out of the blue, Laura lifted her head from the magazine and announced, “Some of the West End department stores are having a sale this weekend. Why don’t we go? Grab a bargain.”By nine o’clock we had showered and were in the car driving towards the station to catch the nine-thirty fast train to London.Most of the morning was spent trying on clothes, giggling and squeezing into tiny changing cubicles. We did manage to snap up a couple of bargains, but with London prices, they were few and far between.We mooched through the side exit of a large department store and found ourselves in a narrow pedestrianised zone that ran between some older buildings istanbul travesti of the city. It was then that we discovered a sex shop.This was no grubby, seedy little joint with porn mags, dildos and fidgety old men – this was a radical departure from the stereotype adult store, with a classy chrome and glass decor. From the outside, it appeared very sophisticated.“Should we go inside?” I questioned.Peeking through the window, we could see two sales assistants. They were young attractive women, both dressed smartly with neatly groomed hair. This gave us the confidence to go in.“Wouldn’t it be fun if we bought something,” I joked as we went through the door.The redheaded assistant greeted us.“Good afternoon ladies, welcome to our store. Take your time, have a good look around. If you need anything, it would be my pleasure to assist you,” she said as she backed away with a reassuring smile.As we browsed through the lingerie, handcuffs and synthetic body parts, I saw something that set my mind racing.“Laura look, a vibrating love egg with a thrill-seeking ten-function wireless remote control. Lightweight, silent and internally wearable egg vibrator for a truly unique pleasure experience,” I said with travesti istanbul excitement as I read the description from the box.“Just imagine the fun we could have with this. The possibilities are endless. Let’s buy it,” I squealed.There was a moment of silence.“Are you serious?” she quizzed.“Think about it. If one of us inserted the love egg, the other could play with the remote control. Ultimate pleasure by remote,” I whispered, into her ear.Laura was having none of it and made a bee-line for the exit. Unbeknown to her, I gathered up the toy and paid for it before making my way outside to re-join her.“You haven’t?” she asked, looking at the bag in my hand.“I have,” I replied mischievously.“Have you gone completely mad?” She mouthed as I opened the bag to show her my purchase.“We could use it anywhere. Nobody needs ever know,” I said, conspiratorially.“Oh, like that’s gonna happen. What happens if someone discovers our little secret and we get caught?” She argued back.A few yards along the road we found a café and stopped for lunch. We ordered some food and a bottle of Chardonnay. I discreetly examined the egg in more detail, as Laura poured the wine.“Look, the batteries are fully charged. Let’s istanbul travestileri give it a try.” I said, pressing the on button to check out the noise level.The egg vibrated once to show it was active. As stated on the box, it was completely silent.“Let’s experiment with it on the train journey home?” I said as I took another sip of wine.“You’re serious, aren’t you?” She asked, trying to second guess my thoughts.“You really want to do this in a carriage full of strangers?” She asked with a glint in her eye.“If I insert the egg, you could control my pleasure by remote. You can send me vibrations as and when you want. Nobody would hear, and nobody would know,” I blurted, setting out the ground rules.“Supposing you orgasm? I can’t imagine the humiliation of you moaning and calling out “Oh my god, I’m coming,” just before you reach the finish line,” Laura pointed out, but chuckling a little at the thought.“That’s what makes it so exciting. Let’s do it Laura. Please!” I pleaded.I excused myself and slipped into the lady’s toilet, then emerged carrying a small fluffy toy on a key chain. On the other end of the key chain was the wireless remote control for our silky silicone egg, which I had inserted into my vagina.As the wine flowed, we hatched our plan of action. Laura would discreetly control the egg from inside her handbag. In an effort to maintain our masquerade, we agreed to sit on opposite sides of the carriage.“You’ll need this.” I urged. Handing her the key chain.

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Ben And Jan

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Adele (Addie) Jones was feeling a little resentful of her husband at the moment. She was picturing him having beers with his squadron in Honolulu at the Base O club.And where was she? Back here, after spending her day trying to teach Math and English to fifteen-year-olds, picking up her twin nine-year-olds from Little League practice, and now, trying to corral them while she shopped for groceries.She had wisely made them leave their gloves and ball in the car, but nonetheless, they were tossing baking potatoes back and forth. As they crossed the parking lot to her car, Jeffry lobbed a fly over the head of Jeremy toward a bag-laden shopper. At the last second, the woman looked up and snagged the spud one-handed, losing control of her stuff just as Jerry plowed into her. Her items were strewn on the ground but she didn’t fall.Addie abandoned her cart and ran to help. “Boys, help pick up this lady’s things and apologize. I am so sorry,” she said to the attractive middle-aged woman. “These guys are barely house-broken.”“It’s ok; no harm done. This guy has quite an arm. He’s a lefty, I see,” replied the woman, patting Jeff on the head. “I played softball left-handed myself many years ago.”“Boys, carry the lady’s things to her car, please. My name is Adele,” she said, extending her hand.“I am Janice,” replied Jan. I don’t have my car here; I live only a few blocks away.” They shook hands. “Everyone calls me Jan.”“I’m called Addie. Then we’ll give you a lift home. Let’s go boys; no more potato catch.” They all piled into her SUV. When they stopped at Jan and Ben’s house, Jan invited them in for tea and lemonade. Ben was delighted by the little travesti istanbul dark-skinned boys and took them to the backyard to toss their ball around. This gave the women quiet time to get acquainted, each of them beginning to wonder if a real friendship might be possible.Being a military wife in a bi-racial marriage made making friends a little more difficult for Addie. Working full-time and raising twin boys with an absent husband further limited her social life. Perhaps this attractive older woman and her husband might become friends. The husband, who seemed older, was apparently quite taken with the boys.As for Jan, her lifestyle made socializing precarious. None of her present acquaintances would accept her if they discovered her relationship with Tom. She wished that she had a girlfriend to confide her secrets with.When it was time for the boys to go home, Ben told their mother, “I promised the guys that they can come back for a swim on Saturday.” And so began a close and rewarding relationship between the women.Ben and Jan’s life together had settled into somewhat of a routine. Ben and Tom played golf together every couple of weekends, often followed by the men returning to the house where Jan knew that she would be having a great threesome.For Ben’s part, he seemed content that a couple of mornings per week, upon awakening, Jan would lay her head on his chest and cradle his junk in her warm hand. She had an amazing, delicate touch. He would become aroused and his cock would become tumescent.It was an excruciatingly delicious sensation. Though he never quite got hard he still felt the same sensations and istanbul travestileri he would beg Jan to take him in her mouth as she stroked him to orgasm. By the time he actually came, his cock was nearly fully erect and he was satiated.As for Jan, she actually enjoyed this morning closeness with Ben, plus she had Tom for full-on hard sex, sometimes without Ben involved or even knowing about it. She had ceased needing Ben to perform fellatio on her in the mornings. And now she had this new friendship to enjoy.JAN“I really like Addie and I hope she will become a close friend and confidante. In some ways, she reminds me of my younger self. But I sense that she may be made of stronger stuff than I was. Her decision to marry a black man must have been daunting. My decision to marry an older, more established man was somewhat unwelcomed by friends and family, but not strongly.“The situation of the two men in my life is troubling me. What began as a romantic, sexually exciting love affair many years ago has settled into a comfortable, companionable, and close friendship. Do I still love Ben? I certainly do not want to hurt him or lose his affection.“Am I falling in love with Tom? He is a fabulous lover; better than Ben ever was, or anyone else that I have been with. He has opened my mind and my body to new sexual experiences. He wants me to spend more time with him and I think that I want that too. We could take vacations to exotic places together, or at least, spend some weekends if Ben could handle it.“Ben has become a homebody; he would rather play catch with Addie’s sons than take a trip. But he would almost certainly istanbul travesti forbid me to spend even an entire night with Tom, much less a week. I know this seems selfish, even to me; but I have been a loyal wife and companion for more than twenty-five years. My needs are important too.“It is certainly true that Tom doesn’t want to marry, or probably, even be exclusive but he is beginning to make demands on my time. He expected that Ben would be his cuckold and we would submit to him, but Ben is made of tougher stuff than that. It would be great if Addie would act as my alter ego. I need to talk this out with a friend.”One evening, in Addie’s living room after the boys were asleep, and after a couple of glasses of wine, Jan asked Addie about how she came to date a black man. “You want to know if it’s true what they say about black men,” Addie stated, smiling knowingly. She was not a bit surprised; many white Air Force wives have asked similar questions. Her answer was always the same, “Oh yeah!” with a laugh.“But seriously, David is a very handsome and intelligent man. The Air Force put him through college on the condition that he serve upon graduation. We shared a couple of classes and he offered to help me study. As for the sex, I don’t have much to compare it with, but it is pretty damned great.”“I miss him, and that gorgeous cock very much when he is overseas. He has said that he would understand if I needed ‘male company’ on occasion, but I haven’t the nerve or the time for that. I do get hit on at times but the boys take up all of my time and energy.”That is when Jan confessed her recent sexual escapades; beginning with Roy and then Daq and Bo. “I never knew that my little pussy could take so much punishment from such large cocks; excuse my vulgar language. I thought they would never run out of erections and cum. I guess I was stoned the whole time but I loved every minute of it.”

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There’s a First Time for Everything

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Double Penetration

My first erotic fic based on a little fantasy I have. enjoy!


You moaned softly as as your partner kissed softly down your abdomen and settled between your thighs. She dipped her tongue in your pussy and licked a stripe up to your clit, sucking it into her mouth.

You relaxed and your legs fell open and to the sides, giving her more room- and a better view for the camera. “That’s it, baby. You’re being so good for me. Let’s see how ready you are.” Two gloved but unlubed fingers slid into your wet and waiting hole and your eyes fluttered closed. “God, you’re so wet for me. Slut.”

You moaned again, she knew how much being called a slut turned you on. Especially on a day like today where everyone was watching.

You were still new to the cam girl scene, when it came to your attention people would pay to watch your cunt be fisted. Live. So, you agreed. And pay they did. You had enough subscribers logged in right now to pay for this upcoming semester’s tuition. You moaned again.

She sucked your clit, hard, then swirled her tongue as she fingered you, trying to both arouse you and relax you for the main event.

It worked, your stomach was filled with an excited anticipation for what was coming later. You weren’t actually sure if you could take a whole fist, but you had all day and plenty of lube. And a couple of helpers to hold you still.

She gave you a few slow and deep thrusts, the way she knew you liked. Her fingers weren’t hitting your cervix and causing you pain, but she managed to reach that spot deep inside and you couldn’t help but gasp.

You could feel the moment two fingers became three and you felt your pussy stretch around the digits. It wasn’t painful but it was a tight fit and you were needy for more.

“Good istanbul travesti girl. Such a pretty pussy. You’re so wet for me.” You heard a wet squelch as she thrusts her fingers deeper, proving her point. She removes her hand and brings it to your lips. You opened obediently and she roughly shoved her fingers in your mouth and down your throat. You felt another rush of arousal as you gagged, hoping she’d be that rough with your cunt later.

A kiss to your thigh. “Ready?” You nodded and the hands on your thighs tightened, and your adrenaline spiked at being physically restrained.

You whined as four gloved fingers slid in and you squirmed- as much as you were allowed- and she paused, unmoving, giving you a bit to adjust.

“You’re taking me so well. Just a little more, now.”

You were unable to tear your eyes from the screen and you watched in awe as she stretched you wider. In and out. In and out.

You wished she was still sucking on your clit but you knew the angle wouldn’t work well for that.

A heat pooled low in your stomach- the coil tightening with each stroke to your insides. You closed your eyes and forced yourself to take a couple of deep breaths- you didn’t want to come yet, you wanted to wait. You needed to come, your muscles constricting tight around her fist when it was forcing its way deep in your insides.

She stopped and pulled her fingers from you, knowing how close you were. The top of a lubricant bottle was slid inside you and you squealed as she squirted a liberal amount of cold gel directly inside you.

She added a generous amount to her hand, smearing it along the entrance to your cunt and making sure her hand was fully coated.

“Almost there. You’re being such a good girl for me. Relax and I’ll give you my whole travesti istanbul fist.”

You nodded and the grip on your legs got tighter. They pulled your knees up to your chest and apart, exposing you fully to the camera- and your partner.

You were vulnerable and at their mercy- which turned you on more than you cared to admit.


“What was that? Are you gonna ask me?” She asked, grinning slyly.

Your cheeks burned; your pussy was so empty and you wanted it to be filled so much. “Please fist me,” you whispered, your cheeks turning pink at the humiliation of having to voice what your wanted, no, needed.

You were still aroused and terrified. You were expecting pain, but you didn’t know how much but at this moment, you also didn’t care.

“Whore. Say it again for me,”

“Fist me,” you managed, a little breathy and a lot desperate. “I want your fist in my cunt.”

“I’m going to make you feel so good,” she promised.

“Please,” you begged.

“Open your eyes, sweetheart. Watch me ruin you.”

So many fingers were prodding at your slit and your eyes flew open. The prodding turned to pressure and it took your breath away. Your head swam as you wonder what you got yourself into.

The unyielding pressure turned to pain as you were stretched beyond your limits and you whimpered, incoherently begging her to slow down.

You didn’t safe word though, and so she continued, and in one swift movement she twisted her wrist, tucked in her thumb, and pushed.

The pain was exquisite, you let out an undignified yelp, thankful for the strong hands that held you in place as you thrashed. And then- just as quickly the pain subsided into a dull ache and you gasped at a fullness you had never experienced before.

She held istanbul travestileri absolutely still for you, and you experimentally clenched your muscles. God, it hurt but it also felt better than you could have imagined.

As she twisted her wrist, her knuckles rubbed against your g-spot and you convulsed, screaming as you came.

She moved her hand slowly, you were sensitive but stuffed so full and it felt so good. Your eyes fluttered closed and you moaned.

“Can I- can I do it again?” She asks hopefully.

Exhausted, you nodded. She removed her hand from you with an obscene squelch, and you grimaced at the noise. She offered more lube but you declined.

You closed your eyes this time, wanting to enjoy the sensation more than the image. She roughly fingered your opening again; the pressure, you were expecting the pain this time and you held your breath until her fist was fully seated inside you.

She didn’t give you the courtesy of a pause this time, twisting her wrist and pushing in, and trying to pull out; pushing in and trying to pull out. Her clean hand rubbed your thigh with a tenderness you didn’t realize was possible.

“Can you come for me again?” She asked, wide-eyed and hopeful.

“Yes. Do it again.”

She removed her hand and shifted into a better position. She turned on your favorite vibrator and pressed it to your clit. She didn’t offer any extra lube this time, thrusting four fingers into you until you were close, babbling and begging, before she pushed, letting the pain carry you over the edge into your second orgasm of the night.

She gently pulled her hand out again, removing the gloves as your assistants released your legs. She took a moment to attempt to clean you up, although you knew a real shower was in order.

The people watching weren’t paying for aftercare after all, so you got up quickly to end the feed, and in doing so, you started reading the comments of the other things they would be interested in watching you try in future sessions.

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